Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1855 Page 7
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advertisements renewed every my. TEH A NTS' REUISTKR. 1 QQ WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET.- A ROOM, X^IU bedroom and kifheo, furnished with cookiug irtove, Arc., to 1*1 1 to a mmll family, who wish ti enjoy the comfort of keeping bouse. l'lease call and see as aloti. SBLEECKEK STHEF.T, EAST OF BROADWAY ?TWO handsomely furnmh?<l parlors and a ball bedroom wi'i be rented on moderate terms if applied for imooli atelj. tenons deeiring a central location c*n be pleaaantly accommodated. Reference given if desired. A BLACKSMITH SHOP Ti LET, IN THIRTKKNTH J\_ street, ne?r Fourth avenue; a good stint lor a wheelwright or blacksmith; also, a small store and baso *?eat; good place for business. lni|Uir? at So. 08 Thir teen ib street. corner of Fourth ateuue. of C. KNAPF. A COUNTRY HOUSE TO LEI*, FURNISHED, AT Rath, L. I.? The house is situated nine miles from the o'.ly, aed about half a mile from Hath House, front tan Uiaveiend Bay, with a beacb unsurpassed for pea Vitblug, an<" a leautitul view of tbe o ?e*u, Coney Inland, Fort tlsmilton. Ac. Wages pass near tbe door. Fur farther particular!, apply to SOLOMON k HART, 243 Broadway A PARTMlNrS TO I ET.? FRONT ROOM, RiCDROOM J\ adjoining, and kitchen; and furniture (neatl ? n;?) far sale, Eighth avenue, near Hudson and llleu :ker Ktrvets Addreui, for two days, Algebra, II -rild ?dice. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IV B'JCECKER ftriet, near llroadway, buying a larger house th?n they require, would let the entire second floor (fur alshtd) to two or three gent'emcn, without board. Gowd reference required. Address A. B. C , box 2,101, I'ost Ofiioe. A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BOCSE TO LET? /% West side of the city; rent <760?911)0 less than hurt year; batlin, pas, Ac.; contains seventeen room*, suitabU for a boarding or dwellinghouse; possession im mediately. Apply to N. EDMONDS, 116 Wall itreet. A 8MAU, SIZED ROOM. WELL FURNISHED, WITH A grate and gas in it. to let, to single gentlemen, fea a private hcuie, with all the modem Improvements Apply at 90 I'nnce street, a few doors wet or Brt-adway. A HMAI L PRIVATE FAMILY? OCCUPYING A LARGS four ?1ory bouse, would like to rent one-half; com pletely famished with everything for housekeeping, ex ??pt silver. To a respectable family of grown per-ons, thie is arareopportunity. Possession immediately. In apt ire at 11* Waverley place. BOARDING HOUSE KEEI'ERA, MAU8.ET GARDEN er>, drovers,Ac. ? To let or lease, a large plot of Sound, eorof 136th street, Eighth to Ninth aveoue, con tain* about one bandied and flf'y city lota, from ten ta twelve acrea, fit lor cultivation, with & good farm he , barn, ice house, a never failing spring of good water. Also, a large aew four story briot building. ?Ity by elity, built in tbe best manner for a genteel fa vuli boarding house, containing about fwr'y room, replete with every convenience, bath*, water closet*, slap sinks sad Proton water on every floor Ac To a verv good tenant fno o'h.r need apply,) faaabla terms win be given, the nouse m partly furnished, to he taken at a fair valuation. For particulars apply Lto Uess.-v MILLS A THOMPSON, 61 Oortlaudt street. BROOKLYN HEIOnrS.? TO REST, TO A GKVTLR maa, without board, a furolahel bedroom; aitua highly i esp?c table , no boarder! nor ebiMren. Rent K per aieBth, in advance. Apply at 36 Willow street, Btaaklyn, within three minutes' wtlk of F'Uton ferry. ??Terences exehinged. No removal in May. TTHKRNISHED HOWE TO IJT.? THE THREE STORY T brown stone house, No. 70 West Twenty sixth attest, eoataiaing all the modern improvements, will be lit with or without the furniture Apply to J. C. KTONRAI.L, lal Fulton (treat. S*URNI?HED ROOMS TO LET. -TWO I'ARI-ORH ON the first floor of tbe house 42 Great Jines strett, let, tarnished, without'board. to one or two single g?atlem?D. The boats has aU the modem improve ments. Grand bowling and buxiard roo? roLEr? In the marble buildings Nos. 027 and *'29 Brod way, twe rooms, each 60 feet wwlo by 100 feet deep, with an entrants, if require!, from Mercer street. SO OKI TO LET? A TWO STORY KRAMK HOUSE, . with small stable attached to it, garden with fruit ? and gr?|>? vines, ? ItoaWd is Kighty-seoond street, York ville, between P-<-on<l and Thud avtnuoa. Price ?960. For farther particulars inquire of B DERA18ME8, 73 Maiden Una. 0UH* TO IJf.r? IS THE VICINITY OF THE Ni;W H j - York Mete), all the modern improvements; ST fniitire and everything in nice order, for sale; now full of 8r*t rhea boarders; location >i turpwmei; uishueso bting the only reason for disposing. a W. RICHARD-', No. 30" Uroadway. T I OUSK TO LKt?A FKW DOOltd W1MT OF BRIIAU JlX way, and hut a abort diatanco from the Nov Hav?n R?'i'Oid depot; fortj roc ira ; good iocatioc for a puhlio beoeo, being now occupied aa a boarding and lodgicg btuae Ftrnslure for aale; term* easj. E. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. Howe to lkt-a large furnbhkd hou'k, cootainieg 17 rooitu, besides pantries, ta no? nal;, fall of rood paying boarders. Crotoo water and bathe, Is in h 6r?t rate location. Kent low. Pooeei gtven immediately. Apply to-day a*. Ml Wesley sd HIM between Houston and Bleecker streets. TTOTfiE TO LET OR ZJSA3E-NO. 4*9 BROOM Jl street, one block w*.?t of Broadway; be use 'i!> by Met, two story and attic, ? th all the molero coave nioneea. gas, wavr, Ac , suitable for buaiceas, having a parlor 10 by 4b feet, w iih emtio accommodations for a wallj. Apply on tiio premises. TT OtSE TO LET AND FURNITl'RE FOKrtAI.E? A JT1 splendid firat eiaai bouse, eontainiug 14 room*, with all the modern improvements, well adapted for a C tinman's private residence or a drat class boarding Me; rent only $800 per annum, faro-abed with f? ohioaahle furniture, made by the best dealers in New York j looatien unsurpassed by any in the United States, wilkin fifteen minutes' access to the business parte of 4* w York. Prise of furnitiro, $3?600, cash. So one need apply but tbo<ie who can pay tosh for the furni twre and give the best security for tat rent. Address C M. J., prep t id, Pott Office. 0W RJCNTB.-DWEI.UNOa OVER ?rOREH IN CA sal Greenwich (treat*, IS rooms, for >70;); -corner store under same, $000, store adjo< $600; meat, $176; L r best meat, $300, aljoining basement, $176; the fbroo apper (tones 606 Broadway, and loir story back bwildiag that conaeeta. Hardmaa k Osbirno, Walter ?tie ot an I Bowery. 0. 11 BARCLAY STRICT? TO LEASE FOR A term of years. The building ran be altered a store. I.ot half the depth through to Park piace. Poeteeeien can be bad on 16th March. Apply to Dr. HUDSHAW, 83 Franklin street, at 3 s F. 11. ? OFFICES TO LET? IN THE LARUE BUILDING OVER the drv goods (Vre lib anil 267 Fulton street a wry desirable location, being in tlio nsighborbood of the Cttv Hall and public offices, and tbe centre of the most active businese part of Brooklyn; very pleasant io->ma, in single oflices or ouita. Rent moderate. Apply to J. ?. OOTTBBKROER, 12 Centre street, or J. VAN NORDEN, 20 Nassau street, New York. BOOM"? TO LET? IN THE WEIL UOHED NEW Bl'ILD }?gs Noe. 36 and 37 Centre atroet, euitable for manufacturing or ether purpoeoa. Apply at th?e Cjlum Mta Foundry, 4b Duane itrext. S YORE TO LET.? NO. 260 FULTON STREET. OPTO ate Washington Market. A good lo-atlon ???' rent moderate. Apply as above. II. V. SCHKNCK. E LET? THE RUn.DINO 174 WII.1JAM STRfKP, no* occupied aa offices and busiuoaa purpose*, a nomber of dwelling houee* <o the upper part of tto city, at rents from $MJ0 to $1,400. Apply to K. B. KWKniMKR, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7 o'elock. LTT? THE TWO STORY MODERN BUILT HOlflE, on Third avenue and lOtith (treet, furuabed with bath, hot and cold water, *c. Also, the boose nMaated on 104th street, near Third avenue, witk garden aad stable If required Also, the dwelling part of the bviob bouse, on Third avenue and 104th (tree*., with range anA Cretan water. Inqolro of S. B. MoOOWN, fkix) avenue and 106th street. T? rpo i*r? ?i> foi r story houskn, brown ktone I fronts, on th? sontherly side of rbirteesth street. IstsMii w?rond auu Third avenuee, flaishe I in the b??t manner, with all the me-Urn lmprovamenta. Alao ,t ?o foar story brown atone front hO'i*aa, on IJeingstan place between Hiiletntb and Hevcntcenth streeto. Ap ply ai No 160 Tenth IJtT ? A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, THREE MIIJH from Grand or H'jd ton street, in Newtown, | Island, near tbe "Bell Kond, containing one acre of , with fruit treee, a teo (torv house with tringeat id, and a cnniage boose. Keat $ 00 per annum, irs^en give* iteminedlatelT. Also three fourths of an of land, with dwelling boaso and out bui'dinge, fruit i, Ae , on the (hell r?ad. Rent $1^6 per year; pos liven 1st . I Ihrch. For part calart apply to <>. ARIkK. $$l Chrystfc street, N. Y T. !2! naa a EI) Wi rlJTT ? HOUSE NO. 476 PEARI. ? TREET, HAVING forty oeeen rooms Inquire on tbe preic.ees. ri IJCT-IN HOBOKKN WITHIN HIREI'; MINUTEB walk of tbe ferry, a fen new $r*t class houeos, iu rtver terrace, oith towers, arnanvsntal fronts, and esert yards, oommandiag a bountiful view of the river mmi New Yeak , have all tbe aaudera improveaente. in ?Mmg gaaaadbot an<: cold water, and m ill be let to nervate famiNeo of the bigboet respc.- ability only.? hoarding boose ksopera neetl not apply. Ino u&e corner e # Hndsea aad Heresxl (tree'.', Hoboiea. of k. MARHN. f|W LET-TWO NEAT ?JTTAfl|.S ON FORTY-NINTH 1 rireot, just weet of Th rt aveaue. Ea- h cottage bae M roomo and kitchen addition, garden in front, yard >n soar Cbre pace tho street eonstautly. Raa*. $'i.'i0, pos aoesma tsnmediaUly. Apply to JAMRS PRICE, 900 Hud nasi etreet LET? Tnt *TORKJ, WITH BA-QCMKNTS, OF NOH _ 6 and 7 Nas lau street. No. 7 wmI be altered and naisted to Mtit. aad poeeeemea caa be bad by tbe Bret of ipni. Aloe, officee m same buildings. Apply ta J AMKrf dtUIKRHANE, 33 Broadway or Spring * Irving, X?. 7 Haesau str?et, teeond itny fflO LET- THREE ACRW or iKX'O I.tNM, H'R t J| a gardener sitoate.1 lo Flatbnsh. I?ng Island. la eeir? at Waeb'ngtoa Market, bock *f Hklrn, No 1 Y?f ftatN market of Hi? M IB?1 r TE!?A|n*8 HBOIHTER. Tt LJ.r ? IN rHK WHITE MARBLE BUILDING~10? Canul atreet, the flrat and aecond floor*, well adapted Icr buainfaa purpoaea. Poeeeaalon given immediately. Inquire of A. ROSENBI.ATT, hum building, in the ?tore rpo LCT? APaRTKENTS IN HOUSES NW. 84 AND 80 I West Fortieth atreet between Broadway and Sixth t>i'DUf, consisting of a parlor, two bedroom* and kitchen, all e< mmunkating, they are finishe i in a super!' r niin ner, with marble mantels* trail , Croton witter, and all mo dern improvements. Kent moderate Ini{uire 01 the premise*, cr of A. C. M0RR1LI., No. 9 Chamber* street. f|X) LET? CORNER OK BROADWAY AND BARCLAY JL atreet, the room over Hatfield's atore, fronting on Broadway. the bailment unJenuatli aaU atore, and office* iu (if tli story, from $60 to 9100 each. App'y be twe?n it) and 12 o'clock, to 3. B. UL'ftHlNGfi, M John stmt. TO LET? A LARGE BASEMENT, NO. 202 FULTON street, it in well calculated for wholesale or t?tail l>nsine?i, being iu the most business part of '.be city, httiug :i commotio as entrance, and is quite litiUt. Au ply at WM. H'NTON'S paper hanging warehouse, '202 Kul.un hlreet. IV) LET? THE CORNER STORE AND BASEMENT ON the Eighth avenue and Thirty third a (root oo? of the beat corners on the avenue, formerly the Eig'ith avenue Bunk: nlao a atore am appurtenuajeH, next b?us<> ringing on Thirtj -third street. Inquire of M. Eli-LMANN, 68 Barclay street. I'O LET? A NEAT TWO STORY AND BASEMENT brick honae, containing ei^ht rooms, with Sua underccllar, large yard, grape arbor, tic. Rcr.' $2s<\ No. '268 Dean (?treat, eait of Power it i treat, Soutti Brook lyn. Inquire of E. AL'ERBAIH, 84 Jobn s'.reet, New 1 ork, frem 1 1 to 1'2. or 1'27 Riviegton atreet, New York, from 4 to 8 o'cloek. TO LET? -THOSE T E'.'IRABI.E NEW STORHN, WITH dwellings above, corner of Hroadtvay an l Twenty lirat street, posaeaalon immediately. Apply to OHO W. DEAN, tin tbe premises, between the hour* of U A. M. ano 3 1*. M. TO L*T? rOSJEBPION IMMEDIATELY? TO OVE FA mil y, without child -en, second floor, con-ixti ig of five rooms and basement, also, ten rooms onth.rd floor, in a hi ijh'y respectable house; rent moderate. Inquire at No. 14 WalU street, near Varick, in the basement. nno IJT? THE STORE, BASEMENT AND OEM.AR, f all connected, each floor about 25 feet by 100 deep. Alao a number of attractive offlse* in the upp?r part uf the building. Alao( 170 Greenwich street. I'osHisiion of the KUitt immediately. Apply to E. BLOOM EH, 208 llroa Iway. ri LET? A NI'MBER OF FIRtfT OM9 DWEI.IJNG honae* with all the modern improvements in tbe ? pper part of tbe city; alao, the modern houaes Noh. 66 and 07 Greenwich avenue. Can ba connected, and auitaUe for an extensive boarding ho ne At. ply to E. BLOOMER, 208 firoadway. rpO W. T? AN ENGLISH BASEMENT BROWN STONE X front houae, situated in Lexington aveuue. House eonta'na thirteen rooms, with all the modern improve ments. Would be let to a highly respectable family, without children, provided the present occupants, oon a is ting of two adults, can be accommodated with board. Pleaae address George, boa 120 Herald office. r LET? THE BUILDING #0 VRSEY STREET, OPPO site Waahington Market; alao the niv mar ale building 72 Broadway, running through to New street; aleo the apaciona atore 128 William atreet, about 100 fe?t deep. Apply to A. LIVINGSTON, 62 Jobn atroet. TO I ET? WITH SEVERAL YEARS' LEASE, IF DE stred, a very aiperior house in Bleed; er s.reet, weat of Broadway, the residence of a private fam'ly. Tbe honae contains thirteen rooms, with all the modern im piovrment*. I'oeaeaaion from the 1Mb to 20tb Ajril. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO LET? COTTAGE HOl'SE, NO. 4 GARDEN ROW, Eleventh atreet, near Sixth avenue, ho iae in com plete order, and afford* a rare opportunity to procure a bouse at small rent. I'osaeasion i umod.alely. Inquire of D. W. FENION, 187 Broadway, upstairs. TO LPT? TO A SM ALL FAMILY, PART OF A MODERN built house, in a reapectable neighborhood, with gas and Croton water. Stage* and 'ara puot within half a bknk. Rent moderate. Inquire at 286 Weat highteenth atreet. mo ij:t? the .stork and baskmxnt no. au JL HroaJway, ad joining the hospital yard, now occu pied by ilr. I as a elohtng (tore. Kent ?V,600. Ap ply, between 10 ami 12 o'clock, to a H. HIJTCHINGS, 36 John street. rl LEI? A SUIT OK PARLORS AND BASEMENT, FOR boaisese purposes, (with immediate pxin?H>-ion, ) two doota from Broadway. between Walker and Hroorne streeta. Addreas D NEl.SOM, llroadway I'oet GtB:e, with real came and tbe kind of business. rt>0 I KT? CORNER OF BANK ANI) GHEES Will JL (treete, near AbLigdon square, possesalin Immedi ately, four rooma on abound floor, with privilege in kitch en; gaa, Or ? ton and drain uu tha premises; turniabe 1 if required. Aleo, part of a drat data hou"o in Thirtieth street, near r ighth avenue; a bouse in Forty ?MM (treet. near Eighth avenue. TO I ET? THE OFFICE FOR '1'HE LAST FIVE YEilW occupied by C. Lee k Co 'a ezpreaa, at 169 Broad way. An admirable location for any new bouse wi-b'ng to continue that business. Ap^ly immedia\aly, on the premise*. TO IJCr ? A THREE 8TOKY DWELLING IIOi .SE, J 10 Fulton street, near Greenwich. Apply to J. P. Brown, H llaidec lane. TO LET? A TWO srOSY AND A PTIC BRICK DWEI Hng bonne, with tea room attacbe-l. at 111 Fourth ?treat, near Awioa. Inquire of TOOd. GOADBV , 213 Oram] street, near Mott. Rent $4M. ff?0 LET? A THREE KfORY AND BAUKMENT BRICK X. houae, 46 North Moore street, rent $i60. Apply to HV. JOHNSON, Walker street. AUo te let, in Brooklyn, a three itory and easement brick houae. tbe walla ere handeomaly painted in fresco. gaa throughout tbe houae, with now chandeiiere; rent $460; lino the three ?tory and basement brick houae 71 I'resident rtre^ t, near Ha miltoa ferry ; rent Apply to J EVANd, corner at Hojt and > aciflc streets, near Atlantic. TO LF.T ? SECOND AND THIRD LOFT-? OK BUILDING 28 feaar (treat, near William they are l'ght and airy, 28 feet front, euitahle for a clothing or utnhrel'.a manufacturing eeta"li?lipaent. App.y to CHARLES 1 I". I 76 William street, up attire, or 110 Blee^ker *t. TO LET ? PART OK HOUSE NO. 30 LEROY STREET, consisting of the front basement, three rwni on tie teeond floor, and an attic room, to a email family, without children. Croton bath aaJ gaa in roomn; in good repair, $27 J. rpo I JtT-THE I *H?.K BUILDING, IN THE REAR OK 1 Noe. lU and 237 Bowery, now a cabinet ware house; aleo, tha npp?r part of No. 2.i7 Bower y; also, three story brick house 213 No. Chureh street, aleo, at.ible, rear of 37 Crstsby street . als<>, tbe upper part of brick bouaa *238 Bowery. Rents mo lera'a to good tenants. Apply to Mr DKLAPLAINE, 265 Fifth avenue, or No. 7 New str-'t 10 LET-TWO TWO BTORY HOUSE*, 64 AND fll I owning street, also, a cottage, fi2 Sullivan street, and a two story houne on Main street. Mo'.t Haven, near the bridge lUnt. 1176. Apply to J. M Hk> K, at tbe ato\e cot'age, from 11 to 12 A. M., or at 204 V'arick street, eorncr of Hameraley street, from 2 to 3 P. M. rpo LET -THE I' PPKR PART OF A THREE STORY I house, situation Mntii street, between F.rst and Second avenues has Croton, hot and cold water, ba'li and gas. To a small and reopc table family only. F >r particulars, inquire at 246 Ninth street, east of Broadway IO LET? THE LARGE AND WKIX UOUrED 8TORE, basement and sub-cellar. 86 Itanau street, 26 leet wide by 1(0 fett deep, suttaMe for the aaction or beik businesa. Apply to P. C. KANE ft CO , 11 Post's Buil ' ug IO IET? THE THREK HTflRY MVW 247 WMT Thirty-fourth atrsat, with all the molern irn proT'ments, three rooms deep. Apply to J. M. POIT, 243 West Thirty-fourth street, near Ninth aeeaae. TO LET-TO A SHALL GEN TEFL FAMILY, THE CP per or lower part of a modern bnilt three story bouse, situated In Twenty seventh street, iet?wn Eighth and Ninth avnuea fan be seen from 1 antJ 4 Fer particulars Inquire at 8*0 llroa (way. TO I.F.T? THE f-TORF. 3?0 THIRD AVfcVCE, OtRNKR of Twenty eigbtli >tr*et, ?ne of the btst rtasds for bnsinsea in New York, an old established corner; a grocery and provision core in connecti'n with a mar ket weald do a large business. Ren* low. lequiraef E B. KINSHIMKR, 310 1 -urth a*em?e. mo LET? LARGE AND HAVWiME APARTMENTS, J. ' nasiawng of urge parlors, titchen. aa I attK roues at 63 Crcsby street laq'iire on tbe frem a*e. and at JWRN FINN, 46 Ana rtreet. Possession Ima diately 10 LET? AT HANTl.Ntii UPON Hl'M".*, A NEaT OUT tags, eoatalaing sight r<?mi, with a rood garden and rarnsge heoee ?. ta-liel It is b*a?t fully s t jsted upon the bank of tbe river, and wi'hia t?nm nit?e' walk of the lepot. Possess!' n git- n on toe 1rst of May, or eooaer if de.ired, A'tdre? A T I> , Hsra' l offl e r) LET? IN l?UX)KLVN, A f?M\IX (.OTHIC (l;T tafe, aearly new, and atait foir lots of groand con nected there w'th in garden and fruit tre*s, n tl^< east side of Portland, Brat h .us- eouth of Falt< n avenue, and sbojt lj. mlloe from Atlantic, Yail street and Fulton ferries. Tn?* bonse will be paiatel, and gaa iatroilnceo. fUatlf.OO. Apply to L H MOOilE in rear of tha abete, or at 122 Brna'lway New York TO LF.T? THE HOttF ON THK CORNER OF FfK.'K teentb street (ad Irving pla e, being a first rate ?ituation either fer a private botrdng boose or a el?ib tonae possession at ones. Al?i, u> 1st, a pr'vate family tbe houae Eaat FearWnth street Apply at 76 East Fourteenth s'rsst J to LCT? TIH-I-VI'.I.K nvr. FfnftY RCH DtN(7, known aa tbe IL"tn 'ton House, llroalwtf, - irner Twenty sighth atreet, eentainuig gas, croton water, bathe. t>., and fitted up thr ogWit as a first '-lass bearding bouse. Ininire at tbe houas from two to Ave pTM. TO LET? "HOW ROf)WJ FDR Mll.UNB :S OR nUFSH makeva, in the aeeond at/ ry, orer a I r dry g -eds store; alee, roeme anited fer artift* ar R^H u.<a.rae turiag nurpaaea, -sing la ore nf ? h? ???' t, m osnt parte of nrookiyn. via. 1(6 and 2.W I'mtoa ?tr?tt, of.po eite CMnfen. Inquire of J. G OOI7 KL U,i -t. 1 1 r?utr? strsett or Ji9i VAN bORDIN 20 Na-ean street New y v?k TEHANTS ? ROISTER. 20 LET? THK FIRST CIASS TUIiKL STORY HOUSE No. 9 Albion place (Fourth (treat; ; lot 2A by 180 t deep, btii'g one of the finest house* and beet wc? tioni in that ji.rt of the city. Apply between 10 and 12 o'clock, to a. LEWLS Ht'TCBUiBB, 38 John street. TO LET? TTIK DWELLING HOUSE 183 FRANK ( IV street, a few door* west of Hudson , i* an eioeUeat neighborhood. The hoar* i* three ?torie?, brick fr.nt. and" will be let low to a good tenant. Apply at 721 Broadway. PI.ET? THE STORE ON THE SOU HI WE-.T CORN' KK of Twtaty eighth street and Third avenue, a Ann stand for busiaes*. Grocery, provision. aud a market would do well, bavini: l>een establUhe 1 assuoh for year*. E. B. K.INSHIMKK, 819 fourth .venue. O 1ET ?THE STORE AND BASEMENT 0 315 liroaoway, from now till lit of May. l'o*?*a*ion immediately. Inquire of Mr. Joseph I>*?, 315 Broadway. 10 LET? rHE THREE OTORY HOUSE 238 VMM ?tree l, with ba'.h room, hot and cold water. Root ((>50. Also, the foar story house No. 6 I'nlvers'ty place; also, the two itory an<! attic house 87 Fruntlin; also, the serond and third story and back b?ne-nent of houie 31 *. lark itreet, ror*e.r of Kpriug; alio, the two story attic houses 134 and 13<j Head" etriet. Apply be tween 10 and 1" o'clock, to S. 11. HU'TCHINGS, 30 John street. TO LtT? HOUSES, WITH OS WITHOUT FURNITURE, in various locat'on*. Aiao. parts of hounds, lot ', (arms, Ac. If you * Mt to hire, let, buy or sell, apply to It. 1). OOOLWI.v Ciiuton HaU, Eighth street, near Broadway You wll. ih> almost sur<> of * jcco**. |tt ijjt? a ICHUO house, with sitting room, and other apartments if required. Also, two Ur^e looms, with four ante rooms adjoining suitable for societies or military purposes. Apply at 12o Grand at. TO LET, IN THE VICINITY OF TWENTY THIRD street and <*ixth av-uue, a large four story house, contain n g 16 rooms, with range and Croton water throughout. Neatly full of baarders. Yearly rent (jOO. Furniture for aale, price (400, with immediate posses ? ion. B. W. RICH ASM, 307 Broadway. TO LET FROM THE FIRST OF MAY? THE UPPER part ol a three story house in Broadway, ntar twelfth street, over a (tore, or would be divided with a detirable family of three persons, and position imme diately if requited. Apply to Or. GIDDING8, MO Murray ?treet. TO LET IN BROOKLYN ? A FIRST CLASS, WELL ftmahed, brown stone front houio, foar storied and basement, with all the modern improvement*, contain irg twenty -rooms, two kitchen*, well calculated for a respectable boarding house, or two families; situated on the corner of Amity and Hick* streets, two blocks from the Sooth feiry. Rant reasonable to a good responsible person. I'oMesrtion givon Immediately. Apoly to Mr. QEO. GOTTMIEIMjEK, 11! Centre street, corner of Cham berg, New York. TO LET IN BROOKLYN? THE ELEGANT FOUR ?tory douhle brick mansion, oi New York bay, ami near thetsrminu* oi the Greenwood Railroad, finished in superior style, suitable 'fr a simmer boarding nouse. Also the new brick honse on Siith avenue, between Twenty-second anl Twenty-third street*. Brooklyn, suitable for a school or large family. Also a fr i w house and clx acrea of good land, suited for a *m?ll far mer. Rents very low. Apply to Mr. DEI.APLAINE, 253 Fifth avenue, or No. 7 New itreet. fTV) let OR LEASE? THE STORE AND BASEMENT JL southwest corner of Twentieth street and Kirst ave nue. Posteuion immediately. The balance of the build ing ran be had from May 1st, if required. Apply to R. El J JOT, No. 3 Nassau street, second floor, from 10 A. M. to 2 P. M. TO LET OR IEAME? THE STORE AND BASEMENT, with *ub cellar and vaults, of th* elegant bull ting No 26 Beekmtn street, suitable for 'wholesale paper, drug or Hardware business- possession l*t May Also the three upper lofts, very lignt and ooinoodious; pos session imm.d.ate. Also the spaolona *t<>ra and baae raent, with vault, of No. 18 Spruce street, eaoh room 100 feet <Wp; poi>es*i<n immediate. Apply to JAM tB PRICE, 200 Hudson street. TO LET OR IJ5ASE? THE MODERN, BKAI'TIFULI T finished two story and attio brick dwelling No. 12 Harrison street, coo lining thirteen rooms. The above is one of the best finished Swellings In toe lower part of the city, and will b<) leased to a good tenant upon reason able terms. Apply to J. CAMI'HfcU., Jr., Pacific Bant, between 10 and 3 o'clock. mo IJCT OR I.EA8E THE ISLAM) KNOWN AS I Rik?r'* Island, beautifully situated in the East river, abtot two rnile* above Harlrm; eon* Ins about 100 acres of )an 1, beautifully wooded, and lia* a lar^e. com modious honse am) out bull lings, and a fine new dock, that steam >oa ? can land at at all 'idea, the whole suitable fur a public house and place of a i miner resort for eieurslonlate, fishlag, Ac., Ae To a good tenant will be let low for one or more year*, and p>*ae*sion given immediately. Apply at 6ft Broad street. nrO LET OR LEABE-AT NEW UAIGKTON, STATEN 1 If land, two new three story brick buiidmga, near tae laodmg. The Drat ?tury am basement of each are du signed lor store*, toe upper atorl'-* for dwellings, whioh can be rounei'teo, giving convenience for a Urge bo?r 1 inir nouse. Tne location l| deiiraalo for a fir?t class family grocery, dry go-id* and general fsnnhiaf bust ness, also fur a umber, coal and feed estatd shmnot. They will be lot on favorable term*, by applying to D. A. Comstoek, No. 5 Jajncer court, 43 Wall street, or to Burdett, Davis A M> in, 17 w iliiam (treet. FLET OP. LEA-E? I'ART OR AIXOF THE DWELLING boos* No. 6 Bond ?treet, furnish*' lor unfurnished. Possession given at a short notice. 1* i (?'! location for a dent'rt TO LET OR "LEASE ? AND IMMEDIATE PO**KS8IOV given, the stable and oacti hou?e 72 Leonard street, with pilvilegeof yarl and Croton watir. Tb* eUblscm acci'mniodn'.a ten horse*. For tenas apply to EDWAKD SM1TTI, 35 North Moore street. rrto LEASE FOR TWENTY-ONE YEARS? THE T#0 J. large three (tory house* known a* 40 and 12 <pnn( ?tr'et, lietneen Molt an<l Mulberry, with alley mn? feet wide; the lot* art) 50 feel wide by 122 deep Inquire at 200 Spring street, between the hear* of 1 and O. rpo RENT VERY I.OW? SEVERAL ROOMS UN THI J* fifth floor of Trlaitj building, Broadway. Apply at 24 Trinity baiidicg. rlJCT Oil FOB SAIX-A C'/TTA'JK RK^IDEN'CE, * ill 'table, eoaehhonae, out houeea. k-- , togatlur with eleeen lata o f grouad, ban laoaelr l?i>i out wth tre?? and ahrubbery , th? name helag as loeed v(1h pi' tat frnca aad gat-way. at the ccrner or HgUty ? .? v.U i'.rM> aid tbr lUwomiagdele road. The aboe a property la L>:at ed 10 the tDMt apot on the laland, ami mry eaey of ac crue. Tba atreet i< opea fron the 111 lOinmipUi" ruai to the Eleventh atenna. Apply to M wil/Vi.V, Corner of Cortlaadt 'treat an-I Uruadway. rl Mi OR KXCHA.VOE KOR CirY BOPIff - A hoiae and lao acrta ef land on tfca North ?"or* ?a Lory n?er, ia full via* of the ocean, '?-? tbau half a mila irom Pert Waahlogton leading. Aleo to lat. the thire >tory brick bauaa. 01 Thirtieth atreet, l?i ?a-n ' I-eiingti.a and lhird ateuue*, and a bouaa I - lUrln? on ?tr??t, n?nr tbe Dower y For particular* Inquire of W A. MaIIIKWH, ??of* etura fru Bowery, between tba hour* of lb and 1 o'ckck. TO PORK PAf KKRM OR BI.TVHKRH ? P> I.Kf, gether or aepera'e, tha dwalliag houac *6 Oroiby ?tieet, alio, a larga thraa atoiy packing bona* lo ilia rear. witu a double br. -k amok' bauw au l an loe houaa ^ thirty f'et deep a complete place for tha bunaca*, for 'mirly o-eupl'd be J. I>. Jeekaon. To ba m-c n any dar aft ?r 1 o'clock. inquire on tha premiaee, or of C'oMBKrf A SIX, Waaalagton mark ft. 1A ORK ?li TS WITH 8TEADT HlKAM POWKU aVI> fl abaftlng, raady for op?rat ng h?*'el witu aie?n, tba ??ry b?at of tight, and pleiaaot altuatlot, on tha cormr of Breoa* and Mercer ?tr at*. App'y oa tha pramltei to WU. UAI.r k rtO.N. WORK FHOPS TO l.CT t.HKA', IN TIIlC NK'.V bnlld'ag No. U3 Iluaae atraat, eighty lert froia < "bat bats; wide attire aaay aeneea to aoy of tba floira; be >t wfce?l aitn 'vary *.on*eul?nc? for manu'ectoriig purpna?-; ton*. Hght front an.) raar. aUo aide ligb' , tha whole or any pert e*a ba bad by applying to ImNIEL K?N V , N j. Mi Oiatham ?tr?t. rvRirrutiB. ~~ D'. K". PF.KKH. I+>K*. - THE I.AR'iHT ?? I. UK f ap>?r!m?nt of offlra furn tora in ti.a dty, aa I at prl^ai a* lo? aa .*nn ba alfordad, nay ha f?und at KNoX 'i <!??k atnra, 4ft Ann atraat. I^VH.vrTT Itr, CARI KTV, AC., FOIt 4AIX 'XKA1' ? Magn float rwaao ?d and yailow d*ma<k pa'lar fnrnltara. by Maaka. roaawood aa l cr moo pluah furol tora, cornlraa, ataaa, aarpata, lookiag gUaaaa, <?? otra tnUaa, lar.ratary, fancy ornaaaata, aU?, rwaanal b?l ataada buraaua, waa)i<taa>l> , do. of u%hug<ny aot black ?nh>ut; artattr?*a*a. btm-ar aala, gMil'tu'aa, klfb?n furniture, aed all llta lto^aakr?piag arW.iaa. Apply iian>*llata y at 340 Fourth ???oue nappinti. ?. OR rflARI.KrMON, n. V ? THE rilVtr n.A*? r wb?el eUemtblp y AKFK HTY, J M ll*>^-n, romnaniler, will l?a?e l'h lad?lph.a for <Si*rl*?t/?n J , ?o v ? i.?e"?j F hraary Hlk at lOoV.lork. A M. ?A'?n paMage 110. Apply to IUROM A MARTIN, So 41* Sortb aliafio. fkladalpbiB. fp???R ?HARI FKION AMI K<> IHA VKMI WK?.KI.Y f. 4. Mall I Jn? ? Th? new, apleadid aa I fa?' . g "i* ?t?aBi?hi? Sa-IIVII I.r, H Httt roiaman l?r all! l?a*a p<er Ko 4, N'arlb rtaar, aa wadnea^ay Far?fiary 2fl, kt 3 o'elxeh P kf , prectealy. K ?r freight *p?ly ao b^afd. ?her? all hille ef lading aillk?aigo? l aal for parage, at tbe oitra ef KPOTFOKD TlLKTilN h <>? . ,0 Rri ad a?y 7> laagb ti k#t* to Florida aa fatkiaa ? To Ja'kaiaHIi* I I . 'a lllatka AVI lb* Jae. Adg?r ?U) auceaad, aad ka?e ?o %atarlay, March 3. r. OR S'ORFOIK, PltTF.IU'BI WJ A Nil Kl> M v4? r l'e I nit?d Ptataa anall at*am k?lp KHA.VOKK. T Skinner er.waaader, anil l*ate pier 1.1 North h??r, ?b ???.'ne?d ay teb ?ktn. at 1 a'rlo^k. P M. . ?. II arr ?e la Knlelt !b<> a>i'. a't?B'/?a, aad I'etaraburg an I R>ck rooad tbe fnlla?iB( Btarnlag ft- m Norfolk. pa?*?n<>ra for the Hi. ath pro?-??d kr railma<) 4ire-t, ( tli thru igh tlck'ta from W?idea u? Wllialagtoo Aagaata, p*. I'aa aage aad fare tA Norfolk. |t to latarahorg aal H<eh (ooad, 110. at?*ra<e half pr >.*. Applets U III. A U k njAEAWTH. l2Hroa.!?ay I'<iR ??T*WBI PO AND MJHF?HA ? THI Hflill eb p ItOANOh K, ('apt ,a?.am la a ?? (aadiag at Pier I) Nartb Rim, lor Pe'enbarg aa-l Notfola, aal ? ll 1ea*a tb I afternaaa at 3 a 'Jock. Ll'DLAM A Pl.tA PA1"!*, i; toaada.y. SHIFWBC. VUK a IViiRrtKm ? UNlTaD OTHB MAIL BYSAM ahip BALTIC, Chpt J.J. Oomttock. oemmaader. ThM ttoamthip will deptrt with tli* Vaitad itatei mail* (at Europe, pcwUvely on V tdMid*?, March 7, tt IS t'exxl M.. from her berth, at the foot if Ckul iM?V for freight or puai^t, hating aneqaaJM accommodation for ?\t|UM ud romfort, uplr to HOWARD K dOlAIN*, M Wall ."tree*. Patten ftrt- are rcqurntml to bo on board at 1*)* o'clock A. M. Thr t team* hip Pa c die, will tuctwed U>* IUIUc, and tail Mn-rb 21. Shipper* plena* toh* notice thai the thipt cf tiiia iiae imwI tarry any go<*lt contra band of war. aiHi NKW YORK AN? LIVERPOOL IINITKD STAT* Mail Pteamt-ra ?Tin thipt etmpcaicg the Ane an e following ? ATI ANT*,. (Upt. *?rt BALTH1 Oapt Oomriat*. PA<1>'IC, (apt. Nye. ADRIATIC, Cnpt. -. There rhlpe bare t?en iaJl by contract, eipreeely fol govt-rnmrn*. tervii-e. Kirrjr ear* hai been Uurn in then conttr i.-tion. km alto in their engine*, to entnre "trxngtk and tperd, and lh?:r accommodation* I or paamngert an Bnetjualiea for ?l<*??nte and comfort. I'riee of pataagt ir<>? New York \o Lverpool, la firet eiaea cabin, (190 >n lec'nd do 976; executive u?e of nira Kite rtale nt? 932b; from Livrrpoc! tc New Verb, 30 ac>l V) guinea Kb Mperwnced fuiuton ikttoabed to each nXiy. No ber!k lerajril CLtUpuk' lor. rKi>H<m txrwt of Bj rums. nun KTW TORa. TiU I It U Tin. rot* WrdnrnJa}, Pec. 2" . 1W-4. Saturday, Un 17*4 Wednesday, Jan. 16 18M-. Saturday, Dee. 40..,. 19*4 Wednesday, Jao. 24. .1866. Saturday, Jan. 13.. . ,184b Wt-dnftday, Feb. 1M>6. rtatar.'lny, Jan. 27 . .. . 18M Wnln.'UJa), Feb 21 18(5. Hatu-day, FeO. 10. . ..l*M Wetinrtdav Mar. 7. 186l>. Ha'uruay, Vet. M . . . . 1Mb For freig'it u; parage tp|ly o kJiW'D K COllINH.No. :?? WaE rt-eet, New Yort. BROWN, <HIPLLY A 00. Livtnpool KTLPH KS K KN N ARI> % 00 . 27 A ftet.'a Friar*, U?dw B. 0. WAIN WRIGHT ft CO., !ar.n. GKORiJii U DKAl'Ell, Harrw The ownm of tbote khlpe will net re f? gold, ??*?, baiUcn, Hpeda. jewelry, yicoout ttcnea <* me tale, nruett hill* of iad'cg are iJ(L(rJ 'hetrfor. wad the taiue tbe/eof Jtrrain eipreee*!. Shipper* pieaoe take nttice, th.? . the ?hif? cf 'hi* itoi easnot carry any gocie coctiabaud of war. THE AKJT1SH AND NORTH AUKRI 'AN ROYAL MAIL BrfclAMSHIPS, from suv Yoiut ro uvkhihx-l. Chief caMn paaeaga 9110 Second MMBJMMM . '6 from BoenoM ro uvjbupwl. Chief rabic panaage 9110 Eecond cabin p*??agi< <0 The ihip* Iron Uo*ton tal' a*. Halifax. ARABIA, Cap'. AMERICA. Cftpt Jmcg, PluRnIA, Oapt Rtrie, M'ROI'A, Capt. Khannca ArlA, Capt. K. ?l Utt, CANADA. Oipt. Htjue. AFRICA, Capt. Harmoa, NtAOAHA, Cap.. Thesa veaevla carry a :tr%r wuiU light at inaM kaad rreea on itarWard U? , red on port bcw. CANADA. .^t'ine, ?avra Ho*ton, WedneMtoy, Mar U Ak'HDIA, lUrr.roL, ' Bo*'?n, Wadnaatlay, Mar. 29 AH1A, Lott, " Benton. Wttdner<iay, April 11 AMKKICa. i.anp, " Boiiton, Wedoeeday, April 26 Berth* net etcn'et cnVJ paiii lor An eapanenred rargeon on tx ard The owner* of toeee (hip* wi.1 not tf ?/'<QBtabie fee gold, ailrer, bollion, peeie, ^eweiry, precvon* ptonae at at r talk. -_n>nk b.Ua ol lading are eigi a< tha t ( jt% had UM ralue thereof herein eipre***'!. For freighr cr puneage apply to ?. rifNAtUI 4 IV wrtaa hn?a There wlli be ns rvku^L p* e. 'Jut lu fi?s Nww fork until : artber uvfc-a. 1>Hfc UVhRFOOL aNI> PHILADiaj'HIA HTkAMHHD OMtpeny rtond tailing their favorite iteantmpa aTT OF Man Hkartft i,126 tone.. Capt. WyH^ JITY OF BALTIMORE, (n?w}.'i, (>31 ton*..OapL ?1 Y wF WtWJINUION. do 2,7(0 lona. Oapt A. I?4toh Hak>on 990, ft 6 and iff. a?ea>diog to rute room. A limited x amoer ?r third cJa?* |??unrtn will b? taken from Philadelphia had lirarpool, ana fmd t* froTiaion*. ro m I'hiiade. r-b:a 930 ] fmn L!?erpooL 9M Partie* wi?' Lg to bring ent their friend* ran obtoll oerUflcate* of paoRge, and drafU <n Li rrpo^i, in tnav of XI * >?d apwa*J?. A i ply to HaMI'KI, RMirH, Agent, 17 VVaant Itrtfl I'Lai > *p' aid Na. 7 Ifcrutd way, New Yor?. F'ORSOCIBAVPTON and HAVRK? THEU. B. MArL aieaairr bT i,Ol)K. J. A. Wo'.ton, coninwUr. will Uare for Havre, touching at ^outbampton to land the maili an<l paokiiere. en Saturday, Mareti 10, at ii o'clock, frvui ,1'er 37 North rirtr, foe' cf lleach itreeL' Price af pat ?ge ? Klikt cabin, ?l <> eecead do., 9>6. '?"KB*** n"' 'toted JurHg the rojaij* tbouM be unl ou betro the day before I'.iliog, m^rk?d "bo'ow " No fr-iniit tnkea a(t*r Ttiu(n>lay, March Itli For freigit or paoage apply to MUI'.riMEK 1JV1NUH10N, Agin'., 6U Lroaoway. BIEAMSHII'H BirWk>N IIaVRK AND NEW YORK oirec;.? The tUaKitiip A1 1* will >a.l from iUrre due ' for N:w Yerk (without salltng atanypoi;in F.ngland.) an Saturday, 25tt> tf Noreaiber the r*4it ?.f frtlght atd paxage in Art; an-l fcecoivl cabina <eUI tu yyj raoitrra e The ralUng of the ?ui.ceedir.g *U.tmari will be ah'.rtljr aas?uace?. TUe ra.e ol lntaranca ia >r*nce Ik lett ' ? ? .Kip* Iron Havie*)necl im N?k V#i? than la akliit <-tiiingkt an hngl th port. Apply in llarre ami Pant, 17 BojUtkr.l" dee IVa'ieon, to 1)<mhI<I Cur re, or in Ntw York to K. CC'NARD, No. 4 Bcellng Ureeu. CNlTkD HTATEU MAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA. Atpinwall an<l ^totina. ? (.'allfirmana are iu'er.wl (by autlirrity inn. ue Panama Hailruxl Company) that the trant.i ef the Itlhmae will b? mad? by railroa<i from act an to octan. '?<.> mere mule trarel? no ri?er boating (Id Monday, Mar b 8, at 2 o'-.kcb P. W , from the pier at f' ot of Warren vtreet, Norih nrer, w.jl be toipairh. 1 the ilea, iieaiokbip OKOHOG IjkW, Cart O. V. Foi, U. P. N., to contest at I'aaarta w tf. the new a?l .up^rkr rtearn tbip (>01X1 N AGE, Capt J. T Watkina A ipare boat alaarn kep*. at i'anaru. to prevent detoa tUn, in ctiu of aceUfent No fr'.lgbt rec?iT>d after 1 o ckrk an the 'tiling tor Forpt'rtxe, apply at the compti.* - offlce, Ne 1/7 Wftt urett, to J W HAYVtONil DIBPATCH IJNE FOR SAN ?"RA'M-?*J ? THF. MA'l nlfleent A 1 Bret 'iate c.lpper khip WllViiCRACf, Fr???an matter, ia aow retaiTiag b?r cargo al pter No. H Fatt rirer, kDt will nail for *nn Franei?f? oo <>r be'ora Turtdty. l.itb Mar ??, and it *ip*;tel to fla^tb lowliag ?a Tu'fiay n?lt. Mb. Ib t farnent clipptr ha* ina l<i three roytitet tc wtn Fraocitro, ia 1'iL 107 aad tf7 d*yt, *ucceitie*!y, shipper! will pleate baod In tbelr bilU of Inline for ngnat'iie at m>oi. at their *na>atf*ra?ntt are ompleted fpfilal No"'?e ? The raetel* of thie line a ill berrafter be a4*eru*?d for a oerttm date, aal posi tively tail on < r before th* day tamed. 81 TTON k 'XX. M Wall etreet. 1V>K CALIFORNIA? WKU YORK ANII CAUFOK41A ff-famahlp Ijb?, TA KiU'lfal. ? AMMMr; IVioi't tompary of Nicaragua, procrMtora. ? '00 aaoror O'tc any otbor real* T!?? ipbto 4 ?lou'ibi on* ni ?t?am?blp HTAK OF THE Wtt?, ('4,000 Iom Durdonj I splalB ?iU !????? No 8 North rlvtr, a I o'clock P. II , prottM.j. for Hunt* Arte*" on Morpiay Mar<-h 12. riuM'tmij with lli? lar*ritc ?>a<aflli p rtUr'i N arada (2,004 tana, ) OTff il,. Nicaragua I r if it ron <v baring but taalaa ai'ka of land transportation, i>r flr?t data > arrlagafl. Ha?#ra! n?? kail aa.ft iron ataau'amU hara latolj !>?#? pot ao rirar and labo, "hicl atr>r*-o th# tin* oa tbo tranait from to (k"?ii. Tti-w ilrnun iri oBaurpaaaod is tbc-lr roatilaltoa and ac cori modal iona. For information or pa?a**a applr onlr to ( HARi MB M(Jh<iAN, A?cm No b llowbnir Groan. I ctt?r bag wad# up at "L* oOr*. ;*'.t?r? U ?nM |?r half OOB*?. ; A I-KTRaUA.-KIOVETB 'iKl ? CARRYING nil , j\ I'ai'.aj MUUo ?ail.? Tha naw and alog?Bt clipper ? l.ip UlLOhtiBh, l.iOo tnn?, for ?} I ??/ and McMurm. oow ioad.t.? >1 Ne. 7, Kv-i ri??r, *>U poOtiroly ul oo Ui? lit of Marcb. Th.1 abip oif*-* b mro opportunity for anocltanlc*. labcrron, and jun'itt a^rracila to migrate Va Hydaoy, wl?r? iiiiiwi.iU ?mpi'ivm?st ia ?; blamed b*. ?buna') Jli} high rata a of aagoa ifBijrlH r?'ji. irtd U* bo paid b?i?, Bnd $(- 1 ?"?r irnril to bo ?mM out of oaratafa Tk? 'lOerfaa will bo 'allowed oy lhe-?iia batod cbpptr abipatitoao rlaol and Nigbtlorala Mmi for ?i?r to aatl a:>aot Mar'n 16 Bed ViM latter April 16. ilotfe ttaao raaaom, oa tboir Meat i aoyagoo, baring mala the aborteit panaagra ob rrranl too <>-e*n -t?o<i la eightj o'oo dajt, aad ihe N'ghtiagalo id aavoBtf Are <u?a for iraigbt or aaaaaga apply us btar<J or o H. W Cam* KON, 110 Wall "V YORK ANI? Nf.W ORLtANd hTfcAMUHi- 1JmV< Xl P?BT. ? Tor Naw OrUaoa, aV pp.B^ at Itaiana - OarriiBg tb? I nll?d htataa rail ? Ttr <t?ai>Mbip HUCa W ?HH!i)R, Cait Jan.?? l> Hullo'b, *<ll conma* ro ceitiog fr i|ht oo WMaoMlay. March 7. >? I aail 'or Wi abo?o for a en Maturdaj. Mar:b ID, at 11 o'el^-? pra eu?lj, lion pUr at focj*. ?f W"a?i. ?tr??t, '"?r,.li n?-r f trlgbt lor t*>? tBtairior aad for VlnM?? conai<n<<i to . i ???u a la Noai Orloana Jiitki Cono'ily k ?'<> ul >" || rwarda l tr?? of rammniHit.a I'aaar f?ra far lln< i ?>u*t pro'ora paatporta b- fc? kana? p rt IWI? ' lading niu>t i?nt in for algri Bf ?L- araa praai ? .a to t ho aMp ratline for froicbt or apflj '?* LI VI NO -TON CROCilKAoN ^ fxi , A II Br ?\m? j X B ? n>0 OBhaWba R W H" 1-ilaH , roat.iwlaf, will aoccaad tba l.lac. Warrior, abl aail uo Monta/ March 2?. T'NUH. STATW Mil . -T> AM-tl i MlM AN I for tfavaoa and Nov Orl>%na ? Oa fr"lar. Mar it 'i at 2 V. M , iron pa r loot of Wirt? . airaal, n H , ><f tb* ?? I kBowa Bad fiiotda ibat-M^ I'llll.A t?KI J'HI A I'aaaaa* eaa bo a*amad at tbo r.rrp?o / a f rrl(ht Ui Noa *>rlaaa?, M casta p?- uti ? loot ? b'l pora aili bo aopp*H 1 ?ilb ? ar,i I, lit of kadtaf of tl? faria al|BM) kj iba c -aiposj oo ip| ? 'at ion at lo?'r o #ft No oibor forma alfb- 1 abd i* ' laa of to>linf w 3 It i ia aa>l alUr tb? boor of >BilUag. for IraiKLl or ^aaaafo, app.) at t ? c flca of Um ? m fMj, Ko. 1"" Writ atroa'. oraar tf Varr?a M O RjkBCT-t |<? Hi WWT TIfE TTKAM HI f "T U VKMII J[ will iicaro fra^at at bar t?Mb. fiat of Jtai j Kii't ?<mi, fiortb n?ar, aad ?a I ib Vtli Iti'Ail at 2 I' ? for lr?tft.' or paa-ag*, U>.a| avpartor a-Ma-O'iaiura, appl f to ??fcO HTAfeNAAO, Jr , IM praat alroot ?r'OR MOMIJc?TO I II [NO at HAVANA f) l.tND , J ra?aa?|?ra? tbo faataal>ao( a'aaaablp 1 flATfJ", I fO laa a. akll loara bar aar'Ji at foot tt ' kortii I'ni'raft, *?rtii i.tar, oaTbaratay, Hani I, I at 2 I' M far Mobtla via ? arna for fr"?M 01 f** ?ap appl/ ta ??* WTaNNaKD, If afoo'., |o4 frotl al I T.yj FiTlNFflR AND n/ c.i: ? ? ? v'' Ttf'/* r Mail liBc ? 1b? a?o aa<1 a:?,ai,t a'.?? ? p *Ni; ( VtU t, ' apt C. 0 Lad>aw, alU Nao Vara l? * ? aaaaB ?? Faturday Mtrl'i I, frcoi p.?r Hi 4 Stflb r aaa at 1 a'cbak V M btt'a of lad of a t aad oa Bc? I far <i >(bt *p>>>? oa b?ai4 M for pacaaar* la ??M W.L Mill l-ki I. li Itraadaaf Far kV^bi* tbrc/u?b u aata frot Vor* ta Ja'tanartlo, ?J1 to f Uua ?A1 TV I .I. :a, (apt M a Wtodbili, !-*:?+' .Bb4 ?at??? *?:fc?ada;, JUft* ?. ajhj nunc win. Burton* THEATRE, CHAMRERl STREET? WED neaday.? A great sigh'. for !augBt*r. A new dramatic anecdote. calle.| HIE IIUIX "iWAN, is wbi'ft Mr. Barton, the a: tor, will M Mr Bur to*. the manager ; Ike eery ?urcraafol (area of THE K"1 TKI UK. Mr. Barton a# Toby '?Ucrteut the 'Vknee The comedy of JOHN JONEH. Coy Cooiluck Mr. Burton A ad tka fare* of WHERE S1IAI ? 1 I INK t Pp<tf* Mr Jordan Friday? lhEfcEKIUlH FAMILY and THE K>ODLHH. Rowery theatre.? proprietor and manages, I. V Waldrun, Stage Manager. Robert Jonea ? Price* <mU<i>loa ? Boiea, ^f> rente, lit and 'iallery, 1.' seat*, l'r.??ta Boiea. <4. ? Wadrewlay evening, K?b it). Benefit of Mr*. C. Burke. TOWN AND COUNTRY T I! E SPEC 1' R K II R I 1) E (J R 0 <> M Iriab Jig M lie '/.ullet a and Mi*e Ann* IBB BATTLE OF ALPHM. BUIKIJCYH HERKNADkRB, 639 DKOADWAY per* KV KIT Niairr 0 TREMENDOUS hit af the n?w piece, TWO POMHETR wbifb will b?* repeated titty night thla week. I'ooiejr No 1 R. Biahon Ilu :kte.v Pomi*) Wo. 'i W. 1'erciTn.l Riece'liag (he pic<e. NEORO MIVKTRELVY. Concert at o'clc:k. Ticket*, M> itnta, renerted ?eata, 60 cent* SARNIM'H AMERICAN MI'SEUM.? WIMB9DAT, Keb VH-f Teuin*, at 7>* o'clock, UNCLE TUMI UN, with all tba original noenery, rnuxk, he. After noon, a*. :s o'clock, fur '.hia '. tax only, the famoua murt' drama of IHK. IIIU'NKAKI). Admittance, 26 ceuta; child rea u&der ten, 18)j cant*. EMPIRE HALL, 6WS BROADWAY ?NOW OI EN JOHN R. Hmiia e ORAND TOUR OP KUROI'H, To which 1* l<? a- tiled TltE filNUE ?)? HEBAHTOI'OL, Iibiblted with dieting uie'.i'l eacre** :n the principal title* of Europe. In tendon it waa eibbit.d MX) time*, to half a mill. on per'oa*, and acknowledged by the pub lie pre** a* the largeet and one of tba moat elegant and t Intereatingesblbition* in tha ewlj. ahumng ONE HUNDRED VIEWS, forty feet wide, af the prin :ip?I CITIES AND OlIJkCrH OK INTERR-t IN ETROI E Open for ?ibibltlon avery even eg at 71* o cli ck, rbe mu*lc by Mr Aly win Field, of l*ndoa. who will in troduce, for tba flr*t tin.* In th'u country, the new in itrumeat of the piano amies., 'It cwnta. Cfctkdrea half price. (> BAND CONCERT OK HAt.llKl) Ml *10.? A GRAND Cenortof fa -red Mu*lc, aele ted fr"in the moat celebrated eoa. poser*, will be ulven .it Nlblo * Theatre, on Ihurtday eeeulng, March H, on which o. r?i.lrn two of the ufl note J and talented eont nental vo: .1 ar Uat* will appear. Mine. Druel'I* (larbato aod tVnor Antonio Hoeeitl will make 1 Iw.r drat appearaueo in A me rica be'ere a New York auMience on th * ooeMlom. L?t the lover' ef motic ef th* highest order te prepared for ihi *11' keel tieat. * OWIRY THEATRE- MR. R. JOHNHroN, THE Ft) 4 * pular young American actor, ba* been eugaged (er two week*, commencing '>0 Mnmlay, fet. 'JO. |. RAN k I IN MCHEOM, NO. 61 BOWERY.? WKDNEB Jp day afternoon at 3, and In tbi> eeauing M T, twnlew aew labieaui will be pereoaated by the Ljixial a/t ?U, lalitdoclug I nter'* Oieek Klate. Hapj-bo, Vmii r?lig from ibaPea, InieMmc, Tiinpta'.. c, tttk uvherae jaai ly laUreitmg. BtfKAI.O 1HEATRR -t.Hi kt ?t <r,%t OK IIAIUtY Keyirnur Kmk'irt week.? Mr. Sejmo-ir Will ap pear on Uarcb 6 as Hir K . Mortimer an 1 ->?r?m?u''i , end dtirlug the week a* hbylock, ...?iinu'lc len R.rh ard 111 , Or en, Wil'Um, and th* Monettr, at the Roy?l I yceoat, Toronto, 0. W. ai .000. fartuio af a or* ID COPAHTNK ItMIII P NOTICKE. & K /|||/| -WANTED, A PA8TNKR WITH TO iJ! O . " ' ' M 1 % ?1?W *ru"teOt in :*?0, to Uk* bur balf ibt*r?*l iu a lar/* bote) down tawc. mm Broad way, with a Wb J**r*' l**<* Apply to O. A. HOtJIN BliN, 16 h'airau ibNl, up rtaim <ft Q (1/1(1 T??6.000.- lilt ADVERTISER WOVIJ) tJPO t fiii 'iMD al: b th* ab?t* amount 10 opportunity to Inrakt in * r??pa :ti kla fcu?ia*a* thai will psy an ry litrg p*r rtoUffl. On l at 14 Wall ?tr?#t roots No 7,* full partifalar* till k* givan. Nona bat than* w L, j liavx t.a ttU.j a?a>l all. ? PAJlTNER WANTED, TO 00 TO t'A rm nad (.aporiaUnt! tb*r? !w .uan i in>M?l> l atticlo of trltiiiu'ajii for U ill**' ?Ii????ii aul mlliarif . whii h will ftu nail U'l at tla btil W<?lo'a lair. Pa'.caU apj .'?! fer. A'Mrran W.. L.? -;,M1 Poit i'f ? tiu: AiivKnriHKR ih i>E?i*or? or ? V '/'/? lav ntlag an palter or o Urn a? tit* ? aaaiuot la <n? ,afing knn ?*? by l?tHr, |i*pabi, with real nam* ar.<i a4<I'><a'oC W., tut o< llipr; Con , S3? Twnty lif'.h it ctntr loartb ai?t>>i?. No agent n??<l ai/ply. ^('(1.1 -ri.OU t'JOO TO |6M Wll i. be pct in ?\J\7v/- f?? "1'ial ?faaracr par' n?r?hip, In in j (Miaou* tyrr , latioo rk?t? oioa*/ * to bo ba<I*. It., la 6<"? partf ? ul? aaa; a^drrr* Wt'oro, poat pkld. to II. I real'*, ( l.atkam -'jaar* Paat Offl''#, f?jr two days -Pari vfd wanted, m a BCHissn ?*J" 'v/? pa/lBir 100 par ear.t, *)?> ag*nta, w.Ui lr-m 01?v !?> |l 000 to nil a val aMo p\t*nt, a! ?? a jouag bii otth 9 1 ' i ib a raai *?'*'* 0ONNAR *CO.,?m H.(.a4? r. | ?AN KMBRPRIHJNO VaN, WOO Wl-lOB _.t? iarr*t iba ah"v? "urn e a w?*M f at wapa,*r. tan htar of a good liaBC* by a^.irea-.rv ' IMtiy, O, lltnl: iAm. (toi'AhTNFWHii'-nir VKHMWKD BAYS rum ! J <tay forme a eopartntrrblp ud.It tb* nam* of f*u ii *(? h llait far tbt purpn** of ec'lurliug a (twral , jtvilry, ?aUb. a?? alirarwara bmcM, at ta u <1 ?taod ?f * ar H Jam i^r-, W I* It'ir. atr**t. Prt>f iary V?., I?i66 (N ?R * lEN'ONOH, JAMHX II. haht. I>aK*.MK WANTED WITH 010,000? IN A DHI'G ?ii 1 tl.?a*.'al tamiu ?*' >u ami iui. ifa<rt ui ?!>?( buat nff ; pi out ?aon((h to nalialy *i?y raa? i. *l/!t 'U tin' ?. Non? but tha right k' <1 ni a nan im. t- pi/, ; w lit raal nair* and a t>> Hilinria, Mora' lima I)AMU wAsr?ri-?i loo to oi too- in on or tba job fit) i? mariilna iltipa la tb? eity p >olf of Wf^li at pre'* ?fu?t ka a *>>3 <>u? u?? r.?u ? B<; L ?t# ? l ? ' I, A I ik ?h tMn 111 HaraW? r f?> ?? f JAHT^kK WAS1KU, Wll H PROM $3,000 lO 94,000, I ib a karla <* Ois'. para *?ry larg* pr? !? A? Bii(k u ln? akor* amrxat ? ?? l??a nv la<l, a>. I .1 waat* a< muak I mai it ?r?r t ? iiim at**. Apply at ili |l/i atlaay, r? < a> 10. iinTiU) i i.?(ovrv. i 3^ A Itl N' ? It - till ? ff A '? fK A PARrNIR V IfH A ?atoll r?j 'at t ?ng?*.- r. a ?*fl b ,o ? j la'l? frolic *i. I no t %%. ; .? ? m L ..i . ? i ? in* ?h< ?a. Ad<lr??i t' Koran, cAfO Of W I' tj *? r.?- a ?. ? , .' ?ft Brnndway PiVE AliTH. S200 DtMiHATIVI PRl r' <i l AINfVJt OP THE tiKHUAM anl I'altaa *.kuol-la r?a i * la 4?m?- *'m .a um m al Bppi?*td oms ar. ai. 1 ia nil A I4r?a* at 2r* ? I'Ting atraat, York, <.! '> > f IT' li 11) ? I lOO'lfv HIIOP BURNT 01/1'? OLD KNftiU? _ lag*, obi l??<ia?, iu, ill print*. lUuitratM So?k?, fi-grf'jt, aBflbl ( IB til* ftliap* ?'! I ?ra'. . ? cr a", b<.u|kit tM (Obi t>'/7 l:r>a"lw.>, titMBHil Al' j, Vt,tf aa'n P.xpoik >jf M ??a tj, NFIHITf ' A MH ff. BPIHfTI'AI HAi'PINf AND WRITlfUl ? MM. fJtlAN will r?-?-l?? ? ai:?ra lb ? ai.rt ???r/ 4a/ tbla w ??a, ?t TiO Pi .id ?a/ , H'j, a < ?p?l Bj.i ?!ng Utntt I ??'.?> 1 1 AM I 'fc I aiil 7 to '? I', f . 1 1' arviar ?r,1 .r lay mi, iir'tiM. .V il ? Partiaa attaad* I at (l>? r ra r , infl | 'I rata *>r .t* at brr ro?m? Hi ihii i ? i " u mi amiA JAT.tnrrKi >h*atvh _ >p?ai ag aal fe, i w, ' i 4 u r rpiril'.a la" ,?* a lo or'?w *?<'??'a> i mn,' at il a OrMUfl liiulalt .-nmar < t ** aau r <W>o tad ' ? . ?? r?t ilrNU, rtna. atiag Bl T|% % -U fiv D _ EITIM PA1. f XaVY .tAII/iRP ami trthMr. ?IftlA y if y? pr..w,-'..y pw . >?aBty la- 1 wa a*'^ ?,v.? ag\ a ow p*na,owa pr'^orat, Ultr.'M I ,a n of O' #* im! (' ? i, . r * i iJl#?M ami all turiitfeiaiiai aga 11' lai (i Ik! fto'aw i?<a?rH by riiWARO HI Aflat aod tat* P? it*t C H Nory, 17 Wall 't/wi Hul l I HOi-HUC rr |f*?TTI^ '17 AND 710 ilHAflWAT, ?ara?( ?f ' lat? l1?-?-~? . ? ? ? I - a ti.a t . rn|?aa oflara aBmrpa* a?l ??? ??? ?'.< ? ? '? f< t, I ? or BOiaHaal* Is ?aat a' ha- i*ly 'ana *?,? . aa4 b^atly k?p' afafianta w, k or w tba t ?-a.?4 a' r? a" aa* * raw* aad wt*r? a'l ?i * '??f< 1 1? tf a , in Ui laa-1 k??,* ?*a ka *0>'<yaH Hull I HPIOIfTuN l*H >i*K Ml f It A X ' T. | ? T? taoiiM" g?**g to kmimyt ? j? /<t.aa -av If l|?a 1 ai- f? '.a a.latf m ?.aii^. t .? Mr gfc ?a* a* B*1 ?*!/ f* W '* la Ua? plat* I il %* < a* of tka Ut'iali*p* lUaiait a at >Ue < f" m ?>* rvlroa-i aa4 k? a? a laa a. a i a \tm? gar *a, Iki* I c'a i |aa* ali tla* ' w. ' -r la, /all* fi r *#a *'* j toaaiM** PKOIHHIAI.N. I>W/i < ? A I^t - M IK*, oi lUE?Xr. ER^iKm '<> 111* Al -ab*a>* >*krwaif M. Mit??LiW. naaal a *4 a?a - '??ai*4 prapaaa ? wul I/* ra?*?1?! ky th* <."<*rt?r* af I|m Aiaa.baaa* a: tk*.r ?Ol * R?toa a, Park, aat I 1 O'iO'k p M tA )*?'b af of H*rtk a?a' lar fai , aa,a> aa1 *if*r ^at H?tt?ro* Baapttol, f?Ot af l*iat) ilitki r??t ta?l. >|?Ba','?* af ? aa a* a??l of k* koav i*tl ty at i^'l '. ir. ? m *r *f a* * , .? i?/ 'or tta ta*t lag -.f tla* a*w wiag I ?'*? * to ?'at* '.U 0>'ii( t aa af IIB> aal H waai U a* ' .rn?t ?' tad <k* *aatra?*ar oil k? fO? r<4*^ ka* it* U/r? ? ,ff?rlf Oltod wkwr* aaf 4?k?*a-f ?? Ai? 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Hit iiUYimDY. ?r Frueli Gri{4 Mr m-w Martkil"" ,tor l#*t?r I Miranda Mr* Ho*< Iralbck ...Mr ltrouaham | l*ak<mla Mrr U>u?r ????.."' I'???|l'aich M i ut*pb*aa n bi*par Mr \ in. rat | ?i?Dt wall Mra Tbcaaaoa MV Wlkk'K HNXkND Kl OOK ' Miiornt | Fanny Mr* t4)nntrr Tood* .Mr Htawart Mm r. Mr. Ht*|.h*>? Biflnwy M"' tW4M) I Mti Xhwmqf H i^ wun eia OWlfTY * WOUI*'H MINJ-THUK NO ?73 Uroacwaj, (M>cbaolc? 11*11 j I'reprUUit* Htnrj Wood Ae C*c. Chr.aty Inn ink, a MtrlMl and Kill lul IAN rfehtoftMAN'IV.. tomraanvlng i >?vry ivaning at T)? o'kioab T.ilata, Ika. All buaincaa tuiMclxl bjr llaurv Wood. Tjie i lack kwan, A?<i-rou< bv Indian mario a young K*utlraiaii ol rar? uuaical Uiaitr wll uiv? t*u p/ruiiil Vial ami liiatruinrnUi) Coacarta, a llioadway TabamarJa, on lliurid*}- and .Saturday ?r?a ingk, March lat and iSd. him will ?l?t, among *tbai pirr?a, " I Klow that My IUd>-riuar Urttii. Th* lou - dou Tlinrr aay* ? fib* cau >ir>g thia |nrc? battar tnaa it waa ?Tf r aui.g in Kngland baH/rtv H,? e*n *ing thirty rma . I*ar notra in tha araia, and will do au in tba aoag written for bar by Mapbra Ul??r. Tba |iru|iiDBt will l a printed to BMirrov. IITAM ACKW THEATRE ? MK IiVOrr KKHI D T ff full; announca* hla banaUt for nait PHI DAY KVfcNIMJ, MARCH 1. Rnl tuna In iM< tli?atra ?( John Howard I'ajBa'a drama tIJlhl. 1 IIK MAIIi OK Mil AN Itolamo, Mr. Itjrott | ? l?rl ...Miaa Roaa Flaaaatt Altar wtith, wllb a Kraal caat. ( ? Imku a . ciuad/ of TIIK I'OOK (iKM I K.M aN Thr folloarlnc favuritaa will a|>pa*r ?Mr lllaka, Mr. laatar. Mr. nyott, Mr IIUdO, Mr. ltrt,i/li?ui M > Mowart, Mr. tft< <ldart, Ur. U)<lpiHtn>Ula, Mr Viaeaat,. Mra lloaj, Mlaa U. IVnnatt, Mi* lllaka, Mrn Mr*. CoBvvar, Mra htapbani. ikn book uot> u\* a. SMUbhl.lN Ml ' KIM, NO. 12 ROWKKY, MIARI.Y opiKinta tin- lUi??rjr rhaatrr I'yrformau^aa aaary ? rinon, at 3, and a?*ry arm nt, at 7. N. H ? Mran^era will olitrri tl.?t tb* frau< l>n Muaaum m tb* ?*ly plara in tb* t slU<l Hlatra w\ ara tb* M<>Ul Ariiat** arc eibibit*d, * th oUirr orl<(<Bal auUitalnaMnU. Ra u*Bb*r, No t3 Rowtry. mABIJUVX VIVAMK, OK UV1NO H7AM ART IN 1 Krancb and K?utan *t|t* Hplaadiil parformaara tbl* araslef , at H o'ckxk, at lit* latarBatloual Muata, (1 I>WUi<m rtrtat. Tiekal*. W Malt M**arvad aaaU, 60 c*BU. M WElJ.feMK AMi', I r?Ur. BANJO' BANJO 1 BANJO I-TIIK BANJO IM0VT br a n*w, *aar and inarorad ?wtbod, la *la tooa. Taraaa 10 in adranna Iomviii (Ira* r?*rjr at a a in(. I'aplU by our mrtb'Ml train witii tba fr*a>?t fael lily. I'ruf. H. I), k II. V. JACUBA, 407 Hr?a<lway. Ij^OH (.-ONOKTH, I tCrUKKH. KAIIIH, rUBMC ANI> ' coniBiitlra mrrtinya. ke (')naaaa IUi>ra?. k IK lirwlwa;, IUl*rm tba Matr^puiltan and tba Mt. Nttbo la*, I rra oU Bad ('oilamar* Hotrl*.) Rooav, to aaauui n.ti'laW from Vb to '4,M?i p*r*un?, with *r wit .aut a*aU, ki. (.Ix-ral arrauRrmanta would b* ma>l* with a rally ?<ia Mjjijllj fur tb* lar(* rvon ?o Hun<la;i. A^M T lik.lX, Hoparlnlandaut. YNMTltt'CTlON. ACABD - TIIK BI IM4 Itll'JUl fflf J.HKfKIVB TWlfl.*k ?tcdaata Ibla ???k, fur > thoruiulfcojra* tl r* list Ugh ohm Isatrurl.ou, lf)aln<l 114 iluulil* #nt y bo< k k> tpinr, mrreanlll* anting and ar liiuatic at lb* ra ducrri (iifirn* of 1 2b for lb" al.nla (uurH, to-lsdlBg !<?>** ?ad *l*tioia*ry. Appll <aU'?n mu: M mada I hi* ???*. OIJVhK II IMIlJirttflTH, SU Bri?l*t), nuiili CrMklla atra*t |K?? tha Nrw y?r? l'?url>r tn 1 Ka<|<ilr*r J Tha (blm?ri|iklc art i* Biurti laura UnfirUa'. to ktn a i ml tlian it li (*B*r*Uy oMuil>n>1. ant Mr DoMtBilt may t#r r wail ? lairn to l.a c/.nat rr*<l at it* h*?4. [Mom III* llou.f Journal. Jun* M, IIM I la araiy |mf***u? ll.ara >? a r?.gBl??d '.aaallng wa* ? ct* |ir? ?tll'B'BM It Ml dacfctad '-hat BBUxt j <kl!( it tn iiMitiH Among Uwm ?Im Ut'b tb* art arit 0#, Olnar M. (itUialili i* jut laat IxiiifilaUf p" ? ?aiaaal pt rtaa ami raoognaad haal of iba profa* a too . Br. HJHTIR * lint AM l>|XON OIVK IJMMlMI IN a kxikka'i of writ B/. tw. oMIo* M4 Hraadaap, (il'pMot'i HalU a|. I aka? |f nthMD an u'laJlM fa* II.* a*uatlag b??aa, U a aiparWi aad aapadlliaitf Baa Mr. BooKKMriNW, AJUTHMCTIC, murine, *? , 'aught by W. J. K>arU? .*<* Ur'adaap, apt. 11 ttrna lo ? 1 . h, for tb* pa t Ita jura ha baa .<.??.? tlngly Klh*r?>i I'ootkrrpag by doubto a-aUy, aaa true tu a thorough, lima unlim tail II.' h< <?* I t*p<a* aa'l 01 ? r rant lit arltbOMtir, tit , aarji aiadant ran* . ? ?* a* pa rat* att*nt.o? THOMAH DOreHIT, UNMUn rAWrXK-RK ipvllnl} Inf- rma bia fr'* odaaal tla* pubbc g*a ? ratty, that h* lata* 1* opening a arhoal aarfj la tba a|>riB|r, far tba purnoaa of it-trnaiilraa in bia art, la laadfapaa lltlii bian l'M *lll ka laafkl a* p .ail* way dr. r*. *ltb*r la aatar eobrra pafcrll aaatrtlag, ii , kr. A fnrtb?r nutira ? ill bttlna, a< to Lata piara, and trnaa *hlrb "III b? B??ral?. A lirt la l*ft at Mtacri. MllHaana kCo., Hroadway, at It alii ba da ?Iralil* that au> b pu| .1* . ho a. a 7 hoaor him atia tbat/ 'i?|>in; ahould an'.ar tb?ir aaa?a aa aaon aa >??>? aunt to tham Tbia ? ill ? a>?aatwf, la ordar tut Uk*j ?a; b? arraag>4 lab> ?la>a?a la nMtaluatM, Mr II plx'fra blataalf to (ITa aatlafacUaa. hijtb IB bl> aau^a *f t?a> biag and bia tarraa \M ItlillH.l . Madam 1. ai.him, iron PAau, tknmlkm uia *ar*MM 'a tb* tadia* a bit (taUaatB .(> poraaai* t) . by ba< ha aad aataaaa HI.* aaa b* '?uiia4alaat lot* laanian* h<i*ia*aa, kr , and a ill toll tb* aaaaa af tba lady or gaallaaiaa th?j altlaiarrp. ala? lb* aaaa of bar ttaiU ra Madaana Al.HIM *?n<*r*a* >a tuaal ab I r?a b asd <>*ra.aa, l>?.oaa j* Wt Uimtr/, bhj ) rit ?tmi M adam m<?rh<iw wnx uivt i Ainirt khivatt. I**tar*? OB all a v rma of b /*. bar p*?4.*U <m? ara I'd/ aaViBlah ag, tbou?b ab* araotbaa* a*tbli| bat ? hat >* r*roa?llahM lo |<bilo**p!bf If a?t aauat? < I bar* will b* do rbarg*. 7* Itoava* Haaat, atai f aaaaa t*?atlaaaa not a4?itud Mm. liri hY ??DM IaKIH 1,-1 I > *|U;aTXD in ?f pla a i>( taa aUaa'a ky booha aad a* aa** gl>*? nf> r?atio* aa all raUtlona of llfa. hbaab*tala tb* fr B'??a kaib (coaioatl*^ MMlp*rf UMrtH. tiaa ba ?*aa at W ItrMa* atraat MKt>l< AIm Dr wahhi^, MkMi u. <?r m>. or -in g>oaa > f I ablla aad P>bnb?rgb, attawd* I* pwlwa at lia '.14 aatabilabad oA**, 71 Madiaoa at-a*t Mar I *ihar aa. whara ha u paiforta ag th* r?o#t a*taaubiag tutaa *a r*cord, w tboul ra*traiat la dtot ar batiaaaa | ii' in ntkm, h" 1 1 ivi-i??h r^ntrrr, skw r<ip*, J / ?o loaf aii'i fat'f al.lp a am*a lu IBa paal *, Baa/ fc? ?< b*ult*d at hta *l>1 MUlHiliM oMra b* ba* prafUrod la '<?a tran b ?f aotMaa '?? li* MM F*ara, aod aa<a aaora nraa tbaa *mf Mhar aaa IB iba <itf , la a ar?f laaai.w af pa*>'a* ^ ? - ?f a hl? b l a baa parmtaabi* to rxo* to a* b?ra?of*ia <ha>r*a ??"'.aral*. aad .a ail '*m* a (ara |??raalM4 < aattoo M,? r?i/.? J II .ator a ro4 4iap >*? Malp l? Ltl u |I*K I r.-a 1 1. (?J1 aa4 |*t lb* Manatof of llaaJ h. Dr ran ill wiki lat/iAi/WAy MAV ?? mv iaM la lilt ipadaJtt| *ttA a ?*. la nt/ of tkoa* ? aating aid, ubtaialag a^aadf i?l Mrn>aaat?am II ? popalar Iraatiaa, TVa halaat Iriao'T <|raUa; , hoar* Irta. II* I aa ltlolH, *aa*taga DM << ltl'?T7 It* Irt AhV PThtr T WAV hp <? a*M? '1 * tb o?l<laa*a on pntato <inaaaa Praa bia graat aip*rta?'* of i< />afa b* aaa g-iaraato* |*raA ?aat rata* Ilia 'raota-aoi t* lb* aaai a* tbat praaMaM by tb* gr>*t K**o>4 af faru aa4 a* rbarga aai*a* ^ar faat|yr.,r.d *? h I r ? 'a 41 pi'/ via at aa*iub*r af tba N?? Vorb I oi??r*?!y, "lO. *tb*r taatbtaiiala of a bkgh riatfUr a.a> b* a> aa m bt* afla*. I iK Jl ill* t* it* M I l)Aa.p faTW*T IIAJ* fgKT'/KM J / *' f? a?r*a 'rf 4 1 aaaaa U aa la; a Vf ?41^1 a at. r, N? Tad I f J 1 malaaaal it m<i aa/a aa4 aapadiU'**, ba* ?.*???,** ara liana taa*. aaad '?a aa lalta tti'boat faaf a' VaUrttaa flaatira* aiadtrato, aaa tb* ?oa*y ra(aafl*4 If aatlra aaua'artloa la af. giraa I |h hkipk*, i? 1 1 Ahr wrr.m, i?> i/.???? kn<ivn J / la tba ??' taoa af No* T*U titba ?aa*t aawaa lal p*a? ill loatr a pr 1* la '.jaaata Ubt* aouaVry 'a* b- at' af, a* U MBUat't to ho aaaaaltad at baa abl *?'?, ralaaa aa* tba aa ari . att 'a aad gi*t?? ' ' a* laiaaa to a^aaf aa a*> ag 1 **rv h f If C ? xiaakaaa a ?<(? B a. I ra*** aaAtrtaara, ar ao ?bar>t a*. -a | M- 'HtTANl TO r?MAi*' I K ' Htm MA* ? fllj* 1 baaa aoa a ?*?a al a oti.b aa otto* aaadltaa* a tra.' - ad a t*. a Uaa la*i ItU r*at?ry bata lata fort 1 a, a to aaa ag b la a Ma la ? a all a aaa* af *la Vf ;toa* aad .rr*?alaaii at aa aaattor al at W?* 'a aaa *f ototrwiiaa - obtibtt atpaa*. ra f ad <>* laafttdeeee fboar araa, ? tttrr 'tat aMra t'af baaa haaa rVfbUy taata* ba ra aaa B *?/?a*af? ? lapta t braatiaa* a"aaap*ey aa la bat prMa. b? aaata aa4 II fat aai* at IVJ Mraa/fwa' , aa . taa* ly <aa.. 'a aa; paat a' taa I a I tod -tatoa if . ? 'tag II to tlr < I- ? IMU/*i.Ma> liri Hraa. til baa r'rt raw* amii lostxiw nnr ? . , Bad tart taa aatbar ad tba Hadaal Ad. -aar aaA Ca? ?;'?**?! t?a ?? .tod a bit t; at II Kata riraa' ' "aaa af Kitatvay, fraln II A M ttfl I aa* ? to* I' M Caa'aj. *t'aptod Ta?a at a A *toa- a Irtatod by ?ai; a?4 *? pr>a* K B.-I*t Uto <f~tg rt"ia Stii mil im vikfi ?irw nw 1 irmri aatai 'ftal t?ra* aba* aau a* atoa a ? > .aaa a baa ail idhn tbtaga faal lb? ?a*^??'?'?i '.y pa taadata a a rr a a ' ad a ra pa ogx id f aaal al/ tai aa faat *a*t *4 Haaaaaaf At ba* aid ???'-< I alb* * ab-a at* an aaarraatod ta a tar; ra-a aa*. ul .aa| al. J ?I1* ? kaab, |i.

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