Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 10, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 10, 1855 Page 3
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lbey m issued on aceount of Wabash ui Erie OimI bonds. According to* Harrisbnrg letter, the following tank bilk here pewed at taut one branch of the Legislature of Pennsylvania: City Bank ef Phila delphia, capital $500,000; Bank of Pottatown, Bohuylklll county, capital $100,009, and power to Increase itto $200,000; B?nkof Newcastle, Law rence oounty, capital $160,000; Mechanics' Bank of Pittsbnrg, capital $500,000. There are eighteen or twenty more net acted upon. The number of banks at present incorporated in the State is fifty, and there are thirteen savings banks. At an adjonrned meeting of the stockholders of the Albion Mining Company, held February 28, 1855, it was resolved to dlssrive the Albion Mining Company, and form two separate organizations, one styled the Portage Albion Mining Co., with a capital of $500,000, dlnded into 20.000 mares of $25 each. This incorporation will hold all the real estate of the late Albion Company, situated on Portage Lake; and the other, styled the Livingston Mill ng, with the earns capital act} number of s tares ai the Portage Albion. This company will hold all the real estate of the late Albion Company, situated in the Eagle river district. The New Orleans Crencent, referring to the stop page of the large ootton factorage home there, of 8. O. Nelson A Co., says it was caused by the extraor dinary retardaticn of a rise in the rivers, detaining e'ghteen or nineteen thousand bales of cotton from reaching them in time to cover acceptances. The liabilities ot the firm arc nearly $600,000; and as its business has been confined to strictly legitimate fac torage, an early resumption of payment is confi dently expccted. The annexed quarterly statements of the bank* of Ohio, exhibiting the condition of the several incor porated banking institutions, on the first Monday of February, 1855, as shown by their returns m*da wider oath to the Auditor of State, have just been compiled:? Banks or Ohio. Ret our ct i. Aug. 1864. Xur. 1864. fWi. 1855. Piacounta ?14, 649,297 *13,678,339 >11,684,183 Hpecia 1,649,280 1 09), 105 1,818,440 Banters depoaita . . 2,067,31ti 1,72>,3'8 1,898, 108 Cash itotna lo8 .:A > 151,310 138,147 V. S. A Be. with Tr. 2,687,678 2,408,247 2,28i,491 Liabilities . Capital atock 6, 134,46* 6,037,070 5,620,490 Circulation 8,163,087 h 074.1 3i 7,360 821 Safety Fund atock 1,284,126 l,rix,6U 1,061,808 Due Individ. dtyoa. 0,279,184 6,290.312 5,898,862 Surplua fuad 672,779 729,538 076,903 It will be seen that thf m lias been a steady con traction in tie duc:uD*. lint, the reduction since August having been tnree million dollars. The cir culation has been considerably reduce!, while the ep*cle a~id exchange ac< . uuts have kept up. The individual deports h.<ve fallen off near a million of dollars. Tae o?;>ital has (alien off about half a mil lion of dollars. We understand that work has been resumed b; the Union Coal and Iron Company of Maryland, both on the railroad and at the iron works of the company- The work will be prosecuted to comple tion at the earliest possible period. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and value of foreign dry gocdi entered at this port for contitimption, tar warehouse, and also the with drawals from warehouse, for the week ending and ir.c'udbg Thursday, March 8, 1855:? Movumxnto in Form on Dry Goods. Entered for Contumption. MANUFACTURES OF WOOL. I'kgt. Val. Wnollena.... 90 $19,1)38 Cloths 77 Worsteds,,,. 66 Cotton k do . 231 Shawls Ijirnkitd .... Bom lasting* fr'di ?b'dgs. Yarn t over* Carpeting .. . 22 6 2 4 1 o 3 7 190 43,988 22,894 33,604 12,818 9,685 1,747 480 2i6 1,481 2,797 29,295 manufacturr* or flax. I'kgt, Val. Linens 604 $96,21 <5 l>o. k cotton. 25 6,989 Hand'k'fs. . . . 7 3,628 Thread 11 2,280 Total 744 *208,913 MANUFACTURED OF SILK. Silks 291 $219,699 Klbbons 122 ? Flushes 4 Velvets 11 ToUl 6(0 $107,113 MMCKLLANKOU9, Straw goods. 1?8 $19,464 F'ths ii tiow*. 44 7.817 Kmbr'derles.. 40 I?a gloves.. 19 Kid do....... 4 Clothing 8 C'ora?U 10 flatting 26 Total 318 $S0,699 196,398 MANCFAfTUaBl OF COTTON. 8,62 -2 Cotton 418 $99,790 Shawl ? OavaU 26 rongees C S'k k worsted 48 S'k it cotton. 21 Sewings 8 tilOTM 17 liMi k b'dgs. 08 Baw 1 6,481 21,717 3,727 2,416 30,209 11,421 684 13,268 10,017 1,219 ColM do 11 Ginghams... 0 Velvets 6 Muslins 14 Embr'ddo... 7 I*ce.i 8 H'dkercblefi. 3 Hose 34 Spool 37 B'dgs 2 2,702 1,075 2,500 8,5M 3,. '117 2,1*5 821 a hoi 8,7t*6 418 Total 649 $526,677 Total 661 $131,994 WWulrawn fnm Warehouse. MANtrKAtn Km or wool.. manufacture of silk. Woollens Cloths Worsteds .... Cotton k do. . Shawls Blankets Carpeting*. .. Yarn 36 $16,763 Silks 112 $39,150 4 2,418 Kit) bona 24 6,044 Laces 106 22,480 Crape* 6 2,1*2 Lo. shawls... 3 600 Cravats 66 11,611 1'ongees 3 626 Silk k worsted ? Silk k cotton. Total 230 $91,624 Sewings Glovea MANUKA (TURKS OF COTTON. Cottons 405 I'rlnU Ginghams. ... Muslins Bmbr'd do.... laces Handk'rchlefs (Jose Gloves Spool $b2,698 613 2.176 9,987 1,390 2,490 3,334 Ilrds. & Hdgs. fUw 6.488 1,860 2,205 7,386 284 15,002 67,0*7 4,383 2,721 1,600 IM 4,946 11,927 1 461 Total 381 $153,470 MANUFACTURE* OF FLA*. I.inens 234 $43,610 Do. k cotton. 6 1,101 Handk'rchiefs 10 27 ,'860 Thread 6 988 0,479 Total 260 $.'>8,102 ML-tTRLLAXaoiH. ToUl 790 $137,553 Straw goods.. 140 $37,412 Entered Jar WareKouting. MANUFACTURES OF WOOL. MA-VCFACTI RIM OF K1LK. Woollens 36 $12 916 Silks 76 $11,741 Cloths 3 lot. 4 worsted 36 fUanketx (4 Carpeting .... 26 1,387 Cravats 2 6,169 Shawls 32 11,426 Silk k worsted 2.'S 6,888 Sewings It Total 162 $37,786 Total 146 $46,162 MANUFACTORIES Or COTTON. Cutton 70 $11,??'J Muslins. I*c?s. JJoae.. VMCIlLANIOm. "80 Straw (oodM. ?162 Kmbroi'lerifS . 860 Kid gloves . . . Clothing ToUl 82 $13,948 MANUFACTURIM OF FLA*. Total. Jjnens 166 $22,660 Rmrnrt.ATiON. Entered for Cunivmption. Pkgt. Vsaufrrtures of woo) 744 '* of cotton 661 " ef silk 649 " of flax 660 Miscellaneous.,,,. 318 $8,041 Value. $208,913 131, im 626.877 10T, 113 30,599 ToUl 2,812 $1,065,196 Withdrawn from Warekout*. Maaufactares of wool 2?6 $61,624 " of cotton... ....... 790 187,653 ?? ef silk .181 153,476 " Of flax . 2- >6 68,102 Miscellaneous 140 87,412 ToUl l,^ $148,067 Entered for War?A?u?e. y .iBiifsctures of wool 162 $37,786 ?' of cotton 82 18,948 ?i ot sil* ... 146 46,162 i? of flax 186 82,650 Miscellaneous 33 8,044 ToUl "9 $138,577 There ha* b*eo daring the pant wc?k a little mire activity in the dry gondii tra<l6, iod pri :?? are well auataimd for the se&aon. The ripply of fcrogn labric* 1* not large, bat there in no ssuvity of any diacriptioa. The proape^t at present * in ravor of a healthy Miwn' LiuIdcm. Tbe impoitati na conu Loe limited, and tba probability ia that we ahail not have an over atook of good* at any time. Ordeis itre made up wi'.h much care and caution, and the impottet* txhibit a determination to keep within mfe limit*. At auction the transactions have teen large and the aalea aatU factory. We do not b:k for ao activity it this line of b lsineea anytiing like that of laat year, bat tt win b? hotter and more pro titabW for all parties engaged. We have no doubt the remit of thia year's btninesa will be altogether more profitable than laat. It Is not the quantity of goods a old that should bs locked to, ao much as the remuneration received and the quality of th? bllla receivable account. More rasrchanU are miaed by doing too much business than too little. The trad* is now in a aouni.coodltion , and it will not , fce dKHcnlt to keep It ?o^_ luck Kirhangt. Kkihat, March 9, 18>?. $?00.1 la I WaU 6'*.. M 100 shs Canton <>? . . 24 W 1000# do Ml? 100 do MO 25 1$000 do 84 X 100 Clave *T*iR mo 78 10000 d*...M0 M* 10 Nort'n 1*4'* BR. 89 X 19000 Virginia 0'*... M WHilMiRlr KK. U 5000 do...b30 OCX 10 Clor k Pftta'f RR U 600 Georgia ?'? ... M 10 Gal k Chleago R. 00 26000 Mi**ouri6'a *00 04 6 Mioh South'n RR 89* 0000 do. . .b30 MH 300 Curab C3 Co. . M0 34 6000 do.... *3 94* 100 do b30 33J< 6000 Louiiiana 6* *3 80* 100 do *60 33X 6000 do. . . b30 89* 100 do *3 33 S' 3000 Erio 2d Mt Bd* 100 60 do b3 33* 6000 Krie Bd* of '76 84 \ 100 do *3 Xi\ 16000 do 84* 100 do *10 33^ 6100 <3o...b30 MX 100 do o 33J* 10OO Albany Fx Cer 34>5 100 do *3 34 8000 111 Con RR Bda 76 100 do bW 34* 2000 do. b60 76X 100 do 34 4300 N Y fen 7'?... 00* 100 do b?0 34 1200 do 69 N Y Central RR. 94 1000 Ch & R la RR bi 93* 100 Krie RR 4fl * 42 ah* Del k 11 C Co 110 350 do 40 * 20 IW of New York 117 G()0 do bi>0 46* 10 Am Ks Bank . . . . lOfl 24 Harlem pref ... . 76 lOHanovrBk 92 .'ICO Keftllng KU atOO 79* 10 Metropolitan Bk. 100* 800 do b'W 79* 36 Ohio I, k Trat Co 88 300 do 79\? 460 Nic 'ltmaait Co *3 16* 6.i6 do 79* 1(0 do ?30 16* 1?*0 do a60 79* 2(0 do bttO 15* 100 do .....bSO 79* 1U0 do b3 lh* 2C0 d?? b60 79* 160 do k30 16* 7 Mich 8 Conat'ion 86 lOOCantonCo 2t,?. 7 Chi :ago k it I RR 87 BKCOHO BOAHO. $9000 Virginia 6'*... 90 60 rfu NYCea Rh80 93 tooo Ind State b'*.. 85 60 do 91* 5000 do... bio 86 100 do b'W SU, 5000 Louisiana o'a. . 89* 260 do a30 fll* 4 COO do 00 826*Harlem RR.. .s3 32 5000 do. . blO 90 200 Krie RR 16* 1000 111 Cen RRbd*. 75 190 do h3 40* 3600 N Y Ceu 7'a. . 99* 100 do b'iO 40* tOO abn Canton Co. . . 24 400 Reading RR. . ?00 79* 400 Nic TranMtCo *30 16 ? 050 d? 80 1(K) do a30 16?? 200 do 80* 300 do lo% 60 Hud Rlv RR..*00 38 ?1:0 do 15* 7 Mich Sou RR . . . . 8'.?X HO Cum Coal Co. b60 34* 24 Clev ATol fill b30 73 f.O do 34 120 Galena k Ubi RR 00 CINCINNATI 8TOCK BALIS AND QUOTATIONS ? MA BOH G, 1866. Reported bv I O. Davit. Iiellefontainc and Indiana RR Stock 46 Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton RK Stock 70 Cleveland, ColuwbuH and Cimuiuati RR Stock .... 102 Coluxobus and Xenia RK Stock 92 ('in . Wilmington and Zaneavllle RR Stock 33* Cincinnati and Chicago RR Stock. 15 ft 17 Central Obio RR Stock 60 Covington and Islington RR Stock 28 Dayton and Western RR Stock 20 Faton and Hamilton KK Stock 26 Fort Wayne and South?rn KK Stock 12 (ireeovil'e aud Mlama RR .-'tock 20 Hillaboro and Cincinnati RR Stock 26 Indiana Central RR Stock 40 Indlanapo^ia and Cincinnati RR Stock 45 Little Mlama RR Stock 9? Mad River and Lake Kri?> RR '-tock 37* Marietta and Cincinnati RR S'ock 26 New Albany and Salem RR Stook 20* Ohio and Minainsippi RR Stock 28 a 80 Peru and Indmnap'di* RR Stock 30 $2*00 6 per ct In Kda Cov & Islington RR Co 60 $4000 7 per et 2d Mort Bda Ohio Mia* RR Co 66.Vint $HO0 7 per ct Div Hda Indiapolla and Cin RR Co. . . 60 20i1>n Farmer'* liai... of Kentucky 100 Retail Price* of Farm Produce In Walking* ton Market* There ia bnt little Tarifttion in prioe* of family market ing aince laat week. Hah ia becoming quite plenty and cheap. Meat ia acarco, with a dull market. Poultry and game maintain the same ratea aa laat week. E^ga and butter are getting cheaper. In other articlea there ia but little change from former price*. MKAT8. Beef? Sirloin, roaat, per lb 14 a 15 Rib, roast, prime ? a 18 Rib, oliuck 12 a 14 Sulom ateaka 16 a ? i'orterhouae ateaka ? a 18 Rump ateaka 13 a 16 Plate* and navel*, corned 10 a 11 Mutton, per lb 0 10 a 0 12 per carcase " 0 09 a 0 10 Lamb 11 ? ? 0 14 Veal '? ? ft 0 16 Veal, fore quartera. . . " 0 10 a 0 12 Hind quartera... " 0 13 a 0 16 Veal outleta " 0 20 ? 0 25 Pork? Frvah, per lb 0 10 ft 0 11 Hama, aiuoked, per lb 0 12 ft 0 1$ Shouldera " " 0 09 ft 0 10 Side*. " " 0 10 ? 0 11 8ide?, pickled, " ? ft 0 10 Jowls, " ? ft 0 09 Smoked beef, " ? ft 0 12 Sauiagea, " ? a 0 10 Bologna do. " ? a o 25 Tri|?, " 0 07 ft 0 08 Lard, " ? ? 0 12 roin.TKY and o ami. Tarkejri, per lb 0 16 a 0 18 tieene, " 08 a 0 10 Dueka, tame, per pair 1 26 a 2 00 Ducka, black, " ? a 1 12.1? I>uckn, relhead, " 0 B2 a 1 10 Ducka, eanvoaaback, per pair 2 00 a 2 60 ChlcVena, per pair 1 00 a 1 50 Fowl*, '? 1 00 a 1 26 Guinea do. " 0 60 a 76 PartTidgei, per pair 76 a 1 25 Quail, per dn*en 1 60 a 1 76 Robina. per dot 0 76 a 100 Rabbit*, per pair 0 60 a 0 76 Wild duck*, per pair 0 62 a 0 76 Grouae, per pair ? a 0 87 Veniaon, aadille, per lb 0 12 a 0 15 " ateaka, " 0 16 a 0 18 rifill. Shad, each 0 50 a 0 75 Haaa. per lb ? ft 12 Halibut ?' 0 12 a 0 13 Smelta, 0 1$ a 14 iilack fifth, " ? a 0 10 Codfish, ?' 0 ? a 0 00 ltckerel, " 0 16 a ? Sunfiah, " 0 08 ? ? Eela, " 10 ft 0 12 l'erch " ? ft 0 10 Flounders" 0 06 ft ? Salt mackerel, per lb 0 IS ft ? Salt eliftd, ? 0 12* ft ? Smoked halibut " 0 10 ft ? Smk'd mftckerel " 0 12 a ? Sounds and t<mguea, per lb 0 08 a ? Smekrd ahad, " 0 12 a ? Souaed aaliono, per ran 2 00 a ? Smoked salmon, per lb 0 Id a ? Dry codGah, " 0 04 a ? mLLrira. Oyater* ? Prince*' bay, per 100 0 62){ a 0 75 Virginia " 0 62)^ a 1 00 Clama, hhrcwebury, per 100 0 60 a 0 76 little Neck, '? 100 a 300 lobster*, per lb ? a 0 08 Craba, per dot 0 18 a 0 25 TRQHTAD1.K8. Potatoe*. per half peck 0 18 a 0 26 Mercer do. per bbl 3 60 a 4 Of June do. " 3 00 a 3 60 Toralpa ? wblte, per half-peek 0 25 a ? Russia, '* 0 18 a ? Do. per bbl 3 f0 a ? Ofcion*, red. per half. pock 0 26 a ? white " 0 10 a 0 12 Cabbages? new. eacb 0 12 a 0 18 red, ?? 0 18 a 0 J5 Savoy cabbage O 04 a 0 09 Reeta, per bunch 0 08 a ? Carrot*, " 0 00 ft ? Celery, ?' 0 12 ft 0 It Salad, each 0 06 ft _ Oyst?r plftnt, per bunch 0 12 ft ? Paranipi, per bbl 0 01 a ? " four for 0 12 ft 0 19 r*r it. Apple*? Spitieabergen. per bbl 3 60 ft 3 7$ De. per half-peck 0 30 ? 0 37 X Gn*enings, per bbl 3 60 ft Do. per half peck o 30 a ? Roe rusaeu, per bbl 3 00 a _ Do. per half peck 0 26 a ? Cronberrie*, per bbl 18 00 a ? BTrTTKH, CrtlKHI, BTC. Butter? Stat*, per lb 0 21 a 0 .10 Orange, " 0 25 a 0 35 Delawar* ?' 0 28 a 0 31 Cheese ? ixt lb 0 ot a 0 11 Kngllah, per lb 0 15 a 13 Pin' apple, each 0 16 a ? fiapaafo, " ? 20 ? ? Egg*, til for 0 l$X ft ? C ITY TRADI HEPOIIT. Kki.'at, Uaroh l?? 1 P. M. Amrm.? Tba *?1m tBSwi'l I >0 bMt , lae'udiBij p 'U, a'. ?rt 24 ? pj .il aod fMtli at I' 2.S a It 37. ItiBVK. ? f-al?a of j'how, ia ?tu?U lot*, at ? U7e. lUuuiTrmi.? F1 mr ? T"h* >ul?t oontia'iad !??? activa, hot prirM ??r? flrin Tha aalaa ?mbr?"?l I 6,(00 a ft, MM bbla., toeludlag common to fM4 atrauht htata brand/, at I t a |.< -Jk Waatara ?tt o'.flni' l( ? d<1 prtcaa utaac y, at I'J vfc a >9 75 for cnnm a to *ooi | valine*. luta Gwn? rangad from $11 a $ 1 1 j f-outhrm coatiaua4 in g?"4 d?ra*nd, witb a*l*? of abrmt . V.uOO bbla., at 19 a 110 7 .? for tba wbola nag* for a >m itjcio to fmrj atil *x'.ra I randa uh^ui wan iwi- j I what lirmrr with ral?a of about 1 M)o h?U , at t9 37 a ' 110 60. Cora ????> wa* at |t 'j* a 11 31 '4 for Ifaw Jar- I ! a<y, and $4 10 for Uraadywlna. K j ? Hour ih an , rhangrd Whrat? The aal?a ?mT>ra<^Ml t.tfJQ r>uah*:? ' - otnnsnn "hi" ' aaadian, at 92 <>?? : IWM'tta ro<>4 ? .i > toutbrrn, at 12 21. an I 600 ditto, at $2 zo. R/a *u firm. with aalaa rf 1,00-1 b??h*U, at II 47. Cora waa actiia, am tba aaJx foo tad up about 70 000 a * >, >P) , bLih'U. ia:ludio|( ctai?tly Nratliara uiiiad aad J?r %*j ' rallow, at Vic a fcc aad ?w* 1 fouthain yallow ?>< at ' M?. a #7e. Vh?- aaWa Ineiu4?4 parcaia for dl?ttllia? and aiport OaU w?ra at Mt. a 5V for ntata aa I W f ?t?rn and yic. a 6se. tor Xi? Jar**/, wiUi col* rata tianaaatioaa Comta. ? 11>a atork of Rio waa m-r>-a*~1 by fratb ar- | rirala ta about 11, Ofj ba?a. Tb? maitat, h'twarar ooa- i tiauad Arm, without aal'iaf im&ortaaoa In K.? Burnt 700 nat* Java wara a?M at lit Sc., fjux ra >nUu, aod | ii?0 bafa 8t Iftmiafo at 9e a V Corroa ? Iwalata wut.a* latar faraija nawa Tba aalaa vara quit* ll*bt, batag ooaftaad to W0 or M'i Mm without qaatabla ohaaca ia pr'n>? Kanowra.? Ra?ac*a?a>a <rara Llfbt, aa ahlppart wara waJtlBf laur forM?a ana by tka raalto Ab>at 100 or i ?i 0 baUa of maipraaaad nottun vara mih*< at W4 I'. OCO bo'bal uf cora, la balk aal abip'a at 44. I Haroa ?aa at l*a. 64., boaf at la . aat lair at la. M Ttara araa aoUlag oaw ta 1.? doa To Harra old I a tea toatiauad. with aio4ar%la aa?<faaaaata PrJTUIaaa vara at TV par bam; i4n at a tv riM at |7, aai cat | tea at Xd. To California rates ?m rtwi; at Sle a Me. per foot ueuunB??t, Fmurr. ? Sale* of 3,000 bo tea bunch raiaio* war* mad* at M 46, and 100 um brand; cberriee, at $3 40. Guwmu. ? No Inquiry , price nominally 23c. Hat.? Half* of about 400 a 60# bale* war* mad* at 80o. a 86c. Iron ? Hales of about 150 tona Scotch pig ware mada at 830 a 830 M, and in reta'l lot* at $32. Lkad. ? About 100 tona Span it h war* aold at 8?. tim* and interest. Molahhiu. ? The aulas included 25 hbd*. Cuba nasco ?ado at 26c., and 3U0 a 400 bbla. Now Orleans at 20c. a 27c. Naval Storm. ? Sale* of 100 bbl*. ipiritnof turpentine were made at 42>? a 43>?c., 460 bbli. rosin at 81 02,'f , and 200 ? 300 do. crude turpentine at 83 a 83 26. Oil - Hi (i sales embraced about 10,000 gallons Eng. liah at 80c a 82c , the latter figure for smill lots. l'ROV]SKm?.? The market was l*s> active, owing to the pricei demanded by hildAs being above the tnewa of purchaser*. The sale* of old pork amounted 1 1 about 000 a 600 bbl*. at 814 26 a $14 37, am) about 260 do. new do at 816 76; and Hale* of 160 bblf. Western prime i mesa were made at 816. Baaf win aleady, but tranaae tiona wer? light at eld pricei. Cutmenta were Urm at steady price*. Shoulder* were at 8Jt'? n and bams at 9c. a fl},c , asked Baron ranged from He. to H a. , aaked. lard was rathar quiet, with aalfo of only 200 a 260 Mil* nod tierce*, In lota, at 9*?? a OJJn. Hire ? Pale* of 350 a 400 cask* wire made at 4 ^0. a 5c. SpiOKa.? Kale* of 20 bale* cassia veri wore mvl? at 1 2c. Pviiarh. ? The aalra embraced about 1 050 hhds. Cuba I at 4 \c. a 6?aC., and about 200 do. New Orlean* at 4>io. a Cc. Tallow. ? The nalea included about 10,000 Iba ; city rendered soli! at 12c., nnd 8,tKiO do. oo private t rail. T*A8.? Tha >ale of tea* per Sea Serpeut drew a good und spirited company, and ih? catalogue was generally gone through witn, and at *tme improvement in price* Tobacco continued in gool requeat. while pries were Arm and tend?U upward, Sale* were made aa follow* ? 175 hhd* Kentucky, at 7c. a lOJrfc ,112 bale* Havana. ?';2 He a 35c.: 77 do. Cuba, 18c. a 20c , HI ctaea *eea I leaf, 6>,c. a 17c. , 65 do. Hor*da, 16o. a 30c.. 18 hag* Ha vana acrapx, private tirms, .'(J ceroom Ambediaaa, pri vate term*. Whuxkt waa inactive, and small lot* of prison were ?filing at 31 )fc., and a small lot wa* reported a . 32 X?. Wool.? There has been more inquiry this week, and Rome Urge sales of fleece and pulled have been m ileal lull quotation* . We cannot notice any Improvement In price* : holder*, however, are firm at present rate*. 1 be sale* of foreign have been larger thui weeW an t a more general inquiry for low qualities; 160 balea of common Buenos Ayre* i re reported to the trade on | ri- ' vate term*. 4DYERTISEMEJIT8 RENEWED EVERY DAY. FOB SALBi. fflj A AAA -lit" SALE, IN TIIK I'lTKIt PAKr BtI.Vvv. 'to? n#ir Third avenue, a flr*t claa* three *tory frame bonne nearly new, bailt for the owner, containing about twelve room* with modern improvement*, houm 22 x 36 feet, lot z 100 feet, 82,000 can remain. R. W. K1CHAKD3, 307 I (roadway. A IJCA8E FOR SALE? OK A THREE STORY BRICK I\ abop, No 6 Clark atreet, ha* fourteen year* to >ua from May next, and can be got very cheap, a* the owner la leaving the city. Apply oo the premiie*, third II jor. A T PHIVAHC SALE. ? IN TUB VILLAGE OK RIVER A_ bead, U I , on the principal atreet, oonvsuient to {be Long Ialand Railroad and pleasantly located , a com fortable dwelling hoaae. three rooms deep, a good alxed bara and atable, alao, a separate bulldiug built for an apothecary'* atore, with about two acrea of ground. Will be aold for 81.300. Apply to Dr. 8. ORU WOLU, 427 Uudaon atreet, New York. BUILDING SITES IN BROOKLYN FOR SALE IN parcel* of four lot* and upwards, two bio jks from Fulton avenue railroad, in a healthy and iapr iviag lo eatioa and en high ground,' at low prices, and on easy tenia, by ROBERT SARiiEANr, No 7 Jauocay Court. 41 Wall itreet, Near York. |>rilJ)INO PI OT FOR 8ALK, WITH STABLE, CAR 13 ??..?:? bouae, Ate , with good water ami all kind* of fruit; al?> five acrea of land adjoining the aame, at the village (if Newtown, 1. I., Ave miles from Orand atreet (erry, New York. Apply to BKNJAMIN AllLKRO, cor ner of fdridge and Divialon atreet*. Alao two fa*t trot ting bor?e* for i-ale, one suitable for the turf. Boot and shoe store for sale-onk of the b*?t location* in the Bowery ; a gool run of cm torn work, lie Stock amall, will be aold at a bargain, the preeent occupant being engaged in another buaine**. Apply lo JOHN R.UROOT, 140 Broadway. C I.IITON, STATKN LSI.ANI).? BUILDING LOW ON Ligh ground, with Ann viawa, pure water an I par* feet sewerage, rendering them the mo*t attractive for residences on the Island, for sale, without reatrietion*, eirept againat nui'aeces. Apply to M O't^iNNOR, 11 Beaoe street, New York, or at end of omniuui route, Clifton. 1/HJR 8A1JC ? LK AHK. STOCK AND FKTVRES OV A . toy an i Teriety atore, at MW Uroa-lwaj , a tir at ra'e ?tand, being occupied ?? meli fur the lait lit year*. FOR 8A1.K ?A PFCONI) RAND horizontal kn gine, ol T \ inch ilmm?t?r of cylioder, aid Iwu 'eat atroke, alth governor. puiniie, ? complete, wil be toM cheap for caah. Apply at 137 Cuarlton utroot, near We.t IfARM AT FI.ATIH 8H FOR BALK.? TWKNTV FOUR acre* of Drat rale land witli a fiine atory I renin bona*, pia/r.a in front, and wluga. aituatel la iij? i ??j of Flatbueh, lxjug laland. about four m' lea from t'i'Ci'y Kail, Brookhn Apply to CROWK1.L A UAJ.DWIN, ?41 Kulton atreet, Biookl) a. Farm for hale, a iur<;ain? fEVEvrv seven acree, threefourtha of a m l* from the eew depot a', Chataworth, aalioit ?ay ?bov? Haraaroaeck on the New York and New Haven Railroad adjoining th* u?w village, good building*, okb<r U, fruit, ahrui.bery, atreaui of water. Exchange in part, Apply to A. IIKEBK, 195 Broadway. FOH HAI.E? A 8TTKRIOR BROWN SFOS'K IIOIME, 20xfl<> fret, lot full depth, oa Thirty Mrrn: h ?tr??t, between Fifth ami .Siith avenuea. All m?lern improve nienta and id all roapecta a flrat claaa hoaaa. Htreet name width a* Had aon avcuinv Apply to 1). F. VaNUEW, l.lio nroadway. 1.10* HAI.K? A FARM, AT MOUNT PI,K4HANI\ WMfT J cheater county, about two mile* ant a half eat from tba railroad itatlon at ."in* Sln<, aevunty liv.> to eighty acre*, farm houaa, carriage houaa anl a?t? ral oth?-r outbuilding*, orchard, choice fruit, alirub bary, ke., with beautiful naanerv about aft acr-a w k>1 I and. Apply to K. II DROWN, 71 Wall atraet, frtui I to 3 P. M. PjR 8AIJC ? HOUSE AND JOT NO fil FAST TWEN ty ?<ith "treat. Lot !2l feat by half tu* bio:*' Hoaaa '.IX.S6, three atortaa and baaemnnt. with m?leru improvement* Term* hbaral. Apply at Ut^Fir*tar* one, corner of Twenty third (treat For saijc ? one first cla? four htory and t'aaement brown atone fror.t houae, HO by ft i fee lot, OH fe?t '?* in* Uaa deep with all th-mil-ru improv? meat*, actuated at B4 Kaat Tbirti'th a treat, ba'weaa Fourth and lyetingtoa atenuea. Inquire of JOIH W F1EIJ KK, AO Eaat IhirVi-U atreet EoR !*A1K? A hUlTOHiH BROWN STON'K IIOC.-MCIV Pac'fir atreat. n-ar Clinton, iNokl/a li.iiallin> l eontenlencea water, gaa, furnace A? , built f>r tlie prrapjit i.wjier, three ?V>r.e< an t attic, baatOM-nt a 1 1 under rallar. on May tenna, by KOdEItr HARUi.ANT, No 7 Jaonce* court 41 Wall atr??t, 17V)R HAIJC ? TIIR YA'IIT MARY, AB091 11 TOV.S, . a loop rigged, with anaeauit of aaila, eraryiain.' in perfect ord? r ari l a rery fail aaT?r hhe n >?* l ea a the Atlantic bole! ilobolea Kn.j iire of k. BAKKEK, at tba bolel. FjH HAI E? THk FOl'R STJRY BROWN UTONKfROsT houae 15 Weet Tbirty aecond atreet, near Fifth a? ?no*, aiaa of houee IMM feet Al?o the naw tbrxe atory bilck bouae on l#i.rg'ua aaanua, brat Louae ab'i'? I ljirty tbir'l rtreet are B>44 fNt I'rice $90." la quite of tba owner 15 Weat Thirty aaeoai atreet FOR HAI.R? A 8TOH1C NOW DOINO A(..n>li neea, a abort diitaooe in tba couatry, in a Blur ab tog Tillage oo th- Iludaon Kirer i'ailroad. Uaa been In operation for eight yetra Tbereaatn for aellmg? the pre??nt occupant going Weat. >or parnculara la |uire at Atlantic itrrct, Bro<iklyn f>OR SALE- EIGHT FARM* AND FIVE VltJ.AdK bouaea aad gar<!ena la and near the Tillage o' Ma i; i aon, Morria county, New Jeraey TU?ae are all g??-M prt pert lea, warthy tba attention of thoae whn ara da ' irona of puribaaiog rtuntry property, lhaee farrua tm tela irom 1 1 acrea, 40 aeraa an I eo m up to 230 acr?* One (arm of 40 ae r?a la a ret y dai.rabie property, la (ail . repa.r, good houta >n1 outbalid a<a , nearly new aboua<ta in all variatiee of (ru.ta.aat Ik,? i tifelly elteaU-l imnwdaatei) in )ha Tillage, lor tarii ilara in [j re of H. I). Ill' N UNO, aear tbe depot of tM Morru aul Raiat Railroad, Madiaoa. T.10R MIX? THE THrtFF 8TORY BKICE FSoVT J hoaaa No. l?6 Tenth ?'.r?et, betaeea Third aa I Fourth a reeuee ; houaa roatama all the ravlera impraae menta Fur terma ippi; ?t 1* Te*th a'.raat, oaadMt eaat of Third i' ?9?a. 110RHA1F ? A (WAI.. HilH K LIME. IJtlH AND <V. [ m*mt yar] will a .M aa rnaasoal.'* 'erai, It || ! alig.b y eil>'?t?< ta a loeaMoa lor tin a* a large i pra | fl<abte baa wt* Th ? oaaer la la t'la ?h >4aeaia noal bu air.eae, rad anao'. att?n 1 ta it '*b f rnlab the I ?rw?? wlUi eoa! If re^oirad Inqu re af VAAKUM Mil l>3v, IT Naaaaa ?tr?et, room 9, or an act re ptrtaer takaa F?,R HAi r-THK Hip OK HI HBMM NO. Tf# aad 701 Br >adway, ba>m( eight yart to run ft >aa t be I at of liayoeit Apply ta W H riRK)H^ ir JollN l.'L.Vr'.K, aeatgaaea, lit liraadwa/, ar 40 Olar ?treat. X^OR hAl E- WITH TV KNTr A< :KH OF I.ANl>, ?N r elegaat furnlahad hooea latelr b?iitt ?ltb the beat maierlala aod flltad ia with l>r. k, I H aailet fra a the New llroaawirk depat, New J*r*ay, oa th" bank* af tiie Raritan, an l tn??*e<VBg a naagalfleeat t?* A pkatographr of th* pi- e ae be ?a at the eSaa af J. D'HERVIIJ Y 60 Wei atraet ap ata're rR EAI JC? TWO fll-jT U jm roc* (4TORT IIA4R ?eat E*u>e* la Teaaty eeaoat atraat aaar.latb aaaaaa, Noa. Shi aad 0* brawa ataaa fraat*. wit* tii th* aulan laapioTeaaaata Aiaa, tw* lo'.a ta Taanty ? retetreat laanlr* of J JOIIN^flN, 2ao Waal T?a.,?y Mtt atraat. ar W. I. IW Teeaty earth it Fm HAIJt-TTfE BT'KM k*U FIETTIUW Of AW aU aetab* *b*4 aaethiag eiara, wit' a gaad raa <i raltaawirt. a g?*4 apportaalty 'ar e p*r**? wiab ag , to raarreea <?? the rlothiag boaiaeaa kace'ed la th* lewet i [ ert a( tbe eity A!lr*a* flat hi ag, Hara.i *#oe F?"l fOEIALB. ?AU-TBE HUHBTAHTIAL THREE BTORT brink houM tad lot, SIX Md|* itiHt, Orooklyn, DMr the City Hall aiso of house 2ix40, tot 26zlOT^. Hm all the eoavoBioac?o of furaaoo, |M, baths , tut . Th# bouoo U In oxoallent or dor, termi rorj ui; la quiro on the premises. For hale- in hoboken, a first clash three ?torj sad bMBMt brink hoaoo, with ail the mo dern ImproremanU, In aa excellent location. Inquire at 190 Waahington street, Hoboken. For bale-a very dkhikaulk villa kc^i denco in the beautiful Tillage cf KluaWng, I/>ng Island, now by railroad within half an hour'a travel or tbo city of New York. #1,1X0 In caab will only be re quired ? tho balance on mortgage Apply tiWM JOHN' BON, at Adrian 11 Muller a, ;;8 Wall street. 1MB HA1.E? A TURK* HTORY FRAME l>WEl L1N.1 bouse, '."2 by 3t) tent, with a two story exteuaion It by 18 feet; court yard in front, Iron fence, iraa m biuae and street, ami a row of ahade treea in frjut lot '24 by 100 feet; situated fa the eafct sldo of EranUliu atran io, 100 foot north from l*k alb areuue. 1'rire ? l iOo >1.100 can remain Ap,.l> to CROWELL k BALDWIN, .141 K ni ton stieet, Br>?i,l)n For sai.e cheat? THE u>t, with stable a*d carriage home, on ?he corner of Islington arenue and Kifty-teoon l street. Al*o th? ilaughter liouie *ni lot adjoining, ou Klftv second atreet Inquire of Mr K CRAhl'O, 'i'i and '11 vv a*lilngu?n nurket. 17HJR HAIj; CHEAP?' THHEK fTOH? HRICK BOtJVS . anil lot No, 164 RMt Nlnntnnt.ll a'reet, near |M m I avenue, with all tM? modern improvements, *>a'.h, wa tercloitet', ap??Uiiig tubes, furnace, ga< fixtures, \c Tli* carp<-ta will b? a>l 1 with the houae Inquire on the preaaliea IIOR SAI.K ( HVAl'? H)UR CVI.INDKR ROH.KRH, .10 fee t l< ng lij V6 inch** diameter; may he seen in operation at l r cii'it marble ?aw mill, corner of Ritjng ton and Attorney atreeta. Alto, for aale, to the trite, all klnda of Italian marble, aawed or in theAiiKi. on liberal terms. ? TTIOR HA I K, 'Ml WII.I. KX 11AN0K KOR A II I ' ^ K Ij In l'rooblyo A uew houae, and ei^St lota, on htaten lelanl, threw miriutea walk from Vandt>rbiH'a landing Apply to ROIIKKT 3 ARM KANT, No. 7 Jaunoey Court, 41 Wall street. I' *)R 8AIJC OR TO IJfT? IN THE VILI.AGE OK NY ack, Itocilaii'l couuty, the hot" I known aa tho Y <rk 1 Houae The alioT ? h >u?e contalna forty rooms, an.l la considered the lieat utaul 'n tlie couuty Alto, one Iriur j atory brick atom, it la well adapted for mercantile or manufacturing purpoaca. For particulars apply W I TlIKOIdJRK HOMS, Mi l'earl street, New York, or to | A/AKJAH ROH-i, on the premises I1 /OR 8A1.K, OR k.X 11/vNUK KOR MINIM, fTO-'KM . or real eitaW? -Ouo or more drat rlaaa brown atone dwellings, thine atorlea with all the molrrn im ! proTrmenla, in a beautiful part of RroiAlya, an I ou the lowt-at tuna. Apply lo K, Md'KAKKN, 74 Wall ' atnet, from lil to 2 o'rlu -k; or at JUHNhoN, SI'AliKK ' A t"0. 'H, ooru-r of Krut arenue and llowea street, I llrooklyn. ! TTIOR BALK OR TO LR? TSREE BROWN STONE l" Eogllah baaemeot houtea? Noa nob, :w7 and Will I WOft Twent* second atreet, batween Nlnlh aud Tenth ' avODnes; Omshe<t in the heat manner, with all tho mo dern improvements. In ju re on the premises, of M. I I'INOAH. IfOR fc'AI K OR TO LKT? TWO NKW FOUR STORY ; brown atone front houeea, ? tuated on Uringaton piare, fronting on Htuyreaant aijuare, bet*e?n Siito?uili And Perentwnth atreet* The lioulea ?'<? 19 feet B Incbea by fib feat, ?nil tlie lot U 120 feet deep; eontaiaa all the modern improvements. Alao, to lot, four fo ir etery brown atone front houana on Tblrtxcntb atreot, b-twreo i^erond and Third atmoua/i. for torma apply at 1K0 Tenth etreet, one door eaet of Third avenue For a*- k in urooklyn? a cash retail ono ?ery of over IHoO per week, nod wbleh be la creaaed to almoet auy amount Ihereii no liquor con nacteO Wl1b the buaineaa, and' the (tock, llxturea, Ate , ?re In flmt rate order, making it a irnat dmiirabl* oj^iur tumty fur a p*r?oii wi'hir.g to enter that kind ol bual nets Addrt-ni M. A C., Herald oilice. IWOBTAMT to DBOOOBSrn ?TBI SCJB6CRIBKR having two Hr?t claaa retail drug itorea, li obllg* I, on acount ol hie health, to diapoae of one of them Doth store* arc well eatablnhed, toing a rota drub trade of over f 10,W 0 per year each. To any one wishing to eofc'age in the buaineaa, tbin I* an opportunity aelloo to 1? mot with Apply at th? corner of Kightii av?uu? an t Hiirty fifth etreet, from 2 to 3 1'. M , or at 3^3 llmln in atrial, from I# to 10 A. M. P. 8 K.N API*. ?kask and raw? worn balk vim htkam I power? Tlie buillinga now occuptad by tfte I'nion or ami Chemical ttorka, aittiatad corner of Kir'' ave cue and Third etroet, suitable for any mniufa' turin^ purpow rw|Uirin([ targe nremine* .with aufllrinot ataaiu iiow r l'oaaeaidnn lit or May. Kor particulam, iHrem K itemU, box .'.i'V I'oet Offat. k,k ulmii mtnrauo) uuas ok teelvelotabf land, ? .tn brick tiarn and lumbar abedt, and racks thereon, kit jate on Twenty e gbtli and lw>'h > tr*?t? ?<? t of I.hiri-nlh avenue, wlth'ti a lew ro ? of the North li*?r. The loese will not -?pire until Nor. I. ltd*. Tha lota ar<- opposi tat h? Wood wi'tb 1 tailing Mill, ami are particular!; valuable for tha ium l?-r kuain* e. Apply on tbe MVBiisaa, to V. houtherlau i or at 06 Wail (treat, to JOHN T. II (KKMaN. ?VjfW BOOS: IOR cai,k. tMr.A?- r- m oai'u * J.1 lioureon tbe aautb >i<le of Th rly flftb stri*'., I? tha third b'?u e eaat from tha 1'ocrtb >non<, i? a n*W Ihfr rtnry bo him, brown atine front wltn all the liodein '.u>i>>ovrnienta la'|uirr of Mr ilAll'. KY, a' t ie h<'iiae Mit floor woiit ol the oue for aale, for t'-run and to new tha li< u?e OM' <iK riiK v<MT npnUBUI MMUMBW IK lirooklyii for i<ale ?That new and b*?utifnl brown ?tote fr< nt i i.nae No 1W Iiian ttie t, Ix-twi-nn f ta.? and Jor*t*mon atraeti wi'h'n fl mit iitaa' walk from hcutb and UoDtadue forrin . Imiil tan taielarti i nprnve mm'a and l? one of th? bent built h?ee? la the rity. Apply t" Walton Ai NUKIU.^ ta tbe p.- ui! ?? or N'j. 1*<3 rrliermerborn atree'.. Staten island cottauk..-a Tiinkc vkauv leaee for - ale on a new ar. 1 ecmfor'able hot ?>< in a beautiful location contlguoun to b<>t)i ferriaa . ground a and TeKf'able garde* in a bi^b aUV- of eultira'ioa ata I ling 'or four b< r-e< and two t ??< a g > >1 p ultry 1, ha Alao tor aala, tie mulem and c/mnlet" furn t ir?o' thi e?tabli?"Q'.. Aldreea N. N. (pottpai'i;, '>?( 1,337, I'nat OfTce r r?at, thu !?*%*?, m?chioerjr, iachirliuf ntvftm #?n i fit, too!*, flitar?a and bunlu#*#. of th* Mi?t ca'-i U U>ry in Dm country, locat?'1 in tii'? eltr, in "f ij?r ko'I implf facilitiri for tbe mwu'a :tur# of tr>th p'.a/ing uni priaUr'a car Ja. To cojipa'.foi ILit a*l?*if%bl? opportunity. Poaa*^a!uu Al dr#M b<-i 3,WVb I'oat ClUf\ (Wlft 1'Kol'KKTV r<?K HA!,K-A ?!? r 7i p*lil|iat!r?nt<'f ?i ' t p r < ? nt, iwlfiilji <?r N %*?aa J?tr ? -* t . I??i ?* IJ??fcrit*ft. wit] to f l'l on oa*> t?ri4?, ??r ?</??<? porllva of tb? |?trcba?? ?oold in othar pr'?f??rty W. L. MIKI.l'O.S, ri >a?iAU atraat. 0?or AAA "R - a iiasdhouk modrrv hoiJt fo it at ty tr ??? ? fr ? * I ??? wilt ?ll modern n on ? n?- of tlj m* *. tnatii'nAl.U ?lr??t? U'wu K*?wr? nth &n<1 thirl itr??t", vot of m l R??r Kiflb hmlt ? r own-r * r ? in' hiuidaaiBalx f1 rnlibtd wiil if w?l<i for $?.'>, *>o?.r *%*\ witiitY ! f* ruit* ra Potn'ratioB whas I If * 1 f a?1 i t? r off?ri, ihe ?im? will b* rmtei furni* i?J, at p r in ? ntb A pi'iicar b? Uiay t c n itjr < ?d, i( tv | f ch.*?? or biro, I? lot (M ll?ral'i olfiaa. C^t rflA -^OirMTHT SEAT FOR 9Atl -THRf.RV , kuo?n a? ? tc?? H Ora* * -n I *i?* !. %? r.j[ ? I-* ?? f ? ?t . - ft . i _ _ o&ltooa on tt? lor lala law. Apj-ij t > 11 I 88lLtKHf| I Qfi AAA ~^r>R sa t.E, a ur \ vtu r ; < ?TU?"vv# atat of tarniit} ?-r?a, #M"?? wlj. bati'lit *"t : r go 4 t?ty pro|?< rty , nlao, a I I, JA * / l| >, in a#*! taantb atwit, ntmr k ir#t ifrbu?, iIk-. ) rfvnt- r?ai4a? N 41u I'arifc' atra?t. Hr lilyn, ?i?n nil hbo?Ic ra irapf ?? manta; nlao, raaio^na? at Mount Vrrnan, and 1< ? in (l\ lathtoira. ft. ff, liAKfUL. IU falion air?? ( ?1 vatntf broktr - AAA KOK "Af.r, a vkht morifAHi s ?* ? ) ."'"/I/ . baniaa a, ?Moa baa b-an a#>t*- i-b^i ?? 1*46, nod f a > * a lar^** j>?r rtnta^n ?ii- n aaaonnt ??)! An ui*?ipr?'?. fanan of two yanra. fiat?r?, Ac ? n?orpaa?^d 1 b* f rof fc t >r h?? ??tb*r bn?in??i ? .? r ?l? *r ? bi? attrbtlon Inquire of li W KlCilAHU%, Am; liroad* M|(|(| ri)|f MLR. Tift LKASB, COOD WILK .1" Mr, fnraitnrt and an arat ?? >,i i a?, ri?r <laf n?n >n. Mr/, wail to aa a IJ ?> niax r?t> ?nl *?- * ?ioina a Ur*? proft a Me .nod ^mtiaflt ifiT*a- Mia|r.??f A| |i> from Ho 1 o'UooV, ta f. C. bl'tUMf, 41 tfa^t *1, CI AAA w ,LI- Hf v 1' ' 4T A Bf.l -VII Ft) f#' vl .""Mr alii|aa4 ofat?rial' !n Oraa l itf?it ? t <j u?a atat.; Uile J np, r*nt H i l l>e ao i at Talnnt $ or ^nrto^r tntion ta fb? -woer baa t-. ?n'a f ^ t r?e m, nih how do i?c a btseUtM of le pst n ??f. t VaJNAll '>t j/6 ( l.nti ?tree' A "" il i" ? ?i i in uit> rei'N i?r I y a?m ef ei^ilaai naaaintal fl- ??r ferien, noon i*i. t ? t# r^nte atftea, altr?* Mr/, A-' vitw n? ki. ) i 9 n<? aileMttd vir* af tbe e nr.fbnaoa |a.*? bonrtr AptSf t. f liAH H afll.l.kB, A?ati m KAI TifUI. COUHTRV bon?a ft,r att^ pr* f> r t jr garter ?, 4.nin? reett, ktt- a %%l ??? - f ftr?t *ot? I be a%r}era '-aee cntrfe** ;b.n?ie. ? ne ! e.. **?**< 4^r* !*m r&eiaa in a?a?i l it*?rr far<i* nttia w??n a fti it, *<t rv :a Rl?bl nerea of innd, n>e j U ?* % ? * it - )m 4 w*ifi fr iit nnd ??rknmertal tre? ban- t'f ? m ?? no?s lni*?. witfc bnra>, < irna. * b? ?e, I we a yt n ?e? ira lu roa 1 aoadliion. ?itvat?4 nt *!!>? t V I , a t tort <i:?tnn' ? fr?*fia ao-)! ?our?kie* n?fi ? ? a*4 it i atjr mi rtl* '>f Sawarir w ire '*?- 'e 114 h tu > #w y sr| alitean t a?e? a 4ay A f ? ; I jr at An ? ^ M - f P.l Awitjr tr*?? frJf> -niifiAHn ftAi.oo?f rot nil, in I ft k < trr or J> ia a>M*xiae, V r. - Tae lea?* * *4 tat?re? e4 a ita** Miitrf rt ?, aew ia l?Ji "Maun ?? I 4 e ;t*4 yw<?i ^f*tta?U MiiiaMi flee ?ev*b ?**e? ?t tf ?|t fie.# pia4e l?j tte k%?\ r. ??.?** io ' t-? t '1 ?"nor 4 I fl'ija?'ia,t wttb nil * a tn? r toaaot?e r?anlota *or tbe t.n*fn?#* ||? tcaaionu at l f?at ke Cei ?ettber (arii'tlirti# i?if? ef I l'?'? i II' I l.fsJAMIN JS|f>fiaar, Nea if '? * * tat. f ? ? K Waabi*<t n (Jiy finvyruy *ia7 r<?t ?alk oe *ir#*A*ot ro? I; ?? f fie?*raj. aeu Bp fltntaen. a*' el f* ,r a*r ? f Inad, w it m fiWrnJ ? ? tp> j ** fr%*t ?kf .?urf a io#f? ?.**'*? bvtee aom?#? la- om no'>e?Wf*?t *m '.*#? ail *r??t?4 k=f tbe f-?r?h*f w1?i, n t??w VO \ 4?#e ?r aj| t*a**a)?atn Mefaie4, aa4 *aoaa?a4i^? a* eft*e*4*e flaw *f L<o'f !?>??, IU,n4, ff^o4 * ft4Ut ' #^.?a# i? ?a# Af eUa* taelM aar*? afat*eU??t arfiart nw4 ?^4ee )a?4 If ??/ 1 o* 1 of tfce a ee?4 ?!!#!! ?f'#tM V*Mt wa va bod if r?i ear* 4 Af?4f H, ar i4irt*< 1 M Rl^iW ^ 71 ViU ??f*e? from I Ulr B fOE I4LB. 80ILXRH fom *ALB CHEAP- 4T~RErors IRON works, 100 Wftabiftgtoft etrw*t, thr*e bo* wnn-ht t?h? b*llrr?. SO incbea <11 ft meter, 8 rut tijb, two do do M inrbM dliineW. 6 l??( 6 UckN hinh CiOTTAUIS FOR SAI.E CHEAT- A NICK BRICK / eottftce and lot la Fortieth *treet, Utwmu l^atnfttow ftrd Fourth ftfenuea : ftlao ft from# eotta?e ?o<i i .>t Qm Second avenue. both plefttftutly situated. PrTee ft .???>? ee.-h <?ue hftlf con r-oiitin oa bond and mortgage lsunira of T lOM'NSINU, ^2 NftiiM street, ?p tUiri. DRV DOCK-PATKNT FPOATING SErTIOVjU. i>KT dock, for ressele, \*ith tbo right to oe? trie u im on t ho Ea?t or North rivers. The dook it in complete orJ*>r, und of aufArirnt alae to tftko up *?>*-? Is of 9UU ton will tj ?old at ft aacrilloe If bought quick DftMOTT 17 Sprnoe etroet T VHI'CJ SI (MIR FOK SAI.K -ONLV $M0 IN <'A*II I / (for tlio I aUnce go>d ?<*ourity> i? u ?*??<! e< I, t?> buy * drug ilort, vbui lk< bociMM bfti nor ? Ioum I ixi littli 3 ? * r RftUsfbetorj reftaoni will ?.? dm for aolnog Apply to II. V. mi UAKDH, 007 lir?ad**r Di m. RTOUfOmALI-flfBII "-wm fTAOIIB K?t? I*) in hod tvn ymra, ai"l woll atocked with druga. An,; si ital ic for ft phyaiefan or dru*ioat liolnt obliged to leer* in a f?w daya lor Europe. I wilt n il i. for $M). lu (uiro ftt 2*U Br omo atr<ot, m-nr k.a ??* afreet. I vl IRABI B l BOI K*TV IN UBMT I BA D I I I " rfaiftlng thirty a< rna, three woodland, lir^ two ft- rv houae, nifto rooins, kitohon attached, iw> alorv hnrn, carriage houat, au>i uiitnerou* outbuiMio *, in flr?t rate ?*'?n tiitiou, ii?-a>rl.v now. otic fourth of * mil* from lauding, aoil g ?l H, 1 JUIINboN, 2X2 Hrualway, No. J1 DEhlltAll'K riiOl'EHTY roll SALE? IN EM/A |m l !it?>*? n , Nm .1 ? rr<*y A plot of rr huhI, contain!#* M rr Hnd a-lmll acri'a, Mtiuu?] on the corner of Spring kfHt Water tn-vt*. t u n h.utca vaik from the depot Ou the prerola< a ere n h <u*??, 1 > n rr? , pardon, fruit tr ? ??, Ac. Thle r perty will l e void lov -*n?l on ???* y t rme, toother, or in ota to ? uit purclmacr*. Would In ? * ? h ? r? ' m 1 f r #t It . r city property or a small i.iidik u m bored iftrtu nmtlfu <ti? to tl ? city. Aj ply to bAMLKI 1,1-1)) i,J V* *11 at rot. ate ment. MNGUftU BASEMENT HOUSE FOR &AI.R, IM WK.1T i 4 i v ntv tifth itr? l, Intwtei. * i<t .u % iii *"*? It I aa e??ry m? f^rn impruvoiueat, an I bftft bwQftge iTiitly put in c inpl? ? t order by tho owner, for hla ? wn tiae 'I rt'i a y The tnmitlire for a?l??, if wauled Apiov t> CUAUM'V IMK.NAItl) 7<i Hro?lw?y. L'OI SAI.K-oit BX C n A K G a I "it CITY PIOI'IITT, a or ft lariu farther north, a n?ftt two at-i-y ?- <?t t ?*? -? , wiih 1), ftcr<N of I fti'il , witliin t*'U inluutrt of li mi ? llri*? lit- pot, Woatobt ator county lii?|tilrt nf It i KMItKOOi K. corner<?l 1'ey and Uroenwit b utrotta, or of Milcr A Arob?r, II unl'ii Hi i?Vo. B10R ?AL&*A UANDSOMB 1IOUSE AMI r<H7R lifH c-r the eorin'r of Konrth ft*?nn- an f Kl th atie? Moo i t Vernon, W e?toliej.tflr oo?m >, i % , Mi tiie dcnot K<-r partn-ular-*, in {Uire, ct M I* .'4A1M.N, f t 5* Chamfx re stroct. E'liR flALK? A NKAT COTTAfc* HKSIPRVl'E, WITH atable aod tlx !?tj of land uttachei: h ha? ?ev?-n rot ir.r, pantri*'#, loft, oelli r .te . and l< locate I three in I * tr< m the ferri< a I'rlee I'nr* mill r*'|uir?*l Apply to JWcrxr lU CJIlK^ .1 HKKE.N, i'3 tiranJ ?treat, cursor of f*litbt WUIUtmabnrx. B10K HAI R- A (.ROCEKV AND I KED STORK, IN A choke up to*n lo? ttiort, in? Inliug the utock. ?l ature* ko< ?1 wi !, ana four veftre IfftMf l or i? ? iftjiiiro or t I! BBHirN,71 Wftll atreet, from Mo J I* M l^oH SA1.E - THE PIO ?l*lt f I r?>U s <?| A l'? ? !' f * I, A H I r- .turn a :? t ar l anfeou in th# T!ur 1 werJ, in ?l bu?i in'r# bviftg ubftbl*-, from other arranaeuient?, t i att^n-l t ? It, wi'l a* 11 h ? I f or tlt?- nhole. A Kie&t har^alu t > -?u wf?o oan ki?e rertional attention to it. Apply to V II. 1 KAM I. , 2tA WaahlUKtOft atrect, corner of Murray wtreot. FCOl S A I fc? TWO THREE 8T<?RY 1II0II IIAHBB KNT I rick hotiaea on Sixty tint r treat . now rontim f -r #/.'? i p.?r uunuui Al?o a two atory houae and tf-ree aorita of lftu-1 -?? lordham t teun?, Upper Murnaanift, on fory ?-aay t rift*. Ap ply at 212 llroml w ay, room No .'v Y I?OR 8 A It A llOirSK AM) t.OT, \S PRI II A H VI IJ-K. Wratclm.-tcT county, about two biinut?a walk fr >iu th ? depot of t ito S?w York ?*n?l .N?w H n* n railroad; aN?, tour Iftn, 'il* 1/ 100, n ir the <l?i ? t * or particular*, api?ly to JACOB Mh> I'EI , MM ana) iirvt F^OR 8 A LI- Till TWO STORY, ATTIC AVI# 1USR mint brick house No Gi/2 Fourth ntrfut, 0tw<- n ttva line* < and I', f?i>l bouae ha? rati/* and?a?. h n term* i t quire on the )rt-rniee?. F^OR BALK? Till; TEN V KA Rl" I TASK OK A HOI.'HK nod lit or a, ???? a? a rout* clloner w alert) now m one j nf the beat locitOoiia in Ifr-nd wnjr . induTi ng the fixture*, l f required. Iii<|uiie of A. 8KROKAN r, 1A Will it rat I I.1 ' ? K * A I.I'. I.N |;\(K1.IKNT K)M?ITHlN, THE K\ I1 tir fnrrltar* of a bar.d?oin< ? . t? n ? re-> l*n ?* The hou?e h< in*/ *lao t-? let at a ???y ion rental, |crao?i< "oiu timuHi't' ke< |ii?if * ill find the *i? opji rtn ilt/ worthy ol nolle** Af>fuy > u t h< pr mi**;*, t uml' rlan i itr???, fourth d* or noith of 1 i l ton anitur, lirooklyu ,10 R SAI.R? ONE LOW PRESSURE 8TKAM ENHIMK. **> ).or?? , <>..? i.' % I'll t*r. two hit# ;r ? nn rvlind r* ?btflinjMi. and two ?o|Htlai; ?i* tuibic.H l ithe*, l/i ?<>?> I order, ft* ui 10 to II fett two plainim m*'blu?" nae lar/i ? id valuaUo d.illh f maclitte Apply to Ju.NAS t'UK SUIT. K, tiraeapo.nt and Teuth atr ?'t I rry. 1/oR S A I K ? A f ARM 01* EIGHTEEN AfRKI OK P ah' ice 1 1 u <i for terd ?< Iiinx | urpoiMM, tw? *tid a h\U tolled Iron. K? j r * , Now Jer**-y, with * r?>w collage l.uHt bona*, 21 by V4 f ? ? t , with caller underneath, an I ait 1 n ItlMMd, ?I In by It f alt saw bern, <00 I wmIil an<l a apriu* of pure eaft. vaUr dona fc* the l-r. alto twatvehn.i or d !???'!* trree ? #*i*t a h?ktl|l4 in full haarlug, ft?? hundred t>l tfctttyctri1 erowih, eon.* of them bavin* ? .roe l?* u v- *r, aUo ? liiKrl j'lt . j i ?*d lor u?% t '.** iano |o |uire<ii A J MOl.KNAOK, n the prami* at U> *?*i > , , ml i loutfe* a?t ui Kay j art. L'OK ? A I K - A I A ItAKUAIN, Mil. fllUT r|.AHH r tl.rce #tory ? ri?*k b?.i: S' '1 l>n?h ?tr ?-t , *?r 1 < in | k t n e fijuan. I In thy ot ?t *\ itiilml i; ?l.fH:r, vith r' d roi^^nlenea Apply t? KWll n 1 ti I'lKKOE, 1'iue itreat, corticr f Bruaiwayr, ndcr t .? Mutrono Ulan llunk. I/?'K IT- A ?r? i\niM I1TTI.K IIOTEI., I "K J ?(??!>? t ? km k?|,t on the ICi-raj- ?u ?tyle. wk-r? w <m tl it rn ati I w.i- tan lite an J ? i??r ? < . ?< . t (.?t TtiU i ? rar? chenr# I'rlt- tl,i*N) l,??*i f?ir f?ur f-?r* . re??i fl.'wi A H'f, w i fiteu or? i:. it-?tf*on a honen in f.i/hth ? T#fH-e fall uani' iUtaly at t I nittl -tat ? A / i. r, :ii nroadway ro .m N?. li ^ ]/< U ?All -ON llllll Al'IM V AM# OTHER ft I * r tr |?*".*l..n?, the f H ? ?. ? ?tri'-'l; fir t la?- a . I (' Niit ho -tea* ? I ita ?t'?r/ Ki cIikI b? .<?> ui, on t tflh a* nu?-, ? - ar 1 w .?ty ?; ?th ?tri t . - : 1 t l?0. aUo four M?r r Ir wn?t?it h* t. ?? a*ar 1 r'y -i n -tr*??t X* * ? <t lu* ^ eh" four ft'TY houae, a lt? *tr ?| (? n ? ? - alreet, I * IT> ' : el?o * a?i rtory l-r , hi a ? aat Vri? .1 ?, ) I t lw, ??ei thirty -com ilfnh a!? I ur ? -y ,r ?an r.?, ?<*N'?--!?t "o |.. ?r T n?t li t #tr ; * Uo ' ?.? l<rry, 9t?7 * I t !?<*?, tu \t ?l 1 w* nty fir * tr??t, nt % r 1 ? I* ?> hu , el*a f"vr itar/. 2A*Cr?? I t lw, l,.i ,?f#i lr> i |i? ib'I l' ur' i if w*th many thi r* at lowtr f r ? loeet i.i I r lull j-ert fruJai ? a d rard < f i-lfi ??? apply t<? ItonH Ell. o I'lKRt K, n?< itr> ?t, f mtr Ft r adwa , tind?r M tr j !H?n lie i HAM! ? A BO! I f,' EHJIITEKN IKl.r l.oNO I att<i f rty two ibri.nt ta dlm?t*r, vllb two flee*, at 0.1 t oetr? atre* t l/OR ?Al.i: not K NO V7 UK I TlV I.NTr 8KTH II etr*al. l?r*'Wa et u<- fr i.' * tf all th? n I rn ir. r ,r* Biciti, Alio, ?? Vt tat thirty *??t i itrtet, t?r te Thirty iirlith rtrtet A|'|ljrto?t \S CRf?NK, M Vt r?t T? uJy at a l fta atteet. fro r* - to ] '?' o tack F^OH 8AIT. A II RM HA I AMI FRENCH IH>OT and ?t??r?*, locetei ? n llrea4*ey, a?. i u w d la# a f.ret flaaa trade I ha t?#ak w?ll ! ? a id to aey are > mt 1 - ftr.!) refteon for aeilin^ the ^wn-r i? r?* i * c w-at. Anj?ly at 21S ltr< ftdWA) in lb A BRuwV Wo* BAI.B? Tlia STOCK. riXTURlH t?B t.(tm J < f a ts r ?* i lm book and ?latioaary tlafa, la */>,>! I oaa Ilea aad d- li., a a ;oad (tilt t<oeiaa??, said 9m A^?>aal of other b ?.e?M Addre ? H ( f Utfll l if e L'OR fAII oR W I I.I HE I CHANf*i:i> IOR A I fam ' a a l.u* of raUr <* J. thrto h ?' a .i i m I >t? t ? mty af t/ ? l e^oaia f?rrr, J*r*3i r?ty, a ??rjr laipfevia^ I r ?? r;y Ajjly to T A I Oil i LA, S ,J*n. - / , jM. tl H all etraet. I/OR 5- A f I A TBRKK M< BAJ EMI.MT \Nf># K I 1m Irn k hf'tiM, a?ar i ?! h a? ?? , aad Ik.rX/tir' r ir^et, with alt the m?d#ra ij r ??ta at? f; v?i a i* I f a of aa ' ? d.f r?| t . *ar Hr?.a Iway na4 f tr.y t .?* I v?i A'a", f *???" l ??r*r tloo, near Forty ^iau flratt and flitl* a??ttv $ '*'<??! Alto, oit. ra at ?a; 1 I ri ? AM??/ al V ANLIEH llafd lh !,ll flr?al?a; L*0K -A I JT AT A ftA< RI? H A? Till 8To? K A Mi I Ua? r*f ? f a bruit ea t aa/ar a' ?r In ? t <, I ? aVi*o aad lei* foot A|yly at I" Oioe. a ilr t l/OR MU AT KIM. * HUIIm.E - I I?J * I It A It f I M K I aid' tf I*?? i. . aut?# fr r. railroad ua4w*JUa# * * veai'fttiy arranf^d, eat #??ata>aa m?4?-ra itrf-ro* w?ea*? ih# ou* t!4ta?? era atasSe for all |a^pa?* th?r? la a rat ana ? <rre of r r ,orid, 4It( Had let < meab-n'ei ead $> r aaltt* t i ton itf vr-feta* l? ? and Th' ? t ? I* la i ? ffe? * r4* * and Wtllla ? /Id r*a?' * r farta-r |er*.' ala/i on tiie jrrM*ieee, to L I'AwLINlk ^ y(.R ftAI S I N UROORI.VN I III Timi.E HT?tr I I en I a nuaaf * r a haoea 7 II h etr a i, " ' J'ta<e|v*e. laiat'H Fult-.a ae<t Wail tlraei larn ? ? a. '? fr?aaaela flva ?<!'' k P tl Mrai my le,iiiaet I. A Wllltaia Hr**t, * V ,ape<%tr? I/O* RAIT IS ?Wit /II RM'#OKI.l a ?A ?VAlf#rif MRS I a* cry and tNiaauaat k' .*%*?, arali tai aUad, hae m?rtia j r .ant' la en f re* ?e* ?e?' e IB*i dlataly Ear aale la S#a I rk. h f S 2% V ard? a iter itf?t? T # l*', fe- ?# N A iWkrr>aa atraat. Af. |-iy to 8. C Ml I Til II H> ?t etj??? i ? ar i hathem. V I.* ? II IA I' *N lllta, i ? 1 it/ k I m t ? ???? ' r MkMi *nl I tlk >1 < urn ? ?< ,'on inf. creat ?a Tiro neurit ' ? r ???'. -f Im l .f r J ?! '<*? U^r nu?U4 t . liflkt ?* K Hit! ?r r. th. ? im?- ' iiM't-i ?. rmrv. Air: ? ?*r ('!?<? i ?f r? aiii i, iwl, ???? Mb* 1 ??*, I- * ?*' "n ? ? . a ... V?'?: f I urn , f. 1 I A I K ?.?*?<* I'*!' I ?'/?" TU* ?I"I * tu % ?n4c?<?4 a til af ? va Mr .aal lai rt?< t. *' a I, No 71 I'i'h im<> a ? . ar I fved ka^MM. at. llM ^feaaiaot. Ahw,lk4 Man to loo, AIR OR to I IT oR L/|R(i I If. A Vll, TMtRTT #? fraai Ike "?iy. J * ai?*a keoltay aweeaaaalooteea mif it i y tef rat-motd af aloaaa"' "**a4, Ir. ? a-; oat to* o if . a ? o ?- uat. fiaaarj a# ? j^nltry hoaae., til f t jia .? an ' It* a^ r>*+- a iae I A f Hi ^ M W IM'>^ ? i^a'ayeMa j *a- o. Flir OH TO ITT Til* TWO %TORr AM# n is,* aae If fciUltli Mrait, o# AHIIMIA "OB P A I * " * T<. I r.T ;u* Htt -?AI. UrlTt , <? I. i ?? fttm. ..I , I ?? .. > / ? . i .W*. WultiMl.rr /OK ?AI.*, < K T< LIT TIIE TWO VT?>*r till AT * W IM It.nk . 4Kiilif *?..* r**M. .m ? ' A* 4 llAr, M |m4 ??*.? ?!.. t't ???? r*n ? ?? r.?m< I'rv. ?f > L' *?Air ?>? TOUT TI1? r .1 H ^T"*r :?*" * F (??( ? >.<?? i-r ii.' TViri; ? i r "^1!^ ?IAA ul t> -?t> my*' A y\ T*r? t l> tfl |||Ml ff .< M ' .(? at, *f l?m <?? i . ??? r . m. nm A*f t'W n rinf tiH ?if* *4 tr>M ? ?*r?A m? rat? ??????? r?*M> *? Tb?4<niMU? i .? ??*?? ?? AffO* * B tiVHIItl ?l? fftrtk ??????? t f ? rot iau. POB IAU OK TO UET-UOVHB no i drpaij wiVc lira *?ry aa parlor ?teni n Iratdtu; i uralakad koaao la I oaln?t*B avaoaa. i kouao la Tnato. I. ?rlk two will hta?-a In Hmokl/a. ? #well*7L 1 k?K|>wa iknl, wtr Dlmkii llmjft r.?4 T. A ruwiliB, Bo. J Jtunr unit. L'olt KAI I OK TO RIM T? IN WcsTTHirrr SEOON? A atr.?t, I rtwMb Fifth tiaaui ana Rrnadoar. th? at a Raul nut eik>> ator) KukIMi haaoa^t heat*. No 16, aiao i, Li loot, Jtlth I ???r? fo. |.r. >.ia.i.t r..? raH of a4talao?>* >11 h i" ROSWKLL 0. I'lKKlK, 1'iui .iml, witt, I'-i k>I*?) L'< K MAI K uK TO Ilk' NT? THAT RI.KOANT DROWN I . *? No ftlk hi Mark. plat a, ?)?? JbaM taal, I , lour it..rlri, wall flniihatl, ni.d eotilaiLina all ib? II" iVi'k! k " l apply to iWCLI. ii.i""liL ttilV f ?' ?.a- Vka 11 L OH SAI K AT A IIAHOAIN TWO 1 II It KB HToBr I MM huuaaa in htii N.? \ |?ar ttvam4. laid cut la a larrtuB, with trmt, ,?o , or wuald ko rm nHnBv&SZ ?. F ifth avf.m'f ffii rai.i;, m v k loth cor ner of Thirtieth atreot, una .1 w ?t ml?, n?*r'Tiiir%? flnt ?tf ? , om d<?. onrner I !<t r l > an. m l ttr??t; two <j(, ?,wr w,r Thirty Oath ktrot, u nci do. coru? r lliiriy vtv?nOt atr** threodo iivtr Tlllrtjr nvMlh *tr?<-t, three 4? oormer Tlur t> ti*Kth ?(r??(S (our do. Thirty ?|ghth *>4 thirty ninth ?*r??ta; t??. do. id Twenty fourth atr*?t. o?Rr I rib ?uuu? , ?*. do in Jwcnty flflb atreot; Uu do. In Thirty ? t r ?t, I t?(? t _> m do in Thirty fourth ?tro?t. !?? ? v* < ? h Kiith ?ffnn? and lirond way ; two do in Thtrtf ?? >?>1.11 ilrnl, anther *td? of f ifth n> I ??ir do in Thirty ? L? ?h r'rr.4 Apply to MOSWf.l.L (. f*|KRCS. I'me atr??t, corner Hron.lwny, undor Metropolitan float. HAMIHDMK CoiTAOi W I Til SMALL GARDEN. ftftlle, Ac aitn.?t?d n It i# It f round, in t'erinenaeillo lt> ntit-a mi 'iinlli e t r o tie and k I it i. * bridge ro?d, f ??r anion* n? m tit on -lot ti r terms I mui* dmiw poa?? ?i|cn Apply t# JOHN I* * lil\ A I IKIt, ma> llvvnlvny I >t yon i A I ' K OH TO THK VKIir f>Ki! rn? 1- hi it * , N ? 1'l.H U cd '|l ir t > fir?| alrevt, on tbn ) h fr* und Ir'V'iii f i|tltth nnd Ninth nr?uoe?, t I??i i < ? I v fi.t fiet, liirr# r<M>uii ilinip on ?n^h floor, thrnn ft? rieo nlt-*?e l.nn?A- nt, bruwit ?ton# u< tit, bull I of th? Uo?i t ,n. I to vrty pup- nor tninitcr, liy ? prnottcnl build i r r bia < * i* it * i itrnrlr new, in porf?? t ??r Inr, nn I wttb nil to Un tui. 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