Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 26, 1855 Page 3
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AFFAIRS IN EGYPT. Ow Alexandria Corwipo?to?r. Alkxandkia, Feb. 3, 1864. Tike. Herald in Alexandria? The Office of the America* Consul General? Trade with the United Stat**? The Free Labor of Egypt ? Said Pacha ? Diicoocry in Re lation to Rice Cropt. The night of a Qrkai.d In the Merchant*' Exchange here hu fives the aitira of dropping yon a line, and ?ending you some thing* that you ma y publish if you wish. I have nee* both aatonUhed and pleased to And In thia out of the way place two New York pa pen, the Charleston Mercury and the Washington paper*. Thia ia a treat we don't have often in Europe. The office ot the Conaul General here U American all through, with liket esses of our living and dead public men, handsomely framed, on the walls. Among tbem are your friend* ? Frank Peirce and Soule ; and Webster, Clay, aad Calhoun live peaceably together, as do Nicholas and the Sultan, on the opposite aide of the room. At thia minute America and Americans stand A No. 1 out here, and our Consul and country are both held ia kigh respect. A curious proof wai given the other day, when an English steamer was taken out of quarantine through our Consul, after the English one had declared be could not get it out. There happened to be aoa.e Ame) ican passengers on board ol her. Several other thing* of the aame kind have occurred. lhe idea of getting up a direct trade vith the United State* ha* been strongly taken up by many of the mer chant* of this plnre. One of thorn, an Englishman, Mr. Potbonier, hit* sent off a fast clipper of 500 ton*, called the Egyptian Witch, to New York, with a mixed cargo of Egyptian produce. One of the articles sent is rags, for paper. I should think that Egypt could supply a good deal of that kind of stuff, for it is the chief drees of the people? I mean the working people. He is going to send another soon. I see in all the house* many American made articles. Southern niggers are to these people, they are fed as little a* thiy are clothed. One ot our party was a great abolitionist on his arrival, hat be iiings small since be has Been the "free labor" of ?t. "Egyptiau boulage" still exists, and always 1 am a (raid. The people bad great hopes from the new prince, Said Pacha, and he commenced by taking off their taxes; but he has put tbein all on again, add added aeir ones. A new tax on the flg trees has just been imposed, which will increase the annual revenue of the Prince more than a million and a half of dollars. Bald Pacha I have seen several times riding through the Stieets, surrounded by guards in all kinl* of fancy military costumes, lie i* enormously fat already, and aetm* determined to absorb all tbe fatness of the land himself. And yet I never *?w inch a garden spot as Egypt eight be, under a good government and proper cultivation. All over the East it Is the aame. Wher ever the hoof of tbe Turk is planted, misrule anl misery prevail. An intelligent Greek said to me yester day, "li^all Turkey |th* only Providence that protects the Boor Christians, comes in the shape of the couiuls, they only can defend u* from persecution and robbery;'' and I believe it ia true. All the Tanzimata, Ac., are humbugs. They are only made the pretexts for taking away tne projecting prt- | vileies of the repntsentative* of civilized government. That's all. The voyage up the Nile is a very agreeable one. We had tbe advantage of a steamer, aud did it in twenty days; but 1 believe the real plan, after ail, is togo in a tegular Nile boat ? and ''take your time, Miss Lucy." We have had more American than Knglish U?gs up the Nile this year, a* we bad last: but very few ladies, which our Consul, who i* a bachelor, complains of. 1 aend you lome curious information concerning a great discovery made here, by which two, or even three, crop* of rice can be obtained nom one sewing in ave months. Mr De l?on has kindly u I lowed me to copy the papers, which, he thinka, havo never appeared in print, probably owing to the inisoarriage of hi* letters. Duplicates of Mr. Lattia' letter wero sent at the tims lo our government by the Consul Guueral. I had a talk with Mr. Lattis himself. He pleased me much. He is " a gentleman and a scholar," and thinks ho can do mo earn* with wheat, und possibly witb cotton. One ot the princes here gave him some land to t<y it last year, and he aucceeded thoroughly. He ha- received a tlrmin (or decree) from Sa'.u l'acha, giving him the exclusive right foi Kgjpt. SAL'GEKriEH. MK. OK LRON TO MK. OIIUiKS. Alkxanukm, Ojtooer 15, 1854. To Dr. B W CimiBt, Columbia, South Caroliua ? Dkak Km? Knowing the de-p Interest which you feel in aU scientific or agricultural discoveries, 1 send you the letter ol Slgnor Lattis, which accompani** this, to which it it on); necersary that 1 should add a few lioaa or explanation Having heard houh very remarkable abatements in connection with experiment! In rice cul ture, made by tbat gentleman, in tbe i m tried i ite vie nity ?f Alexandna, 1 waa Indueed to mate inquiries ia rela tion to the matter, and linally to satialy tnyself by per sonal in* pection oi the Held* under bis u>?r age meat. The result at t)ione inquiries and that inspection has been tbe conviction tbat a great cUcovery hits be?n made by Sign or lattis, though which he is fnnble l to pro duce two crops of rice in Ave months front th-* same eeeu, and no ocreaseon the usual yield of at leant. thirty per cent (90 per cent). Whether this arises from some c^emi.-nl preparatluu ' of the ??eo, or from bis peculiar treatment of toe pNnt. is his secret I incline to the former opinion but tbe ' facte are authenticated by witces?e? of the mo ft irre proachable character, and tbe expci luifuts have been made on the iai-d. and under the eye of Siustaplial'ecxe. one of the prinoe< of tbe royal taiully hore, who ws? educated in l'aris, and is a man of screwdness anl intel ligence. Offers have been made for a monopoly of his se:rot ban, but S^fnor Lattis, who is a political refuse, ami a gentleman ot high scientific attainments, preters extend iog the bene Ills of his discovery, and 1 eapscially auxlout that tbe I'nited ita tea should share in its benefits. In reply to a note addressed to him by me on thin subject, 1 be wrote the letter which I send you, declariog hi reidi nesa to submit the discovery to te it of experiment in the I'nited Mates, should encouragement be given him through me, by tbe toutliern planters My long acquaintance with you and your labors in tbe aame field, hare induced me to make you the medium of communication with our mutual Iriends in the South; and, I, therefore, request tbat you will give publicity to tha discovery through tbe Southern papers. and favor I me with your own views on the subject at your earliest convenience. I ean assure yon tbat there la no humbug 111 this mat- j tor, aa ycu know I am not a very eruditions person, aud have not embraced it without examination. Tbe English Consul General here Is very snx'ous to ' ?ecure the secret for India. The discoverer t'llnks it may succeed with cotton also. Signer I-attis is not a mere adventurer, lie ia a gentleman of high repatuion. a Venetian. wLo has devo'ed bla li'e to agricultural and acientifle pursuits, and has still the wrosk of a very Urge fortune, which the Italian revolutions found him the hereditary possessor of. He drained the prnat Harlem lAka, and was connected with other public improvements In Holland, and enjoys tbe high re?pect ol the bent portion of this oommuniy. I, therefore, commend this matter to your serious at ten tie d. as I believe it may redound to the In terest of our beloved mother. South Carolina. With sentiments of the highest regard, I remain, yours, truly, KDWIN DB LCUN. TBAMSLATION OK I.ETTKR FROM MB. I. ATT lit. 7b Hon Ei>*ts M Ixxi, United .Mat?s Consul U?neial for Egypt? You old me the honor, sir, by your esteemed letter of tbe 14th irst. to demand of me the communication of eonts detail ? respecting i^e advantage resulting irum the culture of rice according to my system. Before complying with your desire, permit me, sir, to make known to you the s> ntimen n of gratltuu' n ex-ited it> me by the interest which jam hare kindly on Wceod ? 1 to die pay for the last and conclusive trutl.-i I Lave made in this piac ? an Interest which, h >sreter, ii.ts not ?urprised me. knowing, as knows all the world, the eagerness with which tb? happy and pow-rful Ameri can nation seeks to ai!opl rv-r} thing whi .-b m gilt be come useful to ita industry and to humanity. It was my intention to conllae myi.slf for the pre?ent i to apply in# try system to Egypt, lit t-> dc!.iy the publi cation un'.il otlier txperim cuts had supplied me the means of extending the application of my discovery .o other gramintous plants belles rice, hat in the (ace of tha invitation made me by tbe representative of a nation essentially progressive. as also in consideration of the ' individual qualities which characterise you, sir. I cannot hesitate in tuudil) log the plan I hai! traosd for myself. Heboid, then, sir. some duta wk'.cb 1 am permitted to Oder you from the situation in whtrh I am placed ? My'rice produces, aa voo, sir, know frmt personal ex amlnation, t*o aticreeelve crops from one semina'ion, | ami that within the period of aboat Ova moutU , oro vided that tbe temperature constantly preserves a mean above twentv degrees above Rsanmar. I believe, the rel ore that all pU'ie* susceptible of pro ducing cotton, are also suited for tbe culture of my rice. This culture does not operate r>y the ord'utry m"'.'iol of irtigaU< n by submersion, the water only panes erer 1 the rice held- periodically. Tbls offer* tba inmnoae ad vantage of thirty three rer cent uptntbe water usually allows - for Irr *at on The straw ol mj rioe, psrti clarly of tue first crop, furnlsbeaexcelUnt fodd-r for catt.e, win' t that obta a I ed by tee ordinary method Is good far nothing. This should not surprise, wtten It it aoroe in mind i that the stalks of my rica reinttn very litlle nn ler wattr, and conseqnently sie ei|x>er '. to tbe set n* of sir and tight n: iioer do tbey s-stmilat? tbe sc; lulons proper ties, wh.rh > re oenumbei bv water in the first c.a e lie aid* s wl ?? I. tbe vegetative prn e-s ia acomolishs'l with aroat rapid ,ty . snt tie tlss .es o. tiaa pUn< nave not tha t-me to i?s Into a ligneous slats TTie practical i are enforced l> y my method U altog-ther simple, aod witbiii the (t..s|> of tile 'esst developed in tellect t enfore it will ho found easy to renter ita adaptation feasible to all the egr.culturi?t* of your c.i ia ity Tbe chsrr al mesns by w'j i I stimulate tha vitality of tfco rice, sr.- which sarv*s lo iaip >rt to It an ir*c.e**e of lwat Is of tr 1iog expeom. It is more tha i auSlcieitt U make good tha loai of vr^tative poeer whioa the ?oil may eu tain by producing a toubl ? crop \ou, sir, however. sr? -sol without the Knowledge that far from beiag at anlteblmg plant ri-e, on the contrary, is known to i-ciener aa an ameliorator ol the soil that produce* It. It only i main for me lo s M. that as regards the priee I nught claim for tho ImporUtmn nf my sys'.eai into Air erica, whilst I beiieva this diffi-ilt to b> fit -d at pr> sent, 1 am convinced that no obstacle will be thrown in the way of thia matter. Am-ncft is too powerful and too gooeroos t/> trallc wthwb <t she w'll have a/1 iiowUtdgr! of some utility, anJ (or my port, I shall b( to. happy of the opportunity cf p'actsg'my bumble >ervicea a*. r<- r dispcaal. Also, in my opinion, it l-i toyond rtonM tbat en acn? a - you haii be ai'thorlrod to tr?at. of, better at 11 t> make tj.c (.Iters we -haO be ess ly able to MM t n teraat. Veanehito, tr opt air, the eipeeaakin e' ?? h ghea4. oonsl4e-a' rn 1. UIiU. A? .Aual', I%? I '?! Virginia Politic*. OD1 BICHMONB OOBUBTOHDKNOI. JV Know Notkimg State Nomination*? lie Oh*r*c&r of tMe Men ? IV Chances of t*? Election. Richmond, March IS, IBM. You htn kwn already apprised of the Know Wo thing nomination! for Governor, Lisutenaat Governor, Attor ney-General, and Commissioner of the Board of Poblic Works of Virginia. The convention which asaesabled in Winchester on Tuesday Uat waa, I am informed, one of the moat intelligent and dlfnifled nominating conven tions that ever aat In Virginia. It wm mad* up of whig* and democrata, or rather thoae who bad belonged to tbc-e parties ? independent, sensible men ? practical and practicable and their deliberation! were coad acted with the nuict entire and perfect harmony and unanimity. F.yery individual preference waa sacrificed to the public good, and, in making the nominations, the convention r rted literally and truly aa a unit. I will now tell you Fometliing of the nominee*. I Thoma* St&nhope Flournoy, the Know Nothing candi date for Governor, in a practising lawyer of Halifax county, Virginia, a private gentleman, whose unpi ratioDi) have led him to aeek distinction by the regu lar practice of hi* honorable profession, instead of tlie ateep and thorny road of political life, la what I shall iay of Mr. Flournoy, I do not wish to be un dei stood an using tne language of empty eulogy, or it peaking in the exaggerated terms which partirans em ploy alter the making of nomination!). If you read tht Richmond Enquirer you must have been struck with 'the tone of respect for Mr. Flournoy's character which pervaded the Enquirer't article of comment upon the nomination of the Know Nothing convention. But, in deed, it would be Impossible for any one in Virginia to speak of htm in any other way. Mr. Klournoy Is not a politician, tho-jgh he ha* very deeided opinions upon polltlsal subjeets. He haa always acted with the whig ]>arty, and in 1847-8 waa ardent In his advocacy of the nomination of Geueral Taj lor for the Presidency. He has served one term in Congress, to wMch body he was elected from a district having 900 democratic majority, a result which U ascribed to his extraordinary perianal popularity. The democratic majority of Ave or ilx hun c 1 red la hi* own county, he reduced on the same occa sion almost to a tie. His popularity arises not from the arts of tbe demagogue? for lie ha* not been an office | seeker? his great ambition being for professional success, but from a remarkably pure and noble personal character, and a chivalry which show* itaelf in actions Instead of word*, and la "without fear ani without repronch,' warm hearted, accessible, generous, unostentatious, brave aa a Hon, but perfectly courteous, plain and una* suining. Flournoy is loved most by those who know him best. 1 aver with perlect confidence that every word which hi* warmest polltl-al friends can say of hi* personal character, will be endoraed by his warm est political encmiea. Mr Flournoy 1* an elder in the Presbyterian chucb. a position which he tills with much credit and usefulness. I have said nothing aa yet of his Intellectual quahfl^ cations. In regard to tbem, 1 will add that he is one of the first lawyers in Virginia, and that in this land of orators be la considered one of the most aplen-lid stump speakers In the State. Every one who hue ever heard him, speak in the asme delighted ana eathuaiaetic man ner of his tine oratorical powers. All the Koow Nothings with whom 1 have conversed assure ms that If Hournoy and Wine come in contact upon the stump, the former will be mere than a match for the great Acjoiiac orator, lie will have the advantage of Wise in coming Into the canvass fresli and unwearied; moreover, he is yet com paratively a young man, being still, I believe on the sunny side of lorty ; he possesses a vigoious, robust cooatilu tion of body as well as mind, all wh c.h will tell In his favor In canvassing *uch a State as Virginia. So, ac cording to all accounts, Wise is likely to win no laurels , iu an encounter with Flournoy As to gime, wlilch poems to be considered in the-* times as much a requi- | site for office as statesman -like qualities, Haurnov is , tnid to be peculiarly, emphatically, nnd pre eminently a csmebird?ao 1hat the people of Virginia have the con lolaHon of knowing that whoever Is their next Governor, , whether Flournoy or Wise, there will be plenty of pluck in tbe executive chair. To sum up all, i lotirnoy in at pure as eecerour. as fascinating, as eloquent, and as gallant as Wise, with a balance of powers, a ballast of judgment, and a moderation of spirit which do not be long U> the high minded but Impulsive Hatry of Acco- | mac. Moreover, Flournov is probably the most onser- j vative a an in the State of Virginia. A* regards tbe Union, be is a true and comprehensive patriot, and will stand by the sUrs and stripes while there's a shot in tbe locker. At the sam" time he is very decided in hl? devotion to tbe institutions and rights ol Virginia. He comss from llaUrax county, in the midst of one of the largest sUveholdlng sections of \irgmia, acrt in which there is more of old time Virginia remain ing than in any other part of the Htnte, except tiie [Cistern sb"re It is also one ol the most productive and pros ?4.1 oiij regions of Virginia, tne people are wealthy, Intel lii/ent hiiib sr Ir.ted, hospitable atd int. n.-eljr l-outh?ra. Vthcn'l say this 1 .lo not mean sntl-Nojtt ero? but they love above all other lands Vlrgini-i, and will go their li for their domestic Institution and rights. So you may judge frini Ibis something of Manhope Fl-wrny's posi tion and sentiments on the "vexed question. At to the bat is of representation in Virginia, to which Mr Wise has committed himself eo irrsirievsoly, 1- 1 >ur r.oy ebows an escutcheon, against neither ftist ror West can burl an arrow. 11* tbr*? oUi?r nomination* of the Know Nothing ? on mi. turn weie all ol democrats. Whether they belong t . tbe Know Nothing par'y I do not know, but they have ?|| accepted tie nom nstlons Col. Jxines M. It. Beale, ol Kanacba (Western Virginia). is a demo rat and has been a demo. rstic member ol l>)n<reae 'row this state. He is eaid to be ? gentleman ol talent, influence, snd *r?at independence of character. The nomination ol John M. Patton, Kei , of this c"tr, for Attorney (isneriil, took everybodv here by surprise. Mr. Patton la a leei'in* member tf the Hemostatic parly, and stands am- nir the first men at tbe bar iu this city and State. His acceptance ol th- nomination ii, however, b-yond a dnubt The An quirrr has come down ap<in him like a tlouMnd ol brick. It says that Wise s /.if rag course bs? been a strsight line compared to tbe n imWIess iump Jim Crow's of Pation. It reminds Patton of a re^ i roaehlul question, which, it ssys, Clay once a-Mres-ed to him ? "How are you to day. Mr I'attou ?' Very amusing but a Inn m<4 can no more doaway the moral effect ct this nomination than a popgun cae silence a 1 aixhan It is clear that the Koow Nothings are m?k ine their nominations without reference to anything bi touallCcatione, and many a g?od uemuerat will sup port lb em In tbeir attempt to till the Attorney l.eoeral ?litp without reference to party. Richard G Morrt.-, i-Jii|., another prom nent ilem.jcrat, is the candidate for the lmp<rUint post of Comra "lowr of the Board of Public Worse for the tentra Wstrtct. Ibis is a most important position, second only in that reepect to that of the Governor, it indeed It is ssCo.i l to tint Mr. Mrrr.s ii a thorough master, theoretically snd practkally, of evirjthing connected with the sub .?Ct of internal improvements in Virginia. The State 'might have been searched thrc ugh in vain lor a stronger snd better Domination Mr, Morris's term of office will These nominations, so judicious, so sensible so reptiooabie In every respect, have been received by the Know Nothings snd tbe outside sjmpath lin through out tbe Flat" with the most overwhelming enthu?ia-m. One universal roar ot rest on se comes up from all psrls lit \ tminui. Not a murmur of disis ntent i? heard from anv n?rt of tbe csmj. The democracy of the n?w ,*rty st ind firm as Gibraltar. Tue solid columos "f the hog lirh st Waterloo uever stool m?r? compart an I resolven on victory than the Kno* Nothings of tbto old comm. n *Aodhvictrry th'y will schievs, as sure av the sun of the election rties. till ! Richmond junta, o' old t me, do not jour tones move un?asily in the graver ''"'P* innia see'st thou n.t the handwriting ou th- wslir l-.>r the time ..Id Virginia is go ng to > pass out of your l.snds ? New Hsmp hire hs turned her ba. k upon her own eon srd Virginia? tho "Id I? .mioion-always hi'berto faith'ul sm ng tbe twthWas-VtrglnU la ab.?ut to cave in: Oh tell it not In Gat!,, publish it not in A?l a'on lest tke b-mee of the old ledersl Philistines, bi r ed about isneuil Hall, rise and clsp thelt skeleton bands, and gr n In hideous mockery over the un i.aialleled humlhstion. I sm inform' <1 that at the nominating convention In Winchester ovr M',000 Know Nothing- werw rcpre . , ntc.1 snd that there were thirty two counties not rep ,??ntid TVeie can be oo doubt that they have the numbers nowtoearry tl^ State; and then Uins of the ir.habillty of a Urge up pert from the whig aa well as democratic mi' eiders The old line wb gs can s^e nothing to .,1 ject to in Hco - noy : std as to th- three fsnontates wby not tha three on tba Know No thing ticket be as acceptable aa the three on the demo ermtic ti- ket Why boubl not IVnle ba as a-cep'sbU ss MH cmes, Patt r. a- IWk, Morris s ',rkh?n?., whtgs sod .leiroerat.' And why sb?.uld not Hrvornoy tbe cool, firm, sera. ions, cooaervatjve sta^smso be as scceptsb'e to men of all parties as the ennt.c and Impe ' vm m" count upon at least ten thousand majority sgsinst Wise, but I eUu.< not U or twenty thoiieand. KNOW ??MK1H1N(, Affair* In Wulilniilnn Territory. 01 k rrorr aotn* cnutaaroSMVCR. FlNIM Horwn, , WanhlaKton Tarri'orjr, ) ) ?Hauarjr 29, 1%A . / j I'Mfjrt {?'ommd Agr\cuU*tmt Company ? lit h'rau L <m fjf-ivmmt ? Mmr Trmlitt ? What' tSihtriu?Lott of .yuamrr Southerner, rfe. A Jaw wor??a frrtn th? Northwaat will, I pr<Mntt<?, ba , ifr?fUl?h to je?r mlm, who roUlotn h?ar (ran <xit rtflon TIj in Territory, m jo a know, rmbraca* iht fanwl Piip?t HjuM, and I- rem ti*uou? to thai BrlUth po~ kmk'C), on our aril th? aatti*a>?iita of toa Had >n flay and I'?K?t fouo<t afrie ..ltur*] camp*air* Th? I iiti?b gr>??Tnia>-nt , ia Ui? traaty of ] i?fl impoaad oa Vr. l'Mrhao?n, by embracing tbmria a tlpnl>< tlaaltlt "Tt)*far?? ;?a<!a. aolothrr property of < tm7 rie?rri|>tion b"lif(tiof to tba I'ujjet fauo 1 Afrtc iltur .1 rMDptijf on (Ik north aid* of tk? OolamM* rtr?r ihtll t? totlrB*^ to tba tal'l company." It *ua latx'y eoina ! out that tiill U aot a tliar1?r?d cowpany that tbay ara | almply a<| natter*, an?l aaifot up by the !(a<Wa Ha/ I Company for tit* purpoaa of eaablla* tUaai to eater j into the pur? lit* of a<tt .nlt'ira, <Vk.< raiainc. fcr , (rcai which they war* pwklMtad by their 'barter Here ttaa, la another proof of Jahn H.ill # raeeattty. IWi I'd fat Pouo't Cmpa ay, aad ar thia tnatj, tin an* tha impiwteeoa to - inn tha faa la ?*.<??!*? tnrti 1 of ro.atry I eeal ;aa a rnpf af th>? company '? ( Uman't, da Ha tr?t iaatitvttea, hp which yau wil' I i ba *t>ahM ta J?/f? nf tha fraud that *a* perpetrated by , U* .?kl| U ?>?., akta W j m?t4 wlvauti ? banmfide company, recogniied as such by thn British (OTRMMat. Got. Steven* 1* now on the Sound, holding a treaty with the Snswbomith, Duwamish, Stall tgwaouslt, Scad get, Saowqualamie and Lummy tribe* a( Indiana. They are all ambled in out encampment, numbering about !?,00 ' Indian*. They rendezvous at the month of the Su-warmUh liver, emptying Into Possession Sound. I have no doubt that the Governor will tbia winter con clude treaties with all the tritxa weat of the Cascade range. and cxtinguinh t'utir title* to the ent re country, with the exception of M>me small reservations. A treaty has already been made witfc a I the tribe* between the hound and the Columbia, who have oede<l their lands, reaching to the Cascades, for the aum of about 130,000, to le paid in annual instalments. A Mid disaster ha* Inflicted upon us the !">?? of the entire malls for this Territory and Oregon Th* itMmir fcoutbernar, bound from eUn Kranclioo to the Columbia river owing to stress of weather feared to cros* the bar of the Columbia, bore away to the north to make the atraita entering into the Soucd. The veeael getting to leak badly, Captain Fampeon van compelled to beach her, forty mile* south ot Cape Flattery, Dec. 2T, l?6i. All the paixtger* were landed, but the entire mill* and earpo ware a total loaf. She had on boaid tlie States mail* which left New Korfc November 'JO. Tne revenue cutter Jeflerrnn Davis and *t?amer Major Tomjk'ns w? n' to her relief; but the cut?er ooald not re?ch the ?pot owing to the winds. The?'?oam?c Tompkins brought the pssrengers and crew to Olympla, where tbejr now ate. Major A lvord, 0.8. A , was ooeof the wrecked. Your readers might wUh to learn what advantages this portion of the Union holds out to eapitsl snd la'ior. The Inmber, Ashing and coal interest* are now chiedy folic wed by the ptrxcoh on the Sound. But tbero I* a branch of industry that I ain astonished has nit been commenced by the whale (other*. Tbe Sound oiler* the beet depot, trom which to rartj on whaling. Small vessels fitted out here, (so near ttoe?e flaherie.t) ne?d but make a tbrve moctha cruise; ami in place of goiog round the Horn, proceed to !-an Francisco, and there freight the returning vessels to the State*. 1 here is every ma terial here neoeai-ary to *bip building, "snd provisions are abundant. Hour will be readily obtained at V> per bbl.. the finest be?f and pork at ft or 6 oenta per lb., Bit* toe* at 26 to 37 oeuta per buahel, and oth< < vegeta es in proportion. The government has not yet supplied in with a a turn er to bring our mails direct fro ga San KranclHco. This Is a want that appeals to the ?o<ind policy of the Depart ment to furnish. WASHINGTON TKItlU rOftV. InUrestlng from the Rio flramlr. OtTB BROWHHV1I.L1 OOKItKHPONOKNCK. Brow. WILLI), Texas, March T, l*r>&. Hrinforcemmlt Sent from Malanu,rai to Vera Crui? Their March under Gen. Quintan*? Xew Mntle of Mr rruitinq the Army? Santa Anna't Downfall Looked for? Comment! on hi' late Manifettn. General 1a Vega, governor commanding in Tamaull pas, returned to Matamoraa on the first of this month, having been hurriedly called hack from his tour of in* *pection of the post* above, snd measure* ware imma diately taken to send ofl to Vera Cruz a portion of the forces belonging to hi* command and stationed in Mata moras. Col. Qulntana accordingly left yesterday with Home two hundred and fifty men for Vera Cruz. This ch eftain is the same person who, on the eve of Arista's overthrow, revolted, with his regiment, againat Avalo*, who com manded in Matamoraa, and who to the last proved faith ful to the President's decaying fortunes. To punish this exemplary fidelity, Santa Anna ba? m?rcilc?oly perse cuted him, and has him now conflnoO in ono of the most loathsome dungeons in tbe Castle of San Juan de I'loa. The secret of (^uintana's removal to Vera Cruz is, that his fidelity had become suipectad. The most intenae interest was caused some d tys ago in Saltillo, growing out of a muasure adopted by the commanding general for the purpose of recruiting his vagabond roldiery. A grand musical entertain ment fur tbe edlUration of the dear people was announced as coming off at the Plaza, or priucipil square; and, as was to be conjectured, thou nan Is flocked to the place to regale tueir senae* with the strain* of ?oul stirring mulls. Suddenly, ho#' ever, a change came o'er the Hpirit of t!i?ir dfnatn, when the Inure me crowd found itaelf hemmed in by strong de tacbment* of soldier-, who uocereinoui.ily marched tliem oil to the a?veial rn litary quarter*, and, with ver y few exceptions, all were on the neat day proaned into thn strvite. A similar order was Imuod by the satrap commanding in NuevoLeon: but the people of the country, having not wind ot It, eluded it by placing the Itio Grande bet??-eu tbenselve* and their oppiea*or, ami crusting over into tncle f-ain'a territory. l)n the night of the "d last, the bouse of V*u1a, nava A: Co., of this city, ws* burglarlou dy <-merel, sn t an lion safe robb?d ot some 4, Ms) dollar* in dver, belonging to l>nn Antonio I/mgona, a merchant of U tin moras. Another safe was in the room, coutain n< t 'xne S'.'O.tOP, which, for want of lime, was left untoacM* aj tlie ioboer-. 'lbe loss will c;iuse 'lie ruin, in :? msiin>r, of tbe gentleman who owned the money, and it\- vilwin ous set hss created much excitement . a^ being the on y robbery ot runs?i|ii?noe ever perpetrated here. No dta ?every hss bee i tuadt. 1h? rvreut. appointment of Major James H. Durst, a Latne I" van, k* collector ol the custom* at this pi ?-% ntr htlptes roweri, removed, ha- given vury general ** tirtartmn, as, Ixaide* tbe Major'* QnnliflMtloa*, t < li dffWfdly a very popuUr man ani'ing us. lie ? II prov hin>*elf nn eflleient, pnpular. an t trustworthy officer. .\nitcK our neiglib?r* all are on the </h% tee fi>r a rlisnge, a* rants Anna's dowLfall aud Alvarnt's sue ;e? sre no longer problems tirtl. Alvsre/. will maka a t?r lible example of 1Iih despot if a merciful Provident* should throw IJm int i his hsn'ls. .-?.oia Anna .1 miuitest V> the nation has hern re eived, wi'bont having raueed the leaat sensation in the puhli : mind. It Is attiibutsd to lares, his Minister of Juatic* snd hrclesiaatiral Attaire, aud mty properly be quaMM as the most rtupid and insipid paper ever pioii>b* l uti< er the tyrant's signsture. It i* the blnhhenug ol an ovtrgrown boy, mioerably whining for the lo*a of a favorite toy. It i* tbe undignified outbreak of woun led pride snd deeply mortified *?lf love, unworthy of the man who vaunts ol so much energy and decision of character. Ihinrrs continue nuiet nor will there be a change be fore the m<-rry peal* of the bells and the booniii/ of r%n ?ton in Mntemora* will have announced tue finale of b.nita Anna's deapotiam. I will endeavor to keep the run of thing*, and a* tb?y occur I will see that you urn duly posted, br P.J O BRAVO. An Art to r the Prrirrvntlon of Pcrtonil KlllhU and Mbrrty. A large number of p< 'iti'.ns have Iwn prtiwnted to Ibe I epislatuie aaking tha paeaafa of lawa to iw- ire tha writ of habrag corpus and trial by jury to pi-n-noi In thin ,-tste rial aed aa fugitive ilataa, and 'o preve t *oi punish kidnapping . Theae petitions wer? referred to a aaleet committee of the Asacnihly, of which Mr. Wir-lj ?. of ?>r.ondagt, was madi- <-hnitmin. Hie fol !?? ? - in/ lull ban betn repor'.ad a* tbo result of the Itb'K* of tliat cmnoiittr*: ? *N AIT Kill thk nittth Mt*?:itTjiTio;? or THI ammo TtoNA I. kJl.llTN A.M> IJHKHTIIi) 01 JIIK TWittX Or IMS ITATL. tfoel on 1. F?*ry inhabitant of thl I St*te, w'.o hall be arrra'ed, MMmittad or ? a'amed, unlrr the pr 't-nce tl at su ti t< rson owca mi ? lea or labor tinl-r toa U ?n 01 no; o'b.r Klate, ia entitled ua ol right to proe< ntc a writ o' halieaa oorpu* in the manner pr taorili-?l by " feevrad Statute*, and it shall V the duty of t tr IN? tnct Attorney of the county In which tU? < tana of tueh service ?l.ali be mad* or pro ? cultd, upon being adv i * i th'-rtof, to up, ?ar In i?-r v.n or ??v deputy, i !u rase o! "mittf n, may hr app<> ritad by a Judje of the county,) u t?cn etory prooraiiaf wbtrmwii h<w'. ia r? fen <? t'i tha trial of the tern la'.m; to ???? tliat n > wrong ia dena by any person or officer what ??t?r ?i/Kni"t ti ? p?r?-,n hi ' !a mud, or against tbo tigbta, |?a< e or dignity of the i' mile of tha -l*t? f1"- 2. The court or oilier '.etore whom the *nl of hai.eaa n rpti-| ia returnable, shall, on thi tppl < a' Ion of any parly to the pro-eedrni*, order any teava In.oit ng tin- right to freedom of the aaJii peraou to l?a trl-.l 'y? Jury, to ba sf.??dily summontd f.<r th* purr. >v. I'pon the trial <>f the i aid issue the burthan or proof ahul reat upon the < ln.mant , and i.hall b" toa'aiiie I by 1 ?(?! arid# nee. excluding ex part* depositions, an I the t?s tlrn< r or derations rd either of tha par'.l<'? The . iry shall liay?- the r'gh' fto re'.nrn a g<-vnl t?rdiet and t-i aifttiaa the aame raneral diapretloa a a in cr eaaea; ami the finding by tham of ? verdict of ? Not OulNy," ?hin ha final and roacluitTa, any att to|>t th< real er on tha part of any jeraoa or officer, with or without tha color of law, to ??!/'? or rtmona ?ach per on aa a fugitlre owing aerrice, ?h, ill ba an aet without tha authi rity of law, ltd puniaha'ile arcordlngly. ,Lfr. S. Any p< r?on who shall remova from tha iinita of tii- Htate or e h a 1 1 aasi-t in r?m n ing Ui--e fr< m, or (ball coma into the State with tlx- inv n t ' n of removing or of I's rting la tha ranging tbsrofrom, or ahaJl procure or aaaiat la to l.e ao removed, any person who ia not held t i ??iv ce or Uhor under tha iaws of any other "<a ^, an 1 wlxi ba* not ae'apsd fi on aueh nrvkt or labor, iod *r the j.reterir ? tliat an h peraoa Is ao haVI and baa Mi ?s<-ape<i. shall ba punUhed by a fine of not leas toan bit n.ore than fi.oro. and by irnpriaonm* nt ia lha ' tile (r:M> not l?>s thsn Cye nor man than n year*. 4 .No jail or building leli.ngiof to or ^ (lie authority of the ptopl* of th a ftate, or of any m I niopal corporation or cmnty thereof, ? hall I* u?-?l for thi- ?*nfin#rtent o? aay fraon <;barg?.i wl'.h b-ir.g a fngltue h?M U- ?erviee. unleas by order o* aJidgaof th ia ftate p? otllng tha pr? <?ling? on a writ ?f habena crju? aa ber-in pmvidfl I'irh order shall oalf ba ins'ta it d?faolt of r?aa> nabte ball, If bail lie dernan ' -J wbicb may i nly l>* oa the atapntion by tha ? laimtal of a bond ?f ndemnlty wUh anffiHent sorattea, to the per MS ?? r la ae<l far the pay m?-at of all daattgeah n:tf ?affer ay 'haaald rkin In <-a*a the aatne aba ? n < b" a?it? aad by tha twr?lict of a Jury an ! any peraoo ha* Ing Ibe sais ?.r eoatrol < f ai.y an h jail or other b i:1 ing, alio shall permit tha rocftoeat of atirh allege I f>igi lite ti ?'en st *pt a- htrr ia ant borlird , ahall ha s <? li ? , ieri? ?o the paymsat of a Una of Ira b iadra! doiiaxe and imprisorn ml la the HVate jrw n far two reers hec. Ah jeraoc I oiding any a a of tr?e1 . h?.n i ir ernolna?n< wbat*oa?-r by apjmlalaaaut or *larU'>o a tirtaeof tnj law of this ftata. are ker*ly ptnhib"el f rain d r *1l* or la#lra?!?ly ametiag. kmtfing la e?.to<)y I r r*<.rr?a<M ring an? parmn whataoerar aa a faglMtt ?late ! hy tlrtue if tba a/t? of Ciaittu, r??pe?-tin< fagltivea firm jua'lra aad per one e?.-?ping fr..o? tha aaari -e of their maeUra. or say o! tham and et' ry paeraoa who at all so art dirtrlly It Indirectly ahall forfeit aay ran n iaax a which ha uaay hotd tr. aay office dnl ar ai II lary, nr.i ?r r-r by nr ue of any law of thia Ittate Ma officw shall ?? c.eeata4 v*? at and he ahall be fare vet t??r> | s Iter laal |IW? to aay affica of traa '? or aaaila aaan . the lawa ol tl i- H' ate I Wew. * The rulaateer mfltti* *t this Malearw prohibited I f"Hr tetirgtn aay taiaoe- ia the Mltara, It afar tr r?a ? d sfat cf ?aa r? i *??? 'or t^e r*a??a t) il be l-clalnH as a I Ifiiata e^ra, M?tl ta ??f . ta'a 4 '(UftMtM I court en lb* verdict of a jury ai herein before provided, wd any member of the aame who aha'l offend ag ?nt the proviaiona of this set (hall be punUhed by a Ana not MM taan ?2i0 dot mora than II 000, and by imprUon ment for two yeara In the I'riaon Sec. T The truth etc lion of title VII, part I, chap 20 of the Hevlaed Statutes, authorirng the Mayor or Ke corder of iha city af Naw York, in certain to Mod back a fugitive fiorn aervice, it tereby repealed. 8?c. S. Any judpe, sheriff or >ther officer, who ?h?H relinquish, in any manner whatsoever, the juri?dl"tlon and authority veatsd in them, or any of them, by virtue of tbe lawaof thia Htata, to any court or officer, jnll eia) or eieciitlre, of any other State or of the doited Htatee, in aay proceeding* authoiirel and Inatltuted under tbia act, ahall be adjndgei guilty of a ra<adem?a nor, and the p*r?on ao otTeo'llng elitt'.nn conviction thereof, In addition to tlie forfeiture of his olbri, l?e punUhed by a Hoe of oaa thouiani dollars aal Impri sonment in the Jtate prison for t<ro year*. fee. V AM exp?naea properly nourred io the protec tion anil defence of any lnhabi net of thiaH'ate claims I, seized or arreal>-0 a? n fugitive. together with a reawii hie ooniiral fee to Uie Diatrct Attorney or bla deputy for servlcea performed under thin acl , to ba cart fled in each caec by a Judge ot the county, aiiall be audited by I the Comptroller, and pa'd l>y the Tr*aaurer on bin war rant, out of any mancy in the Treasury of the State not I otherwise appropriated. Sec. IP. I b ix act nhall take effect immediately. ? Wh.f ok Piobonh. -The Tm? Huto I?1. American save that tie country ttieraadouts ia literary swnrmiag with wild pigeon . On the evening of the Vtli. el'out five o'clock, a Ho?* n*ara mile la length an I by al out city lest deep, pataed directly over the city, making a milae audiable at a grvat distance. FoilKKik' CovSl'L FOR Nkw YOKK.? The I*pn?l dent him orti?-i?lly recognized Klwnid voo der Heydt aa consul o' Prussia f? r the port of New York. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. monk v mark fit. Sunday, March 26? P. M. During nearly the whole of the part week the community was kept in suspense by the protractsd absence of the steamship Atlantic. All wax doubt I and uncertainty, and no one kcew what course to i take. A masterly Inactivity ha* been the most pru dent policy to pursue, and it ban been pretty gene rally reported to. Quotations for stocks hare been quite uniform, with un active movement in all the I leading speculative fancies. Htale stocks and rall road bonds have been in demand, and favorite classes are confidently taken hold of by our most ! oaullotis capitalist*. The great abundance of mosey 1 baa not jet created much speculative exMtnnent, and fancy stocks not possessing the proper ele ments of productiveness have not moved up much. I Reading Railroad continues n?ar the highest point touched, and there is no stock preying on the mar ket. Tbe large coal tonnage last week has given holders renewed confideuo. Erie has been pur cbaaed to some extent lately on time, buyer's option, ? but tbe shorts have nothing to fear. Tho inflation I in Hudson Railroad cannot be otherwise than of a 1 temporary character. It hat no basis, and its worst season is shout opening. We shall not have any de cided movement in stocks until we have la'ar advices from Kurope. It in many months since the arrival of tbe steamer from Liverpool wai looked I >r so aoxioufly as at prcsd?t. Toe prerlous steamer 1 brought advices of ?o indefinite a character that tbe public mind has since been unsettled, ami bml teas operations much neglected. Tne bare an n nn erutnt whether the Cs?r was dead or alive wou'd Is- sufficient to tet tbe wheels of speculation ' sgala in motion. It will noi mutter mush to tha community at large which way tbe account is? wn ? want to know tbe fact, whatever It is. If anything bas occurrtd to detain the Atlar.tic we shall soon , hate an arrival at Halifax. We aay iirsi hew of tbe Atlantic at that port. The Uunaid steamer of tbe ItiU. Is nearly due at Uahlax, having bsen out 1 about ten days. We shall be relieved of our sua- I peBM be fore t*e lapm tf many hours, either by the Atlan'ic ri a Cun >rd st?amer. Mi. Albert U. h'ico'.ay's regular semi weekly auc* I tion h&.e of stock* a ml bond* will take place -n < M'/idty next, tbe 26 th inat., at 12 j o'clock, at tUe Merchants' Hxdbar'ge. In the catalogue wld be toucd a vaiicty of first class Statd aecuriilc*. TLo exportation of a|ie<;ie from t'.is port during the pas' week was only to a rn xlor ite extent, aa W'U be retii by tre annexed statement:? flwrmovni or ertcn rno* tui; Post or *?? tors I Steamer lllinoia hn k-tuo, Ja.. specie ., tlOu 000 110 ; l?rg Waitat'll Kl<> (iiande Br. Am gul l.. 1 , r?'7 m hteamahip Naahvule. l.lTSgpoeJ, Am. gold. . S'HI.OOO #0 | ho. do. gold Hgvts !!?<! , H?*.? *s.l Iki. do foralf a t'oie 1 01 Ste imahip llerininn, Hrt-inen, Afi goldftallvnr 1IW,H( IM IS*. do. ten tbalere 1 , >00 00 Total tor the week 77fr,X0\ tW I I'revteualy 70 I Total for ISf.a $?,664,>t 16 ?? We nball not bave a atcan cr from thh port for Ku'Opi for Marly fen <i?iy*, and in that ti mo we abaH have another California trimmer in with * rtmltUiire much larger tnan the l?at two combined. We bave no doubt it much larger nm >unt of njtflcie <eme in the hand* of tbe paaaenRer* on board the <??o-ge l<aw than amial; and it la e'.ai our opinion tbat before the departure from Han Fran ciaco of the ateamer of the nth of March pretty ijoitt timra prevailed, and gold had ome on*. liberitJly from it* hi liuff plicea. Tbe advlcee of rain in tbe muat favorable f< aturr in the accounts by tblft nUamcr. Tbe Dailj fVitrtmt n of the l't'.h inat. givea a orreet copy of tb.? Currency bi.l winch p*a?ed the A??embly of tbat HUte : ? A inn to i mnTrnUMri.innor * limnmtirrxtC* u u> / a i> tiiw M?i>. lb" people of tli? Hut* of Wta'ooita, fpreeented in H?n?t? an-i Aaa?inb1y, do ?oa< t ?> foil iwa Mm . 1. No p?rron or bcljr o 'rporat.< (hi 'I pay "it, or pot Into -irrui itlon an Mn?)f id thlalHete, any -?ill. n .in, certificate of depieit. or other pap*'", having the aim li toil* < I it tank note, kaowitg the aame to here Imvo U ai.ed wltb< ut the authority of tbla or aoy other of the United Mate* or Canada Dm . 'J ho pxreon or bode M ri '?rat* ahaJl pay otit, or put into etrenlat'oa In thla .-!*'? tbe nilla or a n'.? <4 i n f task that la not located in ihle tMate, i.oleaa an-h bill* or not* a ar>- redeemable In pftla at the plae* wlieri they purport to have be?n laeoefl, and II* alao 1 urrant, bankable and redeemable in the > itf ?>f .New York, at a life of diwi.unt not greater tbaa "0? fourth of om par cat . or are rnrtaat, bankable, and r?l>wiuabi* at pir, In either tl>?' c iea of Mliwankie, Chicago or -t I/ioi ftr 3. Any per .on who at, nil knowing j viotat* elthor of tb* prwtviiag aeeti'.naof tbla act ?b*ll >?? ? Ij ? I ?? 1 jn lty of n Mlldemeaaor an ! ahall b? pnalabnd by a (lea of r.ot leaa Uian Ufty dollar - lor ? rj plane of pap-r put lot" correlation, or by lanprl>oemeot M le?a tnan all month* or by b"th ?url Ui,<- and Imprtaoaewnt. >>' . 4, 1 bin art (ball be ia fene and ta*e effort a' t i? ? up ration of n.nety Uaya from ao 1 alter the d?t? of IU paaeege. If tka bill paaeea in lt? preaont form, It would e*r| ?de New Kocland eti rreeey ? Wbieh certainly wa< not mteo 1 ed ? at leeet nib la etir ronatru-tion of tb? bill. Hill elrruin?taoee abowa that tbe bill ab'ruld be rery careful ly examined m tbe Kenat*. Tbe winaxni aiat> ment ethibite tbe '(unatity an I v*!ue of oeit?tn articlte except foreign dry g?ls im] otWd into tbla diatnrt during the week emii and lsclnding Friday, M^r-ii SS, 1WM : ? i unirun or re a P>>kt or Ni ? Yok? Winr-v fsroefe PI I l>>oka ....... .it lw.iaa ...... 4 Itttik*., ? hn.?n?-a I I'/ttlee ? lut'ona .... .1* ( a/riafe .... 1 ''l>al? ll") ' b*??e ?4 i Vna M tlear*.. ? , jro 'VI i, i Qj?. CiK-i-a CMIae ..... ,ie fV-ti ...... &irka 1 rvg* ? llaiMin rap. in. tol? a Hack lead. .. |.?a. pfiW't+T . liieerh K da. 1 ,044 Pr-n ato&e. . .1,(10 1ST no 2 110 110 I ale'. .'A 'i* 1 ?'-4 ?,:w ?e47 ?W, 1 1.116 2,. VIA m m wet 4,3014 Wt, l. it i29 4 I ? aiphar ... f a iti-r all. . . . Cb?iBt<eta I k'o pct&ah ( < eh neel .. . . ( nam tarter ( r* u o oil . . . CekeM...... tea I alia '.nin 'opai... iwl a? IpW'M 1'iak aaorera I t*ra?a p?<taah. i Maiatwt , . . I Miw'a aer> I Tarta r- a <ad I 'ai*. | (After *?. .. loo V> 13 1<| :? Ta lie Wi ?Mm hi, 4 *,:*> 9,m 1.414 1,741 404 <r? ?a* 4 7i.| l:,eM ? IJR 1T4 iao aiet 74 I at .1 !"* .14 X?4 '?It ? '** Olaea itliaa w?r? i>la a put* .. Heir Ilalr cloth., lutegooia. . . lr?dla robber. Uatieal < -i Optli-al ln?ia hnrfleal 40. inn Jaoalleff Oil pa ntiac I. ,aar?? ilran ij inn ^>ri?r .... Kir leatbar nre>?*' >t.a I r?dre?ee?: Metal |?al>. fV'ppa* |>r rape... Cheated* . krt? per ? Catlery Hardwara taaaa lr??, t? a* M? t ? . . Aa-h?r ? I n? p* Ir *4 . Talea .... Ma*ed vare Irwr vara ?I/' 1 ?! ?id St li : 21'. 10 10 ITi l'.i a* 3 >n: 0*4 ? n Ml i *n\ II i (I Hi 34 i:? 1,444 4<>l 174 1.1 It It, *47 1,7'J: a, mi TtJ a.i u e.o.-. 141,244 117 4'.? 4.n 14 in IT! M.Clft 14 1 Ml l?,<a>I n.iei > 4* Mil 4 VH I. 14 V I.74S 1 ' ?4e I 44 Dysvooda, Aomtto Argot* Ku?t(e Loywood Maildar Oil*.- oil I 'urn while . . I'ltramtriD* . VerinlUion. .. Wli,tl?K Kiuit*? I'DIOON Nut* Orange* Olive* l'luDM I'ru oen i-IUMH Kngi tiring* .. K?rl)i'u >?*r?. Fanoj gool i . Ki?b I'aaUier* .... Kir* <-r?ck'r>3 Kuruitura . .. Kum Cm fixture*.. p?ioU, ke.~ 1(0 20 33 4<>0 20 8 3 140 3*6 41 4(10 4(1 12 76 12 1 000 2 IT 1 (W0 1,41.1 1,471 8;6?0 6,624 1,0114 747 216 MO SOU 6,118 13.0U3 14.U81 4MI :mih 4,m 1WH I 113 3 330 3,771 218 t, '.'14 4'.? 6,S'M 4 'it Mot*.* **....?, 071 r?l>?r 46 iVi. h?ni(ig|( M I'ttlunefj... 6J Hop? bait _ Hoed* ? Ho?p 257 Spleen 3 Spongi' IT hUliooerjr. . . 31 Sugar, hHd*. 7,107 Do. bi At l)f..l ,4 10 Te? 61,751 Tobtoco 1 , 1? i Wat r he* 41? Wlo-? 8,823 Wood? (Irani ? Oltr. ? I Itch* '21 UiiuailiAi ? M ibn^ iiijr ... ? Wool 3 K?ock* 74 Waal* 40 Other uid*u. . ? $l,27t 2 8M 7, lit# 3,010 1,014 3,3*1 61)6 2,KS0 b .H 1,087 6 37 J 246,188 21,073 ftiO.nni 10,371 74,847 1 280 311 718 1 144 0,1 88 US 2H 603 761 Value of morobandl** piitOntle mtrkat > al lv , , . during Uw> ?Mk J ?4,V?B,M? Ditto dry good* ditto ditto 1,13?, ''8 ToUl 93, lit, Ml The principal item* of import <lu ring the week were 88 tollowH : ? $307,13 J; uudrN>ra?J hkinn, $143,256; cutlery, $36,210; railroad trw?, 163,349; tin, $66,50$ ; uioliwi, $ ;1 270; 8u,r*r, $207,901; tea, $520,091; wticbri, $74 H47{ winw, $29 886. The a^grrgiito la aouuewlitt larger lUan tiHual, bat it will be won tbat It i* m tile up of some large Item*. Upwarda of eight hunJreil ttiou eand dollars ?w for tiro article*, Ua aaJ oofl'io. The Importation of dry good* !*?? weak wa* aUi annaually large for tbia m< .aon. The annexed xtatement exMbita the quantity an j value of certain aitlclea exported from thin port daring the week ending and inc.ln "n<? Friday, the 23d of March, 1856, dlttingui.ihing doaUoa'.nn and extent of abipmenta to each place:? Commui k or nu 1'urt ur Nkw Yokk? Wkkkly Kiroar*. V"'*'- Valu*. Cotton, bit.. 2, 763 $101,081 Corn, i>uih.28,6C6 27.t?2? Beef, tea. . . . 13(1 3,800 Bacon, lb* 48*, 767 Z/.KM) l*rd 116,(88) 11,600 Ham* 300 62 Htigar, hxx.. 640 0,372 T?a, cliMU.. 100 2.780 (,uano, ton* 1,748 67,400 Nilvnr Mii'to* *w'piD|K,clui 0 600 ToUl i/vnnt Hooll*. Ctb9K V ur?fc?* in*. 2 Hop*, bale*. 62 l.r y g'd*, r* 10 l.i-ntlifr el'h 26 l^prn oil, gal 3,1 16 Mabngaor... 313 Io<w?K>iltn* '.'hi Roido, bid*. .2,017 Otb?r art'el* ? Kii I nr. ) ll w 101 2,4'H) 2,2f>? 3,237 6,2 12 4.80J $ <114 .'! 086 133 $306 636 Tork, hbl*.. 484 Ham*, lb*. .10 000 It*cou 388,617 I'rugn. ea,? . 8 Spm nil iral 3n,;:8u IV*, cbi-Htii. 488 Koain, libU 3,237 Cott4in, 1>I*.. 1,121 Urxf, bblx.... 26 llacon, lb*. .40, .'(43 ilock*, c* .... 1 K<mio, bt.l? .. 2?2 hkinn, balm.. 21 HnltMl r*?n<* 8 W.t< b oil, hi* 1 W li'b< i??", lb. 3.321 ToUl MM HON $7,834 EH' Ot*. en .. !K)0 Turpa't* t?U 1, 1.1 , 7112 Tobarco, r* . 1,017 Oil cakp. bm I. f<8."f,8 (JuaiiO, ta? 1 <??,500 7,620 ToUl II A (UK $74,724 1'alm loaf, bla. ..2* 1 H. i{IM>0# , r.i 3,134 I'?<?rl akb,bbl* 1 00 l.llou oil. c?. . .'?oo ( <ipj*r lb. 117. 2.1*6 p*in*. kg .'160 Hup*, bal**.. 08 Oilior arlicleii 1 , 1 1 n 72'. loO 013 r-m ."??0 276 10 I'M) 6, 1 iW 8,|o0 3,400 70,760 1^21 040 1,041 I 1 16 118 : 1 ,6<k* 30,0<W 1,481 377 106 .$117, IM Cotton, b>a .. 33 8u|{ar, toxi-R 4-li toll'*, ' ,5H0 P. aahaa, btiU SO Hoe in 3,468 lug*. 226 tl.lWi H.I. tiirp. bbl 375 7, 140 F lli'ctn, c . ? a . I H?lt|M<ir<" b<a 243 1,4! '' 1 .i'/wihiJ, Via 8J4 4, 142 M???ia li imm 1,6U 4,143 ?00 6,17'.! 374 toUl U'\04i. I/if wood. 'una 266 F* ilo , bia . 7M> Fimtir, ton*.. 2</J Total II A Mill' HI. $%,709 IVitata**, bbla .'.0 4,4i>n Fiuuilura, Ik H &.40H 1,644 r.ou 117, Hit 7 liMkT. Polk, bbla t,MI ?'J6,720 CORK ('?ill, hush 24,000 ? 14,100 Klmri. No t'2,M0 H,tU Hour bbl* . . (:'?!> Cam btieh. 04 l . rnniml lib!, 190 Be*f, bhU.... 11 I ?rh, bbla. . 11)4 II.' iu', bbla.. 733 flutter Iba... lit Urd, :itu U m*,lbl., . 4J7 Dr of a, ra , . . . * '1'n.piincirna 'I Un<llaa.bia.l,414 Hmn, mm 10 TnUJ aam-n w ? I H3S M ?on r?7 1,410 M 1?4 43 Hi ai>? 4,5V? IHU urr minim. Yoijir'.u lb1 . 4 VI lltr luiir, ci. 31 II < teiit a, ca . . 15 lt|t*?<], bbla.. I.l.'l KunilUrr | j* 4o IVaa, buah . . to Carrugwa, r-i . 1 ! Oi|rikN,M.. 4 'luano.l MM I h-buoka, lilida. 'J'" I It lai-'la. f-' t 1,(1X1 w ili rr ar(iel< a ? Flour, 1 bla . 1 Hjr Hour.... 1(3 llrrf 133 l.irk 70 ItiiMer. lb? . . ?'! 147 lar.l 4 2*1 < hrra 606 < om ma a I bla 212 fumt'ure... 1 l'-athar, roila 1 04 Drug*, rata.. 1 Wb oil, cab 2*7 Oalooa, bbla 44 (hi. if a la lira'd r?, tla 210 llut'ar, I la. 1 ,0fiK CaiadW-a, bxa 273 Total itrmi wiarr i*ntn ?10,7*3 .?u?ar, bia 13 bl7 Caull, mit? .V) t'7H I?r J (?.'?la, e? 7 MO I Urr, bbla.. 13 t>7* l'<aa .... .. II ill I Tobaeoo. Iba 7,77'' 13 TobaTo, b 4a f? t<*4 OixMah, Ilia 7, let M Fartor, kaf? W4 VJH fopjiar, Iba 3,'i47 ?"3 Naila, krga . 3 Wl (V>la1a<a*, r<nl* N 1711 Moap, b?a . . . . 400 fiBft Brand/, bhl. lo H'i7 Boa/44, ft 14,0 >0 171 Otlwr iillelM ? 960 t.(W lirt m mo VWtl 74 341 HO ?M? 1)60 150 (i'iO ?l<i.#Jl ? I'M M 1,06.1 14* lux 1,111 Hit 3114 7 Vi 41' 70 134 hllO IDS ?I* I ttal . t3?l,7?4 I 'ion r , bbla.. "CO lork 400 llatdwtir, ca 21 hlca, bbla.... 50 Flah 70 Cod flail, Iba 3H.100 Bb'tlri'O, Ml* 14 ?1,'/'? b??.. 1 '100 Q,Mb I'.ailinKa, rt I 1U May, bal?. 34 USA Hoar. la, It. 3).1'i5 TjV 'ItBar a/tlcl ? ? hhi 110 Total, ? 1,'JOQ 9% 4 .4 47 ? 11, 414 Quantity. Itwiaalba , l,(r.'l W in<low ah?la. 1 Hia>l ?ar" . . 10 Macli'ji, M.1?,?7S 7*?, b*? Ijl^aa he... . 'ih It u(a, m 1<-7 1'oIh (^UtKhl I Il> pa baiaa . . Uloiw, ba... l'i F uraitur*, ea 19 ra In I 11 (*oo6a,ca 07 P 4*tk a ibt , . , I (atdlaa bia. 37'.* Ir'y r.'.mba ra 4 IC'lvara. ea. . M (?la awira. ea 11 It j |iai4a. ca 14 ? I.U !-?? el'db, ea II*" Baft. ea .. 12# Winn, ea . . 1 l.?< ("o4a,b( 173 Haa.ln, ca 1.3..1 rioeka, lita .i,0.v; l'a|M>r, Ixlla 744 I oil, (?l 7fc0 Twlaa balaia . 1 W* I'a.nt bruabaa Km jr p?par ta 440 Ml" ra ... ? 0'.7 I1<t< la. bta l.ftfro ra>aia. ea. . . . 1 '?>'? Mai -ba-, bll (171 W?''4aa, bi 1.M.7 Uthat ... Total. I'dJ"' LA Itl1* "I 310 4 M 3 T2 2*> 121 M v. Ill m j,i?i i l>4 1M III 77 an ?45, <A1 T'ork, beM. 4 llama, Iba. 4,5. 5 I.'uttar ... . 'i,2a0 Urd ll.otn Cha? ? NW) htalina* rj, ea 3 I a par, ra . . .1,300 Hp Turp'a bbl* 2* ^.ap, Imtaa . 4'tt (aB''>aa 4H 1<.ba'-rf,, lb* l,4W Wirblaya, bla I W'b. bUTialla *'J0 (1<s?r. bnir 30 Htaarl'* Of . 70 I'rovb lo*a , HI rUh '?"0 l'ri'at"?a bbl V) Total (?ntn roaal, bla. 334 llotlar, 1 ba I (/ft HIM, tlarr^a . I ar-1 Ifca... 4,4*0 II - ma 1)^.. 1 ,1 rWaa, lb* I -M lift a<l. bbla ,, Wl V. >, O.l, rala X " I'nt* , l.ola .... (-4 |>af, hi,.a |k Tata! ? 1 41 ATI ?64 1 14a 107 no M4 410 197 :*1 'JO' t 5J0 W* IT. 410 75 155 Ha't faf?tjr 7?a. ehe-< ?lat-bea, bt TaiM* Iba 1 I* 'J I. tr nl ?a rr 4 llardnr*. ea. 9 Irruaa, ea Mat<m* ,,, Koroit'a, ea,, IwtBiaa'.ra, bi % arai*k, bb, i'ar a.hh'la ?. fi" liopfM ... ;'.'?"0 I. 'bar tt. ItlM '? b r artl aa ? j;,m r-iaro mm ? 1,41 7 I'calna, Hbia. 30 347 ?h)l r.a 2? 733 ' a#. ">a, bataa 44.'. W.-?t wra. 4? "?l IM I'appat. I'.jl 14 IMI I'apr- ra mm M0 laa T"?ba-">. "alidi 2 944 !l ?abaa4a . II'. 473 H?*tl . 14,174 901 OliM MtaalM ? ?1," ?4 ItM r, b?ia 40 fat 1 it* . I 1.% laJlaa Iva ? 5. 1 Hk Ikiuf'r ra 10 inai 1't.a, ...14* HM 1 ikaaa, aa. 3 llaaaa b.i'i 10 H ' ??? hi* ii Kaf* Mb.... M IViaMK bta I'* I'trap bbla . . 10 Ttital ? ?? ' 1*7 V4. 3 IM 1,001 1 m I "4 1,043 ?i,rro iu anal 9?.ar.; batf > lab. ? bla Wata ba*' aa a.. I 4f.t'a, Ma Klra. bbla . I'ltf I'.iaa hfta:y aaaaa < r raw art ? ?? . t jf.l"7 . 94 14 ? :?? ?. 10 I: n ?ir. KM at; | aa 157 4* I MM l?i i .a fVmr v la.. |4*a( '.ba .... I o?? MM* Tobaaar. 10a. II aa ? . Iba . . liaHti-a r? |H aa , ???la hftf bta >? *? iata I ? n>?at ea ba 77 ??fa I Tar t'4a 70 aaafa 'n?a I :vi 4 44 7M It *1 b 411 ?W* M4 73 3, Ml 74 144 1*4 154 7,170 4 ' *? IM 14" 144 7?a, V?? at J . I'arMiair* Ka?a, eaila ?.a?, -a.?. 54 llafM k ?ait < Vu..i r ? ? 5 brtpw' * ' Caraj ba, ? f ba?U ara 3 Ibia a .. 20* tnm** n '<*> at?ai ? ?|rt I ! i? II .?;i t> 1 IU la V ia atAa 4. 4 I J raaUL ? < 4 a, MMki 1 fib. ? *?? I R?'?rmn.ifi i? Mirrpoai $.'>06,631 Br W. lad ?? Uwloa,,,,, 32 I'J 4 ? llarra 117, 1*0 Autoarp 41' <>4? Hamburg..,, 1 " H.I J W..7W tort II, MO r?.Ki llrmil 6.IM16 Vftlun ot md??. aip-.rta I during tl?o Do. ipftlii do. do. $H Ml Detch W I*4mi m.i-4 HtyM KH Milieu U?M Cuba r. ,?? I'erlo Klae... I m N?? ??i taada 11, ITS Africa 1? .$Mn|,?ee Total. A verr important item of eip-irt fi?m tkn par. I* F.un>|* lately Iim bteo Knatio. t'pw?r?li mt mi hundred atd alxty thnuoasi dolara wirMi am abipprd tut wt?W t Lmdoa and l.!verp*>!. Near ly one busdivd dollar* * rU of :>?'k ?m ?hipped to Urea' , proW.lj for the ?MMh naval ear *1*. A wfi-k or t <n atniM about t ie aaiat false ? ctt to Toulon. Tha <. .tiaum vi >u uf Aia-mti puk in Fran e bu t< coot* ui itam J iut lex tun t, not only to cona jor ra there, Uul U? tfodiee** here, aiiu the trade irnut ).???. 'forth rapid'; la trraac. Copper, in Large .'o'-e, toa'naa t. gi te Praooe. Tiif airr 'tffa'? > x/irjiUm of acr an ttm lout wt.k waa limited. #3,000 >11 Im ?t f.f '47 6.000 In Mat" 6'a. . 10, too \ ? ?'a..a..:i 111,000 tie bT 80 000 Mo b'. ikjO do 80, (00 I'M 80 I'M) do boo 1ut000 ?*n , . . ,taM 1.1 00 liar lit rat M ? 000 Km* txl* ol 'U :i,oi o do 1(>,H0 KrUbuf '76. a3 r. 00 <1 do b7 3.0OO Hurt It :u| in' b 1 2,1 00 Bud ( on* bo o t>,i? o ill (>oHH )> t:s 8#.i00 do h OoOIICHKK'ld b? lb, IK 0 b'H) 3,600 NY <V||*7'?.. MM) do 2H MKXItjr 6'a '76 . ?tor a Knlnuic. Hit Nil, Marak M, II IMS in aharumnOl .aae M loo *aa 47!. da ?J4 tM.fc 1?K* da b7 HI', I'D da ... . b?J wi?, 431 NY Ola It* '<4 <0 OU? a TaW RR f so Oal * <M Hit :? do .1 K> K.rir lilt aJ 04 04 S ?4 nv IMS H7 ?7 V 77 77 Ki H2\ ti'^s 7a * 74 IHI lot V7 111) 100 6 60 1M> ..IJD 100 no do . do do. do do do. b7 l*li, HO 16 ..bT aM? ? la ... blO do ... b<? iw lUalluf Itll bJO 800 do a.1 ?00 .to al 4'<? do.... b?l I M do .. a] 360 Hud It i T?r it i.M 1"0 do ... bltt 100 do 10 Mich Can KM ... 30 do... ... "4 Vtnb South Kit bii I'aoaraa UK 11 N Indiana (>>a 100 111 C?Bi Itll. ...4 10 Ot, 0 k OU Kit ?KCONtl niURD. ?'^0 la HUt* t'*.. Ml 'I rMUIuMruiuntrUlo 1000 do HI \ 6?0 frio Coe Ha'?3 VI ]< MM* ^frbd of '1* a?l Hi 4i,<)0 N Vjrl Oo7'? 101 l!f.?b? (oniicni I Kk li>4\ '.'CO Nlc Tr Co .b?0 17 100 l?v 110 do Ih'i 1<0 do ?.'i I' I'll 1'niua 4 ?.?I t'o l^t 106 300 Cum* oal On. hM a..*. rlia Ilk of Amrr. . 1 1 10 H. A I#atb?r Ilk. 101 4'> l>ol h II < ao ' o. :i<i ( cot 'ui Inn Co. . h l urk lu? Uo. . . . , 60 l ?tr ) Imp't Co .. h 26 Nil TrantVi. .h.O 17 17:. <!o If.' 10 IVun Oal < 1'". 600 Cumb Coal Co 83? iOO 60 100 no do do do do . b?? 100 S V On KK b." l.0Krla IU< alO 100 do al HO do b-1 ?ilMI do -I 16 Mich ' ?o lilt ... |.i North's U KU . no I ltd (<xii.trurlioa 7 Mirl. H?lh'a UK. M HI Oas Hit aS 30n*r C \ 11b lilt 6 llu linn Kir RK lOO Kaadlaf lilt blO 360 do *:i0 ?K "S !!? M "S ??s wa ?4 ?k ?a 4, **?a 4a 414, 4a ?? H *? H *i\ mh "14 U fi? ?wk il at loa na ?tt< let 2* 52 M M aa **% lot tl M < IT* Til* OK RKPORT. H.ri KiKi . Mar jh 34?4 P. M. Amn v?r* qniat, vitliout that la prloaa lliuui?ri,ni> Hiur riitru <->iaUBurd in taa ? fair d? niatnl (or tl>? local still aaatarn trad* Tba ? alaa ata briml kk,.i ? 7(n/? t.b . , lm In'ling eemmva In *ood ?freight hf.ri.1. at IN *7 a ?'? -?*: >W .11 a ?,i 7t for rna II'.. n III good WnVro. Ini-luitwl in I la* ttanaa taona ttura ?? alaut ? <xi til. (it ? i port, Caaa-liau ttnada *tr* t??l?lil?l> wil?, vttb ?li of about iOOi bbla at 19 2ft a 110 Ml for oODinmii to ultra bruib. Tli* aataa of Koatbain vara to Ilia lltaat of attoul 1WJ0 bbla at I'' I'l a 7.'. for common to goad brand*, aii'l !'? *7 a 910 H7 for f.mry In ritra II}* flour aolil U It* filMt of 700 Mil*, at |i> 'JA a $0 to tut flow, nu. I 17 in !?* a-ip ar tin* Com maa1 w mi a ahada flrin-r, ?IUi aalaa af IH l>hl*. Jaraay, at It 'Hi, Vkrnl lliamartat vaa ,i.i*t alilta liiinnrn ?|' lulil at ti 70, tamlliara do at 12 9ft air Kjr* vaa taaH-l at II .HI a It St for Jaraay aaJ North Klirr. Corn nnaiia.l (I'm an ! acUr". Hi- aa'aa footnl u [ ||nl M),(MX>a ftft,090 liu?liala at 0*?. a W)j? for t-oulLam vhlla, an. I l' 'J a II far Jar?"/ jrallav aa4 It),' 00* WaaVrn OiliH from atnra, wa?ta> aoid mm pilvata t*im? auppooad to ba at al?Nt II. Oat ? a-vrv iprhaiifad Cnnt T> - nfarlat *a> ra'.liar ijulat but prt :aa vara Attn ha'a-a of !<<? liana at II1,- /'Hi An on prirata tarn. a, i.nC U I half ln?r? '.torn a at 1 1 ',c . a Itf Onnin Tki mirtrt ct^Uaiii^ Oiul tt?<k tba aft ??nr<- of tha Atlanti- aav* had tli* allart of eba. kiag aalaa, wb'< b ninouolr't to 1,0*1'. Iiala-a I'nuilimi lnii(ni'nli w-ia at a ataod, ailaf to tin- itrUnt of tlia at* a mar To l.trarpnol, !.,(jna ktiiMb ??no ????? rnm*r 4 at I , in alilp a ba**, aiad a ri. 1 1 1 it ta of not t" a at t .'1 2d a .1 ltd , ratmpaf***d ao4 iMtwnmJ T" I nodaa, 2A balra hair *>n lakaa at 'Am. In Itirmrn 40 bala* aotleti vara anaagvd at t|4i , NO I bla. Ik on at "J 1 c., and 1 :<Mtkaj;* ralaina at TJm Ad To llainl.uiK, 1,000 iba bona at ',<? per lb , I.OuOlba mabtifartarad tabMrq at 27a. M. i?r t ia. aad 7,000 nation* l onrj at - |n > (alltio Kalaa to llarr* vara iiorbaoirtl allh nwtrralK in(a|<ni*tita. To California, Uirf ratlrdfr"iii ''?"? a par foot ioaa*itr?nMot tin rr ? About I <**) Uu?? buarta ra ?in? vara aold aa pr mta Urma tt'bar fruit* ?ara ua< 'tari/ad ll?r.- Hair of 4"? a UK) liak-a ? ?t? r*port".1 at a'lwit ?tli cnta. Iron ? Kalaa of KiO ton* no', h plf vara ma-la at l<f Mi a II* oo ttnali lot i ?an?'l from !?#. a 31e. I 1MB.? li.tntroi, araa at |l ao 1 lati.( at II 121* Mill *?????.? Il.a aalaa Ini lu a I :: bb-la. rlafalCuba at '."Jr. , and aboi.t X0 bkU N*a Orlaani at M? , Mr to '1~ rant*. Na>'*i Hroaw vara i|iiiat aad prl ?? wllbaat ? lianga of uuMoant. fin* ? TVara vaa oo rh*n?a to aoti/a of aa maat la |.r nr, an l aala* wara hkf ara'a ItnttmiiM Cork II" atarLat an vltboat aalaaa Not i ablla prl'<^ ??i? ?t?a<lr H>? aal?a aotbraoail MM a AGO M.I . a* III .1 a III U7 for 41 ?.'fa 111 far till! B.aai, ll'i for na w ru-?a ami 114 ^ for oaa prtaaa. It?af an a to fair ra^ur-t villi aalaa o' :> n bbla , at I* a III !?*) for roontry ?iit.ti-ata vara at'adf, at a 9r for llama, ao.) f.',? a 7c. f r all >ali|a.ra l rha ?ala* loclud*'! i/t litiL at f,4' a , ant IWO >*?? at l< 'i* a lie ? 1>.?a? an I battar vara anebaufad Hue- Tl.a markat taaa haan n?| artlra (ann| tha travk an l prit aa l.aia im/irar*! a'?iut a '?r par lb To dap tha art.' la vaa fan. a' tf * a anl tl.a alaa ft arba^l 7U4 raaka at C|r a'.'.- part af wblrb vaa in utl?rn ???oint tV toaraat i #rm, vitb aa lo.f.roalac Ion ian- 1 In pr-raa. frit i Walaa afpft U| pimnti v*o mala at Ml(t. ; H tar- ppff at lJja' *11 a a. , aad I'M) isiti nat a*-** ?t II ? i <.*a .- 'Hia na'tit vaa ?t< ?dj vlth a fair aaaaaat af aaW*. At-oi! "<>i bb-la. Cuba vara aold at 4*4*. a , r inliyia 400 *o Nav (>i laaaa at 4 s* ? Wairtrv Tba aaia* ,aclu-l*l atoat t.bla K'afta prlaan at II **?. a lie Wot.t, rau-a ara r*i'ir*'d tbia vaab of 1M.0OQ lb* flraoa ar> (.nllnl ao>.l* at ab?t.t l**t vaaa'a rata* fallf ap la ? tir .,ui.'ailon? In fofa.yn tbara hi baaa intra a'parf aad aa aoilra *ala? af 1 0 bataa aaaaahad tfaatira at 1 ? to 14r ill wiat)ia anl tl balaa Muaaoa tfraa *aiM alout IlS? aa tivta Tbara ha* baaa a fa ar la <iulr/ for at ?t Hod*, aad th* man at t* a alaada la*ttar . Kortlgti *f arb rla, V*i ra* ? *?, 1 ab 14, IU4 Hcoaarla.t ra-port tli* aaarkat l>>> atuaa ti; h'.II* a- ill lt?. aai'l v.tb ilia a - aptloa of doar aad aa(ar tha Iraaia'tl' aa bara ba-fi ttifl.a/ la I" I tk? t ? "> I * fav >a ?? barn bava vaada for Malta *? iMtiirta Veiy >v gi<"4? bar* baaa a<dd for b???e? ewe aaiapttea I I Hi r? .. Tbt* aril la la lov aad *)"? of *ala ?i,MI fa?i tt.-r an vaa *o<4 ?' 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