Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1855 Page 3
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. 111111* entirely *t tfc* <H*P"? 1 ?' Om0* Faaha. teallow j^Vi. ,n|? ?-Tnr-'-i the transport of thi Turklah troop* )o Eujatocia. THE NBWB FROM THE CBIlKi. . The Omtrrltr de MmrteilUt ?( th* 7th inet. pnbUehea the following Utter, written before Sebeatopol ea the ^Ihave only om fact worth oommanloattai to yo?. Qmm*I Canrobert U going to lend our friend*, th* liah, two or our divi?ion? to strengthen them In Ummt position#. It ii an excellent iMMan, whioh rfUkW the double effect of reinforcing our allia* Ml "f ing tho general *s*urity. Our regiment* i af d'Afrique ere abend; initalled on the >f 1 liah intienchment*. 1 bare not jet heard where th regiment* of infantry are to he ?*???*??? the morning of the 21?t| the weather wa* ao miW tna* the bead* of the Ctaaweur* pUyed *er^ yr?"nh ? which .eemed greatly to pUaae the heen a long time deprived of .^.V.^^ heard in ?ound of our mu.t h?w ^ ??n ?n freba*topol The Rusiian* were, no doubt, aurpriaen so find u* *o merry and reply lug to their in lltt)/ melodious aympbonle*. Oui regiment ha* ? _ whirh We are lodged in "^erranean eacavatiooa, ^ fro* ' wWcfc ?we contrive to keep out the cold. We *leop ' E^-iteo-r .sssiui*. as? carjsste ? who^fcM'rNseTwS the military medal tor w7?rat ? .loit* to th. oCri-^? ^ .J^ta?S!I%o? JSS Ume. and U 1* r^y a* ever to meet the Co. H? wiH ?>on hare that eatlsfact.on, for we occupy the moHt advansed position The plan of our General! evidently tei d* to Invest the city a* coroiiletelr as po??lbl*. It la indispensable, if we wish to obtain at ? lasta reeult, to isolate the garrison, which ha* hitherto been able to renew ita personnel and supplies of every ^Another letter, dated Kami?*ch, 'With ult., General Canrobert visited yesterday the work* thrown no by the nary along the coast. He appeared greatly satisfied with the promptitude and *klll with wh ch tho?e work* w*re oonstruoted, and addressed to our men Ma -warmeat congratulation* on the devotedne?a and activity they displayed ther* and on erery other point where their aerncea were required Our seamen were electri fled by the aoul stirring language of the General In Chief, and loudly rheered him. 1 mat do Gene ral Canrobert the justice to aay, that he toke* overy opportunity of rendering juatlie to our n**T? whose immenae service* be duly ?PP'^^-^.teW account, whenever he give* an order it la immediately executed by our aa'lora with in ;oneeiveble alacrity. 1 have iu.{ returned fro. a visit to ?????, where I felt quite orer^wered by the Inex rreaaible feeling of pride and emotion excite! in me by the manner in which our rortod their sufferings. At th* flrst ray of the magnifi cent aun we hare enjoyed during the laat day*, a 1 eeemed to hare forgotten fieir paat misery, an I, like the awan* shaking off the r*1 n that ha* fallen on the r feather*, our brave fellow* *hook off the cold, the rain, and the ? now, and they now laugh, sing, and await with eagernec* an opportunity to cross bayonet* -enemy. Ererybody wlU tell von abo that If Ad???f?l Bruat watcbea day and n ght with the utmoft orer the welfare of hla ae?men, Ganernl Canrobert exer c(*e* the *ame rlg-Unce, ani attend* with equal care to the health and comfort of hi* noldiera Tnose two men wl*h to *ee everything witli their own eye*, an I no thing eacape* them. Thua, Geoaral Canrobert l?*ued an order on i he 33d. expeUing from tbe coa*t of KamsUeb and >e? <'"ir back to Frauoe the sutler* who Uad the lu famr to lefl to our men adulterated and un?'hol??otne bereragea. Ererybody appHuded that wlae moMuro, which wa* in*tantly carried into effect, OFFICIAL REPOHTH OF GSKBRAL OANBOBKBT. Frilnph Oaar, Bkkokb rfaaofroroi., Jan. 17, ivm. On the night between the 14t? and 1 Jth, a Kutaian column, of about Are hundred men, attacked our third parallel, which waa defended by the second battalion of the 74th Regiment of tbe liue. The assailants atu-mpt waa met by the Gren idler Company, Capt Boutor, and the 1st oompany, Capt. Castelnau Both these officer* -were killed at the head of their troops, exhibiting to all an example of firmnese and bravery .which wa* imitated. A lection of the 3d company of rolanteara, tinder the order* of lieut. Bjutet and Sent*?J hastened to the place of conflict, In which they took a glerlona part and one that adda to the distinguished services which the volunttera have already rendered before Sebastopol. The same behavior marked a compa ny of voltlgeura of the Bftth Regiment. The chef de battalion Roumejoux,of the 74th, contending perionally oo the parapet, and calling oo hi* men to ma4nta?n the hono'oT their Bag, gave proof of remarkable bravery. Be wa* aeriously wounded All the troop* engaged d s s: as^u 'Sro^ssssrf " ^ January 24.1H5*. The Minister of War has received the following des natchee from Gen. Canrobert , . The flr*t was dated January 24, and wa# received at ?uchaiest on February 8. . nl , . The weathet has become much mlld?r and finer. The tronps have supported the trying daya we have just gone through witli admirable courage; their confideooe was never shaken for one moment by th* extreme ?*verityo. -the temperature. We have reason t? hope that the depth of the w^er in the Crim -a is wet- We waume our ?work before the town with renewed Mt>ntr Baroaa SankgTOPO!., Jan. M,1W. Oen. Ulrtch and the voltlgeur* of , have arrived. Thetroepe are animated wttii an exeel lent aalrit, and are fuu of enthuelasm The weathe continues fine- we take advantage of It to complete ou - conWnueeflne we tase ^ Wanbert Oenlu have inivJd CANROBERT. THE DMFATCH OF LOltB EAOLAK. Bktobk Skbastopol, Jan. 23, 1845. !To ths Duk? or Nswcabtls , . Nothing ha* occurred of Importance in our front, but ?the enemy has occasionally opened a I' re upon attach, and Mr. Spalding, a flne young man, an acting The weather has become milder ; hut the country Is ? till in a dreadful state from melteJ snow. The army is we 1 supplied with warm clothtor and I the Commis'ariat were adequately provided with WMJh { port*, and the huU could be at onoe brought up, there I would be no other cause of *ufferlng than the severity of I ? Cilmean winter, and the duties imposed of carrying on I a aeige In such a climate at th is season of the rmt. I 1 have kc. apma"' APMIXAI. BHT AT TO THI FRENCH MIVIHTKR OF WAR. Mostoukllo, (thiCkiuia) Jan 2#, lf>55. Th? weather coatinuea very line. Our battcrie* hare mtlTid the order to b? really to retpen their Are For eome daya the Ruaaiaua bare ceaaed to make aortiei. Two thonaand anldiera (French) arrived to day. to/jether with the Voltlgeura or the Imperial f!uard The Vice Admiral Commaader-in Chief, BRCAT. Hl'HIAN DESPATCH. JancaRY 28, 1855 No charge ha* taken place la the etata of affair* be fore Hal aetopol. Firm tlmo to time the enemy throve ffbelli an.) locteti into ihe town, but the dame ;e done U unimportant. MEV-?:UlK.OFK. Til* LATBHT PBIVATK DESPATCHES. jAxraRT a"), 18.15. A deepatrh Tin Vienna br off) the following Intelligence firm Sebaatopol to the 30th of January Tl;e weather U ? till favorable, ao<l all the preparation* for aeeault are complete. It In utatei that am noon a* the fortlS'-attoni of Kupatoria are completed Om-r Fiuha will march on ttebaatopol, and then do il?tiei? a Cat ha. tie will be fought. The Ruuiana Litre fallen k on the aide of Bitopoeropol. LORD PALWRR^'OV THE EUROPEAN j BEvourriotfurs. ConaidtraWe (peculation exiata in Kurope a* to !'al neratcn'a feeling* toward* the European revolution He li claimrd by aome, even leader* of the peopl*, *? the friend of damocracy? ae the ayirpathieer with Han gary and Italy. There <a a letter extant of hla to which I recall jour attention at thi? juncture, the more no that ita exlrtenre baa been denied. In Anguat 3<nh, 1818, Manln, the I'reaident of the Republic of Venice ? the be leaguered city of the tea th? n at ita U?t extremity, rntie ? pathetic appenl to the BritUh government ? iet forth the atraita to which the cltixena were redu-el? expreaaed their lelf devotion ? their hatred of Auatiian miaraie ? their earneat appeal to the great itrltieh nation to Inter Rie diplomatically for their d-llverame. While le.rd Imeraton'a anawer to thia app al waa waited, hope buoyed up the Venetiana. At length, on the l*th Ojto ber tho anawer arrived, and here it U, la Ita preclae oroide. LB TICOMTK PALMIR^TON A M. KANIK. Fukxhi* Om? x, 10 Octohre IMS ?v MoKOTt R ? J'al en l'honneur ce re ? voir voire lettre duliOaoiit dernier, dana laquelle vou? v>uainiiqu*i ?lea rappotta de Veni?e avec remplre d'Autrlche, ei ou Ton* prier le gouvernemont de Sa Majaat.- d'employer ae? effort* pour amp.' cber cette vllle de retomber aoua U <tom' nation au< rich ten. J'al A voua appren<lr<> .|ue dan* lea propoaitiona faitoa aa frouvernemmt d'Autr.rhe p-\r I* fMfatMBMM bri tanniqne, pour la pacification de I'ltalie, II ne a en 1 trouve pa* qui demand* nue Venlae re??e d'appartenir a l? couroone tapi'Hale. et qu'll aerait con*. .|u?tnment aa$e de la part dee Venetieaa d'entrer en an >o.'"jient ?te? la gouvernement au'richirn. I Je ?ui? etc. rAl.KER-irOV. . IlollauH. . mimstbriai. a rro i rtmrvt? rat rhiti*r patriotic , rt~M>- CAt-r. o.aaoN Avp run new rose a ^kai n, A covreepondent nt the l/iadon St"*, wr.tini from . the Hague on Febraary 6, ear* Captain d? Hmtt van den Broeck* ha* been charge- 1 by tho King with the I'ort frlto of Marine. The eutaerlption opened In tlila country In aid of tho Britieh I'atnotic Fund baa Ju't been clo?e. The tola' amount aubeerlbed le abont 4, (MO florin* (? UO). The Journal <Ui B<i? recommend* that Capt\ta <; It-ear ehoeld be put on hie trial arala in thia eoantry. .For doing thia. and for repr- during the eorreapon lence a* originally pnbllahed in the Nrw Ton* Htaatn, the miuieterial MJKre accuae the Journal <Ut /'a?i ?<it of a waat of palnotiem. It would an loubtelly be fruit 'a I ?f Inconvenience If a verdict once given bv a colonial coar' could at My time be appealed agalnat la a home court of Joatloo; bat flihaon'a trial la Batavla baa heoa throughout eueh an entire piece of Jadlelal beuyling, aach a complicated net work of acquittal* aad com mlttala. that tbo eourae anggeeted, If adoptol, could barfly? ea aecoaat o* ita very exceptional character ? be twlatod into a preoedoat (Rotterdem (Feb. I) Oorreepoodenoe of I?a4on Kewa.] That eiagularly fretful aad pugnaeioua journal, the N?w YoixHwuio ha* la a recent number tat ea for tho tact of a alaihtng commentary tho Dutch- Aea'rieaa nw teaaea Waoeia rt Oibooa It cettalaly doea not eay ' aaaeh for the coaeeiona rectitude e' thia f t< rnawat, i which eoaiylalaa of tb> lajaattco ef the elaixa advaoood fcy Anuria* to trtnlf o f im of tti cltlxens, that it has ?flowed that correspondence W be first touuteM to the world by manna of the iMritu mu. Perhapa, however, we ought not to judge of diplomatic p*?oeel lags bjr Mm rnlaa hy wklek wo gwnaJy form oar opia lons of mm sad meaaurso. On reading this tofmpot doneo, tho mylwirt conviction tore** itealf aooa the mind that tbo whole affair to strongly UinUd with job bery An American cltisen? on* Gibson ? o*M Mid command* a achooner (tho Flirt), with whioh bo pro ceed* to tbo island of Sumatra. In tho cabin of thla achooner a letter la written In tho Malay language, aigned by Oihaon, but deaignawd by him aa being " in oonoeptlca and in atyie, tho moit puerile and moat Imbecile aaaam->lage of abaurditiea that Over emanated from the brain of a Malay scribe." This totter ho all ere ? to have been written by two Malays, ap'oa of the Dutch government, for tho parpose of get ting the haptosa citizen Into trouble. The Dutch au thorities, however, got posaeeaion of thii letter, anl managed to grouud upoa it a charge of hi4li treaxon againat Gibson for having endeavored to perauede the Sultan of Djambl to make a demonstration aga*n<t Dutch authority. The writer, or rather the signer, of ttis letter, who profe>sea not to have understood a hjtI lalde of the language in which it wia written, waa ac cordlxgly made prisoner, and sent to BaUvia for tr al Here ne waa detain*) aiit*en months, during which period he waa five times acquittal by the Ketavi&n court of justice, andae often declarei guilty by the Su perior Court. A short time, however, before the final decision of thla court waa made known, Gih?oa, who had had a hint of the course things were likely to taie, managed to make hi* escape to America. There he represented to Mr. Mar.-y the peraecutiona to wbieh he had boon subjected b) the Dutch authorities? imprisonment, loss of health, and loss of property? for his nbip and cargo had b?en confiscated For theee loenes he makea a claim on Hoi land for an indemnification of tlOu.OOO, and the dlsmis aal from office of the officiate who had been concerned in th'.a jobbery. This claim ia becked by the American government, which instruct* its min'ater at the Hague to urge, " with moderation but firmueia," thla claun upon the attention of the Dutch go vernment. M. Van Hall, the Foreign M>nlater, as kuroa Mr. Belmont, tho American Minister, that Gibson's account Is a one aided one ? that he had Buffered no hardahipa or losiva In Batavia, except such aa he bad br-iught upon h'maelf. Hs then engigea to furnish Mr Relm< nt with all the original papers, to prove to him the truth of his aanertiom. In the mean time, Oib son, with a true Barium effrontery, appear! as a traveller on the frontiers of Holland, where he de clares his name and character, in the expectation of being ordered back or taken prisoner? in which expec tat'on be ia not deceived. Il-treup >n he pull* from his pocket a pasa from the American Minieter at I'aria, who declares bim an American diplomatic agent., charged with despatchea for the American Minister at the Hague. Alter this jobbery In miniature, the traveller ia relea?el, and ullowed to proceed; he residea a few week a at the Hague, with the American Minister for his hoat and ptotector. The papers arrive from Batavia ; the Colonial Minister roads the en dorsement, and considering it the duty of the Foreign Minister to select ana arrange them, sends them unopened to bim. TbeForeigu Minister, coo -luding that his colleague would not send him the papers if they were not dulv in order, transmit a them unopened to the Ame rican Minister, who opens and examines them ia the presence of Gibson. This wor'by citizen disco*. r? pa pers which evidently were Intended for the exclusive guidance of the Foreign Minister ? the on' v proofs that existed of Gibson's guilt, aa woll as proofit of jobbery on the part of the Imtch officials In Batavia. So-na days after the Foreign Minister discovers his great error, and writes to the American Minister for the return ot the papera not Intended for bim. In reply, Mr. Belmont affected Inability to select? a diplo matic move to obtain a specification ? which would have proved jobbery on one side as much an guilt on the other. Mr. Van Hall, however, declined to give suoh a specification, but propoted that he should be allowed to call upon Mr. Belmont, and, in his preaenoe, aelect those pa pei h he desired to posaeas. Thla, however, was ob jected to by Mr. Belmoct, who still retains possession of all the papera, ao that Gibson ia ablo to prove everything, i while tnls goveriment does not posses* a document with which to refute the chaiges on which Gibson and the American government claim the indemnification of one hundred thousand dollars. In tho meantime Con gress ia dlscusaing the merits of all this jobbery; Mr. Belmont ia impatiently waiting for "final instructions;" Chptain Gibson la appealing to the arms of bis fel ow citizens; the Dutch Ministers are affecting indifference aa to the iesnlt: tie Dutch people are accusing their go vernment of jobbery; and, to complete the cl max of horrors, the N?w York Hhui.d Is getting very angry on the subject. Harkelt** Mo?rr Mahkrt, Friday ot.hIm, F?b O^-Tbe dulne*. which prevaiL-ln every ta""h.? fc eut the country U raaulfe.t?d equally in the bto )k n change, and the tranaac'lon* to day hat# bw?n wliolly unln^rUnt. Conaol. for money opened at the price to which tiey recoded yesterday after nJ" namely, 90?< to 91? hut *u*ei<| neatly 1 improved to ui to %, at which they *? the cloae of bu.ineaa. For the account the laat !fuot*t?n waa Si*. Them waa no fraah foreign In Ulllience, tnd tb? chlef fntlc ^ ' Hurinir the next few day* will be the nature of the Ministerial .UtemenU 1 o k ?r ?? ',^12'" ! &?d WTxi thrn per Sftrt -took, 221 to Ml; tab bond-, l?: tn 16* and exchequer bllla, 6a. to 9e. premium. There waa little activity In foreign Meurttle*. French Jfftt 3-i to 4 premium, anl Turkiah wa. noml ? rJU this afternoon there waa no VSiS StataSi the Pari. Ho.m thl* .venlng. ?*b iblt ft trifling (lMllnt* At Viwn? thert hat betn #o material alteration, but the appear*** of the money market It rather lett unfavorable* j tn tlie market* for Ruaalan produce. raUowhf ^Taayd 8a. to 2* Od per cwt., and holder! of hemp are unwll liDf to aell. BROWN, 8HIPL*T * CO.'i CtBCri.A*. I.ivkrtool. Feb. 9, i8j?. We hare had another dull week la cotton, with a drag ,itf market at 1am t wack'a price*? aplnnera purchasing from day to day juat auftlcient to aupply their immediate w?t. C wind atlll continue. In the ."t keepmg out a large fleet of cotton laden TeaaaU, and limiting the im , ott to the email quantity of 11,000 balea The aale* for the week ending lut ,*"n, ?,'U)*'nd .x anted at Sfi.tSO balee? apeculatora taking 1,^ "d " ?* ui) hale* To- day the butinet* i* called fi .000, < ^HJ, % heavy feeling, at the following quotation. Fair ; (rlenn* b1. ; lair Molulea and Uplauda, 5)4 ; middling j Or lean*, 6',; middling Mobiles and Upland*, S; ordlna r7ibe*atock of1 cotton *n this port la 405 000 bale i, of which 1*1. 000 are American, againat 629, <*>0 at thla pe I riodlaat jaar, of which 314, OuO were American. I The money market contlnuea tlf Ut, aod we cannot re I twirt the ?lirlite*t improvement in ll?nche?ter, the do i maad tor yarn* and food* being ao UmiW that pri^ I are rot fairly teate-1, and mu*t be ronaidered quit* no 1 r?rn market la duU, without change In prloea the j tuiinc** being to a limited extent f?r,^lon, at the following quotation*, via. -^hUe wh-at, 12a. t'd. a 12* 94.; rod, 11*. * J1"' w- P( ,r 11 it, ? old Western canal ll'iur, 1 2a. n *2?; j 37^ a 40* ; Canada, 4'ia. a 4.1a. ; Phlla lrtphl* and Baltimore, 44-. a 44*. M. : Ohio, 44* a 45*. , *our, 87* a 40* im r bbl . ? bite Indian corn, 4J?. a 44a.; yeUow, 4.1, i 4.1a. cd. ; mixed, 43a. 6d. a tr;*. per quarter. Koain 1* in Ulr demand at 5*. '"4. ? 7d. per cwt., up to Ca. for medium quaiitlea. BAK1MI .KOTHKHS * p. Ihe bu* ne.. In the wkmUl and fort ign P' '"?u I etn ilutiru the w?ek hai bean limited. Sugar Arm, anil 'i"?r? Vad^M. dull Monev I. g? <? matd, witluut pre**ur?. C ..naoU Uave ?tt 91 la money and l?l 1 , a 91 S for the account. New dollar*? l The price of the laet arrneU ia not yet (lxed Bar .liver, I 6r l,Sd.; Houti Am?ilf?i tanWomi, ita. M. I American etock* have 1 -m froily h'ld thla week, and little O! tlioaa which t^r aa e.Ubli.hed h*Jt ... nn>r?il fnr .?le Tlnta aw bujw tt? no MlHIl or United VuU U?^*. 1HW. at 10^ ; of Ma..ach,-tt. *t? rlinit V? ?t W ; 'if Penn-ylvanla ln?crlptioua, at 1 Va .nd of Kentucky ?'?, at *9. In *miU amounta, [,B?.,W.nia "?d. o.Wed at W Marylaud V. .^ ,t 10* " No Miier of New Of lei n. c-ma'.U'latcl Mi The laat imu< to r*|iroa<a otrerad at 7#. *Ja aaora Paunrylvanm ('antral 1U Iroad bonda for aale at H7 the UI{I ,t ati i ling offered at 90. nilnol* Central ? *. M. N?w York and^jia lat mortgage. 100 a 101 , do 3<i 77 a 7H do convaltible, #?? a , ooipifai ?* 'rm 1 tie q.i%m.ty olfare,! ?*P''bl'r"^ ha. c? mi.'ia. <1 V)2 bag* IloaJura., etuelly "allrad k H. a R. Tm 14 bag. Mexican blac^ mid diing and goo', qual.ty, *old at 8?. ?<Va ' li.bli.g an adianea ganerally of 14. P*? lb. Haliveriaa aince i'il ult. *re 691i cerouna. lorn* contmuaa la good demand, at our la-e qu ta t'<"'oa ateady 380 baga Trinidad brought full P?kc** U> m .'<9* ?<l. a 4 2d. for middllag 'o goo-l red. t<ir>-w.? t'otocj deacriptinn* of Plaii'a'bm t-j-ybn ? tiaueln dem.nd at fulf prlc^, whlkt for wl.ieb the <^uaatity offering l* large, tbera ta^ itUl 1 * i limited Iftqutry. 6<-0e*ak. **d 900 b*>U a?d W^b?J? I < en oder' d at aucfon during Um | t?un?i bujer* trrm 47. for K">]'o f2a wforf,1"r^, ?.ry, with low middling to middling fro- 16?. W- ? Nfttive Ce* 'f? it worth 4 ?- II a Hi 9m | p*< k.gee Morba were cblely diapo -^d of from WW. * 71a. | fd. for or.lnar, mlxad tomiddw dean Bar -tod , an \ *t 70? for mid limi long barr? a?d of 1,1 ?< W' ? ^ "'?? 1 *huut one ban we. poaed of from oia a t'* ? ' for ordluiT to low tntthtd kind ^or car^t "* SSLt theT. I mere m.uir. \nd , ne of 1,100 bM'rtt jw?. I?n,?i| for tu M.literraneaa at 44. Id., r?.uVU ^ " ' 4'"? " mV*41 *Ti e'Tiirtb o* Vngl^b wheat at the market on .b 'AI tb 4iri?al? of for-lg. urg. I -e SA?wiI~???aa ji i * t**A Vin* ni aiitiM of whe*t minU fl tbHr done hmi'cd. Fine <|uanw ? ~ aMrilf price ra.t?la baa he^ mU !? ?"Hrh V. quote white A mrrican wheat M>a. a Ma., ra? a 7fa. Aaoerieao Bour 4f?. a 44*. pw . Tv. Corro*. ? We have no ebange W l,JT<Tl J'* gale* fat the week are 810 be fee. At Uwaraeel i?*m r let cont nuee quiet, the quotaUo* for mlddUng Orlaana I "^WLl.tWab-j- ?f P?MICm Uttle of importance ta n^^. M.i?bag> ??? ^^rrabTt.7^' II 17a. M. Tarkay opiem !?? M a 19a. Qnlckatlvar la. 114. Jalap ?* a 2a 14 lpaeacaaafca ?a. ^ Hiar ? fhe market 1a vary 4f?. r burg eleaa, af good quality, at ?4T Ma. Walaaaf aarraat J3t,a (ilZEr***, ?*?*??*? **??> baieseteuctioe were partly realised at fell ratss, 111 b. Ivmoo.? the declaration* tot the aale to nnwmim a* 13th test UMMiit to 12,390 cheats. Iao*. ? The deeend oontlnuea aodertte iid prloee ere withcmtjohaage. We ouete rails st ?A lis. fld. s ?0 l?e., sad barest tt 15s. s it, free ?a board is Wales. Hootch pise st Ms. for wlxed numbere on the Clyde. The stook of Swedish Iron sad eteel la almoet nominal. Laud ? Very little doing. Weatern la kegs, ROa. s 62a. Lain is dull end price* rather eeaier. Common pis at ?33 5e. s ?J3 10s. ; Spanish st ?22 5s. s ?22 10s. I wanB.? The errirals into Load on during the past week ere 600 quart-re only, sad the msrket had aot re coveted from the dulaeee noted in our last. No aslee. to arrive, have taken piece, sad tho?e upon the Spot hare been of a retail character at unoerUin pricee Ijnnkxd Casks tare been in more demuid, bat st price* rather in buyera' favor. London made are offered at ?11 13s. Ad., Boaton ia bsga st ?11 lis , sad New York ia barrel*, to arrive, at ?13 6*., coat, freight, sad iaeureacs. Rape eakea arc icsrce, sad In requeet st ?T per toa. Oils ?In flah olla there Is little doing, and quotations rt main unaltered ; aperm ?131 s ?133; psle seal. Ma ?f :i; Southern, ?48 a ?4* 10a. ; eod, ?43 a ?44 Rape? K? fined U ot ready aale at 64a Ad., and brown Uad < b iy era st 61a. s 61s. Ad. lJnaeed hsa beeu in fair consump tive demand st rsther under laat week's prices, 3?a. be ing the value on the ? pot: no forward aalea are men tioned, but the quotation* are rather easier, 37a. a 37?. Cd. l'alm. 43a a 44a. , cocoa nut, 4?a. a 48s. Rirs.? There have been scarcely say transaction*, snd pricee sre almost nominal 60 ton* goo I middling Ben gal are reported sold aQost st Da. 3d., landed tsrma. Ri'H ? Ibere hsa been a rsther better feeling in the msrktt, snd considerable buain-as hsa been done la De msrara, st Ss. lOd s 3a. lid. per lb proof gallon, sad In Fsst Indis, at 2?. fid. ; proof leeward, 3s. 3d. s 3a. *1. RsLinnKir is Vil?t, and pri<-si sre rather lower. 436 bap Bengal st suction brought 33a. (or 13>i per cent refraction. v Sna.Tru.? Nothing doing. The nominal price la ?31 10s s ?34 16a. Smw.? l'imento? 300 lags fold from ? 5?{d. Clngeiw620 case a and 340 bag* Oobln at auc'lon, ware ch eHy taken in from 34a. a 30a. Clovea ? 106 bsga Zaa tibar aold from 6Wd a M?d. SrosR baa been in good demand tbioughout the wenk, and sa the questlty offering is moderate pricee sre de cidedly firmer, snd for the lower descriptions Ad dearer. The aalea of West Indis sre 1,700 bhd*., snd sbout 13,000 hsgs Msuritius and East India have been olfcrol at suction, nearly the wlude ol which found buyer*: 20,100 baya Penan* were taken in above tbe market value; l,h60 boxes Havana aold ateadily fron 30*. a 31*. for brown, and 31*. ftd. a 37* for yellow; and 04 cn'ia, 130 bbl* I'cr'o Rlio from 39*. a 33*. 0d P.ivately, about 4,000 box** Havana have been aold from 30a. <Jd. a 3A* , and 3( 0 rasa* hrown Vabla at 39s. Ad Tka ? The Inquiry for common Congou continnea limit ed st a 9)fd. per lb. For fine Oongou, which la scarce, there ia a good demand. . Tai.i.ow ?The market ia very firm at 67*. Ad on the *pot, snd f>9a. for llarch aid April, with few aellera. Tin ?Very little >'o!ng at the reduction of 3a. noted In our last. Block, 114*.; bars, 116*.; refined, 117*.; ben ca, li 3*. s 100* ? atra't*, 107*. Ti BrwnwK.? We hare nothing to report. Spirit* ars 1 lower; American In caek*. 30a. fid. a 3f S. 1 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. NOKEY MARKET. Wkdnuoat, Feb. 21?6 P. M. The tendency waa upward from the opening thin morning. There vu no particular movement ex ccpt is Reading, which ?m quite active at the ad vance. Erie, Harlem and Central were compare, tively quiet, bat better prices were re&liz xL At the ; first board Erie bonds, 1875, advanced 4 per oent ; Illinois Central bond*, i ; New York Central binds, 4; New York Central 7'a, 4; Cumberland Coal, 4; N'e w York Central Railroad, 4; Erie Hill road, 4; Read ing Railroad, J. Erie bonds 1871, fell off j perceat. Of railroad bonds, Illinois Central wore the most ac tive, at an Improvement in prices. Taere was a bear ra'.e at 70, seller's option, six month*. Quits a large business wss transacted in railroad bonds at the first board today. There are now on the mirket three classes of New York Central bonds, half a dozen classes of Erie, two of Illinois Central, three of Hadson River, two of Panama, and so on. Bords of nearly all the Western railroais are in tirs market, and the snpply of each description is at all times tore to be equal to the demand. Too question of usury having been raised on railroad bonds issued at twenty and thirty per oent below par, bas tndu ed those Interested to examine the law on tbe subject, and we find in some of our eve ning co temporaries an extract from the statutv of Illinois and New York, on the point alluded to: ? Law of tiix Staii or Nkw Yuan. Tailed April 0, 1860. Chapter 172. lit. No corjioraMra ?b?ll hereafter Interpoae the do f-DM ol usury in any action 2d. The turn corporation, a* used in :hi# act. shall be construed to include all auociat ons and joint stock companies having any ef the power* au-i privileges of corporations Dot possessed by Individual* or partner ships id. This act ihall take effect immediately. Uv of Tiir or Iixnrom Approved February 11, lM.'l 1st. That no corporation (ball hereafter interpose the defence of usury in any action. I'd. Tbe term corporation, as used in this act, shall be construed to include all associations and joint stoek companies bavins any of tbe powers aod privileges of corporation not possessed by Individuals or ptrtner ihipa Sd. Ibis act shall take effect from and after Its passive. We have not lost sight of these laws, and our re marks were made with a fu'l knowledge of the pur port and meaning of each. These laws are proper acd just. It is very seldom that tbe managers of sn Incorporated company w'o were partiei to the ni uilous acts, put in that plea to destroy ths.dsbt; ben- e there existed very little neoessity for the pas sige of the above act. No company in its corporate capacity can |,ut in tbe plea of usury for the repu diation of any Indebtedness it mar have created. Bu h a restriction waa advocated by lncorp-yrated eotrpaDies, and it is well enough as a check upon I railroad managers; but it 'g <ee no further; it by no j mesas frees the bondholders from the dangers of Mich a plea. Ant stockholder oan put in tbe plea ofuiory.and when we find such men as form the tfo kholders of tbe N'e* York and New Haven Rail road Company patting in id ha pleat} get rid of an toneat aid just claim, there will never be want, inp Icdividuala willing to do tbe dirty work of in cor| orated companlea who may want their aervi ea. According to the law of this Btate, quoted above, tbe New Ycrk and N'e ? Ilaven Railroad Company, In its corporate capacity, Is debirred from putting in thf pita of usury in any action; not withstand lag which we find a mit commenoed in tbe Supreme Ctnrt, by the New Yo>k and New Haven Railroad Conpany, against tbe holders of tbe over-lsraed fcto* k, in which that plea is made a vary important joint In the complaint. The law saya that " no cor poraMon ahall hereafter iutsrpiet tbe defence of usury in any action." The New York and New Haven Mtilroad is a corporation chartered by the I/eg islalnre of this Slate, aid oar laws regulate It. It is true tbat but a po tloa of Its property is In this State, bat all its lights and privileges derived from our laas are auffi< lent to give toem great <ontrol over tbe entire intereeta of the corporation. So tbe company will find before it gets through with Its iwindllsg <peiations. After the adjournment of the biard the following taltsof itocks and bonds were made at auction : - $10, (>00 Great Westers IU. Hit 1st sstj, lat. added.. i|( i 10,000 ( let. land, faiaee k Ash. UK '? ?6 a f>,oco (>bl?i and Ml.e UK. . Sdmort.. " .. M 6,((t) t.r??n Hay, III w k Chi<* KK.S's '? ,. *4 | 10 ( 00 <lev*laa4 /. tob ?!? KK lar.intes '? 7t^m 16 to sells tlai , Has. A Itaytun IlK. SO | ?(> scares Hreok ya llaak M SO do (sltBkis K're iasuraa'-e t'ompsny Hi 10 do. (ttisewa Hao? of New Yavk 103 St da. SotUm ra t^aak ef Kmtueky lot , SO do Huutheia iiaak of Kea-.uek? 1U01, loO do. Ma4 Rlvtr sad l.ake Krle I K tt 40 do. ladianatoiis A Cincinnati RH., Ice* dir. . **.'? SO do. Ohto a ad Mieolsslppi KM HO yi da. CoililtN aad Islington Rl! 10 Mr. Albeit H. NiooUj's regaiar eeoti sreekly aoc ti' n sale of a'ocksjand bonds si 1 take place 'o-tnor row. Tbuiiday, at 13| o'clock, at the Iter baste" Kt change. At tbe se md tioerd tb<- market was no* en stained. Erie Railroad 1*11 iff 4 per oent.; Reading R Jlroad, | There was no actaal baage in tbe ntier fan cies. but the tendency was downward 1 he t. at sections at tbe Assistant Treaenrer's tffloe to (my were as fol ows:? Rereiiad II is. 110 00 1 I'st meats 11,?7? M paid lav Axay (Mice 10*, lit M Ualsnee II, 1*1, 147 91 Tbe steamship Atlantic, from this part for Mver p ol today, carried oat fl,flft,U7 IU in sjecte, of I which 1X27,077 M was in gold ban, 1420,0001a Call I feint a gold, $77, IM) la fo elgn gold, tad 13, MO in fold dost. t I tbe Oan Exchange Baak baa declared a ??> , ataaal (MiVlsad ot tlx per oet. Tbe boedboldero of tbe MlaaMypI aad lawa Cos I ?flttl DallaaaJ f WMfl Iam fWApal % 1 P* WPIvPH ^7""' lOwmj vfP*V1^ are #Bad npon to nimikr tbaif boada Hdpv lb* ftrat instalment of two per eent on or before the 24th instant. The bondholders who have aol jet eon* into the hi arrangement oan do ao until Pah. 24. Tbe Legislature of North Carolina baa re-charter ed the Bank of the Btate for twenty flre years and the Bank of Cape Feer for twsaty yeara, and in oreaaed the capital of the CommeroiU Bank of Wil mington from $360,000 to $800,000. The Bank of Wilmington haa also been chartered, hot i; ia re quired to bare $400,000 in apecie paid in before going Into operation. The capital of the Dank of Chailctte is alto increased. The gross earnings of the Stonlngton RUlrovl Company lot the month of January, 1865, amounted to $17 438 25, against $19 041 83 far the aame ' moitblaat year, shoving a decrease of $1,603 68. The falling off ia mainly in teceipts from freight. | The receipt of tbe Macon and Wtetern Rjad Company for 1354, were $313,170 Wort in* eapense* $160,856 interest ?L<i tin u.aoa Dividing ten per cent 122,833 298,041 Porplui" $15,133 The receipts of 1863 were $281,369; 1852, $272, ; 483; 1861, $213,094; 1K50, 208,804; 1819, $198,507; ! 1848, $161,670 ? shoeing a regular inoreaae of 1 earnings. j Tbe ateaacslip Baltic, at thla port from Liver pool, bilnga seven daya later intelligence from Eu rope. Tbe financial and commercial eucoaotsare j not of n favorable character. The markets for oar great staple exports were doll end pric* bare'y sns | tained. Cotton wan dull and the xalea only >o tin tiade. Tbe marufscturing diatricta continue to 1 aend forth moht gloomy accounts, and there were no Indl atiouR of an immediate improvement A mire ' general adoption of abort time wm contemplated. 1 Breadatnflfe were Inactive and d>preaaed. Flour i ; and wheat were lower; Indian corn without altera- j i tion. The demaud waa almost entirely ooofl*edt) j i the wanta of the trade. Quotation a for consols were | n fraction lower. Tbe cloaing prioea were 91 a 911. Money waa in active demand, with a corresponding aopply. There waa no particular stringency in the ' market. The demand for gold for oxporta Ion cm tinned active. The return fjr the Bn.k of Kagland I for the week ending the 3d of Feb -nary gives ths following result*, when compaiel wiih the previous week:? 1'ublic deposits ?3,740 M2. . . Increase. . ?842,958 i Other deposits 10, 583, 527.... P* Teas*.. Ill, Ml j I Rest 3,266,198, . . , Decrease , . 2,1 IH ! On the othar aide of the aooount Government securities ?11, 633, 602... I>aere***,. ?10,000 j Other securltiaa 14,500,176. ...Increase.. 260,365 ; Notes unemploy i-d 6,208,370... . Increase 377,780 The amount of aoten In circulation ia ?19,820,195, beitg a decrease" of ?49,220, and the at >ch of bul lion in both departments ia ?12,799,624, showing an increase cf ?444,044, when compared with the pro ceeding return. Tbe London circular of E. F. Sattertwaite uys:? There baa been an active demtnd for American etcn itien In London during th* put wsek, with conallerable transitions] in Virginia, 64.; Erie, 1862and(lH83; New York Centra], 7a ; J Pennsylvania Central and I llnoii Ceitral bonds. The annexed statement exhlbita the condition of the landing departments of tbe banks of B <eton for tbo week ending Monday, Feb. 19, 1855, aa compar ed with thoae for tbe prevloua week Boston Bj*kn. 7r/> 12. Feb. 19. raplfal stock $32,247, 124 $3.:, 247, 525 Inr. f 400 loans sad diaco'ts 61,417,824 61, 8*9, 012 " .412 098 Fbf.cif in hanks... 3 38k, 60f. 3,425,033 " .. 39,428 Due from i>tb bks. 7 206, f46 7,330,032 "..23,387 Due to oth 'r banks 0,336,609 6,ft.'?,6W ?< ..189,356 I<e posits 13,119,7*2 13,501,905 ?? ..332, 153 Circulation 7,045,871 7,050,919 " 6,043 There appeaia to have been an increaae in every department. The amount of specie ou htnd mo | tlnuca very much reduced. The banks are unusually j weak in that department. Block Exchange. Vmmnii. F?'b 21, IMS. ?r.cco Vn ?'? bso 96 * ao I'fSD co?: Co. .? 101 (HOO do... -..a.". l?>, 20 do 100^ 3000 HI Intlaura, '4T 90,V 200 Cum b CI Co h i 3.1\ lOfeClty 6'a. 'M .. M 100 do h<M> 84 4(00 Erie ron ha '71 7!?V 150 da ?3 33^ IM'CO f'rie b?, '76.blO 83 MO do 33 V 16CC0 do S3 M .V York On RR. tf.i* 4000 do b?? 83 100 do b?0 !M 1000 n Rirlatm'j; be ICS KM) do *10 03* HOO II Rirlvtmt* be 71 * 1M> do Kt't 5000 I'en bde2dle?ue 107 200 Frle Railroad. .. . 4ft W l'.'OCO ID i>B RR Ml. 71 X 2'.0 do b't 46*. f.000 do 71\' 200 do a30 45 U 5100 do ?10 71 ?, 42.'? do Hi 46', 120(10 do 71 s 100 do b3 4ft?f 5(KK) do b3fi 71.V 200 do b'Vi 45'f KMX) do . . ?' no* 70 l?l do b lO 4.','i 2000 X V (Vd Kit be 87 X 200 do b W 44'< 7000 do 300 Harlem RK 3i 1.00 N Y On, 7'i.. 100 do ?2'< 2000 do W*4 200 do b?0 32M 17O0 do c IW 160 do 32 V 400 do HH'i 40 Kew JrraajrtRK. . US', f 000 N YOn?ub'nbe 8.1 l&Ontooln^toa It. K. . Mi 1000 ChicAK t RR ha 03 r,K5*i Rradlo* Hit . .. 78 3.r. t'nion I lank.... 113^ 100 do ?:i0 78 26 I'ank of America ll' J? 150 Uudaoo K RR. .. 88 r,0 I*! * H (1 Co.b3 114 V 100 do b<i0 3t 60 M< r'lite K* IU.. 1'0}, f>5 1'anam 1 ICR 106'{ 4'' Am Ei Bk 104'4 100 do 1*1 23 do 10ft.,' 1" Notthern I. ICR . . HI 30 Pk of Ka A*... IW 10 do 9H>.i St M?trop Rk 106 86 ftal k Chi RR .. fti 20 I ontiDrnUl Hk HI',' 50 Cle? k IM RR. . . M VOOtilo I. * Tt Co. . 88 70 do (Mr, 2IO I'entoo l a. . b 0 23* 200 N k W Kit. .. bio -l?', 100 Kd(? worth Co.. 2?, 150 do 3ft>< 100 Hnr k h'ejp Co. 4 Klicovn BOARD. Ill/Ml H r?r <!'? ?i't 200 aha Erie I'.R. . . . . 4?l,' 1(1)0 Erie Con li?,'i>2 HI1, ?'*?> do e3 4A?, W>00 IlltVn ItRba.. 7I\ 125 d 45,^ lOTi.0 do ?M> 71', .'>0 do 4."> f'M S Y ' en i'e.... ?'< (.<"i do ?.'?? 4i', 40* 0 Co V9\ von do hi 45?* 100 eh? Cantoa Co. . . S-l'a loO di? Ml 4f.', Al Chic BR. 99 100 Reulinf Kit 7 Ck MkrOi RR.... ?? 100 do 75', lo <;? w;, aoo do ea 75 ?? 240 Cumh Coal Co. . 34 30fl do aft t 7'i 200 do b-to .74 SCO do bJ 75 if i'O do a :a 33K 100 76', 1(0 do.... ?1.', 8.'.^ 100 iliid Rlr RH b 10 37 '? J00 d-> b.'l 15 U rb Houtn HK . Hi :0fi do ?3 nv 60 l'auaoik Kit 107 4f0 llarlrm HR.. . *3 32'J 2ft do los SOO 32 % C'lTY TUtl)K REP Hi r Wmiminr K?h 21?8 1*. M Ahii?? ? Tha market wan dull, with (mail >al-> of pet a ?t te 6<i. RurjiiiiTi rr* ?Hour, bafom th? now* ?m flrna. with mI?? of al'iot 8,000 a 10,000 bhla., orlultng common :o yo?xt ar.d ebr.l " ftale, at $8 2ft a !?> B'.", . >:omm >o to fi'<4 Ohio. M!ch'|?n, Indiana asd WImsod la. at 48 7 > a 12 ?*tr? Grn'Mtt at $10 75 a 112 Canadian w?? in lair dtaiavd, wl'l <iIm at It 36 a 810 U cr ooiornoa to ? ?tra ditr pail, tb* aaW-a rmhrae*! 1,'iCO hil?. , in elat'ad In tb? aboto. Hontharn waa in food d?maad, with ni' r? dolnf tha aala* amHramKl 8,000 hhl< . lo rlodrd la tha ubov* total, at $H 81 a 90 31 for lafarlor to <o>.d bracd*, and 90 37 a 910 37 for faory and aitra br nd?, amonc tha aal?a war* 000 bbla. I'atrr?bari rltjr Milt* aitra, at 90 87. I'.ya door aad eorn raa*T waia both da>l and nominal Whtat waa h*ld abora lha ?i?-w? of bujr. a. Corn waa plant? and 4nll a?) aai- a llf ht Tha ?laa atnSrarad aboot 10,000 haalirta -(oath am ?Mta aa l fallow, at Me a #6 r , Waaiarn m'ia<1 la itepwuhtl' it We. Ri# waa lo govt duotaaU- ^o m?nd, wllh aal#? of Korthara at 91 KS. dalirt-ra-' "at? cr/ntlnu< d Ann for Waatarn, at 91a. a?8c.. aal Jtr?/ at ?"??'. a 99t. C' r?H - Tha mirkat waa frua to y. hiifhar. with aala? of about I 1(0 ba^a (lio at '< ,<??? a 1" %e '?00 bar* lacuayra at U \r a lo'.r VII siili .'?<> H lT"$c a l?Hr. , rooba^a atala?i l"t l>ora Oft> on frlrat* t ra< and 60 forto Rl^iat 1o?.. oaah I a?;< irm Haifa Ut IJrarpool rnoro iVitr. Th?r? waa mora rottoa ' flaring, aad blahar tam.? ?Wmand' , , aal 6-89d. (A 8 18d. wrn 'lamtadad I'll bit"" of ba n n watt -rgtirrA at 17i (Id j I(W bbla pxrk a' U . a??d 6M1 b"iaa aurar at 16a Crala waa at about 6 , d a 84 la bulk and baf?. Th*rw waa aath rif ??? tn ls/n-:on or lo tha "?atiaant. TuUol.foraia ra tM raa?a J f"<an 3dr a , We p^r font a^aanramrnt. A ah I p of abo'it toaa waa ehartatad to loail at !la?aaaah with cotton for l^raf ' po I at ',d. r?rtT.? ' Tha Bark* roatlnned artlr* Wit> ' or two alwat I.(W?hoiaa ba a haaxi aol 1 at 91 46 U-t ?ty raialaa, and at 92 IS a 92 24 for w?l dry liar - Tha market waa etead> with m ^ktrata aaW? at ? e. a W? Hii'M - "al?? of about 11,000 Afrteaa ware ooWal Be oaah. aad Xla. 9 aaetlii ?Tha aalaa awibraead about 180 taw I'afliak at l%r- "o daye, aad 26 do Hpeoiah at 4 J ir caah flouMna -Tha aaloa laelwtad abott a.000 bbta Srm Orlaiaa* at 23* a 27 r Na?ai Proa** ? 8alaa of abowt 100 htmli eairita wore made at 41 r ea.h, Kaota waa at 91 a 91 44 On*.? I X naawd eoatlaaad 8>a, with fair aw Whale ?ad apaaaa war* la aadarat# 4*w?ad at orwrtaut prtoaa, !?? * Mow^-Tho waikat Cor a>rh muaual oatlro aad trm Tha aalaa aaibraoM l.oio i.Ue artaa* Wee Vera Baae tw arrtve, at 916 M. 999 a 99* bMa old m?s at 912 Tt a 913 Mbd M* da. aw a*ae, at 914 *0 Haw prtan* waa t?M. Ba*(- J9a a 880 hbta aoaatrr waea eold at aid prtaaa. Priaea aaaaa waa 1 lern aad 8ra? I ?Hoe* haaf haaae wrte alaa Ant. Lawa-eMeaaf 4(9 a MMk aad ttorooa war* aaada ?4 9)?e. a *%?. jUci w? |?M aol 9i9i9il at 44. > *\u ' of 1,400 Ibe. Aftteanrlafer were made oa private term*, and Hi bag* pepper at fl^.,u4t lot ??tW|i it Me. Scoa*,? the market ?u very active aad the uIm v?ry lane, at fall prtoee. The transaction* emt.ra-*4 abeut 8.600 khda., iaeluded la wkiak war* about 8. 000 New Orleani it 4t<*. Including a null tot ol clarified at t%e and 600 hhd*. Cuba at t^a. a 5 V 'JO hbda. Texaa eold oa private term*. Thracmk continued ftru, with moderate aaloa koutuoky at full price*. Taixow? After the new*, waa a ir* Oil.1/ bald, but no aale* of moment transpired \Viii?gjrr. ? Sale* ol SOU bbl*. State prlaon were ma'.* at 83c. Rtw York Cattle Market. Wrnxwntf, feb. 21, 1865. AT AM.KItTON'* WABIIlNOrON UBOVI V.VKD. Offered to day, 1,000 beef cattle Offered during the week, 1,800. The bulk of the off-ringa, tbi* wea'i, cane by the fludaon river and Erie railroad*, an I the ltr<?it Kn^ort'on of cattle *old, waa from New YerL dtate. ? late I ? avj snow *torm? have prevented tha uaual *?' f i'l.v ol Weatern ?U ck reaching market a* lieel y >? ueual. I'rlrea during live week have bean Urn. but to day are haroly up t?. laat week 'a mark. Ibe Incoming of I ent. tte dealer* my, aleay* lia* a deprtt?'ng elect. The market cloeed dull /View. lie* f cattle, eiti* quality, per 1C0 lb* til a tl i " food quality 10 a 11 " common Ha 9 " lolerior ? a 8 C'own and calve*, extra 60 a 70 Sheep, extra 7a ? I Jttuli* da 7 Swine 7o. a t t,'e. jit iiiiow.MYa'n. 62 6 beet** 99 00 a 911 00 46 cow* aiid calve*, cominun 30 DO a 40 o i " " |(>od.< 45 00 a 66 'JO 83 vial calve* (live weight) 4 a 7 2,716 ab< ?p and lamb* -abeep Ut quality 2 60 a 7 hi ?i amba 1 60 a 4 60 The Bihrket generally, to day, U not eo buoyant a* it ha^ been during the week. Cattle ate a 1 tile |,l> nticr. The foliowiug 1* a memorandum of aale* hi -tanuel Mrlirew : ? 141 ahetp for $141 177 do ror IW M !'il do lor >127: 40 do. for 914.1, 78 do for 1^19 90, Uodo. 1640; 8 do 932; A do 9*9 10 do. at I t rent* j??r lb. $100 60; lOdo.atll ren'a p> r lb, 96.V Alnol", hint cattle, at from #c to Jtc. per lb Ibc following In a memorandum ef kale* by Mr. Tim mat C larkiu:? 48 cheep fbr 9249: 1M do. 9381 31 83 do. for 9380 ;5; CO do 9283 ft); 17 do 9124 60 Al-o 84 beer cattle fi r 92 416 f.0. Al?o. by H We?,thelnjor, 72 New Yo'k Mate cattle, at f r< m 9c. to He. per lb. AT CUAMBKHi.AiN'8. 4f0 bref cattle 98 on a 111 00 73 cow* and rnlve* 26 00 a 60 00 43 veal calva* (live weltfht) 4 00 a 7 OO 4,594 *heep and lamb*, { ^ ? & ; ; ; ; - ? ? ?? J Jg AT O'BKIKN'h. 244 beeve* 98 00 a 910 60 4h cow# and dive* 2A O" a 40 00 10 veal* (lit e weight) 4 60 a (I 75 ucArrrcLATtoK. Cniri rtntl lirrrfl. Call**, 20 Browning'* 526 45 fhamberlain'a .. 46'.t 73 O'llriru'* 244 48 Total 3,238 180 144 8 699 wmnam mm* ^thky m DOAIlOlMb AND UWWg, (* A Q HROADWAY.? TWO EIJXIAKT Hlira Ol \)tO frourt rooms, luitable lor tamilie), with full board; well fiirtdilied and lit with gM. House ha* all tha modern improvement*. 1'FARI. STREET, NKAIl BROADWAY? U)D- ' Ot,i' gln^a? Two or three turalnhed hall bedroom*, with comno<lliiuii panlrlaii attarhed, and aeveral oilier ple*>*nt and r.t rn'ortable apartaieiiU, ( with ?o4 without flreplare*), ran be had by re'pectaoln applicant*, on reaaonable teruu. by applying aa abota QA(k TWKI.HII ,-TltEIT. SFKOND l>OOP. FRoM OUt' ferond aveiiue? lt<M)oi4, with b>ard, on the ?rcond tn 1 third Boora Uentlenien and gentUm?n an 1 tbetr wive* can pr>c>in a well furuUhel hou>e iinMlern iBipiovrmenti, lurni he>l or unfarnlahed Family pri vate Itelereac** exchanged. Sear car* and alagea. 1 Or lOMtV -Tlt'Er, NK tit * 'I IN t'i <O.S II.K J OtJ n.en can ha nlcaly ace innodated with fur ulahed rcom* brrakfail aud tea, for 91 per waek The hou^e 1* beautilully ntuated, with g?*. hatha, and every modern Improvement, and a family of tt>* higbeat re ipectabllity , where th'* comfort* of a bom* m?y be bad Alao, two gentlemen ran roam t'igettier for 91 per we?k. Roe ma can b? liad without board, if required /? A C1JNTON Pl.ACE? n'RMiJHELI lttMINH TO l.ET Otc to gi atlemen, without beiarel C WEHT TWENTY TI1IKD "THKICT ? A FEW UK O I leet fjimiliea and geutleinen can le aecnmm xtate l with fuitee or alngle rooma, with full or partial board. In the'de brown etor.e building which i? n?w and newly furi.l>hed, ??oniaiolng all the moierti improve mer.ta, being deligLtlbily located betweoo llreiadway aad Sixth avenue. QQ UIUCAT JOSH< 8TRKET. ? A i'AKLOH ANfl BfcO OO ro? m, fornl?h?d or uufurafahad, ou thlrJ floor, front, of tb> ilxjir Drat rl4? bona*. will bo M on r*aeo o ablr ta-rn.a If ln.nirdiate ipplcdlw be mxtf. Ala*, on* ioodi. Q "I BOND KTHCkT - O XI PARI /Oft AND UK I H X)M TO (J J let, with pastry attach*), with gat an<l wal?r. aUo. a frw ?in^l?' room* to let, with or without hoard Ktftrtiici r?'j i.u ?<! A I.ADV AND JIEK PACOITTKK WOPT.P LTT, Wiril Ixiard. Id a btuM with all tha modern linprnae n ?r la, an > l*gar,t null of furoiahed room* tu a famllr, wit! or wi'h'iut a private lat.a, an! uaa of a Una p>aun, or irouM Ut tha ?* ?* tn a part/ of fanlUnao, houee ba i)tia?anlljr la< :?tad, and aaar atafea and care Apply at M Watt Thirty fifth atreet, ui*ar .-lith avenue. Arnnn tmult ura a rctt or mow to l*t, either t/??' o- arparate Apply at li War r<n f>lar?, fharlra al.-eet, two bUxaa frim tourth atrait Il*f? rani a a ?? irhaoxol APLEAKANT FI'ltVIHHKD ROOM TO LSf-TO A r*r tli-man and h * wifa or two jtiumir ?*otl?oi?a id a lii-eltliy location, c ti a atat;* i >ul< Uin* inoja r?1? I'rvatat family Itijiun- at (lit 'lr*?awira atr*et a nkati.y h ?? will) raori noon, with tut, J\ and a hathroaini adj onlBK or?rlr,o' in# Wa'blnf tui. i?|uar? t.i k i to a aiii/l* |f?i?tl*n,ea, with Of without hrtabfaat A | j l > at MA fourth atr**t a uvr AMD uati.kmav OAK il?n: t H?vii f\ a?.n.tly fiirm>lia>t at |I0 p?r ???**, pere'.l* ict alvaDu faulty ei-mll ? do otl.rr mribfi I /Ma tin naar freed' at ini belo a lil**rfca r Addi a? blra. MOV, Itioalwar "font "I firm. Boahii- a mvuiur ami wrvic, OR two ok tliraa aliigle K?n' h "ii?i, ran ntjt* o room< with Uard, at HI4 iiir o atieet, Mat I >urt'< a!a? a ba?*ni*nt tn !i t, ?u labia fr.r aa tilRc* all of whlrh raa lie bad on rt?? .uabl* Ifiiui ll?''t*ara* required. Bo.utp? a iMvn-oMK hwiwt Parlor with i?rn io< a. ?dj iin'n< Atao, a toon, for a alngi* geell* Ban, witli >..,?r?t a oil Wat actoan^ialioai, 111 * y b# lta<l In th* n*w brt wn ?t' no hrnaaaa roeta'amf all th* eao lara Improvement*, Xoa. IM an'' 101 latt | . '?*?ulh atreet B*ar I'li in ikfW. I af?'?n"a ?i liaDfw) Boa hi ?Willi ?BtT OOHflMIW Ai ahtmkmm for famill>a or aln.'lr (??tWirxn lr,'?l.<.o ?rr; 4a ? r?bl? for n 4' tn# buainaaa .'.own i^wn, ? a/a and ?tatra |.*a-n f to ali Jarta i.f tbf'il/ Appl; at No 4 AI. n*'.. a Ifiart, -'lor. i dour from Itam atr?wt, BOA HP? A I'lKAHAXT ft It Of ROOII M*V B?: ha ' wl'h board, at lli Mntb atra?t, w?at of aa! mar Broadway. BOAftii.? Tti^nc or mi R MhvTi mr* can rk a r-? ii. mo. I tad with fo->l b>?id an I p ????nt ro-.m? * In a prlrat* faiallf at 72 Vaedam IM>t alao, oa* boar ar at V3 Wr?t Nltnatb *tra*t Boar/ ii no- 1*0 RrK?.i.? o>:xTt.f ROI ? ??c Br. arrtBiaodat'4 with wi'l fin.iai.a4 f- un with brtabfaat at ' t?? an<I dtao#r oa Haadar*. <a a raa pax tab!* pnrau fa? If Tha hf j ?* iaa*alji faraialtad with all Ur liMpravaatttta l/oe*U'? oaatraL Ad drata C. f* , llarald oliloa. ? AT ltr. Wivi.mty IUCC TIIIRJt ) Jw# w?it of * a?hi na'.- a park A aait of 4aaira r.. m 11 "ai liaMi wltii tw.ar4 bf prlact faw?il ?a or 11 ;W K?ritl?p ?n II" iaw !.aa tba M?Wra Iwip-ora ?nauta I ?'IM'W atrha?|M Terwia aaawUrata *?oar: iso -?rN?:i* oi-vti?:m?.i c*s r*. Aft 'm T) i>>'?1aM^ wit J'*aaaat a n?la or ^ocbia laaw, with faU b?Mrd at IV.' a ?tr?-t Im ? boar lara < aa ba amaaawN alao Hafn??i-? la^aliad BOARt'lNO' ? A I (irr' AX 1'ATT. A dr.* Uaaaaa a" 1 w?. , ar tww ? aft* l*'"'*". With baard, a a a*a'l pi. at* f?nni? al.?ra t'?t* *t+ no iilln lanlira f 'blllraf |i.,? i?f<r Mm alal I fi flrat aaaua* batwawa Knaatb aa I 0|b'b atiaata. BOAKIi WAbTMi ? H'l* V'tH A I.Af?T A*f? (?r tWaaa laarl for l? \j oal j, abai* IM-a aia ao ?,t>.?r l?<ardwr> fara abat or aefarw h# l A htwral E. for au tab.* eeawaaaw'e'ioew pap la a>'?aa*w. atl'W *a?t '1 M> war/. A'i lna* I W I aa'baaa ? qoar* N?Wt Boari* ttiniD-p* a rtvuv ov rut it m ?l?* par? a la a bn?>* (bara Ibaaa ar* oaalr a f?* aar DA l<?l *ra altaatM* bata**a fnartb a*4 lita ar* r, a** an<1 an* inllar ap tiaa t*tb atrawt a<?4 ?*? ioW?? own tbao Imii>(<<? aajaarw AaVr**al 0., H*-a>4 off, .a R< !*r? r.'Wa aiaUaft: Ib#?A BI< * AN Tbjl I.N AN AMI Rl' A'? r aMII 'i IN > 'l,e .'.yotfj pr?fari? I ' ,r aa little a* aa ba j , tbrw* ;*ara <44 'wwaaaur ' at.ona a ?'a ne? ana* <A baard par aaoaatb aad tba a44r*aa ef apfu'aet toe; be left fa-r 1 RCU. H*iai 1 - ?fbOARD WAXT?l>-wmi RIRCl* RfaOH, IV A PRi Ml val* faollf. Ulktlv prwlerril INiaM eat 4?r1af the wee* I. get tew la llraablra ar Raw Yaat A 4<i aaa P., bai I.RU Nat OftUa. iRfOCl.TR ' OnrVMMAR ARB *91 CJk* MAT* >*?'? WHI IfltiftH I ?t II*. Ln 0?A?M r^wet, aw F^lbaa mill TJOARD WANTED ? K<>R A QEMTIJUtAN AMD TWO n children, In ud Ihw reari old, who will (ttiltk lit* om room . MuattoaDoat too miaitra walk froae Norfolk sad Houatoa itrwUi Apply at 3M Houatoa ?tr**t, to Elling worth, la the (tore, or to Mr*. Cornwall. Ma. R Jtmtm atreet UOAHl) l'l> 10WK? IN A flivmi. NIJQHB0R1100?, a gentlramn and lad?, or two or thro* um**# gea tWnm r?n b? accommodated with gcod toaid in a pet tat" finally , homn baa all modern InproraiaaaU, ooave nlaiit lor earn, he. Apply at l?o. 310 Woat Thirty- iret X?OAliD IN RROOKI.VN FAMILIES OR 8IN0I.K J ) *? atlrtnea wishing ? ? Poeate permanent'/ will Sat '*11*1 pl'eaant room a eith pantrlxa and |H, at 47 flaada It r ret. Ilalcrrbica ?iclii<nra>l Alan, no I at of Ma/, a fcaudeomr a < ?*<3 ..?-rond itory rtKiv, with cloaet aad pan* tfj- , H0AKI? IN BROOKLYN? t KI T HlN'dLK (IK^TUC Iron rati lie e<co-i mrdatM with koihI boon] aaJ plraaaut rooma; alio, the furniture of a bo?r<liag hoaee lor?ale ai.-l bourn to r??it. I'oooaoioa (iren imme diate*. ( haa|H- <t rrot in Krooklyu by a ll?a intnulee' walk fmo tultun or Catburute tenia*. Apply at A Tt lar) at r act, nrar Fulton. fkOAKl) IN BROOK I.YN.? PERSON* WlHHlNti TO |> cbliln biar.l will llnd pl?a*?at apartinrnta a ; if Cturord itr?< t I |.e huuar la one uf a new bio ik, llaely bl eated, ami convruirnt to both feiriee. Wood raleraocaa ghru anil n quired BVOOKI.VK . ? A KL'llNlKHKl) K 1(0 NT I'AiUOR, Wini rllix iuilr<Kxn on aarnnd floor, aUo, a Baa fiont i ix a on 1 1 ini II. or, w lb full or partial boar I, la aijuli t pilval? hatua, iontii0in< the ueual improve n.i nta, awl i-outeuient to Atiautic an I Wall all eel far rtee Terma mo-'erate Apply at 31 ILnry atreet. BOARMNO IN KOl'TH BROOKLYN.? TWO OR TKttKK {?arm en -lit boardrra nn be aooommudated ?lib plaa aant r<otn? anl boa/M, In an a?r<f*el>le family, whara ever) attention fa paid to tb? "ooilorta of Uiaaa reeling ?lti tbi u boa an wlthlo throe mlnutnt' walk of liainliin ferry nud ?n of Houih ferry. Inqulri at N I'M aidant > tr?* t. o IHIX BOAKI) IN A I'RIVATK FA Htl.V, ?rr) Qua am ?a of room*. furnt.Ua.l or ?a f hi nil In <1, in a houaa with all ibaBHlam iinpron niaU, ?n?? ob'amail by a |t?atiamaii an I wifa, or alaata f?u tlnnan ''?airing brat rlaaa aoeuaniixlatloua, at 91 Eaai ItiirtMutb Itirat. FprHNIMIItl) H'H'Mi* TO 1.1T? WITH OR WirHOUT Im nil, aultaiib- far aii.gla oi martl?l p?rn< ni N. 4 - No eLildian ta*ia. No. l&Q l?auraaa atraat, aaar louiton. S O 147 m i>PON 81KKET, OI'l'OSI TK 8T. JOBNt I'ark ? Fuinlahad I ooma to lat, at Ih board, to ?la tantli in< n or Kaatli im-a aad Oinir wlraa lloaaa ii?wl> luralalird wltli all tlw romlarn iinproramaota . A faw ilay boardam r?n to arronnioilato . I TO. 6 ST MARK 'H PI,.\?K.-T0 ICT, WITH 1?AHJ> S In a family nf four prraoor, thr whola of tbe aariind floor, rnmprlaing tbrua rooma, with bath foiai an<l two pant rla> k*?. Ac Sr KIKNIHHKIt HKDIUNitl, ON BROOKI.YN Ililyhti to r?ot to a afngle (antlaroas, without heard; pnrala family, Bo boar'lrra no rlilldran Apply at :i f. Willow itroat, flrooklyn, within thriw mlautai walk of 1 niton farry. lU leran ia axohao(a4. Kaat M par tr.i r'b <n adviuirfi Boomi for oorruam ~okntu:msn can fini> lin?> rooma, with all tnc iwnlarn imtrorniorata. In a puTkta family, at l<* Tanth ?tr??t, bataaati Fifth and Nilli avanui n. Ilr*akfaat and taa, if ra.j nr?d. I>nrvAtB (OAtmira ? ?nmuL virt 1-i.kahant room* an a?lia i.r aaparataly , furniahad or iioruralala ?d ran l>* bad with b?ar<l. on rraa- nabla tarma, in a art ?af< family r??l<llnK at 2ko Komlh avanua, uppoaitaCal. varr Cburrb. Tb? honaa la Htinly 1 ?at*d, baa f aa aad bath. K< frraoora aiabargrd. 1)>RMaNKNT IMIARO w ami i- Ff>R A (H^TUC tnau and bia wife from the ft rat of May. rooaato ronalat of a ilttioir room and bvdromn roanactlng. la a hou?e with all tba itux' rrn improramanta, an l lonatad aaat of Hroadway, an<l not ai >*a Taantf thir l atraai. Aii<ii??a Wall atirat, llrrald offlca, atating loeaUae, trrma kc. BOOMH.-1WO OR THRKK MEVTIJCMKN CAN Ob tain ?rry drairabia aaitra of rooiui, or aia^ta rooma, Willi partial !>oard, If raqnlrad, la a Brat uiaaa broen a'oo* front bona* with aU tba modern lawofa mrnta. eonrrnitnt ta tbe rare and Hum No. II Waal KonrtNntb atraat, drat hanae weat of With aranae. I WO YOl N(1 MEN WOI 1.1) 1 .IKK TO MAKE AN AR iaD(*m*nt wlib aona family, for a good room wtMk gai and water, without board. bo reference ra|0*ad. Addie?a TibbalU, Iteraid oOleo, two 1*1 RAHANT hM*?Nl! BTORY FMONT lUKlW, with pa Kiel board fur a (?tillemai anl wife, v tbre* rlogle gaatlemeo In a prtiata family, and a beau tiful atd roo?rnt?nt lo:ation to lUfOi and eara. Hath, gaa, fcc j ta t be houaa. 67 Ferry atraat, toterea Btaaah ?r and Fourth. TWO KMC1.WB OR OKKMAN OENTUMEH CAN I an agr?? able ganti-rl hon.", with board, at ?7 Oraad ?'r?rt, <na tli-a weat of llioadway. IMrreaoe em cbaagnl. (OPAHTNKMNIIII* IOTIOBI 4kii C/lA ?ANY UENTMMAN IN TIU COU0 '\J? try wlm will inform ma of a haaitkr locality /apl'al aoa lO'tna. ry *111 Im wall ntiM id. ??l<lrn> Kiodtii, Rroalway I'aot (Mr*. fliO ? A itkhov wim tiik aiovb 14 " /? amount aoald b? glad to Inrwt It In ?oir? ulr *B'I profitable t?ualn**aa that *oul4 Bat la ho la nek ?>f III* Um> of tb< a4*rrilaar Plf*? a44r*aa bat 4MI, H<rai<) nthr* with r* ml nana anj boaloaoa, ao nona otbrr will b* illtsilnl to. ?6> ikAA -THK A>?VH<T|HKH W7*irR4 AM t/V'l'a caUrpriaiaf |fi?n wltttbaaboao ?am to 'nfitgr >"llt. him la a profltahU a4ratU unf pab litlili p biirlataa, almady rctaMlalit-4 rapabla of nlaat lug u. (* '?? a v " proftl. Il i* i?f?rti| from r .mi?U t ? it <t.r alt yaara to <nm? I'Uaaa a<14raaa Uaorg* Rih ??ll ll'ltld !'#' ? (til <1/11. ?amh>~a paktnsx, in omk PI ' KM I of tb? ml ft rr?\ l?l,U ia?Uuraato in ttm f it y, wall ?atal?ll?b?.| aad 4?laa a fr<at l.mlaaaa. but a a>aii of rapi.Utioa, aa't barlac U? aos*/, ar??l apply A parlorr la r?al ratal* want**!. K. M'UOION. 1 76 < hatliama'raot L|U|||| ~A I'aRTS! k waktkd WITH TIIK IjJJlM M '? atxi*a am mat la a r??b maa-i^a'rlarltm baaloaaa, a bid iiaya ? n? hoB4i*4 |?r ??! profit 4p ply to J I' WV?I. I'aail lUK', tk.fl Boar, uil ?< "ill ln-m II t? 1 g'(l?rk ST/tn '??art''? wav I " M y. manufacturing ?'ii |> titlon 'a fl it ettj a jo in I'ARTNrB WANTRD To k*<?A?I IN A but I a m wbl-b Km a* ??a( artlT* aaa p"<4arfe4; fir in |,'i I (/ to f <* 0 tan in- ma4a pa? yaar u rlly |lr?a f> r ').? air ? unt ion air!, to aa MUX -n?fy Ur par - am/ A44r?ar II f? H . IWal4 oflco lUhtiitM ai> chacH AFA/ | A Y0JK<? I.AIiY l'OMW<I*f? TtIK it'*)" " "? afc- ?? ainmut mU liVa to loraat It la a ??!! ??t?Mnl.?\ tkraa<l % vt ???. U ?inV nVrl, ar ltr;?ra r'?r? an4 n ?l rh ? .? r ? |>t blT? amployai AdJraaa, with t arttcalara, H H . Ifma<lway I'm! "Aa*. ^PAA PARrMIt WAMKJi WITH t'tVftl f ? ?t/? )" M to If '"a far a pr.?#?a> l? b<i4a?a?, paylar W) pa* raai pr?.at a g" -1 oppmtuBity (ar a laaaat B>an tbat aarta ? ?nli'ia laiiiMKlia' ?ly S?v ntkai taal ? PI ly, ?n-1 ?itb tb? aWiv* aoaoaat <aall at 114 Raat Ma U> I.tlifatract, ia tba i (bra. ?" l\l\ rsT WA^rrn ?mi rnn am - iat la oak, to ;?t? tba alnrtlaar ia a >al' aprtnlaUon. by ?l..'b $f'i p?r nat tvaa ba i/.? ? >l<k fall ibla ilay Mn*i II aa4f, v4k tka rub oa !? C , *0 atnal, j&|AA l'? ?7W WANHTi AM XirKWIflfO 0 I' M I aiaa, a- a?j??l p*rt?*> in a aa*. Ufliaala <??)? ? par?i 1*1 oa |?r(<''.lj aa'a, aa4, a Ilk pi I ruaaaa, a forluaa will aur*!/ ba tba rawaH Itaaaa raR at In |V>??ry it'oad llimr 0. f I JE<TKM A UAUDKNINfi lAKNIH HAYINO A I. AH' I ?AKM /\ la tb* * 'Inly of Saw York, wtabo* t* lata a aa t\ a*r wta won 14 inrt4 U tha ?lty l>?aanaaa tba oa*wr tlrar not Uia| able to altao4 l?U U> Uka la'ia a *4 La aa?a Ac ta aay (aallawian a, lb a ?maJI 'apiul Urta woobt ba a |w?! n,a?a A44raa? Karatar. I'a aa a>|aafO Ktal < n. ?? Dwmji i tion f?r ftn-ANrwrK^inF? ni* uor ant nrrvblp k?r?to(o?a ?< latiua batoaoo tba in ? III an a ? t tib4rr iba i<aa>* an4 irta of II I. Jarkana k (? , Il tbia <ay 4i?ol??-l ?<y aiataal roo>?ot (Wat % 1944 i.trAttrirr. rARKi*<tf<JM, lilKAM L Jkt'HJfm _ nitfOK WANT Ml, A I ARTNKK (tmvum J I a.;?ai ) wl(b I ?</ to |.s i to to uiatt(ui iaa [in araa <La pr ttaaf akkb wiH fi?? ?a'lr? aaUafaoMo*. A-t<!"aa ? r., Ilaral4 'Mr? , wttb laol aoaaaa, aw4 aUUaf wbora yoa anay ba aawo. Sr?'iAi. rutva want?' with a canji o*n Ul i f abr/ut 010,001 , la ao ?/,! aa'abbal.a4 >> a ?< aaaa, rylr# a boat %U)/xA prutt a y-ar AUraaa A C H , ?f?M o?ro. tl'AMm* mnr? i autnitm v> a ijcym TT aa4 f n* rootpooy, a tb #1 'W a?a ?*rb (ar mlO-Of wrarba, by a aaaa a?ll p??'*4 la I A fcrtaaa anay b> atf1* f- r a? ?? I bar* ? " ia Ik*?i|a4a ni '-*4>ar> aartb af raafraHi ?a ba?4 at tba praaaat 1 Iaa* A44i*aa A ir| ,a*^t a, bat l*t H?roM a#?? HfAna-i nuTim. wmi on $m. Yf Im a <!a|aarnaa (al>ry, aatot < >?4 a a4 | |**4 bwa?aaaa? Air paraoa ba < mg tka akna aaaaaat to laraat wl I tat >b:i a aafa prot^aUa ?o , h f ?? I'lrllta boa a?t? I n?t ?(ilaaalib ? ii(Uf ( n? aal l?t?M naaaa i-alt a* tba (albry, Mo I Ritarr Ir ioa 7 A M aOUi ? f M *o. A (YVltCK rCURTKM Or MUNIMR4. W'PDUOh A ??>?? wtoaa rtaaa Haatok 0a>4 Inak w Makaya. I ia lib aai Dwbka porta#, IhoO* oloa laao ?k< aia ao4 poftat law faaatly aoa , arm pa 0*4 r r?lala kp H CWMoifcllJ, 1* fepwa atMOt,

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