Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1855 Page 6
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IDfltTBIBim IHflWBI IT1KT liT. ooimxrmD nox rim rxam. WAHW. tlTAIiTED-A SITUATION. ET A RESPECTABLE " jouni girl, la a private family, to oook, wui aad iron; h a good rook and an excellent washer and iroaor: ie a good baker of bread an J part 17 mid ia willing to make herself generally useful: ia not afraid to work. The best of oity re irreuce given. l'lea** call at 4 Hammond Direct, to the rear. WANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A KKSIIKCTABI.K jroiJUK man, of atrict sober habit*. ai porter in a whale Mia grocery, dry goods (tore or spurting honaa; or in a re tail atore. Can write a good hand and la verted in tgare*. Can give the beat of oity retereno* aa to character and capa bility. and security if reqnired. Can be lean at 71 Mott ?treat, from 9 to 1 o'clock, for two day*. Inquire for E. It ia the atore. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa cook, washer and irenar, or te do general housework in a amall private family. Qood city re Ferenro ghen. Please call for two day* at 151 Elizabeth rtreet. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to travel with a family, or to go to the 1 ountry, it a good plain oeok,[an exoelleat washer ana ironer. ood reference* ?? to character and friends. Can be Keen ?or three day* at 370 Weat Sixteenth ? trout, near Tenth uveas*. XJtf ANTED? BY A MOST RESPECTABLE PROTEST TT ant girl, a ntuatioa to do general homework ia a email private family ; a ho ia an orphan; bom* preferred before wa ge*; fcbe in not afraid ef work and ia willing ta oblige hor employer. 1'leaee call at 1- Solllvan *treot. WANTED-SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women? one an excellent 000k, waahuraad iroaer, aad the other aa chambermaid, or to d* general honaework; t hey oaa come well reoommended from their laat *ituatione. Plaaao oali for tbia wook at Mrs. Read's, 31 Yandam atreet. TP ANTKD ? A NEAT OIRL, AS NURSE AND SEAM TT atreaa, in a small private family. Nona need apply ualaaa they are induatrloua and competent to fill ike above situa tion. Call at 726 Greeawich atreet. ?ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN PRO teatant girl, a aitaation aa nnrao aad aeamatreia; oaa take the entire charge of a young infant, and da all kinds of Plata aewing Can be a*ea mntil engaged, at 107 Eaat Thir teenth atreet WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A. RESPECTABLE young woman, aa 000k, waaher and ironer ; aha thoroughly underatuada bir business ; oaa civ* the beat of reference From her la?t aituation. I'leaae can at No. 5 Ilea ter atreet, front 100m, Mcond floor. Can be aoea for tw* Jay*. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a aitaation aa lanndrea*, or ohambermaid: th* best of oity referenoe can be given. If required. Apply at Ui> West Twenty -seventh street, near Seventh aveaae, third Boor, room No. 9, back. WANTED? BY A RESPECTAPLE PROTESTANT girl, a aitaation te do general housework; has the bait of eity retarenee from her fan employer. Can be aeea for two day* at 18# Twentieth street, between Eighth aad Ninth aveaaoa. ia tfce basement. TIT AN TED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL, A TT situation aa ehamberaiaid and waiter, or t* do th* bouaework of a small faioily. No objection Jto go to any part of the country. The bast of oity referenee* riven. Caa tMAtoea for two days at 73 Seventeenth atreet, betwoen Sixth ?ad Seventh a**ane*. TU ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO CIEL. A v T situation to do the geueral housework of a small pri vate fatally, err te do the ohamber work, and take care of elnldrea. Caa give th* best of raferenco. May ba seen for three days at her present olaje, 3H7 Tenth street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* chambermaid and aeamatresa, or aa ohaml>ermaid and aaalat in tb* waabing anc ironing. No objection to go into the oeuntry. The best of refereaoes eaa bo given. Please call at 53 Allen street. Can be seen for.two daya. if not engaged. W ANTED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A SITUA tioa aa ladiea* maid, or narae and seamstress. I* fully competoat to undertake cither of the above situations. Un derstands hairtlresslng. Would prefer to travel with a family goiajr to Europe. Has excellent refereneea. Caa be seen at ihe Christian Home, dM Sixth avenue, eoraorkf Thirty *i*tb traet. until raited. WANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNQ OIRL3, situations, the en* aa seamstress? a good haad ? and the other ae plain cook, and to do house work. No objee tioas to ro to the country. Con be seen for tw* daya at 5)00 EastfThirteenth streets, for two days. WANTED? * SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to cook, wash and iron in a small pri vate family. Beat of *ity reference can be givon. Apply at 46 Market street. W ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SIT0A tion as rook, one who understands bread aad pastry, and willing to assist in washing and ironing in a reapeotable Eivate family . Call at 70 Spring street, dry goods store. m be ?*en for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do goneral [housework, or ohamber Work or waiting, or to take jar* of children. None need ap ey bat Americana. Address 100 Greene street, front baao ent. ^^gW^^7??TionA as cMkPinCaTh?te|B d,H.R0TBSTANT .^:reeho#orfleo1rn"Ui" days at 110K Greenwich WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A WOMAN, AS PRO tesned cook and baker; underataada all kinds of Entry, confectionery and desserta; ia also a first rat* house eepcr; ha* had fourteen years' experience; no objection to go aa pattry cook, or to any part. Good cltv r*(oc*nc*s dlTeu. Apply at 285 Bleecker street, until united. WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT youn^ woman, a situation to do general homework, or t* take car* of children; t* a first rat* washer and ironer. Caa be teen tor two day* at 13 James street, Brooklyn. Boat Of city reference given. TirANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNO WOMAN. f I t* do general hou?e*-ork; i* a good oook and a good urauber aad Iron r, no ebjeotiotui to 10 ta th* country. Can be *e?n f*r two days, from 9 A. M., till 4 P. M., at 01 L"<< low MfMt. TIT AN TED? BY A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, A SITU Tl atloa aa aura*. Ia capable of taking th* *atir* chart* of a baby from ita birth, aad to do plaia sewing and make herself generally useful. Can be lean at her praaeat place, 18U Blocckcr street, for two dayi. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A WOMAN whs nnderstaade her bnaineea ia all ita braachea. Caa b* *e*a for two days, at 213 East Fourteenth atr**t, Tbt best of city r*fer*n*e can b* given. II ""ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT youftfc woman, a* aeamitrese; understands dress making, ladies' aad children'* clothes made in th* b*at etyle. No objection to go in th* country. Apply at 193 Twenty -ligth atreet, near Eighth aveane, for two days WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN', a sanation to do plain sewing and take eare of child ran; baa no objection to do bouiework, or to go a aliort way ia the country. Good city reference. Inquire at U Rutgers ?treet. TITAN TED ? OOOD STRAW BONNET PRESSERS; TT al*o. good straw sewers, at 11 Le Roy plaoe, Bleecker ?treet. between Mcrcer and Greene. TIT ANTED IMMEDIATELY? IN A SMALL FAMILY, TT (wher*two*erTant*ar*k*pt,) a Protectant woman to do geni aal hauaework; mast be a first, rat ? cook and laun drs*s. and a g*od eourc.trepa. Wages $ti per month. Call ftoia 11 till H at 81 Krachlln street. TTrAN TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT yeung wi man, to do general housework, or would Jo plain oewing or take can of a baby. Please call at No. 2 Amity place, for two days. in ins? Tl^AMED? THIRTT TAILORESSRS; NONE BUT TT good bauds need apply; also eight operators to work pu aewtng machines. Apply from 10 to 3 o'clock any day thu week at 2S1 Br> aiiway. np stairs. TITANTED ? BY A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER. TT work l.y the day, week, er month. Please apply, for OU week, at IAS Duan* kmi, corner of Hudson. TENANTED ? BY A CAPABLE YOUNG GIRL, A SITU TT ation as ehambermalJ, fine washer and ironer. or as corse and aeamatreaa; she fa kind and affectionate, and un derstand* th* entire ear* of a baby from it* birth. Can pro due* the most sat iefactory city reference. Can be seen for two days, at 121 East Twentieth street, between Second and ?n?rd afonnea, third door, hack room. TJLr ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN', TT a aitnatioa aa seamstress and nnrse ia some reapecta bis family; caa cat and fit all kind* of dreaaoa. Beat of reference givea. Caa be a >*n at 23 Watts atreet, for two day a. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a 'ituation in a small private family, as gwi plain cook, washer and ironer. The best etty reference can be given. Alan, a re*p*etabl* young woman to do chamber* erk or plain aewing, or asalat in washing and iron ing, ha* no etyeotka to go a ahort diatanee in the couulry. Cao be feen for two daya, at No. 8 Marion street, between Broome and Spring, aeeond floor, ftroat room. Tl' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT yonng woman, aa eook, washer and ironer, or to do the housework of a small private family. Good reference given from her last place. Please call, for two days, at No. f? Rt?e street, first floor, baok room WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youag womaa, aa chambermaid and waiter, or to do ehambervurk and l laia sewing. Ilaa ne objeotion to the countr> Good < ity reference. Can be aeen fer two da\s at 32 Greeawicb street, seenn 1 door, IVont room. TETANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT English servant, as go.,d oook and baker, aad first rate v>a <b*r aad ironer. Can U? well recommended from her last plaee Can be aeen for two lava at 122 West Twenty-seventh Street between Seventh aad Eighth avenue*, seonnd door. ?????.. soc*. "IITANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT woman, as ?nr?? aad seamstress has no objectioa to do light chamber* rk; would Ilk* t? |0 in th* eouutry for the eummer. Good refevcac*. Caa be aeen for two daya at 1* Seventh avenue, corner ef Nla*te*ath street ateoad leer. front room. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A REPECTABLE TT yeaar womaa. a* cook, wa*h*r aad Ironer, or a* thambermald and waiter. Caa i>e *e?n for two dnys, at 70 Warn atreet, Brooklyn. The beat of city reference from her laat place ean be given WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A SITUA TT iioa, ia the city <ir country, a* eook, aad will aaeiat ia th* washing. Can give the beet ef recommendation* Call at Ne * Oak atreet, corntr of Cbortnut, second door, fer two day*. WANTEh-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yenag woman, aa chambermaid aad waiter, or to aadst In bonaewevk. Good etty reference Call at TM> Weat Si* beeatb lint*. betweea Ewbth and Math aveauee. for twe dare WANT11>-BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO rnaa. wb* underetande e*..klng in all Ua branch's, a situation. Ha*g??d city retersase Wagee tN> per m oath. Alee, by ? meet r**P*e tabUren., girl, as mmxrex aad mnree. or to ae*t?t la tb* w*ani*g aal ironing Caa be aeen for twe day*, at No. 9 M?1 berry, Vtet|a? itt*e?. dr*t wajtts. WANTED-BY A RK3PECTABLllHtOT?STANT WO nutn. ft lit ufttian ftl him iU HHUtrtH; u eepakl* of tftkin* tin charga of ft baby from it* birth; Ua* lived ive yatra in on* utuatioa, and hM th* bMt of referuaoa, Mk olty MU country. 1'lataa pall a* No. 14 Bowery. TIT ANTED? A VERY F.XPERt?!fcliD 3KAMSTRES3; 0B* who otn cat and lit chililHn'a clothe*, and ouni well recommended. Aptrty ftt No 9Wa*hiagtoa plao*, be t??? the houreor 9ftn?f 11. TIT ANTED ? A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A3 COOK, TT wftaher, ftnd Ironer la ft eai?ll privftta family i> Brook lyn Good reference requirod. Inquire ftt 174 Clinton itreet, New York, between the hour* of 9 nod 2. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A lituttion to do geneul housework or chftmborwork, ftnd to assist with the washing ftad ironing, or ftl ohildren'l aiir*?. ftnd to do plain towing. Best of city ref*renee can be given, by applying ftt 241 Tenth avanue, between Twenty fifth and Twenty sixth (tieet*. first floor, front room. Can situation to do general homework or chamberwork, washing ftnd ironing, or ai ohildren'l i Mwinj. Bent ot city r*f*renee can ftt 241 Tenth avenae.jMtwoen Twenty bo sean tor two day*. "Tr-ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T I Germnn girl, capable of doing ftll kind of homework. Satisfactory (referonoe given. N. B. An A a eric a a family preferred. laquire IM Mott atreet, room 9. TAT ANTED ? A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER AND TT irnuer, or to do general houiework In a private family. Good city reference. Can be seen for two day* at 466 Eighth avenue, between Thirty-fourth ftnd Thirty-fifth itreet*. Wanted? by a respectable middle aged woman, ft litnation an nurao and plain *eam*tress; ha* no objection to light chamberwork; the beat or eity refer ence from her la*t plao*, whore ahe lived seven year*. Please cftll at No. 83 Twenty seventh itreet, between Sixth ftnd Seventh avenues. TXT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Protestant girl, a* cook, wtshtr ftad ireaer, or ft* chtmbormaid and waiter, in > privftte family. Can give the beat or relerance t rum her I ait place. Cftn be *een until an gaged ftt 3.') Pearl itreet, oorner of Franklin place. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a litnation a* cook, aad to a**l*t in w taking aad iron ing; or to do chtmberwork tnd fine w taking, la a private famili . Plaaie apply at 332 Twelfth itreet, betweea fir. t and Second avenue*, front room. Can be ieen for tw? day*. WET NURSES RECEIVED DAILY AT THE NURSE ry, 119 St. Mark'* place. Btbloi wet nursed at IS per month. TV ANTED? A PROTESTANT ORPHAN GIRL, BE TT tweeu ten tnd thirteen yetr* of tge. to bring up. Ap . during th* week, in Union itreet, fifth hoaae weit of math atreet. South Brooklyn. ply ami WANTED-A SITUATION, jTU A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* laundreiCTr waiter, la a private ft >n. jsr j ? ? .. ? .. ? dresCrr ... ly; *be underattndi crimpiag, jpatiag and polishing, aad ha* good reference from her Itat flnoe where the lived two yean tnd a hair. Ua* no objection to the country. Can be aeen for two day* at 110 Eleventh itreet, in the rear, be tween Fir*t and Seoond aveuuea. ? WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* chambermaid, and to do plain lewiu, aad to auuat in athe waihing aad Ironing. Good oity refe rence given from her la?t plaoe. Pleaae call at 128 Twelfth ?treat, lor two day*, between the Filth aad Sixth aveauei. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN, a litnation in a private family, ai cook, Wftiher ftnd ironer. Can produce the beat of city raferenoes. Can be aeen for two days at 07 Eait Twenty-seventh (treat, betwiea Fourth aad Lexington avenuei. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MOST niGHLY recommended young girl aa chambermaid aad nurse. Ii a most excellent waiher aad ironer, a neftt lower, a per ion or excellent Judgment in the nuriery, and williig to as aist in anything required. Hai a* objection to Brooklyn. Will take five or *ix dollar* a month. Th* beit of city re fire noe. Call or ftddreu 323 Fir*t avenue, firit Hoar, otok room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young womtn at cook in t respectable private family. I" ndcratanu* cooking in all iti braaohe*, aad ha* lived la rase of the belt familial in the city. Can give the best of city refrreucei from her last plaoe. Pleaie call far two day* at 128 Twelfth itreet. betweea Fifth aad Sixth ftvoaaes WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonag woman, ai chambermaid and plaia aewor; or aa chamSermaid aad to aiiiit ia th* waahing and iroalag. Can prodace the boat of reference*. Can bo looa for two da> * at 43 Perry atreet, ia th* rear. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT girl, to do tewing and take care of children; i* willing to iisiit in houaework. Can bo *eea for three dayi at 317 Firit avenue, betweea Nineteenth and Twentieth streets, in the itore. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A VERY RESPECT able womftu, aa nurse and aeftmitreii; haa the best of city reference from her last place. Pleaae call at Mo. 3 Sixth itreet, Iront baaemeat, for two dayi. OTTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young womtn, aa none tnd leimatro**; no objection to go in the country. Good city reference given. Can be Men for two dty* at 42 Eaat Eighteenth itroot, between Fourth avenue and Brotdwty. Tl" AN TED? A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A T" young tnd hoalti^ married womtn; 1* posaesied of tn amiable disposition. Can be toon by applying at No. 8 Dethrone! itreet, lower door. WANT1D? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl, ai laundress in t private ftmily. Good city re ference ctn be given. Can be *e*n for two dayi, at 113 We*t Tvmnty-fourtb itreet, in the rear, third floor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a litnation a* a first rate waiher tnd Uoner, or chtm bertnaid or waiter. Can give the be*t or city reference. Ctn be *een tt 54 Spring atreet, for two day*. TTT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE II young womtn, ta ltundreaa, in t privtte family. Good city reierenco from her la*t place Caa be even for two dty* tt 41R Sixth tvenue, third floor. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young womtn, t* cook, wa*her tnd itoner. The best of city reference Can bo lean for two day* at W Wo*t Twenty-tourth atreet between Sixth and Seventh aveauei. Til'" ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN. TT as laundress and is fully ctnftM* of th* bnaineaa. no to go in the r??uirf. Can ba aeon fcf two days at H Third aveane, between Tenth aad Elevinth itroeti. Good city reference givon. WANTED? A YOUNO LADY OF PLEASING ADDRESS aod gonteel appearance, to learn the millinery. Would he ttken for lix m-nths, tnd botrded in the ttmily. The first three months hecserricoi would be required in the ihnw room or itore. She man be tble to write, as ahe wonld oc eislonnlly have to ttke order*. Inquire at 286 Sixth avenae, corner of F.ighteenth itreet. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS COOK, BT AN EXPK riei.ced pereon, a good waaher and ironer and baker. Good city referonoet Can be teen tor two day*, at 203 Jay etreet, Brooklyn. ~\KT ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN, A TV ait nation at aeamatrea*. or chambermaid and aeamatreai, n a respectable family. Beit reference given. Can be mm for three day* at the tut corner Hoyt and Batler street*, South Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation a> chambermaid, tne washer and ironer; ha* lately arrived from England. The beat of city reference given. Can be aeon for two daya at 185 Sixth arcane. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE yoang woman, ai chambermaid or laondroa. Qood city reference. I'leaee call at 146 Twelfth itmt. W" ?Ne*?!t^n ae c h AU., K VOCNC WOMAN WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, twenty year* of age. a eitnatinn a> chambermaid and waiter Good oily reference* given from her late em ployera. Can be oen at 2K7 Schcruierhorn street, Brooklyn, WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO WOMAN. AS ?camatreia, to go ont by the day or week can cut and fit ladies' and children'a dreasea in the beit manner. The beet reference* from ladiea in tba city, Please call or ad dreaa B. L., 1J3 Twelfth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenuea, t uurth floor. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK. BY A P1RSON VV who perfectly underatand* her btir-tueaa in all ite brunches, ia an excellent mtaher and ironer, and wonld be* Milling to a.sikt with waihlng if requirod. a small private family preferred. Beit of city referenoe from her last plane ean be given, l'leaae call at 73 Fourth itreet. corner of Uammcnd street. "II" AN TED? BY A YOUNG LADY, A SITUATION TO TV attend in a fancy store; is fuUv competent to cut and make ladies' morning rob?a and children's dreaaea. Apply at 388 Sixth avenue, near Twenty -fifth atreet. fourth Boer. "I1T ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vt yuun< woman, to do general housework: understands plain cooking, and ia a good waahtr and ironer; hae had three yeare experience in London. Can he eeen for two days at IS4 Wooster etreet in the rear, firrt honae. up ataira. Tir ANTED? A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, VV by a respectable ynuug girl, to do general homework. Inquire at (i* Yandam atreet, near llouiton. Beat of re l err nee given. TITANTED-A SITUATION AS CHAM IIERM AID AND VV waiter, or to asaiit ia the fine waaliing; folly nnder eland* her btisinesn. t ?n be aeen fnr two daya. If not auited Pleaae call at 10B Weat Twenty sixth etreet, between Sixth and Seventh avenuea. Referenoe* from her laat place TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TV aa fcamatreas. underatanda dreaa and ahirf making, and alt kmda of family aewing; no objection to do light chamberwcrk. and take carejof frowning children Beat of city reference. Can be aeen for two daya at 181 Grand etreet, in the (tor*. TITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT girl, aa cook, waahrr and ironer. Good city reference Pleaae call at. or addreea, AS Weat Twentieth atreet. corner of Sixth avenne. for two day*, if not engaged. WANTr.D-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT womaa. aa plain cook, waaher and ironer. Good eity reference given No objection to go a abort dmtanee in th country. Can 1>* aeen for two daya at 124 Wut Thirty third atreet. between Sixth and Seventh avenne* ?UTANTED-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BT A TT rwt eitaMe yonnz girl; ia capable to cut and At ladie> dreaeea, and do all kinde of aewing and embroidery- would be willing to instruct yonng children in branchea of English education. Pleaae ea.l at lit Weat Nineteenth atreet Tl"' ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TV jouag W'.m ?n aa cook, waaher and Ironer, of to de g* neral hoaaew >rk H aa good city reference Can be aeen at her pr> ?snt f lace IKS Eaat Twenty eecond atreet. until en faged; ha. i . en tor the paet ten year* in the family oennec ?on of her present employ ar. T1"AN1EI)-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT woman, aa eook end to aaaiet in the waahing aad iron ing of ? email famil j . !? a good i nker Good city reference given Appl) *t XT Sixth avenue, between Eighth and Ninth atreet*. __ WANTEI>-A SITUATION, AS FIRST RATE WAITER and chambermaid Good city reference given l'leaae rail at IIS Twenty seventh etreet. between Seventh nnd Eighth avenuea. eecond floor back r o?m None but private (lmlliH Med tpflj; WANTED-A SITUATION BV A TODN<J WOMAN TT la do gen-re. houeewovk . i? a good waaher aad irener and ran take care efohri lrea in a ?mal. private family Oeod city reference caa U gi/en A?->iy at 42 Whitehall atreet N tw? taya WANTS. TIT AN TKD? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT Amerieia girl, aa lady's maid and seamstress; under Itudi doing up muslins snd French fluting; or M ohild's maid or welter, ia a mall family; would have ae objection to (ratal. Caa get the host of city reference fro* her laat plaoe Pleaae oall U SSI Siitfe avenue, M?N> Twentieth and Twenty brat atreeta. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a ait nation In a aaall private family, ta cook, walk and iron; kaa nonobjection to 4a chamberwork or waiting. The beat cityreferenoe from her Uat place. Caa b? HKI for two daya at 59 Eleventh a treat, botwecu First and Saeoad avenues. WANTED? A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS, OR AS chambermaid aad to 4a the tne washing. Has excel - lent reference from Aor Uat plaoe, where aha lived three years. Can be aean for twe .days in the baaement af 71 West Twenty first atreet, below Sixth arenae. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A aituation aa chambermaid; haa no objection to take care of children, or aaaiat in waiting. Good city reference given. Plea** call 327 Tenth (tract, third floor, for two daya. WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A YOUNG WOMAN"; il a good cook, waabor, aad ironer, also underatanda ^t'i^Vat^rt^^iSr- C" WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION in a private tamily aa hrst rate waaber and ironer, and to do cbamberwork, or aa waiter aad obain barmaid; has no objection to take caro of children and do plain aewing. She ia a competent perron aad can fill any ot the above aituationa. Can give good city reference. Picas* inquire for two daya at 343 Seventh avenue, noar the corner of Twenty eixth atreet. in the atore. WANTED ? A REBl'ECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES a situation aa ohambermaid, or to cook, wash and iron in a amall private family. Good reference. Please call at 53 0 Greenwich atreet, front door. WANTII>? BY A STEADY, INDUSTRIOUS YOUNG woman, a aituation aa oook, waaber aad ironer. or to do general homework, llaa no objection to go a ahort dm tauoe in tho country. Caa give good city referenoe. Call at 3U> Seventh avenae, aacoad floor, baek room, for two daya. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUA tion aa good plaia cook, washer and ironer. Can five the beat city reference. Call, for two daya, at 336 Sixth avenue, up rtaira, Croat room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE 01 RL, A SITUA tion aa waitrcaa, and to aaaiat in the flue washing and ironing. The baat of city reference given from her laat plaoe. Haa no objection to going to the country, aad will make herself generally uaeful. Please call at IMS Clinton Plaoe, near Sixth avenae. Can be aeon tor two day* ia the atore. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* oook, waahor aad ironer, or to do cbamberwork and waiting ia a amall private fhmily. Un exceptionable reference given. Pleaae call, for two daya, at 173 West Twenty -flfth atreet, top floor, between Seventh and Eighth aveuuei. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NURE. BY A ?ery reapectable Iriah lady, whoaa child ia five weeka old; ahe ia willing to aow or do houaework. Apply to Mrs. Hart, No. at Mulberry atreet, ia the rear, for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant young girl, aa chambermaid ia a Protectant family. Caa be aeon for two day* that >17 First avenue, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG OIRL, AS chambermaid aad waiter, or weald take care of chil dren and do plain sewing, either la a private family or hoard ing houae. Baa oo objeot ion to go ia tha oouatry. Caa give satisfactory references from her laat place. Pleaae call at 77 Crosby street. Caa t* teen from I o'clock to 5 o'clock. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN lately arrived from England, aa ckambarmaid aad plain aewer, or to aasift with the washing or waitiag. Good city reference gives. Can be seen for two daya. Please call at 1M Ninth atreet, between Third aad Fourth avenues, first floor, front room. WANTED-A PLACE TO DO HOUSEWORK IN A amall private family. The beet of recommendations given iram her, last place. Inquire for two days at 52 Perry a tract, corner ot Fourth. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ? situation in a private family; is a flrat rate washer and ironer. and can do plain cooking. Please call at '106 La urea a atreet, first floor. Caa ho aeon from 9 o'clock A. M. to C P. M. TITAN TED? BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED TT woman, a situation la a amall fomily, to do general honsework. Can be seen for two daya. Pleaae call at No. 10 Clarkaon atreet, in the rear, third floor. Beat of city re ference given. TIT- ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU TT ation to do tha general houaework of a amall private tamily; ia a good washer and ironer, and understands plain cooking; haa the heat ot reference from her last plaoe. Call at 59 avenue B, in the atore, where ehe caa be aeon for three daya Ia willing to work for wagea to auit the times. WANTED-BY A BESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A aituation as chambermaid aad waiter, or to do geaeral housework in a private family; has no objactiaa to live in New York; the best of reference given. Please call at 28 Warren atreet, Brooklj n. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young womaa, as cook, washer and Ironer In a private family; understands baking and pastry in all its branchea. The best of city reference given. Please call at No. 6 Sixth street, third floor, back room, for two days. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A 8ITUATI0N to do general houaework in a private tamily; iaa good waaher and iroaer: weuld do cbamberwork. Haa good city reference from ber last place. Please call at 105 East Twenty-fifth street. WANTED? A SITUATION AS FIBST RATE COOE, bv a young woman who Is capable of doing all sorts ef cooking: would have no objections to asslet In washing. The best of city references can be givea. Call at 91 West Nineteenth street, for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, IN A private family, by a girl that understande dressma king, or would do chamberwork and a?j waahiag aad Pleaae oall at No. IS* Beat Twenty third at., Third av. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid aad waiter, or s*am ?tress, or aarse; can do plaia sewiag very neatly, and aader stands plaia dreaamaking. Can be aeea in her present situa tioa, where interviews may be had. Call at 83 Colombia atreet. Brooklya Heights, where the best of reference* will be given. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to cook, wash aad iron; Is a good cook and baker, aad aa excellent washer aad lron*r; thoroughly understands bar business. The best of city reference from her laat situatisa. Can be aeen for two day*, from 10 A. M. to 0 P. M., at No. 33 Clarkaon street, corner of Houston. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situatioa aa aurae, or to do chamberwork aad aasist in waahiag. Call at 81 West Nineteenth street. WANTED? BY" A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion as cook. *Mh? and Ironer in a small privat* family: U a good plain eook and first rat? washer and iranar; is alto a good bread baker. Can be eeen for two days at 84 Seventh street, near Flret avenue, second floor, back room. Good city reference can be given. WANTED? A GOOD COOK; ONE WHO UNDER stands her business thoroughly, and is a good washer and ironer. References required. Family very small. Ap ply at 42 Vestry street. WANTED? BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE GIRL, A situation; is a good cook, washer and ironer, and an dentaads baking; is a good pastry eook; wuuld go as nurse or laundress; ean assist in anything. Satisfactory reference from her last plaoe. Please call at 100 Weet Seventeenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, for two days, TXT ANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK, BY ONB WHO TV understands soups, pastry, baking and preserves. Ap ply at 212 Sullivan street, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A PERFECT COOK; can make all kinds of pastry and jellies. Three yean reference from her last plaee. Can be seen for two days, at 767 Broadway. TET ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vv young woman, to do general housework; is a good plain oook, and first rate washer and lr?ner, and is willing to make herself useful. The beet of city reference. Can be seen or heard of. for two days, at 12U Clinton plaoe. Eighth street, third floor. YET ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vT woman, as good plain cook, or to do general house work. Has no objection to go into the country. Apply at No. 8 Fifth street, in the rear WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, who has lately landed, as first rate cook, washer and irensr; enn do general housework ia the neatest style; has filled the highest situations at home for the last ten years; has no objection to go a abort distance in the country. If required; oan make first quality butter; wishes to engage with a privet* family. Can be seen for three days, at 23 First avenne, back parlor, from 10 A M. to 4 P. M. WANTED-A SITUATION FOR A MAN AND WIFB; one as coachman, who uadnrstands his business perfect ly, snd wife as cook, have both lived in the best lamllies in the State, and teler to preeent employer who .lee lines keep, ing horses. Th" highest wages expected and will be earned. Apply by letter to John M., Herald offir*. TE7 ANTED ? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. BY AN vv Englishman, who thoroughly understands she can of horses and driving, and oan give the best ot city reference u to honesty and sobriety. Address J. D . care of Charles U. Coibsad, saddle and harness maker, 112 Bleecker street TEfANTED-A SITUATION. BV A RESPECTABLE vv yonng Englishman, in a wholesale or retail dry goods store; has had six years' experience, and is a gsod salesman. Address M S. K., Fordbam Post Office, tVostchester couaiy, M W 1 1_l WANTED? A SITUATION, ilY A YOUNG MAN; HE nndentands the csre and management of a farm, and has leen accustomed to the can of stork; cau give seenrity t .r sn> trust nposed in him Pleast address r. r , Herald office Ylf ANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE vT youn: man, a Protestant, to work >n a farm, under stand* the rare and driving of horses, sni is willing ta make him**lf generally useful in and o*< of doors To b? seen or addressed at 51 Amos street. In )uir* for D. B ?tErANTBD-BY A STEADY. ACTIVE AN!) F.S'EB v ? getie Amerieaa a situation In any bnsln-ss. where his abilities ran be entmly given his to <mp!over s interest is s Bd and quirk accountant and thcr^ngh busmes jinn. A compensation is nil that |? reqnr-1 Al iress Busiest Herald office, this week WANTED-AN AGENT TO SUX TO DRV GOOD! d*al*rs and clathlers. rh >ice artielee in their line, ant on desirable terms. A man acquainted with the city trnde. may nddr*** S. A , n*nl4 office. W ^BANTED? AGENTS TO TRAVM THROUGHOUT the United States and the Cansdas to sel|th*be<t map qut to make menej on? the Mirror if Sebastopol, and map of the Black Sea aad Orimea, views of th? hurtlcan* i n the Black Sea. llattl* of Inkermann portrait*. Ac. ?j piy 00 Fultoa s'reet, up ttal*". WANTED? A GOOD PRACTICAL AMERICAN nR English farmer, wfce thoreugaiy under.- end." His bun aefs in allits hranehos. to Work on a farm ab t s sty rail 's up th* North eivar. Undoubted la regard e honesty, capability. Ac., WUI be nqntrec Apely at IV Eldndge street WANTED-nY A MAN OF ItlSINBSS HABITS, A situation in a bank, ias>iranee '-lire n awo'seterta* establishment or m >f*nlile honse in N *w Verk er vicm'i) Will engage as bookkeeper, c*ll*ct .r e. rente ?B*r! eg* Ac Hss ? Miorongh know(edg?_af t .isin ???, hav.n^ Isad entire control ot boeine*s In New York fur several jears Can give tke host of rttv reference ?* t? character *ad c*p\ Mlity Address J D J., or apply at T B F??il?,Jr , f?t tbtsi d*y? WAJTTB. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A TOUNG MAN OF color, te travel te Europe with a gentleman. Vum no object. Good RfmuN ir required. Address T. 3. I., Herald otto*. WANTED? SALESMEN, IN THE 1'RINTED MUSLIN, de tain*. barege and print d"part inents; alio, an entry clerk, >t a moderate salary .and three respectable boys, fif teen to seventeen roar*, to ham the busmes*. LORD A TAYLOR. Grand street. WANTED? A VOUNG MAN, ABOUT TWRNTT TRAR3 of an, ae assistant salesman in a retail dry goods store. Apply to O. C. BURDETT A CO , 181 Grand street. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ENGLISH ?an. a situation as waiter; he thoroughly understand* his business and has rood city refer mces. Can he seen for two days in the variety store, Sbl Fourth street, between Greene street and University place. Would Jike to travel or go in the country with a family. WANTED? BY TOE ADVERTISER, WHO KNOWS the business, a situation or as interest in a soger store. Be can put some stockiato the business. Address Havana, Herald office. ?WrANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN OF TV experience, us gardener; can come with the best of city and oountrj- reference; understands buidihg, pruning and grafting. Can be seen at 27 Whitehall street, tor two days. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO CAN 1'RODUCE testimonials of liis efficiency and character, and give satisfactory reference, a situation as groom and gardener. Inqulie of I'. KEAK. 51 Chambers street. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MARRIED MAN, A SITITA tien ae coachman in a respectable family; is thoroughly acquainted with the oare of horses; has no objection to go to the country. Ills wife, being a good seamstress, he would be glad to have her in the same family. Best of city references given. Address T. M , Herald olhco. WANTED-BY A RESl'ECTA BLE YOUNG MAN, a situation as waiter, in a private family or hotel. No objection to go in the oountry. Best of reference from his last employer, whan be has lived three years. Call at 76 Third avenue. WANTED-A MAN TO WORK A FARM ON SHARES, Can have a team, Ac., found. American or Scotch pre tcrred, and one who has some means. On* who understands hurting charoeal ean have extra work; or would sell a lot and talc* in work. Thirty m. from New York. Enquire at Ralph's, 21 Fulton street. WANTED-BY A GBRMAN, NINETEEN YEARS OF age, a situation as olerk or light porter, ia a mercan tile house, He is a good penman, correct at figures, and not alraid to work. Flea** address A. Kempe, Jersey City Post Ottce. TITANTED ? TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG MEN, TO VV obtain subscribers for several new and popular illus trated works now in oeuise of publication. Persevering young men ean make from three t* five dollar* per day. Ap ply to Mr. J. W. Brinson, 397 Broadway, up stairs. WANTED-A PROMPT, ACTIVE. ENERGETIC MAN. TV with MOO, to take an interest in a dining saloon and reftaurant down town. Apply immediately at 119 and 121 Nassau street, room No. 8. RICHARD L. PUEDY A CO. WANTED? 11 V A RESPECTABLE MAN, A SITUA tion as confectioner and pastry cook in all Us branch es; has no objection to a hotel, or to go in the country. Cta give good elty reference. Address a note to 74 Ann street. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, TO ACT AS PORTER IN an auetioa house; one who uaderstands the furniture businoes. Apply from 8 to 10 ia th* morning, to 1. L. Van dewater, 14 Maiden lane. WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE, EXPERIENCED YOUNG man, a situation as olerk, collector, or porter; would take any respectable employment, and work for moderate remuaeration. Caa produce good eity references. Plots* address A. B. C., Chatham square Post Office. ?fir ANTED? A SITUATION BY A YOUNG HAN. TO VV werk on a farm or dairv; ean work ia a garden. He is not afraid of aay work. He has good recommendations from wber* he has lived thro* y*ars. Please call at Ne. 3 Amity place?f?r two day*. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, COMPETENT TO TAKE charg* of a set books, and to assist in the stor*. Those who are acquainted with the gentlemen's furnishing busi ness preferred. Joha Davis k Son, 88 Warren str**t, WANTED? ONE GOOD VIOLINIST, ONE GOOD baajoist. But of references required, and none but American* need apply. Addre** E. /. Cook, Jersey City, n. jr. WANTED-BY k RESPECTABLE FRENCHMAN, A situation as waiter In a private family ; the advertiser is well versed in his business, is capable, and can giv* good city refertnees. A note addressed to J. C., oare of Mr. H. Kerr, 746 Broadway , will meet with immediate attention. WANTED? A BOY SIXTEEN YEARS OF AtiE TO wait and attend on a gentleman; mist be able to read. Call on Friday, between 12 and 1, at 212 Broadway, corner of Fulton, room 12. ? ' ' ' ' . , WANTED-A IAD AS ASSISTANT BAR TENDER at Witgias' Hotel, on the Coney Island plank road, Long Island, feur miles from Fulton ferry. Apply between the hours of 8 and U P. M. One from the country praferred. WANTED? A SMART, ACTIVE LAD; ONE WHO IS A good writer and not afraid of work; good eity refer enoes required. None others need apply at No. 23 Bowery. Cfl CANVASSERS WANTED? FIFTY ACTIVE GEN uu teel men, cf good address, well recommended for so briety and honesty, ar* wanted to canvas the eity for a aew and unquestionably successful Invention indispensable to every householder. None but those well recommended by city reference and who can deposit t20 need apply. A libe ral and certain commission will b* realised. Apply la per son, with recommendations, from 3 to 9 P. M.. at Goodwin's Real Kstate Office, No. 7 Clinton Hall, Eighth street, te Edw'd Sole jr. DANCDIU ACAOK9UKS. DANCING. -MORE NEW CLASSES ? 1>. DE 0. Breoko'a, 361 Broom* street. All tba faahioaable dance* taught in on* conn* of loitona. Private lemoni at rarious houri. Soiree* Wednxday night*. LOST AKD FOIKD. Found? a pocketbook, containing a sum or money. The owner can hare the tame by aroTing pro r*y end paying ebargea. Apply io N. P. Todd, No. 3 idge atreet. & Lost.-on sun day, in passing from fourth arena* to Broadway, Fifth arenue or riciaity, a bunch of imall k*ya. Tba finder will b* aaitably rewarded by leer ing It at the pace of the New York Haul. Lost and found.-a scotch shawl was left by a geatlemaa in a carriage, on Sunday laat, ami waa taken poMowioa of by th* advertiaer, who will r*(tor* it by calling at 14# Tear 1 afreet, up itaira. Lost and stray ooods? notice to for wardtr* and Railroad Compaai**? Th* undnriigned haa returned fr*m th* Wait, where he hai bona during th* part winter, in March of loit aad atray good*, and will furniah a oomrleto Uat of all auch good* to be found a* different poet* Weit ol and at Buffalo, to any one deiiroug of, the *an*. Apply t though th* Port offloe, boa 4MM, Buffalo. Price ill) on* dopy. L. C0LLETTK. B offal*. March 7, 18?. T 0ST-0N TUESDAT HORNING, IN GOING FROM Jj eorntr of Sixth avenue aad Ninth atreet to No. 1M Warerley place, a black lacoChaatilly Tail. Ike Under will b* (nit ably rewarded by learing tba aam* at No. 158 WaTer ley plac*. n*ar blxth a rein*. LOST-A POCKETBOOK, WITH A CHECK FOR $118 75. of Chaa. Chriitmai, dated ltfth laat., drawa ia ay tarer, on Phcrnix Bank, New York, aad endoried by a*, payment of w hich ha* t een (topped. Ia tbia pocketbook waaaboat $20 ia bank aate*. Whoever will return the pooketbook and check to the underaianed, may k**p tb* money In bank not**, aad ao oaaationa will be aaked. IGNATIUS TERLECKI. 45 Eaat Nineteenth atreet, or care of Auguit Belmont, 76 Bearer (treat. LOST-A SMALL GOLD WATCH. WITH A BLACK RIB bon attached; (uppoaed to hare boon loat in a Broadway omaibua. The finder will bo liberally rewarded, and re ceive the (incere tbanka of the owner, (it being eery highly Talced na a gift from a doeaaied parent,) by rot araiag it to Madame F.mbree. 6K7 Broadway. LOHT-ON THE 20TU INST . A GOLD BRACELET, with blood atone lockat. The tinder will bo liberally rewarded by returning it to 17 Great Jone* atreet. Lost-yesterday morning between 11 and 12 o'clook, in Waahingtoa atreet, or Washington market, a heary embroidered black lace rail. The finder will be li berally rewarded by tearing tbe aame at !? North Moore atraet. Lost-from the wharf at the foot of thir ti?th etreet North rirer, a new main yard, about aiity f**t tali at tb. The finder will be well rewarded by tearing word at Meaara. J. Atkina A Co., South atreet. LOST-ON MONDAY LAST, BETWEIN 5 AND 8 P M.. in patniag from Thirt*entb atreet through tbe Siith avenue to Ninth *tr?*t, a fur rictorino. The tinder will roatly oblige tad be liberally reward*! by returning la to 15 Ninth atrret. near Sixth ar*bue SATE KEY LOST-NO. 775? YESTERDAY MORNING, la fire from Thirty second atreet to tbe Poat Office In t Bmadeai ''ago. Tb' finder will be suitably rewarded l v I -BT'ng it with P F. bMlfH. No, 50 I)?y atreet, or 90 West Thirty moid atreet. REWARDS. C>r/\ EEWARD.? LOST, ON THURSDAY MORNING, iJUU March 16 by a young olnrx, S3mi belonging to hie emr'o>?r ia eoming tTi tn Pec* dip, down Frmt ?tr**t. to the JournalCof Comineroo offtte, compruinr three one hon dred dollar bill* on tbe Serenth Ward Bank Tbe bnu*r will pie tie addreaa box 88 Poat Office. Clin REWARD? LOST ON MONDAY. I9TH INSTANT, a li'rht colored porivmonnaie. containing $45 in MU(, in the divi: ion for gold, and a aum not reraemtered in ano ther; alio, card> Ac The tinder will receive tbe abore re ward u lear! ,g it at 10 Bearer a'r*?t up ata'r* (ftlA REWARD? WILL BE PAID TO THE PERSON will ratore tke leopard ?kic robe that eM tnken 'roia the bnggy wagon 'in th* "renins of Monday la>t. i. M i ute *.o Pr>nce ?tr-*t, in th* Boa try. at .144 Il.ome utrtbt, and no qmitlwii asked. (J.r RFHAHD -STRAYED A I AROE BLACK NEW tyrj foundland drg, with ?!. '* ipo ?? ?u his Ireaat til t ere feet; an wen to tb* nam* of Tjid Wh'.erer wt'l re turn laid do* to th* ribicrlb-'i wiii re-* r > the abore re ear l CSllfFEN A SCl'DDER, y3,W,it TUirty aecond atreet. or l:l;VAHD-IJ?T N SUN DA ? EVENING, ?Tti March II, la or n-ar tie ( alrary Ilaftist Char h, a Mack la^e reil Tbi find-r wul pl*a?? caU at Jl Weit Twenty third atreet. a- fT REWARD? DOG I Of T? STRAYED IROM ITIS t^t.1 awni r, at 135 Ninth Mreet, yaterrtay mornini, a Kin/ < harln ipaniel, rather abort ear* an < bair black an i tan i.loroJ T l.a tinder will r' ceirj Wit abore renird'yre t- rtung tun a* abore ASTROLOG1 . TRi i >OY -MRS FI.1UR> FROM PARIS. IflCRLI i 4 In < *plai8n g th- plaatti by ' he iirt oftheaM i Ir <ri liy i o >k? ami (cieace Oivea uiTiuatlon on all * i' d( c f Ilia at S6S Broom* atreet ADA MF MORROW M II. 1." ?il VK LADIF 1~PRI VATi 1 e'i> r?? oa all ccncerae of lif(; ter predictioaa are tfaly aitotiiab rg, tho ith ib* nraeiie-a a< lain.: but what li tacoaoila >;< to pbileeoi'hy. Ir nei aatn'iei there will bi ao Oentlaaaa aot A" T Madame alwin, frow taris tenders hik > rticea to tl o ladiea and gentlemen in phr'nelogy, by b> lie and lelenc ? She ran bo roaault*d abtnt lore, mar r.a#e. bjatm ?? Ae . aad will tall tbe aaaa of th* lady ,r Botieiran tb -y will marry: aluo th* name Of bar T latter* MM Alwia ei arerae* is F.ailiih. French and 'isrmao tt**'d?8c< W l??* 1TJ B.'tt i ifli c.ret ?oUPiro Aim Mwwnio. Q BROAD WAT. ?TWO pine SJin Of WELL UrrO furnished treat room m*y be had, will fmlt beard, euitable for I mtlemu and lad/. AIM OM diflt room, with grate. House baa all modern improvement*. Diauor at 0 o'clock. QQQ I1BNBY STREKT, BROOKLYN? LOCATION DE O lighttul, being Are miautee' walk ftem the Soyth ferries ? A gentleman and liia wife, or two or three aingle fentlcmen. can obtain board, with room* ot rait* of roema, n a new flret claae houae. Apply as above. HUDSON STREET, FRONTING ST. JOUVS 1'ara ? a large front room on second floor, and roorna for siagle gentlemen; houae ha* all the modern improve ment*. Refereaeea exchanged. 149 Oudeon itreet. 14-1 S'*TB STRSCt rnior. ? ad room* j' 1(\C WAVERLY PLACE. THIRD DOOR WEST OF lUu Waahiagton park, very desirable euit* of room?, with board, may be had by seleot families or single gentle men; Uouae first elau; term* moderate; referenoe* ex changed. FRANKLIN STREET.? SUITS OF ROOMS, with kitchen privilege*, parlor* and aingle lodging rooma, all furnlahed complete; alao, front baaemeat for an olBce Hatha, hot and cold water, gaa, Ac. Only two door* from Taylor'* aaloun. Term* moderate to auit the timon. 7A FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF I U llroadway? Two parlor* on the flret floor, separate or together; a good location lora phraioian; al?<> five or six sin gle rooms for lodginga; all neatly furnUhed- Cleaulinoa* atrictly observed. WHITE STREET, FOUR DOORS WEST OF UU Broadway ?A baaement, fitted up for a phyaician'a office, may be had for th? same or any other kind of buai neaa; likewise two parlors, three email room*, on the ground floor, to let all together or separate; also several furniahod room*; immediately, if requited. 4Q W EST TWENTY-SECOND STBRBT, BETWEEN rl:t7 Fifth and Sixth avenuts? A parlor and bedroom on second floor, auitable for a family; also, front rooma for Bin gle gentlemen. Roferi nces required. QQ HOWABD STBEET, ONE DOOR FROM BROAD 0?7 way.? Furnished room* to let for gentlemaa and lady, with board for the lady. Alao a (ingle room for (entloinan, with breaklait, if deal red. Apply a* above. QC GREEN STRKBT-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE Z J or two single gentlemen oan be aeoommodatod with a liandaomely furniahod room, oa the second or third floor, and full or partial board. No moving la May. Reference* exchanged. 7BLEBCKEB STREET, BAST SIDE OF BROADWAY.? A handsomely furnlahed parlor and bedroom, oa the first floor, will be rented to two geatlomen, or a gentleman and wife. Persona desiring a central looatioa eaa be pleasantly accommodated. Beard if desired. 3 ASHLAND PLACE, FEBRY STREET.? BOOMS, IN suites or singly, for families or single geatlomen, may be obtained, with board, in a new first elaas house, for the sea son. No moving oa the lit of May. Apply a* above. Re ferenoee exrhaaged. Accet* by Sixth avenue ear* and Amity street at ages. A FEW SELECT PAMILIBS AND GENTLEMEN CAN be accommodated with salt or siagle rooms, with per manent board for the icaaon, ia the eligible brown atone building, whieh ia now aad aewly tarnished, containing all the modern improvements, at 07 Weet Twenty third street. A PRIYATE FAMILY WOULD LET TO A GENTLE maa aad lady, or aingle gentlemen, two front rooms, en third floor, furnished or unfurnished, one block from Fourth street. References exchanged. Apply at IS War ren plaoe, Charles street. A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, NICELY FURNISHED, to let to two gentlemen who wtnld be will lag to room together; a large pantry and wardrobe attached; private family, with partial board; dingers oa Sundayt. Referenoe* exchanged. Terms reaaoable. Gas, oath, aad all modern Improvements. Apply at 139 Wsst Twenty second street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues; near stage* aad oar*. A FOREIGN FAMILY, RESIDING IN A MODERN houae near Unloa square, would rent half of it to a re ?pectable family, with hoard, or with a kitchen and front ba*ement. Beit of reference* given and required. Addrea* Sir, poatpaid, Union aquare l'oat Office. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, OR A FAMILY OF three or four pereoas, can be accommodated with board aad pleasant rooms, unfurnished, oa seoond aad third floors, in a genteel private (amity, at 132 Lexington aveaue. Refrrenoea exchanged. A FINE ROOM, ON FIRST FLOOR, WITH BOARD, aad with ar without use of adjoining front parlor; also a room on second floor, in a small genteel honse, one block west of Broadway, where a comfortable home is offer ed. Please call at 9! Grand street. References exchanged. A GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN A NEATLY FUR niched bedroom, with partial board if desired, in a strictly private family, and where there are no other boarders. No moving la May. The honse haa all the mo dern improvements. Please call at 101 Perry (tract, two doors from Hudson street and Eighth avenne cars. A I.ADY HAVING A LARGE PARLOR ON THE FIRST floor, would like to let the same to a lady or geatle man, with or withent breakfact; below Grand street, near Broauwey. Tcrma modeiate. Address Mrs. A. M., Broad way Post Office. BOARD.-A FAMILY HAVING MORE ROOM THAN they require, would dispose of two fine rooms, with clo sets attached, to (a family, or a party ot geatlemen; the house ha t lag modern improvement*. A beautiful location for summer; acceasilile by cars and stage*. Apply at in Weat Twenty flret atreet. Board -a suits of unfurnished rooms, con taining km, pantries, Ac., may be had, about th* lat of May, in a email private family, when th* comforts of a home m>) be enjoyed; alio, a furnished room for a (ingle gentle man. at No. 8 Warren plaoe, Charles street. Board- with convinirnt apartments for famillee or ilngle gentlemen, in a 6 ret class private boarding home op town. Locality desirable for the sum mer; possesses every faoility of access to all part* of the ciij. K*f*r*ne?* exchanged. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon ?quart-. west *idt, second door ftrom Rank street. Board. ? furnished rooms to let, at no. 22 Union place, auitabl* for sing 1* gentlemen. The room* ?re delightfully *ituat*d. overlooking Union square. On tb* lat of May next several lan* and beautiful peri era will be ready for occupancy, suitable for a gentleman and hia wite. Apply as alov*. Board near arinodon sqbare-a suite of furnished room* on th* *econd floor to lat, with full or partial board, in a private family Of refinement Oas and Croton water? Unexceptionable reference given and re quired. Apply at 778 Greenwich (treet, third door north of Sink street. Board, in west eleventh street, near Broadwaj ?A portion er the whole eecand story to lat, with board, from the firet of April, for the season ; also a front batrment to let. Apply at 1ft West Eleventh street. Board.? a widow lady, residing in the vici nity of Houston (treet, a short distanc* from Broadway, on th* weat aid*, ia desirous of renting two well furnished rooms, on tb* Kcoad floor, to two ladies, with board. T*rmt moderate Please address M. E.. Broadway Post Otto*. Board wanted-for a lady and child, two years eld, who will partly furnish her own room. A Erivatw iamily preferred. References eichaaged. Address awrence. Herald eflloo, stating location and terms, wUch muat be moderate. Board wanted-by a respectable young woman, below Houston (treet, at a price not exceeding three dollars per week, Sh* will furnish her own room. Address L. O. , Herald office. Board wanted? in the country, from first of May, of easy access to the city daily, for a gentle man and his family, constating ef thte? adults. Address box No. 6 Post office. Board wanted-in a private family, by a single gentleman, either immediately or on the first of May. Reference exchanged. Location between Twentieth ana Thirty-second etreets, east of Fifth avenue, l'lease sddr?*a Boarder, Union square Post Office, stating terms, Ac offlc" **'"????? ?Mb*?ged. Addre**c*V^d^\?* n to a hthy n?asi ? oth*r? noticed. P?r H. raid office, f, , two/."' Address R St, Board wanted? bv a gentleman and wite, in a private family; location between Carmine and Four teenth streets, near Bleecker. Ad.lress Boarder, Hudson street i*o*t Office. Terms moderate. Board wanted in Brooklyn? a small room, breakfast and tea. and dinner on Sunday, within th* district bounded by Fnlton *vi-nne,City Hall, Fulton street, Johnson and Bridge streets. Terms must be moderate. Ad ?ir<is D. P.. box 1,7?4 New York Post Office. Board wanted in Brooklyn ? a gentleman and wife wish to obtain a permanent boarding place at a moderate price ? full board for the lady and partial board for tb* gentleman. They will turnish th*irroom. Location to b* east ot Fnlton (treat, within one mil ? of Fnlton or Wall (treet ferry. Address, stating terms, Ac , R. E.. He rald office Board wanted in rbooki.yn-ry a gentle man and wife, iu a private family, ia tb* vicinity of I'aclfl* and Nevin* streets Terms to bo moderate. Ad dress, stating fall particulars. L H. E , boa 3 *.*i Post Offlc*, New York. Boarping-a small private family, would l*t, with board, to on* or two g*ntl*m*n and their wives, the -ntlr* eeosad floor, or could accommodate thrM or four ringle gentlemin; the house has alt the modern improve ment*, pieasaatly sitnat*d. Ac : dinner at stx o'clock, re ferent** exchanged. Inquire at 118 Wsst Twentieth stroet, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Boarding. -nice furnished rooms, witiiior without board, on reasonable term- Gas and baths fa th* houi-*. Apply at 118 Fourth street References ex ! cbuucl Boarding -a small family, or two gentm men and their wiv** can have board, with pl*a*aat I r.nms Henry stwt; or the upper part of th* hous* ? ill b*l?t to atente?l family. No others n*?d appjr. Th* borne is C'linm Moat having a bath room and ga*. Boarding? for famii.ii: 4 and single gentle men with a^srtmonts having ill th* modern improve m nts. furnished or unfurnished Mth or without board, at 207 West Twentieth street. Local. >*i pleasant and conveni ent ?o ears and stt?*s. B WARDING AT WARREN STKV.i T-TWo OR THREE single i-en' lemencan be accomm ?? Med with board and I 1 1 .tmnt sir* ako, one young lalv ran be accommo dated with loard aad room, day board r* accomm>dat*4f wi t board c n reasonable terms. "BOARDING AT 378 SECOND A VEN I F ?TWO SINGLE J ? gentlctnet can be accommodated with a :i?ndeorn?ly for" wished parlor and two bedrooms adjoining lor ft eacn pee week including beard, gas, hot and cold wa'er baths. Also. > suit of room* for a^ 71 URD IN II >B >kTn -WANTRD. BT A GENTLE X) rcan, 1 oar J iti a rnvnt* family, or wh*r* tl -re are only a ;ew t arders Lake* Aidr*ss A. T., box 170 H-rald office, i ii' 'i! idtatt-1; ^ Villi, board-with a vert finr *00*, MAY RE r li* i f ' r ii*nsrc:> bv * call aman aad wife, or single g*nt *m*a, ir. a (mail family, at Ne. W East Thirteenth street, house has all th* modern im proven eats Furnished rih>h,s to let-in the new and alsgai.t li. oss No tl W Ml Thlitoeath *tr<s*t, aaar 1'iAh aveaus. with beard. il repaired Ga*. warm Mi **U MMMb *?. Bn*t ctf?(tB9M llTtR flftd m?im, AMD Furnished room ?a i.akue front room, fbr ' ' nisbed double, with null room adjoining, will bo WU two tetpectable geutlemea, without board location d?w* town. Apply ?till Cherry itroot, throo door* from Catt* rine street. Fl KMSHED ROOMS TO LET ? A LADT HAVING taken a bo?M in tbo upper part of tbo oity, soar nil and stage route*. wishes to lot a parlor aad bedroom to a quiet, respectable lad/ or gentleman. Breakfast dm if required. No other lodger* will bo taken. Apply at USX Thompson otreet. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LRT? FOR GENTLEMEN, in a fine bouse, with all tlio modem iniprovemaate, wbero French is spoken alio. 1(19 aad 111 Canal street jnURN ISIIKIt ROOMS TO LET-FROM THE 18T MAT. r at SWi liroadway. F KEN ( II BOARD? A 1'ARLOK AND BEDROOM Ad joining, on second floor, very handsomoly turntthod, to lot until the lat of May. On aocouat of mov in*, wiU bo S rei.ted at a vory moderate price. Apply at 68 St. Matfc'a place. Heferencei exchanged. Rooms? two or three gentlemen can ob tain very deurable suit** of rooma, or single reeia^ with partial board il required, ia a first cliu brown Mom iroat hound, with all the modern improvement*. convenient to oar* and *tago*. Inquire at 71 Wait Fourteenth street, hret house west of Sixth avonue. ______ fltO LET.? A WIDOW LADY. V'lTHOUf FAMILY, JL residing in thr immediate vicinity of Union eqaaro. vould rent to a gentleman and lady a beautiful furnished room, without lx>ard. Address Silence, Metropolitan I* oat Office. TO LET WITH BOARD? BY TnE FIRST OF MAT. TO one or two gentlemen, or gentleman and lady, a suit of rooma, or separately, In a modern built houae, containing all the improvemeuta; location, West Sixteenth atreot. References exchanged. Addroaa A. D., box 4,003 l'oat Offioe. TO LADY INVALIDS.? A WIDOW LADY, RESIDING with her brother, a akilful physician, woo Id give tbo cmforts ot a home to a lady requiring quiet, privacy and j nursing. Addreia Loyalty, Metropolitan l'oat Offioe, Aaao- t rican Bible House. ' WANTED? FOR A LADY, A BEDROOM AND SITTING room, (in a houae where thero are no other hoeid*rs,> With private board. Locality up town. Addroaa R. He rald office for two day*. WANTED? BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, A GOOD room, with partial board, ia a private family, where the oomforta of a home ean be enjoyed. Addreaa Merchant, box 2,599 Poet Office. HTOT1C?. Highly important to the unemployed. The Britiah government having conolnded to bra * foreign legion in Nova Scotia, and to raiae acveral regimeata for duty in the l'rovincea, offer a bounty of ?C or $30, together with tne pay of |H a month, rationa, good clothing, and warm quarter*, to every effeotive man St for military duty, from 19 to 40 yeara of age; to join which, aro invited Eag liah, Iriab, Scotch nnd Germans. The avbsoriber (with tSe view ot aaaiatlag tboae who have net the mean* of paying their pa**ag*i hereby give* notice that be ha* opeaad a pace aage office, No 36 Pearl atreet, near Broad, where be prepaaea to engage paaaagea by good t**ic1? to Halifax, leaving two or three timea a week, for the aum of Sfi; or procure through ticket* by railroad, leaviag every morning vSundaya axaapt ed). and arriving at Saint John*, near Montreal, that eve ning, wbiob passage money nut be paid him, or hla eg* at, by the parti**, together with tb* am all aum of fifty eenta additional for commiaaiona, na arriving at their J**tiaati?n in the Province. It ia hoped that thoie effective men, who are now differing and in distreaa, will avail tb*m*etve* of thia rare opportunity of bettering their oonditiea before it 1* too Into. ANGUS MoDQNALD. Kansas? the union settlement company will aend a party of aettlera to Eanaaa about the middle of April. Enterprising men who wiah to emigrate to the great Weat in connection with thii oompany, may became mnuber*, and act aa agent* for the *ame, by railing at the offioe of the company, 293 Broadway, N. V. Leather manufacturers1 bank, new yoke, March 20, ISM.? At a regular meeting of the Beard, held thia day, Wm. H. Mnrcywn* unanimously eleoted President, in place of Fanning C. Taoker, Kaq order. ORGAN EXHIBITION?MR. WILLIAM A. KINO will perform on the new organ Just erected for tbo Church of the Atoaement. Philadelphia, at Mr. Henry Erben'a manufactory, No. 172 Centre itreet, on Thursday evening, the 22d in?t., commencing at 8 o'clock. On thia occaaion Mr. Eing will (by request) play a popular selection of niecea, a* follow* :? 1. Grand Overtnre, Bronx* Hot** Auber; 2. Concerto in F? Allegro Maeatoao, Adagio, Re ado Allegretto? Rink; 3. Overture, Stradella? Fletoer; 4. An dante from Beethoven'* Symphony No. 2, and Grand Mnrtb by Osborne; 6. Extemporaneous Fantnsie on Th*m*a for the solo stop*; 6. Overture, Maisanlello ? Auber; 7. Hall Colum bia and Yankee Doodle, (by request,) In which will be intro duced an imitation of a well known (troet organ. A* the ticket* of admiasion are neceoaarily limited, tboae whe wiah to obtain them will pleaae apply at Mr. Erben'* offioe, the day prevlou*. r.j a.? delegates to the convention or the 22d February celebration (la*t,) will meet at tba Chancery Room*, thia i Wednesday) evening, 21at inat., at A. o'clock. A full attendance ia deaired Tti? treaanrer will make a full report, and all matters will be finally closed. W. W. OSBOBN, Chairman. Cro. H. Raymond, Secretary pro t*m. OFFICE PANAMA RAILROAD COMPANY, NEW York, March 19, 1856.? The annual election for thirteen director* of the above company will be held at the offioe. No. 78 Broadway, on Monday, the aeoend day of April next. The polls will open at 12 and olo*e at 2 o'clock P. M. Tke tranafer book* will be closed oa the 2Hth of March to the 3d of April, incluilve. HENRY SMITH, Secretary pro torn. OFFICE OF CHICAGO, ALTON AND ST. LOUIS RAIL road Company, (late Chicago and Mi**l*aippi Railroad Company,) No. 17 William atre*t, New York. March 21,? Interest on the bonds of thif Company, due April 1, IMS, will be paid on nnd after the 2d proximo, on preeentation at the coupon* at thia office. 8. M. BI.ATCHFORD, Treasurer ORGAN BIHIBITION.? A LARGE FIRST CLASS organ, built for the Cbnrch of the Atonement, Phfla delphia, will b* performed on at Mr. Ilenry Erben'* man* actory, Centre atraet, this afternoon, at i o'clock; alee in he evening at 7 o'clock. i>rofe*sora and amateure are in vited to attend. Th*re will alio be two performance*, ana n Thursday eveniag, by W. A. King, of lirace Church; bad one on Friday evening, by G. W. Morgan Tickets for thoee < ocaaioa* can be bad at th? office of Mr. Henry Erben. 0. TOO ALL WHO* IT MAT CONCERN.? HA\ ISTQ BN X dar*tood thatcertala peraoaa are nuder the nnpre**i*m that Col. B. L. Kianty ii (till tint of tha Centril AmtrioM Company, tbi*i* to give nolle* to all whoa it uiaj oaaoora, that all powtr and authority heretofore conferreJ oa tba ?aid Col. H. I.. Kiaaey has been revoked, aad that hit oeu aoctlon with the company oeaeod oa th? 3d of Fabraary It 1* right, alio, that 1 afiould contradict a lUUamt which ha* foaad it* way la to tho aewapaper*, to th* aBect that it wai throogh a failure oa th* part of th* company to comply with certain condition* aatorod lata with Col. Kiaaey, thai lndnred him to reaigu hi* po*t a a aint of tba ceaoaajr. There ? a* no failnr* on the part or tie company; Ml it* couditionc war* fully and faithfully complied with ao far aa Col. K inner ?a* concerned. By order of the Board of Di rector.. W 1 1.1,1AM HOPKINS, Socrotary Central A man can Company. THF. MARINER*' SAVINOS BANK. CORNER THIRD avenue aad Niath atreet, pa/* aix par cent interact oa aumaofSMJO and under, and five per cent on *um* ever ?000. Opea dally, from 9 A. M. to 2 P. M.. and W*dne?day aad Saturday eve&ine* from S to a ori icaa*. Hon. JACOB A. WXSTXKVEI.T, (lite Mayor oftheeityj Preddoat. 1' W. Er>?? and Isaac T. Smith, Vice Proiideatt. W. H. IuwoifN, SecrttirY. N. B.? Thu having( Bank 1* la ao way connected with any other banking institution ia thi* city; i* regularly ofcar tered according to law by the Legidature of thi* State. aad ha* it* fiinda iccur-ly iuveetiJ, mainly on bond aad aort gape, oa property worth doable the amount loaned Thi new vi kk police. MASS MKKTINU AT THE TABERNACLE Tba nadcraigned invite tba aerehant*, mouhjuuoe aad trader* of thi* city, and all other* who feel interested ia tba preaervatioa of the police eyitem, of thi* city, froa tho dangerone leglalat|c?at Albany, with which it U threateaed, to meet at thu Broadway Tabernacle on Wednesday erinaR next, the 21*t iaat., at balf paat *?Ten o'clock, ta coaoart ?ucb meaaura* a* may be proper to prevent it The objacl of tba bill now before the LegUlatnre I* to revolottonue tba whole police ayetem. by legislating oat ot oBce, ae commie aionert, tba three tnaglatratea under whoa* control th* de partment u now placed, vir-? The Major, Recorder, aad City Judge, aad (ubatitnting in their place four private per eon*, with large taiarlra to be voted for at tb? seneral elec tion*. whereby tha power over the whole police departaaaat, on wbleh tba citiiana depend for the protection of their par eon* from inralt. troa Injury, and their pron?rtv froa depra riation, will be tbMWt into the band* or packed primary meetlnge and corrupt political committee* <>ue treat object ot the meeting will bo to *u*tala th* Mayor in th* proteet ba haa made uainit th* paatage of tbe bill, by which be will ba atrirped of all actnal power over tha police, wh cb be i* a?w aprljinj *o efficiently t? enforce tbe lawi New fork. March (>, IShj. Stephen Whitscy. Geo. Griiwold, P. rent, Ja* W Oerard, Peter Cooper, R. M btraltou. A. Vaadtrpool, Stillmaa, Alien A Co Walter R. Joaoe, W. H. Webb, C. W. I.awreace, Tho*. Davuoa. R. Within, J. W. Strattaa Wm Wbi'lock, Jr , Meriimer Livia^Mea, Cba*. A. Davi*. L. B. Ward. A. l oiter, JobnC. Ureea Jonathan Sturgee, Robert C. Ooodbaa, John L. Aapmwall. Olyphaat'* Saaa, Samuel W. Coaatoc*. Fred. G Footer, Brown, Broa. A Co., G. S. Robbtaa, Henry Lee Norri*, Wm K. strong Jolin J. Palmer, John R Peter*, W. F. Havemeyer. Jo*opk II mr Harbeck A Co., Blake. Fair bild A fiaitan C. Beldea A Co., Neaaitb it Co., Valentine G. Hall, Doncaa A S now, Richard S. William*. Samnei I. Geo. Doaglaia, W m 0 Crooby, (. haa II. Marahall A Co. John A. Stovoaa. Richard King, Hal*t-I Hal ae* A Co.. JameaG King'glObt, J A J Stuart A ?^a,. J. P. Pbirnix, J D>orman R. M. Wiaton, Wetmore A Crydar. Robert B Mintura, Kathamel D Cartile, A. A. Low A Broa., Mom* Tiylor A Co., II A. Sir.ythe, J?*iab Ma-'v'l aoaa. Booth A E.igar, W. W. D*t trmt A Co., ? baa Talbot. C baa. II Rneaell. Tho*. 8uR*rn, And 430 other*. Geo. Newbold, mXIVERT WOODS, F" REKCH AND AMERICAN ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, wbolc**le aad retail ?The ?nb.rnber ha* aow ia atoro ? large aeeoriment of Freach llowen, aa I Aaercaaofbw C.wn manufacture. Merchant aad alllibera will ftad It to heir advantage ta eaaain* hi* ?to?k W H. CIIE18TIH UER. T Eaet Broadway. JAMES TCCKF.R, IMPORTER AND WHOLBSALE dealer in artificial fluver*. may aaaonac* to th* trad* ?-liar the above coantlea varietie* are vipreaely beeatifaL and that caih can at all tiaoa cjamand tb* beat value' >7 Broad* ay. near While atraet. MmrraHTi. / ' KEEN TURTLE SOUP AND STEAKS -A FF.RF 1.1 fine green turtle will be earved optbi* day by R C. M' atgoaery, at IS aad 17 Boekaaa atreet Spooa nierrla to coaaenc* at 12 M. Faalliaa (applied by the {aart. aa formerly. Good kews -twentt five thousand fan keee wanted to take Sebaatopol. Gr**a turtle *??? an J *teak* will I* *erv*d ap every day. from 10 te l| ecieo* for free laaoh, at the wall kaawa Hen aad Ch.ckaai. cor nor of Broadway and Fnltea (treat. No* Tork PLATB?(J CAHiM. " P LA TINS CARDS aid aad wall l luee *f liaea aad aattoa a fit *al* te tba trade aaj eiabbeoeee at ?PFO?St Uf A|tn Owa

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