Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6758. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. Terrible Encounter of Pugilist* in Broadway. BILL POOLE MORTALLY WOUNDED. THREE OTHERS SHOT. ARREST OF SEVERAL OF THE PARTIES. KXJBWATIfl* BEFORE JUSTICE BBEHIVA!!. EXCITING SCENES, Ac., *c., Ac. ?At j. Ut? hour on Saturday night :h? drinking siloon iiacwn kh Rtanwlx Hall, in Proadway, np^alte tli* Me. iropolltan Hotel, was the *c?ne of on# of the n.o t ter rific fight* that over occirred between pmjilUta, and which in ail probability will terminate ii. thed-ath of one of the principal actor* In the fearful drama, f rom tli* most reliable sources we Lav< gathered the following fact* and circumstances of the cas?, wh ch has created the most icteni-e excitement among the residents of the City and it* suburb*. On Saturday evening, while Rill Poole and some of his friends wete drinking in Staowix Hall, Mtt Broadway, John Morrissey entered the place, and it lsaUug-d insulted 1 oole, when a (light row occurred between them Morris ??y drew a pistol and presented it at Poole, who also dww a revolver and presented it at Morri.,ey Both parties dared each itber to (Ire hut neither leera.d will tug to take the first >bot, w hen the propri-tors of the houi.e, Messrs. lje.n & Deagla, stepped in between the belligerent parties, and, with the *ld of a few of the ft ends of both parties, *ucceol?d in separating them. A message wa* Kent to the Ktghth ward station house for afsistanee, which was quickly responded to, and a num ?er of policemen going to the s.eue of the disturb a/ice, they found that Poole and Morrissey were U ready in the custody of two dialled policemen Poole, in the custody 0f officer HoKan, one of the Chief's shadow*, was conveyed to the tighth ward station home; but no one coining there to make a complaint against him, h* was discharged, arid went back to Stanwix Hall aga n, for the purpose of ...a king an apology to tlie proprietor of the liousn for the disturbance be had caused Morrissey was taken into custody by officer Rue, of the lower police court, much airaiDst the will of the Kigbth ward police, aod was taken by tbis detailed officer to the Fourteenth ward, where he was released from actual custody, and ,tt at liberty by ti e c Hirer. J'oolo, thinking that officer Hue would take hi* prisoner to the Eighth ward station house, as the epot whcie he was arrested la aituated in that ?ward, went there for the purpose of making a complaint against Morrl*tey for assault and battery, but louod that lie had not been tsken there at all, but had been set a*, liberty Id the Fourteenth ward, aud that he ?wiis then at Johnny Lyng * place In Broadway, corner *>f < anal -^reet Poo'* then proceeded to ftanwix Ha'l axaln, and commenced talking about the muss he had with Morrlst-ey to several of hi* frierds that were in the Kalcoa. Wine was drank, and the remainder of the evening was spent In the matter over. About Jialf paht 12 o'clock a carriage Orove up t<? the door, and Blx men alighting, entered 'he barroom where Pools and bis companion* were yet taUiug. As they entered the ?room they were recognized as Louis ilaker, late a police amu, J?n ei Turner, Patrick Mclaughlin, alias Paugene, Cornelius I.ian, Cbarle* Van Pelt ami John Hyler. Poole wa* at th's time standing with his bsck to the bar, and lennicgon the counter, when McLaughlin, alias Pau Sf' ne, came up to him in a threatening manner, and, catching him by the coat collar, asked niin to fight, used v< ry opprobious epithets, and lin.lly, when Poole would *?' t ?ft?rn the as ault, spat threa t mes in his face. J'oole, however, seeing the desperate crowd that were ? round, took no further notice of McLaugh. an's acts than by saying, '? Tint's fine, Isn't t t" It appears that Turner at this juncture pulled Mc'augllin away from I'eo'e, and the latter at the same tiiue moved towards the centre of the room, where he stood quietly. Turner seeing that it was impossible to eisspe'ate Poole ao as to make him commence the affray, then fried out, "l-et us sail Into uiio anyhow," and at the sums he threw aside a cloak that he wore, drew out a large aize-1 revolver, and placing th* uiu/jl* of it over hi* left arm. so as to t ikn a comet aim at Pool*, who exclaimed, "For God's sake . don't reuider me," he fired the revolver but instead of the ball taking effect in the ob,e-t fired at, it struck Turner himself in the arm oa which he held the pistol at rent, [t is supposed that some one coming behind hiui at the moment of his pullieg the trig<er, the mtvrle was lowered no a* to point it diractly against the arm, when. the weapon t?'?g off, bl* arm wa* badly .batter ed. turner fell on the floor on being wounded, aod commenced firing hia weapon at Poo e while in that po sition; ore of the halls takirg effect in Pocle's l?ir, be was brought to the ground Baker, it is alleged, the i rau to wheie Poole was lying bleeding. and placing the m i:zzle of a revolver against his breast, and **jing, ?I will put you out of the way now,' palled the trigger, and the pistol discharging, the ball entered Poole's left fide, just below the heart The scene that took p are at thi? time baffle* description. Turner, who was lyinj on the ground wounded by himaell, fired his weapon at * I around him, and succeeded at last in hitting his own friend, Baker. Charles I/jiler ran to the auisUnce of Poolo, who wa* In a dying condition, and while endea voting to lift him from the ground wa* flred at three or foor time*, but on* ball alone took effect, ao 1 that ?truck him in the head, producing a scalp wound, which looked ve?y much Ilka a* if cut with a kni'e? a round - piece of his scalp, about the aize of a dollar, being en tirely cut away, feeing that the work of execution had been e one, the whole party left the house by the sida door ; but it seem* thst even here they turned back, and discharged a few more barrels at the body of Poole, a.- be lay bleeding on the floor Ah tb? entire affray did net occupy more than a few m nut**, Poole'* assailant* escaped before any p,lico men made their appearance, and en an attempt b"ing made to stop one of them after leavicg the naloon, the revolver wa* again brought inti use, but fortunately without any had result, a* the ball, going w-de of the mark, entered the barroom door of Peter Fa-low on the corner of Prinra street, without doing a-y Injury. Tae number of ahot* flred, and the genera1 excitement attending the fracas, attracted the atten tion of the Eighth ward police. A party of men, headed by Capt. Tornbull. entered the premises a few minutes after the party I. ad escaped. Immediate attention wa* jiaid to the wounded. Poole wa* placed on the counter, wtera he lay almost lifele.* Medical men w. re -ent for. and in a few minute* Dr?. Cheesenan and Putnam arrived on the *pot, and rendered all the assistance in their power. The wound was probed, and it tat found to have penttrated to the depth of about ao Inch and a half, where all trwcea of th* ball, or It* eojirse, were lost, the woended man previous to their arrival ha t fainted away, hi* hands aod feet becane fold, an : il ft.. ought he wae about to breath* hi* la*t . but they were n?toni*hed to tnd that In a few minutei after he opened hi* eye*, *nd spoke to them in ? manner very encouraging to tbem. Attended hy three phyitetaus. Poole rsnaiaed aere for the remain ?ler of the night, and towards m ruing, contrarr to th? ?-ip*ctation* of the docters, he besram* much Vtter atirt seeme-l so cheerful th? ,t was th > i(ht b s r m i to his home would not be d?n<?rou*, and aer-ir 1 urlr ve. laj morning hews. ;?? en to tus r . ?. ? - ? fhris-ipher *tre*t. caieful'y a'teadwd duria f tn? ? ml* time by the physlclm*. C?iti>n,- b-iil, ?er.,u ,u . U.e parties he wa* In que.' of |,vl ss-.p?1 kg i ?,.r< by the tin.e he arrived at ."t .o . I* Had ??? ??ir l. . Vred, proser-'ed to the reehUuce ..f .1 i*t|?? Krenoan. in White ?tre? t. aod waking him up relabel toe f?<?ti of th* aitair to huu. at the same t m>> -U'ng that lie kii'-w wfc*re th? fugitives were rone.aled. hut he thn j/ht It would re'i'iire the pre??-nr<- of a inigisfa'o t, - entrance to auch bonnes *? be might su*oe:t to b? the b dlng ptaee of Baker an 1 the rest o' the parly A ri'islinglv Justice Brenaan sot out of bed an t went alon^ with the capta n of th* K shth ward p. lie-, an! *v.e men under hi* eomms<d commensal a strict eearcb after the** ietivifj*ls lh? hojae of lohnny Lyng was vl*ite<I Th* outside of the f reni?e* w*r* sUictly g iar.l?d wh.'e rap' tin urnbull and Justice Hrennao eaterel the hoi se and commenced a search a'ter th- parties Wcl.i i/hl u in I Turner were found without much trouble, b it Hi??r w*s not to be found, although every no >k and corner of the fc*mi?es wcr> we 1 searched rh nktng It pee.'uhi. ? a had e*e*ped through tv* nar. a posse of m'n wers 'Stationed 10 t?e re*r ?' le . n ? ?r P?rty CO- , ns-1 ?l a r fftu sear.! ?mcn; all the yards of the hail) ng> al joining. The entire block, bounded by Broadway, Caaa unci Walker street*. ?t> searched, but wi'-i-iut moMH; the bird hau It *u be'ore the arrival of the polint, and was, ere ibe i IIIuhk w?re timrc of it. *?'e beyood tde priructsof the city, a* it wnt itpfrttd yesterday af ternoon that his tii. mis, engaging ? carriage, had him conveyed from tbe city. Tb? polio- have traced hi flight hi fur u? u drig stnm, wliere he got bin wound* dressed, and thru crovi' ofl at a rapid rate, for fear the police should overtake Him. Homo PUpp< ee, liowiver, tkat Baker ?t-il remains concealed In the city, but will not leave hi* biding place until lie bmr < of the result of Poole's injuries. Turner, wl o vim lounn to l ave bv<u bnoiy wounded, wait al lowed to remain at l.yng'a piare in chariie of two mil reis lintil morning, but 1'aureo-, aha* llcl-aagalin, was taken to the Eighth ward statn n house, aa ??* alio V?u 1 elt, alleged to liaveheeu niw of the p&rtf, hut wbo, i1 a| pears. <1io nil in bis power in prevent bloo tailed. Horn 'lie h.ilnli ward station I ouse Mul.augtilau aud Van I'elt weie conveyed to the .IntTerson Market police court pritrn, where tbey are now incarcerated Jtntics I'rennan, thinking it probable that Turner might by some chance escape Irom the officer* while in h.yug a place, Mnt down u commitment tor i la sonveyance to tb? Toml - .n the hands of Caption Howling, or the Sixth waul police who accordingly brought him to tli? city pii-oi. and lock i-il him up. although much against the v Uh of the | hy-lcian who attm >1 him, who louuderftd ti e- ii ii. oval of his patu-nt highly dangerous, but never tbelns the ir>n;ii>tru?<i thought the moat prudent mm iii r to dispone of I <in \vu to have i>im confined in prwou, t hen- In could receive nil 1 lie lne lie tl assistance he needed As 1'aKer couM not be found yesterday, Captain lurnhull decided to i nd in a telegraphic ceapatch to Philadelphia, warning tnu authorities in tflat city of the escape of IJaker, with a cant on to be ou the lookout for tiim sbould he have starbd in the lire o'clock train yet' ?eiday. The arrangements foi tin- capture of Ihner are such that it will b- almost impossible for him toeicape fit m the hands of justi. e. 1'u.le LP to lust cieuiug, is . lowly revtvlnj. but it is the opinion of the doctor.! attending him that he can not lit although he him >elf declares he "will not ? ie," and will "soon be well " It Is nit jmahing tint be not r> ceive more wound* than lie c >l for no l?s i than : our bul l t bolts aie plainly Visible in bis coitlmla, showing that at leiut halt a allots must have hem flrtd at biui. I'oole'a pistol, on t ie occation, was found on the Uoor by the police, with a'l barrels loaded, and not a cap exploded, show ng conclusively that he i id net tie n flint ic ttie melee Lo/ier besides receiving the M-.alp wound already spoken of am s' ot >n t ie thigh by 1be pajty as they were making toeir exit from the I rem sen Hie wound, although a aevere oue, will out, i' is supposed, prove dangerous A m-.o wbo.v name is tmkni'vn was ?! ot in the bejmnng. through t?ie haul, and, thinking th'? place rather hot for bin, loft tun i.rf mi>ea through the side door, befare the eaten*. of bis injurus could be ascertained. No other parties besides those we have already mentlone.' hav? beeu injure.!, whfih i - ? (tieat wonder u the room, the firing ?-f the pistols, w na crowded with people. The number or prisons known to have be-n wounued duriug tne nfir.'iy i four, u* follows:? Dirt Pocle. wo indcd .n the left ride, just b?low the In art, end ah o in tbu left leg. hb'.?ld ne survive the tiM wound, the latter will lu all probtbility cripple him tor life Char'cs I.ojier scilp woui)d?<l, sod <hot in the thigb. .Iiiices Turn* r who chot blmse f ; left arm broken I ouis lialer, supposed to have lif n shot in the thigh by turner, while others assert t i?t he ali-o received a Hcalp wound on t ho 'eft tide ot hm bead. PROCEEDINGS IN THE i'OLICE COURT. During Sunday tnorn i.g the m>?? luiease excitement prevail*! throughout the stty, lrom th. imperfect a-.d exaggerated ruin rt afloat, wh<cli h id spread like wild Hie. It was nali that Pool, was shot dead, and no les? tl an lour othrr* fatally wouuded, aud thtt the ti*h continued, at intervals, for three or four hours; and' ntori ovtr, tl at the polic. officers hud l>e n shot Kt. and wet* unsbie, or fearful, of perluitulrig the.r duty and arresting th. oilending parti, s The "fancy'' were, or course, greatly excited, and the scene of tho fearful encounter was vi?it?d during the tnoraing byanunber o! ptraona aoxioui to learn all th? particulars. Here it vrss ascertained that Captain Turubull, of the Kightli # nrd police, had ellected the arrest ol somi of th? p*r tiei engaged in the affray, and numbers found th^ir w?y to tl e police station to inquire into tho facts, llio JUIerson Mark.t l olUe Court wa* also * ? said the investigation was to come oil at hall past " li however, to the that the officer? a lA the wltoe-ae. of the alfray wera .n no coml tii n to ap car to icatity, th. examination was po-t orLt.l until .. o'clock 1" the afternoon, at which time the irulce Con rt was , row, led to exr,-s persons anxious t?i learn something in r. feren ;e to tho 'uooun t?r iis the Mori's in cireula Ion were co it radict orjr , thoBdh not inote antoutahlng than the facta really *" Th e t lai "inat Ion ?*'? conducte<l before Ju,tlc? Hren ' t.,,i of iH-g. ? Aek<-r*..n snl Canii<hi II waa listened to wilb ioUoh- lot?r?st l>y fberroXd auditory. It will be re,ollecte 1 that . waa ,u tl- scoi-rt that "turner an l H*??jr we r" tried, or. a lew weeks s<o, lor an attempt on the life of lorn Hyer, *LThT7ollotM..g"a^?'l the affidavits taken in the case at I (.worn tl) Vetera Justiee Uieunau AFFIDAVIT OF JACOB ACKBJtSON. laroh Ackeimn, ol No Charles street bmgduly sworn. ?ys, tb?t on Suuday morn log abO K one o cloc t 1,.- wus orosent during an .ittray tuatoccurrel at S?o ?n U?ii ?lf liroadway, and sa - Mr Pooe a amliug ? ih I is ta.'i asain t the couuU-r, when 1 xugea. a m five other- catne into tb. house; Pa ug-ne aaid, as wn as I, ?cter?d " there is the hlac* mutx-ed sou of a b? -a. l'oole ms.-i no reply, Pargenr sail he w,nteJ t? ng.? bim l auaene then seized PooU by t ie \t collar a? i ?nt In ?. is lace three tune-; and then Mr. a-np ell in Utwee n th. m . also ( barfs Van Pell tr ed to get f'nigeneaMiV Iron. Poole; Paugtne then attempted to strike Van I i'ooie th. n got a -ay Iroui r'augeue. ana then Turner took oil his c at and tUrev it oo the coun; t r and drew a r sl.d aud sal t. ' now let ? sail In, ! rje A' ?'ff; & Sre^ W 1,^1 ! & Di?t.,lat his breast, deponent tuen saw 1 arc- a pisiol at Charles ixiiier, th i content* of wh'eh I ?ot.-rtd file head; I o/.ier tben sfe'ppe 1 up to d< p ) tent .BJ Mid, '"Jake ' orlfr Isgou-," I tto?turo-l ! ?round and ?aw Puole sundinf, hold ng on to the door, ill,, t ten mlnntea an.< alt.rwsrds fell, and cepon-Bt assisted m laying him oo the counter. Aud further de jioD' ii' t?itb not. AFFIIUVIT OF JOHN QI-INI.A*. John yulnlan, of corner of Chriato^r anl Wa^l.iog Inn streets, bein< duly ?worB. "" durinK r .y that oecurre-i at ^?w'Io?*1^1|N0;^n Hriadwsy on hundaj morning, abojt I o clock, wuen j pangene at d Bee other* came into the barroom an 1 called Mr liole " a bla-.k muxxled son of a b? h, ant ^at thm' times in his face a man by ths nams of lohnny l.jnt. w-nt to take hold of Paugene to preren bim flim itrlkiai? Mr P.-ole. when Paugeoe : kick-. I sat.1 Lvbo I'auRftu# llUn ?***! of I o<?l^ bj th? co11^ : and^aid l here ia no ^B of a b-h in tU^nou^could ' i'?ke Campb^ t'hen" .te^pld m between then and aa'd. 'now sail .n U.ys," ami wsted his pUtol on bin arm and discharged it at Poole, receirogthecon tent ? in bi? own arm ?v?le threw up hla l.anJ. and .aid " for liinl'K sake you are not going to kill me, ara ?ou Turner, aftrr shooting tnm? If in the arm. Ml 1 the fiuor and shot Poole in the knee I oole then sU.M? dandfe?l; Mr. tb-n got oo Pool* ^ f ij.^t'he iw Turner nr. a P -^I at V . I _ , ... i,- ami then lh>' part e* left the sfchM?. aw was tbeu la.d ou the couuter AFfttlAVIT OF JAM1W iCIIMOH. Jam.. Ackers...., of coiner of 'Vh" VVhilT'onh^'way'll. w?", "TT? Ki " >?? ? > Ks^W.KfX.'i-jE I Or t, ' and ca\i<d for a bottle of w.oe we bad soma 1 t. -ee or lo-jr glass** of win* when I *aw I augene, aha* Mclaughlin, rush In the f.ont door, followed by l?ut? Hs I "rJani 'sin r t?r . Nealy l.ynn, Cf.arle* V.n Pelt an I jotnlljhr after tbese were all in the house Paujeo ;. n" Iip to l i l.- sn.1 said to him. -You are her- , ym ! b ar* muil'el son of a b-h, you are tne Am-riean lighting bojr and 1 wou'd ratber Oght you than any in. I 2 the top of 1 1-? earth ' then Paugeoe went op tn 1 <>"J* aid t~k him by the cat collar, wl.en i I harle* \ an I -It ai ! Turner vent be?e?en them, \ an I elt wanle. lau S!t,e to let y??' Po<-le with that Pargaoe struck Van With the back of h1* land, t nd told him t<> f> away l .. he kn>* "hat he was doing; than Paugeos ?p??. In r?coU s face t.iree or four dlif. rent t,?e. Mr. I',?,l. sa 1 1 to 'lie. Wat i* Bne " ant Uughad at h.m Mr Turner i^. ? s p.t . hold from Poole, who then -Up,. 1 bstk . ,.'t b? lb' sire of th- c . oter lietwe u tne ! - ,,l?r. lurrer th-o rar*. "??/?? * ' " Ti t me ih'owina 1. 1* coat open an t *li..e,a{ a I., i', ^ , .wiaon wll -h l.a I a lea* barreled re - ecUeMn l't he then look a.n. acros* hi* Lit arm with ! Jhi Itotol' at Mr. Poole, and by some tn?? |H*v i m ,f , %rm Knl fpr\r \ *ti 1 rsafioc *b0\ W on th? ?hik? on floor f," on h.a stomachy th. ^ ^ ^ ^ 1 r 'L5 L'J ^lil over Mr. Tnr^rf, wboo B*k t i ^ _tfk. I'iviIm ? hil?* ??o tU# (Wir. on?l |?ut i 5S ?&<? 1 ^;%^?h,a,J5S n hu ha i'l "* i> ? *? t ' n g' to *ra?d* and r)l, rtMrf th- y ^?n ran o^ or tne iVor. and Mr. P<e U got up and rent t?tt.*"or, anl ! stisi'l boRinv oa to the door -ome t?n tn nu e* Mr y rv* Itarri* stood be. d ? I?; PckiU , l?._ , . J away, or th?y ???? *h -,t hi? tamugh U- -W Mr ?>a?, wl< w*s n-ar Po,la saw him i. tL- act' r<f j v d calU'' to m, ' rotner to a ..-t hliu anl I W ittm h i 1*?1 h u> m tho counter, lw ?*? l Jf * doctor 1 ottght Ui n4Tt ittto*' Ufaw IbU, J*to a . omer i ud :al*M bj ki? handa au4 sal *. ? I* o t tnar AFFIDAVIT OK QOK1HJJ I'd W. (A JPHKI.L. C. W Campbell, being duly iworn ??>?, thai on the '2iXU of Krb. Ib?i6, he w?s at rt.iuwia Hill in Brunt way, with aevcrAi grullxim u un-l wliIc at supper mid ubout til* tirae ?e warn through our supper, Mi'. Morrisaey cnnie into the loom Wieie w*n stiiuuiug, talking to Win Jai.?w..y .huJ olhei gentlemen, ? hen Mnrriesey laid to 1 cole, "Aii it's there you are, yju blu.'k, rnur dt ring ton of a b? h Mr. Poule mudc uo rejdy ; M"rri?aey attempted to go toward* Mr. I 'oul?, and wa.. prevented by James Irvln, and tbe neat t u? wait Uorriawy wrtb a pistcl in ItiM liaud making ton .irds Puolo, un<l while in the act ol approaching 1 < oU- Miapperi liia pistol twice or three tluii s, but It did no' go oft. this time some po ictaieii can e in and too!. Mr Poole out of the back door to the Kignth ward rtatioii l.ouac, officer ltue took Mor 1 if m v oul cl tk- front dvi.raud mild h> Im . him in charge; I went to ti e Htatirn linj>e with Pool.', who made ft charge theie a^iiintt Morrisaey that he had xiiap Bid n pistol at h in two or three times, and orris sey not b*in^ biought them. lieutenant Stage told bim he could not tain- tlio <liurge us the person was not piesint, when Mr. I'. lift the atation liouae, and wihi ba>.k to btunwlx Hall to oJler au apo 'o ,t) to the proprietor; th.n first oecuin nca wut about lo o'ri' ck in the evening, an 1 ? l ilo I'oole and other* had b?.ui and drinking lor hoiuu two bourn and ; mote, 1 thw coiuu into the house l-oum lUker. Jam'ia Turner, Paugene aliss l'at M:iau||hliu, Charl.ts Van Pelt and Johnny l.vng, when Paiicrue went up to Pool* and slid, ?' Vou bUik uiunUd ami of a b? h, I want to light jiiu," Poole nunl to him, "iioaway you ain't north it,'' with that ho caught I'oole by the coat oollar, an ', spit in Ilia face two or three times, Pooln got iiway, and ?int to the en 1 of the counter, Paugene following him up, *heu 1 uincr ttenped back . and throwing oil his cloak, said, '? L?t ua la I iu." and drew a pixtol Irom bis ' poi ket und levelled it ou hia left arm toward* Poole; the { pUtol Kent off, and - hot hiui through the arm; Turner , n il ou the liner, :in 1 k?,it <ii*char.,'ii.g h.n piatol towards I Poole, who wan shot iu the log, aiove the liuoo, an 1 fell; while down, linker went up to luin, (I'oole,) got over hiin, am. tired, and then escape J out ol the door and depo nent further ad is that ?'ii,r the etc tainenl PomIs got up and h tired ?t ihe door, und that llirre was other flil>g of pistols, but fr ini <ie excitement he cannot recollec*. i all that occurred alter. d p nent further savs that be la 1 it fumed and believes that Itom t !.-? Injuries received by 1 Mr. I'oole there it douht of hia liWug. An i i fuithcr deponent aaith not. affidavit or john b. dkan. John E liean. of No 67l> Ihnadwny, being duly nworn, ?sayn that he Is t le kei*p<-r of a public houae nil- d B> u wix Hall, at No. Broad* ay. that atiiut t? ntj imnutea alter li! o'clock UhI erenlng, James Tun er, Patrick Mtl au^'illp, allta l augene, Louli lUUer, On > e< \ at Pel*, and I'orneliua l.yuu, Came tut) d*piuout'l place; tMlliain i'oole atoo<l np agaiint tiie couo and l'aui;eiii' fame tip to I'oole and aaknd hi iu w! - could lirk h in 1'iiugene anked I'oole to g.| < u*. and fight bim Pooh' an weied, that he w?n no*, wo 1 fighting with, l'aiigtui then Mixed hold ol i'otle j t' coat, ami lneiateil ?o him lighting with him , Turn <r :n n ti ok holi. of I'au^eue, and anked him to let go ol i'oul't, Paugene reluned to let go; then I'nugeue In P >oll'? face Turner then puilr.i a pietol fr-'in nnder hU con -ml told I'oole to draw ; Poole "tood, at the llm1, a', tu eud of the counter Paugene wax squaring oir athiu.: thun Tu'ner pri rented a p>tol at bim und tiied, th? e tQ'.a .t which went through hi? own arm. lurrer fired r : .. and the conttnU enlend IV.Iu'a leg. I'oolt at . I and fell, aii j then llaknr fell on top of Poo'o, <1 .? then aent tor the police, and before the potir* Co. fracas w is all over l>epou?ut furtber saya that b ? < llAker fire a p'ftol, but .lid not tee who il etnek , il 1 futthtr deponent faith net. Ai FIPAVIT OK LOEKNZO DEAOLK. loienio 1 cag'e, of No. f?7 Uroadwav, b?in< only nwori., s?ys ? ihai he la one of the propiletors o 4t*n wu Hull, t the above number, uud at or h lore 1 o'clock we told cur he'p to put up tho ahutU rs and 1 clrae the house, at thm tiro* >ir. 1'oul* tnd a nuuioor of | h m frienJn were in tbe house and had linen . 'iking wii.e;[l then out?i.le ol the, talking toon* of our ielp; I heard Mr. Poole a?k Mr. Ivan, mie ot tho tartneiH, fur a bottle uf wine. Mr. I>ran r-pli 'd, on looking at the clock, that tin acconnthad cloi>od ? m-au ing to ;ay hi- bin-iiies< wes done, th n I went !r"in tie bairocm to a atore pantry or clOeet olf from the barrocm, on the Fame II ait ; 1 took my overcoat and got on to un lee box, and covered nyieli u > a id lay down; then 0M of my help caiuo In. and a .'i a 1 it' I in tem'ed to pn/ him weekly or monthly: I aikel him hoa he wouM like to have it, an I told tiaut I would pre fer paying him weekly, aud to wait unt:l dr. i'oole and hia friend* hid I- It and 1 would pay him, and to l.-t uo O' w persons in the store; 1 tutn got iuto a sl '?p or ?tu| or, uud I hb oild think iu About twenty iniunt"-! or hAlt an hour, not to exceed litlf an hour, one of fie help csme in and route I in", and stated thi re *a* IlkeK to he a difficulty in the hou e , I got up And 'ituu oul minediately , und told him to go and f. h Otpt I'urn null Willi I* posso of ofliieis . on going into th" barroom I saw Patrick Mci-angiilin.^ulias Poogene, havn hold o Mr. I'oole by tee lap pel of the coat, and iu a loud And rough manner about liKl.ting Mr I oole asked him several times to let hitn i^o durlnir this tin Jainen Tuiaci waa between Foule and MeLa u<{ If v* Mr Tiour after a few seconds, got between tn. ui, an 1 took hold of M' l-xufihlin'x coot and tun "i Irm aroujil. Turner then walked town -a tbe it lie of th" room and threw h Is coat oj i, dl?:lo ig a b-it around l<is pcraon, wbl. I' c mta'ned t large sired rendver ; dt iiu>r th i I nuis Baker stood on sn an>'le of about fort .e^roea by th< oyster box; then MoLaughlbi bi tr Iroin Charles \?a Pelt, w ho l a J hold of hitn, i up to Mr. Pv?!? .;r) ing out. "Von son of a Ight " Mr I'oole, Mc I j. i kIiIIb and Turner were ? n ? Ine; Mcl. -hlln etop |an i ti <m? side leaving Mi 'ji* expos ? t > Mr. Tur tier, who was next in line >li Turin. .en said, " draw he a! o sai l go m ' er ouH' .. . i nniN, und tbi ii pu.led h.- oistol out ron Ins lielt, an I navk' a ight, with hia pittol re tiirr i 3 hia left arm, >.'r. Poole threw up In:. ? rin ?, aud exci ? 'tn I, "Do jjn wiali to mnrdir n.i ' Mr. 1iu,.er hru aud by borne <c lata*, lie either Is t his pistil fall, tu raised hia arm, an . shot hint self through the arm breaking It; this was tb est shot hied, ami Turner fell on tl .t floor ha 'ither ire I the eec end shot while lalling. or wkiie on th? llo >r. aod ah >t M'. I'oole ihrougb iheTeg. wl Ion caused him t stagg"* sod tall 1 -hen saw Mr Baser e th. o:i or "vee Mr foole. aith a pistol in h ? liand an ' wh ? Pool# waa lying on the floor Mr. shot hint in the left aide, n. ar the rrgion _ of the heart, After this, acd while Tomer eaa 'at I ly i oa the fln>r, he kept firing his p st. 1 lad. criui iVely, anl miiat bs\e shot Mr Ka>er If lie is sh?! , W jile this was cr. og on. Mclaughlin waastnkinj it eoryholy near him who was opposed ; Charlaa Lot . .r ran 'i Poole to I raise him oft the lloor, an ) while aid ng hrn, , art of the ciowd who were opposed to Ponl", ai, I < wer ? arowad. while passing out turned an t fired St Mr I/i/ier who waa aiding I'oole to raiae him fr m he ti or atahint tbis time the police csate, ano I heart ?? . rthreeshnti lir> d outside of the house und this 't abo .t a full rela ton of the circus stAtic. a as tliey ncruireo tu my kn.>w lerfge. AFf 1 PA V IT OK CTRKMR H HAKlll Cyreneus llsrria. of No 11 Wash agton a'reet, being duly aeotn, asys that he su pre** at tur ng an alfray tba'. ocecrred at ftAAwlxIlall. No. I>. > Bro.idwA y, on Sunday morning about 1 o'clock as I waa 'f inding at the bar when Mr Ha'er, ('harlea Van Pelt laugene and three otheia, came into the aaid hotaee, Uaker aske.1 de porieot to take a drink, an l heard Pangeoe -ssy to Mr. I i ole. " Vou black inuxxled thief, 1 want to fight yoo '' l'r* le ma<*r no snawr . he then caught I'oole by the collar of I la coal, and apat tbtee t.niea In his fsce . Mr. Campbell and anotber person then got In tetween Ihe |iartMa and a^parstwl them Turner threw oil his cloak an> pu' iton tb? coun ter, drew a pistol and raised it abo** bis *< 'al, and raid, "let a mil in" Pcde retreated aliout twelve or fourtei a i>et from the parties. Turner *bi> toN list at i'ools arid fired, discharging tbe content* uto hia own srm Tin ner then fell, and abile hawiadnsi di*eb*rg?<l bis pmt< I sga n. which too. effect on Poote's knes; i'oole tbm atagvi red and fell, and Baker followed hi n aud firessnted a pistol at hia breast and fired ft while Poole ay on the floor; Baker waa hooding over li m l'<>ol? then got on hia feet anl closed tbe diora, stoo l holding the door for a few in:nutes, and said, " 1 am shot,'' and fell .nto Mc^bay's arms, Mr. Poole waa then laia un tlie counter. A I'FI OATIT OK CTHTA AY. I yrus , of No 51 I'roy atreet, being duly aworn, SSI a thst be wsa present at the time that James Tjrner, Patrick Mclaughlin, alias ''augene, lunula Baker, Cbarlei Van Pelt, John llyier, aod Corn-1 us l.ynn came inta Stan wtx Mali. No f.TB llroa.1 way, About onn o'clock, and that Mr. i'oole was standing up to the counter and saw Pan gene take bold of Poole by the collar of tils coet. and say to him? " I want to fight you " Poole mad' no r?plf to that Paugene said to Mai ? Vou black musil^d son ' f A b? h, I want to fight you , then Van Pelt an I A Mr Campbell stepped in to part them and then Ptugene -pat hree tun. a In Poole's face Poole got ent rely clear from him. lurner then took off his cloak, and threw it un the counter, and dree a pistol, and fbi'irabed it above i his bead, and sail? ' Boys, let us aail in. aavhow " Turner then took aim to firest Mr. I'oole resting tbe pli U>l on his arm, and received the contents of the pa o In bis own arm Turner fell on the fl>?r from lbs afTaets ?f bis own wound be received Poole raised hia h?n Is. and said? Kor God's sake don 't merder me? are vou go ng to kill me t" Turner, as be lav on the t?or flrad ' his pistol age. a. aad shot I'oole in tn< knee Poole stag gere<' sod fell. Hak?rtl.en took his piatol, and pot it up to Pool* a breast, while f'ot.U waa lying on tb* S""r and I laker on U p of bun, he dta* harmed it, aod aat-l? ' > gue-a 1 will take you. anyhow. 1 I'auiiene at the satue time -hot Oiartes f Or ? r |q t e , ad an I deponea heard t'e r?t""' ' 1 tsiee after t hey l-f' ti 'arfw-rn Pf?'.. *ii hia feet anl holt n< ? ^te die'i h' ' i' ' . i.i out", and aalt. "laii d Sg ? ? i. ol . . I or aaalataO'e, srel .aid hitn ou tbeconotsr anl eetit f ,r a <"o!;ors THE SCfHE OP TBI AKFR4Y. H'anwi* flail i? Ik Krwlwar. opprxilt* Mctro polltaa Hot* I It ti?? bM bat r?c?B'.ijr op?n?l and It* projrhtarn f?i I I r*aly th? ua? r ? aM* ooU.ri?ty Uk?ly to ?tuck to lL? ir lu u*e by l-aiof tU? ?< a >? of tbi* 4i?(r*e* f?l ?oeurrace* A brM <>f tb* fltct ia o* e??iary to folly oolrrataii'l ih? poalt ou of tbo aata 4uriB( tba profima of U.? fi*tt On ralfr of tha fi < in Iroa liroaivay tba rlatt?r may m to tbo >Nfbt at, eytar ?taa<1. ao'l further on tb* %ar )-rlwt*a wblrh tl-?r? l? as np*a ?a 4c? i-cuf i? i ctily ?>? a *?>b<?n 1 It ?a> ia thta >Mcr tbat !'<?)? ?>~?i oh'u *b?t at tj Turner <>n '.b? I# ft !iaa<!?M? of t>M room U a a*rt< t f>a. 01 wb eh I* pla<-?4 a au*t#r of p< iuim, aof eon U b ox < aly uu? 'oor, op?n iuU. a ball tbat root fr.m Iba atn>t(o tb* back yarl. On ' tarn u a| th? barrao .a /art* r ; . / ? ; ,r? 34 t ? *< jound (list tin- ball* hud [ *rforated tbe partition In ?ev I ral place* l*tw*?u th? hall <lo?r the ntieetdoor. Au I ml painting *uap< n led on .'t a alao cut in '.wo plaoe*. Tbu coun'er of the bar new i'*'M ""or cont4?mi aeveral I boles, evidently made by the p '?tol ahoti. The seme during the proyruai of the light UdeecHlwvi I a* being fearful, Uthnugti the I uif occupied w?? lm' a few moment* After the llrnt oliot, ?>> Turner, the wiM e*t excitement prevailed The rooi 1 was ?t tbi* time uot tully lit, ha ! tkt* i moke from 'he |>i*tol hota tended to make the aceoe atiH mure obacured, '"J to ? byaUnd er it ksuM be impoi^ible to tell who w< ?"? the oAaealln^ purtlei, Tfc? afaota appeared to feme lr>?* ever^trt of tie ronm. nod through the iTniftlng aui ?l>? tho Irantin pugilUt* were to be tieo apriagtag at ea tb other with tearful oath* nnd imprecations, while the et%rtl?'i by stander* rii'hed lor the door* and mado ev iry attempt to eacape unhuit frcm tbe room. A WARN INT ISSUED FOR THE ARREST OP MOB8I9SEY. Before the police court cloi-ed, Mr. J K. Pean, on* of tbe proprietoj* of B'tnwix Hull, preferred n coiuplalat ?Kainet John Morrl?*?y of a* lault an I batter/, alleged to liave b*PU committed on the ev?nlng of the 24th innt. A wnrtani waa placed In the hati lil of oltlcern Martin ami Muore, to arteat Morriatey anil bring him before the court. ' HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. I THE REVOLUTION fO.HlNG TO A HEAD. I - Enthusiastic Reception of Alvarez at Acapulco. The llegulur Army Pronouncing Against Huntu Anna. i [imnnliule Aiivnnre of the Revolutionary Trojpi I HUer Alwrz Ipon tbe City of Mexiro. Important tiffed of (ieocral Franrls norcnt1* Desertion to tbe Liberal Party. - GEN. ALVAREZ TO HE DECLARED PRESIDENT PRO TEM, 1 Ac .to , Ac. Oui \?'U|iulca ? oi leepontleiK e At/nuo, Mtaieo, T- ?> 6, 18.5 ' m if A . ire.: >. Aeapuleo ? Hi' h ?ukmvutic Bc. f " ?.n- iiiam l.all tit 11 nor q f ikt He lutmnnry Hero 1 ?Peru/Ml 1> tcriptum n' A I ca rtt ? I'rtptratiotu for Iht Adiunn'' <J the lit 'olulionary Arm i upon Mexico? J fpijiorlant Ljjtd iff l>?n t'rancu Morrno'l t'r tnuitcia mtnlo in /'acir of the f.ibrial Party ? Hi- yrajiMcai | Sktlck of Him- At> arei to br Ptxlared Temporary Prt I iiilcnt ? Liit of CanUnla'rt for the I'ruvlential Kite- I lien, tfc , tie .wlnte the anllirg of the lnat ateainer, we have had no thing but m litary re organi/atlona ? soldier* being fitted out with new uniform*- formation of regiment* an 4 brl- . gadci. In fact, I doubt much if auch a collection of men will ever be ?een for year* to come in Acapulco. Having witneaaed many demon* trat ion* of reji. icing, aud ae*u many prooe?4oni, both rrligiou* and political, lb not only tlila, but other portion* of Mexico, I ham yet to ate auch a ontaneous manlfeatation a* waa diaplay- ' ed on yent?rcay , at the reception given to the gallant old t chieftain ol the South, Alvarei , and whit la very aiogu- > lar, tli a I* the Or?t tune he ha* v lalted Acapulco aince | theOayacf tb? Hpaujah Revolution, wb?a lie capturel thi Caalle of i-an ljiego. The roatl Irom the danta to the plaia, a diatance of one league, waa lined on both rice* with wddlery, uniier the command of fieneral ita mi'U Jon' Uiuaaaola, At the tiartta, lit* w?* received by the civil fun^lon nrle*, aud Id |.A?niPg, (tie ul!fitr?nl regiment* dr toped lll'ir C?l?'in. rw t m arma, ????! Ikn OnuiJi plet<>d national air*. On ilntli'l right rod* (len.-r* 'ihuina* Mori no. and on hi* left <><n<-ntl Itfuecio < ''im-io foit and your <'orre>pon'leDt, wli?*<< feellm (t of patriot ] i?iii pr impted hilu to add Uii uiite la receiving one ?) 'in li<? eo hlguly appreciate* for hi* many noble ?juali- I tli a. Of the uuintioui triumphal ar"he* under wbich he ' ; .inned the one which appeared to pl<>a?e linn nu<t, wa* macribtd on it ? liberty aud .Ijntlce. " In ap|>etrauc*, Mvarex look* about fto of age, thouigli ha Id *l?'.y ' four; ami line* I ?*? him U-t, that cateworu expre*elon I a* di*ap|>eari >1 and a -loile of contented *iti*inelli?a il | ItiDitn the feature* of hi* face from whli h can be reed I "I have lived to iw.e my country r *cued fiotn doopoti in '? ] In the i ttuiiig a grant ball wa? gin-u In hl? Honor, in order to fun bin him to receive the Ud?- lhe fittiug up , i.f the rooiu? woulu hare compared favorably villi thorn 1 of our* at home. At the head of tha ball room, over the , rhatr or upied by Alvaiei, Unix the "i-tar* and atrip**" aii'' the flag of the Republic of Mexico, thiir graceful H . ? imitative of aliterly harmony .and it i* gratifying j to ?? e the private a* well a* p.ibli<- lentin ei.t* of g?."l I UB< i r*taadlBg exlating toward* the I nlied State* aad , In r citireii*. It wa? al>o plea* n# to observe that her ! I rl'annir Maje*ty'? ( m*ui, Charle* tVlitbeu, Em|., wa* | pn <nt, Dot omitting our own e*termed Cuti*ul. Coarle* I., I<enman. Ie| , who, with hn a< olDyl'khed lady, made the fctiial complete. In a f?w day* the chieftain, at the head of './en do- v? leave* f >r ti e capital i he }ir>t brigade will be un Ivr tb* c.,n?manl of On I rand* It. Moimo, aad will take up ita line of march on tie Mb. and f cannot permit tnn opportun ty to earape with a mere mantlon of Moreno'* name. Iln I* ooe of the brat military educated men hi thi* country, and wa* I barn in ?n*acola, Florida. Ui* pedigr** i* of tha <>11 i W treat.* and Ite (b>t?a? both name* well known in our | fouthern l*t?te? a* familie* of the Uiglieat ? Landing and respectability. The *>eneral wa* educated at St. Jo- | aepb'a < oilege, Harditowa, Kentucky, and although in the year IStt he expatriated him** If and became a cttl r? n of thi* republic, *tlU due* he retain tb* high toned cbivalric honor and bearing of that ."tat* In whlsh b* wa* educated . Imrinir our war witb Mealjo, In all the eajragi meat* on btth line* of operation*, he not only Uvk an active aid eonepicuou* jarl, but baa (tnew tbea b< en ?n active terete* en the frontier. Finding, hi hi* la t engagement at Nueaco, Han'.a Anna f*eo hi* pronan ? lamenlo, which aeconpanie* thi* letter) abaodonod him atd hi* entire command, and that no di*Uoaor could be attributed, he, with tla brigade, composed of nine tegl inent*, hav- | ronoi n. ed in favor of that party which, from hi* poet i ion In the army, he wan forced to ippoo* by military duty and law, until the opportunity arrived wbeo be could give eipre*?ton to ht* feeling* of patrol i?m Rio aesuiaitlvn to the cauteof the liberal party ) a- already boon atrongly felt and from towa to town, at the new* airivod, have the government tr? op* pete nounced in favor af Alvarez, which la th-t funeral knell of t be would be kmperor He lecond brigade will be under tl.e ceiatoand af that untomprtmiting (.Brer, <?** Igtf-ie Cetaoofort a o?rd ti who?e favor would bo to "gild ref.nod gild ' line third I* to be comanande t by ??eneral Tboaa* Mi rtao, whoa* laurel* are alrwady (aauliar t<> aki y .?r yv adore tfce?e brigade* are to ho reinforced in Cliil{aan< Info by 7 <40 tro>.p* from the t tate of MlelUeacaa aa t aa their mt til within a few !o*f"*e u I tae ?ity of Mexico, Oon eral Aharei I* to bo peociaUn-ti Hroiident of the Kepnb I.e. pro trm A* >emo little diversity <J opuuun exiatdaa to oho ? .'! ? hf.B' ted with the aoit l'r*<*ten'iol eievatlnn. I ? nervly ??al* tint if the follow og I'iatiaf oti geti i|'H. ? I; l? eltr'ed ? llfat c*M? <^o?-*l ail ?? %'.?/?? ' ;en * i preae a'deelr* 'l.?' b- *h??'?t ? w peir_. t? 1 t? c n.(.'.*t<- hU t?ru< af offcte No?t tvtum nerai t ?b?l.o* aboi* BlatM eg I roe dent aad uutly, t.'tieta. Ignacio ('???? nlort, whole not oaiy em>n< nt.y ; ^ual ?*?! hot wboeo tie ration would rjoet with uo.ter ?al approbation Am the tiro* i? rapi< !y approaimatio/ when a r-iange ( of preetdeacjr ?tll take place, yon may rely ?p?.n ti ? I c ?? the eatU*>t mlel.ifonco '?* ;l |< m the fa '.am ? Herald Jan 34 I Our date* frona Aeapalco are to tb? Vith .a?unt Tb t.?w? i* highly Important, a* contained in thofo'?? n? < 'i?reopot.*eace A* w* aaliripated, a coartor arrived fr'-? <??tera! %i va ti kea<' ,uart?ri at Teopan on tk* Wb e,th 'k? o*r|nJ that < ?eneral 7.elaaga. urttjh kUNUN rommand, rompeoed of of Maata Anna * *eoe' '>? >m aad troop* had, with all tfcetr arm* and ma t a* | or war, capitulated, or to aoe a patrtc'..* NfMriM MM ' | ".ae -hcei !? fa?vt of, Ml ,o. io4 '.a* ,?uaM4 of Ai | rarer. I'y thin the liberal party in tbe Soutk ere re. a forced w tli 1,0<MJ regular troop*. and onim r*, U'g-'tber I Willi l,WO good innate'.*, b'j mum loa In of rouit. 'mmi tl war, #ud <* Held piece* . liMciull; ample to bi t <1>.'/I ?uie to a?yr aulttional troop* ,-anta Anna may order lo t be f ont h, which i* exceedingly nueattonaMe, aa he no doubt in fully romiuctd of the alu.irdlty ?f another at tempt to ilt'inl Alvarei and Id* chieftain, (ieueral I'omcnfOrt, Uiv latter whom talent* and liberal wiiti mrntii and toward* not mil) In* own eountryiaen, ' but fiir*tgne>?, em.'oently quality him fur the tnoit ele r?W pu H on within tlm gift ef tin, Moxkana , a 'tetter ?elei tion fun i nut be ?a?Je, for he alone ap|H-*r* to ?>* the aian who muld harrronlie tin " North an<l South," nil 1 prevt nl tkia republic from cruni L>liu?' lain iaxigilln l can' independent .Stat** The victory wa- celebrated In tlr* port on tlm Mtli by 'In- firing of * nation*! nalute. and otf.< r dt'iiMMHtrttioim I ol rejnic ng The nhnlf form. Wiu htH) troop*. ari* on llian matin for thi< place, ana umjr I ?' looked for In a fe? .lay*. Hie hfnik frigat* I * Forte cleared on the l?tl? for 1 Callai). ( in the Ktk tlm M<-xii'M> ?>hnunrr Atrirido, arrived with a cargo i? it ?>?. r, being 17 lay* from Muay ! maa; m li> iep rti no blockade fttueg out for '.hi* port, that Anna h Hi- ih? veaatrl* to 111 out* 'be Ameri- I run actinonar Flying I'art. (.'up' Kan. nan, nwlvedoa iW I I4tli wit*- h i:tr,o oi provieiom, ami aialc tb? p maage Ironi San I lanelico lu 15 daja. f-anta A> nil la xtitl Id tlm capital, ami hi* no tailed flection U BronrfcK.ilog with won'erful rapidity hi* new I ateamem ol w?r ar* ?|iiirtfy in the port J f Vera ''run for j want o! crew*. anil thua en'1* tlm fur famed paper block I adi- anil the attempt to defeat Alvarez [From tlm :ian Frandaeo Herald, Jaiv :iO. ) According to Infw nan Hon gathered at Aoapulco, a body i (if tron p?, nun thousand in u unl>?r, b'louging to Santa 1 AnLu'a aiftiy, auriendered on tlm plalu naar AytiUt, 1 about thirty four league* from Acapulco, to Oi-nerai | Don Roiendo Moreno , the clnef o the brigadv ol tnat nam*, an the 17'h of January. The majority of them we e mcoiporateil into tb? arui) of Alvarez, otiaggixi'l ; liylitcra, and wi ll aimed. Kiglity inu'e Ion. In of ammunition and camp atorea, { fllli t u liun> k?i rtnnlof arm* (b"nli)e* tbe ei|uipm?nt* wtiicli tlie ilCM-rlem biougbt with thorn), and alt Until o i'ccii, were *urr> ndered. Umat nuuibiiia of uiuaketa, , in a Ornt rate condition, were al-o aeourad, where t'n< mi n of had thrown them at tin time of their oaca|ie Ironi tbe rank*. Ttc reroiutioniatn raaldent at Ac?pul>-o a| p?ari?l t ? have the grcileit f a ? t li in ilie aucc**-! of tbe movement, and rcpilced at tlm idea that tnat reault ??? likely to be lo noon accompl nlieil Two native' of Acapulco i their nam -h are not men tinned,) whoao nop*-, and nlahea leaued toward! Ilie aidi of ^an'a Anna i aine away milan in the <i olden Age, no doubt in fear of ttieir Uvea, in ea>e tb?y re mained. There wan no lack of provision at Acapulco, aa before, the aehuoncr Flying Imit, from i-au l-rauciaco, b -mg In )iort with an aborted cargo, and alao a brig from Ma rattan TIIK FIlKHltlgNTUI. ILKCTION IN ItOMORA. White all llm vote* in the central and eaatern Mexican Hlatea were c?at for hanta Anna, a' 11m recent Preai Ian .'al tii 1 1 iji farce, it would apper r liia lefluani " lid not | en nd to honore. Tim San Inrgo limit <1 at) < ?We 1 ! 'uve i-t ? !ve I information from a friend who waa In 1 -ant'i Anna on tlm day of election, an I who ii now in .'ill I 'lego, which, in oua opinion, a?ata tbii faUl of Ilia Sonne ilii'liiiei-a r-anta Anna, lu Altar Santa Ann* re culTtU but tlin ? votca, In r^inta Anna, noue, in Ma !al<-na, I two Ail tl.e vote* m theae pueliloa i am i in ling to ??wral hucilnd. ) wi re in favor of Gen. Ariata. lien. Vain t and ex liovtrnor (now J.ieuti-naut (iovernor) Uaudera, with ail their p'-ona and wealth, were inalil-t i to aecuie any di iiionetratlou In lavor of the 01-tat ir. !*?%? Trial UranlMl In Hi* Cn?o of Captain Nmlilfti, Con vlrtrcl or Miavr TrafU.-ltliiK. IMTKI. HT ATKH CIHCCIT OOCKT. . j I Ml 24 ? Thf I ntl'.l .Slain n. Jamn Smid'K ?It w.H i? r*oltoctad Ibat th. prion. r, ? H.unrU.1,, , r,b; ?t th. U.( t.rm of thU (V,?rl, b? . 'r" Judg'" N"'"n ?n?l *<'?. <>f tr*fflcli,?? m .1.,., ?? tb. coa.t ,,t Allien b.rluf flttad out . r.ual ia th. nit.d Mat. * 'or that purpoa. A motion a&a mad. fur ? n?w Wial ?n4 Jurff. N.l.on in fraotuif th. motion La* gtr.n tb* following opinion on th* ran. ? n??L,?,?S f,K **'?*?*. ciHti'iT rtrixii. r . . ' ? J ? lh? pnaoni-r i. Innictod un i.r the act ?f ' V!'*''" ?">?;" ??, ??20. u|h,d a cluV of IV, fttZZZSKlt'l?" UTBU-to iu ,l"'*tfon of tba i'jr .to proria CD* any eitI/.*o of tb. t'nitad Xtat.. * , ' r* w , r ? ioftipauv of an* ?hii? o?n*l ,0 " " l?rt, . r mri# ai'-i lor or i? ZU|" "f any r.tlan ?>' ritlr.ri. of tli. I nltad MUt.., who n, all |.ti micufnt m ttnj >Uvr trade in tot- mat.tiar an I wi.h ni(. I... .??? rB-lto i h. fourth an, I Bfth L'tlon" o/ ^ c^rST?' Chtr*' 1 "??' buth br*n-h ' lfe," r1"""'. b*'n 00. Of tb. thin a r ??i,inr i i f th. br'f Julia M .i.llon ?*t,...l |? ? ?Pr , ' "',*V a cittiMi. , r pi f !/? n . .,1 I ,u, d| I A o.. |,. .o 1 i,|? f,w) ? , ? h.,;, , , ' ' 7. J 'Vr '? to tb. .tatul.. Mat'..' a . " Jr'"** ri"'ro ''""'I i ? ^ P <? "Hi Mill I Of th* b til tl .id ?.r , LHn? a "' "?*" 1 .Mr, k , .inain ** ? OfgTOttou i ',.rd aa d T'm*I ?ith lnt?ot Atr ' " V'," ??<<'?'? >k naif of ?h? r ,* , S2j?k>j? UK*no,t ,t - 'V' 'ir'"."*' ?.."t,at N.? by him, or at bU .n.tao ., an^l ?fc? I*'" ? ' b "" r*"' *'?tll.|? r|^ I,,. ) .U'.* ,U*'!" '"T t "r I '.I La>i fuin , - 1 ? onr) t,?, ?, , , f r '?l ill. O y < ?hlrh ? a l tMM>n pr.?.1or?1 br H.? ?. I wrei-.oi, tb?pr,M.n.r w?. rta?crib?"l ?, a pit ??. of tV. 1 <M>tb that h? ?a. aucb .ItiM* Th. ?,.|.no? that tb. pri.'n.f _ a. n i?t?r of tt.? t.m.1 ?aU..| fr..m th- port of N<w 1C< rfc to tb? roa? t of uri.-a too* m a 'Tba wl?^u7' ?" '?'? l-Uai of bU rrd... "I? *" n >1 ?D'1 th#,h V Coaai.'.tabl. .ri>l*tio. wa* fifm ?? ;h, p.r, nt i*l' "* ','h" "?* ? ?'< of !(.? '.r;;;: j;ur.!,'"b h' ^ "d -? ? II [? ;"hu"u "? ">? r?- l? ">? I'trt, th. ? ourt itatH that tk. jo??rfca,.at rau.t pro... llW thai tn. u, ?.r at tl. ilCi. ha wa. ?n,.|t.1 n th. li!.?| trafT.r -a.a. "'O'-' I "II. IWLt,-. or. that tl.. t..m| ?. 'bb. .-a. inda<l ?.? ova.d n ?(,.>!. or n bj. tit,,, a .f.tu.naof th. I alt..] |a ^ | j .tlly Ib.n. n nrdiajf b.anoilt* 4nd tb>M two t.i#m wp f . nUnf)j |*rt U? tb? jury, for 'h*,- n? 3 n* %l?rr r? ffnr tfinr loth* trUUf ? tbrnl ui Tk. p;i . ii.r'a now nior.a for a n.w trial aii.obt oth.r., upi.n th. ?r.,.,o.l thai h. ?aa . "f?"> t?> l?'. ra<? b, th. rhar.i l iO ??i to tfcn juff th#* ' ucit'fia ?.? ' th. wlk?a. cf.a^ur ,h. ticolar, tb. .,i...tu>n .b.'b.r tba ir.Ur.?t of th- AnJTri anowL r. n h. ??,?i had paa.M to th" pr ?....r by tha p.rrba.. of ker a< lfe.t4? p I ik? L* "?U,?'V ^ ,b* 'hattk. purrltaM of th. Uf th# prUowr b. i b~,. p,0T?| ?? u( f . ." *0'1 ?."<">10#, tb.r.f lira, . bat It vat I nwd. a mattaro' oowtror.r*. m ih. rr ,*-.. , ?f 1b. trial bit to f.? tat.n a. .u L?,\?, CT^ Mee.tud to ...Ma. alti>?. .. and to pr?ltt? d.a<? Whieh If k? attrition ba.1 b^. t..r.M t? tb. ' ffl#!' r. !f fT**1 " ?"?M ha*. pia/*>l U.. fact r.d all r?a^ aa'.l. doobt that, harina latin it tar fran tad, from tba ? or- of tb^ In.l' th.t X PT p ?t<l of tb. r.i.'i from tb. Ao^r raa owa.r. roai lad iwtM in tba pn>oa*r a I' Splcta tlU. tb. talf anaitkt .a oowtrorarir laft ? til. part . I U.. ra^, .? tb. 'ouumI aoap<M?) ?? ,w# .|0?tt . i ?,f rlfaanaL p *. a'. ?t..?a.l a a -.n.w of lb. that tt^. j w?.it?r?ti. a. a. f,..Ud by l-..onn?l fo, th. p? ?... ?r, ar. ntiM u. w.l(bt ao : that IU mi,w of th. tr.l ..a; r. r jr a.., ham ia ?l?.| i,uo la r.? t>,# 1' iB' a ? a<d la <'>a4a.Uaf ih. dafka ? Tk? fo?.r?..rfl?? b.r.B( '*tan 'b. ??*! hr |ii m ?ti j ' t.oa.Bt to pro-r. tha pur'ba-i. tba rMW| by tt. ?n ' a.r (Van. lb. A*..r,rta o?r..f an ! th .i %aa r.? I at !a?l a | art ,f ita '?? n>aUrtal or ant w J.r aa ?!.. j<r. .win.,, ww .rk 1, it ... aataral for it.. fe.a>*. Ir?r tb. pr.v a.r to lar.r t) a' ,???? b. bi>a a. f tl oa. |? c?atnr*rt .t it ? Ul b. r>??r-t?l a. al 1 lu Iti.d r al >..t *> ? ? a^at'.r of aatrorw.y a tt. f ? I. pf |r.M of 'h. trial lk? n wtktl o. ? r ^ t I'au tb. .r i?r.' . |a r. ? j?. i '? tt, ? (,t. l a-? ?< ( ... >.,? t .. i ia! W-d to tba ? it nt tf ? Vt ?* thtf m'jfM M otir .f '.l.a a. ?t? ? t t'a , iIim ?a. ... f at loll, ,-t a ? it ..I ??bwi,"?d a?".fdloflr w. ara .at ? fi?i trooi It. ?i?. a r.a :/ pr.wota) that B tbi. r? f'.t, w? ??r. B i'iiin ?.d tbat, i'a.fad of ?ala.'ttlr f tb. 'a't to 'h? ;.irr a? th. r r.raaa'nt ha I aa ;. .t a f-. of it. .... .n th. fa<t r.ot tj. , t???'rv b; ? . p.. ?- tt.f, ,^,v bat. r.f.r 1 ?' i ? ' * ? t aa .1 Um ??. to i tk? ? It.. a.i ??>' It . pr .oa.r , ..... *?? ?> b. t?. fVt ... ant ..?> y I Uf(kr? k,4, ** .* * ' i . ru to'. fk*a<kt.a4. ? .*o.r. tf. fart f.,?.rarn?at. tk?t t?.,.? ... ?rr.,r ...t m tt aw tha ...? |. r. o' th. a.'^aa' aba. a-t.r. f tl . r.M.f'o th* ;?ry at a U a? o^?? f , ,5,*.. "..i .'at,. a r ?** tj'fc ,f "*?' f.o.ral ao? thaoa'i-aal a, 'V*. ??**' "M ? ??HU4 ?/. tb. ,M r^d .t h... ?*.? by th. a^ wratl!. ?r( 'l?il ^ nara Maat tbw'of. U ? a.w trial m Wt H ?..,?!> m " ? ' ? ^"-0 Of U. U lla li., l *1^? U? Miaa Kt>? ,'i k*r. ta?ij tr - . aa' '?.ar1?t?d ia th. fa *r .. o' t a. ar- *j - of i oka u-Urn b. ?lkaf S.rtn laat. a?* b.ta ha.'. *?? ' U tU k'^?f X?o., alTl? J tb. ?(!???? yroi *4 ?< t,(a kataf ? .-urM wa. T * " t7.'- r?"~1 ^ iTui.Tr. "?V.t /.n? Orimm u. ^ ^ ARRIVAL OF THE GEORGE LAW. I ONE WEEK LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. ' New* frork' Orrpon, ihr Houlh hirifir, Nrw Cri nuilB, Awtfrulia ??*?* l!ic Sandwieh Mumb. $1,11,3,547 in" Gold Dnst. FBIGHTFI'L SUAM110A5 EXPtWTION. |;|>*arii* of Fori) Ptttvns Rillf4? THE CRIMINAL RECORD' POLITICAL IWTELLIG/JNCE. THE VOTE FOR UNITED STATES SEMTQR. IITEEKMTIIKi ITKKK. MAHHIAGK8, UIKTIIS AND DE.VTHS THE MARKETS, 4c., Ac., Ac. Tim hip l.airya 1 ??, Uai?t M?Klu?tfj, IJ H. X , cotoinamlinir lrfl Aajitii?all at In unnaW>? I- m tba morning of tb? tilth Imtant ainl arririHl ljuaraa linn at :i ? cloak on tha taotntnj of tha -iili. hha brlnga tin* California n.a.ln n( t)i? lit in?taut. tl.llU, 647 In traaanra <n fraijht, aa<t .Til |.a-??n?ara, hmufht il' ?n on 1 1>? KanBo aoia by th? I'ai id< Mad Hanmabip <??ai|iany 'a iti amrr Joha I. Htaphaaa The I'anama Hailroait la ?<> far romplatal that tram* tun tli* whu'r i) >'ari. -a fr< m Aiplnwal) to I'anvua 1 lia |.a"?fn,(?r? by t h" Joliu 1. Mapbana wara UmtH uti'anaua on tha morning "f tha l&lh laataat *?J cami- nu board tba G'Orgr Ijiw tba availing <>( tba aama ilat Tha roail van to bs formal!/ opaua.l no tba -Oth jimtant, ami tin party of <1 tntora au't otnar ga.iU'inaa, who lalt Nrw \ oik on tlia 4Ui by tba <>? r?? Imw, vara t<> >ol>t it tha car> monla*. 'Ihr following i tha ?p?cia Mat of Iha liaorifa Imw ? I'aga, llacoi. A Co 4410. "<JQ A'Uma k < o :tl 4 OUO W.lla, V argii hVO.... 1M.MT I'raial k Co t<? <?? Of.'ar 4f>,40? Wrn BMlkOl f.0,100 Mi In jpoiltM Buk 74 Ihnmai Matron .V K?n? 14 <r*J Jol ' dm 'ii A |j'?'l< n 1" 'ft II. llama K t'o IU,'K4 l?r?w, ItMaiN lOi . .. I.,M? W T. I olftiitn A l'o # 74# ( hani)'< il n. Hotib'Oii A ('? '1. 1*5 'I A It Nnl'oo ... 1 tH Win. t 1 1 aa iiniiif* 2 OS! MM a Boi|W I l?* John 1'iiraml A t o 4,ti*MI lilio A franc hia 7 M> Total ?l \U,tA1 We ara Indtbtrd tu M*??ra. Wall*, K?r|" 1 to. for 0?-ii i f California anil <*<?<? n papara, and ?!*? ta th* n;iirim of Mr r? Adaim K Co , l'urarr Miti'li*.! and llaa B*o Kratic'iwo N? ?? Oftcc of I W. -uilnr*i? for aituilar fatot*. In 'h* llat of | *?*' n,<i ta will ba notlrad th* nam* of Utt, J it l(liruli|u>, at I rolilint of I'tru. H?n K. la tcron'i ' mi l by lila family. and InWndt millai a langthy rlalt to tb* I'clM htatra lb* Indian troublr* In thr na ghbotbood of tla* kla math rittr una bicon.inj aUrniln* A num ber of* men ba<i b<?n kill"! ? all artanly? a-i4 about tlilrly Indiana it ?ti ;?ar? l tliat tlirra pvul'l ba n *m?.-al rials* i d:oe< tl.a In*! last of tb* North On tbr Vi'li uit , during a ftra on firal atraat, -mm Kranrla'O, 7lioi?aa Murray. as rnrrgrtlc Altaian 1 fl.tag log to 1 1., im 1 11 V II Jo at bla Ufa by tb* faliiaf of a ch 1 rn or y u|?n him The aorrbij j>*r* of 1ti?m*< I'aiaa in -an Iiid'jc* ralilraUd ba bli tb.taj on tl.r firth by a public <llai?r *4 tlir I ranklln ra alaiirtnf Thry 'all* I It tba "Itaatof liraai n " l>n 'ha Kith January Ibrra waa a a*i*rw aartfi'juafca, nrrr lira n.iantm In duration ranging fr< m hat liaN. 1 1 0 m n?ra In tbr t'* an>l a;.afta ware conai ' al.fiutd, anil iaa a tin lr aiitt aa >|u rkly aa poaalld*. f'nllllial lnl< lll|(> nt r. Da Irgi-laMur lia.i <'*<l bo bu*la*a?of malarial import a i.c*. ao far A bill ?aa |iwm<I t^)inipri?li>( tl "O 'rom tl.a Mat* trraaurr to *a<b niauabir Th* faot*rimr rrfua* I la aanrtlna tri it bat It tuba* , i.titly I ai" <t tii? in apit* of tbr raiu by a roi* of M ta U Tba Han Franritr . Journal of tba lit tna'aat tba* ap.aka of tb? a| faaranra ?f a nr w eandldata fur t ait?l Malaa ."anati r uarai * hita.idaa of I'arta IUi , V iba malty *Im liai rtcHft<l a aumkar of toWa 'a* I a t*4 Mlta* Catalar, in Ji .nt f"??r|,tl"n, an nominal*! try hrnator Mabbu ? on tbr third ballot, on Tnr*.lay, > a4 r*e*t?r<! an ?*t?a t.y iba au|i|i'irt of k*a?ra tiatar, <i*f Irr, I'l.r'j-a and h . in t fir thirty thl'l Tata, "Ufk nun.tiar ?aa ativu rntr^ an tba foilorlnir ballot to alaa, m. *t*t tl Maori IN (My AakWy a*4 !tnii Wr laara lir rrfa.ra* 1b'rt??n lotra in yrai> rda f ? bal lottlnfa Ttia prravnt a< tion > f tb* l<r(lalat ira la traly fan rai II la alttal IM th?i laryrat nural<ar of vhlga ara of Bro.|*r . k In kar; an t that h? naa at |>?>*at f?.rty Oi'ra I rl(>1 I >f lialn ? atranftb la abo>it 'ha ?tut* t fir* Tfca only rt>anra of an *)?' U"a la aupf**^ to rvat M I 'I*a 'iM ir< tiabl'Hy of th* Know Nntbtnfa a ha arr aa M Ui la fitty on* in form la both ha'iaaa >oa r*ntratirK on a |?|alar ran>!t>!a<a, and ba a naw inan I fcr i/rrobf >a?a - . ? wa? rauawa4 jratvrday with ba* llttl* > ban** ?trap< a falling off la II a U win iota, and tba takinf uy by tb* H'C #rbl* aiaf of a n> w r?r.. a1* Mr Wi iUaldaa It aaaaaa to b* a*t tl' d that l>r 'twin raoaot <m I* aUrtnl, but I* It not a lit ti* mngnlar tl at a man wt.o baa t<*an in tba *tata aii't 1M?, and narrr brf<#r? liaard o' abould baa* |k M aa raay a> am* n>t>i Ky f tig it blind aomctrndy alaa baaidaa wbifa may pick up a Walla ? anll-tat* Iba t'aatial im a?aat? *?a a to lay l?a?|*rat? tfl-ria a f* niallna by lhaitala *ia( - an aaya r?a??'r? U. brtag abatit a rompromiaa on a/.ma luao wl*o baa not mm ?oi?d far Tb* ;nla' roa?rntl< a f th* I ajialatur* ha 1 bnllotta4 thirty f a* tlmaa for I alta-t *'at?a H?aat.-r fra th* tw*nty a at!i ball"1 <<?ln i*ral??t forty on* aoiaa. bat aa will ba Mia '7 tba faUoa>?? ba a?aiti fall off on tfca laat tr*al - T1-* tb rly fifth ?ot? war t*a?a oa tba aftaraooa <?f Uia >1*1 alt , ao t ?*a ultad aa foUowa ? frwln a ? ? a -IV ^'?a' :a Hradartcb . . W Whltr>r<t*? of Yal<arauaty 19 M'farlla 4 M'f?afal... ? Hcatt*naf I Wh' la nambar of aataa I'< Xr'***ar; ta a ?hav* II Kaarfaal llaamhaal K a |alfaat<a*a. lo*? or rami roan r TV rirrr Utm?rvTAL wmi i or rim 'tuau rraai . (' ?rt*ap< a^aa-* -A tb# Haa fra**lac<r liar aid 1 "iiajaaat-i Jan 27. I MP W. Oa* of tba an<al faarlal a" i *ata that ha* arar hap paaad oa th* I'a' ft? wart ha* ^a*l aaaarrad Iba *<**m*r Irarl, from MaryaruU, ;u*t aa aba paaaa 1 tba <?atat "f tb* ha> ramaat* a?4 Asanea* itnr*. *aptn M, aad *? at a a a??a?l froaa forlr ta Ift; k aaaaaa ta if* lata a ' y It a^t*?ra that th* lalaiftja (Otii'a a Ls*> a*. ' I'aarl (fata Mm ' aa llaa; war* ra. ct?f fraai ?'inil!a ta tb a rity aat j i*t aa tb* la'ta* ? a. war 1 1 tba wharf, tba bwllara barvt, aad rw*alta<l a* aU'ia -Warrtkad TU 'a war* alaaty tbr** paiaaajara oa board, ir.aar of wb'm w <r* Cl.laaaaaa? n^>*t *4 tb*a war* "? IM forward part of th* baat o*ai laa raard* a* I* anal oa th* Iaa4 ag of tb* kali It la imp" ?* 1 1* U. ta U how maay **r* aarad bat 'raaa Uaa rlatrwxnt of aa *)* ?l'a?a*. wU, a*> lata 4 la 'aaa*ytag a*??raJ of th* w.^a'ad aad dyiaar ta th* haaa tat. It la b*li*i*t that m.' r* than two th rda ha** partabad - aoaa* | af thrm wai* f n>< , Mtrva !?-*' ?* , atlrra w)ta in- r arm* aad 1*|? '.I'.wa off aa 1 o<la*ioi*a 'air biy mat l*u i ? aptain la'la I n'i t 1 mat ant Ma tfatW a, I WafV larao h ?"* a p 1 pr*a< at* atl ''aa<t Daa \r*a? ?ara balaaglag t ' w? .? Iar(i. k >? 11 aau Tlaay ara ? aft* atoat ?>i t| ^raaatal oa* fw iia rtauirrr Mr | haafar of A'"?a?* * U '1 l.lf?a*. w*a aarad T aa* a ant'a 1 ?' of laaara. ' '.aaiwa ara |yt*(oe *a> ta^ *i4*?f th* rirwr ? aan*t f thaaa at Tola TSa* baat '-* aa to'ai wi*r| Tl^ r?.t?rpr a* arrival th.a m in* at bamg> a baat twatity maataa b*k?l Ui* I'aarl It i* b'a ta p^tarorw tba .tat of ?*.??a#ara a* th*'k*ra waa Laowa up with tba r**t a. 1 that 1* kanwa >-?Saltaly la tKat 'bar* w*r* aia*tr thraa om baatd 4 r pa waa pr# rarad, tad tb* *r*<t baa baaa hawl*d ta th* rl?*> ? 4a a raaat o'tt* |a* work* Th* after rat. a avd tb* b j U , I* all that rwaaa a* of h*r TVaa pa*a*r^arg *ka *a?^ Irrtanata ?w.w|ti ta ha aft la t?ia raMt, pf'f 0 aa*ap*4 ?a a,ar<4 Tlia pilot. Mr Wlltlam* tat ttr*?a a aaa^ <?'*?'* <'?taa?a la tU air aaad fall ia th* rt??* * h a a. '*? faat rftU ToWiaVr* U waa *?>*? *"?y aa, tad ?rt;i (aaMlM r**?aat If a ?-*(?* ? *<t*-alf mtrar a>a* Tla app-oaraa** of 'b* *v*a-lat ; aad ararral* aa* "a?apa' ? a* a aw.: d?i>a -? * fM TV.a (h'at?*t ai4 p*aH **4 ?t>1 ? ? "

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