Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 27, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 27, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6787. YORK HERALD. PRICE TWO CENTS. ASTTITIISXBNTS REPfBWKD BT8BT DAT. raasonjUi. nnn -LEGACY lift to jobs PARK, f< ate yxUiUUl/, of Macon. Alt. Apply, without delay, to * PARK, fof CUifxJ Ho ?t Office, Detroit, Mich. Antonio? will please meet his brothers in Tweaty third street, at ten o'clock to-morrow. Wed neaday mora Inf., without fail. A FRIEND, WIIO WROTE A LETTER ADDESSED TO L. R. ?., Ana -treot, will conlrr a great favor by grant luu interview, which ahall lie ?trlctly confidential, or by writing again tvoo, and shall be duly rewarded for their trouble. L. K. F. IF DR. SHERMAN, TRUSS AND SUPPORTER MAXU taeturar, will send bla addreaa to Kloe, Herald office, he will bear of something advantageoua to biw. IF MISS HART. MUSIC TEACHER, OF YORK VIL1. E. will oall wpon the lady at 202 sixth avenue she will greatly oblige, a* ?he will not bo able to comply with the arrangement that waa made yeaterdar. INFORMATION WANTED? OK OTTO RCYMANN, from Borlia. i'riiatia, who, in lfn'i.'i, worked in the ran ?bine and locomotive department of the Sehemiotady and Utiea Railroad Company, hjr Hardt A Co., 20 Broad stroot, New Tort. INFORMATION WANTED.-MV BROTHER, ISIDOR Eiuatrin, Wuiio* absent from, lu re six months, and aa 1 am unable to Aad out whore ho In. 1 re meat biin to give me ? Aar peraon having anv knowledge of him will pleate writ* to iBlic lintWia, New York. F ARTICULAR NOTICE.? THE PERSONS WHO SAW a lady thrown from one of the Eighth avenue cara cor aer of Thirty seventh atreet and Eighth avenne, on Thurs day afternoon, February 28th laal, willoonfer a great favor on ma by calling ?t ruy place of Uualneaa. 820 Eighth avenue, Ml Thirty seventh aad Thintv eighth atr?ets. JlioMAS W. UEORGE. The lady m ho lost her king cuarles s spa niel near Union square, in Broadway, yoiterday morning, tenders her moat rerdlal tkank* to the gentleman who ao kindly veluBtccred to releaae hi >u from the thief, and i) w VathiMi with the ywing man why wai knooked dowu in the melee. THE TRADES, dtC. A PERSON THOROUGHLY ACCJUINTED WITH maaofactarts^ of enamelled carriage eloth and oiled -cilk. wiahee to obtaia a aitnatlon to tiko charae of an air, ady ?nabliabed bu tineas. or to enter into a partnerahip with a peraon of aome ox-ana The very bent of referoncei aa to ca pability and respectability. Addreaa Manufacturer, Newark, N. J., with rffk< same, and it will be promptly attended to. A MASON. WHO UNDERSTANDS IllltCK, aad plaatering, and liaa boeu a realdent of thi, uv' tIArty one yeara, and haa been in the habit of collecting rent! and seeing to and making repaira, la willing to work in thla city or go ont , aa may auit the employer Alao, a tone moat for a natal I family, without children; the rent, or a part to be takea la raaeoa work, or would leaae a lot, t ? be "raid fur in part <c wholly in maaon work, Any one that wants a maaon and lia? a lot to lea o or a tonement to ront, aaay aadreaa W. H. D., llorald office, atating when ami where aa iaterfiew van be had, which will be attended to. AS OARDKNEK, OR GARDENER AND FARMER ? A altuatioa wanted by a married inaa wlthont tainily, a Scotchman, who (osteeses a practical knowledge of ar ?denlng in all ita d?parlmeata, ri< ? 1'rtiit, floweri, veguta bios, la> taw ont of tew grounda, nnd the moat improved nyatem of {arming, and alao the management of cattle Ac. Addreaa er call oa W. X., at A. Smith's aced ntore, CI White -atreet, for t?o day*. AN ARCHITECT WANTED.? TO ONE 'WHO UNDER ataada hie kiiaincas a permanent ait nation will ho given. Addreee J. B., Ilerald ifflce, atating t.-rui German arohi r.ects need aot apply. A RCHITECTURAL DRAFTSMAN WANTED-ONF. J\. who ia qnaHAed to draw tlie plana anu write apecitica tioaa, can tnd employment for a time by Inquiring at Harm -ver Bank bulldiar,, corner of 1'earl and William alreeta, In the basement. JOSEPH DAVISOV. BY AN lEOX MOULDER-A JOB IN THE COUNTRY; ia wasted; !?? ia a steady, aober man, and a good workmaa; bo oi4?etiun to tbo IVoat, or any location thai ia healthy. Addreaa A. W., Herald office. OARDENER WANTED.? WANTED, A STEADY MAN*, that eaa take care of a vegetable garden of about two acrea, aad alao tako eare of a horae aad eow, thlrteea milo* from the city, Swutehman or German preferred. Call at H8 William atretl , between 12 aad 2o'olock. GARDENER AND COACHMAN. -A MAN AND HIS wife, Prote*aanti, want aituntiona; be uudentand-: tlie care of horaee and driving a uarriare, and the raiting of veflctaklca. alio farming, kia wile will do chamherwork, or ntiree. or help to wa-h. Can give city reference. Can be .?een for two, from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M., at 6i C'arinluo treet, np (taira. Garden em ?situation wanted, by a mar ried maa. with one child ; nuderatanda plain gariuning. ? noh aa farming. vi> golablea, frulta and flower<; nm no ob jeotioa to take cbaarge of a atnall farm and oattle; h*< live I ?even year? in kit laat place, on York Mand. For particu lara, addreai J. R , care J. M. Tborbuia, 15 John at., N Y. Gardener, wants a situation?is a single man, and perfectly nndoratanda bia baaiaeaa; alao th? car* of horaee, a?4 ia a good, careful driver. <'an give the lie at reference, runstey and city. Pleaae ad drew J. U. Gar deaer, boa 17H llwal j oHlee. 4 ARDENER.- WANTED, A SITUATION AS OAR ?\JI dener, by n irfnglo man, who in capable of taking charg i vf a cre? nhonae. flower ground and aitchea garden. Can act ia the capeinty of coachman and gardener and will taaka bimeelf aaeful. No objection 1 1 the country. Can itive good nfereucA from hia livat employer. Gentlemen wanting a man < f jnduatrloul and persevering habita, will tind both comMntd in the advertiser. Addreaa J. F. D. care of W. Thorh-tn, Ea<i , 15 John atreet, where the adver tiser oaa bo ace a firom 12 to 3 P. M., daily. TO Cl'BOI^TEllERS.-A YOING CERMAN, WHO who baa lived fouryaaisin thii ooantry, and under etaada EagKah \> >11. wanta a permanent altuatioa at any ?tpholatcry bnair'.i-*, to get practice in ita differeat branchea. *jna hae aome kaawledge of tale kind of work, and ia able to make hiaeelf aacfU from the fir?t day. aa he haa been em ployed a good while tn the upbolatery tuaineaa. Ia willin.' *o work lor mouerafe aalary. aad any eontract, profitable t ? tho employer, auht be trade. Reference can be given. Please addreaa C. F T., 500, oBee of the New York Evening Gaiette, 21 Nertk William atreet. _ rno rLUMBEKtt and carpe nters.? wanted, a X sitnatloB to l<arn either of the above tradea, by a young man who ran produce the beat of civy reference*. Apply at 190 Chaakera atreet. or addreaa a Bote to born l'-N Herald oBco UTANTED-A BURNISHER, TO BliRMMH SII.VEIt ?f plated r.Occtora. Apply to Wm. Porter, 17 l'latt atraat. . nr ANTED? A UARDENER (A PROTESTANT) WHO YY understand* M>fls and railing vegatahlei. Call at 2.7 Grand street, Mviyn II and 2 o'clock. J. M. HOWE. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS GARDENER, BY A young man af good cxpirienee and ateady habita; under stands the rare af herae , would btve ao objoction to ilrivaM ?f repaired. Plaao* call at, or addr> as J. C., No. lui Rut FJevsath atreet. Card floor, front r*oan. TETANTED? A COOD WATCHMAKER TO GO TO TT Georgia. AM>ly to LOUIS S. FELLLOWS ASCII ELL, 21 Maiden laaa. WANTED- TWO GOOD nAT I'RESSKRS, A BANDER aad brimmer, also, a good bsanet pressor. Apply at No. 8 Chrystic str*et. UMT AND TOWD. DOC I.08T.-BM BEWAKD -I.OST, ON THE 21ST IN staat, ? L mi r* Mark Newfoundland Jo*, with a win's rlnff ron?4 kis irrk, whits hroait, fsrt kail end or hit tail. H botTn will ritiirii bin to th? wcithtri' olB;t, is th? Cua ? in How, ahatl m?l? tba akoro reward. yoi'ND-VAIU'lI 8, A LARGE BLACK AND WHIT}'. J* Nawf?on?Hai-.< 'Jo*; tka ow??r can bars it bv proim rroporty aad aa^lar aipsniai it not ownsd within thru ?lays from tbw 4ml?. March 27, it will b? lold. G. DAY, CVlambla itr?*?. South Urooklya. L08T-W RF. tVARl) ? ON THE NIGHT OF ?)TH OCT n tar last, la r^a* from the Si Nlchilai to th- Dimel <1orf aailrrr, a aiakl asal fin?, containing hair, with tha aitiale O. H. rat oa blooditoa?; inscription in ths rm<. May IS, 1A.M. Wlioirrr will return raid rin* to tha llsraid ' Boa, ahall reraHe tbs abora rt?>r4. Lost ? on Monday. the ^>.tii inst., in the asiftkbarhaorf of Wooit?r, Uon?t in. Sprint anil Uuigi nraats, a raid rtain and lorkst, with ths initiala J. A. K nn ?ask of lockat T>< Sadsr will bo nuitaHy rswardsd by Ua> a? tkaa wlUt Cwukiin Tltaa, fltw Headway. T ost-a Nim: or ?*s, in fayur or j. h. brown, Aj datsd MarcS tM h, i>a> al ls on ths ;.Mh of April, 1 1 J II Browa. A reward of tin will bs |<*i 1 to any port m who will lallvrr (aid awe- i? Cap'aio Tr-injxr, of steamboat North taacrioa : ar to 1 aytaia Al.y, of tba ?ianmbont Santa t'laat, foot of lirm treat LOST-ON OR A?01T I.A^T TCEtDAT, A POCKET book aaataiaaa* papora of n ? aaa lo sny ons bat tha wwarr, aad a liberal reward will bs riv? by Isariai it at 1V7 Barrrr atrwrt Lost ? on bun day, 2*itii inst, nr. r \* ken ? am> U 111 lotb. ixUier ia (attiuy o?t of a Hiatb avaunr and Brnadwar star*. ia front of tha i'nllain >re H u?s. or bt?- h tkara aad Walk, r a'rri't. a portmnm a.s containing batwi -n tlMaadt!7. Tk? tndt r will b? muably r??iril4 and ft -sdra tba ainaan chaaki ol tbs owasr by laaTia* it it tii* Collators Honar. KXPBKNH A<JKM<IK<*. A^hpam* a 00 a California eii-keji -oirr> Ra T1r??4way Special aotlsa lo Califoraia alnr> r??a.? Rodarti-w ufaiprass ratal ? A im A Co jiis nutiso ? tkatr CaliMrata unrsas aatt'tr.sra. and tba airrlitila wad pablir, that thsy ha?s radacad ths rat ? I r ' n pre as frs?ht trrm New York t.. "aa Fraasiaoo. ?ia Nica rairaa r?ata, to cants psr poaad Tbfoo?h wltb aaal! I <|?H by aoaaasttiar statmsra Tims, '.aly 21 dayi. "ur nait siurasa aarfnr tns a#w larit ot rsdacsd raUa, wiU t< forward par atoraa * Nurtkarn Li/ht, on Taaaday, Bar :h 27 ?t 3 n'slark P V .. ia t l.arrs of onr wwn *ps?lal ?sasrnri r to dsatiaaUaa tblpiim will plaaas s?ad in thslr frstaht aarly. ADAMS A CO., W Broadway A Cua A Co. raryacttally ?!?> notiea thtt ijsir sxpraaa fa^ilitw. vrmain andia|iir!'*d. and ahippara may rsly apaa tba Mwisat attention lain; paid in dispatching (m>Aa with tk*rr-av?it ips?d. and dtlirtriai ths aa-na Ira atliiWy aa arrta-al (?nrarran m.n t< for traaaportatl a ira lar?a aad a* jito? aarrr m >ra a>i thaa now W B OINtMitRE, I. f. HAN rOKO, n M SHOEMAKRR. Praps latan ??? A da ma A Ca 'a Califoraia l'a?ka(s Kipr?s< Nwrica. ? CsBLineea of fr?l*l t la.. \*t Adama A Ca. 'If! ;riaa, Mmss \ -w fork and Ca'Uornia,ars hsrs'.y aoti'i <4 tbkt tbs kastMsw tiatnnira atcla '<r?ly to tba Nav York bawas, tba iria bara?rUa? ai ar ati oaly. <'sa<a>ii-snt'y tkara aaa ba m Urtarruption ia kuiinaas. I. C. W ?? (>0.-t Saa Fraarkrw, Fat. V. 1M6. PLirao c arxm. P LATINO CUM -rABO Pl.Al INO CABDS-VRBt 1 all aad wall asaaoaad, wttl. aU 'ba 'ana as otkar gial Mm ?f Baa* ia< awtViw stria aiMa by BAB HART A CO war aals ta tfca tr?Aa td alak k a*aa at Ua* ivara? Ba.1 yiBay atwat ayyosita tk? Atar B afi, j INTERESTING FROM HAVANA. Particular* of the Arrest of Ooninl Thorap eon? The Fate of the State Prisoner*, dee* The steamship Black Warrior, Capt. Holtsek, arrived at New Orleans on the morning of the 20th inst., from New York, via Havana 17th in?<t. Among the passe ogeri from Havana were ex-Governor Fi?h, of New York, and family, and Lieut. M. Kuib, United States Navy. Capt. Bullock report* that the United State* steamer Prinoeton wa? in port when the Black Warrior left Ila vana. ller officer* and crew all well There U but httle new* of importance from the Uiand. The state of siege waa still continued, but the excite me nt with respect to tlie anticipated filibuster invasion had considerably subsided. The Correo of Trinidad states that the sugar crop of that district will probably full/ equal that of last year. New steam t ngines, lately introduced on many of the plantations, liave contributed to secure this re ult, not withstanding many unfavorable circumstances. There are n.ore accounts of reviews, dril'i, offers of services, ke , In connection with the iti pa ted fili buster invasion, but none of any interest. OL'A HAVANA COBRKBFONDBNCI. Havana, March 17, 1865. The Dtculon in the Caie of the Alleged Connpiratori ? The Outrage I'pnn Our Cnntul at Sugua? Central Concha' t Kcvieie of the Troopt, Q'r. An entire week must elapse before there will be a steamer for New York direct. Therefore I write you this morning, by the roundabout way of New Orleans. The lando that was being proclaimed a * I closed my last CenpatcU was simply calling upon all person* having complaint te make against any of the acts of the ad ministration of the Marquis de la Petueia, to come for ward and make them. Thin Is a customaay ceremony here, which baa betn somewhat delayed. The three unfortunat* prisoners condemned to death, I am bappy to write you, in all prubabilty will not die, the Auditor de Gucrra having reported unfavorably to the sentence of the Military Commission; and it is be | lieved the other authorities (the U.dore* of the Keal Audiencia) wiU no* 10 dBci'1# *? hi?h ?n authority as the Auditor de QiKIr? On the 14th inst , Mr. Thompion, L'hlted States Vlc4 Consular Agent at Sagua la Grande, wan brought to thil city a prisoner. It appears that a short time since the police authorities of Sagua demanded to know by what authority he placed the Lnited Status court of arm* over the door of his ofticey lie replied he was the United states Consular Agent . His appointment was then asked for, which, not wishing to appear discourteous, he produced, from the United states Consul at Trinidad de Cuba. He wan then ordered to take down the United State < court of arms, which be refused to do A quarter of an hour was given him for that purpose. After the lapse of rather more than that time, the polise authori ties retnrned, and apaiu ordered the arms to be taken down. Mr. Thompson askel for time to eonsalt the United 8tat? s Consnl at Trinidad, which reasonable re quest wsa refused. Upon bis expressing his determina tion cot to leniove the United State* court of arms, a ladder wae pro:ured by tbe police, and the United States arms were by them taken down, and notice was given Mr. Tbompi'on to prepare himudf within two hours to rome to this city, lie asked for an extension of th? time, to arrange his affairs, which was denied. At tbe end of the two hours Mr. Thompson was compelled to come a prim ner to this city, having to ride sixty miles on horsebscx on the journey, the two policemin who escorted bin- iieing exchanged at each partldo. Upon arriving at this city, Mr. Thompson was tak?n before the Captain General, who discharged him; be is, however, compelled to remain in this city, to undergo an examination or trial before one of the tr hunals for this offence. Will thl arouse the hlood of Mr Marcy to ac tion* I fear not True it is, that Stain has refused to recognize the United States Consular agents, in this is land; but, nevertheless, were Mr Thompson only a simple citken of tbe United States, such treatment as is alMive related, is uojustiflable Spain must be taught tbat the authorities of Cuba muat act as civil. ted men, elre no one possessing allegiance to the United States will be able to live here. The evening before last, General Coacba reviewed the volunteers at the Campo Marte . tome of the Catalans cried out, "Viva. Istbel. viva Concha, death to tbe trai teis " meaning Pinto, Plnelo and t'adalzo. "Siienoe," exclaimed General Cencha. "let m? never hear those last wcrds again " last evening a slm'Iar scene waa enacted. Genital Concha then ordered those who had raid "death to the traitors," to step forward from the ranks, but not a ringle man stirred. This fact has a pleaaing signifi cance. The Spaniards are fond of proverbs, so I'll give tbeiu one? "Ihedevil is not so black as he's painted." Actos. BRUTUS P. S.? I am bappy to inform you that 1 have ascer tained. juat pr.or to the closing of tlie Black Warrior's bags, that "(lid. ires anil Kegente of the Keal Audiencia" have decided that the charges against l*into. Plnelo and t'adalr.o, have not betn sustained by the evidence, eon seq'uently they will not lose their lives. What punish ment will he awarded them, it is impossible to say. Again, adios B. CORK*<-PONI>E.SCK OK OTIIKB PAPERS. fCotie?ponil?nre of tbe New Orleans Picayune] IUvua, March 17, 1866. I lit.! the plt-aaure on Saturday last of senuing you * brief letter via Mobile, with which I went on b>srd ths United State., and j.l.iced It io the purser's hand* I a fortunately an you have probably already heard, ahe wan run ashore' by a r.ilot of the port, when leaving this harbor, and r<>miJaed ao until about one o'clock P. M next day. I did not, howerer, go again on board of her, becauhe my doing ao would hare excited suspicion againat me and a* nothing beyond what I wrote you on Hatur day waa positively known respecting the fate of Henor?s l'inclo and Cud alio, 1 telt that It wu not worth while t<> run unntccMkry risk. On Monlay, however, to the griei' and surprise of all good men, it waa ascertained that the MiliWrr Oxnmiit (?'on had aontei eed ail ti,re? t j death. although the Pineal had only <Uman<lel that the sentence of death ihould be paaaed <u Pinto, Cadtlto to banishment, and Pinelo to Un yetra' imprison ment It if positively ailinr.el, that not one of the many charges that were preferred were substantiated by the er dcnce, but that a rery ancient Spanish law wei hunted up. which enacta, " in lupreme criminal caies, where the charges rinnot be substantiated by the erfcieaca, they mu?t be as?um*l to be true !" Wae mj truly raoaatroua before heard of? The <'.e?th of the nnbappy men la, howerer, by no means certain aa yet the whole ma '.tar baa to be leriewed by the "Auditor deOui rra," who ia represented aa being an hon<*t, humane man ! 1 had written the foregoing wbnn the agreeable eound of the breakfast bell (the hideous gongs hare not reached Cuba aa yet, though the Chinee hare) reach*"! my car a. Ifariug duly reaponded to the aurnmona, when about to rwturn to toy room to conclude my litter, a ser rant name am! in'ormed in- that a gentleman w.nted for ! me in the parlur. Tliitber 1 went and found it wait my palace friend. Aa he graHped my hand, he auted tn?t ! the " Auditor do Guorra " had -nade hi* report to the i Oapt.tia General, and that it was ail verse to tbe carrying out of the iu LU-nce of tae Military Domnr?aion, .?o 1 al-o that Oen. Con-ha ended a" he per.iaad the report. From this pl*a?ing intelligence, which I a n happy to peeress tbe opportunity of sen 1>ng you thus Sarly, 1 I op ne that the life ot oslther of the unfortunate prl-on ere will be tak>-n Mr. 1 hoicpaon U. 8 Vice Consul, or commercial agent, | at tagua la Grande, waa brought to the city yeaterday | by two of the cirlt guardiana a prlvjoer. Ilowere", upon going before the Captain General, he waa dis charged, but ia'f ireed to remain in Ilarana to take his trial be'or* one of the tribunal* The arm* of th* United States wi-re rudely dragged down from Mr. T. 'a office by the Cuban authorities at Sagua unler the folow ing eiriumstaoces Mr. Thompson waa employed by the 1'. S. Consul at Trinidad de Cuba to art a* consular a rent at 8*gua It Grande. Pon e 'lay* tine* the p?li-? authnritiaa it tbia latter pla'a <? manned to know by what right he placed tbe arma of the i nited states orer the doer of his oflW He replied that la waa the I nite.1 .-4?e'es consoler agent. HI* appointment was then asked for wb>-b, not wlading I to app?ar ? Macourttous, he prod jc- 1 Ife ?a- then or i.ered to take down tbe I'niVad State arm- which he re | limed to do A quarter of an hour waa tl?n (I r n hint lor that purpoee. After tbe lapse of rather more than that time, th? ] authorities again retnrned and ordered the arma to W taken down Mr. Thompson asked for time t<) conaa'f , the ('Dited htatea Consul at Trinidad, whl'h reaaonablj reijufat was refu??l. Upon hla eipresaing hie de | urminstion not to remore tbe Uait?d Hta<>'? oat of arma. a ladder was procured by tbe potlee, and the coat i of arwu waa by them taken down, ami notije wa gt ran Mr Thompaoa to prepare himself within two hours to proceed to this city. He asked for a longer period to ar range hia aflairs, which wae refuse.) him. and at tbe lapae of that time be was compelled to come a pnaoo?r to thia city, ha ring had to ride elity mJe< on hnr?ebac* before be reached tbe railroad, the Gardia> ( iriie* whose prisoner he was, being changed at each partioo True la it that fpalo refu-ea to >rc?eni/e tbe United States conaular agi-nts In tbi> ialaoa hut, nercrtheisa*, wete fir. Thi.mpaon onlya aim; is ciluen of the I oiUl , Ha tea, auch treatment as la abore relatad la iinjuttifla ble. Spain oiiabt to be taught thnt the authorities of [ Cuba mu?t act aa rlrlllxec tn^a, o'herwlae no one pro ; fearing allegiance to the I'wted Ma ea w 11 be able to I lira bare 1 Moce writing tbe for?goiog 1 bar* received "Se pieas ing poeitlre in'or nation tbat tie nutl.oritlea of U>* P.eal Audenria hare decided that the charge" against I'iato, llaelo, and ('alalzo, hare a?t b?er. ? i*i y i -,j tbe evidence an ! that. tb*r<-'i.r?, 'hey will not 'oa* their live*, it hat punishment m?* ne awardsj thani I ran not pretend to aa j (Corrs'pondence of tbe Sew "rVaas ftelta ' H?> ill, Mar'h It MM ,-ioee writing < ou the day b?io-e <*tterJay I hare a a certaiead thn* tie "Auditor of War has l.umaaely ?!? cldad that Pine o Pinto and si a*l n <ir%r?er ?arcllesa ?ataa<? yaaaxt on tt.een >t tte ??CMsejn ' mt Court Martial The matter is nf ? las' >ra ??* lUrwks 1 aad the "OMarwe" of tte IUe: Ao' ae-a an* if Uiav I ajrw wtU tht An4 itor which, <? ?: ^rwt?a*i thajr ' will do, the lives of the unfor'.ui.'*** which, for the uk? of thoir t.'r? and faanUee, Ml should hope will prove to be tl?e reeu. $? The rtay boforo yesterday, Mr. Thompson, theUoitod States commercial agent it Hsgua la G_ren(W,\wM brwigM to this city a prinouer, bo hsviD* refused to take down the ami of the United States from his office whe i di rected ?? do so. He came to the United States Consul' ?te, and wont, accompanied bf the acting United Stat*. C?? ?ul, he ore the Captain General, who lit him at iibertv upon penile, to appear when called upon to be examined be 'ore some of the tribunal i of this citv. The United Stats. arm* were, I understand, taken dowu from Mr. Thompson's o?ce by the authorities at Sagua <>>? ment from me upon these atrojitie. cannot be re '" 'learn that a few dsy. ulnce, as the British brigantlne of war Arab whs coming into thie barbor, the newly or oaz>i!*d Caiadorei. wiw firing at a mark on the water, from a hill above the CabanaK, with the Minnie r.ile. o the power of which they appear to be totally 'gnorant for eeveral of the shota from the ' rilea_ reached the Arab when at" was more thau a mtl? ill* taut from tu* ?bore. A Brit mh merchant *hip. laden with coal*, al?o coming Into tlie harbor the *atu- day, received sever* ball* on board of be- Of courae, ample apology will he afforded for these "accident*." The J*rrtl#a of thi* morning declare* that all the 011 huaters are di.ban.ied, and assign* several reason* for th* circunutancee the Ust, howeTer, is the beat "that they were afr?id to come !" _ The Gairta oi thin morning a notice ofa patent for five years, to Don Juan Benjamin Belt, an American citiren. for a new oven for a fancy blicoit Uakery Mrried on by htm. but which common report allege* that the acting I'nlted fctate. Consul here U theHale? p S. The steamer being detained until this morning, I am enabled to ?tate that the general Impi^alon here I* that the flllbunter expedition la entirely disbanded. There was a report last night that the opinion of th* " Kojal audience" wa* favorable to the three pr'sijner-^ The leport, howerer, require* cinfirmation. It seams aimoat "too good to be true." Annlveraary of the Demllt Duptiwary. The anniversary meeting of the Iteuiilt Dispensary was held!a?t n'ght in the large hall of the dl.penaary.on the corcsr of Second avenue and Twenty third street. The attendance was not very large, there being present abuut one hundred and fifty persons, ladle* and gentlemen. Mr. John Campbell, the Vice President of the dispensa ry, took the chair, the President being absent at the opining of the meeting, and Mr. Ashbal Green performed the duties of Secretary. The report of the dispensary for the pa*t year wa* thtaread. of wfclcU U?? toUvwing Is an abstract? Ihe whole numUr of patients trested during the past year WM 14'931- Ma la. FrmaU,. Of these there were 5'oftl Trfated at dispensary *>*f .'m At their dwellings ....... The whole number vaccinated...... Tie result of treatment wa* a* follows:? ^ Fent to hospital 2()2 Died 103 lTn<Jer treat ne-nt w;j ^''T^'nu^^^of pre.crijitlons'dlsp'enMd^ 2f^4'^^Sh iw iug an inrreaee of 6.M-28 patients, and 10, Wd prescrip tion- over last year. FINANCIAL. The receipts during the past year have been, ^ ^ from all source*...... s' 754 Oil I The total expense* of the year ' __ $489 03 mSk 5?. sr?s^sn~ ?.?!&?? ??<? forth the bentvolenee of the institutloD. and asking for *SuSS?"S!wB? ?.? ???2j tint the nest thing in order wa. Wlot^ni wa* hid of managers for the Mining ; year. * b*"ot^f J." acccrditgly, and the result declared to be as follows UANAOKU' . Fredrick E. Mather, AJam W, John Campbell, *' Ju[< Henry M. Aleisnder, /___ Wil Uiu Walker, Nathaniel K. l?ng, f^cssr' witsrs.?. f J,.. ? PolU., Htnry A nurlhut, He"/ Young, Peter McMartln, John J. Walker, A. A. lirtmamr Nathaniel lUyden, Cba, ( D. fctl kge, Charles Tiacy, George W Abbe. The meeting then adjourned. Jeiaey City PollUca. UNION NOMINATIONS. The result of the mseticg which the psrty in Jersey City, known as "liberal*," got up at the Hudson Hous.. on Friday evening last, not being satisfactory, t ey tern im d to pres. nt when the committor then ap iKiluted mad. their repert and redeem the lost ad van tsge* They proBted by the example of promptness taught them by those who stole the march on them ou Fiiday evening and last n.?ht they were on hand in wason. They came in strength of numbers, under ltid<r* who had evidently ar lied them, and were ap nan utly determined to put matters thn>ugb according to the original intentions of the "liberals," in New \ork city style. Mr. J. M. Young, chairman, and S. B. Ward, retary, took t elr p ace., and at the appointed time the meeting was called to order. Meantime tbe "voting and cheer icg oeewd" got the Iront .eats, and their lea-ler* took prominent poeltlon. In order to faclUUU the man .gement of adalr.. Mr. T W. Morehou*., Cbai'man o the Committee, soon appeared and preeented the ticket had'take^ aU*W' as*bla pSlns"* '^iVthe ^tii^.Tut on n i.iDoned of atopte.1 eiti*en? anil the boys. Thicket, as rom nated. wa* then read, and.on mo CIVJ. names of Jeremiah Mnl'ord snl John S 'their ""be nominauen of C. C. Msrtlndale, for Justl.e of the i 'i.trc war acceptable to the meftloff* Tbe'v went through with the ticket In the same maa ner^ opposing eons, "and renting other noBunations ac roidliiK to the wishes of the 'UberaU. The ?lgn?l U) the - voting and cheering crowd when an .cceptahle was mentioned was, ; a " he H r" ' f r? m"t he " gna' ma n and thejinclea. sat At the M>'?e of t he meeting ^ it had I- en IX ThVlr way, and were in high glee, gr.atly in eotliast with their feelings at the previous meeting WlUlimibari Clljr ltwi< TH* Sot'TII Tbhth a*b Cjtiikri*! ^tkikt Km?v ? Tb> ferr 7, about wbirb th?r<* *n no much talk over a y??r flncf, in final!/ to go into uparttioa on th? flrat of M > r. The company haa b< en or*ani*ed, aod the ?to:ktak?n op by a fe? eapltaliata. Tbo folio wlag art- the ^Pi^ri and <Bree'or? ? Pre>M?nt, Jamea Murphy (of tb? firm of Ptaat ft Morpby, if New Yo?k) , Ho crotary, John Berry, Tic??nr?r, Da*M Palmer, Preaident of tbo Pry Dock Bunk; Director* , Georre Law, OLr?r Charlie: l>a?id Palmer, John Berry 15 Botran, l?n Ilay? au I Jtmti Murphy The company hare den I d to bail'1 two ferry boata equal to any on tba Fulton ferrt. end in order t< ronmnrt operation! on tba ftnrt of May. two ?acon>! Land boat* art to beprexnrod and plaoei on the llae. The ?llp? on both aldee ir? nearly com pitted, th? otecn tha New York -Mo l~ing n?it aboi* tbe Catherine ferry ally. It li NtlMM that tba trip ? oo thl? ferry can b? mad* from ton to ilfteeu minute* quicker tbaa on tba Peek allp llaa. Th? Inhabitant* of tbo Pattern diatriet will bail with joy tbo eatabltahmad'. ef a aow ferry with Srat claaa boata. Kmntrt ro Ban* On? a Cat km Toatorday after noon, Hergean' Doughty and oSear Vorrior, of tbo Thir taenth ward arretted two boya, named Uaorge lapriig* aod Hear) Italrd thorn they re ugh t la tba act of f<r?ak lift opon tli* T??t/y room of too Preehytarlaa rhereh, r 'TOT of h<itli aad Houth Kourta atre?t> I*hey wer* locked op. J a *? Arm*, Jo *ico of tba Ptaea of tbo Ke.tem 4ia lilct, died at hi? reel'enco la I/Miawr atroot. (a Hu?<lar bight Mr. Ajr ?r *>.< elected Puike ivic at U>e fact (ororal ?l'rv'< t>, tut "w og to eoote defect la tbo o't o o aeott> i'ko , d:4 not ( '?a ra ?>.? .eat. Rttrr-inn Tmo??4*? Doi.lam ??> l/wr ?Mr t>IIa?r?. ol ??rnnl. V If , f<w o fr- m ' b'ew York .a ti.e rtpreon tra a la t ereatag i ?r>tar Ha had a rarprt t-eg roota alng &*)in railway u>a !? ? tiirh U? pUBrxt an tba rack am h'e aeat. He got nut at tbo ?talkie bare on I look h.a carpet katf (aa be tip ? oaed). but ? o art I ?a', at tko fc'tei found that ha bed aowtlier e*-pet bag aimoet pfO'iaaly l!ka hta a*t. WV?-*b?r tb# rbaac* *aa aaato ky m.atakaor by aaaaa a ' o-t rc^na itaotkiaowa ;at, %a ?iaa ta ohta<a?d nf Mr f> 'a -?rp*t ba < a?1 ao. U,-W?r<V< Ti?v> ?f*\r Launch of (he Pilot Boat Fdw.?n Porr.-at. SPEECH Of THE MHKAT THAIIIIHAV. There waa quit* a crowd assembled 7 M tarda/ after noon at lb* foot of Houston street, to witness the launch of a new pilot boat named in honor of the great trig* dfan, the Kdwlu Forrest. I>>og before the time an ?ounced, 4 P. M., the little craft was tilled to ita utmoit capacity with ladle* and gentlemen, and among the guest -i present wan Mr. Forreet himself. The boat wai gaily decked with Hags and streamers, and presented a beautiful eight to those who bad a taste for Quiah and workmanship in aailfog craft. All being ready, the pins were knocked away and the signal given, when olf dashed the little vemuil in gallant atjle, scarcely causing a ripple on the surface ol the water, and floated out into the middle of the river aiu.d the loud huuas and cheers of the crowd in the dock. Then was no little excitement on board when the boat begun to move. The ladlei gave a pretty little scream and pretended to be quite fright ened, while the gentlemen cluig fast to the masts and rope*. The great tragedian held ea wot t affectionately to a spar, and looked nultesr elieved "after the dander* he had patead," when the boat was fairly, in the river, and there wa* no iouger any fear of his landing on bis coat tail, llut ail pained 0(1 pleasantly, and the little crift was voted a trump by all hands. After the boat wa? towed back to the dock the party were taken to the oihce of Westerns! t At Sons, where a collation was spread, to which ample justice was done. Mr. Fohkct was called on for a *p?ecb, and rer ponded substantially a? follows ? tikATi.iMK!) ? It In impessible for me to respond to yoar complimentary allusion to myself in a manner at all befitting the occasion, especially as I am unused to ex tern poraneou* speaking. It was the habit in ancient Greece and Hums when honors were to be paid to any Individual whom it was desired to compliment, to raiso statues and images and temples to his memory, but we act differently. We erect colleges and seminaries of learning, or build steamboats or pilotboats ? (loud cheers)? ami name them after those we delight to honor? (great cheers) ? and we display uult# a-> much skill and taste as they did 1 value ttia compliment highly. I can well inngine a traveller, cne who hss been in foreign countries, but whose heart Is at horns in his native land, when heap. r roaches the thore and fees In the distance the well nown shore break upon his view, and soon after heaves In sight the New York pilot boa*. (Cheers.) At auoii a time an this perhaps the name of Kdwln Forrest may be associated with bcau^al thoughts and cherished remini scences. (Applause.) Mr.-Forrest cloeed with a tout complimentary to the pilot*, amid great applause. Mr. IIkniiy lUHni.ixotr, Colonel Avm, and others, also spoke and were loudly cheeied. The party soon after took their departure. The Edwin Forrest is a flrrt claei b >at in tonnsge and rig. Her length is Tf> feet, breadth '20 feet, and la 8 feet in depth; 100 tons burthen. Aaron J. Westervelt is the designer, ami Jacob A. Westervelt, Sons k Co . the build ers of the vessel. Mr. Henry Harbinson is to be captain. She promises to be equal to any of the pilot boat* alloat, and that 1* saying a great deal. Marine Affaire. A NKW LINI OK BTKAltBKfl. Mr. Vanderbllt has reso ved to commence running his line of ocean steamshios at once. The pioneer ef the line will be the steamship North Star, which will be re membered a* the vessel in which Mr. Vanlerbilt took bis recent European excursion. Since her return from Europe tbe North Star lias been running on the mall ltae to San Francisco, from which line she was recently withdrawn. She will sail for Havre on the '-1st April, and be succeeded in May by the new steamship Ariel, launched on the 3d inst , and now nearly complete.!. Mr. Vanderbllt ia also building a new steamship at Greeapolnt, which will be the largest vessel of her clue afloat. The rates of freight and passage are the '?m' as that of the other Kuropsan lines The inauguration of those new line gives us sleven ocean steamers from New York, as follows ? Collins line, between New York and Urerpiol 3 Havre line, slipping at Cowes 2 Bremen, do. do - New Havre Use, by Vanderbllt 8 Total 10 AMOTDhK AT I A Mill KOH TtlE 11 AVHK LINK. The steamship originally intended for the 1'aciflc Msil Steaanahlp Company, and which has remained on the stock* in an unfinished state dnriug tbe last three years, at the yard of Messrs. Hmltli k IHmon, foot of Fourth street, Kaat river, has lately been purchased by the Havre Steamship Company, as a consort for the Arayo, lately launched by Mesasrs. Westervelt, and workmen are now buaily engaged ia making various alterations to Dt her for the Atlantic business. Among otbor im provi menu she will have an extra bottom placad over her present planks, aad running up to four feet above tbe load line. The frame is strengthened by strong iron diagonal braces and she is rendered extra strong by eleven huge kelson", two of which s re three logs deep In length she will not he quite >0 long as her ronsort, but will be one foot wider, an-1 will draw tbe same depth of water, five feet beinf added to b?r original draught. Hke la an extremely sharp ship ? stated to be the sharpest of her tountg* ever constructed. Her en giaes are to be similar to those of the Arago? two used lators, with cylinders 06 inches in diameter, ten feet stroke. The machinery ia now under way at the Mor gan works. The vessel will be ready about next liecem ber. I aI'Kchlh ?Messrs Ib.osevelt & Joyce launched on the ! loth instant, from their yard, foot cf Houston street, the ship Titan, for Mr. D. C. linker, of Boston. Hhe is about 2,000 tons register, and ca'culatad to carry 7,400 baits of cotton Captain Oliver Klkridge is h?r com mender. Meters. Jacob A. Westervelt s, Hon A >'3. launched from their yard, foot of Houston street, yesterday after noon, tbe pilot boat Edwin Korrest, for a company of New Yotk aad Han ly Hook pilots. She i> 100 tons b ir then, and ber model ia a counterpart of tht pilot boat Jacob A Westervelt, by the sase builder. Pra-eonal Intr lll)(enr?. A Keilimora norrtapondeot wrltet that Jerome Bona p;irl? will leave In th? courae of a few week a for Krtnce, where it if bia purpoee to Mflde permanently, after due h rr.iDifmrnta ?ball have been made. Hi* preaent d? g n however, in to vialt I'nrlx und makefarrangementa for a future realdt-nce tli*r- with hi* faiuiiy. II* btctmr u ellite n of France on bin I aat vmt, tod had titled honor ? conferred upon him. Youog Jerome, Ira tun, l? no * at lb* Crimea. Lol ling t lieutenant a comiutn In tti I rencb army, with pr-vepeota of prom. ion, If aueceia fu I la a military career, not only t? high ran?. but even to the Imperial tbrooe. TVr* I* a woudarful m iglr In the name of Honaparl- with the trench uatlwi and no one can tall, abould fortune ?mil*, discovering it lb | run* time .Napoleon fv niua ani Ulatot In thla ro un< man, to what decree of eminence he may rl?e There It I a wide and InviUnf field before him with chance* of I placing blnioelf upon the throne of France, rtucli an | erent may be remote, but it if within (be r irign of pro l?bilitlr? He alwaja lior* < high reputation !.?r*, aad I tan market) by aature for bla anuablene?* of chare ;ter, together with ilrmneaa, bravery, and intelligent. It ? will l<e a matter of regret to loee from am >04 ua ?? f*lo abl? and bighlv ?*'e*BJ*d A citl/en aa Monai'or I ion a J pari*' but 1 ti A reaidue of hif day* may p"*a;bi? bf 1 pa -el more agreeably Id a country where h* atanla ao I bearly related to nobllltr, and where bit eery nun- ia a j a pell wfcrd should adverae eircumatancea, however, orcar at the Crimea to thwart the hope* an I proepecta of bia >on a different courae may be pur*tia*l. I*dy Rantpnrl* ia a native of Haltlmore--a plain republican- - I and to find her elf am.'lat the royal ..r imp., al fam ly m ?y prev* leea pleasurable 'ban the lorn-ati comfort* t of a aoperb home In the City of Monument*. Peoator Goodwin if detained frtin bia tea'. by ilia*** at b<> reaMence in Geneva. f t Governor Paraona, of M chl/an, ia laying dangerou* ly tick attcrusna. Hi* dleeaae ia pulmonary coaa jma I lion ARRIVAL*. Attka lrri?((-n a (: Mar ly 1 ,. r4 V II ( ?| W ' II Sawt. a, H I'anl.Kia , Col Mlaa ear I'ura ai, Rev, II M B.iaa fetr'ilt; If a j r l> H. Umii, I'k.ie4eif,! .a, II H rwntev.r* reliniUe. 1 el If e 0 ti.ethall Ha?k leaf a f> C.;M A Zat.rl.k, , ?... J.f y If r, J Kak-r Malar R ]| K.adrtek, Ltaeip.rt I >4 Ilia J fr-n-.n, Mar/lead M Uiaialh, Vtilca, Cait Ma <,'ka< I' rti ?>. alk. N. II lr?'? Norfolk, 4?" , la <ka alaaeiaklp R. ar. k?? Mitt M c, War4, Wm A flerre??, J II Hcklta. Jr. ? * II <iH aa I 1 lad/ II Mttow, Mri aa 1 Una W>a't? J anal! I J J Lm a, A Johaaea. J E<?M?a ia ly and lw., ? kii '"a lilt I a ? It IfhllekarH *? It Tnpp H a C I Van >al lair I * f lawta. Car* Mm A (<a?. M 4 Mrvaa C fe K~l i C Umar II A A I at*. 0 W fata*. I'apt T It Taai. I apt W? < b*?ea waa. J II tlMaf, A <' Mieaaaa i I'arevaa I'll Nlikwrr, 1; A t.araaar, UGCampkall, J Juaee a .4 lae<k<?r, J H.lkit k/i a?4 lady, II It linl, an t H la Ike atorac* Pr'-m kiaarat'-a, Ja, la aaki Ma>;ar M aa Cieal. Jeka M M'C<rekl'b freaa l*art aa plait in aekr 1 ae>l,?. ?t-,? Wn Qlrtaa tleraey f'lty Ht tea. I Th* Btai.ia l iri/eiea . ija Mal-irtlay a.*l,t Feiii I rahm. the of the eip>t<ala liergaa oa | i led of hit lajune* ATrtwrran vrirn* ?OnlNitMla^ a m?a neme-l i.eoere Itrittall ui>.i?rt?i?.k to deatr< r ha f- ky "it> -,g 1,1 , I tt/'et He firt a frri >le gtah and ? i?l', mtt-f ea 'y Ili of h a wnund fie Sad ta en laadaanai a tew '.aye ; r?? ooalr le* tlae aaaae purp? ???t il eaa dl-e?<er*<l an4 Baadie ae wa* (leea to htm ?b'!i aae?l ttla it:* Thla taftrt ia?'a man In a at of pae>>? a ab"t at a Mr lf<?rt? al?.al tkree year ? afaee, |er whicfe He waa wit ta tlx Ma'e p?>? r. He baa See 1 eat (w a few waar.tKa, ard haf taea a Ui* eaapWe?eat ef M' K'.rata Wn-a ?> 1 1 We* Hoe Ha! H ia ?tipya*e4 taa* h*a aial If an iltirM l> I 1 ?tef?a-aaee a< W >??! tv ' W*ee t. eavt a. a^'fVe. POSTSCBIPT, FOUR O'CLOCK, A. M. Arrival of the Hard* Hook, TuemJay morning , 1 o'clock. A eteamer, auppoaed to be the Atlantic, L' the lJght >hlp, ?i-i1 haa flrvd off ?Hveral rocket*, but a* onr ateam yacht hair Jione to the cit y Tor cob1, it ii iinpo telhle to go off for tha saw*. It la probabla that the Atl vatic will come in noon, and w# ?ball obtain hfr newa wl<rw alie arrive* off thi* point. MIm Intelligence. l'RIU nom ON RVNUAY- AUK RUT AND DISCIIAK'Sf OF TBK AI.LktiKli r AMTtl ir At*T*. On Su oday morning a priic light took place In tbo neighborhood of thi> Arsenal. In the Nineteenth ward, l*it?M? l'?tw CUrkt and J.tae* McCurrim, two young men unknown to |>Uir<li*tio ftitna. Officer Mi.ater.on, ol tba Twenty sacond ward, but detailed at tha Chief'* office, getting information of the ei pec tad fi^ht, made bia appearance on the bailie ground at ilrat Intended for the debut of the pufilifta? namely, la an emp'y lot oorner of fifty eighth atreet and tWenth avenue? but tbe partiea, becoming alarmed, llol from the ape* with out com'ng to blowa. They then proceeded into the Nineteenth ward, In the neighborhood ol tha N'rw York Areeuai, where, a ring being formed, tha javeaJtea ? tor tbey were not over eighteen yearn of age ? eet fo ami commenced pummelling each other. The Ught li?at??t but a abort time, when McCurr?n waa >terl*re<l the victor by the umpire. Clarke got off with a black aya, while llcCurran. although auppoaed to bath* winning man, rtveived aome aevere cut* about the mouth and eye*. AU pat tie* having lieootne fully >a tiafled that McCurran wa*,tbe victor, the aaaeinbly II* perned and went on their way ham . but tli?y lt*d not proceeded far when they were met by offtr?r Mwl-r-n who gave them chaae; but tl.ey being pretty Kmart run nerx, succeeded in making their eacape (rum the oflu er. At niglit, however, Maateraou, who aoema In li ive knowu the parties eogngcl In tlie ditgruc. tul affair, went to tbe feaideaoe of tlioae whom he oitppoved u> be implicated in the light, and arrested four of the crow), who are realdenta of frame bullying tenement*, ? oiu ?nonly known an aliantlea. In the neig'iborboo I of Sixty first s'rxet and Slith avenue, and are generally known aa the "1'lg town boya. " The prisoner* were taken to the Twenty second ward atatlou house fot the remainder of the evening. Waterier morning tliey were conveyed to tbe Fourth Irtatrict Folic* Court, before Juatica do nolly. when they gave their mime* a a IVter i tarke, tne of the alleged principals; Corneliue Maker, a wltceai to the apectade, Ml. bael Floy and Owen Mc Fntvre, the allegta bottle bolder* on tbehiiapy occaaiim. McCurran ha* not yet been arreatwl. Alt p?rtie* were discharged by the magistrate, on account of tbe absence of sufficient proof to detain them. The amount of atakea liaa not yet been aacertaineii, but It I* aup|><?-?d no*, to excee'l llu a aide at the utmoet. Tim police of the Niii? teentn and Twenty tecond war I* should keep a aharp look out for disturbers of the Sabbath ami when any ' arrest* are made, let them collect aome eviU'rice ugainat | the offenders, rothst tha maglatrato will not he obliged to discharge them Instanter, a* in the pnt-ent caae. CHARM! OP (JRAND LARCENY. Ye-dcrday officer Sterrltt, of the l.l.jhth ward p"Ii:e. arreated a man named I'atrick Rudden, charged with eteahng a wagon valued at $J0, the property of John Hreunan, of 124 Third avenue. The property waa, it i* ollfged, found In the poaseaili.n of the aproned, ho, on being arrested, aald that lie had been told by one perscn to him unknown, to convey the wagon to the ! Jersey (. ity ferry, at the foot of Cortlandt alreat, and i that be would fcet a dollar for hi* arrvlce . .luatl ?? 1 llrrnoan, Itefore whom tbe accu?e<l wa- brought thought { the atory of the primmer quite improbable, and t'i?re fore ooaimltted him for tilal on chaige of graud larceny. ALLIIIID hKUJNIOt H AMAI'LT ISY A III RBANO. Jamea K. Kinney, of 5.'1 Cherry atreat, waa yealerday aneated by officer* Ciuihing, of the maerved oorpa, and Ca>ey, of the Fourth ward police, ebarged, on the com plaint of bla wife, llriilget Anna, with h iving beaten aud cnt her in a ahockiDg manner. The complainant alhgaa that ahe wa* !>?at*n with a pewt<-r plate an 1 amootbiQff iron in the handa of her huahand, and that her lite might have been aArrittoed had aot the olHrere fished into the room and arreated the pnroner. .luatlra '' n nolly. liefore whom the ac*a?ad wa* brought, committed him for trial, In default of tMX) t ail. ji'vrnii.b ormKiiaa*. Four boya, from fourteen to aiiUeo jear* of ag?, named Henry Strieker, Frederick flleainaa. .loaeph Crlqm aed Adam Weraal. were yeaterday brought before Juatlce Cob nolly. at tbe Tomba, (barged with having liroaeu into an uanniebed bu Idlng. corner of Ue.icb anl (fulncu ftieeta. with Intent to *Wal therefrom Hie youtlx had a couple of capacious enck? wherein to *'o* away tha adla, In which, however, tliey warn luckily diaap|H>int< aa >ome citUrn paaaing along the rtre> t obai-rve-l the party In the act of entern g the place, which frightened tb#m ao much that they .ill t irteJ off, but were eren tually capturcl by officer Kemp, of the Fifth ward po< lice, who forthwith conveyed tbam before the magi* trate, who locked them op for trial NrctlMg of IIomc Painter*. A iu'< lug of the journeyman boa e painter* **? held In at night in Convention Hall, \\ noatar atrwet, to take into ccnaideration the lee^rit action of thr ernjil )*r* In trying to ie<luce tbe wage* of liie employ, a, from li to II 7N j er day Mr Fd. I>a'y aried aa Chairmao, an 1 Marron Secretary. Mr. F.i ?k.i* Pi i.i I* a* addrcaae I the meeting lie re ferred to what he deemed the unjuat courae of tf.e em pitying hnuae pa.nter* Th r had end'avored to ted me aagea, wti n. from tbe high price of provUl'ina and rent the men ctuld lea?t afforrit. Yet tha workmen are to blame, aa tbey car. ma n'ain high prfea If th>y will by unity of a?tl"n. and a detern, .oatmn not to ?abmH t i lOiuatice (Applauae ) Mr. Thowah Kmnuili did aot thiak it right for th? ' workmen to bold hack. Ihey *hou!d come forward and | da what they could to keep up the prina* Hie e np! .y | wa* willing t" nay. but It waa un|uat to e?|^"-t au^h | men to *tan 1 the hrunt. AU employer* ahonl'i he com pelled to pay alike. Mr. }.m.u*h continued in the aame atra.n f'T *otn* | time. 1 he great difficulty wae, tha workman wereea'* lee* of their own intereata, anl would no', join the ft(i lar aociety. If all the bouae punlera l^-l >nged to ?r ?? organirat on,it would be an ea?r matter to th ?<w a uni' ed front when any <rlai* like the present oeoor re) Mr. Cm?k offered a *eri*eaf rraolutlooa, to the e"eet that tbe workmen eere determined to uphold 'l>e pr ?" originally airree<l to br the employers but a? ttiey ware i not oeccnded, no action waa had, and tbe me*tiog final lyad ouraed without coming to any <l*flo u in 'mUn ! i m. City lal*Ul|*net. Tur Bp n Ontv ? WlnUr ia aoa fatrl/ orac, an 1 tl.n < k? I* faat i*?rir>|{ from our rlrara ao4 ba/. 1/iai aiak *e auoouor M ' ba'. tba atrataboat Oragoa La?! puibnl b< r wa/ to Aibanjr through lb* lea, anl urn m b?T? to annoanca tbat targaa aod tuatx.ala bar* r <w m*nor4 to run rfuLarl/, ao?l w? ma; m> <o *ip~:t v. ba?a ? plintf/ul ?"(('?/ of all kiola of farm pru-loaa-a era aun.mat.ou tn.rb la ba il??ir?~l 'K IMi /??t'rla/ ??? miartM', for tb'r* .rrlta.1 at tha.lwka 1,470 bafrala , flour, 4,<? " bualiaU r/a, Vt'l har'^ a>biaka/ i'fi pica a*ta aiorlalr u?. 100 taaa faa4, OS! pa* k ?f? (Iimm, 14 ! Lair>% a?ba?, mil T'O barraU alarm W? ma/ x<oa at t that but'rr an') *((? will ba < h-a;-- n~! ami pro tl> nti alio* a ratift^n H<.p? tba/ n> . Aj i orf.o KirM/.n Hmujv, ? A {o?4 ' (tor; ??? toM on Patarda/ -a* arlleg tba m-rr? n-nta a eartain (ao'laaoan frt m Iba rwrnl -Itatrleta of t'ir itUtlai, ! who, It aa? ma, ajpacad, un lar can. a pU:<a? ( . ill, hj 1 (.0f?riM-i < "ark ? ?[>pa<n?ir.' r.?., tba *'? < I bar -?%. i?r la Kt* Talk. Not paa?-l?al/ uB<l?raian4 i>? t?>< ? laiaaf ; ih? < # ra n ita i! a tta? ha j ?!?! a r??it l>. tba - hi far tba p\irj>o-a of (aifildf ?<>ma inform 'i- n oa U? ?-jk)aa? i fa kla r<nib.?? aluag tha abarra. .f tba ?*< iirar ha biotifthl np baf<r? a Ma c?|>ta a wbo >11 boar ? tb bit ? bij aLao tba ?oUo*>ar 'l ai'iyta t *?k p a/ ? ip'alo ?i< Wii? ?h.p I I'ippwr " Via, air wba' |i r* pli*4 tba tap<alo la an o" haul aailor *a/ 'in* ' particular li/otiof IWM 10 tblnf*. ' raplt?t lfea ??r<lut !aa4'inu. "Ob, allv imnW Ika 'tp tain ' taa )'/u tall ira. 'af tam, thai U a* la* tl t? u ually fl?*? .a Kit Tort '<?.t? nlf, ?ir, fa- i t??i ib*J^aptala " mi f tioroiif praHa?lj al ?uarta? Tfc? folura barfc?f maatar a ? <p?' ?n- r l???ta.| lajr'y, l>4 ifa'a ?' Wkfh ?*r 4 ?aa >ha u<l? raa At to ' ?a I thO rap'aii., " It ao??!i-i?aa U?? M a ' r tr-?ir maraa f< r aoiaa 4a;( t' war'ta tna w?at, a? . i?.?a ,|i t 'ik? a 4a ? <li O'laattara an4 rir.a a? aiai. ? )?ya 4na ?aat afam TV fa!ar? o(ll .*) .a arpaat*ai ; ???rr.'<! y> 'a4 aal *ai-a4 a*a* a?4 [ ?i?l>al.'r l?'l ? ' tba araalnf tra ?, to tAu* altar hi* ??tu>*a<fe a an4 '? n IrmaUta T*? K>* Orrr H>u.? flaat 'or tb? ???? ?'<t/ Hall ?01 ba na atblMUoa t? 4a/ la tba baroW- <4 Ua? ft>ar<i al J (h>?nc>la ?o al tbraa <? al*ab >? t' a afWrn M, To* ?i I biMtl'ia aHl atrttiraaa at. >'.? plan, uam a?a tba Vnm Bit aa al Kapalri a>. . i . p,Ua? tat fit i.irBi pRalw ? Aa aakaava Mm Inua f-ll 4-1 ? a Ca?<! ;?at?f 'a/ aftrn. /-.I t Mi|'? itlia'. Ha la ? (<wa4 to bar* >??? ?? "a4 ? tb a #1 ?>! ap*f>S*tf or 4 ? aaaaaf ttahaait Tba raanalna ?rta k.iuj. t fa t .a |VM ?ar4 ata kaa haa* ai.ara aa iaf im) ? M Iw i,aM t? 4ay bj t><r "t <iamk ? nalatuM aaa a f (.araiitl/ a aaaa atHa4raaaM ta yokfa A"-;i irt oa < Raiianaa Cn ? A ba/, * " ' Mme, tii r*a at-r '<a Maa/*/ a (' t i lb H at?aaa <aro, aaa* flftaaaib itiwi "?? i /?aaVall/ h?:<|'?4 Ha aaa ak' a L'<a? la la l.i ' lltrl Fatal A' ? i ???* * aaao aaaaa aaka?'?r> ?M ki. ? ? fall 4> a "t rar I Ka '? -?4. aaar l>>.' ,aa ' Fa'rj .? a ?**'? ?* ' .* a |%t. Ha aaa I la'ttilraial. aal fai ?.p?a ' ? ' a a, a a !'?? fa a I lt?M"t|Va k vafb-aa ***** { MUlk'ICXPAXi At'rAXlf. I* ? o?( mm lh? Municipal llri TUK (I AM til. 4 "? AND Uli: UAMHI.IMO HI 'l'"*8, A complali list 01 K*mbllnif hour** which ara " ?P*r* I kin id thla city, tiM ba?u audi out by oritcr May cr. It la bia intanl.1' n to |>ut in illNtuil ? " Uirm brrMltrr. lis .tora cot wuti to UM forcible **"* nrN for It* complete aitti | if it cubl *Toi> '**'? but hi- >? diteriniaad that ttw> law *n lb la aubjict ?t w ba tnfvrrtd to the r?r> lettrr. Alrauly wur.'anti hat * f?*o iaiued aail a nuinbar of armtt mala. Tha prw * prtatnra of the krjMl nail moat (aahkmntila ^OaUbUab * mania hira bean held t<> bail, B* baa uhta <* aiaielon tie aama* of l(># owner* of properly who jariu. t thia U l<V?' print l.-a u> be carried on oa their p-< ia'.?* ' thm Not rniy ba found ? cir a of owr moat rttjrcUHt eltivin If, altar the lit of May. I bouxa neotbua, ara let to ba uw I aa gambling ?* Iiahnirntr, a Hat of the oidMi will Iwi puTdfabod, ao A '?* tha public i* ay know ?rl,o It ia rtut lend their axatita* * to foitar thin buainea* hkune af Ilia honeei on W? I ' way and oth?? leadlog thoroughfare!) occupied by tla iiiorlinx g?i.?rj, pa) ruonaaua rc-it ? much higher tbwi :li ay could be I at for for bumr a or othar purpoaa* . *hwnm<* four* will ba |.araor<t In legiml to Loan* af tiroalltutloo, aa(d Uia name* of tboai rvuitif Uiaru far till* purpoaa, will ippear In lb* pip?r*. AKHJUMD ON A- I'HAHUK OK btLLINO CMIIg AI/TB** MBA*. John J. Klpp, Kiabard It Moara, And lliiinal 8. (othf . were irreated yeat.?rdny on ? charge af irtfnrlng ua healthy ti>al for aala a WaablnifVr>n market, aad takaa before jbatlce Oifcorne, by whori (bay ware llald ta hair >n the hum of tW 0 rai b. The following 1* tba aH4>iil on whlrlf tba arreat wt.a uii!t ? Tbnniaa Monro* llaa'th Warde.t of the Third wivrd, being duly aaotn. ilef* ae? and aarr that be thla n<irata| fou ml in Waaliluaioa oiarbat, la tlia poaa#>aU>n of .loba J K i jiii, Kitbatu It. Moara ami Haaaaal H Coib*, BKaas i!aad cal??a, wbl-h wera ofli-r?*?l tor n?la in aai l markot, tba aalil ra>Vaa bainy unlit (or uar an arrouut af a^w, an>l balnn I'clrlini-atal to hanlt.i tirnrgn WiUiamaon, of Waaliinatoa markat w?a ar ra?ta<l on a almilar cbarfa, and hold to ball lu tba auaa amount. Mr. liaaay ma<li- tha followu f allldarft at tba Mayor a otlica I riruk llaa-.v, of No. MVi Kouaton atrtat, taln( daiy aworn, aatn llint on thla 'Jrtb ilay of Marrli, I * , h* purdiaaail fruia liaorf Willlarnaoo, at Waahmftoa mar kat , ona daad calf, whmb la unit for uaa and dairtaaaa t>i| to lixnltb, a eouunt ag?. tba ?aai?> ha^a? aa da txiD'nt bftiaraa. not aiora than a wa?k old. I>ai aaiat furlhar >a?a tliat tha aald Wllllamaoti trti oil. rln< far aala, at thr intaa tima, anotliar ralf of tlia aama kind, Tiir hundat i.tgcoii tm ai-'Fic. Wairanta wara laauad yaatarday by Judg* Oaboraa, at tlia Major a oflica, for tha a rra? i of a nambar of liquor dralrra who wrra ra)xirta>l aa ailing on Haaday iaat. Iba numbar of ilai-aaa a?M, aa raportod by tba laaaraa coroa, waa fba or<lit.auca iwpoara a flna of taa d' llari for aarli ofTmra or a day'a iinpria?nmant far avary dollar llua, ao that lhara will l>a i|iilla a aaag amount to )>? paid orar to th< tioaarnora of tha Alma liouae llir Major ia daurnuaad U> au'orna tlia panalty In arary lnatai.r? wbtra ha r.aa obtain tha nara?aary la gal proof. Board of AUlrruu iu M asctt 2(> ? laaar O. Itarkar | , I'raablanl, la Ut* ehair. Tlia aiioutra of tlia laat niaating war* r?ad and appl brill. Ml; '"Ml a mill n I'anita lVtitioiia for tlia ramlanon of laiaa wara rafarrad A rraolutinn waa olTaral by Aldi rman William-'ia dlraet log tin Can iiilaaii n?[ of Slrrata aivl l.*a>|>a to report ta tba Hoard a copy of ilia aoatrart antarad Into Willi Uaa Niw York (iaa U|(ht (ompany for tha lighting of Uaa lunar part of tba elty, alto, wbatbar lha t?nU>rl ha not axpliad, and If (O, cn whal tarmi tlia <>aa Company la now lighting tha publl: buiMtnga *"d atraat laiapa, with audi MimftloiM ?? ha uiay dnani adrtiahla la rwfa ranra to tba futura lighting of tli* aUaati la tha d lUkt baratofura babtad by tba Naw Vork <laa Ugbt Company. Ai'opta.l AUUrman Howard i>n.r<~l a raaolntioa that Knf n.a t ompany ^.1 bara pmnlaaion to <!? duly with tba ?rgli a formally uaad ky J* ngtm< (?uipany 1H aa I drlivcrol to tlia Ctilaf Kiiglixar by Kngiua Company 14. alio now bar a poataralon of It Adoptad. Tha Coaa tn.aaioitar of ltai>?ir> ami Hupplia- raportad that tha rnlna of tha of mooting tlia rnina of tha bnllilng In Uia l'ar% in'i'inU'l to ?< 907 'it Tba numlwr of m?n waa :i,lM. 'Ilia rapurt, which la vtrt ?olu amonnta'l to ?' WJT "it. Tlia nuiulwr of m?n amnl<tya4 ar * rotumaioiia ? nlnaty at ran -hi atal- waa. ? u motion of Ablarmaa IB/, uidamt to l? lai-l oa Iba labia and priala.1 A raaolut waa oflarad by tba l'r?i>daiit. (Al arman llarkarj, tbl ofllra now um~I by Iba I Hy Judg a !>? wt apart far tba uaa of tlia Ju?'ira? of thi- Hupraoi" Court Aloptnd. Koraral raporti cnneurrlng ? Itb tha Hoard of OjuncUmim i In flagg og and rapnlriug ai-lawalka, wira racairad aad | idonCal. 1h< raporl if tba (linnmitlaa of Aaaaaaniaala In faaor of conflrming iiaaaamtnt for grailng Ihinl a ran an, from hiity fral -trrrl to llghty aacond alraat, war, aftar a daba'a ofcrar an hour, <y<aenrr?d In ?it amo? or rainijain Aldtrman VuonNia loaa to a 'jO"?tion of prtr.layn m raUtion to wbat ha bid aai l on laat Thuraday nigbt raapartlng .l??l|(a Htuarl. Ila but baan wrong' ully ra portad aa to nna aapra liou* though h? admlttad ba waa wrong in ona thing binn?lf Aldirmin Kit ? Wbat a tba authority* Aldatman Vuonilla? Tba /<oily Tiafl Ila than prn Mailad to nad tba raport of tba dahata on tha appro filial on cd |b,< ?n for tba apprahanalori of tha murdanm of I'mila, la appaarad In tin Htfirnt and tba T>m't. bidb of wlili h wara niong tha la'tar attributing lo him Uaa aii>raia!on that 1'ioia waa (at off for anaamultoaa > | olii ?n. in, ind that I'olira Ju?i' a .-l tart waa an > adrorata f( r bll aacapa Now, ba narar aald that, j a <ld if Juat ra Htuart ami tba lh>trirt Attornay i othar oftinala ba<l baan half aa rigi>ant la diarhnrr* of tbair ilalr hafora thia tram ? a (bay bid l<a> n 'alora It would h*?a baan* Ila 1 Aid V.l ba'' laid that Juitian "tuart waa tba prin npai witna> in tba raaa In wbl>-b I'nada waa rlnarad. bat Jualira Muart bad aipialiiMl lo blrn that ba ka4 gtrm ? tai<imony on tba c^-caaion of an aa>a'ill aomm'tlad by ' I oola cn a pol Iranian la bla < ourt but l<aing ingiga4 bn othar niittara al tha tlma of tha aa- aolt, t?a did not mm aoftxiant of It to ba ibla lo r ra arUanaa atmng anang% to coat let I'aola. Ila (Aid \ > InUn'ad to raat aa Iaa putallon on Jui'.ioa Htuarl. and if bla ramarka bad ban raporta-i a i ba ba/1 aipraaa?<! 'ham, that would notbawa I It ( aa rail to hat a ranaui ?4 Judga Mn>rt Ila bifid tb> raportara, In juilw to Judga ril- art, would aaaitMa Ibaaa lamarbi ' A< jou.-nad to Thuraday natt it 5 a clack. Board at ?H|M nhar*. M*l(f BUN tk? Mayor It Uf?k(if. Tk* niisuUi of tba la*t BwUti W?ra imi| i>4 approraf ? irwrav ton thi r< iwrrr ?* mm TT ? Ull ?f ofllrrr til for m^?ohi Iacurra4 .o t> >?t to W??liln<V/0 la pursuit if li?at* II tWr, bar(*>l with lb* aiunlar of FmU, waa arWraJ U ba pa 14. lb* bill of Cbptfcla Mpalfbt, for (It T?, >i|MNi to Hoatb In. bo/ a parrult of Uakrr, ?a? ?Uo ?rilwa< to bo ftli 7Li b>ll i t olll -r ll' gia 09? fit arpaaaw la f urr?'l bjr him la joibj to Krta con at/, *o4 pr? - urlag ? !tn?in ia th? of it* att klimaa, ' l.?r/?i *i(b faigarjr, aa#, ou u>?t.oa of At4anM? Ntiilii, oU*r*4 to t? pai4. HIM. r iU for 'opjioi l?J****, u>4 oU??r am all bUla wm% l l<tt* J to b? paid Kiirwt or i?' ?r<,??TTr. ooaraaim A m?Wi rial aaa auto. 11*4 u ? lb* IV?r 1 far praaaata lion U> tb* I*f at.J? of tit* Mala, for tba w>IJul*a <4 tb* art oi ^a.T IbW. t Up tar 144, a* m? r*aa*a aa lata ??f Iba |?r>?aal fiiufi; of a eorporattaa, it H ?'** art laaiiM Bra j-*r '? at ?Uar ar a*t praSta, -SnM tharafora ba prarUtaliy ? ??tntit fr?rt> laf altoa iM?mat. l!?aai<? u.<*a?J tf. ,t tb* of tba rttjp ha a/?. i?<1 to tl.a .aux au<l it ba ?'? a*4 by iba Major >d<3 < .art of tb* Hoar' <arrt*4 rr}t at t'r?awm tnoti I AWrcnan l!<*ica n". ra?1 tba folioalaf ? kiv4t*4, That in '???ptr.vl>*r of 0?* ettf af Naw York b* aa4 ba u i.mb/ I.r??ta4 to 4ra* b.a vurial la fa?a? >/f bit lb*of tba 'it; Jo Af for tb* *?aa of MO" f..r ott ? r?al from i Iba ir*t 'lay of April aa?l A I '? H aai<1 that ba a?l*r*teo4 that lb* ?* ' 'f** of Uit r o i ?*** < oart r??<*tr?*J tb? hoa a< ib> 'Ity Ja<t|* f>.f tb* pnrpoaaa ?? nor. alUUoe a?4 atari far U*a a >? t f !' aaala a tlnauM attanliac oa tlx ooarta ' ?4?* ?i art ? a* allllaf to raxata tb* r ?ai *?? 1 ??* *b?ail ba a.l?> a* >*?? M>ir>a*t>*r* *aar*a *al ? ? ..a Hum *al4 tba KS*rt* ha4 ba?? MVMi a '.b aa o??t*i froaa tb* - r""** ' aaM tbl* 4i/ to (** n?t* 111* J l(*? aitb a ""am?o-!? U"* tb* lf*^fi'?*a >.? i| *? ta 4'. ? Tm "ban# a a* b>.a<ia? a# i'? a ?. ari'l wb*n b* I1M If / "?'t blia ta "fay, b* aaa fO'Bf to (ha Irr.a/ llaaa* ta '*a If tb* iu^f** <w>14 ba a"'*Mitot<4 ibrr* lb* raaal ti'? aa? A4,<-ara? I W- Ifta^*; ?*?? TH* Pool* t fa<v .1 I UKI ??'( ?T in CIIIIHM. M*a< a /Illxi ftfWM /a IV *??? ?*? ' n //. ' ?a^ /-4?a It. * ?? a?a?a ' nafW I a* aa *???*? ?? * ''|0,k *r ?? l?a**li? aypiaJa# ? 1,'r't m I ?f IM aa> *4 I aa ?atVw*/, aa4 Ibal < a ??*"? aat* a ?taai4 ba l,a/ 71 ? Imiiu ? Atlaraay imm?, ' h* if| i.aattaa, oa lb* ? tfc.t a^tawa'* !.?' baaa fa*a4 aat tba Tt ? ?? *it r?ft.ar4 Vo r?t*f*a a IHa a??<* W?a . aa Ik* I *.<! tba* t W* alKaai' ?'i|a? ?M tka ba><aai ta* I }?? H* IH??*?a?* wba'ir*^ tba babaaa aai ra ! ,?? > IHa |?i"' w? a o a.'l ba Sr?-^t?t ba'ara tb* i ?,f "?<r ?>-" tr? *?r ?( It* a* it <**>**. *?.ah M>a ?ar* "8 M' ?*a; ?*?t kn^irtai (aail Ipntal T*raa ??(*?? ll?a ial|* N?ar ti'? mtiuti * titnn i<mr**r. Villi fi K 4 :mn Ck?i? ? -?n | a?< <" a?ai a* Hi .%i.*?ayaa >'aai? rwn^a n ?? a ? aa* a It-r aa n,?*r" ? ?*< ? f*"", I I ?? tha ?;> -?*?? of |, ala'.f ? ^a.aaOi dHW|f I r**" *'j*i*' '? 4*tar*a? a*iV

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