Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 11, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 11, 1855 Page 5
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Interfered, and remlutely determined not to gi?e her I mpy would have been forcibly carried beck. She told se eb? wee more alarmed, duriae this straggle at the bote! (she being In a room up atairs, whAst tbe alterna tion wae going on below;, than at any preriomi period ourlng ber flight. At that time she ga ve up her white ? capo, and sun bonnet, in which ahe escaped, a# tney demanded tbcm from her. ^It i? generally believed in that neighborhood that Mia# Bnnklpy in indebted to the American movement for her veecue; for one year ago no force could havo been found enfficient to protect her from tbe officer? of the Inatitu Hen. The sympathies of the American people weretlinn with the Catholic matitfetiona. and they lacked the IMral courage to resist Jesuitical priestcraft. I could Bay much more of interest to the public, but have already ma?*e thia article sufficiently long. March 9, 1865. AJUSRJCANUB. Cengeitlon?^uilUfn Drnt lis.? Death from eenaestion ia becoming no prevalent, that an a conservator of the public health, I cannot remain silent. Braudreth's Pill* will cure congestion ol the lungs sooner and more cer tainly than any other medicine known. When you have chills, difficulty of breathing, opi?re?ai??n of the chest, ac companied with a pricking sensation upon one point, go to bed, having soskd your feet and leirs in hot water, and take six <<r eight Brandreth'a fills. It would be well t<* drink freely of verv hot boneaet, catnip, balm or come other vegetable teas. This course, simple as it may appear, will, If followed, be the occasion of Having many valuable live*. Let the wine consider. Are these things so? The experien<'o of three generations have been direct* d to the Braudreth Pilla. They have the advantage of at least one hundred and fifty years ef study, and that directed with a single view to the perfection of this celebrated medicine. Of course it is not C feet yet ? nothing earthly is so? hut for all the purposes which a purgative in required, it has few it any equals. There are thousands who use this medicine, who have done so from periods varying from twenty to seventy years, and who pive it great credit, who say it has restored theru trout I ?Icknear? often w hen every other means had failed? to p r- | feet health and enjoyment 1 he fact is, that if we can but underhand that our afflictions from bodily ills mainly pro- , Mftl from impure blood, ana that Bsaadreth'a iHUe puirify the blood, then it is ? asy to understand how they are so auccesetul in the cur" of disease of opposite character, a* eostivencss and dysentery; stoppage of urino and diabetes. Bnt we cannot take these pills and lose our blood; w? can not take these pills and be cured, if we follow the starving plan of treatment. To cure disease with the Braudreth Fills an the ino licinc, He require all the blood in ? ur hodv? every drop o! it. In all acute diseases lot Brandreth fills and mild diet be used, and tho patient will soon be restored to good health. In chronic complaints, let the pills he used as often us convenient, hy which means the vitality of the blood will be improved, and a crisis will he uenerully brought about; the dit-ease being charged to acute, a tew large doses of phis and a few days' confinement to the bouse, will change tbe chronically diseased individual to a soundman. This is no figure of the imagination: it can he proved tv a thousand matter of fact men, who have ex^pe rkneed these effects. Remember, in all cases ot' disease, no matter whether it be a cold or a cough, whether it be asthma or consumption, whether it be rheumatism or pleu risy, whether it be ty pints or fever and ague, or bilious fr eer; croup or whooping cough or measles; whether it be scarlet fever or small | ox? that tfco pills known as Bran ireth's Fills will surely do more than all the medicines of the drug ?tore for your re toration to health; and what is more, wilt enrely do you no injury. Use theui so as to produce a brisk effect, and your sickness will bo the affair ot a lay or two; while those who arc too wise to follow this common sense advice, ar - often, unfortunately ' r themselves, *ick for months bold at PR. BRAN DRETll'S principal office, Braudreth Building? entrance No. 43 Canal street? at S9 rents per box, with toll directions: also at the branch j offices, No. 274 Bowery, and No. 241 Hudson str- et. The pills may also be had of D. D. Wright, No. 66 I .owls street, I corner of Houston. Spring Style of Hut* Juit Introduced.-* TbOM ol our reailerain want of a f* -111 unable hut can Obtain one at HAM. 'i*. 413 Ilroailway, wUo la the a> bnowlvjgxl lender of fiahlon in New York, by public approbation. Corner of I.iapeaard ntraet and Broadway. Important to Iloiinetaecper*.' Our Spring kMcrtinent of carpetlngH, oil.-lothg, curtnius, and cur Win material*, ia now reui.y for inspection, .in I will be offered at greatly re<'uced prices. LORD & TAYLOR, iliaiid a tree t, corner of Cbryxtie. Piano*.? T. Gilbert iM Co.'* Celebrated SEo lUn piano*, Horace Waters' modern improved pianoa, and tboae of a larfo number of otber make*. snmpririn^ tlio lan eat ami moot deairable aiwrtmenf. ill tho Unit >1 state-*, will be aold at price* which defy competition, fur caah or aa tiafaetory paper. I'erson. in tho city receiving ordera lor aiauoH er mueical inetriunenta of any kiud, will tind it to their adtantave to call. HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. Melodron* ? S D. .* II. W. Hinltli'* Melo. deona, toned tbe equal temierami-ut, can l.c fmul >>nly at the ramie and piano ?t>>re of HORACE W ATE Ri, 333 Broad way. The trade aupplied on the molt reasonable term*. The Improved Violin.? The moat rnxlly learned aa ? ? 1 1 a* meet f-puUr muiical inatrnment in u?a Manufactured at 333 ifroadway, over M'atcra' mu-ic atore. W. ROUKRTSON, inv tutor and teacher ot the improved keyed violin. Spring, 1855.? Ciixtoni Department.? Our rtock of clutln, eaasiuierea, ami veatiugH lor Hj-riu/ tra-'.e 1* now roa'iy lor lnapectlon, embrae ug everything that 1* new and d.. Table, of our own Importation or aelee ttouH. The cuttera of th. i department, beaded by Mr. A. H. Van 1'eit, are artist* oi the tlr- 1 rUaa in tseir aeveral Hoe* of coatx, veata, and panta, and our determination ia to apare no pain* or expense to make this a very popu lar department of our buaineaa. The directioua to thin affect are ? lirit, to make every garment up to the beat ?taariard of taa'w and workm.insliip ? the quality to l>e aWayH lairly repreaeuu d ; second, Uj be prompt to the verv hour a K*rment la promised; and. thirl, to be a little lower in price than garmenta of the same descrip tion can be had for elae where. D. UEvLlN A; lO., 20S, 250 and -GO Broadway. Ureat Bargain*.? White French China Di als* platea 14a. a deien; tea plates f r tin a doaen. and soup plate if 1 4a. a<io* n; also, Tiflu doaeu cu.Tu. cup. and aaurera, at 12a. a doitn, fer 24 piece* ?usual price :Joa.; dining set. for ?2*; -;ol d bund te* s-ts for f". A variety of uicful article, of r?rer..b china at al out half tho usu U price*. F.> onomical hoaiw keepers will find unprecedented I nr<aina In china and irlaaa, for casli only, and r> sitiv. ly at t lio?? lew price*. un til tbe 1 et << Way. Open till # n'eloek 1'. M. J. K Kl'RK, (*13 Broadway, al ove Eleventh street. Arrival of an extensive stock of good*? e??aistici? of new Valrnelennea laces, beautiful embr*Ueri?a, Fremh bands and triimninir., which will be . pnnui on Mju *ay, at 1'f.TKR ROBERTS A Ct>. 8, 375 Broadway. Some Men M?y Mow? Hut, it* Itnrton *ay*. "It 1* rot at all in our way " We would merely a??ert that Vre will n.alta up a set sl.irts whicli for e*oi:ll*ne? of material-, beauty oi needlework, ami economy in pricts, cannot u a<tualted by ? ther* in the trade, all made by I, and warraiit< <! to itive entire ?ati?t:; ti n, at o:ie day a notice, with' ut fail MOODY Jt M 1UU1N?>, 344 Broadway, formerly with C. I.'-lnhton. During thl* Montli, Prior to taking Stork l*t April, we will ?ell our entire atoct of Oerinan tor* aad games, and Knitiish wax dolla. a' h h If the market prices. We make tbia Immense sacrifice on thi< rlaai of Bla (of wliieb tbe s tie baa been much cramped by the I times (luring the paat holidays) in orler that we ?ay diminish our stock as much a.t possible Our faury rood a hare also been much reduced in price. TUrTi.h'rj Emporium, 34& Broadway, oppoaite Appletou'a. Public Notice.? In conitr<|uenrr of the |>o|iti larity of the areat | nvate sale of I much, En.lish, an l tier roan eniirav in^-a. at wholesale prices, at 3IA Broadway, tbe same will te continued until further notice. Exhibition tree. Open day an I evenina New Spring Dry (>ood*.? E H. l<eadbeater A Co., 34/ Broadway, are now i'!ferln< some great bar Kaias iu ?:lk?. >?rt eel, printed mailhit*, triDichaiiiK. nnurnin^; r"'d *, litu-n*, ihcctingt, riblons, Ac. AUo bla<.k ?ilJit rtry thetp Wft (??odi !*-Thf llar|tnlii?i In Wet goods t tfor* ?e?*n in thin city, will !?e otiered to morr??w rnovninir, at A. <* COLIiY'8. 37 Third ?Tunu?, Tho pood* coasi-tH of 1 1 r? c> ti ithirtin* md thee timcN, dama?k?, ti&pkiftf, towelling, d?ui&ik tat 1? clothe, . ?Uo cotton ^lirtinj; And rhpetinir, ml of will fold at about fifty p?r cent lest than at any other <t<>re In this city. Clothing ftom Attlgnrrfr Sair?Werr hnntu from north, R?uth, rait snd west, as well as the puMio in Eit-ral, ar?- respeetfnllv r? 'ju?>-tt'd to rail an I examine an mmi^r lot of fine. fashionaMe fprimr and sumiaor cloth jmr, lou&ht as nboTt, and t'<r oale wholesale nnd retail at EVANS' clothing vlfihOBie, U> and Oft Fulton street, leas than half price. Deflanr? J*alamainl?-r flftfHi? Robert IK. Puf R1CK 4 the hole xnanufa*tur?r In the ?'n.te?l Sta>s of Mm eIk'T* celebrated saf^e, an ! F. C. i?p**ne treble defiance lochs %nd croee bar* J)v^>t No. 1VU ffcarl rtrett, one door bflow MaiAen Lane. A Sprrlal llulletln for the Sick.? Dr Mortw Inviporatin? Cordial relieves it 1. won Will rapidity ev?ry td??r incidrnt to the digest ie?* spp^ratus; rr ?r.or ?: th*i %]>? petit#; renew tfc?* strmsth, harden tho muscles, Kraco the tvm, |iTii elasticity to the recmit the earrpfit banish despondency, imrart to thi attenuated frame a mor* robust appearance, allay irritation, cairn tu?j disturb* d ittisi-inaf i n, build up tbe shattered constitution, | mad may betaken without f< ar by the feeblest maiden, wife | err mother, as it is ? <>mpe*i d iNdeiy ol th* Jtilcesof rare "rien tal herbs, potent only to inei^orat*-. ex' illarate an l r store. If tbeiysuui has become relaxed, the cordial will mfu'o a more vigorous vitality into every orvaa. The taesitu i - r*' ?ulting from late hour*, or tt.-. iloso application to labor of My kind, is quickly removed b> tt? action, ?? d ladies en framed ?n ^edevitary o^enpations, and subject to lueonvnienre Sere from, will find it a ?afe and healthy stimulant. Where tke cirt ulatisn of tbe bleed is fluir^istj or any of the fun-: tivna of the body are suspended or imperfectly performed, it | will restore tbe natural action and ' ? mmunuate permanent eaersy to tho i?e< retive and di>?tri if ive or<aes. Those who ?re bowed down by physical debility, and so feeble as to de epair of ever r#ceverin? th?- vigor an I mi'*n of manhood, ar?* Aavited to tive this w> nd?rful invirorant a trial. It embo 4ies the elements ' f ti.eir restoration Before tL y have eeastiv.f i tb? fir ^t bottle, they will l?e con?? ? cs that Ihe re ?eperative principle is at work in every iebilitaud Portion ef their frames, and hope, soon to be realized .n their tho rough reeotery, will spring up in their hearts. The cor lie! is Bt highly concentrated, in pint bottle*. Price per Mle, two for $6, Mi f?r $12 C. II RING. I'rof rietor, 11?2 Proa I way, N V. Hellouay i Olnlmetit and Pllle, the only enre and immediate remedy for saitrbeum. acting directly tip-n fbt absorbed systvm, era?i. atlnc tLe r-oi?f.nouii laai'er floating ia the bli <.d. It thtis (nritien t'at vital stream, giving energy, tons and elj?or to all the functions of life. Seld at tbe manufaet^irer s, Matd?n Ian-, an l 941 ^tran I. Ia ndoo. arm t y ai1 druggists, at 2A eeats. ??2va cents, an 1 |i per pet ec bet. |IO Wljja and Tonpttli- The Celehratcil ?aanu factory forwi^s, t^ape^'g, braidf of Ion* aair. from braeU, 4c., ji iltutted *t '27 Mu !?n lane, corner of Neeeau street. Ujtu?n? lie wart of Uroadway prices. MK\iii;H-T * HKAKI), 2; Mai lea lane. Cure yntir fn^e if (lime annoying |>lnif>lea, aad ..rev other rart ,f yonr peraon, af ? r?ry taeiety fit Itching i. r iririau i intii o' the , km. P*ln?r'a '??? tahle ?< lotwa ? ill 4o It witii?ut fail, fur ??/> at ( HlU'i> f, lirca i?ajr, an 1 by .Jru;.-,-u aa.rjai.-r llfEBTWEMEiira IEFIKWEB EVtBV Dll. post orrim aonc ks. F?st orrici noti? t- cnxyor. <>r novn-i-m mails for the Rstt T;a stomagvn *t"7iar?er#, will, oo ^nd after *o?4a/ Ike l.'Ui iart.. -I.iee a .1 ? .!?* p M ID4AIJ V. lOwl,!!, Poitinaa'.ar, ]>o8T ofrrrr rrlAniA* "<}r itr, vr.w vdrk Mareh In l?." - Ma, 1 f r . al.far- 1 , , ,, -, 1 tbe Weat -Ltitir > a #e w ill clvte at thia <.? ?, ?B M'la-tar, ?~-.i lOCW PUBLICATIONS* Halj'S journal or health.? single num. bers, 10 cente; 91 a year; No. 2 Alter House. Con toot a, March number, nneh sickness, bites and sting a. how oured instantaneously; debt and death, mercantile probity, conju gal affection. color of the eyes, tea at half price. February number? What is throat, ail ' do. heartburn? do. indiges tion? do. dyspeptia? how much must 1 fat f health and hard study, Filth avenue and Western life, tonail cutting unscien tific, the Bible the l est teacher of health, diary of the dying, how people take cold, recipe against poverty, disabled miniater. POLITICAL AND ECCLESIASTICAL JESUITISM UN MASKED. Foarth edition now ready. STAN HOI' E liU It I. ElGII, The Jesuits in our Homes. The startling revelations unfolded in thin powerfully writ ten Americrtn work, still excites unbounded interest in every State in the Union. Every hour brings to the publishers larvc orders lor this masterly expose, which is the sureat test of the interest of the pubiio in the aubjoct upou which it treat*. Every where the presa i? te?ming with comments of praise or censure, but nil admit the book Hill have an un exampled sale. In this extraordinary tiction the ma?k is stripped from political and ecclesiastical Jesuits, and the glfiss set up even for them to behold the stature of their own deformity. A rare knowledge of human nature is displayed in the work? each scene of the roiuauco being acoompauiod ly a political moral, of no mean t-ignilicancu to every true Anurican mind. We joia with the (1. P. in hoping the K. N.'s will buy larrely of thin remarkable work ? V w York Tribune. 1 his powerful production has the endorsement of Sam. ? New York Times. It is the beat American novel ever written.? Granite Farm er and Visitor. A fiction of greater interest than even Undo Torn; it will monetize the nation.? Pittsburg Evening Chronicle. It in ably and powcrtully written. It will have a prodi gious sale.? Hartford Courant. Tbe book is one of deep interest, and muat meet with an extended *:?le.? Albany Evening Transcript. It ia a thrilling romance, thom'h it ia not a creature of imagination ?Fredericksburg ( Va. > II raid. it is in truth not only deeply interesting an a novel, but in tl.e highest decree valuable an an exposition of facta which ? very American citucn ought to be liwuiliar with. ? New Lou don Cht nicle. Published by STRINGER A* TOWNSEND. No. 222 Broadway, N. Y. Price $1. For sale by all booksellers aud newa agents. Tm: bowery boy and his wiip-this new weekly paper will be out to morrow, and contains tho Mnpie Night Cap and a wagon f ill of other rich it? nn. Two cent- single copy; *1 a y- ar. Alias Lizzie du Vaueo, editor. Published at the office ot the Br<adway Helle, loj Na-^au street. F IV hakims, Proprietor. KKLKaOl M NOTICED. TTN ITARIAM SOCIETY, WILLIAMSBURG.? THE KEY. Charles J. Bowen, Pastor of the Unitarian Society, William* bur*, will deliver a discourse this (Sunday) even ing, st 7H o'clock , in Trcnor'a Academy. No. 90 South Lignth street, on the following subject " Who are oy right, not iy araniup* ion, entitled to the name of Evangelical Christiana?" The public are invited to attend. LECTURE*. "TM.ECTR1CAL PSYCHOLOGY? I)R BENToN WILL J/i lecture an I experiment at Bleeck<r Buildings, corner ot" Morton street^ on Wednesday evening, March 14, at 7 fa o'clock. Admittance 12^ cents. Free lectures to the ladiea, ? t the snmw place at P. M. N II. ? I m ha 1 1 bo ready to re ccive | aticnts, at 177 Broadway, between Broome and Grand streets, on Wednesday, Mireh II. PKHSO!VAL. (1AM DEN ANDAMBOY STEAMER.? A GENTLEMAN, J who travelled by the above route from Philadelphia, on Friday, March 9, took a black leather valise belonging to a lady, by mistake- Should this meet the eye of the lady, she is requested to send the gentleman's valise to Captaiu llarriaon. eareof Mr. John Keeland. at the Philadelphia Hotel, opposite the < amden and Amnoy transit otliee, Now York, where the lady can Obtain her own valine. C1 E. H. WILL FIND A LETTER FROM IIIS FRIEND > . directed him at the Chatham Square Post Offloe. INFORMATION WANTED? OF A YOUNG WOMAN named Anne Fitfgrrall, native of Newbridge, county Kildaro, Ireland; she landed in this country, Juno 2, 1K53, in t he ship M&rshticld. Anv information of her will be thank fully received by Patrick Toole, 204 West Twenty-first st. INFORMATION IS WANTED OF MRS. PATRICK 1 Sweeney, by her husband, Patrick Sweeney. Her maiden name was Joanna Murphy; and she is from Bantree, county C< rk, Ireland. When last heard from was residing at 10 Water street. Please addrca Patrick Sweeney, Last Dekalb, St. Lawrence county, New York. rrilERE WILL BE A LETTER IN THE NEW YORK 1 Post office for Mr. Hippolyte Ye/ian de Itocheblave, from his friend Mr*. E. Kuadcn. JI1E TRADES, AC. Architect wanted? a first rate draughts man, in an office, in this city. He must bo a citisen by birth or adoption. Address box 2,40V Post Office. Daguerreotype operator wanted? one w ho is expert and experienced in taking actings and working the eamera brat rate. None other need apply at No. Broadway, pARPENER WANTED.-WANTED AN ASSISTANT \_T to a gerdenev, a sober, honest, in duatriou* man, who understands his business. A German or Scotchman preferred. Wages $26 per month. Enquire at 12 Chat Lain str et. mO TAILORS AND CLoTHIF.R S ? AN EXPERIENCED 1 l?oy ? clothes and general cutter, is open to an enga inent aa cutter, foreman, o? sale? man. Would go to tho country The host "f reference giveu. Address Cal., l'ft Washington street, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION AS CUTTER. HAS FIVE M years' experience in the buiineas; and would prefer the < ity onstom trade. I'nexceptionahle rofsrineea riven. Ad. drea* or call at .'H) Sullivan street, for three days. TJLrANTED? A IIRST RATE JOBBING SMITH ONE v f that understand* g r? ??ry wagon work and li^bt re pairing. A constant job and good wages will hegtven. Ap jdy to Frederick Porrett, Newark avenue, Jersey City. TIT ANTED? A PERSON WHO IS THEORETICALLY vf and practically acquainted with the extraction of oils from seeds and nuts, ft r a small experimental operation Sh uld this meet the ry< ..t Mr < A /LIT/., he will please t'- state I is present residence. Address Mra. Fiunarty, 3 Bowling Green, basement. LOST AID FOUMI). FMil'N \) ? ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON. ON THE CO UN* t? r of the ?tor? i#H John -treet, a leather pocket book, containing money, which the owner can have by proving pro perty and | a> inr for thin advertisement. Tost- on north side Washington square, J between the I'nhersity and Macdosral street, * u-ol ?l watch, with gold chain attathed Th- finder will be libe rally rewarded by leaving It at 21 Washington square. 10S1-IN TRANSMISSION THROUGH THE poST J Office, from Boston to New York, a letter, maile I Feb. 2G, containing a dralt fcr $21(1 1(1, pay el ic by lieaera. Reed k C o., lioston. All persons are cautioned a/ainst negotiating tic above. Any int< rmstb u respecting said dralt will he r?i reived by Mr J A N'?vello, Broadway, Np# York, <>r by Mirers, ii. 1'. Read \ Co., lremont row, Lost n. IOST.-ON THE EVENING O* FRIDAY, MARCH 20, I .J five ticket* lor second woiree of the Lindrf**y lilues, Wed I r eiday evening, March II, 1S55. The Raid tick eta are rum 1 bered from 216 to 220, inclusive 'lie bolder* of aald ' are hereby notified t?> return the above mentioned ticket* t ? | the f iMary of the < -mpany, a* under no circumstance* will they be received at th* door on the above evening. J i TOA1 Secretary, NJ Catharine street | 10ST? BETWKl.s TUB I Til AND UTH Ol FBBRI I J ry la*t, a wallet < staining Jothatn ( lark's check for 1 ?.r?7?r?, Juniata Coil and Ir"n stock, $>'* ,"(W; Mhepard l.augb 1 . ceptance, $8AU; iiiruu Pond'a do . about ffifili; Geo. ? S. Smith's note, $WU: and sundry other notes and papers, all of which are w< rtUl*as except to the owner The tin ier i will be well rewarded by leaving the property nt MADISON PAGE'S, W Pearl itreet. i < ? > t - o \ tih; r.\ \ \i\i. 1. 1 mi k-i?ai m\u- ii . J J in going from Ne\* York to Kav?nswood, via P? k Slip Perry, a bundle of letters add'eeced to Kirk ?% I The tinder *111 be ^uitaUy rewarded by returning the same to 1 C A N LEY, KIKE 4 CO., 233 Irontotr-et VOTICE -LOST, A LETTER, MAILED ON THE 10TH ll of Feb Inst, for John Tripp* t A Mr . New Vork. con mining a note drawn by Win. A Vt heeler A Co., In f?vor of Henry ElweU, dated December 12. IMT4. ?t four months, for $4l,*> TC, and endorsed by Wm. Futdlay. All persons are here by cantoned not to negotiate said n?te, r aiment of name l.j; \ if. - i ?? i ? ? p ? ' W M. FIN PLAY \lfAT? II C A .* L LO>T.? $10 RE W \ UI>? L? ?ST, ON THE v ? Mb uut,, tne ea?? of an old fashioned gold watch Th? t.n'ier will re<?ive the a'- ve reward by leaving it at tb? t'. K? VCSttC fiarire oih<*e . fool of Whitehall street. S M'lIUTl ALIHM. 1'IRITCAL RAPPING AM# W R I TI NG - M R~ COA N will receive vi-iter* th.- and ev^ry day this w*? k at lir ad?ay, ILp* Chapel linUdin*. Honrs 10 to 1 2 A M ?' to ' an I 7 to 'j P. M U ednetday and Saturday evenings ?nepted N H ? 1 arties attended at their re?iden *e, also, private i at h?*r ro m SPIRITUAL MAMIE *TATfON M1S> -EABUIVQ, O rapping, writing, tijphu- and impersonating tu~li'it?, thf lest in the city, it U m- all hour* from 10 o ele?-k, at i' 40 l*l*th aveni ?*> PrieefiH r#?,t? N B ? Will attend pri vate circles at residence. wt>en re pired Ci'iRin ali?m.-circles win. re every O afUm??on and evening, at .til f*.r?adway Mm. TRAP IIA'.E.n nadinm. A Wasbtngt> u lived * at i? no more, his ?rlrit conies to mal" us pure The spirit live# after doath, therefore man ia not perfect In th-; form, bat pare in the spirit. r THE IIALL ftKAttO*. IIM*sr.V It LI EH.? SEC ON I' SOIREE AT TIIE APOL J lo room*, n the sveuing of Wednesday, March 1$, K?A. '1 he mncit n the above cceanion will i.e disc #ar??d Ly Skel tor. * unrivalled Amrtlll l and The IJndsey Biue?Qut> k ?tep, dedicated to the eompany by C. w. Granilla, E? j , w?.l be |*rf?rTi.ed by the fnll bra"?? band Oanring to '?omwnce at H o'clock, iie-ntlemen holding t*?ket? f*.r theabov* soir?*?, ?lil under ae consideration, t e aOtnit t?*. I nnl?*ss accnmfia n.' I 1 y ladies. KOGAK A. K iU.Kl i, chairman. Ji.m* T T<>al. ??<ret?ry DEITSITBY. ? RARE orroRTt'NITV? I W'Til. MAKE fOR ?? J i n Unittfnl tml awful ?.f thrtTt*<> t?,(h, onr*r ?n4 l<nt?T Nt< ?? th? c M pith, ?>rr>at?4 /#r ltr? I ?..?r mywlf. '*? h? lniarM trirtint ili? .|.i 1-' Or >AI*OI,BO.> t.y, I c rut? ht HtimH 0ASCIN > ' ' ' > i m 1 1 ?*. I f> F. r. IIROOKK ft AKM'AI. ORAM) RXHIRITION I j, >1 .? tail, at lir A???mtljr R>. >m. v,| llr '>m' on H mili; r ? Kar'N 12. i . m .1 ic tf a r"B*l*us?Tt at. 4 ' *'? 1? ii ? $' TK$ txhilUfnti will .nnrln4? tr l1^o'?lo?*k; th? UJ br 4 a'cloek. Bw Sau4ajr Horary. n r n mm. l'i k> iti rk ai nm rr. SAI.K? A rAMlLT i.bat I lag il, ? ally .intra ?? i| at a karola a ?(uaauiy .,f ? r.t fla-a fayi.ittira, 14'itu.a aa t llr .?^l? ? ar . vitra )>?? ?q .ara matt. I mirror, aa4 ?tb>r le,iral>la farailar? ( all at 5r> B' ml ttir.l MiixuncRii ?.??<)?>*. IS8H0RN fU?'(Nfc'P^, Tl:IVKK0 AVn vXTlUMMKIt j 'traw., m:aa?a' I'fViiro frukta wita tila crvvix, I! uafoti *r?1 ? ilk boAr>?t.a fnr fatt*rn*, jaat *>y W M WiO^N, Ui? J'uB?m*r? k Br?*a, MJ BrowJany, IALE8 AT AUCTION. COUNTRY SEAT? IN RYR, WEST CHIKl ER COUNTY, for sale at auction, by ANTHONY J. BLEBCKKR, at the Merchants' Exchange, on the 16th day of Mareh, 1666. at 12 o'clock, bilk of particulars, at the auctioneers, No. 7 Broad street. H2NKY H. IJCEDrt A: CO., AUCTION KE&-HOU8B hold furniture aale* ? Henry H. k Co., will give their peraonal attention (aa tbey ha ??dona for many yearn past) to the sales of bouMbold furniture, at tbe residence! of families breaking up housekeeping or re moving. Tbey will aNo have regular sales at their auo tion rooms, 19 Nassau atreet, between Pine and Cedar, for tbe convenience of those who may deaire thin medium of aale. TjoerrivE sale.? wm ii franklin k sons will I fell on Saturday, March 10, at the Merchants' Ex change, at 12 o'clock, the valuable water power, paper mtU. two dwelling hou.-ea, and aeventy five ^crea of land, situated two mile* nouth of the railroad depot at Spotswood, N. J. Tan be reached in two houra from New York Two-thirds of the purchase money oan re main on bond and mortgage, at all per cent. Auction notice,- mortgage sale.? elegant household furniture, rosewood piai?otarte?, pier and I oval mirror*, Brussels carpets, oil painting*, *ilv?r war**, Ac. IIENRY T. LEEDS, Auctioneer. ? Monday morning, M trcfj 13, allOH a'eloclr, the entire contents of the iarin three story lw? ii-o 70 Fmnkliu nt ar Church, confuting of | velvet. Bruxacl* and ingrain carpeta; roaewooa parlor suit, very elegant, with embr?u<li red aota; tupert ?r roacwood pia noforte, M'veu mtave, ot vpleudid tone and finish; ro*ewood ; card, ctntrc, lids, work anil a< fa t r? *?1 **h ; heavy French plate I?if r and oval slatae*-, splendid ro-cwood eie/er-, w ith mirror I doors and hack; br<ratelle and lace window curtains; nape nor aaaortrcu nt of uil paintings, in ricli frame*, embracing a i great variety of i-ul-j ? t?, aouie ot which aro vary coatTy; j, corner and munic atauds, quartette table*, rich china vases, orinolu elock?, hromo and parian figure*, oak and Mnrk n-ion tuMe*, t>':i and dining tahle*, with richly polished leave*; mahogany aofa*, full Frcnoh cmhion , ed chaira, rocking and ? a*y chair*, mahogany tote a tctes, I card tal lea, Ac. Ite<lrooiu furniture ceni>i?t* of full ?uit* in ; ro ft wood and mahogany, heavy rosewood gothic hodatea 1*. i bureau* and wn-hftanila, richly carved to match; two full ' suits painted bedroom furniture, Wat hair mattr^- ????, sheet*, i counter) anca, ingrain * arpeti*. oval mirr ra, toilet tablet, I children*' chair*, oilcloth*, atuir carpet*, ma/ niticent rose wood hall stand. liaaeifunt furniture ? extension taldo of ten f?et, tnaplo and cushioned chaira, datoaak lounge*, man tle clock, mirror, \aacs, rich china tea and dinner acta, out gla*?ware, rich silver plated ware, eucli aa fork*, spoon#, ? ake baskets, aalvera, t?-a acrviee. elegantly plated; caster*, with heavy cut tottlea, *up< rior ivory cutlery, c<".ktn< atove, kitchen uten^ia. .Ire. The whole of the above furni ture ia in excellent order anJ condition, and particularly worthy the attention < I houackecpera, an the whole will ?-e Roiitively ?old l>y order ot the mortgagee, without reserve, o po>t|.oUiUn nt on a? count of the weather 1'arlor furni ture will be ?old at 11 o'clock precisely. Cartmcu will he in attendance to pa< k and ahip furniture, if deaire I. I?AViD II. lt>IM ISO, Attorney for Mort/ajjeo. Auction notice.? the undersigned will irive hia peraonal attention to the aalea of houNebold furniture, at tne rvaidencef of f'umiliea, or at hia naleartom, No. 7 Clinton llall. A!#o, to aale* of r- al estate at t h" Mer cbar ta' Kaehan^e and at Clinton llall. K. I). IN. A I'CTION NOTICE? GREAT SALE OF UNEWINFA brandies, ganuiuc imported Havana ae^ara \c. ? tl? WAKJt SC1IKNCK will acll nt auction on Mon lav. March 12th, at hia aalec rootna, N?, 10 Wall atreet, at M', u'clo k, a larfie invoice of th"*o ftn" wine?. A-!., which have given auch (reiural xatiMfnetion in ??ur la->t p^lea, ronai tia* of choice ol.l Louden Duck brandies, South Side Vladeiraa, J'tnlker'a Victoria, and Hufl Gordon aherri ?. Hunt A *'o a porta. Ilnn.'uriau tokay, Mu?* at winea, w hi-kcy and rum, und it large ar?? rttucnt ol iiuportud ILsnoa ae^ara, Ac. No other li^uor-i admitted, hal" poaitive. Auction notice -j bog art, auctioneer -by S?. BOtiAKT, on 'J' til) '?day, at 1"^ o'clock at the auction rooma, corner of Frankfort and William *tre*tt, mort.'JH'e aale of fiouaeftold furniture, ' onaiatin/ of parlor, hecroom and kitchen turnitnre, crockery. |fU?a war . car pet*, Ac. Wedneadny, at o'clock, a large aMaorunent ofri(h drygooda, clothiuk' Ac. Auction aale* of all kin la l ucftually attended t<?. Every convenience for the aale of honaehold furniture, dry foods, Ac., in the lar^e rooma, cor ner of Frankfort and VI illiain streets By c. a. water bury, auctioneer.? we sell, Ttieiday, March l.'lth, a large and very valuable aaaort tnent of aplendid jewelry and tine gold watchea, being a vant und * ariod importation of the lat. at French patterns and deidgnp, made and intended for the I'ariaian market, corn priaiuir brilliant diatnonda and rubiea aet in bracelet*, breast pin*, linger ringa, Ac. Al?<o extra flue bniahed *nd very coatly gold watchea of Engli?h, French and Swim manufac* ture Every articlo wi!l behold, without finy r a r vati n, forcaah. commencing by catalosuo at 10)^ o clock, at our atore, 3ft Jiroad street. / 1KOCKEKY? AUCTION NOTICE? LARGE STOCK OF \ a retailer.? J E. VAN ANTWERF, will aell on Tnea day. I3th, at 10 o'clock, from the shelves, in lot* to amt pur cbaaerr, the entire stock of a retailer declining huaiucaa, con?i%tinu of beat white pranK*. light blue c. c, dipt, edged and Rockingham ware, French tea aetaand vaau?, cut glaaa. a full a*aortment, Ac Alao, two cases rich tea trays ana waiters. Catalogue* tbe day previoua C1L0THING AND FIECE GOODS ? AM. CRISTALAR ) auctioneer, 23 Bowery, will a< II on Monday, 12tU ir.rt., at lojv o'clock, the toi k of a tailor, leaving the ln>inei<a, cotiristing of over ooata, Ua< a cloth Jroek and ^aek ioat^; velvet. ?>ilk, aatiu vents, black doeskin, caaai mere, clnth, and aatinet f snta; fancy casslmercs, cloth*, satinets, serges, vestiuga, alpa< a^, Ac. EMJAS CC?MBH, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON A Tl.urs'iay th< 22nd March, at N ?. II- > t int Fourteenth atreet, at 11 o'clock, the unexpired leaae of the -oal yard No. and Laat Fourteenth atreet, six years to run. Also, the leare of two dwellin/s. No. ami XW E**t Thlr trenth atreet, ten years to run. ELI AS COMBS, auctioneer, ^41 Grand ?trei t. IU GENE II. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER.? IIY FRAN K j LIS A NO IIOLS. ? Mortgage sale ?W ill aell on .Hon day, March 12, at 10j| o'clock, without re-erve, the entire stock aid fis'i.rta remaining in the grocery st'<ro and meat market, corner of Bank an<i Fourth atreeta. The stock cuLidat* in part of prcaerved fruita. ata, pickle*, wines, An The fiature* uf all n- w. contifttn* in part of I marble t* p m* at ataila, taMe*, couutvra, Ac. (^lOROU r(M?K, A ?:< TIOKEER ? GKN I EEI. FURN I J turu? 1'iauufort e, A ..?On Tuesday, iJth, at ICig n'elack. at boute .No. il H . ? t? r atrcet stover A Cook will .ell at auction, a* above, the entire furniture at the hous?\ con aiatiog of rosewood j iai "fortfl in j?? rt ?-? t order, superior roaewood parlor furniture, two auita m I'r n?h urocatelle, lace curtain* au>l ci-rnu *, French abad*** and flatur?s, I routed clock aul martel oroamentii. gilt frame mirror*, paintinp, tap< *try, and three ply carpets, elegant ruau wood *c< r? laire. b< ??kca-?\ u uaic a?;n< t#. ? t , .er? i, c<mer stands, to.irMe top centre, pier and aofa tai le?, Ac. Chamber fur niture, consisting ol r a<wood an i in.khogany enmau*, marble top * e'h?t?nds, roaewood and mahogany bed atcada, auptrior hair u?attrea% pallaifes, bed* und bedding, china toilet ??? t ??, gilt Irame looking t;la*aea, Ingrain ? art-eta, Ac. Dining roi-m furniture, via . extension dining tail's, tea tall s. maho/inv r ?fa, airing seat chair*, livan*, arm ch:.ira, re k?*rs, clo-k. en ckery, claaa and china ware, t?n, *i ver plated tea and eoff.-e urn-. caster-, ilv.r spoons, f r kr. lallea, ivory table cutlery. Kitchen furniture, Ac. Catal<guea on the m? ruing ol aale. IIU^EIX W VV FSTfoTT. A f'CTIONEEH. - lIOtTSE t ale < i ?o??d furniture, elegant ro- ?? 1 pianoforte*. Ac ? K. W. Weatrc tt, will aelt by catalogue, on Monday, Man h 12. at 1UJ, o'clock, a lar e and ? leaant variety >,f par lor, i hamber, and I aecment furniture, contained *n home 7'J Eighth avenue Iloi <eke? p*ra, an ) fh r-, will fin ) it to tSeir interest to attend the ?a)*<, as tb* entire furniture of ? ighteei. room* will I ? cold to the hu h- - 1 ladder, rain or al-iuc, ccnmtu.g of handsome parlor, ebatn her. and l?edr ?.?m carpet*. magntflc* t.t *ui( of roM*woo?l pari r furniture; su perb ro^ew od 7 octav?- pianoforte, mad by Harmon*, coat with ktool and cover; roaew ood mirr-r front ? t et-ra; marble t?.p, foreword, and mahogany < ei?tr? and ???fa tall ?*, tete a tetcs, nofaa, divana. mahogany and roaewood aulas, chairs and rockers iu l air cloth, rich brouat and orm iu clock, mantel *a ? e. oil paintings. ro? wood anl mahotaay I c. .el* ads. mar hie top bureau*, euloa-1 wasbatand*. ? rant hail mattresses on twelve bedateals, eleven feat ?>> r helm. Mank- ts, hair to" t ?m and ?? tn< aeat ctmrs, window shad* a ar.d enr- uins, toilet aeta of r:< h china, oval ?i i other mirrorf, l?o of which ar?- larg? an 1 very elegant eatensi u dining und breakfaat ti.1 !??; rich china tva *et#. ivory, cut U r>, silveraar-, crockery, Ae. RC. KEMP, AUCTIONEER. ? A VCTI Off NOTICE? ? Elegant ft rat tla?a cabinet firniture, at the war r ma of A K? ui, 4.-1 ilroadway, betw-en Brooine and Grand atroeta. f( t Kemp will s *11 at auction, aa alcove, '?n W 1 H 'j 9'elb<k. it th< warerovm* iMI llroadarar, a v?rv b' atttiful aas rt?n? nt of sui??ri? r roaewooa, maho/tny, and < ak parlor, dining room and ehambtr furniture, which is particularly worthy th?- att* iti< n of houaekeen*r?. as the aale is positive and without res close an esta'-e, and cobni*tii of roatwood narl? r tnrnitnre,? n suite, cov r? ?i in rich two and tl re? colored ?aiin, dsn..?%k . vc 1 vets and br < at^llea; aUo. auitea of vnfinl*h< f, In muslin, whkhwiil b? c v?f< I li suit the tafte-x of pure b as rs. carved ros? ** od and < ak ? t?* g*r? sand aldehoarda, h*-antifnily evrve l n*ewt*o l centre, pi? r and w<irk table?, |.: rl?r at< retan> a, b?.?,kca*e* and ?e cr? tar1es, mahoganv. '-ak and walnut eateeOon dining table*, beautifally carved r ?aewo<id bedat^ada, bur *aua, waahstands and rummod* s, * aay and fancy s? wing c airs l-unma, r cc|'f; .n chairs, hall i*tand? and chairs, t :tr??d u. ?h -*uy and w alnut chami * r furniture together with all th? ntual as aorttnent of a first cat- not maker, (jo ode [>uroban*?d t . go tnt of the city can 1?* packed for shipping, '?r can remain ? n atcra euuttfl May Cat alo ' e* ? ill >?- ready aul the g ?o i? n,ay bo examined on Tuesday, at t*^l t*roadway. QPK< fA! ATCTfON Si M< E.? E M IfEXf K ItWAM* il street, is n< w prsf-ared In gi?' hi* pifaannl attentb.i to I.'.um- -ale- thii ppnnr, at tie reitd**noe nf those removing or breaking op hous-'k ! lag k. v il itter* himself that he can Kive general satisfacti n tu ail who should engage bii ?ervice? L !(.( KS Ai AK TloN-iiV J Til SO. 2 i i Hail str t. The ondcrMared having compiled ar rangeni' bte for th" ?ale * f and stoek* at au tion, >eg? to ai.a< nt>c? that hta ftrst aah will take pla e on Wedne* day . the Jist luptaut, at the Merchant* Ki< haa." at li^ o clock Full adve rtisen,. nt hereafter. *etttn/ forth com rrt*si?na and ' tl < r charg ?, it ant J fffOM r^oN , e* ra?ir Vt all atrcet and l^oadaay. H H I at k am Auctioneer \\" C A Mlt'RTUfl, A! HIONFI K -siir.ltlM S fa ? rnie ? t?n Tnesdav, March IZ, at 11 u'eloek, At Na. 141 Atlant.c street South Brooklyn, a larg?- and e a tensive a* aortment ? f walk fringes, rimps, lacea. -m ? roiderien, r?i ?? ?s, dreas trimmings, velvet nbt. aa, taaa* Is. aewina silka, tbr ad, nee ilea, and tntt* aa, ofevsry dcserii tien , als<? at 12 ? <loca, will be sold, th- mai|iH lea* Y three years from neat May; also the ftitnr*-a, * '.unters, abow ????#, Ac Jon* J'uncr, Deputy E UiTT, vl riff fir 1 1 l JAM Win F.p? ACCTI05EER. WILf.gEl I fi* vv Tvnadnv, Mareh 13th, at < rloek, at the eornnt of Itr- advay and fir "<nn #tr??ta, ai; t l.e r ?-f? and ? o?tly fur i tore and fixture* of the Siet- Hai'.on . also th- -il*^r an l plated war*, large and aplendid Fren' h | *te mlrr ra, b- a? s of the most eovtly an I richest dtacrlption of ?>h | , a i i t and carved, and can be taken ? part, as the owner had them#" conatri' ted m ? a >?? ef removal Tbu ia a rarechauae for parti< s At out engaging ,n that buaiti"ss t * aup| y them aelve* at I w rate*, a* ?t try arti'dc wi'l ^-*r* n ? gold for ens h I oat |W,UI? la lit them up Ala - ? n I -5ir* lay l'.tlj, at Mallivan street, the furniture f tlmlNnae \\r w IBIftLIT, A&CTIOJttSR, nn f.i, nKhL ST f v e aurt.' a ?n M? nday, Mai*h !2, at o cln W? Fult< a st? *?t. a aliclna ar??rtm? nt ef wbs'e #ran t? -i ?? ?** and toilet seta; klua. printel and common *War*. in latd to suit- ry \l4 country dea>ra. (#evioua t <? removal Tins nuAi .% n% . rpOTHK VFRTRANHor 1*1'-!, OH TlfMK W1f'/?WyT. J Thoa? who received ttx'y a "r*e of an -1 ar? r- w en*i Uwd to 1^0 a^raa mora, m.d iiaoan who mtivnl eighty acre* am enUti#?i to +*fth'y arrta m^?ra, and ' an attain than warrants of the agent. IV T hf!TTJ, S>'? dTaUl gtrtc*. ha#* ma-nt. No charga wlwa^var 4At ! w*#rants a coilacUd. IM'EI 'ESnES'T BATTA l.fOH RT5rDEI|^ 1 - Mead Quart^ra, Maftli ?, 11*4. fWaf Hi 9* T>.e I ? lf?' rs aa i mam^eraef this bat. a* lea at' nar?? y a tna-t i t m*' t at the O^per f| #?# ? Ant . as s'r ^t ar. i , Mr tdwef. on 9*nn<4av neat at Ifi rtowlf, in 4aek H th*? ' rap?- <m the i?fl ana and arVite far t <a awr* ?a nt j atteadiag the fna< ral abseoniw* af Ifiiiiana I s-, f ? m ki< later" ! a f4 *lrU* f f ' P ' Hwiftd# >e rw^ wired Tie 1 mmandaa*a f tatmr, ?,? * ar* '*w##red t>. ^ -u.ia 14.. " ai* , A- A wjurrg. YOUNG LAD, ABOUT 1?, WHHXU A SITUATION __ III * reepectable whaltaito ? tabllahmant, where he <"an learn the buiintee; writ** a good hand. and reeldea with hi* mother. Pleaee addroai G. II. T., UJl Court street, i'outh Brooklyn. A YOUNG. HEALTHY AND RESPBCTABI.E WOMAN, J\ who ha, loat her cuild t wo mouth* old, wlahaa a hahy to wet nur>?, at her own reaidence. Can be wall ree<>>niu.>id ad by the doctor who atti nilcd her. Any ono wiahln* iiuoh ?ill pl?V apply, peraenally, ?r by note., to Mra. Marhee, Su' Weat Twenty math atrect, between Tenth ami alovoutli A WIDOW I.ADY.OF ABILITY, AND PREPOSSESSING mannera, wiahea to en n?u<i M aalaawuinan ia a fancy or u.illlnnrr eatabNahm.nt, either aouth >>r waat; ia Tally com Setrnt, having !>? ?? n in tha biiainea? far h?ra?H. Addrea* Ira. Aahland. M I llmlaon atraet, ofaling where an Interview can la had. Kefereniea .lebauned ARIKPECTARI.E GIRI. WANTS A SITUATION TO do uriierul houaiwirk, waahliin aud iroinnir Apply at 124 Weat Thirty tira' atrret, where aha can he >eeu for tw > | day a. City reference required j AR STEWAIID AND HEAD WAITER? A SITUATION la wanted, l>y ?n einerienced man, iu every reaped com patent to (rive entire aatlatactinn. Ho haa attache I to the Aator Houae aev< n yeura, healdea other hrat claaa hotel, ( and reatauraeta. Addrcaa, lor ouo week, A. l.elevor, Uroad i way Pout Uflice. CIOOK WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A PROTESTANT ' J woman, who ia a food cook. Aj '|?ty at 7&J tiruud* ay, bltVMD v IB(1 12o'olo?k to day. MILLINER? ?WANTED, FIVE GOOD M I M.I NEK**, I to go F.ast; t n tiy employ ineut and ft fair salary will I be |f ivt'ii. References r?-?|ti tr?- ?l Apply before 10 o'clock A. M , at Uillmai ft Mrwt Mil I KNRR! H I N TID 1 W I NTT GOOD Mil LIN IRS aud trimmers. Apply to Mr*. Marcy. at her tiianufac tory, IftS lludfoii nt r ? t \S ill remove to 1!).*# llroadvs ty, on or MfoVl tit I at of \ 1 1 . 1 . VTUMl WANTS D AMBRH \v SCOTCH ??k 11 English I'rotestant mmiumii, who U capable .#1 'akin.: tbe entire chsrj*- <.f Un infant n. ht mouths old. Sh ? must bo able to do m? f tewing and wnshin/ tor the nursery A tood home i* otter* t to a kind and obliging person. Apply fit No. M l!:iht Thirty llrit htreet, h* tween Malison aud Fourth avenue*. SILK MILI.INF.KH WAN I EI) ? WORK GIVEN OUT Apply *i mi Barclay street, up atalra. QTATI09SBR1 AND f AlfCT GOODS TBB IDTII ti*er battir.* had several icara experience in the ahuva busiiiecs, a- salesman and "tonkkeeper in a larne importinic houeo in this ? ity. i? ojmmi for an ?:n^ai(cm< nt; is ac iuainti'd wit h the l eft hum ket* lor (>uri'ha"iii? foreign and dom?*?itlo iroodf. and could inft io iu .- u Miuall amount of count rv trad". References to i r? m nt uiuidoycrs an '?? character, capability, Ac. Addrcnn ^tatiom r, IJirald otfico. TO DENTISTS? A YOUNO MAN WISHING TO LEA KM dentistry wilt pay tor his tuition, to any < otnpotuut duu tist. Address bo* I'ost OfAce, stating ttTtnu. ?a AN M I \ ' ?D ? ^ V UKNCH WOMAN ff pretfrred. Apply at No !>? We t >? ventf iith street, on Monday and Tuesday next, from A M, to i I'.M UrANTED? BY A YOVNO A H E H h * A N Wi?H\N, A situation to -o to t allt- rma, to do housework, or as svamstrcss or oompauion lor a la?iy The br*t ol r?b r^nco givi n. J'iva.-e to direul a nut*) t?> J. Wilson, liroadw*y l*o?t Office. WAKTBD? A YOUNO LADY WHO WOULD B| WILL ini< t'< It nd her einploy?r a small canitai, is doatrous ot a rituation to atteud a laney goods or mill In* ry store on Hroadway, or tu any other ifood location. Addresa with par titulars, W T., liroadway l'o t?i!Ti?e. TITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WIDOW ? ? won. an, m wet hum", age 1^, a native of Kn.'land. Can bo seen tor four days. Plcaso tall al No. 2 Uoosevelt street, upper lloor. WANTED ?TWELVE GOOD SEWERS FOR COMMON work. Apply at No. XI C'ortlandt street. DALToN, GII.MOtK A CO WANTED- A MAN U lln l/N DEKS," AN DS TIIK CAKE and management of horses, and h competent to take chaj^e r l a kit* ben garden. Must be Kinrlinb or Scotch, aud a single man. Apply a'. 10U .Nassau street. 100 1)1 RT ''ARTS WANTED ?100 CAKT8 WANTED 1UU i mined: at el v at the olli-e of tho rtupt rintendsnt of Mr?eta, cornir of Grand ant -trect- to work ??u tb? street*. None but t ipt ht toavd carta luitat le for carting dirt and manure will be eut|l' yed. M. L. MoTT, Superintendent of Streets. RKWATlUff. O K A R SWAHD-PRUtl . \ M ATI* >N ? MA VOK'rt < >F i V/ flcf, New York, Man h 6, 1866 ? Wlisrau, John Campbell wa? run over by a butcher'* cart, ri?* % r the corner of Pprlng and Ilndaon street*, oo the 234 of 1 January li??t, at 7 o'clock In the morning of that day, and whereas, the wald John CampMl ban died in consequence nf the injuria* then raceeived; ami whereat, the prr^on who drove ??tid cart U unknown to th? an thoritie*, I do, by virtue of authority rental in ma, olfar a reward of two hundred aud ilfty dollar* for the appre hentUn and crnvictiou of the perat.n who e?>mtiJitU*d eaid violence, to be pail on convicttou of the offender, on tha cirt.flcate of the Recorder *<r Diatiict Attorney, that POCh conviction w?* ha t upon the testimony of the p*r ?<>n or person* cla'tnin^ naid rewar 1 but all claim* not presented to the Mayor with n twenty da)* after such conviction, will be <liar*|ard*d FhRN ANI*0 WOOD, Mayor. Kit WARD. PROCLAMATION WHEREAS. William I'oola ban di ? I from the ? fT?<? t* of pi?t<?l aTiot * i tun!*, infilt t? d, as i4 hohevd. I y oae l.twia IU -p, oa i r about 11 o'clock of the nljrbt or th 'Jtih ol Fot.ioarv laat, nt a pnbliit bou?e known aa Momli llaii, at :>7tf Broad way, au<l *ii?rtui tha aaid l.?wia liakar i? atill at larue. No* tlitreftiro, I, fVrnando W od. Mayor of the >Hy <>f Naw York, do, by virtu* .?! xw hority *? ?t"<l in m*. .ft r * re ward ??f two bti'*<lrf<i ?*d Mty dollar* for tbo ft^r<li?n?lun and lHivt-ry to the autlio# .t.?ao/ un: Baker, .n i % furt'iur lint if t wo hundred an 1 fitly 1 liar . !?? b* pai I in ?a*u of eonvictlov, oa th?? c-?rMhti>at? < f ?h- K" *orJ r<T District At traey that inch eonai? tlou van ha t upon th* U)tla"iif of tho p?-r*on ? r j*r**ij? claiming -aid r< ward. Hut all Halms Bet prevented to 1 1. *? May r within twnty da> a aft< r *u< b af J r?*heaalon or conviction will l>? (|j?r* r FERN A N'Do Wot i II, Mayor. Mayor'* Office, Ne w Vork, March!/, 1H?V?. Q?)A REWARD I.OST. ov WED\E*'D\Y N'lOlIT, ?^ejl/ in til* i nyh ! ?.rb? t ??! Eijcbtb ati>l Kir?tav?* im ?*, a jtuM wotrn m "i chain Tbt* abov? rowar4 will he kim u for the recovery of tiiVtn. A?i lrui? C I,' llar?M ofn?e. $500 (^i)r REWARD ? HOW KK Y T ? I E A T R K ? -THI.KV, ??) fV'Ui adr-i'in/ r ?.m ?o tl?< Howry 1 h?-atr-- '??? ?li<? ?- vniinir. Man h 2, !w.Vif a rl.a- ! , ? ! i wat^ij :md r-haiu, with key attached, donbl?i c-tif. with inacriptlno on ttner ?ida of r ??*, "|>om Frederic Conway to hi* wif- July I. IWH. Hbo? v. r will Mich in f < rrnaii" i? i? may l?ad to it* recovery , to I. 1*. W A I.DItON. II i w? ry Th- atrf , or to F i iiS V* A V. S.;? ond itn ? t, a h a 1 1 r? e?iva tb? above r?*war 1 Ml Sl< Ms, 4 I.EKMAN LADY WISflK* To OfVE IK^ON ^ \ it. I'Uyiiitr the"t ??itber in b? r ?*?*?? b ?.??#?? ' r at thf raaideave of tf.a neb' lar Ai j ly at 1'i.J av? uiafi, T^OMAN PIANIJK.? A LAKoK A9HOKTMKST OF J, 1 A tbeto I oautiful inatr uin#fote, made by i Oilhert a ?o., owntra of the aolian. are for ?al? only at i.i J iiroa?iaay. by HOKACK WaIKIW, aol?? afent. Toauit Minie purchaser*, monthiy payiufnta taken. 1'ianoa to rent. \CCORDKON AND HAN JO.? THE AG COR DION AMD llanjo taught in aix |ra?on? by my n w aad tmprovn?| inrtbod. Tea, Itf; atyoar raai4?ae# day or eveoinir Term# '?!> pt It! ad van* ?? ?'?11 on u?e at my n?w tea llnr room?, 4-13 Hr'-aoway. up >tair?. I'rofVaaor J. 1 JACOBS Banjo' Banjo hav j?> --the banjo taimit I y % new, ea?>v , and improv l in tb"d, in -- l??rir.? ?6 In adeaar.- l*?to! ? pivea et?ry * *e? i )y < ur Riflbod learn aiti 1 1. ? r<al<?t facility, i'rofeaira ; 1. A II I*. JACOllS, t"7 lir MLMCAI,! MI>D Al -Till. I N fiKK ros F.D II A V ii r a ihTouurh kaoM |ed?(a of ma a ti fa '-tannic ??H plar | lag t enant, bef? leave to inform U?n metrical teblic that f?? , ia now falty prepared tn ree#-<*< rd- r? * r ?nef, la-trtimer?t?, 'it any Ueai rtptieu . and from ? H?? ?o $l?? ?<? in val ie New ^ iti?trtin<efitn put up aattafanorily ia any part of the Cnit? I ; Statu. De??t of referaneea ?? *u t<Kii u >' IF ? l'arti< alar : attention paid to n? w larreia On? h aatif il iaatrero^ut Juat ftu^b^d, for aal?* ( IIAKLL3 MAVF.R, Jan l'? ' hryatie atr?et, S V rliiiiMi HANI> I'lAKOB? VERY I/?W PKICrJJ.? OVU i ^ ?t $40, |11P, |I2?> ?i:t; ?lnfr.aiTA ?i ? in.r i? i fr.tind at the muatc and piano #*ore v( HOKACK WA If.KH, XM H road way. TflK KIHK.%IK\. I/IRF Dll'AR'l MEM -THE TKEASI KER Ol Till*. 1 Fire Department, with maeb pletettfe, eekaow Udfa the receipt of f.*'. *V? M l<" hy *!.? hand* f If ury A lit rr, Eaq., traaaerer of tb# F.r^n ?' ?. a Ball Com mitt#r, l,eiu< tbe proc?-*sda of the ', annual hall at the Aralemy of Muaie, January 1", 1 ?'* in %? I or lfc?? W idr.w atd Orphan I und of th? Tif lleparlat-at Tl. lre?f?.rer, in bahalf of the departaicat un i?f? hM ?lr?e?r? thanka to the Ball ( of?aitt?", a I ale* l? Ih* |?ft?a, ' ?r their 111 *ral and eratultoua aid aff rde i on ti i *? . ?t?. aad aUo to onr fellt w < ltit?*na ?!.'? ?o r* ro ? fjr eaiae V,t * ard to aaalat ia ana* a* run* our ehar??a .? f od fa the ato%" asi* tint il iaeladed th? folio win/ a ?nationa ? Ntw York Herald 17 '?> " Duly Tinei ...... 1 W M Tthbana ft *al " l.ipreae 4 ?? ^atiday Mt-reery '?> ? Time# ... " Atlaa A ?# ** toinrr 5 "I fouri'rand Enqatrer.. 3 S V Cotnmerrial Advartiter 2 "'l Ev*>i'faf 1'ael 9# VelU- A Ayre? S ?' I h Dodae At' '?? < a?b by i f . Watkiaf V?m H N 5* ymoar A Co, '? '? N E Jam a A Ce '? ** iftnf '? t'lra, by II A llurr l'? '? i I kt A I -a tit' nt .... 5 "J I !/ in \ nrth?tr*et. hf I s l'hi\ pi % "I / | Ur M.l ? . K< (I Vri.,ii. MM?II . fi (?i A I ri??< >r C '??'It Nm . ?> <t.hlr m. Mtrf ptrfai, by II Jf V 'I tha vKi.r.Kit*' oiime. 1 JWIY HA1I KOAII ~r<4( |1i|I.Al?a<. Ill* ?fc '. 'h* r>iutb ?t.<1 ?>?!, tit J.'Mf (.it; ml mr>'? 1 1 ???. ? !???? N?w Ynti ?t i ?ul I', A * k/.1! tirOT M f?r? 12 71 n 4, ?ri1 1 1 In Oil I l( A V M Mroe'1 rl?M, 12 V, la I" ?n 1. *< ?t li, Unptirtt (t *11 +ay ?t?t < n. Thr'>*(? mil 1<* <'?i un?ti ??*! Um *???. HnJlitnif* ^nrfn'k. kr . tn l tbrnn/h h*cir*f? Imi' t V> *'?*?? ?? !oa iltM'ltl M ???) ? f. M HOT k.l.H. rt-m att Ajenr norm, ao ? w;0Aiwr*r h J ?o? avals ai> !artba r-.aK*#??' if "t J ,f A(*n I' a (an Sa trMnan^tH Ui>4af > r w ? an t?aa?nar<laUrM<. tt>x l ta>i h ?n : '?>?' l '/? tli* r?r<'i*?* i>laa HKuru aaw-^ D~ bVXfl' I ?Tairit> THlAro - I RA^CJIor ' * 1UV?. ?? i Li n iimi surra*. IMS LIVERPOOL -UNITED 8TaTE? MAIL STEAM ?klip PACIFIC. K. Nya, eon?mab4?r Tkla aUaiuahin will depart with the (Jolt ??<! h*U4 maita t, r Europe poattively on Wednaaday. March 11, at 12 e'tluok y , from uar berth, at tho foot ul Canal ?ireat Vnr t r?i*ht ?r |>w?aa?' bavin? tine<|?ell*d aeo^miifdali for ?*lafane? ?ai,- ,n,' furl, aunly to EDWARD K. i t)l.l.lN\ H Wall *r*rt Paaaimrera era re. loeated to be .in board at 11 W <? .-look A M I ha ataamahip AtlaaO< will atar? d lb* ri in.t *n.| fail A | r?l 4. Shipper# pleas* < ake n-V ? that the abtpa ul tlaa liBI ? annot cairy any good* a -nt r?l and of taar TIIK HRITIMI AND NORTH AMERICAN RoYAL MAIL STEAM3H I PH. I kUM HKW YORK TO LStrfWHML ('biff cabin paaaann f 190 Second abm paarage raoa MuiroM to li v?-n pout, Chi' f calm paeaagt HO tftcond cabin p:t aage . U) The ahlpa from lloatoa < all a( Halifax AHA 111 A, ('apt. Judkiaa. AMtlih A i apt. Lan*, I'KKS I A, Capl. H>ri?, El ROI'A. ('apt. Sbamon, ASIA, Cap! KG Lott, CAN AM \, Capt Jit-ma, AFRICA, Cant llarrt?..n, NIAGARA, ? .?pt L?lteh These v oa tela carry a clear a bite li,;bt at uia~t bea I, *rean on ?ta l>?>ar- 1 Ihjw. rid on port bow. CAN A D\,. Stone, 1 avaa float n, M' In-' lay, Marchll AfrRH A, lliirrlaon, " lloaton, VI ttie.<lav, Mardi ASIA. l"tt, M llo to n , Wi ln?'.?4*> \|>ril II AMKKICA, Lang, M Boetun, H'edu? day, April llertba it. ? ??< t.r?*d until pal l for An aaperu need anrg*on on board Tl v o? i. lira of thee* * I ; pa will not be accountable for gold, ?*ii * < r , bullion. ipMlif jivtlffi wreaieue atouae vr nwlali, unlcra I'll 1 a * I lsi diiia? are aiP uia th< rcfjr, and tb? value tbrreof therein ? *pr< ?#ed. For 1 1 a i|i lit or paaaage apply In K CI .SARD. 4 D w ling Green There wilt be no atvaund.ipa of thu line liota Nca I rk until further m tire VOR LIVERPOOL ? TAPSCOTT'M LINE - tuMII, c\ P 1 linrada y, I. Mb ??>?? Pbe lavorit< pi k- t ? i UC\.IA WIN A DAMS, ( apt Dromm tid,wil|| ?- a. I a abv\ i her regular dav. I ni* ?pletidid v?a*el (ma very ?ii|M*rinr i% -com DU'iiationa lor paaaen^era; ker cabin and eecoud cabin arw b?nutituily fitted up with prit?i? i >m? t< r lamt.n*#, and hi r at * crate im tufty an I w? ll v? titita' I |'? r ii* tit proceeding to Kuropo, ? r ibo? ut-'.u. ?. f?.r Irlenda, anoald n?ab?? ? arh appUcati n n ir.l at ptr: Raat rivar, or to TAI'bCOTT A CO., fv? South air - ?.t TBS I IV SRl'OOI AND mil M?l l.ilii % STEAM IIP < oinpauy intend aallin^ tbair fa*i?r|te ?t an ? hip* ? MTV Of M ASCII K> I KK J.IJ' I .,.t ^Viiir CITY OK IIA I.Tl MnliR . na%?.? . ..-t w CITY Ol WASH I do 2.7'.*<i tona. ? ?; f It Lnt ib. Sabion C*1. a? I aeeording t ? atata room A limited n nut bar of t bird < ia?t? paaaen^ero will !??? tak? ri f r* in i'biiatlei | hla and Liverpool, and ound io pr vO ua t r- m Philadelphia f H From l.ivarp I I ait it- ? v* lahtng to bring out th* ir friaadt can obtaia earti lie at cm of pa?*ai{M and dralta ??n I.I reri"'*I, in ?<una of 11 oterling and upaarda. Ai ply to -AMI I I, VI I I II , Arf Ot, 17 VI alnut ?tr? et, I'h l ad^lpbia, and No 7, Rr ?adt? t/, N\w York. riTSAMHimtt BErrwmrH havrk and sew your 10 OirtcV. ? Ilia nteaiiinhip Al.l'h will >a I from ll%tra diicrt for Naw York, *( without cali-ti^ at atijr port ia Kiifrlarnt,) on Saturday 1ft t b of Nor#nibar. Die rata* of freight ami pa^aaga :n flrat ari l aacorul rabioa arlll \+ very modtrata 1 lie palling of the fti ^*e(lin<mti-niiier ? arill be shortly aiinoufie?o|. T'.e rate o. ioaiirarjea io Franco in lean by alt if?M from Havre <'?ract for Now York than in thipit calling at an Mughali port. Apply ttiriavra and 1'aria, 17 JiouWvardM Ue- Italioua, to Ooiialtl Curna or iu New York to K. CI NAKD, No. 4 lk>?i!nj ??reao. Lf 8. SAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA VIA \ PIN ' ? nail and I'anania. ? ( ulif rnlai" art- luC?rn?? i 'V t (he la n am a Hail rout ia computed, and the tra fit ?! tia l*t'j niuf aill be mad' by railroad, lr><tn mean t'< ?o No tuoro Bkl? travfl ? no river boat inc. On Tua?da>, Ma rail JO, at 2 o'clock I' M , I r inpnriU foot I H' arret ?c r ? t, North river, a ill b? <Uapatcb<;d the fl ? ? t ate?m?bip ILLlNOt^, ('apt. II J. Hartfti-ue, C K N , t . ? t?i.?? t at I auaint with the in w an I uj-i..r ?t* imtahtlt (?> ld? n (!ut< < \ V 11 Leroy. \ ?p{ip* boat alwaya ?;? pt t l'ari?iu i provant Hatnntioa in ? aae of a< -cident N?? frel'bt i - ? v t I aft ? r I o'i'lwck on tho ?ailin ' day. I?r ptt??,i,? "I'I'ly tli<: Com (?anr'a offtce, \u. I <7 Weat itret't, to J W KAYIloSD. T S SAIL STSAMftHIP COSPANY -POR HAVANA an?l Nt-a Orteau ? On Haturda^, March IV. at I* M fr? m pier foot uf Warren tr-t, N l( , by tin well ?own nn J favorite at. am#hip< HKS< KNT < ITY < apt. John M (io?*an l'aai?a*?- enn be necurad at ntfativ ? 'h >'n wLt tu urhana, !Pi centa tM-r cubic ; > ? i ; ? aill l eaupplied with I lauk billa of ladin -? t the form ai?<in d b> tha (.'lUpan v, on a| pit. ation at tb ir offl a. No ? ih< r form aiffu<'d, and no I it I a of latlin/ will nl. ned alt^r ' '??? hoar Dispatch link for han FRANfT^oo ? tiik via(? mflrcnt A 1 flrat cUaa clipper ablp WIl^CHCHAFf,, maater, ia now raralvm< her a a/**' at p'?r No H liiat rirar. and will tail for ban Kranaiaco on or l*?for? Tueaday. lolh March, ami la axpactad to flnutki loading on Tueaday next, ttli. Hue famoua clip par hmn utada three vo^a^ea t? van Kianclaco, iu ltd. 107 an *. 'Si 'layc. auccc^aivaiy. sbipjHjra will pleaa?* hand in tin .r billa of lading for ai|rnature aa aooii at their afiga/etnenta arn eciDpleted Special Notice Tba vwaaola *?f tbla lint will hereafter l>e a d*erti?t?-l for a mrtain date and p??ei tirely eail on or before the day named. Hi rrON At CO., HI Wall itmi C1LIPPKR sill l' SWORD IT8B, CAPT. II N, OSGOOD. J lor f-an Kraunaco, ia rece viuf carg?? at pt r & North river, and will positively aail c n or l?efr?re T iea day, 2fHh in*t , ai^ ia rv|eeta<l to flnitli b>a rii< Tuaa lay neit, lHth. Hliippara will pleaaa hand in ttie.r billa ??f lad i g for aigoatu re aa wton aa their enira^am* n* ?? ara comtdeted Inr balance of her ainall capacity apply Ut SI HON ^ CO., H4 Wall atreet. 4 1 i KALI A PIONEER LINE, CARRYING THE J\ Called v'at. mail* Th? ? * l? > rat.' I clipper ?' . p ul FAN HTKKD 'l'b< ?* t out. in {hatti, n. ? *t* r i? n - a* for berth, |?ie?r u La at rivrr. I aiin. ???r ?? ib-.nrii.* 1 1 ? a lop .a cuing out on hi r .*?.< ond vi u^a in th * 1? io, In *ti,/ iin l ? r laat pacta*" in el|(fif^ nine th > a. I f a - ? >? Iter ? a > min - ? . tiena f?.r firat an I ? aeond elaaa p ?a?en/era I irlj po? a li? n f? r frHi'bt or pa? aa. ? naaea?ary a- ?h?*nl i tl*?ly aail al-out laiildl' f April The tleaan ^t< e.| will Ca au. eeatUd by the faaaaific nt >? 'pper al.ip N 14 b tin rale. 01 Say, alao on her Mer >nd vayRMW, bavl' niaa#< ' t la?l In I ?nf?re r?dent?d tlnit of a^venty ms day* far fraifht or pa ? ?? e, apply to K W * AVIKKi'N, No. 0 li aiiui bna 1 and il'i \S all atr? ? t T M)K < IL\Ill.r>T"N, J C 1 UK NI.W AND KAVoft J ita aid# wheel al**amahip t.' AMKR I H. htf'tft'on, t ? innian->' r , will I. art I' .? .pijna f<H Cbarleat' n, s ( , ? 11 iiniraday l ?tli Mar ii, a' 10 A VI. Cabili p'ONigt, %:u ?te? ra<e | Kor fie./ht or ,iae aa^a apply to HKUoN A. SAKT1N, mT )a <?"iarvea, riiilatielphia i1* ?R CHARLESTON AND HORIDA ? SKMI WRKKLY tale# Mail Line ? fh< U V *ry fa?t a 'in* 1 ? an. at. in NASliVlLI.K M C-irjr, -m 11. and? r, v ill Ieav? jiar No 4 N?.rt?i r>>?r u Hr| *t*y M?reti 14. at .'C - loikl' M pr- i??ly 1 r fr? i /l.t a; ply on board, wioreall bill# of ladin - will b*t atffned, at. I ? r pa# autre <bavinir 'Up*rl< aciommodattoae# at th< fTV >t - I'ul' 1 ORD, Til RSI ON A < O V llr.adaay It, .1 ? . to |?.rtda a# follow# T" la^W.-MlU Ml. t I Utk? 1X1 Tba eplendid ?i am?r Jr-.jn.-a Ad^ar, to II aoa i, and have on alur lay, MaithL I JOS SAYANNAII AND FLORIDA ? SITED STATES Al a ? I in* "Im- naw and alagaat atcam.i.ip KNt't V ILLS, f AH . i D 1 udlow, will laave .Saw York ft * a vaaaab. oa Sat nr lay . Mar? h 17 Ir?m pier fce 1 N rti. rl?*r ?I 4 o'claek P M llilla of lading w(aa4 ?? board For fW-lKht apply on t ar I r '< r pa r < ? AMI ELL MIT 1 II I LL i.i Lr adttb / I r ? l ?r . ia . ihf w , . ? ? * ir ? New V' rk to Jaekaor villa ?l: to Pllatka, %Kl I ' e Flo Hd a, Cb|4. M S VI oodball, will aa. r. j, ? ..| l-affl >n IFa-l i.?B'iay, Marrb J I S"1l'.ASUOAT SWIITSIRE foR 8ALI III I ?R tow mr | "rf ? ?*#; baa a mij *r >r ' ro*a h** i ? * f f*?? .atina 4,1 taek ? yllo?l*r, M# fill Miifce. i or aab I.e. la ?juire of D iiuftua, S .nth fir < kly? Cflll'ONI.RS I "R AAI > IRAS'. 1,11 VCI AN |J and Oaa' I.O' kman, a*?en?y to alabty flva teaa barthea. pood ?f :? r. aad W' 11 f uad AN t ? half, -r *\ in / n# * *if an A 2k*?l ack?on*r f 'Z*l t a* ( > rti?n > r part . Ura 1 n ?4 air* at th* cbai.4l?ry #t"fe. /*j Soot atr**t fpo I'll Y ^ K IAN M I V r fill. A P f ? ? l f IV v \ ' I 1 fled medwal man. for a ArM alaaa naaeewfar aljf, vr * a?aitinf iait ?' t? * ? Ao#lr? a A p| ) * > ? y . M ; ay to Dr. rb#ridaa. ' I s **iif alraat < OfMltTSKHNIIIP M'lliM ("V> PARTNKiO'HU' ? WAWTM), SUM MOM* WHO J I a? l*-*!. ?*iiK*(r?i in th? ' 'iiainit* ? i ?n. ?? is tint , ?B'l Willi ? 100 Uf?t? r(|nltl, ln>t/v* '? 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M.y. \FIW OKNTIJCIIFN ( | OCT A1V0 orderly kapt roOT.?, wi h Ur*aafa?t %u \ Ui, uwira comfortably fttrniahtd thao ua<ial in boar 1 n# botiMNi. (/?ration fit* irnutea walk from Kahou f*rrv Itrtxtalvn. All communication* atlilr**?R?d to II. (J , ll?r%M oiiloa, will U? promptly ifiiviMil I> VI || \ KY ? ? ? t . ? ? n I A* AKTMENTS > for farirtii*a or * 1 tf't* */??!? I trmru. I*>CAt>oii *ary df ?.fkltlft f ft? *#r*lrm?*n 1'?iu< baft)!***** lowu U)wo, cmi *!??! paBrit K lo tl> partfl of Ik* rtij Ap ply at No. 4 A K.t?>r?4'*? R'jtiar**, -??"nd *}'*>r from IU.i* Htrwwt. Fy\ RH1 l i ! ? RIM > I ! : > Ml NfW aHD akgaot hoiiM? 4T \S*?\ Th\rt??ntU * I r nrar Klflb a*anua, io*rd, if r?<iutrtd. Gu, warm ami ccl<i Lalba, Ate. IWit riffrinera glftu Mt4 rtquUtd. r .< %H<;I ? ? tl IO 1 Pf I with bo an I, at Mfl llu?Uon ?trwt Ntntii ra* in th? 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It f n # | ? 1,171 r?t% <?#..? U' \ ** t r r ir \s / m- ni< t*. vtt lie mrr tv? ' ? **> t . ft f ' m t?4f ft ft ? 4 *ar all klt?))*a ?f t > ?it| t|f?|MNNI, M ??* * ' ft I in ft r 4 ??tft ft', l ft. m '? f ?ft. ||f ? fftft..?ft? .? t ! ? UftPft I * ftiJ ft * t *%??' * ft* ft ?tnH ? -? ? ftNMif ?!??##, tft-t 8 f ? . I *? ?*%??? 1 ||<? A i I * i ii \ r % % . 0T N7V fANft. <<U!> V ^AJI/W 4" f A^> ?? /? A My *?? ? ' V 'T ? ?!???? ?ri "t Kgr* > II* ntJl i-*V IM?, Urn ??i ran 'itMli V* ?ti ?> ?< t< ? ?-ve .?? ? ( ??? },?..? I. ?1| ? 1 Ifi . Jk-vf Nit *i4lh? t-?t !.?>? i?'? ?? > Mr >?? f<ia "til l.'H ?*?? tiMf tk i'? i a*/' h~ ot jrrr la.xu m/w jr. ^ctA- it; ux v.'Ttf I H. ? . .1 I #!??? it** taw* ; 7 r* '? ? ? ? . - f .. ' ' ? ? |4 > ?.? . ? t ?? ? ri M'l '"11 *1 { Mi >1 11 * ?*4 ? klft'.J '? 't ? > '** * >'?? i t-?i I V} I ' * AV.|i I .<? ?> i >fc. - ih/ ' ?? *?*)' 1* *? . ? I ,T"SSr-v.;^jf( ' IIIW^lMVI.'!. ft? I.4SD I^MI T M Till. r| ?44% r.i I ? ' ? 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