Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1855 Page 6
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imiTisKnum rkhewed eteetdat. oohtotoed no * nm rtan. QRUATION WA>TED ? BY A RfcSPECTABLR PROTKS ? tut girl M nana and to do plain aew ag, or M efcamhafsald, ? ? to aaakat ia the washing ana ironing. PImn Mil at tba MrMt a# Hammond rtwt and Waver - % place, No. 186. Can bo seen for two day. Situations wanted? tor two neat, tidy Pioteataat firU, a* cook*, with unexoaptlonahb ra laoa; also, o?rr one hundred other excellent servants, _ first rata eooki, plain oooka. chambermaids, nurses, iiiaahnai, at HENDERSON '8 otto*, No. 0 Court street, Broofclja. li for reference, respectability and experi ence cannot be auTpaaaed. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOU.VG woman, ia a private family, a* nurse and aeam tree*, or ?fcaaahermaki and waiter; the most satisfactory ? iSj reference can be given froui her last employ ern. ' leaM call? or address a mote, at No. 107 Kaat Sixteenth ?treat, between Ficit and Second avenues, first floor, for wo days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RES^Tf1 TABLE YOUNG woman as chambermaid, or to ussist in tt* Uttu ' ry ; haa no objection to go in the country. Can be seen 'Or two dayi at 77 Wast Nineteenth street. ? SITUATION WANTED-BY A M09T RESPECTABLE young girl, to do general housework in the city or > ountry : ia a first rate washer and ironer, good plain < ook and baker, and obliging and willing to please ia < verj respect, lias a good reference. Call at No. 223 I owery. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, to do the general housework of a resnpcuMu amily; can do chamberwork. Has lived for the list two > ears at No. 37 Dean strret, Brooklyn, and can be aeen there on the two first daya of thia week. SITUATION WANTED ? BY AN ENGI.I.-H PROTESTANT girl, lately arrived, as ohambermain and waiter, or nurae and aeam* tress; Is a complete dressmaker; under stands the management of children's clothing in the neatest manner, having served in both capacities; haa fnll confidence of being able to give entire satisfaction, and will be fouad kind and respectful. Can be seen for two days at 2(9 Seventh avenue, near Twenty-seventh street. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, as laundnas in a private family; best of city refer ence. !'lea?e call at 167 Kast Twenty-first street. QI1UAT10N WANTED? BY A 100X0 MARRIED MAN, O as coachman and vegetable gardener; has served in both capacities; unquestionable reference as to ability and character; a country aituation preferred. Addreas J. M. Rhinebeck, box 69 Herald office. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN WHO haa had a good deal of experience in the gro cery business, as clerk or porter in some store where he can have steady employment; writes a good hand, and is not afraid of hard work. References from last em ployer as to honesty, sobriety, and Industry. Address J. I. , at Morton & Moore's, 16 Bowery. SITUATION WANTED? BY A SCOTCH WOMAN, A3 wet nurse, in a gentleman'* private family. Apply at the corner of Rterxon street and Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. Can be seen for two day*. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN INDUSTRIOUS, TIDY young woman, to do general housework; ii a good plain cook and fir?t rate washer and ironer, can do sew ing, and would make hercelf generally useful. No ob jection to the country. Please call at No. 1}? Riving ton street, for two days. SITUATION WANTKD? Sy A RESPECTABLE WIDOW woman, who is a first rate cook, and an excellent baker of bread, cakes and pastry. The best city re ference. No objection to assist in the washing and Ironing, nor to going a .short distance In the country. Can be seen for two days at No. 201 East Sixteenth atreet. CjULWriON WANTED ? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, (A Vj Protestant,) as plain cook, washer and ironer, and wonld do general housework. Can bo recommended from her present eit nation. Apply at 209 Thirtieth street, be tween Eighth and Ninth avenues. Can be seen for tiro days. SITUATION WANTED? IN CITY OR COUNTRY, BY A competent steady girl, not afraid to work ; is a good In cook, an excellent wnsher and Ironer, and under stands the management of milk and butter, if required. Has good references, and will take moderate wsges. Ap ply for two days at 68 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO go as nurse or lady's maid to San Francisco; is used ? travelling, aod to the care of children: the best refer ences given. May be seen at 226 West Nineteenth itreet. 10 FARMERS.? A PROTESTANT MAN AND HIS wife, wish employment on a farm. The man has rnsiderable exprrience in farming, and is capable of aking charge of cows and horses. The woman to at end the dairy, baking and cooking. The best of recom mendations can be given. Apply a* the office 27 Gi een wich street. mHE AMFRICAN AND FOREIGN EMIGRANT l*RO I tective Society, 26 Greenwich r treat, and 13 and 14 Attnr place, have received numerous applicitioas from various parts of the States for a number or farm la borers, and for some to work farms on shares. Also, for a numler of wagon makers, blacksmiths, mason*, oarpen ters, gardeners, Jtc., as well as any number of good female domestics, used to the duties of farmhouses and of city residences. Applicants, with satisfactory cha racters and references, will have the preference for em ployment' Males and females may apply at 27 Green wich street. Females only, at 13 and 14 Astor place. UNE JEUNE FII.LE FRANf AISS^ DESIRE 8E placer dan* une famine Americaioe, soit pour bonne d'enfant, ou flUe de chsraore. IVut fournir de bonne recommandation S'adrescer 216 Forty-fifth street, entre la Eighth et Ninth avenues. Bon pour dens jours. rNF. DEMOISELLE FRAN^AISE DBSIRER.VNT TROU voi \in emjiloi, soit dans un magasia, ou dans une famille, fomtue fetnme de chambre, ou bonne d'enfant; non difference pour voyager. S'adrosser pendant deux joun Madsmolrelle Fannie ft., Broadwaj Post Office. ANTH>? A COMPETENT PASTRY COOK? APPLY (t the Great Republic, 48 Ann street. W WANTED? BY A STEADY YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as chrmbermaM and fine washer and ironer: would be willing to make herself general y use ful Can be seen at No. 40 Thirteen'h street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, in the roar. Can give ths beat of city reference. WAN TED? A SITUATION BY A YOUNG AMERICAN girl, to attend a store; a baVery pntferrJd. Pest of reference can be hail from her laat employer. Please call at lb 8tanton itreet. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as good cook and to assist in the washing and ironing, has no objection to the country; good sitv reference given. Pleaite call for two days at Mulberry street, front basement. WANTED? BY A RE8PF.CTAHLE YOUNG LADY, A situation to attend a bakery; is capable to take charge if required; no objection to go in the country. Reference given at to character and ability. Please ipply or address a note to Mis* Mary, 371 Bleecker itreet, for two days. WANTJD IMMEDIATELY? IN A SMALL FRENCH family, a smart yonng girl to mind a baby; she nuat understand perfectly the washing and ironing. Swiss or Canadian would be preferred. Address M. Fislon, teacher, West Eighteenth street place, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. WANTED-BY A NICE, TIDY GlRI, A SITUATION to do housewoik or chtmberwork, in a small pri vate family. The best of city reference! given, l'leaee call at 392 Bowery. WANTED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND laundress, or to do chamberwork and waiting ; is a good plain coek, by a young woman with the beat of city references from the most respectable families. Pleaae c?ll at 061 University place. S ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to take care of children and to do sewing; or chambermaid and One washing; no ob jection to waiting, (lood city reference given. Please call for two days, at 68 Fourth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. WANTfD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as nurse or seamstress, Is a good plain sewer and dressmaker, or would make herself gene rally useful good city reference. Please call at 465 Fourth street WlNTFD? TWO CAPABLE LAUNDRY WOMEN, WHO Can bring the bfcst of recommmdation*. to whom good wages will be paid. Apply at the Naval Hiwipital, East Brooklyn, between the hour* of 10 and 1 P. M. ANTED? BY A RESPECT ARLE GIRL, a 8ITUA Vf tion as cook, washer and Ironer can be w?ll re ?MUMnd> <1 from her last place. Call at No. M Butler street, In the rear. fir ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RKJPiCC TABLE W girl as seaim-ties* and to do chamber work . h?. no ot> ieotlon' to go a short wiy in the eountry. fan be seen for three days at iil7 Eighth street, between avenues H and C. ? flT ANTED- BY A REsrEC TABLE WOMAN, A SITU W atlon as cook, washer aod ironer; or to do general housework for a small private faintly. Has n> objection to go a short distance in the country. Can produo.igxd thy reference'. I'Lase apply at 680 Houston street, loom 16, fourth floor. Ill r ANTED- A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, IIY A vY respectable young married woman. Can give the beat of city references if required. Apply at 300 Hioks attest, near Atlantic street, Brooklyn, first floor, back room. Can be s?en for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITC a '-on as professed cook, of steady habits an I In Asiatrious, who has ttw beat of city reference if required. Has no objection to go ng to the country- ITe?.*?< In quire at 6* Fourth avenue, up stairs, front room Wanted? by two rbpectarlk girls, sttua tlonx, one as chambermaid and seamstress, ot as waiter, the Other as plain cook, washer and iron?r, or &Ai general housework in a small private family. ihe eff v re'ereacerfve n pl??*? e?ll ??? ,j,?, ?t 24? Tenth tWrt floor, ftwl t*m WAHTB. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, u cook, wiahtr and ironer: good city re ferenca gives. Pimm call at 141 Tweaty Mrsnth street, between Seventh ml Eighth itmun, tot two dnyn. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RKSl'ECTABI.K loung woman, u and seamstress, or eham bermaid and w altar. Mo <ag*etlon to the country. Good city referenoe given. PWn call for two days at No. 160 Seventh avenue, batwMa Twentieth and Twenty-Ant streeta. ANTED? IN BROOKLYN, A RESPECTABLE YOUNG lady, who perfectly understands dress making, ?ss, for two daya, Dresitmaker, Herald office. WANTED- BY A YOUNG WOMAN, OF A GOOD and exemplary character, and who can procure incontrovertible testimony from her former employers; she is eapable of doing plain cooking, ironing, baking, he. Can be seen at 107 East Sixteenth street, for two days. ' WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, to do general houtework. Is a good wash er and ironer, and has no objection to take care of chil dren; is a good plain cook. Good city reference can bo (iren, FleftM 6aH at 70 (old No. 74) Hamersley street, nrst floor, back room. WANTED? A SITUATION- BY A STEADY, FAITH ful woman, who is a professed cook and baker; understands all kinds of pastry a.nd confectionery; is also a first rate housekeeper, having hau,'ourt*?n years, experience in the most respectable families. No objec tion to geiog a short distance in the country. The be.?*" of reference given. Apply ?.t 285 Bleecker street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, as chambermaid and waitress, or to do housework in a small family. Has the best of reference from her last place. Call at 266 First avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid and assistant waiter, or to do the work of a family of two persona. Gooi city reference given. PleaM- call at 100 Thirteenth street, between First and Second avenues. WANTED? A 81TUATI0N, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid, In a boarding house or restaurant. The be?t city reference given. Apply at 23 Prince street, in the store. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women. One is a? good plain cook, and a good washer and lraner, and understands baking; the other an chambermaid and waiter, and would be willing to assist in the washing and ironing. Has no objection to go a short distance in the country. Good city refer ence. Please call at 220% Broome street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT woman, a situation to do general homework; has no objection to go a short distance in the country. Good reference given. Can be seen for two days, if not en gaged, at 116 Hammond street. WANTKIV? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT ABUt American Protestant girl, who is a first rate dress maker; is willing to go by the week or by the month, to make dresses or do plain sewing. Can be we'l recom mended. Can be seen until suited at 70 Spring street, in the dry goods store. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman u Brat rate cook ; understands French and American style* ; in a first rate ba|ter and pastry cook; the best of city reference; no objection to light washing. Apply at No. 128 Norfolk street, in the fron basement, or back room. Can be seen for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, A3 LAUNDRESS OR chambermaid, and to do fine wishing and ironlog; the beat of city reference from her last place. Call at 15 East Eleventh street, in the basement. Can be seen for two days. None need apply except for a Protestant families. WANTED? IN BROOELYN, A SITUATION, BY A Protestant German girl, as cook or chambermaid. Good reference given if required. Please address N. 0., Herald office. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* chambermaid, or to take care of children. l'lease call, for two daya, at 401 Fourth ave nue. The best of city refeience. WANTEr-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTEST A VT wororn, a situation aa laundreaa in a respectable family, or could take the whole charge of a baby. Beit of city references if required. Can be seen for two or three days at 116 Stanton street. WANTED A NICE TIDY GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF a baby, and who understand!) sewing. English, French, or German preferred. References required. Apply for three days at 28 Hammond street. WANTED IN A SHAI.I. PRIVATE FAMILY A GOOD cook, washer, and Ironer. One who can bring city reference for capacity may apply at No. 107 West Thirty sixth street, between Broadway and Seventh avenue. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation aa nurse and seamstress; cm cut and fit i hildren's dresses and the best of shirts, and understands all kinda of family sew ng and chamberwork; wtgea not so much an object as a comfortable home. Inquire at 82 North Moore street, back basement, for two days. WANTED? HY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as good plain coik, washer and ironer; best of city reference given Pleaae call at No. 220 West Sixteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, for two days. W'ANTKD? BY A RESPECrABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion "as chambermaid and waiter; is a good seam stress. Can be seen at her last place, No. 2 Perry street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to ilo housework, or chamberwork and plain sewing. The best of city reference given. Call at No. 5 Sixth street, third floor, backroom. WANTED? IN A SMAIX PRIVATE FAMILY, A PRO testact girl, for general housework; she must be a good waaher and iroaer, and understand plain cooking. Apply, with a leterence (ram last place, at 142)? East Broadway. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to cook, wash and iron in a private family; understand* her business thoroughly; a situa tion in the country preferred. Best of city and country reference given. Please call far two days, at 377 Eighth avenue, near Thirtieth street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation as chambermaid, and can assist at washing and ironing. Best ot reference can be given. Can be seen lor two days, at 93 Weat Nineteenth street. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG W0MA&, a situation to do the general housework of a ? mall pi ivate family; ia a first rate cook, washer and ironer. She ban the very best ot city reference. Can be seen for two days, at 216 Elizabeth street, between l'rince and Houston, first floor, up stairs WANTEE? BY A FAMILY RESIDING SEVENTEEN mtlea from the city, a woman who is a capable seamstress and would be willing to aaslst in chamber work and make herself otherwise useful in the family when necessary. Apply at 14 Wooster street, Tuesday morning, at 12 o'clock. Ncne but Protestants will suit. WAN1ED? A PROTESTANT WOMAN. AS COOK; she will be required to assist In washing and to make good bread ; one who is obliging and of steady and cleanly hablta, and ran bring good references, may ap ply at 12 Lafayette place. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A aituation as cook, or to do general housework in a small private family. Apply at 100 Greenwich avenue, first floor, back room. (iood reference given. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITl'A tion as cook. Is a good washer and ironer. Can be seen fcrtwa days at her last place, 91 .Sixteenth st. WANTED? A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE MIDDLE aged woman, to take charge of aa infant from ita birth; one that ran do all kinda of embroidering and French fluting, and fine washing; such a person can And a good home by calling at 280 Feurth avenue. WANIED? BY A RESPECTABLE PaOTEfTANT girl, a aituation in a small private fsmily, to do Cneral housework, cooking, washing and ironing; would willing to make herself generally usefal. Can give good city references. Call at No. 2 Stone atreet, third floor. Can be aeen for two daya if not engaged. *1/ ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV woman, aa cook and Arat rate washer and ironer; understands baking; would go as laundress, and make beraelf generally useful. Apply at No. 2 Amity atreet. \tr ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A SMART, INDUS TV trious girl, as dressmaker and chambermaid; she is willing to make herself generally useful, if required. Address box 189 Herald office, which will be punctually attended to. *1 ANTED ? BY A RESPhCTADLE YOUNG WOMAN, A V> aituation aa wet nurse: has a fine breast of milk; her baby is only a few weeks old, a healthy child . has no oljeetion to the country. Please apply at 201 Dowery, or 167 Sixteenth street, near avenue A. WANTEIk? FAMILY WASHING, BY A RERI"KiTA ble woman, who can do gentlemen a and ladies' washing In first rate atyle. Pleaae call at 110 East Tsentj -fifth atreet. WANTF.D? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT GIRL to de ehsinbi-rwurk, or waiting or to assist in tak lau care of children and sew llai no objection to go in the country. The best of city reference. Can be seen for two dsjs at 237 Ninth avenue. II,' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE v v young woman, aa chlldrea's maid and aeamstreaa. Can be se^n fjr two days at Mo. 187 West Nineteenth I between Seventh and Eighth avenues. WANTED? A SITUATION., BY A COMPETENT PER son, as nurse. Can take'the entire charge of aa Infant or nursery. Can cut and fit ehiMrea'a clothes: can give unexceptionable reference for Ave yeara. To be eeea for two day* at her late emplorer'a, 64 Seventh street, near Second avenue. ?T ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A NEAT, TIDY GIRL TT with excellent city refereneea, aa waiter ia a snu'i respectable private family, she understands chamber work, and would take care of the silver and parlors Has I the neat aatiafaetory ?!'/ referen>ee from private fa mi ? | lira wil t*ve s't a mon'h C?1! at, nr si'-.-, I K3 First amie, Arst floor, hick room, fx two da/*,' WARTS. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young ?mui, ?? wet turn, and can girc good reference from her laatplace. Call at Mr*. Oroua'i, 20 SUU street, Brooklyn. Can be mm for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation aa chambermaid and seamstress, or as nurse end seamstress; good city reference given. Can be (md for two days at 4M Third a venae, corner of Thirty -fifth street, second floor. WANTED? i. WOMAN, WITH A FRESH BREAST OF milk, to talc* a baby, eight months old, to her 3?* residence to nurse. Apply at 126 Greenwich street, flodi"!h floor, front room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation In a small private family, to cook, wash and Iron, or to do general honeework. Has no objec tion to go in the country. I'lease call at 27 Bleecker street, for three daya. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL, A situation as seamstress; understands dressmaking. Can give the best city reference from her last place. Wleaso call at 126 East Eleventh street, between First rente and Avenue A. To be seen for two days. W* ANTKD-A GIRL IK A SHALL TAMIL?, EITHER American, English, German or colored. She mu?t be a good cook, and first rate washer and ironsr. Goo 1 reference required. To such good wages will be given. Apply at No. 06 Thompson street, between Brouine and Spring. WANTED- A NEAT, SMART GIRL, AS COOK, WASH, cr and ironer, in a private family. Good city re. lviPPces for honest v. capability, (to., will b? require 1. Apply telwMn the noul-s of 12 aud 2, at llPNiuth street WANTED? A TIDY, IIEALTHY* AND RESPECTABLE woman, about twenty- five years of age, to wetnurse on infant three months old, at 182 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. The best of references j^unt be given. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to cook, wafh and iron, or to do charaberwork, wath and iron; has no objection to go to the country. Best of reference given. Please call at 26 Second avenue. WANTED? A FEW CEN'TLEMENTO MAKE >6 A DAY, by a small Investment. Those desirous to know that such an opportunity is a tact, and winh employ ment, will be fully informed by calling on Brown aud Goram, 41 Dey str< et, or by addressing a letter contain ing 12 ii cents in money or stamps. WANTED-^ MAN TO DRIVE A CARRIAGE, AND TO work in the stable. Must be well acquainted with the business. Apply at 102 Varlck street. WANTED? AT 341 BROADWAY, (BASEMEVT), A housekeeper, for a private family, a man and wife, to superintend a farm; wages 925 per month; two porters for stores, wages $S to $0 per week; two gard eners to go South, wtiges $30 per month; clerks, sales men, barkeepers and coachmen; four girls for a cotton mill; wages 12 per week. THOMAS SPINK, Agent. WANTED -A YOUNG MAN. AS RETAIL HALES man. Apply to JOHN HENDERSON & Co., 106 Broadway. WANTED? AN INTELLIGENT YOUNG MAN, ABOUT* eighteen years of age, for assistant bookkeeper in the ribbon store No. 90 Bowery, corner of Hester street. Salary liberal. WASTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED MAN and bin wife, with one habv, situations?' the man as coachman; understands the care of horses; wouM make himaelf useful on a farm; the wife can do the washing and ironing of the family. Also, a young man wants a situation as coachman; understands the oare of horses, or can drive a horse and wagon. Apply to John O'Keefe, 181 Tenth avenue, corner of Twen'y seventh street. WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN TWENTY YEARS of age, a situation as bookkeeper, entry clerk, clerk in nn office, cr cry goods salesman, (retail,) in which capacity he has served for upwards or two years to th t entire satisfaction of his employer; he writes a rapid hand, la good at accounts, and can give the best and most satisfactory references. Address Bernard, Herald office. WANTED? TWO RESPECTAbLE YOUNG MEN, TO obtain subscribers for several new and popular illustrated works, now in course of publication. Those that would devote tlieir time and energy to this business can make from $3 to $5 per day. None need apply but those having good references, to J. W. BRINSON, 397 Broadway, op itairs. WANTED? PLACES SPEEDILY PROCURED FOR cooks, laundresses, chambermaids, and general servants; alro. clerks, porters, coachmen, waiters anl valets, for first class places that aro daily vacant, at 76 Third avenue. N. B. ? Persons lately landed, apply as above. Charges moderate. CLARKSON, Proprietor. WANTED? A SMART YOUNG SALESMAN IN A retail dty goods store. Inquire between 9 and 10 o'clock A. M., of J. Eautfer & Co., 432 Third avenue. AS COMPANION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A STEADY respectable man, who has lived in the first fami lies in Europe; is a coachman in every respoct. Can give the be?t city reference. Ilis last employer will certify as to bis capability, sobiiety, Integrity, and at ton'ireness. Has no family.' Please address R. T., "210 Mott street, opposite St. Patrick's Church, front room, first floor, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED MAN, A situation as coachman ami gardener. Has no in cumbrance; but his wife can give the best of city refer ence if required. Please call or address M. R., No. 2 Front street. ANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN A PLACE TO FIN vv ish the shoemaker's trade; has served four yean In Europe. Can be seen any time for one week at 101 Bowery. WANTED IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE A LAD aBOJT 15 years of age. Inquire of GEO. W. COOK, 111 Nassau street. REWARDS^ (OKA REWARD. ? STRAYED OR STOLEN FROM JjOU the stable yard in East Fourteenth street, opposite Irving place, on Saturday evening, March 3, at C o'clock, a white cow; ia of good breed, with a Urge bag. white nose, and csn be identified, as her right hip is slightly out of place. >50 will be given for her return, as above. REWARD.? LOUT, FROM ITS SETTINQ IN A JJltJv ring, a finely cut large site diamond, on Sa turday afternoon, the 17th ult , supposed between Nine teenth street and Ht Nicholas, on Broadway. The above reward wilt be paid on its return to room 29, St. Denis Hotel. REWARD.? 80ME TWO WEEKS SINCE, OUR V* office was entered by meaas of false keys, and tne following articles stolen, vli ;? Five pair of forceps, stamped with the maker's name. (Morson) : also fifteen ivory bandied instruments, e tamped " N. h." Any in forinstion concerting them, direct to MKADER & lHG GINS, Dentists, 833 Broadway. REWARD ?STOLEN, FROM ROOM 29 ST. Denis Hotel, on Friday, lath ult , a diamond $20 pin (gentleman's). The pin was bioken from the socket, and had been wrapped in white paper, and laid on the ?arlor table, for the purpose of being sent to repair, be above reward will be paid on its return to room 29, cr to the office of the hotel. mil rv REWARD.? LOST, SATURDAY, MARCH 3, A ?_l V/ calf skin pocket wallet, with a steel clasp, containing between 975 and $100, in bills, with pspersof no value except to the owner. The finder will receive the above reward by leaving it at 319 Fourth avenue, or ?t 45 Broadway. REWARD.? IXJST, ON SATURDAY, FEB. 10, 1865 v a small yellow terrier slut, ears and tail cut. loever will return tbe atme to 229 Broadway, office No. 5. shall receive the above reward and the ei|*nse of keeping. flNff REWARD. ? STRAYED FROM 36 W003TER ?JPe) street, on Saturday evening, a small white Spa nish poodle slut: has boles bored in her ears; answers to the nsme of Ronf . The above reward w it be paid and no questions asked, on returning her to the owner. (Ihr Rk WARD. ?LOST OR STOLEN, ON FRIDAY. ?O March 2, from the corner of lteade street ana Dreadwitv. a small tan colored terrlsr. The above re ward will be paid on returning the same to 48 South atrtet, second floor. miiLINBRY GOODS. 3/^/^4 CARTONS OF ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, French and American, consisting of a ermp!ete assortment of the newest styles for the present season, will be sold thirty per cent under tbe regular pike to cash buyers, and is well worth the attention of milliners and jobbers. DAVID STRAUS, 21fl Bowery, up stairs. Ei TRAIT GOODS, FRENCH FI.OWE1H, fcc. ) HOMEIt A KETCH I'M Are now exhibiting their new styles of bonnota, French flowers, Ac., of the latent importation ant manufacture. Cash buyers sre solicited to examine their stack at N os. M and M John street, corner of William, New York. TO SOl'Tt KRN, WESTERN AND CITY MERCHANTS ? Mrs LYON ISAACS, of No. ? Division street, will o|.en this day 2,600 Paris made bonnets, each oae differ ent pattern. The trade are respectfully Invite! to call and examine the stock. BILLIARDS. Abassford, jr., first premium and only a patent cushions factory, M Centre street.? Bil liard and bagatelle tables, superior make, as low as those of Inferior makers. Ten tsblos for placing at No. 8 Ann street, an entrance 149 Fulton street," ten tabl?s corner of Pineapple and Fulton streets, Brooklyn, by GEORt.K LAMRRRl?ON, where liis friends and purchasers are in vited to try them. Billiard saloon on Broadway, with three tables for aale. BIUJARD9.-F0R SALE. THE EUREKA RIU.IARD saloon, containing eight tables, with room for !va. Satisfactory reasons given for sell in f, by call ing on tbe proprietors, corner Grand and Mercer streets. ROSS ft 9TAKBT RT. WE OFFER FOR HALE TABLES MADE OF WELL seasons* material, with marble, slate and wood I eds, with our lata improved eushiomj, of superior elas t!cl'* OkB ?! ?? Ann a?r?e*. VROTlia ft DBCKJEt, vor salb. ffiO AAA ^ at Ywiiiu, i biad ?J.VUV;. ttlul residence for a gentleman doing business is this city, a double hoaae with tower, jut finished In. the boat style, with all the modern improve ment*~?lghusa rooma aad cellar. Inquire of JaMKS YOlMANfl, m the premises, Warburton avenue, near Lamertlne. (fc 17 CAA ?FOR P>IK TEEMS EASY, A FOUR I el; \f\Jm ?tbry brick house, with store, 20x40, lot 100 '*51 on Seventn avenue, now rents for $394 monthly In advance. Alao, an EnglUh basement bouse on Thirty eighth street, near Eighth avenue, for $7,760. Apply at the real estate office o! J. M. GREVELL, 1,096 Broadway. UP/4 AAA -FOR SALE, FOR CASH, A VERY PRO l)P')*VUU? 11 table and long established importing business. An opportunity seldom offered to engage in the mercantile trade, with the same advantages. Ad dress, with real name, Importer, box No. 198 Herald office. ?FOR SALE, AND ONLY $6,000 RE bp"" ? \J \J \J. quired in caah to purchase an im porting and jobbing bouse of faney drv goods and toys, [coated on John street, long established, and doing a good business. Apply to O. H. ROBINaON, 8a Nassau Btreet, up atairs. <ihr ?A NEAT, COMMODIOUS AND 1 Ov? pleasant private residence, with two full lots of ground, in a first claw neighborhood, situated on Franklin avenue, near MyTtie, Brooklyn; house in complete order, and grounds beautifully laid out with every variety of fruit trees, &c. Terms easy. ' DE MOfT, 17 Spruce strtet. /jH A X7\f\ -WZ SALE, IN THE UPPER PART $4,000 oMhe clt? near Thir'1 ,weQue- a first class three utory frame bouse n?Jrly n?Wt'hb"ll|/or the owner, containing about twelve room* 1,^, r.n improvements, bouse 22 x 35 feet, lcrt M * ?, '> $2,000 can remain. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway^ ClQ KAA ?Restaurant or* broadway, for jFjt/.Ov v. wle. in one of the most prouiinont lo rations, (twenty years established, )jw^in five minutes' walk of the City Hall, now doing a thriving business, very neatly fitted up with bar and private room* re spectably patronized. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Brand ..'ay. djl 1 PAA ?FOR SALE, A FIRST CLASS GRO ?L?v)l'l/e cory and liquor store, located on a corner of one of the b?nt avenues. A valuable lease of premises, with an excellent horse ami wagon are som? of the many inducements to purchasers. Apply at Nos. 110 and 121 Nassau street, room No 3. RICHARD L. PURDY & CO. dSPj wrv ? FOR SALE, A llPTCHER'S SHOP, A ?Ovv/? very desirable location, whore there is little competition. Receipts avorage $1,000 per month. Apply immediately at Nos. 119 knd 121 Nassau street, room No. 3. RICHARD L. PURDY & CO. dQCA ?A CHANCE SEIJIOM OFFERED.? A D l Jj|lOOU? guerrlan room, six yetrs established, for sale or to let, in one of the best locations in the ci'y, with apparatus, specimens and furniture complete In structions given in the art it required. Reason for sell ing. the owner, having two rooms, cannot attend to both. Apply at 60 Bowery, up atairs. ffljQAA ?FOR SALE, WITH LEASE OF FOUR h50vM "? years, the wholesale and retail confec tionery, with stosk, fixtures and tools, all complete, for manufacturing. Inquire on the premises, 08 Third avenue, between 2 and 6 P. M. dJtQ -FOR SALE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF a furnishing store In a central location d?wn town, attached to which is a manufactory of sta ple article* of ready sale and universal us*. Kent of store $300. For particular*, address a noto to Manufac turer, Herald office. (BjQA/i ?FOR SALE CHEAP, A DINING AND iWOVv/f oyster saloon on Broadway, fitted up in good style, with a gnod run of custom. Can be made a good business by strict attention. Apply to J. M. ORE NELL. House Agent, 1,090 Broadway. (fill AA ?FOR SALE, A CIGAR STORE, LOCATED iTOxvlvfe on a corner of Broadway, one of the most desirable stands in the city. 1/eaae of premises at a very low reut. Rent paid until the 1st of May. Must be sold this day. Apply immediately at 119 and 121 Nassau Btreet, room No. 3. RICHARD L. PURDY & CO. fjr TON SHARP SCHOONER, AND FAST SAILER, / r ) in complete order; will answer for a pi'ot boat, tlie oyeter or fruit trade; it purchased immediately, cau be had at a great bargain. DE MOTT, 17 Spruce street. A N OIJ) ESTABLISHED DRUG STORE. IN A RAPID J\ ly improving neighborhood in the upper part of the city, for lale, on accommodating terms, or a part ner taken, as the advertiser has two stores an I attend to both. Inquire on the premises. Eleventh avenue, between Forty. fourth and Forty -fifth street), of Dr. Wright. No other drug store within fire or six blocks. A BKAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALS, i\_ at a great bargain, situated in the village ot Flush ing, I. I, fronting on the bay, distant but turee minutes walk Irom the steamboat landing, and fight minutes from the railroad depot; the house new, two stories, with high basement, and built in the best possi ble manner, 28 bv 86 feet, lot &0 by 425 feet; the grounds tastefully laid out, and upon the premises a great variety of fruit trees of the choicest kind. Neighborhood first cists. For further particulars, apply to DE MOrr, 17 Spruce street. TJUILDINO PI.OT FOR SALE, WITH STABLE, CAR I) riage house, &c , with good water and all kinds of fruit; alio, five acres of land adjoining the same, at the Tillage of Newtown, I. I., five miles from Grand strest ferry, New York. Apply to BENJAMIN ABLI1R0, cor ner of Eldridge and Division streets. CALIFORNIA.? FOR SALE, A FIRST CLAS3 HOUSE, / two cottagss, and a splendid corner grocery store, situated on Washington avenue and Twelfth street, Mor rissnia, five minutes from oentral and upper depot Will be aold cheap, on easy terms, as the present owcer is going to California. Apply to J. FILL, on the premises CHEAP PROPERTY. ? WE WOULD CALL THE ATTEN tion of persons desirous of making a profitable in vestment and purchasing cheap property to the adver tisement of MacfarUn & Mtmti, auctioneers, of peremp tory sale of valuable property on taxingtos avenue and Filty tecond stmt, on Tuesday, March 6 The property is well located, and will no doubt be sold cheap. MAC FARLAN &MKKIUTT, auctioneers, No. 3 Nassau street, COUNTRY SKAT FOR SAIX-ON THE BANK Or THE Hudson, on this isltnd, of easy access by railroad. The house is conveniently arranged and the grounds beautifully laid ont. For terms.&o., apply to WM. E. LEWIS, 89 Cedar street, earner of Broadway. EOCK PROPERTY IN THR CITY OF BROOKLYN, lor sale or to let.? TTiirty lots with 600 feet water t, and bulkhead with 10 to 16 feet depth of water, will be disposed of, together or in parcels to suit appli cants. This property Is very desirable for manufacturing purposes, building material yards, or any buiiness re quiring a good water front and dock, and easy access to * the city of New York, being situated in a oentral and rapidity improving part of the city. Terms easy. Apply to DANIELS DARI.ING, No. 4 Sands street. T\RUG .&TORF. FOR SALE ?THE BEUATl* ULLY FIT 1 / ted up store known as the Grand street Pharmacy, 186 Grand street, is o tiered for sale on very reasonable terms, the proprietor being engaged in other business is unatde to attend to it. For further particulars, apply on the premises. "I \Rl'G STORE FOR SALE? SITUATED IN A TiIO I ' rough fare on one of the aveaaes west of Broadway. The store is neatly fitted up, in a good neighborhood, and low rent; doing a good business; suitable for either a physician or druggist. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. T7?ARM FOR SALE.? TWENTY THREE AND A HALF Jj acres at Scotch Plains, New Jersey, on Central Railroad, near the station. Frame house, new, con tains a r>om, kitchen, and dairy in basement, three rooms on first floor, two attic rooms; a barn, gjoa well, a variety of old orchard trees, apple, cherry and peacn, upwards of lour hundred choice imported fruit troos, ci various kinds, with a nursery of two thousand five hundred grafting storks, four hundrrd grape vines, of various sorts, well selected. There are threo and one fourth acres woodland, and the farm Is drained by newly dug ditches, suitable for crops of pasture. Inquire on the premises, or of I) VAN NOHTR VND, 192 Broadway, second story, New York. Farm for sale? a very desirable farm of forty acres of choice land, In Westohester county, thirty six miles frcm the city, near the Harlem Kailroal The house is a superior modem built edifice with all the requirements of a family, and a spring of pure wa(er brought into the lionse, kitchen and stablo through lead pipes. There are also a good stable an I other ont build ings. In fact, applicants will find it one of the most clrgar.t and desirable residences in this vicinity. ' Price of the place, $10,000. Apply to H N1KMAN, 249 Bowery. Farm fok sale or to let? situate in wrst field, New Jersey, containlog teelve acres of Und, with gcod gaidcn, orchard, and variety of fruit The {remises comprise a neat co.tage, good barn, stable, and other outbuildings, and an extensive poultry yard. Also, an excellent family horse, set of harness and rooksway. Terms rearocabl".' Address Country. Post Offloe, Jersey City, or C' A. I<evt> dge, Westfleld, N J. I *jK)H SAIK? THE STOCK, FIXTURE AND OOO.l I J? will of an old established wholesale grocery and commission house with the lease of the storV. the own ers nre about ret'iing from the trade. The location is j s-cond to none on t be west eke of the city for either | city or country trade. Will be disposed of on reasonable I terms to responsible parties. Address box 3,918 Post l Office. For salt? a thkkk story and basement brick cottage, 65 East Twenty-seventh street, be ' tween Fourth anil Iexlngtoo avenues, north side; watar snd gas through the whi le housr: flower garden, It is tn the most convenient and pleasant part of the city ts the stages and ears start to and from the City Hall every five minutes. It will be sold on reasoaabls | term*. Apply to J. LYONS, two doors below, mornings snd evenints, or at his office, 13 Chambers street, from | 12 to 4 o'clock Also, for aals, premises 271 Blocker street. Apply as above. IJV)R HALE? THE I J.A?E OF TEN YEARS OF A HOUSE . and store in one of the best situations in Broidway. 1 For a stand of business it cannot be surpassed. Inquire ! at A. SERGEANTS office, No. 1ft Wall street. T7K>R HA IX -ON ACCOUNT OF DEPARTURE, AN A3 r eortment of fine perfumery, assorted ee?en;es, ticcturee, in Jogs of different aisee . also shoe case, %u rean *rf a bedstead, several tablet, chair*, etove. at 1H t West Btondway, tut lw. FOK IAUE. T7*0R SALJE ? A HOUSE" AND E1(?HT LOTS, BETWEEN J Third and Fourth a venae*, on Seventy seventh and Seventy eighth strteU, beautifully situated, with large ?haded lawn in front of the bouse; alao, a variety of frnlt tree* on the pramta**; three railroad* in night of the house. Inquire on the p-mf'tT. or at ITS Bowery. FOR BAIJS ? A HALF SIZE VOIGHrLAND CAMERA and half wheel, nearly new. The photographic prooM*. with the making ef oollodian. Addre?sJ. M , box 128 Herald office, thi* week. Fob sale? the farm, lately owned bt capi\ Texido. deceased, situated at Flushing, L. I., one mile from the railroad depot, consisting of 41 acrsa. Good bouse, barns and outbuildings. For terms, he., apply on the premise*, or to JAMES M. 3HAW, 70 Chat ham street. * Ip.OR SALE- A FARM 1JN WESTCHESTER COUNTY, ' 2>i miles from Bing Sing, llfl acres, splendidly situ ated, overlooking the Hudson liter. The land is im proved tj?? building* god4? Will be sold for cash or eltlUoged for city property. Ai*T mtn7 hWMM lota for sale in the city. CHAPE & FULLER, T Nt>* ?tre?t FOH SAI.E? HAlRDRr-SolNG AND SHAVING fcL~*rAB' lithment, elegantly furnished and fitted, Hurpasv.nS moat others for businexn and style. located near sis large and fanliiooablo hotels. Price 9800 Also bonis on Cumberland street, Brooklyn. Prioe 94,800. Also partner, with 96,0C0, wanted in patent bu iinein, where a speedy fortune can be made Apply at United States Agency, -1- Broadway, room 13. FOll SALE? IN EXCELLENT CONDITION, THE EN tire furniture of a handsome cottage reniilense, de sirably located near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn Posees sion given on or before 1st May, at a very low rental. Persons commencing housekeeping will find this an op portunity worthy of notice. For particulars address box 3,460 Post Office, New York. I^OR SA1 E-THE PLANING, TURNING AND SAW in? estahlinhment at 2h2 and 284 East Eighteenth Btreei formerly owned by Brown k Simmons, with ne cessary e."*'Del,> machinery and gearing. Also, pine, bla<* walnuv ,an? mahogany lumber, horses, wagonn &c., &c. App. to s> SLAUSON, asnigneo, 208 Eroadway. For sale? a house, b70R3 ,A.ND. six acres of land, in the town of ^ "fester, Westchester county, it. Y., twenty-one miles t?vlm w Yjrk ?J*7' two and a half miles from Tuckahoe, .one, a a miles from the Scarsdals depot, anj on w'? P? I? from New York to White Plains. For further ^ticu lars inquire of the subscriber, on the premises, A. L UNDERBILL, For sale? the stock and goodwill of a grocery store, now doing a good business, situated on the Sixth avenue. Address A. B. C., office of Boyd's Express Post. For saijs? a confectionery, ice cream saloon and commission bakery, handsomely fitted up, and in one of the beht business thoroughfares In the city. Tbi* is one of the best opportunities ever offered to engage in the business. Apply this day to C. B. HOWES, 67 Nassau street, room 0. FOR SALE? A THREE STORY BRICK ENGLISH BASE went house, with all the modern improvement*, gas bath, &c., situated 47 Summit street, Brooklyn, about three minutes' walk from Hamilton avenue ferry. Price 96,000; term* easy. Apply to Wm. C. Stont*, corner of Broadway and Murray street. 3JJ10R SALE-ONE NEW FIRST CLASS FOUR 810RY J house, in the block of five all alike, 20 by 55 feet, o. 46 Twenty fourth street, between Fourth and Lex ington avenue*. Han every convenience. Possesion immediately. Apply at 44 East Twenty-fourth street, or at 44 Wall street, to CHA3. H. SMITH. For sale? a *beautiful country seat, one hour's ride by cars and itsge over one of the best plank roads in the country. The boose contains nine rooms, with wash house and all necessary outbuildings, with about acres of tine land and the best of fruit. All intormation can be had by calling on Q. W. TAYLOR, ho. 6 Ann street. For sale? a three story frame and brick basement hfuse and lot, 25 by 100 feet, 110 West Forty- sixth street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue, or to exchange tor a house in the Filth or Eighth ward; also, some choice plots of ground in the flourishing Til lages of Morrisania and Melrose, near the depot, West cheater county. No objection to exchanging the above lots for a house or lots la Hoboken. Inquire on the pre mises in the evening, or during the day at 39 Greene street, of Edw. Knabeschack. For sale? the lease and fixtures of store No. 573 Broadway, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel. Also, a magnificent plate glass exhibition oase, being one of the largest and moet costly used at the Crystal Palace, and valued at SI, 300. Will be sold low for cash, if ap plied for immediately. WM H. PARSONS and JOHN CIARK, assignees, 187 Broadway and 30 Cedar street. POR SALE ? AN ESTABLISHED BUSINESS, B3INO an opportunity seldom offered. There are on the premises a good two story frame dwelling and large three story building on rear of lot, together with a capi tal engine, new, and all necessary machinery for carry ing on tbe sash and blind and putty making business. Tlie whole will be sold low and on easy terms. HUGHES ii GREEN, 163 Grand street, Williamsburg. E'OR SALE? THE FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN stone front house No. 15 West Thirty-second street, near Fifth avenue- size of house 25x44 feet. Also, tlie new three story brick house on Islington avenue, first bouse above Thirty-third street; size 22x44 feet. 1 rico $0,000. Inquire of tho owner, 16 West Thlrty fcecoud street. * FOR SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A WELL established hosiery and gentlemen's furnishing store, in a first rate lo:aticn, In Canal street ; rent low, and will be sold at a great bargain ; this is a rare oppor tunity to commence business. Apply at 93 Canal street. R SALE IMMEDIATELY? A FIRST RATE OYSTER and dining saloon, down town, at a bargain. A good chance for a young man having a few hundred dol lars ready cash. lease, stock and fixtures Included. Apply to THOMl'SON k STREET, 81 Nassau street, room No. 7. 170R SA1? CHEAP.? THAT MODERN THREE STORY . brick house 149 South Eighth street, Williamsburg, with basement, counter cellar, and exten-iion marble mantles, gas, range, he., flniahed in tbe beat manner. Size of lot 20 feet 4 inches by 99 feet 8 inches. Inquire of MAIMER ti HAMMOND, 161 First street, foot of South Third street, Williamsburg. ?0R SALE, CHEAP? THE MODERN ENGLISH BASE ment four story brick house, balcony and court, 270 West Thirty-third street, with hot and cftld water, range, bath and chandeliers. Price $4,700. Apply on the premises. W. 11. MICHAELS. For saij: cheap-a top wagon, nearly new, in good order, suitable for grocer* or expresses. Ap ply at 25 Warren street, M. Gray's livery stable, and 298 Broadway, basement. POR SaLE LOW? THE THREE STORY ENGLISH basement house 17 Ilooruian place, Thirty-third street, between Elglith and Ninth avenu?s, 20 by 42 feet, finished with modera improvements; lot 100 feet deep Price $7,500. Also, tbe superior four story brown stone front house No. 23 same block, honse 26 by 60, lot 1C0 feet. Apply on the premises. For saie, or will exchange for a house in Brooklyn ? A new houss, and eight lots, on Staten Island, three minute* wslk fiom Vanderbilt'* landing. Apply to ROBERT SAKGEANT, No. 7 Janncey Court, 41 Wall street. It SAIJi OR TO LET ? THREE BROWN 8 TO HE English basement houses ? No*. 305, .107 anil 309 West Twenty second street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues; finished in the best manner, with all the mo dern improvement*. Inquire on the premise*, of M. PINDAR. IP OR SALE OR TO LET? THE TWO STORY AND AT. [ tic brick house, No. 256 Delancy street ; piseesslin immediately. Also to let, a loom and two .bedrooms in bouse No. 84 Elizabeth strest. Also several room-* suit able for meetings and lodges, in National Hall, No. 29 Canal street. Apply to hi) WARD VAN RANST, No. 34 Canal street. I^OR SALE IN BROOKLYN? A CASH RETAIL GRO ' eery of over $800 per week, and which can be in ciea>ed to almost any amount. There is no liquor con nected with the business, and the stock, fixtures, Ac., are in first rate order, making It a moet desirable oppor. tunity for a person wishing to enter that kind of busi ness. Address M. A. C., Herald office. FR SALE OR TO IEASE? TEN IXJT8 OK GROUND, situated on tbe north side of Twenty third street, 150 feet east of First avenue. The above property i* well located for a wood, coal or lumber yard. Apply to Mr. W. <} C11AVE. 1(8 East Twentieth street, or J. DUN DEI t DALE. 62 rt illiam street. Glassworks - for saie, the fixtures, tools he., of the glaf- factory, situated in Brooklyn, be tween John and Marshall streets, near Jaciton fer-y; together with the lease of factory and dwellings. Apply at No. 8 I latt stieet. New York. Houses for saie-noh. im and us cherry street, between Catharine snd Market streets. To those *hi want a mouey tnak ng 'investment, this i* a chance tlia' rarely oflers, and will" pay 26 per oent on awount invest- 1. For terms, particular*, sc., inquire of MARK LV.VY, 27 ( i?y Hall place. Property in nf.w york to exchange for property in Hergen, West Hoboken or Harlem. A first ;Uip fonr story house and lot to exchange for a iniaU farm or a large house, and abont twelve lota about thrVe miles from the ferry. Apply at No. 476 Fourth street. Prune house and lease for sale? the Ulster House, 11H West Broadway, with the unex pired lease of thrwe years from May 1, 1855. with the stock and futures, is now offered for *ale, doing a goed business, and recently having been thoroughly enlarged and improved As a place for public biulnesa It has no equal, and will be *o)d, as the owner ia engaged in other business that requires his whole attention If not sold by the 15th inst , It will be let, together with flxtnres, to a leep nsible tenant. Apply on the piemi es, be tween 8 and ? In tbe evening. JOHN N. BRIC.GS, Proprietor The Sixth and Eighth avenue cars pass the loor ereey few minute*. TEAMBOAT SWiFTBURE FOR gAl.E-USEI) FOR towing purposes, kas a superior eroas-head low pressure engine 43 ineh eeUnder 10 feet etrolse Fw n'l low of D. vyfclV*, BmUy*. FOR BAU. SLATE QUARRY ? A PROMISING 8LAT1 QUARRY, well opened and well located? This properly will be cold or put Into I joint stock rompur. To nnrnhut the property and commence work $?,000 to 96,000 wlK be required. Inquire of J. R. 'BARBOUR tt CO ? :-'-g Agency, 110 Broadway, Immediately. STATEN IP LAND. ? TO BE SOU) OR LEASED FOR ON* or more year*, the large furnished mansion of Mm. 8 Grymes, situated on the highest hul of the island, If teen minutes' walk from the second landing, and com manding the most extensive view. Also, to be sold, three cottages and several beautiful building lota, cov ered with fcrest trees, all situated on the same hill. For particulars address lira. 3. GRYMES, on the pre mises. r GROCERS? FOR SALE, LEASE, STOCK, Fix tures, horse, wagon, &c., of an old established flret rlnss family grocery; choap rent, splendid location, he. Inquire of JOHN BODINE, Esq., 77 Dey street Tl STEAM ENGINE BUILDERS.? ANY ONE HAVING for ?ale a dcuble or single engine of forty horse pow er, of the moft approved construction, suitable for a sawing or flouring mill, will hear of a purchaser by ad dressing Fxgine, Herald office, statintr ?"-'v.auiaM ant owest cash price, with or withou* 'w,fler# rr,o tj<i>tebs ? ion fiAi.F., a good job office, ? ("cost orf r $4,000,) the presses and type nearly new, iltti" *?<! below tbe l'srk. 11, 000 is all that is required at pre?vit; the balance may remain for jonft time. Printers w.'shiog to purchase will address B., Herald office. TO CARD MAN iTACTU RKR*. ? FOR SALE OR TO rent, the lease, machinery, including steam en gine, tools, fixtures and bu?i.*ies?. of tbe best card fac tory in the country, located in tola city, i1; perfect or der, and ample facilities for the manufacture of both playing and printer's curls. To competent parties this is ? desirable opportunity. Possession Immediately. Ad dress box 3,90b l'ost Offlse. TO IRON FOUNDERS? FOR SALE, A VALUABLE full lot, situated 100 feet of Fourth avenue, in Sixty-fourth street. The wbole ran be taken out lu iron castings. Apply at 100 Bowery, N. Y. rPHOI.STERY FOR SALE, OR ICXCIIAN'JRD FOR property. Fifteen years established, up town, In a Eood locality, with first class custom. To any one wlsli >g to commence business this is a chance seldom met with, as the proprietor wishes to retire, anil will sell out on accommodating terms. Address, until Wednesday, Y. Z., Herald office. LOST AND FOUND. T-VOG LOST? LOST ON WEDN^DAyI AST\XbMN * die colored Newfoundland ; has a white cross on Mi* Km*. an<l enswers to the name of Dlo. Whoever will return k'm to 210 Greenwich street, tea store, rill receive $5 re* ard. ?w ma wiwtpti T0 PURCHASE FOR CASH, ONE, L7;;"7th?eTe lot.*, ^?Uow,^V'.t.rtn Second and Sixth avenue* and below torty fifth street. Apply immediately at 048 BrO?%. Vj LOOT? ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY _?7' }2 add 1 o'clock, In one of the Oreeowv ' if' ','11 going from the cars through Clark street W V? ^ , Bouse, a lady's Russian sable fur ttppef. The unaer will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same with R. YA1J5, Mansion House, Hicks street, Brooklyn. LOOT? THE FOLLOWING DRAFTS WERE MAILED by the undersigned at Philadelphia for New York on the 10th Inst., vis.: ? t. R. Brayton k Co. 's draft ea Jobn B Church, three months from Jan. 20, favor of M. Trump & Son, for $1,000; T. R. Brayton & Co.'s draft oa Jobn B. Church, three months from Jan. 24, favor of Andrus it Langdon, for <1,000; T. R. Brayton & Co 'a draft on John B. Church, three months from Jan. 20, favor of M. Trump k Son, tor $1,000. The above having miscarried, payment of them has been stopped, and au persons are hereby cautioned against negotiating the same. M. TRUMP ft SON, Philadelphia, Feb. 27, 1869. HORSES, CARRIAGES, 4tC. A1 THE NEW YORK HORSE BAZAAR, 31 CROSBY street, will b? gold thU day, Monday, ut 12 o'clock, twenty horses, suitable for all purpose* ; also new and second hand wagoax, hart end, saddles, bridles, Ac. JOHN H. GATFU5LD, Proprietor. T^OR BALE? A BAY HORSE, 16 HANDS HIGH, JD sound, and kind in single and double harness; can trot inside 2: 50. Also, a light trotting wagon, sleigh, one set of harness, whip, stable and dress blankets, robes, bells, Ac. All to be sold together, as the owner is about leaving the city. Apply at 64 and 96 Mercer street. FOR SALE? HORSE AND HEARSE, TOGETHER OR separate, a noble gray horse, strong, sound, fast, Ac; would suit a doctor; stands without hitching; l? very gentle and handsome, with long till and mane. A better horse can't be seen. Call at 132 Duane street. PJR 8AIJ5 ? A BLACK HOR-iE, SEVEN' YEaRS OLD this spring, perfectly kind and in good order, toge ther with harness and light wagon, suitable for business purposes, lo be seen any time before 10 A. M. anil and from 4 to 6 F. M. Inquire at 329 Broome street. FOR 8ALE ? A VERY HAND30MTC. HIGH BRED pointer dor; will be two years old in April next; was shot over last n anon ; in perfectly broke, and a good retriever. For price and further particulars, apply to A. F. KINPBERG, 68 West street. IflOR SALE CHEAP? A FINE STYLISH YOUNG horse, seven years old, warranted kind and sound; also, a superior modern built buggy wagon, with shift ing top, nearly new; two line b untets, lobe, and very line set of light harness, Ax. Sold for wunt of use. Ap ply at Ne. 7 Prince street. For sale-an elegant and complete i*tab lisbnient for a small family, consisting of one of the most valuable and best broken horses in the city; a city made coupe rockaway; a se^f heavily plate 1 har ness, dress blankets, -beets, Ac. ; also, one new top wa> gon and light harness, suitable for the same horse, which in fast when on the road. These articles were all Biade to order for this horee by the best workmen in New York. They will be eold low according to their vafne. Apply at P. Pagan's stables, 86 Weit Twenty - second street. 1 FAMILY CARRIAGE.? A STRICTLY FIRST CUSS carriage, that has been but little used; would tw purchased at a fair price. Address S. E., box 1,044 Poet Office. Souses? ten very superior young horses. lately from Vermont: warranted pure Morgana, eg them two pairs of closely matched hays. Also eight extra new city made light wagons, equal to any manufactured. Will be sold very low, in consequence of the tire which bnrnt our estsbllnlimeot dtwn. Apply at 21 and 23 Berum street, Brooklyn. HORSFS? NEW YOP.K TATTKR8 ALI.'S, SIXTH avenue, corner of Thirty ninth street. ? Tuesday, March (1, will be sold at aution, at 12 o'clock, horses, wsgons, harness, Ac. ; also, without reserve, a pi;r of fast mares, a bright bay and chestnut, b^th young and ? with a flt.e shifting top wagon, pole aad shafts, extra Doe double and single harness, blankets, sheets, bells, robes, whips, Ac., being the complete establish meni of a gentle saa leaving town. Sale po itive, with out regard to weather. Also new and second hand wagens aud harness, to pay storage. Gf.ORG E CLEMENS, Auctioneer. Hknry Palmes, Salesman. Horse wanted? a gray or black hor^ abcut seven tears old, warranted S'>uad anil kin<i in every respect, 15 hai.ds high, a stylish and good traveller Pleaie state where r.uch a horse can bs aero, aad the price. Address, postpaid, S. D. A , box 1,13? Post Oflice. f IYERY STABLE, IN A CENTRAL LOCATION AND 1 J doing a One business, for sal>, consisting of first class horses, heavy and light carriages, wagons, sleighs, harness, robes, bells, Ac., suitable for city work. Apply to WILIJAM EGINTON, 149 Fulton street. TWO OR THif EE HORSES WANTED ON LIVERY, with light wagona, at the stable, 39 Great Jones street. rlJCT? FROM 1ST MAY NEXT. THE 8TABIE AND carriage house. No. 13 Third street fiae dry bailment, with atails, Croton wat?r. Ac., ami spacious carriage house above Inquire of A. LAMB, No. 6 Al bion place, I'ourth street. ?tTTASHINGTON.? FOR SALE, THE FAST ThOTONfl Vf bar stallion Wasblrgtsn, 10, 'J hands high, tea years old; perfectly sound and k ad. Washington is superior foal getter, as all his stock has proved. For full particulars apply at 94 and 96 Mercer street. WJ ANTED? A SPAN OF FRENCH OH CANADIAN ponies. Must be well broken t? harness, and kiad and gentle. Address Redan, Herald office, stating prlca, site and where to bo seen. WANTED? TO* PI RCH ASK A PACING HORSE, Of good style and action, suitable for ladies' saddle use; also, a pleasant driver, must be kind and gentlo. Apply to R. S. ROBERTS, 261 South street. cixmnwo, AC. CAST ? KF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED? ladles or Kentk-mta having any of the lame to dis pose of can obtain a fair cash price by sending for he subscriber, at his resilience, No tM> Elm street, or through the post. M S. COHEN. N. B ?Ladies attended by Mrs. Cohen. CAST OIF CLOTHING? ?2, 000 vSRTlt WANTED.? The highest price liberally given, and caah paid ia current money. Apply U JAMK4 MORON EY, 11 Baxter street, (formerly Orange.) nil Chatham Situation wanteir'. with a merer ant, for an, intelligent boy, flft en fears oi age. Apply as shove. C1AST OFF CLOTHING AND Ft RNITl'RE WANTED ? t ladles or gentlemen having any of the aaaae to dis pose of, can obtain a fair and cash price, by evading for the subscriber at his residence, or tbrough'the post Na. 13 Elm street I. M. DU.-h-~KI.DORP. N. B.? ladies attended by Mrs. D CvLUTHTNU? LAMkS OR GENTLEMEN HAVING ANY S to dispose of rsn receive a fair priee in cash by sanding to the store 12 I aureus street near Canal, or 62 West Broadway, ar by tetter through the poet oSaa. Lad Is s attended by Mrs Cahen 8. OOHQf r CrtTHS' AND_ CHI CI -OTHTNG JOW.PH Y & Coes, Bailey A Ga., No S Parts place, opposite the City Hall, have now ea ban t the beat assorted sarin* ?nd su issuer stork and styles to b? fonnd ia the Daite] Mates an ! ?ni'sb'? fn* all ages from ?hr?e to tws'j J sars aid, at wtotoMH aa4 fn greatly redaeai priaes.

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