Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW T _____ ? WHOLE NO. 6767. MORNING EDITION ORK HERALD. WEDNESDAY, MA.ROH 7, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE OPERATIC WAR. Temporary Suaps-nalon of HmUIIUm? Scroad Meeting of tlie ArtUU-Leltcr from Mr. Plialeii? Proeprcta for the Future, dtc., die. Matters at the Academy were not so warlike yesterday as on Monday. The police guard was discontinued? the inflammatory placarda had disappeared from the doors, and the friends of Ole Bull were nowhere to be seen. A second meeting of the artiste was held ia the saloon ?at 11 o'clock A. M There was no regular organization, and Mr. Allegri, the scenic artist of the house, presented a letter from Mr. James l'Ualen, one of the directors of the Academy. Subjoined is a copy of the document:? Nkw York, March 6, 1856. Mk At.LKfiRI : ? Sir ? 1 have read in the morning papers, with no small chagrin, tne painful statements contained in the resolutions pased yesterday at a meeting of the art -t* and employi-s at the Academy of Music, under tbe late manager, Mr. Ole Bui!. I see that a new meeting has been called for this morn inn a' 11 o'clock, to take into consideration the unfortu nate situation of that portion whose loss of salary la a Ions of daily bread. Mionld you deem it amongst your selves a judicious mode of relief, I would suirgsst your uoitmg together and giving a performance for ilie benefit of all cotci-road. I wruld further suggest, that the salaries of the lowest cU"? nboiild be paid in full, whilst tbe balance should be divided equally amongst the higher arlutet. It this should be the decision o! thia morning, it would five me great pleasure to put the Academy of Music, ire of reut, at their disposal. ami I will cheerfully take upon myself the usual additional expenses of the house. JAMKS I'll ALE N. The meeting c'ecidtd to accept thia proposition, and the beu*Ut alluded to will probably be given on next Monday evening. An eilort will be made to induce Sig nor Br gnoll, the new tenor, to appear as Kdgardo, in " Lucia 4i Iammermoor," on this occasion. it was also stated at this meeting that Mr. I'halen in teudeo to make some arrangements for the continuance ?f the opera, and that a sinking fund would he made, so that one night's salaries would not depend upon one night's receipts. The artists generally seem to be of the opinion that Mr. Phalen Intends to carry on the opera at his own expense, and their indignation at tile Bull is considerably mollified by tbe prospect! ahead, which they consider as rather brilliant than otherwise. The meeting yesterday was attended by all th? princi pal artists, including Hgnorlua Felicita Vestvall. tile linil ia in town, but bas not yet bean heard Irom. lie seems to bear the storm of indignation which has b?en ?towered upon his head with remtrkable patience. lh great difficulty ut the Academy aeeuis to have been the very high salaries paid to the artists, and also in tbe (act that more S' tigers were engaged than could be made use of. The principal salaries are stated ai ^ follows: ? f Vast vail, per montU, $10) Prime donue. ... < 4er;ucoa Mare tick " ( Pa.' ti Mrakoach. , . . Primo t*noi.....|^5J^J|;;;:::;;;:; inmo b.ritoni.. { ; pr:mo,aMi { coi?etti ; ;;; ;;;; : Nine artiata at nearly seven thousand dollars per rnontn. and not more tbau live of thnui could be made useiui ou any one night. It is like a mtnager of a thea tre engaging ten Hamlets and not one Horatio ! Ttere are all sorts of rumors about the fate of the Academy uud among other statements is one that the Chevalier Wikoff will asume the sceptre as director. It eould he an excellent selection. A republicin govern ment will never do for the Opera. It is essentially an eriatoriatic institution, and W ikoll is just the mm to have imperial away over the artists. 'Ihe Havana Opera lately met with a fate similar to that a hich has overtaken the Academy, and several of the artists, including .-talTanone an t Beneventano, ar rived here yesterday S-o tdere is no lack of 'alent in the marset. Very sojn Hrambrilla, l^grange. faradori, aid other artists engaged by I'Uman will arrive,'aod we #"ha!l have a perfe:t congress of singing birds in New York ready to give us the Opera in return for re marnably moderate - tlariea, varying from Ave hundred to two thousand dollars per month With such superior advantage* it will, indeed, be remarkable if we do rot have the opera re-useitat?d at once. , The following letter was received by the janitor of the academy on Monday ' ? Mr. I Tbe Academy of Music ia for the present closer. Ycu are hereby directed not to op?n any part of the Academy to-morrow, and not to admit any per'wn whomsoever under any pretext, until you receive an order vii'ten and sinned t>y me. Yon will also see that all th? doors trailing to the bar ro? in *i< tn iitber parts of the house are securely fastened no thit no ( tie can pass l?u o.u <t strictly folio* thc-e instructions New >grk, March 4, J8&6. OIJS BCLL. Mr. hUUN wan then ap|iealed to, and the following gwirr.i eider was issued: ? No 46 KasT Koitrtkkntii sthkkt, Monday. A. M. Please ?av to Mr. Kelix that Mr Maretzak wishes to have the door of tbe restaurant opened on Fourteenth attest '<> peimit the p-ople to m-et peaceably, and he will he ree(icuMbie tor the qnlet cf the house Yours, Ac , JAMKS I'HALKN. President. Mr. TtMaox. Tbe " peopls'' then had a meeting which was reported in yesterday 'a Hkralp, so th? Maret/.ek party were tri umphant. " 600 " 4% " 1,000 " 40 tt ? 1,500 " soo 600 " 400 Noio Opera Trouble-*. HI PEKIOK COURT. Before Hod. Judge Momtoo AmMATfQS KOR A WARRAMT Of ATTACH MK.VT AGAINST OLK BILI.. Hah ii 6. ? Marettrk and Petrarchi, against Ole Bull. ? MarfAme Maretzek appeared in court thii morning. and by 1 er counsel ma-!# application for >n attachment against Ole Bull, at aa ab*condiag debtor. The follow log in tb? affidavit on which the counael lor the plain tifl* moved : ? City and f'<runl>/ of .Veto Fork, It: ? A. Bertucca Ma j retaea . and Franci* l'etrar<-lu, of *a <1 city. beiogduly an 1 ! aeverall; sworn, depose and fat, that a caua? of action eim'n I y the above named plaiutitf* ugaimit the a'joro Darned iieit-ndant, upon contract. an 1 that the abore ji?m?l df?n :ant Is indebted uutj the *b -ve mined plaintiff* iii the mi in of three hundred dollar*. an 1 tnat the grouut** of the plaintilf*' chum are a* follow*, to wit:? that Kai'l de'enlant entered into an engagement b; contract, with Maid pia n'.ifl'a, to sing and perforai at the Academy of Mtiaic, in Fourteenth street, in the city of New York, (a copy of which agreement* are hereun to annexed) and there i* now due, owing and payable by the Mid defendant to the Mid piainm;* tbaruan. the nun of free hundred dollar*. And deponent* furtter nay, that tlie above action <vas commenced on the 6th oay of March, lf5t, oy an attempt to nerve a -tutiimnu.-i upon the naid defendant, which ?a* piacea In the liaoda ?f the sheriff of the city Mid county of New York for tbat i-urpone, on the day an 1 year laat afore wild. And depom nt* furtDer nay, that the aaid Suet it? or hi* deputy, in company with on? Mr Franci* Petrarchi, proceeded to the lioune and botrdmg plu.v. ' and tail knoao reei !? nee of the naid defendant, ana ttenand there impaired for the *aid defendant, but 'bat raid theriff, or hi* deputy, wax then and there informed that 'he mud defend i nt dM But live, board or reaide there, and that the aaid defendanlfcaJ tort hia houae or blaming p'nceafi re-ai'i, and had taken with hun ai: of hie good*, ware* rhattol* merch\ndi?e and travelling equipage, whim tne eaid defendant then ant there poai"?ael and bad gone to amne place jnknown And deponent* fur ther aay that tliesherlil on the day and year la<t afore ajid, le aid delivered to tbe pUintilf*' attorney, iii* r-turu thereon, to the effect that aaid defendant co'ild not te 'Hind within hi* bailiwick. And depon'nt* fur ther ear, tbat tbe xa id defendant haa property in the ? eity of New York, ?hlch he I* about to carry or remove out of the Mate of New York, and that the ?aid de'en 1 ant i> about to depart tliarefruta, with the intent to cheat ? aul de' raud hi* creditor*. AtPl deponent* further aay that the aaid defendant ha* at diver* time*, and during am aince the UOth day of February, ls&t, received and appropiiated to bi* own u*e all ttie money*, profit* and proceed* arUine from the entertainment* an I performance* at the aaid Acaietay of Muiic, daring tbe time aloreaaid, but tbat the aaid dn feadact ha* refu*?d to pay to thi* deponent tbe am >unt one for her aanrice*. or any part thereof And depo nent* further aay that a* tbey are informed aa 1 beiieve, tbe *aid defendant, during the time a'ore*?id, h\t not pa<d either or any of the ??i I performer*, or any other rrraon* engaged by him, at the aaid Academy or Mualc ut the aaid (Jafendant haa absconded, or I* about to *>.-eond from the state of New York, with tbe whole amount of the money*, pr >Ct* an 1 proceed* *o received a> afore-aid, with the llaa intent that *aid defendant haa di*c harmed all the performer* and refuael to permit th?m to pe-rform lor him, or the aaid A. H. Maret/ek. And theee deponent* furtler aay that thV defendant ba< alrut | ? op the aaid Academy of limit, and it owing * large amount .if debt* which he refuae* t/> pay; and tbat tbe aaid tefr ndant ia now ronecAling him*elf in aoae place unknown to avoid tbe aervice of aumroon* AP. BPRTt/OCA MABEREK, r RANCID PETRARCHI Sw'ir a U> before me. thia rtth day of March, I1M. R. H. Bt< i Commiaaiooer of Iteed*. . Ctfv cf am Agreement mair fe'nwi Mr. <Ht B ill, Imtu a! <*e Academy of Untie, of the firit part, and Ma lum* ' Hertvcra Marettrk, nf the terond part. Ike party of tbe hr*< part agree* and bioda UimMif to pay to the party of the -econd part the *nm of *!? bun dollar a (I'iOO) during the term of four conaecutiv* BMinrh*, the term of engagement to cominen-e on the jots (j?y of February, I S65, in eon?ideration of tha party of tbe ??<;ob I part fulnilioK faithfully ail the eoveoanti end agnement* coata'ned in a cn|>y of a<re?ment now tn pr**e*e??n of tbe p?rty of tha ilr*t part and duly '-a tei<*- lato And eigned by the party of the ??cob! part. In Wltnrm ahereof, I h?r? by aet my baad and ?#?*! Fehr i ?rvIT.JWS. OUC Bl'LU I* \t'ilne?#ed by me, HuNarC. ffiwn*. Tbe *greem?nt reft rr*d to aiove. ?. having been * te ?!??#>! by Madame Maretaek, bind* her to f* 'hfolly lo ber duty, a* prim<> dosaa. to the beat of her ability and ' & *ie>K 'out n'ght' in each waek dur og '.be *?i I tern . | and Sunday nights to be conaidered one of the aall nights. at tii" optic n of Ole Hull. The Judge granted the order of attachment. TO THK EDITOR OK THE UKRALD. Nkw York IIotm,, Tomiuv Evknino. I)rir Sir? Having been informed that the wife of Max Maietzex to day instituted proceeding* in the Superior Court against Mr. Ole Bull, alleging thai he *ai an ab Hconding debtor and about to remove his property from the State of New York, and that a auui wan due her on au alleged contract, I write to request that iu case those procteilinga should be published In your paper, you ? il inform the public that Mr. Ole Bull resides at the New York Hotel where he baa boarded for the last three months and over That he does not desire to avoid th payment of aoy juat demanda, hia paat life will be a u Hi cieut guaranty. Any pi-rsoba who wish to institute legal proceeding' apanlat him can alwaya find him at hia hotel; or. as hut counsel, I urn authorized to teraive their communion tionr at my tflice, No. 49 Wall street, and respond in the uaual manner. L. E. Bl'LKEl.EY. Progrett of the Municipal Revolution. ALLIUM) FOBUKRY ON THK IRVIfiG HA VISOS IN 8TITUTI0N. Mr. V. L. Buxton, i-ecretary of the Irving Savinga In stitution, yesterday appeared before Justice Oaborne, at the Mayor'a office, and made the following affidavit:? City anil County of A'eio l'ork, it.? Yancerbilt L. Bux ton, Secretary of tbe Irving Savinga Institution, bring ouly aworn, depose* and saya ? Thut the entries in the bank book, No 3.015 now here, purporting to have been made by the officers of the aforesaii institution au 1 pur f ortmg to show deposits thereto to the amount of fl ,243 to tbe credit o:' Ambrose H. Cassidy, are forgeries, mule with tha felonious Intent to cheat and defraud the said institution. I?ponent turther says that on the 28th day of February, In !>.'>, tbe said Casaidy opened an account with said inatitution by depositing the sum of $32 and receiving the said book, since whtch time no other de pout was made, uor had laid Cassidy any account in i-aid inatitution, from the 21tt of November, ISM, the date of the tlrat forged entry, up to the 28th day of February, ult., when the aforesaid $32 was deposited by him, and tbe original and genuine entry of i-aid $32 has been erased from the said book by tear ing out the tii Ht leaf of the name on which it aa< writ ten le|onrnt further says, that on the 6th day of Mureh inat a loan, whom deponent Is informed is uani?d A. D. I.. Whipple, called upon deponent, after the insti tut ou had been closed for the morning, and presented to him the draft now bar* marked, being a drift f >r $1,244. signed by the aforesaid Casaidy and the said Whipple had In his hand at the rime time the alora.iald hank book, and pointing to the forge I entries Herein u.iked ceponent it they were correct, to which deponent replied that be thought not. hut that the bank would he open at 4 o'clock, and that he could then present the book at the > ank, and if correct he would get the money Ileponent further says, that at about a quarter before 4 o'clock the nloiesaid Cassidy caine totha bank and stated that he had drawn a draft on the bunk lor money which deponent would tlnJ he had not there, the draft amounting to $1,250, and stated that it w.H tlio firat opportunity tbat he hud to get square with Whip ple, who had given him (Caeaidy) stocks which wire not good for anything. Deponent asked said Cassidy if Whipple bud the book, and he replied that he hid, and deponent requested Cassidy to remain at the bati't until V> nipple came, which, however, he declined to. At about 4 o'clock William C. Dusenoury presetted the aforesaid book and draft at the bank for payment, an 1 endorsed the < raft and inquired If it was right, to which deponent replied that it waa and that it was a forgery. Said I'uaenbury then came behind the sountar where deponent waa, when deponent ajain told him that it was a forgery, that Cassidy never had anythloir like tint, money in tbe bulk, and that he, deponent, tho ight it liis duty to retain both the book and druft whereupon aaid Dusenhury snatched the book from depotent, but deprnent succeeded in getting it again from him. and aaid llusenbury told deponent that a few in notes before 3 o'clock he had cashed the said draft for the aforesaid Whipple ov drawing the amount from ?>ank and paving it over to W nipple. V. L. Hl'XTON. S?otn to hi fore me March f>, 18.'!>. II. W. Ohbornk, Police Justice. lh? following is a copy of the draft alluded to in the aflidavit : ? M:w Yohk. March 5, 1855. Caphikk Iktijih Saving* Ixhtitvtio* ? I'ay to A D. Ii. W., or beater, twelve hundred mil forty three dollar*. A. 8. CAhSIl'Y. March 6, 1865. A warrant wan isaued, an<l place 1 in the band* of ollicer Kinaler, of the Kcaerved Corp*, who arrested Cas li ly, ao<l took him before Juetice Oab>rne. While here, he itatcd to the Justice that be did not intend to commit a forgery on the baok; that Whipple bad lomt time ago m lil him Rome worthless stock, and that he w?* in hit (t'assiiiy 'a) debt to a considerable amount, that Whipple called upon him to borrow more money, and that he contented to lend liim $1,243, it h? would give security lor what he already owed . Whipple contented to thia, ot> tained the re juirtrd iccurity, and waa furnished with the checa f->r SI, >43. Ce^sidV now nay* tliat he did this no aa to ebtain aec.urity for the mooey Whipple owed him, and to pay him oil fur the wortbleax stock which he bail purchased from him. He ?u required to furnlah b*il in the aun of 9'2,0UO. THK FORHKRY ON THE MERCANTILE BANK. Since the committal of I'ba'en and Uogan, on Monday, for attempting to pasa a counterfeit 13 b;U on the Mer cant le liank, of Providence, K. I , Mary 1'halen, tba wife of on* of the prisoner* and a woman n anted Margaret Hutter*, have been arreateo on the name charge. At tbeir bouae tbe police feund another bill on the name bank, and several small parcel* of groceries. which had been purchased with the counterfeit money C'apUin Leonard, of the Second ward, aa* in hit poaseaaion ettfht of the three dollar bills, and one twenty iiollar bill, on tbe Madison County lUnk, of Cai'novla. N. Y., and re i|iie?tM that all who have received any of the sime kind will nmke It their business to call and see if they were paaeed upon them oy any of tbe partie? now in prlaou. A MISHINO 0 ML. Mr*. Martha Smith, of 122 Stanton atreet, *?y* that Frederic* Foe, a German girl, aged 11 yean, lelt her motber'a house on the 17th of February, b?twe>n 8 an I b o'clock in the morning, on an errand aincn which nt tid n(* have betn hear i of h?r. ."he i? large fur her ***, ban liiiht blue eye*, light h?lr, and had on a dar,; plai t gingham dree* blue sack, and black buonet. THK MAYOR'S COMPLAINT BODE. Tint tbe a*he* bare not baen remove I from before the ball door of lOftNuaan *treet for tbree day*. That a ihanty on the rear of lot northeast corner if Twenty fourth street and Firat avenue has been torn down and the elfecta taken away, although a policeman wa? present and deaired to protect t. That the hay cart* in the liowery, between F'fth and Sixth atreela. are a nuUanr.e, ami highly injurious to the bu*ineas of the aeighborhoo 1. lhat the front o' 3fl7 and 1171 (irand *tre?t ia taken np with goo.)* of e very description, to '.hi great annoy ance of tbe neighbor*. 'l hat tbe cross walks on tha corner of Varlck and 11a meieley street* are in a very bad condition. That the sidewalk corner of Broadway and llona'.on ?trett la iu such a dilapidated condition that it is aluioat imjpasiabla That Twenty aecond street, between Second and Third avenue*, t* in a very filthy stale, not b*i"g clean" I for a lon? time tbat the a*hes from the tenement house* are allowed to be thrown therein until it la n arly three feet huh in places, and alao tbat hanl carta, wtgon* and roaches at" allowed to remain on the atre?-'.a con tinually. to the great annoyance of the public and householder* therein tbat Fourteenth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, has not been cleaned ?lnc? Oct 1 IIM. Tbat Filth avenue between Twenty tlftli an I T?*nty *lxtb street*, has t*-en euciimlmrvd with building mate rial- for more than three rot nth* past. That Twelfth street, from Second ar?ttus down to avenue (1 is In a dreadful coodition, being fnMitih*r*l with piles of ashes an*! garbage of all aort.i mixed with snow and lee. Th* (tench arising therefrom la sail to be dreadful, and la almoet *ure to bree<i diaeaae and pestilence. Flaher Sampaon complain* tbat lie was arrested on Mtnriay last tor burglary, he think*, by mistake, for another man, and he nope* the police will b? ar> ful in fntnre, a* his character ia at staae. A roniCAI. COMPLAINT. Mr. Mayor. I declare, ' tia a t- rrih'e shame That with all the police of thia womlerrul to an. One cannot lie apared, deaf, dumb, blind or lame 1o attend to I be people who pa*a up or down And see them across, eafe from wagon or boa* Where the Jersey boats land their promlacuoa* crowd. Courtlandt atreet bould. my dear Mr. Wood, Hare the rare of the Mayor and a pair of police. And the prayer of each fair, (ball ariae for the Mayor. COMPLAINT AOAINHT A DtNltSPt TABUI ROCSK PWH PA LAB ADVERTI-UNI,. Mrs. War re ti and Miaa Julia Brogan entered a complaint yesterday, at the Mayor'a office, agalaat the keeper of a disreputable bouae in Tbomaa street, whom they charge with hating published a false advertisement In the New Yoik .Sun The advertisement burp<.rt* to be for abirt sewer*, but when they called at the addreaa staled the-e in, tbey were laforiued by the acman tbat it waa not ihirt hand* ahe wanted, but girl* who walked the atreet She waa very Indignant when tftey etpreaaed tbeir igao ranee of her object, and aaid tbat she did not aee wbera tbe 4?1 all tbe gula were, that she had been tbree weeka pay log tent and bad not got any girl* yet. The oaee waa ' on milted to Capt. < arpenter. who was direeteo to vlait tbe houae asd report is regard to ita character. ILAWm ROCCB. The Mayor haa given notice of hia determination to enlorte the nrd'nance in regard to blasting roeai In thia city. Many accidents of a ?erious nature nava occurrwd in rr>eee>|iience of the eareles* me'.oer in wh''h contrafl tor* and oth?ra perform this op?ratloo A eo py of the ordinance may be aeea by rwferen ?* to our adrertuing column*. Rwcm> ? On Hurd*y morning *bMjt I? o'clock, the t.f tbe Hrentnn'a H??f Ught v-seel r?sc<i*d a man name-! Rrigg*, who bad been eapel/ed. and took liim fr?jm the bottom of the boat and iaafed him ? a'?iy ?' ' as tie Hill. He waa alone in a aall boat olf tbe Wln*e Uraak. near the ?o?*?iPit abore, and was tborowghly 'WW. he havtag b~n agar aa hoar o* the boil's totVoai THE CUBAN QUESTION. Hecond Instalment of the Ostend Conference Papers. Secretary Marcy and our Relations with Spain. The Administration and the .Black Warrior Affair. !Mtt SOCLE'S LETTER OF RESIGNATION, kc., Ac., <fcc. Mr. Murrj'a Reply ?o the American NluUteri MA. M AKC V TO MR. KOULK. Pki'aktmknt or Statu. I Wasiiiniitom, Nor. 18, 1H54 J Pis The communication ol the 18th lilt embodying the view* of yourself, Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Mason upon our embarrassing relation* with Spain, h*? been received and submitted to the I'readent. He ha* Riven to that document the deliberate conHideratlon due alike to the Importance of the subject therein dl*cu**ed, and to the experience, wisdom, and ability of those whoee opinlonH and suggestion* it contains. When he first entered upon the duties of hi* ptesent station, he found our intercourse with Spain much disturbed by the Spanish authorities if Cuba It has been (jis anxious desire and the object of hie itrenuoua offorta, to preserve peace and restore etrdial gold will between that country and the 1 'nit* d State*. The source of our pa*t difliculfles with Spain, and of our apprehensions of future danger, i? diHc!o*ed in the report of youraelf and associate*. Tlie measure therein Iire*ented ? the purchar? of Cuba ? i* probably the only one which would with certainty place the relation* of the two countries on the ba*!a of enduring friendship While the Island of Cuba remains a dependency of Spain, and the chaiacter of her rule over it is not changed, (and a change for the better can hardly be anticipate!,) annoyance tj our trade, and difficulties between our citi zens and the local authorities, will be of fre qu?nt occurrence; aud It ia scarcely reasonable to expect that a peace thus rendered precarious will remain long unbroken. Conceiving that the transfer of Cuba to the United State*, on the honorable conditions you have been instructed to offer, would be as important to her a* to them. It wa* hoped that you would find her Catholic Majesty 'a government disposed to receive and diecui* a proposition for that purpose. The President desires you to keep this important object of jour miction in view, and to enter upon negotiation* in lelnt on to it whenever a favorable opportunity occur*. It is no longer, 1 believe, a secret in Spain ttiat the United States wish to obtain the eesiion, aud tint yon have authority to treat on the subject. The knowledge of thee facts will be likely to elicit opinion* in regarl tu that immure, not only from the Mtuialers of ter (,*ibo lie Majesty'* government, but from other Influential individuals of tbe nation. The Coite* will noon assemble, and that subject will undoubtedly be discussed by the members of that body in their social circles, If It does not become a aubject of public deliberation. By a free and frieudly In t< rcourre among official and influential men, you will be enabled to determine the proper courie to be pur sued In regard to opening a negotiation lor the animal tlon of Cuba. Should you llnl persons of position or Influence disposed to conver-e on the subject, the conil alterations In favor of a ceaalon are so many an l so strong, ihat. those who can be brought to listen would be very likely to become couvert* to the measure. Hut should you have reaeon to believe that the m<-u in powir are averse to entertaining such a proposition ? that the oiler of it would be offensive to tbe national pride of Spain, and that it would find no favor In any c natilerable class of the peop e, then It will be too evi dent that the time for opening or attempting to open rurh a negotiation has not an ived. It appear* to tbe ITesiden- that nothing could be gained, and ? ofletlnug might be loat, by an attempt to pu*h negotiation* sgaiost such a general resistance. Ibi* view of the case I* taken on ti e supposition that you ahould tie c?. me convinced that sucii a prop.. iltion for the ce*non ct Cuba would certainly te rejected. 1 hi language of aonie part of the report might, per haps, I* so constiue.1 as to auetaiu the irilerente that vou and your associates iu tbe conference were of ojiin Ion thittbe piopoaltion ?ho?ld be made, though tli?re slould b? no chance of its ueing euterUined an l that it should be accomplished with tbe open declaration of a significant suggestion that the United 8tate* were de terniined to nave ibe island, and would obtain It by other mtsn* if their pree-nt advance*, so alvan tAift ouh, l?e rtfu?fd by fpAio ? but other j?%rtn of the reiiort repel tlila Inference The remark in that Document that If Spain should refuse tl.-ae propoal* of the United State-, "the question will ari.e, wl at ought to be the course of tbe American govern n.ent iirnler such circumstance*?' ' clearly show* that it was intended hy yoniself aud colleagues to rf?imm?n I ?n the l*r?sh'ent to offer tn Spain the alu-i native of ces sion or seizure. The conclusion that tbe member* of the conference were agaln?t such an alternativ . propo sition is also drawn from the following pa-*age ?"Alter we Shall have offered Spain a price for Cuba far beyond it* preient value, and till* sh:ill have be *n refused, it will thtn l>e tune to consider the <|ue*tion Doe Cuba, In the possession of Spa'h seriou* y en danger our Internal |i*?te, anl the e*i?tenee of our cherished Union?" The President concur* in this view of the subject, bul to conclude that on the rej>cti< n of a proposition to node, seliuie should eu*ue, would be to ass me that eell preservation nejessilaie* the acquisition of Cuba by the I'nitalbtaUi ? that .^pain ha* ret used and will persist ia relusingour reclamation* lor injuries and wrong* inliictec, an.l that she will make no anaogement lor our lutire security at.f*lnst tbe re currence of similar injurlee end wrong*. A* to the lir?t ions iteration*, 1 will only remark, that the aciiisit.on of Cub* br the United States, would bo pr? emi nently aovantageou* in itself, and of the highest | Importance as a precautionary measure of securl ty. lloaevtr much we might regret t'je want ol success In our efforts to obtain Ui? cession of it, that failure would not. without a material change in the condition of tbe iflsnd, Involve imminent per. I to tbe ? xistenre of onr governmer t but ?hould tbe contu gency suggested in your report ever iriie, there is no reason to doubt that the can* will be promptly met uy the cellterate judgment snd ieive action ol the Ame rican people. In relation to outrage* snd injuria* tin* government have good groum'* to complain of the eouree hitherto pursued by Spain, and should that CJUr e b peraisted in, it would te justified in resorting to coercive vesns to obtain repress, bul the aspect of tki? orancn of the subject baa, hoe.-rer. lately somewhat change 1 ' the p. aent cabinet of Spain having in.icsted a mora I Ian rable deposition in regard to 'lemanda for satisfy : tion and Indemnity, than that which pre.;?<.ed it 1 do not atteth much Importance to tbe re. ent oiler on the pnrt of Spain to in?titute a commission to setUe all ex isting Claims, such a* now exUt between the I Oit<?l States and Great Brita n, becauee hid* ol tbe^e elaim* are of surh a character a* self respect would not p?r nut us to euhmit to arbitrament in any form ^ou are, therefore, Instructed to decline that offer liut, as 1o the moat aggravated, a* well as the moil reeent cese of outrage and iniury? that of tbe Black Warrior? the door "I adjustment can hardly be considered a* closed. Although the late Minister of foreign Relation* ? ejected our demen ts in that case, ths present minister has clearly Indicated a willingness to recede from the position of hi* predecessor. He aaked for our vleea In writing, ujon the reply which his government bad male to our demsnds. and accompanied hie requeet with an assurance that he would take it Into the moat eerious eonsb'era'ion, and act upon it Alter refuaal to comply with that rvijuest, this government would not be in a attuat'on to maintain that -paiu p?aM*ta in deny.n/ ?l sstigfar ti< ? In the case of the lUaek Warrior. With hi. prseent liglts upon th* subject, fee I'reeldent . or n ion aa to tbe expediency of presenting to the -rar.iah goveromeot bia views, coaUlned n my itspateh to yaa of the rid of June le?t, in answer to that reply, remain unchanged. It do?? not ap|'ar to him that the knowledge of t h?ee view. ,ti In ? ay mjunoualy aflect tlie negotiation* tor ?.e , I ( n ba But. on tbe contrary that* -?ae *4i>U? to Spain the difficulties she will be *xp<>ee.| to by ' n .>nmng to ?sintain the pre- nt .ute of th us. n ? *? and and ought to be a strori/ m In- r .,ei,t for h-r V> ji?ld to the cliangs pro|<i??d to be m* ie. T',?rw la another point In regard t?> the ca.e of tbe Ula. . W.r. alluded to in your conversation <lth Her ' ath ?.c Ma ea'y s Miuister of foreign Kelation* on th? r,( August last Upr.n which tbe President direct* me to ex i ress his mpre.. ions Should the Spanish government propose* to sett'e the *??*" ot the lu?' k Warrlnr, ?, ?? wo not ei nsi ter the rsmoval of < -n l, and the ,<h-r Spanish ottirers, who srte l ia that ulair *s<lu< an Invincible obstacle in tbe way of t ljusttng tnat. iffi cnlty. . . . When be dite<t?H me to communicate with eo*. n the subject n Mareh last h*'d that *he ft ?* >h government would t?*l l? '?* doe to the in* A u?~? aa well as to Spsm to manifest lt? 41splaa?urw to*aris Is Cuban offieisl* aa -o?.n as it should feeeome ae.r. tb*. r gross miTonduct tn that a? T>ue reasonable expectation we" <:??rty expre?e?d to von nth* 's.pst-i of thelTth of March la*t hot be did not Indi at* in it ; any particular manner ia which that diapUasnre Should he m*nl'e.'*d In voir aot* V- tbe -p*nl?b Minister of foreign Relations preeenttag th* 4*m*n< of your gc vera ment (nr se?af*et.on v?mi sp?- **. a par t'cular m>ie in wb?ci her C?tbol?c *!,??> igM ; to exhibit her diaf lcasnre toward* theae olf?*i't ing officer*. viz., their diamiaaion Irom ofli-e. Ah thin | would be a most < uiphatic manner ol raauiteating nar I clspleasure at twr conduct, tliia government would baft) bri o well seti.tlcil to have bail >t adopted, but Mm i Pieaident ilo<>a not wish you to asauui* thx pualtion tuat tLc ran- cannot nuw be ddjuat'il in a nuiBDrr aatlafactn rv to the I nitid state*, if by a change of circuinatancea tb|t precise mode cannot b? literally adopted. Them are other conceivable mode* of punlahiog the otH.nal {?eraon* who par'IcpaUd In that outrngs beaidea remuval from office, which tbe government of tUe Inlted staUi* ujght hoLCraoly accept. If a full aatiafactiun for tl>? outrage, and n tuple indemnity lor injuries and losaea were wade '1 he t latmaaal of the implicated official* at I la > an* would l.ave li en a very appiopriatc manner o: inaniltfctiog the diaplaasure of tbeli governimnt a*, tbeii mlacondiict and would fully meat the I'reai lent'* expectation in thi* respect, but clrcumatance* mac no hate change! that a atrict compliance with the deuiaud for tl.ia particular punishment, an now liecoine imp ?**i ble In thai c*ae, another manner of treatiug th??a wring doera by the government of Spa n appropriately ulected, may be eatiefactory to the I nitod State*. Tom MjuiaUi of Kcrt ign Relation* having, in apparent g i<><l faith, officially declared that 1'ezuela. the Captain (<eue ral, and Arguellea, the lutendant of the Cuatmni, were rut r?niov?d from their official position* at lltvaut for the |>ut(Kae of evading or delentirg any part of our cla>m tor redrea*, the fact of their having been already removed ought not, therefore in the opinion ol the President, to he regarded aa presenting an insurmounta ble obstacle to the adjuHtment of the cane of the Mac* Warrior. Should tli> re be otliera in oflise who partici pated in the outrage in that caae, it ia atill expected triay will ba di*nii*aed lor that cauae. Such treatment will be but a alight puniahment for their olTence, and will have a aalutaiy influence, it i? hope I upon their anccetiora. The removal of (ientral 1'e/iela and Arguellea, on the aaaumptiou that it wan not trade with a view tocmhairaaa the net! lenient of that < ??e, doe* not deprive the Spaumh government of the ability touiacife?t ita diapieaaure toward* them for the part they look in that aggravating wrong. Shuuld the government o( Spain recede from tbe grourula taken in Mr. Caldron'* Dote to you, of the 7th of May laat, diaap prove of the condcct ol the authorise* at Havana in the case of Ibe lllack Warrior, dlaavow their atita, ?how in any appropriate m?niier it* diapleaauie toward* them on tbat account, and oiler full indemnity for the looea and injuries which our citizen* aualaiued in that atlair, jou will entertain the*e piopOHltiona, and aignify the wlllingneit* of your government to adjust the c?<a on Mich tcima. In that en ut, jou will he furnished with proper initructlona to bring it to a chme. The claimant* for comix taatiou tor damage* for the arreat and deten tion of the Itlacli Warrior are numaroua, and their de maada souie ot thein are not proj erly nuatalmld by proot, 1 a* Spain not concealed to ind< miiily them, they have j not yet goue to the exprn*?ol preparing their respective cla tua lor presentation. It la not expected that Hnain will atop at the adjuatnM nt of the caie ol the lllack War rior. Our citizen* have many other claim* originating from Ihe com vet of her ollicial* at Cuba, which, in ju? | tic* nnu honor, ahe ia also bound to adjuat. Tliene muat be pressed upon the attention of her government, ana I they will also he prt pared lor presentation a* soon a* they can be, lifter it i* ki.own tha' Spain ia willing to a lju?t tbem. If the cession of Cuh* liaa to lie hopelenaly aban I doned for tbe present, another very important matter will | cone up io? couaideration The I'mted State* have aim ed, and will most pertiuacioualy insist upon aome ae-ur | ity apu uat the future rai*< i nduct of theSpaniah author | itie* at Cuba looking to the pant, the rea*ooat>leiiea? of tbla deinanl inuat be acknowledged by Spain A compliance with it ia hut an act of justice to tbe Toiled State*, and ol prudent preraution to heraelf (il ring S'pain el edit for the aincei ity of her repeated anil ao emu assurances ol an intention, in all time* paat. to reaped to respect the right! of tin* government, and the Inter est*, of our citl/ena the failure of all her effort* to effect tli Ik object muat convince h-r that there ia *ome inlia rent <!?fe t in her preaent *y*tem of governing Culia, and that it* continuance will unavni lably Inid to new difticultiea It Spain persiat* in luaintaiuing her ilea I otic administration over tin* dependency, ?itiiaU;d ao f ir beyond her immediate aupervMon, by ve*tlng in her Captain tieneral powers which have been ao often | ahuMd. it ia incumlieat upon her to provide for a direct a p|* a I by the Injure I citirena of iriendly power*, to hmi lor redrt**. I here I* no local public opinion to ex , erciae a mlraining intlumce over him. in ca*ea where 1 foreignera are eon- erned, and no fr?edom of the pre** Ui expore and aniuiadvcrt np<m hi* miacoaduct. In regard to audi formgoeta, tie preaent arran^emant impo<*a to adequate te?pon?ihility upon tlda o SI Mr, and juit c*u*ea of complaint will continually firtne. a* they have heretofore aria*n. until auiiin rhan/a ia . ma> e in the preoent eyal'in If the feeling* of Spain 1 1 I ward* thia country are nuch a* alie pr<ife*aaa, if *he d* rirta to perpetuate the relation* of peace with the United St* tea, ahe will yield to <>ur lira*, demand" on thla *uh ject. Tin et diplomatic '.ntercourae, by an *g< lit of the I int?il Mate*, with the Captain tieneral of I uha for tli < titer?* purpo*e of pr? aeritlng grievance* will not niee J tli- ex gencita of the ca?e Die (Uplaln Ueneral tn ta ) e undt r ad rflicunt reaponaihllity to redreaa the wr >n/ ? i to ' ur eitizena, committed by bl* anborjlnatea, when | ticughtto hia iiolice. I have indicate'} what ought to be 1 ai i i m|"i?bed r> v such an arrari;euiei t tihould there he no I tope ol o(eidng a negotiation lor th? aci|uiaition of ( ii La you will tb*u present to the government of apaui the ittiporlance of aouie arrangement far future >.e ! curity m leg^rd ti our trade and Inter :our*e with | ( ul a, and atato to her the object to be aacured | ty it If ahe profea?*.i a willingnena to make inch an airangemant, a plan indetail will be forwarded toyou for ti e purpose oi tielng lai I before her government. In re*uttiing iiegnliation* with spa n you wilt in a firm hut i , re*| eel ful n. a liner impreaa upon Hie Mini -try that it i* the deteimlnation of the Prtkident to have all tne matter* In cojitioveray between her an I the I utt*d State* *|<ee!lly ' 1 edjuaied lie ia deairou* to liave it due* by negotiation, , and would exceedingly regietthat a failure to reach tbe it te baa In view In tliil peaceful way nbould devolve 1 u|.i u liini the duty of recoinm?udio( a reaort to coercive I mi aaurea to vindicate our national right* and r*dre*a the wrong* of our cltl/en*. 1 am, air, respectfully, your oliedient aervant W. 1^ MAI'/;V. Pimai Sorut, Ei>| , Arc., ic. , Madrid. HOCLt'a LKTTKK or ItBfllONATIoN. 7t*fcll< w ng in a copy of Mr Houl. ? letter off refu tation M ? t>Kir>, Iter. 17, mvi. Hn*. W* I.. Mini* ? mr ? Ynr dciMleh of the loth ult., in irply to mm* da'ed l>oodon. 21*t of October, idi) *nclo*ln< the joint run, mti niration ol Iliirliannn, Maaon my air, Ac. Waving nil- no alternative but that of cjntlnuing to limi*rher* ?? lanifuM impotence or of "urrcndering a which, wiib tli? I hi i*. 1 1 men tii thrown in the way of It* axeentioa I would ?trlve In vain to durbar/* in a niMur aatiafactory to the goe-rtiineiit or creditable to n )?? If. yon will not be *urprla*d at the ?iuri? witch ? mucuI 'lenity Impel* me to adopt. I rn |d mr ?nn j i, !? 'iu of l-.nvoy Ki traortinary and Mini?ter 1'lenl jm> t.n'inry of the I mted Mate* near tbla Conrt, an I I ??(( ol tt e extreme klndn*a* of the PrfuHral to be retired ! Ir> ni duty by tbe end of January. I bare, kr. , PIKRKE *0HX. T1 e report that Mr. Houl. ha? refuted to line wiili th? l're?id?nt la an ulieurdity. [from the CorieapondencH of the i'aily Tlm*a ) W AJiaiHOTOI, March ?'>, IS 'A - Ktlilr cnrre?p?> vlenre will make an octavo vol .me. It ha* i<or.e bark to the Mete I ic part me nt. lb* lli?t letter U Irom Mr Mary to Mr. Mouli . da 1*1 July ?:$, Ikf It After allowing that Cuba, from ita vaat agricultural ri eourcea and wealth, ita tine climate, Acq . I. ra?tly auperlor to any otter Went fnd a laland, unl *linwina ita important to the I'nltod State", from tb? ? ii x mlt? to our ' ob* 'a that It I* very difficult for Hp tin 'n maintain It* poaaa*aiOM of it, Mr. Marry (<?*? on to >ar what la o it policy in regard to it. and for that p r io'?e <(i,ote? the instruction* given to our mimateri in 1 rati * ?nd (jieat Britain In r?gard to the Interferon e o' iho-e two power* in Cuban affair* He depiecatea pro tection by any Furepean power to Cuba, to enable hpaln to mairitam bar rule over It. la r?Mi of 'Oll won ? tli the I nited .-tatea, auch protecting power wout! be In aa (t od rondltlcn to make uae of that ialan I to an Iioy ua aa It would tie if it were io actual tr.aeet m n He ailui>a to Uritiah Interference in Central America to ?how what protection mean*. While hpain remalna the *over*un of Cuba, ah* can le lend upon onr maintaining unr duty a? a neutral nation towaina her Mr Marry ?a j? our neutrality iawa are cow a* itrong aa they can be inade without unjuat In tvrler'fic* with the rizhta of the ctUtena -that every proper affott will be trade to enforce them in ca?* of re volution m Cuba Hut neceaaanly, in an- h revolution, many 'liarontented aubjeeta of Fpain will l*a v " oar ? hi>r?? tt join their countrymen In the effort to thr<w off t?,e joke of F pam. Mr. ?w)ul. la cbarg?l ?o lo iwii with the tiirplcion <4 the !<|>an'?h goeernment that thia government ladtapoeed to en onraire ftlh' uater denewnta u I on the lalond, b.i preaentit g ojr paat rouraa upon ? urb attempt*. Mr Marey allude* to the offer of Mr I' to p r ha a* Cuta. bat tioubU If Mr Mnul w.ll fiwl r|?in wil ing to enter Into any anrh r>*gn'.iatH<n noe he ?aya there la reaat.n tn believe abe la in.i*r obligation to Prance and lireat Britain, to the contrary from the fart that tbeaa power* a?nt their fleet* to her aaeilWi * in the < uban < i*tuH an e from tha pmpov.t on for a nr.i.ot on to ae?wre the uland for all time v> i*pain, and t their joint (roteat a?ninat the tiawa of Mr hveratt 'o Mr fertigea n Itoramber IK, l*&'i Mr Mercy thinka a pmpuaition to p>ir'ha?e e nil b* att?a<l?d with injurtooa rnoae i near** to.! Mr foule la ina<tn> ta*l to aeeertaln what arranirem?nte have been ma<le with iireat Hritaia aad Franc* In reo'd ana talnifg tt.e drnnlaioa of Spun. If either of tt??m have Ulgeo a chaoga la refard to ilaeer> Hi 'be Ulan J, ?' Marty think* Mpam may bo tndaced to wa 'hit ah* ran t.i' t lor.r hr.ld Cuba, and may be dtapnaed to make t In depeo<l?at of her, retaining aoaae -ommef'Ui atvanta If !*pain woula ?io thi*, the t r, t?" to tea aiitkl kave no further anilely >* regard Ui Kurop^an <"ovn ration, and woald probably roo'.r.huV aomatmag !!.??* *ub***i>'lal thik good tgill towafl a??b aa ant l? ? 'j be la to feaaa n !n a* Ion of p^ain we hav* a rf|*ht to d*n and evempfloa from the annovan * ev.i-b tfce *?errla* of her arbitrary n-iw*r v. apreae d*tir banr?a, g vea onr flag We will not eabaoa V. detention aiHle*arrh of oar veaaeU. Oar demai*4a lor wr .og* n flirted upon our ritiieae have not o.?n 'elt*n !?! t/> <<r have been met by nnaatiefaetory nplana'i?a> Poa iniat be r*?adiod. "Dae < apt an (laxral oagh-. 'o have fttmtt to acord radreeane w*U %, ta -? tn t'y We want alao a '? mmemal traatv with ? t that tlie part daty la her aolnaiee may*i>e do o* avay wttn ? >a< w* may ha?* the nne adeaater** la tra/? we ar-.r-l Her we be ag prohlMfad hy law froan aa*ea< ng eiport gntiaa TV* ae*oaid Wttor la froan M? Wa*ey to Mr n - ialf t 11^*, la w'.,-h he ungual M *, ae at.ree 4 I Great llritain in keeping large fleeta on the Cuban coas1 | to watch ua. I When a country by her deapotiam goad* ber people to revolution, ?he ban no better right to invoke foreign aid to *u|pr*s* it than the revolutionist! bare In aupport of their came. We will not ijuietly aubmit to the luipor tat. on of free African* into < ulia with the object of making that ialaml worthier to us when Spain (lo'ta ahe (an no longer bold it; and tireat llritain ami France must be ma. ?? aware of thi*. Mr Iluchiman, if he lluda Great llritain baa an/ arrangement witli Spain detri mental to our intereat* in regmd to Cuba, must uae lua licet endeavor* to induce ber to al>anilon them. Mr Marc; to Mr. Soule, March 11, 1864, recount* the Hlack W arrior outrage in indignant term*, Instruct* Mr. Souli to denianil retire**, but recommend* no apecidc mean* tog?t It. March 1", IN.' 4. aame loratne, In regard to the Black W arrior, say* the country will not brook any delay in the settlement of that outrage. 1'euiafula $..00(<XM1 in ill ninily to owner*, and doe* not expect Mr. Soul- to dlacuaa that matter much with the Spanish gorMuin?ut. If Spain aeek* to delay or evade the payment it will be con aide red an apitiavalion of the wrong Spain must at onre pay disclaim the action o' her officer* in t uba, or aaKiime the responsibility of *uch action, and refuse our claim litre oll'.w* the printed lilsck Warrior document*, aent to the llouae March l:., IBM. Mr Many to Mr. (Joule, April 3, l'(ftl, fear* that a project i? on foot to introduce a new at stem ol agrtcul labor into Cuba, and t lie President in eouaei|iieaee deem* it proper to give Mr. So il, full powera to nego tiate for the purchase of Cuba, lie think* the diflicul tie* in regard to the purchase uiay hate been partially removed by tlie late change in Hie Span till government. If not dlapoaed to *ell, still he think* tor the i/utd pro quo lie would consent to the independence ol the laland, mi..) oiler* to alil Spain in plottiog to bring about audi Udependtnre. lie again deprecates Ike African coloni sation scheme, and direct* our Minister to ascertain if any auch acheme la in contemplation MK. MAHl'Y To MK. M0U. liri'AKTMtAT or Stat*, > Wahiiim.mi. Aug. IA. 1HI>4. ( Pikhhk Pm ut, E*q., he., fcc., Madrid ? Sir- I ?m directed by the I'reaidrnt to *ugge*tto yon n particular atop, from whlcli he anticipated much ml vantage to the negotiatlen* with which you are cliargnd on ti e subject of Cuba. Ilieae and other con?ideration* whi'.b will readily oc cur to jou, suggeet that niucn may he dooe at l/>ndon and I'aria either to promote directly the ureal "biect in view, or at leaat to clear away imps limeuta to it* ?uc caeafnl cnnaummatinn I nder tl ese clrcum> tance* It ?ostn? desirab'e that , tin re should be a full and free interchange of view* li? i twien yi uraelf. Mr. Iluehaiian, and Mi Mason, In erder ? i to recuie a concurrence in reierence to the general oh | ject. The simple*! and only very apparent mean* of attain | lag tliin la for the three Minuter* to m?eta**arly , a* may be. at aoine convenient point, *ay I'aria, to con i *ult together, to'compare opinions a to "hat may lie ad I | vlsal.le, nnd lo adopt measures for perfect concert of ac- : tion in uid of >our neietiatiou* at Madrid. While the j I'lesli ant, a* I have I elore had occasion to *tate, Ima full confidence in Tour own intelligence and s?K*city lie , conceive* that it cannot t>e otherwiae th in agrsealila to i j on and to jour colleague* In Ureal llritain an I trail.* i to have the con*'iltat ion suruestil and tint* to bilng 1 yrur common wiailom and knowledge to liear siinulta i in ously u pi.u the negotiation* at Madrid, 1/judon, and Pari* I 11 you concur in the** view* you will pleaae to fit the | time when you can repair to I'ari*, or to some other con I vtnivnt pout. 1'lir Difficult)' at Urryluwii. Wc learn from Washington that the party of Ameri cai.s who were a mated by the (ireytowii people on the San Juan river, were not filibuster*, a* a correspondent of (he New Vorl: Daily /im? hint*, but Americao citi 'enacpgaged In a lawful anil peaceful toterprlae. The commander of the party, Juilu* oe lltiieot, Kiq., is well known in New York and New Orleans, as the late Comn acder of the Atlantic Mall Steamship I Company'* *le*Mier 'J Dorado. Captain fie llris sot bound lo hcuador, being Uigeljr interest" I In the (iallipago* projtct, and aele. i? i the Costa III * mute a- the ahorteit and liest and III* friends were g-n tU men who were ilesirou* of travallicg in tnat country with an eye to ii future location there. It t? rumored that Mr. Kabena, our Consul at San Juau, who I* in the city, haa liroupl.t ou deposit!' tie, aworu In bv the moat re*, pvctahle people in that neighborhood, fully CO m> berating th* *e eta'f netitp. We know that Col. Kinney and Mr. { V'atieu* liave conferred together on the state of alfaus on tie Musijnlto noe?t, and that BO oVtacle exiita there to an in on .late pursuance ol the Kinney ent?r|Wi??, and the expedition I* a II ?ed fact, and will aoon Itait now that the mad i clear. Jcnrir. InttJllw' Si i rs.. -ok ? It is reporte^l that Mr. Samuel Xlatchford, of thil city, ha* been teudered tbe office of .fudge of the Suprema Court, made vacant hy the dralh of Judge Kdaardl. Mr. lllat' hfor<l wa* for nieily law partner of Mr. keward. KfW York Hlstorlral n.Mtrty, TTie riy ilar monthly meeting of tu! I lociaty eras halt lini ? renin# In tbe i nl?i*rMtj, the I'rwiilaot, Hun l,i th?r 'trtdlah, in tha chair. The minute* of the laat rae et ing *? re r> ad and approrel. Tkl I'XiriDCiT Bill t h* remarks on '.he subject of the Ictttra of Kit iirni Trn, oh of tha Kn/ll.h artl ""ra <11 the lake* durlug tha tear of 1112, and |n eiented in hrhalf of et Alderman Towle, a f*T simile ?f the death warrant ?.f Kin/ Chatlea I. Mr Itra'imh a<y-nnpanle<I tliia donation elth a briaf rrtumi of tbe hiitury of that inter* et ng |*iiim1. Her |?r Rouawl pre?rnted and read a latter f r ? ?*? ' 0. Kolil, 11, i ' diatinguiahed .traveller, acknowledging li ? < Irrdion aa a ro, rraponding member, at. ! < t|nes<i?g hU nt?r??t In the objects of tbe WelMr Vr Kohl ui?n 1 floor ! in tkia letter a* " the moat oorloni fact in hl?i rlrai reap. r;t which I barn eon# ar roes liar* it that tbe bill on which the ( ?|iit?l mow ataa la, ??? in ol leu tine a place of nire'lng an ! -oiinellof the In '. ?n tri at of Virgi i.a " Iter Ham at. Oe(HHiri, oruestlo ?ttraapuad ug aacrw turj, report".! that he ha<l rm ire, I letter" from the II <n < bsrlea <iayarre, of Loulaiana, ami I > |i I' Hi ' r, of Onnaylvaa la acknoeledging thalr alacllui m ti'inlwrt Mr i >M,< -of alto reed a latter from K?> A I' IV *'<?ly, ' ? <:ltar of tbe AforfA yJeurvatt Jt"i'if, oltli rdaraiM to the forthroM ng publlcat on of the ' Ufa anllime. of 1 (Jov William Fl u r?-.a?r, of New llerapal.r", a work of unnrual iataieet and prom ee t? t>.e historical atuhot Mr < fu rtha i (area very iotereattnrf account of a alt work ^nblliM bv Mul'er, at Reale, ia Hwitaer i Uti v on the religion of the Indian :rl-#?< of N'ort'i America. Tlie librarian, Mr. Groltor II M'rttM, r? porta"! the dona' or, a and aiditinetn tba library llfa tba laat meeting, ? hi b aj>p?ar to hart bean numerous all I ra I uabTe. Mr KcitlilX oa behalf of the Ki?"'iU?? f>i?mittaa, r? [oitedtn lf.? nomine' ion? ioa?'.a at tha l?et n?ia< aot eibtbif'l a c j'j of tha prlntei report of If." lata ?? nl ??eater nial re. eb ration of the IliatorVal j, f , ? la a m; n-atlr pr in ted pamphlet ' f about a ri m red pagee. containing tbe oratlea of tin lfc>r '?a?(<e HaaTo'i on that "r< aaion, anl a report of th* pro'e?l og? at th? 'llliner In Nlblo'a aaloon "n ib- wear la an aim ra'ily et?" ute'i eogtarlrig '<( th>- Half 'loiin *a >l.e p???? I !'i j I al.*a'te? on h"r #rat etpiorjt on of the II , tun Tb> ? report ?aa print"' it'lar the auperela >o ??( Mr M/?ore, the labrariao A ft?r tba ttaoaa'-'.on of aoio? f.irlb'r pf iiaBinari . , baaioeaa. Profeaaor linaM ?aa nlroiu e l b/ the fr--?l ' <!#u* ano pr aadMt to deliri r h * la/I .re on tb" '< 'i ' irr?| I i of a,*o QfHMU Who. W9 ?n-ler>!<e?l the l'r if??"ir I lo .ar *a< h . grau : atb-r I follo*it>( n a br af ?^a'?p? * of hla rer.arka Oen l>nnr Hid ka >aa kera M tl.a kami "t tiuull : ?traam ?h.? h flowa ifit < Variagaoeett lla/, Kb<>4e Ulaa l lla ?aa brought up to the tra<!e ? ,1 hla father, afi > w a ? a MaraeiniOi Ilia f*lb?r ??< alao a pr?a ar and ' a Qaaker ll:< faml/ ?aa large, constat ?g of \ t?o?'.il!ren <j hla Br?t ?tf? and >.i by h.a aaooti I. <>aa (>r?'?a a <l>il4 of tha >a?i*l man age f.'it all ?ere hnjtigM up to aror? at tba forg* to attao I tha n> II, to play ahen tk*j roal'l aat ? -n tba ???ng ?|f 'er ma nga came t/< ittjiy. Tba t?it '<?? of ?!>? faaiil/ *aa tka II Me Ha ??fj M?g bow??er '.?<ao in a?a lor (rihara aad for a hlfhar orJar of in?tni"t ->a theattat be?sr,ul4 rareifa fr .m a rouat tf school aisaUr I At flr?t be coal 1 not o?.t*Ja them, anl tboagb ha eery 'jokefcly ei'i t ia fatbar a cnaB^eara a b'?at??aa, bis pre judicaa ware Um atroog to *atlrla hlai t/? rater into h." ' n a longing for ? ooaiadge A stu tant fr <m tiUaa lalraratty, a Mipbomora ai?? loaa W Ma i laaa aad '.f??a format ?o .ehaaa'r aith hiaa, aad taio'ign f.'in b ara*'t "t of viii'h ha (?a<t ae?ar jMMMII 1 ha Brat . b? rat ai ~Tut\ .t and I *'<r raanaaa bar >aid tba la- ' r er *l"a a - 1 1 |o.og t? ait at oaa of tba f>rgea ?bare l??r>er?l i.raan u ."d ta ait aa I >b la tie lr. a aai beatMg, ?t ?> If this ??#rt Wrfrrtlr a'tar ?.? 1 tiafaa to atudy latm. bat boa far ba m '?^e! laa'i talalag a ka?/?l?-lg? af t'.a laafuga, I eaaaot say it ia ' a a.att?r of faani; trs rt.on, noaooar. thai be bar a ma ; a I a' .a tabalar, tat la tba p" e?n ? of h <Vor ?al a- ( Wau , 1 aa; aeatura Is aa r t bare n ?t itii / r*at ooll ?????? ia au'b tra 'I' an f?a h a n..u U "few port, Vba'atar liltVe n oaay ba a ad aa a ei p#a >?! la the pof'haae of hla bo?ka, and .1 en ^ariag oa? of ll<aaa that ha ba?*nea a' .aaiatad ? th |?r fart ,-tilaa. a ho ? aa e?ba* 1, aritj,) 1'realdeei . of Vm t aireiaitf, aad arbo a'V?r a arda iaaia< h a ade ?t Am?i,g a- , ia a 'aa ? aaa I ?ad ay M array the ' graaamariao k Jt, a laad I'rofeae. r faraaa* I aa. imy Vo aay that b a i' .,'.a r.'aa-e * tb h m narar .e-! h >a tu maka bia aoaai natives agr?a ai?l. kda irr'a Among tba earl a vkl h ka it..-! .a<] atb the greataat <pr>4 - > >a vara KW . a tea a ar. Vat'e,, ai'h II. ? priMlflia of ah . ba aaa tb-roeaklf fan. iar. ' ootrary boaevr, to I ? p'*ae. plea or Lit fatbar, aba pru'eaaad tba rai t of tb <vnakat. he aaa aa>oag tba Brat ta aaaaaa a hoattla at tit 4a ta tba Km ?b goearnaaabt a*', ia ro ? k ? van tria>?B ta reelataaea Oa 'aa naaiaal m laafaa ar ?/ aa aatagon at ba Wa repeats*, ta baa^aaad ti at b? eev.l taa vary rlrottglr a'taa.f tsd to ?t tba a?a ah.oa tnr<>a|b him tf ha ",al d g?t at him He aaa alaa 'eal oat of 'bureb by tba Uuaten Iar bae haiugeraat pea?aasit-.a. h<it It ej alear* treats bim aitk as mvb rea^at bat af ?t nei> ilka ha.! aaear ei>lata4 'he j-~ iw flee tA I MtMbtf. Ifca Mulup laara aMMaated va era ? V IM' V af '.ka a'? raf <e?bar?l lefae aa ?o < ?ea < bj ?e#* .4 leaii. i je. * ?l Ub <| Major Andre In wlnrh (ieiiaial (iraa>BP waa referral t" '?* the probable aun-aaaor of N'aabington in tha a rant ?< bin untimely de.raae C ii mot ion, ? Totr of tUik ? wm tanderei! to I'ru (iraana, and u ropy (>f 1,1, |?cti|| * repeated for publi-i tion. Tlx netting then adjournr 1 Police Itilflllgrtir CIIAHOBH WITH CIUUTIMI II IH lAHI>LO*f>. Yaatardny, ofllaar Moor*, nttaehad to ttiv Hacoad D h trlot I'oiice Court, arraalod a man ntatd Mttkia K. Itallard, who nUmln rhatged * itli U** ,u? cheat*- 1 li * landlord, J. M. ti'reelay, out of a ?nk'l boatd. TUe rum plalaant allagta that the accused came to bin houaa, and taking board, aald that he wan a wraltby man ? tU?l 1?? ownad aareral 1 ouiea on the eaat alda of tba city, aud waa every way reaponaible for l?oard on cradlt T)m? oonaaqut'aca waa that a waak'a rating ami lodging waa givin to tla arcu?i>d on the atrrugtli of thraa r? praam tatlonn unci at tlia <n< I of llic week, wi.rn tn? lull !*? rami* du?, be ga\e the Inn I lot . I tlm following flhack m tin' Hull * II rail Haul. written throughout an I alga*! hf tba acruaed, in which It alll tl am tklfl IN I fw alight orthographical errora' ? oooooocaoooooocososoooooaaa o <> o II 0 0 I. 8 II K A II IIANK ? ? o Pay J. M Graalay ? o or Warror Tan -lollara. * o o a NkW Vuitfc, Kab 4tl>, Inftft. N. K llAIXAItll. o o > OOoe090C0000000000030000009 Whan Mr. Grtaley preaantad tba a'.uea iliac* at th" Hull a llead Hank l.e waa iiolitely Informed by tha officer* ot institution that tba acruae.l bail no (inula what ere r in tl^t eatal'tiahment. mi I conaa |iiently tha ch*nk waa wortffleaa Haltering allalra to hue arrived at a aomea hat ntlJ' al condition Mr (irorlrjr ni.ila hla way to Juitica I'aTlai n, of tha Jeflaraon Market I'ollca Court what*, on relating hi" ilolatul tale, a warrant waa il aunt lor tha arieat of th* accnaed. Ilallard waa noinnait ted to prlaoii lor maminatlHO. On* ol tba Twantirlh ward policemen line a charge of aalmlllng to prafar airninal thia Individual EXTENM VB Hn HtiEHV OK ML Eft KBCOTEET or PAST OK Tim I'KOFEHTY ? iHHUT OK TIIK AI.I.KiiW? tuimm. Yfltertlay, ofltoera Jainaa and White, of tha Tenth ward jit'lire, arretted two nu n, named Morri* Klnaknrgli aod IC<1. Hclmirerakle, who ataud ohargeil with liaviaf. on tha night of the Tld n It . , burglatloualy entered lb* ellk warekouae of Morrla Arnold, No 1 I'lne atraat, a ad atolen from tha pretnlaea a lot of valuable allk gotda t? the arr.ouat of $4 (MM). It appaara that the premie*# <tf Mr. Aini'ld were euteml b r measaof falaa kejra, and tbn abnra |ir?| <? rt? carried off I lie |miH e were luformad of tue eitenelT* robbery, hut no rlu? a< to who tbe p?r|ia tintoie war# could l?' obtalu'd until within tba paat few day*, whtn it wa> di?ro? ere t that a ijuantity of -ifc KixHta, of tt e aame rhararUr and dea< rlptlon a* that atolett from tba atora ol Mr. Arnol4, could (>? iraead I* tba poeieealon ''f tbe priaomra Arror Hngly, thai* a? reat wia etle* led and In ttn-ir poa?a??lon waa found ar Tan ptn va of ailk 1 lie principal |x>rtloo of the atolan property ? ?" terotered In a houea In lirao ' atreet wUere, It U ?l leped the arcuw-1 aent them dire te I to Mr. ArnoW. an 1 na to <em| rnmiae tbi- matter but tha lattar aayaha will pro>acuta the artuaei), aotwltbatanding llley, a? ha nl U ({?*, retoraad to him tbe gt ? at> r part ot t)i>- allka aUdan I fruui lila atore Tl e arauaed were taken l??fnre Jnatne | Wt"'d. it the klaraet I'olir.t i ourt who lialJ a?<-h 1 < f tbam to I a I In the auui of tl,0Un, to aaawar tba I charge of burglary. AI.I.EOKD C A?K of riWI HT. I,uk# A. Will* rraldinf in f*?r"nte*lh ?lr**t, ?*a *r raitnl j#at?r'lay by nflwr l/>rd. of th# Iinwar l'ul*r* Court, chat/i"l on th# e<iiii|il*ln' of ii?<ir|f* W ll#y*r, of Twuty llllnl atia*t, villi bavinr awornfalaaly In ? c$h* no* pcnillLK li'lwn 'ho (?rtla*a la th# Mann* I i nit Tin areuaa.t waa brought b*frira Jaatle*C?an nnlly, lit th# Tomb*, wl.o h#ld him for #iatnlu*tlo*. Ill AI'aK Oil i.HANIt I.AM BMf AI?AIN?T TWO t'Ktll.AK*. Ofh< i r Minor, of tli# Trnlh ward pull *, ?rrnt? l two n? ii tiauiad lliarila I atri arid Hiail?a Hah*r, on obarj# of (land lucinjr, lu baying aa it t* alteg*'!, a tola a HI? fit in r'it* I<lt, of hi KMri''g? atra*t. It k* al lag#d t y 111* coir Blalnanl that tha areu<i*d anl?rail h*r UuH Atil iiUil fi?r to purehAit mniw jaaa#lry tii*y had for -al*. mul whil* tb* ? oni|iU unit waa |umg to liw butrau for mon#y to [. A j fur tb* tnolata, ah* waa aa tires it I* all#(f#'l Iiji on# of th*m, who, n'vn lb* tin* I out of !b? room, It la > ip|*a#*at, *1/1/ *ut*rr I and dlaaat #d tha hur'au "I all tl raili llonlalnad Mi* a<-eu*#d i wat# t?V?n h?''>r# .1 mil** W'flth, at th* Kaaai Uuktt | I'ollr.* < null, who h?l 1 lb?m for examination ciiAXia ok ritMK i-K*r?.M **. A < uban, nam*-! JubaMiWO, wa . *rr*ata-al iMti*r>U/ l.y off err HorrifaD, of II.* Uiwrr i'ollr* Court, e h*rgo> 1 ? n 111* mir plaint of J<.ai-^h llr in an. with barm g ob l?iB?<1 ? lot of ;?wa Iry rtluxi at 1:10 nn tarfala* pc* ' t*nr*a and frsor ul#nt r#|<r' ?antatlooa Tha rortiplaJaaat, I who k*?'|i* a *ti>i" in Ifu taon atr*at, *ll#g#a that th* a# [ euaail on iiurrf aa.iv lb# g> oda on rr*dit, *ail hi wai a r?iMnilkw tnf n and that h# o*?hI a bout* and lo In llrooklyn which ilia all*if*-l I* untru* Tn* ??;rii??<l waa takau laafor' Juatira la.naolli at th* l?#*r Ptlie* I <iotl, wl.o t rl 1 |Um !i r aurali'atl'io III aaaib I ) I lly liililllijriiir. him. am Adiiiiivt.? About tbr*o o el> > ah y#al#r lay mornm* olli'itr Itenoalt, of It# Kourtb dlatrld poll"*, djaoul'rad (lain** laaulng Iro n tb? latnr; of Mra. Aaa Martin, 1 .*4 tljrt|? irum, IhIimii Nir; an ! Ilayni .nf ?ti?*U fl* liiok* in tb* door aa<t fount % ma'i aaU*p, . tb* flamta ?lm' at aurr unllof bin. Il? waa aj pr ??l of 1 bla at' ration, and )>ar*lf had tun* t > a>r*|M In hi* ai(bt ' rb'thra Hi* flr? *iUid?d rap. 11/ l<> th* h"<ia*t ritb*r ?ld>, an l tbr*? liuiblio<a h ?r? ?nir*lop*4 aaA burnrd down lb* rx-rupanta baring tlm? t-> >??? but a ? mall poi lion of tb?ir goo>!a Twoolb*r tiuiHIn^a w>r? < ? |,>I'1> labl/ ''arn?,?d. Noa. l? 'an l |J l?n? *rcu r'-? ') H. 1 1 u.m A llr< thar, aa cb tbiof and abo* aloto*. lb#ir loaa an nt* lo about |T,i-'-' Ina r*d on iV*k lot In tba North vv??t, rti la tb*'iraalt*, and II M*) In tl * N?? York <",t/ In.ui or a Con, j>*al**. N<i 1 <?1 *a* on ii p b j Cat ?r M Karnan, a* a bard war*. Iralbrr and ! U'l.i * ator* Ina* abo* I II on a'ock an I hiiuwM food* ? Iajnrw4 for in tb* ltui#*r*' ) <iio|>aajr >o Itft ( *b>r* t*? fir* '>rl(lnat?d) waa oratw p ad by Mra. Ann Martin a? a baknr; loaa (I W*> ? la au/*0 for %'JH la ?!?* I*rm>ra laaurau'-* I'ompao / fb* liquor a?/r* of Wm Un|li.lii, on tb* <t ttft of Ma?f atri'tanl M/rti* iianu*, waa ?iml laraMf d*ma?*?f, anl Mr. ^b'a'on a wha?lwr (hi a itiaiawl aoat* la jury Tb* rornrr houa**ad tb* </0" a *iOtal*( ar? o*a*4 lyWilllan. laofhbn I"** about %'t parllallf ia aurad la tb* N aa?*i, I ?,rii[ any Tli* ' br** otbar build iH|a war* i , ?n?d b J Di'.roaa llroan , loaa pr .kabiy I a? Inauram* lh* t^ooaaa w?r? all of 'ram* Of'ai litabalt, of tb* fourth diatflet pall"* wa* a*' rloui j ujura-l wbil* anting lb* a u .'ta r*ra la I < uxi r I ug 1 thalr |?tila Tli a I Itt I'oi *r > r Hk'Xid ri ? A m?*ll ng "1 *fc* ??*?? | hara ?f tb* bar of th* fit/ of Itrooblya w*a ball at tb* l.?w library rimiti y?at*r<!a/ afurnooo Jw'f K f. < ul??r piaai- ad, *ad S > H ar *f ao-l t Had l*n Ka?|* , aria || ^i.ot'd awrvlar** Th* o',*"tof III* iaaatin| waa at* tad to t>* I ' I r. ra aa* th* number 'af I t l?i. of lh* I Itr 'our! a lad g\f fi'imn d'rart l/a a|p*al 7rom It tn tb# <ourl of App*al*. Tb# dra^t of an act waa aubaltlwl tajr Jv'f I. ra*.i #..(,), wbl b proai l** for Ui* *la?Uoa of tiro ( It/ J <?'(#* by a Ir.l t . ar I of 1 1, a I 'atnotoa ? .n't! ? k4f>|ar?">ra tlj Ma>or or artlnf Ma/ or. t* pr*#d? at aurb ti, .??)?( |)i* p ?>?on< al?ft*.J fi b* rwaldaota >M t! ? ally 'if l:ra<okl/n and b> I lb* oBl-* until th* trat U< nday n Jaa j*ry, and at Ilia a*>l (#a#r*l *l*cli ??a two Jo ft abaLl I* ?>art*d t.y lh* p*apW, who a '.ail h,44 llaw af ? fa,r tb* lartr, of an yaar* wb'a with lb* pr*##at tVa Jtia"!*, at.all b* ba**a and d?at(a*Vd aa th* J a <* of t..* t.lty I aaurt of Mf? al/n an'l h *f lh*rn, f'waw II * !.?.? I l.a / antar a|<a>n tbalr <lut #a ab ail baa*, pw* aaa# aad a?ja.y, all aurh pa>w#ri ?a<t a?lha>rii/ aa la aajw ?,^f?fr?'? b / any law of Halt "lata u|- >i II-* pr*a*at titf of Itforaklyn aad tb# K*a*ral l*rm ?f aaad wmt ahall bo bal'l by tba "l.r#w Ju '(*# Th* two Ju 'g** to b* o^i?4 ?ball ra'a.aa th# aawa# oMp*aaal>*? and in llaa aaaaaaa ?a th' jraa#atl 1/ ' 'r# fb* d/afl ?f tba a-l wt U bo .ra.n.adlal*!/ *#at t/> A'baay an I Ita paaaa#* ur(*d llk oii i |aanj la a' >>raaa* w lh .ha r**l*od law f'/T tfia jcaarnaaaat of lh# rtat# m.l.tla, Ua* oArari ,4 Um Fifth trija '* b*a* t^aa ordarad to a*??atbia at tiaa Mtom l;a Olj Arv t/ foi #aa**.a* aa) anproT#?o**', p *oo?r < "fanaand ?>< I" ra-li'i *i#n#ral lhi*i#a Tb* flr*t waowi l*f Uaoa |.L*aw oa Mowtaf * ?.#a a '"at ****?!/ fowr o B -ra war* | raaa a,! Tba atl**d*a?# *f /aa tar day wa* not ao aaaaarowa,, ai aty^aa u> tba ba*y aaaoaa aatury ia Tb a ????!? of natra'tlaa I* "aaai4*r*1 a graat ,ai^ioaao>*at of tb* oM a/ataao aa1 la faaofaka-/ r#'aif*?; by tb* #<??.'*? ataaft Tbo <a*w?r*l aa naaa-ad ibat lb* I a# a joal |a>l by tb* Wo wo<a d M ata a-tly *i,fo?f*d for aa<* *' lafUl'a lUlaia t<<lin Ko 4 Tb* 'a>**nta#f a of lb* ?*>? ??/ b* "?> n '. I h'/aoa tha rnao **?>*? y#a'.a?r. . aid p' . ?I bar ia Ua* MW boa.** ra?*at' / l i ? '.* - "*?p*a ? la II fh atrwat aaar I *ll<<a iba aa|.n? aol tb* p'aaaa p*'l#na aaila On* of tb* iaa?l |"*#rfulof llal riaaa a>*r Will Aftor pa/a^ Of th# ?t n?' a ?rl*J aaf ha- a? I paai< #* aaa had la frawt of ttaa (31/ >1*11, aol a Mrwaa* waa a tea a tod atei* tb* atanAoat wt*4o? of tba r a pa la. i faat o-at *ft*a a "?i| abor'. la lb* *?*? a( tb* aa"n I ba a bad a mullataoo aad r* * r?1 tlaaa Tba . "<ti.|aai I* * Jaraa oa# aa <aaapo**-i of (ood ma* ' Tb* #r r'?* '? aaarb pr a*d by tb*ra Mart ia* Ifatia. T*? all'.' a Al>?aitl Taaaart '?frin -Ta* ) a* t.# aaa of '?.* ai#airv?ra of th a '<iuipaay arw to ao tuir^l to Iba Hb and Mk of aa#h w? alb, tb . a ; >a> ' ( aiwiuit*aa?, aly witb tb* na.l aUaaora foi Aa tiaat.l Tb* o#w *rr*af*?a*wt vtil oasaafa oo a ?lb of April TVa *A**paa# aiaaa ?4a*rtaaa a 'odarw* ? f faiaa V. aoit lb* l o*a " TnWKUifl Niw Y'raa f*Taaw liat _ T? * -*"*? j* aa at of tb* Mowafk Imtty A4frtw , wit >>f 'ro?i R' to* (!l*l/,/ 'a tba *U? of ?? hraa/t aaya ? i abao?#a 'hat tb*r# U a ?**# pto#i?#t?( tba **U? Aa-al af iba a ?( r> a tea* (.1*1*4 lt?* of it^aaata a#twar?. la#?* aaad Jfaw Yorb, a?4 <lt*ta?l ala aairta Tb* ?r*? alaaawr I ?af 'b* ia# tb* V>V,. I.i?an a|, (tka a a #>? of tbaK a/ / I ha# V*#a (onptetad lb K*fk**'l aad 1 apt I"Mla . a. I a/ tb* Batyj kaif'** 'a? wfb ?*??. >*J .??*'? I* ? aaa 'te'if bt ?b *tv#r r*aa*U af a p *t #a? ? ia ' 1*1%*'

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