Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1855 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONBY IUK1T. Scndav, March 4 -CP. M. Du'ing the put week there has been a better feeling la the money and stook markets. Nothing has occurred to interrupt the gradual bai steady return of pnbtic cotfldence, and we &ad a rapid ac cumulation of money going on in almost every de partment of busineei. The banks are largely ex tended in their discount lints, more so in proportion to the amount ?,f busine-w going on and prioes cur rent than when at the very height of their expan sion. The baolcs are now only about four millions below the highest point touched uluce the com mencement of the weekly statements, while the commercial operations or the conntry at large hive been deduced more than twenty fl?e par cent. The banks are, therefore, far In advance of a coireajon 0iOg movement, and, no doubt, would be still more fexnaa * but for tha dil ?cuit^ of obtaining th3 right . ' f ' !' To make up for this, and to employ kind of paper -oaned largely to brokers *11 their funds, they hi*? .. ? k on oall, which was the direct fliTU?, a W?* 1 rinoe, of the rapid rise in the market vettfe of fanoy stocks, fhii acconnts, in a measure, for fte prasen abundance of money. Ths banks h?va, perhaps', been oompelled to exptnd rave than they otherwis would, on account of the greU acoamulatioj of Mpecie in their v?ui's. Any ta-dd increase in busi ness would be likely to prxJuoe a scarcity of money, for the backs, with their extended line of discounts, cannot go far enough beyond the present limit to furnish very extensive accommodations to any clas of cnstomtN. From Europo we do not get anything of an importaat or unfavorable charactor, and we d > not look for anything very stirtliag or aia- ninq, under any circumstances. We hold such a strong ptbition in all flnaccial and com me cial mattarj thit no fears need be entertained, 8) far an tb^ political alfalrs of Europe are concjrned. W* are ni'ioh stronger than is generally believed on eiuer bide of the Atlantio, Our s'rength, eitoer phyalca'iy or morally, h?s not been tested for more than thir ty years, and we trust it will be t\rice thirty more before we shall be required to put forth either; but If an occasion should unfortunately happen, tae world would be astonished at the result. So far as Great Britain is concerned we have nothing to fear. Her power and prestige have departed, anl a revolution in her financial position Is goini? on si lently, but mcst (flV.tirely, that will nndermlne and distroy that supremacy which she has so long claimed and so long enjojed. Mr. Albert H. Nioohy's regular semi weekly auc tion ?*!? of stocks and bo^ls will take pUce on Mon day, the 5th Inst, |at 12| o'clock, at the Mor' chants' Exchange. There were no exports of specie from this port Isat week, but it is reported that the Collins steamer on Wednesday next will take out a large amount| my in the neighb:rhood of a million of dollars. The annexed statement exhibits the condition of the banks of the United States, according to return! made to the Treuury Department, at dates neare* ; to JaLnaiy 1, 1855 Banks or the Usmci) Status? Jasuary, 1855. C* <y. JA 9191 ft -Z+* M Srf>? V? "I 1 1 In ccmmunicatiodg the annnual report of banks to Coogiess, the Secretary of the Treasury sayj Trkasoby Pkimrtmint, Feb. 27, 1856. Sir I have the honor to submit a report on ths eon- i ilitlon of tie bunk* throughout the L'nlon, In compli- ' Knee with the following rcxolut'on of the House of , flepresentative-i, adopted July 10, 1*:I2 : ? '?Re* IreJ, that the Secretary of the Treasury be directed to lay before the House, at the next aod eaih auccessive session of Congress, copies of suc'i state mentH or returns, ?bowing the capital, circulation, din c-eunt*, specie, deposited, and coalition of the dlif*runt State bank* and hanking companies, a* may hare bwn communicated to the legislature!!, governor*, or other officer* of the several t?tates within the year, and made public: and where aucli information csnnot he obtaintM, euch other authentic inform ition an will beat supply ' the deficiency '' In conformity with this resolution reports on the condition of the banks were made in 1 8:ii, an l ia oxth subsequent year up to 1840. A change or admin's'.ra tion then took place, and the resolution was treats 1 as a dead letter till Mr I'olk became President. The making of the reports was then rezularly resumed, an l the ac- i counts of the hack year* brought up. Since then, the I reports hare been regularly made, except during part i of the time of Mr. Fillmore's administration Taken in their serif*, these reports supply facts | which are indispensable to a correct under (tending 'of the state of the country, and of the many pecuniary ? mbarTaksment* of the people. These report* differ in one important r?*p?ct from all the other annual reports made by the dep irt.aent, j or by any other depirtment of the general go%>*rnmen'.. The materials for all the oth*r reports art supplie 1 by of ficers of the genera) government, and at dat i,?nl accord to forms prescribed he th* heads of the departments. Vor statements of the condition of the banka, the Treasury Department is entirely dependen* on tiie cour- { tesy of the officers of the State governments and of the State hanks To letter* from this <>partment. soliciting such infor met. *m as will enable it to comply with tlie resolution of Congress, the ofllcers of the State government an 1 of i the State banks, have in almost every instance replied with great courtesy, though not always with the 1 pn mpUtude that is desirable. If the returns were m id* ' more early, this department would make wrery effort to have them arranged and published at the earliest day Csibla, which would greatly increase their value in eyes of the mercbanta and the hankers. To the political economist and the statesman. the delay Is not soimpoitant, as it ia front the reports of the various years, Uten in connection, that they make their in lue lions These reports wonld be gTcatly Increased In valas If the banks would all make their reports at on* and the same time ? say the cloee of business hour* on the last business day in each year. At present, the banks ia the different State* make their returns in different months, from April to December, and in some cities, as, for ex ampla, la Philadelphia, though they make their returns in one week thev uo not make them on the sam* day of th* week. Where this usage prevails, the same p<rr*ls of specie may figure successively in th* accounts of dif ferent banks" InGr*at Britain, of so much Importance I* knowledge of the fluctuations of paper curn-nsy regarded, th?t weekly account* are published of th* condition of th* Dank of Fogland. and quarter yearly statements of the circulation of all the banks of Issue in the I attest King dom. In the l'aited States, owing to the Issue of bank cot*s (>f small denominations, owing to the rapi I deve'.opemeat of our natural resources, and owing to other cause*, th* fluctuations of psper money are much more sud ten. much more violent and much more fre jnent than in c.reat Britain; yet we have no means of ascertain teg exactly the range of those fluctuation* b"cause we have bo mesns asoerUnog the amount of circulation of *11 'he banks on any on* day la the year. Thi* is a subject orer which the general government has do control hnt it ts to be botx>d that It will attract the attention of the state legislature* Some of th-iu tow rtqair* Quarterly statement* from the banks . an 1 ?e bsaks in New York are evwn requited ti make weekly statements of their condition. If the legislator* of each Btate would require its hanks to make statemeata of their condition at th* cl?*e of business hours ou the Isst burn*** dar la the month* of March, June Meptenber. and l>erember, or. what would be still better, at the rlose of baslnesa hour* on th* l**t busioess day of each ?north (aa 1* bow don* by th* legislature of lx>ui*iana), the department a ight by a oolloeatlen of the different report*, preeeut such views of th* fluctuation* of our |aper currencr aa wouM he of great value to t>aaiaes* men ia svery depart a.ent of life. For ohv<ous nasons such uniform return* would he of va*t importance to bank* conducted on proper prior, pie*. Th* pre seat report iaele'ee returns from 1 Ml banks and branehe*. with a reported capital of 9332,177,288, abowlag aa increase during the year of ninety nine In Ibe number af beak* .aod of ?30,809,307 ia the aesouat of capital paid ia Bot, though than ha* been an in crease ia the number of bank* and la th* capital pa d la, their *pec;e baa been reduced between Ave and *lx mil lioa*. or from $49.40?,?3 to 959,944,949, an 1 their rlr culation nearly eighteen million*, er from 9)04, 999,901 ta ?m.df.l 223. If the bank* had all made their re VKaa nt U< let 4a/ af mrj, 19*4, aa 4 t*a la* 4ay | ?f Juiiry. U b*U?v*d that th* reduction of otr dilation would M|t* been found to b* much greater than U riblbiUd In the general tab lei The tinu for making tbe returns from the banks in nomi of th* State* waa that time of th* year In which their iacuei were greatest. As the aooounta now itand, while there waa In earn* of th* northeastern State* an inereaa* of bank not* cir culation, th* deciaaae lo Virginia *11 la the ratio of twenty-four per cent. ; in Georgia of about thirty par cent. ; an?l in Michigan of about ditty per ceot. In addition t? this, it ibould be taken into considera tion that, durlog part of the year, th* eotea of many of the bank* in *om* of the State* fell into such discredit a* to t*r re but imperfectly a* a medium of 1 remain, Terr respectfully, your obeMsut **-. rant, JAMES GUTHRIE, Secn-tiry of th* Tr**?ury. lion. List* Boyd, Speaktt o' Iloua* of itcprsaeutative*. The suit of the city of Nfl w Orleaoa against the Pontchartrain Railroad Company, to annul . tliu bond* (1500 000) inaned to the company, to bii!1 a railroad to Mobile, has been decided by Judge Cot ton. Tbe Judge regrets toot be cannot ralieve the city, which he designates a poor, oppressed co p> ratLn, from a liability for their bon&t, and denoun ccb tbe act* of the o'mpany, or of *03* of ita direc tors, in diverting the proceeds ol these bond* from their proper object and purp-sws, in very strong torn>H ; but concludes that the city Is a htork bolder and cannot diminish tbe fund of the ooiporation in , ^K'ch it holds stock. * Ihe Wsalilugvn. darln? the P"3"* published at article ?th*r 4haa irg, that Messrs. Belden, Wi.jers <Sc Co. were com pounding with their creditors at the rat3 of eighty j llnte oenta on the dollar. The tlrra have published j a card unequivocally denying t'.ia Tliey say: ? ; i 'The a?Hct* of tbe bouse have passed into tbe binds I of trustees, who are paying off the liabilities of the firm in ccnfcrmHy with the provisions of the trust ; | and in no instance have they atter ipted to e jm pound witb any of their creditors, excepting to pay 1 | the full amount of their claino." The IiOgislutme of Michigan, in ascordaaoe with the recommendation of the Governor, have passed a law authorizing t'jo Treasurer to redeem tbe public | di bt out of any surplus funds on hand, at a premi- , urn not exceeding ten per cent over the par. The state of Michigan owes about $1,800,000 and had a nurplus in the Treasury at the close of thd last Qjcal year of about $500,000. Ibearnual meeting of the stockholders of the Illinois Cent ral Railroad Company for the election ; of directors, Ac., will be he!d at Chicago on the 21st March, lost. Prom a statement madi by tie Land depart merit it this corporation, it appears that the entire sales of lands have been, in round numbers, 106,000 acres, for an aggreate amount of $890,000, of which $306,000 was paid in cash. The interest lands sold at an average of about $'j per acre, and the lands under the mortgage at an aver age of a little above $10 per acre. At these prioes, the remaining lands of the company would sell for $24,500,000; but en authority of great experience estimates them to be worth $32,000,000 There are remaining about 136,000 acres of lands not in- 1 eluded in either of the mortgages, aid subject to ba cold for the payment of interest. Vary few of the latds eo!d are on the line of the road. Tbe law of Illinois prohibiting tte company from laying out towns having been repealed, some locations have been decided upon, and the appliaations far town lots are already very numerous. The following 1 tntement will show the ooadltion of the New Albany and Salem Hailroad Company, as reported in a recent circular by the President: ? Cost of road and equipment $6,; W6. 478 Funded debt $4,010,170 Capital stock 2,448, 9A, 441, 625 The reserved funds, including (took subscriptions due, amount to $3X7,8B.'l. of which $140,000 are not at pr* sett a Tellable. The unfunded liabilities of th* eon pany, $JW1,116. The mad earned the first si* months $;.2o.tJ7ti gross, or $184, lOil ret. Ita funded interest, six months, and intereat on other liabilities, $l~i6,4Ul ? leafing a profit of $27,671 t . the stockholders. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and value of certain articles other than foreign dry goods imported into this district daring tbe week ending nnd includicg Friday, March 2, 1N55: ? CoMMKiinor tiik Port or Nuw York? Wkxki.y Ijiporth. (/uan 286 8 60 A'attister or Haaketa Pooka I ot'le* ? 1 tirueba* 0 Button* 12 Chalk 665 Chrni 11 China 117 Cigar* ? Clock* 2 CoO. e, bga. . 6,927 Coal, ton*.. . 1,174 Cork* 12 Diuga? Bicarb. aoda . 601 Bleach, p'wdr 22.1 Camphor.... 100 Chemical*.... 1 Cochineal... . 0 Cr. tartar... . 2.1 Kae. oil* & (>um copal... 23 I'o. Senegal. 10 Ipecac M lJrorice 61 Opium. 2 kt adder 3 l'otanium .. 3 Haraaparllla . 25 Soda a*h.... 966 Verdlgrl* .... 3 Other <lruRi.. ? I j . wood>, paint* Color* 8 Ku*tie 10 I Of wi od ? I fthor*ge.. .. 2i) I'aiut*. . . . .. . 40 Vermilion 2 Fruit*, Ac. Citron 66 .. ? Nut*..., .... ? Orncge* ? 1'lom* 4*7 Same* 1 larth* nware. 347 Riifrtmingi . . in 1 ancy good*. Fl?b Flat Furmtur*. . .. Fura Cat flxtui**,. (.la** Mirror* Hair I'o. cloth.... i.nano. . . . . .2,000 Ilat'i* good*. 4 H<mp 1,239 Ind'a robber 128 Mualcal Inata. 37 44 20 2 27 1 3* 3 6 3 Vol. ?1 ?or. 1,026 7,:i07 197 202 2,55'J 3,161 6K0 ioo 6,277 67,3!?2 7C1 60, M? 6, COO 481 1,600 4,827 1,726 677 733 5,307 642 CSl 780 1,071 1,497 1,1N 833 :i6? 413 17,0!<2 636 773 , tie. ? ?tn?4 214 7,098 ?.?K? 91 :? 428 3,341 1,47.'. 2,fl54 6,:i67 2,062 340 If., 087 2,025 9,244 2,706 976 1M 9,4*5 138 86V 1,214 601 1,301 2,823 6,0 >4 90,184 :;,8*8 6,287 Math inrtn.. Nautical d>>.. Optical do.. Jewelry lilqunri ? Brandy Cordial* <ilu Porter leather Patent, do. . . I>ri'?m?d nkinx L'ndre*aed do. Metal good*. . Bra** k'ood* . . Copper Pare, cap* . . . Hheathuig . . . Cutlery. ..... Hardware.. . Oun* Iron, ton*. . .2, Chain Hoop 3, Sliret 2 Steel 1 Tube* Plated ware.. Saddlery Tin 11 Oil metal . . . Machinery. .. Mnrble JlllUtl B'?. . . . Mola*?e* .... Paper Do. hanging* Perfumery .. Pip.* I'laater Potatoet, .. ,3, Bar KatUn So?p Spice* 1 Sponge Stationery . ."agar Do bx?\bg* 5 Tea, cheat* I Tobacco Toy* Watche* .... Wine* 4 Champagne .1 Wood? l.ignumrit*' . Mahogany. .. Koae Flock* Wa*u'. Other UnaeeM oil. . . Oli re do (Juan. 2 3 1 12 770 10 10 74 7 4 85 *5 23 6 4 110 42 174 32 783 100 563 ,879 ,289 200 9 4 163 25 84 4 641 9 941 7 160 715 174 300 6-2 ,215 2 11 0 >2 624 117 G04 3 62 034 060 Vol 6?6 1,218 175 6,384 65,000 11*8 274 061 2,479 2,421 17.0H2 41,714 1,188 1,837 901 * 743 21,608 22,784 19,988 5,236 128,368 1,247 7,415 27,127 18,812 1,686 1,920 864 98,228 3,675 383 2.913 129 12 047 1 017 21,774 1,077 118 264 2.fi24 18 103 3,006 10,782 1,468 S.l'H) 617 3.S17 2 1,919 11,22.1 Jl>> 8sl 7,878 167 65,710 22 8na 7,W>0 122 2,958 200 989 824 703 3 6fW 10,032 63,516 U 8W8 8 400 08,311 2,726 <?p ln*t'mt Ifidea I*kat 2 1 .1,992 1-en! ore pig* 79 Copper ore . 370 W oil, galla. 2,200 leather, bale* 6 4 270 Tobacco, lb* 9,100 7,9*7 H op*, bale*. . 70 668 Lea cloth.... 116 3,f>00 408 ToUl $150,046 ? *>** 948.020 Cedar, log*... 200 Copper, e*.. . 148 Mo**, b* 43 Tar, bbl* .... 100 rot Mb.....* 74 Anchor 1 S|?-rm oil, ?*2,930 1* 140 * Art'l *tone*,c< 12 360 Shook* k hd* 81 106 Ft%?e* ?, ?? 1,450 Hoard* pc* . 109 r*00 otUer 1 ?t:o6 80 60 6,887 7 166 3.9*6 1,450 400 4,140 Value of merchandise put on market daring the week $1,103,1.1 I'o dry gtod* do. do 1,634,077 Total 12,637,198 The leading It?m8 of Import during the week were aa follow*:- Cc.ffee, $00.' 44; brtady, $C'?,000; undrewed *kio*, $41,714; tin, $:?H,22S; tea*, $38,881; watcbcn, 56,736. The *KKTegate value of import* tiro* (or ih? week were limited, Indicating a rapid return to mote health/ tiro?*. A 1 thU tend* to a retention of oar *pe> ie receipt* from California, and anieqaently to the *?tab>hmerit of oar currency open a bitter and more aubeUntial ba*ia. Ttc annexed atetement exhibit! the 'jatnti'.y and value ot certain article* exported from tbia port coriig the week ending and including Friday, March 2, 1*65 Qoaxratx or thk Port or V?w York? Wbut fxr.iam , urmmpi Ptrai. Vol H*. Cotton, hi* 1,2*4 $113,876 I B good*, e* Flour, kbl* 8,026 26,547 Corn, bu?b.63 397 Vfl'u' tit" 715 8,367 6 ,?'? 6 180 1,-^8) 185 1.8.11 2,663 18.176 I !?*-(, tea ... 1,409 Pork, bbla . . 418) Paeon, lb*. 793, ( 58 Tallow ....21 Ml T?a r.baata. . 160 Ro*in, bbl*. .8,490 Clock*, bx*. . 62 Isgwocd tn? 1*0 L ntna, c*. . 2 Cotton, ba... 768 Corn,bua. . . .6,891 Io meal, bbl* 16 Beef 3 lork 297 Bacon, lb* 106,368 Urd 39,884 Boein. bbla., 636 Palnunga .... 1 Jew a*bee,bb 63 Molaae** 30 Pearl a?h.... 6 Machln'y, ca. 11 Hopa, bt .... 10 Total $137,0M 0*H> r*T?a 84,600 |1,7?| $1,184 46, i4 1 606 294 2,601 246 6,556 1,184 400 76 100 2*0 114 WatcbM ... 1 Bl'cb p'wder 1 Paintings, en 1 K*. logwood bx*4? I R. goods, cs. 8 Cotton | bit ... . 07 lol'MCo. lbs. 1,683 Urd. 1,793 b<, oil. ci.... 1 ToUl ?1,400 Furs* skills.. 0 1 200 Dry goods . .. 6 08 buobi. 0 231 710 ToUl AMSTKKflAII 93, MM Log wood ,?ons 40 180 Bomb, bbU.. 1,033 184 Starea 1,200 60 Cotton, balas. 120 B?ef. Ibis ... 100 l'ork,bblf .... 100 fcsras, lba... 8, 310 Bacon, lb 6 ? Urd, l>ia.. 38,397 Hngar, bx. . .8.885 Ci.ibo, baga 2,131 Tobacco, bbda 44 Honey, pk*.. 40 Mirh'j, pka. 10 Rice, ck?.... 203 Aimriur. 34.4.16 Ix>gwood,tons 4;u 1,237 Mahogauy . . . 102 4,tH3, bbls.. 4 284 614 Hp. Turp .bill 7H3 442 Potaahwa, tibia AO 2,*>32 KartapartlU. . 30 86,100 liana, ci 8 24,623 S?'ed <& planta 2 2,490 I. K good a .r a 42 1,208 Tobacco, lbs 4,110 260 Cocoa, bag*.. 110 0,270 Stares 11,020 ?1,TM 830 1,720 $0,300 3080 3,0(17 450 ?8,200 37,461 tss 7,-nO 111 Ufli 1,8*5 600 317 150 2,477 200 685 732 Total *115,70d OOJtK. Guano, tens 1,057 UMBALTA*. Pour, bbla.. 327 ~ "" , ,*? w. ??.<"?<? tonae'O, 1M ^ ?'**, eWa. 144 2,444 Hurt* 87 Ttohacco, hds. 79 5 821 ToUl Corn, bus..,. 2P0 Honey, tea... to i.arii. lb*. .. 23.631 Fustic, tons. . 7 Total htkttiv. 3206 Itorln, bbls.. 1,444 1,626 Turpentine. . . 20 2,36 1 Hpta Turpon'e 108 189 Cotton, bales. 186 laid, lbe. 102,527 Mum, bills... 200 Bacon lbs. .95 f'40 Peeswax ... .1,761 Corn, bus.. 15,002 Sp Turp e, bla 3 lar 70 Corn, bu*. .22,760 l'oain. bbla.. 260 ToUl MAK.-OII.IKr.. 36,544 Wli'hune, lba 6,012 Roeln bbla.. 7iM tipTurpsnt'e. 100 10 262 8,231 9,?r,o 7N2 352,850 %vv? 9,204 32,341 1,717 1,680 ToUl 3' >6. Ill) orotro. 316,727 hWres 2,500 55 205 Total t'AKTIIAIiKMA. 123,800 fUrea 1,400 600 XALAUA. Stared, 41,700 HHITIHII KOKTII AMKKICAN COUIMIM. Flour, bbls.. 1,625 313,676 T?*a, che?ta.. 13.1 Rye* do 238 1,428 Klce, tierce* 5 410 Burning fluid 10 lhO I.eatli*r, aidea 140 424 Yarn, ba . . . . 40 372 32,807 Corp meal.... 100 TaHow, lba..2,rco Tobacco 8.S62 Sugar, bbls .. 26 ToUl Hour, bids.. 293 Reef 30 Fork 646 Hams, lbs ..3.236 Putter 1,011 Cheese 1,378 I.anl 4,613 Whale oil, galls' 203 Linaved oil. . . 6 Tin, bis 15 Co.iflah, lb*. 46,041 Sugar, bxs... 29 Tobacco, cs. . 1 Kite, bbll. ... 03 l'uck, bales... 7 Piano 1 ToUl IIAYTI. 32,802 Mmh'ry, bx* 9 295 Cordage, colls 30 7,7715 Pi'ppOT, bags. 9 343 Fish, bbla... 186 221 Shot, bag s . . . 169 Brsndy, ca... 601 Iron cheat... 140 Hardware, ca. 166 tioap. bxs.... 156 Candles 1.007 Furnlt'e.pkga 807 Beuns, bbls.. 172 Bread 0 869 Oara 60 621 Othor articles ? 345 Flour, bbla,. Corn meal.... Beef Pork Hams, lba. . .8 Corn, liuab.. Bacon, lbs. . . Clock h. bx... B*ead k blan. (Jillnral, pun. < andlea bxa,l Butter, lba. .9 I ard Cbi-eae Sp. turp., bis. Matrbts, cs.. Collee, bag*.. Wine, caae. .. Peaa k b bus. Hay. ba Oata, bua.. . . Horses Mule* Saddlery, cs. . B?ef, bbls. .. l'nrk Hotter, lbs.. Hums 2, Halt, ?Mka. . 1, IndifO, eafe*. Hardware.. . Iron wheels . Hoep iron, fa Furniture, bx 1 lab ToUl HKITIUII W 6V5 35,741 231 60 75 296 ,735 160 640 1 374 60 lo6 301 070 740 6 6 10 6 1 400 38 180 23 4 3 16 110 400 Ml 200 25 70 3 9 30 200 1,577 3.806 1,134 107 64 60 1,627 7 28 3,056 2. ">05 85 86 88 166 112 03 76 197 136 150 2,0(0 too 217 OW 3186 1,660 112 169 1,530 3.437 5 74 120 4o4 806 60 ?err inmkh. leather, ro.. I Jtr I oil, g*. . 1e?. ch Tobscoo, ca. , Wagon Hh.&hd*. bdla. Fiab, bbla.... Crease, pkga. 11. ware, pea. Varnlsb, bis., llriiga. pkga . . .lewelry SUtlonery ps. Furniture. pa. Soap, bx HsK, cs limit., cs Trunks (Vinbs Toys,, .. ..... Corla/e Sboea, pkga., Otber articles Total IIA. Cloves, bbls. . Met bur'lca. trull, boxes. Drugs, casts. Buttons Ilocpa, pkga.. Hhda, M. . . . Shook'' k h i 6, I .amber, ft 20, Other articles 3 416 6 6 1 40 100 30 1? 1 15 28 80 2.1 20 7 1 6 1 2 1 21 10 12 9 178 1 20 839 ,776 000 326,766 3H 85.1 105 306 260 181 36.1 104 95 J0'? 500 250 30<) 350 300 548 97 198 165 183 163 804 4S? .331,629 3130 134 9H 4,724 117 600 1,308 6.! >08 4 >0 382 .323,520 Flour, bbla.. 100 ),. . 2*26 \\ hale oil, gin 103 Dirdvii*, ci V3 k>rrliBD liae 2 lUme, lba..l,f04 I .ard 1,701 rh??^ i,mi I'oik, blla .. 20 Total PORTO Rli'O. ?l?25 > iah, bbla... 60 iu aju i :m Cracker*, baa 100 10 I loop* ft. 1 f>0 ;-h'?? K bl.19.lva I timber, ft 10, -'lift Other article' ? 1,280 161 6X1 21 0 196 191 1X5 431 ?117 1*8 107 303 20'.? 3,<Vm 196 68 . 99,117 I'rj goo<l?,ci>. 65 (?una, c? .... in 1 on<fiticc, b? 308 I'll "r, M.... 5 Furniture, bdla 10 bottle) ? Inm. toon ... 1ft I Mil, pig*. .. 40 ltaidware, ci 20 1' barley, kga 10 Flndinge, ti. 1 MM ?7.054 062 18, 333 117 128 30(1 l,:i'?5 204 el 8 75 182 no. ilopa, bale*. . 1 Cotton gin.bx 1 Cocoa, bag*.. 20O China, ca ... 8 Vinegar, bbla 1ft White lead, kg 68 Soda nah, r* ? rt I 'ruga. box.. 10 (?oUf leaf, b> . 1 Cinnamon, ba 6 Other artkli a Total ....$12, 204 M If liHAXAVA. Ilonr, bbla . 475 $4,594 Mi k, balaa.. 25 8 turpentine 8 Hardware, pk 00 Ctoeerie*. <??. 1 ftptr. Ml*. . 1C0 todfleh, lb?..600li Tot*] MS I ar I, lb*.. 5,24.'. 2i5 lUca, tea 12 2,241 Canala*, box 00 1HH Ktrt crack era.. 60 60 ?9,162 riA.iiHii w>kt in.ia. ?000 Iti *?, ck* . Hour, bbl?... lieof I'ork llama, Iba. . . 1 Hutter 9, lard, Iba. . . . 3, ( I im* Wlna, < aaea. . Sugar. boxra. Cliueolata, r* tmlona, cratf a I otatoea, bbla liroga. cane*. Itrrad, bbla.. Kope, coila . Hardware, ca. I 'a per, ream a Matchea. ea.. ( andle-.U xea Coffee, 1 ag?. . Lard lb*....l, Machinery pa I>rygoo<'* c?. I', n.entiea.baa lurultuie ea i-p. turn'ntln* If' pa. ralea.. l?oka, ca.... hegara. ca Varniab, bbli Tea, eb..... . . Flour bbla... I'eef, bbla.. . . l!rea<l, ea . . , . ( ottoaa, ea Tol.ncco, pkl. Total AO 16 260 029 940 1*4 106 10 C8 2 7 28 8 105 20 19 214 11 XtO 11 HON llt'R?K. I'll Ilardwara, ea 818 Tinware 1,899 Trunk* 140 I'eaa, bbla... 1,049 I ancy g la c* 387 rf|>oof* 13S ? .k1K.1i Iba 15, 197 Tar bbla 1,12*1 leather. roll*. 50 Cfci. 'lea, bxa. 08 Spirit*, caaea 91 Itomeatica, ba 4ft.l Tea, elimt*.. 675 Hire, tierce* 233 I), food*, ea. lift Ukoi, bag*. . 89 l.omW,, CI 752 128 31 4 00 H 2 'J .',00 29 ?X ft 8 38 20 29 2 IS 000 ? 17,714 MM 67 583 101 113 533 4mh 91 60 71 H04 .720 Mt 870 424 101 420 331 Other artielaa ? Total ?17,344 iumnii aRPt'Ruc. 0K5 67 11 147 :m 12 10 1 1 14 06 10 10 45 42 20 ? 118 Itruge, ea... . l,5ro Coal, torn. . . 1,07? Raelri bbla.. ft, 908 Cordage, cotl 1,020 Minora. bbla 148 Caaala. ui.... 660 Kleb boxa... 108 Wood ware, ea 00 IloarJa pa 3 l,rs 077 ToUl art km. ?96 I'ork. bbl*.., 119 Hum bbla... 1JS Candle* b? 2.437 Uati*r ft 20 8,'.i5 44 6 5 40" I 110 15.1 62ft 2* 224 969 5 ?M0 17 570 Tea, tb 36 !>omeetl'?, ea 125 Ho. in. bbla.. 800 Total niio. ?7i 6 Hp. tnrp , 1/x 60 ( IK Lumb-r ft 07.7V) 13f0 ?4,419 41 I 700 1.179 1 814 425 321 ?40 *50 .?21 >16 ??0 1,33V 67 Ml ?12 314 ?ftSK) 1,134 . (10,198 RaramvuiTtoa. t-irerjool Cadi a britifn.,, 8,.';V8 Cora llarra 137.' Amaterdam 8.2W ??,728 52,8 VI 19 204 0,0/2 | It will b? nan by I'M aDire UUe that braad^ulTa i and prorWoaa turn inporUat ttama la Ua export*. ' fkm 4a tt?f Wm |?h T"-a a^frafMo h* loa mmob to mall, bat m the lafwtatfooa iniIm null, the malt la m fsrorable m could be deeired If ?? can keep 4o?ra the halanro again* aa la the j foreign trade of thla port we ahall da all that to ne oeteary to aecure a aatlafaotory exhibit at the o> M of the year. Stock Emhanfr., 3 |HS8 ?3000 Ind'a Plate 5'a 6 Ifii W Y^bKK .3 04 u ?KH> do .a KOX 10<X do q.? ?00 CaliforTa, '81. H8 jO do. (j 91>! 1(00 I oulinna ?'a. , 85 8 do 94 1? 4C(0 Virginia 6'?. r Uft^ &0 do!!!!'.a 90 #4* "3 m 11 * ?4(< 7CC0 Miaaoori 6 . , a* 210 do a3 V4 ? 1000 KrleCon txU '71 7?X 26 Galena ft Chi RR 87 K 79^ 40 Cleve ft Tol RK . . 72 ?!252 f, . ,f T5 *''? 10 n"*-- C. fcClo.RR 102 aSSSlVi'*" Ml' 73 * MKfie'tK a.(0 4rt\ ?OOOWCaraKbda.iia 7hS? *50 do a3 46K 7ft* ?? d- ba 4rt do....... 75S 37R do %i 4?>. 15000 do.. .*,30 75 100 do .1(1 8000 M Y CeaRR b4? HI UO do...'ijo " 10W) 'lo ||u lift f0 . .?,! 4180 N Y Ot, 7',..c wQ aon d?',,,frr ; ' 1C00 do. , (ftL/ Dm 41 \? I SMW do i-.l . do ?!'< 4rt?, ?>?- ..oM 99J{ 10**0 do ?? 41 . Co 100 llarUm RK....C :W'i U'OOChl ft R1 Kbdn 04 3'H) do 32 60 aba I 'henii Bank 107 100 ?1o ?? *0 32 >J 85 fatten Co ?a 24 6 N II ft H'rl 'd RR 1*2 1 3,0 'lo. ... ?a 24*.,' 100 Reading KR.. a W 78 100? >5 2 1 26'J do c 7*'?' pOu Oumb Coal ?. 31*4 6(i do ba 7S', fib b'.O 34^ 100 do T<>i 6O0 ?1? i.3 34 '4 (,00 do.;.. aao 71 '? 150 ll" b,10 .14 V 2"? do ?r,0 7^4 :?'0 dij,<...b'0 ;t4S 300 do c 7*', 200 ?!<> ?^0 31 100 do bio 7H?. 1(0 <Sf .... bf.fl 1*4 ^ l> ]'u nam t Kit KM ICO Nlc Tr.imit Co.e lo 5') do 108'^ 100 <? ??0 10 10<) do bHO 100 :;oo do b",o ir.>, 300 in Ou j:k or 100 do c 10 40 do 1C00 Ponnft Lehigh 7. V/? 100 do b(W 97 HBTONI) ItO, Mill. $C0(0Ind State 5'a.. m>\ 100aluBri?BR...M 40 .'Mi00 Calif niH 7'?, '70 8?% 20 <lo 4(1 '4 2M'0 VirRiria H> . , e 100 1I0 ?ao 40 7CC0 MUtoun t'a.... ic.1', to do ?3 4"'.' iROO N Y On 7'n ..c 12 ll?r!"in Railr<"vl M 7000 111 ( Vn( RK IHn 76 luOO Itoa.tiu* Rit. . ?.l 78ij 100 alia Nio Trail. ?o0 10*, 25 I'ltntm:, Rulrotd 109 ItODelftlliidC'l ,bl0 115 f>0 III Ont i R . b10 97 18 do 116 35 OUvh ft lot IUI. . 74 2C0Curob (<>?!.. ,b;w 31(4 20 (ialvuit ft Chi RR 87 10 do 34 16 Mich Ont RK... 78 120 Kris Railroad.. 40 CITY Tit \ OK UKPOIir. Satlroat, Marc , 3-0 I*. M Ahii^. ? Small ralpn of im at'n at 80 26. Hkkaiivti kkh ? Floor, (lie iuarlinioontlnuivl flrm, with morn doln^ Tlitt clu^f drirand wan for Ka.toru and local ron?tiinption. 11,h Kalon ?inhrace<l nlxiut 8,iw0 a 10,CC0 hbl*. of all ini-ludio^ ooinuion to cfioico Btatv, at about t8 '?0 a ts 75, iacladiiiK ?om* lot* in lh?' morning at $K 44; comiuoi, to good Wi?t?rn at $'.? a $9 37. Thw ??? a port ilrniaml for Canadian and amoog tho al>ot<> aggrpyatn cali'H wrra 2.400 a 2,600 bid* , at HI in bond' aud at ft) 25 and a lot of loOhkU., at 89 12. Southern ?n? rather firmer. The caUn included ..bov? amount* I to 1,800 bhla., at |97^ a 89 f.O tor utferior to chui.-.. bran la, an 1 89 66 a 810 60 for fancy aud extra, jj^tra wan at.fll a 812. Wnnat- -Ibrr* ?aa ruffit-T more doing. Ilia nalfn lucludad 1,5'H) buahela Kouthrro white, at U 26, and 1,200 do., at 8'2 20; ail 1 2, one Canvliando, at $2 46. llajidaonia (in, wan at 82 '0 Corn ? Tha aalra embrared about JI,0(K) buahida, at 94c. a 97c. for Wentarn juiced and Southern whito. Ho ithorn yellow wan worth 97 r aOKc., aik?<l. and 97o. for Wwatern mUnl In at<ir*. R,e waa at 81 33 a 81 36. (lata were at 53c. a 58c for gouthorn and Jeraey, nod '18c a flJc. for ? Jl?i - rago beary. Rye Hour and corn meal were without change. Count ? The mile? of Rio were large, and embraced about 1,000 bait?, at 'l^i-. a 10*4c. , 000 mat? .lara. ou private termi, and 100 Jamaica, at 11:. About 4,70o l*i s Rio were aold by auction at U\r. a 10\'e., average about 10c. The ?alr? waa oi nnlderi-il a g -><)?! one Othwi. ? The a^lia were 111 derate, htvinjf reached only 500 a CCO balei, at uteady prlrea. >KMUIITII. ? Kogagementi of about 20 000 bu?he!? of corn aire made at 6 a5'4d, Including al>out' 8,000, In the cllpjer Dread Naught, at 6'<d; 1,200 hldei al lfa. per ton; 2>M) b<??a bacon at 17a rtd., and 100 cneeta tea at p n t pork wa* at 2a., heof at 3a , ami cotton at 5 IV d. a a ind. There waa no changn In ratia to U>U''on or iltvana A bark of 3*0 torn waa taken upt to load for Cowen and a omrket a Havana or tlataniaa. at ?2 6a. To California rat?? ranged from 35c. a 4('c per foot naaauirment. Hmiv.? Owing to a re?lncwd atiick the market waa firm The ato:k in hand w?* ??tnoate I at 49,'.<2I, of wbi h, the chief were Ang' dura anu Afrlr-nn MoLAHPfV ? We only heard of about 350 a 4')0 bila. New (Irbara. at -'.c a 27c. Navat. STour* ? About 400 hbla Roaln ware aold at 82 C2X. Pplrlta were nominal at 4>. a 43c. raoviHox*. ? I'ork waa ateady with a^lea of a'xiu*. 400 a (00 bbl* , IncluC.lrg old mean at 8la fiO, and n w mm at 815- IW?f? ,'al?? 400 bbla Chicago repacked on pri rate tern a, ami 2'" a 30> bbla. country ine<< at old prhe* Cu' 1111 nta wi re In fair riemxed a*, ataady prlcae; li 0 b"ie? lioi i |wi nit ,1le? were mide at "'4c., aud 2-Wj tieri-ea huma w?r?' Wild at H'Jc , fO do. at9'4c . lft'l do. at , 100 do. at 0c.. an I f'i bo*et ihort intddlea, at 7\i. A an ?ll lot of t?ef (torfguea fold at 25c each. 1 ard? Va'efi i f al?ot 3P0 a 100 hbla an I tiernaa were mace at !>)^c a 0 r , Including 180 bbla. at SKo M i.ak ? A cargo of about 'J0(i lihda N'*? ()r|e?n?, were r-old on private termi auppoa d to be within the tange of ??.'.c. a 5 V:. Wrrkl) H? |K?rt of llrathl In ilia cit/and coo nly of New York, from th? '.'Ith lay of February to the 3d day of Mar<h, 1 *< Men, 144; wom?n, Mj boy*. 177; girl*. 120 ? Total, f>3 2. A'ltilU, -*'i , cliildreo, 301, male* .Til; fain-il'*, VII, col ofti'l peraom, 10. Dmum Albuminuria. aii<l Itrl||ht ? H< oping cough 4 ?liiM-a** of ki Inry* 2 Inflammation of bowel*. . Apopleiy 0 Inflammation of brain .13 Apoolaiy of the ?pin*. A ? i . 1 1 j *la. Inllitm -natiin of brain, (injury) | A-tt.nia 1 luAamn.atinn of haart 5 I lire ' I i c K 1 HlxOicir Irom li?< r 1 IUiimI. sir from lun?a .... 3 Inflammation < f llror . . , . 2 Inlltmmai .nn of lu'ig* . . it' Iiillamtnatlon of ?ioiuarh 2 l lrollng from atnniaeh.. 1 InllantnaMon of throat . . 2 Iili-eding from womb.... 1 Inflammation of tonsil*. . 1 Plain, <l?er.?e of 1 lotl'ien/a 2 p.rn>hltia U Jaundice 1 Hnrr ed or urnl'M 3 l,i?pf, liiniAWfif 1 Canrer of the breaat I I sneer <1 the knee 1 I anrer of the ? '.omacb ... 1 Catarrh 2 ( a'ually. by 'alt 1 ( aaualiy, by railroad ... . 1 ClioWrt Infantum 2 (ompreseion i f the brain 1 l 'iii'uiuoa of the train 1 Old Condition (?) 1 O.aiflnt n of haart . l/ic'tjaw, (Infant) 1 Mal'ormat. <o of h*ai t .. I M ilformati-in of prlrla.. I Mara ?mua, adult 3*. Infantile 21 4 Mart ideation 1 Mortification of lung* . . . I [Tl'lnf ll lh> liraD .. I i' p*y In tba heart. . . . rh -entery ... . ... Kryaipels* . . ferer Ket*r, biliooa I un(?, throat, ke 1 W 1 Cnrartsm ??at and (>n Old a f 4 Kk n. *??., and aruptira ?rat ferer* . . . . t'Bkaoarn fet'r* 43 Urinary orgsn* Tot*.' . . . Cf ahi'b fourteen war* fr-iin vtolsnt '-aoaae. Congestion of brain ... l'l Ortris*, ditea-aof 1 Gmg?'?tion of lunga ,...12 l'al?y 7 Conaumptlnti . 71 I'Mturtion. iliffloult .... 2 Convulsion*, adult b Parturition -litlic jlt /?\ f nTuldon*. lafantlla .\i tr* utirlna) 1 rorpwlenrjr and rough .. 1 fhlnhitia, ifr m broken Craup 20 leg) ..... 1 f'yanoai* 1 PI ?iriay 2 lability. mlsn'ile 7 Polxm, by i-atlng lum T '??!? r??i xu framen* 3 I'oiaon. by laudanum. . HwiIm * l>r >p?jr 4 J>ro|isy In ths cheat 2 2 1 Prematura birth 4 lllieumatl* n of ),<-art .. 1 Kupture of the aorta ... 1 Id Kupture of tba womb, 1 (aupirwad) 1 7 Herofutt 1 2 Beur?y.i I H Mmallpni 2 1 Hoftonl'g of apinal #ord.. I 1 Htillborn W Feur. ncpitita 1 Huleide, by t. anting .... 1 Keter. aearlat 2? Twthln< 4 K'ter, ?hlp 1 t "Iteration of bowala .... I Ynrr typb<dd 3 f'aknown. f*oppo*ad ai fe?er ty|*ins 27 posnre 1 f rartm* of the tot ... 1 Worma I Kraetura of the akull . . .. 1 ? Heart, diaeaaa of 2 Total 1-2 ?rfArrrcLanoji? KfWaHiai n unin. Bone*, J'.iDta, *e 4 ritlllboru and prematura P.raln and narta* 11'. (.?neratlre ori<an? 7 II. art and blood ve**al* 12 birth. Htomaoh, b-'?ela, and Other dl(e*tlra oriran* 47 f.'ftit?r I year 1 f>6 Wl to 40 year*. , ..... . 61 1 to 2 year*..., t/0 44 to fko ;*ar? 3a 2 to I year* M ?0 to *t year* 32 t to l'l year* 18 10 10 tf. H oar* H 70 to H? year* IS lk to ) ear* 10 *0 to ?i year. & 2>* to 2* year* 32 l*J t/j 1 'JO y ea r ? .... 1 2* t.? 30 y. *r* 34 ? lotal H2 liTmmi llritlab A mertca , 1 Pruaafa ,1 fat! !a'!.e* 1 Hoot lanl * Kuglaod , 12 Hwitaarland I Germany *S fTn'tad rtVata*. 341 M Cakaown I Madeira 1 W?le? ... I Mora ay 1 We*t ladta* 1 I > iaa'l I Total ft-12 rvnur m*rm i'?i Aln-.nb'"!**. l'l* 0 a UJ,.. ? ft<>' Uf. 'Ht>h Aitlnrn 1 Relleeaa lla?p 'al . . .,11 Raadl * lal V in Mo.j. I i | & ... > Kt Viawat ? ll?i|> 1*1 1 (.,'or*d lionM UkmkI. . t Ward a 1*1 d Km. t II >*p &7 N Y Oif hla Airfnm 1 ? Pta ty bwpl^i. Iflfc ?UI 3 T?Vai 102 WiiM ? n ? 2 14 22 1 4 It IX 11 It 23 41 ? X: t 2* it. r ? 1? 2n ? ? IT 21 ?? M la It 1 1 ? ? 1 2 ?4 TMal Ml THOU A3 I. rtOVWIJkYj. fMyla*paa>?? VMf lai|*?M ? vSta, k?f {wa liaiM -I 4m A JW^aTISEIENTS RENEWED KTERT DAT. WKMAL MOTICKS. rnjc of itAii.v nuuu?, iqi non yv abb 1 back, bourd audio peilat order, for uitbiJ . DAVItf, W3 Wall atreet. ' A' T THK ItKOCl.AIt ANNUAL MKKTINO TjlT t7|K member* of the Uerunui Society of the city of N?? I Kirk. held at St. Matthew * Church, February 'Jil laat M*aata I'aul W. Cteaar, Kar. Wui Dreet, Hrr a Kunk, J. I.orde.' , J. UoUinark, II. 1)., Gwllr. tauenther I r? lerica llooae, Wni Jallinghaua, John W. Jun*. Il-irmaun K I.udewig | i Furl*, I II r_r llocboli, Hermann lime, W. Von Holla, M 1 1 , (inula* Schwab and Frederick /oep prit*. weie el.cted officer a of the aoelety, aul at a aub*e ijuent meeting on I'eb Jltti, (aul officer* elected am iu( tbemrelvea f. r ? I'reaiilent, M flu.lav Schwab. Kir-t Vlc*l'r?*ldc*t, M Hermann Hoae. Second Vina I'r.m <*ent, M Jacob Wimliuull*r Kirat Secretary, M. Ilai m?nn K. Lu^ewif Second Secretary, M. Il?nrr Koch nil. Trea*ur?r, II. Kred'k IIihiw liy ?>r>i**T of tha l'rvai lent. hkhmann B. i.idkwio, |?nto|, A N OWN Kit WAN mil? KOK A NEWFOUNDLAND /V. 'I< K, found on lb" Uftli W ill be *old ia three day*, U til* owprr 4p?? not on ma auj pay o*p?n M. No. i Mulberry atreet. C ACTIO* WHUUCAH, A CERTAIN FEH-tON, AiHU nnrg my naina baa been obtaining m may on my prtnUDtad reaponathlllty, Una 1a to give notice that I will uot be anawrerahle for any <!ebu con'rastel by euab part/. JOHN II ? 11AMI1K1W, No. 8 OtjT Bid pi ice. HBOUS BAK k<- PBBBSM r VAUHL? ALL CRT bank* Ul en at par ; Wheat (iiower*' 9>fl Hrl'lge ton, 90c. limcninwiit Sloek, tt'V- , Waahlenaw, 4oc , Krie and Kaliu.aioo.40c , at KV ANtt' clothing war* houar, Ml and ? K Kult?u atr>*?t Havana, upland <? tviu? oen'iUiai. and eoinniinaiou agency ? UirctJma atret, No rt.? Hr. J. Kuuir>, lor a ui .male nU of cummla* on, will eie- ntc onlrra for the purchaae of iti ?* ol fir. nl toil lucta of thu Inland of Jubit, ?uch aa anger tnolaaen*, tobacco, aegar*, was, Ac , a al*o th* *lf*ctiii,( a ilea of consignment* ,,f inerebaadlae entruate 1 to bla care. In tha brokerage dap^itin'O' Mr Suaarta will nMeml to tha |iurchai*v of nbarer of tliu diUmaut ato<-k cotn|*aiii*a, lumlad |ir'|wrty, hon.iaa, ?|l|?? and ro iatrv iu>tta in th? dalli(hll ul i-nviron* of Havana. aU<ntn"uta of Ian*, coll"* find auirar ratatra, larm* and aotta^ra, Ate. Iln I -n ; | rrl. Bif an I otvniiivn aci|ualntanoa placi** Kim . ra a (mi altion to obtain the inoat (avoralila purchaava and tii n?, and llntlria lomerlf prrann* antraatint ordara to lilin will bv Mttiabail. Mr. rturarla will pro'ueatha b?Kt rrftratiira ?a to .?tau I1114 and capability O c l?ri to bn directed aa above J. y KJZAH1I Noncit? TI1K ANNUAL EI.WHON OK DllUU'itlKH of tha Naw York nod Virginia .n*?nin*hip 1 -nn oany will l>* hnld at tha office, -i '1 Mroadwny, on Tuaailay, Uarcb 0, Uotnnrn lb? hour* of 1 J M. and i I' M KKM). W. I'l.KA^AN IS, SacrMary. "\ToricK-rriwi am ro m nonsom or as ^1.^1 act paaaod by thi* liaucral Asai'nibly of tlin Ht it* of North Carolina, tli? aubacribara, nauia-l aa 1 orpor itori In aaid net, f(iva notlco a nx-alli k of tha aUx^bonlar* of tba corporation, now knowu aa tha Mrl'ullock (bppar and Hold Mining Company, wilt ba bald attbnotlln* of tha Fhn-nii Uiilil t nin^aoy. No 1H fcirhanga pi aim, In tha rit r of Ni-w York, ou tha aiitb da> of illar h nest, at twejvH o'clock, niM.n. of that day. to carrr Into olfact tha protlaloua of aaid charter, an i avail lhatuaelvea of tha privilege* coufarrml thira'iy. natii anii.i. h woi.i k, iiiumas i t ni;cKi>:r. nUNBLtN OCSOOO ft'lH: MKMIIKHS OK OI.IVK llltAN'CII I.OIHIK, NO. 7, 1 A. I'. A., are ootlQid to attend the futiMal of brother Ainoa, ou Tuenday mil nth loat., at 'io'iljrk, from hia lute realdeuce, &S Ka} tnon 1 atreet, near Sfyrtin an nua, Krnoklyn. J11IIN J THICK, It. rt. DRY (ilKIIIH, ,w. Pnn i'lKCKH OK NEW rtll.KH, .Sl irAHI.K Kolt f)' 'V tha praaent aaaHou, will l>a DMnwl on Monday, March 5, at 0* per rard A. T. MTKWAItr k CO., llrotd way, Chiimbera and Iteada atreeta. AT P. COI.S'8, 8o4 BROADWAY, TWO IX>OR4 ABOVR Colon I'ark, ju*t received ooj d and black ailka. lot li t] pocket haiidktrcblef*, very large, table liaen. lin?n ali'eting and ahir'lu^a, Iriah linein. boinbitloaa, Catiluo ckith*, Ixiya' ??n, ia?aliiiere* and drilllog Con atantly on bund a full aaaorlment ol houaekeeplng dry good*. (1L0TBH, CABUMBBEa, VKsnsiH, AND MATKB1AIA J aultable for l>oy?' wear, Ac. ? A. T. HTKA'AUT to. have opened in th?d* ieta'1 atore a department for the pale of the above good, id ({iiaaUllea to auil tU4 lumen, and will continue to make addlliona of n- ? pjoi.d* by the arrival ot every ateaaier. llroatway, Chanitjerp and Keade atr*. la. ].> Million KKIK?, KMBBOlDKBin, KMBBOlDBKIBi, j baoda, collar*, embroidered bandk' n l i"f?, almvea, Ac., Ac., juat received from auction, ami will l?? aoll at an nlvum of ten |e>r rent on tlui ooat. Also two eaaee of Jaconet bao li per Uat itaauwr. UAYNcR. 4ft Third avenue, near Ttolh atreet II DOOWrt, MANCKACTCREIl OF UNKN AND ' ? crape collar- lil l.anrena a'.reet, Nlff York, baa on h.ind an ax tenalve araortinenl of eollara, of the moat faablooable a'ylea fnd h? at tnake In tbc city N. R. ? A not* rrijueal'nK lo ai a aanjdea will recalre prompt at tantloa. IBCTIJOt, 1 1 h SIXTH AVKNI E, TIfiltD BOOK Jf liofl Mntb alr?et, otlera \>> the ladie* lhi< week, at reiluied prlcea. I'aria m ertiona, ban la, Valen clirne* lace*, with coBara, aleevea, and cbeml'etl* of aame, aeparate and In *? tie. Monday, maikii a, kkm^kv a ratraM will open, oa Mon lay Mar. b 6, I' 'I, with an *l? gant a*'ortmenl of apring good*, mprlalng ailka, alia a U, de lain# a barege d* lainea, crape de par<?. crap" de Alniai alio an e <teu*ive aaanrttnent of rai |>ela of all dea< Option*, pure baaed at the late auction MM, ai very low pure*, fo which they Invite the attention of the.r frlendaand the public generally-- rare chance for mtf chant* and large buyer* to a^pply ttiemaelvea at very low nricea. I'leaae rarreinb'r tbe nnm'iera, and a it F'?tn avenn*. RKIIMKN A POWDM, aucceaaora to fl'Brlea A lunge* fTMIK r-NTIJlE IITO'K OF i-l'RIWO AND Hi Milk.: JL <!????? foota, "ill b? r* a<lr f or ln?p?< tu n thio lu'irn Inir, covipriaiiif n< li '!r?i floaooa I ?llk role* l>a r*#? riil? ?, (roach ' l*wn?, brilliant*. rtU;?M ; *1m> 111 rtt>| ?h*?p ?IU? corumaaolBf at l?r y?r.! riMir.i.i PMMHN * i.akk, tifl Bnm nj miN CAflB MOM or THK CRUP 11(1*11 LINK.WH, 1 at tta f.J p*r yaH, will b? op*r>?-l tli ? marniaf # WDIll, I'KIRfON A I aKK, 47| llrot<lway. y\jrrr oooob wkt 0<KiW ~a okkat of' rot W tun t ji will b* ofiril tl.lo lay l?tb? p i'iii In pufh?n- ??l folio Any par ton pnr> haaiBK |l( worth at the auborr l*ro, tbio day, will po<iti?*ly frt lb* ? ?th <i ( 1.0. [ ir ba>*<l no y vliffl ?U" in tbi city a* tha ra (nU> priraa. lb* stack ?aabra<-a* nrriy variety "I llnaa gixxla, oucli ?? liunn obirling %ol olj ny, Iib?ii <1* in 4?ka. uajikina to ?< lllnr iojlu. IIIM huUrr?lil*(a, pillow rat* lift*' li , Ac Alaoan fimnnna* lot of raitum all rl I K an I ol ??tlu r ijulIU md eountoTpon'-o b*ol<-o It ia"*" print M<rrl>n>c atyl*> at M jar jrar 1 All f< i. In aaTantoi), l^to t w-t on I jr, an I ?>iii lr*? I ?< all | orto of lb* fit/ ?n! rltla If A it OJLHY, 3i Tin- 1 aom.r, I*'. ?**i, Mulb an I l?ntb otraata i xrii \ pa*. IlOtNTV I.A Nil I Oil HOI.MKMM, HAIUMW, W if; 3 ironara, artlflrara toama'ara. A- , who bar* "rr?l la aa; war lion l!M <iblllM<t, warraBU pur 'haanl an I III. nolo patmta t'>a|bt Apply to Jam*a K , ani Joi n l?. ,-tf ow No. M!? Broa<lway, room 3b up atolra Oilier bouri from 4 O'llatl, A. M to V ? clack, t M. IIOI NTV I. A Nil AOKSI.'Y -KOI lilKM. HAIl/rfW, I art iieara, taam Mra, kr Is aoy war ?lo-* Ittll oltoart tan I warranto obta nM an i purfba?a>l at lb* n(t <?* of Wiiarn a i I***, No 1M Hro*4way r? >in a*' ob<1 floor b"uia (r?m I o'clock, A. W , to J b rluck. I M. Boi Nnr land ucr tiik hi* ruot HAWO wot ?1 1 ?-r a aoil aai >ir? a ao t aM?t N?? Ttm ? , ?st lla.| t/i ona liuB'tra l an I ? itr a'raa tin lartha n?w U ? ap plr at caoa al Iba (Vuatr i -a al I fit -a 7'< a?l 77 aaa ilrwl PlfKI* k IllXry BOI STV LAJtl) TO AHMY AN It SAVY ? 41,1. ?'>! illara to I aall' fa wb ?< aarrax 1 In any war ? o ? IT90, wbo-tfior on aaa or ah'-ra, ki? .Bill *1 to 1 ' a raa ft( lao an i ean obuia a w?rrant for t a aau>> of H 7 MlT" agant, Wall ?tr*?l baaaaiant BOt .KTT LANrM, kf , I'lR WXJiimri IV A'.y "I* 11, ? war*). wl4owa, aalaor clitl>tras an i batra, ?>*> taiaa-I aiUi Bf' uplaaao ar ?s raaa^aaU' Ut?< al tt,a oM aaUbtlah"! <.? a !7 ' 7i tin'^r i t B??t 1?f to ?urlM a 1 1 H. IIWlWSK, Atlorsay fur I ' 'Ja m> Iuir stu r<?* k ?*at *? rv mwtot am? iitri pay i?nry, N'o ?; lamu ????? oaat fal U a IWi a' r?< jifimptlr obta n#>1 for olHntet, aalBuca, a#am*a. an-< wwowa aao ma(r b*lra '.f oa''. all baa* ??r?a4 fa aay war af Uta I b l? 1 ^tataa t a ? I " ? > K OUWIOKtr a<aat 1**rr?f> ^iTr.i irn *TT i.a *- r? aakvct, ?i *4'i. J otraat ? ?/fka?ra aoM *ra aalxirt. art.A ?*ra, t?aai atara, Ac ?k? aarvwl ia a^y war la Ux ! a.t?l r<taVaa amy militia ?"l .rita?ro ? ' ?a? y ? ?'* l'? a-a ??' tl?4 V? a warrant far I*" a-ra? of laB-! T??a or I. ? l.aoa ra??i?ail forty H ilflil/ a ?? or* a?w aatltU-1 t> lb* ba la ix* Apply aa ai?o?a f KOW|M| A|*ol. D- a. Maty itillyiK' AMI 'fftuiv* ? isnu rit a pr?onptly p*"t br.-iBty <a*4 warraaW nolo nM banjht an) a?M ynwtm wr'-'.ura>l, b*la*>-<aa <1?a Of <t?'*aao< I H aaaoaaa ao t All kiB^ta of ctaiaak aruaot lit* lalM .ttatoa raaoraral ?-/ UiVARfi Ac** t aa4 lata Faraar V H. Nary, 07 Wall iWnl I ???!., *4 . (ioai anii m rrum at Jamaica w i ?p ma w J *ro far Ha'ilh A obi rU a or ata*a',?ra ar* a?pp4a<! with roal, waiwr an1. pr?rlai?aB, at Riafat/ o J|iH > wlik at gf**t waapaU b aa ia aay part of lb* wa?l4 TSa Vaat olaara I?'oa*aaa aa-t Walab ar* al w a y o ?o baad. a?4 ara pat lata 'ba kaaaara n (lit or Aay, at Itr to rtftr pa- baar, ablla raUr ff.^i tb* aaoaia no la raa by i.a?* lato lb* rtaaawn toata, aai Mvrlaou a?l aaa 'aa*a oa baa*4 'aaia, waiar towf aaot'aa, r*al rawolab4a? aa4 frail a-, pr1*-' at aa ta>ow nlf Twaaf Um tart**< 'taaiaan a.aial a' tba aaaaa I>(hU a*aa aa^l IfbU Mall n* tb* *a'rr oa4 topaMa-a tA rtaaiaaro at aa? baar <ay ar a |l.' >U'*raa-? to t .a Aaaarlras Oaaaal at ' -n?'-| or to Mac* I r?r?M A Brown Vaw Tart )?***? arato aai fr??bt ara aiwara oSrnac bwtwaaa tba t alto I i4ta'?* Jiai a aai lto-,tb t Aaaaflra lirr WW* A fJtA k? I, Itai ravniu. mum u*TBjrw*.-irwrr?? ataim mU anta. * ably BAIVT10, dipt J . J. Co? < nnt T-??a?il*a ?taaaaafcly wfll dapart with tba I'mlad itwta. m*Oa$Z pMltiraiy M tftdM. day Mart* 7, at U .'*Z M., .ram bar barth, at (ha foot of Oaaal atraat. r? freight or paaaaja, having aaaqoalM "t-tiiIiMm for aiayauoa aad comfort, apply ta KBWAJUI IT (XllJJKH, M WaO rtnat PuMoaar* ara raquaatad I* ba oa baud at IO||a'aM A M lb* ataaaaahlp l'aoflia, will aaeoaad tba UalMa. ?ad nail March 21. rihippara plaaaa toha ootiea tu( V" ,,h'l" of Una Una aaaaot earrjr M j goada coatnt oaad af war. rjMit: ijvuuiHti. and PiiiLAiuajniA sru .TW ' TX*.V LnU?'1 their fa.untw lUua _r crn OK MAN<HV-hTKK 3,mt?na (apt Wrtta. CITY OK ltALTIM()HiC,(aaw).s!ut W-naiffcit CI1Y of W AMIlMiltiN, do. 2,700 lone I apt. I L litlAi Mali*?n |1W, let ftfit! |U( accunlliu to a lata rooaa A liuoteg uat? third rlaaa paaaaawara wit ha ^o?Sdut0m LifMpoal, uJ fvaad to from Pbilalalphia.. Mo | from |M I ai u*a wlalung to bi.iig out their frUoda naa oMata aartlflcatm of and drafla on Ij.arnnol (a - of ?1 aterllng aa.l Apply to rt Ulllld. HMI1H. Agent. IT Walnut alrvat, J'lulaliJpU.a and Na 1 ?? -< wty, Naw York. "C'OK ^OnHAMlToN AMI UAVRK ? THK U. M MAK. X? ataaoier HI. I.OI W, J. A. VVntUia, flomintij.ler, will l?av? for llatrt, toucliiug at 8<>uthara|iton to lan<i llie malla kliO |?t?i(rra on HaturiSay, March 10, at 1*4 0 i lock, from pirr .17 North river, foal of Haa?h atraut I'rlr* of paa uga ? Kirat cabin, $131), aecond do., t7t. 1 nut ? ?I|IM during the voyage altoiild ha aaat no Wll< 'lie du bafa(V laUiafi marked halo a " Na freight lakru after TYiute. nr. March htli for freight of pa.-uife apply to MOKTIMKil UVINUHION, A^aat, it.. fin* Iway STMHH1IIIX irHBN II A V UK ASIt NKW YlHUC illrort ? Tba ateamablp AlJ'ft will aaU fr >ai ll.?*a direct for Naw York, ( without calling at any port Ma I ii|i land, ) on -alurday, V lti of November lha rataa of fr*l|l t ard pa??agi in dial and aacond rablua will ba vary modern * Tha aalllua of lha aucceading ataaiuar* ?il( lie aborlly anniunrid Tha rale o. inauraaca la I raara la Wan t>T ahipa from llarra lire. I for Near Yurfc than in ilniia .'ailing at an Kngliah |>ort Apply In llavra an' I aria, 17 lloiileTanla <^aa llaliena tt l>oaald Carrta, Of la N> * York to h. M SAR1>, No 4 llorliag i.raaa XT KIUII HTATKH MAII IJNB POIt < AI JKuKNIA. J Aaplnaall and I'an >ma.- ' allloraiana ar* Infaraaxa (by aulliinty lr<m tUa I'aiiauta llailruad i*unpaaf) that the tratalt of the latl intia a> ill )>? raala by railroad from oceaa to oceaa No n??ia mu.a traval no rtaar boatlrc On Monday. March ft, at 'i o'rlork I'. M . Ii aa the pier at fi ot of Warren atreat, Nor'.h rirer, will b* 'Ie.pal?ba4 tbr Heel a'rantahip UbOltUK IJtW, ( aid O V. baa. t'. H S , to connect at I'anama wltfi the new and ?ii|>rrtur alaaa abip UOLDtN AtiK Capt J T ffitkta A a|.are boat alaaya kept at Panama to |>ra?aat detaa tli ii, In caae of acn lent >0 fn 1 1| lit recelred aft?r 1 n'cl"ek oa Ihe aailing dar bor paaraira, apply at the eoni|iaay a nlVe. Na. 11? Weat aimt, to J. W. KAYbloNlb. DIHCAK H I.INb b'lll -AS K?AMli()l - TIIK MAU nincenl A 1 drat rlaaa clipper ahip WHViiUKAVl', brrtaian. niaatar, la no? receinng her cargo at p er W*. I< ba?t rlrtr and will aall for Haa b'ranciami on or bofara Tueailay. lath March, and la eipactod to flalah loadlaf oa Taeailay nail, 'tli Ihla famoua olippar liaa maila tbree mjigei to Nan b ranrlaco, In 101. |IJ? aad '.*7 daya. aarreaairily hhlppara will pleaae hand in their billa mt lading (or aignatnf" aa aiwa ai fieir engagements ara n ir)ilrlr<l hjKii tal Notice The teaaela of Ihla Ihaa will her* after l.e ad?ert?a<l for a certain lata and paal tlt?l? nail on ot beloia the day named. HI TT??S Ik (W., M Wall ati^at Oil I A! lloltNIA ? Nl W YOIU AND ? AUbnKNIA fieainalup Una, via Sira-agna ? Aoaaaanry 1 ranaat I I Inpaiiy of Nicaragua, proprietor! ? TOO mllaa ahortar than an; other route I he aplendid double eng<aa atraiaahip KlAlt Ob Tllh Wb^T (!i,000 tona burlta,) ( aplaia lumer, will leara pier No 8 North rtrer, al 4 o'clock P M . precisely, for I'unta Areoaa on Monday Mairh I'i, ronueriing with the larurita ?teamah'p Starrw Nevada, ( II, oui tona.; orer the Nicaragua Tranatt rauta, having but twelve nulva of lao<t traa p- r'ation, by Aral rlaaa carriages heveral new ami awlft Iran ?laainhaata l.ava lataly been put uti river and lake, whl'h alu<naa the time no II)' tranail from ixean {?> <?c?an Iheaa ateamera ar* unaorf>**ae<1 In their tanlilalton aad an (??miielatlona b'or lufoiinat ou of t>a??*g? a^iply only to ( II A III IS M'llKjAN, Ag-nt No & llowl ng (ireeaa. letter bag made up at lb* oltlca. IatUr* M naata par half ouur*. AIKTHAI.IA I'lONKKIt IJNK ? ('AHHYI TIIK U. h. mail ? Tlia net and elegant clipper ahip (ibOH('b>, 1 ?t0 tona, for Hydnej i? uow rtearlr loaitad, and will 1 ? deapatch'- 1 In a few daya liitaad ng ah a iiera or |aaaen|?ia will ap['ly at i'?t? A few Drat raMa Iwrtha, aad aoma aaaoml claaa. "nl 170 r'^unel ta ba paid barn and ftn after arriral at Kydnay The a*la braled clipper ahlptMKAN .- I ? b.! ? laa<>* at bar bartk, |'*r No. k baat ri?*r, laeatvthg cargo lor Melboortia *la? ahlp la now going not ?n her nd voyage, hating n ai'.a tba wnul tieat paaaage on recoa d -oaly *lghty li ne dftu. Han tiofllrnt ar'-iiiniu'lAtMHii 1 ?t K?r*. TAt\y I n fr.l^hl r#r r*r|?iUlt?v a# th? will 'til ??trlr in April Hh* will Ih* ? ,r bf Dm* Diak? itU?*nt cti^i^r ?? l? 1 1> N M 1( ! IN?* Al.K, m Apj.ljr on bo?r?l, or to K W CAMlCllOff 114 W%41 ?Vfti KW Y(>UK AMI KFW OKl.KA^rf KIKA M HH' OilM ^ , J *"/ tor Sfw nrl?'i\n?, mi iUria* - Carry ng tU ( uit#J titall ? Ti.* llt^CV H A Hfif I 'H , l + f t Jbu?? It Mullock, ?)ll r<?tunfnf rm C'-ttUiK fr??jlil <>n ^"Inw lir, Mir? 'i ? ?n>l miJ tor Ibt ix?rti oti F*\ ur!?; 10, mt 12 or lock pr? oiMlj, froin j#l#r mt (im\ of (W?rh at!**!, North rivw. f rtitfbt for tb? intrr ior an 1 for Motui*, 4 to our M#?nta iu Srm (htuni, Jmt >?? ? Oniiolj k will b* frw of eaflini.HiOMi ) *???igrri f?* M--"n um?t f'loeur* l>*f ?r? l?%? n* rt IhtU tf U? log vi.>wt b- f?Rt 1(4 f-?r Big n. ng th* rvriiin| pr*ii0%M t? (hi ?hl|. tor freight or vmismg* M'l 'J ?? IJMM, ION, {AU* lik ROS 4 U> Ak?oI ?, 51 Mr 4*1 war N B ? T)?* r'tl'itbt H W Mmfull', ? will nucr*# d tb? 1Hk? Vimtr ot, *o4 tfttl o?i M'li.Ur, March ].v>H f-AV AN.S AM AM- H/ilt|I?A~l hi TfJ) Kf A THH Mail Ho* no* an I ?i*|*nt *t?ani?bit> F! OKI 1?A, C'ajit M J* Wo*?<!hi4l' will !?*??? Nmw Yrrth for Mn vannab, on W*<)o?*<lav M?ch 1 ff -m p4?r Na. 4 h>*%b rl tar, at ?*) o'c^k f M Ittila of la* log *140* 1 on l*onr<t hot frlaif'it >ll (>n b'*ar>J or for (<a*?a?a to ^AM' K/,1*. If IK HJl I*. 1 llroa<!wa/ lor V WMa tSr*?ofh tlaaH# fr?# cit Saw York to JackanavtUa, $1, to I'llaU* av.1 Tina AugoiU.^apt Tfcoa. Ljoo, will au^caa4t au4 laara mm haturda/. Mar b n Ivm < IIA I I IMOS AM? H/ 'l:lf)A,? *1 MI WKKKI.T I nllrit HaUa Ma>l I n? Tba ? j,Uo ll4 ?l- am .M# MARION, W loit?r roromanla? al.; laara |?i*r No 4, Ni rth ilr?r, on W?1naa<iajr Mar< U T at th>? o'clnek I M For fra??kl apf ' r nn !?itl aUara all l.||l? af Ifht* will La ai|ii.?<t and l'>l |i4iui? it Um i n r ?t mm OKI) TH-MllO'. k I? , :* Tw. *.!??. Through tkkala In H.fW* aa fella** -It Jui f.arllM I I It IIUUl I Ik* ISraUiWMI *111 in' ?*4, tM Uara oo hat uf .?/ March 10 m,k?oik i ?.i ? in i!?. am. I'.i' iixo-vin T)<> I't'M PUIn mail iUm*IiI^ I.OANoKK, T. I irrt h, (i'.ar, will Inti piar I I North rltar, aa w ? :na* lay, Hie h at ?? ? dock, p M w.ll arrlra ia Norfolk U.a ?<?!( i'Uiikmh, au I I'a'arakurg an 1 Riak n.' t./l tk? b k mot itthg ftn tn Norfolk |?a?a*(ara for (kt M.ll. pr?"o*4 It railroad di ra?t, o.U tlif.?gh tlckata f ron Melon la ? l!mlofl<n Aiiaala, k ? I'aa ?ay* aad fara to Norfolk l? I- PiWril rg aal llir.k to?n<1, 110, a*?'a*t kalf pr t? Aaplr l? LI 1/i.AM k Plii-A.m Jlllroadoa/ H *T( II KM, JKVI Kl.ltr, A4 . *1/ atciii.- ?va.<ii?.- tiik *riarRfwxa U W aalMog al: ?!??' r- {. ? i ? aa a' I ?lr-r ?il'kx, ? t taW'l W. **. than aa/'otkaf i.oaa- la lita el!/ Maa gold Italia *al/k*> I l.'.lai |U (tekaufal ?mmI,*I las laa aai'baa M ra*a?Uo4 li>a' oaUkaa. alk 4iau.-nU a MM M f.'.M WU M l?"? fall .aoallad *? llaaallfal gold ana??:W- lualiai ?al<liaa .. 44 (in 4 data ao4 I* ft fur MMk reb aagratad aaaaa V> F ?* rol-l hualiog i for 1? ! ,aa U Una g< H baai'i.g 4><i'ka4 tarara fali Jata'lal .... M hi aadid *>?< oaV baa for <iaga*rrovtyi*o 114 k aaUkoa. ab.cb aiad ?<{. aa>l M ' a kay *4 CnU'.lat Jar|?aoa oalrkaa yt 'aal I k?fm ....VIM i ? l-m K'ki'" b>' aal'baa, lapUi aollxara 14 la XM M?(????l a an t <|*art*r n aal tll4w f?f lin, u| Imiii Tito "ik% Hjilaadl'l gold pool'. r krvoi ru'Wra, paifaat l??l" !?'? J X* I -I M4 *i 'l.'i wliuk raa ? |M It/i f Ilk m a r-o'"? 11.. Va IT* Rlali n.a/ > *a( .?a for ia< f**li* r?ao otitafc 'kat|i lata Ikroa 4 ?tUli MM lit h:ht Ixgllil. j ? '? i. ' .?!-'? i', la 4* h'.^A k.inlir.r * aaa K?? ?h paloa'. larara 4* to Mlrar Catfl ak aatai-l atari 4rla<kM i?tir? M?ar lafla. *iU!.*a ... KalaadM iroi4 *a4 nl?a* fafttab aotaat larara. aal* k/ W J TaVtaa, lal albar ?U' rai? f ? ???*a \?ry dr.. 4< t-'aa *at/*<a ota4a k/ T F "oofor, War a-, r il l all ? ?Ulrra U4 aaiari Viiibaa dH*al talntaiM ? ?>.? >?il maaaat a* OMirb |*aa U.aa I U aaoal |,-!'.a All nvla oarraala* V. ???! |?4i no < A I J>. , I'nywiar kk'iliiali aa4 rotkll, Xe J I * iU ilral, aaaaa l Soot, aaar Nria4?a; tiik n 4 i.i. ??: 4 arm. 110} wmts A O-i'Af 'iHlTi k I llJIf TI'lN i# at.4 Tablaaat Ita . a'. Nraakar Ao".Hi Hww, ??.J ? a a raa c I J, lokra I|HI I U'.-ona k/ *?blr 'blllr** fr aa r?ar W f?.'to-a y aara a< a?a. la fa* a?at<.i,-<? roaraaoafe# !*? 4*r?al al; i?a ^ <!aa. ia? aartMar to *r*r; "'.aw r TW ramaa amifMaali, fa?.'. r? *#.*?rtla* 1raaa?a aal aff. a" ??li ara i at u> ia ?i. ???d*r aa4 aqaal la Ik ?. of laa -aaotrata* tvat'tM ?Ui -aa ? ?" ??I''-' a '< a a a-? ra-cb (?aal aid flrkoto, to *4ani> a (aalWaaaa aa4 la* !*4.aa t' aa<ra ia ao or ?i?i,.r?a ? aaaia, 4a ?raw rmbl'llaari'l ' ?n'h '7 ll||? 'Ml Uka bad bf 4 a '*??k *aa M'.a a/ Ma. .r> niVBIXKM' UUML ?'|W ;iJU?T RAII JMiAIi -fr/* HUI AMOJTMA aal tka lailk aa4 Wart, rla Jaraay Hi; aa4 aal arpraaa laao ? laara Woo Tort al < a*4 MAM aal 4ao4 ? f M fara M 74 la 4, aa4 *4 la 4 aal II 4 ?. aa4 4P M aoooai alaaa M 14 la II. aa4 1 1 M al M d*MM| Ot a.l ?M akaliaaa Tbroa?* liakato aato fm Da aaali aa4 Uai Wart aa4 far Mafeaaoa WrtHMw. kWii toi . aal tf mark Maa?a tbaoart VI Waafeaf i iiiMuiiLmir n 14 to II to

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