Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 6781- MORNING EDITION ORK HERALD. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADFERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETEBT DAY. PKHHONAAt. Information wanted? ok Catherine ryan, by her brother John. When Wat heard from in Wil liamaburg Any information of ber will be thankfully re ceived by her brother, John Ryan, ?7 Centre (treat. INFORMATION WANTED. ? IF WILLIAM , WHO lived tour or five yeara ainee with Mr. Rogera, a grocer, corner of Seventeenth atreet and Eighth avenue, will eall, or leave Lu ad J re. a where he may he found, at the paint (tore oorner of Twenty flrat itreet and Eighth arenne. it will be to &ia advantage. Notice.? if the relatives or anderson Kay, mariner, will eall on Yatea * Portertiold, No. 43 Smtli atreet. they will learn aomething ot him to their in ternet. Said Kay waa loit overheard from the hrig S. T. Tliner, on her pa Mage from Cnba toJNew York. OSAMUEJ.-T1IE CLUB MET TWICE EARLY IN ? the winter, and you were not there. Pleaae name an other tune for the club to inoet, and be thera punctually. SPRING FASHIONS. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OK VELVET MANTILLAS and talma* may be found at MACKENZIE'S Mantilla Emporium. 47 Canal itreet (Brandreth Building), on Thura 4ay,22<! mat. C1RY8TAI. PALACE? FIRST PREMIUM BRONZE 1 medal and diploma millinory, atraw bonnet and hat tuaauiactory and allow rooma, 101 Hndaon atreet, *>1.? L. Ii INN! will open apring millinery on Tbunday, March 22. Emily will please excuse m. a. in failing to ttteli the lawn bonnet and eoutel corant, laat evening. 1 called at 131 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn, but the place waa ao crowded I waa unable to get them. Moot me at 151 thli even ing, at 7 o'clock, and chooae for youraetf. M. A. IjMJR HIE NEWEST STYLES OF CLOTH TAI.MAS, OO ' and examine MACKENZIE'S Spring itock, ut 47 Canal ?itreet. Brandreth Building, to be oponod Tnureday, 22d initial. , 1 ? " f J GILBERT, FRENCH IMPORTER, WILL OPEN , hia new apring hata, cap*, and ooiffurea oh Thuraday, 22d inafarit; alio, a new aaiorrment of Parii stamped em hroiCiriea received by the la?t ateainor. J. GILBERT, 391K Broadway. LADIES' DRESS CAPS ? S. CHAMBERS, SUCCESSOR to llradhr ?> k. 2*J7 Broadway, haa received a handaoma and full aaaort meat of ladiea', miaaea' and boya* garment*, Indiea' cane uud head dreiiea, robea de ohambra, Sc. . all of which will b? opened on Tnnraday, 22d init. MRS. WILLIAM SIMMONS WILL OPEN PARIS ?pring millinery at her ahow rooma. 564 Broadway, on Ihuridav, fcCd March. Alio a full aaiortment of atraw good*, whoivxalr and retail RA "8. W. RAI LINGS HAS NOW ON HAND A LARUE Jvl and elagant aaeortmcnt of honneta and milllni-ry, ot her own manufacture, together with aeveral oaaea of French honneta, Juat received, and ol elegant appearanoo, which ?be will open lor ahow on Thuradny next, March 22, at her ?kowroi mi. 07 Canal itreet. MRS. DAVIDSON, 131 CANAL STREET, CORNER L*ir-bt. will open l'arli apring millinery on Thuriday, March 22. ________ XfRS. 8 C. SLOANS AND MISS E. O. RYNDERS, NO. jTl 49 Canal atroet, Brandreth* Building, ben laavo to an nounce to tb- ladiea of New York and vieinity, that the opening of th?ir iplendid aaaortment of Parlaian apring milli nery take* pla< e on Tbunday, Marcli 22. MRS. HART, SOI BROADWAY. WILL OPEN PARIS millinery . on Thuraday, March 23d; alio, lateit atylei ?>f dreae pattern!. , MRS. M. S HITCHCOCK, NO. 3 CLINTON PLACE, Eighth atreet, will open ber aiaortment of Paria milli nery on Thuraday, 22d inat, Mrs. barton, lis canal street, respectful ly inform* her frlenda and the ladiea of New York gunerally, that f he will have a faahionabte aiaortment of millinery for their inapection on Thuraday next. March 22. 4 Madame denos' French millinery estab liahnicut will opeu on the 22d of thii mouth, at 447 Broadway, where ahe haa removed, in ooniequence ol the late lire Madame l>e Vna takta oiioaaion,to expreaa bar gra titude for the liheral patronage ahe haa experienced, and i\? aurea the ladiea that promptne** and atrlet attendance to all aln aim. 8 order? will be her main aim. She beifa toaoquaint the ladiea that tin article* that ahe ia able to open with a variety of the moat aplandld 1, which abe haa purpoiely imported from Pari*. M M ? ICI! A F.I. DE VOS, 447 BROADWAY, (RUE DE LA Paix, Paria)? Importer of French bonuvta, capa, Ac.? Do V. reepectfulljr annouucea that Vie haa removed Irom to 447 Broadway. He haa received per laat ateainera (Baltic and Pacific) a aplendid itock of Parisian honneta, capa. l)o*> ra, Ac., ?o? to whioh he calla particular atten tien HfOURMMi mii.LINERY.? C. F. BARTHOLOMEW Jyl ^iii ope,, on Thuraday, March 23, Paria mourning mil ? lon-y, comi riemg the moat extenaive and beautiful auort m -at ever exhibited C. F. BARTHOLOMEW, new Mourn ing Store. Ml Broadway, between the St. Mchola* and Me tropolitan Hotel*. '' MA CLUNE WILL OPEN A HANDSOME ASSORT a ment ol -pring millinery on Thuaaday, March EM, at OA Canal itreet. ADAME II I I.LIER WILL OPEN HER PARIS MIL liner? on Thuraday, March 22d, at ?i.-v! Broadway, cor ner ol Amity atreet. Apartm< uta auitabla for a dreaamaker, architect. Ac., to let; apply a* above. MH. STL' A RT, NO. 203 BOtVERY, WILL OPEN ON . Thurad%y. March 22, a new and elegant aiaortment of ?print' and anmrn-r millinery. A new and elegant aaaort meat of mouraiDg gooda. ADAME LMBKEE, 6W7 BROADWAY WILL OPEN Spring mi'.llnery, on Thuraday, 22d of March. Madame ricitards, 4f<5 hroadway. will open her aprin. laahiona of millinery and dreaemaking on 1 hnraday, March 22, 18H Madam f. m. c., Broadway, near Aator place, will open Pan* millinery on Thnraday, 22d March. MME. KEH' FI.AMME WILL OPEN PARIS SPRINQ millinery on Thuriday. March 22, at 7<!1 Broadway, ae ?ond door above Clinton place. New spring mantillas. GE ). URODIE, No. &1 Caaal atreet. aad No. S3 Liipe aard itreit, New York, ii now exhibiting to WHOLESALE MERCHANTS hliaew itoeli af French and home made apring and maimer mantlnna, eonai ting of a large and very aaleot aaaortuient of aoveltiea in allk lace and appllqne gooda, to which hi beg* to iavite the attention of t'ABH ADO Short Time Buthi from every aection of the aountry. OPENING OP PARIS BONEETS AT GENIN'S BA ?aar ? 0?nin haa the pleaaurc of announcing to the ladiea of New Vork that he will o|>?n a lre<h importation of laoiea' aad ehiMren'n hata and honneta, direct from Paria, on Thurada) March 22, KM. GENIN'S Bataar. No. .113 Broadway OPENING Ot PARIS MILLINERY, AT 409 BROAD way ? Mi-a D A GARDEN Kit will open, ai above, ou Thuraday. March 22, honneta. direct from rarla. 4i?J Uroad way . New York; 159H Coagreai atreet. Savannah, On. PARIS Mi I.LIN ERT.-WM. BROWN, (LATE DUNS more A Bnaoj 443 Broadway, will open beautitnl eprmr ?millinery, Eeghorn honneta, and Leghorn fronti, with (Uk orowaa, lor nuaaea. on Thuraday, Maruh 22. PARIS MILLINERY. ? MADAME FERRERO. NO 1 Great Jonea utreet, will open apring millinery on Tjnra ?J > y , Mr Std af March. PARIS MILLINERY. ? MA DA Ml HARNETT, NO. Vt7 Br< ?'* wit will open a prion millinery on Thuraday, tb? 32d of Mar U "Daris mi i.linery.? madams autoix kegs to X lnforai th* l?dle? that ihe will op?n I'arla a prin* mil lin'TT of b*r cwn importntioo, on Thuraday, 22d inatant. at itn. V Walker atreet. and r*?pa.l(iilly ?otieita a call. PARIS MILLINERY? MRS. CARTER BEOS RESPECT full* to inform bar num*rona patroaa and India* Tleit 4br tbu city that on Thuraday. i'd inat . will he r-ady tyr larprction a upleudld |aaaortm nt of 1'arie Bilk , poiat laeo and atraw millinery, and uatnoatly eolicita an impartial comparison, aa ? h" atylea, for el?*anae and cb?apn-u will r^' favorably with *nv othar ?ttabliilimaat in Now York. Cirtrr i I'arla millinery and lao? manufactory. US Broadway. epporita the Metropolitan Hotel. An eaperi am<idi>al?a>imii waaM, accnatomad to Broadway trade. 8PRIN <i FASHIONS.? M RS. J. If GOSSON. FORMER ly Mia* J I'al ay, will open har aprinf millinery on araday March 2;, at 373 Broadway, between Fraaklia And Whit* atreet*. SPRING FASHION!.? BY TIIB PACIFIC, A SPLE* did etock of I'arlaian eml>roi l?red mantilla*, talmaa and capallaa. together with an *ndle?e variety of real Guipure ?nil ChantiPv lace mantilla* and talma., ware received. ami ?will be ailul i>od on Thursday the .1.1 iaat ., by W. It. MAC KfcNZIE. 47 Canal atreet (Brandratk Balldiac). ______ SPRING MILLINERY.?' THE MESSRS THtLY. 4J9 Brat ? ay. will am their .real aaaortment of fan ) ?ad atriw millinery aa Tbnredny VTHOSE DESIROUS OF PURCHASING COLORED AND JL blaeb ailk riaatillaa for lata aariai and amain r wear, -we ill Had a tood aee?rtment at MACK F.N KIE'S Mantilla Bmaoriam *7 Canal atreet illraadratb Uuildin* , b.. calling oa Thnreday, 244 iaat. "I TELYBT HANTII.I.AS TRIMMED WITH H'HKE. AN ? ti'ine aat I'-iuet do Sola ?ilk. are to be **en an >a| the ?aw eto. k af aprme jtnad* at MACKENZIE'S Maatula Tin ynriam, t! Canal atreet t Hrandretb Buil4in(>-to be apenad ?a Tkaraday XM iaat. ~W B *A'"KHNZIE WIM, OPE!* ON THURSDAY, Yf . Ed iaat., a apl?ndtd aeanrtmant of eprm* mantilla*. 4 #f 'he newa?r a'yla and lateat faehion, a1 hii Mantilla Eapo rlom, 47 Cana at rect ( Hrandretb llaild nz TXTAYERED SII.E HANTII.I.AS, OF THE SPRING j f? I artaiaa ityl't, Inat rwlrtd, aad to he op?n?4 at MAt'KKNZIl - Mantilla laimrlnra. 47 Canal (tro<;t, | Braadreth fluildia*, Thnraday 131 laataat. poLrncAL DEMOCR'TIC UNION CM B, EI.EV ENTIt WARD ? A w'in* of tha m ?bar a of tht' club wir. be held tl ia <We4n< ? (ayi eraaiag, Mareb 2|?I. at 7.S o"al,?r*. at 121 Fift >tr??< tor the purpoao of heertac the report of th? d? l- catii n and di>tribatiB? tbe eaaatitntioa of the IVmnrratK' 4 rB'ral L'aioa A a there I* al--> ether bnalaaia <f impoi tant? pai.ct a! attrndaeco 1* raqnaatel. Illititf Ui ? mi, 1 raaa. F. A OOETZE ( bair-naa LHtCQM, 400. JCimtt SEl ECTI'IN OF RRASDIE^, IT PEE* OB . elafet aid niher wieee, rnia?. S<-ot?b and Ifiab whi' k ye Load II aad Dnbiio p r tr Srotrh alea. d'-acat c Ala aad porter <>r family nae; aaropa aad rordtala. f.,r aat> b) WM II CfcDKRllILL I ? Br , .ae etraet ira-r -Croiby . HPORT1HU, 4BC. DOC r*>B -ALE ? A SPLENDID NE WfOH> DI.AND, ?ar?? aire ?i?h*a?? moatba >id ?er t ?????' ??>?!? tKal ?' ai'ili *P?'r ?' Br?a4?ly HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM ALBANY. PROGRESS OP THE TEMPERANCE BILL The Search and Seizure Clauses Retained. MESSAGE FROM GOVERNOR CLARK. Half a Million Deficit in the Canal Revenues. IMPOSITION OF RAILROAO TOLLS RECOMMENDED. FINANCIAL SCHEME OF THE CANAL AUITVl. The Canal Toll Depositories. ?fcc., Acc., dee. MEW YORK LKU18UTDRB. Senate. Auiant, March 19, 1855. EVKNITfQ SESSION. thk PKoniRrroKv uqi'oR mix. In Commlttc* of the Whole, Mr. Hitchcock in the cbair, the bill for the prevention of intemperance, pau perism and crime wa* further considered. Ihe question pending wan on the motioa or Mr. W. Clark to atrik* out the aearch and seizure clause. Mr Bradford moved to amend the amendment by re taming the clause in the original section "or kept for sale, or with intent to be aold," being tli* second line of the brtt section. After tome convention, aa to the elTect of the motion. Mr. IUluy took the door, and addressed the Senate atlengtii. He alluded to his having been selected by the responsible majority ot this Senate, at the flrst as*, slon, aa a member ef the committee on thla subject? to hia baring been again aelerted at the "present sesaion a member of the same committee by the President of tbia body-to hi, embarrs.s ment at finding, this year, Senator* who last year rendered it efficient aid and support taking opposite or middle ground. Mr. H. then alluded to the aereral legal points rai.ed againat the bill by the Sena tor from the Twenty fourtn? to th* part thai politic* were assuming in thla coutrorersr iie regarded the rate of tbe bil\ in a gnat measure hinging unon th? ac tion of the Senntoi from the Tw?nt> -lburth. (Mr. IHck in son.) He read from one of Mr, JD. 'g speec hes made at the last seasion. In favor of the search and seizure clause, and could not *e* the consistency of that Sena tor 1 1 course in aeektug to stiik* out that ciauae -hi* year. Mr. H. ailuctd 10 the txpressions o? the people so far aa it had been made manifest at tbe la*t election, In the choice ol member* of At*embly, Xa , a* In favor of the taw and tbe search and aeizure ciauae. ile con*l< tared the amenomenta proposed as striking at the viUUty of the bUl- Bearch and seizure were the main feature* of a prohibitory law. He read fiom the lawa of Connecti cut of lt>54, to show that at'.y period the aearch and aeizure of liquors waa regarded as essential to ita vitality. How would th* Senator tika a watch dogabout his premises diveated of his search and seizure i?" I niif U* r'^ For himself, ,uch ?n animal would be ui little use. Mr Dickimso.v had no ? reuses or apologies to make He intended to sar to-day all he desired unlea* incileut aliy called out. Ho had said to the Senate and the pub lie that If tie could nol get this bill amended he abould jot* for It aa it waa. If he could not get it in that shape ?th "t'lft ?.t0 T0,t?, tor tb* blU t?i?t passed laat year This bill to be carried out wanted a fair atart He tried last year to get the bill amended, but he did not do half what he intended to do thi? year to procure it* ,No ,rl*nd uf Xht bi'! bad yet shown that aprobibltory jaw? a law preventing it* sale? would not be effectual without the search and seizure clau** lu it. Ibere was not a word in the speech from which the l?V.0r ^?r^J,whic^ wo"ld nc' now reiterate were tbe aame bill before the Senate Been use a uiao had Ir?Ln '?w "* r?YU 'ou *8 ??>d seize it because aim* other peraon bad made a bad uae of anothei* Mr. D. denied ampbatlcaUy that there wa* anv bargain to **cure th* election ot Wm. H. Seward by tUe defeat of th* ftohibltury Liquor law. The law could have been passed if Mr. Seward had n rerbeen heard of and Mr. Seward could have been elected In spite of or with the pasrage of a Cozen Prohibit jry Liquor la'** Mr. D. next alluded to the ri*ito! the Legmla'ur* to New 1 I. TtoA ,t?r' wkich some reporter had given pub licity to, that the members of the legislature were ?ruu .. il? tb4t occ"lon Mr !>? denies this in tot*. He had bis quarters in a public bouse in this cltv where on* third of th* members of this body boarded, ret ?Vier 5*? *'en * l1*1"1 ? 1 ?rd?>t spirits upo* tbe table, before a member, while he nad been a member of thiitienate Not a member of this Senate waa ereu a tippler and th*r* was not on*, to his anowiedg*. :n the other House. Mr. D. then alluded to the report of a public meeting in Tompkins county wbfeb was ad dressed by the Senator from th* 'xtth ( Mr William*). H? character. ze?l the speech in poiuted terms, produ.-inr the Boat mirthful feeling in the Senate and lobbies - especially where allusions were made in the speech to ioublful Senators upon the Maine law. He character. the Stnator from tbe Twenty fifth th* only one aiound th* circle of a "doubtful" character upon anr question of moment which came before thi* body? re marking that b* seemed like one stepping upon ef jrs for I a for tnight prior to the election of United States Senator Mr. W iluaii* replied. It was true on his return boms a public meeting was being held, because they were apprehensive that the cause of temperance was In danger. Tb?y bad read speeches mad* h*re-tuey ^ ?ri.?f * S*.naU>r frum fwsnty-feirth 1^. 40(1 '*'1 equivocal position upon this bill. He was called upon and questioned as to the position of a (fairs her*, and ha replied to them fairiy and fully an 1 honorably, to th* has', of his knowledge, and were he called upon at any time by hi* constituents, he should be as free to make ?uch statement. He had nothing to Uue back, and what personal imputations the ;-eoetor thought lit to ?a*t upon him, he lia 1 no tear of. If hia character would not stand by the side of that Senator 's, it was right it should fall. He was juestloced by his oontituent* whether rbere was not a bargain made here as 1 1 th? d* feat of the Umper .nce bill, and the electi >n et a Coited Senator. Be had heard so in many quarters. But h* considered It too low aad too ia*an to make a rt - pljr to perftosai matters hatched out of a oewipaper re i?crt He stated and repealed it, ta%t )m dul not bellere aucb a t.ariain waa But they iooke.1 upon soch deeiais with distrust af er the avowal of tb? wheel hot** of the whig parly. (Mr. liiekiaaon.) For hiawelf he wa* rot to be dlcfaUd to by this m..n or that, and while he retained a particle of manhood his own conscience should b? his guide. Ml. D'ruwe0* again alluded to the newspaper report that tbe Senator trom th* Twenty filth hat stated to hi* const itu.u s tiiat there were seren doubtful m*n in the fcenst e on th* temperance ijuestion. Mr. Wn msmh ezplaiaed. He had been asked In that meet ?g bow the Senate suwd upon tbe temperance question, and L* i?pl.?d that be believed that there were tblrt**n Senators who stood firm .'or the bill with the search and seizure clause retained, bat that he was apprehensive that aerebcr eight of th* friends of temperance were feroiabl* to atriking out that wctioe beliee nr. as they did. It would be more acoiitibl* to tbe ptopl*. He *a.d it with regret, yet he eould not re liere himself of tbe impreesitn. Mr. Cro*rt continued the dlscusaioa br eflv, wh?a Th* question w?s Uken on Mr. Bradford * notion as pr^eonttd at tbe opening of the diseu?a.on. Lost? Id to The question recurring on Mr. Clark * meti4n to en. end 1 y * out the search and seizure ciauae, it wa* lo?t? IS to 13? the chair, Mr Hi'chccck, rotlug in the tiegatire. ' " Mt n. Clarc moved u* an amee<iment to the next *?ctioa of 'he bill, t.i* second section of the bill which p issed laat year, thmwicg the )>u?ln*?* open to the p- r*on of good moral character, 4c . who shall giv? tondi, Ac " Mr. Hopkiss -Hi not kcow l>ut the ailoptlon of the ? would* with ihe Jetal Is of the bill. He;i*feri*d the amendmeit to th* orlgiaai bill, but iU adoption migb' not airree w?h 'he deu!!* of the bill or tfce tlun unen which it had bten framed On the other b^oi! if ^ was om/ a part of the first nmo- i m*nt wh.chksd failed, a part of aoolbar pian not ac cordiag w fa % probtbi'' ey :aw, at desired by th* Vlends he should rote * faint* .t. He regarded tUe e.ition aa enemy to loch a bill. y.r. T, Clan had cold b*fore and he said now, ?hat he should rote for the bti: pert.cted her*. If it wee *ot worse than be bill which Mesed lastjear Kr.n th* teaator from tb? Titrtesntk fMr Hoptioe) *hould en ^ -.ror o mak* this bLl as psrferf as It eon.d be mat*. Hs wa* ?tn'wre ?n his amen imee'e Th* bill wen!' work Mj*t as we.l with the amndmeo*. u* had f(ror *? onginei *eetioa which !t propoeed M- H imtse further edrane-d hi* views fa r?*ar! to the Wh. He vo?ed tor the blU la*t rear with ?ear'-h ?ni *?i?ure in and he shoald de so this y*ar He was ?Iieere then he w?j en^eJ'y ?U -ere nee The eest. * ?f ,fc' * % Th* U,?Jf WM tbe t? tress It's If. Tt? temper* nee -nen who deeerted tb's W!1 ??ew *>?r were deeeniog aad disappoint *n? the tempers DCS ne; O* this ?.t- If t? |, to ? d.e?, W. dolt msafnl.y? not ? y MuUIng behind search and seizure *nd ps?. ng Tl? a prcblHtory law Tsmpe rsace wn al. orer tbe Hf .te w-?| i>nd-eto?>1 this and the* eqiialiy we I l-se ,h te -o lay the blame >t the m? n !<attrti o' t^ tsbill ftikd The c '?u *?ee thea rep rt?d jr gr?s* o? ??? fciv Adjeaxteo ^ut?.er Mar ?b IV/ Mr t CtJti aa !? I ask leave to late>duee reeo e t?n. fiasied M IKtw. af er rniog left at tbe mretia^ Auburn, u| a the euhj'el ef tbe l -oMt. t. r^ ,tw ^ subslaace of *he?e re. iuti. ns >? thst tbe rre^<ef de a fe b* p.s affe ' q.. la? WD; for s-arrb *e ?'ife inl 'testr- -tva ,a<* eetienf see h w a-e p.-. <ws eaa bs> * <i?per*ac* ?ne at lean, sed objeet -i> . i-ss pt ri'dts 9* 'his aame mall I hareraecirfie Utter from it Arm friend of temperance in the town In which I reside, in which be i.h ? "I think there Una entire agreement between ui ti to the de*ir?blene?s of the amendments you propoM " Br the hdw mail I re ceived a letter from a veteran in the temperance reform, residing in Ifaeedon, Wayne county, In which lie saya: ? '?I speak advi-edly, retain the searcu and ae.zure and omit tbe deat ruction '* All express fear* <>1 the defeat of the bill. Cpoo thin subject allow me to nay, that a bill more eflcitnt for the auppreaalan and prevention of in temperance than the bill paased by the Assembly. will undoubtedly lie p;imed at this session of the L*glsla ture, unless it* lefeat la produced by tbe injudicial* ef forts of thoiie who claim to be the excluaive friend* of temperance. RITOETS. Mr. ?nwcitR reported favorably upon the bill relative to the distribution of the assets of savings bank* Mr. Brook* reported a bill to legalise the aofs of the Supervnors of f>e w York. BILL* INTKODOCCD, BTC Mr. Hrrcmiw Introduced a hill to alter the Commis sioner* ' map of Brooklyn; al*o, relative to the sup port of the poor in KJngs county. The bin to authorize the rebuilding of the Chemung Cecal lock* waa pas-ted The queitioo on agreeing to the report of the Com mittee on tbe Schnyler county blU then came up Mr Wiujamk moved to amend the report io as to leave the location of tbe county building! with the rupervlsora. Ijoat ? Ayes, 7; naya, 12. The bill wan then ordered to a third reading. Mr Qoodwin presented a resolution to accept the sword of Col. Sahna Stanley, an offlcer of tbe war of 1812, and place it in the State Library. Adopted. THK CW81B ACT. The bill amending the Census act was taken up, and the amendment of Mr. Whitney ? that the marshal* aball be American citixenm-was rejected: aye* 12, naya 13. Mr. 8pencer was excused from voting. CHURCH PROrXKTY The bUl relative to the tenure of ebureh property was then taken up in Committee of the Whola, Mr. Bradford in the chair Mr. CBOttxr characterised tbe bill as an emanation from "Ham," and read from the Albany KegUter of this morning in support of the assertion. Mr. 1'ctkaii waa Influenced by no other motive In bringing forward tbe bill than the' public good. Tbe question was then taken on striking out the third section of the bill, and lost ? 3 to 12 EVRHINU HK88I0M. The Temperance bill van taken up. Mr. Hopki.t* proposed to reduce the amount of fine and length of imprisonment. Lost Amendments were made In several small particular*, so as to resder the bill mare correct in a legal form An amendment waa agreed to, that after imprison ment there ?boul<l not be a remedv in the bond. The Court of Common I'lea* of New York, as one of the courts having cognizanoe of complaints under this act, was struck out. Progress was then repotted on the bill. ^.Tli* message of the Governor relative to railway bill*, was then taken up. and a motion made to refer It te tbe Finanoe Committee was lost. Motions were then made that portion* of It be referred to the Committee on Finance, and the balance to the Committee on Railways. I -oat. It waa Snally sent to tbe Railway Committee, when the Senate took a recti* until seven o'clock. Aaaembly. Alhawt, March 20. isr>6. The attention of tha House this morning in occupied with tbe consideration of bills of a local or prirat* cbaiacter. A number of local bills were coasidared in Committee of the Whole A message from the Governor. on th* subject of tolling railroada, wan received and read. Receas to 4 o'clock. KVKMNO HE" BIOS. The Governor transmitted the resolutions of the State of New Jersey, for the establishment of water llmitafor the preaervation of >ew Y<<rk harbor Mr. Ivaaa introduced a bill relative tu juH'iee-* o t peace Of Williamsburg. Mr. WsTB*nuitT, ? bill relative to the .Second avenue railway In N#w York. Mr. 8. Hitrni, a blli to erect the town of Tuscarora, in Stenben county, from the town of Addl>on. Mr. E. 8 W&aijw, a bill to facilitate the terries of Sroces* <>n insunnce companies doing business in the tate. Passed to a third reading Tbe bill repealing the act prohibiting the circulation of tbe note* of foreign bnnka was paused in committee, and ordered to a third reading A bill to amend the militia law of the Btate, eo as to require one ball of th* members of volunteer compa nie? to be native bora, waa debated at length, when the Assembly adjourned. Bunk a Selected u Canal Tall Depositories. Tbe Canal Board on Tuesday morulng selected tbs fol lowing banks as depositories of tha canal t)lls for the ensuing year ? Rraolved, That the canal t ills be depsiitad In the banka end on tha following pr ipu?uiona, to wit, for tbe praient j i-ar upon tbe banka respectively furnishing tbe requiral ae< urllV-s ? Nn Yobk ?The Kboe aad leather Rank, Nassau Bank. N'ortb River Hank Corn Kxchange Bank, each one quarter. A'juny? 9ank of tbs Capitol, Union Bank, Mer chants' Bank Albany Exchange Bank, each one quarter. W rtrr Trot ? Commercial Rank, Troy, Calon Bank, do., Merchants' and Mschanica' Bank, do., Market Bank, do West Troy Bank, eac!) one- fifth 8r!i?KtT?DT? 1 Tbe Mohawk Bank. Ft? iron vit.t*? The Farmers' Bank of Amsterdam. I mi* Faua? Th" Herkimer County Bank. Ptica ? Ontario Branch Bank. Cttca, two third: Cen tral Bank, do , one third Rom? One . la Central Bani Fort Stanwlx Bank, Rome Exchange Bank, each one third. Strait ax? Merchants' Bank. Mechanics' Bank. Syra cuse City Bank, each cne third Joans*? Salt Springs Bank Syraeuaa, Crooss Bank each one-half Mo?mt ?a? Rank of Auburn Cayuga County Bank, each one half l.Toss? The Comm?rsial Bank, Clyde, Palmyra Bank at I.yoas, each one half. Pitaraa? Tbe Hank of Newark, Cuyler'a Bank, each on* half. honnnrm? Rochester Bank, threa ninths, Kagl? > Bank, I'm >a Bank Farmers and Mechanics', each two ninths. BaontPORr? Brockport Exchaaga Baok. AMitOM? I'ank of Orleans MtntXA? Medina Bank I/X"*pokt? Exchange Bank, three sixths Western ' Hank two -sixths Canal Rank, one sixth. Tonawawpa, Black hoc* ami Bt?tau>? 11' ?Ulster Bank , i Oliver Lee k Co *s Bank. International Bank, White' 1 Bank Bank of Attica Marine Hank. New York anl *.rie Rank, Farmers aad Mschanica' Bank, each three tweaty ei(hths: Buffalo City Back, Sackatt's ilarbor Bank, each two twenty elgbtbe. WATXKronn? Saratoga Sp*in| a Raok. PrHrrunwi.ia? Haratota Springs Bank Guty's Fa Oiinmercial Bank, Glen'a Falls Dank, each one-half WmmiALtr? CommeTial Bank. Whitehall Bank, aach cne half Sahka? Fait Springs Bank. PHaor x? Th- Cltir?n?' Rank, Fulton Onwmio? I.uther Wright's Bank, City Bank, each one half. Sk??ta Fai.m>? Bank of Seneca Fails. Havama ? Bank of Havana Hi?*hoi?ao*? Bank of Eimlra, Bank of Chamuag. aach one-half CoiwtMV? Rank of Corning. George Washington Bank, each one -half Iiu?riK< and Pm Yas?VsUs County Bank Hawiiton? Bank o( Hamilton. Oxroaa? Hank o(#lienae>? hromvrtLa? ' (renesee Valley Bank. MofBT M?ibb?? Genesee Valley Bank. !ia??vn.ta? Hank of Oaaeville. iirahkl ? Monroe Hank Cuba, Allegany county. Booawtxa? Fort Stan wtx Bank, Rosas Hii.otss? OneMa Valley Bans BAtJ>wi?aHU.a? Mechanics' Bank, Pyraeuea. Halt Dsroetian Bank of Syracuse. Mr Fomjitt moved to amend by striking out tha Gene- i see Valley Bank, and inserting Genase* River Hank as | the deposiUry of the tolls at Mount Morris On railing the yeaa and aayi tha amendment w?j lost , bv tbe following vote ? Tim -Mr. fol'ett? I. Nats? Meters Raymond. I^aveawertb Cook, Span! I ing Oardlntsr, Fltihagh, Clark ? 7 The original reeolution was then adapted. Adjourned. Important I'inanflal Hrconamendallon At a meeting of the Canal Board, bald at tha Caaal lie,,* . on tbe 20th day of March, in the year tbe foljuwitg commuti. ration was reaelved from tha Auditor ? Cabal |)ii'a?t*bt, Aui?*t March 15. IN*. To mit Hosokahui th* Cabal Boabd or ins Stats or Nirw Yon* ? 1 be as leralgaed, as Auditor of the ('anal Department, feels it his duty to ea.1 tha attention af tha Board at ?bta time to a fart connected with tbe depoaita banks, which appears to h;mtoba worthy of tame attention and action. For the peat year many of the banka ia tha western portion of the State, eele-ted as flepoeltonee of Canal tart's, bave slant exclusively eneBaed their buaiaoaa to |<a|>?r, bav.rg a very short t ids t> run, varying from '?u to thlfty days The edict of which has been and mu*t necetrartly be, tha craatioa of a division in favor af the rail.- ad rather than ceaal transportation. For while tha forwsrder by the ra'lraad m pre* s his pro , tw* to market, and realise receipts fram It la time v> m<et au'li hort paner when It bacooMe dtte tha for war'ler by t?e < anal re juirea mora t-me. aad ia anable to <*n ro. He is cb ged to meet bte a?<te from other si ,rc?. rr iiSandct. tl.? canal and traaaport by the raad Tie ral'.rol jstm thereby get aJ they nee 1 -tbe one! jat-crs mi, uoa?eomnK>date<1 It st ue It ia ait Ut lha (anal Boa r^ ta dictate to the tenia h' w 'hey ba'I trai<aact their bueiaeasor as nege th??r afai a ' ^ut It Is rompMeat far tha Canal rh a; I, ia di"herfk of their duty to tta "tau, to aaaei sui h a cotd t oa ' i the dep? alt of the.rto.laaa wtil ea '???a *o tbe rorwa *-a ty tbecaael la tbe baak parti ei| sting in tbe < aj ' ? ts < ' cans, moa-ys tbe d eeoaat af ? jtk a ' .a?s of pa^ar ae will p-oraote tne latarwa<e aad t in ?. ?e? c,f t' ece-ia sn^notto dieert aad foree trada to ' -a ca lroar ? Ia' Uoee baaka- Uaa <t rectors of e'j - fl ?* it ?cre praAUb.e tt ae to diaanmtaato la favi r a' e toade? 4* ao Upea ?k?/r a an eaiai aad aach r? ? u*e? a ae tli" -e -?ade a?av ptt?vl4e taeai f*t otber ?a: ? wore t.e cessl (r ."sarC-r raa be acrawaastotad in a manner suite 'I to hU want*, receir* the deposits o( oanai toil* ao that it may enure to the bandit of the canal*. Tha undersigued, therefore, suggeet* tha propriety of adopting the following resolution: ? Re*rlved. That it ia *jip?,ted l>y this Board that all baak* receiving tha benent of tba deposits ol canal tolls will um the itat la Um discount of inch paper a? will t?a<l ta pro mot* tie interest anil I natnani of tke canals, sad aot ta dltart Inula tlirrvironi; and that tha tranaaetion l y an/ bank having deposits of lulls, of tbalr bu?iuoaa, tu auch man nor aa to cii'at. ? dirarfun in fari.r <i railroad ratharthan I canal transj ortalion, will be dmitaed by thia Hoard aulft clout causa for tka withdrawal and transfer of the deposit* from that imtituiion. Koapeclfuliy submitted. v M SCHOONMAKER, Auditor. On motion, the name wu? laid on the table. Governor*! .Uruagr to Ihc UgUUlurr, To m H*hATK awii A.iujuii v? The constitution devolve* upon me the duty of com muBicating with you by naeaage, and making such recommeudatioti* and auggentlona in relation to public allairs, aa may a nam to me expedient. Thia duty ia ordinarily fulfilled by the exocutive, In hi* annual urns ?ago, at the opening of<lie legialative amnion ; bnt ques tions may subsequently arise, of ao important a charac ter, aa not laerely to juitlfy, but to uemand, a special communication. Much a contingency ia presented in the existing conditicn and proapecta of the canal revenues, and tha urgent necessity of legislative action, to rvtiove tli cm from the sdverne intiuance- depress them, and place them upon a more juat and satisfactory baai . There la no intareat of the Htate of greater importance, 0( which ha* a more extended influence upon IV- growth and pro* parity, than it* work ? of intarnal improvement, they are enduring an I valuable monument* of the wis dom and fore> if lit of those who prjjectad them, and have, to an incalculable degtae, developed tho ro lourcea, incieaeed th- wealth, and contributed to the general prosperity ol the Commonwealth It ii the iiutj of the l.egi.-Utvre to gaard jealously their into lists, ami secure to them tbat degree uf protection which their -.mportauce and the tented right* of the Plate alike demand. Upon the opening of the Krie Canal aa a channel of travel aud ol commerce, and tor ye art aubssqueut theieto, it* tolla and tonnage were InconarleruBle But H* conatruction aacurad for the Western portion of the State, ready acreaa to market, the beuettolal ettecta of wblcii were *oon manifoated in tha tapid augmentation of it* tonnage and tolla, ami tLe creation, a* if by magi'-, of Tillage* and citlea along it* line, where before existed an almoet unbroken wilderness With the extension and settlement ol the Weatern .States, there at* a correa ponding sxteaslon of the area of it* bu*ine*a, an incraaae of it* tributaries, and, aa a consequence, it* revtuues rapidly augmauted. This cxpaaai. nof it* busiuesa and revenue* called fir n enlargement of it* capacity, to enable it to meet the re quirement* of the iuiure, and reduce th* expense of j trasaportuiion. The enlargement wii* commenced, and ! for the time prosecuted with vwor, but with change* of j administration it v?< continually affected by change* uf policy, diaaairou* to tna prosecution of the work. A* aconaequence, it ha* been left to u* In nn untnished ?lata, and mach labor ia atlll required to elfect lta com. platioo. Whan it bud no rivalry in the carrying trade, it* revenue* increased with a rapidity that exceedsd the moat aange^ne expectation* ol it* friend*. But in the mldkt ol thi* prosperity, burdens ol the moat oner ou* character were placed upon it by the constitu tion, for tlie purpose of cr< ating finking fund*, for the extinguishment of State debt* and the payment or in teres t thereon, and for aupport ot government. Ha l lta prosperi'y been unchecked, and the progressively rapid increase of its revenue* continued, sucn charges might hare been borne. Aa it was, however, they ab aotbed so larre a portion of the revenue* a* to leave but an ineonaii eriible amount. If anything, to be appro printed toward* the completion of the enlargement, t'he insufficiency of the provision for this work resulted in an amendment to tna constitution, authorizing loans (or tlie pur (osa of the enlargement and conatruction uf public works In proca** of comple(lon. With that provision, however, additional burthen* have been entailed upon the revenue* to such an extent that, as appear* by the report of the Auditir of the Canal Department, the cam of three milllone four hundred and thirteen thousand one hundred and twen ty one dollar* ($3, 41a, lit) wul !?? required the pr??.-ni fiscal year to meet Ibe expenses or collection, superin tendence ant. repair*, tha constitutional appropriation* for the (taking lunda, tnt* reat on loans, and the aupport of government and tbat for the next u*cal year, com mencing on the drat day of October, lt*6&, three millions eight bundled and eighty nine thousand two hundred and ninety-one dollare (M,IM,M1) will be required lor the aame purpose. Kor the fiscal year, eominsncmg the Drat day ot October, 186ft, the amount required for re peira, Ac , and *ueb conditional appropriation*, wilt ex tend four millionaof dollar*, (t4,M>o,iM>.) Hart the revenues of the canal* alnce the year 1461 exhibited the ***>e ratio of increaaa aa previous there ta, they >ould have been sufficient to meet auch in creased burdens, but unfortunately during that period there baa been a diminution of its levenuee. Thia is oeicg in pert, undoubtedly, to the revision of the tolls of IfcbV, and in a etili greater degree to the intlueno* of rival routes and competition In the carrying trade across tbi? state. In ISM tlie law* imposing Canal toll* upon rail road UiBMge, aa well as those prohibiting any road* from carrying Height, were repealed, and at onee tha ooor was thrown open, and free competition on the psrt of ra lroada with the canal* for the carriage of freight invited. Thi* opportunity th* railroads have Improved with all the -kill and assiduity that taleut, energy and moaey could secure. The result is before us. Although tlie resources of tbs great West are being de veloped to a largely increased extent annually; although new avenae* and facilities are being opened, increasing the area and amount of buain?e*, and of property lor warded by some of thoaa rival route* through our .State .to the gnat commercial mart, the revenues of the canals !ia\e <!imlalahe<l and are diminishing, while the freight snd the receipts froJh Irelgbt by the railroads are annually, monthly and daily increasing. In 116'i the revenue* of the canals were 93,179,146 1M3 ?? ' 3, 144,644 lh?? ?' " a, In relation to th* present fiscal year, as appears by the Auditor's report upon the tolls, trade and b.nnage of the canals, tbe tolls collected upon the canal* since sod incluoing the first day of September la?t, which form a lartof the revesae* of the present fiscal year, amount to tbe Sum of tl K. . latimsting the receipt* of the remaimog months of the pretent year at what is sup[oeed to be a large and liberal esti mate 1, 600,000 And we have l-,?7'i,0ns aa tlie probable revenue ot the curreut fiscal year, to mee. the appriprlatioaa of 3 413,121 Uaviug a dellriene/ of 9741 041 Tblaieth* deficiency which fou a re calUd upon to provid* lot th* current fUeal /Mr. tux 000 thereof being Ml apart -Imply for tb* aupport of gorerement might bedecui tad, which I*a?*a $.'>41,0.1.1 to be pr > ruled lor tb* purpoaa of paying th* lnt*reat and creating tbe aialing fuu .? m|uin4 by tb* ounatltatloa The r* liiirrmenu of the o?xt f]iw-il /far being $.i,$?l?,2'4l, rnr **d thoa* cf Iht preaaat )Mr b/ $474,170, remiariog crrtaiaand inevitable a largely increased deficiency, un leu -upplied b / laglalatlf* proviatoBa The aame re niarka, with atii: greater force, ma/ be mad* >a refer ? neat'' the following (lacal year < ommeaeing lit < h. '? bar, Uil, t ?e requirement* of which arc e?liiaat*l at $4,000 000 It ia of rltal latereat to tba crad't an1, rapatation of tbe State, that auch <?*Bciency abouM ba pron<l*d for !he Htata ebon Id Bot be thr ft into th* market a* a borrower, for tie payment of Interact, and, therefor*, I l??l It In l?e incumbent on you out of th* rtaourcea at /our command, to provide for aueb <l*flclen /. It la tot <1 ID 1<I/ a matter of expediency, but of a<* aa?lt*. The *?u **ii)*nilr la not of a l*m|*>rary, bu' under tba eil <*ing pollc/, entaliaad upon u- br IboM wha bar* pre u? in the ailmmla'ra on of th* gor. m rn eat, of a permanent and increaalrgly *mbarra*e ng < h^racWr lb* railroad competition on the oa* baad dim ril?hing ' he rwrenu*? by th* dir*rmen of trad*, anl tba f-onatltu tlcaal npproprlBtlona anl ifm?n'< on tb* otbar, lacrea* iag th* cbarg** ao'i net m?ata to b* pror ded therefram Tb* <|ue?tlua which r*lat** to tbe Bwded provl>oa for tb* deficiency la th*** rereaue*, ioeolr*< tba n?n*rl*ra lloa of tb* raw which bare create.) It I rem th* aag ireatlon- aJreadr mada, It I* evident that It la In |>art at trlautabl* to the diveraioa of fralght to r*llro*la and tbia ia Bade a till Bora apparent from lh* facta au S at* tla Ic* ?et <*rtb la th* Auditor'* rep rt latel/ pr?*eat*d upon tbe tail*, trad* and W ane*- of the r.nala A < <m pari -on ia mad* la that raport of tb* bualne** of th* Male caaal* sad ???eral of the principal railroad* far tba j**ra H.*>2 and 1*44. aad It ibtix c<<nniaaiv*ly that th* traaait of Iralght ia to a r*r/ great *iL*at. aad murli ti thelajuryrf th* Htata, divartod Irc.m tb* Mlata caaal* to lb* railroad liaaa. Tb* i*aulla are inroad ap la tla* report leferred to aa follow a ? The total a.oe*ai*at or tooa earrrted one mil* oa tb* canal* during lh* I?*t /*a r d*creaa*d 11,7 ton*, wblle oa th* tbraa truak railroad* ilase tt i a-rem * '. t f>.73f>.4<)0 ' >B? Tba I tbe actual oaaage an <be cawaJa during that period itaern *d II W1 tosa and their rwte nu*a decreased $4X1 IM, while tha toaaag- on th* * three road- ?hm? ii>ei?a :iIA,4Ai torn *od 'h*ir r*?* awe a fro* freigh aWma iscr> a-e 1 $1 ,Ijo MX Tb* d?crea.* of i<?aafa oa tba ? aaaU far that partol wa> ? ftai I pnn ib* prod ii eta of tba fwr**t IJ T*0 I p" n vegttahla fo><1 .... |d7.IMI4 ab i upt b mrn'iaodia* M.SQft Titer* waa *a .acraaa* apoa t?*?e three road* I paw the pr"<la?4? (f tb? I i?d of tS,IT4 '.eg. I able fee* IM And Diercbao/ia*., U IM II ? 4i*<raka anaUtg aa<! r*ader>ag taaa oa aeo*? ' Ml), julir* and *s*->/ would *iagi*?ut he ??Ututi ?? rii*' aaaa-l rvap ug Lt* t*a*tu of t r.r.*.a a* thwaa *t>Ub ibui b*ie^?irwd lotM** tba burdeoe Tt* tiu* *ad tal; taur; tb*a, ia ?/ op a*--*, la tb r: poaitloB of r*w*l toll* tb* ral)n<*d looaag* ?a a I tl < ra in a< ? 4 ewrtiag buaiaeaa him tb* rasait aci tail* cat be Mi graduated ap> a tb* aeaeral road* *4ac'?t M I IM In ' I pre.nre at v-axiaally t? I r4ww*o*aa afaa tuf I rot ?.oa raa a'aa I* mt4e fer Ike e<en>p' **f .I'laticl*. aa keuag legtuaiatel/ t<> railroad fr* ga', ore* war agriealtaraJ or otij*r ia'*r"t* io?/r*|?ir? IM . ??aii> af which tt i* apectai,/ /our prortate t* ar ?arg* ft/ wia at* I stag aad prwbwtiag tb* rw**a*e af tb* na t.*!?, aad pro* i ag toer. from a* MiraaUwl */ tba a*a ?t".M?a '*t lb* e-itiagtjhaa*a< a" tb* d*M*. tb*w -o la 'meat aad tvmpUiUtm will b* earl/ a^a -ad. aal tb* | carele tbe* be plawd la aeitaetaea ia wb^b tb?y wul b* , able ta aredeet tb< aaaelea*. wb*w ta* ia?t* aaaa? af ! taab 'al'a wit ba ai Iwgar aaede '> ?i*a?t Marrb tt. 1?M MTB0> I UUt THE STAVWIX HAIL TRAGEDY. Haprtnxe Court?In Clumbtrt. Hefor. I loo Judge Morrta. H*?KAH COHt'tN. Mar.-,, 20. Tk* I'topie ? J am ft Irvin -The prt aooer in thia riN, who ?U charged bjr the rerdict of th. Uron.r'.jur, with being a. acceaaor, hafare the fact I n the murder of WilU. Hoolo, wM brought b.for. tb. urt on hat?a. corpua, and hb. diacharge ?? b ail .1*. maaded, Tli# court wan leu*?Iy crowded. The lollowiog am tha oopla. of thr commitment of tha Coroner, and tha return nuda by the keeper of tha pri natUn^kl'h! y?Uc"#"i" ???'*? ??'? ??<?!/ keep for ^ V h?4'" ?' J,n,M John liei.V aaJYJhl ' A WUHam riau. uh" s.Y'.ter ,'^rr tha n.ak.uK uiy toak up ? l>r. ol (he Cily l'r?a?i Counael for tha aocuaed, Mea.ra, H k. Clark, Ny., and ravelin put in the following ? of l" ?ba r-?u,? SStaK \?a,;il","rilJ,'l"orl " & ^aVaathUte, when tha writ of Kit. fdi'oVthl'r "" ,0f ,,,u- "r'lu'Vnd iUegkllj caoitha tad. ' ' ""1 ,h? Coruoor ' J"* ?? ?itT, ^'lurk aai<l that tbe object of tha ore aent motion ia to obtain tha releaan of <ua prieonar from conlinemant. lie did not aak ui? ,ii."ha~? rTL .. ch?w!Di' *' *" e"mln*U0D mo?l tbe die" Tb. Court? Let me know your mot ion. t.. .. r ^a,?.t'on '* lh?l M'- Irrln be adm.ttod rri.1 i i Vr I obJ#ot w' ?hi?h ?a will ronie u. tin. > "P11 W.are ia no u?a in wealing time in arrument on ?cainat" th.P ?' Allhou?h *?? thought (he #ridetioe a'k that hi fc? l?nV alight, he did not mitt lo l .? d^.rUr?#d' buf b* aa.ed that he be per Sm.i There ia no doubt that .ten iu a rim of murder a man can be admitted to hail tboueh ha waa aware that where there waa probable cauae lb. ' an examination, he haa a right to demand that tl.ia nar to i^00* ,w,or* **? Coro. ?'r the Lrealni ,h ?wob*M* ?????. nni** th* ^ ' } pri?on?f mn>? at to ?? Ui? 1>^ objtci ?f ??.M Irau Lrf ! he tb-n become, a " V d U,UM warrant, and he ia bound to pro. id ! l of 111# #t#tut?. io all of tJL n* t? *f,V" "?minatton. Coroner lilitou h? ' lo, hj" "arrant agaia.t Turn-r hi. dutr aa iuy? it in* rij|ht of croaa examination alter that th. prlaouer muat be e,.mlu?J and ? ?t t? a defence he can Co H. (Mr <'1^!. wrer 3d an> p.OTlaion In tbe datute bj which a prUoner oouhl committed for eian.lnalion - the examination muat nro On tbe ..ueatlon of Z?. mmIm I U re.w .'i " Ujru??'?jury wan mart I* a noun t/retord, the accueed waa not uraaent and I had no right to be pre.ent, be n?t 'repreJTuMT hi atTVi.oner^"!"'1 V " <'"???? ?mio? bad'h*1"" ? ?"ututorl0 eia^U^ha.""^ ut-t'Tas' ? r. witneenea before bia Honor, he ia to acoulre the fart* i lookm, to the evidence a) read, U?e'? VL. lr? doj. not aak toU di^har^/but to be a-.m&to | thIuntt".lrc!LA?77l.'.#yp(,S; A ?"k,y Hall ) remark^, creUoo. 'h' bul " ? matUr of ^ Mr. Clark ? Ihe.e ia Do ooubt about th? u> nf 11.. ^.'a fVcU UitVe^11'; ""0?r aW?? an. natic?. He auppo.d that the cal, t^/i. <11"tr"'40u- "??.? *a/ that it will not ao behind the w/ittan t.atimoof. They h?l Bo obieetl. ." ,,,'? \1 e* j1* ' we.e ooartaiel that no court of at. amn I red.ct.on would, on the teatimonr in the pn-aeal' eaie i hraitate to admit the a. su*e>l to bail The r uk?l th ' court to eian. foe th. evld. nee and^ilf ?s.'.xtis 1 ha?Jr ** ,0.lh' "r,t h,b~* oorpua, a.d Jid ?ua b. waa prepare! to argue tb. i..eeti?oa ralaerf k?i t. uuderatoo-. irom Vr 'ark . r-m^ Jh." U. .n.?^ I tVernan^tand! "n" " k0U" P^??. ?U- C-n I .V1?! ^ourt- -Tbe ool/ platfoim I bar. bafore me I) ! that h. appl.ea to admit to bail. li Jnw ' tlV * W?' he wae prepared to are ua It ?o?. though be would Brrt aebmit that hia llonae h.H no i right to tnt.r ,nt.. an exannaaiion ' ^ InTioVm lb*, af,t ?? f>llow ng l?,im Th. priaonar Jam.. IrrUi d?in that an examination be had udoo th.ehar.I~ . hltn. and that auch . ..n,lMt1o, l 3h",.'117u ?'' before the Jtdg. by whom tb. ,m Til i?Jh 1ST. ?uo^demand. that h. be admit, ed to baii u^ n .8ch The IHOriet Attorney contlaued u make aome arau JJrtf -f th. oration " wo"~f?X doul.te.1 ihat the kroner at eotnmon law, waa ix.tbiae nUi tL l JU.,{' f*1 "* (U'* "??Wie? Attorney , ?.,u * t?t!!T.t"'th" ,"D'1 l,i* "ltn*"** to appear aod teatlty at the n.,t criminal ronrt, at whlrh an la-t e. ment for b ofleneo cms be feuod, that aball ka held L.h.r?0rirUf.,^i,ln",.ch'4-' " ih' .. .ni ' nee be n?.t In eu.U-dy, Ihe c.^ou., . ^'^h. .V- l? 'M0* b.a ap.,r.h?,.ioe i I* the ean.e manner aa of th. pear. , .h. Su^sssi.'sajs; r.: ."?".t- 1 Heo. ? The teat.mooy of all I bwfore a roroaer '? jury .ball b. re.Juo?l to wrVaJT. I -l?h?hrOD*r ,h*" h* "'turned by Ion. tow.thm with tb. lo<|ulaition of th. jory, and Jl ree^.T.n V. an4 eiamlnatioca taktn by each oorwaae t To I L ! rri-laal court of im that .hall be lUld Tm I ^:"7a-d' :ori; f el It of murder and another f?ert Had hJ>. aot guX ' ? !!?' "ould find that the eery axta befor. b'm I...1 "ff"*d l"??lf a. a before tV. I ...mine , a, hi. , wo iJvZTSZ I Me ll'.acr a taat experl-ar. there will not b. foun4^??? ????aae ?h?re t>a cjuMtioa ??a erer raiae I aa. trie present torcner. and thel, pr?-^.^(fi wo^bl tTu th.m i ^oroo.r., had ai rt4ht u, -.rerile | terdlct of tae jory The bUtrlet Attvraer reeMaWalt. ? ubmitted that the J edge bad ao right aa! ao p^.er u, hiamiae w^r.e.,., ,a , crt?ia..l prva^|u< oalea, I 7L' !?' '1* 1>') "g^f"', hie Honor ?'*? The e?rt? Toe don t ?>..? that the Cb.rt nae ne rift, t 1o Miai'M ?!!?,?. *?? in bataa* -orpin' titalrut Att ?fB'l? Y<.? fca?* n/> r fbt to ?!?? >? VI' vwi la rrtminal inatWri on IiiImi 'orpoa lb* O art ? y?a Iklkk, tbaa, I muat b? *oaflaa4 V# tU rifHd of tlx facta? iRitrKt ill II* (tea f*?'rvt AH&t m; ) mrnOttmUmM Uh nkjwlka to Ik* oaainitaaaat to ba <r* ???) TVwli ao ?? ?..M Iba ataa oaa ka >vMU)ttto4 far ?i?ni m*\nm ft ? m i?j t?d*; !? b, tM laatlaa V* |M to bail. ba It aa<l a>oa'4 alvaya o^^aa* a* ?ll>lw?tton ti> uu ta a ? *** of sartor, a bar* tka ?? l* at Wa?t y(ablaai?Ucal Vt Uirt IvUik ;?? aaaaa 11a Hatrtet AM *u*j -I awn yr^'ilaaiaUrat aptt.U a' tr|iamt II* toaa i> -*rt*4 to <b* mm ml ti<a faa |i ? afalMt Vaa llnraa Harboar ? ll*fofU- ' A* I faa ?ral rata, a* an applkatioa to aim t ta tell. Um O.irl w. l ?at tana lata u,i attrtaatr *tklaaw, bat alii oaflaa tbair *i?u, aa* i' a to tt,a M ;?r<* '<?' |?"laaH .a >tp|-it of th? KfuMlmi. Wma Ilia ' '? ?at, U>a (>ai I aim n? ana# or U?* i<t?U in;, far to wan *ttria*<r aoald i>* aa aa*aaipt<?a af Um pra tlsra of tba Fatit Jaij aa4 awoU ba atrial of Iba ?aaa Una af fart, a* ta ll? taut or >aaaaa?SB af lb? trlata rt (I ? ib t ? * I., I * ) M? (f**ira4 to ka aa4aft?rf w "?a?aatia? to U>* ?M>t 1m k lor at th* a?k..a?<? tan a bafor* <k ? <V<ra*at Mat I a 4?? ? Iba r ifbt af tta a .art to toah iato aa* ??davit U i t arttkt ba foraUb*4 aa lilin umryaa, tat ba 4a*<r?l H ta k* aaAaraV^t that a* [ rq**"i?o* o#.'?r ba 4M r.< t rasMB*. U tka Jo if* *M*?M*f k.< faararttoa la fa rar a! tfca aaxioa to *!u t to iMil f*a ariaeipaj ta w * aaart-at ba? aa* ba*B ?rra.i..| **4 'ba ira a?.'-* ? jr II a l ara*ar la, tfcat b* la aot vo ba fouat >;tb a >. ? jaii??lrti<a Tta IWrnt Att^raay a<ailata< kf pra t?*t.?f ayalo*t tU J?*f* kla 4t"f?u ?a*7 p< ?*f a fa?o? af a4alt' a> tw pv??ar ta bail M r Out. to '??!/, a?U tbat t!>a MaWta Attara*r at at <' to* IM aoart baa Iba rt(fct fc> fell k?t k* >+i- ? ta iba b* aa faaltto. -a bat to??* aa* ?f t*a *-r*afU> af tk? a??a?a Ttw r var* af"* Ha k???r a* What aatni, awl ba *u k??1 to 4>Mnilia >??Mrt)T ?b*'bar tba prt<*w a?? ** .t*! ba ilgHHI to oa ?r.4 twkw fat taaartr* I' tbal oaaitai'.a baa* by tb* aiaia aa . a af Hana. af | b< a f*ra,.' f tba ntVa a ua*a kf Ua ' -mf >* ? V *?' * M' l'tjl ? ? ? ? U** < a"?t<?4 'ba Owt Wa caa'd VB iWit ttn i?ia? akMallatorfWr nutaa fMld u<>t diaclownl) tba facta for inatatifla, if ?* unUtretd Coroner ? not lucb I M a 'bi* ctae?but tf an uBUainad < oron?r negated to taao down Uia a?Mmr a, would K bafeonteniteA tbat the neco "??I waa boi cntitM to an examnatiou oo ? motion to admit tt bail Hut Uere en a verdict of ? Uo mm**** jury, upon nhich jury at leaat fuur maa acted u peJ brurera at the luaeral, aud at a tuna o< (rMlririta iii? ut, tlukU>' j haing tt?u nbora (round, would It ho conttDi!*! fen*. aupf>a? tha (?iwfr had naf lwtatt kU? put down a particular part o# tba avidanie, that tlU? Court had ?>' a right to (nuuin* wltueaeo*. and In Ita iliacrrtK n admit ta bail- Hr> (Mr (lark) aaid that It waa important Mm' tha prlaonar, who bad hitharto born* a reepectnhla ohafac ? tar, ahoald bo ponaltted to bail to m aftar hta baat uara which ?a< aufferlng by hio alieenae lb oouM procure kail to any amount, ha waa even willing that It rlioulil bo what hi* Honor would deem ticeaaiaa, l?nt ha d*air*d that tba witnaaa wboee taatiinony en mmated bim aliould bo a?aiaiood boJhra your Honor On tba evening of tha 34th of Kehrunry, tliara war* twa aflrnt ?? ona auded hat mlaaaly, the other in blood Hrvte ?a? nt tha Drat about nlna o'clock ; that* U no avtinao* to ahow that ha waa nt tba aoeond alhay . Tha DiatHct Attorney ?There ia evideuee to ahow that ha threatan*d tha Ufa of I'oota. tlr. Clark continued? It la concaded on all hand*, hf hi* frlanda and hi* foa?. that Irrtn did all la tlia powac to ap|?a*? <ta partiaa aud to aaparatx Morr lawy ao.1 I'oola. Morrtaaey and I'oola wara niraatad hut through tha wralehad war of managing our polk* attain, they ? tie lat Icoa*. Mr. lfria bad goa? home, aad thara u no prt-trace that ha waa lonjlinatad in thaallray In wbiah l oola't lifa waa takan. What la thara to lmpli-ato Irnar Nothing but tha fact that ha wna at tba Oral affray, ni d did nit ha oould to Mparata tha pa?Un*. Ila wrat homr, nad thara la not n particle of mdeaaa to alow that thera wna any communication bwtwaoo, bun and any of tba olhar partita. Tli District Attorney hara remarked inci leutally that tba theory of tha Ooionar'i inijuaat waa ibat tba muriar of I'oola waa eoMOOtad oy Uo rrUaay and Irvin ia May, 1M4, and that it km Intended to ba carried into alfket at the Aral Interview on tha evening of tha 14th o/ fab ruary, only tlia piatot of MorrUiey falladln anapplnf Mr Clark tbaa proraadad to Oiiiamaat up. a tlia UmU mony of tha witnaaa Huydam, takau nt tha Loroaar'a ta i|iiaat, an i on which principally Irrla la heid. Huy Uo awora to tliri a'H made by Ittli. a?a n?t .a. batik wna a art na ha wna lnforiu<?l, thai huydam and I rata nra anamiaa for a lung tiina. that thar? ara law aulta )>a twaan tbam now, and that Huydam bad declared that ha would daatroy It *in it ba bad to go to ball fi? f it Coua arl, tbarafora. ?ubmlt1ad thattbU la jnat tlx aaaa whora tbat alBgla witnaaa ahonid ba bruu^lit Wora thin court an.l If, on atamiaatlon, ha iilmilM that ha want Mora tlia Oaroaai '? jury with a lia ta hla mouTb, tlia Uaroa-I Dlatrtct Attoruay amild not cblaet to tba priaoaar Im nig admitted to bail. ( ounrrl rout In nad to argua that l( tba kllUag waa aoi plannad, tha caaa would only amount ta wianalaugbtor, and thara balBg no aooaaaary la law t<i tha crima a I mannlaiigktar, the priaonar wna antltlad to ball Ila than alludad to tlia dylnjf daclaratlon of I'oola, and ooa tandail tbat a dying declaration, antittol to ba a*i lanoa, inuat b? inada by a man eonacUiua that ha waa about todlr; but tha 'laclaratioa of n aana who WaUrad that lia would narar dla could not ba admitted I'oola dl t not ei{?ct to die, but, on tlia otbar ban I, aipraaaad hia datnnilnntloB to lira, nn<1 anld tbat ba wmM light In in yrt? mvan ng tbnt it ha did die, ha woald maet hint ?i.d Bgbt blm in tha world U> come. Mr <1arfc. attar aoma turthar obaarrntloaa, called upon tha aauri to grniit tha Motion. 1 In IHatrlat Attorney wonld net da tain tha Court by any aitanded raply, hut would aubmlt aome (a* nomta rlrat, That the Court baa dlacraUon to admit Co bafl a ?an lo n.urdar harond, Tbat tha raipoaalbillty ol tha ducratloo U witk tha comt. third. That dlirratloa U sot a mat far of arguniest, but the oplnloa of tba pronanitlog oflloar 'ua aoaiatlaaa* baan takan. That opinion In UUa eaaa, 'la aMiaat tho eiarclae of the dUc ration of admitting to !>nu, haoauaa tlia prohabliltiaa of guilt prepondarato o iwr thoaa of ia Bo<eaoa. ^ourtb, That on motti>n lo ball no haliaaa corpua, noth log but tba deMMltlon* baiow - an he looted Into, aad no affliiarlta can no aubmitled. |Clta>l I'aopie ??. Melaml, 1 Hill. I'aoaia *?. Van llorna, H Barb. I'eopla an. ta -a lia, ( harlUiii Hap>irta. law I ainai ] Kirth, Ibat aianilaatioaa of wttneaaea for r]af*o4aa?, on aiotii a to bail, ar- coram turn Tha ataluto ?loaa not authonra It. Tha practice at cotnmoa law la against It. rtlith, Ibat jnftar tha renllrtoftbe Coroner'* j ary, tlia Coronar ha- only fp?i He po wara? to nrrea1, to mm mit, aad lo aiamine tha dafendant. as t tbat hia pre cowling further would ba to OTerrul* the rerdiat upaa wbli b tbe < rlm'nal couit proceed ? On bahalf of tho btnonar, Mr. N)a coateada4 that ha wna aatlllori to bail. Tha < ourt a*nt fur Mia Coroner * ailaa'aa of tha pra otadlnga aad reavrred hla daelaloa uatil tla 11 lag mora tag The Operatic War. MtTFHIO* COt'HT? arfcltAL run. Ktluit J?d|i Mwmn Dura 10 .?Mat Marrftrk and W\ft u (At tluU ? 1 bis riM ?>< poetponad Ull IbjM ?> ciock, a baa It aa irptd liafoio Jud(t HloainB Tbe eouoeel for tba <t* fendaat, Mr. i~ Hulbiey, Biorad to 'h* atUdi grouted on the *th mat. ?(mil def??iaat a pr> party. Ik* ?il?' ??< laau** on tba ground toad be aaa *o abeeoniilng m l ctaiaaled debtee, tal tut ba ?ii about la leave the Mala of Kaa Y'irt Tile BBrttaa ? m<1e < n tbe (louQit that ll.e orlgiaal ??ulaeita up- a ah rb tli* altacbmtat *?? gran'e! were taauS r ant t<j aulborlia it Tba flrit |>' let reload by defendant'* eoanaai aaa, Ueat the roatract an* rni'l baring heen made by Mitaina Maratiek, al-h- ut lb* *> naent of Ui* buataaad. (tecaaad, tli at a<< aa>< unt ?u due ?>n tb* cnirv, by the rary t rmaof it? tb* ' oat met balag for lour ronthe at t*n par a>> nth. aa<l no *(aeiAe.| time of payinen' haing aaaa Urined a It, that, therefore, la* an m roull B'lt b* tUltn ed till tb* eiplratloa of Ibe fo?r i.ionlha ?>*!/ taa aaaka bating eipirad al it* lia? Ui* attaabaneol aaa ieauad Third, that tbe alBdeeita upon (hick Uia at tarhtacnt aaa le*uad, c/'ate oed B.. facta aal rlrt lis ate Brae frarn ahlib lb* < ?-art flrotd laftr that tba allegation* mataii.* ! la tbeai aer? Im*, bat4 ?w* mere ronaiaetoaa of Lew CaarO, that t?* ortgtaa al ?tarlt, < n abich tb* attaclitBiat aae granted, b* a( the ?1 element of Me ?i i?e Mareteefc aaa auK , M t ontaia *>1 tl.e alterBBtir* allege!. on that tl<? defetilaal land ab H*a>le4 or aaa a boat la abroad Mr M ifkelay, la proo. of hie pcailtoa ub'b 11,1a poiat. rafeirei to eeaarel > eeee iB'lutiaf fib MiU, an'. nleo r?ad froai ear era I autbtrilla* la au'taia tb* '.th*r y. au Before raferrad ta r eeeral other preliminary objee-Uoae to tb* praooad iB(* aer* *' Dinxated apoa b y b at, aad ).* thaa raad ate or al? aflMarli*, inrUding Iboee af Mr. I reaataa. proprietor of Ibe *ea York ||<>tal, irrna) af hi* tlerha, a no Me (roaaael'*; iMaill >tetiag that b? bad l>eari ?d Ibare IB" re Ileal, tbre* aeofitba paet that ha hat f aaa nsbli'ly ib and ?at of lb* l?.lot. andf ta all parte W at Bad alaao dally al lha pvSUr tab;*, kr. k' , aai not la aai aay attempted to eon- ?al hltaaelf || a aaa a?i'lB*lt rlatad that l>? bad bean dafeadaat a c >a Q tea IUI (r.ead aa l U|al adriaar M**a Juaa. 1%^. Ikat u>a dafaa^aBt bad laea ta hi* ?<#??*???; 4*/ also* tb* M >rf Mar- h three da;* before tb* atta'l.nwnt an i**aa4, * Ibal I* bad fre(u?nt.j aalla>l ap aad daaa Itraadaa/ with ?tal*?4aat, aBd bad ta*a atth BUa ib publir pla aaa of aa>u*eaa*at, la the ?< ?rta, aad otter pabUc pta?aa. Tie (roand tal>B b; tbe piaiatllf a awaMi <i eoaeaJ r?B' f? rd en that Ibere aaa laAraal >a the vn|iaal affi^arlte la (atbarira tb* *l<a?hm*at belaf i**u?t that IM >oatra<t *a> good, aa4 tbat ^iaiatilf had a rtgat W? ana ra tb* >ju*bi?bi nwralt ua>er ta* eaatrart, or fa* aa eiM/'.at aropartloae-l to tbe >ar*l?a< readarad Ita pio4B<*d a large BteiWi of a ? la?U? w aaa af abeeH ? aM 'bat defendant aa>l altaaeea* bad not beta abba ?o kad hi* thaMbey bat call*-! at So t Catan pla-* al>er* ha foraierly had r-< ae> and Warned t lea* ba had amei lr?ai>aa, aadllut tbe eareaat an* gawaat e here be bad goaa TV* ariuaiaat aaeapwl **e*rai b*an. Tb* J ad g* lonb tke papere, aad *ai* ba woall dehear hi* derlt oa tbla a I half paet a;ae Jeraep dtp R*?*a. Tat naei r?aaai* ?Tb* propr>*tar* af tbaabad.Aaha rt*a la Ue* Havana rtear ead baf, eatnaaeaead tb*Lr pre paratkia< ;eaterdap far ehad tabiag, al<aab It I* aa parted, nil! ">a?aea*'e la aaaa- a ta aaeMa ttaeaa ta aap ply tke market, neat aaefc *ta Xerth M?ar a had. It >* ? 'a tad taal a ehad eetgbing bee noa?ia an* tat** aa Baade r BX-raieg ?? Me'ea lataaa. TVla la prahabif Uaa ?ret Barth nttr ehad af tba eaaaoa f earl ( aieadar^Tbb t>ap. I'*rnwi *itrm liaanuti Cat at ? Naa 10. II, W, M, ??, Id lb. Id. M. r , IT. mi aaaa < if at ? Or rait C?*e oa f? raaai Otat #p?a?al Teraa -Wea ??, Id, 'A, It &, *1 ?? ti H, tt.n, IM nperiai aaoUuaa? U, lid I, TIS, M, tU. 11*. i*> naiu* C'/car Maa I?? l"*m l??d. It /, ll'd, lib" IIVI, ld-t tia e?4 T? i"M. -M, tm. IM, l?d, I Jt d, l*MI, IS?T. 1* * I*. 1*1" 1211. HI- I2U. itid iim, hit. mi. in*, in*, mi, \ut in. i?t. vtn m? iirrt i m m i?rv, in da *at u?if aaa raleadar a ba aeeda ap t-f tb* *aa?.ag titaJ tartn.-) ?.f tbt* f'aart, dpefl. baf *bd ,.ne AS ao-aa ./ laa.* ae??1 l>e I'^t > tk tba f*ert aa ar ba^ara ?a: .rda; aaa:, the Mtb iael (aiaaera' liH|*eata teret int at Oiraair be. a halt aa lapat nS*, at ?? ttl ngbth at reel apaa tb* bad J al b > f u? '?? '???? ' *?? aaaet a ? t a'eaaa aba aaa ? I death fr?a a ee??-e rat e-? eel a tb* aaaa f'w? 1 e tal'e a b e aaa baa4a Tba daiaaaad, id Bfpaarat | elto al?t?a| <a a bal la U.e b>/a*eaf h* aaa '.ha* at tb* | ixn pla?a, a tb a batfe ta hia '.aad feu ta Ibt baar, the ka.lf* ea'eriag Ma aaad aad aaeanag tba pr>B^aaa ?r-?; The child hiad fraaly, aad *Wa wee tie, aat err red raaralaaaa aet la. Aaath U? fa* haam. Kiu? at r*iua? Tabr^awi a Kmifir-^enia O f>aaa*n btM aa immm apaa tb* bady a' rvkad R;ea aba aaaa ta bM daatb fraaa aaeara araad* ra ?*??*( by fa- *g tbraag*. tba bafaaay e" <b* -tare h* 111 r al'sa mat, Wte af a -aapa ad frartara ?T tb* aaaU TW jary nali 1 1 a eaedU' reaa ?/ ag Vaa aaaa .X the ba.kaiag far aa* ha' ag U.' b? a ea r ye' / iwrfid IVa deaaaaf aalirraaa fH't f ag? i ad aa* a ant*** tlkirl Mi

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