Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1855 Page 7
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JJDTERTTSEMENTS BENEWED EVERY DAL ? TEIAIIT8' HEGISTKR. ^ OCvV bROADWAY, CORNER OF TWELFTH STRraT. KV I _To let, a seeond floor, suitable for an j genteel *aalnM* or private dwelling. In 4 aire at the private entrance in Twelfth street. /jftfT BROADWAY.? TO IJlT, FOUR IARGE l-OFfS OOt) rent very low, at 635 Broadway, near Bleeder etreet; new marble tuiHicg. rvrvQ PEARI. STREET. ? STORE AND BASEMEN IT 2e)0 to rent from the l.t of lla, n?w an.lfor thela.t nine year, occupied a. a i g* n?al .hoe SMA1XPHIYATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A tiJOB four story home, would U*e to rejnt the hall of 'j, eetupletely furalihert with e'errth'ng for houMkMfta* except silver. To a ret- p?: table family of grown persons this is a rare opportunity. Possession immediately, to quire at 114 Waverley place. %?'{??:'SS aswag tktiw h* viitv built in the bent itancer for ag*ct*<l family boariing houee. eon-ain^ about forty rMms, Sph W ^ V To ; ierv ,<?d tenant (no o?h?r need apply, ) tamable term* will be given; the Wise is partly furnished, to be taken at a fair valuation. Fcr particulars apply ?to Messrs. at a iair mj Ji9 ^ THOMPSON, PI Port) and t street. TQAirEMENT TO LP.T ? A LIGHT, AIRY, NEATLY K furnished front ba-wsicent to let. Apply at No 6 Balversity place. RON FY k U.N T, HAVING TAKEN THE HOUSE 7b3 Broadway, neat to c irner or Eighth etrcet, wUl l?t the apper part, sonsist-ng of second, thir l, and attic ?torles, hath rooms, gas, and Oroton water, kitehen". tut Or the superior suite of roo?i at second Boor, well ?darted for any tirst ciaaa fashionable business. Poe tErioTlst of May next, or before. To be tha hour* of 12 and 2o'eloc*, by applying to CRONFY * LENT, 137 Broadway, opposite Alitor 1 lace. Furnished house to lmt.? the ?hree srroRY brows ???>? houae, No. 70 We?t Twenty- ill th street, containing aU the modern improvements, will be let with or without the furc.ture Apply to *' w,u> j. c. smNEAI.Ii 131 Fulton a treat. 0U8E TO LET.? A TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, H. with small stable at'ajhed to it, garden with fruu Swi and frape vines, situated .n K'ghty-second etree., Yorkville, between Second ncd Third avenue*. I rite ?260 For further pari!cu?ari inquire of r iiEHAlSMES, 73 Maiden lane. Hou?e to let. and furniture for half- ?a splendid four story building, sUtab-a for a board house, containing sightee. rooms. J??"on tral and near Broadway Rent low; .ea?e .or four years . App"ly to Jl IJEN CRFK1ER, N?. 122X Church street, between 11 and 1 and 6 and 7 P. M. mCK9 TO LET.? rvo ViRY NHS FRJMT OF flees to let, on second floor, In bulging 312 . j a short distance above Chambers street, with im M^late poaaeMi'jn^ also, In the same building, a hug* . . oi,, 75 to let, on reasonable terms. Apply x reem 2?*to iee , ^ w RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. OFFICES TO LET-TI1E THIRD FLOOR OF NO. 78 0 Broadway, over the apartments c. the P. R.R. Company Also, :n No 7 Nsw rtrett. Afply .0 tHA X A FULLfcR, No. 7 New street. B>00M9 TO IET-IN THEWELLLIOHia)NE.WBUn^ loss Nos. 36 and 37 Centre street, suitable for nnfacturing or other purpose*. App-y ?t the Colum Foundry, 46 Duane ?treet. ______ X>00fc8 TO LET ? SUITABLE FOR \ r\ oirices? A most den.rab e location? from the let ol fil??t inquire of MflAXE BROTHERS, 43ti Broa-1 ? mO LET? A PUBLIC HOo'SF, TTTH SITTING BOOM, and ether apartmeitc if paired. A_M). two i.arg? m? with four ai-Se-rootcs a', ?u<tabte for took tir or m^itary t pply ^t 126 G-a??i st mo LET? THE BUILDING 174 W1IJJAM STREET, T^?0? occupied as ottices and b-siiess PurP^*? K? ? number of dwelling houses .n tke -pper part of the city, at rents from ?600 **> #1,400. Apply W t 319 Fourth avenue, 1MB 3 * 7 o -lt>c' fTK) LIT? THE TWO STORY MOBKRN BUI.T HOUSE, I on Third avenue anu l^th street, furnshedwth i,, b-th hetand cold water, He. Also, tne house SSaied on \o?th street, near Third -venue, w ^ gantan iT rtabte if AJ?o, the duelling j^rt of -he t - Third avenue a?d 1(Mtb ^y'oWN nog* and <Soton water. Inquire tf S. B. tfoGOWN, nurd afCCQi iQd lOGUi gtre?t. - ?inn i irr six FOUR SToR/ HOUSES, BROWN tiTONE 'I &Tl"?'Sh Mtween Second and Ih.rd, f. nkhed in the bejt Mir, with all the mod.ra ltr piovemenU. AU?, two faur storv brown stone Iront tvi.ef, on Uvings.on fi.^. between Sixteenth and Sevtntsenth streets. Ap ply No. ICO Tenth street. rwiO LET? A COUNTRY RESIDE:. 7E, THPKE MILES T'from Grand or Hu-Us r tr^c*. forri.-, 1. ^?"t UmK island, near the Shell Read, con^.ung c , ?xre of r?/ ?i?K fi^t trees, a tv;o stuy h.use, with wlngeat hid Md a carrisge bouse, fcent #.00 ^ir annum; laMM0?ioii fi^?n Alto fr^J Ereof land with dwelling ho;se and j-.tbui ulcgs, fruit 'K.V ? , on the shell riao. Rent #1S6 psr year, poa |SJ 1st <t Hatch. For part.-ularH a^ply to 0. w. ED^VaBD?, 'iOl Chrjitie ctrft> N. Y. riw LET? HOUSE SO. HC TEAR!. BTBEET, nAVIXG 1 forty seveii ro ,x.. 'c i-.r. on th. proa..***. ri cr thf IIPI'l'R PART OF A MODERN BUILC Z?r?l UM. family. Bath Ooton r ns he. Possession ,ciuiei lately. Ajply ? hpase', 176 East T.enty sath street. Tl !ET? IN HOBOKEN, WITHIN TIIRER UINIjrE8 walk of the ferry, a few new flrnt clan lioueei, in 4m terra< e, with lew- - . tru* mental ?r<>nt?, and ?onit y?rd?, commanding a beautiful riew of the river and New York ; hare all the modern iicprorrir.eLti, in eluding ga-< am) hot and cflld water, at ; will be 'el to Kigali fam'llce of the h.gheet ?eeper'.abU'jty onty ? aiding houM ktepere need not app.y. Iujuim cmar ?< Hadarn am) Seeond etreet-, Iloboin t, of t. JIAKTl V. Jl> LET? TWO NEAT ("OTTAflES N FO. TV-' TNTH (treet, juat weat of aven -e Each " rat roonn and kitchen addition, garden ir front, yard in Mar. Can pare the atreet conatttOr. Ren. $.70, p ?( MMioi Immediately. Apply to JAMM Ml.CE, 300 11 _.d wi atreet I'O LET? IN A PRIVa r: KAMI Y. AX VVFI ''.MliHETD parlor and be<!;.m, on il1 re nd Qon , with all the morn Impror- tneEtn. Kef, renre* viehanged. Apply at 146 Wert Twenty recot. ' Itreet, betwaea Sixth and H?tei- h aveuuei. El Lb T? THE BRICK HOIK 'S, 1.1-1. 183 ANO lib Chambers etreet alio, hOa*!>it Wf lW IV?rt ? trertii atrMt, tut ween t:\fh aad S?r?i. It ??e a iee; aleo, Ike facto-y on fie rear; al>". the <1 i.aele rt->re ?8 Day ?reel, (ander 1m Hey atreat bot?l.) A good mud. Apply to A. HALL, 111 Vktabm llrntt TO I AT- A OI.NTKF? tWO MW.Y <'?/nv.r. IV lhirty rerei th eireet, very hamleamely flashed, with nm-ble 11 nit ? ? t: r- 11.; 1.. al in tir<l rate <j'l? The furniture, wbi<-b i> nearly 1 > ? la f'-r eala; a r%'e chance fcr yem fbttue??ep.T ? Apply to JOHN' f. A)YD, It Kaiou 'treat. f| U LF.T-liiK feTORF*, WITH BA?EMi VS. OF No*. ^ 6 aad 7 Nai'iu e-re?t. No. 1 wi'l be altered wnd painted to auli at I ir i ? mi. n 1 m he bal ' y the ;ir*t of April. Alio, ofli.'er in t.ue bo Hinge Ai (l!y to J I MM OKl'lKsHANK %l Rroa 'ay, or dpttng At Irving, No. 7 barren ?tr?e4, 1 econi ?' ?y TO I.K.I? 1 IRFE ACBBtt OF GOOD LaN'D, FUR A a gardener nMU'l In FlaOviab, I^cg leiand. In anil* ??- Wa-h ni<t a Ma-"t, in . ct hut h-re, Mo 9 Vegetable market, nt M? MlKR. TO I FT? M ' AM 1 'Ut i- C AMI v. I 1,1 MHriWR' ">*3, near itroaJway, to No*. J, ?, 11. and 13 at., frentieg ai"?. ii- I ? . J Aa.^*- >t.o- 1> , at very low re tee Apply to tar 1 . rnu, etigmeor, 103 Walker it. mO'.ET-?ORM <?!' HKOAI) '.Y AVI) PaRi'I.VY *. atreet, the rxm >>ve H it leM 4 itore, fronting on Hroadway. tne ?aa?miLt un lerr*?t;i r* : <tor?, and ?ffl<-e* in fiftn ?t?ry. Ir. ? 0 to # 1 ? e? -h App'y s? tween 10 aad 12 o <.^a , ;< .1 lit; HlNiiK, ?'.? JuLa etreet. ff\0 LKT? THE TBRKR WORT HOCiK 239 BPRfVO J[ etreet, with hath room, h -t and roi'l waior. K it t)>60. Aire, the fear etory ho i?e No. b Voiter* ty pla> ?; alM, the two itory aid attu h'iuM fiT Fr.txli* etre*t; alao, tbe eeroini and tbira etory and tack hteeiuent ijf ken e 31 dark itreet, oner of .-'prlng al?o, the tw.j etory attic boniee 134 and !3fl Rea^e air<>et. Apply be tween 10 aad 12 o e-ock UH. B. U LTCUINU9, d4 John etieet. rLF.T ? TH K FIRST CLAJW TBRER HTORY HlR'-K Na ? Aibioa pta-? (Fourth itrretj , lot 2A oy 1 10 feet lieep. one of .lie fine>* h .ire? and beet loct tianeia that par4, of (be c.ty. Apply between 10 and 12 ?'clock, to 8. r.EWH H. T' llf;?v?H, 3S J<ihn street. 2H) U-T-TII^ DWIIUNO H-O HE 1*1 FRANK! IN ?treet, a few doore wee* of Huder n te an excellent neighborhood. The hon?e ie tk'ee etorlee, hrlck fr?nt. aad will be la*, low to a goad tenant Apply at 724 Bread way. rt IJCT? THE ?F?f)ND Fl 'JOB BAHf.tfF.Nr, AND nae er?nre attic roore, In a pleaeaat and ronea ?nn'. three etory hour*, wth gae aad water fn'.uree, l?tb raem, kt near Ur adway. and n a genteel neigh awrbood, between Appletoi t and Jaaal itiMt. A ldrtre t?. F , Herald ofbee. rlEt-UNE H? J OF A FOPR flTORT HOCrtE two jeara old, MnVlniiig gaa and water In every apartnxnt The co tenaa*. wo ild baee ** of (Mikraoin, water cloMt 4k". Oetapact aad ewner'e fa ?ily, arlf, wife, and ehlld. Rant ?42J Addreee boa 3,655 Poet OfBca. T) LI r- Till HT0RE 'IN THE 901' fHWE^T CORNER of Tweati eighth etree*. and Third aeeture, a fine ? taed for bcaiaeaa. Oraerry, prorteioa, aad a market ?0 .id do well, having been ertablirhe 1 aaeuch for year*. t B. UNMII1UR, 319 > vtitt ATttM TBWWri REGISTER. TO LET? IN THE WHITE MARBLE BUILD; N?" 108 Canal street, the lint and second [loom, wellalapted for business pnrpoees. Possession gireu Immediately. Inquire of A. ROSENBLATT, Mm* building, in the store. TO LET- APARTMENTS IN HOLIES NOS. 84 AND 86 Went Fortieth etreet, between Broadway and Siith avenue, consisting of a parlor, two bedrooms and kitchen, all r<mmunicating, tbev are linishei in a supericr m in ner. with marble mantels" gas, Croton water, and all mo dern improvements. Kent moderate. Inquire oa the premises, or of A. C. MORRILL, No. 9 Chambers street. TO I ET? THE FIRST FLOOR AND OFFICE, TO?E tber with three lofte of sure 43 Front street. Ap ply on the premise*. TO LET? IN BROOKLYN, (FORMERLY W1LLIAM4 burg.) two three story and bssemto'. homes, Noi. 74 and 78>i ^outli Second stre't. Apply within, or to WM. J. PEaSE. 88 South Third street. TO LET-A LARGE BASEMENT, NO. ?->02 FULTON utreet; it in well calculated for wholesale or retail business, being in the moat businese part of the '.-ity, having a commodious entrance, and is quite light. Ap rly at WM. HINTON'S paper banging warehouse, 202 ultcn street. TO LET? A LAKGE AMD Rli'HLY FURNISHED front room, with pantry attached, on second floor, with or without board, every* attention paid to the eoui forts of the occupants. Apply at 168 Spring street, near Wooater, over the shoo store, for two da; a. TO LET? A VFRY DESIRABLE TWO STORY ATTIC and basement house, .-onta ning 12 rooms, gas, bath, fcc., handsomely furnished, and in a highly re spectable neighborhood, west of Broadway. Kent $1,100. ?pply to R. D. GOODWIN, Clinton Hall, Eighth street, near Broadway. Also many other houses. r) LET- THE CORNER STOKE AND BASEMENT ON the Eighth avenue and Thirty- third street, ooe ot tie best corners on the avenue, formerly the Eighth avenue Bank; also a store ant appurtenances, next house rutting on Thirtj -third street. Inquire of M. EISfc'MANN, 68 Barclay street. TO LET? A MEAT TWO STORY AND BASKMKNT brick house, containing eight rooms, with Que undercellar, large yard, grape arbor, fee. Rent 1284. No. 208 Dean street, east of Powers street. South Brook lyn. Inquire of E Al'ERBAIH, 84 John street. New >ork, from 11 to 12 or 127 Riviagton street, New York, from 4 to 8 o'clock. r LET? TWO SUA IX GENTEEL THREE STORY and attic house* ? cne on Twenty fourth street, near Fourth avenne, sndone on Lexington avenue, near Twenty fifth street, with all the modern Improvements. Gas flxtarei go with them. Intended only for small lamilier. Ren: 1560 and $900. E B. KjNSJUMER, 319 Fourth avenue. TO LET-COTTAGE HOUSE, NO. 4 GARDEN ROW, Eleventh street, near Sixth avenue; house In com plete order, end affords a rare opportunity to procure a bouse at small rem. Possession immediately. Inquire o! D. W. FEN10N, 167 Broadway, np stairs. TO t.ET? THOSE IB?IRAP1.K NEW STORSS, WITH dwellings above, corner of Broadway and Twenty first street: possession immediately. Apply to GEO. W. DEAN, en the premises, between tie hoars of 0 A. M. and 3 P. II. TO LET ? PO<>8F3SION IMMEDIATELY? TO ONE FA actly , without ehildren, second floor, consisMcg of five rooms and basement, also, two rooms on third floor, in a highly respectable house, rent moderate. Inquire at No. 14 Watt* street, near Variek, in the basement. TO LET FHOM TOE FIRST OF MAY-THE UPPER part of a three story house in BroaJway, near "twelfth slreet, over a store, or would be divided with a desirable family of tkrte persons, and possession imme diately If required. Apply to Dr. UIDDLSG8, 86 Murray street. rl.ET FROM THE F'RST OF MAY NEXT? A THREE story bouse, pleasantly situated, in West Twenty second street, convenient, by care and omnibuses, to reach any pert of the city. The owner, wife and servant will board with the family in lien of rent. No other boarders to be taken. Address Answer, Herald o(B:e. TO LET OR LEASE THK ISLAND KNOWN AS Riktr's Inland, beautifully situated in the Hast river, about two mile* above narlein; contains about 100 acre* of land, beautifully wooded, and has a large, com modious boase and out- bud Hogs, and a fine new dctk, that steamboat* can land at at all '.dee, the whole ssitsble for a put I - house and place of summer resort for excursionists, Ashing, Ac Kc To a gool tenant win be let low for one er more years, and paseemicn given immediately. Apply at 66 Hroad street. TO LET OR I.EASK ? THE STORE AND BASEMENT southeast corner of Twentieth etreet and First ave nue. Possession Immediately. The balance of the btuld iag can be had from May 1st, if required. Apply to V EI IJOT, No. 8 Nassau etreet, second floor, from 10 A. M. to 2 P. M. TO IET OR 1 EASE? AT 300 GRAND STREET. N5AR the Esiei market, the tvo lower Boors of the Urge four story store. Beth floors are calculated for bu-lne?e of any kind being very roomy, especially for a carpet end furnishing store. Apply to John Conger, No. 4J5 Grand street. TO PORK PACKERS OR BITr.JIER.S-lX) I.ET, TO fether or (operate, the d veiling ho use 86 Crosby etreet; aleo, a large three story packing hciee In the rear, with a double brick smoke hous<\ and an ice-bouse thirty feet deep- a complete place far the business; for merly octupisd by J. D. Jackson. To be seen any der after 1 o'clock. Inquire on the presisee, or of OOMBEH k NIX, Washington market. r LEASE FOR TWENTY ONE YEARS? THE TWO large three story houses known ai 40 and 42 Spring street, between Mot*, and Mulberry, with alley tune feet wide; the lets are 60 feat wide by 122 deer Inquire at 236 Spring street, between the hours of 1 'and 0. TO RENT? UNTIL THE FIRlC OF MAY NEXT AND possess oa immediately, two large parlors of house No. 823 Proadway, *ear Twelfth street. They 'an be used as show rooms and have ?a-y accees from the street. Apply at 86 Murray street. TO RENT VERY I OW ? SEVERAL ROOMS ON HIM fifth Boot of Trinity builihor, HriM'ttr. Appiy at 24 Trinity bu ,<tlag. 1'HE UPPER FART OF A OEVTTCL TWO STORY biiek and /.*.>? b?M to lot, and f-irn tura for aala If required: po**e*aion |i??n immediately. For parti. u lirs apply at No. 66 Thorapnoo rtreet, between Broom* and t?f t iog. Cf-ORK HH-.l'S MTH STEADY HiKAM POWER AND VT ahaftiug rtai'.r for operating healed with (team, the rery b??t of light, aod pic i*aot aitoatioi, on thw ~orn?r of Braoma and VerNt ntr'et*. Apply on tb? (.remit** to WU. OAI.E ft SON. WORK SHOPS TO I .FT CHEAP, IN THE NEW building No. '13 I>u an* ntr**t, eighty feet from rtatbam. >? id* utaira, ea*y bc<-*m to any of the floor*; bu?t wheel, with erery ren?entene* for manufacturing juirpoft'" good "ht front ao<l rear al?o eld* light; the* or iiny (art tan m bad by applying to DANIEL .-WEr.NY, Nu. 66 Chatham ?Tre?t. T1IK TR ADFU. M . A B OARDENER ? WANTED, A SIT ATION, BY A married man wht uoder*tandi gardening and farm in< wife, dairy ur rooMog ; no children. Plean- ad<!'*?? I). M., box 10* !!?-ald :>flicc,o- can bo ***? a' Mr Orr'? need a'.orc, corner JoLn anl Nairau *;reau, for on? week. VOARDENF.R WANTS A SITUATION ? ONE WHO '.comugiily nude retand* the management of a grt?n i huu??, *1?'> vinery under glaei, and understand* the ! In j out of ground* and the propagation of plant* *nd fiaeera . to ?a?* trouble, none n<??T apply withoit tney b*f? a vtualion ?? *bore m"ntiona-l. Pleaee al iff* a ion to F. I) . bo I 103 Herald office. A1HOBOCOB i.AR'ENKR. SOOfCia PMTRfTANT. wl*b*? employment, with hi* wife, who l< a gjivl r?me*tir lle?t of recommendation- Apply at to* Am rl?an and Etieign Emigrant Protective ami Kmpi .y m>ut Pciety, S" (irmvich *treet. (1 AKIINIK? W.^VIHi? MY A M s? . : ^ M*N A -I! X ation a< gardeaer hp understand. the cu'tirauon ; o! fruit, llow-n aod ferfetaMr*. alto gr ?nbou>e *nd \.u<s'j (terrene* to hl? U*t niaplorcr, R. '? Moilvjn, E? j. 4ol btOkiwiy. A<dre*? 0*rden*r, Newajh, N J. G ABDEhiEVS SITUATION WANrKD? BY AN ACTIVE young mania I man. who ha* had gotvl practice .o | Europe aod America. Hi-, ten'.. mental* and reference* I will b* found **tiefactorr All letter* addr*?*e I to J. E, gardener. at D'nnri Thorbun'*, No. li> John ?tr**t, I will m??t with prompt attention. ARI IN ER ?WANTED AHIT1 ATION BY A YOl'.VO I Er*n h gardener, with a good pra<"tei) knowledge I of frn t, flowtra, vegetable*, and grap**, aod lajlo/ doa&iif groandt and garden oruam*n*?. <iood city r* I ff r*nr* gin d Any g?nt!**aao wan', og a g ioJ gar l?n*r wij pirai* add -*i? M. P., tiarfonrr, bot No. 'I. Herald . * QABPI NER. ? WANTED, BY A YOCNtJ MAN, A S| tuatlcs a* gard?n*r ba* had an y*ar*' *ip. rt?ne? m thu country; uodrntaadp hi* burlnr** ,a alllu rari nut brancbr* alao. tb* laying out of ground*. b??*. of r?t?r?oc? If ??qutr*?l. fan M M#n at Mr. A Mr dgaraan ? *74 Brim way, from 10 to 4 e'clock, or nAOr*** Mi;.. Herald (0 r. Wanted? a ?ardbner one who ini>er atai.d* hi* bu(io**? in ail it* branch**; a *ingl? Ban and a Protectant. Apply at 105 Broadway "fir ANTED? A I.AMSCAPE JARDENlR, CAP ABIE VT of designing aod lading out grounds, lawn*, car riage ^riTea, w%ik?, Ac , in and alK.ut cauntry Kcotcl n>an. Ei?ncbttan or Eng.. ahman preferred. Apply t<> HraitUd k Ray, 3& John \AT ANTED ? A YOl NO MAN A 3II.K EINIMUR, TO V> work on a cylinder, lo a gooo Land ???ady ate ploy will tagitea hy at>p.ying to JOHN MONK) PE>NT| Dyer 1A3 Cacnl rtr^it. mxiARm. BUJJARL TABUS.? haytno invented a btpe P*"or *lMti? eaahion, wa invit* '.h# pabiK! m gen eral, an 1 gaatlewvn abowt porehao ag for prfraM or p jb lie ua?, to rail and * ?amla* aar rtock af ilaU and mar. toWM. btBtart k*ll?, cuaa. ra* iMtbm. cloth i. and pool board* On* wood haad tehla la prrfe^t order 'ar ??)? at a bargain *n 'table for private a** WRIPK1TB * bK%m,9fJmB.9mu FTHAJfCIAZ IfiAA AAA -money TO LOAN-ON DIA BOvU? vUU? Bondi, watch**, jewelry, Be gan, pianofortes, merchandise, tod personal property generally (or bought for cash). Husmes* confidential and executed promptly at 78 Nuitu street. tint floor, back office. FLORENCE k CO. , Broker*, 78 Naasau st. (Bf FA AAA 10 1/0 ON DIAMONDS, ?0*J\/*\/VfV watch**, jewelry, ka , or bwught for cash. Good city stock*, not**, bomtoand mortgagee, ? of exchange, 4c., negotiated. Business confllea , andjprcmptly executed, at 1?2 Na**iu *tre?t, roooi TH0MI9OV k CO., broker* and commiasion met - 000 tlal No. 2. TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS. _ watch**, jewelry, 4c , or bought for cash. Not**, stock*, bond* and mortgage* nego tiated, real citato bought, rold and oxchangod. AH business utrietljr confidential. CUKKHKMAN, BRAISTKD k Co., Broker*, 36 John ? treat, corner of Nama. (jhtrk AAA wanted-for one ykar ok ND A\/? "\J V/ on the security, at collateral, of flftaen thousand dollars in value of stocks and bonds and mortgages, of the test and safest character. A liberal arrangement will be entered into. Apply to SILAS DAVKNl'ORT. 110 Broadway, bailment. TO 1.0 AN, AT 8BVEN PER CENT, ON bond and mortgage, on impro.ed reai y or Brooklyn, m sums made to suit borrowers. Alto $58,000 to inveat in the purchase of mortgage*. Apply to J. K. COOK, Jr , No. 4 New street, near Wall. #7.000? t Ft ate, in thi* city mK CAA"T0 LOAN ON BOND AND MORT k!)f).t)v' ' gage, from three to A\) yearn, on Im proved city property in fee, worth at least 4ouhl? the amount. Apply to A. BEKUK, r*al eita'e broker, 195 Broadway. CA.S11 ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT, OR PURCHASED at nigbt, diamomis, watch**, riah jewelry, and valuable perional property generally. R. WOOD, 09 Fulton street, second floor, front room, from 9 A. M. to 4 P. If. CAM! ADVANCED ON SIGHT? ON DIAMONDS, JKW ?lry, pianofortes, liquor* in bond, real e?tai?, hoisea, carriages, or other property, at the Empire Agency and Loan Office, 321 I iroadway. CASH LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON HOUSEHOLD FUR nlture, diamonds, jewelry, gold watches, firearms, nautical liKtrumenta, mechanics' tool*, and personal property of any de?criptiou, left to be told at auction or bought out for caah, and highest pricn paid for at 24 Catherine street, by McCAFVRA Y k WALTER L I R VINO 8A VINOS INSTITUTION, 9? WARREN .HTRJOCT, one door from Greenwich.? Open dally from 10 A. M. to 1 P. M., and 4 to 7 P. 41. Interest at the rate of ail per cent aillowed on all rums from tl to $500. The fond* of thia institution are securely invest* 1 in bond* akid mortgagee U Use rity of New York, worth double MM amount loosed, and in bond* b> thia city. CAl?P? WOODHW_, ideal V. D. VajJIpw.t, ) President#. "V*.vMtsBiLi 1* eriTON, Secretary Money.? cash liberally advanced on dia moods, watches, furniture, dry goods, pitno fortee, or any other property, at toe ageney and loan office. 304 Broadway, corner of Duane itrowt, stvoud floor, room No. 9. Confldtinee and honor may be relied upon. Broneh office, 84 West Sixteenth street. McLOUOHI.IN k O'NEILL The Florence and keyport joint oompandr ?The last annual report may bo had at U>? offioa in New York or Philadelphia, where subscription to the stock of the North and South Air line Company may bo made at any time prior to the 44k day of March on the term* stated in the report. Plan and Charter of the North and South Air Una Company mar ha had of any of the stockbroker* throughout the I nion. to whom they will be forwarded cn receipt of their addres* at the office in New York. THOMAS LOYD, Treasurer. Union, Feb. 12. ANTED $2,000? W HERE A PROFIT CAN BE MADE of $2,000. Inquire at 118 William atioet. W WANTED IMMEDIATELY? BKTWEi5N $6,000 AND $7,000, to bring into practical use a highly valu able invention, from which immeneo profits are certain. An opportunity so rare is seldom presented to the pub lie. The nature of the invention, together with a satis factory proof of the very large f roflt* to b* il*riv*d from it. will be given to thoie only who can command tbo above amount of capital in caah. Addreaa, with rea name and address, W. 8., I'n.on eqoar* Poet Office. ^HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., W%NTKD. A GENTLEMAN. WfTH A SMALL FAMILY OFOROWN persons, wtshe* to hir* a genteel house, b?t vein Fourp enth and Thirty-fourth street*, an ) Eighth aod Tenth avenue*, the owner to take board in ptrt pay m?nt. Beit of referents* given. Addrea* 8 Kn?pp, l'nion8quar* Po*t Office. C1ANAL STREET? WANTED TO PURCHASE, A TWO > or three story house, between Droa-'.way and Iji'i rens atreet. on the north side. Address Clark, Herald off re, stating torn*, location and alto ot lot. HOUSE WANTED.? WANTED TO PURCHASE, A first class dwelling houaa, four stories In height, with high stoop, and all the modarn Improvements. Lo t full sited. i.ocation between Fourteenth and Thirtieth t tree'. * and Fourth aod Eighth avenue*. Adore-* R. P. 8., boa 479, Poet Oil *. HOUSES WANTED? A TWO STORY HOUSE. BB tween I-exington and Hn'.h avenue*, worth $7,000, a lour (tory house betvten Mad. son and Sixth avenues, worth from between $16,000 to $20,000, and one bet?e>n those avenues worth; 810,000 or $12,000 Apply to CUA"E k FILLER, No. 7 New itreet. HOBOKJN ? wanted, BY A SINGLE YOI so gentleman, without board, a nice room, wtth small bedrmm attached, furntabed or unfurnished. With a small family preferred. Addre**, * tat lag term*, box 3.183 Po*t Office, New York. WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, FROM the lit of M?y,oue half of a new houee, Id vh? upper part of the city, algihly located lien*, not to eiceed $600. Addrear Let, U?i 137 Herald office, 'taling munition ef btute Mil when it can be *een. As ownrr preferred. Reference* eichangwd. |1'>NTEI'-A SMALL FARM, from forty to fl'ty W acre* within twenty lite or fifty mile* from New York, on the Harlem ar New Haven rai!roa<la pre ferred. The land mailt be the beet kiad for general firming purpoiee. For inch a plate, with good im provement*, th* advertleer ie willing to pay a fair valu ation, in inatalm<nta ef $600 each. a* we can agree. Addreea Lorkwood, No. 136 Fulton*tre?t. WANTED-THE FPPER PART OF A MODKRV HOC4E in Brooklyn, in the vicinity of Atlas tl: or Fulton ?treat*. roniiating cf three or ilve rooma, for a email fa i mily of three p?raon*, ( American*,) eonvenimtly ar racged rant i<ot to ex eed 1160. Addrem E. A. 3. , He rald office, for two dayi. WANTID? BETWEEN NOW AND THE l?TOF M\Y, a umall and roovenieiit tenement by .a g"ntlemtu . and wife, without children. I'laaee addreaa H H Hud ?on. Po*t Office, etating all particular* anil r?-nt, niuet be very mo<Wat?'. WANTET-A TWO BTORY AND ATTIC OR THREE : ?tery dwelling home, by a private family location 'o It VMt of Hraadway an.l t*l??n Franklin an 1 T ven ty filth etrrrla; one with modern Improvement* ant rent not exceeding $A60. Addreea, with |.arli?ular?, | Reeve, 24 Cortland', etreet. W /ANTED- A H0?. MB WITH AIJ THE SOHNf IK. Vv prevemente, on the wen Mile of BroMWIky, oeWw Fonrte* nth etreet Addreae A. B., Herald offi.-?, elating, rent, aire, A.v W ranted ? cxvnuranai aooai vaxtd rem i a en* I family of three ant ?-mni down town preferred. Adoreaa 3 , boi 2,T2J PoatOfll ?? bating Urn*, which muet be very moderate. tl'ANTKD ? 1-TORAGF. ON I.AIU.K K17F. CANAL , W boat f lighterage ab?ut the city, or will charter boat* for ehort tripe C. H FOSTER, No. B Water etreet. ? * - ? ? ~ XETANTED TO LEASE? FOR A TERM "I YF. A 'H, A W owelliag h< uee, euitabie for a isn l ftmily, fir which the rub?<-rtb?r will |ay a reaeona .ie rear, and | neep the preml>e* in prop?r repair. Ileluw *"-r I etrret pr'(?rred. Addrem, tern*, nuiaber and location of houee, E. Bootee, 71 Trinity pla< e. WANTkD TO Pt'RCHAHK? A NFAT TWu OR THREE | etory bona*, with all th? motera irupravemea w, I on the weat aide of Broadway, above Canal etree*, ant aot hig'.er up than the 'omrreneement of the in a r< '?d neighborhood Price from $1,000 to W,^0<). Initlre at etore W4 fuMoa atrewt. Wanted to mflBAMU a ii<?: fk and lot, u* two or three vacant lot*. on Third avenue. rrt< n u net be mclera'e. Addre** Third areni- Herald of!, .e. j wfiima to wt- a raw norm tame mur \ I VV 1 tadacapee m c.i colore YuunK painter* may ! fiad a fa r r>. ? r t e for tb*<r prodti '.lone, a', a low price, I at Mad. Phillip*. 171 Bowery NPORTIJO, &??. j HIM# BIHI'rt ?A NEW TcrK OF IMPORTED CA- | nari*e, inngtre*de. bulMnchaa, goldflrrbea. ebaf flnche*,fcta<>Mrila, 'taruage, eiekina, haoete, ?Mk bg birde. red btrda, . ?r r ?i? ntgaaoe. parrota, kr., \ for eal* at 11. KK81NEK BHOTHKiW. ;? FalUm etraat, corner ar Guid. Aieo cagwa a ad eaade o/aetan'Jy oa haad. I /OB BALE? A LARi.f B'lJ. K*., EXCELLKfT , wafh ii"g ? very craae. and oaly twen*y icoothe old Will b? told <-beap. a* the owner haa o f .rtber I o-e for him. A4>liw*a I?og. Herald oA<-?. I If AMMOrH NKWPOODLAXSR, E1NO CHARi.D! IVL and bleakcia epaaiala, ScoV'h aad Fjiglieii tar rure. *porttag dage wat>h dega, ht together with a variety of twee br?ede, for e?'.e, aleo eipreaaly for ? tech, at 10b Water etreet, aura* r of Fultao, jp itaire I'leaee ropy the ad'lreae in>w!brriiMK? I1 CRNITVRE, ~C A Rl'ETV, fef , FOR SALE CHEAP ? Magnificent reaewood and yJew damaek parlor fi rnitur? by Meek*, rweeweod aaO Ttmeon pluah faroi tare, eeralcev, vaees, -arpete, looking glaeaea, ewove latlae, Hcretary, faaer araameate alao, roeewoo4 bel etaade. bartace, waahrtaade 4o. of mahogany aa-i black wa'aa'. mattreaea* -ban *?T eete gae Bituree, kttebeo faratore, aad all the ha eekeep-ag arUriee A) at H9 i\ ?'ti ?e. smprao. TOO* LIVERPOOL -I'NITsn 8TA1 ffl MAIL fcttTAM Mj aktp BALTIC, Ckpt J. J Come lock , eonmudtr. ThM stesimahlp will depart wtlh the I'nited HUVtt mail* for tamp*, positively on V'edneaday, March 7, at 12 o'eftH M., from her berth, at the foot of Canal ? treat, for freight or ptiwye, having jneqaalled accominodaUea fur eieganee and comfort, apple to EDWARD K. COIXXNS, M Wall street. Passengers are requested te be on board at 11)* o'clock A. M. The steamship Pneflio, will succeed the Baltic, ud nil Marrb 21 Shippers plwaae take notice that the ahipa of thia Hue cannot arry any gooda contra band of war. BRIT1HH AND NUKTI1 AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL HTEAMKHIP8, TROM NKW YORK TO LIVERPOOL. Chief eabia paaaag* tlM Hecend cabin oai-nage 71 KIIOM BOOTON TO LIVWOOL. Iiirf cabin passage lilt Second cabin paaeage M The ahipa froui Itoaton call at Halifax. VllA 1)1 A, i 'apt. Judkiaa, AMKRICA, OkpL lang, 1'ERHIA, Capt. Ryrie, El'ROI'A, Capt. Shannoa ASIA, Capt. E. 8, Lott, CANADA, Capt. l-tout, AK1UCA, Capt. Ilarnron, NIAGARA, lap.. . aiien. Thqse vessels carry a clear wuite iight at uu t head, Sro on starboard bow , red on port bow. NADA, Hone, leavee Hot ton. Wednesday, Jan. 31. AFRICA, Harrison, " Boston, Wednesday, Peb. 14. AH1A, Lott, " Ronton, Wedneaday. Feb. 28. CANADA, Stone, " Don ion, Wednesday, Maroh 14 Bertha not secured until pa>d for. An experienced surgeon on board The owner* of thee* ahipe will not be aaeouatabla fee gold, silver, bullion, rpecie, jewelry, precious atoaea at metals. nnleas billa ol tailing are i?gned therefore aad the value thereof therein expressed. >'or freight or passage apple to E. CLNAJaD, 4 Howllag Oreen. There will be ao stoamtLp* of Uua Una from Htm fork aatil further uotioa. rflHE LIVERPOOL AN1) PHILADELPHIA tttTAMHHD X Company intend calling their favorite iteamahipa CITY OK MAN*. HkJgTKH 2, I'M tona. .Capt. Wylke. CITY OK BALTIMORE, (new 1.2, bag tuna.. Capt CITY Or WaHHINUTuN, <lo. 2,710 ions. Capt R. laitofc Seloon 890, tf 6 and 116, according to etaW room. A limited number of third clase paaeeingers will bt taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, ana found la {ruviaiona. rom Philadelphia b30 | IY?m UverpooL 941 Parties wtehing to bring out their fitenda ran obtalx or rti flea tea af paaaage, and draft a oa ii^rpooL la nai of ?1 (terling aad upward. Apply to dAMUKI. SMITH, Agent, 17 Wadnut street, rhiiadeJphia, aad Ne. 7 Broad way, New York. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.? THE U. S. MAIL ?teamer HT. 1 .01 IS, J, A. Wotton, comman<ler, will leave for Havre, touching at Houthampton to land the mall* and paesea*ers, oa Saturday, March 10, at 12 o'clock, from pier J7 North river, foot of Bench atreet. Price of pasiage? Kirat cabin, tl30; aeeond do., t7&. Luggage not wanted iluricgthe voyage abould be aent on beard the day t>elere aailing, uu-rkad "below. '? No freight taken after Thursday, March ?tli Kor freight or parage apply to MORTIMER UV1N08TON, Agent, ba Broadway. STIAM8HIPH Bmw?s HAVRh AND NEW YORK direct. ? The ateamahip Al l's will tail from Havre direct for Naw York, (without calling at any port In England,) oa Saturday, ifcth ef Novtmber. The rata* of freight and paaaage in Aral and aacond -abina will be very moderate. The aa:Ung of the aucceedmg iteamera will be ahortly announced. The rate of inauranca in Kran'-e 1* laaa or ahipa from Havre direct for New York thaa la ahipa calling at an Kngliah port. Apply in Havre and Paria, 17 Houlavar ta dea Italieoa, to Douald Currie, or in New York to tC. t't'NARD, No. 4 Bowling tlreen. Hew yukk and iaijkornla kteamkhu> line, via Nicaragua. The Aoceaaory Transit Company Nicaragua PTCprietora. 700 milai ahurter than aay etber route. The iplendid double engine ateaaaahip NORTHERN IJOHT. 2,000 tons burthen. (Japt. lmkU pa jgh, will leave from pier No. 3 North river, at t o'clock P. M for I'nata Arena*, on Tueaday, February 27, eonaeeting with the I'nrle Ham, 2.0U0 toaa burthen, ?vrr the NUaragua transit route, having but '.waive mile* o! laad trai ap> rtation by drat claavi carrlagae. lie viral new and awift Iron steamboats have lately beea pot on the river and lake, which ahortane the tune oa tb? traaaft from o*-eaa to oceaa, Thase steamers are unsurpasaed in their ventllla'.ion acd accummodatloaa. Vot information or passage, apply only to CHA3. M<lRiiA.N. Agent. No. 6 Bowling Greea. latter bags ma?ie nf at the tttce. Letters 26 cents pet half ouace. UNITED HTATES MAIL LINK KOR CAIJ>ORNIA, Aspinwall and j'anaroa ? ' 'allfnraians are inforino-1 (by authority Iroin tbe Panama Railroad Company) that the traaa:t of the Jatlimue w.U be made by railroad from ocean to eocaa. No moie mule travel ? do river boating. On Monday, March t, at 2 o'"lock P. M.. from the |?i? r at fiol of Hiarrea street, Nor.h river, will be deapatclied tbe fltel ateamahip . ?,t olu.K law. CSatt O V. Pot. V. B. N., to connect a*. I'anaaa w.tu tbe new aud anperior ateam ahip UdtJ'IN ACE. ilapt. J. T. Watkins. A spare boat alwaya kept at Panama to preveat detan tion. in rat??f accident No facight reeilved after 1 o'clock en the sailing dav. Kor parage, apply at '.be compkaj's office, Ne. 177 West street, to J. W. RAYMOND. rvlSPATCH UNE POIl HAN itranchoo ?Tire M AO J / nitt-ant A 1 Brat elaaa elippr ah p WIPCilCRAIT, Frit did. maatar, 1* bow racaiv.o* b*r ?rjfo at p ar No. S K?at ritar, and will aail for Sao Kraor ?<!? on or before Tinaday. 15th Mai t), ari'l la aipactaj to flntab loading fa Tueaaaj neat, 6th. lb. a famnua elippor baa ?. ? la tbraa voyara* to ''an PraarUco, in 101. 107 aod 97 daya, aaaecadv*'./. S-bippara will pl?aaa t.aixl n ?b?.r bUla of la>:iatf fir (ignat'ira a> aoon aa thfir angatfrmanU ara rcirp.*:a?l Hpacial N'Jtiro - !?ba vaaaala of tuia lin? w.ll haraaft'r ba a<I*art.?ad for a eartala 4a!*, an 1 po.ii ti?*!y tail on cr brfora tba dar aamad. JtTTOV A (JO . W Wall H|Wi | "VTEW YORK AND MEW 0RL2AK4 STEAMriHIPOOM 1 1 panr ? Por Naw Orla&na, atopp ng at liaraaa? <arrring "na Initad MoUa mail.? Tbc t'-aamahlp BI.ACA W tKRkjK, Calt Jamva I) Bailock, mil e?mn*iiia ra ctiviag fraight on Wadaaadar. March 7. u?l aail for tba above porta ?n "aturlay, Mar-.b 10, at 12 o'clock pr? curly, I ruin plar at f oof it Haa-b itfa* t, North rirar. Preigbt for tba ? ? - Bad for Mobil*, -ooalgoaJ to our af<D'a in New Orlaaaa, Jamaa Coaaoly At 0o., will bo forwarded fraa of aoaumaeioiia. Paaaaogara for Havana mu*t pracure paa?porta baf<?* tearing port llilla af lading ma?t b* rant in for aignlog tbe evening prevkoua t? tie *l?lp ra'liog >ot freight or paaaage app fy to UYINOSTON, CSOC&ZRO.V * CO., Ag-nta, 31 Britdti}. S B ? Tli* ' abawba, R. W. S-hoftld , eoonuander, will au''ra*?l the blaea, aa? aali in Moii'l ay, Mar. h Ji. ALKTRaIJA ? PIONKKR IJNfc? CARRYIN'U THi V'mVe.i Htataa Bail. ? Tba Deo aod aleg ?ut 'llppOT al.ip UK<IK<<EH, l.300 t*na; f' r "-ydsey and MaiUiroe. bcw ioadinr at plar No 7, lAat rv?r, will positively tail ?n the lit of Marib. Th.a alnp olf?'? a rara opportuuity for niodaaica laboran, a&d uomaat c aarraeta, <laair ng to rnlgraV* to '?yuo ay, ?'.?r? uooiadiata an.ptbi in^nl la oMa t) -1 at aiiorwi<i'ialy biyb rataa of w?k'? <>niy (74 raqjlN ? to ba p*^! karr. an'l t40 aftar arrival to bo paid out of ttrauifa lliu ll?rr? will ><? follnwad i y tharnU bat? . :i ppar (Lipa*>e??u Slaad an '. Vi|Ut>D?alo Tit* for mtr to ??.l about V. rrh 16, an L the latt?r ApiU 1ft. Botk tbti? Tfl ?U, oo ' I*ir ?accbJ ??i)?i,"a. b.??.fi^ ma !? '.l*a ?bo;b->t pa'**f ?' "?? rauin! tii?<ic?*n -Uo-J a ai*hty dih? 4aj a, an<i tb? N ^hi.n^^la in U?a Kur fr-ii'j". jt B?aaar* apply < b boari, ar Ui R W OMki ?ijr, s , 110 rfall (U*?t. I] Kin? fcTATEM MAS, -IT A WHIP COMPANY.? J Tor Ifitana in?l </ri*aii> ?On Fr !a?, viarrU j at 2 P. M , tri m p ?r foot of Warraa ?'.r<? t, S R , by tba va.lkaowa 4B<1 fa*orilr r'.aamibip I'lII I A I'M. I'll; A.. Paau|? (in b? iMT.urad at tbr < uipioy't ? r- |ht U>Naw OiUri t, 30 t'B'a fr -uhc (out. H ppata ?ili l<? a ipplitd with t lao? b IU tl u .'nir of tl>' futui at taxi ly r?.n.p?ny, on ap|l-*'ion ?t t?nr nli . a. No ? ib?r hit u? aljrn-i], and bo t .1 a of ag will b" tigO"! aftaf tnr hoar of taiiln(. I'or Iri-igbt or paaaAga apyly at th' offi'# i f <h? corn tany . V< 177 W? at airaat, '???rnrr r>f >A'a?rt< m. o, it )"nrrs. ]"jior MonuMwane at hava^a to i.and ' paat'Dfrra? tha faat-Mllfoc a>?re?olp I'Mflt) MATw", 1 100 tona. will !?a*a bar ")?rth at foot of ' M' oraatraat. Nort' rlr?r, on ThanxUf, Mar >t 1, at 2 P M. for M'/filla ?ia i a??rm lirfr^ixll or p?a aajra apjlr to IXNAOA t)H. VAllX ft (A) , ?? Hroalway, or l>?0. BTaNN ARI?, Jr. aK?nt, IM Kror.t atrMt. I'OR~K( V ??T TDK HSIBpBP "T l.AWtE SOu ' will r?ra ?? (laifbt at har bartb, foot of ?or-,iMo'? nr?at, North rivar, and r? l oa 2*tt> ln>iant at I'. M lor f aifht or paa a<?, having riifrrlnr a"' woo u .on, apply tj CFjO. HTAJiNAtO, Jt , 114 ?>oot atr.H 1^0* CAVANNiH AND |t/jKU)A- PV |TOi 1*TW Ma I Una. ? lbv nrw an I ?)?|?-.t ???aw.'Mp KNtlX Vl'J > 'apt f". I) I oJlaw, will .aava Naw V<> ? for ?<? lanaab, on Valar'lay. March .t, froan pl-r Ma. 4 Wurth nv#.* it 3* fl' et C M llilla of U. iri( ?((Bad on V?r>l >or l;l*rb". applr or. board or for pa>aa/a to'AlU KI.U MiT< lir > l.< '?> t! "?4way. FortiorM* tbrw?|h ti'a?ta fro? Naw Vorfc 'a Jaraaoavi'i*, I il , laFlklta I ?-'i f>io I lorMa, < *| t M c Wiodbull, will au ' xil aod .aava a Wadna*4ay Mareb 7 1-?,R rHAIU.r>10N, ? V, ?TUT. FfWr flA'V "II>? wh?al a'??ao.Up QCaKP.K '11 Y J H ({..Ifdon, (OBiBancar, wol laava I b.)ao? Ipl. a f?r Wkitaa I', an ???taaa .av, V> br ary 2>lh at 1" o 'lw? A M ik'tn a?a?ar*. $10 4 poly to MtMO.*' k MARTIN, No J" S Sartb Wfia*vaa, l b loaaipbla. I- <io> < ham i Ssci *M> vuwmwmD I'. r1. Mall lla?? TV aplaadiM and fut f>.nt ataanab a LK, ? iVrti 'On; mar t?f wlfl l?a*a plar Xa 4 Nor'.k r tar <n wwlnaw^ay fab? ia/y , at } i1 ?!? '* P M., |i?. aal?. | r frwtfbt *f**J "n t ard. a bar* all hiUa ''f la-lio^ aill ha aig n*l ar?^ far f?Mf, a*, tbaaffi'a a' P"r ' o?D T?IJM?IN Ai<*?, .if) !tr' a<" way. Tbraofh I. -ba'a to fVr.da aa fol owa - In Ja'aicnvi'la.'I'.l t*Pll?i?a I J Tba Jaa. Adgar ?Ut aaeer?.|, aa? Uaro aa *Ut .Haf, March 3. f'OR VliRf 01 K, PVTKr l?' 'U. ANfl RK"HMOV0 ? I) a I t ad f'ataa ??>,. al-aio-mp KOANoMP. T hklaaa , ct Bill laava piar t ? Strlii r aar, "t> Wa<'a aaia*. 'Ml at 1 O l-vv, f M w.llarr 'aia Norfolk th' i??". a't*ra< b, ?u I Pataraaorg anl Kl<rh en' U'l tba ;i a ?r Ban ir( rT.varfo.a ; maafo (or tba rout), ar ^aad ?t ra Iravl ' r*?t, w U> fbro ><b tl k'ta fr na "A ? tpm to ? i. ..!*< or. A t^oata, 4' Pa' M|t ttifttl U wfoh, )A, W P?i?t?' rg aa4 R 'ib a*al |!0, attaraat .it./ f a. tr.^Ji to U'm.AM A PirA"A?fV J Rrao^ way Fru i mpnrcac; *<ir y .i>n k -na t*am ? b b Rataota, t'a/. *ltnn>r. I* aaw tow'.af at p ar 11 WTTtb rtaar 'a- t ? ,rr ?4 Worfolb, aad ? ? ? ia Wadaaoda; a'toraawa it S a'dlHlb 1 ItLtAM 4 liXA?l>Td, ^(naltt; AMVIENETTN. tjboadway theatre.? a. a. marhhau., wuj Ij Le**ee ? 0"*n ?p*? at ? ?; rumiMia 7 o'clock.. Tu?i-<l*y *vening, Febeuary 37, will be perforate* oiviij/ation. n?rrul<> . Mr Pav< up<irt I-ouia XIV. . .Mr. Groaveaor UutoIi Mr Hanford IjmcelltH Mr. Hanrhett Villarceaux Mr Cottar Briur Mr. McPouall Abl* Mr. Walter* I* 11*1 Mr l?n?r?fcn Fraca* Mr. Fr? r llort'UM) Mmr I'oniai Mad. Kokabon .Mr*. France Their** Mia* J. OuuK?nb?ir' MY AUNT. Daahall Mr Parry I Mra. Corbet.. . . Mr* Fr?mc Rattle Mr. Heymoni | F.niily Mra. Naglr AIJJICKH TI1KATKK, HHOADWAY, NEAR llrooiua atreet. ? Tueaday, Feb. 27. till BUHYBODY. Kir Francia Grip* Mr. Blake w Mar j tot Mr. l.*ater 'I'm Hick Mr. Brougham Airy Mr llyott V\ hiaprr Mr Vincent A IjiDY AN 1' GERTI KUAN Miran l* . Mra. Hoey laakhida Mra. <'ono?er I'atch Mra. Mepbon* Sentwell Mra. Thoapena IN A l*Wl UAKLY I'UI FIJCXING PREDICAMENT. Tbi- Gentleman Mr. Vlnc*at Tbe ladjr Mr*. Dtapbigi ??, to. CHRISTY \ VOflM MIN.-TREW, NO. 473 I Broadway, (Mechanic*' llall. ) Proprietor" Henry Wood M tie o. Cbrlaty Thia wa> k , a >arl?<l arid pleading ETHIOPIAN PERFORMANCE, commencing irorjr evrnieg at 7>? o'eiock. Ticket*, '.'6o All bualnm* transacted by tiaory Wood. KIBl.O SATURDAY, MARTI! 3? GRAND CONCERT MiJJC CAROLINE I.KHM ASN reapettfuilv nunouncea to liar frienda and the public that ah*> will give a Giaad Coucert, at N i Mo 'a, un .Sa turday evening, March .1, aaaiatad by eminent artiata*. llcketi One Dollar each May ba had at tha innate ?tore*. Particular* In future advertisement*. GRAND VOCAD AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, in aid of tha llabrew Benevolent Societies, at Niblo'it Faloon, on Tuesday evening, Kab. 37. The foi lowing diatinguiahed aitial* have kindly volunteered tbrir valuable Mrvicea (or thia o--c*?ujii ? Mra deor giana Smart, Mm*. Oecar Cometant, hignor, Mgnor Rapetti, Herr Chtrlea Wain, Mr Kranklin IWae ford, Mr. Handeraon. mix. u a mm a? r*iT i. 1. Grand Duet on " William Tell, " Piano and Violin ? Mr. Rapetti and Mr. Wela... Oiborne *u4 l?? be r let 2. Aria, from tba Opera u La Chalet," Hig liar nardi Adam 3. ?' Tba Wandering Heart," >?ag for high Ho> prano? Mra. Georgiana Htuart Wala 4. "laCbaiNMidu jauna flanrl," Otcrtura for Piano? Mr Uaaaford (>atta?halk 6. Tlrnlianna aal Optra, ?? Rally"? Mma. Oaear Comataut Oonliatti A. Dnat, of the Opara " Hallaario''? Mr*. Htuart and Klg. Harsardl HoniMlM 7. (irand Ihio foneartando, CB aira of "Norma," for two Itanoa? Maaara. Wei* and Itaaa ford Wala pamt ll. 1. " Coronation March," from " Tha Prop hat," arraogad and perform*! by Mr. ^adar* ?on, hi* Brit apoaaranca la pubhe May*rb**r 2. Violin Aolo- Mr. Raj^tU. 3. Duet of tha Opera " Rlnolatto"? Mma Oacar Comctaat and Flf. ItarnarJI Verdi 4. The .Vidian Harp, I Coiopeaad and |<erloriued 5. Galon di Bravura, / by C. Wal* A. Grand hcaua ami Aria, from " I)er Kraia clut*," " fkfori' My Kya* HabaM Him'' ? Mr*. Ooniana Htuart,.,., Weber 6. Grand (luat, for twol'lanoa ? Meaara. IWaalerd and Wela Uaaaford Conductor, Mr Cbarlaa Wcl*. Doora open at 7 o'elork , to coumanc* at 8 o'eiock. Ticket* SI, to had at tlia mualc atorca of Meatra. Ilall K tion, Uaaaford k llrower, and .'?'rharfenberg k l?uia, and at tht dour. WAU.ACK'8 TIIKATRE ? MR. DYOIT RKHPE^T. fully aunouncea tun benefit for ueat KltlDAY EVENING, MARCH i. Kirat time in thia theatre or John lltaard I'ayne'a drama CLAIM, HIE MAIII Of- Mil. AN RoUino Mr. Dyott | CUri . . . . M'?* Roaa Ilanaatt Alter which, with agreat caat, Obi**#'* < . n ? ? J j of THE P?M?R GENTIUM AN. The following favorite* will appear ?Mr Itlake, Mr. I cater, Mr. Hyjtt, Mr llland, Mr hroii^bani, Mr t-Wwart, Mr HUnldart, Mr. CDippead*!*, Mr V'ncact, Mr* Hoay, NU* R. llMinett, Mra Rlake, Mr* Oraaer, Mr*. Conorer, Mr* Hti-phea*. Hot book now opea. fj?RAMkL'N MI'J-EI M, *0. 6.1 IIOWERY, NKARI.Y nppoaitn the lltwiry flitbtre Performkncea atrry afternoon, at 3, am. every even ng, at *. N 11 ? btrangara will obai rv?i Imt thi' Frankl n Mnaeuin ia iba oaly place in tba I biUd Htatea wlare tl,. M'cl?l Ariiitaa are exhibited, with 'itber orig nal eutertaicmeota. Ita incmUr, No (id litiwtry. UHRCCTKM. ? W)OKKKKI?IN8, WRlUN.j, XRITHMCTl J, , MjU Hroadway, corner ol llou 'on atraet >Tr. Uoltear tea> hea bonkkaepmg In a inanntr a* prac ti?d by the beat rommarcial houaea in actual b iaia.- a. Tboaa rntiring Arat il ay aecurw aeita without eitra charge Term* r?luc?d and aatlefac'.ion guaranteed to each atu'ient. A YOlhO VHFNCll LADY, WHO II .'MKT OK A tba day to "par*, wo u |i| Ilka to |jt? Ihpmii hi tb* Frr-ach language A.ldr*?. 22 I'mori pla -a. Brook I/O ACAKD ?THE HUB CHIIIKK WILL HM KI\ fc TWUVI ?toionta Uii? aaab, for a thorough eouria of rauut log bono inatr ui-t oo, Including doiM* y bonk kr--pl*g, marcantJIa writing, and ar thm? at tbr ra duead rharg* of | 2b lor tb# wliula eouraa, loclu ting book* and ataliooary Application m itt >?* aMf 'bi* wt?k. OlJVKK H OOIJHITITH, W2 Broadway, 'oroar I rank I la ?tra*t. [From tba N*w York OanrWr anil Kaqntrar | Tb# chirographic art la much mora Important t>i into kind tban It li g#n#r ally rotiaiWt*). and Mr taldvimtb may rar j wall rUIn to ba <-on*id*r*<t at Ita (.#??! [r'roai tba Uoto? Journal, Jan* U , 1*61 I In *T*ty prof#aai?n tbara la a ra-ofniaa-l latd ng man ? oaa wboaa pra aginanr# la ao daculad that nabo-ly ealla It In 'lunation 4 Among tboaa who t?aiJi Mia art of writing, (Hirer B. UoMaaltb la Juat teat iadiaputahjy pra rminrnt paraoo and rv-coga aad h#a?l of ih* profaa a Ion. Br rOHYDI k IIIRAM DIXON I.I VK. IJWHO.VH IN 0 bookkaaaing, writing, kr. , off. 'a ..*?! Broadway, (A | platon'a Building.) vbara irantlrman ar*'ina)ilted for M.a oou&Wag boa**, (a ? aopartar mat ?ipoi'.lUoua nta* WANTfl ? BY A MUNCH TKA'UKR A IT.% k!f h. ?i-holara, tuition modarat*. I1?*a? a ldra?? l?o foaga, 104 ilieka atraat, lirviklja s MILMMKHY (iOOIM. jTRAW BONNKTV r I'.KM II n OWKKi A' \ KKTC M'M Kara op#n?d tlnlr ?to-k of aj.- ox n<w,.|? 'on?.?! og of Ita * I" nndta fitncb flowrra, A>- of 'lia lat**t ??ylaa, to tba #iamiaatK>u of which ra-h buy#r? a r? aa pa-' aily invited, at Net. 14 and OA Jaba atraa'., Cern?r af Will am atrrat. ? OA L, AC'. CvoXi, it rn tov? meht qiai.ity or hf.d aw / atoaa at 'I *gf, fr' m in l?r '?"?f. M I < >rirn i and drakr* ??' 6'J IHiRLIR At '?0<>I>W1N i i Hiring t< n kUaai, tM-twran liMnt ?n ! Mangln atrf.a. ClOAI., <OAL -A f'AROO OF OOAI?-VCBHAO% VM / and IU if will ba dlachar -iaf fn m H-f ij !'? b ruary 17, and two 'la;a a'tar, for lata rhaap flaalara ? up; liad Applf *o IJ I.IH k MtTfH(,4 ? ^lilt. la t?t???n ??nt)f -litli and Twanty a<'>#-ith a*'a?ta. >f I . I?f ? \ f ~ DK WAUIIILN, MKMI'RK or mi <??I ,a.? iff IK /? un?il I nblln and, attan?la 'o pracUM at ti? old aataWUIiad ofK ?, 1 1 Ma-llaoti afaat n-?r < a bartne, wbatr ha ? paiform or tli? to i I a<t?* eutaa 0? rrc-fd, wittiout i*a'ralnt in dial at b ii t.a?a DR. l otKhf. FROM lil MIJ V A '? I' IJiStMiH, i IM partnar>blp with l>r Marl.) aa tawaaj '?) at ??ii K ' anal ati'at If it**n >p>>-iilc l? a <?- r taia ewta Vr I'twara famaia patitail^aJ pilla pr a II Dr R. OURHRT, II 0< ARE "1MB MaY M OUK ?n llad with r.onBdai.r* ?.r. private ,,??a??a fioai Ma (raat v rpanao- a i?f 24 j?ar. ba 'an g itni.te* parmik Dvnt mna HiltlMtnetK tba eaaa* aa ttat pr?<waad by tb* gr?at Baaord, of I aria an ao liarg* .uteaa par fartl} t?M > II I r < ? dt; l<iaaa aa ia?a>t*r <'f U>* ,\vw York (iaiftrattf, alUt otkar laaua'a >4 ? I a aigb cl.aracur war baavao la i..a Ilk joiiNMtN, i . i?i: as k n.. n iia- . uivorm ad mna MM if *" iaaaaa aa/ iflMl lj>il a an la Naw lurt. If J '? imtaaol n> i?'a aa I ? > padil.i.aa , bM a.ali' oaa ara ha/u>>aaa, aad an ? takaa w> i,ta' f*ar ?f datertkaa I tiargaa a.-?Wrate aad IM ainaaj r*fun>M4 if aauiw aa aala'.'ii.a ta ao. ^ '? a. ]?R Ci-nm, lint A XI! "TBI/T, HO I "Mi K-uW( / ta lb* al'iaaoa of N?w Y?lk at tba r ^ at . ?a'aaa I ,T ptactiiinacr la pr.vau dt?aa??a tku a*?'.lfr ' aa boaat af, atiil r?.at??. .?? ta ba r>,a*aiU4 at b.a t*l aCat, raliatiag U.a iia' aad $ viag ?<aa U'.,!, Vo tr ai./ an aal. aa laart. K H I* < g<- .'a* tea* a tara a all caaaa aadartakaa, or aa aiarga aala. Sl??, |loT5iVl'?><?W -TRf <T -<? W Y'.riC, ) ao teng aad faaoraWf inowa ta Iba pa?. .* raay a* t- r.i? Had at b.a aid vate^Uibad oM ? wr.ara ha ba* prarttead la na# fcran'b of aa*-.k< na far taa laat 24 raara, aad atai^a a?n 'a taa tban aaj i.ihwr aua -a r<? - itf, la maaf lanawn af p*r>aa* "nu/?tH la? .rabl? ?' ava af ?bt<b ba ba* I'taiMliiii to rater to a* barwv f >.ta I bargva n^darata aad ia a I aa ? aa a "ira gaaraateal f aaUon Iff fa at r'W>adr, II . ater ? ra^ <raa -aa ? air I- ba 1 aa IMVt Kr '* II <^11 aad gat tba MaWVw ?4 HnM. DR. I'IJuTy lirwi^T KR/rAlrW * V MaV lu <?rs aal W in bta Vpaaial iy wttb a a, ta at/ ?f tAaaa tag b.a aid, btaiaiag apaarfy aad aartoaaaat 'ar?t II a pap -Ur ittaWa, TlM Mtaat k riand | gratia/ ba*r* ft' i.i I to I, aad 4 to ai >'.>*ga M' DBMNC PARI* AM T> IflNfWtH 'IfY 1(1A."< , and aatgaaa fa* tba* af ih* M?itcal Ad ? a*r aad <>ak4a , ttaata taa iff 'M la bi( ? P?- aJity at ti IUa.t* it raat, rafiar af Mraadva/, fraaa II A M till 1. aad ? to ? t. M , "eadaya *itapto4. Tl'-aa at a l aw a traated by * at) aad vrpraaa M B fat ta* drag rV ra JtfcB CT BR. - IrR W A Hit WIMI Hit iHKlM s aatoa frvaa4 aaia* wbaa awUxag atea mtk (ata* ? baa tO otbaw Ualaga Ml TVaaa dtaapiw atod b/ taadar* warraafad ? aara ??? a M (laaal atraat oaa doa* aaat af Bvaarfwa? At bta aid awtaarlabad ?<?* 'U*l ara wamated ?a nw; raaa OM(ill*UM|tato ikattd; *>t* a baa*, li. AiiotMntm. BTRTON 8 THEATRE, CHAMIIKK-1 BTHEF! -Tl'tV day, tba graal Na? York piny, THE tJI'Pli TEN ANI) T?t IX>W*K TWENTY. Mr llurtaa in hia o*g original part of Crookpa'a Mr If. Jordan, flrat ttom aa /?!>? Kipahaar*. Mr. U. Jordan, Mr FUbar, Miti tUjrib?od, i Art. Ilughaa Mr* HoIbm, Ac. Ami the urj laughabla fare* of TIIE HI MTRE BRIDKOROOM. To Borrow, tha lilac k hvtn wlU appaar, witb ifca F7 UUl'BTKR ami 1 1I r PI'IlKIkK EiUay, THE MChlOl'H KAMI! Y and T1IJC TOODiJtX. TJOWHIY TIIKATKE .-I'ltUI-RIEHHt ANI> MAVAi.KL. JL> I. H. * k I'll on sUk> Maoa??r Kobrrt Jooaa. ? rrcaj of Adn.UaaloB -lioiaa, lb ranta fit and tialW rj, li'*j crnta, I'ritkU $r> Tuaatlay Mvauiag, >ab J7. VllUiiNIl'tJ. Virftolua.... Mr. R jotiat* THE ORI'flAN OK (JKNKVA ? train Mr. Arnold | Tl?~> . . M>oa JuUn .M i.$ B (JOUST'S ODULNAOKHB, M* BROADWAY. urtm >tni muni TltKUKNDOl'li HIT of tbr new pi *r?, TWO I'OMI F.YH, which will tw re pea tad eraiy night I'otupay No I R. Uuliop lib' i W t I'ompay No. 1 W. I'ik.hI I'racading tha pitaa, NKJIUJ M I N TRl-X^ Y . linear*. at 7>g o clack. Tickata, 25 cauta r?at.M?d ?? tt? 60 naif TkAUMtllB AMERICAN MI^ICL M? Tl fc-l?AY.I?JJ I) fTary 27- ? taulng at 7)? o'cloak, UNCIJC TOM "S CABIN, Willi all lb* original acroerr, miitlc, he Aftar noon, ICHAUODti IXlMK, tha Hpaniak lrwubadaura, atil IIEAPN OKTAIIR. Avlniittauu, 'ij ttoli, cLualraa aa drr t?n, crata. 1.^ Mi' IRE HA IX, 6M BROADWAY.? NOW 01 BN JOliN jj H Hatllh'a ORANT) TOL'lt Of M7R0PK. To which la bow ad dad THE BlUiE OK REHAtfTOrOI, VihiblUd with dltUngulahad tuccaaa la ta jrlni |tl attira of Europa Id Coudu? It waa aihlbitad OOC ta??, to half a Billion |wraoat. and acknowledged I" tha pit. lir plana aa tha largaat and una of tha now* a lagan I UH iatarattuigaibibitioni in tba wort I, ? how lag ?)NE 111 MLiRED VIEWS, Urty feet wide, af tha principal tlTll* AND ORJKl'lB OK INTERIM IN EVROIX Open for (iklUUun nary ainniin at 7 a'akxA Tbr mualc by Mr Alywlu Field of li?b<loa, wbo wIN It trodura, for tb* ft rat Utna la thia country, tba aaa IB atrumant af Uia plana amtao. Adaittaaca, U itita. fbildraa half prlta. / 1 IUMI (ONORT til HA('KEI) Mt'HK" A flllA^r V X i'oncart of Ha-r*<l Mualc, a?laet*il froaa tiwnaal rflihrntad compoarra, will lia alran at Nibla a Tbaatia, on Thuradaj arauin*, Mac b H, un wblrb ocaaaKn Iwt ? f tba maat notad and talmtad aonttaactal ? nr tiata will appaar. Mma. {iruaiMa Uarbato and Wat?r AntonM) Hoaltl will malia lltalr flrat appaaraiiaa to Am* r lea bafnra a Nrw York andlanca on tlna oraaalaa. I?t I h" lovara of mualc af the htflxwt ordar M prrpa-ao '? r Ihia uuiirai tiaat. SINliINf mini UNO HIHTKItH ? THE MLWW HAM. ( HjI h IN il>?r). known aa tha "Minginc Hiatara, 1 wlU glra a caacart nt tha llrooklya laatituta, ramar of OMaard *r4 Waablagtoa atraata. thia (Taaa-laj) aaanlaf, STl a Inat. Paora apcu at 7 a'olock, ooacrt to ec niaaaaa at ta'clKk. Tickfta, twauty-flra eaata, to ba bad at tba daar. Bowery thk.atre.-mk r joiinbton. the po pular yonng Amarican actor, haa haaa aiyafad for two waaka, rouimanrlnn on Monday, Kak. 30. rrumjutx vivantb, or uyino htati aAI. in X Kraacb ami lUman atyla H|>kandld paHaraaitra tbla araoinp, at t o'clvek, at Ilia Intaraalioual kuata, tl Mriaiim (tiaat. Tickaia IS oaata; IU??araa4 aaata, W canta. II WE1JANKAMI', Kr^mtor. FHANKI.IN Ml'BEl'M, N?. U IHlWER Y W KUh ??i day aftarnoon at 8, and In tba avauluc at 7, t?f.?a new tablaaui will ba p*raoaaiad by tax iaa4at artiata, lalre<lacing I'owar'* Uicak Ma?a, Kapplio, Vaaua rMlafl fn ni tbaPaa, Innocm-a, Trmptatioa, with olbara a-jua> ly Intaraatlnir. Bi rKAlO THEATRE.- (.HEAT HL'fXJ" M U* UAJik* Bayniour lua thirl wa?k. ? Mr Ha> nut \t ?tU ap paar on Mar b i ai hlr K Mort.mar and liaaraaabuili , and durlor tha wrak aa Khylock, k|u?a'in?do. Ian, It u ard II) , Oraon. William, anil tka Muaatar. at tba Hcjal I yctnm, Torwuto, C W. IMC WORTH, lictUMpi KAIRB, It'lltiC A MX) X rouinitUa n.avtiiiga, Ac ? Rinitaaa IU?<?>a. t . t liroadaa;, <batwaan tlia Matropjhtan and tha Hi. ^ich-K laa, I'ih'oU and t ollam?ra UvUI< ) R.oma, Ui kfaoai modat* Irom -i to taraviK, with oi wituixU aaata, Ac. ! .baralarraug* mania wouU !?? mada w Ik a ? o-iaty for tka larga room oo Buuda/a. A||'> V* ? l'H.1 . Haparinlandant INhTRELKY ? WANTED A MAN AH ITAlit MA Ij nagar. alw> a malar a' laTttduala, With to?ia ..'I frnak m a naw a'tahluhaaant, now kl'. ag up Ib'jutra af B M. I'arkar, .'ill liiow.aay aaai I'aarlatraa. rpt) MINtniDJ-WANTKO A 0<?Oll TE.N'C/B ."I.tOlfl X aad 1 aad galtariat, to fraval with an Ethiopian ;/.ni| a; Apply at tha lapitol craar ul Itrowlwar aad If ??, ? treat, film 10 till 2 o'clock HF.< lll'tli TH0M A (UPAHTXICItaUiP MOTICKN WJyl fkflf) -* J'ARTMIH WxSTtU IH TI,r HP ?u.tiou aril ? ommi Dua-aaar lit a rajiUt of from U 16,0c wall known iuI'Ioi '1'?? aa *i r )HH. Hucfc ui luunai li-iail UIBC4, I*'?* tfi ?n??l ur with a raplUj of I rum f l,MK) U l(,0O0. II# lubacriltr la wall known >u l ' l>*< A'mt a* *i I'lilll IiIiiImh for )??rf. ?rrurt. AMiaaa it adrlraaa it flkl AAA- TO ISVBfT IN A (AKIIJMJ* A>"t> ata'Umary k0?i (.??-, by * (?i.Ua>aa? wl.o ukImiUd'Ii tba tr*<U. pi"t|j?l ha ,t liiw M ? Ink *al -alai Riab at a lair ? alary Btil clyr r. f?r?? ?l?ta? aj>d f?<|uir?0 Ad>lraaa A II , Ixii V, Q* rut (tr/Uk -WAiitiD. a vahtneh, wtm.rnff BU'Jl't aiaaubt n a ?tna'ce-a j.ay.?? 'rja i.| dra?i Mt r?nt. alar>, a yirtatf, ?itli Ifio, to Irnti w -l a firat rlin ?ib |a;ti?( <rr*r II&0 p-af waafc. Aj fly to * I! IIAKkl OM k CO, Ml Broadway. ftajr/l ?A I'ARTNEH W Air*f> If* A ITIWftW '? ap?r ulatioa > |?ri .n f.?iln| th ? ?i?ei.n! ? tiu i* wlU: ?j to darcta l.i? t. in- to tbr* raallia |)0 .lailara a la; r l?ar f>- At. Th"fa li -,r> r a ? a. food aa'ar'ty will iMftiia WtW k"Mjr t???W I all at V Brt'a?! way, i? ?b<1 ? ?r rw.m !*0 I A(WW | ? fAKTNHt WAMKD WirilTlltHAIM/f'ST ' M /? la '??I. to IUr aa ; n t?' aa ,a a (fry j.l? ran*, aid larrativa raah l?n<ia??? Appeal 6ft Naaaau itraat, up tia ra mm Ni 6 to 9M- wA^nn an DrnapMIDftl ai^ialfiftoH >? a avil>(aa ? ? aa b apaaulatlria | ?ri" ' l> ?a'? anl w ? b ; ?ra? ?ara?." a fortuna will aaflr ba tba rawart I'laaaa '* I at ' t |!?a>r; (tankl Own 'i W IAWTCR. An Affttt, mmam* tmin mam, or nua If tli i at yaara. of tktruafli '.ualaaaan taJaala. >i. j *al rioaliif a la rg ? kuamaaa wo*. I I l it o g ? .a ?? I art a' i M olkmltt la a rral ?uv? t u4 'tar af a t>ft<*a bar Bf ia>?r* baiaiiraaa t). aa I can '!? . ? ?: tr.f ta tilarft .?>? i?? but ? .?aa Hi? >xL ; a ,aa<n ? ! witt. ltd ilt.n| i |'>?4 taiitut, ? Mattur v Ihm fa.r iLr*^ "layt Amb.tlr n ll- r??l ? ? C'tWikflMt Hlf ? Title ' '<A*t T'furt ^ / day '? '0>*< a taftrtgtnli p 'i? i?r U ? .?a ? ft J i a tft A llait f' r th? | art -aw af caailaaU?| ? c*?t aJ jawalry, wateb ar"i tl'??rwaia at t ^ at4 Itu^ ' f lll'il I1 i*. Hit/f, M 1't.H a lira ' ?ff J r |*!,f, ??* tit - JKN < !"?? i, JAMEI II II ' I Daktnkk w tsi KI> wini j|^MM> a dki t. ? awl tktttltlJ aaibw* * 'apt. aal Mtt 'atl a rlii| kta |rlnttasa*?b Xa ttlMlj IM lanoaaWt -i u tleaa v,^? t.ut 'i-a rfktkm<l"i a ?.??. r* . Ir, i tk rral uma U H?i Mtt, llara I o'n ? I^AKTNKR WANin I* A NH't (X/HAif III" J na-a ??na ? t| ul 'owl-1 kw >?4 ^ral-'a^.r o n.tkil| fSii.'.. an |i,?.|iii ?.| |u*li HU'a at<i'?l' wf aalt, raal baa.* aal wWar ? V' 'a aa* a, J (I, I , llarai . <#?(? IJAItTH K WASTKT' (I <?0 TO II OWJ" f'r tfc? iaat ;?.bi it| m< Wl?? alt tf tlkti.'f |. ill; of wik at ((aid |r * t Mwat ba a iii b.- tin t n a ad ka?a I l<a ? lau t I Irtaa U ? III ?? ? rpo r a i . i. - im Miu.itiitr -a i ' it, rMTMTf J[ )j '? wi^ataat ta 'an/ - a !? * ? o?t/ t'^i 4r? t tral.Bf kllIMM la all allll'li'l, ati'WUl.all wH* |?lt>aa wt.?. w?> M l.ka ti> i |?a a <>?' il?M tt'iMIt' u,ai,i or Ut< ' ?i<? ? t "*? ?!''? 1 ? tla# f' '.Ik IJ? ,M,?.lllWaa? Hi ?a ai r, ti? la I. la ai. la'afai ' ' ? tan a la wall a"|*A ?*ta ? a * *l,a tta.lltfi lln4t AiWiiaat far ?M waat Kra If *' ll"tll ad a rpiii. f 1 1 tit p. tK." i i' t ni'l . .in i !?* 'i n? . J k HI i IK ??? a . I ail ar u? a'raat ? tb a ia? ?- a aalaa.1 by n. ?taal 'I*a?aa t IV ta ^aB'iW I'll wa a' tar a4 V. by AlWft liaiiiy , tU ? ft; it /'.*a . 'a? -a# 1 i a itaaM '.)?* bra. ? li , ik>SAta<n Kaw I h, It'll ar y |tU I'll! l " TMI.-irl II) l!l T1 I MI'HUi 'it Wll A U.1DIY, Wat t. ??aa a aaaaa v ? 'at 4 tac4*ad bj a?'jt ,al r iaar try tba ? th!*a<aa: *'; 1W b ? a I r, . aa 'A Ur ? Man *i.l a*' by a tbar af tl.a !ata It a. HtXrlL * ?, ?.b Mil J"II* fl"*rj?r IKHKLb. I'Atai* wrnri. if/coixof -'.K*nuitM wtu Do W..J ?.? raw.aaai-at Uait U^I ablato r a a. rr,,fat.> f? a,* fftr .? {-a a (bt, ar i* W> la? ??r a.?l at tba haul a-ir?#r tf rraaf'aft t?jt i1aa? flraat#. r|M fi?iir(*fl nntM, A?iMMp?^MB' i f .iki.b a.'rt itaa-bat taa'ry T'.ra iA Vt?a?e?, aa^arr A ara ??r?ai| ta tr-i. rxlaa'al tij w aa4 ?Uo*taw%aa <a| r?M iMttM ? t gaaa aa Taft A l( (???? -utala tbara talf I A M i ' T MOTB *> A MLUitTi a-RU I i .'fab" II >1 I "?dan - TV a ala.t, Ar>?aa a aa a taa.Jy a latV! laaa aa aaaall -?.t ar>fa* raaan. W <r twaita friialt (tU at r*a?d. krtawa furtt aM l'.| lab'- a II ba ? i^a.i a |aa4 aaa. . a )a? 'uaaak. a*ai aa.* abawai Iratiaa, a.aaya raaaty A a-?bt ymff a a.'a A laf r,ar?a far ?aa*aava fi.a Saa Ti ? HaraM la la>4 IK 'MA/ vjl Alt IKHIf A! ? ? a a ?ia arvata* *>f Iba U?*i aa4 laaatta, aaa-i ? y ?..n . liataauki 'aaUn klaaiata'.. tuaia i" ti i ? Innla far tba 'ataia La taaa aa Wa* a ? >?wat a a, a baaaa aad aft. ''ta that* Mltaaaal ya aaj? aa- I a - aa. ?aa ii a ' ?>

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