Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1855 Page 6
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financial and commefmmal. konkt market. TnrnsDAT, March 15 ?6 P. M. giookf aid railroad bonds hart been in de I today. and bettor pricea were realixed at the H rat board- Stocks of a fancy character were ne fleeted, and prices receded. At the drat board In diana 6'a advanced 4 per cent; California 7'a, Harlem first mortgage bonda, fe; Erie bonda, 1875. 1; Iuinoia Central bonda, 1; New York Central 7'a, j-lselliagat par; Panama Railroad, 2|; Cleveland, Co 'ombuiaad Cincinnati Railroad, 1 ; Cleveland and To lede Railroad. 1. New York Central Railroad fell off ? per cent; Nicaragua Transit, 4; Reading Railroad, Nearly one hundred thousand dollar* of State ?toeks were sold this morning, principally for cash. Hoot of the purchases are on foreign account. Rail road bonds to even a greater extent were sold at the Ant board today. About one hundred and thirty thousand dollars of Erie bonds of 1875 were sold, nearly all for cash. Illinois Central bonis Amounting to upwards of seventy-five thousand dol lars changed hands. There were large sales ot Reading Railroad, and prices were very steady. It was reported to-day that a large foreign holder of Reading Railroad stock had sold out at 83 a 84 per cent- This rumor arose from the fact that an op erator in Philadelphia, who had bought in st less prices, realized on some thousand shares, with the hope, doubtless, of depressing the market eo a* to come in again and doable his line. The market absorbed this large lot without reoeding more than a frastion of one per cent, and it strikes us that the party alluded to must feel sadly disappointed. Foreign holders of stock in this company are rather more anxious to buy than to sell, and are desirous of having their portion of every or any new issue of stock allotted to them, eves at par. The business of this company exhibits at this time a state of prosperity unexampled in its history. It is no 'onger a matter of any moment irho sells the stock or who buys it The prosperity of the road is now a fact so firmly established in the public estimation that it no longer requires the aid of influential names to give it strength. On the contrary, we believe that if the whole English in terest were sold out to day, substantial buyers at home weald be found ready to purchase the stook, and hold it as the best investment offered in the range of the stook list. The severe test to which the market has been pat within the last three or four days, by the immense quantity of stock offered for sale, and whioh found ready purchasers at im proving rates, shows this resalt beyond a doubt. The heaviest, and, for such a speculative faacy, the meet neglected railroad stock on the list, is Erie. It brings within a fraction of forty-six per cent, and it appears to be as difficult to get it above as below that point. It is a harden to carry at that price, as the interest account runs up rapidly against hold ers. Harlem, Hudson, and New York Central remain about the same. Some of the Western railroads are doing much better this year than last, but we shall have co more such heavy dividends. The stock holders will get all the roads really earn, and that la all they san expect. The Chicago and Rock Island, with its finanoes under the supervision of Mr. Flagg, has just made a dividend of four per oent, and the Chicago and Mississippi, with its finances under the aupervi ioa of Mr. Blatchford, will soon show a very favorable state of thingB. We can answer tor these | companies, as far as the safekeeping of the funds go, and the payment of dividend*. Those road* which hA7S heretofore paid suci enormous divi dends, can do so no more, and if they pay any, the late wUl be compazatively small. After the adjournment ot the board the following Hales of bonds and stooka were made at auction by i n UUaI*-. 9&.000 Missouri Stats f>s Int a.ld>:d w; a 000 Nashville City 6s So 80 2,600 gacramcnto Funded debt do 8HJ 6, COO Hudson River R. R 3d mortgagsa do ?.000 New York ft Harlem K. R. 1st do do W, 4 000 Cleveland ft Pittsburg R. R. Income* do 59J{a60 *7,0(j0 Hreakenride Coal Co $1,125 7 KTj r>7 df poait in Suffolk Bank 360 60 shares Michigan Southern R. K 84 "0 do Cleveland ft Pittsburg R. R 38 61 do do do 37?i 500 do ErieR R 100 do Dataware, kackawana ft Western K R .. 4 do Seeoud Avenue R. R 62 159 do Cumberland Coal Ct 3oT? 3) do Chatham Hank 85 00 do Greenwich Fire lax Co 139)4 20 do 8t Mark's Fire Ioa. Co 7 5 ICO do Isabella Copper Co 901,' 100 do do do 90 Simeon Draper's regular semi weekly aaction sale of bonds snd stocks will take place to morrow, at half past 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. At the second Soaid an advance was realized thiooghont the market generally. Indiana 5's im proved i per c<nt; Virginia 6 's, 4; Louisiana G's, J; DiiEOis Central Ronds, 1^, Panama Bondi, 1; Nicaragua Transit, J; Cleveland and Toledo Rail road, 14; Erie Railroad, 4; Reading Railroad, 1; Patama Railroad, 2. Since yesterday morning Pa nama Railroad has improved five per cent. The market cloned very firm, with a strong upward tendency. The street was lull of rum or i today aboat the proceedings instituted against the Nicaragua Transit Company by a person named Allen, a former agent of the company. The cause of this movement is at present unknown beyond the souroe from whioh it seunated; but we have a strong suspicion that it is priaelpally for stockjobbing purposes. Personal spite snd prejudice has undoubtedly something to do with it. Thst the whole affair will end in smoke, no one oan doubt; and in the meantime we expeot to see the market value of the stock en hanced. These matters are too transparent to at tract much attention, and the coarte and lawyers are the only parties wbo are likely to derive any benefit from this. The company have, in our opinion, mads a mistake in noticing the matter, officially, through the press. We annex the official statement NlOARAOrA TraKSIT COMrAW? ' To TH* Public. In reply to the frequent imioiiie-i made of the Aeces llorv Traaatt Company a? to the nature of the com slam t of Daniel B. A'Jen against them, the undersigned will liUte that Mr Allen baa aerved a copy of a complaint oa each ?( the officers aid directors of the company. The Crarnen of it U Uiat tne officers and directors have n fraudulently mismanaging the affairs of the com pany to his prejudice aaa stockholder. The complaint la a long paper, it printed, and must bare been in course of preparation for many weeks; yet Mr. Allen was not a b'oc* holder until the 10th last., or five days ago, when the Meairs. Hays transferred to him one hundred shares, and two dava afterwards four hundred more shares All the facts, therefore, were known t<> him before he pur cbaaed ths stock, and his determination to commence a ?uit waa first formed, and the stock then bought. For what purpose it was bought we leave to the judgment of tfcoes wbo know Mr. Allen. It is alleged in this paper virtually that the agents, officers and directors hire been frauduUatly misappropriating the money of the company, that they illegally issued 40.000 shares of the capital stock te purchase theVanderbiltlineof steamers; tfeat Mr. Morgan and Mr. Garrison are Incompetent to act ss agents because of adveree interests and want of integrity: that the counsel is pail some $10,000 per annum for services purely imaginary. We need not say to the stockholders who tre in the habit of examining into the company's affairs, that ths complaint, as a whole and in its parts, is unqualifiedly false and libellous The complaint was accompanied by an Injunction restraining, not the company, but certain of Its officers, from appropriating the company's funis to tbeir own aae, from paying any money on account of the purchase of steamships fn-m issuing mure stock and from making any nsw contracts with Charlss Morgan or C. K Garrison to act as as the agents of the company. For ths whole sale slander aad falsehood in this complaint, Mr. Allan will be held answerable in any and every manner whi'-h may be permitted by the law of the land. It may be proper to add that the injunction is t?mporary, and tntil we '? allow cause," (the 'J6th Inst.,) which we eo%U thea very quickly do, and that it does not at all interfere with the company's regular buslnsea. CHARI.eS MORGAN. President. THOS. I.OKD, Vice Presi lent. ISAAC C. I,KA, Secretary. JOSEPH L. WHITE, Counsel. JOSEPH OGDEN, Director The transaction* at the Assistant Treamrer's effi -? to-day were as fOwOwa:? /Hid on Troaaury account 149 tttO 46 Jteceved oa Treasury areount " pg'iiWl 61 (ta aace oa Troasory account ' '" 4 032' 2*6 (0 Paid for Aaaay ofllee W son as Paid oa disbursing chocks 23;vt., 12 By ths arrival of the steamship Africa at Halifax, re have by telegraph four days later IntelUgeaoe (email parts of Europe. The news is highly im. , , ?o'Saat. Th? death of the Ctar is an evnt un'ook I fi U pr?fTMttO for M* OpMllf OMtfftlfi, 1 and Ita eflbot is hkely to be of a decisive character. On the other side of the Atlantis the prospect of peace wm considered more favorable. The efltot on flnanoial and commercial aSUm waa hardly per ceptible. Con sola slightly advanced. Cotton and bieedetaffb continued dull and depreaaed. The early departure of the Africa, after the reoelpt of the intelligence of Nicholas ' death, leaves na with out particulars relative to the effect upon money and mercantile affairs. The next iteaner fiom Europe will be anxioasly looked for. The steamship Canada will leave Boston for I jverpool on Saturday, the 17th inst. A mail irill be made op and leave here on Friday afternoon for Boston, tor the steamer. The Trenton Gazette sajB intelligence was re ceived in that city on laat evening that the Bank of Cape May had failed. Same one connected with the bank had gone off with all the specie funds. The Directors of the Cleveland and Toledo tall road Company have declared a dividend uT tot per cent cut of their earnings for the past year, but payable in the company's bonds at par. The divi dend will be paid ou the 5th of April. A. H. Nico'ay will sell at the Merchants' Ex change, on the 24th inst. $240,000 seven percent first mortgage bonds of the Fort Wayne and Southern Railroad C< mpany, in anms of $1,000 eaoh, payable Jane 1st, 1859. payable in New Tork, interest pay. able semi annually, at the office of the Ohio Life and Trust Company. wThia road extends from Foit Wayne, Irdiana, to Louisville, Kentnoky, and when completed will be two hundred miles in length. The road will cross the Ohio river by means of a tutnel, for which purpose the Kentnoky Legislature, on the 10th of Maroh, 1854, gave all the necessary and most liberal grants, and on the 27th of May following, the city of Louis ville released the right of way, and for ever exempted the works from taxation. The road from Fort Wayne to Moncle? 64 miles was put under oontract In Maroh, 1853. This di vision of the line, in connection with the Bsllefon tains Railroad, forma a very direct railway conne: tion between Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, and is now nearly ready for the iron. From Tripton, on the Ohio and Mississippi, and Madison, Indiana polis and Peiu Railroads, to the Ohio river ? 53 miles? was put under contract April 12, 1854; anl will also be in a condition for the iron by the 1st of J oil a next. In connection with the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, this seotion forms a line be tween Louisville and Cincinnati, twenty-six miles shorter than the Ohio river. The cross ties for both divisions are nnder contract to be delivered so as to commence laying the track the 1st of Jane next. The wotk, from its earliest commencement to the present date, has, without any suspensi on, been prosecuted steadily fr?m the home means and oredit of the company, and without the sale ot a tingle bond; and it is the fixed determination of the company to move rapidly forward until the woik is completed, which (for the work under on tract) it is expeoted will be accomplished during the present year. The warrants entered at the Traamry Depart ment, Washington, on the 13th inst., were : ? For the redemption of stock $3,!S74 90 For paying Treasury debts 6,400 5.'1 I'or the Interior Department 26,024 48 For the Custom* 07,008 36 For amount of warrants received and entered 52,003 14 Fot repaying tor the Interior Department .... 643 63 For covering into Treasury from customs .... 35 00 lor covering into Treasury from lands 161,912 14 For covering into the Treasury from miscel laneous 2,822 19 The Superintendent of the Banking Department has g.vea uOti e that the notes of the Central Bank of this city mutt be presented at his offi ce for re" denipticn within two years from the 8th lost. Also that the uotts issued by D." Webb, an individual Wirker (IVinkuL Hank, of Chautauque county,) must be presented within two yean from the 9 th I iist. Stock ? 1 jrcoo Oliio fi's '56. c 101 >; 0600 Ind ft 5's. . s3 85 >f 2;^ik) do 8a 1040 Virginia 8'?.?S 96^ TOCO do ... . (3 98 1; 100G0 Missouri 6'ss3 95'; 5000 do...&60 96 5000 do. . .boO 96>i SO.JO do....*l 1C000 do. . . b30 06,'4 1600 Louisiana ti'o. '.'1 6600 do.... . 92 1C00 Califoi 7'? '70 90 2000 .it> 90'; 2000 do tK>>; 6000 H?r lat M B4i 9.". V 4.100 dok.slO 95>; 1000 Albany El C>fs 34 4'KX) Erie Bda of 'f3 91tf oOOO do 91 Si 5000 Erie B: not "75 S5 10000 do 85 7000 do 85>; aooo 86,', 5000 d.>...b30 85 5POOO do 86J< 5000 do... .ale 85 14000 dn...bS0 88 500 do., 84 lOiMjOHudR.latMtBs 101',' 1000 HudR il.Vt Bi 92 Vi 2000 HudR.JdMt B?. 74 8000 ran. Bda -it l i* lot 1000 do 104 1; 20C0 IUCen R IMa.s3 78 a 5000 do .1,30 79 60000 do 79 20000 lo.ilO 79 C100 NY Con I Ml lids 89>.' 2500 do 89 \ 11000 NY Con 7 3 a3 99>; i500 do WS 0600 do c loo 1000 InJ B'? Hit,... 85'; 40 sh* Merch Uk... 132 SECOND 98000 Ind State 6'a.. 88 looo Virginia 8'a.s3 98K 11000 do.... a3 96?; 2000 I/Ouiniana 6's. . 92', 75(0 Krie Bds of '76 88 20000 1U CenRRBda. 80 50C0 do 80 V 110C0 Pan Bds 2d is. 105*; 100 abs Nic Tran Co. 16); 50 do 18 230 Cum Coat Co. . a.". 34 2(>0 do.*. ?6 34 ?cluuig*. ni FSDAT, March 10, 1865. 13 shs Bk of Ame'a. 113 i; 20 Merch Kx Bk. . *3 lot V 40 Bk State NVork. 105 V 26 do 106 40 Bk of Commerce. 110 25 Hinover Bank. . . 94 25 Shoe & f.eath Bk. 100 10 Continental Bk . . 1 03 t>0 NY Con RK....C 93 j; HO do C 93 100 do alO 93V 10 Sixth Ave RR..,. 60 300 Nic Trans Co. . h3 18 i'00 do b80 16V 100 <lo lb\ 50 do 15V ? 00 do 15 .. 100 ko ?30 16V 360 do 14!.; 500 Krio Railroad. . .c 45 V 200 do b3 45V 150 do 45 V 200 do 457; 48 N J?rsey RR . . . . 123' 200 Reading RS.. ,,o 82 200 do 81 V do 81V 200 do a SO 81, V 50 do blO 81 V 100 do 61$ 65 do *30 81 V 200 do s30 81 j; TOO do s3 81' 100 do brtO 81' 400 do b30 82 18 do 82 50 do bt 82 50 Bud Rlv RR..S3 37,'i 7 Mich South KR. . 90 195 I'anama RR 103 50 do b?0 103); 30 Civ, C Ar Oin RR. 106 11 CiT 4 Toledo RR. 75 >; 10 do 7j'; 10 do 76 BO 4RD. 100 shs Cum C Co s30 33?; 350 do 34 50 ( lev & Tol RR. .. 77 )i 100 N Y Central Ra30 03?; 150 do 93j; 1200 Erie RR 48 200 do 46'; 100 do a:t 46* 200 Reading RR.. ,b3 82 ?; 75 Panama RR 1>'5 160 do b60 106 s; CITY TR/VDfi REPORT. ThI'Rsday, March 16?1 P. M. Amikh.? Sale* of 60 bbls pots were made at 98 26. BuxMiarurT*.? Klour. ? The late news, together with the inclemency of the weathnr, had a tendency to check tranaactiona. and Inferior, with commoa brands of State were easier. The nates embraced about 4,000 a 6,000 bbU. | at 98 87 a 99 37 for common straight State, and $9 32 a { 99 81 for common to good Western brands. In Canadian about 1,(10 bbls. at $9 12 a $10 60 for duly paid. Southern sold te a moderate extent at easier rate* for Irregular lota of common brands, while choice and ?xtra qualities were unchanged. Wheat.? The sales embraced i about 4,000 baahels Southern white, about half of which j was fair to good quality, at 92 ? 7 and the remainder was prime at >2 46, A lot of 3CO bushels mixed, was sold at private bargain. Corn,? The sales emoraced I lo,0t0 bushels mixed at 96c; 7,000 do. Jersey yellow, at | 98c., and 8,000 do Southern white, on ahipboard in Bal ; timore, 6c freight, at 94c. Rye.-~!*ale? of 1,400 bush I els .forth river at 91 3B, and 300 do. Long Island, 91 36. Cornea.?-' The market was firm birt sale* were light. A lot of 150 mats of Java brought 13*40. a 11c. Rio wa? steady at 10);c. a 11c. Corrox ? The news by the Africa at Halifax imparted j increased animation to the market, and the tales for the I day reached about 4,0(0 bales, about 2,000 a 3,000 o' ! which were made after the receipt of the newt, and at firmer rates, but prices were unsettled Fmk.iit* ?Rates to Liverpool were rather eatler. En 1 gageimnta of 300 boxes bacon were made at 16s.. 200 co beef, at 2s 9d , and 100 ?0 pork, at Is. 9d. To l?n don, 6C.0 bbli. tuipentine were taken at 'is. 9d per 280 lbs . and 100 bids, pork, at 2s. ToUlasgow, 600 botes ba ton and 900 bbls. lard were engaged en private term* There was no change to notice in rates for Havre or Cali | fornia. Bay ?600 halt s were told at 8.V. I mp.? f*elet of 20 tons Spanish w?re made at tnd 40 do tngU>b, at 6'tc., both on time and intereat. I M.'t iw ? I"ale? of about 200 bble. New Orleens were made at 2?e. a 27c. Paovnuoss ? Old me?s pork was easier, ?ith sale* of about 500 a M? hblt , at 914 26 for old, with smaU lots nfw m"" II ?'* 12 * ,,B "?*? ????ly. with sales of 200 a t00 bbls State and Westers at old prices. Cut mt-ats *ere Arm, with moderate sales A small parcel of shoulders brought 7e Bacon sides ranged from 8c a 8>tc. I^rd was unrhanj-l, anil rl6?#i with light salts, ?t al>out 94,o a ?^c Prima wa- held at O'.'d, Srif ??.? 2 casks notmegs sold at 95c , and 25 kert at private barf am. * ^ 8roAM-The iaelemency of the weather interfere! with sales, and we oalv htard of about 100 a 16W) hhds New Orleans, a part of which sold at 4 ?;c Wiiraor ? Selee 800 bbls Stats priton vers made at 81 H cent*. PLATIROCARDI, PI AVISO CARDS -rARO PI.AVIHO CIIID-tmr old sal wall tsatnaee, with all the *%r? ??? nthtr iasl ! 'I*t li'i.n ?- I ptilt.n ftrl. kt V HtRl A CO I lor tais ts iba tra4e ?ns elee auwses at ii?( ete\<- stv 1 1 vrmiH i* Aim ll?m. boaboho ajtd umkmvo. A f? EABT KasHMTH WIUW.- MBS. KEMBLft 4:t) b*rlo( wtimI Mil* of rotmt diaougagod for tha eomlng ?**<>", ?? propped to raoaive a plications from famlUee nod aingle gentlemen for ptrauut board, at bar extonaive u4 delightfully rltaated MteblUhmtat, between uilTouU ?t?u. BOA*?? WITH VERY CONVENIENT APARTMENTS for families or (ingle imUmud. Location very ar guable far gentlemen doing bueine** down town, caw and stages passing to all part* of t)M city. Apply at No. 4 Ablngdoa square, second door from Bank atreet 701 BROADWAY-SECOND STORY TO LET CON I OX listing of four rcoma, use of bath room, gas light the moit pleasant location. The room* art unfurnished, and will be let either for business or for dwelling. 1 d.7 HUDSON STREET, OPPOSITE ST.JOHN'S PARK It I ? Furnished rooms to let, with board, to single feutlemen, or gentlemen and their wive*. House uewly urniahed, with all the modern improvements. Will not re move in May. M'? EIGHTH STREET, OPPOSITE CLINTON HALL. 0 ? Tworooma on second floor to let, with board, in a fint class bouse "ion MAulSOK AVENUE-TWO DESIRABLE SUITES IOU ot rooms, either furnished or untarnished, also a room for ahongle gentleman, oau be had in a fint olass hojise, rynlete with all the modern convouleno**. Wall streat *tag* a jam tb? dtor, Q1 EAST TWENlY THIRD STREET ?IIAN DSOMELY OX famished apartments, with board, may be obtaiaod in a tirst claaa house; location fine, with a large fruit gard^ and private stable in the rear. Cn LISPENARD STREET. NEAR BROADWAY, OU neatly farniahed rooms to let, to gentlemen, without board. A SUIT OF VERY ELEGANT ROOMS WILL BE LET A to a genteel party with or without board, by a small lamily, at 10 Nelion plaoe, one block f?>m Broadway, op posite Dr. Skinner s olmroh. A PARLOR WITH BED ROOM ATTACHED (UN furnished,* with full or partial board, ean be obtained in the first claaa houae, No. 39 Oreat Jones atroet. Alao one aingle room (farniahed), auitable for a gentleman. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM, WITH PR1 rate bath, Ao., attached, to let, with board, ta a gentle man and hia wife, or aiugle gentlemen; alao, a aingle room, first claaa accommodations, gaa, hatha, Ao. Inquire at 00 and ti2 Varlck atreet, St. John's park. A FAMILY CP TOWN, WHO TAKE FROM POUR TO ?11 boarders, bare a well fnrnlahtd room on tha second floor to let to a gentleman and wife, also a small room to let to a lady or.gentleman. The use of the piaae If required. The house has all modern improvement*. Apply at 210 tf est Thirty first atreet. A GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH A very pleasant room, with partial board. In a private family, botweea South and Wall street ferries. Term a V'j per week. Addresi J. LI, box 3,005 Post Office. A PLEASANT ROOM AND BEDROOM FOR A GEN tlemaa and wife or three aingle gentlemen, in a beau tlfnl and convenient location, with partial board for gentle men. Bath and gaa. Private family. 07 Perry street, be twret Bleeckerand Fourth atreeta. A CFAMILY OF THREE, OCCUPYING A SMALL AND XX extremely neat modern house, (bath, gas, Ao.,) mostly furnished, in Bleeeker street, near Broadway, wish to meet with a gentleman and wite who appreciate a sociablo home, and to whom would be given rent rree, and a payment be side, for board. Reference of the highest respectability Jiven and required. An immediate arrangement, or for Mar . The object sought is to reduce expenses and meet with agreeable companion*. Address or apply at 006 Broadway, after 3 P. M. BOABD? WITH A SUIT OF NEWLY FURNISHED rooms, can be obtained by a gentleman and wife, at 64 Eaat Twenty second street, near Fourth avenue; dinner at all o'olock; no children; no moving ia May: family private and but few boarders taken. Reference exohanged. Board.? a parlor and bedrooms attached, with best aooommodation*. in th* u*w brown stone house, finished with all the modem improvements, at No*. 1UZ and 104 last Fourteenth stroet. Hefeienoes exohanged. BOARD.-TO LET, A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED back parlor and extension, to a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen. Terms per week, $14. Also a larre handsomely furnished front room, second floor. Terms S9. The bouse is replete with all the modern improvements. Family private. No movinr on the first of May. Apply at 12 Troy street, near Twelfth atreet. Stages pass each corner. Board? a respectable private family having a pleasant turnrsbed room, with modern conve tiiencef, location central, may hear of a man and wife, quiet audwUhto he with the like people. Terms reasonable; ]>?y sure. Reference exohanged. Address H., Herald Office. BOARDING.? A PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON SE eond floor; alio aploasant Iront room for a single gen tleman, at 4V West Twenty second atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avonued References required. BOARDING.-TWO or THREE GENTLEMEN CAN lind pleasant rooms, with good board, at 56 Hudson St Boarding? m.igible suits or rooms may be had at the new private Mansion bouse, 1:77 Sixth ave nue, fronting tho palace A delightful and healthy summer location, and thf oharg*a moderate. Genteel and christian families invited to call. Cars every three miuutes. BOARMNO.-NKWLY FURNlSnED KOOMS TO I.KT, with or witbuat board, (or familiet or ?inula gantleuion l.i?rk,v |ileu>Rai '?>' families, with bedrooms and cloaots attsob> 4 large olegaut'v furnished parlors, on tha first f..r, lor fnn.ilian, wi'.hout board. Largo pleasantr- : that will accommodate a na^'r ?f fon* ??nOMmen, at 1 J) end I.-.- i i.iiii i . r. . Kerecenoe required. Board wanted? in a strictly private fami !}', for a young gentleman. wife anil daughter. flva i aia old; tt ens li will bo paid for gentleman itnd wife, an I naif price for child; reference of drat standing givon an 1 re quired. Address A. L., Herald office. Board wanted- BT a geftleman, in a pri rote, retired family, where there are no other board er- preferred He will furnish Ms own room, and if suited will likely l>? ps'rmai-nnt. Breakfast and tea only required, with dinner on Sundays. Location west of Bowery, not higher op than Twenty-Kith ttreet nor below Bleeokor street. References exchanged. Address, propaid, 0. W. U., Box No. 8,031 Post office. Board wanted. ? a respectable woman, a dressmaker, wishes to engage a room, with board on Sunday, at a moderate price, In tlio apper part of the t it} ; ahe has a good class of eustomera, to any or whom ?lie is permitted to refer. AddreM Dressmaker, Union square 1'ort Office, Board wantf.d-foragenti.eman and lady, full board for tha lady only, where thcro aro no oth-r boarders, in a small family, in a house with modern im provements Address J. 0. L., Broadway Post Office, stating location and termi, which will be paid Inadranoe. Board wanted-for a lady; up town, near Broadway, preferred. Terms moderate. Board paid in advance if required. Address Sirs. Johnson. Broadway Post. Office. Board wanted out of town? by a gentle man and lady, in a respectable familv. where tliure arc nn other boarders; location between New York and Ilighbridga preferred. Address box 3,864 Post OSco, stating terms, Ac. Referencel exchanged. Board in Brooklyn- two gentlemen can be accommodated with partial board by applying at 114 High street. References exchauged. BOARD IN BROOKLYN? A PRIVATE family can accommodate two or three gentlemen with rooma and board. T< rma moderate, References exchanged. Location is convenient to tha Wall street or Fulton forry. Apply at 219 Adams street, near Johnson, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.? a small amkkican fa raily will take three or four gentlemen to breakfast and tea, and dinner on Srniday, single or double room**, plain reaily furnished, (without board if desired;) house is plessantly and conveniently situated, about ten minute)' walk from Fulton, Wall and Catherine ferries Apply 33 Tillary, near Washington streets. Board on Brooklyn heights -one or two singlo gentlemen can bo accommodated with partial beard and handsomely furnished rooms in a respectable 8 rivate family, within two 2% minutes' w alk of cither the outh or Wall atroet ferry, and five of Fultou ferry. Ad dress D. G., box 1,053 Post Office. Board, from the ist may nf.xt-a parlor and bedroom (furnished) in th* Ninth ward, this city, near Bleecker street, adjacent to sta/e and car loute, to one or more single gentlemen, with breakfast and tea. and full board on Sunday, in a private family where thero are no other boarders. References exchanged Address B 8. B Herald office. Board for carpets.? a gentleman and his wife, or single gentleman, can be handsomely accom modaied in a first claaa house, (n Clinton place, with full or purtial board, in exchange for carpets. References ox changed. Address for one week. G. 11. 3., box 1 .574 Pott Office. Fl'RNISIIED ROOM TO LET, DOWN TOWN. AT III) a month, in a private house. Apply on the premises, 7? Warren street. FURNISHED ROOMS TO I.ET-A LADY HAVING taken a housw in tha upper part of the city, near rail and stage routes, wiahea to let a parlor and bedroom to a quiet, respectable lady or gentleman Breakfsst s;iven if requite d No other lodgers will be taken. Apply at 1*3S Thompson street FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-IN THE NEW AND elegant house No. 47 West Tbiitoenth street, near Fifth avenue, with board, if required. Gas, warm and cold baths, Ac. liest references given and required. ROOMS? ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN. Or HIGH RE s portability, wishing splendidly furnished spartm nts, in an slegsnl private resiaem e, a few)doors west of Broad way. nn Washington square, where no boarder* are or will be taken, may address, with full name. Rooms, Journal of <'. mmerce office. TO LET- ROOMS FCRNISHEB OR UNFURNISHED, at No .1 Bond street Inquire at HI Bnadtiay. rpn I. El fO SI NOI.K GENTI.EM EN ?HAN DSOM F. FI'R 1 iiisbed apartments in the brat class house No. .1 Great J' lies street, third doer from Broadway. replete with every eoaveaUace. Apply at No 5 Great Jones street. WANTED? WITH PARTIAL BOARD. BY TWO GEN II tlemen. a large pleasant furnished room, with gas in a r> electable laml ly, where there are no other boardsrs, in a desirable location, and within a mile o! Mall street. Trice tor the two. $7 or per week. Address, giving precise location and fall particulars, box 4,i?U Post office. TV ANTED? BY TWO GENTLEMEN, ABOUT THE V? first of May. partial board in a respectable family, rsutral y locatsj to business, would like to famish their own room, torms moderate. Address A X , Herald office. Tin Tina p. BED HOtJJ* PLIABfRI GROUNDS, HARlltM.? WILLIAM A. BKOWNK reap- ffSfullr avaouatss to D,l friends ami the public t*??r?Uy that ha has now completed bis eitraaivt improvement* at this calrbrtttd p'a'* of weort. La?f? additions hart bean made to hia atablrt, which now aflord areommo<Utioa? to all thoaa who may it*" tb?i?e?lvs? of their conveniences Some ol the moat ctleHr*?*d racing aal trotting nags are now in training on kit a70U"<U, among others of bit owa are Wild Iriafcmaa, lltUa Uatamaa . aad flora Temple, which on be taea J by persona dispoeei to viait tha premiaae The training track aad cricket groun'a are now la flna *r4er, and are uaequalM by i any other* in the ooantry TTn houae hat naderfoat ex tensive re part, aad large aJJitioai have b*ea made, nil' i Iha w'j c'. A: n'i*. ffrfHu'iKbt Bt|UU UaO wcril > TEmrnr bbgibteo. rpo LET? THK LARGE HOCBeTaND 8T0RB NO. 497 X Kighth iimui, tha houiut containing flftaen rooms, beaidae the baaementa, sui table for a Brat claae boarding bona* Ta lat raaaonably, whole or la part. Apply to WM. NKWMAN, 497 X Eigkth areaua, or to M. OOOPKR, 3JX DiTtilooatraat rpo LIT? IN HOBOKEN, WITHIN THREE MINUTES X walk of tba ferry, a few new flrat elan hoaaaa, in river terraoa, wttb towers, . ornamental hoots, and court yards, com minding a beautiful view of the rirer and New York ; hare all the modern improvements, in itadlng gas and hot and cold water, and will be lot to private familiea of tha highest respectability only. ? Boarding hoase keopora need not apply. Inquire corner ?' Hudson and Se?ond streets, Hoboken, of E M Alt TIN. mO LRT OR IE ABE ? THTtlCK STORY AND BA3E5IEVT X house, la good order, large yard, together with two story brick stable adjoining, with lot flftj feet froat; would make an excellent workshop for any mechanical purpose. Inquire at No . 8 Manhattan street. riJCAfK ? A FARM, IN MIDDLE VILLAGE, COV taining about forty-two acres of land, with a line yonng orchard, house and barn, and suitable for market gardeners, being within four miles of the Williamsburg ferries. To an enterprising man it will be leatedon fovorable terms. For further particulars Inquire of tikORGE B KEMSEN. at Remien Jc Burrough s brick yard, opposite Rush street, Brooklyn, L. I. 5 LOTS TO LET-ON WATER AND COR I, EARS streets, being 7,'> feet front on Corlears and 90 feat front t>? WaUr I'roet, tormina an L, suitable f?r a coal yard, atone yard, and many ether rurhosc*. Apply betwoeu 10 aud 12o'olock to S. B. 11UTCHINGS, SO John street. A LARGE BASEMENT, TWO PARLORS, AND THItEE J\. small rovmi on the ground floor, for business pur pose*, to let altogether or separately, immediately, or on On' flret of Ma]'. Apply at GO White street, four doors weat or Broadway. Several furnished attic rooms cau be had ou reasonable terms. A STORE AND BASEMENT TO LET-IN READE ?trect. oppoiite Elm. Rent 9300. Apply at the box ot See of Burtou a theatre. A LARGE ROOM, WELL LIGHTED, TO BE RENTED? On reasonable ttrme; 130 feet long. 29 wide aud 30 foot blab. In Chambera atreat, aext door to Burton's thoatre. Apply at tbe box once. This 'onm ia well suited for it fur niture depot, an auction room, or workshop, aa it ha* a eapi tal entranco from tbe stroet. Basement to let-in great jones street, near Broadway, auitable for a physician. Poaaaasion on the 1st ol May, Apnlj at No. 5 University plaoe, be tween 8 and 7 o'cloek P. M. (10TTAGE TO LIT-AT WINDSOR TERRACE, FLAT. J bush, with stabls and garden, two and a hall inilea from Hamilton avenue ferry, and aeeeaaibleby omnibus irom Fulton ferry; runt 9230. App'y to j BELKNAP, 6* Wall street ClOTTAGE HOUSE TO RENT IN THE VILLAGE OF ) Tarrytowa, about ten minute's walk from tbe railroad depot. On tba place are aa abundance of choice fruit, abrub bery, Ac., out nouses for help line water and eiateru, with every other convenieaee: will be rented Irom lat of Hay. Ap ply by mail, or personally, to Mrs. O. J. ME3EROLE, Tar ry town. COUNTRY SEAT TO LIT-AT GLEN COVE, LONG Inland two mllaa from the landing known aa Doaori* Ialaud. There are fifty five acres of upland, very rioli, stocked with all Kinds of fruit. Besidea tha manaloa house there ia a farm houaa, with a cottage, whioh would alao be let. A more delightful summer resldenoo is not to be found. Steamboats go to and from twice a day. For partloulars call on Dr. Bortwick, No. 901 Broadway. Desirable offices to let on broadway, yearly rent 9300, two nioa front offlees on second floor in buildiug No. 312 Broadway; near Chambers street. Also, In same building, a large room, 29x79 feet, to let very low, with immediate posceaaion B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broad way, House to let ? a three story and basement brick house. No. 9U8 Houston street, l'osaeaaion with in a week: haa gaa fixtures, bath and hiiater belonging to it. Inquire of JOHN SOMER1NDYKE, 110 Centre stroet. A aplendid lot of furniture to be sold on Thursday next, 19th March, by the Sheriff. House to let.? a four story English base meat house, in Forty-ninth street, between Broadway and Eighth aveune. Tbe hoase is new, and has all the modern improvement* gaa, not and cold water batba, Ac. Fart of tbe furniture let with house if required. Rant low. For particulars apply at 1ST Forty ninth street. House to rent and furniture for sale ?The three story brick bottso, la Brooklyn, in Oxford street, betw een Lafayette and De Kalb avenues. Tbe h< will be rented low, aud the tnrniture. which U nearly now, will be sold cheap for oash. Apply on the premises, botweun 2 and 9 o'clock, P. M. Hotel at easton, pa to ren for saije The underaigaed offers t lease an m niture of the Franklin Houae for sale or t rout. e houlo ia doing a good business, is the best lur.nhed In (.he place, haa a bil liard ealoon attached, and stabling accommolatiime for fifty horses. Ti e lease f the premises is tor eight years. Apply to R. M. SHOUSE iton, Pa. House to LET i n BROOKLYN? NO. 239 WASHING ton street, six minutes walk from Wall^treet furry, story and basement framo bouse, with yard in rear, 120 feet deep. Rent 9190. Apply to S. B. CHUKCD, 97 Maiden 1 lane, up stairs. OFFICB MAR VALI, STREET. TO LET? SITUATED li> the bnlldlu. a ... ..... cf llUSTKD A KttOKHL. N?- * "road att?t. OrriCES AT 92 WAIL STREET.? CON VENIENT ofliccs to let, on second, third and fourth floors TIIUKBER llAILEY, 04 Wall street. OFFICES TO LET-ON THE THIRD FLOOR AND basemen* of No. 2 Bowling Green, which will be fitted Apply on the premise* to CHAS. A. WHITNEY. Alio to let, a fine large (table. Apply an above. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET.? THE UPPER I'ART of a modern built house, in Secoud street, near First avenue to let to a genteel family. Rent tint). Possession on the lit of May next. Address box 390 1'oit oflk-o. Philadelphia hotel to let.? the Harrison House, No, 2Nj Chestnut street between Tenth aud t.leventh streets, completely fitted witb everv convenience, will be let. Apply to J. F. LEAVING, St. Nicholas Hotel, 14th, 16th and 1Mb inat. Rooms, orricES, and studios for artists and others, an now ready for immediate ocoupation in the Moffat Building, \t6 Broadway. This edifice oontaim one hundred apartnttnts, all fitted up for the aacnmmoda lion of business man and the learned professions. Apply to WM. B MOFFAT, en th* opposite aide. STEAM POWER TO LET, WITH ROOMS WELL lighted and easy of access. Inquire on the promises of WOOD A HUNTER. 144 Centra street. T Prince at X?" * m f A W A V, CORNER OF To let-a THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK house. withCroton water throughout. It is situated in Thirty aeventh atrcet, between Second and Third avenues, being in the neighborhood of a fine school. Rent &PO nor year. Also, parts of houses to let. Apply to L. W. FOR SHAY, real estate agent, W1 Third avenue, 'rom 1 to 5 P. M., or at 91 avenue C, from 7 to 9 A. M. TO LIT? THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 324 SECOND avenue, to a small family without children, consisting of four rooms on Second floor, ono on thir.l floor and kitchen, with privilege in bath room ank sub cellar. To he soon be tween S and a o'clock P. II. TO LET? A NEAT COftASI HOUSE. NO. 47 TWEN tv sixth street, botween Broadway and Sixth avenuj. Cas and Croton water. Can be seen only from 12 to I I'. M., after or before that time amiuire at 109 West Eleventh street. TO LET? TnE TOUR STORY HOUSE. SITUATED in Fourth avenue, No. 33*. between Twentv fifth and Twsnty sixth streets; has all the conveniences For further particulars inquire of IV JARDINRS. 122 Water street, or at M6 N inth street, after 4 o'clock, P. M. rO LET? TIIE VP PER PART OF THE THREE story lions* 245 Ninth street, situated batweon First and Second avenues Bath, hot aud oold water and gas iu th* Louse. Inquire on the premises. TO LET? AT US WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, FOUR rooms on the second and third floors, without basement, to a small family without ohildren. I'riviloga of bathroom, ties throughout. Rent $2CO Can h* s*?n from twelve to tbr e o'clock. TO I.F.T-STEAM POWER AND WELL LIGHTED rooms, near Broadway, in Not. 7. 9, 11 and 13 ( anal street, fronting also on Elm and Walker streets, at very low rates. Apply to Mr UUNDl', engineer, 102 Walker street. TB 0 I.ET? THE TWO HOUSES !W9 BROADWAY-SUIT able Tor dwelling or business: two large rooms, one da fuerrean room, one piano room. 100 feet m length. Riot nw. Inquire on the premises. TM LET-IRON FOUNDRV. REAR OF 63. 66, 67 CE.V tre street Machinery and patterns for sale chesp; <roat stand tor chance custom; requires but small capital Also their nt building, for mechanical purpose*. Also third an l fourth floors 1 19 Fulton street, for oBlces or li<ht business. Apply to W. COLE. 8 Ann street. T? I.ET-1S1 WOOSTER STREET, NEAR BLEKCKER. 7S West Eleventh street, uear I'ifth avenue, SI, 000; SB Columbia street. 11.1 Norfolk street, (SOU; 271 Hudson avenue, Brooklyn. fsnu; cottng** on 126th street, with Croton water, bath, range, Ac , I3.HI, Apply to E. II. BROWN, 71 H all street, fr .ni 1 to 3 I'.M. Tn I E f ? 7 II E FOUR STORY BROWN STONE, FIRST class iwelline huuse all the modern improvements, No St. Mark's place. Eighth street Also, the tour story brick basement house 142 Fcnrtb avenue. For terms As., apply t" R H 11'iWES 53 Murray street TO LET? 1 IIE STORE AND DWELLING ON THE northeast corner of Fourth avenue and Nineteenth street; n good location for a first class grocerv ?tir?. Also, the store adjoining, an excellent location for almost any choice business. Also, the cottage on Nineteenth street adjoining the above premises Inquire rn tho pr?uiise?. 'rom 9 to 12 A M.. or of J. J DRUMMON D, S5 Caaal street, after t> P. M IPO LET ?A PLEASANT HOUSE IN SOUTH BROOK I) n, tbr e story, gas and flxtnres, within twelve minut-s walk of the ?? nth ferry, to t*o small families, if agreeable also, part of a .house in this city, consisting of front base ment, park r fl >< r. and extra ro"m? gas, water, baths, Ac Apply W FREDERICK M BUTTER, 56 Whit* street. THE OLD ESTABLISHED THREAD AND NEEDLE fsn< ? and gentlemen's furnihing stors, 1)8 Canal stre*t t'i Id Stork and fixtures for sale, lias been *stablt*i? 1 foor tears This is a good chance to begin business. Apply ItnaldinUly n ;"???*? I ET-IN NEWARK. N J , A iriSf* STORY brick building No 111! Plane street, almost n4W, Wltn > two story back kitchen. a/id containing in all twelve finish ?d rooms, the bous* is well enppliad with water, and ha? a yard bar Isomely furniehed with grspe arbors. and is within a few minutes walk of the Centra street depot Rent li's' F<r particulars apply at No. 10* n*xt door TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, FROM THE 1ST OF MAY n?xt, to a private family, a two story brick hois*, sit* ated between Fulton and ?( ell street femes, the hone* in good rs-pair witb gas and fnrnaea If agreeabl* tke own*r wi nld hoard with the family Beet of references given aal required Rent ffiCl) Address t BROWN, Brooklyn Post OIn Tho let-in tius upper part or broadway. a ? tltee Stor) and baaement bH ? k house neatly asw cm rtTn!n' twin r?es R?n> Fjr PKtteVVt imltl ?' J HE1D liMum aitiet TENANT'S REGISTER. ffK> LET-PART Or A FIRST CLASS HOUSE 8PTO X ated in a ??rj desirable neighborhood; rial *42> per an nam; possession first of May. Apply to T HALE, 80 Nnna street. O LET? THE TWO DESIRABLE NEW AND MODERN built three story bout** 319 and 325 Kut Twelfth itmt J to JOHN C. VIMMEKM ANN. 9. 13ft Eighth street, CHARLES V. ZIMMERMANN, 74 4outh street. TO I.ET-FOR ONF. OR MORE YEARS. FROM THE first day of April nest, (an excellent ohance for boardiug house keepers,) the lar^e brick boarding house on the north eai-t corner ol Broad and Jersey streets, Eliiabethtown, New Jersey, at present occupied ae a boarding bonne, largo farden good well of water, two large citterns, plenty of oel ar, all pared, and every other convenience, suitable for a brut class boarding house, and witbin two ininutiu walk of the de|>ot, and one hour's ride from the city. F5r further particulars inquire of ROBT. T. i'RICE, daguurroan artist. Eliiabethtown, N. J., or city reference of Alphonse Lettei lier, 4S1 Broadway, jewelry ntoro. mo LET. ? T1IE BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE, KNOWN AS A the Rectory of the Episcopal Church, Eoantobester, to let. one mile and a quarter fmm Mount Vernon depot, on the New Haven Railroad. Inquire at N South rt illiaui street. Now York, or o4 Mr. States Brigjs, opposite the church. K?-t Che?tes TO I.ET? THE SECOND THIRD AND FIFTH STORIES of the beautiful marble front building 4<K> Broadway, with show window on the street. The rooms will be made intc sixes to suit. Also, the second story of 3ti Canal streot, 1U) feet from Broadway. Apply to J. S. McCURDY, 403 Broadway, upstairs., TO I.ET? IN THE NEW AND SPACIOUS BUII.DINO Broadway, near Ninth street, three studios, suits ble for daguerreotype artist or ongraviug businoss; posses ?ion immediately ; also, two studios for the 1 *t of May. In quire on the premises, of Mr. Courtoii, hair dresser. TO I.ET? THE TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE NO. 13J Reade street? rent >400; also, No 136? rent 9500; also, the. two ntory brick house No. 03 C'armino street? rant $40"; also, lofts in the new building No. 3 North William street, iuitablo f< r workshops; also, soreral offices in building No. 2.11 Broadway corner of Barolay ntroet? rent low. Apply, between 10 and 12 o'clock, to S. B. HUTCH1NG3, 30 John street. TO LIT? IN BROOKLYN, TO A SMALL GENTEEL tamily, part of the homo 13t? Pearl street, coruer of High, consisting of three rooms on the second floor, with bark basement. Ac., about tiro minute's walk from Fulton ferry. Possesion can be bad first of April if required. In quire asabovo. TO LET? NO. 45 ALLEN STREET, 23 DOWNINO street, GO Kldrtdge street, (next door to the corner of Hester street,) and 32 West Thiity fifth street. For further particulars, and permission to examine either of the above houses, apply, from 11 A M. to 2 P. M.. to W. J. SINCLAIR, 54 Wall streot, fourth floor, front room. TO LET? THE SECOND STORY OF 280 WEST TU1R tyfirst street; two rooms, thro* bedrooms, pantries. Crotou water. Rent boarded out. Also the third story to let. Inquire on the premises. TO LET-A HANDSOME COTTAGE HOUSE, AT TOT. tensville, Staten Island: the house is in good ordor, with yard, garden, Ac., beautifully located; rent moderate For particulars, apply to S. W. CRONK, Mo West Twenty sixth street, from 8 to U o'clock. TO LET? THE TWO STORY MODERN BUILT house, situated on Third avenue and 100th street, fur nished with range, bath, hot and cold water, in complote order. Tie above is a very desirable residenoe. For turthor particulars inquire on the premises. S. B. McUOWN. T O LET? THE WELL LOCATED FOUR STORY brown stone store, 48 Cortlandt street, between Broad way and Greenwich street, well adapted for the hardware, ?hoe, or othor business, with immediate possession, Ae. Ap ily at 192 Broadway, trom 11 to 12 o'clook, or at 93 East wenty -seventh street, of PETER A. H. JACKSON. the TO LET? 110 GRAND STREET, 1HKEE DOORS WEST of Broadway, large furnished rooms, with or wlthoat board; also small rooms tnrniibed, suitable lor single god tit men, rooms lighted w:th gas. TO I.ET ? THE NF.W FIVE STORY AND BASEMENT (stone fronted store No. 1C7 Canal streot, running through to Vestry streot, suitable for any business requiring light and room. Inquire ol Mr. EGAN, next door, or or W. H. McKINNY, 140 Broadway. A liberal lease to a good tenait. 110 LET-TIIE PLEASANTLY SITUATED HOUSE with garden, shrubbery, vines, fruit trees, Ao ? on south westerly corner of First avenuo and Fifth street, near tbe railroad. Apply at 192 Broadway, from 11 to 12 o'clock, or at SO East Twenty-seventh street, of PETER A. H. JACKSON. TO LET-STORF. BASEMENT AND LOFTS, SEPA rstely or together, of new building 42 Walker street, near Broadway. Tbe lo Its are suitable for light manufao luring purposes. An excellent place for pianoforte makers, hsrdware. crockery, or any business requiring much room. Apply to C. A. BAUDOl'IN'E, 475 Broadway. TC LET-A LARUE FOUR STORY HOUSE COMPLETE ly furnished, in a delightful locatioa, near Washington square. Persons wishing a desirable resideuee, oan address a note to Henry, Herald office, with real name and residence, for three days. Rent SI, GOO. TO LET-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE, fifteen minutes' walk from . l'ulton or Wall street ferry, llrookl) n, to a gentleman and his wife, without children, for three months from the 1st of M?r- No rent required fur the fnrnitiire. Address A. B., Herald office. To LBV -A pmtABLI COUNTRY VB8IDXKOB AT Flathust*. Long Inland, to lot. The larje double house, well finished, barn, Ac., together with oae acre of land, on H'cji'i.ii rR^rci'rL71to?SL?r.k.?-on;:..!;r"f lage of Flatbusb, 3U miles from Fulton ferry, Brooklyn. Omnibuses pass the door Arply to OAKLEY A WRtUrtT. auctioneers, 4c., 343 Fulton street, Brooklyn, or to P. S. ( rooke, Flatbush. TO LET. NOW VACANT -THE FIRST FLOOR front basement and bedroom, with hedrooin on second floor, in the nice three story briok house 1(4 East Forti lifth street, first bouse fast of Third avenuo. Rent $175. Also, third floor, four rooms, at $100. Apply to E. B. KINSHIMER. 319 I'onrth avenue, from 3 to 7 o'clock P. M TO LET? 1UF. BOUSE NO. 9 HUBERT STREET. NEAR SI John's park, with em, Croton water, Ac. Apply tu GF.O. G MCKLf>. 111 Nassau street rpo LET-IN THE LOWER PART OF THE CITY, NEAR J and *i'it ol Broadway, four tint class houses, with a Inrue number of good hoarder! in each; alio a desirable home in Lispcnarl street, furniture gold or rented; one do. in Fourteenth atrest, one do. in ITeit Thirty second street, one do Fort v ninth street Rent low. Apply at 2fl9 Broad way, room No. 10. N. B.? Particular attention paid to selling out fnrnitoro, Ac., at the residence of private fami lies, cither private sale oral auotinn, rents collected, Ac. TO LET? THE FIRST FLOOR AM) BASEMENTS OF the double store. Nos. 23 and 2ft Dey street Inquire on the premiums. TO GROCERS, BAKERS AND OTIIERS.-THE 9TORE aud dwelling No. HI Fourth ar- ou?. together with the rear building, to let. The grocery business has been con ducted on the premises for a number W years. For parti enlars apply at No. 197 Wost Thirty -seventh street, ne?r the Eighth aveune. TO KENT-A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORV BROWN stone home, in an eicellent neighborhood Th? rent will be taken in board of owner's family consisting of only two persons Parties intending to use premises as a boar l ing house will please not answer this advertisement. Ad dress T. B.. Herald othre. IiO LEASE-FOR TWENTYONE YEARS, THE TWO large three story houses in Spring street, batwaon Mul berry and Mott. The lots are 60 feet wide by 122 feet deep. Also, the bouse and store 42 Spring street. Inquire at Spring street, between the hours of I and 9. TO LET OR LRASE? THE GROUND FLOOR OF tbe City Hotel, on the corner of Howard street ani Broadway, being 2ft 'eat front by 100 in dopth, with an L 2." feet by 4.V For particulars inquire of GEO. W. IIARI'KL, on the premisei. TO LET OR LEASE? THE THREE STORY AND ATTIC bouse No. 9 Albion Place (Fuurth street., New folk, rent II 2Mi; also the new four story louse* on First street, Williamsburg, between North first" and North second; the * hole or In part, with or without Mores: also th? two four story houses on North lirst near First street: rent, MOO Apply, between 10 and 12 o'clock, to S Lewis Hutohin^s. No. SH John street. New Vork. TO IET OR I.EASE-TWO FOUR STORY BRICK bonnet aud stores on tbe west aide of Broadway, at the intersection with Sixth arenue. between Thirty t Sir 1 sad Thirty fourth streets; also a three story trame house and ?tore adjoining; also a four story brick house and store west side of Eighth avenue next to southwest corner of Eighth avenue and Fiftieth street; alao four story brick hoaseand Iitere southwest corner of Eleventh avenue and Forty tilth street. Inquire at SI Nassau street, between 10V; and Il'i A U . of TIIOS N. LAWRENCE. TO LET IN UROOKI.YN-A STORE IN A BUSINESS location, 9."> Cranbeiry street, third st<re from Fulton street, with nice dwelling apartments. Rent, with base ment, S2ftO. without, $2110 Note address WORK SHOPS TO l.ET? IN THE NEW AND WELL "T lighted buildings 37 and 39 Centra street. Apply at the Columbian Foundry, 4ft Duane strest. SPRING FASHIONS. New mantillas -exposition he mantelet Francais ?J. IlECK A CO. invite the Inspection of ladles to their novelties in spring and summer mantillas a large assortment ot which are now reeeivel, and will be exhibited, commencing this day, at 3M, no and 748 Bread way. New spring mantillas. GEO HKoDIE, No. ftl Canal street, and Ha 63 Lispe nard street. New York, is now exhibiting t > WHOLESALE MEK< HANTS his new stock el French aud home male spring and summer mantillas, consisting of a large and very select assortment of novelties in silk lace ani applique goods, to which lis begs to invite tbe attention of Cash Ann Short Tisic H< vans from every section of tbe country PARIS MILLINERY.? MADAME I'ERREKO. NO. Cirett Jones street, will opea spring millinery on I. nm day, the 22d of March Sl'HI.NG MOURNING FASHIONS Mill UN l.NG MANTILLA*. C. F Bartholomew will open, Thursday and Friday. Mer-?i lft and 18. his spring importations of Pans mourning cn?a tillss; and also of his own manufacture, eompni ng tne greatest variety and most (beautiful designs ev? r etbibite-i. BARTHOLOMEW s New Bouming store IvI Broadway, between St. Ni holai aad Metrnpolitaa hotels. WET GOODS: WET GOODS' WET GOODS -A vv word to tbe wise Is suflcleat This day bargains may be obtained in wet linen goods that will not oi offered again in a long time The stock consists of linen shirtiags and sheetings, pillow case linen, damask napkins, towel). doylera. al-o quilts, cotton shirting and nbeeting See advartlse?eat in Times and Tribune. under the bead ol dry goods. AN DREW (l col BY, No. 37 Third arenue. between Ninth ?ad Ttutb streets POUTIClU. C'KNTRAL DEMOCRATIC ONION. -BY THE REQUEST /ol fifteen members, representing ten difereat wards andla accordance with the conetilution oi the Union a spe -nl aad very importaat meeting will be held on Friday evemag, Man h lb, st 7W o'clock, at Tamm .ny Halt. JOHN COCHRANE. Prrs.deat L I' Ha a a isow. Secretary DJUfOIiro ACADKMIRI). DANCINO ACADEMY, II HOWARD STRRIT -M I.L? CAROLINE YE/IENS begs Isave te inform the pab lie that she his opened her daniiag academy, for the ? a strurtien of ladies and gsatlemea la the a->sl stylish d?n->?e ''?.t Sel??9Vf)? p*M'.l?e * e'tlk P ? te 10 ta the e veal eg rarurcuL. CASH ADVANCED IN ANT AMOUNT, ORTOKCHAiK) at aigfat. diamond*, watohea riob j?w *tt ul valuable pernonal property g?n*r?ilj K Wooii. <M Fulton atr?et, eeoond floor, frost room from 3 4. M. (? Money to wan -persons requiring tempi} r?r? advaacea ou real oetale, diamond*, <rat-a*i jewelry, fnititun, pianofortea, epirite, If ., in bood' horoca, carriage*. or othar peraoual property, ae.- immo dated cn liberal teima, promptnea* aad contiil-nce t* all ca?ea, at the t'mp-ra Loan ?u 1 Agfw:j 'JIB -a, 221 Broadway. dfifin nnof^ -money to i,oan on diamonds, ^vJUV/.U V/VJLf. watrhea, jewelry, aegara. pianof irt?e luerchaudue aud peraoual propurtv generally (or bought tor ca?h.) Ilutineaa executed promptly and, at 7* Kaaaau strict, firat floor, back office FLORENCE A CO., 79 Naaaau atr?et. nnn to , oan on diamonds, watches. ?POUU.UUu jewelry, Ac , or bought for caah. Good dty atocka. notea, boada aud mortgage*. Hilla of exchange, Ac., negotiate J iiurincaa confidential, and promptly em cutcd, at UK! N a. au atreet, room No. 2. TUOMrSON A CO., trokera and commiaaton merchant! nnn TO WAN ON VALUABLES. IN ANY Jjp^v/U.UUU required auina, for abort p-ri idi, at City Loan Office. 76 Nnaaau atreet. Interviowa con!idontiel. d>7K nnn T? loan on bond and mortgage. ?3> I (J.UuU on Br tclaaa real cat ate in the ;ity of New Ttork. (down town preferred,) inaumaofnot leeethan fl.'>,i?t) WW. 11. BROWKR, No. 9 Jaunoey court. (IV Wall atri?t.i diOn nnn -konf.y to loan, for short aPailJ.LM/W. perioda, on all kindu ol jewolrt.and all kinda of mercliaadiae, in atime to autt, at 212 Broadway, aai at IKS Fulton at tent, rocm No. U, third atory. STEEL A CO. nnn WANTED, on two first CI.A3S mar JfO.t'UU bin front houaea aituat"d in a good looallon up town Will be Quiah'-'l by tho tirat of May. Ona par cant brokerage will lie paid. Addreaa Mort;aj4, Horald office. lift nnn ? A LIBERAL BONUS WILL BE GIVEN ifU.vUU. for tbia ?tim on bond and mortgage far five ) rara, on a building worth $10,000, an I inaured tor that aum. erected on ground of wbieh thara is an unexpired leaie of twent> yrara, in tha moat improving locality in tbia otty Thia will be fuund a deairable inveatmant. Addreaa X V , llerald office, lor one week. q>t Z cnn WANTED? ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, i|>t'.i)UU for fare or ail yaara, on a houae and lot. aitn ated in Third avenue; one per cont brokerage will ba paid. Addreaa Mortgage, R R Iiorald iiffice. WANTED? ON LOAN? FROM A MAN OP _ energy, and who baa a good general know ledge of trade, to whom a pleaaaat aituation will be off 'trail, and aeeurity givou for the money. Addreaa Morohaat. Herald nffioe. ANY AMOUNT ('AN BE UAD ON DIAMOND*, watcbea, jewelry, aegara, (banght oat,) comraiaeion ba aineea of any kind promptly attended to, at tha Confidential Loan and C'oinniiaaion Office, lfj William atraet, back ottce, up ataira. ASIi LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON HOUSEHOLD furulture, piano fortea, watohaa, diamonda, allver warn, tire arnia nautical inatrumenta, or pcraoual property ot auv deroription. lelt to be aold at auotion, or the biaheat caah price paid tor tbo abore at the auction atoru2ti Catherinoat. McCAFFRAY A WALTERS. $2,000 c M CULLOCH COPPER AND GOLD CO.-TnE AD ?ertiaar w ill purohaaa S.lXai aharea of atock ia tha above named company at $1 per abare, and pay in Aral claaa oabi net furniture, at lair prfcea. Seleation can ba had oat of a atock of $12,1)00. Addreaa Graham, Herald office Money to loan, on bond and mortgage-in auma of $1,0(JU anil npwarda, to auit applicant* AUt, very ddtlrable invoatment property for aalo low, at the Union Fowt'b a renue'aVd ^t^h'.t*^?" a?OM' of n.WIL EVE3 a HOAOLANO HOPgEI, ROOMS, AC., WAMTM). PAPER MILL WANTED.-WANTF.D. A PAPER mill capable of making the tyneat i|'ialjty of papor. ladreae (10TTAGE WANTED? IN IIROOKLDN, WITHIN ONE J mile of the ferry. Rant not to exceed Addreaa Harvey, Herald offico. C10UNTERS WANTED? FOUR GOOD COUNTERS. I with draw era. 12 to 1.1 foet Ion*; aUo. one auitable for * tailor'a catting counter. Addreaa ConaW. Chatham ?iuari Poat Office. House wanted-with modern improye* mrnta, a throe story, with basement. in a gen'eai neinhborhooil Address. by note, Thompson, No 6 Wash injton Market, Veiey street (Id*. House wanted? containing the hodekn im provemmts, situated between Bonl and Twentieth streets, Fourth and Sixth ?v(non; r?nt moderate t IJrun bo ? 3.84S, Post office, bating rant, location. Ac Tho family :?* ,'iinn ? the above are all grown. House wanteo-wanted nv a small tbc upper or lower part of a houso wi'b tU? modern im pruenmeuts, *???t wot .to etceed &27o or Addrae*. statin* lovallon amount of tooine. &c . SAM, tlorald office. Those who would object to one child nooil u?? apply House and stabi.f. wanted? by a small gen tool family. or part of a house. with stable room for three horse*, carriage and w?Ton. not above Fiftieth street, between Second and Ninth avenues Any person having such a ilaec to let or leas*, cau hear of a responsible t .nan', by adresslng a line to H. II. KEKK. box 1.431 Post Offioe. PART Or A HOUSE WANTED ? BV A GENTLEMAN and hij wile, (Americano consisting of front an 1 baok room and bedroom on second floor, with kitchen; ami be ia a sent eel neighborhood ; rent not to exceed $173 per year. Addraes " Vanderhoef,1' mi William atraot, for one week, statiug particulars, Ac. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED -A RESPONSIBLE tenant will pay from WW to *?? '? per j ear for seven er eight genteel apartments, (gas and hath preferred, i in any pleasant location within one mile of th? Metropolitan Hotel Addreas A. I W Ilorald office PART OP HOUSE WANTED. BT THE Fl RST OF MAY, b> a small respectable American family. aot less than three rooina in a respectable neighborhood. not above Thirty fir?t street; reut net to axoaed $IS?. A ldress, stating loo* tion, rent, die., to Newman, box MA Post office PART OF A SMALL, GENTEEL HOUSE TO LET. IN Urt'Okj^. The ocenpauts are few in number, and wonl 1 ptaftr a single person, or, at most, not more than two A1 dress K. V., P..?t Office. ROOM WANTED ? A YOUNG MAN IS DESIROUS OF obtaining a neat, bnt plainly furnished room large enough for a piano, with partial board, in any pleasant to cation Terms mn.t be moderate, not to exceed ?4 per week Please address Amateur. Herald office. gtatiag term* and location . Teas, coffees, sugars and grocers stock. wanted.? Wanted to porchaae of parties dacllning trade a stock or teas, coffee*, in?rs, Ac., Ac Nona but thoe* anxious to sell cheap and on favorable tarms to responsible persons used apply Address, with real name and aldreai, Wellington, Herald office WANTED A SMALL HOUSE, WITHIN TEN MINUTES' M walk of Twentieth street and Sixth avenue Mast have modern conveniences Kent not to excead %?">'*) or Vsl" A suitable bouse will find a careful and punolual te.iaat, Address W. E. A., box 2.7% Post Office W ANTED? THE LOWER OR UPPER PART OF A TT genteel bonse. by a small American family, consisting nt two grown persons, one child six years old and one in lant; location between St. John's park and Fomrth street: reierencea exenangad. Address Clinton House, Herald office. "IVANTED? TWO ROOMS FOR A PHYSICIAN i OF m tice Must be well lighted, dry, and located eotn where between Eighth and Twentieth streets and Third and Fifth avenues A idless D. M Hirald office ?fl ''ANTED? FROM THE FIRST OF MAV, TIIE SECOND TT floor of a genteel home, with an Amerioau family, would like to board with the family. Tho party consists of a lentlemun and wife The houee must have all the raodiro improvements. Location west of Lexington aroaaa aid east of Sixth avenue, not above Thirty first street Address A T 11 . 7'' Maiden lane Refer <ncaa exchanged TTITANTED? BY A MAN, HIS WIFE AND TQitEK Tv children. the unnar part of a small house, near Urn I way. between Franklin aud Fourth streets Rent not U exceed A ldress C. II C.. box 2,071 Post Office II ANTED-A SMALL (JRIST MILL. IN GOOD RUN M mog order, near a landing or railroad to rant an lease, within fifty miles of .New V jrk Addreis L 9 Miller. 213 W ashington street. N V TirANTED? TO HIRE-THE LOWER PART OF A v? Louse, constating ot the front and baek parlors three bedrooms and kitchen. Location between Blaeckar anl Hroc me streets n> ar Broad wat, Rint *a 'derate Address W S t , Broadway Poet Offioe WANTED? A Til R I E OR FOUR STORY AND ATI! Tv house. wi*h all the modern conveniences bttweatt Grand atd !'? rrteentb streets and Fmr ti and Sutb an nnes Ad Ire-, witli fi II particular* an] pisinvel) Ifwes*. rent that will be acepted. I>?g Post oalcs W ANTED-1'OR liro IN A FAMILY. A COUPLE OF TT r" 'tu? in a small house for a >ear. n ar Canal St re v. or to the Williamsburg or Brooklyn ferries Tsrins t'. P> Per tear Ad lreag, post paid. W U B Herald o'Bee TITANTED TO HIRE ? FOR A FAMILY OF rOUR tT p. r one. a .mall neat cottage, with three ,r four acras of laad at'a' hed to It, unit be situated in a healthy loca tinn and vith:n an hour of thaeiti b> railroad or steamboat A l ire.. | nt paid, for oas weak M A . boa I ItM Pes' Ofle t "11'ANTtD TO RENT? A SPACIf?US. WEI I. LUJIITEO VI workshop, on the gr i- ad floor or a small haUding so-table l r manm"a< tnring porp-is-s, sontb of Twenty flft'i street AddressS C.. Ua!d s U >tel. dl Bowery, slat ag all particular* \?'AVT?D TO RENT-A GOOD SKVIIOlir AND T? r?<?m* euita'tle t,?r 'laguerreotypa e*:abh?aineot with I ratoa water; locali-n in Bawatr r llroalnai. oea- (Irani e*r t AddreskO box 1 IW Post itffice WANTtI>-T0 REST A SU All. HOUSE WITH If modern improvameni* between Eighth an! Titin^y fifth streets, M ??t of Thirl avenur Heat not t? axieel April ISC f-reenwieh street WANTED. PART OF A HOUSE -A GENTLEMAN TT his wife, an) niece nine years of aga. Americans sin to r 'ni tbe whole or part ol a hooa* containing all the :a> derr. improvem?tts. locat on must t>a pleasaat and gsat?a! Convenient to railroad ?r a'.a?' lines Rent ftr the whole from J.*?to$7tW or for part fr m >;VI te $4-W Aaj on t having the described accomm idations maj s?'*re a dasiraile anl ptoBft pajloc tenant by addr-aaing a nata, giting Ijja ti'.fi. *partm?Tt? 4c,toG G,G U'lBriadway W ANTED TO I I R< HA>K OK I EASE-A MDDRRAT3 TT sue dwelling honaa, fitted with gas bath and ?itnated on t?e west side of this eitr Ninth ward prafefrad A, Urease I. M . box I VM Poat OiUce, daaonbing locatiaa. lowtet trie* and terms I.KHAL NOTK I4. IN PURiCANCB OF AH 0*n?R Of THE ("MO <a to of tb* County af Na? Tort, aatiM :? iitraO/ (ir*a to all p*raoM haviaf siaiag atftuast Jaha I*. H laK'mrkaa. lata of the osty af Now York, aarohaat, 4a r?aao4 to ptawat tha aaaaa art la vaaoaaca Ma-araaf ?a the aabacr'W, a? Ua aAsa, So P. (VtaasVwa etraat, la Uw> mi j a I New York, aa ar tW?r-a Vha Mtk da y ?' I 'W ant t>?ta4 N*t York, the MM .far rf Jaaaary. tMi mui k TK?CT

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