Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1855 Page 3
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iDVEETISEMEWTS BEXBWEP ETERI DAY. | FOR SAL&. ~ 4JBO AHA ~F0R SALK ^ YONKERS, V BEAlf |C)*7? V V V- tlful resMonc* for a genfleman doing (business in thia eity, a double house with tower, jut flnislvd in -the beat style, with all the motern Improve Bitot*- room* and cellar. Inqalxe of JaMEV TOl'MANS, on the pnmmi, Warbartoa anoui, near ljunertioe (TA ?LIQUOR STOKE FOR SALE, AN OLD an<l establmlied stand, now doing a good easiness, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets, on avenue B. The present owner L? retiring indepen dent, uud i* not eight y< ari in business. Apply to Ot SCAN J. MiMlLLKN, 103 Weat street, corner Li berty. A BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE, NEAR THE CITY, IN A healthy location, about a half an hour*' fide from ferry, in F'atbush. l'rice, $3,550; $300 down, $'J5u in May. The remaining can stand for two yearn If <le ?tired. The house is two atory, and has two wings; grape ar Uors, fruit trees, & c. inquire of WM. H. STOGDILL, 107 Broadway. A LEASE FOR SALE? OF A THREE STORY BUCK shop, No 6 Clark street; bus fourteen year* to run i May next, and can he got very cheap, us the owner U leu vmg the city. Apply on the premises, third floor. T> (HIDING SITE* IN BROOKLYN FOR SALE IN X) parcels of four lots an'! upwards, two blojksfrom Fultou avt uue railroad, in a bi'ulthy ?n<l itnpr jving lo cation and on high ground, al low price*, and on easy termt. by ROBERT 8ARGEANT, No. 7 Jauncey Court, 41 Wall street. New York. BUILDING PLOT FOR SALE, WITH STABLE, CAR riage bouse, Ac., with good water and all kind* of fruit; also, fine acres of land adjoining the same, at the Tillage of Newtewn, L. I., Sto mile* from Grand street lerry, New York. Apply to BENJAMIN ABLtiKO, cor ner of Eldridge and Division streets. Also two fast trot ting horses for sale, one suitable for the turf. BOOT AND SHOE STORE FOR SALE? ONE OK THE b?Kt Ji. cation* in the Bowery; a good run of cm torn work. Ac Stock Hinall; will be sold at a bargain, tlie preKtint occupant being engaged in another businMa. Apply to JOHN R. GROOT, 14t) Broadway. CUF10K, STATEN ISLAND.? LOTS FOR SALE, HIKE from condition*, except ajaiunt nuisancer rbeae are among the most desirable lots on the tract <>' W. \V. Van Wagenen, Esq.. at Clifton, a situation for residences unequalled on tbe island. J. H. SIrXJEKT, Van leruilt House, \ anderbilt landing. T^wOCK PROPERTY IN THE CITY OF BROOKLYN, 1 / tor sale or to let ?Thirty lota with 500 feet water front, and bulkhead with 10 to 14 feet depth of water, will be disposed of, together or in parcel* to suit appli cants. This property U very ritairable for manufacturing purpose*, building material yards, or any business re quiring a good water front and dock, and easy acces* to tbe city of New York, being situated in a central and rapidity Improving part of the city. Terms eaiy. Apply to DANIELS DARLING, No. 4 Hands street. BUG STORK FOR SALE ? Addrea* C. S , OFFICE 132 Weit Twenty fourth street. I10R SALE ? LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A toy and variety store, at 803 Broadway; a Urat rate siand, beiug occupied a* such for the last six years. , T.X)R BALE?' THOSE TWO LOTS AND TiVO STORY I brick carriage house and stable, situated on Twelfth street, near avenue B, will be sold for $4,0(0, and $3,000 can remain nn mortgage. For full particu lars apply to 8. 8. BROAD, 13 Wall .-treot. -I7I0R BALE ? A SECOND HAND HORIZONTAL EN r gine of 7X 'nc'1 diameter of cylinder, and two feet stroke, with governor, pumps, ?<?.. complete, will be eolil cheap for cash. Apply at 137 Charlton street, near West. Farm at flatbush for sale.? twenty four acres of first rate land with a three story frame hnuse. piarza in front, and wing*; situated in the town of Flatbush, Long Island, about four miles frnm the City Hall, Brooklyn. Apply to CROWKLL & BALDWIN, all ' Fulton street, Brooklyn. Farm for sale, a bargain? seventy seven acres, three fourths of a mile from the new depot at Cbstsworth a short way above Mam*ron?ck, on the New York and New Haven Railroad, adjoining the new village; good buildings, orchards, fruit shruobery, stream of water. Exchange in part. Apply to A. KEEBE, 196 Broadway. I Mm SALE? A HOUSE AND EIGHT I/JTS, BETWEEN Third and Fourth avenues, on Seventy seventh and Seventy eighth street*, beautifully situated, with Urge shaded lawn in front of the house; also, a variety of fruit trees on the premise*; tbme railroad* in sijflit of the l.ou?e. Inquire on the premises, or at 173 Isowery. For saijc? a superior brown sihnk house, 20x60 feet, lot full depth, on Thirty -seventh street, | between Fifth and Sixth avenues. All modern improve ments. and in all respects a first class house. Street same width as Madison avenue. Apply to I). F. VANLIEW, 1.110 Broadway. I^OR SALE? A FARM, AT MOUNT PLEASANT, WEST ' Chester county, about two miles and a half east from the railroad station at Sing Sing, seventy five to eighty acres, farm hou*e. carriage houae and seve r?l other outbuildings, orchard, choice fruit, shrub bery, Ac., with beautiful noMMry; about six srran wnoj land. Appiv to E. 11. BROWN, 71 Wall atreet, from 1 to 3 I\ M D For sale-hocbe and i-ot no. m east twen ty ?ixth street. l/it 21 feet by half the block' Dou?.e -J1X6{', thr?-e atorien anil baaement, with modern improvement*. Tertua liberal. Apply at .'HJli Firat nue corner of Twenty third atreet. For sale? one first class four story and beaen.eut brow a atone front houao, 20 by 'iO feet; lot, 'Jtt feet (< inrhea deep, with all the modern improve ment*, ?itimted at 91 Kant Thirtieth Htreet, between r'ourth aad Lexington arenaea. Inquire of JOHN W. > IK1.I KK, 60 Eaet Thirtieth street. IaOR SAl E ? A SUPERIOR ItROWN STONE HOUSE IN 1 I'acifle ntreet, m ar Clinton, Brooklyn: hsa all mo dern convenience*. water, gas, furnace, "aic., built for tlie p resent owner; three ntories anil attic, baaem-nt aid under cellar; ou ea*y terma, by ROBERT SARUKAN'T, No. 7 Jaunee v court. 41 Wall atreet, EOR SAU ? THE YACHT MAKY, ABOUT 16 TONS, nloop rigged, with a new suit of aail*, everything _ erfect order and a ?ery faat aaiter She now liea at the Atlantic hotel, Hobokvn. Enquire of A. DARKER, at tbe hotel. For sai e? thk four story drown stone front house 16 Weat Thirty aecond atreet, near Fifth av enue.aizeof houae2f>*84 leet. Alao the new three -tory brick house on I^xington avenue, ttrit house above ibirtj third ?treet atze 22x4 1 feet. Price fW.OJO. lu quite of the owner. 15 West Thirty -second atreet. I "OR SAIJC? A STOW, NOW DOING A GOOD Bl-I ceta, a (hart tliatance in the country, in a tlouriib tnx villas') on the Hudson River Itailroad. Han been in operation for eight jeara. The reaaon for selling? the preterit occupant going Weat. lor particular! inquire at .' 3S Atlantic atreet, llrooklyn. Fi >R SALE? THE HOUSES AND I/iTH SOS 20 AVI? 22 : .ud'ow at met . each lot being 26 feet front by half the L ock For terma apply to II J. Bowen, 121 Kir.t etrtet or E. B. Stabury, 112 South atreet, Executor. F'ur sai.e-a well established boarding lioune, in a K??d location down town, alway* ac cutrmodatlng thirty to forty reapectabte hoarder*. A It'1 nt> opportunity to any one i* now offered. Will ?el! ail nr part of furniture to auit purchaaer. Apply at W> Cliff atreet, aear Harper'* builnlog*. I "OR SALE? ElOHT FARMS AND FIVF VIILA<;E hou*ea and garden* in and near the Tillage of Kadi aon, kl> rrie county, New Jersey. Tiieae are all good properties, worthy the attention of those who are de a, rout of pnrchaaing country property lheae farina con tain I row 11 acre*, 40 acrea, and ao on up to 220 arm. Ooe tarui of 40 acr> a 1* a very desirable property, in go *1 repair, irood houae and ontbaildmga . nearly new: abounds in all varletie* of fruita.and t>eaiitifully situated immediately In the Tillage. For pnrticulara inquire of R U. HUNTING, near the depot of the Uorria anl E*-.ei haflroed, Mad. eon For sake? thf three stoby brick house no. 276 lCaat Broadway, with all modern improvement* 1 eo-thlrds of purchase money can remain on mortgage. Houae can be *?en by applying ou the premitea For further particular* apply to A. C. tfORHIIX, No. 9 i Chamber* atreet. I'f.R SALE? THK THBE1 CTOBY BRICK iR-iM bou?e No. It, !> Tenth *tr. et, lia-tweeu Third in I , > m. rtb u venue*; ho iae < on'a m all It e modern in.prov* m?ut* For term* apply at I Mi T*ath *treet, on* door tact of Ibird trtuiii I"f't! SALE? IV A VKKV II.IA-AM CI TV. WITHIN eaay acaa* of New York by atei>Bb< *t and rail in. ?o . much fr. ,nent?.' bj n.u tary ciitii[i?nie?. t *: j M.t evruralin | art e ! ,i .:itr ' !i? si-a?',n * ! i r ? t rut" 'irauraet and parti li i*<> ? oira.n i o a;.i; s.i .I'll, 1 1 * ate parlors 'or auppers itinneia an 1 ti.e lise. a not?'e bah or ill ? in/ roof, atiowed t n te the <in??t !? the State In whu i, t k ait iat*d of 110 by ??'i lirt, ? t'i erery arc o t. . .i*iiri *?' feutlemcn't and , < r i-'.ng T' ' ? I ? I - .-1 1 . 1 i ? ? ! r M.f.i . v , ! ?lth firat rati* t.' ?? . ! ? o tb? Brat ti e r, a I ? ,1,,. tre cream e.i ioOTj .?! - ? . ieri fltteil up wit). 1,1 I n eiejanre wf el e t'ier -? -ptrate or ? it. .he retr.a.r . r ' ?h ei?nt rb ? h'm ? |.? f ? a a; let. 1. I t.u? u ? ' | . ? 1 lie .... w:!' f the eatablialino rit un t n- a'o.-k ,n 1 tittt.rea will be ?<dd on f.i. tern, Apply for Information to Hf NKY HUAMT, 1* Nuaau stj?et I' :: sa: i. - ACfjvi K : mk. ; a rn a-im ' isent yard will b- m Id on r-iainable terma, it la , e J v * 1 1 ate.l in a 1 -asi-.o r i.. ?./ a li r/-- ,u. . ; r? p i .t. bua nem The owner i* in ti e whole .?le . oal i Hildas and raanot attend to it. -an tirnah the parties w -1. a if re ,ii. red it i. re 1 A.. .1.1 - Mil I. ... ? S ..a . street, room !' ot an a'ttre partner t?*'U. v I ' 'Ai r -'THK I.I A.-t <?? !t' ILIIIS'<.- N" ;. ? r ai i TH? Br adway, 6*t|/i^ eiyt.t years to r<in from ?' I fir-' tf Mav tie 1 1 Apj. r to W H I'AI'.-O'--, or '?;MN CI.At'.K ?<ii;o?i, la; lway, or .,?> ? - :*r ?trast tv it a i .1 ". ,-roKV K.v'tiLWH ISA^KKl N'T \ b itaa on the norto a. )e of Twenty ninth *tre?t i.e-w - i ?troa<tway and -ntb araai. . bouae V.> feet trout l<7 .. r*et all the way up It "i tb? moat aobetaa'. ai ru ai-ns' fee Uie owner, baa a.l the modern ia>proTeniant< ?'ii t'i ? f for lea a thaa ro?t lor further par*, "tiara a'i ' car''" of a'.tnWoo apply to AX*y.l. C i '.tn lway, B'.ar ffcirtv 'fvirth atreet. FOR SALE. FR HALE ? IN THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET, NO. 1W. near Eighth avenue, a four etor y brick house, 22 b y 40 feat, lot 26 by 100; (tore underneath. Price onlv $4,600, and muit ba ?ol<l for want of money, and is worth at lent $5,000- $2,300 can remain. Apply to J. VAN WAGNER, 172 West Fortieth itrnt. For salk-an ki jog ant and complrte wab llsbment for a imall family, consisting of one of the noit valuable and beat broken horees in the cttr; a city made coupe rockaway; a net of heavily plated har ness, dress blanket*, sheets, he. ; alio, one new top wa gon and light harness, euitable far the Name borne. i which in fast when on the road. These article* were all ?>ade to order for thin ho rue by the beat workmen in New York. They will be sold low according to their va*iie. Apply at P. Kagan'a (table*, 86 Weit Twenty- i second ctrm-t. POR SALE ? A VALUABLE FARM, AT 8P0TTSW00D, New Jemcy, containing 90 acres of excellent laml, i In a high state of cultivation and well calculated for raiding corn, wheat, potatoes and gran* On the farm i* an apple orchard and a grape vineyard of 700 vine*. It i i* within eat j access to New York market, beiut within 300 janln of a depot. Churches and schools within a mile of the farm. '1 he location, between Spotta- ! wood and Old Bridge, two very healthful and thriving village*, la very superior. The farm lie* very handsome ly and can earily be divided into two or three smaller fariLH of convenient si/.e and form, and will be *old sepa- 1 rutcly or entire, to unit purchaser*. A map of the farm ran be seen und full particulars obtained, by applica tion to GEORGE LANE, at the Union s juare real estate office. No 3 Everett House, corner Fourth avenue and 1 Seventeenth street, from 8 A. M. to 9 I'. M. I "Hilt .SALE ? A BAKKltY, CONFECTIONERY* AND ioo cream saloon, excellently situated, (Eighth avenue, near Twenty eighth street,) and doing a good business. The opportunity good, terms reasonable. Also cbi.ip, and terms eajy, tiro three story brhk houses and uteres on I'resicent itreet, near Hamilton avenue; three on Hamilton avenue, near South itreet; and four on Fulton avenue corner of Adelphl street, by WALKER h CO., 76 Nassau street. I7*OK SALE, AT WILLI AMSBURG? THE CUPOLA cottage house, 466 Urand street, with leven lull lots <>f ground line garden, fruit, and stable in the rear, on 1 'owe r* street. 1 tie house is iu excellent order, with Ma-, beater, and every convenience tor a gentleman * re sidence. Apply on the premises. For saijc cheap? the lot, with stable a.vd carriage house, on the corner of Islington avenue and Fifty recond street. Also the slaughter house and lot adjoining, on Fifty-second street. Inquire of Mr. E. CRASTO, 26 and 27 Washington market. Ir>oR sale cheap three story brick house ; and lot No. lo4 East Nineteeuth street, near Second avenue, with all the modern Improvements, ba'.h, wa ter closets. speaking tubes, furnace, gas fixtures, Ac. The carpets will be sold with the house. Inquire on the premises. For sale at bargains? store property no. 73 Nassau street; also, that three story brick house 180 East Broadway ; also, that three story brick 88 Clinton place, also that ttnee story brick house and lot 166 Tenth street; nlso, that three story brick house and lot 44 Or chard street. Apply to S. BROAD, 13 Wall atreet. For sale at a baroaia? that four story brown stone house and lot 38 Weat Thirty second street; also, that tour story brown stone house aud lot 40 West Seventeenth street; also, that four story broen stone house and lot 66 East Thirtieth street; also, two four story brown stone houses and lots 144 an 1 14>l K.iat Seventeenth street, fronting Stuyvesant square. Apply to S. 8, BROAD, 13 Wall street. FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN. ? A SPLENDID FARM OF 64 acres, three miles from Pateraon. New Jersey, with large ami commodious buildings; soil rich, aod highly cultivated. l,ocation beautiful, ono mile from the I'assaic river. Price $6,000 CHARLES R. MIIJ.ER, 1S6 Broi l way. TV1R BALE, OR EX HA NO F. FOR BONDS, STOCKS I or real estate ? One or more tirst class brown stone dwellings, three stories, with all the modern im piovtmenU, in a beautiful part of Brooklyn, and on the lowtst te rms. Apply to F. McCRAKEN, 74 Wall street, from 12 to 2 o'clock ; or at JOHNSON, SPADER k CO. 8, corner of Kent avenue and Hewes street, Brooklyn. I10R BALE, OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR A HOUSE in Brooklyn ? A new housi, and eight lots, on Staten Islunl three minutes walk from Vanderbilt's landing. Apply to ROBERT 8ARQEAMT, No. 7 Jauncey Court, 41 Wall street. For sale or to i jot? three brown stone English basement house* ? No*. 306, 307 and 309 West Twenty second stroet, bstween Ninth and Tenth avenues: finished in the best m inner, with all the mo dern improvements. Inquire on the premises, of M. PINDAR. IIOR SA1F OR TO LET ? A THRFE STORY BROWN 1 stone front house, with modern improvement*, situated in Nineteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth irMML Apply to EDMUND A SMITH, 82 Spruce street. For sai e or to let? the fine tw o story and attic brick houre. No 113 Hammond street, lot feet front by 06 feet deep, bouse 32 by 46 deep. Has every modern Improvement. On the rear of lot is ,i two story brick building, .">2 fe t by 16 deep, suitable for a stable, entrance from street hv an alley way. Hou*? lius Hfteen rooms marble mantels, mahogany doors, Ar. Inquire st No 9 Perry street. I MR SALE Off THE HXK3HT8, BKOMELTff? THAT neat tLree story brick house and lot 89 Columbia street ; alio, that th res story brick house and lot lid Columbia street; alio, that very neat three story brown atone house aod lot 403 Pacific street; price $7,000, aod $?,600 can remain on mortgage alto, that very neat three story brick house and! ot 447 Pacific street; price $(,600, and 1 1,050 ran renin o; also, a neat three story brick house and lot on Dean street, near Nevins atreet; price $6,( 00 and $3,000 ran remain. For full particu lars apply to S. 8. BROAD, 13 Wall strea't. JT^OR SAI E IN BROOKLYN ? A CASH RETAIL URO . eery of over MQ0 per week, ami which ran b? in creased to almost any amount There 1* no liquor con ntcted with the bnslneas, ami the stock fixture*. Ac , are in tirst rate nrder, making it a most desirable oppor tunity for a person wishiLg to enter that kiml of ou*i nes*. Adilrei* M. A. C., Herald ofbee. (GROCERY STORE FOR RALE? SITU ATED Off THE "J Six Ifa avenue, now doinir a go-xl business. Will be sold low Address L., Boyd's Express Post. HOUSE FOR SALE -IN ONE OF THE MOST BEAU tiful locations in Brooklyn. I he three story base ment and sab cellar brick house, with enclose ', pia/./.i, on Clermont avenue, west aide, second brick house south of Myrtle avenue. If called for soon. will be sold >ery cheap snd the term* made easy. Apply to BA<>E A KJTIIKR, 77 I ulton atreet, Brisiklyn. HOVSE KOR SA1JC? 1M WKHT KOBTY-NIN rH ftreet. near Hroalwuy, very n?-?t and mo lorn, three atory, with atone hateim nt and bigh stoop, .lit') feet, with i'XltnHii>n built in tbe moot ?u ?xtautial m?n ner I'r ee $0,000, Apply to A. HhEliE, 190 Hroa'wiy. N. H ? Nut bout* to let IMPORTANT tO iiKOOGOTH ? THK HUB-tCKIIIKK baring two f>r?t rlui retail drug (tore*, ii oMI/ed, <>? account of bia health, to dispose of one of tli*ni Hoth nu>r> > are well eatabluhad, doing * retail cash trail* (if <mr I10,(KI (mr/Mr web. To any one wiahing to encage 1" the btiatnees, tliia la an opportunity aaldo-n to t>e me", wltli Appir at the comer of Eighth nvsnu<> and ll.lrty fifth (treat, from V to A 1'. M , or at 303 Hialaon ?treet, from ? to 10 A. M. I'. B KSA1T. 1' ka-k ani? kixti -rm i or ft a if:. with mteah J |.ower? Tbe buildings now ocr upia 1 by tna I oion ? olor ami Chemical Works, aituated coro> r of Hrst art nue ami Third street , suitable for any manufacturing purpo->- re<(uirinir large premise with sufficient ?tesrn lxiwer I'oeseseiun lat of May. Eur particulars, address K. hah, bn Ml M (Mta ?VTIW HOC HE FOR HA I.E. CHEAP FOR CASH.? 4 .il bouse ? u the Miilb aide of Thirty fifth street; ia the house rut from the Fourth avenue- ia a new three atory houte, brown etoo< front, with all the modxn improvements. Imiuire of Mr II AK\ KY, at ttie houae lch <1oor weat of tlie one for sala, for t?rma and to view the housa PIB< IC HOl*n AND UTAH* FOR KAIA? THE I later Houaa, 11" We?t Brontny, With the unex pired lane* of three yeara from May 1, 18S6, with the stork aid t itures, la now olferwl for sale. dom/ a ip?l business, and recently having ling thoroughly enlarge! and :mpi A? ? j>la< e for public tiualn?e? it has at e jual, and ^ ill he *'iU, a* the owner ia engage! in other biistnase that NMjuilM hia whole attention If not ?<>! 1 by the i:th inut , it will be let, together with fixtures, ti> I WflMlkU tenant. Apply on the, b* twesn and '? In the evening JOHN if, BR!'i<?", I'roprietor. Hie ,-iitli and I ighth avenue cara paaa the door avaey few rainutea. BI-AT* QIARKY-A FROMl?|Mi -I ATF. QCARHY, W' II opened and well loeaVl ? Thla p.-ip-r!y will 1* will or But into a joint itoet company I" pnrrb?a? the p; v?rty an I nMiraetM work tQ-UOo to tM,0>0 will le r? ,uir' Inn'i.n of I I'. HARnOt'R At CO , /?iney, Jl<? Ilroadway, lam-<! lately. OTATiy BLAND.? TO RE SOI.DOR UUnD TOR 0*1 17 or o ? r- yeara, the lane fniDlthe I mansion of Mr* ?? Or) me?, ? itua,.*'ii n the b' -h*?t hill of the ialan l if teen miriiit*--. walk from tlie ?e^ond landing , an I corn k landing tbe moat e*fen?iie * e? AI?o to b? eild, tkit* cottafra ^nd aeveral beautiful biiflliag low rnr eie ! w ?' .n ttiee- al' altuate^* on the sane Irll Jor |ar1.i' ..lar? addr*?? Mra. S. QITMU, oa th- (ira k >ea rpo ftt Tt'HKKl* AND firHEic" ?FOR PALK, THE 1 :rwk and 6itur>i of a good large men an. | vagv tatil? ma Mi li tlx Ml f of BtVK#?lyn I'rloa low lor NH'cilata !i,uire of I'. l'? \ aN V<K)RII j corner of * ? r t ? aven ie ?r, i Ad'lpbi <trfei, Hr vklyn. or o! M A. sihliKM, I Wall atreet. New Yora f I 0 ill Ti HKR.- - -THE ! BHt It I HI. I'. II -I ouilsur 1 c ncs -i it, ?ell out hl? bu^.neat at a v-ry low |r e Ca'l t the priBiaaa, Seventh atenue *?1 .->!?. ti#at ?trvet. ? \.t corner, before 1. M ff? nnvM AHf atoiuuaS --XneTtTy J ft" d up tit rr for aale nearly new. ? t%ate| in one af t! ' I avwiuea it la well itoeket, and d? n/ a gool lu? e?a Apply atoti e to > HAIJl, me heal Ulieller, ? i N??*a-i atreet. 1 kit \ Ii ii k-TATINT Fl'fiATIKn* SKf*tlOKAI DRT I I f r ra.ilag vei?U, elth tbe rUh? te aa? the aaaie ni fn t rtvr< T . t^ekUin.'tnp.#** evtef r-.i ?K ??- t?tak- tf vwili ?( yo ua< atll M ?"#* i at a aa? f't'e If UviM na. * t??*OTT I; ?pea-? iwv I FOR SALE. 500 "f00819 fitn SALB' IK BROOKLYN. The gcatoel three atory and basement houae, 2?? by M, lot bv 100 feet, No. 24 Dougluaa street, between Smith and Court streets; will be sold on ?My terms, for Stf.flOO f Also, the genteel inoderu houee No M Douglass street; will he nold for$ft,A00. Also, the four stores and dwell fuirs on the corner of Fulton avenue aud Adelphi street, for $10, fiUO. Ap ply to M. L. SHELDON, Hft Nassau street 0*A PAA ?THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE ^TiUUl/i for sale; houae 25*37, lot full aiie, marble muutola, sliding doors, cjraiced rooms, Ac Apply at No. 10S* West Forty eigbth street, between broad way aud Sixth avenue. 92, OW can remain it deaired. <L\ fUW I SALE, A II A ! R DRESSING AND bathing ralocn, with seven years' lease of house from 1st of .May next. Half the money is required. For further particulars inquire at 3t?ti Sixth avenue. t ~nn-FOR SALE? A GENTEEL AND PROFITABLE ? / vFvrhusineae, the profits ot which are uuequalled by any business in thia city; suitable for either a lady or gentleman, may be greatly increased by any enterprising person. Ap ply to THOMPSON A STREET, #1 Nassau itreet, room 7 S/tAA -FOR SALE-ONE HALF INTEREST IN A WvUi crn-h paying business, well established, and yield inu large profits; excellent chance for anv smart yeung taan w ishing *o commence business; none need apply but those having the cash. Apply to W R. 1IARRISSON A CO., m Broadway. fljOCA ONLY, FOR A THREE STORY AND BASE tjPOtJlr ment briok d Milling, ZS2 West Twenty sixth street, y to Mr Jackson on the 257 Greon*ieh street near Ninth avenue; ten room** Agply to Mr Jack I refer* aces required A NOVELTY.? A W KITING MACHINE, OK POLY graph, by which, with common pena, ink and paper, in origin*! and one ?.r more oopiea (either on single she.-ta or in a I lank book) can be writteu simultaneously. It is very simple *n coostructioB and works with all the ease and free dc>m of a detached pen. It tills :? great d tslderatum, besides entirely superseding the copying press. Every lawyer, raer chant, cpvist, business and literary man should h:iveoue. It is equ ...n, useful for copying drawings, laoe nud calioo patterns, and engraving on w?>od. The patentee offer* for tale the whole right or a i?art interest. A fori une for the purchaser. Models, and a tariff of prices, can be Been at the office of D. SHF.PHE R l>,7 Wall atreet. A II AN DROME COTTAGE, WITH KM ALL GARDEN, irood etahle, Ac., In Cariuan?ville, for sale, on aeeoin modating terms. Apply to JOHN D. CHEVALIER, SOU lir<>udway. CIOAL YARD FOR SALE? WITH LEASE, AND BUILD / ing and fixture, complete, in a good neighborhood, Bear the Bowery , doing a good biisine**. The reason for dispoa ing of it is on a* connt of ill health, not b?*4iitr able to attend to it. For particulam apply, after 12 o'clock, to WM. ItKI'M ER, X2 Old slip, upstairs. Beautiful country residence for sale or uxchaiiKti for city property.? The houae is two story aud attic, with parlors, amintt room, kitohen and wash room on fmt floor. The parlors have marble mantel* and sliding doors. Six room* in second story. L&rxe attic, with on? finished room. Eight acres of land, nicely laid oat and well stocked witli fruit and ornamental trees; beautiful garden and lawn, with barn, carriage house, Ao. The above ore mice* are in good condition, situated at Blootnticld, N. J , a short distance from good churches and schools, an I within twenty minutes' ride of .Newark, where the ear* leave to and from Nee York aixteen times a day. Apply at 50 Arnos street or 131 An.ity street, New York. Delightful country residence for sale ? New House, modern style. containing eleven rooms, be aides ample cellar r-?om, pantni ?, Ac. Ten ai re- of ground. Mtuatcdonthe Sound, in Westchester county, one hour's ride from the ciiy bv New llaven railroad Unaurpassed water view, bathing, nshing, oysteriug, Ac. Will be aoid very cheap. Apply to J. W OLIVER, ."12 Boekmnn street. Drug store for sale? an old established stand may he purrhnaed ob easy terms, by applying at 40t? Grand atreet. I) RUG STORE FOR SALE-SITUATED IN A DENSE ly populated neighborhood, doing a good business; has been established about twenty years. Sold in consequence Addrese Druir/iat, Herald Drug stork for sale? only $?*) in cash (for the balance go>d security) i- needed, to buy a dru? Store, where th? busiiiees ha * more than doubled, e* en in^tiiu p.ipt year Satisfactory reasons will be given for selling. Apply to?B. \* . Ri< HARDS. 307 lir-adway 1 .1NGLISII BASEMENT HOUSE FOR SALE, IN WEST J Twenty-fifth street, between .Seventh and Eighth ave nnes. It baa every ntcdorn improvement, and hasheenru cently put in complete order by the owner, for bis own use T? ?ius easy. The luruiture for sale, if wanted Apply to C 11 A U N vV BARNARD, 7? Broad nay IM>R SALE? FOURTH AVENUE PROPERTY -TWO three story houses, adi-ining, on Fourth avenue, near Twenty fourth street; will he suld low. Also, two small houses on I irst street, near the Bowery ; al*o, two <?n Forty fifth street, and three on I it t y eighth street. Prices, on First street, $3,2tJ0; Forty* fifth street, 91, .'s?>; Fiftw eighth stre* t Fonrth avnuH, 97.7A" Aj?ply t ? h fi. KIN HIIMEK, > I Fourth aveuqe. from 3 to < h'OR SALE? OR EXCHANGE KJJi CITY PROPERTY, P or a farm farther north, a neat t? ) story cottage with I } $ acres of land, within ten minutes of limit s Brid/e I se j ? t , Westchester count y Inquire of R 1 EM BRoot'K, corner ot Dey and Gr?- nwi? h streets, or of Miker A Arch* r. Hunt's Bridae. IjlOR SALE? A HANDSOME HOUSE AND FOUR LOTS ' on the corner of lourtl. aveuu** aud Fifth "tro' t, in Mount Vernon, Westchester eonnty, live minutes ^alk from t lie depot. For particulars, inquire of M. P. MASON, No. Chambers street PuR S A I. K- A SI'I.FNDI l> I'KOI'ERTY ON THE NORTH 1 side ? t 1 niton street, iu the centre ot Jamaica villa/o, (' iitainiog about sixty acres. Iar*e butldi.iica t ar^ and stage** at atl hours <ini]| to and from the city, beautiful location, well calculated ft-r l-uildin/ lot*. S L. JOHNSON. 212 Brad way, room No .1 IlOE SA1 E* \ NEAT COTTAOE RES I DEN < E, WITH tttiok- and mx lots of land attached: hou?e has seven rooms, pantries, loft, cellar. Ac., and i-* located three miles tr? ni the ferries Price 91, Part c ?sh require I Apply ?? Me?'r? III CUES A GREEN, 153 Grand atr'et, corner < i 1 iitl. Williamst urg. F'S ALF? A BOILER EIGHTEEN FEET LO.N'f and f *.rty two lochia in dumcter, with two flys. at tl tre street F^OR SALE ? HOUSE NO 77 WES'I TW ENTY SI XT1I itr? ? t, l rowti stone front, with all the modern linprove tnents, AllO(Sli IV est Ttnrtv siath str**et. twr in Tli.rty eighth tr?e? Apflytoh. U* CRONK, Jo Vt est 1'wenty rixth str- et, from s to 12 ?'?) k L^OR SALE? A HANDSOME ASSOR1ED STltCE OF F rornbs, fancy t?>ods, J^w? Iry, thread, needles. ? mbroi l** rie#, la es,.Ac. Apply in the store, Ibi Ninth avenu**, l*e *e#B 'I ?ent) fir?t and Twenty second street*. Lease three y? ara Rent ot bottae and store together $!*?? N B Wish es to sell on account of aKkneas. L'i'H ^ALE-A VERY DESIRABLE NEW FOUR STORY F bri? k houa*- with all mounru Improvements, in Nitte tet nth street Price #^,?ss. also, a neat three st*ry English I ftef ment brick house, tn Twenty ?ixth street, $."> usi; ] a r.r-t clai>s two story aud baseutent brick house in West Ki(h te* nth street Pfice A SERGEANT, If* Wall at yOR SALE-ON EASY TERMS AND CHKAP-A F double two story brick houae, and Bine acrta of land, tn the beentiful. healthy and thriving village of Oneida, N Y , on the < antral railroad, right hours ride from New York city . liviag rheap, soil eie. Ment, and will probably all be v .nted M.?n f'-r buildia^l* 's Apply to R. K. ELMiYooD, near the premise, or H C. Gould 7/ Variok str et, N, Y., from 0 to 4 1*. M. l.'oR S A I E? A fIRMf LASS LADIES FREM H BOOT I ai d rb< ? et?-f. located on Broada av, and i >w d unza hrst . lass trade. '1 he stock will be sold t < any amount Th only r? a ? n for selling, the owner i* going west Apply at 21. Br adwa> ro- tn lu HUsTED A BROWf* F^OK 'AI.I-A (, (ilCKV ami IKtll STORK IN A rlioica up t un In', Including tho ?io> k flittirsr ,?>"d will, "i| four v-i?r? I at* fur fart n-ulira loiair of I II IlK'iH N, 71 U'lll Itr-et, frue flei# M. FViB SALE. -THE I'H'll'KIH iRS or A I'olM I.AK raitaorbat ari-l ";i; <?.. ? th* Third ward, in fond buti i>. -? lourmk' !?, flfam otb. r arraniraraoat In ati?ud to 11 *i.l -fll tinlf of t .. n but . Ayr#*! A I ?> l> I I. who * an v*fi n?l ait. 1 ti' H i it A i>| Ijr to ?. II. f il ANL'I.H, iV . H'tmhiD^Inn ilrttt t i.T nr ' ' durra; rlrf*it F^UKSAIK rw. TIIKEK "TORY IIIOII IIA9E4ENT I ri*k blnw on Ri?tjr llr-t ?trrrt, I. ? r. ntn# I r ?7.V| | ?r amiti, Al?<> * t?. tUiry bxaaa ?n I tiir*' urxuf ItM ?? FoMfimiTifiii' l'i | r M< rr aaulA, oa * r/ ? a*/ l?riu*. Ap |<ljr *1 2 13 It auw ?> . mom No. .1 1/OR "AIR- A BOI JR AM) l.or IS I'Kl.llAtlVILI K. I W 'ii.h' ?t-r oottntjr, ?hunt two Biioiit n walk from in de| it of il. > S<w York >u<i S?w Hataa railroad; alan. four Jot? 2& i? I"" ni ?r II. d*| < t l'..r i artn alar- . at|.It t , JACOB Wt". UK I v. Canal atr*?t CViR "A!.* THE TWO STURV ATTH AVI? BA?E I n.-i.t hri'k I . in. *. . Itl t ...rlh air -l, ??two-ti av mm* l and 1 1 aai I li Ufa baa rant* and <a* far tortn* la ?lairaoa tb? F'OK SAI E-TBE TEN YE^ Rv ' I.EASE ')? A HOIMR and tt'T*. o| i ad a< a r '.nf?rttna?r t atara bow m n? of ih? l??t loratinna In Hradwar. Inrlading tb? Maiir-**, If r?'|uir. d I u |*u < of A SF.RUEANT, I Will airaat. Fv.r - ai r, in *oi;tii broorltn-a "Mtu, three ?ior> ?nd la.-n>. .l bona*. wall ftnlah>d. i.aa ??rl.|a niMtala and aaa rr.aa"aai <n imai.dialalv I or aai* in N?w V'-ri, hnaa*. So. 114 Vand?*al?r atrial T>. la* bona* No VI ll.'tr.'.i, a?r??t. A | j.l/ ta 8. ?; SMITH. IS M it n*ar ' I i'h?m h'liK SAI.I. CBEAI* ritl' t |1|B - TH K ?T<?' I, ri X I"f ? andjro d will nf Ibt M*r-naat Tall rtaj fc.ta' ll*hm*nt. .So ?l ?i?ib aiaan* a .w doinr a *i.od l.n.ja*,, ll'l'iir* Oh tk< pf* miaa* Alio, tba ?lor* t? Ut L'uR MAI.B <iR Til I ET -OS LDNH IRI.tVD THIRTV r n !aa from tl. < it) !??? atiaa baaltn) mamia. ai ? HI ' ?? ? ,ty ?all> I) railroalor ilaaantnai, hoaa< rniia.* 1 m f, l am. rarria a I. .ua?, ?raaar/ and | vallrf k 'i? aad .<i it a uf tillabl* aad I" ? oi wood laa J A to W it'll. SON, No. ft lalijiili' (ilaia F'OH SAIE or TO LtT-THR T*o ?TOR\- AND ?? ir l,.,n?- 2l7>tilll<?o ill"l lO'i-.irr f a.BIM|t "III 294 Wait Tvaat) m ad ilhal. I^llB BAI.ROB TO I.ET-TBR NATIONAL BOTRf,. ' Aa* na I I Ininira oa Ilia i>r< ?>?? >. "f a* No l'i >nrth I i r ? * atr?' ? M'lluanifharir L'OK KAI.I ok To I ET-TB E TWO ITORT A s Ii AT I tit. boil - I *t Bank < tract, robtalalaf **t *>a room# ' ?? n??al, nad and^r 1 1 *r . In ?'<"d onl?r a larr p>riia ?' th? wan mar r'triaiB n ?! '<?? Pnoa M r?ai fta*1 A 1 1 1 > ? ii tfc? i raaitai nr. lor farlbar parti, alara to tba ?ntf. S ii l.*>4 Hl?'?k?r uraat L'ORSAI.E i BEAT A s H I f R ? A Wins IN A 'iO< i I ' . all' r? l,nw d> Ir.f b . I I i. alt - . fa. torj r- a ? a j -?n fur ?? R'.-ri l.-r la. f roi?i ..n ija<) ? ( Ckarlta* itrMt, lfi??t 10 A. M aad I f N > L oR SAI.R V*Nr ClilAP l<?R ( AMI r?iA' RI ?..* r .rn I.,I| wir Sat Vafli; |.r Ii i?f rr? i;,.| ai 12 1 T n ?? atr' ?i aad V *' " k. '?<? I FATHER ANH FlNDINfi ?TORf. Ifill *AI.> \ MOI f I J I't J'triMtllli'H. ?< IU awtar il f.lti n tba ma. I irt a'.?-?| rant, la^i-.r* at l|^llola*rr/ .?r?*. ' ' H A K I E 1 I. OTTO MRDICINI CBRAT DRPoT FOR I* A I.E? ? I T I t li l in lb* wi,..t b?tta?a? |?n af ".a Will >? ? "..|.| T< r) cl.a?L |..f raal. A | | 1 1 at 11 '? ? 1 r??i .|? tfca i oflltt), wlan II o ilar>. _________ I) llol.l.KT, orrilR Ul ABtTT "TRRRT, BAA FOR j J . tal* b it' rj bfiak at*r? bal d??IH*? ??* -n a ??*???. atar ?aurtb ?ir**i rk?ar t:?a Soil. ^Ua!? a I ?l*r if . aatpy atia* fn.* *?? to * ?*atjr In a* '*? W1I b or wllkwwl kafftTlWlta i tbarw r H.-nl laiilltn. 'all rl?at pllOT liOAT t Al'FIT THE OT^TFk I RI IT I B'rada ??ll a??w.r hf *,-bwr A TS l?w alarn Mtowaf ai f fail (Mill la H?|I|1' orilar at a jroat tunlta. ifpwr f I a*?? .?ak?iiaia ? I>? Bt/TO I. ?pr tatraw | FOR RALE. BESTAI HANT AND IIoTEI. FOR 8AI.E ? ON TllK Bli I rupees plan, on* of t)i? oldest >u4 l.est located is this city, doiiiK * (lr?* ml<- bnsinssa; terms Mi;, will tirhinc for country imfrovcd property uuio< umbered ; fur ?nle u the Miner deairea leavinn the city. Address box IU3I, I'ost (In. STEAM ENOINE AM) ROI I KR FOR SALE? A SIX huri" engine boiti-r, turner*' lathee, Inula, Jta. Apply on the rrtroises, 390 Itleeckvr street, between Hammond and liana streets. STFAM ENGINE KlR SA1.E -A STEAM ENGINE. OF thirty live hor.e power, beautiful lmi?h an>l workman ship kaewn as the " J< nathan Belle" | ri?e engine. at the llallfi SUM1 World's Ealr, for sale low Apply io U RO VER, BARER A CO., ?(5 Broadway. TO PHTIIC1AN8.? A MRDICAL OFFICE FOR SAI.E, forahont wbai the furniture cual; haa a good praotii" connected, nail woald be an aaeftlleut opport unty 1"T a youug pbvsioiaa to ratablish linn-ell lu a (nod dlr practice. Apply this evening bitwecn I an .1 7, at lMfl Rivlngtuu street, near Ridge. TIO BAKER*.? FOR SALE, ONE OF THE It KMT HAKE rilti in tlir eilj H ill l?- <ol<l for una half lla value To a good man part f the | ur? lia.e money nan remain on mortgage (or ..a.' year A ldreaa Baker, box :?>i Herald office. TO CLOTIIIERB -THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OKA clothing ature. in oaa of the b< ?t location* in the city lor boys' clothing: will he aold cheap tor caah A nuta a. I dreaaed to A It. t , lleraid office, with real nauie, will be at tended to, ?WW.' HOOMH, AC., WANTED. flh/> ? WAMFD, TO PI K.HAHK ro* ?\Ja V/ Vr \/e tti.WH1 or Ini, (cash ) a two story, basement nod and attic house. aif uat<?l between Kirei Mnl Sixth avenues an I Sixth ami Twentieth streetc. Also wanted, >1 mm, $;i,oco, $J,riOO, on improved rani ?state worth double tin* amount. Apply to TALKIE * CO., 75 Naasaii street. C) AAAI'AWN TICKET* WANTED -ON WATCH Vr \/ es, jewelry, diamomla, ailka nn<l dreee patterns, for which fair price* will be pail. Apply at J. 1'ykes J: Co'a, 'iM liraml street, stcond flour, rear room, between the hour* ol M o'clock, A. M.. nod 4'? o'clock, 1*. M. A WIDOW LADY, HSHROCI OK TAKING A BOOB J\_ for tba summer season, on Staten Island, would Ike to engage a party of gentlemen who woul l Mnimt security for ami |>ay her r'-ut, in part payment for thmr board Being alone, nnd dependent ii|mjd h?r own re sourrea, abe timla this course neocnary to properly ea tabliab herself. Reference given, If rei|uirej. Adtlioss, Immediately. Mrs H. I*. L., rout Oftice. IlUJUMHKD HOUSE WANTED? FROM THE TOSf of M?), at a Mrfmti (Ml; a throe awry and attir, or lour atory houaa, lutween Illeecker ami 8U teeotb RtrMta. ami fourth and.Mith nvonuei. Ad lraaa, post pall, C. H., bo* 'i,4HQ Hoat Office, HorsE WANTED.? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A email three atory hofan, with modern ImpiOT* menta, located lietween Third and Fnurtl ie?, and Fourth nnd Twentieth atreeU. Yearly r< ui not ta ex read $700. Adifreaa, atAting locntion, rent, he., J. M. 8., Broadway l'oat Office. HOl'SF. WANTED HY A SMAI.l. F AMII.Y ? A COW reuu nt, pleasantly siUiatad houaa above Kuurtb afieet; rent not to eirced tMHi. Athlieas boi 893 l'oat Office, stating location, An. HOl'SE WANTED.? PAST OF A H0C8I. WITH ALL tba modern lmproTements, uaa, Croton, kc. , wanted by an unexceptioiuil ttnant. man, wlte anil sec vsnt, no children . location must be pleaeant I" a ifeo teel neiRhborhood. not above k^rtiotli atreet, convenient to railroad or xtaije route, lien of ri-ferances (fiven and required. Addreaa, iilvlng full deaerip'Jon of apart meuta, (front or back basement iii'li?|>eni?ble ? rent not to i xwed t'2fi0 or f J'H,) A. I*. MKIK.'ll ANT, Herald . It ro Or would lenae a small rottnge in Brooklyn HOIVK WANTED? BY AN AMKUK AN I.ADY AND two dauirbtera, four rooma on aecond floor, with pantries ami water, In a private American family. 1'os leaaion tleaireil flmt or midille of April. Tlie boat of re ference given. Kent paid monthly, if re | n i red . Address Mrs H , U7 I'jixt tlilrty-Orat street, near third avenue. Hor.-k WANTED ? *ANTKD IMMEDIATELY, A small three ?t< ry bouse, with mielcrn improve lnent?, l??-ated betwe.n Third and fixth avenues and >our'.h ntd Twentieth ,.treeU. Yearly rent not tusx ceil 1700, Addreaa, stating location, rent. Ai' , J M.H , Itroadasy l'oat Office. House wanted by a bmau. family, as a |iermaneut rwaidenra Inim.-'luUly, or trum the lat ot May, with all the modern tmprotementa, In ?om* < ? n teel location below 1 wi-nty-fouith str.-et ? rent not to exceed $ ..'?() for a goo<l tenant Apply to II W.HICII. ARIW, ;u 7 Broadway. "WTASTFI' BY A UKNTIV.MAN, WIKK. AND < IIIT.D, JW the whole or part of a ? mall linua* in a irentewi neighborhood not above Twelfth itreet; inuat eontain Croton, hatha, Ac . and three or four rooms on a floor; rent not to exceed %'ih 0 per annum for part. I'eraona having aoe.h promises to let may hear of a good caab tenant by ad>'.re*aiim f. D., box Ut'i, Tribune \tr ANTED? ON THE Kilt -T OK MAY, nv A V'EltY TT small family, one half of a modern built hona? ia the upper part ot the city, eligibly located. Kent ac coto'ing to style ol bouse. Address Vail naming aitua tion and time of Inter* iew, box 1<W Herald office, ltefer euros given and required. TOT ANTED? BT a OENTLIMAN AND IBS WIEE, Vv without children, two rooms an I t* i bwlrootna on a flcir, In a twoatory honse. Reportable neignbir hmal, eitbvr In clighth < r N;nth ward* Itent tnuat Im moderate, paid .jiKirterly. Any per?on wishing a <|uiat tenant, will pleaee address Tenant, Herald ofti :e, for three daya. H7AN1ED? BY A HMAI.l. FAMILY, A O END. KM AN Vv an i wife, the upper part (I a convenient hoase, con- alliig of four rooms, with a <juiet family, on the west - to ol Broadway, above Spring afreet, and not alx <e loi rteenth atreet preferred rent nut to e?r?#,l ft' n per aiui jtn lieat of rsferen. e? given A'ldreaa, ? ' tnc lunl. W II. Mack, New street, office I 'nit*xi Siat> a llonde.1 Warehouse. WET ANTED? 01 KEW Y'?KK OR BROOKLYN, A FOIL Tv ni?i.ed or partly furnished bou-e, where 'he pro pr ?tor would I e uilljrig to b<jard In jiayment of the rant. Address H. B . I'O t l'it Herald ofliee. 117 ANTED? BY THE KIICST 0T MtY, EITHER IN IT New York or Brooklyn, by a small American fa mily without children part of a house, ronsi>ting of tn nt and bark room, kitrhan and bedroom, or fr >nt and l ark riKrii ami twu or three bedr>Kima If in llrrxtklyn, n.uat lie witb.n Hve minute, walk til Kelton ferry. Ad dreaa H V., b('X 1,104 I'ost Office, N. Y., for one ? f MAIL FARfl.Y WrOI'I.D ItKf To TAKE I'AIIT j\ ' a Mmt'.rtaMa bona*, should have no oM Ilea t las# a 'tan la tonneellon wllb a raapertsble family; beat, or ret' rears given aa4 veq wired Location ? sat of It" ? ? ry . from l.rai 1 >'f It hi leeiith atre?*t. sr.-t n ' KeNw "?cii 1 ai'i-ue R> nt nul to eieead AddreasJ V H , II era 1 1 .!!??? ? NEATLY riKMSHEO IIiiC'E WANTED, IN j \ Uruoklyn. not more tbnn asven minntea walk from tb" ti rr r in New York, not a' ,ve Tsatb 'tr?' ? K>at, ?ith fsri iture, aol to exce- d )><> Ad Ireaa A K Herald ofB t'ARM WANTED.? TnE ADYERTT8ER JFIHEE9 TO I j ri liaa.- a deelrahle fariu or e-on, i ry aeat, r-oalalnins f i :n 1 1 ir'y t n ft ft * acres It ami eoalala a nest h^nn. a aw mi , |e oalbnlMinss. with a goo<l orobar 1. garden an i wa * r ? ud Ibe land of ea* ellent ijuallty moat l.? j ? a. sat and perfectly f.eslthy frae from fever a . J aeoe, a., p - re fw-tlabla nsisbbor!, ?! -tia'ai.i tr-,m New V .rk o (it more 11 an twe hears, and not fnMter I ti an a mile frefli a rai r d station Te those wbf* wleb to diai e of a '? a pla'a a fs r pries will t- (a, I in eash A I re.? wilt, full I ?rtf- nlara u- te location, quality ef lai I an I I ulldlngs .latin/ pri?e. te kOM l,K.'>7 Poat < iffl. ^ N>. Y rk l?o null-, r ill ba t aktn of any | Is. e in New Ji r-ey H< I -I. OH A I.IIT WAN rrit.- ITANTED To I I R at i- s amall, oest tw . er thr- s at fry lous- wllh or will ' nt improvcmanls. er a lot, with ot i baa.e | an , i .t. nesr -iath avenue, between lunr'h and Twenti-t'i atrt la Ad tire as M It , bos Its Herald off, H'l -E M ANTED? A Ml All. FAMII.T H I All TO real a boose, havuiK Ike modern ImprovCAents, e a xood i 'irf.herhead, at a rent ef fron. MMItetTCi Address w II- raid ??rice. Hut *E WANTED ?ANT OENTI.KMAN *11" WILL prweare ae >mf' rleble modem h .'ise in tha ap[er part III t ? elly. at a real from Join to t-as' will 1.. loan d a. ??er.r ty a valnal.le Ffeaek a ad Engli. I. library of el lit* rstare, and Ike real i rnmplly tai l The advertiser has ao ni t|va a retired aail " Hifer'.a l~ h oae Ad dr. -a I'anllae, Herald \t'AMEI> A MM I.I. < OUIORTAHI.V H KM IIEI> If tal mmII IMIi Rwant ki r A . 1 r ? - V \ H*rt f iruMtii run a ia*iiv or run ft. i'*k??n< Vf mati>il4r*a. aaarnad ???/?. i?ii>iiti vl 1*1 roaaaa ?? ? t ? i . ir?.n,i ?lih ?r oith'.ii a kllahaa ' . .* ? ? ? " ? " I t m, i k tMM Iki hltiiiit i : i ? i, lU in ? ? ?> rt|, lift R'lil ai<4rrtt> M I i llllliull tft't U antik bv a eamilv or three nwwy i-en ? M. ita aa*--.a4 will# *??? ' r ivj r mi >a la in i tkM ttori b?iiH Omvltltti .4ar* infr* ?a ?Ml ..f Tl.lM ?<lrn? l?1 i< f'l.t.ffwaa It f," ftrwl A<)4r-at. all* fall |,arl,. a ?ia ll A I II - r ?14 ? ftea. U?amu>-Ti> TitAv?rm a RfiHT<. %<.?. ton ? ? i in.jr nniiir imUi>.i r it ?m> ? iKa ir "* l.i 'kljra ?? flh #'? li?a.a ll,? A I i a ?' ?4'. villi* i*1 'I s U?tr I jwra?? tr*ai?4 ?ii? A ).?*? A * I , k?i It1*? I'aai (Ifl#. nr a M Bl> A UIOI H'fi -? m I r It ? \ I . : I ST Tt "Hi iIKIM IMM Itl HtHl tllM|>4 uHl tdrrt'lli faataal kar4l?? !?????. atiMa !???<> ?.?? '*? i. '"Hll I ,y rilll'it >i:| al-an ?t ' ? N rit >?r (.raft-rrad Altir?.a A t . L'ai a i)?n hlk'f \1'astei?-a imaix rouiiiu KOOl VlTSOl r II >' ?rl. mIHMi for a ynaaf naa i? *a?; y*4 <it * a I ? ? all it* 4aj T?rm? mail '? ??(?Ml- lata lea fkl aUi* li' '<a? ?* r* ?V *?ar lit il>ai prtlifi^l IMmi, MUh lariat. I> . t' , M H llar?I4 9 ? U 'ANTED TO I'lBrVAHI? A IOMH fit' 'I T b*aa* !?'???? T'alfc a?4 T???i| MhN iif-nti w.4 ai.mi A* j pmrtf t at a< ?a i-> Mil. a?4 a ill III' la far1 ia,a at a ??!. . ?aliat ? f>r a wall 'aiat.jr ?<.? ik >U?>al> a * I I !?a ' a Mw - a l"'l| I' a? CHRa? alalia* Ik* aaa w a*4 a'raat af ?k? k aaa, a?4 pt .HUi aaiaa, *a>tei. all the hoi ?e? r*RT?"or ii >i*<i I t - mi ^ ?? al-taa ? a*. la?a a ?a? ? ? la >?? V'fk aa4 inail; l<. r?a< ar r- I i"4> 1 <??<*)* >*? ? ? >?? Mm a*?? fomr >? a-. a?4 ?? ra? 4 ?a aiik aaalaaa a?|M|*aalt Hf ? *1 -a a a ? !!>? r'aa r ? itl r a af -a' a.ra ll i* aa a I w ft* t m a la aa* aaa4f?4? af|l? 4 all; aalaararaal |4a>a al ial"rail> ? <n f-r ?; ar-al ?? 'all a|*a r?a i?a . a ?? a *t?-4i < ?: ?a afj'^arft (??li aat j la ? r 1 aa a I ial n ? i Itin i ' a: tW iirtH aa4 ???! ?!!*??? I"aa< ?aala at Wa 1 1 lia??a Mall l>?Mk ??raai r?a<f af m fii'lM ftaar till* kilt* fia?a 1|ara II ? aaa R ll I.OOfiiriN I f a tl-ai af Ika ???!? Rar-a?r< ?? t ?i?f BOABDIHC AND MMMno. BROADWAY, BOl'THWBfrOORNK.K of NINTH | Of olroot.? Familie* ond ?ingle gentlemen can be accommodated with flB* room*, aiocle or In *ulU, and full liowd, In ? houae with all tu? modern impror.i inenta, iIau a *et of pnrlora, unfurniahed. Diuuur at 4 o'clock. Keferonoee exchanged. ?I A F Ht'DKON STREET, IKHflM ST Ji?llNM l^Tt) park.? A room fur two aingle gentlemen, mil room aui table for ? phyniclnu* oil -? Kngajement* made for family room* from latof Ha/, or prerioua. Gaa, bath, he. Reference* exchanged. Mur twenty -third mm -a AirDaomLY furnlahed apartment*, with board, mar be ob tained in a flint rlaa* houre location Una, with a large fruit garden and private (table In the roar. IJfi KRANKIJN 81 RMCT. ?TWO PAELOM ON ISC | ' ' flrat floor, a (food location for a nhy.,iciai> , pur l?ra, with large bedroom* attached, on the second an I third floor* Hr. ukfa.t nerved If raqmrod K'?>m* all neatly furnished; uUo one or two single room*, for lodglnga. i)r (mnmnr-A amuiuK ani? wife ^?r) or two eingln gnntiemen, can be Moommodntod with a hand*oinei ? furnlahed room, on the aemn I l>r third floor, and full or partial botrd. No mating at May. Reference* exchanged. 3 ASHLAND PLACE. 1'hKKY BTBEET.? EOOIW, in an ilea or mngly, for families or single gentlemen, ui*y l* obtained, w itli board, in a new tirnl cut* bouie for tlx; seanon. No moving on thn lit of Vny. Apply a? above. Reierenc* exchanged. A e*a I'/ enun cara an<l Amity atreet <iagra A NY FAMILY GOING ABROAD OR FROM THK ' ,/V ' 1 1 v during tb<* aiiiiuiicr, may II mi a wtdo ? lady, villi a aon and 'laughter, wtio wouln take tha but rare of tkeir property while kbaent, and pay n am ill root. Any portion of the faunly wiahing to remain In town, may hare board with the occupant. Or a amtll lur iiialiert cottage deaired, up town, pleaaantly located. Rent not to e i reed $10 j*?r mouth Beat reference' fivrn. Address J. F., Herald oftire. A||? GENTLEMEN <'AN HATE RLE AS AN I ANO orderly kept room*, wi h breakfast and tea, more comfortably furnialn d than uaual in boarding houses. I < nation lire ic inn tea walk from i'ultou ferry, Bruiil Irn. All communication* addressed toil O, 1 lei all on will lie promptly nnawervd, BoaKD ? A FEW SINGLE OKNTLEMEN OR OENTLE with their wire* ran be accommodated in a 8r?t clasa houae, in the immediate rtiimty of two or three railroad linei. I'l?*?e apply at .So. 13u E ijliteentli street, near Second avenue Board up town.? a centlkman and wife, ok two aingle gentlemen, can be accommodated with well furnlxlaid room*, in a prirate family; fcou?o new, with modon improvements neigh b >rlioo I geuteid car*, A:c , convenient. Apply at UlU Weat Thirty tlr*l street. Board in Brooklyn between wall and tauth ferric*. Two gentlemen an bars pleasant 1 rooma, with partial board , in a ainall family residing at | III Willow place llouae pb-oantly aituetvd. Term* | mod>' rate Relerencea exchanged Board IN BROOKLYN -ONE OR TWO B1N0IJE gentlemen ran ha accommodated with pleasant rooms In a private family, it lew minute* wait final t ul ton ?rry, by applying at 11U hand* atreet. Reference* exchanged. Board is WILLI amkburu-fouR noons, on the aecond floor, to let. with board, ???|.*r?'e or I together, to a email family, or to *iagle gentlemen In a private family, pleaaantly located at 8H Firth at., within ! (ire minutes' wslk of tbethren fsrrios. Terms moderate ])0ABD WANTED.? TWO OENTLEMEN OF THK > higheit rr?pei'tdblity wiah to en , 'age two * nit* of | rtoma, uuf urnuhed, conaiating of room and b> dr min : each, for one year from lit of May. The adverti*?r* are (lealroua of meeting with ?< me |>er*on wtio would be will | ing to make them a comfortable and genteel bom* on re**onable term*, and where no other boarder* are taa'n j AMnH Audiraon, |lroad??y Po#t OAOO, lor two day*. 1JOARDLNG ?TWO f)R TlfRU: OkNTlJCUKN ANH } wuea or ainifle g^utlemen can be ItipsIM Willi \ bt ard and rnmmo'llona rixiina at :: > Kutgera utreet The i hoime i* very plaaaantly located and furniahed with gaa halli room, ?r. and will be kept In the ijeit mauner. Apply from - until fl o'clock I'. VI , to >lr?. Tucker. llH I ur?yth atieet. Boarding.? two ok thrkk < kstlkmrn ciN find p eaKant rtoma, with gieai 0<>ar I, at !>!> II n4 ? I m n atreet. IjH'RNHOIED R'HiM.S TO I.KT? IN THK NKW AND eli gnu t houae l? Weal Tblrteuntii *tre?t rtsar ilfth avenue, with lioard, If required (ja*, warm and cold bath*, fcc. He*t referenrr* given and required Lodging rooms near broadway. at ii mand $9 f><J per week, at the Grape* H.*tel, 18A iiran l *lre?t, one block eaat of Itroalway Me*|? at all li 'iii* on the Kuropean plan. UARKRT YKKKANCK. IODOINGK? WITH OK WtTHOI'T RRKAKKAHT, CAN j bo had kt IM Grand itreet, brut blocU weat of , llroadway. on reasonable term*. I | i ? v FOR GKNTIEMKN.? OENTI.CMKN CAN FIND j It* iiiri?ljr furniitift'l r??om, vltb or without lr<w?iu ) ifU< b?<J. in * print** \mithi\y ?t 1H T#ntli ilfwl, Mtirr* o | Klfth AD<1 hmh atrna^M Th# hmM IU?* nr?Jprn t jmj roTfu ??nt*, Mid will b+ wrfH in tb? r^im, | if rtqnlfi'd. So moviog in M?y, mwo i a rWt f. av ft onp oiiau rook to trr, 1 Willi Uwri, ?t MU liuilton etrMil hutli ?u I /?. la lh? lmu?? Kunt or?d ajipljr fze*pt tliow ?k? wuh ? I |wrmtn>nt lioni* 1MIHI.K CAN I IK AC" "'.MM' 1I1ATKO with f#ry tiaadaom* ro?im-, in a atH'ttr pnrota family, tUr?- tl.* CMiiforu of a homo will If foun t, n*-ar Fifth avrost nn I Washington ??jtiara> A S ir *?*<?, with ml Rim*, I' M H., I x?* 2,14* I'oot ??ft? ?? TO I hi- WITH BOAKJ>, IN A I'KI V ATK FAMILY, A lar^o front rooOi t) ? gantli- nun ami wifo, or two ain^l* K*ntUtn*ii Rcfartftica re*|uir<Hl. Injun* At 7ft i (2iriati? ?trrt WANTED ? AS I'M*! R.VIWIKD BOO If AVIl HfcD room, with tMtrd, in a krifAto fAtmlr, u tha n? i^hborho<Hl of 8*<-ond itirwet in) Howry A>Mr> i? II I* , 547 fiowarj. 7**rm?i muat b* m 'd?*r?t?* 4WU) H X Tit AVkM J IW'II l? )'-R* fOIK trritii atrrrt A I % 1 jr hstt> / Uk'i ? ?, nUtf, liu too ri< or a ft ?? ? t> |tt( f<irntaho4 or rnifurni*1!*'! lli? hu on* 4 raolat# with mo4*ra imfrotataoiit* a n# ;?? t* arbor that ?lll|inl*-?ttiii '?? tliw |'tn* m prt i %?n t?t f- r lizard cir I a ar*? 'r^ii.?4a?*'l IT. I GRAM* !*TREKT, ONE DOOK I'N "M KM \ I ? ' 1 I Afidaoiaa laiar>i fato r?4 'umlil,"! r ?m. ? iiltiMa f-r ?? (fall* man or a jra r. t ! . ia a I w|f? % larva room "? tfaifl fl'1 r, f -r t*? ? fat* man aitli l-ia, ftlaa, I riatt ta vtan fitflHlfi UfatWit If If^aifni, S ' trif i ?i *?> 7 J IHASKI IN STREET II HSI'III.H IMmM I i with ar vHMl oolf two 4 *irt *??t fr*#m Taylor ? aal< "it ? 1 1 an4 b< t aaUr i Ath# aal all la tM l*at or Ur aa?I ?t;i* I it W MT rill K r K I. NT II HT R I * I IWU l.tKOK V I < I m RiA#4 raatil at 4 '?i? halt Mfam ta l*t, wfiH of ?|th i nt b' ar4 llviif aa all thr mo4*ra 1 ?i provau* ' fc'a h hi.rt.t k fr ?mi >. i eamoi- iiroadm a k t? ? I ha a la?ma)y Nfaiih?4 par.* ra will M rootol to a party of rHUm^n, ar a t? atlarnaa *4 ? i f ? l'?r??i? 4* rin? a oar* tral ImiII' n raa ti |r?u?<i]; a< . .*? to 4*1*4 It^arl if 4?atra4. 0 OR KOI H Kfl^.i TAlil K rot.A<i Mf.N <4N ft I a# aiM.ii. },?.? , wMi? ^ ar looi ?? si. .rtoM* r ?? a % Mlu iMny. M MTMN avao?i? fettvawd T??m/ fa?o#i?4 ??4 Iwmty I I'rnti, tLirtfl r (Nat f>Wl Mi.katura p?*ftfr?4 a ii ami f on i Rirvrt or rt uM^wro ipait JV inita, witti |<mi '# ?f la * a ? r ? ? . i> ? ?> 'i ?? ;?4 UrM !??) o?*>r*i" t too I at f A|?l At; <? ?? ? ?? fr? m li ta 2 o c I o? fc . ala<>, at .fi i lia^a wa??, two at < Hi r- u ? will lat %?r/ r ??? ??) i? t" r*?|" *a< l? (aiim A OKKIIIMAN AMI ffirr. ANDTHO'.k til HEI5 J\ *anO?roaa, ?aa ? ? a^*'???o4a?? 4 wttli b ar l la I 1 J?a itfct f'Oi'- ? ao I raa. !?? a (am II* ? ?r? ' h ? f - ar Wot km ' ??ar4#ra ai?4 wk< r* %l*?f > aa ??/"> tl*? i ?lal aoaafana if a t.'-ro? A^f at'- Vao4ana atro?-? loioota'a waih fr n? ' au4 I'.i/hth a*?iat rara s ? to ? .# ? ta? f.rrt ?.f Ha, 4 II KM JIM' H'"M TO I.ET T*i A OKNTMIHAN with' *t la. l^at???a 4?a?rai-la A;fl/ at l^i N?Mt|i a?r?M a lao ? .??'? '.f Itr*a4?*y 4 1 1 flW I Ml M ? RO' If U A NT Ml uriril I' A R 71 A f ?/V af fall ^ *?4 In a -<.*rr?a4 la4t. artiK a wi4aw of la a i ata warr? a?? ati .or t ariara ar ??* ?? for ? i. .11 r . 'fat* A . if.a A ll ? ll ? al ?? , a i. taiti' olara A N v OMt H *r INfi ItRNfTf HI r<# DIM' ? ?? 4i?taar# froiai lU ?l?j, ?l^r* all tfc? ur..a *?a* l'4i* i \ICIU *'r ROOM* I E ( -<i.N AROi k #av*atat?wf of two r- i*. - ??t'. ?! >??# a**a*' ratoijr ta aiath nt * ro' r?.? for 4 0|.%TI.RMAN A I ? !? It I R T* '? MN?#| E '#r. ? /V tU?Mi ra* Aa ?o t*???at r**oaat ?iU W*ar4 to a i if i ' at I t, a# nt- or. o - 1# ? ? f? ? o%*,f |#? a*< A \l Af> i * ' r i.i ; 1 1 ? *s ? a?> m ? i * i'aki ?? t ? tr?l t ? ? I ?* ?Ui r? .t*,*? r I t r . I. |t . | . i. 4 *?r. /i' ?t kl . t't . ? .??!? I ?? . . ' ? J I . I ,, pliARI ? *1-1,1. CIITllltl I > 1 S ? I ? ?' I - I ? r M '? . . ' I, ? > , ? ?' ?l.? ' It il't Mf flkf.i ?>,?*?'. ? ? I ? ? ? ?? Ml a I f* f M ? ? W ?? I ? '. i a I > ? ? < >!???! ? '?r ??? ? *> . |)i'iU> A r ? Mil r MAI ISO k 'Hi * ? ? 7/1*-. Iff ?? ? |l . I I > ?|i. r*>im ?>, I 'i i-.i? l>ii ? .? ?.????? if ?i'U?a *ir.i i . ? - r ?* ^ 'I*. ?* Ul ??. *l?!? ?? It/ W> ? ?r.i I'll. | ' a f i ? *M? ?? till i f ' i ??r i i * ?.>? l( I, f ? ll ? 1 III < ll tl ? I ? f ??lift ? -I htw m ? ??? (? ??w '?? i I ?'* ? ? i i.iiri i >?'* ??? ' ' ? i ? i ' Ilk ItfMlimMilml ??'??? I ?f??! I" I l< III ll.ltl?4ttl#MI hi AB!? -A Tir* Bt A lot ac I Abl I* A HI ?(?'in ? /* '?? i D'rw * B Kium < i !??? HtHt MiBDIlO AMD liODOOTCk ^ I ??-I,- II I ? ? - 1 ? Boakh-ii rm.siikd kooms. with rvi.i.oR par <i?i fcaarit; ala*. oaa liri* nafuralahal front rtx.m . lu > f.rj, hoi and col J vatar. tbomvr balk, Mr , II aorihvaat, ?<>raar ?>( Broa4?ajr aatl Twaal/ umtli Mw? b< I0M tl.. l.auaa Bi>aki> a MIMM ? m iiioh LiDr.tlfMf* family, au Ur?t|?ai liana. kr*|> r, ?? aatiuua lu Sa4 a In ii) rllllui la >??m r apoaalkla far Ik* ram aal boar* ? Ml. l.a? lot OHK ? . ar Tha b??. at r*l*r<'...* ftivau an. I r? qulml l't*a?. ad'if'-ia Mra T M !> I Ightli t?oua t*aat B BoAKIi A LAUV AMi 0I.NT1.K HAS TAN lit: AC ? ? l. ui <\%t . <| w iih ? i ft *bt fruai room, I oar4 for ll?? la I) "itl\ w it t. ii wl4. w Ia4jr, lu * jrttftU ffttutlt, w Kara t ] < r<: arr no otbar t oar4?*r?. mi n<> childran Alarms im II. I difttrl y i?, < in*, r* || , ?<(j m, # haeu - a imhui am? iii. I'Ri k im mi itabi.k rni ? iav D( Inn ft u fttit In* wtf*. i?f t??, (lf ti.rrr mil/I* *?ntl? in. n ? ftii In a<< ?i*ti*>4ftt<<l with t mi ftt 1 1 m ii ii# ?t rwii *< titl U?" r w?"t "f llu?la< ii N tu vtnjt on Um 1*1 ..f May # Boa n h MA.Mi.n-nv a t;i:* ?i.i:m an ami win w all full I 'lftM iu ft r??| < i lulil l r?'ii.?i Um>!v, U?V ti> n hI a. lion 4 a trail. J , !?<-? 27'-' I'Oftt ? EMlAUh U ANTKII? A VOING I, A UV, Willi I* r..N P -ft I hi !l ?? <!?> tlin- with* ? to hnvr ft iili ? rft'iui ftftil I -?r 1 ? iUi ft > n. *11 r??| ?,<,i ftlilft firtlljr, tih^rt th?r? it? m i.'Iiit UnJrn location *a?t of llr ? a I ? ay ami in t ?>a vicinity of I "urth ?tra> t. lUfiT' 'iow vidian***'! A f ?l r ? alalia* loi'u i too ft???l ivrm#, hI i i muM la Biod?rat?, K W , liro*4 W ft) |*?at (Mi?c? 1>(?ARI?IN0 I OK CKNTI KM EN AND TIIIIK Wl VIS l> A I ?Inn lr * n t la in i? ? ftti ha n< . ou?uiu4at?4 ? it h full ? i - nrtial I * iirJ? lull at l '*< partial at |L'i prr w?ak. At I 'l lilt k i* atr??t, roru?*r af 1 lark ?tr ?!, Ilronkl/a n??A HIM Mi ? A MAN AM>IIIH Win: (?H IWo*|N irlr aiftu t i*n l?r arri iiiin>Mlftt?>a with I> <ai4, >r U?l mm#. to it I < nt I., ar.i. In ? | lain an?l r tali Ift (Iftr- . t. r<n? m ?!? rntu t'ftll ftt jfi^f Kant Thirty thir4 ?tri-?t, ?mm4 it r BOAHDKHh' BttARDIKS ! ROAtDIR^' Til O | WM9 with to olitain l.oarilor* Ui?y Jo ao at V- I A?' *t i? 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Mill IT M I'l 1KB, I ... w i? v*? n?.tt / 1 ",u Vnf**"* t * d' rt*#?, "^r#Ui; M oney to iaax^?toknohs kkix um wot riff AflfiMtti'i r*1*! 1 itn'itii* *it i?m, f mm* .r* ?jxnU ft- , l? hwi, wrrUfM, ?#r ??th#r pf*tp9r%f, * '=????? on lib*r?i Ufifu | * tt? j<t >, *?#? us i f?i?* !?????-# in ?11 '??*? ?t lh? i r* f#?%? ml Afn'f OA # '*1 Hreedwsy. *?N WM? $200,000 .? ? i , ? #, ftof #f.' r* i ?i?? 1- *i. ? ff ?. 17'. ^riviti, ft* 4 i F\] Kllf ON f?MW'#S|> KA' II) OH # ?? j 4r. ?< | ^ ffet ?i ??.? 4 Rf'H Ui' % * 'I Z". Iluat ? lift I ? v?! 'I II V. 1 HAIIKM, <M . e* AlU'frMJ' s ' ? ? ' 1 \ ' > \ , ,r I liMP |ir4*?w, **???'? , t l; ? iifcut Ifli V. .#? O ? city N'. L??iflH&i? amnM ?( p!t wk<> ? i ffMtj'-ft Ntiift tor; t?it ir>'-r .ill A'Hrtu ? W d # ? ic? r|v> m*;uiu?t i a 1 1 n. - Kt," t*n?A + inhH 1 Ukifife mlttr, #?i (dvj + r !? Wftvfenf til* f If, A n t ? ? f?l?f?fa'? g v*? 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