Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1855 Page 3
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eeveral arc severs ly wounded: bat tverything is smoth ered it the camp. The following account appear* la the Argui of the 2d inst., hiring been brought from the ecene of dlaturb mee by a epeeiai ezpreea Tuonan ay, 11 P. It.? In neat haste I forward you the proceeding* of thia morning, and considering them of the greateat importance, I mind them by a special mea ?enger. At 10 A. M. Messrs. Commiaalonera Bede and Johnson, wrlth their troop of mounted and foot police, with drawn ?words and flied bayonets, demanded from the diggera their licensee. Thedlggeri, on their appearance, assem bled in uassea. many with araa, to reaiat the enforcement of thia moat obnoxioua tax. Mr. Commisaioner Rede attempted to reaaon the point with the diggera. Be told them he muat do hla duty, baTing received instructions from the highest au thority to that effect, and do it he would. He drew "their attention to what their own deputation hail told them yesterday, viz., that if they memorialized the Lieutenant Governor they would get their rlghta, and that, moreover, Mr. Fawkner had been selects! as one of the number to inquire into the grievances of the gold .-fields. (Three clie* rs for Fawkner.) The cry of tho ?iiggcrB was " We will not have drawn swords or fixed bayonets." "Where is the Governor)1" " Seud up Sir Charles Hotbam." "We want juatlce, and we will have it." Upon this Mr. Commissioner Rode declared he win do lermined to collect the license*. " We haven't go them; we can't give tbem." " W? have burnt thuia ? Mr. Commissioner Bede:?" My luds, 1 must read th" jiot acv.." The cry was, " Re>id it, read it." 11 < r>*ad it. The sceue of oonfuslon iind excitement wliicb oc curred in th' new road at this moment, eye witnesses alone can depict. ? A moment of alien ? being obtained, Mr. R? ile being evidently confused, and Air. Johnson " sheepish," tho former said, " Tbo licenM-i nmnt be shown ; we mus apprehend hII who have not their licenses " One groa wmversal cry then aro-e, " To the camp, boys, to th ci' tup ! " For some dlrtancs the diggers follow d to ?v. .ncs the camp the retrograding military force, wheu ?uddenly there was a shout of ''Not to the eamn boys ; -not to the camp. Back to our own ground on Bakery Hill I" During thia period, tho detachment of the 4Cth and lith had formed neur the bridge. Of the diggers, some went to the Eureka, aome to the Hud Hill, where they hoisted tiieir Sag?" The Sou '.hern j Cross" while the commissioners and commanding o(H era were holding a consultation on the new road, ev,.|.?ruly | nonplossaed as to what were the intentions of the dig- I gets, and what they were next to do At len^'!:, I'io ! military and police formed themselves into divi.'on ou the Bakery Hill, throwing out their ' light '?obi,1' as (?harpshooters, behind tbe heap* surrounding t:io holes. The position being thus taken up, Mr. John son ai<ked what ho was to do if in the collect ing of the licensea, and the apprehension of the unlicensed, violence were used. The answer from the Diticer in commend of the police was:? ''If a man r?isos liia hand to striko, or throws a stone, shoot him on the ?pot." Tbefe were the orders given to tbe police. An unfortunate man riding, not being licensed, was taken prisoner to the csmp under tbe guard of two troopers, with orders from their oiHcer if he made any attempt to ?scape, to blow his brains out. All th a took up soma time, of course, and the grand review having taken place on llakery Hill, the govern ment force, for some reason which, though both an ear and eye wi'noss, 1 raOLOt understand, retired towards the camp, hut not in peace, for huedreds of diggers had equipped themtelves with revolvers and with wespons of nil Linda, both offensive and defensive. Boattw.ed shots were heard about this t!me, and one mm having ??scaled" bis piece was pursued by a party of the police, -who, acting under orders, fired on hiin amongst tho tenta, but luckily mimed, hut eventually captured him. Throughout tho wholo of thia eventful m 'ruing, from 30 A. M. until 4 P. M., there was one univeraal unaalmo ja cry? "We will not pay the license We will have our righta." I may stAte that the whole of the eampwas barricaled with aand baga, trusses cf hay. ke , and parties of sol di* ra and police posted bebinl these detencea. No one was allowed to approach, but even in the main road were told to " move on " At BP. M. we were aroused by reiterated shoutings nnd firing, which we Ji-covered to proceed from the dig Cr'a stronghold, Bakery Hill. On gomgftliere I found a rge number of diggers assembled, formed in line, giving In their names, in rotation, in order to become members (if the Reform League. All were armed. The sailors w?re placed in a division by themselves. Pai tie* were going through the manual exercUe under tbo superin tendence of sn old soldier, and every one present gave strong evidence that they were unanimous and deter mined. A meeting will take place at 4 A M. to-morrow mora ing. Seven P. M ? An outbreak hui taken place on Cren I wick's Creek, and a pait of tbe police ban been sent tuern from tbii place, tbe result of which I will mention in my j lint; but I have not one moment to spare. You may rely upon receiving tbe earliost informat on from me. I bare n?n personally, or bear! all i have pent you to-day. It is impossible to depend upon tha iiumereui reports hourly circulated and brought down to Melbourne by interested parties. A strong party of digger* bave oosupied tbe road to Melbourne to rescue the prisoners. I belier* seven friaoneri are taken; He vera I wonn !ed no both bides, but no death*. Tbe driver of I tie American wagoa la rallying. In reference to these rlotoui proceedings, wn extract the follow ng from tbe report of tbe business of the L? j ?< ir-luti ve Council on tbe lit inat. ; ? Mr. Nn hoi-son begfeil to put a question to the honor* - ble tbe Colonial Secretary, relative to a report whi:b pre vailed of diaturlwnces at Hallaarat. Within the last hour rumors baa been rtlo that disturbances had occurre ; there; and he wished to ascertain if there was any (rut i in these rumors, ss he believed that there was a strong disposition on the part of the people bore, should tsore ' be any occaxien fcr it, to support the government. (Hear, bear ) The Coiximai. Ski rktahy said It was quite true thatln- j diligence bad arrived that day from Rtllaarat, up to I Thursday i veiling, and be would now state to thi House what that intelligence was. Tbe loons tor meeting suui Tanned for Wednesday had taken place. It bad nut been I nearly so numerously attended as was expeetcd, an 1 had passed off quietly. Next day ( lhur?iav) the officials At Rallaarat proceeded as usual to search for unlicensed miners, In order to carry out the existing law A party cf thirty police went into tba* part of the digging* known its tbe Gravel Hits, nearly a mde from the camp. There they were pelted with stones and driven back. Rein forcements were then procured, and the crowd con- ' tinning to increase, the reiident Commissioner requested the well disposed to retire. Many did so, and then the riot act was real. As tbe crowd still continued, the I hiitboritie* proceeded to disperse them, and several abota were exchanged between tie crowd and tile military. No injury had been done by tho firing as far as' had been ascertained, except that on' man was reported to be wounded in the hand, and one of tbe police horses was stabbed. Eight nri 'oners w?re arrested and wero safely conduced to the camp. He would add that should circumstances arise to require government to ruly for support on her Majesty's loyal subjects in the colony, the government knew 'bat it . might depend u|?m them. (Loud cries of "H-ar, hear.") | lie begged I'urthA' to state that, as the authorities deemed it right to carry out the law effectually they had thought it ceairable that remforc meats should b ? sent op to Hall iurat, aid accordingly reinforcements hvl b"en a^nt up, and weie now on the raid. Of tl ic steps adopted by the government on t!ie re ceipt of this news In Melbourue, the Aryut of .-aturUay ?aj? ? i'rorn the atatement mado in the Legislative Council yesterday by the Colonial M::ret*rr, it will be seen that a collision had tal.en place between the rioters an ? the military, although hnppi'j without loss of life on eit ler aide. The state of tilings oa tho diggings has in deed become moat critical, and any nour may bring us Intelligence o' tbo mo?t serious m tuie. The government is thoroughly aroused, and is concentrating tbe whol* military and polce force of th? colony at Hallaarat. All the Hvallahle men of l*e loth and 12th r< fiments have left town for that local;tj. A iody of .100 rank and file of the former regiment, with their band, were marched nut yesterday a'Umoon, un der the coin mind of Lieutenant Colonel Vallun'.and Ihe whole of the officers of the regimen*. Tiiey took -with them fojr field pieces t.<o sit and two twelve pounders. All thu offi er and the men of tbe lith - g luent. with the exception of Captain Vereker and trie necessary guard, bave left for the same place. Th?jr number about three hundred Twenty four mia-ol I war's mm, and about twenty marines from II M. sh p H?:tra, have alao besn aeat off. rifty hor-e an t abont the same number of foot police were to he de?pat be I yesterday afternoon. A large number of baggag' an I ?mmnnitmn wagons were sent with tbe military. We also hear that Sir Koberf Niekle, f'omrnander in hlef of the Forces, and Colonel Macartney, Adjutant Oen?rU, Intend to atart for Ita'laarat at thiee o'c'.o. k this morn ing. The amount of the force, military and p-il to tie asaem ded at these diggings ulU be little short of a thousand iron COMMFRCIAf. MC0H1). Ptmkv, Wednesday evening, I>ee #, H.t. The pressure of tho times i. now being unmlstasalilr felt at the auction sales, In the sacrifices that are -'vly taking pla<e In Manufactured goo is. Kagllsb and for ? Ign; and it is feared the worat Iks not yet been rea li ed. A large quantity of German furniture enroll yesterday at ruinous prices. A large parcel of teis ? about 5.6<V) pa"ka(0a? has arrived to ' ay, by tbe Jaiob Somes from Hoof h <ng At the same some larg>' exports of tea . are takia, place, principally to Victoria A company has be- n started for opening up t'o navi gation of the Hhoalhaven river, and tlieroy briruin," Cown tbe agricultural products now being rapi IU de veloped hi that district A meeting of the Melliourne "bsmVrof Comrasrn was 1 eld on the 2Hh of November, to ois : i is t'ie near fiscal measures of the government. The foOowiof Wefs tl e poillona of the lieutenant viovrnor's finsoUi n. a sag< specially brought U' d?r on*, deration ? Trie ?'t-r? lion bv the new tariff of the duty on aplri'a, to be 1 >? per galloo oa wine. 2a. p< r gal! n on hear. f- 1 pe gallon , on tobacco, 3a. per lb. on -x'gars. \c , pe lb. on tea. 3d per lb on c (Tee, 14a pir cwl ; on raw ?0(,sr and mols?ses. Ss |? cwi. on refined sugar anl sugar candy, fs. p -r cwt and on all articles lmt<r*e i tot enom? rated alxivc (with some few exc< ption* a ilvwl or ad valorem duty, equal to ten por eont on th dr value. The increase of revenue a?r ved from t ila alt *r at no In the tariff is cJinputO'l at about ?Srg) tss> by eblcb the deflei'ocy in the ordinary revenue wo il i be, to a great extent, provide ! for Af'er a long and desultory disius'on tie folio-sing rssrfutioos were affirms' -Thai thli (timber, while approving of aa amount of taxation to rue -t eipenll tures for government purposes, would at tbe <ami tlm ? | represent to the legislative Couneil the necessity of In creased economy both in tbe number of oflotale an ! in Hieir salaries, ? la to prevent the eommeri-e o ( tbe C'oitny i-eiDg irjuiT'l and its onarftes paraly/ed br ex cessive taxatioa. That this meeting approve of the principle of ra'Slag the dnty on ep'riu in tbs preient axigenries of tba reranae. That thia Chambes dlsap proves of the principle of a-t 1 ier?? duties, as inexp il ent vexatious In Its operation, and calculated to ta Jare tbe rommeree of this coloey. The Sydney A'. spare of TecemMr A has (ha following ? The latest sews fr->m Melbourne la to Hatorday, bec?ia ler a. Tbs Ultuibvd JtaU Of the '.otony wai aliof t? i the commercial deprodoa, and bail a *u may bt rtport ?4 at a ttwd tUU. The Melbourne Argus, of Saturday, 2d Intt ., with re feienoe to the new flecal meaauret of the government, unl it will be aeen by the return of cuitomt' revenue for the laat week in November, which will be found below, that the propoeed alteration of tbe tariff hat already pro duced a certain amount of a peculation, and Urge quan tltiea of tpirit* have been taken out of bond. The tpeculatort, however, do not appear to be very decisive in their gambling, having probably tbe remembrance of tbe many fingers that were burned when the alteration wat propoeed during the last tettion of the Initiative Council. A serious outbreak had occurred at Ballaarat. The Melbourne millert raited the price of flour ?2 per ton on all <iualitiea, on the lit inst. The Mtrco I'olo cleared for England on the lit, with 60,804 ounces of gold, and ?4 260 in gold tpecie. The gold market wat quiet; the price, ?3 18s. per ounce. tfYDNIY WnKLT Thadk Rkimrt. ? Friilay evening, Dec. 1. ? Trade eontinuid* hopelettly dull, There have been teveral extentive salet atauct'on, comprising land ed properties and ttoree of variout detenp'ons. Tlie S rices do not present any improvement. Mr. Charles lewton bat held several large sales. One thin day, com puting upward! of l.COO cbeatt of teat, and a lot of tu (jar* Wo perceive tint a mvnster sale, by tbe tame gentleman, ir about to take place d'iring the forthcoming we?k, viz ? 2,750 tone of variout classes of augtra, be irg the remaining stock of the old Sugar Company. Thia will, probably, bring thia market to its proper level. The cargo of the Caspar, from Valparaiso, la to b.' sold, by Mesirs. W. Dean & Co , consisting of 5,230 buih eU wheat, 6,S93 bushels bran, 1,190 bushels barley, 240 tone fine Uour, &c. The foreign and Kuglish arrivalt during tbe week have been the Catpar, from Nalparal ho; Cazelle, from Manila: CrUhna, Irom Calcutta, and Watergeut, fiom Liverpool. Oiiji ? In consequence of the great tcarcity of sp?rm oil for domfatir and abip ute, several vegetable oiit have besn brought into the market, and as some of thein uri well adapted for thetepurpotet, they are becoiniog fa voritet. Tkah. ? Upward! of 1,000 chettt have ahaugod htndt, being principally bought by apeculatoit, this hat put a check on private sales The exportaof teua have been unusually large. Price* remain about the same as last. OlLMra'S Stokw.? Good branda continue to be in quired lor. and at auction fair average pricoa are main tained. * Sai.t ? Still very dull. We have not heard of any trant tctiont. Toiuooo. ? Wt- have to tepori a very dull week, not be ing aware of a tingle operation in tjbacco, if we eicipt a parcel of damaged K?rr Oraud, at 9d ., by auction. Holders of inferior branda would very gladly tell, and those inclined to go Into tbe market may pick up bar rains. The spirit of speculation seems, however, to have left us for tbe preaent. tire ails ? Nothing doing in the segar market Several pn reels of the late arrivals from Manila, we hear, were previously bought to arrive, beyond the present market prlcet. Some large parcelt of segars, we hoar, are yet to arrive from Manila. UOLD CIRCULAR aTDHKY, December 1, 1S14. 7 ho receipts per escort this week show a considerable increase. The reports from the gold Uelda continue gen erally good, particularly to with reference to the Mer<io diggings, where the population is said to be rapidly In creasing. and the reaulta of their operations satisfactory, We, therefore, look to a considerable augment ttion in the quantity of gold about Christmas, as many are with holdlcg their jarcelt until then. Buyers, however, are by no means eager to purchase, even at preaent reduced rates, and our qootaticna are the moat that can be ob tained. The rate of exchange it four per cent. i l. ft. ? l. if. ? ?vent 3 IS 0 to 3 1W 0 l'ort Phillip 3 17 ? to :s 18 o Meroo 3 17 3 to 8 17 0 Kuckland Itiver 3 14 0 to 3 17 0 Adelong Creek 3 15 0 to 3 10 0 Turon 3 15 0 to 3 15 3 Tanil.aroora 3 15 0 to ?? 15 ft Hraidwood 3 14 0 to 3 15 0 Omeo 3 5 6 to 3 0 0 Nrwi from the Stuidwlrh Inlands* ONE WliKK LATEK? THK FI'NKK AI. CK.HKMOS'IRM QP Til fS LATH KINO. Advices from Honolulu to tlio 30th of Dec?ml>er? one week later ? linve been received. Great preparations were being made to celebrate the funeral obtequies of tbe late Ring in an imposing man. ntr. Tlie ceremoniet were to take place on tbe 6th of January, the procession to start from the palace. The Jrogramme has lie en publithod by Kekuanaoa, the fJ ran d larrlial, and piovides for the Hawaiian cavalry, phy?i ciana, clergymen of all denominations. Fret Masons, U1d Fellows, Itoytl School, faculty and students of Oaliu College, oth< r schools with their matters, artillery, the King's band, household troops, the Klng't servants; in front of the coffin the King's standard, and on either ti le sold ert aud high chieft. Next follow two kahilis the Queen, the new King and the roytl family, tbe minittert and 1 igb officials, the representative! of foreign nations, the Governors of the island! the members of the privy council nni ladies of the Court, the foreign Contula and officers of thipa of war, the Judget, officers of custom! and other government officer!, the Hawaiian infantry, Virit Hawaiian Guard, foreign marine!, fire cempaniea, hook and laanci ???>*">. the King'H yeomanry, the for eini lehldenta and foieignert belonging iu uhti'iIiiii ves sels, the native population generally and soldiers Coroner's Inquest. SUiriDB BY BAKODiO. Coroner O'D'nnell held an <ni|ii?Ht on Saturday at the house of Seth Holden, No. 20fl Fulton *treet, npoo the i>o?ly of a poor frua^liD, aged 50 years, named Devi I Pl*er, who rani" to bin death by hanging him*elt to hi* bed post in hid bed room, at the above place, wbsre he re?ided forth" taut two month*. Deceasod ban been ia a veiy destitute condition, and b*ing without employment, was unable to obtain a livelihood, and becoming deipe rate with tho forlorn prospect before him, he wa* tempted to destroy himself in the above named manner. Weekly Report of Deaths In the city and county of Now York, from the 17th 'lay of Fobruary, to the 24th day of February, IMA. 'Men, 101 ; women, 97 ; boy*, 182; girls, 111 ? Total, 021 . Adult*, IPS, children, 323; ioale? 283; females, 23 -> , col ored person.'. 18. Dins* SM Abaccss of the prostate Fever, typhoid gland 1 Abscess of the P. soas.. 1 Apoplexy 1 Apoplexy, nervous 1 Asthma 0 I!leed'tig from lung* 1 Bleeding from womb.... 1 Bowel.', disease of 1 Bronchitis 'J Burned or sculded " Cauctr in th< abdomen.. 1 Cancer of the stomach and liver 1 Catarrh 1 Cavialtie*, injiity to the bowel* 2 Casualty by railroad.... 1 rolls i Congestion of bowl*. . . . 1 Congestion of brain 13 Congestion of lnng* 10 Congestion of gpino 1 ConenmpMon 7-1 Convulsion*, infantile. . . II Convulsion*, puerperal.. 1 Crvup 14 Cyannai* 1 lability, infan'ile 5 Delertum tremens 2 Diarrhoea 9 Dropsy 1 Dropsy in the che?t 2 Dropsy in tb? hemi . . . lfl Dropsy in the heart 1 Dysentery 0 Kn!ar*en.ent of heart.. . . 1 Fr option (rose rash;.... 1 Krysipelas 0 Hrysipelas I rem vaccina lion 1 Fever 2 Fever, billon* 1 Fever, gaatnc ? 2 Fever, nervous 2 Fever, puerperal., 2 Fever, remittent 2 Fever. scarlet 19 Fever, typhu* ...10 Fracture of the head and fa se 2 Heart, dl?'-a*e of 0 Hip, diaeate of 1 Hoopingcough 6 Inflammation of bowel*,. 12 Inflammation of bratn. .. ID Inflammation of heart . . 1 Inflammation of liver. .. . 1 Inflammation of lung*. .57 Inflammation of throat. . 1 Influenza 1 Jaundice 1 I.tver, diseaiie of 2 lockjaw, (adult) 1 I. tie* venerea 1 Lungs, disease of 2 Malformation 1 Malformation of palate. I Marasmus, infantile 2ti Measles fi Mortification 1 Mortification of langi... . I OM ?g* 4 Palsy 4 Parturition, diOtcult 1 Pleurisy 4 Poison by opium i sup posed) 1 Premature birth I J Kupture of the bowalf, . . I Rupture of the heart... 1 H-rofula 1 Smallpox t Snftentig of the brain, .. 'i Sprue 2 Ht ill born 80 Stricture of theoretlira. 1 So (location fin a privy; . 1 Teething 2 'Deration 1 I lot-ration of bowel* 1 I Deration ot neck 1 Unknown, (disease not stated; 1 827 TotaJ mnnrcLano*? disusm ct **??n,. IV nes, joints, Ike 2 Stillborn , and pramature f.rsin and nerve*. ..... .101 birth M <!?neratlve or/*n? fi Stomach, bowel*, and Heart and klood vessel* 11 other digestive organs 44 l.unf*. throat, Ac 1H5 t'ncer'a n "eat and g?n Oldage 4 ?ral fever* 4.1 Skin, Ac , and eruptive Unknown 1 fevers 87 ? Tola' 121 Cf whi' h ten were fr.rn violent cause*. j<lu? Coder 1 ?rar 171 40 to 50 year "V4 1 to 2jear- MtolOynri ?.'to ty ear* r.s 60 to 70 year 5 to 10 yean 10 10 to 15 jrsar* 9 IS ts 99 y*ar? 17 2" to 25 years 24 11 to j ear* 2* 10 to 40 yars 4.S .... 14 70 to 80 year* 11 M to 90 year* 3 t?> to 100 ysar* 1 Unknown 1 .M Piltisli America. England 12 France 1 4 ticruiany 40 Ireland "!? (.land of Malta 1 J|or*ey l Prussia 1 n *uc Almshouse, Blk'H'a 1*1 . . " fleiiev ri* Hospital 14 Hty Hospital ft t it y pi i-< ns 1 Colore I Home Ho pital.. 4 lunatic Aaylun. lll'md l* 1 "I ) lailies Afyloni..., . 1 Total ?UTPTTUJI 1 Scotland r nitesl "tats* . . t nk sown 5 Walei 1 We*t trdie* 1 . 6 .'alt To* .621 I 'en ty hospital, nikslsl. 4 St Vincent'* Hospital. .. 1 Ward"* laid Koji't Hosp .'.] Workbo.i*e, R'well'i lal . 2 Total. 10 ana. 11. 14. 15. 14. 17. 1*. It. 9>. 21. 22. 29 17 I* HI 32 43 Total *21 T1IOWA1 r. TWJWNIVfl, CMv Inspect**, Iitffctsf's '/flic*, K?V Votk *?k. 24, 11*?. Tho UicloppoMd Legetbeer Felsenlne Ceee. DftATH nODVCKD FROM KATDIO 8MODD HAKfl. On Saturday 0oroner nil ton bald an inqueat at the New York Hoapital upon tha body of Eugenia WUa, the Ger man woman who died from the effect* of poison a few day i ago, and rapposed at that time to bar* been impure lagerbier. The baiband of deoaaiad in now lying in tha Hoapital, and I* In lurh a feeble atata that bin recovery ia conaidered doubtful. The cane exciting a great deal of attention, not only among our German population, ' but among medical men, the room wherein tha inquest waa held waa crowded with anxioua spectator*. The cause of death ot deceased wai at Bret attributed to drinking lagerbier; bat, as the proceedings of the in quest will abow, a great mistake existed. for instead of the lagerbier being poiaonoua, it ia now fully beliarsd that the ham eaten on the ocoaaion by tliia party, of which the deceased v. ah a member, outalned some poi son nu ? property producing violent diarrhoea And pa ralytia, which ended in death. Thin theory in further ' supported by the tact that oue of the party who drank plentifully of the lagerbier, but did not partake of the Lam, was not taken sick at all, and is n.<w enjoying good health. 'Ike following are the proceedings of the Coroner's in quest in this case: ? TESTIMONY. John Iiubir. being sworn says ? I reside at 'JS ('hrys tle street; on the ilay of January tlie de.ieass 1 was moving from Sixth av-nue. near Thirty fourth street, to ftOl 8ixtli avenue ; 1 am a paint er, au I was painting the stors they were u.oving into ; Mr. Wise, the husband of deceased, is a watchmaker; I have known the family for about a year, it consisted of deceased. huso.uid and child; th?y took dinner on that day about 1 o'clock. P. M . u* 601 Sixth avenue. 1 took dinu-r with them, a man who was a carman, his brother, took dinner there; the party con lifted of seven par *001 ; theie was a man putting up gas pipes in tbe place, lie did not eat dinner, but did drink ol the bier tliey had half a bam (or dinner; it the laige end, or hip part of the hatu; we eat It raw. it was smoked I am ; we ahto had bread ; it was white bakers' bread ; there was nothing elae ou the table for dinner: Oitre were no sausages on the table: I did not ire the part ea est anything but the ham and bread ; tliov had lagurbler on the table ; all, ( the child included ), drank of the bier ; I understood that the bier was obtained in Thirty second street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, from a brewery belonging to a Mr. ifiegen; the bier was got in a pitcher that would holl four or five quarts; the pitcher was full, a man now present, named Kranci* Keteterer, went after the be?r; there was no more than tliia pitcher full drunk;- this the only drink we bad for dinner; I ilraak three half I lot tumblers (nil at dinner; 1 did not notice how much derea?ed drank; 1 law her drinking It; 1 did not no tice how much the rest drank, they all drank of it, it was all drank by the party spoken of; the hatn would weigh about eleven or twelve pounds when whole; I eat two thin slices an 1 about three or four slices of bread; It was a sixp?-un) loaf, I was about half an hour at <1 in ner; T went to work after dinner and worked until six o'clock that a'temoon, and then went home, ferlluj as well as usual; 1 slept well that night and got up about half-past eight o'clock the next morning, and went to work at the store of Mr. Wise, again con'inuing to feel well; 1 painted the store with whits lead, linseed oil an 1 spirits of turpentine, I continued to work h?re until the following Friday, feeling well alt the time, I left oil wor* on Kriday afternoon at f> o'clock, and went bom* feeling well , I slept well that night; I awoke about half-past 7 o'clock the ne?t (Saturday) morning, feeling sick at my aton.uch, (without pain.) and vomited; 1 took a table spoonful of castor oil on that evening and two tabl i ? pomtdul the next (Sunday) morning; I had been taien with diarrhoea on the previous Kriday; the lirst and only time I vomjted was on Sunday morning; the discharges from my bowel* were of thin consistence ami slimy, an! were without paiu; I did not piss any blood; 1 wuuld have three or four discharges from my bowels par day; I got better, and ! went to work on the following Mon day, in Twenty second street, the diarrtm-n continuod, but I worked every day np to the following Thursday, at noon, when I was taken so aick that I was obi.ged to go homo, my head ached and I felt sick all over m?; I was too unwell to Mt up I sent lor l>r. Schultz* the aext day; he attended me lor eight or nluedaya, I did not gci better, and I sent for Or itoenges; the dinrrlora has since hit me, and 1 am getting betur; the bier spoken of tasted good; I have lost over thirty pounds of lb ah since this sickness ; I hare drank lagerbier at tiiflerent place* since and beforo I was taken Kirk ; I eat my d nn>r at Mr. Wise's every day 1 worked th?re, but did not eat any more of the hams, we bad chicWn, beef steaks, veal cutlet*, puta toes, apples It c ; Mrs. Wise wa* well while I workej for her bunband. Germain Schi rcenger being iworn, depoad that bn had been in the employ of the huaband of the deceased for ten d?js after the occurrence took plac#, I ate of a ha m which he and bis wife said was the snue thit they had dined of]' on the Y'Jd ult. ; I did not Me It, and it w>< served up in small slices, on a plate, the slices seemed to have be. n cut oil the lower or leg part I ate * small p'cce of it once a day for *ix days afterwards; tbwst pieces would average at>oul two inches square, an I were nearly a quarter or an Inch thick, and 1 have not been sick since. Ilenry Kitlerer being duly aworn, deposed that he drank two glasses of the bier, and ato three small pisce* of tbe ham, und two slices of bread ; I wa* taken sick alKiit two weeks ifterwardn with diarrbu-a and dryness of the mouth ; I did not vomit, nor did ray feet fwell ; I was sick abnui one were oeiorfc i cams t! ??.. Hosi."?i I have now been In the hospital fourteen days. I lul fever and ague la*t fail, but have boen healthy ainoe, with this exception , I thiok I am now getting well. .losiph Btrgen being duly sworn, said. I reside at No. Wl Weft Thirty second stjeet I at>enl the tisr at said number tor iny brother; be keep* a lagerbier breworv at this place, lagerbier ii made of nothing but hops an I malt. 1 (.old the b?er in question we brew forty carrel* every day ; it baa been retailed nut to the public llnv not Beard of any complaint of sickness from it with th ? exception of that relative to the deceased I have br?we I lagerbier myself. I did not brew this beer; I drink two or three glasses fiom every keg of lagerbier 1 sell at my brother's place . I am aure my b'other does not use any thing but bop* and malt to make lagerbier Francis Ketterer being *worn, deposed that be resi les at No. 100 Walker street, railed to see the deceased and husband at their re?ldrnce in SUth avenue; 1 went alter the beer spoken of; 1 got three quart* In a pitcher , it wa* a white earthen pitcher; I did no1 look into it Mrs Wise rerved it to me. I took dinner with them, there wis nothing for dinnir but hain, bread and beer; I st? half a slice ot tbe ham : it was slightly smoked and tast-d goo 1 Le aaid he got it from a German butcher; I dranit about a glass of Ner a', the brewery as th? pi'eber did not hold quite three quarts. I ate * small piece of bread with it <!?caaed drank of tbe beer . 1 don t know how much I think she drank as mueb lis the rest did: her h is band did the -a roe, six persons dined: th" mm work ing at the gas lit lures mad* the seventh that draok of tbe beer one of the part^r was my brother; he ?t? mors of th* 1 am than I did. his mme ia Usury Kettsrer he resides in the Bowery, l>etw"?n Walker anl lle?ter streets ; I was tal en sick eigut days alter this, with gria' pains, ' f\kB??- of body aud ''arrh' .i l was very <lrj my mouth or throat was not sore; 1 bav* not !rank ao\ lagerbier since, I vomited, but think Uiat this wss caused by *om" p'l's 1 t wk , I am not well of thediarrh i ? jet my tret did not swell, the ham in question was a One looking and fresh on* the German p~ pie ifnnerslly eat hams smoked, without Vdng lurthir coone I the |e c- used an i linaban I wtro extremely f? u I of It in tins way. MKDICAI. TtftTOIONT. Fran. : I llvri?, V 1? being duly awora, d? poi" I an. I raid, ll* rmtdad at V'onrth aren'ie he w%? caltfl upon to IM de.-eaaed about tbn In na? I found tli' f ?> i r< i 1 jr <??:>? luting of Ue deceaa* I, ho* tend, ai.d child lhr?* yi ?r? of ag<\ la ? pru?tr*t* <-in dition, Irom .liarrh.j ; irirat irrita'ion In the .?(. <r? inc i?^l' n there wa* aim naunca with canty aacretian* the p? pill* on the t'm(f u? floii.aUd tliar* ??< no voaltlnf while I wi> prenent, hut de<'?.i-iil ?? I thai* bad b? 'n ; on inquiring, all' aaid the family I. ad trink K't r '? lager-bler file, bii/i and mttfagoa a abort ti'ir pravtorl ; I und< rrUiO I t> e family had been nick for loir or ft tp Ua\? prtriona to my trains tl>a *a>ed <ha art on of the In-art wan f r<- IjId there wa<t no pain it a liuri.l1 x ?ei>atlnn in tin. atotnacb and mouth I attended lb* patient daily ; ah. had n > *m:r?tion? frum tbe aalirary , land* or fauce* ; tlx- mouth and thaoat wrta intensely iad and dry; a dropaical etTuainn eon) m< ur(d in th* fo?t about a w*<k alter I ant ?aw h. r , total proat ration waa tb* raott remarkable feature n lb* eaea , ht-hn fng poiaon to have b?*n taken, I calk I in > oniullalion I r? Btilliuan, Whit rig, and leuUna. all of wb?m agreel w%h m* in ruy ?D?p-cion I have not foaod any ?aU*faetorv <-fld>nce a? t-> tba hind of p. ? >? , I do not think that th. >* ?ymptoin? could have o eurred unleaa ? -ni" poiaono.ia nub'taii.e bad b*>n irittcdooed into th* aritcm ; in th* raa* of tb ? baabea I there waa j re fute a> rrct.on from tba Hal vary glanla and faurea dllTiilnsr in Ibia reeaaet from the d*e**a?d . In nil otl *f reipeeta the aymptnm* w?r? aimdar to tbona of d*< . *>ad, hi f-pt that there vat no drnpairal tilu* ' n tb# chili ?? flimlarfy affected to tba father I attended der? a?e.l and family up to laat M o 'ay, w.len they ware ?ent to th<- ho?[.ital , I an laratool that th*y bad eaten tl* him and aauaares and drank tba tagarhi'r a So ,?% w< ? k pr*Tloua to my arcing tii*m, an I tint tl iyai tk ?n?d ?bortlv after. I r. J I>. B Htil'man. awf.rn, l?fo i>d tb\' ha ?a. iMjiianUd to . all np?n dac a-?.l on Ui" Nh ina'., ? l.nni b? fo'ind with a fwlile, >low polt*. far* ban!* aod f??t paffy and ?? :*matou> , Umgu" ??"y rad . | *p'l Ua rnlaigad lUa nurru two Jan anltenlar. anl tba pati'i.t Laboring ut >r ?lol<nt diarrh' * I thon^lit It p'.aaihlr that tbar* n iRht ht a-uto a'l" tioo of thr ?? 1 m-y?, an>! ariordinj) took kum'- <oru* of th? 'irina for atamlcntjon ; it *ti iflt?n??!y rf) but iraont'd n?. af, {Ktraura of b!<x 1 or all>^m<'D , my b?li?f aiKv thf?< 'i|ir!n ?iiii i "i, tint th# daefraw*! ? ** la'j</r iif >n !"r t!.? clJrri* af |o,?.?n, of tbr n?tur' of which | am ignorant Tlio?. C iibn'tl, M. U., I>?lng daly ?wofn. <1et?>?c*l tlat h<- r?idrd at ?' *' flrnod ?trwt,4 ia faT IliAr alth tb? act on "f I ? ivinn on the nyntam prcaarrad an l >moka I n.c?t- w .11 ocmaiotiilly p.odura a I tb" 'ymptom* ap>jk> n of In th ? r*i* till* ia dua to the af a fatty a r |<| *rrra>tioa dnrinf tfcair j-raarrratum aSout tb* >?tr Iimi, t?< bao'rtd i^rtonn ?n? polaoa*| by >atn^ l.un>* rr. i aau 'a*< ? a'. Wurtauturgh (Jwrmaay of tb' ?? ona l.uiKT.d i<d th' aymp'onu cam* on la fr >rn two Vi 'a*? *lt?r tkay had pariati-n of tbo fao-l on cLtmiral ari*l??i? a fat'y acnl waa det?<rt?d. which ?n aupporail t h* the c?ii>? ol j>'.]?on ng It l> not o*er*a*>,r for a bam to Ij* ia a ?tat- if <*aeonf>aHlcin to proluca loUomiiK cITaaU. on axarnf aatloa a't?r d>-atb, ia the ra??? I haia rpoktn, the throat w.ta iry, tli? mu"i? r.Moi'iim wbi'.a aa aligbtly th:ckar.a<l tb* atoma- 1. aa<l intratinaa pre<an>d ? gnt of laflanunttory art on ail f rranna ara c.ot ckaerptiiila "o th>< ac'tna ar piiaoa* to U>? aamaatt-at; from tba biatory '4 tfcia caaa I aloof tl* of. a.on Dial 0?aUi wa? cauwd l?y tha (Kitaon ua ?f f?. ta i4 tba m*?t. H. ? Hwift. M D.Mlg aworu, dap -at'-l that b* wta bona* pbyatcian t ?.!!? N*w T'jrk Ho?r tal l?<?aa*d *aa adij lttad on tS? |("h ton ? t*r.ngfrom K*a*ral ; a ra ly>i? aba di*d oil tha 3tl, ?b* tiatad t. raa Jtat th* family and gii??ta <.n the or<-?aion tp- ,k< a af war* takaa aick a faw d*ya after drinking th? baar a po?t aar'i - n. *iiwbati?a re*aa>1 H at tba lia'ag aaaaabran* af tba atmaacb waa win -b erwta^ altti aeaarai aiaara In tba peat*** of baallag . tba Irnaaadiat* ra .a* of tfc* da?ta wta para'jf'a; l>*f Wsafia, ?*?th aad f*a9*< war* rti ; ihi had kurtru ud dlarrhaaa previous to h*r admittance ; aba aaid aha had btta aick nflarly a aaeath before bar admittance; bar hnaband l< aimiiarlv effecle-l, and ia now in a vary critical co?'lltion: tba child was af fee ted in a mmilar way; Ute frlanda of the fain \j took it ?way from the boapltal, I am about having soma portion of tba had; analyzed; deceased 'a husband ia not In a At stale to exatninn; her ventral appearance wu that of baring born poisoned ; tliey both told ma they had not [ vomited. Coroner Hilton then reviewed the evidence, und called particular attention to the medical testimony placed l>e iorethtm The case wax then placed in the hanla of the jury, who alter half an hour'* delll>eration, rendered the following ? TKRPICT. " W<- find that the deceaaed came to her .leath 'rom the eOHctH of poison and, from the fact of live othara who oartnoli of the dinner in <|ueation with decea??d all of whom have amce sickened in a manner aimilar to that which cauaei! ben eath, we are una Me to refer tho death of iteccaa?<l to other cauae than aiuie polsmoiM 1 property in the bam of which the/ ate ou that occasion. '' I The decerned wua '2ii year a ol a^c and wan born in (iennany. I>I<m Itnige of (lie Twrlvr Dd|(tan Pileoncri fioin thr Tnmbt. Sl'PMMR C01RT ? I'll AMHP.HH. Ilefore linn. Judgo Kooserelt. Judge Roosevelt mt In chamber*, at 12 o'clock, on baturtfay, niton Joseph I'omu inuit, aged thirty year*, a native of l/>uvi?ln, anil Jean Waggi manna, aged forty jciri, a n?Un of (ibcnt. (Belgian*,) were brought b? fore hia Honor, the ono on a writ of habeas corpua, anl tlie other on a writ of certiorari, in onler to demand their (liachargx from the city prison, where they have been confined siuce the In-comber of la .t year, ?? th? charge ? n* stated in the committal ? of being foruigu convicts. The men appeared in gmi health, were com. fortab'y clad and of as respectable appearance as th" ma.ionty of adult male emigrant* from th? working clarse* of Kurope who land in thl? country, preient. Mr. Oakley llall, liiatrict Attorney, app*ar*d on tlio part of tb'' Mayor and people, and Mr Theo '.jre He lj wick on behalf of the pilsotier*. After the.ludg" had taken klaieat, Mr Hall r*al the return to the writo' habeas corp" a , made by the warden of the city, whlsh *et forth that the men wer? kept In custody by liiiu sluca the Ulat of Deeemlwr, 1854, under a commitment, ?igned by A llogart, Police Juat.oe, In which they were derignated a* foreign convicts. Il*, the warden obeyed the writ of the Court by hanging in a copy of raid commitment and producing the b*ly of the mas Lamed in tho writ of baboax Hia return to the writ of certiorari win to tho same elTeat, an 1 the other mao (W*?geniantia; wae protuceu. Mr llallread 'lie copy of the committal, a* follow* ? The keeper <>f th" city prleon an I llridewell of the city of New Ytrk will receive, and nafe'v keep for ex animation, the bodi'e of Ja.joe* Oilli*, j. Maea, Joaeph W. Kva, J liaptlat Kur'V Guilien Virtongea Jo pepli Poii>?ianna Kelix llaglr, .lulin Wsggemaun*. John de I lax o, Cbarlea Van llaark, I-urobut Jonveair, I'Urre Maea, foreign convicts. A It >4 ART, Jk . Police Juatic*. New York Dec. 21, MM. Cimr Bui , Officer. Mr Hall then proccee'e i to ntate brlelly how th * man came to I e In custody , where they were found by the precent Major of the city an I himself, on their aec***ion to office ? tor the lact waa, th?* they rec?iv*l th**e Kel giun prisoner* a. a leitaiy fr..m their predncenors in of lice On the 20th of November, Mr Oale Consul of the I'nlted t-'tati-a at Antwerp, addr aaed a letter to the Col lector of the port of New York, announcing the embark alion nt the** nv n, with other*, In the ship Koclinm beau, for the lo'ted State*. It waa atatwl that tbey ha 1 gone on hoard with only the aunt of (I each in thair 1-ocket*, aud that thr Ilsigaa government lied eiped.te.l their departure. Judging 'rom the fact tint the man we re able bodied, lie, (Gale,) "suspected'' that, a* th* liclglin laws required able bodied man. of certain age, to rerve in the army it would nut ahip away a<> many men units* th*y weir c-uvlc.1* On receipt of tbu let ter, a watch wae act on th* veaael, and on the arrival of the Ilocliambeau a poll'-e offii-er took the part.** hefor* Juitlce liogart, who committed them In hi* opinion the city authorities hail aeted with perfect pro priety in tho eaiie. F.?i ry Htal* had a right, on the ground rf nallonal law? apart from *tatut* law ? < to protect itself from vagranta. convlcla, and oth*r im ? roper |i?'iii n< he relied on the cas* if the Stat* Of en Yolk again*t Milla. In tbe year of 18X1, th* l?gl* liture of tlila state | aaaed an a< t to prevent the Impor tation of fer*lgn convict* Into thi St?t*. It conalatel of three aectioua. 1 he nrat taction ueelared thai th* captain o1 a veaael -hall not bring foreign pauper* or ooLVlcta to tbe port; and the second gives tb* M?yorof the city pe.wer to send ainli prraona home if brought here l( eonvlcta are brought over they are lie tie to arte*', and proceeding* may be Instituted unt.r the atatute agalnat the captain who atiemp'a Inland t'.eru. He would read the affidavit a of Captain StacUpola, of the Hochamlx au ? (Heretofore publiabed in the |(ra\Lii < la thla paper he elated t'uat the n:rn were aeot to him at Antwerp: that ho hail no knowledge of their being either ci nvirta or pai]|iera. that he uaed all exertion at Antweip to dlecovir if thev wer* ao, ant even othred a reward on hi* ship for the rilacoverv of a?v convictt, but cinild uo? linil out anythlof cooeernlng them "tie afliilavu ... ...??e waa to the HiTia effect, and he would not lead It, a< |wi Imp* It would l? cumulative. \t h*u Mayor Wood ram* Into oftire, he laid the matter befor* b m Mr. Hall and h* were of the opinion, judging from the letter of th* 1 n:U-d htatea C'-naul at Antwerp, from tbe atatute end common law of the State, and from the deririoii in the great emigration caae againat Mill*, that th* inen were properly in cuetody. and ahould r ma u there. Mr. Mar^y communicated on th* auhject with the I'nited Matea Conaul in lt*lgium, anc on* letter had pae??d belwern theiu. *o that it waa neceaaary to bear further from the other aide. (Mr Hal alao reed tl e letter of Mr (lale.l'nilel Htatei Crnnil at Antwerp, publiabed tiefore | Mr Sedgwick aa'd? The men wer* brought up with a t tiftv of the cemmittal but nnn*of tbe e\id*nce reijulted aginuat them . Mr Hall l.aa etate l the whole eaae of the authorllle-a and be bad no deeire to examine any of tbe men in dnfenc*. H* (Mr. H.) waa ratian*<l that there waa net a i>art'< le of evidence agalnat them, an t h* ea'.led on 'he Court to dee de the c??i' on the princlplea which governed write of batx-aa corpus, vl*., on ?b* re turn made t-> the wr it In the letter ol Kovembtr 22, ll*>l, the Ivlgun ('tinrul atatea what he "gu>p?rtg-' nth" principle ol tbe l!elgl?n government with regard to eml grati'n, but nofaet, an ! the captain of the ?hip. *v?n after be had ofTer d ? reward, could not find anything a/ainit thr men. The Conrl expr**ae ! a wlah to ha\e the priaou?r. I'nit uama. i-xarmned, to which Mr l-e-lgwick aaaanUd. Th* following .(ueatioria were put to linn iu In uch, and ? ? ?piled to In the aaine long'te ? tV. Wete you ever in an aimah'iuae to Belgium 4 A. 1 waa In a govirsmi nt j oor houee In ll*lgium (J. Hid you *nter tb< r* voluntarily f A I did. <V How, for how lot ? and Tor wiiat < auae il l ynu go in A I a nt tn of ir:j*?lf fri.m want of work, about a tear ago la t winlei , I remained them alt nonlh* I left tbete three ifaya b*?ore the Itochamheau sailed, hat ng aale ? my buigoma>ter t> ?'n I n e to Amen % which let, t ? at a? giante*] I am tblity years of age, an<l have no family. I/. H t re you ere ? a ennvlet * A I never wa\ belore a com t on any charge whatever U Are ion new in ^>^>1 health* I aie ia goo 1 bealtl ard able to w rk I am a tanner by trvle U lb w can able boiled m< n b? ait rii'nths out of work in IVg mu? A. I do net know I had an work. V l id tbey put y.iu to any rorU In the alinthouae ? A Yes they gave t,ie work a* a t?0'.*r l) lid they pay yon any wagea ' A Yea they gave n ? aix rente a day beaidei my hoard an I Iniging The Court said it ?a?. quit* rlesr tluat an able bo4Jed man, wilhrg to work, waa ml I panp*r ev. n if he hel ro money. A pan|H-r waa a peraon diaahlad, aickly. un willing to wt rk. \r. H?. far from looking at n?re |e.?erty a* ati o"' D<*. we view It a* <|nlt<' the reverse, having I '? of krone lor tti? lal 'ir nf all able bo He I men Mr hedgwirk repeated hia arguments. adll?g that w.- bad h*re a large e*'.aMlehriient, th* Con in >aioo*ra of l-mgra'OD. with Mr Verplank an ?min*'.t la ?y?r at i a h? ad. for the pui|*>ae nf regulating the Uridine of paupers hr The l-lea of their ^log convicts >anian*l on heating tbe papers read by th* Ifistrtrt Attorney lie dl'i not appear here for a parcel of roovtcti or va/a te rid*, hut deemed these men paupers .inly by th* mi* fi rtimea to whleh European counts* ars p'tpetielly liable and h* there'ore aa'i-e?l at'-:. ?? for tV r lr-era t.' a. The whole auhjf^l had l?e*n conai Iwted by the I * fiaLature, and the Idea of our excising eralgraat* m*re y localise they war* panp<rs, waa t.r*p'>*t*ruij*, and had never been entertalne-1 persons liabie to b*" <ms a public charge from physical diaahillty or ' ? a** are tie on.y ones to whom the a--t of l"*i An sn to the art of 1MH cipr**>)y atruHl '.at th< w- rds " who have beam pa?|?re In fore gn e luntr es ' and the ( .mmlaeioners *.f l.m titration are only au'.hir ,r*d to examine wl ether such p ople arelnely to !<e' -ne c? sr^eable Mi Hall, in reply contended that this waa a matter rf Ointtlw tllli llw ? ourt, and thai the (mrt e.,ui<t r. ii and them for farther examination, lie r*.|ueste?d the C> jrt hi do so, in or i?r to obtain further information of their el ararter JuJge Koeese veil * 1. served that the pri* >i *T fl'ot* n did ro' a( |>*ar to have g"i e to s-i almehou -e n mr ?*?a? of th* wer" tut to a pla'? whee? wr was gnintohmat a alight rat* of r*n? ineratU.n II* dWl not se>rn to bar* been ? paur?r in our vbnl'al a?ns* Th e ^epot, ' ?? It h*1 been called wa* like a M< u e of In atry w.tb ua lie r<. .id not a'.en' I ts* ?!?. 'r r>e that our law looke nn a man aa a pau{?r h*ca i>e b I as not a rent m hia poetet A* a met 'er of pa le tl>' rht It advantage- is t *i ?0'o fV*- tb *naigra t n of aueli p-.,[ >e parli*ulsf1y if thej are w .1 ng (?> ei rk for eltj* nee a day. We ha-, m tlx c.ty a- tb i ssn<*a of yonng men who never did work end who never would work and wer* !o?k*i on aa gentlemen Now, If they t-aveiVI aim > tbey eonbl th i k It har I te> he arrest* ! a* y -t lentlal ne|e*ba He was ef opinion that th > man * raid le sebnrge-' eltbough h* th' aght t! e -It; a . orl't#a had i?en r gbt In wat-hing and maesUgatiiag the ma .ter lie other priae.n-r , ? wa* re it eiaanlae-'. alKl etatemeit b* ng o? a am. isr t*n^rt?'ha? of i'oten anna It waa rir^ev*! that I* 1 1 of \f die el arged and a eUminr order *nt*red aa to tie* t?a -eia remain rg FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. noir.r markkt. dCHPAT, r*l?. (? P. M. Tbe mtt tj it tike*, t ? ntowr.da'.Uy ?ip, H*J with capital , aad u? rate* of latemnt ra> nt nbowt Ibn slatdaj l putat. TSe br. kere a/e fail '<( money. Md fnd m di/Rrulty la hypotonia* ato-iu at tB?U evgi**' Tb? kulu art aacb li vast o t Ant olaaa mercantile paper, bat the contraction of ! boaineae baa been ao great that there U a ecardty of good name*. The loan* on rail to broken c >ntlnue without lnteri uptioa. There la no imro-dlat* proe ]>ect of a auddeo collapae, and apenilatora In atocka for a riae hold on with great oonfld?Lce. The buar par'y la not particularly atrong just now, while the bulla do not aeem to poa?eM the power to vet up a gt eater inflation. The eaay atate of the money mar ket prevent* quotation* from falling, while the ab ttence of outsider* prevent* a further advance. The bickera can do noth'ng inoie alone. They hive done their btat to ralce pricre, and haviog pie el them nt the preetnt point, are c impatkd to hold on and wa't the caiural action of the mtr ket. The barka will not ahow m'lth change in their opt-rationa during the paat week. The line of dlac mnta will, with'-ut doubt, ahow a alight ln< reaae. The amount of apecie on hand wi I i.ot vary much, while the department of depoetta an 1 i*ue will ahow a gi cater average. The dlac iint Ine baa already reached a figure correaponding very nearly with tliat of the aama time Iwt yea*, when commerolal opcrutioLi were much inorj ex ion lei The amount oi i-[>e<'!o on hand la aeveral million* larger thnn at any timo during 1864, while the de poaitg have iuoroaned nrte rapidly than any other Item, showing an inactivity of capital, unusual a thif kmmoo. The pie '.hum of money and accunrilu lion of apecie muct le %-t to the expanalon of credlta and ex'.tn?ioncf tnterp i-c. ludivldua'.* luvin.{ Idle capital will iockabiut for aninettuug to give It em ployment, und however tlrn d they may la? at llia'^ it will gradually wear oil, ami wo should not l>e aur priaed to llnd th tun, ere the Upae of many moutn*, involved in the wildcat of BDeculation*. Toe money ma-ket ctnnrt continue easy for a ?y length of time without giving an impetus to ops uUtlon. The movement in apecie thia week bai been very active. 1 he exportation haa be?n a* follow*:? Fntraor* orgrn ik from tii* I'oaT or Saw Ymm. l'r:K' IttM, JmmL Am gull 1 Ht'.-Jiip Atlantic, Uverpcot, I'lill. gold bar*. 1J7.077 :ts I HI. (In. ('at gilil 4 JO 000 no I!o. do. Korxlfn coin... 14 000 00 I'd. do. Kn? miverrigaii. fl.'l,0iO 00 De de. Qob teat y,i>40 oo ?t'tlii| Wmlimntmi, 1'rea.rn A?a. fold 117,470 00 I'o. do. Nnpiilei'ii* . . . , 1' 00 l)o. do X Thalrrn 3,118 00 Tot*! for thr week 1,467,073 .'is I'reriouvh AM,4M 78 Total for 1H65 $'i,2l?0,639 14 Ti.e aggregate for tlie year, thua far, correapondn very marly with t-e export* to the a*mo tini? lart year. Hot tor tbe prolonged abacnce of the Celi foT!iin utiunifr, the ahipmenta on Btturday woul 1 have been fuil ua la'ge ax anticipated, hiring th<i month of January an I early In Kebruiiry very HttU; iptcle went out; but the active and audden atari luat wn-k hut broug it the total up to that of 1 K.'?4 Mr. Albtit 11. Nicolay'a regular aemi weakly auc t'on rale of atci ka and bind* will take place on Morday, the 2<itb ine?., at 12^ o'chck, at the Mer chanta' Kxchiuge. Tbe numbirof ahatea in the Fulton C >p jar Com. pary baa l*en reduced from 100,000 to 20,000, and an a-veaament of $1 per ihtre on the new laaue called for March 15. The old atockholdera, upon payment of the above aaaeaiment of one dollir, and the atitiecder of their acrlp, will l>e entitled to re reive new b'(k k of the Fulton Copper Com any, In the prop.vtlou cf one ahare to live. We learn that the Fraukllntte Iron Company of New Jeiaey have completed their arrangement* for the manufa< tore of their valuable ore into pl{ Ir 'it. A patent for a bla .t furnace, peculiarly adapt ed for the reduction of thla ore, baa been obtained at Wmhlpgton by Mr. Thaddeua Hille k, which at U>e tame time aeparatea the /ine from the Iron and manganese, with nearly an entire aavlngof the zinc, bv n e.wa cf the colletti"g apparatoa patented by Mr. S. T. J< r.fa. The zinc, when a^^arated, aaaumei a biigl t yellow or canary color, and can be imme diate y tiw d with oil for the painting of walla, Ao With tbe additional expenae of a cent per pound, the co'.or n,?i be charged to a anowy whlteoeaa. Trie remaining pari* w? ?>,? nrc holil, mlng'ed with the Iron, li e exert proporti a of manganeae aru flrlaJly applied la the tnakirg of ft eel whe-e man gantae la drGcit; t In the ore. The annna atafementof the Mutual Ufe Inaii'an * Company haa ju?t bten publiahej. The recrlpte for the year ending January .'II were Ml 8,1 28 of a Li h >?;<?, 091 ''?> were for premiuma and p>liclea T^e diaburaementa were $300 X12 Hfl, of which t:il*<H'09 78 weie for deathaof thoae holding pollciea. Tbe aaaeta of the company are $2,n6o 077 68, Includ ing 1 2, ft' >9 ,110 1.4, Inveated oo bond and mortgage 1h? W ta' a mount at .la a on the let ioat. waa ? '.'2,lft2,fi:t3 34, being an Increaie on laat year of $2,521,70'!. The poll -lee iaaued during the year w?re 1,569; acd the total numl?er cutatnndlng, Fel> ruary 1 . waa fc 118, being an Inert aae of 745, a a com pared with t*e correejonding day of 1*54 The Committee on f'?ury l.aea In the lower henae of tie l^gieUtuie of Moaairhnaetta, hare re poried the folicwing bill for c/milileratl' n : ? Fee. I That frnia ?n?l aftar t"v? flrtt ?!?/ 'A Li-it. it -tali I* lawful for aT pattuaa u> p*y ?nl r* rvirr nur.t i?t* of inti-rapt tor tl,? i>>an of mno-f ?a tor pn tot*, draft, acirLtaui-a, Ml! j.ayal.Unr Llll ??'*# iiavinir not mora than < (fht noiitli* to run a? th> paitirr mat rgirr in vriiin| hi*c 1 Tkalthr r at? i f t?r tb? tfian mt tn m'j tminy pr?n)M"ty aote dra't, a~r?ntsn ?<?. bill payable, r. -tillul frtia'f* wb?n tbari- (liall t? wi a(rr?in?nt lo 'tail !?? st thi- ra'a an f*r unt |.?r anaum r?c ,'l Tliat no graati-e lata nf iataroat thao an p?r fint hall t* c i*i|f 1 on any jui)<m?nt ?ft<-r tlm ilttt ?f tii? rei>'!fttiib tiereof n,t?rrd in any nnrti nf tlila i?m ui'OWValtb a'*!.i)gh )i jii'lgm>-iit m; la fnau i?t uj>" n a wilting ?t nutating a hi, h. r u'? i.f i?t?r??i Sr" 4 n.'tli r* in thi* art aliall I* ronatraad to a, ji ? In a lit li an wti'U tba autn >.r tlitrifa lan' aiaail l> a?tmt4 I) my grant, ebargr or inc imbrarii^ of r>al ratal e. Tie l?l*:ure of ItlltoU hw p?>*e?l an act |?ra Titlli K Hut tlif January u n'jirj i M? of interest due on tl ? ptihitc riet>t he paid out of ?ueh 'ri"U"> ? la the fcfUU tieaeurj ?n me not oti??r?ri*? tppropt U>.J. A re kolntlon wu? a!to adoi Ud, authorizing the c >tu n.*m in? ut of legal proc?<dui(? 'iKelaat Wade worth the Rta'e agent. ari l I n miotic*, for the rep?;m?'it of the misapplied load*. He Ar.dHor of tb? HUte of Indiana frporta that U# an{'?(iatc ?BKHict of th? r{ruta?l i* notee of tha TI M4 free IwL). *t ti?? time of Manning Uie da tin of V? rfTW, *?? |4 >l ?< .t N'><ea luetlltd k'l te tb%t tB.f to the l ; h Inat., for whl' h b >edn '??Tf bre i Kirn ?d? red, Hln.lit, I rum g 1b el'cu fallen I IV: ,1.7 1 of shit It !? of apecte uijmg bank* fl - . tl ? ? u-ra .t rate* <>' InlUaa free bank p?prr Id CUcli nati ar* u follow*; Hi ty ir it i jt ra?>* ? ?.**??*?. a ??* . r- o?t r 'aoual I ? In-' ? lank, In'iaua^.lia lum > I tb* ' an ??l , in ?*aj<>lit >*a?.nga liark, ( ??r.n-t > avail* r r.i,n>? tick , ' <>oi.*r*?lll? Itont. lit N*w t?rk ?t.<i \ .Ulan Ifirf- 1 Han ? I!T (la At :niii I ? I'M I ?Bf?r *r ? ilank of Ir4>*na. M d Hank "t "*l#n,, -a ?i?i 'anal I m I > I airbr Ige < ty Itaak , CamkrMf* I r??<?ot < I'j I ?'.? ? >?!.??. Il? )'arm<r* lUak Wnl ??11 In aaa l-ac> k'*<fi?nti I- 1 >n? *to?l Man* la y t\r ><i.t '? ? m ? ? Ilank ( Ualitl f'ra?r ? l'tj K lV Tnn llmW M?r?b?n??' ?i?'t M? loaka liana, ,N*a Ail ait t- Han* t<rr? lla fr< ? ?>? i i 4 ?? A' li i ?? 1'i.T l'i ? ' rt liana of |lfricui4 ?<*&? #*f K?l ?ri Hank ?' Iwk - ? r ,1# ftaa rt I < Htii <4 M' uat V?ta?<n -?Ui ltki>k llant rt V >ih> Hack f' M' i.?>?Ua. |i|i? k illlt itaa ll >Mir| Ha?> I la?t , ri'1 ' ? Af na ? ?at I?im< rr -Ilank of , W?/;* t pi aw* Hat . I', liar. ??????? llank f'alk of < Ih f? 1.4 *iin IHr?a \?w V nr\ Mtewk I tl.k I a??r? (. ??.?/ (taak llaf." I* <!- b ? '/nit/ l'?n> t f|ii *?'an. I'ar,? 'lr?al llaak Wabaati C irf l'aa> l iitm/i" Ian ><, wru < '--at Kirnr" rta 1 t rt rr _Hk Ult ' ' ukt; t'ank liriwrt Hank Jaaprr Plank rt Ht> ' >>??? I :<?<?,? ? l llaak of AIM n I rr ? AT laiaf i-'? fr<T lav i?T ??a'a ft?*k *tr?ii l<aa* ' ( l'?na.ata?r ^kafiw Hwl rt ( ?.t na n Kiat* eurk, tim, M*?l , H? ?a? atari e :JM ? I ? At !?' ?>? ??aT |>ia?<VTT ? f'?i iff ?! (.>?.?' a Mj Car "TaU Ctack, /? r?n?jrr1 e*?(a l'?Ta Itaat rt r?.aa?n>la I ?ri; <oual/ |um Tta^'ii , '>a?iit lla la?' lx*a |'<rt Waa'afa faal Tly ?;titl? Wa'aah V?Uay. In (WHfl Alfo^bara '.??nl/ f.ta r#a', <?!???'/*?? ??'??'. Haa* 'f T W?4???rO, '?rarya Itaal "? ark ' ?? at f Kb. M*rtlt*l> lafayatia li ??? af I* fF"' *at? f'?l fafwdly ' a?(Ml tfaT'baati . ? ra II 4 traaalH TV* Mae ied eUtenMt ethlMu the (iwktl'y it4 raiue of etrula wtc k?* otWr tt*a fore?o Ary laporVd lnU> thta v rt d<ini? Um weak ??d ' 'tf *?4 lar'vdtrf Fthikfj 13, l*i? I COMUBII or T1U P0kT or Niw Tuu-Wunr faroBM l/vanl ... 13 . . (W ... 67 HM? ;? fteakat* IktoW* . . __ KoUW* 61 : Btoaiaa |2 J] lluttob*. ,,(j ?'h.ih \\'i i'V""' 130 lliWia .,j < f.?l, V'M * cou-; **?'? ^ k.,_ 1T0??. kc ?.mi >r*oU. n Atrowrwl . u A*""1"1* ? ? * ? ,^s lUiryt?#...- 1 lUraib. ?<? ;? ? ,.lt lll-a toA ,?n?h?rl*? ,w l nUir (tiirkorf ?? Cuniphor ? ( op?iv* ?? ? ' (r ClurtMK ?? I ocUin'*1 KfK""" !?>* 4'u ; ;- " (iutn " lodira jtiulpr b?rrl* >?< w ...???? i t.iiiio " Vr.vfl *>*rt K?l?w M?d.l" ? , Hi k An*?? 1 \U.u\.?r>' ? ?? j.K\ h'n )?<?!? . ? ? HkIb ? j ? < ?'* T.ft ?r>,\ (Ill.rt art el** Vol MM a, 44.i 10,631 76.1 17, *21 1,310 4,323 7, KM WI7 Oua*r Hair cloth . t Hal'* good* 2.1 Harap . . ... .2, 0*9 Homy .nil laatrtimrnU ? Muaioal 164 Naiiti.-oJ 2 Hurgiral 2 4 11,4.9 Oil 1'aiuUnga. 4* Vat. ?S.T2.. 2,6*4 <1, k 7, KM 1 4,0*2 m 21.* l,9*ll 2,1M Ms 1* 14U 2H 1* 40 279 29* si 4 r? 1 <> 40 29 IN 41'1 4 2' 4 12 7 (Hi ttm or. is |iy. wuoda, I'a ntn, \r Indigo f4 1 Off WOO t . . . . ? Color" I'a oU I Ktainarm. Wbitlr.* .... Vrrnil od . Kruita, he Citron Kg" h mom Null (?rangar. ... I'lum* 1 runaa l.aUlna haunt 1 arlli ?ar< 1 m< r.r .... Ki gra?l?ga. I n n r y good* luilifm I aitiug Hab Hm* V ur* (la* fliturfi. <>? Ia1 :na s 1 Irarrarkr ? ' 0 Cla.a lG.'iCO GlaM aura. 27* (?lani plata 103 Mirror plate. . K4 f.'uaro '.',900 Hair 1*7 7.R 6*6 2 21 212 l.'O . 47 . 1,612 ?_o:i 2*7 2 *,4*2 I .iota 11* 161 Ml I .iii 1 1 or a? 4, '16 Ala 494 7,10 ? 117 ilrant/ 27 T,0(>6 I -4 2U* (.in 164 I*,*.' 1.2B-'. I'orUr 1,154 10,64.' 9,:.4i Hum 70 3,73a 711 Wliiakcjr 6 66'? l^athm 12 t,7'.4 ItooLa it ihwi 0 fl7'< l>?-aa?<l akiBD 2.1* 46, HIT iMIO I n'.r ?????! ito ? 54,707 W.9 Maui goola 7 2,*. 'I 1,244 Copper lr^) 1 ,t>04 4,*.* Pmi'ua cap* H S,0?l^ 7, .'110 rhnatliiBg .. IiW 27,6'JH 3 I. Ml Cutlirf f.'n 19. tM a, #71 (lima. 149 2l]*.'.a 20.S llarilwarn. . . 4l*'i I ?r v |o?<l?... M a :t7? Itraaa Jo ... 10 I '.TV Iron, t ina. . 1 441 7?,'.-T? Ail>a M> AAA 10, MA Hoop 6,f>"9 9,7*R I'i* .'60 ?,4ftt lUllriiaJ.,,, 1 261 7,6M KIhh t 679 2,2?# TuSoa 62 712 Wirr 7*2 6,011 1,761 Nail* '<* MW Nw.llr. ... 1.! 2 110 Xa.MI-rjr 12 2,444 M??l 1,'W4 7H, bWt .' 42 HtPr. bUUa. . W1 B,16# 20,292 Tin 6,1' H 4H,4*? I'UtMl ware. 12 1,AI4 I'lal ma . . . r| 4W llnmlia*') . ,, 104 4M NirWcl 10 3,?I4 /. Inr M T2I Aaplialt nil . . 16 21 <? llurmtoura .. I. ?? 2.491 17 1,4* M'iIihV" .. 9117 16,40.* 'Ml. 1 149 l.inaw.1 3?H 27,4?fc 4 1112 illln- If. M, 32,772 I 'a par 414 12,74. U, 7*7 l*> Ijktifinga 1,620 M, .171 * M MtW ry . , 41 I I] 77* K.i|?a ? 7,974 i I'lanta K trrva II l,2m> .l.'i I l'la>t*r 4(i 4, 1H, Hirtato** ? 1 .*70 1,003 lt(|? 442 0 71* ?33 Hall ? 13/97 1 1\ 7l>? S?<l?. '.'44 6/. 4' 7.91KI Hoapi 106 701 7, 1 r.9 Hplrra 549 7,C.. ? 2, .134 i-jioriga .'40 1,2*** 1,144 HUtloUT v 1?6 9, Ml 10,4*1 Hujar, li.i la 3,360 29, *7; l,8.'ifl Ho. lit. Vbga 604 9HJI 62, 7 lift IV a cliU t>fl,*02 6*1, ?7i? 2,4' 3 Toliamo a*4 *,76-< a 007 Toja 181 6,2" "9 9,:'I9 Watcbra .... 26 4,1.40 ?m. a 967 294 *1 4.1 2,410 261 2 4 in 1 ,('40 4,191 23ft 20,111 1,33T I 6M 1 s..|i 77* 1*7 1*.' 2 HI In, 707 17,1)27 1,444 2 . .197 2,0(17 9 171 M* 7(i 2i*l 18,116 8,97(1 4,r.r? 6,936 7,-1') I'liampa (iia . 1,490 *.619 ?,?l| 61,22.1 2i*l 248 2 ..17 M 290 lo. 496 9, (*17 8,043 -4, 'ft''. 2* 924 W<j.idi Kbony 8 |j|inum<t(< . ? Malingaiij .. ? VV ill.. w -j W?.,| , 124 Mo. ka .17 Maatu 2* ( a tip* & it ai l.i alia It kl U3 (itliar artlcU'i ? .11,421 1*,692 16,20:> 18il 8.8*? 7,?'."? S,4I'? I.M lit 414 2,2i? 2, on Valua of iiii-rrliaii>lia? put on Ilia mark?t .lur ib( ttia ??ak .. 12,416, 784 Do. ?1? jr gi otla do do....,'... 1.799.1 >44 Total Import* 44,27k ;i(Mi Total rtporla In *aini' limn 8,411,61# K?c?a* of import* ovar *g|mrt? 442.1, TM Tbe ptloclpal item* of lm|K>rt dorlac ih? wwk wer? M follow*: Hripira, 175, 20<!; coflec, 1134 .MR; carllif n ware, !?'. 1,763; fu'* . h?tnp,l4x 2M; ?/!i*K, I'.O 2!i'?; (JrriNtd ?klo?, 14'., *17; uncr>n I ?klt?, fti4,7!>7; ca'Vety, |4 Ircn, I7H.27U; Ntrol, |7H^i2; tin, 9^,471; paper bangiosa. #M ,371; tea. $&H1,Q79. 1h# al>oT* a? Iff Kate la tbe largcatof tLr araaon. It will br the Imporlu'l iD of article* of K*o?ral , <ioa?ap t on, rocb aa Wa and coffee, bare been ui ummMf L cav jr. Wot k Kirliangr, Kit. nnar 43 t.Q0 Ohio (. a '.0 r 1(>4 l.'i i. Ol.if, ?. * 70 106 94' M)? lab 24, I *'.6 1 <>0 alia s V ( <11 K *?<?! 9-1 1'W do e 91 '? Ind f t(() City 6 ? 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