Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1855 Page 6
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IDFKKTISKKBJrrS RENEWED EVKBT DAT. ootmtwaD from fifth r^a?. WAWTSI" 1 YOUNG FRENCH WOMAN WISHES TO ENGAGE f\_ with ? family fling to Franoe, and to return to &is eeuatiy. She can get the bast of reference*. Ap W y it Mr. Mor>D|?'i baker/, 629 Greenwich street. * YOUNG rRKNCH LADY WANTS A SITUAIION ia a respectable family, U a good aewer; haa no objectioa to iroo fine muslin and take care of children; ? family going to Europe or any other place preferred. Call at 64 Hood itreet, Brooklyn. ASITl'AWJN WANTED? BY AN INTELLIGENT girl, aa child's nur e, or chambermaid and ?easutrees. Call for two days, at 130 Tenth street. A. RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8lfP ation aa chaaabermaid, or waiter, or to aaaiat in ashing aad ironing, in a private family. Has no ob ectioa to go a short distance in the country. Haa the <est of city reference* Can be Been for two daya. if lot engaged, at No. 13 Union Court, between Eleventh Ind Twelfth streets. A COMPETENT BDOKKFEt'ER WANTS A SITUATION aa bookkeeper or entry clerk. Can get the beat of reference from his last employer, where he has been for ihe last three years, also other good city reference; la a ? ompetent judge ot money. Salary moderate. Address A B. C. 0., Herald office, for three days. A YOUNG FRENCH PERSON, OF PLEASANT AND respectful manners, desires a place in a gentle man's family to do plain sewing and take the c ire of children old enough to be instructed in the French lan guage. Haa good recommendations, and can give the moht respectable references. Apply immediately at 176 William s treet . A GERMAN GIRL, WHO SPEAKS GOOD ENGLISH, wishes a situation as seamstress or lady's maid, in a respectable family. Apply at 62 Howard street, or addreaa C. B., Herald office. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A situation to do general housework in a private fa mily. Please apply at 221 Yarick street, in the rear. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN, 23 years of age, as assistant bookkeeper, or in any other capacity in which he may be useful to his em ployer; is a good penman, qui'k and correct at figures. Unexceptionable references will be given. Address G.T. R., 779 Post Office. SALESMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A WHOLE" sale drr goods house ? one who understands his business, ana can influence considerable trade. The best of city reference from his laat employer. Address W. B., Heraul office. A RESPECTABLE YOL SG GERMAN WISHES TO find a situation as gardener. Understands hi* bu ?ineaa in all its branches. Five years' reference can be Sven from hia last place. Please address F. F., Gardener, erald office. A A YOUNG GENTLEMAN. IN HIS TWENTIETH YEAR, J\ is desirous of obtaining a situation in a drygoads ?tore as assistant bookkeaper and clerk, or in any re - a per table house of business He can give reference to merchants in the city. Address, for three davs, J. M. T,, box 124 Herald office. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A RE spec table grocery or liquor store. Unquestionable reference from his last employer. Please call at 42 Van dew ate r street, for two Oa; s HOSIERY SALESMAN? WANTS A 8ITUATI0N IN a wholesale house; has had eight years' experience. an influence a large city and country trade. Can give the beat city reference. Address Hosiery, Herald office, for three day*. A 8 COACHMAN? A MIDDLE AGED MARRIED ENG lUhmaa, who well understands hi* business, and cut have good references in this city. Address J. Ashby, 386 Sixth street, between Avenue I) and Lewis street. A YOUNG FRENCH GENTLEMAN' WANTS A SITUA A tion in a achool or family, where the tuition of the French language would be considered aa equivalent to bii board. Heat of city references given. 1'ltMtse address P. 0., 104 Hick* street, Brooklyn. A FARMER. ? WANTED, BY A MAN WHO HAS A JK wife and one boy eight years old, a situation as farmer; bun a thorough knowledge of the busings; can take care of cattle and horses, and make himself genu rally useful; wages not so much an object as a perma nent situation; can come well recommended from hi* last employer. Can be seen for three days at Smith's *eed store, 04 White street. A FIRST RATE BARKEEPER WANTS A SITUATION. fV Is In a place at present. Any amount of security rill be given for him ; also four years' city reference, tduress I. C., Herald oBioe. A GENTS. ? WANTED, THREE ACTIVE, INTR1.U f\ gent men to act as FOllsitOTH for a I'.fn insurance <ompany in this city. Keterencs required. Address idle Insurauce, Rest Office. BAR KEEPER.? AN ACTIVE YOUNG MAN WAN MA situation as bar keeper; has bad considerable ex per'ence in the business: can bring unquestionable re ference; baa no objection to go a short distance in the country. Can be aecu for three days at Mr. John Roach's, corner of Korty-first streetjanil Eighth avenue, or a note addressed J. K., office of thu pap it, will be punctually attended to. BOOKKEEPER.? A YOUNG MaN WANIS A SITUA tion as assistant bookkeeper or cashier; is a suptt. rior judge of money, and well understands bookkeeping by double entry. City reference given. Address D. Ed ward, Ilerald office, for two days f )0Y WANTED? IN A DENTIST'S OFFICE; nK MUST be honest, active and intelligent, dre<s neat, and reside with his patents: age trom 11 to 14 years; wages $h(l first year. Call this evening, from 6 to it o'clock, at 1K4 Grand street. BiRT SERVANTS FOR HOTELS, BOARDING HOUaE*, and private lamilies, can alwuvs b? Otain-d in th* greatest choice at MORlt'S Ac COHNERT'S. 287 Hrovl way, corner of Reade street. Also, German Kng'ish, Scotch and Irisu. I'rotestant, mule and leiual* help in this, or in the branch office, 10. Greeuwicn stre t. COOK WANTED? A STRONG ACTIVE WOMAN wanted, about oO year* of to cook for and mauage a large family. Protests ut pre.Vrred Apply t ? Mrs Thornton. Ijturel Hill, at the landing ol the 'i'wen ty-tb.rd street ferry boat. K. R COOK WANTEr? A COMIUVUNT C<>OK, WASHER end ironer, ean Save a goo 1 plm-s in a -mall priv it ? family, if imm? diate application, iti'h t?:tmoiiUls is msde at 40 Pacific street, between Henry and Cliutcn, South Brooklyn, COMPANION ?AN ELDERLY LADY DMKM THE companionship of a niHiOle aged lady, \n taking charge of her household, con-dating of three per-ous. be sides two servant* lo s respectable persou a good i Iioms would be secured Addrei s with full references to H , lo* 287'. l'Oht Office (COACHMAN? WANTED, A SITUATION BY ONE j who thoroughly understands the care of homes, and is a g<*>d and careful driver The best of city refer ?nce. Is willing to assist in a garden. The country pre ferred Call or address J. K., 2'J2 West Thirty third street. r lOAOIMAN ? SITUATION WANTED? KY A RE->PEGT A 1 able young man, who is fully competent to till >e above situation, has lived in tbe first hmiilies in this :ity; reference given by addressing T. G. M., Herald office, for two days. Coachman? situation wanted, by a young iran who fully understands the shore business; can produce good city references; no objection to the country, has lived several years with on" family has knowledge of gardening business. Can be seen at 2tf Centre street, for two dnys. Drug clerk wanted- in a uroadwA* store A young man thoroughly experienced in the pte acrption department, and who can give tbe most un doubted references as to capacity and integrity, msy ad dress Druggist, box 2674 Poet Office, with references. DROG CIJCRK WANTEI>-A YOUNG MAN CtPABI.E of taking charge of a retail and prescription store, and ran produce unexceptionable references as to char acter, may apply at corner of Rutgers and Monroe atreeU. Dry goods ci-frk?? three sacjooikn wanted j ,who are acquainted wi'h the city retsii trtde. Ap- i ply to C. G. HOOK, 380 Bowery . EMPI-OYMKNT WANTE1?? BY A SOHKFl, INDU< trious man; I* willing to work and make hlra-elf useful , understands cleaning and carii g hors**a, or working In a garden or on a farm has g-od refer- n^e. Please Inquire at 230 East Thirteenth etre t, re ir house. IIMPI-OVMENT WANTED? I1Y A YOl V1AM AN, WHO J is abie and willing to wors ; is a ra| X writer and good accountant. l'nqnestionab!e city r? ?r?nces givn. | A d dress G. L, Herald oOce. IjlMPLOlKRS IN WANT OK EFFICIENT Bttf. MAI.E | j or female, ean be suited with su.-li a M INNING'S tfhee. 201 Bowery. He lia:< on hand this lay some firs' late coachmen, groon-s, farmers, gardeners, meu for fitorea si,d aaloon*. also, cooks, c ham tari4 title, nurses, f-esmsueases, laundresses, and girls for . eneral hou?e work, for city or country, vii.: English, frish, Scotch French, German and colored. N. B. ? ."hi* office i< highly patreaisrd IV'AKMKR. ? WANTKi>, A SITUATION, HV A hOOI .1 . man, aa farmer and vegetable garde u?| ; haa h i I i everal yearn experience in this country . un -rwtands the rare of ateek. IU His wife is capable of ts dog care of ft dairy . Address Mr. Wm. Smith. XiV Wil; am street. GO VKRJsr.-W- AN ENGLISH LADY. Ol (iKEAT F.X pe^ienc* m tuition, having re.?ently arrived in New 1 ork. wishes to meet with an engagement as r??ident goeern*ea, she Whr. music, drawing, p ilutir? Frenih <arqui!?d In Fraoce), Italian an , all the bran ihes of a round RafUsh *.ueati. n The higfceet tMtin taiftle will ! he gifift fro? 'amtlies of di tiaclion, and reieren<-es re quired. No objection to t^e buiitlj, A idruss, prepaid, O L P., 190 Hudson st; j <~s (ATRNE8R. ? A FRKKCB UADY W1 HR- ro i!?P ?Tf with aa eagagemea'. as r?# !e?t ?ovsri?e,s ? II !<?*. b music, vo ~al ar d in?'ri. neatal, Italian ?ad ? I fie bcanrbes o' an Jngl'>h ?lu -stlcn. Gool rtfmac?s given A-'re>s fc M , iimstraj J >?t OSes, lor turs > ?. WANTS. SOUBKKEEPER.?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE ~ DK sire a young Mid well educated American ltd;, >v?r twenty- three ;un of age, or agreeable person and accomplisuiuenta , aa housekeeper and companion. Address N. and f., box 9X3 Post Office. Housekeepers situation wanted? by a mid dle agtd American widow lady; or aa aeamatreia and nurse in a private or widower'a family. Please address Mrs. Tracy, 401 Fourth avenue, for three days. Housekeeper ?situation wanted by a highly respectable Scotch lady, who is willing to devote her whole time to the inters ?t of the house, either hotel or private family. Can give the very best city reference aa to capability. Please call at the City Hotel, Broadway, for Mrs. Le Barge, for two day*. Housekeeper. ? a person of many years ex peruuee wishes an engagement In a hotel or pri vate house; she understands housekeeping in all its branches; she has had full charge for the laat nine years, and can produce the most satisfactory references as to character and capability. AdJieaa for three days M. C. Housekeeper, Post Office, Brooklyn. OTFL HOUSEKEEPER.? AN AMERICAN LADY desires a situation as housekeeper in a large first class hotel having had experience in this city. Can give the best of reference. Address M. H , Hotel House keeper, and nams, Herald office, for three days. HOI EL HOUSEKEEPER. ? A LADY OF GOOD EXPK lieuce desires a situation as housekeejier in a hotel; las the best of reference from first class hotels; has no objection to go South or to tbe country. Address M. M , Hotel Housekeeper, Herald office, for three daya. MILLINERS WANTED ? Several young ladles accus tomed to work on millinery and dress caps, are wanted iir. mediately at 026 liroa iway. MILl.INKR WANTED.? NONE BUT GOOD HANDS need apply at No. 403 Sixth aveauo, after 10 o'clock A. M. PROTECTANT SERVANTS ? STATIONS WANTED in city and country for a large number of the mast competent and respectable cla.*s of Protestant help, of every domestic capacity, at MANNING'S agency, 10 Til lary street, near Fulton, Brooklyn, established the last six yearn, under the most distinguished patronage. Rc SITUATION AS TEACHER WANTED. ? A YOUNG lady, graduate of a distinguished .\ort??rn institu tion, who has had several years experience in teachicg, both North and South, desire* a situation as teacher in a school or family, latter preferred. Satisfactory re commendations furnished, and terras niade known upon application to Win. P. Taylor, eare of Partridge H Km tan, o00 broad way. SITUATION WAN TED? UY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, as rhambermaid and waiter I an be seen at her laat place, 1H7 Bleecker street, for two days. Good city reference given. SITUATIONS WANTED? BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, (sisters); one as cook, washer nnd ironei. and tho other to mind children and do setting, or as chuuiber mM and waiter. City reference gi /en. Call at No. 113 Chrystie street, in tbe front tatseinent. STRAW HAT TRIMMERS WANTED ?SIX COOD STRAW bat trimmers wanted. None bat those who have bad experience need apply to A. Lelaiid & Co., 171 Pearl street. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do chumberwork, and take care of children. Good city reference can bo given Apply at No. 1, Union court, bttween Eleventh and Twelfth streets, Univer sity place. Can be seen for two days. IT'UATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AT cook, washer and ironer; good city reference can be given. Please call at TO Norfolk street, second lloor, back room. Can be seen for two days. s SITUATION WANTED? BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE woman, an cook in a private family. The bent of city references given *8 to character ?nJ capability. Can be seen for two days ut 161 Twellth street, corner of University place. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A3 cook, ? anker ami ironer. Good city reference? can be given Apply at 1S7 Elizabeth street, in the rear. Can be seen tor two <ia> h. SITUATION WANTED? BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE young woman, an nuri<?and seamstress, orchambsr maid and staiustre**. Is highly recommended. Wa;es net io much aa object as a goad plsoe. Please apply at 2(>1 Bowery, in the store. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS waiter, washer and ironer. Good city reference can be given. Can be seen for two days at No. 4 Deviuc ttrevt, Brooklyn, front basoment. fci 1TI ATION WANTED -BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A3 A good washer and irnner, and to do pl.i.n cooking. City reference can be given. Apply at ll'i Fortieth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Can be?oea for two days, on first Uoor, back room. SITUATION WANTED*? BY A Y0UN3 WOMAN, TO __ do general housework and chambervrork, and to assist in the washing and ironing. Good city reference given. Apply at 184 Elizabeth street, between Spring and Prince, fan be seen for two days. Q1TUATI0N WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS O e?ok or chambermaid, in a hotel or boarding house; good city reference given. Apply at 23 Prince street, lirst floor, bacl. room, tor two days. Sir (. ATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, si luundrei>F rbambeKma.d and seamstress; run do waiting. Best of city reference can be given, l'lesse call at Calvary Cbapel, Fourta avenue, corner of Twenty -second street, in the basement, for two days, if not engaged. 8IH ATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS cook, has bo objection toassi-t iu the washing and ironing. Understand* making all kind' of pastry. City re eiecce gin n. Apply at 21 Twenty-ninth street, be tween Second and Third aveuues. Can be seen for two <JITl ATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A3 , chambermaid and waiter, or to a? ia the wash i g and ironing. Goodclty reference given. Apyly at 1 5 Tl.irty third street, between Sixth and Seventh ave n eg. fir three days. c ii cation wanted? by a respect vble young i woman, to do general housework, iu a small pri - vi 1e family. None need npply hut Awtricans. Please call at lt)U Greene street, front basement C I rr ATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG t. Protestant woman, as cook, and t> insist in the wasting and ironing Apply at li>2 Orchard street, le-tween Rivington and Stanton street. Can ue seen for two days, in the rear, first tloot. 8 III ATION WANTED ? BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS chambermaid and waiter, or clianiberaiihtand lauu dress; good city reference given. Apply at '! Seventh avenue, between Twunty-flfth and Twenty-sixth streets. Can be seen for two days SITUATION WANTED? BY A RKSPECTABIJ5 YOUNG woman as seamstress. Ii a goo) shirt maker. Uss no objection to go a short dtstauee in the noun try. Apply st 154 Eighth avenue, top floor, for two days, j Ciiy reference given. m|1U ATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS i-hamberina <1 snd waiter, or as nurse, in a private family. Good city reference given. Apply at No. * Co umhia street, Brooklyn, near the Fulton ferry. rilTCATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLI8B PERSON, AS ^ cooa, in s small family ; has no objection to travel to ary pait abroad fcity reference given. Apply at. or ad dress, '.'SO Cherry stn et, near Pike. Cat* be seen lor two days. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, as chambermaid an 1 to M-l?i n the wash ing am ironing, or would take c.-ireof children an 1 make herself generally useful. Can be aeon for two days at 68 West Twentieth street, near Sixth avenue SITUATION WANTED ? BY AN EXPERIENCED WKL'u recommended girl, in city or country, a? a geed plain cook; rnakoi excellent breid, and k a first rate washer and ironer: understands the mnaagement of milk and butter, and will endeavor to please. Apply at lOTillary street, near Fulton, Brooklyn, in the store, SITUATIONS WANTKD? RY TWt? STEADY YOUNG girls, ore nscook, washer, and ironer. the other as seamstress and embroiderer. Has no objections to see to children. Preter living in ons houte together No objecting to go a short disUnrn In the country Good city refererre. Can te seen for two lays, at li>4 We t Twenty eighth strtet, beta sen Sixth and Seventh avenues. SITUATION WANTED -AH COOK, OR TO DO THE _ general housework of a private family, she Is a good baker, washer and Ironer and has lived with one of the first families In Brooklyn for the threo years. Can givi< the best of city reference f -r honesty ami rap ibility. (alls' or addreas, 26 East Ninth str 'i-t, in tb-.' store, for two ("ays. SITUATION WANTED? BY A MAN AND HIS WIFE, to take rare ofahor<es and a* gardener an 1 hla wife I to do any kind of homework , good releren ? Cad be seen, for two days, at 6# Veaoy street. Call for John i I)en?er. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, AS tionkkeeper anil salesman in a coal yard on the north si '.e of '.h? oty, where he i-ou Id influen e trad* to a con siderable amount Salary taken in coiV Satisfactory references given. Security given for a r ">on?il le situa tion, if required. Address R. M. C , b>x 156 Herald office. 8 AIJ.SMAN? WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO man, twenty one years of aire, in a wholesale or re tall dry goods store, lias had six years experience in the lace, embroidery, and trimming department* of a first class retail house. Ad<*res? Industry, Herald office. Servants ? wanted, at Wallace's office, no. _ 4 Hands street, near Fulton, Brooklyn, ?iw>ks, cham t*eru> Id* seamstresses, lanndfssss, general house w, ? rs. farmers, gardeners, laborers. Ac N. B ?En plovers In city snd country promptly supplied wi'h effi cirLt an well r? commended servants at th?s office. M. WALLACE. rr-W, " VERY RR4PEfTABI.K YOUNO GIRLS WISH 1 ?i i,st">a??'m* as chambermaid ant plain sewer I tl.e other as ehatahOtmaM. and to aesid in the wash ng an-1 r* n log ?n-i e-a e h ?r?*lf useful. Have ?oo.| city r? feier^e. and on oelacloos Ui go in the country Piease | <?'! at SM fixiii av.-nne. between S?vente*i?h and | l>|ht??u^ slmts, Uu be ?ce? (f?? 10 1? i. WAJTP9. r COMMISSION MERCHANTS.? WANTED. A SITUA tton m aaaiataut bookkeeper. Address a. Loek wood, Herald office. fTK) MARKET GARDENERS OR FAMER9. A YOUNG X mad, aged twenty one, wlahea to engage with a re apectAble man to learn either of the a bo re buameaaea. Add ret ? 0 , care of Meaira. J. M. Thorburn k Co., 16 John atreet, New York. The advertiser, a young man of good ad drain, -2 year* of Age, WAnta a aituatioa in a news paper. periodical or any literary eataMiahment ; being familiar with auch, would b? an efficient assistant in such a concern. WiU acoept any honorable situation in a store or offioe at a email a alary, If permanent. Ad dresa Caleb Grimahaw, Broadway Post Office. TO AUCTIONEERS.? A YOUNG MAN, THOROUGHLY veraed in the busiueaa, wishes a situation . Satis factory references given. Address W., box 13s Herald office. TO DRUGGISTS ? A COMPETENT DRUG CI.EtiK, '25 years of age, thoroughly acquainted with the city rt tail trade, wishes to make an engagement with some first class druggist, would have no objection to go iu the country to manage a store; unexceptionable reference* as to cnaracter, ability, kc. Address Druggist, Herald office. mO EN GRA VER8. ? WANTED, ONE OR TWO SMART 1 boys or young men, who understand engraving gold and silver pencil esses Apply at the pianoforte warerooms, 6t> Walker street, before 11 A. M., all this week. VISITING OR RESIDENT GOVERNESS ? AN EMG li?h young lady, experienced in tuition, is desirous of forming an engagement as above. Her course of in struction comprises English ia its various branches, Freach, music, and the rudiment of Italian. Adver tit.t r cun give the highest and most aatisfaitory refer ences uh to capability and rei-pectability. Please address M if-** Russell, Union square Post Office. W-ANTET? BY A RESPECTABLE YOCWG WOMAN, a situation as chambermaid, or to do housework in a sniiill fsnuly ; lias lived twelve months in ber last pl?ce. Pli-sae call lor two days it (f>6 Kghth avenue, between lorty sixth and Forty tevehth streets, up stairs. Wanted? by a resi EcrAiujc protectant girl, a situation as chambermaid and seamstrsss. Or waiter The boat of city reference from her last place Please call at 2u4 First avenue, between Twelfth end Thirteenth streets. WANTKD? 11Y A REfPEd'ABIJO YOUNG WOMAN', a situation to do general housework in a small private family; is* good cook, waah<>r and lroner; hat Hood city reference, l'lease call at 317 First avenue, near Nineteenth street, for two daya. WANTFD-BY A YOUNG LADY, WHO CAN DO all kinds of tine t-eaing and atitcbinf. a situation to sew in a fancy store. Call At 460 Fourth atieet, be tween First ana' Second avenues. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as cook or laundress in a private family. Has no objection to town or country. Can bo seen for t wo days at Klizabeth street, between Bletcker aud Houston streets, in the rear. WANTED ? A WOMAN WLSHES IX) TAKE IN wanhii 1 ironing (or g iitloiiien mil their families n at No. 10 Forsyth street, room No. 8, : -<*ar. XJt/ ITI ATIONS, BY TWO SIST1 R3, ONE AS ?V k and laundress, the other a* cliambermaid. They caii produce respectable references, and are wil. ling to < ;age either in New York or Brooklyn. Can be seen for . wo or three days at 112 Baltic street, South Brooklyn. WANTED- SITUATIONS, BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, one ax laundress, or to cook, wash an 1 iron. Has livril (our years in her last place. Tin- other to do light chainberuork, waiting or take care o f children. The best city reference given. Please call at 83 Wiliit street, second floor, back room. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BV TWO WOVfEN; ONE as cook, washer and ironer, or luundrtMS, sad the othtr nc seamstress and dressmaker; both understand their business perfectly. Unexceptionable reference Eiven. I'lease call at 257 Elizabeth street, corner of [ousfon, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A KESPECTABLE Pre t? stan t young lady ; is a good c<k k, washer and )r< cer, and bas the best o' reference from Uer last place, wli?re she has lired for the aat two year*. Please in quire at No. 60 Watt a street, first floor, frout room. 1 WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A NEAT YOUVO girl of nineteen yearn, as liousemtid in a small ft mily; is a plain cook, a .-cod washer and ironer and baker, cun give one years' city reference; will take from five to six dollus per month; is fond of cnil Jren; has no objection to Rrooklyn or Williamsburg. Call at 323 First avenue, first floor, back room, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK, IN A PRIVATE family, or as pastry cook or housekeeper, in a resectable bouse, by a respectable worn - n, with good city references. Atdresa M. K , care of Morris Si (Job n<rt, 'M~ Broadway, corner of Keaie street. \tf ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T? ycung girl, as chambermaid and waiter, or chsm bermuid and to take care of chiJdrt a; has no objection to go a shoit distance in the country or to do ttie general housework of s small private family: wagi s not so much an ob.iect as a comfortable home. Can be seen for two days, if not engaged, at M Chrystie street, fourtn floor, in 'th? rear. Good personal and city reference givn. TTT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A BESPECrARLE VV English servant, as good cook, rate waaher and ironei ; ia a first rate baker, can be well recommend ed from h>>r last place. Can be seen for t*o days at 122 West Twenty-ssventh street, second floor, between Seventh am' Eighth avenues WANTED? A SITUATION A8 CHAMBERMAID AVD fine washer, or a? lann^re-is; the b?st of city re feience piven. I'lease call at No. 212 Bulhv .n street, be tween Amity and lileecker street*, for two days. WANTED? BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, a situation to travel to California an nurse, or to wait uj On a lady ; c tu do pis in sewing and dresi msking. References exchanged. Please address a note, or on be seen personally, at No. 119 West Thirty -third street. "ITT- ANTED ? A SITUATION, HY A RE3PEC TABLE m girl, to do chamberwork and waiting, or chamber work and sewing, or to aidiat in taking ca.e of children, or assist in washing or ironing. <'an jive the best of city reference. Cun be ?een for the w?k, if not engaged, at No. 4 First street, near the Bowery. ANTF D ? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE Y r young women in a small private family ; one aa an excellent cook and first rate bakir: has no objection to assist in the washing and iroi iug. the other aa chsmbermsid, anJ can tfo the best of One washing, iron ii g and fluting. If required they cao produce the best of city reference. Can be seen for three days at 206 Twenty-sixth str?et, between Klghthand Ninth avenues. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as chamber maid, or cbildrens' nurae, or waiter in a private family or hotel; or to wait on an invalid, or for chambermaid or atewardeaa in a steam ship Can give the best of city referonce. i'iease nail at 97 Twelfth street, between Hfth and Sixth avenues. Can be seen for two day a. ANTED? BY A SEAMSTRESS, WORK BY THE TT day. week ?r month, underatanda family sewing. Has tfood city reference Inquire at 16U Korsytli atreet, until engaged. Wanted? by a good dressmaker, to engage with a family by the day or week; she is in the habit of cutting ant fitting the present style of dresses. Please call at No. 4 First street. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid anil waiter, and to assist in the washing and ironing. Good city refer ence. No objection to ?*sist in the housework. Can be seen for two days at 70 Charles street, between Fourth and Bleecker. WAN IS A SITUATION AS COOK? 18 A RESPECT A ble woman, has lived with the most respectable families In the city; ran be highly recommended. Can be seen at her last place for two days. Please call at 214 Second avenue. UJ7ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTECTANT GIRL, W to do general housework In a private family. Cau give good reference from her last employer. Can be seen lor two days, at 44 First street, fourth floor. Wr ANTED? BY A YOUNG IADY, A SITUATION AS seam-tress in a family; underatanda dre<smikking pyrfcct'y Please call at or address E. M., 260 Walker street. Rest city reference Vf 7" AN TED? A SITUATION, HV A PROTESTANT \f young woman, as wiiter in a private family; 1< kind to children. Heat of city reference given Can be seen tor two days tf not en (aged, at the corner Ot Twelfth atreet and Uiilvenlty place at ?tra. Mann'a. "\I7 ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WuMVN, A Vv situation as good eooti an I baker, is a gw>d washer and Ironer. Would have no objection to do the general hi.usework of a small private faimlv. The lies* city re ference can be gives from her laat pla^e. Can be seen for two days at No. I54fi -ixth avenue, between Twenty first arid Twenty second streets, ?**7 ANTED? A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE W w< man, to do the general housework of a sreull family. Ia a good plain cook, and wither and ironer. Good reference given. Apply at 27 Thompson street. Wanted ? a situation ry a respect a in .e w> man who can give goo^ city reference. I< a good plain sewer, or would do the housework of a small family. Enquire at 4 Franklin street "\TT ANTED ? A SITUATION BY A SMART, ACTIVE VY Trotestant cook; she fully underrtanda her bnai oe?* In all it# brancbea, and ia a trustworthy servant. Best 1 1 cltv reference. Can be seen for two daya at No. V Mulberr'v atreet, flr?t floer, back room tjrrZNTED? BY AN AMERICAN PROTESTANT WO W man ((.erman descent), a situation she is aa ei cellent cook, and knows her business would be willing t?> assist in waahing and ironing in a small genteel family Four years good cltv reference ran b? given Cm* to ma iw tw# 4 tgr* W Itlact irtml. WANTS. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RE-U'KCTABI.K young woman, u ouru or iMEUtmi U a good plain sewer and dressmaker, or would make herself gene rally useful, good city reference. Please eall at 4M Fourth street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RE8PBCTABLI young woman, aa cojk in a private family ; wunld assist in washing and ironing. Best otty reference given. Please call a' Vi44 Ninth attest, near First avenue, fourth floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPKCIABI.E woman, ai cook; understands her business per fectly; understands ali kinds of cooking and bread for families. Best of city reference given from her last place. Also, a young girl as chambermaid and seam ?tress, or seamstress and nurse; understands cutting and fitting children's clothes. Best of city reference K- en from her last place. Please call at West ellth street, between Fifth and Hixth avenues. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as good plain cook; in a good baker, washer and ironer; in a respectable family Has good city references. Fleas* call at 678 Houston street, lirst floor, back room, No. 4, near Thompson street, for two day. WTTANTfcD? A SUUATION, BY A IOCSI'ECr.VBLE W young woman, as laundress, who perfectly un derstands her business. The best of city reference given from her last situation, l'lease call at 86 East Twenty - second street, second floor, back room. Can be seen for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook, washer and ironer, or as chambermaid und waiter. Can be seen at 70 Warren street, Brooklyn, geccnd floor, front room, for taro days. City reference xlveu. WANTED? A FRENCH OR bWL-8 WOMAN, WH:> speaks French well, as seatmlntss aud to assist in the care of children. Good references required. Cull ut No. & hast Twenty seventh street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITtlATlO.V as chambermaid or laundress; no objection to do Ktmral bousewcr* m a small private lamily. Call at 18f> Thirty tocoud street, near Eighth avetue. Good city reference. VtT ANTES' ? BY A RESPECTABIE YOUNG WOMAN. A TV situation in a private lamily to do up stairs work and eewing. Please call at 60 Houaton e treet, second lli or, in the rear. WANTED? BY A RE8PECTABI.E YOUNG WOMiN, a situation as cnamhermaid aud waiter, or chambermaid and to assi<t with the washing and iron ing, in a respectable private family; is willing to mate herselt generally usetul. Can give good city reference, if required. Please call at 17 Dominick street, second floor, front room, for two days. TT/ ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Vt young woman, aa chambermaid and waiter; is a good washer and ironer; is willing to mike herself generally useful. Two and a half years' reference. Can be seen at her present employer's till engaged, at 314 West Twenty -second street. WANTED? SEVERAL GOOD DRESSMAKERS.? AFPLY at 143 Fourth avenue. 1*/ ANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY, A GERMAN W girl, who understands cooking, washing, ironing and general housework. Apply at 267 Livingston street, Brooklyn. "ITT ANTED? BY aN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, A Vt situation to attend a store; is not particular as re gards the businesa; would go as housekeeper, or travel with any person desirous of a companion. Best city re ference if required. I'leaae address A. 0., for two days, Herald office. WAMEI)- A SITUATION AS COOK, BY AN HONEST, upright woman, who understands her business sod is n good washer und iioocr. I'lease call at the cor oer of Smith and State streets, Brooklyn. ?*T7 ANTED? . A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG HEALTHY VV woman, u wet nurse, with a fresh breast of niilk; a babe to wet nurse at her own residence. Apply at No. 188 taut Twenty fifth street, between First avenue an<; Avenue A, in the rear, or inquire of Doctor Jolin.ston, 360 Third avenue; please call for two days. *T7-ANTH>? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION W as chambermaid aad to do line washing and iron ing, or as laundress. Has no objection to go a short distance in the country. Best of city referenoo from her last place, wbt re she has lived over two years. I'lease call at No. 8 Sullivan street in the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do chamberwork and waiting. The b<ht of city reference given. Inquire at 6rt4 Green wich steeet, between Barrow and Christopher. WANTED? A l'LACE AS LADY'S MAID, BY A RK spectable l'rotestr nt woman who can briug the beat of city references. Apply at her present employer's, 80 East Twenty -flrst street, Gramerey park. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman. as chambermaid and waiter. Best of city reference given I'lease call at 132 Eighth street, uear Sixth avenue, first floor, frout room. Can be seen frr two days. WANTFD? TWO OR THREE MIDDLE-AGED AMEKI can women, neat ami tidy, imrt of respectable ap pearance, to Mil embro deries and fancy articles to ladies at the r bouses None but Americans neel apply, anl those that can give the best of reference Plea?e call at Mrs. Greene's Agency, 712 Broadway, just above Fourth street, between 1 and 3 P. M.. to day. The advertiser (a lady,) will meet them there. 7ANTET? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation us seamstress and dressmaker; would So out to work by the day or week, or take it to her cu?e. Caa be seen at 207 Bridge street, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to do general housework. Is a good cook and first rate washer and ironer; or would engage us chambermaid Good city reference given. No ob jection to go a short distance in the eountry. Please apply for two days at 10" Avenue C, second floor, back room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG IRISH girl, lately landed, a situation as chambermaid snd seamstress or to take car? of growing children, or is willing to make herself generally useful. I'lease c%0 at 336 Sixth avenue, or address M. H., 13.'> Sixth avenue. w 11/ ANTED IMMEDIATELY ? A FIRST RATE COOK W fer a first class restaurant. Apply at the Bible Home Restaurant, corner of Third avenue and At tor place, under the Bible House. None but the tout need ?ppiy WANTED? A SITUATION, BY k RESPECTABLE young woman, n? nurse ami seamstress or cham bermaid and waller. No objections to go in the coun try. Good city reference Can I* seen for two days at 38 West Thirteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to cook, wash and iron, or to do general housework. The best of city reference can te given. Tlease call, for two days, at 1 Id Hammond street. / ANTED ? SITUATION'S BY TWO RESPECTABLE u young women, one as chambermaid and waiter, or beraaiil chambermaid and seamstress; the oth?r to do general housework for a small family; is a good cook, wa*her and itoner. The best of reference can be given Pleas* call at 272 Walker street. Can be seen for two days if not engaged. fITAN1EP? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT WO VY man. to cook, wash and iron; is capable of taking charge of the part of the house; no objections to go as houi-ekeeprr, would be a gcod nurse over children who have lost their mother. Good city reference. Can bit seen for two iays at 217 Wocster street, in the btck basement. WANTED-BY A WELL EDUCATED PROTESTANT German woman, a situation to take care of chil dren, or as seamstress. The best of reference given (torn her last place. Call at lo;i'? Sixth street, WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as chambermaid, and to assist with washing and ironing, or to do the work of a small plain family Ha ? no objection to the country. Call or ad dress A. O., 08 Eleventh street, between First ana Second avenues. WANTED? HY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Wo man, a situation as cook, washer and ironer, in a small private family; no objection to a private boarding house good city reference can be given, Pious call at 22 Sixth avenue, in the rear. WANTFD? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION as chambermaid and to take cars of children and <]n plain sewiog; ha? no objection to d<> honsework in a private family has no objection to go to the country; jrc,oil city reference. Please call at 65 Mott street, lifth floor, r< oin 19. *T7 ANTED? A BITTATIoN, BY A MIDDLE AGED W woman, as rook, washer and iror<er. The bsst of city r<Teren-e can be given. Also n young girl to do chsmbfrwnrk and to take rare of children. City refe rence given. Apply at 04 Barrow street, front base ment, for two days, W ANTE! >? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook; is a good cook and an ex cellent waaher aud ironer, 1>e best of city reference fu ni her last place Please call at 73 West Nineteenth street, nesr Sisth avenue, for two days. Wanted ? a situation, by a respectable yotin* woman, to ilo general housework . is a goo 1 cook, wa*her and iron*r. Can give the best of reenm tn?nda lions. Can be seen at 1 A) Broome street, for two or thres <*ays. ygr A N'TK I>? IIY A "rB^PKCTAW E SCOTCH WO?AN, v v a situation as oook ; she thoroughly understands her business in all its branches. Can be seen for two days, at 172 Twelfth street, near University place, In the basement. "117 ANTKD?A 8ITCAT10N~ BY A Y0CNJ~(;|RL, TT about fourt<en or fifteen years of age, to do light housework and waiting; is willing to make herself uteful. Can give good city reference. Pies so call at 3M Tenth street for two days. ANTED? A HI CATION, BY A LADY, AS GOVER russ, housekeeper, or compaaioa to a lady. I? rapabie of teaching the rudiments of music. Is fully competent to iischarge the duties of all the above situa tions. City or oountrv acceptable UDeiceptionahie references given. Apply at the Christian Horns, 614 ir?W| C9TMC 0{ Jhift ; ->UU| (Ufft. WAST8. OTKT NURSE WANTED ?A LADY, OR A WOMAN TT of uaquea lioaable character, who could take care of an Infant at bcr own horn*, may hear *t on* by ad dressing Z. O., box 301 New York Poet Office. She mutt be healthy, not too young, and within twenty mllet of New York, Personal application, if preferred, can b? made at 168 Tenth street, New York. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS FIRST RATE COOK, washer and ironer. Rest of country reference. Apply at 160 East Twenty-fourth street, aeconl floor, front loom. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the work of a small family; iia first rate washer and ironer: has goo 1 reference from ber lart place. Please call at 21H Elizabath street, thirl floor, front room, for two days if not engaged. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook ; understands all kinds of pastry and gravies, and baking; no objection to go a short distance in the country. Good city referenoe from ber laet places. Can be se>n for two days at 21 Ro*o street, between Duane and Frankfort. WA>TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as first rate cook; ii accustomed to bak ing; is a good washer and irooer; good city reference. (,'sn be seen for two days at H4 Frankfort street, first floor, second door from Rose, No objection to go in the country. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to travel with a family, or as chambermaid in a steairhoat. Good city relerence Can !>? seen for two days at 60 Fourth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. WANTED? RY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation, either ss laundress, or would take family washing; is a (irst rate washer and ironer. Can l>e highly recommended from her last place. Apply at 212 West Nineteenth street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPEOTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and waiter, and to assist in washing and iiooiug Good city reference. Can be seen for two days, at 60U Grand street. Wr ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A ?'ROMSTANT TV Rirl, as cook, washer aud ironer, or to do general hcusewi'ik ; she understands baking bread aud pastry. Can be sten at 68 Vandam street, In the rear. 1JTT ANTED ? A SITUATION IiY A RESPECTABLE W young womui to do gen?ral housework; is a good piaiu cook, and a first rate washer and ironer. The best of rity reference given. Call at No. 7 Hester street, front basement. *1.' ANTED? A 8ITUATI0N BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL Yv I'rst rate cook, washer and Ironer, or generil bouse work, in u small private family. The best of city reference ^iven. F least) call at 191 Mott street, in the rear. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TO TAKE A child to wet nurse; one who has loat her child preferred. Answer or call at 74 Sullivan street, for two days. ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youug woman, as good plain cook, washer and ironer j|lias no objections to go a short distance in the country. Good city relerence. Can be seen for two day*, at 47 Mott street, first floor. ANTED ? BV A RESTECT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A W situation as chambermaid and laundress, or wait er: Is experienced and capable of filling the aliove situ % tines. Can give Rood ci'y reference. Can be seen for two days, at H03 uro.idway, toy and candy store. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITl'A tion as cook; understands her business perfectly; Is a first late baker and pastry cook. Good reference fiven. No objections to the country. Apply at :i37 bird avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-first street, in thu fancy store. WANTED? IN A FANCY OR DRY GOODS STORE, A situation, by a young lady who perfectly under stands ber business. Inquire at U4 Eighth street, first floor, from 9 to 12 A. M WANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK IN A FIRST rate family. Can have the best city reference. Urderatands litr business in all Uh branchss. Has no objection to the city . Inquire at 433 Hudson street, in the rear. WANTED-TO GO A SHOUT DISTANCE IN THE country, a Trotestunt woman, m ook. She must thoroughly understand lier business, Please call at 74 Went brut Htreet, between the hours of 8 and 1 e'c ock. WtJ ANTED? A SITUATION AS OHAICBERMAID AND Vf t>eam?treiH, or chambermaid and fine washer and ironer, or laundress; ia a flrat rate washer and ironer. Has the bent of city reference from her employers. Please call at "4 Charles Htreet, between Bleecker and Fourth streets, for two days. VI/ ANTED? AN AMERICAN I.ADY, WITHOUT IN Vl cum! ranee, to *u per intend and take the sole 'bargs ol the restaurant and culinary department of a first clans hotel, on the European plan, including the marketing. The position will be highly respectable and ihe Halaiy adequate to command first rate service*. The most unexceptionable reference required for character, lexpcctability and capacity. Address, stating age and 'eferenees, and what experience had to quality for tM position, 1., Herald office. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do c.hemberwork and line washing and ironing. Is xn excellent washer ami ironer. (Ian no objection to go tn the country. I'len-o call at DO Wen Nineteenth treet, in the rear, for two days. Good city reference inn. ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE .YOUNG WOMAN, Vf a situation as chambermaid and to take care of children, or to do general housework In a small family. A pply at 46 Rutgers street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RSSPECTABI? woman, who is a professed cook and baker; un tar stands ail kinds of pastry and confectionery; is a first rate housekeeper, has bad fourteen years' experience iu the most respectable families; has no objection to a hotel rr boarding-house. Good city referenced can be given. Apply at 286 Blocker street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook in a small private family; understands French and Spanish cooking: in an excellent hand at doing up linen; would like to do chamhtrwork. ran give the best of testimonials from htr last plan1 Cnn be seen at 120 Eighth street, St. Murk's place, third flcor, back room. WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NG GIRL, A situation as chambermaid and wai'.sr, or to take csre of children and do plain sewing. Best of city refe renro fiom her last place Please call at Bu il?nry street, room 12. for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION IX) DO GENERAL HOUSE work, by an American young womin, witii tne best of city reference. No objections to the country. Apply Rt 2t?4 Mulberry street, corner ot Houston, in tfce basement, from 9 to 6 o'clock. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A STl AOY WOMAN, as rook; is an excellent washer an 1 ironsr, good baker of bread; would have no ohjectiop to do house work in a respectable private family. Cm give the best of reference. Can be s?en for two da; , at 148 Forsyth slreet, front room, first lloor. 117 ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RHP* 'TABLE V V jonog woman, as good cook and excellent washer r. nd ironer. Good city re'erence gtven. Can be seen at 26" Mulberry street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young girl, u situation as chambermaid au I sean Ureas, or to take care of children iu a private f*mi>y ; would like to go n the country, and would have no objection to a respectable boarding house or hot?l. Please call at 132 Cbrystie street, in the rear, second floor rnom No. 4. Can be seen for two days. Reference If required. <|17 ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A MOST RESPKCTA Vt ble young woman, as first rate cook; understands ?n> t m; pastries; has no objection to a hotel or pri vate board ir.g house. Can be seen for two days, if not em. aged, at 10 City HaU place, second floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT Wo man. as cook, in a private family. She under *t.mde her business. Good references given. Please jail at 112 Twenty ninth street, between Second an I Tlii'd at emits. No one need apply that gives wage< under $10. 117 ANTED? A SITUATION, AS OOO K, WASHER, AND VY ironer, In a private family, by a respectable yojng girl. Good reference. Please call at lw West Twenty flith street, fourth floor, back room, for two days. 1I7-AN1ED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND Vf laundress, or chambermaid an I waittr, by a smart, respectable girl, with good city reference from her Inst place. Please call for two days st 4:W Thirty third street, corner of Hghth a\enue, seconl lloor, front loon. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as cook ; is a good washer and iroaer; or would have no objection to *0 as laundress, good re ( rence. Please call at 66 1 Hudson street, corner of (.anaevoort street. 117 ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. OF SOBER Vf atid s'eady habits, a situation as professed cook, in a private family She has the best references in the c.ty. Can be seen at 1S1 Fourth street, near the Sixth avenue, in the rear, first room, for two days. 1X7 ANTED? SITUATIONS. BY TWO YOUNG GIRL*? ff one to cook, wash and iron, who understands tier business perfectly ; is n first rate shirt ironer. Ac ; is a good bresd baker, and has the best of city reference; the othrr as chambermaid and waiter; Is willing to assist. in wash rig. If requited ; understands her business tn all It branches, and has the best of city reference. They both wou'd like to live together, If convenient. Please ?all at 1 West Eighteenth street, between Slxtb and Seventh avenues, second floor, front room. Can be seen until suited in a good home. WANTED? A YOUNG IADY, TO ATTEND a TaTk and embroidery store; one who has from 1400 to I'OO to loan on good security, nay hear of a good situ* tion by addiess ng A 0. B., Broadway Post Office, for tbiee days. Wa nteiCby a respectable knglisiTwoman, a situation as cook; no objection to go to the conn try. Good city reference given. Also, wanted, by a wo man, a situation as chambermaid and waiter. Beat c.itf reieretice given from her last place. Please eall at 1M Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth anl Twentieth ?tittle, fo( two day*. WAWTg. ' WANTED? A PROFESSED COOK AND MAN WAITER None DMd e|>ply but those perfectly competent, at 208 Fifth avsnue, I rum 10 to 2. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to cook, tHb and iron, or to do g?ne ral housework in a smsHi private famlyl, or to do cnttn berwork and waiting. Tba best of city reference given Please call at 220 Went Sixteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*, for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE jimnu' woman, ax plain cook, excellent washer and ironer, chambermaid, or to do housewoik, in a until prvate family. The bait of city reference. Can be aeen lor two days, at 70 Ijewis street, near the East river, front room, second floor. WANTED- A SITUATION AS COOK, IN A PRIVATE family, by a middle aged woman, who thoroiifhly understand* her business; l i a Proteatnnt. Good city references Please call at 60 Greenwich street, third floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, AH PROFESSED COOK, in a hotel or privet) family, by a respectable woman ; had many jears ex|>erieuce in London; can be highly recommend*). Ad<lr#ss C. W., Herald office Washing oojected t* WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA ? tion io a unull private family, to do the onoUng, washing and ircn'U{. Is a good plain cook, and excellent watlier und inner, and a flrst rate maker of bread. Toe best of city reference given from ner last plies Please call at 84 Seventh stieet, aeccnd floor, back room, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as seascstris*. Can do all kinds of family sewing. Baa no objection to help with chamber work. Best of reference. Can be at en at her last place, 202 Bleccker street. TTTANTKD? BY A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER, V? work by the day or month, or woul I engage with private families. Apply at 21 Ks.-ox street, from 2 to 4. VET ANTED? BY A RESECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU VV ation as housekeeper or first clast cook; no ob jections to go in the country. Can be seen for tiiree days, at 198 Chrystie street, room No. 3. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as nutse and seamstress; is a good plain sewer and drecHiiialier; or would make herself gen erally useful, l'lesse call at 93 Cliff street WAN! ED? A SITUATION AS COOK, BV A WOMAN who undcpitant:* her business well, as Preach und Englinh cook. Best of city reference given Inquire for two days, at 82 Seventh street, near First avenuo. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation as chambermaid and waitet, or cham bermaid ami plain sewer. The best of ci v reference. Can be seen for two days, at 2.">4 Henry street, Brooxlyo. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to oook, wash and iron, or to do chanberwork. No objections to a boarding house. Has the best of reference; lived three years Lu her last place. Please call at 26 Warren street.' WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED SCOTCH woman, who has lost her first buby, a situation as wet nurse iu a respectable family. Call at 178 West Sixteenth street, third floor, back room. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS cook, or would do general housework in a small private family. The best of city reference can be given. Please call at No 327 Ninth avenue, betws?n Thirtieth ' and Thirty-first streets. Clan bo seen for two days, if not engaged. 117- AN TED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM4N, A W situation as good plain cook and to anslst in wash ing. Has good referense. Can be seen for two days, at 34 Watts street. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE woman, on cook; ha* no objection to assist with the washing and ironing. Can give the be?t of city re ference. l'Wse apply at 122 Tvrellth stret, between Fifth and Sixth avetues, for two days. WANTED? A GERMAN COOK, WASHER AND IRON er, at 10?> West Twenty first street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Scotch and Irish l'rutestanti may also apply. City references required. Wf ANTi I) ? A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, VV in a confectionery or ice cream saloon Beat of references given, l'leasn adores* F. W., 130 Leonard street, on or before the 9th of March. WAN'lFD? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMLN, a situation tq|do the general housework of a re Jectable, small private family; she has lived out in Lon on for several years; is a good washer and ironer. Wages moderate. Can be seen for two days, at 12S Clinton place, rear house. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIIIL. A tit us tion to do general housework; Is a good washer and ironer. Please call at 400 Fourth atreet, uer ast place. I*T ANTED? BY A MAN AND HIS WIFE, SITUA W tioni; would not object tojmiog a short distance in tho country. Ihe man uefletsnds the care of horses, is a good nnt careful drimr, and willing to make himself useful, lrta lived in this country six years. Hia wife is a food ws flier and ironer and plain cook. Apply at 13 South street, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION AS ASSISTANT BOOK keeper, ca* bier, or clerk, by a youn< man 2 2 years ot age; has rerved as such for a number of years in the old country, writes a good hand, and is of smart busiueen habits. Can produce satisfactory reference from last employers. Address P. R. Clerk, Herald office. "II f AN 1 ED. ? A YOUNG MAN, GERMAN BY BIRTH, Vt who can give good references of undoubted char acter, wishes to obtain a situation of any kind in a mer cantile or importing house; has been for the last five yean with one employer. Please address T. C. S., Herald ofllce. w WANTED? A MARRIED MAN, TO TAKE OH VROE of a ainall farm near the city; hotiae ani garden furniabed; moderate wage*. Adcree* box 1,901 Poat OUice. ANTED ? A MAN OF GOOD ADDRESS TO SOUCIT order* fur beautifully illitnt r atfit works in thin city and Brooklyn. Apply at t>3 V??y *tr.'*t, in tba bindery, between Hand 10 o'clock A. M., to V GIIXEHPIK. WANTKD-A YOUNG MAN, IN A I.AOK AVI) KM broidery atore. The beat of reference required. Apply at Tl'i Eighth avenue, to Win. O. Kln/ey. WANTED? A SITUATION, HY A RKHPECTABI.K young nan, to work oa a (arm. unaer.ttaud* tie care of borate. A short dlatance in the country pra forred. t'aa be *em for two daya at No. ii .Second atreet, fourth Hotr, front room. WANTED? A YOUNG MAM, WHO HAS A CAPITAL of SHOO or ft, 000, in an old ettabliahed * love and tin atore, ia the upper part of the city went aide. To a suitable person (an Auieru an preferred) this ia a rare opportunity Aadres* Enterprise, Herald ofli *. WANTED? A FEW GENTLEMEN TO MAKE >6 A day, by a rroall inve*tm*nt. Those desiring t? know that Such an opportunity ia a fact, and who wiah employ merit, will !>?* fully informed, by calling on BRoWK & CORAM, No. 47 Dey atreet, or by addressing a letter containing 12>i cent*, in money or stamps. WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE young man .an porter in a dry good* *tore or tailor'a atore. (iocd eity reference from uia last place. Please aodres* R. 8., box 108 Herald office WANTED? BY A YOUNG "MAN, A SITUATION A3 aseistant gard<ner, or to take charge of a email garden, Jto drive a home and cart, or to work on a farm He* no objection to city or country. Can be seen for two day*, at 4IH Sixth avenue. \JLj ANTED? A RESPECi'ABLE AND OBLIUINO YOUNG V? man, to a<*i*t id a grocery and market Dusiaaax. Muat come well recommended from hi? last employer, and be of ateady halnta. Apply to W. P1IJC, 67 Washing ton afreet, corner of York, Jeraey Olty. WANTED? A 8AI.ES MAN IN A GENTLEMAN'S EUR niehlng store; one acquainted wi'h the buainew and can give the beat of raferencea. Apply at J. Agate'*, 2ttt Broadway. II ' ANTEI>? A MTUATION AS PORTE ft, BY A YOUNO TT man, 20 yearn of age, la'aly arrived in thia coua try; I* *tr< ng and willing and of aober habits, haa no ebjectuin to honett employment of any kind that would allord a decent livelihood. Ad Ire** Thomaa, 471 Ninth avenue, corner of Thirty ninth street. WANTEIi? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE man, to work on a farm, under*tand* the cara of boiaea. Ha* gooo reference from hi* Uat place 1 'It-are call at 21tt Elizabeth *treet, thirl floor, front room, for tiro day*. WANTED? A MAN WITH $7f> AS PARTNER IN AN ?y* ter, eating and drink ng aaloo i he wiU have full charge of all, aa the aflvertiaer cannot be there only once a week. Alao wanted, a cook. Apply at the M U?n, No 2>, Bowery. WANTED? SAIJ*MEN'. IN THE SILK, DKIAIN'E, I riat and flannel department*. 1/ORD \ TA YU)R, Oratd atrret 1*7 ANTED-A MNG1.E MAN TO IO TIIF! WdRK )N A vf fanr. ; be mu*t underntsnd attending ?V><"k. Hueh a msn will find constant employment by applying to B. 8. Morris, 71 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn. lir ANTED ? AN nmiUGENT BOY, TO I-EARN* THE. TT hat shaping i uhW; one laqnllM Witt tlx buaincM preferred Warnock, hatter, !*"w Kroadeaf. ?*** ANTED - AN Al I RK TICK T'? A HAIRDRESSER W laquua at i' ? Broa-iwaj, Bp atalra. V VATkT WASTH'-Al :U1 MKO*r.WAY <R?XI HSNT ) IT* ) cabinet ma *ts, ?a-jes 12* per d*v m n 'nr ? teamen ar.d railroada, cler?? pcrfers, bar'.-ep^r* Dujs lor liotela, ialoona a?<l trade?, four i-i?n in * c*? mill, wagea 10* per day; houteseeper* lai n i. ?,ea. ft?e aiiU aa waiters in a dining aal ofi wage* ?' i*' -nva'h. Afply to TH??-. i PINK, \? at. ?p,sr ?WANTED. A MAN. MARRIED ? rl " ? I ', i Oe take charge of an tatlqg, ov*vr and rtu* log aal*ea. No 1 v. Bowery. Tbe aDr.?7r.?>*r c*aant ?r tbera bnt oac? a weak, an he muat take the *?>?>!* ^haree. Alao want* a ra?h? pav M. Afply in ti.e talaar. N?. 1 v, Bowtiy, MM ChAtUa ^uare.

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