Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1855 Page 3
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SOULE'S MISSION TO SPAIN. Another Instalment of the Correspondence Respecting the Main of the Han Chester and the Black Warrior. Though little anxioua to approach the member* 01 the Cabinet, while they are Involved in their present dilltaul tie*, I did attempt, itome time since, Uf get the ear of the Count of Ban Luia, and aucceeded in opening to hiin a general view of the relation* no ? existing between oar government and tbat of her Catholic M*je<ty, suggesting now desirable it were that they ahould assume ? more friendly character, and intimating my utter distru-t of ever aeelng anything effected in that direct. on no long an the present chief of the State Department ahould retain a Mat in the Cabinet. I mentioned, among other indlcationa conclusive of Mr. Caldnon's antipathy to coma to a closer connexion with u>, the averment made to m? ou that Name day, that, for three years past, Mr. Calderon had been urging an entire divorce between the I'nited rttateiand Ids colo niea of Spain, aa the only meana ofanving tiie laat from tbe grasp of the iirst. And I went on observing tha auch seemed to be the fettled policy of the secretary o ' State with reference to ua; that lie wan literally unap proachable on any qiteation winch had the least bearing on the expediency of establishing a more liberal inter eonrae between our country and tho nossesaions of Spain adjacent to our abides; and that such an uu willlngnesa on his part to meet ua on any ground was but a poor and discouraging return for the repeated evidences we had given of our dlspodtion to maintain a good understanding with Spain, and of our wish to avoid every thing tbat might ho in tbe remotest decree a cause or even a pretence ofl collision between us. He admitted that Mr. Calderon was a diplomat of the old acbool, who could not be brought ea-dly to move where be was likely to encounter a dilhcult or simply a new subject to handle ; bnt that t le dispositions of her Majesty's government were not to be judged by any alownesa or reluctance of tbe State Department to enter tato the discussion of any subject that might tax setl ou>-ly Ua .attentions, or engage toany considerable extent Its responsibility. And, without going further into the subject, be gave me the strongest assurances of his de sire to see strengthened the ties which bo md the I'nited State* to Ppaln by common interests, and of his wilting oess to bestow his whole attention, aa soon as he might have leisure from more pressing exigencies on auch over turea as 1 might feel Inclined to make. We agreed that we would resume our conversation on some future day, and then explore and debate the merlta of the quest! >ns embraced in It, and try if our mutual wishes could not be reconciled, and the interests which they involved amicably regulated and adjusted. "??****? The tendencies of the Queen's Camarilla are well known to be in favor of an absolute monarchy, or of such other form ol government aa may not be embarrassed by other checks than thote of the royal will. The mintatera, though not averse to such views, have not jet dared to strike tbe supreme blow. Tbey cannot, however, avoid coming to ft except by retiring from their post ; and aa it is by no means probable that t-iey will outlive tbe crisla, they may strive for a tims still to protract its dnration. Their position la extremely criti cal; they have held out promises which they canaot realise. The treasury ia exhausted to its last dregs. The Bank of 3an Fernando decline 1 peremptorily gran fng the government new loans; even those private deal ers, who have long rattened on its neceisltias, now turn their back* on Its demanda. The Queen has expended the whole o( her year'a salary in advance. Distress is fait in every branch of the pub'.ic service, whilst articles of the first necessity have doubled in value, and the poorer classes of the capital are obliged to be fed at public expense, kiu initation of the system adopted in Parla; and this in a country where the production ought to exceed the noessitiee of its population fourfold. In this atate of affairs it must be evident, that con tingsncies are likely to arise of a most interesting character to the government of the Colled States. Shall they be improved t and to what extent Y for example, it la by no means Improbable that whilst the Spanish government Is in this necessitous condition, the spring-time will not pass by without some outbreak taking plaoe In the island of Cuba. Should an insurrec tion of the colonists prove at the outsat succesiful, or at any time aaaume auch an aspect as betokened the im - pending doom of all Span ith rule over them, I cannot doabt but tbai those hawing charge of the destinies of tlila country would at once seek, in a negotiation with us, the means of securing what might still be saved of tbe cherished jewel. The case arming of my being ap proached on so momentous a question, I would un avoidably And myself in a most awkward prelicamvnt; ready, no doubt, to entertain what overtures might be made, and yet incapable, perhaps, of turning to profit the chano-a of the moment, for the want of specific powers to treat, or of sufficient inatructions to deter mine how far I might safely go. MR. 80UI.KT0 MR. MARCT. Uvmu MB. MARCY TO MR* HOtTLK. I JCUATJON OH TUB I'WITXI) STATTW > Madrid, March 8, 1 H54. j Sir, I bare the honor to transmit herewith the trans latlon of two not<>H received from her Majentr'x Minuter of State, dated 16th November. 185a, ai l 14th of Feb ruary laat, upon the subject of the detention and search of the American achooner Manchester, near Cape St. An thony, In Cuba, by a Spanish armed cruiaer. You will recollect that the original instructions of the Department to roy predecessor were not definite; nor did th?y authorise htm to tlo anything more than to call the attention of her Majeety's government to the olrcum etanceaof the occurrence. Indeed, the fait* of the cane ?lo not appear to have been, at that time, clearly known 4>ren to oar government. They are no>, however, suffi ciently well nscertalned from the admission n contained in tbiae two notea. The Manchester, it appear*, wai found stranded, and the cruiaer, after getting her afloat, en'-ertaiuiug tome i suspicion of her errand on the const, although her pa pers were In every respect correct, broke open her hatches, and took oat a part of her cargo; when, Hading ! nothing to warrant suspicion, the name wan returned to Its place, the Manchester piloted out into the open aea, and put at liberty. The Spanish government attempt! to excuse tliia con duct by considerations connected with the peculiar con dition of the island at time; and in these last two note* seems to to desirous of diverting at tention from the main features of the case to a transaction between the capvaln of the Mancheater and the .Spanish pilot, in | volving the payment of thirty dollars. In answer to these notea, dated th? 3d instant, I have j thought proper to bring the atTair back again to Ita true significance and bearing, saving the two questions in volved, vlx. : that of inaemnitr to the owners of the 1 Mancheater, and that of the insult offered to our flag. I have now the honor to refer the whole subject to you for inch further action, if any, as may appear proper to the government. e e e e I have the honor to remain, with the highest respect, ?ir, your obedient servant, PIKKKK SOL'LK. First HMMtomicrr or Statu, ) Pa lack, Nov. IS, 1863. J Sib ?The Captain General of the isl&nl of Cuba, from whom information had been sought concerting the clr eamatanstancea of what took place In the detention of > the American achooner Manchester by a Spanish cruiser, I near the cape of St. Antonio, In the said island, has transmitted to thin First Department copies of the com munications, which on thia subject and at his instance have been addresaed to him by the Anglo-American con ?ul at the Havana, and the Commandant-General of that naval station. According to what is re mem tiered by the aecretary of the consulate with reference to the information walsh waa given him at that time by hia predecessor, Mr. Sharkey, and accordltg to what appears from a d?. patch ?which the latter addressed to his government, the con sul of the I'nited States baa stated that, at the begin ning of March of this rear, a letter was received at tbat oonrula'e, signed by the captain and mate of the "Man chester,'' in which they aald tbat the schooner belo* swept by a strong current and having stranded near the 1 Cape of t<t. Anthony, a Spanish war schooner presented herself, which sent them men to assist them ont of the ?difficult situation In which tbey were; that the officer' of the Spanish vessel, on account of sums suspicion ' which they entertained, caused the hatches to be opened and a part of the cargo to be removed ; but, not finding anything, they put the Manchester at liberty to ' continue her voyage. The letter contained also a postscript charging Mr. | Sharkey not to pay to the pilot of the Spanish schooner thirty dollars, which he exacted for his ?etvlcss. Mr. Sharkey, nevertheless, being of opinion that the captain of the Manchester **< under the obllgatnn of paying what had bean claimed of him, seeing that they nad gotten bins out of a perilous position, caused the pilot to deliver him the account receipted, and seat it on for payment to the collector of the custom house at Mew York. Afterwards, and In view of an article In a newspaper of tbat city, in which the captain of the Manchester gratuitously accused the crew of the Span ish schooner of various outrages winch lie supposed they bad put upon him, Mr. Sharkey, In order to estab lish the truth of the facte, wrote to the minister of foreign affairs of the United fates n narration of what had occurred. As your exeelleacy will perceive, the result Is, tbat, although a search of tbe Man hester did take place, it was only after having afforded her the protection and aid whi:h were exacted by humanity and the difficult position in which ahe was. and in consequence of a suspicion sufficiently justified by the spatial dreutn stances of the island of Cuba and tbe projecta of inva sion with which she ha* been more than once threat ?wed I ought, nevertheless, t<> say to yonr excellency that, in the communication of the commandant gen?r?l of the naval station to the captain general of tne island, an explicit assurance is given that thirty dollars were not exseted from the captain of the Mancftesw for hav ioK placed her at liberty, aince, boeidea that the com manding officers of the Spanish cruleers had thus slated I such exaction* are In open opposition to the regulations of the navy. In view of the complete contradiction as regards this point which exists between tbe communications of the Anglo-American consul and the commandant general of tbat naval station, Gen. Canedo hae sought fro n the Utter new information and a more detailed account of all that occurred. I will hasten to transmit the same to your excellency as soon as It shall be received in the First Department, although I am confident tbat, in addition to what is ,?tatsd by the American consul, your ?icelleocy*wlll lie re ;?rogaieed the bad faith with which the captain of the Mancheater has pioceeded in accusing, witbiut tbe slightest reaeou. the officers of the Spanish vecael of war. and of the littie credit wbiih, for thia coarse, his language merits. I avail myself of this occasion Ac. A. CALMRON DE I .A R 4 RCA. To the Minister Plenipotentiary of the ( ntted state*. First ItKTART)fC*T ov Statk. > pAtara, Feb. 14, 1*54. > S *? In accordance wltb what I had the honor to an acvu are tc yoe - Kxeellency In ray note of November 10 of last vtar< tbe Captain General of ths island of Cuba has transit tied to the first Department the new information rtMm tJ to Wtfcl Asttlau li^-a r Jfea cheater ny a Spanish cruiser, which he had sought from the Ccmmandant General of th?t nnl atation, with the object of verifying if in fact an/ recompense >u exacted from the captain of the American vessel for the servicee which were afforded him on that occasion. The reenlt of theee laat communication* U, that the ?aid achooner being put afloat, and after having been taktn out from among the dangerous reef* where ahe wai ftnnd, her captain asked the Spaulsh pilot what sum he should give him for having put him in the opm f*a ; and having agreed that it should be thirtv dollars, ua lUUd that he could Dot pay it at that moment oq account of being without money, but that he would give him a letter desiring the consul of the United States at Havana to pay him that amount. Instead, therefore, ot any violent exaction on the part of the pilot, there wu in tula c.i*e no more than th ? ac ceptance of the voluntary offering mvle by the Americin captuin; who at the same time wrote in a contrary senss to the consul referred to, and afterwar Is published in a newfp?| er of the I'nion a false account o' the occurrence, tefaiuing the loyal deportment of the Spanish officers. I ought nevertheless to say to your Excellency that the commandant general of the naval station of tne Ha vana has disapproved of the conduct of the pilot in having accepted a recompense, which the regulation* or the navy prohibit; Imposing upon him also a punish ment for not having made Uno*n the name, as he ought, to the captain of the vessel in which he served For this reason the proper communi 'at ion i have been addressed to the commercial a^ent of the United (States at the Havana, to the end that he may no' pay the in dicated sum of thirty collar*, as often as the Spanish cruisers shall receive no recompense whatever for the extension of services of the namo nature an those whirh have caused the unjust and unfounded complaint of the captain of the Manchester. I avail myself of this occasion. &c., A. (JAM IK RON DE LA BARCA. LIGATION or to* Uxirxn Nkatkh, > Madrid, March 3, 1 854. J Rm ? I have had the honor to receive your Kxcelisu cy's notes of the 15th Novomlier, 1H03, and the 14th February last, referring to the case of the American schooner Mancheeter. In reply, I beg leave to say that your Excellency seems to have been laboring under a misapprehension in supposing that either this Legation or the government of the United States had felt any coasidcrable interest in the question of the payment of thirty dollars between the captain nf the American schoaner and the pilot of the Spanish armed vessel Whether either or both those individuals proceeded with good or bad faith in that transaction, is a matter of verj little importance in this discussion. The points to which, however, I feel it necessary to recall the attention of your Excellency as important are 1st. The question of indemnity to the owners of the Manchester for the Injury and losses which they may hsve sustained on account of the illegal detention and search of that vessel by a Spanish cruiser ; and 2d. The insult offered to the Hag of the United States by the detention and search of a vessel under Its colors, whether the same may have occurred in the waters of the island of Cuba or In any other of the water* which surround this earth. A* regards the first, It mar perhaps ptove to be, in this instance, but a mere question of right, since the in juries sustained by the owners of the schooner mty have been only nominal, and their losses more than com pensated by the benefits received from the crew of the cruiser In aiding to get her out from among the re?fs. But with regard to the second point, I am not prepared to declare the explanations of your Excelleccy a- sat isfactory to my government; yet, in view of the pe cullar circumstances of this case, 1 will tr-tosmit the communications of your Excellency to the Secretary of State of the I'nited States, and will wsit his instruc tions before making any further communication oo this subject. I ought, however, to say to your Excellency that, as regards the captain of the Manchester, no complaint hat been preferred on his part to the government at Wash ington or to any of its officers, so far as 1 am informed, either against the officers of the Spanish vessel-of-war, or against sny person connected with the occurrence which has been brought to rht notice of her Majesty's government. The simple suspicion only that a vessel under the flag of the United State i has been forciblv de tained and searched by one of her Majesty's armed crnisrrs, in time of peace, will always be sufficient to excite the very seilous attention of the government of the United States, and munt necessarily, In every case, lead to a rigid Investigation of the circumstances which may have conduced to the taking of so very delicate a step. Meantime,! take a sincere pleasure In assuring your Excellency that no government is more sensible to the couitesy, nor more prompt in ackntwledging the favors which its vessels or citizens in distress may re ceive at the friendly hand* of the subjects of other Powers, than i* the government of the I'nited State*; and it would be for me a *ource of the highest satisfac tion if I should hereafter be called upon to address your Excellency in no other than cases purely of this last description. I avail myself of this occasion to renew to your Exoel lency the assurance of my most distinguished consider ation. Your oliedient servant, PIERRE 20ULE. Hi* Excellmcy Don A. C.uderon dx la Bakca. MK. MAKC\' TO MR. S017LK. Dwarthknt ok Statk, ) WAsniNnTow, March 11, 1H.S4. / Sir ? I have only time, before closing the tnail for the next Kuropean steam packet, to apprise you of an out rage committed on some of our citizens by the Spanish authorities at Havana, which cannot rail to excite deep end indignant leelings throughout this country. The transaction to which 1 allude is the seixure br theee au thorities of the Amerioan stoame; the Bl.ick Warrior. The letter of the acting Anurican consul at tbat port, and that of the owners of the vessel, addressed to thi 4 department, (copies of which are herewith sent,) will su persede the necessity of presenting herein a detail of the facts of tbat transaction. You will at once perseivethey ? re of a character to justify the excitement which is like ly to result from the promulgation of them. Congress has a ready railed upon t be President for all the informa tion he poiMesres on the subject; snl, in communicating it, he will protably make some distinct recommendation as to the mode and measure of the proper satisfaction which will be requited for this injury and outrage. I cannot in thi* communication inform von what it will be. The course hitherto puriued in regard to our com plaints for the illegal and oppressive acts of the Cuban authorities has been to appeal to the court at Madrid, through our minister there, or to her Catholic Majesty's minister bere. This mode of proceeding nas almost al ways been attended by great delay, and, generally, by most unsatisfactory results. Even If our csmplaints could receive prompt attention, which has been very rarely the case, a considerable delay would be unavoid able. The dilatory proceedings on the part of the Spanish government, In many cases, have been but an aggravation of the wrongs suffered by our citixens, and in some others have lea them to abandon their just claims for redreas. In this respect thete Is something anomalous In our relation* with Spsin The attending authorities are at our door*, and the authority to which weaie obliged to apply for redress is in another hemi shcre. This government has suggested to Spain the only remedy for the evils of this condition of things, but she has refused it. We must continue, therefore, in this embar rassing state, or devise and apply a reme ly. Those who do the wrong should bave the power to redress It; and the suffering party abouldhave the right to apply directly to thrro for that addreas With such vice-regal powers to inflict Injuries, the Captain Ceneral should have autho ilty to aflord satisfaction for them. I sm not Instructed by the President to say what course of action be will re commend for obtaining redress in the case of the Black Wsrrior, or what measures CongTess will provide for that purpose, but I am quite sure that neither the govern ment nor people of this eountry will suiter the deiay con fluent upon a dilatory and prottacted negotiation. If the case of the Black Warrior was the onlv grievance the United States l ave to complain or, the difiicultv o' ad justing it would l>e less einb.irrasslrir but It is one of a long hat of unredressed wrongs which m i*t be settled. The prompt Inierference of tireat Britain aud France in behe If of Spain in the late disturbances in regurl to Cuba n.A 7 bate emboldened her to experiment up >n the f patience of thi* country ; but I am not prepared to be ieve tbat these poweis. whatever be the -c hemes em braced in their joint policy as to this hemisphere, will sustain her In such a causeless aggression upon our commerce and national light* H'?re it vrtain, hnu> nrr, that the would be countenanced in thu conduct tnuardt ui ly their. poweri, thf I'nittd Statu would not he thereby detn red Jrem 'akitiij the rirurm u hirh justice I In their <* , urrj ritumt and n tarred rrftanl for Ike honor | nf their Jiag alike require them to purine. It may be thought advisable to rntke our appeal for j redres* at the very place where the injury was inflicted, snd In case adequate satisfaction 1* promptly mad* en ' the spot, then tbe matter will be ended , but should a 1 different cotir-e be determined on. or proper satisfaction j withheld, I shall have occasion to communicate fu'ly ' with you on tbe subject, snd furnish yon with the in- 1 structions of tbe President for the guidance of your cob duct in this unpleasant affair. 1 am sir, respectfully, your obedient servant, W. L MARCY. Trail: 8or uc, E?q., Ac., kr Madrid. ?b. m arc v to mr. aocLie. j?vf ?*T**>T or -T<TK, t Waahiof.'iu, March 17. 1V>4. ) Fin? You wfSiwwIn, by thedocqraenta which acrotn | any tbia daapateh. that tha ?einra of the Mack War rior n t Havana In occupying the ?"?rlo'i" attention of the l'r??i<i?-ot and Coafreaa To* ou?ra*'- la of aucb a nark ad character, that thla jofmiwiit would ha jmtifled in >1emnn<)lng immediate aatlafaetioa of tha >? rung doer * at tha Havana and la caae i?f th?-ir refuial. of taking re dre?e into it* own lianda . bat the l'r?al<lent aaaiona to Ce?erre [careful relation* with Hpaln haa determined brinf tha caae to herCatboltc Majeaty'n notice. in tha bop* that abe will not only make pr< nipt reparation to th<> injured eitlrana of tha United Htatea, but wiatt with bar di?plraaure tba Cuban offlclala who Lata perpetrated tha wrr>ar the 1'reaiilent'i oeaaage to ffeafre-a clearly itdlentea tba coarte which it I* eipeeted tha fpaniaa fOTuraiMl , will adopt In tbla caae Neither the elewa of thin gr> ??m??nt nor tha aentimenta of tha couatry will brwk any aTtaioo or delay on tba part of bar Catholic. Majeatf ! inac??e of ?ucb flagrant wrong You arc mrm-d l.<i ; Ik' I 'r 'lid ml to pr'trnt tk* transact urn at tt u ut forth I in tk' accompanying 4omwt*n!t and demand ><UUf?rii,m \ for tk' injury. Tie d^magee to tha owner* of tba Black W.i rr lor and tha cargo ara em meted at tbraa hundred thou?.nd dollar), an'l thl. amouat yeu will datnarnl aa tba mdrmnity to tba injured partial claimed for them for tbia government /faring pi'iftl'ii f*? rate in ill ttronq f*twr*y it it not rrprct'd by tk' t'rtuUnt tkml tk"*l4 tttl-r into any JurlkT dticuttion of U toil you n'*ta<n n early a reply a> prteticaU' In J row demand. Tba me.aerger who will deliver tbi? communication to too haa initruc tioaa to reaaia a rraaonnbie thna at Madrid, io orier that ha may ho tha bearer of the reply yen may r?oai?a. A vary few .lay a, It i- lialiered, will ba aafficteat for tba I flJWI. Toe mm hitbarto pt>r?-e<l by tba Ppafiiah govern ment ia reeard to oar complaint* aga oat tba roaduet of tha aathnrtlte* at Cnba wtfl not m?e* tha exigency of tba caaa. That r?arae haa. in effect heea an evaalon of bar ciaim* for redreee. aad r??n!'e<" ta a practical rtaaial of jaatica. The government ef hpaia baa aauallr ?e laved defla!ti?w action by referring app! caticB? fur re draaa to tha efrader* a* C?ba, and than p??enta I t'ie.? I tUkMi hit iiiat.altl a a aa<<ii b Umi ties*. Such a course ia an ordinary mm is rtrr un satis factory, bat, in iiaeh a mm as the Mix arc or ths Black Warrior, without any plausible pretext, and forel bl* taking from oar citiMm property to the amount of $300,000, will be regarded ai an aggravation of the wToa*. It ia expected that Spain will be prepared, when you shall present the aemaud, to appriae thia government of the courne ihe intends to pursue In thii matter; and that course will be either a disavowal of the acta of her offi cial* atCnbaand an immediate tender of satlsfaotion, or the assumption of the responsibility of upholding th?ir conduct. In a matter of auch high import. Involving her amicable telatlon* with thin country, it la not to be assumed that she has not a full knowledge of the acts of her subordinate officer* at Havana. Should prompt ledrts* follow the demaal for satlsfac 1 1on n the ca*e of the Black Warrior, it would be taken by the President a* an indication of a fHVOrable disposi tion on the pait of Spain to adjust other claims hereto i fore brought to her notice, and to maintain friendly re lations with the I'nited State*. I am, Kir, respectfully, your obedient servant, W. U MAKCY. I'iksrk SouLK, Eeq , &c., kc., Madrid. (The documents mentioned a* accompanying the pre ceding dexpatch occupy thirty tour pages of tb>- pamphlet before us. They coneixt of the papers relating to the Hel/ure of the steamer Black Wairior, for an infraction of the revenue law* of Cubs, which wt re thMajlM to Congress on the )6tb of Marili, 1H44, in ronn?clbn with the message of the President of the Uaitetl State* *ug gestlng to Congress the propriety of adopting such pro visional measure* a? tbe exigency of the rae .esmnd to demand. Ihe paper*, or the material portloa of them, weie published n year ago ] HOUt.K TO Mil. MlltCT. 1.M1ATION or THK UMTKIl STATIOt, ) Madrid, April 7, 1H64. / Sir?* e ? ? I took ailvautage of that manifest* lion, sad, avoiding anything which might apimr like baste on my |mrt, enjoy ed not long afterwanl the oppor- j tunity of a frauk and full conference with the Prim* Minister upon the subject* referred to. I noticed a marked change in his manners snd tone towards me, . with an aflectation^ol a decided willingness to be on good terms with tte Vniu'd States. I omit the details of this 1 conference, however, a* being necessarily o' a prelimi nary character and very dlflu*?. Its principal and im- j | portent result was the declaration of his eagerness to , > adopt the idea of establishing, by a treaty, such com mercial and other relation* an would rnmore hereafter I all causes of difficulty and collision between the United | States and Spain immediately after this interview I caused the draught | of such a treaty to be prepared but, in a subsequent in terview with the 1'resident of the Council, upon my inti mating to bira that I wan then ready to lay this project before him. if be conld give m? the assurance that tb? Spanish government would seriously enter upon its con sideration and j?ln me in an etfort to bring It to a suc cessful conclusion, he again protested his disposition to favor my views, but asked to be allowed to 1st the mat- | ter before the Council of Ministers before giving ma a decisive answer. ? ? ? ? Your despatch No. ? , upon'the subject of the claim of the owners of the American bark Carmelite, has bnen received. The whole matter was very clearly elucidated > by the documents annexed to the two despatches of my | firedecessor, referred to In your own. I would especial y recall attention to the copies of two letter* from our Consul at Barcelona, and to a note from the Mar<|uis of Pidal. then Minister of Foreign AITrirs, and oue of the bent lawyers in Spain. I enclose a translation of this note, In case the one sent by my predar*r*or should have been mislaid Two thousand dollars is the only sum undi<posal of from tbe proceeds of the sale of the privateer, over which the claimants might exert their rights, but it will be necessary for them to comply with the Indica tions contained in tbe note from the Marquis of Pidal, and la the letters of our Consul to Mr. Barringer, on thia subject. By transferring the whole matter to the judicial tri bunals of the country t Ilia government considers, aid 1 think justly, that ii has exonerated itself from all re sponsibility in the premises. ? ? e ? ? Your despatch, Witnout number, dated the 11th of March, on toe subject of the outrage recently con nlttel by the seizure of the American steamer Illack Warrior, at the Havana, wn* received, with it- enclosures, on the 4tb Inst , and has beeu duly considered. 1 have not thought proper to take sny step la that very grave mutter until I should receive Ihe further com- | municatlons alluded to by jou, and which I had rea son to suppose would sr>>n reach me by a special bearer of despatches, then on his way to Madrid. In eifect, before closing this, I have the aatisfarMon to acknowledge the receipt of your No 10, of the 17th of March, on the name subject, just pl.tce.1 in my hands by Mi. Winslow, and shall make this affair the occasion of I my next communication to the Department. , I have the honor to remain, wiih the highest re-pest, sir. ) our obedient servant, 1'IKRRK SOl'LK. Hon. William L. Maki t, Secretary of State Fihwt Dwarmknt ok Statu, > Palack, June 22, 1840. [ Fm ? 1 have leceived jour Kxceliency's note of yes i terday, in wnlch you ask to what tribunal and in what ? manner ought to resort the owners of theAmsricm I bark Carmelita and her cargo, in order to realue the inltmnlty which belongs to them, according to the tea { Usee which has been pronounced in their favor. Ia reply, I have the honor to state to your Kxeellenoy I Ibat, according to the laws of ripaia, tbe sentence being ; onre pronounced, tbe business is reduoad to a question I between tbe two parties, namely, the owners of tbe Car mellta and those of the 1'nico, tbe execution of tli ?entt nee belongs to the Marine Coart, which decided th esse in tbe first instance; and that to it ought to resor the parties interested, in order to prove tbe damage* and ofttaln the indemnity; and they may eons*lt, in caea spy doubt which may occur lo this question, tbe lawyer who has defended their rights, and who naturally will know perfectly the steps which ought to be taken in the bu>iotss until Its termination , I avail myictf of this occasion to renew. &c. m?BO .1. I'lDAI.. The Mim.-tkk I'uuirtiTicynAKv of the Cnitea State*. Mil. TO MR. MAHCT. IjiiiATion or TP* I'.irrim Ftathi, ) Mji. hiii, April 13 1 tt'>4 f Sir ? Mr. Warren Winnlow arri ved at thin legation a about eleven o'clock on th? morning of the 7th ina'ant, bearing yoar deapatch No. 10, on th* auhject of.tijc out rage ommltted at the Havana upon the American ateampacket lilack Warrior, ami an lnclo?ure onaintlng of 1ke l*re?ldent'? metwage of Mar< b 16, to Oonfr*"*, with Ita acsoaptnying document*, printed in pamphlet , foiro. 1 immediately addreaaod a not* to her Cat noli: Maje* tj '* Min'ater of State, dealrlng an Interview. I ' >ipy marked A.) Mr. Calderon n ?med tba hoar of one o'clock on the nth inatant. I mat liim, according to that ap pointment, in tha Department of State; and after ex plaining tbe object of my vlalt and the nature af the af.air referred to ? in tbe course of which I took to read to bim portion* of your de?[i*t :hea on tbU inb f ject ? 1 left In bin handa the printed do -umant* and nv* ?aire ?>(uf mentioned. and alao a note of the lame diite, (Hh inatant,j making a fotnial demand upon ber Ma jeaty'a government for Indemnity and redreaa. (Copy marked 0.) I awaited patiently the reault of that atep until Tuea ?lay, tbe 11th, whan, not having received any reply to my communication, oral or written, and no inlim>'.inn that iu:h a reply might moo be expe:ted. I eddr<"??d to ber Majeaty'a Miniiter a aecond not* of tbe laat mentioned data, in which I fixed the term of for'y ei/ht boure after Ita delivery for tbe reply of her Majeaty'a government. Mr. fairy, the secretary of legation, waa char,-* l to deliver thW cotnmunlcat <>n (copy rnerkesC'i into tbe hand* of the rmniater. which he did at 12 o'clock M of tbe ?an.e day Tbe mli.iater aaid, on thia ooeaaion that he bad not yet preaenied my flret note to the con?i'Ier? t ion of the Council of Mitiat<-ra, and complained of tbe delay nereaaary for tranalating tbe documenta referral to, Ac Nevertbeleaa, late in the evening of tne -aine < ay, I received a communication from Mr lalderon (tienelation marked I)) in answer to my note of tl?e 1th, purporting to have been written before the receipt of tn v note of tbe 111b, but which appear* to ahow atron* Indi catlona of ha* )>een written ;n view of both of theae document*. I replied to thi' note on the morning of the 12th. ami maintained the portion taken in my note of the 11th (Copy marked K i Finally, on tbe morning of the 13th, I received tbe de fln.tlve anawrr of her M?ie*ty'? government to my de mand. ( tr:t natation marked V j dated the 12th. to which I replied imawdiat<<lv t.y my note of tbil daU, (copy marked <?.) I make ha- te to tr.inamit the aame to you with ail the above minti. ne.' documenta, bv the bad of Mr Winalow, wbo leave* Madrid thia very night Cop.**, in tbe original Hpanlah. of the communicationa from her Majeaty'a government, will he transmitted afterward*, tl.cre not l*-lng time to prepare tbem thl* evenmtr I sincerely regret the failure of my effort' to obtain a prompt and *ati*factory re?nlt tn my demand*, under your instruction*, hut lru*t tbat my course will meet witb the approval of tha government, and have tbe ho nor to remain, air, witb the highest re-pect, your obe dient aervant, I'll-JtKR SOULS. Hon. W. I. Mj?k< t, Secretary of State of United State*. Many detail*. which I have no time to write, will be cor munlcated to you orally by Mr Wiimtow, to wbo?e discretion I have committed them for that purpose. [A J laoATion or ma Cameo Statu* 1 M?iiRii>. April 7, I H64 / The nn<*eraigBed Knvoy Extraordinary and Minuter Plenipotentiary of the United State?(of America pre.*nt? bia conip.'menta to hla kxceil<-n-y the Minieter of . stale of ber (atliolic Majeety, and bega to be informed when it will be cen?enie?t for bia F.xcrtlency to receive aim. for the purpoee of llxtanmg to a com nunicatlon of grave importance from the povemmeat ot tbe United ttta'ee Tbe undaraigaed take? tbia occasion to renew, kr PIZRRR 80? I K III* Fjcellency the Minima ov Stitx of her Catholl : Maj'aty [B.J LanAtio* or nti 1,'ainm Svtrai I Ml I'll III, A>ril ?, 1H.V4. f Sir ? I am inatructed by the T*re*ld*at of th? ''ait*l Ma'i* to place in the band* of your Excellency , for th< informa*. on ol her Catholic Majeetv'a governmut, th ? within enclf *ed ilocumentu, containing a full <-iatem*n' of tLe circnmatance* which have furmahH tbe autho ; ritie* of tbe inland of < tibt a pretence for the highhande I outrage ehicb they have recently perpetrated on pro nerty and inter*?t* belong. ng to th* dtl >mua of th* I r ii'?- rtate* by the *ei?urx of tb<- pa ket naamer liiack Warrior, and tbe < onflacntWm of carga which abe ba<* in IrantUu for the [Oft of New York. Mriwever endoring and conciliatory the United Slate* say have ahown tbemaelve*, on more than owe oeca.inn | um er meet grievou* pmvoeatloa* -oB the part of the ?an.* auti.or tie*, they cannot a offer wrong* of the rat are of 'ho?? which have been iafllet??l on the owner - of the lliark Warrior to remain uaat/<ae>l. The* are f w. markid a > bar act ar that th-jr wen Id have J?Mifl?t t>.e I'nltad Mate* In demanding immediate ee?*fa<\?nn frem '.lie wrting doer* at th* Havana, and, if r*f?<ed in ta tag the rvdrea* into their own hand* Rat the PrMideet acxioaa to preearve nfaeaTel reiatlo** with Hpmc. ba* detemined to bring the caanta tha natire ol Wr Catholic Majeety, in the liwpe that ahe will aot only m*k? prompt reperatir.n to tbe iajurad -r -er > of the I nHad State*, bat aler viatt with her diepieaaora the Oebaa o4i'i?J r>n ah't# rent* the barcea ef that wholly iadefeaa.hie traa? actloa Awaltirg tl at an early aaai feetat ion ef the intenUoai of tar >?j??t) * ge< rrameat amy eeoa ettMe aw to i i*eef>e'rb a me?*ng*r who ia to aarry back it* aM>et ta i i aatt Uae hwi be laaet w | /<U KxoaUraey the taiuruM of my moat distl?fulahed (?? ?Mmtloo. PIKHHK HOUIJL Hi* Ixcallency Don A. Calpkxok im La Bakha, Miuiater of SUU of her Catholic Majeaty. rc.] UWATION or TUB UXTTVD HTATKS, ) Mahkio, April 11, 1HM. f Bib ? Nearly three day* having now aUpaod ?(nc* I waa admitted to the honor of placing in the hand* of your Excellency the claim for redreaa wliich 1 had been directed t( urn in bahalf of tiie failed State*, on the oeeMion of the outrage committed on the Ameriean packet steamer Black Warrior, by hfr Catholic Majeaty '* authorities at the Havana, and n? Intimation having aa iet reached me of the courae winch her Catholic lajesty'a government Intend* to puraua with reference to the aaiue, I feel coon trained t<> repeat t<> your Excel lenay what I bave before or. illy stated, to wit ? that the , wrong cem plained of in the present instance, being of a bighJy grievoun character, and bearing on ita face the moet glaring evidence* of a preconcerted purpoae on the part of liii perpetrator* to harraaa an<l offend legitimate iutarenia an} high suhoeotibilitie*, the United Slat a cannot brook that the reparation due them for the inault 1 oflervo to tlietr Bar and the Injury dona to the property j of their citizen* be in any way evaded or unuocaaaarily delayed I murl therefnrr iiuiif (Aa' thnte who ha re. l#en wrong td reeiiir an indemnity ri/ual to their tot tel. namely, three hundred thousand dollar i; and that alt venom, u haiMM i t>e ihrt r o/hi-iat row/,- or imjiortam-e, who haie, in any reiponixblr manner, t<em cmeemed in the pet p* tratinn <;/ the trrimu, he ttumiii&t from her Majetty'i ler cite in lhci j)icet which thri, now hiAd. The B<>ii compliance with these ju*t demand* within forty e^b* hours after th* delivery ol thU coinmuniea tion (ntu tbe Imutl* of your Excellency, will be considered by tbe government of the I'nitel States a* equivalent to a declaration that ber Majesty'* government la dater mined to uphold the cor duct of ita officer*. With my l.e*? wlshe* frr the continuance of the friend ly tel.itiou* ahich have heietofore ho happily exiated be tw?cn In r t'atbollc Majesty'* go\ eminent and that of the I nlteil M*te*. I renew to your Excellency the ai^ur anceol n j moot distinguished consideration. 1'IKKRE 80ULE. Ilia K*c<-llency the Hinmat ok Stat* of her Catholic Majesty. [D.J Fihht Iiki'aktmkvt ok 8tatk, 1 Palacb, April 11, IBM. j Tlie undersigned, First Secretary or Stato of her Ca tholic Msjeaty, hat received the note which tbe Knvo/ Kx traordinarv und Minister Plenipotentiary of th* United State* h?a addressed to him under dale of the Nth Inat. In tbi* note the Knvoy, he., encloaaa to him various ? rioted document*, whlcb areropie* of thoae transmitted y hi* Excellency tbe Preeldent of tha Republic, with hi* message ol tho l(ith of March last, to th* Amerlctn Con gress, Uie whi le relative to the detention tod confisca tion of the sWamahip "lUack Warrior" at tbe Havana, which ia qualified aa unjuitlAed precipitation and violent outrage, ler which the Knvoy, &c. demand*, in the name of hia government, a prompt aatUfactioo, and also in demnity for the proprietors of tbe vea?el. The governm-ntof ber Majeaty ia not a* yet in posae* ?Ion of tbe autbentie and complete data which, in go<Hl law, are tndi-periaable in order to form a correct and | judgment ot thecaae. It haa before It only the narrative* and opinion* encountered in tbe perio licaLt, and thoar contained in tbe document* which the lion. Pierre Coule*ann??ea to hit note, written by thoae In tereated. in moments of irritation, anl before any detini tive legal drciaion hail been pronounced upon tbi* oc- I curtence. Tbe accredited rectitude and recognised intelligence of tbe Manjuia of Pexuela, Captain OtiNll of Cuba, are for tbe government of her majeaty a guarantee that it ia ; not mistaken in supposing, as at ttr?t view it suppose., j tbatthia disagreeable occurrence will turn out to be one of thoae which in all countries, and even in the l'nlted j States themselves, have arisen from the aevere, or per bap* mistaken, application of tbe cu*tom house regula- i tlon* Ly subaltern olbcere. The government of her Majeaty cannot admit the pre tension of con*lderfng It t? a gratuitnua inmilt, tbu*cri minating, betorv btarmg, the high fuuclionarle* to a-hom it ha* placed Ita confidence, and giv ng for a reault thai they have contravened It* explicit instructions. There will be little delay, probably, in receiving their txplana tlon*. With the*e in view, and examining them impar. tially and cautiou*ly, the government will propose to h*r Majeaty a determinat.on. l'h?t i bi'i will Ix a juat de terniinalli.n, the letYral government ought not to don lit. Her Majeaty deiirwa, with n<i leas alnoarity than the atpreme magietrate of the Kepublic, to preserve unin juied the paeitic lebitlona which happily exiat between | hoaln anil tbe ( nited State*; an l h**id?*, being a lover , of juctlce, whenever this i* made cl"arly evident to her, j her Majesty know* and reaped* the obligation* which ; tlie law of nation* imposea upon her. The undersigned avails himself of this oceaalen to re new to Mr. houle tbe aasurance of hi" m">-t dlatinguiabed : coraideration A CAI.I'KI'.KN UK LA It A It' "A . The pieceding Dote being approved, I have the honor | to receive at 12 o'clock M. the new Dote of your Kxrel t leniy dated to day. I will lay before her Maje*ty, and communlcata to | your Kxcellency the reply , meantime leaving it staled | here that tbe (ovarnment does not consider thla as an answer to jour last communication A CA1 DKKON I)K I. A HARCA. Thr Mivihthh J'l .KWironutTultY of the (Tolled States. [E. j I.mutiov orniK Uxirui Hrirn, ) M tnHin, April 12, ISM. I Pib? In reply to your fxeelleucy'a note of yeater<uy. which I received late in the evening, I have the honor to i It t lite U?nl the reasons by which your Excellency aeekx to ' justify her Catholic Majsaly '? government tor n>t coming at ouce to a delimit ml deci nve action with re 'ere nc | to the outrage which I denounced to Ita juitlce on th Mb im tant, are wholly satisfactory. Her Me.ieaty 'a nniiiniet cannot, on Out 11th day of April, plead mint of authentic data In r?<? of wrong perpetrated at the Havana aa early a* the -intli of Ktbru ?ry la t, when at the mine time an authorised ana mnce ii,. nt was made on the 8th in t nit, by the official >?* rette Miat the gorermiient ?m In poa .esslon of lien pntehra from the autborltieii at tbat pbce up to the 1Mb of March, and when It ia known that lettera bars been received In Madrid more than three day i alnce with Havana datea np to the l.'lth of the same month > either w II tbe government of the I'nited Saatea ad mi that an of.ioar ol the accredited rectitude and the resog nlred Int) licence which dletingulah the Marqul* of 1'etueU ban ao tar been delinquent in tbe perform %n''e of the dutlra which be owe- to his own government, a< to leave It to thin day wltnoot Information coacern inK an event allecting ao deeply ita reputation and bonor heaing, therefi re. no motive for varying the terina of j my note of yeatarday, I tender to vour Kxeellency the i renewed aaaurnnceof in y moat distinguished consldem tion, I'iKKRK ni l> Hi" K*. To.* A. CALr>mo>r ti r la Baw a. Minister of .State of ber Catholic Maje?ty. [F.J Kik*t Iters nth it nt or Stat*, 1 PaLaos, April 12, 1164. J , 8tk? VeaterUay, tbe 11th Inst., waa delivered l? me, ? at 12 o'rlock precisely, by the Secretary of your lega tion, the note of your Kxcellency ol the aame day, re. ' minding me of that wb cb y our Eirellency hirnaelf placed In ur handaon Saturday at near'i o'clock of the afternoon, to which were annexed varioaa printed docn- j menta, and to which I have already rep'ied In tliia aecnnd communication your Kicellenry con- ' aiders the detention or the [Hack Warrior aa an outrage j premeditated liy those who committed it, demands the eepuration from ller Majeaty'a aervlre of all persons, whatever may be their rank anil aocial poaition, who . may have tai en pnrt officially in that transaction, and IHea the rum of |.>40,MXiaa tbe iademnity for the in j ii red [ artiea finally your ICieellency add* that the non compliance with this juit reclamation within the lern of ferty ei/ht hours will lie considered by the I nit*<l States as eqttiva lent to a declaration that tbe government of ller Ma;e> ty I* resolved to uphold the ronduct of i*a funetiona rie? and in order that 1 night not forget the term pre flaed, the Secretary iadlcata<l to me the hour on tbe clock before giving me the writing >ot withstanding tbe abort time which the government of ber Me ieity haa had to acquaint ita- If *ith tbe dvu menta which accompanied the first note of your Kicel lency, nf.the Mb iuat., which, heaule* being voluminous, were not of easy translation, nnd conaiderini* tbat the day which followed upon It delivery waa Sunday, and a day of great lemnity amoDg?t us, that I had to give an aceount of ita MUnti tn tb* Council of Minisera and to the Queen. my lady, I have replied to your Ki^el lency ? >t only without delay, but, oo the contrary, with piomptaeea I eaid to yoor K?ce|lercy yesterday and I have the honor to repeal it to day. tbat whenever the govere ment ahall have before it the anthenti< and complete data, which It lack* at preeent, It will propose t ? her Majesty a reeblutiot) conformable to Justice To pretrnl ti at, having hex rd only one party, and tbat one they who >up{.o ?d themselves aggrieved, tli'-re should be taken linn edlatelj tboee vrave md deKnitlve determine tiona which your Kxcallenry proposes does not reveal In the opinion of the go?ernment of her Majesty, that Conciliatory diacoaltion and tha< conaideratlon wnich practice eatablUbea between friendly n > tiona In tbia clasa of transaction*. Your Kioellency ia too lntell:gent not to adm't the! a compliance with your demand without pre>io'is >nd ? areful examination, beai'lee teirg ia'-ompatible with the dignity of a nation which reepecte lt-ei? , wow Id Involve an inexruaable act of arMtrarines ar>d injaatioe Nor would it t>e anrprielng to the penetration of yoor Kt-el lency tbat a manner an peremptory of et -cting aatisfac ton. w thout liatenlng to tbe defence of tbe acen eed abotild auggeat to the government of bar Ma ea'y a IM f lclon tbat |it ia not so micii the manifee'.atian of a Ively Internet in tbe defence of pretended ia ri? aa an ineemprebenaihii' preteit lor exritinir ?<tra ogerneirt, i' not a quarrel, between two friendly I'nwers I flatter nttaelf la tbe tiellef that the iiisnn'" al ready given to y ur Kiceiteo< y will aat afy tbe ie teial l>neriim>nt and induce it t/. aeait witli confi.ien'e in tbe rectitude of ber Majeaty'a govern meat tbe reeolt of tbe tate menta wbich the latter waif t? fnee re If aBfnrtnnately, It sboald not t>e eo t! - o| oi. u o' tbe clvllired worfd will decide on which > de i* the r ght I'ermit me. in 'onclusi<>?, to impreea afno tV- mind of yonr Ktcellency that the government of her Va eitr eaiona alao o' ita decora m |? w ' nceestaawd Vi tbe baish and -mp?rlooa manner w tb which t ba been ' pieaeed wMeb furthermore ia no* tbe icoet ?/'e-taa'e for 4tta>aing to the amicable eett .?' eat whicb le w sle>l for. i eel ring no iese et.rneelly and e oreref 'ban wwr Fr celieniy tbe continuation ef tbe err, t -a relatione eiiat ing with the I'al'ed Ptevea I renew to yo i,t i fwlleney t lie aeau ranee of my di*tijNr'ii>?>e) oti llera'l >a *1. A CAIJlTitON t'V. I 4 MAW * Hon Hvaar Ho i it. Kavov l.ttmoi d nary and MiniaUr Plenipotentiary of tbe t'aited fat> ? I'arrvr. tar.nw o? > I M' nil', April IS I*. I | Ht* ? I bave tl.e honor to arknowie'g* myaalf in p>,s ?eeaMrn of ywur Kieoiieacy'i note of tb* Kth ineteet in fnrwiiog mea' tbe determination to wb.cb l<er ' etfcoUr Ma est; a (Wvernmeat baa cowe not to ea?'.plr"witli tbe '*evna nd a made of tte j nMke by tbe f(?ernrr?et nf tne I'ai'.ed States A nay nete of the eeaae date e/sntain a a fill anawer to | tbe i>ae<?e by wMeb yenr Cieeiiency etrt'ee to eatif< tbat detarm'nat on. I deewi iwyaelf eioweraVa4 'n.m all ! ' IMM of etbervtee adverting to tbem Una by a Mare t?fei>vet*ltira?taati Ret I 'Meat u a act e>! ewrtaia rstwti wbi/b . yoor ??eellerey baa vewteee^ the cname I wb -b >be HTV la'at nf toe Clitel Sta'ee U^e?(t4 ? ti tb sa Wav pMitfdtM. The ?uMMtioo that it* manner and too* betray rather ? dUporttloa, on tU put, to ?n it* ft difficulty, tbaa t Mrloua deeire to vladieate it* insultel Imotr, and to ia anre reparation to ita injured citizens, t* but little cr? di table to tlie candor of her llatliolic Majesty '? govern ment, and cornea ia ?* ry bad grace from mm who, Ilka yoor Rxcelleni y, cannot but be aware that the record* of Uiia legation, a* wall a? those of her Catholic Majee ty '? Department ef State, are loaded with reclamation* brariBK ob grievancaa moat Baffraat, which have never been eanieetly attended to, and ware mat at thair Incep tloB with preciaely tha aame dilatory nfuwn Vhraugk which tha preeent oaa la aought to ha evaded. If tiiara be caae* in which It may baeoma a mat na tion to *bow it*elf magnanimous, eveu under tha i rill ir tlnh of moat unwarraatalila injur**. It ran narer ha whaa aucb Injuriaa ua oouplrd with so barefaced a dU regard of what I* dua to a Irian II* I'oeer a* that which waa exhibited toward* tha lulled State* in thedeten tioa of tha lilack Warrior and in tha ronUacaUon of her cargo. C oaing hara what I bad to ray on an ungrateful a *ab Jfcl, ami atiU cherishing tha hope tint bar Catholic Ma jeaty'* government may, beiote It Im too lata noma to more conciliatory resolve*, I renew to your Kxcelh-ucy the aasnrance ol my moat distinguished cnnaidaratioa. 1 1KKKK SOULK. Ilia Kxcellency Tow Anuki. Caliibbox i.x i.a lum *, liar Catholic Maje*ty'a Minlitar of State. Mil. HOt'l.K TO MK. MAler. Uwatios or TIIK I Mm> ?+riTK?, I Maiikip April 'ii, 1H64. f * * * In tha meanwhile Mr. t'.il lamii linn, iiftir four day* of maditation, aiidre ae I tha nut" of which I tend you herewith n translation I have an ?wtrwd it promptly, a* par copy herewith trauaun'ted, and theta tha matter real* for tbe moiuint. MK. GAMiRltliN TO MK. ROtTLB. KlltMT !)???* HTM IWT OK (n*TK, I i' ? April H la >1 ( Sm ? Friday, the 14th Inst.. at *l? o'clock In th? even ing, I hitd tha honor to receive your kicellensv'a note dated the day helora, in answer to inUie of the l'.'th , re Utive to tha lllack Warr nr. A* -oon a- waa p?*<lhle I hara placed ila conttat* in tha knowledge of the (Council of Miai*tera, and bare raiaed it to Hi it of liar Majeaty. With their accord I proceed to reply t., your CsMUWMy. fn the lirat place, the government or her M i;*aty can not comprehend why your Kxcetlency allirina that it Ita* declined to accede to the demand which that ol the Urn ted Mate* haa made ii|*>n it i.ju*tlce when I have a?*ured your Kicellency, |>oaitlvely aad repeatedly, that what tbu government refu e* to do i* to pronounce Inrontl nentlv without sufficient data, a d. griding sentence, arbitrary and con?equenUy inexcu*ahlv unjuat, against all the authoritie* who uiay litve interveied in tha affair, without hearing their defence, ami impelled hy a praising eiaction founded on the repre*eniailon of thoae who auppoae themaelve* Injnred, paying to tbe latter, without examination, the *um of three hundred thuuaaud* which thay designate Tbe delay which it* own dignity and it* duty a* wall aa equity, demanded firm her Majeaty '* government haa been very quickly JustlAed by event*. If the recently re ceivad account* are certain, though unofficial, that th* 1 lllack Warrior" had beaa already delivered to her cap tain, and thua tha principal difficulty wan arranged. Ju*t aa lillleha* there appeared to be any good ground for the allegation of your Kicellency that the *tma eva ?lve excuses nre attempted to he employed in tbla recla mation aa In othara, of which ?our Kxcaliency *ay* the archive* of that legation and thia iepart merit are full )or my part, and tince 1 am at the head of It, no', a ? ingle one of youra haa failed to he taken with >ut delay by roe into aeiioua consideration, and replied to Your Kxcelleacy baa ma le no referaa<'e ap-cUlcaUy. or hy war of renewing them, lo other anterior onea. wbicb, if they have not been decided, it I* to be pre ? umed that it ba* been becau e the proceeding* in many of them ara long, and the ba*i* on which *oma r?at doubtful, and the inveatigation of the fart* diflh ult It te near lifteen yeara that ^pain ha h> I pending at Waahingtoa the reclamation of the echooncr Amiatad, and more than three tbo*e of variou* S(iml<h aubject* for ilamage* and injuria* occaaioued onriug the war with Mexico, aud for alleged i.legil pr<e andiuga 1a California, and never iiaa tha government of her Maje*lv thought to attribute the delay of the eolation to a repulae or to an unfavorable di?po*iticn. What your kicellency thin!.* in a general way coo cermng tha magnanluiitv of great nation* lo not taking aotice of offence*, which are not nevnrt <"ie * of the na ture of that which the fflack Warrior h?? an (Tared, haa no application lo tlila queatiou . ttjain h?* no need of It in thia caae, nor would *ne aa* It in any other , h* came If ? and thia aha ia not accustomed to do ? alio should drliberately oiler an io'ury, she would know ho* tn manifest the fortitude and persaverenca ol which *ha ha giian proof, tiibmittlng herself to the coosa<|U?n'-es. In the pre*ent occurrence, I have the honor to repeat to your Ixcelleucy, the gorarnuient of her Mtj**ty cannot agree that there ba? been an outra(e, u r mu :b lea* pre medltattoa. In my turn, your Excellency mu*t tmrmit ma alao to say to you, In tbe name general and uy|ioibaii al way, tba' when tha amicable arrangement which your Kxcei leocy etpreasea tha bo|>e of seeing con< Imled promp'ly I* desired In good faith, those eiiroaiom which might lead tbemaelvea Ut be interprete 1 a* harah an 1 olf-nuve ara avoided in ihe negotiation* which liava for their oh jec t a conciliatory result. Your Kxcelleacy coni lude* your no'e with th* mini featatioa that you had aaid all that you had to aav. Tha government of bar Majesty juat a* little can add any thing more until It acquire- a* It hope to do in a short time, aa exact knowledge of what ha* happened. Nor doe* it fear that, having reaaon on It* aide, the cnntlde rate reaulution which it may then adopt will arrive too lale. I arall tnyielf of tbl- occaalon to reeew to your Kx celleecy Uie aaauraace* of my moat <ii*'lug'ii*ha1 con sideration A CAMlKHON lit I.A ItAH'M Tbe Minister I'lanlpotentiary of tbe I'mlwl litatea Tht Ctif of Capt. Fllln tl and thr Brig ll*_ Itar. W* h*T* r*c*lvnl a crmmunlcatlon relative to thl* *f fair, which w* aubjoin, ilivrated of *oni* ob|*i tiotiabia P?IM|II. TO THB BIilTOIt OK TICK NKW YOHI IIBBAI.D. A* Captain Kllletti haa lately t>e*n brought before th* I nllnl Mat** Court* ol thl* city, mil a* hi* nam* haa 1 ???I, I,- . . up by tb* pr**a In coun*ctloa VM o- of the grrat**t erttn*? known to our lawa, it fa but (air thai an eiplanatlnn of the cireiiaatan< a* ahnul.l >.? allow* I In bia behalf. Cepteu Kllletti contracted in Juntlxt with Mraar* l.upton h MclJtarmid, o( Creenpolnt, long laland. to build the brig lie lea r for the trad* butwurn thi? j>ort and lampico, but before the v****l wa* in train* financial *mb*rra*rmentl obliged tbo*e g*ntl*ni'n to auapen I th*ir operation*, and Capt. Kilfattl conaequeotly ha-l lo r?qt Uia ri?c*a*ary portion of their alilpyar t, an I Oaiah th* veaael b maelf. Among tha mrrhanlca that preeented tbemaeh** to the captain for employment, waa a man namwl lleymand Knowl** who ?a? *n/a#?d In aoiue unimportant capacity, aa ahown by hla waga* -tan alul linga per day? wben vary ordinary a tup- ?rp*nlT* war" earning from two and a half Ut three ?t. llara Koowlaa waa <ilaa*ia*ed attar r.avln* worked on th* reeeel three 'juarttri of a day, for wblrh ha r*cei ? *?: niarty four carntf; ba waa dlacharged by Capt l lllattl Tha ? t of right and juitlce ia tha aol* origin of tha captain'* *uha? c|uai)t trouble*. Know>a immediat'ily declare I that ha would 'have something out of tha captain ' )>*(ora Ii* I'll, and trumped up the atory that < apUin Kit attl ww the **tne peraon he had *een aa Captain Kralt in l*til in 'ornmand of tha *eboon*r Advance on tha coaat of Afrl ca, (afteiwarda con d*mn*d aa inteoded for a alaaerj when he. Knowlaa, waa amployed aa cooper no '?.ar 1 the I nited Mtate* etoop of war tiermantowa, than tlia flag ah lp of tha African *>|uadron ood*r > o mnia 1 > f (Vim ruodore latalette and moreover that tha M*i*ar waa h*mg built by Capt. KiUetti for the alar* trade. The brig waa launched IBth laat l?ecemb*r and about the tnll llr of January ' ommcri'M to l a 1 for i ?ii ?. .. A Ut' " 2 o'clock in th* afternoon of Malurdey, '4; lb ult < ? plain lillettl waa arreated when on board of bia veawi hy I tilled ftatoa llapiitjr M*rah*l Hoi ion on tha affidavit of Kn?w;re, to Iba effect above alatel and aa *v*ry on* au tboriaad to ac**pt ball left tn* Marahala office at thr--* o'clock, Captain > illettl waa **nt to tha Ttmiba wber* ha waa eonflnad till the nett MoriCay evening, when on tha ?"gg?*tlon of lh* Coiled ftete* Mdikl lllMMI Hon. John It K*on, bail w*a a' -* j t* I for g.'i (HO, by Cmmla a inner Morton, who klally iric oavenlenced hita "If to go to tb* prl*on late la the awning, to rwleaaa tha captain Although Mr Mcheon g*ve tha I i?a big pr >inpt atten ti? n. the *I*oilri*tmn Italcl aotn* two w*ela, aa ai-nl wito***** on th* part of tb? governawnt were < ailed from diatant M>int*. Ibe only witneaeea that (wore fc't*tliv*ly to tlte Idantitv of < apt Flllritl with ' apt Kraft war* Knowlea *ri<i an lr>*h re ialc?* of tha l??r aiantown natnad MrV*il, while th*lr aup j ? < ,?ra l oo laialetle aa-l lieat Roger*, who had ha>1 far *>*1 tar opport'initjaa for judging aatl oaly th*'. tbeir in pr*e* <<na wer* that Capt. llllattl aa! ' apt Kraft war* one, while lieate Htreia aad riofla r. both prv<4a?a4 by tk* gr)V*rnr?,*nl. awor* p?.*itir?ly Ui*t an t a*a not tb* caaa AU the wrmmm broagbt forward br ' apt (Mlatii ?a ve 'heir efWlco^e uabeeitat ngly lo tb? fa< '. that Capt ?lltottl I* * man of wall kkown ataadmg. and at la* tiane apaciBad la th* alB'lavtt w*a i* anwimand of tha *rbo*twT Amphltrile aaihaf out of New rrrteaia to van mi* part* In the fi?lf of M- a at, : t ' the taat.moey waa aa ?a4a?kta41f la favov ml < ?pt r I latti. that at Ui* coaciauoa of Ute ei*ailaat>oa < 'iiorm* an, r.?r Morton, without wal' tag t" kav? It aamo^l up liail.arg-d ant fatly *f owerat* I ? en** n lllMtl. Him* th* eianlnatioii 'kptaia fiU'ttl t.aa re ceivi-4 a letler fr-,m t r.* ? w n?r( ' th t??;h tnt?, M***ra HBr*lll h Co of Haw Urieaa*, ? I.'' a certificate i,ad*r the a**l of that coaV oi he.**, proving O at from March ill, l*ij V< April Itkf ia 'lualv* be arr:v*<1 *t t at port ia "eiaunl of tha *<ho<Mt*r Auphitrite 1 v* J;ITni*t tlvnee, and cleared aa ort*n? one* for ' hagre? oa'e for *-avy flay o*re for Ha** t and t*i** fr r Taaiptea -aafldaai avraly, t* con viac? *v*ry on* of hie in?"?^n'? were aay'hlag w?nt,r>g bvy ifi the a i aa>,i?et io?i it?if IVw |a|*t< an i* th* band* of Mr ?f'gratt; ?r fouth W.lliaan atr*?'* lb*y can be >eea at any t'rn* ? ica ai*o ga?* BVMBMB a a to ;>? and open hi* **('J*i?'e ort*ra w*r* g!?ra br the IrtetrUt Attorney to prevaat Iter *S**rtag at th* cnetowi Imre , but in a"ord*a"* alia tia* gws 'ian aaly f**lia( di*piay*d by k wi th->*?rVi*t tb* ?<*mioattoe be pronptly removed th a reetrt* Mat aa the MMnttl of at Lpera aad olbat* laamml, and ti e laiear cleerad for Tamptco oa l*.e l)tb Inai , urtd*? vuu rnaad of Capt fU>b*rt I), rnal'o, iattea! af 'aptaJ* f Illettl tb-ia ati'i d*'a a* ! Tha raaala* >,f th a |*rt>rul ?a of Capt. tUM\ najlnvai lor* * na th* part of Kaowlea, aa ! that b* ban to Laa* two da'* 1* a Wil*erab>e **''? I* the Toaai a V' P*v |i (?? ? af Wn g a'a 'ted to ba I. to ?"** kw varyag* m t? * Ha lear ta par lawyrr a rtarg-a, ant * tf*r iatea***r -a aaind aa! body d-.r'ng hi* a*i',iat?ai aa > *v aaiiaatabf, ilia p*c ia arj lft*? I* ??. laaat ? < aa ' a thoagh aa ?.r.o-?r,t ?f tha accaaaUoa at It* 0>*a*** ew. rter bi&aetf tM lawa af aara caairf a< ? * at tally fraaoad that be ba* aa raanedy aga.aat tb* aad wa/ald atani a vwry pna* * t.aa'* I* fanTab Know a* aa ba <*aee* >a a. ware t hla '.* b* * I V?at> ' ** ft ia t? ba h'-pad that th>? **** will l* * ieaeoa ta tb? I ai<^HllM*?U.artt*.' benara ara a la f **'.?**?* oa wtarb to *rre*l a aaata*' wtaa .'eg a > n ia* tiie p- ate> w??r t e f wVc* 'a vatt I abaa!4 add that <a?4 I ..!*?? aa fa. ?. . a lae* U- a. #f'**?? y*ara rmaa/.M tsaer ?* . r-**?~a ott of ta* tart '/> ??** Or eaa* a?f aa a* *? -*a a Hi* ;?Urr ty I aaf a?ai?-i"? *aa bea/'?ae? tk* * * ? ?g M la hag *ea* Cka/f, 'I*i? ?aiiM J^tva, huadreda of tbouMada of dollar* In *|?cle. Om aat *T bill* of UAh, per Mboooar Aaapbttnte, praduead oa Iba aiamiaioa, allowed Mora than Ha la wall known to Mmn. Wm lobaeh It He he paler. Negrettl k Laoat, Horace Mouthmayd k Son*, sbwra m ? Miaer? all merchant* of tbiaclty , to Manor I ton Kraaela co da Arrangoii, lata Meilcan Coaaul Oaoarai Mrs. Anna ('baa*, of Tamplro, at praaant iu Washington city, and to bundrerfa tn New I'rleana, llaraaa, and tba ?ain?aa porta of Mai ico B. A. N?w Yom, fab. 24, 1M?. Mortality amoa||tt Children. TO TUB BIMTOK Of TltK IIBMALD. From tha admirable weekly *y an pel a la tba OltllDof the mortality in tba e.ty and ouunty o( Naw York, lafaa til* conrulaiooa would appear to hear an uouaua^f large prapar lion to tba other oauaaa of tlaalb, whan ooai pared Willi what la tha atara ge rwault la othar lw(a citie*; anil I am now, with yeur pannlaaioa, deairoa* ot directing tha attention of tnt profaaalonal brttliren aad tba public generally to the aabjact, hoping aoiae addl t.i nal li?r b t , from clueer inquiry, may be thrown over what appear* to ha ao Ireijutiil a cau? ol death during Infarct in your greet city. 11 would teem that 204 la (aula it la, I ia tlia rouraa ol tha l*it tour wwi Iron lha eltecta of convulsion* , anil 1 Would prinuiu- In all tkaaa fatal ia**a there waa on otbar rum Miration or aaalga ab ?? cau't of daatb la I oailou. with a population and mi alia mortality fully four time* a* great aa tiiat of Naw York, tli? total number of caaea of contuUioua rw c?i dad ill tha week* b IU ol mortality doa* not e?ca?dt at any ona tlma, two par root of tba entire daatha, wblle in your city it ia upwar 'a of tan par rant. Tbla differ ence ia In I'aria about the aama that it U in I .oailoa Now. for tliia great diteralty Hi tbe f re juaany aad fatal ellerta i f inlanlile cuot ulamn* between /sewYnrk, l<oa don, I'aria and other great citiaa, there inutt b? a oauaa. or eiinilunatloB of caiuaa and to tha laveatlgaUoa and I'lacoany of thaaa, humanity and tlia la tcreat* of madical *eience alike damand that mil her tlma nor labor ahould be eparwd. That the fatal caae* of iafaotlki convulalona whioh tali i- | lara weekly in your city own tbair origin to rarinua cauaea I do not entertain a doubt, and I maraly wiali In ra to call attantion to tha daageroua affacta of cold on tlia healthy elate of th? brain at dilfaraat a^kgaa of Ilia, but mora particularly during ?? a rly Infancy. Tha vary general euatoni that prevail* In your city of laaving tba head* of young inlanta ei|xi*ed la at al Raaanna of the yaar of eom?w|iat doubtful propriety, but in tha winter anaeon **peci?Uy, whan tha tempera ture of tba air la ao low aa It liaa b~ n for aoveral month* pa?t, It ia, I ban- no ln-altatlon In aaaertuig, aUnaded with tba moat fatal Maaaquenrea. Col I baa ? powerful alfact at all "-g?* In producing i-onKeatinn and opprwa alon of tba brain, and banca, during very cold weallier, tha graat Increaae of daatha from ap'iplaiy, a< wall aa lafantila lonvalaiona. Many of tba lower oidar of rraalal beinga take tba greateal car* to defead U?air young until tha; hata acijulrad ^ufllciant itrengtli and tha naraaaary coaarlng to aacura tham againat tba daatractiaa allarta of culd, and if mara annual Inattaut dlrtataa aueh a rouraa of proccetlng, what ought t-> Im> tha path of duty of rational halmra to ac-nmpllah tha aama and? It la in valu to at pact haalili at any atigw of Ufa if tha phyaical manafauiaut lx< t-<t ? Uy at rariaaaa with what tha natural powera of the t>ody can auaUun Tlia ouaUim. t her* lore, of kreping tha hea<la of Infanta uncoTerad fiom tha aarliaat aga. whathar tba waatkar at tba time be hot or rolil ia aery dangi ioua and ao far frnm lialng a prnvatitlva ia aa emllaaa anurea of diaaaaa Huhoku, Marcb 12, IMA. KOIIKKT UTDJC, M II. N|>rrlal l<r||lalatlnM at Al<>aii>. TO TIIR BIUTON OK TIIK II MR i LI). I'nder tha ala/ra haading, I find an attack in tha Naw York Dally Tu ?<?>, upon an aitlilaof youra a lraraa ta tlia paaaaga of tike bill n >w before tha Menata of UMa Ctata, to lncorp<irate the "New York and llraoklyn loa (ompany." Ihlaaitlcla In the 7*mc? contalaa anoh fla Kranl miarepreaentatlona oalculatad to rniaiaad tha pub lic, aa tu call for refutation lr< ni aona >|aarter, aad altar waiting a faw daya, wlUioat aeeing an n rafutattoa appear I oflar tlia fnllowlag lucontrorertlM# facta tn tha coiaalderation ot the putlie, and to cautiua tbeia tu hewara of thN at ti mpte.l aalndla undar tua apaeMtaa garb of lef(inlatinn 1. It la ubqiiahAadly fal?a that there erer haa baaa or la now a moonpoly in tbe l -e trada pf t h la city Kaar the buaina*? tegan to aaaume ita preaent eiteaaiaa in|>ert the partiaa engaged la It liare oarer prevent**! mo attampte.) to pieaent, "at all I ararda." othera froaa embarking nit on the lontrai) tbaa ha*e ollera-1 la rilitiaa to tin aa ol laaa capital than tfiemaalaaa fat aa teiiog into and pro?ai'utli.g the buaineaa highly cradlta bla to thaaiaeltaa, and for wlikh thay are entitlad to public M,nO<lenca 2. lake tha|araraga rate? al winch lea ia furniaha.1 la tbia city, and I affirm that It la Imp laalh.eonlar auyctr (Uinatancaa toaapply It at any laaa ratae Karaptlng tba oa< aai< na I m c u rrance of a aa?ai>a of acarclty, tlia Bar tuatli na of pr'ce ara iroin Us ?" -4 ceo la |?i one bua .?nd |KiuB'1a, **ea whan Ir. the ,|e|i?er? latxir U? a larf* amount ia iai|Uired, and If every conaurner of lea la Iba city aare a atockhntdai in tba Naw York aad llroaklya l>e l ompany, It would he Impoaaibla for bun to pracara Ilia aupply ol irr at laaa rataa a. I torn a Uiorougb daily and hourly knowladga af ika ice hutlneaa in New York for tha pail twenty lira yaara, I affirm that tha preaent dealara Inn aluioa' maartaialy atary other yaar auteiail Into a rompit!ii',o with aaab other, and thereby ra-lucanl the pneea, aa I eapaciaJly tba paat year, balow even a living profit. 4. Tba aeooad ol.ject to b? obtained by tha foi ant ma of tliia riiarter*.! loa rompai.r, aa giaaa by "A tiaaaa ?jar," ia truly a nnaal nna lie i| u to ?> aa ara rage price to tba ari'cla at a nominal adaance aaon tka cr t of pita uring I a eitl ar forgot a part af bla aalaa I at i' na or fn>oi being "oly a ron-uaier la*e| u,? praa Ileal kaowleilge of a dealer and to help to tbia I afltraa that he and aaary other ronauinwr in New York fat tltaw ice and aaar bate gol it, at a H"in nal adtane* upoa lb* coat of procariag aaaiiig traoaportation and dellrary. Aware that yon can apaie but little room to aay waa n. attar id your jouraal, I oflar a faw bitef hiata aad tin ughta in conaaetlon with what I have alrealy aal4 Ua I?ra?na Moat actively engtgad la gattlag up lata moreaiant hate baen engaged in tka loa bojioaaa. aad It ? ?r talnlr la a reaaonabw ia<|?l>y Ui maka, and wbicb I think aaary oaa will ba likely to make before purabaalai tha etock If it l>e aa profita^la aa repraaaatad wbr dta pot they remain In it- If it ha* paid aa wall aa |? ailaaad how dial It bappeo that unna the partiaa above alio dad to baggarad tbemaaiaea ao 1 othera in Uia praaacutloa af It' An anawer to <he?a two i|ua>t oa will ba tha boat antii'ot* to tbia bill, and a aura eaploalon of tba wbola bubble Wben "A fVitaomai anawera, tlieai tba writar of tbla will, if n aaeaaary, eater up?.a a h atory of taa iaa tra a in tba city of New Y' rk for tbe part twenty Bra year*. In which it will be abown that tba atock of taa "New York .and Hrooklyn Ice < ompaoy" will aar*r ba takan up lAJI'ITY. Itfiw Patent* ImimI. I i4 of [ Itfill laati??l from tha I nlt?l Htalaa F'tUvA for Uaa aaaa ?a<lin( Marrb th Mil, ?v b U?na( tbat iuU ? K-Iaar-l I. Ilar'.hon, of faraLaiii, Kojlant. ? fot in jir?n?m?iit in fowlir,? Iifa bo?U I'a'aata4 la fcnflaa I Jut** I'JL, 1?!1 H bu IIIim, of N J for imprtiTwl ? f or likli rh?ln? Jrlita) > Hb>l(rtl of lUtillitl, .V 1 . ? Vat lmj>ra?arf w???n br?>? W? /.. W. A John W of Na? York N Y. ? tor iK|>t??Mta in ka->b? for enUiM M3 4 for oib?r uk? j>urf?oa?? V J' ? ?r ?>?tt of lor battarllla, S y for nplhvl if ' "iii ?? <.n fur ears JM. I' Lnviaf of Haaara > alia, K Y. ? for itorm far air 'hio<ti?r a ? Arrbiball II i rtMiar of IHaafo, !* Y -for ma'luaa for mil ay Uarr*l l,aa-1? I bartaa <? Cart la, of *|>rin(fiai'l, Utu for p'. rap* Ahh olt K hrlt of !*?' 'ai/ibrlj^a M iu lar ,m j,rot?>l ?l,o'. rarUHtfi llo?ar4 I?Ub4i. of r/raeaaa, S. Y , l'?f !*?(?? reteae I la 'a?.1ln< faal t#i fur >??<?? illrtati !M II fJaal'-a an! J .be yanlb "fHuobarf, Obl'>? for it.(.r>.??r ml la rakaa a v! al-talora Jul f!al*?>, ' f Waal Mi l llabur;, < ?> ? I or m (<r</?a m?nl la ?ttaaajoa taMaa llaa?oa, of Xa? Voeb, N V lor ?aJw> for hf (Sraulir ram KlbrMfa Marr # *f IVwUm. Man ?for l*l>r'iitMal la law |<? laa- W Moa( aa<!, <4 J*ff Otf, ti J.? tat ahip ?a|a?a, A' '? i<t> oa HoUhklaa, ?f f nilmr, * Y ?For lafrwt n ?nt 1a ral roa.' >.?i brake t a* han.ator., of IV aVun W???? lB>|trotal I ?a< |if?a? for |>r'a1 r r r >m i*** Mora* ofWali^oia.N II ? fot la^wnawl la m?'J |,Un??r? I rail NaabaiJ, of Albany S Y for 'm ^reremeet ib f r*aran A?,i.?r N V?wt/.n of hichasoa-l Ia4 ? tot ie|t|?? m-rit la r?t\rV\f l*ar? *1 II Pb I I- of fir??n? Ita IU far taprara lr.*at la a?? ' piabkar* I /? n n f. Pan*** ?f llataaa, fft?.o For tapra*a< atrtii la ti a maaafa tur* of M;-u f .?? Riwll. of IMM, M?m ? f?W Kl^OTMHH' I* la via t I tM r I.: ? ? af 11 I ? -For ntfliM'v y<\ >kia? ????uarra?>??pa pU**m (???ma M *n?.l, o< lltk^Kk, Mi.? far af <ra mrrr la ?r? ' p.aatort J?La A 1(4 DnniH '?f ?* I*;**, <r>. . I 'it ,u f,r- ?a4 Mlf W*?l.a( 'art fjika ?f *.,alr1tla r?ti? f-.? ?->r1 ? a? >?4 tratxala? avhiM l< I l.r? a?,1 M. A Ulttt***, ?f * J -fa la>t- nvtinvli I* r?l?? ?figtfi#* (??!? Vaa R<par a* If* at V?li?r W T - fa la |r !? #?? *M!la? I Tw, of s. ??-.?? 'i? W.a? ?o? f . ?:* AWiaaor 1 *?<???, *f fartiaMw * r ?far i/a a l>rr?<-i> ?????? IrmaalT ?f Ma-naati, </fc.o -f<w iapr**?? rt'atlif ftw ? _ _ _ _ .. Wi u of Iuu4nll? *> < ? far 4 w< ?' of H"?? * faBa * T ? far laijraat am- ia ?'a>? aa<l f?aaa l.?r???UT? I.' < ? r* * * V**v ??' fat <<?* ?oa. M<m ? fa* la M*<?tt?at la fall ralort <.r*> 4 l*?aa ??, of f%aah fa x*a*'f. W II ? fa Icrnanl n IW ?W? aitaa, Ml frl'f *t? fwi'i of V-?a? K J r>, rtaprara a M?;af maf?ia?? r ? * M lla rtiaf, ?' *>?? 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