Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1855 Page 7
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-ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. IB teh/imw BAKKKY TO 1.ET? THE TliKEE bTOKY HOUSE AMU katriy 310 Eighth occupied l>r ng the ta?' i?e y?e ae a drst claas bakery, in a well estab Ksbi*l bb.iiirNi tocUity, The bakery cnnlmus two goo 1 oveas. an J e>ery thiug convenient to ,-arry on * ?o->l bu ?ln?sa. F?r further particulars, apply at 173 West "-enty- sixth street. Broadway lofTs-to i.l: r, separately, if desired, the loft* of No. 3 Park row, dir?etly op ruite the Aswr llouso Apply to ISAAC SMILH'S SONS CO., 267 Pearl street, netr Fulton. ROADWAY STORE AND DAGUKRREaN KOOIH To let cr lease, store 409 Broadway; best location on the street for any business. Also dag oer real rooms J07 broaii #?)?, now o culled as Hutching*' -'.aguerre m gallerj. Kent low to good tenants. Alsotii-.t lloor 307 Dr-.aJ.ay . Apply to A M. 4 K. DAV1K-, 397 Broadway. CRONEY A LENT, HAYING TAKt-N THE H0C3E7W Broadway, next to corner of Eighth itroot will l?t the lj.per part, conftlsting of ceroid, t'iir.1, Mil attic atari**, bath rooms, gan, and Croton water, kitchen-*, ftc. Or the supotior suite of rooms on second floor, well adapted lor any first class fashionable business. Pos session 1st of May next, or before. To bo se. u between the hours of 1- ano 2 o'clock, by applyiu* to CRONEY A 1 .K.N T. 737 Broadway, opposite Astor Place. rRM ON 8TATKN INLAND TO LET OR FOR SALE? ccnta ning about twenty acre*, new bouse, barn and out houses. The bouse is furnish -d throughout, and tin- hum in well sto-Ved. Will be rented reasonably, or sold on very accommodate ff terms, an -.ery little mo ney will be required The furniture will bo sold at pri- . vate sale or at auction For partic ilira inquire of J. O. GOTTSBERGEtt, Jr. Executor, 1- Cuulre s treat, Now York. ?URNISHED OR UNFURNISHED DWELLING HOUSE to let or lease. No. 6 Bond street, near Broadway, particulars apply immediately, on the premises. Furnished kooms to, ^Ithout board, at No. 11 w?at corner of Broadway and rwouty-aixth street; alas ono larne unfurnished front r join. The house ia genteel and pleasantly located, near Madison square. Broadway atages pass the bouse; also one blojk Arum Sixth avenue cars. House to LEr? the three story and base Bent bouse 04 Carroll street, between Henry and ? street, Brooklyn. Gas tbronghout an i double doors and windows. The house was built 'ant spring, i and has only been occupied six months. Can be seen from 10 ta 6 o'clock. Apply on the premises, or at 63 | Pino street, up stairs. OFFICES TO LET? TWO VKRY NICE FRO ST Of fices to let, on second floor, In buildin< 312 Broad I ?ay, a shirt distance above Chambers street, with im mediate possession, also, in the same building, a large room 26x76 feet, to let, on reasonable terms. Apply to B. W. RICH A tl DM, 307 Broadway. LET? A PUBLIC HOUSE, WITH SITTING ROOM, and other apartments If required. Also, two largo with four ante-rooms adjoining, suitable tar or military purposes. Apply at 126 Grand sL |T?. I looms, > I (Ode ties mo LET? THE BUILDING 174 WILLIAM 8TREET, JL now occupied as offices and business purposes, fiw, a number of dwelling houses In the upper part of Oe city, at rents from ?jOO to tl,400. Apply taE.lL KINSHIMER, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7 o'clock. rpo LEr-COTTAGE ON THIRTY-SEVENTH STREET. JL near Third avenue, reht Apartment, Third avenue, between Eightieth and Eighty. first streets, partmonts, Sixty -eighth street, ke , Broadway, cheap, ulre of MACFaRLAN k HKRRirr, 49 Third arenae. te rpo LtT? A FIVE STORY WORKSHOP, WF.LL LIGHT 1 -td on three sides; rent low; ? lease will be given IT required. Inquire of HARDMAN k OSBORN, 187 Walker street, ecrner ot Bow?ry. mo LET? THE TMO STOKY MODERN BUILT HOUSE, X on Third avenue and 106th itreet, furnished with mnge, hath, hot and cold water, kc. Also, tbe house eatutted on 106th street, near Third avenue, with garden and (table If required. Also, the dwelling part of the briek house, on Third avenue and 104th street, with range and Croton water. Inquire of S. B, McGOWN, Third votrae and 106th street. CLET? W0RKBH0P8 IN HOUSE NO. 40 READE treet. first house east of Broadway. Apply at EL'S, No. 302 Broadway. ?rpo LET? HOUSES WITH OR WITHOUT FURNITURE, ? I in various locations. Also, parts of houses, lots, |Mrma, kc. If yon want to hlie, let, buy, or sell, apply B. D. 80#DWIN, Clinton Hall, Eighth street, near ' way. You will be almost sure of success. IfTK) LHT ? SIX FOUR STTORY HOtJSKB, BROWN STONE I'A fronts, on the southerly side of Thirteenth street. | between Second and Third avenues, finished in the best n-nn?r, with all the modern improvements. Also,,two our story brown stone front houses, on Uvingaton ?, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets. Ap ply N?. 180 Tenth street. LET? A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, THREE MILKS from Grand or Houston street ferries. In Newtown, Island, near the Shell Road, containing one acre of with fruit trees, a two story bouse, with wringsat and a carriage boose. Rent t':00 per annum; fan given Immmed lately. Also three fourths at an ?( land, with dwelling house and ont building*, fruit twee, kc , on the shell road. Rent 91^6 per year; pos ies Ian givee let (t March For particulars apply to G. r. EDWARDS, 201 Chrvstle street, N. Y. ?ernes. ?adjoining VKc bouies BIO LET? THE LAK<iK AND WKlt, I IGHTED BASK , M?l (V x?0 fest) of the Barbie front lioaaeNs. ii3 urt street, opposite the Cl?j Hall, Brooklyn; *l*o, tbs weiHng part ot the marble front bourn (with modern pro v? meats) No. :w Court atrest, Brook I to. Apply OAKLET L WRIGHT, ?43 Fulton atrsst, Brooklyn. TO LET? IHK TWO BROWN STONE EIKST CL.XS3 horns* In Twsnty-tbirt itisst. oppoaits London and only 00 foot from Vinth avenue railroad, Bg tba reaidencs of Clement C. Moore, E*q ) bo Bee* are replete with all the modern improve ants, and will be ifniahed In April. Alao a four itory wvniteoa (flrat clan) bouee In Twenty -meood *tr?8t, itwevn Ninth and Tenth aveuuei, vary desirable l.>ca on, complete with all modern Improvement*. Posao* on given Immediately. Apply to JOHN GREGORY, 230 ighth avt-nue, corner Twenty second atreet. LOT? AN ENGLISH BASEMENT BROWN STONE frost houee, aitnated In Islington avenue. Houee ts'ni thirteen room*, with all tfce modern impnvs ?nt*. Would he let to a highly rsipartabls family, thout children, provided ths present occupant*, eon of two adulta, can be arcommndatsd with board, addreaa George, boa 126 Herald office. IT tr IJfT ? HOUSE NO. 47 't PEARL BTRKET, HAVING forty Mven rooms. Inquire on the premiis*. IT K LK? THE UPPER PART OK A MODERN BUILT _ bonaa, to a email rsepectshis family. Batli, ('rot on atsr, gae, Ac. Pssae**ion immediately. Apply at Ihs i, 17fl Eaat Twenty mth itreet. frO LET? THE BUILDING (HI VBSEY STREET, OPPO ? 1 rite Washington Market; aleo the new marble ^nilding 72 Bruaoway, running through to New street " o ths epaciona at?r? 128 William itreet, about 1*) t Arep. Apply to A. LIVINGSTON, 62 Jobn street. fr>0 I.ET-IN IIOBOKEN, WITHIN THREE MINUVKS ? I walk ef the ferty, a fsw new Drat da** liu j*es, lu pvti terrace, wi'.b lower*, . ern* mental fionta, and >urt yard*, commanding a beautiful view of ths river ttii New York , Uave all the modern Improvements, in uding ga* and bot nnd cold water, and will be 1st to mate familiea of the bigbe*t r**pert ability only. ? uarding ItobMi keeper* need not apply. Ini|uir? oornur I Hurt run and Second atresrt-, HotxArn, of E MARTIN. ?O LET? TWO NEAT COTTAGES ON FOVTY NIV1H ^ afreet, jnat went of Tli ri aven'ie. Earh :uU*ge lias ri. room* and kitchen addition, garden in front, yard in sr. Car* pas* the atreet conatantlr. R?n' I2V0, pos eaion immediately. Apply to JAUKH PRICE, 200 Hud nn afreet. KfO I.ET- THE HOUSE NO 140 W003TE11 STREET, i containing the modern Improremeot*. an I in capi 1 order, possesion immediately. Apply to W. S. JAI'. IS, No 20t> IJm atre< t, near 8ptlr-j. "O l.ET- THIS OIJ) B*TABIJSHEI? GROCERY STORE No 66 spring afreet, al??;, the duelling louae, No. |itl Elm *tr*et. Apply to W. b JARVL-i, 208 Urn ?ir*et, ear spring. LET ? THE Srf'RE AND DWELLING NO. 414 PEARL _ ?tre<t frrm flrat ot Viay Apply to W .-I. JARYtH, s. 2Wi Elm afreet, neir Spring. HO LET? POSSESSION iMMFDIATKI.Y, LOKT* IN L asveral large and well lighted fa^torl**, centrally sated / pply to W . S. JAKVIS, No 20H He "treeV ?pfl LET? A NUMBER OT lENEM*NIS, OOMMIIMG ?i of two, tbrss and lour room*, la sew aod hasd*oSP K tl'tci np bones*, In '?srloia part* of tb? ette, to asiall peel able familial. Apfly to W ,-. JA.VIH, No. -0ft atreet. !)? *r >|.rm/ Ijrr? A TWO rqilRY AND A (TIC H<>C-?E wrtb ga* and Croton, IT Weat I wenty *i*th *tr??t, twesa Hr-a.:way ?n ! vtu av-ane ( ,m t>? n fc m |2 to 4 o'clsek . alter that Urns inquire at 1UV Ws*t Kle Mth strsst. no let? in a nut si k Family, an cnfurnissed I parlor and i?dro< ni, on the asooad floor, with all to mo< -rn irnprrnesient" References e\ li*uge<l. kpply at 146 V . -t Twenty ?t-con'i atreti, between Sixth I Mevsn'b avenue*. _ TNT? A ElMfiT t l.AHH HOl'SK, IN BROOKLYN, wits brown atone front, acd let to a gen teal f?ni ly, i own* r and l^dy to board In ths family, if mutually .gfeeablr. sr rent paid teml annually. Rsferen^ea re [nired l'u*ae?>lon immediat< ly. Apply to THOMPSON : yrRKET, 81 Naeaau atrest, room 7. I>T? THE BRICK HOUSES, i 7 7~ 1SI^~ 1B3 AND k 1S4 Chambers street also, bouse* 00 and 92 Wset . vrsteentb atrest, between Sixth an I Seventh avenue* >o, the factory on ths rear: aleo, ihs desirahl* atsr* S4 ey itreet, (under ths Dey itreet hotel. ) A good stand. fftj to A. lit Ckanber* atrest. yO LR-THB FOR CLAM DWKLL1N0 HOUMB, Nss. 112 and 114 I^sonard street, near Brosdvar _ hoaeee lisvs bot and cokI water, rurnacs ani hatli ?viO bs Ut together or Mpsratolr to flrat rlaa* tsnsnta |vp[..r to HE'RY Ml a ril Broadway Ikr? Botftis M van dew at kr ffrRMrrTTo _jSS* 'treet, lift Vdrick atreet, Yl Hm str-<ft. Also lartment* ant ba*ement* down town an I a rear hcise ? Will'smibtirg. near tba ferry, rant t '44 ;.er >?ar. \ff\f to K. C SMITH, Rsas itrsst. r ?r TENANTS' REGISTER r) LET? THE FOl'R STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK dwelling house, with gas fixturea and -no tern im rroTfomtn, 17 H'gh ..street, Brooklyn, withiu three toiiiiites' walk of Fulton ferry. to OAKLEY & WRIGHT, 343 Fulton street, Brooklyn. TO LET? THE STORE 3. WITH BASEMENIS, OK N'OS 6 ud 7 Nai1 ?u street. No. 7 wi'l be altered und pair ted to suit. and possession .-an be had by th? first of April. Also, office* in *ame bu'lding*. Apply to J tMES < RI IKSHANK, 83 Broadway, or Spring A; Irking, No. 7 Nassau street, eecond stoty TO LET- THREE ACRES OF GOOD LAND, FOR A a gardener situated In KUtbush, lalnnd. In quire at Washington Market, back ot butchers, No. 0 vegetable market, ot Mm. M ? EK-<. flV) LET? THE STOKES, WITH DWELLINGS, OF JL house* 40*5 and 4U8 Pear! street from 1st of May. Apply ti W. S JARVH*, 20H Elm street, near Spring. rj'O LET? A LARGE FOUR STOKY HOUSE NO 84 J Franklin street, a fen doors west of Broadway. for a Brat clap* boarding house, with all modem improve meats. bath, gun, Ae. Apply ti ALEX. C. OAYOTE, 112 Ilroadway. I>IIE SECOND STORY, ATTIC BEDWOM AND FRONT basement of bou*? 97 Watts atreot. Rent $15 per month. Posiession immediately. T O LET OR I EASE? THE FIVE STORY HOCSE NO. 130 c hambers street, well calculated fcr a hotel or larjte boirding hou?e. having eighty room*. Apply to TLOMA8 HOl'E. 132 Chambers street. rl.ET OR I.EASE ? THE STORE AND BASBHENT southeast comer of Twentietli street and First ave nue. Possession immediately. The balanco of the build ing can be had from May 1st, if required. Apply to K. EI.I.IOT, No. 3 Nassau stroet, second floor, fro in 10 A. M. to 2 P. M. 10 I.ET OR LEASE? AT 360 GRAND STREET. NEAR the Essex market, the two lower floors of tho Urge four story store. Both floors are calculated for business of any kind, being very roomy, especially for a carpct and furnishing store. Apply to John tionger, No. 4U5 Grand street. IV) l.ET OR I .EASE ? THE LARGE DWELLING HOUSE . 100 Bank street, containing seventeen rooms, with a good rsngn and bath, imstessfon of which could he hud immediately if required. Also, the two story brick dwell ings 118 West Broadway. Apply to THEO. J. SEIXAS, 109 Bank street, or 27 I'erry street. TO LFT OR LEASE ? THE FOUR RTORY HOUSE, 69 West Twenty-flrst street. Also, the cottage home, 29 West Twenty tirst street. Apply to WAI DEN' TELL, :9 West Twenty first street, or 109 l'earl street. TO LEI OR LHASE? THE STORE AND BASEMENT, with sub cellar and vaults, of tho ^elegant building No. 20 Beefcman street, suitable for wholesale paper, drug or hardware business; possession 1st May. Also the threo upper lofts, very light and commodious; pos session immediate. Also tho spacious stare and base ment, with vault, ef No. 14 Spruce street, each room 100 feet deep: possession immediate. Apply to JAMHH PRICE, 200 Hudson street. TO LET OR I .RAPE? THE MODERN, BEAUTIFULLY finished two story and attio brick dwelling No. 12 Harrison street, containing thirteen rooms. The above is one of the best flnishod dwellings lu the lower part of the city, and will be lease:] to a good tenant upon reason able terms. Apply to J. CAMPBELL, Jr., TaciQu Bank, between 10 and 3 o'clock. TO LET OR I.FASK? A VERY DESIRABLE NEW three story and basement house in Sixteenth street, near Seventh avenue, containing all modorn Improve ments, including gas fixtures. Ac Kent 1726. Can be seen between 10 and 12 A. M. and 2 and 4 P. M. Inquire at 122 West Sixteenth street. TO LET OR IJCASE? A NEW, FIRST CLASS THREE story basement and suboeller house, with every con venience, in a good neighborhood in Wiliiarasburg, with in two minutes' walk of all the ferries. Kent lotv, f ">00. Possession given immediately. Inquire of JOHNSON k YOlOT, booksellers, 421 Broadway, TO IJCT OR LEASE THE ISLAND KNOWN AS Riker'l Island, beautifully situated in tho East river, about two milca above Harlem, contains about 100 acres of land, beautifully wooded, and has a large, com modious house and out buillings, and a Qno new- dock, that steamboats can land at at all tides, the whole suitable for a public bouse and place of summer rosort for excursionists, fishing, lie., ke. To a good tenant will be let low for one or more years, and possession given immediately. Apply at 65 II road streot. TO PORK PACKERS OR BUTCHERS? TO l.ET, to gether or seperate, tho dwelling houso Croiby stieet; also, a large three story packing house in the roar, with a double brisk smoke house, and an ice house thirty feet deep- a complete place for the basineae; for merly occupied by J. D. Jackson. To be seen any day after 1 o'clock. Inquire on the premises, or of COMBE8 & NIX, Washington market. rpO BAKERS AND GROCERS ? TO IJS1 ? THE STORE 1 and dwelling house 49 President street, BroeUyn, near Hamilton ferry; an excellent stand for a grocery or bakery, with a good baker oven. Apply to D. O 'Conor, 120 First avenue, New York. Alao, to let, In the new honse l: tl Esst Eleventh str?et, neat aparVaente; a room and two bedrooms on each floor, with Crotmj water, he. Apply as above, to D. O'CONOR. mo LRAHB Fon TWJMTY-OWK YEA113 ? TUB TWO 1 large three story houses known at 40 and 42 Spring street, between Mott and Mulberry, with alley nine foot whle; the lots are 60 feet wide by 122 deep. Inquire at 2i6 Sprian street, between the koura of 1 and 6. IO RENT VERY IX) W ? SEVERAL ROOMS ON Till fifth floor of Trinity building, Broadway. Apply ?t 24 Trinity building. **< ORK SHOPS WITH STEADY HI KAM POWER AND M shafting, ready for operating, heated with steam, the very best of light, and pleisant situation, on tho corner of Broome and Mercer str<ets. App'.y on tho premtres to WM. GALE A SON. WOKE SHOPS TO LET CHEAP, IN TRK NEW bnilding No. 23 Duane street, eighty feet from Chatham; wide stairs, easy access to .my of the floors; hoist wheel, with every convenience for manufacturing purposes; good light front and rear, also i?a lirht; the whole or any part can be had by applying to DANIEL fcWEhNY, No. 68 Chatham street. IIOI HKH, BOOMS, J*C^ WASTKD mi I ey AAA T0 W.00?? ' wanted, to p> r WJ-^eUU* J chase, a good houae and kit io an eligible part o f the city, for which payment will be mv*o ? ia a mortgage on rval ettate, worth four tin** tua amount. Inquire of ti. L. JOHNSON, 212 Broadway, room No. 3. 2 AAA PAWN TI.-Kl.-ra WAN ITD ?Off H ATCH aa, jewelra, diamoufe, aiUt. and draefl patter nn, for wbicb fair pricee will be paid. Apply U> J. PYEES t CX)., SS6 Grand Htreet, ac.ond flour, rear room. JjQAA To W.W-TO BLTCIIER8? WANTED TO ?OUv purcbaee a Brut claae maat m\r*et. t>e twran llomton and Fourteenth atreeta, au<l In U ut vic'n I it/ of Br-.'adway; would not obj?ct to an oyetni arid vegetable itaod in connection. Addrreg J. B. L., Horald (i Aire. CANAL STREET.? WANTED TO PURCHASE, A TWO ? ?r three rtory bouae, between Broadway and Lata 1 rent "treet oa tbe north aide. Addreai ('la: a, Herald effire, utating termi, location and aiie of lot. H ouse wakhd-not above uolwton- arnLvr, Bear tbe Hoe of tha Second avenue ral road ; t(lO l upper part of ? bourn, ?ay two room* and tw> or the* be.lro<ram. on tbe ??eond floor, or one t<?drooin mar he | in tbe attic. AAdreae Jaranoa, Herald offl e, nUtlu* accommodation ? and terma. House and lot, ok va( anv tat, wanted ? Any pernon ci-bin^ to diapoee of vitber of thera, \ neparatc or together, at a ca*h price to unit Uie time', muy addreu F J. L., Herald offlc.i TUe price rot to ?*c.e?d 42, W)0 for Iwuse and tot, or II, IM) for kit, and not above Fiftieth ?tr?et. | WANTED- HIE WU'iI.K OH PART Of A SMALL bouee. by ?. gintleman, wife and -bdd, Ave yeara j old; not above Twenty-third atreet, aad rent n-jt to eicced $400 per f ear for whole, or $2Mi for part Went ! contnln Croton, bath*, Ac. Adlreai J. D., box 12H, Trl i buDe office. WANTED? BY A ?KXTIXMAN AND WIVE, FROM tbe lat of May. one b?if of a new l.ouee in the I ui'per part of the city, eligibly lo-ated Ken'. nit to | e?ceed (600 Addreae Lot. box lo7 Herald oflM, (tatlng ' ai'ua'lon of hnime aad when It can be ee?a. Aa uwn-r i preferred. Reference* exchanged. | II ' ANTED? A > M A I.L F.vRM, from forty to fl'ty ' f? acren. wltbin twenty fire or flfty railee froai Nee ; York, od the Harlein or New lin o railroad* pre I ferieo. Tbe toad moat be tha be?t kind for gen-rat I farming purpoiee. For ?<> -k a place, with fool iru i | roveaient*, tbe gdv>-rtlaor la willing fe> pay a fa r valu I atioD, la laaUlnurate af $AOo each, ai we can agree. ! Add real I>oekwnod, No UU> Foltoa?tre<-t. I ?'ANT?i) TO LfcA>>?^-FOB A TERM OE V'K\RS A I V* dwtdliag bonne, anitable for a eaMli family, for ' which tha ??Wriber ?UI pay a reaaonanle reat and i keep tba pre m lee ? (a proper repair. (Mow Vaarkar i ttreef preferred Addreea, etating tarma. aaaiber abd I location of booae, t. Rootea, 71 Tricity pl?-e WANTED TO RFNT-A RXBTDKNCT DT TIE OOfV try, acoeeaibto witbin an boarirom tba Ci*y Hall. N. V i Ixmg lelaad aod HUten Ialaod etoptad ) A double nouae prefcri*'!, with gardaa, out-bomaa, fnd gtx/d water. Rent between I'.OO and *JOO. Anew, ra, ?tatiag locality, and particulara about tba proparty. Addreae (poet paid; P, bos UW, Poet Ofloa, New yark ANTID TO Hl iW II Aflfc ? A N? AT>W(7 OK THHKF. atory honee. with all tbe modern luiprovemeata, on tbe weat eide of Broadway above Canal atreait, an I not Mgl er op than the oommeacement of the avenue*, in a good neighborhood. Pnee from to 16,600. lB(|?tre at gtore 204 raliaa itreat. IPOUTCUinL SPIRITUAL RAPPINO AND WRTTDIO- OOAV 'will receive viaitera tkia and every day thi* week, at 720 Broadway, Hope Cbapal Build ag Hour. 10 to 12 A. If and 3 to t aad 7 to V P. ?., Tburaday aad Satarda* evealag eicopted N B ? Partiee alUadad at their ren lenee, alao private eirelea at kev roaou S ! AI.HH.? MfHB H( ICHIN" THK WKU knowa te t aiedina, oaly thirteea j' ira of aga, cotiiie j/? to bold cir:l?? every after imod *0<! arcninj, at M Hruadway. KIN.iiaAL. US AAf, TO ^AN 0N DI AMOK OS, l3j?)0\/e" ? vM " w ?tche?, jewelry, k'. , or bought for ?4?n Coed city stock*, notes, bonds tu1 mortgage*, bills of exchange, tea., neio'.leted Business confiden tial and promptly executed, at 1<"2 Sam ?u street, room Mo. 2. TOOMI SON .V (X)., broltars auJ commission ner cliants. /WiA-10 IjOAN os diamonds, BJOO?v' 'I ' watchee. jewelry, segari, an J merchandise generally, or bought out. bonds and mort gage* bought ana sold. Money constantly on hand at Mi; Willis m ?treet, near Fulton. up *Uir*. FORBI'SII A CO., loan and flomralkaion brokers. C'tASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT, OR PURCHASED J at light, diamond*, watches, rich jewelry, an 1 valuable personal property generally K. WOOD. *9 Fulton street, eecond tloor, front room, from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. IRVING SAVING J INSTITUTION, 90 WARREN STREET, one door from Greenwich. ? Open daily from 10 A M. to 1 1'. M.. and 4 to 7 P. tl. iut?re*t it the rat? of sli per cent allowed on all soma from fl to $.r?iK). Pbe fundi of this institution are securely :uve?te I in bon Is tad mortgagee in *ity of New Y. rk, worth double th? amount loaned, and in bind* in Oiio city. CA-UCP i. WOODHUt-, ^ealdMt U. UViX,)T:m Vamuchiiu.t L. tirrrnff, Secretary ]U ONtY TO LOAN? PERSONS RIQUUUNO TEM IYJ porary advanca* on real estate, diamond*, r^'.cbua, jewelry, furniture, pianoforte*, wine, Ipint*, and [K> ? i-unal property of every deieription, can b*? inuned l/jlij accommodated, on liberal term*, and the xtricteit on*". dencu observed, at the Empire Loan and igMMJ Off.j'j, ? -I Broadway. MMT ANTED IMMEDIATELY? BETWEEN ?l,000 AND VV $?' OOU, to bring into practical uae a highly valu able invention, from which immense profits are certain. An opportunity so rare 1* aeldom presented to the pah lie The nature ot the Invention, together with a ??tl* factory proof of the very large profit* to be derived Irom It. will be given to those only who can command the above amount of capital in cash Address, with real name *nd address, W. 8., Union square l'o*t Office. OR* CiOODS, (WC. A T. STEWAkTaTcO. HAN E OPENED A SPLENDID A . I'ock of spring and summer dress good*, imported expressly for their retail trade. Hroadnay, Chainoeri and Rcado stroet*. AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OK SPRING AND BCM mer dress good* will be offered this morning, in ad >n to thos* exhibited laft week, comprising Paris barest- robe*, grenodinee, urgtodiu*, French L?wna, cali co*, brilbintcs, Ac Alto, 1000 pice* of rich Ore** silks, selected by one of the tlrtn In the Parli and I you* mar kets, eipresily for the retail department. 20 eaae* of linens, for family use, purchased at a great sacrifice, will be sold at 2* i d per yard, equal to any olTered in this rnarkol at 50 cents. Al*o, 600 dreaaea if I'arlH foularas at tO TiO the dress ? f>U per cent, below tbn co?t of irupor tation. I'BSDELL, PfclR ON, A LAKE, 471 U road way. CHEAP IJNEN8.? FIFTY CASES P.OCN'D THREAD solt finished Irish linens, commencing at 26 cents per yard. A. T. STEWART fc CO., Broad way, Chamber* and lteade streets. IMPORTED WOVE CORSETS. ? MRS. GAYNOR CON tinuoi to receive, by almost every steamer, fresh supplies of her celebrated French wove corsets, whi:h for ease and elegance In fitting are unsurpassed. No. 45 Third nvenne. near Tenth street. N, B.? Also children's and misses' cor lets. J BECK A CO., 3A5 AND 3*7, 7H<J .Oil) 788 BROAD 0 way, will open on Monday a large and *pI*ndM stock ol new spring goods, selected with great care In the ?nropean and other market* consisting of silk*, shawls, mantillas, lacn*. embroideries, linen*, raualim, mourn ings, calicoa, detalncs bareges, organdies, hosiery, ? ? handkerchiefs, Ac., Ac. ; all of which will be offorod at vary low price*. ML. BUTLER, 11U SIXTH AVENl'R, THIRD DOOR above Ninth street, offers to the la<lie.< this week, at greatly rednaed prices, Pari* "mbroi ieries in baan'.s, inserduus and collars; also Vallencionnxs la:o* an I edgings, with collars, sloeves and chimosettes of lane, separate and In sets. ladies come and ju-li$o for your Bolve*. ' New stymcs spring mantii.las ? moi ynki'x BE1.L, 6H Cnnal street, wonid call the attentloA of merchants to hla beautiful stock of (Vench m mt 11*?, just received from Paris. of his own mam. fai lure are well worth examining, being from the latest de signs, and warranted superior to my.hing In market, either in price, quality or style. "VJ KW Sn.KS ? ON MONDAY, r'KJRt AkV M, Hi. lv oeived by tbo 1 Initio, severe 1 cases of tho latest Paiia style*. Alio, an additional lot of the cheap silk* at hi. per yard. A. T STKWAUY A CO., Broad *ay, Chamber* aod Reade streets. \t] KT IJNENS, WET 1M MASKS, WKT NAPKINS AND TV towelling, set qnUta and oouaterpane*, wet baud kerchief s, Ac ? An uawiM sale of wet goo<ls will lane Glace this day, commencing at 9 o'cUck A. M., eona>at ig of linen good* of all kinds. Aiao, a large lot of eheeting and shirting , of all mdth* and make. Also, *00 piece* of puot, from 6d upward*. The above named good* are warranted perfect, (wet only,) and ?rat free tu alt parti of the cty and vielnlty. If. B ? Sale poiitive; no postaonemeat on account of ih* weather. ANDRKw O. COLItY, 37 T*irJ avenue, tM tween Ninth ana Tenth etrevtl. BOTRU. HOU'RHMES HOTEL, 7t7 AND 739 BROADWAY, eorner of Clinton Place ? eoodneUd on the European plan ? oilers unsurpassed aooommodattone to families or individual* in want of handsomely fnrniane'l and n <atly kept apartments, with or witbeut board, at reasonable rates, and where all the comforts of a tulet Nee Eng land home can be eojey*4. Hotel Brighton, bocloonk(?cr mer>, i*akce ? Te families going te Karope. A geatlemnu late otn Europe, can safely recommend tae "Hotel Brigh ton.'' a* not only the best in the place, bat as on* of tho b*st in Europe Situated at a convenient distance from the railroad, aud being In the middle of a large garget), this hotel poseo .so* all the comforts demrablc for wealthy families. EXTRA PAT. DH. NAVY HAH.OR8 ANI) rrrHEKS.? EXTRA PA7 , promptly paid, bouaty laul warraata attained, taught and aold; penaion* procured, baianee* due >ieir* of dveeaaed V. P. *?am?n collected, aad all kind* ?f claim* in ilt the United Btatee raeoTarvl hv RJiwARD B7-W17,L, Agent and late Puraer 0. S. Navy, 47 Wall atiMt nirrnrcrnoif. ? W? BOOKKtt.i'IN'U, WRITIMJ, AKlHIMKnC ? a Thin la p<,?i'lv?!y the laat lay *o jo>n Mr. DO I, BhAK'H elaa*. and li-srri practical doakl" en'rj fir I' The ratranc* book will b? oprn from X A M. till 10 P. M Ticket* may b* weured, and tb? l??M?nt taktu at j lei ?uff.s ?0? Broadway. A CARD ?TIM NaOtti WIIX RWKIVK TWVLTI ' f\ utadont* thiii ?rM, f.r a tboro i?li e<iuraa of count ing bouke ioitruct.<in, todudtig double ??ntry book kr?|r.u^, iiK>r<*j>oti)? eriting Mid ar thnjetic, at U>4 r? duo-d <h*rge of t2A for l li? whole counwi inclu look* 3D 1 aletlou'try. Application must be made to I* *Mk. 01,' V *.K it GOUMMITH, 342 Broadway, toruer Kranklm itrekt. [Krom tb* N?w V <>r? Courier aul Enquirer. ) The rtilr<Kra|ihi<' ?rt n touch mora Important v> roan kind than It ia v'-neraily -onaid>*red. ani Mr <iiid?uu'.b may vrrr well < lalm to bo conai'.?>ra?i at lla ha*!. [I rom Hh- llonx* Journal, June 2'., ls^aj Id ?v?ry profee*lon there l? a re ogniied levfing m.ia ? on* ?L<i?a j r? tin neu :* la no deei'iod Mtat wbo)} rail* it in quntion Arri' ng these who tra li the art of writing. Oliver B. Ooldaniitb ta juat luat indiipuUUy ' \rr nil. in tit f?r>oo and rocogu aed bea.l of *h?pr,Ir< rfbti BOOKKHCIINO. ARITHMETIC WRiriNfJ, *<?., taurttbyW. J RKNVIUJf, 2*9 Broadway, p..o t<rm* to wbl<-h. for the p?*t ten y?ar*, he he* unda-ia t-n^ly adhered. Bookkeeping >>y double en*ry, la??r.|(i tt<iu thorough. time nnhtnit.-fl, $12 hookkaeptag ?t l b.? rcantlle arithmetic, ?li lack ?t'ideal receirea ?e,>e ra<e attaatioa, il Ik r k??TI? k IIUUM li|>. JN lil VK .KMBOSB IN j ()? b-okl o<p -iif edtinf, kr., oU..? Aft Hroa,l?ra/, , ' (A| ^leUja'a ISulxkog.) where genllfmei are ijnaiiflad f?? the .'ittu'inj Lcuae, lo a auperlor aad expedlUoua uaa aer. . , ... ? I I(lOlJxt>lATK iNHrmn:, 143 wcr Twritry TfifW) ; I atr<-'t ? 'Ihoae who *i?l? to <iuASifjr thair. <?'.??? th' r- tijlily, for the du ti?? of tke eouuliag h'>uae ahoak) ?nU-r (or ? rour?eof hookieeplm an 1 mercanttl# 'f,rri>?- | I poBdcbr* m tb,? ??i*bli*L ment la?aon? ia Kr< a h, J K|?nl?h and F.u.'ii*h , by ar??nipUahe<l oatir* teftdHTt; h< ur> to auit puplli, trni mj leratfl. ttrttuu, BOanariM; (*<WMrRCitL ARirii V ? Dirtic, Ate ? tbffeare thoa?aa>!a af per*OD< thw I frr-at n>< trc^* lie alioae tarlr e?lacatxa ha? tmea aeglart ? 1 and other* alio hare r. ao'r?i aad re r?eolt?l ta bn -rni food p?niD?n aad xtfikiK-epwa, j* t procre>tioa.e >>?? n n<B| Mr. I'aine. 2ft 7 Oiasd atrrel, New York, 140 Pal ton ftieet, IfrookljD. mf >raa* au:b that thejr can private inatriction at hi* room*, aa free from okawia- ; tloa or int?rrupti?n aa b) their own imi#i, "it'.B - at r?r; moderate prlcea. (jail to day klRR ARTS. DMXJRATIVR KUkWO PAIVTET. (IV TFIK okrman ! and Italian a-bool. ? la read* to laeorato ia Uaa Boat approvrd itiaonrr, aad ta all atvlaa. Addre?a at 20k f-pna* atreet, New York, UKOiUiK FITvfl. OIJ) rv?,RAViNf.H Borrarr, auvi <>ix> nor>KH, ? and the bigbtet priee paid fer th*m la any '|uaati tj .'?mall and large engravinga. aM hooka, k* alwari 1 ?a hand aad for aale at the Old Ourleaity Hfeop, Na. Ml | Broadwa/, Alae Morgan '? eipeee of rree?a*oa rj, la* copiea. , ItUJARDfl, Biiuard tabi>si -ha vino mvtNTKD a st :rr. perl..r ?Laatie eoaklon, we invite the puklit ia gen eral, an < gertl^naea ahnit pnr -,ha*(ag for privet* or peh lie uae, to rail tad ?<am ne enr *to<> of ?!?!? aad air> hie b?d tahla* Mllard ball*, en*e, "ie teatbe*? 'loth*, and pool hoar-t*. Oae aernod haad table ia pevf?rt after far tat* at a barge a an table for art rat* i*e ornrrnu * i ixker, n a?b 'trw*. nnPTOQ. FOK UVERPOOI ? ITNITlCD BTilD MA II. HTKAM- I ?hip BALTIC, Oapt. J. J. Comatock, commander. Thif ?teamahip will depart vith (ha ( niiad State* mail* foi I Europe, poaltlvely on Vedn.*day, March 7, at 12 o'clock I M., from bar berth, at tba foot of (Unal "trout for freight or panJ&ge, Inving uuciijkd accoumixlaUva for elrganoe and com'ort, apply to EDWARD K COIAJNS, 6? Wall *tr?et Pamengera -tro r*<|u rated U ba on bo*, d at 11 S o'clock A. II. Tne r. will auoeed tba Baltic^ i and ull March '.'1. shipper* plea** take notice thai ; the ahipa of thu Una cannot carry aoy good* ooutra band of war. r? UK NEW YORK AND IJVE'lPOOL CMTEI) STATUS X Mail Stoanier*. ? Tha ahlpa eon the Um ?M the following.? ATI ANTIC. Capt War. BAl.riO, Capt Oomatocb. PACIFIC, < apt. Nye. AI'KIATIC, Capt. Yheae ahipa hate b?en bi.ilt by contract, exprceely fot ftOTi-rnirent aervlce. Every earo ha* been tak< u in thoii ecualruction, alnc in their eoguim, to euaare itrengtb and ?petd, and their accommodation* for pjtaiwngem an unequalled for elegance and com'ort i'ri 'e of paaaaif* ironi New York to Live: pool, in Br<t 3la?a cabin, 91w; in naeotid Jo. $76; exclun.vt- u,e of eitra aite atata rooau 1326; from Liverpool to New York, JO eud M> gulneei An eiper'vnced aura eon ?:terbeo to each 'hip. No bertk Mcmwl unUi paid Tor. PkllFOKkU DiTK (?? 8AIUXO. ?KoM KMT TOR*. rtUlM urmiw.. WednetJity, Dec. 27..1H&4 Saturday, I>ao. !7....Hb? Wednesday, Jan. 10..IH56. Katurday, Lxw. 30.... 1864 tVednvday, Jan. 24.. 1*56. Saturday, Jan l3....IS?ft Wedoei>d?y, Feb 7. .1x66 Saturday Jan 27....1H06. Uvdnceday, Feb. '21 . . 1W>6. Saturday, Feb. 10... . 1H6I ftedueiula}. Mai. 7..1h66. Saturday, Feb. 'A4..,.)II6A Koi ireiglit or ^.if-ag* apply to HlW'D R. COJLINS, No. IjQ Wall at-eei, New Yor*. HKOWN. cUll Ll.Y k CO . Liverpool. STEPHEN KKnNARD A CO.. 21 Au-tin Friikre, Loodow B. U. WAINWRIUUT k CO., I'arui (iKORGE II DKAPEH, Havre. I be owner* ot tlu-ae i.bip? will not he accountable lu gold, eilver, bullion, apeife. jewelry, preciuu* atonea u< metal*, unlcaa bill* of lading are aigned therefor, a mi <be value theieof therein eipreneed. Shipper* pleaee take notice, tbat tha ship* of thla Um -.annot carry any gool* contraband of war. 1>HK JJVKRPOOL AND PHILADKIJ'HLA STKAM.HHD Company intead tailing their favorite ateanxihipa CirY OK MANt HK8TKH 2,12? tone. .('apt. Wylle. f!ITY OF BALTIMORE, (new >.2 63t tuna. tipt. . CITY or WaMHLNUTON. do. 3,7(0 tone. .('apt K. Uitob. Saloon |00, Mb and 166, according to a late room. A limited number of third eiaiH pa?aen*er* will b? taken from Philadelphia aud Liverpool, and found la provlaion*. .""rom Philadelphia.. . . . >30 | Prom I^verpool H) Partiea wiahing to bring eut their fri?nd< can oHtaUl aertlflcataa of paixaga, and dralta on I j' erw-il. in anma of ?1 iterllng and upwaHa. Apply to dAMUCl. SMITH, Agent, 17 Walnut atreet, rhiladelpbia, aad No. 7 Broad way, New Yark. f^OR SOLI HAMPTON AND HAVRE? T11K U. S. MAIL f ataatn?r ST. lAll'IH. J, A. Wotton, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the maili and paaaengera, on Saturday, March 10, at 1'J o'clock, fram pier 37 North river, foot of Beaeh atreet. I'rica of paaiaga? Piikt cabin, IliU; aoeon<l do., S76. Luggage not wanted during the voyago nboaM be aent on beard tba day before atiliog, marked "below." No freight taken after Tburaday, March ftth Kor freight or parage apply to MORTIMER UVINCSTON, Agent, &?') Broadway. S< TKAMSHH'8 HE1 WEFN 1IA VRj; AND NEW YORK ) direct ?The ntcamablp ALPS will >all from Havre direct for Now York, (without ealling at any port In Rngland.) on Saturday, Vbth of Novembor. The ra'.aa of freight and paaaage in flrat and aoeond cabina will lie vrrv moderate. Tbe aalling of tho au'eteding ateam<?r* will bo ehortly announced. Tha rato of lm>uraaco in France i# le?a by ahlpa from Havre direct for New York than in ahlpa calling at an Kngl'ab port. Apply in Havre and Parle, 17 Boulevard* dea ltalien*. to Donald ('urrie, or in New York to K. Cl'NARD, No. 4 Bowling (iroeu. ?\T EW YORK AND CAIJKOKNU STEAMSHII' UNK, via Nicaragua. The Aooooaory 1-ianait (Xmipany of Nicaragua, Proprietor* 700 mile* ahorter than any ether route. Tha aplendid double engine iteaeiahip NORTBEKN 1JOHT, S.OOU tone burtn.n, Oapt. 1'iniila , paogb, will leave from pier No. J North riror, at S o'clock P. M., fur I'unta Ar uaa, on Tneaday, February 27, coaaecting with the I ncle Sam, 2,0<i0 ton* burthen, aver the Nicaragua Tranai t roate, having btft twelve milex ot land tramportation by flrat claa* carrltgee. , Kuveral new aad awift iroa atoaatboat* have lately b~>w put on the r.ver and lake, wnieh abortena tha lima on tbe tranait from ocean to ecoaa. Theao eteamir* are 'inaarpaaaed in their ventilla'.lon and aecomaodatloaa. 1 For information or paiaagw, apply only to i HA- MOHGAN, Agnnt, No b ft. vrllug C.rca I fttoi hag* made up at tbe otll'.-e. i/ett*re'26centa pat ' half ounce. TTNIIXD HTtTKH MAIL 1JNE KOR CALIFORNIA, lj AiplnwaU and I'auaina.? ('aliforuiaoe are In'nrnfl (by author. ty from the Panama Rallroiul Company) tbat the tranait tbe Iathmn* will fee made hy rallroail from ocean to ocean. No mora mule travel? no river bonr.D(. On Monday, March A, at '2 o'cltok P. M.. from tbe pier at f< ot of Warren atreet, Nor h rtvifr, will be deapatclied the *?et iteamahip GKOKQE IjiW, Capt. O. V. FM, tT. fl. V., to "onnect at I'inama w th the fl*w and au^ierlor aUam ?hip OOI.llIN ACE, Capt J. T. Watklna. A aparo boat alwaya kept at Panama to prevent deten tion, la eaec of accident No telght received after 1 o'clock on tba aniline 'lay. rer paaeago. apply at tbe compaay'* offloc, No. 177 Weat atreet, to J. W. RAYMOND ITVinrD 8TATH9 MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY ? J For Havana and New Or leant ? On Friday, March 2 at 2 P. M , from p er foot of Warren afrwet, N. R.. by tha wall known and favorite ateemiihlp I'HILADELI'flfA. Paiaage "an be a ecu red at tbe company'! offlee. Freight to New Orleana, 30 cent* per cubic foot, shlppera will be loppliad with blanfe bill* of lading of the feria aigned hy tbe company, on apclieatioa at their office. No other form* (igned, and no bill* of lading will be tigned after tbe hoar of aalling. For freight or aaaaage, apply at the office of tbe com pany , No. 177 Weat *treet. ouraer of Warr^a M. 0. ROBERTS. Jk IHTRAIXA.? FIONKKH IJNE ? CAKRYINd THi ^ I'nited Htatee rcaiL ? 1*be new aad elegant clipper ip OKOR'iB*, 1,100 tana, for Sydney and Melbourne, now loadlni at pier No. t, bet river, will positively *ad en tbe let of Mareb. Tbi* ihin offer* a rare opportunity for meefcaalc*, laborm, aad iemecUc eervaote, doair ng to emigrate to Sydney, where immediate employment la obtained at <'Bonaoualy high ratee of wage*. Only 178 reqtlred to be paid bere, and $60 after arrival, to be paid oat of earning*. Tbe Oeame win l>e followed by tbeeeie ' oaied clipper able* Ocean Steed and Nightingale Tbe for mer to aail about Uar-b 16, aad tba latter April 1ft. 1Mb tbeae vea-ei*, on their aaeond voyage*, baviag made tha abortcat paaaage* on record; the Ocean St*en la eighty nine day*, and the Nightingale In aeveaty flve day* For | rp-ight or paeaago apply am board, or la R W C'AMK SON, Ufl Wall atreet er* YOKK AND NIW ORIJCANH KTKAMMHII' COM ?any.? For Naa Orirana, Hopping at Haraaa. ? ..ryiag tb? l'mt*4 W?v? Mail.? lb* ate amah I p OA flAfcHA, R. W. ShufaUH, Coaaiiiaialrr. will <?? intn'noa rarrinaR Cr*iffkf. en Wadaaadar, K*b 21. an<t aait for th< abora 1*1 f* no Monday, Feb it, at 12 o'clock, faom plat at f-*rt . f lt*a-'b atraat, Nor'h rirar. kraifiit for tlaa >a '.?Tor aa?l for Mobile, c?r>i(iD?l to oar afaata la N?? >rl?an?, .laaiaa fXianoly k Ca , will ba forwar<l??l 'r?a o? eonmUataak. I'kaaan g?ra for Havana muit prorura nala-K/rta bafora laarir.j port for fr?i*ht or luaaaafa, i|b!/ to LJ VI.* GOT I*, CIWXHKHUN kOC., A*oot?, 81 Hroxlva?. v B ? Tha ni.A' K WAKKIOR, J D Hullork <W iaa::>?r. till Mia Oabawba. anil aaii I'rMay March 10 litlia of lading mnat br ?*nt la 'or n (mo* ?|i( titling prar'oaa to th? abip aa> Inr f/Vill MOHILfc?TOi/CHINO AT HAVANA P> l.kfiD J* paaarocra ? tka taa??ai*ai( <Vui< k if I'NITHf) Kl A1k>, I. bo# tona, will Inava bar horth at foot of NorU) M' ora?lm>t. North ri??r, on Ih.ira?iay, March I, it V M. far Mobil* r.a Karana For frrlrfiit or (*?*? nag- apply to i/.NAOA f'iJ VaIJJC k CO , M Ur ?a->* aj, or?.?o MTaNNAMD, At., kgknt, 1M Front final Iiojit in wi?i? tuk mtAjtsun- (a. iawman-ck ? III rra* ra tra<gbt at hrr bank, foot ut *tat via Mora a:r??t, North rirar, aad aa.l on iitb In lut, at 2 V. M. for frniiht or pa*?aga, baaing auparior a<:comcao4Mt?a, HI >ly toi.Ki. NTANNAID, Jr., 164 front <imk ?*/'*? cavannab A*n n/)HiDA? rinm> -tatv 1 Mat! haa. ? 1 ka naw an. I ?l?4ant ? "ama'jlp KMOX VII. I > ' kpt ('. f? IakIi'.w, will laara New Yon for Wk rannab mi SHoHaj. March :i, from pi?r N->. 4 North riT'r. at .'1 n rl-?k r M Hilla of taking alf n? I ><o boar". For 'r.?ri ' apply on boar# ar for pa?aa*? to HA Ml F.I.I MII'Hkil- i'i H<wl?t;. For i lorlda through ?i?aeta fr.-t* Saw York t? JaraaaaTiUa, 111 . to f'.Uika ?'U fha r?ri4a, <apt. M M W?a>lholl, arUI ?'ii^e?ad anH laara on Wrla. -?a? MarrU 1. on niAiu.wrw, g. c ? Tire Finer a.A-j jif>R ?V-? Q AKKI! CITY, J II ll-i<<Vn omn ki.' rr, *111 l?a?a l'h>la<t?lph.a for -b?rl??t"n ? r o.i VKia'ar-ay, K?*>ru?ry >tli atlOoVlntk A M Bkoay. ??. Apt>?7 to k MARTIN, So 37 1 . ,k ortb *UrM', I BilBil?.).blk. "I. -..h ? II^KI>N1W< AND FuiiuDA CKMI WKKII.V I' 1' - Mall IJ??? Tka n?? apta?<li-l aod faat (? ">r ? 1?tn?bly SA-HVIIXJC, M. M'rr* ramam .<r *111 bk?e par No 4. Narih nrar, on WMaao'ay. Irtif ufr at i a ? lo'k V M., pra'kaaiy. > >r frai*ht apv'y ?? l^ard ? >?r? all bill* af Ia4inf aill ki>irnp< far paaaa^r at tba e? a af MINW^liRf) TIIJ! 1 >?* * "? , ..? Pr? a<i?ay. T>ir>m(b M -Mato to FV -M? ?? M <.?a ? To Jai-?a'?n?UK' Ml . <a Filatka M'i T1)? J?a. Ailfar will aiacaawl, a*4 l^ara aa -?l-.r lar, Mar< h a. OR KCtFOUC ItTtl.ffM fU; AMI HI' IfMUtft ? _ II, a I r. ?r.| MkUa mail ataan-hlp ItOANOK'F, T ^k'?ll.?r "maaJ^lar at ill laaaa plar 1* North r??r, oa W??*n?aba j Trh '.Mh, kt -1 a'tlork P M. . w.tlarr i" a Nar'olk tka nait k Ur?'oa, ao-l I'tUntvrg an I R -h maa<l tba l' llo?i?/ aaainlrig ft-<m Norfolk, paoan^'ra for tba Ikatb pro?a?(| tr railraa 1 4iraet, ? *.h t'?r .<r. tirk?t? fr?m WaMo? ta wliaalagu>a, Aufuata, *- l'a? ?aga aad 'ara U> Norfolk. M to I >0-ral.<.r( aa4 It tb 110 ?t?* ra* a hal' pr ca. Appl? to 1.1 MAM * I'IIa aMS 32 tlraa4?af. 1 oumnM, *o. (iumn??o? LAonai and vorruoncN iunn. J ?WAhaa to 4U*aa? aT an mm k fair aab prkaa to tte atora 12 L*araaa atoaat aw < aaai ? Wart BroUaa/ ar U4mm by labtor Uroa(b Uaa pat to ?. 00HI.N UitaMMMWInfM C?A*T f?T"n/mifN4? ANft fr*?r|Ti RF WANT^T ? ; I ar faatkraa* hkrtof any af tba aaaa* 'a fia aoaa af, 'a a ?b?al? a fair a?4 -*ah pr " by n< 'of tka aaba'nbaa at kla raaWaea or Mtiaaak ;b* y ?? M riai at rart. I. g. ? ? -La*!* itlnM kf Mra. ?. AMXHKWKYT*. Bl'RTON'8 THKiThf, CHAMBER* HTRECT.-MON day. ? Benellt of TUB INFANT ftHTWW AUorSTTA AM) MARIE, who will appear in ill I lavonto The ? oun'ljr of 1 IVINU TOO KAST? With Mr. O. Jur dan end Mii< Raymond The comic piece of HIK SPITFIRE -With Mr Ha r ton MK. J. N A 1 H A N AND CHILDRhN will ;ip| cnr io their cUttic poalur-iiga. IttuStjrlrn Infant Slater* The fan e of THK M'KCTRK BRIDEGROOM. Dickory.... Mr. H Jordan, (hie Urtt ii|ipear*n.-?! here Irluli Dance luluiit Hlatere Tteiarreol THE FILIBUSTER? With Mr. Barton Tneidny poaitively? THE UPPKK TEN ASK I.OWBR TWENTY. BOWERY THEATRE. ? A CARD.? THE PUBLIC 1(4 leepeclfuily uoulled ?U?l ti n ?ruuA 'Lieut* l)? ug complete lor the 4?KA\ i) jrnii kk munmnuiT mntm n> I. P WALDRON, K-y. It will take place on Monday evening next, fkii. 2? It In with pleaaure that the committee Hie enabled'. i nam uucr the following attractive ? n'ertMuiueuta, i w hich volunteer *1<1 will amint, of extraordinary taleo , lor the ocra*!'.n lly ttqmat, the performance* will commence with the btautifu 1 play, entitled INGOMAR. Int'omar Mr. E. K-idy I'artbenia Mr? liuflleld (lair Mint K. Wemyat) (lly )iiTDiur.uD ol K A. Marehnil, Ktij., Manager of the 1 .road way theatre. ) Favorite lUllad Mr. J. I)una To he followed b> n new dMtnia entitled THE TRIAND < lilKl-'. Taroc.,.. Mr. R. Julia iton /at.. i n Mil* Woodward Soni{ Minx llilTn.t The pertormanc* will conclude with the comedy of MARRIED I.I KK Mr Henry Dove Mr. T. U Johnatoo (liite of Rurton'a Theatre.) Mr. lJonel Lyni Mr. O Collin* Mm. Samuel >Vdi|le Mm. C. llurke Mr*. Henry Dove Mr* Yeoman* Mr*. Younghuahand Mi** Kaon) I An ieri Price* ot acmii*ioii,ou thit o:ca*ton ? IW?ie?, Wcnii; I'it, 20 cent*. A plan of the hou*e may he teen at the bci office, every day, betwten th? hour* of 10 and :i, where ?.-ata may be aectired. W B. SM'TH, fa {, Chairman t aptaiu Jamm M. Ti rnkr, Secretary. Euwakd PhaKhon, Ea>|., Treaaurer. BUCKLEY'S SERENADE R-4. 639 BROADWAY. - MONDAY EVENINO, FEB. art, and every evening during the week, A JIKW Ml'fclCAL I'lN K, introducing atverul original niuairai comport on*. a!*e, a re from the opera of " Iai Chalet, ' fcc., entitled tha TWO P0MPEY& Pompcy No. 1 R. Biahop Ruckley Pomjiey No. 2 W. I'ercival Sally white,,.,. .Mi?* E Kleanur Dinah X H Waddleton Jed ( ole J.J. Mullet Smith J. A. I<onadale Waiter R. Carroll Preceding the piece, NKGRO MI.NSTRfcl.HY, OMMlt at 7.S, o'clock. Jlcaeta, 2o cent*, renerved aeati, 60 cent*. BARNLM'fl AMEKK AN MI'SKI'M. ? MONDAY. EKH ruary -rt- Kvri.iu^, at 7)^ o'clock, UNCLE TStM'H 11N, with all the orijf nal *cenery nuieic, 4e After ?oon, ICHARoD'S COMK, the HpanUh Troubadour*, anil IIF.APW OK Ta II H. Admittance, 25 centi; chlWren un der ten, 123, cent*. I^MPinK tUUa WW BROADWAY ? NOW OPBR JOHN 'j R. Kiulth'a OK AND TOUR OF EUROPE, To which la now aoded THK HIKOK OK 8EBA9TOPOL, Eihlblted with (lletini;ui*hed eucceta In the principal citiva of Kiirnpe In Uin4on it wae eihibited 6>*i time*, to half a million peri-ona, and acknowledge.! by the pub lie prei* aa the laiKeet and one of the m?*t elegant and lntereitlngexhibitlnn* in the worl 1, allowing ONE HUNDRED VIEWS, forty feet wide, of the nriuripal CITIES AND OBJKCrB OK INTEREST IN SUBOPE Open for eihibltlon every evening Hi o'clock. The niu*ic by Mr Alywin Fi?hl of I?nd'm, who will in troduce, for the firat time In lbi? conntrf, tiie new in itrument of the piano amico. Admittance, it centa. Children half priee. CI RAND C*NO-RT OF SA ' 'RED MUtflC A GRAND Jf Cone?rt of ha '.rod Muaic, aelectel from the moat cell t. rated c0m|'0*era, w?il tie given ?t .N ll/lo a Theatre, on Tliurtday evening, Mar^h *. on which o -cation two of the moet noted and talented coot rieutai vocal ar tuta will appear. Mine. Druai>U Oarhato aixl Sign <r Antonio Roaettl will mnke their Drat appearnn ?? in A-ne rica tiefrre a New York audience on thte ocena en. 1-et the lovwra of muaie of the higheat order be prepared for thla muakal tieat. SHE PLACK HWAN, LATELY ARR1VKD FROM Eurepe, will give two grand Voaal and Initrumen Conctrta, aaaiatea hy the woniteiful t?n .r lui'ian, Mario, a gettlen an of ettraurdinary mualcai talent*, at the Hmadwa) Taternaclt, onThuraday *bd "atur lay even.ngn, March 1*1 and Id. Brooklyn -ukand mi si< ai. and literary ent'rtammont, on Tu adgjr ??enin g. Feb. <7. Third anoivereary ot the kranfc'n D?-kat.rv A?ao elation. Muala h> i?lwoith < Uaod. ua<ier the dlrec tl?a of B. U. I odwvrtfc, tj><| , and u>e ,K?lia? uieednb; e??r-ta?a will coneiat of Oratien. nrigirtal P.ieia, Kv-aay, A. >lrea e? Ac. Ticket* 3A cenle, to b" had at (he library of the Athena-am and at the i ?or. J.OWERY niK.ATKE.-MR. R JOHNS TOM, T1IK If) ' pulai yontig Amer<cao actor, haa been eii.-?ged for 'tu w?eka, con,menciog on Monday, Fab. 2A. COPAHTNKHNIIIP WOTICElT dJl e /A/V ? PARrvfTt WANTED -WITH FROM ?.1-? ?f)' /' f e to $6'K). for a pr iBtaola bu>ia?M, paying over 200 per cent prollt; a go >d opportunity for a an, art man that waota buaineaa liomedlalely . None other ne** l apply and with the above ataouat rail at 114 Kaat Mia U<etithfitreet, m tna tlflea. ' -/i., ? PARTNER WANTKD- A PHQM WITH |Ol/' '? the above amouut, to travel with a Turk ihih tion $:UK) a week <-lear ppufl' To t(ie right aort of nan thi* will ha ladlaputably abowa, and a ULr >hare of proBta glern Apply to W R DarrUon k 3:t k Urea. way. ti | ? I'aKTNK.K WA.NTKD WITH I HM AMoC.V f " U '? in caah, to take an intereet in a very plea sant aid laeiauve raeh buein'ta. Apply at M N'aaeau Itrrat, up ataira rex m ah | A -A PAitr.NKK wavtid im a NEW iSm' /\l? raah >|>*ealatl<u Any tiereon having thi" an- on ul, *i,ii 1* willing U> devote hU time to the buaineaa. rm real ire not leaa thaa a 'lay. None nerd call wltnou'. the money, aa the huaiaeeaia ?onlklen tial. E. M' MAIIAN, 170 < haUiain mreet. A YOVSO MA*, 4 MKliC* A N . HAV1NO rw?? J\ ?;>?<? to tidn, wi*b?a to ma?t vita w>m* jo iar man ? iTli tha liar amount t? mUr oU in; tnaloa?? ? goad pro#' eta nivlf a bkIkoI': pnkrral. Tha b'?i ul NliTUt' a* to bi'Mitjr, kr , (Iran ?n! r? jalrwl Aat'r*" |*i?t paid, J D. t., Jaraay 'Tljr, N. J ClOPABTWEWHir ? THE I ^mCRXKI VtD IIA VK TOM j d?j 'ermr?i a ropartDartliip unlar it* Mum of Jan a hk? A Halt f> r th? pur|HiiM> of conduc-ting a ganrral vtitrh, aafl ?Utaraara li<iatr?aa at tha ?M atatnl of Citar H. Jcunlng*, '.'4 Kult? ri ?trr?t (?'?raary mtm oscar a jwmmm, JAMES H. HART To AIX- TOMOKB HAVINO a cti'iTAI. or- >k<>m $!<(? to IMK), arid to Inrrit It in an hoanr aU? b i?m??a? ona ah rb, wth a r??a?-aabW d??:raa of i tiargy and amM ion ailllnaara to thaia a '?rti n fnr ?lit.- ? rnilo ?? >,f ad<lia?> nr tha a'il.?er)V?ra 0. W Johi.aon llsrtfonl ? ono , Ml. I iluotlay r?? in S i 74 Day atra?t Hn'irf S'ta Tort. I'HK OUPARTNEWHtl' I SIitR J II ^ I1HM <>> mi UH H MI.YUl No ' atl a?ra?t i? Una dar .1 ? tcltf] t/ ?ititlMixaL I ht> UijaldaUaa a 11 b? at V. by Alh*rt Htllif, ? bo oaf; I* a<iMiori?-l to uac tt>? a>s? of th? flrn iu li.,ui!atlon Kr* Tirk, K-'rfaar j Hi/. MILI.IIIERV UOUIM. 81IUW OOHMT< >KEMH ft owrnt kr homer / Errnn k Ma?a aj <m?A th?ir ato--* of aprm* fooda ro??lf. ng of f*ia? b- nri't'o Erao't kr , of tha Utaat atrlra t? tha riaailaatioa ?f (hhh ? li buj?r< ar* ??!??'. all f lor'ad at Rm 'i ml *A f?ha it/ tat, OarnT of WUI am alraat. A OiJItlRU At M'KMIkR. 1*1 WORTH* AaHUHO A'APfrfT, MO *-? i (?*?i?aj, U?n?li atr-at, t? m? if?a tba of pufiilk, *b? eaa ?'?mirw a'? al any nana and ai<U4raa oa W?do??*af? an ! "at ar ?laja, at J aad 4 f M #? ' a W?so??)ara ISiMf* 'lajt ao'l ???ry jtbar >n 'aj at 1 4 P M fratfWatoj a#a*iatlf*a oa "aUHa; x-ann h* lat.aa tal *???'* ?<aa Moathlf aalraaa ?? ??<ukl (Irralara. -?>nia ainf laji baara aa4 t#r?< af ta< Ifj'Uen - aa M aa1 a' tb? ao?n; a? u; ttiaa. w atli hm aaal bf MMfK wrw < -f. OR e. / t.i Wt' aMCMwt, !? m? IWalMim nl Mv (Una*, t" '? a a a<ma'a'aEr All t? * (k ? f. ? nafcia #?'.'>! taaftt taaMaauraa ./ Ua I'rt f|*a ?aoti? at >arai.a kaari IWraaa Wa^aaaday s.|hu J! ?tTRiROVIAl. a trimohta r.~- UAimw/am :x t xii* mjjrrrr yrofaainr of tnto^rabtf, for f?a-!ifn <if >biri"<i * baa^wflt a? j au4 * #|> nlaai ?rtbaf aaa '/ ? rar?Oi _ __ 4!on, ariR ?fi tba ratai^t of l?*at; 6 >a oa?ta, r<)a ralaal ?? i ' 'tan ji.) aa4 a ?(* -ia.-a of baa t vrt'af. aaod to aat a fa 1 4alia*aU<m of Utatr haraa ar ?V r? af th? b?a/t aartMl, -Wtin f V , alao a 4aa*fiatl?a of Uia .aa *>?? l?, r? ? a n.a-r/ A?lr^, POat jM^1 rjlll r VTI^JhTR, B>aa^??y ?V/?t Qfra, I V Tl."a? i?I4iiu out of t*?a r.ty ran a?M; I'tawM tfcro.fh tba ai l Atl - aaa .n '?U.-taa aa ? *ara4 to '-a? ??? afar tb?-./ ?a??:?t U44CUH. MD. a rw;,rt mjiT-r. or fiKA*Pir? ?rrrw?w /\ e*?M IC otba? a a*? (ia< *r?t?? aa 1 ii tk afiat'; ?. Ia?4a? aal SMa t ???/, vl ?^-a laM Ua a.a aa4 j-rta- 'a* faallr .k a?r y? aa4 ".?4.ala far aaW bf V M Q. 1*013 Ul. i, 4,. iHa.a.a ..iaat, W Craabj /inVIKIKBIITII. B ROADWAY THEATRE ?C. A MAKKIIALL, I f?M? ?|V cr* open at c if , ttigimfua T o'r'ack Mi r day evening he ruary Hi, >111 be performed KT. HAKO. St. Mai* Mr Divenport ? Mr. !'? rry I Ketrnoi vtr fitter l/'?en?o.. .. Mr. (IrM- | llellnflore. . .. Mr Wal'.arif HoaMio Mr i!ro??rnor | Out*..,, Mr MrHotuill l'ulca> 10 Mr. I rffiiifwall pluort*. Ponlal Vulcat Mr Henry | Tnrre*a Mr? Abbott I'aa F.ul Ml"* Dried MY Ai NT. P????n Mr I*?rry I Mr* O.rbat . Mr* Fianf 1 tattle Mr. 8*} mum I Km y Mr* ? ? "II r A I I At K'H 1 IIK \ 1 UK, IIHOADWAY, NEAft ft UrouuM tUni. UiuMiey, |Vb. id, rilK ifl .iYilo|iY. Sir Ki unci* tirlpe Marplot Mi l?t?r I Miranda. 'I raflicb Mi H-outham | Irate ude Mr*. < unov*t A''> Mr Dyott | I'noh Mri. "tepbeaid n<Hp?-r Mr Ur.cant 1 ?.#ntw..ll Mr. Tlioapeota 1HK JiKW J"< Kil Man Preakwludow Mi Yin<-tut | Ho r> Mr Traend Cfcpalcam Mr. Chippendale Polly ? Mra. t?-( Sourcroat.. Mr htoddart | Mi*? -our- rout Mr* (Vtm r G~ EO. < HKI-TY A WOOTt'B MIN-TKKl JL No. 473 Hruailway, (M'Chanlea' Hall ? l'roprletoip Henry Wood Jk<i?o Cbr'r.j lL;? wetk, u varied end iiicetiiiit KIHIOl'lAN I kHI oRMAN'CH, rnBimtO' lDK every erenln* *17*, o'clock. Tlcketa, 2te: All bualnei ? trnniwrtfrl by Henry Wood. B" IBlOH-HATtlliAY, MARCH S-OUKDWHtW. M'l.l.K CAKol.lNK 1*11* ANN napcttfullv announce* to lirr friend* and thaptihie that (ha ?i 1 gif a (iMml Uoeirt, it NiLlo *, cd Sa tulilay evening, March 3, a**iated h? eminent article*. ticket" (>n? Dollar each t May be had at tli? munic etore*. I'articularc la future kdvertlaemeat*. G1 KAMI VOCUKB AND INflTRUMKNTAI. MMRL I m aiil of t?' Hebrew Denevolant Voeletlae, a' Nllilo'ii Saloon on ev< nln#, Feb. U7. The fol lowing diatluguUhed nrtiate have kindly volunteered tbeir valuable errvlre* for thi* o^caMon ? Mre. Oaer giana Htner*., Una iiarar C?in*t*ut, Hlgner Baraardi, Siiriinr Kancttl li.-ir ( baric* We?*, Mr. Krauklle Bad foril. Mr. Haiidnaoa. rkiwniiMH? - r a rt t. 1. (Irand Duct OS " William Ti ll I'lano and Violin? Mr. R?)?Ui au'i Mr Wala . Otboru* and ()? llarle* ?. Aria, from tlia ftpcra 1? Oialct," Sig Har nardi Adan 3. '? The WainUrlBK llaart," r"Ot< lorb>(t>H? prano ? Mr* ij?orclan? Htuait WalM 4. " l a Cbaaaa >!?? janna llanrl." ()?*rtura fcr I'lano? Mr llaaatord Ua'.teebaUc 0. Tirohcnne k?l<t|?ra, ?' Daily" ? Mm* Ucaar Coaiatant DcaiMtll 0. Dual, of th>' Opara " IHUario" ? Mri. Stuart and fig. IWnatili Dcalaattl 7. litand Duo Coacrrtaudo, r n ana of "!form?a," for two ItaDoi? M??tr*. Wala and llax ford W?i* I'aBT II. ]. " Coronation March," from ?" Th? I'raphal," arranvad and p*rforn?ad by Mr. &adar ?on, bin flrit appcaranoa In publle.... .IU;?:D?[ 2. Vlolla Solo ? Mr. Ka|>rttl. 3. Duel of tba Opera " Itlxalatto" ? Mine Oaea f Comi taat and Mjt. UarnarJI full 4 The .t'ollan Harp, lCV>?p?aed and p?rf?rm*4 5. Oalop dt Bravura, J by C. W*l0 C. lirand Krana ami Aria, fr?m " Dar Trala cbulr," " llaforc My Kyaa lt?li?M lllia ? Mr> Oeoralana Ktuarf. .WttUT ?. Craud Puat, f?>r two Itaaoa? Maaara. Ilaaafard and Wrla Ilaaafaril CoBdu?t<r, Mr. CbarUa W<4a lmor< opao at7o'?larh; to ruti>m?Dfi' it k u clock lvk?'? $1, to ba bad at th* mualc Dtora* of Maaim. Hall k r<nn, lUaaford k Brewer, and Hcl arftubaru \ loula, aud at Uia door. WAI.I.A* K H mem - MR liYOrr RBWE'T fully annnuncna hi* battafU fur nait FRIDAY KVKNIMJ, M.MK'II 2. > r?t tlni* in <hl? theatre of John Howar l Paya* rt lira ma I I. A Ml. 1 1 1 K MAID OK Mil AS Colauio Mr Dyott | tlart. . . . MU* Itoaa HaaSrt't Alter wbi. b, with a vreat ca?t, t'<ilmi.n'a comady ?f II IK IHOH OENN KM AN The folloatn* fa?orlt#a will appear ?Mr lllaka, Mr. loiter, Mr. Hyott, Mr. Hlan<l, Mr llroochaBl, Mr. Hawart, Mr Moddart, Mr (.'blp^ainlala, Mr. Viaaaat, Mr. Hoay, MIm K. IWnnett, Mi* Hlake, Mr* CraM?r, Mr* <'ou'i>*r, Mr* ^tephao*. Iloi booM oow open. I RANK! IN MURECM, NO M IIOWKRY.? WW>NIH day afn-rnu- n at .1, nad In tha eranlng at 7, twalta new tablaaui will tx> peraoaat#d by tba niwlal artlaVa, tbtiod'irtog I't.wer'* Oii-?k hl*?a. HappbA, Vaaea rlala^l Ir'im tba Va, Innootnta, Tamptavtun, with atbara a^aaj ly irilaraatlnK Cyomma IN Alii <ik nm kuniw or THE IPMHV J lt?n<'ToU nt foclatlaa ? Notlea. ? Tha publta a fa rc *pe"tlully Inl'iiaied 'bat CiMi??i|iH'n''a irl Iba 4*?aO l for tialiat*. tha Com ? rt n aid of lunda of tba Habraw llatx volant ~*.'U*iea will taka place at NlbU/a Halar a, | on 1 uanday , iha '/Tth ladaat Ionian! of Dodwor'h a | ibomi. HE w? KI IN?; Wil l OW, _ MK1INDA MAY, NEI.l Y BF.I 1 ?, ? ub( at the > rankl n Mil artim br I.KA'S k KM AI.K OI-KHl TKOL'PK, avary afters' on aid rti nn k, witii unboua'led appiau**, tofathar with a great variety or other aripoal >olart*te ?aautf T^RANKMN Ml -KI M So 6.1 HOWKRF, NKAIU Y J? aj jonlta the lloweij Diaatr* I'arforaaacaa avary afternoon, at >1, and ev*ry ateoinf, at 7. N. R ? Ptranrar* will nbaer** ".at tha Iraatl.a Muaaun U 'Ac oaly plara n the 1 nite I Hlala* wbara the Model ArtiftM arc eihiKi'H. with otliar ungual antartainaaant*. Jla nrmtKir, No tJ Howary. T PRDPMAM. CMilll'OlAriON Nor I I. HKI'AKTMK' T Vf Hi f i.aii* and t*uM>l aa Kabruary 16. 1H66 ? Ta 1 cr* ? 'aal*4 yropf'taia aill ba r?. e,?ad at lha aftaa at tba i omuitaioiirr of lt?r *lr* ami ,iappi>a*. No 3 dtf Hall, baaamei.i un'il Tuaa^ay, 'iltb la?tant, at 13 a cli.'k M . at nbioh tune tbay will be '.pea-d, ta a*?ar4 anre with the tannH ? barver of 1164, for tba bi 141*| of the following bouaaa, fc- , for tha earp'iratloa af 'Ju* :lli of New York, n.n.ily ? I bouaa for the iieaof ll.?? (a No I'i. 1 " " tagiae Co No 4V I " " ) mine i o No *. 1 " ?? Kndne Co No. 80 1 " " I Ion* and l^iloer f5a Na. 11. Alao for a bon** for tba uee of the Third dlftrict pa If etation Ik* pluuibing of Nloth ward atatlna b'niea Tba pliimhli>( of tba ).Vhte?nlh ward atatioa heaee. Tba p> of the I won Biarkel. and the tbad* arcand JetTrraou mariet ll.e plana and *p> ? 6 a> on* ?' all tba abv*a ??rk ra (juirci! U> l? dir. a an i ail inforn a 'low in regard UivrwW, ran ba had at tha ofT ce of Huprrmtead'nt of f'ahUa lluililioga, 74 Kaulow eiraet Ala" for the buLdiog *f a lnaa carriage for the uee of lloea Company Hi. Ml. Th* plan* and a^lB'a' of tba hnaa <-?r-ia?e eaa ba eeen at the oltra of the (kwf ij.g i .e?r it Olaakatb etreet Hlaak aatlmataa for all of the above work can be bad at eltber ofkea. N M. ? Tba O'Oiia aaioner rwrvea tha ri*ht ta reje-% all er aay of Uie aetiiaata* If for 'be laUraa'. c( the torpovatioa BARTH'ilAIMKW H I'' HDY, t*tin*ale?looer of Bepaua an-' "appU*# Bi*i raw* n?:w (fx k <>r iMHrttnw <* >m> -? >'??>(' r*Ma, bullftaslaa, (oMImIm. -Iu' fla. liaa.t artulj a, Marliafa, Uu 'inhaa, aiatxaa, faaata, Wl!l|lfrii, H I.II'I ?r I naW na, yarr'.U, . fraa.<atll k?r.N>K liKifrn. .?* 7* Kn.* lUwl, rmui af (<uM. AI*o, ? HT** m4 ??? ? ' tiUa'.;; "? kw MAMMnril HkWr'tCHt'I.A*?, SIMM CHAfelJOS awl li t l .m apaalala ItaoWti ??4 f a*. ah tar rwra, apartla* 4?ga, vab-fe <?(*. 4' , l?ar-?l.?r ?Hk ? ? aH'ty 'b??? *?a? ? l? ??la ?t?o atpraat'f far ?txk <? -?/<' W?l?? Mrwt, ? ?if?i r?l KwlWm ap i'?.n, I kiM ? ' J?7 ' ' a a?? ./ *aa. UOICUa ]!>'. MI MKJl NO 8 I'l YLMOJt Kn.? ?T, VKW YOU, ' ?? ' < at.-! '?> . ?>.i| ar>.,?t. w. '.ta P'.kba, araj ti i anKa-l at h'* a M faut IWfcH a On a ??.a?a ha k?a f??a>m< ia ?*?? ? * ?f a* intartw 'Wa ia?( M faara, aa<t m 'I H.W run tbaa aa; nlkr a? >a ti.a uly, la b-vat.iat ?f -aaa >ia4 la< urabla, a?M af ?i -I. I.? haa |?nrla*lr<n ta r>'? l? a> l? < h*>r?? iw 'triu aa4 a t l ? ??? a urt |aWMtM< f atuoa - *j *??a' raa a If, II ?W a r?l ' ia?, aaa aaly I" ba I u i ia I f n II ??!. ?'<! (a? lLa Ma* W/f ?( MaaJk. Dk "ii nm it i/i a hi uriuifT may m <*.*. ? ?lit*. I a U '?-?? |.?i?ata 1 . ?? aa?a frvaa la* |l?al n^arlMx .? jaafa ha <-aa ??araatoa parwa a??l> ra? II ? ? r??'rt-??r< . <h?- u Ul>< pt>Hn 1 a/ 'ha ?r*at ; ?<* of J'ar>? '? ' ?<? ?'.at#a aalaaa far Imfij-t-' *? H I f ' i >? mm.Ui .( U4 *?? y??? I ?.??'? <7. ?'l?. affca? >>iviv aitla af a klgk aba > a^U r mtf i?a<?i i| Mataa ] vr Jfiim.r* 11 MUSI m**T Ha* t'Wf'iHil t >vm af II?mm t?'?a aa; alL?r amXaal a.aa ia *aa ???. It i a if?a< vaat ta totla aafe aa4 *ty .;.!?? ? lila ?a1.< >.*a *?? banalaaa, a*4 caa la <ai?a fl'M ?t faar of tola itiaa Oiargaa awwiarata a*-i U4 anai >af?aa4?4 if aaUf- ?aWa- tfca la aat fm I iH (M'ln ? ? I *"k KIM? ?T ?<? l>"?<. 1 I d(M Il'naaa ?f ** ?? fait aa Uta wal nuaaf fal ptartliloavr la >*?a(? dw??. a a' ll ? ntia aa to !? a?-?*u!W-< at Iswa ?.'?! ..fl-a, r?liaala? U. ? irartaaala aa4 (l? nf -aawlaWaa to >.a>i aa aal. i| !.>ail SI' If ' I artataai a NM a al. raaaa afii'lawa, a* a* 'I ?'p a?la, Ivk iffurr**, d"m m wi? a*i? h f (aMin-l i| ? b If *?r4 -aa M 'oat ilM I) i f laa>l a'aaat If l'?? aia ap>? ia t. .ia, a hi tad '?(* I t faaaaia |<arla<l?ai HiJa, Kr -a II. Mi4iv( VT pArm mitti umiwm rnmuii a 'i" a ailkafaf tfca Ma^aaal A4rtoar a*4 Cot-' ti?aiitkjaf ? u?4 ia L.a i|e? ailiy, at 42 Mwte a*r??1 raraa ? ?-# I'fa^ta; rraai || a M ttJl ] aa-t ???,?! M >? ,fara TVftaa a*, a I'lita a Ifaa-. I,| aa< *a|?*aa M. B ? H .t ika 4 rat aavra. ^?fir nn-DR *am? wrm iim nrft/^; - ?Ti nkV? ?r?r, 1 . r-a aUl m>>H 14 ala? I'? ? ah?? ail ottNV U'|I (all IVaa 'll'ana. iM ^ y - Ua.ii?arta?'i.l a >-?ra ??f, ? r.?, .a.iacaa' ?a? .1 ftac. >af At l>aa i.H iiM.?UI af ? a? ??a ara ?arr- ? ? ?' n ???; ???. a ta tovlpHkalMk, tl.

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