Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6768 MORNING YORK HERALD. # EDITION-THURSDAY, 'MARCH 8, 1855. PRICE TW'v> CEVTS. OLD T AMMAN? LIGHTED VP AGAIN*. ?CHEAT FUSION liEMONSTRATION LAST NIG II T. ENlUiS!Afi!H OF THK I \TKBBU IFI). !& CTJ?AN PLATFORM ADOPTED. DESPERATE ASSAULT ON THE KNOW NOTHINGS. SPEECH OF JiECOUDEIt SMITH. I 1IE80LFTI0K8 ? iDOKEtiSES, &?., ttlO. The long expected I'tisi ju demi-nitration, c tiled by the Central Democratic Union, took p aoe ut l u in many Hull .nrt ?Ttmnh' The list of epeahcrii iucludad ilia na-nes of many distinguished orstors, and n. verr large crowd was collected in cosset} tifuce . Loug bofore tfco doors were opened the lower part if tx.e bail Idiiii crowded with a demm mass of people. The avenue* wero so <len?elj crowiiod that the officers cf t '?.? muetiag had jreat difficulty in re&shiDg the private *t iirw.i "a When tie doom of the hall were opened at half pan- *evjn there was a tremendous rush, and very noon tne hall was densely crowded. The national flag was raised over the Hull. The pi */*? ?was decorated and occupied by Shetton's bind, which (lixcourMKl various appropriate airs, in^lu dug the plain tive negro melody, "That I'oor Old Slave." At a quarter before 8 o'clock the meeting began to get , a little no. sy, when Mr. Jou.N Oku h ? nk, Murveyor of the Port, came fur ward end said:? Fellow citizens: ? Although the time has arrived for -which thlh meeting *im announot d, ytt *.11 of our trieud* Lave tot yet Buec. tdtd in obtitloing a tmisnion iuto ho hall. I wil', howevir, at tins time rail the meeting loorl r. This nieetiiir has betu .ailed to get. er at tho mviUl ou of the Cential Ileitcciatic I nun ot the city ml county of New I orb. It was called 'hit the maa-.** of the th-niociacy tiii^ht have ?n oppoitm ity of losing i-ito trucb others' faces once more ? to me. t in eoun mJ alter tiie victoi en they have aeh e.o ? to look back upon tho it imiatiou tl ey have w<<i and forwar t to the tnoinp In which await lb- m. I will now read to y?u tho call of the meeting . ? I mow ok the DmociAcv.? ' The demoeraM of the city anil county of New \ urk, v* it liout diittlucllon, I isathar with th? dill real ward demu< raMu l i.itn cltiln, an 1 all otli r i j niucratic sunociat ou?. aro luvlieil to meat in mats <?itii t h ? t cntrai Democratic Union, at I r.muia'iy llall, i.ii M'i l.i - Iny evening, March 7. tit 7H o'clock. Toe following >li?tin > flushed goatleauen will a idroim tbe meeting: ? Jlon. C A. Iicu^ta", of llliaoiK, lion. Jsre I'leiaati." oi Alabama. Hon.' J. S. Willi-, f \'e?- llatnp ' ire. lion, .t \V. Forger, i f l*entisyl>ani:i, lion .1 .-i. Orr, ot South Carolina, lion. Col. Ktei.ariUon, of Illinois, Hi ll. Col Mi II ollen, ot V'irmoli, If. u. J A MoD'iu -al. ot ('aliioriua, II n. >V. S. Harry, of lilt inippl, Uon Kob ert Trier, of Virginia, Hon. Tlionnis B. Florence, <f Pennsylvania, ?>>.d others, whose nam- * wi'l iloly ann-innco t lly order i the CENTUAl. DEMOCRATIC UNION. * Mr, CoCBttAim then nouitnatud for Ctiairmau ot the meeting James M Smith, Jr., K?q., Recorder, whieh uu situation was unanimously raliiled. Mr. Smith said:? Fellow cKInu- 1 tender you my thanks for the honor }ou have done me iu electing me to preside over your de liberat'ODS this evening This In, in eed, an oc:a-ion when the heart of every true democrat ?h?'i d b? flllod with joy, iD rontrastlng tins gr at a^^m1!1 igo witti tho elim atteni*um ;>s havs appearel we.en we bare calle<l meetings in this hall a tew months since. It i< (ratifying to look arouwl upon i-ueii a ih-oie mais of uulted deraorr.its? reralling pi-t triumphs in the histo ry of the party. (Applause.) I* is not to bo denied that there bate been eerioua dls-en-ion-" in t jh de mocratic family, canted by 'he ?pr'-.ding of je?loa?i"i whlrh nei-r shoult! hate been ente< l? tied. Hut th ? *)vertii of this night encourage us to look forwxrd to hot ters days; enii judging 'rum tho pre?eut acpi'iir.ui-e of things, it r< ally looks to tne as l all th? ^h"IU of the de u ocracy were ' o be b*oken. (ij?iighUT and applaine.) We have t'e power ui our o?n hands. No inrty po-i eees<sao strrng a hold as wo do upon ine h urt of tho manges. (Cheeri ) No tru? doajocra should te; i'ate to sm-riflce lilt preja li jcs in faror nf noj particular section of tbe party upcu the loinuion domocrstlc aHar. ( Applause ) Ut us he willing to meet nach other hilf way. let us be no longer oit .led upon m-re abitrao tk>n?, wlien by un on we car. carty iuto etfect't'in great principle* of the party, rime win wtten toe noml nation of tli* r<i moeratie ticket tn tne city an I county of New York was equivalent to a victory When the p ills -were closed we met in this hall to r*ceire the return- of 'he elejtirn and a* eucli delegation rams m It wit re cfired with tltotits of trtutnpV Of l*'e, *o far from this 'lelng the cafe, our lights have too often been .lim an 1 not a voice lis* bet n ra s?it. Mi*ll th;* ecnlitue to he the- ease* (I'ries of "No in> ") Fellow citi/en-i, I thank you for that response, an-l I accept it a-, a pro n- Ine for the future. I hope that you w ll continue in ?the same epixlt and. by unite t actl in you will ere long ' *estnr? the democratic party to its former glory. I will not detain you, but will give way to gentlemen who come from parts of the country where teeiv are ni b%r-l ' ulie'ls or soft -hells, (laughter and load appiant-e ) but whereat! are democrat*. (t*k.-t of "Douglas, ' -'itu flrt.") Mr. CnjtKi m n. Rim ? I have bwn reqn?"it"d to rvail be fnUovt .ru lint of Vic* I'reaidtnU ami frecrc ariea. lit at? ao officeholders cnoni; th'-ra. (lAaghtrr, !?pfilanF?, and cnen of " ThjujUm ") Ward. \ irk. MUamrjrw. . I. Jovlah W, Brown, John Kay, '2. Jinn* M< Bean. Jain** Walton, 3. TV uia* Montoe, A J. McCarthy, 4. William li'ird, John Batch, 6. Heury It (lOilrairc, Jojd A K'-onedy, ?J. Charlt* Neery, Kdward I tar-, 7. K. K. Coctolly, Jauiea Murphy, t>. J N I'UilipH, Nathan ei H ie ? Win I) Kn.noJjr, W'm. \*il?wr. 10. i&ijab F. Purity, .luhn (*an t'otl, 11. E. II Kioibark, Kd?ard B vito.i, 12. I >? n ? 1 1 . Tiamnun, Jooa H UralbtiMt, 18. Oauinl 1' i-amrad, Alexander Stewart, 14. John K ell r ? .lame* M Hard, 16. lJant?l N Norrin, John U Hyer, 10. Jeremiah Carry, .lam?a Ca^ldy. 17. J llcUod Murphy, A. K I'attvraon, IS John F Hrlfrir*. 1". Htllroji, 1 ' A a -on Htrtii k, 1 lioinu dtarr, 10. liobt G. Nrllta, I- reem in ('amp >ell, 21. (>ioi?e Varian, Chaa. H Ilnvell. . "32. .to tin I"oheity. MlcOael Cooully. Pr.l KkT lRlfH I. Michael ityrnea, M THiran, 1. fharlea Kruyer, J M Fr*oak, J. Cbarle* Fletcher, 1* U. Mal>n?y, 4. Un? lla?<?.* Wm M Hm *u, f>. Hear* F Kiell, .l<din II Whltm'ire, fl. Jer. Mahoney, Owen Kenney, 7. J. C?. t"*ely. John npp'r, 8. It W H. Hou all. IHtII A. Fowler, 9. J I< I laid an n, .lame* UfiOa, 10. A. H IV>unrt, fam T Wart*, II. B Chrtattnan. A B. Kollld*. 12. J. B Wall, John M. -.r?h?r, Jr., 10. lid. Mc('oaie!l, Th..m-.a Coop?r, 14. Jo* MrArdle, Wm M??b*o, 15 I I tank a. Jr., (' J I'tmi-reliinjr 1? Sam. Ottood, J. .ho Qftfferf. 17. Ih'mar ReiUy, Thoa. I' I". John, IN J*me' Ilalated. Maurice f)al>, Iff. .lobn (? Kl?*. It Klynmer, 20 .l*m?* M l'o*t, Job* W. I! iy? e, '21. B. H Haight, Jn'i* Kloaley. 22. Her.. Fair' hi Id. Chat. Campbail. TheCaaiR put th* 'jo'-'tiou nnd the nomination* were ? viBflrmfd. A number of letter* wire read to the meeting, but we ,ba*e oaly tooai for the following ? I. OF JOHN * AN Bt'KKN. N? m Vuaa ??reb fi IWlt fiawM.iwi *? I hat* t< riii- 1 yuur ia>>tati ' i in 1 1 lrj.? the daim rratlr mat ? martin ? ton row ?t'o'nr, an I r vrit bat it will h i k? In my r to rb? >f iU< Statr ol Saw Vurk (at* an aarn?<t in th<- la-' tl n fiatthty wrr? ta?t rhoinj; lb hr*a?h tia I Van on KMnararlly nad? ta tlicir rank. >1. yaar dp aud i. ^o4y will wrleum* with mora J")- tL?n 1 ihall Hi' ??t ri rwtenws of harrnoay ami ani' n i* tb*ir<WM<l? T' that party. ?r d that party nlon I have evor look 1 1 r t?i? ? ?Hfrttoa aad viadicail< n ? f? ,n l pria^lploa, fi?r an pri.-lit ta4 A'lmiaiitrati a af M* an 1 for I *i? pro* parity aid h no? '?( th'i5i<i a tpi.-it tf oonrtliatinn aad klbda* '.y tn*p*u. Iib^ r itr. <> ?W io(?inlltl tlffcr m. ?? i r,i ,aloB, by f ?'u ? ?aad? parti." ti> "r hj?tra; iitni o.r,' ? id prirai.' ?ri?f? and by ? fall urn I adb r ??a t , , ii?at aad tin, hna^rad rrta*i| ; , aad '.r^anwait-a < I atmtaw tt.i? Mate will tesdily r?aia th- proud ?. n lh?y ba?<! or. n fd fur ?o many >?ar. aad raatarr .at ??>l,l? < < it, lh? rank a. I'llr df r li i.s t!.? ml. /r. a ?4um aad ratrmtlMB nfafl. ;m flln'^n rtani^l D. T ima ktaa, Hilaa ttrirbt. ana th* frarlr?? aad >ipri bt ?-?ud of | . ai i<-rat? a h . 1 d and anfaltartr/ ? (nataieeti tbo?a ?r*at moo. Raapactfall^ aad truly yi ara J v \n ?i ur.x 1' Ht?ri fl V M l a*. Rim., an I otli'ru. I iuautt*? LKTTtB Of HOJt 0. HT. JOMB-t, OF IOWA. Uaoixoroa, MarohA, I ?Vl fiaari.mi '?I a. koowUda^ tUa raaatpt of yoar Nattodnr iattar of the litb nit., laTitin* mi i ?{'<?;, i a bHnaTaii tii??? a?e?<iiif at Tamniany It all oa tba 7t.' m rta-n I at ? haaaa roaarat nlatmna ovtr tba ra aalon ol ?h- lam >?rity of >itw YnrV. and i n "friaabt i ir- . rj I I ad i rom tad ??a?lf ih? rl?aa?ra el iMatia/ with i .a <a tha> Winn, aad it la only at t bi ? late bour I bod i >*t ?tr< BBatancr ' biyaal ?> rontml will I ina mo?' r itratfallr. to daeliaa tha iaTiiati o, aad f<ir<.-< tii- . r?Mf b t|. a and pr at I "hftld an doa^,' d*rif* fr n a p?rti< lp? tl'-a In ???ir faatHIt ea, lint. Ihi'iiflt I ahall aot b* wi**i yn*i in i.?r-on an I an -t mlntla ia tb? f?"t!?itita a^ 1 wii^whi liron a?'? trau- aad iaipro?a a . tv?ataf an iaa*a nap' na> < tn tl.^ ? bolt rotiatry, j"t my b?ar? mj ayti.f ?thiea. an 1 my b p. ? fill ? ? with you, nut only no thar icfioi ?n, when you will or *??! i?e for the oonteaf, but throughout that co * t? ? t , until th? iBuouneemnni of the ??real' r^u efkinno' of the demo cratic party of N ew York" All h dcmon?'rat d in vie tc-ry. No mm, t'entlemon, haa ?vi*ucfie?* with more regret than tryatll the unfortunate ? ird*! . i,jn < ' ioh hivt delitsrei tl e democracy ot New > r?<, b? tiad, into thi / smUh of our I'ueniiei; and no man t. *?.- h with in re aaii ifuctioa aad plan mi re thy announcement k ? ;,at ditVorei.oa* of o|/in)oB up<M ui important <iuerticnc art i nriod in oblivion. ami tho demo cratic part> tf New Vork ha? attained that unity of aeiiti in en I aid notbn ?H?h insures it* miure miocc** " I receive i bin aunoun einent with the nuru 'ratification, ? rd \i? w it is (lie more iiiipi rtant, bffKUM it i? ma ii it a line whin tbo national democrat!* party, on which w n ie?t ti e h? pes, tb ? I'm* urit j the pre* pert t v an 1 *l< ry of ?-?io republic, i? reeling. det?ate<i out not cou'jnere 1. umlnr Mn euccer-Jvi blow* ?4rnck tlronukoui the N-rticri Mat**, by an unholy and nnnutcral alliance, cramming all tt*? el<j merit* of opposition ? alik* tie moM iufamonri with tUoco that lay claim to iom<i hi. t >Hc di'iity. iht imrleue li aring, the t n ering front nut on by tho d??(crnO) of New York, the h? p? and roaolution indicated 1 y your contemplated jit uke, munt have hkoh! effect up>n toe organization, ti e v i, jiancc and eftieicnc} ??! ti>e party in ail tart* of the I. l, on, and v 11 infuse confidence ftud ci ir* y into our rank". I r?j? ice iu ecu men with every democrat, t hut , in bar mormon its strer.,. tb and or^.imam^ for aoti ?u. tho demo crutic party of New V <rk ha* made no coiupr ou?e< with any <1 tit- taetion* ni d omnuatUn ? f the ofty, which are reeking to en . rait dti0g**r< us eeetional and scctaritu idiue< j.l "U the < rn <in of j aii if and > ring th? prejudices, rather ti an 1 1 " i at riotiv n? a . l J-mI nn-nt, of our countrymen to lK I a: t] ? Lftllot box. i njeice that it rcpiKltft'e* all tile fitiwato iiknep, ami adlures with nnwftveriftg fait h and a flection to the amiont laudtnarKa? the tri-d and nrovod j r 1 n < i | !? ? and polity of* the d? n ocratie party of the I oiou. We art approaobiPK a rri in in the Li t 'ry of p uitica in the republic, 'llio ntw^U f;ef(?re um ir the mo# t moinan tutia. in ni) hnmMe JimI. mei t >?hi h w?* fmtv ever, R" a | ?o pie, decided at tl e I dllot iox, Never before ware th > free v< tere ot t li*i ti ife*' Sta.te? ? al 1 ? f upon in contort ai the t-uilot 1>< x for ccnatit utional ri .bin tho mo*t aacr?)d. and af iin e i influences the tnc^t damier up. Never in our hinto r \ , tic dt)K wl ? n '.!? fathers of the Revolution met tLe linne on the f t id of b ittle, have tb?' An?o. lean p ?onle hem (ailed upon t?. r? t ? * f an avowed a*ta?'li upon riKiifea ai. l priLcii'lfaf, without which lit erty i.nt a naum >m ? a rn- ci ery Hut it la>t ii eh a atrugilo w# an* approa'ihiiiK* pricit Mated u| ( li u# by unwii-i and ^hurt -i 'i?t? ?l b gotry a i (f preju'l ee of our own countrymen, f - iu and reared under the I enlyuant *?ua eoii ht aud teaehint'N ot our lihe ral unci happy institutions? a nm?le for li erty r V>n ei? nee, the froedom ><t Miflraee, .nd i?>r equal ruhti to tbo citu? n. I he lernita of t) i? content will bo felt, in tl; wliolo dotiny of ? ur country? perbapt determine tliat ieatiny. to > do not i ei (I the jceiiu* of propht-ey t? ft retell tho mournful decay, or the more awllt eonvuUion* w'ifc?h innat I rii r to ruin the aplendid edifieo ot nati ?nal power and flory, the fi'Undatii'na ot w! i? h our a r?*a have laiti iu b) >d, an<i tho aupcratructuro "f which haa been n*ar I In pride and honor oy the amaxiii? ? n? r?ry of domooratio inatitntiona an i deice -cratio rn e, r the d?atl? blow t* i ow to r? atruck to Tel iou- te!? rat i' i' th p ritv nu'l fre?' exereia<* ot tbo light of auffrage, or t# th< ? utl ??! rijchta of any eitiseii i-r ai t-tioo ?.t i be I'ntrn. It Aui rtca ih to be uo longer 'I laud ot reliei* i a riodon.? If toataof birth and faith ar?* to be inwtitated? if the opme>- d and oball manhood of I'wrope in no |ont:< r to f:u i re u/e ai d < (>p"rtii i?Hy b?-u?i?tU t hi n>i; t-f ovrla *?? if ti e I i! t boa t?- he eontrolled by ?v|<rcr i .t v.orke ii ret %n?l ?< :i?inr ^ in darkn?^?? H? i . gentlemen, th?- *a< rifle<?a ??! tb" K ?r lutl n, the tri - mt phaof <?nr hi. tory and t!??? ^rnmi ?- ot oor 4?atiny, nrn nil it vain, and wor?? than in vjin Hut I look forward, feL-tri u none of the i roaulif. I'nder a beneficent Prori c ? i ce, I put my truit in the democratic party ?>! the Union. II the puBiti.n a*?i mi d b. Ur d- !n?cra y ot New Vork, a? \ ? ve an earn^pt tVf t t' ?' ra'li n.Oif y of ? lie party in to bo mat? tallied, and its int<-i-rity preserved. TL !,?? gali tnt man ner inkblot the democracy in alm? ft ail the States havu c uie u | to t he Into atruauh s a 'ainr-t their allied fuea, or?*ii i/ing ti c?r 1? rcon, and I oidl> aim frankly avow in * their prhi t iple*? coti'rtt.uK not bin and concttmu; nothing - pf'ves that tl ere ia ytn natioi al j -.rty. \V? nr?* now hi* n red tbat that national dem? rrati?, party haa I" th t'.n patriotism a? d the ric? 1 u t i ? v. t>. cl.i ? !k th? tide of aectional anil bunted <ncr<achmenl which would mom to tnrenten thebindaof ! tie l'r ioi and tho ancc nn of ot;r iu?tituti?ne. In 1? via? viaor- ??.?, patrmtic, beauti ul v? un/ tnwa ? the dc mf ?*ra? y have Juat na--??'d thr-iugb ft ti? r? o itm^nl j with | tb ? ? ( lobmcd foiei a ur tbo op; ^itioii. and ??wir i | arti'illy defeated. anH- -ring or artaU' t Ios.h in In- in.: do i j rived nf the service* < f cur gallant Oo.Ue in the Unjt -d ' >i ?te* Senate, yet wc have t!ie ratiafaction of kuowin t.iftt '??I wnt into and t ame ? nt "i that content democrat* hat ! ini: c mprevni^td no principle of our party ore?d, or yielded a ainv ?. ? an u h witu onr opp< n? nia in tiuiea raat; and the bear* of I<uai* to-day aa ??ounilly at.?| warmly demo ] i rat ic in ? v? r nndb-atHin prompt a rcaponao to the duty and devotion ihi'iata to the I nion. I I ftvt an ab>< ing hope tbat tbo dftViocrftoj ot every Htftt > of tb? I nion eiiiuhiting th? wi?e forbearance and concilin tioo ??t tl eir brethren in t.he Empire J^tftie, will roeo b? a? lo to cxcl.nugc congratulations with ? aoh other upon the c ? ? m : plcte ai l efU :ent i r^aniaation of the national democratio jerty, up n 1 h? ancient end rccocnii-d platform, ami under the | lond and unatam^d l ann r which ha>* ?o olteu waved ? a mi to victory. Ihua organized and mnralalbd, a yet m< r?* brilliant iritimph and prouder trophies will be ours in tie canvass of :.<i. I am g< nth men, with tr- at reipeot, your obedient servant, GCt?. ^ J"NKH. URTTKH FROM MII-TOM H. I. A 1 II AM. Hoi Ol KH'KI UM AVIVH, / W a am no Tow, iob. 15, IkVS. V (.1 M-In reply to y ?ur > ?.mmunicaiioti of th* sth I ehrua r\ i . \ ' t ii .. rt <*. ?.<! ir. < a mm niitlDg of tho deuiot raey at Trmmn* > II nil on t >. ?* 7th Marc h, I b**g leave t*> nay, tha* I i ?* >'i/D leu vie * W r < aliiornia '<n the .Its VI arch, and cannot, therefore, ( or. ?bi> attend. I tru*t tha object of the meet ii.|t, a? act torih in y- nr* of UtefttU, may i ? lully f<all*e?l The ui'i'c.v ol ratic I rim i(?l? ?, hi niv opinion, m tha in i ?. ?< < r our inn nt of government I cannot, therefore, do otherwise titan i?in*'cre1, hope that * union of t be detv ? ra* v may en*uc, u.d ti.a' for tin* cutm try 'r uood, *l?-iuo? ratie victory may *'be r:ano*.c i v ry e* poetfully, your obedient .'crv ant, MllJUN J*. LVHIAM. DITCH FROM THO?AH II PLOKKNCK. Iloi i> o? KrPhHiM ATIV?:", ( W Apuinuros. Feb. 2m, 1*>M $ lii \t i.? wi n ? If my h? alth will permit me t<* b?* a ith % on at 'Jamtneny 11*11 on the ?th irxim?, ni oat l.nrily will I avail roy?* it ol t bo privile e ot rtotn-/ It ?? important to tb? weltar I th* r**pul I ? >*nd tho pi rrnanene* ??! our I re? inpt ilutt >t. ?? that the dm < ? racy should be inited a- one . i >nd it i.?. titer* f* rw, befitting and proper ? at n voire r?l, .t.ld c ii??' I' rth fr?'i ?? 'DM Tammany, ?ovarii** th* toe ?in t r tha promotion of union an I harmony to tho rem* >to*t hound; "I our confederacy. Tr ih your-*, TliililAS It. FLORENCE. lie following renolutfood were theu ni! ?d?1 adopt I It -olvi'd, That we, the I r.ion democrat* ol N?*w \*?rk, who, iiM Ctin, bevt to eight vHbotlt distinction <t feet, f?ai tor no purport ol detraction or didorgauuation. with uo %i tw t? advatHc the claim >f anv man fir ti?? Presidential ?a?' ceasion, hut to ?it down and reason b other, a* m?n a r o, vi In n ni-i'ed, have hlth< rto pr jved t h m-elre* invincible in every political i onteit. K? ? c I v ???I 'lhat th ? r? ?|?ulation> tb? f)a:uie|al, cofvm rcial, anu a.rimlt ral iH? itlou of Ne? Yvrk, aa the fcmwre State of ' t in.- Republi .juatl} entitle h?r to a i -.tumnu-liu/ v<doo ir. th<- democratic council* ol the uuti u Tltia proud p'ace, it?b? rit**J iute tae tinte ol t.'Uaton, irnpon??a nfwu b r the duty oT vindlotin/, ly in lf p- L'lfLt a id earles? action, h?sr denii" rati- I irthris !?' . H. oolv* d, Tbat the | i?t ha^ aoffi- iaritiy pr> ad toail rirlit uiind-d men tbat nothing hot } >rroua' jr?)udn - or parti ?aa?hipa dit idc u Tn?pr? ? nt tella ua t i.a ? them are no ma t rial point* ol <iiff*r?ne?' b' t^^en na; ari l th ? futur warns n^ in lrnsua?" ? I ni.mi-taV.uole nimp'i< itv, th** otir bopaa of aucccst do uot depetd tipon a ntraailotia, much leaa do tbf> dep**u<l u|< ?|tiar? la ai >n|;*t oraelv*-*. It U U**'d lata to recapitulate th*- eapi^Uity of t!<e ttni* d dew ? r.n y of New Urk. It i* a la t a?> idain " tha< ai ry man who run* may r?-ad** t?t it in tha h(?t*ricul rcorda "i th ir ji\- ri qvp triumph*. Tho duty b^for" n a i* therefore ?l-ar aa I aimple. and every ma-i ah- pr<?t democraUe fait'i on i t to make th< acrthc*: of hi* partisan ?hij? lor tnc ^ak ?f that nun n and Lar?.? ny ur u which aJon-j th* harm -ny of the I taion depend ?. * Rinolved lhat *1 "h' " ard cry" Oi forel rn <nHn a^ ?' in our mid?t , i? ?t? ad of a- ekin* t# imp ??e avtroai Otllgatlaai and reitramt* on the poor emigrant who. in his otjape fr ?m t> ranny ar t oppre?io n, e< mea to contribtita his ma'* ruU ai l to the devel pcmcat ol the reaot.rroa of the ronntr>, I onaht rathf r to 1 ?? dlrcet i I acilnkt tho?? pa'jjered n.ini>ui ! of fctipliat aristocracy aho<>e iuter*?-ren<- v%i*h tte I im-ui' i in?titutiona of the I nitad Statas hat hid lor it* aol ?? whja< t I sectional a^ltatb n and t'- ' ntual iiennion of our r pub I He. (<lh?ero.) It is a r?in t thif : pei - of l? r rn inffu luo* I that tl e dsmocraey >i St w York pie l*?* t hem*?-lvc* always | u anfnlly to lattl. Reno|v?.l. That the \ ni< n i to r . f S ?* S i i?i< to tho trno American dmtriae ?i *lo'.r ?, repudiate any line <if itovernm ntal inulicy which do< ?* not rciiii to the at taat f f the * 'life and fortnao*" ol tJ?* mt?n, all Knrpe?n int? ?f? rence with the affttraof tafa eoatineat, and tabu h will not re;ent to tb< utmost, tb eacroa i ahi? h ar . ?ooffbt to be B1W>- by the Ailie i i'ow^rs of 1%'iswru Kur-pe. >n ? hina, the >aod k UUnda, Cantral America aud Cuba A p| Ian v ) ReaclvtJ, IbatitHtiri e f?r the detn .rra# r f \-w V rl, in view of tt ? a' r^m polk* of the A I lie 1 powers < Mir at. firitai; an I Franc*- to r?p. - a eh-eh u| >n tb?.r H'eat In dian aa^raenicns and t<? <i* iih?* tb- Ann rioan nnd'-r?tan<imr ?f the list* of l ondiiit that dlSskl ha paiiatd by u? aa a a t tior. Hasolvad, th*-rel< re That aa the unan:mo n vot? e of th** Ct.ioa demoera' y ol New York, w* b ldtb ae iniaitiea ef tl e inland of tuJ.a to I ? I param <int iinportanec, aot oaly to t! e tifi-l) and integrity of the State*, \ a*, aa n* ?-??arv, ii a fteorraphkal prlat of view a ? wi< the *>??*? -?#b?n of tie lalta ol the V< -i??ippi t* tb* a- mui-r al ^r* ain* *oi I boner of the eoo'i .ry ifireat aheerfa/. ? I He hired, ' *he opiuioas we have o?v>re?aed art in? pa rabl? from patriotism, and ibe irin ipl?*? we have aa con in ad sre as etidoriajK as the republic. If not arte I on n< w they will be hereafter ? sa 1 umat f .rsi an i*?ne, a? | P? rhaps th? s< le i??oe in all f'ltnr** p luteal eoatena Re 1 jardtnir. theref? r**. tb future a? fra*'sh* with ev nt ? char *1 I with the d* alley, and p* rhap with the perpetuity, not oulr 1 1 th*- dei orratic pariv, hut of th* 1 an*a ?t?elf, ** i invito ?! mocrita all e\* r tbe iaud to oriie with o# i>u 1 ta a rin.iii u * ao*e d > battle agaiast a oomm *n enemy IVurirsr the reading of th? resolutions, lh?* standards of the Kltet Flerenth, and He*, entteoth warU ' l iba. wero biougbt into tlie liali and rctc ve-l lou?i ap plana#. TI.c J Ion . J**'* I ?*Tf akt, M. C , frtrn M'^hifno, was then iotro. !uc?d to the ni*etlof, and whan the be<*r* | which greeted h ui bad lubuded, spoka aa fuiiows ? With the nat ural curiosity which tielon^a to au in ju aitlve noin who may Ije foand m ?traotfo parta, I waa iadnced to c ture here to aisht for toe aole ptrp*?ee of rmkirg oa \ ft. Itke a gr*-at ru iay men who have re u : taken in h y the aliarpers of New York, althouga I earn# here m*ri 'y a* a fpfftatr-r, I found m/-elf put up a* a ape*ta rtl< b* Iw'kwl At. (J.'tujfhtrr ind i|>pUan>' ) Now r.Btl.m'-B, i t t ?? |.oi;ttcl*a?? for ,r? p<,if t r - r ? who h*?* . k-1 m- Btu tttfa pwiti' -i ' n).? it, "?ti. \. i a" Mi ..fiillj ?< t>?j hat- n? .,t ? ?! ? i?\ Ixok I ? It 11 ** JW put * r.xll ? I ?<?> ?r ,r |? <*] ? i,/ ,..yi|.if. ? I l??H ll?ll? tr (aiMtaM (? \ tif 1(. ?,r , I WM, iO tun trip?n?*, my fr|oo.!?, ? Uif cf < (I ifb l ? ??pt oiro*. Ii-mi/ivI irh b w?? <1>'?I/ii?4 in the npm?n? that 1 ***<? | iHi-hqi i' to? - H?w?r? ?f |<lltirlan? ' nor ,10 I Iiajr It it HOT " D?? ?? a i?ir*nof , but it i? a ?arnlD2 wtich tha demosrstle p?rtjr maj w?U l?j to h> art. that tb^y ba?? t*c r?il frum tl ? av'tllaof ?b? l??t two or ?! r.? jrfara Utir> I lot' | < * -r at wfth a torwtdo of public apprvfcatl'ia ,u4 aupp irt, I , a'tmn IMration ?il th ? eountry at tO? mom.f i r.aa kwe wmat ? ?< .1. If rot oT*rthr')*ri u a r .? ...r t j < ' t ,? -U'r ? 1 t ,, North. W \ij% win I a Ii jro 1 , Bt ffl#n<*? thi- wiuln lt<l>. Ihll wit of i4.?n, who ai? l.? r- to 1 , ' f It p K<.t Mraut<> that, tita.r i> 'rati i. h*?. In ir , tt* ptct, f?lt?r?<l in tb# dU' targ* 1 ' tl# M|h IiIm ?ft fh u-? #?11 'rratle | aft* ha. H'rui'' to !l?m. (4|ip'aai> ) Not b?riiu e, with At^u. ' Uff l'??* a> I WfJ iB'?r??t of tb<- !*o?.;-. N> t i* * ?t'i. r?li*?# >, b??n a tinlbif^ .. Bt i,. I at tlm 1 f jr (>!#? del Itran . ' b#f* I ?< ? > t Sin, at lh" balm of tba tat. a nan <n??r at ?? in ? I i hi. .?pa lawrt ?B<! #?|fr in ant .tj lv ?! . f?'.? of lite .oairry >'?t b*?Bu?? yaa ),a<? B0t bad ' t wb? at ?ja'. ever hazard, ?i? ready sotw Juet to bimtelf and carry out bin duty to tui* eooentufeen (.bi? ri) but tt ban been Niiim yi-u, <ir, and r, sou you politicians have teen eager to get <til? (Ware fjt th a friend ami that p are for that frit ud, ard tve bate boeu ready to h t ri at degree, t?t!i?i li/iti oem-flt t a emurratie per'.y to iii* ibl hi- u;'c tijivr iu ? Ivahco our even jaiticfl.'wr Jiieo-'e to ofAce* cl power and protlt. "b&t %j>h tl p H'-nt o*ut w hi *>i loved u in the vo ce of my Irieod to the right it? re, a f*w momenta ago, when he ?tn: to of politicians. ' .I'^ r* ) New, ipy friend*. I "ijsi, litre loniglita* the rnthaxiaat j "I '-with rovermtia. ; i-linga, approach** tlio IVmpl" ? Mtcra I rami* bet* with a -teutiuieol bkio t? a filing of reference an I approached mm p'?r*. which la rufH-tnetl, h-twerer !'aJi>|y you m*y r'f,'..rd it who aro familiar with it. atroivd throughout Hi a v.-iat cation, us liu teir-ple of a. iuoj"n<?y fy,. drt. mocraey, gentlemen, ftom abroad aiprcaoh -hta nr?.t win it yon art aecu?tn.nei1 10 meet it] co-jocll w-tli a -ft inept ?k 11 to it feeling tf reveeeice Wo have ! Incite upor Tkmmni.y Ilull a, thr. orach- tt the demo ' cmHC aery 01 this nation. (Chart.) Wo Int., j bti d aceuaUtne t to believe bat tb? neollioi *it< which I wept out frr 01 tl'ia halt gave wipvaealoa to tn.v patriotic ? eei.'inirn .1 which hlla tbe haarte of tho d?rr.<r-ratii of tine an 'ion, mil we have roHptmded to tt throughout tbo I entire region nfthe Wett a*<i the Sou h, nul ihe opi i run- nhuli Sa?c en analml irora 1 ainni .oy llnih have I everted * np-arter tiillm-nce upon the pditi.-nl fwat 'n-x of ' ti c country than any voice proceeding from other -uar i '*"? (l ' urt n?v'auae.) Am. it bee .men the deinrrniti ! or 1 be cry i f New York aware nf thi* great. thla -itu pet dot a power U eicrted here ?t thn focua, < .wa in' rcial and political, it lec3m*a the deiqocraey of tie city of New York to weigh well ovwr wnid wlicli | roe*- '* from hero, to write it ito-?a With Me caution aad with the div-etloti of an prac>, to dial n uo claptrap expret. una. nmbiUK o cat c 11 ti.t> 1 ear at the moment, whith 1a but a nroinleo '? to h? , broken to the hop.." My, tfcM very tmtiu ' I here to-nigbt will hare an ilII uence jo; onl/ upon the lOlitiiROt tha .--'Biii ol New Yura. but upon tn-eutlro Wift ail) eouth west of 1 h'a country, en l it hav? a | owtrlul iMlu?nce upon thi appro icliii.jf ata tiona in the nth ami n, the haat. lio >ou un lei-t )0.| t irae 'hinir< mi lelloa rtam?? lo jou umlt ra'amt why, in < 011 ?t'i| uence ot your nifili commercial pontion, you e*<-rt an ii torouaoout tin- wh.ilo of thin country wloch it not excited in any other ?ia>t in tho republic? Are you aware of the ranpon-thility, fel'i.T democrat* which n Ij upon )our aliouldtra 1 Are you aware that the di>?eiiainu* and div siona which have w 1 iiken"! and prostratei1 tho power of the Muiif cjRtic party in the State of New York line ba>! their inlli eu'? in other S atea in thla t'nlou 1 1 ? jcii ini?K ue that dlatradi .nt, whmh ur> lodicate l by hard an, eot t blitll, ato eoutiiieo alone to itie city or Ntw Veil. 1 o you not ht.pi.i ia that r.Uci-nten'ed and ! d>a| ii'ute.; politirian* in tt.e democrat"-, paity will ? it /e ii'ilil o' tl eae fealurea, and ead< ayor ele-whwe to illviite apd dUtract tho unicii of the deru iaratie party t i Loytu ooubt that t (triea 01 "No. No.') Aje, n>y Intnda A way , ijmti-ni fi mi h' re, tl.o i|ui-alioua v,hnh dttii ed the I'eniOrracjr of Sew York? wh ch ir..IP purely ol a local ? haraettr, nod vh cb ounht to ha?e ha t no l-i. ?e 'rt-rt intei t ? nlng and mt-Mluig with niv (iwn and St?tea in tin W'e-t, witbdriiwlnif fr.>m Uj - < i iiiiiiun ou 0. the luiihiiil of the d.ii.wa-r-i-> an n-^cy very ?' *of t ,lo la " ta to women, an 1 in n me H'laticn. tn overcome 11a. And It reeulttd in what T Hlijr, ii. t he advancement to |a>w-r i ai d pwici of th. 0 -j-ii .v\o were the roumiOD loea to all rectiena <t l.e oerrocratln party. i.Vpplatiae) , ivm?/ing lucora a- ncv That a man's o-n f.imily ? that yoU, own brehi r? ihould fallout in a family .,,'ar- 1 ri I andaodn- ? tticlr itrebnUi and power aa that tln-ir em tu'cs about'- cei,-.e in and occupy I *1 o*r. hearth e1in<?; (vfceeie-,; atnl yet so ban it been n i the d" roocrath of the Mate ol sew York. Way, 1 ? jll men tbei.aiiUin every e'. ction in thi Sta> < xu.bita th ' fart that the democrntic party In In an inii ie,),,. m? j<Tliy. Neither Whigi, aiiolit oni t., nor Know' N nth in; 11 conii- a< can touch the demociali party ol N?w York (ti.thiini - vto: . beer* ) Mylr enda, )cu la. 1 1 0I1' icintiH ,d your own tnidat, ami t)io?e who have taen e ciii?tciu?d to eo regarded io 'lie pel ulor eatimulion i?a true ni' 1. 'filtering upon tbe mo*t 111 portent qut ntiona wMch can be aubmitted t-> the jam- ' pie ot tl e country. Yon Bnd tbem e-iuivoratin^ do ig. it(.' fearful, ilmd. And why why? Ftecau?e they <lo r-ot feel that there ia a un.oo of aeatlment an ) nrtmn In the Iiemorratie |-arty to auataio them in their high r? rolvea of dcing tbelr duty, at all and every ba?ard. It in tbe 1 atnr&l timidity of the humin heart, ?l*n;r4 l-"i dim Ita loftieat poaitlon by auil.ltion. Why. my irit n e, here ia tie new . Imti nt w hi<-h haa U-i u d?atroy ing audit now dcatroyii g the orginfrttion of partlea in tltia rountry. ^hel^ me tho rtt mo rat ? nlmw ue- \ tie n.aa in whoa*- lit art ever l?oai tbe f am lew t a.-nt inirl of liemocrar)? eh ?? m<- the man who ia not an at rant traitor to everything w -l.-h nonat't jtee a p-ir? an. 1 true dtmocra. f? who (altert f..r or,., mlnnt In bla ?.| ini< n with reepeit -o the do<ta n are) |>rn?cr<p tive oo -r'iiea of thla trr-'i r of tue ' Mar npengleik >i,n tor. (lliaei* ) It w 11 111,11 re -entlemen ii.ore than Inaieg tu hory the indimiant feut ment who b will jet be eiprti-iec by tto Aimiiran people with r?ep.-i:t to thoa ojiniona (loud aj.piati e ) Wliy, uiy 'eilow democrat-, who bar. ev?r dared, ia the face or an Intelllgeat r< mmunity in whieb they lived, and who I uve hren brought up ? i/t educated to utUiuatw their huv ng a drop of democratic Mood io their ?? n? e Ire vet would falter ti|?on a tueation of thU charaeter, an I w!o would even Icon aekant at a platform of innciph- which eeeki my fren-la, to diafr*n ch- -i- a l<r/e portion of our fcil.iw m>n? our fallow c:t'/er?? which ?. ek? to illnfreachl-e, il you ehtn-.i t-> te ?o lo in, your parent" and u.. pwreata? which .e.iKa t?' "ihplai** coi.h1ilut:oc. I rei|uireinenta? to in-*k?i reli /it. t. s opir ions a teat of ;> farint-nt to In ee -if |a>wer, of tr i-t ;in i emolument which ae?aa not only to cha.n tie hi.mnn initio e 10! the tiumau cai-:?^e, but the ! bt. m.m aonlf (loud ap;.lati'e.) Wby, inv frteo-'.-t * ffitie. I re jteat .1 democrat who can heaitato one n vt. nt ,11 hi- debuac a lion t,f .0 a'ro ioue a -Inytrine an I " ' '(* *" ?"',r tl""1 (loud .T'ei of ' No' r.t ; it Ik not aloguiar tt ia cot atuoite, my that tl in ore'e- ahooll lave the <-ip(ioit of the *t,i; 1 -ity iu thla f-Ute, or in a-iy other St-ite, who being iu a miLorlty, et.-k toaitalt j lacea of jiower by wh**tc -r mar- eeui l?at adap ?l at the moment lor the ac ciiipliat ment <f tb- end. I hat K not afrange, fur it I- human ratuie. It ia a wrvknea? o- p-i .r human nature; but it ia tbe ?t.eng'h at. I tbe'y or the deo o- ratle Jurty thai a man never can, in '.be evprea ?i'-n ol I'ollthal >et tiir.i nl?. ?he cfrivi u fr'-m t .? lire t ltL. of duty. (Applau-e.) II- inowx bii pr n^Iplea em' no device, however legenloua, can draw tbem from jl rlr aenertloo ar.d their *u|iport. I'uudainenUI atn-m^ i "* | tinelplea 14 tl.e doctr.Qe of ei^'iai po.'ith-al r'gbta ?i<?! i-r. > l?s.ta f' ill . laa: v of hi* 'eiloe cit /.*na 1 ?ay fi:n ai-ieatal ia tnat^loi lime and t tat p Ineiple an I he it'd not jfive 01 e m< meot'i retloct on Io auy pro.aintlon which iutrlngi a one eirgla iota npou That prin. .pie ( I ond abeera ) The ?>, trine which aet-ki to dlilran chl e a man vho i? inlell gent and la e.(ti?l in all 1 oiit ical | ri v ilegt a, aie! ouglit to be you r e |tial In ivmy intiiiat Iu tbe govtrnmtnt; I ?*y tbe pnnc pie or - . rina < ? ' Octrinc winch aeeka fo deprive Out mau o hi- i ptta. ihould ct t reteiTc one instant'* on ?i?i ratten fiom any democrat, and ho will r- ?-?-t It .v ttti'OnD l ?od Ami mark rue, my frieu !?, do r tiii who h a the iir.-t aent'tn -nt of true d- moera-'y i I 1- heart will ever retualn ii. an or-ler pnfoe-ln/ ?entl n.eiitii in doctrine ? of tlia character af>r be la e onre , ir air 1 d tie featur ?' of -tie inati'u*Juu. (C 1.1 (f.) Jla k m- , m? frlen-la, v! pi-raona of the tieuict ratlc party, who, having de- rte-.l tb'-.r tirat la tier their hr-'l love ? h?v. ^oue ov<r loto tb:- corr-ip' otd? read In 'l utioo Mar' me. all whoareh 11 .t, a. I who aie fallblul in the e*j r'-aion ol tbe.r aentinveiit- -.f 'lemfa-taev, as eo- n aa they ttnd out tbe feat.irtl wh. h dlntir |ui?b thi? on er, -111 ruu Ir. m It ;i? rati wo ild fi' n> a ? n ug el lp iCbeeea i.nd laughter. ; Ih--v w.M r< tr.e hv k f" tbe chun h umv> r?al, tbe ot-mu -ra'.k par Mpf!i?"fe.) It ia anut/ing to me. aa it ia to vou, to ait c own wit! ! *o men of dillerettt atr pe? of party in I ti e time rwtn ami bear thnn talk? the?e nienwb -ba.< no fealfy, D' yirpa'hyaitb wh.giam. or abo itloe -11 t 1 hbO-t. s. tbmgiim, cr anr other deviltry liaigbler. ?nd yet tb./?e m?n cannot he mate to *rt '.ogetui-r n I am t ny becauee one h*a identibe.! h.unelr with tbe I. ?r<! vbt 11 etr pe and the other with the aoft ahell The devil ia to jay between thla liar-l tbe 1 aud aoft hell, l aioful as you cannot reali/e it \>t b* ia thla divle ' ll Io tbe tie inocratie peity all ov?r tl.e country (Aula -?.) Ycu can pr< vant it. You are not all ? teekir . (nel km. a a ileu/bttr 1 lli-rela no thing 11 )? 11/ beaita but a een'im*iit of devotion to tne ' tmo ra: c party. With it a l?ntili.d tbe IntereaU of the co-ialry. Purely my tr.enda, anreiy? If never b* fort- tew time fu'ionieei fn m or* end of 'be Nor' h lo 'l.e other, from >a*t to - st, haa aeaumaal , t ? power I bc? It 1 aa direct 1-1 IU aiaftv againat the priu:ipl'-a of j 'It- foeitlmtion? sice it ha? aought to eel at naught 1 ? hl?h< ?t arte of < ongrwaa? aart-ly there ia e.rny , u ? D'. e to tie |? e*t%>.|lahin?bt of un on lo action brie,- round th.- fnal overthrow of thla oonnon enemy (Atphuae, a'f<n-|e?ied wlta eiBr. at ion ? of imp a tie new ar-l Ijtii ci ea of " Imuglaa, Imigl?, / Noe, my 'r . 'el* aa to the < ongreaa wblcb liae |uat c oaird t .he r- I le Mr* to My a (Ingle word. I am in a? bet'.e I teipa-'nn of you are w tb reaped t/i iht? ai^t j -un end tta- m-aatire and with resnect to th? an-- -wt of tl.ia or t) at propoaiuoa, Dot I 4> not deal ?? 1 1 , I ? t an iron bell ? n llie nerk of my mother, for of al ti.irea n In* niy am and I ope ia in the g reatnea* of th? I dt r. 1 ia' r I a rty Vow, I devoted my whole* euergle , II I- seieirn fiefoit laat Wi the pwaaage of a bill will rb amoi f other things provided for the Impr vementof taa fla'a pf the river H flair In Michigan ?e oarr.vl Ap^rt >rtatU n hi/! throurb by a tren ? n 'oua m? eertty .n fit lest 1 ay ejf the ... on 1 ml r.eree n '.|v ' put ?? !.???> f.-K. if ? .- (. with j. let <li earn | |re.(ri.ty .eio o .tret. o? and the ' (?!') M ' 1 <t r .>e>ure a* l*e? ol > 1 . ?? -l?v ? ? .e.t 1 v , b,r . ' '? : " 1 ' e 1 ... hot: n t ? a l i? a Be it at rat 1 n : ?lci. l ? it ai ea (beat a to a#'|?lre C'uia or t . have an tejed tl.- .^amiwirh It an'1.. I.ut tt w.ll rot do. Tbit ia a I 1 rent ecr.'ei'eratld I overt me nt, a?-' all tbe.e varioiam j altt r I*. 1 g weig lied aod Cteacl.i* on ha 1 log ria^n 1 I ally art V edit n oat yn 11 to the : n? of duty ol tun I w|.., a -ui Lla-' r. 'he roverrio-.'tit With thle patriotic too j . Htut cnal 1 vetri-e of power . n tbe part ?.f the > *e u I ie ?> niue' ai ea- ? Ihere la ao governm*st with I tut |.wer and witbrat the Ur(e?t d -re' on hwinf U><t j lo 1 .at who *? ercl"* 1 ower llel.eve me .the l*r??i i#ot I e f th. I bi ed ' ?< ie-Btlou.Iy what ie be| . .ea la 1 teitaOity ( f t . et e ) I have bean hie fren I Mara j * . ?' * ry ?> rii|fil?tr?tt(4l nt*%%ngn ,n r?mrr. if m .N<lr?>V? biH '*{>? ?n\ tl>?t a I very ea?y wa'ter wai.ow. f laughter and am a .m. 'link thtt tbe I'leeident w.-i|| bare put h e bill of lt> l.e in b ? fOe I et if be dtd rot <Wtn it ftepr 10... ?o? ' f tear e he we?,I not llelaabifh t'ard. table ftrtn ? a?a; and how.-tr m -n v may have if PtM,< a I , n r e.|,'rt la t> ia a ( nt a.e?.t tr that appe.ii.ttr' It at tee at giv tta devil |,|a t vi? (!vv|bteri~aad ley that he haa ae'.rd In- a* a I gl. I *en?e of duty to liW part/, und of duly and oba<ii?nu? M> ? the eonatltutlon A Voice? W ;.?t ab.*tt Tuba 1 Mr l?*Tl'*KT? Cuba, i'Ki t ah to Cuba, I amid wl?h t to ' be anu*?*ii 'u thi I'uioa. A ? other VOKt What about lireytown Mr. tTIAhT? fh Co 'if) tnwn, un'lrfDj left of it : at all. (>rrjti?n ??< n notion of pirnt??, au<l it Um j-nor ?> rr<- ali r<ra'?- oi.^fit tu jr? ( l-a i<h'?r hi I ap plnaae.) ttr Mu?r ?eoi fin to nay tliui in- had not ' reite thua to ii glit fmrn anj' feeling but tliat of devo tion to bli )>ii 1 1> Jle nr'ed at homa fnithfully with the democratic party ; and wimt li? eahl be ?a ?! tiernu?e he hopea that, rota ng from a ?tr??if*r, it tu k >' t nutmaca i the Hi n OCT* tie p*r y id tha city ?>' Naar York to Our y a I Jiitract oat an< to unite #i one Wan, puttie^ their ibmil<*"r to the eur of tl ? democratic pjrty; autl il aotfcey wouitl I * *ure tii o yepconia all ob<tael?? (Intern ba rumixj i y fu<i niit*, V/ ?bo!inooi-it?, I y wliigH, er bv i>n> etlM r intlurooo b ? had so rtnwn to lope, hMtwr t>?t tliey khuI.I lea. a herewith an/ I <lei per root eit of union th*n tf**?a with ehlch tiny e?ur:' Their, In *epi -1 n and pr-ju 'ire ? wer" HO rooted tluit |*rlu? they vm(1 mill rheruli th*-e. He trntt nut. row i-r ll< h|H?o fi rbem wi'QoUl any <iiipi>i iun f<ir office 1 ? t tjiir a atntltiimt for tbe eutceat* of th' , great ih mo. r?t:c party. l'n?y?boutt yinll * Mttle bar* i. aO thf re aitrn'iij^- <>u ^i-ni rnl prtociplefl, ty *1iioh to fljtht ami rr>ti<-it>-r t' ? c minon emuy. It co^M not be ; x >?*i t"l 1 1 ? t rtie art* iA I < n/Tea* cr tha in m, ire* of tlie 111 Bill I ? tiai jri, iboihl west wi?h !.e ?>f itU fu tii oc nt tii? u> morra'i' party. Bat they hii to mi'i I mit ji\1 ) lei I 'I Vy wore a urent family aa ? tl ere wn? i but me ] of ranniiHtm. an<l th*t|ile *?? mutual HuhuvuKi'in Without it U>o leiu >? cratio party mu?t ho with :t* head In tha tfmt, and in??t m ifaiin until tbe oarty afaoull rue *fno ii ? a ban'! ot uaitod brottWn. Thou the iVin i IMf 01 the I sicu ?oui< be 1 1> e p j s to unib rta^o ft -1 i? fiiita, unrt the -ren'-s nl tnn allot: ye?ri lip'i wmM hew jmtecl P> I uma, with Mtill tv *r-i o. i' fi-i %n tb? part of the unteiritie*," thai the ^xttnar att> <M '?but up ) l!r !-tiiaj ' renrltiiii?t Uy \hvu^ tbat ef the imt.hii- t nit} in New Yori. >1 \+t !M ?i tl. rff? ctrtainly ti a i.h|*h of tli? pnty ?Hragbotit th* tnmn *i>n!u n ? riucim d. Mi. ' 1 I'" n ' ? troio 111* ntan I And io.i l rrU. f?.nl l.r"! W'r" "*a'a Ut,'r"l- !-??? -aii.! for i < luUr"' """" '"r Sitk * The (f 'lUnt c aplAn,, b.-woer. M.|,t t )i n t for ti, niKJ tll.r m|.| t ,.j. LZy'nTtT" fro,",lb' rltj- ln" **"?'?"? abuatl. 111.' C barman then Intro iJH(| Cb ef Ju?tlce Wiluaiw, of low* *h? .*i,| _ ?2S? tfrrMS?*: ?,r:::tzu.w ">*" r.ccnk" (liiiiirhter an" ,, , ' r* J ?-l'V- A<n. OA tbf pr.i r ... of ','h ro U '' tneTfrrilcry a. r, mu,?* ? . ,?,^or<?ol?? mo. I my to p~ra, t Ilf lo ih. nun (if lb. fur VI. . , ' ; ?,>.?< '.cm I'< riPK) h mi? ipvent<< u , J. ^ , "T ' rfltihirii there ner pine., in-i i, M~ |ii 'ticljtli'N of ill, it party (A ml,. .. ? ' " ? h?t / ltari.eil o r?n:nw,\ , . , 'r t'H'o,r.,l to h 1,1,1 , '/" * ? th?t I Am truly n 'I en>>.M of nu ', |,,ar 'i Wo have u?. ,.|Jow ?ir?ri<- t |w- lb-re w*a a inn. n> , , ,, "remorrat" or "ilrioorr-i. t" . ' ?inder?too.l *n.i nppr.rtAUd. I ? V4 j" iijon tlif>., pri,K-.|,|f? ?b! I, we pr.f.-in tVe riil^oi U " "' ? uiii>l*tr?tlon i,-,? a,!u?,.. | sts h,Btr' li,nk ,,r .....1.10 o^rU.row tl? .1. o,.? r?c> ?f th ? co..,^ ft liM I?ln!#r rlicli ft( Vli' ?I?.S f.lml I I... i J ^. mof,,, bj, whrrl Ur ( ,n l,m. St {,.?? v L? ??' r,7.>" ? ur ?'*>??<-?? 1?? i.iua,., ^ 1,1 ' *' ' '?'* th*1 (" wor : ? , ? th,. l' ? 11 or, ill'mn" " , t'5 "hl '' "rl ''** ' wliirbtldi uniiv i " ' " 1 lr,oK'b, tn I l.y t ? ti l. ^ >a ' pr<. r??*l l|-n -- i? w?< tl,ai our t< rriV.jrv ? ,? . ..Urj,, I n ?. {i?tlnUin?l roDccran pn?p?n..i ??,f h?oc? I' *?., tr.?t 1 ?. : ? """ h' ' ,,r .,J u, him But 1^" ,t Vti, , ' '? ""l ?t "? ?u . .* tin,. (. , b??rlnK?1 j n?t ka0? |."?"lp >*' "1 ll, , Crut -rati.-' r h^v ? i t, mil,.. ,n0 #ir?D4t':e.?-J, an l f? , , ? 1 ' ,J rt>,i| hou t ' h,, ci'ii, t r r I |j' ,i<t l0?l I',, , . , l?rt b?u?l aii Ceforn u? ?ii l*biUth< 1 '***<*'">9 K ii Um- br?*?D^rfl I lM>fx> tn?i (, 'ilt fr "n" W" h,M" lli " r?c?r i? of utti ?, r.;7.Y;:r.,r U^S r???Jr:' .?. T"u ,n """ ?'?' ?? our (it.ia / 1 1 I r or. r . ? of t|?. Im , /u 3 ?h?i l-til tbr-e .I,, ,|Hht,., jn,,.v , ?'T?r ?.,K ?H| thlo# nt?i, ?tir.4 u !.:, - . lb. rr> ?, ,, ? i,l )y til. illNllU.^ Ititf J* ^ ?f ww.? 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'?? trirti tk?r wo-ild Hlt'l Ml N MUr nluatAt IU* at *<.<1 l??n. flauft.t*r / Tlul ? my *H>?*lii?.?t ? ? ? ' .?||nw .1. II, ill Mr. I ?> a? *:? !? (i n ..!?? " ?? ft I t. of ir..n. ??-t tb. f ... 'it, u w?Il ?rr? ?>, it tli. I'.-.,1), ' ,,o t M la-iibtor / Tt >?a ?i. maor a.'.t.r. 4r? ? . r, ??'*"?. it '? 'p.rr, I . !th ? r r < * ' % . ') * " b. .? >??lf *n >m, ?? ?t ? ? " oat ' *ti it > > r il <n^ tiitbfnll; I M ( n ? ?. j aa . ? ,t ? ** I ?'n' ?vt tWl* fc t, ' .... o ? ?. If fof tb# on yt-ml'9 li * W. r? ... .)>i it *. 4?a't klM okft* It i..t tb?? I I r< ? ||* fimtrtj *?4 kit. . i - N'-i,-??v. A . ( frt '? ', t lit. tb..*, *a>l tw .a- tm?9t t? *? ? mi <? ? lau' M l If f?kli ? ii I I.M'ri. un 4o#k lb#". |th*y ran walk in and rotoita fraotUato. Wborovar tha?a la a territory to bo or|inui(l north of .'Mi ;t0, tho Vank*?a car* go down and ocsupjr ?t Tboy tbatn thora a hor a, r#ru?'^, working miUnilK, to<l than * wita, with A rl.unca to gut babioa ( Iji ^gUtar ) thli will b* tin 1.10ft t-Qrctuai way of b<*muilng id ?Uv?7, and thren y? ar* haaca tbohouUi will lian- up uiot? ?'?out it than Ji?i, atban ever dM row (t'hoara.) What, m the Dime 01 Ih oatn run a I*Uj i rat hava to do with tha principle* ol Kdo^ Nothft.* rm' t,'?n no y man road lha cooaCtu tii n am* opj r> ot on a of it* pr neiplaa? ! am go-ng u> ?| t ak pla^ir. 'or I urn u pi tin man (?Via? oi (iuod jiiHui.'') t> juiii conatitut.on and by tha I**'-lar*t'on of Indaj indent, U*?* prior pfr? o raltgfo ia 1 bartj a r? dl,i Un<tlyav<n <-4. > ot thrKtnw Nrtbuig ?aya to tha 'at no lle? I am i i*r?>AiDt, hw?1 I am ,oi'ig to maw# you turn ot f tc*f> il?? h tan ? r* ?"bi.t th*-ra ia tn?? coint ituilou, which glva* fa ?g ???!? toP-r^thm.'* I* a- sot (jo- 1 Almighty p ac#o iin bfii* to at.}(V by tho oooititutmu of tha coun try la i! po - bit hat >M - an aav fiat ho wilt ahake oft tba ' l^'r 1 1 j ' vu < s4 ronatJtut onal law' I n i!er <hv Moetiiii of l-'tvao'a V?w haa our conattt ilion t*fn wtda and aupp -u-d. #'v?*ry man undor it hat aqu J rjrht? wl tf i. \ Hi* *<a# all tho hwoottta. Iiap? I- ?in. i ? olun-i r>*? of il l- laatl. How beautiful tha I ? of our lU-toiu r?jiary : iicia a*ot f? ?r I ii to tha opptea ?d ?/ 1 tha oar ti "fh.i *% th# a?>l?i(zi of tb? vorl't " I truat tht'a will 1m a faar pwtrota ?i*i t *o pn a?.h tin* doctrtoa, a Itin ?? ;?? thrr? tf -larinn?i *t pi?a<nt No ! Ainiigbtt , .10 aland* at*hol?<*a*of ao*? ratir p:iiri, ?i willfn r?a. (Ii'fhtar) Hi* Kiao r Nothing* caW ' n Kt^tum tbay a ah to kuovr n ith'i g of tna ? ' Ura*i? i.a ?. ?;o?l a^?*??t ni^n, for Hi* ( i? wo ri*f | ??c ? r of )a*rnor.a i' r ?*vaut**!? yara lowti ; v t ??? inocmtlc. hui i)o? to.ip^rarif-r ix?it cam* abou*, ! and t li?* i h v :ih go i oi? ? ?s\ of j.? raoua Until), for tlioy w? ; p apao | ? >j?> voting f? r Ihi^a w' o ilrana lt ,uor. Tha Mtiow Ni'tl iiua thai caiti^ ?% but wraiagainit all f??r? igi*vta. '1'tinH |tug l ?ta t lir .? romm u'^1 ficUting IMfiOD:^ thi'Wolvaa. a Know No* hiDg **\ aral i*l?irgy Dit-u kit tlii-ir tlaak-a to lobby ati ot tb ? lo*g alatur* I tcil jo J tli at 1 am <ig;ttn-? pri? .'?naft in tl.t political anna, irlo-thcr it l*?i at iol?r or i nt^i nn'. 't!ri**a of goo?i,grad.) i f"?iM oot ^itn* n ?.?r** for v*nt? h of tin-it ha xia 1 miou.?I tall into It i c^n-t our cmtl ttitioi) tbat ll^rir>)soul<l a politico ti*I "ou? p'/ty If avtr tbia f ui 'rj ?f'a iot<> anarchy it w.ll 1h? t rr.?ni ? | lialud wlo n oiio r**lijfioua a#-ct ahall !>w I ariaj?"l agmnat anotlur. Mii i*ri ) Tb?*a ai^ viawx. In thi? pniinai, altera I liva *?? liava j plant v of room for itaai t dkm Vo i hut* not M?? sc.raa ' privilega, Hid t i?? no womlar tkiat you ar a iwcou i?,< ( imratieut (Outaof 11 no no! g?on. ") t pr of???a i? I lor my ftjlov man in all aituat>oua. Slu<-ii on you hara a N??w \ortr. Pio^l ? lo?a to Iih a?Q' to nt* of Tamton ?y H <11 I am mi 'n lapon-1 nt man ii my action, hui I ra??-ra Jammaoy Hail an?t ttia pt vi >r ha o( tWa ra?'V , an t tiy to fallow l?? tn?" r trotMtopa. 1 told our boy a in tha praii^H, w ?i??n thoy talkao a f ont N?- Y#?ra, and i tli?-)' lia i friao'la thaio , -?I told tbain tloit tha two ?i*ct'Ooa of t?ia 'lanio'.raf'y j 1 ..?!? fou^ lit jo * irh a *?ay that tiny will o* aa'iamal j v ban titty yat through lh??v will both be wh:ppad ii ; Ibe rn-1 I ? |a? *.*?? Vcrk po hut !at ua k?*ap ( i ur ? nri^bta I . m f.?r mii mg u?) 'or prlncpU*. 'I ' ,'1. * tl tl. u t ? 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I bo|0 lha tinu* *ai!l anon foo.o what i man ranuot I ?* inanlti'd, no njattar aliat country th?y tnaf hava ba n lornio f^i that npirit of damo ra yttui1 yon ooul 1 no t 1 lato tl.o minda ( I your ctnLran, ha tha apirit of brotl ariy lo* ?? ao i h^ru ooy nnjiing ? acli iituia v\b # wa it worked on our r at r^ilr a :a, ca ia' * andpuJi iui!<HrgM Y a a it not tin tu? poor doipland, ta**??r jt?4 Ir ihoikn, who, with tbair boll a ruia. liav?? 'int-u tio , mini a n( making or#rything tbrouKhout tb" laud ba,'%uli ful and lai ti'a o l proapi*rotia Aniarlcaet a*o Ua do tl h #...ft*?t f iar?? oo too daiutiaat fuml, wbtlo poor Iriahman prta ribad aj d p?*rMK*ntodf iia^a to w ^r^ nar 1 , !r< in taorrjtn^ toi r ight an?l by tha - waat of thoir brow ? an only i*arn tha c oituoo mcaaiarit a of 1 i". 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Mj Umiif plaa in )Our ral'iabir | .t t u tb? eboie Utter, it will 'aatlfj to tb? pnlilir- tli? trua a'. .te toente >a ri ^aiila mj^alf, fr>r which la"?r eona !'r m?, 4>ura, <t*Tj raip*. < C?IAKK IIAIll4JI St* V"*k, h 7, 1 "H. IViaoiial I lata I ll?' m > . A It Ul V4I.II. At tlit Pra* ? U ll'."i.a Hon ll> r ra liar i -tt. M < ' j II .i. II i i. two. 4f i .> ?,*. V V , II i> ? lav lava, I. I'.t I'nhaearia'li, M ??? J"l.a 1 It* ? I * kai. a ' % r ?. || * of .i ir , II. V Tra* k. . *1 i ir, an/ * J Raaewh, llr..tna H II I'nllnm I'laHaaail. I ram l'l?Ja4 I. ..? ar. la . r ? I . .ra J ,er* a laijr, fir - V rk Miriitriw. I r I varf. . .a t ' . .1- aruauii* ti . ' 4 <? li lit Mr I.' uia IIL.||.',J|?'| M r \ *rk W < It Ian II 4* Ani'iu. M ? lla.'lant Mr I. "i> * f I. l.itu J >i i. Mr / ri a. Mr i, M ?l.a?. v? A II a-J ! I. A ..III . ' ?, Ma'.l r i . llr aa I M-a ' i ?< I I I. - riaar- * I ir k> W ir. t' nl It ' ty M>. 'ilt< a Mr A. 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I.laaia, Ca.lia^. I Laartaiiy*. Miaa I -,a|(.||aw, Caclaa^l II v ? liB -rf" IV it H I'alla Ma??fc..<-r II ?( -rr f jra ?? I " i / . I ' II a a *r r..t a ; * li .. ra . 4? Br- . ? ?' ' T rl M . - ra . lat I r'a.eiaat, atl.i iltam > i| Tl riia l> A Orna J I, * I . i a M ? I'ar* a I.* ? aa 1 la i li l.rt t? I a. . ..'4 'aa? Iia1 .4 Ni t' ? a4y '.fcl'4 aa I i.r- Ja ? i A trirt' a..l IM |? . Iraa M 41 ?1 1> . v? 1 1 ?al J r l.? a , a I .l>| ? I'a. . I R '?? < ria**> ? I. I |; Ml, M a* al; a-. I >. M I llrfaa. I. * I ?r ??a lair f.M h:.? Ara < M.a.r Mia. Ma ry Ptaa. r.iaarl H '<> f Mralaiafc u. I II An a?, Hi iia> I M r<a I* li a . ?? I; Ur> l.rit a, li II l^-aar, Ia4;, 1 i a?4 ?ana I' in ? a >?raa* I r < kart'i'-.a a lla r'aa ?r Mar' a Mra I W r,i a I I I a r ? Ik- II (i.'i 1 1 ? a 1 II - M.r r ar I ia4 r ?a . ' I Ta?l.r?iaa ? II "aaall J Ta'^r' * lai In,, It It Ir M aa a La;, J.lia ItNul -aal II a lla larraft |..r *< ?!< I Rt. taa'.a I Aa . a "a rt. k Wk I ?a a ft ra* * k r R a. ? ^ ^ ( _ __ _ iart If aa a a 14 ) laat J ?? M r K \ I J I ? a N a?M . > I . I J... I *1... r 4?aaM? a .. a T* a. N?M| M< '?y H ? j| II vi#Lie ? (#?*??' " w ?????. I * -f f; , t. , I , I a) a ,4 / ? *?t ??!?#? N *f ? fcM 3D ? of \ * b?rii c?r ? Lara a e?aa 'a V> bar) a' !'??& ? ra A | |.'.|||| aaat nfa lr> Ika < .?>? a* ^w Vr/aa i Ti - Noteriae ? Ium<IA. I fcl!Jl>/a. 1 ?nrf I> I .iwi.frj, W?. It Wintartoe, Fra-^atvci w Kla( l(at.r; II r * I' a?'a|, 14a We* tie Oiarlan. ? 4 . ir;.i*/ I Maai.MiMmi wl K? 4r?tWi>? J*av> K?.l| Ir." W 111 r* at N .. - ?.Maria. Jotn <??* !?y f rutaih <a.n! (' | arnaa of HrOaA ye \a*al I nla I |l|(aiia ?, Tk? alf ?( war Jieaatnaa t. I" ?? taillif <14 f?.a?4 (?tii ant V I nmmtr'w < ? a .i ?a.' ?. i at <ka 4a( abla. 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I ui I he # 1 pat ties of tt*? llmt ?? vt, 1 1 * r Mwrvt no re, mid nil %n?t oiror l or ton or I I'rtouit wboniMH vi?r, bnvfiily or o?joiuibly lent n* *n/ tuti* i 'ilit title or iitt?n ?? of, in or to tbr pr?ro '' ?i bfir fr? ^rnnto* by, froA, or la lr t?t 'i** U.em ?hnil au i tki iivtnu,) t.iae <.r tlm?*? U?*r?iif t??r , ni>?>' the r?H?(i)of'l? requ?? l au?l nt the prop?r ro*ti ?rid r 1 mKt? ? m i%e Uw i?f be it. A |?trtle* of tti# ee * ?n<1 1ii? lr betr?? at??1 ri > k *? . <io an 1 o&ftrtito, mt?4 4?ure u> t?? rrmti', C oue^, a<l aU an J t tmry r* ik further ?n<i orb? t i? m.nnili ? ?' t?, i:'inve/ ?no???i ?(> !??< ? i.TMm i c ill the In w for tStf t?il't morn a'larjt t%f v?etfoi| ami ? ??i tno n^ lb? |w? ini?^ t borvOjr jfr*til*"t or int h*!?m5 ?o to !-*?, in in') t? th? i jf* rt of ton ?? i ?*n?1 part, tlo fr hetrw or n vi>?. or tfceir roumal , Ifiarn ml inrtb** Lw, eh. til Ik* rt?4*> nao^y d#vUiei, a?t?laol oi* r? qQ *eri . lo tV* lir. I-OMiwr#plle? an annexe! ? Ibr ? f fh? llllnn^ i'? atr?l luibowl ( ?itrtj*<?fijr to Mot "t? K? t- bum, John Moo r, i?n?1 raabuai II wcM'i- 1 ilhtrd H?'|>t? rtb?r III. I ril, to Mraf Mfi tlHiii uiillloiiM ?f flotlnm to th?? f?? Mei 1 ?>f rooatrudtloci lioaii oi i lint < ?**?|> ?i? y ba ? b?*en ? -arefolly ex?mtn?el br ina, ami In in / <>!' i ii *(>n i!? ttrt.ia co<?|,r?b?' t?l vr jr m t with ' jIJ l",^wl nry no! Hi" followiu^ property I All ?! * roadway ntation* and fr ?*ti tin* amith rrn t? rmin ie of the Id u' U nn I Mr h-van ??nal to too ct*t of < i? .??, w.tb the folia' ruction tb??reo? / All t l.o roadway eta'JaB? a?t o I tko Ireurb railr'wid frooi the nt?*rM ?. tiuti ??f the ho* of loe D'bin n?ad t-i tint? rity of I'^ho, o.tti iho eoattra ttono tferr* ??!?. All tlo* r ?a<rf waf atatlon? and depot.? of the branrfi lallroad fr? ii' Ibo r:orth* rn Urui'nu* ??f tli?* twain ri>o<lt >*?)??* tl;e non h? rn t?rmlnu^ <?f th* UHn'.lo aol M ?t4 "*af? ?j*onl * rurio iiK by ?-<y <>f (ia'.ona, V?? a |??lnt oo tbo M mo1p?? 1 1> { ri\ *r, (?ppo?i1e to I 'ubujii*, i.i I lea, with aJI ib** con?ttu4'ti >ii tl oreou. I. H) tln> bij^M laui(oa/H of tho n?-?? t/?ire, all tb? evkoluioopt ?, i no* '!*!?, advattAtren r 35 Vita vn ? ?raacb??MNi> t? the ' a ? ?i th ?* n pareolii of ion I brio wo* aro klo# (irttitrd l y vray of niori^aK?' ltt':lu*litii( t'i? tolU, tbo r%Mtoflt rat* ? of to 1 *i%>\ tin rigbt ? l ih?r??al aol t><* workup of it , the ri^ht* aU?> auxiliary l<? U?o 1 ?? intnlri'ia', and ?.n?trti**t it/ ??f tb? ro*d A-* ti e n o?ib* 1 la ronvoyed, an-t tu?' itr.t ?n? and do j ot ? hy th? 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The Uo '? ar? roovey?*?i by tho htatn t>? t^O ?anoev trustees, In trnet, arnjii|( other fblng? t?# l?o tbua mort (TiigMi 1 hoy < inuiit, tberetore, by law, bo nobjo^UNl, ? ilb? r I'j'tU" l? ??i hj ?a-lroa4 ' Mwiuitf, Ut nay pi . r f?r . " p? 1 lot rlaitlti f. I urt|mux f? in ? %"0 of default in ok ttio (quo utm tho eoontrudlon oo'-urod by th** mort^nf* ! t?? th? moonut of < me ? hoi? tai l .n^oroat on tbe ! areouiit ? f ?nod* *1 any timo artually leauol, the tro?k' ' '"li I ave t|.? rigbt to tnh? ^'??*nii on ??f all tJO al>oto me citiontd lt? :u#, uiclo' lnj? tolbi, li.'?/i-#, Kc And ta. i addition, t!?? ujtbt tb^u n run to to**, un'l?i ttMO j mortgnrf* , the 1 OjiiO'-n, teodnrn, <ain Hu b n^rr looin and i ntci ?i?. thi n a; j^ilaluiog to the r?>nd and tin noi<t 1 braiicln No 1 nboult the tru?te*tn beoitnto or r??fii"w j to act ohtri tb o> on o ? nrn cadittg for tbolr arrtw?, . tho lobuboldrrn tb* m#-l?? ? may by appropriate pro neotflo/e In court, rnforro tU? noturlti#e I be triiit*H? ar t<i noil tbo aor'aie/ed pr??prrty >m reotooabJe notb o no t noddy tbe pf??? eenln to imj Um j, ? i 1. 1 1 pa 1 m.d il?t? r? * t of tl-? eonttrof Uoo M?odn I ho m< rtcatte l*eit?^ du'y rov?r?'oi, i? a lien nupor for to m.y a>tei a* ^o re I 1. 1411.# ot*, or ?ubnO'|ti*nt gfnato ? r il liti-f- u > * > f tl.o >? m j'ti.y , mc the *aa?o n<anuer a* lahd n orifav* ? ar?> 71. no r'fago rawn with rare aol fairnenn to tb?" rteOilof? ?h ? ?b ?old a jUiro tb?> b??oda. lie toian an* ar??ii ?, UMn>bi|U0un nol la '.be fulleot maoo?r eooipi * hebn* *0 an to a'l t. * i>art?< ulnrn ab- to ri'#t***w?i. 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