Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1855 Page 7
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APT ERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. W)H ?AiJki. ft! 9 nnn T'! an interest in a vaTu allc property oan bo bud, or th? whole will t* sold it I ir?it cacritice. It will pay annually on the mvevtineat from 25 to 4J jH?r cent without expenditure. Ap ply to WALLER A SEKI.Y, 4t0 Eighth avenue. SQ nnn ? L0T J'or sale, in BROOKLYN, five I/?vUVi minutea' walk from tlo Fulton, Will and Main ftriot terrii-a, in a moat deiirable neighborhood, and en the higheat ground in the city. Term* accommodating. Addrten N. (j., Herald ?Hice. A*)nn WILL BUY A II0U8E AND BARN, WITH one acre of ground, well (looked with fruit troea, la a pleasant village, twelve miles from Catakiil, Greene county, N Y. Apply to J. A. IIURNSIDE, 1U Fnlton at. tors im A RTH STREET. ? LOTS FOR SALE.-TWO LOT8 IN Tli/ Forty H ft h atreet, 1U0 feet <aat of Tenth avenue; term* May. Apply to Jacob Peeare No. 163 lloater alreet. 7th avenue.? houses for sale.? THE FOUR ?tory brick houaea No. 210 and No. Ill Seventh aveuue. A good mveatment; will be aold cheap, and on eaay terma. Alio, the four atory double tenement brick houae. No. 4U1 Raat Twelfth atreot. Apply to Jacob Peeve, No. 163 Ueater A CHANCE FOR A POOR MAN -ONLY THRkE OF A thoae beautifully located lota la the Ninth ward of Iteooklyn left; three ininutei walk 'from the Fulton avenue FaHroad. Will be aold In monthly inataliuenta of ten dol lare, if applied for beforo March 1, next. Apply to Jacob Jleeare, No. 103 Ueater street. A COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE-THREE AND A A half aerea of ground, with a dwellinghouae 32 by 72 feet, new barn, 30 by 40 feet, pleaaant ahadea, fruit treea, well, outhoueea, Ac., Ac., aituated on the Jamaica plank road, one mtle weat of Jamaioa. CROWELL A BALDWIN, MI Fulton atreet, Brooklyn. AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE ON BERGEN HEIGHTS for aaU? withia one mile from Jerary City or Hobokcn terries. ? The houee ia large and eommodioua, containing IS roonia; ia ttnulied In aplendid atyle, with all modern 1.11 mrovementa. The location and proapcct cannot be aupaaied. the ready aoceaa to New York inakel ttiia property deaira tile. The above ia lituated on Paliaad" avenue, near the Hoboken turnpike. The above woull to aold on reaaoua tie terma, with two adjoining lots, if dcaired. For particu *ra inquire of DAVID SCOTT, at hia Real Eatate Ex ihange, 75 Montgomery atreet, Jcraey City, third block from Jm ferry. Alio, three two ttory ana bailment brick houaea ,m Jtraey City, newly bnilt, with nlno rooma each; will be told cheap to acttle up a concern. I'rice $2,200; $l,i#)Ucan remain on bond and mortgage. Inquire an above. A FARM FOR SALE-SITUATED ABOUT 3 MILES A. north of Slumlord, or about thirty minutua' drive rom the New York and New lluven railroad depot, con aining 100 acre* of land under a high avate of cultivation, rith a good apple orchard, and other fruita. A new two tury attic houae, built lant fall, and baa nover been occu lted, with all tho modern improvements ; range, bath, hot ?d eold water, Ac. Piazza all round the houae; barns ?d out building", with ground laid out in handaome atyle. 'hia property will be roll low and on eaay terma; moat of the aoney can rcuaiii on bond and mortgage at U per cont, or lould be exchanged for city property. Thia ia one of the loat deairable placi'a in the State of Connecticut, aituated ? the NcwflelJ road, hiizh ground, with a commanding viear f Long Man J aound auil aurrounaing country, and in one t the beat neighborhood*. For further particular!, in ,uire of CHARLES FOX, 17* South atreet. , N. H.? A leaa quantity of land would be aold, if desired, tth the houae. A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY PLACE FOR SALE, l near Port Monmouth, Now Jeraey, one qnartetof amile on tue village of Ricevillu, and one mile from Mount'a oek, conaiitmg of a auperlor w?.ll built cottage, of aeven Mma; the outbuilding! are all now, and built of the beet ^teriala. The farm contaiua 21 acre*, divided in arable, .eadow and woodland, guarantied perfectly healthy, with ;e of the moat eztenaire viewa of the ocean. Highlands and irmundiug country. The whole will be told for 94 SOU; one *lf on bond and mortgage, at aix per cent. Apply to AN RfeW EADIE, lit) Fulton atreet, Now York. GENTLEMAN IN SEARCH OF A BEAUTIFUL, IV. picturesque boilillnK site, can And ton aercs of land, J-rfeetly level, and fronting immediately upon the banks or I rivir leading into Long Inland Sound, twu milcn distant. I tie property It only one hour's rido from the oitjr, hy New iaren Railroad, and one mile from (he depot. The premises Viand fa* a quarter of a mile upon the liver, besides front [ upon the turnpike road. Oysters and Ash are abundant, the tide ebbs and flows upon the banks of tho property, country teat, few, if any sites in the Statu, will com If built upon, will be sold low. Two-thirds of the pirehate can remain on mortgage, If desired. For further ; rticulars send address tu box 700 1'ost OSue. Now York. GOOD CHANCE TO MAKE A FORTUNE, BY PUR chasing an interest in a valuable invention uf general lity, with a small outlay of capital. The model may Lo a for a few days, at S. D. LAW S, hi John street. IT HARLEM.? FOR SALE OR TO LET, ON 1331) L street, between Filth and Sixth avenues, a neat two 'd half story frame house, filled in with brick, uinu rooms, liar, Ac,, and six full lots of ground. Apply to I 11. IX. RICE, Superior Court, 18 City flail, IESIRABI.E PROPERTY FOR SALE OR RENT, IN Jersey City and vicinity. ? Two of those handsome wn stone front houses, Just linished opposite Yan Vorst'a are. replete with every convenience, sueh a* i.athi, erclosets, furnaees, gas. Ao. ; alse, a beautiful gotliic cot 'ce at Sherwood, Hereon Hill, with one acre of ground at Ibeu. Inquire at the ofttco of tho Jersey City Uas Light upany, corner Grand and Greene streets. \RU<; STORK FOR SALE-NOTICE TO PRACTiTION '.era and druggista? Sitaated In one of the most densely ""Hinted neighborhoods in the city, a rare chance I'or a ng practitioner, either English or Gorman, as there is at Lhed to the store a good counter and outdoor practice. Ha f actory reasons for selling. Cheap for cash if applied for Address O. P. T , Herald office. ^IRST CLASS BROWN STONE DWELLINGS IN Brooklyn, with water, heaters, and all the modern rovementa, for sale or exchange for rtocks, bonds, mort is, lumber, or unincumbered property. Apply to IcCRAKEN, H Wall street, lu the baseiueut, from 12 to M. R SALE? A BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE, IN TI1E Tlllaire of llackeniack, N. J,, consisting of a three ' modern built house, kitchen neirly new, and contain thirteen rooms, and a barn and carriage house. The lot " feet front and rear, and 200 feet deep, and is supplied a tbrilty grapevine and fruit trees of various kinds, location li about the centre of the village, and foo ds a beautiful view of tuo surrounding country. For iculars inquire of THOMAS TERHUNK, No. 17 Second et, N. Y.,orot W. II. BERRY, adjoining the premises. OR SALE -AN ESTABLISHED FEED STORE, stock, utensils, and three or five years' lease, sow ig a good business. Apply to A. D. ANDERSON, end ai<d North Second itreeti, two blocks trom Grand tot ferry, Williamsburg. t PR 8 ALE? A VALUARLE LANDED PROPERTY IN Conrtland county, in this State. Apply to MOKGAN MEK, 1'iue street. DR SALE ? AN OLD ESTABLISHED FEED Busi ness for sale; established Ave year'. A good opportn | . everything complete. Apply at 173 Bowery. I))R SALE-TUE TWO DESIRABLE BUILDINO lot! on the north sine of Forty-ninth street, between _.h and Seventh avenues, commencing .ISO ?eit of Sixth J lie, each let being in me '?i feet, front and rear hy 1UU M inches in depth. The above lots are on smooth and Jl ground, and the street hi open from river to river, with i water, curbed, guttered, sewered, Ac. For maps and particulars, apply to ANTHONY J. BLEECEER, No. 7 Broad street. *RSALK-IN TWENTT.FIFrU STREET, BETWEEN ' Madison and Fourth avenue, a new brown etoue house, " fonr stories, 1M feet 4 inches by 68 fe-t. Lot St* teet, a modern style. Prloe lea* than cost. Inquire on amlsei. >R SAl.E ? A 1WO STORY BRICK BASEMENT house, 84 Madison street with range. coj>p?r boiler, hot "cold water, bath room, Ac. Price is.iKW? $2,?) cash, ace on bond and mortgage. Inquire of B. PARKHUKST, 23 Market street. SALE-FOUR THREE STORY AND BASEMENT brown stone front houses, on the north aide of Fifty so I street, between Eighth avenue an l Broadway, fitted up Ite best and most convenient manner, within two unnutee Ik of the Eighth avenue cart. Will be sold on easy terms, pire oa the premises, of J. A. ONllERDONK, through "?7; l$R SALE? TWO FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE front house*, situated on the south aide of Thirty fifth et, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. They are I 23 IOiSO feet ? lot half the block; three stories high, with nent and ander cellar, and have all the mod irn ira ents. Tha location is second to none ia the city For Iher particulars, apply on the premises, to IT Ell. PATRICK A Mol'HEKSON, Builders. ?K 8A I E-A OENTEEI. COUNTRY RESIDENCE, AT luahiag, I.. I., with aboat aine acres of groaad, well ^k*d with fine fruit and ornamental trees, a beautiful , and gardea, house stable* and outbuildings, in good itlju, sitaated on Whiteatone avenue, adjoining the ar country retldenee of the late Gardner 0. Ilowland, ^ at out one Mile, and equal distance, from Flaahlag vil 'the railroad depot, and Whlteatnn*, from which iTacee bases pass constantly. It is a healthy location. In '.be Kdlale viciaity of valuable medical springi, and a very liable eouatry tesidence. Conditions easy (ti.issi or i can remala en boad and mortgage. Apply to M. C. AM, ? Maldea lane. SALE-VERY CHEAP, THAT FOUR STORY 'trown stone boos- and I t No. 40 West s. vente?nth X, h<twen Fifth and Siath avenues; lot JS by half the ; house 2A by 47, and eoataln* avery convenience, will Cd for SIP, (UK), and S9.0W on mortgage. Apply to 8. S. ID, No. IS Wall street. E SALE? THE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS FOR SALE, ure lor the benefit i f persoea suffering thaa for pec n advantage. 25,000 of these Justly celebrated Pal mat* ?ratafia Beans, well kaowa to our me Ileal faculty, at idicaloasly Hw figure of on* sbilliag each. N. B.? kiy trade oae^ .hilllag extra. 1CN A I1US CON Ft U.J C. D , D M .? HALE ? AT WOODBRIDGE, N. J -A PLEASANT sidence in the healthy si'la/e of WoodbriJge, N J . a rHety Gothic cottage, wtth water to eeeondatory, and Vtg eight rooms, a good attic and basement, oa high rt, in the immediate vicinity of the Spa Springs hes. schools, Ac. 1 he property will he aold very low, .n easy terms Apply lo Hum I K MoRuaN, No. } Jpolitaa Hank Building, Pins street. SALE? THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT aase, TJV Henry street, Brooklyn. Site 2ta37 feet, with isasion of IS feet on nrst floor Lot 100 feet. Price Ii quire of ROSWRLI. 0. PIERCE, I'laa street. ' Broadway, nader tbe Baah. SALE- AT UNION PORT, WESTCHESTER COON | ahalf arre let, consisting of nearly 0 ? ity lots, sitaated rml Eleventh street and Avenue D; w ill be so|.| at Ivail'r. prlre Apply to ALEX. FORBES, at llerry a Lfsa-inr shop, Forty Aral street, between Fourth aad L job avenaes. il.E? TIIE BRICK HOUSE, VO. EAST :b street, with leaee of lot. firty five i.IA) year* to i a very low rent; the hoaae is twenty feet front aad terty Ova feat deep, three storv aad attie. Store Leeupted aa a grocery. The let is the same front aad Li ia depth For terms, apply oa the pr-ruiees in the fer of JAMES f'ODV, Esq , I U Liberty atreet. HALE-THF. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A I IR.ST ?asa livery stable, remi for ?1 horses; aew I nn* an eg 1 1 busiaess. In the vicinity of all the priaclpal hntela paasboat landings. Any person desirous of conmenmng , ery business will lad this aa opportaalty seldom to " wRh. For farther (artieulars apply to RKADI.RY eeruer of Fourth aveaae and Eickteanlb atreet. SALE ? A PLOT OF GROUND, 100 BY NO FEET, a* Fifteenth street, eeamaeariag V ?a#t ? Ischee of Irvln/ pise* P aeessloa immediately as at ! ly at tut i irteeatb itmt. F<OR BALK. For sal* or to let? house and lotiim first avenue. Alao, bouiea and lot#, itoraa, apartment* XW. SM))a, Pearl atr?yt; Noa. 1, 3, 3){, Oak atreet. Apply to 8. NORTON, UfoM two o'clock, on Saturday; olhtr diyii at any hour, at atore No. 3 Oak atreet. Ij>OR SALE OR TO LET, IN HOBOKEN-A TWO 1 atory brick and hutment home, 21 foot 5 inchea by V5 feat, corner of Garden and Newark itrMta, delightfully ?ituated, with eta! le attached. To be ??.n between 10 and 4 o'clock. For partirulara, apply to Mr. WOSLKF, Waah ington atreet .third door below Fifth atr?et, opposite Odd lellowa' Hall, Hohoken. alter 6 P. M.. or at 23 South Wil liam atreet, New Tork, during the day. For sale cheap? a two story and attic frame bou??, on the corner of Seventh avenue ?n<i 126th atreet, lot by 85, with Crotou water, bath, Ac. l to 3 P M?" Al,P'y t0 E" U> BK0WN> 71 Wall atreet, from FOR SALE CHEAP, IN IIOBOKEN? A FIRST CLASS uree atory and baaement briek houae, with all the mo dern improvemtnia, in an exoellent location ; terma eaay. Inqnlre at 190 Waaliin^ton atreet, Hoboken. FOR SAI.E VERY CHEAT, AND A FIRST RATE IN veatment, atore property 73 N aaaaa atreet, lot 2ii bv 74; rente for I $3,000, and will be aold for $?*>,. '><10 and S13,0IM >m mortgage. Alao, that three atory brick h'>use and lot 112 Reade atreet. Apply to S. S. BROAD, 13 Wall atreet. For sale very cheap, that four story brown atone house aud lot No. 3M We at Thirty-aecond etrect, sear Filth avenue, lot 20>i by OH, houae JO', by fiO, ? lid contain! every convenience; price $15,5110, and $*,<J00 can remain on mortgage. Apply to S. 8. BROAD, No. 13 Hall atreet IfOR SAI.E FOR $12.800? THAT YERY NEAT THREE atory brown atone houae aud lot No. DO* We?t Twenty third atreet, and $o,(KI0 on mortgag* Alao, for $M,500, that three atory brown alone houae and lot No. 4a W?it Twenty, fourth atreet, *4,500 on mortgage. Apply to S. S. BROAD, 13 Wall atreet, FOR SALE FOR OHO? THAT THREE STORY IIRICK bouxo and lot No. 60 Weat Twenty seventh atreet, and $5,500 on mortgage. Alao, for $5,300, that three itorj WiJk houan 44 Orchard atreet, Alao, lor $8.5IM that three atory '?rick houae No. 180 Eaat Broadway. Apply to S. S. BROAD, 13 Wall atreet. IflOR SAI.E IN BROOKLYN, CHEAP? THAT NEAT three atory brown atone houae, and lot 403 Pacifln atruet, between Bond and Navina. Price $7,<M>, and $1,500 ou inort gage; contaiua, hath, aaa, Ac. Lot 22 by <W; houae 12 by 45. Apply to ?. S. BROAD, 13 Wall atreet. FOR SALE, FOR 910,000? THAT FOUR STORY MA ti tle Iront houae, and lot 2fi Weat Thirty fifth s'reot, near Filth avenue, and 16,500 can remain on mortgage. Alao, for $12 000, a four atorj brown atone houae, near Fourth avenue, on Thirtieth atreet. Apply to S. S. UKOAD, 13 Wall atreet. For sale, for$sooo-a very neat three story briek house and lot, on Deau atreet, Brooklyn, near Nevina, containing hath, gae An. and $3,000 on mortgage. Alao, for $6,500, that three atory brick houae, 222 Dean atreet. Apply to S. S. BROAD, 13 Wall atreet. For sale a bargain? the fine block of ground, with manaion houae aud other Improvemonu, on Seventh and Eighth avenuea, and 149th and IflOtb atreete, all in good order, and will be (old cheap, aa the owner dosirea to leave the city. Apply at WARD'S Real Eatate office, ad joining the railroad depot, llarlcm. For sale at qarlem-some fins cottage* with garden*, in good locatlona; pricea $2,000 to $"!,0tl0'. alio a block of ground, with large manaion houae and othor improvement*, on Eighth avenue, near Harlem river. Ap ply at WARD'S Real Eatate office, adjoining the railroad depot, Harlem. FOR SALE CHEAP; at harlem-a house and lot. The houae ia a two atory frame, with good base ment, and tlniahed complete, with Croton water in tha yard; the houae ia aituated in the centre of the place, between the Third and Fourth avenuea, and near the railroad depot. For further "articular!, inquire of J. N. WATSON, Real Estate Office, Fourth avenue, between 125th and lJtith atreet*, Harlem. For sale or exchange-in fairfikld, conn., centrally and very deairably located, amodern home, containing eighteen large rooma, furniahed or not, ready for immediate occupancy: ahade and fruit tree*, thrifty and ot good growth: very dealrablefor a small hotel, (there hoing none in the place,) ageutuel boarding houae, or large private rendenee; barn 30if0. Price $7 500. Terma very eaay. Alao. twenty acrea of land, if deaired, Apply to F. W. KNAPP, 34 Broadway. IpOR SALE OH EXCHANGE. FOR NEW YORK OR 1 ltiooklvn property, aplcnilld country teat and farm, neiirSUiiy Brook Harbor, In view of 1,001 laland Kiiml, containing 200acrea, nnaurrntacd for proJucti veneaa by any la>> da within fifty milel of tliocity; ImiMinga laiY? and mag nificent. A. M UU KK, 2JM Broad way. FOR SAI.E OR EXCHANGE, IN Wl LI.IAMSIIURG? Three very deairable to to, near the market; ue in (iraud atreet, 2,1x100, ruitaUe for hardware, dry good*, or any re ?pectable bunlnvna; one corner Fillmoro placo and Sl?th atreet, tollable for a groc ry, baker. Ac.; the other well adapted for n private reaidcnca. Two lota would he applied for tne erection uf a houae, or if improved no money wauled. Apply at 270 Third avenne. (GROCERY STOKE FOR SALE-AN OLD ESTAB X liiheil atore; atook light, rent low, now doing a good luainera, with a lonx leaae. Inquire at 1UH Elin atreet. Hardware.? for sale, in brooelyn, the atock of a hardware atore. The buaineaa laa been car ried on aueccerfully ten yeara by the proaent owner*. A Iraxe of five yeara or tlie premiaca, at a very moderate rent, will he iranteil to the pnrchaacr. Apply on tho prcialaea, 21? Pacific atreet. High bridge, -for sale low, so acres or ar"und wilii a beitwMful wooded tront. aloping gradually til Ilarlem Kiver, on the Weatchmter aide, Jast above the bridge, with fruit and water, and fit fori mprovement aa one or more country Mala. Apply ta H. W. Coomba, 42 Trinity Bnildinc. House? horse? wagon and harness-house 2NI \Vf?t Twenty tourth atreet, two at?ry and banc ment, fitted with gaa, l ath room, range, Ac , la lor aitle cheap, alio, a line young horae, aui'able for a lady to rid* or drive, with wagon, harnaaa, aleigh, Ac. To bo aoeu at Chelaea Stallee, 2Z7 Went Twenty drat atreet. House foksai.e.-in Brooklyn, very cheap. and only $1,000 required in caab, a three atory and baaement houae marly naw, fitted with gaa, rang*, Ac., and aituatad within two minutea walk of Hamilton terry, Price 1 1, WW. Apply to T. SEW El, L, No. 1 Barclay atreet. House for sale? no. 10 rose street, near Frankfort atreet; the three atory and baacment dwal ling, with abop in reas. and very favorable leaao of the lot, twenty eight yeara to run; an eicellent aituatiun for a manu facturing Jeweler, gnnamit h, *r the like. $2,000 may remain on mortgage. Apply to EDWARDS A MA'!, No. 64 Wall , atreet. House and lot for sale-on the northeast corner of Seventeenth atreet and Secoud avonue.ou f'oaite Stuy veaant ai|nare, and the uianaion of Gov. Flan, our etoriea and taaement, brown atone, firat claaa, in every ( articular complete, with all the modern I mpr iveinenti, tint and cold water; not air and gaa throughout. The above bouae ia one of the moat pleaaant location!, and commanda one of the beat viewa of any ia the elty. Alao, the four atory and baaement brown atone hnaae, on the Kaat aide of Second avenue, directly In rear of the above, with all the modern linpro?em<ati. Inquire in the eoruer houae, from 'J A. M , to 6 P. M. House and i.ot no 331s, sixth street, for aalr, or to let. I.ot 23 by V7, brick honae, throw atoriep, 23 by 42; kitchen on the rear; three atoriea, Croton water On each floor; range, hot water and bath. The houae waa ballt by the preaei.t occupant, in the moat anbatantial manner, and ia wall calculated for a family on eaeh door. Price. Sti.UUt, one-half mortgage. If not aold by the firat of April will be rested far WOU, with the privilege of lahiettiag for two or three imall famlllea. For further particular* cn |uire oo the premitet. House and lot, with store, for sai.e-cheap far caah. no incumbraaae. Four atory fireproof hoiaaa, Croton water all through the houae, aituatad Seventh avenne and Twenty fourth atrtet. Apply at !M I'oarl atreet, in tho itora. Houses for sale at a bargain. -the four three atory and kaaement, maatte front bnek hoeaae, ?ilaated at the aveaue ana Kott atreet land adjoining), Brooklyn? tea minutea1 walk from Peek allp fer ry. The above houae* have marble mantrla, eoraieea, unde cellar*, Ac and two tblrda of the purehaae money may re main on mortgage. Apply to Jacob Pecare, N o. 161 Heatcg atreet. Machine shop and iron furniture and railing factory, cemprialng (team engine, lathee, puaehet, drilla, two doable forgca, with blaat, and all the toola anil lui|ft*ineata la complete working order The above will i e 1 >1 at abont one half the coat, on ravoratile t*rui* of payment. The factory I* large, and one of the uioat de eiraMe in thn city for coaveaienec and light If ventured, a Irate would be given at a low rant For further Inforua tioa, apply to GARDNER A BROTUER'S iron atore, cor ner of Grand and Madiaon atreeta. Must be soi.d, to close a joint account A three atory and baaement brtek honae on Twenty revceth atreet. between Siith aad Seventh avenuca; will be cold a great bargain, on term* to *?it parnhaaer It la 10 a row of fiae honae* ai.d good rear. Ilonc* 20 by 40 foot lot half the block; fathional It parlora, ? tare roema ia third atory, verandah, gaa throughout the houae, hot and cold water, apeahing tubee. waah traye, gaa Aataree, hatha, water elOKCta. range, Ac ; rente for >700. Apply at 147 Front atreet, Iron I to 3 o'clook, P. M. Retail hosiery store for sai.f. -situated in I a ?*Tj deelmbl* leoatli n. aad doing a Iral rat* bnei ueae sow for aavea yeara The atnoun-. of atock (eaeluatvely bo. Wry gooda) la about VW, and a very great inducement w ill te offered The aenior cltrk can be r? engaged, ao that anyp<raonnot having time to attend to it, can have it managed by a very fai'.hful aad competent clerk. Terme eaah, or fully accured paper. Addreaa, with real aame, poatpaid, lloiiery, bog I 234 Poet Ullic. To tobacco buters.-twbi.te large shrdr of the beet Ohio aeed loaf tobacco, lor aale. Buiera arc aolkttod at Germaatowa, Montgomery county Ohio, by Wm. I. eighty , o. G. 0. Davidaon, Lewia Taylor, Robert R?*t, and other* TO DAGl'ERRF.ANS AND OTHERS -TO BF. SOLD, ON eaay term*, the lea**, good will, apparato* atook and fur nitar* of a gallery, now doing a good batlaeat, in on* of tho aio*t deairable parte of Broi.klya. To any oae within* to eagage in lb* buainra*, th.a i* a ohnaeo that aeldom offer*; the owner being about to leave lb* city, i* bla roacan for eelllag. Apply at MA Fnltan atreet Brooklyn Tiie season is coming when wei.ooeoutfor clean and comfortable dwelllnge. Veranna having gooda of anv kind to aell will find a buyer by calling or eendlag to J C. MTERS, *7 Gre*nw icl avenae, betwen Bank and Troy VALUABLE MINERAL IANDS FOR 8ALI.-TRB anderaigncd, owning a larra body of mineral laad* to Miaaoarl, aad knowing the Impolicy or attempting to work mlnea aingl* band, d, wonld dlap< *a of aa iatereat ia then on favorable term, to partiea who woald Join him ia working It em The laeida ar* aitaated in the heart of the mining die trict cf Mlaaoori, aad it ia the opinion of every iat<llig*nt peraoa who ha* *iamiaed them ti at there are large dep >eRe of lead ore oo the property With tho imperfect eyatcm of ?ming in Miaaonri they yielded aboat aeaeateoa thouaand dellara worth of ore within two yeara For farther partiea lara anil ?a the nnderaigned at the Irving Uoaaa. New York. Withla aevan daya, or thereafter addreaa F. J. SMITH, Old Miaea, Wnahiagtoa ecaaty, Miaaonri. corporation notices. SALE or CORPORATION PRorBRTY -VILL BB a.ld at paklic aactloa. oa Setarday, 7th April, at M o'clock A M, te the biabect bidder, all the material aad property of the mine ef iaa lata New City Hall, laaatad i* the I arb, eoaeietiag ef brieke. lagging, aad baiMla**<ona Said property will fa aeld la different let*. The term a o aale will We caah ta b* paid to tha nactioaeer aa aoon aa the aalcl* eaaelud.d Tl *par*ha*.r will b* abllga'^4 te r* ?eve the ptooaeda of nl* i urahaa* from the premieea wtthln five dayatros the dai el tale. All r*aa>ea.ib.r)ty far the delivery of the property will be borne by (be narebaaer and In eaa* the percbaaar tkonld nagloct to remeve taid mate rial* or p"f?rt j witWa the l? dayc. aa *pe*lg*4 a tk^| u eoi.eider*d torfe1 Wd to the crparaUen, aad wiH be told ova* again far lb? bcaHt ef tb* 'it*. BARTHOLOMEW M PURDT C^MiMivact of Be pam Md SnpfUM. ?PBCIAJL If otic bs. KA8T TENNESSEE.? I WOULD INFORM MY FRIENDS and otbar* Ce.lrou* of, aad who . ? ntracted for land with that I will return hom? at>out the 8th of April ??it. The farv to Chattanooga via Cincinnati i* 910. Vor information, apply to S. J. A. BURG, 212 Broadway, room No. 10. Hudson river improvement. -owners of ?tram dredging maebin?a may huaroi employment for excavatin* and removing *artb front th? barn of thn Hndaon liner above and lielow Albany, on application to the under signed, at 81 Ninth atre*t, New York. KICU'D DELAF1ELD. MaJ.of Engineer*. IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION, NO. 96 WAItKEN' atre' t, one door from Greenwich ? Open uaity from ID A. Id. to I P.M., and 4 to 7 P.M. Inter -at at the rate of ?i? per umt allowed on all iusi from $ I to SAOO. The luuda of this inrtltutioB are Monraly iaveated in bonda ami mortgage* in the city of New York, wurth doul l? the amount loaned, and in bond* in thi. pity. CALEB S. W (11)1)111 1.1., Praaidont. M.' D.' Van Vut, I Vice Jent.?. Vahdkbiult L. Bcxton, Secretary. NOTICE.? ONE CASE OF MERCHANDISE. MARKED (G in a diamond) Mo 70. having b??n left laatyear in front of Mr. Salomon Itohnatamm atorea, n^ilroaoway, and taken ia charge by hi* portar, will be aold by auotion to pay charge* if not claimed within two week* Ir m thin day, the owner'a attention having been called to aaid caae by previoua ad vor - tiaemeata, Mareb S3, IMS. OFFICE PANAMA RAILROAD COMPANY, NEW York, Marob IB, IH86.? The annual election for thirtoea director* of th* above company will be held at the oflloe, No 7K Broadway, ob Monday, the aepond day of April neat. The poll* will open at 12 and oloao at 2 o'clock P. M. The transfer booka will be cloned on the 28th of Marob to the 2d of April, inolBaive. HENRY SMITH, Secretary pro torn. OFFICE OF TIIE CHICAGO AND ROCK ISLAND Railroad Compan /, Corn Eichanga flank UnilJlng, IS William itroot.? New York, March IS, ? Thi? Company having declared a dividend of four per oont on the capital ?took, payable oa Monday, the ecajnd of April n?it, th* triinafer book* will be cloned on Satnday. the a^venteenth in atant, at 3 P. 11., until the aooond of April. Tho dividend will b? paid at tbe office of the Company . ? A. C. FLAGQ, Treaaurer. Tunis n. smith ceases to act as collector for tbe Camden A Amboy Railroad and Transportation Company from thia date. A. DECKER, A.cnt. New York, March 23, 1HSS. XkJ ASIIINGTON CHAPTER, NO. 2, O. U A ? BRO. TV tbera, you will pleaxo aaacmbl* at the chapter roomi. at 12 o'clock to day, for th* purpoao of attending the funeral of our late brother, John M. Morriaon. Member* of the orier are Invited to Join with ua. It v order, EDWARD MEIIR1TT, Sachem. F. FlTZPATBICK, C. of th* C. HORSBS, CARRIAUE8, AC. AT BAZAAR, 31 CROSBY STREET, WILL BE SOLD, on Monday, at 12 o'clock, twenty live baraea, nuitahle tor all purpo***; alao, new and aecoud fuind wagona, harnoae, aaddl**, Ac. JOUN II. (MTKIEI.D, I'ropriptor. CIA KRI AGES. ?ONE FAMILY ROCKAWAY CAR J riage, in good order; on* light bu,*gy wagon, with tap, <|uit? new; one light bug?ty wagon, *i|uar* body; alao two acta of aiagle harneaa. for aale, at reaaonabla pricoa, on application at 17 W*at Tbirti*th atreot. J^OR SALE? A HANDSOME DOG CART, BUILT IIY Wood, Tomlisaon A Co , and modelled afier the price vehicle at the London exhibition; ha* been but little n?*d, and ia in eieelUit order Alao, a aet of harneaa tor th? ?mr. Can le aeen at Mr. Wood'* atable, eorner of Lafayr.tte place and Fourth Itreat. I^OR SALE? A NUMBER OF SCOTCH AND 811 ET land poni'*, aaitable for children to ride, alao, two pair of beautiful matched ponie*? all of them kind in bar Beaa. Can b* aeen at 39 Elisabeth atroet GEORGE T. HALL. IpOR SALE.? AN EXCELLENT SORREL PONY, M handa high, kiud in harnoea, and drat rato uudi r tho raddle. Apply at H4? Broadway, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth atrecta. IjlOR SAI.E-AN ICE WAGON-HAS ONLY BEEN IN 1 uae for a law month*; I* oapable of carrying 4. MM. Can l'? aeen at A. STtWAR'I'S, Fifty third atrcoi, near Eighth avenue. Ini|uira at V2 Weat itreet. IjlOR SALE? A SPLENDID 1IAY HORSE, SEVEN yeara old, aixtaen hand* high, *ouud and kind, a iirat rate traveller, and of groat euduranc*; ol tho ttm-at >tylo and action. To a party wishing a good horae here ia u ch&neu ?eldon. to le met with. Apply at 444 Breomc atreet, for furt her particalara. HORSES AND MULES? FIFTEEN VERY SUPERIOR young horaea, lately from Vermont; warranted pure Moruani. Among tham twa pairs cloaely matchnd baya; al io eight eitra new city made light wag' na, and a apan of large matched mulra for Ml* cheap. Apply at 21 aud 23 Uocram atreet, Brooklyn. Horses and carriages -wanted-a fine atyllah driving family hor.e. Entire at North eMt. corner of MadUoa avenue Bad Twenty ninth atroet, at o'clock, A.M., or I' M. SECOND HAND HEARSE FOR SALE ? SUITABLE FOR alngle or double horaea; alao, a atroag four wheel wagon, with ahlttlng top, and one eat of aingle aud one e?t of double harneaa; alao, two black cloth here* oovcra, with booda, Ac To be aeen at 132 Duano atreet. Tl/AfiONS? TWO LIGHT SECONDHAND ROAU TT vaioa* for aale cheap: one with leather aliiiting top. Inquire of J U. RYER, aaddler, 612 Broadway, eorucr of llouaton ktraet. WANTED TO 1*I!RCUAHM?~A PAIR OP BLACK OR \ ay h?ra?a, not laaa thau hi^h, puny built, | pord travcllera, tine fl,<u rp aad Action; not m*>r? titan nev*:n I yearflofajK. Addrcaa T. II. Blatebford, box 2/fW, Poat | N . U -Nouc uotd aaawar thia unieaa tbey^LaYe aioa 1 bora?a. WATCHES, JEWKIJtV, At;. JACOB'S CELEBRATED CAI.IFOKNIA DIAMONDS ere to be found ?t 41)7 llrondway. Them diamond* are equal in brilliancy and appcaranuo to the real diamond. Gent*' pina, cluatur and aiSKto aton* earring*, *tud?, Indira' pint. ale*** buttons, rin?a, plain and *nain*ll*d. Tb* prico* are v*ry low. REDUCED PRICES 1 WATCHES, DIAMONDS AND JEWELRY. Tlir tul >rril it la tailing all description* of tho following article! at rtstail, much lower than any other bona* in tbo r-Ltn jvasgnsai* watch, Warraatad pcrfact time keeper a, $140 to 12.'*) COOPII WATr.'lOa, Duplex and Levari, front SI2StofZ75 laoanapiNT aicoan, And Qnartar Second watebaa, for timing boraea..| 12A to 12.7) CHlonumrtai. Splendid Gold Fookct Chronometer*, perfect time kccpcri J12A to $250 gll.HT DAT WATCH**, Which ran eight day* with rftaa winding tin to f IMA CN AHKI. WATCH Ca, For ladlea, aoae ia bunting eaaea MA to f 1U0 ?HAMOND WATCIIga. For ladle*, loma la inanio eaaea $.V> to WOO M A*> IC WATCH ?:?, Which chang* into three different watohea tlOOtoSI7S WATCH B* WHICH WIND I ? And tnrn th* band* without a key WAtolltO A Li. a i una or w atchea at low mica*. Fin* (old L*pin* watch**, 4 hoi* $2A Fine gold Detached I. even .1) Gold enamelled watohea, for the ladtaa IA Gold EnglUh l atent Paver*. .It Gold Eugllah I'atant l.cvara, hunting eaaea . M Sliver Patent L*vera a* low a* 1$ Silver Detached Lerere a* low aa 14 I.adlea' gold aeta, aarnua. pin* and hran*lateflS <H? to f7S.*l Far ringe. tt to ?2 '2S, pine, $2 to f.A. braoelete SOU to HIIOU Gold Israel*, on*, two and lour glaa*?a 3 <?? to 2S <U Gold Guard Chain* 10 UUto Ml M Gold ( ha'alaine fbain# 10 <?i to 110 110 Gold V cat Chataa 3) 00 to HA Ill Gold Fob Cbaiaa fi <11 to tt ??? Fin* Gold Wadding Klaga 3. VI to 7 (V Gold Uoard K*jra I 00 to .1 ID Gold Fob Kay* . .. 2 00 to 6 ??? Gold Fob Seal. 3 00 to Ulll Gold T tillable* 2 .Ml to 5 (III Gold P*n*ila 1 2.1 to 7 II) G*ld Pen* and Peactla Jin to I fi ") liiamond Ring* , 7 ?<0 to iVi ill Diamond Far Ming* ... HI) 00 to .HI) <11 Diamond Pin IS oo to *i) 00 Gold Lroeao* 2 tl) to 12 00 Gold Flngtr Kinga with *t*n*a 1 ia) to IA U0 Gold Sleeve Ituttona, p*r act . 2 .'*) to 12(1) Gold Stnrii. per aet I SO to 10 On Gold Snectaolee, p*r pair A (V) to 9 >1) Gold Eye Glaaae* I "3 to fi '?) Silver Tcaapeon*, per a*t S (I) to V (I) Silver Tal.l* Spoon*, per a*t 1 2 HO to 21(11 Silver Table Forka. p<r aet l.'l uil to 23 u) Silver Cnpa for childr** A II) to IA 00 Sila*r Nat kin Ring*, aaeh . I AO to 3 .V) Gold Armlete for children, par pair 2 .'?> to fin) PInin Cold Ringa 7A to .KM ('baaed Gold Ring* 1 00 to Ad) Silver Tl.imM** ailver top* .. 37 Gold Scarf Plnr I 00 to 700 GEOKGE C Al MN. Importer, Whrleeale and Retail, No. II Wail atreet, Sacoad ><ar, near Hroadway. N Y. SIIA \ All AN A I. ..It Kit OPTICIANS, An1, FIJI, TON atreet, ketp ronetaatly on band a full a<*ortaienl(nf ?I?eta< lea and tye ?!***? a, in avary *tyle; theodolyte* tran aita, l*ve|a, a?rv*yor*' eompaaaea, drawing lnalruinoata, mi croicopei, opera glaaaaa, thermometere, A>:. JAMES II S II A N A II AN, CHARLES LOB HER LOUT AND POUND. " T\OG LOST -STRAYED A WAT FRilM~TUEStTB IJ aerib?r a email white alat marked with brown apote. and an- waring to th* aam* of Beaut* She may l.e * wily known by tting on her haun>-bea when wiabing to eat Three d?llara reward will he paid for her return to 7<V4 llro*dw*y IOsT-ON i)R AB'ltIT 1ARIHI 1.1. l-.VV A I. A KGE J Newfoundland alat, hie- k aad a potted on th* *o*e aod belly, and part of th* tall whitw, an*w*r* to th* nemo of Spry. Whoever will return her to th* ntorooeo factory Slant'* ?treat, Brooklya. ahall receive flva dollar* reward and ranaonnhle eipeaa** It.ST? F.ITIIEtt IN THIRTY THIRD -TREET, BF. j tween Madiaaa and Fifth avemtea. or In one of the Madi ?on *v*nna atagee, an oval gold lirooehe, aet with ba r with a ? trail gold heart attached Tr-* finder will he literally re warded ty retnrning the *ame lo >o 1 F.ut Thirty tbird atieet, tatween Hadiaon aad Fl Itb aveauea. THE TW?. ~ KED nOI.SE Pl.F.ASt'RE OROOftDS, IIARI.EM -"wtm. A BROWNE re*f ertfnlly *na?n*e** to hi* frtond* nnd th* public generally that he ha* now e->apl*t*d hi* eatanalve improvvnta at thia **|e>>r*l*4 plaee of re*era I krge addltiasa have bee* mad* to bia etafcl**, which now afford ac?emuiod*tl?a* l* all th*** wh* may avail than* aelve* of their ?onv*n?a?ae* Home of th* most celebrated racing and trotting naga are *? w ia traiaing oa hi*gr**nd*. ? mong ' thera *f hit owa are Wild Inahnaan. little Flea. Elian llateman, aad Fl*ra Tempi*, which ran b* aeen dally by p*r*eaa dlapoaed to viait tb* preaiiae* Tb* traiatag track and erleket gronnda are now In An* or4*r. and are unequalled by any nthera In the eonatgy The bona* ha* uadargon* *itanalv* r*pair*. aad large ad llttena hav* been mad*, aiaklag tb* wbol* oa* at lb* m at perfect ?r ehlieb meat* In tb* world. nUTBIJ.ERi' at, TDK. HARf OX'S MERCHANTS I.INE FOR A I.RANT, If <!*nn*fti*n with tb*N*w V^rk f???r?l mi Northern K*ilreada The at'aaier II ERo will ?? f > ? - foot ?f H n " nitreet t hi* (huaday; *v*ai*g, at t * ? l*ek Fee ateae f^aa*. A* . *| ply oa heard V-EW JERSEY RAILROAD -FOR PHII.A DBLPIOA + Z *?f ,l1* ?**tk aad Waat, via iaraay City aaall led "57" -Ua?* "ew ynrt at I ul lb A M aad 4 I af a*r * '"?.""la I, aad ftl la * aad l? A k. aad V'JM a*a*ad ?l*aa itSli W. aad II N at K, >t*p?4M atatiea* Threes tielat* aeld f*r?in?,a*a1 *"?. and tm MtMw*. Vullagtea Wevfel. A* i V aldVi jC*"' U "aabl?(tai la I aad l4 fos LIVREPOOL. ? UN ITID STATES MAIL STEAM ?kip ATLANTIC, Ju, Want, eoinmaader Thi* eteam ?Mf will With the United State* wall* tor Europe, Eoeitively on Wadaeeday, April 4, it LI o'clock M., froia rr berth, tt the foot of Cut) atreet For freight or pa?i??, having une^ nailed accommodation* for elegance Mil o'iui fori, apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS, 06 Well atroet PnatDim ira rea seated to ba on board at II ^ ?'alouk A. M. The ateamahip llaltw will auaoaod tba Atlantic, and tail April IH. Shlppera pleaee taka notioa Ibat tba ttiipi of tbil Una ciiaot eairy any nooda contraband of war. THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES Mail Steamer*.? Tba ihipa ooupoaing thla hno ar? the following. ? ATLANTIC, Cap?. Weal. BALTIC, Cap?. Comatoak. 1'ACIFIC. Capt. Nye. ADRIATIC, I apt . Thcae ?hlpe bava bcea bailt by eoatraat, eiprcealy for gov arninant aerviec. Every rare ba* boon takan in tbair coa atruetina, ai alao in their engine*, to anauro atreugth ami apMid. and tbair accommodation* for paeaengera arc oneioal lad for elegance anil comfort. I'riea of paaaaga from New York to Liverpool, la Arat alaaa oabta, 4130, in a?'oml iln., $75; exeluiive n*c of ailra ?iae stateroom*, $32A; from Liv erpool to New York 30 and 30 guineaa An aipenenaad aur faon attached to each ehip. No bartb aaaurad until paid ?V. vaoroaru vatik or ?aii.iiaa. rMh mw Tim. a hum uvrirooL. VVidneadny, March 21... IMA Satarday, Marrli .1 IV5 Wednesday. April 4 ? IMA Saturday, March 17 UM Wednesday, April IC. , . . INK Saturday, Maruh. II IMA Wednesday, May 2.... IMA Saturday, April 14 IMA tVedncaday, May IS . IMA Saturday, April JU IMA Wedneeday, May 30. . . IMA Saturday. May A IMA for freigot ?r paaaage apply to EDW'D K. COLLINS, No. Ml Wall ?treat, Saw York. BKIIWN. SHIi'l.EV A CO , Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., 27 Frairt, Loudon. B. G WAIN WRIGHT A CO., I'arii. GEORGE II. DRAPER, Havre. Tba owner* of tbeae ablpa a ill aot ba accountable for gold, eilvrr, bullion, apcrle, jawalry , precloua atouea or metal*, nnlaaa billa or lading are llgued therefor, and the value thereof therein tupreaaed. Shipper* pleaae take nutice that the ehlpe of thla lino oan ? not carry auy nooda contraband of war. TUX LIVERPOOL AN D PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP Company Intend eailmg their favorite ateauinlilpa ? CITY or MANCHESTER *,1 16 ton*, Capt. Wylie. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (new.) 2, A3H tout, Capt. . CITY OF WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 ton*, Capt R. Leitoh. Saloon SIM. (OA, and $AA, according to atate rooiu. A limited number of third claaa paweager* will be takea from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found in provlaiona. From Philadelphia $30 | From Liverpool tit I'artlee wiahing to bring aut their frieada oan obtain oertl Scale* of paaiage and dralt* on Liverpool, in anina of ?1 iter linn and upwarda. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, Aitnt, 17 W alnot (treat, Philadelphia, and No. 7, Druadwey, New Ycik. OTICE.- RED STAR I.INEOF LIVERPOOL PACK N -Packet of 29th March ?The aplendld new and uia^ uificent packet ship CONSTELLATION, Capt Alleu. will positively anil o? Tbaraday, 29th March, her regular day. The acoommodaiioii* for cabin, aecond cabin and etenra^e Saaaenger* aro uii?urpaa*ed, Peraona about prooaedlag to uroiie ahonld make early appll ation to aMur* hart ha on board at pier 4fi Eait river, or to TAPSCOTT A CO., M Soath ?troct BjlOR SOUTH AM PTON ANO 11 A V RF..? Til E UNITED 1 State* nail *team*hip UNION. K Adauia, Comiuan ler, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton, to laud the mail* and pawengera, on Saturday, April 7, at 12 o'clock, from piar No, 37 North river, fool ol Beach afreet. Price of paassage. Drat caldu, $130: aecond do. $75. Luggage n'H wanted during tbu vi rago ahonld be anut on board the day before failtBi, marked "below." No freight taken alter Thursday, April 9. For freight or paaaage apply to MORl'I MV.K LIVINGSTON, A3 Broadway. Steamships between iiavrk and new york direct.? The *teamahip ALPS will *ail from Havre direul lur New York, (without calling at any port in England,) on Saturdav, 2?th of November. The rate* of freight and pan ?age In Brat and aeoond eabina wUI be very modi rate Tie ?ailing of the aucccedinc ateamer* will b? shortly an nouneed. The rate of luaiiranco lu France i* leu by ships from Havre direct tor New York than in ships calling at an Engliah |>ort. Apply In Havre and I'arla, 17 BnuUvard* do* Italic it*, to Donald t urrie, oriuNew York to E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Greon. US. MAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA, VIA ASPIV ? wall and Panama.? Califurnlana are inlorm. d that the Panama Railroad i* completed, and the transit of the lathuiu* will be made by railroad from ooeaa to ocean. No more mule travel ? no river hoiting! On Thtirida*, April A, at 2 o'clock I'. M , from pier at feot of Warren etreet. North river, will to diapatehed lh': fleet ?teanuliiy OKORGE LAW, Capt. G V. Fo*. U. S N. To connect at Panama with the new and superior iteain ? hip SONORA, Capt. K. L. Whiting. A aparv boat alwaya kept at Panama, to prevent doten Hon, In caae of accident. No freight received niter I o'clock on the aailing day f or pataage apply at the Company'* olfice, No 177 ll'eit ?treat, to J. W RAYMONII. EDUCTION OF FARRS TO SUIT TIIE TIMES? NEW York aud California ateauiahlp line, via ? An ceoory Tranait Comtiany, (of Nicaragua,) proprtatora ? Through in advance of the mall ?700 intlea ahorter than auy other ronte ? The aplendld double engine ctanumhtp Ni ilCITI ERN LIGHT, ll.f 00 tone bnrtbun,) ( ant Tlnklepaugh, will leave pier No. 3 North river, at3o'c(ock P. M , premaety, fir I'unta Arena*, oa laeaday, March 27, ISAA, ennueetlng with the atcamahip ( ortia, (2,000 ton*,) over the Nieaiarua tranlit fonte, having hnt twelve mile* of land Ironiieirta tlon by trat claaa carriogee Several new anl awirt iroa ateamboata have lately Man put on river and lake, winrb eborten tbe time on the tiauill from ocean to ocean Tlieaa ateamere are nnanrpaaeed in their ventilation aud MNV modation?. For Inlorniallon or paaaage, at the redocd rati*, apply only to I TIARI.EH MORUAN', agent, No. i Bowling Gri en. Letter bag* inade up at the oAoe. R Dispatch line for jan rR\N(;iH<o.-Tiir. ?LiUadfc* A 1 4lr?t r Im et1|>p?r ?hlp L ? Y. U K l?R LltlN, (J. W. r?ek*r, niiUr, it now r*rti?ln* eariro at p. F.??t rii r*r. and Hill |>o?itlvely ?a>l for San rranrUco on or huforn Ttrritday, April A. aod ?? np?cUtl to Uniah loading 27tb inst. The thip? of this lino aro voarantoed U? huiI on or 1 t>elQre the daj a<lv? rtiae l. SL'TTON M CO., *4 Wal wtr?" t. |Lf9TR Al.IA PIONKBR LINE, CARRTfNO T1IR Lrnlt?d 5iatr? inailn? Tha ??l?brat?d ?lipp?r ?hip [OCEAN STF.EH, Thus Canningham, uiA?t?r, la now at h?r tarth. pirr ft F*aat rtvar. luadiiiK Tor Jialbouruo Tliia Nhin t* f{uuig oat "ti hrr ??rond tojaite id thia lina, hariox mad? nor aat paaaair" in nine day a. !!*a a<c?H??nt aeoomaioda* tiona for (irpt and a#rou?l ulaa* paaaanxera. E%rly appliua tion for frai/ht or pa*aar? na??<iaarir aa aha will r?o*itirnly laail a bo tit middle of April. Tl?a Ocaan St^ad will ba ano t d ?? d I y Uu* naaruflcant atippar ihip Niffhtiriral", In May, alr<> on bar racond?oya?a, haalnit mad? bar laat In tba anpra cdeottd tima tf Eayaniy ?>ii days. For fraifbt or pa?)>a?ra. apply to K W v. A MKRON ,No. 8 Bowling Urwu, aud 116 W all ni ra*-t. US MAIL Rlr.AMfllirPCOJIPANV rOR HAVANA ? and Kn Orteana ? On Hand**. April 1*. *12 1' M . from pi.rtnotul Warren itreet N. I( by the well known ? at Itxinti atcamalnp I'll 1 1. A l>EI.I'll I A. Paaaare < an be eccrired at the eompany'e office Freirht to New Orleaaa, 'd) renH pcrenhlt: font. Shippera will beeapplud with bleak Mil* at lading of the form* aigned by the Company. on application at their nffioe. No other ftirinailgned, and do bllla of lading will ba aigned alter 'be hour of aalling. For freight or paaaaga apply at tbe ofllce of tha company, No 177 W?(t ft., corner of Warren M O ROIIEKM Nr.W YORK AND NEW ORLEANS STF.A WHIP COM paey? Ftr New Orlrane atopplag at Havana? <-'arr? ln? the United Statea Malta ? Tne eteainehlp C A II A W II A. ft W Shnfeldt, eomn.aiider, will eommenee receiving frm/ht on Thoredny, March 22, and eall for tha above porta oa Monday, March 2 1, at 12 unlock precleely, from pier at foot ef Beach atreet, North Mrir Freight for the intorlot aad fur Mobile, ennai/ned te oar agenta In New Ordain, Jamea Counoly A ( ?> , will be forwarded free of eominta alona. I'aeeengera fur Uawaaa meat procere paaap->rte be fore leaving port. Riile enadiag muat be aent la for aigoinf the evening prevlona to the ahip Bailing. For freuht er puaaage apply to I.I V I NORTON . C*M IIEKOV f CO., aaanta, 31 llroadway. N. B ? The lliaek Warrior, J D. Itullobk, eommaador, wtll eaccaed the Cabawba, aad a all Mcaday, April ?. FN ON SAVANNAH AND F I.OK I DA? I' N ITF. I) STATES Mall line? The new and elegant ateanxblp KNOX VILLE, 1> Ludlow. will leave New York for Savaunah on Saturday, Mareh .HI. fro? pier No. 4 North rirt-r at 4 o' I'. M, Bllla of lading elgaed on board For freight abply on board, or for ruaaie, to SAMUEL I, MITCHILL, if l<ruad?ay For Florida, throarh tlekete from Sew York to Jacksonville Hi; to I'llatkl, M2 Tha FI.ORIIIA, < apt. M S Woodbull, will aucteed, and leave oa W a lneelay, April 4. WO* CHARLESTON AND FF.ORI DA.? SEM I WEEK I. V r LTaite'l **tatee Mall Lino ?The aplendld, feat golnr et*an,ihlp JAMES AD'.ER, S C. Turner aommaudcr, Kill leave iiu r No 4 North river, on Haterdar, March SI, at foar o'cloca P. M preciee'y. For freight, apply on hoarl wher? >11 bllla of lading will 'a eigned: and for pnaatge, el the of lira of SPOFFoBD TILBSTON A CO , V) fir . ad way Through tick- ta to H"ri'le aa followa:? To Jeekannvllle, Ill ; to Pllatka, ISS. The MARION will enacted, aad leave on Wedneaday, April 4. F'OKI IIARLF.STON.S I' -THE STEAMSHIP QUAKER r|TY, J II Rodgdea, eommaader. will leave I'hila delphla for C'harleatou on Monday, March J B, at III A. M < al in pacing* $ ?: eteeraae I* For freight ?r paaaage ap ply to IIERo.N A MARTIN, :57X North Wharvea, I'luU ielphia. I^OR NORFOI.B, PETERSBURG AND RICHMOND - The Lt.ited MaUa mail ateamahlr ROANOKE, T Skinoer. eommaader will laare pier 13 North river, en M'cdncaday, Mareb 2*. at 4 o'clock, I' M ; will arrive la Norfolk the neat afternoon, aad Peterabarg aad Richmond tbe following morn ng. From Norfolk paeeenecea for tbe Booth proceed by railroad direct, with thruagb tickete fr m Weldoa to Wilmington, Aataeta. le. l'aa*ag" andfarete Norfolk, ff. to I'eteral.nrg aad Richmond 110. ateerage i.alf f rice. Thrve?h ttekete to Lynehbnre, lit Arply t? l.U DI.AM A PLEASANTS, S3 UroefVey. EXTHA fat. BOI'N TV IAM? Nowr l?D ACBB5? TO AM, I'NITED Mataa aailore, aoldiari aad othera. In aay war aiaee i;#i Eatraray pr u.|ll/ paid Land warraate ubteined. boogbt and eol'1 , (?nai< na procured, laada, eitra r?y. or balan ce e? mlng to wid' wa and helra of decaael I'aite.f titaa a ail ire and eoHirre e< I - ? ? ? and all blade of elelma agaln?t Ifii I'Mte I statea recovered b* KDW A HI) BIB." ELL, Agent aad late I'araar U 8. '? ?? j WaH atrwet BOCNTV I AND.? SOLDIERS, SA I LOB*. Ac, AND tbe w.d-.wa of thoee deeeaacd la any war tlcee I, g>, bf tbe late a< t of < ongreee are eatitlwd 'o 1*1 acr-< ?f lao I aa I eaa obtain tbe aame at the old eatabllebed agency, Oh >t hem atreet Endcaee ef earelea af tkoee that ha*-< rawived C&TIM W. SMITH, Saeeeaeor t? Ia4? M. ItaicM. BOC5TY LAND AND PENSION CLAIMS VMMS lha lat? lawc ?f Cangreee promptly an4 (-/ally an ae c 'iled by f,E'iKf,K WOODMAN, att>/rney at law. 4? Wli liam 1 1 reel batweaa Wall aad Pine etraeta Bounty land aobni.y of tjie veteran cobpb of tbe eer of ISIJ. of tbe city df New iTork, the pv Mi to be paid tale tbe ehartty faad ef tbe eorpe, If Naaeaa etree-. aoath aide, fear doer* ??elew Heekmaa i|>n*A M to BP M Cal. H Hay mood. Major A Dal / Jr . A4)ateet Gaaeiai L W. B/ekaaaa, Agaate appoietad by tbe corpa T AND WAEBANTB -AIL PBRSOH1 ENTITLED TO Id teaaty lead aadar tbe late aot of Ce' greae. can have the teme arepegly ealle?t?d, ea applwati >o t . r ? r l.< iR HIIOT|t|l>. t aakere, 74 Wall Hiaat, career PHML fTBITSD ST A TBI BODKTT LAND OFPICB ALL / ae 14 1 era ev eailore, ft tha wtdewe ef Ikeea wba eerved ta tbe army av aavy la aay ef tbe ware Mace I77S are eatitUd te |M aarea < f '^boaatr laad " TSeee wba reeedeed 40 or t a area eaa aMaaa tbe Valanea *? charge whatever aata warrant a are KlMad. A rat* be tba agent, P t. BETTB. M W Ji etraaA. iwalmjTABTe OQDEN fil'ARD -THE MEMBEBS Or TIIE ABoVR e?? tear are ra^aeeted la mea*. at '.ead ioa?t-rt f ? day Vth taet at 12 o'et- ck eeea, ta par tke laet tr ' ate ef raeaeet te oar kreih'r. I ran' ie Deryea, deeea e? 1 JOHN r BRIM" EERlloFF. M Coeatt J a wee p?T?w "e-rete ry. f|X? THE VETEBANt or U>IS, <>R THEIR WIDOWS . 1 Tbeee Wba received forty acree ef laad are aew eet.ttod ?o I tO aer?e mere aad tbaaa eke received nakly aarae are ?atiiled te ekghty aataa nave, ted eaa rMa'a ikefr warraeia 'f tke a?*w? P T RBTTS, W Wall eareet, bMasast. B* tkarce whaiaMf uM w*rfHM *C* Hllertti ^ AJBOMCJOUm. BROADWAT THEaTRB-B. A. MASMIAI.L, SOU 1 lnm.-Pwr? o>>? M 7: ???????? ?U>j a'tug, Monday mull, March X. will ?* HrtitBM I OTHELLO. Otlulio Mr Fomrt ' l?rn Mr. Conway i Duke Mr. Wtltcra Can-in .Mr. tir*** I tlratiaa* Mr ll.-nry dingo.. Mr. (iroaaeaor I Marco Mr. Haruard B hnutano .Mr I aaerRan | Anto*lo... Mr. Vlnoaot l(raSautli> Mr l.< Iftngwell | Dradetuoua Moo I'oatei Ludovlc* Mr. Sanford I Emllie Mr?. Abbott 1'aa do Uaul . Mlaae? i'nce and H?urr UOOD FOR NOTHINO Nan ... Miaa J Gounauhaim TjL'ALLACK'8 TUKATRB, HROADWAI. N1AK TV Broom* atroat ? Monday *v*niu. March M. Kill: WOULD AND SUE Wol'I.D NOT nun Manuel ?... ??Mr. Illaka I>nn Octaalu Mr Laater Trappauti . . Mr. ,Brou?bani | Hypolita Mr*. Iloay Dun l'hillp Mr | Hura Mr* Stephen* Dun l.oula Mr. Colby | Viletta Mra. Itroughaia Dlcao Mr Bernard K aara Mra. Couovar MV S!?TER KATL Tom Chaff Mr. Vlneent CharN'i Unit. . . Mr Stawart I Slater Kate M ra. St* pbana ARN L'M'd AMERICAN MUSEUM.? TUB WORKER tul Curloaity called lha MAMMoTII UIRI., weiabinii ri.tiuilii. r<i|UirliiK 1A6 yard! at atulT lur h?r clothing i feat itmiihI the *rai*t, V fact around tha hlpa, J lad arouaa the arum, aud .1 airoaa tha ehnnldera. Monday. March Jb ? E? nlm. at 7>? the play of LOVE'S SACRIFICE Ait?r noon, at 3, tun drauia of TnUTII' and tha farce uf THE SKI Itl. I' No obarge to aea all tha unrioaitiea lealdaa. Ad mittance, '.*5 ocnta; children under tan. l'<t)4 sent*. (Illi. CHRISTY A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, NO. 171 1 lltoadway, (Mechanic*' Hall. ) Froprietora Henry Woud and Gao Chrlaty Tim w*ek, a yarled and pleating KTII lol'l AN I'KHmiKIIANI'I commencing arary ?tonina, At o olock. Tu aoniluda with lb" Ml MMY. Tloheta, 2ft eta All huaiueaa tranaaeted by Henry Wood. GRAWD 8IIAKSIEAREAN FAESTIVAI.. SEVENTH AN N I V EitS AK V uf tha AMERICAN DRAMATIC KOND ASSOCIATION, Will be celel rated at tha academy or music. On Tuesday Rvtmnu, Aran. 10, BA I, COSTUME, Introducing a Sariea ..f B R I I. I. I A N T T A H I, E A U * , Embodying tha DRAMATIC PROFESSION OF THE CITY. 1 A Itl.EAU I. From tha Tiamr. Act. 1, tomi 2. Troaparn by . Mr. R Johaaon Firdinaud ... . by Mr. J Dunn Miranda by Mra. Coaueer Ariel by Miaa IliOert TAIILEAU II From Aa You U? It, Art 3, acene I Tonchitone . . . by ... Mr Davidire Corln by Mr Chlppandale Rotalind by Miaa J. Uougaiiheiin Call*.. . by Mr*. SUyeaa TA Itl.EAU III. Frotn, Act I, arena 4. Hamlet by Mr Onet lloratlo by Mr Oruaaanur Marcallua by Mr. Hurka Choat of llaiulct ? lather by Mr. Howard TABLEAU IV From tha Hiiciukt or Vaiaicr, Act 4, acene 2. The Duke ut Venice by Mr Watny** Antonio by Mr. Hyrna I In. aau In by Mr l.*lAn(w*ll Sh> lock by Mr J. H Meoll Cratiano.. ... by Mr. Waltara Salanio by Mr. Colby I'ortla 1 y Madame I'nuial Nwura by Mra. J R. Scott I A lil.E AU V. From kiNii Lkar, Acts, acenaS. F.iUar by ... Mr. Stawart Kant by Mr. C Taylor Kn.u l.ear by . Mr. Ilancbatt Curd< lia by . Mra lloay TAItl.EAU VI From M amarii. Act S, areaa 2 Maobtlb by Mr. F Conway Ru??e by Mr J Moor* l.ennua l.y .... ... Mr. W Moore Han.|u< Mr W B.Clarke l.ady Macbctb. by Mra. F. Conway Lorda, I adlea, l'ace>, Ac. TAIll.KAU VII From tb* M i H n V U'i 1 1 ? o> tViwiiaon, Aot 4, aoane 2. F*l?>afl by Mr Whltln* Mra. l ord by Mra llro.iehaw M r?. 1'in. by Mra Plac* 'I A Itl.EAU VIII From llrnRv Titr En.mii, (illu>tratin( Ilarlowa't Kraat I'kture.) Act 2, ?.eii* 4. Kinr llenrr ly Mr W K Illaka t arulnal Mulxy .. ..... Mr Flabar (run. wall by Mr Hronabaui Cardinal I ail p. iu? hy Mr ll'nry RirhopffKly by Mr FraaK* Duka ol Norfolk by .. .. Mr Walter" Nortbtimberland by. Mr Manfurd Wonaater ty Mr. I.iniard t^ue. n Katharine ...hy. Mr* W K lllake la|M,. by Mia>aa lltahap Alalia T A III KAU I X. Tu* l-'aran Ami, iRcvvlama I'latfurm ) Tba Nurae by Mra ll?nry 'ib* I ii t * ii t .. by. Xfaat. r H* Tlia hchiolboy . < y Ma.i |t.*ourt?'uay Weiujria Tli* l.oaer by.. .. Mr Walter* The Soldier ly .Mr Stawait Tli* Juitlee by Mr Bernard Tbe "I, ?*n and Slippered, .. ly Mr. W II. I'hilltp* "Stcoad t blldlahneaa" ly... Mr. StoddarV TAIII.EAI X IIOMAIir. Til ?ll AK^I'F.ARE, It* all the t .aract. r< Cootimc Tickrta, aiiiuittina a l.ady and i*"ntl.-man $2 CHtaWt'* Dnm llcketa, ?' Id T (fketh may be procured at the neveral boteli and aoiie ? toici ; alao at the lloa tlflrea of tba theatrea, or from any ot tl.e Honorary Member* of the Itramatlu Fund. I'artiiu ar Notice ? 7 he moat riyld acruttny will ba ob* a< rteil on tl.e | art ul the Coiiiniittre m Kecepiioa F'KANKI.IN MUSEUM. NO. M BOWERY, NKMII.T oppoaiic tha liowery Thealra rerfurmaaeea aaery af t< rnoon, at .1, and a*, ry afeniof, at 7 N II. .H|ran(*r* Mill '.burn that the Franklin Miaeeum ia th* only pia?e in tb? Laiod Statea wher* tha Modal Artiata are aihlbitad, with other otminal aotartaiaaeal*. Rent* tuber, No ii Bowiry. MEDICAL. nK Ilt'NTEK, NO. 3 lilVIMdN STREET. NEW TORE, long and fnvornbly known to the p utile, may M c nnn i'd at hit old estaMlshsd office, wl eye he has pma Used m one branch of medicine for the leat 24 u4 mede inur? onrti than any other man in the city, in many in itiiicti n( | t-riom e<.nai4er?d incurable, ??m? of which hi h*K t>cfvii*si<>n to refer to as heretofore. Charges n>u<)*rtii, aii *1 iii all raft** a cnre g earanteal. Caution ? My greei r? medy, Hunter a red drop, that ?. uree certain diecases with out drying it* p-lcn it the Mood, ran only be hn4 ac above. I'rit* 11. Call and get tha Monitor of Health ||K WaHI." I'N FOKTl'N ATE*" fRICND ?l. WITH J ' a h<"k.? Juet wiat want who have ?<u< reeled ? ? rtain diieaees, namely a care at ease, and ao delay and mora eipenee. (ir'atest eure in tha world by Dr Ward ! I i.f .rtunatca Friend Afflicted take nr.tiee, no atb*r ram a die# can euro yon radiaally. flight ^awi cured la n few hours; nothing elea doae It Mo. AO Canal street, one le l ?net of Broadway, le the place to gat Una rapid and thorough 1 remedy no where elea in Mew York. A eara warranted La ' Dv Vt nr<1 Pfttianli Ultoll l?f flttw may rale <>? % ra| id , V?N If. bif treatment, wii? ? it taaing the cystom, altera tion ufulet f <tl?U#a ftff huaioese n* l rsnnlred. MLARUONT. I'ARIS AND LONDON PWYJIMTIaR 1 H ? and surgeon, (aathar of the Media*! Adviser and Guide.) |? conialtad at No. 42 K*ala street earn** of I Broadwey, from 11 A M. till 2, and o to if r M , fteaAayi i eaearted Th'.ee atadietaaee treated by mail and oapraut We enncnr with other papers in reeommcndiu* I'r. I. and hie treatiee. iMeratch, Courrier dra B'ate Caia, ftiaalti ieitang I?ay Book, Ac N. H -Hot the drag etare Tiie medicai, pilot oh new system-tub rest family medical work ever ptiiliehed. Piles $1. H* at prepaid to any part of the Cnited h'at?e aod ' aneda? Agent* supplied on the mo. t literal terms Address l>r I . C. Iflut? liiavs, 7U> Broadwsy, corner of A?tor place frill*. NEW MK DIC All Olftt O VERY. liV !><?? T??H KM 1 L. Ml I' llf. HI. F.K , founder and proprietor of the l,tn i ran l.e'orat'.ry nnd I>ia|*nsery New York, is la itself, , without other m- diral ayats. a harmless bat tb"roagh , seareber sad *ip? ll*r of all plow operating poisoas, he tb?y | an iaal, ?vgutakla ef Mineral, w he t> In barn an ea *?!???, | outward application, or by Inward minute d<?ee# i,a?? i < ? u fae< rparalad tttk Mm mM m msi ^.n??i??st ! eradlcator of all mercurial, svabititl ? rafall- 1 Im Ml antaaeeue tlnim, aad ?U1 f r Uw niami wlijy, i become tha jrreatest beaeftt to onr country, ?o aoon a# the ? 1 iiublic nnlvrr*ally oi tains tha knowledge of |te eslst*t?ca, llut by its store mentioned cleaning and w>alc pr i-erties, it I moil naturally enables the f?oct r to maoag* and een jaer I the most )attft settled, complicated and deep r* ud disorlers i of tha human i??t?m that now so widely deetr y human ! life sn? snuililst" I.Qfom hapfdaae* K-ulo n/ mercery j end other vlalrnt and hsverd' us m?<llcines sotirely aaneeaa ?sry, it Is well worth a s#?her consider?tian Both of * be t*ro f# ||< U, in'-elllgent men in fS -n?r?l, and al the UUfN e tally flee opinions af the ir?se see cards aad circulars, see ft 9. iS) Broadway. KXPKKN* A<iKV( IM. ADAMfl A ' O fl C AI.irORNfA EXTREtA -Orfff E. >''J It r - adwajr Kp*e|sl aetie.a to * alif</ra>a ship Mrs - Radertir a ofevpree* rates ?Adams A * o gire nolle* 1 t^- their < alifernia esnftsa customars, and the merebaats 1 and publla generally, tnat they have reduced the rat* f .t ' aiprtss freight f r m New York to "aa Trao isco via Hi a rsgoa roate, to .*'? 'eats p*r poaad Tbreugh wiib u.a I ?|-eed by S"aneTtinir steam* rt 1 me el# 71 days 'i?r i.est es i rese oadf r the i.e <? ?ersf of rH j'H nUi will t fotwsrd per stesm?r N' rthara Light, on ?ue*d ay. Mar^?i Tl at I clock I' M . in ehArga ?f ear ewa speetnl tu?ae**g' r to dentin etiot. M.i| p ra will pleese eead in their freight early AhAMJt A CO H lir adws* A Can r> ? A Ha me A Ca reap*' tfalfy five natiee that the.r si t r? ss facilities remein nndut^rbed. aod that sfcifpero may re|yap?n the ntm^at attention Mdaf paid in dispat-ehtag goods vitb the yceateet sp??d and deh*?riag the tame tm medistely aa arrivel 0?y srraa t* m* u\? 1*>t traseporta*, a are large aad ampin? aet?r m-r* a* than new M Is lilNftMoEE, t ft fANrORfl, ? M All ltfurn I'r j riet off of A dame A Co 'a f afif*re>e Not?? a.? f oa*i#n?ea ef fr?lgt * A' , p*r Adams At aes j pr* as betw* en N ? w Y?rk ead t a |fe-rala,ere hereay e -tia-4 ^ that the botiasss lei.oge eaelaetvely to the few York h s'.tt* f.rm h*re aetiag e? ag?nte al; ? i tkere e.a u ae laterfarMee la baeii ess I ? Ana fraaotea#, fat H, IMI HKWARHN. RIWAIt* -1,11'T. OS " A T t RD A T i'UMVi; Ca.'/ ? >?<???? I ft*?l '.r??< Hlft< II, d m ? (1..? ?r Vr??* 1+yt Tk? ? ?<? ? ? ill 1 I f?" ?? it, 1 1 .?? xttit m4 Ikuli vf tM t,u? k| i >1 M I Mil i'rH* Aim HtiRD-iMT. an >rihat a?'?r?'*i"( J >, I ? . t i, it >? fi-m All** fM M ? lifllk >lful ??4 IwiIim . ??? u unw H i ? 4; ' c II l"i.? ?H?t '? 1-1. I >tk | r? T> ? ?><.*? M.trl *1)1 l? |<<M N *1 tW. VftUk | il 4 1 I r?.l MrMi, ?e ??? arii WII l MR rAU> rf<R nir. rrti:rn or ?T*' * ? * >14 IU ?l?f ll>(< kulM l!,4 *.<> >>.;>( atrt'l Kim !'>????). 41 iMf.irMt !,??? ???< >M?;, ?k l? |"i?l f *??!; f,?rik MOM ??? ? <? 47 l?f lift q. ?? nt ?Artar>Ar urn ?? *t r<) t ???II *km (m4I4 l< IIM >u? ?' P4I vi ! .ill k.r <? v? ; i wrtll ni'< )?' iW'ri, ?,n ,. ??!?? ik? tUti r* . ?r4 ? KIWARfJ _|4)?T. OK WCltRRAIXT ? m*'* ? ? ?! *?t*l I :f m- r%.4 ?lti (tlu ?*r* * A?4 ?W'* l.*o.?r '?lltr *nl r?4?r? i..?? ?i * **?? Wmij ?ni iIimi will ???.!?? lb. ii?? r*?*? 4 suraecaBM. Plat i wo CAKea -VAeo neriwo ' Atne ; ?14 S*4 VtAl MOM ?????? I Hl<| 4 1 U*** M I MtU* .*#4* *M< 1, (AH HART A 4 O r?* 4*l* U iW lr*4* m4 ?i*V k>*t" M 14*1 4 -.r* N?*| MWi. ?ff IK4| 1*4 A#Wf In# ABimfiAJBITi. C1RKMAN OPERA.- N I ML.O'8 GARDEN. I firm 9t ??ofcirrioH Niomt. TI'RflDA T EVENING, MARCH 27, S?(ABd ibbvMkiir<( of MISS 1 A KOI. I \ L I.KII M AN, of lh? Kiii'idrxri Houm. ( uittnliMti, ?? i| C? Maria Von Hit?i ? grand lyric "per a, r?KK iREiSt HtTZ. II All. MEDENHLKC., MEttftR*. gilNT AND TlNCEBg in tb" other iiriacipal character* Muttral Director and t .uduct>r Jul. linger Price* o| Admleeion ? lioiea, according lo location, 94 and |fi, Ih-iu Circle aad feecared Seat*, $1: tv ill utttir part* of tbe bonir fill r< nil Door* epea il7; to commence ai H o'clock. Ho* ? ??? open Ima V A M to 4 I* M BUKTi*. ? THEATRIC. i ll A M IlKKd HIKKtr MO.S d?y, ly dMlra, tlx ? m..i> of JOHN Hi: I.I. will !>? r* |w*lril *i'h it. ?r??t r??i Mr. IUri7 1U11 iitarOly i|>i>iau<t. ,v i? hi. cli?rnK>roi > ? I Ilalrru<l4.ty . Mr tlurton m Joti Tlii rui err) . Mr Jrt?n Mr i ihft. Mr II JorHka, Mr. Kn??ll, Mr Moor*, Ac Mr. Hugh... Mr. llnok ?n l, Mr. lli.riuti. A. Hllh thr gnat far.'a ol tli* ..?. u Till tVANDRRTNQ MIN(<TI<EI. -Jlui lla*. Mr, llurt.n., ?lll, lb. Iinuox.ui tr? fray "I V MUtlN* *Ml HIS IMS All Ob Tu..J?y, a I.. W u.dy, I. Kl. ?11 UK U A I N, I K TIIR I <)N J I H< HI * W 1 1 K. lu wmok ail th? company will iifu Bowery tiieatkil i kuiuietob and mama ??r I. I" H?Utu?. Mm Nuifft, Kobait Jomi fri(M of ?<llm??lnn Hot... '/t> neat*. I'll ?n l HHIory J* mil, l'ri??u lloiM. H.? M i.d?y ...uiu*. Mtrd A iiamiTet llauil.t Mr. E<M? HIE IVII A.M IIK lr*n?< i? Marcel Mr. JubMton OC'KI.KVB HEHEN AHKKH, Ml) BKOAIIW AV TIMR ill" r .*1 ? * uuc.rt c< luibiBCH at 7% u clock Tt'kclt Mali. A NhW PIECE, Iloaiietti'a beautiful ??p?ra. I. Kl.hlKK li AVK'KK OH TIIK I.OVK SPEIX, in two acta, with new Hrntry, Dreeeee, Ac. Nemoimo. . .0 S |Jucbli*> I Dnlcnmald . . . . W Peroival Adtia. M.i. Klom.r | lielcore K If llu<thley holdiera, I'eacante A r Company Preceding the op?ta, h fcOKO M I.NSTKF. I.SV 1 > I K II \ M * hi K! V <j[ I OPI R \ plOl RB? 66) IIKOAD X way - Monday evening, March &i>. I KKII A MS mAUMoI || h | || |n|'| aN ('OUI'ANY AND til HI K.ngl K oi'KKA TROUPE. The lariat company aver ur^naiied, compo*?d ot eighteen ? 0Kt?rl?>r voeal and inatrum^utal |>?rtorui*rs (irand Kll?l oitian pr?lorn?ani?a? ti?ery cvetilon ?t 7 ? j? o'clock, and on Ota aft* rtioona of W?du^tda> and Saiarday, at H o'clork. Ad inlatlun, 2Aocnl?; i hil<ir?n undrr t?u years, half pr.? ? "11/IIITK'H OI'KKA HOt'SE, IV IIOH EKY, OI'POHITB ? ? lb? thra(r?. 1 lr?t ?Mtabllah?d and nld?*t | la' a ot una ?tralfjr la tbo awrld Proprietor and manairnr, <?'. White. I.ant w?-ek of the MIM.KK^, or the * |?over* In Trotihla, ' to pettier with a novel variety of Kthlopian peoullarttlet, bjr While' * Serenade re rotireiy difter*at from any otb?r eoiu pany Terforiuauoe to hcgln at 7)4 o'clock praclMljr. AOKANII SOllll.K "i I II K SKW VoKK YOl!N<l Men m Kotnan t atholio Menevoleni Anoctalict, at MLlo'e, ?n Kanter M<*ndav, A i*ril tf, I ih- pro?eeda of which will ho da voted I" the Koiuati t'athollo orphan Aiv loin It ia hoped that the R? nerou? piihliiY will aa<*lai tho Aaaoeiation in c* rrjrina: out thia lawdabb object t<> alleviate the want* of the r>ri?hai)M, who ar> alw aye dependlnK upon the eharitahh public, li k. t- t ?? h?? ol. tamed at tha principal look an 1 mum: ??r? a?at"na of i'athelin ehurchra, and ol any main > i > the Aaaoeiation; a!ao a limited nambir will b<* ?o!d at tii? woor on tha avenloK ol theaoirre. MM II A F. I J ? ?.s K, I'll I) ftfcU A N, Chairman. Wa, Jnairn Kami. .^e? r?tary RAND RACRKI) COSCERT. TO. DAT, HI'NDAY, VJf at the elegant and comlaftabla furmahad aalaoa. Inter HIWUl Hall, 01 DlVitioft llfMl Lilif an l ftljUa are reapacttolly invited Adiulaaion V* cent*: to loaueum at?S o'clock. / 10NCRRT ?TIIK UfTll AND I. AST BUT ONRor V > Tbeoilore RUh? ld a ^uhicriptioa hoireae will take plaew at Dodworth'a Arademy, n*i llroadaay, on Turaday, Mar b V. See ftinall hill.. Ia^HANKI IN M I hi. I M, &a BOH RRT -BiTURDAT r aftarncoo at .'lo'elocl, and evening, at n o'elock ? Orvat attraction* ? I.KA S I eniale Opera troupe In a i?? l? etlc.o et new aoa f, Ac., and the Mod?l Artiaiea ia a variety of beau tiful fiifttm. TO I I 1110 BXBfBITURB, TBACSBBB, am?ama tei.m Diaaalvlu ftawi, Ml all aOier kind* of f aint inaa on |r1a*a, ntiid*< <>rder and <onfttanllynn hand. A aplendid ait Inch dt????lviiu apparatu*. witb hydro oaygett faallKbt, with pain tint a, all r?*dy and complete, for tale, 014 pleariiiK leriai, by < IIAM I'KRT.v'll, artlal. No l-l Oraud ctreet order* from a dutano? promptly attended tc. F1KANKI IN MI^FJ M. NO M HOW KKV -OPEN avert aftern- 11 at .1 and in the evumiiR at M, with a *-0111 i>any of talented performer a N II Stran#'-re will ot. aena that the above ia tb?- --nly eatablisbmant wb? re tha model arti*t* are aihlbiied. Ill K f.ltftAT KOVITIAN MUBEt M. MOKE THAN one thoeaand obje<-t? OI'IN HAY AND IVF.NINO ? v? llrnad way. Admi??i'?n. ?'? r in t ? rrilK FRI K.N DH ? I Ml S A bTA N FORI> AHK M V, 1 <4naated to meet at od<? Felt*?wa' llall on Friday, ?'li day of Mar? h, 1 *U> |l* nt>ni to tab- place on Iriday. April Hi 1M0A It y #rtfaf afttaga Mun?/^r J Rlt'Oa F^UMRALI TBBMATIOKAI rilBATBB in tiie? nv ? f VV aahtuf ton M ia one of the lara*at in tha country, I* the ?>nly one in tl.? city, and ba? alwaya paid *ood reata. It Ironta ?n 1'eanay Ir* nia a*snnr h?tw??ii fbirteoatb a/id Fourtfeath ?tr??t?i Thr lot fronta on the alrwOv- feet, raoiiin* I a? k thai width H*l eet, v> |.?n It wi lent to !<K feet, and continual that width the fmther diatar. e of feet, niaklug a total depth of I V< in t I ad?r the theatre ia a large aaiooa, which ha? rented t,?r %J*' par w ek To an en terprialn* man who anderatand* (he twlaeaa, the property Ml fill | 1 ? m4< la 1 ? ? 1 1 llaelf la l few jflMft alNI term# of payment will he made ? ?n?enient t . a p urehaaer, or Ilia pt*p*fty wtil be laaaadl ra vain I# ft nil al-le party Application* may b? a ldr?eaw 1 lo Vt || H I s liF.K. rhllad-lpbla A NEW AND ItRAI TIFI'J I AN' RaMa FOR flAI-B jfl verf low.? The atihjeet li entirely new, and painted by one of the be*t artiata tn the enuatry, wall adapted for tra veiling, aad m*er* at < ut 2 ia*) yar l* of nanvaea The fell partieulara will be g 1 ? > u by nd4raeemf a aote ta A'aaoraaan. (Mil I7U lleral i office DASMHIU AC A UK Ml KB. A GRAND MOIRKI OF TIIR M .W I'oRh YOI NO ? Man a K< man ("ath/llc ll?ne? olaat Ae? a, J guia> Ian, I'raaideni , h J 1 .,?il?y, K?' *??- , at Wit le a, ? a ha?t*r Monday A I ri I V I v?'., t ne pr ? eeda of which w il drtoted to th? K' i' * la OffthAi Aeylaai itiehopeal that tbe gaaeroua pablir will a?aiat the a?a'#ciat)ou m e?rvy Ihg cut thia laudabit object to alleviate tbe waate f the er i kaaa. wb . ara alwaya d?t^adiag ej -in the h ntatla pah lie. Ticket* )f to be obtained at i h* | r;a< ipai b* ? k aad muaic atcrrea, aeiteaaof f 'atholba ehnr' hea, aad of any m* m h#r of tha aaaorlalloa. Alao. a limited ainb?r will ia aold at the doar on tbe evening if tbe eelree Ml< lit El. J I'EEOAN i U.raaa. Ww Joe Km, He?r*tary Dancino a? adrmy, iiflft rroadwat kip ti-a la fiiahiinr HaWkfo a I aet eowrae of ? we ire lea ?on*. |<r?.vioaa te leatieg tbie etty. for fpi laeleding a t.^ket for bia Oraad Far*w>all It ai I . to tak*- plaee at|the < hlaewa A ?*? n- bly Room* MB Hroadway. on Wedneeiay eraaing. M are h &, \*U> when the t?rand Miauet d? la * oar will U? daaeed t v I* INiraata aad a lady hi* pupil, for tha 1 rat tm.e ia tkl* eaoatry. Iiaket*. adn.tttiai a gentlaaian aal ladiea. ?5 eacb a htrh *aay be had at He ab ve aead?aiyv prlnrtpal hntela mueU ataree, aad of C E. MORHON. Ma, t/? H all etreet third Hoar, Tiir dan?'Imc. academy of bobr mima^oir. in Hand atreet. ia *\*n da fy fr^aa 9 A M to Ml V M , where all the fa< <t feehienaMe daacee are taught in tha ahwrtact time aad aa the aaei m derate term* aeeoted a the ivaaiag b r aeteral y .??? ladiaa of diet! agwial?e4 talent aad raayeetat illly. tw? af tUa lately vm??d fr ? I'ena Ti e laat grand ball af the *eai a wUi lake |la<a oa tha 1-Hk ?f April ?rmnr'AMaat. s t<i iriti ai.i?* itn.e mute >>r irwarr ? 7 will in IM i?*i* ?? I?.4w?f*b ? !(?!!. biiti'itr V" Urx* Uk?r?k, Ifcn o??r*i?( ?? I i'j ? <lo?k. 1-1 KIT1- A T l?* **' nMi TOI I M K. BV J I XX.* Rl< ?*?4> ??< i?r imui i'n?? (i *'? 1/ '??<. iilf'.K * rmirrAN * y ? nt-u?r Srimn * i. n/irri so a *? i? wmriwj *r? ?oaw ? ill r?i*l?* ?l?l l*r? i' ? !? *?*?/ 4*r ???> ?? );ii II r ? Ilit* < t ?j-> I 1*1! ' ?/ II- m ? t Mo U A * , .11" **4 7 ?'? ? ?' * ? II ? .<<??<?* *1 lk'l? f. , tin | ri?*i* <t?.Ui it l? i 1/ i| *? *1 wr*?? ?? >V. HKIIH Al? diWIW I A DIM <4|l. VER TOWIC AND pB i?4?# >?!!?, U U i vkij ?*ru<? r*aa?4y fay lt?M?*?|k?'U ? f. - ?? *?4 ff?? I?f.t,.l ? / ?? |? l*r N 4 ?ill. ??, ?( lir *arl?. M ( itil lUMt, ???? 4m> mH af f.r. *4 ??? h'*? tnum t ipinnv -tim ihi 4 ?*aa ? I >? totally ??-! la ? f*? %? a r alift r???<r K vaiil iirM I'Imm <? ?? A , Tin <.*r ati?t uKrurAi. ntftrortitr or tiik ?fi ? M K IINKIMT, -?f kn 41a* i*M in ??* cf ??r '"?*?? ? "?t4; tfcat ?|4 f kUMi fr U Mm wm Mrvftl* 4*t| U | MM?ft MM1 11* taa lfi?4 II la offf I Ifti'iMi iH k*t?r fni*4. it ta Its '?*?? fc.Mli O M'if ||? l,a? a> a a I, . ^ ? HmMin *.??f !?? i %.?4r*4 '?#? ?>' *f?? *f !l? alt ?.{Mi BUM If ItviUfl UUUi ira varn* u4 l *a?* * a?r*l?| lara m %\* "?? If Uim Uill?? aiii ' vf? l .? t rtl |||4 ?.f MaiilM ?| Ifca fiaa ??? U N?raa > 1tl#t fr||| ei,ff (M a# W li? Ta? ba'lltf ?f? aarraaU J la tffa Ifca a ril (ial?f ? *M Baall %f alafbffe Ur*?ul?t mpUIm ira air?aa(a4 1% iaf? IM a rv* aM ?f ?ty iM'?* Oaa U Iff t'.v Ua ara ?arra*ta4 la tar* ail fcffaar '? ?*? ay* la ? I'!m If* ?irrtkl?4 la # vfa rai|i?4 ?#!*? ? aal tl?i k*i ??*??# %} ? ia?a> r?if laMt UUlaa ara aarfaa??4 la affa Mfta|1 a?4 f ft. ai"0 al?a#a "?? %H>a fill #ff? ??? jr tfa^U?a *k? 7*? la llifva toll!** in ? ?/#?? *4 I* a?ra iU aaffl aiaa af f a# a- ra 1a?UUr?? >a4IU? ft* ?i'f*a?a4 ?? f?r? In |4taM 'ft** vl rt?a* a'** Mr- U fc?? k?lli*? IH U -?f* Ik* Mil . . ?lt* U *Wk? kMHW ?lll ??" Ik* ???? w H'llil A U- ?All* ?!**!? ??!"' '??'"? "k- lm Uii ? x 4 ? .?f .? . ?#?????! *k*? Ik* ?W?*? HMIilf 4 | m4IM ??*?' ? 'k- >??M?* ?<lkl? !? tk? ?t rltlli ?ll?ii? I k??? tfc? ? ?? *??nr ?*? ?? *?r* M ?l'? ? I HUIfililln . *?#? ??! Ikl? .??? kt SH lutlll '???!<? fll Ml t' MllllllUl *M?# ? lrv*l II <!*??< '*r II**! f fur. ?!? !?? 'Mm* ,k-?l ikx k" I ?* 'VfVHH ?.M ? r *> II .|M?K??I It #*?? ?>?'?? 1?iM H*?l>'*l W4 ..( ?? >?!?? *? ?**?? ? ??? k* ? ? ?.ill I <>>??*. .?4 H Ml )?*> >??-?4 i> *1 n ?? ?!< 'W* > I t ?!* k ???--? I ? *t (it ??!??* ?? 4'..'U' Iidi. I I ?Uirilcpitrii ,f .1. ii*.' "fr I ?lil ???<* ?k*< t* A*?lt. 1ALS I |?A4m4 it. ,%4 ? ia?k- *i ? ? WU?* |?? ?*; la 4|*,i l>.vt. I **U *?*? t lk**M*? >?"il?? f" <?> *< ' >>l*|< -,f ,?r M ?MU| ?? Ik* ?**l )?l '?? |<l Ml ?*???* ?f II Mm UiMffMt- I4HM ?Mltlli '?">?W M *?f iMIlm hi ;*???. ?????n ? Mill i 'r*?i ti?u ii|kl ra? Im ?????(? III* < Ml. >*< u M imImiI*m Mlwt mh?i ?? U>? ">*'11 I* ?>lwu all* UtikitiM I lif Hi i ihmiI Ml*' Um Ml I *4 **??# ? f mitl l lf|. ? I??i?l*l ? j IkiiII IiiiMi Hi IV ?.??.? *?!??? ItiHn H?*. rnoll ki*M*>iai<il* kf M ?*?k -?k*? M ||?| kt |? Nmltif 1' f. I I?Iim? >? ?) Ihiilif iir**< A II A r> R**4* *? Ml hllx Mf?i| a*r*k A I?| l?*.<*|ik ?mli ?lidil l?i A r ? JTA * ?' tm ii.mi i flAfnl, I !-??>> T* M I r . In'll I... | . "I'll ???* H * l>IUii A I . It'tM It*. n* ?.l Niaill A R i si; timi hi?i *ii< < iv** A i * Nmuui tiln !?.*?? i j *M r?nil?Hi km *l?

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