Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 12, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 12, 1855 Page 3
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??* Boaten Correepeedenee. Homo*, thru h 10, IMS. T*? UgUWwrt?A lent Saturn? Debate on the Bum Lam? Town and County Election*? Few Hamptkire? A Iftw History of Mcutachuutli?Statittiei of Imanity . and I4ioc])~- 7ht School for Idiot*? Tm Gardner 3lan ? far? But of Railroad fart* ? Death of Nev. Mr. Qray?Xac Block? Chapman' ? lllnest? Births and ?taM?in MauachuutU? Mediation Courts? The Mili tia? The Weather, rfc., etc. Aa attempt >u made in th? Senate the other (1*7, to take a step that should indicate the intention of the .legislature to rid u* of lt< pretence some tun# toward the close of May, or early in June; but the proportion ?was " tabled," and probably will continue ao. from present appearances, I should say that the session Is likely te extent to July, though by rushing work during -the last days, a little time may be sared by a large ?aerifies of clearness of action and of language. As lbs wages of members bare been raised to |3 per da;, and as th-ie are about 430 members ? including council lors? the weekly salaries amount to abi>ut 19,000, an 1 the other exproses must run he whole bill up to almost 910,000. If the '? American*" don't look oat, they will have an aggregate sura against thnm that will make even their legislation look costly. The new anti-rum law, which passed ihe Senate rvb tilenhn, was taken up In the House on the 8th, and created not a little of that animation whisk generally (lows from tbe introduction of rum into mlie'l companies. Mr. Huntington, of North smpton, tne of the two able lawyers who hold i eata in the Hou?e, and who is Chairman of the Judic'ary Committee, proponed almost two scoie of amendments, a 1 calculated to make tbe bill work, which Is more than many think It will do, If it shall pans as It cam* ftoni the Senate. The debate was prncipallr confined to original natives? Pierce, Vose, at. l others of tliat olass? men of large expectations and emsll pros nects. Mr. Vose was so irreverent as to etll the iter, adwin Thompson " the li'tle curly neadod jos-r," the haid " little joker" being a remarkably busy m*m >er of the lobby in Mhalf of ail anti llqunr laws. The r it it ire merits of sweet cider and wine, aa sauce for ptn :*tes, -were discussed in a very gno.sti) m m tier. Mr. Monroe ?poke very sensibly an to tbe best way of suppressing croggereo Mr. I'ltrce's oratory showed that the .it ito lost nothing by his having been cu' out of the givurn ?ii hip by Mr. Oardner, through the agency of Rirlln f ame k Co. Tbe debate was no; resumed reeterdny. All iieaa of ths bill not passing are now ahmdooed, and ??en the word " veto' is hardly ever mentioned in o^n section witn the subject. The csuutj aod town elections, held this week, were not altogether so favorable to the American party as they might hare been. In several places they were beaten on teet questions, even where they carried their offloers. This was the case in Fltchburg, where they elected tbeir candidates for most offlces, but were " dou bled up" in the most impremdve manner when they undertook to accomplish certain other thing- / could not muster even 200 votes Ho it was ia several other towns. They have become altogether too protcrip tive, and seem bent upon carrying party politic* into matters that even the whigs and the democrats never dreamed of connecting with them. la Middlesex county the content far treasurer bids fair to be close between Mr. Buttrick, tbe citizens' candidate, and Mr Stone, the Know Nothing nominee. Most of the town* voted on Monday last, and, so far as I have been able to get at the returns, there is a small majority In favor of the former. Lowell, Cambridge, Charlestown, Concord, and one or two other places, containing more than two fifths of the population of tbe county, hare yet to vote. The aocounti from New Htmpshire show that ths war ia raging there in the most Intense fashion, and that if aomebody shall not be badly beaten on the 13th, it will not be for the want of hard words and harder blows. Mr. Burke predicts, in the most emphatic lan^uige, that the administration party will be beaten both in the elec tion for senators snd councillors; that thsy will not fleet more than one hundred members of the Hoti-ie, and that the popular majority against them will not be less than and may reach to 15,000. This is the opln 1< n of a man who knows New Hampshire as well at any one can know It. I have hear! the opinion expressed that tbe loss of New Hampshire would kill the Presi dent; that as he is n>w politically dead as Mr Tyler, auch an occurrence would "kill him dead" as General Harrison. Hut I think he Is made of tougher stutl than to die ot election returns. Rev. Mr Barry, has in press a history of Colonial Massachusetts, and is engaged on another work illus trative of our annals. The two works, in fact, ars one, though not formally connected. He Is said to nave had many new materials from which to write his work. A valuable book is expected, and one that is very much needed. Tbe report of the Commissioners on the Insane in this Mate was made to the I legislature on the 7th Inst. It is full of facts, melsncboly enough, ihowing a great in crease of idiocy and insaaity here since the census of 1860 was taken. Tbe whole num-er of lunatios Is 2,63S, of whom 'iL0i7 are natives, and 826 foreigners. Of thus > lunatics, 10 12 are paupers, and 1.110 have means of Hupport Of the paupers, 82# are maintained by the towns, and 6U3 by the State. The Idiots number 1,087? all but 44 being natives, and 417 paupers. There ar< J ,348 persons in the Insane no pitals, 780 being natives and fits fortignera. A tbird hospital It reoorn nended by the con missioners, wboalsonrge tbe rebuilding of the hospital at Woroeeter on a better site, and the sale of the pr?went building ana ttie i??.i sttuui t? it The census of l*uOsbo?ed that there were then 1.180 luna ties and 791 idiots In Msssachusetts. The increase is j, awe. The report of the trustees of the Maaearhusettn school ler idiots -how* that the uitefulnes* of that institution is leisenad in conse'iuetce of a lack of fund*. Thin ?chool was established in 1848, since which time 114 pu pils hare been admitted, 41 of whom still remain in it. Had the accommodations been more ample, more would bare been admitted, as applfcst on* were maile that could not be allowed. The .-'t*t? allow* 15.000 for the maintenance of thirty pupil*, but this I* net sufficient, now that price* are *o much higher tlan they were *even year* ago last rear the total in cose of tha school wa* $U,86'i, and ih? total expenditure* were $7,133. Dr. Howe offer* hi* valuable aerrices gratuitously. In mo*t casee eery striking re sult* have followed from the*e attempt* to reolaim a ? la** which, until within a very recent period, hare been looked upon a* being without the pale of hope. In aome few initaace* all teacliiag has been useless, the mental d.sea*e being incurable. Girls are more easily leelaimed than boy*. Ma*i<achu**tta waa the Urit --UU to open 1 public ichool of thin kind, and her example lie* been followed by New Yerk and Pennsylvania, and ehe ha* been outdone by them The murder perpetrated at Gardner, Worcester county, en the n!gbt of the 6th, U ane of thone shor.Vin* trage die* of which we have had so many in thi* State, not withstanding the liberal exertion* of " the dog doctor " with the i**o* cord ? the hangman and the fallow* rope ? in'ea ieavoriog te remove the peccant h imors of society Murder* in Massanhuaetts, of late years, either eonie in couple*, or are attended with circumstance* that render them of Marked account, from their elfect on public opinion. The Nati'lt murder, by Carey, wa* of a man and hi* wife. The Sberbarn murder waa of Mr. Ccizens ; and Mr*. Cozaen* eecaped only by a miracle, a* It seems The partie* in tbe Parkman trsgedy, and it* incidents, made it of va*t interest. Now we have another art of aasassinatlon, compound In It* character. The murderer is supposed to have been actuated by a desire for plunder ; but, a* the old ladiea were po>r? even paupers? he got n -thing for his crime. I am told that a foreigner, wbo had been arrested on ausplcioo, has been discharged, there being no evidence that he wa* the murderer. The murdered women were *i*ter* of the late Abner Kneeland. There is a pood deal of feeling manifested in some of the adjoining town* agalnit the dlreitor* of those rail road companies which have railed the price of aeaaon ticket*, and 1o one or two place* kr. Swift, the Presi dent ol the Fitchburg Company, wa* aerved a* Mr Poug'as wa* lait winter? burned in effigy. I do not think that he will be convinced that he waa in error by any such light aa that. I am of opinion that the raising of far** wss not a wise movement, but It Is amnslng to bear tbe director* denouncl by men who screw their tenant* ont of the la*t dollar th*y have in the world, and who tbink that they themielve* never should pair for anything more than is convenient. There is much talk about constructing a horse railroad from Waltham to Boston, but I am inclined to the opinion that tbe horses destined to draw the c ir* on that road have not yet been begotten. People threaten a fr> at deal when they are aiiry. but they settle down quietly enough at last. The whole railroad *y*tem ha* been mismanaged tn this Ma'.e and new director* have to au:Ter from the errors of their predecessor*. Whether they have adopted tbe wftest mean* to get over tbe trouble* that they htve found In their paths, it will take a j ear or two to decide. Rev Frederick T. Cray died yesterday morning at the age of fl'ty one, of a disease of the stomach, so severe that lor about a month he had been ahle to take uo food ?tcept a little ice and Ice cream. He was a I'nitarian, and For thirteen year* was eonaeeted wi'h tbe HuUnch a'raet church He visited California a few years ainee oo a relig ons mission He wa* a strong friend of Sab bath school*, a very successful worker ,n the I<ord'a *lievar I, snd a man of jrreat practical benevolence. Ills death wfl! be severely fe,t. A new block of buildings, four storlas hi*h. Is to be erected on tbe site of Nile*' fi table*, on School *treet. Three starie* will be used a* lawyer'* olfioe*. and ths building will be called Barrister'* Hall. It Is to be of granite, with mastic fronts. Parker's new hotel I* going rapidly a hetd Chapman, the young man who U charged with having committed the murder of Mr. Cotiens, at yherbjrn, in M ddleee? rouatv, and who was once tried on that chsrge without the j ury being able to agree on a ver diet, wi 1 probably never be tried again, m b? I* sick unto death, of conaumpt.on, and must soon be summoned to appear before the Mgbeit of all tribunals. Chapman is a mere boy, and he T* fortunate la being abl- to es cape by a :*?* odious form of death, aa but little doubt was entertained of hi* conviction oo a second trial On fal* trie', at Cambridge the jury stood eleven to one, and that one had conscientious set uples against hanging peo ple on aay account. The number of death* in Ma**aehu*ett* In lt&3 wa* 50 ,301 male*, 9,912; female*, 10,210. sex not stated, 147. TV* waa an Increaee on the previous year of 1,919. The aumberof birth* waa .10 930 malee, It, <94, female*, 14,964, *et not itated, 167. Of thee* births, IS, 040 were of aatiee parentage; 11.7S3 of foreign parent*^*, of mixed parentage, 1,4M; unknown, 1,033 The Increaee in one rear waa 1,118; la two year*, 2,239. Tbe etcee* of birtLa over death* waa 10,319? a hand* ome balance to t ha side of lifa. Mr Choate is <(?lte Ul, at Dedham, where he waat to attead aa importaat trial, in which he waa one of tbe counsel A bill ha* been reported to onr I^rislature to eetab l'?h Courts of Mediation, which shall have cogaJraaae of several causae of aettaa, eaeh aa alaader, breach af premise of marriage, libel, malicious prosecution, as ? -Ay Mw japriiouMa*., sad ae*ieu eoa tract* m ela^E aot eao**diag $100. It U to Vt a eourt ?f kmr ud not of pro lit? a rathsr amusing idea as nunM with th* law. Tb*re are 607 convict* ia our Stata Fr'toa, being th* largeit number ot?t wilmt there A mn by th* aam* of John Nevill b?? b**a arr**t*-l 1 and committed to prison , on th* charge of baring mur drred hi* wlf* at CWlritown. Ill* question of abolUhing ou* ralUtla? for *ueh It ?mount* to? i* itUl befor* tbe legislative cnmoriUee to whom it wa* referred. Colonel Wrght and a numher of other military gentlemen appeared before tho com-nitta* Gaterday aad argued afainjt f he proposed e^an^ao The loael'* apeech wa* a ver y able one Tbe weather la very cold and the wind i* h'gh etvl aavage. There i* considerable nnow on th* ground in th* country that fell laat night. AI.Ul)MA. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HOHKT MARK FT Bunpay, March 11 ? C P.M. Nothing of importance has transpired In the stock market dating the past week. Money con tinues ex eedingly abundant, and we jo not fier ceive any Increase in the demsnd. Th) bank* ore steadily but gradually extend lng their line of dli countu, and in the street five per cent la the hi^h^t rate paid tor loins on call. Any t?m unt cad be ob tained at thit rs'e. and the brokers are dally besieged with often" to lend. Fancy stock*, wui one or twe exoei ticns, hare not improved muck in mar ket value. The easy money market has notopArated so favotabiy upon speculation as anticipated . * 1 the brokers hare not bten able to attract the attiuUon of a new oIshs of buyers. Outsiders are say of Wall street, and hare not forgotten tue way they were (squeezed last fall. In view of tbe pnsitir u aad prospects of the numerous railroad fancies, they are high enough. Heading Is, perhsps, an exception; and events have recently occurred in the affairs of that company which plaoe its stock in a position very different from that it has heretofore occupied. Some weeks since we anticipated the rise which has since been realized; and as old prejudices ?gainst tbe stock as a fluctuating fancy wear off, it will be songht after for investment by those who 1 have abused it the moat. We have not hesrd much during tbe past day or two about the Cumberland dividend, but believe it has not been abwdonel. 1 It ia tbe impression that the rext bank returns will show a i eduction In the specie department. The ; shipments cf precious metals I?st week were large, , as a- pears by the annexed statement:? SniPMKNTf or Prins ran* tmk I'okt or Nsw Yoan. | Frig Klmier, Kio Janeiro Specie $1, W)'l M Steamship Baltic, IJverppool, Am gold.... 27D,iM)o 00 Do. do. l'hil gold bars 731.339 41 Do. do. C*l. oo 72,374 00 , Do. do. Foreign com. 48,1 ISO 00 i Do. do. Eng. sor'n*.. '2,648 10 ; Do. do. Silver 1,244 41 ; Steamship St. I,ouls, Harr*, Am. gold.... 837,470 00 ; Do. do. Gold ingots . . 12.000 00 j Total for th* week 1'revlouniy 1,4ns, 490 M 2, ?0,fi39 14 Total for 1865 ?J,T7?,W8 70 Tfce billi to re-ohaiterthe Mount Holly and Cum berland bank* and to charter the Farmers' and Vecbanice' Bark at Camden, have been defeated in the House of Representatives ot New Jeriey, by a rery decided majority. The charter of the Mount Holly Bank will expire in a few weeks. Tbe Auditor of the Btat* of Kentucky gives nntioe that he will redeem the five, ten and twenty dollar bills cn the Newport Safety Fund Bank at far as the meats in hia hands willenabU him to do so. Before any aotei were countersigned by him, bonds of the State of to the amount of $25,000, and moitgsges on real estate in Crawford connty, irere placed in bis hands to secure them. 1m money for which these mortgages were given is not yet dne. Books for subscription to the capital stock of the New Toik and Virginia Coa1. and Iron Company are now open at the office, No. 7 Jauncey Court. Toe company own t?n thousand acres of anthracite oo al lands in Augusta county, Virginia, and for mining coal and Manufacturing iron the localty is tald to be unsurpassed. The coal veins, as well as tbe Iron, are waUr-flrte.fromthreetoten feet thick and are exposed on the land for miles. The Ma nassas railroad at piesent terminates within fifteen miles of the coal field, and the Virginia Central road terminates at a dislaaoe of eighteen mile*. I? thus appears that, with an extension of fieee works, an outlet will be formed for this coal and iron to aU the easterii markets. The consumption of coal in the immediate vicinity of the compaty's property U very large and rapidly Increasing, it is pro nourced by practical geologists to be one of the best ccal and iron fields in the United Sta a*. All this if so inscept'bla of proof that the wisest course for capitalists to pursue, before subscribing to thU stock, i? to send a suitable person to tbe company's property, and govern thunseives by his report. The expense of doing so wonld be trifling, and the retult satisfactory undtr any circumstances. If his repoit should be favorable, they would take hold underatandingly and confidently ; if not, they would lose nothing bnt the trifling travelling expenses. If cspitalists would take such a course before in volving themselves in speculations, we should not Lear so much about losses and disappointments. Subscriptions to this stock to the amount of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars only will be re el ived. The following is the bill relative to the taxes of non residents, which has parsed the legislature of tbis State:? An act aacndatory of ths act* for the'asaseemat and collection of tax**. . , lb* people of tha State of Now York, represented in ?eiate and A**embly, do enact ae follows ? He* 1. All persons and a??oM?tion* doin( bu*io#?? in tbe Htata ol New York, ae merchant*. ban?*r* or other wise, either as principals or partLars. whether ap*ci*l or otb*rwi?e. a ad not r**ld*nU of tbi* Stat*, aball be a* teased aad taxed oa aU sum* ln*e*tad in ant manner la said bailor** the **m* a* If tb.y wer* resident* ot this State, and *ald taxe* shall be collected from th* pnv pert; of tbe firms, persons or association* to which they severally be'onu. _ , ., , , Pec. 2. This act aball take affect immediately. It le expected that tbe dividtnd of the Philadel phia, Wilmington an<l Baltimore Railroad Company will be Un per cent, payable in atock of the com pany, which would probably be worth 13 to $3 50 per share, in cash. Tbe assexed statement exhibits tbe quantity and value of all the foreign goods Imported into the poit ol Boston, for the week ending Saturday, March 10 Commiiui or ttii Poar or Bo?to*-W*kbi.y lunar*. I'ltyt. Falec. /teg*. Br' Cutlery ... . . ? lb* ....M.KO ?443 Copper. b*r*. 98 *,7*8 Toal ton* 207 1,^48 Bra** wire... ? ??? fotfcs. b*is. 4.742 M.I37 - a.Tjs rMfla 494 2.199 Hard war# ... ? ltw Crash hales*. . 4t 3 10, *27 Jute. bal?s. 180 1,238 Irrn?i? LiMtM. Br tartar, cks 7 I.OM and peuJs.fiM 33,379 2 234 ^b^ II.TM Fralhera.bfs 838 16,486 Hats, bags. .. 2j0 1,^12 mab? Orasfee aad Codfish, botes 300 1,071 W>m*Bs bis7,0T0 fl 848 Hak*. ti.rcee. 80 480 Oil*, a ?*eatlal - 1,418 A1?w<t?b, bbl* 28W 92* Potato**, bs 1,810 81t Mackarel bb*2,104 18,278 Plaetec, ton*. 160 ?? Ptlmoo, bb!a. 1H? 2,121 Pimento. b*s lie 916 Hen lag. bbl* 479 1,411 l?e1tptr. b(s 1 200 10 9O4 (.unnr cloth Bh.llac caw* 182 2,147 and bags. .. ? 27, see Hk'n* tad, bit. 10 860 (iiagtr. b*?*. 100 ?78 fr'ph'te? (.uaao, tons . 890 77# Wh^kay, eks. 3 Mi Class, sb**t, flugar ? iol d boi.s 12 923 WbiU, box** 12 405 G tap's, krgs M 82 Brown, boxes 216 3,141 Hibrs k alias, MuMorado, r*w ? 3."' 931 bhds. *bls. 882 28,782 Hon.y, bhds,'s,*!- ? 1?? tree k bbl*. 321 8,300 Tao*?rtc>pk*.l,6uO 331 n?tn|>. bales. 103 991 Wood? Haroprti wta *? !.??? Wreweod ? I(*T?n* dk bis 40 l,6i>8 Ug. vitse. .. ? 8.9 ter7a7* "u.2/*? 40.883 Pyewood - 9,343 Iron aad steel, and maa 14.hof.By, a* nfarluf#! Of? - <lAr, tlC . , , *,127 Iron torn ... M 8.710 Laaeew'd sps. ? 144 Hteai, ewt . . . . 19 Other artielee ? 2,771 Total aaw*"3^" Booki Boots and Dafoerreotypa platas * >*? Artificial Bower* ?7 ,004* -1244^9 Total Tha nvasry maaasr in wt ich t il Uftf wai lis (om 4c<al **** X gnat, bM ^ot dampen ?d In the least the frtaaiaaad idTotitei of irf trad*, and they do art despair of ultimately accomplishing the object they have to long bad in new. The bill, aa ft wwl (ha House of Repieaestatlves, had man/ iaperfeoUona, aad vaa not, on tbe whole, each a meaaare aa the ooun tryat large daairea. It retained all the defect* ot tbe present system, aad made a general reduction in tbe rate of duty by lowering tbe scale. The pro bability la, that upon the meeting of the naxt Coo glean, the tarifT will be taken np, and auch altera tion adopted as may at that time be deemed moat proper. Dm log the paat fifty year*, thi? haa been the aobject of a vast deal of ]i?g1sl>tioa, atd we ap pear to be abont aa far from the trae system aa ever. We hare had half a dozen ttriff*? abaat one-half revenue and tve other half protective. Whrnovar any itvuleion in tbe commetcial efT*irs of the man tiy occurred, it was all attributed t) the tanffjaaJ both parties wtLt to work tinkeriog it, to rerody existing evils. At ' ne time it waa thought a hi#h tar'flf was ceoeessry, and at another time tlut a revenue taillT was rect wary to remove all difficult! ?*, aad bring back prosperity to every late- eat at o'.ce. In 1816 a protective ta:'ff wu adopted, for '.ha ;>ar l< ne of continuing to tbe amuntaotn<eris p'ota?tion rqnal to that enjoyed auiicg the war. The opera t'ci.n i f th.a syH'em was not at aU oa'oal it>4 t > in t-u e ptn iiiiiency in our internal lorniiwreU' .T*ir* 1 he second year after the opeeiag of >ur t ralg.i trade, afier the embargo a< d war of 1S12 me bad an imuorUticr of $!?'?, 250 ,000, attaint aa ex ortaton ( f $H7 671 ,569. In 1818 the Imports *ere valued at $121 760,000, nguicat an exportation of {50 976,818. This grent expacsi >u in our foreign trade bronirtt about a revulsion, aad in 181!) we l ad pretty bine timea. This dep esuion lasted tor several years, acd after two or three revivals, finally *>tUed down into complete prostration. During that time the want. icturing lnterert was oomltually applying to Corgre?sfor more pr tectl n. In 1821 Congress could no longer resist the ontsids pressure, and a new taiifl bill wsh paw* 1, still more protective in its prcvlsiors than that of 1816, and for a time the Im [ot tat ions were ooESiiierably redu ad. From 1H16 to 1819 there was a g-eat expanni n in the paper cuiTttcy of the country, and apecalation was curled oe actively for the time. Tbe annexed statement of imports, exports a id bank cirou ation daring that time will ahow how they moved together:? InroKTH, tirouTH ahu Ha.nk Ciuitutiu* or run (Jvitio Bhn. 1811 lHia 1H1C. 1817 . 1H18, 1819, 1820. Import*. iCrporti. Dank Cirrula'ln. #9.2fla,000 87,S71,689 ,121 ,7M),004 93,281,133 . 87,1M,IKM 70,141 HI 9*8,100,000 4 j.i'10,'100 68,000,000 74,410,000 69/,91.Q?? 44,803,844 It will be seen by this that duiing the embargo and the war the paper currency of the country waa rapidly expanding, ao that ia 1816 it had become largely in flated. T&ii, with peice, gave a great Imoetu* to speculation, and in 1819 a collapse suddenly oc cuned in commercial aflhlrs. A contraction In the crriepey created corblderable depreaaion in trade, and for several years the pressure was severe, with occasional revival*. The manufacturers suffered f?i( usly, wit a (very other Interest, and, an we have j before remarked, they turned tbeir attention to a higher tariff, ai a sovereign remedy for all ttelr lossef, and as a guaranty of future pr>s. peiity. The tariff of 1824 muat therefore bs put down aa the manufacturer*' tariff. Himui tenecua with the adoption of the new tariff, the bank* extended their operation*, and the importa tions increased, notwithH landing the lnerea?al rats* of duty. The manufacturers at that time did uot un derstand much about the operations of th? currency uiontbe foreign trade, and they mint have been much astonished to have setn an additional impor tation under a higher tariff. The first year of the zew tariff? 1826? abowed an increaae in Import* fr< m $80,649,007 to 106,340.076. The enlarge 1 bulk ing movement did not last loog, and tha cantrvotioa ctmaenocd in 1827, wk.en the Import fell off again to $79,484,068. In the mids. of tbie depression, tha j tariff waa again agitated, and It then, tor the firs tine, entered Into the politic*! orw?4? cf she dsy. 1 became a party question, and the prote -tire party in Cocgress being the strongest, the tariff of 182 contained etrorger prote stive festnres than elth < i f its predecessors. This we oalt thi politician tariff; and this question has sino enterel mrs o leas into the political movements of the two parties. In 1832 it was a very important element in the con test, and threatened at one time the dlsolntion of the Union. The excitement at that time wai so great, and tbe two parties no equa'ly di vided, that a compromiae waa agreed upon, and a tariff, having ten years to run, with an annual reduction In the rate of duty, was adopt ed. That tariff having a fixed time for Its con' 1 ti nuance, or rather being eo fixei that at the ead of ten years the rate of duty shonld in no Instance bs above twenty per cent, quiet was restored upon this point, and for a time it waa separated from the other political elements of the day. The sliding scale, spread over such a period, waa very gra dual, and all interests became reconciled and gra duated to it. In 1830 another ex pan* ion of the paper currency of tbe country oommenced; with It commence! a rapid expaoalon of our foreign trade, m will be aeen by the annexed statement:? Is roars, EirosTM ikd Ba*ki*<j Movant*!* or rat Unmui Stats*. (t OUrounti, Imporfi. IMS 300.461,214 70 <7?,WJO 78.64),t<4 i*;u si6,esi,7s4 ioa, 181,124 m, i%32 aaa, io6.&*; ioi,os?,2M ?;,i7r,,oi.? IMS 267, Ml, 664 106,118,311 80.140.4SS | 1834 824.118,469 1M, 621,382 164,3-*. ?7 3 , 1H36 an?,lM,t.H4 149, *86, 742 12 1, ITT 1^6 46T ftOe.MO 1H9 880.0.V. 126,663,040 It ts well known what followed this enormous lo flatten. The great Increase in Importations wai In the early part of the oompromita act, when Uie average rata of dnty waa but a little less than undsr , the highest protective tariff we ever hid. In H3C the compromise aet bad been In operation but four | years, leaving aix yeara to run before It reached the loirtst points, so that the dntles must have ranged pretty high. In 1H37 the revulsion came, and every interest was soddenly prostrated. The bank re turns for 1838 efcow tbat the contraction in credits bad commenced, and continued from that time un til tbe expiration of the compromise aet : ? Baksisv Mu'saasv ajto Koaeo* Tsaos or mi .TaTW l.'* ini i# Oil. Impnri i Kryw't 1?*7 624,116,702 140.VS8.21T llT.tli 'TO 1636 4M,Ml,f.HT 113,7I7,4<>4 106.484 416 1*38... 482. 278, OH 142, CM, IS? 121,028.416 1*40 462 *86.423 107,141.618 132 ,?*& *4 ' 1M1 M6 487,4*2 127.84S.177 121,861, sin 1M2 323,867,1*8 100,142 087 104, ">1, 134 fader a contraction In tha bank movement, while tbe rate rate ot duty on imports wss annually de creaaing, the Imports were fhlliag off. Thie sbtwe pretty clearly that the rata of duty has actually very little to do with tie Imports. Under high rates, with an expandlog currency, the Importations sbsw a rapid increase, wh Is under low retee, with a cot tiactlog currency , the ispertatlonsa'Mw a rapid rtdoctirn. Kvtdanre more conclusive of the client and Influence of tie basking movement of the country npon tbe fcretga trade, caanot ba require! In 1842, after five years of depression ia pries* and Inactivity In trade, we had another ckanp* in the tariff. More protection was demanded by ths manufacturers. In thetr blind stupidity they < attributed ail their losses and disaster* to the tariff Their individual Igaorasee and extravagance of course bad nothing to do with it. Tbe governs**! bad, Is their opts ion. beaa the whole eaaae of theU ruin, sad to governmeat they locked for redress and protection, by the adoption of a high tariff Had thsy petitioned Congress to regulata tha car rency, to jut sr>ms checks asd restrict oas npon the BicvestetU of the hundreds of banks located is every secHon of the country, they would nave strack the evil at the mot. They toft the baak? free te ei peed or eaalrant at pleasure while they taraad their etasntloa wholly ta the modHcaltan of the tariff. The tlnaee ware eadly est ef j rfsL The pea , ptrty was U r*r*. wtth ?u atrong e^sofh U paa tho tuiff mT3 1843. Wltk the comx*a.No?neat of tiut tariff ?? mMC4d aether bank #*v^n?lo? mmI ?xpttrfna of lmj-orU, m will bo m?o by thO ?uutd tebte, aflbrd log additional evidence of the fallacy of tbe doc trie* that bijrb dntlea reduce imVonaUooe:? Rj.iiisii Muvihixt and rouasiTtiM or tub tT*mn> fttATW. Leant and IHirrwnU. Import* Kipnrit. 184 3 8264.M4 9?1 844.753, TOO *84,814,460 184 4 2fl4,?t06,8)4 108,435,036 111,200,044 1846 288 617.131 117,264,844 1 14, 044, 40# 1844 315, 114, 404 121,401 ,707 .'13, 488, 618 Id 1 H40 ire bad another aad the bat cLwg* in tbe tajlff, uxid thir change illustrate* another faa late <n tbe ajitrni. In 1846, a revenue tariff vraa adopted, ani tbe protect ire tariff of 1842 ropoa '*1. In aocordance with the theory of prot-ctloiisti, U ere should have l?en a great lncre**? In imputa tion*, bat we And t at In 1849, the v.?lne of Importi w?* b( J about one aa<! a quarter million of dollar* greater tb an in 1847. The canae of this moderate lncieate wlli be louud in the moderate increaao in lu.nk credit. In 18,iO, the great inflation in bank cietiita cotEU>et(^d. The retu'tis for 1851 ahiwan b.crea?e !n ha.ik loan* of about lf'.y Million < ol dal- j la-'B an ' at Increase in Import* to alnut tha aama ami'imU Th1* expand progn?*n?d rapidly m.tll theclraeof 1W54, wh<*n It wae nnddenly arrested, a; d tLe active >m]><>rtaiion of foreign rn&nuftct'irM oeaaed at ihe nam tine. It la extraord nary what uniformity ha* marked the m> vem<-nta of the*e tiro departm?DtH of fh.ance aad commerce, for nu ll a lirgtiiy peiiod. Film the claie of the laxt war with (ircat B itaiu up to tiie clone of the la*t ducal year, we *e? the nane influence at work upon our foreign trade, and the principle ia as fixed t?n tbs etertal bU)* '.hat the currency la ruo e of a regi later of our Import trite taau t ie tariff or any other eleoreiit in out flnanoialor oommercial ayNt>*nD. It is tfce lmprooaion of many politician! that the expcitat'cD of apeoie from thw to foreign cooblrieo i* govern- J a gTeat deal by ttio tariff ; that under big!) tarffi we retulo apecte at h< me, and that nn dtrlow 'anffB we eend it abroad. It Is full ti no for thin error eout improiwloa to give way to a ra jro aeridble, reasonable belief. The tariff has no mo-e to do with tLe movement* of the precloua met*U ttac it baa with their value. For the purpose of ah' wliig the in >vc merits of apecle uudtr tie diffe rent tailfia, we have prepared the annexed state mcrt f xbibltlrg the amount of coin and bullion im prrtad and <x ported annually, from 1821 to 1864, both lnc'nalve, and alao the amount of imporiatim ever exportation, and of expoitation over Importa lion, durlrg the same years: ? Mo\ mkMH or Brao-in ia run I'nimi Htatbh. tirrM I of Kxffll nf importation rrportatu/n crtrr fjpvr mtrimpnr Yrari Imported Krportnt tation. tatiim IHV1.... M OM.HWI ?10,478,O?U ? 1823 ... a,'3M,M0 lU.ft U ,1 HO ? 7,440,1(34 ] H23 .... 6,Otf7,8M4 S, 872, 087 ? l,27?,0fll 1824.... 8,6 7H .836 7.014.M2 1, 394,283 ? | 1824.... 8,160,766 8,082,0:14 -- 8,781,240 1824 ... fl 880,1-44 4,704 633 2,178,43.1 ? i 1827.... 8,161,130 8,014,880 136,250 ? i 1828.... 7, 480,741 8,243,470 ? 763,736 J 1820.... 7.403,612 4,024,020 2,478,602 ? 1830.... 8,166,0*4 2,178 773 6,077,101 ? 1881.,.. 6,306,046 0,014,031 ? 1,708,08# 1832.... 7,907,104 6/,a6,:M0 342,144 ? 1833.... 7 070, .-.48 2,611,701 4,468,417 ? 1834.... 17,011.632 2,076,768 16, *34,874 ? 18C6 ... , 13,131,447 6,477,776 4,663,672 ? 1886..., 13,400,881 4,324,330 0 076,645 ? 1837.... 10,118,414 6,076,240 4.140, 1?S ? 1838.,.. 17,747,116 3,604 044 14,230,070 ? 18.-.0.... 6,596,174 8,776,743 ? 3,181,587 1"40.... 8.382 1-13 8,417,014 605,700 ? 1841 ... 4,088,033 10,034 332 ? 6,OI6,6?0 1k42. . . . 4.087,016 4,813,.'iH0 ? 724,5:12 1843.... (2,300,660 1,620,701 20,889,768 ? 1844.... 6,8.-^0,420 6,4', 4, 212 374,216 ? 1846.... 4,0704241 8,004405 ? 4,634,263 18.:ft.... 8 777,732 3,W)6,'2<i8 ? 127,534 1847..,. 24,121,280 1,007,024 22,214,246 ? 1848.... 4,340,224 16, 84', 414 ? 0,181,382 1840.... 0,(61,240 6,404 64H 1,243,69-2 ? I860. 4,628,702 7,(i'2V 0Y4 ? 2 804,202 1861.... 6,1 f.3 6 '2 20.472,762 ? 24 014 150 1862.... 6.603..44 42,414 136 ? 37,11(1 501 1868.... 4.201,382 27,484,875 ? 23,285,408 1864.... 6. 000.000 34,0(0,000 ? 20,000,1k 0 To??!i.t'.83,e7&,?lr. 327,168,0)0 112, n?l, MS 156,?ll,0<0 TbU table we b*ve divided la the following otder Moxmcnt* or Pram* r*i>iw Hium Taut*. Import*! HrprriHi. ?l vm ?II,I2H&W4 Ufll <? ItVA. 1842 to 1447.. 21,244,083 Total* *22, 411, 200 f 14,702,383 Movam.tix orPrwi* I mo l.ow Tiltm. Imporlnt. Krji'irtfd. imtolUI . ?2,?H2,48:i ??,r.uo4 MSS to IS4S kft.oOH.soi 8 aw, 708 lM7andl1tA 2S.2U.2Hi 0,49.382 Total* $80,196,740 ?52, 040,144 According to thi* table, the amount of *pecl* import* over export* under high tarlfb, alnce 1m20 , baa been $C,K18,M3, while the ape Me import* over export* aider low tariff*, klnce 1820, amount tJ 157,210,506. If Coogrete had direated one-half of the tlma and talect to t' e regulation of the paoer currrniy and banking movement* generally of the different B'atee that it baa to the recitation of ilutlea on Import*, we ahould not have keen *uhj*ct to the enormoni expa?*im>? aid contraction* in financial aflkir*, or to the commercial revDlnion*. which pave ?o frequemlj airept over the country, devaatattng ivtryaeetlon and pro?tratintf every Internal. We ?hoold have been free from the luaeee whlsh have been auffrred by the failure of bank* and deprecJat cd paper l**ue*. We ahould have bkeo free from tbcae periodical excitemetta and agltati >na, and the piwpcil'y of all claaaco would not tave been at all time* in danger of a collape*. It 1* one of the principal point* in the conatltutloo that C?ngraaa a'all regulate the currency of the Union; and It I* more Important than any other duty required by the constitution; notwithstanding which, we fled Con prt?* doing everything el*e bnt tbl*. Whet wr legislator* at Waahtngton learn, not only the true Irtereat* of the country, but what policy it U ne ee *'j to pu.uve to protect and pr? nerve them, we ?lali tfcei, h?ar lea* about the tariff and more abiut t e currecrj. I ntll then we ehall have no bop* of any pennan't y In any *;*tem, either of a Anuria] or oon.iLcicial character. I woo indsuuitvfi 12000 do ... us ISM/OO do a t 009 4* ... a3 1 1 >00 Loula ana ??*. W)0 do M 00 do. MO hti> 0 do. b*? 4000 MI??oiiri fi'a l'?0 North Caro 8'* 12' ro Vifj tsia ?'*... 1(00 K'nturkr ft'*. M/> O Michigan &'? 1000 Callfir 7 ? 70 f'<0 lad 2>$ par r . 1 < 00 a I baa 7 Fi ttfa liooc Kna MS> ?**... 6**X FHa bd. '71. M irtoo do H000 do 8t*rk Rirhanfr. fun Hi'* v, March 10, 1 *0 1M> ?ba SlrTr Co. ?.'l 87 100 4*.... boo 200 < ub Coal Co ... r not* wi el 01 04* M 102 0* *0* (1 .1* ? 1 86 MV M' 17000 lad rut* I'* 1 .out do tOOO do . b3 Aeo VUjtata r/a . . ?00f MltM/ari ?'*.. 10000 l*u.? aaa O f VW> ?? W04 do tor; bta M. at '71 loot U4 Ik bdi ... 1 '*00 n Cm r>. Mj KM 4a aM ?Mo KTOnt'i. ?"?haaPaaaCI M XatlaoiOeoi M 260 100 100 200 200 100 do do do do a) do ?*> do . blO 14 NY On KR hi 100 do. 50 da. M Kit* RK . 400 M 1"U M inn loo 40 do.. .. do . . . do. . .. 'lo ... ?in ... do,... ? 10 b30 t ? .10 b 10 b*0 do. ICORndR 1 latb-U 1"2 11 cor. Paa b<U la 107 1 1'?"( ea Hit Hbri-1a 7* lf0?0 do. bSO 71 4'?> do 7?S ?*"? fio . . b."? 7? ?? .'.Of'O do...,,, 7i<< 4M0 N Yora ( ?ti 7 ? ?00 do V*<> F.r K Or KK ltd? Ml l'<< ?h? M?h Tank . 11<I ?0 March * Rteb ilk 108^ t Ilk of Umoxrw. & I'anb N<rt*i Am 100 118Aai)Krl IWb*,. 107 2li Itaiiau llatk .. 1 '1 t rt Mehttla* ?k ? w 102 M>rabaat? lik . 130 t I H rrt>?? Ca. .. 102 .'0 M? ab'tan <?a* O 17' SiOUaataaC* a.~l J1, 7?0 da.... MiO 2k 7/* Die |ua ir Co a* 14 ikO do V30 18 aOCOND ? 10 bi?i b<M b7 86k li ? 18 34 34 M ?.!'? -.13 \ *?!'? ?4 ti >? . 4?s 40', *n% 44 V 44 H 12 w 22 37^ ?0* MS M|S 41 iks ? 1?< n 02* ?4'< ?7 T?M I** 1*4 *4 400 Harlan RK. 100 do ... 1 <0 ?o . . . . 1 >) 4o. . . 4? Kaa4in( KH. 8*0 do ... no An d" .... I'M ? 100 "> do ... 100 du ... 10 da . . . MO rtadaon RR. hi) <!?>... t 0 do ... ?*0 ?to 7k I'aaaaa Hi 70 IU Oatrai Kit . . ? da 41 Chn k f 'U KR 4 TfctH ?? RK . 1"? < lav * Tol RR b 140 4a . ... a3 ooaar). 2* ii u XT ' ?a R ' 'J Pi ' .m* 1 a * ' ?> ' R . 11 < HI h k (? R M IV vmHR. btO 4'<a 140 4a at i'\ 10B 4o **? 1?* R?*dla? Rft 200 4* kt 41% Ml da MO 41 ?I da aavt 4< 4 40 do a1* 41* V* 4a *14 41 * **< 4o .... II* OA Ha# RR . vee fi S i*ltaM. ii , ti 07 ?4i< cut tradh itRPonr. H?tu*?at. March 10-? |?. M Anm.? The HlM war* imaU, witLuut caamo ia pricti. BMAUWtrrw? Flour.? T*? market ro.tlnuad Arm with good dura* ail fur Mumii da*:r'ptu>ae Tee <*t-e footed up about 0,000 bbla common to chotoa, ?t f ) * IIM, rommoa to (fo od >bl<>, Michigan , Indiana and WUconal*, ranged from I'1 a ?$# M, and fevini. to ?ttra branda do , at $9 76 a III 6<> eitra (reo?.?. aold at $11 a 112 AO Tua aaia* of aouthero brna U rw -.he 1 about 1,7UU bbla, at $'J a ?tf 7ft for interior to |o> t brand* and >9 HI a $10 7ft for fancy and intra, aad SlO bbla. Haxall were reported at fl I. Canadian w.a ?toady, with aali'i of aSout 800 a l,0?t0 bbU., duty pant, at |9 37 a flo 60, m aiming cominoa toaitra. Wheat ? I air a of ft, "200 bunhel* good w hll* Pennsylvania, at $2 iS and 12 :t?. aad tOPOdo good whl> Canadian at ?2 t'2S"; aad a lot of 2.&00 do. .-outhern whit*, at It 3* C >rn? Iheaaleecf coin were rooHaed to 6.0u0art,000 bu all ele. inclurtiog mixed euuthero. at Me., and 97c for WMbra mixed, in etore and a lot it f good southern yeiluw wee aohi at 9Hc. Ilyt ? Sale* of 3 IKK) bualiela weie made at $1 1*7 a (I 40 M??l an 1 ry* dour wer* iurhai gr l. Ilarley *ai without alteration V< 'i.-TJL ? The ?!ir?-t continued to ba ex' ited aad the bull preWuaiona of holdera checked trauaerttntii. ant IxJr grade* aara itc higher Salea of about '>00 bag* ltio were mad* at l"S'0' * ' 'c O/tmim ? The -a !<?? reachrvl aliout 1,000 balea, at irtaa !y pricea. FSBON*.? To Urerpaol, about 180 boxea ba -on wer* eng\ge<1 ?t 1'a a Ida lid.; JJ00 ? l<?) bbla. an I tlaroaa laid, aaul to b at nhout Ilia. Ad * Kt auiull lota of aqnarr oompreaaod rotten were engaged at VI . awl luund l>?n a at V' i Willi a etnall lot ai(U*rr do nt ft .1.1, nod about 20 o> 0 buah' Ih of cam, a' 44 In bulk To I oii'ton, alio it 4l> a Ml balea hr>;M, war* *nga<ed at S 1 o llr> in> n, 10 Mida tobacco warn engage I at '.Ma , an 1 W c??m do at 17a. < d . and 00 hbla. m<ib at 'ia To Havre, lata* were unchanged. To California, rate* vnrbd fiorn .'if, c :i 40c, m* tauremeat Khi it.? The aalea einbra'*)! ut>out "!>0 boiea dry ra? aina, at f - 40 a I .' 4b. il?v.? The markat wan aom? fl:mar, with na'xa of loo a 1.00 balxa at W>< a B7e Uo*.? Halaa of about 7f> t ua Scotch pi,; wria inada at ?:mi a ?;u, o?. ljui' wan firm, an l aalaa uoiniportant. Mni umam. ? At)out r>00 a boo sarrfla N?<w Orli-am wura aold at a -7c Naval STokju. ? Malaa of '-&0 hbla. apirlt* t<irpaot.?a wor* niadr Oil private term, an t about ,'i'X) bbU coin uion roam wnrr r*p<irtrd it tl 0-, par Ulu lha. ( in continue , llrm foi KoKli*h llaaaa<l, at Hoc a H'io , without much doing Hpcrm and whala war* uu changed. I'HUVt-ioMH. ? The market waa buoyant hut leat active The aali ? i iiilirari-.l about l.ot.0 a 1,2<? b da., iuiIu lod in wlitcb were M<0 a i-Oo I. i a old ineaa, at fit 2i> , '200 a :it)0 new do., at $U7.'i lot. do n?w prini", at ?!.'? .'17 and "lido prima ma, Western, at lib. Havf ? nalea of '200 bbla. b*af hania were ma<le at $1H. Country tueaa mi I pimie were unchaiurad Cut inekta were ateady, without riiange in pricea. I jird--Saie? of lbO a '2O0 bbla. were made in !? ta, at P *?e a l'T,c. Kic k. ? The market nontiuuetl firm, with aalna of '200 rae4a, at 6c. a ti.^C. for k?o 1 t'> prima i)iiality. brio*.? About '20 b.?ie? clove, were aold at U^'c. Hi;<iakk ?Hie aalea embraced about OOo a HOO hbda. New Orleani, at t Sc. a (>o. 1 ALI.OW.? Halea of about 16,000 lb* wer* mad* at l'ic. Wrtkly Hrjxrrl of Itntlu la tha rJtr and county of Now York, From ? 'm 'Id Jay of March to tha Hth d*j of Maroh, 1H66. W*n, IB; woman, W1 , born, 1'tO; girla, Mi ? Total, 401. AdulU, IHU, olulilrxn, JCj, mala* ..'>8 , fauiala*, 23.1 ool orv<l par*on*, 18. Albnmioaria and Bright'* Heart, iliaxana of a diaaake of kiJuay* 2 Uaarl, 0 1 Mia mi of (*uji AnrurUm 1 1 Aunui iiiu of tha aorta . . 2 Hooping cough A Apoplexy 4 lnllimmation 1 Apoplaiy, nartoun 1 Inflammation of boatal*. . 0 Arlbrnt 1 Inflammation of brain Illeadirg 1 Inflammation of haart . Ilronehitia 7 lBll?niraatlon of joint* . Huriiiwl or acaldad 2 Inflammation of llrar. . . a l 2 Caocar o( tha llrrr 1 Inflammation of luug* .. 32 Caaual'y, by railroad ... . 1 Inflammation of uplnal Choir ra Infantum 2 marrow..., 1 < irrbnaii of livrr 2 lofltinmatlon of (tornacb 1 Colic... 1 Inflammation of toniil*. . 1 Congaatlon ef brain ... . 7 Cougi'ntion of lung* .... (amttipatinn of bowala. . . I Jauudica 2 Kllird or murlrrad by ? hooting in tha haart . 1 (Vnauniptlon .AH Ij tar, ili??a*? of .1 Coti?tila!ona adult 2 I. una raneran I (i dtuMi'Dh, lefan'ile ..?)0 Maraamut, adult 1 Craup W IwMlity, adult 1 Iwluhty. infao'ila # Iwliliiin teaman*. 1 IHarrhcra A Iiropay 2 Dropay iu tha rUrat 1 Maraainui, Infan'Ua Ji Maaalaa S Martlfloation 3 M' rtlflcation of lung* . . . 1 Mump* I Sacralgia 1 Olil ag* 4 IWopujr in tlja brail il I'alay 3 I'ropcy In tha heart V! I'arturitloa dilBcult .. .. 1 ProrniM . . . , . A PWurUy Dyaantory 4 I'rawat ura birth.. 1 lnia:g*im nt of tha l.aait 1 Kalant on of urina 1 iLryaipclaa 2 HeroTula. 1 (?tar 3 huiallpoi 2 Frrrr, billou* 2 HoftauUg of tha brain ,. 2 Parar ?mom, 9 Bpraa..,,, 2 >avar, rmama orChtgra* 1 fi,IIV>rn 42 K?m, puerperal 2 t<?lrtd?, by hanging 1 later, itmiMaot 1 ft later, acarlei ....27 ncarntloa of b*?a|a .... 4 Ferer, typhoid.... 11 Feter, lyphna 22 InUI 491 Wound*, by ? paakalfa.. 1 MrirnTLAnoH ? vom* htillborn.aad pn nature birth 4k iUomach boaala, and other digaatira organ* 7ft Uncertain >W| aa<] (an atal f??iT* ,',1 I'rfnary organ* 3 ...??! H< n- a, joint*, kr. Train ?n<i nerte* 11.1 tirneratlrrorgan* 3 linart. ami blooil r?a.el? ?n I nng* throat, Ac. ... I I Ol.iagi- ? 8kin, kr.., and rrtiptire fi>Ti ra . . .. 34 Tota Of whi b ttte'te were from ? il?nt caaaa* tun Cndar 1 y*ar V> w> 4u y?ar? to 1 to 2 y*ar* , f-4 40 to IV'? yaara 27 'i lo b ynn, 4W f.'J fsi 72 fctolOyrar* It A<( to 70 14 Mt il& trara ft 70 to yaara II lito20)*ar* 14 1)0 lo U<1 yaara 4 V) to yaara VI IW to 1 '?> yaara 1 fck to KO yaara ik'i ? lot* iiinrria Hritnh Amflina 2 PraNit 1 fagiand 11 hentUnl ft Kranra 1 ? ???rtuaay ft'l Holland I Irtlan 1 77 Total rrarn' rawrrr noaa Hpain 1 I n ta l iitataa I '4 Inkujrn ft . 4V1 Almahona* RU'II * 1*1 .. k MlW llaapital ? City Hospital t ( olorad lloma |Jm;iital 2 I urat:r A*? lum Kill ? la 1 i an'ry bo*pltal, 1U*'? 1*1 k i'.tB'H ? lal Sura lloap'l 2 Hf Vinrant ? Ho?p Ui . . . *i War ! * lai d Kin. t H ij, 42 Workboaaa, lllk'i Itianl 3 Total .74 ? ? 4, ,, , WiB'? ? II 2 24 21 IX 2ft at 31 M 31 22 IQ T1I0MA K DOWNWO, City laaaartu C ty ln*part?r * <<1* c*. Na? York Man I, 10, lfftft IDfERTBESEfn EK1KWKD KTKRY Dir. riNinui.. (Jjlfff / kAA? ^ W I OA It OS WAM ?1 Ot)aU'/v wa'.ehaa Jawalrr, a^rai* aaJ ArcbaoLaa gaa^aJy or b-ught wat IWa '.a ana 11^1 nmght an 1 aold M way fy.o.'aat f oa han't at 4>> William (traat aaa'Kn.Uis up *ta ra fOKH AM ft 00., k>aa ami eoaiia^atoa brokar* C<A.4l AI'VAJfCIOi IX AW1 A Mil' >T <>K rU* lit <??> / at aight )'a?i?, aaUMa, nth javairr an I aalaabla p*r*oaal*ty gaaarai.y K Wtpm hi f" '',o (traat, aaooad 3 >4, froa; ;wa tinm > A W va it M. | RTl.'.o aiflMS UUHVltKfll, t*t wahi?.)?? inuon, J oa# Imi fna 'irwatlrl ? 'ijraa da! y from 1 ? A M. f. 1 I' M aa4 4 to 7 I* M l*t*r?at at tba rata "f alt l^r r?B' |B*t*4 om al' MB ? 'r"? ftl tn gftijil Tna 'n? U c' tk'.a laaUtatt^a ara aa- -ira y la raala 1 l? -..uli a*4 ci'irtfagaa ?a tW ?t| of K?? York, varJa du<ab4* Kkt anoiat aa*M. an < to ?a4i U "i ? t t? C?IKX 1 WOO i* U^, A.'ilaat S t> Va* Ymi ' * "*? Pf** 'UU* "Vm taai't U ?' rwt, 'aitlWry Wno.ooo7^::;, an ?i? Hi a ??.*!.? ?|i nt I ft' ' If talk i? . ?aartgafa* at i af aaabaai a tia'?4 Ha ? ? <? a?4aat&l, aa4 aa Sanaa iif?a? ? +m * aa4 if m- ? / ??? f THul TrtON ft I U i! t - " s ' 1 N 'N !??** '?* *tail,'/l II I, aa" ? '/ an .aat t- ? vi W a, da a# k*a#aa far * nk baataaaa **a44?*a4a) F vf ? i * a , a??H?afparaa ai.pact - i ? ; a; a4 ? . ? ? ? an ? aa \ rari saa- a far | '?? a ? o A , ? i ? al ita : aa aAai st ' raa 1 a*faa* 'ri ?r?fl* a try a ui tv la I $] i .rArrr u on n tag* a in |i 4ai .?? ra? . aaiat? a a* a.inal i' lai antiw ???? a ,l ut l*aai4 aa li . .a r-i-flt Apf4f t" ? ? IHUlftb It W?:i ,a?aat til < U.iF'H/ ?>' lil a iiHraK taaai ?a la^ix l ail :aii >4 rtal <<iai* ia u ? ??? ? raa a- -M Atfj ?< W*|KVP k Ctt niaati iU> < Momr -? ??? i.mtiAUf *na*srgn 'i* uin i - a 4# aat'ihaa ia?*4 rt far?inia rati' ra?a at ai; "at faa?l) a> li> a?Mi; ail i aa >4'< ?f-t?"*4 atf iittatat Iraaa- MiaM r -< aa Nt ft fnailaaaa aal ? itliaii ata*rta4 la all m?i l-mt i4'? "i ? ?a " a <?atka*raai W ? I A I I M f 1 * ' ? t g 1 1, g IMW*TI'-||T< ?l* blAM' ?> l>? W?ttfl>? I IW J airy w kaaaa ion aakWe*. ataiM aa laa aagkaat rataa 'at itat ky ? fit* Allil I 1 ?> M U*aa a aaraa* aa- ?al 4t?t ?aH?f UfttagM. vt'Aimr* t<i obtain twi4M>a?i oh* h>* m m, ft aa a *fc? Mkaa r?t t. *> j i. f aaa ita at Iktaa pari ai;|<.M*lfclaoM parai^a aafci aaa aa' 1 1 a* gaapaaay II IUmiI) a MU a?M 4a*a a Ikt *a?aai ?a*4 aa . fari f U laaarag i?? ia* ak< it ao'aata aal Ma panaaa* at uaaraMt DOCKS AJTD ILIP?. a tcTioM Moncx? rvmjBC A The riffct to " iba UN MM ?lip*, fur the *?y. lH6t, Will to cold *t public attltlaa, at tto~?to lull, ou WrtMMb;, 14th day 1 Mareh. lHt. ?I (.'clock P. M , rla. ? KAjrr ura. I W??? *14* of pmr No. 14, and ^j^TTg. foot of Old alip ? <'f pi?r No. IS, Ml half of bulktoad a4 J inlug fuel of Maldrn lan*. 3 w??t ki?li* of plar Nu 10, laoludina half af toa aU, . buU,'**d between Noa. fl uil 10; foe* mt tltW bar atr?et 4 k-aei alda ot pi?f No M, IbcIt iiac half of tba aad. ami lutlf Of the bulkh**ad IkKmo No* 90 aad 31 faolat IJUVUII^ Aiip ' 6 W rat aid* of pUr No 11 and lialf of balkhw* to twron hoa '11 aa<! '10 foot of Hurlln* ilia d. ka?t aide of pirr No ?, foot of Fultaa atraa*. aad t iittoa Marliot ilia (riropt b?rtb fi?r one ihlp aa awl aid* of pier No 'il, mi t for ih? (tab ear*) 7 fits huadrad aa I fort y too fret, alt laahaa, aa Kaet atalu of plor No 'XI, and sad uf aiud put foot a # liMknaa atraat H f aal aidr of plor Nn '14. an I w*?t a1 la of No M, aad bill'. head botwaru Noa. 24 no>l 26 foot of Peek alia' V. Kaat ai 1 1* of pier No, .0, with olio la aadof a aid plar, font uf KooMTait atrfat lo Wait ?*!>? of plar Na. 30, aal bulkhead W ferry , foot of Iti-oaaTelt atreat II. Kaat aid* ol pier No S?, ami bulkhead tot veaa Noa SO aod SI, eirept tlia. portma reaeread to tto ollp for Jumping uiaoaro, Ac , U-t ?a*u Jaiuaa aal Kouoeralt atraaia. lit. I'ler No 31 anil half of bulkbtad batwooa Noa M and J-. foot of .) a i?ae* alip II Weat aid?l of wr and half of bulktoad botwaoa Noa 8'.' an. I 31 ; foot of Jainee allp 14 baat ail' a of plar No 33 ami half of bulli toad to tai-auNo* H3auii34, font of Oliver atiaat. 16 1'iar No b4 aa<' ball of bulabaa.1 botwaoa Noa. M an I M l>at?i an ()ll*oi and Catharine atr-ala I a. We at aide of pier No. W, foot of Cathenaa ate oat 17 I'ler No 37, ao.i balf ?f tba bulkhead betweoa Maa 117 an . 3* ami 44 faoi <1 inoliei of the bulkhead aa *aot axle betwi-en Noa. :'-7 am. 34 foot of Market allp In I'tai No tl >ul half of bulkhead botwaa* No* M aw I 37 , foot of Market allp If llrr No 40 and I all of bulkhead botaraoa Not to and 41 . foot of I'lka , .lip 20. I'ler No. 41 aid half of bulkbaad b*tweoa Naa 41 an 1 40, (uol of 1'iko alip. VI I'lar No. 43 and l.alf of hulaaead betwoaa Naa M and 44 . foot of ItulKOi a allp Tl. I ter No. 44 au.l balf of bulkhead botoeoa Naa. to and (3, foot ol Uul<|et'e allp 'Hi. fin No. 4<1, foot of JaiTeiaoa ateaot 'J4 Writ of plet No It* and balf of bulkhead ad Ji.lnliu, fi*it of (joveioeiir atreev. ? ft Kaat aide of pirr No Ml an t half of bulkhaad to t?oan Noa bit aad 67, fo<.t of Jackaoa eireot. W. Weat I de of p er No 67 and balf of balkhaad ha twvaa Nol 17 audi'., foot of Ja.kaoo atraat, Willi 100 fret on eaat aide and aad of uid i.loc 'i7 Half of pier* at the foot at Ualuof and l.ulk i * ad l>at??en VH Hulkbaad foot of and along Uta north aid* of II Tlaffton atraot. and to oitbia 60 feat of fit totwaaa h tan ton and Hi ring tun atroeta U0. Bullhead foot of Mantoo *traet, ait*adlag fraaa fUai.ton atraot to wltluo 76 feat of Ika plar betwaaa Hautou ?? 1 R'vli.ftoa etreeta SO til aide of pier betweon -lanU.o aad Rlnaftoa atraeta, the north aula raeorred forduapla( ataaara, tea. 31 North aula of plar foot of btantoa ititet. 3a Hulk hea>l fo*?t of Thirl etraat 3S. liar foot of f'lltb atrvol. [?A. 1'ier font of Twantj firth atraat 36 I'lar f'>ot of Thirty a ?htb atroea. 3<1 I'lor foot of Hftv third atroet. 37 I'lar and bulkhead foot of lUttj Brat atraat 3d. I'ler foot of 10<tth etraat wtmi ?i?aa 30 North balf of plar No II and balf of I Iweon Noa 1 'I and 13 fnot of Albaoj atraot 40. W?t hall and outer ead of plor No il, a aw aa eupiad bj Vlrrlala fta aoialii, Co , foot of Oa4ar rtaaat 41. Kaat half of plar No I.' an-' half of balktoad ba taeen Noa. 1'1 arid 13 aod T l and 14, foot af Oedar atraat. 42 Houth half af pier No 14 and half of balkliaad to taaao Ni>*. Hand 13, foot of (^lar atrwat 43. South balf and vaatrrlr end of plar No. M, aad bulkhead adjoining foait ol Pe? aUeo' 44 North half of j ler Nn and t t ween No* 'Mi and Ul , foot of Iter ?t? 44 Bulkhead between pfera Nol. 'a Viaay and Pulton atreeta 40 South lialf of plar Nu US, foot a ?treat* 47) North half and and of pier No ?treat now oeeupiod by Ln led Mtat (<*p?e; 41 fouth half of pier No 20. fool now oceaplod by Powall k Kama dell 40. Houlii ba f of pier No 31. and t tween Noa ii'l aod 31, foot of I 'nana 10. North ball of pier No SI, foot fcl. haath half of ptor No. VI, and t tweoo Una 32 aod 31, totwean Jay at 62 North half of ptor Na U, foot tS I'lor No. 3d, f.K.t of Nor& Moor 64 IK r No S7, foot of llavit ilrao It I'lor foot of I aifbt atraot M. l*Wr No. ??, foot ol Vaatry ?tra 67. I'lor No. 44, foot of Watta aUae tl. Ilaaln foo' of Hwrtnf alrwt Mt. lawtk toll ai pbt No tS, eaao |}fnm eo Nortli half at pier Na. IS. b Cbarttoa ?1 fU r Mo ?> It1 hair af bulk li ud ?? foot of Clurllmi alrwat fil I'lar M* 4rt aa<l half of bulk lit ami U, foot of ( btrlliA alrwat AS I'lar No 47, foot of Ifantaralj atrial ftl liar Na 4a. foot of ? lark ton atraat M. liar No Ml, foot of blwrUta tliMl M l iar No II, ifl hulahaa<l ?mlb l? (b? ftrn , ??? half of hulhtkaal btlaaan Not 11 in) SI, foot of Ch.-lata pfcar a'.rtal 61. Il> r Ko II an 1 half af SulkhaM M*Mk W*a 11 ao<l At, an<1 half uf I'wli .?a l balwaao Km. Hlli M, Ifit of Am' mi ?trw?t "? I'Wr No. b.v ami half of buUha*4 batwaaa Mm M ari l 12, fool uf Otarlwt t'jxt I'.'f N'. 64 foot of I'arrr atraat 70 Katura h?U baa 4 foraaaarty ptai No M, fawt af Mamu.oai alrawt 71 I'lar Na ?' ta<1 ooa hinlra-1 ami l??a1f fwt af hulkhaail foot of Hank atraat, (no altaaaaea to Irtatit for Blllna la,/ foot "f llaminoat a', raw! 72 llauh?a<i fa*t ?f HaOtuna atraat 7* ftrturu hulkh-a ' foot of T*?y alrwat 74 Hnlkb?a<1 foot of Jaoa iU? l 7k North half of plwr foot af rwtaaath a'.raat 74) Kwa l/far font of Maraalaaath ll/Mt 77 fiar foot af KtgbuaaUi ttrwwta. 71 I'lar fovt of lavntirlh tlrtw' 7V llulkl.aa'l, aril part of wrath alia of plar, faat af T?mU Brat ?to>al Ml liar foot af Taaiity ??ri?1 ilmt HI I'lar, 'a!! not uaal for lumyimj taaaura, k? ,) faak ?f Taanlr lUUi alr?l HJ I'lar, foal of Thirtlalh alrawt *.1 Naa j*la' fool of Thirty awranlh atraat M Plat, foot of borty aaraath atraat Tov III Pill ? Tba la ? a ?a. to pa j at tba rata af Vaa (?miI par ana am of tha aoat af roaatraaUwa af al alar* aitwn'Wl 1a nor tba eoatlnuaarw af tkaar from iba tlaa of er.raplalvon V wawwia t . pa; abnfa<< %tt>**1la? to Iba lav* af Ik* htatw aa4 tba arllaaa'teif tba Hiaami laaaail w*4 tha Iwttaa- ara to ba bamil by thorn lawa aa tbay m?f ba altrrt-1 froia tiroa Ui tlm* No wharfagt a to I- 'h?rr?1 U> FUU lata ar ftaa*4 pilot hnata aa>r to tna boa ta baanfai to tba abJpa af war f tba I nM Niataa or for?v*a nat.oaa ar to tba I it U<1 hia'aa >nj Yarla or (arrlaoaa. ar to raaaata aaa piofw-1 ta 'ba tranaporlat oa of atraat aaatra at *aa4 at) aa froa tba eil; Iba arirpor aloa naarra to lhaaaaaltaa Iba rtaht ta baivt naa pi?ra at. ! rwt.nlM ant aitaal Ibiaa alraa4y ha lt I ? bwiM bulkhwata aa< tit la babia4 tbaaaaaa, aa<t (laaaaa i'i<b whartaa pwi aad alipa aa tbaf akaf tbiak pt' fr rltkmt cla'aa or ( iwVn-a af 'lalaa f.? 4awit|>l wr la)urt.<n of raat abalarar, aa Ik* part at Ota laa iwi No awlarD'a wbalaaar vtli ba a!l**a4 far 4a??fa. bp r* aaoa of a*/ afkaaaa or apa<t*aair Uaat wa; ?mail la tha aitr. or aa; '<a?ia?("t> to 'rw'ca oat Vba ail pa aa tha Crt af 'ba t r^ril M,<l?r a? tba n al a iaaai af Iba aaa TV laa aaa will ~ ataia tha aaaal aowaaaata aa4 aaata Ut aa anapl aucb tkanfaa aa ara at 1 latarp ta aaa' Ika altaratkaa a>a<la la 'ba lanaa bf tba laaulaUoaa af Vba taka aiiowioaara alao a alaoaa alWiwmw lha aarparatti ka ? any paat or wnarf <j? fnrtlaa of Iba aaaaa far war C4alM?i aaaa, ua aliavia* Va Iba laaaaa ijul lal a^ai lilt r<aapawaat ?i> ar 4a4un^? Tba Wnta i all! ba ra^?ira4 ba aaap tba aharrai aa4 piara la f'?) auilltlm an! aafa awl iripkt rapair la ttall Mm aapariail; li.a atrlap | ????a aa4 aapatMal par Uaat Uaaraof, for aafa aaawa, al tbair aaa aapaaaa aa4 k wlra a va'! far 4?-ilJt tba aaaouat y tba kaaaai raat, ?>\ r?a or aaorw a?rwU?t to ba appruaal by tba Ma raw a a/I laapU'Aw. ???ti aal for U? pafwaaat af la* raal qwartwr f"a/'f a ad tba fmtl?f 1 aa Ibakr part at tba rt.wwnaait of lha iwaaa Twa par awa? oa tha r?a?'r taat Ml far talk baraat, mmr Iba aa'ltoaaar a 'waa ?!;. U ba pa t to laa 'M tartar erf th* ' '? Maaanaa at 11^ Uma aa 1 ataaa af aato aa' a wr 'lwa tUpa^M-a ka bw ft^alasad if Ma baMar f|ia t oa a* aaa raafiaa Ma yrwaa V> tha a Ha a I tbat ba or tbwr will (waraataa 'h? paf aaaat af tba raat fra? Uw tftl <a^ |J< >?; aa! Iba' aa'lafaaVrry i;Hf IWJ ha | aaa v^aa Iba laaaa aa4 k-ad ara raa4a ta ba aa aaa lal 7k? t?a kar wkl, ahaa pal4 wtr ba ?r?4 tat aa Ika ?rat 'i?artor'a raat or farfwtto^ if tba Uaaaa 4aaa aat f.ra aa'iafat'-irr aaraty aa aa wr a ta tba waaa aa4 baa4 a? aaa aa 'hit hart aattaa ftoaa f a 'uaat laparkaaat . aa4 t*a f> aualaatoaart of Uta plaklaa f < Mil atlburwal at 'ba4r aaVoa, ta ra aat. tba vbarvaa at v ara V4 aft t,j U- .<a fan: at la aoawplp altb tba tot aa at abnra ia4 tba I any aa 'aiU r la wMwipIt ta bw Mabba lor ar y 4a??wy Ibal a>ar rww It ?ra? aaa* r a aaia Nopwra aatD Sa r~alrw< at laaaaa ar ?arwtp tka I* 4?flr> r?t ra aar ? ?aaa fr?-a l>ta a raaratf? N-. Wl alt) Wa *f.wpta4 fr -aa a*r l?> a aba W la arraar ta Iba aat^arataaa apia fwM >m awauaat, a* aaa la a lialarftaa at awaMf ar a?bwr?taa afaa aat aMtoali ?? U Iba rti?>rah?a *W 4 ata tw4 < W(? a< 1 *M ) rUU>?NI" *'?<', Marwr A ( n.*lrf) ' '??mft'S*' Jawkf M ?W'71I fa , Kara^at r ? MtHOMat, i baaabwrtaaa ?>.?!?. HDUHnk^Ok of riaaant ''?>? M a* U4 J C ViXMi, CbWf aaaalaa M 'aaaaa AT. KT'i* or nut athar ataaa raaaa, Saataa aat km irbat. fcHik alaa 4aaa? ar tar fatty ,rw ? M ? iMfM afOa<bp 4 rwwrf or MUbrnv. A tlarat a *4 athar ataaa. r aaaa. bawta tUalaya, I aa4oa a*4 I?ab4.a parkat , fcaaka* alaa 4aaaaai t?a aba aa4 parkaai far faaMf aaa ayraat aa4 -nbtt i far ?la. by V* * VWMB11J. 4*t Wwaaaa ataaa,

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