Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 27, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 27, 1855 Page 5
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"? WUaon, HuinfMtnrrr of Shirts, Stocks and eollare, Min of Itroadway and Cortlandt street, ?nl?^ Building, New York. City and country m?r shifcta, before purchasing elsewhere, ahould pay a visit to this? ?n? of the finest establishments of the Itlnd in Now York we kayo visittjd? and ituly b?liaT? the fines', m the country. ?arpetlngs ?Peterson <M Huntplirty, lo. 370 Roadway, corner of White street, have] oat received from the late largo auction sales a large assortment of carpeting; Ac , whiob they will sell at the following low prices: ? Rich velvet oarpet, lit. 'o 14?. per yard ; rieli tap*atrs. Ha. to 10a. per >*rd; rich Brussels, Hs. per yard; three ply, ??. to 0a. pur yard; ingrain, (Lowell make,) tie. ; and all other goods equal ly low. important to Housekeepers? Oar Spring a ? ei I in n n I of earpetings, oilelotha, enrtaina end curtain Materials is now ready for Inspection, and will be offered at ^?atly reduced prioea. LORL) A TAYLOR, Grand street, sanar ot I'hrjitn. Let this be four Guide? Eugllsh Velvet ' arpets. 10a. and lis ; English tapeitry, Ta., Ma., 9s.; English three ply, 7s., Be.: ingrains, 3* ,4s.. 5s. ami lit. per yard, it 1I1KAM AN bERSON'S.SW Bowery. The Woodlawn Mandon, on the Blooming Me roa.l, to let ' Theae premises have 'ieen tor the lait live years ecru pled by Capt. W. I,. Wiley, as a roadside hotel, and proved the moot popular place ot resort for out of town ?artfee of pleasure, recreation, and military excursions on in ielanu of Manhattan The .plot of ground comprises %l*?aty iacrcs, well wooded, and with an extensive water bcatage. It would he available for a private residence but to most advantageously situated for a rural hotel. Apply oa UN premises, or to WM. B. MOFFAT, KM Broadway, N. Y. ?oeiity Landv-.lrmy Officers, Soldier*, ?je?nlirs naval oibcera, Mamct, marines, aavy clerks and ?stMla mea, (or their striving widows or minor children), wfce served in any war ?l the United States, are entitled to a tassd wartant for ltd acres. All persons entitled will, by ad Aaa^g na, receive the proper form of application, and we wtllaMain their warrants far a moderate charge. Our ar taagomeuts with the Departments at Washington afford as ea usual lacility Per tho prompt return of warrants. Claims should be left with us as early as possible. Land warrant* taught and bS'i. IiKAKE A BRADFORD. 2U Wall st. ^Brferenoes-w Onion Bank, Corn Exchange Bank, Bowery The Co tarter and Enquirer line Removed to M3 1'earl itrcet, three dorrs north of Wall street, where a lefty room, nearly 25x100, will afford untnual facilities to the pub lie. A free reading room may be found in the spa cioue publication office, containing files of English and Cali fornia papers, and of the oommercial papers from every im portant point in the oountry. Wedding Cards.? An assortment of K ver ticil's elegantly engraved at home notes, wedding cards, envelopes, Ac , can be hud on application, or sent by post to s?y part of the oountry. Established 1840. JAMES EVERDEL1., 302 Broadway, cor Puane street. Having Successfully Organized, Altered and iamroved the 25x107 premises, 321 Broadway, making thom suitable for tho reception of extensive wholesale trades, (at cheap rates), hence the removal, this day, of GEORGE I*. JTOX K tailoring business, to Ml Broadway, the fashionable prvmenftdc, opposite the Metropolitan Botei; also in turor ?f his son, George Edward Fox, and with a view of illustra ting the necessity of economical charges to ull customers, by doing the largest amount of business on the loaat expenses, ride rent, Ac. Cheat Sale of Fancy Goods at II. S. Roger*' Fancy Bazaar, owing to the extensive repairs to be made in consequence of tlie recent tire on the premises. Tho re mainder of this Immense stock, embraoing work hoxci, reti cuies, papier macbe work, fans, opera glasses, toilet boxes, gentlemen's and ladies' dressing canes, dressing and shell combs, elegant statuary, I'arlan, porcelain and marble vases; Newman's celebrated water colors, together with the most choice selection of perfumery and soaps, with un endless variety of toys for the amusement and instruction ?f ohil dren. All will be sold without regard to cost, affording an opportunity to cur citizens to supply themselves with every thing unique and beautiful at less than hilf of the umal prices. H 8. ROGERS' Fancy Baxaar, No. 44'J Broadway. Paper Hangings.? At the Old Establish. Beat, No. 436 Pearl street. As we are nove receiving aa entire new stock, embracing ovary variety known to the trade, for our spring sales, we offer the balance of otur last year s atocx at remarkably low rutes. A )ar^e lot of rv:a aants will bo sold at a sacrifice. O'SUI.Ll VAN A FAYB, No. 436 Pearl street. Wlndovrshade Manufacturers, Importers of gilt cornices, lace and muslin curtains, damasks, buff Hoi Gads, Ac. KE1.TY A FERGU&ON, Noa 2ij?K liroadway aad M Reade street, are offering great ioducemcuts to par athaeers of tho above grods. All kinds of wiadowshades made to order Our superior manufacturing facilities eua'ule aa to keep the reputation we bave always bad, cf being the alanpest house in the States. Hat Fixtures.? Over Three Hundred Differ ent patterns of chandieiers, embracing the best designs from the leading manufacturers in England, France and America. Also, every description of a bite ami decorated chinas, ali of whicn wo offer at a low price. . W. J F. DALEY A Co., dim and (133 Broadway. Dressmaking In ten hours.? Ladles sojourtt iag fern few hours even, at the St. Nicholas, Metropolitan, Astor, Irving, or other fashionable hotels ot the metropolis, will be pleased to learn that the richest dn^tes arc finixlied, in the latest style and perleetion of art, in ten hours, by MRS. FARNSW nllTII, fashionable dressmaker and im porter of fashions, 327 Broadway, opposite Broadway theatre. Bill, Inimitable Cutter of Hair and Whls kara, at No. 4.1 Nassau street. 1'arMcnlar attention paid to dsming, curing, ani shampooing the hair. Infallible ?ngveot to grow the hair, and instantaneous 4yo for a beautiful black or brown. Cllrehugh's Wlgt and Toupees, with the acw invented skin divi.ion, arc the wonder ot all wig wear are. Bxamine them at 16 tft Fulton street, three doers froul Broadway, west tide. Prioea to suit the timet. Cllrehugh's liulr Dye give* all the Interme diate shades of color, from red or white, to tho deepest black or brown This is the best and surest dye jet discovered. Si per bottle. Applied at all hours. Carter's Spanish Mixture, the greatest blood psrifyer and alterative known, a certain cure for all mercu rial and secondary diseases. For tale by C. II. RING, oor ter of Broadway and John street. To Hervous Sufferers? A retired Clergy men restored to beelth in a few days, after -aauy yoars ef great nervous suffering, is anxious to make known the means of cure. Will send tree) the preseripilon nsed, on receiving a letter (postpaid;. Direct to Rev. JOil.V M. DAGNAlL, No. K Fulton street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Colds, Coughs and Sore Triioat.? Cse J. R. Stsdord's Olive Tar, which is inhaled and applied, and ta not taken. Pamphlets of .lx'oen octavo pa^et, contain tag a large number of very recent certifl. at*? from well known prominent citixin* c.f New York ana vl> iuity, can be hedgratis. Sold it f> . . 4 New stfeet. and by J. 11 II. II AT, druggist, IM Broadway. Hernia? The Only Prise Medal Awarded to HtRHD A i n., No. 'j;, Maiden lase, V. Y, by the Indus trial Exhibition of all .Nations, for thtir net? patent radi <al care truss. Reference as to its superiority: Proft. Valentine Mott, Wlllard Parker, and John M. Carnaehan. An extea oive li<t of names ol nitrcantile and other gentlemen cured by thi^russ, may be seen at their office. Uptn fixm 7 A.M. uatAW U Hollowoy's Ointment? Don't have sore breasts or sore legs Don't have salt rheum, or any other skin disease! Here is a rum-ily, by meant of which all may th<iuselvus of sueh evils, even as by magic. Sold at the manufacturer's, HH Maiden laoe, N. V ; aid 244 Strand. I.nndon: aud by all druggists, at 25 cents, C2 cents and (1 per pot. Rata Don't Die In their Holes, but come out and die, by using COSTAll'S effectual rat, seokroarh. .to., exterminator. Wholeitle and retail depot, .v* Broadway None genuiue unless signed by Henry R. Cottar. Whiskers, Moustaches, and Hale forced to Krnw in si* week* by mv 'in "tent, without staining or in juring '.he skin. #1 a Dottle; sent te any part of the a?>m toy. R. C. ORAIIAM S6A Croadaay, basement; Zdker, 44 Beuth Third street, rhlladelphia. Scarlet Fever? Put a small quantity off J. R. Bt, fford'a tilive Tar in a saucer, over a bowl of beb'ed water. 1 fie atmosphere of tbs room ??ll ?""ii become im (iregaated with the delightful blended aroma of the olive and of the ptac, which will materially aid the reeovery of the patient, and < umpletely disinfect the air of the eham t*r, ther'l y | reventln/ tte s| read of tho disease. S ,ld at Nr. 4 .New street, and by J. Mil, UAL, druggist, i.^3 Broad way. Married, On Tburalay, March 22, hy the Her J. P. Inekip, Wn UiM Ci I'l-" to Mima Ja.?* M'Cokm, youLg?el daughter ?f Kobert McCorll, both of drosklya. At Mcrrinania, on WVUomC iy. March 21, by the Rer. C. <J Re) noidn, Mr H. K. FulIJCH, of Ch -ago, to Mi?? UmiTir a. Tu? o. of Morriaania Died. On fatorday, Msrcli 24, alter a l.ngering !nea?, Wn lxi H -TVIJ", aged 28 y?ar?. Tha friende of the family are re?p?c'.fully invited '.o attend the funeral, thia e'trraoon at half paat on* ?? clock, from hi* lat* reillence Mo JH:j Kojrth -tre?t. Hia leruaim will be Interred in the I.utLaraa Cemetery, Iod* Wland. Frederick City, Maryle.nd, pioers aleane copy. On fnn?la* Burning. March 26, Mr* Barau grin, re lict if Abr ham Qi.ick, in the "9th t? ar of her age. The relative* and trim !? of the family are repeated ?e attend her fut.eral. from the r?di??nce of her non-in lav, John K lawrence, No 4J ra-t Twenty aeeond #tr??t, *hi? aft' tnc n, at half put three o'clock, with out further Invitation On Hun lay, Mar U JA, Mi. u<m. AIM (OH, in the Sid year ef hi* a#? Hia relative* a?l frlendi are retpec'.ful'.y invited to attead the fuoera!, tble afternoon, at two o'clo-k, from hie late rtaldeneo, No. 48 Veney etreet. Hi> re:a tint will be taken to Greenwood. Oa Sunday morning, llarrh 26, of <?? cgeation of the huge. A** Aciivm, y ong??t daughter of Jam** ?ul Maria M. Ihckacn, ag?d 2 yearn. The relat'vee and frlinJa of ijie fr.mDy, and thnee of her uncle, Jaae? R >?oith, are reapec'.fully Invited to attend the funeral wrnae?. iriUi^nt further InTiu'ioa, to cay, at twelve o'clock. M. at So 1S7 Clinton ?tr?et, after which her rtmaine will b? taken to olen .ove, 1.- 1 , ttr interti.wjt. Cb Monde/ innr.Dir, March 2^, of pulmonary *on?ump tl< n, Mr< STT/aiinn P.. ? ,fe of Mr Oeo. H. ?toir, end ejdewt daughter of Mr tieo. J'uro^ne aged 28 yeart end ? monthe. Ike re'ativee and fr endaof the farcly are re-pectfally iarlte<l to atten ! tfce funeral. fr"ir. her late reeMeaee. No. 14 Udrldjp at one o'cleck to morrow after noon. On Mr. a.! ay. M?rtb 20 aft*r a cf LUce??, Mr?. Mabt Ij.mmat. .a the 7 j'.a yter of b.J ?ge, a ta'lve of >nne*t j rnianttfb. Ireland Her wlU *'ake plice to marrow, from the re-i ^enre .'f her "in id Lair, Mr. William, Sj 411 fori etreet. Ch'tn-rcW ard M ntr?al t'-??e cojy. On Pur-day eT'nilg Marrh 25, JI*?. CaTiu ibtDBH*, >a t ke / ttb year of her tg< Her r?latire? ard n>-nl*, tL"?? of her a?n a J?w, I harle* (frueae, ned <.f her i>-?4*ier. Janet H?t /, a./ ? 'i* r.rmke'" Of ^ ihteeetb M. K C*l'jr b, ?.r? .rv? . ??i ia at'.end il?e li.nir?l, f:o n t?r Ute raiidfMe, No 11 Troy rtre- 1, th. ?f>-r.'?t. at thr?e n ?!.>?* 0?f"ur'lT. March J.'. Vf . a>j ?? " * .i 1, ia :te 33th year < '1 '? ?-? Hie re ?;?<? ar '? i.i *e ? * t ? i' '&* '<ti 'iifU' . m''i: V,T M- ? " ?? ? e-'.. , from Mi late rwidance, No. 238 but Broadway. HU re main* will b* taken to Newark, N. J. Od Friday, March 23, at the Navel Hoipital, Port* mouth, Virplnla, Lieut. Gaosai W. C'ami bkix, of the U. ?. Marme t orpe. aged 27 yean. Bin friend* and acquaintance*, and those of kit fatter, George Q. Campbell, also the nary, marine anil army offlcer?, are requested to attend hi* funeral, 'rom hi* father'* residence, No. 2il We?t Thirtieth ?trfx!t, at two i o'clock to-morrow afternoon. On Monday morning, March 26, after a lingering 111 neie, in the 53d year of hie age, William Owwii. Hie friends are reepeetfuily Invited to attend the fa | neral, to morrow afternoon, at one o'clock, from his lata i residence, No. 136 Want Thirtieth etr??t. The members I of Ti aapiar Lodge No. 203, F. and A. Masons, and all members of the order in good (ta-jding, are fraternally invited to attend. Ilia remains vill be taken to Groea wood Cemetery. On Monday, March 26, Joiiv., youngost son of Edwarl and Elizabeth Sherlock, age^ IB years and 6 mouths. His friend*, ami the trie ads of the Unity, are respect fully Invited to attend tha funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at half pjftt oh o'clock, from the resi'!eace of hla pa rents. cornerof Ijetnard and Centre ttrext* His remains will be ti^ap to Calvary C?metery for interment. No oartiage^Howed. On Saturday evening, March 24, at hsr father's resi d? nee, No. 224 Tenth avenue, Cathkkink, youngest daugh ter <A *m. and Mary Jane dtrath. In B-ooklys, on Monday, March 26, Bxnnctt Hydk, in tbe 63d year of his age. The relathrns and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to morrow afternoon, at three o'clock, from his late residence, No. 82 I'oplar strtet, Btookljn. California papers plea.-o copy. In Brooklyn, on Saturday, March 24. Mr. Edward O ill, stonecutter, in the 30th y?ar of his age. His friends are respectfully invited to attend his fune ral, from ki* lats residence, in Hews strmt, ne<tr Bedford avenue, North Brooklyn, at two Vcl>>ok this afte-noon On Monday, Mw;ch 26, of inflannnatlon of the brain, Lochia, wife of I'atrick O'Farrell, of Liverpool, aged -2 yeact and 6 months. Ibe funeral will take place from hie late residence, No. 2 Monroe place, South F.fth street, Williamsburg, at two o'clock this afternoon. Iiverpool, England, papers please copy. At Flushing, L. I., on Saturday evening, March 24, GkOROK W. Ql'ixry, of this c ty, in the 33d year of his age. Hie relatives and frieads, and those of the family, ara invited to attend the funeral, this morning, at half past eleven o'clock, from the residence of bis lather in law, Scott H. Bowne, Flushing. At tbe villa<e of Jamaica, on Monday morning, March 26, Martin J. Johsson, ajed 38 years, i montns and 8 days. Hie friends and acquaintince* are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at the Kefortned butch Church, in tbe village of Jamat to-morrow afternjon, at two o'clock. At Jersey City, on Thursday, March 8, Waiter, son of fnrotiel and Altanah 8. Weeco'.t, agoj 15 years and 4 month*. In MetuciMo, New Jersey, on Monday morning, March 10, deeply lamented, of pulmonary disease. Franklin, ton of Fteklel and Martha Merritt, aped 25 years. NewOrleam, Iji , and Loobport, N. V., piper* please copy. buddenly, on Monday, March 12, of congestion of the brain, at the residence of Itaac Vanvoorhues, Esq , in Marshall, Calhoun county, Michigan, Richard Vawoor ii e k sged 62 years. The deceased was a volunteer in the Late Mexican war, and fo.-merly a reiident of this city. Pongbkeepsi* paper* please copy. mERTMMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAY. LECTURES. This evf.ning.-br. mceliieran will lecture on tne anatomical and Intellectual characteristics of tbe Celt in and Saxon raccs of men, in the Stnyvuaant In ? titute, C51I Broadway, this t Tuesday) evening, March 27. at 8 o'clock tickets, 23 cents. The lecture will be illus trated with drawings. _ ^ HPH1KU FASHIONS. 1ft BRODIE'SOPENINO ANNOUNCEMENT FUR lOOw. lrll>OA.iD>rssci R > rail. THAoa. GEORGE BRoDIE, 31 CASAL ITSlfT AM) LHI'r.VARD STRICT, W ill be prepared to to tbe ladies of New York, Brooklyn, J-rsey City, a no the surrounding neighborhood, on TUESDAY, Til J It li DAY OF APRIL, und following days, THL I.AHI.1ST, riNKST. AND MOST I'XTXNSIVK STOCK OV I.AIilES MANTILLAS, Fr< neh and home made, ever offered for ?a'e in this coon try, Manufactured from rabrics of tho hi/best excellence and most fashionable kind. His stock consist of EMBROIDERED 311. K MANTILLAS. At. elegant and very large selection, imported, and of bia own well * nown manufacture, of every i tnaglnary denrn, and the newest and most recherche styles. A magnificent assort ment of PLAIN SILK AND MOIRE ANTIQUE MANTILLAS, Kicbly trimmed with tbo most fashionable trimmings of his exclusive importttiou, and manufactured expressly for Us spring end summer retail trade, and at tho lowest possi ble prices. CHANT1LLY LACE MANTLES, Of entirely new and original designs, and manufactured la Europe expressly lor Ibe > ubserlber. APPLIQUE LACE MANTI.ES, A large variety of the latest importatatlnns. HICH Ct'll'UKE 1. ACE MANTLES, Just received turtlic great opening, and ul styles nolo sively confined to himsulf by tnc leading manufacturers of Europe. The subscriber would particularly remind his friends and tbe public in general that the above stuck com prises the 0>LY TRI E FASHIONS FOR THIS SEASON. And alto, that bis styles cannot be seen at any othtr eetab lifhmett in New York. Ladles who wish to purchase good* of tbe i.ATrsr and most > aimionahi.s: modi , are very re spectfully eautlontd against making selections till they hive esatniLed b.i new and splendid assortment on Tuesday, 3d of April. GEORGE BRODIE, 51 Canal street and ul Lispeoar J street. EX II I II IT ION OF SPRINO MILLINERY.? MRS. M. FEELY, No. 7J4 Division strtet, will open on Wednes day, l^th Inst., a mosteiteusli e and beautiful assortment vf t| ring millinery, of her own importation and manufacture, which lor richness, eleg&nco and variety of atyle will, ae usual, dety competition. Milliners and merchant* sopplied with pattern bonnet* on the best term*. First premium millinery? mrs s< hleqel, 1 iii Division street, opened on Monday, tttblnst., a splendid aseortment of 1'reneh bonnets and sti*w fools. 1 AWN BONNETS ?MERCHANTS ABOUT PURI'IIAS Is ing for the spring trade will do well by calling at tho tact' ry, No. Vsi Eighth avenue, as they can be bad twenty five per cent cheaper thac at any other place In the citv. MRS. MAK?K. Mrs w. openhvm, a;, division street, will open tin a day Kith a aplennid sink of spnag Pahs millinery, to which she invites tbe ladies of the metropolis and its vicinity N. II ?Country milliners and merchants are invit -d to call and esamine her elegant stock before par chasing eUewbere, as it will be to their advantage. MRS I HACARTY, NO. CATHERINE STREUT, will open her spring styles ?| .niiiinery ou ThJrstay. the Tfth m-taiit, consisting of several cases of 1 tap irterl bonnets, ss well as a large aascr'ment of her own ma-iu ac lore, winch for taste anil elegance ari not to Irf ?nri>s<k'd in tbo city. N. H ? Country mer hants a ul milLneri ,ip plied with pattern bonnet*, on reasonable terms, at No. lv^ Catherine itreet, New Yi rk. Madame j finiels m broadway, entrants HU Craud street, first door, up stairs ftbewi.lop'a i nTnoday, Mar< b 27tb, iuatait, aa assortment of I'm* benntts, caps, head dresses, Ac. NrEW SPRING MAN Til LAS. 0*0. BKODIL. So. 41 Csnsl *ir? t, atd N'. 63 Us|* naru street, New V rs i* bow eabiblt^ig to WHOLESALE MER> HANTS hisaew stock el Fonch and home male spring aid viantlllas. consisting of a lave and very eeleet a?s r'.nt' at ?l novelties in silk !ac? ana *( i liqne gnoia, to which he beg* to invite the attention ?f Ca?m ami Shok .- Tim* B' via* from every NStii a of th< eeontry. Opening of paris millinery, at ?? iiroad aay ?Miss D A. GARI'KN Kit will i.n, aa aVs?, m I Thur?day, March ? . I units, dirset tr :n Paris, wm Iiroad . way. New Yi rk ; 15Ma f'oi grem i treat. Savannah, Oa. CPKING AND SIMMER MILLINERY. -THE ATTEV O tii n of the miilinrrs if New York *i.d Ita vicinity is in I viUd to tbe large as -ortmeit of F REN t II 8PI.I1 S I RAW4 , jost received and opeiie'l by the un-ler njned. a!*fi to hi* ev tecsive r toe* ef all 1ea rtpllon* ot STRAW BONNETS, home n. an u factored and importel, U , ether with adlsfiay ! FREN'f H ARTIFICIAL FI-OWERS, RIBBONS, Ac , Mc , wtich iu btautv ftn l rariet v t ? Mirr**??fl in t.\i< i-it> H T tV!L?K, N * nk 22 J . I.n ! CPKING OPE NINO Of THE LEADING FA HluN IV U - M' I ; ri * ? lt*Ii will OMB ftfal t|in4ll gtoil | ? f mantlllaa to ih? ladio# n\ t h? mrtropollt *nd ??jr rouDiitiiK cit!? *, mi TuonUf noit, Mar<*h 77 Tli? v ,! I b tltgftiit, am h? ht? % pr?fct irinjr ooT?ltl?^ to ?h uw, wbieb vert Mlcetui *<y kiir.Mlf ?in!? in Parif, snd oa?Dot b? ffOD'i oiiowhw. MOLVNCtX BKLL, M Cunai #tro*t. HKHOV1I* ('OK 91 LATE OENKRAI. Of THE NF.TIIE1I.AND* Jio tie I mtod Stat'? N>? York, March '*? IV.'.? ^iicnu ti 'intaoA ol tlie !]? niiic r,f tha I'onial Uinoral, thia > ninlalo i> r*niuf?4, Mtil further aotlca, .to .Si, 11 H?a?nr "treat. 0|. lUirl. J F <IVWEKM.4N I'haneallor of tho Contalata. LEI, M E R< HANT TAILOR-HAS ri EH'iVF.D from 115 Br ad?\y to ? ksil ni(i. 1</V llroadiiay. KW CAMERON? ACSTR.VI.IA I'lOHMR ItNE ? hi' r'moii! It ti > II . Wall to No C Bawling Umh, foal of lro?4>t)r. _ Ft'RMITIRK. FL'RMTI RE TO HE 80 ID AT A Ft A RO AI* -ON B Lon Irad a id #rty do I! art oath *111 pur-ija-o ITtf/ tbtt>gn?<?faary t' conimaoi * kaaarkoot iiif? b?d?, l>?l<llci ?. iioi'i, cn?k if. At -ill to l.o a?H for tho akira mm. lt*nral.!? ?f ?r n ot< to t>? I t if d?tlr? I Apply. * it I. real i?r, to Ctxt'in, h. raid otft<*f . No iMtor 4 M'f'j; F'OR "AI.E? A BPI.ENDID SET OF ROSIWOOt) furcitnrt. " inr.naad of a larro I urtno. raihataad a- 1 *??.:#? tallo. *t'h looking vl??? iad marbla '.opt, riahty cart'dand in p*rf?et <.rdar, '.ir tUO . first cont tJHf : tlM. io?a rat/ Una ?riiamtnl> and Mrtllaa. A pply at 107 Brt *' c rt pl*r', ffom II A M till ft P. II., for tt.rot day* fcV.R 8 A LI- A I1EAVTIH f. BUTE OP l>ARI OR I CR 1 ailort, in ' rtinton and mar. oft In tr ?watMU. tt, , two tatoat-ttt. arm ohoir. 2<l ilia 4> ., ? ? narlor ?>?*?, olif roiar* WD1 M wU fbv fTTA, ? rt'i fl-1" Aptdyat*/o "J-l Kifl'i itinm, ( r tlireola;?. ift?f la o'clock. Ab?, on tuaiitiltd badr??n Mill. H<> wrr K M. l/ACI F HOTEL LoiXJIV.S -<JF.\ Ti t* F.N W| M. DO M J wll ti ? ay can oM *r. eloaii r.d m faMaWa r c.nn for J- | <r an'it, ?r lua, an I 12k par ?*tk, at lilt bo'el o<j" -r of W limn and Frankfort ilrci HOTrf'WlGIITO.N, BOt >oc;nf. H'R HER . I II AM K ? Ti faun li?? ro'ar 'a Fat' p*. A r*atl am l?t?lv fr'm tvrapo, r?a tainty r- ? iSm?M tb* " llatol Br fbttn ' at ?ot ??{* th* h*tt in II. ? rla?* bat t? MMJkf to* tMl M E',r?|? "ilna??l at ? ^at?a?N? Hfn Ha nil ro?<l and btla< III tb? Ml 'ill* of ? lar<- . a-dtn. tvi hotoi I-..,.. U| tka e?ntert? tf'iiraMa for vaallAy -ai. .1 .?? ?*h>7 mTTi.TnI.- mm, >c< > r oFcanai~?t I i I r will I*'., *tlh k'.at l, j. ? Ur, I I ?/. ? r? a? i ? ?n t ? ti t >* .? t 'a*:!' all-. a*?>ral ?i..?l- tvpm ? on it. >?? r-aa-.aal t* ? ritlt T ?.? hom? (ro?<? ??? i,? ?. -/ ? k a fat] ?U? fs? < ;.*!??# a?ni?!l'4 5aiA at Auonoar. AUCTION NOTICE. ? GREAT SALE OF JEWELRY, SL Vat oh<S? and diamonds ? ED W MID SCUISCK Will K.l bt auttliou, on Tuesday, ITTtli lagtKt, at lo>, o'clook, at tH salesroom It) Wall street, a largo assortment of dlaa&oad jewelry, watches, do , cousistiag of eie RftBt diamond puis and earrings, breastpins, ale M cluster Mid single stone rings and pins, aarrtngs, ,*c, ; ladles' watches, eaawelled aud Ht on lioth sldss with dia monds; alio, other*, vis.: independent seconds, doable time keeper!, fifteen day, fn/lith patent and detailed lever, Ad., all In heavy eighteen osrct told eases; n<il>l Jewelry, consist inn of suits of bracelet ', pin and earring*, broaches, breast pina, aeal rings, gold atone sleeve bullous, do. studs, (old pencil caeei, lockets, Ac. , Ac. Sale positive. AUCTION NOTICE -GREAT 8AI.E OK MAUN IF! jfV of nt household furniture.? EDWARD dCIIEMCK will Sell at auction, on th? premises, MM Houston street, between Thompson and Salilvan, on Wednesday, Maroh W, at lll)? o'clock, magnificent household furniture, sold on acoount or the owner breaking up housekeeping? emulating iu part aa folli Elegant tapestry ltmssels, Wilton, three ply aud ingrain carpete, rosewood suites of tetc a utes, sora, arm chair aud parlor chairs, In haircloth aud brocatslle; fine rosewood piiino, elegant French plate and gilt frame pier glasses, marble top sofa, centre and aide tables; rosewood, mahogany, black walnut and oak dr?s,lng bureaus, wash stands, dressing tables, A?.; rosewood and mahogany bed steads, hair, feather and straw mattresses, pillows and bol sters; Mlverplat. it ware, knives, lurks, gin", and crockery of every description; woollen blanket*, guilts, window curtains, Ac. The sale will commence with the assortment of kitchen utensils. Terms cash, in city fnuds. ALBERT U. NICOLA Y, AUCTIONEER.-PIREMF X\ tory sale of S-2M.ISX) tirst mortgage seven per uent real estate bonds of the Fori Wayne and Southern Railroad Company. ? A I.UKKT II. NICOLA Y will aell at public auj tiou, on Thursday, Maroli 29, at VI', i o'clock, at the Mer chants' Eschangs, without reserve, to the highest bidder, by order of the Fort Wayne and Southern Railroad Com pany, 220 of their first mortgage seven per oeat real estate bonus, of $l,0b0 each, niaturtug June I, lc-VJ, interest pay* ble half yearly, and principal and interest payable at the office of the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company, of New York. These hoi ds are aeeurtd by the mortgage of real estate? the property of the company unconditionally and In fee simple, with warranty. Three hundred thousand dollars worth of laad, aa apprai-ed, is mortgaged to eeuuto iJ4","uU bondi. The trustee certifies on the lace of the boude that the titlo to the lauds mortgaged is good, in the railroad com* pany, that they are i iieucuinliered, and that the appraise nil nt was made by appraisers under oath as to the fair cash value of the lands, and that he has ofii, lal certificates of the proper county oHlceis, and the affidavits of tho apprais ers to that effect, on file. All tho land mortgaged is in the comities through which t. road passes, the value of which must be greatly en hanced by the completion of the road, and heucu the desire of the company not to sell the land, bnt to realise upon it by tli* i ale of bonds, that th y may ultimately prult largely by Its Increased value. Tue land is situated in Indiana, in the counties rf (Mark , Kiott, Jennings, Decatur, Delaware, Blachford and Wells, a schedule of which can always be seen at the office of the trustee, John I). Detreos, Es>|., of Indianapolis, Indiana. Now, in order that all may know tin- condition and valuo of tnese lands, It will only be ncces* ?ar> to statu furthsr, that the read toaoli s tho county seat ot every county through which it passes, and in which the lands are lituuted, with the Unci* exception ot Jefferion county, between Fort Wayne and l.onisville, which no other road of its length is believed, in the United Htates. These bonds are at any time, at the option of tho holder, exchangeable for the lauds, at such cash prices us iu?y be fixed by ttie ooiupauy, from tlmo to tiui?. Whatever may become of the r..*d? whether tiuisbed or unfinished, profita ble or unproli table? the land Is an abundant security for the principal and ntvrest uf these bonds. 1 lie ruad is Jsj miles In Icagth in a m>i#t lire ct line, and oonii?cta FortWayae, Indiana.with l.ouisvUle, K-utucky, ihe navigable waters of the lakes with tho.e ef the Mississippi, aud the North and North Eastern with the South and South Western Railw ays; crossing the Ohio by means of a tunnel. 1 1 pastes through eighteen tow ns, eleven county seat', and is the nearest road to thirty other towns and villages. It is of the broad guage, connecting flit) three miles from its Southern t<rnunus with the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Of the soil* gunge. These forin n line twenty six miles shorter than tbs Ohio river b Louisville and Cincin nati. Between tho<c cities the Immense river travel will be diverted upon these roans. ll> nay of lleinchi and in connection with the ludlanap 'lis ami Bclfcroiitsirm Kailroud, the Northern division, of fixty four miles, forms a very direct line between Fort Wxyue and Indianapolis. These two divisions, togother 117 ruiloj, are noiirly ready for the iron, and it is expected will b i finished and the cars rnauing thi* year.fThe work has not beea su> | ended during trie prviure, u?.r at any time siucc the com im ncenient oft he summer of 1HG3, For pamphlets and more detailed statements, apply to A. 11. Mt'Ol.AV, No. 4 lifoiui strei t. W.J UOLMAN, Pres. Ft. W A S RR, Co. N. B ? The President of the company, knowing th? in triniis value of these bonds, and not wishing the publlo to rely upon bis statement wholly, solicited '.he appointment by rncfof some person In whon. I hud the utriMt confidence, to go and examine the mortgage record, land ?, statistic, facts an 'I the ? onditii n of the road, wbioh I dH, and bis report Is mere favorai l* in every particular than I could have expected from th" statiunout and exhibit oi the cini I any I would, thei efore. . recommend these bonds to ray friends, I ell' ving them to l e rn'lrely safe, and a most de sirs hie security a. a profitable and permanent investment, and w orthy of attention, at the aalo is made br order of the company, and will be peremptory to the highest bidder. Hut I claim ? tie r: ht on t?^pai t* of tiic comi auy to itop tlie sale when I please. Al.tiEIlT II NICOLAT. A LI1ERT II. NICOLAY. AUCTIONEER? HE KEMP J. \ tory executors' sale of the balanoe of jiki desiratl* lots. ?orus and valnaMe water front of the Milledolar estate, situated oa 114th, ll?>th, llbtb, 117th, 11' ih and Il'Jtli streets, avenue A aud First avenue, tlarlem.? ALBERT II Nlt'O LAY will soil on Tu. sday, April in, at 12 o'clock, at the tlerehints' Exchange, by i rderof the undersigned ei -cut'irs of I)r, Jr.l.n I.. Mllledrder, deeeased, without any reeervation. to olo"e the estate, tbe balanoe of 206 verv valuable lots and gores, situated < n luth, lluth, 110th, 117th. 114th and 1 Itftli streets avenue A and First avenue, Harlem, comprising a vul n able water front on the tl*rl< m n??r. Esten?iveiin irovements ate in ceutcuiplatiia la the ImmediuUi vicinity oi thl> property. T he Second avenue railroad is completed, and is in successful operatl u to llarlsm river, thereby in creasing tbe value of tln se lots from IU) to 2)0 per cent Th s i-ale offers nnmual indue mouts for the investment of ca| ital rr immediate ttapr< vement, and the 'ale will b' po remptory to the hnhest Mdder. Seventy per omit tan re main on bond and mortgage 'or turn* years, at sevsu rsr cent. The title of this property is indisputable, aad ?ill bo conveyed free of sll eacunit raneos. Lithographic maps and mil p*r'.tctiisr? ''*? I1' obtained of Charles It Thorn en, Es>( , No. 9 Court street, Ur<"klyn. or of Albert II Nio jlav, Auctioneer, No. i Broad -ireet, New Yi-rk t CHARLES II THOMSON, <r?c,t,.e, _ CORNELIA GKAIIAM, jt?cator^. Auction notice. -elegant rosewood and ii ahouawy furniture, taiH-stry caipets, French rlate mirror.-, < II paintings, Ac.? II. WILSON, Auctioneer, will sell this (Tuesday* morning, at I0>^ e'tlcck, l y oa*aio,-ns, sll tbe hoosehold fortnturo coataiaud its the large hcjsc corn< r of Churlion and Hudson ottoets, consisting f rose wood parlor furniture, suit made to order, of the b*,t work matislilp; rosewood centre and side tables; large r .se woo. | bookcaso and secrtt ry; rosewood ete^.cr1, with mirr r doors and back: large pier and oral mirrcrs. i'rearh piate; slegau'. oil paintings ny old masters; rlak velvet and Hrr -els ear j?ts, ormolu clocks, elegant china vsrc<, diaiug an I "(ten slon lablas, insho any sofa cushioned caairs, nstsri carl tat l?s, rosewood and mahogany bureaus bedsteads, wash stai ds. hair mat'. rserss, leds and be idiug; also, all the china ware, glssswnre, crockery, silver p'ated ware, cutlery, V It i hen utensils, Ac The whole to be sold without r i< rv. , as the family sre runovlag to tbe country. Tl) MuRMHW iWednesluy mornlag, at W'i o'dlouk, larro and peremptory ale of magnificent household furnit re, in tho tour story uous^ lt.'t West Twcaty fourth street? Ele raut Brusseis carputs, rosewood pa lor suits, in satin bro cade; spleadid rosewood pianoforte, large o?U mirrors, oil paintiags, rotewood etegere, centre and side ta' ies, cuiaa vaefs, clocks, chinaware. glassware, dinner and tea ets; also; a larre and i iton-ive variety of m iho.auy lorniiu" . chairs, sofaa, bedsteads, l.ur. ans, waihstands. lis r ma' tresses, Ac , dc. i'artlculars to uiorrow . Sale positive, \ L'CTION .NOTICE J. BOO ART, AUCTION KB IS, BY S. I J\ Ro? it' This da) , T oes tay, 27th mat at loi^ o < I k, at I the sncti' n rooms, corner 1 rankfort and Vt uliam ><? lar/o nsaartmeot of sup' rlor u' w aa 1 sacond hand household fur I nitnre, sofas auti sofa be isteads, e >uel?es, mahogany 1 ren' h ? hairs, carasd malo rany and 1 lack walnut rockers, man I* I top. centre tables, do washstands. mahogany I aod I cottage bedsteads, divans, cttomaas, Voltaire chairsin ir>en I aud gold trocatel, walnut and oak cane bottom ?fl Te i hairs, pier glasses, oval mirrsrs, wood and caoo ssat chairs, fiau i I atoois, window curtains, carpets, India matting, cradlee, I ieathtr beds an 1 I eddt:y, cots, croc k?fjr fh.r.a isn.1 ;Im? I w&fQ. 'J?y clock*, lan aun, kitcbta furuiturc ao i ut?u Ml, k 9. I 4 TION NOTICB -IXTENSrVE STOCK OF JAPAN I Jk n*ry, Imwurt. Ar to fl-#*# a oonoern. J K VAN' A h 1 M LKJ' wiil sell t d Thursday. MtrcL J".', at 10 . -? 1 * k , | kl 214 Pttrf itrNt, tlM nttel ?!?#* 9f a m an H fact aria? 90 a - etrn <lar lining aoiiansiiBx in part ?f dlofi oham i l*r an?i wa'<-f pnil*. 2'*> d' len lanicrnaj^l dt ten t a rau.tijt , t?F?, a??*4 boictflO do ?ofle* fjtt? r?, n??t? - ako i m; d"t?a < n?Ji I oxcm, .hi ffotoa ?pilioon*, <la*t p%o*t I t -ilat v?tc, *0 , in lota to mtt ih?j tra-i.. Sal" i> raiiipti-rjr. Trnss W da/N ifj'r'iTed ?n l ? notac. Hafdv ar* A ? 1 1 iiufdiattly after the above will ha a< k* 130 lot# f wall aa . *ort?*d hardware and eulUrv, t?a tray*, Ac . alio an tavoica . of clo< ka. , A L'CTION N<?tKE~THOS. BELL. AUCTION KKK ? JY liy bF.LL I IlL'ell? TUa day, at 11 o'clock, will b? ?? Id in our sal?*? i? tin*, 'Si r*ntr?iire?t? ' ' v airtaf of a mort a raire?lOO I'oitc taa aa^afa, old gin, r\,\> n ll l hotel ei,uBt?r, T Ac , alfo, a 1 ?t of ar?? r ic. p;uaie, ?oap?. r ?in, inoa mon, ffinfrt ^r, a lot of furni'.tira iMaa, aew 1 1 j.Ut l -rm octlna, i f tidon ink Ac ValnaMe f?irmtnr< aal* ?>n W> in* ? lay. ? A L'C TION NOTK E.~li?#OKS OI ACCOUNT AT A UC JY tl .n ? John W **OMEKIM>YKE. A . ? ?n-ar. Wiii i ?? 11 at anction, on tba 2>tu f M arch, at 110 Centre ftr^at at j J?) o'clcek, andor tb? direction of the aatifnac, all th* beoka | and hooka of account, foar .n nimbar, conlaimn/ tha ae counts, elaiuif, and demaada remainirtx uoc il?< t? 1, wnicb ! ?. Schoonrtaker a?^i# ne I an t tran*ferred to Mi a?*:*naa ^>n U?e 2d day "f N'ovemher 1NW. Thii #a!a if n;-a i? to clot" a I trust. kt < TIKN NOTICE ? S A M Ali' TMN ?? r. "Ill mII at In- ?alttro'iui to atr?t,t> ! n.' fror Un!n.?1?f, 11 |?;, \ II. a ???. I r .?l?*t: n ?? ?* t coad bind and ?'? b'.n??i.'.!4 furniture. comprUin/ a'/faa, am. a )> 4 I arbr ? 1 m ?. > t?i ,?il?d r r?lt>, *i?rr?l, I urraoa. f*l?t*ad? and I cddlor. b'wkca ?<, w ir Ir it ?? >ut ' Ulaiiliit IiMm, ll. i number ol ?.fi'imii fi,r dre-aatabaraaad milliners. abJ at [rival* raia. i?i ,nar Ha t of ??aaurr. A ITTION NOTICE - < Him kKKT, OI.A*< (Mi < III j\. sa*.? J. Jt II HAK I I If I MMM ar. will til M H Mairb 3*, ?t 10 <> eloek. at 2*1 I'-nl Mnei, Unl *?4 M?**d qnnlny flax an I blna ? ?r- Iriaob i bin* ao J Hnbeailaa kail preaaed (laaa, yellow, Kockituhim and m ?f war*. Ac. A SIK.MI. s ?AI r. OF JIVM KV All) HIAWX0S. V\ ?J. I. VAM'l.ttA'IEK will Mil, oa \ ifa-4 ltan4>), Hkrcb If at -I St, ?' W)i o clack, at laa aalaarv ?? I* Xat'l'B lanw a Iar?? aad ipU|j|4 ?tu<k ol Jawal rf, ? atak*? diamnad* aad atkaf |rn n> H a >, ' in. tfii ? ?? kof* Rnadwar Hu| ?rter an I maaaf ?< tur ir, "I i Inr r'.avwai* nc? ;1 ?al> an. t * Mat u>aj ba f- nfed 1*1 *.aa I i . t? ar i i ? i?i .? ' ? ? i ?' ? .a.. ? I i .. i . .1 \ ?tt<uda lieu > I' tlm* In p*r>. |a'? t l-r. i. by | Ik* beat water*. #u? iinwrtel rata ,1 iliaa ???!?, ?> laae. , ?m*r?' I > aia?o, -.pal at d r >ral ' r??<-b?i, t ra'alata and ??' ' rin?at? a<atcb I h? t' 14 I' < an 1 irt.ard (ibatna Mtl Ia4 lam nana of atarr aarlatr, mid | ?..? ar.d | ?n<ii! '*e.. wafck i I kava, rr'-ataarrl wllb,.,nl< a a<l". i! >? iti .hi. < I l<*k*ta, t* llW)! Im liNH b|li<li plat'd wan aanti 1 wbi'h a-ajr be faaad a a* lar<t* ma?*i?? .* .?!, edrer j an! ' I wait**, a iu| ? r. >r a.-tMa. Him (M nil, MM?fi ri^kn mil, IMM im fart*>NH wi.?i* Sraia# n< >' I ti.? aaaor'uvnU oti?w. Irt 'I ?? t limm ?(l r?d a', i latlltlfarMtWM l?? '* ba mI ! p?i. ni) i , ' *h* httfkrtt blddrr tain.a raat 1,'atal' ; i.M ua Uoia n? f Ml* A M < RI-TA! AH, Al'< Tl"f?rP.R-? II I, ?tF.t ?'?V J\ . Taoda > . tl? 271b laat , at I0\ a'claek . al V; K?? i i |:r ?dwa> a'l frrr.i?*r? ?? ati'iad la laid f"?ar <u.r/ boi>?. ) 1 im 'in* la fait ia?ra4? aad ta;? .ir* .ri-t . a ? |.l>ndl<l ! atr nf 'b?nd?i -r? ia.rr'.n. IfMMi a?K<aii | inl r ?aw<ad parl'r abairt . Ia?. >"lni. b* , a . . I ???.'< f?a- <r M4? ?ad lair mattfaaan aid kad-ttag, "?il fatatia ? ?il r I ?t?d war?. ?tt< S-n at*t<|la. aa I . ? | ' t?i?* at ? , a i ' ' wbi U ari ? -ll ? rtbj tba allaatl >? at t. ???>*? pdfi and rtb?r? A t'fTI";. N"TI< * ? I I AAK iN ? ll.l. -ft I . i J\ Vt -it' ? la- aa 1 I or. day. Mar b I? it r< at l<? , ' < rlaak M lk? naHatww* '9 V MM! >ir? ? ? ?' it i( >- ad 1 I Iii' iiani.' - f ?a* i'!l ?br f .ra?i r aad I I?? i. ?- t ?? 'rdtBdotl -r watrb??. aitn aa a- ? -r<*a? % at UMMB ? ?adj'walry a!> wttk< >t ???*??. I r?a?t. ~A ' ibs 1Kb' ai r. ? K! t.f? orr at i. t.\ i t 2\ ir ?. ih? ari a-d ?a4?Hk?k' .? k itt \ ? ?? ? r ' !?(,??,'?"?, bran ry *"? 1 ? '? ?' . * ' N?. T7> tr?? t .ar li<?i i'F ' ??!' "? ?a!' **w*t? l'ai? -f. ?ales at auction. APCTIOJC-TO CI.OTHIERS-Th Bit AT ADC tl?D, In the city of Newark, on Th' raday tK? 2Jtli of March, at one o'clock, a lot of aheiVin, and .?! ? ? uatnr?> tt 92 Market ; alio tht privilege the tenant lia? ia wrttlu, to occupy the it. re and back room lor one yur, from let of April neit, ttfUM) the month, with chance te (ret ? l?m lroiu the owner, et |2UI (or the doaM* etore. It U wall t> Inbltahed fox clothing. Auction notice -t hardy will hei.i. tuis day, at No |1H Centiu atr.-et, at 10 A M., ono piano, one billiard table, one ronntor, offi-e and sane ?e?t chaira, table, beditead., Imreaua, maltreeeea, r rookery au 1 *la.? ware? rain or ahlne. J. I.UNNY, Aoctiou -r BY C. A. WATERBURY, AUCTIONEER ? WE NUM., tbii day, iTue.dsy i Mareb 27tb. a lar<<e and une<|<iaU< d ae.-ortment of rlecant brilliant diamond! and rnfcy jewelry, ?et in alrnoit every .tyle and form for ladl< > and gentle men'e wear; nlao atcrling ailver ware, in lea and breakfaat acta lor table uae full particular* by oatalo?uo on in rn lea of eale, at our el ore, ;tx llroal nr?. t Every arta.lo will be eold withont ?ny reservation for caah on delivery Tbd city trade, alto He. tern and Suutl.eru nierehanta, will find tbia aalo a line opportunity for investment. f 1HARI.KS H Mil. I. Ell A CO . AUCTIONEER* -V \ I.I* \ - able central Morn.ania property at auction. ? Will be ?old et the Merchanta' Kichan.-., on TueaUav, April at IJ o clock, th' rpacloni (tore end dwelling doom oomer of Waihin.ton avenue and Twelfth (treot Muil-iinir, 'JJa.V, lot. .KliH*); containing i iarht ro> ma, baaidea a to re Alao, two at- ry and attic bona*, with win*, Itlilil; mam home, 22*33; li t, Ualiki; cnntalnin* twelve apncloua room' I. oca tlon central, and marly oppoalte new Town If all. for tenna, Ac., apply to CIIARI.E.S fl Mil. I. Ell A CO., Auc tlonecra, IW> Hroadway. piHARI.ES H Mil l. Ell JI'O,, AUCTIONEERS ?THE V "HS* countrj aeat, known at the Ha- ho Hlaoe with Joiett ^fu*LU"A ?j*"1"1 '? rarma, Weatcl,a?t?r "T.1'; r 1 * pnbll- auelion on Tueaday, April .1 at I J o clock at tlie Merchant.' K'cbainre For tertna Ae jfin/jiiaj " Mni'ER 4 co ? Auctioneer!, I'.tt /^I? tRI.EH R Mil. I. Rl{ k CO , AUCTIONEERS ?THIRD V, * 5*,f''ur ,Ury hoitae end alora, known aa No ill Thirty "eend and Thirty third .treete, will l,? eold at public aut-lion, at the Merohaat,' K?. ',anp>. April .V at Wa.^i alf V" S' !""??? 'oat; lot, IH.llaHS feet! Mil 1 Hi A . II ?0"w' f or Ur""' 'PP'y t? CIIAS. K. M I I.L K it A M) , A uctiono?m, ltf/i Broadway. C" tlel??'? n SA! E--f CRISTALAR, \UC at Ml? o' B''T*ry wm Ml en Wednesday, Mh inft.. Jleth. t.UrL ^ .? numi*r, of I'l-o*. or caahmereta, br ad ?eTllal' ei.mi, N" *nd fancy oaaalm.-raa, aatlneta. Mar aelllea inmuiei' placo nood?, toretber with a lar/o lot of V, ,Uln?- A" uf ll" *in?k haa been I a'd patterua! and ia of tba lataat .iyl?, T) 5i.1.HOlE?,,'.AUCT,t>W5K|*-,???TOAOE SALE. ^re" rfehlv "i ?P1*1"'!* ruaewood lnrm , nf ^on?d rote wood ptanof??rti?, r?|iiA ?hi? *Hv4r ware, heavy velvet ttlot-UvVM Ac. TbU n'omin^ Snlati dw.m. P^'W'Vfcetntire ?Pl'?did contenta of the b uae So. M Uarreu atrtet, oppoalte the . .. 0"r''?'' d*T"t. part ly oonaiatiuft ofroyal Kit n?i,.i !"0r ^ /l,'r carpetiu*. iujiratn do., KnjIvJh ( < U^lotL?, iilfc-r plntfd at?ir r ?dn, io.; ro??wood in.rl..r / eovor* <l ia maroon, .-rim Ii-ViT ^ * rt',,iC dauia*k: alao, one antiiiue me ii ' carved in eold and eri'oaoo, Italiau Ha l? weil ?a?l top tablaa, ol aU tlie nanal daecriptiom found !i?..7i . .T room*; heavily carved full ae run i -tave ii^i?i!S^ aV ptanotort., made l.v Harmore, of thla eity. mZulZ ?,. ' 'to!llr,|ni?nt, for flueoeta ol ?xt?riiir ailj quality of tone ia unaurpaaaod; alao, a very line roaewood . Mhr'7*honl ,n P'?l* ?l"? ?nd Italian marnlo; fjj"?' *or,| '?ncy reception chaira,eaarntoira?, larao and aplenaid ( renrb i.latr pier alaaeaa, lu co?tly franca: rlc i heavy la< <> and Lrooatelle ourtaina. oririnal oil niintlnxa, hy eoli-ent modern artleta; ^otbie I'nlald and tolll atatuiry ?arblo elockt coatly Dreaden ahinaware. fine vaa.n jl Sevrea porcelain, 1 arlan marble atatuee and elaaalc repr?aen? oak eateaiivn table, with antiqne carving; tible linen' > rein li obinfc, ailver tea ae rvloea, cake l aakela, forka. ?iv...n?' I'ory ctitlery heavy cut <laaaware, winea, i hamparnea Ma deira, liuuor caaea, decantera, Ac. , roae?-.od and malivtany lei at'::ida. ol the antl<|iie and moieru alylea; roaewood mar Uo top dreialn^ burcaur, waabatanda, cirner and tow l vtanff, pttilihv^eR, fine curled hair matt r ?????? * fount cr paue?, bolatef a and idllowa chli a toilet aeta, oval .tnd a..?are Kilt Iramc niirrora, Ac. ."ale poeitlve. 1 IjUHIEKE n FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER. ?RY I rTv J Kl.lh A NICHOI.S, latt.rr TV Naaaau atreet. ? Aarlraec'a fi*ture?. Ac., tlii? (Tne?d.ijr> m?*rnin;' at 10 "j ?n pr? mires So m tighth a??nae. Salo' prjui T?* Ut r#,wd tr wo?th?T. F\WM COLTON, At CTIOHIII -AC CTIOM IAIJ5 OF ? ehn unt buimoliold furiUtaro, carpets, oilcloth#, mirfort. u\i) ? ? . i f Wl1' i0,,* #,hli Marcfi Ti, hi 10>a o dock, ?t the Auction rocm, vj fi?*krnan atre?t, a Urge anu i'i'ivrj?l affRorttnent of rosewood and mahogany furniture of e%>ry deicrlptlon. romprMin* r<?Mv%od parlur U ratin I rocr|tctU rei??oo1 and mahocaof dr**iauig liur-am, *11 b marble tops, taaabalanda to match: ro.e wood and m* fiofar ,y /r'-ncb bedstead-, maho^ftny parlor chair*. Voltatr* and ? i-y chair* niabo/Anv oarvrd top r okera, uiirne r*?ek er?, ma] !? a? u W ludRor chair*, inualo ttanda, corner man In cteK? re?, mail onany and roitwood cenlrv, Bide and oar I ta' ilep: mahnsranv bookcaafa and aecretariea. roaewood and bUct walnut ? * !i n?lo;i table., I U- U w ?lnut tea an l dinlur tal.lea, bair muttjeeaea ami p lliaaten Iron fdateada. cot taaedo, aofaa tete -a letea, *oia f?d-. louniea and loun -e beda, work tabN>a o^a! mirrors, oil paintings and "iurav infra, eight day und thirty hour olocka. pla*< j t? a i???t-? plat waihuanda, toUet tablra. Ac . All o( whi' Ti will bo aol't witbotit roitrre, Nn?l K^'^la tu<i?t bo removed tbla day or early Wfduea lay morning. A ?'Ood chance for thoie in ^ant ot furtiirure. Sule i nutive rain or i abine. ? ' ' AJIOROE COVK, AU? TIO.VRKR-I.A Vt'lC 8AI K C?i elccant, new aid faahiona^le furnltur?, liaaoforte* china and .liver ilate wart, fine, tabic cutlery , rich la*? "ur' ; A" TW* ***? ? y Slover A t.ooiif at tparioua ?aie rootnu. No, .fM lir?ad>?ay ?orter of Dt.aar atreet a tare* tnd .pWndWi aaaor iment it rosewood n abt^rany and walnut parlor, diaio* ro n aud chamber furnltar**, and h"ua*keeplni< l-a of ev??ry de ?crljtlon, conaU'in- In prr? or rior 7 octnve p?at> f. rte ricb **m>.roi lcr?d lace rnrU. ha and uorna-c? teaatttul roe^' woo4 parlar fumHura "r.awit,' ta rich br ea4? an l Kreueli if?!? 5 "7*** ?^u* Wa ??4 i reach plate |4?r flaweoa, in yfej* torved fill framea, ttne oil p\int in/a, marb.e t tr* c ntr-. ?id* anaaefa tablea Qiiartctt knd otL?r raney tables, vnnrl?t *tar .da, <? 'orner wb^tii'tN, cunt tn made eauaaioa diaintf tai.'e?. mai o^aiy rofaa, lete a tetea parlor shaire, anu ?<#., r# < kers. rout mud atid;y ? ret?ire b<?okcaae?, war ln bea, 'elaieada of ru?e *.,..d aod maboraeyiu a yarists of #tyle?, tiarb'e top bureau* and ?a?L?'aiHd*, bMl et i r,d-. hs.r r.iattrr0?ea, palll/.-e^, A<- A" *!?o tj' lta of "nar elled cotte^e furniture with and wl hout marble tops, a part of wbiob ara fery ?uperi >r: also, e!< iant decorated eniua lea -rta. mantf! vatei, a al *<i a lar*e in yi tff uf Silrer >ltted aar-. table ' otlery of a ?,ry ?ur^sn r I quality. Catalonuca on tlje morniaK '>1 1 4 1 c . COOK, a i CTI02VJ M( BT 8TOTMtA COOK \J rlV*% *:f u ? ? furnitnr??. ? To marrow, ' W el net day at luk c at atore No. Uroau k J i?r/' aiforfnient of rnih'i. ?tny aed ro(uewoo?i furniture con- i air tins of roaewood parlor furniture en ?u?t." in IrenrU brocatsUe, martlc t'ji centre, pier, and aofa table*, tn?!i > 9**7 '"'??? tete a i arl /r chair*, arm do., r ?' k?^r?. I rolig I black walnut wai dr-'ea, roaeaooa and nah' nny ? ei! I jto?ya bureaus and wa?fa?tandi, bair mattrt-a ? feather holatera un lpiilowa; office andrountina roo n leak* ' ? shsifs, e*t?ji-! -n dining tablet, mdab<<arJe ena mr,a?# C'tta/e cuits, ? use aeat chair#. Ac. fataloi ies - n the mora) ax of >ale i j Bi? R w ll 1. 1 Ki)- %u? "i ion i.F." i. . <\ 'r r r.r:i> J f o-r??aday. ilsr h 27tb, Welaeaday, March JHth and Thttra Jay, March Tr b >*)e of furniture at w { iie^ra M of* raw Allendorf, No 4M Bread war, at o.o. k each lay l.*r.e ani saleable ato?k af ? abiaet furniture all of the latf*t.i?l ntoat impr. v?d afy le , maouf t- tnr. d of th- 'at r.,at liala an i by ?ailful and e ?* i >erlonced workmen for ti ai.< s?? ftr?n ' ? ??? rv article ? arraut -d,? and are to a Idwi.k.utr ' ?? r a> the) are about cluainc ep -he I, name, -ooa. atia/ or de(-i ntly .araed parlor lurai'.ur*, e v. red iu t?- colored cricoos I r". at. lie, l?., col. red rr -en ., and otlwr ? I .r? al?o <ooip|i u a ui lea 10 1.1 alln, arm, | arlur, nu . >e ?io .? < Ji-.rt of ear on. .tvlea one ai-ptri roaewood le-iai ad. rlc'ny earvel valued at II, alio r. lar. ? a eortmei.t of ro ew I I,y rnd ffcney I .-d at. la, a lar. -e -eor! , ment of tl.elr l atent pteniani . f? I eoai a 1.. n altr-.e- ? .?? ; mpero roa?w">d die. .in, lur aua ai.d taV|. ? r,< hly 1 ""'I, lied with aatin ? nl; al." a lar- a-.orln ? tie aaLouny ai d black valnut v. ry .uperior eiUnrion tablae I o Oak. r. ?" d. and mal ,-aay ?ltk . ea-?. book. taee. an I I ltd ? >e .-.tttriee -I r> m j, mat -iraiiy, an I oak ??iperi \ ri.i. am.ll, maboaan) a- J ?l et- , ? re, and I. iff. t . J 'oarda. work table., hall ia k? or all kli de.Hall fi.aira ditto I .hnvinf irlao-a and .tan .. complete . .... . r ., rary and dtnln, Tor % furniture "f . tk ?nd ?la.;k ?alnnt r ae. ,?| j ar.d mal.oeany artn-.or a yla , tide, .entr? and '.thee ta e. ? talnary, u...rl,|e tap lr>a.l?t and car-i t? I. , bureaeC j and a lary, ??.ortm nt ofo>iier One eai-lnet furai- ar? Tt t i *111 al o .all a Ian* nen-rt'tier t ?l thair new and eut.fa! v i I ei.inte||. d and crnami -t# i .rlor aed .1, amber an te. . , , , , a hl? b a-e m?Mla|ly ??????" and keaotllnl. i . I |i I ?'*'? Of . . .. ae I color, bi i til , ..roa I I aith oririn^l ar l .. ?t ,-att.rn. In ;e|.J aD| , ,tl a, lleate lit., leant, fully Mended and ......1 l? ? , alyle and erann.r ti,(',ii?heut, ?.ip. ri r t.? am< o? of k'*d 'J"* ??n ? e obtur.ed at any other e.taMi.btn- nt In thle elty Ita above > en ke raamiaed a', any t:m retio ia to the aala. ' || _ i nt.NRJ II I EKIia, AI'CTI'iN KEH ?BY II II I I MM A Cu -Wedneaday, Mare), y ?t p,.. _(,t I te.l boa.. I, Id furniture, at 17 V Weat Iweui, ?. at i-.reet . ear th. EUMh a>an e. .o,.,.t|M of r ,a.?o.,d parlor f.Toi j r? f- ?. maira. arm ani teems ?. ? 'J,*'*"' r**wo*l i ane'ort-, ffa. efiat.deliara en I " jsrjits. rosea I inarMe toi centra ta> lca, ,fi d I 'a i y chairs, Mr ritntel ?m anient a. aei other lae fusm tore, bedroom, of roaa?'M>.| draaaiar lur.ena. bedafadn ! ? ttataeta, el.aira in t. , > ? , , r e .a ' ?' '??t*. painted eat t a, a fernltere en te te. :n?an arf ata. Ma k eainut eatemi ?n Jiomn tablaa, ? bi*.a, klaa?earn ? i J 1 ??*c? 'n furaitnre, with wbi?h thr eale will comui? t.c* t ne ^farnltar^s a earl > nee aad in tine < rl*r HI SKY H. l.T.tti* k CO., AtJCTI'-NEIM iril'l hn)(J fuillm u!'i -ilwrji II I ? * Co *111 fl?i tlitlr p?r?r t ?? (h ??????? <???? f r ?iw y?afi |.a?i) to th* iai?a ' f hoaiob'.M ? ? r* .iri, ?' th* ?l famllln fr.tkln* *p t?iiat ikw ? r f'.. ? mil alio ht?t r>i iltr *' ifc<ir ni?ln t r. mi V? :J Vaiit* ?t??' t, Satvaan I'm* a a I < ?4lf. for th# I ? of th<?? ?rh'? m?> 4tilr* (hit m -41'iin ?( ??!? Hi.Mtr ti i.trus *ri Ti'iNfef -by h ii i ei m A ? I' ? T?? 1tf, lirtllff * 1 1 o < If i ?? t ?|? Ml rt m. It Nmim itr??t ? A4?ai<ir>'.n ? ??!?/? t> l??li -Til nliii It* llbrin M l?w?( ii (Ii III* C ? " K?r. 4" *!?? 'I, * ?- m ; h<i n/ Al >?*< TB" lolurti iki'k *il| W lh? full r?|- rti f>i W ?*4?lt, llill, iMn *, Jilji r, Ct* ?i rt rmy I'M*, ?ni Vraaa *:? ? irr.-f.n. >ta . lar I aarta. !??!? |Mllm, ? y i r4tr if ?4i..b ?tr*tn> nl: IIFRTB, J?, *l > f|<iNtfcR AMI! 'IRVKUAl ? 1(B*M?<iiI Ntrtkcil. IM BmI gf 1 ?na>i' I ?#aiil.. ?>.rn?r of Hm> ||4>UIM i'w'i, .??? * ^ * >! il?* hi* lif*? *1 *?1**11* to a ? rail aal*?\ i!?'tl ' 1 4? *?4 mf t*n ?? - f ah n4 ? *1 ? I ? ? ? ? n |r , ' ru fci'M *1 Iti. truklii ?.(> t< iwlMfl ,1 I ??;. >1 ?um kill whta f. ll/IIN I.. VtMimvil* All llllMII E 1 , *1 lnrair ?lll Mil ?? M>4*'<4?7 Mir-h J*, M ?<c>o'k *1 t Ha ?? > tr? '>f?> .v Siihi itf**4f <v*f*Ml ' .? I ?*t I 'Am * >fl?iii4 t?ortia?*t ?f fa* j ?? . ?>?.?.< ' :i I cl Mk iM? Jnvratil i??t. 'otogaM, - irl f'aitaf* I** mii; kri>*it, nsiIq lal narat* 'laata; ibil?? a a 4 *???*? tail* ?ln?, tiWi-, "n| ? i?i t ">? u li- ?, Il4w* ? -?M-ai-iaaa. mle rpiiia I ? 4tl?r? tw *il<. < aka j Uwli! I1.1iU|M4 INNH ?tvi*' '*? ?l |a?l III | Hit i?'?c!.?4 ? , ilaaa, I j ila nUui'< l?*a u ari.ii i < . ai.Ual Calll'dd ti Mt 'll<ll (til. | ''UN W ?MiNflilfttlYkK. Al ? 'l'i>((l-III<'llt ? I N II" ( *lll? WMf?f fri > l' ? *. I'll'iann I f I ?/i ?? I >W fir*>f.f?, at M /| I!' r r ?!!??' tb i 4*7, iMMtr Marat X7 al |?'. a ?4??t wai'lw Win ,>| a ??? .r '*j ha ?? U -a* ? aa???i.?u. at ? )???)> aim iwi >a4 Mint, M ?'?< til i?a*. itMw raifcir; , faatli* ?*???!, t Mimi f r? ' r- (? JOHN I* ItillKIIM ,kl Al ?> ' r ?r T'*n ? ? *>?? snrtr ti ri"' 1 1 ? ? t'hi 1 1<? ?| ??a'r? HiiM, Hftif if fra lif, *ni ?- ' I tbii 4a?, vt m I?k at ?' ,r? 17 lallio! Ii <** I ',*, .t, 1? |(, 1 **4ft 1 , ? ,r ' C.atai-. f? IHV I WAt I". I . "a'.i? I 1. *?Mir.w*m, AVcrionftf-ARrrtoir ] ?I ? llll?' ilNllrtMHI lal fUtli J I. Waliail'f ?ili ??!! .* T . a ?/ ki'iK J7; al I ^ . 1 at ?? 14 V <J?i 't"' ? ?fcrf-a ???'?H a if r ? t 1.4 Man, f? .4 i ? unirj if li 1.. 1 ^itHt iinat m Imiiij | wHUAM* ~Ai"r???wm? tiif* ?I. In m N I'tlwl it m < 1 iitiii. art* If ? lit" if '1 tin r r ?, a?*i III I r -*??? ... I .a.' _??????? t*^t< ? iff. I, a A I. KB AT AUCTION* tt Lewis lyman. auotiomkbm.*? bookh and ?ta Uoierjr at auction, this (Tune lay ? eveomg, Mnr?h 17 at 7 o'clock. Tko catalogue couxiate ? ntir?l> of new stock. LYMAN A CO., mc<oi#on to I' kiU y A *oeae,377 ttradwny MIJOUC IITY, AUCTIONEER -LARUE AND 1M ? poi ton t tale of roecwood ia l mahogany turai'uro, mirrors, |n?ut,n~?, Ac., this day, at 1<'K o'clock, at At Hliih avenue? cobsisIIhk In part of aui?e of parlor itiraitireta hair cloth, sofa*, tdo lu hro- atel, marble tip) ten tft, card and vide tnhle ; marble top bureau*, mahogany cbatr* and r??<:Wcr*, ea*y chairs, librur* and secretary hooa esse m, 9 stenaion table*, tnabo, any and walnut full Fran. h bedstead*, rottaxa do , hair and atrinv mattr sses, oval and French 1 ' u,irror?. bull -t . n 1-. ball lamp*, work u bU *, turner ?tnnda, clock*, oil pauitiu?e and ? n, ravin/*, carpets, oil cloth*. Ac., mail in/ a verv Ur^o a<?ortiu?Dt, worthy the attention of housekeepers and other*. Uoodi can ba itored until l?t ol May, if desired PECARRH, BERN SI KIN A Pllll ! IPS, Real fe)?taU and funeral Auctions*! ?, No. M liberty street, one door east 01 Nassau *truet, villi giro their personal at t . i.iu n to ?nl*s of real estate, stotk*. umili aud inert *sgr?i, at public or |irivat? snle, and to the a*!? at auction of cargoes, household furniture, painting', statuary, work* of art m welrv, A( , and to OAI-AmV sale* /nut-rally. Money Mh rally advanced on real eatnte, stock*, vessels, furniture, Ac., left on snle with u*. I.oans negotiate d RW I ATM A M, A t'CTION'EER.-? J. THOMPSON S ? auction sale*.? On tt'edneaday . March 3K at t h? Mer chants' Exchange, at I J*, o'clock, byordcrot Thomas If. ( ampliell, auditor of tbe Si#te of lllluois. on aoauunt of the Me* i ai.ica' aud Farmer* Uank, 4H ??*> Viwiau '? per M|t c??n)b I101 dp, interee* payable iu K ow York: 1,'*HM alitor uia 7 per c< nt coii|hi|i I oiiJi; on nccour.toT Pha-nlx ll .uk, 2MX4) Virginia il per nut ?x?u pou load*, intern*! pavalde In New York; on a< couut ot the Citiaei.a' flank, ?1,<IUJ Virginia <? percent coupon bund*, lutur?rt payable iu .New York, on a< count of the Farmers Hank, lW,'**' Missouri ti per e?at coupon l oads, intcreat payable iu Sen York; on account of the I'nion Hark, jfH.tim Virginia f? i?er cent coupon bond*, in teroat pax aide id New York; IMMI Missouri h p?*r oeua coupon bonds, interest payable in New York. All pur> linens in nK bo paid for, on or before one o'cloek of tbe day after the tale When ptir<*ha?e? are made for accoun* of partica out ol the city, ten |wr cent will be required on tin* day of aale, and daya '^race sivuti (addlnir. Interest.* on tbe Ketone*. The ac crued inti rt?f will fo to the purebaeer tbu name aa at tho Hoard of Hrckcrsj except w ben otherwise *t?t?d Offtue No. 2 Wall atreet. J. THOMPSON. T> C KEMP, AUCTIOKSER.? MORTGAQEE'9, HAI.E J\? of rich fnrsiture | iaa^iortee, mirror*, oil pair tin**. ] carpeta, Ac., to morrow, iW?due?dar> at l(iU o'clock, at ? ? ; N atreet, two doors Iroin l niton R. C Kemp will ?eH'it auction, as above, without resorve, by order of the 1 lnortfairee, a \ <rv largo and beautiful assortment of snpe rior rcsewood ana mahoaauy. parlor, dinlun r mm and He 1 room furuit.ire, which has been tut very llt*.le used and madt- to order, lar?r? Fieuth plate, pier and oval mirror*, carpet*, ctl palntm**, Ac., which aro laitionlarly worthy of tbe attention of houaektepore; also Ihieo second hand roae wood pianoforte* and acveral new ptnnofortes, Tory ?Acel lent instruments, Rl\ KKMP, AUCTION KIH Tl.CIAL AN!) P? ? rcmptorv aale of pianofortes at auction, i.y order of the mortgagee. ? H. C K Fill* will a?li at anotiou, on MTedne* day. at 12 o'clock, at bia aalaarocius, K. atreet, two doora trom Fulton, fourteen aupcri >r r.?? wood, r;?4 aud 7 1 cctave pianoforte*, of excellent tone bad finish, some of which are richly carved aud very beautifnl Instrument*, and all of which are fully warrauted, and are particularly worthy ol the attention of purchasers, as the whole will h told without any reaerve. < KEMP, Al criONElIR.? ASMGNEE'S 8ALI Ji? ot a valualle stock of f lot uin/, store ti ature*. Ac.? K. (' Kemti will sell, at sncti n, this day, at 1? o'clock, at No. 270 Grconwich *trcet, near H'arren, a valuable atock of clothius, furnishiuK articles, cloth*, tritimin,;*, and?tor< fixture*, to be aold for ca#h, without reserve, by order of the ar*i/n< e, which cost upward* of $"i,000. and willle sold iu lota to auit the ti ade, oonM?tins ol all the usual a?aor? mant of clolhins, cloth*, casaiKieraa. veatiurs, trimminsa, fun< y artklea, Ac , which are well worthy thu nttei tion of ti e trade and other purchasers; ale?\ at??r* tistures. t'ataloKU. a will be r- ad) , aud the Koods may be examined, tbe day before the sale. Ol K< IA1, NOTICE.? AN NT A I, I?1 i'l.AY OK PARIS 0 taatloua In mantillas MuI.YNF.IjX IlKI.b, M 1 anal atreet, reapectfnllv inf<>rma the ladi? * ol therityand the surrounding uei/hm rhood, that his spring display of Par. a lut.util a*, and O.oia ot bis own uisnufn< tarn, elll take pUr? , this day 'Ineac'avi, Jlarch ^7, w athcr pertnltlins, or on the llrit t.r.e day. M. Hell beln^ tie only m .nulla tucr hant from this city who hn vl-itcd ran* t hi - seaiuu. can with tot fldene** a?*ur?' the Is'lle* that h* will ithow them *tylra n.orr racent and novel. s? l- < ted by him from the moat <11*1111 1 wished modistea in Pari*, some of them !e?|/ncd especially for him. an*l tot to l>. hi n elsewhere, unle-' mpied from hi* If ? haa also a splcudid assortment of all thi n w shade* of colors iu mciri- aiiti'|U< mantillas, ault'.d for early *prio< wear Also, in all tlx fairies tulle J to U>? tra le bo his r Cured the choicest shad* a of col' r* and *rimmlnica, and will tiler an ? ndlea* ^arl?*ty of 1 e* end d?- treble novelties on this occasion, lie hua slaothc pleasure 1 inform th ladies tlst he seenred the tntire purchase. ?*hite iu tha looms of the manufacturer, of th* most ma/uific< ot srthl' sur seen in this or any other city iu the world, designed for th?* eahl 1 HtioU in Paris the c? udnr summer, of n V el vet embroiders I kr-.thc mantle, the most ri'leudid find hea?it|tul garment ever yet eoen Only a few of tb? n? I avc a* y?t arrived, anu will ? e cihll it* d with t he other no* el 1 1* ? of the season Hr tsriieatly *ilic|t* the la?or of an insf et t on Ti e ^oods will ( l? frrely ahown to all who mny fax >?r Irs ? *tabli*hment with a visit, on O Is, t o?l he ladle* UMl-rrUn* oc? eaion MOLsN Kt'.V HELf., Ml'anal stre? t. rri N IS MOKRKLI., A 1'f TP ?N 1. K II. - I'll I > lloKNIMi. 1 st If"^ o'clock, at Naoau atr*?>t, superior furniture, MStioferti a, larse Ireneh plate mirror* brut ctass oil paint Iretxh china, Hru>ccle ta|estrv earpetiuit. by the 1 1* ' ? . mattrea*? a, |c. Also, fecond hand furniture from a family llvlnjr, up housekeepinx, con*.stlue of pianoforte, l?4atia<!?, ti reau*, waabatands, china, mattrease*. paint ?nvs, ravin rs, lookitiK jrla?.i?es, A , A*. Catalogues raady, d? ?fibi?^ new furniture, rotowood parlor suitee, enau.elbd chamber suites, mar ?le top* mahogany and black walnut. In larre variety, osk, black waln>it and ma be^any extension dining tahlea, ri'Hewi t und mat ?#any wardrobe*, library bookcase, dicaaiug bureaus aud waeb ? tan dr., uiart i.- i>jp* , hell *Uails, *?uir<i acta and car l tables, let. m fas, tcte a tetes, divan*, chair*, easy flairs, rookcrs, 4o.; anumt*er of irood p,itntia** aed tnlr lore, if' Id silt frame*; rosewood ete?erea, oue large pier rtsss 'JO Inch platr, fifty loti', In ratelo/ue, i,f tip top jewslrr, cutlery and watches, fa rt?r of stere, nt ?? clock, und al cfoia vf sale, Jarre atock of (Jcrrnau aud lie *ena s?t ar* Thf* at ck is nbei lutely to be aold, advanced lipvn Ouerant*o given to buier*. Also, tweate four f .?c*soi IJoxH.I Hr us*? Ss ta;e*try carpeting, rem/v*?! fTom jftroadway and T?uane itratl. fpO OMNI BP H AND BOTE! Pii? OTi !;T'*RS Will. 1 be r>'ld at |>%3?llc auotion on W cdnesday , Aj?rJ 4th at |ti|o clock A M , on Flushing avam.e, Uro kl/o S. Y ? 2 larre '11 | aseeR*ge? ? muibuaea I.Vs lar*? U 1 a*- udar buses. I'?? iet * barn ?e, lull extra wheels, ana a lar<e a* sort ment of hut s, spok*>* and felloes ??*a*"i.a?t Th?* a1 *e aale (resent* a flue opportunity for pereons lit waataftb aoove named prop, r* y. A larse proportion of th* omnis^aes ksve teen I ut little use l. a id w ill be sold with out ra? r?* llr order < f the Hoard ot Directors of the Hr>i?khb Keilr ad torn pa 07 II N CONKUN, Ire. ii*ui I'ftreSo 12 rulton street. Brooklyn. N. V lif ** M E I I * ? H AC f I O.N ELK < SMftl H TT 0 I a. r *hae !? and vcarfs s*t nu? ti 1, 1 . s j| ?i UUiON A MFM.t'K 1hur?day Hir K at L' k, n th first floor of their ral**ro- m, lIlNaasati ?tret,u sr the * Id flible lloti*e( xn entire invoice of real India < airiel's h s r si a* !a and s. arfa, ct nnsting trf #e% eoty tbr* e 1 ar f* an 4 meat '?** 1 ?rt? 1 iae square aud !-n?r ?bawls cariet *r*en white .ol b!a? a. invoice plite of f me ./f lh??e ?Saw It from 11"' t. fl ?S?? each. A)*", real camal s hair r> 'th twcuty two ex'ra rie'i ? ra | e shawl*, twsnty seven ri' ' ly <mbr<dl r l f .teapf>'e fcandxerc kiefs and ecsrfs, worth ft m fl to fl.Vl 'aeh.anl n anv ot!.*r re h in lia jr '0<j? . r ? Uy em roldere*! In lie mo* lind?'S*?? Alio, oae h.d.a f*aih?' 1 .*p? i'.? oaiy n 1 I ? this * '>? tt ry. very coatly; one ? rojlet* set ef verv '?*?? i tome Iuu? . china new patt rn A' r the ?ele of *h??rls, will le **ld an invoice of fcftv virtftles of the m *t eur*oea arti'les fro?? tbe Faat Irdie* 'ur; a**?n? a?.y thin* -t the kied in the Ctystai Palaee Ih j te it en enur* tie e laeike, never < xhillted In tt i* country, and pr- > sant* an opportunity rarely off' r* d t atslo-Mt* are ti e r s4y at tf.e salesroom, ou eihibiO n tfav p/ev^us t? sal* H? Invite eur num. roue fn?i. J?, ai. i ti * ttaie. t . thu really beautiful eollectlnn, at d they e an r* t asaured that ? eery ot w i. 1 be absolutely t ild. f>rms ? a*i , ? .ty Jead* liffLIUM IRVING. ATCTIt ?N ?RK l|t?? MI I.Ii ? ? fnrnltur A < Wll.lMtf IKVfsi; * ro ?.N .;i at aecti'-n on fa? aday, War b 17. at \'r , ?, k. at the salesraomaNo t Pine street Hrt *a?ls aa > ia#rai?> ear|H>t?, window curtain*, mahogany and ro** < en*.r? an I p.#r t allea, w lib marble tops; aulte r **<* <#l pirl ir ferniture. in ft" n scd g* Id br- atel* , m?ho/any * ?oa- .%*? o.a . /*ny wsr^rot^*, *ofas an t * f air- in bs>.elttli sa t <rc at * suite mah gany furniture, in 1*4 pi ?r , la k wain- t ? sua siontabl"- comprlaieg a /nueral assortment f r s- ? od and maheiaa> parlor l?ir'-ett and liutng u, furalt ?re the, a larre anm ? er of ru-rrors, eil putatlag* xi4 ti|raftat*, la rich rilt framea Sold t.y ord* r iOHN ?. PER At. CenMablc \LT W, HIII1KY, Al'f'TlON EER -410 ('CT OAt AND If ? * ltr *)oi ? * and kali lanterns, a ebelee sto- a ? r*ait?. fit ead plnm rlss and oth* r ware f >t sals fr >m th ?hsl?es in I' t* t . suit city and aeastrv de*l?^s, ?y T F I IFM?. IC7 Fulton *tr*?t, .? T seaday, Mar 0 ..'ti. at l'*'? o'claek. t a*ale/uea fit ??' rn>ag of aal# II'M ll JO hf.f Alf'TlON EER HV VIRfl E OF ? ? at. n?- ?ti n will ell at 11* Mei'erry s*r n I n?* {?ty Mirch 2,, |*5ff. th* stork of fre?*ri ? )? , ? r* sad ft* t tr*s in said st - n at l?" , o ? le k A M J*m N TAOKfi. IS osteite V'HN f lAftistr 4 a l*s's?aS it' n 1 1 am.?ri rg a 1 rww* n >r U r. iim sriioro fr furniture, earnet# oil ol<Rk. aiotos, ft* . alee, under lak*r? stc*k eonswttng ?f s iper r #?*??</ hear ? burs' tar ee* end cover*, ais tkr*< ?*,? i?r .a* oo? * ? {>?? ?t l*m*ae aad atgn*. Ar , on tt?dn?edsf, Mar?fe -'a |R Hath Ninth * treat at K , e elo k Ik* 4 w?liing how** *,d two let*, with vtablter "? 'h* r*ar ?t jr??st- ?, iu||N 4 AM THE I I Aacti<ia**r 111 and Ih ur*at strait A\* M M irVER*. Al'< 7loM.BR H If f, ' EI.I.ON Wl. ti fr assday , at i? '? e ele* k . et 1*7 t a* si st , the ,**'*? ; tar lor, chamber ai.e a .*.et *a t?r < tor* ef a family *e?i* ti. *!?>.<? a. : r??ia j *< <e, r?" k . ? ? 1 ? a *y e ?lr* * * ? * r? ? 1 a . I ?fir *a t et.*s, f ilt fr*w?* e. *r*r* patbtioss si* 9* tapestry and stksf 'sr*-#* aileiertks, anauoseuy ?a> 1 wnlavi ' * 4. t?ad* I air and atfcer mattree***, Mbxi, eaar 4* u ? dre#stt r lentil anu waskataade. t*>ti*t reta, wari l-tes, kin st >\ e. el iaa nla*a aad piat* 4 ear ?tannini. Till I I A Rlifl THE M? JIRI I ??<>* KII.MaHD J ) r? ???. ( f??? ?i "in/, i??' i ?1 ti , - itr. Tnlt lU*' r. ' I ? ' I' 7 All iMnuf / pott ?< ?k? ? ? It -m I ? fi t >?HlH?lwin<?M>* <?? W Ik* r?4?c4 pfi** #f >m ? ?lil** i?i n?i l* !?? l*r ' A <l** ft m lit, ? ilk ItlUl, M ??? pmt 4*p ? - k HI I I I ARI> TABl I ? 1? A * I l*VK*!Kl> 1 ?H H) la ->' ?*< >?< ? ? lulu t it ?.t ful *f li I IllklttlU I i<< 1 I Ull . II i ? ?|U 71 (I1 U If J?RTIIT||A|iI I. RfT A ?! tlr**t CUTIt Nil' A I. IWlM'KH T'i I I < I I IIRft j*wl* *1 t*i? Wifll ? rut I AM, It IW U#< t.iii*r| mil, ?>?> >???'*' ?lfr?'<M?* f?f ??>'.???? I 1U)?n ? %r *??l.t**? *'?* *?ihif|i,. i ? t Hlfc**?*>|l> I r t <1 >?. I I I. Knit ? ??< >?iUr*. ?? ,!<? '?*?!? > I R'.v *? |> A Ilt"? jim?, >'?? it t ? ij i,''kitki * n . 1> ? II *?4 Uk'.l ?' H| ?. I ? Kl ??|"?|| '< *i i*-? ?.;?! ?ki?i j. i . ' ?? I u?? ?! <!???? I?I? ? r- .4 ? lM . . >k 1 i ? If tl >".?? I* til I'Kl < >? ' i' 'I ? m ?%??,??. f?. i ? ? ??- m> ?Ur?t'i ?il ( III I '.? ? tl*l if ? ? w | tr ,!,| . I ' > - <? *f t u ?? i>< ?*,i |(i*U i. ? (it** W*i ' ? ? , ami ri? f* ( > ii 'i??i (? i ft,-, W| ?1 t? y .11 I ? 1 '*??.?( tiMK ? ? <1 kit |f .u 4i ?> . - . Ih *? ' Ml if* *1 .?U-I If if f it,.' .. ?> ?? f> t 1 fc>> ?I ?A4*? r*j r? ? 'i ?' ' " ? ? ' f ? * * ? ? 1 l I !,.??(? ? * ?*?? > tfci ??!? I I ll I. ? f'?f I '* I* *1 Mn.rru w. II'- II V I K ' ? | - , S >wr? *? ? tlUil WAJTTB. A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT YOUNO WOBAW 1 \ aula* a ntuatua a* ntirao, or to <lo "himtur v* ork and >HI|I la lb' wtaMag and Irnninr; ?o objaatlan 14 I" iu the roantrj. ii<"> I ally rafaraneo On hr Htitl W Sutb miui^ilvwi Tiiatj flr?t tail Twenty aacoail ?in tip. i**r l^RfHtUr J (Mr. mtuatiow .wanteu as wet nbwi, in a "i-taMa woman, lay "Hag UJ A MTUATIOW .WANTEO AS I not* lamily , kj( ? raap-i-taM bialtky. Apply at IfT Kliij atrart. ' MART, ACTIVE Vol' NO WOMAN WANTS A ? U ntil n ?? rbambarmold m l Srat rata waah ar and aat. * A Ub) ^ <? uutrv i t tba lun.ui r ' I U l>f 1 1 of r'njr ral.iraaia CM l>? a i?tn front bar Il.i plana. IM*aa<< rail at l> t tlaall* atrwat, i ui nrr of II. i py |iru< kl) a, front room, Nu. II. i'aa ba mpd l"r I ?n da>i, ? A HEMECTAIIl.E VnlM; WOMAN WISIIBS A SITl' J\ ati ?n lo d" ?) nrral b?n*, aorb. ia a br*t rata wuliir aaJ Irouor, ami wauld r> a> la. i, Jr^aa i? a butal , ?. otj ?i|oiiio tba ?t untry or cily ; i.a'iarataiidi bar burinaa* thirnigbly !(.<? ba.t of elty rai?r. ar> I' .? all (ur lao daya at H Cjroal.y alraat, I , twaan 'prlar aa I I'rinaa, front haaaaaat Arssi-bctaiii.e rue no woman wisnN BMto allot, aa vogalaM* i?"b In a botal; would t t a.,ook to a nitaurant Unoi ally nl.m.w *l?-u PPaaa ..all tor ?\ o daya a I N" 4 Marina ?l rr?t , l.atweau II to iug tail Urand itrrcif, tblrd floor, front room. t RliSI'El TABI E VOCNU UIRI. W \NTS A S1TUA ^ \ (II u ai plain cook. In a raipaotabla pplva.a lainily; haa nu oMrrllnn to a*aiat m wnablUK an. I lr<><ita,r, or uauld *0 Irrtallinir with n lady. >coi ?! city ri '-rauro uati t? i ii?a, ?? ? hr !? Ill yi rtlalnr from liar pra ml ?u "at on A| fly at lit I ifircuth itrrci, batwa?u Ni*l'< an. I Soroitb it u i?a. ASTEA1IY UIRI. WANTS \ SITUATION AS 0000 eoon anil bak*r, In a prlrata family, iit.laraf tiida hi r bualnara, Kuoil raforaata ean ^Urn I an ko a?aia fur l?<) day a at I cr I at" auiplnyr'", ?i ? rr ?lia ha? ll??il for i!m teat t?u t?ara, W Will Twii ty lu.ii IL air ? I. Ik v? c? n J lf' b anJ iMtlfi artaurr. A RRRI'RCTAIII.E I'ROI P' TA^T UIRI, WANTR A . \ allaatl' a aa Brat rn*a ?tn r ai d if ur, aoobjaallin to do (rm-ral lii ii?u<rurk in a prirttn f unity. >.r to a?'. cl aaiki riualil and amailn n. lioml < lly n far'mo?. I an Ifxrnfvr two day ?, at ..I Uinauwicli ?tra? t, tnir J floor, front mom ARKHPECTAM.K WOMAN, who ham i.ivbd is /rnilraan'i faiml l?. f r tka la>l fo. rlaan yaara la Enn laml, wlalita to itat a aliuailon; it an rim Hunt laundraaa an. I a ftoudabanilirraialil, i>aoi ?r. atoady and of a r*apwtal in lamily < an #??'. annd ralrrtm a aa to nharactrr and cap* l illty riaapa ?all for l?u da>aat 'Ml I Wait Tnaniy antli ? traat, al lira. Calb'a. Anr.'i'H tari.rtouno woman wiriikr a bitp atjoa to 4o np ?latr? work and aaalat la waiMat anil Itonlnit, op to do bi u?i w.>rk U a an. all faai'.ly. baa tb? Uat of oily rafartnta from lurlaat plnra ('an ta aaaa (ar two ?laya at M2 taal TaaUi aticat, baitwaon at.aa ta 11 aad C. fourth Hour, Hack rooia ARESI'El TABI.E WOMAN WIHIIKH a ritu atlon to dn bouaawark, nr abnoibn >ork, In a ataall pr | ?ata lamll) . tba boat ol i it * r*fan nea <?a ba aKan. I'|aaa? I ra. I lor two Nn. ii I I ourth atraat, balwaan I i ? V and Hacoud avauaaa. Drat llnor, front rvom, la Iba raar VRKMl'Rt TABI.E Vol SO WOMAN WISHES A 8 1 TIT atlon to da tba i-ooklnr, waaliaa aad iraalaa af a toiall prlvatai family, ban no oljaotl n In do ganaral boaaawork , rar *im tba I ?al a-ity ralaranca. I aa ba aa?a for twa daya, at 114 kail Twaaly bratatroal, ? aaand floor, baak roam. An Kxrr.RiEM ki? dre'smakeb. accdstomro to Iba baat w..rk In thi- lalMt atylaa, dadraa work .a latailin by tba day or ????? *ddraaa for tbla wook, M W , I nli ii a^uara I'nat < Oli ? \l I HhT RATE WAITER WISHES A SITUATION in a prirata lamily baa llrrd In tba baat of faialllaa. B" ol^aition lo tba coiuki; la a I'r taalaat. Caa ilia lb? n I at rrapai-tabla I Ity pafar-l ' an ba Hal at "I# Br?,* I way, cnpni-r ol 1 wanty kart atroat in A K fa*kapd'i i' > w ly itora, or nddraaa a unta to I. C., IIS Waal Two>.ty foi rib atraat, In the raar \M1 1'ATION WAMEI?-liV A VODNO WOMtN. wl o ii ? f ' d plain ?k. ?nabrr and iraaar, aad villma to mak' l arpall ?? natally u.afnl ran (Ira |H?4r?6l|nia i in If nan lor two dtya a*, ta* t roafcjr atroat, tkird A'r . I: ont room A lir.ri'Et TAIII E VlllMI WOMAN WISHES A JIITO J\ attoa aa r.rat rata lai i 4raaa, ? r aPamkaraa|4 ?n4 pla n ?? war, in a priaala famllt baa tba had of elljp ralknno* from bar la? t tmplnyar I an l>? a?-n I ^r two daya at Vi , ? AKLSrECTAIII.E PKOTE'TANT 0IR1, WltllBS A aifnailon t d'> yanaral b"inaw..rk, or plain ? ? am* an I waabiitr and ironip.r liaal r laraaaa from bar la*t I'la .ar rail for 1W" daya at i.\u Nu.tb atrwot, aa<oni flvup, front room \ H ESI'E'Tt HIE Vol .M. WOMAN WANTS A StTl J \ all' n a- nnraa, ar t .lo lua aawlo/ anil aaalat in rhan. l arwork. ran ba well p> loa tnandad Irani hi r hit i i* j. t an ba aaan for Iw ii>ti .? Y,i raaond awanaa, ha t Wiai, l wratyaaa,,udand I nai ty 1 atraata. Are si n taiii e riOtMTANI ui*t hanis a aitiam n a* abambwrn atd "nd aallar, ha* a- objaaitoi* to aralit In lb* waablnn >nd Iraalar, or ?? |? *<i Vr*n,klyn. Ui od raf'ranra r t w ??aa ? an ba ao> a for tw* Jaya at No ?> <.rtrnni?b t'rail. tblrd II ? r, Ir nt room, \ Vol sr. WOMAN HirilEH To o|,|AIN A IIIIM ili.i ta do plain cooklnr or rbair. t^i a -.f k , ml aaa,?t iia waabli a and lr mnr: la > apt 'la ai 4 aad?f?i*a4i l*r 1 ?? rua Tha m lii i-la-l m i ? fi - a a I . ?.? *11 for ? ? <> :ajl at l'?J I ? at 1 w i nty a, ? a alb alra t, I at aaaa I a? .nana aad Tblrd aaaauao. A RI.SI'El TA HI.E UIRI. WASTR A SITUATION t ^'\ i b a pit br rat a i 'I , all., ? an da all kiPida of ataferoi'lary , and aadarataadi diaaamaktnc Pltaa tall at 6/V llr' ' H a atraat, ap at atri, bark rooai A?r.srn tA?l M I'tKiTRSTANT VOU.NU WiMAN waata a aliuailon to do a i oral HowaowwfB l'l.*-? tall at 47V Uroama atraat, ap alr>, rawoi.4 Boor, baak room 4 REM-EtTAEl E KROTB* T A VT ?OMA* VANTI ? \ a moan i. to ^ , t , Call .,rn,?. t , laka ah-ra- of a'jil ..r n "a Iba tana*' lai|-il?a I r oil* woah. at 14^ V .rial ft \VM ART, II E.jI'E'"TA III.K I'E'i TESTaNT C'Rf. a Ii k? ? a altoail t. ?? iliwbaraiM aad waltaa r t ? 4 plain iialnr Ala .1 rafarai aaa, |' raigtr-d 1 an ba ? a fi 1 lao da>4. If not a 1. ;? d, a*. 1 71 rroapa.t air, at, I'ro iklyn. A VOI'NO I tflV W I "II I.* A Sltl'ATION AS "RAM J\ atraaa iu a 1 rO .ia I. .,)> . r t? out by lha t?jr or o Iruiaiwltb a lady , baa I ? a , traral.ia(. Call at ii rirarth annua \I.ApV Ul'IkC TOI'ltiK I RE A SITI'ATI0 4 fill al'r- taatani >i Hi,a, t . laka rara of ablld aa aa 1 t > | tain ,a ir raail i.-,?al 4' Apply at SI * ? I 1 waaty tblrd itpa, t 1 n L ?*? ? antil aa/a^pad S IMilhll wii'ltv Wl II ES \ SITUATION \S ai^.k wad-rataa4i bar 1 ? taa? p-irfactly, aadarrtan la ? aamr and paitry . baa o ? '.;a?tl' n ti c> In tba (ooaf > , baa an aaiambraa a I u that aad Ir^Mr. I.a ba ? ??a lor tw la) a at (rl Car malil Mroat aaaaad <0 it, froi I r ? 1.1 tbraa doora Iran. Cai . ?ipaat A f OMI'ETEN T OBI I . WI?||E1 TO WitlkUZ , \ ly tba dav, lb) ka w rial al Iba tr*4* tot aaaaaal >? ara, aad ran 'a r all mat m t dad. Sba alao aadaratar, ia A j| (lalra Hfl ti TAMII. MEM II WdMtN UESIBra A aituailaa aa w t t. ?' an ,-taa 'auaUatary >?? . *1 ai.-l ,.II|. r ra lap, a ?? I. aa i. >i taon to travol. f, r ?,lh 1 1. at f niaaratl i. A n al.b-a a wat aura* f*f h>f owa ? III' an waokioM tli a S "ra. Ilorald oA'a. 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