Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 6789. ORK HERALD. 0 THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. NATIVE AMERICAN FEtfiVlLS. ANNIVERSARY OF WASHINGTON CHAPTER, 0. U. A. OWNER TO ASSEJIBLlRiX RHODES. Jprnhes of Daniel I'llman, James W. Darker, and Others. ?PATRIOTIC 8ENT1MENTS AND SONGS, die., Ac., 4le. Native American Celebration. TDK <JCKhTION H?TT1 MU-- LANIITI. ULLMAN NOT A albvoo-HFBweuaa or jamkh w. bahkrb and or bum. Washington Chapti r 0. V A. celebrated tha tenth Anniversary o! the organir.atioc of theaooolety by a die ner and ball at the Apollo Komt. on Monday eveaing Quite a large company wu present. and among tue gurfti w; re Daniel rilman and Jara*n W. Raraer. At half-peat 9 o'clock tbe gue?t* net down to as excel 'en t xuppar, wlrch eas duly dlacusaed After the cloth wan removed, the toeat* proceeded ia the following order: ? 1. Tbe day we c?lebr.?te. Responded to by Wm. W. 0-, who gave a rapid a', etch of the chapter t*ioce it* organization, they bare reeved IIKO 0 an1* exp-nded $J,U0Q, ar.a have now a lame aurplua ia the treamry. '2 The meaory ot Washington. Drank ia el-nce 8. BUtean.m of the Revolution? Man of honeaty of purpose, well worthy of emulation by the atateamen of the present t ay. To thia Mr. James W. Rarkxr responded, at fol lew* Ma Chairman ? It la alike an instructive and refresh ing tank to ret iew tbe character au<i aits of our revolt! tionary atat<- -men Fr< in the couiemplatim, tbe cold est aod inuet .npati iotic heart may gather warmth anl inapiration America ia proutof 'h> m Their niatory is her history From ltnearle*t m'ant atruggle* to it* present ewe and widening power, th- comprea* of their msjeatic character has been aiainped upon her Inititu tion*. It ia a peculiar cbarast. il-'ic of our American htateemen that they bare eao 1-1 1 an individual in preiik cpun <he institution* of their country, which It* enlarged resources aod expanding territory cannot eflace Otter coamriea can ho.tHt of men pos ceasing a* coma ending talent <. s* exalted Re ntal. but with the age iu w ii h they lived tbe eflect* o* 'heir admmietration hare p?**e1 away. Other men bare ariaeu and other idea* have prevailed. Tbe lirea, however, of our statesmen have been a cor ? i-erraticn to one grand idea. Tha' idea foun t its b'rth in the bnter aad relentless periecutione which charac terized tbe ieign of tee bigitet Papist James II It spring. a* all great and aflutar? reform' spring, from (treat euffeHng. The Mayflower bore nith?r a few spirits who dared to put it in practice And thi -? wan tue germ ot ihe?e Ameilcan institution* and principle* whtcu have Bade u* what we are anrt welch it is our duty to protect and defend From tbe landing on Plymouth Hock to the present day we <-an point lo an un>>rol<4a line of statesmen, ail ' lending their pow?r and conse crating their energies to the advancement of their coo mon HH'ry. And. ?r, one trait to which fou alluded I wish to particulars, tbat ia, their honesty or purp >?e. Ihere la, air. a deep significance in thia language, upon which we might fittingly poader ; it was thia which, above everything etae. nave character ana immortality lo the ata'j-xmen of the rerulutiuu. Without It, tlie stnteam in nirrosr* into the demujojue ; before it. commanding taints, ti e lustre of militarv re nown, fade into insignificant. Washington receiving the sword of Cornwallis, at YorUtown, was in animating spectacle ; t ut iCasblngtori, in hie furewell aldre-*, re signing his Lonors, in a subCmer a more g ortous spec tacle. lliere ie a teoden y amon< our ataiunmnn of the pienent day lo depart from th? principle* puraued by oar fatheta Tbe introduction of fore yn elemeut*. and the immenee iaimigralion of tbose of prin iiple*, bave turned the current of pi rioli-im Intotliat of par ?ooal evoiuiceBt It n< the duty of each altixea to exert hi t individual power to d rect it. What we want >n atatea men ia a fxe<<te?a and lioneaty of purpo-w?a pur* and i-teady cevotion to Am* interopta. There a*e tiioae among ub tow who are fearle-a and uocompromlung in their oevotmn to the prindpi** of true Aneii??nHna. Jimoag th> eaTiy atat*am?a of the coun'rf whn pa'tici pktcd n IU itrufrglea am ? u tT-r in^?, and only -urvtvtt to ree their tope* accompli* D-l, w- r? Washington, th* father ot h>a ceuntry. Franklin. .leftVr-on, John Adam*, Hancock, I'atrick lienry Mani-on, Jay, who went to their rectnu place* crowned with honor and their memu liea enthi men iu the bear a of a ir*e pe> pie. In l?te> J. ara we bH*e been hltaaed with n?mea ?IUe iinmorul ohn y, Adansa, Jackron, Clar. Calhoun, Clibtuo, Weh> | ater? they too have ?on? to jnin thoin kiadrad apirit* | who h*d left the conatitutioo for tneoi to <u?rd. an I I tne 1 ialar< pf tbe paat aa a at mnlaut to defend the ?lo rioi ? Ution ireate<*. Thanka to them, tha /on*situtioi haa LOWbi-en aaeaiied. the Colon la xafe. We hue lef . amoDxat u- men whs are e^ual to the >mir< o -f of th i lime, and *i ? <??><? ot New York hilda her all are of m- I tnoti.1 eooa who will be ever found nl their ,mar, amon< whim I may Witb laffty name I'u'otm, H ooka, Ooa lwin ! aad Whitney, a ta teamen all In t.h?ir hauda the Amarican party la the Mate of New York Ik wrli n of aucceaf. Mr Darker t> ok hia aeat ann great applauae. 5. Ihe BoM'eta of tbe Revolution ? Mav they, when the laat trump ahall aound, muaier un er the htandard of tielr eld general. lo tbia Ju?t W. Ma sox reeponded at aome length. Alter ainj (.at by the glee club the aiutn toaat wa* I given: ? American Nationality ? Let it ever be a living princl- ' pie. (tiring mity and cliaiai ter to the republic Mr L'liaiaii was callet] lor. and after gr-at cheer. nir autceeded u. making himself heard. He thanked th? company for iha honor they had done blm and proceeds 1 to enlarge upi.n the toaat lu the cnurae of hi* re- I Bark* l>e c'Jmed to ba a native of the itate of Dela- I ware, thftich 'he hott?r part o' hi* lif>- hid b?eo a wot iuN'ewYm. He drew a picture of America aa compirc 1 with Other l aton , ana bnp?l that It would never b? like (ierm-ny. France. England or Ira'.iud. Mr. I'll m?n cl'>e*d by reiterating the toa?t be re?poadel to ' Theae remaeka are importint, It *om':ch a* taU I* t9e flrat t mc Mr L'Umm har disclaimed b<nn< a native of { Hladoatao Tlti The r?fenderi ot American Interests at lsnme or ihrrul rtf?pondcd <o by Jacob R. Rnccn. 8-.B. 11. ?? f at* of New York (ireat In Wealth, Agri ?ultur?, at I Ccmm'rce. wrll worthy of her mot, o, "Kx e?l?tor Hon F P. Bamiiw responded in a speech of great ?b lUty . Oth. Out Invited Quests- Wtltonn- tin ice weltotM. Mr. BoruiK, Grand Hacli-m of t- ? Ordar, responded as followe ?Mr. (.bnirman. >n n-^ni iiD/ to the s?nt meat j a ?t given, ji-rnitt me to aa y that I itreut your welcome; nut ?tn> I nie*t. ?lr, the brethren o tlia Order. au I ?a per'allj the w lobars of We '.In "ot Chapter, la recite, tt.? ra ?etm; to he a home rvltme Nitween tin oat prompts tot- to forge*, tbat I mate aa invite I g'ie-t Vei rr such -a the r?alit> an.3 I ch-erfully ae?nowle J/e It. But Mr Ci.aliman, the ,r?-?'e?t "-njoymrnt o yo ir gut sia i? n?.t fo .od In i -eio.r praeeot at the f ? it re b. an! o* ti e I m'ed Brethren? It ia in witnessing tie h .rmonr routing auitng them up. in the t-nth nn . nl return of * first unltlnir the n In tae cause of tktlr rob Mr y. In the acho- 1 if p.itrtoti?m. air, to>ou a. '? attached. It 1* known that a loea of truth, <i. i an I our rouutry nie Inrn'oted a* the unique laa li" pr- rlaui>e<t I) the 'hree great cusrtars ot ourlfM' ;.ie?? tl.? II. 1_> Writ, Declaration of I D.lependeo ?, nod '? r-titutit-n of tbene Unite l Stat ?a - and arhile \?e ?c' n< e lejge upon the part of your m*mher ' iji a f.rtn detarminatinn to munta'n inviolate (r>.ogli'ut th*> briad and I'uiun tha lihartlea |Uired un ? r tho?e great ohurtr-, we J*' re*i /? in * pr?>enci if 'be lairer por?'ou of your lavttad iru >a' ? iitltmu a <'? mn.incat.'e rru'inru on the part of ur chapter to embrace nil favnraMe opportunities io .d duwt. to !??.? t? ritjr th? b ???injfe we no# eajof . i> ?leretae of Minnd jndfinent :n you an a holy poll. 1 n?'?t li'srtily appro en. inr in tha achool of oatnit . fronj wbi' a procaads the truth, ul American aentl I i t i trr u-e-l of uiany an I r.irluna taacher* and so capable. Ir. of giidlaj the youthful mind ia the % we) ii I talriotiain aa ?he w bo w etc lea near the man with a maternal aol citndef Therefore, air, ^ ? ckrrltk and welcome V> your aerial reumone 4.< igatioia ? better Lalras and fool siatera of tha eoat v Kbirgu n And, Mr Ctsir uan, on behalf o: ti?t ion ot invited g'iee a ? the U !-<? ? I woull uk yon f> r the cou'taei s o' lb ? ateuio*. I tair ap ? ?ma aml'es #airant ai aaaurlag you toat t .ay art ; ?cy and wllliog to enact their part in t?la gr-a? \w an B'Teoi at. Th?y are reaty an', willing to aH ua i cli?emlnatir g the trutblul lee>ot<e of our patriotic i.?*,aad 1 tr i?t, air. it may not be a far oi?t*n'. petioJ j b#o tbay all will be na.ted dautlitara of Anerlct reoMlu'lca permit ma to offer yon, an, Tb? Ha p*l - ni of 7 V? the >a?fd pia 'ia tlr?u?h wh eh I ludreC ap rlt? f;i.m v*rlotii c.imea fonn ! a ne# aation al atrlb ai.ii were brongh' forth aa tha choeen jf Ond, j* ^ac' ire tl.a rghte or man that their clil V n ?nd rlilldran'l cMldreu eboubl malataia tbem inri . ?te for ?e?r. 1 10. Tl.e I utllr Preaa? powerful for the promo' ten <if todcreeL may It atar be fouad in tha 4a fen ca of rtit aoit Ja?tloa Reaper, led to by John A. Smith, of tha Su nd?y Mer it li. Oor 8l>tor Uiaptar-. and Amerioao OrganlaaUoaa D?rai>y - may tbay prove our rival* only la honeet tl for tb* promotion of true American prianplea ,-obffhout our laa t. 6inb? htu.?urP. 0 waa called upon and ap ike i Irlk.aa ? I pmiM that I am in le' tad for tha hoior being ?seitad to respond to tha eautiaseat jaat girai the c.reau.atanca of try coaneiion with Alpha (' tap >r>i. 1. I ..a fart of that cbaptar being ti e ploi?*r i 'euP. T of the varloue Americaa M>:latlaa w ill I i CD w. make It appropriate that aha ahould be looked i-i ? r ancL r<*|? nae 1 here 1a en^h a union of *?ni n"it 1 i.d ecaort of actit a la tlia tiron ehaptera of th> Or c of ' nifd Aic?rt. an?, that thay cannot, lo any* nw coa.n'M.d ae nval? and the other American as <a la ? are ?' a??.rada-ed la their political r??, that tier reec ' J r> co^n led aa metr '?r< nf thr aame f%w l?, m ag "be utre patern'ty, Wlag. In fact, tba off. jna< VUribr of tai'sd Atttereaaa. I lotk npoa <*??? yal iaiaU.cs, Mr I raaid'at, a? aipoag the hap^.e-t I expedient* for advancing tne spirit of the sentiment ex preated m the toast They call up remtoiseeooe* of the pa*t. by tbe opportunity which tiny alford for contrast ing the state of public feeling on the grant American question, a* it existed and ??? understood at the tf<ne when thi? order tu flrat established, with the prevailing pen1 Iment on the name aubject, aa now exhibited on Ml *i< es, sot only here but in nil quarter* ofthte wilely extended country They are well calculated to rouee the ipirit of patriotiim, and, in tbe language of the toast, " to excite en honed real for the promotion or true Aratriuau principle* throughout our land," ? n't while we Una dUTeience* in man; particular* as to the organization and plan* of the various affiliated American associations, their 1* an identity In all their political aspect* cleari.r indicating their common parent age 1 wa? prepared, Mr. Preeide nt. t* advance the a* aerticn that the American associations ware not duly appreciated? that their principles aud objeola were not understood by tbe public genriUy; but, a r, the indlea tiona daily manifested on ail *tde? and from all quarter* on tile aubjuct. cleurly ahow, whatever may have been t) e cuie heretofore, or whatever may have bean the In ftu?nces made to operate agaiuat a proper undoes' i n tbia MMllw, tl>at the min i la a* I ha ?a lully and very properly excited on thU important - i *j_ . t and wtnie thi < fact ia made ao apparent, tbsre are other incicatiosa which ahow equally plain that a portion, at least, of tt>* foreign population amoogat ua, are still either designedly hostile, or unde r an Ignorant construe i on of our matlvee, are found ia opposition to them, led on and en<oora|ed to auch opposition by political leadirs, who thu* male u*e of tbe foreign citizen* to promote their own einieter purpose* 1 do assert, ttr I'ri Mdent, that the Order off United Amvricsn* does not wer oaatMt foreigners a* such. Neither do I believe the rhsr?e* can be made with truth againit any of the eth?r American orgum/ation*. On tbe conarury, we would exter.d 'tbe moat liberal act of hoepitality, with tbe grsatest privilege afforded by our laws, to all who *eek tb<*e shores, and with sincerity cherish our institution*; but we do claim the ri<bt of managing our own affair*, and tbtt the circumstance of our admitting foreigners amonsgt ua with all the privPegas of guo-ta, shall not be ?ons'rued by them a* conveying an; title to authority ovei'< ur concerns. We believe that American* alone should rule America. Permit me t>> offer a sentiment: ? Ihe United Mates and her Institution*? With a liber a ity unknov n to o'her nations, her latch airing Is al waja out. Inviting tbe straoger from whatever country, to ao equal participation in the privilege* of her house bold. Sfce >a justly jealous of her right to be the dts p??ser of lo r on n hospitality, and will resist with her characteristic energy any and every foreign interfer eu<e (Applauee ) 12. The n?me we bear ? Washington? raay it ever prove an incentive, urging us on to noble duel*. Kesponded to by Mr. EdwaRP MKltKiTr 13. The ladies? by tbeir presence, life and lustre are li nt to this occasion . we are thankful for It. Dr. Sam.. Ham, reeponoed. the company theu adjourned to the ballroom and spent t lie rc?.t of the evning In dancing. We would eimmend th? committee who got un this anniversary if we could, but their neglect of the press waa too glaring to bo passed unnoticed. It is to be hoped the; will nnceistind iow to do thing* better next year Dinner to Hon. Joftn II. Rhode*. i HOW ANTIRfcWAKSIBM Ifl KKW AUDM). The constituent* of Hon. John H. Rhodes, member of Aeiex-bly from Kings county, last night gave their rep r(L<entkt ve a diinT, a* a testimonial of their reapect for hi* opposition to William H. Seward, during the late content for United States Senator. The dinner wai given in Gothic Hall, Urooklyn, and about two hundred and fifty sat down to a table tumptuoaaly furnished with all that was inviting to tie palate. Alderman Backhouse presided, having on hi* rght the guest oi the evening, Mr. Rhode*. After the eating we* over, several loiter* were read (rem various gentlemen, expressing their re gret for their inability to be present. . The Hon. John II Ritouas wa* teen introduced to the ccmpsny, and received with much applause. He said he did not Intend making a long speech He was better aa a worker than as a eptach maker. He went out from among hi* friend* a young man, un acquainted with the secret! of legislation, and ex pected to find honesty at the Capitol of tbe State. He regretted that be had been disappointed. He though*, it ?a* time for Americana to ariie in their mlpht and relorm the evil which wa* fast growing from thu intiu ? nee of foreign immigration. A bill eoi.ld not be intro duced Into the legislature with the word Amerisan in it. without it* being tiauglad >n ita Mirth. (Appltus* ) The speaker here cited >om? atalUtica of immigration, allowing that the immigration o New York last year ? at la'ger than tie whole population in several a tut-" * ot the I niou He thought tbe time had come for re form. The speaker (poke anly and eloquently for half V> bour and wa* loudly applauded when he llniahed. The loam were then, a* follow* ? George Washington Tbe President of tbe United State*. (Mu ic by the band.) The Governor of the Btute of New Ycrk. The I'rexs Mr Hanmomd, of Albany, r**poai!ed, otilngizini; Mr. III. ode? in the most glow:rg terms, and doi ng with a defence of Know Nothirgiani i (> at kee Doodl* by the band ) i The o-xt toii?t Wa ? IbeCntonof this Confederacy ? Mav the arm be pal sied that would more for its dissolution. (i<oud ap piauHe ] Musle by the bacd ma* responded. He was r ceived with n ne cheer* when he arose. In t?e n-mie of the principles which tbesa (hee s represent, 1 thauk you 1-oply anl sincerely. I sni glad to be nere to nignt to join in tbi< honor to a fattfclul lepretentatir*. He Uas discharged his duty faithfully, Urmly. when othei i faltered and were foond wanting (AppUuae ) 1 Ull you that any lepresentative who reiixt* ail toe appliances of Albany, mil remain* true and faithful, Is worthy of your honors, for he must te as firm as the eternal bill'*. (Ix>ud an piauee ) Ibe lover ot po*tr/ an l pbooophy lores to hear of Plato, of Honv-r and the KogUah birds, aud the lover* ot pi'trioliim glory when they bsar of the u.'ime of George Waehingtou. Mr l i'men thi n branched off Into a lecgtliy i ration upon the Union, It* benefits, Its* and the duly of the American purty to save it. Mr I llman wae loudly applauded when he llnUhed. Music ? " Hall Columbia." Ne*t toaat was ? All Honor to tbe f aithful Bind In our Htate Legisla ture ? Tbe people will sustain them. I'on. Mr I'm . tf the Aarembly, teapomlcd. JaMi.s W Bahk kit followed to the toas*. ? Sam? May he tevcr re-st till he reaches the Whit* "ou*< , a* d cct thru uulesa our eoubtr^ la fraud from foreign influence. Mr. Ikrser was frequently ibterruptci with th; ap I>lauae of the aucieuce. Mu*ic~ " We are all a band ol brothers." After s?m* further scatiments an<i speaking, the meeting at u late nour aJjourned. lorontr'a Inqltik F At.SK BSTOUTOr MANFLAtOHrU IN Tin; AKIIITH V AK1> ? Dfc ATH rKOKCCIU RT IN I KMHK HA VCK* Coroner O'l't nnrll waa rallt d upon to bald ad Id lueat j r-atentay at the Klphtj sard atatioo h tin, upon 1h? l>"Ot of ad aged cut), named John Srott, who It waa re ported had l??-n beaten to death by two men In the dHntlng u w.n No ST.9 Hndaon utrct, known aa the "W?at*t?' Armf '' on the night prevlou* Tiro men named J. W. Connor and I'aniel Daar, wera it apprarel ? rreated by the K.ighth ward police, on auapiclon ml having aaeaultad the dee?ai>?d , but, aa will be aeon from result of t)<e in<|ue?t were promptly diacharged by thet'oroner, on the retdi'ion the jury * verdict From the evlltnca elicited yeatenlay befon tra Coroner, the case turn* out to be Qnthug more or leaa than one of atroua apo;>lexy. The Iterated and hii aon John Scott. Jr. It appeared went lato tte drinking aioou a -out eta1" o click m tae -ren iDg o! the MeWIMMB, M< kMMMMt par to uf Itr,* quasti'.iea ol ale Alio o'.Lf-r liquor a. w I. , oa had the ol makiag him atupid ?n<: intoxlratad: a man narn'id I 'lbor, w ho waa la tbe place at the 'inr, aceiog the eon-i-tton o' the dei'aee.., attempted to place bin <n a cbalr, ao that be WMtld not fall, an i while endi avnring to do ac, dacwaaeu called oat lor hi* *on. who waa in tbe back rtuB. to come, abo, th'nkioj that Connor waa iLfllrtiag auma tiolenre on hi* fatnrr, haatlly took on Ma c< aJ, and tit t oooor in the eye a regular flgbt then took place balwtea Onnor and young rVott, who [ought lor eeveral minutea la the bick r<<um, mna|Ue<l? ceaaed ?tttl?g in tie eha'r. The daceaeeo, during the fight received ao rk'l'oc# whatever f'oir, nay part v nod wtrn the pot! -a offi : ra, attracted by the ii?.r ? inaered Ibe premi?ee, tbef fo'tud the <*eceaa?<t lying on tbe Scar, le-?ntibl*. They h .rt Inm corn ie,' to the Eighth wart ?latum h.n*a. whete be ulan In fit teen minutea alter hein'j brought tb?re I r I) Hunter mad* a ;???' mmlrm tiarmnatlua of *he aoo touiid chrcnc ibtlammai < n of the brain wit!) efluaitii of aeier< iito the tentficlr*. Ail ll.e other or |ana of the holy exhibited marked tracea of iaumfi* raace aid there b-tng no marka of v.oleo-M on toe twHly . be gate it aa h>a o pi oil a that d-ath waa eauaed by aeroua ayrp!exr. -tipti nlaced by la>-a>paraace. rh'a jury reaceied a tenia! la accordance with the Abova tacta, and 'be ptiitaera C??oat and I'uer, were dla rhergfd fr? m cuatolv Iiccea ed ?aa a native of Kog land asd ae?Bt f/rty-rtgh! yeara of age. Jcta*) C Ujr ?v? a . Mate* Mnrttr. ?A eall ha a been t*?ued for a meeting ef tbe frienda ar.d rup^or'cra of l'av(<! 8. Manaerx the Mayor of Jertey ei 'jr. to l>a held tbfa evan ng a! 4 o'cltck at rtmaaerclal Mai'. Tha object af tbe aiae'iog will be to give an approval ftr hia offrial coaraa aid to I propnee hi. re a'art on t?t tbe Mayoralty. Bnwmr ? Yeeteri'ay moralag the reeiden-e of J. S. | tbrjaiie eoner of Pat oaia place and luM aireat. vat entered aad robbed -t a laiall truaa conUimng Mate deed a a?'- pa per a, to the amount of |li,wm, which will be ftf little tnete tte tbiavM They alao took one doren o' ailtwr ajoon. and other article* ani cair.aged the fata tura Koanto Poob Botaa. ? Tra Metkodiet l.piecvpa, CI arch id Il'iba>*a waa aatered by ac?e d??piaabto tbie* doru g Tuee. aj tight, *ji tL* ft* r toi. a ware (CbbaC of r?atiib'at*u ta !he tmcum' of aboat ?*<). < ? ProgrtM ot tk? HaiUclpal R? volution. axhjst or ovn forty dismetctablb womw - BOKNB AT THE MAYOR'S OPriCB? TBUX COXMT MENT TO Bi.ACftWBLl/S ISLAND. la Accordance with AO order leaned by tbe Mayor on Tuea day laat, between forty And fifty disreputable women, who were found walking in Broadway, Mercer, Dm, Crosby, Aid other atieeta, after aightfall, ware Arrested. The exe cution of tbii order wai Intrusted to Oaptain>- Kuintr and Turnbuil, who were inatruted to arrest All who might be found in the Eighth And Fourteenth warda. Theee worthy oUcuu detailed a number of the policemen un der their commend to AAaiat them, And before ten o'clock the itAtion house* of both ward* were crowded with women, tfone of theee refused to go with the o Ulcer* until told that they would be compelled if they offered Any reaixtance, while other* exhibited the moat perfect indifference, And Accompanied them withoet a word of complaint, a mother begged that her daughter might b? spared the Additional diagraceof being brought before U.e public, and promised, if they would release her, 1 1 start for the country by the flrat train of car*. Her en treatlaa, however, were in rain, no ex:eption could b ? made in her case, and the daughter was accordingly committed with tha rest. tbe new* of tha Arrest of these sprsAd like wildire among the others, and In an hour after Broadway art tbe othtr street* were Almost completely deserted by ibem It Is particularly deserving of notice that no men were taken into custody, although several wsra lound in tbe con panv of thei-e women. The ordarof the Mayor, it Appears, old not extend to them, and so they were allowed to p?s? unnoticed. This ee/ttinly was a distinction without u difference. About eleven o'clock Judge llogart ma.e his appearance at tbe station ho ne over Centre Market, And demanded the discharge of se- I veral of the prisoners, but was promptly refused by | Lieutenant Warlow, and so the Justice was obliged to I leave without etlecting his purpose. Many ot the un- 1 iortucate creatures who were locked up in tbe Kiihth I ward station house were elegantly drnsaed, but those { who weie committed to the Fourteenth w?re of the poorest class, and many of them appeared to be In a stite of destitution 1 here weie none to loak after tlieee? they seemed to be friendless, acd to the majority of them the I accommodations of tbe station houses were superior to ; those they have been accustomed to. Yaeterdsy morning, they were all taken to the Mayor's office, and as they marched In procession through the btreeta, they were followed by crowds of several hundred people. L'pon their arrival at tlie (<1ty Halt, they pre sented A motley appearance, sol as the sight was some whst unusual, tm official* thronged to tDe Mayor's of flea to Uarn the cause of the axciteinent. Home of the priasners were nit more than seventeen years of sge, wbila others were past thirty ; two bad bean only four week a on the town and the rest varied from five months to t?o yaais. Hardly live minute* elapsed Wore tbe Mayor's office w?s crowded, and the interest excited by 'In lr presence caused A ajspension of all other business for tbe time being. Juiti set Oe borne took their names, and made out order* for their committal to the Peniten tiary on Hlacxwoll'a Island Rlevea were committed for 'I months, and the < thera for period* varying from one to Uve mentba. Among them was one who ,s sal I to be a respectable woman, and who ? si discharge'! on the word of a gentleman who knew her, And who happened to be pre?ert At thu time. SI* others wereai-Ciarfed, through , the repreeentation* and influence of th*ir friends. A titter of one of those who was not so fortunate, pleaded for her And told a most pitiful story of th<dr cmlitlm before they took to the streets, as a lAit resource. They bed. she hAid, tried every means of obtaining a liveli hood, but, lite huu'Uedj. they failed, and to keep th?rn naive* from starving they Adopted their preaent mo le if life. Another girl was so ailected by the position In which ale wa? placed, that It wss feared she wool! go Into hysterica. A large number of them w?r? aent to the 1'eDitantlary on tl.e mere word of the'oftt-wrs hy whom tbey were arrested, audit was only in a few instances that affidavit* wete made out. We understand that it is tbe intention of tha fries-is of some of them to hiv* them liberated on A writ of habeaa corpus, while those who b ?ve none must await the expiration of their term of Imprisonment. From the following it will l>e seen that legal proceed Inge have been already commenced in th?ir favor ? Ile'ore Hon Raoortier ,-mltb. M>?<tt 28 ? //ufcaoi Corpu ? In tlie matter of tha l'crple ex rel Kilen nt? n.< sgilost the keeper of tie < lty 1'rUon and Penitentiary of ibe city and county of New York ? A wi It of habeas aorpas having been gruit ? d by bis Hot or tbe Recorder, returnable forthwith, di rected to the Veeper rt t!ie Pity Prison, to produce th booy of V'raii -s lowi'en who, it ap;>?ars by the retura to said wrt, bad been eune.cted and '-cnlenced to th i l'i nitrntiary ' y Justice Osborne, at the Mayor's oliice, a< u vsgrant ? vi /. u ccmmon prostitute? the retlt.onnr by her uouneailtra. huiuon hlaokirau in I lleniam n J blaukioan. con'ended. with great Icrcs aud learning, i hat both the arret!, trial and convk -ion wer- wholly i.nd entirely Illegal, an i out sustained >>y any law of thli Male thai the prisoner had be?tn refuand an exsraiu.i tloii, or even the privilege of <on?rontiog her accuaers, tint she Lad teen denied the r gjt of havlag tlie mailt snce of her counsel at the t ma eliew*. brougut before tbe Juelkc at the Mayor's office, that ?!:? wss neither a vsprant nor a common prostitute, nor had she e\er Iwn such, that the ariestwsa uojuatiflaM*, snd nothing but a piece o* maliciousness on tbe part of tbe police i lire who arrested her, And tbattbo arret wss mile without any reasonable or probable ciuse whatever; thAt tha prfrooer with aunm forty otii'r females, hid been ar rested tbe night befere on tn* same ciiarge, and hal been ('rove up to the Mai or a office lite so i-isoy cattle, and that. tb*y had all been regularly alauthter?d with out a heating or trial; and without regard to their li berty, had fueii sent, by order of the Mayor, to the Peni tentiary. The learned counselor* contended toat their client was entitled to fcer discharge. Ilia Honor the l'.ecorler forthwith grunted tbe prayer of tbe petiiuner, and tlircbargel the priaoiiar. Nam MVrtlng In ilobokrn to Oppoar a City Charter. Tliiri* waa quit* ? larite aaeemblaje l*at evin.nif at I'olluck'e public boat*, if oil. era of MoViken, to dUcuai the pr< pceed city charter, upon which the popular rots! will be UL< n to day, between twnlvi- o'clock M. an<l ai t o'clock P. M. Iha dem uetratim w*a got up to oppoee tb* chaitrr. Meantime, the frien<?a of the ch*r?raro . active, and lure h?IJ meetinga every evening aloe* : eturday, at the Towo Hall, at wbiob ipeeche- bar* b <a niaO* mc' be!- devUed to in.:T*t-e tha pro'pccta of Xln adoption of the chatter by tha peop> The drmi nMiatioa laal t vising waa attended by abo it tbe raina number aa waa the one In favor ol the charUr on Pat in 'lay evening. I'rauklio Ft CarpeuUr wim sailed upon to preai !e, ut?d Char lee T. -Jperrj t j act a* ?a<.r?> tare. U* flr-t apt.iki r waa a f.'ermm. turned Si-iumajt, w .o elated tfcat at a meeting of tha i.irman , h- M tin even ' iog pr< vIouk, they dtti-rmined unanimously to oppoee tLe charer. Jfii.* W. CriHii next addreeeed tha 'aoouiblag* in a ratber hiinnroua train, and ? nly touched upon the i? in* at the ' loae of hia rem. rka. He ur^ed thai tUe ? ax"? wire e'reai'y uppreaalve, and the city charter would increaa* them, wiiboat twlng m-ceaaary for the gr.ed ff.veri ml nt of Ilobolen If tlie taiea were to be e?ne n ore <n*roua, be believed that peopln, In- 1> id ol but .ni< property and maklrif improvenunta In llobo ken, wnuid retire to IVrgtn 11.11. beyond tli* bound* of the corpora) iou He t cntended 'bat tl.ere are already eufT.c ?nt 'acilltl*? in the pre mt ifoeru nent of Ho . > k?u lor all practical pui;.oae? In oon.-luiion, he auld ; Uat the till of incorporation haa b'en brought t>ac? to 1 ti e people for th? ir conn.leratlon, an 1 now let tue pro pi.. oeeide tb* qmetlon fciKS J, lfOMT wu the Mil ipeainr. Fie did not, 1 < ^a.d, approve the 'bai ter, r.or did he think it Uux yet to iiic?i|or?te llctx.i en aa a e<t y. II il/oken, re f.iid. ka? re<i ntly no rapidly grown, that It ha< M'oine I i n important aubiirb to Hew York, anl i* to a great ex tent ngarded throughout U.< country ae a aoit of play gro.n l and camblu.g ground for New lork, ami the police are nit equal to tk.e ? merger r>a ?blct a t liable to area. No jn t complaint ran b* male agaiaat tl.e manner 'r. which the I^gi-lature p*?-.-i tin charter ami aent It to you fur your rejection or appnral anl in votleg furor egaio?t it, be eiaeand have a thooght for tba future in ?" d< Ing. At tbe c!oie of hit r*?arkl the meeting adjourned. A Cenputeh waa received from lion John M I'ourd, atating that tb* amended bill ha 1 pained the llou-e fi tally, and had been aigned by the Oovrrnor. ( nmmlHtonria of Eaaigi niton . The B< aid met at o clock P. M , teaterday. F're-ent, M> eere. Verplanek 'chairman. CnfTtgaa, tfehwab, I'nr dj and Crabtre*. After tba ree .ng and approval of the m met* s, Mr. Joxim, Supar'nteadent of the Pnar in'??*Ma ? m ty, app*ar?d b? 'ore the I to naiat on tiie paj men ol ceitam bill*, wb.cb heallrgea, have i?en incurred bf | Oreida ri.uaty for tbe car* of ? migrant pauper* fvta tb" lsoard icfnae to do. aa no namea are given Mr Jol*? denieil the light of tb* Hoanl to >|tt?<<M?n U.m on i thet point Iha tub. act la nnd*r o?aai<i*eati'>n. Iba V i< > Pupitnar anvwioced that tbe airan -n.*ot pn P' M i at the laat meeting of tF * llnar't wl'b tl ? far niniao Cen?i:l. bad t>**n r i.rlnded and tbe fur tli* tare "f tbe Sardinian paup?ra ? u ?. ? >n bank. Alter rruia I i rtlier comer ati on tbe l?*r?i a>ljouraed. Frtrtr. 'be ft.Ucwii f eta'ement it will be aeen that ibe C? aimii > toil U eter |."0,tX0ln dabt ? WRgll.T Bf MMAKT. Aliea rmifr?BteiTii*e4 to -"itli Inat IS f77 1o lanat.M in lk?4..,,(, I'eer?e*e tl la jear * 0*3 ' ti * aid'a lalaad I tl'. SUfage L*parta.eal I tijo Total ~t, Argtefet* ier*.pt? to'.vtb iaet .,,., $H 'ill To lit Mace ia beak Jan. 1. A| tft 4*. T'?al 11.4,1 '? U 1 /|fli|at? <*Kt r ,#?tn?a'a. ITt l.'< 04 Cveadnft !? Mr tan'e?' i'in . hi mriN, Fire DrpaiioMit ComBlttw. The Fin Department Committee of the Board of Al dmM net Wat evening, la Ike City Hall, 1'reeeot ? Aldermen Howard, Trowbridge and Bard. The eaae of Knglne Company No. 11 oomiag up, It wae decided to dismiss the complaint against the foreman James T. Murrey, for negloet of doty. The complaint again at Thomas Plereon, John A. Kchnek, F. J. Tonmej, and Penii jMoOirty, of Engine Company 47, for neglect of Ore duty, wai next con sidered. Mr. A. 0. Aloxix, secretary of the company, stated that out of aii ty two alarms of Ore in their district, Mr. Fohenck bad missed 38 times, Mr. Tourney 53, Mr. MuCarty it, and Mr. Pierson 32 time*. MghHen ot these klaime were serious Urea. Mr. Ron. M. Hibrard testified to great neglect of duty on the part of these gentlemen. Many uf them were ?ever a* the rnpas at all. He had keen to many Ores where none of the gentlemen were preeent. Mr. M. A. ItkAD, foreman of the company. said he eeotd swear be saw some of the defendants at fires. He bad m better Uremea in the company than the partie c rn plained of (laughter.) UiUWC. JUsrarb correborated the statements of tl>e eeeretaiy. These man bad not dene their duty. It oi ten- happened that oate seven men rolled the Sofia*, and that, too, over rough roads. M Niieitan. Mr. Itu? saM that the ifrergs w*? a malieieus one Theee f >ur men ware singled out, when there were other* quite as oulpab'.e. After none discussion the whole matter was postponed until n? xt Wednesday evruing, to allow the foreman an opportunity lo bring in the names of all who were ne glectful of duty. the next complaint was against the foreman of No. 47, for not signing a return of election ot 8. 0. alia ton. Mr. Kxah expliiinml. It was because bo underntrod Mr Allaton refused to do duty after election. Healdes, he had heard rumors which bethought juatifled him In withholding hi- signature Alderman IIowauii thought the foreman had no op. Mob, but wan compelled by a proper regard to his dutie? to sign the ceriilict'e. The CkaIR decided that Mr. Allston must he regarded as a llremun? a member of kngiae Company No. 47. Kt'NNINU ON XIF.KW AI.KK. Charges of running on sidewalks were preferred agaiaat Knglne ? ompany No. 8, K.ngiae Company No. IB, aui Hose Company No. 1. A8H4UI.T. A complaint wai made by Mr. Koliert C Armstrong, of Knglne Company No. '.'A, against hie foreman, John Cay man, for semiultlng and abusing him at a tire. This the foreman denied The Chief Kngneer testified that Mr l.?yraan was de- , cldedW sierated on the nigh* in question. To this Holt impeachment th? foreman said he wun not , drunk, only highly excited. (laughter.) lhe Committer suspendel Mr layman for one year. Arthur J. Hard, of Hose Company No. 38, complain?) that Hcok and ladder Company No. 3 run into them while going to a flte. Other matters came up before tlie Committee, and they , did not adjourn until a late hour. Police Intelligence. AI.LKGBD ORAM) LABCTbT ? AN OI.D DOCOK KKVIVgO. Yesterday afternoon a respectable looking m?n, to al' appearance, eutered tbe store of James George k Bro., hoot and shoe dealers, No. 17 Murray street, and re quested tbe loan of a directory for a few minutes His request being granted, he took a slip of p?per out of hi bat, and wrote thereon the number of some hotwe in Fulton street. He then left the store, not, however, without tird thanking thi proprietor for his courtesy. Ou going out of the store he wan met by an individual, to all sppearsnce acting as a porter. To 'thin person the slip of paper with tbe numbtr of tbe Fulton stieet house msrkcd upon It, was delivered by gent No. 1, as wes'iaU csll him, for the purpose oi dtrtlnguishln/ according 'o thilr merit*. No. 'I taking the piece or paper In bin band, rt?d It over once or twice, and then coolly lilted a cafe of boots sod sho>s, valued at $&l, which w?a ? Undiog on the side w i H, put tbe same on in shoulder, went uj. Murrey etreet to ItresdWriy, end up Rrnadway ?a far ?> he <ould conveniently go Mr George having Ken a ? ;tne>s to the whole rroctedinge. followed the :<*Min?'d porter at? collared Mm ere he ha 1 reached (lanrbere etreet. Mr. George roaveyeltbe porter and |-op<tt) to the office of the Chief of Police, where the nrrvste" party gave Ms asm* at tieorgo Htpe Halving II s?d wby he bad taken tin ^oo'ls away trwro tfce store ! In Vuiray stieet, he n d that 'a nhentleman ask m? t<> i take the g. mtsh to hlsh st< re in Fulton strict audlit ' ??!?! he would juiy me a quarb r for mine trouble ' Tbe I expla ration not being dirm-d antlsful'ory psrtitulirlv us Mr. N]<' end tbe bfota wore going in ?n oppns'te dl rrctlon fiom Fulton etreet wl-?u stepped by Mr (Iforge, be was locked up in ths lombe ou a charge of grind luii < ny. AUKIBT OF ALLKiKD Lnm.itV POLICY DgALIRi. lotne days ago complainta were ma le before Juatb e Wood agalnH a number of alleged lottery policy dealer In the > ietenth wsrd, wLo. regaidie.s of the waralugs I receive'! every I'ey, (till continued to violate tbe laws ty deal-rig in aid ailing lottery police* Warrants wt je issued for the arrest of tbe partie i complained of. snd yesterday the matter was brought to a crisis. The pcli'--- made quite a ha'il of these all-ge l lottery dealrr . Cm red hobb of Ttilrd aienue : Cornel. as Hutlivaa, of ; j avtaue H Ksimao Cah . of :;04Nintb <treet. John lol i anu Msrtin Kreebler, of Third avenue, and ?~ llordcn, of 119 I^jwIs > treet, aere arrested ant oouveyad lielor* Justice Wooil Ths 1m ok i ood paper- of the prl lomrs were ell m lied and brnght to ttie court room, lhe primmr were, oo being brought before toe mag * trat< siiirouiided by a number of frieod> wbe -yaipa tblr'd with tbeacet.i>?d in their hard f.ite, *r>l ?r.ti*at?d the n> igietrnte to mlnjft the prisoner i to ball, but the Jo-lice * on 1 1 not listen t> their sol cite Hon , sad lie.'d all paitlea for exauilnati' n ''apt lfarolen. It ap {?sreil, was not the proprietor of th- pli^e IT' I eels ? tree t, was arrested thr u|b a mittake of tbe olB:er' < It AK(>t OF KMMZSLCtfgNT. Yestirdsy altercocn sergesnt Mtrtta ind o(B;?r Rnei, attached to the Ctcond J' strict Police Court Jetferion rnatket, arrested a pereoa named Joseph P MurdklU, resl< lr-.' snd keeping a . tygoods store at No. 804 HleecV. er strut, on a charge of having embeiilel about It 0 0 worth of eilks, lacei, velvets, sr..". other fancy a-ttcles of ? rygMids, from bis late employer, W.lliata McKenrle, of llowery. It Is a!.cge?: on th>- part of the prosecntli n, that at-ou' four moi trie agnj th" pr.itoer was engaged by Mr. McKrcrle, as bis conBdintlal clerk and csabisr; 'net during the period of his olllfe, he maaig^l to em UrtU money at d (ro(>ertyto tl>e amount of perhaps tlliOO. That with tbe proceed* of hi- emV/^lem-nt be let up a store n Hleei?~r ttnet, with ti.e of doing a fl' urlsbltg bur ru es neit auuirner. lhe otfl ;?r? reised all lhe property ?xp' -e<l for sale In the store, and con lejeil ? to the .'second IHstrti t Police' ourt. where rbe greater prrtlon i f It was ileotiBe i by marks *n other w l?e, aa tiie property of the complainant Ab iut ?1 i f) worth of laoe velvets, end article" if drygoo i taWn In m tlm efr re of tbe ecroeed. was delivered over Into tbe ban's of the property cl^rk at tbe Police Court, i he prlsoni r was committed for etamlnation, by Juet.cs I ret nan kl.X.mru A PAI LT WITIt 4 DANOBHOi H WKAI'OV. Jot d K'H?r? iiropriitsr of an oyater ?aloon at 1UUiiii| ?tr?et, >u arreatwl ye?ter fiy hj Herreant MtoaflrM, < f tb? I ow?r 1 olio Court, on a rbarfe ?f having aa-auU rl William Milttr with as ire picker, lidl'tinf a <l??p ifanh in bia liea<! f).e rr/mplilnint ? ho dflm a la?#r Mer wagon tor I r*4ei lea VV. hbttlbt of 71. I'hat':?? ? ree t allegea 'liat bar n - < aU>-<l at the au oou o' tna i>ri>oo'r, aa u ual an<1 alter delivering to bia nom Ia*?? b;er. <"< n.?n!el pat meat for tbe Ityu'r >ub ???!?? i:i?po1e a/o<a betwaan the bojer an>! tl.a ?? l!er Hvm, I ii >lit|ei -na'cbe ; an pirkar ann atruca f-ttbner a violent Mow in ilia iaa '. inertia* a <:?ep rat fr m *h rh t !>? blood flra^ai fraalr Tbe aceuaad ?a? 'rourbt bafora Jnat re (Wart, at th? lower Polite f'oart who l.aM b,n fo* trial In riafault o* # on eba.fa of M rauH with a tetnatoua weapon AIUUIH BICTOt - AMB4T IM Tin TWIfTT 1UO.1H W AMD. 1 n Tu*"l?j o /bt rapt Witter r>f tha Twenty -?*oo<l a r I pc Iwa, HMhltf ta'ora. <t on that an affraj ?aa IB a low |r 7?rj atuaU-i a lilt; >aera4 ?treet. near ftalb aretue. baiwren two r**a! gan^a of ? oraetljr rbara' tare re?M?ota tf that oelgbborbo??d Taktag a t <.aae of Bia ? .1 ar wttb h m >e ?.*4e a daMMl tp? a tl ? ftamuae >1/ itirHtM H;'l Krai."a ars-1 I'M' I eipm Ibe .e,.!K? aa It a ail*g a ' of t' e r ?al par tl?? n?a Other* w? r? alao ta?aa into *? -V?.f eta rg'd with >?"? io>i>lirate'? ia tha affray A'l parUaa a?r* beicrw Jaattea f. anl f, at the f urtli Matrift IV lice ? aort at MM *M1I W tiMHMtlN, n ' be 1 "V plaint crtferrwi t>y **pt WMtar a (ft <rtber> ftnpieaae (<ihiI? K|wtlal Turn. I ?l?.re lion Jv g- ttitria 1 -In 'k'm*rc rf r r H Km* 'H't J /?. laraaai Sir-'rm Itraprr ia d tkr Muy.r rcrt -Ibi au!t ktoefl ?? 'Ve ??rt ?.ae???'"ft Pr? jeitj taae ?a? t*?a fr?'4U?at;/ baftra ,u. '.rib. at. a It ? aaa as- tiva to taaa* NMlti of U at pr*(?rta UM* bj t>a f umtaa oera '.f tLa tinair( fand a l%A>. It aaa bflay^'hat tba' ?mp'. -f ller wittost >r. < ?<tb n\j Mm '.be '? ?.mnal<o?r? ?olJ I' -.ot'.ta+nu I-a;?? 'ia .U I ?ala!-?.o| ifif. rt.1 I ?. ??? f ?a ' ' / ".ta tnt _ ? ra' an ar.' ?)*!?? 1 bjr tr? M?_?rr. Mr 0raf*r ?a? < &? ill Iba I'trartara af tae a ailwtM. a*4 aa ?^?b rc i<-l cot, . aier tta rbutar at lataat * pa.'e' aaa. af ai % r?al ?a4?te aob! bj ^be elty Ike daetlad 'bat i>.? prap?rt? m 1' t?r?aai ? y?d ta U.e rarjuratioa tiat tb? -'/*ta a ;'*?n f , Va ja <! bj lb? ? I'fMia 'alendatta, aad Vbat Ua a*f j ota..' fa pa/ t'-?'r o?a r?at OMtaarf, i Lied. a'. ! "?> ' oai;,'x/? B. t , an t'.a 1Mb laat , If . liiraAJi !!?'*?*?.' a ra*?la'4a?a'7 aaldiw, a?ad ?. /aa a Wi ?tt? :* V?a?? rr ? !>? ??> w kjftt *t>v a J J a ' a' ?p *a l? . 1 ' ar.d Caa?" W?a> 1 , <ai ia i#' t. ?*. H'l u la .???m .ilj'M, Political Intelligence. lilOHl LAV IN COMMBOTICtTT. A corre*pondoat of toe Boatoa Ttm m write* ItM Hue walk, Coin , a* foliowa ? HurrnK fee lleorge Law for enr aost fteeidawt 1 The proceeding* of th* hull 1< anla Lagialatare ia regard to thU, meeta with a heertr re*pa??o (M uuu a tm here, and v*ry m aay ef all partie* deeifoMe nnwtoiOi* Ia om it orcuri ? aaad who doable It'-euaot to* hard tider camfalga be re reacted, with all the eialtinet and popularity and certaiat) of eleetion? lea < Ditaccaac aad more reeaon T Ul ua t ry it. Hon. Jaum H. Theeiaa aad Mai. Woa H PeftklTl aaaouacei! the?*elve* candidate* for Qif raae la the Sixth dlatrlct ef Teaneeaee Uau Andrew Kwiug deeiiaea to be a can il. date tar the offloe of Uoraraur ef Teaaeaaae. Haae. R M T. Hunter and laaaw M Maaoa, the pre aeat I nited HtMea Heaatore free* Virginia, hanbtlh accepted Invitation* to aAdreaa toe Democratic Ae*>cie tion of Petrabnrg in the aeit wiaath A democratic city convention In fMm-tunati eo the 24th inat , uninitiated J. J. Kama far M t j?r. andpeaaed reaolvtiona denouncing the Know K thln<a The old line detnociat* aad th# Know Nothing. appoar to ho en gaged ia a warm cob teat. In Philadelphia, the old Uae whig*, who aeaeded ften the rteeot Know Nothing Mamtlea hald a e>?eUac oa th* WM> lnat., and adopted reaolutioti. denoaaci denoaaclaft political orgaaualtoaa, Mki (oeaaaawadiai upamMea of the waif party tfeaa Mae oraat Neal Dow ia to l>e tne caai'iilate of the temperance men for Mayo* of Portland, Me. Una Jamea I MHotib haa been nominated la opposition to D>w, by a citiaea*' meeting. On the Xld Inat , an election wa< hald in S?:e?, Maa? to fill two vitcaiiclea In tba Board of Alderaaeu lha American caall'latm were elected CHAN UK U> nit KNOW HOT II IN (J liBUUhKM IM (MUO. It ii abated that th* flrat and *econd degree* of the American order in Ofclo Wnve been eenaolidalad, aul now constitute the lirat degree. The old third degree ia aow tba aecond; and a new degree, cal ?4 th* "t'carlat," haa beeo tubatituted for the okl itird cegree MOVtMBNTS OK TIIK WUIOH IN M AHHaCtl I'-tltT I H. At a recant im-eting of the Whig -*tet* i>ntral Commit tae of Meaaachunetta, tha aahjeet of itWbandlng tn? whig (arty wan cnnaldered, and many prominent oiotubeM of tlie committee advocated it, and proposed to build up in ita itead a Vuitn party of all ofipowd to Know Nothing Itm. TOWN BI.MCTIOM. Tbe IVehr-W ill village election (-nine off on tha 29th 1h* American ticket, entire, wa* elected i ver the fualun ol Seward \ Co . hj majoritie* fm-n 70 t?< 1 JH In Went larm , Weatchi'ater <-ounty, the American ticket i* alerted by a majority of 'Jilt ? clear through The election In Kya, on the '.nth inat , re mltel ie tha choice ef Jehn K Marshall, ait) Knoe roih<ag and Maine law candidate for Hupervitor, by alg'it taajority. AMBHICiN HTATB RXBCUTIVK COMMITTM Uf OHIO, ih* following ara I tie name* oi the state* Ccnin.tUe oT tha American orgamiatlin of (Jhl>j ? 1 .strict 1 ? I)r. K H Newton, Cibciunati 'i ? VS II. 11 Taylor, Nor h lleoi. J( M[.l> liar et, llayton 4 ? Jo?*ili ('uiumiog, Kldaejr ? John I'aul, lietlancr. i?CLnmberx Ha rd, KipUy. 7 ? J C IiUbiavr, I.a0a:.?o. H ? J. V. Guthrie, Ort.ana Iliory thberl, Tiltln 10 ? S Li Wallace. Chilli-. tb? 11 ? J. 8. Weiai I.ythopoli* 1.? I, (1 Van Slyke, Columb .a 1 J? Atxo* Toen?end, Mai-lieid 14 ? L. I'unl, i lyrla. 1.'? A Denn'iig Norton, Woun; Vitin l( ? JoUn < ilaiiitt, /.abaaville 17? ! r It liitmlltoa, Mortietown. 1* ? h. M. Mil, ' uyalioga Valla 1U? Wm T Smith, Cleveland '.c? I) Ca Swell, J*IIeri>oa. 21 ? II I> Worthiogton M^riu* KuQtier ia tli* Mat* Tr*a*ur*r of '.a? Order city liitetllKrncr. MiriuMt*' Is titit* ? J*me* T Bra"/ i *q will !*? iivar a lactuir before tbia aociety thia evening, coumaac log at k o'clock. < o the eubject of the 'Motlueaa* of I a? ful Inven'.li a* on Hochil life '' Afl%< ".taoce f eatoall. Tlii* ?hcul ! n't-act a largi audl*n*e, a" Mi llraoy la t n* of our OiO-t aMe and ?:li|UFB*. *praU*ra i n* aeaaou ia about mewing to a cloae anltlioae eli . A*ai:e to iwai ? MiBietlitnu that i? t ra-t'eal ia tbe of a lectur* aliouid Lot loao th? . tma' < p|<or' ?a tn do >o > HkMioi'H AccniMiT to a I'oijckm *v ? Veetaruay after noon, nvnut 4 o'c 'ock , OfH -er IJedaar, of the re?*rra<! i ccrjiN *ta1i"Cii oo Uroadway, near Pu. oc 'ree hail Li ? 1 ialt Ug be ktn liejoe the, by b-ln< iaorked down i by ooe of :be Itmadway o'.agea ehlle ia dim- ?r(> i f hit . duty. Tie Mat cr '..av og iaaaod aa rrder ?' iD? .yi ago 1 to tbt ofllctra rtatii ixd on Broadway to Leap all i mfai | bu'fa trave lin^ .a t..?a tie roughfare ?? n<*ar t?i? '.nrh ?tnne aa ?'Table, Oltlier l.lndiay, w (.tie eadaa'or ug to >top a itage that waa '!? tn ng coen tha <: litre i f Rtil ?a? ut a I riil. rata, an to make iLe ..iv?r t*ei. the right aide of be ftreet, wa< aaf'.rtunaulf m - >ed ' down, ao' had hi leg lintkeo, ?ither fr"<n a kick o' one ?A the borat , or by tba wh?<*l* t>a*?inj( . f#r Hi' ;.i?H, the ofli; . aa* imntiiM to the S* ? to'k II ipl'a! for med.^ai Uta'nii'nt A Cllli.i or Jul** It" >T*> na ? !*? t u j h t rIB ?r Hu'lttoc of tbe ( hU f a < fliea, arte ?? x gtu el I ? inj man, lnn>>elf t barlea Oral an oa a chatg- of ?epreaenting li.mtelf to be t e maater cf Use achocoer \ Th< ma? Hicka ly'.tg In the a'.ream aid pnrchamn/ fnur banel. of ?*<?( fnxaa Bin la We*t*tr*et, value 1 at 110, 1 ordering '.hi m to I.- ?> nt to a certain (ler for atipiaea., ' and the t II to be pre ert"l to th" af^o". < lo 8>i ?d 1 Itrttt for paym?it. Til* b II waa preaeate and | all by 1 the ageota . o< n >'.er tl.e legitimate Cap'ata am* J cogm nt ? f the tra'aa' t. o arid IDim lately gave notice lot tae aneat ol lie aliege-1 awliMar Hi ? oflic-r i *rreat<d th* *ccu?*<'. an<t *ub e<|aectly to ia<t two of the t>* .'relief Hour at a grf / alo; In Teeth av nue, ?l.e-? 1 It lia^ ' eea l?ft ly t.ralaai. Tl.e piituner wai ieUit-d fcr t iaailr at on. Fitta r* V ati. rrawkT ? On ? ueaday a<enlng, aherUy i aft?r f*ven o lack I' l.cet an Cahlll, of the Klr*t ward, >ai (i.H u pMi to a# i ( ii putting out a Drain tba [ Vu lding No fs U . . atreet It aeem* tbe Are waa dla roreri 1 nnd*r t'.a beartfc of a ftr?p'ae* la thenll ? of Mr Oeorge r- It on the aenond (o?r. The leam* it appears, hid heen carried nad r the Br?plac> o toe h artli ?toi>* hnomlng i rakt *.ha horn r < cm t?r. fall, ing tbtoag.. tbe cr'vi-M, aet the heansa on ire i he Bra waa eitiniiulehed w th a few |*ll* of wat?r lilt ii UoKfiH hrntxr ~ On Helte day surolng. h* tweeolow itJ tveo'aloca, a ll-? kr> ki urn ia a ?atl' porttr honae aept by Mr* tlarn, at No %A M"-n? ?tre?-f, near Wert ?-r?a*. Ifieflamaa ?<*r a,r?at ti the ad oinUg prem.aO* kept b? i.nio'.hy lla.iw.o aa a juo* ? top wlirie l?a pro ?re?? eat arre?ied by the liaaro. Ihe occupao'l ' the pnatiaea were not icbre' tae i'aic*K> eueta uad will proba* ly ari,oua' altogether t? at out I&.0 Th* (Ira i- auppaa. ! to have l.aeo tbe raaalt of acciua at. ttor f onrt? Part II. V$'i -e Mai: J ud<e |hn>?a aal a Jury mroWAhf to i>*' ai^ns amfi tagt m* Maa< ii St ? Itt murl H MkMM a^ainf Th' Vc*i fork < Uy Hi' Iniwan rr <'n ? Th ? we* ao action t.rong' t by the p' Mttoft *.i* above co-upaay, ? a a pol" t of ln? .rare #flected by tba ia'tar >?? ple'ot lf a *v ? of t and raster a ? for making the aar>? ">ntetiedia a three atory fratae Jwel iog ? tnate on tfafoa ?ir??t, J er??v f.ity 11,* Jrt. i',r waa .ia'el Feb IK, ICti for t '/? 0, pr?c. utt. 1 .7 ii). for Oi.e <*%i Th* preaa.asi t set Is 1 1 ? p? wer* Ctat o;ed by lie >a '.h* ..'?rb of J aly I^tit aad tha property ooveroi by U.? je/li cy aad eaataiaed la toe buiidi/.g ?a? aieo de<tr'iyei at tl.e ? am* time The *?,'. throng!.! U mw r tl.e auai r' t00 th* *a.> net J tb? yA ft aad le ?r t la* de'eedanta " htan'ed that the; aever had r vc4 tbe pivl a from 'te p a r,Mlf a^4 all ' that th? ! gi *?a notice *0 tem that uele** ha iut< vu pa tk?itb the poilcf weald be cacceiaid, which tLer % /? we* (oil ea tb? r L?ok* ',n tie Vj 'i of apn', 1- ? It >p prated Uiat U laitraaa toiw niton eat ? etT, andaile<l|f he waa'>1 h ? ctoch a*ur*d I tilT r* j.l.ljn *ad *abe"]oeatly the b'oier bw>ag ? m tae f-i.'j || talu', aad received t a preml 'eirna he i.e'en.1* o "a a. ?ge<! that t b?y i ? r w?l i a pee r* ua and tke-efoi*, a^rard:og u> the term* i.f ?a* p?.|i cy, w?-a act |lab!e the f ' urt c arg? I tha' th* ^elleorv rf Mm aaMey waa )el*t/l V e video' ? ?' 'he ui:e i ~ hav og We*e paid an-i ? re'ted '.he J'.rj Ut rend?r a reft! t fer the a t if for Vit a . . jn? an t lntire*t, $i tei oi He 't re If a Jm'it b > .wn la III eae* of Joha Poitiat a vi the tr| et " f ae I r* a r gf ? ^ipen?, frej'jr'ed la (?e'e-'ay'i HaaaLO ) t*ie jury, b* og uaebl* ' agree, w*>* .ialarg*t t'ntUd t whwNiIwik'i ( ?nrC U?'W J+ut A. Kaq. #r i / .?r> Mi? MT or *Uj' ? ram atl*ktio mmi?. m. M >?< a 'if ? 7*? t n*t,4 ?u .? m Httrpkf KtUf, 1rtk? n? '?.?<* ?? ) farrH! IV ??"????? II IfeM - Ma ? u> t?r !? U?1 #!????? >?>?!. ?S?" h?? ?f ' ?a?-l Mr M I . IMI/O Df ?NIM< '? f l*n llftotM't, MlAI'M Mul i)k'< u v tl; i Net to #? <at*?u?ia ik? afct r* ? I !?-'??? kf ??*? If 'b?T? ha Uh< x i HHjMW ??li MM ?? f ir.Vt (M mi U Wr t'n; ?r? ??? ?h?r??' ><??? f, aa#l >? ?f lfc? ? Ml ?f l?l?, il fmlMi IM Mai P*m>> ???? '?r ?*><?(? '?( ii*1! ia<* ttw CaiWat i? ?? ? tbll ? ( plUa ?.alf I' U> ????!>??.? ??<?? j |T?d? *h* r? m'T ? Im i?m (Nknt M i Ha n?li WlMW **a '.^Hm 'h?t tk? v? ?*?"?* t? ? '??? ?* UiMtf (to. I h?r?'' fi j (??rr*4 tt.? II ?? IMl'll'IM t-rf I', pmwiia Una Ufa a 7 if U?I ?<* ? i i h i U) ?<- ?Vaa lb* ' kv|a I nMM MaUl OMrVI iMrt Hivriiuwm (wit _?? ??>?* ?' < ?? K I ?"U M? ?* ;?^?a Ha->? Kaa "-aaw t?*?- *UA i i?-v ?i ??. ? w | !?*??*< fi?rt ???????# k!? 'rw p??H ?? M *?f?lf I . Wr? TMMt?f |(H>|| ?.?. m ? ?? . if M??; i ?Ut. INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. Mm rift II AND BCftLI* COftftEflrONVKHCK* The Soppreiued Pamphlrt on the War Sup poMd to hive bcei Vfrittes by Prince Napoleon. THE GREAT EVENT UV RUSSIA. Our Pari* Cwrwy? iinw. I'aui, Maroh S, IMi 7TU .Hacnd of Mmrch ami 4 striking CoincidnetS ? MlUVMI Dr+lkl nj ? <tlr/,ra/ni KnymMicaa mmd ? Pmnrfui Vttpoi- l>upont, (tie I' Mur?>? A'tchafog, MM CtOt ? .lfMuimlivni / frnttk Jou mala. Tbo 14 of March, IHift, will be memorable on lewuM of a atriting oo.neideece. Oa tb* Mia* .lay aad alataat at tb* ainv hour, a nighty Iap< rwr aad a almpl* ottl M( who alto bad ba*n rataod to tha head of hi* aaUaa, ?>aa?l to mIM Tb* tfcar MMh ?H anatrhad from tb* nplendor* o f hi* capital, tha | of bl* pow ?r, and tha bouaClea* project* of hit aorta tloa Dupuni (da t'Rura) ended peacefully la hi* ratal bom* a Uf* *till Ira* ranerakW lor It* mlnwrilMiy laogth than for tb* rar* political probity aad the oaa ?taat d*?ot'on to liberty whicb had <H?t nguiahai it Jaoquaa l.barloa Ilupont (>'* I'Karo) oa* b?ra at Itoa bourg, od tb* ',17th ol February, 17A? Oa tha 27tb W miry, 1WM, b* pr**nl*d, a> mrmbtr of tha I'rortiloaol goTcrcmaat. orti a lolnna f?*t. ?al on tb* /'luidtld Haitil*. Whan be ba l conclud*! aa rtax|uaat addraaa, Arago eiolalaiail to the Aae.ably ? " It I* algbty y*ar? *f a pur* aa t patriotic, lifa abn-h *p-ak* to yon I" la that* tnw watd* hit- bin, raphy tra* complete Oar owm ronntryoita mil remember fcl* rnr .la'. aympktby with Amoricana Oa vim day lut.aalng the faatltal to which I baw al'aiM. h* iwium at the lln'ei de VUta, Mr. Runh, the I'ni'ed -late* Mil inter at I'arla, aa<l *atd, a* bo ? book band* with him, " Id pew pU fian^a i< HrillO nam dtt pniplt Amtricmin " ? Iba K>*?rb penpla *ha*a band* wl'.b lb* Americaa p*>pto Tha Uat rear* of tha venerable ?? I'retldent af tb* Gouccl w*ia pa tee. I la w t:ieii.*nt at Koug*p*rrier*. (litre bia waa oartr wlthbald frt m Itua |>ollti**l frUoda, a?r hia charity from tb* pior, iDil where, to tb* Uat ai. meal, be re tain*! bath bia talaat a* a charming aarraloc, and bta *lnf*r* attachment to republican I4*aa. Ill* fuuoral, jaatarday, ocraate**d au liainan** con court* Tb* flr?t cereim'nlaa wer* p*rfofniad la the IU t>* eliureb of Uoigeperrtera, which waa *o intl that tb* majority lad to kn*a! iiutall*, li*a*ath tiaartu'a own arrb. tb* funeral pro ?***>. n, after t**ka?a' walk ? let all pieferrad fol'owing oa foot? had r**cb*4 Nrabouig, ita church, alto, though of cot* derable *(re, waa fouad too aaiatl. ana tb* lar^* aquato fa fmatof it wa* crowded w.tu ba'rd head* aad kneellaf foraa. Amcag tee forai*r coOeague* aad p lltical frlent* of tbo vrueiabla Lupout, who ware pieaeol, weia aotiood tia raifnac. Marie h?a r> Caraot <>arnl*r-l'afo*, (iead ebaot, Vaulaballe, llarrla, Jul** uiua 4e 'Hbera, H. rangir, IWtlia at, Haatil* Ac, wbo waf* uaaUt ta bo pr*?at. bao ?eu; Utter* of euuea. Ilteataaf U<a pnbt i I I'l.ur*) ta at* a?f? ug >a lb* army before It* baatopol Wkatnaer laurel* be i.i*y wa a* ?>*!!>** iaiii.i ' bo more prrclau* taai< t a Li uar whicb bo alto rlt* a* a mib of ito h*io ot |/*ae* of coaoord, aad of tutu* ? loui I rtoci' auw in iuib* rou bare am art y recoltad by tha *t*am*r wbkh l*(k |j* ip<M.I i ,%*t laturdav, tie .-w*"| iltatlt of K*a oernr Mi o>a*. Ily be ?teau> r e'.lrb wlllctrty tbia dtar ;ou ?r l' itcura 1 urapeaii .o iraal* eoaflrati tg tba L*r?t au . t?' tnl' K w ItU b|o^r*poli^al nul ?*> o( tba lata t l*r, a* aj?rul?V , aa oa tli* po-ait le OK'. .e^u*o a* wt tbl* ????? at You cao ot (Ml t-> aotica tb* dtllereat t??o* ? itli wblch tli* fl*a> u avl tb* *.i.i(t'*ti jouratU epeak of tktlr | a' ttemy, eh- m >.?*tti ba* *o uvia? t*4ly laid I * In lr>uc* .tie*.' la* au<- ?at *?a liaeal i*f re?p et (or tb* 0*ail baa ? jrrital aul u a ared ny i*oth mih all a. ? -, aL'l all i mka Y"u w .1 a >t i<a *^rpr a*d ILtti, to laaiu "ia' tb* ? ? ljHft?uro ot akuxr* aoaga ?iaiti*t Nlcii >la* liar* hr*r aritlel, aad thai tUa ndit<?* of Ui yrll .(? J' unit'*, of *1. *'-<?<!?. of opia'oa, bar* ni t I ear a '1 beng at'cuaed of t)atpttlty wll'i K i**ia If tbey uiilt? n ii' tc'tiUi( ' li- *ui?rl r <(uehUaa whicb r lii.vr *d the Ct.nn. - 0' be N rill no uawoitby foe, aa tl*y*ip;'i* it, ?f b* IV**l*in I'owara. II* mli*ry kill, ...? pr> fi.'ift l ? iplo-naej , bl* .leal adm aietratieo at lit * a, ai <! bl* piatdio |- r ? ai p?*raa *. ( whicb laat attilbal* *Uc !. t?u reao loSor vba cliararler l> c ? iupi in lit o' a am i- I r-aiu a'lc.i, 1 that ha vaa a'mirakly rut out 'or th* part oa au 4*. tuie.i to (lay ia t be world' ?all bl. r* aafia b'" qnaMlea I *?? t**a (f?0*r* a. t fto elalged by tho a* ru* Unaeh jnuroaba a .to charge him witb >a.,rdl r.a<e *iiik t n I aatd n. t repeat tbi-n remark t (or ta* . it - f ait cftr ? f K i?. ? ha se t a' wher* m?a? fully aad < i riecUf *| pfclated tba . in t be I7||M Hltlal aad M '< ? real b.a coiitrtkote \ mo?e tfaa the ^?w Xnmm llnuui *? f'>tir the pr> va l iig nplaioa of bia ia that uraatry You will 'etrtrV that neitner tha fierniB tha fraaeb, at r tk* Kaglttb pre** ha* b*?a *orpt.*'i i. ? tba '.eatb of .'*Ul o;?* luto turb aitrnaga-it b"P0* or I a paa-afal r. ti**-<|u*'.r.. a* llie IVior*e at once laaalfe* a' a'gait e*nt ? .a ogh la all tt* onw pal capi'ala of K^rap*, ncip' a Itei lin. rbaAwli w>lb< ut <obteeliag taa ia pa:la:oe o' "the lea tli of th* -Mef o' Mile la a OMpotle g e?r. ineat," and aotoi ' bat aad ng I ta <la*ir* th*t tha III pe* af p.*c* wbirb it b** ?i lied m*? ba r*ab*ad is not *o ntnatna aa toe Ki*a*h .paeolaw'. war* or pro t?t tJ I ' a ?b? Jolaed *ag*ri/ la tla* up*ard ???!] il 1 1 ea??ed an tiaxa ..a .e r.? of u ar.y itte f/aa.-a wb*a It a a*wa wa* iflrtiaaf li.e A ihmbt't ?Va n niJ? ti.iiha that a"ortiag ta all pti'at I aa tb* Ufl^anaetl Ike reaal ereai aul bo let a la for I*-...' hoi, a> i*rt a Itl Uiaao aha ?b oold be I are tt.*' Mac* I. re.Uirad would ru a great ?i>ka of t? ag mi.'aaea lb* f n?aa y ?.u*iy raauga.aa* tb* bard of IVotb otee In tk* tin* *i.i< h taat?-a la flute but "t\/ praya tkat ' out of tba Impeaatratl* ?by*- of IXrlaa c lacl'* th*re loay i.a>,* a d- ? Igo of r <? in |a?e .n aad of peace f -r loa worH It t a Jrmmai Un Jttb+it yoa will ga t aom* late^ot itg lal'^mat i.n fr- m Ita c(fa-n*n.|-au at rft l'?l*r* I. rf r*ape ing 'he fa' * I lhu-*> of tba Oaar It ap p**r- t) at tb* ^a.paror h'ohala. had h**a *IU lor at. at tatlra "*)? abea i* *a<!*at*lta lb- ill of March, h* bad brea '. al oe! Ui I.l* l? l .la-t t .e I>1!| o' f?k ni.r* Iba *arr**p> *' eate af the /Vko'? atinta'a da lea > tili |i. *^ ie of li# lal*a*<ty a' Ilia aad, ba coat nu?d I.'* o.oal i.atite of a*ar<i-a. ?te.<a4 tba eo!') i r* la tbe - tag f aak*, paa ad laag f*rk*wa aetiied or tea ng enrjuitg h:at**lf aad <n -te'aii .in. at tab II a tba piaaaaUaai waieh bia teettl tba e?a*ptieaai rigor of tli* .I.o. ate i.,?lie Iba ober- *a too* uf kio ft a. iy *td of III* B*ai . an. * I ** r .aate fal . I ta lalaoO i.'i.i to a adify bta *ctl*l<y of te take c*r* of bi* b*?ivh. II* ea> la ti e ahlt id *aying I .a' be bal ei r e il*g tie twin jar af yeai* abai '.led had ? -aaided ta tba mi a iff ? I b a it ce, a<. : tt e t b.t oaa da* Ik iauid aoV I* far .* 'ail Kbit ? I ai ?? U*.t ?!?'? allaf tlaa I'flk ta Ua aaa ? .! ? a a' t?? ( u/'l k-aii . ' Ika ?,a .a |ak ky tl? Voi itiml 4*4 /tr'*u wh ? It ?l-u I Wat ? p?f ai; 141 af Ika laug ?f >mlU'i wl\? (Col Iaaai4 I* Uaaa but I f M. but, tL? ilW ?bf liftka of tlM >??????. kai " M !???, >,? UM Itlll takflaaff , M tills, M4 Ih?4 Ik* It- *1 rf<a4iUba *a? a ? D?M lart ?l haa V* Jai'Jty Mm ? Uffl'.aa* that It* I HI '?(! ? *? W tmtp < <*?*, tk?ii '?>*!? 't>t ? jiiiHiitif 1 a ^ual'<r Mijoiut m t '*?? ?da >???! 01 >i ?k M 1 *4 1mm MflMi >? IW J'- *sJ <ist Ithmli fl?a? aaaaral k oa^i' >1 <U la 1* laaja' Mag Ik- a Hltltlln ?f ft .aaia (I* Mrt| b) k ta 'a'haf I* Iha a#a r? ?f '-.a it, u ?i>M il W ttl lW<*Wf if M* !???#? M rlil f*<ptaf a??at* trkiak (at* tia fi?)?-at i * taafcr a a to a Ma hlwall tiHi.) k iM u?; at i *W?.-aj la t '?* ;aalkaf U ? fit la K a, mii I'-aJa.raaJ la* MWi ? "f ?f ?UrttaM w? i ha Ufia4 (hw 'tf far>ai ffai Ual < ' kla Ittktr, a a/ aa^aatllf ? 1.. IB' ? fa* If a? n|ki|y >1 w atia*; lul ta? ft Ik ? I"!1'1 klaij a 1 1 1 '?ra^ Uta t?*i?i aaa'atai- *4 l>f IN 'at fiat >A ?' 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