Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1855 Page 4
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it 1,20$ bales. Tke mark?t clout el from '-j a T? Liverpool, a boot 1.000 hales of cotton. J%25k* *?-M for comptetswd ernl iiucouores^ed, *? bMt,n were at 15* To l/>udoa. ?bout 300 tie?ee? beef, Urge unit ?n>ail, were engaged at Js.s Js M., m4 100 bbl? po.-k on private tor ma Te Antwerp, ?.000 baft of co.f * wore liken at 5-1 M There wae ao alter.' tioa in rates to the Co&tluent, or te Cali fornia. ihK"'- ? ~C0 bole* bunch mi-Inn im euld at #2 45 ; 10a da. le/ar* at 8 2 76; and 50 cate-i prun**, in gle*eoa, at lie Hat.? %Im or MtO bales wi re made at 80c. Ijus ? About 100 tons Hptuiah were sold at 6t," 4., cait. ISoiJUtunt ? f00 bbl*. Now 0 Ii nna wore old at 2 to. a -6e., and 100 do. do. prime at 27c. Natal sromta ? The market wai <]u(*>t, and price* ?rere mora or leas nominal. <Mt* ? Unseed wai quiet. Winter aperm waa at *3, and bleached do. $2 ID pjiovnuo.\* ? 1'ork? Tiih market waa firmer. The aalai* embraced about 1,600 bit's ohindy old, on the apol, at <14 26 a $14 87, and 7<?0 ' old meee, to art-ire by the lit a April, at $14 60. > ?oM at $10 25 a 10 37. New prima waa at $14 26. CM/ prime m?ee at $16; aud 100 bbl*. Wretefu prime wait nold at $16. Beof? Sale* 30(1 bbla. Vtrocont and Chii. go rap?i:U*.l tne*s wer* made at $16 aud $lii, and 'Mi do ? udtrv w<<ru aold ;tt old prices. .About 2H0 package* ham- cd nhonlder* *old at fi. Sic. a "V for the latter, ant s,'jn a for the former. Lard?' Tb? ealeieaifcrin ei: Vint 100 hlila. at 9>fc a (' \c. Run. ? ?*??? ealea embraced ;;u0 a 400 cask* at 4Vc. a 6Kc. Skw) ? haJe.i of 2<J0 J>ujihf 1? stover, clean, ware mad" atlO^e. a U?. Timothy w-.? better, with aalea of reap ed at $3 60 Sijuak ?The sala* etu braced ,'.00 bhda Cuba at 4%\. a U. , 2&0 da i'orto Juoo, part a'. 5 ' , e . aud the remainder uu private term* , 100 ahd*. N'ev 'Kit-ana at4i,c. a 4 ','e., ami 326 do. New Orlaana clarified at 5 ";o. Will-art ? Ttie market waa dnli. with aalen of 100 tibia, priion at Sic. a ::0,So. S?w York Cattle Mori ft, Wkdm^oay, March 26, 18R5. The number of cattle in the jar.l . today, waa esti mated at froai 1,(00 to 1,600, principally from this Stute and the Went? the bulk eomtng by the Erie and' Hud aon Hirer tsUread". There were more cattle of good quality on *ale than usual. The demand was lair and prtcee stiff. Mutton and Teal plenty at the quotationa. FBI0M. Beef ;nttte, extra quality, per lOOlba. . $11 00 a 12 00 Do , ko<4 quality 10 00 a 10 50 Do., cannula ?a ''00 Oowa, eatoa 50 00 a 70 00 Do., r?od 40 00 a 46 00 De., ordinary 30 00 a 35 00 Sheer, extra.. ., 6 00 a 8 00 Iamb* 2 W> a 4 so Swiae 6 a 6 AT ?ROWXI:."'.'8. 261 Beere* $9 00a$ll 50 1)0.. extra a 13 00 33 cowa and calves, first quality a 60 00 Do. do (rood 30 00k 46 00 94 veal calve* (lire welghl) 4)?a 7 2.VI ) eheep and lamb* ? aheep 8 50a 7 00 ? LambN 2 00a 6 00 The mari.H here ia reported very ?ood for beerea. ?eala lower, aa?l dull for the poorer -orta Rood Ueacrtp tlona firm, and ia reaueat. Good demand for eheep and cowe aadcalre*. All (old. Mr. McCarthy reporia the market food. The following ia a memorandum of hie 62 eheep at $454 00 2fl do at 186 *6 26 4a at 106 25 52 do a* 415 80 M? de at 404 00 iso6 da at 1,27160 so do at ;. 420 50 66 $o at 9$S 60 6 do at 40 60 6M> do at $3,6t*7 SB Tha following la a memorandum of ealea by Mr. Me Craw 60 aheep at $30C i:< 4 <fo at 96 CO 10 da at 13?c- par lb 70 00 61 do (rtry poor) at 210 37 2 to at 10 00 110 da (very poor) at 412 50 10 da at 65 00 6 de at 64 00 343 da at $U6Tif Metiraw * Uo -old 71 beef cattle, at frcm $8 50 to $11 60 per hundred pound*. AT CHAMBBKL AIM'S. 250 beef cattie $8 50 a $11 00 78 ot ws and caleea 30 CO a 60 00 34 veal caieee (live waif ht) 5 00 a 6 M> 80C0 reai caleea 3 00 a 6 00 AT OBEIKN>. VC'A baovea $9 00 a $10 50 70 cowe and calve* 20 1)0 a 60 OA 24 wall (live weight) 3 00 a 7 76 Baaree quick. Uood qualitle* cowa and ?!?<?? in good demand, f'eor veal* plenty and cheap. Market foner ally eloaiag active. KBC APITCLATfOTC. Ch?'tand feai Kketp *. Htcra. Ctrf*w. Caleej. Lamia. Caper H. 'a Head, (?at).l,6(Mi ::0 80 1,200 Brooaisft'* 351 V4 3,546 Chamber lain 'a 260 7* 34 3,000 Obrtoa'a 234 ; 6 34 ? Total 2^7, 237 242 6,4?8 Oonaeatlc Kbv Hbd^oho Oil Marht? KL?hch 26. ? Sperm ?There waa u good demand during tha week, aad ealea were made of 1,350 bbla., 850 at 180c. aad the balance at a price not made publie. The article* hel l firm at the price quoted. In Edgartown a lale of 100 bbla. waa made %t 174e. ta parties in this city, who resold the sane at ITSr. Whale? ^ Though the transactions bare not been so siteasi** this ?e? aa last, there has been a fair de mand, aad full price* have been unstained. The (ale* are 1,600 bbla , la lots at 06e., and ta tdgartown 700 bt>ls., el a price we dt l net learn. Whalebone?' Sales for the week 6,600 lb. Arctic, at 40c ; 1,193 do., and U,4S4 do. Ochalsh, at a pries not traaf|ired. AJTBtTOMiEWTg REXEWEB ETERY DAY. ~ oOAJUMSO AJV UMW1IO. - 7-IA ItKOAUWAV. ? HAND80BH.V FORVIHIIKD 1 J V mini (o Itt, tu fialllei or ?in?l? (tnUtaia. No iiiombk lr*< ol May nd. ai. *??>;. ?JAQ TWRI.FTII 3TRKBT. SF.COND DOOR FRO* OUo :-i;a?Dd araaor ? Room* om tk? aaa nl lloor, with Vard, in a pn*ata< family, for rinylc inilnti and a *an Unman a?id wila: hataa wall fnrniah*'! pnd pl<-a>aoUy Uca M nrtr oin anil >Ih>ii R??r-n-?a mntnal, ana ? p?r manual ajranpantanl Uiroorb tljit mmllcm may ' n flMtH. 17Q HUDSON KTRMT. 3K0CND STORY FRONT Lid room, uararaialiud; farr'.akad roam* tur alalia ^?a tlaman. witla "vard *M1 *'V'H STRBKT, THIRD DOOR RAST OF 1,11 Broadvay, fa mi a had roima, in laitt ^raaparatalr. Arro. back sartor aad axtrniinn ronro on tha Irit laor, ta tat to gaaii'iaan, with hrcaktut, if rtqourtd. Aif>, lar ?ialiad raaiai at No. < Catlaga pUca. 7 J WI.SI TWXKTT-TBIBD MRLKT? A ?riT <?r 'T rwiw> aii Oi? third ??< r, con?i?tii ? of a parlnr two ladrautna and paatrira, may 1-4 obtaiaa-l; alao on* lar ? m?w i n In f?nrtk fl' or, aaltabW far a inau and lua ?-il'?. or tarn > .agla yantlaoica; and cth-r aiuall ro?aa* tor *711 i RA.NKI.IN STltEF.T, FIBST BOUM*. WEST OF 1" Kroa<>?ay T?o parlvr* >-i? tha hr?t ll'iar u> lat. aavaral* or toi(?th?r; a poad Iuciiiiub fur a phyairian ; *l? >, itv? or >ix i-inale aad donbla rootus i r ladarin a. uaatly lar uifhad; R/fta>0nt?a atrlrtly obatrTnu. UlNIVbRMTT Pr.AC*~PU.?rDINi:-IN onf. Ol lh? ?pi>at rifeiMa In^atl'i." in tha elty, latmadlata vl -inlty ?? Firth aTtk nr , Imtala, am bu-bi*. W !?mta ol Iront room- for i*ata aud ladiaa; alaa. apar'tnmln lor aiMle *ent latam, U) oii I'lvanla^aona I run *1 A?BI.AS1) FI.ACT.. I'BRRY MTRF.RT.-ROOBS, IN '? auitM or amaJy, 'or lanulira at ainfle r?ntlaro>n. aia y ka ?4'Ualaad. ?l"k board, in a aaw trat tlaaa Lanaa, Inr the Ma a?? No ?otiii* oa tha lat of May. Apply a* akova Ka i'i*"a a<ohaa<ad Accra* by MitL a*tnaa car* aad Aruay AN ini.UAIT 81 11 K or ROOM-s ON HE' ON l? .A Antr, will KM. lath and latra llatriM, with fall board, aiay M had parmaaantly, la a aanall faai!l>, at Ml Eaat 'fair t?aatba?r?*t 1H ?*< more lat Bay. AHAN!><nMM.V riRM-HKIl R?x?B WITH I'RI rata bMh, 4. .. it. lat with koard. va a an aad wltf, < r <dnria ?sntU?'a: aUo, a raoja i Hral rlaaa artomi datitna- naa, hatha. ?c lo^uir- ?A .V a. oO and ?i ^ Tarick ?tiwt. M. Johu'a I'ark 81 IT OF ROOBS, OR nlPABATtLT, Tn LKT l<ara. by tha trat ol Miv, m a pr!rat? . . n-dara tiaalt konaa, < ail Ilia |ai?-i Im proraaaaata, Uralion. W>M Slat -aikt. ?niv?. l a-i<-M<l n m |a ?M? rWarai raa <iaaa and rr>4<ilr?d. A A , baa I ?U3 i'i>at U#r % 4 SI IT 01 ^ A ?it?i u ?:? ?a?ai:y,a?"J A l ARf ? ri.^AMANT FRONT liO^iR TO LKT, WITK A Ix-ard, lo par nr tax atari* iHl|ta<a. Djinar at ala r B. laqirira at 71l> Weal lw*ntl*tu itnuL b?twa-a Ft/hlli aad Niath sranaaa. Kt ft ? a*-* aa? aar<l. A TKAI HF.B or 9)01 nAJMi, (A l AMV. IIF Sr.TR J\ ral \?ara' itpori >:?, ?U(><i art a a raaaa^iabia iaall|, lar aiiid, laaaoai oa tt? idasa ai 'ild k? taLaa m faj maat, or partial paymaK. K>tar-n< a* iai*litar*4- Ad "???*- '? * . ??tr?>p?illtaii F"*1 < ill' a, iiailat 'kfaaa ma> ba had. A BANOKOBFI.r WttTIMri D I'ARIOR, W F..~ T A N D -.V aaar limadarar aa la ot?a:a?l ?ilh b<<aril. at Ural aiaaa r*?ld*a*?, 11 I -isra atraat L<?-atloii d< t.rakli- Hatha aad raa. A FRIfVT* IABILT, MA VIM. ?r>K|r ROOMTMAV -?V tli'P alrb ?<? ar'apy. waitld lat tw-? atoa Ursa raoma ??a? <J??||? trai. Iii? ulkar oa tha ax and ar. ?t?li f: il n ? partial baard, to a<*|la gaatlanien ?r araticnaaa aad that/ ?'T*a. I fx r ?an?ar# lar-a aad airy. Raia ta tha ka-iaa I a' II" FrrnkUa r?r'at. JBK VOl- IOOKINO FOR FT KA.'*A N'T I t.'BMISHKD raoaaa. wRk "nil or barlia! koard, w'< h a.l ' a- ramlart* ?faboaao' l'l?aa? aail at f.l Rrt ra? air? ? lloaua aalth all Ikaaubdata laapraraiaanta. Ral>t*M* -fhaaaal. JHANWSCBll.T Ft'ltNl IIFD FRONT RonB. Vian Naard, to lat a g ? l???n aad bia arifa, or dcfla f> aJa*. a otarkari' m. I Ir.t claaa a<r< juaj latioa. aaa. kaia, Aa. luafaira at iro-.nv* alraat. HOARta -WANTTIi, BY A OFNTtKBAM. I ROM TBX ?rat af Bay, l-a*a? faorfr'ai'i alraat. abar* Ihan ar> a/, otlaar baardrra. liberal j ayta*?( !a a4?a?> ? for aaltabla v<-oinaa(d*Oaa>a; ?dlb a wt?a*? Wt; ir?' rr?d. Al ir-aa .1. 8., I?rfi???ay l'??t ("Bra. BmM-to l*t to "a -i vci.j okntlFban, a frtnt b?<'-aeaa. faralahaj, ?!?? ar wlthaat boar), la (iMaa la* *friaf atrMi. Boakh \antbd, rnu. a o'kvt i.fran anj? fail roa*' lor Uaa aifa otljr. ;?.? aa:*oa rr. iaa w '?? Rasa. ?.|ra-<. U 'li 'aha !'a?'i ?ar a > aar au<i?d i laa>? ?if*aa tf. M, 0 , it ? a. i a, ata. ?? I a^a ?*A? aO&KOOO AMD Bq\rd -two respectable hinoi.r ointtkmam cea be accommodated with board, at 31 City lUir 1 BOARD- A I EW SINGH CENTI.RVEN. OR FAMI I Ilea withaat children. may obtain pieaaant rooma, or I auill of tNai, with buarl, for the huoi, from lit al April ami May, at 104 aaJ I0t Bait FoorVeeath atreet. lUfer < urea ri hansod. BOARD? FOR GKNTl.KMKN AND TURIK WIVES, OR | in.-le itcatlaiuen, with full or partial board, at .No. ft i liifif't'* within five uiiautvi' walk of th.* Bleocker | ?trwt ptaava and Siith avenue ear*. Newly futuubad room', ' without !.oanl. * ' BOAKD-IN WEST ELEVENTH STREET, NEAR : llr ?adw*y To let, tba entire *??ond A oor, or a portion ! o(H v tt*? boari, al AO r<H?uja on thifd floor , iltj fir?ui baso iff. Apply at IN WnI Elovtnth atiMt. BOARD- 100 fast SUTKENTII strkkt, second floor Hit from l.ivin(;itoii pl?<*t, in a private f.imtly, tor * a 1 1 hid. an and %\ if*, or two or thrw *ia?l* gentleai n Aho ro-m, iittvo ltr^ cio?et h attached, containing hot aud owMvat^r. homcvinc in Ma7. Board ?to let. a suit or kooms on sboond a or, ia a timl <<laa< h>. n.e, to our or two aiarie K?-l?, withunl l.o a. "I II a* all the modern iniprorrr"'iutf , 1 ti?a'? iar.ll/. Apply at :I7 HI .-t~ k?r itr ?t. Boaiid-i wo voung genti emen can be ac v-?tuai' dated Willi tall or partial board, ia pieaaant rot *iif, a' 1J7 U ooator atreet. BOARD? A H0IT PARLOR and BEDROOM, ON tbo *<*-wnd Hour, auitabla for a Renilatuan and Im wlta. Tli<' room . ar? K?p|ili?d with vtrm ?nd cold wai rr. Alio, no un i r tiO' U (tn tinmen. with full or partial bourd, aa well aa ? tan' Urn pirl.r*. No movm* on the lit Hay. Ari'li at SS t'utou pile*. BOARD- A widow I. adv. alone. in a rttirv I lovatloa, who for yr ar? lias been to the r-'l'iirem. n! < of the tick. W'.'ild acoommnlato a inly with board nark. i. . ?nd akillful atti-adaao*. pronoun to *nd dating onflni-ment. Addreai A Friend, Chatham aquar* Fvat OSta, oan A Swarta. Boai;i>.? a gentleman and his wire, or one , fit' iv> ^Btleioen, aan be acoominodated with pli* annt ir nt and back parlora, with paatrya, all on ?? ."?>ad flocr, in boaae 62 H'jdnon atrent, near Chaaheri. .No reniovify at Ma/. Board. ?Mo madibon avknitr.? two si/its of rooma. furnlali?4 or oaftUBlehod. In a newly e?tahliahrd flrlt olaM hooae. it u adailrably located. Wall etro-t att{?a P?m tha 4(?or. BO\ROINU.-All'RlVAT? lAkll.r WISH TO l.r.T. to a party ot three or foar single ^aatlrmen, turnl.h..J room* with braatfhat and taa, and tinner oa Snadaya. Tlie bnaar haa ali Sa moJera tmprovvmeata, aad ia aewly for niahftd throng lout. Tbosa wtihiag tha comlorta al a honaa plaa tddreaa l>oi 111 Herald office. BOARD1NG.-A FRONT I* A It I.O R AND RROROOM on aaeond flour, auitabla for a gxatlenaa and lad} . -r two a.ojie K 'n' lamea. witk fnll or partial board. Oaa, katb, j *rat?. .to. Tarma ??r/ low. Apply at No. 9J Cait Twenty. ' e>?bth ?tr?- ' kaua-i Laiiastoa and Third avaaaaa. BOARDINO? IN A ri.EASAHT LOCATION, rOII aingl* lanileman or *??vUein. a aad their wtraa. far tha I auaimar, oruarmanent board far a year. Hatha, aaa, Ac Ap ply at '231 Woat I nurtaeath atraet. BOARDINO? AT .11 t ATUKRINK STRUT. -ORNTLK, j uiaa and their wlrr ?, and alaa a taw ainilv fantlea?n < oaji b* aci'orouin<latad with board aad pieaaant rooaa. at mndarata ? -t ??????. by aaylyia; aarly at tha aboaa aaaker Boarding.? two gknti.emrn akdthrir wivks 1 can U??a board andaooil rooma at Al Hear/ a treat. Tha ; liouaa >? commodious, ha v taa a bath room aad A**. Nona , but r?lfr?.Jtable uontwel people Lead apply. | BOAROINU.-.NKWI.V TCRNISURD ROOMS TO I.RT, I 'or famlli-a aad etngla cent lamea, at 1 Jb and 123 Cham Imra ntr?ot. Ihe houaoa are newl/ farniabad. and aampteta with arery eonranianca, with ala|[l? and doable roenu. and rooma for a parte ut throe or four. Day buardora can a'.ao bo accoBoiodatad. Rafereueo repaired. Board wantkii? by a iadt and oentleman. tiail board tor th^ lad/.; in a private family, ? here t)i r? nr? t?* or no other boarderi. Terma muat be moder ' at?; location wet: ai l?. above HI o^oker atruat. Addreaa Mra. I M. A., Hroajway Poat OAce. Board wantkd-bit a young inoi.imiman in a priTale family. A nleo badro. m, good board, and llt?l/ larnily ara Indiipeaaable Tha dietanc* not to eic tl ; a qnartar ot an honv'a walk from tha City Hall, If fnll board [ ia en. Dinner hour man ha ana o'clock. Addreaa, atatinn ! Iu?-it r>ri.- and all particulara. II. B., boi 277, foat Office. Board wanted-in Brooklyn, ior a gentle- | man and vrlflt, lull beard for tba lady only W ill take . board lor a yaar If auif'd. .Muat be convenient ta I nltan ' ferrj. AdilraaaW. B. O., Ilcraid office, for two daya. atntin* location and hni, which mi at be uodarata. iutcr-acea | nrkihgM Board an it hoom?? a large, handsome front ' rc a in. with a bad room attaahod . ia tha naw hrawa ataae 1 houaat. oanta'Tiln/ all the modern impravamente. No. IU2 an<l ' l(M Raat Voortoaath atroat, near L'aioa aquara. Board in tlinton ri.ACF? a suite ov two or threa rooma on the aocond floor, vith all tbe modern ! Im/'rorcmeita, tor ? reatlcmaa and hia wile, ar for aia(l? ! K"nt|i>m*n: with rartlal board and dinner on Saaday, at W [ I'Untvn place. BOAKIl IN BROOKLYN ? WANTKD, FROM TIIK tint May nn<t, ior a nen! l?rnaa. hia wife, aad child, *i* >*ara old, ia a private famllv, in tba rieinity a* Wall atraot orSontli f?rri?a. Partial board for the neatleman or. Ir. ReloreiKca e?"lianre<l. Addreaa F , boi IV M 7 i'oat Ofttc*, New York. Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman ani> his vife, anil tuo or thran aiagle aaotleiuea, can bw acoom luudated with board ia a private family. Apply at 22S Court j atreet. Rolrrascca etohaaxed. Boarding in Brooklyn? brtwrbn fitltov | aetl JMoitaxae tardea. Two or Ibreo (eatleaieB naa bo accommc iat?'l with pieaaant rooma and partial board, in a ? rcapactnblo private family. The lioaao ia dell?litrwily alta atcd, and in a durable n?l?hborkood Inqnire at theHorald uAoa, oraddruaa Win. A. S. Aadrnw. Herald i.ffioe. Boarding tn Brooklyn -two or thrf.r gen tlcdien i as obtain vary pieaaant rooma, with hreak'ajt and tea. aad dinner wa .'Saadaya, at No. 4 Saada atreet Terma 9.. M car week. Relarencaa ?aeha?i(eil. Board in .?ouxh iirooklyn.-two or thkke t.oardcra cao bo accommodated eltb plaaaaat pwma, liaviua *?a. in aa agreeable family, where a limited number ar? taken, and where every atteatloa ia ehowa at to their comfoit. f I ouaa healthily lecatod, within tlve miautaa' walk of Hamilton lerry, aad tea of bomb feriy. Apply at !>0 1'reaideat atreet Board in jersey city.? two young men can have loard, breakfaat and tea, in a email private faim Ir: honae tnaUnit the bay: abent three mlnntaa' walk front the trlry. Addrera Hard, boi 173 Herald office. Brooklyn -a yrky desirable room, ok suit oi ru"??, fnriualied or uatarBiahcd, with board, ma/ b? obtained In a tirrt claaa a nentieman aad hia wile, wliu may wiahtbe r omlorta ot a home; oneertwo aiarle i/e ntli mca run be accommodated. Apfdy at Sh Wlllou^hby otreat. Rafen-n^ea ric handed. DROOKI.V.S HEKillTfi? |ju COl.CMillA >1 RKKI' ? TUK ! II mnM d-IUhtlnl locality ia Mr.' klyn or vlctnitr. Thr?? or !u?f iwui raoma, appr iprlata to aiada ranifamon, ur itntirman ?nd ?if?, ? aa ta aeciirrd, with lull ar partial board; thrrr minnler walk Irom l altoa and IT all atr?t tt-rric. Br.t r-1-raaeea riven and rajnirad. Permanent ar ranymrnl* iniila. (IiiINTRT l.llfc? THE ADVF.RTIBF.R, nil" in - A fi i? rftOBtr) plaar, ni-ar Nrw Tork, wiahra to obtain a lean if fc'JiU lor aii laontba, far tho w of which h? it alllla? to board * n'Mletoan or -mull family. Th? b?*t a^onrily wsuM I* ?lT?n. Tho placa hat all tha MflMMH of tyahiar, 1>< atin;, conning, tin* roadr. At. Apply by Mtar. po*i paid, i to T. T., Broadway Paat oi?, I ?UWTRY HOAKII WANTED? FltOM THK MlfXM.K n| A (I . lor a mirriod lady, without obildran, witM-i i houj > ' ride fmai t )>? City Hall, l? a plain. r*?p?riaMr tauiily t 'laritea matt b? im.lrratt Addraaa i>??'ry Uoam, boa '.'?l (l-raM oilier, atatlng trriua and laoativa. oom.\ to j.rT-To siNoi.r. uSNTLEMB*, in \ rri at* family, with ar without hoard; a lar<? ?.'l in, illy Inrnlahnl room, aim ?inrl? nwna. la a ntw, nrat aiat I i: irh baa*mtnt hoti>?, with all tha madrra uapr i?? timnta. Arply a; 119', Mxth .tr**', m> do^ra watt o I Kr? adway. will ?.?t rr.uv* Urrt of *ay. _____ rro i?i-a msnfn wnov roi two unu. 1 awn: (1Mb M* ll?at $A par wioath laquiraof Ur*. M J?, .'?m 1'iarl rtr'rt, lonrth door. f|K> I.BT. A BlIioW I. AMY. WITHOUT PAVII.T, 1. raaidini.- i i. th? luiraadiata riclalty ?f Cuion aiaar**. would rout to a fT.tli man jad Wdr a baajtiful faruJ'liaJ Mfl, wuhaul b< ard. Addreaa Ml' n*?, M?tr< I olltau Foal litre. ( K TWO til N ri.>'.MEN CAN HI ACCOMMODATED WITH heard, and hat* a I?r*a run thcmaalvaa, W-th aaa f tb? par'. r ia ? | Hr?t? lamlly ia Brooklyn ; t?a biin oail tfim tha 1 u!t?n ferry. Addraaa Brooklyn IW t.?hra TU<> PLEAS A> 'I ATTIC ROOM* CAN HI. UAOHV twa ur rn' r? liarU (antuiara, at 1t?> (Iran i "tnn. Brat , Ua?k ??t .1 llp iil?v. on laodrrat* ifrm? Hraaktaat If | d?rr?d. currmmo, ac. A I. A ROE gCNNTITV Ol" ( AMT Ol f CI.OTRfMO waatad.? ti?atl?m*a liaviac laf* "? waartat apparal t* 1 ittapaa* of. In lar?a or amall Iota, aliall raaatta tha rarw aJ?h ; rat wii r Ur than hy ?prl> ia< to o? addraaaiu THOMA# f>. ('?i.NllltT, 4111 1'aaH atrrat, hatwaaa City Hall |>la*a aad j t ??tr? ?tr??t. riAIT or (LOTUIX* A>D yt'kN ITCRI WA.VTED \ LaJi-a r.r yaatlamaa l.atlar aay of tha aaata t'> diapaat ot. <-ai f ? ia a fair ar<l >- nh prica. by a?a4iaa for tha tah a rlb.r at hia r-tldaaca, ar thn. jch lh? Put ofc. a. N. ?. COHKN. H E1M airaat. 1 N. R ladiaa atuadad b, Mra. C. L_- 1 (I'ASTorr < l^'THI.NO AXl) FI'RMTURE WA^TRD lail ?? or jrantlemaa harlac aay oftha aawa to diapaaa i af, tan uMaiu a fair aad raah ptia* by aaadina for tha aab ?aril ? r, at bu i-aid?nr?. or Ibruaih tht I'aat (Mat. I.. M. Dt'?Mll.|HiRI', U Rib alraai. N B.? I.adiaa altandad by In. D. /<?r or r CHiTHMo-ci.mj* worth wamtrb I \ t;?nt lrm?\ l.a?ia ? raad aai?rilaaaa rlothU( ta dJ?i?aa ?I ? an 'ihaaii tha rail falaa hw afplalag ta 1 aaaaa B?r >aay, at Old wU liauad ttaad, ifo. II (lr*aca airaat. laatr rail 1 ad Bailor atre*t / ' ' I. ?hf n?i, I-., paaetaail/ a*<aad ad. JAMBS Holo.<RT. II Baatar xraat. C1I.OTRIKO-I.AIMRR OB UINTUHIK HITIira H..' any ta diapoaa af. aaa raaalaa a (air pataa la taah. hy i i?adiaat? tha atora lll.aaraaa atraat, aaar Uaaal, ar n U ral Broadway, l.? laMar Urttfl tha CaM atiaa UtUt atuadal by Mr* l ' ?aa. R COBB.V ll^A^^'t^? l-ROM TO fl.'dl WORTH Of OBTTf.R Tf mra ? 'lath I ay ia ??rh*n?? f-?t r*irtl<nr?, or aay hl?4 I tit work, ao-h aa raaar?ri?a larait<ira, Itaca. ' ari- < ? and otUloth. mmk.rnt ahad??. rartalaa. mat "?*?** j Aa., Ar. I'onntvy 'wiara I v,ra.a*ad Addrra* M?ar. Hrvad way Poat UAaa. ____________ | VOVIHS- AND CHfl nRRN'I (1-OTBIMU -VfWEnf I 1 B. t LOBI, BAILlP A CO . Ra. ? Parb plaaa, a^paalta ! tha Ct?a Hall. Sara nav aa haad 'h? aaa rv?d appaa aad naatf rtfl aad *?y1 a* ta ha 'tail la tka UafaJ htataa. and a*'ii?Ma lor atl ant, fn?a ihrtt ta I wra<y yaara aid. at trfcalaaala aad f?r araaUy radwaad yrtaaa. " w - - - .... ucuwmoM. I A OMIMIHTRATOR A iToTJr-R |.OTfrB III RRBPHT ' J\ fivaa, thai Ml lhaaa iaaa?ta? ta ta* lata laW. I, t al?y am ra^a*?tad to atak* I r " . tar I +t%, at tb *lt ( ~ b< i.rt af IVwa A to M kartr* t'aa?? ar- r^naataA ta iravoat 'btc Bilk U 1 aary rtaAw, aa aaaaa >atta I? aaaaa ta '.ar taaa lavrfi i,. I to ataka laniliai cayaa#at u t * .*?*5 * Prtara nnah hatwaaa Aa ? A. K aad I la H P. W, had all tfcra. H MAUBT ?t? T<*%. ?ar? Wnnn shcarr ? for > | lour rtM hoaaca anil loll, with iron balco i atra, railing*. Ar , No( 11% BBd lHM bcvsntti atraet, trontinz ! on Tompkiiui aquare; priae a f '>?"> only#? ,!!?); ' w < third* of the amount mar remain oa Voad *ad mortgage. Apply to ? V. PAOAN, Oiaeontiet'. wm'n' tifthatrBt j OAft S*L*- ***u **.*? Ni!Hr ?*?? I tPU?VuV. three rtory Mown *'"? treat, Kngtieh b* a Bant dwelling bonne, on Fifty *. c?a bet we. n H-i ?d way c luniktuaee aad Eighth Miuur aw1' ropteie witb e?*ry oonveairuo- of Crotou arater, gn< in J <ln*gb waltare. at 1 bentlfull* rtileh'd. Mortgage H..OO. Apply i? ALUhRT W'KLi.lW, r .Swtt Wil li?ui atraet. j d>/; nnn - F"* sai.r in, the new ; v"?vul/ tbrw ntory brick huu<?. Wo. JO ft Dean utroet, ? betwe -ii Bond Mill Ne*iaJ etr?eta 21 feet ftlaohea km . with ail Uio a><<lrrn inptuveiDrnti. Pnoo tb.OUI. Terma rWf 1 The furniture, which ia{< Mn-oly u*?, will t>? told, it Je i aired. Thin Ii an eicailent chance tor perenue ? lulling I" eeoi.r- a hamlaome hnuai'. nicely torrualied. ai d in the m ><t health) location Ad.ire?? K a . hot 111 Poet oltoa, H.V a>r AAA -A wbu. stooicbd hardware stork, , uvU. e*tabl:?hcd t?*lv?yeerj, ntar chain wr ?<reet i will hi acid for rub aid netea, orgead ri?l netatr. Alao. a 1 country wat at I'e?kaklll, for 12. W, io?< f.'t.K"' and a cur- | net hiatorioai panorama, ro.i ll.t.i, ^owl aa n -w, lor #1,3011 . A 11. OOl'UB. No. IV Wall a'.net, 'jkujuqI | ?> AAA ACKKS PENNSFI.T AN IA COALMAN D TIM tlil/UV ber laada.? Should any peraou or peraone leal da airotta of making a raah imettm >nt that woul I be certain ta pa*, ami ??rj handaomo too, >u laud. tbat Ilo ia lU? i ioinity of the great Suobnrjr and Kru> Railroad, whioli ara valuable aot only for coal and timber, but fur tannin* pnrp iaoe. they will plcaae call at tbo !H. Nicholaa Ilotal. wlter ? the/ cm Hid the owner for afaw dura, betwai.n tha hour* of 1 and 5 o'oloek. In<|uir? for ROUIItT I'KAWFURU, rooaiHS. Attrnlion, wbole>al<' m?n>h?nta.? W I lia bat* oulr for a l^w daya, 1 woald aolirit any mar< bant who a>i(ht lanl itlipowd to axebaaaa p>nda for nneeatcd lauda. (In ?rar^ a of from H*i to 9U0 a> r?-a,; ia CUptua county. Pa., lylait along tke line of tha hanVury aud Trie Railroad, ar J valuable for ooal. tiui bor. Ac., to pall upon th? owner at tb? Si Mchnlaa llolal, b'-twren tbe botua of 1 in 1 0 o'olo< k 1 will tak ? m eaoliana* reader raado elotblr.-. furniture, jaw-li^r or aatthiar acita hlf lor a country atore, l.'adirpatid tltia will be jtiren. la quire for R. CRAWt'ORD. ro.-m V TO fU.OlO ? A NIW INVCNTTOir, JDHT $1,000 $r AA ?FOR HALF- AN INTPRF^T IN A MAXCFAC t'vUi tarian buaiaeaa loa^ aad wall eataUiafeed, dowa Iowa. <th? priBripal part of tba work It tone by machinery. i aad it bow dolna ? r?l kuainean Apply iBiraMlately ta momtHlN * ffrmrt. K1 Xaaaau atreat. room No. 7. Oil r A -FOR SAI.R, AN OVKl'ER. COFFRX AND Vlt'v. oak* aalooa.ia tbe baetaart of tba Rlihlh areaaa, bandecmely SI tad up, worth Mm; tbe preaent own^r haa other baalaoaa to attaad to. Apply la ?br aalooa. 2*6 Kightb areuui', uaar Twaotjr 8ltb atreet. d?l rtA -PfRCMAlIR 1FANTRO--FOR A I.IOHT, wltJU. genteel mannfai-tarin* buMuaea, la a fancj ar tlele, and which c an be carried oa hjr a lady. Tha article I allcrda larfe proflta. Apply immediately to C R UOWKS 4 i CO , m Sateen atr?c<. upa<aira. AA-t'OR SA1.C ? A FIRST CLAflS SKUAR STORE, j V 1 vU altuatail oa Broadway, and aew d?mg a good hu ; eiaeaa Tula ia a ehaare aeldom aae? with. Reaaoa for aall mg, leaeiaa th? olty Apply at til Rreadway, reom 19, HlbTKO A BROff.V A FARM FOR SAI.R? 91 tVATRD ABOUT Stt MII.RS < north of ^taairord. or ahoat thirty mlaatea' drira ' from the New Fork aad J?ew liaraa raifmad depot, aoa talaiag 1U0 arrea of land under a high atate of enltieatiea, ? with a good apple orchard, and other fraite. A aew two t atory attm hoaaa, built laet fall, aad haa aeeer beea ocea pled. with all tha moil era improaeaaenta ; raage, batb, hat ; aad cold water, Ae. l'iaeaa all raaBd tha hoaae, baraa and oal hulliliBfL with ground laid oat la handeome atyle. Thia property w ill ha aeld low aaa oa eaey terma; moai af t he , Btoner ran remala oa l?ad aad mortgaga at 6 per neat, or , would be oaehaaffod lor elty property. Thu la one of the moat deetrahla nlaeea In the ntata of Conae' tiant, al'aatad ; oa tho Newiiald road, high ground, with a eomtaaading new ' of lalaad eeuad and aarroundlar nountry. and ia oa* ol the lieel nelghhorhaada. For further partioalara. ia- ! qaire of CHAHI KS Pot, ITTSoutb atreet. | N. B.? A leaa t?aa*ity el land woald deeired, wRh the Iwuee. A HACiATFI.I.K TABLE POK SAI F. t'UCAP-A FIRST ' JX rate table, with marble l>ed, la good < oodltion, with i belle aad rnea <-ouiplete. Mar be aetn at JOU.N W. UAOS HT'S, fi2 State atreet. Brooklyn. AN EMBkOIOKKT, l.AtVE ANII PAVOT STORK TOR it. aale ? Thi- b?et locatioa in llrooklyn 1"miaaecom mo'lating. Ajiply oa tbr preo.ia?i, at l'i:i 1'nlt .n atreet. | BOWI.INO RALOOX FOR SAI.E-IOCATF.ll IN ONE of tL* 1 eat tboroughl'aree la tbe oily, ia doiag a nrat rate l>u<ine?a; wl II be aolil low for eaab. to aa actlea inaa thia would iTo?e a laeratiee par<<haae Apply iwmadl?tol\ to Richard I.. 1'uriy A Co., No. Hit ana lil Naaeau .trout, room No. A, CIOIHTRI RKKIDENCK FOR SAI.F. AT RTF NECK, / half a mile from tha railroad dopot. altualed on the ||o. ton turnpike road, aad near lelaad Monad, the houae I* leautifolly ahaded; there ar' aboat four arrea ol ground, alaa<lan.~e of ahada aad ornamnntal treea, all kiadaor trait t'eca, tlowira. tine kAohen garden, .labia, Ao. Apply to T. y. gHKPHKHI), ? and SI Gold atreet. Dam m:rea.nh.-a wf.i.i. ertabmskid ami irofltable bnnncaa aland, with atnrk and nature, euiu plcte, will hi diapoacd of at a reaaoa^blc prva. lie.-, good will, Ar Aodrcaa L. M . 11 -raid otlce. DKI O STORK FtIK S Al.k. IN A TMKIVINIl AVRNUK in thir city, haa been e.tabli.bed tau or mure year., nnd only \?ant? a <ospetent and attentive man, with a varied atork, to do n Hrai rale bfiame.a. The preaoat owner rannot Btten4 t? it. Inquire at JHh Heiatoa a> reet, in tba tea .tore. RTJC RTOKF. I OR S%IK, IMRKOIATELT ? CKS- ; trall> lo* atrd ia Brooklyn, doing a /oo<l preerrlptton ]> liuiioM*, in b nmtfol n?ijihbor>ii>"4 Uiily ?( tin* prcimt (tin#, frum mi Uoi/kt dulltri p#r j?* Apr'*, ?t ob co. to JilOlirSON & aSTRKKl, Ml >????.< ro.?m ' So . 7. DUVii hTOft* I OK 9AX.K, IV Till MOST DK\f ICf. V ropu!AUri part of tha eit> ; i? doing a c?..4 ohmoom, ?nd will lw k?M ?t m giul ??oritio#, ?? ?h? prof?n?tor u iKNB^ to K'.fuft* i-1 A few ?!?> i. Apply M !? Rlfird itrtM, E ART TENNFs.*ER.-?a0 CAtH Wlf.f. SECITB*. A farm el lull a area of the beat land, la B eettled leea lion, at U par aaro, tha halaaaa la 'ear yeara, at *?< per aoat latere.!. Parmere aad meekaaiee, with email meaaa 1 aliould ant leaa thia aaportaaity ol ?oaarinr a permaae-it home ta a Meat delightluf olimale. Apply at Hi Bfoailway, room No. It Ii'IfiBT BOUST.S AND LOTS FOR M AIF. O.N CRf KN Ii Paint; terma (Bay; price* from $l.'a*l to H.*?i; alao. throe ltta oa Daion avaaue; foar lot* on Uatr-et. taquire of W. M. I.OCRT, .17 tl atreel, Cr.en Point. I? ARM POIt SAI.K ON 8TATFH ISI. AND? SITUATED three tn lei from Vand rhilf* la. 1m<, oa tin Ceetl. tea Hl?,h Hill r iad. rommonlj called ibe Toad lilll road Th? tana <-ont*in? auij acr?* ol land, in tbe higbaet atat? of oiltlvatlen, lac lading B park ol 3 acraa. <>a the premlaee aw a goad hat email dwelling houae. carriage Konae, l>arna and rtablci; alae. a well ol very eirellcnt water, large aiv tern, poaiia, Ar., a lino garden, with the bent ol Hultlre. ?. all l.-nrea and all tha k-Jlldlng* ara in tba he.i of ord.r There arc lew rdsc :a around New Tork more beallbf il, and more beautifr 1 1 jr or pleasantly aMnati l than thia with the view over the ocean, l<eag lalaa l. and arr- nd '<t?ien laland Prica 911 mat Apply to A. /ABKI.. on the premlaee, r by letter. Stapleton Peat Ofhre, Ntaten laland. IfOR SAI.E- A UA.'tCAIN -THK HO AMD LOT I 1 17' Orchard atrwl. T?rio? ?aay. faquir* .f UK" V t HARril., 34 Wa(hla?t?a Markn. IfO* Mil- * V Af A\T |l-OT, HAVIMI A LABOR 1 front on Atlanta* etreft Brooklyn. Apply M K Ht'RKE, ?l Vorth William ?treat, o*ar t'lia'baai IJOR SALS-AM OLII KSrABIJSIIf U MAM ?AC tarini l>a?Ia?ea. "Tjr mMlj rood int. I, .?? ? ?ary ?t Hit. prMlwiX l?m? fT otlt, to b- Mid ft hor-tia ?e the ow nor cannot ?it*ad t4 li. Addroat l.i V.r *' .r v, MI ItrfJ Hor* ' oHre. I/or pale- i.n <)\i. or rm: bmt BrsiHEh* 1.11 r <-atlo*? In Hroaktyn, threa ? ?ib'tintial ?' <r ??, d?allie(H, brill hr it*?? work and hnlah-d in ranl'ima ?tyl*, wnh riilla lelpina hrtck tronta, rri<f? Iff.W t Milan remain on bond and mort*afo 'in ?mIi, ) era, tho balaaea will |? takaa In part < aah aod par' ia "ii'i ? r lultdmr mat?n?la. Apply W HK.MiV C MIS 'I KB, itrm, uHi Wall ilml, V V von sAir stock axii rinuRM or a grocer r J'nn, with hnrao and wtiii, anil three jfnn' lea. K?iMi nl aelllap ia bocauae tb* proprietor it *u<a/?l In j t'liftrbitlntai Inborn oo the pr^Nuiti ' ?ro- r of i'vtirt . ?nd Dean atreeta, *outh Brooklyn. r>R BALK.- A NEW JlRt'i; STORK, IN A GOOD HI 11 n*aa location in WllllaaitSat*. I.. I , with th* who!* 1 atock, flit i.n ? on I !? o<a, for ?al? on fhrorall* Urai. raa wrfM ? an la air* a imnojiatelr. A|>aly for parti'tlar t? HV BILL A BAYER. UU I'aarl atr-oOiaw fork li*OR BALE? MOOHE AM> I.OT, ON Wr.BTTWr.NfT ; F ???a< ?trwt, all modern ini|>ro??in*nt?. I'n" . <>t. i H'.'ia and lot on W-*t Twenty afth (treat, all madam i? proooanrta. Price, 1 Houaa oa Ka*t Twenf > tilth . ?<r?at, ali modern Impror total ? i'rloa, til, (Ml. lour ! ko?Ma and lota (aawi on faii liltaanth at ro*t near JUood i hm?' all ia*>4*rn iiaiproT-meoi*. 1'rteo ll-viaa fn r arret >, a tbia >elen4, weat aid*, water irnat, rare rhanoa f.r > ? a''ontry a?ai or an lar'atai'*1 A?pl? to KtM'VL A . KUAN El t, m II roadway, FI*OB "<iH.r-A BARERT, nv OVK Of THE BI>T ?**??aa ia tba nty, aor-ipod by tba praa -a' pra?rl?V>r nearly aa**a yaaraijtlM, fonr it'.ry bonae, ailed with <?ol ?ajlna hoarder- Will M ?->ld to^otbar or aeparala Onaai VOR HAI.K-TWr TWO I'KBf RAHT.E Bb'ILOINO " la?a oa tba north atda of forty ain?h atraet. Mom* Mtik aad Sa?-a?h ataaaaa, ranmtaairi 3M ?-* of Hlatb aaeant. eaak let b*4a( in ma ? fta> front aad raar by im< IWt I lac baa !? dofth Tha aMr> lata ara on aaao'.t >i aad !?*?! rrvund. aad I '.a riraal ia opao fr .an riaor lo ri?* t. vita Crot"-n watar, enrbad. <attar*4. aawatad la Ear oaapa aad fart bat partiaalva, apply to AMIIllNt'7. Bl.rr.CEEIt, Mo. 7 Br?a4 atraat rllAI.M<? TWINTT MEtH ?1 HREr. HETWEKV Madiaoa aad f -artli araoao, a aaat krown ?t?oa Uaaa, Ha M. fonr atoriea. fW4 4 laalaae by V f?i I MM faot Bo?>t la tnodaro atyla. rno? lea* Uiaa e?*t. la'|i Ira .a tha praiataaa h^OB BAI.E?r'HJR THRBB aronT (Ml BA^BMR tiT lr-.ara atuna fr?a: livaaaa. an tla* north eida of | . ft jr ea roaad itpeet. befaan li|Slli aaenaaand Mr adwa/. Iliad ap la tba boat aad auH' ooaoaaalant iw .iwf, aitUa tava m.nataa walb of tha r.i(bth at-m naf a WUI Ha anld >a -a?y Wat Ii, (inra aa tha pramiaaa. of J *. USU|HI? > K, ?hf >a?1 tba day. F?ob sale-THB i.r awt ami eisttbrb or the Kai'avaat. 1M aa I 30" Bfoadvay ean-r ol I'ar* ptoaa. uri.'f.f Eloaar ae ? S., root. e??*fnir( tot /-arlytaaaa. < or throe jeara aad >ae aaaa", ?raua tha lat aj April aaat. ' II n?t aald >?foro Satarday, t'.a *,|.a it it . h will thap u? ' a*ld a< tal.Ue aarVoa. I'?r cart i?aiar?, ap(d/ w Uh<>B(.l . t. Hk RNE^W Har-TOQ itrwa. . l.V<R f dl.r? THE flBST f'l.A'Ja rftlfR tTuBT Uflt;?r. ' r IT" vt ao* r.leaoath atraot. ala* tha awe- ??arr bft iaa M Waav Twoaitf odtMh aVaat, aaar Ua KUth aaoaaa. aad tha faraiftlaod throe a* cry Itoaaa IHfat t Sir ?*?'>> firaa* The a??ra hvaaeahaaa all ?*a moAern lawoxnaaU. aa1 alll (?a aold on <ara.a t* aanaith fa4lata nwiidaa. Apply UfiKiHOI C HTR*E, f. ?vrvaiatr*.t VOI BAI.E-A* <11 Ii MiTtlUMIll BA?M|? r eh .p. ? Pro t rata fda^a for a taaa aba wil. atual to it, rant, A? , rhoap fa* eaaa. I at mar* at *1 Baooi atrooa V0B *!*;?'-- ?? '?? a. ,-s, , ua JP la thr-a nlea *t Master. . half -aah tha raual'.la oa ?a^at tftl w?n?*eft, far throe ar a?1 r-ara, ir will etftSaa ? f r a laod i's lit S. aao la '>? i^ptr par* at iha iHr. la I|wraa#l' B CM IlBMsBT.-'H Mm atr?t. L't.R A I E- A I'OKVBMirAT AMI WBLI Al lf i! tlraa . .tj ?nrk Vane la *vod ardar. W1 lA aril aad?i Itor ri aar. - U a II ha a ,?d at a i*w ftx? aad ? a .1 I ? t itltW*! |i (I II fat al aa na -r?ta?a. lafat/aaA twp voaup a **< ir-t>i oo?rabh i<th? Fob salu -a nPAtTiPUL ccintry scat, at Saratoga .Wi.riiwt?, jait till of Urn aillaga vita l(l> acraa of flaa park and four il) ttm of tfarara ?,ouad at UclMi. tbi b?a>< u bMiluJIy aluikt ??? t>.?|ta?4 ? tMt, the faahioaablr driaa ta Saratoga Laku It ia a- ao4nu? uoil runaodmat, bariuj auraarona aad boa iwoaa ana wry complain is all raapeota, alao ?| anOtia bora* and aitli atablri aad earringa liouaet, with badrooma for (I^aB' and larm a?r? aula, to I an li r houa?, l?? Ull.-d with ire; la abort, a oumylsta irntlemait'i r'?idira<ia. Tha \>r<r Gty i? uuw < flarad fcr aalr, pr .oa fl sUiM, ona third ?????. anoa oa bond aril mortgaie on aroommrdaliu,; t?rn Tha buox.- la bow betn.c rampltlad noder rontrant, and any alteration* ronM bt> rnuta tn (tit the |>t rrhaaar. lor f r i t tanlan apply t? Mr I It IX I f. at tba nOtoa of t;ia."kj A Wbita, UTIiknM "trwt, New Varl r*CiR SAI.K-IOTS t>.N TWKNTt MMU HTRJtKT. I1 No mi.Bry re, Bind If im| r'-ai-d Tb. I looa???n la ua anrpapaed for Wa^ant r ritata retittam***, nwluj; ta Ila pro* ? milr to Hr-adway, Fifth avenue, Mediant a.|uare, and Trinity eh?p?l; alao, Iota ? n Twenty fourth tad Twdil; aialb atrart*. A.ply ta JOHN !?. kLI ..mi, I.S William at ||tOK SAI.B-A UK AIT f I FUL RJSIDRNCI. IN TUP. ' r villa** of II*. k?u?*?k M. J., ol ** ! oUry modern bnUt Uovm, kiichti. notrlf n+* , m.<4 o^nUm ioK thirt ? ? rwmo, nnu m torn or I MM T*?? lo? if 7* Ifto* front tnd roor. ftod IX* f?*t <1* ?r . ond it iw| i?UM with ft thrifty crropo*^# tod I'ruit trooa of voru#u? luud? | Tho loootion ia about the oontro of tti* Mid cm 1 mnodji ? bo*utiful vi*w ot ? oitrvoundlu^ country. Vor I ftorttoolora tn-|uir? ?f TIlOWAS Tf.BHlVI, Ho. 27 I 9tr?#(. N \ . ur ot W. II IIKKIIY, ndju4nlniC tho pr?a?U*>?. | If not ii by th? firtt of Mny, tl?y wilt bo to lot. IpOR 5AI.K-A HOI LRU V KFI'T I.ONC3, %) iNrilRS 1 diamt t r. with ]') tnc)i fluo rtini drtiro, villi fOl n?co front , firn btrt, **fvty Hoon iu only on? mci.tii. Itaiie lijr ???ier, Obu vrarmntod Mt?t l*o. ?r??o; ol?n, ono Incovotiir boiler, Tioarlv tt?o ion hor??' |*?\?er. Apply to I'. A I CAHSIDY. It* I'fjrvurlti atruot, P.rooklya, FOR SAI r.-ftO FIRKINS AT-O /*> ll'HX rRUICK tatU* I utVr, Ire ti tall t'tatla, bv a tuaa froui Iba oona try, ard tr.iu oaa ?f Ita boat dairylitj; ill 'tru ta in tba Slala. Ninxla f ai H a^ or ijuan tity , at M aabiunt^n alr-cl , *ao?a J Uxor I^UK SAI I OR TO t.KT? 1MO TIIRf ?' STnK? ATTIC and i.^li I aai'Un nt huaaaa, with all tba waitnrn impruaa famta, tor. M ^aTfntb avanua, tluoa doora abova Four taaath atrrvt; and oar 47 Urwnwich arooiiA, ).?i?a?a Pert) and Chnrlra xlraata. Alao to rent. ? ua tbraa atory attto aad baoairant bonav, a rt (irawnwirb atraat, aaar llura'ia alraot; ri-iitttV!5 la<jairaot ROSH A, otata acvaia, 4m Uicbtii ?> FoK SAI ; . ( R TO It.T-A TWO STORV ATTIC and baaautant brirb dwallinat liauta, Mo. IIM C'barvh atraat, wit h moJarn iBprovrmonta: in im'd i rdar, aud alll K- an It ch< a|> In r ira ol Ht'.'.H A lllWSt. W Kt?hth tt'oaa. FU OR ?Al f KOR JT K?, AMI K.??? H t T KKMAlV oa bond ami atorafta^a, tliaaew (nar atory ard baaana?>it bonaa. Na. 2fil Sotanth avaona, i?itb ttora Bttad ap witb t,*$ ?ad Crotrn wator oomalata -, r .r tad far naar W0? par annant. A rood iaTuatnifat fn^utra tn lha ii?ta Na. SI Saaaalb a i?aaa, ti>ar Tv antr aUthatraat. VO* 8AI.K CBBAP-A N r AT TURKIC fTOKY AND " ba*?m?nt brtrk bonaa in Thirty >Itb atraat, uaAr tba ?Iftbtb avfina, with all thr modara improramaata. Alao, a atora to let. on th.' Knhth araana, with dwalllni Apply at WO War' Tbirty ttttb atra-t, ?l T. CI' RN KK. blOR S A I.I. CHEAP- A UIVINti SAIOON, NF.AK THE Park, adiuiral 'y iltuatod far a Ihraa baainaxa. alao, a ba\rry <v..n'..*otioni>ry, and Im rraaai aalmm, trail laratad oa tba Ktalilb afanua ? a (n >d plara aad baialnaki paylu. Ap ply to WAI.KKIt A CO., r" Naiau atrrat. IgUiR SALC-TUK THIIKr STORV COfTAUK IIIMTiK J* ami lot i ?< W?^t Thirty eiyhih atroat, u"?r Kt^btb a*r naa. Prira $.1 7W) ?l/Jf ?aa rrmaln on W"rt(a(a lor nra y ara (ni|uiri> nu th? praisit*a. IjlOR SAI.K < HKAf -?i?) Will lllit TIIEKIKM ' tur? and iat< raat of an old a'tabltabad b ar JIaj hauia. rt ataiain^ nlstr>a rvani, Ct"<ton watrr all tbroarb tb? boa>?; rout T?r> rbrap; altuadon rra|?? labia: lh? 'nar-ir'a will allramaiii. A, pi> to It. D. IN, Cllntoa Ball, Ki^htb itreai, naar Broadway Bv.RSAIK 1 BK A I' ? A Bff;B PTOOP, TIIRC.E STORY and baaruwnt brlrk bonar.and lot 'JliliJO; huaiaZdby til fart drap. ? - II built, wll h tba m-.dern i onvaniuneat I IH a tad ia lilt v - . i|.t" t. battawa Saonuil an l Third aioaoan, in a very pleaaaat Ixjuhborbnod. Will ba aoid obrap, il at plie4 tor >0 d. Ai ply ua tha ptan?l?ra, or of I) R.ilna*. Tn bulb rtrrrt. L'liR SAIi:, CBKAP-TIIK STOCK AN D I IXTURM OP r a roaiart'i nery and 'oa rrraia nalowL. la ona of tha : rinmpal thoroa^h'arna of llrooklwu I'oaaaaniaa iraiaadtata ly. a* tb? a ' t ? alahaa to retire irotn baalnaia li, run at Kl Myrtl" avanua, Ilrcklja }j1t/R BAM CBVAP, IN BOBOKE.N? A FIRST CLA?S 1 tbra atory aad baaoiaint bnrk dwalliac koaaa, aowly aad c?avenirnt))f built, with all tba modarai lupro v am-ata, in aa a<c?llant louatlou, 'rt^bt luiantaa walk from tba larry. Trna* aaay. lutiuira at I'Jii H aahta#ton atraat. lloboV n For fAi.K tow i rob TWO ro k.m;iit i.otb. on raat aido nf liyatli aveaoa, latwaeu I ifty ar ond and I'ifly tb:.-d atreeia; ar i'tjd laral, and well l<.-ated lor :n protemenia; tvalra atona bottari ailjoiaiac. Tula part art. Two tMrda r^ asno* ? an rnaaln on ntortjare. Ap idy t?. MaTTISON. Mo. SNaaaan iweet, third floor, trnat rooai. I 'OK SAI.i. (>K KXCIIANOK? A UPIKNOIO I A KB HI 4."a' a^rea oa tha It iDaio ami Nrw York < lty Railroad, lying mi I., in .Nundt, l.l?iu*?loa Pri'a, ?'d ??( aore. Ibree I. tiered a"f?a n food "Ultiratlon : la'r aitei. ' let,!, art of l.tij:d.M|iK. T'i? pretaiara raa be diridrd into at* good I arm a ti.o.d rral pr. parijr, ia Naw York elty. <n tha ? nii .nl of ^r..?lP ?r f M <?', will Sa taken In pay A atore. >11 ale<|, nub a amall ilwrlllof kfUM, Jifafnitd A j >ntall prrtien of tba moaey down, and the halaa a on boad aal n.t rtaaaa. f--r a irrtn tn anlt tba pnt - haaer At'plf to P. 11 ARTMloit.N. 123 Warrea at raet, -r ta J II ROSS, t*?iaula" j in Tai'.ay, N". W. li^'K SAI 1 OR ill BA.NGE. I OK A SBAI.L ?WCI. X* ling htmar, in t ha aame ni-i/bbnrltnail. a lai t-fyround T> 'IX* Teat. *:tuala<l hatworn i. 'my aad l.afayaila rla-'a Pnurfh rtr-?? fn>i"lra o? Beaart. ROniN*oN A Co , ,W> Huw erf. In tl a rrar. Ii'tilC ? * ! i . OK K.? BANtif 't IU. AI. RSTATK? AM atrran! ataiek of a/t naiaa iura lure, iona atiu? *1 la l ira, bookoaaaa, atdtboarda, tmrrtaa, daaka. Am., taiih l?d- ] (iemi?attarli>J. In r< a< ao< d mt ' tany and walaul. I t lartlralan .'all al at" Brnadway, r?oai No 10, from i ta IJ ? siiK'k. P)l? !'AI I ATA RAKIiAIN, II AI'PIIPII IDK IN Inad'at'iy Mi" ll'aia aid lat ua I ortietb atrae'. oear n*bfi bt' ona . Ilouae , a lour a tor* and baaan^ol, briok >?-l>a laoii wall, iuV', lot -%!'?' Priaa trtl3W; an ?n boad aad aa. rtirai" Alan, bori.a and 1*1 oa Thirty nmi It atrral, gm aad fill lot, prlra A. 4. ilia. &L?M ran ra'naln on bondf and r' laja Apily '.o S. R. JACOBS. -1 Will (trwt FOR hAI.K, AT A M \ RMAIN ? AN f.XCKI.I.KNT dairy #r yrain lurta ib ' tranja rouaty, wlthia inartar of ? niia of W ar4aa till a*-, whara ?aaaiacturtar of rarlMit atnda ara earrtad aa. aad tha bart ot aorlety ia f?nnd, bttnd ?nr? good; wall watared; ?? a MMN) nf the baat nf grafleA fruit ; aaiall fr ita t l rarioua kiada; alat -u ro Ira frora New, oa pu> k rrad. Vor ftirtbrr par<ia?iara inn'itt e nf H, I'RATT, Nr.. til < j 1 t?a atraat, ap Ham. HA BUB ARB.? FOR C Al K, IN BRoOKLVM TMC ?took of a tiardwara aior*. Iba tqa aaaa haa U?a i ar> nad oa aaraaaritlUy taa year* by tba praiaat owaara A l aaeol b*a y. at a of tha pr*inu?a, at a rrri i..>dar?ta rant, will ba iraaia.1 io tba pwmbaaer. Applf oa th- pf.', 2HJ' atreat. HOI-*! AMt LOT TOR !UI r-om llir. NORTH KAHT 1 . 1.. - ?.? . ? nl-aa'h Hlwl a?4 MMM Iifiw. 1? |??U Mujiim*! i |un. u4 .J,- lint rt?, tsar ul baaasaia'.. brnara al >aa (art alaaa, ia aaary tartwalar eotnf.tita. *l*k >11 tha *ao4aru l>?l ? i < > aoM hoi air *? i a? I . r ml Tkl a' I I ????? I* una af tlx uni rlraaati' Inaatlana, and e?iaraan<ta M tha kaal aiaara i f any la lha ? ?</. All*, IM l?'ir t 'TJ ??'l Iwimii i-r-.m n M*n? nova#, ?>. th* I'att ai4aoi V. >a4 , , i?ar al tb? akata, w .al t ). ? mutarii <mptaf?Hi''iila. la<ivlr? la ika c.iaar k?a?i, fr?? V \ M l> ? r. 1. . I 1IOVSK AJ?l? l??T fill .'AM J'**MK Cm. Kf. I 1 R?l?ra? ? *al". i > par'i'ioa Hut V tlaf'.ra* aa. in t-r Ita tiraw %an '.M.ira. ? Will b? aai.l on iImJMii Rarak, Inataal. a> l2o'al< *k, aa<ai. at ! Iia Verrlianla' K."tia?<*. I.y bARI'KI liKliOOII, aurtlaaaar, nniaf Ika 4jraation jt I laarti' ? P .-a-kait. Iwi . r*i?f"?. >a4or ? ;iw*mani la pi . iioa 'a Ui> K.i i r> ma ?l oiirt, Ika k' ?t? In ari4 pf iiaaa, ka'.aa a* .'?>3 H ??. ? ?a.taa atraat, aata ?> ? iaa HWt al N-rlk M' < T' ??fa -i ; 1,1 ? fa*, t > 7-? '?*l 'a 4?^lli H-.<aa nca aaati lor P\M) Alialra I, klni*i~l t r 'iK.i.wruf. , f>< ??? I'or liria of lal ? ?>(?'? In W AM R> MilloM, j la, at. Hi aMom;, '.Z:> U i4ara ; , (Ra4itla HiUiu.ri r. -ir ? i'4, 25 aa4 'J . _ I H"Tkl AMI Kk.STAI.KAN1 /OR Mil.- A KV tralljr nHi>4 k"UI ami ranairaat I 'ratU ra %a't m* ? hf aal?; tea liutal raa lalia larta iarMa>, ami '.a a (??la'.raat Jtaai dally al.a-it ?? >i?1'? I mkhi ?( tka I Brat ? I aaa I T I an., ulk. ? u laira of M I'lJL'X, Ho II | Bar lay ilraaf Machine mhop avu iku.v ri rmittrr *\? railing fa-tor/, a?mart;.in? ataaaa analaa. lai aa, i.nn^liaa 4ri)U, Ifi dc?Mif>ri*i. ?!"i|.la?? aaJ alt tl. a i -l? aad im|6?r?aele le <i?*|il?<e wirlla* arlw I lia abaia I ? ill k? a'M a' a' half on 'a-'ialla i.rmi I ai i*faa?at Ibafaalory la larca a?4 ?na of ? h* m- ?< 4* > alraU* IB tka tit/ for aoaraaiaa a aa I lUkk. II ra<i'iir>4, I a laaaa ??aM l? fl??n at a l?? raa?. ?"? r fur'liar la' .??a I Uoa. arii/ to?AKI>N?l * HPHTIJKK'S UoC^aai i antflirul ln<l IMaia i.r-aii Norsif TIR!?<>K.-fO|| .'Air at a*- a ! ?rat ? lax la , atory frana lw><iaa, .1 ky M I fat ?1ik a , ku< Wa la Ika raar; !o< if UX> ia. ? ? la a j-.a<J raaaat a4 Malar*, ?all, Aa., im iha filara. T^ia J*">par'/ ia fii?at?<l I 'im th" w >1* a??ana of lita atlla, k aiJ *>ttia \kraa xiaai-a talk of Ik* ^ a T r\ ?r. ? * Har? Kll!r>i< 4a im. I TVi praaral urra^Mi v>?14 La vllliax ta r>at it, aa aa ? ? ( a/ , ih? enrrha ?r I" I?r "?a* %a4 !'?* la?at. A4lra>t *r at rir, V. W> H I'HIi V a> tka y^i*a it * fc* Xafallf 'raa W ?rti. iaa? of Taralitb airaat, V aa* i r?f, b-?r? t n ?la.,a .a '.aa laoraiar ryot AMTftirm amu otiii ra, <aii. ot m i 1 iiiamafarfU; Nraoklja it?>k< t Va?l< a<*f?a ]a?4 ta ' ka tnr.irfoaaia llnHa af H"i<; al I Vlaay, A laiaa a- ?atf . mil *lf ill ar Iaa4a ta at ? haaca A^ lf ta A J II* WKI 4 V ?T Oka?k?ra alraa'.. Tf? HOTRf. RF.Rn II". IOK !?Af,?, A I IMF. I ?<aa4, iW llr .akiyi. at tka (anllM ?' U? f J [ ~?a 1141 aa I Jawau a |la?k roa4' fca ???. aa * a?4r it'a Houl auk aa atra af rr**a4. k-t-l knl4f*(. alalia, ak*4> A? . ? ' T'? ? Un.aao 1 4a.:ar, y t uaia ' aa I -a iaa4? al ' ba t'a*4, aa 4 aaa ka aaala alik ; t< ? -f a'taa'toa It wll V> I a I ? aa a<>. -at a I Mil t? ft A H.MnU. I? R" *4 I way. i'.lraji, 'aa Raak Ru<)4 a*. na?'.??' TO IlftroOI'T* A*D AI'OTMR' ARIrt - V Vkl.OA Ua atara, *,aa4aoa?a.' j IMa4. aa4 wail Maak*4 vuk 4rv>, abaaaiaaia aa4 aarfaia *rf, atiaat?4 ta >aa af Ika l?aa . iknroa?kfaraa In Ka* T?ab kat<a'a>??f> raa?-*a dtaa >??? I aa lla* Al'Hf I" f HA I K, o.a4l-.?! aka'?r ?? Vaaaa . at Ti ft?uiM.i-?t? Avn rHTtn t a .n a a ui irmij i at .fa far ??'a, aaa*l| fan. a>al aal -^o.^la'a la ai>f 1 raa??at Ak?' ? 'pp*' a?li r ft<r a tini i.?.t?- aa Afala Jk I aaaa ta ? ? A I.I. B?4.>a 'akaMar mlaawan" f|*> M S^LP |% RRO<rCI r? A TW'i AM? A IIALf I atarf *al?a?a iraaa aa4 la* aai it 'a tk< aa aaa r ??*'!/ pa<a*?4 aa4 la ?ao4 ~a4>r r?l aa4 r-<at ???.4 r.?iara, . ra;a nu. h??i rtu-4aa ta lf?a?t I wii If *a?ian atraat. Uia??a |>(?ii lal I' an RMi pniiif tVtk >aa niaia aa w>a4 aa t M*t?a?a a* T |?aa aaa4. _______ mo ROAH0IM. HN?l iKirilk r?'A MU TMR 1 Uaa> a%4 t arvtaia al a t a raa a>?ry a %a >?.? haaaa. I a^'l.oul'till-a t?.rn* la Ika .I- > .lf I H.rlal Hr?' aal laa* RaoaCaaa la a4l ia?akla'*l ka<ia? 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Nelar4ar, Marih J ... M> k? uu?vj?j, A|w?i t .1)% aatur4*y, Merak I?. .. . Mi U Mia aa.laa, April H. ...IMC NatttHay . Hank J| . . . .101 W In* , lay. Ma} ? ,]?.?. .-klarlay, \prll II .MM ? .ll? l?v, Ml, 1?, ..I'd* >aknr laj, April 91 jji i* 4a**4ey, "a* .% I w< jaeiur.Uy, Map I ...iMf >iif fn ? 'I k 'ir |i*?mi*^<* apply la HM l> I. ('<>1.1 I Si, S? fi( W all ai p**?. Sew Int. Hid i II V Mill | KV A ('?? . Ila-rpaal. MAPIIItn u . -I AIH? A I.O.. -7 A.,.taa fraar*. I Ilia H II WAIN Wi' A (-(? . I'aria iiMiKl.k H liHAI'Kh, llarrr. lb* lie net a ul t !????- al.lpa anil aui I . aw*?aMl MaM. ailarr, *pr. ia. jn??lr> . pudeea aa'uae* ut iuUk in.l**a l.ill* I la luv. ar* aige?4 tK r?< .r aa4 Ua ll.rrratf thtr in rtpra>a*aaa|. MMpprpb plea** ta> ? nlMlhil lk< aaipa *r tkte Ua* aMk But wt'f an) i "?<U aa.elrakeail ol < tf rpuk MVCKPO'll. Ah l? PIIUDttl'IIA 'TIAHSBT J t.uiiipai , inl?.a4 aailaag Ua.r faiurtke aUaeiaaktae ~ till' Ol MAX MKkTKK .. .1,1*1 l?M. C*f? 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I'la. #1 miliKI/ tail Uk IlitltJar. ;9tli Mu-k. bar retaW te, fi r oakin, av al aakia aa4 Maai pa???itK?i ? ar- e*?erp*??e4. farauaa alwat [rfiaiatug a* I.tiuxki' i l iauk* *arly an il, al l*a t* aavi latM m koaatf at tii? l.a*t rtfrr. ??? v> TAP SCOTT A CO., ? i*a?k( s M IU i.a?x iu Arti aa* m4 rakmi atU ba r*?y i .1 I . lamatai ai*aia*ra trill aettni>*4 ".I." rat a mi iaauraa<a I* k'raar* Ir a Ham i?. -t i .r Kti V*rk tkaa m akipa ralUag' ir k<?lM? <Tt AM .1111 S Ht.lMIK.S HAVKK ADS M?T tl J llrart - Tfca aoanaktp AM' ? will aa.l fraaa llarrv A> f?r >>? t urk. Htwkuvt aalllag at aa/ |~rt ia AaaikaO V* fill i .ti lib*' Nor ?4u b?r Tb* raw ? al Irotcbl aal a? aa?r IU Aral aa4 aaa- -*4 aabtaa will ba racy aaa4'r?la na biDaai M I I rnra^liaf ataaiaaffa vtll ba akartly aa Uaraiait taaaraaia la fraar? la Ua* bf AHa Irvaa llarr. 4trr"t i^r >*a Vark tkaa in afcipa ralUa^ at ?? C' ttlah porl Applr ia llarra aa l Par'a, if RralatMAtH* i'a' aaiv to lA.natd i atria, or ta Ma* York U L COXAMl V ( H Gr*?a Til A MI-TON A N U 11 A V HA THI". II #. SAJIa *t?aai'.|i Sl(lN, l( A'lk'na, r will laata (br liatrv I oi*. liia^ at Svallaiinptua t? Ua4 tha maiU aa<J aaa a / A| . I Tib, al l? n'aloafc M .faMBfMT rnm ul aaaaa^a. ia brat aakla IW| (a el a aal . . ..I v * lun #7>. Liixaaaa aal aaat?4 4aita| tba ia al ai'I'i i.a a*ai oa ' aril Hi ? ilay baforr aailiac, Markaa Ina v. Ir I|tlil rill l<* tak*a tf-r T> aralu, tplMttk. I >,r fr l-b? ?r Mrvt i ? a, . \r A N III Kill I 1 > l"*OI'l!AJ? I.INr or HTKAIItairS ?~'lb* brat ' >a< a airaia*liiy NOitlll NTAll, iMtab M ama k, ma?t*r, ?IH laara Nra V'irk. at au*a. pr*a a^ffe A| ill a, far Harra, Oirr. t I ir*t raMa paiMaa, IIM. ?* '.?ad rahin |?aaa /. |7Aj I ha N*jili Mar viU ?? (rllairtj bf tl* i,*r iiMmai | ,t n-4 In Mar "ka aaaartl thaaAip all I an' k* aar.i . latir lut ?? 14, allrar. Lulllaa, a par ia, fas rlry. pr?*li.i.a at*k<a ur mrtala, un|. aa kllla or Ia4a? bra ?Ubm* t 'trial, r, an ta* ?a iua ibaraaf ilamla iiti*ia4. jEHfc Inf frat.' lit ... .HI I. I.p TOKRA.NCr.u]l.W W 1 1 1 .arii aliaat N.^Turk Huiaurr. M.a'ani A Draaar, < I da N II Jtaa \ i-iifc.rr- I'aria, Ail rrl Jk CliryitM. V ?M4 I k-u i r lirlatl," Hair* N II I. . aa I altar May I. 1 Iittan'l aH>'? a III ba at So f. Il. vlln ' gr*?a. ttOll 'Ol IHAMi'liiS AM' KKI MI'.S. -TM* UNI?? r MMra mail a!,*,.i*t ? \ 'IIM.ItlM, I . C.a.aa4y .Mar mai..|" a III mil 1. 1 llrtiana. ta.ii. bint al Koatkaayiaa la laaaj i ka luaila aa4 pa .r^ar*! ? lot 1 ariaa4 ta I 1 rtaaa, m *a>niday Ai-iil . I. at I.' .. rlaaa M . 'raak pa*r X fiartk lbr?. I'rlc? ol | a-rapa ? In til Al*t i aLln. n in tali.'. i OMR la th? Arat raK a . I .attr Miaow .... Wi 1 1. ? <1 i-afaia ... ^ A? li'flrt' ..lit.r*.? a a"a. IinI I . aa>ik il-t??. AM Uiirrafri.ii j ara t h ratifl I. ika I'aai "Iftra, fyarli 4a|in*M 1 1. Ilaar#aa4l . Jca 1 a ? a a it lr?t?lat, apply ta C II >AM>. a .1, II -?titk Willia? rtia*4. T)? rt an../ |l*am.a? *>11 . .*rr44 tlaa Maafc ??iaa. aa4 4a I May ft 1? i, mil IIM I OK < tllrf AM A. TIA AATUf . aall aa l l'?aain* ? aft* ?nkkai aaa la'rrta^ tk aA Hi I'ai.tuaa hailr .aal la fanapU .-1 , aa.l tba t/aaaik it kaa l at hibta *111 k> taa4* lii ralli. a l tr^m uaaaa t*. utt N n.or- miila lrar*l? aa rlrar lattlaa' tt? Ibia la. . A Mil I.. at ; la'ilafb P. M.. fr?? plar M?aa* at Wairaa atra*t. Sattl. r.rar, a. II la >litpatrkaai tba baM lunal I OI'iH r I AW. t ait ti V. r.a. I'. M s. t a.tia*?< a' I a., a la a wit . ilara>a lal aupaitar aCaaaa. ak.p >><IMOK A. I apt . It I WU.tlay A a^.ara laa ?l tla ?, a aap* k'. I'aaama ta |-r**tal <a>aa 1 1? n, la aaa* ul bra-a/anl. N a ir*iylit rarala.4 a lar I a, a.aa?k aa tba aaalla/ 4a, I r r?aaaia a,. I 't at Ika Cvtatpaay'a tba* S* ' atiavt, taa i. w, BAVM UmiCTMK rABM It) Ml IT TMP T1MM. Ik*, a I i.r in >1 I'al f. rata a'*am 'k.p liaa tia Ntrki^aa A' .ataa.ry 1 raaalt I viapany lal s^ ; rapri***** H?*ra k a4r*4 wll*a *'...rlaf thaa a ay rl lr n 1 14 ,|..nkl? -*( t.a al-aiwli,; .1 I 7 l.t |?a ?. ,a . .1II.-..1 I ai'ift lataai ifflM . L. .i?. H ar. ai J a rlaa k P M , piwaa |y, l*r Pnala i_ __ an "I I iLlly April I.' t ? .. ?a ,1 a*?t lag will, tb* ilaaarf% i'a. la im I*iallt??a,, arar Ika Nlaarag ak f rMMI aata barlnii 'at l?a|?" a!l** vl laal 1 raa. f vrtall'.a ky brat flaaa arr'aaa*. ?? 1 aa e I aa a an. I aullt 1 raa airaaikaala baaa I a la J 1 raa i .al *a fll*r ka4 'aba. Ml. ?A akartaa Ik* ua. aa ? b* tiaiaill Iraa. aa-aaa ? aa^a?a Tb*aa alaaaaai ? ar* aaaar Ifarl aa i la* r raa'i.a'iaa anal aa-.ti.f*-aat..a* far aAp tt all' a ?r paaaira at 'K* r> lv**4 rat*?, 'aaiy ba (.HAIll l MnlHa^'a aiaal. Na Haarlia* Oraaa f H*M ta i ma la - p a' tla* ? lb' a l.'taii ^ha |*t kbit 1 nf ?at ; raprt*t?*a^ ay mtaar r*ata> ? I AM 0? THI. w?J? will laara p ar Na. I DIHPATCM IIM r>>M RAM rilAt'lAt'O ia? aria* 4ia A I arat a. aaa ?.lpp*r abip ?' At. A HI LI (Ml. (a W T?rk-f . taaatar, 11 a. .a r*. titna rar|a a' p ar ? laa rt a. r aa4 ? ill pa*.tar- ly aaa ft* laa Vraarua* aa ar b^M* T aaa lar. A ??ft It. aa4 la ? ij-"'-4 ta ' ail. I?a4tjit TaaaAav, :*|JI| li t' Tta aal. a af III l!a* ara iaaraat**4 la Ml' *a at ka ifi ?<. a lay alrrrd a I HIT Iti> A t.O , 14 Wall ana*. Aimkai.ia ri"tim nsr ? AatnriMt* mm I aiiir i .Mat** aibali. Ik* **lak4at*4 *4 lap a* aha Ol KAN SI I III) Tba* Caaalaakim, aa?<t. U aal I' ha bora*, piai ? taa'. mar. I?*4lag '*? Malk-<jr?a TkU tkaa lia( al aa War a? ta r<.ya?* la tl.ia I.a*. I.a r 1 ag ? a 4* bag t. aan, aa1/ . a* .lay* Itai airaltaal aaaaatai* ll. -aa lor ar*'. aa.| *w a| alkaa yaaaa|*n Itity aMlba ktaa f-r ifal/l.t ar (latati '.aa.aaarr aa ak* *Al paa.Unalf (111 afaaal lal 141* *' Arrt'- TI a cia.aa tia*4 will k* *aaa r*a 4?4 I y ')?? aagaliiMai a i|, ar (Mp W gkliagala. la Maf. *'??. .a -a*r aar- a4r*ra?* kaaiar ?*aa l.ay laat la tkaaaf** a* laa'* 4 taaa* af a>aaal* alt 4ayi fir Irltgkt a* aiyla taa K * (JAMAIUIM.fta ? Mwllag " w all alfa*( ? ma if. j?i? \i<nnir i ?.w?* m -run iiiru* IS.. <-rU??. <* U ?4aa. Apt i |,MJr ML. ' ? * ~ N. IT * ?? ' * inn mi li. i i s k 1 1 u-a **ai aa. faa I|<. tutu ? I Hi I IUKU III A I'imip aa !?? ??. n?m ( i .aiftai i ',*?? h'111,1 I , %?? l;rl?MW UU Mill !-? I raua '<fl 'M(f?r??l)IUnf[ . J .<ii. (Va ?| ta<ia(*f a.f,-? U >k?w ? N . K?h' i I tt IU|W< a?4 k? Ulla ?? ia4la? *111 M ? ' ?r *>.. f. ? i < f 1 niik' k f aaa.-,. ?! lii >tM a? t <a ? 177 W a ?'. ?>'?! f ? ur? M i. Ham* HIS. 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I a ?? a . ?? a ? ? ????.? T ? Tt (??. II. i.. a.ii Mia i iia.*..a Sa aaa .aaA aa ? lana 4a/ Apr I I, a< 14 ?''la?l A . V I a?. Ill a> - a?v< I* Tl? >*#?)'?? fwt alii Iaa*a aa at - aa aa ?a4tHHi Ak4 . ? A ..?* la -a. . V -k " t tlii.Tiri Vli VI ilif akari i'mi i? *? atf M wtal Lvm < m*i? wi a hp piarioa ?uivaur r II I! lalaa Mai I aa TVa .( ..ll .aa* a ?M ? .'taiHll JAI > Alw.llt I* I IWMI laataaa** *S ?? ? At a* Ha i Mart* iiitf, a* -aiatlat Ha#, a II. ai ? -Ja?I I IT Hat.a I ItNi I?^r aa) ai.tW* a;, fca.'i a4 .a-l m *UI ? a ?<aaa4 , aa4 ta> iaa?i a< ? ? mr - a ./ riM'iH . 4 Oil J? Ha?a4v?B. T 1 - a#' b'Mlia l^i .4 ? aa ' Mkai T> /a<feM*fVi, 01, ?? SAUa ??? T aa HAHIWH ? J aa*"aa4. aa? tM?? a* V?lM>*a|, l|it < L ' R N'lKIOIA. riTIR IIM 4*? UVMaiA.. r 1 I NiM Hiatal a aa?'? . UVK.,Ti*H. k ? ?T'a? uaatalit a .. U l?*cta flaa*. as *? .<??, Mar- 1. 1 aa I ? wl. f ? *? HHaa tk Kat'? a Ikaaaala'aaaai. a<l l .'?A*i| Ml llataai 14a (aUa ata# aaa ai I "a Kaa'.U, ha?aaia taa <*m f ??? ;aaia'l Vf ? ? ' "r ? aa I. ^ ?M <4m . a?ft UaMt ?? ? |H.* M, * a..a,.a?. A.r.a?a 4a f>?a? ?alM? W ?r'- 1 # V raU^a ? aaa Lu a<a4, Ht r ?] m MM aaaaa Hmi* t^Miialnikktii 9ft u i (i lm i HiilAkh. AM7T1UMXMUV. 4 ? i-w '/?.t ?m? uMirriiAi Mi ' itm J\ M> t -~aal !???? tMliaa aaUlAal?i?|M, aal i*(fl aaal aaaa Mr >?a*aaai ?U) WHM a. UM M4r>A*? turti. vmum tirhm mi aaraiaM ** ?M Ia4*a? m4 ?ai <WH. !>?>P ||??M. % |? -4 a aal li Mil. AM Ma ta > aaa aiM? aiafl MTU nw ia?a? 4a Ml ?'?< MM Aa mi i Ma ?f M4 M| aa ? . iiaaa ?4-, 9* m~'r f a?M> ?? Mr mL. ???**? i-awawiMMIa ??? -4 ?-.aM aal I ?arfiMa? M? ?U vaa f >M IM ta?M Tw? ?"i i.rirtn 4 wd Mtu*l.r ?M. IM?- <M aat I* a'ta ?U'l 4 HA DAM IUKl'1* Ma *U ? r* IM * * MM Hm ^a?4IM4W a a* |( u a, l? iMm la a ? (a- a ?a~ Mew (.aaaaa* ? ? Ha MA tlaaAMl mmociiuM.

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