Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1855 Page 3
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i?THTHEIIfW 1KIVKWD BTB1T SIT. TOR lALB. TO $15,000.? WANTED, TO PUR chaae, a good houM ui lot In ftn > part of the city, for which ptinxnt will be male 1b ft mortgage on real estate, worth four times the MWtut. Inquire of O. L. JOHNSON, 'ill Broadway, room Mo. 3. AQ AAA-FiRl 375 ACRES. ADJOIN IN(1 THE ?OsW" great south oar. Long Island ? Build ings, house, barn, cow houses, fcc., good orchard ; the bay affords the fine-it fishing and fowling, with large quantities cf drift for manure; one mile water front; 94,000 on mortgage E. A. Bl'N'CK, 212 Broadway, corner ef Fulty street, room 3. Old CAA ?FOR SALE, THE SMALL THREE ?DiOUl/s story brown stone front baaemunt bonse ITS East Twenty-third street. Said house is near ly new, and replete with every convenience, of Croton water, gas and furnace. Prico $6,600, including gas fix tures, furnace, and hall oilcloths. Apply on the promi ses, or to ALBERT W1LIJS, 37 South William streot. dbr AAA ? WK SALE, ONE HALF OF AN jJpOev'vJvre equal undivided interest in ft first rate hotel, established on the European plan, in one of the best locations down town: aleo a ipleniha saloon in the rery best loestion on Broviwaj, furnished i? a su perior style, and jorseixie* many advantages over tthcrs for busmen, which will be sold on the most farorahle terms. Apply to G . A. ROBINSON, 86 Nantau atreet, up stairs. fljlfj AAA ?BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE, ONE v/\ 'e fourth of a mile from village, cars at all Knurs dallv, eight miles from ferry, h gh ground, rich soil, handsomely laid out and ornaineu'ed ; buildinis new, two story house and kitchen, barn, carriage house, fruit and water. Apply to 8. L. JOHNSON. 212 Broadway corner of Fuiton >treet, room No. 9. A I^A K0R AN EXCK) KNT MODERN BUILT .ftrOv/ house and lot, in Twelfth ftreet, near rfth avenue, Brooklyn. House 20 by -fl, with celUr, cistern anil every convenience. Twenty minutes' ride from ferries, by Greenwood car* and stag's. $150 ctsh, balance on mortgage. Apply to J BANKS, on the pre mise*. AQAA -FOR BALE, a LIQUOR STORE, WHOI.E ifflOUv' ??!? ?nd retail, lvcated on one of the best iTenues, at the termination of several etage lines, and in the immediate vicinity ol several Urge foundries; also, ft luperior, full blooded Newfoundland dog. Apply at 119 and 121 Nassau street, room No. 3. RICHARD L. 1'CRPy k CO. ONLY FOR SAlE THE STOCK AND _ fixture* of one or the best coffee and nns In the lows*- part of the city, now doing a ?pleadid business, and must positively be sold this week. Apply immediately at 110 and l'Jl Nassau street, room No. 8. RICHARD L PURDY A CO. <fh6)P?A ?FOR SALE, A BUSINESS, WHERE $2,500 WJ&tjXj P' r year can be cleared, over all expenses; also, a splendid hotel, on First aronue, $1,000; also, an eating house, on Fulton street, $2,000; also, two drink ing saloons, one on Franklin street and one on Thir teenth street ; also. 60 lots in Williamsburg. Jp>1y at the United State* Agency, 212 Broadway, room No. 13. ?FOR SALE, A LIGHT, PLEASANT, INDOOI I u)iUt)s business that can easily lie mad) to pay $3 to $6 ft day profit; tool* and ttock, together with every necessary instruction, only $25. This will be found a rare chance for an enterprising m<tn. Apply at No. 5 Catharine street, comer of Division, room 12, third floor. A BUSINESS FOR SALE? THE ADVERTI3ER WISH to dispose of ht* interest in a profitable manu ring busines*, a* he is desiious of removing from the city. To a young man of enterprise, having a rea$y cash capital of from $4,000 to ftO.OuO, with good recom mendations, an opportunity will be givon to engage in a permanent nnd respectable business Parties answering this advertisement must give their real nam*, age and reaidenca, or it will not be noticed Address J. H.( Herald office. Full particulars on au interview, and all communications will be strictly confidential. COUNTRY STORK FOR SALE? 26x50 FEET, BRIcK, two stories high, with hl;h and dry cellar, lot 2Sx i feet, all in good condition, situated in a plea>aqf village in the state. Ihe owner having retired from the*business, will s?ll the property low. and upon easr term* of payment. For particulars, inquire at :t? W a Uam utiret, of W. J. CUTTING. COUNTRY RESIDENCE IN THE BEAUTIFUL AND healthy village cf Yonkers fur sftte. The houso is first class, in the Italian style, with tower; size, 42 by 34 feet; contains 14 rooms, ha> doubU Teranlah 100 ftet in length, hot and cold water, furnace, range, Ac. The ground* (164 feet square ) are ornamented with trees and ahrubbtry. There ia a large stable oi the premiaes. The view ia delightful, extending upward* of 26 mil ?*. More land can be had it requliod Apply to SARONY & CO., 117 Fnlton uUeet, New York. CHEAP AND VERY DKSIRABi.E PROPERTY FOR ; ??If ? One handsome throe story house In Twenty eeventh street, near Ninth avenue, trith all modern im Mr Ninth av enue; wrtral HmtcUn brown itowtan ' houses, looted on Twenty second street, Cheliea | sqnare, finished in the belt possible manner, with every modern improvement; alao a number of houses in diifcr- ; ent part* of the city, for sale oo tuj terms, by J. K. WIIXJAMH ft BON, 906 Eighth avenue, and daily from 2 to 3 at lit Chambers street. I SOCNTRY BEAT FOR SALE? ON THE BANK Or THE Hudson, on this isltnd, of easy access by railroad. { house is conveniently arranged aad the grounds beautifully laid out. For terms, Ac.. apply to WML E. LEWIS, 89 Cedar street, corner of Broadway Cff CO STORE FOR SALE ? SITUATED ON THE COR 1 nev oi Fourth and South Sixth street, Brooklyn, William.iburg). This i* uaeof the oldest and best ted drug stores in the city and will be sold low, if applied for fiuirtdiateiy, to clone an estate. Apply to JAMES F. KENNY, Administrator, 243 Front street, or ; HAYDOCK. I. VANS ft CO., druggets, 218 Pearl street. > EXTEN.-IVK GERMAN CONFECTION I- BY ?FOR SALE tmni' diately, on account of sickness of o vn?r, ? very thing complete to carry on a Urge and profitable business; Lest location, low rent, store, bisement, seve- : ral rooms, fte. I'rlce moderate. Apply at the New York Agtncy, tl Chatham st., room 8. O. SCHMIDT ft 00. ?0R SALR-THE THREE STORY AND ATTIC BRICK house ICO East Broadway, between P.atgera and Jef- I on streets. The proposed eiteutlon of walker street | will make it tlie corner. 1 art ol purchase money ran , remain If desired. Apply to 8. 8. BROAD, 13 Wall at. TTOR 8AIE OR TO IEASE, FOR A TERM OF r rears, three lots, fronting Broadway, Forty sev-nth street and Seventh nrenue, a good sltua'ton for a livery 1 stable, cool yard or manufactory; or would ex. ban?* for Improved property. Apply to MEAD ft KNIOH I, Plumbers, 1,018 Broadway. IpOR BALE ? TWO FiRrfT CI, ASH FOI'R STORY AND 1 ! Ian Qi' ut biown ktone front houes, 20 by 00. lots feat 9 indies deep, with all the modern Improve rnents, situated at (8 and ?8 East Thirtieth utreet, between j Fourth and Islington avenues. Inquire < f JOH . W. FIELDER, No. 60, next door. FOR SALE, CHEAP? THE MODERN ENOIJ-H BASE mert brick houte, balconv and court, 270 West Thirty thirrt street, with hot and ooid water, range, bath and chandeliers. Price, 84,700. Apply <? the premise! W H MICHAEIA FOR SA! K ? AT A BARGAIN A TWO STORY ANI> bssenient, and modern brick house, In Greene St.; a two story honre in Spring Htreet, near Broadway; a neat three >',ory brick bouse in Thompvin atreet also, a number of Orst class bouses between Ninth and Fortieth streeta, man? near Fifth avenue Apply to A. SERGEANT, 16 Wall street. TiX)R SALE-HOUSE AND IXJT 202 WfST 1UIRTY I1 second street, four story and cellar, brown stone front, with all modern improvements Inquire on the premises, or of D. H. SMITH, 19? West Thirtieth street. T7I0R HA IF? THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE OF JJ a lumber yard, situated in Booklya, will be sold, together or separately. Good bargains offered to tbo?e i who will apply immediately 'at KELLER ft WANDE!., 14 Hamilton avenue, South Brooklyn. rOR SALE? A FARM OONTAININO TWENTY FOCR acres of excellent land, in the town of Greenwich, Connect) aut, thirty one nlles from New York. For parti culars apply to W. H. STOODILL, 187 Broadway, up stairs. T70R PALE-ONE OF THE ItEXT CHtNCK* IYER Jj offe'ed by a watchmaker and Jeweler.? For sale, the stock and fixtures of a jeweler's store, loc*t?d lo one of the best s venues of the city, a- the owaer intends leaving for California. Inquire at 414 Pearl street, or 214 X Thirc avenue PR BALE ? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A conftelionery and Ice eream saloon ; a rarechance. Inquire at 280 >i liowery. TpOR SALE? THREAD, NEKI4.E, AND FANCY JO store, io one of the best avenues in the city, an in dncfsnent to snv person wishing a nice fancy store at ? low r?nt Apply in the store, 10 Sixth av.uue. ER SALE? A BF.aUTIFUL OlM'N TRY HOC E IN Tiff! village ot Madison, N. J , ted near rehoole :b?s am! railroad depot; coota us room aod cellar, with barn, carriage house, "telle, Ire house, !ar*s and splendid garden, fruit tre.s, 10?< acres of supuriur Cund, spring of water, and two lar<? ponds Prl -e OtO. half the purchase mon?j may lay on a mort gage. A| i.'y to V. DE LA GRACKKIK. on the pte misee FP. BALE? FOUR NEW BMLIMB III ill RASKMENT boa os, situated on tte north side of Thirty Aith street, bitwe>n two railroads, the Eighth and Mnth avenues, complete with all the modern Improvement l such as gas, baths, speaking tubes, bells and dumb waiters. Tf wild, fii.OoO can r? innln on each; or tliey will be rented to a suitable tenant. Apply to .Hsmnel . flpeiks, on the pre wires, hmee No. 21a, or to W. f. ft Q. SPaRKS. 8!) I/evlngton avenue, corner of Twenty, i eetenth street. FOR HALE? THE STOCK, FIXTURES ANHOOoIi WILL of the gteeetr store. H4 Atlantic street, near t\e Atlantic Mark' t PnsMwfam immediately. Terms eash. , Inquire of the suheenber oe tt>? premises. ^ A. H W>WE. ?fjlOR SAlX -THE MOCK HOUtt OORNER~#r HK jv renth avt one and Thirty fourth street, wide street, with etartu* mints Is. gee, and Ckoton water tKruigh Ml; a rare chance for oapitatlets. Terms A/fy m Uie fresiees, i? IAMVBL ftPARKU, Ju. I won. ux* X7IOB HALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF AN C established clothing a ton. Stock worth a boat 96,000. No one Med apply udIwi they hnvo tt least 92,009 cub. Th# balance may be arranged aatiafac toriljr. Apply to HAMILTON' DILL, 183 Fulton street, up ataira. T?OR SALE? THE H0C8E AND LOT 87 EAST TWENTY Jj lixtb >1(0 91 Ea*t Twenty auth itreet; lot* 24x9$, houiM three story brlok, In fine order, vlth modern Improvements; location genteel; price low; eaav terms. Alao the bounce 44 end 40 Kant Twenty-eighth ktrtet. Apply to E B. KLNHH1MER, 310 Fourth avenue, Iron 3 to 7 P. M . PR SALE? A RESTAURANT AND SALOON ON Broadway, in good bu-iness. Location the beat, and will be rold at a great aacrlflce If application ia made immediately, aa the partiaa are leering town Receipts at present are from $12 to $16 per day. Appty to It. B. FRANCIS, 255 Washington, corner of Murray at rest. Fob sale? deci r edly low, tub four sto^y. i tastefully built broirn atone hou<e No 36 Weet ! Twenty-fourth atreet, between Filth and Sixth avenuai, ; containing all the modern improvement*. Size 32 i 80 all the way np. Let 100 tor particular! ana card of adm'aaion, apply to R OS WEI, I. O. PIERCF, Pine atreet, cornirof Broadway. T7?)R 8ALE? THREE BRICK BOUSE* ANE TOTS. 1 three atory , with baM-ment, cellar and high atoop, on Hfty-third street. between Second aod rhird avenues. Ran (Mi, hot and cold water bathroom, all finished in goad sttie. Will be aold on mcderate termi. Apply tc D. ROBINS, 78 Sixth atreet, houra 8 to '2 and 7. For saje-a beautiful ooi ntrv skat and 14 acre* of land, handsomely lix-nted on the Harlea river, at tUsg'a Bridge, 13 miles from New York with an elegant oottage house. 30 by 36 feet, with an etten alon in the rear, containing 13 roam*. The situation ia very aoceeeibie, one mile from tio depot and only cue hour'a ride from the cily. There la a new barn, ice houie. green house, Ac , aad the grounds tastefully laid out; altogether being one of the moat daalrable suburban retreat* now offering for aal*. Apply to S. 11. LUDLOW, 11 Wall and 2 New streets. If OR SALE? IN LEXINGTON AVENUE, BETWEEN L Fifty -second and Fifty third streets, t*o lots, each 20 feet rront and rear by 70 feet deep, and also a goo t dwelling hoaae. two atcry, basement and attic, lot 20 feet front and r?ar by 70 feet deep. Inquire of M. G CRl'STO, 20 and 27 Waahlngton Market. For saie? the furnitpre of a boarding hous*, and the house to let. The houae haa now twenty-four to thirty regular boarder*, and constantly full; located in one of the beat situation* in Brooklyn; convenient to three ferriea. Price for the furniture, $800. Apply to C. B. HOWES, 67 Nassau atreet, room 6. T70K SAIE ? THE LEASE AHI) FURNITURE OF A J) house in tbe vicinity of the rtt. Denn'.a Hotel, with all the modern improvements. The furniture is eew, tue house la of tbe Brat class and doing a good business. The reason for Helling will be given on application at 821 Broadway, to A. H&KTMANK. T7K)R SALE? THE OIJ> ESTABLISHED MEAT SHOP, 1" 32ft Bleecker atreet, and also horaj, cart and har ness. For particulars inquire on the premises. For SA1J&? a very desirable enoijsh base ment bouse on West Fourteenth street, with all I the modern improvements, and most thoroughly built for the present ownar; will be sold, with or without the furniture, at a low price, and very little money required. 1 Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. u Pine street. FR SA LE? SEVER AL HANDSOME NEW ENGLISH basement houaea, la genteel locatioia, at molerate I price*. Alio a number of good houses, at pticea from ; $7,000 to $10,000. Also a number of houae* to let. An pl^to E. B. KLSSH1MER, 319 Foarth avenue, from 3 to ! "|?OR BAi-E OR EXCHANGE.? OWING TO DEPART | X ure ? An nnenoumbeted property, on a principal I street of business, very deairable for shopkeepers, bund er*, or inveitment. Small houae*, a store builneaa, ? goo<l leases, or merchandise for tin South (if *ooa ofl?r i ed,) may be taken in sichange for thi* property. Call on, or address Ownev, 368 Sixth avenue, third floor ?OR SAIE OR TO LET? TOE FINE TWO STORV AND attic brick house, No. 113 Hammond itreet, lot 32 front by 85 feet deep, houae 32 by 4ft deep. Haa every modern improvement. On the rear of lot ia a two Rtory brick building, 32 feet by 16 deep, aui*able for a stable, entrance from street by an alley way.' House hi* fifteen rooms, marble mantels, mahogany door*. 4c. Inquire at No. 9 IVrry atieet. II OH SALE CHEAP? THE STOCK AND FIX TI RES OF the bird rage factory, 112 Bleecker atreet. To be aold on aocount of the osner leaving tbe country. Th* proprietor will irnpsrt the art of ornamenting ca{ea, ia an entirely new strle, to the purchaser. Apply on the premises. FOR PALE, AT LESS THAN 3OST-TW0 HANDSOiIE house*, three story, basement an>l counter cellar, biah atoopa and balconies; excellent neighborhood, Nos. 19 and 21 Feely -first street, adjoining ; brown iteae looses, between Broadway and Sixth avenue, with all saodecn improvement*. Inqnirs en premises. Fob haije, on exchaxgk rrm wmmr* iandp? Pome very de*lrabie lots ap turn. Apply at the Union rauare Real Kotate Office, No. 3 Everett Home, toratr of Fourth avenue and Beveot.euth etreet. KCYM k HOJOLAHD. For hale ob exchange? two Lore on mcr ray hill, northwest ccrntr of Thirty fifth atroet and Fourth avenue, to eicbang* for a good farm, from fifty to one hundred mile* from 'thin city, on Hnrleta Hudaoa River or New Haven Rnilroedx. Inquire of AIFRED FLOCK, Fourth Arenue Market, from 7 to 12 For saij; at a sacrifice? a fine mansion at I'cekaklll, (91,004 leia than eoat; a new panorama very cheap, ami several corporation leaner Aim, a farm at Mamarnneck, only tweaty-three mild fr in New York, cloie by the depot. A H. UOl'UH, U Wall etreet, baeement. HOl'tE AND LOT FOR BALE ?THE MODFJIN BUILT three rtory brick botiee, with let, No. .'??? Munr .<?? etreet. For particular* apply to SAMIEL TRYON, ?7 Market street, corner of Monroe. House and lot for rale? thk thru story and baaement brick hou*e, No. '81 Woo*t*r *tieet, with Croton water, bath room Ac , acd la food order; pnoo9&,l00, part can remain "a mortgage In nnire cn the prrmi*e*, or of J. A. Laurence, 140 Weit 1 v i nty seconl a tree t. PROPERTY IN NEW YORK TO EXCHANGE FOR prop?r>y in Bergen, Weat HoboKen, Newtown r.r If. rlem. ? A firet cli'i four atory bou*e and ?.ot to ex Chang* for a eaall farm or a Urge cot tare, a't nt thri 1 milea from the the ferry. Apply at 4"B Fourth atreet TO HOOKBINDERS AND CASK MAKKR.H ?A PROTTT able bu*lr.e**, * ven yearn ettaolUhed,' will be ?<ld at the value *f tool a and fliturea, ac>l terru* ear Thia ia a good chaocc to get into a aute buaine**. Apply to M. k R. II R! MRFLL, corner of Fulton ar.d ClifT itree *.i I'O LBlOOlfTS AM1? APOTHEt ABIES.? A RARE OP poruinity to purchase a irug ?tore, ntrietly flr.t rlani, an' loeateu cn one of the principal evetuei if tbi? ctty. None need apply but bona fide purchaser* In quire of > S. THOMAS. 6 Na???u StVMt r) MEBCHANTS AND OTHERS. ? FOR HAI.E, A apleodid counti v aeat, with 44 acre* of highly cul tivated land, wMh tnree acre* of woidltnd, 1'4 milei front the ?e*ra<laie depot, on the Harlem Railroad, tnge Iher with a two atorj boute, tilled in with brick, with marble mantel* and flnubed In the beat ntyie, with barni, carriage hon>e, Mr . all new, and a?r^i only to be ntu to be appieclated. The boa-e *t\nd* ia a lawn rf tea acre*, aith all kind* of fruit trwee, large garden*, fi*l) pond*, Ac. For further part'cuUr* apply to J.N 0 LLOYD, 18 N??*au it. \r ALl'ABLK IF API. OK WATER FRONT FOR 8AIF having H year* to run from the l*t of May ne*-, <.? ntain ng IB lot* of ground, and 800 feet of balk he*." Ugetter with the buildicg* *ltuat?d between Thirty ninth and Fortieth etreeta. Apply on the pren'rea, ?? ot of Fortieth atieet. CLOTlIIlfO, AC. A LAROE aVAMflll OF CA^T OFF OLOfiuNa J\ wanted.? ilentlemen having l?ft off wearing ap pare! to ditpoae ot, in large or una I quantities *hail receive the lery bighe-t price for them by applying to or addre*ring Tbrma* D. Cooroy. 4#1 I'earl itreet, be tween City ilall jlace and Outre etreet. CLOTHING ? LADIM AND OWmjiUr.S HATING clotbee to diipoae of, eu receive ? fair 'aiV prtar by lending to the (tore 1'i La u re a* *? r??t, near Caaal, w M Waat Broadway, or addreee by Utter through t&a puev to 8. OOHKN. Ladie* atUaiJeO b; Mr* Ooaoa. CljOAKf* (1i> AI'ER THAN EVFrl ? MlUT IIE Hfl 0 without roeerve, to maUe room fcr erring good*, in*t arrived per ?teamer Aala, a* per advico* from I'arl*. b> balance of the winter itock will be *old at kal' tte original price. I?dle* are not eipected to purrhaee in le*? perfectly rati??<l they are getting the worth of their money. The *tyh* of the rloak* now offered at aueh reducod prtcea are *nch a* will be worn neit teaacn. MoLYNF.*;! HEI U (S Canal etreet C?AKT OFF nnTHIVO AND FTRNfTlTUt WANTEP - / ladiea or gentle mea having any of tb* above ar. r!** to dl*po*a of, ran te'yeile a t*l' price for the aaraa aj aenOin^ (or tLe auta'rlber, at hi* r?ai<ience or throui the po?t. L M. DvBPRLDORP |3 Cm *t:eet. N. B ? lad " attended by ?r?. t. inJJUU* Bit i iarh taiuw-notk* -w* wortn cai.i the attention of t>? public to oar see *tyleof Cuthjon, ju?t ioi?nte '., aod no? for *ale at our fact/>ry, M Ann ?tivet.'Tbet* t u-hii rv*, being our own Invention, rat not I* prrcha**.! el*e?h?re f*rdera by mail for ta Mra, tall*, rlu'l.v and ateryUlrg It the lwf?, prnirpt ly ai*t nded to. Table* par -ea and *Uipped at one day * notire. CRIfFInt A I EclaJl, WO Ann itreet t_j uihwt pi- mn m mi m ihaiif^ for ?m>: - AJ at I FOXAHl* A HF.N.' ?m N"8e?t^n*l?e warerc???. l-roo<lway alio bcila, cioth* reee. he , Ac \* wer price* and better material! cannot he .'?und ?* there. . . BDVCATIOS. TJOAHP aNIj EDI CATION FOR ' IliLDPXN ? PA ! XJ rent* de?tro?e of a coafortable home for their child re a. villi the tdvanteee* of a food edoeovn. wiQ i pkaee apply to the Miaae* ANTWEI L oaaoelto the Port Oflco, Pert RicbmoM, mate. Uland. T?f*e ?1M per >nau?, ?iwi? UeJulH, f Jff. iQMUwwo AMtt Looema. QAQ broadway, union square.? handsome ODO *oit of room* on the first floor, conniating of four rooms, with bath room, (u, fcc. ; with or wit boat board. Private table If required. Single room* for goo f7Q? BROADWAY, CORNIER OF TSNTH STREET | Ot) pleasant and hunl'omf:; furniahed room'" act) bedroom*, at reduced priced, for gentlemen and tholr wive* and *ingle gentlemen. Entrance 139 Tenth (treat, juat below Grace Church. Referenoe exchanged. R i A PFARL KTREKT. NKAK BROADWAY? LOD 0 . tt/ glngi ? Two or tnree furnished hall bedrooraa, with commodicu* pantriea attached, and eeeeral other pleatantand comfortable apartment", (with tad without fireplaces), can be had by respectable applicant*, on reasonable tertcs, by apply .ng a* abort. A /?1 BROOME PTRfET, ONE BLOCK WMT OF ^IrO JL Brca^way. ? A aait of room*, on *econi floor, juct vacated, with full or partial board. Alio, single room* for g*>i-tlerr.?n References exchanged. Transact loardei* accommodated. If^o'lUDPON STREET? ROOMS TO RENT, FUR \ f ) nlshed or unfurnished, with board. 1 iF HUDSON STREET, FRONTING 8T. JOHN'S J4f) Psrk.? A room to let, with board for two single (rcut.cT.en Reference* eieharired WEPT TWENTY-flF H 8 TRKST ? DESIRABLE board can be obtained in a bouie with all the mocern Improvements, and genteelly located betwe-n 1 Eighth 125 Ht Tenth and Eighth avenues KM WF>T TWENTY-THIHD STREET ? A FKW fiK e > | !ect families *nd gentlemen can be arcmmn ilatel wth suites or single room*, with full or partial board, in the eligible trown -tore building which i? n- w an i sealy furciahed containing all tbe malero improve meet*, being delightfully located between Uruadw iy and Sixth avenue. fJQ OREAt JON fa STREET -A PARLOR AVI) BED eJO room, furnixhed or unfurnished, on thirl floor, front, of the above (lmtcla** house, will be let oa reaaou aide terms, if Immediate applicative be made. Al?o, one single room Q1 BOND STIlEET? ON K f AHIX)K AND BKI'R >011 TO OX let, * th pactry attached, with gat and wtter; aUo, a few ningle room a to let, with or without board. Refirence required. ?I ?) WEST THIRTEENTH STREF.T ?TO LET -A HAND _1 ? souiely furniahed room on Heron 1 fl>or front, aho two large room* on third floor, with or without board. House has alt modern Improvements, gas, bath, Ac. Apply as above. U UNIVERSITY PLACE ? BTIARIHNS IN ONE 0E the moat eligible location* In tint city, In the ira meciato vicinity o I "Hroad way Fi'.h avenue*,' large hetel*, place* of amusement, library, uc Front room* for families; aUo roc ma for single gentlemen on advanta geous term*. 3ASHI.AND PLACE, TWO DOOKS FROM GREEN wlch avenue ? Rooms in iuit* or slugle, for *elect fmiiliea or e ingle gentlemen, with board. Home eon tains all the modern improvement*, accm* by Amity street atagee, and 81xlh avenue car*. RefeD-noe* ex changed. Apply to MRS. NOBLE AIADY ANT) HER DAUGHTER WOULD LET, WITH boar', in a house with all the modern Improve mert*, an elegant suit of furniihed room* to a family, with or without a private tab,e, and use of a line piano; or would let the *aae to a party of gentlemen, house i* pleasantly 1 seated, and near atagee and ear*. Apply at ? 1 We*t Thirty fifth a'.rcet, near Sixth avenue. AN AMERICAN GENTLEMAN DkSIRESTO OBTAIN' A furniahed room with tbe want* of the inner in in j or p>rtla)ly supplied, in a priva'e French foully, where there ere no boarder*, aid wbe-ej he could beooc aidered a trend of the family. None but of the highest I respectability need reply. P^eaee adiiea* Quien Habe, Herald office. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN FROM I'ARIS WISHES A J\ comfortable room with grate, '.n a small pr vate I American family, where are positively no other boarder*, j He will give French le axons in exchange lor Eigliih , lesson*. Terms must be moderate Addrea* Comfortable, Broadway Poit Office. A LADY, HAVING NO CHILDREN OK HER OWN, J\_ would like to have one or two children to board, I where thfy wculd receive a mother'* care Satisfactory leferenee given. Addreas A. L , box 126 Herald offlo*. A FURNISHED APARTMENT TO LST? WITH FJLL hoard, to a gentleman and bin wife or to two aln gle gentlenm Ilcune wi'.h modern improvtmi nt* Ap ply at 10# Waverley jlaeo. A rcom. strict!) private, where there are no inquisi tive or meddling ptrson*; with a widow lady preferred I oration below Bleecker atreet. Adlre>?, '.mmediataly, C.C C, Broadway Poet Office. Board ?a parix>r and one or two beor'>o?-!, on eecoL ' fleer. a>ao flog e room*, for gentlemen n a first claa* home, no removal on tie fir *t of May, French and SfiacUh ap?\*e-, ainser at flo'clMk K? fereace* given and mtmlied lnquU* at lil Tenth atreet, near Proadwiv. BOARD? WITH VERY CONVENIENT AI'ARTMKNT' Tor fatrllltt or aipgle gentlemen (.oration fry <1* I arable for gtDtlrmen drlng bua<o*a* down Uwa, car 1 and atage* ptHhi-f to *11 I art* of th? city Apply a I No. 4 AVogdoa aquare, aacond door from Bank etri* t. SOAR! (NO ? UNCLE QFNTI EWEN CaN Bf. ACT >M r-.ocJated with p'tiunl aingie or double r'vimn with board it UK Chamber* atreet ii, , bMrdwieu Wo i aeeoita-odated *J?o. Reference required "T10ARPING? WITH BOOMS FOR WSOl.E GKVTLE P mfi1 or ?BtUiE^n and tber wlvea, c?n Sc ha.! in tie fir*4. '?lam h"U?c 4 Concord atreet, Brooklyn. No I soring tint of Mav BOARDISC. -WANIED BOARD IN AN AMERICAN family, by a r >ong man In the neigh horliool of Eighth atrret and fcifh airauf Term* not to be over ?hrf e 'ollara a week. Adire**, immediately Jamaa. H6 Atcdu* D Boardino-a large FRONI ROOM, on the ttird floor, w t; pantry attached. auitabl* (or a 1 gmtltrran and bla wife. to let, with beard Al>o, a r'.otc ru table for two young n:an Ajplr at KI Henry atrtl. BOARDING? A LADY CAN ACCOMMODATE A <JEN t.-ui .n an>) wif>, or two ? ngle geuUain e?, with | beard, it a avail pivat* family, where tncre arc nc i otier boarder* < r cblidrea. Inquire fcr Mra (Ju nlan, 111 Firat avenue, ortuten !*vrnt? aid Eighth a((?wt?. BOA RUNG ?AT ?4 WARREN dTREET. GEN rLEMr.V ran be accommodated a ill. btard an I com irUhie | rtx-wa. ladln acton. xoda'.ei with boar '. Day ooar lrrn aecottmodattd. BOARDING IS A PRIVATE FRENCH FA MILT. -A ll*ls lit Iran and hia wife can be am u. in' late t wit i | pleaaant ro'.n a a .J bear 3 it a private French fatr.ily uy ? Dpi) nft at 100 Twellth atreet, between I'nireraity ( lace and 1 l'th attnue BOARD WANTED? BY A LADY AND GhNTI EVIAN, I o?ri 'rr the lad/ only. AdU;e??, ttatlag term*, V. Ilroadvay I'oet Otfca. TaOARO WANTED -A ROO* FCR A LADY AN'H J[ > gentleman, Loar . for Udy only, ohere there are j to < thtr boarder*. furnia.ed or nnfurn abed A liberal pr'ce for auitabi* ue-ou xodatlcca, t>ay Is advaoc*. i i ratl r. cart ef Bowery. Ai'drca* C. W, Caatbani l iquare I'oat Office. 110ARD WANTED- 1 n A PRIVATE FAMILY I'KB J ferrad, or gcLtti I boarding hoa?e. br a gentleman an-' wife. two una and daughter, ( r un It. to '11 lac | three gentlemtn dlue coan town. VTill requ're a aolt of | too ma on >?cond floor, furoiah tbeir own rooiua l/>"a lion above Blcerke* aireet .N't n.tMing on l?t of Xar. K'f-rvncca gifin and rtijilred. Ad Jreaa Humcr, Herald I (fltcc. BOAkD IN BROOKLYN ?A FEW tMUmN CAM be arromtnodatad ? th newly (urni<he<I roam>. I and fart al board in the modern built houae So 2t'i j iikka atreet. I/xaticc aery eoneeaient to the ferric". Iletwaan Wall and tk ith atraet (e rir?. ' T10AHD IN BRfX?Ki.YN ?FAMILIES OR MVttl.F X ) (recti' man wlahirc U. heate p? nt'y will Hoi arge, pleaaant rooma wlUi pantrtea aod ga? at 47 Hat. It 1 atnet Reference* ai'-hancerf Alao rn l?t >f Way a tandaome a' red aer ad ?U ry room, with eloa?t and pan FVRNWBfD IOOM? ? A I'AI.IOR AND FOfR MED rooma to Ut, at lbl Grand atreet, with or wituout I partial board, on rr ode rale term* houae private, Ijc? I tlcn Mar Broad* ay, aod on tba *tage and cat I ne. FCFNTtliED RfKJMH TO LI.T-WI1H OR WIHfOt T t* a. d, auitable for ai: ?'.? or mtrrle-l p raona V I l ? No clnditt taicti N?. lifl lAureta atreat, near 1 Jouatot. IyomnmtD Atjammm ?to i Er. ov/ f? t r t<? f tlegant par'.ora in a flrat - :*aa hf.uaa hHiM* far ! a priea'.e gt r tlemtn or pbj *?<iab . al o omm tnatbar m mi Apply at 87# l< urth a'.rret. I ? NTI-EMJ*.* AND TIIKIR WIVW, AND HI MOLE VI gentlrK-a, ran rhtam room-" nod aultea ? f fnr liiwtd i r unfi 1 1 ii I . ; rutna tr railing at No ' A?h ' tan : place. Perry atrtet. Tie Lon-a contalna ad th" . no tin in proacBt-.ta. T< na aaodtraU. K. .r?n.c? excbacgetl . -VTO 14T Ml .'ION RIIICT, OPPOMTE ST. JOHNS | Patl ? I'arn'ai.ed roe.r.a t? let, with 'oarl, to .tn gle o.'r r gentlem* n and the.r wife* llnaae :j ? . j furniabt d with all the modern impi T?ioejit.' A | ftw ear boa.i'er can be ace am'xlate , PR1VAT>; IJOAI'MNG? ol.VLRAI. \ ELY l UUkMAKI room*, la autt or * parately, furn.?h>.| or uafar | r ahed, can he had with toaM, on rcaawahle ti aaa, ta a private 'amlly rrauiiog at Fotarih avenue (oppoi ta Calrary Church i Thehotiael* flaely io atetl ha* fa>, bath*, Ac., Ac. Heferaaeaa etehacgad. PRrtATE 1/tAPD (V A FRENCH PA MILT -TWO i bvantifal f* Hora, oa th? flrat ir*r. aleo a |?arlo* i o3 eeer ?d floor, to let vary well farniahoH tn a gwntle man aad lady, or |<*n alone, with partial or fall ' Wr.t Ihe btuee etetalfta a bath teee*. Apply at Ml ! Bvo rn* al:?at. ?'FlJ fTB"Ar.D-A C k N TtEMAN ANf> WIFE OH 1 ) gaat eaiaa caa ?? . good hoa'4 M|gM I rooma at 117 tioath Eighth atrewt, Williaanaharg, a ta* ioaaltaa. atl withia l? Wi.nutea Walk of Peek atip ao 1 Cim4 atmt hrttm. Aff-j ?a Ua t BOAKDntci AnumnM. T>OARD DOWN TOWN? TWO OR THREK GENTLE JD Bra can be uyomuixUM with board to a private faiu^y. Apply at 288 Greenwich a treat, near Chamber!. fWO YOl'NG MEN WOH.D IJKKTO MAKE AN AR ran^ement wtth aoir.e family, for a good roam with (?a and water, without board. to reference required. Adt'reai Tibhalla, Herald office. TO LET TO SINflLE GENTLEMEN? HANDB0ME Fl R niahed apartmenta la the flret cImi bouee No 6 1 Ur>'?t Jerea fti??t. tl.ird door from Broadway, replete with every convenience. Apply at No. 6 Umat Jonea at. mWO (1ENTI FtlKN, OH A GENTLEMAN AND HI* I wife, can be accommodated with board at SOT Wea t . IMrtr i>ccond atreot, third Moor. There are no ether koaidera ffTWO PLEASANT M.COND STORY FRONT ROOMS, ' I with partial h' ard for a gentleman and wife, or three alcgle rmlk-B.i-Q. In a privatn family, aed a beau I til ul atd con>er>ient location to etagea and car* Hath, . I ga?. fco , In the houae 07 l'arry atrret, between Him ck ; er and fourth. WANIHV-a NEAT AN1) HANDSOMELY rt/RVISHKO apr-rtaeut, for a and lady, with board for tfcn lady. location cea'ral, and in the neighbor [ h<*d of lirn>i!?ay Preference given to * widow laly, | and where it la ijuiot and beard paid in advance. In li-u j of refennre Adorraa W. F. II , Uroad way ,1'oat Ofllce. lOPAltTSKHSHlP NOTICES. Hil 9 fWlf i ? VANTID, A PARTNER IN A MA LI 1 " M/\". uufartoiy tow doirg a budne?a of tft?r$IM?,00f a y. ar Apply to HARRISON A CO , :S35 Broadway , ic -in SB. I tt*) niiA ? A riRWttf WITH THE ABOVK , " V' \ 'a amount woull be glad to Inveat it in >cn fiali* an l prciiiahle b i?in> ?a that would not take of the timo of th' adrrrllaer. J'leaae addreaa so? itM, Il<rald oi'tce witii real name and bu?.nea?, aa nine other will b" ailrnded to, : l-AIU-ni WANTKD, IN TPK All' ! kJP P_) " ?" "# tine unci rral ealala bu-.nt?a. An active > will Ci. ?! thla <i money making < Iter Addreaa, with I rral ran.e, A; , Accticnter, Herald office. Reterencaa ?ichaDf?d, m?/iA -*K GHNTLEMAN WITH "HIK AOOYR j iJPOvM "a amount and wbo ia not afrall to travel, | cat have em- third intereat in a caah bunneaa which will | net from $100 to $:!00 per weak, No per?oa neel anewer this unite* tiny hare th* ready ca?b, and wUh to make money faat in nn honorable and le*ltimat? bualneaa. Ore wbo ia acquainted In the Southern and Western I Htatea prt'eired. A lilreaa for tbreaiiaya J1L fl., Hroad way I'cat Ofllo*. jftQAA ?A l'AHTNER WANTED, IN AN KXTAB ijlil M liabid caah buaine?a. The bualneaa re ; iiuirlng th* . erricca of * wo peraona, and With proper at , tPLtiOU It will pay $1,000 to tl,200 each, peryiar. No ri?k, ana the bn dneaa I'aily im-r a?ing. Apply to C. fl. | HOWIlV. 65 and 07 Kaa>uu atroat, room <1. AGAHDEMNG FAKMER HAVING a LARGE FARM is tha virluity ol New York, wialien to take a part | car, to attend to the city btialn>>aa, tha advertiser not being able to attend both to the (arm and the aal??, Ac | A gmtl* tnan aitb a - ma., capital wlil (Ind thia a go >d op. ' poitunity. Addreaa Farmer, I'nlon ai|iiare I'oat Office. AGAPDFN1NG FAHMUt HAYING A LARGE FARM la the Ttclnty of New York, wlnbea ti take a part ?< r wl o would attend to the city boalneaa, tha adver tiser not being able to attend both to the (arm aud naiea, Ac ; to any gentleman with a Mnail capital, tl.ia would V(> a gocd chance. Adrireai, Farmer, L'nion a-iatre I*o?t t fflce PARTNFR WANTED- IN ONK 01" THE REST GHO ctrr, provialon, ii^eat and \eir>'table atorti in tha city. Call or addrcua Waahburn, 240 Canal atr et. Bead hip.? wanted, a partner, (AfJrrvE or ailent ) with ?.'.00<> to $fl ((0, to b* invented ia a ' ualneaa the pr< Btaol ?hlch will give entire aatiafa. tion. Addreaa 1- 1'., Herald office, with raal name, and atating where ;cu mar be *<en. ri'IlE COI'ARTNIiHMIII' HERETOFORE EXISTING HE .1 twe>-n Grrrge Jacobahagen an 1 Horry Chriatophar Scbulz, gric>ra, haa thia day been <llaa<dvrd by mutual ' conaent. The buafnraa will'tereafter lie carried on by I II. C fchu'/e, by whom the ?;roun'a will be aettled, (Signal) C.R G. JAOOUgHAGEN. 1 New Ycrl, Feb. 20, II C. WHL'17.. To CAPrrAi.istfl.-?ia,ooo wanted immkdiatei y, by a yi nog gentleman, do'ng an extenaive and proAtat/e ttenufacturlLg butlnena n thlaeity, wlttiojt cmpetitinn. Auy gentlrman ha'ini{ thn above amount 1 of capita! may be admitted a apaclal partner In raid btt ?iLeaa. Con.UiUnlrationa exchanged more partiealarly, by addreaaing Special Partner, Hi raid office. \?rANTED-A PAHlNKH, WITH ?400 OK $600, IN A FT daguernar gallery well eatat>liabe<l, and doing a good buamrea Auy p? r?on having the above amount to in vi at ? t'.l Bnd tliia u aafe, profltal le anc highly attra< tlve buiii.eaa The meet uneieeptionable seeuntv givn 1 and iau tired. I'leaae call at tbe gallery, No 1 Bowery, fritnT A. M U!1 6 P. M. t]TrAM A (iriMLUAL AUESC. WITH A CA-II M capital (9bOO), far anew madical Inveatloa, alroady in operation and without aay coaenrrvace, with a prolft I of from $?|.0<'U Ul 910,ti00 a year. Adilraa* Dr.BKI'NON, 17 ftanton atreat. IA>HT AND KOl'NI). TpOlVlt-ON IUK 171H INiT., IN HROADWAY f onr Broom" ttrrrt ? pair of foil ?pecta-b * ? liith tt e oener ran have by calling at Brouki Hroa coinrr Catherine and Cherry (treat*. FOfcND? A POCKET HOOK, CONTAIN! *<; 8?WK money, In on* cf the Hroadway anil Forty ninth atieet line of ttagaa on tba I'tli inat. The ttw can hare the Mm# by proving property and payu.g ripen**' i Apply at !3Frr,nt atreet. I Mil \D- ON Bl'NDAY EVENING, THE 18TII IN-ri in liroadaay, a gobl locart, eoiitaio'og a gentli man'a pi olograph. Apply to tba bookkeeper of tbo i.r -era' Hark. IWT-ON M'NItAY KVENINO, IKTH INST *Nf, A I pair of gold apectacieii, Cropped In the lectura room ol I>r. Hpear'a church, paa?li>g tbroi'/h Amity to ilergen ?t-eat ITe finder will pirate raturn the ms? to NO Firgen atraet, llrookljn Y OUT? YWITRDAY, IN " A FOCBTEENTn HTfiEKT M.J ?,a?? '<? Homaton it reel. or walking from tnen?e up froa-'way to f*eventrenth atreet and thence down tha Mil*1 avenae to Fourteenth atreet, a green en?m>lla<l bitted b'acUt, The finder w II be li(*rally rewarded, bj Waving tbe aame at I4? Weat Fourteen**! atr?-l or at fhe office of the aubacr^her OHOItOiC ICKNBI<jI'R.-<) V Nerrhant'a Exchange, Uncover atr i et. 10c r-l HU t'ARY 1? rll. IN THE ATLANTIC IN 4 nuratie '.ft ice, Wall I'rwt, an Illinois Onlial Kailroi l will 1 ?*'+ N'?> 220 tor ten aharea of ?W *k Any on e fiu Hoi! il e ab ??? a 11 renter a favor by baring I i? "anealF Wirik 'i, leo Frort street, a? the tranifrr of ;h? ?..rn< I ?? btra atnpped, rendering It na< lees. L <KT? ON MONDAY MuRMVO LA?T, RY A M BY, In a Uowery owolbua, a port* monntle, con'ain lug al < lit f veutai n dollar?. I! returned to Met rap , II tan I'i?t OHice, Ihble Heuae, A?*or plnce, a reward will be gltin 10HT- ON HATIRT'AY AK1ERNOON, IN (tOUtO j from Washington place to I eight nl'wt, or in the H*tb arraif railo*/' .ara, a hea ?y gi ld biacelei. Ilia finder will be !ll.?i?llr reeari.'ed ty returning lani to n't1 oil:' a of Juiltea' Motel, Waahington plai* Iwr.?< WbTEXNTHOI <ANI? ANO T < III N'I?REI? _j dollars 'n ?|ivcU> c?rt>ncatca, l??u?t by tb' IWok < f Arrnrira to tbr aaa' clttol banbaof thla eit ? ? tb'?a of I i mi t hi li ti.ri * i?l II t ' 'j fai-U, and <m? of i H'l- w< t ? l>.?t no Krlday by a rl*rk of t'ja l-auk I tha loin -non * faith, on bia way from tlm clearing hn ? "o the bank, A> tb<a* cerliA'atea are payabla only tj the aaM-ciate! banka tiiaj can be of iio valua in the I v d? oi any pri vate luitiv dual or other corporation. All *~>n? ar? ie i|tie?t?<1 to atop any ona who may aftt> to pa<4 off * of tbe?e ?er" iflratea A aiiluhl" rartrl will ik |mii1 for tbe.r return U> tbe Hank of tb i (' mwo wealth O >X? MXIi. Caaliier MimfCAL. AuiiY, who h%!< hTi wrn sini.ivo i ni-kr the Brat maatrra In Europe, and ?ho .a obligwd v teach. Ip coun-i|u#tice ol ftilnm clrcuniitaMet, le.ire" fa|itOMI a law pup la for private tul iun ft>ia al"' * iak?a to obtain a aitaatt' a in a cl^oir a? aoprano ilai?er, where the w il be pail a liberal "alary f< r ber M-rvwea Addreaa K. Y. W,, I'oet OiM .e llr.,a-!w> y n*ar 1 ni?n ai^uar*. S?W lltfIC- ? ORE DAY OIT," A MUlUfOI. I _ ?ea aong, w.nla by V> II lauaon K?|-, uju?ei.r t<lovaniii CcoBcla. 1't eenta. " Tl? t>ur Cklk in ll?a?en, "nil by J. H. Woodbury, U een'a IV Fiei >ii'? Heart I ? I obi and Kree(" ?xg by 0 Jept ?u. W ctnia? | d?ecisBilve vlgnetta on title page, " Itiefaall'fa) v/alek- 1 elep, l>y ih?i?kir> hcballelio. 4e>l irate to Jabn I ajk>r, | f'*l > vlgnetla of Tajlci a a* loon on title j ?ge ii i ? ita ' f-part lirg I ofka," by lliomaa faker, n having .i Irn i n." ?aie. lUa ae v i-a ? L rditu n U n >w ?ut, ?>> c-'nta. li'dtAff, ?W Broadway v i: ? I I ' III in i.eai/u.# Mr WaU ra1 ralal'f ue af it ' at the r?"' .c*d pi.f a, < an ob* a n It by calllr g at hi i>re. a* i ? now leady. / vR*xiji7f~ jaojh-' A(?tWinon * a< ?> * / A ?< <"A> <m laiifkl in alt ? a< ? a a r? a 1 1 I r< ??d MtM-tanai, ill doi'ar* in adv*a>" by tbe ualy irlglual I rofeaeor, J, I . Jaroba 1"^ I 'a ?!????. ])IAM'I <?KT> * AT <IHI KX HM KIM' * il/HpOi bimllK'a? Tha entire alork of < eorga H?w? <a.? ^la,ed I ><?*? n I (arson, w nod aer? baad, ?? Jfo 4H llr< adwav. w.H ha a?H w -bo'i' regard ta 'o- caah. and evary Ina,ri:Bwnt folly aarran'a-'. AIm- a mi l ?af* eauntlnf?mt '?eak, aid atner lllirti ftiwf ta let, f -|ii*i itiioo t khai>.--ii ri:tui ms* It and tiaiah. lla< nwt bwn long n a ?? <*?t tuO. ?, i| I* >nM 't r VIM. Can be MB thli w>ek, at U fftU g ?tr?el. Bwosti n a ?. i? riA*>'OM at ?.ki.aT hiiuiaBH- : Tan tttj f. <?' Ufw'oar ptaaoa will ba a> II very b?w. ore e|f aetata piaaa, Ifamaor. a irate front final tnrmrti, elegantly bilaWd prlaa |.V?, wi I b* aoi I for I one Oecirga He aa plaao. 7 a-tava, all rai ad aor tare, pi ire |IW, foe ?'.-!* , >?a 4a frail rr-aad eaiaar>. I A, for IIM, wtarttia. ff?at raiad t?vaara tut ?lie netaea ptana for IKS aaw | aaw af every variety, tbe largeat MaariMat Hi tka eiataa at prtaae wMfik <U? r a*a?atitloa. Maladaaai of aA at 7 lea fr. m tbe Hoal eetabeaUd wtaaafaetavtea I* tba waeVI llo&ACr. WAt Mr, m BtaMwa; > "TJ ROADWAY THEATRE. ? E. A. Marhhaij 80LE D Laaaaa ? Docra open it ?)< ; commence 7 o'clock Wedaaaday evening, February 31, will txi performed BRUTUS. T.aHui Jualua Brutal Mr E. I. Davenport Titua Mr. Harry I Oollatlnua. ...Mr. Uiurn.u Tarqula Mr. Hancbett I TiUUa Maw Poutai Aruna Mr Qroavenor I Tar<|uinit.Mia* Uoognnhalm CUudiu* Mr. MrDoua?I | l.ucretia Mr*. Naglt I'aa&eul Mi?? Pile* GANKM. Ganem Ml?i J Gonger heim I Mearoar Mr. Vlncait Alrancid Mr. Dnv'ilge I Ketnab Mr*. Kul. GUllar Mr. Heyuieur I Queen. Mi*a A. Gougeulialm -VirAlJ-ACK'S THE*TltK, BROADWAY, NK.4 It v> P ..???.?? ' . ? Wtdneailay, Keb. .1. A SOIJHEB'S OOURrsmr. Col. Frank t<ay ton Mr. I<-ater i-av Melfcrd .. . . Mr* Hoar To ccneluila with KasJi Adam Truemaa. Mr Blake Howard Mr. Lo?t?r Hr obioa . . . . Mr. Brougham Tiflunr Mr. I'yOtt Twinkle. . Mr. Bland Jolimaitrf. ... Mr. HUwart Kanuy Mr*, Brougham ION. K<*? Mr. Chippomlale Ze We Mr Vlm-eot Mm. Tiltanr ...Mr* Hlaki. 0*rlrg<la..kluR Ibntxll Millinatto. . Mra. Brougham Prudence .... Mra. Stephoaa fiAHNI M'P AMERICAN MUSEUM.? WEDNESDAY J) Keb. VI ? Ittalni, at 7)4 e'elutk, ('Nl'IJ! KIM'S CABIN. with b 11 th? orig nal ace nery innate, Ac. After noon, at 8. the 1 A I > V OK l.Yo.VS. Admittance, oota, children under tan, 1-', cent*. f> EO CHRHTY A WOOD'S MINfTREIiS, NO. ill \ J Broadway, (Mechanics' llail ) I'ropiielor* Henry Wood k (iao. Cbriaty Tula wetk, a vared and ETHIOPIAN PERFORMANCE, cojnuftxing every awning ?t 7', o'clock. TIekaU, '.Sc. AU butineaa tranaac'.ed by llenr) Wood. EMI IRK HAII. MM) BICt'ADWAY ? NOW Ol'K.N JOHN K. Switb'a ?jRANI' TOL'K OK MJKOI'E, To which U now added THE HIKliK OK HERAXrOPOI., Fib'Mted with dlalingulaht I aucceaa tn tha principal cltlca of Knrnpa. In I.ondnn it wan exhibited 400 tirn**, to half a million 'pertona, and acknowledged by the pub I lie praai (a tbe largest and rue of Ilia moat elegant an l interesting exhibition* in tha word. Aa a apei unea of American art, Mr. J. R. Smith r*?|>ectlully noHelta a ahare of tba patronage of the Intellectual portion of the public. Open for exhibition every e\ening at 7 K o'clock. The miotic by Mr Alywln Field, of l<oudoo, who will In troduce, for tbe flrat time in tbia country, the tew in. atrument of tha piano amlco. Admittance, iS centa Children half price Hope ciiaiei.? to i.kt, the i.ktti be room or Hope Chapel, 711 Broadway, op|ioalte New York Hotel, fiom tlie preaent time to the lat of May, IHSi, or for a rhorter period. Alao. the upper apartment, or chapel proper, ftr lecture* or conccrte, an I for rellglou* ???vices on the Sabbath. E. GOODWIN, 117 Tenth atreel. BUCKLEY'S J'ERFNADIiH*, b.'.t BROADWAY.? l.Afl' W?JCK of the unotnatled bu'Ieaqne on l.LUUmA BOHUIA, WITH TIIB ECCENTRIC BARON. N. H ? In pre|>ara ion, a new muaical piee*, entitled the TWO iOMl'I.VS, (wrliten eipn?*ly lor tbla corn p*Ly,) Innodi cmg aa\rral original muaical oompoal tioaa, liy crlebrate<l rompuwra: aKo, the ureat rtial lep^e duet, from tbe opt ra of " I* t'balat," with other fa^o^lte aira. Concert at 7 ^ o'clock. Tlck'ta 26 ceota. I^BANKI IN Ml'HKUM, NO. 63 BOWERY.? IBM ?lay altero<Min at it, aud in th' eveuing it 7, twelm ' m w tabirtux will lie peraonated l>y tbe modal artiata, | Introducing I'owei'a Gteek Slave, Sappho, Veuua naiug I from tbe Son, lunoc<u:e, Timptation, with oth< ra e^tial I ly Mi'arratlng. HOWARII ATlinN.EIM, BOSrON.? I.AIUHI AND i>eotl''n?ti engaged for thia eitabllahinent are re | <,ut?te<l to Uiett In the gre n room, on Monday, iMUi Feb. CilAKIJS TLo.s I'AllSLOE, Agent HKUlCAJa. DIt III NTER, NO 3 I 'I VISION STREET, NKW YtiPK, >0 long and farorabiy known to tbe puldle, may be ! coti(ulte<] at hie old eatabli<)iiH| office, where he haa pracltaed in one tram b of medirlee for tbe laat U yeart, and made morr curea than any other man in the city, In many (Balance* of per ona conaideri?l incurable, anme of which he haa ptru.iaalon to reler to aa heretofore. Cbaigo ino-'f rate, aud In all caaea a cure guaranteed. I'aut i n. ? My great r< nieiy, Hunter a re.l drop can only i !?? lia l ?? abo*e. l'ricv II. Calk and gat the Monitor of ' III aliti. _ D' It WAKKEN MEVtl HI UK TIIK COI.I.WiK OK -I II gron? e( UnbMa and Ed.uburgh, attenda to practice ' at kia old ra'ab'.ltl a l office, 71 kU'llaon atri-et, near j ( a'-l ariij-, where he la perform r.g tha moit a toni-hing corn on rrcord, without reatialiit In diet or bviaiueaa I purauita. DH. COBI'KIT, r.i Dt AM SntK.Er, U?V UK <OS aultrd with eonfldeuce on private diaoaaea Kron hia ! great experience of 'JA jean be can guarantee parma , utntcurea. Uia tre?*juent la tbe aame aa that MMIM by tbe gr?at II. rd, of Taria. aad ao charge unleea per I ftcly eur>d. N B. ? Dr. C.'a -iiploma aa member of the : New York CnUeeeTy, with otter teeUoacaiaia ?f ? bigb I cl.aractir, may be *<< n la bi* oBre. ! T vK JOHNSON, 14 I L ANK KlKKkT, Ui? f'KKFOItM > J./ ?d more cur*a of <liaaa?a than >nr ulb'r m*diral j limn in N*w York. t'r J '* Iraatnnnl la both >af* and *jf*4itiou* , hi* n.rdicin** ar* harmWta*, to I can b* t?k?ii without 'm of d*t*<:tloo. fliarga* modcrat*. tad I tba moo*? r?futi'i?d if *ttlr* raUafaetloa I* oot giroa. DR. COOPFH, 14 DCANE flRKfTT, NO IjONfl KMOWM to tli* cKtirni of S?? York 11 tbx moot iiimu'I. ; ful practitioner iu private dia<a**a tbia country -?n ? boaat of, (till eoatlaufa to b* conmlud at hla oM ofllra, | rtll*Ting tb" va.' art U Data ami lining nonaoUUmi to many ai. achin* l.rart. N. U. ? I ?r. C. c'iararit<** a cur* n all ca??a ua<]<rtak*n, or no cbarj* mad*. DR. IOULJW, FROM M B1 l\ AS'I) lovim.v, r^N M cil?uI*?-i1 at 4H Canal -tr**t n l of Dr. ilwty, (lorn 9 A M till W IV M. Ir Paw -r.' <p?drt ? pill* . ami iirpurativ* 'Itctur*, II, aie * nrtiliciiR Tl * dlflirult caaM enrol tl frtlj ftf lit*. I)r. I nm' Ma of UiIm4, prlc* 4 ?. for g? n nl d*MI tr and D?it?ui illa'<riJ> r? It. P.>**ra f'>ra*l? pariodloal ' j.lll* and otbir roedlr n*a for ' m?l* d*ran(*m--ola, prle* II I'oatpall l*tl*r* wiU r*e?u?* imioadiat* atten tion. Pold at 4HCacal *tr*rt. MlittbNT, I'ARIH AND I OS IrflN I'llY.-HTAN ( ami aur*?i o. raolhcr of tb? Mad cal Adrlwr aa t (aUkd*, , ticala tb* allli' I'd Id 1 la ?p?oaMy, at 4 1 ll*%d* atr**t, rorricr of llroadwat, from 11 A. M till ami A to 9 P, M T>.oaa at a dlataora by foal I and aipraa*. ?V 11. ? Not tba ci ug atori Ht'H CIRK-DK W Milt Wlfil MM L'lfWRl1 nam' friend r ir? wlnn aotb'ng ? la* w.ll < ura< vlua all otbar thing* f? II. T'io?< dl ' aapofalad by pr? Iri4ni?iira?it4 ? Mlv onic* 60 (aaal atraat, ?" i *r rati of Hroa 'aay At hia old ? ? ?abilthnrf oTioa ei r?? aif ? in rant'<1 la < ?rry eaa*. < v.o iilUUona gratia. l;< in'dy alii, a l? ok, II PI'lll fil.KA't >.'?! Kll II Al DtMlifTYOI fHK AfiK J Mr klNNnit, ol foiknn, kai ilnn'twil la nu of our " laiiio:. Malm wooda a r?n>*>'y thxt run a mr+ry V of I u> r, from lift ?< rat *<rofu,a to a ? o m a on pLs|d? Hr ta* tn*d It la o tr I IfiO ea?*a. an'' n*var failed, at - rrpt In two ri < l? h tb n '> liun,<r Ha baa oa la fci? f ???? oa o??r two t ur <lr?"! r?rt,flra>? o' It* wrtu*, ad altl in ta?o'y aul** *f ('?/????a T ? '? fc< '.n a * tan nt< ? to *ar* a aur>.r.< a- r* ft) utb l?ri? t" U r?? b?U>? ?'l! tor* th? Ui< af |d?? < n tl^ far?, T?o to tl r> * bottU* will rnra tl ? ??at ~i of boiU. Two totlUa ar* wan to cur* it* n r>t ? mk*i la tbr mr atb or ??< o ? '< Una to f.?? boiUia ar* warrant ' '. j * ii* tb* wortt **?? of ?ryalp?laa. lia* t< t*o u< ttl> ? ar* warrant*! to ea- *11 kuwur la tb* *y**. T? o bo't'ra ar* ? airatW '? far* i i>r tg af tk* *y*a an 1 bk?Ub*a an.< U t ha r. Four to Hi bolttea an a^rraa'*^ I" * eorrayt aa1 rnaalnir alert t?n? botll* eor* i lly *ruft!> p o' th? akla Twntotlmw bottlto ?i ? warraat^ i-i rur? tb* wrr*t raa* of rti , woi ro. T?'< t' tair* boifUa a r? warraaV 1 to cor* tb* ?>*t 'nMttV fai*of rt "II a ? tr 1)it* to four U -U*i air ttntaM to aur* tb* aall rb? u?. lit* to *la>.' !?'. >? will r ur? tl.a wont ll? of **r? ft. la. A i-< ?fli la alwara ttpttimrmi hnm tb* 0r*t !c !? a, a i d a |x rfrctc ira .a *arr?at*<l wb>* tb* abut* oaaauir U tail a k?a ? . ? I i*dd)? ' ?T*r a tbiaaaad brdtVa af tbia latb* tltikttl af Bw'M I kne* tb* ?-fl'?t*of It u *r>f i *au m rara *? ?a'>r w It *ttlaf ul?b r.i* ?<, **r* ? fi ti :? cur* buw>or. I miii *<!?'* t? t.l*<.' It bat taal aaly aaatbar aflrt 4 Ulal it a. * *? ? af?*ka for .u?if TV*r* ar* tw. t)i >|i a Ml t' <a bwrb ittl ?p f*?r to r.m * jf -laf? f'?t, ibat It (r?*< it avr fn'-wi la a??a ilai ?? ^alt* |*l* n\ i tl ?n ?*l tta val .* l aa a*? r *????? ii'iaii ur 'tl I dla?.*?r*<1 It I* MM ?*"*V tb*t t ? ?. ? .t. *.ii? alt kii>4* af bbBwi* la *fi?rto?l** an??a . Ua vf '1 1 if' '?a rlM iM f l**t i j aUrllr <?' tb* d a* ?*ry, I W 1 < at* tfcat ia Ajiril lt?" I II af *ald a '*/n\ ill l?t:l** ft day. la HV4. I aoid o*ar * IU*? na4 Wit * |V4ai ? ? V? fbar>g? c,f dl?4 a?- n*<?* ?ary ?*! Ik* nal i'i* tit (*' ia! <a? rkaf i( lar*t t . * i f</t nm A 't? ot.? tab)* ay aafat i*r bay, cbll fir o?ary**ra d*aa*rt *|- '*f?l di 1 !??? rr-'fa .1** 'a . ?! ' ;*ar?, Ua *|?- nfaL A* ao d r?*i "?.? *aa ha aafl ? rati* to ill ?'iaa1lt .i ot*. ti.a? i?Hr??' to p*r*i*'a < > i.wiU t?i" a '?> Mr n*1; r 1 ** f"t? aa' at f ? i? ' a >?' * to ka4 raan tl aiaa'tla Ma *??'*. t*r*>l Of I iral' K*?n*<| N' I3D Virrialtiaaf Itnlirr 4m* I n* II. w l.o^aal* fo? S?a Yorb^J i?a< Q ? ir Ni . 1W fraa'.war (. V < lua*!**. So II. Itor'-toy a'.r??t A II % I? ?Sa'a b* 141 I al"<? *tr**t, la< ra to0*4 br tii n*>a?t*i U 4raoi*ti CITR4 PAT. PIKMMffbC, BO' MfY UtMIA-140 A nt*>- T'l a n Y *>/M>r it *ai.'*. la aay war MwlfM fMN (?nif r?-i?lr?d at V a*? ac*- a MM '?RASIdS. Atto'a< t at law, Ctwal**ioe?T far 'b* a*i*ral iau*. lit a*! |;i N*>aaa HrwaV D? MAt'Y PAn/)MC AMI* oTinV ? FmiA PAT ? prtaayli; paid, bawaty ba4 warrtdi aata aaa4, ba*? *ad ?' <1 paauna wr ^ar*4, b? ??"! 4a* ba r* af 4>-)iaa4 I fi *naia (w0a*to4, a ad all biatiMtolM i|4i?t Ua* Ttto4 Walai rwao***a4 by pirtw afj> jamai. Afaat a*4 lata I'vwt t' & N$tf, r Vt?i lUaoi. | Burton u tbcatwc, chambdu strut -wbu BNfct, two (UnmI; conic dInm HAUL r*y. on, I MOPK I DON'T DfTRCDK. Paul Pit, Mr. Burtoa, Col. Hardy, Dr. And awa, r.ura. Mr*, llough; Khebe, Mr*. Burton With the very funny fare* of Tl'RNTNO THK TABI.r* Jack HuBphrlM, Mr. Burton, Poiapa, Mr. .Urdu To morrow, variety alrbt. I'nday, ?? Berloua KamTly" and " Th? Toodlea " H'lWHY TIIKATKI" ? PHUI*KICTOR AKD MANAdHL D I- >' Wi-ldioa. Htage Manager, Robert Joaee ? JMooa of A' nii*Miuo ? Rosea. ii Cinu, Pit aa4 Gallery. l< centa, I'nvate Boiaa $1 \\ edueaday i lealngrah tl WOMAN'S TRIAM butohkr'h dou ur onofT. Illark Mtrtiu Kr B Oav 111 If <>l HANt. mi tANi;. | TIU. TWO UKKUOMW. T^MBLO'K? hATI I DAY I'.Yk.NINU FIB. 'J4 XI (IK AMD CONOR!1 b< DOHWORTUd 1MMKN8E RAMI AMI) (.RANI) OIK HKSTRa, aa?iat?d by Ml H I I. AH A M BRIN KKItHOU', the eauaeal \ > *lut Ml'. AI'ToMMaM. the orlebraWd llarplal UK (i. K l!lil.-U?W. the 1'iaaial and I'OiAVtthlH ft MrittND BAND OIMI'I IMKNTAK1 to (II A III. KM H. PINK, In.'er ib? utrrrtU'O of Harvey B. Mvalfe TICKKTV riKTY OKNTH To be had at the principal hotel., mnelc atorea, tal a4 the door on the eveii^g ul the concert. Conceit to eommear-e at M ?' tlouk preciaely. % BOUKKYTIIKATRK ? BKNKKITor MR J M COOkl Wuahlugton'a Uirttniay ? -'-'d of February? on which occnaiou Mile Julia living, pipil of N. I I lark<>, Ha#e Direcloi of the itroe-teay, will make ha firat appearance t a an; ?t?x? fa thrchaiacler of Itiareee, In " *1 lie Mulder at the Chateau." Mr. O J. Airoid the American tragedian. Mia> 1U ?l*li waiter. (Ilrat appearance la New Y>rk ) Mr. J. Toole, Mr. C. loi. and otbera of eaaiaent tat will appear In the following pi*c?? ? 1 1 1 K Ml'RlrKu AT TIIK CHATEAU. tiiv: oatii or \ km.kam k. Hit ROCOII DIAMOND T II K N A T I V ?. AMERICAN ; On, tu? I .am h or WAMiiM.roa ITo.S |M(Y. a ad the BLOOD K?li AY I NliKIt lit I III'. KPANJ>Q MAIN lietwmher the U'Jd of February. w ONI'KRITI..? THE DEAD TO Ml K m THK ECCENTRIC HA RON, At HiiRiKT'e, '<:i9 llmui?4r, TO NhJHT 17XTRA AliVKI'.n ?fMKNT TIIK KKARrTL, KRtilli \ ful 1.1 CR17JA BORlilA, ?t lluchley'e, for tula week only. Monday evening Fab M, ao ordinal pirci, TIIK TWO POMPIY4. fiuBuuix ytyakii ob unno htatuary, in 1. French and Roman ilj If. ? Profi-aaur IVur, wlUa hia entir* tionjie luat arrived from H umpo, will ?ahibit t >i in afternoon at ?'! o'clock, and thla evrnioK at S o'clock. In the lalei natunal Muatum, 61 IHrlamn atr?H. Tuk eta 2ft centa ; |{eaerr?<l Meat?, iO rent* I.cIim ia4(?n tl< men are rcaiHCtlully Invitad to nail thia aplendld per loiuiace*. II WKI.I.C.N'K AMI' Wgrnrg mm intria JOHN MAMONI) ANI) MICKY WARRKN, TWO M?*T IMfurrHC n Tllk womb, will la'.li k^|>ear next aaek. TIIK ( tl .KHItATKD BLACK HWAN, I.4TKI.Y RS turned ft cm Xuropo, will give a aeriaa of on? arte. ?>atated by tha w< noetful tenor, tha Colored Maria, la tMa city. I'rouranima will ba puhllahaa in a few day*. \]kj ANT>'I> ? AN OLD MAN, A HKaVY MAN. ANB A V? air git>g walk liy lady, for a rraiwrtabU- traTaUln< cnmpany. Aadreta I. Morion, Mvaaion llouae, Ptaia held, New Jeraey. ~ IIOUHKH, < AftltlAtJKH, StO.~ k T THK NEW SQtl BOSH HA/AAR, SI CI.04BT y\_ atfe-et - Will be aold tbl* day at llo'oloek, laaoif hoi an aultable f?r ait yurp xea. aln new and W?a4 hau l wafona, alelgh-, harnrw, bridlea, aaililaa, Ac. Hal> etiry lltitdav and Wee ueada T at I'J o'^-' jck joiin ii (iArnu.D, Pr?pHHw^_ Inn BAUUROMX, WAI.OV, BUJ.IY. HIJMHI ri b?f*. btrnea?, Kr , all In good and complata oritar. 'I l.a owner la about loaria< th? aity, aod will dlapaae erf all Ihe abote at a aai rlAc? Wagon Bulky , Itarneaa, Ac , are all ne aily new, and made to order. The hotM U tound. kind, an<ta faat traveller, a ftue aaddle hora* far ?ither lad y or gei. tinman. Can Ix- aeen at rlttb ttabl* Tt Hilrd aln nt PrtM lor the whole, % IkO 1j*OR HAl>/ ? A BAY HORHB, I? IUNM fOUH. ' aoand, and kind In an gle and d'.uliia barr.eaa, ana trot Inal'le 2 M> Alao, a llyht trotting waaoa, alatgh. one act of harneaa, whip, ktable and dreaa blaaketa.rakaa belle, Ac All t? Le aold together, aa tha twur la abaal loafing tha city. Apply at Ji and IM M?o*r atreet. IfOlitlK. am AND MARKKA ? HOP.* I yeara aid, gentio, ao.1 goo<t traroMew; about OB" year, tuital'la for ? bua aaa? man or phxiolan Hill he eoid ae par ate or toyetbar. A| ply to J:>I.I. k i I',* -:i foatb atreet, Dry Deck. TT'OR HA I* -A MOM ,1" alout eev>u yeari gig haa beet! uaed about T*ll hAIK-A IIVKUV fTAHI.K, fOSdl?T()ltf r Itrrt rliu lioriH, Ixtn Md llflil rtrrli(M ,Tl|b. h?rt??? rob**, holla. *<? , aultotili- for rlty irork. Apply to Wll I I AM f.i.I.iT'iM. Uo Kul'oa rtroat V|V/K SAIK-A 1. 1 VICKY MTAHIJ% IV A CKMTEAI* P Uxatloa, t <t"lng a lln* bualooaa, cuuuiiif at Jr?t cUaa hoi lira*/ tod light nrtluN, ?(*?<, alai/lit, I imu, roL- ?. brlla */ , HiltkU for rlt; wark. Aij'lx I" HU.I.IAU M 1-NlUK, W??ult?o alrrkt. ]nos gray rKR-r roK h/ix mx ykar* oij*, nt<iM, klnd n hariaaa wall tidllt, tat |i'?|>ifln?', *rll clap tad to U.a #?,.r?aa Ii '.iih"# or lor * (rotary iloir niij t* in g nl NTIM KYI ititi'ii fur prior, at t"Xi Itroadwar. \'niVMNT IIORMW. ? fVFIUI. VkhV t'PMUirtt rt'ijmtfma t-rmmf, "f ?aira ?pradklvl Uau'j, HI oof tb?an too mavl l?i a af l.tja J'vrf Da uilr tf 'ti|?,t"f hmtaa aarraato4 la r??p"t >?/ mp> ot.Ma paiUaa, ollj if*:/ at 3* IV'rt.m atir?t BfiHljii. WAWIN^TMM.? ?f'H ? A ? IC, TIIK fA.-T TTWITTI*? kay atollioa Watblartoo. I' handa klsk las jrtara cUI p*rfa? Uj aouad aal kiat Waabiaftaa la ? aup?r or foal f?4l ?r a a ail kla aWvk haa pro rat lor lit ^arktaUfi i^pl; at M and M War car auto*. fl/AKTll' To MIUIlAMC. A I'AIH <ikll<JIW?a. f V ?y turn M to I haoU li<k, atalU'a drtnra uJ faat A my '?? ktilof l ha aS> fa for aaio nan ria l a * wk < uaU mar I y tn-'ia. Mr t A. If , W* 7*4 I'aal <>?aa, {'? I la( Ararrlp'lok, jrlca, Ac. IIOTKIJ. ( lMi,INf Hl/ni }<f'T Ok < AMAI fTKITr >K/J*f i0( ' l? nm, *ith a full *law o< lb* fcarkor, old M 'an II; ai l a iii> rutin*, < n on- 1 naiouVIa Wma, for tlw aataot. In lianatamt or |?rwta*at buaH TY>a lark t?"a la k>*l l.a-al'lir and riur>[; a*l. TaI.I MAM k MAl?, I'r fintafi |iHA*(1'Y liOlPk.? A Wl KWI>fl? KCffOT K">mM j| ' to Ut lo tic I tUwty of Itioakoaf and W aiirl'.r |U'?. opp? ? la tht fcr w York II- trl To Brat <-la?i jar! - a, Oila could prr>?a an *ufi'4k iMakaa, a?d II ry ??* aja/aot'/ luia uni \ ' >? MI'il i I ? m , >iK||". -1 Kill, 1 I u/lftla If :i li^aiou ? Th?- aktrf* kwM KM tralljp arti/.W, hii ao *tc?!i*ot riffoo iaa or |rl>al? aitt ng imw ktaM* Mf t*4Wif III lit an/ tir<u.? a ?o?>4 autvaiof roooi, oua. in*4 and ?!??. ?t r lalha, al-aja r?a?1jr A Blgh' por*?r ia at t-n.'anro A f ia<! rl.arv* far arraaaU ISa Ha* Yam llrtaM la f.U-J llfJHAf (4I AKTVilMAINK a -o ? rn?tor if tl.? ('rook i*4 fraftra, and ilk1) firwti, lirraaoaki t??4?r? ??*?-'. .1 tt *ak? to ?.i? to>H-aa I a li.r tli? (atora ha haa ao luOff ooj-?ya?| at toolr liaB'ta and tolwlta tl.ali ? a< au>d patroaafa aal r< MifMvlalka " RKWAIIIMI MWAKD-I'M ? MVN PH., a ?!"< I HI ' a too; Ikaaa * Ka? ' rr * '1 rotorn It *0 NrM V l??l? wll! rx^rlra Ui* raoai4 olth manr tkaata tor I'?*AIM> l"-l, I' hi A"< f AM"-. H'W. i?f ) n? ! am- fi 1 If Vo '.'1 ra ? ark ? 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