Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1855 Page 3
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litlTIlg IMTELLIfiBHCE. ?ariHiBta ?r Omu Hmomii, i (tail. LUTII rOB DATS. 'Atlaatie UTorpoeL New Yerk Mar. 19 Arf?..v U?erpool. BmUi Iter. IT JJ?w York l.iTerpool Ihtll ??w York Bremea ....Mai. M New York Hit. ud H. O..Mar. M Northern Mght New York tan Juu Mar. V Bo?Wa Grerpool Mar. S8 Baion Naw York Ham Afril 7 All t?uk"iif$ and Utters intended for tin Nt* Yobk Bibalk .W/d be wiled. The following Maritime Intelligence was prepared for yesterday's issue, but was una voidab'y crowded out. i Mrmoranateu Brig Eagle, rather old, l'JU tons, yellow metalled one year alnce. wan sold h y auction <>n Saturday at boston far $3600, half cash, balance 6 moe, interest added Ship Juliet, at Saa Francisco 3th ult from Boatoa, was Off Cape Horn 30 days in strong gales. Crossod the Equator Jan Ibth. ia Ion lull 30, ami had light northerly winda until the lhth ult. when alie encountered strong KW gales. Ship Susan (? Owens. at d? Jf>th ult from Liverpool. waa off Cape lloru 42 day a in heat v westerly ualea; aplft sail*. Ao Crossed the Bquator Jan ;*Hh, Ion 101, ami bad moderate breezes to lat 16 N ; alter thru variable weather. Herald Marine Correlponaeaca. PORT JKH EKSON. Mareh 17? lebr Maria Jewstt, r? oently nature on Deal Beach, N.I, arr here in tow of a steamer l<it u. She baa liaen purchased of tl>e underwriter! by Borne ol htr former nwnera, and taken there for repairs. Tba bar Lor la nearly clear of ioe. FHILADEI.PHIA, Maroh 1 !>? Arr atvamer M Sandford, Sandford. New York : brig Fannie u Field, Kelly, Porto Rico; achre Kate Ellen, Ellis, St Kitti; Flavilla, Berry, Port au Prlaee. Cld karat Joba Welsh, Steel, Cienfuegoa; Thomas Dallett, AUI. Laguajra, brig* Martha Washington, Anderson, 11a Tana; Arc'.urus, Gilford, Cardenas. DtauUrt. 0r?.ti'?ln (or Stotcabury), from Phil* ?!? W Bermuda and St Thomas, arr at Bermuda 23d ult fcV? h peddle Luxe* Ladly duxin* She vu repairing un the 27th, * ? 5*," HriDK'K fl. Mo* abandoned un the past age hence Uft J?rt ?. '/"V0" "1 when ?? j#it port Wfti arawiif M feet. She wan about 13 yearn aid Criswold, Morgan A Wiley. She had lately ^?ruu* f 0T?rk?uled *na repaired, oad was consider* ?d In all reipocta a tirat ola*a ahip. Veeeel and freight money Marly or quite covered by lainraaoc in Wall street. Ship John Lard? The San Fraacisuo Shipping Lint sari: ~We laarn from a gcatleman who came passenger la the (hip John Lead, and UA her at Tahiti, that Capt 1'oroival was toeharg.ugtho .hip, aad would hear, her out H* had a" J hi* crew laiioae ia the fort. Capt l'ratt, of the bark D M lSS'r?i^2 la port, and threatened to follow thoehip I .? whan ahe tailed from Tahiti, to try aad take ooa 5u?rt fcf U??*ln*r* ?*"'?" rendorod in gettiig h?r Ship raAjtCHifc, aabora on the Welsh ooa?t, Uei In a verr expo ted poefclen AH bar meat, are gone, Md her 22 ???.'** |W>|" *,w*y *th with everything in them, f,?,n which anly 40 bales of cotton had been tared. The ve? ?al roll* with tna tide. She Ilea with a coaaiderabl* Hit to the aea ward, and a port ia out oa bur atarboard aid* to get at the cottoe. A latter to Ellwood Walters, Bau, dated 3d iaat, *ayaif aha hold* together the cotton la expeoted to b* labor aide* "?d commenced by cutting a hole -J?"" Wi"-A?. of Portland, from NOrlcans for Philadel phia, with angar and molsaaes, run aahore on the Hea aad phtokeM afternoon of 17th, and got off with ten feet water ia tha held, aad 1a order to prevent her finking, wa* ran oa *ha beach, w here abe muat be lightened and a (team numo aagaged te pump the water out, preparatory to her being got in?;1!*-/0"..* HA?K"j.?t.Bo,t<>? 'ram Calcutta, eight of 10th laat, aheat lat 38^, lea 8H. had a gale which luted 30 ?oare. aad while lying to waa boarded by a tremendoua aea L'n#.11" *w*y .m*'? 'Peaoer aad uuar _x?r boat. At 8 A M llth, gate continuing, waa near a Tarce ??Mp painted black, with loss of topgallant masta and yard!* ??main tcpaail aad head aall.i, aome of whioh were ? p? - orerbaard. She wm running SW under a eloae reef d feretopaail. Aeon after aaw another ship, with painted rte, completely (tripped of ealla, spars apparently un ??A ? eame time a British bark waa in tight, with all j iW? O" li*h. weather moderate; aaw a thip '??d with a* tail* aet, with a rank heel (to atarboard. a a if * cargo waa thifled, waa within fire milei at dare. bat aha 1(1 ??? ??'?**' *? ,,<yi aeaiataace, as aho ahowed ao alinalt bably the John Rutledge, before reported). Ba Snip Johh Bitmnun, from New Orleaa* for Lirer >ol, was wreoked March 1, near Holyhead: ao particular*. U th# WfMk Dvtcm >i*i Traniii, V?a Fatten, from Amsterdam ound t* Savannah, woat aahore eff Wanaw Ialaad, below faraanah 12th laat, in a denae fog. Breaking her rudder the bark aooa became unmanageable- The cantata and oraw rare taken off by the (chooser John Snow, from New Tork ouad to Dariea, and landed on Tyl.ei Bwcb, aad tak.2 to - avanaah by the United State* revenue cutter Jaekioa Capt Ceate. Capt Vaa Patteu r*i>?rta that when he laft the art there were 3% fee t water m her hold. She wa* in bal jJtt. Ihe oteamer Metamora left with the captain, dnrinx iV '?f the eeene of the diaaatcr. J t waa hoped tha t V>e bark might be got off without total loea. The place Jhere ehe went aahore ha* proved very di*aatroa* to Savaa kahahipping, Withiathe laet year two or three (imilar * r"ht" aeourred; aaong othera that ol the (hip John ~?e eutter Jackion arrived at Savannah ICth from the L..^' h,r ia *lght laet of w?Mr. lae rail uader r4t*r. t?d breaka one mile outside of her; aaved chart* two ??pa****, aad cheat of clothing, and pioked up about tha (bin, one barometer, aom* rope, aome glaa* and eroekarr Pounoing xerv hard; la ta the aouthward of fb**, Tybea Ught bearluK S by E; maate (till atanding, but i ha* probably been broken up. .fi" "* PhU*'l,lPilU Srom "?*???. ??> iaat, iktiuOC N, 76S0 W, encoantered a heavy gale from aorth aat, continued for .Tl> hour*, unnanally etroag; %t timea it lew a perfect hurricane; waa obliged to rua before It nader are polea tor i> honra. BarbTho* Uali.itt, at Philadelphia from Laguarra nd I'orte l abeilo, experienced 7 th inat, lat 3d NTloa 72 ?ong aqualla from SW during the entire toreaoon, aad at [-o" the wiad veered to NW, and at once tbe ve***l waa hveloped in darkneee for about 2D minutoa, whoa it graau lly cleared away like the ahade* of night before the riaiaa pa, with* etroag breeie from NW. Tim T D enoounterod bven weather the whole peeatge, and had beca 13 dare J?rth of Cope Hatterae, dctaiaed by strong gale* from the leat ward |Barb MiBii.lo, of Portland, aahora at Nan set waa a fcbark of M tone owned by Mr George Bartol, of 4and( where there la insurance of $4,UJ0 at tba Ocean Ibabb Mawc.ola, of Portland, lo*t near Trapanl, waa in |N with her freicht money lor $13,5UU, of which at ngnita. Crorria; $6,000 at Boiton. and $4.')00 at the Ocean Boo, Portland, fche waa a good Teeeel of 350 tons, built ia 19. Ipic Ai.batboa*, from Mataaiaa for NTork, la diatreaa [-??para, rigging, aaU*. bobetay, boat, wheel, part of deck 1 d, tenrord houee atove, Ae. I?aic K O Bolt, 'from Port an Prinee for Boatoa, M dara It, before reperted (pokea off Cbarleaton, pat uto Wil lagtoa, NC, IS laat. for repair*, with r?r?maat apreng Ac |d abort of previaione, hovlag experienced hoary weather.' Jmc Biookik, before reported loat, waa a good A2 a**l. 23.T tone ragiater. I.oilt at Anguata Me, la 1M1, owned thia city, aad partially iaaured in Wail etreei The rgo ia eaid te be faanred in Londoa. Bbid Kbchabiti, lilaekell. from Eaatport for PbUa Jlpbia, put late harbor below Portameuih 15, and in |caoring loat aachor aad ten (athoma . bain. Oa llth loat ek load of 27.00U picket*. ' Bate tsiwiMN, at N Haven lor Barbadoe*. rxperieaced ivy weather on tbe paneage; apllt taiia, Ac. r1"1? 8A2rVltoV?fB?,i?* fro" haemal, on I2tb iaat, lat I 40, Ion m 17, while lyiag to la a WNW gale, thipped a nogwilod *1?*' *r'"' *c' *"d "wept away deck load Ba 11 a ii. I'BiNocu Rotai., Tuio, 7 daya from New Tork r Dominn a put lato Bermuda 24th Feb, leaky, and with i ef eail* " Jbic. A D VAtvaoLiBDEB, from Sariuam for New York I into Bermuda 16th Feb, in dietreu; no particular*. ' CM? Bloom eb, I.oveJoy, from New York for Bermuda ; upon th? N W reef of Ueruioda prev to Feb l?, and on tt Bight, di nag a gale, her masts wore out away, that abe Jgbt Heeaeier. During a subsequent hirb tide abe wa* ex letted from her periloua aituation, and anchored in Graaar |y, wb^re?he wm detained hr bn'l weather until the n ebe wa?. tewod round to Hamiiton Harbor. The extent he damaa* to her bull had aot been afertained; but BQ |? flour, AO do corn moal, 12 do crushed sugar, Vl? do bread 0 potaiotoe*. 4 tee 1 bbl rice, bxs cheeee, and noma other idea, were damaged, and ordered to he ?old by auction inat. Me?ars Watson A Jamen adv?rti0?d at Hamilton tmuda, 27th ult, that on the^th tviuiers would be receiv* ! for the conveyance to Boatoa or New Vork af about 140 lobeoni I tnolMeoa, hein* the -arwo of aohr Marietta (of S eaaa>. Roaa, from Cabanaa for Boston, whiah put in J an n discrete. CHB ABOAiir, from Maraeaibo for NYork, at Norfolk. 1 rudder aplit ia addition to daaagi before reported, CUB Pi-AivrrB, Perry, of Rockland, from Newoaatle for Nl ori, with corn, waa (alien in with llth iaat lOi) |ea or Cape Henry, ia a sinking condition, by achr akrt lioodie, at Alexaadrla, who took off th* orew aaO ??ed tlen to A. Eh B JOMH Bali., of Rockland, from Kiel, mead for Boa b?fore reported "bore at Uenait, wa* got off Saturday, discharging MM bbl* Bnur, vessel tight. There bad i ao water la her .a* ha* been at* ted. /. f.L V. Alexandria from NBedford. Barck titb, CMaealaague light bearing N.N W. diatanoe l)i ja, had head of mainmatt struck by lightning, aettingflre |be mats on the gaft, went down tbrojgb tbe top of toe > lalo the larboard at at o room. and out ol the aide of tbe eettiag Are te thlaga la the stateroom. At 7 I'M an |-ed under Ue of Smith Ialaad, at 10 3U I'M parted both 'as, it blnwlBg heavy, aad weat to aea, wind NW t ? Alctoba, of and for Philadelphia, from Wllmlng ahore near Chiacoteague, baa rone to pieee*, and her I atrew-d lor tve mil. a alos,; the beach. Ail her cargo Fid be eaved except 3U0 baaheta peanata. ??? Oust*, Giles, from Bostoa for S? Thorn**, ha* been bff (bore at Proviaettown with lee* of cablesaad anehor*, (her iroa ralee keel, which weighed six toaa. The v*w?i ght. and has received bnt little rfaiuaga in her ball. Will 1 the railway, repair and proceed in a few day*, u" ! ,TV ? 1' 30 i1"' c*rt smith, parted her I J *ad, in tbe gale o? the 10th, end getting rough water, loat her sails and it w*a found necessary 2 m*l,1DI?at. She drove aahore at lleaala oa PM; P"r|,0", wfr" "" *!>? beach, (.Ss^Jlr>P<t from tbe vessel, eared tbe orew Iwere very mioh nhan ted. ':?? S"k r- l,""to" tor N Vork, be iT"' ***"" " N?rfolk fr- Boatoa '4 Ann, abandoned and erew reeoned be >aab Mi |'t? i bar ".'ten.'" ?UrkUB'1- "-1 ?? r-sn.j IriKker. from Dayton f,r B.itimo^ Tbr,."' |aa I re. of the U K S. ibi, h ?nk almo.T lmmwlau I ?* *5r^ ,h* * Crocker, wbiih wasonlv oar F laj?red, and after been blown tj ed ia WMk Ifftli last, 'fhe aacideat occurred oa th.' gb<fve*?al?r" "*** wiltl her maete about IA B Fab*? Caocaxa, at Norfolk, from Daytoa for Bsl 'o?t ' aachor, and waa short of provisiea* IB ? I H 1 1.1.1 a ii*, wbt'h weat aahore at Saady Hook I cr four weeks ?tace, was got off ye.terd ?y morning by Irmkiag Maater haviag eo?,c of her, aad t wed to ^ty by (ieamtag Mrrenry, Capt Yale* r Eitracta from letters to Ellwood Walter, Baq - ? car/o of the 0*?-a of the Wew'^VbSut ' U.aJ diapered aria* mostly be*a brought to thla r.,rt - . . . . . IlarABA. H*rch 12 ? brig Pinasburg ba* bee* condemned aad eold aad *e MiSfUir >a Bra Nrn*. abaadoaed llth iaat. wa* loaded kVdae, Ae, aad had (praag a leak lOt.a inat. ia the ?*4lw ta Martner*. - . *t*v oa PM.LOCB in aanaH <4 A IMt?k Ugbtbe?*? hat |MMHr oaaaod to to placed a ?*> toa? ?* tto Potlook I Up Breator. ifCbitkia Ilia paiatad Wtok, wilk tuuuwitili, ?4 iUiiIi ia ? foot of watar. tonin m m MUm C hat ham Light. N; tirbUhip 8 \ W dUtaat H mil*. Meao may light w kj N H IT NttlM i. hereby givta that an aeooant af tto daagar of miataking, io thiok waatbar, the light at Haadrick'. Head, entrance af Sh?ep*cott River, Mo, far Burat lilaad Liikt, ia Townaoud Harbor, Ma. tto iill light at Hendriok'. U?i will, ia tto month of Jaly Bait, to altered to a rav.lviag light. Duo pablle notice af the data of tto ohaage aai oharaoter af the altered light will be giro a. By order of tto Mgktkou.* Board. W. B FRANKLIN, Ligbttoua. lu*peotof, Fir*t DiMfMt. Portlaad, Be. Harob 7, 18M. Whalrnaea, Arr at Lahaina Jan 19 ehip Uideoa Howlaad, Bryant, KB, IS day* from Marqueaa*. Cld JDth* .hip Gidooa Howlaad, Bryant, and Cincinnati, William., Honolulu. At Tahiti, bo date, ihip* Amtrioa, Joraegaa; Mare age, Do toH; Cavalier, Frcomaa; Petrel, Tuuker; Eacouio, Pendle ton; Pmdont, Naob; New bury port, Crandall; C Pbelpe. Lay ton: Callao Baker Sid Irom do Dec 2fi *bip Golsoada, Dougherty, MB, Uaitod State*. At Talcahnano Jan 24 N *rr*g?u**M, Colemaa, Nant ltjM ?p *n board, booml on a omiao. Bpokra. Ship Souter Johnny, Siuall, touoa for Monteeidbo, Fab Id, lat Iti 8 Ion Si Ship Inland Queen, from Apalachicola for Bo*toa, March IS. lat 29 20. Iob 73 SO. Ship Geneva, of and trom Buatnn 'Dec M) for Bnann* Ayrex, wan at^nalizod l ab I, lat 7 b, 20 miloi from Coa.t of Braill. A tbip impj>oaed the Gray Feather, from Boatoa for N*w Orloana. Feb Sx, lr> mile* N vV of Stirrup Key. A ooit' ii loaded *hip wa* paaaed Maroh 5, aa lat, Ae. atoor iag K, w ith i ron* jack yard nrokon ; m %de oat hor name to be "Fi>rri>t \\ are;" *ame day, lat 30, Ion 08 II, brig Either, from ^uTrf Del 'awa^mBi. '"'ft ? provision* and leaky and wa* ?oPPl'^. March 13, a mile. BE if Car* llenry-by an arriral at Noifolk. ? h , Brili Ad.lphi, Gcrham. bene. tor Laguayra, Maroh 1, lat 10fei?br ^??h B Cpton, from St Jajo Cuba, for N.w York, "SStVAby otu'iadJy.*? J?cm.l for Bo.toa, Maroh 6, U85r!Surai Hall, KUSora, 17 day. ftom Borteafor Am Cayea, Maroh 13, c? Cape Donna Maria (not a? before). Babci lowa? Arr^eb^^Sodwta, NOriean. via Cartha "?fitrAViA? In port Jaa 10 .hip. WiUh of the War., ?.W naBm"orNYo^;^^0^*SrH^: Tu.o, do for Dominica; 261 h S PHorton^ Smith, da. (wa. ia sight 21ftt, and blown di?i Mittt . f f j. Liverpool ldKi Joha * Lucy, fer.wer, fro. Port Philip, M H Comery, Wheeler, Mtaaina; achr Fljria? Bagl., Jen , r&TAK-I. port reb 21 bart Cojt aralll^ DUtoy, stjkv.!' feissrssJarssi j.u". BG???"cK-Arr Feb * Br ah.p M^arat PoUook. CrtHk ,H^ir?-A^>l.rch7 achr. Mort. Carry. NTork, 8th retuM),l*ci& Uanry. PltUadol 7th' w" An^M ?tark Spirit of tha sr;M SK2WS rang lor Saa Fraaciaeo. a ith *ngar and ?coflee, pot Ut far r' ?riaar.M.-^Ir> port r.b T. bark Toyagar. Freomaa, n^d'oS^Vfp W- .>n. r.M da,.; and other.. ^ ^ ? at timorF? Arr Kirch 17 > W itMiBlhiDi sSSJBSg ?r;cci as.- 1- "tr ma SrTrah K Di*. Cable., NYork;*?to H.nry C.lo, Hailatoa. Q BW^VBlr^Arr Mawb u' ? hr Cit, Poiat. Maddoa. B B B ^ a M 6 Pa or 'd aLl'^' ?"r f er*do , FJ,"? V7Aiii.#P?o"w?c.far do. fid aohr BU Townae^d. Biuai" **?*? 3U 0M L Abb<,tl' EASTPOMT? Sid March 7 ?hx. Mary H CaM. Barring Dal. SttS l:.h4ri:rtwa?rrniund. Tha thftjj .top ?a. r.k.? tur?. ouMo 1^ arroa^u. aOhe J^rWoratoa. vlclaity on V* which ,u blown of Tueaday, a'nd" anchors d nlf t ha^pl a< ? . ?bo w.alhar C.Uaa- w.t anJ 1 M irtAFoL' VTT-OTateh 17 bri? Job. Bal.h. O.^ ?nVw UAVW-Arr March 17 a 18 bri* Etewaade, Ma? *Nkw*OKLEAN^Irr March 11 .U?m.hip OrUal^. FNE?1-OMT-"u March 17 bark Martha Anna. Batoock. B?T?".n, ? Arr M,rch is brie Albatro.., Patt.waa, mJS'A; .cbra Cloud, ^;eCr^^i-o^8? Ortin Cowl, Smith ^ JO ork . Moujbw? m rk Ssw. A-Ul- K"bbu"' *I?if Hamp*onKKo?d? ah? SUrra N.eada, PeatoUow. Chia CWLADK7LPlfu-Arr March U. rM, bark Coaral, SaUl nrj, Rio Janeiro. . . rdward <of N.w I'Rd V I DENCF.? Arr March IT. >wk wn*?y,rf Hmw York), K?ad.on. A) ??*' h Harali I. Ililla, McKinnoa, York). Gardiner. Jm Mol il?. acnr nara Saeaanah. Tavannah; ?^-p^.\pW.7ua?Ut. Uall . l"Wladel fe'^ab.Viui.^rlB CU brig Jo?opb. Burton. Vrr"**? Sc h r ^ * k'ocKPORT? Sid March 7 i ri< Thomaa * Bdward. Har riM.oa savannah; aekr. WaUo?. R.tura, AU.a. N.rtolk. Wh, Mor?, "017brdL l|i^h'l2??,hr* A JamMOO, Jame^n, > U hihl8pnUaVcr?'^^t Bo. F.>.. a-';; . 4iSf 'ISS ? sasrwa .? isi-K "? "" ?*'? ?fftltKOTnV N ( -Arr March 15. hrija E O UolV | j M 1 1. SI 1^ OTu > , * ? ii_nrn .11 ,11171 for Boitoi (?## ( P?ith. ItUliruB ^ Mnit h, < ?rd?M. B??ll^lt I <li??9t?r?i: Jo?? ^ Kbn Willi fV".Vl; WA ? AOTEBTBEXKOTI KEMWED ETIRT DAY. cumniio, ac. Cam or cujthino and furniture WAvr*r? I.adtoa cr (ratiam.n bMlM aay of the hb< l? iupMt of, can i btaia a fair aod tuk rrito, by acadtnafor tbo a jU trrlbor at bit rtaidoato, or through too Put nll'i H. 8. COllEN, ?4 Kim r.tnv N n ?>?? illti lM by Mri C Cabtoif c Loth i n g and furniture wanted? l.adir ? or j?at ,eui?n ba*ia< as y of tba aami to diap?o? of, ran obtain a fair and raab pnoo, fcjr oeodui? for ifeo ao', atrlt.rr, at hi* r"?t?OBO<v or tbrootb tb? Pm( t.tBoa. I,. M. DUb*RLDURP. 13 Eta MM. N. It ? l.adlra altoadod by Mra D. C1I-OTHISC.-I.ADIES OR Gf.MTI.IMlV 1IAVIS0 ) any to .ti?p ??? of, caa rocalTO a fair aglini l< ibo atoro 11 l.a?r*rn atroot a*ar Canal, it M Br ad*a> I ) 'ottor tbX"n<h tbo Toot ???? ; adioa attaaAodby Mr. C?b?a ? COHEN XOlTBfc' AND cmUrRUre CI //THING -JOfiTI B. Clooa, Baity k Co., No. ? Park fUr* *p p *.u City BaU, bar* now on baa! tho boat aax*.ol <y?i and ivamrr itock aad rtTl* to ba fooal la Ikt uaiwl BtaUo, aad amtabla far aO afoo. from tbroo to tvittf nan aU. at wboiaaa'o aad for ?raa tly radaaad prtooa THATIliLIRI' OVIDTL. MEnCHANrx' LINK FOR ? ItAoot laadinr fr*wi tbo pt?r toot of Rut taao'i atrrot. bolnr Bortb Oido of Barrlay a?i*ot ooan't'la* ?((b Nr? T'ra Coatral. (.r?ai W?otora. Mi tu?aa t-n'.ra! atd p..fctbrra Railr l'b? <wun*r MANHATTAN Capiat* *? B Nolooa. ??H loaoo tbi? Marrh SM) rroa.n*. a' 4 oVtorfc P W For pa???o or froljb' ?| Hj "oboari <>r ?f nP.u g MTAM BV a- ?h-ofll ? ? 'h- ?bar' NUT JERSEY RAfLKOAD -? >K rUll.ADhl.Tni A and tbo Soatb aal Waa?. ?1a J ortor Ct'-f mau aad ??rr??o haoa -I. or h . at A aa4 ID A M ndi Wlf M '?LW ia ? and Ut A M at. 1 b P M , 0?t J%d rlaao. $2 at all rii tto# h ?id ihr.ugb A-H *??r~ M Faro, ti: '? tad, aa i tl ii i| aad 10 A l nl ; afcoad rlaao. *2 V> tm to, aad I* M a* t! otopp nr '*> otet.oa* Tbro i*n ti a-.. oold rarC?o.aaati IT oat. and f ?r Battiaofo ?raokia<?oa Norfolk. A mVt^ P** ***" ** ?? ? Ntii* ?11 PtfWl -B?08* **? LOT roil SALE, IN A ?JJL,Ol/V. highly reepectable neighborhood, No. U stuyvoenat ittMl, iMoait* St. Muk'i Cknok. Tht biiM U Tttj aubetaatial and Hintliit, with all tb? imoilarn im ?nilBHtl. It hu i > pi dc did brown atone ud brick front, thirty four hot wide, four otorie* hub, Fugliah bucount, Mitdaiufeirttw roema. Torma rui . lnuuir? of W. C. BARRETT, Eoq . ID Wall atroot or on tho pnmim <J>Q nnn FOR A SPLENDID FARM ON LONG ?I>DtU"U Ialand. 45 milee from Now York, of 1U> arrea; land very rich and productive lar^e aud convenient hooae, bnra and other building*; bro'ke, apringt and fruit; near a largo villa go. H,000 on mortga*e. K A. Bl'NCI, 312 Broadway, coraor of Fulton atroot. room No 3. <K7 AHA -FOR SALS. A VERY DESIRABLE NEW ?J> I .UuU. tour atory briok houao, with all modorn im Bimunta, In Nineteenth atroot. i'rioo $8, OUO: alao. a neat rtory Engliab baaoment brick hoaae, in Twonty tilth atroot, (A, 600; and a ftrat olaaa t? o atory and baaement brick bourn- . ia Weet Eighteenth atreot. prieo $#; 'itu Torma nail , A. SERGEANT, IA Wall etreet. 0>t' A/in -FURNISHED COTTAGE AT JAMAICA ijpO.Uv/U. for aalo.? A bow geatoel houao. carriage houoo and 13% acre* of laad, dolightfolly oituatod, near Ja maica. The bouae ia neatly lurniabed throughout, Uie ground* tnetefully arranged with ahrubben Ao . will b? ?old complete for#0,UU0. Apply to U L SHELDON, M Naaaau attest <t?0 nnn-K ? SAI.E-A RESTAURANT AND Dl ?T? J.UUU ning eaioon. btt-J up in bno atyle, with bar attached, and doirnt a apian id liuainoaa, withia a few mi ?utoo ride of the olty, together with the loaao. The only reaaon tor a?niug, the proprietor wialiiag to retire For par tic ul a re enquire ot GILBERT MARSHALL, Baq., No 41 Broadway, or Cba> U A I> Sanford, 246 Front etreet d>0/AA ?FIRST BOND AND MORTGAGE. FOR ?TOUU. about two y?ar*. on two city lota wortn three tiaoo the amount, for oale cheap Apply to G. FOUNTAIN, 1HJ Eaat Twentieth etreet q?7r:A ? for sai.e. toys fancv goods ami u> I ? )U. firework eatabllahmeat, located on tho greateat thoroughfare in the city. Tbit ia an oi l eat abliabed place, and olfrra aa|xrior indiioemnnto to purctalora. Apply irn mediately at 1UI and 121 Naaaau atroot, room No. 3. RICH Alt l> L. PURDYACO. ?FOR SAI.E, A THREE STORY I4RICK tjrtJUU. baaoinout houoo, at preaeat occupied a a a tenant bouao, together with an unexpired Icaee or 19 yeara, with two renewal* of 21 yean each. The houao ia oituatod at 330 Weat Twenty ninth atreot. Ground rant $70 a year. Price $2,ttJ0; S2,UU) can remain on mortgage foo a term of yoara. Apply to A. C. MORRILL, No. ? Chamber* itroot. fe/f r.h -FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN, A CORNER iJ4t)U. grocery and liquor atoro The only reneon for eel lina out ii, tho owner haa another atoro and eaaaot attead to both, luqnigo at VD a venae B, corner of Thirteenth atraot. ?Onn -T<> 81 LV ERSMITIIS? AN ENTIRE SET OF kxturea and toola, ia oumplote working order. Will be aold at a gtoat aacrttce if applied lor immediately. ThU ia a fair opportunity for ? naw boginner, ao ho will lad everything prepared to eaameace work, without leoaof time. For further particulari apply to TALKEN AN. POLLACK ACQ., rear of 83 Duana itroot. <11 en -FOR SALE, A WEAT OYSTER, COFFEE AND WiuUi cake anloon. Will be aald far ?!?. aa tho owner haa other buaineea to attend to. It u a rare ehanca for aay one wiahing to go into tho bnrtneaa, aa It ia already e?tab Uabod and worth at loaat double the moaoy. Apply in tho taloon, after 7 o'olock 1*. M., St Eighth avenaa, near Twen ty fifth atro-t . ONLY. -FOR SALE, THE LEASE, STOCK AND flxturea of a fancy thread and needle otoro, aituatod in one of the beet nvenuoa ia tLia city, aad muat positively be aold thu week. Afplv at 119 aad ill Naaaau atreot. RICHARD l'URDY k CO. 1 QQTD STREET.? LOTS FOR itALR-SIX LOTS IN \M V One Hundred and Twentv niath atreot, near Sixth bvobbo. The atreot ia pavad and lignted, aad the above loto are beaatifully located for improvement. Apply to Janok $150 Peoare, No. lbB Hotter (troot. $50 WILL SECIRK A FIRST RATE BUILDING U lot in tho Ninth ward, Brooklyn, only a few yard* trom Fulton avenue Railroad The balaaco may remain on mortgage tor three yoar*. at ait per ccnt, or may be paid-ia Maddo"'5 ia*<t'n"">t'* A"1'' Vj R Mccormick, 30t A CTH STREET,? LOTS FOR SALE ?TWO LOTS IM TO Fort) fifth alreot, 100 foot oaat of Tenth avoaua; torma ?aay. Apply to Jacob Pecare No. Its Heater otreot. 7TH AVSNDB.-HOUSXS FOR SALE? TOE rOOR atery briok houae* No. 21* and No 'Jit Seventh aveaao. A good iBveetment ; will be aold cheap, aad on eaey torma. Alao, the four otory doable tenement briok hoaee. No 491 Beat Twelfth a troat. Apply to Jacob Peoare, No. I(i3 Uoater A CHANCE FOR A POOR MAN -ONLY TURK* OP J\ tboao beaatifnlly located lota in the Nlath ward of Jarooklya left; three mlnateo walk 'from the Fulton avenue railroad. Will bo eold ia monthly laataliaeet* of ten dol lar*, If applied for before Maroh 1, aeit Apply to Jacob Fecare, N"? 163 Heater atroot. A COUNTRY SCAT FOR SALE-THREE AND A half acrca of grouad, with a dwolliagbouae 32 bv 72 toot, new barn, 3U by 41) teet, pleaaaat ahadea. Iroit tree*, well, outbouaoa, Ac., As., aitaatod on the Jamaica plank road, one mile weat of Jamaioa. CROWEI.L k BALDWIN, 341 Fulton atreot, Brooklyn. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR BALE, at a groat bargaio, aitwa'ed ia the village of Fluabing, L. 1-, fronting on the bay, diataat but tbreo miaute*' walli from tli* ?t>!ainboat laadiag. aad eight minutee from the railroad depot, tbo bouae ia uuw, two (torioo. with high haae moat, and- built ia tho beat poa.iMe laauner. 2H i > 30 loot lot DO bt 4U feet; the grooada are taatefull) laid oat. aad upon the premlnee a groat variety of fruit treea ot the (Aoieeet kiad; neighborhood firai claae For further par tlculara apply to liF. MOTT, 17 Spruce atreot. A DRUG STORE FOIt SALE. A SHORT D^TANCF. trom New Vork? Now doing a good pn-acr., oa l<u?i uoac a Tory dcairable location for either a pbyaiclan or drurgiat: will be aold low? part eaab. AlJroaa Orugiut, boa 117 llerald omce. CLIFTON, STATEN ISLAND ?FOR SALE. LOTS ON high ground, with fiao view*, pure water, ao i perfect aeuerage Aloe loto on Peaa?yivaala, Weal of New York arena-, peculiarly adapted for *ii<all aturoe aad menu laotoriee, Apply to W W. VAN WAGENMM 1? Poft'a buiMtnga. Haauvor atreot, or J. H Siogert, YaadorbUt Houoo. Vandorhilt Landing COTTAGES PAR SALE CHEAP-A NICE BRICK cottage and lot ia Fortieth atroot, between Loaiagtoa aad Fearth aveauee . alao a frame cottage aad lot on Becoad avenue, both pioaoantly aituatod i'rioo $4,000 oaoh. One half eaa remain on bond aad mortgage In iaixe of T. VOWNSEND, 92 Naaaau atroet. up ataira COTTAGE ON THE HUDSON RIVER. FOR BALE OR to let.? A aeat cottage h*u*?, ooBtalning 1 1 roetna, with granad adjoining, oituatod withia throe hundred feet of tho river nod railroad depot, at Tubby Hook, ia Twelfth ward, dlotaattifty minutca ftom Chnmbori atroct. Applv at VI Woet a tree' /1HANCE-A PERSON WISHES TO ER'HANUl A \j marble front, lamily dwelling houao, on a corner la Court atroot lireokiya. far eomo kind of bnaJneee. ready eatabliahcd, ram eicentod. or for good merehandlie Ad dreaa A 11., Bay State Hotel, New Vork, poat paid, atating bnrincaa. Ao. for one week. Drug store for bale? well stocked, nicely fitted aa, loented oa ono of the nvenuea, In n growing neighborhood, where tbo huainrM la rontmually incrcaaing It will be aeld v< ry low. Aa eaoollent chaaee forattb?r a druggiat or pbjatcian. Apply to U W RICHARD6, 307 Broad* ay. Drug stoke for bam-in the most oenselv populatd part of tba city; a r?ra cLam i for n young phjilcmn or drnfint. Tha utora u dnlnr a rood boiinoaa, and will l>( aold obaap, aa t La pr .pnator i* xola? to Eur >pa. Addraaa D. H U , ll'iatd offloa Drug btori ?fob sai.jc. the best fitted op ?ud mo?t '??mplai" atork'ij Ira.' atoraln Urmklya ai tuntad on ')?? of tb? boat huainaaa atra-taln *ba ?ttr; wtU l? aolJ low for enab, 11 for baforo tba lat ol May. F ?r particular! addraaa r. II Banjanla with real Qsmi Broik lyn Port 'i?ca ____ Farm for j-ai.e-fiitt three acre? witu a r'ml h-iuaa. tarn, and all naraanary ?utbiilldm<a. la <ood rtpair, two m l a hair miloa from a ataambuat Itudina. and thirty *i(ht from N?? F?rk. on I.oo* laland. tor H 000, aluu fine of twenty vm (rood I o?m aoiM Willi tiutia<- barn and fruit, fat #t,WV> Ap,Ty to E W AKTIIIK V Falton oona t r> market, front 1 t# 12 A M ; or by lottar to Nortbport, liMRST CEA91 BROW* -TdNE DWEIMNGH f?T f Lirok.yo with watar. b<atera ant all tba aodarn Improramant* f or aalo ar aichange for atueka. boadi, rnor' (%0*m iMinhar or anincaaborod prvporty M> ' HAKES H WaU atroot, la tba bnaatnant frotaUtu 1 1* M PtiR ?AI.E? TflE RTOCK FIxrt'RF.S ANDTOOI.SOF tb> ColuaWan Ctrdan .nfactionar. aud < aka bakary, alaran yonra aa*ntUabod ' >thar baam-aa tba uniy raat ia foraalllnr Apply on tbo r**?"" OT Bowary i E. EBUNO TVIOB 3AI.E-A "ARK OPPORTUNITY. SEI.DOM TO J b" art wit- -1 .altoih aad ? of an eld ?itnl< t?l.' d laaparnnn- (ToMTT and ; ? >i>ma at r? now do n* a caah buata <aa of from to KM) a waak ?.i! b* aoid low, to a cnah ru?totn?r aa Dm IWilHtW .a HMMMI tbo wholaanla hua;ntaa Raat I *J AdoroaeTHOM Ah HMITliK. Broadway I'1 ?t OIB' * FIOR SAI.F.-THF. Til K Ft gTOBT BRICK BOL'.lB J7d W?t llroadwa^. with all tba tnodorn lapri.aamaata. Tw" thjrla oi pBfhaa* o.- ncj caa ramata ?n m<,rn?*? II can bo arm t.y apt I) inr on 'ta | ramnoa If no* arid bafora tba arat day if At rii ?tll '?? 1?? f'.r inoOirr yaar Fur fartbar part. rjla-a appi) V A C B'iKRILI. fio. 'i Cbaml "rattt'ot FOB SALF.-T0E I'lR'T CLAM 8 'L *e 1? bac d'in?a' MM H 'tN i.(tta (MM <' , at-naa nad baaratat wita a"r , coaaar. .-n> ? Alaa, tbr-i at>?ry aad baar mailt h'iii"0 BO W aat 7 wan" r aaa ?n'h atraa- B' tn tff| daairaUl" Alan boaa^a 1M W?at Voataaath -traai and 111 Troy a'ra" Apj.j * Rot ' % I0VIKQ raal aitata u dIi t* 1 it*. I^OR CAIE-A Fltt"T c,LAs^ ?>?'<* V STOMF. HOl'^F un Cni'.n atr-' i o^ar (.1 'sn So'i'h Hraok >o I* la oaa of 'ba t ?a< liw a?l->n ? iB Bri okl> o ?<? 1 w,H ha told at ? araa*. I^rrna. Appl>- t? ?*j*r t< Williica atraat. N T rtvn i? B IJIOB "ALR-TflE I H.'.ni; KP, Of , )CR II f.'-r - ' aul i .ua<-a t> : l?al > Vnmiahad *!<?? >v li'jfltaa *o !?? MBh "b? rnroll " fmulra of WM Wll" i TERJ, l?7C*ii?l atrt.t, Jt?n ba*. ra?r-aa?l' ? -*fti ? o,?< ??l* Wi?..?ll,-A FARM Of #H ACRES Or IV A S M|k ?t?ta o? ?iiltiT?'ion. and au^riiad a?itii a firMyal akoiea frmt iraaa T .? t; i? a.i 1 a' I bi.ldlnra a in f?fy r - "rd?r M-.a I a' or, ran whaoly ba?lth> Fi oni.otx afkin 'r '? ttw MadiOM toat, Na? Jira y Ai pljr f> fl R It ETNA I. . -2 Old sup "aw York. ?i U X RSI' HAL, on tb? pr^oi E< R BAIt~P BB0OH.Y M, ov A R \IJ.HuAD rti?'.o, and jtly?fto?n mlanlai ?aA Ircai Fork alij rr a n. at- ?> I . ' r. ? at ri ? /.??, ? ,? | *? n?t?r collar frac a 1 aaa ?"I1 bail' II. in with brick, p-aata Fraii b window- mar ,la maatal> we ar m kit' .??. ?t.d ?a< aad fti'ar a ttr-ig^-t an tba on?t alda of P?U1 n.*n ????'. lfi yar!' ?i*f? ?< llltk ttiM* railraadMl l-otnf tha anfitj h? aa ? ' a r?? of *>' Oood naanhbtrh u4 Pn<- ?J0to-w?.f tui.. l? i'.f? of 11 i llll JP.1 i. u door V3V0R fAH-TIIF. UAHB, ri RM'L'R> I1ITI Rt.? Jr A : ?fth" kn?*a p?hU? law X?< Ornai I atr known na '.b? t'ryatal F?" rartw?l?.? Ac. A' . a^r I y t? OAhHKTT l> I I ABE, K Uart nyatrc" I4V'R -AI.E-A RAKE CBAKCK HV -TBF. i (a I". I a^d tlifa of an a.ln* . ..tad ?ii.ii?'fy l'%r. I* ? ? aaratorvn wt-ara hn? t an dona a teat rata k ala-aa t?. )??' year li~t ?? at I w rant ptr'i'iiin iaiair? at ?t*<lt>r<'aa II. TL.rdna'aca F'OR ?LE- ?T "1? vriRin RII |R A TEdlkR aaco frocrry and pr?ala.on alora an a coraar kaf< an far Ciihvao* ya It Tba - w*rr hu f ?t aao* uar b*jaa>aa *. Ut wm ??4 '< ?'? ? *4 TMM. 4,-pi/ r,t% 91 PiriB^ it. ? ro* SALHU VM SALE? THE TIKBy ??^a"J<XJ!T?*,1l? * Br1! tt KMX CaSa Si by|00 Thrwf stary brisk St ?" *w??Ua? 3o Uut> ?tract, 24a 100. Bu lets ?? lb. OCA an* Buacwut ?tract. Alio, three lot* oa <1*. ?"???; ?ad Hick* Ilmt. ?glOU Iton, 4*tOK '? *?*? b.,"4t?? No: M 1'Miti *treet, lot 23 by UJO TVrae ?*?'7 bri#k *t*r? and 4f(Uia|ti the corn?r of t'eirt w4 lb. "??*?? 1 * bf 100. staBw oa rear, AUo, 8 Iota klimu oa Court, Utwo.. Centra and Hill etraeta Alee. ton kit ,WTS* Mill and Church .tiMl; # J?. between ( bank ?treat*. S d* on Tenth ithii, betll a*a . I0*th_aad lOTth atreeta, New Y?rk; Twelve da. on With H(% *? Tw*4**lcts aa rear of lOTtfc rtraet, New York. iittrt* . ? _ r HA 1>LEY, 221 Graevwtrk ???*>? "? T. Fob balb-thrke dembaulb tots Ob^' ?'"'TM arenas, new Hoik street, one do de. dr n P**tietk c treat, mu Seoead avt*>ue Apply t* W?mi) A. SMITH .V SprnMttt ??? F)H SALE? THE OKI. AWAKE BUILT SCUGOlt KR Samuel 11*11. cerrit UNgi buehola ooru of W t*>?ise?H drawing (imt water, Syearc old, aaila n"w. aud in ovauwlel * order rer business. Apply to i> F OA A CO., <? Wa tor street. '* ' Fob sals-two cub hears. can bc bbbn at an/ boar, moraine aad cveuiag, at tbe lniu< tki uaa, ISO Church attest. Fob Sam? a beautiful residence. in tub village of llaekeiMaok, N. J., aoiieieting ot a three ctory modern built huui* kitchen netrly new, and contain ing thirteen rooiua, and t tern end carriage bouae. Tbe lot UM feet froai en I mar. and 3110 loot deep. and u aupplied with a thritty graiievim and fruit tre?* of vari >ua kind*. Tbe location it about tho oentre of tho village, and com maud* a beautiful view of tho eurrounding country For part loulara inquire of THOMAS TBBHUNB, No 27 Second atrect . N. V., or ol W. li BEBRY, adjoining tbe premise*. Fob sale -an established feed store, atook, utensils, and ihri-e or fire yeara' leaao, cow doing B good bueiu*** Apply lo A. I>. ANDERSON. S<*cond ana North Second etrcet*, two block* irum Grand ?treat furry, Williamsburg Fob sale? cottagei house and i,ot, in pifty flret atruet, betwtei Second and Third a?ea?el, on tbe ?onth aide of the atroet; lut3Afeet front and rear, aad 1U0 feet S inohea deep. back. Alan, bouae aud lot IS Ooyer atraet, ?ultable for manufacturing ixirpoacii. For further partiou lara inquire of JN UtDENUUHUH, II Ooyer atreat, near tbe Bowery; or at IHk Grand atrect. Fob sai.e? three i.ioi.ob and uboiery etorea. situated in Ike I irat and Fourth ward*. Oo?4 leaf** and cheap rent. Apply for *i* daja at IM Maiden lane, near South atroet. JOHN COPPEY. Fob salb-tarms an d country seats in bock land oountjr. Oae >t M acrea, under Brat rat* culti ?atlen. orchard, new bouae, bare, Ac. ; oue of 83 acre*, bauae, barn, ko., 94,'JUU: one of U acrea, for Si 100; one el 27 acre*, lor)tf,UU0. All the above near railroad depot*, ia flae looa tion*, and will be *old on ta*y Urma. Alan 2U0 other faroia far aaie, by A SRRUEANT. IS Wall atraet. Fob sai.e-thf lease and fixtures of the large kail aad ballraoa 22 White atreat. Inquire ia the hall, for two da/a. F0BSAI.E-TIIK STOCK AND FIXTURES OF a riBST claa* lieer/ *table; rwn for >2 boraea, aow doing aa oa celleat bualneaa, in the rioiaity of all the prtacipal hotel* aad a team bo at landing*. Any perwn dealroua ot nommeaa iag tbe liTerjr buaiaeaa, will Sua thia aa opportuaity **ldom to b* me* with For further patticulara, apply to BBADLEY A CO., corner of Fourth aveaa* aad Eighteenth (treat. Fob sale-a splendid grain or dairy parm, la Orange county, altaated oa* feortti of a Bile fr?m ibe aaaulaetaring Tillage of Walden. It eoataiaa 110 aore* of good land, two good apnl* oraharda ef oboiee grafted Irnit aad all other kiada of fruit. For farther particular* iaqair* of E I'KATT, <1 Fnlton |treet, up ataira. FOR SALE-TO GROCERS AN I) OTUEKS? TUB POUB ctory brick bonce aad etora, corner heeeuth arcane and Thirty fourth (trcet. (wide atreeti new occapi'-da* a grocery Will make one of the beal atanda ia the city Term* eery easy. Inquire on the prcmiaea of SAMUEL SPARKS. Jr II* OK SALB? STBAB ENG1N E AND BOII.BBS. TEN laob cylinder and two tfc*t atruke, Burdea'a make, pump heater and ocnaectioaa, ia goed running order. Ap ply at the mould mannfactory, 911 weit Twenty atgbth atrect. 1,lOB SALE? OREAT BARGAINS. -COTTAGE HOUSE ' and lot, with etable oa rear, on Twenty aercnth atreat. KS.0U0; good boaae and lot on Twenty aiatb atrect, S3.30U; Itautifnl houcand lot oa Tweuty eighth ctrcet. VT.ftW; Sac large heua* aad] lot on Twenty flrat atrect. ttf.AOU cplea did reaideDoeon Fourteenth ctrcet. at a bargain; ctore aad honce on Third avenue, verjr lew. Apply te I.INDSLEY A I1AOSEI.L, 70 Eighth aieaue, coiner of Fonrteenth atraet. POBSALB? A GROCERY AND FRED STORE, WITH A good run of cuitomara. on a choice avenue and atrect up town, with atock, flat urea, geodwill, and four year*' leaae. Apply to F. II BROWN, 71 W all itroo^ frum 1 to S P. M . FOR SALK-A PUBLIC HOUSE OF SIXTEEN YEARS' ctaadin*, located in South atroet. ia the Seecath ward Inquire of I1ENRV STEVENS, cciner of Pack clip and South ctrcot. Fob sale-a hotel, on the iuropban plan. with arcatcarant attached. The boa** ia well furai*hed ! autf I* full, with a long nntapired leaee. Apply t? TUoMI' SON A STBBBT, HI Naaaan street, room Mo. 7. POB SALE-A SUPERIOR FIRST CLASS BAR SA I loon, fitted ut> ia moat geateel etyle, twtth, if required, tbe upper part of bouse, containing thirty room',) on a cot ner in the llowcry; well ectabliahed, iu the centre ol maay public institution*, and doing a capital buaiaea*. with great opportunity to eatond the aaiue Will be eeld at a great aacrihce aa the owner ii changing buaineaa. Apply tu A SERGEANT. IS Wall .treet. F'oR SALB.? AN BXCELLRNT OPPORTONITT FOR Odd F' llow* ao<l Maaont. A buaineaa whieh ia *it*a aivaly known, and which bat been eatebliahed eleven year*, la offtred fnr aale, in conaeqnence of the proprietor having toe much Untitle** to attead to Inquire of B W RICH ARDS, S07 Broadway. Fob sale? two labgb five story tbnbment buildinac la the Seveat Ii ? ard. 2ft feet front h) 70 deep A large [>.>rtioa?f the purtbaae monei ran remain fer two or three year* on hood and mortga/ - Pi r particular* laqnirc of W. TlloBAS, Architect, 8, Cbambctc atrect TCOR SALE THIS DAY-ON A LEADINO THOKOI.'UH r fere down town, a neatly fitted up bowliag and driukiag valAon; al?o n bandeOmcly fltted up dtniag aad oyater ae looai.alao a diaiag caleoa, with ice rreaa Mlooa attached Oal) 14. KJ required Apply tc THOMPSON A STREET . HI Naaaau atrect room So. f. VOl SALE OR TO LBT-TIIE POUR STORY IIO HE r aad let. soutbeast enrner oa Sigth arenu* aad Thirty fl ret street, alao, tbe three atory bouae br wn atoae. froat basement! and coaster seller. No. 11W Weat Thirty fourth ?trect. near Drotdwar. built ia the beat manner Torino easy, in leire of PUGSLY A RAYNOK. ceracr ?f Urved way aad Thirty-fifth ctrcet Fob sale or to let-tue vert demraui.e bonae No 2IH We?t Thirty brat atraet, na the high ground between Eighth aad Ninth aveaner iloeaa IS t by ft! fe?t, thrte roome deep, three ctoriee above baaemeat brown atone front, bnllt in cupcrior meaner, nearly acw, la perfect ordrr, and with all modern < onveniwco* Apply tc WM. MONTEITH. No. ??" Eighth avaaus. For sale, or to let-bbick house no. 30 I Heat Thirty Math street; brown atoae front bouect Noa. 6v ?ad 77 West Twcaty ciitb ctreet; alao oae brick liouae, Tl.irt) eighth ctreet. Bear Eighth avenue, with modern imprcvementc. At ply to S M CRON K, Bfl Weat Twcaty siith atraet. from A to 12 o'closk. FOR SALE OR TO LET-A THREE STORY BRICK lioune, beaement and cellar, with all tbe modern lin i roven.eritn. gas. water. Ac I'ricc 97, MM, ur rent ('Vl Cen be taken poessa>i?B of i.j ths first ef May neat St.'"1 an remaia "B bond aad mortgage at eecea per ceat la quire at 147 Wept Twcaty fourth ctrcet. between Seventh aad Eighth tvvcarie*. Floft - A I r. i lffAP-A TEN noRSt ENGINE, WITH bcller, complete aearly new . alao. eb.,u' forty feet of irno rhlronsy attach, d Inquirt of ClI A S PtRI KY A C(? 111 I olambia ?tr et 'li OH SALE Vr.RY ( HEAP? ONE NEW FOUR STORT X I 'Uae an H'eit Thirty fourth eoeet, between Eighth end Ninth avsnuea, la the block of tlnr'-en apl.ndid Imcn ?ton' frcn' houaea, finlabed with all tbe modern improve Mat*) mclBding private atair, Ac Tim h' uss ia l uilt in tho beat poa*il>le itiinn r ami will b? aold muqh below ooit Ap ply st I'LOSl.KY A BA YNOB B land oltiee, at the '-ora-r of Thirty fifth ctrce*. aad Broadway, or oa tbe premise* . dur iag the ds> FV.R Alp. CURAT. IS II IHOKKN -A I f KUT ClA.^ thr ? #tnrjr an; l.*#?n.?n! hrl*?. hou#? with ?l! tin m i dtrn ini|'f<ri'Oi nt?, in #n ??##U#at lvn.,,n Ural ???) . Injul/r it I'M H ??Mar< ,B a'ra?l i( ^ ? For SAi r and no monev MQVIUO If COL laterally a?< ir?d/? F??r kbtMl in llr>?klia * Urn ro.atjtea ? W fr m Wall '? tty in I thn EjtbAaaa. aim. nib' I iftj art?ath nr?'t l ?i f##t ?tr??v ??<1 near tb# Great Caatfal I'trk; nw tt%4* I I* |ulra if J' UN LI.OYD I'm# and N aaaai attaat Jpt/RTY Elf.IITII AN I> ril'TT NINTH "TRRET* ? POR r aal?. "?!?* !?<? tbr#a hualraj fa*' *??'. it fifth avaiiaa 2Z hy lia> f??t, on >14* of Plltjr ninth and aoflii ut lift) 'llklb ?ttWll. Frit# low Tnaiaair. K C. CHARI.Ek IT* l'#atl atr*#t IfOB ?ALI ''R CXrUANSK FOR IMI'ROVKIi rwo r partr ia tlua Hty, 2 banwa >a 1 lot# I '?> ?ad l< ? < ?t houa#a 2 y?ara old. Uroouia Alao t OB Fitly ? Hurl ??ft. b?tw?*n F'.arth an I Fifth a??u?e? A!?i a farm of 1*1 a' r eon llarleai Ra. roa 1 Aapii tj L II KIN Ml I* I K M? Futlr'h a<#ou. from S to 7 I la High bridgi-for *alr low. id tciu or iriaai with a I ?lutrful wood# I front *1 *r??nalljr to Harlem lti??r an the W ettrheew aid* jmt iMtl tb* bridgo. with fr ill an 1 w?t?r, aai fll f >r I mpro'enent #? oa# or mof vinirj eata Apply ta U W C'.omhe U luaity ItaUdiaf HOCSf. FOR * ALR AT A BAKOAiN ?Till! FOt'R , three ?t.ryth'i kaMMaal n.a.?i< frost hn?h koo#e? | MNMMtbl ' r .- <?a> >!.*? avn le an i R ee >tr?al (MM I B'tjoioiw llr <* r -<" MMMf ?alit from I" *h MM rj "l- ai >T# l. im I it# luarhla am' >!?, e ra.ree -.inter teller#, A. ??>< WN Kurd# of Mm p-ir- l.e#e ??<? .?/ BH f? ?liiia ?i u <rt(a| - A pv.y Vj Ja P? ?r? N? 'J II Mt r ttiax. ' nOt*K ro* RAL* f>H CX)'HANOK TIIK M'UIK d' i : uf ?? #r/ aa i |.a>?m?at wartu# bia #io ?ud in l r-t plat#. Ilr>?k ra. I?<irtb haap# fr.m roi.ih ?'r t. h?tv ra < >t:-. aad Sadib *\t- ??? ftal#b*4 .? tb> ? ?< MMMf MM #l*fta' aiaar, ? r with all I ha tn> l>ra aad 1MMI in tra?#ii "? M i I u a?ld at ? Bfaata, ar hi baa?ad far atti f rc^. ' f T'ftitwrm, A j.? 'r *'? ? |AII M II 1 1 iXltt Roll sn ?Taaar a<r#*t TJOt'sl AND LOT. WITS *TOM FOR ftAI r. ? Ml. A I* J I .ittft ?> lawlmn T'.ht #tarjr *t'prv,( t?*. ##, cm? ??? r Ail tlifnar j ifc# b??a<. rtaatai Ha*aatA ariritj# ?r. I I a ^1| f-. irtl. itftit Apf Ij ?t 'Al l'a?f. #tr?H, l? *t* ??!??? HOTII I * SAI E -Tlllt 2 A AN OI'RVINti WIIICH rar-:/ ? **?, '!<? !? b-wb .? oat ir )>???? 1 , ha# ???? a |ou4 boi a ? alt thr ?? th? ?i*t r iltaji h?. ??l- ?? Irf aril #.???? ?ill HtwWl. Aap oa? 4?? ia#i t? a ill'. tl.< I .ata??a aad l a?la? ?>iai ta IB* aa#?#*t ?f tu-i< $V:. <*?' i? 'Mb M ?"aaitk't, n.a) addr?M II l? . M??V : *u?t t a' BB?a aai ?*.a? %t ?h*r? a# saUr ?>????? fc? >???!_ T~7 Air. ("? ;ni. i * i kit i aht <<r a rmai i. i li V(.| ? ??'?<! n*#f lr ?Ait) II. 4 < ant, fratt ?;| I ha * d. ? ?? ,?r ? ?!, b? (?- r? ta*a, ? it?a la a u f l<a a:?a xa? i? 1 a pr?? #?? TV# wk..l? ?,:i v a?.d ',afa??r?v larai Aijr-at ll<ar> t >t pa< i I'Mt Off ?t MA II I S I M l- AN'. ' R -V f f RN ITf '*? 'aid . ra >ta f?ct/f|. < ?-?? ?. .lag ?(??? ?a?ta? lataaa [aa?h?a dr IW. t??dliH?' rrw w.'h hlaat >al a., lb# tifua aad iiaplwaaatt tn (.i<ta ? .k.aa .rdav Th? ahar# will b? aold ?' ?l ?a"* ??? ' ?!' thacc.i oa fa? 'ajla??r?a of ratna at 1U tptliri i? .?fr* aad >a? af !?>? ???? da # r?i,. iat?? ? tf t'f ???<??-? aad i??ht If raaatfad IMlflMl la rflliat > a raat r '.r ' ?? krr la'*raa ifm aju'r ? *? ?. AltlaN PR A IIR 'TUCK 8 lita at?N aor a-r af Or aad aa > < atratta KArm HA*of?fG r^?AHi.iahiiBMT rjM rami I #baa; ? t ? Ar*? rata raa af c*?d ?aav#a lUat ?#? . lata aad [-???-#??? Ui??1 MU?M |M> PM SAUL SEW INC MACHINE- ONI or SINUERS SEWING wlUMt. with all the Impraemaaat*. Mtebto f* Si ?? ^ At""u ' r Stkam engine FOB ?ale OB TO uh.? ORE FOVB ban* power engiae, with boil* ea<l hater** ia ruamu* order The premieoe t? be rented and poa*e**ion ia ,? diatelr. Inquire of D. C. SAMI"SON, In tb* raaro f No. ju l.liiabeth atreet, two door* from Grand atre*t (JTEAM ENGINE. KITTY HORSE POWER, luRXAI.E, O ch**p, fitted on truu heriiontal (Hlli Wllb f**d pawp, cut 08 (t ar. Ac , < oii.pleie. in working ordir; two cylinder boili-ra, with furuac** and htunga complct*, Including Imeter, ?t??B and rihatiat pltx*; likewiae the marhiaery lor making door* and blind* will be aold together or **pa ratel) Thia li an opportunity tor inaBufactnrer* aeldoia to l>e met with Apply to CHAKLES MORRIS, 111 Ba*t Eighteenth atraat, Third aeeaua. Status im.anii ?farm for sale, containing alout twraty two a< r*a, houee and nut haaeeaitew; laud in iwd readltion Will ba aold cheap Apply to J (ill). GOTTSBERGKR, Juu , ageeutor, 12 Centre atreet. STONE IN M'.? J EIIM. V. WITHIN TH O HOURS ride af New fork b? railroad; a deairabla l.oaiu. -? ?v and, baeiag a good d?i llin? bonae, ?ith atorehoaaa, aepa raV*i barn, atable And ahed. An raiolleut well of walar. mil flatiro The etock ef light Terma aoeouiuao dating A|>(dy t* M. EGol.F, Na. 7 New atreet. mo W A Tl' H * A K K TO AMI JEWEI I KRS-A R Alt K 1 rliaut <*. 1'". Ih? !?? aad latureeefirae of tlie in a' couiniodioti* and well located *t< r*? in tba aoiuuxiait) . til* repair* alone aaaanatlaif te *?*r Sf.llUU a year Th* pro Cricler deairea tv r ? la the ewuwtri, en aeoouat of ha* ? altb. I'lraee call aw V. Ilt?* ARO, Jeweller, :* Matdeu laue. up atair>. (or lafanaaUoii. fO JKWr.l.LERS.- A NAM i u "i i.i ... I WW.I.IR would like to di>i>o*e ef bia biniwai* y Uttinn hia ab?p and tool*, or nelling the leueo, togeUiee oftb toola, Ac , uii ?ory modern* term*. Tu a tonnf tuam about aiarlliu with a amall capital, tlua la an eaerllent <*ppovt unity . Addr.", wttli real nana, Mnltb, lleralii office. TO PRINTERS -A WEI. I. ESTABLISHED JOB PRINT in?- oft, Id a flouruhiag city, for aala cheap. Tb* ma ti-naia are uaarl v new, aad in eaerllent ord- r, i onaialinx of a cylinder pre**, and fly wheel, (lajlor'a manufacture I hand and card proeat'*, wood and ui*tal ?i p?a, both pialu and fancy; caee*. chaaea, etanda, raili<pa, and avrrythin<( nor<vaar) An eicelli-nt chanoa to aalabllab a newapappi or Wi>uld make a aood and rbeap addi tiou tu any olkca already in operat(<<u. The eholc will lie ?old at lee? than coat or i-vlindar jirrea, fur caah, aa tba ; advertleer ia about to go Heat Addreaa or apply to JOHN W REA, 117 Main atre.t, I'atetaoa, N.J. | TO nUTCIlEHH AND OTHERS.? FOB SAI.B, THE atock and tiiturea of a brat rate meal, poultry, bah aad *eg?tahle market, in the city ol llroobly a Would ba a Kood cbam a for a pork but# her, aa tbe buildinn ia lar(a aad euiia ? , blr for all branchea of batcbarinf bualneaa ln ;uire of P C. VAN VOOKUla, Myrtlo avaaue, corner of Adalpbi atreet, Urooklya^ Till SP.ASON IH COHINO WHEN WK I.OOE OUT rOB I alaan aad comfortable dwelling! I'eraona haeiaa (aoda Ol ail) kind to ecll will Had a bujrr by ealliaa or aendio* te J C. U V M; K7 Ureenwish atme, betweaa Baak aad i r , TU DIM ?<;<!! Is AND APOrStCARIBS? A NBATI.T ! ? ited up atore for aala, aearly aaw. aituated la eno of th* beat at rnuaa, it ia well *tock*d aad doin? a <aod beat > naa*. Apply at oaoa to I'. llAlaE, Medical Labeller, No. W Nawau *tr?rt. i TO DRl'UUIVTH AND APOT1IECARIEM.-A TA1.DA- I bl* atore, hand*nm?lr Itted, nad w*ll itoekod with drag*, chemical* and perfumery, utuatad lb oa* ef th* beet thoroughfare* ia New Tnrk ^atiafaotory reaaona gieea for ?alliac Apply to P. HALE, madioal labeler, it) Naeeaa *?. | TO DKl'OUISTH AND AI'OTIIECARlE.t ? HE VERA I, Beat* of drawer*, a large aaeertmeat af abew eaeea, ooanu-ra. Ac., to be aold a hargaia for raah. Quit* aaw. Ap. ply to P. 1IA1.E, medloal laballor, WU Naaaaa (treat. \ rro DRLGQISTX AND AI'OTIIRCARIEH FITTINO UP X (tore*. ? A lot ol eacond hand drawer*, bottl**, pota roonti r*. *hclTtai, jla** raaea, Ac for aale cheap. Apply atoacctoj. II A I I mtdical labeller HO N a*aaa atreet. TO DRUOUIItTS AND PtITSirfAN* -A DRKIRAUI.I atore for *a!e, naatly furni*b*4 and nomplata la aeery raipect. Afrare opportunity for a young phyalcian Apply at ono* to F. II ALE. medloal labeller, HO Naaaaa atroet VrALf.'ABI.K MINEKAI. I. AMDS FOR SAI.K THE V un IctaUncd, owniag a lar<* bodr of lainrgal iaada ia Miuouri, aad knowing the iBipolicy of attempting to ? irk mine* aldgle handed, would dupoo* ol aa iatereat ia tb<-? ea faeorable t*rma to parti** who would join lilm ia wnrkiag them. Tlie land* are aitnatad ia the heart of th* minia* du trict of Miaaouri, aad It l? the opinion of erery iat*llig*at peraoa who baa eaamiaed than that theraare large depoait* of lead ore on t ha property. With the Imperfect ayetem of miuiog in Miaaouri they yielded about aereateaa tlioueand dollar' worth afor* nithia two raara t or further partir? lara oall oa the aaderaiaaed at the Irda* lleaar Naw Vorh, within aeeen da> a, or thereafter addreaa T J. f?MITU Ola Mine*, M aabington aoaaty, Mi**ouH. IfHICHL. U PIANOFORTES TO I.ET-AT $2 *8 H AND A Biimtb. or far aele. front $40 Ol te MUI OB* hand eome roaewood 7 octave for II2V aad aae upright for f-'i Prul. liI'MSDAV. teaeber ol all kiad* ol niuaisal laatru rnent*, at 'ObUrand itraat A FIRST CLASS SOPRANO hINOER-A YOUNO J\ lady deeire* a eituatioB la a >|Uert?tta choir l or fur tbrr partlealara, lai|Bire of Uoraae W atar*. SSI llroad* ay { Af i ' I IAN PIAN08 ? A LARUT AHMORTMBNT Or I UVj theee beautiful laati omenta, made by T. Oil berth < o , I owner* of tb* roliaa, are fer *al* oaly at :t'l?t Uroadway, t.y HORACE WATtK!?, *ole agent T<> auil *<>m* purebaeefa, j moothl) payment* takaa. 1'ianu* to rent. (1REAT IIARGAINS ? ORAftD DIAOONAI. M.Vf.N J| octae* l'iau? Ferte. coat MOO, in elagaat ca*e. 6auu*d back, beat *ity make, aad warraaled. I>?an a**d a few month*; will be aold lor fJM, omti icaeing the *lty Caa be aeea at Na. ? I oil eg* placa fer a few day*, from 10 t* 3 o'wck ? ML'.HIC ? O.N K OK TWO VOUNtl I.ADIES DESIRING to < nmm?a r r the atudi of uaelr upon tb* plan* fort*, with tb* laUatioa of qaafifytag thamealeae to teaah, anl not liaelag the neceeaart meana for aoi^airiag ae *|tmelra aad deairai'l* aa aT?n.pliabui''Bt, may hear of a >metaiog te their ad?anlage by aendina a n >te to Miae II. D Maratoa, careofTboa Italley, d re glial. Blbl* llouae, After |>l a?e MUSIC? A VOUNO I.ADT, EXPERIENCED IN tilV lug in*trU'.tioB OB the piaao and aiaging. will rx-oiea two m' r* pupila at her reald*ne* at t? dellari per moath, witl. pr allege of |ea?tlee, I'uflla aHended at their real dene*, tlo per quarter Ai.ply at BR Eighth areaua. hatwaea Twenty eetond and Tveaty third atreet*. MU.tK'. DRAWING I R EN ( II AND MRITING . ia< a wail taught at Si M per moath, af Bight letaoat. Apply at M3 Br <ad way. New rusic? " na our child in heaven, - a baantilal, af'ctiagaad *apree*i<* aoa?. by thapepu'af eompoaer, J. B. tt o'. lbary. who baa lufuaad la tbl* aaw ?oag a Ilk* iharaeter te lata other popular preduetMaj J t e*nt*. '? Oar Boy*," a patriotic *oag, *i tb* " Foeag America " aebeol, weed* b> C D. JMuart, maaia by Tbemaa ltahcf, *uag by f.'hriity A Wood * Mia*tr*U, with groat a?? reea, at raate? colored aigneti* ef "Oar Bey*'' aa MM* Bag*. " itparkliag I'olka.*' by Thoma* Baker, la bavtag aa i tmUN *al*. lb* (ightb *ditl< n I* now *ut Deem* lli'RAf r. WAT? R<t, rnblKbar. tt) Broadway. I PI A NO* <;HI AT IIA RO Al N - Til E I.AR(JE?T AM ?'?rtaitiil "f o*l*br*l*d paanoa lath* I ' nil SUUi T. UUl*rt >i<l Co.'* prctnlam a-*l*aa |>iea..?, H wi Wat*fa in "l*ra im|ro*i4 pltno*. and tb ? ' 'if a l?rit???Ui *1 otbaf raafc-ra, ' oiDiflMii lb* larrxl at, 4 atval daatrabla *a*?rtm*nt la lb* I nion will b* a<J4 at |,rUat aliicli 4*f? t<'Oip?ltMi. f?t raah or MUiIt<i"rt M|<r. Cmhii la tl*rlt) I.KHI '.rd'-r? fit Mini ?i l IxJ it l? tk*w *4 imUi* toe-ill m MoKAl E W AT Kill, St l.r<i*4?ajr SECOND HAND riANoB-tEK Y lAtW fBICB < - ONE ?t ?i 10 ?iji. ?ia&. in/. I tun, ??/ i,? io?.j tl tb* muii tad (las* *V?r* ?l IIOU.tCK W A fBRD, 113 Broidw*?. T1IK TRADKN, dBC. An enamki.ier ?iio understa * o? how to *ti*n..-l aad tiara raal iroa I bil".an ?**, ? I?b?* ? | l?r. for .M< || ?..rt ||,.| r* ?? M A KIIO a W Uard'.iM* atia*l. ?r VI lloa*W*, U Mostfuaarr iWaat. tax naat AS (j A RDEN KM -A III NO I. E MAS 'NATIVE Or /V >r?t kiij olio II. au I'f>'aa4a bl? Uiimm I* all Ita ?B*i' >i* l<ra bta.fl/, aictu rr**?b .'?*? *n t T-U*rH |.lai<ta. r?rti*( of *la*a, hIKban an I (t',a?r ?*r l*r*a la? ia* out of aruaala Ar A (antlroiaa p*i|aifla* a Ma *f la r.*tn ua a i. I p-ra "fvrlBK hal ? <* vtll in t bat* r .?Ua*4 la tb* *d??r' i*?r Al'lraaaj II a*n *af W Tborbafa t *1 . r> J'lia aif*' afra tb* *4T*rtt**r *aa t* ma fr m lit-. 1 1' M daily AUOUIl OAKl,r.N? R WANT" A SITUATION ANII would lib* t?. tab* --bar** *f * <f*?ak**** ?t tttftt I* a< luaiati I villi (ardniiar in antral Caa '>** ?? 1 1 r?'/aanl'luii<l Addr*?* Oar)*B *r b?a 1A0 liwaid ? ft rm (' A R DEN EH ? W A .N TKD, af ~A~ BJUrBCTAByB J jroia* ?*n * Mtaatwa aa ?af4aa*r >a < apa >. la *f labia/ *b*r?* ?f ?r ii.Uux flaaaar* *r*aad aad k ? ? a in 1*?. 'laaitla lb* capa'ii> al t *a?baaaa *ad ?*rd n*r la al'liaa I n.ab? bmaoi' naafal Can fin ihm rablt*'* A addrrmd t* J I D . Il*rald (i. *111 anb tllaa tlaa _________________________ I (URMMK WANTED ON A C'Ot'NTRT 'EAT If.N J Bi..'? 'r o> tb* all > **? Vb* M. Nad ti|i.H'?" la Ola an- lion aa* u*4ar*ta* la tM*ta>.l* aad t?*ar rardaaiaa aad I #r* l-r) mi'i b* fallf abla tu t*b' aallr* ? a*4|tt? aana'a't'Tr r* f?r*t.'*a *a t ataadlMa aad alfil 4*| rt narai Tb? ?a?-a mil b* llbrral ta a r >4 aaa A Mr*** J R I) U* tv> U?al4 li' a *iat.a( f-<*aaar ??i?.l*;?f* / "ARIUNER ? ANTEII N b t R 1 III* i I fT ON NUB *jn K,a?f b ?>?*! ba a .*!? Ia*f*n'* g*?d taia par*d. til n.Timl l'l"a'l' a*4 M a*l li*? >*r 4*alu ,N i t r** ' ry *-r t* -aa >? ,??? t, ' I | a, ? a l.anaaa *oaidb? ( r- faff a 1 A4lraaa ?.?* aaa*a I ?>a play aw, ? C D Eifall aflhM> T'orifiliu avF tiitiiiR* -wan t r t* am an Ml p-?f?? II) a*4>ra'aa 1a fai?lu? Via ' r ?|'* ' aayai* bl** iaralik*! a* I f?*diaf la a'*al b* aafi >-? a' l* aad ? liltai ' ? ? *?? i<* 'b? I U<1> *ad aak b(M>-lf (HMMlIf aa? fal ?a la* |Oa* ?/.*< '?> ? an **U raivaaaiM aaf aMnMli ? ' I* I ba?l<fa aaraM TO UlNTltMAN HAIR liMKaatR* A BAN WH'i trail ttal-raiaada 1,1 I a. a >a. a*?? ka ab*> >.( Uil ? *tlln?. aad djaia ? bair * l*a a ?-ad aal?aa>aa *tah?a ta > ?ak <* aHn*l. * ia >.> ? f lb* i ? aa '.r"a*a W ! *i.i. a( lal<il bu ?a^i?i -t ai 7 m >**i. a* f?d a taril; !"?*?? ?44ra?a J M IP" I t a allb laalaaa* 'P'l W AT* M R A K R * -A I IH"T HAT* HAT' II If A K 1 1 J in ft i? ? H ??v*m 'Ap II < MM *tlt r* j I li ??( tlttHy A H*rtl4 i 1"i HE X' II A N T 7 All."*' * f IR*t run CCTTTR u ? i?a l?f ?aiB*?*>-?l N'. ?l^*a1t*a* i? aa a Aari di? tax a ?b? <*a??7 I ?4?aiaW? '*!**? a* a fiaa fr a aa* *aH'" Allhii Ctttat Ua'i. I ?<- ta I IT l? lai | l?f? ffio TAIMjU AUP i loiRllRk A < ( rill TflAT ' 1 *???**?*?. id Mi NflMI viiba* !? ?*ba aa ??(??* m ? ? ? ? a f at*' sal la b<.aa* ?!.??? b* aaa *ta*a * a *r?*rab*a A4dr*a* ClH" Wi Hi Uaraid vtt a, atailad ?b*f aad *b*a aa lat*rtt*? i*a V- bad. tl'ANfir.-A vol NO MAN. ONE THAT CNDSR ' TV BHB JHB IIMIN > a* l*< a r 1 kaad aaad >? ' ply t? B C. ?5} Va*i>ia|M i'i*t H'-- ?lf? I ?' A NT ?. r? - A I. A M r>E ? B? "flit ir ioiCM Bti?T A *0* TV ai raarr aad rt**ab*a*? aaaata tad traa* aad bar4*f la* aaa' b b ? -? *f aaa- Aad ?illla* la d* ;a?U** ta |M* ddBpUMf i *?*an?? 1? lb* baa aa** App J ' 1 II ?lt*T?l n?f*aryaaa A?taf%C|a J ?" a nteI' bt a toono man tba t ha> wore alttraa faflU lb* t a*?ilb trad* * >>**? (a laiat bld'rada ?.f ?-all#-< aa a ia **, b,,d rf t a'-?- Ad b; tf ia H'l ?, III t?v dan. I* Jabi iafM, 01 *-a*M U 'ANTED A TAII'i* fl O'l A HHORT WRTAN' r i*U*'?ta'f; u lab a Iba *anr* ??*'?> *' * **ap, j aad laaa* aa >al*raa< ia lb* b*?a?aa T* aaaa i>**bd> taw ? ?*4 af|i; but tb?a b**?a^ < aaaaiaa't aa< lb* ba? al n lanaaa Aim a aa<! iaa* aad li*a*aaaar ataud. b* 'aba j abaai* aflaa bvcaaai m> Um *a?* piaaa faMb" pa* , l^aiAdi t *?CHBi?BP 1 b*d i Bar>r dtt??. 1 JM., W4ITU. A PAPER MILL WANTED? WANTED. A PAPMK mitt **p?hU of mikia* Ik* diaat quality of paw. aol h>t? thu two hour* Cram *e oily by ultra*! AMtaaa C L. N Harold A NEAT TURKIC STORT BOUSE, WITH MO DEEP* tuiiroremant*. fulad. loealioa b-lu ?ln nmiitt ??a mil ??( (? Himl (am. MI una Adilna L. 1, U< raid utii AUOOD DWKI.I.INU HOUSE WANTID IN TUC uparr pan ot Ike nty, Ml below Tw**aty aaith atrowt, fur whirl ? or ei.h, At, MO >a aeounOea ?MI ka *t??a. oad the bakaara la required to remain fur lour ar haw 'oortm?- tbr vilaa of (k* pr /| ntif aat ha aaaaat Ala.. taaatad Ik* akma Masai of Brooklyn pwp Wdfc wl.i.h Mill U paid far In Ilka UHcr Thr aboae M malli *? ?" lutaaimeni fur ?<?<> broth, ra. miner. Addreae _ A ? MOEMIOU:*!:. tioanliaa, llerald odfrra A I' A IITMLNT:* WANTHi BY All) NTI.EM AN AN* a if ?? . (A mifiraaa. . a fair alsa t'>?a and baadreom. aai ?rcuail fl<H>r? aoulil Ijia Ilia aaai' f..r Hirer ar taa yaar* I'laaaa .lata |>rlca par month. Adtireae A| art o. aula. IMH oMie * HOOTS WANTED-BT A t'AEIl.Y Of TWo 1'T.R.^M*!, Ika ui-poi ar lawe* part or ? amall heiaee. ka le ei a I'rauYlia ami I'onrth ilraaia K>m from Attn to MM Ileal r>lr*?ar ? ju> an anil required. Ari'treea etatdaa Mr lira lira. M A M , hot AlW llreijol y Poet IriBca Houpa wanted.-* small iiotne in niuNw l> ii. m rirhaar* fi?r (oad ?iauufMlnrtn< etook u| Mali AJJreai !,?i lOd Poll .iftico, (ivlB? leealdaa. praoa. I I "If MI WANTED PAHTOP A TWO .VT??RT MOVHM, XI camidaMk* el laao parler>. bwarntl ami "aa ar In beriroomi. b; aa Aai?ri. aa raiailr Addree. with loaadtaa anil larma, A Reapoaaiblr Tuaaai, km I.IW I'm! "Ikoe. X1<>D!>R WANTED? THREE AND A HALP OR POMM II atorir* ht*h, It laal froaai, modara iMraiamaaU, MM aidr of Uroadwiy, ail above Taenl) Kaalaa^ but in nat aol ka arar fl.UMI Apply ai Ml Cortlaadt ?raa< lll'f K U'ANTIU TO rUUl'UAM ? A SMALL OEM II lael bullae, aot toloir Tenth nr abort TWIialk atrial^ ud be I ween Leitaxtea anil Stalk ariaaai. PViea aad ta au?d fT.UUli AJdroae, fur oaa weak K il., M| Ut.naa earner el Uracail at mat and Horary PAKT Ol' A IMtJSB WANTID, ITNIVMNII ? fur a atnall family, from lot May aast, tilaiaa Paar lerntb ou4 laioaiy aiitb an^ ta, Poaatb aad idllk aravaaa Parlor an Iral Boor. la-> kodrooaia ud balk roaoa. CM raMk lakaaiuaaat, kaaiit?a kilokoa, all liaut beard . ar r *-rder. im betlrooiaa ami both raa'.an with baud Addreoo A. P., kM A,X3d I'etl uffler, kI?id? loratioa, laiai, Aa . aad rlyt hoiiee. WM ANTP.D--A M?OM, IN A *MAI.I. PAMILT, POM A and kla alfa, aad abtid Ihiriea* uintko old. IA* latter la be taken rare of tkronak Ike day darta* Ika ak 00 o *f rka mother, a kiad. ??ll>erl> vamaa III alka a ad . Torma nut b? mxil'rate. Addnu by laMar, fad lira Itat, Mra R C. I'mo, 1 ,7.> I'aet OMaa WAMIB-A CKNTPKI. BOVIK, WITH ALL TBf modara lm|ruvamania, loaaled bolvtaa the Tklrd ltd Pifth areaoea. I'ourUea'k aad Twealy alilA atraeta MdaA not to e treed Jr.VI Addroa* laameaiately A. M . (adta ?<|uare I'oat llftre T1'ANTKI>-A.N KN0LI8U RA.ttNKMT UOUHM. m* f T alrd botwtaa Pi?kth and Thirtieth itraalt aad HaaaaM aad dink ataaaat, M ? real of P.'W to |m Addraaa Ma 1. 1?. I'oat llHi t. AVTKH-RT A OKNTLKMAN ANl? HIS WIPE. W a prtrala family, aoforulaked raeaa, witk board, oaaa tral allwaiioa battaaoa lllootkar aad Paartoaalk an Ilka. Addroat bat IS I'oal OdRaa. at?Ua? Mlaatloa aad MM. Eafareaea Bieea aad niairM /ANTED? IN TIIE PIPTM OR TWENTIETH W A M?. ' the appor part of a tao alary havaa, by a naporlaMt family, the raal Bot ta uraad tMW a yar Addroat 4. T. S.. tli rai l o fll re ANTED? MV A OENTI.KMAN. Putt IIIMSMLT. wife, aad tail auiall ohUdraa, tka Aral ar Iiiwl n*>r, frvbl baervnt aad attk r?om nt a taooae, plaaaaaMp Inratod. aol kele* Hen. tea but abofa Bliteaal A etreat Rent 922.* to $?'ai Ural of April, if vaeaat Addreoakaa US Port lifflir. atatior leriaa, loeatloa, AX' ANT ED? A di'X'D TWO ttTOMT ATTId." DWBI.I.1MU TT hour*, la Brand nelrkborkood, mart bo bot a a Bta teanth ?troet, la ruiBily *1 Biaadnay or tka Henry-iM about |A?- for ablrh a ? iod taaaal may be mat wtt? ky addreaain* to he a P.. at itfTira will, all yarlirlaad* U'AMMI RT A flENTI.EMAN AND WIVE MAI* TT ef a n. w fcaaae, la a deelrable leaatlea an laws A family wtakinx a ftrat olaaa tenant, botk aa regarda rlaai If blllt> aad rea|.iaiiatbiiily, may addroa* D* Matt Hanid afflre, with Mtuatioa aid wkaa to be aeea Rail. MMtt J- 41 r?a*eaai*a tai of May 11' ANTED TO I.P.A!tE. I OR A TERM OP TMAMMa TT t hrra ur f?ur lota ol iraaad. batew Thirty Mind AftaA (Ultiblr for a roll yar?; ar w..?ld parahaeo a aoal yard ? ready eetebllabed ib I *oed aeiabkorhood Addreee, termi. loraldai Aril II , llarald oBaa WJ w w TAT ANTED TO RUNT. A M'At lOL'H. W Rl.ta I.IOMT TT ed W'trkahap. oa th? ?ronad ?....r, la a amall *?-?'-** -a for manulaaturia^ Purpoa?a, la Near fork ar Droeklys. A4 Tir ANTED TO I't IU IIASE A I'UI I. LOTOI (iROMMML TT ta haaeatk. I'uarth, l lrhtb. or P'.nrteaub v arda a* ll.e tlty al New York Aadrea*. witk fall MttlailadL prtra. |r , J. I. llarald *?**. 11'ANTI.D TO rURrHAKE-A HMALI. PARM MS TT tavalry **aideare. from flte to twaaty aarea, ea Mm kaab al leae tall wnter akera. eae tkat la oaey at aaeaa* to 1 1. a eity A|.?ly or ad lraaa to D t I IIII.MiN, III Hudfc I north *traet. Wlllmmabar*. ll'ANTI.D Til PORCHAER-A THREE RTORT URIOC rf hoeaa. modara improaamaata end fall let. paaaa l l.iaai t., $,',11*1 AVIIA' reah kalaae* oa m'.rt|a(e laaaUaa N" l it a# in lli ... Urn Iheaa or leeaty n.auW wadA from la) ot tb? ferriea, ???.! ari*kb..rl.ev I n-.aeaaaaoa km middle ef April Addreaa Allpori/ Marald Tl - *-r Itirla M|* naacuu Caw aj>ta*q>x> in ant amiknt, of. nmiumm ?I tight, diaaumiia, ttuika. rush j -wMrr. m| aaluakla pwaoaal offr\j |NmU|. B. Wtlik m faltea atraat, turn, froat raw, frva I A. tL t? ?*| osrr to ixtAM - mutt)** jLTl rmrr a-1 ium m r??i ?uu, Mtmmirn, ?Mml laaal rj, fuolWra, fltvifttlw, tjktiU he., te Im2 huraaa, aarriafa*, or Mtaar yadaaiiaf praparlf, towaal dated om UliaraJ Urmi proapWaaa a an imMmm m all tam, at Ua Ui^tn baa a aad a?*b <tj IMIaa, Ml l?oadway. <*^^1 nnn -*???** tumu*. o% duvomm, i"uv. ttMMialjitdrr, <if n*4t, ?(Ml and i.tkar i-araaaal pr-part? or k'.a?M far taak (Ja*4 au ??c. k? auiaa, kaa4a ??< ia?rtn?a?a. Milt ?' ? ? ' >M|t 4a . aa*witat'4 BoiIumi a*a44aallal aa4 it nflr iini>aC it In Ninu ><na< r?. ? H a I, aaatad I nr TRiJiriKM A CO.. Ilrtlnt ?a4 < ?aaiMaa HittiaaU <*| r,r ami in ait amount casi mb !?? A? , lar k??rM a?l Ii??4i aa4 atti ?? ??>' int! *' ?>?< ?. jrrr***** ***** "n" ,-k $50 000 ^ ? ""?szz ? ? vsnrsn! ^ 4 ' nnik - ""N*T ' MirKAI.LT Al?? A <a< BO OM 4laa'.a4a ivaalrf. iwrttaa diaa. I aaa. At , It Uf ?Ut ftaamaaa aaa* - 4<*<lk! k*4 aafa Aptly al ik? I. aaa 'rdUa. *T Ortal rrnl Kntr ?l Ihnf;. Mmi< Imt N H ? (Hill -W9BV T" M'AN. UK 01 A BONIS M/, i?alri plat- 4t) imI< ?--<ara* ?r*kaa4laa ol ??? imi^.iiia. k ..???? aaa. * laailad* II! Uniliai aad l&i I altaa a'ra>t r**a> fl Ikird ?<?*> ' ?till A CO it: IK It I * mhwiai. I'|*I ' mil nE i.iriw if' l,</V/>/i fat Ibn na ?? |a>.ad aa4 a ura/. '?r 4?? !'??? *a ? kai!4ta* airik II* iw ?>! imn I l,71kti mm. r?.ta4 M ir .<>1 ?l at.ak tkaiall aa aaaa|?r?l laaaa at loitf iiui la IM aol i*|f 'fill Iwtiili I* UM aw. Ti.?a a in I* ftaad ? 4??trakla kraat?.al A44raaa I I , llara<4 ??? a. ? r aaa aaak. /?* II Mbr.NAiM auv A.scro ???? N'waiint* Ay laralt ara idaaa I'-ft-a 4i*n??4< ?n? ?>(% ?ir* >r*>< ?* )?>! U ba hH n lA* ?*k<Mrt '4MB , >.? '-.f ?!? a? tk? ?? ? ?? ?aik'Ttaaak. llCAiriATI WAI THM. Nhorth ? ?K<>i i->* *n ft * ? r?T ?tati tx*j?. luawtl I *?!??? ?<?! Bataa. *. s link IL W4 -baM t raf^ali ?ul V* ??? > *4 at Uu '.? ? aatf II a 'iMk A a art tAa llifc <1 Ayr. I aait ? f Ik* ^anlMM ? I aaa lailltaa 4*llara la k-a*4? rii^ai <b> i faafa Taaaa I?a4? ar? *"'< k/ tk? ????. iT-mi, i faf tmm >4>lm<i a <rf Ul NatH CafalMa Ball>aa4 aa4 >a aA4t n ? la Ok faitk *1 tka 'm? all Ika k Ut 4 k; tk? aaala :? >a>4 r al aa4 ik? ?i<>4*a4< arlataa Ina >?>4 aa*?t. ara at? 4r*4 to t ka r t?4>aMiaa Ta a/ a ll kaat <aaa tka ?rat 4a/ al April IMA. aa4 vlit kaaa aaafaaa aliaakal la* ? ka tataraat at an a. at laaaa taraala tka 4rak Iim ' A ?*U aa 4 ilaiakaa la aa> >. ? ?a> IIMk laianat aa4 nmi>al will la fatak'a aa tka laal 4# Ha KajaMli la U>a '.tj ?f Ka* I aa.w ataa tka I .1.1,11.1 I r. far a la ka va tk*aa ?a;akla at tka Traa?aa/y a> h .r- 'a. -a TVj alii La Itaaad im avail ?? aa t >-a^4 **4ta*a aaa*. 1 uaa* kaala aaa if aayraaa aaaaiaaai Ilaa^ta4 Iraa Im ??l ?a I ' aa; (?? ry-+* faMaaa k I laf a II alaaaa aadraa. tka a laakar^ aa 4 ??>, ? f-?f Feat k far uaiai t Ika aadar aaaa 4 ? al ?? ?.?k, K r.. Tk*r alii alaa atata at akal a*4kt t&iTm a' al a *4 a4 la?4a IW; yrapaaa la aaf Ik' 144# a 1 M a?|-a. t a< l? a aUak A ? a? Ika I4M A 1 f.i fcaat >a tAa H~a?a a/ Ika Ika.Mia. it* Wraaaav aa4 t . aaHf'tlaa f ?<ata aal i? W M.rlaaa. I I m 4a aa a( tka ll aal il tka Na'i "4 K it! f ar'llaa I ka aa4?m?aa4 ' ika rtftkt at III )' ?i raak k4a, la ? a* Ik I?4t aiaur ka I?aaa4 kialH'M'Kaaaala Ika ft lata N-'ialll mi'fi arltl |a ra raa?|ra4 aa a.-a aa Hiatal a# 4(-a aa<aataa.aa< tkatrW4a 4a| . ' a liil inaaaaaal al l .aat kaaa a Ik Ua n.iaal lalaaaa" (raa ' ka kfa? day a# A; ?ll U'i la Ika 'M4N h Ika Traaa .r?f al u.a ^lau ad * ' ilk t ar- .aa Tkia 4a^.?t aai 'a ?ala i* Ika laal ad Ik. I'latlM !i?a T-ak tka K. I i Ika MalaatNan* (if.: aa aa tka kaat .4 Ca; ? l*a> Bai. ?? I' 'Id'all ak.aiM tka aMaal Ik- laa I?a? al Ika vaka aa4 Ika a?aaai af kar lad' < ? ?*. aaa/ ka k.?4 at Ua adkaa ar at a? (ttaaliaa i- M>aa#a A I'S I'ltdln, Mi t itat r it i> w <?i iir? rak fMiam a? * *tk ? n*K A HTt. l?ini ir kfirji i i? i nviiuiiici or raa ror. X lift"; v4 ika jfiaiti aaia a' Irauk l arl.ak aai Oaa ?aa ..f.k' >?a a< ?kalaaaia yvtuaa al 111 Mraa4??f, Hi fr~ - aili ka aaaHaa?4 aalai I iftka kdaa IMMBBrf'M or rBA?Ct ooiiom TU> mu - TWa aaaal lalafaal.k? kafw aaa latoa tea atei T?a an 'a -a' aita?a aal aaaf aftka k.a I Vaa ia4 Ika 4 a ??? a*aa aa i ka faail aaa ad tka aJlaal 'aa^aa, iaaa al Ifta I -ana- k ? r- !<a*a aa Ika RiaaA ka*. kaAUa tf lakara*M Cat?? ia ft tea lapiaai |4 laaaa tallaa a< fa?%4? *4 kaaiaa fi ki Haj^la- a liaiiaita A*, tea a< iL y 'f ? r?-" irs * aaka , k| IM kaadrad. wl L* IT V. ? Sji *1 J* tef wate akajt r?kla*a4 A. J.'i.'a* 1 ""*"'" '*'** A?iH Vkaladta rrwv I'M batti i iif ci i n -fan rim rimriN I . W-?t ff. ??)??? fat aala ikau laaawa af ?i*< im mill i ? ? mi a .... .".a ami \LH ryt> -AN III ILLUT l.l|IM<J Ol Ttll . ir****** ?' W >^d| AMaaaar lata 4a# IM ?Jd ?l ?r>v|??, #4, ^ f ? ft |>4? IN

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