Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6782. MORNING EDITION? THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. IMPORTANT raOM HAYTI. titriguea of Spain with tho Haytien Emperor. he Spanish (Government Prtpariag for the Worst ii Regard to Cuba. ?other filler Enplre to be Created In the tndiH, Ac., dir., Ac. Out Port au Prince Correapondence. Fort au I'risck, Feb. 'M, 1865. he Dominican Treaty ? Intrigue* of the French Crnuul to Defeat it? The Spanish Cuvemmenl Paying Court to the TtoyKsn Fmjmor, in Ori'irr to Obtain hi* Aid in the Defence of tula? The Knight Difficulty ? Xtcettity q/" Reform* in the United States J gene at Port a? Prince ? ItfToititiem in the Reeling of < '.he Haytien People Tmoard- American Cititent, iCc. There 1* now little Mid here regarding the affair <>f ^araata A? rooa *. It was ? certained that Mr. Vox ?irau w ai> negotiating for the bar, M. iteboud, the French Ctnaul General for Uajti, with dlplomrtlc powera, pro veiled in a uihu of war xteamer for St. Domingo City, ind exer*.e<. lib inliuence to ;>retent an an-<n?nni>nt. rod it i* naid *nat It vim by bi i ?ugge*ttn tb it the cl?u?? ifftnsiv.' to the United State* nowrnm at wan inaertnd n the treaty ? lie rightly judging that thu would he of actual in aireating it' conflriuatien by the Am "re in 'resident. On the return of 11. Roboud to thi* city, the Emperor x?an Uriah of lii? congratulation*, and not tparirg of hi* compliment* of a morn solid character. There in a mufti r in opera, ion here at thin time wnlch nay reault in much Internal to the United S ate?. Spain ias nlwavH tieated the Haytirna :n a diatant and lather tiperrillou.i Limner, If nut with abiolute contempt. If ler meo-of.war have occasionally viiiled thii city. It ha * >een, 1 believe. Invariably t -> mike aim* reclamationa for ojaiiea done to Mibjeet* a' the Queen of Spain; but never rit h apparent fteling* of amity and kincne*i. In one Dftanre, the wounded honor part of a difficulty (the ollara havlrg been counted out, for the pecuniary da aaje nu?La.n. ') required that tbe Haytien* should holat be Spaeth fla; on <ne of their principal forta, and tire national Delate under It. And the Spanlah fleet, to lanifcit Ha contoirpt, returned the aulate from one of ta steamer*, alter ahe had got up ateam, weigted her nchcr mi waa proceeding from the harbor, thua firing ?ith ber aiein toward* thu for*, and the city. By triendly ?age t\t vintinjj aliip ealjtea tint, alter she haa an. Sbe u.i>v aalute an A<lm riil'a ahip o' the ati ion, even vi dar aall, while parsing her, repeating to eceive the return compliment. But never a fort, unleaa t.dt-r peculiar circumstances, until the anchor haa ouched the bo*t(>in. 1he conduct of Spain towarda tlrs Uand ha* wtnderfnlly changed recently. There waa a pauiah ft.??ic here not long ago, and the uaual ex hange of salutes wai paused with mutual civility. The ; aniah ofiicra wern received with great courteay, and he Haytien*, in return, were met with equal cordially > y the Span<arda . a week or two i-ince, an agent of the Spaniah govern nent arrived Leie from Madrid, and in full consular or llplomatic costume wailed on the Mlniater of Foreign ^elatioiii, by whom he waa rereivtd with demonstration if treat aatie'action. It waa at first supposed that thi* >eraon w?? wot a* a Spaniah conaul ; but not having yet >e?ti rerognued in that, or aa far aa la kuo#n. in any di doinatic capacity, the conclusion ia thai he la to remain lore to not the mjvementa In Cuba, and if aaoeaaity ihoald requiro it, to obtain aid from Hayti. A Spantih leet would then viait thia lalaod and take troopa on M>ard to land In Cuba, to farther the view* of Spain, of I)o?it>( the black* there to take the aaoendency, rather han permit one of the two of her waa torn jewel* to fall nto the ban^a of America to be placed among the atari I her Union. Irifficnltif ? have arisen between a young man of the ame o! Kn xht , let t in cha ge of the commercial agency f the Umttd !-tate*, and some ot theae people, and n a degree. aUo, with thi? government, originating ) a perrnnal alttreation. Tbe current opinM>!i ete i* that bo*h partie* are to be blamed abou quaCy. However, thia goverament too? the ice in band and the Court lentenced the Meaara I'oullh, kiber and >rn, to thirty daya iropr:aonment, although II that waa proved again* t the younger Pouilh, waa that e called yeuog Knight, in French, coward; bnt the uufllia weie Liberated helore the time of thair lenience ad fully ex|, red. A few daya aince, Mr. K nigh'., then i p?i at ded or tbe return of hi* principal, waa hung in ligy, ia one of the builnee* itreet* of the city, it being acfd thue en the night prtvlou*, *o that tbe perpetra ra of the art cannot be detected. lhiidty ha* become a place of conaid*rabla Impor. nee, ani. ao intelligent, energetic and effective agent the l)ai ted :-t*.og*in *ome prop<r olhoial character, greatly needed, to advance the well being of American izena who viait here, and alao to protect their property caae of revoiut.onary mov.-menta. I be cordial tee'lnga of tbe Haytien people towarda the iite<t Stater, which exiated *ome two or three year? it*, .rem to iitva met with a aerioua revulsion within lion t,me The yeilow lever, of a very malignant type, i* now -vaiiing. taking oil many American lailor* and Kflicer* veaael*, aun it doea not ?pare foreign young men who i reeldln^ aa clerka in thia city. Phot iv rmacc, Fab. 25, 1866 Cfynitum of the Spanitk Commercial Agent ? Heal Ageetof hit Milium ? Arriral of the U. X Vorrette lWmtn'th ? Apprekention of a Difficulty with Ike l/aj ten (tornnncMf. I'eatertiay the Spaniab gentleman. M. D. Cm /at, who a r?rra' / arrived here from Madrid, wan (ir-*?ent?l to i Eaocrcr. a ad by bim recognized aa Commercial > a t of V|>e n fur Hajti, an I a* there la no commercial erc? ur?e whatever between 1 ;ain and Hayti, the ob t of bia appointment unit itill be ia reference to af ra ia Cibe he V. P. corvette Falmouth fa now In oar harbor, the moriitug after her arrival *ha landed the corpn the Matter, which waa b 'tried In the Catholic netery , unrer all tha nival bonore doe to hi* rank. 1* tbe ?b p baa now been here tart* ?layt, and no ate baa b- eu Ared, it la to ba hoped thatnonxag ?atert e*aT*m<-at ia being made to Captain S"baw re acting (tie Knight difficulty, that ahall make bin faal bia eat y lo interfere in tbe nutter. TUia government ? never memfeeted viodlctive or unkiad feeliaf* rant a for?ijrnera, and in moat caaea whan dlflkaltlea w they at* more frequently rauaed by tha coiutnlar >Bta than by the Haytiena. 1'bere are two Ameri -aa ib?i now imprUoaed hare for mioonduet. who.# re ae. no doubt, tha commander of tba American man war will ?ee< to obtain The M. L*omln||o ( omiterfelt Bllla. Jaaaa (Ummhi Bn-virrr, Bat*. ?? I think it 'a my doty to give yon aome aiflanatlen* iceralng n.? and tlie ar'ieU publiabed yeatanUy In ar eatoeme<l |>aper, akoat the At. Domingo counterfeit I am aa ar' at by pro'e-alcm. J have aojouriwd both j Ht. lion. bk? ant Haytl and have made aevaral pabli tiona 1i r 'oh eonntrlee. Mr. Bouvi who knew me in *t. float logo came teat ar to ?? <-*ce and propraed to me te pabliab 60,000 eeta ronteialag eaeh eta treaeary note* of W, itemin ?n currency for tbe aceoun' and order of hit govern eat. I kt.ew atao Mr. Bouvl to move In tbe bigbeet here . and atao .that almoet every man there of any conae ence V long* mora or ieaa to tbe admmlatratina. I fte i.tid Tiny were to be lithographed, packed an Ira itted to M> aara. I x>vale k Ce. Tbe Mnoont noeaaenry for ' e transact It n waa elao to be paid to me by tha la*', i triad rent eaten, leaving me, not tl,4'H), a* it ia ata'ed i i tb> tjomtnicaa paper, ?? a mod eat eatery far my er cea bat meie.y net. etpanae* paid fly Me |t?->ivt'a private (n?tr ictloa* te Mr**ra. r>era'r Co , y?wi will eee that I waa left entirely ignorant of 1 ?at ? aa * ? ' i'-otne of tbe matter, being limply a to m , mt 1 1 uerier 'be Infl' ?n ? of an order I truly believed j men* ' nr 'rotn the IV.n nicen republic, and which I | ave taltbfn 1/ fulfilled. I remain, air, with reapeet. ouraetv.<nt A. HARIAHAV. ( I'ntted Male* (Harriet itleriw)'! OMrr. *>?tn */l ? A quantity of rfiam >a la at jewel, eli*tr<i w be awviggled, were netted at 'h? late of TWtore tkril, 11* and 1Z1 Naeana atrvet THE NEW POLICE BILL. Meeting of Remonstrants at the Taber nacle La&t Night. SPEECHES-RESOLUTIONS, Ac., Ac., Ac. Is scconiftuc* with the following call, a numeroualy attend >\ met t Log waa Weld at the Tabernacle laat erta log:? TBB Ml* YORK POLICE ? MABS MBKTINO AT THR nl?'inw Tli? Mniirrr jtneil invite tb? nerebanta, meebaaice and tmi' ri ul tbia city, and all othera who feel intore.ted in tbi proaerTatl' u of tnu police ayatem, uf thia city, fiw n ? H annK?r.<n? iegwUti ju at Albany, Willi winch it 1. 1 1, to in, el it the Broadway Tabernacle on Weiineada . i*en ii not. he 21st lnat., at half pant aoven o'clock, to concert ani'b measure* aa uay be prop' r t? prevent it. The object uf theliilnou before tne I.e ?ialatiire i? to n /oluHoaue tbo v '.if le police aveiein. by legislatta* out ot othoe. aa commie alonere. the three tra#iatrmtea una. r whoee <ontrul the de pertnwiit u now placed, Tit: ? The M ayor, Reoorder, and City Judtt?, and aubelltutiof In t .eir plaee four private per ?out, with lame lalari'a to be roted tor at the general eleo Horn-, whereby the power out the wbul> police department, on wLirh the citi/ena depend lor iho protection of tbelr per ?On! froSi lii.ull, trum injury, ami tb?ic property from depre rtnti' n, *111 be throw u Into tbe handa of picked primary intetiogi anu corrupt political cmaralttcea. Hue iireat object ot tbe nuetiaa? will oe toanitaln tlia Mayor ia the peoteat be baa in a tti nzainat the pa aa*? of the bill, >:y which he will be I'triiiped of all aetual power over the pallet, which he if now aplljlni ao efficiently to an I urn tlie Uwi. New York, March 19, iNjft. Stephen Whitney. 1'. J'erit, i' ter Cooper, A. \ and'ipool, W hiter K. Jonea, C. W. Laurence, l( Wither', M m. Whitleck, Jr., Cha#. A l>a?i?. A Peter, Jonathan i-ti.r*'.. John I.. Aapinwnll, .^anitu I W. Cproitoe*, Brown, liroa. A Co., Hi nrj I.e* Norria, John J Peine r, W. P. llaveme^er, Harbci L A ( o. C. Belden A t o., Valentine C Halt, Klih.ird S. H illuima, tieo. llouitlaea, t haa. II Marshall A Co. Kidiard M114, Jitmea U. Kinc'aaona, J. 1\ rhcDlx, K. M. Weatun, Hobert II Mint urn, A. A I.ow <? Hror , II. A. Msythe, llooth A kilt a r. ( 'baa Talbot, Thou. SnOTern. Ceo. Newl old, The meeting wai called to order by Mr. Joturn IIoxu, who nominated tbe following lilt of officere, which waa ratified by tbe meeting: ? Ceo. (IrUwold, Jai. W Gerard, R. M. St ration Stillraan. Allen A Co. W. ? Webb, Thoa. Li v i . a n , J W. Stratum, Mortimer l.ivin^etoa, 1. U Ward, John r, tiftn. Robert C . Goodhue, Olypiitat'a Hona, Pr?a. O Pouter, G. 8 Rubhina, W m. K. Strong, John K. 1'etera. Joseph ileal", lllake, Paircbild A Famliawe N-mnith A Co , Huncau A Snow. Samuel I. MitrUU. Wm B. Croaby, John A. Mtoven<, Halated. II am i'ii A Co., J .t J Stuart A Co., J. lloorman, Wetaorc A f>ydor. Nathaniel D. Carlile, lloaea Taylor A t;o., J. ?i'ih Jlaov'e wm, W W. Itel'ureit A C?., Chao. II. Ruaaell, And 400 other*. I*? mini M-? (jeor;'? Griawnlil. vici. mnwrrrrw. Wm. B. A?t<r, Jamoa Lenoi, l.crillard, Stft.hf? Whitney, Win li. C'ro.hy, Wlfllam Kent. I b.inaa f-nflern, M m V. Haromeyer. < H . 1 awrencc, An. I ru.e C. Kinjaland, Iliirh Maxwell, Jacob A H HUnilt, I.etbjr l.ra?li.h, llmjamlii Linn, Ge<r ?. iiliiat. John C. Green. J.WeteOBWelb, Horace Ureeley. Milwn Ilnut, JamHK W. lUrkur, ?>'"? Beiij. f ltutlor. Bhrfhcrd Knapp, Robert Kelly, laaac Newton, Mm k. Strom, U..r?rd.Sto>T?ant, J. .nit ban I I oddingten, J. rhlllpi f'h? la. Hm. H Ivarta, Saninel IS Kuagloa, Jan.*. liarpcr, John L. Maeon. < ? Va?d?rhilt, Wflr?a K lichee, f.barlea (? f oa?r, Tbvmaa B Htillmao. ? ba?. W. Saadlord, Henry A Mm ? the famea H . Gerard, <'harlea King, Daniel l ord, George J Cornell, John pel-mater, rharlea 11 Ku.ael, DatielH. fearing, Thomaa TUaatoa /.orhar MUU,,.r k Job*., J. W AI.up, r.dwin Hoyt, Jonathan Sturgea, J?bn A Steeen., John J. I'elmer, Jam. a llo'.rmaa. ?*1" <-?"??*? . I'eiatiah peril, Rohirt II Mintorn. Jamee llrowa Mtaca Taj lor, JohB I, Aapiuwall, Robert Gu-nlhu* Joahua J. 1 1 . nr jr . George (iri.wold, Jr., Robert Olj phaBt. Many ol the gentlemen udm in the lift came for ward and took tbair aeata oa tha platform, formic; qoite a galaxy of our (lrat citizen*. Mr. Hon*, (d reading the Dame of Mr. Gerard Htuyre. cant, aaid that tba gentleman who bad Introduced the bill which the mteticg bad sat to conahler, was not a m? mber of the a rue family. Ibe call of tie meeting waa thea raad, aa above. Mr h. B. MJKtt li* waa introduced by tba Chair to riad the retoiuliuaa He aaid lie waa glat to enter hi* protect againat aay chanye id the pr-aent police ayatem 11a believed that ihe police eyatem aa at pn-*ent orga filed, waa toe prida of New York; he nelieved that pub lie opinion aa manifeated by the preaa, an* through otter Miurrra. waa almoat unammou< agaioat a chaage Tha only objection made againct the present ayatem waa that the power in the hand* ol the Mayor might be al.uted Our chief magiatrate, he aaid, baa thua far dla. charged hia duty nohif (Applauaa ) It will b? time enough lor ua to aak a reatretion of that power when be abnaea it. (loud applauaa.) Tha apeak er had aeen but two gentlemen who were in faror of the propoae.' rharpe, and altiioogli tbey were men of liigii atandiDg ia tb? rommun ty, be believed that their opto Ion# were gr.reroed la tbia master by poiit cat coaaldera tiona. He hi pel that tbia rneeti g would rlaa up aa one man aga'nat the change propoaeo and that the member* of the Mate I egiaUtuie would haaiUta before thay changed a ayatem which had worked ao well. Mr. Min ium then rrad tba following raaolutiona Keacleed, Tbat wp ri*w faith anrprlia and alarm tbaia tri.du. Hon of a ! ill in the Aa.?mhly ofthlaftat- aitbont aay application for it by oar citiaeaa ?.r aav indi. ati n. that aich a chance wu darlrnd, al criaa e???Btially tba pnll<-a Kili Ti' } tk<r Impr-irrmtnl of Whleli, a? oraaaiird under the act ol 1"M wu a?"rt with conBdance tbat tba citlicaa of NeW.Tork are eati .na l aad datire ro rhange Rraolvtd. Aa tha Maae of Ihta meatinr, eempoa"! of par aenaofall puttnlta in life, and at all political partiaa that aa ifflriaal, nun>er>tie and iBdepaaduat poliea la aaaaatial tor lha protet t.on ol oar propcrtj.aud of our peraoaa from injury and Inanlt; and tbat tLia necaaaity aiiaaa. aot only from thi great raaidant popnlaaioa of mr eity, but fr>m tba tranamat baada ni law I raakrra who reaort hare with a rlaw of ?apr< dating npoa tba public. Reaolved, TtiB* to aeotire the Indapaadaace of the poliea aad the Itrotlon of their whole time and aBcrciat to th- im LWt.mL"'^rmf<:or'h"r dul1"' " '? 'alien, aaahle that ? h;-y abould b? kept Reparatai. aa r?r nt poaaib/a from politi <al tnfloencea and tarty ar^aaitationa r KeaoiTed. That II lha propoaed hilla, er any of tbem. Bow belore tbe l^giilatare. proleetiax to amand tha act of 1H&J ?l.oald beeoB.f liai, tie cob I re I of the police will be taken away Iroa the Ma; or. Kacordrrand Cltyjudce. tkree re apeaaiblc Bailatratra, wber* It aow rUhtfally and propar Ij aa ate. and ta plarad ia the aaada ofirreapoaaibla prleate inaivldt ala, to l<? a<'B>iaated l? political ci.amittrae aa listed alia, k.d primary aaetiaca. ebieb. aa at preaent condocied, are denoner.d ay all food e.tiieaa of all partial ao that tka diaargaaUera and law lr.akeri of New lor? mlybt eelef I aad roatrol tta ear y l.aada of the police, whoaa duty It ia to enforae the lawa araiaet then Meeelaed That wa kaee an i|..a>.| ttat If tha pr poie l cbBBre ia the ayatem abuald take place, the poliea depart ment would Bfieaaarlly be iatoleed ia oar avlllical elee tl?Ba. tbe ??t-a and p< werfal laflueare of the men be bid f ir ty and party leadora. and the departuiaal be ??Bv?Tt#d itota ft political iMtrnntiit. K ? ?f ? 1 ? t d That II wuuitl h?? luij illt ic to tht ntim r?r uf r ft ndi'iatit fur office t<? h? vti?4 f?r at our i/?n*rml ?ltrtiouf ftlrv>?djr loo nomftrotii T> t ia-lrixB<j<-at n.? 0f thr |? htiffti fraarhite; and wa fnrth?r r^ftoUa. th?t it |? aa Ju?t to rnr %\r,i4y taH ciiiita* lo ad<l la tbatr I'Orlht ti? k> rrakia/ | iac*-a fc.f polity*] farortlai a* rawar i? M-r f **l? i j? al ?anriraa, bv aa ia?r?aaa a! ?om* twaaly I boa raaa Caollar* to our annual ta*??. HetolTcd, That tLn uiwrohT* of a?jr f.^/iflat ur?* fro? th* rural dutHr if, har* a Jolnl fnt<>rr?t ?ilh ua, and % jaat l>rid? ia tba ro- ril rbftraet?r ar 1 ?rd^rly <" ^rant^m af lha jrtal r??yaf ib? Mata catnpritiaa ?ar flflb uf tu papula Wr a % ranfl4tni? lhai ?b?n uad?r ?tar d Iba ftutwt. Uf? ??ll do a ?*ta?n/ lo ini>ai? lb? .mci .?*! ,lh,ch ?? a.t?tiifb-d no! tnoralf for lha M i! w wlitaa?, but of tba !!??? aad prup#ftv of ii?L f J 11*' or l . ;u%# ** on tt.?ir virtu to aor bBHwaaft or pl*-avtira. am bo?^ar?i lu# of aur . anata and Ai??bMv t<? panto Wore tho* deranjrt a di iU lacr aalnc l? f'?j ^ t.bmtj aad whlrh. If lei aloao. ?Ill . in a ?h?rt tj ana, Nmi.rara a. rtfc. :oat a p ?lieo f.*r< a? In any rllj af ebriftto**dr<m. _ReaelTed that co?,e. of theae reaolatioBe. eurncd by tba n.Wrt." ?*.*>*? he aaat b* tbem t. the II aataU* |V' TV "V. * "4 "" "P*?lier of tb- Aaaem Lfr L air by them before the h^n ratio bodtea at?r .11 - a? reapeeti.el, pre^a-, aa tb. Mk>. ,?i. ? ti le mcef B?, bet wa balwe. that . f tba rreat body el oar '."?.2* y miau.pal H i ?, f^" ??""??I lnlla.Be.. an l who bold that the efaima of the tit. tan. to prot.ct|n? af peveea and pr p-rty are anperlor t. ibe claim, of parte Mr.,J. * . (iuiiili than came forward ami afoke aa lol loei- * ' ' Mr. (hainaan-I tl.a will, great pleat are to ewM ll.e.e teee.luil>Li. aad f traat with all my baart that Uey *111 rtcelta tha i.n. tuaoua (upport of tt-ir peraon wlibin tb. r?ach of my eoica t >ee ar .and ma men of all partiaa ? of all paraulte in Ufa?maatiag upot, a aau tral giuun<! aad ?| urre-i h? llje i nal tact ol aelf prea?r eatlfs. Ibia la ebat I eall r?ally a primary naatiag (Appiacae ) Ihia i? a meetltg of tha paoa l ? 1 1 |a k primary m< aline, Dot in a pcOlcal, bnt fa a p taa'.ar '*???? Hf y. who are wa'? 1 taiak ? bat wa tba elt tt(l of New V.rk know jnat aa wall aa the gentlatBen wa aead aa t.?r awrrante. not our ma.tert, to rep.*.. at na in Albany, what la for oar intareat and far tb? .at.r-at ofMir wltea and owr ch Wren. It unow that the p.- .pie ?>?>? and wh-n the paopla do roti?a at d ro?e ap, 1 tall you tbair *? ce will ba bear ! m tba f apitol at Albane. ( Lntbua'aetir applaua*.^ U la up. a ao party cat m**t, to Bight Wa meet for tha pir 1?" "!>????<. ra to lei aa a!oo? ?to Mil the? that wa ara aatiafle-, with ear t*a eraa'ora of the public paare For ome eeara paat I hare mat* a er me and tha ?? New York it eludy? a painful C?e to a man af feeing, bat ta a eiti rea *<?t ntarw.tlng and from tba. -tady f baea an deaeored ta ettreat aeafal fn'ormat^ a aad fa apple it trartlraiiy to tha pi-?.n*?oo of tb. taeraaM aati tha in. jrorertiefit ol p-, r poi.ea.y ten | -neraf. re nro'eat U ? ik'ar-'.aad Ua e*bjaet t Ua?t M> merely wttn ooufialag my *!??? to t le police of our owl , city but when truvelling iufor.ifa coaotrie? I ti?se cwl , my *je* around to ?? if I could extract aaytauig uselul | to' upW to tail bmaftt of my native city lor toe laet four or* five year* I lute uot only l?k?D >a loteie^t thio reticaUv , but to aid practically In de-trojing the formo Kyetem, and building up h new one According to the hvntem iiuterlor to FSf^.our pouae a* then organized, iter* uppoiatrd by the Alrtcruieo iind til" A>nwtiBt Auler men on nomination* to the Mayor, he had no voice? all be muld do wa to approve or reject. Tb* peraon the Alderman thought proper to name was elected for four tram, ard the eiplratlon of that t?rm we* generally contrived to take place juit about the time of an election of th? Aldermen The conaequence eaa that our police we* a mere political body ? no q-ialinca tiona whatever aere required of them, except the** pa ramount uuallficationa that they ahould be good elec tioneetew. po-?rful pugilieta and atron* *upporter* ol the would be Aldermen The reault of tine waa that our policeman waa a politician-en act. re 'politician, ?"} ? a man who had hU opinion*, wbiob you are i all entitled to but an active partisan ? he made the Alderiuta and hi* Awiatant, and they In turn made the policeman (LaB|hter and applaud) O. the lath of April, 1M? a perfect revtlution waa elftcted by the L-gialatura of ttaij Mate In th? whole *y*tem A committee waa appointed ol which Alderman Hbaw a good xounrt demooret. wa i.laced at the head, anl he waa not above calling upon men from whom he might obtain uaeful information and ataietanee to aid them. Although I waa oppoaed to him, baton ? whig. I waa aaked by him to a??i?t the committer by "bggv'tmg anything that I tlionght might be lur tlw benefit ol rberyat?m. By the new law all nomination!! were taken Irom the Alcrinen and tli*lr aMUtaata, and t ?a whole powtrol makiug appoiutmi-nU wm plaoei ia the banda of the ihree lUgheit inagiatiate* of our city? the Major, the Recorder and the City JuJge. Ilia term of apnoiutment waa then alUred, in order to make it an Inducement lor men ol high qualification* to t*ke the office it did not depend upon the will of the Al .erinen, but toe officer ?a* appo nted during good behavior, and if tbey behaved well, they were appointed for life. Hrfore a man could be appolnt.d ? and taat .a toe law now- be mutt present to the comml**loner* an enuorae met* signed by twenty live roapac'.abla ciluena. Here Mr lierard proceeded to eiplata toe reialre_ meat* of the law aa ft exUt* at preaent, and with which we have alieany made our reader# familiar l hai la the avatem aaid be, under which your lire* and property .re protected, and it i? the Joint wora of wniga and democrat*? men who preferred the prenervatlon of the public peace to the mere claim* of party, and 1 trait that the day U far diatant wheo tbe present cider aball be rev*r?ed, and party claim* held ?uperior to the pre-ervatioi. of our lllierilea, our praper t? ?nd pernont The apeaker hereoeacrlowl the pre.ant organization of the police, and then proceeded aa fol | low i ' There are at pieaent 8'8 mm m the force who i are what we call the Aldermen m*n? that ia, they were appointed under the old ayat^m by the Aldermen, and a* their term* die out they undergo ihe ?am- ordeal to which the new applicant! are aubjected. la regard to the internal pari ot the extern, yon muat uot auppoae that the lite of a policeman i* eaay. He haa *.o atan 1 in the hot tun by day. and endure the cold winla ojr aigut, and If he doe* hla ciuty there lit no iheltor for him when tbe etorm la rating and tbe rain U pouri*#-b* la the watchman on the nignal tower to give warning of trie | wproach or danger Under the law of tbe land thai* la no drinking ahi-p open for him where he may take ahel ter from the cold or tbe inclemency al the ?torm. Not a dar that ha doea not undergo a military drill? they drill nnder the tactic* of Iieut. Oeneral Seoit. The companiee are formed Icto battaliona, of which there are four each ot which con?l*t* of 260 m?n beaidea their officers, and when banded together they make at atnain* a para-ie a* a brignf a of our unlloruied military companiea Tney are nri.led with the clun, and tne 'act ia that a policemaa now with h a knowledge of the club i? able to at and alone the attack of -our or live ruffiaaa, and lour or five hundred of the*e caa. with tol? l?tt?? weaDOia. put a bo<ty or Ave tbounand to me route 1 will read for you tn* thirty ninth rule ol tie Kuiaa and Regulation* ol tbe I'olice I lepartment ? "Ihe right to vote i* guaian'eed by t?.e ccnatltatlon to ?Tfry cit'zen of the t'alted Htatee, but to or^er to ?? cure a t uU rti?charge ot tbe very important dutle* oon fided to the force, uo memfier of the police department will be permitted U> couuect Linmelf directly, or In any way wiib a eociety, club, comnil tee, or organitauon ot any 'kiad, the object o! which 1? the poliUcal advance ment of a party, clique, or individual " bo your Coinmi?*loner?ltave. you *ee, taken every po* ?Ible'iutleguard to remove aU temptation Iroa thete men, and to prevent V.iem from going boek to their old lit", the r obi political haunta. and attending po.ltlcal primary meeting"^ The ruU U, If jou go you cao go; but yon aie tolonger a member nf the I'o.lce lepartment of the citv of New York But paramount over all tha rule* tbat coulo be I down wai cne of which I bave taken tbe rtep^alblllty? it i? that our police ?liniild U Lnwn by nigJit ard ty day to clthen and atrtBgtr, ly a d .tinpu com u ma- by hU umform. (Appiauce ) Tbey can now be known at all tlmee. by n'ght a* well an by day, aad they alao under*Und tba wtii'e thfr ar?* witching others, witched tUtm aelve*. ("l augbter and applaaee ) Now a revolutioe la a?ked frr? by whom? who want* it I where ha* the meeting been called to demend from our l<fi*litiil? a revolut on '? Hav* aiy pet tion? be-'a lentnp .o Albany, begg ng them to overthrow the preernl eyatem. and give a m-w one Not a word ha* be>n aakmg fcr a chauge vet a reToIutioo ha* been iprung at agalo-t tbe will o onr per pie. Our aervaat* want to become oof maater-, to *? rip u* of our protection and uemandiug for t'>el own endi a cb?nge In the name ot you tke people, I forbid it ( >.nthu*i**tlc applau*e ) 1 r the namt of you, tbe people, 1 tell oor Kepreaentatieei to pa?*e lieti re they do thla th ng. And wba:>lo you ?up,K;?e tbev pclect for tnl* revolntlon'/ 'he fir*' or Apr 1 ? ( laughter) ? .tprll fool * day. (Renewed laughter ) Ye*, geatlemeu. in tke act It I* ihu* written on lb* fir?t of April tbe eommi?>UB?r* and the Cbiel of l'ellce bave to walk oot ol office, aod aome fire private iren. who are ent.rely ignorant of crime and onmioa<< . are to walk 'a Now tne Mayor ought to he tie active h-ad of tbe polite (>nthu*iaitlc applaa?e ) Why- IJec?u?e no him nthiown the iwpuulbUity of execuUng the law* If thi refore, you will oot give him power to ete cu'e the law*, bow can you call upon him and *ay why doe* not "he Major ei*cute that and ?h*t ordinance Ibe pr<-poe? l bill cieattf only four coram** on-r*. but 1 am >old there i? already trouMe In the camp, for when ever a bedy ? f men prrpc?e to CO wrotg there '? al way* a *cr?w gett'ng li oae. There are ?o many po'tt>?l eor m< rant* a bo want pay that they have got to ucraaae tpe commle-oner* from four to *lx. and there are now forty a*plr?ot* pnttlng forth th-lr claim* to the office at ?:t 0< 0 a year. Tula law cut* olf the Mayor * head for providing that the <-oaimi*?i. nere ?ball ap p. iot one tf tbelr o en number to pre*ide over the-n Uive tbe Recorder aod City Judge a tboueand dollara a year e*Ua, aail you may depeuu they wiil not find ibelr work bur>n*"me The M*ynr doe* not find It barren ?im<*? he work* for eight hour* a dee. an.i *o far he ha* wvrled well and a im rahly. <0raat ehe.riog ) When I found the Major waa eUct? I wrote hltn a note tender iug my wbola nrrlc# to aid hlir in eiecntln? the !iw Ibat * the kind of politician I am Throughout hli wh< .* career I rliall give blm mj eupport ae far a* I am . abie^ (( hrer j ) Tbe other argument in favor of the bin wa* ihn Iica't tbe people elect tbe Major, Recorder, and Oty Judge? Why then rboold they no e^ct tne c m ? iMioter..* 'ha* If certain:/ tpeclou' In apjearan-;* But tbe Mayor. Re order and CSty Judge are not el?i.tod clree'ly a* Police Com? ?*?oncr*. Tbei (Up ia a* com m.?-i'in?"? *? it w?re, wlihout th* p-ople knew ing it. Thei e I* ro re lying either for ? r againat them a* eommin ?<on?r* I *utF*iit wbetbwr it I# proper to have an? more candidate* at a gen?ral election. At th* !a*t, you bad *om* fifty In all and If you dtd aot I ke any partlc uiar R ?n jou were obliged to eo'e forh m of tot at all. Til* '* tlieir cry now ? "Ibf people of New York den t , ptv tax*? enough *o let u* g've them 'our ".T ?l? com miMioaer* at to, apiece, or If with ctork* an-; other p.irnpbrrnnlia, *ome |8'>,00(i more are ailded, It ia urged a* *n eicu?e that we h ve ?uch a burden already ?? tball not be?d the additlrna! wel^at. la the prop? ?ed bill tbey have left out tbe neee*?ity ol havitg twenty five*adcrrer< f?<r each candidate for policeman ia the ward in wblcb he renidee. Why do tbejr do thl*v It I* bee* i- ?* political bireUago are to be rewarded anr. buiUe* are to le paid lor. I hav* not time to give vt u at! the Utile nook* and corners of that bill; 1 will oily glee you ecoogh to eote upon It, underatondingly. Of aU the acbeme* ia tbat bill, the following e*c?wda 'o revtltrr *ny I bave ever wltne??ed (f*ughte- ) j Yoe m me policeman at your door now a* you enter Aek tour wivee an l daughter* whether tbey uj uot pan* tbe ommbiite* and car* in IV' adway with perfect *atety uod?r tbe proteet ve arm ot th* gentlemanly member* of Ibepel'ce. I tell you t be women are aga aat tbl* law. , lhe auprcrter* ol tbi* b;tl want to drive from th? do panm*nt everv geatlemenly reepecubla and bon??t mtn How Mark u>* U*ten to thl* aection -rbe I rep'atn* < f tbe prlice lieu'.eBan:*, eergeanU and police i men of eacb d atriet n'V pa***ge of th * act, anaf. | light the atreet lempe ' Tura lampllghtere (Oreat i laughter ) of all trlckj to break up tbe departmaot, I never ??w r ne like tbat A* oight coin.*. dre?eed with tbelr bTi?* bntotia tad *Ur*. to take an oil pot In oa? band- tighter) -a laltfer la tbe other? ( renewed laughter -aad a?|'-?et enr safety to go acd light tta lamp* (Cheera.) Not that I wl*b to detract frora tb* profaeeHa of lampUgbtmg (la'i?ht?rj . bat tola ia tbelr ptea I -f break iag up tbe depa-tmeot Pae* that law. aad our polloeaea will all eaelga for other men to take tbeir place* (If eac# ean be found j aid on th* l*t of Apr 1 joa will i"'?cc-v?r ycoreelve* not osly w.'.boat the bead* but w tl /at tbe b<ely of a prllcemao Ihe fact i?, that 'he wb la la a poUMaal move, for two eaa tj.e? bave airvv'y been held oa tke *u tjecv Pour a. 1 * it* men *iti ag la caecue, have *old th* **fely cf .our peraoo* aa* y ?ir prot*rty for tiaety ?%** Taerw ???* I nat -hem o*. end -ai: ap?e eeery m >? la do t'.e j , i me** ) !' tha politician* of oar 8t?t* ?i I ,UT flee our rttlren* to p*rly pu-po<ea, I f?.r ??* will eb< w b?B tbat I caa do po..'.ieal -arm, If ranae* d n pO'ltie*! g"4- I ?' U.ey, vou.- ecre.a eaa .- bat ' ii.y bet ray von )<n will ulaeaba.l them en >.**U(a dey To ion kaaw tb* ?ta'.f'io* r.' eriiae le New Y .?* Oar pop'ulatua <?>' aiig aad er'me l? groetag V-e ?>Iim cu-;o* '1l? 'a-t year far breath of lb* lawa a*..,, no W ? ? tba? St 71i arre*ta A palafu. e?ka< w^.^men; bat It i? a>< u?e "o V.oe 'ar I>*a<i la the ?bil aed a- 1 I ? ?* 'mr dang*' la tea year tw theea wen aoa rs4to< I to <be preen* |teeld*a 'ho** reieaeelce ?a- *ad 'ho-* 1 wi<* eta;*. at* were 4i*m^**di B? la- t fas %.? 1 l.i aa* 1 will give y >u aactb?r 'at toui* > Ua who ?vgU de-trey 'be pr??eai paii ? *y.t?m i* a e e rorica Of tbat r amtwr I il* were of ..taf?-f?-e h.' ?* *?c M.kvl w*re l?te??e"aie fc*n >a IW tbe err?*ta aer* *k f>kl ard af 'he?e 4 w?:e t*e-;--Ve ra*-i ar C4 1"?j w*'e totem peva'? Tb* oeaeaitoen'e U*? v-ar w * 14UI. an' of 'be', aamoar & ?4?u wee* t?*p>r a?e m- 1 asd li 0<*> sea were of la ?rrpar*te t.' la I w It tow give yea a f*? Hat-*t aa af **ar4*r la <*->1 *?f?*'? 'or ?ar*e? wee* tl la IHt ?H*? w*. -i ??m? jgltUMeiiaitoM a?1 ia'*'l I ?* '* lltil H' ' e? 1** '.b* to iBiit .'*??;? a .*? . ' ed, there w*r? 2"'i errenta fot a*"?ult with Intent to kQL lime bMott the trouble of atudyiag . tbe question, io order tbat ywu may untieretand It. Why elftuid there he >o uiiii* murder* In re?ut>llcao New York, while in the whole of Kugland proper, the murder* me only on en everain* 73 a year? for the lut two term* of your criminal court, fourteen |?er*oo* were arraigned for murder on woe day, and twelve oa another. What we umh! to call in good oi<1 term* murder, left* la tort hare now made inaualaugbter In the flrtt, eecoad, third, and fourtn decree*. You have not had ! ? Mao hung heie for three year*. It i* time j ?one one wai hung. (Great laughter ) Hut you mult have judge* ard juror* to execute the lawe. 'Hie Major intend* to farry ont a plan for a rir*T polio*. Your police ayatem u In it* infancy; let <t alone and nark tne, before two yea r* are orer, you will have ?a good a police u any <n chratendora Let ui make etir r?pre?enWtive? at Albany unueratand that tbia new bill it agalnat the aentiment* of the people. If oar *er v*d'? will not carry out our view*, let u* remember then on eleeilon riay. I don't *ay who the party are, bat 1 have heard that they are determined to cram the law down our throat*. aon we ought to be equally de termined that we aball not a wallow it. (Appl\ui* ) Mr Ho*tt waa the next speaker He aaid? I tp??k on behalf of (5,751 reai.ienta of the Klret ttecond and Third ward* 'lheae ate tne note* of my tpeei h (ex. hibtng a gigantic roll of name*). Theae name* aie only trim tlie }Trct Second and third warda, and if we are a* *uce?*aful In the other watd*. we will give the L*gl*la t??* at Albany a bint. Tliey had better pau*? before they break down tb* beet police *y*tem w* ever had. I care no for wlioee benefit tliii bill la brought forward, and though 1 hare g.veu the strength of my manhood to the whig party, If the le^ialatera at Albany pa** tlua bill, 1 have giveu the last wing vote 1 ihall ever glee in my life ( l.oud am long continued applauae.) I'bl* pa. per oonta'na tne reaictnie* oi it* aigtier*. They have local baldtat. ona a* well a* name* ( The gcu'tle mun lure ?voted the petit lou) The uther end of tin*, I be ' i- ?e i* in the (eighteenth ward. (lAuehter and great ppluuae ) Tb* follow log I* the rnin?ni>traoc? ? kbMONHl H ANt'fc, BT UlTIZINaOrNBW YOKE, At) A I NUT ANY CRANOK IN TBK FOI.ICI HTHTRM. The underpinned elilienn ot New York, without retard to p 1 itlral distinction leg learn to rrpreaint that we an eatl* had with the ftrKaniiatl u .1 the police of ?hi< city, under i lie art *if IK'.'I and of it m Increased reaiiectrhillty and oltl rlcaey under tli? oontrrd of the Mayor, Keoorder, and City Judge, our three kigheat magistrates and we ?irun?li de preeate any chantre in tha law , by which the safety of our pereoa* and the protection of our pioptrty ahall betaken *wn\ from those responibl* martatrates, and plaoej In the hands of private persons, a* commissioner* at lar/o ?ala rlea, to be nominated b) political committee* t'boaen at parked primary meeting-, or which hodr tbe Mayor would, by virtue of Ma office, lie l.ut a mere nominal member We apprehend that auch a change In the law would enn vert the whole police depwrtmout Into a political ortamta lion, which would be destructive of it* and reipertal illty, and nf th? am ralea of the otttocrs an I men; ana that instead of devoting their whole time nail atta ?tlun ; to th* anferretnant of the lawa, they wonld lierone political ! partiiane and he tempted, by deaianinic politlolana, to aell ? tbelr Influence and power to the political party which ahould I iffar the atrongeat inducamenta for It* aupport. * < raapectlully repreai ut tiiat the member* of the I.egla lature at Ian* ar. intera?t*d with ualn the moral character | and food goei rnment of our city, comprl.inn ona firth of tho population of the flt*te, and that their eonitltuanta, nn 1 their Tirita to i ur city ou bnaine** or plaa*ure, peculiarly ri qolr tha protection of a vigilant and enernetlc police. M'e, thirefora, renpecttully beg .cave to rrmt natrata agaiuat any cLanre whatever In th* i.reaent eyetem; but reaneot folly t k the l.egldatur* to let tb* Police law ol 1*33 rr main a a It I* New York March IKM Mr V. Paitrr moved the adoption of the fallowing reao lutlon ? R*>olved, That the rern'matraare which ha* beta clrru lattd eatenaivalv b> th* riti*ena of .New York, be approted and adopttd by tbia meeting, and that it be traoamlttrd to both booaea of tb* l.egldatnre b) the prieidli-K otllr r of tbia I meatinr Sly only motive, be aaid, for aaylng a word, i* to hear teetimon'r to the lingular unauiml'y wi'.k vhieh the bill at Albntiy ha* been reamted. I have found but two ini ivlduala who do not unite with u*. but tbev.lnaal lent way. mlmltted that party connection* tied their hai d* There ran ha no doubt that, uorter the pn-eent police ? jalem, our d riOttion In New York baa bwn da tie filly improved Under our preacot chief magl*trate It baa bean tound tba* tbe law* can be lucreaafully ad ministered (Cheer* ) .luat at 'b * moment w? are ar rerted by a propoeltlon which will effectually remove all that If gooo in NewYor*,au<l aubstitute what U bad 1 et tbe gentlemen at Albany atand notified that if all our intetr ata are ro be *arriQc*d, tbey will loaeourad teaii n, for we will not follow lu their tra n. (Clieere ) Mr t-Tii.iJMaK, of the ^velty Work*, we- the next rpeaVer I rlae, lie *aul to repieient the niecbanira of >ew York, in re*i*ting the bill now b-forv tba Legisla ture We b*<e at the head of our I'o'lce iiepartment a good and efficient m*n; let a* give h m proper tool* to work wltb. Una I* tbe unamtuoua *entiment ot the n.ech*n>c* of New York (Cheer* j lhe !a*t r**olutlon waa then adopted I Mr t? vwahd aaid that tb* retuonatranee wonld be , foufif at the Merchant*' kxebang* an<i 10 e offl-e* of the daily paper*? the 7imr< mrluiiel ? (laughter), and te I (|Ufated gentlemen to tome forward anc ?lgn Three cheer* w*re then given for the Mayor, after which the meet rg dia*olved The O pelade War. M?X MAKkT7>g AM' Big WIM AUAINffT 01 K (t LI.? ATTACHMENT IrlSCllAJUiBD. HtTtHIOK COtHT. flefor* Hon Judg* Situ -do l( a k cti 21 ? Tbl? morning hli boner Judg* bioiaon r*t?d?rfd bit drcttion on the motion mad* btf. r? lilin **it?rd.i y aft*-nocn to dlacbarg* 'b* i?tt?chai*nt agalnat 01# Bull, granted on tba 6tb Inat. Tb* mutton to dla rhtrt* tht *ttk<-hm*nt vat granted on tb* ground that (!>? plamtilTa ra'.ied aolaly on th* contract mad? bet***n | Mr* Uarttr** *nd Ol* Hull lor mum of act on, 'Iba c oi tract uo*tplaiB*d. In roid ? lb* aim* bating b**a '? *?tcut?0 hrtwfon lb* ttl.* of tb* piilntflt, Mat Ma r*tz?k. tad Ol* Bu" Tb* nopplrmmtar/ affi tarita ? Low tt* aulbt ri! t of tb* bn?fcan i to hit "if* to make tb* r< otraet , but if tb* contrnct wa? a aubalatlng on*, tbrn. a< curding to tb* ttrm* tl *r*of, th*r* ?*? not blag | out or p.<yabl* thriton until tb* ??lulruMoa ?: at l*a*t i ! our ??*?? alt?r tii* data tti?r*of and th* plalbtlff*, r*. I lying no *lt up. n tb* ccntraet, mint ?-ltb*r aland or foil t.j it lb* tbotloa moat be graat*-', aith tan dollar* co-ta to tb* o*t*Bda:f , and tt.* attarbmaot dlaebaig*d. lb* Court -a'd tbat tb* diachargmtcl ta a att.icliu>*nt wruldnot l?a a b?r to a t?:otti y tj tb* plaintiff* in aootbrr actios on tb* i/uantum meruit lb* *oub?*I for tb* palntlfl*. (i*n*ral V* ad ford and R I. Wiling*, bat* app- ?l*d from tt* nrdtr discharging tb* attartimt, lo tb* p*o*r*l t*rm ?f fhla court, and obtalaad an orftr fi r th* d*f*n<'anl to aboa ran** at 3 o'ckifk P M to day, ?ht a'l proc**<llr>ffi on th* part of tb* drfrndi at, until th* a*erog of ts* appeal, akould act b* at tjtd At th* t.*trlrg o' tb* motion to aboa cau?* tbia af t rtocn aby t : * <;*lindant a procftxl ugt aliould uot b* aiattd until tb* *nrun.*nt betor* '.h* g*n*ral t*rm, Juigehl ???a grant* ! an ordtr ttay'ng all drfrndaot'a trort>tii00< obtll taM b*irlnf , and directed *ai<l appeal U> bt b*a;d at ?.b* gtotral t*-m oa haturdar n*it. JCI.It e RCItrBKVT AOAIWtTO IK MTI.L. ftri.iur. c?n ht? aratiAi. tkrm. fta'ot* Hon. K H. Murrla. JuaUee Maura 'il - Mr I. K Huik*l*y, coua<*l for Ow Bull ma<*r ai;!lt*t ob to lit* Court tuia morning, to vacate aa afac>m#D'. ahicb bad b**n obtained by pulnti.T in thla rta* at t t li cli*nt, en tt* ground a-< <h.g*d in ib* plaittifl'a kftdavlta, feonautin^ of hla oan and on* Aiioiyii lirrttrt J tbut 11* aaa a noo r*-ld*nt aad coo rcaWu *b*or T) I- ault t? 0</uiiu*n**d .ipoa a judg ntnt 'or 1419 ?b'?!. piaiatiH bao r*cor*r*>i la tb* mat* ot Mart land licrn lUtardj iobnaoo bad d*l*n<J*d tb* ra * la tbat Mat*, and a- eauaa*l a; .t*c jndamant *a< oit .:i.?d bj default Mr Ht<lk*i*j, In bi> nrjrnirmf to tb* Coart Innitod 1 . lb t an at'arbni*nt roulJ la.u* aa4*f our aUtulM la a mi t k|4b * ;u<t?B*nt r*ad*rtd In ? for*l?n ptat* and ttd 4 t'n Ud stat*a |n?*at 10 M Hill *?2, k c. 1 It it t|i* ..flldariu "n ahirb tb* att*c!iio*o'. wa? granted <(bt*ia*d oalj ronclual< o< of la* a 1bit tii* ad) itavtt at to orocalmiat ?at vboll) d?l>cllt*. Uaa aueb aa it admitted tbat d*f*ad*at boaKH at tb* N*v i rk Mot*i and j*t op ?m it- '??* thoaod that h?p?ra n ?ratio* It htd mad* bo attempt to a*rt* a tumnmot ufxa bitn *>?*pt on* alt*rao</b ab*n dtf*n aa' aaa at < if a*r, aa<l lb* a*it moron g lb* eouaitl pr***rit*d i o I * Cc urt tb* <targrr ol titabliaBibg a pr*r*<!?at a?.l?h wojid r*adrr any dtlfu l abi* t* an atta*bai*at uy o ? peraoa'i afllda* It to tb* *ll*< t that a* bad h**n tatca at III* imIOvlc*. aad rvuld oot Had bin aad tb*n >**arlng Ibat L* k*pt bin. aril roac*al*d lbrr* ?*:* co? or two > U*r aotal* aa to tb* i!*tt'i*a ry ol ptaibtIO a b<nd. and tb* i.ri*rift t rfturo 1 1 * roae?*l tben r*a j tb* albdat U ot Mr Cranttoe, prop i*tor, aad .'I o' tb* cl*rka of tb* N*tr Vork Hnt*l, >b"? rigtta< Mr. 01* Hu'.l ia a> *a; r-ar** ?? hlm?*lf, >o ) alao tt tibg ttitb that tb* *A<tatu at Adolpb H*r b?lt_orj Uiiafoiut diu ?ot a late t*'!t, al>o tb* aSdarlt | of i-.*l?irf*bt abovng that H*rU"l hai tbr*aUa*i la i t* r*t?i>g<a oa, b>**oa* d?f*n>*atit r?f'ia*d t? *m | ploy I >m at th* A*ad*niy af ttual' and al?o th* affloa. i tit of f*f??dabt aait 8f h>t rouBa*). to tb? *^*"t that b* bad ta> r.or* taaa t?o j*.-. part r* M d ?b .">?? York, tod date: Blo*d upon taak.og it bU futara perawaaeat ri tMMMe. 1 eb .t'trg tH'itit* ?*'? tt?n r*ad bt pla atlff't can o M*-ar* ?ttffeid in". H*ib*rt. to tb* purport tbat d*t?br*t>' had tint* *)?** parrbaa*4 a*d* la > a?? th?: ktat* atn that u? <??ne<t U>? to up to to* latter ia t *( tbe year Ibl k. aad a* tae vltataae* a?< r* th*a r?r.>ld?fe> l *t t*;itaa-a bla k**i* Tb*a* alMiaetta ?*i* r-a?'.ly tbo** tbat bad heea xuti t>y ' * Ma I n par tl* iraay a.*a*h* igo, ib tk*<r o*o ladieinai *?tu a; '?<? o laat and 'rem tb<* fact d?f*^i*at a **aa *?. ?. '.n't a ibat tbey aar* nat *Bti<lad to tb* *ta* at ybt ** *!?'?? ct ieiater*?te4 *rtta*-*e? Tb* ax/tiaa ? ?? trgatd *t r'.?aui*rabi* i*agtb fc- tb* r**p*^ti?* ttttai tr4 tbt I oart took tb* pap*r* IIk!> ?t an; ' la nil red te a or ra * pi: % kH?iku ki> i?? w rv Aatf-T out m uu rtitkm swtvr. fl'' re Ja.Mr* tiilaa II Via Of ft. < .1 ? lblt'aa* cam* a a far at tk* aW.ta , Ka Tb* pla i t.Ba app**r*4 by ta*ir rava **#, I-', e l I fbo* aa? it* d tbat ib*t ?*r* raa^y 'a p?? Iff A' ti le ata*?a* ti* elerk <?' Mr flata't*< 'b? r?u***. f- r f > Halt- haa'*4 to 'ba roar' a ?'ter atatla| ikit t* **? ????aga<" la tb* aigaa**t *' a n *m? la ta* ^bp>r*r(iart aa.4 r*r4 a*? ' < ag a* a'jttitaaal Tb? ta* ?** t-ea tc,ttnei till to <tt at itot tlM f M r ior bra oa T?t Mi>ii>iirr: A cwrrfttl >*a I a"*?a?, U?*?y ar r t*4. l*."?r?? ?? 'bat ??-.*ta?a at a'y ? let" a k? ? ?"?? rMaraai 'I.- taa a' ? w M> lea a tfitifnalia'ii ,j* A* Mm, Mere* lb. THE STANWIX HAIL TRAGEDY. Supreme Court? In Ctuumbcra. Hafore lion. Morrti. JAMK8 IRVIN, CHABUKD AR AN AC CMHMORY TO Till Ml'KIXK Of WILLIAM I'OOI I, ADH1TTXO TO KAIL. Maki h 21. ? The i'eopit t >/. Jama /rrin.? Judgv Uorii ?Alii ? In thin caae, the prlaoncr, .lame* Inn, U brought before me on habea* corpue and the Chief of folic-* make* a ratuiu that be retaina hint under tba precept o.' th" Coroner, which la "The Chief of Police will ra calve, and aafrly I rap for examination, Ilia bodiaa of .la ma a lrvin, John Hylgr, and John Morriaaoy, aa aeeee aorit'? to tbr death of William Poole " Thin commit ment ta not a proper commitment, and Ultra might bava bteu a Tar; grave queatiou raiaod aa to who thar it ia aufflciint to hold the partlea unlrr it; but with that 1 bavn nothing to do. One queMliou Id tbia ?a. <? I*, wbelbor I have any authority to Inlerfrrt' when the party ia ocuumittod no the evi dence at the Coroner'* io>|uaat, aa accewory before the fact. Tbie Court ban povter to Kail in all cai aa, either before or after Indictment. The diacrrtloti la ou? that the Couit .* bound to eirrc**e a* judb loualy an I aa le gally aa it la bound to perform an; other duty. The <???<? haa l ieu decided In cur court*. The tlrat c*aa la that of Goodwin, ballad in New Yora by chief luetic" Mp?n rr iioodwin waa mdlrtwt and triad, and Ilia jury dl??gi??a, and Jurg* Ppencrr held that the iliaaitrmnentof Uiejurr waa evidence of tha doubt ol the KU'il o( tha MCUMO, and that it waa a proper caae for the c >nrt to averd** ita diarretlon. The neat waa tba caae ol a young ro.m, named Ttllou, for causing tha death of A boy. lull wan j applied f? r in hla caee, and the mution made before tha j huprrm* Court, full benah, and tbrv dectjed that the commits rnt waa not nufllclent to hold him. Hut the ' court took the evidence add ti end before tbwCoronrr'a In j (jurat, and they decided that they bad full authority to ' ball the prisoner; but aa tha avidtncA waa coacltielve ' that llllon had caoeed the d*eth of tha bay? In tact he had conlereed It and aaid. " outer the aama circum stance* I would do it again" ? theavl lence belore tlie Co roner'ainqueetfulljr justified tbr virdi t they had found, and the Court, ihouirb they declared their authority to bail, refun*d to do io. 'I be other caae la the I'aopla againat.Van Harne, who waa under Indictment for rnardrr. Th? <>raud Jury had flrat found a bill for wianilaughter in 'lie third degree, but the Matriet Attorney waa not aatutled, and wett' be for* tbrm again, wbrn they found an Indict in. nt fur uun alaughtar in the eeconu degree, wltb * hi - the pro lecutlutf ofllcer wan not hatoflel aod went before Ihe t. rand Jury again, wbrn they found A vardlct of murder. Tlie Court In t li At caar dt elded that the examination liefora the t.rsnd Jury being reduced to writing, they bad th* mbi right to read It aa tbry had in tha caae of tha evll?nce before a Coronor a Inqurat. Is that raaa, there wan proof of threat, and there waa bo dispute at all that tba death waa caused by Van Home Ttr only (juration waa, what waa the degree of cnuie. wbethar murder or man-laughterr Tb? Court bailed him. and he waa ?ubar^urnlly triad and ronvlcted of manolaugbter. In that caaa the Diatrict Attorney concurred In tba daclaion, aod tba Court put the decision very atron^ly ou that point - the concurrence of tlie IHatrict Attorn"*. It l? not, how aver. Actually nereaaary that tha Irtatrict Attorney aboutd conour, though tha concurresce r*!iav?a the cidir*. certainly 'too. an immenae rraponalhllity, for tha act be contra divided bet wean tba two. llut where the IMatrict Atorney doea not sonoir, the Court moat act tor th. m-elvex. Now, that abowa tUAt In thia ?>al have the power to baiL 1 hare la another (juration in thia caae. and aa It ia a vaitd qutatioa, the a'*ner it If aettlad th? Ic'.Ur -tha' ia ti>e |H)wer of tba Coroner. Fbe in<|ucnl la intended brat to aecertain the rauae of tba death and tba nam* of tbe mdifldual who la dead. The atatxta rmpowera him In that Investigation to fln l out who eauM>d tin- ilaath and autborlxra bim o laaue blr warrant and bold the party lor trial. I eom-ider it make* the investigation hefora tba ctrouer'a jury aim liar to a preliminary e?*uilnattoo before a magiatratr hefora ha i?eu'e bia warrant All magittiaU* bare the power to laaue tbelr warrant for arreat on A inima facit caae 1 he pro -.e 'logo of the roronir are afmilar oown to tbe finding of th? jury if the jury find any mnrder or maaaiaughtrr l? coinuiittrl, the coii'Bei abafl laaue hi* warrant If th* partr I* not already in euatody. Now, then, commenced th* coro nrr'a acta aa a n:agiatrate , juat tha aame a* A justice t* auaa bia warrant after prima facit evidence of the ot leic*. ILe next aection referr?d to aaia the eerooor la to have like power, and aball In all reapacte pro coed in like manner. 1 coneldrr that by the ei praaainn In the 7lh aection tba coroner U bound, aod it ia bia duty, to proceed in all reepecta aa a n:a|latrate wLrn a party la brought before him A |>r- tier before a magiatrate mud be exam ned Tbe juatica ia coiLprlled to put qurrtlooa to him and eau tlm kim aa to bia in-ware, but tbe |>ii?ooerma/ deciino to abawer Tbi* carl' before me if A motion to bail, aod tbe prl aoter aakx for an examination. I bava tbr lUbt to ?-n I bim back beb re lb* (< roo er, and require thia eiamloa tloo. or 1 I avr a right to cinmlue ibe c a ? here I pro pioa to admit tbe peril t' ball, but al .o propoer U> bav* 1 an e*aminati?!( I think that on reading 'be ev.denca, tber< ia roixetblng left nut in tbe ?t?m. nation of ??iur ol tbe witMeaaa. I therefore daclda up u eiam.amg Mr 2<uy(.'am Ibr District Atiornay ? Then your b?n( r decldra on ad mittirg tbe | r;?oi?r to ball. Ibr ( nurt ? I Lava com* to tbe concluab n to bail tha party unba Mr. hnydam abould teatlry did*i*ntlj. Tba I<mi'?' of bail ie(( ..Ira ' would ba 91c. SOU Ibe Ibitrict Attorney aaid be had other ota, and br would rr-juire the legal noLoa of bail two day* Mr Orvabn aaid that Mr lrvin had been already ia euatody aince ."atur^av night. Ibe Inatiict Attorney? lit* atatut* render* tbr notice c< mpuUory Mr l evelln wlabad tbe public to km w tba' thrrr waa a< mat bii g behind the acenra in tbla caae. The tirand Jnry weir in e*eel( n, and witneaee* were already mm moned hrfi.rr tbrm, and there may he *ornc draire to krap Mr lrvin li roatody until they bad ren te ed tbnr b II He ran give ba:l to any amount. I, myarlf, weald wllttcf lo go ball to tbe fi ll amount of tray property, fdetnet Attorney ? Ibe alatuta prohibit* mUj atwroey Cir coueel in the caae trom I reonting ball fMngbtar. ) kr I/aveLn- Halt be can get plenty of ^ool bail lha lJ>atr>ct Attorney aaid ? I am a< rry mat tbe gen tleman foi.od tt ne< r?aary to appeal from tbe Court an I froo mjeelf to public oplmoo, a tribui ai for which I lava no rra|ect He then referred ibe Court to tb' Po lice act of IMA, wbich atate- tbat bo oflicer bae tbe pnw ar to ball tincer tbe*. 1 be < ourt waa cooviocad ha bad tba power. And be woaid ba I tba | arty. Ibe Cr'ea ant'a counael nama-1 Mr C" ark, proprietor ? f tbe Merchant*' llot*l. CorVanOt atraet aa oail and tbe ( iatric! Attorney aaceptod bin aa eufbetrat Mr Clark wa* than aeot for 1k< n.aa Merpeden. printer to tbe Oorpoeati 'a aubee quantly ran ? -n and beenme bail for Mr lrvtn in .ba aula <d $10 000. Tbe court wa* daneely crowded, and the Judge mad* A rr(|ur?t that tbare would ?a B(. demonatret'on on t part ol Mr. lrvin * frtenda Tfeey thee dlapeveed quietly COt *T OP COMMON PLBAJI. Mm ii '2\ ~ HaUai f'orymt.? A writ of babaaa u(rpaa waa token out, returnable on Ihureday morelng, to bring upl euacilmaa Kerrigan, of the Tblr'eweth dotrlct el Ibr Hub ward who a charged with nMIgg tit* aetape of Hak?r tbe murderer of Foeie Plrrworki KNtMMiaral Blown l p two rkkooNK a?? kioiit riMox itut wo. A (uiltl ocfarrad at l?? a> lorfc ji\ ?r*ta ^ ?a *ba litinin D*i(kt?>rboMt, at tiraaaallla, a boat (??r ml'M fri m Jtr?y fit /. n?ai tba MorrU Caaal i?a IM r4a laaatrfa Mwart Cay A ai>>.4aa balt4in( abo .t 14 b> to J*at .a alia, a> 1 t?o atortal L%b. la vbl'b Bra ?nil ??ra aianular tar?4 tor Ii A UiUaailabl, 4<>ia? but naaa at 'ba '?.rn#r of Pprara aal William ittMU Nan Yati, ?li ta'antly I low a ap. ahlla '?? of ll.a I fourtaaa parar.a* aauaily ampla;a4 la Iba baiMinf a?ra at t' lk a t. 7b? ?i (il'.a'oo ?aa??4 a l"?4 r?y t\ vbl'b >ai hrard at a r?**i4?rabla rflataa'a aa4 mm!uI ib'I- ?a<l '??? ara a itvm tba ip?i haaaa ..f Iba fra? ?aata (!? a 1 1. In ti.a Hon la < aaal, bat tba jraat ?? fart if 1b?n fat! af?a lit >llt of tba bs I n>< aixl baraa4 n lb? fiia Tb? r??b>?-r? laaaluul; i fatb*r*?t at tba i^.t <a raaawa Uaa aaralaara WaW aa? ibrowa up* a tba rataa U> <j?aarb iba lta? aa<t ai: tat n* p>r?r>t ?aa takaa oat alia* bal * mm >A I Ikxa aaraaa ba4i/ iajara*, ttat it la baUarad tba/ aaa | aoi a<-rtiaa ? ?I tb?aa at aorb la tba ?? mlu'.l; . b 1 1 1? it . aaaa ba'li bvraai ?a4 oa? aaaap?4 A Ia4 aao.i'i ll'trj tf.albar tblfiaaa jaara af a*a vat bu ra?4 t? a rnap Iar4 aaa4 Man r, f>.ai!?? K l? a* Ja*ob lap Kmi l:>ab ?> lavta bota?r, (ali.ra4t*4i If'nW >aa<M a* 4 Wn, II ttaa ?' mi, aa4 ll?arr Jinan, ba; , ??? al. bt^7 bama* <?.. r?a f>?>.a ??'?(?4 altbaat p?rtma lajarp A pi )tn,aa aaa paaa.ftg U. '.u*b tba aa#bbarb?m4 >k<? tl.a ?i)Ka?aa iouiim, an4 ia>M4latal/ 4a?ata4 ba artafa ta ti a r?t? ? I tba ?? Itaraa . >?. mi ?r ba.M ifi <a tba a^abwibaal vara aj ?r?4 It ta tat (?oa - raif kaa?a baa tba aia*"?>"a aaa raa*a? btl t la ? t*t?4 it at tba ta.. b.;i, K Ml bar aal ia.r> it ntiUm art* rlrltltf al IMr aan to aaa abwb aaaM >11 ta* a?t r??a*ta aa4 h ta' ar aaa ra?a*4 b? tbair a t? abfb aaa tlx aaaaaa at b a* r| ap ''a baiMa* A ii ? ? IU itofb'a. aaa aa*a i.paa tba a pat aat , aani4U I aaa }?**iVa pra??ira4 tba altaa'w af }?)? ' at a aM :r iaa 'n? baa Tail 1 i a natb a? af tt-aaa afen a?*a ?rM au t'^a nit a'rtpa im bataa4 ablta baafaf ua Uatr taMai l)i',l.?a? .?-<ii..|ll.ti,' mi-j p*Tir>? a tba t i t I a* U * lltaa i f ti? a? tail ? llaft ] Bta.Ui ba;. b : M ii ? a >. ataai. taiat aaaaia y (* mt* C*4.) >? i Ma <t*. Iin liait NMf, 4e I batoa K a a*, Jarat K?>> a|, 4a. I?t4iar? ItaMt, /a *a |i'tt?f baiat |?.|bU/ Hiar t?a aaa a 4a 1 l?aat(a t rba, at a,ar?4 111 a-ni t a>ar Ita /?ar ?. ?<? u ta hi tka liat ara. tat ?a* a b a ?r ? t W ' .?4 Vt 'an afrt ' ?? ?a? '. ?a- ta a"' >a'?4 tb- -aaai'abto ' ataa at . ? ?? It,' it. P"*"" ot tin Mtanlt Ijual IUtoIhiIMi HAJ'K I I ON k OIHvtaS (.IKI -ARIIMT ?>g TUB AO* t unu>. Tuaadky, ? C< nuui girl, about IT <-tn of eg*. Ml rather good lookiug, ?pp> arad b*for* the Ma/or, u< preferred ? complaint njimit Robert Wllaoa, ? canw. doing hie bualae#* la Taatb nwi, charged him with j bating committed a r* pa upoa her peraoa. Th* aAda I tit* taken were a* follow*. ? j Klitabeth Brechtrl, of No. l.'l Chr/atl* at'eet, Ma( duly aworn. #ay?, that *be ii earentaen an 1 a ha.f )HI> old. that tin arrived la N?? York oa tli* I lth of Angna laat, ia th* *hip Caroline, from Ha ere, and ha* been bring rter alnce alth Mr Martlu Hammered] mldt, ia Chr/aWe atiret. Ttat, ol H*air lay afternoon, th*'Jltli of February, ?li* war a*nt >>j Mr). O.itwald, daiigbtei of Mr. Hammer, t" th* carter "hop of )t>>b*rt WiUon. No 14 ? Tenth atreet, r.rar fourth atrnue, Tor aom ? money irfctcb v. a* du* to Mr Oatwald, who wor' *d fer aatd Wll?? awl ? ho wa* tli?a nut of toon, that no ota ? u ia the "hep when be want In, eir?|<t th- woikmen, ttat afto< waiting about ao hour, Mr Wilaon came la aad laid oil hi. woranm. who tb<a went m?? After tb* workman hud left, Mr W|i*on inimai.ataly aoifad tbe d. pooent and threw h-r rl< Icutlr on the floor, ml abe. when ne?*? ?t anil thrown down. r.M out loudly fur th* police and aciiaael for a**l*taiie?, an! that tb*r*U|<in WIImio pieced d'? hand upon her mouth te flllMI her acreama, and held ber arm* eo that eb* "uW aottaalat. aud that he aprang upoa her to ac aeepliah hla purpo**. *nd that lie then and tb"re did arrompliah lua purpo ?*. ootwithatko .ipg Iter (trugglaa; and that durti g ber rartftaao* *nd belore ha bad r*u ered her la | tjpabl" ol detanaa. l j !>?>?, Inif her Mint ah* had r truck him aud eelrart him kjr th* hair, in order t? metent I'm, i lo roneequtot" ol winch he beat aad at. U-* b*r **eerad/, | catching her lit lb* lie r tearing oil ber b >aaet, au.l I lieatin,; her cemb to tbe ground, the. a ler I." had ar | cempllahed hla purpoee, abe ?u*e<?led In e*oaptng front Mm. ao4 Immediately ruahed Into the atiret, and laa ta her place ol i*'id*uce at Mr Oalweld'*, to wbo.a ana ri,uiiuualcated the laet. Dopoetnt furl bar "aye, that wl en ali* returaad home, | b*r apron and dreae were much u<ra, the book* Mag toi a fr< in bar drt ?*, ami that tier <*? * wa> mueli ana ia j freni the ? fl*c' ? of th* blo?a gl>*n hjf ? aid Vwhoa lur ag the at r utile, that t waa oiaao'rloca when ah* returned. 1 aad that TinnirdlaUl) aft*r commuter ttliag ber a tor/ ia Mra Oatwald, laellcg t >tr*n>* pain, h"iog r*r/ eica re ttred to l?d; that on th? enauiog da; ahe got up a ad aa 1 <????? red to attand to ber ruatoinarjr duitea atwut tha | hou-e of Mr* Oatwald but wai unab'? to do ao by rea I tou of tergr. at palu and euaueaa, that on tbe Beit uiorn'.nf. I" Woll, id llayard alroet, aaa eall*l ia, by wl oni ab* waa eiannoed, and Vuo r in* r?*-l with liar f< r huh tlm* knd who pr**rrlb*<l aom- thin* far h^ I air- (bat h< th*n left bar, and apok* with Mra. till wald >iiu<*rnlBK ber llri.1 n*nt aleo aay* II at ',?r f*. ?? i-ained h*r e*rf much from the Mow* Inflicted hy aald Wllaoa ah* far I tb*r aaya that aba thra Waal with a man ia th* hauae, rapraiantmg hiaia*lf ?>aa at'oroey, to t?* {xxioa court I in the Hail* of JaatU:*, ?!??'. eiitned a ooMpUtllt a gkm*i Wilaon, and tltat afi* r hating hem eiammad, ?Uel-ft llaa rnurt and went with an ottoar ta the ahov of Wllaoa, lor tbe purp< *e of ait*atiag blm but Uut h* could au4 belocnd; and al e furth*i aajra that ah* l> 'Iter#* that tt , an through th* ci nnlaaa'-e of aaiit *tt >rn*? (ao eailad) ' that Yi llmu waa al'^wed to eacape. and tbla alte uailata* h> rau?* h* rata li*r a p*|x r lo wljicb h* aekad n*r *lg nature, and that rh* aaya the' taul paoer eaa wrttteata FtijilUh, ard that abe undarataada oo Kagllab whateear. }?!.* fi rlhtr ?aya that the ?ald at.ora*> (*o'alle,tra > fu?<d to tell h*r the rontvnta of aald p*p*r, althuagh ha ! bad alway* pratluualy coattf *ad with hei ,n ber ewa language; and di |.no. nl ?tate> that abe do** not at tfcia I lla) know the oowteat* of ae?> p>p*r, wh eh waa *if*al by her In the ofllr* ot tb^ aaid a' lorn** depoaent haa nrt*r leci irad any money to attU* tkia < aea, alUaaa fiom Wilaon or Mar\. Mary !? twald tea tilled that aha aaat th* aa I ICIIrabatlt llrrchial to the rarrer ahop ol llohart to .btaia a> me ntoney , *? nhrnw-d all the al&dai II whl> h waa with in b*r ohaerratlou .-h* aay*- -lliat a'ter baring *eat aid 111 / at a- 1 h llr*rbt*l Wi Wilaon a ahnp, ale Jid Ml aaa h*r ?gam until am* o'clock of the ?an,* etanlng, when eha ieturae<t to the Loaae in great ditorder, hattag bar hatr dlabetallad ami -e> dreea torn, an 1 harmg lu*t her b a act end uub. b* r face al*o h*ln( m j h atnllra, a ad dap?D*Btfur bar aaya that when *?ld li uhath tana Into the botte ah* waa ciylrg ao-i tn*t ab* r*pr?ieha4 dep< nertfoi aendiugher to aald W.laon and >?miauki tM to ber what had tr*nap red. ihat at the time wbaa the pbjalcian waa <o the l.ouaa, thai* waa alao prawat a i-?r-< n whore nam* ia Mara, and wtiu raar*a*atei hin< aalf aa a lawyer, with whaiai uatpbaiaaBt w?i.t ta tin iioli** <?urt to a ntrr a i umplalat againet Wllaoa, aad ht ad eke af aa d Mai t And de|M aent tat* ah* belle tea that eald Man waa (aborat t by M il. on. aad that b> tiiUraprtaenUtiee* hn aoderaletd >a.d wnyla Ban* that Wllaoa en* allawad ta eac*pa, aad thia ahe behaeea !**? aa,? (4flMd i La .'IMill'l rntMV W *ettl? witb aald Milaoa, *a4 ta per# uade tbe t ie I 10 >eb*ib Braab'al, to laa < ana has - died dollar* aa ' tat notbin^ furihar about th* aaa! ler. Kredertrb Mvlf, af No. tit liayar >1 a r?*t, t*etlAad Unl bar peraon bote uamiataie il>la erfeeaceaf bat ag bona rlfalatad I Mr Hemler, ol th* I migrant fepartnaant arraata4 I1 Wllaoa <n Tnvday afteianoa, aad bnagkl an b*fara Juat r*< oat*lly ai ir.e ret diatrtat goiiee court Tha priaa.par waa ?? ii.u .ited to tha fomtaa, la default af ana I Ibtuaaud dallare ball. AM.IOKJI BBtTAt TNKAtNtWT Of A I IIILD BT 4 III 'Ml- MATH Of THE CMTLD. kfr* Ads lira/, of >o if*. Hiuuomi ilia?t aatAtad a ri'Bi pint! t abaIbbI Mi*. raaldiof at No U U?i ?ioa *tnat, for trual Iraaltn'Bl of b*r child Th* ?bikt, II appaari, ??? |>lao*<t ilU b*r to aal auin ba*1 M il Uf?<l b lb* loliaalBg ad IbvII >'U4 froai tt* .A? U mt i?(Uct amI rrusl ti*ataaat Tb* Mrlkaltn ui rarru Inratnl bjr (It* ?m.t.Tli* of Mr*. Mary f oaaajr mil Mr*, f *ihPM?? >i*kl*r. Mr* *11 ArrnWd, ml ?a mlllad i* iiafaolt of bait Aan J Itawr. r??ldiB? at M4 Itrooia* alr*?t of **it rlly, toit* italj mia, da(* anl *?/*, tax bar ib tABt da*|lii*r A(?d St* aaki III roar day ? va* plarMl la lb* rb*r?a Of A v*t aura* br t?i* mm ?' f-'af?r. r? -wliag *1 W Ditlaloa atraat PVhraary It U*l tba r bil'l baa Ball Alvl fia* tr m *ara* at lb* l*BM It *u gi?*a la < barga of ?a I air**. aal U??t aairaSlB ll??i. and r'otb n< ?il fill a ?lia>1 ?* <1 aa'Aa ?l'b vBlab to k?ap tl.a ebifcl 1 lr*B ?r..l lOfnlnrtAbl* Mr l*aar. baa I aa4 of dvpobaat lulnutaj U^ruAi.' Uiat ba u M ib* >Ald Mi* f'Afi-r ?? arj bkhb of 1* laara lb* aaa .Ilium of bl* il.ii4. ?o-l K? ?H Ia'ht mat by lb* uaia* sr |?r kmliiAil ibat tba chili VB* vail ? ad la|/ro?la( oo "Aiur lay *n*i*o?a, liviurj IT, 4* |?m ?t f*lt ?aiio?A to bar lo'Ai.t ? a< " +4 mdf vi at to Mafftr'* for tbat yur^-m wbaa, to b?r 4m stay. ib* found brr ?k 14 l)>u ib a litUa holit ?(?*? a ?bait, ib a told nxm is vtoab l *r* aa* aa flra 1Mb twill of lb* rwiB v*ra fia-|u?atljr a|?*Ml vbil* I ?y? o?a? vba tb*i* MAIrg a ttfoaff <lrAti iif viad tbraaab II, ?*i B*af iW 4?or? opto*' lato ll?* f ar 1 , tha r'.fld an cold a* It 0*1 bo ???.?? r.n< ar*i It. u4 vi'l.laf bat it> filthy rU.tb** ua-Ur Tt, viliaval a By |dltov, tba rblkl VBA la a *>'?*! H.ihj Ab4 ?xllarl<M SBM4IM?a , It* *)?* *ir* r"*'!; litan*4, a*4 iBBBiBf villi B>ll?i Tba Invar p*'t af I - had/ v*a a.?'b "Bidvl vitb uilaa tal v>l Ima ita b.|^ taaa, I k*<s?r ?a* b * rat vara l.r?* aa4 bi|hl; laBawatl mw, ; ABd tl A *s r, ua>.a ib* Abla aa vlurk lha cbU ' ?>' 171*4. va? A liai/lfil ar ra aa4 <-?*a??<1 a lb aarraptMV bm ? 1b? tliiM vaa I??I4? aa4 4til avt ?a?ia aMa to CI J *B'l II arM aa lbaa?b II aa* uBdar Ib* ataavBB af ??? 4n| lb* tafaai k*4 Iba Aa? rk/UN u|?i. it at It * liiaa thai il b*4 S? ai 1 lb* I a ? it laft ')*v ?.?-Bt ' a Tliarat*/ frmtuimi. tal fnivi ib?ir vat a*<1 Bltby aaadliioa <toi"*aat bai larva tl *j b*? avt to*B <bi njn IVf Bast Mit| ay ?>!**< al ifc? *i|bl af bar *1 il'i aad iba aB*?lt*Ms |4**? It vas IB n^iNi?4 tb* aara* to |M|> tba 4"<TB <-f tha road ?bat ab4 la rarsiab dayuaaai tba aa?*i to rtaaa tba rbi*a vl.?a Mr Mulit or.ja??a<t U>4>aa?|i bartagaay lb r r to 4a iKat* ?a/ia ( Iba* *t?a bad ai b**laaaa ? Wra. ibat hi* *rvv aaaM <aA* rar* m tb? rbild Bad vbaa 4a l**a* ul a *b?4 to **a M bla nuv vavbi '<r. aa it Imb* A ABAar af vat** a ad * aaiali r*4 v?r? larBtabad to || n n< Bl villi vblah <i#f?a*at r Ki aad tb* a; a* atd faaa bvl ?o-jld 4*a> mat* *a iba ?*?** v*i*a?d ?n?A*ai a a* v i, t ira <ab!aM*af lb* ro?ai r *tify tba art *4 VBBlMM. l*l*B<Btlh*a lafl to ^<4ira A>*ui*a<* a, lb *lli ? I* laiaraad ab4 r*a*?<*l tba 'Bill bi? Hi MaIM u*iaf ikraaiaaiaa laa?aac* tovard* *?p> aaal D* . ? a ilir va* ralWd la ai'ar Ik* JaU bad baaa *laaaa4, **4 b? aatd Ilia rb 14 bad kaaa ?-*dl; traatod tbat M bad ka<bl*t IB II* bvvrl*. aad vtaa ^a**ta?sd by 4a**aaat ?I U ? cbiM aa* Bad * IM BI b* ia*varad tbat tba Bllb ?a-1 Art v*ra a<*<* tbat tba > U4 vaa Bat MrB . bat b*4 laa B*ji**iad. Ibat it vsald aal 4a aaaa aad Ibat II vaaM baaa Ita to for* It aaald 4 * flapa Mil tarlkar ?ft tba *ai!4 bat B aai4 a baa It a Vaa ?lit li*B Mrt WtoBai TMa ibild v*i tba* rnatartof, t*b I?) plaaad ib tb* cba*|B of Mr* Iw-btar a* Barva, ? Bart ab<? i*ad*r *ara tb* rbIM ? aara* baa III bat lb* M| *'l II I ad toaa tab)*rt to vbll* at tba bwa mi Mr* I 'a?? I b*4 Mtol<a 4*ap aa iA*f*aaalB? to b? I Iimia BBI nl^ii**! k.alHM aad aa Friday. f*k :i tb* r* M dlad *ad wpaatt trail kill* I ?a ik*l Ha rbll^'i dastb aa* aaalk; tb* vsataa Vb uiAiBAt it rarairad frva tba tlima 4 Mm mBtn imr tmnr uid A aatartaaa 4r*f|ar,' aaa? I Jaw>b Wiidrva Hark M, *?? Arra lad urn ta aa.A*, ??' toaufkt Wat Jti'xi fwbara* t|M tba M Mil raa4ka"ea i|ib at ' m I.* lrt?4 k'i |*b* al 4i+p u tba praMt a I?iriy dvilar* Iba a ??aa4 va* uaaltM ta liatb* a 4*fa?lt a* i?a b*adrv4 datkara bad. Allf.II BTIMMMI Klk CA|.IPOB>IA TICBbT*. 4 ?vai *ia* vb* aatarad aa Mavda/ at fte Ma far 'B af li*k; Mi?? W*id?a aad M *? M< ar*> t>ilad tba taayaf . ? a < i?'* ja- *ri*i . r.^ar Ct.*??aa* Bt Ma t *??1 ????at, ' 1 ? if 1 ? Mat a"b tr'atVaa IWaaar tb? ii| yi ? B ?.l tba larkrli f ft Cal fMBia * MBB.ra HI0T4CB. Mr f barla* frala * n*ar*4 at tba Ma;ar * *??? ItHa;, aal rtatodtrat ba bad ra**a?!? arrraad fraBi v ti*a Bad i*A?a op bit a>v4BBt %? 111 Uaa *<rat. > ?<tf b* baMBf* ?brb ba ta?.a?bl aMb bb* irmrn l? * 1 -j a' *al > b ? var* a fkaaa ba? Aad ? y*a Tba .. b*v**?r v.* b,r#i is gatd. *a4 ?IBIMM ?* totkg ib*iB ?b> *al ?*i* aataava to Mr* I * b w If hatot va ? aba*at aa ^atoraa/ avW ?*B<^aiia'ia*? vb- vaaviaiAtfailBiWiB'Bna II ia* *B4 ??* ??itn* iriai Waafa U???*4 ka? ba |%B at 4 b*? ? ta ? * a -* av* ? na? toaa aaaa *v kurlM * aaa tl i? it|pm' ba***?r 'Bat ba va?% >4 t* Mr*'ra, ib# lb*' a* taa - bm i* i^n? a*d tr - ar ??# 5## I # ??*#??!* *???? it* %1H0 v?| fV Vt ri' * | j - j

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