Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1855 Page 1
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IS ? ? ^a ' ""^j ?% ? - ? 9i *?' f . ' * t THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6753. MORNING EDITION? WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. 49TI1TI8BMEHTS BKNEWED ITBRY OAT TKMaWTS' RKtUSTICR. tbAK f\i\f\ OO?T, HOUSES AND LOB ffi^t/tUV/Vt bought, gold ami leaaed; r*nta. Ac , collected; loans effected oe real or peraoaal property; credit* arranged and gopda pnrctaaed for city and country, and commissions AlthfuUy execu e l bjr '?VAIJCBR k CO., rwtl estate, loan, he., agency, 76 N a? i ?u atreet. .1 - * ? ? - ? JffiQ (TA -rio LEI", iS' HltOOKLYN? THE SMALL ?Owv? three story bricjc house south Mde Ne ??? street, flrat ktMt eait M 1'aciflc atreet. Gas pipes "'through the Louie, and In otlMnr respects desraole for a ?mall genteel family. Apply to ALBERT WILMS, No. 87 South William atreet. Broadway lofw.? to let, separately, if desired, the lofta of No. '! Park row. directly op posite the Aator Houae. Apply to ISAAC SMll.H'd SONS Jk CO., 267 I'earl atreet, near Fulton. COUNTRY HOUSE ?A SPLENDID HOUSE AND OtTT buildings with land, at Pretona, Rye, W? Htchmter county, on the btnka of tbe hound, one of the moat pic turesque aod lovely residences in the vicinity of Now York ; house Urge and spacious. House and furniture to let or for Hale. Inquire at 92 Grand atreet, Willla-ns burg, L. I. I ELIGIBLE FAMILY RESIDENCE IN THri HKRMl'OA j Islands, for rent or lease. The Orange Grove pre mises, situated on an eminence, and located in one of the :a?oat healthy and convenient spots in Mioae beautiful islands. Tbe atone manaion houae and outbuildlnga are new and substantially built, containing well ventilated and commodious apartments, aod provided with every conventencu for tbe accommodation and comfort of n respectable family. Attached to these premises are 30 Actesofland, a portion of which ia occupied by fruit trees In rsriety, aa well aa graperies, and the greater part of the remainder may bo put under cultivation. To aperaoawitU meana and a Knowledge of agriculture, who may be desirous of reuioviog to a genial climate, the above affords an opportunity rarely offered in the "aunny Isles." For a more particular description of the premisM, aa will aa informat.on as to torma, apply to McCAI.L k FRITH, 73 West atreet. Furnished house to let, in hoboicen.-a small family, who own a good three story buck houae, nea'.ly furnished, (No 4 Mloomfleld place,) wish ing to retire from housekeeping, woul l rent their house and furniture to a gentleman aud wife, or a family of three grown pi raons, and. If agreeable, the present oc cupanta wcu'd remain aa boarders. Kent (GOO. Inquire at the house as above, or of LEAVITf ti WAOoWOKTH, 1?4 Front street, New York. IU'RMSBKD OR UNFURMTOFD DWELLING HOUSE , to let or, No. 6 Bond street, near Broadway, lor particulars apply imineduito'y, on the premises. 1tURMcHED rooms to LEV? a room, bedroom and k'lcben, with cooking stove and other con veniences for keeping bouse, to a small family; also, come rcoirs unfurnished. Apply at 123 Weat Twenty fourth street, near Seventh avenue. 10FT8 TO LET? THE SECOND, THIRD AND FOURTH J florrs of building No. 8 North William atreet, ec tending trough to William atreet; haa been occupied fur tbe laat three yeura aa cloih'ng warerooms;la well vlapt cd to any light manufacturing business. Inquire at No. 3 Ferry atreet. "VT 0. 206 BROADWAY TO LET.? THE THIRD STORY Xl of this building to let In, or will be di vided into two otticea. Tbe premises are well calculated for any light buainesa, or aa a manufactory for jewel lers, watchmakers, fro. STORE TO LET OR LEASE? NO. 249 SOUTH STREKr. Apply at the Boat and Oar Baaaar, 2m0 South at. rriO LET? A PUBLIC HOUSE, WITH SITTING ROOM, J and other apartments if required. Alao, two largo rooms, with four ante-rooms adjoining, suitable for eocleties or military purposes. Apply at 126 Grand at. TlO LET? TOE 8ECOND, THIRD, FOURTH FLOORS and basement, of 29 Beekiaan street, all being 90 '?-et deep; well lighted, front, rear and side ; alao a frcnt room on tbe flnli floor of 31 Heekmab atreet; slsotho fltth floor of 33, 100 fe?t deep, well lighted on four side*; alao the third ?oor of 24 IWkman s;reet, tw feat deep. Any of the above will be divided to suit tenanta. Inquire of J. CONNER k SONS. rno LF.T? IN GREENWICH STREET, A OOOD STORE JL and eomti One lofts, wltn excellent light, 30 feet by St?, and ju?t the thing for manufacturiug purposes. En quire of JOHN LLOYD, 18 Naasau atreet. rliO LET? T11E NEAT TWO STORY BRICK BASEMENT I and ctti'' house, 190 Prinee at, corner of Su'livan. Apply to PO0I E, 1'ENIZ & GOIN, 89 Burling slip. LET? THE TWO STORY M03ERN BUILT HOUSE, on Third avenue and lOGth atreet, furnished with range, bath hot and cold wa '*r, ke. Alao, tbe situated on loCth street near Third avenue, with garden aod atable if required Aim, the dwelling part of the brick house, ou Third avi-uuo ai>d 101th street, with range and Cioton water. Inquire of S. B. McGOWN, Third avenue and lOftth atreet. rr?o 1st ? possession immediaje? -to one family J without children. mcoo>I floor, consisting of frout ?nd back parlor, with room oil each, lull, bedroom an J basement, ?t a moderate rent, in a lng'uly respac'able bouse. The floor will not bo dlvMtd, Inquire at No. 14 Watt* street, oear Varlck, in the ba.iom-nt. Ti I KT ? A NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS DWEI.LINO house* with at) the nnd'-rn Improvement* in the cnpcr part of tbe city, also, the modern hm?e.i No*. Cb and 87 Greenwich avenue. Can b* cotiuec'.e I, and auitable for s.n cxtcmlte bo?r!in* bou?a Apj.lj to E BLOOMER, -08 Uroa Sway. fp<< I.ET? THE THIRD AND FOURTH FI-OORS OF THE J. new warble front build nij 10# Canal atreet, corner of Wooater, well adapted fir bu<lness purpose*. Poms"*. iiion immediately. Inquire at 100 Canal *treet in the a. ore. T? I.ET? THE HUtLDINd 171 WILLIAM STREET, now occupied an oilier* and buaioe** purpose*. AUo, a number of dwelling hou in the upper part of tbe city, at rrnt* from 8&00 toll, 400. Apply to E. II. KINSH1MER, 31fl Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7 o'clock. TO LOT? ONE HALF OF A NEW AND COMMODIOUS 1 honse, 'located. moat desirably in South llrooklyn, fitted with chandelier* and ga* fixture* complete, *pv ckraa pantrie*, closet* all through, with bath room, ko. To a small respectable family, thin 1 1 an unusual oppor tunity. Note but tho*e wlw are willing to pny a fnlr remuneration need apyly. Addresa Talbot de Ma la hide box 1,735 l'o*t Ofiica, New York. Reference* exchanged* f|10 I.OT? THE' FIHPT CI.A^S DWELLING HOr-W, _L Noa. 113 and 114 Leonard atraet, near Broadway. The lion*e* have hot and cold water, furnaoe, bath Ac. *WU1 be let together, a* at Jirvsent, or neparately, to llrat Iclaa* tenants. Apply to HENRY HEATH, 298 Broadway. TO 1.ET? A TWO 8T0RY AND ATTIC HOUSE IN I*rmce (treat, near Mulberry, auttable for manu facture ng purposes; rent alx hundred dollar* on a l'-a*e. Apply to E H LUDLOW, No. 11 Wall atreet and No. 2 ? New. , TO LET ? A LARUE AND ELKO A NT ROOM IN Bleecker Building. corner of itleorker and Morten atmta, furniibed, with g a* and Croton. For further .particular* plsaae inquire at the grocery *tore No. 2&S B'eaeker street. TO LET? THE THREE STORY ATTIC DWEUJNQ hou?? 60 Twelfth atreet, wtb . wo rtory b*"fc build In*". containing mirror", glass c.andellers and mantel light", anu all the moiern plumbing improvement*. Ap I ply at DAVID H. DICK'S, corner Sixth avenue in 1 Twellth street. TO LEI -THE LARGE FINE DW ELI J NO PARTS OF houae* 2*78, 370 and 384 Fourth avenue, be tween Twenty acv^nlh and Ta.ntyeghth streets, eon ai*l nf of 12 room*, bath, gas, dumb waiter, Ac.; r.?nt, pM>. AUo, tbe storoa H7? and 384 Fourth avraue. 'Aj ply to E. & KINSHIMF.R, 310 Fourth arenue. 3 to 7. T> I EI? t-TORE AVD BA-4'.MENT, SOUTHEAST COR n*r ol flowery and Houfton atreet. A fir?t rate sor ter *tand fcr business. alio, a "mall three atory brii-k house, on Fifty eighth street, near Third avenua. Kent $300: alto a baarment house, on Fourth avenue, $700. E. B. H NSlIIMKR, 310 Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 P. M. mo JOT? FROM THE FIRST OF MAY NEXT, To A J. gentleman and his wife, without children, the *e> eoad story and back under kitahtn of tbe three atory brick dwelling house 48 Cbariea atreet, n?ar Pound Taut $250 a year, which inclu^ea gaa. hot and cold water, Ac. Inquire on the premises. imo LOT? COTTAGE ON THIRTY -SEVENTH STREET, IX near Third avenue, reht 822ft. Apartment, Thir l >iv?oa?, betraen Eightieth and Mgbty-flrat street* ttpart merits Sixty aighth atr>et, Ac , Broadway, cheap. ?Inquire ot MACFARLAN k MERKITT, 40 Third avenue < mo I .FT? 771 BROADWAY. SECOND FI.OOIl, TWO I large w?ll I'gUted roo.j *mt?bla fur a phy^i<i?n. !entl?t s 'Hner tailor or au? l'glit baefaoaa; aUo * jorlor and btdioom, fern bt i. I -r a ain ^la gen : I. u> in, i *!th gaa. beth, Ac. Apply a* abuva. T?0 1.F1? 7Ht TWO BROW STONE FIRST CLASS bou?'-? n Twenty-third atieat, opposite London ,-race ?o?* only 90 feat from Vlnth avenue railr ?d, , i 'joining tbe residence of ( l-ment C. Moore, K*<\ ) j 'he* are replete with all the modarn improve- | rentf, and ? 111 be BnUhad In AprlL Also a four story ?rcwn stor'i (first claaa) bouse In Twenty aecond <tra<t, ' ^tweea Ninth and Tenth avanaa*, vary desfrablr loca | , on. complete Ith all mo leri improvemeni* Pomaa u n f ten imm?<. lately Apply to JOHN UKEOORY, 230 f ?ghtb arenue, corner Twenty aacond street. r~ 0 LOT? A LAMB THRKB fTOKT BOU?l AND store, first rate *tend for any kind of bualMt*. orner of Honatoa and Ridge streets it la occupied aa a rholesale l^nor atom; the aecwnd Soar a* a billiard *a '?on . third floor, aa a J?wa' synagogue ar mechanic*' ?eating room. Also, tbe hoa.e No 87 Crosby atreet, .ear Bmoaaa AUo, a Uif ? four story hauae. completely R-nahed- Poaaaetion ianr*l^*?'y. laqu'ra at 114 *?? ftkf flaea. 1 I TENANTS* HIMIISTM. TO LET ? THE SEC0ND STORY OF 411 BROADWAY, now occupied as a pianoforte ware room ; tue I fronl room, third story, now occupied aa a daguerrean I nailery . the large rsom, the whole of the fourth atory, I now occupied as an Odtl Fellew't Lodge. Kont moderate. I ROK LOW WOOD * SON, 411 Broadway. 1"0 LIT? FOR ONE OR MORE YEARS, THE MODERN two story and attic lionr*, 609 Hudson str.-et, I pleasantly aituated; ga>, bath, basins and Crotoo water; . Lrge j ard ; in all nine rooms, In neat order. Also, the sen nd storv. with basement of one, to a small family; I pa* and Croton water. Apply at All Hudson street. TO LET? lWSIRABLE APArtrMEKTS, OR ENTIRE upper part of a modern built bouse, in a genteel neighborhood, with carpet* and gas fixtures complete, wiin a widow lady having no children- piivilege iu the kltchi n, without board. Apply on the premises, 107 Vest Twentieth street, near seventh avenue. mo I.ET? AT 110 GRAND 8TIIKET, THREE DOORH I went of Broadway. one larRe front parlor, suitable for a f n tie man anil lady. furni?hed and lighted with gas and a number of small rooms for single gentlemen, with or withcut hoard. Also, one Urge room, unfur nished, on recond floor. TO LET- A NEW THREE STORY, FASHIONABLY bu'lt houte, with all the modern Improvements, brown stone basement, .Vc.. In South Fourth, between Fifth ana Sixth streets, Williamsburg, convenient to the ferries Rent ooly $500. Apply to JOHNSON & VORUT, Booksellers, 421 Broadway, N. Y TO IXT? A NEAT COTTAGE HOUSE, WITH GAS and Croton water, 47 West Twenty -sixth street 1* twreo Broadway and Sixth avenue. Apply 00 Oin premises, from 11 to 4 o'clock. TO LET? TBE WHOLE OR PARTOFTHE 0 WELLING of a house in one of the best locations lor husine-ia, pert) nps, in the city; suitable, Indeed desirable, for a Doctor, dentist or daguerreotypfst. Apply at 141 A'lta tic street. South Brooklyn, Possession immediately, if de sired . TO LOT?' THE NEW FIVE STORY HOUSE AND store ft& Crosby street; twenty tVo room" over fche store, gas, bath and water; suitable for a Hr-it class boarding house. Inquire on the premi?ea. TO LET? T1IE STORE NOW OCCUPIED BY R. SMITH, Es>[ , No 245 Greenwich ftreet, with or without toe bouse No. 44 llobicsoo street, forming an L. In case the first story of the houtu shonl 1 l>e waited for a ?tore, It m?y be connected with the one fn Greenwich street, miking in depth 120 f?et. Alio to let, two t'iree story brick houses, Nos. 40 and 42 Rohlncon street; If required, they will be made to communicate with ea-ij other, being a first rale situation for a boariting house. Ap ply at No. 75 East Fourteenth street. TO LET? THE S'lOKE AND DWELLING PART OF house No. 212 Fulton street. For terms apply to bill'NO, WEISPENBORN h CO , No. 2 Maiden lane. TO LET? THE HOUSE AND STOKE "ORNF.R OF WASH Ingfon and Hammond streets; house 385 Welling ton htreot; house and itire ; , Verey street; a four storj brick building, 25 by 75 feet on the corner of Twenty eighth street and First avenue, well adapted for a manufacturing busine??. Apply to PETER LYNCH, No. 41 Yesey sticot. TO LIT? A FIVE STORY WQRKSITOP, WELL LIGHT ? d on three sides; rent low; a leas* will be given If required. Inquire of HARDHAN k OiBORN, 187 Walkt r atieet, corner ot Bowery. TO LET, PCP8ES.=ION IMMEDIATELY? TWO NEW f uglisli basement four story houses, with all ttie modern improvements, 111) East Tnirteentli street and lf6 Faet Nineteenth afreet. Rents $1,000 an! $8?>0. t-ltuatlons very d?sirable. Apply to TRUJILIX), FRAN CUI ii CO., general agents. 100 Wall street. TO DAUGUERRl AN ARTISTS.? A GOOD OPPORTtJ nlty. The upper floor of the house No. 419 Brovl way, corner of Canal street, 1* nfw to let for a term of five years. It it a splendid situation for a dauguerrian saloon, and will ho fitted up suitably for the purpose If required. For particulars apply to Peter Archdeacon, 54 Canal street. 1*0 LET OR LEASE? TWO LIGHT AND COMMODIOUS snipes of ofHre?. in the building No? 4 and 0 Braid street. next door to the corner of Wall, on the fourth Hud fifth floors. Possession on the ilr?t of May aext. Apply to CHRISTOPHJR ItEISER, 17 Stale street. ri LET OR I EASE? TIIE BUILDING NO. 170 GKKfeN wich street. 1'ostesiion can be given of the store part immediately. ileo, a number of ofilce* to let In the buildings N<* 2(8 anu 304 Broadway. Apply to E. BLOOMER, 208 Broadway. mo LET OR LEASE? THE STORE AND BASEMENT, 1 with sub-cellar and vault*, of the .elegant bull ting No. 20 ReeLmsn street., suitable for wliMttale paper, drug or tardwars business; possession 1st May. Alao the three upper lofU, very lignt and commodious; poa set-Ion immediate. Also tlie spacious (tore and base ment, with vault, of No. 18 Spruce itreet. each room luO feet deep; po4'etm'ou immediate. Appiy to .LAUM PRICE, 200 Hue' ton street. TO IJ'.T OB LEASE? THE FOUR STORY AND OA"B m? nt hnu?e 4S0 Greenwich atreet, with water, gai nod good vault*; Also the atory aud ba-enierit bousM 40fi Greenwich street, with watvc, \aulti, ke. Paid hoii?i* will be let aa hote'a. taverns. ka. Al 0 rot mR, i.nrtp of home*, r.tor**, olHcn and aaUom*. la. quire ot Mr. (ilUUONS, l-'.? Hudson i^rert. TO LET OK IJCASE? T1IF, FIVE STORY HOUSE No. l.';0 t'l.ani l)?'r? utrnet, well ca'cuiate 1 Kr n hotel or Urge hoarding boo1*, having ? i{Uty rconn Apply to THOMAS HOPE, US Chamber* atrett. To M t on i.r \sE-Tnr; four ttorv n h^e, 69 West Twenty-Brat atreet. AUo the rottag? botiai SO Weft 1'wecty flritt *tr?-?t. Apply to WAl.DKN' I'El 1., 11? Went Twn*y-Ur?t atreet, or loll lVarl atreet. TO I EASE. AMI FURNITURE FOR SAI.F. -A HOi'SE in Cottiifjn (,!*<?(?, Hancock it ret t, will be lea?ed Tor two year* from 1 at o' May nett, at a moderate rent. The *aleof a portion of the furniture la a poaltlve ejn dittcn in the latin?. and note but thofe who wia'i to purcbare need apply. Inquire of W T. CII1I.!>, SI I'atk row. rlirr, IJEAhB OR IOR SALE? DWELHNO PART of houre 23 Hnllimn atreet, corner of (irand. aUu, tbe baumtnt. po^M-Hnori let of March or lut of May. Alxo, to lit, the lirat rlait four story new ho'iae 200 West Thirty -a?cond >tr?et, between Eighth and Ninth avtnue*. Owner'* fAhily would board wl'h oc.upunt. Apply to T. MaNHON, denLUt, U8& Broadway. 10 MANUFACTURERS? TO LET, THE IjOFTS Ot' 110 and 117 Franklin atreet, hu'i "c?iliiig?, well lighted. Al-o "tore and ba?etn?nt of 117 Franklin Rent low to food tenant*. Apply to CHAH. A. UAL' I.OU1NK, 476 Croadway. TO ICT OR FOR SALE? A COlTAUE RESIDENCE, with ttable, coacb-houae, out houeea, kc , together with eleven lota of ground, h ndautnelv Inid out with tret* an 1 shrubbery, the name being inflow d with picket fence an 1 gateway, at tbe corner of Eigbty-eigh<h atreet and tb" Iiiooniiug'iale re ad. Tbe ahovo property ia locat ed >n .be flne?t ipnt on tbi* Inland, and very ea?y of ac CMP. The etrcet 1* open f.oin tko Dloomin.:d*N road to tbe Lleventb avenue. Apply to M. WII/ON, Corner Curtlandt atreet and Broadway. T? nac?" TO Ma M ~bo aroi^ '""iioi'siE keeper* ? Tbe Fountain Hotel, 110 Centre atreet, eorm r ol Franklin by the Harlem and New Haven rail road depota, containing 47 iwimi, including t ie restau rant In the 1 naenr-nt Rent low to a good tenant. In quire of THOMAS UAlt, 46 Baaa atreot; a'ao I >ft? at 106 and lob Centre street, for workshop' , alio ?0 feet by to. (M ET AT HOP.OKEN? SEVERAL BftlCK DWELLING house*, all within tto or t**lv* mitutes walk 01 the ferry. lininedUte poa**a*ion can b" given If dealred. Inquire at Land Once, ortoalte ferry landing, of W. W. HHIPPEN. agent. > CAPITA I.tSTM?W A NTED it) LEASE FOR FRO* tl.ree to live year*, (With the privilege to purchase at a ttated pnce.j a *ub<tantlal bu.ldln<. wull lighted, two or three itoric* In hilgbt, and abnit ilfty bv eeven ty-fl?* fee t square, suitable for a machine ahop; location between Fourteenth and fhlrty-fltth atreit*, New York; eaat side pre'erred^ or near Fulton ferry Brooklyn Aay person having ?n"h a bulling, or willing to er??et one on the above term* at a moderat" r?nt may U>-ar of a reapon>>t>le tenant b) addretaing Ma-.tilniat, b?x l?l Tribune ofl?e, poet paid, (lat'ng price, location aad a l , drea*. C?nn i.nira'ijse recoired for on* week. 1~So~ltRNT, K RNI8HHO-A I.AROK DOC HIE HOUSE and three to ten aorea of chote* land to be rented, with tbe furnitnre, for one or more je*r? Tbe dwelling i? located at Fort Hamilton, on h'gh and beantlful ground, aud ha* eit'n*iTe view* of the low*r bay. tfc* city of N" w York P'aten i?l?nd, A? Ac. I'"ii*??lon at an early day ? Apply to IIOMfR MORi AN, Piae atreet, 3 Metr>>poii tan Bank Huildlag. TO IJaTF? it TOWI, WffiHir: AVKfUE, "a lerjfe lm >tory frame hiii' llng, 15* 10< , *r tilde for any a nil ?<f frac'ia; !cal or naanoMcturlog pa-po- i. Alio, a ' oe etory bailding of i?m? e/e. elan, one or Ore k/ta on Hi .<!eay, iorn>r of Thirty Ninth atr^t Apply to W^'WHiL L WEHCE, Pine .tr>*1, corner of Broadway, uoder Metrupolitau Dank. r PINT? THE VhJtY COETKNTEXT HOCKE NO. 1?& Faat Fl(t?entk atreet, near f-tuyveaant aqaare, with chandelier* and burnera complete. M?. Ti a 70 all the way np, with good convenience*, lot 101. Alao, for ?ale. the oditining bon e. No. 117, preritoly at ke Apply ia HOMWELL 0. I'lERtE, Pine ntnet, corner of Broadway. O MOT VEKT loV-OTtUL ROOMS OH IBE Bfth ioor of Trinity building, Broadway. Apply 14 Trinity building. . POLITKAU -%T OCSRi MEN S WiMOCRATIC CTTION n.l'B A X epec'al meeting win ha held th!? (Taaeday) eve Blag, at 11* o'ekek. at the Chlneee Building Broad way Member* tlrkete fer the ansae! ball in roanaeiwara tton of Waaklagtoa'a Birthday, will b* ready for da Uvery JOHN COCHRAN* )>raei?aat Owurjxrre Ciwww. Secretary. AFFAIRS IN THE METROPOLIS. IN U (II RATION OF TUB TOLRO INSTITUTE. The Market Bank Embezzlement Case. m Arrr \l of the Alleged Chemical Bank Forger. EVENTS IN CITY LIFE, Ao.| Ac. The Flrat Hebrew I.K*r?ry Society In New lfork. INAl'CM'VATtOK or Til* TOt'RO IHffrfTcrS ? TEKCUKS or BtNJAinV II. MYKKfl, JONAH ?. rUILUfS AND HIV. !>K. KAl'HAI.L, KTC., >T0. Tbf inauguration of the Tooro literary Inetitot# took plate lart evening, at It# new room?, Ko. ?? Broome street, a few door. went of Broadway. The object of thi. association I# for the mutual tmpn>v#me?t of it" mem ber* by the mean* of books, to be collected in a library, by acquaintance with the rurie&t event* if the day, through the periodical press; by the meanH of public discussion on all popular subject* (excepting strict1 y th ologlcal topic*) | by essay# from ro"mbor?, by lecture* frt'tn eminent scholar* and distinguished men In science and art: by the study and p?a?tle# of elocution, ami ? uth other mean* of knowledge an may be consi.tent with a literary body. In the wards of tb? constitu'ion of thi* society, iti* d#<!lcrvtcd "to the memory of the emlnfbt American Israelii#, the late lamented Judah Touro," aud it* de*ign I* "to bring about the oasntnl Improvement aud the social advancement of the Hebrew community of the city of Now York." Tlie society ha* now betn In operation about two month*, and i* rnpidly gaining gTOUttd. At eight o'clock, the President of the Inntltuto, BrvJ. H Mkvkw, Est] , took the chair, In the presence of a large and intelligent audience. He *aid:? I .aid>H and Gmnjnwir? ' The puipose for which we n eet hire to bight is a* yea know, to inaugurate the Touro l.ltcrarv Institute, rhtfc Institute I? a new jnstl- | tution established only a few weeks: but -till something has bnnachi?T?d It was eimiuenoed by a few youo* I n? n r>t the Jewish community, who<? objects were to dilluie information by mean* of lectures, Ate. I speak hopefully of the present prospect* of this Institute. ? Although not jet patronUed by the litera i of the I try it has already made tnnio pro*P?s It h*i th^ l term ol a good library, which I* ? "edit iui far as it Doss 1 only hope that, where the Ubiaty numbers one ; volume now, it will soon number a ^?n red . We are op*n to rrcehe contribution* from th? outnme public. J 1liat literature iiumng the Jews lo day is not in an advanced stete #ris?. from many cause*. way i Jtws are not better mechanic*, and why they are no* | further advanced in literature, are (juo.tlons frequently asked by our Christian neighbors, ""hey are easily au swered The persecution of Uie race has over been so cf* at that it has tot bad time or opjor'umty to build , lip it* Ittrmture. Hot these thing* have passed away. | We now live in America, away from Spain and Bussji. Wherever the Jew lint. been, thi re lie baa leP. hi* mark i In Arnerca, at b ast, the Jo? cm And re.t, and if at rest. Is it not time that the Intellectual r# ource# of the Hebrtw race should be develo^'df (AppUu*e) Tne Jew hash, en everywhere reviled as a raa:i-be ha* lieon accused as a dabbler In money ; and this ha* l>een l?i ' to his ietiiment. llaiher let tho Christian lay this to periecutioc than to any want of the cultivation of art. But I hope a brighter day Is da?n<n? for the Hebrew. Many are tte minis* in aebnee which cs'i bo tl need to the Ismelities. And, ladle, and gentlemen per haps the persecution going on In the pw'*' <-ay i* not without bad result*. Kven in our day tbe Jew may be seen prelenrtrg the gratification of P'"?'"*1;''" hi', into the relglon of hi* fathers. I co-ild point to many such Inttanres; but much good may result fr-m Institutions like the present. \t ?**"**'" I cow the real aid true history of the ftdth r?om which th#vhav, sprung Here the true ambition of may be built up without hi* being converted to ' r fa'tli though it i* nit our Intention to make tal. a pro I'Crintive institution. The day of Jewl-h pe'";'^1"" I as passed away. In this rs pubUe, tUere is no rr .gMju w is ecu t ion, for all .len-minatior- are alike. It Is true th.V there are ?<??? pr. sses whl?h rais-. a cry a?ains the "Jew," but this is net argument ThisIo?t_tntei? named in honor o' the l*te ' 1st ngulshed Hebrew phi lanthropist, Judah Tourn. nnil I as* you all to give *uih kid lo buildinir up tl,B structure that lirael In Aiuerioa may he pioud of It. ? (Applnuae.) The I'rvsidcat then lutrodoced Jonas B. Phillip*, h.*-l to the audience. 1'he ' oi'cs's'oii which ha* convened us tUi s evening i. cue of peculiar i'Urest. nnd. permit naelo aav , ,to?jr , ell ol ubiiuul.ti'd pleasure nn gratillc >t.on Th*?*WI> Mshmlnt ol aa ln.PHtut oo to r-omote the , djlwh;. knowleilffe and tbe .n-ourjgeu,ent of a literary ta? ei an" ng ti e liebrsw eommanity of thi* stitnt. s an eptch In onr history h?re to which, I ^ouht not!tlie otitiJ?r? of this as? cat'on will Uah ta?i, in after vtsr*, with pride and satisfaction, wh?n they be bole 'ihetr ellotis wow n?d with *nl ,r"' * h cli tley plen'cd spreading widt Its branches, and Ti, ?ii g the golden fruit* or kn'.wl'dge and Instruct oo. 'ihe till" of association has been ani.t appropriate 1, selectti It la a gratelul tribute to the m -mory of one wtoae m-mory 1* honored alike hy the H,;, re -and the <;?nt le. 11ie name of Jodsh Touro la almost sy n D'mou* with an rnhgtilened phlUnthropjr, an 1 a bsnevolcece which 'knew no distinction of conn ry or of cree-1, and you, goet'emcn of this a* soeiat on, hate done honor to jo-jraelves In ulstircuiMiTg }ot1' institn'e by the name of on ;*"s/?athnable life afford, a study for the emulation of every Israelite, and ahos- motnurv Is enshrlne.1 u the he urt. of all who appre at, and .honor tie undyng v.rtue- of Integr-ty. patriotism nnd bmevo ler cp But thi* i* teitber tlie pl*ee nor the o'-caaioo, .vet, were I od.<iuute to the tas*, for me to become the euii gist of Ju'ah lo-iro, and I shall tiieref' re pro;?? l, with* a due regard to >our patience, to the con.ld f ration of more appropriate to th? oc casion of our present convocation. When 1 a cTpted the ftnviiation with which I wa. honored to addrea. you, 1 entertained the hope that I shoulJ have had s< mcleot lutctvalof lelsJM for iu or ler that 1 might to some extent 'j1*0 ? jsrtlillty. if not the- judgment, of my fn'n^ d*. ^^at whose rfi.ue .t I am a t articipaot In the eaerciaee o< thi/ equ ina I if oat. st least, that the divotion I briuff t> t e cauVe in which the w mU-rs of this a station have embarked, will afford ?oire ln(?einnlBcationfor the defi ciencies wL'< h may be appjrentln my ? 1 the single branch from the tree ?f knowledge wi.l ^ b lay upon tbe altar you th ? night conaeemte wiU se cure ihe more welcome offerings of tho-e wV> may iierei'tsr aprr?>ach it laden with it. ri;he?t fruits Abmf history of the origin of literary a.s?> Nations, ,o<S the ii flu.nce of UUrsTure upon the builues, pur suits of hie, Will not, I trust, be con-ldered inappropriate or altogether unlnti re?tmg. The e.Ubllshmcnt of ?? dettri or iBalilution* for the cultivation and ad*anc. m,?t of literature r,nd the general dlssemlualion of knowledge, wa. undoubtedly c^val with tbe earliest pe rioda of c.vlli/ltion. The academies of the anei.ot. were it fact aoclaie. fur the promotion ol literature aid the cultivation of the art. and .c ences . and to the I I rfection dtvtloped in 'he philosophy of t.rttcs, her pw'ry and *rts, .he w.? beyond all ti,n indebted for the resWKjt ?hejound when her sims failed to afford her prote;tl->n. Kven triumpi ant Home rend-red homage to th. .uperior leoiuf nud rtfin< merit of her *nbjec;?d nror^nce, an Mhe Reman jouth ?>cn associated theelef ant and intelh-ctual pursuit, of the academy, the lyeeum an l porUco of Athens, In'o the rude trade of war, which prevloa*ly ba< besn their scle ambition and ocenpa Ion After res tewing at Isnr h and U*n*dly ?he ?o.t di.tlngulsl.ed litsrary sorts ties of Kurope, Mr. W.ULp. ??nti.u?4 ?j he v.floos Kieietiee eal.tlog n *????*, and daily in crsssir g In numbers and n u.efulneea are characteristic cl tb s prorre.siye and enlightened age. They are not riafine i eaclu*?elj ton c laa* of individual* whnss "f"?' pat one are pure y of a lite.ary chere.;ter, bat nt:lu.l? ls?ccla'lons In wh -h the merchant and the arti san He lawser. the phyeielan and divine, alike ssik the e lhaustleaa fount of koowledge, to par take '( ita pure end invigorating water#. ? " The ccn mere la I worhl la indebted to l?ck? and Kmlt i for the nunc, pies which have ewlW tra<le into a libera', and connected It with the ?'Health of nations. " It was such eon. leratioa. whl ^h in', uc d tbe net chants of ls>odcn, lm U? Ir slit ute the r roclety for the rocouragement of Itera tore .nd arts, and the promotion of commwr-e Her" more man in any other oountry, I. the Influence lig ature upon tie v.riou. p.. r. u . t. of U,' ""'r* r< rt.Lt, and tbe en.ouragemeat of hterary aaeo tiation. of young men more easenllnl. The avenw^e o education are o,en to all-by a I are tha hlghes hoi or* of our republic altair.alde_and the lit" rary aequlrement. wl.le* hsve factllU ?d the Mislne.. 'f ih", "rr, , ? , s I I.ut?r traste wh..h m*i ,i 'e. and '( ial fy b vi f?r '.I I; 'J , , ?. lr tcfl-tatlve ha'1 l??? tWr ' n mas. ? esis'once wo-n be withdraws from the to. and care, of s. nve_ business aa even th?n he fin"*" that ihe llt'erary ac.jalrement. whl^h availed bin- during pnwiU, atuleawiao n and crnsoung mtledjh. It la the autumn o(.l.Unre, when II',. "falls Int^ft ser? and ;?llow leef -' h* P rlod to wbl'h all .odli foreart with mitgled eiootum. of . n ? let s aod drea l-the .VaolaU or e?*c?rful interval be tween the active eec up*' onsof business and th^rteraa cessation of nUtartbly Ubrr-the ver Innt vnks <rf year.. ?h?re the < eepen ng sluartoe. ars eentesnpUtod. ??*<">* r? pining at the lep.rture of well-.p nt f toe o^ ^tbe bar ren, gl'^wy desert where no plant of early day* j*^0' to yield It. frulttulnea. or sba?i? The* mrilwwe W7 bt come a void, and th# m nd. inMea-1 of J ment In It. own resources and ?ndlng relief tr?n lltemry treasure# nc^aired la routh, tadn ? ' wbetaaied with dlecontent tfcat fr.ltfnl parent ojdi^ord and unhapptnee. Ho who in early yeara ba# ?'or? M* mind wltfcVnewVdne and as life ^ hi# tiae by .diing to tbe weallb of latolloct^ ? h:rfc fw doe# ?t?n d ?jei#? b#t wt ?*U*r, c?n 0)1 up this iutei nl, and obtain telhf acd jura en joyment from ?u. h Garni' red tre?su*? of life's golden prime. I> reeve re then, wntlrmen, la tha lautible obJa<** of your association , permit no traporary disappor.tminti to paralyze your energies, or to had U> nny relaaation at jour efforts to maks the "Touro Institute" nil your organization contemplr.tea and jour ambition ds ?Irea You will be encouraged a?d sustained in jour cxfrtiOBM by jour co rellgionTitir. and wit ta the blemuic of H m who prosper ? all coo4 work>?, your luUituttot will be placed on a bams of prnnanrat usefulness, and prove an honor to ita founders and " i? glory to Israel." (Loud applause ) During ihe eour?? of Mr I'hll'tps'a sj>eecli. of whbh the foregoing Ik only a brlsf abalriict, lie was frequently and loudly spr'audH. Tbs l'Bifrii>K?r rt^retted the of the Her. II, A. Usury, and la'rnlired to the andien-.e, aa the Dfit speaker, the lVr I>?, Itnphill ^Applau.r?.) Dr. Kv pfcall. in tfca ocucae uf his speech, ?>M-? While Greece wa.i is ber infancy, literature had its home among the Jew* Whan Jerusrletn had fallen, tha Jewish nationallt^survi ted in the literary associations of Tiberias Whoii the Romans put *n?n 1 tc the aca demies ol Tlberiai, .fie Jc ri-h hteratui* anas estald ishml on the bordtrs of tl-? Kupftrates. Ther* hare b'-eo tiuios when these school ? numbered twelre handrej pnpils. In fact, all ?cien'-?s .v?it eul'lvate<l a fth sucr-cm. It has be? n iald tbst "the Stnrof Kjipire westward'holdi ita wsy," #nl from the shores of thr KuphrntOM we next And lb* literature the Jews in Spain. Coming to later ages, at this -jnnttrat there is llmiriahinif a literary society in Amsterdam etllel 'Tno L'sefuM'no. " Then there Is the Jewish literary Soo ety of L?>o oon, which has 'lone nuah towards cu'.tiva'lng tlio intellect of younp men th?t you, *1 you ad vance, will form cla*>e? for the study of :n?il?rn lan guages, and for the stud-' of *11 thou. sciciee* whirh enatde a man who ac'|uiieithei? knowl* d/e to be called an educated man. I trust you will have Heb.ow clanes, and improto jour mitu'.i In the literature of yonr ? fathers. It Is a bold act c <f your* to cull your society the j "Touro lustitute." Ilavo you rellcteJ that you havo , assumed the mi me of a man whoso charitlei were c?at over the tend alike to .Jew and . Gentile. When you apeak of Judith Touro, you have genuine charity. When you pla<od his nm la at- the bead ot jour Institution, <ll<l you of your re? ' hilltyr Are you prepared to:emeiaber that the name | of Touro is eure to attract public attention Y if Judah ; Touro frcm that butter world "??ul<l look dnsrn :if>J?si J us bere aasenihled. he would p iy to th" f iundrra of this 1 iiiKtitution, "Well done, youn<; inen; I t aoii yoi', tuv I Iriends; your unbonght h?.mv rtoniy memory is a rtoo 1 bow tou estimate inj character. H^epyour min i* untttlnt *d, that jou maj acquire comfMeace as I bar" don*. teaiir to ser?e jour country as I hare done 11 im you will live anild'ea* I have done, with the hlf*<.in( if all good men." ?urh would Im th* words of Juiiah l'ouro and I can only add, take theint he .art, ami so act u|on thf m that his blessed shade mi y look down upon yon ' with enciourugfinert for ever. ' l^u.l appla'ise. ) Me??rs. Mosly, I,yon nn I |t?i?e?noclI?r, members if the institute, followtd with s le. tt eloquent reraark<i '?* its inauguration, after wbi-li The I'H?1KK>T thai ked the ai dien e for their alter.* anc. ai d hoped that this wouii not be the only ikm sieu upon which they would be allied t^ether In tlm rooms o' the Touro institute. 'I be meeting then separated. The Alleged Embfukmnd of the Fund* of of the DlArkrt 'tank. PHCOMRH OP THK INV?TIO ATION BUM IKK Til K POUlt# JUbTlCB?TKKTIIIONY' OK TUB BANK OPKIOKHM- , A.NOTIIKR AIUOUKNMP.MT. Justice ('onLPi)y Rat at the lowor police court yo*t? rlny aftern-on, In ordar to continue tlia inrratigation of tho clrcumataacea attenditj thin ewe, in which the direc tor! of the Market Hunk allege that the Hum of 12 . 00 | wai tmbettled from the funds of the inatitutioa by ! William I'oet Sackett. it* late rewiring teller. At four o'clock Mr Sacaett appeared, attenle' by U* counecl, Henry I? Clinton, Ew|. hi Ju Heebc at>- ! peartd on the part of the bank director* anil oftlcer*. A 1 largr number of wllne?p*e and etbnr* ln'< r>*le 1 were in attendance. Alter Ma llunoi took Uia aeat, tlie Court re itcoriitd the folloning TH-TtMONY. Richard H Willie ma wee a ?ma, and -mo rtaralvd by Jlr. Clio Ion lie oepoa^l- Mr -ar,?. t'. wa.t aecond t*ll?r \ ol Uv linnet llank, from November 1. Iff..:, toiiece.n- ; lor 2 , lhft; I bare bei'u pre?id*nl of tb* Mama* Uant from November 1, Ifcb'i. to tba' pieaent titu'-, 1 haw ex. | aniteil the hooV* of the bank with a rlew \u a*cuta>n rkttlwr mj ol tue' und* had been ?mh**|l>il l<y Mr. Mikett; the l*wik? will ahow whether any einb './Jmnen'. ban taken place daring the tlm<- Haekett <et?i teller; the/ will ?liow the lact tb?t norm of the money hoi gene, and that all ir not there Hint aboubl be there; tlie boo*a w<I not ehow Ihii purtlaulur wilh reference to tlae whole time that Cnrkelt wax In the bank, the book* will notai waya alio* the deficiency, berauae he coreted It up by falae entnea and ni'dltloon; 1 do un 'eratau I tfce nature of (be book* kept by the ha'jic; I Mippoac ( do Mr.Hackett kept buoka of thu bank; be kept the !><xik In which the caeli rereipta from denier* In Iho ?ank were entered, be being receiving t'-lkr; be kept anotW book. ihla r>i Ilia c..i-li book; I am not aware tbat be kept any other book; the rt'.eipt an I auk* were all he kept ; I do not I jat it waa the buaim ? i f aoy pexjn In pi.rti. ular to in?pejt the hooka kept by Mm it waa tit* privilege, bn not the ?'uty, ol the in?i>e?tur or directorate mvhohio them; ? Pa??Ott pai.. hia daily rereipta to the A rat telle either | on the day or nft maiUlUK , 1 b-Kve It eai hi t buai ! in -a to pay neat lmrmn* the >*Uiu.e u| tur receipt* nt j former u.iv . it rm Li* dutr lit r>l itu lie groat amount ( received the ont morning, inrlu'iu/ ohecka anil all the muter depoeitad in the day iwfttre; it *aa the luty of the Or?t t-dlar to correct It nr 1 ae.- tlntSa .ett dell ' vercd the e>a-t amount of money ; tlie Brit tell-r -?iuM ! t' II by ex.iiiiiniofr -icL?tt < i?i.o<i- aao obonti'iK the ma- 1 i.ey ar.d check* paid over to him bv-a.neit, if the n?.)n?y wi re j ai l ov?r to him which -ark- tt rjp' ? <;n'ed on the alip lie had paid, It waa Caoi ett'j duty tu ban 1 is tliie alip ea' h nmiu nn . I pre uu.e tli-y ure preM(?e<l; I do . know that Garten'* b> ka were wrong * hero they are j looted up < n tie lat of m-ei mi"<r tbc r>Kn pta ai? put ' il'iwo nt t.'O i (I It m than he raeeirei' I only know '.hia I y ihe booka iind wbat he aa u Ijieai ? If ; I bare beeo a ' kreper of booka autre I waa a yon * man . I bare not been aitukinicd to keep the booka of ab.nW Mr ^aclett I roieiiienca.l lo ? ml. ule ti e fun la very aoon alter the bank nut into op'iraUou, if at a'l ; the fret Inai-ooracy in bla airuuol ? ap{wara liy the bo aa on Ue lit day of Ja? l*vt; the bank flrat diacuvere I tbe ? MM ieney >n Weeeewwleee 'he^?! of la^t lie euiher, I aw him ca fie aubj<ct on the 4th day of lie :o caber, at my houte. No 16 Jeffer?on tlreet . I did not eenl for I Lim to ci nie to eee me, but I wr ite lor hltn ; I wro'.* to adrlee hiir. to caU and eee m?, bu*. he toll me he lit I not eeen the note when ho calle.l; there waa no bargain I between Uockett and myaelf about hi* paying baok any It'll- lit'dnet,* to the I ana, but we talked alHint It, I I aakid li m to par the mon< y , I tLin. I adriiei him to call to ate me ifttrralUDg at hia houae threi tmv-a I le*t the no e ft-r him I bad a coarerait on with Mr. (?ilea on the anbjeet of .-acki'tt aeeln^ ue on *h'v matter 1 iepr? ? nled to Mr. <1 leu that If ha - ett cille I at the fcaok ntxt morning to me, he need not fear for hia per*cctl a?l*ty at that time, lam poiitive that I par tieularlied tl tt be abould riot be arretted at that time; tb.a ba''. ro r-lertnce :o a future cayi 1 dll n'tt convey to GlUi tbat Ihi bank bad any In'eatioa to arr at bim at anv Mine , I tcld Hackett that if be would pay up it would be I ettrr for him; aome moneya have beon paid to the baok i'vt thlt alleged defalcation? orer 14 <jO>) an l n me other money lor note* wo* pal l on ac o'int of it; and I euppore over H were pa.iL, the haul' hat alao Ihe ?ee.ritv of hi* bon>:<men. glran wb?n he beeain* telVr; we have bad additional aenurity for W,0>H from oiie ? I 'he bon lamen an<l a note from ao /tiiet for i .VW, Mr. <>arnetl gave the ti, 000 county. Mr Hae.kett gave meanori'<r on two or three lawyrra, who bald e<n> cainao' Ha and they we/e to gire ma the money if i) <y not It rc!"eted: f'a' ! ett aa* me with three u.' the ?? ir* toraorj the m- tter, about a fortnight after ttieoc in the direetort' room of the baa* ; I do not ?tiled how lorg thi* Interview laatMl; It took pl*<;e after the note* were (.iven or ?*me money alnce paid rinekett rave al?) a < htrk im the Meehaolea' llaiiking Aaaoclatlon fr r a ci tc. i n the Yonkera Hank .'or 1^0, an I a (b??k on the Chatham llank for t?>, which I lorgot to apt ak oi when I ??* r'ackett at my houae on th:? au.ijeet Mr llaydock, caab er to the bank, waa pre.i nt lor half an hour when "ar.rtt and I bt-gat. to apeak on the aub ject liny Ho* k war not tbere' afttr h< 'lid 'oine h 1 fllay do< k i r> mained tti the cloae; tbe preai<leat and d recfor* of a tiaiik may etamine th? b"? a of 'tie hao'< aa often aa they think fit the hoe k* of the Mar. et Hank were 'ilk Ined eftrriii montbe when r*Kkett waa taller I have initio* 'ion* from the cire tora to protee.ite ?R"k?t? tl.e Innruct one wore given in about lour wee a* alter the m< ney and notea were g vtn tbev pa Ml resolution to tftl* effcet a few da) ? before I ma le the affidavit, they did Intimate, In my opmioe, to taekef. tbat any criminal proefeutkn wnI* Ite tat*n twfore the money* or Mrnrltiee were paid over ?.y ^aeke?.t If we grt a>l Xeekrtt 'a a-, utltie, the bank wjl I ate |o?t ?" 'iOO ? r glO.OhO To it Ju<*ge ll^elie ? I knew nothing of thi* defalca tion uotil the 4tb of December; I did not eiamlie the took* that moraine I have etn e e?ar?int?1 them an ' foaad that tl? defaleatioo took place I atate I to -a ei| that 1 mippt .el tbe amo .n' <?'. t!.e defel atioa ?a?, at r uti rview wMb I. m I told hint of tbe $t? f'"J .?? ?? 1 ? d end be repileo tl e< tt e aw.oun* w?. $ ", U ', a I l,e i .. >' ta ?l t ' r t th? r ffcl'ti wee w ? at I ? tt '? m* n we iaf;?| tl the <lei a' a' ?>? wit te . II i I It' 0 i .. it itif K-.n ?ft- f I !? i.abk oe*t lato o, ' ration, a?d thai be i wl rover- i ' ? j. hi hia raah b?^ k ufcttl it M<-antO too large a eaei he ati : be wool ahtt* wbt re tbe I . > o m to than trt- t v 'n'l an in tlie beok. be aatd that be ka<: >pent the ruvey lor livlojr I to not think that be erplaiaed how l?e ha I made ti e t<??a appear eorrwet bwfore he etetod that r>e Led taWa t!iO I had rot made <i*e of ?rtl-eett-e or three" to him I hate followed the defacat^.o rip from tbe l*t of JuttO loet la tbe ImAi be aaM be waa coetinuai y the moaey , It ?aa no part of ihedety Of Hackett to toy out loetaev Walter W. Hay dock to Ri J adge I am ebecfe clerfc ?a the Market Kaak einee Ke>,roary, 1IM, I kaee -a-kett, on tbe M of I M tenner I bad aataaetbieg t>t 4o with hia depeelt boot bo aaked mo If I trtald rata off the depootte of Ue lat and M of Iieeemher | 4td ae aad eOW_ a wrong depne t famed Cat, and I footed ae a*Moroia> of tbo aeaae aeooaat. a ad fowad it tl","" abort, aad tbe other aide eedam f |l> 000 aaere abort tbe (??oral celama woe tba* (30.0W *be>t I laid aaahett of it, aad be eaid tbat be bad nW> wai a oraof e-r a tba ofteeaeea , 'hot I had better keep It^atot, oad be ' would MM on Monday and m*k* It "all right," he dlil not come, the aide column* are the bookkeeper'* I column, from A to K and from ]. toZ, w a h??e tiro bootc 1 keo|er?; one Kid* column goea to one bookkeeper, and | our lo another. (roan piamiw l b jr Mr Clinton I am a nephew o' tbe cadner of Ike banlr. the exchange* or eheck* on other bnnli* are counted on the afternoon of oaoli day, they were not counted before they went oat but nlweyn wer? in tbe afternoon irt caaeo' an error, ts- jr are not counted In tii? morning; I uerrr knew them ??> be counted in tiie morning but one t!?ne; au error w?* auppoaad then; | tk?r? wim nn error of $80,00# on the 'A1 of 1 Nice m bar by inrirr?c< adilltion. | Hue it. Cooper, *v*nrn anrt etimiwe'l by ?i J'idr.? I Bert-e ?I km llrnt tclle?of the llank ; I r?n orlir K?t at 'heamouot of th ? noiier received from the c*?h ' book of the receiving I Ut; litlle of the mouoy got* ! Into my Hand*, a* the urt'it bull, of It go** to the dear | J?g boue* I get the tally .>am the recording teller, and II run only know of the aires nt boiag correct !>y count ing the ?ni? he pa<* to me 'Jln-re le no check nr teat in tlie bunk tircbecl. the cone. *jve?? of tlinami int lie **ya fce -ei eire*. Cit>?* enntaed M Mr QUltM ta the duly of tha AOI .11 telle r to pan orer to ? V tlral teller tin arcuunta of the rrertona day, but the '\r t teller dor* nut .aee tho nKujct' hit re'eipt" 'lo not g*. M tny boo\ unti! fi'it morning. the .erond tin- ?n.'v In hi* po-o- nun the receipt* "f ene 'lar ll* ilor*a ajt |>l*1 bll t '!OUQ'l over to Mj oor ?oly t?.? Urat t? '*?? th* amount goe* in my cr.?b book ! im not charged with a.l th* reayon nihility o* nil bin receipt* , *11 lb- i ?*i? T In ? b*ok er?rr morning Ir not c n.liere.l ?? In poa . ??*U n i>f iti? Brit t- 1 ler tlierere<]>t?orthe p- erloua dajr i" Hi* aleerltia' ltoune ; It I* not th" bunin. il* of t? ? fV.t teller to haul tbcru to the porter of tha hank, to Uke th.r*, the ?ltp ahoan me ooW contain* tka amount of the <e~o?d tailor .1 rece. 1 1* pureed to m* , amount* of bll.? anil cft*c<it on citr bank* ar?' not included In It; ?*?cl? received In not n tbe *11 p- cheek.* on foreign* principally, mi< , occasionally, tb? amount* of bllU to b.t unci D,*J <ia for huKine** pnrpnaM, only K? '? tint *"P. ;,??b*tt bi'l no account R* % dmler in the M niket lUnkitt nuy tin ?; when he w teller in the ba .It, I paid two or three' check* of hhi on the ttirket Hank ; ae had alwi /l bi.n.'ed me the inwney for the check* Wore I pall them ; I sever paid on? without baring the money In i y in ri iH prstrlouily . I?lo awl mind paying a check of hi* or *500, and thi n pinning a "kite t-.ll'* !? it, I do not \now of III* each uiglog a check for the ' ?lt? tail ?heck; It ?** not hi* ?h"ck, that 1* I koow; ?*cl lit ban paid m> mnuey for the payment of che.^lt*, but 1 CMiim.t nay hoWten; I e*rtlH?il a check of hi* foriv will amount, lor 1*. acooatraodation once , he nerer ga '?< n <? a al |. wli. ru hi* -ecoiint* w?ro dalljient, aattlni; forth the ("ell. u n .y , tlicie wa* un amount of bill* wbleh In1 retained orer not mumiM. ned on the *l'p, tliero w?* ft ?Vaet representing the uncurront money of ? hoa*? ibicli had an account with the bank, IMndeii to m* oo | I , I o*\er *?w thl* money ; I never looked at the b ioke I ? are the deposit* of Kmory and Hur?*M; Ida net know j if tl.e i nioe (.1 Vlayu?u ou the holy ol tlie rheck I j yald for him 1 may kw horroeed money of ftMkett, I dirt not a?U him for th.? le vn of * .iki to go Into hu?in??* | *rth the money wh * u.*?.i-tt p?ld in the pwrnin^ to WR alw* ' f .'Oi.ute I Ny ..u..- o .e ; to- ? i i uiiount of ii ii< ii r ? n money lecir -.l -?ae ?>?i ,? *?> I h ui. i' ??" K't :^y bu?ine?* to oh*r,{ ? all thfct , ?:i pu > * ' to cue rw^ a ftrnl tellor; la tl. ' i^a'i 1 alw*>< t r-ir-i d to accouo an ix *ndi i. tli ? li.ol t?kru ;?!?<? In Hie nildt 't a tuo;.t'i , the e'alCHt < n ".ay bi?v? bean 1l?covered, It wa o'.er?J r p ni.ttl it ??? i*e(itrer?d. it U th* buaineea ol tt. ?? fttai ai.< . . K iiil t I er to *. ?> that the.e account i ?re rtgb' I ?,o r r' t|i|i> tl ?t anv one e' icianuned th? b'.?k?, < i ce, t onci i? il* mouths, I do not know If g.ickett * o??h book wa* ever e?amlce<t by any one wh"-u be ?ai tume. tl.e check* whli h went to the clearing bou?e were remit ?d after the r>ank clo?ed, by Bockett and Bl? a *l?tant? , tie airouutn went ??> tbe clearing lioone next .lay; ( fiack* tl *ud 1 Kcre good friend- , I gol him the *ituaie>ti Id the hank, or urged my inline nee for It. To Ki Judge li.-el.o-? la tbe hall yearly examination tbe directcr* only ten'- my footing*, ao that err of* >.f ihl* iort may e*i?t mottha, or jeur*, without boing leumt OU)t thl* poir.t Ihe further hearing of the e??e ?r.? ad jonrn' d to next Frklay aiteruoou, at half pant \Xf>" o'c\rxk. The Allrvrvil IVouil mi the Chtinlrnl JlanU. A K It 1 V A L OK KtFBANB IN N?W YOKC ? TUB WA* ll? W AH AHHKHTKU. It will l.e temem'ocrid that about fire month* rigo a bold fiaud ? a* alleged to hare l*en pKrp. traUU ou tha Cfcemlcal Hank, whkch renulted In ti e Inatltatioa le ln^ left Bilana ?14,r.0?. l^e fraud, which I* all"g? i t? have bn n tiiniuUM *J Klaaane, <Jole and kin lley, **< nw cuted by >lep?*'.tiog a forg<d draft of a Weatora hoii?e in tbe Chemical Ilaok, and then obti nleg from tke pay ing teller a certlflo l cheak for the al??T? mentioned ( im, which WM prr* ated at th? Aaienenn Krchango Bank, In Wail *'rt?t, a a l duly cached- The alligctl frairl wai not dircon re.1 by the ofH< er* of the Unk until *ome day* after t!?? triotiey hfld l>een drawn, and not until It wa* too lata la capture the alleged awiadler*. At 'M* time it ?a.? aot known by tli* aulhorIiie? who h?d com m ttcd lb? fraud, and many were tbe conjecture* m*d" and RCin.i u*ed to aaceitain Uie faot. A re* ward of $1,1-00 wa* oir?red by t*ie bar k for tli" arrrat of the onknown ewlndler* and the recorery of the Dtoavy. Tlila Incentlte of courae *?t all thnexjrfrt thief catclii r? on the i/vi n.c, an?l at l*ugt i a c.oe w n obtalne.1 to the partle* ?r>u|ht after. Kl*e*n?, Cole an I riliUJey were, to the knowledge of the authori' e all Ntwloikat the t m* of tna fiaud, an<l *jiplctoa? at once icated on them Search wat mi > for them bu! It en found that they lia I left th ? city, Police ? ? < rt were plac< 1 oo their track, who wrt> partially au eii ful, Undley l*tn<? captured In Baltimore while t' .le * aa about the aame tim? arre?te.l In CllTlhnl. The prl aonei* were brought on to Vew York, and here It wa* alleged by Find ley thai Ki?*ane wa* tne principal ope rator in the leherne that he had all the fun I- with h m end w theu ilv ng 'n a retlrc-I wlai e in Ohio A ?xr rant being lame I for Ki??an* .ia wa? arreated in Un cinnatl by Marshal llalBn, who detain* I Ulm there until aid ahould airlr* ?rom New rmk for th* | nr of c? nr. ylng i in hither Lieutenant Jotia Htnd wa* rleta' ee. for that purp'.ae , ao.l, a? It will be ram em be red, had tha miafnrtnne to I >?? hl? man on the way from On Innat to thia city. KU??o* jumped olf i lie car* naar HornelUrille, on tha roul# o( tbe F.rie re'lrowl, while preten lin* to 150 It the wa'^r rioae' t'nllrirg aeareh wa* m i1e for the e? ape 1 prl aoner, but aU to no porp>*e. Officer ?*ad raturnel to New Votk, ami off" r?d a r??ar I of for the arraat of Kliaane. 1hi* b'p^?,,M, nearly fonr month* ago n thlrr being heard of Ki?"an* uatd within the pa t fee ?lay*, when, by a telegraphic daepatah, th* enthorttiea | were' informed that he bad been r.ipt'ired at a *rnxll rll !?({* near Daffatn. lh* Chief of IV.Io* Imme-llately ient tergrint Ilog*n, of tbe r< -erte cup*, to th- p'ae n ij tie* 1 1 on, W th a warrant for hi* ?ita?t. Tbl<o'!. .r wa* aet' mpaoW -n the journey by Mr ' teller of the ( >*trlcal llank. Arrlr ng at ? ? lao where tl.e aeru.ed wa? In cuatody, they ? him by railroad to U.l? ntr y'-tar lay afteraooo Ihemanter In whi. h Mie arreat of Kla^ae rl la ?m?h?t a-Lgo ar ?nd >ntere*tln< firm tl.e en atony of th* ffieer* at llometUrille, he m?e U. tod hi* -ay to ^ tar ? bar- be ebanae.l hie dr?M, end repr.eented bun.. ? ' V, ba an Irlahman of lata Imp- rtati-n- b' to per feet, on be pa.-rt ok a. a roll aU?*er jKleaut the al ibteat anaplr ona being ar- ,aed Aft?r .laying a fliort time at ho. beetar, ha trarelle-t to ItuBa o by atag*. and * ben be obtaiae.1 .mploymeot a* a la'e^.r t? ti rV no a !im? fu m ff??m U?? ??tf out Mr Willi** Pfffm fc# eo'tlnu.d to ?ork .teadily In the del! an 1 t.ajn yard f? .erarel *o?tha * bile anler the r?.l of ?r - ,+t row be wea ki oan br the nart? of I yn- ti. an 1 waa en tru.'ted i rrry .'ay to drtve pro-luee ou. tbe H?nalo mar k?t. thlfl It l?? w?? t?K? fr>r ? m%o ? K' lle i-ng..) to tl* mlad to *0?net5ilng graa^-r t iaa olo.igbing the lieUa or thraab*ng eorn la th* barn ant It I. elieerd that aloet a waa* or two ago he g<M p--eeea?oa of .t n.e apurioua Mil* ah eh ba 8r*t e.iia.aeal ta pa?e ,,100 b a ao.ploy* r Mr Hperroe, 11 happ?ae.t g?'* .1 ir.* o' tbla ir oney to a Mr /*at, llrin< in Ci* n*l<b b.?borel, who, ftn lr>? oat that th. paper wa. worth:. a. a a?e ? eompUlat *<a a*t ^parroa aa-l h*4 h p I lot p**.lr;g fount* rfeit money klMaae * empWyer waa highly Indigr.ant at tha doit, ai d on b-mg a*?ed wh re b* had ohtaln*. th? on cey r?:. ? I that la-' it 'rom b.a > maa I yn . , ?.fe . ? were liorr.-d .My ?.ot n ?.e.t of fjrVib ?. ...llad Kl- ana- -who ko- . ?? ?'ag * a nb^.t , ti e ...*pe yperr. w had got ,oto Oa arreai.a l.jnf ta ae Ki'eaie aaa tbea knawa by tbat nam- ii ?? " >a* ] ri 4 fr< n, Mr- Hparrow tbat b? had dep^e. *d wt b h> r * 'arae air?ort of moixf Tb* ?abf"'1' J* f? H ?i.v.WW, ln.-a.tly deman-.l that | d H 0 ( I" r r. , . I , . aeeacel U. an' ?"?? iHelr . ??r!>i?ir.? t'.e of h I' tbae'... *^. taiMl/M'prtae that it waa Jm, aaaf *????? ?>?<?* ! # ( i, ir, r%l | kl> O U i* tt t I* ? t "? *l? ft tirft'** al.t.lV p,..*? ,tth. .1 e-.L-ryMlant 1 l.n a ano'b and. > aa.a furtl^r M*?r/, thag bae?ne rillr ? t*fl^ of thai 'Mrt Ar '* !ir.g1, they *eat t <H> tar** 1 Ork to tbet llbrt which a w. promptly re ao r?->' to by the antborltlee here Th* laetrt't Attar of l!off*<o a'ded tha K?w York o??e? to faa.UUt* ba*. i.. ? ?* wo** ?* po**tkl* *?d la a law hoar* af ar bteama* tha a?wu*?1 waeaabl* w.yto V'A alaar* bearrtrad eaf* yawtai lay afterwwm H- w aa* ronfla* ! ia tha pfW* *t tha < hl?< a ' rlenrly et?aarate4 Ikeot liaa.1 frowi aay r ajWt an Ma i.?rt la permit! rg htaa tr. *a**i* on M* ???*? *"*" K taeaa* le a weU edaeate^ .ryl iata0lt*nt n.aa. and la .en known tbr.iaft.ant tha I nitad Hia'** In mm**** a itb the Martha WaahMgU* Mae A. anMjMt^entfor forgery hae baan fawnd agal"? hi* I tt le noA llkaty that aay ??n?lnatwH? trill Mk* rtan* ta MaWaf ptoaad an trtnl T*a ena*. *M* ? Arae e^aae a? will create a grant daal af aeaJMeaant. and a 111. noAanbt oeaapy tha attantaae af w^Heea dai r ng It. pregreea. l iana Oria ant Andrew * p aient aaata** ta thn lamb* aa a ???'!' ? ba? J nan I preta-l etU Imwi t'Hy liitrlllgrnrr. Eijhtikx or Ai-hi ia*t Km.imk? k ?Ad ?lectins for tb# o flier nf AxU'aul K.nulnaer, a punt ma J a varaat bjr th? rnlgnatioa of Mictfaal Etchalla, K? i , ?? brl I on Moo Amy timing, bataita tin houri of tla aa<l l*rl>r f. M , at tb? varioua K*?inr llouaea throughout tbr oitj. Tha rnntr-t for tba r?raut o/tca an nulla nplr.Wd, U.or* being four ran<Ii<latta runtway, atl vf nhoa l.a l nr linrt frirnHn. Tbt foUo*la| ii lln retullaf th* WMim 1.1 rrerWad at th? Chlrf fagiU'itf'a ollir.f Wl night ? Noah L. farnham. of Moot nu<i La<Ma? No. I NOt? .Tulirn Root* Fiiflr.c So. ?iH <?itl .Irani* Htckrla - ... Mt Robert Knglua No 41 iW Charlaa Kant, how i'omptuj No. i5 1 Blank ! U Total number of rMci naat 2,'iJH M< oora \\ l-i. Tbon.|*.>n, l>?o fcUu^ur* an<l J. Aina* oAriatnl an Irtniaatom ami il?<-larr<l Mr. Noah I.. Kara * liai duly elrrte.l Aa> 'ktant Knglnear for tbaeniulof tbrre yeara. Avaaicax Tkact The Kaneutra t'ommltte* met, Keb. 10th? the Kev. lir Knei In th'eha'r. I.el. ten I mm Krone* reported that while pn vtiln/J to th<a <;?*tltuU la no^pvrtiat reatr.Tted, the tractn uf the I 'aria Tract Kociety readily rocidre Jte government atamp ant circulate ??w*ly. Tim Amerlervi Ha;.??t Mi. -Ion In (Mr man) call lor Iraeta fc?r tli-lr H.My rhurchea, ami out far friun four hundred preaching nation*. In Hweedea, 40, C CO of tL% l>tok, 11 Com# to Jtwnii, M htr? Ut#lv' been printed, and a m vil er of other evangelical treat*. The lie v llr. Klnir, at Atb? an, la collecting and reprint Irtg tur m- de (.reck 3rticli In neat volumea To QiMt ?"* r-a"" from foreign Ir/aln, tlie rouTmitten appropriated to ?e remitted a ell before April. In Kranee, Ihrmior hwvden, Italy an ) other pnrta of larop. ?1 -oo for ir."'' Jh* end oth.ra > r> the Mediterranean. , 1.1, ron, for Northern am) Nm'hern Vvl.n |f> mkj for , rnrmah, Mam 'Tblna and the Handwlcb lalanda, MOOO. hi all, >lll,iHM> Donatio*. Intended for the' no-let* i nbeuld he ?ent It Wore that date. IJrw, Yrooin, of New | Jereejr. our Minister lo Ihe Court of .Vuaaia, wan ao painted a deloga ? to the eimilng American ann'ver nary of the Tract ! MMlely In l/inr'on The receipt* of the , laat month were ? #,6o; , (rant* of pnhll atlona, $:i,I03. Tina, I* Tiiikii Hti war ? Between 1 and U e'elocb r eater day morning a lire broke out In the lag** I war aalooa kept by Henry Mai iwr, 340 Third atreet The Ore wa? i illaeovcred In thecc !er under tbe aaloon. ihe burning ?'Id net amount to wajcb;but the water damaged the furniture, probably t > the auMuat of ?1?. Tbe Bra m. n were, vary <(i l?kty at [the premieae, thua pre vantiag in all probal tttr, an eiteualve r willaf ration. Mr. llaurer w?< iuaur <4 on li In atook and fixture* to liie amount of l.'/oO, In .b? Ihooklyn In-uranoe Cont|ieny. The he'lding owned hy Mr. CrantSeil Rich, on whlcW tlleie ?aa a! o an Ina -ranee. Mho !?< I'rrr Hrogr? ? l-aat evening, ad about ? o'clock, a Are broke i ?i In a atable altuated In lltt ? Ileal, n?*r Stanton, .'he firemen wore aoon at tha prtw i?*t, au l ax irigulnhed it before it attended beyond the ? table io which it originated. It waa ajppneed to iiav N au "?i on Hi?. * i- a? [dm to tmi Alexander Wllaon, for w rly a member of the i'blladelphla her, ? ?? admitted tn practice aa an attorney and counaellor a', la* in the CO art* of lb la Mat" Fnllre Inlrlllnrntc. \ kit g A KINO IT Of AN ALt.XiKII U|mi)MI>I:H1.T IlijCfll - a H til HT or KOHTV or TIIK 1NMATM. Yesterday inorning, at an early hour, Juattce (Vinnolly, t'apt Witter, of tbe Twenty eeoond ward police, aad A aqnad af men under hla command, made a daaoent upoa a lager bier ealal.lUhmenl in fortieth a treat, utar Hiitla arenue, occnplet] ?ud piaaUled over by one I'aillp Muaa an ra, a Herman. ThU indicMual, togethe? with forty petkons, men, women, laiya and giita. wlio eare found am Ike [iri inlaea. were arrealed. It ia allag. l that fur aorow , time pa>t the pla<e In <me-tion baa t?e?n iba reaort of l ad and wlck?d eharao?a'a, ? lio at niglit atarme.1 tha a ii ? ion nding nelgbborl ifel with their bacchanalian aonga and Uud r**alry, <e caaionally direralAn.! with a light and freed Me re up In llie dancing departuaent fthecel lai). Huch being th" lieged atate ef aJlalra. aeveral coinpl* ula ware made 'agnlnat the profxteior of Ihe houa , and U|'na warrant a>ue.| by JuatW-eiVinnoily tkia entire parly aeie br.iught to Ihe Twantv awond ward ?t u liuu'e. Yeater lay the prlaonera, who bailed fioin , all quartern of the ^inlie, were brought up before tha iiiNgt'tiate at the k'iurth dlatrlrl police court, where, alter b?lng ?eretely tvprliian led for their extraordinary bad teale, they were dlarliarged from euit/itr. Muinmere ?a?, howerer, Iwld to bail in the aum i.f ?.VW to ameer tj.e charge nia-leagatAat blm. iU.MI|II HI JUiLAHT. Ve>i?r'ay offlee Jackaon arrrataii a youth oaa*4 Will'ain Lroolta, aharge<l with baaing on tbe Ifttb inalant, burgla.iimaly entered the atablea of John Wtlgbf, .fr., >'r. 00 Jane a treat, with Intent to atnal A a borne va'uei! at ?Ji'>. therefi^m. T)ie complainant atatea that or .he ri'gl.t in f|neatioo, while penning tha preaixei La ?w tbe prUoner Innide Ihe alable witb a I Cat li ' ' d fnU'lU la bin hant, and on going up lo biia and arreting blm l- umi that be alto had twoaaoh i In hia poiraaaJ n, bionght with bin for ti e purpoae a ' arryu.g away anything he might deem ?t t?? cant hia eye upon I'rooin >. an Ibea glree into Iba cunWely a i an oB*er ar.d coi.reyed In the Mation ho-t?e Ven'. rdar l e wan 1h ought Itafore Juat Ice I'arlaon at ibe Macon 1 fhe trictl'Jica court, where, npen eaamiaaticn, he atate4 be waaatxteen tear of aye, and that he made a II vIm byaelieg while land. Ha waa fully committal tot trial iu ?'?/ of bill. Ax Aim. M> fit it, Thikt Caci.trr.-.A man, who gave ' "ame an Ifej ry Hice, on Monday night entered tha ball, It ia alleged, of !?! Henter nlreet, oc upled by Mr*. , Sal r, and wan aViut to ian>ack Ibe pramiaea, wliea ha wan iN-tecled hy Mra M who, after a deaparate effort. bim ii.lo a room, wl are a he locked him ap until anuthr r of tbe Inma'.en of Ibe houae pro ure.) a p . Ilea man, who U-,k h m Ijafore Juatioe WnUh. an I ha waa locked up for trie'. ( oroneia' lri?|iiee<e. FttMi.vaTio* ?.* WRuinini Liiciira, i?r? Turn I M>rx or Tttt Yo* Kali irk, Cmtum wrrnrna U mau i ,nm or Nk iioLahOmk.- Vanler lay Coroner Wllheluj rlalta4 tbe r if frtroo and nanniel Wellington Un-a.ter lata mau.f the packet ihlp Vorkahlr*. who atanle al?.rga4 wt|b hating been Implicated in tbe niabalrag jter of rtirbolaa took, a teaman ? it board that vaaeel, while aa a hoaieward ro/age from_ Ueejpoai, ,n iha' mouth of July laat. It wfU i? recollected that tbe decaantd waa adiiilltnd lo the New Yogi, Ifoapilal on the arrive! of the ahlp al tl, ia port, and ?|ed in a few hour* aftei war4a. iba Bill and third matet fla4 an aooa aa thny beard of the . of <o? I and It ia only now that tbe ? her* atjfMjta of ei'her of them waa at erUiae.) fha prlaoner on baiag exawilned on Ibe < barge, ami h*ia? V Id that 1 V" <" ariaatr or net each fitntlunn ne rnitfhl m put tf# tiui, bt^to j that h? v?* i o*tiv? of Name aad lined f. rr; erly a* 20 (berry afreet la r*f*r to ihe <l.aige, b- nai l be had ''a< thing to eer." The aecaned waa comir,;ile<) u, . n.oa U> awail U* aa th a cf th* )>raad Imjueat fitii AnTiinr o? rna latari Aoxri Karuioan -J'n toner (Jamble l?eld en in-joeit yenter^ay e'leraooa upon ike t*<ly of f?ln.oa fulllran, naid lo a wealthy r en ..Wat of York rttte, wbocaaee to bin >e?b by being ram aver by one Of lb* Th rd areni a 'aire oa Monday a gbt The e?l ?"?n<e a ?'<*., red l<efor* Ibe Coroner went t n ahow lhat tbn . e.ea.a.1 bad been Hl'll tH o? tbe day preaioaa to the a" Cent, and waa aader the lafl<im -a of 4r nk oa the a'/bt lo 'j*e*Uoa that the Inner of Ihe car wh to In tbe rnmeliate an gbu.f?.ood of Filly ninth ntreat. >aw a dark ..b,ect Ij.r.g acroee tbe track , that he p'.iM up Ibebor.ea aa uul'a aa w^aible. hut before tbe ear ?"*" a'opp?4 Hie ? la l.a.1 paeaed oner Ibe bwly a t the den. a?ei,k iU?g be. InaUnlly. Tb? .ery In tbla nn'irel the iollowlng teid.ct ? " He Bart II. al Iba 4n>ea.?d, ? n.on Hallinae, '.ee In. bia dealb by in^uiMaa , a'"' n'aily recalrtj fpin bning ruu oner by one ef tlae 7b r I rara The Jar) w.aid call tbe atteatiaa tit Ihe authorillna to the iiaa?nr"?n condltk.a of tbe Ih.rd a venae, betwaa liflielb aod flftt ainta atraeta and eleo to tbe I gbting of tbe aau.a ' Ibe deceased *ne about yearn of age and waa a n*U?e of Irelavl Jerenyr ? My Metro. Mrm?<i Mlifnaafrriut Hut Caitrm A me*u^ ? an held at 1b* b- aea <A II Iteattf, at Barge,, l?raer?, | "a M aday a/Urnoo n, at wbkh ?>*? K R. * Wright pranhled. aad Thorn aa Whitley waa cboaea aa. retar*. ?"F- ' ,u' an-t raeolal me a-.'optel ia oapowl ti> a to granting any a|?eial ebartera to baatn by iba Mato I .eg, ? latere A loa in fa?o? ef prablb.tlw the Hn alat.ofl of billa of len. t .eo ra< |?nt Oer.eral l?a. r and the A I Ilea. St w Yore, K?b. 'to, |aii. JigijfiulDAg llr?>nT, Faq.: l?rorhir Miubti ?/ ?ur. irige, I real lo ynr paptr " f? 'ynin , |; , t , ru.ipM?|U? I ooo b ?t 4 y < i? i. bi Mi< ? tbo L ?0'? ?? 7 mm H'B'X'.ka bt j' ?b (>?*). y t?/ ? ;e ( in ^ CllKto. HboUvr tu?j bat* !*??. Ue IMeni oanf Um r?#l gnthor of Ibg le.'.er nitbnocb, fnm the pa*. rPH/ o# It# rot >-*a it r*a bvrd y bote twon a mrt tun i ot allow mo tO ttlil, JVXtf ffV||g^ ' I un.aJ, that I n*Ter wru arv h a lotttr nor. la fart, ?ay A?r to tho editor of Um T?a?r?. 1 nay l^amllW M> ad<] that mra I pr?ao?j?. 1 tuooerarmglt V, > flar my tnOaaloao oorvioM to tho r ?rn moot of VuguyA, Ut ite pieeeoi ttohoI ?h* itovtb ibw or il?oUi.of tb? tmrni which Ktof WJUoa tt>? Foanh prooraU4 to m I woo.i boro oMro??4 myooK lo tt* oac?a^ of Ibat .,oor h threnft nom ntar* fttttag Moiiai thoa Uot of V? "at MO of tho loUot TWi. ly i ikOotioir tbU jon wtl] m-t oh?fo yo*r ?ww mtm, jom 4. p*ju

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