Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1855 Page 3
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rtfr" the MX) ant of balllou en hand. They will ?acceed in their object beyond a doubt The amount ' af 1mm if gradually bat steadily creeping up, and al the nw rate of Increase mast soon reaoi the maximum point of laat year. I We subjoin the schedule regulated by the Tariff act ef 1846, with an enumeration of the arti lee in each schedule. This will be important as a refer ence. as it shows what the duty on each article will be under the ameidment to the present act:-- * ScBKi>rij( ok Dunra runrn Tariff or 1S4? . ?OnKUDLI A (100 PKIt CKMTl'lf AU VALOItKM.) Coder the new art Julian to be 80 per cent a<l /alorem. Brand/ and other spirits Kirschenwasser. distilled from grain, or Liqueurs. other materials. Marachino. Cordial*. Ratatla, Absyntbe. And all other ipirltuoiiH be Arrack. vercgee of a similar ohar Curacoa. acter. SCHXDCUt B. ? (40 PKR CKKTl'M AV VAt.ORKM ) Under the new act duties t o be 32 per cent ad valorem. Alabaster and *par orna- Manufactures of oedar woi>d meat*. gran* dill a, ebon/, nnlw Almoad* g'u7i rosewood, anJ ?a Anchor!** ? tin wood. Sardine*, and all other h?h Nutmeg*. preserved in oil. Camphor, reliaed. < essia. CloVO*. Compoeit on top* for taMee, or other articled ol furni ture. Comfit*. .Sweetmeat i, or fruit pre I'lraanto. Prepared vegetables, meats, poultry nod game, sealed or enclosed in can*, or otherwise. Primes. Kaisins Scagliola tops for table*, or other article* of furniture. eerved in sugar, brandy Se<?rs, RouU, pap*r Radars, ? ? i..... un.l ?u other manufac ture* of tobacco. Wine*, Burgundy, cinra pitoe, claret, Madeira, P'jrt, sherry, and all oth er wine* and imitation* of wine*. or molasses Currant*. Dates. Fig*. Ginger root, dried or green Glass, cut. Mace scnvDrui c ? (::o per cksti'm ad valorem) c'ndsr the new act duties to he 24 percent ?<1 valorem. Ale, beer and porter, in cask* or bottle*. At gen tine, aiabatta. orGer tjtan silrer, manufactured or unmanufactured. Article* etu'eroidered with gold, s'lverorotbtr metal. Article* worn by men, wo men or children, of what ever material composed, marie up. or uiade wholly ?or in part by hand. Assss' skin*, Balsams, cosmetics, es sences, extract*, pa.ites, perfume*, and tincture*. u*ed either for the toilet Casting* of iron or for medicinal pur- Old or scrap iron poses. Basket*, and all other ar ticles composed ot gra**, osier, p*.mleaf, straw, whalebooe, or willow, not otherwise provided for. Bay rum. Deads of amber, composi tion or wax, aud all other bead*. Beniioatea Bologna sausages. Bracelets, bra ids, chain*, lists and bonnets for ni it, women and children composed of siriw, -ai.n straw, chip. gra^, pitin leaf, willow, or nny olaer vegetable *ub*t taoo orof hair, whalobon '. or other material not other iviHe provided for. Human hair, cleansed or prepared for use. Ink and inkpowder. Iron, in bar*, bloom*, bolts, 1 Kip*, pig*, rod*, slabs, or other form, not, other wise provided for. Vessels of castirou Japanned ware of all kladii, not otherwise provided for. Jewelry, real or imitation. Jet and manufactures of jet, *nd imitations there of. Lead pencil*. Macaroni, vermicelli, gela ttuu, jelll**, and all annu lar preparation*. Manufacture* of the bark curls oi ringlets, com- cork* C sod of heir, or of which Manufacture* of hone, iris a component part. shell, born, pearl, ivory llraces, sunpender*, web or vegetable ivory. blng, or other fabric*, Manufacture*, articles, ve* com posed wholly or in sel* and ware* not otner part ol India rubber, not wise provided lor, of otherwise provided for. bra**, coppsr, gold, iron, Broom* and brushes of all lead, pewter, platina, sil ver, tin or other m*tal, or of which either of those metuls. or any other metal, shall be the component material of c* ief val ue.M kinds. CameM, real and imita tion, and mosaic*, real or imitation, when set in gold, silver or other metal. l anes and slick s for walk- Manufacture* of cotton, li on framea, worn by men, women or children, and not provided lor. Caid esses, pockft bonks, shell hoxrs, souvenirs, and all -iroilar articles, ol whatever material composed. Carpets, carpeting, hearth ruga, beJtides, and other portions of eaipeting, being oitksr Aubusslon, Brussels, ingrain, Sax iy. Turkey, Venetian, WQton. or any other tim- M&nufac ures of wool, or liar fabric Carriages and parts of car' riages Cayenne pepper. Cheese. Cinnamon. Clocks and parts of clocks. Clothing ready made, and wearing apparel of every MeJ.einn' preparation^, net description, of whatever otherwise provided for. material composed, made Metallic pen* np or manufactured whol- Mineral water*. lj or in part by the tailor, Molasses. seamstress or manufac. Muskets, rifle*, aud other turer. fire arms. Coach and harness furnl- Nuts, o?t otherwise provi t ii re of all kinds. fled for. Coal, coke and culm of coal. Ochre*, and o^hry earth*. Combe of all kinds. used in the composition Compositions of glas* or of painter*' colors, whs paste, when set. Confectionery of all kiad* not otherwise provided for. ''oral, cut or manufactured. Corks. Cotton cord*, gimp* and gal loon*. Ooart plaster. Ciayons of all kind*. Cutlery of all kinds. JHamonds, g<ma, pearls, ru bies, and other precious (ilive* stones at.d imitations of Paper, antiqu trinn, demy, precious stone*, when set drawing, elephant, fool* in gold, silver, or other rap, imperial, let'er. and metal. a!"1 o her paper not other Ikills, and toy* of all kinds. wi** provided for. Karthen, rhina and stone- Paper botes, and all other ware, and all oth?r wares, fancy boxes. composed of earthy or Paper envelopes Frame* and stick* for um brellas, parasols and sun shades, finished or unlin is bed. Furniture, cabinet and household . (unger, grout d. <>la<a, colored, stained or painted Glass crystals for watches. Masses or pebbles for spec tacles. Glass tumblers, plain, moulded ir pressed, net cut or pr nted. 1 'aiming* on s!a?j 1 otce'a Jo glaaa. Crape*. ben." .in or Ben lamin. Hair penc.J*. Hat bodies of cotton. Hemp, unmanufactured. Honey. ?< h,di tji n. ? (26 MntctTrtv so r.iinim ) I nder lbs ne? act, duties to l.-e 20 per cent ad va!orem B? ft* er tinc'al. other vegetable SUbetM Iturgua.ty pitch. ce?, unmanufactured, Dot Button* and button moulds otherwiee provide 1 for. of all hinds. Manufacture* composed ? a ilea, bo.;, eg*.* and Boot cloths of whatever material com posed, n< t o'beris ?"* pro vided for. Cables an4 cordage, tarnd or nnt. rred. Ca'om< 1, and all o'.hrr mer curial prepai ations. Camphor, crude Cotton lares, eotton insert tigs, coltoa trin.roing Ucea, cotton laces ana braids. Floss silVa. feather bels, feathers fer lieds, and downs of all kinds (.rasa cloth. Hair cloth. halrseaHyanl all other manufaRurea of hair, not otherwiee provide I tor. Jute, sisal grass, Mir and ?ten, silk, wool or worst el, if embroidered or tain bored in the loom or otherwise, by machinery or with the needle, or other process. log, faniah'.d or unfin ished. Caper*, pickles and sauces of all kinds, not other wise provided for. Caps. hats, muff* and tip- ??*??? yiwmmm. pet* of fur. and all other Mar.ufa^'tiiva, articles, ve* ?asufactures of fur, or aels and wares of glass, of which fur shall be a or of which glass shall be component material. a component material. t aps, gloves, leggings, mita, not otherwise provided socks, stockings, wove for. shirts and drawers, and M mufactures and articles all aimilar articles made of leather, or of which '.ea'.her soil] b? a compo nent part, not othurwise provided :or. Manufactures and articles of marble, marbls paviug tiles, and ati other mar ble more advance 1 in ma nufacture than in alao* or blocks in the rough. Manufacture* Of paper, or of which paper Js a c-m poneut ma'Ailal, not others iae provided for. Manulacturea, article* and wares of papier mtche of wbi b woo.1 i* a com ponent part, not other wise proviJeJ for. M*j> ifac'ure* of wool, or of which wool shall be the component material of chief value, not other wise provi led for. ther dry or ground in oil Oil cloth of every descrip tion, of whatever mate rial comnosed 0.1s, volatile, essential, or ex pies sel. and not other wise provided for. Olive oil in casks, other t'uan salad oil. Olive aalad oil, and all other olive oil not otherwiae provided for. mineral substances not o'herwtie provided for. F'pai.lets, galloons. iAces, knot* stars, tassels, trea eea, and wings of gold, silver or other mstal Fan* and fire screens of eve ry desciipt ioa, of what ever material composed F>ather*and flowers, artifl cisl or ornamental, and parts thereof, of whatever Halm on preserved. material composed. healing wax. Firecmckeit. ijewing silks, in tin gum Flats, braids, plaits, spar- or purified. terre, and willow squares, 8h'ies, comp jsed wholly of used for making hats or India rubber. bonnet*. 3lde arms of every descrip I'ara mis and sun shades. i'arebment. Pepper. Plated and gilt ware ot all kinds. Playing cards. Plums. Potatoes. I ted chalk pencils. PadJKry of all Uin.^>, not otherwise provided for Silk twist, and twist com posed of silk and mohair, {-iiver-plated metal, in ehe?t* cr other form. ?o*p, Castile, perfumed, Windsor, an 1 ali other kin le. fugar, of all kind* Syrup of sugar. tobacco, lnniaoifsctu'e'. Tw'ns* and i *ck tbr-ad, of wha'ever material com pose I. I'mbrellas. \ ellum. Vinegar. Wafers. Wittr colors. Wood, unnnnufa-'tired r.ot olherwise provided for. and firewoo 1. tVoal. unmanufact ired. wholly of cotton noioth erwise provided lor. Manufatturee of goats' liai' or mohair, or of which gust*' hair or monalr ? hall be a component ma terial, not oth*rw<a? pro vided for Manufactures of ailk, or of which ailk ahall be a :on ponent material, not ota erwise provided for. Man .fsrt'irsso' worste.|,or of which wor?t*d shall he a component mi tenet not otherwiae provided for. Matting, China snti other floor matting and mats, saa4e of fiage, jute or grass Roofing slates, and slate* other than roofing alnteo. Woollen and wonted yam erwvoCLl t.? (20 p*r 'Trrrn ad var/mtn.) Coder the oew act, dntios to be 10 por root ad valorem Ad la, acetic, aretoi s, boo Leotber, tsooel, hea l or gele, bo-Kl? ebrwile, * to. eltrie, muriatic white ?ad yellow nitric, p/ro ligneona, and tartaric iM all othar acid* of ertrj deecription ul*d far chemical or medicinal puipoeea, or for manu facturing, or ia the Una art*, oof otbarwlaa pro vided for. Aloee. Alum. Amber. Amliergri* Angola, 1bil*t, and other goate' hair or mohair, un manufactured. Aniseed. Animal carbon. Autimon/, crude and regu lua of. Arrow root. Ai tides, not in a crude ?tate, u?ed in dying or tanning not otherwise provided for. Afciafa'tida. Bacon. Bananaa. Braley. Boef. Bete' w?. Berrien. Vegetables, flowers. and barka, not otiierwiae pro vided for. Bismuth. Bitter apples. lilsnkt ts of all kinds. Blank books, bound or un bound. Blue or Koman vitriol or sulphate of copper. Boards, planks, stares, lath, scantling, spars, liesnsnd nawed timber, and timber to be used in building wharves. Iteucho leaven. Brecchia. Bronze liquor, bronze pow der. Butter. Cacmium. Calamine. Ciiitlia rides. Caps, glove*. Jegglna, miti, cock?, stockings, wove ?hilts and drawers, made on frames, compound wholly of cotton, worn by men, women and chil dren. Cassia buds. Castor oil. Castor urn. Cedar wood, ebon/, grana dilia. mahogany, rot>e wood aod sutinwood, un manufactured. Chocolate Chromate of lead. eliminate, bichromate, hy driodate, and prussiate of potash. Cobalt. Coi ounuts. Coculus Indicus. Copperas or green vitriol, or sulphate of iron. Copper rods, nails, bolts and ?pikes. Copper bottoms. Copper in sheets or plates, called braziers' copper, and other sheet s of cop per, not otherwise provi ded tor. Cream of tartar. Culebs. Tried pulp. Emery. Ether. Kxtract of Indigo. Kxtracts and decocthns of logwood and other dye woofs. not otherwise pro vided (or. Kxtracts of madder. Felspar. Pig blue. Fiib, foreign, whether fresh, smoked, salted, dried or pickled, not otherwise provided for. Fish glue or iainglase. Fish skins. 1 laxseed. Hour of sulphur. Krarkfort black. French chalk. Fruit, green or ripe, not otherwise provided for. Fulminates or fulminating powders. Vrrs dressed on the skin. Gamboge. Glue. Green turtle. (iunny cloth. Gunpowder. Hair, curled, moss, sea weed. and all other vege table substance* used lor teds and mattresses. Hares. Ilats of wool. liat bodies made of wool, or of which wcol hhall be a component material of chief value. Hatters' plush, composed of silk and cotlon, but of which ootton i< the com ponent material or ehlef value. Hemp<eed or linieed. and rnpeseeil oil, snd all other oils used in palatlng. Indian corn and corn meal. Ipecacuanha. Iridium. Ills or orris root. Iron liquor. Ivory or bone black . Jalap. Juniper lierries. lac spirits. I ac sulphur. I ampblack lard. Leather, upper of aQ klada. I>>ad, in pigs, bars or sheets Leaden pipe*. leaden shot. liMcllM. LUeaa of all klada. Liquorice paste, juice or root. Litharge. Malt. Manganese. Mauna. Manufactures or das, not otherwise provided for. Manufactures of heme, not otherwise prov.ded for. Marble in the rough slab or block, unmanufactured. Marine coral, unmanufaa tured. Medicinal drugs, roots and leaves, in a crude atate, nut otherwise provided lor. Metals, Dutch aud bron/e, in leaf. Metals, unmanufactured, j not otherwise provided for. Mineral and bituminous substances in a crude state, not otherwise pro vided for. Musical instruments of all kinds, and strings for ] musical instruments of 1 whipgut or catgut, ant all other strings of the ; same msterial. Needles, of all kinds, for ! sewing, darning or knit ting. Nitrate of lead. Oats and oatmeal. Oils, neat's foot and oth?r animal oil. Spermaceti, whale, and Other filth oil, the prodace of foreign fisheries. Opium, oranges, lemons and limes. Orange and lemon peel. I O/ler or willow prepared lor bsskt tuiaker*' use. j I'ateut mordant. l'ainta, dry or ground in oil, not otherwise pro- , vided for. Paper hangings and pao-r , for screeur or fire- boards, l'aving stones. Paving and roofing tilss an I bricks. Pearl or buliiyl barley. Periodicals and other works in the course of printing and rspublicat on in the United States. Pineapples. Pitch. l'liintaina. Plaster of Paria, when ground. Plumbago. l'ork. Potassium. Prussian blue. Pumpkins. Putty. Quicksilver. Quills. lied chalk. Rhubarb. Hice, or paddy. Roll brimstone Reman cement. Ry? and rye flnur. Saddlery, common, tinned or japanned. Psllrcn aod saffron cake. Hago Snl ho la , and allcarvona*as of sola, by whatever names designated, not otherwise provided for. Salts, epsom, glauber, Ko chelle, and all other salts ' and preparations of salts, not otherwise provided for. Sareapanlla, aeppia. Shaddocks. Sheathing paper. Skins, tanned and dressed, of all kinds. Skins of all kinds, not other wine provided for. Slate pencils. Smalts. Spermaceti candles 'in 1 ta pers. Spirits of turpentine. Sponges. Spank. Squills. | Star oh. oiearine candles and t tpere. Steel, uot otherwise provi ded tor. Stereotype plates. Still bottoms Sulphate ol baryles, crude or refined Sulphate of quinine. Tallow candles. Tapioca. Tar. Thread laces and insertions. Type metal, types, new or | Old Vanilla beans. Verdigris. Velvet, in the piece, com pose.1 wholly of cotton. Velvet, in the piece, com posed of cotton and silk, but of which cotton is the component material of chief value. Vermi'ion. Wax candles and tapers. Whalebone, the produce of foreign fisheries Wheat and wheat flour. White and red lead Whiting or Paria white White vitriol, or sulphate o. zinc Window glass. broad, crown or cylinder. Woollen listings. Yam*. ?CHFiiliir r.-~ 1& pk* mxtiM ad valorkm > T'nd*r the new a<;t dutiea t?i be 12 per cent ad valorem. Awnw. Bark. Peruvian. Hark, QuiUa. | a*t?- . Rrim> torn-, 'crude, io bulk. Mineral knniK, bilk, raw, Dot more al vauoed in manufacture ttiau *lng|e*, tram and thrown, or orgnnrine., or tow of hemp or t-'teel in bar*, cant, *bear, flax or (?? rinan Cork tree bark, unman' Terau tin phtte*. lured. 'I in foil. Diamond*, {la/itri', ?et or Tin in plate* or aheet* not i-et Tin plate* galv?ni'*l not I'lagon*' blood. oth?rw,a>' provided for. Uai, unmanufactored. Zinc apelter, or tent ne? ie (iold and allver leaf. In aheet*. w.mnrit o.? (10 f*R cr*rr* ii> vilokhi , t'nder the n?iw act, outlet to be 8 i>er cent, ad valorem. * feddi Ammonia Annatto, Ilancon or Or Irani. Barilla. Blcei Mug powder*, or chlon<> of lime (ium .fedda. Oum dut.atifjte. or bnrnl "larch . Hair of all kinda, un clean? I and unmanufac tured . Hcoka, pr'nted, maga/ine*. India rubber, in bot'le*, pamphlet*, periodical* alab* or *h?et* uainauu and illustrated newapa- factored. p-ra, lound or unbound, Ind'go. not otherwlae pre tided Kelp, for I?mon aid line juice. Building atone*. Una Hair atone*, wrought or Map* aud chart* unaronght. Mtiaic and muaiC paper, Cameo* and moaaic*, and with tinea, bound or an imitation* thereof, not bound. ?et. Natron. ?."bronoinetera boi or ahipa, Nu* vomica and part* thereof. Oil*, palm and co-oa nut. f'ocbicaal Orpinient, palm leaf, un OMM manufactured. Cocoa ?hella I'oli?hing atone* < ompoeition* of giaaa or Pumi eand pumice atone*. paete, uot *?t, Rattan* an l reed*, uuroa ( udhear. nufactur'd Tiianonda, g*tna, p?arl*, Rotter atone. ruh'.ei, and other pre ."al ammonia. eioua atone and imi- Saltpetre, or nitrate of ao-la tattoo* thereof. when not or potaib, r*tin?d or par ?at. tlal'.y re lined Kt, graving* or plate*, S'o t* a*h hound or unbound. Sulphuric acid, or oil of Hempaeed and rapeeeed. vitriol. Fuller'* earth. Tallow, martr ? and a.'! oth Kura, hatter*', dreaaed or undriated, not on the akin. er greaae an ! ?oapato"ka and aoap atuffa no', otb ereiaa provided for. 1 ura, uadreaaed, when on Terra japon ca or eatr "hu akin lioMLeatera' akina. iium Arabic, iid (ua He D*fal ? :um Tr-igai auth. (Ji m Bnroarjr. (?um Kaat lad a *?tflin and part* of watchea Watch material* of alt kin I* not otberwia* pr??ided 'ot. Wovl or part el ?nmrt? h ? (five w <-i-.ti m an uiai tr* ) I ndrr tb* new act, dutie* to be 4 per cent ad valorem Akorao?]ue Argol or < rud? tartar. Ilall*. alien oil. or b*U ?o tal fit only to be ra ma nufactured. Benlea nut* mm) v*f?tahl*e it ?*d -Irlu'ivelj in d je f>r or In rompoaing dfea; but no article aha* be cleared a* lueh that baa undergone aaj menu fact u re f'raaa, in pig* or bar*. Riaaa, when old, and St on I j to be remanafactur *4 HrarJt wood, and all other djrowood, la atick f!r*Ue*. boota, bootee*, or but ton*, eicluaivel}. Madder, ground Madder root Manufact'irea of mohair cloth, all* twi*t or other manufacture of cloth, euitable for the mta*ifac turtofahoe*, boota, b )0t . ee?, or button- etcl'iPlre iy Nickel Nutgalla l'ean, mother of. I'awter. wt'-n old, ami St ugly to be re uiaifac tured. Rag*, of "hate ear mater tel. Cof?er '"^VaVid, a?d ^ 0rr>iw%t* FUate. Seed lac. Grindstone*, wrought or Hbeilac. anwrought. Hunf Bora*, horn t'j>*, booM, 11b In pgs, bars or block*, bone tip* and teeth, ua Tortoise and other shells, manufactured. un nun u lectured. Ivory, unmanufactured. Turmeric. I Tory nuts, or vegetable Wait*, or ahoddy. Waid. Kertnes. Zinc, ipelter. or teutsnegna I Be dye. unmanufactured, and not, Iaating* suitable for shoe*, otherwise provided for The a boro i* the schedule of the Tariff act of 1846, end the redaction on e?ery article authorized by the amendment to that act la seen at once. The amerdmr nt makea some important alterations la the fchednle, by which the duties on certain arti cles bave been reduced more than appears in the new classification of per cent* Tbe tratufer of ret tain articles from a higher to a lower echedale will materially rednce the per oent duty, the extant of which appears in the shore classification. We annex tbe amendment to the Tariff act of 1846, as it paastd the Houne, believiag t?-at the Btnate will ad< pt it, and that ii will become a law at the ap. pointed time a kim. RibrciMo nit DiriKjt o.\ mroKN, and r>a othf.k FParoaaa. Fe it enacted by the -euate and Uou-e of Represent* tive* of tbe United Htatea of America in Ctngre** as it-mbled, That on and after the first dny of July, one thousand eight bundled and fifty-five. thera shall be a reduction ol twenty per ceutum on the rate* of duty iiu |osed by tbe act entitled " An act reducing the duty on import* and forctlier puri>CKes," appnved Jul) thirtieth, one thousand eight hundred and forty ail, on the gooia wares, and merchandise, imported from foreign con a trim, enumerated and provided for in (chedule* A, II, C, I'. F., F, (>, and II. and al?o thoae provided for in the tbiid nection of aaid act, except a* hereinafter provided. 100 46 30 26 "20 15 10 f. Kreo ABCDEFOH I *0 32 24 20 10 12 H 4 Free Bee V. And be it further enact<?l, That the uiauufac ture* and article* of silk, or of which Milk shall be a coDiptincnt material, not otherwise provived for, shall bs trnnsfcrrci! to schedule C; tbe maau! icture* and siticlesof ilax, or of which tlax ahall bo a coinpoieat material, not otherwise provided for, and blankets of alt kinde, abHll be transferred to schedule I); that wool, un manufactured, thall b? transfeired to schedule <!; that tlax unmanufactured, ni Ik raw, with or without the gum, imported in tbe condition in which it comes from tbe cocoon, not being doubled, twls'ed, or advanced in mtnu factnre* in any wijr; jute, manila, and iuihI traat, coir, and other vegetable substances, unm inufictured, not otbetwiiie provided; lac spirit* lac sulphur, lamp black litharge, Fruseian blue; article* notin a crude -.tate used in dyeing or tanning, not otherwise provided for, briin atone, crude in bulk; eream-of -tartar, extract* of indigo, extracts and decoction* of logwood and other dye woo-U not otherwise provided for extract of maddar, baril'a, cudbear, bleaching powder or chloride of lime, indigo, cocb'neal, woad or pastel , acida, acetic, bensoic, bora cis. citric, mur'atlc, white and yellow, nitric, oxalic, py rolvneoii* and tartaric, and all other acids of every do acription, used for chemical, medicinal, or manufacturing purpose*, not otherwise provided for, be tranaferred to m bedule II. Aud that aalt of all klnda, berries, nuta, (lowers, planta and vegetable*, uaed exclusively m dye ug or in compoaing dyea; but no irticle ahall bo classed a* such that baa undergone any manufacture. Hra/.ll wood, bra zilletto, and an other ilyewooda in Micks burr stones, wrought or nnwrought; codllla, or tow of hemp or flax ; fruits and vegetables, green or lue, not otherwise pro vided for; gar< en seeds, and all other aeedi for sgri -ul tural, horticultural, medlc'nal, and m\auf*cturing pi>r. pos??, not otherwise provided for; bolting cloths ; mad der-root, madi'er, ground or prepared; ice; aninialauf all kinds, be translerrcd to achedule I. Rtc, 3. And be it further enacted. That on and after the first day of July, one thousand eight hundred an 1 fifty Ave, there ahall be levied, collected, aud paid on all groda, wares and tnerrhaadlae, mentioned in n die iule I. imported from foreign countries in ships or vessels not ol the I'nited States, a duty of ten per centum ?d valo rem; and an addition often per oentum.shall be made to the rate* of duty impoaed by thla act in respect to all merchandise not UK nt.oncd in achedule I, which shall be imported from foteign countries on and after the first day of July aforesaid, in ships or vesse's not of the Unite! Hlate* : 1'rovided, That neither the duty of ten per c? ntum ad valorem, nor the addition of ttin per e?n t ii in to tbe rates of duty aforeaaid, shall lie imposed on ? ny goods, wares and merchandise, imported on anl af tor the first of July aforesaid, in any ahips or veiaela net of the I'nited States, entitled by treaty, or by anv *ct or act* of Congress, to be exempt from dis rluii nating duties, tonnage, snd other charge*. fee 4. >nd be it lurther enactcd, That all good*, ware* and mercbandite. which ih.ll be imported from foreign countries after the passage of thi* act, and lie in the public atorea on tbe first day of July aforeaaid, shall be subject, on entry thereof for consumption, to no other duty than if the une bad been imported, reapec tlvely, alter that day. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, Tint on the entry of any goads. wares an l merchandise, imported on and after tke first day oi July aloreaaU, the oeelalou of tke Collector of the Cuatrm* ?> tl>' port of Importation and entry, as to tbeii liability to duty or exempt on there Irom shaUbefiniil and concliiaive againit the owner, iin porttr, consignee, or agent of any *uch good*, war** and merch*ndi>e, unto* tbe owner, importer, c<in<ignee or Hgrnt, shall, within ten days after *ucb entry, i^ivh no tieatothe collector, in writing, of his dissatisfaction with mich decision, setting forth there n distinctly and specifically hi* ground* of objectloa thereto, and sh-ill within thirty days alter the date of such decision, ap p?*l therefrom to tbe Secretary of the Treasury, whose decirion on such appeal sball be flnal an 1 con elusive atd the raid good", wares and merchandise shall bo liable to duty or exempted then-from accordingly, any act of Tourer* to the contrary notwithstanding, unless >uit shall be bmugbt within thirty day* after auch de cision for any dutir* that may have been paid, or inay thereafter be paid, cm said good*, or within thirty Jty* alter the duties shsll have been paid in cases where such good* shall be in bend Hoc. 6. And hi' it further enacted, That oa and after the first day of July aforesaid, all provisions of existing laws which impore other rats* of duty on imports than are imp?*ed by this act, or which exempt from duty im port* not exempted from duty by this act, shall tM in operative and void. Ibe third section docs not amount to much, tad it in tobebojed the Senate will either tniiifyor rem'.ve it altogether. The last would bedjcidedJy the best. Kvery nation engaged in tbe carrying trade to any extent baa such a treaty with our gov trnment aa will anal tbe provisions of tbe se;tioa referred to. Tbe record section, in all it* parts, in acceptable, and is a decided improvement on the old act. It will be ??e n that nearly all articles em ployed in dyeing, alt drugs, raw (lax, silk and wool, are t'tntfetred to a lower schedule. Tbe speedy and staple manrer In which thla desirable aod import ant charge in tbe tariff has been brought about is blgb'y commendable. The only objectionable fea ture ia the talking of it to another bill -to make use of a riding to carry it tbroogb; but as it could nut have )?*n carried In any other way, we mnat let ibe end jnstify tbe mean". Bad the tariff been brought np upon its own merits, there would not have b'en the slightest possibility of even tbe moet moderate modification. As it Is, tbe entire act of 1840 bat been change d. The duty on every article named bas been reduced, and tbe principle of free trale more firmly established than its moat sanguine ai vocatea cou!d have anti ipited. The manufacturing interest has b:en materially aided by tie reduction of dntiea on many articles used In fieir business, and we car not discover that any branch <4 industry ia likely to be injured in the least by the ebasges. Tbe reduction on tbe great b ilk of dutiable imports is only about six per cent. Hie reduction from loO per c?nt to HO per cent only ?ff?cts spirits: and as the Prohibitory Liquor lair has recently been pstaed in sever* f Htatee, tbe reduction In duties is not likely tj increase tbe TOkumj-tlcB much. Tbe moet important point at israe in this matter Is tbe tftct on tbe revenue and on tbe extent of importations. Under the tariff of Wt? the value of imports advanced from 1131,691 , 797 to |:t0t/>G3,:{H| per eamm. Tbis shows an increue, in nhtt eigbt jeais, of about 150 per cent. Now, It is well known that such an increase was not required by the actual watte of tbe publi*, for the ppalaton was not mire than tea percent larger in 1H.'<4 than in 1h4'>. It therefore becomes n< reentry, for aeleerexponi lion of tbi? queetion, to show, i' possible, the cause ef tbi# enormous io< reeee In the va no cf our :m,?or t?tiors, sad tee if we cannot trace IttoiUtfuu socice. For that purpose we have prepared the snntxed table, showing the extant of buklnc ? ovement In the < onntry, and the vslne of import hi, <3 experts, for each ol the past twenty flv j year*. I!a?six< M. >mt*r ash m*Fo*sj<.N Tsaiw o? run f ,n?n 9YAT0. f.vnt J thu-? un'< Imtvrlf. Ert*,rU 1^'C *0,441,314 70,??6.(r0 l*?l 10'i 191.1^4 St .10 .'.1.1 1*^ tOl Wt,-MA IT 178 #1.1 1*3 104, 1H. til 90 1404,13 i"-4 .' 136,431,3.13 104'Wra I'M........ I63,IM HM?s.;4J 121?b'?;T 1*6 467. .'?Oft, <1*0 W?9S0,0.. 12S, tea 040 l^n ,7W 140,0*0,317 117,41^374 !*?*. 4*4,6?,6?7 11.1.717.404 104 444 616 4?j i7l,01& 163, ?03,131 m?M.41? 1*M> 462.M6, >XI 107,141,419 132 046 944 1M1 ?M,4*7,M3 127, M4, 177 131 MlW IMS ;;3,#<i7,:*0 IQu.lAJ 047 104 flVl'iM I "*3 AV4,M4,U?; 64.7S3.709 44 **'440 1*44 2**, 114 10S, 4.14,1136 1H JU0 044 )'?? 3*#17,i:;l U7.M4.M4 m'.M*'** IMS .113 114 404 ltl,Mt,T*T 11:: 444 414 }JJ2 :!10,J?,#44 1 14.444.4, 4 }*? JM.476.ie3 1M.M4.03I 1M0&3.U1 }*?? 147,M7,4? 144,7M,?M M4a04.?,7l 171.134 ,,114 Li;W7? *' 41J^7M,7M !.je.J7?.:M 314 3*4 011 }"? 476, we, coo jaa,4U.2?: so*, mi, sea 46e.6ea.ene ra.ewlsM WT,.v,tn Thia table oorere a period of twenty-ive year*, daring whioh I oar different tariff* have been in ope ratios? two protective, om compromise aod one re tcnoe tariff. The bank return* ere made ap to the lit January, end the trade return* ap to the Mi h of June eeh jeer. It will be aeea that from 1**0 to 1837, both ino'ualre, that the loana aid dlacount* of the benka roae from tiro hundred nailliona ra ptdly np to fire bandied milliona. Io aboat aeren years the banka more than doubled thoir disc mnt* In tbe aune time, the value ot imports more than doubled, increaaing in aeren jeara from aewn'.r to one hundred and thirty mil loo of dollare. TSis great and rapid increaae waa under t^e opf ration of a high tariff. Ihe <ompromi?e act of 1831 en forced a high doty daring ita early operation, aod it wia not until after 1H37 thst the ratea were rt*~ duretWjekw what was called a protective ataad ard. From 1837 to 1843 the bank movement fell off more than fifty per ceV., having in that time been re diced from fire hundred million to two hundred and fifty million ef dollare, and the importationa were re duced in the i>atne time about fifty per cent, having faJ'in ftom one bondred and forty milliona in 1837 toaixtyfour millions In 1843. Thia decrease was under the operatiou of a revenue tariff, heiog tbe last five ream of the compromise act. Prom H43 , to 1847 there waa a gradual but steady iuereaaw in b nk credit*, ond the impn Utiona advanced frcm n'xiy four million up to one hundred aod forty-nix million of dollar*. Thia wan under the operation of I ? high pro'ective tariff The period included be twten the yeara 18S8 and 1817 prea!tnta aoine very extraordinary reoulta in eonnectlou with the effect if tar' fit npen our import trade. From 1838 to 1843, \ unJer a low tariff, the impoita fell fr.monehun- ' died and tbirtf en mll'icn to sixty-four million; while, fern 1842 to 1847, under a high proactive tariff, the import* increaatd from sixty-four million to one hnndred and forty nix million. Now, a* theae tanffc worked just the reverse of that cliimed by protectionist, It ia necenaary for ua to ahow wh it waa tbe real cauae of theae fiuotuationa or va riatii na lr our foreign import tre-ie. From 1838 to 1843 tie banking movement of the country fell off from four hundred \nd eighty-five millions to two hundred and fifty four millions of dollars: hei e tbe de' reaee in Importationa. From 1842 to 1817 tbe banking movement increased from two hundred atd fifty tour milliona to tfcree hundred and forty' four milliona: hen' e the Increase In importations. 1 Th? real and only cause ia found In thi rarla'lona of backing c edits. From 1846 out, tbe present tariff haa bten In operation, an<la* It was graluatel, previcua to Ita adoption, to a revenue standard, It haa been particularly objectionable to Ihe p?r>t tionlstf, and baa been a source of ? onaideta' litlcal capital to tbe party preas. In 1817, t jeer of Ihe operation of the pie-ent tariff, portetiona amounted to one hnndred and fx x mUJUn* of dollar*. hj 1854, the eighth jrar its operation, tbe importationa were vn'ued at three hundred and fonr inlllior* of dollari -an iacrene iu ti e am oaf importation, in that abort time, of one lundred and fifty ei^ht miiliona. Thia it attributed, by tbe prokcUontata entirely t> the low ra'?s of duty levied upon foreign mauufa< tnrrs; batitctnhe | easily ehown that the binVn have b>en tie cauae of thia erormoua exparaion in our foreijpi trade. Th>* bar k discount* In 1847 amounted to $310,282,944, and in 1854 to 1007 287 428, showing an increase In lfr64 ever 1847 of 1297,004 483, being equal to nearly ote hutdred per cent. It ia certainly very extraor dfrory what nnlformity exists between theae two de parlmtnta offinane and commerce. They mo vj together, np or down. An expana'.on of bank credit is cure to | reduce an increaae in importation and a connection in ciedita? a contraction in our foreign trade. Tbe increaae In bank loans alnce 1847, la tbe ?ole canae of tbe Increaae la Import*. It would hare been praciaely the tame had the average rate of dutie* upon foreign manufactures and merrhaailiae been double what it baa beea in the aame period. The above table wilt be a va'uab'e guide to legitla'o a ard we can conceive of nothing more con^luaive ia Ita argnmeota aid results. If we wlah to contract our importation* we moat contract our bank loina . Until aooiethlng ia done to regu'ate the banking in- 1 ?tit utiona of the country, we aha I be anbjoct to those , violent acd c xceaeire fluctuation-1. M* HI #.'.14 ?f.V4 tl< 000 lot St lira.b'J yooo .Jo I.<0o0 Virginia d'a.. 12500 do 6000 do b'!0 WXjO do I'M 2000 lauiaiana fl'a 2000 liar tut 10 t.a a.. 00 >; fiOOO Erie COO ba'02.a *2 1000 Erie )>i, '76 bOo I WiO do ?:< 1000 Hud roar bdl 74'? 1000 I id a ba 3d ia 111 300< 0 111 On KH ba ?Jif <X> do all 74 10000 dob*0*ft.O 74 60001111 K?btblOtK<>? f.nto do ?:i m?!, 1000 N YCta RKbi lit* f-OfON Y Oi 7 a.h3 W, HiO do ? '? WO aim L'nloa Uank. 11. 1', i.0 Merchant*' hi III l'fl1-, ?JO bk N.w York... 11*!* 4041 Canton Co a.1 660 do bflO 1 <X> fim Coal Oi . a3 Mark Kirhanga. Mo.v DAT, hah. '>*, IKm 160 aha N Y On Ktt r mi* 100 do *90 B !?? 100 do .00 '.(? 60 .1. .10 01 2-'> Pioimt RR ... 1 U 50 d> bJO III :>o d? 111 360 do <1 IHJn 60 49 ?T llftS MClm C k ( In RK l it 60KrleKR i t 4 IK 3(0 110 1100 4>? MO ICO 100 , . blO a do Co do :ai '<o 60 X Y (aa RR. I 0 n y, ?s>? 35 36 h 35 14 36 S ???')% 85)J 35 #5* 36 04'. 50 M M 100 luO 4 0 150 160 50 700 Harlam RR -"?W do.... l'?0 do . . . 100 do.... do . do. do. do . do. d J do , do do. do. .?30 .alo . . . b3 . bt ?k ... >3 b 10 .all) bTO .??*> MM 4a !?', 47 47 47 47 47>? 47 3 iX 3??i WW 32 ^ .?'?? ?j3 .*1 .l.rwj KR 121 10 Harlam pr?' d. . . 71 800 iu-adliif KR aJO 7.'. M . *3 I. M I# 'hi do . 00 do . 00 do CO do . 00 do 50 Hilton RK ,.bl ir 54)111 Ont RK .a 76 CI** k Tolado KI' ?00 7i.'i bvi blO f roo .'nd ?! Klvaa at M H0t0 Virginia ft'i. . . H6'? in< 0 Mich Jo ty, i-t ba 'i:, 80< 0 Krta W?, '76. a SI VtXJO Eli* On V '71 71*', ;<00 to 7W *6 li uOOO par* !?? j<i m llo 41 0 Vr 1 r ? Canal 16 IOCO lantoa Co. . b60 23>$ 4<0 do.... 900 Comb < I Co. ?KCOVft H06HIK 60 do 50 do 50 do ... . 60 do .... M) do . . . , 60 do ... , 00 da . 5 N Y I an RR. bl .bio M0 M0 .'0 *?'? aft'. .5 <i 16 U 36 % 36?, 3/) ?4'i ib* Krla KR 200 do ... . 100 do.. HO do .... aro do 1'iO do .... 900 Hailnn K!l 10 9rn ling RR 100 do ...... ad 2AO do at 190 do .... a!W 200 do 1 00 do .... < tM Hu l Htdll 7 Ml.-h On RR, 5 M rh n? RR . 10 I'anama RK. . . 15 Nor K W or RR bi MO bVI M0 74', 76'. 76 \ 7'.', V- . 4H', 7S "0 II" flllno*a Ontral Hall road. TO 1IIR Kim<iR Of THK NK.W roK* If KJtAl.r>. I bad tba following upon ll?? fort* third pat" of tlm parnj>hl?t r'lattt? to that affair* ol tbla c>m;>aor ? T1 a dr?<l of trnat, and th? aabhtlon th?r< t?i (M?an inj th? ra'.rtf?|jf,) w'll rraal* a llan m fa?or of tha 1 onatruellon U>nd liuldara uf'i tba ( ilWvinf proper ti>? I. l"p? n tba railroad and branrhra with ?fl r Tfpf Ut? rt?naa< of ??r rj kind and rbara^Wr, 1 mMaead ?itfaia th# frm 'r?al *-Uta, but mcluait' of ?',oipn.*nt of furnitar* ? ?tn* and r>Iiin< atofk." lfc?n, U|'n raf?r?n-a to tba m'<r(?a<? Ua'f, ?? Cnd tbia ??pr?a??d drt#mr nation moat rUarljr *r' ?1 out. Tba railroad and braa itaa ara n<4 '"Ot?r? I, iv.' c #? of under tba driwnalaaMon of ' r?*f ?atal? Tba flrilttif* aril t 'jatptaoat*. lb# ntoUra p>i*ar and roll nf k, ara tot c?.nTatfd Thai road ?a; ? mjU Wtth tba d< c ta and aiall' n b'xiaaa, ar" rnnr>t< ! 7b* niiaapprabanatoa > n thla layr'tat pn4a*. baa ari"D from two I?naa? >'tra? t^oau?a vyoa tb<- f?a of 1t ? bonda tba phrvaol t4fj la l#r^ aa la !*l 1 ta tba Infaranra tbat all tba ymp^rt;, p?r-onal a< wall aa raal ia n>or*( and U-a'iaa a tha In 'rumaf t of n:artgMa t ha truatoaa to whfim tba f.,n>a/an a a n.ada ara , lotL' 1 <atih a powar ?f aa>, ia tha aaaat af d*f?ult in tha payiaant of tl>a boada, ir. 0a fo.lowtag taraa* ? * I rom thaweafortli It ahaU aa I mtfbalaaf.l for 1ha ?aid |*rtkl of tha *ar-<m4 part In aatar .Bio a?l op< n, tad Vaka f?aaaaaU>n of all aad atacnlar tha ?atd ra'lroad and braarhaa, < and all tha propaitjr la'i idad .r in'aadad to mi-la '?4 ia tbia mf.r1|art and a Lao a'l tt.a anflti'a, taadar*. eara, arrt?>.< toola aiv biaarf aod nataiiala la aay way balonfing or aop-* ta;innf 'o aa d railroa 1 and raa<-haa tVn owna-1 b j t?.a aaid (.artlaa of tha llrit part. In tba itw maavr aa if tba >??.? had ctnall/ ba#a laeladad la aa 1 ha Id b; tba Irid'Btara af wi' rt? a*? t fOtu this, it ta rrrj 'awltalra that a??thaf tla ra r*a d aad braaeliaa nor tha aqntpw>a?t af fnraitara a-"l roll n( atook Oflf \h? toola avliiaart roaUrtala '? a fDflnaa. aarrtajwa ta? ara */? wara Inrl ida^ or ? tati.Wd ta ha iBciaoad la tM coaaavaara Mo llaa if >b th a praaarlf la rnatod. a* taUaiad V* ha rraaiad. a faaor of tha Imio<I hatdaf*. Tha pww ar of aala 4oaa v'. ! 1 -aatr a l>a aatll It la aetaally aianctaad b j aat rj l*t? aoaaaaataa, aftar Uaa dafaolt haa ocaarrwl Haw. If tM hotter* af tM f 17.COO.CW) Mr* an b?a o(?a Ik a fi opart r by tM BortgBca. tkaa It foUawa tka< I tM rtadttara af tM aoaaaaar wMai 'a na aaatara fara 1*76 ft 4aU?at. tM Wtera af tM M.OM.OM toada ma kmtm mart* is lb* payment of their e lain a m,, ?r,j tliam aelvea ot thle property by ita ewiir* an deal* on judg ; unit aad ?xacution, and thui effectually defeat and render iuOf?i>Uii III* power of uU The groat importance of correctly un'trxiMnf what ia, aod what i> not, included la the conveyance br mart i gi^* to tht truetoe*, to iKun the 117,000.000 b> oJ?, u i tliua rendeted quit* manifest. U. H. ( ITT THiOK RCPJHr. MoariAT, K?b 20 ? A P. M Apiikm ? The aalea included about 74 a 100 bbU y -it* at 99 ST, and pearl* at >0 50. BuiiWfn itw.? The mark ot for nearly all grade* w<m Arm. and cloaed at about lii^r far bbl higt er. There in laerMaed activity both for home una mo for eiport. Tba *?!?? aggregated about a 9 HOC I^^K inclu ling inferior to cbmceStat* bran ! ? at 9S M a a^W, and 9* in a $V III for romnion lo <ool Obio, Michigan, Winooaio at I Indiana and til a 912 for etlr* <i*n?e?e lurlude-1 in the aalea were 2,600 St l/mW aitra at fW 60 a 910 76. Southern w !%* alao firm, with moderate aalea. Ttai i?ale? included 1,600 libla . at 9H 76 a (l< 37 for Inferior to good, aud at 9'J 37 n 910 f>0 for fancy and eitra. There wa. mora d< ion in Canadian, wltli aalea of atMiut 2,000 bbl* at 9>' |l a 910 'Jb, d&tl paid, aod a? 9H 79 a 90 in bond llye flour wan ia better rs<|U?at a* I* a of !>0 hbla warn msite at 9'i 60 a 97 ill for *uperflne. Corn meal wa< nnchaogeil. Whrat continued acarce and pneee were h?l t al'ov** tin- bu vera Prime white Ganeaav waa held at 9 - 00 A unall lot i f 700 buahal* Inferior Southern rod eold at 91 ?ft. Corn? The aalea embraced about It.'', 000 bualiel*. at 0Ac atli);r for Southern vellow, and white do a' W7l,c a '"tc. Kye ? Sale* of 400 huahela were made a'. 91 S3, Barley wan higher, for a lot of clioiec quality 91 VI waa rrtuade Oat* warn uocliaugi'd. Kkkkihtx - There waa a fair ;i mot. lit Ollerinf with engagenn nt* of Mill a t.00 hales of cotton, at 3 lltd. for c< mpreaaed ; 100 a 200 tiercea beat, at.''*. 6d , and WD a MMt boxea bajcn at 1 a tid 'Srain was n .mln I at "id. 'lo l ot don, 260 boxea bacon were engaged at 22*. #d. , 60 halea deerskin* at 2ba , ami 100 boc? cfo'k* on pri vate tirnia To Havre rate i were unban/ed To lire mi- u, KO tierce* lar i were engaged at 'a'c. |>ar lb. To I alifoinia, rate i varied from -10c a I0r jier foot maa aurement. The clipper ahip Witchcraft waa engaging Irclght ut :.6c. |ier foot, aud el|ne ted to aail on tlie l.tlb iiroximo Tile vea?ela, It wa- ?ald, in thia line were hereatter to ?all regularly aa packet" to California, on atatid day*. Ibere are tau or elevi n veaaela up foi all ahtppeia h Hi it ? Falea of bo\ea dry ralaina wrre made at 92 ii. The firat mi -e of layer* were mi la it $'1 TO liar rnD|(id from 00c a 9f?c., with moderate transi tion*. Iniik waa unlet, and pticea tinrhaiine 1. leirn Ihe mtrkel wi< tolerably artiva, wl'h aalu of 2"0 lifi Jamaica at 11c , 300 mat . Java, at I '\c : about 1,000 b?|ta I' lo, at?',c. a JOV^c ; .Odo. Mara^albo, ? t 0\c. ; 6(t laguayra, at loc. "i60 St. Homm^o, on pri i ft ' ii terma. C<.rr??. ? Tlie aa'ea embraced about 1,000 hale*. Tli? n arliet for middling au I lower <ra-l?a waa tiurliauxe-l, while the h'gl t i|iialitUa continur4 lirm 1 14 it ? Ab' nt 100 ton* Span ah, in bond, were aol 1 at 5c., for fiport. Mourn-** ? The ?alea inr'ndtil ?No it 1,000 b'lla New Orleai.a, at 24c. a Viiic. Naval Stiiki9< --The aalea inclinled l.'.O a '20o blda. eptilta. at 4fc , ca*h ; hkj hhla. common No !2 roaiu. al lt'.'c. , and 1 ,MX) do. , 1'iOc. par 310 lb/., duli r< r?d . an I 4(0 blda raw turpentine, at 9- H ' Uiij-. ? 1 be market foi llnaeeil uaa unchanged, with n operate trai.n licna Wkkll and apt rui ? I a", prl iKOVimONH ? The market ?a- firmer, *ltli aatea of about 1 00 a M t) hhla. , iorluding old mcaa at 91J 37 a 91-1 to and it ?a> t'terwar !i liel ! a' f I I >7 a 91 1, an I new nn-aa at 91 1 I 'J u Si t 7 which ?a< afterwarda hell at fl lliil w., -i. 'v. witli light -alu* .-mall lota of itfo ineaa wi-ie , ,ld ii 916. Cutlueata were ?1 jr , ? th mia.ei .?te aaUa IUi OU w ja at H \c. a H '<6. -t.e-1. Sh ill li-ra at l.c a 6^0 do llama were at *fl. ml ??> hrmer. with aalea of 100 a 200 Urr "a, part I I :me, at V\c. a l''c. Kil l wim ijulet at old pilcea Hi 'laRH were In Rood di mund, with aalea of about IfK) I hi'a New (irlttma at 4l4c. n 6*.c . nn-l about 260 do Culia at 4 '4c at'.. ? III a aumil lot clartlled do. at 6?. Tai.iow waa quiet at 12c WlliHKKY. ? There waa a amall lit priaon reported at 31c. , afterward* 150 bbla do ?ol<! at 30c., delivered. iDViniSMKm REJCWKU EVKKV HIT A im\ aoQM, ?( . T HTKWART K CO HAVE OPKNKD A HPl.KNDID "luck, of 'firing and <lr?i ? fix*!*, imp irtaM pri- -nljr for tlx*ir retail t r ?<!?> Itroadaay, Chamtcra anil Read** it r?r'? AS El KO ANT AHHORTMBNT OF HPHI.NO AND HUM ro?r ilie*? good-. will b? ttjia morning, In ad dit'OB to lho?a exhibited laat work, conpralllf Pari* b(i*g<- rob*'*, grenediu*?, orgaodlea, FT*nch Inwna n?H coa blilliantpa, AI'O, 1 ??*?> pie.-a* of ri< li Iraaa ailki, aeli-rtrd by one of tlie llrm iu th* I ' 4 r i ? an t l.yona mar kata, rtpreaal/ fur tba retail department. 'ill ra*a* of linana, (or family u?e, purrbaaad at a grr\t aa> rttl "*, will beaold at 2a M p?r yard. ?<(ual to any offered In tliia DiHikri ul 60 rent*. Alao, r>0<) <lr?aaa* >.( Pari* foularaa at |? ?'i0 tbf dreaa ? :.o j?*t rent. below the wit of iinpor llUbD URHDKI.I , PUR ON, K l.AKK, 47! Hioadway ClHKAr I.INFNH ? fllTY < A*KH 10010 TRIAD J aotl ItnUbed Irialt linm*. rmnmeocinK at '16 cttita par y*rd A T RTKWaRT A; C*?.. Kroadway, Chanitxira and K?ad? alreela Nkw amn sniufu xxhtvlim ?wournwax BE1 I.. 5* (anal * treat, wnul I 1 all ilin attention of merchant* to hia beautiful *tock of Kranrb uniitilla., juat rerouted from Pari* Thoa.- of hi* own maniifa: turaarr well worth etaminuig, being from tlia Ittait de ?Un?, and warranted superior to (iiytblng iu market, aithar Id price, quality or at/I*. ?KW HIIKS-ON MONDAY, KKRRt ARV M, BR eal??d by tlie Italtlr, aeteiul eaaei of tba Ul' ? i'ain atylr*. Alao, an additional lot ol the rhean illka at &a. parj^rd A T HTKWART k i*>.. Broadway, Coawbara an! ileatle a treat a WOTI.IN'KNH, WKT DA MA" KB, WKT NAPKfNH AND towelling. aet ?j isilt a and countarpanaa, wet oanJ k?ribf*f?, Air ? An lnm>i>M aaln of wot good ? will tale pn< ? tl.ia day, fmnienini at V a'< lack A M , mm at 1 of of linen good* of all kinda Alao, a larg* lot o abrctlnf and ? blrt Inf. if all widtbl airl mal*. Alto btii) pi* ?a of pnnt, from ud. upward*. Tlia ab .?<? iiKiiii'd gixda ar? warranted |Mirfart, (w?t only./ ao I "?r.t fr?? to all parti of th? rttjr and Tt- ialty S. B - Halt |oaitir* rn poatp- ii?iniint i n ancouut of tlia watb?*p AMIiRKw 0 COI.nif, U7 Tb.rl ??'0 U tw?pn Ninth and Troth atrm>ta IKIItsKH, < \ltHI tllKS, M'. HAU-A BAY HOIBC, 1>. HANDS III'. II, X? "'iind. and kind in ainxla an l doubl" li?rn*?a rao fiot Inal'U '2 '0. Alao, a licbt t> <?t>HK aafoii, alMgb, <>n< wt of hatLoa, wbip ?t?M? and dian blan'^ata ro<j*a 1?IN hr All to ba aold togr'.lirr a* tbaownar '? about laaviDg tbr city. A; ply at Ul and 1M Umcar atr?a'? For haij'? onk Bit VHV hand iu? kawaY, rw?? dMUf'ajIg., an I oon no top llclit oayon alao 01 r new two ai at p) .? tf n, on# a-| ?r? <t*n lm< top t ao Mat wayrn, orn l(atli>r tup bunry. an 1 two n ? to; UAt w?(<.i'a Apply at the llyrry <UMa, II NVaa'. T??-nly third atr?? t. E'OK FAI.K? A HOXBC, Ul I! AND HARVfcK -HOIM afc" it w??n yrara old, fantla, and good tra>allar, (If baa b* en uard about <>0* } ?ar > li labia (or a tin ? n*aa man or pbyairlan Will t* aold a?parata or t<>?r?tli*r. Apply ut III I.I Ar < VJi IM Tooth atrial, Dry l> ? ? It'ok ftilS? A iiokhk and m it abi r ?<? i . a doctor. Apply at tba li??ry alaM* -- i B? < .m ? atrfM I HAI ^ ? A aiOC?t WAt.oV, IMIbT mnr, of tb? n? w atyla and in flrwt rata Oflar, Apply to J At HI ASL A .-"NH, UlNit . U atr*?t I7IOLBJOB-JI Mi KTYI.IfH IITllJt BAY MARK, . <*ty fait at"! very (*all> Api ly at JM tjgb'ti airo'ia whrre ab* ran b? a??n. l*lir?, II 10 IjViR HAIJ.- A BAY II'iKHK, lit* III*;* 111'. If. a?*>n yaara ( IJ, round, an*! reinaikably ?lnd an I It'ttla prlcn ll.'ti Alao, a (if, aait 1 o p.atf r a aptinft pn<-t Ajply at * atabla, 110 ^aat Tblrtaeatb atrrot. (NiMH FOR HAIJt ? A BAY HOW**, It , IlMM l.ifb ai* y< ar* old, a atyliab roa4a'.?t a ?? a 'baa nnTb' ra?. 1", la liifb alyi tb m->t aod :la and in larnr-a tl.a prop- fty of a f?n'!?man i-a> n* th? ly Wllteaoldat far prtea*, I an h* aa?o at JKaWowt Bid I of A adarny, Flrlb ii'rn r.,rn?*of Tt r-; n.n'u ?1ir?t A'ar 1. a a ipflor lllbary, 'b*tp IIVKRY HTABI *. IN A < KNTBAl. !,'? ATlON. AXD j doing a t oo koatnaa*. f>. aal- , ea>B*latlnf of lr?t claa* horaaa b?a*ya i< Ugnt arrtafo* aaftxn *lalfb>, bara*a> ro'/aa ball*. I' a^ilot.U for c.'y w ,r% A(; y to WII I 1AM Ft.lNTON 14* Fnlton *tra?l [ivrRY htahi-f ??Air-nfr -^?r. ? m j t r?* an>! f od will, V-fathar with a !?*?? yaara w II. tb? pr'.T'^ga of parrbaaa t a ? a a 1o "',li Vi f at > if 1 ? antti *'r?rt n ?w tolnf ?n? ? ' tb* b? t >.4 ?inaaa in lb* 'it* Al*o>*<'rai pr rata amaf>- a t l.ora?a for >a)? ha*f Apply oa tba pt'to ? WA.-HIN'.TW.? IO? MU^ 111 r. FA XT TWflf *<t ta? ?'ally.* Waal.irf<ao I' , baad* hiffc bl y*ar* old perfa-'ly *?- od a ad k ad Wail nftm, . ? itiarlor foal fMter aa all 1. ? ?v?-k baa prat ad r full particular* *pj iy at M an 1 V Marrar **ra. ? VBTANT0*? A W AN or t.A*AMAN OH FRISM'H fl .""ny*. wall kruifa,ki*4 and f*nUa la ainfVr >t 'tout > barr.raa, for faa y Ha Addra?< ' ?Mb>1lat. ii aid otBra, atat ??/ af* ? ?? and frf*. ao4 what* la ? ?aa* 11* A?.m>- A I Kill ! two IUJ**K n.An<>HH Wf iti t g, I'.Bf f??ra'l wa ,-oa aa ? or *a-/.ot fcaad, k! I.ttla ?' ! A ff'f at '* 1 anal at/ at, frooi . V> 4 t. ?. ' A N TT 1 r_M#lJ-H H'91<.HAM N?.? O Hi' Vr foo-l aa naw >'r- nj l?a?' a a?t th'-a faat tan ia-laa hijh aVor* tba aaot In, : rw at III Woa'. H Uoa*!k atraot M tTt IIF.4, JKH r.l.Mt , A* . 0r VI R ?1 vr llf NliP.IO lloril ljc DAPYVl-irt k J. iA< Off itbia'd aatakllakBa** f~ Ht'<a4aaf ?a laa tfcai r ^Olabrata 1 1 a. 'nrma d *?. a'.*, a, <ai to br lltan- y la tba raal dl*?<<*d Tl<a baat t a i?-a aa??t tall tkaai. and tka prtaa* an w.tb a tba ran a of **?ry aaa I ?Q an J a*a tkaa &AI1FORKU INAMONIW Cgt'AL VI Til* BJUI dtawoad far. la lit* tar aim It * uW I'aat, H tfl , lltalaf rwri*** ft to ft* III* Itall' atida, at*rr* Vu'.tona. Wdlaa y a?, hs m .t by aa . la aa/ Fart af laa I MVad rtt'a a k 1/ , ?r *r??'.v?; rtVB ARTH. Deoorattyi nuwuo paintkr or mV ukhman tad Italian cahoot. ? U raad* to (lsoormte la moat approrad auMr. aad la all at * Im. Addraaa. at *M hprinf dwt, Haw Tort, ??B?IWK rnv?. OUR SATIOUB JIKAIJNIi THK KICK IS THK TT* pla. by Kranri" Kearny.? Tha plat* haa bM* lax. or ml Jail. A liberal reward will lx> paid for anr iaf?? mat on which will lead to Ita roeovery Apply ie Mas ford k Hworda, fWIT Hna'lta;, or to lawreoee Kara;, C S Navy, Pttlh Am hoy, N. J OlJt M KHW1TY KIOK HI KNKD <WT.? WK AM: now at M>7 ltroadway, laaetnuut, and will bar oU ?n> ra?ip<?, o'.d booka, auti vra|iha, a< rap print*, lllua t rated book*, Ac , and ? III aefl the aame lowar U?aa ever Our damaged atock we'll almoat (five away. T 10 niK makiiik mot oi tiik i.atv: iion. r>*Ni*. _ W ebater tiaajuat bwg completed by UHJUJ VHUf AK tba ecu ltd or , ill* buat la con*idere?l by all lha frtead* of Mr lit kf the heat ever barora **S rute.l, a? well la Ukeneaa oa Id artiatical workmaiMiap Ml the am&teura ol art aud fnendu of tUe lata (i*a4 atateaman, arc ;n?lt??; to com* and ??e It It ta wall vor*fe examination. Hludio In a h<>jp No .tin fourth at -at,, ifc .r I aud -4 th atrarta, New York IM?\HI?I><; \>i> i.uim.i??;. " irus hkoai.way, CORNER U? tin ni raw . | Of) A giutleman and bin wlfa, or a aiugla (vutla nog, can Im- gunti-ally aci oiniuixlatad with a vary daaira l>la fiont ro? in and bedroom, at reduced nricaa. Ua trance 1 HM li-nlli atreat jual below (ira< a rbmck, wnt ??da of llroadway 1| HI IMlf. HTRKKT. Oli'OBI rK ?T. JUIINU 1'ARK | -KurtlaWI rooma to lat, with board, to ?agi* gentlemen or gentlemen and their wivea Ilnuae u??ly ftirnt*b*4, with all th? aatam lin|>ri>rem*uta. A fair day lionr.'era can accommodated. r WAVKRI.KY li.AfK, THIKIl l*> )ll WM Of f ) Waalmgton Hark. ? A Mil' of |>l?e*anl imm ran lie had, wrltli hoard, l-y ?'lwl fa on I lea or aitgl' f*?i tli loru ll< um* (I rat claaa li'im< imxlrra ta. Italer-aoe* ? (charged. I IQ kast pixtkkntii riiKi;r. mwr mk?* ? M ' I Jfiujatoo plai i- logartly fuiniaiied parlor*, aitli bad rooma attai'hed to la', with board, oa tn? naixtl ri>oi |M? terma alao iwimi for aingle gfutlriaew Ifniiae in w anil h*? all modern Itiiprovemeiita ty^k fHANKIfN WTHKKT, lllfl IKH'HK WK-rr (IT ^ * * Itroxlway. na?My furaiahail room* with Mraoaa attai tint oa tka drat and ar ond Hixra for (anll*aH?a. braah.'aat aar?d if m|iilr-<l, alav, one or two i nfla rooma. For lo'lgiti(a , claanllnaaa atr^ tly i tintnM f i* I .IHT*AIIH HTHKKl NKAtl.T H KKlrtHKB j)\) ri nma (or gea tlriuen w thout board Um I. II \t .IONKJ4 KHlKKf K I'UlloH AMU ltn? ?)0 r.xnii. furmehail or unlurniahwil, on thlr'l Itaor, fiont of tlia above Itrat i-laaa houa- will he lat on raaaua atile terinl. If untiiaillal* a| |>. trail Ja ht mad" Alaa, oa* aito;la room. fckr KM. Hli.KI.I A (,K-ll.t\MS AMI Will ^,r) or two aiDKle |(r|il leinen can a'cotniBinlala'1 with a handaouiel > furolabad n>oai aud full or partial Imard Kefetett'-aa ??chauKrd ]"J INtVULMITY Pl.ACK ? BOARDIHO IN "WIC (Ma J lha moat eligible Wutlona in tha clly, lium*llati tK'inity of llroadaay k ilth a??*ue. plarea of aoiu-acneal, botala, Ac. Kitra lar/e itxima for fainlllat. Alaa, riK ina for tingle gi-ntl^men , up in a ltantagooua tariaa . AIAKY ANIt HKR I* A I OIITKK WO! Ill I.KT, WITH board, In a houaa with all tha nioleiu iu|>rufa n.eata an elegant ault of tutulahed rooma to a family, with or without a pilvata labia an t uaa of a flna; or would lat tl a aaiaa Ui ?> party of ("nlleman , boua* ta tileaaanlly laratad, aud n?i-r atagea and i ari Apply ai bl Waat Thirty-Ufth aire*', uaar nth avaau*. AIJINTI I'.IIAN AND I.ADT, OR A KAUtl.Y OK Ibra* or lour paraona, ? an i*' a< otntno UM with hoard nn>! pluuaal room a uiiforniaheil, ia ? gantirt pt> vntf family. Apply at 1 l??inglou Kiiiut l>far a?aa rji Imngad AJjtRUK AND PIJCA.HAM MONT ROOM, IN riOO aoroiid ?t?ry, wl?b pantry. furnlabod or unfuritiah nt may ?>* obtain*! will Imtril. at fdt llouaioa atraat, airnnd block from Hroadway. willioul b'.ng aubjrcl tut rr moral tb* I at of May A lao room* for nofli >;??lta ? Ml A fUAl 1. IRIVATK KAMI I V Wll I, 11KNT ONE OR J\_ two ftirnlah?d r?oma mi tba aaroad floor, t? gaat II' man or g- ntlania-n an i their wire* partial board If d? tirad Tba bona* baa ui '? rn im|iron-tnenta lliualaat atraat alagaa |ia-a by thai door. A p : ? I y at It IWlf.icd at AlJU-V AN Al* ? ?kt 1*1 .l^fl K I ? MNOKR AND IIANBtf, aad a thorough Inatrurtor of ?o al aa<l inatruaaaa ta I mualft, and aeieial lang i*g?a w.tliaa to obtain iy?r1 au<l lodging In a private h?ni? or flr>t > laa* ixiardlng hovae, where bar arrnrra In I jIl'r'B wilt be lake* parMg In n.Dponajitlon tbaralor Rafartaia?nrHaa(?l liana a nM.-aet M R., Mualf, I'ltlon ?'|inra I'oal '/fll-a A I'ROVWMOR, HAVIMO A V ?.W IKH Km I.KIHURr J\ (luring thai day, would Ilia to obtain bla boar 4 a?t T" ?'t?* '? eirbange for l*?a?iialij tri-n b niathainalare ? rgin' erng, drawing, tbainlatry, j.byal't ?? A pf4y at MA Pear) ? treat Board? with t*ry ooNVRMtKNT ai*aktmknt< for famiilaa or alnglf gentlmian luxation vary 4a ?liable for gaotlamrn doing biuuixa Intn (at n, cmi an<l atarea t.aaalng to all parla of lb* elly Apply a'. No 4 Ablngdoa a.|uare, aecond door float Hank atraat. 1>0Altl? IN r II4MRKR* fTRKKT - A I AH/IK ?K (?r J) anl bark parlor on It* ae. on<l loor, with paa4ra atlath< i. aultahle for a gewt>??an aad wifa, or ainpa gentian. i n can Ix ba I witl board, on application at 111 Oiam'ara atraai. No raaioral tba Oral of May Ra ft rta *a aicbarife-i 1?OAHD WANT KD HY l?'l I AMR" IN A ?*K(YAm > (aai y, where I bar* era but faw wr no ot bar boardara lartna Dot toai-axl wore than a aiama. ln'|'il?iU?* paopb r?? l not auaan thla l*l??.* a I Iraaa W . Hiotdway i'n?t oOi a. TJOAKD I I' TOWN ?A CRT* ATI KAMII.Y '.'AN At: J> oimnuHla'a a grnO?tuan aad wlfa with a plaaaawt, ?rli fmnub?| (,?? ? room on tba atory alao, twa ? Ingla i;an(Unian lliiiia l.aa all th? tnadara Impraaa rti* nta <>auta*l n?-lghl>orboo<l Apply at >10 Waat 'Hi rtr Orat atrtot ? an ft , rmotril H OAHD, WITH NRWI Y rt'XNIHIIRD K'M.M (in h> <-ond fl'x r. ? a ii b> obta oa>l by a gantlaaaaa a ?4 wifr, at <>t Ij?i T'inty ?a><.Bd atraat. aaar Tanrtb ira oua. Idanar at 4 o'clork No 'h'Mr?-a No aM>rlaa ii May ll< oaa >aitaiaa tba mtt* ?rn lasprax inaata Ka raim'aa ti lboa* vbo uaa lubaran aa*J aa4 ?n>T _ |A?>tRD IN HII'iOKI.V.N A 'K- !.? MAN AND HIM J) wlfa 'ra g b'Uiiaa.'an 0nd a I Uf an! ban I ?' rraly forni?b?*t rwn at . '? Willow atra*t. tbraa aai antaa' waU fiuai falton an I Wall at?at larrlaa Ika bona* ia I .0 ?I|"' Wllb gaa but (D'l v.M w?i?r, fcr, 1 ?<-aki w t ,n r r<>f r n r.r. n.u os- a i,aoy I) an! bar dt gl.'.-r ?n! a . ?lUmtn la a pr'vtVa fam ly, an 1 wbara no otbar toardari w* It l?a takan tbrwa r?'-nia fK(ulra<l v?t ?i Hr/ti|ai| ul I |kta arari'ia, and not tlaia Iralti alrrat Ad Iraai AHA, lirraM oft ca, with Irrma, kt WJoAfD WANTKJf IS HH'h.K1 YN I* A RWVflARI R JD Au>?ri an, ly a ' 'tarn gaatiaiuaa, ? '? ?l?t ba'dta I'a^ial t??art lurmi ltaf? f' a "a pl?aa and r?'| i r?l Ad ?? p>?atpai1 W>a 2,.f* 1'oat OHcf, Naw Y'<?. J><iARii want?.i? in o< th mu*> -r>>H * > g?ntla?i an and bi* wlfa, n a plaaaant !in ly ?b?w ? 'raaiafaw or to other L?r l?n la 'ha rw't'l; af Maory and ' arrolj atrrala T*mi nar^laiata A44aaaa I M J llarald olH-? I-?ih?i?mild AiAKTUrNT^ i" i>r '??ir im rw>i 4 ilfaal par>ara ia a firat r laa- boa*a a iiaMa for a pritala g*nt 'man a |b" an alao ba* or twa vtbaa r> it.* at ;t Kartk at/aat Out UlXrtnUN >/M TWO. Wl tUMU T?A |'??J7 U? ?*?' i? m ?aa '<? a "m ioa/.tat?! wlta inard and 'ara'abaat r- iai la a prtaata fanvir by apt Jy i g at V h M*at Taanty aa ><ai aU*wt wtaaaa bfttt and N:nt)< naana I)Ah1 'I HOARD WARTKD- Mi a > ? m. M A ? . a I lb ? ' w p' i a ia f am If Tarma ant b? a?* aa4 ? I a waat Pl>v> a 'dr.aa t ll*raJI u*"a, atai.of p a?la lllMAXf Mm>||4 fi# a 'iKMTlJMAII a via am wlfa af amglai i?..! ata>a niaf aa 'iMilaal at .~M at t'.orlaar II, atiaat ufaoa >a i P_ hi ate K'?ari> rnim ptwr tvfinx wrm I alt r>?a gaa. A' . k* rg tl.? wbaka af Ika a?aaa4 ataty laa fa ^al ?r aa a*|ara'ala, with Ii aar I , la a at if rf '? it f" ? M*a a w U b* aarrad at a p a - d'ti-ad A n ly at No 4 at M.rtapta^a ri a..(' Tiir r mi :s wk i i. ?tvn a | a ? -r.- '/r*al,l? I '?,* '..y tpptflnf at Il4'watra a*r**t, aa c/B-1 fl'- 1 th* ft ;ati 'ayat ' I 'a. ? i ?t Rsimtpi! prrruoMi toijm, ro J I , a c-ttbiiat al . I.tpaaaf] atrawt rpoiAI- WiU n I tlrlfKD RfMrMt flMAAAhn r 1 a'aitad, w. . at wllio-.t f?,| ?? pa-' a taaH ? B ? n<**ar "? Apply at Ilk faai'a f'aal '*aa mm latl a a tba h?<a ?a *1 ' i NTT 1 1 f/)4lfi IV A HI. ' rlUYAf VV ft" by lady aad bill la aa I a bai' yaar w art ? ' ia* ly a t a n- t If a It' tba arty fw??aa w>' laataa*4 <i fan jH'im aula to H ?U?d Mat ASTIJI II Y A I ?.r-TIIMA*' A I 'J V HI aad fa.. baar4, 4-.a? l-wa A -Uraaa VilaCa, 14 "?>'? AITOV-R* A Till ?* EN ft J ? A M , IN AM I *J. af fkaaVh fa?. * a iara Itaft nafta *w at (IMP V ardan f?S ?f partial kaaa I af Vttb ?tail at mfi *a- ?4 ar Uur4 Maay Wag a raw a ? bvaaa gaa tat a a-i^'eawfata, kw*w.?t Maa?aaf aad I ?-? rtaavtb ttnata aad Mith a?4 Vvarth irafiM WIE pay a fata ya a if . tiled fenardigf Wnaaa aaad w/t aaaww* Ai iraaa, 1-. M?*m g ra, aaata, itraa aai pa>' -< a?*a, Tlttaf Nara<4 all<a WANTED- -A RUMUt OKNTIJCHaR WUWf* ta b?H with I latat'UUt faa.ry. afcara ha *aat ? a, f t U*a Taraat atd Utitaad 1 1 lataffklton li'Hkd tliaat A ' Iraaa, a ".a liiI||> ? A 1 ,~ ??; ftiWlw.

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