Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6764. SUNDAY MORNING, M A.ROIT 4, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON. CLOSING SCENES OF THE THIRTY* THIRD CONGRESS. VETO OF THE COLLINS STEAMER BILL. Its Vodifirat iou and Adoption by the Sfiiule. WRANGLINC AWD COflFISIOY II* THE CAPITOL, Ac., Ac., dfco. TIIIRTY-THIHIi COIVRBESS, MOUND UMfllON. lenitr, Wasuinoto.v, March 3. I85r, lj.e Appropri.tion bill i. un< er, and the 2i",f . **,urJr to any amount and? eT? | ? ? 'U J,C ^?'?K ?n. lot' rminable are the bill, coaajdewtl amended, rejected and pa,?ed. Wl,,.,. the SZrZuiT T TeCU"' y' " ? ?*"? **? ? 5 fh Vl , Jmpoiilile to SnauiV'^ T^' lhe .. that the o!"* "IU D,0t a,,-">urn ll" ???morrow noon, when if Sr.^ouo?- , PP0,nted in Carr-"Q* #PProPr'*Uon? t , flcfenf, n . 7 fr?P0MH' th#y t'lro',ten to ?""?? ?? "a Son v.. u"' "an lman lraJ"t to ihi. Appropria on b.U. *f,e n It ihall r. ach tha Homo, any amount of fuo may ho consuerei in proapective. It u no' ij, po?.ble tha, a genera. break- do ? mi4, uk" ^ an e*trn umioa of Congress reu !ere J no-e^ary. I '^T.all r^pcrt an, inteieating details that can be had at the re Potter . desk, or be obtained fro.n a?y reliable aource The amen: menu pawe.I are: to incrcaae the aal.ry of the.ulTey,r G.nerai of Ne? M-xico U, ? 1,600, and of hij ?;;rro; !? e,iu*liie th? 01 ???unu.u 1.. Ue Und on ce, to make the salary or tbe Surveyor Ceneial of U.h $4,0C0; Survojor of Z u? ??.?. ra Wssa: 'f, ;r ??" an.: giiaairTto ifew ?? ?tkJ-p*etor.i, a-id twenty wei u. feSKS ;?y?x,?! vor, lo nnijHphit^i'Vfor cu;,,^::'f,!rrtj lrj,u -v'" faror. at tft* close" ofTiV proH-.n't to f",14""1 afl " "PM'al courtesies of SuatorH h? tte r 1 ' , n!:'?ro"?t<' th? in, certain portHf dott to Zu,,?,1* ,?-t*?>Uah ?iid Kentucky. PMMd MiMUsip^i, fenneaneo, j&W^sass '? ftssware Si" lhlf ametdiuent was defeated & fa Ssr ?3Kb>t,' ras; a cuired in ?ac?t,on. ">?ug?> the appointment* oc c,lled ,,p tu# ,Iou"e ?'HS:-r"s? ESS- '?? -S&KZil draw the ane'ndroe?^ ?' V* ' a'k?'J Mr G,r:o t9 "ritl1 . mom?nT" ' WW,) ?f ?<? rote It down in j The a wen. meat w., then defeated, by nay. 23, yea, atcfnomort"*'' ,he? F**""1 " b*f0r? ?t?ted, without ^ *??? - ^'SSLrcKt 0f twenty f1T. agreed to. r Ht<lt"?rT to be exetuWd, wit ?.T^WnV:?tofVJ:^0,ida cWm' - tben ne ?Lu?i>o' "ilh 4 *reat nuuilj?r of ^ot hcr'amond" W., tier, tZ*"pAL irPH??M lT"'* MLL f.,Mr ,H, vr "then remarked that th> Home had r?. futnce r n VhT UUitarr '7?^ ?L",le t'0nl nitte* of coirmH'ee wa,^ rtw/arr' "Pr0,> ?D "d ' ?f^ferr^r^H0^'03'1^ - ^P-pri.tion thsKS%''" Fri ^ ^ of menda'ior trom'he virvlle ' that ? recom au eh nu appropriation. ePttrl??ot ihouM precede The pr<p?*.t'< n wan then rej?cte?l. \tr ?r. . T,m '.'OtXIXS ffPEAMERH AOitft, CnanI mc a > !ypa*ed "J " n" "turner. Il.n Vrmtllt ?, "Y1"1'10 8833IOV. ./ '.*1 " cams 'rom the Il'iuae The pamd fruniU amendmenU, wh?n the u'll wai pa aaw" * m,*r ?( ualn,P?'tMt private bill, werj then ui.teS sF un^er cor?i.,eraKtion in thl^nTte bill bin. **T ' am ?''P? 10 tt?'* procoea of pa,,!,,^ 4 Quite an animated anil unpiirli ? m*ntary diaena'don now tosk plut between differ-nt Ht-nator* upon par- I 1 amenta:; uilea, with a good <l-al of audible con* r?e tl'in upon ilie flour of tbe8enate Tli* I H a I km as --Tbe St-na'.or from Miqjiigan, (Mr. i Stuart.) will |I?nae Nu?pend hU remark* until orl -r I* r< *to:ed la ti p cbamVcr, Qu,<t wan Humewlint re^ored, when Mr Staart re 1 eumed tin remark* He advo-.aUl the right of terri- | tortal l?(j.i.lHtore? to manaire their own concern* wiibin the coni'l lotion of the t uited 'tatei. A'ter thirty minute*' diacuta >n, tun Senate manlfea'. lug ccn?'d?ral'e dbmiImu, Mr .Stuart obaereed ttat nothing at ?'rt of tlie infraction of the Brut principle- of tiunmn ligUt* would litre induced him tj occu >y the time of Mi' hut night of the eee ion Mr ? We nave the piwer. 1 do not know tha fact* He then cited laira againat Mr. dltiart'a poai tloni. Mr Ram. fx ttien made an att i k on the I'reaideot pro I'm 'or ruticg a ni.-a-tire out of orler became mon^ru ou? with a leaning mraaure. Ttia 'lera <in of Mr. Height, the c'la'nn in, having Vei , aptifjUd ftim, Mr. Foote took the chair, when Mr. Jirlglit d?n>?d liaring uael the wor 1 " lncoii<ruon " i Mr IUmik* *%id be did ao In aibaUnce. Nj? I air it t ?on Id 'f in order to attach anjr appropriation bill to i thla bill grading a penaion. Mr. Bayard aaid incongruity did not ma'io m-nnnn I ?ut of order Mr Cu<>r>.K made a atatement of facta In reason to the l Traralt Ra.lrond Company of Minnesota The aecond O mm'.ttee cf Conference of both hotia'-a on , tbe Army Appropriation bill then made a report, which the Senate c< ncnrred la. Mr (Vjoi-m then reanmed hit remarka. Mr Prrrr followed him . aajiotfh bad ne*"r r?*l the | rulea of tbe fenat^. and ahould not if he lired to ba tb? ; age of Methnaelab. Ha roae, he aaid, to vindicate th>- ' truth of t.letory. Ha d'd not care 'or fo'roa. Mr. Dot ? Thla debate baa b?en elicit"!. beeanae 'lie leport of tbe Senator of Pennaylvanla, fro-n tbe Committee ,oa Terrltotiea, ha* not been carefully pe rn aed T1 e debate, which I* terribly dry, pro nlaea to he in terminable. The large auditory are diaaat.afled tbe lobby tn. mber* and Aenatora are <lroeay and liatlnta I At half paat three tbe Hei.ate went Into exeiutlre ?efaion d?ri?g which nothing important tranaplre<l. At ita rlo*e a receee waa taken catil *? ven. ft ie now ten o'clock, and tbe Senate baa been engage I in hearing the Mtlea of engroaaed Mil* Mr. ClaiTo*, with unao'inoua content prcaented a revolution, '.banking Mr. Rrigbt lor the able ao 1 laipai tial maaccr !n which he haa prealded over tlie Heaata. f'naa'monaly naeaed . Mr. Rr*?, fir m the Committee of Conference on tli ? Pe?t ftfllce Appropriation bill, report* I tbe agreement of ! the two hoii>ea on tbe bill. Agreed to. Tt?' Senate then went Into eieeutive aeaaion aga'n. Tlie eueufive aeaaion ha* cloaad, and tbe fle;atci? i in rpen aera!on again. It baa r?fu?ed to concur wltS the H?aae an to tbeir in ' terfi rence with the Miraeeota I<eg a'aturc Mr. Pa who*. fit m the Comm. ttee of tbe I? atriet of Coli.mWa, reported a bill for organ'/ n* an inailtuiiori 1 for 'be ie^ece of tbe army aid nary In tho I> ?'.rict, ?nl for oHer parpoeea. Ci.naldered an'i p?i -eil Mr. 0a?*O!> alao te{K>rted back tbe t>Ul Ineo-porat rj tte WaiU!a|toa MoauoMat Boeiit/. He di i not n. Ita ' ' consideration, became there waa no chance of if pat ! . Mr Jojtejj, of Towa, from the Committee on Territories. ; reported back the billk for the erection of publie build i inga iii Kaniai and tvsbraaka. Passed. SCKDAY, Two O'CLOCK, A. M. I The Senate is t- 1 i * I in ssasitn, with no prospects of an in. mediate adjournment. Iloiue or RrprritrnlatlTui. Wasiiinoto.*, March 3, 1855. The Senate bill appropriating 1141,000 for tbe removal , of lb* obstrnctionii in the Savarnali river waa passed. During a discussion on the report of the Committee of Conference on the disagreeing vote* of both Homes to the Armj Appropriation bill, Mr. Kaci.kmkr allu led to the aubjert of claims for damage In California during the Mexican war. Mr. Bkxtox (dem ) of Mo., understanding him to aa y acm'thii g detrimental to Mr. Fremont, indignantly roae and re|M'lUd with extreme warmth the assertion. "Did you say Mr. Ircmont did it, airV Did you say Fremont t did ItV trie* of ' order, order," A.c , and the Speaker, rapping with hi* hammer, informed the gttlleinan that he was out o! order. Mr H';>ro.t? I tnow I am, air; l<ut I want to vindi cate tiuth and justice, air. 'lbe f-peaksr continued rapping, amidst much ;onfu ilon and continued cries of ' Order." Mr. Fat iknik (dem.,) of Va , elevatinj hh voice? Tbe gentleman is not more inclined to do this than I am. Tbete i* so occasion for his excitement I was not male inp the slightest alluaion to Mr. Fremont, or of any injury or di-strurt'on of property. I waa speaking of a private claim, and alluded to tbe testimony of Cimmo doie ft. cr ton Mr BtNTOx again rrse, speaking and gesticulating vio lently, and laboring under aevtre hoarseness. What he said was io-t in riiss ot "Order " Tlie b'tTAKKR again reminded Mr. Benton ho was out of order. Mr. Rkstox ? I beg pardon; out my In lignatiou is great, sir. Mr Fai i knkr? N? eaus? for in lignatlon Mr Pente n reautnsd his aear, and wa. soon composed. Tlic report of the Conference Committee was rejected; and, on motion, the *-enate was aal.ed for another Com% njttfe of Conference. The House passed the Senate bill making appropria tion? for keeping the chancel of St. Cla'r Hats and St. Mary's river, Michigan clear Refused to append the rules to take up the bill m iking appropriate n for tbe improvement of heritors in Mas sachnsetts. \ I.TO OK 1'IIK OfKAN MA1I. HTKAVKK 1III.I.. A mp>-suge w?i revived from the President, informing 'lie IIouj e that he had aigned certain bills and return* 'og the Ocean Mail Steamer bill, with his objections. (Sn.satl'n ) The ,m,kaks:r naked if it was the pleasure of the House that the me^-H/e should he read Several objections, and impatient cries of ' Real," " read. " Tie me; "age waa rend by the Clkrk The President nuotes* the section of the hill relative to the Collina line, and tefers to tlie la v under which tlio contract nits, bv whie.u f vo ships were to be built, whereas hut four were put on 'he route. The bill pro poierd to l ispense entirely with the fifth ship, merely all pulai ing to rep ace the loss of I lie Arctic with an other. The hill proposed to repeal so uiti :h of the former cine na enabled notice to !ie given to the Col Una line to terminate present arrangements. What ever exigencies may occur in tho art of naviga tion, while it was designed to psy the contractors a very much larger gum than was cal'ed for by the origi nal contract, they are exemp'.el from the general con I'ltions, with the further nilvant.a?? of placing them beyond Coog'en. Tne privileges to them are without cerrespondiii(( advantages to ths government. The ad ditieral pay Is mere gratuity, while nominally making an apptopr ation fur the transpnrtvivn of the intila of tho t'nlted States To continue this vould g ve them pre-eminence, preclude competition, and es tablish a monopoly iurompatiM? with the constitution. 1 he President alludes to the fact that two million sit hun dred and twenty one thousand doll era have already been paid this line, while the rereipta from postage hav-' been oulj t"i!4 000, showing an oxtraoru nery expenditure) over the receipts, at a charge to this government, while the contractors are in the enjoyment of receipts from psSMengera and freight eijuai to the amount received from government. Immediately after reading the message, Mr Hust. (whig) of I?a.. rose, siyiog? Veto follows veto in rapid march Much excitement aad confusion, with cries of "order," | and "uear turn Mr He.\T. (warmly) ? I am to or ler. T ahonll feel unworthy of holding a place <>o till* fUorlf I <lid not give uttenmee to the t.'iiiing* of my heart. Veto follow* veto In a rapid marc 'J of tyranny ovrr the llbortie* of | cur couutrv Thi* alx'inioablo reto jnit brought into I the liouae ia the eery height of tyranny and uaurpa I tlon, uula'jwn to onr anceatora, atxt without precedent. | I deaii* gi nt.'enifn to member who they ar* ? the rep reaentatirea of irlepvndent. people, the parliament lent here to exjr*?a their mindt ? men met for grave, con eclentlou* and putriotlc pnrpoaee, and n:t ainve* ? the uMdiitD1 'or recording the will of th ? Kmitlrc. who aeem* bent entirely on dolo? away with the fariala " ion of the eoilBtrr. "The tiraea are rr.elam holy Indeed, when the fr. aidant dictate* U>? to ti" p?.?ple without allowing iti'mt er* the exercise of tbelr Individual Judg in nt. Thi* i- a power never c< nferrel by the ronatitu tion, ar llf permitted or tol rated for hii lait-int, will iin v* the overthrow of th- liberties of the oountry. l?n out fat!u m [ lit .hi end to inon.ircliy, they thought they had eotabliri.ed a free country, but Franklin Pit rce. by acclde nt I'reeldent, can dlctato to a free poopio what tli'y aha'l do in the matin * of lawa 8omi' r?n tlnr.en o?er tie wa? are am liii?c complac-atly. No doubt tley w< ulJ feel rather overwhelmed with griff and aorrow at a tyiant striking dovu tbe will of the people, Mr Ki nr ((fern ) of C , movad the previous que* tion. A -nid excitement, Mr. C txi'iici.i , ( free auil) of Ohio, loudly at?<! ex .-Itedly proclaimed This i* the d.?y of the revolution." The reir.alixJer of the sentence waa dro vn? i in crle* of "Order " M<V iuom.ii, (dem I of N. V., mov&d that the liouae adjourn. Mr. BbkcSHMUDOk (tun.) of liy., vainly strove for the floo' to exprea-. hi* unqualified approbation of the reto. (ien'lemen ata-dii.g in a'l part* of the hall were call ing for qawtton on tbo adjournment. M.. Afii.. i dim , of .V C ? If we adjourn no*, when Will we meet again? Criea of "Strtr, nerer. " Hie ?pcaiuii ? It la tot for the <' to determine. Mr AlviAl wt adjourn, wecau't u?eet to moriow. 1'iiaa of "Order ' iu atartling tone*. Ihe Route rtfu?ed to adjourn. The >i'kakkk atated tliat.the i|'i<*tlon wan shall the Ocean Mail M. aioir l/ill pa?*, the J'fcel.l< nt'a objection* to the oontrary notwithstanding De ided in tli? nega tive by a vote of Id against T9. The conatitution re quire- a two third* vote. Tin. i>eTh\u ooaraiofcn, wo. The 9r? a k t* laid tefore the Hdum a vaatplloof min i script from the Mate i'?partui<-nt noota u ng letter* of Id truition U our fi reign miniaters relative to the affair* of 1 urope a bleb led to the Ortcnd (.Vinfermce. Several ioeflvctunl attempt* were made to con*i<ler the ha i In. r hiL? iiir ci i it. axn omoManc arrHor?iano5a M IIoi hto.v /ein irked that the Ci?H and INplomati: A|'pr< priation Mil haa keen retimed from th* d-nata , with one h jn<red an 1 thirty fire am?u liuent*. A? it ?aa t>/0 late to refer them, Le moved the Houae k > \ into uirumit oe on them. Agreed to, when a receaa ??* tat in to nevtn o'clock. kVi:NIM1 KKSftlON. The II uae re a*aembl"l at aeven o'clock, and went into cr mmit'te 01, the ( iv.l an 1 Inploutatlr AMiroprm tion til. An am?n intent appropr uting $i/>0,00 1 for rontiuulag the Washington a<|oe!nrt mi < on urrel in by a ma |i nty of eftht The gulh'riea, a? w?U a* the member*, gave vent to their delight b> tUe ? lapping of hand' tJieat eonfution. A piopoaition waa made to have the galli riea cleared Mr JiiMn, of Tenn., hoped the Motion weojit he with drawn The KBileilea are in better of ier than the floor of the ilou e. (laughter, and cri* < of ' That'* right," Ihe CtuutwAK give t'.iat He would una hia nt mb>t power to ? ulorce orrier both in the Houae and gal lerie*. At mi luiglit there were fifty ameo'lment* to the bill, to be acted in. All debate oo them ha* been entirely auapeaufd. Aecorling to pre??nt appeaiance*, the llo .<e will be in a<aaic o uutil noon to morrow. rii >t?ar, Two O'Cux k A. M. TLe Ilotuo la (till in aacaaion, an 1 ti.ere are m pro*, pec t a of an.r mn.. ,iate adjournment. Onr \* aehlngtovi < orreapondence. W*?m*<iTi?sr, lilab. 27, IS'i^. "i' TVeo'-v > r It' 'laiaj-a'jai hlan<1' ? Tht tf'KnU> Qhh t<"n? lhr >if the Treaty? Th' i ar'i'j Inlrrt. ?"i - Thf OitfO?al of Mtmk. I bare been enabled to aee far enongb behind tbe ?cetieaoi r.xecutive uiplnmacy to aacertain the full par t rtlm al?t.t the Oalapagoa 1 aland treaty The report wa* tree tl at mi circulated moe time ago, tuat a treaty bad been drawn up between thi* government and Keuador for the purpoee of facilitating the guano trade Bat thie treaty ia a b<gn* affair, a* I am able to ?bew you About the mi Idle of Deoember laet a treaty wa* drawn and *iga?d by I'hllo White, the American Minuter tn Kruador on the one aide, and P- nm Mar 'jnl* Ikpfael, the Min ?t*r of the Foreign Atfaira of tlie (public of i', on tbe other. Th'a tr^a'y e talafn ?ii tki.'een article*, giving to the t'nlle I 9**t^ i e?elna,?e pr.'iiegea In tie uae of tbe guano ?f the Oalapagoe Ulabda. Ihe r/uiif prt i/uo o! the ' lit "d State* for iLi m privilege* waa to loan to tbe Kepubl a of Kenador three mtllivna >f lo.lara, at an ntereat of Ave per cent, tbe prioeipal being eecurtd by a lien upon the i*. land*. In addition to thi*. Oat froeernmeet. In tbte tr? aty, guar ante, a and prtilecta ail tbe rlgbta aad In Mr ? ?tab! i euadur in .beae ialand* aa wall *a u? <ta'ei*.J ail the |<oita <: the repablie Central Vilian-il. tka late Mio.iterof Fan ^or to the I a Hate*, bating been t'-e dweoeeter ef thegaaoo of t?e <jal?;a|. . t? '.Le rapu ,4i; of i ,na?or, fa, a--?.-j ing to t.V law* of thia republic. entitled to twenty p?r cfnt of al! the guano t?U.-n froui the inland*. Two-flfiha of commiiiaion to (Jen. Vdl.imli it awarded by thia gen tleman to bin partner in bualneaa. Mr. IV-brlaaot, who, with (Jen. VilUmll, bat l?eeu very energetic in (jet tin j up a.flctitioul value for the (ialapagoa guano, by eitab lirliing thia treaty, if poaaihie The three mill on- of dollar* are to l>e drawn on the Treaaury of the I'nited Mate* by Mr. I'liilo White, who la to le the tiacai agent ot the republic of Kcuador? another evidence Of th* per onality ol till* wholu traaa action. The ratification* of tlrfa treaty are to l>e exchange! within five month < after i'a date at Wmliiri<ton The treaty ha* now tn-cn in the i-tatu Department two montl.a. ar.rt will be annulled, by tlie expiration of it* own limitation*, berore the aaai-mbling of the next Con gress. 'i he provision* o' it are Noab-urd tint til a ia the course the I mvtitive prefers it aUouUl take an! from this treaty, such tie 1 linve given, sprung all the rumor In ieto!<re publ shed about thii ceaaion of the (iala pagoa group to t|nt l niud Matca. When thia rumor was (irat put la circulation here, I aent jou a letter from 'hi* place, dated Pee. 80, 18M. in which I took the ground that no bona fide treaty wn contemplated between tha two government*. but the whole report to thia effect Din |ut iu circulation by speculator* in guano atock, for tie pui|.Ofe of giving rucb atock a filcti tljua value in 1 owningjind Wall street*. 1 aaid that J'hilo Wh'te aud Senator' llenjtmin were latereated in thia t'eaty Itlitme, nod that the former gentleman wan auapected of being especially iltep'y interested. Thia letter, I a?e, si rua of the I'aoair.a p?| era have repiib lished, and the Panama Star particularly, thought but little relianee wan to be plate] upon it. I think now, the discovers of the whole plot aun*t<iitl?U>a mjr former poaition, that t? ? rumor same fiom humbugging speculators. We have tha treaty no* betoie u?, and what dee* it amount to? I'hilo White, ii|>oa hi* own responsibility, anl without any inatruetic na from our govei nmMit, Ima volunteere 1 a trea'y t??lw??n thia goveri.nient and Kcuador concerning the <>alapagaa guano trade. Thia treaty, the parties cou erned in making it very well knew would not be ratified in Wash ington. The idea of defending and protecting the whole republic of Ecuador against the whole world, mtrely lor the guano trace, una rid I. ulmn to think of. That i'hilo White ahoulil act aa the AMtitH Minister and at the aame time aa the (lacal agent of the government to which he ia accredited. In giving u llhar&l atrote'i to hia oapaei tiea, to*ay *he least. In abort, then, it wan nev-r ex peeled by Minliter White anil h?nur Mar.|iil? Kspinel th it thia tuaty would ever be rut i fled ana the rranlt baa proved the corrcotneaa of their anticipation*. What waa their object, thi nf Simply want I sta'.ed in my letter of I>ec. iiO !a?t? to c rculate a ruuicr of a treaty between tlila I'nion and Keuautr for the (Jala p.igo* groap. and iu the mnm' nt of excitement to ill* poae ol their atock. Deu. VilUmll. Mr. Itehrisaot, I'hilo W liita, Senator Hcnjatiiiu, Henor Mar (ilia Kapinel, had thin atock to diapoae of, and th a waa their b?nt method for raiaing the wind. All that theje gentlemen expected f:om thia treaty haa liei-n leali/.ed. A* coon a* thin tiexty waa tent mi to Wa-hin^ton, it waa paraded all over the world. 'IU* rumor at once spread that thi lit lapagoa were at once to he a portit n of the I nitod Htatoa, and guano ntouk roan prodigl >ualy. Kince January laat, thorn-anil* of pound* sterling worth of thi* sto;k hai been sold iu l.ondon and olfeied in New Y?rV. The profit haa heen made hy White .V Co , and now, for all the) care, their treaty may be committe 1 to the flaimM, as, in all probability, it will. Ono more paragraph in ttun apecuiation ia, ihat the *pHclmen? of guauo aualyred for the Mate l'i>|iartuivnt. in Juue lait, aa th(: MMIttl of the (ialapagoa never came from theae ialanll ; for it ia enrrently reported that ortaln aamplea actually Tiom tlitxe ialanc'a, aent to the Conaul of Keita lor at Haiti , more, and of whi :h he had an analyaia made, coot x n? I only about fiom five to ^ix per cent of amminlt, very unlike that produced for the :-'tati> Detriment. If thi.i be >o, the tialapagox gunno, a'ter all, ia worth oult ahout frcm twenty to twenty Ave dollara per ton. anl at the preaent rate of frcighta would hardly p?y ttie ex penae* of tranapnrtatlon from theae ialau 1* to the I'ni tedHtatea. thia la the whole itory of the GaiapaKOi treaty, and may be relied upon. WAMiisoiojr, Mtrclil, 1H&V Pvrterlhomai II. Looker? Hi* Advance to /.ioi ten ant Hunter ? Cut/a? I'orilion of A Quirt in the Fourth Auditor'! Office ?The Law Ooverninj the Cat', and the /'cm! at luue? .Vasal InUUijenct ? Appre heniiont for the Safety of the Decatur ? L'nteau <"thj Condition oj ih ? Independent* ? Erecntion on Board the Levant ? Attention 1 from the Atutriam Un-i m mmt?Ueyort of the Tieaturer of the I'ni'cd S'a'et ? I'o ttmaiter (leneral't Report ? Vlme .VruOr 1 K m mend* ft ? Claim Ag'tit:, tic , <t< Iu our of my Uttcn I noticed tue f?al that l.e it mu Hunter had drawn from the puraer o( tti bug iUiu bridge, looker, upwarda of (our tlioumad dotliri over ? ml abort bin aaiary, ami tbat it eoull uoeertu )1ni bo allowed tie puraar until ttleuient o< hi? accuwi' < with tLe (fov> nroeu>. I cited th" t*?? of i'uravr Tin'rot-io % a precedent in point An tlie ? orrcctnoa* tt /?? ur correapondant's ?.??i he* lieen q-ieitioneil by aom* of tl.e rifw jiap-r preai, I btvi beta tad uood to Ma mine the one nior > particularly mid procure the law ;or?ru it. Ilia large auin overdraen l> y Meti II outer 1m f(.r<- bin diMniiaal, wai drawn lu ??rrnii im iigti, no1' protrit, by th" puraer, an 1 oti the writ'?u orler of th command ug olhcer of the veeeol. I'pon pree?nti.i { hi* 1 account* at the Au'fit<r'a Oflice for *et'lemint? I'urfer Looker >11 lufirmcd that thru* ore. pt , m *ot1 woul I b ? ?u*p?n<le'. (not njectej) for euni deration. Now, tl.e lixtli Mction of tbe act of 1H43 ?y? ?"It ?hall not be lawful for ? pcraer in 1U* Birr to ? urauce or lo?n an/ atnu or aama of in ?n j to an/ officer in the nifll ??rrlca, uudir aar pretence wbatev r." If the Auditor "hall detet mln" thli tverj ajnit-a'. to be an " advance " m? ? limit. Hunter tb*n U wouiil fall witlnn the ope, atlon o' the a-t of lSt'J ' But, in modification or repeal of tb > proriaion Ue jot at reaolutu n of Conjjre.a, of March 1819, drolari-a tha* tvtry uiebu reen> nt of public money made hy rde: ? ' nuy ciDirniuliiig 1M1 ,-?r of tb* mrr ahall b* allow*, I to auch disbursing 0II1 ett, and Ibe romnunli,ij ofTi' n ?ball be held accountable for the ? am-. ' Ice |Mi,nt, then, fir tbe con-i 'eratioa ot the Au Itor l? w'i-t'.?r an n?' rpe jamt ma 1* to au offi er ii a diatiuraeuient of pubm- nosey ? If *?. Purm-r l. ioker ii pr itectod he Itw end the loee muet fall upon the |o*en.,neal. If l.eitf Hirnter raonot be mv'e to dtegorge it Sack waa tin ? ew l ueai of the ? ub eci in my other I tt?r. an 1 auah I now beliero to br peifeotly eorreot Karti bare juat coin - to 'l|(ht wh'ctl f i<">iih a key t ? the late Cuban iiiTa>ioa end maaaaare. It la now '>Hwf made apfaient tbat tne .nraaion of I'afa br Critteadao and otbere wa? doee by tbe (irix iieumt nt d^ain Her aelf. ^Iie trembled for the aafety of her We t lu lu poae?-aaionar iu view of all the riroom ?tafi'**M anrro i id inn thrm. and, "eieg the fllibuatttiaf feelu g rife am our people, ehe adopt'd th* bold policy of aeodlnf li.tbfi her < wn ofth era aa epiea, to enrouia{e the eh'TiliMI CritUodm anl bla nallaot men to en/a^e tn the inTa?ion of Cuba n.akiDK promiiwa of aid ann axriatance from 'b ? nativer, but witu tbe ?n-v. ?ul?ly to entrap t'.em, and by ?acrifl' ior their lire, to deter other?, atoi arrea> th Icelinf of ajmrat!,y for Cuba winch w?a perT?lla( o ir land. Ihua it w it ba aeen tbat Hpito ia not only am wr able f?r tbe murder of C'ritteadrn'a men. but K realty reapooalblo fur the act of iararion. 1 iae?e facta are M DimiiBi'-ate<l to tbe I'rea d-nt of the C'nited Htatea by Mr. Campbell, late Onnaul at llarana Vary important and hifblv iatere?tia-{ naral in'ePi itenr* baa juat t>een rereme.1 hr the d>-|>M-tm?nt h?r" Ibe Ma?a< hueette. Ijeut. Iti hard Mea<le. coannanl inij, le t Rio on the 1 Itli of Noremba>r. aa l h?> an' e.nre bran heai<l of. Hhe ia auppoaed to be n urn at Valr arauo. The Decat'.ir, Commander H?rett, left Itto on the Jlat .->p- la?t for \ alparaiMi but had not reaehed hei ?.? tinati'n tn the Utu January. t<*rloua approb n<ion? are entertained for her aafety. IWepatthe* of the 14th January, from V.dparaiao, r* y it tbe l^wrenoe there, waltloK for the Indrpen il? ace, which left Itlo early In lanoari to relieve the 8' , Lawrence. Tbe In lependen e waa known t . lie In ba-l 1 <ndition, with rotten inaita bat it la not dooht I at the Nary Department tha*. all ne< eaaaiy repair* wer ? marie l.etore attempting to double tbe (lap*' Tbe Comberland and haranac, of the Medit*rrar>an "luadion reached 8|e <c.a on the 'itth January flnlln/ thar? tha I/erant recently returned from Trie-te, after hai n( received Barked attention from tbe Anatrit'i government. Ihomaa Hurke. ordinary aeanian on hoard the I<e?ar.t waa trie,) before a court martial on the charge of mur der, and, being coarieted. waa eimtnl while at <ea oa the 19th Jaauary. Tb* i/rvant will probably reach tbe I'nlti ) Mtatea b* the lat of ApriL In charge of comaaao der 1 barb tC Turner The Mt uouia. aow at Genoa 1 will aw u follow the I?vant homewarda. The health of the Mediterranean ?<|uadruti la gon<l. Samuel Ga>ey *w|., Treaaurer rrf the United -"atea ?ent to tie ilonae of Kepreaentatlvee thia morning h a account with the H<.et "fflre fteoartment for tbe y>-et ??dltgjulyl, l>.'>4. *howmg a fiebureement uidwr tMa Lead of |4 Kjt. M'J "2 Thia mm iloea not Include 'he amount paid for the oeean rt camera, they being eatl mated for by the h'avy department. Tbe Foetmaiter f??neral alao c->mm>iairate 1 a atata ment ol the btda and eo ntraeta f- r nail a rflc? duri?g tbe paat 6k?I year, whic^lt woall be well for the < jm ? mittee on the i'mit flfflew toaornt,nlie doaely An Mam inatlrm of tl.eee bide and contracts would 'no hlgfci; in tereatlng to tha outsiders. The seriooa manner in which the cla'm ar*ota ? f th'? H\? get u;> meeting* relaU??tn tbe latereat of rJaiman*a u; on 'he (>esersl Government la highly ai'meing A meeting of tb ? aoit waa hell a few eVen nra ain-e a which C'o. John McCalla preaifed an , which waa ad joorned orer to anot>??r Will not eia'n.aota r'gard heee axetlsga in 'he ear e li/ht tney wo?ild a an-*tiag ot tr"S a to lie. !' r tiie atereata of tha f armor a corn llelria' A ?en of the Hon Re??f?ty Johneon p?a !e a very elo ijiei' and powerful legal arg'imrnt l<efoee tbe K|if?ma Conrt yeat-rday It ta tbou?'it br aome that h? will evm' iall? he a a iperto fotenele debater to hi* 1 etln (nlihrd father K. March 1, 1**I binfi fn Wa hit/em? Ty' tariff KifT in the He ? no e ? Iki A/mf Wi I in f*' llmti*? J.f />a ti Hi* il re--/f?erw<eS Sf~?* , *&? -If. 5. W/tnlne -'.'Vra Vuf'nm (a H'?We(ifaa-( "l?- fi- H erl ?f ( ,j|m lb great tght is Waah-ag' 1 at th.i lea .e is m the sonat* uj-ea me lat J - U wt Ili U'v-i as, m tlieCivil mi l I' pli cn.itic bill In the llouae of Ifcpnwati ,tt(N, Ihe whole *eaaiou to-day Uaa been upon the m.> tioo to atrlke out ttaii TaritT bill entirely from the Cirlj and Dip'omatic bill. It him been in array of th? North againat the South? the fiac trail* principle* of the one agaiont lii# "protection to American Industry" ??u'l Bfot of the otter. The region to night adjourna l, t' ? irotinD to atrike out having been lout by two vote* The light will be renewed to morrow again upou the m i Hon to rtconader , In the House of P.ppreat utativea tli ? light all day has j been kept up in the Arm/ bill. Thi* i? known to be j the pet meaiure of Jelf. Onvia, which rnakea thi* wholly an adniinlatrntlou light. It went Wlrou<li in I part to night, much to the disappointment of tta oppo neii'i, who have all itay long lieen nauguiii" of their ability to defeat it entirely. The remainder of thi* bill i come* up again to morrow. Contra** III)* bein>{ near Itl clone, it WO'lM be *uppoa? I that burne-s thai was prcatlng and imp-rtant wo-il 1 I take precedence ut Hunc mt> upeechei and hilalutin ora tory. 1 hi? in not the cane. The eremn* *ea*ion* of t>oth j iioutif h are given oTer entirely to political ?peuulat "na, ? fun, joke* and humbug. Kverr latitude la given to de I bite durirg the evening etaiou, finch indulgence 1 lib etiilly used Much eicitoment and "peculation i? raised here by the j publication In t' e lli-usi ii i.f the ellort being mad* here among the Southern men in favor of I' mlel 8. Diokintou for the nf?t Hieaiilenry Thia publication luaUea the fritnd* of the "Hrtgai i<-r'' nn.i other* of his nmall poU to ilk, cbal in tben tin U la apite of all their effort* It i* plain the tide i* vetting in fivorof Idc'iinsuii, whose modenty and dim fr eic alup for lien <'ass alone pro tented liini !r<.ni rot occupying the I'reai lential clialr, in-tead o' the prcent wretched ap'itogy on manhool f' i in the V\ lute Mount litis of New II tmpshire Vim need i i 1?A ac.rpri?ed If a IVckinfon caucus i* held here t>? fore the memoir* disperse. Air, org tli- lion* lately arrived in Washington. I* '.Jen (Juitoiau, of Misaiaaippi Cuba and her proapeota btings tLeli-ceral here < ?? im-in'o, at the preacnt time. ll? haa been cloaeted with thi Vmaident already, and Cuba lk liuppmni to lie the topi ? of omiTi'r?ttloi. Wahhiiigtun .nonce again well atored with olli <?* aeek ? ere, alt. i the poniti. ni created bv eaUbliahing i I I'onrdof Cla ms hv net of Congre?* It Is now anid that ' the r,?m* of ('U Wne, of hnulsiana, has been withdrawn ' and lteiiben f|. Walworth, o1 New York, haa been put on tUe Kxeciitlro *i*to in I. it place for a judgeship. The Pourri will t -- at) at a ud (i to M I'uiU- It. J Walk'r, uu I K II. WaU.utii NELL.K | Waxiiinoton, March ii, IS. 5. i Tkt Virginia Scrip /fill? 7fc- t. Ajby in Anolh'r Piekjx'LrJi on Hand ? tllnettttf Hon J. Qlancey Junti ? 1 he J : dya of the \tfM' Court ? Iht Condition ttf (he Ihuinr.t to ti Throum before thi. ? ribiuioJ? !*<? 1 Army Bill a* I'amtd. The P?Dat? thin morning gave Hie death blow to anotber i Ifr.nJ ache mo fir swindling tbe government, an I which ' pr D.Urd r ch harrejta to the lobby The bill I l?rK? litauea of military land ecr p to cortalu \ irgtina genth men 1 ? 1 been carried through the Ifouae of Itepre >mt?tlv#a with n peiftel r iah, an I the chnncea for coirp'ete auc;e*a were go llntlerloi; tlmt the "hare* r m* cpntlilfriblj in Tulif, Tbc?e proipecta, however, wern . blighted In the Hftiltl by the bill l>< hig laij on thv t?bl?. f bin took the ape ulati ri rather aback, indoid, I heard a member of L ft lobby dec'itu- he waauttirlr rulu - t Thia wai hia U-t chance The French fpolUtlon r?ai vatoei' ; the Colt Patent voted down, ami varioui other I achcnu'a 'x |iio>li>il . TliU grand htul upon tie General I acd Ofllce *?< look>d to Lot only for taigo pr 'lit*, but for actunl rxpenae*. Miafortunea however never come a ngle-hatded An evil h?ur a*e tn* to hin fall?u upon the outaideia, ami their hop<>< ar? ewwp'. awav ? topi lor gaiaa from the inoat luh{?itou? ?_v atem ut corrupt legislation. Thia will be the hut eppearanco i f many of them befoir th* long rent ,>ro vn.ed they ran boirow the mean* to p t a?t; iin-ml j thia the; are .laVrunscd to have, if not by picking tne tica?uiv of tl e I oi'el State*, ihe-i by the no l?M bono ralde mi an I of pica i if the pocket* or fiiitlri to the n ? tioiial capitoL i.iia uiotmug a gmtieni an waa robbit 1, j in the l-rnate galltry, of hia pocket h>ok au.l aoma four | ? 'I I ve buui ii'ti "I. I ?r<i auoUn r old uun wu ii'IkvcI ol liin cloik .mil about ai.ii/ doling* in caah. and n hoauti ? fbl i lacaitl uo<r oruauivuta the r.oor of thv Capitol, em i U. until villi then* woria? " Pickpuckett on btntl. ' 1 n nnt to mmcuoae tbo lariouaillnaaa at lion. . I tilan < .. Ji nta, ? iio hii a bi ru con fine. 1 (or aom? daya to hia b?d Hi u pje al? tivttrr th:a morning, and the proa/eot ia he i ? hi >.? ( 4t IU a tew diiyn. It L. . t|,? 'iit the oo.iinaUon for t'ue Judaea of the , ? n< Cuuit ot ( lii.ina alii he lent ' the henata to cay i '11.4- 1m>' iDi|.it eiti.i mh U that lion. L. 1'. V'^ldo, C<ian 1 I ci .l? H.'lnor h an : iU/O. CUv- Jolinaoa will oMatMut* , tli inn t lb' i ii >nea would *ive aatia'atitiM to the I 't.nili i a. I i t?hI? c ?uideni''' in tne utility oft'iUuew j ' lie buaineaa will b? throw* upon tlivir liioda in u t'.eoi. nan a a and it will require ontirin( induttry, I ? i eel) a i ?lament ability , to iaduc? thia hiinueK to a) An and onlar. K. NuiIim' AOiilra. Ui'MDM Vitrniii.if^'At klf put i? ?'clo-k joater dar si n nj Mr J(r*ui ah Hiuionf >n Ian h"l from h < yard, at tlia I JOt ol N'int'trenlh atreet, ihe a'eamabip Ar for (k mmin'ote ('. VanderblH. " ha waa afternar i. taken to tbe A I ire Work', to bava her machicery com pit tad. K ? ii :,3 () Uua biirtlr n. Miuiollaneoualy with ; tbe altore, tha ahlp Neptuna alld from her ???? in M. V m II. VTrbb'?yatl, foot of Si>t'i atiact. Mho ia t I fiite< n biinored U<o aliip. and waa built for Mr. C. II Maralad to run in hia line of I.lrerpuol paiketa. Tur Bruunur liUUtAXl. ? Thia vaaael, which arrived at l-notbampton i.n the lilth ult., from New Vork. It at. d* ide : abt iiid not proceed on toRcem"n, is t-onee | i"nf? if the r'v> r Wcttr b?;nj{ obstructed by lea. Hhs aujM it n a n at -outbampton until the 2ith February when he would aa I direct lor New York. Ii.i (iKut Imou rtiKanwiir. ? At tha annual meeting or t) ' laat>rn Ht<am ." a> gallon Compiay lately bell in I.' r oi/, 51 r. Brnnel kat( enmt account of the mouater abip now la coureo Of conatrin t'on . Una ahlp ia divi la I tiini-vr r-ely into aeparut* and p*rf?stly watertight ? om |artinent?. 'i !.e f.a. ture and evew the -ntire liiltog ot one ' r two of theaa c.juipartuu nta, would not nud<n/< r W.f buoyancy of the ai.ip or 'Utiuuc the carifo which tlaa ( rrat i ' ritained Ibcre ure ui op?uin<e ia tbe bulkb<*a<i> let eeu tht *e r .mpartinfiita bfloe th" Ceapwater line, i < it 'I t ( in pij.e for ateain wa'rr, which ran lie eaaily i ,f el in a Bomant, and it ia ni|iortdnt that tbara are in. oprninga wbatt ver, even by p pet an I cook*, Ixlaw th? Inaad Water line. Aa for tbe tonatriictlon of tha hot torn th'- wi.ola of the veta. I i< formed of a double "aa n of !?' n with an lutertemng auace of three teet the ina I terlal ia dlapoMd h Lgitud.i.allv, by which the entire I fabric ia renJeied atrooger. and Hie outer "akin ' might ! be rent or torn against ntoch without cau?iiin the ahip i ft. If i if the mnir one rtnu oi'l unbroken Kot only ia tl.e h p divided tmu veraelv ia'o ten comp >rtm -nta b t two I iiigltud holkbeaua of Iron run fore and aft at' i.t furtj feet Witle apatt. My tlieae Iron p<cty walla tl.e wbole ?hip ia (lortioneil out into fire I proof apartmenta, that, tbe rurrenl of air e.t I y rot ol!, any danger from Bra aatema to lie p*eveatod and Mr. lirunal, murtover, eiprrataa a hope ?bat the pioteae ol i.."ut*ii*nt Jac'. tin iuaj be auifeaa fully a| | lied to render woaet uninflammable, ao that It n ej In in.fKiaaibie f ir any fire to aprea l evan from tbe air t.r tie furniture Several alternt ona have been maoe to ecocomlre the we ght of tha ahlp, enlarging thereby In r < apa. Itj of . arrying coala an ! fr< i4bt. Mr Itrunel atated, aim. that he waa devoting hia beat atten t'< p to the en/'ne*, the Urxaat that nan erer rat been made aa we ) aa the beat foM of tbe Mill w propeller and tl.e paddlra atd the p/ aitkin Of tbe nut ! and aail The abip waa deaignt'l eoually to e th>r agood average apee.l with a variable draught of water or a very big 'i .[^?ed at a light draught of wat?r according to the porta ta wh. h aht might be bound. In comparatively abort J voyagt a, a ich aa that t? Mew York, ber fall capacity, aa carrying a very latga atore of coala, would not ao mu' ti ' l?teatad, tint ia the lnngf-t oeaan vtiyagea it would give ber a aupertority which might practically roofar upoa the ownara of auch a veaael a monopoly of that i rat.' Mr Urunel aiated that bo had been coiuultlng Prtfeaaor Airy ai?oat the uia'riunenta that rn ght be uaed In a abip like thia, and Mr W. Hi,ow IlarTia had alao promla?I to B' rebla advice about the lightning tondti l-.ra and h? ped tbe unpiu might be ao corrected aa to t>? much more i-ertalii and aafe. Mr iirunel ohaervad that the progreaa of the work waa aatiafaclory, although it conll not be flLiabed by tbe tine that it waa r intampiated in the original coatract RglACII Of i'MOMINK tan Klisdiii-A $ . ,'ttr ? A mil til recover 'lamagea ft. r branch of miae and elen'W. waa trted ia tha lettera' n 'Kentit'k v CMa I ''ouit, Inat week Tha plaintiff Mi a -arah <i <rrl man, alleged that aha waa engaged to be married to Jul i<a Kdil, and, panding the engagan.ent. he epokealao ?Iw aa wt rda of ber, and then /aid that wicMaatt' tbe truthfulrree of the word a ntt*-ed he *o ill not n.arty ber. Mlaa fiietlman furt .er alleged tba' by ran arm id tl.e alan eroua and abuaive laog ,ar? uae-t. aal tbe refotnl on the paitwf fa'ii to marry her ab* had teen In ured In tba aam of for which aba eak?d jo4cmt at. Mil made no anawer A j iry waa avora to aaeere tha daw.-ge. The a peak ing of ihe worda br da fandnnt wae proved alao It wne known that plaint. ft waa a umin M good character The jury found lot pla n t|fl in |M UMInary. ? lion WllUaM Dt nooa ?: d at but plan tat on an I reef dance, in ~t Mtapben a I'artab, e on itntnrlay aa' la tie ' atb year of ble afle Mr. ftut?*e waa a gra ; . ate of S'a'e ( of age, an I n gent>man of high calUvat -.n and ) t?.-ary taata Ha ?erv? ' bia I'artab In tna tale '* i*a' , and In the year IUA, vi'Mut agae'v on b a \r H aa. ch.^on lie iianan' i.vvariar of 'be iMaAe f rv ill f at./, ta. 0*?kr ? . Tni'inru . of Hartf. H ! ?. i*>'ew '?? ' laaaa < ta ai mora. .? Mr 1 ?a? Ilea <mlj eon of i ?>?v lrumbell BarlM ite eavea a daagMov ii?a' tan y*eie of age lea wife <M ? aea aaara ago . AaUMa* lllllJAai., ka<| , n tew>er ?f toe ., a bo I e ad at<nu lar 4?e Maaa ow u ? > k i.l a|?t %> yea- a. Ha waa eg a t a'e of fvtn- itklb ' a a i a . ?' e?a 'H, i ? katle'-tre ilv jag i kli '>* . a aaal aitet bka ?"on tlX ea a -a Broadway Theatre. .second aitkakamr or mm mart aoni^? i-*?t mohtok m. davknpoht'h RNOAOKMR.N.*' The Broadway theatre offered attraction* laat er.'nlng that could nut, and (lid not, fail to amuaa one of the ?n crowded hcuaea of the irnon Mr K 1,. DtTtopurt *1,' announced for liia laat appearance ? the oooaelon b'irtf fur the hen i' (It of Miaa Mar; Agnea, a young lad/ who made her debut with great aucceaa, aome few weak* aince, at another houae. The play wta 'The Wife," one of Sheridan Knowlea' Kr*at efforta, abounding in paa ??g ? o' eti{uiaite poetry and many ?tartliiig and elTec liv? Inrli.rnt a. It hat been beiore the puMic over twenty year*, and lta plot anil general menu too fre quently criticl/?d to require comment in thia brief o> tin ? tuOice It to >ay, It hold* a place high In the dra , luatic reprraentatlooa of the day. the bona* *u i crowded in every part. Not u Beat waa tu be had aflar the rlalng of the curtain, an I the fair beneficiary waa lecelied with a right good welcoae. Mh* commenced the pnrt of Marianne (the wif?) with a u.eekneaa nod a modeaty that well nulled a .ecoad caaay before an Arjw etc.l audience, and rcprexenUd the part of the fal>?ly accmcd ?i jun wi'h a feslin* no leaa feminine in it* tia.ta than accurate In lta conception larking, howerar, | dramatic force and comp*i<a of roll e to Oil the great ? area of thin cnnaciou* theatre II?-r atj le of 1 acting Id eaay, at much ao, Inleed, aa we | could hare looked for In oue better accuitunir > to the buslneaa of the Btag<\ her w.Uk ia tgnilled ar.d her elocution pointed at I Imprtaalee With alt thoae requia te? ? a gooi Toiee, tact, .l?-licac_, and of a kioc ? Miaa Agnea will yet become, l>y practice and ei perlence, what ahe now ambit, oca? n great artiat. She la rV ? eiper enco, uitnout whioh no genii.a, however grea', tan ? \pect to aoar at our* into the position of a " alar;" and, though apparently > If confident on tb? , ?tag*, the i.ewne-a of her position before the public ao j far rmbarra*?e* her aa to make her, if n t forgetful nt I lent faltering in lie text. We waul* ? cheer her on in ! her newly adopted profeaalon. which ahe liaa undertake > not foe. ambition a Bake alone, but for a uo l< ?< laudable d??ln? ? the aupport of a family who hare l.nown i br ghterdeya. If ? ? were now to tell tier that ahe bad 1 reached the hlgl, eat point of her prolraalon, we would ci rtainlr i>prlre t'ie ?lagn of a bright alar that la yet deat.ueu b) atudy to ..hine with luatre iotho walaaof tin- drama. Mi a Afcnea will, wa hope '.aka our adelce and place henr'f in a gcod atork company, where aha ?? HI I tcotne pcbooled in thoae eaientiaM without which , it la impoiodblt to attain auiineace Mi Davenport'* Jul an St Pierre waa a utalned with , ability anil apirit and I be great aceiae -thedrigger aceite, | which la nlwaja niadn a prominent feature In v\?|.'.e wai mo.t artiatict'ly enacted, with aulticlent for' ?, de told nt rant or atage itruck, v,hl< h m toa often 'irougbt to bear upon the point that la in it? I' perfectly ell> elite The other character* wera well auttaioed, pat-ti -ularly Iboac of I eorardo, ( Peny,) and the ''urate Leffingweli ) ; though the u?un!It line voice ol thn latter wa? malerialiy ruffled by a cold. AUb.c? ??etu>louir th.pUj, Ml?? M"y A?n?. w?. c?iua b*f< re th. cu.Lio to ? ? ien.w.1 ol tto.p iUu-e with w! ? h l,?r actio* w;,- rewtr-l.! tkr?u?toot the rrciilrjr .rd the unual compllm.-.t of ? i? "n'r.Vto t"r,u?Ka on r*v.i,vu? ". u bo??<l ki. . j On {loud., Mi?< M.k*.b, . joun< ) r ?ko ? J' in Kile . l?? .lupreMion^ <?> i ???-*?? *' ' ' .ore .t Uil. tin .tre. ?? I'.rtb-n ' ?? *VV . k'lDimtted b* . ?.'-l e.t.^ll.btd f*??.r ?' 1 ? ? ,, who b.? I""' retntM.1 ftoiu " u W..M ?nK?Ceuieut iu the neighboring ht*te?. CV.HT or Mn? .rtl.t ?.??? ber d,l ? 1. t e,e,.ln? .1 Mblu'ii, b.foi. . l?r?? ??! 4U i",c*' I recei t,o0?.?..? ? ?>? ?<"* ^ r.ut for puhll" f.?or eoi?l4 ? , ?n.l tor Hogl?? ?" entbu?l?.tU?Uj ?p|>l?u<l?d throughout. PutlM CHA.OKO. ?WMS? OHB. .-O rtllM HI rt l*rW*WL Ai.rW ?brr,or four 1.4. , "rytn* to .(? *?"? ? J-? thirteen tore toen I. tb. toft l.*l/ vfnitiptf liaruiim'ii mui*uri? ?nl b>r>?4 * f?ru the r ,reoinno.U?l"B. Tb* f?ct of boy* ?'? I?' if ?* pending ?? "?>"* woi ?jr In. l?Ur? of'.ltlou U.- , 'SitSBS mil I oueer-.nt r j .rr?,tln/ th- e ? tr.rir.nt tnlledfor the purK>w ol , l|, ,llo i >ouUi? whe.erer .n opportunity Of "" . ^ IZ I. OK ft r the ? ?(*" ' "ft?? VTo the .Ulcer belr* ro.dc ?r,i, ^ ^,\"o l-?l ?r. the bo)? *rf". ' ,(> ,J? Chief ? ofti- " 'or tbe !.nn?ln' .? r'o'f tbe .r.olof ^hM1' " Sssm .?? i br'tb"'? to rl ry'ibeTr ^t''r. "m ih- .? t'..t v^rr'^r-:: t: ? ssnt' ... ; tb.r|e broiifht ^i'n?t hlro. ilOTfcl KOBri.HT . on U.or^l.* nl?bt, t?? r nt .ru.nly lo.,%.?K p?r. "?v ,f. entered the fi Ion HoUl in Iln-l-o |? iwa f,r.,.^Xy,o::-M rt., ,",V' But Sto? bU .ur,r... M 8?4 U ? to , . .nimber of port- r.l ^ >" ?" ftt. I roLHTij u?loogin? rii4tUfU*fc ?tout 11. 0 Tbt 'oom t *f ? Mr ^WiiU ^ ? w,lUt- ,'<,e UKl?er.h?. yel >* |.<o? I'K ' 1 h pe. of turniodju^ n. ;?jr w-rut- of tb. i ... Hotel. Jtiiry nty ??*?? ?l4,, or UM?I illl?m??l fT*I J V K.tUr . in Hontc-r, .tre.. ?.i !y hour on".t.r.'.y ? ixl etotblnr to the . 4oor, ..1 rttertMllo the te.r t .r.o? A!n?0< u. liltibK out th. b.r by ml h lt^ ? rU,.h. t.l'B were ?'?T'r.l p , lM.. ??*!?., ??? ftn?ir?.t ..I* ^ r? (rther ? Lun'-r.-t ?tm ?U>cb., .>"> ? B? ,|u? to ll.? X'^H^.f Urh W b"* W" notified of k T-l? M.??? -*t U r-^r^t . r.? ?'"'b..t ? ? *? -,5;^ crr.wn^ bed in M.r... II, h?d j??t l?ft th' jr.: by tbree p?f ' f (ludion ?nd l<r.?4 ?t??*t? ,M7 'i'1* !, int?>iik*U'i r"?" "f, , rtooder.bly th. ri lf'.t .,r?t ''^?'?"%\'Vr.?.er.".(^ ^rZ,.. n M.rrl-f. ? 2i a. .... ... ? ?? iXurStb. U. e! . Uft wtn < r b.^.t n.y.l IwtrlMf*^' 1,^ T? 0 rriU'i HU(t? ?!*???"* ' 1 T? ? f I I T1 ? I Ml' 1 ? , |fn K#- WnI w I U,,, t'.U ? V.uM. Mi ?f " U?> u?.t#r.?.t?, w? nie^B??t M.rf^.n, *Tbcma?<i OwMi, ii'1 J r ||oUr A*?.*U?t p?b.rt ' w '/-r |...?4 ?""?"I"1';" / ; k|. rm tk l'.r?r?<Ur% if M.r-. ' WW. ?? Ji bnA M *i?.l ^i'.o n?t O..Wy J.,b? W Miry, ? ??ine-r. I ? '? niM<?Ktot ,,.wt ?!T :?2: ? ?*? I**..' T>.. - U,. hirr >. tb. Ilr'b of J.B.^y 'to .??**'. ... !< i?".^f? ??f. tb. m.r*.r?f .??" J .kl 1b? '* '???<??? ?* .M >?r. . .??l.'-U .l-''*" ? u? ? ;??tor1^d ?M ? "to' ' ** 1 ARRIVAL OK TIIE <A\AI>VK MAILS. Our Sjiftiiil l)rtpiiifhf> from London and Pari*. ALL GERMANY AND RUSSIA IN ARMS. Immense Preparation for the Defeneo of Poland. LORD PAJ.MERSTON S PROGRAMME Till: LATEST NEWS FROM TflK CRIMKA. DrprtMlon In the Commercial Iflalrn ?f VuKiaad, A* . Ac., Ao Our Kurnpeaa (lira brought lijr lh? 1 a'ia1a on I it i a lHtlft ?>'??, eiarpt * lint hut alrfa'ljr rufhM u? bj Mr graph from llallUi We piibli-h hoira?e' , our dripilchn front I .t ti >1 ?- 1 1 ami l'aila, tlia lataat in'etli genre mrirnl at li re-pool prerloua to 111" aaillng of tha ateamer, with aotne iomairr>'al cireulara Tli? 1 o niton (/Ubf of tha 10th ult, anr< ? ''l.oril J aba Ruaeall ?liu >n to have lr 1 1 town fur Vienna ta morrow, Ik. ?n run t to bear, aulTeilng from aerera nvtmpositUm. bi which hU drpartuia will he iklayel for aoma 'la/a At tha earlii >t moment tliat hit health permit! tha M bla lor'l will prtxee.l up hla falaalau. arcoicp?nla4 by Mr llaminonJ, ami otbi r [teaMameo ftom tbe 1 oraiga I tinea ' Our l.oiMlnn ( orrra|M>iic1r?rr. Iaihuok, Tiioiuoat, Kab. 16, 1*M. Tfi' /'ii/Mer ton Ailmttmtraliitn an t ill I'mipfrli -TKt J'i rmirr'i I'ertonal (JudUUt'i AnaljUkt The S'tm Ar rang'mmt in Ihf War (Vminj; /?? liltral Chnnyrt in England? I'hancn nf iht 'VM#i itn ilc , if I*. fcury D.w.papor fr?ln our ,hor*. win brino m ,?th r"""*?ntorl.a on t h?> rrfala wo h? .* r?cr?ljr cipo.rd to, ?i.<5 our prn.p, ft, for Dm fuluro, tl..( | I -i'Ould lucur li? Ur.*| of w. S yrT!","" "? * Wl 1 "" tb.t .n/ of ?,)p.wMl. ti? r* .Uul.l 001 to ?u*a. to . journal Kb.,* ' ,"rB; *?n'rlbut.a ?, l?r( to^l.urj c.p.UI? ?hlr ?ldo or tb. AlUntl*. Tl. I...' ,, I .nxUtjr vblcti mctrcM lb* Utf poliUeal .'In , ' ""Kinn"" ?" - ???? ?lr.Ur r" ? ({," ' f i tnnr. Uiup,r?to lUlll ? on tb. lo.UIUtlor. Of ,,.ml ,J?l? n,.i. loo u not h.ltol .. . ,(M ?u,nt u ^ ^ .n. Inooot, . I,. r, pr>|yr. , ,(g?r?u, - flctont .!?, out of lb. r.o.BM.u Of.f.w UtUr.Irai4l.oo * bul ' ?? til.. pr,p.r to ,u, , mh I*rd Alr?l..n .? Wk.(1 . mlaS ? ?r.ry u.uiUr ut t|,. I ?b!o.t Tb.l < . blMl ... b.tor. ,Ub .11 ft. UlroUJ dUU.00., . 0 . '?MH '?,'t I I.-. Orr,,|??.||, .|?.jrg MeW#. JL* "-"I"* ?" point it r#nW, ?'?' > Umi ?? foro# ((| blo..?lt from oo^mmndln, or #> ar pl.?,it f Uo.jh r for ??.rr .log .a/ *| orl.a of o..otrUo,.r.uot, m.? .. Ru.?,|, j..|ln^, Wor,h "rih?m w"b .urh .. Ktfu.Di HMt*y Hartoit .o I !? ? ^ n, l,?. b|. Now ? hi. i' *.0*'i 1 tho.. two no ? ' ""h htr% tko nil M.r .1 h.mUj ; ,f, a?4 ,.UmW(t<,. >(lca, , 1 ' puling Tb. lil.ii -I..H t.r t. u?,r. .?nr?.,Vor JZZ oomp rl?? .11 tt,. UUmt* of th. l^UUtor., Il.TTwi ?r..U?lu..? A but not <l..lp,t?1 ,n1 .It tho i^flog ff,o, who.. gl? . ,(I1, 4ln*o?4 to bolUv ?>,? . .. b... ? ,b t^n ^ Mrklo, "*?* tf. , tb. U.t two JMr. u r.?.4 o k. . ?.U ?,.Ul,t, .Ill ,l,rp,hl. .lU, r.,. to tl,...,,. . |o %br <U|# ^kJcJ# "?7 ' ?. tut r.r,.,? i?ott, ' ,, n? ?" ??"P?rtin?(U I. -MU.| Thl lion .I ril.. rforln,? ?.r, I/., J ih-rb, r?W mu.Ur o m olrtfy i, | n. r...tlon wholh^ ?h. rtu, .-uld ?,! riourr il,. ..clu.|,. (Jf ? ,h.,r,ri ??z.7mt h"4 Itfco.t t>,. I -r J r.l???t 0 . i4 of tk?t to*. tb.t b. t.kM h(. ^ ^ Qt?im m U /.u?a ir.r ,, M ? t>4 rf ? l.iMb orl.r, I. unloobtoJ, but hU ??u,?r ?OM>.ta n hU < >,?r mlo( iIB|*1?(,tWU fQ ? l?r Att.l,..n< ), , ? u,# ?fI/ of ( k. b.r.W . of U J 111 i.htyrtr .'t ? r in ? mini it? r .aJ ?.,r i0#f? ^ ? SHrSl r 'urc'":,? - W ? . t f r?' r. , I w " "?? ??. ??? f-m.uj um ? . is** n h . I \ """ >"? .?.r B..of.,^.2i bti-.'i.l, ?h>l? KI (or, tr |^,k, J *? rntslti .ilun Hi fin v.| k, t'? i i ??.lwd o?.r',.?,4 l**" "? ?? -?'k u ? *rt th? < h* ~ ft t-Uftil, wh'L i? <>.? . - r? ????',? "j. ;s:r^tui':.7;r,.vsc ? "? - t; ....i of .b.?d... .. T.:"" . . m? ipUr. t*a.ot, .Monl U /,cio!?.| ?? ci. 'I...,,,,, .i. t.t r.^U,. .lo m fi t <>i>.?rv4M ft.. Mf< U. , -koooo t -'.T \ *???- h.? I'.o pl.r?l ?lib aurk pb..?oiM?to (.-I tba< .ii parti*, b... i,i.. ".??? t. . ?UTVit# U iu .j .-., J,,,, , Ukt Rii l"l *,/7*' '. . I 'ur~^ Ollt O' I.I. B , _ hfar Itr|?fr Arnatf U> h|. ^ It - tl.r... .b : ; r- < |Mp?Ur1t/ b7 ?a?. ?l. .' M b. ?" Th. M .iX'7", r -r tf aoj ?i.imoa |-oo.f bit U, * '.'Jl? "Z tb? r?..? 1. I?ri .1 ".ftMU* ?# u,' .J .u.,w **?' l^lbT I. f,r .bo ?\|,7 ?,1. M ..VH IT4 o*.il r?. to? I -^f f .- |7.|. - - . **** :>? - ?... C:{-css ^ -.2 J.. ?rj!s ?** ?f u II tMp.?aibte aot u. b.:. tb.t r?!i?.r.H. U. ? ? -.***> '**>"? ?>lb tb* fotbti U. .I1b?r to ttSTrfVtS'rr^f 4?ii t tb.t b. .... , . U(Wft *2t .!*;'? i* *' r/r1 ';,k" ,u ?" : ? . Il? .? jk v> b? th# it ,? . ? ? 0 ??'! .Itbooft, 1,1. ,M] prt^lri.,! ? r. u IV,.? b. I. ,,firUu?Y'lt; ' r'"u. f."i V" 4WI U "?* '' W-' ? II l . 1 ? ill , ??4 ?.tf. blM . ,y> .. ... . . , ?? 4 H _ ? V ' ll* ' 9U'J '.At, ?!?/ Il A **h ? fl'OUf ?t ?'?? a<1r?bl? MM totb. op?,.io. Call ha o^Mmu a^t b. ?tl: paml f.^rtb a U'w^ ?? r*r. ?? "Ittr a? .I. rl/,, ,r, ,.f .ma tb.t ??'?>! t),. rr^to! i*> 'o?m r tk?r. la ... Wb f? It ffia feoV .r? 'i?bt a*4 U.o?? M a arbootbo; ? "|.^>? '(.'?? t< ofcuoa a bar.4r* p- 1?4. a )??/ " nut' bat ??. prvrMot. " b. *.*t "*. far .. | .10 .. f?.'. ...Jf 'at arMt- .OI..4 tbo law ?ltb ? ' tb. tlb r g> f vn ran tb ik u. pla.M U. r* ?U. I# m/ I ??U v?1 pr?rl4a ?Joar? ? tb a b"i? t f ?? ?tt?B a?! an af pte pio t4 t?*. ??? bl. rnl?4 I. .n w*'\j bMltb/ .? ) t>t. to; ,t aod 4?l:(|ht S? 't Wb*n aiM mom <W/M|b|> Utrfal tm m? >A b.a U Tiwht u ) hH }p*taM,l ^*b a!! tb. ..; .r<ooa? aal > ? J ban -r ^ a *'.t ra-' pr'r. 'f..Ur ?to Iwli o.* > ? ba.o* ao M?f ?W_- irw. Ihwi waj " tr-.l I... I- <?aal a. bl. UUfMM kfM . p .... .f f wM n bit W. b. m7. -i vai k> lV.U4b bO kM ? 'W lot, tlk* |.M ' Mart bi M. ?~"Urr ir ??!. tifTw - tfce JST ? . *?/?; . ?"****?*?i I. O'^ta >.***?. ?>??. ' l?^ >Ml?al bo b. ?v r* ' ' > a KM! to lb. po>>M It t. a**./. .) ... ovfTaj . '?i *n.< ? *.ib - n-.i. , ' . V .|M1-.* aal M U rrrf ' ?t, a tt.'.

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