Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 24, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 24, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6756. MORNING EDITION? SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. emTBEimrra eemkwed ktket oitj " SPECIAL NOTICES. COMMIPSlONtR Or DEED 3 AND NOTARY PUBLIC foi New York, (always in,) AttMBy and Counsel lor at Law, and Agent for claims agilnat the United State*. EDWAKD WdoELL, 87 Wall itreet. TTiTAKA. MLAND OF CUBA? GENERAL ANB JQ commission agency.? Mercadere* itreet, No. 4.? Sr. J. Q. Suzarte, for a moderate rate of couinaission. will execute orter* for the purchase of the different product* of the inland of Cuba, luch ax sugar, molasses, tobacco uegaM, wax, Ac., at afeo the effecting tale* of consignments of merchandise entrusted te hi* care. In the brokerage department. Mr. 3u*art? will attend to the purchase of abarea of the different atock companies, fended property, boused. tIIIm and ocuntry seats in the delight :ul environs of Havana, allotment* of fend, coffee M'l ?ug?.' wstatas, farms ana cottage*, 4tc. 11 s long ex ptciea ?? and extanaiva acquaintance placet him in a po aitiou Ku obtain the moat favorable purchase* and detec tion*. and Sitter* himself that persons entrusting order* to him will be satisfied. Mr. Batarte will produce tm. beat reference* in to standing and capability. Orders to bo directed as above._ J. Q. SUZARTE. T BROWN A CO WH0LE3ALK AND RETAIL DEAL (1 ? ers m fih'i, Icbeteni and turtle, No 1 Fulton Fiah Market. New Yo.k. The ehivalric spirit, which ia the peculiar ctnractnietic of Mr. J. Brown, who haviug -fought nobly in tne 1 lorila and more recently in the Mcxioan war. when he received four wounds in battle, and in consequence row draw* a pension from tLe gov ernment of the (,'nlted State*, will be found daily at the the popular fiah stand, No. 1 Fulton Filh Market, New York, of which he and hi i partner are proprietors. Mr. Brown U extremely prompt. polite and gentl -m inly, and may justly be considered a legitimate candidate fur pub lic Favor and support, and we besitat* not to assort, that he will receive from a discriminating community, a patronage well worthy of his merit. SOTICF ?MADAM AUGUSTA, IN CONSEQUENCE OF ths d*atn of her hnsband, Augustus ft. James, _ , begs to inform her pupils that her lessons will ba stua'peoOed till 1st of March. ITEW YOUK TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION ?THE MEM 1 bera of this Union are requested to atiead the luneraiol our late brotliir, David Hull, this afiem ion, at 3 o'clocti, from No. 3 Birmingham street. ROBERT D. DACK, Secretary. "XfEW IfORK AND LITCRPOOI, UNITED STATICS 1^1 M?U Steamship Company, 66 Wall street ? New York, Feb. 1st, 18*6. Notice ? Tho annual elect an foe Director < ?f this Company will be held at this office, on Thursday, Lit March next, between tlie hours of 12 M. and 2 P. M. WM. L. YOULE, Secretary. ?JAJOTICE? THE PERSON WHO 8TORKI) A I.OT OF ll furniture (nauie unknown) in store No. 21 Wash ington street, (in atore over two years.) i* requested to call for tUe same immediately, to pay storage and ex ]>enses, otherwise they will be sold at pabllc aictloa. S'OTICE ? THE ANNUAL ELECTION OF DIRECTORS o' the New York and Virginia Steamship Com pauy will be held a^be oilice, 32 Ilroadway, on Tutsdsy, March 6, between tne hours of 12 M. and P. M. FRED. W. PLEASANT*, Secretary. OFFICE PANAMA RAILROAD COMPANY? NEW York, Feb. 23, 18." o ? At a special meeting of the Board of Directors of this Company, held this day, the tollowiog resolution was adopted: ? Resolved, That tb<> treasurer be authorize! to pay the Interest, (mm the 1st of January, on s>i:h bonds aa may be conv't ted into stock prior to tlie 1st of March. DAVID HOADLBY, President. I it LODGE, NO. 243, I. O. OF O. F ? THE me ubers of Pilgrim I/jdge are hereby noticed to meet at the lodge room, No. 61 Division street, on .Sun day, the v;5th at 11 o'closk, A. M., to pay th? last tribute of respect to our ^'cparte.'l brother, William In nes. JOHN VIVCEXT, Per SeereUry. WASHINGTON CEMETERY, NEAR GREENWOOD ou the Plank road to C< ney Island? the eheap*st cemetery in the State. Lots at 800 ?<|uare feet $31, for wklch the Ortenwood charge* Silo. Incorporated in September, 13?0. UO square feet for $10. Trustees' < dice, 149* Broadway. GILLESPIE Undertaker and Agent FUUOIAfe Any i.ady wishing to adopt an infant from its Mrtb, (In the early part o: March.; mar hear ot a good opportunity, and have an In tar visw with the toother, bv addressing E., bo* 187, Herald office. ' " ' IF HEM'Y LOVtlJ., 13 IN THE CITY, AND NEEDS aaKutxtanca, Ho U requested to call on C'HtL-ON k CHARBfcON, 1174 Broad wa j, where he will hear of someth'nj to hit advantage. R CHARLES FAXON WILL PLEASE CALL UPON H I ong & Brother to-day. Id MI>61t>G.? NATHANIEL P. DEN MOM I JOT HH tame oa Wednesdjy moralr^, -I*t Inst., a'lout 5 o'cli ?k, to comr to New York, from Middle Village. New town. 1/ nji Island, ami hait not bcea i?en since nor heard from at'! it n KitrcJ he has Won waylaid, or some foul play ban bipjf.nea to blm. Ho wi.i dressed, wbea last ne? n fn a drab overtost, plush i'?p. blacU pants and heavy '*./-,?? ; on hi) left arm is .? ho mtrked, in In lino ink, N. 1'. D. Any inT' rni itiou of him will be thankful ly received by hia afflicted wi'e at Middle Village, or at C-0 Hudson street. New York. S0T1CE.~MH.TI !OM aJ DIMON,"" A OARDDIBtj WILL ktar homctlifnj; to hid ad^anta/e by eaUing it 155 ien lane, Nt>w Yor^, or o4 Bem<tri street, Brooklyn, without dt'.ay. It is supposed he is cn Island. KUSO <Air3f HEKJ-X A T1VE8 Of flTOBOKF. AI J JCN, r?t fatiy iratsof ? nit p out of Ibis port, an i sup posed to be fi'jui Ptansjlv <tla, can bear something te their by sp 'fiOK to JAMiil W. "HII!,rP8, 6 i South Htrret. M~ ipcaniile ubrart awoci atiq*.? oin . saw HOUSTON will lecture, on "Texas,'' at the Aca demy of Music, I'ourUealh sweet, on Tuesday evening, February '-7, at S o clocV Ticket*? twenty lire cn'i 'an be ptocured at tie library In A?tor plate; No 2 Nassau ?treil;Wui lln'l .V Sou, and ti. F Neabitt A Co., coiner c>f V. h'1 and Water t-.ruet*. JOS. 0. MORTON,) K. II TIMIVON, Vl*c. Com. JOHN CRKRAR, j HAllif TIME*. X>ENJ. R. THEAIL IS NOW LYIN'5 IS' THE I.A-T II stage of con> jinutu.n, at 6* Cbri.tie street, aud destitute. Will kind fritnis acid or call, and aer aul give re'ler DRY GOODS. diC. WETG00I*, WET OOODS, WEI 4100DS -THE I'l'B l.c are moat respectfully informed that the great est opportcnlty eTer before offered in this city to pur cbaae wet goods. may now be had at?17 avenat, aa ihbusand* who hare mm'r purchases alr?a<'y will cheer fully ?ay . The stoi k con?iet? of liien go?dt of every va riety, also cotton ahirtini/4 ?nd *< jitiow oase muslins, prints, counterpanes, Ac. , Ac. All goodn war ranted eoutid (wetoaly), and tent to all part* of the city and vicinity free. ANDKEW G. COLBY, 37 Third arenne. VHK XKADKI. AC. GAFDfeNER WAV1K1> ? TO UTHKR RENT OR TAKE on aharex, twenty Qve acre* of land, C 'ar Jamaica, with a ?niall bouae and barn; it will be made an objert tor a good, trusty mau. Apply immediately, from 11 to 12 A.M. at 106 Broad street, to Hugh Allen. AH DENEH. ? W A NTED^ A~WTT ATI ON "aT"g A R dener, bv a trust vrortl.y, sober and induatr o'ie Sootcbimn. with a small fnmilr, wbo perfectly under stands bis huelmea in all ita vartor.s :epartm nt<, has Bad five ycai:< eipfrience ia farm iir.f rorements Can five tte 'bfst of reference 'rem Ibe lsst t?" -ttuations which te Wi l for n ne ye?r?. Address J . M. 0., at J. M. Thorburn'a, 15 John street, for two sye. GAHDSNI3U-?T^TiON WANTED, BY A~ mTn' wbo nnderetanda bis business be 1* ? spsMa of the uiana??inrnt of giaasUon'ei. ad Ire s C. M-, Herald nBlco. ARDCNKR ?WANT ZD, A SITUATION, B Y A MAR ? tied msn, w.lhout < liiMr'-n, wbo tborou,;hty and praet raltr un lerstaods tbe wliol*1 are and and ni\uag? liient of ait tb? depsitmeuta of garC- nibg and laying o it c rounds, and all ki? da of rait c si. 1 on^iissnt if garden Ing. His wiln nai arstinds the maiiagenient of a dairy, and ia a good plain roo?. Can give good city reference, /lease call or address a Bote to PI ft a>:e street, front ''jest meat. Qllttko MAKKX8? WANTED, TWO MEN WwTPk O ders?anJ making fnrnlture *prirg? Apply to BRKT A RICE, 27C P?ail strut. * Af HIN It-TH "and D1K MlNKErW KEVKRaI. X #r?t rate bands, use<l to etnall wnra in steel snd ? n? iron moulds, can And employment at the factory of the Brooklyn Mint (ilass Company, near r'ontb ferry, Brooklyn. ifflBL-A OABOKN K'v" Korn kahm7. k borerI, ten wood choppers, a waiter |r tym snd cot:h nan sit German, four -C"Ub three Knglish and 'en insb f'iote?tnnt girl*, foe gooj (itnatlons. now ready. .A p?lv at the Brooklyn Employment Society's office, fj Atlantic streot, this day. OCULISTS ASD AC1USTS. P. WHEE1. EH, OCtll-n- ??6 BRr<APWAH OORNSR of Beotme street, d-vi te? h's att?n':oa to diseases of the eye, and assures the public that there is none of the auaaeroiis disorders to whi-ih the human ey* Is sub feet wbirh he cannot thoroughly and permanently cure 'Mr* boiirc II A. M to 4 I'. M. Artificial eyes inserted. 4 rnnwE MUjrnoN or MUiiTtm, ?rrpmi?M A caret and other ainsa. rums. !*?ot?b and Irish whiekeye, Imtdoa and Ihsbl'n porter, (Vioteh alee, domes tic ale and jw.rter for family nae, ay rape and cordials fag sal', by WM H UNDEKOII-U ?N Ureowis s'.rett, f it AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON. HIGHLY EXCITING DEBATE IN THE SENATE. Crand Rally of (he free toiler*. Terrible Assault of Judge Douglas on the Know Nothings. Passage of the Amended Tariff Bill in tlie House, &C &C., Jtj. riUHTV-TMHUJ CONORESS aiooND RiaaioN. fcntfc W A8IHN oro.v, Feb. 23, 1465. TBK ADJOURN MKNT. A motion was made by Mr. Brown, (dtm.) of Mix., that, the House concurring, the I "resident of the Senate and f-peaker of tbe Uouse be requested to adjourn their tespccllve branches ot the National legislature at 1 1 o'clock midnight, on Saturday, the 3d of March. Mr. Brown supported this on the ground of the Im moral effect an encroachment upon Sunday wouU pro duce, and upon the consideration that if the hour of adjournment be fixed beforehand legislative bu .iuess would be finished by that hour. Mr. Ettart, (ilera.) of Mich.? If the gentleman from Mississippi undertakes to moralize the Senate he will tlnd that his influence will be abortive; besides, at the very last session, the time for ths adjournment was fiieo b< forehand, and had to be extended twenty-four hours. We can tell on the morning of the 3d o( March better than now whether we shall bo able to adjourn at tl:e midnight of that day. I more to lay the motion en the table. Negatived? nays '10, yeas 11. Mr Kusk, idem.) of Texas, thought the Senate could decide lor themselves, when ths time came, whether they would adjourn at twelve o'clock, midnight, or uot. It Sent tors continue as religiously Inclined at tliey now seem to be, tliey can adjourn st the proposed hour. After a lew remarks from Mr. Gwin, (deui.) of Cali fornia, Mr. Bamikr, (wlrg) of Ga., made a satirical, humor. ouh, sstronomical, sportive speech, whereupon Mr Tou CkY, (dun.) of Ct., apologized for having expressed him ttlf agaiutt any kind or quantity of discussion upon any subject alter the able demonstration of the use of debate by the Suitor from North Carolina. Mr. Baikihk said the apjlogy wai satisfactory. Mr. Pkwari), (free soil) of N. Y. ? If there i? no limita tion by joint resolution we shall sit alt Saturday night and Funday morning. If time is limited we shall sit on Fri<*ay night inatead of Saturday right ? therefore I sup pott tlie resolution. Passed by yeas 28, says 13. ukn. jackson'b battlk sword. Messrs Cass and Be 1 will on Monday next presenile CotRiess the sword worn at the battle of New Orleans by (lent ral Jackson, and bequeathed by him to the late General ltobert Armstrong. THOTICTION fOR KXDKKAL ort'irKRH? MCHATK ON POT tTIIM, MJtVKRT AND KNOW KOTtllNGlKU ? THK I'llKi HOI1. CAHl- IN A HI A ty ? JCDCK DOfOI.AM AROlRKIl. The bill to protect oB'.cers and other persons action uu<"er the authority of the Uniteu States was tlieu tak'n up. The bill provides that If a suit bo commenced in any State court against any officer of the United States ot other person for any act done under law or color of law of tLe Tnited B'.ates, the defendant may remove such suit to the United States Court, kitting In that circuit, and if there is no circuit in the distriot, in the court clothed with circuit powers. .Mr. Wadk, (Tree soil) of Ohio, considered this bill as designed to again introduce the ag.tatlon of slavery iato Congress Mr. Doi-olah, (dem ) of 111. ? The Senator from Ohio regrets that tbe session couldn't pass by without agita tion. There Is not a wird or line in that bill having any reference to tbe Fugitive Plave act. Mr. Badomi, (whig) of N. C. ? JTea there is? The word "color" in tlie phrase "under color of law*." (Laugh ter.) Tbe principle of the bill has been applied fo forty years, and was never objected to hefore. Mr. Wads hsi recently become the chatnplcn of Htate rights. Mr. wadk? Not recently, but eternally. Mr. I>oroLA!?? The Ohio senator's passion is not against this bill but sgslnst tbe c?nititution of his country. I go for the law berauae the Senator from Ohl J doe* not, for putting down rebellion and preventing anarchy. Mr WaiiE ? My State disbelieves in the c rastltutional Ity of the Fugitive ?lave Law, and to do I Mr lmrci-AF ? Tt o ron.tltution has provided a Pu pieme Court to settle questions of coostitutiiJi.ality . Mr. WaI'K ? I'oes tbo ISenator from Illinois believe that the .-ta'es have any rights If ths fe leral courts pronounce the Fugitive ?lave law constitutional!1 Mr. DovrsLAa? Tbe difference ti?'. veeu State < and Uoited Ftetes .iurlsdlctii n is dearly msrktd; the delegate! pot. ers sie i>ndtr the coiitrol of tbe eor.ititutlon ao 1 ls?s of the I'nited Plates. The re?> rtred powers Ka'?? may lecirla'e upon, and upon these ouly ; the tormtr they liav# relaquiabtd. When I have 'o com" here to perjure my self. nnd with an intention to violate the constitution, I ?ill rather staj at home I will no' th'-n degrade my self by coming bete. (To Wale.) What were your an ti Nebraska menf Were they not Maloe Uauor l-aw men'' Know Nothings meeting in secret 'omiave mil bonr.d under illegal oaths con Acted at mHnlfht. *m 1 Ing at those they meet while preparing to stab >hem' Mr. Wadk ? Was not your Kansiia-Nei.raska bill con roc ted by a sccret renclave in the dark t Mr lxii ot Atv? No: by mysell alone, io my owo ho'is?. Put your frien- s are tne combined remnant of th* whig patty and all the isms? Know Nrthmgs who prescribe their fell) w uien ou a. count of their religion IF the South by and by coir-s into Know Nothlngism will you call that, also antlNebraska'sin' Yon too* som* dern>> crate, but they were entrapped and will leave you w .tea they come to their sense*, lid Massachusetts send her new delegation because of her anti Nebraskalsm' Mr Wiijon, (Know Nothing) of Msas. ? I will answer tbe Senator Irom Illinois Aoti-Nebraskai?m did not place me where 1 am to day; bat no man can have a place hereafter on either floor of Congress who is not anti Nebraska . 1 1. "re in an unanimity of s?ntim*(.t in Massachusetts on that subject, anl 1 accord with it Mr. PlSWH nan ? Tbe bill comss here so stronz that w* ran do nothing against It. If tfce Senator from Illinois >an i!r?* anv consolation from the election In New Hampshire laM year, not in the late elections in Cob Sfetcnt, lfhode .Vlsno. ami in >cw Vori. he in wel omi to it. litd Know No'biBgism produce all thin'' Mr. lioriiU* ? I did not agr-etn th? Kansas Nebraaka bill on tli* principle* imputed to me. Mr. FmmMDlx? If >ou dlda't, others did All the free 8 ate* went one w ay. Mr Wkukk, (dem .) of Cal. California. went for the Nebraska bill, fix can<iidi>tes, of all parties were Nebraskaites. Mr. Tuanvm ? 1 forgot a'xmt the Htste west of the Hock v Mountain* lllinot* w?? an'i Nebraska Mr. POCOHI Dll Moll win not anti Nebraaka John V.oor* waa a candidate a -afnst wiiom the anti Nebraaka men p< ured out all their ?plt?. t sea use he refused the State Hnuse to the lecturer*. The/ denounced him fn the most violent language through their newspapers; he had evrrjr ifm opposed to him. an<) jet go' a msjority of 3,000 To'.ea Mr. ftmvmotn? Per ctmtre, look at the Illinois I<egia lature, giving leave to Mr Douglvs'a colleagues to stty at l one Itut to ret ivn to the bill. The Senator from lll.noia aaked whether we would go against the eonatltu tion by refuring to pas* this bill, toctrrjr it* provision* out? 1 an?wer. Iter* are meaiure* which may be con stitutional, and yet parfctly odious to a free eon stltu sncy. When odiou* measures are pre po?*d to carry oat constitutional fr0vis;0ns,w* are not boon ! to ss?ent to at eh measures. Jtf'er further remar.s by Measrs Chase, Toucey, Walktr f'enjumin, Htnurt, Cooper, and Iterard, Mr. Iti 1LKR. ( dun ) of 3. C\, said this bill came to the committee in a regular arancr supported by petit., na frr m District Atti rn'-y*. Marshals and Judges of the federal courts. The senator from Connecticut drew the bill by order of the committee I said, "when It comes to tlit* that a law of the lotted Mates cannot bs exe cuted withent danc-r to the person* of th* olli'.?r* to who** exrcutfc n It I* committed, something must be done,'' Mr. Tort-**, (Jem ) of Conn., said ] did not li?e to propose a law so moch arainst public opinion but I dree this bill in hopes of subserving the -ons'it ttmn Mr. Ih-Ti.rn? 1 The papers were handed to Mr. T<>oin1>a to draw up the bill, bat in fcl? absence Mr T?u>.*y Ue?k the in.tiatlv*. Mr. Wsr? ? I thought th* bill had inception in a uthern at.tude Mr. lit tu?? (No'w.tbstaudlag being called t? order) ? I now any that it is not so. Mr. Wann? Th<n what I said lirst wi. true, that It came from Northern men Mr. I-ot ai..??-l am at a little loss to understand the mot i tee of the Sens tor from Ohio Hia point i* to mak* out that Uiia i* the most monstrous measure ever brought forward. If this Mil be monstrous, bow ran Northern eien excttae ??out hern i en for an infamoa* act' He iltaa sot cbo< ?e to arraign a Southern man. He say a Ycu mav go to extremes, If rou'll let mt de magogue, fal'ifj history. and cater to the prejudices of my people at bom*. I bed trusted Hat among /eatle meu there would tot >? 'barge* for political p irposes under th* nsm* of phUantrophy, wbicb the author* knew wer* false wh*n tl.ey mt< e th?m Why, the* this onslaught upon tie Senator fiom Connnctirnt ao>i my 'elf at this tins'* I rejoice that, as a Northern man, boinatthe North, with no sympathies, no iatereet* save what Northern man hae* in tlie whole oonn*rv. that I did introd .ee th* Nehrnaka Kansas bill. Wash ingtnti Territory waa admitted la 1*M, leasing her at lier pleasure a* to slaei-rr. Oac year afterwards I , hnught la the Nebraska hill? the Tery same?eat then thia denunciation Tfce fr*t waa a whiz daetiin* which that party emboded as to th* Washington Territory, under tb* platform and banner of !???*? ral f-cott. You tarn agalaat the Heitrsaba b'H, because therebr yea eaa get mea lata power wbo otherwise wawlaf sever be eleeated to sMcs. It la bypo critical sal yea las* it to b* *a I base tkrewa it lat? T?a* teatb atbenaasd tlaaaa. Tfce gasae ie ta diasatse tbeVfttaa tb?? I* act ?? nfr*ht?oa?*t la tb* giaatr j who U not ? dlsunionist. And why? Tbe constitution recognizes slavery. If you do not accept thia elament, it in your duty to go for the di molution of tbe Union. It is the bottom of the scheme you have in view. Nebraska 10 u do not-car* for. There is not a principle in the Ne raaka bill that *ai not In the Washington bill. Thia t'nion cannot lie preserved except by fldallty to tUe constitution. Shall we be true and loyal to the oonatita tloof If ro, we shall aupport all lawa which emanate under tbe constitution. We will admit new State* to have auch lawa an they please, ao long aa they do not violate the oonatitutiou. While Virginia, or any other Slate ha* slaves, tbi1 newStates should have theaams li berty. I deny the right of men who were kicked out of the whignarty, and rejected by the ilemor ratio for no' Iwiog meiently honeat, ami who. final!/, by fusion got into power, to ?; eal. for the North. You do not deny your representative* came here by KnowNothiag votea To Mr l'eaaenden)? I*> you know a Representative rom Ma ne who came here with a K?ow Nothing rote against himV Mj . FuMiisn? The queation waa Nebraaka or antl Nebraaka. Mr Do\'i;i.*s? A Know Nothing cannot be a Know Nothing without n wearing to tell a lie. Mr. Fkhsvndkk? Do you apply tlila to me? Mr rvmiLAgn ? Hhow me a Nebraaka man who wa 1 elected by a Know Nothing vote* Mr Si ward ? Mr. Morgan, fiorn my district. Mr l)0i'0t.Af? ? There waa a bogua lodge w that dll trtct. Mr. Sr.wAan. ? If there waa I did not hear of it. I do not believe it, and know nothing about it. Mr DorGi.Afw? It ia well knows the people of Chicago would not hear me. A lot of Know Nothing*, two by two, with pistols and bowie knives, went Into the crowd and broke up the meeting. My coll?ague voted the Nebraska bill, under instructions from the Legislature. New. they aay he wa* beaten became he obe\ ed bi? He waa out down t>y the Know No'liiugx Wause be was guilty of beinjj born abroad, ami had not split blood enough to rectify the miatake. All thin pretence a for political ptiruose*. I can forgive the Senator from Oh'o lor hi* vociferation ? hi* indigna tion His ti rm ia about to close, and he dees this to combine all tbe lama, and ride Into power agal 1; but the race la almcet run. Tliey call ua traitors. * To what T To the conatituton? No; to the North. A man that catera to a -ectlon will aail by every curr<'iit, betray every friend Sir, (to Mr. Wade.) I am ready to meet jnu as aa a Northern man, on Northern soil, to dijetua this qneation Mr tiiium, (free soil) of Conn. ? I regret to tres pass, but inarmcch aa my colleague has ttgiird in this debate, I feel it due to present the true ren'lni"ut< Of Connecticut upou tbe aubject which has b 'en precipi tated upon ua. It would b? more congenial to mi to ait in alienee; but when a proposition which 1 cannot approve of. and m'asurea Injurious to hummlty are propi sed, I cannot help apeaking. The Senator from Louisiana has made aggressions the burden of hta j speech. I shall speal; within the record. 1 call tin- at ti-ntion of the Senate to thia very District, for which alt i lie States are rcspon?t:>le. (Here Mr. Gillette road from the lawa governing tbe District of Columbia ) Mr. Dawnox.? These lawa are aa obsolete as the Blue I aws of Connecticut, never enforced here. 1 don't waat [? euch a fa Is" impression to go out, I am the Chairman of the iXatrict of Columbia. Mr (.in 1-ttk offered the "Black Code of the District of Columbia. '* Mr Jonxs, (dem ) of Teoa.? ' Thst book la a ilaoder upon the South and upon the country. Mr. Gtutni ? A thing on horseback was dragged ali rig on tlie Monday before la t ? a woman tied with a rope ? LHI*I r tlie very shadow ol the Cnpit'ji (In an swer to Mr. Husk ) I did not see It: but some ladies at the Uonie where I reside. told me of It. Mr Hc.-k, (dem ,) of Texas. Where is that book? the Iliac Code of 'he District of Columbia? Mi Jiims. ^examining the book ) Kv an Anti-alavery i ci? 1 1 , from tbe prej* of W. B Snelft-u, John >treet, liew^ork. Mr. i'.i en? I supposed so Mr.GluiimconllliM for more than an hour citing extracts trt in foreign and domestic authors in deroga tiou ot elavt ry. when Mr. Ji mj, of Tenn., aaid the Senator from Connecti cut ( Mr. ?. alette) observed at tlie commencement of hla epeich that tlie measure waa precipitated upon them, ai'd be has rtad over filly pagea, which muat have > tan'n a week to prepare, and apeak* of ths re mari^ofMr. tVa> e, which abowa he kaew what Mr. Wade wasgolng to aay. (To the free sailers.) Now, own up. eiutletuen, yua knew all about this bill, ami what each otter weie going to aay on it. 1 do not say it in my beaatorial i*pa-ity, but perioually? I verily believe jou are a band ot traitors. Mr. (BA?n, (free soil) of ?<bio, moved the Senate ad j- urn. I ost? niiya, au: jeas, 7. Mr lmrr, (dun ) ol iLd. ridiculed the ''lea of State eorerejntv. end pave a dissertation on the Kcinana, Scandinavians Somites, Saxons. Oo'.bs Vandals, th ? Cn.echi. ke Mr. Wnsc> was ready to carry out every provision 0f the constitution, but waa opposed to the existecu o' , alavuy iu toe District of Columbia or in the lVrrt'orle< of lb* I'nt ted Stat?s, and be and those who aetsd with bim weie di'termiDe<l to abolish it there. They b.di?ved . ihey shared the turponaibilitv of ite existence wherave ? j I it was under the control of umgTOs*, and tliej deelrel to rvlieve tbcm-elvca pi that responsibi ity. He earnestly ' ?Is-aii the perpetuity of the tnicn, and thought that i' | the Fugitive Slave !u? should he repealed. that the pro 1 v'si< ns ot the constitution would he can .?i out hy the ( Hate a I lie tn elves. Mr. Wili.kk said ir Mr. Wilson was di -posed to carry out ;h'' provisions of the constituMan, h? would go hind | in bsi J 'v th lilm. He had heard bim charged with be ing a ilieunionlst. lie was gla 1 that sn .h vta not the ? ca Vr ba?.<iu ? At tea minute* |>?att elert q tl?l? morn !i>K, Mmtiltam <-ualy witb tb? calling up of tbw bill by Ui loitcey, I r. >*e to proaent a propoeilion (or a bronze atatae, tt(t jr fact liifli, to the memory of Jilltrcin to bo em ted in Wa?liingto?, one aide to commemorate the a porta of tlip l)erlir*l.on of Independence Now, I hate wnite I n'arly twelve hi-ura, having no <liapo?.tK>n to <-iit<T tbe lift* at.iong th? early di'putant* The N? Uraaln bill paaned at uight ?a? announced by can > n, ana for an^bt I know, > annon ari all raa fly to | roclaim til luurK* of tni* b 11. Rrorjtliing ha teen br u*lit into thia di-cuaaion, ant hardly a I hum- of livery exUta wliirli ha< not. been alluded to 1 ba kill bafi-r<' u* h?i rece rel none too Uric a ah.?r? of cur ntn nth d. Tb* Fugitive flare law h?a b-ien in'm dnoed 1 tare no conctalmeat* or reservation* upou that subject. 1 ehall g ve niy lie** again on that * ib jret wL< n ?e cume to the or,|ai.>7*tl'>n of Nebraa* i I propht Hf' tint tb" usurpation ot the Fugitive i!?re law nou'1 kill to further ujiat. on*. anl here tbuy | irr In tli la bill. I un'er*tan'. the Know Xothiaga to be aecMt tfx ietiea of tw-> or three gradea, colleague-! to f leet >er </t<# of their own order, nomewbai aimi lar to tie Native 4jn*rtcane. I hope my pro teat in thie bill will not be Iden lifted w ti t III- **?( ? iation 1 belong to b'lt one voluntaiy ?oo i ty, ' ?ml tbat la the Chr atian cb- rch. I baling to but one political patty, and that baa open aocietite, meeting in Dicad daylight. Befor? I would bend the knee, or join ??tret a?ao. ation* and ??ear to aubmlt my judgment to that of otlier m< o. 1 would aulftr my I an I to bt f aialyi*'. I'ro crib<- a man because he >a< not born in t be aim* lawn, county, Str.te, or country ' I aartouely adv><- the people heieaiter to fie born in the I'nited Mate* to Ie i on , ej < 1 to the I'rotealtat church. an d to (?e loin aklte it they can, but if the; come into the wtrld, totaltbalarx'ing my advice, with l-laek face* and twlated t air, I ahail not add a featber to the diaabltttlea t Bn<*er ahluli the/ naturally fuller thereby. I am in fa ?or of the abolilMn of a!avery In the loatrictot Uolum bia A. to alavary in the Mate* 1 <on't know of an In d.vMual who i* in lavor of al>oli*h og*lavery lo tn? -U'.e? wl.ere it emata by external mt< rlerrcce, but If I liv-d in a plate State 1 ?) ould me all legal mean* to procure it a abolition there, t nd, to that end. 1 would try to *et ?uch aid from the Treasury of the I aitad f*tatea a* clr mmatanre* would al.ord. A* to the Territoriea 1 ahall tot rep? ?t my opln'nn*. What 1* pri-poied ber?- la an innoTt'ion a tew mta>ure, tbat the couita .>f the Mat?? m?y t^e ciati d tn eirll c?a?ea In ?' tion? coapUln e<3 o! under a law o? rolo.- of a law of tb* I'nlted ^iate? 7 klity ' ne e^ual an : itualiMed aoeerelgntiea compose the I'aited itli't> The object* of toll are alike to pro'-ert tkeff ritie? ne l)e one i? the federal goeernnient, the otk?r tke rtate a*T*f?ment 11?? latter were orrnaned t?- protirt tlie liberty of tl?e cit.M>a Where they fail, the feceral C'oi.rt? aie a) |?aled to Mr I'-o a ai'. (dem. i of Del,? Some Mate* hare rec-nt ly. l? tt.eir <ui?.?ti<e ? n'*< aroitd to render the U?< of W.e t cltid h?a*.e? nu,?t< ry, beaoe tbe nw.-eaeity of auob a till a- th ? Oie State mpriacra a* a felon him who e??ert> bit right t< piopeitjr ari'l fail* to proea in* title, feiuh Mate l-Ki-lat.on r> nder , the pre?ent bill imreiat ie Nc oScer, otlterwiee. ran fulfil bia daty In \ iefirea<e to the lan> ct the Unite! wtate? If tbea* .???ateaean Larry tbeii po nte tbe fn te?l Atat**, I 'lire tnu-t lea dl>><lut<?n. 1 bey bare already done ? oaietlmg tewar la thia through rnobe and murder Now they are attempting further to reelat tbe lawa of IV ngreta by :e(i>laU'/n M*. -J ?>.?, (fr?e itAU of Maaa.? It I* now near aid night, f riace eleren o'clock tbi* morning, we ba'e been ia our a*at*. Ill ? k tbe day u-ually ?ei apart for prt i vate da m- There are aerenty-flre prlraV bill* ua | luard, ?artla< ? l to alarery in on? or ,ta moat odi >e luni then la a ?e*mlBg apology 'or ?larery at h >Jt* t.nt that ap"l<(fy Tail- wl.en yoq ho nt a man who ha 'he InteHtier'-! a ad iklll to aecure bia frewdnaa . Mr p> . j oitt out a word la that bill wh eh *peak< | of rlavery. Mr hi ???(* read tbe caption of tbe bill. It haa b?eo ably dtaeneaed by my fH'n't from Ohio and other* By j the a<!mi?air n of th ? wbol* debate. It a a bill to bolate op *h? fiigltlre alate art. Mr. ft>*? If tte I nl'ed Hta'.ee f ?cera are nut to b protected repaal yon r aw Vt Pi ?>i* ? ko aa v I Repeal your law. '? There f* i neither Ua worde "?!a?e or *la??ry'' la tbe conatita tloa. Tlila bill ie reported I y a Meaator from tbe !*orth lo bind ai.ew the 'r.aiaa ft tbe alara K?aie fWaat'W* regard tbe Kvgltirai flare law a a ' aatlt itional, other* e?|iially eanweteutlona belteve It to be otterly un<-< o-lili 1 tn Dai. There la another lauae aMe by aide with tb* | "held lo labor ' etanaa, ruarraateelag the aaweprltl I leg** 't>r mmunltiea in all tbe t*tate* and to tbe e'.t aea* I m each State (Itli- r.a from tbe frew nutee in a* >re thaa w.e Ktata have hewn put la prteoa, and ia a*ai la ft*K'e* Mr l?ti??.-ro jou *?' race Math Carolina la yoar lUtiirrtO Mr H on ?I do. coutb t'arollaa baa, by b*r f^gia { latere, i alaMd the right to iaterpret that claaae, a?d < P|r?.a baa ao'pow.r to legtalau ea*er tbat elaeae I I eey ot MaeeaebaeetU, tbat oa tbe peiMma " held to la Vr ' r'anae abe been* aat'er rtghl to eterprel aafl tedt* *ta 'be ilgM o'Owgieea ta ?| al*i> ? a thia lae? aaated rleeaw ;K?. ?nenreal.?e aet la nnjnet aeM te ??~ia*ai ' Voa f*wy yon aaay ar?e it lap br 4m ?mm e4 eaaek an aet, ae Hegiaat of IV lev ef Ma I. day have arraigned whole Statee, bKiuM they have ecdeav<rre<l to throw the shield of habeas corpu* sod trial by Jury smund the victims of this atrocious enactment. An enlightened Christian publlo opinion I* forming In the North, which wtU reader your aeta on taia floor nuiatory aa they are unconstitu tional and irrational. You from the South brought ilarery Into Congress when yon paaa ed tne laws in reference to slavery which di? Ssce the District of Columbia, and which my ?ad from Connecticut, Mr. Ullleti. haa *o ably ap posed to-day. Let ue alone, lay Senator* from the South ; let us aloae, aay wa of the North . Keep slavery where it wa* under Washington, when our national 11 tg didn't float over a slave. I move to itrlke out the enact tag clause, and Insert an amendment providing lor the repeal of the Fugitive Slave aft of I860, and ask the yaa* aad nsys upon the amendment. In answer to Mr. Butler, no lirtuctment w ould lucite me to aid la the re turn or a fugitive slave. Mr. Bi'Tua? The gentleman lin. no right to a aoat here, dtsaiawiuz all obligation * to the coaatltutlaa. Mr. ScMHiai ? I do not dlaarow obligation to that in strnment. Mr. Sumner's amendment was tejacted by naya 30, T, amendment allewiag the una of deposition* taken under th'.a hill to be n*ed in United State* courts, wa* parsed; when the hill wn patted to a third reading, by a vote of yeaa !W, navs 9; and at a quarter pest Vi o'clock, midnight, the Penate adjourned. Honor of Representative*. WaiMiNGTO*, Feb. '.!3, 1355. HKMIITN 0* HTAMXNU COHmTTIUW. Atocng the many report* made from standing com ttittees were the bill a mediatory of the act for the bet ter leeurity of life and property o? steam and other ves a?la; the Mil establishing a telegraph and eipre** mill between the Mln*l:?ippi river and the Pacific; the bill introduced by Mr. Ilenton, imposing atamp duty ou bank notes and paper currency of small denomination*? all of which wire referred to the Committee of the Whole on the fctate of the Union. Tint osTtsn c-OsnUMOt. Mr. Twutus, (dein.) of La., reported froai the Com mi'.Ue on Foreign Affairs Mr. Holler*' r?ao ution, calling upon the President to inform the House. If not incom patible with the public Intereat, what wss the objector i objects of the meeting of conference of Atner tan Mluli I tern at Or'. and, and whether said m-otmg wa* in <>b? dlence to instruction* of tli? Secretary of Stite, an I what those iaatruct ons weic, and what ?** the remit of tald conference. After an Inetlcctual motion, by llr. Chamberlain, to lay the resolution on the table, It was adopted. necuaitoa or nt* coj.t r trust imv?wi?utimj coMmrricr- j Mr. Lsrcuw, (dem.) of Vs., from the Select Commit j tee on the Colt patent and other caae*, appo'n'e l last , session, to ln>|Olre whether improper means have been uted to facliltate th? paanage or defeat of bill* be 'on 1 the Houac, made a report asking to be di icIiargeJ from further consideration of the subject, in consc tuenc? of the House refusing to compel tlie attend in ce of wit teste*. 'Ihe committee were dlschtrged. CLAIM* UITWKK ORKAT BKITAIN AM) TIIS I MT*I' STATI*. On mot on of Mr. HocwoN, (dem.) of Ala., Hi* b II cattylng Into effect the treaty beteeen the I ailed 1 tatia and Crsat llritain <>n the subj.'ct of clsiun wa* taken up. Mr. jokim. (dtm.) of Tenn., by unanimous consent, said the commission provided lor Ihe payment of $L70,70C agaitial litis governmett due Hritisb subjects, ( sDdlaafl.f'O aga.nst tlie IliitUh government due to American cltiaeoa, reijuu log the miueyto be pai I in one year from tl*< eapiratioa of the sonnn ision, which txpiiod on thelbth ol last mouth Mr (iilinniui wished to sptak in oppos.tion to tli* bill, but objection wa* made. Mr. " thanked tio<1" that another i ougr??* , is coming, when such a gag wilt be removed The tieaty ha* iclation to tbo alave* os board tlie | In'eiprite and Crsole. The bill pawed uu'ter the opera tli n of the previous ((tieition The House weni Into l ummlttee on ma run. aao iiirtAjMATtn arrKoniiATioN biii. Mr. K?i?iKTO.v, (dein.) of tllilo, offered an aioondinent, relumllog the dutiea paid ou railroad Iron aM'ially and permanently laid down between June 30, 18&j and July ; l. 1S40, and lu admit duty free dyee, dyewools, dye I ?tuir* and nanutactured wool, costing more tlian li.ty j and ltsa than eigk.t centi a pound at 4he plaoe from wiitnce it wa> iinpoite<l. 1 Th? CriAiPMAN (Mr. Ilibbard) rulod the smenlment k ttf nidtr, but hi" decitiou was reversed by the c?.m mi't.e by a voleol ?1 again.t Mr. Kdoibtox sail, under the act of 1*3' J, approval by Tretideat JaoLton, seven million* of dollars, duties on railroad irnu were refun ted to New York, Pennijl vsn.a New Jersey and iho New Knglan I dtateo. I'eau *>liar.ia akre received one an I* half million of doll ?rs; All lie a*k?il was that the aan * policy *li?uld be ?*? ttu '?d to t!<e V\e*t ahd Uuuthwe^ern 8ute* i'eunKTl xma Ik not entitle I la any way to the protection she coin.* In rsi rosd iron. A* Ui wo< l he proposed Ua toslt duty frre tlie coar-er and linir kiud* not produced in our country. , _ Mr. TV i ins, (dem. i of Pa., reganed the t>r 'i o ition as that cla?? ot legi-lation wh'tb d vcrim nates lietwnen | rnr oration i and indlridusl*. If I'll* d.ictrin* i? to l?e held by the dcroecratk party, let It be under*! od *h.i i tskts the respoti'.lblllty. H rt'ity aIiow* iliat our com m.rclsl relations have X?n disturbed, and our msnn fart'Tlng interests ruibamisx'1, ?>y theM Iro.i 1 n'"r. *' which baa held np its si* or *?ven huocre"! million i of capital ever ulnee the ibeel ng of C lugieei, import ' fiom the lobbbie* a?!. irg for cUseWUlatioa l'enn- 1 eylvs nla auks no Avors. fhe ha? paid a much la'ger price for her railroad iron than i't presen'. cost >lr I'RAiT, (dem. ) of Conn., wanted to incljle raw j kill: duty fiee. hut the prtii?sition was lejs ted. Kr MtlUOS, (dem ) of Va , s*!d the Home pr *ent? l a ?trsnce ?je-tacle in jroposltg t-i admit raw m?'eri*ls free eithout a corrc*ro idmg reslm t on In mm i fact u red si'icle* He r*|ar led the p'ndinir aniendm-nts a* pro po'irg to dc.nste a laigf mm of u.vney to r^iiroa I com r.*n ??, and he was irrevocah'y opptied to It Mr I!a.Mem. (dem ) of Ma?? , in r-ply to Mr Witt* sol Mr. MtllAon, >a>4 that the minufsi-turer* of Ne v Kn< l.i nd did n?t demand high protection -they a r? willing to take a r*v*UM? prin' ip!e The opj 'iiitUjn to th* tarlt hill r*me frim the Ml tola State'. I he We.t, and Ho ith we.t aie now btilldlng their raiiroad*. Tl oy had re r,;e 1 hot little favor, while Hie Mlddl* StaU ? ao 1 l'enn ? rlisn a li?? le?n e?pecially favored, the duties on rail rtad Iron till IMS having beeu remitted to parties Myta/ It dovn. Mr Hi wi , (ahigi Of l'a . ia replv >?id a.l tie IVnn ? d?le|<ati'.n except Mr. Wllmot, oppo?el the tarifl ail <nloitm bill, until l*4fl. Acctrv lng to a letter I j( m Mr Wiimot, the l>r.n?ylvanla dategatea wsr? then it' mined a fuXj of forty or llfty p? r eent on iron, If they would ?np['Ort the principle '>( that bill, h it they would j r.i < atisdon tleir New Fnglaad frl?nJ*. atyl roa i- now at thirty |er cent in consequence of their ?te.i 1 astn"** to principle. If they had punned the sain? cour?? a* j their Ne* Feirland friends, they might now Lave a pro t?rt on of forty or fifty per cent on lr< n Mr. I nmicK offered *s s *ub?tittte for Mr, I. igertoa * i sn *r''?nent, Mr. Houston's comp of?if hill, with a It* tat ir n?, proic, ?ing that articles no? bear ng dutiea of Ifi 40 snt r.O per cent, shsll sfter the first of July j i(V ill . 2?<!Hper cent, or reducing tho?? present rstc* twtnty f>er cent. ITie number of srtic.le* p?y i ? if tsuntv live |>er cent to be reduced about tw?n?y | The redi-etion* are kcn the principle Of the law of 1M4. | Vr I looked tn this ssa war b*t?een the ra.irvial cor- I I orsf r* std privste Interests < i the country, s* ?n s* tern 1 1 to gve the moneyed power privileges denied to i the sgrl:ultorai, lead, snd me baos al Isteresta Tho?e ? or^ns'crs *ie n'.t con'ent with receiving lard, but in ?t ec me here asking for a ieml**ion '.f the duties < n rallrnaJ ir^. He wanted a general revls on ol th* tariti , that f srmer?, mechenies, and day laborer*, but be ? filially well acccmmodated, and b'nee he bad mtro ?liice-l hi* auhetitnte. Mr l*f.?n?oiI. (<lem.,J af Cona., waa surprise ! at the i I rep- ?ltion of Mr l>lf*rt?>n. It wa* protection in the most odious ?ei se Why not e I tend the rel .?f t-i ir.e chsal' * as well as corporator* Yon, 'be d*mo r*cy, are doing indliectly what you tare not do lire tly? ai irely, ?< ster Interasl lmproT<m>nts Wr I.eteher's inbstitnte wa* then adopted by a vote otv# sgsloat Ml, sod Mr. Edgerton' * aii 'n'men'a* i ? me tided, sgresd to by syes 122, noes not c^unte The < < n mit'ee then ro-e, aad the flouse eonc -ir?ed a tl.oee" smendnent* to whirh ao e?>jeetion wa? ? ered more iw.|ortant ones sre reeerved for sepsra'e vot?-s to morrow Adjourned. TM Tuif. Jl i.a>m?<t? TO t*? fc/tm.? Tho </?o?r of tb* fan; ut ra't ktri? Wild lilahouo h?? rh?li*ng?<t < t any oth?r K<it,tb#rn hot>?, to ran tlirao ra"? oe I/>o< Mtr.d tbt (((ilagiMMi, ob* ail*, too mil* *o l).r?* mil* b*ata, for 13.000 tarh ra?? TV? l? a bol I of?r to matt tftiott ?ur.U borara at )>xokU, Lt|ta|tM Hrova IHck. r?<l Kja II |l,!a? Ur. 4/ , Ac bat Iba ooa-raf Wild Iri?l man it 10 to way <!aaat?<l by tbo fp I'-a* oo of tin* e? ' IriW *>?(?, anl tbloka WUdlrlahmaaa !IUIa n.oia '.bar. a Batch for Iba boat of than Hn yt (otmtn ?? !a?l ?Mm na tUa Natixaal <?0rao Va'iai Horry, finwt*, hint. Mad of Orl*ao? M: <ifatii, At, .B I ha lioat lima tttr m?> on lb? !?!ao I, mart him at a ?*.?? oitraordlaary borao aa4 warrao'. ilia Mfb n'imi'# pit '*4 no him by bta ov*tr Mr Itm't IroiB Tb:t (tbtlami tlw ona-aa4 t>a< a*. lb* Km* lrmi?i?f |rt'. ?hor* lb* / art itailjr oMreiaod? > I IHlo I'loo tod MJoo nataotoo, ton rra'a na#? ?'Un tU tbo abaoa rhailaaga bo octaytod, tlia a of (bo tarf mor aatkrfpau ma> rapttaJ ra<laf .a Uo m "l Katal labUi|om'. Tat I't/THI IttafVa fau.tTt Ct roaaxad at (.?a?o tb oh , n? oh tb day a violoat atorai (.r??aiW1. oboe ?<nt o< 'ha taaaala la pnt araro r? ft low .??af?>!, BOt?;thatao4fcm Iba otortioooof tb ?tr ? roara TV* < ainltilaa4 Oa?la? trod a no. It ?a? at ?>*( toy ! pm*4 aba vaa to 4aofor hot A tftnaar li toroa4 ?' I thot aa ti*aaU*o bad tab? pi?r? aai boar I. a aaaa )a | *4 .0*0 baa?laf fmaa tb* taadarw a?Tora! I <j?* ao ' bo <oaot t*ft naa4aM by tbo aa* At Wloo tM fro Ib*muIo '?? AaftoM vaa tttilf taafrayd by (bo lora aw of I to ??m, 0*4 aooy Moin a boota worotora I THE PROHIBITORY LIQUOR BILL IN THE SENATE. REMINISCENCES OF THE ANCIENT WHIGS. The fanipakfiM of '44 sad '4 #. LETTERS FBOIH HENRY CLAf AND OTHUItS. Interesting Prooeodings in theAuembly Ac-. <Ut j. KKW TOIIK LKUMI.ATUHR. IfntU. AMliir, K?b. '?1, 1V|&. A lomuiitHe of CoQlarcnna w?< appjluted on the reroluUoa (or ? reeeaa. TRK TKMfKIUNOg tllLt.. The temperance bill wan receivv 1 from the Amenably. Mi. William* moved it* reference to a C 'mmittoe of th* WtoU. Ill Brcoka wished the bill to badlvldol into two, to >< to M]?i?t? til* cuuatitutiooal (ton the unconatitnt oual pCltioi). Mr. Pinrorni *?w no rtaiion why th? b!U ihould have ri Itri'DC* to a ataudlcg or aalert comultt*?. The bill, by a vote of lb to t, wan rtferred to a Select Coir millet- on Tem| eranca. lh? Idiot Aaylum bill ??? repotUJ. Ill I.I if |-AM?K?. To eit?nd the pre emption right ol tbe Har*tof? aitl Saclett'a llartior Itailroal Company to certain land.. h< Intlve to the Natural ffl'tory of the Sim .e A concurrent resolution to electa Urgent oa the 16th of March, in too pi ice of Mr. O'duUlvan, *a< aioptel. THK I.KM MUX HLA\* CAHk?THK <J('AUIUM OI Til* Wlll'li ? iKTaMUMiKO ConRwroMiuncit ok ii*.*my clat axo | Mil i An. Mr Dickinhon call# I up the resolution authorising the | plot vcutiou of the m the I e.ninon alave ci e The nueatlcn pvonlng wa* on an arn*ndrri'ut to era I ploy additional conn ml If tho Attorney (Jene/al aliould 1 demi nectanary. Mr. PfKiwaos had r kilo 1 up the resolution for the purpo?e of reivditg aeveral letter* which ha <1??lreil to put into bia remark*, now needy ready for the pre**, aud a?peciallj mo Iroui Mr. Clay ? Akiii.ahi, Not. 20, 1 H5 4. Mv Put Kin ? 1 duly r "???irnl the tiro UtUra which you did ine tl ?? favor t? a'Mrtit to one written Im mediately nfti r tho mWivli-w of Mr. l,?e, o( Maryland, with you, md the other on tho 7th mit , alter III ? ter. ' lillnatinn of the l*rfAidenlt?l eleclliiu, in the -tute of New York. 1 1< el greatly oMIgad hy your pr>ui|>t attention to i my r??|Uf?t. communicated through Mr l<e<-. throughout thl* whole political campaign I I. are never doubtt t your good Iriteot'ciM, aud h ive been eunnUnt ly jeraufcdi ?! ?.' your having empl'jed your bent ater- j lion*. The ?ad remit of the content ia now known It I* aim !rr?v*r nble, aud we are only lelt to deplore t at to good a cauae aoatalned by to nun* g/n>d men ha* been , defeated? defeated, too, ny a couiii nation of the moil d Inordinary adrrme clrc*m*t*nc< ? ilial perbapi ever I heltrt ircuiied. lint it In uo? ua?lr*a and unavailing to (peculate iipim the iai >ea of th? anfortnnite iMnen nl the c< nidi We are al?o t?Ki much under tbeext te merit which It prod Ore<l, arid undar drp:e*aiou . rented by that t?*ua, ? ulio'y and deliberately to look thro ,gh the gtor m whleli tiani{?o\?i the fntur*. It will b* '.line enongli to ??i that after the j.ublle haa r<* iivervd from the di?appotntniei.t wbieh It l>aa juet exp>rl?need A? for mjnelf It would t>e totly ti dany t iat I feel the I ?e verity of 1 he tlow moet Intensely 1 feel It for myaelf, I but, unlean my heart deceive* me, I feal it ?till more for my country an I my frlande. 1 lud hnpe-l to have li^an i an hun-ble tnati uin* nt, in lb* hmtda ot I'rovl lence, to : | arrr ?t the downward ten 'enrv of o>ir go7?riim?n'. I hvl I loftd to ha??' had It in my poeer tn do JiKtlre tl thf??? 1 ahle, valuotda uud rtrtuoni iriendt who h%v b"U ao lot g and ao cruvDy prc><rit<? I end p> rircuted Hot it haa tieen utberw ?e deeiret*, and my du 'y ikiw i? that of itaigratlMi and ?u1rnii*?ioii alcrlfUtig the hop* thit ?'.ni? otberv. r ore fortnim ? than luyeelf, ium ml | ii'>? to ar'cmj ll'h thiK whi- U I htv? no", been alio >? ! , to e?. t. Vou ar? ia the rilnte o'life en I * wed w ith gr#n' a t> I ty, and I trnat that you will long b# fj.nrrtf In health j ? nd pr??p*rlty, tn re? l?r great and to ?? ?r com o n OOUbUy t-uch will con'inue to b( the p ayer of jour frien i and ! obtiiifat larvant. If VlAY. Wu II. SKWaiiK, K*q. I 1' B.? I write b y th? head of * itm *li < act* at rn< tmir.ur n*>?. upon my dictation. II (' i? in* fortar", rat<l Mr Ii w* hire s Si w Oiei thin l*tt< rnrunui Ui. 1 lajr Mow I w 11 read Msiikrt < rem Mr. hdHrmrriiiri ? Ann*., I*b 17, I*'.'.. I lit in ? Uave rro-:, in iba Journal -if iei>l?y Mr. Weed ? !? 1 'er, jWIm fie facta cuun . t? ? ? 1 1 l'i? mttting halt! ot tli* ? ifit 1 in I tU ''ity, on th r- <?; i <iftv* i < w?tt at (j?a. Tiylo lio I aecrpte I '.'i? ?? ill. laruHna nomlaatlno, pit* *1 blm on tli* I'r dental tirL?t ^I'l <1 m liutler, to the ?? I . *1 m n' ,f !? iltmorr , anl 'O rlrar to I nrtta it your nUt. o n'. >t tie en n't ?t tint t trrn.n tod *v*niu/, tbat ? ??mtx if thai w-i* to- irm fUotii ul y <ter It) l'>'og n.ii. ?*).?( rofBl'tot ??: lli? trta'l of day, I tl.ourl.t I troall fir* jtei mi ''r* col ui ? >?.* to nuke ??<"!? u>* < f thriii a* |ou taw lit. Tli -y are theaa ? Mr. KllloMt ? ' thot tim? wa? itijiit| ?' llit I.lar.n H- 'ire ? ?rr I mi * blm on that :? ?h?n h* w?t flu <? I "? ttk mi- what * ? -t I t' 'igtp' tb* n ?? tl on r*rrit?.' wo iM hare oa the ?b ;< 1 r<|IM tkl'. Itti old (It! ran * for prtit indignation tbat tli* whtgto' New Vort ?? M i >*??r tam?lr ? '?iall li?rr In . tie* one blm titer th'a eoai ??? n the i til f( i the ab i?? m??tlng appeared. I n>?t Mr kill ri.or* at tfce tao tal l'' when- ti ? ? mTarttilno ?**? ntawl. tn i tl.e mooting epafcra of H r id n</t tar t oor< af?.n?t the propriety of lt?t w' hif, >ut to\.n,c! prod' anl ivwrailto In whli-b 1 trr*"l * 1 ' ? li'Oi, t I tl 't. Ixllaywt tbat tU* ?>"? win oot foirly boforo at, tlMl ' - r- wtt mlMppmlitn ?n n i n !l? ?uti ?t Aft?r UVii.iC mjr t?i?, I ??t ? .t f< r th^ I ?}lt</l I tt< !?<! at th? no/ olB'? nn th" ntf. ? btfo I lotto 1 o ?< ? o tin* It t!i? ir way lu |h? ti ?t Idle I bad ii tb?r? t.ut a tl.ort tioxi, w.?u Ml K It tiOM ctn.<- Id ai 't ipoto to m? an 1 ????.?! othrr alo i U." n* ? icif II# tp|4?ri 1 ttrj ati? on* an I :la ? "i r J ? 'I I ??kr<J Inn) f bo !iV I. ? 1 t . bo at tlio m ? II* tail t.i Il? tSlai.l .???nl 'n)?*lf >?'?( tli* r?tt) t>' ro n| in I 't'!?oror t? |'r?T?ot by pr i lan" aod ao^*ratl<n any nnfl- t??n' r ?ot It . lb?- r*#ilt of tfco' rr.??t!rr it a matter of Ii ?t'rjr Tt nr mi-vt, tbo bet tilt Mr Kilw r? ' i)*? n't t(<prot?4 ?: u? m *?. og li?M tbat ???nfof, !? rlt*o-l ??joikI dlapo'oor ooo tiailirtiio H* v*.r'wd bit frior.d* to attoo' it, hi* ?l *ltod en. tlno. Your- rotp?? tfrilly, M I MJBftNKRntmN No* 1 * ili*a4, told Mr l> tn>th?r Ir a 'Ir < to *01 I ? a? ot tbo m| rootlt a I bod Mr KM I t bor* to pio~* alobfldo of tli * ? Tan*, >*"? V*. U14 I Mf bit? I i ?<! t ? i.rorttt or. tltb Mr Klnoon no t).* lub^rt "f me Alltc) m*?tie| of ratui ley, lb? 'tb Aocott IM? lie ?tot? ' tbat poeeinr by <ti* /evrool ofBee on th* alterMM hto oty 'o tb? roatoo "i?p<it, bo loo rood : tbtt a nxetltf ?tt tbn'il to If -tiled ataMoM by tl e rnurro | ur'0?4 by lieo Tayb r ? frttoda a' <T.?rl?t too f (' ."fo*. ?t|ief?ln* to bo <!efola*<t long ot the te p?t I.* di<l aotitn t??n otxi-tlof to r*torn to ti,* JrtirraltH" bat rr !eloj?l be te?t a nn>i(a 'n Mr W??.1 by Jt??a Kl'!<l rdiltlog a ^ ??j.-/t??m?at ef tb? m**' or ln?'eod of rtotar M ho ?iah?-l Mr K .11 a ? nt ,o oitb th* root 10 ft tor of the uiet'isg Tfcit ora**raoUoa wtt b*bt with Mr Killmor* ? Troy, faodoy. lo tfe* lorwoouo, joat two o?okt *ober^i>*ot to tfc* m**t op. Nory fw*t<-''li|Uy yoor* H'O. A. H In< a **.+ AJbMy Mr alao raod tuo foJowlap ? Aii^irr. /ot?. 17, lifts Ho* A II f i'r ??i?- four, f t My rooollottlMO of tbo "Alton; Me?* n| BltM ??'1 Mr MkMVO'a ooo o-ttkin tL*r?with aro ? abt'ootially a ? 'ol!o ?? ? Tko tel*rrtpb r*port that t.*o Taylo* had a-cep'?4 a t' rrlMt.. a for tb? f*rae -leoty wito i.eo BoO?/ oe bio a???,?-ot? coodKate for Viro I'rct'ftest araoto-: an t toot* *srlteoM>ot It ^*>a?4 roi aaootb U, Mooth I ?Ik Him ota f i oo. Ofaao .t ?i?ry ??? oaytMeg it ftrr rablo tr. the i.-nrral Tl-eie ati t ?:?#a ot anon ? h? ( bad b*?r, a ti?? alt Uf* !? Of oaxt. itn of rlrol 'to li lttw ft r tt ? I'rxideo rj, oho W ? f?*J Uiw to orfaelr* an eppoaitieo I a O' rr.< a or.', it to be ?t > Th*<* m*o wrr* all ta fnor of ? poM<- ?o*lir,g io<;*ad arr-fcf Amor if, o toy ?ri.?r??B' y oil d>" ?otti0* att irally* thoatta.r** loto a pablie aoaet. I?f tod a e*t of rewolotkor fi-b belog t) * (eoer-l e> ? ? 'at ci, toe only mprr'.ar I ^ >e?'. oo wtt ho* It ohoeM U ou?|?4 if! fo 7et A or>iit| at At 'irtUl wooM b? ta *it?jle 'or ar#ry city a?<1 rl Itro lo tk* "1o-e la tile roitrte of the ? '* i rt'le-t at the ?.%?? o' Q>* t ?? r/j intoM og to (O from tb?r* to 'he tuf i ng I foaad, *wo( other* HoaotM there, M f Duo |? lott trkt.j oeit Ui hiBk, o*d b* f pioaral k ? #| r ' a of the mee* *r lot tbo tarn whl'h o-?fbt to r? j tt o to It H* ?r, rit?4 n> aa4 'Hkert to t'lrti, tr to ro?;?*??* to poolpn** an* 4e?tol*e f ?.!'.? oftt tr**et> o of ntdo en, aotil til the for't ahoild "/Ot* to bao' of whir* the Ulegreph hod t^fbl a t<r1ef r?o<or Mr Woo^ *at er?o?a' ao-f (aro <hotemoo4oW lb>tb ' orartod lo tit* o*oo?>ity of ovo.dtftc booty tot lor.o* <Yato a'Uoo Path woe the aoderetoodtec wfce* ?* oil Ml iW J**- oal (?<!* to gn to tbo Copiiol * h tble ??** It ?a* pro pond tko< Mr Paroeelee # l. ' ? Id bo railed to the f be r aad Mr bne'.kt oot M; Hoa**l> rhowld <*o the tab hf?bolh e?.fia?i Teytor r.<t~who ?*re to eoao*el aod nnpete aa a4 fn rem Hit TVe rotaadaof the (Oplt/.l wae <w*4eri I eiho*od mf *ay throwfl t, to ivnttio frea tbo>r aiottorad otteraa'** tbo t*o?rai f**.iwe 'natral farte* t frtoade w?rw *rv4o*tl; Fo a ?ejortty, oot toe** ooaid bo ao ah toko ia rteuif ta the ?'*d??aa, that M Tartar, ao *00 r ? it r tit bad -ot adrtfl froa rnitatrt tU *lMf* of Wo* Tort ?era aha? load friot oil ahtlgaMaa ta eapyort 1 hero wo* 0 do*.e*aa?o*t oa tbat tbt iaalhwi eaa?l [ of the Northern candidate, but that they a.H??ld bol* lUnd or fall to|i>tli?r There w?t# Mint' paraon* at the kmIiii who a ere dt* ?atialied with the proceeding* They wlatud to r?f udieto Taylor and nominate Clay lliey oronounoed tha (rlu>te thing a farm, a got up affair, which aia In end in a 'on gone c-onrluaiou, the no lurae .neut of lay lor an I IfMI mora. Home of thee# mao. whom I could un<, ara charging Mr Weed with intending to do, iu*t what tbajr war* moat aniieua to have dona, and have never far given bin for thwaitirg thair wlahe#. Throughout Uia Middle and Kaatern State#, Meaar*. Clay and Welnter had bean tha popular candidate*. aal thera waa an III aupprM?ed dUaatiafaotioa at tha im nation of (ien. Taylor. Tha Albany mutiny put Southern politician* <10 their good behav, and e*tiiigulah~1 at the North the atnouliiermg ember < of o|>|?>?itioa Your obedient errvant, A. U. JnllNr*?N ALaiav, I'?b 1'. It** P?i? 84 ? My attautlon hai lie.n rail""' to the letter of Mr. llllmnre to Fenalor llrooka, dated llullalo, CM* 10, IRM, on the #uli|ert of the Taylor in# 'Hag wb'eta waa bald her* in Augnat, IM*. In Ilia latter 1 e'ened to Mr Fillmore aayi, that ou interior tha olUoa juata daak, ba found you engaged In drawing reaolutlona for tha meeting which had then bean railed ; that when ltov were rvad to Mm, he protrated againat thein and tU? meeting Now then, you ma/ remember that I happened to b* lu your oftire, 1 novet*ing with you on tha eama anbjaot v> lieu Mr HUmore ram# in and my i?ooJlection of bin position at that tim* differ* from hi* aUtemant to Mr llrooka, in at leail one eaaential particular, ! allude to that portion of hi# Idler where ha nay# ha proteatatf againat the meeting. Mr Killm ire prote?te4 egainei hie being Identifier', with It. owing to hi# |>eculiar poilUoa, which raa very proper and very uaturat ; hut he did no* object to the meeting itaelf but on the ntbar ban t, mjr memory I* dlatlnct, that lie ar<|tiieared In the propriety of there being one railed, and only (earned aauowa to avoid aty perioral reapon?lbll>tv growing nut of It Your*. Ac , C. W. llODAtlll. Thdilow Wbd, t:?'i ALaaSY, Kali. IH. IH** lira* Hi* ? Ihe letter from Jam** Kidd, read by Mr Hro"La in the t-*nate, ao far a* it ha? any refereu a t? mvelf, la untrue. Truly youn, Till KIJ) W W Oil. lion. A. If. I?< Aim >?t, fab. 17, !*'.*. !?*** Hm? I hare no recollect ion of any each later view or ronvreatlon a* Mr K'dd refer# to In hi* letUw I left the rditorial room when Mr. Fillmore came U conault Mr. Wrrd, *nd did nr. return to it that rv.nmg You ra reaper tfullyr, t?EO, DAWSON Hon. A II l>|f-KlK*o.v Mr. II. thru went on to #ilude to the action of William Ki ut when It bvrauie apparenl that tha euligbteowd polii j of (Jov. Reward on the ?-h>ul <|o**tion abouM |irc?a'l ? to hi< withdrawing hli mm*. if Mr 8?wnnl would iiame Mr Ketrh'im in hi* ateel After that, although the name of Mr. Ketehum waa withdrawn, It waa at t'u# rr<|ut*t of Henator* who had hac >#a# ac iiualntrd with the fart lhat the h?nate would aot (N lltm the nomination. Now. aa the Henator from Una ? u I h bad to |>uhllali Mr Wted'a latter, ha ahanH wait a few day* loniter ?? he had already waited *?*? ral, for tha rejoinder fiom Mr Killuiora. Hut that r* Joini'#r, h# feared, would oe\#r cunta 'lb# hour for the ordar having arrlrad, Mr. I) gave way, an I the raaolullou waa made tb* ?pecial order for to morrow morning, at II o'clock. n.otion of Mr llijiMna. rut mar** or I'Ut'Ri'H raoruir*. The ipecUl order temg the t liurrh Property bill, tba hYnata in Caimuiittee of Ibe Whole, Mr. llradfoH in lb* thair, conki'lvtad it Mr. ItlMU'r took the Oo'ir, and addreaae I the .-innate at length, reviewing the var ou* m-t a undo wbieli rhunb property ha# torn and la held la tlr? country ainoa Ike formation of the government, an I to il># law? aad pr?. tic< 1 1 1 the Old World Without concluding, Mr. II gave way ton mutual* H | ort tire grra#. Agi ed to Mr l(oiai?t'< from the rooleren-^i C^inimlttea. repn#t<el that the ronmittee hail agreed to ajliuurn from Ma tor day. the lOtb to 1'iiday, the Itth ol March Agreed to Mr I iratXMia nio>ed to take from the tabla tha report of the f'oinmlttea of the Whole on tha le#iui mil Agreed to? the re ( ort of tha r#iumittea of the Wk#la II adopted, and the bill ?rder?d to a third reading The Oiiirrli i'roperty bill waa made tba e|*itlal opto for Tuaadny, at la o'tlv k. Ailjourn<d to lh, A M., to morinw. AMrmbl). Aiaaaxr, Pali XI, It.* Mr 1'alMUi |.i. t!ia |*tillon .if lUmtl JUcbariU for ft braak water in itioolal/n Mr M.mmiii: inoraol tli* aipulataa of tba r?p?U? i.t tli* A.aodatnl I f.-.., on tit# gro.aa'1 tbat In lial m'aa tlumlljr tillikiM kll, Mi Marfuira'r, nam* frawu Mm 4t rlalon tin tkt TrapiritM bill. IbM on tfca labia aa motto a oHMr Aitkra. liti 14 rAM*i>. To '?.<? | ait of a Iftil in Itiaokl/a. Toonfna Waabmgiort cunt/ rrim *l< la Jllbaaf fi?r.l>rrif|ar/ To b.iiM a brt-*r? arrnaa I.- rrrr, a( H ?<a btWf. V. < ??w ?< .1 la I' I al'i on lb* labia. 1<> taal'- rw Yr.r k f i,| 'i?.aara to raw in .nay by T'' <m. i ?' tl ? ' > '<r?f Oia'V.rtli limit/ tiia-la tl> n at lltow j ti 1 ' ' tola < li lb* t I' l? rloaf |.ait of Ilia atraat la I >??' I ? B -r* r" n?|.? ml, ara<1 'ht bill la! '.a Uta tabl* i n i jt noni Mi I'. Mi I ?' f ' .ImI llaah ."ujiar.o'tia.l.ot b / Iba I 1 Mr -?'M -To ? i ft ' tba aala of U 'tary in -ata Mi I i i a n. M.? ?'iart*r < f tb? llrooblya I i .'obr < r'j r ;?? lo ..pari nv atr?at. la I r-?Uin Mr I i" r?p" I* ixp.ata a b II I'. aaitborlr* '.ha Cilf of I'riOk'>n l"i buiroa i>n ??/, Aa. Vr ' ? M ?la<l - . n i lata t ..a b li ta aa.iao I tha cbarttr ?' t 'V ii.ab t ( alar \fnr. ? (Viiaptay. aafi Ml Mil * rioaa W* .linvin .iiii. l ti ? i' aim a o' all jatitiuaa aa li a -?r: i'i r.'at. ? ; i ? r.ati apoa tt.a ..arbor af v?w y i * * Afrti : 'o .? I I r ? . i' ?? i of f- r aaa atu'.. 'i, >u aa t? a?qura iii'araga l f -.In Mr l.i ? a raj - rt*>. i i I b an. a I a a* .taaa ol iba flat U la a ?f 1Mb. 4? a*Tt l ' '.a . < Mr li' li1 . . ? .itti ? lu-t>l .a foil ??!?< ra.?l.i|i?a ? l.i a. *??' llai m- li "'.?<?( ar li< la t?o ol tba ooa . itut ? r. > tl.a -tat* if >?? V'?rW, ba iurnM mi aa t? r??'l a. ? aa - ! ??>/ atari* rlti.aa of tba if. af l??il) ii* /aaf. ?. 1 > ail ba*? b"a a ? liwn (a. t la ."at. aid an ialtiblin.i ll tbia Mala /aar nail pra ? .riaf .0/ ? |. tl.,n ar.4 for t) a Uat font aaoatl<? a rwwi ?:?Bl "I iba < afcara f ma/ oflar nia rota, abali ba aatalb -I t?i rata at a-icl> ilwUn la Ilia ilMaa tlitrM of tliuk I ? -hall at Hi" t ro? '?* a raa.Jaal anil a?t al >? for allmit.ia thii now ar?. or baraiflar ?m; b* ? ? ? t. . ;??)'? ? 1 1 aaa l.a'l I.* .a baa* for 'Mil/ >*a/a n?? t ? ' ittg 'ba ? la?t<oa. a raa^tant af '?.? '"latr ai fr??i ?bi?h tba oA?ar ta la b* 'b-'.a (a. itfin k? '.P?ra io tola Taa rna. Mr WaT*?a> Br ? Tara>1 !b? f..llo? la-nliHlaa r.'.ili'l, 1) at lb* health ? lfl'?r a' 't taraa* a* tap-. it to tbl. H'.'iaa Balar nalh ao a*-e?nt af all faaa aa4 rr > a?/? Ibat baaa b>aa r.-l??' b? bla? a a-) lltina ta Ma .*>.1/ fi r l-ar?if .,r .la ? aa?|a i?|u|riB( or aa an mi f aa t/> tba l.. il . f j ar aon. on Ixiai I af n . aal - , aa<5 If. a i of aa/ ?. .al .-r ?a r*?>, ar inatlaf aal iftj ("V ' 1 r f?-r tn/ ?? . "a i?i. ;? ra ! > ; li. tn ?// ? rt af I. la i fb'a, <?rtCf Iba la.t /aar r< iM?i<ri or ri'. .ar. Mr K. f *?illi B'rol'ir.^ a Mil to aaiM tba laa'lt* to Mfaa j by tba aitCt on af tba f>4la* a( aaa ti< a ? ?a^ ? / jara. ? bBalBf a b'>aban4 >n a 'alirlag. ? I.. .1 all aiar r/, at It ar n tb.a mala ar >a aa/ otbar f-ata or 'aaatr/ as/ a4fc*f /.raaa abatbar o>arna4 ar i ail', ilAll. aioafrt iB tl.a raaaa .[ a na4 ib tua Baal a"-1i'B I* a4)a't"l r'?l"r "f blra -i/, aa-l aaa a tloB ak all ba | i .?.? i 1/ t? ja-.a aaait a I Ntata | r!.? b far a larai ta* ? >a?4 of Ba* j?ara w.'MTtn a? . ??a ia ii? nai Tn Mr J I' |.|?t la'r?4?ea4 a bin ta Maaa l twa act l?r Iba pf.aaat >a ?' la Jba Yora, lijr tr. akia( ll Ika ia-/ af Iba era airtaaa to ij.lra u4 aiaaaaaa ;a la. a > ?r? rx. a I ten of Iba ?? a^H la fiaa ? ar'ltaa aat "a ta it. < aaar. cf 4aall|B( b- a-a. iaf atarai, aa aa/ all-ar b Kar ba'?| ra?. aa-t, altara. or bo ll ia a< . t . b a# Iba ) ai. i,Ba of iba ari, ba iaa >.?a iba laaaa >,t aa.b r.lata.a altli a iaai .laia all.. ??. tba aal a ai b BMi'a Ua ba MrtW |?iaaf>?)|f ?y..a tba I total tba ?a1, ar *? ba Wt at tba balblaaf, a ll naa |ariaa af a? la'tolfa ?.? f ..'al tb'r.aaia B '.aa^i' aaaa (bra 9- '.aa .a ?? mull* Mr Pw littaftiaf a Mil la ralal -a t ? laaa sat If (aJ' ti tM>b fta'Maa tb?t atatj JaalW tba faaa* ila.l aBBi. I) rar'a, Ir i)a "a^iti?.rt aa a?otiBt a ail I r#a Bad paaailaa ablrb ba a bail la., rwalaal 4a r Ibf tba /aar a.ili fall /arttt -ilara *f aa?b * aa r aa af ??Ualt Ibat aa. ?a>- b.ra baaa ra a.aad b; b.? tba ?tar/ roaatabbr aba. I allb a taa *aja pa/ arar ta lb ? atagiairala '*f.r a abaai tba a?. a a aaa tbarf?4 fa? all. I, tba paaalt/ aaa ia? jhb?1 tba fall aaaoaat r.?a4.a< by hi* Ibat all BKsa/a ?a r< ?l?a ' b/ a ^aaura af bba Iran .bail ba aa l aaa. ba baaa ta Ua* "raB'f Traaaara ?Hi a tl Mi 4i/a aftar .'a r?'?ijt that aa/ rtaiabIM t .'Iba ar- ...aa af 'bia b.|l aball ba aaa ababia b/ a faa.f ll (WI aa a*| i ?'?+? ?a\ far m( Baaa a tbM *?? ?< alba ? a at at ft (aWMilvtia Mr l.'ii" a latra4*'*4 a bill ta a in aal a a-lioa 11 al irapiar i.? al iba laar af 1MB b* b44ib| ta tba aac iwa abtrb r?ra attbttl/ ta tba liar aa aaa ta tab* ait Jtifarl/ af a. I kla<a uUa? ag ta B iaif?w tlaa ?.r tat oa at a b?. |?naaia^B tba aar la, ' aa ?a-b tba *a?arttkaa a* aaa/ ba air taaaaW tba Hi)?MBt**4*?t af Ua Raab iB^aHai a' ta r*4a*a tba rt*r?lBi.a? aatli af aaib aar ^arauaa at aaa.. ' aaUaa ' T? Ma arar U nil r-wt ?It aaa na^ia; jtaiarli/ *J??t J ?*f ? I b.D:pa ba4 [ :a?w 1 ba* raaigaai aa aa aa* a( tba JartWaa af tba Mar aa I van i* tb* baa4a af 'aaa T?or Oarb b*4 tbat Mr ''barlaa ? biriasil a airtw af tba baa Tatb bar, b*4 baaa a"a*aa<*4 b/ tba <*aa araar ta (Ul tba ta?M*/ ia%s Tbiatp*. a baa ba*a atfar^af fraaa itlaana far t*a?a ua*. bat tffl ba a Ma la niiwi baa 4atbaa a a 'aa 4a ya Ja4|a HArttf baa praaMMf a laaa far ibs paa* tbraa ii?, rttUaa -

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