Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1855 Page 7
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( fjjMWj IEHBWKP EYEET DAY. TMAW HBCIWlg, US? THE LAWiE HOUSE AND 3PORC NO. 497 'ghth imm, the home containing fifteen rooms, j the basements, suitable for ft first class boarding ft. To l?t reasonably, whole or is part Apply to NEWMAN, 487 % Eighth itmm, or to M. COOPER, >1 vision street. UCT? W HOBOKEN, WITHIN THREE MINUTES 'ftlk of the ferry, ft tow m? first class houses, in terrace, with towers,.; ornamental fioata, and yards, commanding ? beautiful vtow of the river ew York : bare all the modern Improvement*, in if fen end hot and cold water, ftnd will be let to ie of the highest respectftbllity only.? ing home keeperi need not ftpply. Inquire oorner toon ftnd Seeond street*, Hoboken, of E. MABI1N. rONl COTTAGE TO LET ON STATEV ISLAND, ufflciently lar*e for a family of ten persons, shaded rnarocDtal trees, with ft carriage honse and stable, vegetable and fruit garden, and lawi oonttfnin^ three half acres, and a living I, rook running through it, , ? of fruit, Ac. Situated three fourths or a tails from eambnat landings. !? to be ranted from threeto ten > at SMO rent. Apply to L. C. CLA11K, or JOHN H. [iHIIS. in BreftaWfty. PUSE TO LET? LOCATED IN THIRTY FIRST BE tyeen llroadway and Fifth avenne. The rent wilt l>* in board. The family is small. Address Home, " offloe, for three days. ["RNISHED HOUSE TO LET-THE HOUSE IS A t class four story high basement brown stone house, last, with all the modern improvements, situated utor place; bouse and 'urniture in most pertaot order, d and finished throughout, and the furniture new yinv; parlor furniture rosewood, in satin brocatelle; painting'. Wilton oarpet to third story, and every V correspond. The whole was iiirnisheJ without ro ? copt, and ouly rented onaooountof the lady's health, unexceptionable tenant the owner and hii lady would iart of the year, if mutually agreed. Boarding hou.te i need not apply. Address liasiker, Herald office. ftlENDLY WARNING.? ONLY S15.-TUI LAST lot of the Woodlawn building lots aud farms will ho ! in a few days. They are in a pleasant and healthy n, ft sbort distance by railroad from the city. All sb to avoid heavy reut? ftnd own ft oouatry residence secure one immediately. The number left is few, 9 books will 200B oboe, for the small sum or $16, e in Instalments, evory purchaser seourcs 4 building by 100 feet, or a farm from I to 20 acres. Also, for eap, a number of very desirable farms, pleasantly d, consisting of fivo sores and upwards, all well caf I for proAtal.lo farming and gardening purposes. Ap CHARLES WOOD, 20b llroadway, where maps and >eta can be had gratis. iRT or A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET IN A ry pleasant locality in Brooklyn. Tbe bouse Is ele furnished, with tapestry velvet carpets, large mir s, water, and every convenience for % small genteel The rooms consist of two basements, two parlors floor, and one or twe rooms in third story. Address 648 Broadway. 5RY ? TO LET, THE BAKERY AND STORE NO. Bayard street, with suitable apartments for a small Inquire of DANIEL KELLY, 70 South Third street, '?burg. tDWAY.-TO LET OR LEASE, THE SECOND ir of house 397 Broadway, suitable for millinery. g, straw goods, or ftny other business; best location ?trset; or would be let for offices. Good entrance 1 1 urway. Apply to I A. M.A R. DAVIES, 3OT Broftdwfty. i WANT ON BROADWAY TO LET-FROM FIRST May, in ft most desirable location, suitable for a bust (ice, or any neat meohaaioal work or gentoel shop; rented en reasonable terms. Inquire or JOHN LEVISON, 341 Broadway. AGE TO LET? AT WINDSOR TERRACE, FLAT h, corner of Vandcrhilt street and the Coney Island ?ad, with stable ftnd garden attached. The building rranged for ft store, but if desired the store will bo to a parlor. Rent S3M. Apply to E. BELKNA1', 62 Wall street. R ABLE FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET, CON .ning twenty one rooraa, in Waverley place, near ? ton square, in nioe order, with baths, ga* through I chandeliers; a private family preferred, -at would ed for a tirst class boarding bouse. Yearly rent B. W. RICHARDS, am Broadway. I TO I.ET-IN BROOKLYN, ON WAU, ABOUT k, inftahle for naval stores, lime or stone yard. Ap McCKAKEN. 74 Wall street, ia the basement, to 2 P. 11. Choice Brooklyn lots for sale orexohango ' ts, bonds or mortgages. i ISHED HOUSE TO LET-A HANDSOME DWEL ( bouse in a fashionable neighborhood, well and uom furnished, and fitted with all the modern improve vater, gas fixtures, Ac. Address M. UIBLIN, 4V ?eet, or box CC4 Post offloe. 3RY TO LET, LEASE, OR FOR SALE, WITII am power ? The four story hriek builling in the rear irryth street; also the dwelling house in front of the 'or particulars, apply to 1. DYKERS. 62 Wall street, or 11 Washington place. ? CLASS HOUSE TO LET-IN FIFTEENTH et, n< ar Sixth ftvenue, with all tho modern improve in complete order, with pantries aad closets, as, ftnd chandeliers. Yearly rent 9990. The oil ill be rented with tke house. Apply to B. W. KI ?S, 307 Broadway. ERY AND PROVISION STORE TO LET.? STOCK t fixtures for sale. Stock 1 1 :.t, is In a Brit rate hood, now doing ft good cash business; may be in -o any amount. Address L. A. M., Herald offioe. E TO LET.? A FIRST CLASS ENGLISH BASE M nt house, in perfect order, and having every mod s' venlence, beautifully located in West Twentieth ?< o. 1V2, opposite the Theological Seminary. Apply ?< l EKKll.L, No. 294, nest door. ES TO LET-BY THE WALL STREET f'EKRY Brooklyn, and within flra mineitea of the foot of 1st, New York. Four of thoee now briok houaee cor intaglio and Furmau streets, cutrt*iniuft nine rjoma, ?dance of eloaeta and pantrl'-a, well calculated lor d neat familial. Al?? the brick itore on tho corner. >r JOHN H. I'RENTICE, lfiti Water (tract, N. Y. B8 TO I.ET.-A SMALL HOT SB ON TWENTY lb (treat, near Fourth avenue, $4<J0; a ni-e dwelling >rt on Fourth avenue, near 'I'wenty-aeventli atreet, hath, Ac., SMI): a three atnry hoimo on Twenty ?at. at JT'iO; several hauMa at *7WI, $8<KJ and UM). timber of furuiahed houaee. E. B. KI.NSlIIMEIi, ?h avenue, 3 to 7 I*. M. S TOfLET.-A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, >yin? a aioe three atery teuae, nearHadiaon ?quar*, i r lad to let the principal fiart of it to a atnall fa I I take rent iniboard. The gentleman would fur <wnrooma. Addreea X. L. IV, Herald office. 5 TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR SALE - A tie' boarding houae, handeotuoly fnrniahed, will be ho owner ia leaving tbe city. Addreae Uuukoin, | y i'o(t OfBco. i IN BROOKLYN TO LET -A SINGLE GEN an wiahca to rent a modern houae In Clinton atroot, i kl vn, to a respectable jrrivate f imily , with wbum board tor part of tbe rent. Apply between 9 and md 5 to t? o'cl"<A P. M., to CHARLES MEINECKE, 1U Front (treat. L AT GLEN COVE TO RENT? THE TRITON I w?, thirty rooms, at tbe landing, the plaaaanteet ten Cove. The houae ia in firit rale repair, an I I ike a capital boardiag hoc. 'a. or would rent to two lilies. Apply to Mr. Burton, Theatre, Cbambera COTTAGE TO LET-IN SIXTIETH STREET, r the EaM river, between Writ and avenue A; cara in eight of premiaee every minnte; eleven room*, -l.le manteta, Ac. Rent cheap to a rood tenant; I, Ac. Inquire on the eecner of Thirtieth atreet I avenue. )F A HOUSE TO LET.? TH E UPPER PART OF lern built houae, in Saeond atreet, near Firat are t to a genteel family. Rent?4ijl?. I'oaaeaaion on May next. Addrcia Hoi JtC I'oat Off.oe. AND HOUSE TO LET-IN A GOOD BUSINESS of the Sixth avenue, either together or asperate, or jart aloue Store may bo has if rei|uircd on the let Apply at IS Sixth avenue, between Ninth and AND HOUSE NO. 116 CANAL STREET, TO > Alio 17 Wooater (treet. Apply to J. CRAM, SO tare. :AST CORNER OF BROADWAY AND GEAND , t.? To laaae, thirty fe?t on Broadway and one bun , ' on Grand atreet, on laverable terma. Apply to ?J. , ^ INS, Broadway, up atain. ?-TUE SMALL SIZED THREE STORY AND ent houae 171 Weat Twenty-fourth atreet, haa di ll the rear; nil the modern improvement!, and in 1 '? Apply on the premlaea, or* to P. S. HOES. IU ' comer of Barclay atreet. ? TnE NEW FAMILY HOUSE, NO. 107 WEST ty fourth atreet. the houae haa been built ei ramall American faiuillea, and will be let to io ,1 haa gaa and 'rotoe walar throughout. Apply at rwentyfearth atreet, before 9 o'elovk A B. r-THE SECOND STORY OF A HOUSE IN i ' jr- fourth street, between Ninth and Tanth ave aeatleman and hie wife, with alt the modern in Addrssa A. Sieela, 185 West street. '? ?APARTMENTS IN HOUSES NO*. M AND *1 Fortieth atr at, between Broadway and Sixth ? naiatinr of a parlor, two bedr<<oine and kitchen, L* mcating; tbsy are finished iu a superior manner. ft le mantels, gaa, Crnton water, and all modern im . 1 ?%. Rant ??derate. Inquire on ths pr?miae?, or of '? A C. MORRII.I.. No 9 Chamber! atreet .1 ? - FOR THREE VEARS FROM FIRST OF MAY I ' 1 etore an-i baesmsnt VM Hudson itroat, two M Clarkaoa. auitaMe for a dry gooda or boot and For pnrticulara Inquire on tbe premises after 9 il -A STORE. WITH TWO BACK ROOMS AT ] toll, and et-llxr, located la the Bowery, be t w -en I ?d Ble-eksr atreeta For particular! inquire af ? >CK S, No 3 < edar atreet. asar Peart. If -TBE FRONT BASEMENT OF DWELLING tag (traet, initabl. for a pbraiciaa Can be seen ' _ AM''y "* tt"1 Pr' mleos. ! -FIE.sT FLOOR OF HOUSE 197 EAST TWEN I th rtreet, four rooma. Rant $130 te a amall isn I 1 without children. No etbera need apply. | -TO A SMALL RBSPECTABLB FAMILY, I -rend atory of the neat three .try brick house f j t TMrtj tint atre t. one d-"r we?t of Fourth ave 'tin* of Irant and back parlor with aaaftrT M itw?'?n. bedroom off the hall, "ne rootn In th? third J fror.t laaetr.ent, f'roton water nnd bath lathe 9 n be aeen from 1 to 4 o'clock. Rant 189 la [J a 9 Second strevt. Tbe house to be pat la foo4 g .PART or A THRU STORY BOUSR, WITII n improvements, anch ai bath and CM. Loea i n? minut#> walk ftnn Ihe Metropolitan 11 >tel J of ?ec"ud floor, kitchen with ran*", an'l r-K/m ?? , RentSSIV' to HU per annua. Referene<<? ex , Apply h> Mr-. Storme?. 114 Th?mya<m atrett. -the rrriR r *rt of house no. 77 1 ?on atreet near ^prla(, cea?latia? ef front r .nm, tea room, ba- k 1 a? r-ent, with ranra; atMe bed >. privilege In the bath roam. Rent, fttb. f -STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR SALE- THE a tahlilb' d aad wall known family rnoar/ at<>r<, ? tbe ?'rn<r of Elxbth avenue and Eiiateonlb ? dolug an eicel'eat In'lness. To a pora-n ?f |o-.d same capital ftcb an opf rtenlty rarely pre I. The only ree'"> faraellinf la the ao mew Nat salth of ti e rroanstor and l<i? wish to retire froa >p?'f * wfc ?? *k? nmi?. TKNAWT8' RBOMT1B. r LIT-A STORK AND BASEMENT IN NO. 826 Bri adway, on* huadrtJ feet deep, and W?U lighted, heat *2,000. Apply H Me. 1M Fifth ?WM. TO LIT? Till BASEMBNT. NO. 138 AVENUE A. BE tim Eleventh and Twelfth streets. established uu oyster u< lun taw saloon, with a vault attaohed to it; a good looallon tor an aetive man; rent *12. Wc, per month. Inquire of C* L> N t'NNKNHAM P, next door. "NO LET? TO A SMALI. RESPECTABE FAMILY, TUB H upper I art of a ipuii'M house, Ns. ICS Fir>t avenue; gar, fold and warm water on ium floor. Roferene* required. Apply at Wo. 44 Broadway^ r LET? AT 38 CLINTON PLACE, TWO ATTIC ROOMS, furnished; they will be let very low, to respectable par tiea, and offer great inducements to gentlemen wishing to economise iu lodciugn. Apply from 8 A. M. to 4 I'. M. TO LET? TIIE STORE AND DWELLING, 401 WASH Ingtou street, directly oppoaito tbo Clinton market; st Itablo tor a restaurant or portsrliouse Rent 1300, Also the atory dwelling house 1&3 Chambers atraet; rent W80. Possession of both 1st May. Alao Iho three story dwelling hon>o (except offlce) 200 Hudson atreet; rent *450. Alao tho ? mall three atory dwelling 79 Variok atreet-, ront*450. Pes aeraion of both immediate. Alao two eottagea on Forty ninth atreot, near Third avenue; rent $390. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudaen atreet. TO LET? THE NEW BROWN STONE FRONT FOUR atory English basement honae, No. Ill) Eaat Thirteenth street, near Third avenue, with all the modern improve menta, and in a Terr pleaaant neighborhood. I'onaeaalnu ito mediately. Rent *1,000. Apply to TKUJ1LLO, FRANOHI X CO., general agenta, 108 Wall atroet. IO LET? FITE HOUSES ON THIRTY SIETIl STREET, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. very handsomely fitted up tor two or three amall genteel 'amillea; the fronia are raiuted white marble; thia 'a a rare opportunity for small geateel familiea to live neatly ; Mo.'a 210, 218, ?A), ??i, 224. Iminlre In 216. TO LET? TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, PART OF tbe houK? 138 Seooad atroet. conautiug of aix rooma, gas throughout the hooae; Broadway ?t?gea pass tbe door. Can be seen between the boura of 10 A. M., and 3 P. U. In quire aa a>ove. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, WITHOUT CHIL dren, part of a three atory brick honao, in the vicinity of Msdlson square. The home containa a bath room and water clottls, ana is supplied with hot and cold water and with gaa throughout. Apply at .11 Eaat Twenty-aeventh atroet. TO LET-IN TIIE SEVENTH JVAItD. APARTMENTS suitable for a small quiet family, consisting of front par lor, two bi'drooma, basement and pantries. Inquire of Mrs. BERKIAN, 180 Bowery. TO LET? THE LOWER PART OF A THREE STORY brick house. In Warren place, Charlea street,) aear Greenwich avenne, oonslating of two parlora and extenaion room, two baaementa, and rooma in third ftory; gas and Croton. Tbe second floor to be ooenpied ? y * family of thrao tenons. For farther inforuiation, apply to GEO. W. DEVOE, No. 8 Jefferson Market, or 129 Fourth atreet. mO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY WITHOUT CniL X dren, the opper part of honao 28 Third atreet, oonslating of two rooma, entry bedroom and pantries, on sooond tloor; one or two bedrooms on third lloor, and back basement. Can bo aeon from 2 to A o'clock. TO LET-AT 118 WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, FOUR rcems on tbe accond aud third floors, without basement, to a amall family without children. Privilege of bath room. Gaa throughout. Rent $230. Can be seen from twelve to three o'clock. TO LET-THE UPPER PART (AND BASEMENT if desired) of the dwelling bouae No. 8 Bleeoker atreet, a few doora weat of the Bowery. Apply to MADAME MAN DINE, No. 21 Bleecker street. TO LET-A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE IN Skillman street, near Park avenue, Kaat Brooklyn. Rent *20t>. The Myrtle avenue railroad rone within one block ot the premises, rendering the looallty oonvenient to those doing business is tbe oity- Apply, to B. BEN3EL, 311 East Broadway, between in aud 3 o'clock. FOR SALE? A SPLENDID GRAIN OR DAIRY FARM in Orange oouaty, situated one-fourth of a mile from tbe manufacturing village of M'alden. It contains 110 acres of cboieo land, two good apple orchards of grafted fralt and all other kinds of fruit. It not sold by Monday, March 28, will then be offered at aaetion, at the house of J D. Mill., psugbt, in the village of Walden, at 2 o'clock P. M. Fer further particulars inquire of E. PRATT, 81 Ffllton atreet. r LET-A TWO AND A HALF STORY HOUSE, near Broadway, and below Fourteenth atreet. Furni ture must be 'bought by the partv taking the houee. Rent $KHJ. Apply, for further particulars, to room No. 5 Gilsey Building, 171 Broadway, upatalra. r LET? TO A CENTLEMAN AND WIFE, THE whole aecond atory oi a modern two atory house in Hudson street, (north part,) four roems and kitehea, with pantries, gas, ( roton water, and line yard. Ront *275. l'oa ?ersion in April. Address Owner, Herald offlce, for two days. TO LET-TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, HALF OF a three story house, situated at 109 West Sixteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. The honae is furnished with all the modern improvements, each as baths, gaa, hot and cold water, Ae. Inquire at BOLEN'S, No. 170 Broadway. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF HOUSE No. 37 Ludlow street, consisting of three rooms on the second floor, and baek basement. Apply at .90 Eaat Broad ly TO LET-IN ONE OF TIIE BEST TERRAINS IN HO I boken, close to the ferry, from the 1st of May, a large portion of a modern built house, with every eonvenienoe, suitable for a family of grown persons of tlw first respecta bility, without ehildrea. For particulars address W. H., Herald ofltoe. mo LET? THE STOKE AND DWEILINO Olt THE X aortheaet corner of Fourth avenue and Nineteenth atreel; a (ood location for a flrat cliai grocery atore. Alto, the store adjeining, an excellent location feral moat any e bo ice HilMti. Aim, Ui on Nineteenth itmk adjoining the above premiaea. Inqiilra *? tba prernieea, 'ram ? In 12 A. M., or of 1. J. DKUMMOND, M Canal ?treat, after 6 P. M. TO I.ET-A ri.EA9A.VT HOUSE IN SOUTH BROOK lyn, tbraa atory, ;ai and fixture*, within twelve minutee' walk of the South ferry, to two email fauiliea, If agreeable; alio, part of a jhouia In thia city, oocatating of front baae ment, parlor Boer, and extra rooma, Rfti, wnter. bathe, Ac. Apply to FREDERICK M. BllTWR. J6 White alraat. TO I.ET? DOWN TOWN, TWO KURNISHll) RO IMS for gentlemen, in a plaaaant location, and without hoard. Apply at eS Murray atraet. TO l.ET ? TO A SUA !.!< FAMILY. WITHOUT CROWN children, part af a i. I.- orchard atr??t; all modern ituprovrmente, hatb, ,?*>. Ac., conaletmg of two parlnre and two aiaeplng room*. Rant 9279. Inquire at 42 Flrat avenue, after 3 o'clock I*. M TO LET ? ON SIXTH AVENUE. GOOD A Til KEF. STORY brick home and atore; ia anitabla for any fancy buatnaaa, i uch aa millinery, ladiaa' ako* atoro, or dry (""da, ha'a and eapa or clothing atore Tha laaae and flit urea fur aale, and puareaiion immediately: will ba aold tt. a bargain if applied for tola day. at LINDSI.EY A UARDSELL'S, 78 Eighth avanae, corner Fourteenth (tract. TO I.ET? IN MoRRISANIA, A DOUBLE COTTAGE* very pleaaantly aititated, on poet road, -inly a faw mi outre' walk from tba railroad dapot. Inquire of PUJ. ERNST' -Jl Broadway, entrance in Twelfth ? cr. t TO I.ET? AT FORDHAM, A COTTAGE AND GARDEN, with plenty of rrnit and one or two.aoraaof land, and atable, if required. Alan a large atone manaion direollv at tba dapot. inquire at 70 Franklin (treat, or on the prenueea at Fordbam. flio I.ET? I' A KT OF A NEAT HOUSE NO. 54 NORTH X Moore atreef, near lludaon. To* email family who priie a quiet rcaidenee, tbil offer* a good effortunity Rent M>> TO LET-SMALL STORE 141 NASSAU STREET, TWO I (bow windowa, tba beat atand lathe city f?r book .i el lay, lawellera, battara and elatblera, or any wholeaale or re tail Ina'naaa; alio, large atore, baeaaent, front room, flrat flo<r, up atair*; and rear building, together or aa pa rate, Sti Maiden lane: alao, large atore and laaeiuent, together or aaparatr, 4< 5 Sixth avenue; a good ahanoe tar a tailor or hardware dealer. Apply at *1 Fulton atreal. TO LET? PLEASANT TWO 8TOKY AND ATTIC BRICK bonaa No. 1.17 Elliebeth atraet. near Broome. Raot Apply ai No. 12(i Second atraet, after throe P. M. TO RENT -TWO FIRST CLASS WINTER AND SUM mer brick aad atone hoaeea oa tha height# at NowBrigh - ton. States leland. delightfully ettua'ad. commanding an exteaeive ?lew of tba hay and aurrounding country Tha honiee are replete with every eoaveia!ea?e or watar worka above and below, dumb waiter, epeakiag trnmpete. (tables aad coaoh honare. garden ground, ciaterns, a-d a floe well of water, friTat* walka and aveaaea; witEia Ave miautaa' walk of the New Brighton Ferry, and of eacy a-o?ee to Quaraatiae. For farther particular* apply on the pretnieee, or to C. K. HAMILTON, 14 Beaver atraet. TO RENT-A LARGE FACTORY, WITH STEAM POW er, in Pitt afreet near Grand. Tht? ia one of tha Boat de airabla factariaa ia the city. PoaeeeiioB tret of April. Ad dreae box S.Wt I'oat Office. TO LEASE? THX STORE NO. 102 FULTON STREET, one door from William. aad flaturea for eele. II lathe oideataatahliehed < lot bin a atore la the atrewt, and waa newly fitted ap laat apriag. Fur partiealari inquire oa tbo pre miaoi. r LEASE? ON BUENA RIDGE, MOTT II A FEN DE pot. thirty miautee from Tweaty eixth atraet, a largo double hnaee, containing fourtaon rooma, hot and cold watar hatha, lleaala, aad all modern ImprTemeet#; four etallod ataile, ccaek aad othor boaaoa. Thla la aae of the moat complete houaea ia Weatebeeler. Location unrivalled; high grouad. commanding viowa of both rivera. To a carofal tenant il will be lot for 97UU. Apply at the elate 3 Broad way. _ TO LEASE-FOR A TERM OF TEAKS, A FIRST CLASS houea, la perfect order, waat of Broadway, ia Bleecher atraet with gee, ehandeliera, hatha. A*. Poaeeaaina may be baa from the |Ath to a*h April Sitaatioa very a leaaanl. Yearly real II.Mai It W Rl, 11 A R D3, JUT Broadway TO LET OR LKA8R ? THE TWO FOUR STOKT AND baeemeat honaea M and 4?7 llouatoa itrael, aa tha aorthwaat eoraer of Crnaby atraet, only I AO reel aaat of Broadway ;aontata over thirty rooma, aad have all the ao dern eonvenieacaa; now and for tba laat three yrara oeca pied aa a ft rat claaa boardiag houae Alao the atorea talrt, aad <51* Broadway. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 2Ut Haaeon t treat. TO LIT OK L BASK? TBI SOUTHEAST CORNER of Canal and Undaon alreeta. thaving a front of about i>i feet oa earh atraet.) Very aaiitahla for a elothiag, hardware or eaddllry atore; haa tea rooma overAiha atorea, with a eaparate aad genteel eatraaee. Apply to JAMES PKICK, gp lludaon atreel. TO LET OK LEASE-AT A OKEATI.T REDUCED rent, tha apacloaa atore with baeemeat, Ira proof vaalta, Aa.. If1 Spraco atre*t, aaitable for aim oat aay bqaineaa; wonld he let eeparat' ly. SUiai power, if deaired Poaaae aioa immediate. Alao three lae I eft a ea Beekmaa atraet Apply to JAMES PRICK, 2WI Madaoa atraet TO LET OR LEASK-THE TnREE STORY RRTCK hatldlar 370 South atraet aait to corner ef Oeverneer. and Otpeaiia tha f?rry to Bridge afreet, Brooklyn. KtpXj to WM F. BRINl KERIiOFF, IIS aaeana C, fVom 7 lo IA. M. and A to f p M., or S3 Chair. bera .tree!, from I to S P. M Tfi I.ET OR I KA8E? A NKAT COUNTRY RESIDENCK at Maapetk, L. I., with eight acre# af land. II 'Bee (it Ic ag i-oBmadate a large family, esarh h'laae, atahlee, A? ? r 'B' well erraaged Dletaare from ? tlliamebnra f?rrl-e, only Bitlea, and cmaibaaaa reneing at all haara of the .lay. AyiU ?o S EDOAK HEBBKRD, aear tba preaiiee, er to llESfcl HE A DEL. MM Wall atreel. TO I ET OR I.KASK? THE STORE AND IIOU^E. WITH rear huiUiag, I W ( hrtitepher, aear IFeat (treat. In qnlra of J_ and F. PITTS, reraar of Laarer.a aad tirand itreeta Real. 943 rl ET. OR LEASE FOR SALK-OF PRF.M ME t ? tlndeoa atraet, three etoree, Ida Ml feet deep, wail eel calated far a furniture . baddlag, earpel ?r laagta.- rlaaa atore. C?a hi t?4 lBMdtately, V reqo.f*! la |airi aa A^VTI. TBHAjrn Knanram. To UA?vrAcrvmn? and others.? to let or iesse, the large well lighted building. with 17 roeas, new range ind tttk, No. 11* Bank street, wull sailed far Isbt manufacturing purpose* or M I dwtlllng. Apply im the office on the premise*. r\ LET IS BROOKLYN? IMMEDIATE POSSESSION esn be had? The large briok mansion house on Now York bay, and near tormina* of tho Qroenwood r.llway, finished in superior stylo, suitable for a ?ummor >'< ar<itn? house, alto, the new Imck house on Sixth avenuo, botwoon Twenty, second and Twenty third streote, suitable for a school ur larfe family. Rent low. Ac ply to M. Deiaplaine, 255 Fifth avenue, or Chase A Fuller, No. 7 New street. TO LET AT CARMANSVILLE-A BEAUTIFUL COT tage, with coaeh hunt* and liable, with tlx lot* of sronnd on lA2d (tr??t, within MO yard* of th* Hudnon River Railroad depot. Apply on tho premises, or at 2til Broadway. TO LET AT HOBOKEN, HOUSES IN QOOD LOCA t>oni from 1300 te|f400. Alio, parte of houses. Apply at 27 Hartley street, from 1 to 2>?o'*lo?k, P. II , or N W. borncr of Washington and Secnud streets, Hobokoa. f-on It to 10 A , and to 6 P. M. JOHN M. BOARD, Agent. TO PH> 8ICIANS. ? TO LET, THE SPACIOUS FRONT basement of boaee No. A University piaco. Tho above is ineligible situation for a phj.nieiau't office. Call at 130 0 wh stmt, from 12 te 3 o'olock. TO DRUGGISTS OR GROCERS.-A NEW ELEGANT ?tor* to lot in Williamsburg, MA fact deep; a large bu dress of the above trades can be done. Inquire of Dr. LO RE1TE, <62 Grand etreot, Williamsburg. TO LET OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY, IN tbstvlllage of Nyaok. Rookland couaty, the hotel known as the York House The bouse contains about forty rooms, and ie eoasidrred the baet stand in tho eonnty. Also, ouo foor itory brick store suitable for mercantile or manufac turing purposes. For partiealar* apply to THEODORE ROSS, 9# I'tarl i'.reet. New York; Ileary Hart, 127 East Twenty first stmt, New York; or Aiariah Ross, on tho premises. TO LET AT LOW RENTS? TWO OF THE ROW OF handsome throe story house* on the north side of E I b tyslxth str*et, directly west of Fnarth avenue, on high ground and desiriMe looation, in good ardor, Oroton wetur, Ac. Apply to B. SILLFii'K, Eighty siith str*et, noar Fourth avenue, or to K. L. SUYDAM, 158 Wavorly place WANTED. -tlSO FOR LEASE OF A STORE IN Broadway, kept as a segar store. All tho monoy re quired is the above amount for lean* and etook Inquire ot WM. A ROi.ERTSON, 74 Wall street, ( ?18CELLAN KOUS. IftP CANAL STREET, NEAR VARICK? W. ft B IDO VAN NOTE'S grata and fender, kitchen rung*, ?ummor range and etove war* room a. W* have a larg* assortment of the latent pattern* of mantel grata*, range* and stores, for *ale on reasonable term*. ttrat?? and ranges let and repaired, range* linnl, braM found *r?' and jeweller*' furnace* built, stores lined, baker*' oven* built and repaired. ANOVEI.TY.-A WRITINO MACHINE, BY WHICH, with oommon pens, ink and paper, an original a-ij one or more eo pies, (either on singl* sheets or in a blank book,) can I e written slmultant oiuly. It is very simple in construo tion and work* with all th* fro*d*m el a detaohed pen. It illiagrtat desideratum, bseidss entirely *upertadin< th* copying press. Every lawyer, copyist, merchant, business and literary msn should have one. It is equally useful for copying drawings, laee and calico patterns and engravings on wend. The patentee offers rights 'or sale tu such State* and cities as still remain undisposed of. It is a turtune for th* purchaser. For models, prioee, Ac , write or apply to D. SHEPPERD Counsellor at law, 7 Wail street. CARPETS, WINDOW SHADES AND LOOKING glass. ? An owner aud operator of a first ela*s seeing machine. would like to exchange work for about two hun dred dollars worth of the above artiales. Any tailor er dr'ss maker baring dealing* with trade* in suoh, can make a pro Stable arrangement Tiy addressing w. M. (1., Post Office. COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND OTHERS WILL FIND it to their adrantage to buy their showcases at A.J. CAMPBELL'S, 12 Park place, near Broadway. A fine as sortmcetot silver plated and other cases on hand; c*n b? safely packed for any part ot the country. Factory No. 12 Canal *tr*?t. Cm UTLERY, RAZORS, SCISSORS, PINS, AC., WHOLE sal* aad retail.? HEATH * SIMPSON. 32d Broadway, (next Broadway theatre), respectfully call the attention ot Southern sud We- ?crn merchants tad others to thsir Urge stoek ol pocket and table eatlsry, knives, selssora, raaors, Ac.. wbicD tlicy arc now sailing at about eoat, for saab. / 1HEM1CAL MANURE.? NITRATE OF SODA IN BAGS \ J and refute nit |-tm in kimli, both highly rccomincnd ?d ai a cheap and superior manure for fruit trees and all kinda of garden vegetable beds, oats, Ac., destroytar Inaiets sod actinic ?? *n eapedltinna fertiliiet. For pcaob a-id plumb trc-r* nothing -can compare with It. Sold In lota to ?uit purchasers at lew prises. Orders left at tho ottloe ef the Creton Laboratory, No. 1V3 Dnane street, will receiv* attea tion. EI.BCTROTYPING AND STEREOTYPING. -VIVCRNT DIM., electrotyper and *tcr*utyp?r, 2) an 1 31 Heekmtn stnet, N. Y ? TUIs establishment posscases 'aciUUss for f?'-rv description el eUctrotypiag and stereotyping, in all thsir various branches. All orders promptly eiesatefl. F ROM LONDON AND PARIS The orders roll ia, For l.yon'a tamed powder Abroad has ao twin. Ia oaa day 'twill free you From roaebea, buga, aula, By dashlBg it lightly ly dashiag It light . Right Into th'-ir haunt*. LYON'S magnetic powder ia aot only the eve ?means of de stroyiaK domestic inaeots, bat tha only sale mesas, as it contains no poison. Lyon's powder and pills for insect a, rate and asio*, are told, wholesale aad retail, at Ol Broadway. HECKKR'S farina, PREPARED EXPRESSLY FOR families, a delicate ana appropriate food tor all sea son*, and one of the most economical, ntiMMutis, and whole some preparations sear brought to the table, eimuently com Mains the gratification of tha palate with ample aad health, fol austenanoe of the body. Retailed by grocer* generally, and wholesale by HECKER A BKOTMCK, Croton Mills, 201 Cherry street. M WILSON.. MANUFACTURER (>r SHIRTS, STOCKS and collars, corner of Broadway snd C'ortlandt atrret, Ullsry Building, Now Vork ?Uy. Country m?r chsats, before purchasing elacwhere, should pay a visit to thia ? on* of the Bnrat eatalllshmsnts of the kiud in New York we bar* visited? and truly bslisve the flacatiu iho country, Vf EURAI.GIA, RHEUMATISM, he , EFFECTUALLY ?iv cured by llr Wheeler's aewly diarovercl rem?dy The Annil.ilator, a pamphlet, with unqnesttenaM*, ?an be obtained, gratis, or forwarded'b/ mail, to order, of fice, W6 Broadway, room 3, second floor. /\R(iAN EXHIBITION ? MR. O. WASHBOUKN' MOR Ay GAN. will perform the following classical selection of organ muaie, on the new organ just erected for the Church of the Atonement, Philadelphia, at Mr llenry Erhen'e manufactory, 172 Centre street, oa F-May evening, March 23. commencing at eight o'clock Programme? I'art I, Fantasie for the organ In F, He* as; Allegro, from t*rgan Concerto, Handel; Vugne, in 11 miser, llach; Slow Move ment, from (juartctn by Sphor, arrange. I by G. W. Morgan; Introduction aai Fugue, in C miaor. Mendelaaoha. Part i. Overture, tier Freiahuts. Wtbar; Blt*inpore Performance on some popular Melody 0. W. Morgaa; War March, Athe ne, MenacUahon ; Slow Movement, from Symphony, In C minor, Beethoven; English Natloaal Anthem, (hy daslrs.) aa performed by Mr Morgan oa the great organ In the f'rys tal False. In l.oadon, aad also at Ear er null, with litem pore Introdnetioa and Final*, Morgaa. PRINTING INK -JOHN 0. LIOHTBODY IS COM stantly maaulacturing, aad baa?.lways oa head, every dtseriptloa of printing ink, from tl.e treat black aud colored to nevi Ink, which be warraats equal to aay ever manufec tiired and at a* low ptiee* as *aa be sold by any regular manufacturer. Orders forwarded by steamboat or railroad to aay part of tha country, by addreaaing a nut* to m*, at Si Rose street. N. B.? This paper is priated with my new* iak; also a grsat many ?*h*r a*wspsp*t i in this city. Phila delphia, Boston, Baltimore, New Orleans, end otLer title* aad towna in the Unit*4 State*. P AIN'T, IK CINTS PIR POUND: BOII.ID OIL. 70 ceata per galloa. Merchant* aad paiatera from th* country furnished with everything ia tha paiatisg lins. No. 113 Maiden lane. New V eg k. J 0 UN . II SMITH. Ag?t KEPI.AT1NG -HOTELS, SHIPS, STEAMBOATS A ICR private frmllie* can have every description of eld ware rnpIaUd and warranted Stair reds, plumbers' fliturea. tea seta. *poone aad fork*, aad every toad of metal platefl with gnld'er ailvar, at ahevt notice, by th* Maahattaa Plata Compaay, 2b7 Bow*ry. SHOW CASES -HOFFMAN A FEREML SnOW CASE ? areroems. &7 Bow?ry. between Walker and flayard streets Ca**s mads ia every styl* eiivet plat*d, bras., ree* an4 aatln wood, maliogaay. Ae. N. B.? Old ea*** takes la aiabaage. Order* promptly aieeoted JTORAOE? A PRIYATE FAVII.Y, HAVING A VA 177 cent room, would atoia the lisht furniture of a family living up houeekrepins A note addreased to M. B , Metro politan Post Oflice, will be attended to. rEA ' TEA f TEA '-THE MOMENT YOU OPEN ONE I nf tboae airtight pa* tags a of tea from tha Empire Cite 'I ea Warehouse. V9 Bowery, or No M Catherine street, a rich atoma pervadee the house. Tl.e teas and ca.Teea irom thee* *st*aaiv* eoaeerns are alwaya fresh, aa the im mease demand re^iire* the continual broaehing of original g>a*kage*. Th* MSl* of prices is tho loweat m tee city, r> TAILORS AM) PIECEM ASTERS.-THE ADVER liaer, ewaiag a number ef sewing machiaes, is desiroas of making en nrrangement with a party to preen an t finish, aad who can commend regular werk. The work done by the machines I* superior to eny haad s?wiag; ir p? formed with a single thread without loop ?r chain. Addreee W M U., I'cat (ifflca. siviag aame and raa.denr*. A Brat el Be a work n. an o . I ? will I* tr?eted with VITftlFlEI) AND OLAZLD STONEW AKE- W ATER as.; S*w*r Pip** which canaot corrod* aor rast and th* beat iaw">r<ed , < bina el ay, Bath bncka. Bridge vatar malting tiles, k*. Roman semeat, I>e Burg's aup*r phoaphaa.e of lim*, A*., A*, tar sal* by JAMES P. II AM MILL, 1J ? tU Slip. IXTEA pat. w. r.itra par promptly paid. UUXI warraata , bnuht and arild, pension a procnr>-.| lanJ* r, ?? balaneee anmlng tn widows aad betra ot laltod ftate* gallon aad aci Idler* oillaetad, TJOt'NTY I -AND MOW 160 ACRKS-TO ALL ITHITED X5 -' taws sailor*, anldiern and other*, in a a.j war iTdc* I7M. Fit ra pay promptly paid. Lsusd warraata obtained. In ?atra pay, er decea**^ tall _ and all kiada of clalma ag Blast tha United mate* sec a vared by TJiWaRD BMiKI.I., Agent aad laU Puraer 0, g. Wavy, ?1 Wail at TkOl KTY IJINH -HOI DURR, RALVIR8, fcfl., AMD Jj the widow* of Uioae deceased la nay war gtaaa 1700, by the late aet of Oongrees are MsUtled to ISO aeraa land, aad can obtain tha rtma at tha aid established agency, M Chatham street. Evideneeef aarrioe of thoee that have rscelvad part on file CAl.VLM W. SMITH, ?uec*eeor to late N Haight Bounty land ani? "pension claIms under the late lawi of ' uncreae, promptly and legally pr..** cited by 0 1.OKG E WoODMa N. attorney at Uw, it Wil liam atreet, tetwe*a Wall eat Plae streets. B'-tSTT I.AM. AOEM'V OF THE VETFRAN COEPB ef th* war of 1812, of th'*ltyof New V rk, the pr .(Its tn be paUd late tbe charity fand of the corps, I9< Naaeaa str**t. sontb slds. four dorrs lelnw Bsekman. "Ms* bear* from " A M to C P M Cel. II. Kayaiend. Ma;of A Dally it . Adjr.taot tieaeral L W. R/ckiaan, Agsats appelate^ by the eorpe. IT S ROCNTY I.AND A(lEN< r. ? ItbiADWAY - J ? Land for a*il-.ra artMlwr*. elerk*, teamsters ??.. obtained, bought aold aad Ideated llllaot* rlteet tltlee MjrcSaee i fm-e h sra fi ra ? A ? ti'l ? P M AMES K A J "lit D STEtiW. Attern?M at Law. *He? Me. a, np stair*. UrflTFD STATES Bot'MTY LARD OfFK E-ALL ?etdier* er sailer*, at the widow* *f tees- who served la the army er navy in ar y ef the wars slats IT7I, er- entitled te Maereaef ''benaty lead." These who reeetved tOoefli *ere* ean ebtaia th* t alaaea. N* e Nacre whauvar <at| "? "tl iBIKWaSua ? F S^SUmfSt. ?hit will depaM ?lu the Uuited Statee mall* tor Europe, iw>??l| ? Wedaeedar, April 4, at 11 ('clock M , from bar berth, at the foal of Canal ilmt. For freight at pM??, kl?ii| unuIM MMU?4?IIiu for il^inn iud e-.ia tori, ?WtijU EDWARD K. COI.LINS, M Wall ?irMt. Paa*ea Ml ?r?r?i)?MUd to be ?? board at 11 ^ o'eloek A. M. Tbe eteamehip Baltio will tuceeed the Atlantic, and ?all April la. Shipper* plaaM lake notice ibat tb? atiipe of thlc Ilk* eanaot eatry i?J tooda eoatraband of war. T^AfTOi" 8AH^S N0RTH A"RI^N~ *?rAL r mom >n roaa to uvaarooi.. Chief cabin paaaage Second eakin pea?a*e JB r aoH av**oa to una tool. Chief eabla paaaage (10 Second eabta paaaage <N The chip* from Boetoa call at llaltfai. ARAB! A, Cart. Jadkla*. AMKKICA. Capt. Lanr, i KRS1A, Last. Ryrie, EUHOI'A, Capl. Shannon, ASIA, Capt. B. O. Lott, CANADA, Capt. Stone, AFRICA, Capt. Uarrlaoa, NIAUAUA, capt. Uitob. Tbcae veiaafe oarry a clear white light at wa.t head, gruoa oa ita board bow, red on port tow. CAN ADA, Stoae, litvw llgitoD, Wednesday, March Id AFRICA, UatrUoa, " Bo.toa, Wednesday, Maroh28 Al-IA, Lott, " Bontoa, Wednesday, April II AMERICA, I.aaf, ?* Bo.toa, Wednesday , April lb Berth! Dot aoeared nntil paid for. Aa e xperieneod aurgeon on hoard. Tha owner* of tbe?e ablpa will aot be accountable for cold, ?liver, bullion, apecie, Jewelry, areeioua atouee or racial*, unleia bill* of lading are aigncd therclor, and tha value thereof therein eapreued. For fi eight er paaaane apply in r CUNARD, 4 Bowling Greea. There will be ao iteaatakip* of tbi* lino from New York antU further notice. TUB LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP Company intend (ailing their favorite atearaahiiM? CITY OF MANCHESTER 3,1 24 ton*, Capt. Wylic. CITY OK BALT1MOKB, (new,) 3.A3M toa*, < art. . CITY OF WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 tone, Capt. R. Lciteh Salooa ?Wi, H6. and $M, according to itate room. A limited number of third claaa paaeenger* will he takca from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found in proTieloa* From Philadelphia I3n | From Liverpool til 1'artlee wiahiag t? bring out their friend* can obtaia certi ficate* of paaeage and draft* on Liverpool, iu mnu of ?1 ?tcrllag and upward*. Apply to SAMUUL SMITH, Agent, 17 Walnut ttreat, Philadelphia, and No. 7, Broadway, New CKAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY? FOR BHE The United State a mail ateain , t'lmmaudar, will aail for Jton to land tha mail* and paaeeaaera far England and France, on Saturday, March M, at 12 orolock, tana tier No. XJ North river. Price of pee 3 e from New York to Southampton and Bremen:? la nrat in, mala laleon. $130; m the ttr*t cahln, lower aaloon till); la XMoad cabin, StO. Aa experienced aorgaon la at tached to eaah ataamer. Specie delivered in Havre or Lon doa. All latter* mnal pa** through '.he Poet Office. For gaua|a or freight apply ta C. H. SAN1>, Ag'nt, 11 Sonth William (tract. The ataamer Washington will aueaced tha Hermann, and ?ail April 21. IfOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. -THE UNITED 1 Statea mall ateamahip UN ION, R Adeina, Commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Sinthamp on, to land the n.alla ard laaacugere, oa Saturday, April7. at U o'clock, from pier No. 37 North clyer, foot ot Beach atroot. Price of paaaaaie. firet aahla, S 130; aecoad do. J7 S I.u.jkiw not wanted during the voyage ahould be aeut on hoard the day before calling, marked " below." No taught taken after Thurtday, April A. For freight or pa**a>ic apply to MORTI MER LIVINGSTON, 53 Broudway. * O TEAM SHIPS BEXWEICN HAVRE AND NEW YORI |J direct ? Tbe ataamihlp ALTO will tail from Ham dlrtot (or New York, (without calling at any port la England,) oa Saturday, 2f>th of Novambar. The rata* of freight and paaaage in Am and e**on>l eabioa will ba very modcrata. Tba tail ins of the *ace*ad>nf aUaiaan will b? abortlr aasonneed. Th* rata o> Inanranoa la Franc* la laaa by ship* from Harr* direct for New Yort than In ablp* wiling at an EngUah port. Apply In Havre and Part*. 17 Boal*Tar<la daa Italian*, to D?na)d Curri* or In Ntw York to E. CUNARD, No. 4 Howling Green. REDUCTION OP PARAS TO SUIT TUB TIMES? NEW York and California *t*am*hlp line, via Nicaragua.? Ac 2 CKAN STBAM NAY10ATI men, via Southampton ? T p UKKM ANN, E. HigKln*. Bremen, toueblug at Southainj ceaaory Tranalt Company, (of Nioarafua,) proprietor*. Through In advance tl the mall? 700 inllea ahortar than any other route.? Tbe aplendid doublo engine cteamahlp NORTH BRN LIOHT, (Z.UjO toaa hurthon,) Capt. Tlnklepaugh, will leava p|i-r No. 9 Narth river, at 3 o'clock P. M , praoieely, for I'uaia Arenaa, en Tueaday, March H, I'Vifi, aonnaotlna with the ateamahlp Corti a, '",000 tona,) ov?r tha .Nicaragua trenail route, having lut twelve mllea of land transport* tlon by liret claaa earriagea. Several new and <wlf\ iroa tleambaat* have lately been put ou river and lake, wiiiob ahortcn tbe time on the tranalt from ocean to ocean. Tbeae ?teamer* are un*urpa**ed la their Tentitation and accom mndatloa*. Fir ialuruiatlon or paeaa*e, at the reduced rat**, apply only t? CHAKI.KS UuKCAN, agent, No. J llo* ling (.reen Letter bag* made up at the oflflce. DISPATCH LINE FOR SAN FRA NCISOO.? Til V. ?pletdld A 1 flrat elau clipper ablp ' (KUK l)E LInN, U. W. Tucker, maater, la now receiving car. o at pier 2X Eaet river, and *111 podtivaly nail far San rranciaeo on ?r before Tuoday, April 3, and la npected to llnlah I iadlng Tueaday ^7tb In at . 1 be ahipi ef tbia line are guaranteed to aail oa or hafore tha day advertiaad. SUTKiN a CO., Hi Wal. atrott Australia pioneer linb, carrvino tbi Unite* Stataa mailt.? Tbe nltbriud clipper ahip OCEAN STEBD, Thou CatiBiegham, auMi, it a n? at bar berth. pier b r.tit river. loadlag lor Melbourne Thii abip la golag uul mi her teeoBa voyage im ??"? Una, having miiuhir la at ruiip IB eighty nin* dtjrs. ilea eaeeHeat eacnmmoda tiong far in* *ud eeconil cl?H paaeengire Early ni.pll.e llca for freight or paaaaeo uniuri >? nil* will ?????kit *?lj ?ail abont middi* of April. The Ocean Ht-ed will be e<io eeaded by the macalflcosl cite per (hip Nightingale, 1b May, alio on bar aeeond voyage, having mad* bar laat In tba unpre cedented time of ?? ??:.< > ? ?* daye For fre.gbt or }>*?? vie apply to K Mr. CAMERON , No. ? Bawllag Oroen, and lit Wall itrei t. KIW TURK AND NRW uRI.E ANS STEAMSHIP COM pan ? For New Orleana, (tapping at Havana? Carry ing tba Uaited Statea Maile? The atoauialnp CAIIA WIIA, ft. W. Shufeldt, eonimandwr, will commence receiving freight Ob The rr day, March 21, and Mil far tba above porta ea Monday, March I'd, at 11 o'alock preoleely, from pier at foot of Beach atraet, North river, rrrlibl for the Inter! *r ? inl for Mm lie, coselgned to oar agente la New Orlcaa*, Jar nri Coaaoly A Co , will be for warded free of ? wiut# ?long. Paaaengere far Havana matt proenre paeeporie be fore leaving port. IMtla of ladiag ami be east la for eigaia| the eveniBg preview* to the aliip Bailing. For freight er pateage apply ta LIVINGSTON, CBOCllERON A CO., agente, SI Broadway. N B ? The Btaak Warrior, S. D. Hullobk, eommaader, will laceeed tba Cabawba, aad ul Monday, April 9. VOR SAVANNAH AND FI.ORI DA.-UN ITtD STATES JT Mall Lla*.? Tha new aad elegant tteamaliip AUGUSTA, ( apt Tboa I yna, will leave New York for Savannah, on Saturday, Mareh J4, frm pier No. 4 North river, atd o'clock I*. M. Mill a of lading elgaed on board. For freight apply on board, or for paeeage, to SAMUEL I.. MlfiMII.I. 1.1 Broadway. Fer Fl iiida, throurh ticket* from New York to Jackaonville, t-'ll;vo 1'ilatki, &I3 The Rnogvllla, Cap*. C. D. I.adlow, will taeeee<l, and leave on Saturday, MarchSI IM)H (.'II A RLESTON, S. C.-TIIB STEAMSHIP QUAKER CITY. 1 II iledgdon, commander. will leave I'hila delpbla for Cherletton ob Monday, March Ji, a'. IDA. M Cabin pae'eref^t ateerae* f For freighter pa.eage ap ate IIRRoN A MARTIN, X J X North Wbartee, I'lnla pbia. FOR NORIOH PETERSBURO AND RIOIIMOND. The United SlaUi mall tteamahin ROANOKE. T. Skinner. ei niaiaaier. will leave pier 13 North river, oa Saturday. March Id. at 4 o'aloak, P. M . wIR arrive la Norfolk the aeit a^terBooa, aad Patenter* aad Ktakawad the follow tag mom ag. From Norfolk, paaeeagwra forth* South proceed by railroad direct, wltk through Leketa from Weld*. a to Wilmington, Auguata, kt. )'ae?age and fare to Norfolk,**, to Paaerebarg aad Richmond, flu, ateerage half price. Tbroagli tieketa to Lynehburr. SI4 A paly to LUDLAM A PLEASANTS, JJ Broadway. IH RTRUCTIOM . ANY PERSON OP II 1011 LITERARY ATTAIN j\ meat*, a a pvtaclpal. with aack teetimonlal* aa woald give a ? in ter, ataaalng aad r*patatl?a, aad who oaald comnaad a ?oaatderable amoaat of patronage tc a eemlnary atyltd the H*gnoa >t Seminary, la the village of Hloomiag ilew, Statea i?la?i. and who would (Aetata aa paator of tbe Ckarrh oi thai lagaeaote, ia (aid village, la eeaneelloa with othrr ooaipeaaot teacbera, may aldreM Cbagcb Uugiie soil, BlaomingvUer, States liland. French andrpanisii i anotaoes -p?ofess??r (iRIUCAI.A, Itpamab lawyer and member of lha Preach aad Spaaiab AeaAemiea 14A Franklin atreat. will give lew anna by a new pbMoaopblaal aad practical ayaiam, without hooka, at reaaaaaale term a INSTRI (HON.? Mil L. DK (IRANI) VAL S CLASS! cal Eagllab, Franrh aad Spaalah boarding aek >ol,| Had ?on aad Waabihftom terraeea, Hoboken, N J A flrat elaaa laatitatloB. with a limited Banker of pa plla. aad a fall oorpe of competeat teacher a at aatatiliabed profea-ienal repata t j i r Circular* awd tatalogoea at tba faatitatloa. TIIIS WEEK.* UIE SUBSCRIBER WILL REt'EIVE aew paptla daily, from Monday, March llf to Xatarday, March 31, for tlx aamiaal charge of $J Vj for a eoari* *f ten Uaaoaa Stationery . K) ccata, er tweaty legaona for W, tn cladlag atatleaery, nayable la advaaee. Sareeea ;uar<a t?.d to all. Iloara of atundaaee daily, ageeptig^ .tatar dayg - l.ediea, at II A M .aadie'elock P. M . gantlemen, ats?. rleek A M , a?d at 5, 7 and S o'clock I' M Private laeirurtion ia penmaoabip, redaced from |li to $10 for lea leaaoaa, or (lit for twenty lawai, Inclodlag autioaery. Baokke*i>inr redaraU from %V> to Si- M fer a tbormgb ennrea or laatraetioa Booka, Ac , || W. The art ?.f (lonr tahlag reduced from IB to (16. Young men .faafcted lor teacklag th< art ?f p-?jnanablp ia all lie traacuee T.r na I'll OLIVER B M II II. .*:? Broadway, evier of Fraaklln atreet. WfNTHBOP IN ST/1 1,'TI FOR YOUNO LAfilES ? Tba tprtag term of tb.a acbool will rommanre ..a Wei aeaday. April itb. It ta plaaaaatly located is Say met, Cobb., aboat foar mtUe from tbe itearatfoat landiag. at Deep River, and all mlW-a from l.oag lalaad S and App'.i eationa for admlttaaea, er for circulars. coalamtBg fall ;?r tlealare of the acbool, anuald be made ae early aa poa^ble, to tbe aelikeriber. at WiatiMoB. WM liEN IS<iM. Rafertnaaa ? Rev J. L. Modee, Brooklyn. J W ll-eede ley, N". 7 F*rry atreet, N*? fork, Philip N. CinAa, Ne. 7 Parry ?treat, Raw Vori. W^HRITINO AND BOOKKRUMNQ A II WIIEEI.KR. loag and favorably kauwa, Broadway, corner of Mnr ray *tf**t, ha* rsmoved to near aad eligible ro'Tna tM Broadway, roraer of Tbirteeatb atreet. After tbtrty yeara efegperi'B" Mr IFkaelar retara witb plaaeara t" former Cplla. aow tiling aome of tba blgbeat poaltiona of tro?t ib la legtalative aad aicraaallt* taetaaaa. ITiik aalarged aaeemmodatlona aad facilitleg a rare opportunity la gt ?en t* ac'iaire rand baaineaa writlag. a tbor?igb ko >-'elr. of baokkoepiag, aad aa aateadad eoarae of matbamatiee. Hp* rial provleloB f-r ike aeeoB>moda?ta? af ladlea Oraamaa tal peamaaablr *ao<e<ed ta erwW. **l*'TCTUt | x> HI HOITK PIJIAIW RI! O Rutin*. 1 1 1 HI. KM.? f\ WIUJAM A IlKOWNK r*epe*tfaJly aaaoaaree to El* '? e? la ... tha pabllc . t at b* haa ana aaaapWIed hie eit?B*iv* In prnve meat* at this rwUMraiad p'ar* of r*?ort l>arja mMlOO? hav* baea made ?/, big a table*, which taw ilford acgoamrxiattoa* ta all Utoea who nay avail 'b?ma*lv*e of thair meveawMH tViaaa of U* atoat etlehriM raclat .r, ?. trnUtef atga ar* ano la tralaiBf m bi* groua<t*. tBonf otb-r* >4 bi* ova ar* WIM Iriabmaa. litti* PUa, EJioa Hal* at* a, 1*4 firm Temple, which ?aa ba ?a?a daily by porar-n* diapuaad u (Itll tba ^rw*:ae* Tbe tralaiaf trtct a*d arlckat frnan l* ar* mv la Sa* orVr and ar* uaea^aalM by aay *< h?r* la the ana a try Tha hnoaa haa aa^arf aa *? tesaiv* rwpa re. aod Ian* adiUllou ban k*e* aaia raat r.g tba whole a? of '.k* moat par-fact aatabltan Mttll ttdtorlt Til R *tl!.IT*M*. moTTiiTiKKRANH<fri?is, ok Trrm innowR. ? Tfcaaa wbe ra*al?*^ fort; aerw* ef laad ar* ?e* aati tied to IM arrae aw. aad tlbaaa who ra*atve>1 etffkty aaraa ago eaMUwl to et^b'y ar** Bore, aad -aa oblaia Ikelr warraate of the ag*at F f. MTTTV, td Va V M? tharj* whalartr xa'. l wirruM VTIBLO'S GARDEN? UtKKAN OPERA ll Poubtm Sraacairrion Niumt. Finl appearance ia ?j<?rt. iu America, of HIIH CAROLINE I.RUMAN, of lb* King'a Opera Bonn. l'o||tiiliHii IkifiJiy, March XI will b? represented C- Man* Ton Weber'a iru4 tpm ?t TUB PREI8CH17TZ. rriltlttl characters tn be auatalued by MISS C A KOl.I.N E LBIIMAN, HAT> SIEDENBERQ, MESSRS. yl INT AND TIMCKR. Mnai, al Director and Conductor Jul. Unrrr Pricee ut Adniiaaion ? To all parta of the bona# i 50 ocnU; Dreaa Clrote and Seoured Seata, SO rente extra; Bo tee, ac corwi to loeatloa, M and *3 H' luflloa opea from a to < o clock. Door* tpn at 7; to evmmoaee at n o'clock. Broadway theatre ,-b. a. maksuall, SOLE Loatoo.? Doora onon at commonoe at 7 a eioek. Tbur.daj evonln*. March ?l, ?ill ba verfermod KINO I. It A R. King Lear Kr Forreat Ed^ar Mr Conway f'.dmuad Mr llan<h?tt Cordelia Mine. I'oalal (loarril .Mra. AI>1< tt Began . . Mra Warren Miseea I'rica aad Lknrv I'OOR PILLICODDY. Mr Pllllroddjr Mr. Davidgo Bnrguadir Mr Bradley Cornwall Mr. Lnaer.-an Allan* Mr Sanford Uioater Mr. LrlUngwell Kent Mr. Whiting Pat da Dana... Mr PUliroddv Mr. Davidgo Mr*. Plllkoddy Miaa A Oougonhoim tXT ALLACE'S THEATRE, UROADWAT, NRAK TV Biuona atraat Thursday evening. Ma rah 22. THR SCHOOL HiR 4 CAN DAL. Kir Pat*? Tmttla Mr. Blako Cbaa. Sfnrfacc. ... Mr. l<a?t?r | Joeepli Suriace Mr. Dyott Sir Oliver Surface Mr. Brougham fir Benjamin Hack) ite Mr Stewart llotea Mr. Phillip* I l.ady Teaile Mra lloey Trip Mr Vincent I Mra Candour Mra. Brougham MY SISTER KATE. Tota Chaff Mr. Tlnseat C'barlaa L'nit Mr. Stewart I Slater Kate Mra. Sltplieaa BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM ?HE HR IS NOW tha N?w Hampshire Mammoth llirl, weighinr i>"?rly all hundred ponnda, and atlll xrowlog Thursday, March 22.? Evening, at IU, the popular moral, loeal ami dmnee tie drama ol Til Ik DI D It K I . Vt' 1. It V . Afternoon. U $, IIEAD4 AND TAILS aad the MAN AN D T1IK TltiEH Na ebargo to aoo all th? ourlualtlaa boelde*. Admittance, it eenta obildroa nndet toa, i-S ceata. BUCKLEY'S SEKEN A HKUS, .VIS BRO A D W A Y.-MON day evening, March IK, and all tbi* weak. Tko new piece, entitled tha TWO POMPEY8. 1'ompey No. 1 R. Biah< p Darkle* Pom per No. ] W Percival Introducing aevfral original mualcal eompoaltioa*. Preceding tha place, ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELSY. Coneert at 7 % o'clock. Tlekata, 21 centa. WALLACE'S THEATRE -EXTRA MRS. STEPHENS rcapeotfully infortna the publlo that her brat lent fit la New York ia Died for KRIItAY NEXT. MARCH 23 Tho entertalnmaata will cot mat ol the beautiful drama i t ERNESTINE, tha capital petite aanad ? of SK ?T( IIKS IN INDIA, and tha favorite comae letta of HIE PET OP TtlE PETTICOATS, all for the flrat time thia aeaaon. Theae entertaiiimeata will combine the talenta of Meaare. II lube. Letter, Brougham. Dyott, Stewart, llland, II. P. Philllpe, Mra. Blake, Mra. Uoey, Mra. Stephana, Mr*. Cr< mrr. Mra Conoter, ,lc., Ac. Boa book now opea BARNUM'S MUSEUM - ORAND NATIONAL BABY SHOW, Jl'NC A, A 7 AMI) H. TWENTY ONE PREMIUMS AMOUNTING TO ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Open to rhildrtn nnder A yeara of k?e(from all parta of th? world. ( iroulart emhraeing the preioluina, ?a well aa the rulea and regulationa of tt.e show, may l>e obtained at tho Muteum fall del nila will bo pnbliahed ia the daily paper* of Saturday, the 24th Inat. Tableaux vivants, or living statuary - International Muteuin, Al Dlrlalun Itreet. Twelv* i?ew aud tnlendid taliloaux in 1'ieuch and Roman t>yla, re| reaented by over Ml V<I1I|| ladlea, under the direction ol I'rof. 1'inr, of Parle. Mr Coleman and I'arkor, the Ethto piaa mmatrela, with their opera trouno. Aduiiaalon 2A conta; reaerved icata, 00 centa: orebcatra cna'ra, $1. Performanoa to eonuuioa at 7^ 0 cluck ; tho tableaai commence at CJJ o'clock. Brooklyn atiif.N/KUM-tiukd afternoon cos rert, on Saturday, Mnrrh 2d, tomutauclng at 3* rlock. Admlatloa, Iteanta. TO rUBIIC EXHIBITORS, TEACHERS, ami AHA Hun ? Diatolving rlewe, Mil til otlmr klnde tf i tlnl ingt mi |lua, mada to order und ronatantly on hand. A e|Ten<lit] aii lisc li dlaaolvtn,( atiparutua, with hydro-mygcia r kc Itr I't, wltk pn Intlnat, all ready an d complete, for nil, on plenaiug teriaa, hy t'H AS. I'KETSCII. artlat, No 1 HI (J rami aircol. ordert I run itdlatao.a prum|lly ai ten Jed to. TO BUSICAL AND THEATRICAL MANAGERS. ETC A geatltnan, fall* qualified tu act aa agtat, tlibn to mart aa engagement with ema raap?c table ?o?pni? either In thia rity or tu travel. The moat tatitfattory ratrroosee riven aa lo eharactcr, tapability, Ac. Addrtaa Art, hot IUJ lltiald oHlce. ilOHNKN, CARRIAOBH, AC. A RRIVKD I' ROM DITCHES* COVNTY-A BROWN A mart, i.e. yaara old, trott faat, and it without a fault, to lit trail at U Yttey .i.i A DOCTOR '8 OIG rOR BALI - * VERY J. V ^oo<l ii>, tti-y running, ana in ttcellent ?rdar, will It ?i. id cheat-, fir eath, aa the owner haa tu furthtt uae for It. Addreta Doctor II , 'I" Hrotdway. /1ARBIAGEX -ONE FAMILY RoCEAWAY CAR \ ) riaire, In ?o<id order; ?n# light bu/gy wagon, with top, nuito nan . < no light baggy wag?B, equera body; alto two aeta of alngle barueaa. for aalt, at reatouabit priott, ou application at 17 Wtat Thirtieth atraat. L'f;K .VALE? AN KI.EGANT CARRIAGE AND HORsLS I ? ' Tbt carriage liaa MM nttd bat thrai montba; coat. ?!?0; tlao. a etry One eiuglt buret, and Ihrta work hnre- a' mil htaold low, and tlit kafatt warranted eout'I and reulla' Apply atOIWiat lift tenth atraat. betwtta 10 and IZ A. M tfOR 8AI.E-A LIGHT BIUMIY, WITH MUFTI NO tlnuat Law <o?t o?ff 9800; priaal . 8 liTWfy ttable, M Ualtertlly place PGR KALE? ONE THREE HEAT OPEN ROCEWAY, with gloat duora; will Mat alt ptrttna; la light ml baa nettr boon naeil; t eery cornet lent -arri??? f"r (aa "inn try. Will bo a? Id obaap. Apply at tbt lltcry ttabia, M Watt Twenty third atraat BjioR BALE-ONE HORSE. CART AND HARNESS; 1 tlao < ue cart, btroc, a tod good will of work. ale'. ono aolld cart Inquire of A GALLOWAV. corner of Nerth Moore and W athiagton atraota, or I'Jl Watt Seteateeath atraat. VOR SALE- A VALUABLE FAMILY I'ONY, FAST, P rantla. tad tr.e from ail trlcka, alio wagon, gig, bar ueea, raddlt ai.d I rtdla to At blai All will I ? avid for latt than tha |?ay coat, aa tho ownar'a boya aro going to Ilia tonntiy to ?r),i,n|, .,r trada for a borao or aaddla b?rt" la qairt at 115 Eaat Thirty aiath atraat. R GlliBoNS, ?N BALE? A BLACR HORSE, li BANDS II Kill, r elgbl yaare old, aooad In tttry (articular. la a faat fa aelltr; alao, a ehirtmg top wagoa, robot, Ac Tol? eoan at tba (tablet la Gr"-awitb ttratt, between Ur > aud Morton. F'OR vale- A BEAL'TIFL'L MATl II TEAM I RON GRAY carrtar* horaaa. ail yaara old, littla orar liftaoa hao la blgl, Marian I r?ad aary iIomIji matrbod , faat trottora la ainrla or doatU harnoaa, and tu wall naU*r aaddla, warraat ad aouad tod kind Inqiiira of > W. MTELZRIEDF., I ?? r atraat For sai.e-a new liciit no toi* BOI WAQOH, bnilt In tba latut atyla and af tba Wit raaUlial". baa aavar ran. and aa til |.? aold low Apf ly at U> DEKIIII.L A 1 1. LEI 'S atabla, i rnr uf Broadway and Graad atrxt F^OR BALE-TEN VfcW EZI'RESS WAGONS. Afl'LY at BTI'DLEY'S, No. 37 < anal atraat SAIE AND COMMISSION 8TABLE.1 NO 2 If N I raraily | la?a? Eiirht baaulifnl bvnu far aala, lat uf th< ni I ut ala yetra old tad all warrauW I [??rt"tly ? and and kind. Taara aro two taaaaa and f >ar aiu?la barwa. aad all wi'Mby Ihr notioa of nantl'inaa raqnlriaa (aa and pwr fa*t borai ?; tbr?o t aya, twe |i'ya, twa aorralt aad a roan Alio, a tao >>atad carria?' and doakla baraaaa atari y bow, at No. 2 L'nirrrilt) pitta, abort Fourth atract. SLEIGII WANTED- A GOOD BB< ON D II AN II S LEIGH will, two >Mta, laaa rklftla/. | raf.rrad , alao ataala, or a ?at of dotl la baraaae, robat, b?lla, blaakata, Aa. Any oaa witbina to aall aad aara attract for a yaar, aaay apply at 212 Front atreat. T) LET-A PRIYATE STABLE, CONTAINING FoL'B alalia, aitnatrd in Eatt Thirty tatoad atraat. In raar of Louaa ua Fifth araan*. 1 1. , n I rt tl ZQ Fifth tataut TJL* ANTED TO I'l'Rf IIA." E A I'AIR OF H LACK OR Vr la; baraaa. an laaa tbaa lt^ ha?*da bigh. p->ny bwilt, (O'd Irattllart (aa ((an ar.d a- Haa a.<t naara tr.aa ataan tatraafara Addraaa t. II blat?hf?rd. bai 2 'ft-, I' at i^BUa. N B. ? koaaaaad aaawar Mil aalaaa tbayitaaa aiaa 7 AMU T<> EICMAKGB? STAGE (TtX'K FOR latanptowa A|.ply to B C T A V l.'iR, >i t* all it. w UMT ABM KOl'NO, L'Ol'ND IN BBOADWAY. NBAB WaLBER ?TK? FT. r a lady ' a rold watab abam . Apply at St Eaat Fiftaa-.'H ai r * ? t . t?r ra i'l or aft?r I ?. 'lath you KD? A BLACE BBWFOI Mil ami l>'i?, w III u r tba ow??r ur, ty paying ai|^aaaa at 227 l.aaiaat FilOCND MAB< II 3) IN THE EIGHT o'( MM'I r B , Iraia ?f aara, r- aala* Ir ? N?w Y-rk ti I .r "a?. a wallet with a aaali aaaaant of naaat atadrr a?Ua aad . b?'ka 'lie .a?.| raa btee it. by tall tag ta I. T. M Cat litr. lardl.aa. wkaa* rarldaaca eta ba faaad by eailiag at < par i II' I- 1 Far I kM. J IM? ON THE 2i>TH IN*T A GOLD HRt' BIBT l a t! i|. < t i lata laekat Tba (ndar atll laa litaraily rewarded ly retarniag II ta 17 Graat J-.a-e airaat | OBT.? BT BATED FB"M BIS OMNBR. ON TUB I AT II li < t a wblla aad bv?wa tMialrrdag Had ?a vbaa laat a# ? a a rtaal e|.ala atl'ar, wilb i ra-a (.late a aaaaa at it. lia taa* era ta ih? < aaae af I aria tka (alar, b> triaa .1 r tba una la 112 Deaa atrael, Br' klya. will bt li wralfy reaar'a-". tad laaalaa tha llaaka af tba owaar I OST-ON WEDNESDTY AFTBKNOON, I S L'NION IJ rark t ehud a araaite Collar Tba (adar will rawaiea t aaltalle reward aa rataratag i? la Na 2 Eaat taaentawath a* | OtT A BEAD I'L'kSF. VEtTEROAY AFTERNm .s li lalle bt taa t ta . rational! t *2 Ml la aataf .at t bra rn.ia, 1 ba (adar f.ty re'tit t!l aroapt tbt diaaaoad nag. aia la additi 'a. will raaaiaa taa 4*lltr? raward 1/ rat ir mag .1 to Vre l.taraaea UA Seaaad atratt IOST AND FTBAY O'VIDV- NflTlfB Tfi f??B J wardere tad Baiiraad I aaa|-atlta Tba ft t( baa reiaraad fr?a tba Wail wber> ha hat baaa dariaa tha raal a later, la teareb of laat aad atray laala aad will f..ri lal. a a?aa pitta laal af ail eaat ?a?dt bt ba faaad at tifaraal paatt Weal tl and at Baffala la tar tat daalrvag af lb- aa?a Attlj tkraaih tha I'tal alaa, kaa 9*H. BaBtio I r tt (IB taa tapy. L CoLLBTTEL Maflaia Mtrth 7, IKA WATCH*#, IKWKUlf, +C. 1AIOB ( ? FLEBBATED < ALIFORN|A DUM^IM Broadway THaat dla.-.a g. I " '*?' ' .'Ti,'?'*' lnaartaa? ta Ma. real diM~ad ? F a*i dlaateg aad aaagla atama aamaea atwda ladiat ir*'<at"ea *?*'? ('?'a aad eaataaOad tu pnaaa CEI IIBO f<?r-WATCBBB. < BAIN B, DIAM<"t?B ' Y .?iVif! -Tt.aafcaaa ?? thatr ainatr (ra aCerwd ta j tba trada, trbaieaaia te rata* M a pagi taarWee fa* aaaa I ?'ea.e?t aad al bart tga ra aaaa tad t a eatl i a I- ra aaraht 'lag I w"fif? *wat ta r?ld f?r tke k^at wHbit aaa weak. (* 17 Bare lay rirctt. t tat Mat agkaa Jul B. BA '.ABAEA. Burton * theatre, chambers street -thuks day? Flrtt uuht of 4 a** comrdiao, MR HARRY lit 1. 1., From th. English tb.airta, UcnuK Uul?ruddary, la lh? cuatily uf JOHN BUM* ?aat with lb? full atrraeth of the company. Joh 1 f. rnb.rry Mr hurtoa; ShnSatoB, Mr. Q. J?tdM> I'rr.frta. Mr H-htr, Dan, Mr. U. Jordan. Mary, *r? Hnrtoa: l.adv Caroline, Mr*. Ilachlaad. Mr? llalrruddiry. Mr? TI1P. VIENNOIBR i llll.DhK.V la bar dum aad tw blaaai To conclude with T1IC MANDERINO MINSTREL. "! "fi Barton, witb th. duUful cbaut af "TUlklH ?ad hla Dtaab " T? ?ortow. THE SERIOUS T AM1I.T and TUKTOODLM BOWRRY THEATRE i-RoI'MIETOR AMD MAMA %rt. I. P. Waldroa, Htm tl..,a?.-r. K..b?rt J<ma? l'rtco. of .dmiaaloa ? <aata, r(l aad Uallary Ud aoaUl Jrlrato Botaa SI.? 1 Tlmraday ??>hIb?, Marob XL OCTAVIA lIKAt. Al.lil rr.?l?? Brandt.. THK Mr. Chan THE AMERICAN FAIIMERH. ACADtMT OF MUSIC. II A I IAN" OPERA. Twelfth and laat Sul.inpt ion Mtlii, ?n Friday, March XL wham will ta porformad, for tba ftrat ttmo, IhiuUitU'i graaa opera i>l MAKIA HI ROQAM. f ourth atr'iraati of SliiMiKA S1EFFBNONB, wltli Siaaorisa VEalVAl I aud SiKBorl UOU'loM and liADI All MaOral Dlr.ct.r and I oadn.iof Max Mabctikk State mk.v b? a..urcd at Uall A Soa'a. llroad way , Van Nordea A klnx'a. aud at tba But ufflea of tha Aeadoiay of Boata. I'ricaa of Admiaaloa ?T'irqa.t, I'arqo.t Ctrol. kad OraM I'ircl., 91; Hv?ur?d ti'aU, (u>tr?) Morula, c.aoad Cuolo, SUc.ata, Ampl.ltbeaire, ?A cat., U.ura up*n at 7; t>r r I rinanoa commanaaa at 8 o'clnok. CI BO. CHRISTY A troops MINSTRELS, NO. 171 J llroadway , iM.aliaalca' Uall ) Fropriatora ll.nry Wood aad Uao. i brltlf Tail w..b, * tarlnl and pl?aaln> ETHIOPIAN rF.RFORMANCR. mmmrnolaa i??r; ???nn.?, at 7)? o.look. To ooaclad* with thr Ml tl MY Tick. ta, If at. All tmaia.aa tranaactod l.y il.nry Waal. 1'UR (.HEAT EdYI'TIAN MUSEUM. -MORE THAM oaa tbuaaaad obloota. OPEN DAY AND HVENINO. CM Broadway. Admiatlnn. Jk eiata JOHN R. SMIIUS liHAMi T UR Or EUROl'ft AND MROR or .-EVASTOI'OI.. At Eitriaa lltu, .?i Bbuauwav, ahoalag uaa Ht'Ni'i. ,u iiini, forty f??t wida, of th* priutlpBI CITIES AND OBJECTS OF INTEREST IN ECROPM. Erary .T.alag, at 7jhj o'clock, and .t.ry Saiarday aft*{> a oaa. at Tba oio.ic by Mr. Alwyo Fi.ld, of LuatoB. AdiuiNaa.a IS .out! PEKIIAM 8 BUKLEMH E ol'KR A HOUSE, J fdj ltroad a at - M. ???day c??iilm, CERII AM'S M A M MoT II trill<l|-|AN i OVFANT AN O Bl ki E'-cjl E oi ERA IROUI'R. Tha larr'at toaun) av.r i rr?nlt>d, cmniioa.d af al(bla*B aaprH' r .coal ai d u>atruui< iital portnrm.ra (iraad Etblopian parfuraiaaooo a.ary . v.nlnff, at 7)^ a . lock, and to tb> altcraooua of Wada.adaya aad Salur daya, at 3 o'clock. Adaiuaioa, 28 conta, cbiMrra aador ton yoara, half prl.a. 1.1EANKI IN Ml SEUM Nil U UoWERT, NRARL.T Jr oppoait. tbo lluw.ry Th.atra. I'orformanoca .Tory af tornooB, at 3, and o.cry a.ouiai, at 7. N. B.- Mr?u??ro ? III oba.rva that tbo Fraakllu Mm. urn la tba only pla.. la th. Uallrd Stale whora tha Modal Artiat. ara aiblbllad. with otb.r ortfinal .atortalnaaata. Raaoiab.r, No. 10 Bowory. f||E FRIENDS Of S. W OURNN, THE "I'ERSB eatad Dutchmaa, ' will iimI at t4? B iw.rr Tbralro. ?n Friday or. ninf, MarcbS, W<|lkltMultB of bu baaa It. ||'>ai>c.ioaholl'>rii"ff.uhun<alhalataBk.lint "piu*l.r I'rcaldont; I brlaloph.r Koooa, ?? r.tary , John SohBldb' 1 roaiurrr. Sac?co y?ar a*au In tlm. NOW <iT EN , NATIONAL At AltEMY OP DEMON.? Tb. Tb.rtUtb Annual EaMbition of th. Natioaal A.a d.Biy U now oiica Hally, from V A M t > 10 I*. M . at MB llroadway, briwaaa rrtno. and Sfrtu Th. .*11 lo tion lafmm.d .aclo.l?.ly ol ori(lnat pl.tur.aaad x ulptarM 1 imiif artlata, which ha*, n.rar bafwr. baaa .ibititaA Ul it ally. A<inil?al?n 2A rant., waaon ll.k.ta, do .nla, T. ADDtSOk KM II A H t>S, Cor. ttaa'y N. A. I1KANKI.IN MUSEUM, NO M BOWERY-CPBH aver/ aftaraoan ai 3 ai. I la tbo o..a!n( at t, with a t"a panjr of lai'nUd p?rfarm.r. N II ? Sir?n<cr? will ohaarra that tha aba. a la I be only whara th. aiodat artlata ara oiblhltad A tollMJ TENOR, OF SUPERIOR yl/AI.IFKA J\ Hon 4, and harinc an ? itaaalia rcp*rtolr', >. d.nlroad ul aa .uaa, rmaat to J' In a o*U".rt < r tlica'rlcal a.apany. An .nn..- in? ot fi r t alilornla will h. ac-cptod AddrraB I'rcato, llo.ld olhaa. A NEW AND llEAlTlfl 1. I'ANOMAM A POR SALR A ytt) low ? T I.. .u'Jwt I. aao, and pal at. d by at! of lao teat artlata in too country, wall adapted for tra rrllinr, aad co?ora about i ta?< yarda of aanraaa Tba tall MrtK alara ? ill b. iioa by addr.aatac a iota to Tanoraaa, toa 170 llorald oS... DRV (MMIIM, Ot* . *1A A|W| WORTH HV WRT DAXAOKD ?PI Vt'/vV ty tb? R??, mritr ?! Urm4 ln4 Niil^rrf ii'Mti, ?.u >un4%> ?!?!.% h|?l?* 114 4 <> ?? * I ? <lfcu>i*k llnAm, Lfftiy ra?s?<J MarifilUa 4f?p U??o bi|iBiaa. Un?n imrUbMk bk'i ?Ilk* lititM Uftn4k?rtirik?f?, kiartinga ml ??P? rlii* iLtrtln* Ac , A? U t . HVHI?kTT k < 0. Ifl (irfta'i cwr vt ?( Mulberry, T r. rO!,r? HA II KO A l? W A V, 1WO IHXlllH A HoV K Uiiinn jw?t f?Ur?4 Aid hl*?k illbi, A ? r <4 A??ortuii ?i of Ary ?cou4m of |iii*? ftftti skirt i it f #, ishle IIrsii, dlititik n?|?klia?, k?tv?' ? Mr, I out > m jIi-?s, ifti.tvn t i>u$l*ullj ?? Iim/, I g?v4 UHrtnrKt of li'iitMk*r|Ha( *?*"!? Ditcociuh-wan ricn, to ia h< iiahk.tiik hto< & ?# 'J (??4 will <if % Ur4" r?t%|t it y 4s ?*t*kll*)iiis<>at. d"l*K l ?n<??Mtul hutiferis la liiiR?|i/alii mtm H.eroQ/hfair I'fitii wultiii4 i ? #11 will ft4if#ft?, wtih ml kirni ?n4 |>*rll? nlin, Joi.Uf, II*yiI4 U IWItiOKTT, MA.MIA< TLRKR Of LINBM A*? r . trap* collar*, 1M Uunn ttr**i. Now Voik, Ui ?? hand a* *<t*atltt aaat.rt tit-M of aaltart, of tba moat fatta Intl In HjtIh l>?l nuki l> Ilia Hlr. * II - ? mM ??? lutatla* la **? tampl** will r<col?? pr >ta| l tlUttwi / ' k it a 'i iiak?;ai>" i> ioii arii mi ? ^ janm ll IKAki a, 7U.1 Ilraa4war, l>u I,.u'h I'ltMtir* >a aa a'<*arta(la lb- Ia4iaa if Now V?rb, tbat bo will tbia 4ajf o(oo a ltr*a loi of priat.4 Iaular4 allka, al oai r?ta4*ala4if low iru?? IBI'HRTEO ?I'VI i:fiK?KT* l,AME?t liHTTIIO now ei.ria* 4i>um tba*l4 k fo r of Hn U A V NOR H olii rkl'4 aa4 lUikhil) iiliiu I wo >o aortal*. Ilof |irit>tt ara oiilj ball oinklu tliorr*4 No 4*> Tl iH ato im, a*ar Itatb alraat > ll ? Lmbto?>larto? iot| nstb un4tr rt.ular | nett. WIT 00OD? ? I. A IH I*. Til K lir-r flAIO.AINt ARB b*ln* a?ltn..l oa4 u 11,0 It Bkl -|t? ttaailf will ta> a ba pa-t, at woul4 a* ? it* all aba laitoal | artha* lac or with i'> mift a *r?at Unalt la liaoa ?w4i of aa* 4'??rl|-Moti, to call at Kk't IU ?o o4a aro all ? ./rautaf, bail a*!. I fr?a to all porta of tbo altjr aa4 oi'taltjr AKHRKW li ( iftav 37 fair I avaaua. I'KOPOBAI.B. TO CArlTAI.IBTM IKOI'OiAI.H WII.L IK KB coia#4 for tl.o ?mr?ha*o of tho ao?4 aa4 itawbat aaa ?ta*4l*| -a tbo Uaa kaawa a* Bitbar4aaa't Iraot. I a "oar iw. tbo towaaMp of l>**rr*rk, taaatlaf ?' <>raa<? aa* ?wtlioaa, a?ar 0 .it* i fit kai< t(a*t l/.aUlr.a I '?* At4f. H wtat alokt tbro* laartka aro a*?oro4 alta tlatowr Tba tfta MB part of III wao4 la i?ij baa *7. aa4, i*a*r> alw,aatb*r 14 **alla4 la U>l* aaalUa of U>* liau. Tba waa4>otaUt4 of wblto rt4, ai.4 ra'b oak, bltkaff, iaa|l** Mb, tbtalaol, Ac . wblob oolll cat about I mm M U a US aor4a ta la* aara All tbo aarlttitt of ably tlalar aaa b* prat?rt4 la aoy <|kaal I; ki.4 of tbo boat <|*ail)j> oloo, taaa*ra barb a*4 b*op i ? ? la a* aa4oa<* Tla* fa*i,,Ua* foi |ottik| aot Ida w i, o4 aro tor ? rr**t. aa ih* Crl* Kailrowt, I>-Ia?ar*aa4 Ilo4aoa oaaal, oo4 tbra* tarapiba* raa tbrwwcb lb* traal. All furtbar i orticalara ran a* ita.a?4 apoa a^iaaUa to Brt < A Klrbaf4m, Mi44l?t * Or* x -oootf.v f. taraao. *aab la aliaata, or >UJ 14 oo'ba?(o4 fat Maforti m tbo altf al No* Y< rb I Lo raoaoowlo aaaat b* a44r #oo4 t? R t RolTEM I'oot oRk?a Mi44lat*wn, Or*>.?a < a M f , Mar-b II, IMkl ? ICDII Ala. nR WARD* tlXroRTtKATir FRIIXO. II. WIT? a booh J oat wiat tboo* waat wb. baa. a.a.raot.4 aartala 4la*a*oo oaaal j a tara at .aa* aa4 a* 4*la> aa4 a>oraaapoa*o braaUti aara ?? lb* worl4 a j In *oria lahrlaaat< a tr ia*4 AMi<t*4, lak* aotaa*, a* atbof rwaaa 4,aa aaa aara ;*? ra4laalit Alt?h> aaaaa *or*4 la a f*w b??r*. aalbiai a I a- 4a> it Mo I oaal a Waat. aaa 4oaf aa.t of H" *4aar . la tba p. aaa <? ?ot tbta ro| i4 aa4 tbaraaffc wmtij- a* *b*r* a la* la W*w 1. rb A tor* warraat?4 aw I'r M ar4 I'atlaau aait oa fat roU*' aoar raft aa a rapH tart bt bit tr*alaoaat. altoaat taalt| tbaaftbaot. altaw tloa af 4iat Of aattatioa fra kaitaaoa oat ro^atr*4 . na. VklMD, IUIII or TBI CO U. BO I OF Rartaoat of Irallio aa* R4i*bar(. * Iaa4t I* aroM,.* at kit ol4 aaioblatb*4 'ita. 71 Ma4U*a airaal, a*ar I atba rla*. wbtr* b* it |*rfatwlOf tba aaa* aatoatakia* a ar*t *? rator4. witbaat r*ttra<at ia 4iat at lariaaat | wrtaita Dr hi BTBB.M n binnun btbbVt. ? * tobb. f. loaf a*4 fat-.ratir kaoti u n o pabii* a>> at toata tat ol bit ' 14 tat* iial *4 ? Ba* U< tita4 ia too I rkbali of w,o4ltla* far tbo a*t li ratri m4 ?a4a wort tarao t? aa a?> - tbar >a* 4a tba *||* aaawf ta. ttaata* -4 r*toaaa *'a*tt*ra4 latorailt. twtaa of wbtaC ba bat Jara attta la rofor tw at ><arataf|'fa ' batt** <wa4*tatw. tt4Ji "'la "f** 1 I??faalaa4 I aatia* --Br nwl Bltakat a r*4 4raa. toat ? arwa ?*rtwia 4iaaa*aa alia ?y ?a* Ba aala-.a i. tfa bi*a4, *aa awlf ka ba^VTaZttl frtatfl (all aa4 (at t. ? Maoita- -? M aa*ta. Baaitar of II aa.t k nR " h?kTT. I? IMAM rtbbkt. BAT BB COJt a*.t*4 a itb ?*ttii ? krota aa aa^attata* .? J4 toa/tf u 'ti (airatlta ir*'<l a*4 j?taaaaaat aarat It a ttawt a tat litb* aaa, - a* taat (to-1 aa4 I f tba mat Iltar4 af I ana f> II - I'r < a ?.| < laa a* aatabar af I ta a.w f.tR I aitatttta * itb ilkw haliRaaiala af a b%b abaraat**. aa| bt a*aa ta bla ofRco I vR iOIIRROW, l? DCA?e RTBBBT If AH f'RRPOBV 1/ >4 a r* taraa tbaa war atbat aao4t*ol aaa la daw I rk I'r J a tr?ata*at it aala a*4 at|>a4iti*wa. kit ?a4l tfaat two ba takaw aHbaa' faat of tat?' a < l.atM a?" art 'a aot li.o aaaaaf rofaatal if aat<a'a?ia.a I* aw< t'tow. nm room, 14 Ml ABB intBBT. iO UIWO I V01P1R U tbt tit II at of Sta 1?k aa Mx aa-tt aataaaafal l?..| t,'*ar Ia4ika aoootrr *o* b aat ?? aootaa't to ka <? aaoitow at bta al4 ofita. rolMtiat tbo aaforaw aait aa4 (itiat W'ttolati a t- taof f ?? ' i*a b*??i M. I-Kl, t t?t?a*twa* a ?ar? l* a4) aaaaa aal*H?Badk. f ll riBRT, IAT* ' ' ' ?? *"D fABIR. BAT lib* *oat*|t?4 aitk t> a '"talalf *f a im4| tara, Smbm l"W. a* 4 ?*aaa r**f*ob*?4. ?a*ltal I r*a I bta a aw tbiliiat If I 't-rrr k tbt *a??t f*r i?a?al't *?i? tatfa a tort raa*a4> for Itwala irawt aMttk^a; prtaa fl lit > *at Bt?a4wtr _ SimjFBT'BI II Rl^ -1>T >~Tm?ivS3k 4 * It* 'a'aJ'r ' 't4 . a taw wa.ii ba a alate - 4f. fa abwrto oatu total l'|, aao a44toa ti V ? aa, ra!4 *#a*. ? MIAII'ikT A Rl a A ?< n Uibnntl rBVBIVIa a a* 4 a*t|. a, tawt' or ( u. Mot *al A4*,aat '? Vo. 4a it *a a tw 1 1*4 al *? ?; R>a4* attaa* vUL iraafwt/ ftraaa II A B till J a* I r, to ? p t T'** * ? ?4M.M l>af B'^ol 4* B B Roru.%r:.'^ . ? -

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