Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6754. iBTnUSfiEMTS EElfEWKB 1TMT DIT TUB RSUOS. "T^LJSVENIH ANNl'Al, BALI. OF JSj 8IOMON 'B AMERICAN BRASS BAND, At the Apollo, ob Friday eveulng, 23d iait. OKI'RH or D>MCMO. 1 ? I'rc/wuaade, Wedding llsreh Ifendelaohn 2? Quadrille, Haute Voire Straus* *? Quadrilto. Reconciliation Belahxlm i? Walti aad I'olka, Yankee Poodle Walt* Downing i -Quadrille, Rot al Fa {Hah Julien ?? Hrliottleh and I'olka Redowa, Birth-day, kt.. . Ixxier 7? QuadriU* Tammany Set C. S. Orafulla ?? Spanish Jlance, Hjellon'a Medley ? MrviCAL ?ri.Ax<ia 1? Duett#, Bella Inmagin*? Nell Opera Semirm mid*.... Koa.ilni 'lr- Quick **ep, dedicated to the L'ndaey Blue*, Capt. K A. Roberta: composed by C. 8. Orafulla ft? Quadrille, Orafulla's beet C. 8. Orafulla 1C ? Quad idle March, Olymplo Kuhuer nrmkMion . 11 ? llomeoaiV. froai thePmph?t Meyerbeer 12 Quadrille, Thought* of Home Orafulla 18? Quadrille, Jubef Btrauaa 14? Welts and I'olka, Philadelphia Walti UbIUky ?a?? Quadrille, Cheat and Jlf Scotch air* 1'? Quadrille. American Bny Urafulla 17? 8cliotttaeb and I'olka, Re<lowa and Matou rka. . Brook* 18? Quadrille, Hoyal Irish Julien If? Quadrille March, Washington 21' ? Spanish Dance, Cornet Medley ? ? . . .21? Family Pet, Skelton's bent Orafulla FLOOR COMMITTER W*. M. Scott, C. S Orafulla, Geo. 6. Hartt, S. 8 8. Sean, W. H. Smith, J. T.oy. Ticket*, one dollar. H ANCOCK ASSOCIATION AVNCAL BAI.I.? AT Nl blo'a saloon, February 22, 13f S iH ANCOCK ASSOCIATION ? A FEW TICKETS YET unsold at MILLETS music fa'.ooa, 32V Broadway IjOST and fouso. "Xj>OC/'ND? ON THE 17TH INST., IN BROADWAY, JJ near Broome atreet, a pair of fold apncta -Wa, ? bicU the owner can bare by calling at Brook* Hro?, corner Catherine and Cherry atreeta JjWUND? ON THE 6TII INST , IN HI'DSON, NEAR f Caaal atreet, a lady'* breastpin Ify c.?lliajc at 2 Greenwich ktrnet, tho owner can bar* the mom by proving proper 'j and paying *xp?n?e?. "f OST? TFSTSRDAY, IN A FOl RrKENTH STREET J a stage to Houston atreet, or wall lug from tbeass up trr.i J way to Heventeeath |1 reel. an. I thence down the lifth avenue to Fourteenth atrvet, a gr-eu enim?!M linked bracelet. The finder will be liberally rewarded, by leaving tin- ??atne at 140 West Fourteenth atreet. or at the office of the subscriber. GKORQK HKNRlQt K', 2?l Merchant's Exchange, Hanover atreet. "J OST. ? ' ,I>. i . II .KN THOCiAND AND V\ VS HCNDKEI* 1 i dollars in ypesie oert.ficatea, la?u?d by the Rauk of America to the .assocUtod banka of thla elk*? three of $5 ,000 each, three ol $1,000 each, and one of feoOO? were lost un Friday by a clerk of the i>aok <f U?e Common wealth, on his way from the clearing hoc x ?o the book. A* theae cert'flcatu are payable only ti tb? aaaoclaU"! banks, ther can be of no value la the I ti da ot any pri vate individual or other corporation. All ^ -?>na are re quested to stop any one who inay attem pt to pax* off neither of tkete eertiilcate* A suitable nrtrd will be paid for their return to the Bank of tb* C >tnmouwe*lth. SEO. KI.LIS. Caahler. ~T OST ?ON MONDAY, 19TH INST , A $20 DOI.LAR I i bill on t ie Bull's Head B?uk. The Under, by re 4^ tun turning It to 11. N. Holden, 497 Third avenue, ahall be liberally rewarded. -T 06T.? LIFT, -TUESDAY, 20IH IN*I., IN OVE OK J i the Forty -ninth atreet stag)* in going up town, near Ninth-street, at about 3)4 I' M . a small ptekage containing two or three I'niteJ state* Tariff*, wiih proof and mutter for a new edition. The finder will lie literal ly lewarded by leaving the aame at U1CH k LOC fllKL'S, atationera, WUi'am atreet, betwven Pine and Cedar. T OST? ON TUESDAY EVENING, Ar THE MKT BO 1 J politan tlieatn. or in going to or reluroing from It, a gold bracelet, made of thr?e cb?io? joined by a rlaap. "The Under will be auitably rewar..e i by leaving it wIlU K. H MUNBOE, 48 Ueaver atroet. -|- OST? ON FRIDAY EVBHNU. 1HE lOIII IN6f., A I j large black oi>eru glata, in leather caae. for wtuch a auitablc reward will be given. Euppoaed to Uave been "kft lu paruuMIe of Broadway tie.tre, ?ft?r "Cinder ella " S. D. VAN SCHAICK, WO Broadway, or 01 Twelfth atreet. 3r OFT? IN THE VICINITY OK 8!\ MARK'S PLACE, \j oq Wedie*dav, Feb. 21, * valuable Scotob grey ouiid, of yellowish cclor, ani unroiumjn beauty . Mi/ t? i!e?ixDnlcc by ? atrip of white in tbe f?ce, and a p? euliarly shaped not on tbc left biy cf triangular form, also, fret and brent of wbite; ana at the period of be lost had encircling her neck a silver collar bearing -the inscription of "Smile." aad the owner's name "With the uopn of obtaining said dof, a liberal rewarl -w I' br given to whoever may find and return ter to 3^ St. Mark'* plare, or 210 Washington street. AVING8 BANK BOOK LOST.- A BANK BOOK, NO 180, containing an account between John Havens and (be Provident Pavlnja Institution of Jersev City. Any person who will restore the nmr to W. J. Haven", Mo. 148 Bloomfield street, Hobo ken shall be liberally rewarded OiBAYED-ON THK JiaT IsfcT , FROM 318 UU KS (O street. Du.oklyn, a Urge bUcW sett?r dog. with wulte bieant and pawe; had* collar on, wi;h name and re*l drncr o( tb* owner. Whoever returns hiin will U li berally rewarded. HDHCAL, -VTikW Ml": iC. ? 1 ONE DAY 01 T," A BEAl'TttTI. ,1^1 res song, ward* by W. H I eviaon mua c by tiicvanni Sconcia,26 centa; " Tia Our Guild tu Heaven/' mtog by J. B. Woodbury, 26 cents; 1 The Fireman'* Heart ia Bold and Free," rong by O Jepstin. 30 c*nt?? <1* script i?e vignette on title page " International Qulck etep,'' by Tbco<Iore Scballahn, dedicate) to John Taylor, Erq , vignette of Tavlor'a laloou on title page, 26 cent*; ''Sparkling Polka," by Thomas Bauer, li baring an ini n>cn<e sale, the seventh edition ia now ont, 3D cents. .HORACE WATERS, Publisher, U33 Broadway. N. B ? P< rn us desiring Mr. Waters' catalogue of music at the reduced prices, can obtain it by cailiog at bis store, aa it ? now ready. ^IKCOND HAND PIANOS AT GRKAT BARGAINS ? |J Two rery fine boudour piano- will be fold Tory low: ?re 8*4 octave piano. Harrison's make, front round corners, elegantly flaisbed, price I3CR), will be aoll for ?2W; one George Hew* piano, 1 ortav*. all round cor aers, price 9C.'-0, for 9226; one do front round corner*, *326, for $19?; one 0 octave, front round corner*, for 9160: octave piano for >175: new pianoi of erery ?eeriety, tbe largest aasortment In the United 8tato?, at fritee which defy competition. M? .od?on.? of all stylo < m m the most celebrated mmu'actorles in the worll. HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. f I <HK MMC8 FIUCINB, PROM IN'ULAND, TEACHERS JL of the piaao, wish for engagements as soprano sing er < in a church in this eity or Brooklyn. They have atuutod ander the first masters of the Koyal Academy, MMU Papils attended at their own resident** on to xlerste terai*. AddreA 186 H'.-nry atreet, near Clin ton atreet. PROPOSAL*. y~1'iRl1>RATIO? NOTICE ?DEPARTMENT OF RE \ aalri and Supplies, February 16. 1816.?' To Bulld ?ers ? Sealed proposal* will be received at tbe office of tbe < ema*l**iun*r of Repair* and Hupplics, No. 3 City ?all, until Tuesday, 27th iaatant, at 12 .o'eloek M., atwhieh time they will be opened, ia accord ance with tbe amended charter of 1863. for tbe building of the following bouses, Ac , for th* corporation of the rcitv of New York, nsmslr: ? 1 fcouee for tbe u**of Hose Co No 12. I " '? Engine Co No. 49 I " " Engine C*. No. 8 1 " " Engine Co. No 89 1 * " llook and ladder Co. No. 13. Alee for a bouee for the use of the Third dl*triot po lice station. lb* plumbing of tb* Ninth war' station bouae Tbe plnmMng of the Eighteenth eard atat on house. The pluaiting of tb* Union market, and tb* *bed* area ad J*flrr>?n market. Tbe plaa* sud apeciB -ation* o! all tb* above work re ?quired to be 4oine an ) ail infora*i.on in ragard thereto, <sb be bad at the oflef of 8u,i*rioteodsnt of Publio ft iii-iiag* 74 i.adlow atreet Also for tae bniidiag of a h?*? *afr>*f* for the u** of Hose Compaay No. 39. Ibe plan* aad apecitoatlon* of tb* bee* carriage can be *?*? at tb* oflk** of the Chief Engineer, 2MDUab*tb etrwet Bleak estimate* for all of tb* abev* work can k? had at either office. M. B.?Tbs 'JatamiMioBer reserves tb* right to reject all < r any of the **Uasate?, if d?*med for tb* iat*re*t of tbe ceepovat,oB BARTHOLOMEW B Pt'RDY, tomaslaakwer of Repairs aad SappUe*. mnn>, BIUAAftD TABLES? NOTICE ?WE WOULD CALI. the attention of th* public to onr aew etylo of ?a*hiaa, Jaet iaveated, aad new for take at onr factory, ? Aaa atreet 'Th*** cushion*, being oar own Invention. ?eaeot be pnrrha**d elae where Order* by mail for ta balls, cloth*, aad everytbiae in tbe trade, prompt ly attended to. TahU* packed aed ahlpped at one day' ?etiM. GRIFFITH A IiiU.KUt. 90 Ane *tr**t ?I f wyu^TrnaiH m biujahFtabi.^ for haix at I.MWKARI' A KKNJa UIN'S eitensive wirerouns, I baadway. also, ball*, cteth* cum. A?., A*. Lcwer price* aad bettn material* cannot b* roaod*Ia*wber*. iroun ooom. Omtfi o> the cnirj o> poijce- FIb. m iw? ? Owner* tre sraated at this oflee for the felb?wia? jToperty, *':pya*a< t? have b*ea stolea ?On* dark far e rtrwtoe, oa* pocket clary for Hit, coataiaiag paper*, *a>mormadum>. A* . oa* aarpet ?*? toft la ba*k No 197; also, at th* Fir^ IHetiUt Court T-*ab*. 0*atr* street, aa* Wge ee>f *U? >to.gU rote, wftb red Agn-ed ha!*g C . ?> w . ma: ^ -C u Chief ef P*He*. WA8BUV GTOH'fr BIETHDA.Y. ?tl Celebration In tke Mrtiv >poll? by the Au thorities, Ike United M lerlcana, dte. Exteatdve preparations hare bevn made to celebrate, in a becoming manner, the 123d mm <U*I return of the birthday of Gen. George Washingt^w. I [ere t of ore this unirinuy b\ en too ranch neglected, and the many recoliecticw*, fraught with interest to iwrjr American citizen, cmh cted with the life, labors and great public services of out who, above all other men whoso namee history has NanA ?a down to us, la entitled to the name of the Father c< hi* Country, baa been inffered to pass in this great metsope Ue of the country with scarcely a alga of recognition, ftther n?< tione commemorate. with military pomp, pro\'e?monn and solemn religions services, the birthdays a' their beros, but we ? te our shame be it said ? haw almost Ignored the existence of such a day, and allowed it to paaa without tbo?e public ceremonies befitting a great nation to pay to one wbo has been Its greatest tone factor, and to whom It owes much of the liberty it enjoys. To-day, however, some approach will be ma ie to a pro per observance of Washington's birthday. This la owing, doubtless, to the growth of a more distlnotivo American feeling in our midst, and it is to be hoped that this is but an earnest of what is to come heresfter. Let our citizens show, that, at least so far aa regards them telves, the charge that republicans are ungrateful is untrue. The following is the otB-lal announcement ? The Joint Ppcctal Committee of the Common Council invite tbeir fellow citizen* to join in the celebration of the HSd anniversary of tbe birth Jay of General Oeorge Washington, the Fatner of his country, and announoo the following programme of arrangements:? The natloDal standard will be raised upon the City Hall, and other public buildings; and at sunrise the Veteran Corps of Artillory will tiro a national salute on tbe Battery. At 12 o'clock, If., tbe Veteran Corps will be reviewed liy hi* Honor tbe Mayor and Common Council, at the City Hail, alter wbicli they will be addressed by General Leslie Coombs, ol Kentucky. At 12 'i o'clock tho Mayor and Common Council will review the procerslon of tbe Ord?r of United Americans and the military, in front ol the City Hull, nwi a national salute of thirty-one guns will be fired in honor Cf tbe day. At 1 >j o'clock PM a eland of colors will be presented to the 0th Regiment New York State Militia, by the Majcr and Common Council, In behalf of tbe people. At 2>; o'clock 1'. M. tbe 7th Ileglment of Now York State Militia will bo received by tbe Honorable tlie Mayor and Common Council in front of the City Hall. In the evening a transparency of Washington will be illuminated, and tbero will be a grand display of rockets under the superintendence of Mr. Isaac Edge, Sen., pyro technic artist. Tbe proprietors of hotels and maulers of shipping in port, are respectfully rei;>iestel to have tbe national colors raised at masthead during the day. A! I'KKW KN. OOU.NCIUntX. Peter P. Voorhis, Francis M. Curry, Chairman, Chairman, litnry R. Hofftnlre, Jacob S. Moore, ftrorre W. Yarian, T. Cooper, Charles Fox, Thomas 1). Ridden, Cnmmlogs H. Tucker, J. C. Wandell, The United Order of Americans will be out in numbers that will astonish those who have not been aware of the progress of this organization. The chapters are to meet at their respective headquarters, and march to East Broadway, where the line will form, and will, under di rection of Cap* J. C. Holme, Grand Marshal, proceed through Grand street, Bowery, Chatham street, across the Park, (where it will be reviewed by the Hon. the Mayor and Common Council ) up Broadway to and around Union Park to tbe Academy of Music, In Four teenth street, lion. Thomas K. Whitney, Past Noble Arcb Grand Sachem of the Order, will deliver the annual oration. Tbe Old Veterans will also bs out in full force. They will assemble in Lispenard street, at 10 A M., and pro ceed 10 the Hark, where they will bo reviewed by the Mayor. The American Protestant Association also have signi 11* d their Intention to celebrate the ddf to a becoming manner. Tbe different Lodges will assemble before 9 A. M , at Washington Tirade Ground, right resting on Waverloy place, snd ma rah through Waverley place to Sixth ave nue ; through ?ixth avenue to Fourteenth street; through Fourteenth street to avenue C; through avenue C to Fourth street , through Fourth street to Clinton; through Clinton to Grand, Grand to Bowery, Bowery to Chatham; to the east gate of the Park ; through the Park and up Broadway to Canal street; through Canal to I<aight; through laifht to St. John's l'ark, and dismiss. Brothers J. Herring, U. Brysat, J. McElroy and J. Mil ward, will act as special aids to the G. M., Charles Ken I n?dy. The miliUry tarn out, we regret to lesrn, will be quite mull. Tha NitloasI Guard haro signified tlielr in | t?nt on to parage. They will form la the Park, la fron* ' of the City Hall, at a quarter pant two o'eloek. They I are to be equipped In w'nter eostume, with ovtrooat, food stout boot*, A:. We understand that this r?fi ? meat has been drilled witn treat ear* during the pant winter, and they eipejt to a>i>l to their already high re j putation on the parada of to day. Bucsess t? them. The 1 Jadssy Blue*, one ?f our moot respectable aad i bent drilled rolunteer companies, are also to parade, ! under the command of Clapt Edgar A. Robert-. They : will act aa escort to the United Americana. In tha evening a transparency, representing Washing- | ! too, will be lit up In front of th? City H?U, and that | building will be illuminated. The New England Society, which wai to hare held a | festival at the Astor House, baa postponed it until Thurs , day evening, March 8. O. 17. A. PROCESSION, PEBRTARY 22, 1855, IK COM MF.M0BAT10X OP THK OKI HUNDRED ANT) TWENTY THIRD ANNIVERSARY OP THM BIRTflOA V OP TOE PATBER OP OCR C<Jl'NTKY , THE IMMORTAL WAHBlNl.TON. JOHN C. HEI.UK. grand mar- n AT.. Wiuj h. Wnaa, gpncur. Am. The I'ne will be formed in Kant Broadway, right rent ing on Catherine street, at 11 o'clock, an! more at Ualf psst 11 A. M. precieely, in the following order ? first DiMaiow. Mounted Cavalcade. Grand Marshal. A!di ? Albert J Bogart, Lewi* J. ParLer. H. Merrltt, J. W. Jarboe, Albert Pisber, O. Griscome, Thaldeui At err, R. J I.uckey, L. B Bruen Manlial, J H lirlggs Aid* ? B. C I>ean, George w. Tbutber. Hand. Continental Guard, Under the command of Lieut. Wm. H Van Valor. The Honorable the Chancery of the titate of New York. The Honorable the Arch Cbancery of tha I'altad .- tatea. The Honorable the Chan Mi lee of ? New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and MassarhcMtts. Passed Qrand Hacliems, Orstorof tbo Tay. Paaaed 0 raad Caflain* and Clergy, In rtrriagee Alpha Chapter, No. 1. Band. Washington Continental Guard, commanded by Captain Dm row. Washington Chapter, No 2 Band. American Volunteers Captain Morgan. Warren Chapter, No. I. MCt'ORD DIMj40X. Marihal, James Van Hrtmt. Aids, Willsrd H. Hmith P. K. Wcod. Rand. American Continental*, Ctpta'nTboinsa R. Bull. Manhattan Chapter, No. 4. Band. Baiter light Guard, Capt George Thomp on. Lowreooe Chapter, No. 5. Bui Military Escort. Ameriean libapter. No A. Colombia Chapter. No. T. Band . Liberty Guard, Captain To .og 1'utnam Chapter, No. ?. Hand. Military Escort Paulding Chapter, No. 10. TWIID [>rTnro>, Marshal ? Joseph Souder. Aldi ? J. C. Wendell, J. A DouteU*. Band. Lono Star Guard, commanded by Capt Healeraon routines tal Chapter. No. IS. Hancock Chapter. No. 14. (Altigton Chapter. No. IT. National Chapter, No. II. Charter Oak Chapter. No 33. Wowihnll Chapter, No 34. Bunker Hill Chapter, No. ST. roi KTit oinnoii. Marshal ? Benj. J. Balden Aids ? I'. Hpear, G. A. Nuroe. Bend. i indeey Blues, Capt Kdgar A. Roberts Ki relator Chapter, No 31. flehoyler Chapter, No 20. Jasper Chapter, No. U. Republican Chap tee, Mo. 34. Tappaa Chapter, Ma 40. Now Yark Chapter, No 41 I I K Plan bus C'auss Chapter, No 13 nmi i>inw?'. Marshal? Joseph A. /otter. AM*? W. H. Brinkerhoff, J. Vf Dupree. Band. ].. C. Stiles Musketeers, Capt. Ww. B Frellgh. Ironside* Chapter, No. 41. Ringgold Chapter, No. 48. Junior Sons of America. with*. Marshal? George W. Ktome. Alda? George U. Hall, Joseph Laboyteftut. Bawl. Military Kacort Wayne Chapter, No. 6 'I. Fort (in en Chapter, No. 54. United .Ha ten Chapter, No. IT Montauk Chapter, No. 60. Henry Uav Chapter. No. 01. Flushing Chapter, No. 65. Band. ' Military Escort. Nathan Hale Cnapter, No. M. Brooklyn Chapter, No. 68. Central City Chapter, No Tl. * Aiiu rican Flag Chapter, No. 84. Ianiel boon. Chapter, No. M. The tol will countermarch np East Broadway to flrtiml ?tr. >-t, through Grand to the Bowery, down ttie Bowery to Chatham street, down Chatham to the I'ar.V, through th ' Bark In front of the City Hall, where it will 'he revised by the Mayor and Common Council, an<>from tfc?nee proceed up Broadway around Union square, down Fourth avenue and Fourteenth street to the Academy t if Music, where the exerciaes of tber day will he held, co enmenciag at 2 o'clock f. M. W W. 0330KN, Chairman. Jobktw C. Hoia; 1 Chas. R Qihvi*, J ??cretanen. (V. (T. A. CtWriMUTAL CIIAPTKB, NOi 12. Members are req nested to asiemble (in regalia) at lie Chapter Rooms, No. S27 Bowery, Thursday, UM Inst., at O A. M., for the purpojnof uniting with the Order In oe lebrating the 123d anaiveranry of the birthday of our 1'a" triot Sire, the illustriaua Washington. Members of the Order wishing to Joio- with ?e are in vi ted to attend. " Lone Star Guard.'' Capt. Henderson. wiLaet as mili tary escort. J . U. 1)UFF, Mae hem. Gilbkrt B. Wood, C. < < the C. AMERICAN TOOTESTANT AHBOC1ATION ? CBLJBBATION OV WASHINGTON'S BIHTIIDA Y. The different Ixxiges of the American l*iotcjtant As sociation will assemble before 0 o'clock A. M., on tha 22dlnst,at Washington Parade Oround, right' resting on Warerley place, and march through Waverl?y place to Sixth avenue, through Sixth avenue to FourUeath street, through Fourteenth street t ? avenue C, ttfrough avenue C to Fourth street, through Fourth st^et to Ointon, through Clinton to (Jrand ; Grand to Ikmery, Bowery to Chatham, thence to the oast gate at toe ParV, tlirougli tha Park and up Broadway to Cknal street, through Canal to I-aight, through l.afght to St. John's parkAand dismiss. Brothers J. Herri uf, W. Bry ant, J. Mc Kirov and J. Millward, will set as special ai'l* to the O. M. Th* Marshals of ihe Bubard uate lxxlgec will report on tho moraing of the procesnion to the (Kind Marshal immediately after lliair arrival at the parade ground. CUARIJ'B KKNNEDY, Grand Marshal I.IN'DSEY DLlTSfl ? AKMOIIY 3G1 IIROOMC BTKBIT. The members of this corps are hereby ordered to appear at the Armory, on Tnursday morning, 2!M lust., at 8 o'clock, in full uniform, with overcoats for escort duty. EDGAR A. UOUKKTrf, Captain. Wiiuam Hc.-nrrR, Orderly Sergeant, TI1K THKATKKR, ITU. Interesting and varied programmes are offered for th* entertainment of the lovers of the drama at tha theatres and other places of amusement, this evening, appropriate to th* occasion. Thi great crowd of news upon our columns precludes more extcnlod notice of them. TBI CII.EBBATION IN. Fill!, A DEI. PHI A. PRXiftADKLruiA, Feb. 21, 1865. The Virginia Blue*, of IMehmond, arrived this after noon, to spend Washington's birthday. They were re ceived by the military, reviewad by General Patterson, ami entertained at the house of General Ca<l walaier. To morrow they are to visit Independence Hall, where they will be received by the Mayor and City Council, and , in the evening partake of a banquet at the MercU fit's Hotel. Gen. Scott la among tha invited guests. Sailing of the Atlantic. UUIBI AND M AttU). Madame final, Bignor Mario and suite, (the suite con stats of three servants and twenty-six trunk*,) left ttii* glorious but ungrateful country, In tha Collins steamship Atlantic, Captain West, at noon yesterday. The ship and the pier were Oiled with a large number of ladies nod gentlemen, friends nnd admirer* of the artists, awl they recived numberless individuals who came to pay their adicux. There v>.< n great deal of Inquiry after Miss Coutts, but she was not aboarl. As the ship moved slowly through the ice in the river, Madame Oriti aud Big. Marie were profuse in farewiU salutation* to the crowd on ths pier, j The enthusiasm was awful to think of, especially on the part of young New York. There were any quantity of "bravoa,'' "vivas," " bon voyages'' and other pl?a?act remarks in foreign tongues with a strong sclent. But it ' was soon over, and t he dilettanti returned disconsolate to tin ir homes. Prtgrtw of the Municipal Rtvolnllttt. TUK BELGIAN PAUTKRS. Tli* ctio of the Belgian pauper* remains la tlx1 ?mni i ?tate Mill, oo further action having been taken in the matter by their counsel, Mr. Rudgwick. THE CAS'* OF ALLEGED GltVH.Tr BT A BCIIOOI. num. The following letter was received yesteHay by Mtjor Wood ? Wari> School, No. 31, Haw York, Feb 21, 1865. If a. Matok Wood ? Uonohed ako Drar Fir;? ' The committee on stud:i>s and act discipline, originating from tbe board i f school officers of the Seventh ward, received a communication from your clurk, Mr. Ming, netting forth that a complaint had been left at your office by a Mr. f'oran, against the l'rincipal of Ibis school, charging him with having Inflicted "brutal" punishment upon hi* boy, ke., ke., bare commenced an inveatigetlciu of the matter , and, ?o far aa they have been able to get at tbe facte in the caie, tliey believe it to be one of .cros* mlsrepre> rotation on the part of the boy, and from Inquiry of the doctor alluded to by ?ome two of th?' ju nior teacher*, be has diatinctly stated that be did not believe the boy wan In the physically mal tresUd. but that be wa* frighten*' I, Ac. The partle* having jurisdiction over the matter design to giee it a thorough investigation , and, uale.s Ibe committee are much neceived, tbey beliove that it will reeoii much to the disadvantage of the complainant and parties con eerntd witli him and ask that this may ap;.esr In their behalf anul tbe whole matter shall be set right with the puhl.c Respectfully. DAVID WEBW, 1 JAMSM P. BRKWNER, j j C. IKSIJCK ?OWBBUtWt. GEO. W KINO, 0 BAND LABUEMT. I'bil.p Ward waa yesterday arrested on tbe complaint of Alfred Keymour, who charge* him with having stolen hi* pocket book, containing $146, 1100 >( which were in ! bills, and 144 ia twenty dollar gol<l p:eoe* A portion of the (roperty was returned by Ward, who waa commit ltd to prison, having failed to procure ball la IVlO. THE HKCENT FBAl'D tPON KM I ORAM'S. flatUg, who wa* arrested a few day* ago on a charge of Hnprooaatiag a Custom House offiaar, nod taking Ave hundred di tiers' worth of jewelry from Karl Keele, a newly arrived German emigrant, hae been discharged, the evldenre against him be ng ln*uiBcient to jnitlfy hi" farther detentiea. lavi, who was committed on tbe eame charge, ie (till in pries*. THE OOHTLAINT ROOK. That wagons (tend at Ike corner of William street and Ptae aleo, at the corner of < 'edar, for the pu r pose of selling fruit, and disturb the naigoorhaod with their crtee. Referred to Captain Hslpin of tbe first ward. That Broadway, opp?wlte No II, is In a mlserai>le con dition on aseouat of tbe street not being properly flUed up after putting tn drain. faveral ace^lwat* have hap neaed it ronse^aeaoe. Referred to Cnmmlisloaer of Street* and lamps. Ifcat la the rear af Uflteen'h ?treet. between fifth aad Biith aveaoee, has become a aatsanco by ?tor. ?g fowls in tbe cellar of tbe a ho re house. Referred toCHy iMfacter. That the ash earls do not sail at ITS ?re**r1ey Plaoe aad lane inaatttlae e? ashes am ascaa>. t ug. Oarli aad alesghe also eseialer tke street aad sidewalk la Waver ley Ptaee, bet wee a CkrMofUr aad Amoe streets, (ommis.leaer of MrweU .ad lamp* antlted. T??t certs sad wagon* eacesnber the street, onpo.lte IT* Ma<*' on street, sad have become a anisanee. Notified tie Petit* Captain That bay aad straw fsombastlble materials) are kept la tie e:iar of hnuae ooraer of Egbtli avenue aad fifty fou : tli street, to tbe <*aag# of it* netgbborlo*d Ke fsrted to Wa. Wertela. Watdsa. aad Captaia Witten, ?' Tweoty >ecoad ward. That tbe vacant in* aa the south side of Thirtieth street, near Mith avenue, ie a n?i.saaee, betas oeevre-1 witt tablee. eoal ashe*, rntMsfa , sad ia a resort for W?r?, for the perpoee of 6gM r.g dew* kt aad tbe --eight i* ms'ie hxteoua ' b / the eetUag of iocs ctiS'B? . in *s I *t*hle Captaia Uaaa gaa aad tbe City Inspector notiBed That U>a stable ia tbe rear of lot Itt Kaecker street is ia dancer of falling. Referred t* Cumann.'eaoe of Ptrsets and lamp*. Tfeat the croes walk oa the corner af Chat t am eat Peart streets Is la a 6- '.by coadltioa. That the side walk at M Oliver .t-eet is kept ia a ? eaaditioa by Us* eecepaate of the hoasee adjotaiag, who depoelt t'uetr gsraags aad t U t'-een>?e cent aual.y tui aract j President of th? Board | of Control Jf Kir Chulea Wood. According to tbe accounts from the Crimea, tbe I'rem s soldiers are impitient for the It upon Hebastopol, and General Canroberi ban been coinpelM to moderate their ardor. A despatch from Vienna dated Kebruai y 8 announce ou the 23d alt., the Ruasians at Pebiatopol ma le a aortie, which bad canted the French very hear; loo tea. lie Zouavrn in the French camp, it ll stated, In 1 ARRIVAL OF THE BALTIC. OKE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. NEW ENGLISH MINISTRY. Lord Palnerston at the llead or the Government. Characteristic Speech of Sir Charles Napier on the War. IMPORTANT MILITARY MOVEMENTS. ! . I SUCCESS OP THE RUSSIANS IN A SORTIE. 1 INTERESTING FROM HOLLAND. i THE CASE OF CAPIAIN GIBSON. I, MILE'S DKPAR1TBE FBOfl HUmiU. &or< Biffin's Opinion of the Fierce Administration . THE MARKETS, &c., Ac, Ac. Tb# Collins mail steaaaehip Baltic, Captain ConwloeU, baa art ivad. Hhe left Liverpool on tfeturaay, the 19th Int. Tlie Riltie arrlfod out at 2'i o'clock afternoon of itmv day, Kei). 6. rhe St. Lonin, ('apt J. A. Wotton, fr 3ir? Havre and Southampton, wan advertised to leave the lat ter port on Wednesday, the I+th, for Sew York. Tbe City )f Manchester jrrired at Liverpool on An 6th, and i? taken by the Koglieb govortim?*iit to convoy trjojm to the wr. Tin ?<rew steai i?bi?t!U*gow, f/t>m New Yort, arrive 1 in the Slyde on tbe loth inat., at 'JO minute* to 11 A. If, I-ord Palmer* ton baa at 'length succeeded in forming a new Miaixtry. Tbe following in said to be the Wife of th>* leading men of the now Cabinet : ? Kirat Ijord of tbeTraaiury. . Viscount Palmer?ton. 1/jrd Chancellor l.urd < ranworth. President of the Council.. Karl OranvlMe 1'rlvy Heai Duke of Argyll. Home Secretary Kigbt Hon Sidney Herbert. Foreign Secretary Htrl of Clarendon. Colonial Secretary 8lr Oeorje Grey. Minister st War I.ord I'antnure. Uh""1'"r th0.!':.t<,he. }W?ht Hon W' K OUdator.* j Ar James (.rabam. Public worka Sir Wm. Mokawortli . 1 Vu^M**!'. b.V "Uh f 01 1-tMdo*" mutinied, aud demauled a retreat from tlw C'rione u Ir'our hundred of the mutineer*, It 1 1 added, arrlvrd at Conitantlnople la chain*, on the 27th. end were to be forwarded forthwith to Toulon. I Know hail weakened some of the work* before Sebagtn. pol, butthey were being repaired. In the treneiiaa, the Third Dlvlaion of the French had taken the place of the Eagliah, and were continuing the work*. The number of Rritiah troop* Bow before Sehaatopol i* stated lo be 12,000. T lie hoapital* are reported to lie crowded, further Biitlih reinforcement*, *coompani??l by three general*, had arrived at OoMtno tluo|>|e, and 1 were to proceeil immediately to the Crime*. The Krenoh Milliter of War ha* retired a de Kpatch from General Canrobert, dated th? 28th ult., which *tate* that the troop* hare supported their roeent trial* with admirable llrinne**, anif th* extreme **? verity of the ****on h*? not ihiken their confidence one initant. There l* reason to hope that the int*n*ity of the winter ha* already dinappearel in the Crimea. The work* before the place were returned with f re?h ae tinty. Gen- I'lrlch and the Voltlgtur* of the Impsrial Guard have juat arrived. Prince klenachlkoff ha* reoeivc i order* to attack Ku patoria and Ralaklava. It i* therefore probable tint General 0*teu Sack an, aupported by the Grand Duke* Michael and Xlcbulaa, will ahortly attack the ailie*, an 1 wblint the weather U propittiu*. I'.oiaian troop* wire ravaging the Dobru'lacUa, under the eye* of Gen. Coronini. M. Drouyn d'l.huy* ba* addraated, un ler date of 29th ult., another de* patch to the I'roaaian Cabinet, in which he *ay* that if I'ruaela inaiitt upon having a aeparate treaty franco i* ready to *ign It immediately, provided it convey* the *ame obligation* a* the treaty of Decem ber 2. It la *tated in a de*pate.h from Waraaw of the Cith ln?t., In the I'ruuian 'la-'Jtl*, that an order ha* been received that all th* Ru**ian force* in th* vicinity of Cracow and on the AuatrUn frontier, ahould relreat with all dispatch into the lateiior of the country. It I* tinted in another de*pat:U from War*aw, that Central* riantine ami Lalienttow are ordered to vl vance with their corpe to the AuatrUn frontUr. Tim rourne ha* been adopted in conaequenne of the conctn (ration of the Auatrian mihtary force* in Gal :1a. Th* Kngliah miaatcnarie* to the Jew* in Poland are ordered to leave the Ruaaian territory Their printing mat trial* and book bindery, library and chapel hart been taken po**e*e!on of by the Ktuiiiin authorise*, and are tffered for aale. According to a despatch from Vienna of thia morning, It appear* that the Grand Duk? Michael 1* lying ill of ague at Client n. and that the Gran t Dul* Nickolaa i* at Hebeatopoi. Th* Ruielan army i* laid to be in want of tuppliea We learn from the Principelltlei that the Ruaiian ex peditionary corpe in the Dobrudacha, wtahing to f<rc* the peaaage of ? river, ba* been beaten with a heavy loaf, after a combat of *ome hour*, by th* rearguard of i Veja I'aaha. and that it ha* already croeee 1 th* Itao'ibe at Tultcha awl lemail. Nmail I'aaha arrived at Ibrail* on the Slit tit an i ImmrJ ately i**'ied a proclamation, announcing that a gnat contact would ipeedily take plate Lower Danube. The Piedmonteee General Wrerel bad arrive I at Coo ttantinople In ntok>* arrangement* for the trait port of the Hardmiaa army to the teat of war The Ruulaai, It their aortfee from i ebnttopol, make ' me of the 1ae*o to capture pnaoner*. Ab<l el Kader haa begged tbe taiUa to give him the command of the Afiieta* e*rviag lo the Crimea The BrtUah have commenced the railway at Beiak-ara The Auetrlnn General Cr*nn*viile ha* bad pereoaal conaultntlon* wtth th* Emperor Napoleon la reference to the mi itory dtapoelUon* of A i atria an 1 I rai. * It ie *tat*d In a private latter fr*n Madrid <A V ? aoth , alt. tint Mr.t-out, tbe Amtri-tn Mlni*t<-r applied on tbe Mth for hi* pa**porta, nod for an au 1.- ? ? to lake leave of th* Vu*en. lie baa not jet oolite 1 to oar g?v*rarne?it that Mr. Pmy would r* main charge-', with tat direction of tbe l4gnt?n. ihe ao?*uro??t baa received from , Pari* an a*?aiaa?e t >?t tbe( arll.ta be Irantlerred . from tbe frovtler into the Interior of Prance TVelrea'b government ban even already adopt*-! that r.?**i.r? with regard to Oeme* ao>! Klio. Tit* h-fante Don J -ae aad CaM*rn are aot to ae allowed u, rea.l* la Pant Another letter any* ? Mr Fanlr wm very !%n!ftei in the audlen-e of the , Queen to take I**?*? everything pn**?*. >?( ri if to | etiquetu. | Tbe late Gwv? raor Genera! of ' ana-'t. Lord Ugtn tad made a ep??cb ntabnixinet at Danferm ae Among other tkinf* he **M ? Bat what would hav been tbe *U'? *f umttet* in AB*rk?' Why, there never wo * preeiira: who wa* elected with a (renter *ppe*r*nte of pf;; >lat t*p?e?i then tke preeent PreeMent of tbela tnti -?t*te* aad I ' teLtare to tav tbat there never **< as ? .? oiet-et on i wh.rh teemed to be mere utterly '.leered: Ud aaneag all parte* tbaa tbe pre at a', adm nietrat^-. I:, the Cnlted , fc'atem but yea wta ob*err* tba* under tbe Amnrirae ijlfl they are eaddlnrf etth Uiat geat ? f? r f mrnt , yenra, and I <1 ?#/ them to get rtl of b a or hi* mie-nthr*. I if he chaaee* la beef tbe^. hew, ?* tav* .? t%le | try Hut priv lege ahlch in aoeial If# ia ooly nufi :?>??! 1 to be ?r joyed bv tL? laulen -and I tt > out quite ?nr? that I that f ri> iiejfe i*? not f*r.lrictad to tit* lad it ? of Alerdemi I ?(? laugbl? < re ha re tUe prirl'*.?* of changing uur I in id* eherean under the Aoeilrito ?r? not abl* to <lo >o except once Is four yet r? (Ap plant# ) ft H rutuc red that no arrangement la llkeljr to be u??da wltli Portugal analogoua to that lately coaelulel ?llh Ptrrtinia? namely, tbat she nhould furnlah a contingent of men and recelre In retnrna loan of < neor two mdl'oni from England. At a chapter of the Order uf the Carter, h?M at Wiul ?,?r on the 7th Inat , the Earl of Ab?rd>"en reoalred the invVatlture of a In ght of the order, and. by oiutnaud of t Ue Queen, retain* the ortter of the thtatle. Our (iomltn rarrtlyoudrnft, I<omh>*, Ip'rlday, Keb 1365. Lurtl i'cunmMvn />#?*? Mmiitmr Knyland?SMthj S/iallyinj?X ? Johnny ? A fhrby tot {lure ? Oroiol of the lit V iik Liun ? (Jiiver Cromwell JteJivirui ? The Ctisii ? Iht fl> ii; ? I'art immm/ Adjourns to \filh Htbruu*i~Thr Mar ? 1)u fleath Lit t ? Popular Feeling in Turkey? AmMria ? t 'riitrim ? Diplomatic liamblinn ? Jf>. .Soul,' l.t trt Afaitritt? /Ymjnrr at the Mansion flou^e?fforlh American AiMi Bill. All that I have predicted lian cudic to pat*. Lord I'al merrton 1* I'rime Iftnl-tcr of KifUnri. 7ha rote* of th? people apoke, and untnimounly yolnted Mm out aa the man for the aituatica. Aa I hare before obaerred. I'al meraton la no favorite at Wlndeor, and he ha>i been taken became be waa lodl?p?iuaMe. kort Derby wftifirat aent for. He trttd hard tu nake a ministry, but (Vie I It { wouUuotdo. Time ln?o m*n to take the War-Office. Lord Derby oflerad It to "aimer" ton, who declined aerving under Mm. The/ aay ru aaway Ixml John >u reported to, but it ww "No bono ?ohnny." II -*ntme the coutr try became Impatient; tin Urltiah boa begin tof-owl quite tniNbljr ? no audibly, in faet, tbrt our *ioall hie rarchy of Matrami n atartac. sit it* ton*. The T\mei cum out with trader* about the tlm? having arrived for tin'- to epeak, and m >r? than one lo_-?*l Briton waa beatd to obnerv, "In Frau?? they would liar# had ? rdvolntlowlong ?in'-e." Curln i?ly enough, tl.augli only a few day* bnro elapaad *lnc?> the annlvermr^ of the marl ) rdom <rf King Cliailae, t e nam* of OHrer Crom w*ll ban lioen upon tbe Up., of lasny. Tbat'a the aort of (ellow we waat now. Tlicri l<i mueh treUi, and matter for aerlouaconaldera Men, in tli* above. It I* now clair tbat the government of Kogtand In in the hand* of a ( *et, or clique of tbe nubility That ell ;ue baa juat, by t .ie public voice, been declared incapabto. awl yet, aa If blindfold to ? 'ea'rvetlon, they have allowed thla country, at a moat critical m< meat, to *emain ungovarnt 1. The clfeet co fo re KB Mate* ha* L?a moat diaaatrooa, and I *hould not be ?uipr'*td if it weakened the trlendlf fn 'leg of Au? tlla tovardu u*. in Prance it la deplored a* a calamity. It la true, a very ofli "it nunUtry ha* now loan rormul, ? but it obottld have beea done within twenty-'nni ho CM | after Abordoen reigned. l'almer?tou hat retained all tbe good men of tbe lata Cabinet, Aberdeen, Newcaatle and I ord John are thaoaly retiring member* of the old Cabinet. Lord I'anrauro, (better known a* Fo* Ma'ila,) and who held the Spcttrl&*y*h.p of War on a former oo canton, iurcoeOn the liuk* of Ifaaraaatlo. Mdney i|..r hert goe* to the Home O^ee, vacated by 1'a'ineMton, who become* 1'rem orv Gladstone remain* Chancellor of tbe Kxche<iurr. An I wler Kecretaryahip of War wlil, it la aaid, be creator, anl-given to Utyard. Th? Mar<]uia of Lan?<lowae wb<'?e age prevented h m t.kiag the I'ra ai '.'ncy of tl.e Council, Ua* protuiaad hi* advice aud aup port, and ia miniater without a portfolio. The Preidan ey U taken in tbi- I or<le by Knrl (iranilUe. TU other ministerial- ofllce* r? ;ualu aa they were. 1 oid Lyndhurat, who bad given notice of thi follow tag motion ? That In the oplaian of thi* bouaa the ? ipe-lition to tie Crimia wa- nn iertakeu by her Ma>atye govern m?nt with very lnaaei|iiete i?e*i;?, ari t wttlrut du? caution or sufficient Intju ry Into tl?i. net-re and extent of tie reellUnca to l-?! e i |x ct>- 1 from the enemf and that the ne^lec* and mlenmnageuieut ot tbe go\ criuueui iti the condi ct ?il tha enterprise bat e led to tha nio*t dliaatrou* reaulte. ?withdrew hi* mot'-m la?t night, very ,'uitly ob*?rv log tbat, corn ideriog tbepreieot etateof affair*, and con alderinj al*o that K seemed .mj/oajihle to form in/other than the |<re*ent administration, be felt it wouid be wrong to take any ?:<*p c*lculata<l to dletatb .u any way whalaver, the (list mowuirst* of the new adailaUtra taon but, on tha contrary, he tb tight that irrry on* ought to rnJeavor in tbb pre*?nt ?tate of thiaga ta unite, beart and ? oul, for tha parpo> ? of ai>*'?tlag the admJnii'ratioa a retrieving pa<t dl*a*ter* *n l re* torn* tbe lo*t crt-dlt of the country. He, thi-refore, felt tl?' under theee clrcuiaeiane", ha alioubl hot dinrhagfe ll.e luty ha owed to their lor J?iiipi and th? rountry by ah ?taining from paocee I n* with hl> Intended motion. ."entimeiit* hk-e the abi'te are of the fight raft, ml no m?u ran find fault with them. It i* to be beprd ?o ( good an etample will be put Into [rarttce by all faction*, and tl?. lntereata of i.i, ^laud not be nacrllced t * tbe in. ; tereata i f party l*arliamtnt ba* a<t ouraed till tbe 16th PVbruary, I i>rd John, who or e* /< ccari, and In bl* rep'r th? otber ! nigbt m?o* a tort of apoiogy to the Houae for Ui roo duct, naylog ha ebould not aft to again, anl denying ail ambitloua projii;ta, wCl give, he >ay i, bia auppcct to miaMer* I/Ord I'ucmure, with I'alu errtoa babied liira will he, ft i* thought, an active war miaittar Ixtni Iterby aad eolleagnoa ab i promtea aaj p- rt to tha l'?I meratoa cabinet Tbe .'hip of State ?t rt? fair again. Tha aee ? from the Crimea c- me* n t/* via itu'1 are*t | hy telegraph, lo eight 'a?* Tb? weather wa? > I. aria* up Tbe Ti**/* coire.p< a ieat at ."ru'irl with terrible accuracy at>- 1 prnvidea hia ?' death li*t" by av*ry naail. Pi, reduce I are tbe number* of oar men tbat Caarobert ba* crt1' red a Irrach > Ivi >' n to taka part of our tiracbe* aad <!u Ml [> iet wore. Tl.i? I* not flattenag to the aatloual piide. V,? .o not ya< hear of AghUaj at K'ipatorfa or of aa aaeaolt oa ^eba?t?pol, there la, however, no ?:gn of .alt'.ag tbe aiaga The KagUtb aad >rrnih goveicmaat* ar? reeoivd to dlaplay new tnergr. Ia fact, If t'ie e ege of fleba>t?p</l I* ralaed, tha influence of tbe Western I" .vera will ba gone la the Ka?* and Ru-ela will attala aa aicea laarj which it will be v?ry ? ifll'-u't to *b?i?. Oml' p* om'' -?ba* topol aioat fall. The *tri.ggl? IntbeCiimea 1* laoked upon by tb* pop -iat.i.u- of tha Ra. t a* a trial of rrrngth . bet ween tbe ''>io**ua of tha Korth an'! the W?-tera 1 Powera, ami f tha latter r*tr*at tb?re v in be a tre-nea Ltu ? reactloa ia favor of Kuaala The T irk * ?**!/ faei* tl at, whichever party wlna, ba w.ll be tha V>?er Al ready bava tha a lie* eUpp?'l ha fair ' ircao ai am' fiaorg.aa *la?ea for I .a barer:, aad be ]>** aot kaow ehat tliev w,.i "top a ?t. Tf.< Turk I* a fa'alUt b rare < not for the future hatiiri? for tbe pre*e-it tb* tie* of bor. e tad family do aot *t ?t. " Every ilog ha* bl* day ' hi* mott" and I verily b?! eva tbe f at Conitantlaopl' take advaotage of .t. ffoaanfaraace have l-?? a '.eid jet at V enna aaa ?*>|uel of the aaeepU': .a of the (oar p<<iat* by Roaela in fast, tke acceptation waa loo barefa-el a ? am to go dawn ev*a w'.th itiii Abat'tea. The Kagl ?h aad I rac* . go vriLment* have a<.t aaat pawera ?'? t'i?lr ambaat-vder* *t Vieraatoaet. AU partlee are pr?;ar.og for war oa a larger ac^la "i?a ever, Aaetfa't matloa fog ?? b Udag -that it I* puttinf ta a war fo< t ag <A tb' faderal aaa ticgeaU? hae b?*a la >iM at Frank '? t\. til(i?aatle aotaa eaaaaa l eaeb other Fr?? ta waat* a aaparat* tr?aty w.'.h tb* W?*t*-n f eera, aul the latter are ?1 Uag to grant it, prwU >d t * n? .t 'al witb tha tr^ty * of 14 fl aeambar rr,aa!?de4 with Au?tn? la fa<rt, hat eta wIU (O to t<e lull, b-it net la tL* >a*ae .err aga *? Aaat Ah. I' i>oit>' Ual< f tba Boaelaa aM^aaiai- r at Vl?a aa, la etui at tbat capital ?nt *t!?t >< art, * r**Va* ally it. a ng with tb* Kmfier r, b * aMai* tare, aad tba ftgaff -'-if t'.? Aa-trlaa arut*WM| fVxiat Fatar bevy tb* Aaetrtaa lattoa r ta Prua*^. wba had laft tkrila aor.oevtat !m*tlly. hae tan fderad to r*t*ra lam*' ately hi* paat. Tb-ra era aoaaa via la aat beattata to eay that Aaetrm * playiag ? </m gm,' aad tbat ??m* fin* day lag Ual ?.ll t* eft a 'be ivr'b 1b ? I < << aot believe ; a yniag laym i I* ta-. Uaaoratia a naa ta aat *a 1 1 eaubert. a part. Be la gle ta *?'ura tha t<am]glUity of ft* r wt hi* *a?arad by .-*': a * /' <? of tha ?'; ?*'* t' fr**?a ttl Kaglaml A| *rt ftta hi* hoaeity , Li* at**a*t* woaM ba at etaae It ba* ba*? te'ly tk?rv*4 t *t "tba a*haa from a Preach err^rtl * pfpa w M euSee t/> aet all Itaiy aat liiagary ami l%UiS .m a Mas* Faa-y tha gaflaa'. Cefe*. tha tahla Ktvtn aa/1 tha liberty iartag itaHaae bac^ad hy fat"- > aad fnatk aetata* hy laad -agbab aad Fi?ath tar.i by aaa, wit'? Oiua ?paa v, t >*? aal I what waiM haaam* - f Trlaau, Aaatrta * faat, hav sra iy e lutpr'.tmf I All th<n? mu*t be r-maMered tad daly wrigfctdi l.efnru ti? tMli ts opinion >? |>r<'B<>uaceJ. I have no <4tor n?w* to communicate. The flrat arU rl?of tbe new 'nnttlUilion far Hpem ? the : " national ?or?:f,nnt> ?_ b?* te?a rated. H -oul. We bare a aartrw wiatar i here. IVrt In inr* an tb* ground and ft fros? e*Cf Lartl U^t ul|ut, W i Hear aotbfeg at jet of aa Hillif ?para. Charlr Napier, wlio b^a Wn d?rr1r*t of the eomaaart of the Haiti 8 fleet, made ? ipaecb at lUe Maoaion Houaa, , In wlitoh be Mil " lliat a wotae nmrxaad or aore inaS riant mrt of craw* ueeer puMo aea." lie ditlared I'raa atadt impregnable, and ptlctie.1 latu Ptr Jam** (irahaa for not g.ring hi in order* to Mhe h'waaborj. Hi? apaaeti la, to ?my tl?e laaat, thought r*ry lajudlaioi/i: l/>rd i ?r digan, who wa? preaeat, mad* a *paerh in default of Ua? Fngllah cavalry. It waa !.ord Cardigan who eoBatoW the memorable charge at ItaUilar?, Tba Dukaof Cm bridge I* here, and much fried. TMnta Napoleon U a Pari*, and waa vary warmly reaairad b y tba Ktnparor In tb* llbiM of I<or0i la*t aight, on tba untiN af going into oora wilt tea rn tba North American f'lahartaa bill, hord Clarendon aaid that lia wouki take that oppar tunitr of anawmag a que alien wbleli had baea put ow a pre?i<m* occaalow Tha bill far* no porar to Amensaa flahermatj to er?et permanent building* ow MritlaU aaU. It gare tbvm learw I* latul during a certain part af Ua yeur to dfjr Ihrlr neto and ear* tbdr flab, Dat it gara tin in no power to eraet permanent building* The bill t"uru paaaad through curamittaa, and waa rn parted. ? 0?r Put* ( ?riN|imdriir?, J'ABM, K?t?. 8, >?4?V .*;<a-rwA I'olHic-- HVat fltvt m iKr Trf*,ury-IUr?? * Mr. .Soul t?M-. Jriiw-ni Mmtteu, and "r\nr* Sainton? Hit Nttrptinr. ml the o,?ra -ranti Abuui the ffar, ttc , <ti. Itltaaaicrtochaac* ra?n tWn to chang* th. eturii of .rant.; but tha t,n>!??galir.t? of th. mln!*-*r?l rr1^ In Knglao.) atemt to iodioafa that If th. Iatt*r It lap., aihla the formar in alo difficult. Th.- rumor tliat Hpalr, wa. on th* era of a crlata? of Iran ^antral Eoj-op*an itnportan.a lud**l tUaa that of Kaglaod, but at th* >aa? tlma of aulHdaat *m?lty to open tha pro*p*4t of aiiothor latainal r-?olu tton? ha. not b??n confirmed Thww 1* no doubt t>iat t laa Hlntotrr of fort i*n Affair* wa? Inellad by a oartelo ul tramontane amb;.*aa<lor to oppoa* tha prniaot of th* ?aw Mlil.tcr of linao'aa for tha aal* of th* aactoaiaaiirai er. tat**, without prarloualy mjuaaUn* Ilia p*rtnia*ion ia* hit fcoifn ?** th* I'opa. But any (,Uu of oppoaltioa wbiab in?r bora U>*n forwi*.! app*ara to haw b*?n withdraw* Th* cratlr* Cabinet agroa with M> Mad on In aupport of h'a programma, whleli allrltad from ib* Cortaa ?h*n Srat aubmlttad to It, applauaa.' * roU a( thanVa, by 210 ngaiuat only J3. Tha cbMcc, however, by tha Cort.a, of (Wnaral lafanla, on* of th* moat viola at of th* eanarrratlva m.mbara of tfc* /a*?mblj, aa Ita l>r*ai4?at, In pUo. of M. Mtdot, i. but on* <1411 that th* cauraa of th* Mpani.h mlautry do*a not j*t 'uu amooth. (i ?at Imp*. ara ?nWtalnag that th* *>>rriy an<t acp*rtetco of th# .wc-.??or of M. f*T llat.o Will r*U*ra tb* financial difllrultiat #f rip* a, but no .ut a prediction caa b* mid* that ba will b* ?ja' r**?ful. too can Ju.lg* how conr*t>i*nt th* aom* thai may h* r*il!a*<l 'ram th* <nl* of tba aeelMaaUcal pro partfr. or from the auc;**.ful aaecution of tha term* af P?r*lia'a ]> for tba farming of tb* railway*, etnal*. fc?. or b*tt*r atllt, what m'uht hav* b?*n r**l|j*d from th* ?al* of ( uba ? you ran judfj., ! ?ay Uow Ui*a* aiiaia waul I ba, horn th* .ingU f?ct that on rJU rf January, IHlft , Ih* |<o fctic trrarwry 0/ "Spain an* fte Indttt r niainsH only ,m- ku tulrrd and four franc Mr Hwulc haa formally tnkta laa** of bar Cathutia Maiaaty of hpala, but a a*r'.oa< tltaaaa, ftoia which I am InformtHl h* I* r*eor*rlug, hat dtlayad hi* r~ p tbrougU Pari, on lot way ban* M? M. l/?n? la ia l'ari*, but 1 > 0 w,t know If ha ha* yat coa?olt?-l Nap* l*<m HI. a> to hit ?ymratblaa with hU Imperial eou.ln *f China. 1 b* lt>trrti*w of th* Foiprmr of th* Frfaeh with Itia c<u*in front th* t'tlm*?, wa? .!**crlb*.l la th* moat pa t lit tic maonar joaaibU la yr.Uw.lay't JfoaiVar, wbial. abo gar* a brl*f aamniary <-f tb* cipUit* aa l ti* ml* fortun** of th* I'riaca-^itollln# bia "glortaa* aliar*" la tb* battl* ? of Alma and Inkarmann, and aaarJbtag hia r*.nrn to Iraar* )??* to bla "malady " than to hi a lata of " tb* only {x-np^atlr* which mifhl bar* *aab>*4 him to r**iat It," wh*n h* wa* "Inform' I by th* Comauad ?r in rh.*f that Ilia aa*au!t upon fexhadopol uiuat ba ad journ* I Than h* ob*y*d tb* ord*r of Mb* Kmuctur which ?a* bat* 1 a,?a tba writUn optsioa of It, that a l"*f*r *?.J<,urn In th* K?.t wr?,M Infallibly >,? ffc* ta! to tb* prpauRiptlr* vf tb, |?|-rUJ ,hron. H-ch ax* th* mala point* of lb* oflk al faaloa whUh Uw MrmUrur gl,*a of tb.. Uatary of I'rlm* Napolaon * Brat <r?mpal*n Th* Mm.trvr a ?*ra that "la embraaln* hia Ijuprlal II |bo' tl^Cx,.p?:or could not rapraa* Uia *m? th a* whl'h th* *lriking t bang* In In* featnra* n,|M ?. At a ?ccad laWTl.w, which toot pbao* aday or two %ttm *ar 'a, h ? M?,,.ty bad ac opj^r'.uaity of l*araiag haw far ? tbl* cUaya in bla f*atUM* may bar* lata ?* ,*4 ?ot only by bit malady, but alw by tha *?tr*ma Irrlta th n, which I.* d-?* ??t ' ni?il, atrulowl by hi* ante g nl.mto (i*n*ral t aarotert and <i*a*ral ^or*y. II . roatr.nat on la .ail to ba a aott of contiaual ah.ili,^ agalb.t .(.a, ba, b**a, aad "luSJ tTta doo* a tfc* < nr. M \ WUrd. U^T foiKcr prweaptetolU.i. N.p.,iaoa, aad who .ull elite ' "V"'' f". I* l*|??rte>l to bar# iai1 tba oiha* ?i-alng at tla Ta.W.^, .paah n, of tLTrLiT 7^ I? ill* *. ?! [ IUj*?urk ? motb.?. \a? am'.iiMi .1 * t'h^d Th* p*opi* paratat, I thtah UB>?.tJy, la ac/uai|iM tba I'ria.* of a lack of touraa* aa l aay? that la, wbl.par-wl.h Ih* *p.?rama ua?^Xi ualurky diarrb** that hia' malady m-at ha.. .-7 do. a at'> bla ha. la. Th*y f^^.tTbit ra<|ulr*<j to hra.a itdicui* la I <a oca l ban tha r.r? caa diBleult to coapifh.a<i bow Ibt* a?pb*w of tk? c.aturrnr of Ai.alarUta can bar* ,baath?d ti.. famou. "aairdof r?ypt. and tnraad hia bac* aa th* wait* of MuM at >urh a . rtti. al m> u.?at ia tha biat^ia of t "m tt jr"*aa *.p*d,ti< a M n*tn, || |? wa<dad thla Mci .pout.Ao of tb* public in 1 ad aa warraatiow ? I *cia. pf.rattion ..a tba pad of th. *-.U-? ,,, ?y foMjW. marnfM'at! .a of " .a^uCa... ti* app.araa< * of tb* I'finr* at tb< th-atr. a c ? ?*?b.i* la public, and appliad t-. tb* Km^. w for iB.troct'oaa '? Ihi. point tb* I'rl .nU'H with th* Ijt (,? 10, tb* r,p.r,al" . li K, oSJJT UHbT. tU^jFn. f Jk2. fi,rt "W?nlatioa af till AfaVI tail* Oallia, If Maxtro tUiiu- tb?r? wa* ntar 1 to mar. ...tatlon of mpollUr.-** Xon* could la** U.fc ?ij?. . tb. r from ti. c<*fk*?ri? tl* bi.*d aa pt*u<!?t. -who llil U* of th.pit dirartlr Ua'aih tha pr t'.aad.l *r aot from tb* of*' a(t of h fb H ?*' ?wi.rU*r? ?,f u th mih ? ot U* faabi aabla iafll#*i. aU foti |ga aod nat .? i, gorwrooa co.lviw^i r. U a-t toi.tU' . r pla.a 1... wL, .... a. ? tha Ik-r luJ, th*r* wa* not, I ao. ubl th* tlla|.t*?? 0 1 ay '.f .nthaaiaan. i.p?.a tba ?ntrao<* of tb* iumui pa.ty. M l l)?lr U,0 la'b. m.i-at ^ '\t * *}' '*?* again. Wl at a tootra.t ta tha . t i M. a ? f hartalu witb wh.'h ri.rUb Uu.,,.,,, j fc #i*ril I)* I Mey f UH> ] xh* ?> ?" U* ?*:">m#d, *"ord ag to u* Hmtlrvr at iba 7all*r:*? II* wnaa tha* ta bar* te*w t*la*ta ad fn tb* p?*tlJo? of h*?r pramwiptlr* which ? ??ay n?ri had t-r.<"t*d that ba wa. la af r * A,J* " I* currant, lhatTf Uaa rT-'lt "f *> U <k* frtna* a. hair by ?1 tt&JV* ' ! " r". ? U"' t?-'rat*raa:a?*c tknefth* I mfmot may da.|gaata th* fr.avlMt af tha la (l*lat>T* kKKly a. . ?? UnaaT?i*n??l af tha amp r* la m V 'V7./*4 ' U ""t-1 yr ""<? ? | iaaa ?. . 1 t t V . ?? W lad by him, II.* lin. ?a rf li.atb territory Th a r ?u.s,r i*an*? atmw, whi'b aht/wt baw rapidly . ?''I ****** ?? r?*hlng tewar U tla* p.-ohaMUa tf a *-?.??! f iro^ann war. u drand probability tha min<?tert?l Tlaia ? )oj *?? a?(?tr?* It. aata imp?r1n*rw, wWl* th* of a > aiiWtl erUl* in Mpaln It acar*Wy n ??&. L-. U* *>t?tet^k?l .baaga* in >rta-* tba ?t.b? ?.?"tic? af M Hagn* far H Fba*a*. ahaaa cagTanM Ix^.* Inrapacta'aa him for Ma Mat a. Hia *t*r of rinaaraa, aad IU aabaVtaUaa af ? /if* ' * "?*"* M 1lai*t*r *f Agrvaltar* ta4 rahllc Work*? attract bat httl* pabIM ttt*nti?a A much !*.f?r l->Ur*at 1. f.M ta th. a.w pra^aat far tha r** if tb* fr.ach nrwr Tha Mil which haa lataly w*a p? ? a*a te! r.iatlv* \? tbl* *ah>aH, hat awn kaaad aa ai. -nal aaa> r? *f d^raaMon b/tti wi'hia ami j wtt hoal tha Wglalatir* ? -fy All that r?<? '*. to tb* a/nay t/*gta* tear 'It* te'ranataw att*w' ? ? Mtaraly gb. W*, ter not a family ta : Fraa'? I* lik*iy ta, rowa n di. .aWwttl ca^-tatara tf 1 (r. I) tar, ...a", to wh 'h th* <>ta?aa tiaod taaa ma. pr??ra bat th* pralada Ml Iraa-. I.j ta'ara taapauaatl* from *r*a tha Im ; I-rf?'lj.'t r. wkch ?? tai, -arnal* ?t?* af w'l.a! -d ?,?? 1. 4, f^ZiTtette ^a?mal a;a. m .?< .n"a tba "y"wa? aad akimlraaa ? -.'?'?t ?^'?4* MM at thta 1^7 b7Ll IS loaar. -a., nat team.* tha paMuWa Uctoad *2 -CTt .Tl."??" 1,1 ?"?*"? ? TLJ7CSS ? "t, ill I a * ?***?# 'hTt rf M *?*i r a X2a* irra^ ti aal ?>a.a*i tha*. daaAir taah Tha Ctar, C'kaafh '.ha nwi a# U hatl?g

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