Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1855 Page 5
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I The flprtnK Wjrlt of Knoi la ai Buntlfnl L, II is tight, a* I Iff lit as ?t ?s endurafd# ami as durable as Vt, i cheup. If jou want a becoming hat, becoming 10 tm material. and styl*, visit either of KNOX'S ?<(?? U??bu?nU, at No. lit) I ulton struct, or No. li road way. I (?tnln,a Spring Stflen of Gentlemen9* Hat* and < ap* are no* ready at 21 4 Broad war, opppoaite St. i'aul's Church. Jt yiy Spring .Style of (??ntlemenffl HaUl are now ready; aico numerous atyleR of cloth and velvet ca|>e for the si-riiR wear; aoft hats of all color?, grade* and stylet; in fact, the most Ueairakle good* in tho city for the ?c verity of the lead, it to bo four.u at WIHTK'3 Emporium of faahten, L'12 Broadway, corner Fulton. Ban in'* $ i Hat*, for tile Bpiti% 181% now ?Mined, carry the city u>r rather are carried) by a very larfo majority.) They are admired ou account of their leanty ai.d elegance, re ?m mended by every one who w? are them bet uu?t tbey acein to be everlasting, and bought be caaae they are one dollara cheaper than their neighbors tn ftroad?fiv. Gentlemen, atop in at BANTA'S, 1U0 Canal, i corner WooaUr atreet. Harder will Out, and the Tiatti IVluat be spnken. therefore we give it as our honeat opinion that IIIIPIlt'KKT * II EA KI> are tf.e heat wig makers in New Vork. Manufactory i.7 Jtfaiden lane. Copy tho address. Photograph* on the Cheap ^y?tcm - Da g acrrecty pea *6 and .rM) rents, *i* hundred taken daily. Sto reoaet pea #1, by HOLMES' patent *t?reoscopie camera. I'wturea oopied rtercoaeupic, and finitthed with II ill * n col<?ra, '?t*J Kiroauway. Special Notice RtKaidliiK Bond* Sold at aticty ii ?By particular request, I sh.ill herearter sell all bonds at, withoct oharging '.lit avcruu.l iut-rwut, wLich is t!i? same as they are sold ut tho Hoard ot Brokers, and gives the purchaser tbe benefit of knowing wb.'n ho is bidding lor any loads exae'ly ?ho price that he is buying tbem for, without goin.* inti % calculation about the interest, which ? hauge will no doubt be appreciitt. d by the buyer, ss well oh the seller. Should uny purlieu liewevi r, desiro ut any time to fell their bonds, with tho acarued interval added to the purtuaser, 1 stall announce the rarnc at the silo and through mv adverti'emcuts. AI.BKIIT II. NIQOLAT, No. 4 Ur ad street PtaiiM^T. Glllwrt At fo.'i Ctlrbialtd ,Ko flan pianos, Horace Water*' modern unproved planoa, and tint of a large number of other makes, somprising the a eat and most deairabla assortment in the United States, be aold at pricea which defy competition, for cash or an 4i*ta< t"ry paper. I'ereona in the city receiving orders for ?>acr or musical in trumenta of any kind, will tind it to wr advantage to call. HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. ?elodeona -S D. 4t H. W. Smith's Klein. Jnonr, tuned the equal temperament. sun be loun<l only at ah* muaic and piano (tore of tiORA< 'E W ATERS, 333 Broad way The trade aupphed on tlie moat reaaonabl, lerin*. SpkrltnnllHin.? Skeptlca and hflkvrrt can have eviry facility to investigate this wonderful phenome non, in all it? phaaoa, at the reaidence ot' Mr WUITNEV, Ko. 101 Fourth avenua. ietweea Kk'T.nth and Twelfth ?trveta. New York, lioura from 10 A.M. to 1^ U , 3 to 5, ?ud 7 to 10 IV M. |K 60.?' Will Commence thin Day.? The Sab* ?oribt r will commence cif bt new writing claaana thia day, at the low charge of f2 Ml for the eourre. Bookkeeping, rednoed fro in %'2l> to $12 VI for a thorough courao of inatruction. Read ai vi rtiacment in tbia day * Herald, 0L1 V EK U. UOI.DHHI Til, 302 Broadway. Wtddlnft Cardi-An ainortmr.nt of Kver? ocll'a elegantly engruved at homo notoa, wedding oarda, envelopes, Ac., c&n bo bad on appliention, or Kent by p,,*t to any part of the country. Eatablnhed IW<1. JAMEf EVER DEI. I., 302 Broadway, corner of Duaue atruet. Bounty Land^-Anny Officer*, Sohllera, teamatera, naval ofiieera, aeumen, mariuea, navy clorka and Botllla wen, lor their aurviving widows or minor children), who aervod in any war 01 the United Rtatea, are entitled to a land wan ant for Kill arrea. All peraoni entitled will, by ad Ireciiing na, receive the prorer form of application, anil we will obtain their warrant* f,;r a moderate chargo. Our ar mngementa with the Departmenta at Washington afford ua ?nnaoal iscility for the prompt return of warranta. Claiina Konld be left with ua a* early aa poenihle. I. and warranta nght audaold. DRAKtf A BRADPORn, 29 Wall at. R?.fer?ne??? Union Bunk, Corn Exchange Bank, Bowery Bank. Important to Houne keeper*^? Oar Spring Mcriment of carpetiuga, oilclotha, enrtaina and enrtain materiala i? now ready for inapectiou, and will bo ulTerod ?t greatly reduced pricea. LORD A TAVLOR, Urand atreet, ?orner of Chry iUe. Great Sale of Fancy GoimU, at M. 8. Rogera* fancy bi.taur, owing to the extenfive repaira to be made in eonaeqtience of the reont tire on the preiniaea. The re mainder ri thii immeiiHC atock, emtracing workboxei, reti enlea, paper macho work, fana. opera glaaeca, toilet boxea, gentien.en'a mid ladiei' dreaung cliel, drenaing and aheli eouibn, elegant at&tuary, parinn, poreeiain and marble vaaee, Nrwmun'a celebrated water coiorn, togethar with the moat choice selection of perfumery ao^pa, with an emllexa variety <1 toja, for tho Hinumn< nt and instruction of chil dren; all will bo told without r>'gurd to coat, affording an ocportunit> to our citii> na to aapply tlicmaclve* with every tinng unique and beuntiful, at leia than hall of tha uanal prioea U. 8. ROGER'S fancy bazaar. No. 419 Broadway. Shirts of all Slzea, made eiprrnly for Cne t<>m trade, warrnn'ed to (;ivn aatiafrction to the wear-r. Under ^ Hrmenta of all deaerintiona, cravat', atockn, aearfa, hoaiery. at McLAUUHI.lN'S, 292 Oreenwich atreet, corner of Chamber* atreet. Made to order in the belt manner. A. H< Van Pelt would Inform hla frlenda and the public that he ia now at D. DEVI. IN A (JO 'S, in abarge of their customer department, and that be can make jnat an elegant a garment an when at Arnoua'a, ataroa ?iderable leal price, and can rhow them the moat splendid anortmenta of new goods in the city. One Dollar per Yard 1?10,00(1 Yarda Splendid Ingliah tapestry Rruanela carpets, of John Crossly A Sou's aake, Halifax, England, at II I RAM ANDERSON'S ten spacious salesrooms. No 99 Bowery No. '410 Bowery? Hyatt'a New Carpet Kin perinm ?Great indmeineets to buyers of carpeting, oil rlotbs, hearth rugs, doer mats, table and piano coverx, mat tings, window shaues, Ac,; alpo. 10,0011 yarils oarpeting ind oilcloths, at lort.y per cent less than value. Decidedly great bargains. Stnger'a Sewing Machine*, Improved, no as to rnn withont noise, with very little power, and sewing the finest thread without ever briaking. The profit of using these m:. i hinra is $1,000 a year References in abundance t'kL be given to satisfy all who aro interested that theae aachii.ea are anited to do every kind of work perfectly. 1 M SINOER A CO., 323 Broadway. Wlndowahade Manafactarera, Importer* of Lgilt cornices, lace and muslin onr'ains. dama'ks, huff Hoi *lan<la, Ae. KEI.TY A FEROCbON, Noa. Broadway and 14 Heade atreet, are off' ring treat inducements to pnr etiaaers of the above grotta. All kinds of wiudowshadea Biaoe to order. Our aupericr manufucturuiz facilities enable *s to keep the reputation wo have always Lad, ?f being tbe cheapest biust in the btates. Denll?li\ Photographic and Daxormotype electrotype and pyrotechnic chemicals, asbestos. cardimum, titrate etniitia, bi?nlphur< t carton, Per?ian intact powder, platina. nickel, bismuth, in?iiyro *atin white, ultramariuc, Etasamm and *< dium, bromine, Jodried, plutuhayo, Vi?nm ae, eyanide potassium, fused and granulated; nitrate ill ?ude Mvtr, fallic and i r- pall acids, vanilla, fig aloe cantor, fumigating pastiics, Thorn's extract copaiva, patent medicines of every description. The rent nil cognac, aaet-nees, Jamaica and St. <*roin rum, cider, pin, and oiard. Tk*e% pood# m original paokaj*"*. for sale t y UR L. FEUClITtVANOER, 141 Maiden laoe. $500 Reward, and the Tfftli Gratis If T. HANSON, dentist, 3K'> Broadw.iy do* * not in??*rt teeth on fold [late, at 12 !A) each, equal to those inserted at $3 each. Pholc ects, new style, %Z'' to flUO warranted. Four pre ?iiuins rteeived. Ilegrnian, Clark & r o.. (Late IUuhton, Clark A Cf- >?Centin? medicated eod liver oil. ? The firm of Rush ton, Clark A Co., being dissolved fry the death of Mr Hush ion. their renntne ?o?l liw? r til I# bow prepared only by U*tr rorviving partner* and sole suecsaeors IIEOEUAN. ( LARK A CO., 4 l? mlstH and Drnggists, I to, 273 and 511 Broadway Pho*j>>iate of Lime and Cod Liver Oil ? The efficacy of cod lifer oil as a remedial agent ia cases of pnlmotsry aff?ctlona has teen vastly iner*asfd by Dr. W Ji BlrR S dt-cov- ry, that, in combination with phosphate ?f lime, it loses its nauseating property and acquirs* new powers. Tbe c< mi ination is t aseu open purely scientific principles, and the oil retains itfl fflrilM f??r a ranch Ion- er lime than when uncombined with the salt of calcium The Crst m> d *al men of the uay nnite in a^cr^'ng themowt re market lo rnres of conanmptiv* comi Iain's to this prepare tion, wh eh is tnnde nnd*rthe immediate snprvlsion of Dr. Wt rnr himself, at 166 Tonrt street. Boston. New Voek, J. Mtlhau, IKJ Broadway; I'hiladelrb'n, by 1 W Pyott k Son#. Doctor WUmot1! Celebrated Iron. Tonic and |*riodic pills, known to be the only efficacious remcuv lor all fvtr.ale weakness and obstructions. They will he sent to any address on tin receipt of a letter containing 91, pott paid, to Dr Wiimct, Broadway Post Oft , or 117 Fulton street, up Ptairs, with directions, Ac. Ilis cele brated liver pills will be sent also on reoeift of the above; they are purely vegetable, and known to be the only infalli Me specific for liver ccmplainta. Letters attended to aure!y and punctually, Whisker* and inantarhloa foreeel to grow In an week' by my onsuent, which will not 'tain or Injure the 9 skin $1 e bottle, and sent to any part of the rruntry by R O OKA HAM AM Broadway taeement ; ZKIBfcll 44 botiib Third ft ret t, Philadelphia Rtmla.?Only Prlie Medal Awarded to HARM! k CO.. No. 2*i Maioeo lane, by the Indnctnal Ra* hibttan cf all Nations, for their new patent radioal cure ?r<iM References as to its ? urenority? Profs Valentine Men, H .Hard Packer and John M ( amoeban An ex ietin*? list of nan'l of mercantile and other gentlemen enrtd by this trow may te seen at cor offtee. Open fr^na 1 A M till V P. ML Balm of Thotiaand Flower a? for l>eaatif|r? tog tie comple<?# n and eradx atiar all tan, riniple?? an l tree klr ^ from the face I STRIDOR k C O ( B? C. U R1 NO, Broadway, agent* III!.. Inimitable C utter of Hair and Whir ker?, at N? ??? Nan?au itreet Particular attention paid to dresrlng. cmrlmg, and #ham|Kotnn th# hair Infallibla ?niruml to i ri'W the hair, and . u* taut awe? < ? dye for a leaiitiful lU k ' r brown Iljatt'a Life Ilal*am.-.|llienm??tlam In Itv ???ft painful forma also aerofula. old uleera, and the worst ? ases of diseases of the blood, great debility, lifar ??? m |lainis kidoeyn, in' ipi'bt ^ntamptten, Ae , are moet ear ib inly enrad by this ft *&t purifier Principal de| t Orand street Seventy five cents per bottle. Lnrra Oil, of tlx moat Kii|nlal(e (|ua Ity, in f ?f? n? and prunes of th*1 -fioice t k od, cored, retsming ii?? moisture and natural tlAVf r of tl o fruit, packed in t?o?? .andins ?* North Sea.alsei English ih^ess, landing ei ?tcam sb?p facMc, for sale by JOHN DUNCAN A -Nil, #0 Bread way. Ilnilos* a* 'a Pills -Thr surprliilng |>nw? r by tb!s medicine, *r, t e ? re of all d a?^ of the l?v?*f aad atomn h. is *rnty won lerfnl Any case of ?iytfw f-a wn 'S readily y ? H t? a f? w <! se? of th ? #old?a r< m* ? y S' ldatthe maanfarttr ** Mai?i?,u ? * , aa<> I ?? i ly all dra^fists, at J> ceats, M 3 -wts, and f I p' r 1' * Piil meg'* Vtgf tahle t nemetie I^otlon oprnc the p? rte of the ?%K, and allows the seers I tons to paaaeff in eenvi 'v, . *?i? h wouM otJ.?*: * .-e naiu.ate on the serfage; ? ?aafiog?r lIsu* on the face, and other -anoyieg ^ieoasoa *!'? f tie tk . it *r .r ' '??*'* ' firallnni nt J I r ? , ? * ' '.r* ev?;; * . X - * .Jl M .. .?U nr?<l ?Ul Af ??!. 4JTERT1SKMIWTS EBUEVFP mfrl i>4Y. ULEI AT *CCV?OW. KNRY H. US* A (X).,~IljC;iONEKrU- HOl^E bold furniture sales* ? Henry 11 J.?e4* (Jo., ?rtT givetfceir ?ooal attention . ?i? ibey have done for many yearn punt) lb the *aAt* of household furniture, at tb* rtmu^Dcra of faBuhe* up housekeeping or ro inovinf. They wiU aIho have rtgular sales at tiaeir lae tion rooms, ltt Nassau street, t-tt *een Pine ?nd Carfar, ! for the convenience of tb?.se vtio uut) ^eeu o tbi* tnruium 1 ol ?ele. I A LBKRT II. NICOLA V, AUCTION EBR.? PEREM PTO -fa. ry cu le of $24(),iJU0 first mortgage eevun per cum Niil ertate bends oi the Fort W ayi.e and 3* uthcrn Itailrcad Com i any Alt er* II. Nicolay will mill, at public auction on Triors day, March 22, 1K05. at 12# o'clock, at the Mercian!*' E< ehai ge. without reserve, to the higtrat udder, bv order of Fort Wayne and Houtbevvi Railroad Company, 110 of their brst mortgage seven per cent real ??*tatc bond* This railroad is two hundred and two and a half miles >n length, commcneing at 1 ort Wayne (Indiana) and extending south to iouisville, Ky., erossing the <?hio river by moan* of a tupnel, and in connection with the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad forms a line between Louisville and Cinciunati Jii miles shorter than t he Ohio river. The company nave issued bond* to the amount of |24U,KI0 only, ?conr??l by a mort gage upon their real estate de?eribed in s< nedule *<o. I, in hands of trustees. They are $1,0U) each bearing iutcreit halt yearly, and are made payable June 1, 1 hAU at the office ol the Ohio Lite Insurance and Truat Company, in N?w York. The lanua of the first mortgage, as contained in schedule No. 1 , wore apprai>?ed by sworu appraisers at the an. out. t of f.'Ujtf.'RlU, and upon thin mortgage tit two htindrod and forty bonds are or aan ho issued. The land* ot this m< rtga>e are situated in the counties of lark. Scott, Jennings, Decatur, Delaware, tiiaekforl and Weill being along the road and within too bound ? ol the btate, and tho prices fixed uprn thorn wan ?u reference to their ca?h value at tune (.t appraisal, ani not what ?hoy would be worth when poaseaaed of all railroad facilities. There bonds are at auy time, at the option ot' tho bolder, ux changeable for tho real estate mortgage, at anch prions as may from time to tune be Hand by the company, but in no case lean than four-tiftli of the appraised value. TUia rail road has, from ita earliest commencement to th presont date, been prosecuted steadily from tho home means and credit oi the company, and without the sale oi a tingle L>nd; and it is the tiaed determination of the company to move ra pidly forward until the work ia completed, and unlike most other railroad bonds, the security or these bonds are of t he inost undoubted character, independent of the ?iueees?inl prosecution or the profitable woraiog ol the road after Ita oompletiou, a i the real eatate b' ing eutirely unencumbered is now the property of the company absolutely, and the successful completion of the road, or auy other condi tion whatever. For pamphlets and statements of lull | .ir ticulara of the condition of the company, apply to ALBERT II. NICOLA Y, No 4 broad street. 1*. S.? The President of thu Company , knowing tho intriu sic value ot theae bonds, and not wishing the pnblie to rely upon his atatement wholly, solicited the rurppoiutment by me of some peraon'in whom I had the utuioat confidence, to go and examine the mortgage record, lauds, statistics, facts, aad the condition of the road, vrhich I did. and his report is more favorable in every particular than 1 could have c% pected from the statement and exhibit ot the Compiny. I would, therefore, recommerd theae bonds to my friends, b? lieving them to be entirely safo, and a mo't desirable se curity as a profitable and p?rmancut inv??tmont. and wor thy ot attention, as the sale ia made by order of the Com pa I cy, and will be peremptory to the highest bidders. ALiiERI II. NICOLA Y. AUCUION notice? LARGE AND perbmptory rale of superb diamond jewelry, watches, Ac , also imported gold jewelry made by some of the best I'ariMiain manufartunrs. EDWARD SCIIINCK will sell at auction on Tuesday, March 2Uth, at 10)^ o'clock, at Jus sale room?, Wall street, a large and splendid assortment of diamond jewelry, watches, Ac., Ac., eons i*ting in part ot' elegant diamond acts of bracelets, pins a -d ear rin^s, crosses, brea-t, pina, cluster and ainglc atone rings, and pins, Ac.: also, ladiee' ^rlier, enameled, and set cn both sides with dia ?as<fs;lroo others by Tobias, Cooper, Jurgeneon, and other oel? brated makers; the gold jewellery consists of eie^ant lets of pins and ear riugs, broaches, brea?t pins, sleeve buttons, studs, pencil cases, loekcts, Ac , Ac. Sale positive. Auction noticf..? d s iioit?;ii aihtmnkkr - U s. reserved bouse sale. ? Fine roue wood and in alio pany furniture, carpets, pianoforte, Ac ? This iTuesdty) morniug, at 10)i A. M,, at 78 H^ekman street, between Cliff snd Gold, all the well made, desirable maho^vny and rosy wood furniture contained in the house, consisting of three ply, ingrain, and other carpets, fine mahogany tote a tetc, sofas, uphohterel in tbe best manner, and covcred in hair eloth; rosewood and mahogany comer stands, upnolstered baok mahoganv chairs, large rreuch plate pier glass, with slab snd brackets; several very large engravings of the Crcatiou, Nativity, and Crucifixion ? rosewood pianoforte, b|^ oetave, a fine instrument, made by Chickering; inaho* fany French bedsteads, palliasses, hair mattras-es, woollen lankets, uuilts, pillows, Ac.: also walnut and maple bed steads, loosing glasses, marble tep bureaus, waahvtandx, Ac.; also crockery, stoneware, china, cut glassware, parlor and other atoves, silver tea set, forks, spoons, Ac. I'artica wish iug to purchase goods, are assured that they eau do so with perfect security, as every article warranted will be found perfectly round, and fully equal to the deaorivtion given of it. .Nothing bought in. Sale positive, as advertised. Auction notice? great sale of excellent household furniture. ? A rare opportunity ia offered to honrekeepers, hotel keepers, and others, to procure the best articlea tor housekeeping offered at auction this aeaaon. most of which have t een made to or ler II WILSON, auctioneer, will sell, to morrow (Wednesday) morning, at 10) j o'clock, trtclaely, to tbe highest bidder, for ca?h, all the rich variety of excellent furniture and house furnishing articles in the three story house No. 101# We"t Twenty fourth street, near Kiphth avenue The sale will comm* nee w ith the kitchen furniture, which embraces a great variety of cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery, kettles, tables, cbftirs. <41eloths, Ac., containing every necessary for convenience and comfort. Magnificent rrsewr od pianoforte, of superior tone and tin: h, eitv made, and warranted. The parlors are elegantly fur nistied with rosewood fauitea, covered in satin brocade, *?. pensively carved, and warranted in aolid rosewood frames; richly carved rosewood centre and side tables, with marl le topa; corner and music stands; 300 yarda tapestry carpet, in superior order; pier glasses, brocatelle and lace curtains, gofd band parlor shades, superior oil paintings, i.y celebrated artists; mahogany suites in damaak, with covers to match; maho?anv cushioned chairs, sofa", tete a tetei, rockers; ex rtosive tedroom furniture, embracinv rosewood and ma ogany bedsteads, bureaus, and waahstands to match; beds and bedding, excellent hair mattresses, bedroom mirrors, carpets, tabres, chairs, Ac. Also, a great variety of choice china ware, consisting of eWant china vases, card receivers, dinner and tea sets, with gold bands and expensively deco rated; cut glass ware, containing all the unual assortment. Silver ware?One rich tea service, salvers, cake baskets, spoons, forks, elegant plated casters, with cut bottles, Ac.; together with a large assortment of other valuable house keeping articles Sale positive. Deposits required. Auction notice? crockery, glass and cm, na ?4 S. II liARTl.ETT, auctioneer, will sell, on Wednesday, March 21, at 10 o'clock, at >1 Pearl street, in lots to suit purchasers, of W. G. paintuJ, blue printed, yellow, Rockingham and Gipsey ware; ulilT, French pore*; lain, cut, nressed and Dohcroian glassware Country mer chants and retailers should attend. Auction notice.? j. bogart, auctioneer.? Ily S HOC ART? This day. at U?ki o'elot k. at the anc tion reruns, corner of Frankfort and William streets, far/** assortment of household furniture, new and second hand mahoirany sofas, couches, mahogany F rench bedsteads, fea 1 ther teds and bedding, mahogany and cane seat chairs, ma hopany rockers, mirrors, Brussels and ingrain carpets, stair carpets, mantel docks, crockery and glassware, stoves re j ftrigerator. choice Causry birds and oages, Ac. Wednesday, j at 10)| o'clock, dry goods. Auction notice .-grocery sai e? ii wilson* auctioneer ? 1 hit (Tuesday; morning, at 10 o'clock precisely, all tho c< ntents of tho larse jrr??ccry store, Mo. Il^/t Broadway, near Thirty fourth street, con-i*tin/ of tea, cofTt?. moiiiiei, Stewart ? syrup. apices, aug-irs, lar.o 1< t of crockery, wood* nwiw, scales, weights, snelyiuf , coun Uri, Ao , Ac. Sale positive. Auction notice tiio.-*. bell, auctioneer? By HEM. A BU9II, this day, 'at 10), o'clock, in the aaleero? m, 27 Centre street, will bo sold tho UUn.o stock of jewelry , aplendid watchcs, chains, Ac. Also, show caiM??, counting; house desks the stock of u fancy and furnishing? ?t?re, ?f.irts ?il k r* , hosiery, pictoftt, Ac. Wednesday, fur i.itur* sal" Auction notice? now ready, ioo.ouo cash, to sdvsnre on all and every -las of goods for auction. Apply at the offlo of DUNCAN A ELI SW'OR III, Au t. ,n. eers, No. f#, uudtr Bunk ?I Commonwealth, entrance n fine street. Auction notice? m doughty, auctioneer, will sell, this day, at J0>? o clock, at salesroom* 64 Siith avenue, a larjre aod g? n< ral aaaortm nt of now an 1 sc cond Land furniture, viz. - Mahogany sofas, tet< a tet. *, sofa heds, lounges, mahogany pari' r, rocking and '?a sy chairs, French and cottage tedsteads, hatr mattresaea, bu ream, wathstands, oval and gilt mirrors, walnut and oak eateosion tables, card and centre do , earpeu and oilcloth* Ac., cottage chairs, cloek, vases, A ? waf?- without reserve' Auc tion kale or standaru ro.hbsand plants ? J. J,. VANDEWATER will sell on Tuesday Mnroh 20, at II Maiden lane, a choice selection of ros-s and plants, trctn tho nursery ol D. BalJ, corncr of Fiftieth street and Broadway A ITTiON SALE OF SCl'ERIOR IlOUSEIfoLI) ICR J \ nlturt.-fAlll EL hSGOOD, auctioneer, will sell at his talea room a, t>j Nassau street, on Thursday. March 22, at half past 10 A M. a ollcction of household furniture, com prising rosewood, mahogany and black wa'nut bookcases, uiart'1* top dressing bureaus, tete a tete and other sotas, rotewood marble top etegcre, e* tension dining tables, 11% ic walnut bedsteads, marble top centre tabl-s, mahogany f ar II r ? ba;r*, fiMtfM d arm ikliri. OOttin chamber suits. Also, at 11 o'clock, by order of th* administrator, the whole of th? rffecta of the late Elisabeth Sibell. The whole without rc Auction sai e? by samuel o c.ood, auction rer 66 Nassau street.? Thursday, 22d instant, at I0>$ o' look, at the au. tion room, by ord* r of tb"i administrator, will t.e sold all the personal elt? eta, Ac , of the late BUia heth W. Sit HI, defeased. An adjourned sai e - i?y virtue oi an bxbou . tier. I will ? arose for tale at pnb jc vendue, on W? !ne? day, March 21. atI2o**lock, in front of the Merchant* E* change city < 1 New York all the right, title, and interest of Abraham O Jaekson, which h?* bad -?n the *?th day of March. IMA, in and to the steamboat Henry M rrison, *-r thereafter JOIIN J* I ERA S, Constable Dated 19th day of March, Mftfc ? I'LATED CAS J\ tera. with cut bottles, oa Wednesday, at 11 o jlock, at I "7 Canal street. By order el GEO ROB WEKTLAKE. Aaa/n^ Auction room removed from sm broadwat ? cofn< r of Duaae ttreet, to #1 Na *au itreot, between I niton and John streets, west side, opposite Townsead's LuiJdiora. old Hnptlst chnrcb) ? Estenaiv<- sale, this diy, 1 u*' e <iay at bail f aat 10 o'olock, of superior furniture, ptan for tea II paintims, nirrra, chioa. A ?<ther adfer tiscmei t and atalo^ue. TUNIS MORRELf B\ WATERB Y A Y E~ ft E r f 'I his day March J>, at o look, a*, o^r, S> Broad street, a 1 arse and ?erv ?al ahl ? mp rtati'-n of bril liant d amot.d and ruby J* *eTry . also * - r jr . y anl ap!*.n did i* Id watches, in ain^le ai??j doul le ca<*:e. I r f t oae no bett* r *a^ he* as correct time k??epera ^n be found. I be diamoi. ^r?aatpinst -ar r. nr?, and Cnger rings, are set with siai'le itonea an*) in slusters. Also st?r!m/ silverware 1< r tat ie use Western and . oethern purchasers are re ideated to attend The sale is positive without reservation, by catalogue. (1|(X KIRY 01 ASS, ( III # A, Ae -AU? 11 M NOTl' f . -J ^ VA: 1MWHI' ?i 1 ,.11 ... i?u. ,ttUc>l(Kb, ,i tli? itor*. from tli? ,h,!v??. C2 wh.t* ? if , II littolivl.l bttin, 2 illtw. fl i?. r..| T.l??. II 1 1 tt t C I 4 ' r T ? ^ M* ?<l*?'l ?*ftti?uw?re, .( ditto M and Jor* ' b i.? i?? nn?i. *>ur jttf, A ^ AIM, IV /!?>, *Mt,I cam, '.?? tray* ku'l ? nt.ri, laifii arid fork,, A i. mtAtvi rlorft*. ?,rioa, 1 dftf ^r,, i?u?. /'I.H. < CIIIITON Al'( I! |V| M'? Wll.t HHl'l >'l Mnreli?' ?t ilopli. ?t th> f ? ('??'?it. Ik* |>r'-|?rt> lfio'9 ?? h b?t*.?? W?rr?n ,n l ' htmk.r. fortb-tlj ?!.? wid'tiO of John llktttn, '!??*?? <1 / <inin ?. oi.n Win r rtK a s i?i i , *m;ak > iti ' mi?.4 *t?-.<i'.n J ? ? i i I VAM>r.r*lr.K ? til <?ll on w<dn.. d??, Marci. .1 *t I' , k *1 Hi, Ml" r?> m U H> id. n t?n e, aaaori; which may be found fine old titar l and MartelH, l>- ft t,ni l*aio sherries, fine rid l*ert wtnes ts?nea, elnb b ??efin. Jacnaiea t ?,wh??l*y * als a lire lir e of pr"a#rve< fruits ?- a** p< a- 1 ptvrr.?. r<wr<, fioiacr- ' ? * hoses ? a t** si ue ?.fco ei vj ' atvor4U.| W raa^lc '4 bi Bi es strawi eri"s, Ac ',/* .n drums, r*i?t?s in f?ace ' ? * ? I r? r? i M at' ' n- s ? ? , r . ? ? ? ? * S\LRS AT AUCTION. Duncan a Ellsworth, apctioneers and real estate broker*, under Hunk of the Commonwealth, corner of Pine and Nassau street*, ottcc No. A. DAE will give their attention to salca of reai ? state at the Mercbaate' Exchange; alec, to furniture at the residence* of those breaking up h? unekecping. K? covered cargoes of all de scription*, ami make cash advances if required. T^MAS COMBS, AUC1 IONEEK, WILL SELL, ON JTi Thursday, March 22. at 220 Eaat fourteenth *treet, at 11 o'clock, tue Vane of the c< al yard, -JO and 2^2 Ka*t Four teenth street, nx year* t<? run, alee the l***e of 'I brick ?i w? llings, *.'17 and ? W East Thir'eenth street ? 10 y?ars lo run. KL1A6 COMBS. Auctioneer. 244 Gri>.ad atreet 1 EXECUTORS' SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE J in thin city ? Will be sold on Wodu .day, March 21, at t?.< Mttcbanta* Ixehisgt. '?y ANTHONY J BLCBUKlli Auttior*'<r, bv order of the executors of Francis Saliin, de oared, the tolFwiuw vulnable productive real estate, via. The ? t?-r? and lot .'i2 South btroct. '1 he interest iu the wharf in front of tho store. Tho store and l>t 43 Beaver street. The ft? re and lease of lot 83 Murr*/ street. The lot l'l Carlisle street. Thirteen lot* ? n 12Nth i.ud 120th streets, between Ninth and lent h av? nu> f, ? TpUGENK II. FRANKLIN. AUCTIONEER? MY FRANK J'j 1 in A Mohols, office ?'< Nassau atreet. Sprin ? furniture arction %?!es The subscriber* wilt Rive t'-eir personal at tendance to firf t clang furniture aa'? *, at auction, at the re sidences of families that intend breaking up housekeeping >r removing this spring, TCUGKNE B FRANKLIN. AUCTIONEER.? BY KKANK JPj LIN .t NICHOLS* Office 79 > a?*au street --Assignee's s:.le ? Wednesday. Match 21. lit 10 A M . , at No*. iHJ and ?u 4 Fast Eighteen tn street, the property ansigiaed !?y Brown A S'imnx ns; consisting, in part, of mahogany, black w\1nut, and pine Innil* r, ot.e engine and boiler, two planing ma chines, foi.r turning lathes, sawing maciiiiio*, tools, rtxtur- m, shaltlngand jri-Hntf, horses, wagons, harness, Ac , Ao. By ordsr of J S. Slauson, A**iguee. EXECUTOR'S ? ALE OF VALUABLE FARM IN Pj Wcnichetter county, belonging to the late Win. Smith, deceased, twenty nix miles from the city; one and a hall mile* fr< iu White plain*, on Harlem Railroad ; the Halo will tak? rlaoe on the f7tb Marob, at tvilvi o'oioik U on the premise*. For particulars and map* of property apply to G. If . SMITH, No Fast lire adway, New York; or to L. C. PLATT, Sarrogatc. S. W. Smith, executor, Whiteplain*. Term liberal. FMGENE li FRAN' KLIN, AUCTIONEER -BY FRANK j lin A Nichols. ? SalctfoMii 70 Nas a u street. Assignee's sale, Wednesday, Mar<h 21, at 10 A M , at No*. 2*2 an I 2S| East Eighteenth *ticet, the property n <atgno I by Brown A Simmon*, consisting in part of mUhoguny, bla< k walnut and fine lumber, one engine and boiler, two platting machine*, four turning lathes, tawing machine*, too Is, fixtures, shaft lug and gearing, horn *, wagon*, harness, Ac lly order of J S. SLAUSON, Assignee 13I001N1 li FRANKLIN, AI7CT10NB1K ?BY FRANK Fi lin A Nichols. ? Spring furniture auction sale* Tho subscriber* will give their personal attention t-> first cla** furniture fales at auction at the r^idencea of families break ing op housekeeping or removing they will also have regular >a cm at their auction room*, 79 Nassau street, between Ful ton and John, for tho convenience of those who may dosiro this medium of i ale. CWR8ALB AT AUCTION, ON MONDAY, AFRIL 2, r I8M,-* valuable farm of acres, situate oue mile from Dean'* Pond station, on the New Jersey Ka?!r >ad, between New Hrunswick and Kingston. The iuiproveinect* consist of n 1 k tow er atand and atablea, also a gt od dwilllnf and outhou*es, a never Jailing well, and Ash pond; peach and apple orchards, with other fruit trees; on* third valuable woodland. Will bo sold to suit purchaser*. Terms ea-?y. For [articular* apply to F. Mc( rak< n, 74 Wall street; A. Moulton, Dean's rood station; or Richard McDowell, Cross Roads, New Jer??y /1EORCE COOK, AUC TIONEER -LAROE SALE Of II new and secondhand furniture, pianoforte, and house keeping articles of every description, This day, at 10|| o'clock, by STOVER A COOK, at their Hales rooms, Broad way, corner of Duane street, n splendid collection of rose wood and mahogat.y parlor, dming room, and chamber fur it it ti re t ron?i(tinc in part of rosewood and tnahegauy parlor suits, in French nroeatelle and tdu h, rte/eres, secretaire lookcnaeaj centre, side, and sofa tafle*, extension dining tabhs, sofas, spring seat chair*, arm do., rockers, bedsteada. mattresnes, paillasses, burea .*, wa?b?tand*, wardrobes, j*, hall itand*, hall chairs, Ac , Ac. Also, the entire furniture of a family re|itiquihh,ng bousekeepiug, and re moved, for convenience of sale, consisting of carets, sofas, cLairs, bureaus , bodst*ad*, washstand*, inattresscM, pal U?nt% tnWteii erofkery, gia^n, eklaa and iBvir'plftM >*are, ki chin furniture, Ac., Ac. At 12 o'clock, a superior rt m wood pianoforte. (iIORGE COOK, AUCTIONEER? STOCK OF A FUR T nitnre deal? r at auction, on Wednesday, to morrow, at 10# o'clock. By STOVER A COOK at store Uti Broad street, a large assortment ?>f custom made furniture, con sitting of oak and walnut sideboards, extension dining tables, dining room chair*, rosewood parlor suites, marble top centre and sofa taMes, mahogsny *ofaa, tete a teles, *pring *e-it chairs, arm do , rockers, rosewood and mahogany bedstead*, marble top bureaux and wash stand*, wardrobes, secretary bookcases, mattresses, otAce and counting house desks, do. cbair*, cane and wood feat chairs, etc., etc. /HO. W. JENKINS. AUCTIONEER.? GEO W IEV. " T KINS will aell at auction, on Thursday, March 22, lftM, on the premises No. 20 Amity street, tha contents of the livery stable belonging to James Quarry. The *tock eon aists of horses, uagona, sleigh robes, blankets, whips, har dni, Is., 4i the whole "i!i be aold without reeervntion. Terms cash, in New York money Sale to commence at 10 A II. Gi G HORTf?N. AUCTIONEER, WILL GIVE HIS PER r. s*oal attention to the ?ale of boutehold furniture, at the residences of families breaking up ho u*e keying or re moving; he will also have ryular sales at bis auction mom, 13 Sixth avenue Account of sales pnid the same day of sale. (1 G. IIORTON, AUCTIONEER WILL GIVF. IIIS T* pern nxl attention to the sale of household furniture at the reaidene* of families breaking np housekeepint or re moving' he will also have regular sales at hi* auction r?' tn, 13 Sixth avenue. Account of sale* paid the same day of ^ale. Also, furniture stored, removed pa< k- d, or ahii ped. by experienced men, at one U< ur * notice. (GROCERY STORE AND CONTENTS? WEDNESDAY. JT March 21, at 10 o'clock, corner Stanton and Columhua streets, teas, sugars, coffee* , soap, pr-ine*, nhnoolat*, le non syrup, < andles, wheat and l>uckwhext flour, spice, : ? tar h, chewing and smoking tobacco, canaisters, store flx ture* and l?a*e Deposits required. W A CARTER, Auctioneer, 57 Dey street. /GROCERIES, LIQUORS, SALMON II A R l)W A RE-47 " JT Dey street c? rner Greenwich street, this dev. IO)? | o'clock, tta?, sugar, I randier, wines ^in, rum, whiskey, buckwheat flour, raisins, herring, pork, mackerel, harue**, riding saddles, whips, saws, iron safes, segars, soap, can dies, olive oil Manila paper W A. CARTFR. Auctioneer. Henry h feeds, auctioneer ?assignees' sale of a jeweller's factory. ~t?rner of White and Elm str?ets Henry II Feeds A Co. will sell as above, on Fridav, i March I'.id. at 1 1 o'clock. A M the maoufactory formerly oceupied I v Thomas A Manchester The naid factory will seat forty hands, running by at* am power, with all the ne 'es?ary machinery and tools, a large lot of dies, used only I for the manufacture of hardsold*r good*; also a good iron safe. The paid factory is in good running order; will be , sold a* it is, in whole or in lots, to suit purefc ?*er? T rans ' at tiiue and place of ?ale. by order of th? assi 'nee HENRY n I.KCIiH, AUCTIONEER -BY H. II V.FKDS A Co . Wedt?'?diy Mar h 2lat, and Thursday, ?2*i , at o'elo^h, it tlit nUfroon, 10 Nmhu street Siginr K O Vlixioltini'a inrjr?- ? ?!?* of about l<*l cmm auperh m?rl<le ponds, )u*t received from Italy, oor plating of la rjp and beau iifnl Etrurcaa, H?lo, Koman ami other n* w *tyle? <-f ya.?">e nt taw*" relievo; alio a larr* assortment of smaller deseri p tion, aii-l a Inr?* r tm? nt of fan* y war hi* ' >rnetn?-nt*, alii an ifcfOiro of l>eautiful ala a*w rron y?<?, Vduui of Cft nofft, dancii.jr *irls, < If-ratra. Savanna. H?*b?* of Canova. Ifercular Yenua In a shell, hu*t*, Ac ; al** a lar*e lot of freah Rnods, jaat receited from I'aris, conawtin* of ro nor n c-nlinets, >ou'f, looking frla*??n. e*l?lnete. illnunnat**<i ai<ht clock*, *rnupa, fl^nra*, <?rm<-lu clock*, b, plated ware, eh na, au?i othtr desirable /ooJ* ?aie without rererre Henry ii. i eedp auctioneer ?by ii ii i.f.edi A Co Wednesday, March 2 1 at, at 12 o'clock, at the salesroom, IHNaflu stre?t Jkin-nr* n *al? ? A '?hoiee no lection of Joi n Mitchell'* celebrated ste*l pen*, including moat of hl? desirable style* to close an a?ri?ntneat Whole rale stationer* would do w? II to attend the sal Hot NEIIOf.D H RNITURE RA I T. ? HILI.I A If IU VIN(j A CO a i< Pioneers, will irive thrir pars at t< ntion a* usual to iale* of household furniture at the r** i doaeee of fanuliee breakinir. op hoattkecplnjr, will al?o have r? fiilar rale* of furniture at H ?ir aaU* room Nu M |'in? street. n?ar Broadway, for the ' onvtmence of th* m? pre f?rrinp this medium of pale f THOMPSON ? A CCT ION Ml P- R W I ATII \ e| ? a i< tiouecr. On WHntfday, March 2l?t, at the Mer chant* Radian**, at 12)? o'clock $>*..'<"0 Yirsimn 6 par ? nt coupon bond*' interest par** l? at the flank Commerce in this city. $2,000 Missouri o per cent coup' n bonds; inter* *t M'fiu annually at th* I'lieall Mark in this city fl i> <**) Ii diana ' p? r cent State ?t?.ck*, lntera*t payable in th * city. $2,'*"' Iti'i . na 5r? r cent. coupon bond*; coupon* pay a i fe tn thin city ffi /#*) Indiana per cnt State ?U> k, interaat j . ... thi* city $M,i*IO I, ''tii?. *nn K pervert counou (<'nd* . iatoro*t pnyntl** in Srw II i. r ik*1' | ? r JBt roni '.n? inyallo at tb* I'henlt ll ink in Una it* $2,1*0 i *liforma 7 f ? r ? rot roof ' n bond*; duo l>T'? f I WO California 7 ier rent eon^n t?o?l?. do* ia#,i f? iHM) N **h villa and (ha ttanonira RR ?? par rant coof^n lond*. ptnarant'ed by the .wtnt? of Tenneisor, ititrraf) pay at Im ??*n.i annually at tb* I'benix Hank in thi? eity |l ?**) Erie RR 7 par ean* ? onde, duo IKT5, intoreet f ay able in thie 'ity MO chare# of tha caiitnl *tcfk of the Cquiherland * ?>al Company par valna flf*) per ibara 10-i ahar? # North Riv?r Hank . jarf.V' 10 share* rhenia I Bi'iranco Company ? t Broc kU n, i>ar $100 All porelnwi mint be paid for, ?n or before 1 o clock of the day of the ?*!*. Winn burchaao* ar^ made for ltr*ial of partit ? out ' f tha Mty, 10 per ? ent will be r*',ui rad ' n the day ?-f ?ala, and n* day j rraoe a<v?n addinr mtar**t?on tho balaaca The accrued in tora*t will jtot' the r or' ha ar (tha iam? ai at th* b?*r ? <if ? 10k ?*r?) oscaat ?ri*u otb?rwiao *tat?d. Ottito Ho J W*il mrnt J. THOMI'fcON TOHN KEE^B. AVCTlOff EER? I V M A N A CO *1 aad 37'' Broadway, will ia'l on thi- T u*?day ? Mar h 20, a . * r * a a'a otue < f atandard and miectliaaro ja tooka, a I*rye involr;o < f stationery. A a , rompnua# a jrreat variety of n*w taloableand saleable work* [<HN H SOMERtNDYBV AU'TIO^EKR COMftTA a I bte * *a!< This da? at ? I ? a i t i r n ||0 O tn street, comer of Franklin, at 1 o * ^ ? cloak, by *? rt-.a of an negation, liqnor* of ?t*ff - r?n*. kind* in '?ftukn, barrel*, koff, Ac, }>ttl*-d Liquor* picklc* pr*#arvaf, ^ordiale, claret wine*, 30, 00Q aef *rf of different i rand*, A-., Ar i HA1 t WA 1 TH. Con.'.abl. , |< lis W ?OM?.KIM)VK( Al'< TIONKfll ? ADMINI* e| t r a to r s sal ? f f n u it r* A * W ? 1 1 ? '%* m at i< Jg 0' ai i*?, ror?y ?h> tr* at ' roaf. /aiy i #o^ fair*, tabic* tap-'ry lirn'- .? *rp??? +' -.'it l-O ' )6rdi mi rr ?rs ir randole*, rip, ?.n* and ornament*, i marble top centra ta* !e, astral and fa!! laa.f* *'k ir car } ? t*. man # *ny fr^n^h b? d?s?ad?. hair mattrio' ' ?*. bureau*, 'hair*, feather bod* .nfram arret* alio a n**-?ft ment ? f k fyrniter* ?f MOBI1BTT. A t" < TION f.ER fill, 8BLU ; If! *1 ? -I ?? r at in o lock, at iTJCfcailMMK atroat the fainltnfa I of a family fVcm Waller street, ai* ir* ? s n * ?tr ?t, ft rft '? r? iMSo from !"? orth *tre? ' farni* arc al?- ft m Eithth street, fom.tnr? iB ail a RtMral a*wfii'ni, a. so ? tree . hr.te tea. Ac , Ac. MB Bl TI f. R. AtCTloViB-PUBMC AM|IN|? ? "? > ' r. ^ docsdaf, Ma; h al o cl' fk, at N' A n *?."-? t floor, tha aff".eti f William H . ? J toe I ? ? ai. other iB'^atat'*, ? ng >t f ?? r I- iT< ?'.! *?'**? mats and f n.%'a el'Mns tru V. ? f I'M, ?a-'h.? iswef'.erv, A'. rWfWm B. iH Kt-VY p*U.e a.^m.. rtrator. NfOflCI 70 Hot Hill Of I A RVK Alp COI7NTIY * t? ? I' '' i ? er|j t^nf to*r!i tha.r farm* %lr ath the *ahocnhar mil ^ I ?*r < a d'? rtptU o th" r. *r t a d ?a i* st mooc ? f * *" th#m th# - pr, ?> a? d e at enpttoa of the h- use ard * niej; /* A ' ?r ''.in" 1 * ?o!itaff >e one per '?eoi '-a the arose anaoem of ?atO !*'? charge n *4# i tha tr' fer'y ?* a t fold If the pr t art* t', ?a m* * frt !** d the i *n?r aill p I ea*a +n r*, loliar* f r Which tea* It will fee edrerlfead ?is ti??* eon*} ^aofiel/ n 'ae p*per, 'r tbr>e tuna* ib too r?ty far*?r*. < ? f<ranr*r? ? 'y ' wiU I. ? *.n ' " ' . *-?.'.ther. a f tatirn f r.aar toanty year* steading *til M? a *?ffc i*nt 4 a raotas 'or tletr astr?itm? tb?.* projen y wit>? hi ? f n f i'didw 4?t?cwo ?*?< * fits** at* . re* &> r 4*ai k . . M'.ri 4. 11 R a , *'i*tl a.nd 2 >fH ttre.t, IALR? AT AVVTiO*. toon W HOMKKI N L) Vk K, AUt'TIO NKJ5R. ? TURN I tJ tore, carpet*, mirrora, marble ton dr. eaing bureau, pier table,jwano atooi, gold aud ename'led t< let *et remaining from Houeton atreet, will h< notit th a day -t the auction room, Hi Centre atreet, at o oJmIi MOULTRIE ltOC*6 ON SI.'I.MVAN'S ISLAND, South Carolina, at public auction -Ity J. S. KYAN, No. '?1 Broad atreet, 4 UarU^t n.? Ou Tueaday, the 3d day of April, at II o ? lock A VI , at th.? north of tn*; Kiclang*, will puvitiv?ly !?? ruld t?? tho htgheat bidder, without any manner of raeerva, tbtt elegant and faahiona* le hotel <n Sullivau'a I Mian 'I, knowu an tin Moultrie Moiiae. together with all tlio ' uruit ur e and toxturea incident thereunto, or in any manner appertain*!!/ to the Mllte. The Moultrie Ilotiie wan built in 1>vj0, the ma teriala Were all carefully aelectad, the w-rk ciidt.M I under ?the tlum-Kt scrutiny, it ha* been well taken o*r? ?? f, ami i* I now iu an excellent atate of preservation The main build inprfronta ou the heat h >4 h ?t, with win/* esteuding III i Iftt at eaeb terminua The r t * 1 1 r?? I uildiit" In aurr^onded hy ataoatory 14 feet wide, f'ormiug a beautiful promt* nadc WU feet in lenytb, all under roof Ou the tirat Moor i* , a *| ncioua and airy diuii.g room, eighty feet m len/th, t.y thirty eiiibt feet Hide; a ladiei.' parloi , thirty two feet iu length l.y twenty let t nido, two ruoeption rooinj, each tiiir i ty two t v * nri.ty five hot, four private par lorn, ca?b til teen , by ie*ent?M Icet 1 1 ? ?e apartment* are <o cotiairuotad tf at they can be o|?eued by *u lin/ door*, anil utaumhty , room firmed 170 feet it U-nitth. on the aacud Hour there J are four parlor*, connected f?y folding doma, with a ladie* i prom? na?fe, one hundred md Utecu fe. t in I ? ? . ? t U under j loof. There are about one hundred commodious io. pm/, rooma iu the houte, and the arrangement* are auoti, that t *< ?<? actoutinodatioina <"*u be enlar I to meet any emcr^eucy Ou the nort I ern w in \ or extension, la an apartment fit ted up purpoatly fur a I l.liarl saloon, and now contain* four i ill ard table , all iu the moat jwrfect ord -r *n I >u ditton, uid a well arranged bar. There ia alio an apartment appropriated entirely an a ?i inln^c room for thtldr-iaul their attendanta. The xrrangementa and ? jnvun ncct t.r cooking, waaliing, bathing, A? , ar* moat ample an '{complete. 7 be betel i-? ilnidin ? Iv annnJiad h it b the moat ooatly curled blir n.attriM. c*, tcda, bed linen toweling, 4o , A?:., Ac., and all kin df ?<l furniture. conal?tin^' in part of ? D-. i?de and aiuiilo I.edatead4, na-hptanda. ? ur? aua, toilet table*, look inK irlaaaea, chairs, aolaa, dining tahh a, a .fa hedH 'tda, centre table*, oflko cbairt, tete a tete a? ttee?, ro. kin/ nair-, Ac., Ac , all of which wer?' pureha?ed new, within the la-t tbfee yaara, and eompnre exactly with the contour of the I nildinir ? ullivan'a Irlund m one of the tuoat d' li'ht'ul fuuimt r reagrta iu the Southern country. It can be p ?>'h"d any hour of the day, by the difl? rent ateanu ra ehart* red perpetually for that purport-. The Moultrie l!ou*e hat alnaya couimamled a larjre ahare of public patrona#** It hax been under a yt-arly leaae of f3,MD. which haa ju?t eapir-d A full inventory oi t l.e furniture will he prepared in a few duya. of which due notire Hill be xiveu Tor ma of aale are onu fourth ca?h; r^n.aind' r in approved t<udoc?ed not *, drawing aevun I* r cent intereat, payable iu Charleston, at four, t ight, and twelve nmntha, areured bv a inortga/e ?f the entire proprrty aold, the fame to he kept insured, an I p ?liey signed, and the purenaaer to t.av for conveyance l'oaa?*m it?n given on the tiny of ?afe. N II ? I'er^o ia deairoua of obtaining any further m'<>ruiati<?n, or of examining the property, arc respectfully invited to communicate with the uuctioneer, who will take great pleaaurc in conferring witn them. PUBLIC PALK.-WILL UK SOLD, ON THURSDAY, March ??, at I o'clock, on the pr?'iniMta, a farm of ttrty acrea, in the townland uf llcuip^tead, I. I , the property of Kdward (Jilrov. Thirty acre, are tillable and twuaiy acre* wotdland, with dwelling bonae. bam, and other outbuild in**, together \*ith a quantity of fruit tree*. Said farm lea within twenty milea of New Vork, by the Long laUnd Kail road to lit uipfttca<!, and two and a halt milea from Hemp atead, and a few minutea walk to the i. lank r<>a I leading to Kockaway, through i hriatianhook to Jamaica. Title india put afle. Terrna on the day of rale Apply to Mr. <11 A III, US MMONVON, living near the premiaea. RUS.HKLL W. U K.STCOTT, AUCTION KEK ? M AC1N V K I ? cent bouaehold furniture, In n piano forte, I'arntian mirrora, velvet carp? ta, Ac., at the rcnidenco Went Thirty fi re t rtreet. ? Tomorrow. March 21, at l<Ma o'clock, ft* W. W eat cot t, will aril all tbe tlegant furniture, Ac, con tulnediuthe above fi r?> t rlaaa bona?, which wat turniahed tl.rotightiut in Deceiuht r laat, mo?t of which waa mado by Mr Dixon, of lirondwav, and ia of the moat aupt-rh ae<l euatly dfM ription; the entire catalogue will be unreacrvedly aold without rcfurd to weather. I'arlor - Mar uitieent u-olian piano forte n ad?* hy T Oillert A < o., of lit nton, 1 "fO yarda of velvet tapeetry carpet, auite roocwood parlor furniture, in Ihrcc colora brocade, two loiaa, two arm chaira, fourcuahlon back Lorl? r chaira, two richly carved roaewood etegerea, vfyleLoulalY ? Egyptian and atatuary top tablea, elegant imported French mirror a, marble nad broni" clot ka, mounts. I in ormolu; birtfiie candvlabrna, rich chandelier*, marhlo statuary, rosewood muaic cabinet, Ifloaaic inlaid tahlea, I rt-t adc acd lace curtaina, embroider* d lccp i*'n chair*, Ao. , a it h a numt* r of original oil l aintitiga Ptaiug room f urni turc? Oak extcnaion table, r ak chaira. aide boarda, aecretary \ ookcaae, rilver war* , marnihc. nt china dinm r aet, HO piece a; crystal tut gluaa wan-, ivory and ailver cutlery, ?lc. t f.amber fnrniturt ? Armour d'g lare and Cbcval irlaaaea. rofet wood hedvttatlr, ro<ewood dr<N*ing hnreaua, pier ana oval mirrora, roaeercod bookeaae, mahogany caae piano forte, It i v ea ' tnak* ; French chaira, in velvet, roaewood anite in hair cloth, aotaain Irocatelle and hair cloth, divana, candt-labraa. marl le top aaahatnnde, lined nith ratio wood, rich gol?l l and nhad* a, beat mattraare* and bedding, ftruaaelaand iuttrain c arpet*, rich vaaea. oil cloth, atair oarp* t, roaawood hat atand, at?at Vl;'.'<; kiteneii Hare, Ar Cataloirtana can be ol tallied at the houae, aud the furniture examiued, ou '1 ueaday RC K KM T, At't I IOMKKR ? HJUNITCRK 1*1 ANO ? f? rt? *, carpets, < ii Mtntinga, mirroia. oflee rtriitiri. riflca, A , t? morrow (Wedneaday at |i'>^ o lock, at K*i Naaaau >trt et, t wo doera from Fulton.? R C. KKMI* will a 1 1 1 at ao t ion, aa aVive, a lara* and handaotne a?*< rtuient < f r? r?H' od and tnahop ?ny parlor, dining room aud "ham her lurnltnre, rarpt-t*. tuanoforU a, mirror*, oil puntinge ? turmt ore, Ac , which ia well worthy the attention *?i houM-keept ra Sale poaitive, and without, limit, and eon aiata of reaewood, uianogany and walnut hookcaa* a. exUin afon dming tahlea, carved roaewood pnHor furniture en auite, roat Hood, mahogany and walnnt bedateada, draaaing i bureaus and w anhitand*, oil painting*, rich t v. parlt?r j un l stair arpeta, naarly new, larg? pi. r au<l oval mirrora, | I cbiraand glaaa warn, rleh painted chamber furniture en ' miite , mahogany aofaa. tete a tete., ?a?y chaira. r"<-king ' ebaira, apring Mat i.arlor chair*, marble top centreand pier tablea; al?o a lot of valuabl*- booV.n, oAee furniture, c.unter and outride ah?.w caat a, letter prt aa, A^-., al*o f??nr au|Hiiior roaewood pianofortea Catalov uea t>n the mornitig of aale. Alao aeveral fowling pieeeaana ritl* * C*UERIFF'K SAI.R ON FRIDAY, |f,T|| MARCH, AT 10 |T^ A II , No .V5 fine atreet, twenty five to thirty Hewing Machinea, different ru-a, made |,y llaker, Orover A < o JOHN RT| LNON, Deputy Sheriff The at eve aale i* adjourned until Meuday, 1Mb March, ItUi, at tho aame place and hour JOIIN WILSON, Deputy Sheriff The ab'.ve aale in further adjourned until Ihuraday, If-'nd >dar> Ii, rarne place and ho or JOIIN WILSON, Deputy 3htr>IF ffl'MJ" MORRF.Ll At'CriOSFKIf ? AIM TIOV-THf^ I duy Tuesday, at half oa t 10 o'clock, at M Naaaau atreet? -by catalogue, Ac. ? of rich and medium furniture new at d #? -or dhan<l f ianofort? a, mirr* ra, oil painting*, gold and tdated iewelry. French ? fut.a cutlery, china, ahawla, par! and | ? rterr>"i na.ea, Havana aegara, deka, Ar , roa? ? o< d pari- r bail and i ham) ? r furr iture, alao. Mack wal n ut, n>ah< ^any, oak and enamelled, for entire outfit; atipe , ri?<r Spam n curled hair mattrtan-a, h**?t llva geeav^ bolstf r? and pillttw *. elegant * bma tea aet* and vaaea, cot j tape furniture, gold and plat?d Jewelry In large variety, r ianc* of tnperior quality, alao secondhand will be aold at I II! o't k, a large rtoek of Havana aegars, on ntera. houae I deak*. auperter hall atanda, sofa*, tete a teto*, ? aty, rocking and pari' r < bairt, Ac See catalogue for deeeiiptioa. N. B.-? j ! Satlafa'-tion guaranteed to evrry pureha- r No underbid | <2>op Every attention to packing for -hipj^n ?firjll MM IKVJMS Al'CTIONFKR llOlf w KlfOf, D ? f furnittira, Ac ? William lr*inr ?n I < will ?*i| at Luetic n * u Tue?day. 'March JXHh. at I'M, o'clock, at th a ?nl** rtf raa, No H rin : atract, Ihra* Wilton .ir|*f*, nine It do , nina thrac |>ly ami inrrain 4 ? , a?iit- ? f *r*?d r>Mto?tl |?a r! < r fumitoro, v ???1 in <rin?"n > r ?** ?? 1 1 k r? n< h china, fclu** and r"ld 4.iincr, i<r*akfa?t and tia Mtf, 1HM) pieiM, eoit 1325. mhorinjr i'>fai and hair#, in hair cloth and trocatalla, Kr*n?-h plate Dior jrlaaa? - r >*? oocd laarMc top<tnlr?* Mid |?*r Uil-a, mahogany P.*y|.tian itiirhlc *o|. ccntro tahlaa, card and quart* tt* taM? ?. im'"- ? a ay * ardiotaa, i at ? t a t> ?i ? oil * I' th A ? . I ? t rary tahlea, hU' W valrtdt citrofion tohlaa, tnahorany d o , f'anan wara, | la ted *ar?' A< look raaea nod ?tan?)', rn*h"/a? y aigl r?M? wo - I Fr* h?4atca4a. 4r*?aif)ir lor?ana, wa*h*tanda, Ac , hair tna'tr+*f4P, tu'.h'r bod*, tolitara and |??Jl'-w fln? oil twiut in** aad *nrra ? inra, fancy fix di, Ar All" an aoaortninnt of ki?' ban fnrnitur* \I J V X r I I O II ALT I fON fcER -flV IIOl 'iMToN * n . VIII ?.R Til r? ?a>. March 72. at |*U o'clock, in ti ? tvo 1 1< k<u? aalaarooma, 1 1.1 Nm*?ii ?tr??t ? Kiril ? jr.ry trad* ?ala of cobtaat ?r? ' ' in# a la r/- amount rn ?l "!i w? hav? mad# ad*anrc? dorm/ win u?r, and now tot '?Kid I y arr?*iaant of fartiaa J*atd utock amount* t?> '*? r f. W? invita 1 1- ?? tra<,- ar.d f>*r< i* ? about r**fur ?? ?hlnr to tf.* article* i ratii ua t?< aala, ?i*b catalota**, At -I t i * y an r?at aaaur^d that ?vrry lot will ho ahaolntaly ?old. Alt< r?t l.*r f? rntinr th? larr**t a?tortm*nt and r?- >-*t ? o!!* ti'ti that la# h?*n o(frr?d at aoction thla ?jrinr. i ?r*? 1 r? *w? od |ar!or, drawing r oi?, tiinn# r in library a d i haml>r tumtur*, of aaodrrn and anti'|a< atylo*. i *t fifi 'a 01 d tarl-r oovwrtd in aatin hro?at'l?- plo-h, ar fi hftmfoth. v roaaw< od r?ntr- ta? lo* 7*? t . t?*r? tnd aofna. ?? cat' naioa dininr tol!? a, richly !!?..? Sad, II f?^t loc I"') martl* tof> toraaua- tin * tvyrf mur r, d?ora ? i 4 I arfci r,< My < artr* d l *anf?tf in rot w ? *#| . mah' *aaiy, 'jik aid walnut; oak library ohaira, rr??at vavi'-v lit rary aid >*cr?tary l-okaa^, etr ; 15 r< ?wood ' ? datoaT?, I .r*? and * a*hitar da t '? match . rirh y dccoyatad and ?namall*-4 rhaaa^fr * uita n ttair- furnituro, ?#?< of wl coat to nan* !a?*? r> f'tAii .>? caay and voltatrc hair- 3>? doton ajirm r t?at parlor chair*, of different at) la* Iff aofa bo4*t#a?ia( ri h ?ardr* i'-a in mahnaaay. roaawood, aad walnnt J) ptaia l(,r.h> a**1' ?r?*ral cuftorn mad' "oatmr hoaao 4?aka and nmrar f ?? ?? taMaa; or# Hfjrant walnut t. okcoao, m rth I2f??t tH? Klitab?thao ?tyl' , a?v?rftt t?ta q?art' tto tall?-?. JO mnh'-rany and ?alnn' r nd ?fTi" to Ua It n ? ii Id ia mpoaaHIo to ?num?rat? all th* ar*? rori*atn?,4 in th a fair, ai.d can only ho af'^r^' iatrd ty ? ? am. nation. II' ? MFIK.R. A l'? TION KKH BV H'M hllToV A >Y . Hl?1i?,r ? Knday. Ma rah 23, at 1<> . . riock. a' h i?# S> < fOffcy ?tr*?t inortyar** talc ?i ?l?.an? h ti eh'.! 4 ftiraitoro, coL?iat?B|r of volvct, tap^atry an lti r" iSy aar n#ta. ^'r^rl^h plat# piar tnirrorf , alaha ar.d fcra'k* t?. fa -a and Iff < at??U a i- d? ? i urtalna r > -ti'f {aintni wmd< w aha1??. r<.f??ood parl' r fomltoro *n anit#, r? ?cw d c#r?tra ta? '?a, ? jari'r t* n#4 * '4 octavoo piaaoforto, tyrant t-?dataada# - ?t fT'i ? ach . richl oroaoa. with warhlo tof?, vaahataada C4?y and rcckla^ 'hmra, rich hro at?llo ^an iy, lio*4 ?ith m)> l,?-it f?' nth Aii??riean ha r mattrc?#?# l r*nch f^atn^r pll' oa and ho!?toro, t?ddiaf, '?aai ?oat ?? *.tar? famittir?. rai-trtl <? > ' i * r il | am ? nr* Ala- ral $? * ? of ? at*oll? I chaflkWf (0?t?L complato. with mattra?a*?. ataa, kaaoiaal and kl'^hoa fwrailurc, rrockary, airaadolaa kastac and f< rfca. ft?,*^ nod ft ?tur?a, ' iUl?.th oa fiir kalta atair * ari*t# A Ac A d?|oiit r? iair*d from all jnr ' a- ? fata Ufj'a a rrvrtiirr ?f aala llr < A r ftDETl'H AI'TI'AIIH * II Ml I r I ^ ft ? aalc of try fl*o4a, fnor^o t mp$ laeaa, r>H'ii a?4 fan 1 r ?-??da. ofevart 4*aff1|>tlo? oa w- ln#* fay, Mar^h .1, iti' H'. -io.k at Vo it i oort ?tr*ot i. ^k:*o Joh* 1*1 1 no r?#r?iy r l.oTT St? r f II' H WIT1EHH 4lK VT I I f. P I I us ft w ??. .*oda? ai hoy^ a ?look, at I aaai ?tr*H, a la/ to and daoiraU* a**' rt?? at.t of hoti- b* . I f')mit?iro ?fa amil* kr?akin/ofi ho*i*ok*?| tn# ?* ? ?* -*t "1 ff*rjr th fif nari?*aary f- r *arti*a aloot ">a>m?a<i r h a?li#?{ n* ? cfomrra nciar fill the kttokan faraitor*. A" a?* . a iota t t* ' f ?t - a ?M?a for c ontara *n4 o it i- r? T^rma * %?h A f ?.* ro^oif*4. Thara4ay at IK II ,4* ?. itraat, for H % \i# 4*"'; ?? ?, , , < +m 11' **t katto ' 4 t? ma it VI >.!%? A A PROir TA*>1 (it ail % \ST* \ II urn if "IibIwbim iM It i 'in l> >? !? ? ?T ? ft* I ni'tt r. . ? l ? f i. , ihIi t.^jr "i ? ?m . liltMtM ll lrl iinw a t?.? Mr WO I ??>< ?<<???? for ii *. >?? tit# fM*y H*n, MX t/?l lllflt '.f III ll/t W AJITfl. 1 4 RESI'ECTA IIU K II EN C II PROTESTANT WOMAN ? watt* a illMlioii u h?HN or lady ? mail, with a | l-mnly going to Franc*. PIcaaecall at 36 t'lwton place. J SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPEOTA HUE yrnng alrl aa took, waaher an I IfOMr ?r t , b?rwurk and aealat in ?a*blng and ironing, ha* i. < i , i, ,u to do gem ral homework In a aiiitll rv*|?ectah:e faintly Com! elljr rtlimNie fivvu. I'lriM oill at 11?. Wooet**r atrvet, 1 r?t ll??ur, iu the rrtr. Cad to ?wn for two day a, I u y . ?? EMta. A KKM Lt TABUE HEALTHY Vol- NO M ARRI EO H o i \ man wtahta a xituatl n a* wit nur?? iu a u'?' ? tiM? family; Ik r laby ia two month* ?ld II aa ? tcelleut r? nmec. I'lettae < all at I b"> ||lt Thirty itfOfl h tVMD OH J 9 ml Third IV0BUH Can he iMit I t . nf wee!t, if not tinted. Ahkstki tabi e youno woman wishes a situ niioH ? ? ehamt ermaid ? ! . i - n day*, at No. 5 Thirty lir*t atreet, ti? ar lifth ftvuuuv. ACTUATION W^NTH> II V \ HEV l'K<*TA OLE )?uug woman, to do light < hamb> rw rk and a"wing, had ? l.?? h* t of city reference from her laat tlace wb*r>? ? li* hu* lived t h r ?? r- year* I'luN -ill at 131 Ea*t Ei{liti'vatb gtreet, third floor. AYOUNO Ol RU WISHES A SITUATION a^ i'HAM brruift. I None I >it a re*|?oetahle family need a|>i ly t nil ni N < 1 Oremwich avenue, for tw ? ?ia ? A H A It > IS W A NTBD, BY A li E*P IU TAM.E WO J 1 huh, to wrt uurae, at her nwu raaidem e. She loat f?r l uby two weeba ago: ha* no ohildroa. Oo<?.| ally refe ren. given Plee*e apply at 15 M t I wt 1 f t h afr?? t, in t..e i < ar. 4 k RKN CII, Ml IlllI.E UiKlJ WOMAN. WANTS A XV aituatli n a* inn l hair ? r. and t <i< jdiuw ??'* Inf, or a**i*t lit the ear" of ehildr< n Krf> rence* r un Ih giv* n Addre* (' It I'., Broadway I'mt (>tflre A YOU N? WOMAN WANTS A ITI ATION AS t OOK waaher and ironer in a fin 11 |?r.??*?* family < r *o do thamberwerk, and aa?i*t in waehtnr .ind iroeing , i. ?.? n-? ??*< jretx u t ?? no m the country, li" 1 ??ty refercm-r i-an i?? fciven If r? quired I'ltax. all it Wyikofl atrM t, llr ? k jjj#. A REM'I'.t TAIO.E riloTI>TAN-| ? ? I ?< I WI^IIE* A 2 \ dliuatoifi a* eli? mhermaid nn<l waitupr, <>r to d'i wneral h? tinewi rk in a auial! private fumllv, refer ?? ?* fr ??? h*rln*t | luce. Ian )>e neeii at 111 IVarl airvet, Ur <>klyn, until fuitid AYor.Nd oik i. is DKstKot;* or a siti ation to tend in n a tore . the l| aell %? <(aaiL.t<d *|th the hu?iue?< and ran five K?od antiafaetion of hrrnclf. 1'leaae rail tor reference, at .k! Sullivait ?tr?? t. A DRESSMAKER WANTS a SITUATION AS SRAM- ! ?tr*?p, )<a* ito objection to do ll^ht elinnil>er w <>rk ' all at 77 N iueteenth atrret, l?el w? on hiuli and Seventh avenuea, third floor, back room ARKSI'K TAIII K YOI NO WOMAN WISH EH A Nituatioo a* nnrae la eaiial le of taklor ear* ot ? ! ildr"i? and in a ir'*od |>lain newer Th< l e?t ot ref< r :n e piveu t ail at It I Ninth street, hetwe?*n Third and K< urth avvuu* from 10 to 3 o'clock. AYOI'NU WOMAN WANTS A ^ 1 Tt ATI ON AHKIKST rat*; wanher and ironer, and |daln cook Hun lived two >? ar* in her laat |dace. She i? a ^oo t bak? r Th*? e??untry f-relerrod I'leaae call at 2Ut Hr?t avtnuo, u?| floor, front room AHKSI'KCTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU atioa 1b a pvitatt faaiUj aa aeoki i*? a goad balkar and ane a* e lie lit w a?h? r and r , I u? irood r it y rel^jprnce and a nd ha* 1 1 v < -d two y i-ara in h?-r I n ?> t (dac* ( an he a^en for thrre liayn at 7d W eat Nineteenth atreet. let wen Sistn and St v e n t h a\ enuea. A HESrKCTAni.K WOMAN WISHES \ SITUATIUM a* cook, either i?u hi io or private flood city reftreo ? a %%*?!? t all a t No. if Math atreet, front taa> uii ui 4 RISI'M TAIll K Yul Nfi Vt ARRIpl- W nU \\ J\. w mhea a #it uat ion a? a*-' nnra* i. -I ? i t y rrfi r-iioy *i veil ( all for Mr*, ijuinlamlii, Ih'J llenter atfet flr^t floor, j I a< k loom AKEHTECIAULE YfJUNfJ Ci I It I Wlslli A M TL* \ tion a* ohamheruiaid ? r waiter, or to du th work of a ? mall (aiuily The h? al city refvri aco Kiveu. Can b? aecn lor two ?iay a at :U> Oitk atreet ASITU ATK?N WANTEr? BY A RRSI'ECTABl.E l'rote?tant y oun^ ?r ?rl , an chumi ? rmatd or waiter No oi jei-tion to a? to the cnuntr.v Th teat of r? t*r< nue ? ai. l>? ?tveii from her laat |da? e. I*lea?e rail at I \*j S'.vetuh avenue, hotu?<n Niiict*-enth and Twentieth atreet i. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation aa cook and to wu?hand iron, ie fully comt?tcn% tor the ahove capacity; ia willing t . make heraclf u*? ful in ot h* r thm^a if required. TIk h at ot uty reference, ran he ?een for two day* at 1*7 Sprlnx atreet, front h? u*?, ro<?u? 1.1, lr?'Lt No olJeet|i>n to go a ehort diatao e in th< co-intry AI'ROTESTANT tilRL I* IN WAN! <>V A MTI A tlou a* roi d cook and tirat rate wa?lnr an?l iron-r Una no ohiecfion to no in the country. A| | ly for twodafeat 71> I ulton avi noe, Brook ly n C??^ d c|t,y rel re nee fiwn 4 YOUNO WOMAN WANI1 S SITUATION AS* IIAM J\ I'erniaid or nur?e. ? r do houaew ??rk in a ?mall faiu ly Mo objection to the country. T he l?*-at ol eity refer*?ue? ni^en from her 1**1 |da? e. I'leaae ? all at ?k7 1 1 r #? t avenu'\ hetwe* n hcventefnth and Kiahteenth atreeta, for tw<i day*. ADRKSSIIAKER WISHE- T<* WORK OUT BY THE day A|'|dyatNo .'Al Spring atreet M MtOl'IKE. A human WANT^ A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, with a freah broa?t of milk A|| ?y at N- Sefeath a%enne, recond floor, hark room 4 KEM KfTABLK I'ROTESTAM IK'UI.ANO OIRL, i\ I'O-m ? - ma all th'nm qualitiea oninton am* nt*i her na tion, triii/ hor.rat, faithful. laduatrV'U*, naatand tidy, i? detirou* to procure a aituatUiii aa nnrae and |<)aln aewer, or rhamt ermaid ai.d waiter , ia able to Rive entire ? etiafaeti. n, and will he found willlnr and oblirinf in every rea| *et \j I ly at No 12 Morgan atreet, between Orove and I roapeet, Jerae> Mty. A STEADY, SOU K K WOMAN, I A1EI.Y A K K I V E I > IN thiacliy, want a a altuaii n in a ?mall |>ri?atr family a* |iiain cook, wash* r and ironer. ? r aa ? ham I ermaid and child re i. ? aurre l'l*a^M^ill *t 171 tirat avenue A PROTESTANT YoUMi WOMAN WANTS A IT IJ J\ atioa aa i haml erm*id or w*it* f , aad I- willing to a??i?t Iu waahiiiy ai.d ironlnr f?o?.d < ity r* feren< ? giaen * 'all at l!*d Tw? ntletb atreet, between lirhth and Niath aveau-e A PROTESTANT WOMAN HMIIK A SITUATION a* reok, weaker aad Iroaer. wr to 4., ^r??r*l hou?e?aork 10 a ? mall | ri ? a* e fa in 1 1 1 . 1* a vary *??? I i ak?- r > 1 I r*ad . t he I eat of city r^fer' nee. Pleaae alia' |1M H ?' Vio t??nfh ?treet, near Kinbtt avenue A YOI NC RESPEPTAR1.E OIKI. WANT \ ITU atl* n, i? a ft rat rate waaher and ironer *e-..| tdain ?? .a ? r family heoaeworker , lia? II. ed three i? ra ii her laet altnatioo. *r.d? ftngive th* l r*t ,1 ? ity ref?ren?* l'l*a?e ? all at 2 II < a 1. a I atr* et * an t* *????? for 'no day* A YOUNG WOMAN H I II I S A -III ATION |S ^ ?aiall family to do lencral h nae*? rb it a f *>? d waaber tr&ner and bak* r, would r 1 a ?l.< rt dotal 1 at 216 Weet Twenty flfth atreet bet iuea fan he aeea f*?r two day* A WOMAN Of MIT II E X I EH 1 1 N ? E A N O I' !' I I Y TOM /\ i^trnt to tab* ? ar? of a ? ai y fi ? it it a I rtf> a I a., t r. ? -nt and fitting of ? bildr* n a ? I ?> thing w .a'.ea for a rituati >n in a private family aa nun* and aeamatraaa ? ? aid wait ? n an invali'l lady, r>r travel foe the euinriirr < ?? *iv. eati* factory raferM.oo aa to <harart*r aad ? ?[a' i t'y ? an t? a< # n lor t wo day t at f 7 H at lift?entb * r -t aear Siath avenue t the r* ar .M, 4 (illif H I I II HK-IK UlllJ i ITV I'tlKMKS K J 1 ?ki)t? a ?>* nation in a j ri?at? f%m ? . ?r"if>..n < ? < k. la a **rj f -? <1 *a?l.? r and ?r? r ?r. ? r * aid do % "?*? rM hMntvorh i?? a family ? an l,? ?# n ? .r two <i*j? at 17 V4iat tiltaaatli itr'?-t n* *r "ii'Ij i*u,u' n ll*# r* ar A TO L* KG 01*1 1. WANTS 4 HITIUTION A* t MAM brrnal4 nr ?M(*r; cm mln4 I tl4r>n ?rlo I >i? n* ir?? CJo-.d r itjr rtf*r?-??c>a riaai * ply * * '>1 I * r 1 1 tra-\ t at*'* a Aft dual A and II, fr< ??? I J ta 4 o r l< ?k 4 HF IMTAItll WOM 4 V msr 4 CJTI 4T|0?? M ?#?!, HI 4 Hill plivi(? fftOill; atid (? ?tn?( til ll?? ?a?hi?>, ai.d i tuning, t ? ? r??od ??? r*. 'i d r?l*n4a I a Hfc/ ?ud P*?trv . I'M IIva4 In II < ?????? t ra?|*- lfc i ? r. d <ra>* rity r?f?f ?? ? 4*>?.? % I at .1 ? tt nth atr*at, f? r two dayc YOl.'Ml M* 011*11 W Oil 4 N A< ? I ? TOMI.ll T'? a !i?Jf of m ill'pdtnt taliil* travihn; ??#?!<? u aay | art A J\ t r * ? ?* 1 . w < t .. in*# 4 ? tO A 1 a t,r ? fti 1 1 y ii % ar ?? a?i< a A ri- t? ?.|dr? ? ? -I t %li*? I i* t. {?ir? i '>?t Olflca, will rr*-t ?nb |r'.mpt alt ?r.'i<?h AVdl'MJ II I A I ? V W I ||r 4 -ITCAMoM M a k?NNl4?Jwr or e??mf*f.l' ?. la i >ahflad Ut fiaa (?tiifaHiiii ? an ff*? f-H f r- ju.rad iddraaa f?r two days, Maria I. lima ? ?ay I'- at Oflla# 4 VM S(i WOMAN W 1*11 I'.* rolilltAIN 4 Mil \ J\ tl r. i ? e?.arr> ? ? riaai ait'i to a-* ) *< ?a* . ?? t ?r ? n r, it?d?n(ai<l( l,?r r r ? tl> and ? # ? ? j It My f- a.iBm?rid*d l*l?4?? alia' II& Var ? t'r^t A V4 ?. T NIH" V V4 Ml T UK *OfKi; *s|? /\ healthy. a t> ad ???*r *?>?! a|* !? ? ? l-a. ut ? i.arya af a?? iwfaat Oaa ?feu ha? I? #t h? t fc* / f ra>*arr#d ? l.arva ' i ar. mfiai ? ?? An?ly at 21 lr aiw* A Rr.4|'K< 1 AKI r. IR II TIM voir* . UmX4S ???!.?? ? ? |t m ? 1 1 ?/ a ? : ? ??* h - * ? a? ? f> r i? daf ? at ?;v Hf "f ?' !| ?* f' ?' ? ? \yn si, r,im wi nr.* 4 1 * 1 ation a ?. km; aad #*?la?tft?#, tl?a?/. ? ? ? a aid a? j ???it.*,* ' ?*?)*? (I ' l**t ?f t*ief '>*?? I Ua ? fti! at .'II I f?* **? K t* a . I iMri#*Riii itrMi, 4f?l fl ? t \VOIMi WOMAN w t s T A '111 AT# *? 4 ? Ml ' drar. a in as I ?r ta da ?U? '?#?*-*! ai?'i a?< ? la# tad ir*alaf iMt af r??afai??.a fr? m l??r la?t |-U * ? aii at 17' a ? t ? A ir. 1 1 - ?* t N INTKI I M RNT TOI ? , I AM WI* III. * 4 I T f ai.?a *a t'M ?t r# raa at r it **' kikf ?a a a*a4 nl la* ?f?l ?aitu*r If If* u4 la a f? *t?l4 t?rk 1 at I / tl. Ia ? f*w? ? * i t.?.j *iib 'Mir Mf mr RmI wl*f a'*? ? Ur4't?r i an r ? a 'taa 4a M I II 2^1 14 ?*t 7 A' \ M i\ >? T ??at MTI'ATION WATMf. I; V A Hi t'k T 4 HI R atf lift a' ? 4, ???' ? r ?< r #r ?> r ?? . ? ? 4 a ttaat* *a|l; can g?t? ft ad tlly i al! at "1 ? ra?r 'if I irit %ad *? tit *.??at L itmi r e ?i ta f? ?r <, ?? !<? h, farta * 4ayt 4 Kfil'Kf TAHI K fKoTF I4NT f#k or*IK? A il (Ktallo M fc' ct'ffc'f ik ? ?w*> it a . 4 frfaia aad a Ar?t ralk * ? *f aa I <c " " t I v? f:*aw? ?aJI av * i#r*^a ? ?? aw. IftM r ar \W< |I 4 N W : ? II t - A *1 M A ; I s A ?. f. % ?. ? Hi ?r I aa T*.l*at ?i< -f iai ? a?r la* ??> ?)*? t| a la a aka K*c?a|f ??? "a ly ai?' ?? -it af '/ h'mh i fr >? htt ia?t r a ? l/l W?? I , ' * - 1 ??r? \V II f IN ft ft ANfl IfKI S" tf A ft It ft t4 To lid ?- H ta i i?*. Taf a U ? K t a | a $ > aat a ar 4 I't tr* > m ft* ? ili I if at ? a H? I,v4 M .alff* Af-^ly at 1*1 lO aia?f W|> itayi Ifli ICTAfcl.K MIHII. A'.ftl' HMM41 14 4 N T ' ? . a r * 4 ?aafc* fat I4f ur h Hit \ 1 F a. f ?| ? *? 'f-M a fa; ? "a ? , *- r > * A > iU* feti*, k#t**aa? T??a?y a* aad %m4 fa# a?y t #4 ? r**liry itar a# aa?c t rc. rtf t am ft \ f;i?r. * irirv a a ?a??!aat iMU'i ?*r*a:|>aaaa a^ri m " '4* tit* tat* a. c BNaatKa, *a#4 at fstji I ' * * 9**m f t If* data a. *4 taarr* ai i*ra?t Amy ii i ? i %* r a in t, a art a4t* a aa alka?a% * r* ? ? a- 1 ? 9 aad tanai, ?r a* * l? 4 r a*c < u |t'l? ? to tf a*V fat U4 a*r?^ ' | WAim. \* Al l KE*tm k WIN tin TO TUB Mil ? b?r? they %? 1*1 1 r*ru ??? f.*ur fuoilhi, And *..rk vn ti,* rail work A i'i?ly At 41 Sixth tr*?'t. ARKKfCiTAHI.I tolNU W Oil \ % WANTS \ s| tuAlion a* nnran and awAju^traaa; i? cwpahla ol Hitting t bildren ? ; bna n?? o'j ciion to do th (tu? wntniii^ and ironiny, liH? th< o#*t oi r( ?Vr ?>. from li?r Ia*I pl*?e. ? An h? a*m for two da)i? at ."?!?? M*tfo AV?uua, near fwonij \H gSt'ECTA III K f, ft, K If A N* <; I R I WISH!! A n u ?< ? -I < out I* a jr*.od wuliir And ir?it?r. ! t.ood rut. r? n. I'l' im < a! , ui iiiviu .iou ?tr? ? t, in tbo i ? ar \HK: l KTA11I K I ' l( O I K ?* | A N T OIKf. WANTS A attoAlh u ?n t family aa ? bam her tn aid or waiter. or *. <bAtnl?-nt ?i 1 nu I p',Ai>t aewer. < aii l?? aawn lor two day- Pl? am <aII at VI r i |: ??,<? uth'trt it ARKHi'ItTAlftl K YOI So I A 1 1 V t R (i | I - 1 1 WISH LA A liittAllOft A? ? ? Tt.|.AUt t 1%'v.ib- |A Af) ? Kiwllnut Mirr, And uuU. r ? Anda - tft i im. - .>11 I.. w.lliu.-. In n.Akt lieraelf ua?ful l'. h?r fin | i > ? n ill ha fouad lerjr iruiim rtbj ; w a*" Act* >nmh a. -j*.- at a omfortAhU i . Good H Imi Co At i . | H 1 1 " r t > I ''ft Avut Mi kn'uiimi ciim wmiu: \ jin\rioN in a r* MHftlAl In fAiiiiiy, ? ? ? ?int-i I i Aui ? r. ??r to IrAttl WHO a lAiniljr Applv At 2! 1 SI It, rry airwt, third IU? r. iront r? ? ?i, for two ?i?)? \r KOt kstant votrtfc; woman wi iiv: a in a tion to do in ho it at* ' rh In * i?rlv Ate ( unity . IMian - all At 1*4 t ?? r- t, <' rurr ol White up alA.ra t \ Ol NO AM KKICAN I.AI>\ W i l l) MKKTotllt tbiu a ?ituA'i'H aa tovr?? if n *"rn or would l? 4 iH airAl Ir ?' mt'iiiiion f ?? r an ?l<1 rl v It'ly. no o|ij?otion to tlrtMir.try Addrra* Miry Mat# *11, NfW Vork I'oat tlf fl< ?, ttAtin* wli?rf An l?. t?T* i t in a In 1? I \S KM'KI(II.N< KH IHU. ? MAKKII. ?||H I AN KIT ami ftnlali ISdtA* ma t ? l l . r t, ? < i? .. , hi tht) in Alurl hud rti' ?! lA?lii<?iiAld? in An nor, mai la in i i>y tn?<nt hy Hit* ?lay in a fr?|n,? tal la |>rlvat?' faratly t All at >1 S??ottfl aw ! uc, l?t?prn 'I vt i ?ty f ? i ril, and T ?? uV? til t la alr<;?ta, 0r?l flocr. lrool ftp* \V??! N<; WollAN, I.Ain V I.AM'r.h i*k?im I NI) land, wftnt* a riltiAlloi<, t<? ?lo ??n*rAl hoaMwork, or f I ami ra *irk ind |>l? u ?enlnj I!r? o?? <?bj??tlou %?? a*? ? fh?rt i't'tAiHi> in tlio country. *t?d I <*a nn*>d r*fr>mttf?' fr< m Ik r lait | I a? t* 4'au I o a?t it ! >r t w ? 1a> a At '?<l HprtaA atraat, in the rear, ??????! H- or \r KOTIiSTAM Vt.r.Nti HUMAN WJHIIKM A SlTUA t|t<n aa lAAmatr* i at ? i t an l IIM Adir? And ?? bildrw a '? ?lr?aaf# No .tj.uti n !<? U.f < inlry Addr*?aa for two dfira I J J?r?ty iii) I' .t (tOtu AVOt'NtJ NfOMAN \\ 1 III ? TO ? ? I IT A I N \ NlTt'A tion aa n#r?' a?\d ??Aio tr ?? ?r rhaiulf ? maid and ? ?amalrti*. nf would art a> di r t> v ??*n?fA?, it r?*|u rad II a a t he l? at of r it \ r^ r*u< a fan lr ?< ?- u f*? r 'wo d Ay a. At .'2 I nth atr?ft. in tho r- *r At.lHMAN fclltl. WANT A I T I ' ATM'N AH OOtlD < nok *A?Ur And (roller Apply At th* Hotel t oit?lAA?( *|M tt'iliiam atrai ( 4 SITUATION WANT!. I) IIV A KKHI'Ki TAIII.B J\ younx plrl. a? ?liAmh? rttiii i and ?? tinrl r?a?. undar at An da All a in da ??! fa mil v h.-p tri/ and l* t? 1 1 1 ln?r to rn a b ?- her ffll r? i.vrally lUfftil, I AK r rar "f rhildrfii or to do wAllm* t An he 9* an till anga^t d al i II- u*ton ?tr>- t room l*k 4 I KOI KMANT \Ol N(i CIKI. At < I'^TuMKIi T?> y\ ??? h the wet k f? r | rivbt* fatfllilf*, At | r?Aant di?an rajit-d, would like to fn^a ?? wi" m? lidti*. ait> w?ntdlikn a ate ad V ?|tu?tion ?r would travel with a lady I'Iiam caII ? t II.1 HIitAentli atrfet. u ar I rat AVt-n* ? A I'RliT K.HTA NT Vol MJ W OMAN W'ANTrt A MlTlf J\ atioQ aa* a*Am trio and (Uniirmtid, ?r a?*Aa?atrwA? and nur***. Tin- heat of ril) ref?rt i f if r |Uire l A|>|>ly ut '-V. Ninth AfeLUf, corner of lliirt> fir* t #tre?-t, in thn ?t?Vt 4 Vol Nli KN <i USIl 01 It I W A N TS A MTUATION j\ At ifAmatfit, I.A* i." i'l. <..ti . to A it i a lh< Iiuraerir A I I ly lortwda)iAt 4't I ltra*A*et*'.r, hrt wran Iwnty ?e v ? nth and 1 w ant) elglit h at r>>* * ? , otid -t> r/ 4 StMlTt IIMAN W ANT AMTI ATIOM 4H fOAt II J V n.Ar. , wnderaltnd' hia lu*in? aa th >r ? ?r hly i'aa h?t i aa n At A (irlavi'a 4'.' Vt a? ) atr< ? * . f* r two da/f 4 SITI ATION, HV A MAN. VKRY r?k J\ petant to Aet aa firatBAn or j?ort#-r tn a notwl, ar till* n* An , ala?? undaratAiid* ll?? ? ?r? ?' !*? i and r an pr*?4w?*? the very beat ?>( r?f* r*a< ?'a f r m hia I aa' aui| I- y ra At?|<iy At !<i M M Ark a |>Ia< a, third fl? r Vt ll%\li AS <#IM!ANI"T or SI.VtRAI V r. A K ?* KXI' aa or?r aii iat and ? < ndtn ? r ?< aa I I Ilk- a>n to a aliufb in trda rtly or llro .kl>n. art I | iai j al (I.ow f'hurah) jrefarrt-l, would want to (aA? i ?. i r*?Oon of ibe rnti*i? and a a u I d | rafrr to formal) a pait or th# wliol<* of a ituihI ? juurott l(f ai oi a hi e tarn- wil! ).<? ruAde Ad?lr?A?, at a' iri?r bintl and lo Ation of t h r b A , i'rr >mat hoa 4 "M New Vork I'oat Oftra AVOINO MAN W ANT?* A SI TI'ATION rOllMIVI. a borae and ? a .*on, or rarria/1 an , d r?t?re n?*? I an la a?tn for two da* a at 7' <# r k atr>*? 4 KK I'Kt 1 Alt! K t til Nti li N (. I.I K|| MAN \NU II I H J\ m | f e want aitualo na t .*.l!,er th* mart aa lA- ro igh in ?iot r a#r\ aot hia wif? aa r k , t' wn or r miry . no oAi?c lion to a b'#t? I A | pl> tw I' )(? And I - M all *tr*?<rt, ft'th flotr. \ VOI NO SI' A N If II 0 I' N T I ICM 4 N "I UN>.X(KI* tin i, At 0 . hAfft* t' r fdu? Atrd In ^ a ? \ orb, who know* with perfActl'<n F|>iaIiIi, I r* i ? I arid Kn^iiah, ar I ?|#?Ako loOrahly wall the Omnia it. I Ita an lan*ua?raa, would t*w aery bA|>|'V to * htAin a a$??^Aii ?n with a family f?r ruer' bant |oin( to KuropA, to a? t aa tnt*r|r*t<r or taaaher ?f iha afurat aid I an? oajr* ? ."alary not n atlt of an oh)?et I'n <ioat ionahle rrf* ren< aa t * an aa t - < li raM*r and rAf>? trili ty A |> ply to TbomA* d? lit * art' ort, 74 I rankllfi atra#' A Of. NT* WASiria ON r M'lllK IOK Kl VK DO I I Are woith ol anrra?n..* X a. I > i a ? lina Arta for tb ra ple. Man tif aoo<| Addraaa Ac* ?."* n?A?in, fr* in 110 t? f Zt> | ar w??k. A | t I y |.?twe#n M' and II A M at Tallla > #treel al- w ? fftcf , 275 Ilr a I w a * , *% , |<l and II Bt tiKKicrm wANTr.ii - on r who nt? a thor* ii h ira'Oral kn<e|e|jfe >.f ? *.? ? k ? ? n ?, 4 hy ii o 0 M e entry and who . an pr -ot the ver? l*eat rwfatwn ?? Addreea N W , 10 rai l ? fl e atatma ra*l<lai ra, refarew. *at and amount of nitty ? a; < ta I Hot WAN TKf? r?l"M II To |- vr tKs or AUP ro ? ork in a aw) "op ne 'f u th* ' 'untry preferred Ip |dy At .'."i OfAad atr* '' 1*1*" u II. ht nraof - and 10 A tf Bttl SEHV ANT? I OIK II ?i 111 .s IK > A It I * I Nil lloi r. 4 and mW Ate laiiilll" '?>* a aaia !-? ' I iA<o*d, aa Ha 1 rrai'tit rlti.a a I A* ? ? I: at I 4 ? ? ? 1 1 * I. , . 1 h Mlf al*ai. raer af Kewd * ' I J 1 I a?I I rlah I r t* atAota in tbi * <?r th- ? ran- h ?>l?i e MM hraawa i?|? ? t r*- I lll. T AM ? .U lloTEl llOAkOINtl II I * ia a Al. I Jirl* r ? ? t n . - an *1 * , a 1.* Aht l?? I in the f rentaet ? hot* i it * If A 4a II A WAlSl.RVS iwiaIIi 0,1 I ,fn-e s*. If, V a rti- a>?f.*A* llr .klyn Hm 9* ?fri * ill da wall I y ? allinjr / 10 v r anion ami 11 tii 1 a 11. 1 n a 1 tnv is or " alfowa ta attain a alt wati far l final fall ?i na*< I ad edti'Ate/i aa d I a >1 ^ I i k > an 1 * a?? le r ? ? on??*a nde>4 Aa wan A' i ia in tie a w 1 * r ? A t ?' l???# ? of tHe 4Ai?i*?tke ?taOee aftOntlt '-are (if ekildiaA ? '.^r twala* yaara ol */e?, a ad tl air adu* Ati? n if re-ju'r* I N I 'J ll n to J- to *he amm t y ar t ? the ?# it!, A ldr -a J II J 1 4- IS r d-ay ra?t Office (? IH AN III' | I J 'omjaOat n.ari of a 1 it ?? 0\a li*ed with O.a mi fllf. ! jea in th* ' it) , tl.a *al .f f.'.fai*'*- it?? Addr*?a J O II Ml I 1. ion ? inaro I'wal ''fAie / 'Mm 1 pr / '"A? iimas mii. Alios nr * vrsn " Biftf ?' fill} Ilk ?l I, U# ? ? 11**4 fiviftl J<M? vttti fekt 1 u* i.i* U* ? ?H ?( it f f t tff %' t'? t - vatry.Wiii ki'inl* if* *f H?w? ? * 1 1 it ;? < ?*<r- If't f?? ?*??. 4iy?. if Ml * ?r?r'4 If I MI A M ! 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