Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 23, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 23, 1855 Page 3
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Alleged taB||llii| am B*n4 thr Hrmun. 9K01MON8 IK ADM1RALT Y ? I'M ITKi> STATU DIBTRIOT comer. Before Hon. Judge Hall. March 21 ? The United Stain M. Oik Cate Containing Woollen Clot hi. Uidore Sih-erttein, Claimant ?This wu ? proceeding on the pert of the United dtete* to forfeit the goodi, on the ground that they had been concealed ?? hoard the eteamihip Hermann, and that the duties had not been paid. KviJenue wa< given by the prosecu tion that on the 2d October, 1864, the cane m (topped at the gangway by the Custom House Inspector, as three awi were taken it ashore, who said that the owner of H was on the dock. It was marked "passenger*1 bag gage," but had no mark or having been Inspected. That the ease was lent to the public (tore, and while there the claimant, with others, came there to see about it, and said It contained old clothes, books, *c. That at the request of the officer the claimant at once unlocked It, and on examination it wu found to contain also 26 new of wooUm cloths, which were valued at 1697. There were also remnants of cloth, and th# cltimaat alleged that he waa a tailor, and had brougttt this stock ever among hla other baggage, but denied any conceal vent. By the Court ? The attorney of the United States seeks to procure a condtmnation of the property libelled in this cat**, as forfeited to the govecament, uirlor toe pro -vuions of the 65th section ot the act of March a, 1799, upon the ground that such property had been ooncealel on board ths steamer Hermann, contrary to the pro visions of that eeetion. The term "ooocealed , " at used in that section, ap plies only to arlioiea Intended to be ? derated and with drawn from public view on account of the dues not having been paid, or secured to be paid, (12 Wheiton. 4KB,) and! am of tbe opinion that the charge of conceal ment has not been proved in ths present case. There was certainly an at'empt made to take the bos, containing the articles libelled, ashore, without a per mit or the payment of duties; but the claimant, by the ?videuoe produced in his behalf, has sufficiently rebutted fcbe presumption that such attempt was made by hi* di rections or consent, and has shown quite conclusively that he was absent from the ship for some considerable time before and until the next day after the attempt was Under such circumstances I think the burden of prov ing that the persons engaged in the effort to remove the articles libelled were tn the employ, or acted by the di gmctton or consent of the ownsr or claimant, is upon the United States, especially as the officers of the customs ?aw the persons engaged in the attempt, and also saw the earsaaa, who. it was alleged by such persons, had been ? iployed by the owner of the goods to traa sport the box from the wharf, and by whom (t waa stated that the peri on employing him had just left when the otOeers treat to the cart to find the owner. Neither thli cart maa, nor either of the three persona who attempted to move the boa, has been produced oa the part of the United States for the purpose of identifying the claimant and owner; and even if the attempt to remove the box from the ship without its being first examined by the offioere of the custom, and without the ptymeat of duties thereon, would be a "concealment" of the pro j*rt v under the provisions of the act before referred to, /which I am inclined to doubt,) there is no proof that the attempt was made with the knowledge or consent of the owner of tha goods, or of any one having any interest in, or right of, control over them. The statements made or Intended to be made by the ?iaimaat, through bis Interpreter, when he applied to the officers to have the caae examined, the next day after thia attempt, were probably misapprehended by the officers, in consequence of the manner la which the la terpreter pronounced the word ''clothe," which he, being a (iermaa, pronounced almoat exactly like an American's pronunciation of -the word " clothes." Certainly, there was no concealment of -the property upon that occaaion, ?or waa It so packed or arranged in the caae as to ahow any intentiow of concealment. The libel must therefore be dismissed, but there must f>e a certificate of .probable cause. United MatM Commissioner's Court. Before John W. Nelson, Esq. CHAR01 Of KXTENBITS KOBBKRY OF FLOUR AT THK ATLANTIC DOCKS, BROOKLYN. March 21.? The United Statu es. William A'eUy, Pat rick Faffin, Robert O'fhrrell, Mat hew Murphy aud Fre derick Trrhune. ? It 1s alleged that a system of robbery by the employes in the Atlantic Decks, Brooklyn, has been going oa for yeara, and an incalculable quantity of flonr stolen from the barrels stored at the bonded warehouse. Mr. Joachimsaen appeared for the prosecution, and Mesarf. Dunning k Devereux for the defendants. John Cahill depoied that he lives ia King street, near Tan Brunt atreet, Brooklyn: I work at tbe Atlantis dock as a laboier; I know the bonded warehouse; I know Kelly, Fagin, Robert O'Fnrrell, Murphy and Ter hune; Kelly la a laboring man; I have seen him working in the bonded warehouse; Kag in la also a laborer; Murphy was foreman, Terbune the cooper; t have seen large quantities of flour in ths public store; I never worked for Murphy In tilling from a full barrel to an ?mpty one; I have helped Fagin and Farrell to turn out flour; witneea on one occasion aaw Murphy on the deok and two carta loaded with flour going oil? each load ?even or eight barrels. Croas-examlaedo-Don't know that they came from the government store. Direct examination ? I have bought flour from Murphy; 1 don't kaow where it came from; I bought at the pub lic store, and receive 1 It there; I oought ten barrels; pavo eight dollars a barrel for the flour; the first we* two or three montha ago; the last waa three months ago; I don't know of hla selling flour to any others. Croas-examiatd ? I asked Murphy to eell It: borings la wbat tbe inspector gets oat of tbe barrels with hla an ?ur; the borings are put by the inspector Into a pail he reaaoa I asked him waa I knew he hail half the borings. Christopher P. Tappan deposed ? I reside corner of Btnry aad Carroll streets, Brooklyn: I am a flour In ?peetor; I have inspected flour from the opening to the cloee of navigation; the last I Inspected there was a ?mall lot, 369 barrela, on 16th December: flour ia fane rally inspected before going Into store; I inspected one little lot of 89 barrels In December and March; in In x pec ting, wo draw borings, that is, about three onnces from the barrel ? 196 lbs. ; I have half the boring sduring the season. Cross examined? A great part of the borings of the flonr which I iaepeoted did not go to Murphy; I have baen at the Atlaatie docks for three seasons; last sea aon I waa there closely To Mr. Joacklmaaen? I have weighed flour, and found It abort; the borings were riven by the pail full; all Murphy got last season would not make ten barrels ; I bare weighed from the 38th of February to the 13th of March, 6, 34# barrels, and found 12,476 pounds ahort; -that is equal to barrels and 30 poundv some bar rels were M pea a da, eome 13 pounds short; the highest was 49 pounds. Adjourned to 23d March. Sapmac Court? In Chamber*. Before Hon. Judge Morria. March 2 1? Habeas Corpui.?In the Matter of the Ap plication for a Writ of Ilabeat Corputfor RamomSmith. ? The prisoner In this case la held In the ouatody of the Sheriff of the county of Kioga by virtue of a warrant or lequiaition iaaued by the ex Governor, Horatio Seymour, to hold him and deliver him to the agent appointed by the Governor of the State of Pennsylvania. Ransom ftnith is charged in the requisition of the Governor of fsnasytvaaia with being fa fugitive from a charge of periury. Mr. Butteed claimed tha discharge of tbe prisoner, on the ground* that the warrant ia absolutely void, and that it la untrue that Mr. Ran?om Smith Is a fugitive from juHtice, aad ,that the alleged charge against him Is falae. Wltnesse- were examined, and the Judge remanded the accused. Violation of Corporation Ordinance*. HMT DISTRICT COURT. Before Judge Green. Mabth 22 ? 1 There were eighty four -nit* In thi* Court thl*, to recover penaltien for th? TioUUon of the corporation ordinance*, in encumbering ildewnlk* end vtreeta, in eelling xecotd hand good* without Ueenae, he. Out of that number, twenty-flee wire nettled by the j>ertie?, and In twenty eight cuen the ?uinrn"n e? were perved by eopy, and new nerriee ordere<], and < welv* ad journed for future trial. The balance were tried, and judgments rendered ngainat the ollender*, in varlou* ruD?. from ?5 t? 60. There were aleo dve nuita againit merchants for allowing carts to be backed acroan the ?idewalk in delivering and taking away gooda. In the Utter caeei the offender* contend that by the ordinance they are permitted to do juat what they bare been doing. The Judge remarked thnt he would take time toeiamine Into the latter caaet, and give judgmeo' in a few day*. Theatrical and Mualcal. Acadhy or Mcwc ? A novelty and treat, la the way Of operatic performance*. U announced for thi* evening, la the ahape of Doalretti a ''Maria di Rohan." Mo?t of the principal artiata among which we may mention the name* of Hignora tttefUnone, Hignorlna Ve?ivali, and 3 gnorl fladiali, Boiciom mad yiilnto, will appear. Maria <1* Rohan aad the Duke de ChevT*n*e are *ai I to be the part* in which signora h-(1?-non'* an I Hignor itadiali ap pear to the great**! advantage. Nibio'b Gakpkx ? tf underatand that Von Weber'* romantic opera entitled -Her Fremchnta," with the ???* ea?*, will l>e repeated by the Oennan opera com peny to morrow even'ig. They are gaining great oole Brity with the mr.neal diletanttl of thl* city. Bboadwat Thuatii* ?Mr. Korreat will, by *poe?al de ?ire repeat hi* penesation ef Cardinal Richiliee to ?Ight. Mean* Oonway, (irace, Hanehett, Unergan, and Milm*. Pcnlii will a?*i*t in tho other loading part* "Bona Fide Traveller*" '* (be concluding faro*. "H.m let" will be performed to morrow evening. Bowmr Thkatrk ? Mr 8. W. Glenn will have hi* be nefit Uiia evening, for which a great bill la provided. Mr. anJ Mr* Oonaer will appear in Shakapeare'* tr-kgedy * ? ' Richard III., whica i* the opening i.teee ITe - D nouneer" will follow, and the whole will conclude with Uie firat act of the drama of "Robert Macaire," la the aonne of the evening Mr Glenn will preach a lager bier ii rmaa. Beams'* T?bat*b ? Thi* evening i* the one *et apart for ta* two great '? flted" favorite piece*, the " ftorloua >*mlly" aad the ?? Teodi**"? Mr. Barton In hie famoa* aad la mitabla pert* A crammed houae I* Invariably It* reenlt of the annoonnereeat of tha*e two pie?e*. WallaiT* Tmunii ? The ben* (It of Mr*. Stephen* ?owiee off tail evening for which oceaaioa *he oftet* to ? her friend* aad the public at largo a bill of great variety ' aad attraction. Three etoellent piece* will be perfermat ? oanaely, the heautifal drama of " Ernestine, " the on- . ??ediatta of "Sketches (a India." and the pettie comedy "The Pet #f the 1*eVlcoitr'' Tie whole rtreofh of thA omptDT wffl appear trait Kit. Stephens will be rewarded with a oiwwded h?uM. Amsbicas Ml'uxvm ?The New Hannah ire ouaiMtb Hrl, weighing oyer fix hundred pooada, ud at pre? t on eshiWtioa, is very w?U worth teeing. The drMSatle performance oonniata. in the afternoon, of the two ploooi of ?? lie* ?i? or Tnili, " ' The Man and the Tifer," and ningiag and denning, and, in the evening, of the doaaee tle draniii called "The Old Brewery." Ethiopian Opma Hocsks. ? At the rarioui Ethiopian opera houaee excellent performancta are promdod for th?ir pationa At Wood a, the " Mumrajr," " Kocheater KnooHnga," and the "Blnok Swan" will bo given. He Buckle/a announce their cuitomarr Mlaot bill of capital aooga, daacei and Instrumental solo*, with their recent burleaqne of " Tha Two 1'ompe/s;" and Perham'e new troujw which number* among it* member* many la lent??1 performere, will play th? musical faroe of "Happy Uncle ltr?-Te. " , , , , financial and commercial. kobei market. Thursday, Much 22?6 P. M. The stock market was a little heavy at the open ing this morning. With ooimiderible reduction la extent of transactors, there was in some of the fan cies a decline in price*. At the first baard Virginia 6's fell off 4 per cent; Missouri 6's, Erie bonds, 1875, Illinois Central bonds, 4; New York Cen tral 7's, 4; Pennsylvania Cotlf 4; Cumberland Coal, 4; New York Central Railroad, 1; Cleveland and Toledo Rsllrotd, j; Harlem, ]; Reading Railroad, 4; Hudson River Railroad, 1|. Galena and Chicago Railroad advanced 1 per cent; New York C antral bonds, 4. The market is more uniettlei than it would otherwise be, on account of the anxiety of the public mind relative to the offlnplexion of our next advices from Europe. It does not mutter so much what the character of the expected news is. The suspense is working more injury than the re ality. So far as cur moat important local interests are concerned, it is not of ao much consequence whether the reported death of the Cisar is true or tot. We want the fact, whatever it is; and those who sell stocks for a fell, upon the supposition that Nicholas is living, will make a mistake, for his death would be ao-e likely to pot prioea down than np on this side of the Atlantic. The advtaoe in stocks has not been entirely a pen the fact of his death, i Previous to the arrival of adncea to that effect, the stock market had been quite buoyant for some time, and the caises producing that expansion were entirely looal. The upward movement commenced in the midst of the gloomiest war period of the season, and it is oar impression that the reseipt of intelligence that the Caar is alive and vigorously prosecuting the war, will be more likely to pat prices lor stocks op than down. Tha war has now no terrora for us, under Its most adverse circum stances, bat on tha contrary is. cal:nlatod to be of advantage la a good many ways. It served to con tract and restrict commercial transactions, and that was just what we wanted to recover strength and toaa in our financial systems. It acts now as awhola some check upon mercantile operations, and pre. wnts the existing easy money market from leading to more over-importation and more overtrading But for the fears and apprehensions entertained relative to the European war, there would have been, before this, all sorts of enterprises and pr> jects presented for the employment of oapital, and we should have been again in the same line of ex travagance that led to so much disaster six months since. The war has been oar safeguard. It Is the fear of something they know not of, which has kept the community in check, and saved us from arelapee. la this view of the question, any event Hkely to restore peaee to Europe and let loose upm ns again all the elements of speculation, caanot be looked upon in a favorable light, and the death of the Czar would therefore, under these ciroam stances, be deplored. After the adjournment of the board to-day, the following aales were made at auction by A. H. Nico'ay :? 5 order of the Fort Wayne and Southern Railroad Co. 1,000 of their reel eatate ftret anortgage neren per cent bond*, due in 1659, interest parable in Hew York, lat June and 1st September, at the Ohio Life Ineurance and Traal Co. , $1 U 0 each 60 a #9 k lat Also, (or account of whom It mifht concern ? $4,000 Ohio and Misaiaaippi Railroad second mortgage heals, *1.000 (WX a k int. $2,000 LaCroree and Milvankie Railroad, dated January let, 1854, interest payable lat January and lat July 77' 4 4 int. #5, 000 Georgia State seven per cent bonda, due 1H?J4, $500 each WStM^kiat. $5,0C0 Chicago and Aurora Railroad eeooail mortgage aeven per cent boada, due la 1819, Interest lat April and 1st October, $1,000 71 H ft int. $5,000 tfbelby county (Tana.) bonda. due in 1M4, in tereat lat April and lat Oct.. $1,000 k int. $10,000 Hudson Hirer Railroad third mortgage aeran per cent convertible boada, due ia 11176, Interest pnrable lat May and IstNevember, $1.000 77S ft lat. 100 shareaftooad Avenue Railroad 65 1W7 Catawaasa, Williamaport k Eria Railroad 20 20 Thhd Avenue Ral road 10 Continental Fire Insurance Go 102V 100 White'a Rank, of Buffalo, (hypothicated) 100 a 102^ 10 Bank of Comawnwealth 07 V 150 Faxmara' aad Citlzeaa' Rank, of Williamsburg. 48 25 Continental laau ranee Co 100 18 Greenwich Fire In*. Co 134 10 North River Fire Ina. Co 137 6 Pari Fire laa. Co 44 20 Arctic Fire Ina. Co 92* .'(0 Mercantile Fire Ins. Co 90 4 Pacific Mail Steamship Co 80 20 Grocers' Steam Sugar Refining Co 55 300 Potomac Copper Co :?Oc. 226 laa be 11a Copper Co 30a. At the second board the market vu $ ahade or two better. Nicaragua Transit Improved 4 P?' oent. Hudscn River Railroad, J. The (tea mi hip Atlantic, from Liverpool, must be near at hand with ssven days later intelligence, and the anxiety for her ar rival ia bo Intense that nothing of importance will be done ia any of oar markets until the suspense ia removed. The steamer ia no* in her thirteenth day, and cannot be long delayed. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office ta-day, were aa follows:? Paid on Treasury account $134,581 58 Reoetvsd on Trea*ury aeconnt 121.206 72 T'alanre on Treasury account 4 454,390 72 I'aid for A wtay office 14,761 u3 Paid on disbursing checks 13,207 IS The annual election for officers of the Girdlner Gold Mining Company wat had a few days since, when the following gentlemen were elected for the ensuing year:? Charles Ely, A. P. Halaey, Char lea ] Tracy, P. O. Gardiner, J. W. Can Her and 8. H. M<x. At a subsequent meeting of trusteei, Charles Ely wss elected President; Geo. C. Ripley, Treasurer, and Richaid Voae, Senetaiy. Doling the who'e of the past seaMon this company has been steadily par. ining its legitimate business. It hat had from fo-ty ) to fifty men actively engaged in mining, and an ira mtnae quantity of ore hw been raised to the serfage. The company's crashing machine has been through out in perfect operation, and the amalgamating mv cbirery ia nearly completed. The management is composed of shrewd practical men. with enlvged txperlerce la this branch of business. They feel cocfidtnt of satisfactory results at an early day, According to an official stVenent, there were forty banks in existence la the State of New Hamp shire on the 1st Monday la December last. The ag gregate em ant of capital stock which bad been been actually paid in to these Institutions was $.1 876 000. The amount of debts due the banks ar d ee curt d by pledges of their stock, was $19,247. The total value of the real estate belonging to them t waa |AH,?69. The sum of all tha debts doe the backs wss $7.0C3,2G3, and of this snm 174,465 wss due from dlrectois, either as principals or sureties. The ami ant cf specie In vault waa $197,912; bills of other bariks on hand, 1168,460. The whole am >uut of deposits waa $K8?,979. The amount of deposits in ott er basks for the redemption of bilu wss $766,631; and the amount at Mils in circulation wai equivalent to $3,136,671. The Boston Travtllrr of the 21ft Inst says ? We understand that aa application ia ebrat to be ?uule to the Ur'alature of Vermont, to follow the et?B vie ot MaasecbaMtta ia helping the torn of Internal improve ma at it is proposed that \ermoat ah all iaane $?,0??,oee of 5 per eest aterliag bonds, payable In L/>n dan Is thirty jeers, and eecured by firvt mortgagee on the entire property aad fraaehkae of the Rntiaad aad Central roads, la place of their preaeat mortgagee. The debt of the Ratlaad is $1,800,000 first, $1 j*?,000 as eoad. and $1,900. CM third mortgage aad the debt ef the Ceatral la $2.t0e,?e0 int. aad $1 >00,000 seeaad. Total $4,200,000 for the Ratlaad, aad kl, 500, 000 for the fVatral, smonetfreg altogether to $7,700 000, say sight aalUlena ia rraad Bombers The aaaual I o terse t olive per eant wv,U be only $400,000. aeliaeaet ssratogr ef these roads est year eseaadad that assouat, aa that tha sse?:ty voJd >? ptrftt4 - n't. Ttm mil art ;st ia tMr laf? ey, sad will do mack better uttay pw older tad develope tMr n? ourees. Ai the State ?f *? ? moot U out of debt, theee Bt? per oenta would probably bring par la Euro pa, whore mo a?j l? worth hat three per cent. A part of the plan la to astabllah einking funds, like tboae of the Western and Vermont anl Mas sachusetts roads, which, by their own opera ttoa, will pay the debt at maturity. Three railroads bare boea of (?calculable benefit to tie (Hat*, and it ia proper that the State should now help the roads by loaning It* credit for tbeir advantage. If tha aid should be granted, It would free theae corporation! from esistlng ?mbarra*s mtnti, make their boada worth par, and material!/ ad vance tbe market value of their etock. The negotiations In regard to the steamboat route from Norwtoh to New York have resulted lo re storing the connection of the route with the Boston and Worcester Railroad, and this company are making preparations, In the way of engines and cars, to do the business in a prompt and asseptable manntr. Prim Norwich to New York there will be the new boat the Commonwealth, and the superior steamer the Connecticut, whioh is to be refltwd. The coupons of the bonds of the Great Western Railroad Company of Illinois, due on the 1st of April, will be paid on and after that date, at the company's office, No, 46 William street. The warrants entered at the Treasury Depart ment on the 20th instant were: ? For the redemption of stock #13,058 83 For paying Treaaury debts 98/83 10 for the cue torn* 6,186 ?? For covering Into the Treaaury ftom miscel laneous sources 3,299 00 For coveriug Into the treaaury from cus toms 1,333, 614 OU For covering into tbe Treaaury from lands.. 178, 70S Oi For the War Department 4*2,472 81 For repaying in tta War Department l#t,878 78 For tbe Interior Department 18,420 69 For repaying for the Interior Department... 8,240 8# The annual meeting of the Great Western R%tt road Company was held at Hamilton, Canada West, last week. The report states that the earning* of tbe read for the half year ending January 31, were ?196,636 2s. 2d., and the working expense ?102, 266 2s. 21., leaving a bslanoe of ?93,080 Is., which, added to the balance of the previous half year, ?475 18a. 6d., makes the total net receipts over working expenses ?83 AW 19s. 6d. Out of this amount was paid Interest on bonds and borrowed money, ?46,648, and for six months' liquidation of ?600,000 sterling Provincial debentures, ?9,126; leaving a net balance of earnings of ?38,764 19s. 6d., equal to throe per cent on the preaent capital of U?,g 326s Mr. L. P. Bayre, of the firm of Selden, Withero & Co., of Washington, denies all the statements of Mr. Rives relative to the Exchange Bank. He charges Rives with hostility, owing to a business difficulty of long steading, and denies the statement that My money of the firm hu been used In com promising or compounding claims. The trustees also state that the most of the available fond* are tied In New York by Virginia attachments, hut they have collected aaeete to tbe amount of $150,000, and have paid 1180,000 for the redemption of bonds of the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad, in ooo formlty with the letters of assignment. The Chicago Journal of Monday, the 19th last., "Governor Matteeon arrived ia this city yesterday, from New York, where he ban been for a short time past engaged in perfecting arrangement* for a settlement with Messrs. Wadsworth A Sheldon, on account of the surplus and land funds of tbs State in their hands, which baa been amply secured by responsible parties, outside of tbe general assets of that Brm, and not jam- | braced In the assignments made by them, ho that no low , in consequence of the failure of Messrs. Wadswerth A : Sheldon, can oome upon the State in this behalf. This settlement embraces the balance due by Mesars. Wads- j worth A Sheldon, on account of a portion of the interest | fund in their hands at the time of their failure. This arrangement will enable tha State to pay tbe i January Interest at the time tbe Jnly payment Is due, | which h regarded as a fortunate circumstance, as far as tbe credit of Ike Htiite is concerned, aad we leurn It is entirely satisfactory to tbs pontons who hold mucb the liirger share of the State's Indebtedness, upon which the payment Is to be applied. In rtasrd to State stocks In the Kan -Is of the former State agent when the failure took plnee, It }n known there Is a bond with ample aecurtty attached for their navment or their return, and It Is presumed early steps will be taken lo secure tbe State against ultimata loss in this respect also. Stock Kichangs. Niw Yobm. If arch 22, 1M!>. S800C Virginia 6s.... ??H *? sha CumUlC.bSO 81 >i 500 do #7 100 do bio 34 X 8000 do MX 200 do s30 34 3?>00 Missouri 8e.., #4* 40O N Creek Coal Co. 20000 do 94 X 60 N VCentRK ... #1 800 City 6s, '78... 97 tO do t2X MOOKrfeCouBs '71 83^ 260 do - - 92* 5040 Kile Bonds '83 M SO Cleve A Tol RR . 79X 6000 do #4* 60 do 79X 10000 do sl6 94 * 276 Kris RR 47* ft 0<)0 do b30 MX 100 do elO 4.X 9000 Frle Ilonds '76 87* 760 do *Vi 5000 do s3 81 X 100 do .... b3Q 48 6000 Hud Con Bds . . 78* 60 do blO 47X 7600 D1 On RR Bds 82 300 Harlem RR 32 >4 6000 do b3 40 Heading RR 84 ^ 6000 do b46 88 100 do blO 84* 6000 III Can R Find 73 60 do 84* 1000 NY few RR B ?2X 300 da 84, H 1000N Y Cen 7s... 101 100 do eSO 84* 1000 ChlARock I R B 03X 60 do bflO 84X W shs Colon Bank. 120 660 do b80 86 30 Seventh Ward Bk 124 60 Had Riv RR.bBO 41 20 Ocean Bk 74 100 do 40* 40 Rioorir Bk W 60 do 41 40 Continental Bk . . 106 100 do 40* 117 Canton Co 28 60 do bflO 41 X 400 de b30 28 17 Mich Osnt RR. . . 80 6C Nica Tr Co 16X 16 Mich Sonth'n RR 91 160 do... 1SS< 132 Panama RR 104 2ft I'enn Coal Co 10*!{ 06 North' n Inda RR 90 6' 0 Cumb Coal Co . . 34i; 30 (Jalena fc Chi RR M 700 do 34,' % 6" do 94 X 100 do blO S4H 36 do 06 100 do b30 84 X HKCONP BOABD. $400e Virginia 6s... 9?S 190 shs Caatn Co.sflO 27* 6000 do 9flX 100 do 28 6000 Mhsourt 6s.. . MX 100 do b30 28 ]0C 00 do ?4H 2*0 do beo Wi 10000 loulsiana 8s.. 91 X 300 Nlca Transit Co. 1?X 5060 Krie bs, '76 *30 8T 10O do b80 17 5000 do 87 X 160 N Y Central RR. 6000 111 C RR bs *30 82 X 400 do b<W 9 i *>000 do. . ,b30 83 100 do b30 W 6(00 00 82X I00 de S80 92 '{ MOO do.. . . s46 H2X 19 Reading Railroad 84S '^000 N Y Cen RH lis 92X M do 84>i 6 ?bs Parker In Co 91 X 400 do b3 84 200 Cumb Coal Co . . 8 ?X 60 Hudson River R? 41 60 Northern I nd KR 90X 6? 41 * 10 Catena A Chi RR 96 60 do blO 41X CITY TRADE REPORT. IHrMiuT, March 22?8 p. M. Afnw ooatlnaed doll end jrleea nominal, at 94 2.V I Bpiap t i nr*. ? Hour ? Thm wu mora doing, with ? i ?lightly improved feeling In common Htatate brand*. The 1 aale* nbrMld 8,000 a 8.000 bbl* , included In which | weia common brand a of dtate. at $4 *1X a t'J 26, the Utter flgure for good itrtiglit brand*, and $9 25 a tli It (or favint* aad choice bread*; good to choice i WeaUru brand* and (leaeee* extra wu at $11 a $12 b0. lanaclaa wan la hotter demand, with ulti of X,0<|0 bbla. | at $9.17 a $10 Mi. aad at $10 7$ for extra bread*. rioath- | em waa in fair demand, with xaloe of about 1,000 bbla. at $(* a $? 82 for inferior to good brand* , aad $9 7b a : $10 $7 for extra. Than waa ao ehaaga to notice la rat** for rja flour or meal. Grain? Wheat wa* mora ac tire 1 he talee Included T.000 buahel* prime white (?eaeae* at $2 70, LMtr?^W<Mtora, at $2 lo, aad 500 Htm t hern prim* white >n private term*, *uppo*ed to be 1 at at about $S (0, aad buabola I'aaadiaa white, aet previously reported, at |2 HO. Co** ?The market waa firm and a trifle better, owiag to ma little domaad for expert aad raduoad *eppit>-? The *aie* unbraced lyioo bo*beli Kouthera yellow, at | t*c , aad 1,000 do. were reported at (lightly ualer $1. I _> r \\ e oaJr b?ard of about TOO baahola North rtver, . at $1 32 Barley waa nearly out of ?***?&, and oaly i *> lllng la imall lot*. Corm.- Tlie market continued Am. The a ale* em braced about 350 bag* 'if ft [v>ai ngo, at aluwt I 1.000 beg* Rio, at 10|(e. a lllfc.. 41. 0 niata Java, at : 1 \ a 14 Ve. , aad 2feo Xaracaibo, at lis* a I - Cottow ? Owiagtoa dl*po*Hlon to await the receipt of later foreign new* by the AtiaatW-, the market waa I*** animated, but price* continued firm, without fur ther advance The aaleo embraced about 2.&00 a 3,i)00 | bale*. Rate* were Inactlre a* a hip per* were wait ! lag the receipt of later foreign new* To I iverponl 300 j a 10C bale* con-preyed cotton were engaged et 6il2d ' and ?S bait* Pea Inland da at 5 18d Other article* i were at about the aame rate*, with little dolag. To I I s*ndoa aad Havre ther* wa* nothing ?f moment to no tie* To Hamburg, *,000 a ? 00# gallon* of oil were en gaged at 2ke. per gallon, with mm- lot* of cotton *t H?. . 300 bag* aaltpetr* at 22* W To Premea IMI t edar log* were eng*g*d oa privet* term* To Call forma. rate* ranged from ,0c a 36e Far IT.- The market waa unlet, and price* unchanged Ha T ?Kale a of about MXi bat* a were made at Mc. Hi art ? About 20 lihda aad *0 tierce* honey war* aold at 4t>y;e. for at port *bort price. lane ?Within two or three dag* about 200 a M0 toa* Hrotch pig hare beea *cid at $30 a $3J l.xar> ?The Market continued firm Galeae waa held at 8){e., and *aie* of 100 toa* Kagliab ware made at e*<c. i j?m ? Ba>* of 3,000 bhla. noaiM* war* made at $1 , and 300 co. lump at $1 12. I.aai> wa* Without change. About W0 bb'? were re ported at kX*- a ?H? RjCS.? TW market wa* active, with a further alvaace of about Wa. a Mo. The aalee eaeladed M a M0 aaak*, at ?Hc a I xc f"r the balk of it. M'n^aaaa ? The market for prime New Ortaaa* wa* more active, aad aboat M? a WW bMa war* *aU at T7?. , M do. clayed Cab*, at Via. , U> da Cuba, at Tic Navai men-Ma* of TOO >bW teretitin* ware aaae at M M, with aaaaU eaie- of eytrtte UrpaatMi at ? W* lommoa roeaa **?*? firm at $1 TO. Mli Were aanbaagad. fM t:;**- TUtsm.c'. ufeitatid mm Mrag tea. laf, without otup la prieaa. Tb* uIn af port foot ?dailtMt 1,200 b6U., including old MM at >14 26. ud 111 87 a >18 for bow do. ; *14 26 a 114 37 for aew prta**, aad lit for W**t*rn prim* ma**. *K? bbla. city prim* bin brought 916. Beef-- date* of outstay w?r* Bad* to tb* extent of about 600 obi* . at old pricM, and 400 bbla. Chicago ertra repacked hold at 910. lie. parbbl. off. B**f bami w*re fcarc* aad nominal Butter? Ohio tanged from 12c to lSe. aad State at, 20c. a 27c., while Oraage county wai at 27e. a Mc Rjtat. Evtatk? Houa* and lot on Fifty third atraat. ?ear Second avenue, 18x100, $4,400; do. adjoining, 21 x 1W?, $6,226; de. do., 20x100 $6,260; do oearfabove, tlx 100 16,260; do. lilt Weat Broadway 26i87, $8,600 , 2 lota oa Fifty tbird afreet, near Third av*aua, each 2.'>x 100, $1,226 each; 2 do on Fifty third aires t. near Third avenue, each 26x100, $800 each; 2 do. on Forty ninth atreet, near Klxth avmup. each 22*100, $1,100 aaoh. Sva*K. ? The market continued tolerably ao'.lve. The aalea embraced about <100 a 700 htada New Orteani at 4 Sc. a 6%'c , about uoo do. Cuba at 4Vo. a 6a., and ;? do. Porto Rico at 6c , with a a mall lot Havana refined at ?X? There waa more clover offering, and arte** were unchan)r?>i1 Penngylvanla were held at lOe , and Ublo clean at lO^e., but without aalea of Importance. M'Ktw. ? The mart; ?t waa firmer Th? hale* iuoladed 1,0*i0 mate caMia at 40c , and 70 c*c*? nutmegn at $1. Tallow ?a> dull and aomlnal at 12c. ?IBYEKTINKMKNT8 KKNKWKD KVKKY DAY. BPtCClAXi ElOTicKS. Hudson river improvement.?' owners ok ?tram riredutng macllui* may bearot employ m -at for unraveling and removing earth from th? t*ara of tlm liudaoa River above and below Albauy, on application to the under tinned, at VI Min tit ?tr?et, bow York. RICH' I) DELAFIELD. MaJ of Engineer*. IO. OF O. F.-BEACON LODGE, NO Til R M EM ? ben of Hoacou Ledge an requested to m?*t at the 1/odge room ou Friday aftoraoon. at 1 u'rlock. fur the pur Kef ?*)?"* tbo laat tribute ol ruepcet to onr late worthy lier Ceo 0 Deinilt. ily ordi r, B: Paean, Sae. WM. O. MUIR, N. O. Masonic notice. -tarn members of munn Lod(f# No. rn, V A M , ?r? r?Kiat)?i<Ni to ittoail a r? Klar meeting at thiir room*, tail (trldajr) evening, March tor the cloction ol S. W. By order, _ ? _ judZh berry, w. a. V. C Bravton, Secretary. Masonic noticb.-tiie menhirs of orient chapter No. I, K. A. M , are hereby antUled to meet at lb?i* tooma. St. clthryetie atreet, tlua day, (t rlday) at 1 o'eUok 1'. la., to join in paying the laat tribute of reaped to our late worthy oumpaiilou, George G. Demtlt By.ordtsr, ANDREW J. FISHER, H. P. R. E. KOIIRRTS, Secretary. VTOTICE TO PILOTS.? NOTICE 18 HERKUY HI FEN Xv to all Pllota Imaging veacela into thie port, that a etrict oompliauo* with the following eeetiona of tn* health lawa of the State will be required of them ? Bee. 10. It aliall be the duty of each branch anddrpoty pilot belonging to the port to aae lit* utm?*t endvavcre te hall every ve#iel which he ihall diaoover to tie entering the port, and io demand of the maater of every anch veeael whether any pernoa baa Died or been lick on board during the oaa ?a. a, aad whether any contaiciona, Infentmna, or p-'atileutial diaeaae exiated at the time of her aailing at the port Irutn wbenoeahe aailtd. See. II. If any of the above loneetlona aball be antwerad In tb* afBrmatlve, the pilot ahall immediately give notice to the maater of the vaearl that be, hla veaael. hfa crew, paeeenai'P* aad cargo, are aubjeet to the examlaation of the health ?>!& eer, aad ahall direct bim to proceed aad anchor hie veeaei at the (iuaraatiae aaahorag*, there to await tbe further dirwa tioai of >h< health oAcer. HINEV R. HARTI.F.TT, Health Offlcer. Bum Orrtca, Qnarantiae, March 11, 1MSA. NEW TORE. JAN 10, 18M. -RECEIVED OF MR. William Lalur, Treaaurvr of the Tonng M?o'a Aaaeeia tloa, $1,776 60, being the pruoeedeof their irat anaaal batU glvea tor tb* Romaa Catholle orpbaaa of New York city. ' b. A BoRRVUgO, t<ady ?ap*rtoi. SFF1CE PANAMA RAILROAD COMPANY, NEW York, Martk 19, 1HU.? The annual election for thirteen wtora oftLa above company will be held at tbe office, N?. W Broadway, oa Monday, the aeccnd day of April next. The poll* will open at It and aloae at 2 o'clock P. M. The traaefer beoki will be eloced en the Wth of March to Uie 2d ol April, inclaaive. HENRY SMITH, Secretary pro Vem. OrriCE or the.cbicaoo and rock island Railroad Company, Cora Exchange Bank Bulldln/, 11 William atrcet.? Now York, March II, 1HM ? Thla Coui|iiiay haTtn? declared a dividend of foar per cent on the capital ctook, payable ea Monday, the aecand of April a?xt, the traaalcr bnnkc will lie eloaed on Satnday. tho aaventwiatb In atant, at 1 P. M.. until the aeeond of April. The dividend Will be paM at the ofltoe of the Coinra*/. A. C. FI.AGO, Treasurer. THE MARINERS' SAVINOfl BANE, CORNER THIRD aveaoe and Ninth atreet, pave clx per cent lat*r**t on cnmc*f$M> and nnder, and av* per oent ea auma ever $ft?. Opea daily, from 9 A. M. te 2 P. M., and Wedneaday aad Saturday evcainga Irom 6 to 8. orricme Hen. /ACOB A W ESTER VE I T, (late Mayor of the eity,> Precldeat. I'hilip W. Enoe and laaae T. Smith, Vice Pr*aidcata. W. U. Euiwobtm, bcoretary. N. B.? Thla Savinga Beak la in noway connected with aii j ether baakiag inatltntien In thla city; la regularly char Ured accordlar to law by the l.crlalatnre of thia State, and baa lie fuada lecerely Invected, malaly on bond and mort gage, on property worth double the amount loaned. MITRU(TM)S. ANY PERSON OF HK1H LITERARY ATTAIN aeata. a a priuaipal. wtth each testimonial* aa would gtva a character, atanding and reputatioa, aad who ooeld comn and a eenaidcrakle amount of patronage to a aeminary atyled the Huguenot Seminary, in the vlUate of niooming view. Statea lalaad. and who would aCeiate aa pewter of the Church ot the llngucnota, la aald village, la eoancctloa with other competent teacbera. mapaidreea Charcb Hague not>, Bloomingview, Staten lalaad. Ij1 REN C II ANDSPANIfH I.ANaL'AUES.-PROFK.ISOR ' ORIHUEI.A, npaniah lawyer and member of the French and f panieh Acadcmiea, IU Franklin atraet, will give lee aonaby anew phlloao|iblcal aad practical ayateni, without hooka, at reaaaaaele terma I^RRNCH I.ANUUAUR.? MONSIEUR AND MADAMR Du boa are going to lorro eow ulaaaea of i:oav?reitloiinl iiitmctloa for thoae making to acquire a true knowledge of be French langnage. Morning aad afteraoon claeeec for adlra; evening eleaeea for gentlemen. Private Icaaoac IlUlhW, No. 1 Clinton place. Eighth atreet INSTRUCTION IN OFRmTn -RI.OOMFI EI.D AC A. demy, ecraer *f Bloemtald aad Flrat atreeM, Hobeken N. J., aflorda rare facllitle* to p?raon* dealrlag to learn thla language. Hooma for a few gentlemen, with iaatriiiitlae, day or evening. Elite A HI) FEI.UNEH, Principal. DRY OOOIM, EC. AT P. COLE'S, HM BROADWAY. TWO DOOES AROVE L'alen aqnare, Jact received colored aad black ailka, a aeod acanrtmant of dry gooda of vartoua atylac, llaea aheetlaga and chirtinga, table linen, damaak aapkiaa, boya' wear, bombefliiee, caaton cloth* t'nnatantly on haad, a good acaortment of honaekeeplng gooda. / 1 REAT BARGAINS IN FOULARD MltS^JAMES " T FRANCE. 7<tf Broadway, ha* much nleaanr* In an a< unaing to the ladiec of New York, that be will thia day ?|cn e large let of printed foulard illkl, at unprecedentedjy low price*. IMPORTED WiiVE CORSETS-LADIES QETTINO 1 new anriag dreeeaa anoald pf'icura a pair of Mra II A Y NOR'tt ealel.rat. d nnd elegantly filling F reach wove eorvota. Her price* arc only half uaaally charg' d No i'> Third ave ace, aeaa Tenth atreet. N B.? Eml.roidertea very mach undi-r regnlar price*. ^ ET GOODS? I.ADIE8 THE BEST BARGAINS ARE laat being aelected. aad a* the nrravat opportunity nlll *o<,a be part, ?e would adal*e all who intend porrhae Ian cr wt*h ?* aecore a great bargaia la linen gooda of any deecrlptien, to call at oate Tlic gooda are all warranted, and a*nt free to all part* of tb* city and vlelnlty. ANDREW 0 COLBY 17 Thirl aveaue. RXTKA PAT. Bounty land now i? acres? to all united Stat** aailcra, aeldti-r* and othcra, io *ay war aince 1 litre nay pr n.p'ly paid Land warrant* obtained, boaght and aold, penciuna procured; land*, extra pay. or balaocea crnilag to ?ldi we aad heir* of deceaaed t.'nltoT rltetea aallora and aoldler* collected, aud all klnda of claima agalaat the I I'nited Statea recovered by EDtt'ARIr BISSELL. Agent aad , late l'ur**f II. 8. Navy,?; Mall eireet. Bounty land.? soldiers. bailors, *?.. and tha wtdawa of (beta daoan.?d la itrtu alac* I7TW, ky lua l?U i' I of ? ohrr-?a Ma antitlad '<? I?I nrf?< of land as 1 <?*11 "Main (lif I t!,? >,|d aataMlahd nitirj MI'im h?m (Irwt !?>!.. u?? o I Mr riot af thoao tbat !???? r?? ?? I part on fll? < ll.VIN W -MITI1, 8oc?aaa?r to late N. iltlftit I Jul. NTT I. A > l> AM* PENSION < |. AIMS INKIER J) tba late lawa ?f Clnirm, ir n.pllr ?t. l l?/al)? r r wi autad lj UBORGB W(K>D)KAi?, attorney at l?w, WWII hamatraat. Ul??ri Wall and I'ina atraata BocSi r'"i. an B-'soT.rTtKks's a 1 1'iiis, mar i ? ??> artlflaara. toniurt, Ac , a* tbalr Widow! or anaor ?ffn, ah?ald apply at onto at tba Bo'iat* l and Offt.? Noa, 74 and 77 Nimi atraot. PITK IN A l?l> BY. I AM) WARRANTS -ALL i'BR&ONit ENTITLED TO I tnaatj land, oadar tha lato Act of ft? k??? I tba tan* ft'if tij ' '.llartod, of. application to TAYLOR BHOUIEN*, l-aakrra, 78 Wall atraat. roru-r l'X(l L~ ?. BOCNTT LAND AGENCY r? BKiiADH o ? l.and warrant* far aoUlar*. aallori, artttoari, ala*ka, laamavra Ar , abtalaad, H' u/hl a"ld ar,4 laeal-d lllmota r\Uttt tftlaa ptnkaa*dk of* a, k??ra fr?? X A If till X f M AMP R. A JiiUN D. BTROW, Altera*?* at Law, ol&aa I No. ?, ay (Mb*. UNITED STATM ROCNTY I, AND Off ICR? ALL aoldlara ?r ?atlari, or Ilia wldowa of tbo*a wbo mn4 la I tba aria 7 or na*p la aaf of tha wan ilaaa 1771 a*> aatitlM ta IM)a?r?aof " boant * laad." Tb<aa wka r??a ??d V> ?f "* a?r** aaa obtala tl.? Mlaaaa No chart* akHim aatd warrant* Ma ?oll?ft?d. Apply V tba a?>nt, r. T BETTS M W J! atroo*. kaiomaai. J i. k aiTn. inc ? IN Pt KWANCF. or AN ORI KK <Jf THI! (W'KRO (atr r>f tha County Naw York, ?otlea l? haroh* *l?ao to all paraoa? hartag ?lai?a a#aJlial John I. M ikrOratkaa. lata of tba city of N?w York. marcbaot. I* raaaaxl. to arwawat tba aam* wtth ?Tirk?r? tkaranf Va tba aabacru>*r. at kia nflra, No. il Chaabara atrwat, la tba ?it/ of Nav York, oo or hofora th? itvb 4ay of Jul* Ball. I la tad Naw York, tha 1Mk 4ar of January lUi ran R. HWKBfY. fablta A '.Aa^aiW ninpoiAM. 10 CAriTALItTI' -r*OI*fr?AH WILL H< RB faltfd far tka warabaaa af U>a ?a?4 ui nail* aaw ttaadlar ?a (b? Iaa4 ba' va aa Ri. har4aot a Tract l?i?? la tkr tawaahtaaf Iiaaraark, coaatiM of Oraar* ?< lallltaa. r.?ar Oi<a?ifla fald tract roataiaa I .'?? a-r?- af wkuii at eat tbraa lawftba art awvarad wttb Uak? Thr aroatar pari af <La waad la ftj baatf.aad. tak*a alt la ai ~ioall?d In tkia aaattaa of tka A<au T>* *> ?od ?* aakat ? at a bit* rad, aad re* k &ak, kick fr, fr. a : ? oKiia aati alixtaal. At obtth will tat aboat fro?a Mi ta I ?> ? r ?? to tea acra All tba aartattaa of aAip Uaur tta M pc?a<r>4 4a aa; inai titj aad < f tba baat ^aallt> alaa Ua>?ri ' ark aad kaoy y< loa ia al'aadaaoa Tba facfhtioi fa. r-<t'?? oat iba a-?d ara rarr <r??t aa tba Pn. Rai'r-ai. I '?. ? ? af' aad H' 4a?a caaal. aad 'kra> taraplkaa raa Um<S tkatra- - All fartbar I articalara aaa W *biawad aita aiptlaataoa to Hra (' A Rlcbardaoa, MtdHct-wa Ora?r? ??,a*r * T T?raw taab ia adfaaca. a* will baat'Kt (*l for a* p-att ia tk? rtt/ at N?w 1 -rk Tk* |r p-?;i aait '-a it'fuat u B I flt(l I laal'idk. ? <faa tut tltf Middiodawa Kraaca Ca N r Mar k !* IV. CdPAK. 4cf . CtOAL CBifATB* TBAk Rtr BR TUB BCMCRIRR* / will bo oftnu to* tbraa d*v a?J? tba baad a? (adaat Xaoa.d ate aoad at aolp to par aaa fraak taau fail vatabt werraebai i iwOl V C^*b VIU, Ct tr>??a ??nv 17 ?QAmmiio MPmnuiiwi. | QQQ BBNBT STRUT, BBOvKLYN- LOCATION PR OajO llgbtfnl. baing Ave minutao' walk fr?n lb* SouUi farriaa ?A gentUinaa aad hie wtfa, or two or thr?e fantleman. can obtnla heard. with ruoma or auita of raaata, n a tit flrat olaaa houao Apply ?? above. OOQ CBRYSTIS .STREET A FAMILY. PERUA mostly and control!/ located, con MHmMtta o gantlcmaa and wife, ?.r o few -m.!- ga >at ? 'n?n, with hoard and aicely furwiahed room*. ?? reaeonabla torma. No biU un tha houaa Calla attended ti o rl n g noit week I fT HUDSON STRUT, FRONTING ST JOHN'S 1t?J 1*111 ? ? lore* (runt 1MB on J ton*, ond raoma for aingla gentleman, bouaa boa ail ttio sudors Improve mcnta. Hareronecg caclianged. 1A1 ninth street, third door east or i"J liroadwov, furnlahad roone, io aulia oraeparaielr. Aleu, back parlor and eitanaioa room on tbo ttrat floor, to lat to g> nil. i' with braakfMt, if raqnirad. Alio, fur aiobsd rwmi at No. I Callage plaoo. Wr WAYRRI.Y PLACB, THIRD DOOR W I - 1 OP t) Maalnagton park, mv doairoblo auita of ruoma, * Itb board , may bo hail by aelaat famlll-a or ain/le gentle mon, bouao brat elaaa; term* modorat?, roferoaoea aa changed ' I WALKER STREET. Hu; DOOKS WENT OP ?' 1 Broadway ? Single and double rooma to lot, furniahod. With or without board, aultable tor amnio gautlenuaa o i l Kntleimu and their wivee On tha (trat of April tbor* will rarest a front room on tho brat floor. Hot and . oi l w% tor batba in tka houaa MLISPENARD STREET -HANDSOME PKONT AND back parlor on th? firat door, and front and baoh kltchun, with Cr ton waWr, to lot, uufuruiahed, to a amall family. Poaeeaaioa from lat of April, 2r OREENE STREET? A GBNTLEMAK AND WIFE, >) or two aingle gnutlomen, can he m oonim > dated with ? very handiome ro-m, on tho ar. ond or third floor, ruruiah oil or uafurniabed, and rull ot partial board JSuiuonngia May. Reference eachangod WEST TWENTY SEVENTH STREET A NK NT j| I tlrat olaaa boarding houao; an moving nrat of May , emta <>f rootna aultable tor gentlemen. with lull or partial h>ard, alao, r??ma for gontlamoo and tbotr wtvee; location una door waat of Broadway; convenient to cara and atagea. M GREENE STREET, NEAR CANAL.? A|PLBASANT front room, wall furniabad, for two alaitla gentlomen, or a gentleman anil wlfo, in a ro?|>?ct?bl? laiuily, tfhere but ft* hoardcra ?r? takon; alao, a aiuall room for a alrigln goa tli-man, partial board; bath an I |M< Trrma ranaonabla. A PLEASANT ROOM, WITH BOARD, POR GKNTI.F. j* man and wifa, alao two aingla rooma for gent leri. n , oaa who will giva niuaut ieaaona ia part paymeat prelarredi hath, naa; a braullfiil, eonvoBiant locatlan, tiriralo Uinily. W i'rrry atraot, botwoaa Blaaakar and Pourtb attaata. A LADY AND OKNTLRMAN CAN II AYR A HAND aomaly fwrnlabod room, with hoard fur tho lady, in a ?mail i|uiat family, and ao ntbor bnardora. Looatlua notr Houaton and Brvadway. Addiaaa Mia Joaaa, llroadway Paat OfHoa. *J5T,T? " A LADY OP OUIRT HABITS CAN IIAYE liOAUM IN II aaumll family, whan tbora aro nw utbar boardora. In qulra at 1M Lanron* atroot, naar Honatoa. PRIVATE FAMILY, WITHOUT CHILDREN, wauld lat to oao or two (ia?lo caatlamaa or a (out l? man and hia wlfo, two ?l*Kaut parlora. or a narlor and bid roam furalaliad. with or without partial board. Tha houaa baa all tho modrra ImproTomonta, and ia dfalrabiy luoatod. tM Kourth at root, oprotHa W aahiagtwa aquaro. AI'ARI.OR WITH BED ROOM ATTACURD fUN furniahod ) with full or partial board, ?bn ha obtainad In tha ftrat alaaa houao, No ? Uraat Joaoa atroot. Alao oaa *ia(lo room (furuiahadt, auitabla for a Koatlaaaa. A LADY, WHO UAS KEI'T A FIRST CLASS HOUSE* A Wlahoa to aiaot with a Kontlcman who haa a lar*? houao that bo would r?nt, and board with th? occupant; or a party ol Kcatlamon rci|uirlB| a aaraon to tak<i charaa of a boiiac, *uu'<l ?n'1 if tVtrY Way aapahlo, by addraaaiaf a auto to t. C., or callinn at 7? Kaal Broadway A FEW S1N0I.E GENTLEMEN I AN BE ACCOMMO dated with plraaaat ronma and partial hoard, by apply inx at 77 Willow atroot, Uruoblya lloi^hsa. Tarua tui'do rata. Rafrraaoa aiohanitad. A LADY LIVING RETIRED IN THE UPPER PART nf tho oity, coiiTcBiaat to aarand ata?o routov would let a noatlr furniahod parlor and bodroom to a ji?ntlaniaii dcalrlnn too fr-adem aad oontorta of a homo. Ploaao ad draaa Z. O E., Broadway Poat Oflko. BOARD-WlTn CONVENIENT APARTMENTS FOR fanilliiia or alnirla |taatUm?n. la a flrat claaa prlaaU boardluf booaa up town. Looality daatrabla for Ik* aum inar, |>oaaoaaaa orary facility of accaa to all parta of tho city. Haloroncoa ciohaacal Apply at No. d Ablujd n ' i?ar. waat aida, aasand dour from Baak atraot. Board -a widow lady, residing in the vici nlty of Houaton atnot, a abort dlataaoa from llroodway ?a tha waat alda, la daalroua of ranting two wall furniahod ruoma, ob tha araond floor, ta two ladlaa, with board. Tarua uiodaratr I'laaaa addroaa M F... Broad nay 1'oat uttaa. BOARU-A GENTLEMAN AND Ull WIFE CAN find aplraaant aulta of roama. on tba aaninif floor, with paiitriaa. ly calling at t.l lladaoa at mat, naar Chain bora, oppo alta Jay No motlnf at May. OARD.? A Sl'ITE OF UNFURMSIIKU RitOMH, CON > lamina raa, paatrlaa. An., may bo bad. aboat tbo lat of May, in a amall private family, whom tho comforta of a hoina may ba anjoyad; Blaa, a faraubed ri>om lor a alu?l? irantla roan, at No. H Warraa plaeo, C bar I aa atfaot. BI>ARD-FURKlb\lED ROOMS T(i LBT, WIIU UttARD. rlthcr fur a KanMcman and wlfa, or ?latlr nantlnm u Apply at n Clintua ptaaa Board in a respectable fhrni ii family wantod by ao American (antlomaa, who doaa not apeak tba Frouub lau?ua#e Tba apper part af tba city praiorrod Beet of referencoa nivaa aad raqulrad. Addreaa It , bui No. iM Poat Oflra. Board wanted-hy a respectable young lad/ at a rate But axcoodinf throo d illara par weak Reforoncea oirhannod A d draaa G Herald offina OARD WANTED-A PEON'T ROOM AND RED room for ? rati Demon aad wifa. In a flrat claaa houaa towB Rrlareaca aiahangad. Addraaa Uaadaraoo, ilar d office A B B If, Board wantrd-h? a private family, by a fontlaman aad wlfa, in |a bouaa wltk (aa, bath, Ac ll aaltad would ba permanant. Meat ho la tba Kotentb ward, or immadiata viaiaity Prtuo aot ta aiaeod 111 p*r woak floardlB* hnuae koopera noad aot anawar Addraaa Johaaain, llarald oB>a. Board wanted-bya gentleman and wife, la Brooklya. Bear Faltoa forry ia a (private family, la a houao wltk modera improeeaaenta Tarma aot to aaaood S12|'oraeok Addreaa Willlama, llarald ottca. Board wanted.-a gentleman, wife and two ahlldroa Mat elaoaa aad four yaara trttbaflrl, lueatioa doaired from Euhtoontb to Twonty fourth atraot, Bear Seventh, EI(Mh, Ninth or Tooth araaaea, la a prlea'a lamily, tha Uat of mfataaaa (leea, will pay liboral AJ dreae hoi 1*2 Herald I.flioe BOARI> WANTED BY A YOUNG LADY, IN A plain, quint, reapoatakle fatally, vbero there ara but few or no board-re, oharroa nut to aicood U par waak. At draaa I' L M . Herald i lllc a Board wanted -by a gentleman in a pki ?at< lamily or Drat alaaa boardla* hoaao, al.?? ltiooak< r atreat and Bear Broadway Addraaa, paalaui, alalia^ lu ration, terma, Ao , C. M. hoi l.tW Poat tilfloa. Board wanted-a widow lady in drdirous ol raatlar a room and bodroom. In tha nppor part of tbo city, with ar without board, whaaa tbaro ara Ba other board era prafrrred Addraaa Mra. A P , llarald office Hoarding -a khai.l family, or two gentle man and their wi*aa raa haee hoard, with plea>ant r ma, ot U Henry atroot or ti e ucur part i.f tha h uao a III be let ta a a'ataal family Na otnera need apply Tha kouaa la aommudioua, haa tag a bath roam aad (aa Hoarding- a uemtlkman and mibiti itb can obtain a neatly furniahod room, on eorond fl or. with paalry attaah' d, ia tha bouao af a private family, who a? ?/mmodato but a faw i>oar4ara lor ai(ht dollaralpor aoek, BJaa. one lar?o room, with amall oao attar bad. aa'tabla for threw eontlimaa who would room together, at ll per we* a aaab. la pure at I IV Nineteenth atraat, botwwoa flaaoad and Third aaeauea No motla( at May 110ARDING.? TWO GENTLEMEN OR A UENTI EM \ N J) and wife ran ol.tatn a large anl aery pleaeeot fr at ?i, on aacond atory with two paatrtoo. by appiyiag Im lately at Na. S l.uatow plana, in lloaatoa atraat, near fiulliaan. Kefaranaa onckaagad. Hoard up town? a lady andoenti.eman can be acio.mmodateii with a well furmet??d room on the ao oond fl' or, with good board. Alao, a amall rvnm aa tha MB) floor to a jonng lady or fnlitman The boaee haa aae, l ot and aold water, tatha Ae Ref -raaroe raqaired Apply at IN Waat Thirty tut atraat, BOARDING IN BROOKLYN ?ROOM* flOITAHIJl FOB r?n'!emeri and their wiraa or a ogle rootlemen. with fail ar iwrttal board, f new and madam Improved benaa. on tba Mrhaat ground In Brook It n Alae. a y -oif man ttat would bawUllagte roww wltk aaotber Ctll og at diaaa i-'i i oacord atroot, BrookJya IjOARD IN BROOK LTP .?TWO I! I NCI E aENTLIBBM Jj i an And foralahad roama ta a private family wit* par tlni i.oard tbrea minntaa walk irom ??ait ir *a>l atraot ferrt-a, aad na meviag la May. at tl Jiralemoa atraot Re tataacaa artbaagad. BOAIUi IN II<IR<<ARW WAMIIi, HV A URNTI * ?ran. I la ft | n? ??? family - r wl -f> ara ?<?!/ a f?w Ix?t4?r> tak*a. A44raa* A t., kai 179 ll*r?J4 ?ft?, lii tit'lliUi; p KD IX HOW v ???. ViKTIB fOR TITi J) llMftftn, frwi lb* lil I Ma;. aitk I priia<? ttm f t.?? i>( i iImiii.1 <*< r tr> k?<H a at. n tfi?ia?<- fr ? tka i>t?f Atflf 'Mhd la A 0 , Mi IJU *?? f ??% !??.? 0?M. B MOUTH -A v?h ilUIIIIU Room OS Ht'lT ? f iMfti, f?ml?iift4 ? r ?ftftntlftfe*']. * Ik ' ftf 1 n*t u ? I" ? ftfal 1.1 ?. .a ft 7 I (i t'i-BHltl >lla II I*" atari* r*atl?*>'a Afflf al W * i.afkW; iii?l It# IwikMi tuliauit. / 'OCRTHY B'JA Rf> WASTRtl -A ^IIK.W I.ADT V ?Hlti aa lafaitliM ??? la a (??l |-r*al? faalli la IM ? oar Iff , ki u >i .*4 ? |m ftftik, *iMH>a ?? H?4m n>ir ffitim* IUf?r?a<? *)>?? aa4 rtf?u?4. A44raa? I 0 . NifaU tOra / mi ntkt imAun ? a ??Tr r> mo* nut ?>r ? ? r 1 a I?||* |T?'.ff?4 ???; ? ? I. < in far ? caallnaaa a< 4 kla ? <'? A44r?a*V'f fT7 I %rt * (/?INCH M'AXIMI, A?B AUrRI' A*. IKMItlllfl r !??*? U Ki'iHiirM* A l^rtxali t? Ul tinliM ?r iftftitiiM. *Mk ?f (IllMal taw4, ar Mrl tllknl kiilti 'it haDMi a? ftlart* !*?? al II at { a 'faak liaailaat takla t>f?? aulmK 1/1 RMMir.R Noons TO I.RJ I ROM TMk IT MAT r ?< Rf*4aa; 1oc<. i s n Movn, a Aurrr rr.Ari seatlt i lara >a*4 ravata >Ak ?f tltkftil i?">ai k-wl |>HVATK RfiARtflRa ARVRRAL TR?T Ft B ADA <T I r?-?a? la |?|I? h 'Mfti.iftli alitor fa ra ?a<4 ?t aa taraut.a4 laa ka ka4 *|U la?<, la ? am aba 't-Mi; r??. ''MI' ?? ft?nk ataaaa, apa-aaata la, i a/i itafal ika k'aaaw?wly i~a a4 aa4 Km all tfca Ba4>it farrt'aaaaata ta'araaiaa ankM|M IkOft* AMI ROA?D WANTED ? OR A I Af>T -AD f\ InaaTVmaa IrtMaa; ra?M i atat.x 'ar*? aal aasllaa Room to tit- to ?inci.k qrwtxirrw. i* a ?rlaal* fuallf, a ilk w >Kka?l W*af4 a la?r? a a? ?.?*a iilallj faratak*4 naa, aiaa aa?l> r* ?? ta a M? mm r ?HaA Vaaaaaaal kaaaa viik all Ik* a^?? iafmaa?i< ? ??a, a mt ?f ift 1 1 1 aa Aral taa*. If * Ara* tlaaa fk|M>aaa ?IM al llki, ft la Ik fln<> TWO Oft TBtet ROOM* WfTi AT IwM aaMakla f* a (wiiaxa aal ka ?rf? a* aaila iiaWasaa aiaaia aataal al Ha Wi'?,i( k-a*. Mi Malta .**%.. ?OJJUHTC OP MWQB& "\1 r AN TK D? lUi AB B IN ?ROUftirN. IN A GOOD LB ff nlllf, fur I Kiillwu. 4iirw< A. C , keg VJ4I I'm! Ofllr*. ___________ VI' ANTED BTTWO Yot.'NG GBNTLBMBN * SMALL M |arl-.r w4 kfdrwn, or t (W< lilid btdrtaa, ?ltk Lartlal board, la the country, tn * pci?al* family, (farm m? prwferredi, whan few or no bokrdara in takea, f?kn or.r hour ?f lb> Citji II >11 , and ti?er the railnil Jifol w firry I'.ii Addreaa, poatpaid, atallng term*. which auat he Bodmu, and giving all particular". C. W . boa l,W l'?l IHBre WkuM have an ohjeettaa la non Imaedlatoly and would bt permanent daring lb* auggaar aentli*. If euitid. \K! AN TBI* HV A SIN Ut-B UKNTl.KMAN, A !."<>? " room, with partial h.-*r>l, or dfnaer at 6 P M., In a prleate family, arer the hualneee pari of th* city Addreaa A M , t>?i 1,019 I'oat OlBi e, for one day "I*/ ANTED A I.AIIT AND OBNTI.BM AN WIHIIB* f TT hire an uaiuralibed Iron! room aad badrooa, with board for the only, la * email family whera there are bo other boan'era Locality wail of Broadway betweea I rnnkll* and Spring au~.ia Addreaa Angelo, I hathaa *t|u*r* J'**l l)?c* Taraa uul u ?i*h4 III |>*r iraak WA.NTBX>? A I'AMI.OK AS D IIKDKOOtf , f I! EM I HI I BT? Dot abor* Trail) atreet, I. r a i?i eman. wife aal child, Ihro* yrare old, with board lor tha lady and child, a ? pmala family , taraa not to eioeej tin a week Addr*a> A ('., Broadway Po*l O?o*. \\r ANTIU- IIY A YOUNU fl BNTLM A N , A UOM f T roiai, with partial b<iard, or dtnaar at al* o'*l**b I* M, Bear tha bualne** part of tba i-lly, AJJraaa A M . boa t,HI I'oat Otflr*, fur two da/*. NIWklXANKUIIH. 1 nn r A.SAI HTK EKT, N K A It VARMK-W k B AUtJ VAN M)TK S (rail aad fender, bitohea ruiA eua.tuer rant* and alote warer omi Wa hair* a large a* eoriment of tlie lataat pattern! of mantel gratee, ranger aad eteiee, for aala on reaeuuabie trriaa. Urataa and raagea aat and repaired, rang-- lined. hraa* touulir*' aad jeweller** fnrnaa** built, *iov*a lln*d, lakara' ovaaa built aad r* - paired. ANOVBI.Tr.-A WKITINU MACHINE, HT WHICH, with conimoa p*oa, Ink aad pap*r an original aad uaa or mora ooplaa,|althar on alngl* alieeta or In a blank book,) aaa 1-e written eimaltaaaoualy. It la vary alaple la wailmi tloa and work* wttb all lb* froodea af a aelaebed Ma, It illaagreat deaidaratavi. boaido* entirely eujiareediai tba copying preaa Eeery lawyer, ropylat, merchant, buaiaaaa and lltarary man abould bare nna. It la equally itgiful far ao|.) i"? drawlaga, lata and oalloo pattarna aud aaararlair* in ?o?d Tlia ralantar i.lfara right* (or aala la raoi Mtataa aad rilia* a* (Ml raaala undiapoard of II la a fort una foe tba porchar? r I or nuilala. prl< aa, Ac , wrlta or apply to l> *U*rilKHO I'ounMllor at law. 7 Wall atrwat. BKI.'HIIEH or KVKKY DERCBI I'TION AT TUB IIBIfAH factory. 331 i'aarl atraat. rranklla aonar*. All arUrlia ?old at tba lowa*t factory pn< ra I'aint I rnalma a f aupanor quality ooualantly ou baad Jla him- brnahaa aiada to ordtr. i joiin k uorrsi. BKANDRETU'H rtUU, IIY CI.KAN.1INC TIIB BUM>B froaall iinparlliaa, alrr* pownr to a?-ry orgaa to fm turn It* fuauliona haalttlly . uo aail*r wl.ailior >?laraally 1 or Intiri all) altuatad Nature haa formad tha bawalt flaw tha aaaruatlon of all unhealthy kantar* of tha blood, aad a t man wauld hut uaa common I'M ha woul l tak* ear* tha/ p* rforaad tbia ofUae faitblully II tkebeaala are out at order, if teo al*w, or too faat, a f?w d -aaa ef llrandraib'a ; Dllla wiu hrlag thea to ordet Aak tliaaiaa wliu aaadjiai I fron cnnatlpated towel* what cured him , h" telle you llraad rath'a pllla Aak him who haa had the dyaeatery for el* aratba, aad aaary r>?edi had laikad, b* will toll yau tut llraadretb'i pllla cared him la a week Ho with oilier die 1 *??** T**l?? Hraadroth'* pill* ruht>*d dawn In a half Mat , of aolaa***, cured a llttl* bar ef aa uli *r of tbe fa^a wbieb Haa rapidly aprradlng to kli oyea, aad whlcl, a doaen de? trra bad tried to eare, bat could not j the poor parent* waaJA bate glean halt tb*y war* worth to bare had It rured, bat ?eerythlnr tb*r tried did ao good, until they gaee it a toa *p<"<alul of molaaae# eierr day. In e half pi*l of whlab tbep bad rubbed dowa i?*It* flraadretb'a pill*. b*f*ra lb* wbola ol Hi* mnliaaaa au takea the ulcr an cured Aad tab aome foollah people rail llrandretb a pllla a^uark aedlata*. ' Itxould b* wall It tb*r* wrra a lew wore aaoh i|uaok aodl > rlnaa Will all yaur preloaded aariaparllla e unpoaada. ow | Imeagoa, or aalia*, car* Ilk* tba llraadretb pllUI C*a tkoy irn'l ) on to i>e rein a carnl, aa l?r llranilrelb caa' <"*? tbry poiat mil t* you poi>| lo wko he* a h alp lad* for jreara frtm epllepay and M Vitua' <anee, wh'j hate Wee a cured by Ih'lr r< m'dlea* If they oaaaol, Or llraadrotla I caa t;aa th*y point oat thoeo lo you who f .r tweaty year* had nerar had a motrtmant of tha I nwali without baling I n*ed medlclae, or aiachaalaal loeaaa. aad vbeia tbe Brand rcth pllla curad in a aublh, and gaf* him ai healthy eearutlloae ** be had wbaa be aaa a nhlld Hold at f>r , IiHAMiKXTII M principal oflkoa, Urandrotb'* Ruildiac 1 (antrtket U t'knal atrial, I k( i" ??U per In. with full di reitiona Alao, at tk* branab ???**, ilt Mower y aad til lludien atraat Tba pill* may alao ka bad *f 0. U. W KIOIIT, M U"U?ton ?tr*? t, forncf ?f Bm.BK'H MUTTBB Of rrilRB.t ANIl CrtrAIT A ? The afeil Engllab r*iaady far tbe Iroualoeia* 41a j obar>*i tba** aadiaTa** ar* tabea for, aaiaipaaaad la jrfl r*rr and fir mperlor to ripanlta. paalea aad Pllla, aa It U well ka*wa lb*** apdleia** in Ibeir *rad* alaU ar* o*lp nauaeoua aad oaaUaa >o auapn-ioa can be > n?en dared ao 1 It eka b* **at by agpreaa k> *endmg a letter It i* guaran ! te*d lo he tba beal, aafadt and aaal aura artlol* **er pro dnoed: a few d"aea rellaelng and owe bottle eventually *or ma. II la dieeetod ef all uakekery, raumrtag a? eaeeHie adjancla, almhlr In dlr**tloaa, aad made aipre**lr For owa Eur|io*e and that enly Sold at tl per batlU, by br BUT .fcK, IIS franklin atreat, New Vorb. by Neaara tlvdtard ' A llnrten druggtila, Troy; f V Wright lleffel .; B W. l'*la*r, Kiagiioa, Caaada. l>r ttabb, Cape Vlneeai. aad tl.i drurgtala >n Norf lk. Portaanalb aad Klebaoad, Va / 1 A KI'ET 8, WINDOW IIAI.EH AND I.OOBINU " glaee ? An ooarr aad operator ?f anrat ala*i aawtaw machine, would Ilka lo *l*baago work for about two b wa ll red d' llara w*rth of tha abofe artlrlaa Aay taller ar draaa aakar banag deellbga with tradaa laeaab, eaa aake A pr<a Ctable anaageaoit by addroaeiar K I II, I'oat ol Baa. tlUTLBBT, BAXOBI. HCIASOIUt. PINI, AC., WflOIJI J aala aad retail -HEATH A HIUPHO* nt Bread war. : (real BroaAway tbaal re), reaoeetr.Uy tail Ibe alleattea ei , hon liter* aad Weetera aarchaaia aad othara U their larwa *ln*k ef *o?kit aad tabl* eallory, kale**, **i**ori A* . wklta tbay ar* ai* aolliag at abaal ? .i (art S1BBMIC4L MANI7BB -NITBATB or BODA IN BASH / aad refeae aallpelre la barralg, both hagblr roaaaaaad a* a ateap aad aap*rt'<r aa* are for frull I reee and all kiada ef garoea vegetable I e-l*. eala A*., dulrij l*| laaau and gating a* aa aapedlll-aa Aarlillior For poawk aad plnaih traa* notkiag raa eoinpare with It Held ie tatg ka ami purcba**ri al low prirea. Ord?ra left at the eNlea af tba < rotoo Laboratory. No IHS Daaaa atreet. will re eel TO altoa tiea. /MiUNTBY MMKHANT8 AND OTI1BBA WILL IIKI " It to their adraalag* to bay Iketr ib*wea***al A 4. < AMPBtl l.'S, II Cerk plae* near Broadway A Aaa aa ai riaaat af a)l**r plat*d aad otkar ca*ea o* ka* l. aaa bo a*f*ly park* 1 for aay part of lb* country. r**t*ry Na II < aaal atreet L'MBBOIIiEBIK* r. M liBol UEBIBH- KM II Bo I DEB I Bit fi t.olltri a*d *ader baadkor- l.ieli Itwtaa aad ;aaoaot b**ita tfty |er eoat andar r???lar prlee* OA lluid neeaa aiar Tealb *tre*t V H ?Tbe tbu day r-caned froa tbi t aatoa II ? a f' BOM LONDON AND i'ABIH 1 ha ordera rail la, Ear I yea a lamed powdor Abroad l.aa ao twla la aae day 'Irdl fha yea frea roaabo*. b*a*. aat*. By daahlag II llghlly Bight tall Ibelr bawal* I.TON'H nag**t|r p.,wd>r U aat **ly ib* ear* aa*aaJ of t* (trvylag demeetle laeecte, bat lb* ealy *efi aaaaa. ae it ?o*(alna no p*t*o* l.yoa ? mw4? aad |<tlUf->r laeoota. rata aad ale*, ar* a*ld, wb*l***fe aad retail at di* Broadway 101 IH HABBH. TBOrExPioB ??E rilRKNOI.OOr. J la lo be eoaealted ab-ut all it-irtl-el faaalllee V areata with 1 1, ai r d re a ar* r**p*olfwlly igtiled la tall at baa re rldeaea, ># Bowery MACARONI liri-KVR A BROTWIR II A * I NOW fur il Iki ? r l?> WH!.. I utr; ?(???, Mm fart, ?f Ikau BUilf lara aki. h fur 4alitka > ?f fa. a n|?iv>fll; It oikw ???r Ik* ikmuI WINIl, llMlf kl * ?? l?Ml| Ma !'?{ Ml > a * ? ' i' | '.:??? .. A lia >.l ..!??! (4 w r. n?M ?f IM (????) Ulil N i ti< i WA?i7ri?. aboht pirn rin or r adt ir?a m??. nil & t < I im' b?ra itll ar tllMH UCOI *mtll Z?> !?? ?rl ttrwM llHINTINf. INK J'>HN (, UMITBObT 19 c<?? I alkali; maaatialanaf a*4 tiM klaafaaa ka?4, tf?7 > J (rnl.l, i. a. 'r-?. U? tlMl blMk k*4 I.imt la m* a iak v ? a b I, a aarraala ai?al ?. aa) aaar l>t*l **4 >1 a* U? u ?>> ka ?.I4 kf ttt malar IiiIhi f nirlal I y >i<t*^ti h ml(w4 la aaf ()? ef lb* >mlr), if * llraaaiaf a ??la u m, al V R m itiwi N U -li>ii it |fi?i?4 aiil ?; wm Ink alt' ? rr>>l i r.aaj ? I htr r,aaata| ?ra i* *U? ? I; PI ? Aallkia, B'Otak. Ita liaaara, Naa 'a?laaaa. U4 HM MUM Ml I# aaa Ul I I. a 1*1 1*4 'UUl PAINT. IS ll"TI ecu r?U?l> II' <11. Hi ,TI will |<*i (alia* H'rabaala HI |?liMfl fHO * U Mimri lan?U4 alia ? iflMai la lb- |<i?<ni lit* h? Ha til Ill Jo lis II - X (II Af Bill A f I Nil RUT MIII'V NT K A M H< i A r H A N ? 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