Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 1, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 1, 1855 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOVE* MARKET. WiDMieDAY, Feb. 28 ? 6 P. M. The stock market app ears to be In * very un settled, or certain condition. Qaotationa fall off one toy and rec over the next. Yesterday, at the first beard, r ri ei were lower than on the day previous. TKi. morning an advance was realized throughout the list. There fluctuations ate all among the brokers, and it matters httle how violent they may be. Oo'eilers cannot be caught so easily. At the flrvt board to day Illinois Central Bonds advanced \ yer ?n'; Canton Co., j; Cumberland Co., i; Erie Railroad, Harlem, leading ltallroad, j; Chica go and Bock Matd, i. Illinois Central Bjnds con tinue in rctive dt maud, acdclostd one half percent better than the opening. Erie Bonds, 1875, rsiniia about the wine. Fancy stocks are merely floating at present prices from oae broker's hind* to an other, and any advance which may be reported to day may be lost to morrow. Holders are able t > keep them up by the great abuniinse of money but this is by no meats a profitable game to play for any length of time, and cannot continue unless new p la j ere enter the arena. Sellers are making interes all the time, and occasionally bag one or two pe cent on differences. After the adjournment of the board the following ?a!es of bonds and stocks were made at auction: ? 91(10,000 IVnn Coupon Kivon, 1877, int. added.. !'0a DO'.,,' 10,000 Mich. h'ou R R., Jacknon br., do . .. . 85a 86>, ll,6f:rt mortgage on Wells' building. corner of Pearl and Wall street *, at 6 per cent 911.000 a, <'60 Memphift <1ty Sixes Int. added.. 67J? />,000 Great Western R R. (111.) 1st mort. do..., 80^ ft, 000 Ohio k Minniesippi R. R. lid nnrt. . do..., 64.'^ 2,000 La CrO'H k Milvraukie 8's do.... 64\ B,000(!reen Bay, M'lwaukle AiCUi. RRK'a do.... H5 1,000 Cincinnati & Ind. R.R. Int. Honda, do.... 6;"> l,200Cin., Hamilton fcPaytonRR int. so. do.... M '4' ICO si area Ohio Life and Trust Co 8ti 00 do. Pacific Ids Co 1KJ1, 40 do. Peoples' Rank 105 20 do. Mechanics' Bank, Williamsburg . . . . 02 30 Oo. Bufla lo aod State Lino Railroad 108 30 do. Northern Bank, Kentucky 105 22 do. Southern Bank, Kentucky 101 40 do. Ohio Life and Trust Co 8<i 'r. 60 do. New York and Krie Railroad 4fiat 70 do. Ohio and Mifsisalppi Railroad 30 Albeit H. Nicolaj's regular semi-weekly auction ?ale of stocks and bonds will tako place tomorrow, Thnrtday, at 12| o'clock, at the Merchants' Ex ?huge, wben will be offered a Urge vaiiety of first ?Imb securities. At the second board the market, on the whole, was weaker. Erie Railroad fell off 4 per cent; Cam bartend Co., Nicaragua Transit, 4; New York Central Railroad, i; Beading Railroad, J. The steamship Asia, from Boston for Ltvorpool to- da j, carried out $626,620 in specie. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's of fice to-day were as follows: ? R?*?iv?d 967,288 M Payment 139, 5d0 10 Paid for Astiay eflice 129,575 38 Halsnce 94,641,247 00 The annexed statement exhibits the transactions at the Aisistant Trstsuier's office during the month <sf February, 185J:? Afvrmr Trfiscbsr'h Ohnc?? Rkitotw ash Djsmchsi;. MKVn? ? Fkhri-arv, 1835. Xebroary 1, 1855, balacce 92,428,418 90 llecHpft. 0a servant o / dllAton* 92,706,016 24 " patent fees.... 4 798 75 " l-oft Office dep't 37,866 16 '? traufferi 1 800,000 00 " miscellaneous. . 61,566 43 ? 4,600.237 58 T"? j meet j 7,028,066 57 Tr?a- nry drafts 2,2o9,6'J8 1)9 Fh) Office dralts 147,689 98 2,397,388 67 Febraary 28, 1*55, balance 4,041,267 90 9; balance er. iuteregi a- 85,05254 >??r paj ment? 69,686 09 B*j Mice 25,327 45 Hy bal er. diiboriing a c 893.427 04 B?c?ipta during the month. 1,076,09213 1,969,51m 17 Te payments 911,88110 Baton" 1,057,638 07 By teoeipti for i:u?t'>ius Fobru&ry, 2,943,163 47 " " February, 1805,,.. 2,706,01624 Beerenff in 1335 237,137 23 Br bal. er. bullion and expe n?6 account for Af?ay Oflic*) 980,078 52 By ocine reseiYed 2, 740, <459 79 By ftae barmeceiTcd 1,603,478 S<] 4,434,838 flS 6,418,317 17 payment in bars 1.720.20i 21 ?? eoinf 441,288 63 ! 2,161,496 81 Balance 3,266,820 33 By eji? on band in Ariistant Ir?anir'r'? . Otlco 6,724,233 42 9j coin on band In Aa?ay Office 3,022,bo4 10 ? H 8, ?40,io# By >ne barn, A?*ay Office 234,266 23 By imjwr^i bullion 1,034,566 24 At tbe Mint, for coinage 468,661 11 ? ?m. .I ? ? 1, ? i ? ,4h- oS fetal 10,474,27010 T1 ? falling off in reoeip from custom is com paratively small, being equal to a decline of about ww million of dollar* In the value of dotlable io" porta for the montn. Tke few expressed by tome of mi eotemporariea relative to the icduotion in rs" vmo* hem the reduction in duties on imports is , wtthtut foundation, aad would only ba7e originated fca tke minds of those who look a*, tho tariff merely | m a machine to be at all times used f.<r eorae p jliti- ; Ml vnpeae. No apprebensiona need be entertaintd ?f any ?i? flcirscy in the reretue. It would be much better for the oonaf ry it 1?'K? if tlisre was a snt'.l Manal {edcienoy, for we then shouIJ not be dratr k| from the channels of commerce tbe element that pnsenea them healtby. It was never intended that the tariff sbonld lock op betreea twenty and thirty millions of spc-Ie, when it was so ma :a wanted as a ba?U for oor currency. If a r? dut.lon of twen'-y per .e:t in tbe tariff will co< , distribute tbe surplus revenue, let an lme ? farther reduction, until tbe Treasury is emptied ?f We Bi'lions abich are now so greedily sought after by a'.l tbe speculatirg politicians of tjed+y. | Tbe arKumrnts of these party organs in r'avar of ir eicaatog duties on imparts are really not worth rc. plying to. If tr.e Senate Is true t-> the raal iotarcits of the country, the Uoose bill will bo adapted a* ?nee. The warrants enured at the Treasury Deportment WasMrgton, on the 2?*> Mi inst., we. a: ? K?? th? redemption of rock 7 'I p?jin* lm???rj debt* :;d; is F?r ihe Interu.r I*paf Irownt ;!ft,7gn ii V?r tleOietomi 83,922 11 K?r >*patin? in the Interior Department 11 7S V*r the Nav j Department 18,lb'i 00 A bill is now beforo the L?g1sla'nre af l*il it ire anihoilziig tbe State to l?sne b itds ta tbe tnnuit at $170,t00 in aid of the Pslaw-m Rail'Oid Cornea ?y. Tbe bonds are ta hire twenty- ne jesrs t> rna, and arc to ba secn-ed t>y a second mortgtgt of tfce property of t-!C company, anl tie lease of aaid read te tbe Pbila<lel| kia, *i!mbgtai? and B?hiinor? Railrrad Company, a< aa rent*, to pay the iat?re?t on aaid bonds, and alto tlx per 'an per at nnm on all tbe stock snbee,r?*?i for and oeld by the Bute in the Delaware Ralroad. The b inds ate aot to be israed nntil the lemie hvs b jea .ln'y ?zrea?ed, an<l a ccrt:)l*d copy thr oof furris'iei 1 1? #tate Treasurer. The annexed statement exhibits the averag* d*Uy condition of tbe leading dc?>a taien'a o! tie btukt af Roatoc, for Ote week p*cied'ng Uo,)d?y( t'ie 2t'.rb af Feb. nary, c >mpared wkli that for the prariona week ? Bimi*. _ ^ . /w> f*b ?<?. ? a^iul ?toeV 132. *47, 635 32.2"M7& tnn.fW.lM Man* and di*n t?.. 41 *311.933 42,114,800 Inc ?.?S4,S7? ?,4?Oi:t a, 241,314 ttec 1M.7.W i' Z'22?01'2 Inc. liS.fllli srjr,rbwba'k' im. m,2?> li.V'l'tia Uor, 7.?h* Inc. M.WI <%rnUtl?* 'i"ao,oi? l*c 12?,s;u Tke ia<-.r?aae of capiul ??, ??. ,h? km0., u,nt 44,160, ard at the National lU'ik 135.010. Ths aacat Mfararable ftature lii tb.s (.ateaMot is trva kit ef fpecie. Tleai nexed tabli cxh'SHs the ''?ast of caeh rnil r-ad, the gross 'nrime, the t*' lne >tj', ? id t >n - p*7 ceat ine >m? oa cat, >n ?? of 4^'*a7ii. tor '.ln> 0.^31 t *? * t : - Rmuuum or HiUAtmuriia. yet in Grou Net in- come per .\ame of Hailuayt. Out income. a>me. ct.on catt. Worcester *4,868,371 ?$$2,806 $358,366 $7 38 Weatern 9,968,269 1,763,944 718.703 7 2i Cb?rle? HiTer Br.. 313,000 14,271 2,932 0 04 Frov. and Wor... .1,843, 333 240,962 86,813 4 71 Wor. and Naahua. 1,304, 703 209, 11> 94,390 #76 Fitch. and Wor. . . 383,886 42.W8 23,398 7 01 Am. nod Belchtr. . 290,077 18,112 4,829 1 60 Conn. Kiver 1,802,246 277,771 102,942 5 71 Pitts, k N. Adamx. 443,878 60,896 25,609 ?> 76 Berkshire 6('0,O00 42,000 41,4?) 7 00 Stock, and Vitta. .. 44S.700 31,409 31,308 7 00 W. Btockbridge.. . 41,616 1,827 1,806 4 35 Ho.- too k N. Y.Cen.3,310,648 77,650 42,886 1 28 Medway Branch.. 37 909 3,679 3,479 18 00 1 rOTid^Dcp., 3,611,822 643,750 ?12,'.85 6 88 Taunton 307,136 95,950 32,250 10 60 N*w Bedford 633,964 120,620 56,724 10 6 i Htougbton Branch. 93,433 13,138 8,671 9 28 Fairhaven Branch. 361,34# ? ? OH Cel. A F. River 3,434, ir.5 649 656 150,381 4 61 Iter, and Milton... 136,789 7,530 7,630 5 60 Pouth Short 482,296 ,733 16,321 3 IS Cape Cod Branch . 963,975 102.140 61.659 3 36 Fitcbburg 3,730,965 704,639 64,188 1 72 Vermont Jc Maa.*.. 3,460, 3l>8 276,523 124,707 3 61 I*x.& W. Camb.. 230,034 17,647 18,760 6 00 IWrb'rofc Shirley 264,601 22,622 22 222 7 00 Lowell 2,168,9.13 442,492 119,44* 5 53 NnaUua 6f4,603 186,937 65,877 8 94 La ?rence , 368,668 b6,136 31,910 8 77 ^alem and I o?eli. 373 879 67,462 .tony Brook ,,... 266,268 42,049 17,839 6 70 Boston and Maine.4,179,fi36 858,381 373,152 8 93 Faatirn 4,959,808 679,168 279,620 5 t>4 747,009 51,247 15,0t.0 2 00 Newburvport 287,414 32,678 13,906 4 81 OanveraA-Geo't wn 163,664 ? ~ ~ Grand Junction. . .1,183,482 47,898 37,214 - 3* Grand total.. $69, 030, 460 8,696,261 3,260,41m Av. 5 52 The average operati i g expenditures of ths rail roads of Massachusetts during the year 1854 amounted to sixty-three per cent of the gross re ceipt. This is lire and a half per cent gre*ter than the operating expenses of the roads in tills Htaie. We give in connection with the above a table showing the net earnings of certain railroads on cost, with the market value of the stock oi e*ch: ? NKr iNfOMK OF lUaKO*I?-MARKCT VALl'K OK STOCK. Net Income on Coit. J'rice of Stock Boaton & Woreeetr 7.38T>or cont 02 a 92>? Weatern, HaiHachuaott*. 7.22 " ?!, l'rovidenee k Worceater. 4.71 " 80 i 80>^ Fitcbburg & Worcester.. 7.01 " ?7.'i? 68 Boaton k I,oweli 0.53 " 77 *? 78 Boaton k Miine .. 8 93 ' ??,,* S|^ Old Colony 4.64 ' 77 New York Central 6.25 M a 94* Philadelphia k Reading . 8.76 ' <6 a 70^ According to this table the lowest in martet value is only tbe second on the list in productive ness. The Hoetnn and Maine, with a net inoome on cost of less than one-quarter per oent m >re than tbe ReidiDir, is selling at otly two per cent dis count, while ti e latter is selling at twenty-three p?r cent disccuut. The Boston and Wor ester RU1 road, with a net inoome of 7.38 per cent oncost, is wliing within seven and a half per cent ef par. This great difference oannot exist long. Tbe net Inoome of a railroad on cost is the only oorr ct criteiion of its actual value as an Investment. In our calculation for net Ik come on cost in the esse of the Reading Railroad, we have put down the ennent operating expenditures at sixty per cent, whereas it is without donbt the moat cheaply ops ratf d road in the oountry, on account of its favor able grades and dumping facilities. It is only by such comparisons that the real value of railroad gf 'cfct can be determined. Tbe annex#.'1 statement exhibits the capital, losses in 1864, and for the p*?t <Jv? years, of eachjneur ance c:mpany in Boston Boston Tnstiu.vci Companiw. -Vaw?. Capital. 1864. lotal 5 Yeart. American $300,060 $70,462 09 $374,604 89 Boaton 300.000 176,700 43 545,650 72 Boylatrn 300,000 190,594 26 700,889 60 Franklin 3C0,000 32,983 81 139 609 95 Hope 200,060 226,818 68 802,480 08 Ma Kufaeturera' .. 400.000 28,622 95 188,629 00 Mercantile Marine 300,000 88,760 16 294,323 05 lltrrhanta' 500,000 141,666 21 384,949 55 National 500,000 92,529 48 200,186 48 Neptune 200,000 533 036 89 1,817,219 76 Surto'Jt 225,000 69,280 C4 243,981 39 V sited Kate* 200,000 51,694 72 294,364 56 Warren 160,000 131,261 98 399,726 67 Washington. . ... 200,000 159,756 52 605,459 83 Total $4,173,000 $1,994,183 81 $6,84\35? 58 j??t. are losses.. 143,671 19 828,068 28 Lotaea 2,157,865 00 7,675,424 86 Lofckea unpaid.... 658,226 77 2,291,210 45 $2,il9?,080 77 SU, 940,635 31 I $ ?"*M e'lUlk' '? C#n* 0n CR^"3' daring the year The following tabic will show the avoant at risk n thei? : fBce?, on tb? Is* of Dumber of th9 feats aimed:? Marine. IHre. To' at. 1810 *59,817.207 $4rt,859,114 $100,076,411 I8M 58,374,548 47,421,712 105,798,260 185 2 58,571,879 46,271,613 104,843,492 185 3 56,993,992 48,528,739 105,521,731 1854 00,357,530 51,968,404 112,326,003 Tte Railroad Journal gives a very fu'l and cojfr prehenslve account of the Illinois Central Kulroid tympany, from tae commencement up to the pre sent time. The article contains lengthy extracts from the acts ot Congress aad from tue company's charter, showing that its progress thm far has been strictly in a:ccrdance with the provisions of these acts. The future Is open to one individual just as much as another, and the ultimate valae of the company's property can be judged of by ftose in. tercstod, according to the advantages and fa ilities etjeyed by etch. There is one Important feature in the finances or this company, whhh has beei over locked in the discussion and arguments relative to the valuo of the tccuiitics? ard that la the margin left for calls u;.on iho tcck. This is a matter of so nuch majrmiu'e that It is strange the onmpviy have not al'udr d to it more fully in their different repeif?. It increases very mnch t e basis of tie iccurity uj-cn which the bonds rest, andissifB ci< nt to make up any deficiency In any valie pU ed npoa the lar ded property of theotnpany. THa stock tlmj far litis not been callol in e<(T*liy,aad the margin left on soma i?sue4, whici will be jover td when no essary, is large enough to ptacc ihe conDpr.rjj in funds at they m?y be required, inle^ pet <U lit ot It* other nsouroes. After reviewlugtbe aots granting tbp lands, chartering the om.iauj, and regulative its bosded indebtedness, the Jour nal lajF: ? Id accor<tao:o with thf^e provision*, the company, on th ' ltib Marsh, 1861, orynu /ed accepted the charter an nbove, km uoillied the Governor to th?t effect. Tin *ura o' $l'ti0,(i00 in epecio wan depoaitod and duly ackno le.lged. <>n Dim ?t ih of that kuine month, a deoii of the Ian ?*, r ght cf way. be., on execute 1 by the Governor to t be company. olid 'lie *anio tmn.lerred by them to the tru <t< es? inni ly, Uoiiin heU-frnui. John Mire, and Samuel D 1-ockwocd, granting the lot or ground in the City of lairo ?* a iNpct, the right of way, aUo the rai'. -taU to be * tiilt, witti the buildiOR* thereon, to be held by '.bun fjr the p?rp na named in the act. th? length of the road, as at pre**nt located, id 7<"*4 mil?* lie numler ol acre* to nhich tbe company ?ii* iticd comtifUenUy amounted to 2,703 360, but o 'lm to urn e mUund<r*tanJlrg with the I-and A<ent of tie general governm- nt, tlr> uutnher actually roculved was U.b98!B&9. Of tW?, 250.000 were renerved for aa int?r??t futrt, 2,000,0(0 w.>ro mortgaged for $17, <"00,000, Ibe Mim eaiima'ed aa auAclent to construct and ejuip tbe road. 1he>e la?t vm ila??iHfil a? follow* ? 110,00" acre- ? f the lowest agricultural value within 1ft ttiiten of the rout worth, in 1875, a-'pera-re $1 ,.'.00,000 l,8M ,0<Ki of or ' nary agricultural '(iiaiity , *"-?1 $- 10, 400,00$ 360 IH u ol anperier agriLiiltnr?I <|Utli-y, w. .till $15.. 5,?0 OTiO 60,Hflof (ir*t ehts* land*. con?l?tia.' of toU lie It a jnarTk><< mineral* town lot*. k-., worth $.0 1.000, (MO Tctnl Mtiawted value in 1875 $1*,1.>0,000 Ot the l*n !* 1,194 'l"9 acre* are located within air aa >? <d he toi ' and tliu reinnin ltr, 1, 197, 510 fro.n fl* to fifteen m 1? < di?tnnt. 1 1'" plan adopt**) by the com yaoy to aeenre the con ?truct.on ol *1 e r tad, wa* to ralne the na.v^aiiiy fund* fr^rn mor'g?(;e k 'ti. ^ issued an'! ?'*curetl bf the 2,000,6 >0 ai-r** ol land* with ihe mod and appnrtenances. paying ii<t*r><?t on tb? 1? nit* from the rea< rted lantla an I t!>? aeie><m- Dtr en ttie.r ctpilal atock. ? ? ? ? ? ? In aecordaaM with the above acta of the I n ted Stat-* and ot th? -tat* t f lll.noia, ant of the <>r<inUatoa of tbe company |?ir'-iiant iht-relo, the m tin trunlt o. the r?a l rxlendifiK from <>nr? to the I llinol* r.ver, with the <>aU' na bran'-ii ha> l?rn coa*tru ied fh ? t'aleagu branch ha* al?o been n? arly nompleted, andean hi p. it la opera t mi with a i mall aadiUt nal outlay, and wit' o it ni iah d- lay lleecnipunv have negotiated thttr $17,0<M,000 l?an Mfi llo*1 ? $4.<*lO,tM), l?arii>g T |?r cunt in!"re<t, in April, 1*52; $R,t'iiO i*M) of rt |.?r cant, in !/>arion in May. 1851 Thl* loan -arrle? a stock privilege e.|iitl t?i <wi? *i*th of 'he whole ??oe* (or SS,i30 abaj* * ) of $ 1 7 ,'W). A further l*?ue of $3,000,1100 at 7 par cent, with the prl ?i!??e to each pureha?tr ef $1"00 In bon ?!*. of Dccomin* a ?ubee ih?r to three ahare* of the capital at^ct, was niai'e in lots, 185.'- . all of which bon 14 w? re taken nt par. 1h?*e, with th? bonda to I* tat rn a* pty by con ira-tor* and nther p*rtl??. mak" upt?ewhn|? am mat 1 n 9C0} Uaued on t ie arret of land an I lie r 1 ' . I'* ' if) k P 'W COB'I '? tl 7.1100.000 in ?h***a ? ftfl . >. Ol lliCF", ? 1 rj to tbn Uat np.'fL 113,078 have t-een Issued in the Unttad States, 23, 90S ia London, and 21,40$ are still held by tbe company. The payments on tlieae bin been m follows:? 00 10,000 stares (20 biTe been paid $'200,000 On 72,166 fhares $16 have been paid 1,0?2 476 On 41 ,8Cii shares $10 have be*n paid 418,680 On U, 867 shares $0 have been paid 18.285 Total $1,719,44$ Tbe total receipt* Irom all source* have been $18,124, 2i 7 63, and the expenditures $17,698,099 24. l'Ue coat of equipment watt $1 727,178 68 Tbe gross earnings for last jur were $470,?fl0, when only a portion of the roail ? a- iu operation, or at the rate, we are informed, of $i,l6fc per toile To complete 'he main line and equipment, about $720,000 aie stated to be needed The floating debt U $1 >04,426 60. To ireet the above and o'her ne?e?saty expenditures. tbe company hare on hand the following *81 k and no ana: ? Cash and tills rereiv ible $428,178 ">9 Cons'ruction I onds unsold, $768,000 at aay 70. 630,600 00 Doe fr<m subscribers lor bond* 38,BoO 00 Currency in tiansit 2b,000 00 Surplus depot land* in Chi-.-ago l'iO.OOO 00 Acctptauce), matured in London 82.000 00 Instalments due on stock 206,600 00 Total $1,380,118 69 $3,0( 0.000 of I re? lai n bond* secured by 84$, 000 acrfi- of land on Chicago Branch, north at say 70 2,100,000 00 Total $3,480,118 69 Irom ffh'fb, dedusting th? total indodtedcess, $1 ><"1,426 60, leaves a surplus of $l,675'e92 09, or $94f)/."2 00 alter exp-n ling the amount estimated an tufl rii nt to complete the construction oi the work. Our object in preparing tbe above has been to XurnNh to tur readers a plain and reliable statement of the nets under wbijli the company was organized, and of its orgaoiration. From this statement it appears to us ? 1. lliat the company has been legally organized. 2 That they have acquired a valid title to their lands. 8 lhat tliey have proceeded If gaily in the adfbtnis tiation <f their afla rs. iu the disposition and manage ment of tbeir property, and in tho creation ana dispo sition of the stock an<! mortgage bonds of the company. 4 That these lands, with the road and all the proper ty rf the company incident thereto, have been properly nod Ugally conveyed in trust for the benefit of the boujboldert, who, upon breach of the condition of tbe trust, may become vested with all the rights and powers now enjoyed and exeicised by the comptuy. 6. The company were authorized to raise money for construction, eitner by sale or bonds, or stocks, or bo;h, or by said of lands pursuant to the provisions of the trust deed lit Subscribers to the stock, we consider, are liable lo asseMisonta to the par value of the same, to provide tor an> cla ms tbat may arise against the company It was optional with tbe company to issue stock equal to the cost ?f tbe read, and the fact that a large issue has 1 (en made upon which assessment! have been call ed In. is additional security to the bondholders. Although the company cannot dispose of tbe 2.000,000 arrts without receiving therefor the orices named in the scliedalts, they may make nontract* for sale ? the title to be passed only on payment. Neither does there appear to be any doubt that all moneys received by the con^iniy have been properly ap plied to construction. It will be seen tbat all the I tads of tha company, over and above 2,000,000 acroi, may be disposed of at tbe pleasure of the company for the objects sp?cifled. The 2, ("00,000 acres, nnlasa they can be sold at tbe rato speci fied by tbe company, which must be so productive as to yield $17,0(10,000, must be held by tho company for a Criod of ten years, at which time they are directed by w to oe ofleied annually at publio safe. It was notour object in the ontset. to discuss the pro bable success of the road. It has been constructed in au unparalleled short period of time. Its earnings are so Soon to become a matter of record that an opinion given at the present time woald be almost superfluous We would state, however, that considering the hasto with which the road has been constructed, and its immeaie extent, and the sparseness of the pcpulation upon a con siderable portion of its line, tho crmpany and the publio may probably be disappointed with the result of the first year's operation of the road, which neithdV upon tins, nsr upon any similar work, should be taken as any safli cient criterion of what its future earnings are to bo. Tbe present cost of tbe road cannot be considered as extravagant. It has been constructed in view of an im menre business with corres|*rading accommodations upon all the termini and upon tho line of the road. The following statement slioas the number of miles opmcd 1st Jaiunry. 1864:-? Clilcago Branch, 82 m lea, from 1st Jan. to 22J May, 1864. Do.. 108 miles, from 22d May to 24th July, 1854. Do., 128 miles, 24th July, 1854 to 1st Jan., 1866. Maine Line. 60 miles, from 1st Jan. to 26th June, 1851. Do., 09 miles, from 26th June to 19th Sept., 1864. Do , 120 miles, from 18th Sept. t > fth Dec., 1854. Do. , 186 miles, from 4th Dec. 1854, to 1st Jan., 1855. Freeport West, 50 miles, from 1st Nov., 1864, to 1st Jan., 1856. Sandoval South, 118 miles, from 22d Nov , 1854, to 1st Jan . 1865. ?being an average of about 221 miles for the entire year. The receipts, from all sourccs, for the year, n mounted to:? From passengers $270,189 72 From freight 196,637 85 Total . ?476.827 57 ? equal to 82,160 per m<lo of road Id operation. The above receipts, a* will be seen, wero from disconnected divisions of tbc road, while the work of eonatniction a pou ?acli wan in pro* rem, an<l before the company vu in a position to work the road, or even to aceommodato the local business. The Chicago branch kaa not yet been connected with the main trunk; nor was the latter opined through its entire longth, lrom Cairo to La Salle, till afUr the cloee of the year. 07' 8?* 80 eg 79*4 82 * sa* 83 83 $r'5f0 Virginia (Vs. . . 2000 North Car. 2C.00 Cal'a 7 'a... '70 4000 l?nUiana 6's. . 1COO City 6'r '70.. . :i000 Ere ("on ba '71 7000 Erie bds '76 s3. lf.000 do b60 MOO do b3 20(0 do *3 ]0t0 Fa bdn I'd issue 108 4000 111 C Rlt ba . . s3 73 * OCOO do (3 73* 31UOO do 74 10000 do btO 74 SJ 4000 111 C RH KM bs. f,9'? fOOO do 69 >4 ?1000 NY On 7'a..t3 99 <i 1(00 do s3 99 8000 Hud It 1st nib* 102 6 aba Bk America. . Ill 10 Merch'ts Ex bk. . 100 * 31 Ocean bank 72 2ft B'k N Air erica. . 101* 20 r 8 Trait Co 101 TftCan'onCo 24 100 Nlca Trans. . ,a45 Id* 260 do s3 18* 200 do bt.0 lf>* 100 do .90 lfi* 60 I'enn Coal Co. ,a3 100 vg 20 do 100 200 Cnmb Coal Co. .so 34 % 3C0 do WW 3ft 200 do S3 34 * 100 do blO <14 * 750 <io b3 34* PKOOND $7000 Vilginia 8's . . . 0."> 2000 Ino fc'tate l ives 80* 2003 Missouri 6's . . , 92 14(00 do 92 600 City i'a '70.... 98 2000 Cbfc R k I RR It. 94 30(0111 On RR bds.. 73* 2< 00 N Y On RR lids. 87* 2i! 00 NY On. 7 'a . . s3 9? ' ? 1 000 Erie bds '76.. a3 83 6000 ro .. . ,K:0 83* 23 shs Panama RR 107* 40 ( let A lol RR . 70 28 Gal & Chi'oRR. s? Stock Eichange, Wkd.vkwday, Fob. 28, 186ft. i... 05* 400 aha Cumb CI. a30 34% 60 do nJO 700 do bOO 60 do *10 300 do a3 83 NY Cent RR .. s3 100 do bl6 30 do 1.80 10 Mich South. RR . 26 Erie RR a3 ,.b30 . .slO . ,s30 800 do HO do 100 do. 60 do 60 do. 25 do 310 Harlem RR. . . . s3 1(0 do blO 200 do a3 20 Roaring RR. ,.a3 34 * 35 84 >? 34* 94 94* 94*' 91* 48* ??* 4?'* 40* 46* 32 32* 32 70 V 7?'i 7 8* 76* 78* 200 do a3 1O0 do blO 200 do a'JO 100 do ?00 100 do bOO 77 100 do s3 70* 700 do. ...b?0 77* 400 do s3 76 100 Hudson Ri? R sltO .'18 8 Mich Central RR. 78* 20 Panama RR 107* .'00 do btiO 107i; 20 d<> 107 146 do 10 rv; 26 do blO 107* 13 Chic iiR laid RR. 87 BO A HP. 100 shs Nie Tran Co 100 do b80 800 do ,b*.0 30 NY On RR...S.1 100 tain C1CO..U30 840 do 400 do -60 Eria Railroad. . . 100 do. ...b;w 60 do 100 Reading Rlt. . *8 200 do b?0 60 do 18 U' 18 1?* 93* 34', 84'. 34-4 45* *?> . 46* 78* 76* 70 '-i CII'V TH?OK RKPORr. Wkditboat, Keb. 2#? <1 P. M. .Asm* were iinrb mged Bnuomirra ?Floor WII In fair itrmin l, nod firm, with o?lm of f.810 blihi. -tate Mi 1 We?t*rn, 14,ti00 bblii Cana< Ian. n u-l 2 100 Soutii'm, at ycterday't tiiicr* Rje flour, corn me?l, aheat and o?ia were a* Inat noticed. 1h?re veto ' ,200 bnihol< r?o taken, at ? 1 ;i:i h $ I 3ft p?r biubn ('- rn ?ji )>ot" r, an I rather pBfii r. with ml * of .'16,000 boabeU at SVs. a t'8e for mlitd and !>#,', c. a97,',c. for f'tutliern wnltu anJyelliw. per butbel. Corns km In f*lr <?man.l, ao l flr>n, will. sil*? or 1.400 plg?. Java at prira e bargain; 6 o b'iira at j 10>,C.; 310 Man.paibo at lni.)e , Uj^e ; 000 Rio at 9 ',r. a 10c. ; ?D'i 2'0 tft, Dm n|D at S', n a (e, per 1 1. ! Cotton *h in good rerjuen, at lonner price*. I ae ' lali'n reached 1,600 bale* Kim I rj coil w?r* e I ling .at ? u.'taf'O ptr cwt. I Mackerel were ?carre, an. I *it?tna. sxiw l.W yin l smoked h?Tt'Dg? brought 4."jp. for tcaltd, anl 36c. for | No. 1 per box. l-'TH icii.rf ?Rate* w>re Mead J. To I,lrer->ool .ilwut .*>0*1 bale* o' couipn wi cot on vnre ? ngagi-d at "> ."id | per ll> ; Vif ticrcca reef, a' 3* , 4<-i pork, at in. ; it OfO I age (imno. at ? . in abppp-a' lustra, at l'i< ; 810 boaea bacon, at \~r "d. i?n<l 1 tl btla lai-d, at lis. 44. (lorn ?aa cominal and Hour at 1? 04 There ???? no chain* to in rati * to the fontine*.' To I .on ion there wan nulling ni? to ootlo* io Cil fornla raves | ranged ehltflj In m off. t > !<r. Khiit ? >?'' a w*r? in ii e..l I ' boxra layer rft'alaa, at 12 "O ?t i! ' <K) tt.ico ? v r . ? i i ?% >;?rboi HiT - I it< r was i.i ; 1 for all p^lng par cel". wttb ?n r. 1 1 ?al? ? M Wc* l?l vrav't <r.p Us a U4c. per Id. la.ijr ? Th>-re were 71 tone . eo'.-h p!< tol'l tt I'iO N, alx iwntha, p> r ton UiM ? E??l?rri weie Ii a<-'i ?(tli per lknti?*n4. I.kmi? Aiicut iO tfuj German brought ii ?> ij. ptr lOT Iba. Mouiftini*.- Tbrr# hat* be*l? C)0bM? N? w Orieio* aol4 at ? >. |?*t gallon. Navai nvM* were ?joiet at old ftiii'at ona. On." ? W i nl?. "perin r.a 1 olire rnlwl ii'oiit tbe anme 1 ,n*ee?i! <v -ellini:, In U>ta, at itc. a 7H?;. per gallon , W i. 'er lar oil w?. :ul' t and l.>ogui'l, at KOc * Sic per 1 gi'li a KaoMr loye ? Park waa piirrh.ifed to tbe ?it?nt ?f ! 1(J0<| bbu. at $13 A.'X a 1)3 71 for oU m??? ania'. prt , i ottloi al ratia for ktnoa t'utni'^t' *rre aa'e-? ble and flim 440 ??aeon ?ere tatenat ?? S *. 'ie prlb. Ah< nt oO bhM. lard re^'./i-d P)?c a it','- P1' lb. Il?? f war n 'air re-iuoet ami tt'o-'j, with aeiee of 1 is7fbla Pntlir and cli<?ae w?re tneb inged. 15k* rul?d quiet ?t t>l! rafea. ; FoiP.? lfi' ro*?s r?*tl1 btoi.glit lO'jc. frlii. ' i 1 1 (R.-< were 'n tiiod? t- ft ft i iud a'?t *?re piur ba-el (o the ?*ton' c>f 0 hlidi a' ! / a ,'4 ivr vf ? Km.1, anil 1 ;?c a for <. ube p?r lb. Tallow.? Prim* wm 1b (air request at a H.'.'c. per lb. * Whmkkv ? Pales were mvlt of 500' %bl*., at 30c. a r.Ot.c. for Jar My, 81c. a3l),c. for Ohio, and 31 ),c. a 32c. for prison, per gallon. New York Cattle Market. Wkd.vksd.ay, Feb 28, 1856. AT ALI.KRTON'g WABBlNOrON DKOVK YARD. Ottered to day, 1 ,400 beef oatUe. Ottered daring tDO week, 1,600. We aubjoin tbe return* ot the week in de tail, together with the section of country wheuce tl:o supplies came ? Beef Cattle. Ft the Huilnrn River Railroid 4o) " l.ri* Hai'roai 800 " Harlem Railroad 80 Front Illinois, on car* 103 " Obio, on car-.' 078 " Virginia ,...,114 " New York State. on car* ,,..35rt " Connecticut, on foot 11 " Indian: 03 " New Jersey ? Other St'tck. By the Krie Railroad ? ewine GOO " llmtKon Itiver Railroad ? swine ? " Ilarkm Railroad ? cowa and calve* 47 " " ? real calves 280 ?4 " ? sheep and Umba 480 Themorket, peretally, lias been pretty steady for beef during ibe w tea The supplies were considerably behind tlioe ofla-t week, but the demand rather Blackened off a little i lie brokers are predicting that the number o cattle arriving and to come forward to this market iu al next month *111 be very limited; but bow far these pro j )>eciee are intended to atltct present prices, wo are un a) le to say 1 he drivers, too. say there is going to be a eliort aubply all summer, especially for this Stato cattle. But for n.e scarcity ot money, tfce dealers say price* would now be up to frr.m 16 to 18 coats per pound But all there repiepeiitations should ke taken with a liberal allowance. Prices. Beef cattle, extra quality, per 100 lbs. . . $11 00 a 11 50 Do. good quality 10 00 a 10 50 Do. common 8 00 a 9 00 Do. inferior ? a 8 0J Cows, extra 60 00 a 70 00 Do good 40 00 a 46 00 Do. ordinary 30 00 a 30 00 Fheep, extra 0 00 a 8 00 Lambs 2 60 a 4 60 Swim. 6 a 7 AT BKOWNING'fl. Browning reports the market this week "fair." Fewor beeves weie ottered, yet about enough to meet the de mand which " Lent'* continues somewhat to limit. 480 beeves IS 00 a $11 20 Do. extra ? a 12 00 60 cows and calve I, first quality ? a GO 00 I o. do. gord 32 00 a 45 00 78 veal calves (live weight) 4k a 7 3,668 sheep and Iambi1 ? kheep 2 50 a 8 00 Ijtmba 2 00 a 4 60 The following ia a memorandum of aalos by Samuel Met; raw 34 ibeep for $90: 100 do. for $307 60; 273 do. for $987 87 ; 64 do for $171; 40 do. $134; 60 do. $176. Total? 567 abfep for $1,926 37. 32 very fine beef cattle were sold at 11^'c. per lb. darns the week, by the same dealer; alsCj 1 pair of extra cattle, from Jelfernon coun ty, sold to wm. Salon, of Centre Mtrket. These cattle broegbt the third premium at the Albany State Fair. The following is a memorandum of sales by Mr Jamet McCarty 45 cheep arid at $106; 64 do. at $250 25: 39 do at $140 XI do. at $112 38; 82 do. at $291; 01 do. at $290; 32 do. at $13*, 84 do. at $240; 93 do. at $258 50; 161 ><o at $724 60; 2t>4 1o. at $943 45; 04 do. at $251; 86 do. at $211 88; 43 do. at $112 60. Total, 1,138. AT CHAMBERLAIN '8. The market is reported dull. 638 beef cattle ?7 00 a $10 00 38 cows and calves 25 00 a 60 00 ? veal calves (live weight) 400a 700 4,028 sheep and lambs -.v.::::: 2 00 a 6 00 at o'brien's. 272 beeves $8 00 a $11 09 82 cows and calves 25 00 a 50 00 30 veals (live weight) 6 50 a 7 00 RECAPITULATION. Cows and Veal Sheep and Beeves. Calces. Calves. Lambs. jUlertor'n 1,400 47 280 480 Browning'* 483 50 78 3,008 Chamberlain'*.... 638 38 ? 4,028 O'Brien's 272 82 30 ? Total 2,093 217 % *384 8^170 Domuetlc Markets. Nkw Bfdkord Oil Makkkt, Feb. 20. ? Sperm dull; no rales. Whale in active demand, and sales 0,450 bbU., at price* not trtnepired, about 63c. Whalebone ? Sale* l(i,0(J0 lb*. Polar and Ochotsk 40c. ; 34,000 lbx. on pri vate term* Imports ? From Jan 1 to dato 2,950 bbl-t. ?p., 1,6(0 do. wh , 6,000 lbs. bone; same time last year 4,812 bbls. sp., 16,193 do. wh.. 82, COO lb*, bone. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. copartskhs hip woticei. A -t ?PARTNER WANTED, TO GO TO PA jj) A a \J V* \J ? H* ami superintend there the muu fucture of a new invented article of trimmings for la dies' clre?iifH and millinery, which will be exhibited at tio Drxt World's Fair. Patent* appliod for. Address W . box i!,lb7 Post Office. WAAA WANTED.? A MAN WITH $1,000, OR il/vU . more, to take an active part in carry ing on un extending business, already established, an<l paying well, in the Mate of New York. Please address a line, stating where an interview can be had, W. 8., Herald office, lox 123. IjhQffA ?A PARTNER, WITH FROM $360 to $1,000 ?OOUw wanted, to purchase an intercut in an entertament, about to be started in this city. To a person of the right stamp this is a chance that seldom oflerii. The profits will be from $1,600 to $2,000 per week. Call on 8, at 60 Mercer street, between 11 and 2 o'clock. (mi r /v ?AN ACTIVE BOON KM MAN, WHO HAS this amount at ht* command, may st?p immediattdy into a light, pleasant cash buHiness, paying from $16 to $20 a week. The business is d?ne mostly with merchants down town. Apply to C. B. HOWES, t>7 Nassau street, room fl. A PARTNER OR CLERK WASTED, IN THE AUCTION and commission basinets. ? An established auo ticneer, absut taking a store for the purpose of trsns actinfr a general auction and commission business, wishes to make an arrangement with a good business man, with a kirall amount of capital to make alvances, either as partner or clerk. Address J. 0. V., Herald office, stating amount of capital, with name, Ac. COPARTNERSHIP.? THE IW-ERSIGNED HAVE Tilld day formed a copartnership und?r the name of Jen nings & Hart, for the purpose of conducting a general Jewelry, watch, aad silverware buitness, at the old stand of Oscar 8. Jeuning", U4 Fulton street. February ?16, 1846. OWAR ft. JENNINGS, J-AMVX H. HART. COPARTNEFSHIP.? HIE UNDERSIGNED HAVE THI 1 day formed a copartnership, nnder the Arm ef Rowley k Asbburner, for the traansction of a general commission business in oils and naval stores, at No. 160 Fr< nt street. CHARLES B. ROWIJ-.Y. New York, March 1, IBM. JOHN AVHBI'RNKR. DI.-SOI.niON OK COPARTNERSHIP.? THK < OPART nersbip ht-retcforu existing between the under signed, uiidtr the Arm of I.ichtenstein At Filer, has this dsy bten dissolved by mutual consent PH. UCHTENSTEIN. JAMES FILER. Hie undersigned takes charge of all liabilities and out standing debts, and will continue the box manufacturing business at 111 Fulton street. Dissolution ? 1 hie limited partnership hcrk totoin existing between the nndersigned under the name of William II. Miiler, is this day dissolved by mu tual consent. WILLIAM II MILLER. JAMES THOMSON. New York, March 1, 1 V.j. Tlie un ienigmd hive this day formed a copartn?r sblp for carr\ lig on the tin nn'd japanned ware busi ness, un^er Xhu i am of Miller A Murrl-on. WILLIAM II. MILLER. J0NA1HAN M JRK1SON. Vow York, March 1, 1*S5. IJarTner "wsNwwQ^wirTi $io,ooo? in a druo | and chemical cimnissmn and manufacturing busi ness; piolit ? sough to satisfy any reasonable ex pee ta ttoo*. None hut the right kind of a man nood reply, w>th real n*me and ndaitss, to Busln?*s, Herald ofU< e. ri-O ("API 1 A LI: TS. ? WANTED, A PARTNER TO~ASsW J ia I riniiii>ti out a valuable invention in thi* country jinl in 1 urope, su > to carry on an oil esta'ilished Iron virus. A ioiom N? tonal, II raid odico, stating where nn in tn view ma) b? had. rniiT C^parTnirship hi.reto>orh existing iTk _f twi.n the undersigned, under tlie firm oi Gagn.hin A: Arto:*, I* this ><* > dl**olve<l by uritnal coo*ent. Hither ol tl e partntr* will sign in I'qnidatinn o( the business. CHARLES OAGNEBIN. New York March 1, 1ST5, A. AlirolS. Chxrle* Cs^nlitn will continue the importing and commi'*'?>n business ot watch* * of every descripti'in, heretofore ccnduetxt by Otgni-bin A Artois. New York, March 1, ltiA6. II ' AN 1 1 1> ? A I'r.KiO.V WITH .10 rfK MEANS AND A FT fooa t?am, wahe* to connect with some business n w well i stab lehed reijniring sn active mo't Any one who wiak> s a pnitner, and hss in bis business $i.<>oii, w tbout n-umuMsnce snd wishes to increase by strict atteniinn thereto, ** grocer, or jarfman, mav address Te>m, H> ruiit oftico, lor two days. Best of reference givi n ii nd required. _____ ______ __. - |gg|gpw| (JoTa Ti kTd tjf j_ VM '? man with this amount, to Join the atver tiler is u )? ng established business, in which a number of fortnnt* I a<e heen realiied. A good assistant is more di ?ir? d tl,*u Money. Please call on Wm. More, i fjti t'rrariwsy, second floor, room Ne. 1, from 9 to 6, ASTUOLOUY. _ iff adamk, rr.oM paris, TENDER*! nrn j\| si rvire* to the ladles and gentlemen in phrenolo PJ~ by links au'i Selene*. She caa be consulted about lave, inarrisfu' business. Ac., snd will tell the name of Hi- lady or get.t'eman they will marry; aleo. the nam* e! her visiters. Madnme ALW1N finw rses In Knflish, I reach and Cirm^n. He* dcun 3U0 lk.wery, uear First street. a * a 1 1 aM MORROW WHjr?lVK 1 AMK-t PRIVaTR i\l iectnre* on all ro??< rws of li'e; h?r predi t) ns ? re tmly s-;onish i?g, thonsfh she nractines nithtng but what '? retnnriUhle to pbilnaophv. If not satiefled tl < re wilt ?e wo cl anfe. 7? Broome street, a'\r Cknnnn (.'enttetnen not sdsiti BOARDING AND LODOWO. 785 BROADWAY, CORNER OF TENTH 8TREBT ? A gentleman and his wife, or a single gentle man. can be genteelly accommodated wltk a very desira ble front room and bedroom, at reduce! price*, to trauce 130 Teath street, just below Grace chuich, west ?ide of Broad WKy. Iff* *7 BROADWAY, SOUTHWhPT CORNER OF NINTH | V/| street. ? families and single gentlemen ciu be h :commodated with line room*, Hindis or in suits, and lull board, in a bouse witli ail tbu modern improve ments; al?? a set of parlors, unfurnished. Dinner at 0 o'clock. References exihangod. t* C) 4 BROADWAY ? TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR UZ families can be accommodated with desirable room* uud bo'ird; parlor* with bedrooms, or rooms; like wine two geatlsinen, with single room*. 1 A rj HtDiON STREET, OPPOSITE ST. JOHNTWARK J fx" | ? Fnrnlsbed rooms to let, with board, to *mgle gentlemen or gentlemen and their wive*. House newly lurmshed, with all the modern improvements. A few da; boarder* can Ik accommodated. 1 QA MADISON AVENUE? TWO ELEGANT SUITES _LOvy of room* can be liail, either furnished or un iur-isht'd by the 12th of March, in a first class boarding 1 ouse. The house is replete with all the modern conve niences, and the furniture new. Application to be made ?* above. Wall street stage* pa*a the door. AQ EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, FI iST H9USE FROM i ?'0 Livingston place, elegantly furnished parlors, 1 with bedroom* attached, to let with board on Ine most ? easonable terms. House new and has all modern tm- i : rovements. BLE1.CKER STREf T, EAST OF BROADWAY ?TWO I | ? ' liandaomely furnished parlors and a hall bedroom will be rented on moderate term* if applied for Immedi ately. I'erson* desiring board in a central location can bo , pleasantly accommodated. Reference given if desired. r "I LISPENAHD STREET, FOUR HOUSES FROM | 0_L Broadway. ?A I uraished front room .to let, to a single gentleman. QQ GRFAT JONES STREET.? A PALLOR, WITH 00 bedroom attached, furnished or unfurnished, with full or partial boird, can be obtained In thu above Hrst clans houae, if immediate application be made , also one single room. 1 A UNION SQUARE? A HANDSOME PARLOR AND _Lvr bedroom on the second floor, suitable for a gen tleman and liis wife; also, two rooms for single gentle man. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL RENT ONE OR two furniihed rooms, on tlie lecond floor, to gen ten or gentlemen and their wives ; partial board if de tired. The houae ha* modern lttjftro-. emonts. Houston str??t stages pass by the door. Apply at 15 Bedford st A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, AND TWO OR THREE tingle gentlemen, can be accommodated with plea rant roems and bo ird, in a house with all the modern improvements, and where they can enjoy the social com forts of a home. I'lease call at 67 Vundain street. Best of reference givon and required. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, OR A FAMILY OF three or lour persons, can be accommodated with board aod pleasant rooms, unfurnished, in a gtnteel pri vate family. Apply at LJ2 Lexington avenue. Reference* exchanged . A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO LET A SUIT of rooms, either together or separate. Apply at 16 Warren plvce, Charles street, one block from Fourth fctrtet. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN BE ACCOMMO dated with a large front room and bedroom, with board and gas and grsie, in a private family, by applying at 92 Barrow street, near Hudson. A PARLOR ON THE FIRST FLOOR, WELL FUR ninhed, with or without board. Also, a smaH room in a private family, at 65 Watts street, two doors from the corner of Canal and Hudson. A FRONT ROOM AND A HALL ROOM TO LET, WITH board, on the second floor, improvement!, furnished or unfurnished, together or separate A single gentle man, or a gtntlemsn and his wile, can be accommodated; family private; a limited number of boarders taken. 909 Twelfth street, near the Second avenu*. References exchanged. Near cars and stages. AN UNFURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM, wllh board, wanted, permanently, for a gentleman ami wife, in a genteel private family. There must be no other be arders whatever. Address C. L., box 1 26 Herald office. Board? with very convenient apartments for families or aingle gentlemen. location very de sirable for gentlemen doing business down town, cars and itagea passing to all part* of the city. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon square, second door from Bank street. Board ? French family the house is new, with all thu modern improvements, situated near Fifth avenue. References exchanged. Address L. M. D. , Union square Post Office. Board.? to let, to one or two single gen tlerm-n, with or without partial board, a parlor and bedroom, in a private family. The house is fur niihed with gas and bath. Apply at 46 East Eighteenth stre?t, between Broadway and Fourth a vane. Refe rences exchanged. ? Board? a handsome parlor, and rooms at tached, with the best accommodations, may be had in the new brown stone houses 102 and 104 East Four teenth street, near Union square. Also a room for a single gentleman. References exchanged. Board? a iady and gentleman wishing a retired home can he accommodated with a second story front room, furnished, in a very quiet private family, and pleasant location; board for the lady only. References exchanged. Addres* Retired, Herald ollice. BOARD.? FURNISHED or unfurnished rooms, with or without breakfast aod tea; alai, the usn of shower bath, Ac. The house is pleasantly located near Madison squire. Call at 11, northweat ornerof Twenty-*ixth street and Broadway. Board ? a suit of rooms on the second floor, auitable for a gentleman and hi* wife; also, rootu* single gentlemen, can be obtained by applying at 12 Neil>on pWce, one Joorbelew Clinton place, and opposite Dr. Prentis*' chureb. References exchanged. Board may be had at the first of may by two gentlemen and their wive* in a private familv, where all tie comforts of a home ma; ba had, by oafl ing st 188 West Nineteenth street, Ave doors east of Eighth avenue. OABI) UP TOWN ? A PRIVATE FAMILV CAN AC commodate a gentleman and wife, with two plea B nant and handsomely furnished parlors,, gas, he , in the vicinity t{ West Fourteenth street. Reference* fxchanped. I'ars and stages convenient. Inquire at the Elixir office, 261 Broadeay, from 10 A.M. to 4 P M. ?pOARD AT 105 EAST TWENTY-SECOND STREET, X) near Third av< nue ? Three or four respectable gen uTmen can be accommodated full or partial board at the above pla<e. Those wishing the eoinfort* of a home would do well 'to apply immediately to James A. Johnston. BOARD AT 192 BLEECKER STREET ? A VKW SINGLE g< can be accommodated with board at tin* above flrit cla*s houi' AUo, a ro mi, f.irniahcd, *ui table for a gentl*-tn;in and hia wife, or twoiiogle gen tletnm P'ah?- j. am the dour ever/ fire minuWi. Did ner at 6 o'clock. Board in buooklyn.? a k?w sinoli gentle men, or ? g<iutl?inan and hi* lady, can bo acccmmo dateo with pleiiMnt rooma, in a pi-iTab* lam'ly, on the lit 'iiibf k, ? i thin tbri e minute*' walk of either the rioutb or Wall atreet ferries. Apply at 'M Joraleuon itreet, Brooklyn. Board and hooms-a small private family rnvc two pl*.ti>an' aeeond ?tory parlor*. with pan tries attached, wblcli they wiali to let unfurnirbed, w th board. Inquire at No M8 Greenwich a treat, oppaiite Vandam atrtet. Board wanted? a room for a i.ady and gentleman, board (or Xne lady in a prva'e Cam ly, or where there ar< no other boarder* lyi-atfon ea?t of Dowery. Board pal 1 la advanco. Ad Irein E C, Chat ham sijuar* IV at Ofllce. BOARIi WAN1H9? IN AM EHftOOPAL FaMII.Y, NEAR Walt Mree*?ad toiith ferr e*. Itrook yn for a gen tl? man. hi- wife, two children and servant, an *rr.iiige mrnt w U? he ma^o for a year from May I at. Ploaao ad drr<-a with term* ao1 locution, rt. R. J., bo* 7t>4 l'o?t Office. IjOAPD WA.\rKI?-BY A LADY AlfD OENTLKMAN ) \n?ii for tbe lany only. A family wh re there are uo other b< ar?i?r? wnuM t* preferroo. Addrea* si^ma, Brovdaay Po?t Offlc#, atatlof Urma (alii-h anuat be modriati-) and location BOAKMNG ? TOI.ET, * NKAti.Y Fr KMlHIKi) ROOM, -ii table for a r-r?lem?n and wife, or two *ingle gentWn>-n Al*o, nn upper room, H'litalle for ttio ?*M, with p?ijtry and fireplace* ? at the pleasantly fcou-e, 21 North Muore atreet. Italia In the hour*. I^OaRIdNC. -AS THE MOST DR-1RAHI.K AND RK > ?pec?able p? r one taking noardera i|>ne eapoaing their bona** n* mm in public, an I otir nwxllnui of ad virtiainji lwt(|r universal. ttnaptera can receive evry In trrmatlon, aod he pot tely < lT?cte<l to auch, 're* of charge. Oft e, Clinton Hall, ktgbth atreet. near Broadway. P?>AhDINU ?A PARI .OR A*D DEDK'KW ON SECOND fa floor, recently vacated at 40 *e?t rwe'ity- second ?tre?t. between Mftli and 'lith avenue*. AIm, af'Mi ant fro&troom for a aing'e gentleman or lady. lU>f?r etcea required. fV'WUIV. -ON* OR TWO OENTLKMEN CAN BR Jl acreintnorialed with a ;?U'*>eat fnrni-h*d front room, with ga? a?d fire, ar.<t 'nil or part <1 bonrl, in a ? nail priTa'" firoily. Apply at 114 Second street, any day durir.g the ?m. HOARD CAN MC HAD IN A MoT ITfEXCEPriON able private fam 'y, where there aro no children, for two or three g?ntl? meii of the Qrat r*?pc"tabtliiy, who are willing to pav a fair eq'iivalaat for anterior ac totrmndationa In a ira*. cla?? four rtorf brown atone boo?e, aftnated in ft. Mart * pla-o, and occupied by thi owner. The lon*a la flniahe'l aad fnraiebed in a moit ? upenor a'yW tbronfh^ut, an<1 t goo<1 ?aMi? r-.n be -l* penf*e?t npen. ^r eo-il.! r nt ' h? bou?e nn.) 'nrn'ture to tinill teepecta^l"" fjtoily an-1 would b^rtwt'Ji tbe famll} . Ibe m'*t nr. v.-ept v.uvt'e r- ferore- (Ivtrk an 1 n rjnfffd A?ldre?e >?e?e?iaa1, U' ra'd yflco. BOARDING} AJTD LOPOntO. * BOARDING? BROOK LYN HEIGHTS. ?A GENTLEMlH and lady and one niiiRle gentleman can be aecooaraH dated with furnished room* and board at No. 0 Willofl street, within three minutes' walk of Fulton fairy, rate ences exchanged. Board wasted in Brooklyn? with a rjmp*, table private family, by two single gentlemeJ Addreas, with terms, Board, Herald oflico. FULL BOARD, WITH AN FLKGANT SUITE OF ROOMi with large pantries attached, on Mcond floor, null ablo for a gentleman and lady or family Alao, a 11 J room on third floor (with pan'ry) anil amall room ?L tacted, for a gentleman and lady, or single gentlemefl dea ling tirat claas accommodations, in a xmall famll;H may be had at 91 Fast Thirteenth atreet; houae has the modern improvementa. PUKNISHED ROOMS ?A FURNISHED ROOM, SIT able for one or two persons, c:?u be bad, with i without hieskfaat ami tea, at 108 Grand atreet, flrJ block wtat of Broadway. Terms moderate. | FURNISHED ROOMS TO 1.ET. -TWO I'ARLORH oi the flrat floor of the houae 42 Great J >nes streal to let, furniilied, withoufboaril, to one or two singl gentlemen. The hbute haa all the modern improve went*. FjM KNI.MIED ROOMS TO LET ? IN THE NEW ANl elegant house 47 Weat Thirteenth atreet, net Filth avenue, with board, if required. (Jia, warm an i old tuiha, Ac. Beat references given and required. Furnished parlor to let.? a young gentu man, occupying tt* parlor* of a gentoel house ni-i Fouith ftreet and Sixth avenue, would lot the bad room, very cheap, to a clever fellow. Address TompkiiJH Herald office. New boarding house just opened, at 12 and 122 Chambers street, newly furnished pleasan room*, to accommodate families or single gentlemen witb or without boird. Reference required. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN HE AtCO MMODATEfl with pleaaant rooms, (furniahed,) with partial board if required, in a private family, where there arj no othor boarders, and in a pleaaant part of the city, twj block* from ltroadwny, below Prince street. Inquire i the Book store, 341 Broadway. PLEASANT ROOMS FOR A GENTIUM AN AND HI wife, or aingle gentlemen, may be outlined at 22 West Fourteenth street. Referencea exchanged. EOOM AND BOARD WANTED? FOR A LADY, IN quiet, retired place. Address Julia, Broadway P^os Office, staling location and terma, which must be mode] rate. Booms to at the gratfh hotei- no. is. Grand street, near Broadway, one door from Crasl by, ro< mn fur single gentlemen at $2 to $2 60 per week| Meals at all hours? chops, ateais, rarebits, he. Fin o Id and new ales. GARRETT YeRANCE. 3^0 LET? AT 110 GRAND STREET, THREE DOOR-I west of Broadway, one large furciahed room, witlfl or without board: also, one fine large room, unfurnished] and several small rooms, suitable for single gentlemen | rooms lighted witb gas TO LET TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN ? HANDSOME FUR| niahed apartments, n the flrat claas house No. I Great Jones street, third door from Broadway, repletd witb every convenience O LET, WITH HOARD.? A BEAUTIFUL SUIT Olfl rooms, situated a tew doors from Broadway, oppoP site the new Clinton Hall, will be vacated this day; aato two rooms anitable for aingle gentlemen. Apply at IV] Eighth atreet. WANTFD? BOARD IN A RESPECTABLE PRIYATlfl family, by a ltdy, snd child two and a half ye old, in the upper part of the city, or in the viciaity ol Harlem, easy of auoees to the city. Terma not toexeeed seven dollars per week. Address note to Howland, Her] aid office. T HOV8E8, ROOMS, <fcC., "WANTED. A GENTLEMAN. WITH A SMALL FAMILY OF GROW>fl XX perions, wiabea to hire a genteel house, bet wee r Fourteenth and Ibirty-fourth streets, and Eighth and Tenth avennes. the owner ?? tike board in part pay] merit. Heat of references given. Address S KnappJ I'nlcn Square Post Office. AOENTIEMAN AND WIFE WISH TO HIRE THif spacious anil finely furniahod house which the; now occupy, to a small (mn ly which will admit them a?B boarders in payment of tlia rent. 1 ho house is mi i in a very desirable locality. The arran<cracn' mar com^ ni< nee with the 1st of May. Address L, box M2 Poau Offlcef 1 AIJDV WISHED TO HIRE A HOJSK IN BROOK | iyn. between Montagu* and Hamilton fornea, wher the family would be willing to take the wbolo or part oil tie rent in board The beet of reference given. Adj dress II Howard, Brooklyn Post Offlce. ESR BOOM WANTED ? IN THE VICINITY OF WALlJ street. Address M.. box *2,111 1'oat Office. D HOUSE WANTKD? ONE FROM $?00 TO $800. Muat contain ga?. hath and all modern improve menta, with some family dl*po?ed to enjoy the comfi of bsme, without tb< trouble of housekeeping, and re celvo board in payment for rent. Reference given. Ad diess 0. H., at, or personal interview, 47 Ixxingtar avenue. H HOI SE WANTED? CASH? LOCATED HErWlSO? Sixteenth and Tatnty eighth irtrevta aud Broad' way aid Eighth avenue; price not to exceed $1.1,000. One It Horn $5,01.0 to $7,t>00. Alao lot wnnt'd between Pevtnth and Ninth av-nues, in either Thirty -sixth, Thirty seventh, or lb rty eighth streets. Those d?(drin| to sell for cash and willing to make ? nt.tne allowaae for it can *|>ply to WALLEK & bEELY, 440 E.gtitM avenue. OU8KS WANTED? IN THE TWELFTH, SIXTEENTH,] or Twentieth wards, to rent, from $350 to $900J Good an<) responsible tenant* furnished by WAIX.KIT h SI ELY, 440 Eighth avenue. House wanted? anywhere in a good loca tioo, below twentieth street, modern Improve menu, gas, Cioton. Kent about $700 or $HOO per year Apply to A. BUNKER, at office of the New Haven House, Broadway. mo iandlokdb.? wanted, the lower fart orl J. a bouae, with back and front basement and thrrafl bediooma, to any street near Broadway. The adverti?e^ would take a small house iu the aaiao neghborhoodj rent not to exceed $500. Addreaa E. D. C., Her all office. 1'ENFMENT WAN1FD.? k SMALL, NEATLY FCR-I ni-h?d tenement pleasantly located, suitable tor af gentleman anc wif* who wisn to keep bonne aeoaom' cally. lhe best of refeience will be given aud required Aiioress Emerson, Herald office, stating terms. WANTKD? BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. FHOM| the 1st of May, one balf of a new booee, in tba upper part of the city, eligibly located Rent not to? exceed $t00. Address IM. box 137 Herald office, station situation of bouse aad when it can be seeu. An owneq pro/erred. References exchanged. WANTED? ON THE FIRST OF MAY. UNFCRNISHEDj apartments, e?nsi?ting of front parlor two bedroom! and a basement, for a family of tour, up town, but not! above Thirtieth str?et ; v lnity <?f l uion square preferred^ Address, Mat rig terms ( which must be moderate. ) an full particular*. Henry F Price, box 1,578 Office. fl,'ANTKD-B T AN UNEXCEPTIONABLE TENANTJ TT from '.he 1st of May next a sm%U gonteel houseJ between Spring s?re< t aod W'averley placa, in the Imn mediate vicinity of Broadway A line addressed to M. F.. Herald $Am, will m?et witb aitentlot. Wf AN) ED ?TWO OH THREE UNFURNISHED ROOM-" W in Sixth or Sov?n'li avenue, suitable for a physi cian snd his wife. Kent not to exceed $10 or $12 perj month. Address Dr. R it . Broadway Past OHioe. AN TED? A LOFT >OR STORAGE. APPLY AT tioi - d?sa of the Iltrald offire. w WANTED- BY A SMALL F'MILY O * BI T THRElJ persons, { no chilorva,) part ot a nwn bu itJ bouse with gas and ? r n water, location be'weeo* Eighth and Iwrn'y fifth afreets and w?at of Broadway.! Rmt must be moderate Address J P. K., Herald office, I stating toeitiM and it nt. ' WASTMk-A SMALL NEAT OTTTAGK, IN THE CTWrf of Brooklyn. o.i ess tierma. Addre-1* with fit# particular*, Columbus, ileral 1 office. 11' ANTrlt-A SMAIL MOI-'E OR I'AKTOF A M'? Vv ili-rn heuee in a re?p-c'aMe neighborhood, noil sbn\e fortieth street, trom 1st May Atldr?s*, stating| location and rent F ClinU-n, 169 Weat stre^*.. fl'ANrH'- A Ml M'1 M.-1/.HlHOt'hE W IUI MODKRWl V\ im, r? vem* nts fuini^bed or partly furni*h?d a a.1 good neivhtiorboe ). near litoa I wa.? , betwaen ('?a?i andl Twra leth stteets, 'or one or more years. Aodreas W 8 , ller.Id cffic*. ANTED niL I PI ER I'ART OF A Muro-KVl W bause, wi'h ei'lier front or Hack base m -n ? tol all Hv*ro?aa, o' Broadway, by a imali family? I gcntlemsn, wife aal oji. i two yaara old, aad sarvant.' Acdr??s A. B., 151 West street, statm< tarma. loca tion, kc. UfANTKD TO Lf.A.-E? F" iR a TERM OF YEaR^, A| dwelling boose, amt%ble for a amall family, fori wblch the aubscrilier ?i)l lay a reasons da rent, anil keep the premlsea In proper repair. Ilekiw BleeckM street prefetrud A<ldr>-?, sui ng ti'rms. number an4| iooatioD of house, E. Bootes, 71 Trinity plae*. MAN'UHO RENT- A HuTEL, FURNISHED ORUN fw rniabed, in a good location or ? bona* that wlUl MM moilate one bonded i?>ardera. Addreaa or caIioa| A I 0KIEK, No. 46 Uiove atreet. -II' AM V.I I TO RENT-IN SOME RRHPBCTABLSj W ptrt of Brooklyn, not over lj v> JO miautas w*'.? fi -Til thr Wall ?tre<-t ferrv. a neat, w. U built frame eot lege with | ia//a in front to -onta n at lea-t six room* ai>d two basements, and to bav* gas pipes all thmugb the I ? upe. If the ?? rus are reaMuabl" the honas n'berwee suits tlie . Ivir.MW, he is willing ii? pay th? rtnt In advance AHre??C C., ?ox 20 N Y. I'oat Office, stating lull partl ii ars AN no TO M'Rt It* ~A SMALL FAMILY ff siattog of a r?ntl-n?n, wife, lnf?n' aad aervar^l g rl. ) t* e ae -ond ft?>or . wi'h -riom oo th^r.' Hwor) tf .1 mo-'ern house, in ?M -h 'ha-Ms oat ?n? ot?>er fim"rj ier prefei r d .1 !?e a iitrV*." fr< ? ' r?M>?s he.'r?oni and pantry <>m " ? il- >r :t-re. r?r :ea ev. hsrire^. Addrex, wi'b Jfivafrtat, it ? t* Uj HeraW office,

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