Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 25, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 25, 1855 Page 3
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LEGAL INTELLIGENCE. Th* Ut? ConrlcttM for Anon. ?crams oocbt? obmka'., tbui. IH? t? Hea. Judge* Wltcbell, Karri* aad Chrke. K? tl. ? Chat. A ftwerrUf, imfitgdtd, Sc., plainUf in errmr, m. the People of the Stmte uf Nam York, defend ant i ?'n error.? This rui mation for ? new trial, ground ed oo the folloirlng ponts ? poiirru on thi pa*t <>r i*i_?i!mrv i!? kkror. 1. The objection to evidence showing the nets or ooa duet of lhtolore L. Pewrally was well taken, under the clreumstai.ce*, and for the reason* stated at folio* 24, 26 of the Error Hook 1'bt combination or conspiracy between the parties indicted should have been flrat ? liowo. Tbi* w*a the fouuda'.ion for the propo*ed proof, and eiiou.d Hare be.n laid belore it wa* ruceivod. (The **??*!? n P*rmh, 4 Denio's R, 16 ).) i. Jl/ <6ttOB b? ltl? witness Thoma* irti JpWwIj rahlMted to the }ury, tnri ?? the burninj of *.* f?*4oa i& tbe pretence oi th? Jury was lulpr. prriy al lowed by the irfUt 3. lh? testimony of Paviil I.ewi* ami otVrs wis im properly allowed by tbe Court. lhi* was not * rase in | which it wiu nece?j iry lor 'he prosecution to *lio.v uuT ; ettrineic motive or causo foi the oj. amis-ion of the al legeu oUciutt. It wan, in elfejt, allowiu; the prosecution to ahiw that the defeu-ant hid alreniy oouiiui'tjl a crime (which could be easily proved upon him, a* be bad oo previous intimation that such ao at.empt would be made) 'or the purpose of warranting the cunclitit'on that he hal comuitted th* offence charged. At a |fne rul rule this would be most dan^t roua, and if Improper hi any case. it wa* *o in the p.esent 4. The rn-jt on to strike out or expunge from Ihn case the testimony ol I)?vid Lewis aid other* WU improperly overruled by the Court This ovidmce hail boeu allowed ; to show a uotive on th ? part of the defeulant for tha commbo-ioo of the rlfenco char *?d, i. o , *ha up prop! ia tiou of prop- rty pla*e 1 wi u h in on storage, to hi* own uie. It dul uot mret the lac?, nut left it to be Inferred. The conversii n of the property wis the pr ncipal point, i and that wan not prove! . 6. The motion to the Court to direct the acquittal of ?he defendant, a* at tot. 1- > of the Error Bo>k, w u Im properly overruled. 'll?e buil'iing In which the (ullage > preparations to Ore wire made win not pri\ed to be, or to be Lnow n to he, No. 147 Front street. There wa thin a variation betw-en the m l cttuent and toe proof. t' >o I'tople v*. i-'ater, ft Htll, 401.) fl The deflmlion ol tiie wuril "adjoining " a* <r . ? i In 1be Oral rei, je;t of the Conrtto change' '.lie ji. , .'44 correct, anil '.he refusal of tl.e Court a* to the ? j and it* char e a? given upon t U!*- point, wore ? .menus. , '1 he statute u*e? language that ha* a perle.-t'y wv!' no deretiMxt mean.Bif Thi hu'.l tin{ attempted to l> - flru I . muHt udjoin, or if not adjoin, mu?t be within th" .t'.l lege of au .uhabited dweltioK. lu other wor.i* the for mer builit ng uiunt touch t'io latter ? or If it do ?* not, and i? removed *ny distance fr>m the latter, it n ut be within the common fence. To take thl? at the a'au lard by which to oonstrue the lUtate, 1* to itmimn I .n'e one. Any other would be productive of the groate 1 1 m ty But for the exert on* which are made to arrent fli any bo.lcirg on (ire, or atteinptel to b-* net on lire, could be *aid to aojoin arothtr, for the p irp<j*e* of ilin<-r, no matter how far oil tho two huii'lin^s might h". The e:Tor ol th? Court wm, in allowing 'he jury to dehne for themselves the word ' 'adjoining," w th reference to die - tunce. Mo two juries would taiok alike ou nucli a wi , ject. Some r ii; ,t take a greiter and i>ome a le*s dis t*noe. It oo observed, too, that this is a p*n\l ftati te, aod an ?ucV to be strictly, liter* 1 ly i-on^trued. (4 1)1. Com*., !W>; 1 Mood. &; Mai... L.41, S. C. , ?.!; E. C. 1,. It., Ii30: I Cbitly Cr. Law, [4th .\m. Kd.J 112'J.) 7. The point maoe in the second reqae^t, (to the (Vjurt tocha-go ) ol the delemUnV* counsel, (Error lljok, foi 163 ) tkst the most proven a^ainsi; the defemlant was a conspincr between him and Theodore I.. l'ever?Uy to commit llit) crime charged, with a aeries of ovort acts con.?titu?irg preparation* for it* oomraiaaioB, was well taken. (Se<> also the third, fourth, fifth, .eve-itti md eighth request*, foi. 168-103, aud remark of Coin at lol 104.) They all depend upon the correctness of tbis prln- | ci pie The refueal of the ?^>irt to charge tho...o various requests and ita charge* givou upon the.e po nts, w?rti erroneous If the principle a-l\ anted hy the dclend nit's counsel was not comet, the vory fir?t ?.c: ? that o: g?in.; 1 to WiUiamHhurg and purchasing the camphmie. (as al 1 leged by the prosaciition) would have Dw'e the lelony complete. All the act- ol the axased. nr li s alicjcl ac complice, abort ol a direct afemptto lire or burn, were but the ariangement of prelim. nar e* to tje rominis eion, or to the attempt to commit, the pi incipal a-. t If thi* ia not take i a* the correct conclu ioa, now i* it to be determ oed whtt act* are merely overt in pursuance < f a conspiracy, aud what ?oi*titut? rii? fe oni >u* a*., fmptr Oju it Im> said that purchaaing the c.mphene, and bringing it into the store of the accusal, **.* an overt act in pursuance of a con .piraoy to oomiuit ar.ou, 1 and tbat the opening of tue barrel*, and sat ira'-'ng the cotton with the'r contents, made the felonious at tempt? (X It F., [-id Ell .J pp. 670 677, ^ 8, 10; II Id., 816 JU'Visere' Note* ) It Is true the *tatu .o Joe< uot ra quire overt act* to m ike a con ?p racy to cammit arson ind etable. but If overt acta are committed, they do not aggravate the offence. The meaning of the statute is that tome crimes are so he no in thi* for two or riore person* to agree to commit them is a mi*de minor. I he statute defining " atteup's " and the r puni.liineut, < oea not militate with the view* of the defendar.t'a counsel. The true aonNtruttion of that statute is, that the attempt or aet mu?t go to the perpe*ra Hon ef the very subject matter of tho crime, la arson, the cmpui delicti la tbe firing or buruiog. The attec.wt to commit a-son must be tue attempt to firs or burn. It would be a gross m'suse of lauguii^i to *ay that the laying of the train was an attempt to Are or burn (- R. fl . Ud ?d , p. t, *ec ?'!: 3 do , do., p. S.lti, Reviser*' Not ?*.) In lU.iictment* it i nv. n e?? firytoeetout the mode or manner in which the at tempt* are made. Wnere it i* done, however, the alle gations detne what an attemp*. i* {?.VUy Cr., 6th Am e.l , 1,131.) The ccfen<laot, moreover, wa* entitled tc his Incut petit n!iar as beta ? en (?'ony anJ ' mi*dimesn< r aod 'he entire . iierge of the court to th* jury was calculated to ilej rivo h ir. o* it 8. lb? Court irre?l in'ng to char.-e the jury that there wa? no te.timony that the attempt to dre th* building wa* actually male in t1:* nrhttime, asde-ired in the sixth reque*. of the defendant's eouasel So far , from this, i! the Court w*i ri^L: in its views a* to what constitute '? *n attempt to cor.mlt arson, the a'tefnpi was actually complete in 'he .'ay time ? by the purchase of camp! ene, bringing i'. in'o t).? >tore of <b? accused. Ac. (in tier vs. The I'eopl", 4 Cenio's R , 68. ) roum on nnn 1 1 or jni rnnt. Mr A. OaUey Hull, I'Utrict Attorney, ap:<e*red fur the p?ople, and ?ulimitte<' that tb* pritoner wa* conri"i*d it the !-e*aiou?, November, 2864, upon Indlc'.tusnt inler theae etatnt'.v rtl ? ''KT??ry pcron who alt^ll wilfully ?et Are to or bcrn In the nigbt time. any *!iop, ware bouie, or itber bui'ding, not being th* ?d',j*ct of erxon in the flrat dt?r?-t>, but adjiini-ig to. or wittiia the cur'l 1?K? of. auy iuuabite 1 dweliij^ ho if, ro I'ich houM ?!,all ho eudanxered by giicb (Ir nf, ahall, upon coori ? ticn, bo adjured guilty of ar?ou In the tecond degree ' R 8. orig. *1. OMJ; 1 R f. 4tb ed. tod; 'I K ?. pari 4. eh 1, tlt'a o, art. 1, t) 2.) "Knr? pereon who eliall at tempt U> com alt an o tenet prohibited by la*, and in Kuch attempt *bal! do any acttowar?V t) e coir m t? ion of ?ucb otlencc. but ahali fall in the p*rp? ration tturcof, or (ball be proventad or intercepted in executing the aame, upru conviction thereof ? hall, in ca*e? waere no proTitieo ia made by law for ti.e pun ihni'iii o' each at tempt, be punished aafelwia,'' ft-.. Ire ? ("2 R. .one ad. 6?H; 'I R. 4tb ad, HS1, part 4, ch. 8*, ti'.i? '.) Hii ';on Tiction was for an attemp* at rrron. a- on 1 u*^r?* Tae Indictment wont to the jury upon count! 1, 2, 3, 4. B, 10, 11,12. Th* writ of error bring* before tbla court nut tm atbj|( (Km till foUowiL? except. one, in the order in which tliey were tsken - Kxcep':?a tir't? (Fo. ?4.)? To the deciaiw of '.tie court, allowing tha acta an', c/jacuct of Theodore L. Pa reia'lt, to .eftndant, Apart fron cr id the a'acuce of tLe ifefendaot, to be giv? n 'n e? '.rn.'e *?.. nit the de fendant until the proaecution hail Brat eatab mlie l a u'onic! on between thon. Point i re'.? Hie court exer i'ed a corrr i!'a-;?t on in allowing the [ro>ecuti< n to jrl?e evid-n ;? nf tlie olia recUr object' d to. although peru\p? a little "it o( time. 1. TTie l airict Attorney at tke t.m* of the nb-e -t on, alated liow h? would fno*eqaea"j connt-U 'jw aot? and tbla conduct with the prroner. 2. Tb??sacl*and tliia cond , ;t ware '?oon r?-l? 'it blowing Theodore to be tha clerk of ilia prii"?n<-r. ?ul reaiding with him: by allowing Ha two arr?- < ted w i tie in company The *? ' ^ o'?ject"'l conue-ied tl.eroieirea with 'h? Cprjnu itAicli. ibe a:t? were pur-fca???of c\mph-n? ?n'lturpent n? ard tbelf takfacflp'itf lo:um it '-H r!meof arrcitof pn*on?r the plese tmeliod o" i e rery ^ooda t". wl ich the?e acta eoa iac*. an''. d?<-iaT*-i'ina re fated. Tiie acta obierted tr were malaria! acla ''towar.U the ultimate commiaaion of tbe offence." fa? in '.m ptiage of the afore?.i.d ata t it*' 1<>u blnf a'tomD'a i Kiffcp' ion Second ?To tLe ?du> r>. m o;'t*-* monj i Fo 112 US) rejarllnga b->t l? 'entaiolo,' -ot'. 'U ?a uiateJ with eanap': ne: and to the proprety eT burning the at me in presence rf the jury Point S?. oud.? This *?? fYi?'?n:e of cmf Uln ! fo.- the Htry, a?rTinj to fin th^ >an? rei intr an ! to >?ioe effect a<if the jutora ba 1 v eaed the pr-miae*) the uality of the a!!ege<t a'-t- tow.. .l t;? enmir ??ion of the ??flence It we? c:ittipet? r.t ex '"nee, be-atloe the , ,ule an i the er.tton came 'tirertly lr"m tfte prraa .?? of pri ?< ner. at tLe time of LU ar.-e?t. and waa ond'a'.urVjd from fr.-tnthat periol tot!., rnlietloa be:or- the jury TeatUnO'ir of vVm Tlion:.i? ) Kx caption Itiird ? To teatitn ny ?1 ?w'og ' a motiva ou 1b? part i f the pri ^ontr. for the c< nm a* on ot t!i? trimt charred upon him, grotriag out o' the uii* appr opristinn < i conreraion of propert; | 'ace 1 n;ta h;m on "t^ug' (t)fl' r of I> atrtct Att< ni?j. Point ThirJ ?The queat on i r ' ie 'irv ?? .i- w'ue the j,rl<oter ma te an att-mp'^ti comui t araon and ike teta trwaria the att^Mpt 1" t, ot waflt u? it?srw?il atrengtb it Iw ?n- nai ? h tr e n> o??ry to a tow a mo tire Iran would hare "-n the ??? e a*', the fit t v f<?n cor?' n m??ed. ?? ere a mta la cluff'd with petMnj ?fe a liouae in bi< o ?n < up>tiOn t m n'en j ion cannot l>? infto'f i merely t orn the a t hut ?u*t le pr-;ri l'.r in e? ten -e oth?r e'r ? n?'?n ?ea. from *\ icli ?!.# ? n>?? falr'r p:e?i<u* A*e!ib U'a Cr 'ia ti ? an l II ?'m;;a 4?'.' ? <jra*n ),nf, , b('. Fourth I'wp'S-Tu il? rcf taal of Out tadlreet orroirp<' 'b<* i l?n'". A 'orue y to ele:t unler wuicb cailtit inOictmM r"' 'd tha cam to the iu;y. Point I >urth? I Hi -in d ? -ret n of Court -nd no < icap* on ran bt taken tit clxrret'Oa. Paber. : Hill. 1M.) >'? !'?'? waa mt a we f >r elacli4a because t'je counta acre .n ro- ced aol--ly for the pjf po?e of meeting thw e?. en <? ?i It mi^ht tr-.n>plre aod the cbir/at were ?ubetM'.lallf for tha ?tm- '>ff?oce (Wbar Cr. l*w, pp lf>2 an.' I >3; People r ,\*ne, ? Weo Ml ) s. B-aid??. the T) ?tri -l Atu 1 H?y did el?>t, aad abac. lobe.' , (ith. fttb, 7th and Rth euaat* lifth KaceMion? To o*? n tiling by Court of a m-.tioa to atrile rut the teetinsony of I arid l>ewU. (Fo I'M,/ A F. Duboia, 'Fo. 124,> aad Eru 1 "'.uyer, (to. 125. ) on the grounl that it did not appear that auj dentin. I bad been made upon tke defea lent for the return of the prnperty alleged to be mi?aing, and that there waa consequently notbiog to eatabllah a coaaeraioa of the property by tb ? defendant Po nttifth? 1. Tb* evidence wa< for the jury, a < to motlre 'here waa acme aeidaar*? and the Jud(e cor rertly charged the jury about it. 2. The proeeention contend If tba Court bad r own I ranee of tb* motion. It eterriead .t rtfhtly, under the Uw eaabraaed by tfc* me |loa of nruiaar. ltlwmer w?? 'm lee of t'ae property alleged to to eoavarted? a IwM HouM to ctrtit mn. lio na ft atarage ntribiit Tba property ?b?uld bo la hit plftoo, ft ad the f art ?T iU not beiag tbor* ii evidence of eoB*ara-.oa Sat ? Baaao ftbr. Trover, K. (uj th? In lit naehaftgtd to thu v.) "Where the proper'/ c* no U*Mljr iato the Mnant'i poaaaeaioa, ? eaW or *e ?traetien of it, or m; abuee of tko pnpo t/, or ?it of tt, beyond tko purpoee for which ho heUlt of Um b*ter, Wft? on ftc'utl ;oarersloo." And ia auch ft cm* do do. w*a J Maaeearr. (leading oftjo of Ooutb r Halo, t8 Wand. 4t2.) But it U ft IrnjnM de bonCi for the storage tntrebftftt to ronoTo property is bit cuJtoly, and is trae jaaa lo demand naceaaaiy. Law nunn 8Uth Koept.oa? To refusal of CVurt to dUftet the jury to acquit, became the uitictinaat lfcf< butliing 117 I'loot atreet, and there do r'oof of tbia aurnbor. Peiat PittU ? 1 There was pr?of abundant thatliT Front rtreat, front bui'ding, had b- prepared for firlnf. 2. The rear buil l og of a lot altra/t c*rrle* IHo C'tjr lot Dumber with It. ?. Had there bo?n ao proof, the averm *n? wa* not "isutisl description bat coul I t-e rejected a* ?'irpl(M^e (Wba* Or. Uw, t tt.) 4. It ?M ? question atire jr for the jury, there be'nj at leaet <ome er'.dence S*renth Exception ? To refusal of oourt (in (tibetanee) to charge in substance that the adjoining dwellings m.ul hftTe i..i contact with the budding 147 Fiont atie *. lit oi .'it to biing thU art within the statute. l'oint Saventh.?lTic evidence answered the m ining of tho words ' adjoltmg to " I I5y definition of the word*. 2. By conta*? of the same *#?' .on of statute. H Accord ing to tfuor of decision in r*op'.e v.i. Gates, (15 Won , 1U0.) Fighth F.trept'oa.? (Thift will embrace the objection* ai:gg?ated by ,e<{U**ta for charge after number onn ) To the law laid down by tie Court regarding 'attempt to commit arson," and it * view* of the act* constituting an attempt Point li?h(b. ? Th* Court were ccnvct In their riew of 'If Ibw regarding * 'attempt " anl ti.e spaciHc act* at tecfrlng th*m-elve* to an attempt were ?yj? nuottino* for the jury under the ruling of tim Conrt 1. Tue com u ( n law ami the statute, r-gardiuf attempts to commit olftnees carr;. out the civil I?w in ixiia qu<rqniii crimi ] nit eon$uininalif'itit drnt cinalu ?< conm'mV, W c yi/ati mi* fxtenam ri'mo pa'itur. The c\*e*of K n< v. Hl^lns, V Fa ?*,. 6, and I'eopl* t Iluiih, 4 Kill, Ki . ajip.'iii to <<ot tie tte law an tte Judge ruled it In the U;l-r cim the definition of aftempt ?a? gireu *n ft cans of att?mpt at armm, where the prism er merely gaTe t match to wit ue>x. and told hirn to ret Qre to a buildia;. The vrtole question at iasua Mr 11*1! contended ii what doen tbe word "bo" mi'au ia the Hfatute a< to rinon in the n>cfnd i'egr?e. "So flro a? to endanger .in adjoinlnj huild ng " or Gre a buildii g "so adjoining an to en danger," Ac Next was the co'leotlou of eombu?tib!fl in iter *li in "attemp1,," or in order to ma'.o an ftttemp m>nt there U- an act toward firing, uk taking a in itch, \ t>? should the rerdirt be rererHed the pr^on?r may yet til tried for at'eirp'ed araou In t^e th 'd d?i^r?e orconepi racy or on an indictment for larceny of the food* v ar* houred eitb him Iteciaiou rn.rvdd Nnpitmr Conrt^?f Jenernl Term. Hon Judge* Mit hell, Morii i :in 1 Clerke. MOTION FOR i .NKWTHIAL IN TIIF C AtfK OF WILLIAH^, CONVILTKD OF roiSOMNO HIS W I KB I'iih 25?7 hr PtnpU ft. Anlrew William* ? Meiara. Spencer and Cliuton -.uhmitted the following j>oiota fur the pr'roier, and argued thai h? was entit'ej to a new trial ? 1 Ti e Court erred in admittiog In evidence the d-*cla ration* of the <>c*a*td, a* ntated hy Mary Cum;ih<dl, at K.I. [ii, a* tollowa:? "The la*t H*iurday before tier Ofuth fihe left my houie with clothing for her bui'iaud (ulio wa* u watchman on aome *nip In the North river) a* *lie said; *5e did not ret ra until fire o'clock the next morning when xhe cema In *>lie ftp peired very ill: she *aid *he got *ick on board the ve<-ael on which her huMiaod wa*; *lie *aid eh- had not been drinking; ?ue <aid thftt her whole frame aeemed a* if it were on tire, and h-r heart felt awful " Tiii* ftn ewer wa* elicite?l by the Dixtrist Attorney a<Uin< the wltnen* to *t*'e "where the dee-meej *ala ahe wa* <om^ i d the Saturday evening prevlnna to her death," *n I taken under defendant'* objection ftnd exception. The f'ourt ?l?o erred In cbft'^ing "that th? jury in *ht infer that tl.e i'ece??ed w?* with her hurbind on the .-<atur i:ay eight preceding ber deftta." Tin* inference re<tel Nolelv on th*?e <Je ''.ftratiou* of the decnaed mi le In the nbeeoce of the pritouor. The te-tlni'iny was m-re h?ar va j , aad wa* cleat Ir ioadmietible lo the ca*e of Kuby v?. The State, U ferg.. .'>8U, it wa* heel that evidence that the deceaa'd. wlrle on hi* way to the place where he w.ia fiund murder H, and the cay h? w.i* supposed to b* killed, had atitml t h\ ? he wa* going to thftt place, and that the def-adita' w?* iroirig with b in, ws* incompetent la /eller v* the State (2 Hal at 220 1 it wa* held that convr*a*iru of the d?ce?j?d with a th'rd perron, or ait* of the decease 1 which uev?rrame to the knowledge of the prisoner, can pot be re. l ived in evirlenw. The principle of th"*e ? tse* i* too clear ?Dd well established to rei|nire a eiUtion of of further ftu'horltiee. There van ao pretence that Miea* statements of the de;eaaml wer? dying declaritloo*, anl if Miej had lieen offered a* mtch they would have b^en clearly inft?'ini*?ihle? bee?u>e they were not male in artitiilo morix./ or under the con iciousne** of lm [lend ing 'liiiMilnt on. On tb? contrary, the decea>ed, during tbo time these declaration* were mide, aod afterward* until a few hoar* before her death, indulged the hope of recovery When her huabtnd left her on Wednesday evening, she stated (fol. 4ft) that ' on Friday alia would he able to go after Mr money." (Koscoe'i I'rin. Er.. p. 27, 38. 1 Phi II. F.vld. . 285 -Mb td ) 2. The teat mony of Tr. Ohl, ?* to the condition an>l contents of the bowl taken urd?r exceptions and the ei alyaia of the content* of the bowl by l'r>fea*or Mi ( teady taken nnd^r except on*, were improperly ? I mitted: hecftiise they w?re not aufflcieotly identlQei. And the Conrt er: i i ia refii?ing to charge. "Tnat if the bowl waa eiuneed on ft tftble or on ? cheat or r.nmi or elirwhere, where many perr0na h*l ?coe?a te?t??x>ii the time it w? stakes from the room of the decea*ed, and the clii m>cal analy?i* by I'rofeaeor McCri-aily, the evidence fta to the ttualyeie of the content. i of the bowl should be rejected." The wltoe??, Mr*. Campbell, atfttes that the bowl wa* Bet on the truak by fie prisoner on We Inea day. and ah e could not *ay how long it remftioe<l there. There wete a h?lf ft doaei people in the room frombreftX feat time until *he diet?, and at fnl 47 and 4H ahe adm te and the court intimate* it* opinion that *he could not eMentialli identify It. ;t. The t'oor. erred in receiving in evidence tli? reoog ni.auce without due prnnf of ,ta execution Mr. A- Oak "y Hall, Pi?trict Attorney, opposed the m>i tion, and subndt'ed the folio viag point < on the part of the people ? I'o nt 1. TV.* Court were cnrrr. '. in admitting th? '.*?tl moo; excepted to, and wbiob t ??' im iny ia found, an I al?o'n charging f lie jury r*){?r1'ng thia taitlmoay. The fact tbat tb* 'IfrlaTnt oa ??i nnde, and not it* t-ntb or f?l?iljr, ??? in f| ueation It ai-cumpauird an ia4 wa* expr*?*i?e of tli* character, motive cr object ? leiDg thu*, a 'v?rb*l art, indicating pre-?n?. purpoaa ? n<l intention" -an ficj<tlon to the rule ax to hearaay. (1 Grren, l'i9 and IS.", ) Tin- d"clar?tioo w*^ aft'rwarJ (on Bin ad by huabaad* adtniaawna. I'oint i!. 1 ho Court wrr* correct ia admitl.u the te-? timony cMUrnilK tba bowl a n 1 Itaconten'a Iba t-'*ti monjr e*a competent and ?dmioihle t > the jury, w no could lira to It what affect they cho*e. The bowl *u traced fron the (-riaonar K*l'*a?*i?f Mr?. Campbell. who Rave it to oflicer I of oth*"r I-nut^an wUo eav* it to Lieutenant Umg'.iam of I ta itanant Tlinjliam. who gave it to tha coroner of tha corr n-r, who Kara It to Or. L'bl. who, with Dr. McCrrady, uiada analy Mtim of ?i w contaaU V I "tlirr t'. a lx.wl frum whic^ the ra-Mical (fntteuen min'e the t?*ta for poiwn, kii tha bo-?l o it of wbi-^h tha pnsom r t?'l tha -laeaatiM wan couipei?n' an I pro per t*a;in>ooy for the jury, In aoaaoctioa with tl?p nf it* content* correapoiir. inir with t**t of tha p.invn found on poat mvrtam. "lbe jury, by thair Terdi'it, aet t'.rd tho matter Point 3 The Court proj>arly allowed tha bond to b* r?-ait in arlJanro It w a* called for by an objection o' Ilia pri'GUrr. It -nine be' ore tb* jury n <t an 4 rM- ?i I, but na a private writ ng, If yon fi!*e?e, or a? If It wer>- a private bond of tha party, wboae rari al bound him. It win) aigtied by tba p'i*on*r, ai.d hail leen acted upun by him balcra ilm witn*** (George Killing,) who Confront* 1 d b m Ita r?cit?'i w?ra nothing nnre th*nthaevi dance of Mr KMiofir ?how*d to b? tba lact. Keller wai Ataebouee Hiptrinteodaal, li" had control of the** bond* by *ta*ute tl.? bonl r-olt?d tint tha p'i^-jner bad l?<ii rontieted of ahoad'n hk h|. w.fe Kr'.U tr/ tea t!B?d to thl?, and tha pri?oner 'a acta ahowej it; prlao nar waa, th i?f<ra not prejudiced ?>? tba raa<!io< ot th? Umd. Hnd t|ja tond l*an recai?ad w t'mut tbe m !en -a of Kaltofrf, th" p?i-onar rn-Rbt r ot ha' a t>aan t o > o I by it* rerltu'a. 1"h* f?et that there ba t b?an d IB ilty of any U'ti' b?tw?eu priaooar and drcaa el, ta< avi t-n-e lor tba iury in r--?i>?ct to m?li?a. TL? drcia 01. of flie court la ra rr*<d Opinion of iltuigc Wrrni 011 the Potter o! I>l*ti l< t .1 uat l< < a to ( ouiiiil t for Contetnpt. filler lilHTRICT C'OIHT. Eofore Judgo tirten I'm. ui ? In tkr Maiitr tht Committal <J 7 Hun hi ,ige Smitk for a Contempt oj Corr' ? Mr TMn)i>ni. a constable, r?i rn?d in wrltinf that in p iratianc* of tba cotLtn tment to hiin d*l'*ered, b>- by firl>>* theraof, trr?a'.eo llr Huiith: b it wbil* (i? t'ue my to 14* j*il b* e*? -eria.I with a writ of babatt corpua, c tuman i li m to brliu; the l>odv of aa d .''mith before lad/e IHIy. one of the J'idtee of the Court of Common 1'1"4?, to do an ! r?r?l?? wh?t ahonld b* 'he- and thai? co?a l?r1 and that in a' -nrdtoca tbarawita be took tha ?? I -m'th l?'ora bia Honor J11 !(a (??>y. an I roa !a r't .ro n wilting that behold aanl Sunib by virtue of aa d <;< m mltt?l, ?b?rrup.<n Judge l<?ly -liacht aatl r<"?>itli 'rcui a??jo.|y. from tb>- repnwta It aaoma fnr dm-b n/e *aa ir*da on tha ground that ?ba juato. of tli<< "irt lad r.o pow?? to 1 "ii uiit for coo 'nipt 01m e>u't no' leag a "???ii* of laoord Tb* ludfa rain *alt'iatif Juilje I ?'? wa? < orrec- tlirr* waa no war in ahvb fbia t o ,rt cou'd pnniah wi'n?aa?a for h gleet or refuaal '.o at'' nd. or if thay do attend aa>! retjaa to b* aworn h? i.*d no pow.T to romfel tii?m to do ?o, or w^en awoi a tl,e? may w'th impunity r*fu?e to anawar any p?rt n?ot ! ^i eatlnn that might ba proaoaad"l to tbe-n :int 'hu* ?tefeat the 1 a a o| j' atlc* alU?<at ior . an I. in fa it, if thl* doctrine tw on 'Ct peraon> m ?ht ? ome into toa cunrt room *t lie tha 1 waain ? r?ioii, aa>t, by I talk or di?.rdrrly 'onda<-t, not no'y in'*trupt bat actually pja nit ? !.? tra n??c 00 of bu- n on i tha On t w, ? l<i utfeilji uii*b'a 'V ?>re??nt It. I in rot ?iigga?t m nr o'ber <*ifliralt>( tba! m tbt a:U* but (t la not a*- ^??aiarr to do o. from aiaia nation I liaee no doubt ot ?.??? power of tl.eae Court* to punlib for ront'inpt. *ad that tba 'aarnart la*'** 1* cat >Iy m atakan aa tn tha law appliea ' bte to tb* aatt?r in fj';e*t>oo, *ad will gieaafaw r?a 1 ?< ?a far an h ^pinion ta th* hr*t place tba Revlaad Ptatutc*, 'i ?nl , p. r?* aact'oaa '/W. Ml, 'JH*. 'Wl tnl ?vo pro*, da tbal a ; 11 at ice of tha paac* mar pnaiah for a cr m ta' i-n*itempt. by flaa and inpr ?oam'nt, p*r?oa* | gnlity of '?dijon'cr'y eonteinptnoo* or inaolant beha *tr r Tnwtrd* auch j??ti< a wbt'a ?nga.-? 1 on the trial of a c*n?a or ia tha retdei nj of *ay nid<a?ent orlaaay Mb'al procedlag " lam aware of tba fact tbataJa* ? ? ? I >bia ( ?'irt t* rot atttetfr a jait e* of tha paaea with o tba mtaaing nf that ata'.uta, bat I i* alao aware rf tba fact t'?a* .naaicaa af ttia paaca boll aoara* aot of r**o^*. -It t?*M?a Mf|a?? ia la|.r*r in ?? la ! he Supreme C?urt ?f thu State ta thaciaJN" douk |?t RuUtt, (Z Hlll'j ft., p. VM.) fr'srr'a^ to tfca above provialoa* ot tkt <UtuM wri ~^Tt? pow*?^ ?* ?nsgUtratea are aaip> to repioaa ml punah nuclt thitK' vior, (alluding t# 1 1 wiutertty and lad-torn a ta ooa? duetiae pieeeadNge Mare a )t<tic'< court,) ia aay ? '*g? tf tk* cium, whether pre-f ? I'.r^ frrra * par ty, hi* a b^tud?t. aa1 mU rinprct, at welt aa ft due regard tar th? prop*' adwiautratua of j?? ttee, iaapriou.tlv demanl that t he/ ehoaJI fee need and Ofcer eaforcet with a Area aa4 ate* If hand. Juatioea may at all timae relf upon the coui.tenaare and favor o* f thia Coart. ia the due comuiaod aed rigoreaa aafatwawei of goa-i orl?r while , eoa>!uc'.laf taeir prooeedlei*, aod aa ?<] a* *?? ?ry pow en liava beta conferred ?poa tkaa far that purpoee, tbey akould know an I foal that Um/ tluoc are juatl/ ra epontible fir i'* obw r ranee." ft mnc'i for ttii autnor ? ' v af a .in .'if p of the Peace te ceraat tor a oontem;>' , | new aa ta the authmty of Juaticr* of 1 Utriet Court*. The organization of thei* ciur ? i* fa Maty r?*peota pe culiar. They liate clerk* and oflic>at >*ala. tad U|ou<l> ' tbey em act Ju-Ucea' Court* apolen of ia the atotir**, ' nor are they atricUy Court* of Hecord although thoy | ' poawaa many of the attri ?ut*a of aueh cour'.a, yet the* 1 | are ccutta, of toierior juriidlcthn, i* U true. I<ut with full poaera crrr all Hub erts eitb.u their mriadiot on ? among three h tbe power to | uniah lor contempt com mitted in tht ;r prwence while the Court i* la 'eeiion j They may be termed inferior com ta, u?t ol rejord. lu awaking of auch court* the late J i. dire Cowen, in In* able trtatiae, rol U p. :,fl4,3?td *ey?: ? " IrrcHpec'iv* ' of the statutory provision* there referred I" f before at tinted ??) which we aball preaentiy notice at lar;e, till* Couit, (Jnaiice* Court,; an') indeed all court*, 'iavo | power while io the eiercoe ol their lawful function*, to jii' aerve Older, decorum, and ail*no?: for without thia power n<" tribunal ean e*'at," and refer to 1 Htr. 42), 1 Chit. Criai. l.a*. HN and 8B. At oomm?n law, tlii' powei wo a bel?! to b? incidertal to ev?ry court (ace the rcnuiiiia of Justice Johnson of tne Su I rem* Coi.rt of tiic I nitej St;it*n roportod iu N hi ' Iti-giMt^r rol ill. p 13, I l>nl), 820). an I nnt confined to Court* of lie cord, lo H .ark* v*. Mart n ( Ventria lj. tl.e Com ol K Wnch re . .Ire I foa I he quei<tion directly Mr ?in< in rotation 'o court* at' of rr cord) in the'c wi rdu ? "Thay mif puuiah on? that leaiat* the proooaa of their on i rf and may tine and im priaon for a coot> nipt to their ciu't acttd iu the fa^o of i', though th"y *r* no cmrt of record.' Not only in li-ricir courta not court < of record have that power, hut a King)* magistrate kiitinij .11 a eiort anjeya, ?t common law. the right to commit for contempt and 1 1? effect thereof wa* fully oi?co?e'^ in Ijo n ? *a. Banthrain. (2 1'ay 1.) in the cot atltutii ual Court of Appeal* of -*>uih < arolln*, i n a ret< rn of a warrant for a hreteh of tho peace, aga n t one Duncan, the Juatloe retiiaed 1.0 t?V? tke hnle ofereil, upon which I lnini{ got into a rio lunt ra^aion ami accused the Justice of itioaa partialitr and aliuae of power in hia otli'-'- of in*gi .tr its, acoom paii.ed with rety : 1 u> ve .md iliare?pect'wl li o<ua*o to hil face, aLil in t'je pre-ence of a number of byataudera. The Junti'e itiaw up t connni'iu-nt, anl c uninitt ? 1 Ianirg to the common jail for thi* coatemptu' ua b? I avlor. Uniii{ brouclit a ?uit t|(iin .t the Ju<tic.e, and Imuran adn.ittei. aa a wi'iie^a, nnd ? w ro tliat the fat ta Ktnted in tbecoiumdmeut were untrue, and a T<>r diet wan fatten for the plaintiff , hot the Court he* mlde the verdict and determined that the commitment driiwn by the .ii>tire waaconclualva evidence In In* favor and that the Juat'O* e n not amenable in an action for a .iuiII. lal tc* of tliia catuie. In dellveri-it! tkeir opinion iu thia cane, the l ourt lemark ? ?' Aud one ifeneral prin cipV iicidental to all court*, aa well auperlor aa infer. or, w?a a power to cr nim't for contempt, either by word or deed, offered in the pretence of tni Judge, and in the face of the Court One would aup!>oae tbat th? decl airra I have cit-d, and the opinion* therein e?pre>**d, would aatiafy any < no that an inferior court (not of re cord) have tiie |"ower to con mit tor contempt. I have therefore come to ti.e coa luaiou (ludee I, I naver hal any coubt aa to uiy poe'r) that I ?nU follow the!>a deci hoik, notwithstanding the aumiuary manner the learne I ?fnOge (.'iaiiofed of the rommittul o' Mr .Suittb, aud *liall exeiclse the poeerftf committal whererer an o-'aiVin reoiiirea it. I to not int<nd any di?reipect t > .ludje l>aly by the remarl* I have juft Bade hut inendy iu trod te ahow tie l*w undai' wlii-h .luiticea of thme eonit* exerciae the power to commit for con'-ompt. Tin- I*te Conviction of Capt. gmlillli for H!?Vf Traffic? Sitw Trial Giautrri. I MITgD BTATKS ? IROITIT COUl.T. Hon. .ludgr I'ett* preaidiug Km. '24 ? The (tourt announced that In the rm of Sniidtli ?mw trinl wa* anintei! on the ground aet forth II tbe written opinion of Judge Nelson I'nltcil Stair* Dlalrlrl Coin I. llefore Hon. Ju'ge Hrt'i. Km, 22.? Joseph A. Crane et al v*. The. Htti>i>ina' San. j on.? Tbi.t rn a cure of colliaion brought by tbe owner* of the hr'g tola, ami tried lefore Judga Hill, wlio gave a decrtr iu favor of the libellaoU, and ordered a refi rence to a Ootiiaiiini"ner to compute their l*un ge*. The Commi I'on-r reported tbr damage at the *i m of ('2.1&0, to whtrti report bulb partial Mfp'el. An ami uded report wa* afterward* made, apejilymg the particular* of the amount, n ad the eaai efm up me on the e*oept'on* to tl?e report. The claimant e of the Mennboat ci uteoJ that no damage* a bo u Id be al lowed, on ibe ground ot a fraudulent attempt on the part ol the 11 be I lent* to charge the with amount* no way connected witU the colliaion; that if any damage* are al owed tbe amount "t.oul I hegreatlv leanrned |wlile the liheltart* claim* thafMamage* aiould liave been allowed to the amount of 94,696 Til. Held by the court that, apon the prmfn, th?r? w?* strong evidence that whoever coed.i lie I the npalra or the brig attempted mo<*. utility to cbarge the eteambcat wi'.n ezpeonoa, well Uuuen to t) cm not to have arieeo from fie rnjurio*. Tue pntence u inlet the attempt fti eoraml-tlut tiie underwrite a weie to p-ay the expeniM*, and tha'. t! ? charge* were put in oeymtd their juat value to i:r**?n the owuera roni tbeir -.hare of cntribnt-oa ? u > ?a y U'tOm the di*hon*<?ty of the truncation. Th?tt'i'<in t ution or even attempt of the libcllifuu to pra'lioe a trend upon the rlitimmta doe* no', ia law, di ahle them from recovering the real vel .e of the labor and material* beatowed upon the brig n giving ber the r? paiia "he required. 'Ilia t the aum of 9000 be allowed for the repair* ai reported V tbeCoamiacioner. one witaeat having offered to make the repai.a lor that *um Bat that it *tem< befitting in a coar', proceeding iu a gool iifgr< e up->n the principle* of ejnl'y, to <l?4oountenatne tbo attempt of the Hbellante to ?ni ->r r a wrongful hc rmint ?g\in?t the nteumboat by denying interent ou tl-at num. until tbat ion Wn..ui? #xed by the lecoal report of the Cor imiaeioner, tiled IVoemW 4, 1844. That Ihe demurrage muit be cut down to eight day* a ? .lie libdlante uave le.'t the point upon conflicting ?'.at men'*. when th?y coul 1 eaaily have rectified lire ??<*! mate* by tentimony at thetr command. llerree tbere'or-, tint tie report of the Conmiiaioner be corrected in then* particular*, anl that the lih?llAn?* have a de :ree for tli* Mini of 91.1-1 2 Fnr II gellauta, Mei?e?. Owen and Morton Kor claim ?nt? Mr. BmiM (uinuioti Plrae. ISefoie Hon Judge Woo<)ru!r 81 IT lOR il.l.r.UKD afWAt'LT AND BATTMtV *T 7 It * BI?'>ADWaY TDK ATRK ? -IlfrOBT ANT 10 MAVA<ii:Rfl AM) nrit( CI.ATOB9 IN TICRTI. Km. -1 ? Jattpk feaijrit1 <<i Woull*. / /' Wi Ojfi ? 7hi? *a< an action for allege 1 a*?anlt and battery. It wil! be re.,oliect?.l that during t'je mouth of M?r h lalt Mr. K/lwin lorre^t wa* perforaing one of hi* eog?ge menl* at the llioadway 'heat:*. *e<l a? u*uat th"re wan a gr?at ru*b for *eai?, whhb were generally en ?? ?d three l*)t m advance Know ng the antl*'.y on tl o |?rto' tbe public to wito"*< tile perf in swrea if '!?? kieat favorite tragedian, certain |.?i ?on* coaKBfntel ? pei'irlating in tlclrets pun ha? d a numv>wr of "reeerre I neat*, ' and then ?oid thun at night at the loir* eli*r< ing an exorbit*n: premium lbi*fa<t hanni >- n ?? certained by the le?e?et the aa*i*t?nt :r>-a< itt, Mr W Nayle, refined to ee^'ire aeat < inaleao*" t? pern >n? win m 1 e *u*pe. tej to be *p?e<.lator*. be*, he wa* <n niore tbta one o: a? on out* tte>l hy t i- p*r aen liug neaaenger* to engare ?. ??( 4 'or Mr -o *n I The pro lie wtre ceutloa*d, by large placard*, aga nit pur cbaa'x ticket! fri.m oataider* * thev frajtient'y *Old ?e?t* for one night wire engaged for anotbxi . and tbia led to great oonfua on ia tb* hnuae. 1 he defendant who wa? one ol the de'ail" I pollne off! re r* of the th'atre aeeing the plain iff it etgi ?' aecoating l?*ie> an ! gentlrmen who v??re entering 'he bcna*. *nd aelliog th'-m tlcV"**? wb -b wa* etpreaaly probildte?l by order of the inamr?m' it ? ac ;oritln iflye* I 'Had the from the ve?t bule of the tli?atre an altercation ?cauril, an I the plaintiff waa taken to the foi.ce "latino, wl ere Mr. Nagle. the *. -latent tr*-a?ur?*r. af' ti rf, an 1 by hi* p caence aan ? e?,.?.| 'he a t on of the oflirar lh? plaintif! ?iib?equent'y cotnm? a ault *gi n*t Mr. N**l? and Mr Wo?il!ev for a'*a ilt and falae nii'i *? nn ?nt layiug b * damage* at II ,t to lo each ^a-e. f'ie mlt aga'nat Nag'e wa* hieever abend, med. ft 1 the pre*?-nt action i* hroiigbt aira n> ' tba aSoer for9i'KW Mr K. l'.i rne. on b*ha I of Nfrnt called one witneag, wl o prut> d the aimpV fact t' at tlie plain' ft ea? f rei bly evpelbd fri m the veatih lie of tbe theatre on o*e night n March, 1*14 when Mr l->.rrea' wee perform rig me of hn anccea.ful 'tiga/' m"n'?. The w'tn*** Inew nothing of tli" origin of the m .a* nor tbn oailM for toe interferon e of thv '.fli r nor did he .now who t'ie oil cer wa* 1 la, ? w*? tb? ?!>??> of iba |ila'u' fT i f?*e Mr ""arli, (of tte drm of W'h.tng ' lark .V K?!e I 'or tl.e defendant, called no witnee*. but ***?i for a non ? nit. which tbe' ourt Irnrte i a'ely granted Refore Hon Ju ire Wood, ifl and ? jury. Kle SI. ? txit AVu '? fVlitci't J'rilin ?Tin* w*a an *? tton brought to recover for a bill of g >od* mM on t'ie credit of tbe defendant but >'e|ivered to one Weee*l t; ne. Tbe partle* who Mid weie C. C. Uole ,v Co T * fi*m dl*'? lved, *n l tb" butinaat r'maine! on a vettle men' wllb tli* plaiotlt !*???. The i|tiea' 'on wee h wi.a wag Hi# cre*tit given? 'WeeeeUtyne av Jnvdan' lie irv fo'ind a verd ct t'>r pla nt tl for ?U" mt -la met f) M Mah' n for plaintif- , Mr Angu. for e ??* lant lle'cre Ion Judge tnrraha'). K>*. 39? f. r th e 4 fo. e?. PMUf C. Vtr ,n ?Tb a wa?ani tionon ? romia o-y note /or ll'ei m*t* defenilant, *nd paiarle to one Mrfartney Thede'en ? ?et up waa 'hat the note w*< mate In p<ir*aar;cw of an agreenv n' that It ?n to be of no avail or vnli I ty in lee* Me?'*rtn?y did ?ome worir 'n th? Wat'on Hou"* which It wa* alleged wa* iv.t done, and theref>ire t'i? cote wa* no' valid, and that the delen l*nta vera no* te wa fd' holder* for vnlue. To tbia pntnt tbe evidence wa* '-on Hi' ting, anl tir our legal aotSaritie* were re ?r.rted to and i^MWafd en by both ptrt ee ; be*, tbe Ctenrt rendered a verdic t for plaintiff for aaonnt >*la t?e \ and i ate reef . Mr. I> McMabon for plaintiS, Joaea and 1 nwrtnc* .or d*f*ndan'.e. Hnpreaae < oarW>*e*ral Term. I'reaent, Hon. .ledg?? WllUam Mf'.claell Kobort IJ Merne ? nl Thrme* W (Icrfce ('?a. Ordered, t. That all ne'e* of ie**eber*a' er to be Sled with Ihe <1erk In eaeeee which have ot e been oa tbe calendar for trial er argnaaeat aball eae ify tha nnmbee of tbe cauae oa the^laet pr*?*l ng ealiader ea wbtrh H wae eater*!, tbe dale ef > - 1 -a t?- a ?, . whether Ihe caeee la to he planad ea the ealeadar of tW ?eae-%i 'epn, ?^e* ai lev?( or Ol mH. Dm t'rrt* : ? r* ' * ? "-T T ?O* bo dWtK-My M s* t->9 ?h?V * fiK+1 | Mm ttoNfaoaal mm etlHUr 8. On Um Mood*/ pr-edlng the flrt* day of *msh (?'uml tvra. Sf?c?l term, or Cirealt, *.lao Clan. iliall prepare hit c*leodaf of cauaea 'or eu:ti Una. any r?c** ? a wbict t! * uote of iIim *h*l 0* AM ?a tkat day nr fX* ?uotooMo* or W()in4tf, abaU It* plioad lM* of U* riwfar a* to bo pr?par?o 2. Aa* it Spociel or Otoerai tarm it *eat(>a t* tfc> iMn|1 ?' On?ia>U*iMKr? for otien'ng, aite-mj. | laMtTUf w MtMCiac id; et-?uor ahal! 1 ?*? a OB tha tttaarftr, cm all otW mo linns, and *h?AI b# piaaod aceerd rutty of Utr (''ecu tad if tHa>y b? i.ot #o i> *(*?' be Via tM oaitoaJar may, oa mntu>n. bo c**mtad hy Ibe Ooitrt Marine Coari. B'fon* Hon ,'uJ fr SfcOtrt'iy I ? 24.? Tn fi' Matter cfth? CvJ ? ^ qf C't rt ! hi the /*r?p iHin nf tkr Ttn/I ? T!li< r?.> ?? ,vn,ni>! 1 a^e a to da/, au'i further paetpoa*d, withou* ??r ictian an toatyol the fittiei cnnei rnad. Ifc'tup Hon Judge McCarthy aa I a Jury. ACTION I OB IUU0A0K I.OUT ON BOARD ?Hn? Fkh. 'i'l.?CharUt En ih m. Jfor'imee Lwinyttum mJ Oth'rs. ? llai* aot.ou *n luoiig'it by the pit ntiflT. aa the a--gnee of roe Miaa Varia (i?ia?aboefler, who canto a? a payingtr from Havre to tblii city, laat October, in tlia packet ship Havre of which de'euJaota are the ?wmn H>e allege* that when Via >u<tl arrival at <Jtiar?ntin?, t'io paaaeogara ant !>? .'k < <o were placet >n hoard a barge and towed 1. 1> to tan iiock, at the foot of Chamber* atriet io t-iia ci'y . that when ahe nrriv?d at 1 1? lork, abe wait told by ??ioe peraoa on hoard tU? ha'fo that ahe 111 lint leave her I >?k K tint 1 1 n?xt tnorniox , that tiext n?*miDg ake accordingly did call, and daman ?<l her trnoh.4, liut did not reee vo them, nor ?he e?ar ^enn th> id filice ^he claimn that ?h i hvl toa trnaV4, which, with their content* wer>' worth $ t5'> II?r n te-?nt ?Ue *h(ii<((ed to pUintilf Tha .le'eudant* o'terad *v .l*oce to hIki ? that the a?*<fnw> hkd hut one trunk, ! and the uiaU> ol the ronavl i?on tb?t lie examined tho c? u" n' I ot it w'.iilo on thn nimaje, ?n 1 ?h?t lt? crvn t. ii 1 4 were coiti|iar?ti vely ralualetif An ollicer attache! to tli? Majror '< otSie uU toatiOed that ahi? coniplaina l , of the lo>? of her ho\ nn? on It i the day aft">r her ?.rr' vrvt Othrr wiloe??e? '.H?tirted to the nm'f ?ta-a ol ao'.a. liio jury found a verdict for pla'atiiY for f I H.> Kui 23. ? H';n. A. Sehaffn atit. Aiad'ey .V. Hofmin ? Thin action '*ia hrotight to reci>??r enmv $4'V? for i'?a mouth'y hiriiiK of a p a:o aire* ta02, an I f>r datni^^i Itr < atoluiiiK the tame Tb" piano It au alir?at mi the property ot one J. II IieCainar*. ?hn aiaignad th? claim over to th# piaintilf, who hnn<? th> . uit Mr Do f :<mat? t?itillc>. to Hie aboti itit* (fa ta and furth-r that tti bin d'-alingx with th* lef-nlant he acte.1 an tn? ?gettofoDH Mary W bc'ler. (/n th? part of th? dafenc t t'ntln ony WUH iutrie'uce-l to nhow that the piano ri quant ion lielonged to one Wm. Vandei b-ck, who had parted willi the xan a to lie i mint r a aa c >ll?v?ral ancuri ty lor lb* pajmint of a i.ota w h Ha- *.oc* en pail , and that aiih-a<|UMitly he, Vaudarlutt, ramored t'io piano Ironi the i etrooau*. 1 p >a?'aei <n, and ha< av?r aince r'''' ponaexxlnu of 1a? ?ntn - The toitimnuy being contradictory, th? Court readeie t j,, lgni?ot uf oonault. The Itlaikrl ilnitU Catac. tOKTlM'ATION OK TilK IS VKHTIO VTtON AS'OTBIH At) torSb'MKNT. Ju>tico Connolly aa'. in tha Lower I'o'ica Court at htlt paat three o'clock on Kridav for the purpose of hearing further toatimony in the m?tte- o' tha late loaa of tun. Is of thia inatltution Ki Judge llait >* and Sir Clinton appeared a? countel for th-> hauk, an 1 Mr. Poet Sai kett, the accused, reapactieely. H!? H jnor reoirde l the lollowiog TF.9TIMON Y1 . Mr WUlUm. r^rtlird .nd erw M.ra.oed br Mr Ciuton-Mr. fwktt t*r tommii* Mi ct*l iccuuiit, tu -.-i. *<? 2;;d ,.f Nor^ver. iH.1 ' ?;??;?"; rJ V*:'^ ?x?nj\a*Vb"ui"<luru< ti e time lie w^* V'^v Th - ??Sii ??> "ffvr 'r,k rmV I ipp^l'teo tl.e i ominltUe the mmute. of .he baa U?3.?*? wilt .how -bo ?tr? ,n 'tie rommtt^ I aener.llr acted with tlimt committee, 1 *?'. i. if i at witli tbe committee ? ! their Iftbey rained .he denoted note. 1 do uot k?? ? ? ? >>? d.ltUMd the Aft teller * MMOuaU the 9*,? ' P?'? .count ? f the .11. ^ JjrWM jf tr'm to tnein ,.re..u,eof Mrr M M-- ? ? ' ' ?" ? 1 nt , g^rilHTr? -sr, r. ?73s .sr. H< o'lrwiw ?1*J tbat tU# .Mttlc^tiou w?? mten id fiminl??tioo of th* book* ?? ? inv ?% tll ??| the oepo it lK?.k the b .a"ty for f.tb.r In Uw w?? on neootint of U,? h-ln* ? ? ??' _T hecket. io t!>e b?nk , tbe morI*?.'? L'? J 110 " tJ,? mii.uD1 of the nl!e?e?t deUUit'on ir.',w' ?*?*"" : *u~i? ? * ?^eDttw! "no? ?'?'? -nmH,?.ely I do net know, ",r ,h* ?rxr.r.^p-"* u.r^d'rrct.'u, nSr ? XVomm,ttee ... cnlM .fu? r the 'tt , 'M."de Mj of **unr* mV uoi.i r Wutotuu ??SSK:?r ,1 "r ."'i ?" " " " u,, with \It Wiile 1 1 ' 4 letter to f?-k?tt, commend of ?" ?n^emedlr rod, * w.. reed her. io ?r? to .ho- hi. sarfSWKS5W?. ? ?>?? ???>'* tl,,t ' "" ? ' ur to ihikiU a * defalcation by tb* moftftc* *irt? oo *ec9.iu\ t#rfUii?nt c..k-tfi? falhtr 10 lit hia??lf 'tir' ^MTl'for ft 'i". ?>?? f?u"r iB Uw a"'1 r?Dw r, -'Vt-r^u',;;",':' l*J? ' !lBUnd.?r? depo.ll .n the b.nk ?o? not - red .ted tv;^f., .? ^ i,v./?'o"ou -.'t.^'ru:1^ rrJirai^M sir ,? n.l -he.-'-nt' ?' '.7' v IT He 1 h . fo t.ul tt.o ,t tb' >i corre ? ? .p?re?Mj. be b. l b.? I "'V.'m/ ??' v- -I'' * for t0, I?*1 ,'**nbr*l f i f ? U. u.d il WOttM MOO u B l for * 4oir .#??!/ 1 ^ n'w?it?'/ fUj4ock*fec*l ^1 or ?r. VHM-} '* r, %\Tte:^.r^'u.Trcf?"UVh. -...m.; Kj 0^1 we're .t the htni ??>.,?' w? hoof ?n<? ? hJ. ' u.t?I, .'e, t.uer -.y ob';rh;':lt"^"^7t , . .? ol'e t If tb' rroe.Tio* teller w.i <" ?? ,i ott ?in--e ?.rlietf. le?*tl)(t , p%ih Wuv' ??*." V^r^.---in: ';;/v.,o '.hort -b?nnbe wH'In Vl.'l t one y-' J *? : ? . :s; ' " *' :; r^^??SrS5: (?i,ef?:)) .tort I o .'"?ll ,,,,n' . , ?!<t ,t W?? ? I rrt II?H?.e.l for the in l? ?k* the. "" ,. I|r| do., .0 th '? t 'ltd no-, -ell eny -v o f IT/m. daring tht. U?e the e?trte? Mfoer* ?? ' ?Jl *a i> ell tb.t t. M^eir-d f h? '' \h* ? roort totreot John w ? hj*** *""* f*,k u? ?W t.??t k? ..? .t, .n I hlUd'Iph.e I ?" ?'? ? ao? w>. ?>ort t? hi. . -??nt. ?t . of | be?e b??n epofn ," "" ' th u>, ben? weti?e.r hf l?r^.n. cam*"* ? f ,|f 1 ,1o r.ot reroluct by Whom I do n-t re- ' V :. .!?? ?r-?e lone ebout ll U" 'lp '' .>.'k, u I Urn f.R jr* ??? of out "f I ?n .. * # i; no- ki?on f enyth n g 'I- .h*|?M ,/,!? tn .e ie to emhr.-e tb? net otler thinft U?t c?n?*t ?o tot'* , | t ..o rxit re?<IW-c' whet Oth?r thiu 4*f? ? ' '?* ^ CM ?>ek? oot th* elip '?l?l tbe "oW-e 10M Ja<Ut IV#b#? I fooU4 0|? y f . , fll.r.. teerf dni ? the <?p-??:t hork 1 , ?* I fonn t the 3e*r ener '? 'h* i f < , "W -e c lomn .1^ In 1'. foot nr I ? -? ** ; , (nr/tint efter t ned > *?'T r*"' lh? t ii ?4 In the . "?int. eft?r eh. i? ?? 1 . . | t ??,? rred the .w.-mte of .... ?'?-? ? ' *>> \ ]^{Z tmmiX ?? ?V",% !Z ? er ho S. od I t,...f.r-d !'"n one h,, i to<.t tbe foot.n*. from *? ?, thein in the oth?t n mti th. ?ntnee h*o to be f ,#?. neo'iy Wth In the fnmtif . ??4 ?</)?. >n> To the < wift ? I wrotn down the foot lor /.'$|o M ^?rT .V, lk'.*uJ^e !!!"* " .'tT^.Wt *?l*7 we. only '? ?? "ddttlon the H>rm t?1 no? nf ^??r to ^.ee been elt?red . v, 7? Mr Mle'ow-I dll oot m?*. U< eny ' * Act, re. ??? niters bnt the*. .??. ??' ,B1 .nttred -Vewe wr^M n, h.?e ?ot the Mr foonnr tecnOH by ?< ' ' F iicir^r^r* rvs^ I check* ewttre' t . "W < Wkt orar to lieUM vara 1 | *attled when pt*aad to h m tb* chaeka Mat*? torn* of : than? through th* rachaage* , If th* chart* wfeieu rui | through otfcar baak* ar* net ittunxd they ar* ull b? [ th* lUrLft ilank , if chuck* not goo* ar* r seel red throng k other bank* ft U th? duty of th* trot toilor to ratura tho check* to wUra 'U*y ?*m? fiam the ptt< book ba [ twreu tbo Br?t IB'1 *e?ond tailor coataia* a.tady aero at I o' tbo ttuw ( en* between them. Sackett'* ch**k< | when paawxt over to him by mo war* enteral ' < o the paaa book; hi* check* can* iu throujh the eicUaoge* from th* tlma bo cam* into the bank . I pre* 11 mad that Saekott made tho oti*efca g?*d, *a bia raah prcri'J thi* it the 1 pr*?ua>*<' Utat ha :a?d* then* good during the day the moaev drawer of the tellora la not generally locked up ; the oath for e*f baa<*a la ma 'e up the af!-r?non. <>a Uta rtep ttit b<*>k Uie dep. aitor :? credit* 1 wltb caajka a* eaali , w* may rtwe ee at much a> tl<>0,n00ia a day la check* for depoalta; Ml t! e 2d of lteresber t)>a ilopoiit* w >r> HlH (HO. of thl? iub, three fourth* may bare been In rhccki, I wan tot |>rt ?eii i on i.'ie .--an day after the de falcation *ii dlai-overed bank* -nmetiM** horrow aperf Irora i acli c tliar and ({ire a etvok . *? liarr lw r<rwrd ept.-ie from the Fulton UanV a check u?a? i.'at m,la I and produce in apparent defalcation generally kept 1 1 . a $50 and tlUO hill* for the purjo*e of paring rliecka. li* pa'ae-l theui t> mr, on tlie flip called ' oflir*." th?T<< via an iu?tn of in- ney charged to ine. of aniall kllUflinMaortad by the aecoud ta'lrr on the prvrinu* day. which 1 charge him on the re*, btuk; tl.? rule ef ad t?an?? a; a not alike, when fackrtt waa aLaent, in Philadelphia, there wa* an wr? r of MOO in the aecond teli?r'* account; 1 Uo not etaelly know how it occurred, but I thin-, it wa* an "near, thin would mike a aeeiiiio,' deficiency of $6'<0 in Ilia ?econd teller'* account iliu matter of thi* draft i* not yet nettled on the boo** To .turige Heei.e l ira certificate of depoelt (nt Clark kOt>i)mi|ltM wban laiket! CM ?oeent; th" rul* w tb regard to ?ackett ' ohacka |? lh? bank waa tbit he generally gave roe tha money for 'tcir bayiueut. I "?ttld nut *?} the agg r?-guti amour ' of ill the check* drawn b? Saeketl and palil It; u." I have no knowledge win lhar the check* were evei imice good to tU-i b?nk after I pa?* ed tl em to blm 'he aecon I teller ht? a book rilled a uot* book, which U r iioectiel w'.tb th* jcpoait booa, iaurt?r to make up hii rtali, he ha? to get the footing a of both then* hook* T be further hearing of the c*a? w,i< adjourned jt thla atage to ne*t W ? ilr i lay afternrioii hai* p-t*t three o'clock. It i? undrratood that Ihe whole mat'er will ha left m the bail ** ol hi* honor the J uatice, on that day. Tlir Kite l>r part mriit. MKITINU OP TIIK BllilU) III" Ul i'ltt. -H>1 \ r [ VMH -IN' IMPOHTANT I. AW FOK TIIK HKTrKR HNOtJL ATI!) V of tiik riauut* ofNrw tokk kndoiukd. A large mreting of th.t lto*rJ of Kepreaentatirea w>< h* Id oo Wt*.lne?day f*v9tnot(, in Stuyveaanl loatltuta? Mr. ,:obo J. Tio(!a'i* ACinj; a* cIiaii man, au I Mr. Julia Helc'ii.-r II a*.-retary After t|?? tranaArtlun of torn* an imp. it?nt buaine-, the law propoaeS by Mr kl llikeo for the better regulation of tliw flra-men of New Vork *11 t*k<n up and dlecuaerd. A number of amendment* *"* offered, and it wax At Uo^'.J, pa**rd iu the following ?h*pe ? 1. lbera eli *11 be alerted by III- r*pre*ent(tlrea cf tli* Srf 4 ork >ite I 'spar In,. Ut lire '-oni'alaaloner* at the I ui* anil in tli? mumer h.-re nVlu p|.irt?,i t,,'i,e ,|?nc nutated "Tbe I burnt ?aloua> ? of iba See Vork Kia Im pertinent." it. The couiiuiealnaera *Uall be elvted nu tbe tecond Tuea.'aj in May, at ai.cb plae* and |?mr ? ti,? ?Alii rept. a n.atua., rbali irriguate, aud a ma' tit > of * '?i** "hall ^hj rt?.juUlt? to euoiUtufa * cLoi'i) t The flrat eWtlou lor eommlakionera und?r tin* art nuall take pl? ,,u to* aenond 1 ueadey in May out aod altlin ten Jiyi after eucb election the net ?| II* au elected atia'l in tbe pre*. u:* ')f the l'r*a .l.'iit of tli* New i ork Urn Impertinent, draw for the term ol tieir r*ap?rllre oQio* ear e.i.- for th* term of lire r >r?, one lor Hie term ol four yeari, una lor tli? Urin of three year*, oie for the tanu of two year* an I oua lor Uia term of oue year? and annually , lb're\fter, ther* aiiali lie on* oomrnUaiaotr, to hoi' hit olfce 'or tbe tertu of lire year* * In r*ae of a Tacaorj in the ofJI-a of either or All 0 tbn ?ti'I ronnm** onera, ether by daatli, reuiueal, or reaignatioa. the aaid r*pre?erit atlrea ahall pro ea t wi'bia ten day* thereafter, to rill eel I racaiicy or ra cai.r a* , an.) tbe perron or perron* to ela- ta,| ahall bold their office only for the balauce of tbe uneii>ire?i tetui. * ft. fo lain of the r?f i?*| or m-plert of either or all of til. *ai.t rouinii<aii>Dera to perform any of the dutie* im pi"?*d upon thrni by ll. a act, Una Common Council of the city of New Vr.r* 'ball hare power to remore ea.d com u.lxiCLrr or aomnilaaioiicre, audi removal to tak* plaee only upon the p< tit Ion ?f the haM r*pr?a-nta'.lrn therefor *V So 4-er-on akall l?e eligible a* aucb rooiru aa ooir UB,r*" I'" 'hall be, at tl.e time o' ?ueh election, au *? ernpt llraman, ?n<l -lull bare raa>e.| to b? a miml.-r of the .Sew i ork Cire lejartniaut for at If At l tbraa re.ra piior to >Aid election. 7. It ah *11 t* til* dutf n f Ilia I'realdent ad 1 ."?cr?tarr of tha New Vork Fite Department to < artity Vv tk? ' on tnoo Council tu? uaaaea of tbe perto.ia tu ?!*,? ad con Diioiratra a flia eai'l eomcnUalooer* ?iial. nominate an I tba Common I ..uncil abaU Appoint, a clatk, at a *4l?ry not aiorrilng r.ra b.indra.i dufar* a year; anl tha imnuii a >U oera an i rlerk Khali tak* an oath to well an l falta ' fully periorin tbeir ofli' a. y. It ihatl ba the duty of the aa -l eommiaaionera to iu ,ii ra into all appll. at oin for tb* or|[anisAtion of >o!ubt>er fire rompauira anil lb" reault of aucb iu i jiry v" '? '""'r "r a?aln?t aan! ?p .hratkiu' xLa.l be certitlcd by tbnii, thr.>u*h the CMal Kn(la?*i, to t be C?' m tnou f ouncil lor confirmation. So ro|i<nteer flte ronipaniea ahall be or^anire l unleaa approrel by j "Aid cott nilsa oneii, >?? aa pro?ii]ed lor b'reaft er in auction IX. ' 10 It ahall be tbe d ;ty of tb* < kiaf Kn^ineer of tbe rite (lepart mi nt * > prea?-nt to aaid cominiaafonera tli* oau.*> ol al! peraon* *yi>lr o>? to ba >olunte?r fireman AO.I of all perafina ea|iella l or raai(ue4 fioui Iba lapAtt' m< nt ai d oo the eauie b?nif duly mreati^ala^ ,nl detftmint <1 by lliem. they ahall cartlfy tke reault of their action U> tbe tlnaf *n?iD*er, who abaJI theraup-io return tba anui* to tbe t ouihh u Cmnae! for thalr an proral ? 11 Iba aaid eomm aaioeari ahall bare cojn uura of Alic mplaiuta a(amat rolontaer fli'inen for rlotlu* or d aori'erly ronduet at Bre*. or liarmi of flr* or for r, , lA' on of any of ti.* Male or city law* rtaperi na tb* Bi< n.en of the r , ty of Saw Vork, tliey atiall dllife.itly It ulr* into the tanie, an l if tb . paiti** au charged ab*!l he | rore.l n uilty t the aai l eintal*? on^ri a- e ?.*ia by rmpowered to aiia(4n'l or trruore aueh lirem n a.ib J*ct to tli* approral ? f the Omiui' a 1 o in I IV. Hiould any ?: .agr^'nant Aria* between the '' im ni'.n ( cuncll And the aaid r..nmlu nn>,a. In r**an. to any d*n?i n of the latter, un.J-r Iba nlutti. tnntb An I ?I'r'iilb ert or* of thia a. t. the atme ahall f,e ra frrre.1 biuk to the coii. mtaionara for re-onaiitara t on at,d abould the aa '1 ciiunuaairinara tef.i?e to r?c?de thrr>from or le -. oaidar the ?ante th n t'lac a tl- n ali* I l>e final, unkaa tbe leanrnoo Cijoc.i, l.y * rote of tlire* fourth a of all the member ? e]e 'e.) to . *. ii |o?rd ahall. Witb thirty .:*>* after tb* tail a t.on ?b All l<e certille<l orerrula *n>'b i|e i.ion l;t Tlie ?*|il cotnmi?alon"ra may makaai-h ruUa and re i|ulAf ion* aa ruay 1^* neoea-ary f ' . r the performarira of tbelr dutlea not II oollatent with the bk?> ..f t' ? r.'j or tat? of New Yora, or ? f the I nited -laiea II 1 li* rfca lean of aeid i?*n.m a* iayfi ma* a 'r*. a l*i oat ha in' afllr r. at on a to w !n'*aai a ;.p*? r n ( b *f r ? tl ? ni. and may require au'h wlta*?*?'a to taal fy in r?ape?t to any tnattrra pa-u-llaf bff'.re the omnia ? lOnara. and ahuuld aurb ajtuiia or witne*aea, a let I or duly no', ft* < , r*f u**d to a ten!, t'-? row's. a ? . n era may pp. ? ci ? ? f ?..* I i ? -a ' ipre n* Court, and op' n proper proaf *?a '? ? f tlie aer a i. e of now- ? tbe and Jbt k.a ahall >a.r .n a'ta li ti.* nt Ci.iopeLio* tba alien .**.* of aa.-h *.'**<? or R 16. Kelae (weatUf iM.fore aa d a o ro la n'r* aha. I *e lie. H.. 1 yjurj aso p id aht'.le ?a a ,?h I' . 'I be smmon ' our., il ahall !ea (>, * I,* >e n m/> i! tiori to the f.fe up n-.w u ?.*? one <>' wi i. ?blW le e. rn hy ra*ry fireman wh. n ? u : ity iui *re/y aiempt lire man wl *n on duty , w ... abalt bar* a ? r. %u p . i cai t frCtn the l.'-aar .1 of '< ll !m*i aai aUH |A'a i ri 1 l' n?B"a aa mly l- r", -ite to [ ;?a*i.t tbe ap> : a o of | rr?ona utb. r thai, flran.eo or p ; aati to'ua i * *y o flr*> I . in fti- n wbo ahall :a aa y rapt* an any ?,f f) a loan 'era of tlie I ,ra Iw^ar'm-r.t /.( n e -n? ?f Nrw York o- w n aba'l ninl <- o ,aly, w.'B laten* tii > c? aa .e or i mi t at. a * f of th* ai, u a fir* aa< la :,?a ?li ca It I.t 'ierbea adopted or .a?-! t,y |!a i re |e-p?r* io?n' ahall be .!.em*d ft, lay of a m ?l<>ir.aaca,r aod ahall be au jai t to a f.oe of oo*. Jeaa aan ' ?e*aj f|va, .,r ki ,i 'fata t*o htiD^ra.' anl f .'era ao I I) ?'t riaoemeot for a ' -rm o' not ieaa than tan daya t ? re than 'lire* na ntha an ' a I a , b ir. .wey to| a >?.] ii a.l le |*i.1 ijor to ti-'un ii ftae r* |e [ i rtanea ' l? I be feim " V?v|.,nt*?r ? reuen 1 -oa , b* m ar a'oa.d aa apply. or to ail p*'aoaa ? i bow are or roa r I are a''# la on a m?TO"*re of 'ba lire laer ar*,t f tfa rlly of N?w Vofa *a at pre***-, or/ air*. I at<ai tb* twa . ? th* Plata, an of a* . nle I'1 .tfllaea m part' of taw* .* .e a a'aat w ?!, ?>,, pr? r-?ir i>* of lb - * *' *, are beretaf i* i**i*.* .* fh ' I' 1 a *11 * Jl* a>|?r' I I* tl.e |. . I, aa at ? Hay oeit Oanofr.a ?) * ab- 'a aa w*a .'* *ra .,?** a i*;? *4? | ?ad by tlie Baard. Mr Mil l Ji eat a.f *r*d 0.e f .IU.w:a( ? ? I'en.lrad, **? i app! -at ..* be u.a ? tba I/fia *t.||# 'or 'be <? a f * <,i * J a w prai r A a* ' or a el ai(* in tbe |?t*f*k*at of iba ^aw Vor. >ue N|aii "?eat kaii*| j*r ita*lj?t *|i *Uut w ? ? i.?*l tbaa that - (i*t*i?a I n tba a/t ft' a all hereafter appierel by Iba ?xdy. that th* ?* *r* e '.A ? *.*wt.n| a a a.l h*fe|.y ere dlr*''e'lto rai|?r'ftll/ Wn iMtiila * ' *lf e ' tba bo>ty * ,' a . o*t ' h< Faaaage #f a . r h a w CarrM Af ar 'a'etm Afar t ?w: tba prop ??d ,*? ? , alatar* Kt * .' p' a tj* |v tti pr<? *a .| ?-. traae aet " me purely .-al I * en Tl y ' d A' t * ' owra taht I a lata boor far *1 'be eaea'H 'ha Itoard tan* a re-aa* for * few r- r.a''*. 'ft >a|e>t * ' ?? .'iful a er? e of |fa e ?al?al at i Oi. 9 b 'h * lo ba f ?a?*'?d to Mr Joha J aaB * f' ra er Pte* '.eat of tbe lv?r-'. of Tra*tf*e Tt.e at Are j^-ea r.a ?A large aa >?r * '**!'? * ? *" |~* f ^-'1 raff baa a *at ere* i tv ? l er Tl a f?'.o? nf I* tiaa in a?r pt o* oa tbe *e rer ? | r i?rmi' { JO H 1 COIIK, It M t*j br tha I f** Y"?* ria* fWiiTHlar I A* A U*en af Ikatr rafard aad ea'eaa 'er k a ' loaf aad fMthfal aarrua* j rnmurrrm or ???? rarri i *? *ada I<aa I lltaab .ry Ihad M i lee. X C%?a Ma- lethal JaAa 1 T a Ui* j , ?wrrea* oe r? ' area* '?I her Wf'l* Jam** Katly, ItM* i'rar | iM' aar IIU * ???*??? h< if 1 1 f 1 1 1 ?ty| Thirteenth A Ml-?ta??r)r L?rt?r?. Tb? Rev. TwKMMrik'O delivwred tbe tbi-Vea.ta ?nil iUtir/ ktt'in Tueed?y ?"**?'?*. ?' the T?'??rn?f !<?? Sutyect?The raUt>?of Hiarary tUhiD* morratii luatit ulion* of America, end ?U laflaeana ? bare on " Tbo balldinf <u crowded, ead ? large portion af lb* audience via am j>o*ed of la. I tea At halt ?e vt a o'clock tj* lecturer w*? Introduced by Mr OUeer Jobnaon, ead >u rvtliti with the ueuei dfnM4tn tlona o( tpplaua*. H- apoke eubeteatiallr a* fallow* ? African li. I Ua, ?ent iu Virginia is 1MB, Ut* mid* year that Purltanuia went lo Mev tag lead Wk?t divrrae Icflttanrea w?re nMl?l by tkria two lIlMiaUl At But m ust in contradiction wlUi tbe liu ol tba t.ine, fur It ?i* Kimrilly |rLii<iirl?d|?4 mi prae tiard. Through *er?ral centurte* white ilim war* b?l< in Kagland opto ITtH, when aereral hundred nra vara l>iJna| petl in Abeidarn In Protiand, ?uJ afterward* wU ialo *lerery. Tba oppo<it>en to li, bjr which **-?--?? MkU waa dieting Uiabaal, *>< owiag tu tba religieae piiuciple* which bad been r tabltahed tber* bj lb* Pu ntaue Ai th? Id** of frrcdom, continued tba lecturer. t< oda lo a democracy, ?o tba idee of alarery t?at* to the catal>liahn.ent of a dixpotiam. The** am the twa iCeaa. an.' you *ee tbey ale perfectly Irrwcoacilabie? they are ria< My oppoaltv. and til* nation that baa thaae two idea", lo it* < ouaclouanee* bate contradiction lb< twoiannot walk together they can ncrer agree n iliai a> l? Ilia place they go to. or tbe roada they will travel, hecanae ?.ae l*ada to demo, lary and the olhar t" iea I'Otiani. Mow, there la not any a beta in tba tailed fctate* a couplet* democracy Neither i? there an j w li* r<- a pei feet carry log out of tbe i lea of ala eery ?? it ia *o atreooua thai our lalleu humanity cannot brtag It to |iau in it* ahaolutc pcrfe- t on. Ikienrer, th# Northern Main o' thia I i on may b" considered a p-etty g? <mI a|>pruaimati<in toward* tam?dai y Nra hngtaj*J and Sea t ink ara uioieadvaoced in tbi* dlrecUoa. I'lte J-'n it hern -t*te? may lie coneidared aa a fail appromna t <a to deapotlaaa, which la confined lo one parluular ciaaa the date of worklnirmen and povr taeu. After tua preaanr* ol llrttii<b power wilburaen, lhaaa i aa idraa of fieeiloni an<i *larerr remain' I la the coaaclnn* nraa of the American peeple, It war. leceaaary thai ihay ahould erfanlte thein?el?ea Into a ."'tola, and thara i eara varioue motira* in>|>eliiug thereto. Tnare ?a. out tnat |ticij( dealre I r uul u that there ia now but there aaa the ra< oltri'tioii of common perila uiiii<xtl} borne <n tlaa American war IheHouth wanted uuion for defeno*? - lliey weie afiald of anemiea Irmn abroad, aol atdi ui >ta of errni ea at liooe; the North waotad union for r una flierc al purpo?ef no* al aM for deteme In tie lUrota tion the North bud defended iteell and tbe Hnitti l>?nde, and it itidn't aak the aid of th* Ctouthariwr* (or lef> ual*a pur|M>?ee Die cocatitution of tt>? I nited itvataa ia ipoken of a* of diaina retelatl' u but it la anally * |M?aet <r attoiucy nhcreh) <be p-ople natrucl oaita'o <u>r?aaia aliom tbey parludlcalltr etc. t, lo do eertaiu thiaira par tainlPK to the gnieruiiieut o( the nation. Inprepailag the i oDntitutiou the Idea* ol freedom and alafeiy appeal ?d, and acre t>oth Incorporated in that lu<tituuo<i Ma>eiy ha* corrupted therhurobe*. There ara 'MM I rotraunt clergymen iu the country, and of thaa* tbere i? i< t one openly oppoa^ d to alartrv The MeU>'>dlat tpi^copal baa got ten tboiiaand ."*un4ty achonla, half a nolllon .-unnay acl olara, and hall a tbouaaml tea lita It haa net got a alngh antl ala?erv Hun.'^y a-bait ?c leachei It pnnta four thouaan I rolumea a day, fur thr ?' hun-tre t uaya iu tba year, an I it baa ueaar yai printed a miip.Io lloe againat alarery The i ithieloi >?n ?ley School I nton in IH4>'I, apent orer a <|U*rier af a million of dollar* not a cent ag* nat ?larrry It liaa liot tut one book which haa ouly a few tinea agaiaat It. and tboae are from t'oapar ? "I\ak " .Slaaerr anJ ( hriat.anity cannot walk togetber ihe i1??ign? ot a?r tnaa'era now are u> >e /e t'uha, and I anapert that dark I and which, in tba Cabinet of thia nation ha I ao Uag txen plott ng agaiuat the deareat rtgbta of humanity, aay> we wl'i, we null have it liiat than lla?tl, aii l aeit we will r?*ioia alarery all o?er the North A great change ha? I'een tdeeted within tin' la<t year or I wa. II e tree aoil parti haa paaaud iwai, and t e Know Ni* thing | ai ty haa apiting up in Ita plair I am no Know Nothing at leant in a political a'liae 1 think fjey ara wrong ? I think they hare fault* Hur?ly tba Catboilca I are 'he panic rigl i to the < ler iae of thalr rellgioa that f tare to mine, and the I'ro'eataut to hla I am aw Catholic. 'I here ia no man in tha land farther from Ca tholh iani than I am hut aa I a-a traMdom for niyaoif I will ghe it to the I'apiat Ihey are wmug In nupoalac toiei|'li*ra Who are the nai re Americana' Tba raj In llaua. We are all foreinnera. I bar* not a drop at hh oil in rnr rein* tha*. did not come fiom t.urapa, and I >?e no difference b* Iwe, n the oldaat American family and the newr-at tba'. rain* here If thay liar* not Hakoa hhtrid in their leine, they arc atill the chllr'raa of tba a*me father. Hut al'horgh I ?m oppoaed to tba Kaavr Notbinga I tx-llera they hara done four admirable thing' >' ra' ih- y I are rhecke 1 the man ?bo cooirot the i athnii a of thia country they hare abowa tlia Oa tholic hl*hop* and ar'-hh ahopa, who are tba toola of tba J> ruit* abroad, that they r atio' t are their CathoUr pa pnlatlon In tin future aa they hare In tla paa' Neat ' > a y hare >hown American pol t vtana that tbey haA liettar not tor 'he future get oo tbe tu>ap with Ibeir "!'i?a aud featlieia. ' ant all out for "that rtcb Irtak bmg?.e." Ih'rd thr* bare r back mated tha praeaat a-'n ni'tratuin. which laat aummcr waa eery eerla'a 11 would carry tba whole country In aeeret tbe Knew Nothing* organtr'd themaelree an 1 brought oat tba ? < n*< lenca of the North In many of tbilr morarneote, ard in Maa*a< hu?ftta they clinched tbe au' alarery |. ? wer in a aing.e Bet. and ame'e the fare of I'lerre'* %A m nlalratlrn a tirr hi* frrrce Feurtb. tbey are kno' kieg to ple> ra the old whlir an I democratic paitiee, and I *ay * Jod Ideea them in that work Ihit wbila do. eg ail thl*, thry unrtertakr to caat out derll* with tbe Anger of lleelrebkb Ihe Ircturrr caaeluderl with a grand onalaagbt on tba ? lea* lowrr. ar ?' prrdlrtert that tbe day waa not far 41a tknt tlat wo ild witnr** Ita complete omi rthrow. Ofxnlug i:ir**nili Arfnai. Tba ('< mm Ma* nil Kntli uf tba Hue! of UdHllMi, r?nn>l n? i.f'oun. Imra tt?lib?r RI'M?r, Jaaklna, Wmm ?Inl and llttw* I. mat In tha rlnnk*t of lb* llotrl at I iiiibc !m?? <>? H#.|n ?? t?j ???d nf for tb* purpoaa af Mirlnf oli* tlooa to tti* of of tba K aaantb baa 1 .? from July nlo'b l"7th ?tr**t Pi' 11 i I .-<???? la flrat a-l!ra?a?.l tba ( riimllM. It* aa -?! tbat tba HJ*aaura, ta.tb but (?* >i waa ap by it* oa r?ta of land that tbaaapaoaaof tb* f jii a( would ba m ij j'airad from Iba uinm aan>aaa'* r?|?,r', ? ? 'it "A, out of tin* aunt, f*titlainaa ?ka ?? r? award"! ai I aaa?- Ui ab?at tba a tin af I79.WO t* I ?l?r?'l a j>ap?r o >.*??? .if to tba opaninf of tba ava I ? at ibi* |??ml 'bal tbaa* par ?.aa war* r**|>* tabla ? h i t ' i.<i?i*li?'i ltli?a? ?Bd ould a .1 bar* opp laad U." io*a. i/i il .1 waa a o* ? i?rj finproaam'Bt Mr i.aaaitll -nail.* J r , a* " b* appaar*4 aa tanaa v I 'ar tl.a i,?B*ra 'if i*taial iaria a* tat* a afl*rt?l by t ba ?l'0 n of Una a *n .* an J *tn> ?*fa opf .aal^barato, t> ' I tba 0(1*0 t ( "f tl.a aa*n .a at tb ? parlod *al pr? n. I* aal una **?a. i t ?n n/t r*.,uir*4 by Ilia ??????.' I if til* lt.??aa ?|t?rr f f (Uiiianiaar* af tiaial or f"i iio^roalnf tb* brai'.b of tba mtt, ab't *ii not j< 'li ii?l fir b y tb* pr 'part y earara tbat tl* Bl"oa> u? Ibla r'.ad wb -b ran In a i?<"i. at ..oa a rnaa t a lalanl fr-aa tlaa flflk tn tl>* BlWlU HUM atnr iftl aoapta a of vop i.'idt ? a' ? o 'vt Itaia Vm a i ^idii, as I tl<a' tba i*t'oa tbiouab *b :b tba pro^oa*"! ataaia pa a?* J aaa 1.1 ??-! 'ar '< l.aaltb, aal tl arafora far a< tlkar o Inn i< of </btai..aB * III baaltb *?? It r??, >iir* 1 but tb* load o**r *bUh tbla a '*aua ^aa**i waa aar> uaaam, aad wo. Id iikjr<t tbiu*a*ra to tli* 1?J in?n ' .n ? a .i?L> aal Murain i .ma ?a lb* grad a( tb*r?af, tad ' tl* 'aada woaM ao* ba r niu r< ' lor imiJ.'iBf or any mi ii c.ty |Hirp"aa faa u.any yiara tb a li u ar a** go*. u| aal ^rt.,HWI by a fa a (? "iri ?l o dr?;al r ai|?r'*l to rwaka ai aty cat "f It to ! ' U* y am ?!</>? I it tbroa(b tba ( i miT' o ' i iia . i * ? li" i t ! !.? ? a , ? ;*C,-. of iba raa. ^ar lira in i,linat tl.a ' tl ? Hi at i. lal 4a a r* a n ' by tba o*r?ia ?n 'n Ha) Ua* ab*B tbay vara m/119 -I W a^ar t? i ra tl.a ' a i ?? mri an-t tbay imaal atalf >iia?ii? a | a I f.o ii Ibi l- a:'l il 41 !a inaa far a ra [ ? a. of 1 * ? r ra'. a, ??? "? Ik* "H a' J* a* laat tb* I'trafA ?m?B r?|>i ? ??! tba itia* a ad tba laattar ? aa a? i ' *o tb# f oir4 o' I'a'iar Imaa, ? Uar* || tail rant B??t lo ? -a-* ar*r ii?a tbat moat >' J* I a ail ifla<M by tba pio|roa*l laaar'naamat via ana ' J *atat? ?l ??!? a<- i.Uilal ba*. Ua i iH I'-', at ).r**?bt ki iwU an ', that tbla aawaai m*n'. a . ! oyatau aa a ?n ? a tlia lac 1 aal aab^rl tU oanara to (:a?t ia;?ry aa-J ,a a< tai baiaa aa it ??> iU> <jna'* aa a -ii ta at 'ii af tb* w (arty Tbat tba . an>ri l a 4 ' i * [mar ? f pr??a nt r.( tba r iaa'vi? nf til raf'it, ui '.a. tba a-' <?( |Mi a iar(* aia^urlty nf ti.iaa iaii? $l ??a,4a?! b? n/ aj ^.a> 1 aaltbar t a arj i r '? I tl.a b- a*nri faf?r* r?,?r?<t bylaw la |(ii*it 'la (Ml.riu' n li t* ? j/r*??* lain, tba li ' ?? nf * at 14 a <t (p 1 I, i' tbat aa Iba Itaard if '? 'li 'O t? n ? 'a (<;ii to a'arfar* aal r*liaaa III iiaiwi 'Ml '.ktt atf*i.ia H th*lr laty la Mt p.r- u ft y ia tLa j ar. ?'* a?'l i- p*ii 'I.* ort oaa'a Tbat ' > ma ' tli> i !arg? HUMNtt * ra ' tan ba aat l|aa '. a aint for a" *r , vagina-? n -?ataa^4lat i? |roaarr*at* lit tk?ra * II ? Hi lar at lit aa* '* akottM U at?.| j*'t tat I "a yaar, ?*.ta ?/ * l>a la* r*? ?' rt ll iat' '.f-an nfa bat III ? ai^-aaa ? ./ I* f I oa M asfo*t?aaU l")i 'f an a :ta' " ?* ly tU I'm Itn. ? .?' I a aaaai r an r i"a?? far maay ya?ra ba>1 U?o I irt. II I/, r . a iaa laii'a naaaia, by ?nf*?i#Hag l?*rr o.l of tt' r f t* ?} by Blf BUI taifrr >*? a ?iata, i ' | f'r ua ( r/<a ?? baiatttlif nr ? ? ara Wr?aaa a r|o?at 'a lawaaal tba' ta aaay ab m ? I ? n> ?. of arir* r >?* - tinaa ? aai naat ?-yf^ I' ri<B#'<aar? ?? 4 al b (?? aaa fa4 b' Ml al IM ^ '-aa ra .a <aaa aa 'baa* ba4 if. aaa -ap 'a < ' t *i an 'r*?' ''a. a 'a a?aa tba r ??wry la an baa j 'aiaa m4 tbaa !??*?> I af iairr-?^a ari ? r * .."f #f eit f '!?? ' ? la O' i UM I'.l ' up a a ai?' U aaa A 1?aoa y? ? nfitu1 a I. ?| I .ly i?4 la i' a Mr >1 -I aa -a aim a.' iaia>a ? Itt a r?( a.*4, a^i 'ba p-'/ aaliag 4a* 'lllaal a ko ? a? Mr Ji ? ? l aiaa a'a *4 t>.?? ba *?a tba ' *o*a a* ? laaaa tra.t of laal a'*'U fcy lb* -pa a? of ti.a ? r.4 Hat i a * oa j, ?' will |'aia( 'bat It *aa m4 ? aaal, aa- 't.a' t a' n ' ba f*?ail It awl! rial ba <.aa-i for a a?y ?**'a, aal It aail I -aa iy ajar* tba Iaa4 ta'.n ' ' v ,ti nt I aal li ?' tl.a ?no'aa^X a* a*aa*v*il li at* far iba "pa?i v? woaM w > m ?>?? a , ary U> aaa a a >ata'aa af* uM by tk* ?.-?raaaaat ba t< fa. Miat ba '?ar o. ttaa amW rap rrt Is faaar a' a ra f?aa ?<f 'ba ? r "i aa?a M* Wniiii II run >aM tkal ill Iba ?aian. *itb V?l taa ar tbra# iiiawiaai aara 'f?aaa<, I bat it an a a-ba?a I-/I ' ba??f t km parti' alar fnaati a' tba (rtnaaa bail a< A V-iarfa, altkaal Iba Iwalalfa af tra aaura aal I'. abo?14 ba paaaaptly rayaaX t aaa ao'. r"\? rad aa4 aataa^ -4 bate# a liaall, *a II rati:? ba b.triaai ta ?U tb* a*a*ia tbat a faar r*ara a a-a aa attaaapl a a* aaa-ta ta ayat tbla naaaa aal il a>>iar af - ' ^ tba "f* ??? Tto m? tba? b^^rtr?a1

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