Newspaper of The New York Herald, 20 Mart 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 20 Mart 1855 Page 4
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NEW YORK HER/JJ). JAMES GORDON BKS <ETT| PROPRIETOR AND EDIT' JR< ?FF1CB I?. w. COWTR OF NASSAr^ 1ND ptnTOS 8T8 1 Volnm*' Id So. T8 AMUSEMENT^ Tnis EVENING. BROADWAY THIA'.jh Broadway? Richelieu? As Lime an Two Peaj. NIBLO'S l!ARDJJN,t BroBdway? Diiwix or I'bcston BOH'ERY rilE iVUE. Bowery? Richelieu? Pebhbcu - IID tl'TCHMAE- ~Kk>i||1kA kl E 41}UW N. BURTON'S ' /TT ATRE, Chamber* ?tre?t-THE Seriouh FAMH.TT?- i Hk YbQDLhM. WALI.AC * s THEATRE, Broadway-TiiE RivAli-A LaDV A!*U AMERICAN MUSJUm? Afternoon? UoHHEB'i WirE Tnvmu 7r ?*. EvfaiwK ? The Oli> Bkeweitv. Wl'OD'S M1NSTJRELS? M(joh*uio?' 11*11-172 Bro?dw?y. BUCKLEY'S OPERA IIOU8E, 539 Broadway? Bvc? Wi Ethiopia ? unm Troupe. maPIRE HA XI,, MX) Broadway? Panorama or Europe Wtw 'Ark. Ttt?'U<I*y, March '40, 1835. Walla for the Pacific. WE HI PR YORK HIKALD? CALIFORNIA RDITIOK. lb? 1 futed States mail Hteamsbip Illinois, Captain BarteU jb? will te&7? tbin port thin afternoon at two ?'elocl lot AspiiKraU. Tb? vails for California and other parte of tbs Pacific . will ftlcrfe at one o'clock. T in New Tor.i Wkkklt IIbkjld ? California ftdltion ? m staining the iateat intollifenc? from all parta of the */srld, will be pnbliMhed at eleven o'clock thia morning. Single oojrtsa, in wTapporH, re^ly for mailing, aixpenos Ajpr-ct* will f<eass send in their ordert aa early aa poa it. The News. The steamship ^Northern Light arrived yesterday morning , briiging dates from Ran Francisco to the 26th of February In conjunction with the Uncle Bun, on the Pacific aide, this trip from Ban Francis, co has been tbe 'quickest which has yet been mtde baviag been performed in twenty days and one boor. The crws, which is of the moBt exciting mature, wilt bo found in detail In another part of this -morning's paper. The Intelligence of the fail ? ut of Page k Bacon, of St. Louis, had reached Oaii'oraiar"and caused one of the greatest moueta. ry panics ever Known in ihls country: and ao great was the ran upon the banks and banking house* that the henvieit and most important were oblige! to give vay to the pressure and close np their con cerns. The following establfehments in Han Fran ?iero. utter a vain endeavor to meet the drafts of their depositors, closed their doors on the 23d nit., and suspended operations: ? Pace, Bacon t Co , Robinson & Co., Adams & Co. Miners' Banking House, Weill, Pargc k Co. ? u>d it was reported that a number of the principal merchants in San Francisco would soon bo cjm pelled to fol o w the lead of the abuve named bank ing bouses. The excitement was not coaflned to "San Fiancisco, but spread, like tire on a prairie, throughout the entire State, and in some places the pspuiace became so maddened that tbey broke into the vaults of the bankers, but found them empty. All business transactions were entirely suspended, aid trade was represented as being completely dead. Fur promises were made, however, by the sus pended backers that all would soon be righted, and a Lumber of the moot wealthy merchants had prof fered assistance to the distressed houses, in the bepe of temporarily satisfying the panic-stricken ?emmunity and allay icg the excitement. Fur tbe honor of the establishments that have closed their docre, and that tbe enterprise and onward march of the Slates on the Pacific may not receive a too last ing oheck, we bepe fcr a speedy resumption on the paitoftiese agninst tbe exu'eoent no* texdr. In consequenoc of tie fl sandal difficulties in Ban Fracriico, tbe shipment of specie was very small, tbe Northern Ligb: bringing only 192,322, which js some six hundred thousand dollars less than the average shipment by the Nicaragua steamers. Tbe ?hip men t will probably be small for some tima to come. Owing to the continued scarcity of water bat little go?>d had been taken from the mines. On the 16 th February another attempt was made by the Legislature to elect a United States Beaator, which waa nnsncceMfnl, and the joint convention decidcl to adjeurn ittK die, leaving tbe choice tj the next Legislature. Tbe Legislature of Oregon adjourned on the 1st nit. A whig convention to nominate a delegate to Congress meets at Cor v alii 3 on the 18th April. Ar rangements for tbe extinguishment of the Indian title to the land in tbe Williamette valley bad been completed. Hum nets wa? dull. Tre capital of Washington Territory has been heated at Olympia. A democratic convention to nom na e a delegate tc^Cougress in place of Qen. Laue is tj be held at Salem on the 10. h of April. Tbe steamer Catawba anived at this p >rt yester day with Havana dates to tbe 14th ics'. The news 4 tiguy important. Pinto, Pmelo a^d Cadalzo, the conspirators, had bt^n tried and sentenced to death by tie garrote. Oar correfp}uden:s have furnished full particulars of this sad affair, which produced the greatest excitement at Havana. We aisc publish tbe offi.ial statement of tb 3 oat-age committed on tbe American steamer El Dorado by the Spanish frigate Farreioao, on t'.ie Otb inst. off Cape Antonio, by fi'ing twioeatber, wit. mt signal er aotice oi any ueseripti >n. Tais jffir puts the tlimax to tie long catalogue of insults aid injuries for which Spain will hck>u have to re de/ uh an MOOUBt. We publish full (iet&ils cf the new - frooi Kexi.o u> kLOVaer column. The bombastic a:: ;>un*.B of tbe defeat cf the revolutionists ate regarded a? inven tion/I of tbe government organs; tnd it is conjec tured '.ha*. u.der cover of these statements, 8?nt? Asm will adroitly slip out of tbe country and re snrne at Cartnagena bis favorite paiMme of cock fighting. We have also accounts from the Ri) Graade. Our Browtsvil e (Texan) orrispouder.t, wiltlitr on Mar b 7t'J, states that a sudden ord?r had brer, received for tbe march of a toJy of troop* from Mauim:**!, Id order to winfwca tbe garrison c >t Vera Cruz. Col. Quintarra commanded the corps, and it wan said teat Santa Anna thna rem ived him rwitp to a suspicion of bis loyalty, recol lecting well hie former sympathy for the fall is? fortunes of Graeral Arista. At Haiti. la ihe gentral commanding h*d proclaimed a grand gala day for the pcasa^ty, but, when sorae tbouaands were enjoying themselves, they were ?eistd by tbe military, and mo?t of tb<* *d sit m Ue? jap rawed as soldiers for the DicUtor'i army, ftmta Ansa's downfall was honrly lo>ked for. His j rtc manifesto was utterly despised. and created no senu.ticn, as it wsi looked on as the pn dait'oa of fb* p't of his minion I.u* A daring burglary .'?ad boon committed on tbe banking house of Venda, Fainavs k Cx, ol Brownsville. Tbe ountry re a. From the Sandwich Islands we haveadvi:?s to tfce 3d of February. A " Patriotic Fund'' Com suttee bad iteen appointed by the British resfdsnts w.:h ati'hor ty to receive snbecriptioi-" and forward tb?m to Fngltnd. The sloop-of-war Por ;smouth Lad arrivid at Tahiti from Ii030lu!a. It appears that R&moiusaela IV.. like most newly inaugurated Konatobr. dreads a conspiracy or a fllibustero in vasion, and in cocsfinence he has i?sne I a procla mation asrq/.ag cf naval all from Franc?, tbe United Stat (a and Ureal B.ita'.n, in Case of dtflgar. A Rivas (Nicaragua) letter, dated on the Of h of M^r:b, stake tba* tbe people were mu:h d<*aatltfi?1 witfc tbe reoent att?' of (V*ae1 J. H. Wbjeler, our ait liter is that qu-uivr. His conduct is camneoted ci as lb at 'of ?n open ti I rtwWro, whilst tbe mar itfestf |.art ?s at ta? cflijeof legation w*t 1 kt y o malt in a jacft crvracrdimry sna'^r-v it. t-'lfc :s. .-i tU: tc ? t #t?f ! hm fronds from New Orlctaa to General CbtMorn, in Grenada, and that they, after acquiring a local kLowlodpe of events, went over and accepted com missions and money from Caitlllan, thus lowering our official dignity and national honor in the eyea of ?he natives. An appeal to made by the writer to tbe United States government, to look after the a Bairn of the legation. From Rio Janeiro, January 19, we learn that general trade was very dull, but coffee was quickly taken op in tbe market. The export of the article to the United States during the year 1854, was of greater amount than that of any other season, with the exception of 1852. An agency for the under writers had been opered at Rio. A number of Orszilian ladies and gentlemen were delighted with a visit to the United States ship Savannah, on tbe ltith irstant. Great excitement waa caused, owing to the report of the discovery of extensive gold title's in the valley of tfre interior, bj an exploring party. Senor Jose Mcniz Foijo, an eminent c< flee; merchant, was murdered by one of bis slaves. Additional file* of Cape Town (C. G. H.) papeis, dated to the 8th cf January, have reached us. Tae Capt Mercantile Advertiser of the 3d of th?t month states:? "Certain inteUiffince his jae4 bsen receive! from the Trans- Vaal, announcing a great, aid, it is believed, decisive 'battle between the Utters and the natives. It is stated that tne slaugh ter of the rativea was fearful, f,,000 hiving been left slain on the Seld. Of the Boers' loss different ac counts are current. TKeir logs in billed, it is known, is very trifling Th- effect of this blow has i'fen felt w'itin the sovereignty, and is expected to be salutary." Prom Brilkh Kaffiaria we learn that all was quiet. The proceedings ta?ho Board of Aldermen last evening were Jong, varied, interesting and signifi cant. The report of the Chief of l'jllce on the Lafionali;y of ths force under him, as called for by .VrS"ttal ?f tb? b?*rd' wafl received> and s'jows that there are in the polioe department of the city of New York? which consists of 1,149 numbers? 7i8 native bora Americans, 305 bern in Ireland, 20 in England, 51 In Germany, 7 in France, 1 in Wales, 11 in Scotland, 4 in Canada. Fourteen refused to tell where they were bun, but they are foreigners and their nativity it given in the return. The Chief, himself, generally suppesed to be an Englishman, is a native of New York, and the only member of the pslioe force who Is from Wales, is Lewis Baker, the fugitive, charged with tbe murder of Poole. The report state, that there are no unnaturalized foreigners in the deoarlr ment. There are but tonr who are in tae count -y only seveD years, whilst the average period of the residence in America of the foreign born members is twenty yeirs. Thirty nine cf the police force of the city tave been in prison, of wnich nu nbsr twen ty four are Amenoass and fifteen foreigners. Aft?r ecme debate, the communication was referred and ordered to be printed. The Sunday Liraorlaw was brought forwwd, aid after some s'renuous opposition, was carried by a vote of twelve to nine. Ah erman Baird, in opposing it, declared that the Mayor himself ifcould not close a store in the fourth ward without his (Alderman B.'s) consent; and AJdermtn Herriok said that if the sale of Honor was prohibited on Sunday, it should be forbid alto gether, as every day in thE week is, by different nations, devoted to the public celebration of divine service. Alderman Kelly subsequently offered a resolution calling for a return of the nationality of the Board cf Aldermen and the members of other departments, and inquiring how many of them hid been In prison; bat the President decided that the resolution was out of order, and refused to put it. The Council men were in session last evening. A report authorizing tie Harlem Gaslight Conpany to lay down mains north of Seventy ninth street, was adopted. A report of a majority of tbe Finance Committee on the communication of the Comp troller relative to tbe corporation advertising was lead and referred to the Committee of tbe Whale. It rejects tLe plan of advertising at a stipulated prica per lire per thousand copies of news paper circulation, and re:cmatends that tbe Comptroller issue proposals for publishing the repot tB and proceedings of the Common C>un cil and the advertisements of the depart ments rcr oce Jeir in tive dai]y n wppftper8 dde:s arete offer the whole amount tor one year I and tbe awa;ds we to te to the lowest, laking Icto consideration tbe chy circulation of the news papers, the Common Council confirming tbe bids Ail this goes to show that the Compt oiler atd a miij.r ty of the Finance Committee desire to have the coipoiation \dve; tint menu published in tbs Gernran, French, Italian and Spanish pipers, or in papers printed .n hubgliah whose cbaocii'y is thair otly recommendation. A communica'ion from Menrs. Gilbert, Ja^keon and S'uaU, bekgaplan ior a new City Hill, was read and refe.-red to tte spire prate committee. TLe li,ard cf t?u:.trvisors mst yesterday a'ter. noon. A preamble and resolutions, stlting fjjti u a: chapter 654 of tbe laws of the State o,>eraes partially, ar d exempts from taxitlon a large; am ,u at cf i rope rty liable to assessment, tnd request ug r.he <-if> celegaton a: Albany to ei.det.-o/ 1 > procure the repeal cf !*id ait, was ad pted. T^e C :mmi?t?e on Annual Taxes reported in favor of remitting tf.e persoccJ tax a??s-ed in the Sewad ward aga-nst He Third Avetue ltailrcad, am';cnting to #12,372 75 ???raiMee appointed to view Moffat's Bjild log. to ascertain its aptitude for the buvwse cf the Supreme C,uit, reported th?t the rooms aeie too n*ar tbe tclse of Broadway for chamber practice sail for hearing argument. After discuss ing the snoject of procuring court ac:omm idations at onsiderab'e length, the Cimmhtee conclude by stating tha *.lie axerde 3 charter of 1853 prevents them from taking fustible action ia tbs prem'see. He trial c.f Kireane> Cor forgery? ? '.mb wtrcl las ciniUtl SOIL', ts lament from the *k\li t.od dii teiitywitb which tt-e crime wai c romittid? was C( n rinded j esterdt.y. Toe jury we.-e only abient for a ftw moments, and rt:u acd with a vadi;t of "Onihj." We pnblifb io acothe: column iu? con clusion cf tcr report of the c^e. Gole, toe aliegei acucrtplice o'. Ku?sanc, wiL be tried in tbe Aprij term for tbe *sine forgery. We pubitafced jerferd-y, a te'egraph ; despatch frtm Boston. ard give atother t .-?'ay, cetrerning a irjeterions ship of war eeea by Cap', Groton, of tie efcip Saxoa, arrived at that port, and which t'apt. H. supposed w if a Russian c:nia;r. Toe mvMentu* craft tarns cat to have b'.en nothing more than the United fe :&:<*? ?tor*?h p H'..ef, arrived cere on fcun<]?y nip. t f.'cm Rio .Jateiro. She nas be?E a*v,ent on tti Brazil station abon. tlx rnontrs, wt?2ch may prooiWy a conut for the bid Ecgliab tnd outlandish appear*: ;e rf tbe 'ffl'ern Ktlctd by tbe worthy Captai:. A very Jnrg* nee'iic of the friends of temperance aid *dvocAtcB of tbi parage of tbe Maine Jaw, co? pei iipg nefcre the Senate cf thu S:ate, w..? ? eld a . tbe BrcckijL Institute hat evening. Ye?1er<l.y, in toe Ut ted S'ates Dir.rict Conrt, Judjie Ha'' J'stc se..d tbe libel against the slea roer Muft huiet'.*, charged with beirg fitted on', for filibustering dteigr.s again st Coba. The ?ess:on rf t*e F.-a'd of M.nagera of the Ame rican lUptirt Micaijnary Union, w?? occupied yes terday ir ile reading of papers re atsve to coniciie and the mwei <nary policy adopted by the Execu tive Comml'tee. Oar report ij crowicd out. Aa impo.tat t r* joit acd bill In reference t> sav iegs bataf were pi?eec.ted in the New York -Sean** jtete rd*y. We refer to the letter of oa- ccnegca dent, under the telgrapMc bead. The annual btr<jaet -f the Yorrg cf Ire lard, came cfT with great eclat at tfc? Chinese As sembly Rocms Uat ever lag. We are obliged to bold ever our r?p'rt of tbe festivities. Cctha continued active and firm yesterday. Tbe sales r*a:bed about 4.000 a 4, .'>00 bale*? ? p?t, probably, ,n t'aisi o. Ttie whole advance s c~o tb* r?ctipt of tie Euio:^?n r**s has ta bed from wm without alteration 1* prloM. Moat of the C* nadlan produce in thia market?admitted free under 1 the Reciprocity treaty, now in full foroe? haa come in under the bonding system, or haa had the duties paid on it to be hereafter refunded. The first free articles likely to come forward to any amount will be ooal, gypsum and 0*h from Nova Hootla and New foundland. As sow as canal navigation is resume!, there wi'l undoubtedly be heavy receipts of lum ber and breadrtufTi, chiefly through the part of Oswego. Th', admission of our domestic grown sugar into Canada, duty free, we find, by some strange ovrsight, waa omitted in the treaty free list. Lea/l was firm and active yesterday, and heavy sales oV Spanish, including some lota ef English, were made at better prises, and for cash. There ?a? more doing in rice, and the market for good to prifue advanced about 4c. per lb. The article was in light stock, and had advanced in Charleston and Pavsnnah. Sugars were in good demand, with a air amount of bales. Very Interesting irom Mexico? Where is tianta Anna I The Mexican news which we publish to-day is very interesting amftjurious, the peculiarly significant feature of it being the sudden and mysterious departure of Santa Anna from his capital. Where lias his Serene Highness gone? What for? When will he return, or will he return at all? These were the exciting questions which at the last accounts were agitating and perplexing all parties in the city of Mexico. It is reported, on the one hand, that the Dictator, with a detachment of his army, had gone off to hunt up those intractable rebels, Alvarez and Morenos? that he had come up with the latter, had defeated him and captured him ; and had followed up this triumph by putting Alvarez himself to flight. This news, however, is Bup posed to be equivalent to the Tartar report of the taking of Sebastopol ; or, at best, but a ruse of Santa Anna to cover up some ulterior purpose best known to himself. Another report assigns as the cause of his departure, his declining health. The city of Mexico, although in a deep, broad valley, is still some seven thousand feet above the level of the sea, and during the winter season is com paratively cold and damp. His Serene High ness is said to be suffering from this cause, su peradded to " the oares of State," and that he goes down to the tet res calientes, or hot lands of the southwestern departments, for the restoration of his health, leaving, ad interim, a sort of regen cy behind bim in charge of the government. Then, again, it is conjectured that this move ment of the old fox is but a device preparatory to a return to his capital, with a coup d'itat abolishing the republic entirely, and formally proclaiming the empire. Cut there is another conjecture concerning this mysterious journey of the Dictator, which, it appears, was pretty generally credited by intelligent men at Vera Cruz and Havana; and it is thiE ? that Santa Anna having seeured all the available funds of the Gadsden treaty, and other loose odds and ends, has left his capital, not for the purpose of putting down Alvarez, nor for the benefit of his health by a sojourn near Acapulco, nor for an imperial coup d'ttat, but for the deliberate and judicious ultimatum of securing his head and his spoils by a timely farewell to Mexico, and a trip to Havana, pre paratory to a summer visit with his interesting tamily to the Crystal Palace Exhibition of Paris. Now we venture to say that this conjecture '8 just as likely to be confirmed at any other, in referecce to this mysterious affair. The Mexican correspondence which we publish from the New OrleanB Delta, embraces some very curious facts and circumstances tending to cor porate the suspicion that this go-called "Saviour of his Country,1' is now resolved to save himself, and is slipping off for "Cowesand a market." A week cr two will probably set tic the question. Should it turn out by his turning up in Havana or Jamaica, or some other place, wilh his family and a ship load of plunder, that he has abdicated, absconded, and forever relinquished his rebellious subjects in disgust, then wc may count upon a reaction in Mexico of the very highest importance to us, and the baiance ot power on this continent. In any event, the crisis is fast approaching when the issue mast be between a European protectorate, or the absorption of sister re public by the United States. It would not be surprising if we wore next to hear of the Dic tator Irorn Kingston or Havata It is evident ly his best policy to pack up and pack off be fore his Gadsden spoils are exhausted. What an opening is here for the Kinney expedition ! The Financial Panic at San Francisco.? The news of the suspension of Calf a dozen of the principal tanking houses of San Fran* cifCO, u pi 'Ei ihe information of the failure of Page A Bhcon, of this city, and tb<* conse quent curtailment of nearly half a million of the regular specie shipment of the Northern Light, might, at first blush, le.'d to the conclu sion that, a corresponding panic and depression would necessarily follow in Wall street. Such, however, has not been the case. Sir es the Schuvier swindles Wall street has become astonishingly sfcarp and calculating. Ca-ition and contraction have been the order of the day; and our financiers have been operating all ! along under the saving suspicion of breakers j ahead. They had anticipated this San Francisco panic, and these suspensions, and j this cnrailmcnt Of the specie list by the Ncrtb I irn Light; nnd so the seostvicn in Wq' street was but momentary, and hi the face cf thin California news stocks went up. This is one of the results ol tte new Wail street platform of caution and contraction. Kite-lljing ejaculations have received very lit tle favor; 011; financiers have beorf f^r mere stringent ttun at acy preceding crisis rt n<u*nng loai.' and adventures upon a . 1 sorts of bubbles, fti.d with all sorts of men. Thus notwithstanding the hard times, money has 6e< n accumu'a^ing in the Wall street banks and a gro^in^ desire for eouie avenues cf in vestment has been gradually liftiog ip S up boids, railroad stocks, A j., while th" pressure upon o lr merchants mechanic* ^nd work ng elates continues hard and heavy. It is the opinion of WalJ Mreet that tbf-e San Francisco swpendons would only la t tor a few djy-. Such will prohaHy be the extent of tbis California panic. The experience of 1836-7 and the Schuyler Irauil- hav work d wonders in Wall street. Fiom th- r?sulu t seems in fact, after all, that Schuyler 'hs been a public benefactor. Thus, from the robbery ot j widows airl orphans, the public are benefitted, the igb tney won't underhand it. Th. one.' great ro^ue makes aany loneet aco. Ilow mysterious are the w^js cf Provide-*'. ! Roct'l Til's LBTTRhH ON A <> I ' CAN APiArtig ? Tlliti.? '. . -. Wt .!? ? Tra Niws it um Havana? Fate of the Cuban State Prkonebs.? In another column will be found highly interesting and important intelligence from Havana. The late abortive conspiracy, like all ill-directed effortB of a simi lar oharacter, has borne its first melancholy fruits. Ramon Pinto, Juan Cadalzo, and Nico las Pinelo have been condemned to death by the Military Commission, although, with one exception, the prosecuting Fiscal did not call for so severe a punishment. It would appear from the BtatementB oi our correspondents that the evidence upon which these gentlemen have been convicted is of a most suspicious and un satisfactory character ? consisting mainly of the declarations of the informer Rodriguez, who 1b represented to be an escaped criminal who had been condemned to thirty years' ser vitude with the chain gang, for various crimes. These declarations are said to be so contra dictory and inconsistent in themselves as to be inadmissible by any court not influenced by political and personal considerations. It is said that the prosecuting Fiscal has been thrown into prison for his moderation towards the accused. As this latter statement seems to require confirmation, it is but fair to suspend our judgment as to the inferences to which it it would lead in regard to the intentions of the Captain General. Considering the nature of the evidence adduced, and taking into account the fact that the Auditor of the Royal Tribu nal has signified his disapproval of the sen tence, there are reasonable grounds for be lieving that the lives of the unfortunate pri soners will be spared. A Contiu8t.? Last week a worthy and re spected citizen, named Robert Kermit, died hefe, and was followed to the grave by a small number of quiet lriendB. A few days before, a prize fighter who had been killed in a drunken biawl, and whose name had constantly been coupled with tales of violence, bloodshed and brutality, was buried with pomp, eclat, and noise, five thousand persons following him to bis resting place. Such is public opinion. Better to be a bully and a prize fighter, than an honest man and worthy citizen. Italian Opera? La Favorite. There was a thin house for the "Favorita" last night, caused mainly, we presume, by the fact that Sisrnor Brlgnoll, who hud been announced to ping " Fernando," wan in doubt a* to his ability to do justice to the part, which he but< never jet played, and was therefore excus ed from attempting it. Signer Lorlni was hin substitute. Steflenone was the "Leonora" of the night, and her performance was In many respects very fine. Her exe cution of the music in the first act was faulty, however, and her lower notes have been seriously impaired by the effects of the prevailing epidemic at this season of the year. As there was no alteration in the cast, (other than the substitution of StefTenone for Vestvali, in leonor*,) with which the opera was given a fortnight since, we could but repeat our words used upon that occasion. The performance was a satisfactory one. On Wednesday, "Lucrezia Borgia," which created quite a Jurore last Friday night, will be given a^ain, with the same cast, Brignoii, Stellenone and Badiali being included in it. On Friday "Maria di Rohan'' is promised. Signor Bolcioni, a tenor ruiwslo of great promise, who made a favorable impression in "Rigoletto" on the first eight of the Ole BuU season, has been engaged. Matters at the Academy are assuming a steady and orderly appearance. Verdi's sew opera, *'/t TVouatore," will be produced during the present season, as well as 1 other novtlt'es. Bi-rtoVh Titratiie? A Rkvival ? Molcroft'a comely, "The Steward, or the Discarded Daughter," was re vived Uft night with a good cant, Including Mre. ISurtoo, Mm. Hucklend, Mr. Barton, Mr. Fisher and Mr. G. Jordan. Although very well played, 'Toe Steward" in rather too antique, heavy and lugu brious, to please the laughter-lortng audiences at the Chamber* street Temple of Mo nun, where Mr. Burton ha? led u? all to believe that we are to be made jolly every night, and ban rarely failed to keep tbii implied promise to the public. A new ballet ? "the New York Children a la Vlennoise" ? made ita premiere //as a*, thin boute last night, and the farce of the "In vinci nles." in troducing numbers of pretty young women, whose miii tary mann-uvres would do credit to many of our volun teer heroes, was also given The performance was for the benefit of Mr* Durton, and we are glad to (ay that the house wai crowded in every part. THE LATEST tfEWB. BY MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPH!. From Wiuhlngbin EFFECT OF THIi NEWS OK TUE CZAB'S DEATH -(.KB AT COMMOTION AMONG THE DII'LOMTAB AND CABINET MIM8TERK--OPB KlXAriOXs WITH SPAIN, ETC. W/xhi.nctox, March 19, 1855. The Dtwn of the death <f the Kmperor of Hussi* h?a Lad ita visible eflect in thffc-:ty. reduced aa it ia to leaf than the ordinary population at thin season of the year. Tie feeling everywhere is one of regret? even among that c'ass of citiiens ?lio are ignorant of the virtues of the 'great commander" ? tie expression, "I'm aorry," 1a everywhere to he heard. Strange as It may sees, this fee:, op if general iu the depaitmrn's and among the clerk* The report of tin* Emperor * death waa otn muti.cated ty early telegraph to the Itua uu Aiiiikui dor, ? ho iroieediate'y called upon Secretary Mar y for fuither infe/ma!*on. Th.e gentleman'* total ign r?u"e of the matter induced the Ambaasac'er's mme'.iate de pnrture anil to the quel! one pat by bim to the lingli-<h and French, whom Oe v.eited for undoubted evidence, which, it waa nippo^ed, they had ie:eived, the reply was they tad no*, jet their e'eapatchea from ibeir home goverennents Farly on Saturday morning the oflice of ite ^creiarj of State and the PresiJent's room wire visited by nearly all of the foreign agenta in Wash ingt< n to leain hoar '.r the report waa to be relied upon Without ar. eiception the ir.ewt'rs of the Cab net attend ed for a like purpese; but all the -aiisfacticn reseivtd irii i in the reading of a telegraphic despatth sent to Mr. 1 Mercy wb.cb waa a ropy of tbe sauie transmitted to the KuKUkt. Minister acme fcoun before. Your corr?spon1en? waa at the White House on Saturday, when the entire ,'c.Mign repit hit 'atn n. with the marned except'oai of trglami and Franc#, requested an interv.ew wita t .e President, which wa* readily ac corded. I'espafctec receive! |,y the latest European arrival contain not a line or word on this most interutin^ (ab ject. Mr. ltn:b*nan, but a few hoars before tbe a* ling of the vsseel that wa? to carry his despatch, observes that "I ord I'almtreton has desired him to aay that ller Majesty s governu*nt will interpo-c fr .? a settlement of our d.fticulties w.tb Spa n ' but not a word !? laid can earning :he death i! t he Emperor. Ti,? re la n ,th ng confirmatory of '.hie ruicor x the city, and the admia istrai on utes not hesitate to declare that tbe au'.hor.ty is very weak. The Russian Ambassador gives it not the leaat, yet, ia it not somewhat singular thatio the g(ierti) visit that baa be?0 made to the rree.i'ent ar.d the Ruasiin Amtaieador by r a colleagues for information bo'h the Fren:b an J ?be Krg i?t rej re?? ntativea lire ?)sented themselves, au'i are itown to have freq .en', y met in private since -.he arrival ef tbe Aftlcn. One of the comeque-ncer of It. ia n?'ws, be it wh it i*. may a> to tiuih, >? to It og to a stani atUl oar policy with Fpain 7ie instructions to o ir rew Mini?t#r are not to f ? actei, bpi c uot.i th< Lepai .meet fhaJ have tit* ad tar, age of '.h< iniei!:g?nee rrough: by tbe next sttaaie*. It 'are e f ic< tel<gra( ii teo. to Sew York not an hour I fr ? that tke grvernir.* t k>. '. c ' nftima'.or y pro f of the f t p? nr a ueatfc? I giv? a U et contraoictioo, ai. 1 ahoulJ ?ny o! the c.tlrena of Ntw Vork <!e?ir? a *?nfirtni* on of my state mert, 1 lave re-.aoe to know that itwcall alii rd '.:.e gcvernmeat a plear ; -e tuacr ?" their requests njen afpiicat.'os. Our intimate r* ?ti B? wlto RnaaU, an-e; N\IjO W will create eaciten et- w:.en n>io? l:nowo. and l. sd.ah "btujil t prcve ' . e. wuet have a aen'lMe t Iti rt u| < n cor foreign relatione, uno-s' hia eacteseor j,p,riv?? the pili?y a-.op;e<i betw en the two govern ? <t>t>? Hmit *r?: the t n,t?t State*. "It* ACI" and BAtTBkY CA??. WA?nmmt>w. Ma? ? 10, from Independent* to Bant* Ft, lui been sentoneed to Ef a lino of one hundred dollar* for the asaanlt on Mr. pe, the editor of the Evening Star , of thia city. The application for a new trial made by the counsel of Magraw baa been withdrawn, In consequent* of the ur gency of hi* presence at Independence. APPOINTMENTS EOB TDK NEW BIOIMENTS. Wahiu-noton, March 19, 1865. The officer* of the army, aa far aa tbey accept appulnt menta in tbeae regiments, will create vacancies in the regimenta in which tbey have beretofare served, and thus from twenty to thirty additional original appoint ments will be made from civil life. Tenth Regiment of Infantrv.? Riflemen? Captains Brevet Captain He nry F. Clark, of Pennsylvania, flrit commissioned IMS: Brevet Captain Franklin Gardner, of lowa, ti rut commissioned 1843 ; Brevet Captain Jan. 0. Snelling, of Ohio, first commissioned 1843; Brevet Capt. Barnard ?. Bee, of South Carolina, first oommisioned 1846; Firat Lieutenant John C. Symmes, or Ohio, first commissioned 1847; Matthew S. Ritchie, of New York; 1,. Seymour Webb, of Connecticut; Albert Tracy, of Maine; Jefse A. Cove, of New Hampshire; James P. Barker, of Delaware. First I.ieutenunts ? Second lieutenant Joseph L. Tib dall, of Ohio, first commissioned 1849; Second Lieutenant Altred Cummlngs, of Georgia, first comaaisaioned 1849; Second Lieutenant Cuvicr Griever, of Maine, first com miasioned 1860; Second l ieutenant Louis 11. Marshall, of Mary land, firit commissioned 1849: Second Lletenant Hen ry E MugTud*r,of the District of Columbia, first commis sioned 1862; Henry B. Kelly, of Louisiana; Lames Find lay Harrison, of Ohio; William Clinton, of Pennsylvania; John McNab, of Vermont; N. A. M. Dudley, of Massa chusetts. Second Lieutenant Peter T. Leodine, of New York, first commissioned in 1862; Second Lieuten ant John H. Forney, of Alabama, first commissioner in 1862; First Lieutenant Lyman L. Kellogg, of New York, first commissioned in 1862; Seeond Lieutenant Laurence A. Williams, of the District of Columbia, first commis sioned in lbQii, Second Lieutenant James Deahler, of Alabama, first commissioned in 1864; W. H. Rui sell, of New Jersey; Alexander Murray, of Pennsylvania; Mal colm A. Nichols, of Lcuisiana; William Kearney, of Missouri; Curtis Dunham, of Kansas. Ninth Regiment of Infantry? Riflemen? Captains? Brevet Major Hinkney Lugenbeel, of Ohio, drat com misfioned in 1840; Brevet Captain Frelerick J. Dent, of Mbsourl, first commissioned In 1843; First Lieut. Francis E. Patterson, of Pennsylvania; Brevet Captain (icorge E. Rickett, of Illinois, first commissioned in 1844; Firat lieutenants Charles H. Winder, of Mary land, first commissioned in 1860; Dickenson Woodrufle, of New Jersey; Francis L. Bowman, ot Pednsylvania; Presley M. Guthrie, of Ohio; James J. Archer, of Mary-, land ; Crawford Fletcher, of Arkansas . First lieutenants? Second Lieutenant Henry M. Black, of Pennsylvania, first commissioned 1847; Second Lieu tenant John M. Fraser, first commissioned 1849 ; Second Lieutenant Thomas E. English, of Pennsylvania, first comaalssioned 1847 ; Second Lieutenant Alien Sargent, of Missouri, first commissioned 1850; Second Lieutenant Von Noatt, of New York, first commissioned 1862; I.ymsn Bissel), of Ct. ; A. T. Palmer, of Me. ; Samuel R. Harris, of Texas; Alex. P. TenBroeck, of N. Y. ; George W. Carr, of Va. Second lieutenants.? Seccnd Lieut. Charles R. Woods, of Ohio; Second Lieut. Hugh B. Fleming, of Pa.; Se cond Lieut. Henry Douglass, of N. Y. ; Second Lieut. Wm. Myers, of Pa : Second Iieut- Wm. A. Webb, of Me.; Irail Miller, of N. Y.; Philip A. Owen, of Ala. ; Ed mund J. Harvey, of Va.; Charles A. Reynolds, of Md. ; David B. McKlbbin. of Pa. Second Regiment cf Cavalry.? Captains Brevet Major Earl Van Dorn, of Miss. ; Brevet Captain Edward R. Smith, of Fla. ; Brevet Captain James Oakea, of Pa. I,aUnt from Ihe State Capital. TIIE ADJOURNMENT ? CKN8UB MARSHALS ?REPORTS OK THE SAVINGS' BANKS ? TUB INICKMtBOCKHR BANK A DKFAULT*B- IMPORTANT RECOMMBNDA TIONB, ETC. ALBANT, March 19, 1865. Resolutions were introduced in both housed this morn iog? in the Senate by Mr. Hitchcock, in the House by Mr. Aitken? providing for an adjournment of the Lejis lature on Wednesday, the 11th day of April. At that time the hundred days will expire ; but it is thought that the session may continue three or four days longer, to make up for the time lost in search of the New York institutions. The Secretary of State desires tte Census bill to be amended so as to empower him to put on more marshals ? in New York. A bill to that efteet was run through the Henate this morning ; it gives that officer the discretion to appoint as many marshals as he may think proper. A clause was added allowing each marshal two dollars a day, to be audited and paid by the respective boards of Supervisors. Senator Whitney offered an amendment, declaring that none but citizens of the United States I should be employed to take the census. Mr. Crosby (apparently arousing from some deep me ditation) inquired who otlertd that amendment * Mr. Dickinson? A Hindoo. Mr. Crosby? Give us his name. Mr Whitney remarked that he had oflerel the propo rtion In good faith. He did not know but marshals might be appointed who are unacquainted with the English language. ? either Dutch, French, or possibly H'ndoo^m cl4lk_xhere is n* danger th*t any Hindoo will be appointed? not the least danger of it. Mr Whitney's motion was voted promptly down; so Mr. Secretary I*avenworth may employ the Sardinian paupers to take the census if he chooses. Senator WatkinB made a few Impressive remarks on Saturday against the Maine law, and also against striking out the s< arch, seizure and detention clauses. | It was a matter of surprise to him that this I bill, cf which the whig party has assumed to ' ait as it* godfather, should meet with such ireltmert as its piofes ed friends arc now giving it. It I Is attempted, by striking out certain clauses, to be i .'horn o: its lntheito boasted vitality, to be carved mangled, and absolutely murderously slaughtered, with less sciencc than a medlcsl quack wc uld perform a post n.ortem on a defunct patient, and that, too. fh the house | of its I Hands. Well might we now exclaim: "-?'ave me 1 ficm my friends, I'll take care of my enemies." Gen i tie nit n r-en?tor?, do have s*?.e pity on your bantling; rather let it die a natural death than attempt to ki.l it under the professed garb of kindness. I If the disease of the bo 1y politic is of so desperate a nature as to require prohibition at all, give it, ' as our doctors say, sharp practice, and jou ! certain? you will put an end to this everlasting furore aad will either kill or cure the pat ent. one thing beng quite ! excltemtnt on the subject of the Maine I quer law. Doc tcr Watt ins continued in this semi-sarcuiti! style for \ three quarters of an hour. By the way, besides being a | trump, tte doctor is one of the nnmit'gated hards of the | Fenate, nnd in 'avor of Psnle! 8 Dickinson for President ? io fusion about li'm We really hope he will not rise to a question ol privilege, and rasp us for thus inno cent)) exposing his presidential preferences. in relation to savings banks, the committee introduced in the Senate this morning, a report and bill of such an interesting cliarartor that we feel It our duty to give ! th< m both the carli?st circulation. This is a eoDy of th? report: ? , , . The Committee ert Banks, to whom was referred the re i ports of the savings hanks in the counties of New York ami Kirps, mad* in pursuance of the resolution ol the Senate of | the 3d of January last. respectfully report:? I That r> ports time bieu received from all the savin#* insti tatious .u t hot e two counti. ?; that one h auk. during the I past year, failed to meet it. i u/nKetm nt?, and has passed i into the hands of receivers. The committee therefore e* elude the Knicki roe cker Savings Ilsnk from their report, l ot have attached h? reto the report ?ent them by the reetivtrft which show the *tate ?f that inati tntion on the TUi of rclrunry last; and tlicy regret to ray, ihows that will P'obsMy be a lots to tho deport 1 tors ' I VI 14 H*?. From all the oth? r in?tltntinns, si* I tten in New York and threein Kiniff conuty the report, ara i niado in strict con.pliince with the resolution calling tor theui and from which the ttec have made the it:itc mei.t anneved. This statement shows the deposits in N- w York alene to bcovtr twenty-si* millions, ami In the two coontii s fcXMSt.72r.-ll li? on thi first day of Janutry, and the lumber of depositors to he IU,SOI. To moot thi? larits indebtedness, those inst.tutions have in bonds and morWft/e S-M I'll S4ii (.'i ino in stocks, believed to be convertible into nioney at thort notice; in real estate, t:.V.,M2 44 in rash on land, in deposit, 12,02!', AO 1.1; making together $29. 130,9Y> M ; showing a surplus of assets above their liabilities of $632 -21' I Duriiur the la-t year alone, I $13 ill WW 93 hate l.em received and $16734, f<il '?>* have been ruid out, a decrease <it $2,322,(123, and showing clearly that on tho 1st day of January, the deposits were 249. This, it is believed, does not proceed from any * ant cf confidence In these institutions. huti< to be accounted ftr 1 } the pre-.ins demand f. r mon< y ilnrln tl.e psst year, ai d to Ihe neoes ity erisinjr frore the pro.-nre of the times upon that ciass who make up the lar>re list of 4 1 1 i mmittee are nnal le to cive a complete statement of the deposits n tl. ? savirjrs initltatioiu in the whole Mat. . I nt from sn n lis they have received, a state m>nt, wbiih l? also hereto annexe", they are satisfied '.he hanks in th" other parts of the Ptate hold at least ft I*. 1 1 1 tnakit.s' tG*cth<r f.V..Y.\73t. <1 It ,*?" ?'? t^at thi? n*.i?, < Mn^ared wit 'j t? ' detumit* li? 1?1 n ?itinlar iDnt'.tutw m* in older oountle*. witn reference to p .pqUtmn. ?peak? lavcrally f?r that of cur |^| -e who ? i ? natives of onr ? :? n ln?tii * i to bo lartfr in 1 rojortien t- ?>ur ponnlatlon tbfti) ere * it her in EoglftDi! or Frane Our MlnUter in Enuland, in 1 m, nr?ertain< d. from e fTv -4al fonrcM, that the depofitu ?n tie tavlnaK Buni N in th? I nit. 1 KiDfdom wag ? llf orlHOHi.jni !W-1(0, and in France it was re pre <un ted to U aleut $lflO.<ttO,OW It $? beli?Ted that lar<e \n tho de? po * its are now foun-l to be in ? ur injitlt-itior ?, a tcnaj In' ri Ste may ho confldentlv . M setcl, ?n incase . qusl at least to that of the renersl wealth and gfowth of I Ka State, thus trinsln* t pether, throu.-h them, sums in II \ idnally i malt, but In the a.-vre;.?to imm. n.o, *l i?h other win would lilts been hoard ,1 in nnproductiveness, ir watted in eatrava, ince and all IsftiUn, to of :srs thoncht. providence avid economy, disru.-ml erln ? panp r;?m i nd ell Its atttendunt evils, while they elevate the social losltien ?n?t rn mote th? happiness of tho c'asse. which practice th< it So hi^h is the vain* placed unon in- titutn ns in l.nsland, that after yssrs it trial, government las. ty a r o nt act of I'arl.a meat, made itself responsible lor all moneys paid into the inUn'trs I anks rt tlio Kinirdi m 'I lie oinmttteo, believiac ' bat the poll, y cf the State r- qnivs that th^se institutioas i i.ould l.e so roar led and j roiected a" to inspire oontl lence in their safety, and leave them, so lar as may he, undis turbed ty frsqnsnt lejiflstion here*ft'-r, f.ave, aft r much deliberation, dettrmified to r commend to the He ate, fo |laco th'm nnder the sapervi-lon of the ilsnk Deparltrent r. nirlug fr m them >|n*rt'?ly reports and m i * i n a* the Superintendent tbe amc p-w?r in respect to evf.tTuT atlon he uoW n?#t banks of I IS no I" is 1 elieved that this plan will inspi ? and iBcT.ase c. nfi i!en e ssvtmochle islalion, and that the reports wilt afford Mtthly valtal le information, and it may te atxted that it is tl e apprf val of the cfll rs ef tlie i I le.t and lie?t -i . ncted institutions in the Mate In ao . rdnne" with tliese virws, (irmittee have prepared a I ill, and a k 1 a?e to ittrciiite the isme. K. RHK RRU.I., i M. H'KM tit, J Committee. It f ? TIT. A HAKN ARU. ' The folic wirg is the >>??! vtirt I' In'ec le ! ?o e.irry nj? the Views Of the crrrr. Ittee. Mr ut en-er t'a* th port, ell c>. attlftcted sn ntti'h -?.e if - eti'.o ci - n. <nr* th?4 two thou-sed et'ra cop *s ?ere Icirec'ia'.e y or !?r ?<? ptibtrd ? . An Act io relation to iftvinas t anks and it titles for The icorlo of the ?tn*e of New York, re(r .,ated iu Seni le ard As' sroh'y, do enact ss foil' ? ? - Vert I It thali I lawtnl Ut tho -ever 1 sa? r.-< lanl' . or mstitnttons for isvtnus, n, w hart' n d. cr h >? <y I le hereafter chartered, to loan the nonets wb b th y I > ir r verf . r rl ill bere-iftes ree. , ?.',ro. ? o, . I k ebk.biatii.bS thei.v.. M s'l>s? s^.iaw by a.. rt^at. vptia | wH?e??b*?*d r*al aatat*. rit??Ud wilbin tUi SteW, UC worth il hut double too amount thereon, or on u* ?took 01 teourity of which the faith of ?ho Units) 1 8UU., or of tkU Stat*, 1. pledged, utdonT^S other stocks a. they wo now exrre.afy authored t a loan upon by their aevaral oh art en; any loan ao mad* -h*'T not tieeed In amount the par value of *uch .took or *eeu rit j ; should the (took or eecurltiei above named depreciate iu valaa, io that the amount loaned thereon ahall exceed niuotjr per cent of their market value, it ehali bo the dntv> of the director! or trnateee to require the Immediate Dar in eat of any loan made by them (hereon, or additional a* ourity tbeiefor, no that at all timea the amount eo loaned ?hall be at least ten per cent leee tban the market value of auch itocki or aeeurities; and it khall be lawful for an* iinoh aavillge bank or inatitutkn for saving* to inveet thofe depoatta or accumulatione In the purobaee of any atock* or cecuritieH upon which, by the proviiione of thie eeotioa they are authorised to loan their depoilti; provided, tha? it eball not be lawful tor mi eh aav;ngs bank* or lastitutiona for savings to loan or iirvest their deposit*, er the accumu lations thereof, in any other manner whatever. Sec. 2. The several savings banka or inatitationa for *av? Inge, now incorporated, or which may hereafter be inoorpo rated, shall, on the first daya of Jannary. April, July and October id each year, or within ten days thereafter, make * report in writing to the Superintendent of the Bank Depart ment. which report ahall be verified by the oatha of the two principal u llicers thereof, and shall state therein the amounts then loaned on bond and mortgage, and the value of tho mortgaged premiteaa; the amount inveated in atoeka, de tonating each particular kind of atock, and the ooefc and present market value of the same; the value of tha real eatatc owned, the amount of caah on hand or otr depoalt, with the namca of the banks or institution* in which the same has been deposited, and tba amount placed In each; and iu ease any loans have beeir made upon the stocks or other securities, the amount) of each loan so made during the preceding three months, designating the nature and value of the security. The report on the first day of January In each year ahall also state the number of open accounts, the total amount due depositors, the amount of principal and interest received and paid oat, and the rate ol interest paid to depositors for the year pre ceding the date or such report. Any wilful, false swearing, n rcspect to such reports, shall be deemed porjary, ana subject to the punishment prescribed by law for that offence. Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent of ttfa Bank Department, annually in the month of January, to communicate to the Legislature a summary of the state and condition of every savings hank or lnstitntion for savings from which reports have been received for the preceding year, ana to suggest any amendment to the laws relative to savings banks or institutions for ravings, whioh, in hia Judgment, may be accessary or proper to.increase the securi ty ef depositors. See. 4. Whenever any savings bank, or institution for eat ings, shall fail to make a report in complianoe with tb* se cord section of this act, or whenever the superintendent oC the baifk department shall have reason to believe that anji savinga bank, or inatitution for savings, is covering or in* vesting money in violation of law, or conducting business* in an unsafe manner, it shall le bla duty to appoint on* oc more competent persons to examine their affairs; and when ever it shall appear to th* superintendent, from such exami nation, that any savings lank, or Inatitution for savings, has been guilty of a violation of the provision* of the Ant section of this act, be iball communicate the fact to tba attorney general, whose duty it shall then beeom* to insti tute such proceedings against said savings bank or in stitutions for saving*, as arc now authorised in the case ?f Insolvent corporations. The expanse of an? auch examination shall b* paid by the saving* bank or In stitution for savings so examined, in such amount as tba Superintendent of the Bank Department shall oertify to be just and reasonable. Sec. 5. For any loss that shall remit to d*po*ktor* front loans or investmenta made by any savings bank or institu ? lions lor savings in violation of law, the trustees or direc tora guilty of such violation, shall be individually liable. See. 6. All acta or part* of acta, ao far aa the nine ia In conaiatent with the provisions of tbi* act, are hereby re pealed. Sec. 7. Thla act ahall take effect immediately. We understand that Captain Waterbury, one of Sam'-: representatives in the Assembly, intends, after the ad journment, to organize in the city of New York a mill tary company, based on the principles of Sam. It in said that he is induced to this mcaaure on account of tlia opposition he has met from the principal officer* of the First division, on account of his support of tha new militia bill. The Senate executive session on Wednesday is awaited with the greatest anxiety. Immediately after the door* are thrown open, Senator Goodwin will take th* Uoor to advocate his twenty-one years' reiolntion. From Canada. THE RECIPROCITY TREATY, ? APPROACHING MINISTE RIAL CKI8I8. QI'kdko, March 19, 1860. The imperial reciprocity act has been published in the official gazette, and accompanying it is a proclamation that the treaty has taken effect. A provisional militia bill, providing for a thorough organization of a volunteer and sedentary militia will be discussed In the Assembly to morrow night. Tho result will probably determine the fate of the ministry for this session. From Boston. THE CASE OF JUDGE I.OR1NO? THE SUSPICIOUS SLOOP" OF-WAR, ETC. P Borrow, March 19, 185ft. The Committee of the legislation on the removal of Judge Loring are divided in opinion, and there will be two reports. The majority report, drawn up by Mr. Abbee. of Middlesex, in favor of Judge taring's removal, is signed by four members of the committee. The mi nority report, drawn up by Mr. Pierce, of Norfolk, against the removal, is signed by two member*. The other member ol the committee is against the removal, but has lot signed the report of the minority. Capt. Uroton, of th* ship Saxon, reported yesterday, states that lie did repeatedly ask the sloop of-war'? name, but that thoie on board the sloop avoided hi* questions by asking others. At first they stated they were from Kio for New York, and afterwards lrom Para for New York. He is certain, from the appearance of the sloop, that she was of foreign build. The officer* oa deck bad cloaks on with hoods a'.ta:hed to them. Tie schooner Benjamin, from New York, before re ported ashore, was got off on Saturday, and taken into Flj month. Krom Buffalo. ACQllTTAL OK RAILROAD RIOTERS ? FREIGHT TRAINS CROSSING THE KUSPKSRION BRIDGE, ETC. Bt ftalo, March 19, 186fi. Tbe trial of the Irishmen at Niagara, C. W.. for tho murder of Wemple several weeks since, during the riot* on the riutlaio and ttrantford railroad, has resulted in their acquittal. The Judge'* charge to the jury on Sat > urday bore htrongly agaiuat the prisoners, but it wan. understood that a verdict very readily would b?) iendere<> in favor of the prisoner*. On Saturday a freight train patted over the luspeusion bridge at Lrwinton, weighing three hundred tons, and extending from tower to tower. settling it lens tliao three inches. TLe weather hi re has been very pleasant for a day or two, bnt to night a heavy snow s'orm set in. Ice lit very thick and ahun'ant tn the lake. The mot:an fcr a new trial in tbe Park's late, at Cleveland, lias been overruled, and he has been sen tenced to he hung on the first Friday in June. The Body of F.mmn Mooi r Found, Ko<iii>tkh. Mar :h 19, 1H65. The boly of Froma Moore, whose mysterious d (.ap pearance a lew months since caused so mile b ev.ile mint, was found in a mill ra:e under the i;e thin af'ei noon, by a person who was getting water from a hole in the ice. The body wax identified by the ear ring* and bonnet, and aninquet is now being he Id by tho Kroner. .lirlTnl of the Canada at ilallfhi. Mar h 19. 1S55. The steninihip Canada, from Boston, arr.ved here at. two. and saileti at three o'clock this morning for Liver pool. An easteily storm prevailed yesterday. Slavery Eicllement In C'liielniiatl. Cincinnati, Man h 17, Iftfi.Y The trial of two negroes brought h?fore the Supreme Couit on a writ of habeas corpus, excites great interest. The r?groes ?ere brought heie by tbeowner, on hi* way from Virginia to Mississippi, and their freedom was claimed on this ground. Hon. 8. P. Chase and Judge Walker are am<,ng the counsel for tbe slaves. Judge Etorir thi* evening took the case under advisement. The Ohio ltlver. Cini ikkaTI, March 1", lh.'.T-. We had a heavy rftin storm here Inst night Toe river is h gh. and rising rapidly. There Is now water to a depth ol twenty feet in the channel. PiTTtiHl RU, Marih 19. 1H,V"p Tie fiep'h of the river in fifteen feet one itch at this point. It ia low falling. Arrival of the Frlgafe Colniuhln, Nohiolk, Marci 19. 1HJ.V The l^ui'ed St'.tea frigate Columbia, belonging to t he home sijiiadroa, has arrived here. Mark eta. rillLAIlILI'BlA bTOCK MAIltKT. Paumnt, Mirik 19 IMS t'tnk- sre feverish and heavy. Island R^llrotil lTal"'? Ilea irg 1.' >j a ; I'enus} Ivania Pa II road IS,1, a l.i lloi ris Canal 16 a lft Pennsylvania -tale fives, 90 fci.l . Coiivk lion of W llllaiu Kixume for Fo. gei )-. CM'RT OK ORMI'aL PENSIONS. Before Hon. Recorder Smith. MXTH PAY? roMCLlTIOK Of TlfK CA??? YIRMCT Or 'Xlt.rY. March 19 ? 1 liia morning Mr. Pur.eed -ouesel for the pr toLer. in a tpeech of two hoir" and a half In length, itimi.e.l up for the defence. The vlg >r wltli which he d> pounced the witn is, Findley, wto hal teen Induced to turn ."'ate's evldcncu t > convict Ins aoi?m plice, renturkab'e, and n-ai to doubt exer:e,l to up p'j tie j.Iare of argument in a hopele** c*?e. Mr. Whi ting fcr tie pio-eentloe, followed in a le s length/ speech, In the course of wl ich he nlosele s -rutiBi/eU tie testimony produced during th ? n iarln I- ! ,.t. rue Pe;orc'er i| < p f?ve a brief il.irge to tljc j iry id bin usual clear act lui Id style. lie j..ry then retired, tn', in Ic.s that, 'en m nutea re tui t ei! w . h a verdict of ' (ibl'ty . ' lhe plainer wa ri maLile.l fur sent'-n-e mil tae Court tten aojourned. Tin AIN'^'d I'lllhiikti ilnn Kipeiliflnih I Mini f TAT' * M-TIMi'T COPtT. IX Ore Hon. Jud>c HaH. THE 87 KAMI K MAHHACIII *: rr8 1)1 I'll A KM if). Mari ii lV.?Jud|?J'till tii ih it at t .< 'ion 'l is on i f tii ev fir ? in 'he ca e ol 'he ? ?tumsr Majnael, !-?tt , charged * > ih ' eii,.- fit ed out f. r tii * p'lrnon '4 -? ; <r, nn; In an i n awfnl ?xpedltion tgsln ' tbe 'stand or Cfl>?, b?? w.i s of cp rlcn Ihnt the lib-l ??? nil l^ iiit.J. Jlo, however, Mferied t. *i<>k" I- - ? " uotil h? ii?d over the teai ir ony and, hav read i , h* ?ax" o ? >? ir.Eie rcr 'I'll on 'V, *h?n I" lr"'t'' that lie .In sarbiiMt* ? lie oi blued, ? i:i a nertilicate i r^iio ti? c< urt. >IKF AI I.e. KAWAV, I.. I.? lue p.e nllfS o? C. X. W?U, at Far i'. tusi y, ?aa >! -.Miverel m on itr? ei.riy or, >-t Frn ey mot' ???, wV'le tie ^ . ly f r? at Lreakfa- in U?f7ii tual aiii n^t was mi e amb ^ue tbe lUr-ee, ^ut of oo avail, ?h -n the fa i, ly h id to vacate the ['fin -ii. ?hlch weram'irely isnaieil *o je'ber ' J. .r. . r, - ^ 4c. JU*? p?*f k?jf iU*utrU II U.V

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