Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1855 Page 2
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 6789. , MORNING EDITION O II K HER ALD. THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. NATIVE AMERICAN KKVMdLS. ANNIVERSARY OF WASHINGTON CHAPTER, 0. U. A. IINKCIt TO 188EHBLTHAX BDODE8. ?Speeehei of Daniel Ullman, James W. Barker, aad Others. PATRIOTIC SENTIMENTS AND SONGS, *?? ?Sw., Ous. Ifntlvr American Celebration. THK <JCEhTION BglTLBV? - l>ANIIri. CLLMAlf NOT A JMMJOO ? HPKKCIUS Or JAMS8 W. BARKKB AND OTHBB8. Washington Chapttr O. t' A. celebrated the tenth annivereaiy o* the organir.atioc of ihe*aooiety by a din atr *nd ball at the Apollo Ko>ma. on Mood*;' tTtimj Quite * large company was present. and among the guchtl w< re Daniel I'llican and James W. Baraer. At half- pant 9 o'clock tbe gueat* net down to aa escel'ent sujpsr, wh'.ch rat duly dlacuaaed After the oloth wa? ramcT?d the touts proceeded In the following order: ? 1. Tbe o?y we celebrate. Reapcnoed to by Wn. W. O. Mou.rr, who Rare a rapid aVetch of the chapter Since it* orgaaimtion, they bare recced $1S,0>0 an 1 exp-nded $1,000, and have no* a laige aurplua in the treamry. 2 The mecory ol Washington Drank in *:l-nce 8. of the Revolution? Men of honesty of purpose, well worthy of emulation by the statesmen of the present cay. To thla Mr. Jamkh W. Barkkr responded, ai fol lows:? Mb Chairman ? It ia alike an inatruotive and refresh ing tank t<> review tbe character auil aits of our re vol u tionary atat.- -men Fr- in the couiemplatim, the culd eet and inoat unpatriotic heart nia; ?*th?r warmth am inspiration America ia proutotihem Their hiatory is her history From its rarlis?t tu'unt Ktruiiglea to It* present ei<ut.and widening power, the compress of their msjeatic character hut been stamped upon bar institu tions. It is a peculiar obaraatari.t.ic of our American statesmen that thsy hare end l-lt an individual in press tp?n >he institution* of their country, which its enlarged resources nod expanding territory canoot eOace Oi: er conn'riei can bo.iat of m?a pot stalling aa comnanding taUnt.. as exaltml Re. niua. but with tbe age in wil h they lived tbe eflect* o* 'heir administration hare passel away. Other meu bare arisen and other lilea-i h*v? prevailed. The lives, however, of our stareamea have been a cor - ?erratic n to one grand idea. Tha* ide* fount it* birth in the bitter end relentleee per?e.:ution? which charac terized tbe leigu of tee bigitel Papist James II It spring. aa all great and atfutary reform < spring, from 'great eufler'ng The Majflower bore hith?r a few apirita who dareo to put it in pnetice And tbi-i wan tbe germ of thete American institution! an>l principle* which hare made ua what we are and w?lch it i* our duty to protect and defend From tbe landing oo I'lymoith Hock to tbe present day we <-an point to an uniroksa line of statesmen. ail Mendtn* their powar and coose cratlng tbeir energies to tbe advancement of thmr com men country. And, sir, one trait to wnlch you allait-d I wiab to particularize, that la, tbeir honesty of purp >s?. There i*. air. a deep signiAcsnce in thia langusge, ? pon which we might littiogiy p<iod*r ; it wn? this which. above everything viae, nave character and immortality to the ata^amen of tbe revolution. Without It, tbe at.'iteam.n nirro ? s into tbe dema^ujue ; before it. commanding tal-nta, ttie lustre of mllitarv re nown, fade into inaigniHcanee. Waahmgton receiving tbe (-word ol Cornwailia. at Yor!;t'<?n. wan m mimating ?pectacle ; i ut A'aahlngtun, in liin farewell a Idre-a, re Klgning h?i Lonore, M a aubl:mer a more g onnur spec tacle lliere ih a teoden y amon< our atatuauinn of the pieeent day to depart from tbe principle* purau<?l by our fatbeta Tbe introduction of fnre'gn elHiuoot^, and the immenae in>migralic>u of t b n -e of udrer-ie prin Mplet, baee turned the current of p t noil <m into that of par local Piroiutcent It ii- the duty of each flitiMa to exert his lndivkuaj power to d r?ct it we <n ?tate? men la a fxei't eaa and hoo?*t.r of purpose ? a pur* and atendy cevotlon to Am-rlc.m >nter-.rta. There a-e tiioae among u* cow who are fearle-a and uacampromUinf in the.r cevotion to the prindpi*'. of true AaeiictoMm. Among th? early atat?am?a of the country who partici pi-ttd n ih> itrugglea Am aalT-iin/', and only survival u* tee tbeir topea accomplUDed. w-re Wa-tiiugtou, th? father ot li ? a cvuntry. Franklin, .letfr raon, John idam<, Hanccck, Patrick Henry Maol ."n, Jay, who went to tbeir re?tm< place* crowned with tiooorand llieir m?mo lie* enahi ined iu the Hear a o' a free pe- pie. In late J- are we bate L-een l>l?aaed with namea ?li<e iinmorttl obn U. Adatce. Jackton, Claf, Calhoun, Clictun, Web ater? the? roobavegon' to j:>io tbnae kindred apirlta | who had left tbe conatitutlon for tnem to <uard. hi> ? i tne 1 iafor.1 of tbe paat aa a at mnlsut to defend the clo- j noi a I t ion ? r?ate<". Thank* to th-tn, the .'oa-citutm-i ha* toVb?en aaaailed. tbe I nion a safe. We ht*? ief [ amoDgat u- men whs are equal to the emirg ncy of th ? ' time, and ti-e H'atc of New Vurk h-ilda lutr ahare of p?- I tnoti ? aona wbo will be ever fonod at tbeir ao*'. *mong whim I rr* y with aafety name I'utnsm, Brook*, Goo-twin ! and Whttnry. atateemenall In their baud* the American party 1a tin- Mate of New York l? crrta n of aucceaa. Mr Barkrr t< ok hia arat ami t great appUuae. 6. The Buldiete of tbe Rerolutioa ? May they, when the laet trump ahall eound, muater un er the ataod?rd of titir old generni. To tbi* .iuti. W. Masom reipondai! at aome length. Alter ainK-ac by the glee eluo the alvtu io?at waa ! -. ,veti - f American Nationality ? it erer be a living princi ple, giving unity and chaiac-ter to the repuolic Mr. I'LiJt'.s was calleo lor. and after gr-*t aucceeiled ii. making liim-elt hearo. lie tbanwed t;i ccmpany for >h? honor they bad done him anJ pmeeede 1 to enlarge upt.n tbe toaat lu tbe course of hia re marks In- c* timed to be a native of the jute of Ltel* ware, thoneti ?be tott?r part o! his life h?d b?eo a >eot inVewVor* He drew a picture ot America a* comy ire 1 with otl-tr ration-, ana bop?l thst it would nerer be like (Jerm-D*. France. Fnglan l or Ire'md. Mr. I'll men el<?eil by reiterating the toa-t be reapoade 1 to Th^ae rrmevVa are important, it aom ic.h a* taia Is tse first t tne Mr. UUman ha.- diaclaimad b?ing a natire of Miridoetan 7th The Defender* of American interests at home or abrrad Kftpondcd to by Jacob R. Rncco. 8*.a. Ti e f ate of New York t.reat In Wealth, Agri culture. at'l Cotnmerc*: writ worthy of her mot, o, "Kx e?l?ior Hf-n K P. Harkiiw r?*|>oc'!wl in a apaeoh of great ability. Dtb. Oui Invited Oae?U- Welcome? thi Ice*. Mr. Bi'n.Kh, (Irand Hach-m of t- ? Order, responded nt folio* a ? Mr. (.bmrman, >n f%-poujin? to tbe ?>nt ment ju?t given, (orcoit me to ?ay that I /rent your welcoma; j but wlto I me?t. >ir, the brelhr-n o; ilia Order. an 1 ea peciaJly tbe m mheraof We ',ln '?oc Chapter. io regalia, | ttira ?mis; to be a home- (vltt^oa between ui oat ! prompt# mi- to forge- tbet I run ">e an invite) g'i*<t \et er meh a the r?alit> and i cV?*r'ully ac<nowlcl/e ' it. Bnt Mr ('bal'man, th<- tn-?Te?t enjoyment o ' got km l? not fq .ad in t imply xeio< pre?eat at the 1 ?t v* b- an! o' t: e I bited llretbreu? It ia In ?itn???inir tie fc .nncnr rotating among th?m upon tbe tenth anciel Tftorn of a period Brat uniting th*in Id the cauie of Utlr routry. Id the ??-.ho< I if putrtotiam, air, to w?*.cb job aie attached. It la ktt?wn that a loea of truth, <i rd an t our rouutry nie I oca ted aa the unl'j'ie laa- | l?" pr- rlaiu>e<i hy tbe three great cQartera or our It** iee? tlj- lit l? H rll, Declaration of lodeponden ja, and |'/CB?Ututton " of tbeee L'o 'e I Mtatae and while \?e ac' ore ledge upon tbe part of your m-raoer Mp a Grin determ>natirn to mnnian inviolate I roagerut ih?? broad and lappy I'uiea ttM llberU*K | ' |Ulrei1 un ? r thoee great ohurtere, ?e jet real re in I ? prteenct uf <be latrer por'-unof your Invited gu*a'a witrniM a r<'mnienf ah>e rex'meaa on the part of ur chapter to embrace all favoraole opportanuie* to it to poeUrity th? b are sue eajor. i e enerriee of eound jwltlDvnt tiyou a* a body poll. 1 i m'>et h?artily approw. lor la the echool of patriot- j . from wbi a proceaeta tbe trotlii'il American ??nil- { a it, ti trr m u-wl of uiaay an I rarloua l?*ch?r? . end eo capable, -ir. of guidlft* tbe aouthful tnind ia the , * way o I i alriotiau) aa "he who watcsea over the Aa/7? ixu with a materaal aol citnde? Incrafor*. air, jjta ? charleh ami welcome to yoar a x-tal reunion* JJ,< ,jiti bit ? better Lalvea and foul *iat?r? of the *->n< j ?Khirgtm Aid, Mr Cfcair oaa. t.n heuait o. tbet ion of yrur invited gi*? a ? the Ut,?- 1 woull , uk yoo ft'r th? cou'teel a o' th ? er*o<nar. I nair *p ? vine enl'ei *a; rant ai> aaeurio* you tiat t >ey art ' v j aad eillmg to eaact ibeir part in tola gr-at t n? an m"vem>nt They are reaty aa ! willing to all u* olieealnaticg tbe trutblul U??on? of our patriot!* ea, ami 1 tr ,iat, air. It may not be a far oi>taa'. p?tloi ibeo tliay a)| will be naited ilauaiitara of America k eeaclutlen parmlt me to offer you, air. Tbe Hap'i-m of 7V-thi eaervd p'e 'ee thpmih eb rb ludreC ap ri?- (torn T*rlout ciimee fonnl a nee nation al ktrtfc ai-1 were brought fortb aa the ehoe?n if ()od, ^adacSre ll.e tnaUenalile r ghteot ratn that their all ien end clill Iren e cldldren ebould raaiataln tbem invi ? ate for evtr. ' ??. Tl^ l'u?llr Pirae? powerful for the promotlea of 1 l odcrevl, may it ever be fooad in tba defence of iht aDit jaetioa Keapt t letl to bv Joha A. B-nitb . of the Sunday Mer m li. (mr 8l?ter Chapter-, and American OrgauiaaUoaa neraiiy? may they prove our rival* only in boaeet ?1 for Ui? promotion of tru? American principle* .'oagbout our lanl. ) hJMM>a HeU'WIv. P. O tf., waa called upon and apike . IrlU-ea ? I pieaaa* that I am in for th* hoanr bring .Dvited to reavoad to tba eeutimeat ja*t g're i tbe c rc*K>atanc* of any coanetioa with Alpb* C i?p ? r > ? I. Tm fact of that cbapiar being tiepioi--r end <aur, er of tbe varloua American ootletie* Weill , keen u, make It appropriate that ?he ahoutd be look", I to . nr isrL r~|? dim- Ibera I* aa<-h a uoioa o( ?-a i.n-*ot 1 Ir.d MDcert of actk a la Ui* vir o ik ehtptera of th< Or Y r of ' tote vmeri, ane, that fiey cannot. In aay ? n?e. \-/-oa??tMtd ae nvala, and the oth?r Am-ncaa IIK ia In* are ?? aeainda'ad ta their political met, that tier V reeci / JI HVI ?ed ?? nxa'ert nf Ike itaefta i?, \ nt eg ?be ear* pterr ty Wiag. la fart, tba offt >?-i <? ; *>e Or?kr cf tai'ad Amer ftaaa. llotA npoa ik?< al iauiUci, Mr I'rwWeat, a* amoag the tap,.,e-t | 1 ^ZS^fSSSS s-igss, s^asSffigasp ?n<i rh;i/wr??n ^?vvrn"?" ^enc^-^ttonl ^e" u?\^r *mU^' IK.UUe.U.pecl. cle.rJ.ViMic.Un* 1^1,'coo^^ ?trticn that th *^n^th? V mvr !ullyb!l3"e*tl0n' 1 U,> Am*ri '?n rnSn' "a"-" ',? ,1 ;"HHSSr;S? 5?3?SS?5S?!t&5Sv iv'^h,4t v* 0rd<r ?* ? vKS *? ?&?*? ? #StiSrS ???f 'tbe mo?t Hb.r.1 act of h^ptufik with fi u priT'k^ ?*?rd#d by our law*, to all Zhn.~Z but'we doe'lii'mth*!? h?0?'1' clle""h oup ?? Btltatton. . ?moa?gt uk with ull the pritlie*,,, of ?ue.*?^?.i lR J! S!Sr;"iSsj *v.? w{.'?* m.?', "."? "l?:;d, ???" ? <?? ??? ? ~?r?.!'t?? .11, ?.;??. u it "iSS&wvte*?; ??y ' "? ?", *?>" <?*? J2. The nun* we bear? WahbfDgtnn- mar it ???.. prove an InrentWe, urgirg Ua on to nohl. doeta Re*.poodi?) to by Mr. Edward Mkrnitt t. nt'tn .ili ?T * tbeir preaence, li'e and Imtre are MS scsxaar '? "? '^irwar.ayr^sr ?? . ^oul i command th* committee who ant un thid 'nniveran ry If ?e could, but uX litlSt of th5 the* iZiif ?* *? ^ P**k*(tun"OticW. It u to be howl ' 1 0I,t?'?tand how to do thlngg better next /ear Dinner to Hon. Join H. Rhodes, HOW JKTi ahUrAKDISM IS UEfTAItDBD. The ecuat.tuenti of Hon. John U. Khodea, member of A??e?bly from King* county. laat night gave their reu 'or tu. opposition to WOUam H. Sawaxd, daring the late in G SU,"K Se",or' T"? ?U?n? -a,gl?u n Cotblc Hall, Brooklyn, and about two hundred and fifty sat down to a table aumptuojily furnished with all pre aided" r^' V* A,<!frm"> a.ckho,.,e preyed U,,?g on hi. right the g??t o. the ;j?r; A,tt:th-- ,*?? i wj-re r?*d trem vartou' gentlemen, expreaafng their re gret for their inability to be present . The Hon. John II Rhodw wa. tBen introduced to the I company, an ; rece.v.d with mucii applau*.. He aaid he I m M uu.1 ^ . J m ? worker than a< a ap,** maker. He went o?t from among hi. friend, a ,?an< ?equamUd with the secret of Jeg.aUUon, and ex * naA '"'ne*ty at the Capitol of the State He I'gretted that he had been dlMppoInt* H.7hou,h. ^Thetoatfa J**" i# ^ ,ppUu(,'", whl'" he Uoiahed. band*") "'the United I tote*. (Mu,ic by the The l?"rn0r "f thi 8f"te ot Vcrk. nl^r^t ?41?>?y, r??|K>o^e.l, enlo^iing Mr. ,Nm-' wl^. O?iioe Doodl. by the band ) 1 The o?xt ton fit *i? Muale \j the band ch^?when h:V',p007d H* w" r <ritb n ne wfii >? n,? u*nif) ut the uriociuiei p mmmm ? nd' rennai'naVr uJ1 a ndValVh *ul '"'^7 ?f it Mr r>iM.K , Amerlcnn party to Mifl'c? ?' h" *?? *>? ^.^i Next toaat waa ? Ill ,7C 'l,,,r 7'1 ?? he rearhe. th.Wt.U ftlhieoee Ut"r"' 0U' euuttfJ frooi rtti: ,7,:lea^U,ti:-T with the ap ktuaic- ?? Wc are all a band ol brother '? loroner'a ln<|a<?t. rALfll BSrosr or uiirui in tui: aioiith W AKI> ? D>. ATH lHulil'CBli BY IN fKMPM HANCK* Coroner O'i'i nnrll waa calltd upon to hold an In (ue?t jeaterilay, at th r KijfhtJ ward atation h uao, upon tb? body of an aged did, nomed John Scott, who it waa re ported bad been beaten to death by two man. In tin drinking na'.oon No. ?.".)) Hadion utrct, known ?a the '?Weaver*' Arm* " on the night previous. Two m?n named J. W. Connor an<! Daniel liner, were It appeared arreated by the Kiglith ward police, on aunpielon af liaemg k?*aulted tb? deeoa??d . but, aa will be urn from reault of tt e in'ji'*-' were promptly dlacharfed by theCoroaer, on the retdi'ion the jury a verdict Krom the "Ti U ace elicited ye*ter<lay befor? the Coroner, the c*?e turn* out to be noth tig Bjore or leaa than one of *?ruu? af,o;>lexy. The ,!?e*a>e<! and hie eon John Hcott. Jr. It appeared went into tie drinking -aioou a-wut ei^bt o click iu t i? log of the i?cun*nce, here deceased partoik of Wr*e* ol ale am o'ber li>|U<ira. wr -.a bad lUr nITvct ol ii,*kiag hinj atupid am'. intoxicated; a mau nam -l (nor. who w? la the place at lite 'imr, M?ing the condition o' the deceaMMl, attempted to place Lin < n a clair. to that he am Id not fall, ant while end, arorlng fo do ?<?, decoaeru called eat lor hi* mo. who waa in the back num. to cone, a bo, tanking that Connor waa IbHIcti&g aume violence on bi? lam> r, baatlly too* oil bia c< at, ao<i tit < ooi. cr in the lye a regular light tben took place betwtaa Connor ana young i*cott, wbo .ougnt lor aeeerel mir,utea In the tuck r-orn, lean og tie de ceaaed "tiling is the eUa*r. Ihe ltcea?eo, <lnrit.g the light received ao ?iot? "ce whatever f'oic ?ay party, nod when tta? pel! te ofli : n, attracted fcy the nofie, ? ntered the premlxe, they lo'tud the i*eceeeed lying on the flior, la?ea?ible. fhey h?d him eoewjed to the Kighth war! atation h,<i*a. theie he i.le<: In fifteen minutee after hein>? Ir i'ight tb?re I r I) Hunter made a pott mmtrm tiam.uatloa of 'be t < i y , and 'Ound chrcti c iLftainiuAl< n of 'be brain witU eflueten ol aeiuri ii to the ventriclee. All ti.e other or fane of thetiOiy etbibiled mar'?ed tracea of teUm|ie' ranee. ALd ther? h-iog no mark* of violent on t'ta btxjy . be gate it a* hi* opinion tfeat d'eth waa eanaa-1 by ??rout apcpleir. -up* i n laced by In ^-aipartnce. I he jury reaceied a tenia! in accordance the above tact*, ?nd tbe [dinner* Coaaor aad I'uer, were dl*< charged frrm cuetoiv Decaa-ed *aa a nati/e of Kug land and a rout f>rty '!gUt yeara of age. Jtiw) (ity Xmi. M Am Mnttie ? A call baa bewn ie?ued for a meeting of tba friend* ar.d fuppor'tr* of fiaeld M. Manner*, tbe Mayor of Jeraey c. y to l>e held thi* eean at at * o'eicek at I < nimer< al lla, . lie object ef tbe a?e< >>ag will he to glee an ?ppr?eal fcr hi* official course aad to propnae bi? re e act on fa tbe Maeoralte Moaiirar ? Yeeter<'ae moralag tba reeid^acw of J. 8. tbryatia, eoner of Katoma place aad Kite etreot, wai I entered aad rr kbed of a mall truaa containing M?t?< deed* * 0' papera. to tba aaMiant of |li,(*IO, whtab will be of llttU u?e to tta thierea They ale ? took one d?*ea o' ai)*ara|c?n* aad other arftcloe an] ravaged the fata ture Moafeieo I'ooa &nae ? Tie Meth<oi*t ?r<*oipa, CI urch ID II'ibo?*B waa eaUred by ara> deepioaMa thi?- doriLg Tue*. ?j light, a? t!.e p* r were {cbboC of rviti.h -toLA to tbe a*eua' of ?b?at ft). ProgreM of the MMklpal R< volution. ABHIftT or ovn FOBTT DISRKTtTT A BLK WOMWC ? SOENB AT TBI MAYOR'S OfHICB-TUBIK COMMIT MENT TO BliAO&WBLL'a ISLAND. la accordance with an order leaned by tba Ma/or on TuM day la *t. between forty and fifty disreputable womaa, who ware fouad walking in Broadway, Mercer, Dm, Groeby, and other street*, after aightfaU, war* arrested. The axe eutien of thia order waa Intrusted to Oaptaini. Kiaaner and Turnbnll, who were inatruted to arrant all who might be found in the Eighth and Fourteenth wards. Theae worthy official* detailed a number of the policemen un der their command to aaatat them, aad before ten o'olock the station houses of both wards were crowded with women, tone of theee refused to go with the officer* until told that they would he compelled if they offered any re?l*Unce, while others exhibited the moet perfect indifference, and accompanied them withoat a word of complaint. A mother begged that her daughter might be ? pared the additional diagrsce of being brought before lie public, and promised, if they would release her, t ? start for the country by the first train of car*. Uer en trestles, however, waro in rain, no exception could b ? made in her case, and the daughter was accordingly committed with tlia rest. tbentwsof the arrest of theae spread like wildfire among the others, and In an hour after Broadway Ml the oth#r street* were almost completely deserted by i hem It is paitlculariy deserving of notice that no men were taken into cuntody, although several ware lound in tbe con panr of there women. The orderof the Mayor, it appears, did not aitead to them, and so they weie allowed to puts unnoticed. This certainly was a distinction without ? difference. About eleven o'clock Judge Bogart mat* his upp*araac? at the station house over Centre Market, and demeaded the discharge of se veral of the prisoners, but was promptly refused by l.ieutennnt Wariow, and so the Justice was obliged to leave without etlecting his purpOHe. Miiny of the un fortunate creatures wno were looked up in the Klghth ward station house were elegantly dressed, but those who were committed to the Fourteenth were of the poorest class, and maov of them appeared to be in a stile of destitution There wet* nooe to look after these? they j seemed to be friendless, ai d to the majority of tbem tbe I accommodations of tbe atittton houses were superior to thoee they have been accustomed to. >eeterd?y morning. they were all taken tothe Miyor's oittca, and aa they in are had in procession through the htreets, they were followed by crowds of sever*! hundred people, t'pon their arrival at the lily Hull, they pre rented a motley appearance, end sa the sight was some what unusual, tot officials thronged to tne Mayor's of flee to Warn tlie caime of the excitement. Home of the prisoners were n it more than seventeen years of age, wblle others were pa*t thirty; two had been only four weeks on the town and theiest varied from five months to two years. hardly live minutes elapsed Wore the Mayor's office was crowded, and the Interest excited by thilr presence mured a auspenalon of all other business for the time being. Juitl :? <>? borne took their names, ' and made out orders for their committal to the Peniten tiary on Itlacxwoll'a Island Klevea ware committed for 11 months, and the > there for periods varying from on* to live months. Among ihem waa one who .a sal i to bs a respectable womau, and who was discharged on the word of a gentleman who knew her, and who happened to be j prerent at thu time. Six othera werediichargrd, through , the repreeentation* and Influence of tb?lr friends. A Meter of one of those who was not so fortuuate, pleaded for her and told a moat pitiful story of their condition before they took to the streets, as a lait resource. They had. aha eaid, lrl?d every means of obtaining a liveli hood, but, like bundled i. they failed, and to keep them aalvts froin starving they adopted their prevent mole it life. Another girl waa so ejected by the position in which aha waa placel, that it waa (eared she woul i go into hysterics. A large number of them w?r? sent to the Penitentiary on tl.e mare word of the* off! "era by whom they were arrested, and it waa only in a few instance* that affidavits were made out. We understand that ft. la tbe Intention of the frleals of soma of them to bive them liberated on a writ of habeas oorpua, while tboae who have none must await tba aspiration of their term of Impria .nmeot From the following it will ba seen thai legal proree 1 log* have been already commenced in their favor ? Tie 'ore Hon Kaoorder .Smith. Man? 28 Habtat Coryvi ? In the matter of tha I'of plx ex rel K."'-n Dev nx against the keeper of tin ( Ity Prtfon and Penitentiary or tbe city and county of New York ? A wi it ol habeas eorpus having been grant ? d by his Hoi or the Recorder, returnable fcthwiln, di rected to the keeper cf the City Prison, to produce the body ol Fram e lom'en who, it ap;.?ars by th* return to said wr t, had been convicted and cntenced to tti t P? nitentiary t.y Justice Osborne at tbsM.-i >or'a n ? u vagrant ? vi/. u common prostitute ? tbe ietlt oner hy her couneellcr*. i-dmoo Llankocao and lien i am n J biankinan. con-ei.ded, with great lerce and learning, that both the artaat, trial and convic .ion were wbully i.nd entirely Illegal, am not auitainad hy any law o' thla Male thai tb<- priaoner had lieeu refused an ex*mm.< tk>n, or *ven the privilege of lon'rontiog her acsuaera, tint ?Le had been 'enied the r.gjt of haviag the insist ence of bet cr.unsel at the t me el*>w?i brougut before tbe Juetice at the Mayor's office, that ?!.* was neither a vaprant nor a common prostitute, nor had she eier been sucb; that the ariestwua uojuatiflaVe, and nothing but 1 a piece o? maliciousness on tbe part of tbe polio* iffire who arresUd her, and that tbe arre t waa m its without snv reasonable or probauln ctnae wratever ; that the prfroner. with sums forty otmr l?mal*s, had been ar retted tbe night befere on lbs same charge, and ha l been drove up to the Major's office lue so many cattle, and that tb?y had all been regularly alsujl.ter-d with out a hearing or trial ; and without regard to their li berty, bail hi en aent, by or.ler of tbe Mayor, to the Peni tentiary. The learned counsellor* contended tuat tb*ir client w*a entitled to her discharge. Ilia Honor tbe P.ecor ler foithwitb grunted tbe prayer of the petitit o*r, and dirchargel the prisoner. Mnaa Meeting In Ilobokrii to Oppeiae- ? City Charter. There waa quit* a large aaaeinblage Wat at 1'ollock'a pulil.c home, tf* of UoVtken, to dincuat tl.e pn pouts) citjr chartrr, upon which the popular vot? will be tak?n to da;, between twelve o'clock M. and aix o'clock P. M. The demmatratlen m got op to nppum tbe chmttr. Meratlme, the frtenli of the char tar are active, and htve held meeting* every evening aloce t kturday, at the Town Hall, at which epeeche- hare b- -o ?na<> a i>d methods deviled to in^ree-e the proJpcct? of tin adoption of the chatter by the people The demon*! ration laat evening wai attended by about the nine number ai wm the one in favor ol the r-harUr im Patutda; neoitg. I'raiAlio It Carpeuter wm called upon to priatla, and Charlee T Hperry to acta Ury. lbe flr-t ?p? ,ik?r wai a fierman, turned w o 1 etated that at a meeting uf the 'icrmun , h-ld the eri-o log pr< vloua, they determined uaaniuieualy to opjoae tin" chafer. Johw W Htaio next addrer*?d the 'aa??uublage tn a ratber hun.irnua .train, and tnly touched upon the ta me at the ' loa? of hia remrka. ur^ed thai tue taxea wire already opj.raaaiv, and the city charter would inrrtaau 1b?m, without txiog wceee try lor tue gr.ed (overt m?nt of Hoboten If tlie taxea were lobe c<m? aore (.neroua, he believei that people In t-?d of bunr* projerty and tr.a'.it ^ improvement) In llcbo km, would retne to lirrgen 11 II. beyond the bound* of tbe eorp ora'ion He 1 ontendrd tnat ttifre are alr-ady aufTc ent 'acllitlea In tbe pre rnt u'OWTIi oent Of lio'. ? kau lor all Lraetical purpcaea In coacluiion, he a. id U at the bill of Incorporation ha* b'en brought bac. to It e people for tbeir conauleraWon, and now let tbe pro p)? ( the qoratlou John J. E> mirr waa the nait ?i-eam r. He did not. 1 1 .a. d, approve tie rbai ter, nor did he tbink it t|M( yet to ibcait | orate Hcboien a* a lit/, ll'ibokeo, tie mid, ka? recintly ao rapidly grown, that it ha* be route no important auburb to *f? York, anl ta to a great ex tent r< garde.] throughout ll 1 a* a ?oit of pliy gioi.ct and gtmblu.g ground f-.r New York, awl tbe I olke are net equal to t'.e a merger c. ?? nbl ri a > liable to artee. No ju t complaint can be Ma !e afaioat tl.e manm r 'n which the l^gialature pa???* I tin- cli.irter and a?nt it to you for your rejection or appraral an l in votisg for or kgainat it he 11 Lee and have a thought for the future in to d? log. At the c!ote of hi* remark* the meeting adjourned. A telegraphic Itaputch waa received 'ri m lloo Julia M Hoard. atating that the amended bill La i peieid the >!ou-e finally, and had bees aigned by the ttoerrnor. f nm m lealuiir r> of Kaaigiallnn, Ihe H< uiil met at o clock P. M , teeterda y I're-eat, M>aare. Verplnae.k. ^chairman. Oarrigaa, tkbwab, l*nr d) and Ciabtrw After the r*?-Uaf and approval of tbe minuMe, Mr Josri, Super nUodent of the Poor . n fm?Wa oona ty, appeartii be'ore tbe iv.arl to ineiet oa tlae paymea r.f ceitam billa, wh.'eh. heaiiegea, h?ve tieaa incurred bf Oreiila county for the cara of r migrant pauper*, file the lioard refnee to da, a* no namea are given Mr Joiea denied the light of the Hoard to <|0>*tM>a h.m oa that joint Die tab act la iir.der eoaabtaratioa. The \ i< ? P*?n??r auarnioced that tbe airar. :*meot I r< note 1 at the laat meeting of tie Hoard wiMi the ,-ar elaHa Ctuaul, had been c urlnded ami the ?i.O-.M fur tbe tare of the Sardinian pawpera ?aa aow .n baaW. Alter r< uie further coater ation the Iweru adjouraed Iron 'be fi.lkwiig eta'eitrnt it will tie area that tk* ( ? aimitiloa it eter I fl.OiOli dtM ? VKtlt.T at'UlJIIT. Aiien emigrtnta ?i lived to -Mb inat l'i6,J 1o rair.e t is* IB I'll...., ...a i>,Ml t>eer?a*e tt !? jear < M3 '>& *ar l'a laiai d I tl', l'-efaf? I epa/ln.eal 1 w;o Total J,M* Arirvrate ree?ipta t?'. 'tblnet I" I 77; To I alalia ta beak Jan. 1 *1 IW * T??al ?1:4.1:014 Arfiigate rtfctureemeaU ITt !.'? IM ! Oeeidrafl Mr tMiei' Raatt... I 1't.e wn ite, I' , U, Wit Drpaitmrat ComaHMt. Tie Fir* Department Committee of the Board of Al dnan met Uit evealng, In tbe City Hall. Preaaot ? Aldermen Howard, Trowbridge and Bard. The eaee of Kngine Company No. 11 oomlng up, It wae decided to diamiaa the complain! again at the forenaan JametT. Murray, for neglect of doty. Tha complaint again at Tbomaa Piaraoa, John A. Hcbaack, F. J. Toumey, and Peala jMaOarty, of Eagiae Company 47, for neglect or At* duty, wae ooit eon a id and. Mr. A. 0. Alcook, eecretary of tha company, atated that out of ilx ty two alarms of Ore in their dletrict, Mr. Pchaack had miaaed 58 Umea, Mr. Toumey 53, Mr. MoCartj M, and Mr. Piereon U2 tiiaea. KfchtaeB of theae i'y?" war* aeriotia Urea. Mr. Boh. M. Hihb**i> teattfled to graat neglect duty on the part of thaae gantlemeo. Many of that# wara newer aa the ropea at all Ma had bw? to many flrea what* none of the gentlemen wara pre a eat. Mr. M. A. Kkau, foreman of the company, aald ha eooM awoar ho aaw eome of tha defeadaate at nroa. He had ID batter tireman in tba oompany thaa tha partia complained of (Laughter.) HiumbtC. Himabb cartaborated tha statemaate of t)>e eaeretary. Thaae maa had not dano tbair duty, it olfabappmed that oaly eerea Man rolled tbe eufiae, and that, too, over rough raada. I wrt o reman Mr Hkvt? aaM that tba sparge waa a mallaiaua one Theae f >ur men were alngled out, wheu there wara othera quite ?? eulpab'.e. After Hove <li*cunKi<>n th? whole matter wa* postponed until next Wwlneii'lay aveuing, to allow the foreman an opportunity to bring iu the namea of all who were ne glectful of duty. I be next complaint waa again* t the foreman or ?-o. 47, for not aigning a return of election of M. O. Alia ton. Mr. Hkai> explained. It waa bocauao bo underttood , Mr AHaton refuaed todo duty after election. Beaidea, he had heart ruaiora wbicb he thought juatifled him In withholding bin algnature Alderman IIowaBIi thought the foreman Hid no op. tlot , but waa compelled by a proper regard to bia dutle? to algn tba certificate. Tb? decided that Mr. AUaton mutt be regarded . aa a tire uan? a of kngine Company No. 47. Kt'NMINO OS HIF.RW4J.KH. Charges of running on ablawnlka were preferred ngainat Engine Company No. 8, Kngiae Company No. 19, ; aul Uoae Company No. 1. AHH 4(7 1.T* A complaint wai made by Mr. Koiiert C Armstrong, of : login* Company No. '.'5, agalnat bia foreman, John Lay- I, for aamiultlng and abualng him at a fire. Tbla the foreman danied Tha Cbief Engineer teat i fled that M r layman waa de , cidadh elevated on the night in question To thU aoft Impeachment the foreman said he wu* not i drunk, ml; highly excited. (l-aughier.) Ihe Committee auapendel Mr Uyman for one year. Arthur J. Hard, of Hoae Company No. 38, complains! that Hook and Udder Company No. 3 run into tham while going to a 8re. .. Other inattera came up Wore tlie Committee, anl they , did not adjourn until a late hour. Pollcei Intelligence. AI.LIGKD (JKANI) LABCK.hT? AN OI.D DOCOK KKVIVKD. Yeaterday afternoon a rrapectable looking man, to al1 appearance, enteiad the afore of .lamea (teorge A IUo , boot and aboe dealera, No. 17 Murray atreet, and ro ?I nan ted tba lonn of a directory f?.r a few minutea Ilia , tequeat being grante<l. he look aallp of paper out of hi , hat, and arofe thereon the number of aomehoa-ein I ulton street. He then left the atore, not. howerrr. without flrat thanking tbf proprietor for hia courteay. J Ou going out of the atore he wan met by an individual, j to all appearance acting aa a porter. To'thla p?raou the ?lipof puper with tbe numbor of the Fulton at.eet houae marked upon it, waa dell*er?d by gent No. 1, aa wea'iaU call him, for the purpoae 01 dt?tlngul?hiojr according to , thtir merit*. No. *, Uaing tha piece of paper in hla baud, re id It over onoe or twice, and than coolly Iilt?d , ft pftito of boot* ?o<i ibo'f, ?ilu#d ut $il, which W4i , atindiog on th? aldawnlk, pui the aame on au ahouldar, went Up Moiray atreet to Rrmdwny, and up Br jadway na far aa be t ould ( ? nrenlf n'ly go Mr George barmg luen a Mtue-a fo the whole tiroc?a>linga, followe 1 the Haaumed porter an' collnrt-1 him tre he ha 1 r-acbed 0 anbera ftieat. Mr. (ieorgw conveye I tb<> port-r and li!op< rtj to the office of the Chief of Police, where tha 1 nfekta" party gave hla o^'r.e aelieorge Oa t>aiag I ii. aid win ha bud taken the goo-la away trom tbe atore in Mat ray atie*t, he m d ihat -'a rthantleman ?ak ma t > ' ! t.ike the g'odah to hlah atcre in Fulton ?ti?et, and U? j ' -aul he would pay me a quarter for mine trouble The ? e*i.!ai at'on aot being deemed aatUfaCtory partleaUrly | aa Mr N|e and tba W? were golog in ?n opp-x te dl notion fmm Kulton atreet wfc?n atopped by Mr Oeorge. b?> waa Ic Krd up in the lomba ou a charge or grind lujceny. AUKtaT <??' ALLWiKD LOtrHMT TOLICT DCALIBH. , home daya ag ' complainta were ma !e before J n a ti< * ; Wood aga n? t a number of .lle({ed lottery policy dealer ] j in tb? Heventh ward, who reg?idl?.* of the waraiuga . rrceieed every ''ay, at ila cotitin ued to violate the lawa lydealilig iu ard .elling lottery potlc>? Warrants j were i?au?d for tie arreat of tba partial complained -f and yeaterday 'he matter waa brought to a criaia The pnlke ma te quite a ha il of theae al'.eged lo'.tery dealrr . j Loi red Kohb of Trtrd aienue ; ("^?rnel.iia Sullivan. ( of. avtnue H Kaitnan Cab., of "9# Nmtb 'treat ; John I loir ana Martin Kraehler, of Tb'rd arenu?, and ? j llor.len, rfllM Uwla ttreet were arreated and c?nve)M i before Juatke \Too<l The book, md paper .f the pri M,n<ra were all ?. i/?d and hn ight to the court room The prirontr were, on being brought before tne magu* I ttati aurroui?Jed by a number of friend* whe aympa^ ' tl.f/'d with tbeacfi.??d In their hard fata, and entreated | th" m igiftrnte to a imtt th? pri-onen ti ball hut the , ,lu-tiee woull not luien t > t>nlr aulicita'lon , and be d all pat tire for eikuilnati< n <"ap? Harden, t ap | riared, wu not the propr.eUir of tha pUce 11 ' l.ewi? j atrwt, waa arieated thr< ujh i tl>t??? of 'he I ciiABua or KtmnmtiiNT. Ye?t<rdey aftercocn aergeant Mart a tad ofll "*r Roe?, attached to the Kecon.1 i) atrlct Poll, e Court Jetferrou ?nai act. arreated a per*oa named Joaeph P. Murd&lll, I reaklrx and keeping a ctygooda atore at No 304 Hlaee* e' ituct, on a charge of harieg embaiileJ ?b?jut ?l 0 0 worth of ailka, laeel, eelfeta, ar.u ottiar fancy artlclee of ! 1 ryi'iode, from bia late employer, W.IIIata M'Kenila, of ..?C ifowery. It U alicgf! >n the part of the proeecntii n, that ataiut four moi tn? ago] th? pr.?toer waa engaged by Mr McKePtie, aa hla confhMntial clerk an I caahlerj that rtuiln* the period of hla offlee, he maaig?l to ein Uule money and jroperty to the amount of perhape Tbat with the proceed* of hi? em 'wnlemeot he #et up a atore n Hleec*?r ?tr?ef, with ti.e of doing II fli urtablt g bu. ae?a net! aomaier I"b? offl^era re'ied nil the property i>rp? >e<l for aala In the atora, and eon vejed t? la the .Second IBatrii t Pollra Court, wbare the greater ccrtlon it it wee ilentifleo by marka an other 1 w be, aa ti>e property ol the com plair.-nt Ab >ut |1 >*> I worth of l?c?? eelvefa, end otter artwlaa of drygo? ? j taV?n from the of the acmeed waa dtflieered . ? ver , lot" tbe lian-a of th? proper tf cltrk at tbe Police Court > Ihe prieon' r waa committed for etamlnation by Juetlce I ret nan ALU.atU A-CAl LT WITH A fiANOIKOt * WKAI'OV. Jot o H'lgeri I,r of aa oyitartiloon it IU(?iii| vil iri<-?1a<i yaitarriay t>y fVrraant KtoiArM, < f tb* ! o??r i oll? ? Court, on a charf* f liarin* *? nil f t William Mubtar with m it? plekrr. uvflt-UBf a 4aap i'??b Id bin n. (-omplilnint ?ho rtrirra a Ia<?r Irtfr wagon tor > rraritel W. ?Wiewll>? of 7.', < !iai' -% 1 ?traat. ?lt?n?i 'bat him/ faliad at ttir an wu o' t'ia i rl'Oi.?r, aa u?ual ?n-i after d?li??r1&r to biai M>tua '?Kfr b'.rr, C< m*n<1a-i |,4?n.?-nt for tk* ll'|U' r wnao ?*?rn? I iliipata a/o?* twtaaan th>- buyar an-' tha ??|!?r It art, ir la ali?|i*l ?Bateb?>l ao !oa pirkar aoi itroak Ctubc?r a rwilrnt blow in Iba tM<t, loQietia^ ai.?rp rot fr< ? ? hirb tl>a bland 11' wad fraaly. Tb? ao'tiaM ?<? 'rourfil baNna Jait.rr H<-?art, at th?low?r PMica f'oart wb'< UM thr for trial In dafaultof ??'>,?? eba.-fa of *? I unit witb a feioetaua wampnn Al 1.1 UI1> HtlOl .J A/I MAT t? TH r T*HTT iUO* V WAMD. | In Tu?li; flifht Ctft Witter nftbaTwaaty ?*ew*4 , ? r l polka, .n'orn. .t tbat an affray * ? . (ofnf < n In a k?w | r -fry ?tuatart id I ;fty aerai ? treat. n?ar frntli arettie, btttr>e two r'ra! f a-. a# d (orderly rbira'teri r??l<l?nr? tt that rt?>f bbo'W^l Taking a poaaa of m? n >j ?r witb h m ' ? a>a4a a de??Bt I tj'B tfc? ftemnea aftd arreete<5 B:'I Krai. "a an 4 I'ete' the taaneti a* It a ailage ' of t?.e r til |iti ?!?? I'ifa oil. ?'? wt tt al*'- taken <ito j witb b?lr? la>iillrat<?1 ia tha ?(fr?r A'l ;art <?a?re b?:tiw Jut'.'rt r nrr l y, at tha t n'tti tllatriet I'rltr* I tort wk' ItM <t?B W hWiatiN, a '.ha "O-plilet preferred by ttapt WlM?r avl other* Hnprraae f owtl? -Mortal Ttrai. Defoee Boa J a. ?? ttltnai Mii< a '.<? ? In 'I' ???"#? "f r V h Hu* *'f ?' J t. Igrtta Mimrrm iPri tprr iarf fk' If a for <*<? y Ma l"#l ? lhi> Mtl kcowo a* tf? nirtfiwHiiartm jarty cava. ta> t*?a fra^uanUr baftra u ulfc .a?.a It ? h i t.uo Iodii' frl4 Ita mm ft 11 at prajarty ? ara b< IJa " u ir.laa r.?-? of fLa (Inalaf faod a lAki. It ait klWffad 'hat tba < ?aia'. ? ilar wittoat uyixtk n'j f,'B tba n a. mi >al' o#T? Mid I* Vo f taaoti DrMar 'b?ti*i ,,f >alab*.ar iMi< wad by na f ? a v. '.ka ilf ; ' ri' ?.n at>C ill a? ! Vy tV? U?fr>t, Mr I'rai ? r w?j n?a if tl' ('Awarawra a< ta* A OMkaiM And ?? <*?h re .14 r.ot, uaJar tLa rhutar of )M0 l.aroma i ya;?' aaa af at .i r?i! ??-it? aoH b; '.b? elty lt?^' "*i? <Ja?fted ">a1 iht pnpirtr m it ba raaa ? i yid ti it' '?orjota- n c tkit th? -aata .' '.l.a ^.tain t , V? pa.e by it- iia. I'aiandae.ti. awl lUat Iba c*f fott.-t t* pay ft?lf o? a eoat OMtaary. I BM. It L:tt> ' a?pU>a K I , an t'.a IM Mi|l' ltba'' ItecwaatL a raaola'JMary Mldlwr, a?ad t. ya* ? Wi -j" V?n?. ?r - Tf-a a?< w l? ? J j a'l' li ar.4 Mm i .? ??? t?*l i , at y?' t n i'<fii ? ? ' a a? ?+*/'**. Political InUlllftnM. "WMI LAW IN COKNKmCUT. A correapond*ot of the Doaton Timtt write* ?M Wo? walk, Cown,, u follow* ? Hurrah for (ieor** Uf for onr a*xt Pn*lu*?t I Th* proc**din?a of the Nu?ItiiIi Layialataiw ia njpri to thl?, mMti with a hearty rxptax tt oa miMJ a oa* D*ra, ana rery maay af all partuM de*ir*hia n ?laattaa la ca*a It occur*? Md who doubt* It" -oaaaot Ua hard ?Mcr campaltia b* ra enacted, wltli all tha ?ioit?m?at aad popularivjr and cartalaty of ?U*tion-l?i. aoaaaaaa ?*U more rra?un T Lai ua try It. Hun. Jamea H. Thoaiaa aud Mai. Win B I'olk har* naaouneai! ffceaeelv** candidate* for Ooagrwaa ta tha 8l*th dlatrlct of Tmrieaaee ,A*dn,w ?'?"n* 'laoilaa. to ba a caad dato far tha offloa ol (loreraur of Ttoaeaaa*. lloaa. R M T. Ilaatar and .laaaea M. Maaoa, tha ara *aat 1 niled KUtea He mi to re from Vlr# ima, hava hath aocaplrd Inritatlaaa to addraaa tha Democratic Aaaicia ?' fatrrabnrjj ia tha a*at wmath A democratic rlty convention In Cincinnati, <ao tha 24tli inat , nominated J. J. Parraa for Mayor, aud paaaed r?a<il?tioaa denouncing tha Know N thln<*. Tha old oamoctata mxl tb* Know Notluag < appear to ba en gaged ia a warm cM??at. rhOadjlphia iha old Ua. whig., wuo a.*** fr,m N*al Dow i? to ha tbe caa.'olate of tha temperance man for Mayo- or 1'nrlUad, M-. Hon June. 1 k* obk haa bona nominated in nppoeitlon to ft>w, br a clUjeaa' meeting. * ? *** lni,t ' nxk *??!<* in Mui to All two thc*iicIm In th* fkitnl of Alder<a?u Hit American caalidat*n wara el*ct*d CIlAMiK IN rilt KNOW NOTH1.NU HanllKKH IN (Hill). It '? atatad that the flrat and aecond degree* of tha American order In Ofclo have !>' e n ~ouaoi. dated, aui aow cooatituta the tirst degree. 1h* old third .lejiree la aow tb* second ; and a naw <*gr?K, cal ea tha "{tcartel,'' haa beau a u ball tu tail for tha oid third uaicraa MOVBMBNTM OP Tlilt WHIOH IN M AMUCtltTflBfrt. At a racentim-etiOKof the Whig -<t*te Central Tommi! taa ot Maaaachuaetta, th* (abject of rilahaodlng tna whlf |.arty waa oonaidered, and many prominent nmmbera of the committee advocated it, and propaaed to bulU up ia It* a teu d a luicn pany of all oppoaed to Know Nothing TOWN BI.Bt'TION*. The I v ak " k i II Tillage alaction cunie off on tha Mth Hi* American ticket, entire, waa elact><d ( rer tha fuaion of Sewa'd it L'o . by majoritlaa from 70 tolJH. In W eat ? arm- , Wantcheater county, the A'aarlcan ticket ia elected by a majority of ^?H?o>ar tftr-utfli The elactlon In Kye, on the XTth fn?t , re.ulUH i? the choice of John K Marihall, ant Kno? .- oth at and Maine law candidate for Superrlior, by aljlit majority AMBHIUtN HT AT* KXKCIITIVK 0<IMM IT) ILK Of OHIO, lha followioK ?fa ttie oi tha iUlaMaeu .ua < ma. of th? AtosricAD org of Odio ? 1 iKtrici 1? Ifr. H H Nawton, CtLciouati 11. II Taylor, Nor h IWn 1 ,J? Juaaph liar' et, IiayVjn 4? Jmejlj t:umaaio(. Hiilaey ? ? John Paul IteUano . ? ? n.MDib?r? lta nl Ripley. 7? J C;. Iiuuievr, 1/atML.jn. " ? J- V. Uuihria, I r t aim !'-ll< nry hbberl, TIIBu K? H 1, Wallace. ChilUv<tba '1 ? J. H. We|j? l.y thopolia I'? I " ^ an My ka, Columbua 1J? Ac.oe Tuwnreod, Man-lie d M ? L. Hood, I I) rla IS? A ilann<n? Nortoa, Mouai Tirim. ll ? Joi.ii C llailitt, Zaaaavliia 17? llr. it liumiltoa, Mornetcaa 1*? h M. '?Ill, ''uyabofa K<l.'a 1#? Wm T Smltli, Ciavaland it? I). Caldwell, Jelleraoa. lil ? II P. Worth! agios Maiiu* KuQoer ia tha Mat* Traaaurar o' taa Order city lutclllnrnrr. Minu*Ka' IseTirtTic ? Jame* J Bra-/ han will a* 'IT,r * l*ctutc before tbia aociety thia avanlni(( coutuHr i*K at M o'cleck, ro th? >ut>j*ct ol the ??lafluaas* of I aa ful Inrantli oa on Hoehl Uf* '? Aflm 'Uoea fr** to all. Thit ?h(.ul.! n'tract a larji aulian-e, an Mr Hraly ia < n* of our o.o-t .i'.le and *.^i|uea*. ap^akara Tna ?eaaou ia about <11 awlo* toacioae and tlioae ahu U?ai:e to )??r ?cir etlniiK that 1a ^ra Tt'.r-al ia the -Uapa of a lecture abould tot loa* the rtma'n.rg < ppor' .olt ra in do ?o teaioia Ainiia*! to a I'uucbm*?.? Yr?t*rC*y after nooo, a%out 4 o c'nck, OITI er l.ird*ar, o( tha r?*irv?1 corpa atatlnci d ?>c llroadway , nenr l"ul ot !?*e lalt l?g br'ktu beioa, by b-ln< taoeked 4owa by one of :be Ji/..a-le.r .tajea, whila ia lilac ar<* tf h<? dkly. Tie Ma.vcr !>**:*( U?u?l aa order ?< in? .yi ago to tb* offitare atatiobed on Broadway !? Leep all . mol hu'aa traie.lInK ;u ti.ta tle.routfhlare at ne?r the curb atf-ri* aa ei'rabie, Oltuer lJodaay, eodeaeor to rtop a rta|a t.'.ai waa ip in of i:cwn tha c.. i,trr i f It oat ?*f it u irl?k rate, and to make iL* driver le*(/ tUa r'Kli* aide of tba atraet. ?a.< uafi.rtunairly <u . ?ed down, an' bad bl- leg broken, eltber It- rn a kl?W o' ...,a of the loraa , or by U.* whc-la i.aatmr c Ter !??? ins'., The ??I1, .-(J- aaa enmeyed to th* N*<r tcrk II .pltaJ for nied.-ai Uta'oi'-iit A CaaKi.K or ?ai?* I'nww- l>*?t a<|ht ? m er Maa'caon of the Clilif a < arre '.?' a grn tal I ok ioj man, caUof himself < barlea (Jrai an oa ? charj- of lepraaentiof li.maeif tob*t'* m*<ter ef the achoooer Tbrira Hlrta. iylr g In the atream and pure haa in/ four barrel,, of flo r from a fti m lo Weat atraat, ralua 1 at 1 40. ordarinv: tb'in to l>? ?? n! to a certain pier for a upm** aiid tba b '.I to be pre *r)t#'l to th? in II- ? */i ?tr?r ? ?rr payn< i t. Toe b II waa preae jir and paid br to* a|j?i,te .'01 a ? tb* lejitimaU c?j. a.u U am< "<itni .u' <f the trii.aart. n ami Ibjii.. Ia'>'y gare C'itir.* !or t*ir ar:t?: ?.! t..e oiuged awindier Tb? o(Bc?r ?rreatad ?t a acruf*.'. an*-. *ub*rtly lo io<! two of Ike bar re. ? ol floor at n grcg el -v in Tull av i,u*. ?be*e It hat ' ?aa >lt by *>ratkni. Tli* pn?>n?r ?ai :?'.io- d fir riaaiir at on. Fih* n Vim. .-T?r?T ?On J ueaday ??*niaf, *li*rtty aft?r re?ea o !eek Folkmaa f'ahlli, of th* rir?t ward, e?a u[?,d to aa> t n puttiaf out a llr* lo th* u lillcg No f > WaU atr**t Jt eeni Ike Are wa* dla coeercl undar tt.a '??artb of a ftr?p *e* lo then* a of Mr U?cr(*!> I, tha llwir f?,, > ?*m. It apptari hid been Carried uad r the Br?p'*c? : n ; tho be?rt.i atoo* ba'oulng ir??. '.be burn r < ru ler* fall Inf tlnoa| . tf.e ere? r??> eat lb* bearr.a no <r* I t* Bra waa *it'D*ulahed w th a few ( alia of waUr, I in* i* -*>n W.!ee-V marnliig. b* tw*eD foot aad ?ra o *loc?, a llr* bf k* ?ai in a am.l? port.r h.u.. kept hy Mr* llnra*. at Ho a.i a're?* ne?r Wert fr*f. ^^? flame* a i,f?: to tb* ?d oin!npr*(o..*a kept by l.iuo'.Uy IJal w o a. a jaoa atop wli?r* :ta pro, re, ? waa arre.iad by tL* ni.m. o Tbe occupati'i cf tb* (,r?n..*e. war* not it-tr*' t*a ttmtg* auata'oad *u:pr?b*>ly aoiouat ailcgetk-r t? a out $f' 0 The Art L aupj ta-d tii bare b**c '.!.e reaalt of aCQoMBt. Ht? |<? rtor ( imil. Pml II. P#'? -a Hau BtocMi U't a J?rj? mrOBrUW to is* Km- 4hk mii an Hi ?'H i7 -.immI . *o?6i a^atari TV V?? fork ( u y A<?? Iniwati" C? ? Tt. ? ??? 10 Mtioo t,r<.u<' t tb* p'nttlfl KUMt eonpta;, ? B a pal" i a? 'n? r?rc< it>cW bj tht la't?r <>? p:?nl fl ? ? V k i/f fcrltiaf ifl cx'? i < fw m<in| tu ttfw iv?M> ? <l> ? am ?u-r / 'rats? l??l tbf ? 'u?u oo VTafi* ttrxi, C4IJ 1 l.a |* .7 ?'?'?<1 F#b I*, IMI f<-r I. V 0 >:??, bx I .? M, for >.-? r#%r TV- fraa. ??? n?l 11 tkf **r* tti t.o.'wl kj (it >? -.k? 'f J> r 1HH ?ol tt>? i fcj lk? ^<li (/ ?i.l Mttaluil .? t.? DUll:>L( BlBb ttHtvf* 1 *1 I ? ???? tia>a T>it lu.t .? kmi'it te. !?'.?* ? tl.? ?f IV tO<i tbt BM.' OBt J tht JO/ 1 l?f IMIC'I t n* <?'?r.i5BDt? 'nl?n'?! tk?r ????# i,"<i Ul 1 ?? 1 |T?mi k fatto -t.? |. ? nti# Bi.1 BU> tH?t U?? ! (!*?? kQm '*> !?? tfcBl jcJaai b? ?*B>? >u mi lH?ilB ll>? iu'I b* ct:- wkict <L?i a /? ??? mi r l'?ii to Dm 3*' "i of *prt', V < It tp pttfM UK) an la?tr?s? troktf ttltoi vat ilbT, If b? b ? ttoei iw?"4 1 tif ft |i(>l }?* ??< l if tW lii? Wn( la 'c* tlto .? t. 1 11 ' aa 1 r?r?i?a>; I # pratni >i 1 lit* .*'*?''* .'A t. -gf'. that 'k'f 1 ' 1 r rr*M> ?^n r-u? atwt 'I'Vnft, to m tuaii . > >a? p?H tfA ??-? ikI |ia%!a ika ( '<4rt r a?j? 1 t*a' !i? 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IM >a?a t?kMl w t| 4aif i Ha Oat a> ?>!' ->?f vaa V < Hat <lta a- 1 It a rata a' UrtMf Ha ?<a (>?rr?l IU ftiiMfn ' aa IM1K *?'" u 7 to |??tMu'j Um? 'tr Itnaaf If iImi *m ?a*' ? ? ?< i?l '?af? to Miuit <b? ??Barf a I RttHl MaU? OlatrVI < aart Vrm t ir>a w m? ( ww - Wa ??aa??to*4 'lit ?' ' ?? f I ''u mb af Vi? Hal'* baa a#???U4 (l?r* rt'H .O.n, .M IH.t Bf ' ? ?ama. 'fca |ra?a%? f?aolt>a Mf *a?aa?f f***' '* I* '?M'f . ?f* Tli^'l f 'j -wi'al) ? ? ?'lf ?a Ikaf i ??4?. INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. ?cm ruin md Bum* cmrbsponmbicb* The Soppreiutd Pamphlet on tbr War Sop poaeti to ftiive been Writlei by Prince Napoleon. THE GRBAT EVENT Of RU88IA. Ac., 4Mn A?. Our Pacta C?n Mffenw. Marob 6, IM Tht.hamd of JfarcA ami I Striking Cuincidenei ? #i nu fd vow i Dmlkt <\J a ( <UHjr*t?d K*puUusn mmd a rmmr/ul D?fi Ouptmi, (4c I ' ffur*)? A tdUlac, lJU ''lO' - Vprcula/K'iM rjf f'rnuK Journal*. Th* Id of March, 1*54, *111 b* mamiirabla on umiiM of a ctrikiag eoiaeMaac*. Oa th* aaia* day aad tl??a at th* uiw boar, a ial?htj Inpirwr aad a aimpla rata hi, who alio had born ra:?* i to tna hoad of kit laUta, ettMi to hU? Th? (ku IIMm vao niMr ?oatcM from Um aplandar* ol kta oaf ital, Ik* pla*U*4a of bi* povrr, and th* bouai"!*** proJ*ct? of hit amba tlon Dupont (d* IKuraj aodad paacafully la hi* rtarwl buna a lif* atlll Ira* (MtrakU lor It* ntnuirlluif iMgth than for th* rar* pillttral probity and th* noa (taat dotiit'on to llbarty which had dltl.nguiahaj it Janquaa Charlaa Hupuat (<* 1'Kara) oa* bars at Itwa buurf, oa tbo U7th of Potruary, I7AT Oa th* VTth P*k marj, IH4i, h? | r**:d*d, a* >?k<i of th* Profialoaal |OTrram*at. iirar a ulnnii faal aal oa tha f la** d* la Hatttls. Wliaa ho bal concluatod ao ok?|uaat addraaa, Ar?(? aiclaima 1 to th* A*caably ? "ltia*t?hty /*ara ?f a pur* aal patrlotio Ii'o abi. h *p ak* to you la thai* taw wotd* hi* bio* rapby w?* rmnplat* Our owa countryman w II r?tn*ubrr fata rorcla! aympatby with Amancana Oa th* day tol.aalnK th* faa'laal to whteh I banallaM, b* rariind at Uia llo'?l da Vtlto, Mr. Ru?h, th* ('ai'.ad Mataa M'. latar at I'aria, aad utl, aa ha abork hand a with him, 41 /y fteui'U AVaafau arrr* la maiaa da prtiplt Amtrirmi* "?tba K*ucli pari|ila ahaa* haD'W wf.b th* Amariraa p*npb> Tli* Uat raara of tha Teoarablc ax I'rtaidcnt of th* Cauc.c.1 wai* paaaod la M tiiciMat at Kougaparriar*. abara bi* adneo waa a*rar withhold firm lit* political frianda, nor bu chartty from tba pi o?. aa4 wharo, to tU* laat m. nianl, ha ?* tamat both hi* tal**i a* a ebaraaiag aarr alar, ?nd hi* alncora attachment to rapuMicaa I4aaa. Hi* funaial, yaaUrday, oicaaiakav. ao iiamaaaa con coura*. Th* flrat carami'Blo* war* parformad la tba 114 ti* eliurcti of baiiaprirlni, which waa ao amaM that tb? majority kad to boa*: uulali*, b*a*ath baavaa'ft | own arch. Wl?a tba fqiiaral pro aaai. n.afur tawhauaa* Walk ? far all pr*f*rrad fol'owir.f on foot -had rtacbai I Naabouig, itarhurali, alao, tbnu(b of cot.* d*rabl* *l?a, | waa found to i aaiall. an* th* lar^a a^aaia la fmataf t wa* rrowdod ? to tia'rd haad* aad kn**Ua( form* Am< ox tee collrafui a aad p lltieal fiUnt* of tha vru'M*bl* liupoot, who w*ro piaaaal, w mi* aatioad Ca rai|oae. Maria, f'oai.r* Carant <>arni*r l'af*?, (ioad ebaui, \ aulaballa, llarrln, Juloa r sua fce 'Hhaia, H. iang?r, Itotlim .at, llaatida Ac, wi.u ?? l>* prak ut bail aoal !? lt*r? of aftauaa. lUaiiaal Oa piiht (|l* I'l.ur*) a ukw Mil n( i* lb* army bafor* Ha baatcpol Wk*tiaar lauroU bo Liay w.a aa a?*lli*r <aULi t bo m< ra prtclnu* tbau t * bi.oor wbicb h* alia I rita a* a "in uf '.La liaro ol paaca, of luacvril, aad a I vir'u*. w>iom I'rauea ai?? tu tura* Tou kar<- ailifl) r- ? mt?l by th* itaamar which l*fl lj*tipo<.| la*t la'utdat, I ?? . w? ??! lu it'ath ?f Km paruT Ni' ola*. liy > Ua imui r ai.i-b will carry tbia l*it*i you Will racajva luiapaau I'tiraal* aoaflimi'if lha i.awa, ai. . toi ml' f with bliij lapiilcal mitioar uf ib* lata ( tar, aaf aiaeaJatSoMlna tb? pc ?ihl* otioaa^aaa iaa *4 tblai-niit Vug rail ot fall t-> n?U*? tba dlBaraat toaa ? .til wt I. b Uia I'ra*. U ?'?d lha f.ift'au jnoraiU apaak ol lb 1 I r ( aa* laaaay, wb- n. i.aatli Oaa >0 u%?ip- u-tiy | laid! ? in fruca at iwi1 taa aur -at a?a'tu*aat <4 IMpct l? tk* rial |ia* ajrinfl aad la a arad hy both . i ai '? i r u a* ? *. ai. I all i ml a Y"u w U aat aa ?urpr?a4 j tLtb, to Uaru *hat t!>i i lpirt-iira of ata^ira aoa|a aaaisct Mlabo'aa liara t* ar analtai and thai tba oditura I lit tlr pin (.a j' uruala, uf ali ?ti*d*? of opia'oa, hara I m.t l*ar?.| bait X aacuaa . of lympttt, y Wita K i?.ia If tbry ualU< u ia. fa'oa^ '(.> aup<ri i >|uollUa* oatch r ui.'irail tb* ('oli. iti of hm S lib ou uawoitby fo*, aa ( 'I'M *?(:?>* it, nf b* H'atalarn I'owara. II * oul ? .I'll, ...a pr<'foua4 lploirary,Ma ,rr?t adai ?latratlrw ? lllila, ail 'I* plrtdu : :,al ai p-arao ?*. ( wUfh Uat at'.ibat* 9 ir '. ?ati ram niW lha (liararla* la'.ic ? n.pi i. unt <?' a am ?> Kr?a .u an r- a., ? that ba ' ft, a nai.ably rat out lot lha pari lia waa daa tioao t {.lav 10 tba wnri4' ?all hi* Poaria b'.a q alitlaa t-*w? t ?an yao*r*ual> a a a., ?!* !fad by IS* | lam1 >r?o". joaraalla a aao cl.arc* blm oitb .a-.rdi cat* amb.t n I Mad n>.l rapa.t ikalr ramarht. lot Uaa I Utr liap*rbr rf Ru>>!a ba a* i. o"*b*ra m<4* fully aad -tartly *|.pfawtat*d tta ib tba I'nlta- il<at*? aad aa ti.i ?ial b* * *or.tribat*'1 m?a? tlaa tba Mw Toaa 1 i a a * i > *o ' "i tha pt< aa l of aptataaa uf him ia that I con at ry ' Vuu mil T*irarV that nil that lha fi*rmto lha Fraaah, ^ r> r tha I aiiiah ) ???< b*?a upua I ty t?a 'aatb af Nil) olaa lino *ti?k *ltrai*4a.t ij la paaiafal n aaoqua'.raa a* tlia IV.uraa at um a oaaalfaa ? ' a (alA . Ktt a ? ai u(b IB ali taa prior pal ?apt*ala ol Rurapa, 1 *irtp> o liailio IbaAi'c'' anb' ot r?'iW*tia4 taa im part* ? < a o" -tba daath u! tha ebiaf of (Mat* la a ..'a*p?ilc ? wart tna at, and oatwi'h*t?ad 04 ita i?aira ttiai taa ai |ia, a! p**ra which it b*a ?i it?d m*y h* raaHiad M 1 awt *?? (bKuiua aa tna ki**ah apaenlaui'a wara at pro I tu 1 1 t? to, a>b'< ji/.u?a *?dai.? ia tba upoafd .till I llat oa^r*4 ?d laraaltov* rl* <?f u a'l; n?a fraac* whaa tt> taaa wa? oi.f ra?1 Tba A Hi aiMr < ti i*ha that a?wrila| to al MohahiliiMa, tba loiaaawaf tao ra .at araai wul a* lavcra'laf t < but, a- iert ? ? * thai tbaaa aha ? I.011M bal a?f that paa-a l< raaO.rad wowtd roa fraat rl>k*of ba nf n.u'aban lb* ' naaa y outly r*nu^a?aa 1 th* Laid of I . <i*i.c? la tba blow ?L?. >1 aa* ?? a la flirta.l, but ii^lf praya that "aal of tba la>p*a*iratla , *t'j*- ..f 1 1 a r.a r laci'a tb*ro may na>.i a 4..i(a af [ cam | a a* oa aad of pas'* fo* tna w??H la tli* Janrnai tht Ihtmu yoa wilt tut aoaaa .aUraat ir f iaf'<rwi?t ?n fr-.i* II* c'*raap?ii.l>nt* *1 "t 1'alar* b rj r**|a Ur>0 ba fa'al IIIO'*? of tbo Oaar Hap | paor* tt at tbo I o pa rar Kl?bulaa had baaa at * lor aa- at taalto I'ay* ?h>a I* ao- > *w 1 oa lb" i<( Mar'k, I It* had l-'ri r< ?! aa-I to 1 ia ' ? I ?I8' ? t'ia I'itli o' Fab roar- lb* *?rr*ap. ?? a>ot? o' tho />?(<? 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