Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1855 Page 6
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MFirnSElEBW UNKWn KTBKT DIT. _ WAjrrm. oontimub0 raoM virrm raaa. A HEALTHY YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, WITH A A frisk breai-t of milk. Is oesirous to tad a fine baby ivttt nvrN. ) !<???? address 2fe;> Bleei-ker street. A Wi^K TO WORK "#dn?d c*HV.7Tt^C?. *f?^"co,n and Second iirouaa, fourth floor. ' b*tw*?1* Viral A NICE, RKSl'ECTABLE, WELL EDUCATED YOUNG J\ girl want* a situation at children'" nurse and good ji:aiu araiiiatrfMi would have no objection to aaai at in chamber*! rk Good city reference given. Please call tor two days at -0# Tbird amaur, between Eighteenth ai d Nineteenth iWHitn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG G1EI. WISHES A SITUA A. tion ai plain newer; in willing to assist with chil Jren, chsmberwork or wilting, if required; can get the >e?t of city reference. Can oe seen for two day* at IBO J went; seventh street, between First and Second ave lies. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO ENGAGE A SITUA tion to do general housework, she is a good cook, saber and ironer has no objection to a faloon Can owe waU r*c<.inir.<*oile<l. T'leaae apply at 176 Varies treat, between i harlton and King. tirU floor, front 100m for two days. A YOUNG GERMAN WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION in a private !amily. ( city reference given i her last place. CaJ at .58 South William street. A RESPECT ABLE MARRIED WOMA.V. WITH A iV fresh breast of milk, wishes a baby to wet nurse at tier own house, wber* it w 11 be particularly cared for. Please cnll at 171 Twenty second street, between First and Second avenues, second tloor, front. Can be seen for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED, BY A NEAT, TIDY, honeit and industrious girl, to do plain cooklng&nd assist in the washing and Ironing If necessary, can give th ebest of reference from her last employer. Please call at 177 West Twenty-tilth street. A SITUATION WANTED BY A COMPETENT BAR 1 keeper? one w ho has had several years' experience rat-cla>s hotels In this city and vicinity, and ctu five undoubted reference. Address C. B. H., box 120, [erall office. A YOL'NG MAN. (AMERICAN,) EIGHTEEN YEARS .XX. of age, wants a situation in an importing or com mission bouse. Addie?s E. Q. , 90 Chatham street. YOUNG MAN, OUT OF EMPLOYMENT. WISHES A situation in a wholesale or retail grocery store : a thorough knowledge of the business: is an Ameri can. Good reference given. Address J. R. W., 109 At torney street. YOUNG MAN Wants A SITUATION TO ATTEND . bar or work in a gro:ery stare. Call for J. McK., Greenwich street. Agent? a gentleman going wsst and aoum is open to an engagement to <ell goods on comtnis * on, for cash as per sample. Address J. K., box 162, Herald office. BOOKKEEPKK WANTED-LN AN IRON MANUFAC turlng house In the city. A middle aged man. of business habits preferred. Address, with name, refer ?nca, Ac , box 4,'ilS, Post Ofli :e. Best servants for hotels, boardino houses and private families can always be obtained in the greatett choice, at MORRIS J: COHNERfS, 287 Broad way, corner of Reade street. Also, German, English, Wcotch and Irish Protestant male and female help, in thia, or in the branch office. 102 Greenwich street. BOW WANTED? THREE OR FOUR ACTIVE INTM. ligent boys, of good address, about 14 or 15 years of age. Apply at Hears Brothers, 425 Broadway. CHRISTIAN HOME FOR FEMALE SERVANTS, 614 Bixth avenue, corner Thirty-sixth street.? Gover nesses, housekeepers and servants in every capacity sup plied i ro in this iurtitntion. D COOK-A SITUATION WANTED BY A PROTESTANT German woman, a? sook, ii willing to aagiat in oil Jil,i<r *ilr2!)i.?g ' b*8t city reference* given, rlaee Chriatopber (tretf. corner of Waverley COACHMAN? WANT3 A SITUATION, A SOBER AC tlve man; understands his bu>inc?s narfectlv- h?? a practical knowledge 0f fruit, Sow ilklS&'JlF Ir'blate'^'r'3 ?r ?ilm? ^rmit; hss no objection to ?ny Mate, wi lt a gentleniao a tamlly. good oitv refer ?;hfrfT ? ' ?fralJ office, or llGArca'ie -ttab'e, ?gnth atreet, for one w*ek. Rlh f/!iL?'RK W^XTED ? A YOUNG MAN, IRTTm nthe rtttVJLnV'i ***' ana tlavln< ,"u"! experience ?? in. 1 prescription buainesi, miy apply ltr?Ma 0r?' C?rD" ?! 'ire,,nwi~h *?<! War re EAHMKU ? WANTED, BY A SCOTCHMAN, A SITUA lien en a farro, has h?<! t>everel year* experience in ?. vw??ihl7. h -ir*? tLe <iare of ,tOBk and ralaln ; capable of taking charge of a mirSt ?r 0D Mr Wm- ?mith. '<?? William q.arimnfpp-wantktv a situation, byTfimt Vw rate gardener and florist, <vho ha* twenty rears' knowl<,;l?f* ??" tuilneaa inalllts W^.n . 5T 5* i?*5 S* 8"'n- ('*U or tUmi Nor w*ian gardener. to Wm. C. H Waddell, E*q Fiftli COrDer 01 ntTtJ MTnt>1 "i?'?'tem G0?* 6INi;r? lady HrGHLV KDrCA *l ln?u,n ' Fr.njh and music, and acju ....u*d 1o tbe management of , h",!ren, wiahea to enter* l\Zrr" r'\' fw?,11y resid.og in California? Sin i ?t o?% " Addr?.x California, Union iiquare MECHANICS? FARM HAND' ANDOTHER I,A1K)RKR^ MnS^TA, v?lNl' L-U>Y- ?":ar arrived from 1 irifl, is Ues.rou" ot tiuding a Muperior eu awnent in a fashionable radlinery establishment she been forewoman in leading house* f0.- fashion* in iLd wnun^ M ,"f">',k". Fr"n311 "ai Ko<li"'? fluently, ?cd would be able to conduct a bu?ineaa beat references 177L addressed K. M., bo* mi Post Office wUI he promptly attended to. ON PEMANDE? UN DOHR-TIQIE FRaNc AIS QCI ' ? ? * "1on *"'<*? S'adresser i 1.18 West ? wglfth atreet, entre ?li et >ept hcuiei du ?oir. JJ'TU'TION WAsp^-A- entrTci.erk OR I.I(iHr [.?CSXTAtlM'K -tla H* A , &d?offiJe. b> '^ereU Ad S ?t rAI!-^n 1 ZAST^~ 'vN TH!^ 0R S0Mi,; ?THER ^?ma'B .nH h!. ^ ,0',nft m,D who U ? *'""1 ? n??y has had aercrAl year* rvperieice iu the dry B'lOdi i kualnt ??; alao, han >?i-n in a country varletr utor/ ?fflre **Cn addressing a note ta W. L. A., Herald ^lTUATTON WANTED ? BY \ RESPECTABLE AMKRI O ran, *6 year* old, a< Ireijfct c'-rk. t^llv man or .n fome active bn-ine-- I, a good penman, ..nick <t "(f ires. nnder>tandn oookueeping, an I would devote ll* whole lime to the interfU ol hia employers. Refer ?ncen given A4dre?* Charlee Herald office SITUAT us WANTED n x I: l-I ECTABLE WOMAN, to cook, wa?h *ud iron or do general hou?rwork. in a private family The beat of city reference giv. ?. Call lor tao daya at No. II Third avenue, tini ATlON WAN TIC? BY A RKSPE?;TAB1,E VfOMAN* o M cook waaher and .run.r. W. no objection, to go in the country. TV bent ol city r.fcrenren given. I'leane ??pply at ^5 F**e\ -Teet, back room. SITUATION WAN'TKD? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH girl, aituatioa ?.? ? hamberuiaid or waitreaa nur# or eearaatreai, hi? no objection to k.0 in the coun'rv Can br aeeu for two dav? at No. 107 I irat avenue, corner of Sixteenth atreet. ifr.t floor, b.., k M. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESECTABLE YOl'NG wornitn, an co. k, wa.her and .roner; under-tands leaking. go<xl city i feren e. g ven. I'lea?e apply at ? Thirteenth atreet. third Cenr, -root room, for two day?, 8r n'ATlON WANTEI> ? BY A YOC.VQ WOMAN AS cook, who ui. >r.tanOa her b,;,.ne? and la an ex eelient b?ker ; w? ... 1 b.- willing to ?.,|?t ^ waahing and .w,,y t11"" '''we call for twodaya at 14.1diath avenue, fancy atore. ' ?^nVAT!ON WANTKD-BY \ RE -'l'Ki TAB! ! YO J.VC H woman, aa chambermaid and waiter, or a< nu'ra* and aeam>trea?. The beat of olty reference- can be girea. Ileaae rill at 278 Firatavenue, !>et?een8ixte?ntli and ^erenteenth ftre. t?. SnUATION WANTKll ? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A* waiter; haa no < lijertion to do cliamberwork and ftae waahing, ke The N-at ol city refcreaoe giv,-n Apply at St Kiev, nth at ree , between Fifth and sixth avnuer, in the rear. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman, a Piotcatant, a? cnambermaid or to wait on i<l<?n. (;oo.l ulty r?f?renc?a given. Plea** call for two daya at No. 14.^ Twenty -eighth atreet, between Seventh and Eighth avenue#. tUTUATlOK WAV) Kit- BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, Q ^ nurae. Haa !o?t her chUd. No objection to Reference! given. Pleaae apply at No 120 Clinton place, near the Sixth avenne. Can be aeea for two day a. SITUATION WANTKO? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG iSSSLSVZZZSK}' 1 *?!?"?? ironing, ?r fcou'ework in a amall private family. Haa no objec tiay *? f* '? the country City reference* given Pteaae MHz 3# Mulberry atreet. flr?t floor, back room. ? CATION WANTED- BY A YOUNO OIRI. AOKdTs K It yeaw, * Ukecare of children and t? do gool flnrftkg. Oall at 104 Tbcmpaon atreet, ap atair". lAUeWAM WAinm-rN a retail dry gooda tkltm. of eaperienea la e?ty trade the required Apply at 144 Atlantic atreet. CALJMU* W A NTTO ? ^EVlBtAL ACrn E, KNKR P yWc aaleawan waatel lavedfatety at Ream Bro iVra, 425 Broadway SITUATION WANTED ? BY A GERMAN MARRIED man, u gardener, who uaderatanda hia busmaaa ia ita difleraat branches. Beat of raftreaoes gliu. Ad dr?fg H. Porsh, Waatehaatar, N. Y. qituation wanted? by a woman, to do gen O *ral houtework. Good city referencea produced. Pfeaae apply at XD1 Fourth atreet, where aha oaa bs a can for two daya. rTHE t?ICK.? AN EFFICIENT AND COMPETENT monthly nurse wishes a situation at nur?? to an invalid lady or gentleman Han been in the habit of tailing car* of both for many yeara, and can t>? well re commended by physicians and employer* Please apply at 107 Eaat Thirteenth street, third floor. TO CLOTHING HOCSES. ? WANTED, A SITUATION as salesman, by a young man wbo hat. been seve ral years in the trade, references to the Brat ettablisa inert* In the city. Ad:rmi Wesnian, 52 Varlok atreet. ri\0 PROl'lUFirORrf OF EXHIBITION*.? A YOUNG J. man of respectability wishes a situation as agent, treasuier, oi aasiatant, with some respectable company. Would like to travel with a panorama or like exhibition. Can give good reference, and would make himself useful. Phase address L. L. S., Herald office. ri MERCHANTS. ? A YOUNG MAN WISHES A SITUA tion iu a first class grocery house. Ia a practical bookkeeper, a'ld can influeuoe a large trade. Addreas H. J., box 2,8119 Post Office. TO MERCHANTS ?AN ENGLISH GENTLEMAN SHORT ly leavcg for England, who has travelled through Europe and tniws the markets, will accept the agency of auy respectable linn*. References of the highest re h| '(-stability can be given. Addreaa 0. 8., Herald office. UNION iMil ARE SERVANTS' OFFICE, NO. ?0 EAST fourteenth atreet ? Cooks, waitera. nurses, cham bei maids, Ac., provided for respectable families only. N B.? Persons applying for situationaat thia office must come well tecomineuued. JOHN O'GALLAGHER, Agent. CNE JEUNE FILLE FRANC AISK DESIRE SE PLACRR dans une famille Ami-ricaine, comine bonne d'en fanta ou title de chambre: elle peut fournir de bonne re comnian-'atlon. S'adreasar 246 Forty-fifth atreet, antre la Eighth et Ninth avenue, pour deux joura. ITNE JEUNE FILLE FRANCAISE DESIRE CE PLACER J eomme bonne d'enfant: elle peut fournir de bonne recommendation. S'adreaaer 81 Fourth avenue, pour deux jours. WASHING ?MRS. CONCKLIN, NO. 107 EAST Twenty-fifth street, wants the waahing of gentle men or families, by the month or dozen; under or plain clothes at 31 centa, and shirts at 60 centa; alao clear aiarcbing and marglingat the aborteit notice. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH PRO teetaat girl, a situation in a private family, to cook, wash and iron, or do chamberwork. Has the best city reference from her laat place. Can bs aeen for two day* at 42 White Hall atreet. \KT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV girl, to do chamberwork an' waiting, or to asaiat in waahing and ironing; would take care of children and do plain sewing. The beat of cityireference can be given. Apply at 13 Union court, University place, between Eleventh and Twelfth atreet*. WANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as chambermaid, and to aaaist in waahing aud ironing; is inclined to make heraelf generally uaeful. Beat ot city reference from her laat place. Please call at 171 Eaat Twenty-second atreet. Can be aeen for two daya. WANTED ? A SITUATION BY A RESPECIABLE Protestant young woman, aa chambermaid and to iiHiiat in waahing and ironing, or to do the general houae work or a email private family; ia a good plain cook and underatanda baking; no objectiona to go a abort diatance iu the country. 1 he beat of city reference given. Ap ply at 45 Bond atreet, between State and Schermerhcrn, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as first rate laundreaa, or as chambermaid and to do fine washing and ironing; understands doing up line muslin* and French fluting. Has the best of city reference from her laat place. Call for two days at 10S West Seventeenth street. \?rANIED.-A YOUNG GIRL IS DESIROUS OF OB W tainiug a situation id a nice family as *eam sirens; is a competent seamstress aad lady's maid, and under stand* all kinds of plain xewing. l'leaae call or address, at 238 Ninth rtreet. WANTED? A GOVERNESS, A COMPETENT AND Ac complished person, to instruct in all the brandies of an English education, as well as in languages and music. Apply at Everett House, room 24, from 0 to 11 o'clock A. M.", or irom 4 to 6 P. M. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as seamstress in some respite table family; can cut and tit ladles' and children's dreeees, and i)i aid all kinds of fsncy mantillas and cloaks and ladies' hat -. Can live the belt of city reference* aa to honesty and capability. I'lease call at Na. 8 Fifth street, ma r the Bowsry. WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT ?irl o( 16, a situation to mind children, or do light chamber work. Good oity reference. Apply at 1#5 West Tbirty-n.ntli street, top floor, for a few days. ANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE Yf young Geimin girl, to take care of children or to do chamber work, or as waiter, and will make hersslf generally useful. Good .reference if required. Can be <*een for two days at No.~7 Manhattan street, third floor, Hont room. Vf T ANTED? A WET NURSE; ONE WHO HAS NO OB II .iertions to go a short distance in the country can mtet with a good situation by applying at W. C. Valen tine's store. 166 South street, between 10 and 11 o'clock. G'.od re commendation" required. WANTED? AN Ail ERIC AN, ENGLISH OR DUTCH woman te take care of an invalid lady and sew; one that can give good city reference, as to honesty and capability. Apply at ho. 313 Bridge street, corner of Willongbny, Brooklyn. tlTANTFD? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION. TT on a packet or steamship, as stewardess, or would travel with a family. Best references given. Please call or addiesa at 186 Sixth avenue, any time during this week. WAIT TED? A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AGED English woman, with good city reference, as nurse; is capable of taking charge of an infant from its birth, or to take care of an invahde, or sick people and aew; no objection to go a voyage to Europe. Address 347 Second avenue, corner of Twenty-second street, (third floor, frsnt room. "tlf ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, Vr a situation, in a smalt nenteel family, to do ge r.eral housework. Apply at 100 Greenwich lane, in back bsM'ment, between the hours of 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. Good references given. WASTE!'? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE joung gill, to do general housework in a small ' privs'e family , lias good reference. Please call at 105 ! Eld ridge street, between Delancy and Brootne streets, se j oond floor, in the rear, for two days. No objection to the country. WANTED? BY A HIGHLY RESPKCIABLE YOUNG V T person, a sltuati' n to travel with a lady, or ax 1 dressmaker and seamstress in a gentleman 's family. ! Can be a*en for two days at 164 East Twenty-Sixth street, third floor, front room. Wf AN1KD? BY A RWPICTAHLS YOUNG GIRL, A situation in a respectable family as chambermaid i and waiter. She has the best of city reference. I'lease fa 1 at 'i&j Seventh avenue, for three days. j flT ANTED? BY A MOST RESPKCTARLK YOUNG GIRL, Tf a situation to do geueral housework; understand* I w.ishicg and ironing* perfectly. city reference given of the hignest respectability. Can be seen for two day* at 1M l, Ninth street, rear building, between Third and Fourth avenue*. , -ITT ANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VI voung girl, to do the general housework of a small family: is a food washer and ironer; wage* no ob ject to a comfortable home; best of city reterence will be given. Plesse direct or call to C K., OS West Twenty seventh street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, un til engsged. WANTF.I ? BY A RESECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation a? esmstresn; can make shirt* and do a 1 kinds of tsmlly sewing: would take care of a child or wait on a lady. Can be seen at her present situation, tt- West Twentieth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth ave nues, for two da;*. \KT ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT GIRL. Tf as rook, washer snd ironer. hts the best of city t' ?renr>' Mease call at 33 West Thirteenth street, be seen Fifth and Sixth avenues. Can be seen for two days. mi7ANTEl?? BY A GOOD, INDUSTRIOUS GIRL, A vv situation as cook, and toassiit in washing and has good city reference Can be *een for two days, at her lormer situation, 61 % St. Mark'* place, be twee? VMrwt and Second avenues. TI'-aNTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE V Y woman, in a private family, as good conk, washer and ironrr . can give good reference from her last em ployer. I'lease call at 1W Seventh street, between ave nues H and C. VSTAVtED? BY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNS Tf wot tan, a aituation as chambermaid and laun dre*s. or i. trie sad -earns tress; can get ti|> all kind* of fine wa.?h>i . in the neateat style and flnisn, is willing and obliging. The highest city testimonials given for years. ? be seen for two day* at 3*4 Seventh avenae. near Twenty sixth atraet, In the store Wanted- by a bwpktahl* youns <hri? a situation a* chambermaid, and would take care of children and do plain sewing Has good city refer ence If required. Call at 176 Weat Twenty ninth street, near Eighth * venue, lit the fancy store, WANTED? BY A REbPECTAIlLE YOfTNO WOMAN, a situation a* proteased cook, washer and ironsr in a respectable private family. Beet city referenen giv en. I'lease rail at 138 Atlantic street, corner of Hanry, room No. 11. Can ba seen (or two days. Wanted? a situation, by a youno man. (American) at atmo*t say thing by which ha trill useful to hi* employer, ha* bean n the grocery an I liquor busineee three year* Would ioaa hi* employer ?100. Adeireas C O G., Chatham *<n-*r# Poit OSea. iNUffn. W Ah TED? BY A SCOTCH GIRL, A SITUATION A3 IrtHOtlior and seams', res* . would assiat in th*i nursery. Can lx> dm at Mr*, Bye's, dressmaker, 35 Dtu (treat, Brooklyn. WANTkD? BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A fltTUA tlon, as nurM, or chambermaid and nurse; no j objection to leave tne city. Can be seen at 142 Seventh i avenue, corner of Twentieth street, third floor, front | room, WANTED? BY A RESl-ECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituation aa chambermaid am waiter, or would a?sist in wsthng and ironing. Good city reference from her lait place, wbere ihe'lived four yeara. Please call at S3 Perry atreet. Can be seen for two days. WANTKD? A CJOK, ONE WHO U.VDESTANDS cooking in a restaurant, also an assistant cook Apply at 381 Broadway, corner of White atreet , in tie basement. A. L. THAYER, Propriet >r. WANTED ? SITUATION 3, BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women, oue at cook, and has no objection* to assist in the washing and ironing; and the other to do chamberwork and wait ug, or the general housework in a air all private family. Six yesr? good city reference can be given, by applying at l'id Twelfth street, between Fifth an t Sixth avenue* Can be seen for two days, if not engaged. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as good cook, understands her business fully ; has no objection to assist in washing and ironing. References can be given, l'lease call at t?7 Twelfth st., between Fifth ami Sixth avenues. WANTED? A Sill ATION AS COOK, BY A WOMAN wbo thoroughly understands the business in all its branches, in a private boarding house, or a nhwt distance in the country. Bsst of city reference can be given. I'Ieu.*e call at No. 6 Sixth street, between ttowery an i Second avenue, firft floor, front room, tor two days WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to cock, wash and iron, or to do general housework; no objection to go a short distance in the country for the summer. The best of city reference. Plense call at 123 East Twenty-fourth street, for two days. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a situation as seamttress; she ulse understands bairtlressing. Can be seen at 831 Sixth avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-flrst street*, until suited. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion in a urivate family as ae unstress: she Is ac customed to family sowing, understands plain dress making and making little bov'a clothes; would be willing to assist in light work or light washing and ironing. Can give the best of city reference. Inquire at 341) Twelfth street, near First avenue. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Wo man, a situation to do geoerai housework, or as chambermaid and waiter; is a good cook, washer and ironer; no objection to go a short ciatince in the coun try- Can be aeen, for two days, if not engaged, at 215 West Twenty-fourth street. WANTuD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as good plain cook, washer and ironer, or to do chambernort and sewing; the best of c ty reference given. Call at 137 Sullivan street, rear building. WANTED? BY A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL, A situation aa chambermaid, or to do general house work for a private family. Can be aeen for two days, at 298 East Thirteenth street. WANTKD? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE yenng woman to do the housework of a small fami ly. The best of city reference given . Can be seen for two days, if not engaged, l'lease call at 273 Mott street, next door to the Cathedral church. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE, SOBER, INDU3 trioua woman, a situation as children's nurse, md to make herself generally useful. The best of city reference can be given. Apply at 48 Marlon atreet, llrst floor, in the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A VERY EXPERI enced young woman as first class cook, in some respectable private 'family; would have no objections to assist in the washing. The best of city reference can be given. Can be seen for two days. Please call at 38 Thirteenth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. WAMED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, lately arrived from the old country, who can do em broidery neatly, and fancy knitting and plain sewing, cliamberwork and wanhing. Wage* not m> much an object as a good home. Please call at 36 Thir teenth ?treet . between Fl.'tli and Sixth avenues. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation aa chamberbaid, or to do general hou rework lor a small family. Call on or address to the bakery, corner of Columbia and Congress str?et<, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNti GIRL, A Hit nation an good c?ok, washer and ironer; hit no objection to do geueral housework in a small private family. Can produce good city reference*. Please cal at ISO West Fifteenth street. In the rear, for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE WO man a* cook inn private family. Ha* no objec tion to asaiat at washing and ironing- Can be Men at 177 Adam* afreet, in the rear, between Uonord and Hi lary. Can give good city inference. Wanted? by a respectable young girl, a situation to do general house work in a am >11 pri Tate family. I* a good plain cook, a good wisher and ironer: ha* the best of city reference, Please call at 20 2 Varick street, attic room. Can be se?n for two days WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESIT-CTABLE Gtrman girl to do chamber work, or general bouse work, for ? small family. Apply at 11 Elizabeth street, second floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL as rook, washer and ironer, or to do general house work. Good city reference can be given. If required, by applying at 472 Walker strent, where the can b? seen for two <lays. No objection to go a suitll distance In the country. WANTED? A SITUATION BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls, one to do plain cooking, washing and iron ing and baking. the other to do chamberwork, waiting and fine washing and ironing. Best of city reference given as to honesty, capability and good nature, by ap plying at 272 Walker street, where they can be seen for two days. WANTED- A SMART WHITE GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework ? ene that ban been accustomed to living in a ladies' boarding house ; wages $7 per month. The best of reference required. Apply to Mrs. Taylor, 129 Greene street. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, a lit nation, is a good plain cook, washer and ironer. (iood city reference piven. Pleast call at 24 Haui ersley stieet, in the front basmcnt. Can be seen for two days. WANTED? BY A PROTECTANT GIRL, A SITUATION a* good plain cook and good washer and ironer; would have no objection to do general ho tuework. Please call at 336 Eighth street, second floor, back room, or ad dress C. Edwards, Herald office. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE FRENCH C.IRL, A situation as chambermaid and waiter, or to take care of children , can to plain sewing, ami titans French, Herman and English. Please call at 64 Fourth atenue, between Ninth and Tenth ntreets. Can l>e Keen for two day*. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A situation a* chambermaid or children's maid and seamstress, or would i o general housework in a private family. Please call at 472 Houston street, corner of the Bowery. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A MIDDLE AGED woman, as cook; is a good cook, a very good baker, and an excellent laundress: can give the best of city lefarence. Can be seen at 3.'>6 Seventh avenue, be tween Thirty-aecond and Thirty-third streets, second floor, front room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, with gixxl city reference, a situation at w titer or chambermaid Please call for two days at 20v West Six teenth street, betwesn Eighth and Ninth avenues WANTED? A SITUATION AS WET NCR**, BY A healthy young woman, who has lo?t her baby. Has no objection to the country. Can be seen for two days at 10S M"tt street. WANTED? IN A FAMILY OK THREE, A EIR*T RATE English nurse, (middle aged.) to take charge of a child. A good home and good wage*. Best of references required. Addreaa box 179 Po*t Office. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, t?> cook, wash and iroa, or to do gtneral hou>ework in a small private family; is a fin rate washer and ironer, and a good plain coo's. Can give good clt? reference. Pleaee call at 17 Iiominick street, near Yarick, second floor, front room Can b teen for two day*. Wanted? A situation, by a young woman, to do general housework in a small private family; i* A good plam coo'-, first rate washer and Ironer, or would <lo chamt>erwork . no objection to go a short dis tance In the country . Be?t of city reference given. Can be seen for two days at 1 OS West Nineteenth street, be tween Sixth and 'Seventh avenues, second floor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A VERY RE spectable girl, to do the general housework of a small family . is a first rate washer ? nd ironer and a go?d plain cook. T ha best of city reference given. Can be seen far two days at No. 8 Fifth street, in the grocery store. fTT ANTED- BY A hKPlCTABUt YOUNG WOMAN, TV a situation to do housework in a private family. The best of city reference can be gives from her laat place, where she haa lived three years. Plnee call at 208 avenue A, first floor. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE SWHH LADyTa situation to travel with a lady to Europe as lady's maid. Can talk French. Italian and English . u nlerstands >ewiog vary wall, and can drees a lady's hair. I lease raU at 187 Mott street. WANTED? BT A RWECTABIE PRO! EST ANT GIRL a situation la cook, wash and iron In a small pri vate family Please call at WO Division street. In the ?tore. wum. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A ~MOST~HIGHLY reeommeuded young g'rl, with tat beat of oity reference, w seamstress sod c^Mniberniiid; it a capable uui>e, and a girl of judgm-nt; can make children's c lothes, and it a ueut iltirt maker. Wages f> a month. Call at, or ad<i re# ?, 823 First avenue, first floor, back ! room WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED woman, a situation tut cook; can produce the belt of city and country reference , ban lived with the b?*t of IsmUien fur the last twenty years. Call at, or address a uote to 38 Ea?t Nineteenth atreet, between Broadway and Fourth avenue, up stairs. WaNTED-BY A PROTWTANT YOUNG GERMAN girl, a situation to take care of children, and assUt in houoework, or to do plain Hewing. Can npeaK Frerch and Etgliidi. Good city reference given. Can be seen for three days at Do Greene street, between Brocme aud Graud wtn ete, back room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NG WOMAN, a situation in a private family an cool;, wathur and ironer; is an excellent baker; understands her buat ne>a jierfectly . Can give the be?t of city reference!*. Please call at 02 Ccncurd street, Brooklyn, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITC tion as c?ol, washer and ironer, iu a private fami ly understand* her business perfectly, be-t of city re ference can be giveu. Pleai>e call at '24ti Mult atreet, second Uoor, front rcom. Can be seen for two days. WANTH)? A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN wants a mtuution as wet nurse. Good city refe tence can be given Apply lor three days at 331 Sixth avenue, third Uoor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A young woman wh^ thoroughly understands her business; < an aNo cut and make children's clothes; has worked lor eighteen month* iu her last place. For re ference, apply at 153 Greene atreet. WANTFD? BY A COI-ORED WOMAN, WHO SPEAKS both French .ind Kngli-h, a situation to travel with a lady or family, either as child's nurse or lady's maid. Can give the bent of city referenda. Please in quire at 14 Anthony street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, a situation i* chambermaid or seamstress on board a ship; no objection to any ristance; or would do cook Ing in a saloon or pr'vate boarding house: is willing aud obliging. Can be seen for two daya at 239 Seventh ave nue, tear Twenty -eventh atreet.' WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl. aH waitress or would do chamberwork and taKe care of cliiidren, Ac Can produce the best of city reference. Please ca'.l at No. 12 Amity place. Can be seen for two days. ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIE1 LADY, with a fi ??h breast of milk, m child to wet nurse at her own residence. Inquire tor a week in the rear of M Mulberry street, ?econa floor. Mrs. CUSACK. 11/ ANTED? hY A TIDY, SMART GIRL, A MTUA W tion a* chambermaid and waiter, or to do cham berwork. washing and ironlog; la lully competent, una Las the best of city refeience. Can be seen for two daja at 207 East Fourteenth stieet, near avenue B. WANTED? A S1TUATIOV, BY A COMl'ErENT person, as cook, washer and ironer, and would have no objection to do housework. Good reference can be given. Apply at 36 West Thirteenth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues, first floor, hack room. WANTED? A CHILD TO NURSE, BY A RESPECT A - ble married woman, who has lost her own child three weeks old. Call at 272 West Twenty eighth street, between Ninth and Tenth avtnue*. WANTED-A 81TUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as chambermaid, plain cook, washer and iroter; will make herself generally useful. Reference given. Apply at 694 Grand street, back Mam, first flour, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young wiman, to do general housework; is a good conk, first rate washer aud ironer; has good city re feience. Can be aetn for three daya at 49 Willet street, first floor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Atneilcati girl, to take care of children and do sewing, or chamberwork : j, ood city reference. Can be aeen tor two days at 128 Twelfth street, between Fifi and Sixth avenues. WANTED? A RE8PECTABI1C WOMAN AS FIRST rate laundress. Apply at 21 Brevoort place, Tenth itmt WANTIiD? A NEAT, TIDY GIKL, FOR GENERA!, housework; mult be a good washer and ironer; good reference required. Apply at ill Hicks atreet, tiiooklvn WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RttPECTABLE girl, to take care of children or do chamber* irk, or assist 111 washing and ironing, the bout of city refer ence given from her laat place. Pleuse call at 119 Eait Sixt< ec'.li ,-treet, between First and Second avenue* Can be s?en for 'wo days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ji.nn g woman, to do cbainbei wori: or general housework In a private family; has good city reference. Can be >etn until engaged at No. 10 Union square, be tween Fourteen*!! and Fifteenth streets. ?\U! ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT VV >?urg woman, a* cool in a private family; I* a good wnshu and ironer an excellent baker : understands the (tttN charge of the kitchen : the best of city refer ence as to character and capacity. Can be seen for thr<e day* at 129 Waverley place | A> rv l>- A SITUATION AS WAITER OR ( li AMBER \\ maid; in a first rate cook, excellent washer and Ironer, mid a good baker, baa lived three year* in her la Ht plac Best city reference, ir required. Please call at 340 Sixth avenue between Twenty-first and Twenty aecond streets, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE younv woman, as cook, washer and ironer in a private ftmtly; can give good city reference under stands bak .ng and making pastry. Apply ia Dutlleld atieet, in the paint atore, between Johnson and Tlllary atrtets, Brooklyn, for two daya. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITU A tion aa tint cook, in a hotel or boarding house; ?he understands her business in all Ita branches. 'Please call at ?8 Warren street. I*7ANTEI?? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, WHO IS A VV tlrst rate dressmaker. employment by the day, in a gentleman's family. Address A. M. A , box 263 In ion Square Post Office. WANTED- A GIRL, WITH GOOD REFERENCES, capable of doing general housework. Apply at No. 20 Montgomery street, immediately. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl wbo is a good plain cook, and a flrat rate washer and ironer, in a small private family. The bent of reference can lie liven, l'leaae call at 84 Seventh atreet, *<-cond floor. Can lie seen for two daya. if not engaged WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, to do the general housework of a private f amily. Please call at 102 Laurens street. City reference if re quired. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a s tuation as waiter. Has the best of city re ferences. Has no objection to go a short distance In the country. Apitly at 2* S First avenue, second door from Fourteenth street. "tlTANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, Vt a situation as cook, washer and ironer; would have no objection to do general housework for a imt.l family, <iood city reference can be given, l'leasa call at :*6fl Sixth avenue, between Tueaty-sacond and Twen ty- third street*, third floor, back room. WANTED? BY A RESPEf TABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a citustion as muse and plain sewer ; would have no objection to do light chamh<-r?ork. Good reference can be given. Please apply at 3110 Sixth avenue, be tween Twenty second and Twenty thtru streets, third floor, back room. WANTED? BY A YOUNd PROTECTANT MARRIED woman, ? situation as wet nurse. Can bring the best of recommendations. Her owu baby Is dead. In quire at 020 Greenwich street WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITU A - tion aa chambermaid and waiter, or to do general homework In a small private family; best of c.ty refer ence can be K^en. < ?n be seen at 21 lAmartine place, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, for two days. WANTED? BY A YOUNG I AIiY, A SITUATION To attend a bakery store; she "peaks the German and I'Oglish languages good reference can be given as to character and ability : BO objection to goPnuth Plsaee apply or address a note to Miss Mary ,371 Bleecker atreet, for two days |*7ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPKfTABI.H Ve American woman, as wsl nurse. Please call for two days, at 1ST Canal street. \\T A NTF.D? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV woman, as child's nurse, or is willing to fo to wait on an elderly lady, or go as good plain seamstress. Please call for two dayl, at 12-' West Twen'.y aiith street, two doors fiom Seventh avenue. WANTV D? A SITUATION. AS SEAMSTRB** AND child's nnr?e. by a Protestant young woman, or as chambermaid and seamstress . ahe ia also a good Is on drees The beet of city reference given. Pleas* call at 143 East Twenty-third atreet, top floor, front room. |*r ANTED- 1IY A STEADY. ACTIVE YOUNU WO VV man, a situation as laundre<a or chambermaid, or to do plain sewing and ladies' One washing. Rest of city references. Address 390 Bowery, in the shoe store. Can be se<n for two days. WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION IN a small private family, as i hambrrmaid or waiter, or to take care of children would have no objection to go a short diatance in the country, at moderate wages: best of reference. Call at 17 Uliabeth atreet, Arat floor. W- AKTtI>? A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG WOMAN, aa head laundrese; has held the earns situation fer the last foar years, and Inaderateods It in all*tt? branches good iswreme from her last emplnrers; : would superintend a laundry ia a hotel Pteaee oil! at 1 7? rraakl?tt ??mt. jwaa**. IT' A JfTED ?Ik 8M ALLF AMIL T . k GERMAN OR W Protes'ant foota, to cook, nit Md irou. Hut be fully competent, toil ? ilUn< to herself <*aerally useful. Wage* M per moato. Apply at 10 AbuigJoa )Uw. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOONO WOMAN, IN a private r*inily, as seamstress and cli im??imt<d; has good city reference Heaa* call at !M Thirty ti' tU htttet, betweeu Broadway aad Seventh avauue, for three day*. WANTED? A SITUATION AS 8EAM3TRE-W, BY A l'rjteatant youoit woman, who cau do all kind* of si wi?g (.r Bi-cmt in dieasnutking; no objection to do li(f lit cbniiiberuork. Good city tfercnce given. P'eaxe call at 21tt Wi outer fdrtet, bet weeu Bleecaer aui Amity. \KJ ANTEl'? A SITUAriON, BY A RESPECTABLE W luau, aa waiter, who thoroughly understand* UU bua.nes*; h.ts tin objectioa town or couutry Can he *e*n for two oaj* at Mr. C'orwin's, 811 Broadway. Any note* addiessed aliall be attended to. TIT ANTED ? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND Vt seam-trets; beat of reference given. Apply at 2lti Mulberry street, for too day* IB/ANIED-A COOK. TO WASH ANDIRON. A PRO T* testunt who cau come nell recommeniai, may apply at 42 Seventh rtrect. "IIT ANTED? BY A RESECTABLE ENGLISH GIRU TV a Hituaticn na chambermaid, oi laundress, or to do house wcrk in a small l.tmilv. Haa uo object on to Co a short diitatice lu the country Good reference cau e given, t an be se> n for two day* at 150 l*oti u i street, room No. 3, front. ANTED-BY A RMPEClABLE WIDOW, ONE OR two children to dry nurae. having no other board era Please call at 1C4 Eleventh street, between F.rst and Secood avenue* WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU ation aa cook and to assist in washing and ironing; ood city referooce Iroiu lier last place, where she live! ,wo jeai a. May be seeu at fits Vandam street, ia the basement. No objection to the country. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman; ia a good cook, a first ra'- baker and laundress; understanda paatry perfectly. Cau give the best of city reference Please call at 87 Went Nine teenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenjea, can be seen for two data. yTTAVJKD IMMEDIATELY? AT 78 THIRD AVENUE, YY six lirst claas Protestant servant*; wa<es I'r >m >7 to $10; also, places procured for cooks, laundresses, cliamtitruiaid* and general aervants. French, English and German place* now ready for flrat class cojks, waiters sod coachmen. Cliargei moderate. Employer* please call and rte our selection of help. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECrABLEGIRL, aa chambermaid and seamstress in a small family, or as waiter and to take care of children Goi>d referem:* given. Can be nin at 203 Clinton street, Brooklyn, for two days, if not engaged. WANT ED- SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls; one as cook; ia a good washer and ironer; his lived two years iu her last place; the other as cham bermaid and to in washiog aud ironing, or to do the work of a sma:l tastily. The bent of city references fiom their last places. Can be teen for two daya, if uot engaged, at 94 St. Mark's place. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RF3PECTABLE young woman aa plain cook, washer and ironer, or would do the general housework of a small private family; has good city reference; no objection to go a short distance in the country. Please call at 74 Grand street for one day. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL aa chambermaid and aeamstreaa; no objection to take care of children; Is capable of filling either situa tion. Can be seen for two days at her last employer's, 26 Abingdon place. WANTED? A SMART, ACTIVE GIRL, TO DO GENE ral housework, and one who is a good washer and ironer. Apply after 10 o'clock, at 82 Duane street. WANTED? A YOUNG LADY COMPETENT TO UN dertake the trimming of a millinery establish ment; to such a cne constant employment and liberal compensation. Apply at 107 Fouitu avenue. 1*7 ANTED? A SIIU ATION BY A PROTECTANT RE TT spectafcle girl, aa chambermaid and waiter, in a small private family; is a regular waiter, and an ex cellent washer and ironer; good eity reference. Please call at No. 2M> Seventh avenue, between Twenty-sixth and Twenty seventh strtet, second floor, back room; can be seen for two day. WANTED? A SITUATION A8 HOUSES KEPER, BY A tv apectable Artierican widow lady : ran give good reference an to character, capacity, Ac. Apply at Mo. 4 Vint street, liout room, tliinl floor. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNG WOMAN, a situation km plain cook, and to assist in wattl ing and ironing : beat of city reference given from her laitt place, where she Ua.-> I i ve>t for seven year*; can be seen lor two days. Piea.-e call at 196 Kait Niueteentb street WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT youog woman, a situation a* seamstress id 4 pri vate family; understands <1ress making in all itii branch ?a; would have no objection to go out by the month; ran be seen for two days. 1 'lease call at 196 East Nine teeitli afreet. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A MOOT RESPECTA bte French woman, aa flrat claaa cook; aUe per fectly understands French anil Kngliah cooking in all ita branches, and speaks the English language Ha? un questionable city reference. Please address J. R., Herald office. WANTED? A SITUATION , IN EITHF.R CITY OR country, by a young girl, to doehamb?rwork, or take care or children and make herself generally useful. Call at '23 Bedford street. WANTED? A PROTECTANT GIRL. TO DO GENERAL housework, at 204 West Thirty -sixth ireet ? a fltst rate plain cook, washer and ironsr. German pre ferred. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RBSFECTABI.E young girl, aa chambermaid, or to do general housework. Can give gooa city reference. Can be se*n for two days at 126 Twelfth street, between Fifth an<l Sixth avenues. W^KKtf. ? *?"?. ? ssMvis? ?? ? WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework', is a good waaher and ironer. The beat of city reference given from her last place. Please apply at 32 Vandatu street, second floor, tront room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yoong girl, to do chamber work and take care of children, or to do the general housework of a amall pri vate family Wag< a not so much an object aa a home where she will be treated with kindness. Please call at 16 Fonyth street, room No. 8, in the rear, for two days, if not engaged. WANTED? A SITUATION TO DO COOKING. WASH ingand ironing in a private family. Apply at No. 10 Jereey street, on the third floor, room No. 08. The beet of reference. Wanted ? a situation as chambermaid or waiter, or cook in a small family, or as dairy maul. The best of city reference* given Apply at 81 Smith xtreet. Brooklyn. Six years in her la?t place. WANTED- A SITUATION, IN AN AMERICAN PRI vate house, by a first rate French 000k. She un derstand* all kinda of paatry, jellies and ice ereaiuv and has very go?>d city reterences. Pleaae addreas to Mr. Hlvlsot, No. 9 Niblo'a Garden, 690 Broadway. WANTED? BY A YOCNG WOMAN, A SITUATION to do cliamberwork and waiting, or cbamberwork and take rare ol children. Best of city reference. Call at fl Macdougal street, corner of Houston, her last plare, lor two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A VERY RESPECTA ble young womtn: she is a good cook, under stands baking 01 all kinds, and would be willing toaasiat In washing and itoning. Can give the beat of city re ference from her latt place. Please call at 10% Nine teentb street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, third Hi or, front room, for two days. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN TO ATTEND A GROCERY and liquor store On* accustomed to the busi ness with good recommendations, will have a good situ ation. None other will answer. Apply immediately at "7 Cortlandt street. Wanted? thru first class ,saij?mkn for the retail dry goods business. Persons familiar with the cltj trade will receive attention by addressing O. Ii. 1? , Herald office, giving their names and reference. WANTED? A SITUATION AS GARDEN ER, BY A steady, reaps, tabic young man. thoroughly un derstands the business In its varloua branch**? green - In use, vinery, forcing, Acc., also fruit tree* anl vegetables ; can give satisfactory reference. None need apply but those wanting a yearly mao. Can be s*?n at Mr Bridgeman* see.: store, 877 Broadway, corner of F.Ighteenth street, tor Ihree day* WANTED.? A YOUNG MAN OF STEADY HABITS and go. iM moral flbaraet-:. from North Carolina, wani* a situation in a lirst cl? < wholesale dry goods ?tore; can influence some trade, lia ? the best of this city and hi* own State reference. Ail net* 'Lucius. Herald office. WKT NURSE WANTED? ONE WH< ) 1 AN GIVE SATI* factory references as to character and health. Apply at No. 175 Second avenue, on-ner of Eleveoth slice' between 9 and 12 o'clock. Wj ANTED- AT 341 BROADWAY (dASEMENT), AN Vf ostler lor a livery stable, alx glrU 'o learn weav ing, wages 92 per week, a gardener te goto !.ong Island, men en steamers, porters, barkeepers, waiters, tw? boys to learn the machiniit trade, housekeepers and ckam betmau's. THOS SI'iNK Agent WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A competent man, wttb the beet city referet-.-e. Ad dress G. R 8., No. #31 Broadway, Union aqua re Poet Office. MMT ANT1P? THM* KNTKRPR&INO MEN INQUIRE I? at h^'s Hotel, omer of Spring and W?rt street*. Icr W T 1. between I ani 4 o'clock, I' M WaJITS. \Wf AITEB. ? W ANTED, BY "a RE'TBCTABLK PRO TV Watant man, ? situation u w*;>jtr in ? prir?tn family or a hotel. U? understands bis Dusinsna, and can produce the moat ratiafa.fory city reference ; or would go as light porter and m?>*<oger. PI .;?ll at 3*8 Bowery, one do)r from Fourtu sirwt, ur 319 Twelfth street, between the First snJ Second aveouM, for two day*. WANTED? BY AN EXPERIENCED SALESMAN, A m tuition in a wholesale or retail clothing, oloth, or dry goods establishment. Speak? Eng'iab and Oer mm.. Cau inAuence some Western traae. Add.eai l>. M . Herald office, for one week. *?; ANTED? A YOUNG MAN, WHO PERFECTLY UN V* derstat^s the lace trade, can dress * wmtow *"?l. Hi>d la a good ra.esman. None other need apply at ?J8w Giand street. ?1? ANTED? AN EXl'fcKih.NCED .SALESMAN, IN AN V* enbd idery ?t?r? None ueed apply ?do cannjt give the bent of leferences. Apply at ttlb Broadway "TITAN TED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, TO v V work an a farm or in <i dairy; cau work iu a { u ii?n; is not afrai.: ol any work, lm good recomnnnU tions from where be has lire.! tbiee years on a farm Please call at 12 Amity place, for ouo ?e?*U WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUArtOV AH amanuensis, copyiat draughtsman, or top.><(r?ph ical tnginerr on u rail'oad. lknt o: relereuoes gtTeu. Add i ess K K., box 2,6?8 Pout OBiee. WAN'El1? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MaN just arrived from England, a actuation in aoy cnpanity . Understand* bokkkeepiug, an 1 has oo objec tiou to going into the country. Salary of not so in a jU coosi quence ?? a permtn?nt situatum A.ldress J. B, care ol Mr. Gamble, 108 Pio'pect atre*\ B-'ioklyo WANTED? ' TWO REsPECrABLE MEN. Willi GOOD Vf addre?a, ax agents, lor tun Male of a new Article. Apply at 68 Liaptnard street WAN1ED? BY A.V AMERICAN BOY, STXTSBN jeers of age, a situation in a dry good* or fancy floods importing house. A permanent situation at ? ha ary sufficient to support uim ta required. Referenda given Address Permaueat, Herald office. WANTED? BY A SMART YOUTH, 18 YEARS OK age, Alituatiou in a private family, a* waiter and to make liims^lf generally useful Can be soen at 103 Eaft Tweuty-Afth street, n?ar Third avenue, basement UOVMItt, KIHMim WAHTIU*. A FURNISHED ROOM WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN J\_ and wife, with buard for tb? gentleman on Sunday Also, a small furnished room for a lady. Location Oslo* Canal street Terms must be reasonable. Adilrea* J. B., Broadway Post Office. Furnished bouse wanted? a small family Oesires to hire a first class furnished house imme diately, not far from Fifth avenue. Address G N. 8., care of Spoflord k Tiles ton. House wanted from firs- of april ojt may, suitable for two small families, one child enly Must be located on or very near F >urth Avenue, between Nineteenth and Twenty -sixth strata. Must luvn gas, Croton water, bath. Ac. Rent not to exceed 960'). Must not be a store under it. Address A. A. L , box.3,3J3, Post Office. House? wanted to lease, for five years, a three -tory, high basement linuss. with the m > cern improvements, situated l>etween Waverley place and Sixteenth street, and Fourth and Fifth avenue*, a few doors east of Fourth or west of Fifth not material. Address, stating street and No. of house, S. B. 0., Union square l'uat Office. House wanted? a small family (no chil dien). wish to rent or lease a two or three *t?ry nouse, having the modern Improvements? in a good neighborhood, at a rent of from >S5<i to $700. Would take possession from the 1st to 15th March, if deiirable. Address C\, Herald office. House wanted? where the revt or i-art of it would be taken in board; must have modern im provements and in a good location ; one partially fur nished preferred. Address P., Herald office. States island.? wanted, furnished or un furnished, lodgings and board, (permanent,) for a gentleman wife, child and nurse, tn a respectable fami ly, within convenient distance of one of the UnJing*. Addres K, Post Office, box 3,319, N. Y. WANTED -A SMALL HOUSE ON STATIN ISLAND, for the summer season; fnrniahed preferred. Any on* having the above to let, can And a customer by ad dressing box "W lost Office, ststing particulars, rent, Ac WANTED? ON THE FIRST OF MAY. BV A HIGHLY respectable family of four persons, without chil dren, belt of a modern built houee. id a goo 1 neighbor hood. above Fourteenth atreet. A family wishing a responsible teuant. who would payftliierul re?t, will ples>e add'ess 8. M., Herald office, stating location, and where an interview can be obtained. WANTFJt-A GENTEEL TWO STOKY HOUSE, suitable for two families. Kent about $400. Ad dress A to K. Citizen*' Bank, Boweiy. WANTED? A WATCH DOG, SUITABLE FOR A DOWN town atoie. An y person baring a nood one may find ? purchaser ?y applying at No 154 South street, back office, between 11 and 12 thin day. WANTED? ONE OK TWO ROOMS BKTWKE.N WALL and Bleecker streets by a t rat rate piane gu Ur ard Hinging teacher, (l'rofes#or of uiuiie and t-aoaar In a large academy. ) Prefer* ft family in which ha could give lessous. Address T 1'., Ikh IZa Heral i office. WAN TED? TO PURCHASE, A NEAT i WO STORY basement bouse, in ? good neighbor-tool, with modern improvements, between .second and ;th ave nues, not higher up than Thirty-, third struet. St?t a sixe of lot. title ; price not above 97,000. A<Mre?? box 3,219 Post Office. WANTED? A 8MALI.. NEAT TWO STORY HOUSE, situated between lludron street on the west auil Bowery on the east aide, and between Canal and Pr nee street.' Rent not to exceed $100. Posseasioa wanted immediately. Apply at 34 Howard street. WANTED? BY A SMALL FAMILY, AN ENGLISH basement bouse, with all the modern improve ments, situated between Third and Sixth avenues anil Tentu and llmtieth strata. Address, stating location and rent. E. C. Charles, 1X8 I'eftrl atreet. FOR FIVE OR SIX MONTHS, A LAROK furnished bedroom, without board, aul not ex ceeding six or seven dollars per month; location between Broome itreet and Fourteenth rtrret. and Broadway and Fifth avenue. The highest refereacea given. Address M., box "00 l'ost Office WANTEO TO PURCHASE IN THE CITY OF WIL liamsburg, a small genteel frame house, with two lota running troni street to street, south of Grand. person having sucb property to dispose of at* low figure may Hnd a purchaser by addressing a line, stating full Eirticular* as to price, location, Ac., to Williamsburg, erftld office. WANTED TO LEASE-SOME TENEMENT HOUSES, lor respectable families, for which a fair rent and the best city reference will be given. Apply or address in the store No. 179 Elizabeth street. WANTED TO RENT? A DWELLING HOUSE IN THE lower part of the Seventh ward. Possession any time to the first of M?y Apply to OOMLEY 4 HAS KELL, N'o. 6 Hamilton avenue, up itftlrs. WANTED TO RENT? FROM THE 1ST OF MAY NKXT, by ft smftll family, without children, a coraforta ble house, regaining Croton water and gas. within fifteen minutes walk of Grace Church. Rent not to exceed $400. Please address F. C., box 2,348 l'ost Office. "ITT ANTED TO PURCHASE ? A MODERN HOUSE, WITH Tf ail the improvements, near Fifth avenue, at a low price, with moderate payment down; woull not abject to the furniture. If in ?ood order and at low price. Ad dress 8. A. G., hem y.Tta l'ost Office. WANTED TO HIRE ? AN ESTABLISHMENT CON taimag large vats and eteatn power. A ?o?p fac tory disengaged would answer the purpose. Address X. Y. /... Herald office, stating terms, location, fcc. WANTED? NEAR AT1ANT1C OR FULTON FERRY, Brtoklyn. one or two pleesint, furnished rooms, with pftrtiftl board, for two gentlemen, who are during the day employed In New York. Address J. F. D., Herald office, stating terms. WANTED TO RENT? A SMALL TWO OR THREE story honse, with modern improvements, in a de sirable location, not above Twentieth street. Address, stating terms and lorsuty, '? Henry,' Broadway Post tiffice. WANTSD IMMEDIATELY? FIRST OR SECOND FLOJR of a house betw??n Fourteenth an I Twnty aecoal .-tVeetsiind Fourth sud Sixth avenues: ruu ue but one Ismily In rent from $2(|0 to $240. Persons having sicii pn mi ?es to let will tln>] a gocd tenant, by addressing Wn. H. L , HerftW office. PINK ARTS. ECOMATIVE FRESCO PAINTER OF THE GERMAN and Italiftn ashool.? Is rs? Iv to decorate in lb* most approved manner, and in all styles. Address, at '?08 Spring stieet, New York, GEORGB FITCH. Fink arts? gocpil a co respectfully in forms tb? public that tliey w.ll have on exbibiUoa, lor a short time only, at their Fine Art Gallery, No. 34rt Br. adwiy, the painting by florae- Vernet, '-The Brethren of Joseph. " Subscriptions for a fine eo graving thereof ertll lie received Admission tree OID ENtiRAVlNGS BOUGHT. ALSO OLD BOOKS, and the highest price paid for tbeui in any quanti ty. Small and Urge eniiravinga, old books, fcc., ftleavs on hand and for sale at tbe Old Curiosity Shop, Ne. tki Bnadway. Also Morgan's expose of Freemasonry, few copies LI4CORI, MD. A CHOICE SELECTION OF BRANDTO. HOPKMIO* claret and other wines, rums, Scotch and Irish whiskeys tandem and Dublin porter, Scotch aiea, 4s? I 11c ale isi porter far family use . ay rape aa4 cordials for sale, by Wm H. CNDHW1I 1..4.IO ftcoonse sUwet, NT ner of C -aaby XWT ANTED- TO EXCHANGE. L'QrjOW A?0 WOTS ff fir a food horse, buggv and bftraftss, by aa u? port>af and ioblwaf lieuse. A fair etrftangs wtu be asa^e Apr < at MQ Wsahsa^tua (treat, ap states

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