Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 13, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 13, 1855 Page 3
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FINANCIAL, and commercial. ? v IB IT JK A R 111 ITi Mondat, Much 11-6 P. M. Books were in better demand to-day It better prices. State stock* were particularly active, and a general improvement was realized. At the tint board Indiana 5's advanced j per oent; Missouri 6's, i; Virginia 6's, 4; Louisiana G's, J; North Caro linn 6'iir 2; Illinois Central Bond*, i; Nicaragua Transit, 4; Reading Railroad, |. Panama Railroad dMUned 2 per oent. The denunl for Bute stocks b principally for banking purpose. Indiana 5's a ffcir weeks since were selling at 75 par oent; njw they are selling at 88? an advance of 13 per cent. Missouri and Virgin!* 6's wen at that tine very low, and they no w are not far below par, with a g >od prospeot of coon reaching that point. Illinois Cen tral bonds are steadily advancing, witn a moderate demand. Eries of all claiues hdve bsen much neglected lately, and prices are barely so* tained. We do cot lo.ik for mu-,h chtnge In Cumberland nntil the dividend qaes ftion is disposed of. Tne quicker it is done the better. Kris Railroad bangs heary at a fraction above 40 per cent. It probaoly will not at present go mnch above that point. It ad<ng Ritlroad is moving steadily up war J, at.d amy not stjp short J par. In lees than six mouth? it will be, withon iloubt, ths highest railroad mock oi the list. The Mtes now charged by the Reading Railroad Compa By for "the transportation of coa) are similar to those Which, in former years, have not been mide until the 1st of Jnly. The income of the compaiy, there fore, from its coal business, from the lit of March to the 1st of July, this year, will be about three hun dred thousand dollars greater than in the sams time last year, on the same quantity of coal transported. Any increase in the coal business will, at the cur rent rates, add largely to the company's reve nue. The extra charge for transportation com menoed on Monday, the 5th of March, and the returns for the week eudlag Thu-sdey, tie 0th, show the receipt at tidewater of 40,300 tons of coal, against 28,300 for the correspond ing week last year. This shows how well the new tariff of charges works Th? capacity of the road Is almost unlimited. The Miners' Journal says that during the past year the machine shops of the R jad ing oompany tamed oat no less than forty two locomotive engines, amounting to an aggregate of 1,602 horse power. This number, ad del to that pre viously existing, makes a total of 280 engines for transporting ooal alone, with an aggregate power equal to 9,649 horses. The projectors of this load based its construction npon a business of 300,000 tons per annnm; bat placing the aotaal ba Binessof the region at 3,000,000 tons, it is demon strated that the Increase in cost has not kept pace With the rapid increase in business. After the adjournment of the bjard, the following Mies of bonds were made at auction by Simeon Dra fars? 926,000 North Carolina Sixes Int. added 88 ^ 95,000 Virginia Sixes do. 95^ 10.000 li.?*ourlSixes do. 9.1 16 0?> do. do do. #:i'f ft, 000 Tennessee Sixes do. 94 t,('00 do. do do. 93 38,000 Pennsylvania Fives do. 92 The above were sold on ao ount of the Oshkosh City and Germaaia banks of Wuoonsin. The following sales were made at auction by A. B.Nicolay: ? Si, 000 Columbus, Plqna k Ind RR let rat Int ad'd. 75 10,000 Gli t., Paiaasrille & A?hu?ul* Kit 7s. do 85',a85*? S, 500 LouUvUJ<' and Portland KR 6r io 77 ? ft, 000 Michigan Son. RR, .larkion Branch.. do 78 '-j 2,000 Green Be/, MlWrauklr fi Chle. RR 8s. do 87 ?,000 Grrat We,.ternJIU.) RK 10* do 7!?>f 80,000 Potsdam and Watertown lut mort.. .do Bftv' , 300 Ijl Crrrsb and Mil vaakio RR 8s do 80k 400 Mllwaukit? and Hortcon RR 8s do 7 *>? 7,000 Brecittui . !ge Coal Co, Kjr 81.020 7,000 do. do 1,010 6,080 Missouri .Jta?e slxe* int. added. ?? ?,?X?0C'eor?-in Mxe do 91 Ift sberrs Anmr "a Espreos Co 9K7J CO do. Delaware, Lacka?ana and Western RR. . . 79 100 do. Ov. I?ml aad Pittibunr RR 5* 1 b Co. Uome !mnra?e? Co 94>* So do. Cooper Tin ituuraaoa Oe 86 SO i ?. Cuminor <eeJth Fire Insurance Co 91 B. Draper's regular semi-weekly sale of stocks wil take pUce to-morrow, Tuesday, at half-past 12 O'olock, at th" Merchants' Exohange. At the second board the market throughout waa ?till more bnoyant. Missouri 6's advancsd j pe oent; Louisiana 6's, 14; Virginia 6's, 4; Illinois Cen tral bonds, 1; Canton Co., J; Nicaragua Transit, j; Michigan Southern RB., lj: Reading RR., 4- The Mies of Readirg Railrcad were quite large, and the ?tock closed firm at the improvement. Erie Rail* road was dull and heavy. The transactions at the Assistant Yreaiurer 'soffit | to-day, were m follows Receired . l'aymenti rud for Asney Office Paid on diaburaiog chocks Daiance . 1,123 73 I . 4:s,4hfl 04 4,164.617 05 ] $81,046 00 j 34fl,8?8 ft4 ? meeting of the stickbolders of the McCullock Copper and Gold Mining Company will be held at the effloe of the Pbenlx Gild Comoany, No. 1ft Ex Change place, at 12 o'olosk on Tuesday, 13th last., to hear the report of the committee apoolnted to Visit the mlrea and Investigate the afliirs of the company. We learn that the report is toll and fa i rotable. t The earnings of the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad Company for the montb Of February, amounted to $l(J6,06ft, aga'nat $91 .889 for the corresponding tiae last year. Increase, I $14,179. j The receipti of the Pennsylvania Railroad Compa ny, for the month of February , were $191,011 22, tgainst $301,766 38 for the corresponding month of Of 1854, being a decrease of #110,761 10. The in. crease in January, (1865, over January, 1834, was $10,024 08. The receipts of the Michigan Central Railroad Company for February, amounted to $93,200, against $90,398 for the same time last year. Increase, $2,868. The receipts of the Indianapolis aui Cincinnati Railroad ;Companyf for the three months ending February 2ft, 1856, amounted to $*5,1'J9 77, against $60,534 52 forthe corresponllng three months the previous year. Increase, $24,665 25. i The vinauta entered at the Treasury Department On the 9th iratant., were:? Ft the redemption of ntoek $14,531 87 MCoTerioir n?o the treaaary from cuntomv... The rtOi-nstioi. oi tee public debt at the Trta. aury Department, Washington, for tbe week ending pn Saturday, waa foliowa:? Loan of 1841 $9, .',00; J loan of 1847, $2,460; loan of 1848, $17,600 -total, j 129,050. ! Goremor Mattlaon.of Illinois, now in this city 1 has received full security for the amount of lacd and aurplua fundi, and alto a sufficient amaunt of ? fee ctereat fand in the baods of Wadawortb A fMH pon at tbs time of their failure, to enable the T-ea snrer of 11 tools, with other provisions made by the Ute Legislature, to pay the January interest de 'erred by the failure of W?daworth A Sheldon, at (he time tbe next July int- rest i? ^aid. The balance >f ir.ter?at found in tbe ban J* of Wadaworih A Sheldon ia amply secured to tb<. State by the ?ure irs ai d the prefereroe made in the assignment o S adeworth A Sheldon. Arrangements have been made wit1' tbe American Kxcfarjrr Back to act as tranafe r at ?*nt for tbe st^ka of Illinois. We annex an act whloh has recently pused the >gtalature of Illlsois, *o regn ate the payments of nterwrt on the public debt . and the pur^hate of Mate bends. flac. 1. He It enacted b? the pe?p1r of the flta'e of Tl looii. rff >rea?nted in toe (irr,?r*l Aaavmbly, thai so r.ueh of *11 lawa aa autriortx<- tbe empinjmetit <f a Itate a(ent In tbe ritf of e* York to pay iBt?re?? o? be beodt of thia State, be, aad tbe itme are , hereby efealed. B?r 9. n<T0?(ter all parra'ntaof >at?reat on the pnb del* ahiell be mute by the State reaearer at tne 'raeaary, on tli* warrant of the A . ll'or, eir?pt luch kiteraet'a* tbe f>tate h*? eontraete 1 to \,iy Id New York, he toitalmaoti upon wLich "hull be paid by tbe Trot ?ur? ia !*e? \ ork, and oieept the taaUlmenta apoo in ?eeeat payable ia Leaden. 4*4 the Treasurej *haU ror paying treasury debt-, or the ei'itwmn fc'or thr War Ivpariment Ror it-paring in the War Department Kt or tfce IMurior Department.. ?&? 12 U.B44 72 make auch arrangements u mar be a*Mi?r; for the < Mjveit ot the laitalanti of interest made payable is London, pwrrided that the money applicable to the pay ment or iltch latere* ehall not bo withdrawn from the Treaeury m#ro than thirty <Uf before the time axed for auch payment. gee. 8. Hereafter, no part of the proceeds of the sale of State land a, or anrplut revenue, shall be paid oat of the Treasury for the purchase of State iadebte<la??, unless the bonda or other ind?bte<)aess are Sled, ready to be cancelled at the time the payment ia made. Sec. 4. Hereafter, all moneys applicable to the pay ment of inerest, received into the public Treasury prior to the 16th day of Jane and DaaemMr in each yetr, aball be apportioned and paid out oimhe lirat day of July and January. respectively, enduing? Sec. r. Thin act to take effect, and be ia force, from and after it* passage. THOS. J. TURNER, Speaker House Rep. O. KOKHNKR, Speaker of Sen?te. Approved, Feb. IS, 180&. J. A. M AITESON. The annexed aUtcmei t exhibit* the areras(s dally condition ot (he leading departments of tbe btom of this city, for the week preceding Saturday morning, the 10th of Harcb, 1855: ? Nrw York Crrr Banks. Loam. Specie. Cireul'n DepniitS. New York $3,155 198 ft:*, 738 260, 848 2,883, 004 M?nhatt?n 4,:t28,?64 704,011 ?69,49;i 8,240,804 Merchant*' 3,789,789 1,521,790 1W??287 4,311,889 Mechanics' 3, 817, ?.90 893 4(19 3??,;i97 3,508,425 Union 2 983,784 496,247 1H3,<>97 2,676 U9U America 4,072,527 2,082,350 97,549 6,2lX>,3U Pbenix 2,8*13,617 719,528 114 382 2,498, T2D City 1,665,318 196,348 72. W 3 1,193,092 North River. ...1.C37, 504 189 261 l7:S,42t? 90*,785 'lra>.#sm?n's. . . . I,298,4b2 101,647 186,373 712.287 Fulton 1,489,440 210, 803 128.317 1,2,4 058 Chemical 1.314,541 392,973 272,773 1.245,079 Mer Kxctange..?.. 594.487 ;;37,182 1 !6.457 2,0<?l,91? National 1 578,398 149,884 144. 6J5 938,692 Butchers' 1,283,161 109,346 80.605 7?5,2>5 Mec. & I radcrs' . 606,548 64, 203 90,674 476,509 Greenwich 577,337 34,219 174 012 382,628 leather Manuf.. 1,747, 206 179,897 194, "61 1,251,284 He renth ward.. .1,102,643 1 68,734 145, 2>9 715,564 State 3,628,561 888 079 601,814 2,748,431 Am Exchange.. 6,2*8,967 941,290 244,639 6,643 445 Mncli's' Asmic'u .1,130,937 116,448 183,942 815 705 Commerce 8 297,295 1,232,801 2,270 6,'l80 978 Bowery ' 899, ?46 182,707 170,487 7i>8,105 Broadway 1,208,383 160,821 205,761 1,086, 142 Ocean 1.252, '80 153,644 87,138 669,728 Mercantile 2,226,500 302.162 88,972 1,645,640 Pacific 801,222 6 6,000 110,306 613,376 Republic 3,087,479 602,541 72 571 ?,243,479 Chatham 641,1(2 38,765 83,666 267,777 Peop'ee' 787.412 104,974 104,990 668,049 North American. 1,671 963 120,137 80 381 1,219 066 Hanover 1,243,681 97,826 8?, 869 673,477 Irving 492,840 68,911 94 550 407 867 Metropolitan ... .4,749,881 8''9,128 101,164 6,169,687 Citizens' 662,509 06,989 146,273 612,352 Grocers ' 641,160 63, 561 R.'?,105 494,071 Nassau 894,984 139,670 116,981 803,623 East River 506,207 80,268 84,401 262,280 Market 1,072,123 104,909 114,189 788,949 St Nicholas 662,407 71,412 79.215 427,808 Shoe fc leather.. 820,296 64,608 107, 712 428,713 Corn Exchange.. 1,424, 368 77,200 96.558 1,116,904 Continental 9,773 803 365,843 95,603 2, 023, 008 Commonwealth. .1,131, 864 119.149 94,466 877.481 Oriental 478,276 37,876 87,707 294,909 Marine 676,268 94,513 88 979 676,137 Atlantic 472,43# 73,343 86,906 22*, 353 Island City 343,266 31,623 91,861 137,815 Dry Pock 404,037 22,870 60,076 93,628 N. Y. Exchange. 200,676 9,946 89,127 120.440 Bull'a Head 182,856 21,097 94,627 92,019 Total 02,331,789 10,870,069 7,131,998 70,259,419 C'LrAKINO HOCRK Tit AMKACTIONH. Kxchangea fur week ending Maich ft $101,146,206 Kxchangea for week ending March 12 100.297,010 Balance* weak ending March 6 6, .".87 ,00.1 Balancea week ending March 12 6.6X2,760 The above aggregates, oompirei with thoaefor previous weeks, present the aoaezed statement Banu or N?w York. Loam. Specie. Cireul'n. DepttiLt. Pee. 30, '64. .$81,663,637 12,07*1,147 7,07.1 H:s0 #2,828.020 Jan. 6, '56.. 82,244,706 13,604,963 7,049,98'.: 64,982,153 Jan 13, '86.. 83,976,081 16,488.525 6,686,461 67.303,39* Jan 20, '55.. 86,447,998 16,372,127 6,631,;i56 69,647,618 Jan 27, '66.. 86,654,657 16,697,260 6,638,823 70,136,618 Feb. 8, '65.. 88,145,697 17,439.186 7. COO, 766 72 923,317 Feb. 10, 'fift.. 89,862,177 17,124,394 6,9*9,111 73,794,342 Feb. 17, '56.. 80,856,031 17,339,086 6 941,606 75,193,636 Feb. 24, 'M.. 91, f 90,604 16,370,876 6,963,562 74,544,721 Mar. 8, '66.. 92.386,125 16 531,271 7,106,710 76,96X,344 Mar. 10, '65.. 92,331,789 16,870,669 7,131.988 70,159,489 The last returns, compared with thoee for the prtvions week, show a decrease in diicounts Of $54,330, and a de;rea*e in deposits of $301,145 ; in circulation, $25,288, and in specie, $339,398. We are pleaded to see that the expansion in discounts bas been arrested, and that a contraction has com menced, moderate itie true, but it ia a contractioa. and that is ho much gained. We bave noticed for some weeks the expansion in loans, with a great deal oi uiatrtat, mil] ? ?K'.rtwe, no ????*?? uuW trifling. is more satlsfectory. The banks have not been expanding in the general business of the country, but upon the stock operations of Wal street? upon ths inflation in market valne of the leading fancies. The managers of our banking in stitution! are deeply intereeV>d in stacks, and are now plajisg the same gamo we hare so 1 recently alluded to, i a their operations. At the proper time for the advancement of their private Interests we | shall have a contraction and another stringent money market. The increase in specie, in the face j of tbs large shipment last week, is somewhat unex- I petted. We have a steamer near at hand, with about one mtllion more, which will increase the aggregate. It will be aome time before we ahall have anchor large shipment fiom this port. The Cunard steamer from Boston, on Wednesday, will take out abcut three quarters of a million of dollars. The Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company have , fixed the price of coal per cargo for tbs season which is about to cemmenoe at $4 75 per ton for all sizes except chestnut, tor which the price will be . 14. These are the cargo pricss for coal put on board of vessels at Bristol. The banks of Massachusetts have just made their returns for the month ending the 5th of March, a condensed statement of whi* h we annex:? IUmem or MAiWACBUHrm. r.iabihtia. 37 City. 131 Country. Tital. Capital *32,344, 27.'. $25,214,643 $67,558,828 Net Circulation.. 5,462,745 10,441,929 15,884,674 Depoaita 14,318 918 6,542,636 19,851,563 l'roDt* on hand.. 4,261,8<>0 2,477,71*) C,7.i9^70 ToUl $56,367,798 $43,676,927 $100,0*4,725 Kdburcet. Hi City. l-l Country. loUU. Not**, bi'la of ex change, Ac $62 343,488 $42,140,868 $!>4,4M,356 Pprcie 3,370 4-14 1,003,415 4,373,860 Real entitle 658 >06 532,644 1,180,510 Total $66. 1 67, ''??8 $13,676,927 $100,044,725 Hie following will eihiblt the condition of the bank* oi that Mate on the lit of Jiu>u:iry laat ? y.iabtltlut. ' til/. 1X1 CVmnfrv. MM Capital $32,181,760 $24,182,S.'.:i $07,314,603 Net circulation.. . 4,801,641 11,418,027 16,319, 5rtH l)e Malta 11,494,876 6,106,756 16,601,681 I'rofilaon Land... 3,2*2,-/ 19 a,146,f.? 6,367,981 Total $61,800,636 $43,803,257 $96,603,793 Rnrurrtt 37 City. 131 Country. loUU. Note*, bill* cf ex rliaage. kz $48,389,303 $42,300,468 $$0,689,778 Ppul* ^,757,367 970,145 3 727,612 ht-al eatat? 663,866 632,644 1,116,610 ToUl $51,810,6.^6 $43,803,367 $96,603,793 , The abore atatmont eihuita, upon companion, ?n inrreaae atnri* the lat "laj cf January la?t. in the item , of capital, of $244 326. of deposit*, $3,24m,0*.'U, of loan, $3,11*4 .'-*6; of aje'-ie, <646.. '147, ao l of pro8t>, $1 371, 6T9; and a deiteaac In the amount of n> t circulation of $424,884. 1(> the proposed plan for reorganizing the Minne sota Copper Company, ea;h present stockholder will receive lix and two-thlrdi abates for each one now held. The stock is in demand a) ISO, and none foraale now leas than 200. Itock land was in de mand this morning at 9 bid, a small lot being ottered at 10. National is firm at 13 bid, 16 asked; Pitts buig, 130| bid; Toltec, 8) bid, 9 asked; Copper Ftlh, 38 to 40; Dana, f to Fulton, 3-10 to 4; Sbawmut, 4 bid. Tbf total valne of the foreign export i from Balti mere lor the wt?k ending on Thursday amounted to ; $286,971* The expoita comprise 8, il7 barrels o I fit or, 1235 barrels of oorn meal, 21,014 tAd'jelx o . I com, 322 bar els of rye flour, 4,151 barrels o! pork 1 462 t.eicta of beef, and 830 tout of guano. The import* of the week were also latgs, Inc'udlng 1,392 , bepsbeads of sspar, 1,788 barrel* of molass'sii, 120 tierces of rlcw, 5G0 toes of guano, 1 ,K',< l bales of (ottm, 19,894 sacks ot salt, 1,284 bill of copper, and 15,433 quintals of copper ore. Tbs Baltimore and Ohio, and Central Ohio Rail- 1 | road companies Lave proposed to the city o' Woeel I ing, Va, to build abridge across the Ojio river at such point between the northern line of tb*t city and Ik n wood as shall be deemed best by tht corpo ration on condition that the snit brought against the two companies by the city be dismissed. Imme diately after the cospietiow of said bridge and ap proaches, the Central Ohio Railroad Company will , extend its road aeross the said bridge, and thence to a convenient aad proper depot, to be established I wiUua U* Uam of ttw rtt/ x Wl$?Ua?. Th? J Cental Ohio Biltm4 Company wf< extend ha road from lta proaest tempo my terminal to some point not lower down the Ohio rlrer than Wert Wheeling, and will lure the tame In running order within twelro montha from the into of th* adop tion of theee article*. Tbe net lnooma of the thirty- nine railway* la Maaaachnaetta waa $393,120 leaa In 1864 than in the prfviooa year. The Attorney General of Kentucky haa initiated 4n action, in the name of the Commonwealth, again Kt the Newport Safety Fond Bank of Kentucky, to annul and vacate ila charter (or a'leged riolatlona thereof. Stock Exchange. Mi>*dav, March 12, 18&S. 921 000 Ind St'e G 'a a3 88 200 alia Nic T Co ,h30 It, i4' 2f00 ?!*.., *3 87?{ ICO Cuml) ('x>a! Oo b:i 33\ 1 ?>< 00 ltiia'rl 6'i.b3 60 do *3 33 , 13000 do. 91 \ 100 do biO 34 10000 do. bio WV 60 do., b-1 34 11000 Virg'a 8'*. . kS lo? NY Out RR. . a3 94',' lOfK'O do..b60 96*, lOoErleRR a60 4fi^ 100(0 do . . blO 9fl')j ruio do c 40', 3000 do. . . n3 96,', 100 do kl 4? 15000 L'a #30 92 14 20 Harlem prefd. . . 76 MOO Tone ti'a 94 H 100 Nor fc Wor RB a! 36 9000 N Car'a 6'?.. SlU, 100 Read'g RR at 4 m *3 60( 0 H Ikls '83 . b(>0 91 \ :;00 do at 8 i f.lioo h rui. '7f?. b3 84Jt 100 do....blO 82^ 7000 Hud R 3 M B. 74 100 do a30 82'i f.Ot l> 111 I R.B<1a a3 76 V 3( 0 d.? a.'S 82V 6< CO do..b.)0 70 650 tlo ?3 82*? 20(0 do...b3 76 1 00 do ..b30 82?, 4(00 do....c 76 2<>0 do C3 (WNYCiJ'na V 200 do 82', tOOO do. . . f,3 99% 200 Hud Riv RR. . a3 38 17U0 do (d>V 60 do ...aM 38 10 Kb n >V n On Co. 119 J>2 Panama Rll 106 10 M<rcU'U I x I1L. K'S.'f 8 Clev, C* Cin RR 104 450 Canton Co.. ..hi 26 3H do a3 105 27.r> do.,... a3 26 6ii Cle* .V roledaa.10 73 60 do M)0 26 34 Chick R 1 Kit n3 88 3f>0 do bOO 2f 60 MlchSoutb'nltK 88, 100 NlcTr Co ..btivk 16^ 60 do blO 89 HKOOH1) BO A It D. $f.00t> Virginia S'a.a3 9?V 300 ilin Comb 01 Co . 33V 21000 do ...,i3 Of. >5 100 iin a3 34 f400U lliiHOurl 6'l. ., 95 ft Mich South 'a RR 90 60C0 do 95^ lOOHarlomKR 82 V 16000 do 96'$ 200 dj b?0 32 V 7000 LouiflianaC'i.. 93 200 Erie Ri 4(U4 4010 do 93t< 150 do b3 46 li 2600 111 Cn R Bdc . .0 7?V 600 do ?3 41u 4000 do 77 100 do bl 0 4A^ SOOOErie Rda of '76 86 100 do.... ..b00 4tH; 10 aha Ocean Bank. 73 100 Raiiiirtg Rlt. . ilo 82 600 Canton Co .... i.'l 2f >'i 100 do..., ..*40 8 'lli 200 do ?30 26 200 do a.lO 83 260 Nlc TrCo....?30 If.?,' f.00 do *3 S3 V 660 do 16?J 400 do b3 83 '4' 200 do b.10 lfl% 100 do ?3 83 V 800 do b60 600 do bt<0 83V 200 do 16 'i 200 do b30 83 V 100 do IBS 10 Mich On RR . . . . 78 CITY TRADE REPORT. Mo.iuat, March 12?0 P. H. Ah ins w*r? unchanged. BRKAMTt'rni. ? Flonr favored bureri,the lalei amount ing to 10,100 bbla., Including ordinary to itricUy choice Hate, at 19 a IB 87.';, mixed to fancy Wtiltrn, at 99 25 a 99 87 V, and common to extra Canadian, fre?, at tJ 37>, a 910 60, with low mixtd to 'arorita Soutl.vra, at 99 12V a 910 par bbl. F.rr flour, core uieal, wlisatand barlny w?r? aa la?t notified (JaU roni l<><a a^tira, but ?Utady. Halci tramrired of 2,700 buabtli rye, at 91 37 V a 91 38V-'thi* Utter rate dal Tered; and about 16, 000 bimbelx corn, chiefl/ Southern, at Sir. for mixed and Ofc. a M.'.c. lor white, with .ssmu Joraar yellow at 98 cent*. Cotru waa quiet, being rather acurce, aad held abare the TiewH of buyer*. O/nw.s.? ' The aale? did not exceed 600 bale?,*at ateady price*. Fkhchts ?For Liverpool the engnaementa were on flat d to 6,000 busbela corn, at 4d., and 500 boll, ronin, at If. lOd. For I^ndon, 60 tea. beef wem taken at 3a. 6d. Por (ilaagow, 50 tea. Iwaf were inippe<l at 4a. A Tea>el waa chartered lor Barcelona at 919, and another for Cork and a market, with grain, at 8d. IIat. ? tOO bale* rlrer changed lunda at uld rate*. How were inactive and depr^aaed Ikom. ? 'I here waa but little doing in Scotch pig, at 930 a 931 per ton, alx month*. Latui ? Kaatern were in good demand at 92 per thouaacd. Limf waa Inactive and mmewhat nominal. iloi.Aflcx)!. ? Thedayanalea embraced 360 barrel a New , Orlcana at 2?e. a 27c , and 50 hhda. Cuba at 2f>c. |>er , gaUen. Naval Storks ?Nothing new oecurrt'l In tar or cruda turpeut n-v Sale* were made of IOO (jar re; a apinta tur pentine at 44o. a 46c. per gallon, and 500 barrel* com m? n roi>tn al 91 (>6 per 310 pound*, di livarcd. Oil.. ? Whale, ap<Tin and olive were utchan<?d need waa in moderate evpply and demand at 81c. a 82c. per gallon. Nothing new in lard. Paovimoxe. ? Pork wat lnaa aetive ; th"? aMea In duced al>out 650 liblx , at 914 25 for Old nieaa. tit 37 for rew prime, and fjt 75 for ne* iu?n About 40il bovi a long middle barnn brought a per lb. Ikv.aleaor lard an '? i 'it?-d to 400 bl>l?., ?t UUe a lilc per lb. B< ef wa> ? - -* -? "<? ? aalea nf unn M>l. *???.?? ??ee iuteh%i?gw? Rio: ? Tpere were 200 tea. taleu, at |4 59 a 9'> 1?V per 100 lb?. hi'iciH ? Kalea ha^e been made of COO balee elovea on private terms; email lota of caaaia at old ti?ur??, and 16 iaaea No. 1 nottnejrn at 9fc per lb St'OARV. ? The day'a tranaart one reached only 20 1 bhda , at 4t,r. a 5 '.c for Naw Orleans. an!4,4C. a 5?. for Cuba, wilh 10o boxea, at ?Vo per lb. 'Ialiajw. ? I rime waa aelling in lota, at 12c. p'rlb. Whikkkv - 200 !dil? Ohio 'and priaon changed band at 31s. a 32e. per gallon. Rail. Kktatk,? ' TIhj following property waa aoll at auction ? 1 lot ?outh aide of Forty-. e -on 1 atr*?t, 17$ fret neat of riixth avenue, 25x98 9 9-, 815; 1 lot went aide Hixth avenue, I'.o leet north of Forty nin'h atraet. 25x100, 92,000. 8 lota ioutli aide Forty-9fth itreet, 320 feet eaht ef .Sixth avenue, 25x100, o. each, 91,500; *2 lota south aide Fifty nixth atreet, 425 feet weat of Ninth avenue, 2fx69, eacL )4H0, 1 lot adjoining went, 25x55, 941... 1 lot northea.t corner Tenth avauue and hixty aeventh atieet, 26.5x100, 9995 , 6 lot< north< ?at eoraer Tenth av.nue and Hixty-aixth ftreet, 25x100. each 9R30* 1 gore weat aide Ninth avenue, 85 feet north Fifty fifth atreet. 1ft feet front, 9"2A; 2 Iota aouth aide Hixty ninth itreet, 100 feet eaat Eighth avenue, 25x136, each 91,060, 92,100; 1 do. do. do., 7* feet eaat of laat, 25x152, 9960; 2 lota aouthweat corner Eighth avenua and feven ty-iixth atieet, 26.7x100, each 91,010, 92.020. 1 lot . aouth fide Hlxty nlxth atreet, 226 feet weat Eighth ave nue, 25x100 6, 9?'M>; 1 lot aoutlie?et oor.ier Fifth ave nue and Eighty fourth .treet, wl'h cottage in the rear, lot 26 8x100. 92,5<0 1 lot ea?t ilde Fifth avanue, north third htrect, 26 t>xl00, 9870, 1 lot a<ljoining, 9W). l-jghty -thi 26.4x100, ! ADJERTIMMENTS RENEWED EYMLY BAT. KIM ASCI A. I Al grgr AAA-K) ^I/MN ON DIAMONDS, ffllOOtVvU watrhaa, j?waLrr, MR ar? aul BerebiD'liM jranarally. or boagbt out B<> ida aol murt |i|gi< bought and aold. M on?j coaa'-antty on hanl >t lit William atraat, aaar Fulton, up ataira. FORUl'SH B CO., loan mail euzamlaaion broker*. OAFH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT, OK PURniA?ET) at light, diamond, watchaa, rich jawlry, anl valuabla pcraonal property gaa ?? *. H. WOOil, 49 VuIuq atiaat, moo ad Hour, front room, from B A. M. to 4 P. M. MONJfY TO J/M.V -ITIt80N8 KK^I'IIUNU TEMPO rary adaancea on real aatata, dtamoada, watcbna, jaaralry, furaitura, pUnofortaa, aplrtta, Be., ia bond, noraaa, earrin??a or ?thar paraooafproparty, a^cumino datad on liberal wma, primptuaaa an 1 confl l>>n<:? to all r?m at tha t.mplra Loan and Aganoy OS 321 lr<?d?a/i cr.nn nnnn -momy to i.<>an on diamonds, ?T"(U" M?U' watrbaa, jnwalry, aacara, planafortaa ?ntri'lianJw* aiid |.?r? <ual property ganeralTy i. r l< ? ? ? ha fur c-?h ) Hutu ??? WMN pr.tnp'fy MM MMMll, at 73 Nanai <tr?iv. brit ft .or, t-ach ofLaa. FLORENCE A CO , 7* Naaaaa atrwi C ^rj) /\i\n to l.o A N ON DIABONDft, WATCHES. ?TmiJU.UvI/ Jawalry, Ac , nr b'nabt for ea?h. (io.J city ?toaka, not??, t.onda an ) mori j**aa, hill* ul iuh?ir?, Ac , ae?'ti*t"d Ho?in-?a cnafld'niial, m l p?..?, ? r*t?d, at |ig ,s?>?au ?lr??t, rwa Na. 2. TlHtMrsoN A CO , trokara and comail ??? n raerrtiaata. Q~il\ ft#lftTOl?*ND OS' BON D ASH MoKTOAOE fiJU.UUU B20.V", ?IU, (Ml. BV'W ?:mj, |; .m .. u N?* Vr rk prspart) ; VJO, $1,700 and tl,on> aa Bro< k'yn <-r Saw ran d> A is i jr t-. k KtUWHMUi 167 Ilr??lw?v, roam 1.1, from I t'i 7 ASA rum i \ camii ash mni "to THTT5 v ?t I in marabaadtaa, If offera.l n. pr,.~>? aaiiad ta tka tlaiaa: and BWI.lWfl la loan ra ?alo?l.l. t ia any rapnfTil anna, f*r ?ti rt par.oda, at City I. an ('fl-e, ,1 Niihk ltf?t ) - AM-wxir to loan oHR 7h a~mV>n WL O? ? *aul?a? )?? Iry. ia< rrhau l ??, rnn?, pta to ' ? . Ar . nr I a l t for ? ??h Baal a* a* canfld'nlial. r ,r ?aU a nMHHf af paia akMpacaa, to Mf MfMN fii ap A rar? ? hanca fir par* h*?arn Aptly ^t tba luaa jton- i77 Oraad itr??t, taraaraf lluwary. aatoad tl?nr n u Sf O A/UW&j NAHM JAM ?.?,(*?. ?,(??>, fj.vri ?ii^>vUU I ?l V" Al l<a? HUH t'.l?a<l ' r I>?ad and nn rt . a ?? ..a (.>ud p*?da?M?a rati aatata ia luia city J(?ii?ral of tr? ?inaliar ??> will I< ?u? I m Lr <uk lyri pr" party, Apply la !?. H HK'iAD 13 vt'all ftraat. ?6 I | / 1 ? AN fl D. TTk^I W) riH?T CLAIM BAB *n iUU'/ bin flpvat f aa# ?lt j 1 1 "d ta a i I ! n^a* ina i.j I'.ai; Will ta flbl^b-d *y tb- Rrat of May. Oaa p r Mat ktotmp *111 ta paid. A4<tra?a K ri?v, II -all C I' <inO? ^ t ? ti 'V and ?? in JUil'oU ?a. '? I, in ? ;?ra' ?? ?m, ?a in (r??alaal 'in i- nmlT'd r al f?'at? ia th(? Hty, airth d mblt t*i< a* ?aai A 1 1 ly t<> W M.K ? H A t O., 71 S a<?au ? Ira- 1 c. jm ytlmir-Ts-fiirriv.-irx nr?l*15i, i.'/.WUI/ jxi t >a. naar tba Aatnr Baaaa, a abanr* aald< ? ait with. A1?n. a h<t'?l fit aaU. ap ti?a. lar M'UI, tiUttmli ra"m< tar a< 1 kil b?a Int] maiadlat*!*, t? Tll'iBfBOK A aTBIKT, 'I Naaraa m l. ma !?a. ) ?- / k/|fV WAST ri? -T() T.ttB A PART IN AS IlT C''|UIIU 1'Btiiii lfl?a-a> iLdf rtaara Addr tialth r-al r.ama, II li. II- raid \i otir -( a !> it i.ior.R ti.Lr adtanckd oh dia i'l IB en la. aat'hai Jtwtlry. f ratlira. ptaaafirtaa. af ?nj '?tar prifrty. al tbo af-nry aad I -an II llr?al ? ??, aaiaar af I>oan? ?lr???. r. a Ma 9. I'rampaa*** a 1 1 (( a# l?a*a oK??erad la all ca?- ? lira* a a 14 W aa* !t a t?aath atraat Mil AVUBUN 4 it NEII.B 1 i A W !>? TI <B ITA? O*" D IA MO S D? VSHHtliV A airy, ?tlk? and dr??a r au*r?a, b"i*h? at tba bifbaat raiaa far *aak. fcy KUWABtMt A CO D Daaat atraa- H-nl dtar ?aii af Ckatbaai \L' ANT1I>-?BT|1?TT FITK f'OI.LA*- A VOI W'J *f llnuk Mf W?kM k a>? *4tk a party ili( waald ?*<MMt?ilMab*f?>aa O?od aaaarMy tiaa* , aad pa?4 to ?BrtfttoMtti. nmt *44 t*tt A. Bat aid ii? F?? ^ ^ *0* 8AXJC. ?QCIlilMU PLOT FOR SAIM, WITH fTABIJE, CAR I) riaxe hovee, &c., witli rood water Hd all kind* of fralt; MM, Mm of Una adjoining the hoc, at the Tillage of Newtown, I. I Bra -nlltt rob Grand atraet fcgry, Raw York. to RKNJAX1N ABLUKO, oor aar of Eldri.ige and Divtalo*. (trwU. Alau two fait Wot ting horaea for aale, one aoitaMe for the turf. |7H)R 8AIX? THE YACBC MARV.^boUT Id TttVS, X; aloop rigged, with a naw (ait of ??iu, everything Lo parfaat order and a very faat a*iler. She ?*,* | )v( ?t the Atlantic hotel. lioboVen. EuouLre of A. ?ahKJ?K, at the hotel. TT^OR BALE-TBK THREE STORY BRICK FRONT 1 houjta No. lfl& Troth (treet, between Third and f ourth avenue*; bona* contain* all the modern improve. m?ot* For terma apply at ISO Tenth atreet, oat door eaat of Third avenue. >R 8A1.K ? HOl'Bk AND LOT NO. #1 EAST TWKS ty eiith *tr?rt I/>t 21 feet by half the bt?;k' Honae 'JIX'iA, three atorl-e and baaement, with an l?rn Improvement*. Term* literal Apply at Flrat ave aun, corner of Twenty tbird (treet. For sajji? onf. riaar ci.A-h foi/r story and b??<ni?ul brown atone front houae, '.'0 h y 00 feot, lot, 90 feet !? inohea doep, with all the mod?ro improve | roeuta, altuated at <>4 '".aet Thirtieth ntreet, beivreeo Fourth and I*xingt< n atWUfi. lu jui.-e of JOU.'< A'. FlhlJ tH, #0 Kant II irt . ui -tr'ut. For sale, or i x ,iiam;k for bond), stookb or real estate? Oue or more drat (lata brown itone 1 dwelling*. tbiee e'nrle* with all th? m<>4?ru in < provetneift* in it lioautlf it part of Brooklyn. aal on the lowtnl Urn ?, Ap,dy lo K. Mi'ORAKKN, 74 Wall (tivet( from 12 to t eVlork; or at JOHNhON, SPADKR fcCOH, corner Ot kont avenue aud lioaea, |!r< okljn. FR SAIJ? 01. f<) LET? TilREE BROWN STONE Ecfrlmh baaement honae*? No* .Tto, 307 and 3<rt? Waat Twenty eecoul (treat, bitween Ninth and Tenth avenue*. tl-.ia:.?u iu the beat manner, with all toe m > dern improrenonU, In ju re on tie pretnisea, of M. PIN OAR. FOR iVAIF. 01 TO l.K r ? TWO NEW FiM'R HTORY brown atone front bouaea, aituuted ou Uvingdon place, fronting on Stiiyvnnnnt aquarn, between SttwwoMi and Serent"' n Ji (twite. The houae* are If l"et 11 lnehea by 85 ft?s< anil the lot ia 120 feet deep; coutaina j all the mortei u linprott menta Alio, to let, four foir j atory brown atbue front houa?e on Thirteenth *tre?t , Wtween Kacoa 1 H id Third aveuuea. For tarmi apply at 180 Tenth atr< it one door eaat of Third arenua. T^TEW IIO' SF. FOR ,RALK, CrOCAP FOR CASH ?A hoareon ttie aauth aide of Thirty nftb atreet; la 1 tlie third houne eaat fron, the Foarth aTanna; ia a n?? ; three (tory hone*, brown atone front, with all the modern improveiuenti. Inquire of Mr. HARVKY, at tie house next door went of the one for aale, for teruta and to riew th? bru'S. s leane 'or ?ale on a new and comfortable bouaeiu a beautiful location con'ignoua to both fernea; grounda and vegetable garden in a bUli ata> of cultivation, (ta bling for four bori-ea and two cowa ; a good poultry yar I , tic Alao (or aa'e, tie modem and complete furmt ire or the MtAbliKtiment. Addreaa N. N. (poatpaid), boi 1,337, Poflt Offlce. ri>0 CARP MAN OF ACT! ' KKR-1.? FOR SAI.r. OR TO 1 rent, the leiue, machinery, Including ateam ea g?e, toola, flxturea and buameia. of tlie beat ear<t fac tory in the country located in tlila city, in perfect ar der and ample faclitiei for the ni mnta-ture of both playing and printer'* card!. To competent partle* thl* I* aiteelrable opportunity. 1'oaieMiou immediately. Ad drea* bo* l,No I'oat Olllflo. ton nnn -rat sai.k, an importing and ?'>? ?J'JtUWU, I. in* I aaiae**, e>tal>li?ha4 aod tranaaxtaj by <h? prranit | arlica fur the laal mu* y?\r a The huaisax ia |>rinei|>ally caih, and i a> a fcrty par cent on the aali-i The location ia one of tin- brat in the lower part of the city. Ap ply to C. II. fluWE*. C 7 Naaaau atreet, room No. 8. $e nnn win. PmCHASX a BSOABWAY DA tl.wUU gu< rr. ntt |<u deput, doinx a baalueaj of W?l p< r we' k, Ion* e?tal>llafii J, em|il >ln^ 1 1 artiata. and 'out of which a* bei.a (ealiieU ia thr?> yrtri. I'. Hertld ofBct. ?nnn -for sale, a valuable coal vard, ? wU" teen led ll the upper part #f the city, l#S)j leaie ot prauii e*, with bene, carta, acal?a, acreen- A< . Thi< la an eicellant location at.? Join* a Hue bualuata A|>i>ly at llKand U1 Ni>raau >trc?t, room No. .1. RKII A HI) L. PL'RUY A CO. <3>?j r.n -rt>R ^aik<?r to i.f.t? a daqtbrrk an it OtIW . ro' in in one of the beat loe.tliun* In the city, w Ith ap| >rat u?. rpci imena, and . rc romplet*. Keut f.'tn per n. '.mi tli, in advance. Inquire at HO Bowery. A COUNTRY SEAT AND FARM TOR HAM? OF V) J \ aerta, in VV rut . hc?t<K ctmty, i, n tba Naw lf?v?n Itail road. two milai abov* .Nf* Ko?lw*lla an i on* mile Lmjw Mamar iD< ck , tw? uly t tmlo* ana oo? jionr't rid** fr^m tut tlty TMi farm I* rrry pl<-aiantly aituatod and wall titer ? J Tiit land ia ali tiiiabla and a ? ?od cnltiratioa, a*o?pt tlx or rfrht *i*rf0 of woodland, 'lit* t> u il l i n k a tonaitt of a larn? dwelling b"tui, 60 l?y 35, oontnintat twtl*a r ooiaa; a fartii boor*-, ?Uh a ianr* b'un m l all tb* neoa?aary LuHular*, in fo?*l ord* t, *n hub irronod, and or ri'.oktnr, I claud Monad p?rtlc?lir? ai>ply ti JuSEI'll W AM.KN, No. % Na ? *aa -traat. BILLIARD SALOON FOH SAL*, IN THE TIT/OF VV atlun^tou, \i C.~ Tba Itaat and titurt* ol a ttrtt aJ*?a Miifr I r>?m, mm* iu h ill onarmtoa and d-io* a proa ft* f.Utci, (I.oouard A lltnjatnin,) withal! tin mcimi %ry appnr tcranr** r*'jn4*it<i '?r tba l n*infn Th? fi>9Ati<>ni? ai,-> I ar.ii r*nt low For 'urtbar parti u!an inqujra of LEON A Rll A If K > J A M I V , XV! fir- vlwir, N"v* Y.,rk, or of C. VV . Mini, Fliat'p Hotel, U a*l iotftoa < it y. BOILERS FOR CUE A J* - AT RECOR'S IRo.V work*. 100 Waabiagt n ttrt?t, tbrta now oprt/ht tuna Ur loUw, ,V lacbM (Ifamilcr, f?t high; (wo do. da, 24 inhtl diaui?t*r? C f rt ?? inch?a bi/b. C1IIEAJ' f ARMS OF ALL HI/ES, FOR HA I.E. -FOR I t *al* within a fr w ho?irn 'rivr ol thli city, au J witbtu f u? n il" of a it*- aa*boat landing, ?*v*rai farm*, looat d In tba %i mity of Morthf" rt, Lon/ 1*1. tod, t-? b? had 'in f .o I warrant %-a dred*f for c*ab. or in ai? liai?/? for Brooklyn or Wllli-un ?bur? property Applf t . Mr J .n 1 Sbaa, at II?r man V^ll* y, or to tiir nn I* r?l*i.<Hl, batwoan tha hour* of 10 , and 2 o'clock, thit day . Tn**a4a jr, atd t?t in'irr ?? VV ?i ! *??? ?lay. 'Jarm* r*'taoaa'la GEOffOK l? IioWMNCJ, Attor b? y and < oon tailor at Law, IA Ion itntt. (1LIVTON, STATES 1SI.A N II ?R h A l?K, l.or.SOM | J bl/b rronod, with tl? w?, j??ir? *at r. m l ptrfi t ?cw raur Abo lota <%n I'ann ->y\ vam *, VV '?t ol N?w Fork arrna fwrollarly adanted for ?; all ?' <r*t> an I m%n l fa?toriat r?'io?r,n/ a (arte tnpply of lUbt. Apply to ; V W VAN WA r.f.w.S, M Fotft ? inrdiagn. Ilau *tr ?tract, or 4. 11 ttiegtrt, Vand ri ?lt llvuta, Van-1 rblit ! Laadinf. /lOfNTRY RE8IDFNCE l??R SALE OR TO LKA K VV ?at Watarburr, t'oan. ? R"i*? Illll, th?? ra?iietw-f oft' " 1 lat< Wn II ScKVilli, F.'M -Tbl hou??, fiothlc, r miaiti* all , t?. m<"l< rn MtftlitMH of w#t?!r. loi an l to! I j\'.f r i<v e. rat?*? . Ac and n ;btr?n room*; i# now, and buiit of i br?? ^ tn?J rranita, wltbrntrblt tlll?, mant ?lt, A . wifli k>rn, italin.* |rrai?*rTv coatarvktory, A?*. , on tbo (?mailt* ? Tht rroar.d* tr* laid out witb fountain*, ? alt*. <-?rria/? drt A- , braut ifully ntnated in a tno*t boaltby r^fi'-n, an l with- j in a a hart diitancaof N??w York or tw?< i a lay l?y railroad* Appl/ to WU E. C UllTlS, l<4 ilroad way, third ! ffto^r, N**w Tor*. j (10TTAQES FOE SALE CHEAP? A MfF BRICK J col t*ft and l"t in F'irt?>*tb *traa?, l 'tw??n l^tln^toa and f ourth afanuaa : alao a fram- cottagt and b#t "n S?*?*aftd ar?*nti*, both i>l*a*a;ttly *ituate?l l^ri^a ft ??*# a??ih | Onr half can remain <*a boad and ra< rtra^t. la^uirt of T ToH >SENH, ^2 Namm itrttl, up tlairt. DHVO STORE FOR SAtE? OXLY $MU IS CASB 'for tfia balaact n?? >d ?9r?rlty > i? n? * 1t !. t ?? bay a dm* I ?l? r* , whar?' tb# botintaa bai mor t 1 tn dooblt'l, o?rn in tha ' {?tht. y*ar haoafart'?ry r<raa?*a* will bt gir*u for ftlEnif. A; v t B W UK II A HF>> ?> I.r ad*rvy Rt*fl hTORE FOR SALE? TEfE ONLY (HQUOF and apartmanta atturl fd Ytarly rtnt $| *? An D ll*nt situation, aiiltabla for a j hv?ic i or dra(0tt ? I 1^ *"ld, tt th* ?.wn*r la romt to Euroy?. Apply to ll KM 'II A BUS, yrj Broadway Dri;o ?tur r. for hale a c;ooi> Lot atios ton ? a | by "Irian; o. i7v f.ijthtb U'O >Tf?RE ah, a* this pro . A f |?!y tv A DKoWN. il? Uro^daty, ' a | by -Irian; will ha %old oa rtai.nablt Urma. Apply at No. i7v Eighth avenue. DRI O 1-TfiRE FOR SALE ?WILL BE SOLD f'HEAl* f'rtaal, a* th# pr , ri' tor 1? roia? ? r ll i jnl?h th r\wT TENNESSEE Ui CASH WILL ?EfCKf. A Jj farm of oar I nodrtd a* r?a at |J p?r acrt. tb* balancaln Mry an, ail p*r c?nt latr roat f araivr* and mtWbuti *, with anitll mtana, thoald not loa^ tl.u piv rt ? y of * ?a nr.. a prrr .antnt br mr in a a* oat daliKbtfat tlioiatt Apply 21* lirt-a i way , ro -ai |?i. 1'ARMS FOR SALE. TWO GOOD HAIRY. SHEET an l hay farina, o a* of 1 a r?*anl on? of 70 a r?#. adj"4nlnr '-nrh otb*r. on* hour from Na1* Y ?rk *>j tb* St* J?r?ry an l Tbiladtltibta Railroad cart, hi i a?i Mk't **y daily: both w*ll watered, with wood an I frait of all k?a I , an i two * rd two ttory hoaan*, witb ail aa<*? ary oatbnild int* Tl."*# farm* arr t*:ry dattrabla f?f eitr ewebaata, tb? d*f t lain/ wKhln twa mlnnti* wt'k and a* mir,a bly Malt by apot. Tit tw now I and Urnt ?!?/? far llrtkt i title ultra apply on tba j r?nl?*? to WM UAENES, Lniont wa, N J TI1 ARM I flR SAI#B-4IITtJATE0 AUoUT 26 Ifllll 1 ff N-wY'rk, <oatalai'>d ai-ont fty a rt ?'fla-? l n??ar tballna of tba Morn* and Ea**f 'ta lr al I'i mil ** f rrm th^ Eadlton d*pit, "Hit land, with tba **> *pv, n -f four a^r??, wbloli la woo llaad, la all ta a t / h tfat" ?f * Ml *t*. a, -n* iO"?*?a aaarlv r * n, *f? ry b.a r n^t' ,* ? r faiiai prtar and oa<- ttr*aia of *at r oa th? f*rm f?t ?al' ' nrftl , a* X) ? awn*f t* j -iat W??t Kef fa't *r pt f.Ki 1ar< rn< nr* af I FW IS F Hlt'iWNP . \*> vr-ti r .lrtt f-?nrt' ?tr*wt, c ornar of S'-?*ntb ivn '/r of UIWIa M oa tha pr> mia??. J?on SALE -THE I'RopRf F.^oBh fat t T '1*1*1 A H I r'/ttarnnt ard aalaM?a la tha Th?# 4 ward b ?iaMi( I fr rr tl r bo*i?'?a* t- ur- it np, ? I *a.l it a* ? at ?% <0ftr? L' att a tha * *tt aa4 tlM bntinwtt Appdy Inn* <Hat*!y to F. H. IEANCIS, HA Wattiaj(ion ttrift, corn?r <.f ikm hai.i-that MMKAtiir rRormirr, in I I Irtl ? * t , lit' ' k ' > *. I.f. M >. tfttn ? or. . < H# ? 1. n.' >r? ? ill, <1 i"? ?' if . will. Iiu'l, r: i ' ? ?l> ' . J 1 ? . ??. ??< I ?llt .? tl. *?.t i ???'.??. v..1* I., i * . sil^aH >wl. Iiri mi ii ? nif mh.i.1 ? ?(? ? f r ' lr??. ? In- ? ?' r nI.?, At t ? Br > : > . . , 1^4 I* r .libit Iv mU.Im vtlb <? 1 t | iti. 1*r ?? ?lit H .'<14 ur?. .??J I' II f ?? ?.,? >r . . ;1 aii.MAM ? i iifKi. TOOK ?AI.? -If* W1H liK'?<m T?l RIAR Till J? f?r-/ i ?n?II Iimh m4 itl T. I?t. Ii N.*T .r? h r,.? U> l)?.kai>* M#??l, (,?'.? S4 fiM>*|i t ???? Mii.M'l it^r. 13 I'u.n* il.wi , .a, I lr.*M I n > H i. >>w Aj ytj v. >, c.nmrn, is M<tt?tr*.i ? ? < I ?ll.?n ______ F'ok?aii~w i coar t itui r?rii!to fit f.< I r, , *IU Mil ik. k?*i?*?. it l Mi* '.i%*r , t.4 f ?% . ItlM "-t i.,>t-?. 'f *111 Mil tlM M .111 til tf ?t . I'. 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Vt I AMAK A bi.N, It Joli ii ?tr??t. lot., ? ii,, rk *nd ??" ?"?? r?n,o.J ^ JA' ?B i'ppiX' i^?.r ?Ai.r. in hxtt nun street, betitbis I First aid 8e<<#nd icenties, a neat two uterr aa?I base ttfftt brick bttQM, '22 feel f r ? ? 1 1 , 3D deep; lol 25 by 100 feet, it h courtyard in front Termi ea?y luiuiro <>u I lie pro luur.of JOHN VANTASfcEI.. ]JN)| S MK ' tii k I POOR riXTVKM llfD OOOO Mill of a regular ll:vtini4 ?aU?>n, doiu* * uritrato be * ; > K I; * ')?..? * f " ? t \ K 4 f'?r ?rl | kn v. II n l| >| I ;iti I f. I . i " >1* r 1 1 ? value. Apj ly it the corner of llow %r <1 ind H roer afreets. FH?R SAl.E-rA CARPENTER SHI. P. 25 RY 2ft FEET, two ?t. rie# high, on l???ed r<?"ed, uu Thir l avo .u ? three doora a) u>c I ortl?tb ?? t re it , to the r?ir Applv >>n the ti uiiii ? ?. fr m 1 to 3 o'ef' - k, or it N. Fifther s Hint (1 Hel, to r crliclii street, near T ?ird iveuue. If OR HA I K? A \ FRY lJ E > I R A II 7 K.NIW FOUR STOUT trill liouo*. with it) in" I urn iiuprormnente; Iti Niun teetith atrcet I'ijoo $o,(Jl*it il#o, i u?it thieo it ~ri En*Uih Iruement brick hntin, ?? T* nty ei*tb street, fA iiOO; and a fir*t clan tw o atory ind 1 1-cnn nt brink hou?e, in tt vnt Et^fi te? nt I. itro?-t 1'rue ft.fliJM. a SEIOjKA NT, U WTill ?!. l.MiK SAI.K A 1 ilKLK HToKY HAM MLNT AMM'KI. I lar 1 i k hOQN, I il Fifth 1 mi l i . r t ) i i ,fi i, *tr?ot. with ill tho nu lvru iinpr >?? mmitt V*> Alio, MM i?h' dufccrlption, ii' i?r Itrnndwijp ind Tlnrty tfilrd ?rret-l ? f<i,?4N) AUc, ??r niui ?latiriotlnn, n?;ir Koriy- fifth ??n-fct mil hiith iv?iiu? - 1 . ? ?>"'? Ai*o, ?th?r? it vartuiu pru-e.i. A f' pi y it VANMKW S Unit otfioi, 1,U0 BriMVijr, bM ft BA! B THB THftKl roill n I I 18S W1 I 'i iui-tj fourth ?trift; tb? hounu Iiih nil th<? mo Urn tin provrnt^ntf, iii'l MiuM tbruttiboat, bi^h biHAMt, lib hi loony, . buili la tin b it minocr: jirlo# w,Ov' liMj'in on tho pctmi i r ??t I". J UEUT1NJB, 24 W irrou itrcft, tj|? ntair*. from 12 to 2 "M ? U ||10H MAM -Till: VA l.l AI'Lk VHOVKHTY, SOS I JP l.'Ct ind iHtUi -ii ?? t r t orp(?4t? l.udlow utr-.'^t, and it the Wilk r ?tr- t v%ldeulii ii?o the thr^n ?tory >?rlck tl vcfllinp;, l> (*oluinli.% #tro?it, Now York AUo literal two , ind tLruo i?tory brick modern dwelliux*, Inn iniauts* walk I ilove the City l!?ll, llrouklvu N?*, (hburhoo*i tin biit | Term ? v wry nceomiiio<li(iu. A ICAI*N KTAl/X, 311 1'ultou At r ? t , J.t otkl . n, next uoor t ? tl 1 ' ? ?n t Ullioe IlOft SAM A STHAI0B1 LIB* UTI1 i ? IB ftnn 1 1 ri.inr, I ?r^ ii.<| Miiall work. Apply to WM 8 l<AVM(?I.I>, No t D?y ?tr"^ 1/ i- BAI B k i :t IVB ( 0T1 1 OB AND fOI w L01 fit uitcd on the I'll nk r? id from Il' bok u to ilark?i Mick, t', i ouilt-f from tho form r pln <?. i or further uifonai j tiou I'fure** I I). II , ) ? x 11U 1 1 *>r ? ! *i ofli o. I^Klt l-AI.E-A 'I WO 3THUV I'll AM E IIOL' K, it II V fr.-t , nt i money lnukii.g |'Uf <1 rit t h? corner ?f I i ft r | tu t utriet nnd Ninth ireauo. where the rulruid it ipt, ind i I* ece ( f el- tea y?-ir? to run lu<|<ure ou the prtmnoi, lu the i o air elt ro. IP Oft 8 A L ft A FAB If, AT 0Y8TXB H \ r . <?i irren; i house with eUht i oomn and kitchen, baru S2 hy (<) fe'*t , withtellar i???l well uud?r, with out buiMiug*. K?od water near the home ; Irece of ?. |ect fruit , a h?>jr ? rrnard of Imi treox; m.muiec fruit with pond water; eiai all fruit plenty ; ?bm'e tree* lir^o, v jth e ?> I *ofTlcieut for the place Y r n^riAulturul pnrpont's it Ik otcoO'l to none near it, or for a !?< rfloti d> in*( l>u?in<-i > tn tho t Ity ; it in one mil* fr>ui the Vlllliro, two aud a half from Syo^ref Mlfiti'iti; the pla**e ti health) and n? .i^ht ? rhood jiood, or it would t>? divided, i*?? there i? l rommandiiiK view of I ay. Souud, ind tnnin tnnd from Him heute. <>n? half or three hftht of the purr J?a#e mom') iniv nn.ftin on th?i pliic. Inquire of JSO? LUU JAM. on the j remieeif. VOK SAI.K A IIA(< ATFI.I.F Tlf? A R D, is COMPI.KIK 1/ order, with hki, innk r, Ae 'J' hi owner, iniktatf il tcritlonp in bin rrciuiiiea hi no room lor it. Cmt over fl'M), will he nold for fx (lull. Ajp1> to J. II. II tillers, corner Mulberry i n d Houston ? rr? tf. FMiR 8AI.E? TO It K. HKBOVBU I K<'M Till PUEBIMRH. i frime hou^c, aiidi|n?w three ?tory tiaiement houso, n irly finished, in Kurty ?et'>ud etre-t, li'? feet ei?t of nvrtirx Inquire it the lumber yird, corner 5ii t.enth street ind .' en-nth ivenue Bioiisai.kor kxciianuk, AT A (J r E \T m< ri Act- A ? ilmble put** lit machiue, wl h the ei<-lu*lve I ruht to u n tf. Dime in one of the h *\ counties in this | Hut 11. is ia 1 iir and chance to enter into a I unine ? a hl< h v it h nt tention w ill ?oon realue a fortune. R nl e?tate, stocks, tint ?r land or firm will be ttkea fa etcl.ia/,o A ldre.iJ \\ K , llorild otT\. ?. FViR I A IE? A H FA VI NO EST A ft I . I H || M EST, VOW in the best of or<l?-r fer lnsriula'.tuiin|, aid lease of ?>t<e)<firor fi*?*, from the f,r t of M.y No mk in tHii boninria. l or I irti* uliri iii'iuir "i tha j>rettii?e? Thirty flrit ttreet, north ?i lc of N into arrnu> . ueit the R .<*k II t If IIoum-, third floor. II II A /.LI. 1 1 yoUHAM-UNK <?l II l.ltltl N (? M WYA, NKARI.r J end fitted up for Jen# IJen* me Also lorae Jei <lui ? touts and! tlitnn* Apply luimediitely. to Mr. ft J SMITH, CS Ann street, third itory ?ViR?A!.E? A FIRST f'l.AHH HAIR HRRHMNG A Nil batl.inir e?i iMli btiiiiti with so* en rear* l?a?e of heu*e. I rrira$l,(4* hall oath U rt>4?ire4. N - brok rs wauted. i A|ply%t IMMith fcveutt* EUHl PAL* - TO fl ATTRRC A HAT AND CAP I ?t Of of thr ?? yiiri *tnn?flii.', ?ttu?Ua<1 on ? /<#??< I tlorombflri f?-r . ?lo. M>? of it<? beat ?j. aUnU? in Hm ci t jr A rninaJafn?? lor a ?* ?? at? -? U c4?i?l| ? ? U*? "??or F^ON 3 A IK ? Tlllt l!K fiKM ICAlll.K I.OT? ON tllTH ?ir in;< , ncnr 1 loth r tr?j> ? , ? uc lu <i< do wd J 'oriJdb itrctt, ui ?r Peio n<i Rrwnti*. A/i-fv to It f> W ARM A H IV 32 atrtit. L'oh *ai.i; a n i.l nrv lot kif.oasti.v t<o F rm t??if . or r< tty *i, Ml. t I turcn I ir#t ah I hi - nd ?vfBu.?, URoftOK J JlAV-MI', ?J'? ihJrinro tiO , or 1 wltoi fir ?(, eeru< r of H ilium. E^on fa i k with a i on? i k? a orociry at rn, conaiatm* < f a w-ll ?*)??(< I Kit iriflMii of|r< ? eri? -, li i r?. ? ? .*ari? At" . I? a fir t rn' lot iti' a, whtr* the I'ticibMi I- ytllty iiurtiikinx Ap,!y at ft? J J?m*aillp FV?n .? Air. CM FA I* ? A TWO fToUT HOI'S R AMI t ? r ? \ rtu of land of g9'> I qnnltty. with a vnnatjr of fruit; I -* itifnlljr aituao-d tut'* plridnt filUg* of Uo( l!i'!,?,iiii t'lo*n of ftt?mford, Con a., on th- ?t?rar>ad, ? if 'it milt, from t) ? 4 ?pot In t'iir of ? II A f ?R A ? K Wf f II. 4' ~ brand ilr ft, Now V? rk, r John IlMl*ltk, Ktatnford F'oR HAI.K CHEAT A N I TA II 1. 1 - !l K l> COtl If I H aim* b?b**r)', I ?? erntn'blo n aril la Ji a r* taurant, * n on? r?f th?* I t th r< o fart* and m' at dutrabt? |?,ea la Rrookl v n, *l?f*viti v fttteJ p with *yry r'^nUiii, ar.d doing a froo<l < M*h boamaia Tit? | f ml?M *r?* a four rtori brtok t-ullUinf niir f<??t do- |?, % lar** /ar I. in? isn't*, A< and iv?rjr fn? ility f*?r d' in* an ?atanaif* t>okiaff lotifiiH A Ion * loan- in fair r. .t, a I ? lift I Main? a, ran b> *?< ore ! ' / 'brly i|> jli'-a' loo at f I Af>rtl? Itwui*. lirt, kl> n I^OR .--A! E \ ERV C If ft A I* IOM I A ^ II IV) A* R? firuiinr liri'l. mi/ York j rt f.* JS j ? r a r? at 1 1 I ln?* atrnt, ? * t w*Pi I and V" elotk for t?n ?lay ? FloK BA IK (?H TO I ,r.T- Till: rol'R ^TOK> lim'K dwi-llin/ Hoaa? Vif !,a?t TUirt/ tlilrd ?tr ?l f?r?iia??4 tiitli nil luo.i-ru i? ??!!*? nt#. Apfijr at i(iv t??t Tkirt/ Ibird lift Ii^f >R SALE OR To LET? II 01** K NO 2 M I'AI ROW, tuo t ry iBftiW ?t- r?? ob Hr?-i!*ay a finr* 1 1 f?iltixli?4 in l.tinri a ifii'i* a |* u?? in T?*mf-y fourth Itrnt; two ami 1 1 til llroofclrn. a dwalllnf in 1 hvyi| ? n atreM, n ?r IM? r, f?t T A I OW LCR, No ? Jannrtf court. F.01 RAM OR TO I.RT- A TWO nTOHY MICE COT ta/?, wttb a ) nnnttful rarla? w?ll atd on* wida frolt nnd oroBW'tal tr?^? ?itu%*?d n M/rtl?- ?tr**' aa4nl?n??t fr otitic ? ii tf^rt'* a*?n?? f? tok r *?l aod witbln t?? min nt-a' walk ff'/tti H/rtl* nt?nn? ra?lr ad T?r?? a?* I u 'j one of (' CIIABOT. I niton ?tf" t, S V F^fiK SAf.R f?R TO I.RT TIIK TH o HToRV AVI) at jr 217 ."nllitnn atr*?t, ln?|*4ir? of AHIMIIA 91 M 1111. 254 *? ??t 1 nanty a??on4 >tr??? VO% 1AM OR To I.RT ON ?*TATRS I i* I AM? % I f "??tr<il and aoHttantlnlijr t-nilt u, -i^-rn ?ton* ho t a* rowtnmlnf fo?ft*?n r ? m? in \ r< ft or4?r, wit . r%*t? an I wntvr in th" kit< ifii. ttftUt out bon?*-#, nnd it ?awn m r??? of r t . rgr* n I' r?at tr- *? in f 1 ' iann ? 9$W wom-nta vaik from *???]??? >? llar? .r f?rrjr 1 trait rn?/ Aril/ to WV. i BARRi rr, I0 w ?:. atm?t ll^Ot 8ALI OR BXCfVAIVOS TWO IIOI AND I ??T* I nt V H ??t " tiwat ?r r onn t - . h' ??*? t?# %?ara -*14 thlf* ' n r ? rn?, ???}! boll; ai? f or ' ?t? fifi/ third a1 r? tt l'*rtli ?ui fift ait?m*a, * 4 rottdln# lot* Tha ?v?aa will b. ? 14 r a* .?ng. I ?? Ubar?t utni Affdytol It KISHjiilflJC .11# ? ?art'. ar*o ? S t? 7 T M RfAir ??R F.Mtlt A NOR A \ I ItV Df-jRlSfK form of IV. tin in t>?a?. ?? c viat; Na? fvifc I * ad H t 4?f !< F __ i?? 1 1 1 a lr In n atati' fi n< ? ?lfi? ! ai ? d?ir/f?rni I mJ la n l.itfh ?tit 'f i. U?ao n. two bo ??? Inr/? bnrn ?n? ? 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