Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6790. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION? FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 1855. PRICK TWO CENTS. lOTlKTBEMENTS RENEWED KFE1Y 1AT. P1R80NAL. -?1/1 Ann ?LEGACY LIFT TO JOHN PARK, I. ATE JpIU.UvU, of II mob, AU. Apply, without dolay, to J. PARK, Of Olaagow.) Port Offloe, Detroit. Mioh. A SIO BILL TAKEN FOR A #1 BILL, A FEW DATS A ago, ky a conductor on a ?lxth avenue car: the gentle ? an that gnve it mar obtain the eame by oalling at the vMtivor'i office, coruer of Sixth atoduo And Forty-fuarth itmt, g M. B.? WRITE F. C. 3. IMMEDIATELY. IF THE YOUNC LADY WHO WAS AT WALLACE'S, 1 on Tueeday, in company with an elderly gentleman, mod who. alter loaving tba tni-atrn, walked a few i quarea up llroadway, and from there rodo up iu an omnlbni, will tend heraddreas to Harvey, Union Squaro 1'oit Office, rhe can have retnrocl a lauo vail, which the dropped on getting into the itage. INFORMATION WANTED? OF DANIEL CAUSWELL of New ? ork. Bv addreailng a linn statin* where ho eaa be found toT. Scully, letweeo 02 and JH Green s'roet, tost building, he will hear of lib ion, who ti in Panama. W ATCHE H, JEW KLRY, dm. TMMENSE REDUCTION IN TIIE PRICES OF WATCHES J. at L. A J. JACOB'S, 107 Bro.dway ? We invite those about purohatit'g, to tive us a rail; (civility to non purcha ser*, gratia); :i e't'endid aaeortmoi t of our California din moada alwayi on hand; the only place they ere to be found in tba United St a tea. WATCHES! WATCHES ! !-THB SUBSCRIBER IS aelliug all description# of gold and ailver watoliea, at retail, lower than any hoaae in the city. Fini' gold lepine watrnee, four hotel, jewelled Wi Beautiful enamelled ladiea' watches 39 Splendid enamelled lanaoa' watches, with diamonds, in esse ?'??9? ?Gold detaebed leTera full Jewelled -'SO Beautiful tolil enamelled hunting watohes 15 Gold detached lever* for ladies, riub ? ngraved oaaea. . .'U, . Flue gold hunting Upiuos for ladiea -t I Fine sold hunting detached lever* rull jewelled 40 Splendid lever watches for daguerreotypes 110 Kinh watube?. which wind up and ?'t without a key tW Real Jules Jurgenaen watches, period time keepera $W0 to ??? Real Cooper watohea. duplex aad levera. 129 to 260 Independent second and quarter aeo>nd watch ea, for timing lioraes 75 to 250 Splendid gold pocket chronometers, perfect time keeper* 125 to 250 Watches which ran 8 days with once winding.. 129 to 174 Kloh magic watches for ladies and gentlemen, which change into three different watches.,.. 100 to 175 Hold English patent levers 3ft tu M Gold hunting case Eaglish patent levers SH to 90 bilver English patent levers 1# to 28 Silver detached levera lite 2ti Silver lepine watchea .Splendid gold and silver English patent levers, made by M. J. Tobias, and other oelebrated makers. Tory tine duplex watches, made by T. F. Cooper, Warner, and all celebrated makers. Watches cleaned and repaired in the beat manner, at much loss than the usnal prices. All watehes warranted to keoti good time. CEO. C- ALLEN, Importer, wholesale and retail, 11 Wall street, second floor, near Broadway. THE MILITARY. INDEPENDENT BATTALION-RYNDER'S OREN'A dicr*.? Head quarter*, March 2d, 1H.VS ?Order No. 24. The officers el (his organisation are hereby notified to meet at the Power Slug, on Friday evening, 30th instant, at7J? o'clock, for the (impose of concluding the arrangements lor lb* May ball. By order of the Commandant, WM. TURNER, AdJntant. ITK) THE TETERANS OF 1812, OR TUEIR WIDOWS? X Those who received forty acres of land are now entitled to 120 acres more, and those who rocelvod eighty acrea are entitled to eighty aarea more, and can obtain their warrants of the agent. P. T. BETTS, 66 Wall atreet, basement. No r.barxe whatever until warrants are eolleoted. VETERANS OF THE WAR OF 1812, MEET AT THE corner of Crnnd and Elitabcth streets, on Friday, the TOtb iaat., at 7) ? 1'. M. By order, A. W. JONES. Lt.Col., Cem. SPORTING, AiC. A T PRIVATE 8 ALE- ITALIAN GREYHOUNDS ? FOR J\ sale, bve icautitnl Kalian grey bound pnps, four months >ld. Can he seen at SO West littevnth street. IflANCY riOEONR? THE STOCK OF TnESE BlitDS, ' which took the first premium at tho last national pool try ahow, is for sals cheap in lots to suit. Apply at MWarren elreet, Soatli Brooklyn, Wore A. M., or aftor i ' , P. M IpOR BALE? A FINK NEWFOUNDLAND DOC, VERY ' large, tan l>e seen for a few days at 122 Warren street IMtt SALE-A roODLE DOG, AT NO. 217 SECOND 1 atreet, ! etweon avenues B and C, N. Y. VJOfKING illRDS FOR CAl.B? SIX SPLENDID JTJ aaorki-ig bird*, juat arrived from Savannah. Those bards are splendid mookors, aad are not to be excelled by any 1% the city. Any lady wanting to procure a line bird ?say apply at 47? Fearth atreot. "W>0 BE SOI.D-A LARGE NEWFOUNDLAND DOO. Of 1 large site, pure black, only eleven montha old; wrll trained, and warranted uue of the beet of watch dig*. '1 > *e v?n at bji Sixth avenue. REBTAHHifllS. R ENALL'S? T1IE UNDERHIONF.D. REC ENTLY PRO prietnr of the WavcrlojT Saloon, has remotod to tU targe and roinmndioua dwelling, 7' 1 Broadway, whieh he ha sltti-d up in the beat manner as a dwelling hoaso, rote irant, billiard taloon Ac., and is now prepared to let a icw room*, with or without lioard. The hoii<o?baa all the neoe*<ary 'on vonieucee, ? ith bath*, water cloaut*, Ac., and is altogether ? very de?ire?le residence for single gentli men. The billiard valoon will be >'|>ened about the tire' oi May. ly. K RENALL, Ppiprletor. SAM WILL SEE HIS FRIENDS aT NO. 7tM BROAD way. HOTELS. Hotel foi.kstone, in paris? no. 9 rue de Caatcllsiu*.? ' Thu hotel, *ltnat nl near the Itadnlalne, the Bouloarda, the Tullerle*. and tbn 1'hampe Elysoes, is sperially , .1 ? . by English travaderVj and aow kept by an American lady, witli new :md olagant turaiture, good ar 'snrrnrDU, an i cleanliness. The attendance ta perform>' I by Kngliah 'ervant*. and nothing ia apared to reader the ho tel cm of the wo*t comtortakle la 1'arl*. Bedr>om*and -ip ?rtmnnte Brvakfaat and dinner >n moderate tormr. Hotel Brighton, boulog n r <sur mer>, francr ?To familiea going to Earcpe. A geatlemaa lately Tnai Earope. can aalely (?command tba " Hotel Brighton,'' as net only the beat in the place, bat aa oiie of the best in Esrepa. Situated at a convenient distance from the rail rend, aad beia; in the middle of a large garden, thi* hotel es all the comforts desirable for wealthy taailier JPBUTUALlWl^ flLAIRYOYANT EXAMINATIONS, BY MR*, fl AYES / that eminent consulting medical clairvoyant.- Mrs Hiye* ?? dnily consulted by phyaiciana and por*ons of the iiigbMt rank in this ritr aaa country. Tin-y know that h<ir eiamina involve the Mjrhoct principles connected with human "llatenee. No clairvoyant in this coun'ry has ever acquired ?oUigh a reputation as a medical clairvoyant, a* has Mr*, ?tyea. 8 he possesses a clear seeing power heretofore un ?1?ll?d. Mrs. Bayes will watt on ladies at their rvaidenoe If -desired. Terms made known on application Office 10 Spring etrtet, near the Bowery. DR. HAYES, electrician. OP1 RITUALISM -SECOND VOI.VIIE, BT JUOOF. RD O moads and I>r. Dexter. Price ft JS. Postage J) ceuts. J>ut pnkliahel by PARTRIDCE A BR1TTAW, Ne. .100 Broadwsy. SPIRITUAL RAPPING AND WRITING.-MItS COAN A will receive visiters this and every day tki* week, at 720 ft wad war , Hope Chapel building. Mourn, 10 to 12 A M . 3 tal and 7 to U P. M. Parties attended at their rr*id*nce. .Alee private circles at her room* bv apeeial arrangemcat. FIRJUTIRK. rFRNITI KK TO RENT. AMOUNTING TO H.kC - Very tapci inrftmt quality T air at tet* * tatca. marola top mMaat fonmiii*, I *ncti l.adattadi Ac , Ac.; MM laaa ti VnaaiTa fwntura. faoond hand, in aicallant ordar. S?'arHy PI'ki apply,!ately, to N. EDKORu*, IL'iH ill atrxt, op ataira, from Iw to I c clock BMRWOOD and other fukniti re, velvet oarpat*. Ac., Ac., for aala rary chaap Tor caali. Tha fa milj la lr?a?iu,. op honaakaaping. Furniture ta all new. and ?apatiar In qnality Addraaa ?. t*ap, llarald offioa, for threa dAya, and parti u'ara will ta Rlran. REMOVAL. JOSEPH I fE, MKR?HANTTAII.<>lt-HA* REMOVED fr?m >15 Broadway to Otlary'l kaildlaffa, IM Brnadwa y. I T. < ANERON? ACSTRAI I A I'lOKEF.R LINB hM from lit Wall atraat to No. C B?wllaf i, feat of Br adway. R. cLonmo, Ac. WANTED- I ROM ?80 TO ?1M WORTH OF GENTLE ?M a olaihiac la ?xckanira for furaitara, or nay klad << apbolatary work, anch aa r*nnnn| faraltara. laiaa ?rp.ta u4 ?> Moth makiar akadea. carUma, maltroaaaa m , Aa. Canairy kooaaa fnrmiahad. Addraaa Edur, Broad way f??t OBta. TOCW' AND CHILDREN 9 CLOTHINO-JOSBPB 8. CbOflE. H AILET A CO, No. H Park placa, oppoaita 't? Cit* Hall. ba?a aaw an hand tha bait aaaortad ipriac -mmd aaaaw atavk and atylaa to ba foand In tha Uaitad ?(ataa. tad awltabla for all acaa, from thrra t n twanty yaara ? at wNMaaaia aad for araatlr radaaad prlca*. OAlcniO ACAOKiEi? 1 lANCINQ AC ADEBIES? R'LLE CAROLINE 7K I f ataa < dascia* aaalaniy, J1 Howard atraat, la aow opan ?MT tka iaatr ictioa af ladlaa aad (antlamaa la tba moat fnak aa akla dwi"i af tka day. Kahool for praetka nary aaaa ?a* Uraad daarinc ao raai atary Wadaaiday and Saturday atfbt, kaa j to 11 a clock. ?ATRinoxUI,. A GENTLEMAN, ENTIRELY WORTHY AND RE j\ ? pacta*. ia. woald marry Tka lady nail ba aaoumplwh ?ad and acrt ?t.itaad 1 1 refined and alagaat aoetety. and ba ?are Uiaa ? rd atrlly allgllila. Tha adTartlaar'a Tle?a. Ac., aaa tx laarnad by ci.rraap'.ndin* with A. D a. , Poat Ofc OOAL,?C. COAL? CHF.APER AND BETTER THAN ANY THAT bad ?ct b-aa offered ta tba pablta. Tha nWribar will Aaltear m>m WoaAa, far two oaya, tka baat af rad aah ?to?? and fu coal at SO |*r tan. larpi (tie nnt at %t Ji par tan Tail we.jht warrantad JACOB W. CORN WELL 179 Brnoaa a?r-'t. KINK ART*. /3*E*T - Al.E 'IF KNCRA VINOS AT REDUCED i "I prtaaa. at II.' Broadway -Dealer* Aad the r-nb:ic will And tt to ?b#<r a >?? M- t atamina tkta ?t *ndid collactna j Mf'tt mtUi it ' kar*. I THE FORAY ON VAQRANT WOMEN. CAPTURE OF KOBE DISORDERLY CHARAC The police of the Third and Fourth wards, according to instruction* received from hia Honor the Itijor, suc ceeded, on Wednesday night, In capturing it nam bee of prostitutes, who were caught walking the itreeta of their diatiict. The Third ward police, under command of| Captain Hopkins, arrested twenty-five females?wo men and girt*. Moat of these prisoners were frequenters of some of the worst danoe houses in Washington and Greenwich streets. Captain Mitchell, of the Fourth ward police, assisted by a squad of hi* men, arreeted eight prostitutes of a very low character, frequenting Water and Cherry streets Justice Bogart, before whom the prisoners were conveyed, considering that no legi timate evidence had been adduced againiit the Third ward girl*, except in the case ot two of the prisoners, discharged them from cnstcdy. The unlucky two were sent to the Island foi three months. AU those arreeted in the Fourth ward were sent to the Penitentiary for periods varying from one to aix montna, their charac ter* being notoriously bad. gibe Kifih, Sixth, and Seventh wards, also contributed a fair proportion of itreet walkers on Wednesday night, but nothing more than the number arretted al uoat every night 'appeared before the magistrate yester day morning. Moat of them were discharged, with an admonition to be me re discreet in tntur*, wo lie a few were obliged to make.Blackweli'ii Inland their home for a few months. Laat night the police of the Fifth, Third snd Fourteenth wards arrested but a few of theee disorderly characters, who will be brought before the magistrate at the Tonibs this morning for examination. There was a remarkable disparity in the number of prostitutes patlolI'Dg Broadway laat evening, none but a few atrsgglers, liete aad there, could be Keen promenading the Give. Some awkward mistakes were made by the police it nlKht in arresting tlioae whom they supposed tu be nymphs of the pave. One or two little sewing girls were brought to the station house by the Third Ward police, where they remonstrated loud'y against the con duct of the stars, asserting their character* to be good and peaceable. But of course the oflaer in charge at the station house could not entertain any idea of libe rating them upon their mere word, so thsy were obliged to remain in "durance vile" all night. WHAT IB THE LAW RELATIVE TO VA GRANCY? District Attorney's Omci, Feb. 20, 1865. My Dcjui Sir ? To your commuiiioation touching the statutes upon vagrancy I have the honor to make ?ntwtr, that, as ha* reoently been rs marked by a learned Juatioe of the Common Plea* (Hon. P. P. Ingra bam) in a decision tendered upon a vagrancy proceed mg brought befoie him by habeas corpus, the general statute* of the State relating to vagrants aeem confused and conflicting in character. But in the city of New York there operatea a lecal act which U often forgotten by mugihtraU* and oounsel In their reference aimply to the Revised Statutes, it is" an an act entitled "An act relative to the powers of the Common Council of t tie City of New York, and the police and criminal courts ot the said city," passed Jan. 28. 1838. (Laws of that year, page W ) The first section provides as follows: "All persons who being habitual ilrunkarda, are desti tute and without visible means of support, or who being such habitual drunkards, shall abandon, neglect, or refuse to aid in the support of their families, who mav be complained of by such familiea ; all versoDs who shall have' contracted aa Infectious or other disease, in the practice of drunkenness or debauchery, requiring charitable aid to restore them to health . all common prostitutes who havo no lawful employment whereby to maintain them selves; all able bodied or sturdy beggar* who may apply for aims or solicit charity ; aU persons wandering abroad, lodging in watchhouses, outhouses, market plases, m)h?Hh fitahlfia at tin(n)iah(t?H hnildinM nr In thm onA n from door to door, or plaoe themselves in the streets, highways, passages, or other public places, to beg or re ceive alms witbm this city, shall be deemed vagrants I have sub diviited each class by Itself for convenience sake. The classes are live In number ? one of drunkard*, one of the dise ased, one of prostltutee, one of the most *1 propriaMUy Of foaalftr u-age 'loafers," and one of beggars, vith two . ub-dlvislons, of the 1m poster beggar and of the needy beggar. The provisions re garding drunkards and the di-ea-ed aad beggars are very clear and precise; thoee relating to prostitutes and idler* are som?time.< technically criticised by the police, the magistrate- aad various attorneys at law, often with some plausibility. Moat of the** variou* provision s, to getbei with tuo?e known in the language peculiar to the tople aa "lady boarders,'' a* well a* those who wsla too street* or Inhabit the attics aad cellar* of the metropolis, in ranre democratic habiliment* and practices ot vice, and the class of Idlera are controlled by tue phraso "not g.vmg a good sreount of tbemaelvea;" .tod tlma there is given to authorities who arrest or commit, an extended discretion, which Is uo more than proper to exercise in a crowded metropolis. There existed prior to 186 ; a contuaion aa to the proper place in which a record of conviction was to be filed ? whether in (be ofli'S of the rlerk of the city and county, or in that of the clerk of the nessions, or whether there -bould be one filed with each ef tne?e ofli'-es. In the Ktter year (laws of 186a) x statute prepared by the present City Judge was enact* 1; thereby a iumi of record of conviction waa anbstantially piven, and the same directed to be filed with the ciers of the sea-ions By that act a provision of diaehirge wa* made, allowing the saine bsfore expiration of term ot commitment, upon ah ortier jointly made by the com mitting magistrate and any almshouse governor, in their discretion ffor the enumerated causes amount to this)? a very proper power indeed, because often the friends of the v ifrraut interfere when diagrace to the family assumes tbe form of publicity, and pro vide for the vagrant's future, lhese are the only provisions regarding vagrancy fender that name) which need be referred to for municipal action. The statute regarding "disorderly person*" (2 K. & Oil, ?fih edition i enumerates other cliaaee of idle and vicious person* for wacae good bebavioar during one year se curity, may be required: otherwise, in default thereof, a conviction and imprisonment en.ue, subject to the con trol of the Court of General cessions and the Almahouse ; Governors then after, in variou- ways. The*e additional | classes comprehend generally men who abandon wlvee ' and children to public charity, fortune teller*, oommon prostitute* and keeper* of bawdy house*, or houae* of resort for drunkarda, tippler* and gameetera; all oom mon jugglers or shoomea; all ace per s of keoo aad gaming apparatus, la public placea or In planes where liquor is sold: all travelling gaatesters, kr. , Suspected vagrants, and expected disorderly persons, may be tbemaelve" examined as the statutes indicate toucalng the allegations. Their conduct is rather h breach of the general police discipline of the community than a crime or a misdemetaor, their own confessions are esmpeteat to conviction The Mayor has express power to deal with vagraata and disorderly persons under the pro visions referred to As suirgeste<| by the remarks of yunr Honor in yonr communication, I beg leave to add that by pursuing the statutes relating to vagrants and disorderly person*, more summary justice is done to tbe <-ominunlty tban can be attained through the tedious process of ind.ctment and trial. Tbe relome* of tbe metro poll* are sufficiently numerou' to constantly en gage tlie time and attention of grand juries anl the Court of General Sessions of the pease, without riving them more contact with the lighter offences aad uiisde meaners than l> absolutely necessary. Instead of in dicting bawdv bou e?. unlicensed dram hops. Ac , aa ia now done, their proprietors md Inmatea could be sum mnrlly reached as vagrants aad disorderly persoas. The policy of penal law regarding these matters is to attain a summary ? 1'max tantamount to prohibition. Accept the a-eu ranee* of the regard with which I have the honor to be your obedient servant, To Hi* Hojior thf Msroa. A. OAKEY HALF,. SUPREME COURT? IN CHAMBERS. liefore Hon. Judge Morris I TRg RKCE.v r ARKKSTH OF rKM ALES BT THE rOLICB. Maai ii 29. ? Habeas 'frrfm.?Hr. John D. MacOtwgor applied for writs of habeas to bring up about thirty fe males who had been committed from the Mayor's afllee as vagrants, aad sentenced to variaas periods ot impris cement from one to six month*. The petitions set forth the names of tbe parties aad -tate that taey are In the custody of the keener of the city prison that the cause er pretence of such Imprisonment or detention is ille gal sod the commitments issued wholly without juris diction, sad that oo examination was permitted or had in relation to said alleged offence. The Judge granted the application : but saM that the object Would be attained bv bringing up two of the women, aad writs were accordingly issued to the keeper of the city prison ia the oasee of two of the alleged va graats, returnable at 13 o'clock oa Friday moram; TER8. SUPERIOR COURT- IN CHAMBERS. Hafore Bon. Judga Bo? worth l.lBmUIlOX or OKI or TKK mtUI ASWUTCD. MiK(TI '19.? Unheal Cnrjnu ? Om of th* thirty female* arr??te?l by the nrdara of th* Mayor, for ftrwot walking, mi brought befora Jadjo Botworlb thi? '1*7 on hilim enrpue *nd h*r dUehnrfn from coirtody <Umaad*d. It ?pp*ar?.t by th* ratarri madn br th* keeper of th* C?ty IT.# no thai be bald tbc aecuaod by Tirta* of a commit ?atat which U il.ractad lo any constable police man or warden of th? elt* and eouaty of Now York. Th* Juris* di*r hatred th* priaoo*r, oa the ground that >ba waa illegally held. th* ke?p*r of th* priaoa not be lag either or th* parti** name-) in fh* coaiAitmeat a a authoriied U> hold her. CARD FROM JUSTICE BOGART. TO TBI K'BLIC. An article having appearot la th* V*? York Irilmnt Of W*da**?l*y laat, rrflwtlag ao*t oBj??'ly oa my i karacter a* a magistrate. anl a man. I leair* to mak* a plain itaewnaat relativ* to the affair oa ?hiab th* article U baaod , tjo th* *T?ata( of Tnttriay i**t, a g*al**aa with whom 1 via not acquaint*], '?!'.? 1 at ay r?r<lt?e*, ip parently much eicited, and (toting that hU ova wit* had been arretted in the Eighth ward, aa a etreet walker, requested nay official interference, to save the metlier of hU children frmn the crushing disgrace of being locked 1 up all night in the station houae. I em a father myself, and although obliged, often, in , the performance of mv dutiee, to perform mas/ acta painful to my feellnga, I am ever ready te temper jutieo with mercy, ao far aa the law* will permit. 1 accordingly repaired to the Kighth ward atation houae, and tbrro opened oourt in dae farm, for the ex amination of the eaae. On In relitigation, I became satisfied that the arresting officer had maile a mistake, and accordingly ordered the diacliarge of the female, wlioae name ta said to be France* liuntcr. My mandate of discharge was disobeyed, the act ef inaubordination being a in^ani I by much of vituperation and low ubuiw. I have learned to day, that Justice Otborne h%* discharged Mrs. Hunter, thus affliming the correctness of my judgment. Under such circumstances, 1h? attack in the Tribune upon my professional reputation can only be couaidered unlnieut.ooal, a- it ia unjust, and I am forced to seek thia meana of redress aa the only one immediately In my power. If I rrred I did ao innocently, and being acquainted with neither party, could hare had no improper mo tire for mr action. AUltAHAM HOOaRT, JK , New York, March '28, 1805. Police J ustice, HABEA9 CORPUS. March 28. ? In thr matter of the I'eople en rel. Kile n Dei-ins against Ike Keeper qf Ike City I'riion ami I'ml trvtiai y nj the City and County (J New York. ? In a sup poied report of thin cauae, furniahed ua and inaerted in yesterday'* paper, it wae staled that the petitioner, by bar counsel, contended ' hat her arrest, trial and convlc tion nere entirely Illegal, and that the Recorder on tliaae grounds forthwith discharged the jirivmer. Thin win entirely erroneous. There wan no argument in the caae, for the simple reason that the Recorder baa no power to be^r the merita on snch a question. Tbe matter, It is trne, waa brought up, but tcere being no record of the conTietlon ot the priaoner produced, tbe Recorder on thia ground alone discharged the prison* r. Cltjr Politic*. CKHTKAI. OKMOOHATIO UNION. A special meeting of the Central Democratic Union was held last evening in Tammany Hall, John Cochrane. President, in the chair. A large number of delegated were present. The I'hi?ii>k>t having called up the special order of the evening, Mr. Wallack Coif x aald that, at a regular meeting of tbe Young Men's Democratic Union Club, held Saturday evening, March 24th, 1*55, it waa unanimously resolved, that the delegatea from this clnb, be and are hereby instructed to propose for the adoption of the Central Democratic) Union auch resolutions ai may, in their judg. ?lent, seem moat Bitted to nrge upon tbe government of the United State* the national sentiment npon the subject of our rehitionabips with Hpain, and tend to a aolution of the difficulties existing between ua In a manner consonant with the dignity of this republic, and the wirhea of tbe American people He (Mr. Oone.j un deratood that resolutiona covering this ground had been prepared and would be presented this evening. Mr. J. McLbou Mi kpiiy then read the foUowing resolu tions. which were taken up ttrialim and unanimously adopted, amid manifestations of applause Resolved, That the tidings which rcach ns of recurring instances of K| arunh interruptions of our commeri a, ana ouirn ?? on our flag, require that ?ndtirao-e be replaced by rvdreae, sod rtcum in*ud that national honor be committed to the care of national strength However deeply Impressed with the iiuitortauce of Cnbs, the restriction oi our meaning to ita peaceful transfer reniira the refusal of .Spain t? nego tiate, the limit of our efforts lor lt? acquisition. Uut the grievances that awaited their adjustment in the aunceas of the frturt, have not only been unrelieved by ita failure hut having become more opprsaaivs by accumulated aggressions, lii-maud, * Ith reaiatleaa energy, immediate reparation for la jury, and atonement for w roug. Rerolved, That eatislactloa tor individual claims la luade quate to the exigencies of a violated Haj, aud that behind pecuniary tndemi.ltina (ranted. "the wrong and inault to the nation remain.' 'lbs capture by armed cruiser* of ves aela covered by unr flag? the nirht of search enforced upon vasaela in prosecution of legitimate commerc? the firing upon nnrffendtar eteamers? the .etentlon of, and interfe rence with, the puhllo mails? the cauaeleas arreat of peace tul citlien), and of official reprcaentatlves, their imprison ment, and the atroc loua violence rpon the national aania, are wronee ??e grievous to b* r? paired by anything less than the " reproor ??>?? vroni *"^ra,- au i dlsapproVS! ' by aiaual mark* M displeasure of the condnut for vMeh at-ne meat ta eougL, . Re?oIvc,J, That ttie occurrence, dnring ten year*, of aa many in*tanre i of national outrage, ia sufficient evidence of tbe studious (iaregnrd bv Spain of Amerh an right., and o I tbe insincerity of hrr off. r* to adjust tliem. I|cr refuaal to allow a " qua:ilird diplomatic Intercourse between the Cap tain Central of Cuba nail (' naul at Havana, ' her rejac tlon of tbe ?? thought that Inault baa boea off"red to the Hag cf the t'riti d >tat< a,'' the recent attack of her eruix-raon the j l Dorado and t hs Magyar, the dlahonor on ber territory ot ? ur nali. nel atsndarc, and the lmpri>onm>:nt of oar Vie* ', Indicate a daterminstioa to perrlat In her ag/r> aaiva course. We therefore believe tha' further dtacuaalen will be uaeleia. and that negotiation iboald be cloaed with the de mand that tbe l.nfted States shall l>e vindicated in the peat, and b? rea| -eteil for the future. Hut aho.ild our appli < atlon l e diaregarded, and oor rirmanda evaded? should Jua tire he answered hy diplomaoy. ant reelsmation he ?< t with delay? we shall have eihaualed all peaceful endeavors; and wa, therefore, do Turther Resolve, That w hoaover sueh an "*U ncy shall arise the national l^ijiaiature rhould be eoaxenud and ihenaeloaal cause committed, whether tor pea e or for war, to the ar bitran.ent of the Asieric an (,'en^ra.s Iteaolved, That the interteranos of Kagland and Franea to crush th? Cut an people In their strngple lor liberty? the open d?elaration that tba Island shall not paas from 'ha thraldom of hpain, and the inaidioua effort to obtain the < on sent of the United State, to Ha perpetual colonial depen deney? are only ao manv indications ol a ronrae of policy la reference to tbe afTalra of this continent that well may alarm tbe American leople. Kesolved, That the doetrtae of Monroe is the sardine! tenet of onr polltioal faith; that any effort on the part of any lorelgn Lower to supiresa wn ?ir ain< of tbe Cabas people aialnt! Spanlab eppresei' n, will furai-h thia jforern ment with a legitimate right of intarvectlon. lo like man aer any attempt to AfrlraBlie the ialand ol Cuba, witba view to make it an element of dlaturkaare. or to place it be yond the pale of US' lul acquisition, wh'tuar stimulated by fanatics at home or enemies abroad, will meet with prompt reaiatance from the demo<ra< y of New York, nor will tljey ever " consent to its traasf'-r to either of tha latervealat na tion". or to anv other foreign Htate Feeolved. That we rely with < unfidenee that the a6minis < tration will promptly aad ettk-lently meet the crlala that ev< nta hate irecipltated. Its aot.le aqpp<.rt of the national honor abroad? its careful goardlanahip of the rights of cfti I iras at home ? Its interpoaitioa between carcieas l?aialatlon and tha loterest* of the people? tta afforta to vindicate tbe | nation, and to guard Ita interests, though hafll-d hy the irre- i spoavlve action of the laet Congreaa? are sufficient goaran tlea that when " honor ia at atake, ' care will be taken that the republic receive ao detriment After the revolution* w?r* adopted, the Pmmiiikyt, having left the chair, raid, that h? thought tliey vert t ery full tnd very proper? aueb a* the time* required and the rrlal* demanded. The fact that we hail reached a crioin waa wafted to 11 by evary Mil that camaa<-ro*a the Atlantic. 1 hi - fart wa* belag preeeel upon God p>e*e Notwltb??andlng tbat the lat*?t new* h.i 1 bMi that th? SpHDUb government waa willing to do all that waa proper wlthnit preweore, yet tha ax parlance of the pa?t ihould 1aaeh na tbat their word of promi** *m not alwava kept. It waa 'lae that the principle* which anlnu tad thla people abould ba freely apoken. Not that It *hoald be dun* a? a threat, or to (ain favor, but It abotild bo dona to *how what rlew* war* entertained by nentleuirn wbo organin th? m-aivea into political aeeoeiationa. It wu Itraaire. he thought that Spain abould take the ground at tb'i late age of tha world, thai repara Hon for Injure* mar ha tainted with impunity. We an have raad what bai been done In tha proeeaa of negotiation' with bar. We Kara all woodrred at the perapiculty of American ? tAtearnen. and wa barn won dared yet mora at 'ha bllndneaa which could refoea re pa ration for Injurle* inflicted. I'nleaa our demanda agalnat Ppain be oomplivd with, thara only remaina war and the t Indira ton of our honor. ( Applauae.) When theaa ob ject* ahall hare bean obtained, tha world will aee that all tbat wu demanded by tba t'nlted Ma 'a* wai reptra Uoa for injnrlea. and vindication of the national faith It ha* bean atatad id Kuropa that tha ratted ."tatn ia a nation of fllihaatera. Tbeaa reaolutlona dirtlDctly deny ?uch a mppoaition. We acknowledge la them tba pro pratarr riiht over Cuba. If, after all, ourjoat deroande are rwfnaad, than win ba the tiaM for (ongre** to 4aelda ?n tba qnaatioo of paaca or war. if 'bear*.) Mr. Colt axpraaeed tba eatiafactlon ba fait at tha pa* aaga of tba rceolutiona. Ha *ai 1? Met here aa tha re pieeentative* of tha deatocrary of New York, It waa tba duty of tba I'nlon to glee the alarm whenever danger threaten* Tboae resolution* Bounded the alarm, for danger waa around. But Id giving thla alarm, Ilka true ?oidiere, what do wa ?ay?? " Who goea there- The anawer ia. " Spain '' " Ara you alo?ew 11 No bahiad ua are kaglaad and France ' ' A aew holy alliance of arlatocraey and deepotiam. Wa come, they ear, to curb tba pride of tba new republic of tha Meet. To d? thla It 1* necaeeary for iha allied power* of tba waat of Ku ropa to hold tha t/ueen of tba Aattllae? the key of tha fiulf If Spaio will not rwireea the tnjoriea laflicted a poa na, tha drat law of nature compel* na to protact our *efve?. The raeolutioo* paieed to night only relate to wh?t baa already tranepirad We ataod on the eee of a great rriata, and we muat take advaataga of It To o* a* a party a magnificent opeaina I* preeeatad, and tba ' ?t notion i* whether wa ahall naldle our eanne rloae hv tbe a bo re, er whether we ahall charter a gov ! and gal lent akip? whether we (ball be true to our traditioaa a* a party or whether we ahall lat the opportunity go by and remain, where wa art now, la a reepeetable mi no rity. (Cbaar*.) Captain Rtiuw aai<l that whan tha gentleman rGaaot designated tba American paaple aa forbearing until they arrived at a rertaia pr int ha ahoold have gone oa and told the teat -that they war* aa determiaad .a war aa they were forbearing la peara. Oa motioa he meetiag thaa adjourned WlllUnufearg tHy InUlttgrnr*. Roaatar? The baaea of Mr. A. M. Week*, Na. Ill U?uth Fo-r-.h .treet wa* eatere 1 Werfnee-lav af e. a?',n, and ?llv*r apooa* vaJuad at aboat f'iO, were ? to Ian. K ??* Cm vr lltyrrtt:. ? Kit rat t fram the repor lot tli- waek eadrng March 27 ? Remaining ia Hoap;tal, MC reewlwed by ordar af ?uperialeadeat. 41, ham. I Tata : .1" Tr*n?'err?-i to A.r?.ah>?*e 1, l.v'. a -/ad, 10 4e ceaa?1, 11. ttemataiag #? f.r * ? it* at a f< av*< ?At a federal (ttberjathl* fhvr-liia'irtndatrwet^aa We<iae?d*? t^ie park*V ef Mr* Hak*~ Mr* ' **>? aad M ae Tacke', w-re rt | n< w* eumr of moaey by r>* ? *ee ? ana ka ea >r+i tu? I eburth for that p-jrpaae SOCIALISM or AMERICA. The Origin, Pi ugi i? , OttllM and Call oftha Wo*U? Amnte Pl>?lani? WfmtliM{ of (he Fomrtertttn lp?Mht?, Plana, 4tc. Out reader* viU remember the aacounts published In the Bbuu) 10 me two yean sin:e, relative to a oertaia extraordinary Four Ian to community in New J eraey, known a* the Narth American Phalanx, where from eighty to a huudred pereoai, of both mih, Uved togethur la a (tort of happy family arrangement, eating out of the aame trough and living In the oae cage. At the time the articles referred to were published, the phaLmx wan progressing finely, tta financial concerns were pros perous, and it* future proepectn everything that oouM be daelred. It waa, moreover, regarded with gnat favor by the aocialixta throughout thecountry, aa it wan the J only organi7atii>n they had started that seemed at all like ly to succeed. Bui ainee that time, owing doubtlee* to a ?ice inherent in the very nature of all aoeialiatlo eata bliahments, the phalanx baa got Into a peek or trouble, and there U evi , reason now to believe that It will toot be numbered amtig the things that ware. To prevent aa terrible a catastrophe, the Kourieritee hare deter mined te hold a aeries of meetings in this oity, the second of which came off last night at No. 6&6 Broad * way. During tbe evening, the speakers made very pointed allusion* to certain well knewn socialists in this oity, who, they said, had great faith in k'ourieriam, but who did not manifest it in worka, ia tne ahape ef hard cash, for the cause. When the meeting was called to order last night, there wen about sevr-t/ live persons present, but the speak ers proved so stupid that the audience soon thinned oat, ami at the close there were not more than a baker's dozen. In an adjoining room, a spiritual circle was being held, and the meeting wan much disturbed by the ahoutiugs and other unspiritual demonstrations pro ceeding therefrom. The nu-rting waa opeaed by Mr. Tappaw Towrami, who stated that he had been asked to lay a statement before the meeting. This skovement wa- to devise waya and mean* to help the North American phalanx in the existing difficulties. With a view toa proper understand ing of the matter, Mr. Stan, ot the phalanx, would make some remark* The movement he (the speaker) conxld ered a aucceas, and the practioabtllty of families living atthrr in hsruocy In one unitary family was as tab td. Tliere wax one way, it was thougbt. by wbirh the tutaociation coo Id be got out ot trouble, it was by buying goods by wholesale and giving phalanx stock in exchange. Tlif* would give them the menus of making a large establishment, and fulfil the orlginnl idea of the associaVonists. to have at leaat 2.000 persons in the one phalanx. Another Ides wai, that agents should go aiound the city and persuade person- conducting small trades and occupations, t? live at the phalanx and do business there Then, by aducing young farmerh to join, no doubt quite a good association could be formsii. to forward th?*? suggestions It was proposed to have a permanent organisation in this city to help them aloug, and to forward tlie cause of the as-oclatlon generally. Mr. Chas. Hkapk, one of the officers of the Phalanx, j waa next Introduced. He said tbe North Amerlem 1 balanx had never yet made a public statement, and the friends of tbe movement thought it advisable for j them to now come forward and do so. They felt, in or ganiiini the Phalanx. that tbey w era taking too many ntepa ahead of the spirit of the age. They lacked expe rience of everything in the beginning of the enterprise, nnd they felt that tbe srlls which now afflicted their caui-e i ouid be obviated by proper measures. The also ciatton bas solved some of the problems hitherto inap plicable to associations, and he (the speaker) wa- en | louraged by that fact. Tbe rural home plaa had been Ms ted? that waa, that those who wisb to live aepa may do m without eonUicUng with the aasociatlve | principle. Mr Hears thM mate the following statement of tbe condition of the Phalanx ? 1 he North American Phalanx organised as an A>so elation in 1842. and commence ' operation)- on their pre I ent domain, the same year. The land (073 sens, ) had been exhausted br tenant hulbaodry, so' the sol) had to 1 be crested, but the meana of doing this* existed upon the place. In the bels of marl and muok ? more eape dally the former ? there Is abundant means of perpetual fertility. Ths labor, however, of converting a worn out estate Into a' <-!'??? and flourishing one to tke extant \ ?>?.?.) j accni.-i *"?, has t?ee? venr ?eveie, tiecn ? ?? ?* lacked m?, en \ tfae wvife has fallen principally upon a lew. During the earlier years of our existancs the ' returrs for labor wen ver / canty indeed, in oneyear ti e average earnings, exclusive of board, was as low a i two dollars aud aeventy three cents per m <iitb. <>u j resent standard, taking wriculture as the ba?ia, Is ninety cents per day of ten hours, (from which we piy expenses,) nod for two or three year* preceding the Uat, we have ms<:e a profit of 'fifteen to twenty two per cent upon this rate. We commenced operation* with a subscription of lesa tban eight tho is md ilollar- and our property, Including all claims, amounted to over on? hundred thousand dollars at ths close of tbe last Bscs! 2 ear. Most of the l\nd IS now in good condition, and there are seventy seres of flourishing orchards of vs rious kinds of marketable fruit, the trees of wbtch are mostly in tearing Tbe land is free from alone, and i easily tilled. Comfortable dwellinge are erected e ?in j binlug many adran'agee. ."hops nnd outbuilding have been added to considerable extent, an I then are good facilities of access to market, lu tbe organisation of laber we met tbe gieateat d'ftieulty, not in the nature of tbe undertaking, bat in. the character of the people. We were without experience in the conduct of .ocial in stitutions of tl e kind, and with people educated under i other forms of Institution, with various degress of in [ dustrial dUctplme, and In many case* almoat no die line at all. it ma; be inferred that all degrees of diaor er would prevail for yeara, and many would ha diaap pointed in results, become tired of the etruggle sod leave Home would Improve tbe opportunity thus offer | ed for ministering specially to private aims, and ail would be more or lee- tried, especially the orderly and provident and loyal. It seems lemon* t rated beyood a doubt, thattbe industrious and mstho Ileal and prudent can eomolne their efforts and conduct industry on joint accoimt, with all the advan'age* claimed in faroi of , eombioed effort . but the marvel is that eo few compe lent people an found ready to unite In such ; efforts. About one sixth of tboee who make the trial remain and benome membera. Tbe ccmpetent, successful people seem geaenlly unwil llng to take the riak of mange, and instead of auch un dertaking to coroe out and institute the changes ao {really needed, and fairly within Iheir capacity to Inati ute, the teadeaey has been d rectly the reverse, an t the malcontents, the hebie and in ompetent, tho<a feeling tbe need per>onaOy of a social nrovldwe, baregravi fated toward the inatitutioos that proposed any tir m of guaranty, ftftice, also, there have tteen no la-k of and those baring private 4ima to subserve there has been to lack of, but of ooattruetiva, competent, loyal people there have been too tew, conee.) oently the effort to establish combined in<!uitry has aot been In any adequate sense fairly tried. In the orgsni'ition of do roestie labor we hsve I ad excellent success la this da partment conditions were not so much against us We had greater numbers qualified to coaduct industry, and a greater number oi "pafulta adapted to the capaclti'a of our lopvilatton. Our doneatic and aoeial Ufa have been > ery aaUsfactory, rery much above tbe current or average life of any mixed population aad so long aa we found our general prosperity mere., sing, notwithstand ing 'be burthen of our debt and guarantees, and notwithstanding that aome of us wi<n large fan1 Ilea 'ailed to earn tbe whole cost of living ao long as there was general prosper ty an I tin proepeet of tenranency la our institution there was general eat election. We had outlived several party schemes of diasolutien, ,ot diverting the instl tution from its pnmarv ourpoeea, ao I many of ua began to feel as though we bad pa-aed through tbe principal struggles, aad mifht consider the (ue*lion of perm* nence determined. In the midst < f <|Oite general acti vlty ard seeming prosperity we were visited by a ca lamlteua fire, deetroyicg proper^r wb eh we awed for increeaicg our debt, ur rather greatly dlminiabmg o ir n soureesof payment, of industry ana ot revenue > ad now we find our?e,vos with a popula'ion of eighty or ninety Dtawri, D?t nor* than half of abom fl wi profitable employ ox-at, bwtw agTiealturr and 4ont*atn- laVir ara our maio ladu-trial MNNM, an I M a amall pro portloa ara noiBpotaiot to vort probably at agrtruliara through tba jr ar, ?nl ill caaaot (In-: amploy uxat in 4? ttf-tUr labor. Our float Ua( xod f. ?? t <)abt ia ton tare* for our ptaaa-at raraa ja or ataaoa of ravaou*', an ! oar proportion of una f.ro4uo?ra la fait to ba ralatiaaly u*. Urga Bl ufrar hanaf worka<l h?r? ao loaf without a la <|oaU paranaal (ml a and fta Ma( onraalra- I?m)?! with btirdf aa bay ail oar capacity to carry, ao<1 aot hanof racai?*? th? "fB'.'nt ro operation rw|Uiaita ta aaata a our iadwrtr<a*.wa ata hahaaiUo'?D'l partepa th? ooly m?Muf that wa rouW afraa ?p< n *oaI<1 >? to rlo?* oar praaafit lataraati aa 1 ra?fari,?, if aauocli -ball * ?b to 00 ?o vltbin our awaaa, aa4 aritb a probllltioa ?ir??o?t Incurring <ia M, aa4 ?a'b axxlldoaliva- of tba roo<i , tloaa of loambarihp aa (tail aaatn aiaa Wa ba?? alr*a4y, la a liBlt*4 ?n?a< a*?a> Iiaba4 ' rm'.j tba yaaraatiaa ?f IW rl?bt of lai-oa-of ".aataat aaipf't m*at with fair r**aa?rall-ia thar*' 4. aai p- aa?aa?a i ia a . uar-rtibla fona it tba pr?4acta af lat r. at a b?a?a a?-ial prl?ll*faa, a?4 a lainimaa aapf-ft ia la'aary. a|(, -r atta frtaaa a tba?r*ttaal aai praatiaal 'iaiailaa la Iba <.r4i nary paraaita af lifa t? a ba?a a'*liaha<t iba a?r*lla atana l?r at labar aa4 tha aaraila ran it- a af aaapiayav aa4 aaa iila)a4. ta far a* aaaiari aai a|pii*aata a fa >aa?ru4 ? a ?iiy rtaiaa la baa* aa4<U4 tba ^aatll a aaawiaiaJ af fi.rt ia lMaa?ri 4ay afaira f 1 If- ? . t iba aaa?-.ata4 baaaa bl 14. if <i,a ?r? aaiaanaa partially at I- aai at lab'* 4t aaat.f aa4 atriraltarai aa4 at** aa oar pa- ?raaa ?ay aaai aa faatara ta alaiaa tkat a" atailar laprataaaaai la tba aa '?rial raa4iU><a? af Ufa ba* baa a raa4a la aay alia4 papala tiaa Ia1l?l4r>al Vataaaaa I Haaa "ira af ?r?aUr fata. aa4 wa b??a laataaaaa at ia4i*t4aal bariablp wblab wa raff.' aa4 br |a la a? battarw4 aa4 aaila ? aa a f *. l? ataf aaa ?* araaiy air faat "tart* lat a aaaaaaltr ia abiib tba ?aa 4tti?a af all Ita a* at ban baa ?-Ha aa ataa4ilf aa4 laWiaa tialiy i?art?a4 aa ia oar aaa?atata?a. (f "al ly iaal aai mi, aafaaa It ba la a/?a kia ir-4 a*< rt ' j fialtaaabaa ba ? a<taa iteaa vltb Iba actaal y ?aafma it tt ? r r (bla Tba fotfrtnt ?ttivt ia taban turn a paapklat pah ball*! by tha aaarjf lataoa two ya*ra a?o, aa-1 Ua moaraJ atl'aavar.' la ba tra* In lay ?a It aaa tVn * th thaaa atfwpbbfta ?Oar ability ta faaraata* ??. ia?filna aaa 1 ? i a.' l t la r?r'rt?'wt t/> Ipi' . itara aa1 4aaaaatk latrrr a an baaaa oar iMmr ta |**na)M raaiaiaa tap part ta aiaa oi*talak#4 tnA aL? oar ia tba ( araatj af a panb?m W? a la (wmM l?a?a n i- an* rtif . r?a ttat ?"h?at aHaotata aaaarat>ly>f ait p? jyarty IL aa baa* art t?a 'aatro! ef tba pr-aaary af>'*raa af b? I ira in ^ Ufa Wa aaaaaacal wits i_a'.? aaa?a I in' -'rat 4?bt ?W par', af Iba laa4 aoUaa aai aaa a . u'l/ ?arba4 at I iaa4r aetata 'ar aaa'. aaa a hoeing that ?empetent meo, with mt&oiim feel the m*4 iiifpwiiTt tlie ?drBBUfae ?f ?flin. wtth mB<M fire* to brio* them i*to turn with u*, but .till iImmI to di**i>poLnt??*at In thu re* pact, end etill atealthlly, aad wlthmany mjs ? living*, incrtaalnf onr facUIUafl of productlo? and fort on borrow*" *spital, hoping each 7**f )?.i.?ltl stopping point to onr increase of debt, aad mately io Uquldatn debt from reveaue bnt iu?t when wo had computed a largn outlay for Ineroaaod facUIU*s of rtnrenua, ind at tha comatoonniot of i fliiMiw crlaia unuhunlly icrerf, wa ara o?a?takan bjr a diaasttoui tlra, which destroyed property to the extent of nesrly four teen thouitand five hundred dollar*. struck down tho in dustry connected with this endowment, and the rOTOOu* derivable from It. Tho. wo wow ????*> ??? all our weak nee*** at onoa, ia addition to the difficulties of carry IB( a lane (Ion tin* debt through the ..*vew*t financial revulsion that ha* occurred nine* we canto here It !* not lingular, therefore. that ??? of our member* feol the aeod of more positive control or the mean* of life, and have nal courage loBger to face I our debt and carry burdens for noti producer*. Not withstanding tliee* die. ouragement" Bearly all of tho member- adit re to their faith In oomblned edort, and would be glad to preserve the social life that haa so many chain', ana continue combinstion in ?>B? form that would secure economies without so great relative expnuM* a- we have borne One mean* of doing thU, and the true one would bo, greater number* of'.ulUble person" to make aU onr oapital active. and to **UbU*h and oontinue well oonduoted industries. Out expecta tions In three respect* hare been no poorly ted, a* men tlnnsd. that we aro discouraged from further effort In thi* direction We need an annual production of about twenty tire thousand dollar* 1hU nun would par i say fire per sent for the uae of capital atock and a aatiafac tory licome for a hundred or more m*?nb*r? The cap* citlee of the land are very great. We a till hare ?M*loar able ahoproom, *?y a carpenter (hop. forty feat by tbir ty and aay on* half of three floor* In a brick building, which il forty feet by **renty fire, and wa have thren or four unoccupied tenement*, or mi? atrlctly null* of room*, without kitchen. Kent* wUl be about tea per cent opon coat of building Onr table t* con ductad on the r?*tnur*nt method, *nd mem her* lie* at varloua co?l, from on? dollar and a half to thrta dollar* or more per week as the actual coat. To tho** who conduct business on pnrate account a profit to oover contingencies, and to put thU department on a revenue footing would be charged, Members live at eo*t, end the condition* of admlwdon hare been a year's probe tlrn, and investment In th* capital atock, when practi cable. but Investment ha* not been an absolute condition Of membership Our la*t expeos-lon of view*, however were decidedly In favor of requiring *n inveetmeat of not le** than one hundred and fifty dollar* for each par son, one half of which to bo deposited on taking r*ai dene* In the Association, to protect u* against loaa, and a piofit on board for alx months, of a dollar a weak, to coyer coat of making proTi?ion of room, ln?luitTl?a. odd cation, he , for the comera and goor*. If a subscription sufficient t3 liquidate the debt, say ....WO, 080 And enough to b?y out the Internet of such of the resident memoirs, a? with to lear*, poealbly. .$10,000 Making a fund of ray >40,000 And freeh, competent |>er*oto- could uome in *nd nun our induatrira and make auch modiMcationa a* may be deeaied important, there would *eem to be no good reaaon agulnat large Induatrial and aoclal *uco**?e* obtnlning her*. I'erliap? If half the debt were allowed to remain for a term of ycarf, It could be managed, and thla would TMluae tb* tun needed to 000 and <i?ite poaaibly a l?a* *nm would suffice to liquidate the fntere?t of tho** wishing to con rert their stock. Of cooiae ttil* I* a m?r* *ug g**tion that oocur* in dl?cu*?lng th* qne*tlon of coatlnuanc*. audi* made without knowledge of how many would like to arail them eel re* ot the opportunity to withdraw. If, howerer noma reliable per?on*. compeUat to cnntrol bualn*** all. ura, could come in and hare the command, with la a short period of ye*re, o', *ay ...... . .t^O.000 Part of It applied la liquidation of d*bt. and part of t In buyiag the lBter**t of tho** wlabla* to con?*rt th*ir ?tock, th* qoe*ti?o of perwi?r?ence would be tolerably well Mittlad ; for th* preliminary labora har* been per fortr.ed to a liberal *x tent? the la?1 1* In rery goo 1 ooo dltlon the orehards in hearing, comfortable Oelldings I are oa the ground, the orgaatration Is worklag well so I far as eetabllahe.1, aad there lemala but the queattoae of eebt, which is to be paid, asd rwreoue, which e*n be , produced by competent persona, for the eon lit ion* a* I 1st. Another suggestion is to dlnde a portion of the . I liail Into small lou, and sell them out to auob persona | as w ah to ewu their laad, aad oooduet busia*?e oa I their owb account. College ?lte* could also be set aU, | aad the niocead* of *?ie applie-t to exvla^uiali debt, and | thaa, while pro*ldiag for the want, of other ??!**??? '?? tereelefl IB luma l*?rm al Hoe?*l ptogreee, "fkl eeirl pre*erre our own special life, and at th? same time es tkbllsh a more uintersal charncter for the raoremeet. Th* wrmeo, continued Mr. Htn* In trie phalani are truly >mancl|i?ted. llieir rl/hta are fully recog in *ed. 11 w om? ii did obtain their legal rlghU under otr prea-ut societ*ry *iraog?-m? file, it wool 1 do them i.e |?el for tbey would no* wish to act an soldiers, lawyers or do tors, even If *llowed to d? so In th* pnalani they ti*ve every right accorded Ui them |i?ey are uow asaiug for. Vby, then, sh iuld not women join aud help on this nioveintrf In th* org*nl?*tlon of doraasuc labor, where It was sai l tliey would totally fail, tb* iucjim of the phalanx h?* been wonderful. It was thought lh*t th* wonii'D would quarrel and ike cnlldren nut agre*, aa in other Hrge tsndl e. out *<Kb ha* not >n the : case, as the brethren and slst*r ' lire toge her In great amity. Mr no*mot ?ald that about Un y*aia ago In aeaoola tire principle* ran through the country like wildfire b'it Bow, he regretted to *?y, there ap|iearwd to be rery littie interest In tb* matter Me hoped for a re?|y*l Pi!a is , * movement la the right illreclioa. and th** i should agitate to e*cur* It* uairersal re. ognition. It lias be*B plored that women csn llv* together without pull j Irg each other's h*lr and abusing littl* children because they are not their ewu He (the spe?serj ba 1 seen shameful treatment of women sn 1 ebll lr*n in our chao tie ?-lat* of society Much baa been ?aid about lintnbug and llesry Ward lleechei^nd If. J HaymoB-l.liad calle.1 llarnum the prince of humbug*. He ws*not *o. Hum bug wae a* tioe of them as of him I be speaker wns ot opinion that overy thing w* tourb and taste was hum bug. and nothing but humbag. A'ter getting thla off th* speaker to< k his seat, apparently much r*ii ?*d. Mr. WakKWt t iut-a ha<l wltn*M^I th* ri*e aa 1 fall of almost every a**ociatloB that had b?*n started la this country, yet lie had not lost faiih. H' *t* "atisfiel that theie were thousands who w? Id willingly j'iin la a movement toward* associative life, were It not th?t *11 the exper. men's failed perualsrly Mr. ( l.taa wm si t acLeil to s WlKonala plialsnx hey were suc?e*?ful in a pe< umary point of vis* but failed In aocisi I '*. Tl.*y ha<l not conirenUI spirit strong tl em. It was un ices to thlBk this movement could b? res- isclU^l as the people were discouraged There were peosle In I us cltv wbo w?r* quit* willirg V talk < '? wi.o lid no', give a helping band, though they had ampi* tif?n? It . woukl te too bad if this a.?. i*t .<??? were ".n,[-e.i-l ui sell a portion of tbelr land when there w?i* i l'n'r of | ri< b aoclahsta m Mil* < lly wleo oaid r* lev* thew ol tbelr | emliarra-tmenU Th* speaker had determined not to Jo b any wore aw j cistioaa utiles* th?y were wbol***l* arrangen>?uU an l ! Bot fragmentary as hsr*tofor* ' vlhralton wimd b* compellsai, arm <i*y or e'.ber, to glv* way U aaao. J tiooa, _ _ . .. ... Mr. Tooltw, *<11 tor of tb* t'krmum next , spot*. II* was not a philosopher, b* wu a ikottno Philosopher a, whether IB l>r?. i.e* or petur.,at*, di n ' anw int to mo'h Wh?B tb* history of s? iah'iu sha I i will be f.iun'l that * radical *rtor w ts at ; the liottom of U* whole of it Pobert ttweo ?a m?* w** a eraatur* of eirmmstanr/es Here Is the diffi-ulty. , N?,w the true (rtixiple I* love that Is <f thiaklag more of our neignbr t s wsBts than ? f our own sKvna? b? the ?brl tlsn I ?a ts leve su l I? thai sentiment was re ctjgolted, all would be well Mr r-e, ey ha-1 fouad list maBkiwl art on the prlBopU the all pere->ot are rogues, and the general feeliag " a? tha^ every me was too wide awake aJ toge' her Th.a f?iiBg b+gvt* ?tifj.l'* w-n . ?n4 bunbua baa ( a/ than most people imagine Tl..s was the groat re.aoB why men will not treat each other, and rooee-, jsnUf all associative efforts hav* faikd. All ?>ea ahoald ta?* themcdves to task, asd see that they *r* :ree>l from Ulis evil con<ep'rf? befw# tb?y nnderUie a movsn??wl tbU kla-! A gentlemaa pre "at refersod to the bl'W'Bg tescciat (iBa la this City. They a-, w receive ?l ??>'?> a year aad M people Bow have home* n 1. s*nl* *ad *U*where, wh* wowUI aot have the**, * ? , it aot lor IbesO small aa*r/?uittt?*. Ilere an effort waa B*ds to g*t * aosBmUt 1 no <>ws wonld aarve Bad the tiag st U't dwln- ?*/ ?od went out ' Ilka tb* *nufl ef * ?n ll* ' ? * not adviswd whether say more meeting* *is to t* Brooklyn (II)' lnl>lll(rw FlM.-TMtoHif ???!?( iW?t t I'dMk, I ' ? '<*? ?at la oti of * ittp *t f'Mt irrt cI?m MM NU4i(i la F'nrtb pUw, imr ONM rirwL Tlx Aimh iilttM to tha *A,t- lb I.f k?M>, bafor? U? 'lr*i.-iaa eu%ia ft U wort aa<l bMk aata aoaaalaraMjr 4? aa ?#"" Tlw app*a Boon *a4 Ik* roo ?? ?-?? 4aatraj o4 T> ? bu l'titri ? ?ra taroaraaof mnilrUrxi ???) n>?lly ? aw Ni r? i* iif aaad La Mm p?ft ih- ftantaa aara fir*' 4U^?T*r*>l <bar? Ml b? a?, 4a?bt bat '.hat it >a tk? ?'tr? of aa iB'?a?liarT. Tba ovaar of tM t' 'f'^T '? *r. J' ??| k flarf lb# aav?aat> Vo ?b??jt II, 000 !aaar*4 Aariraaa ft** ? Abwa1 akraa otW* laa' a%bt, aa alarm of ftra ??? f ??n frai aa ?aaaa, w? *h of H?fkiM pUaa aal 1'aptar rtntt Tbia aa4 ika ?4,"<ala( ?'<<?** Mac 'raat* baiWIiafa lb* ftr# .praa/1 villi k<*ity, aa>l baf.,f* ika wll irrln m U>> fr'inmA, thrao koa?? ??r? anralofvl la flaw** a boo Mf IMoaaaa, fco???ar, tha (aaiaa ??r- ebovt#-! ta<! bafora aiHalf bt t>,?x vara eoaptrtaly aaMaad Own I'tlt I? Ri'f ?la tha Co* ft af -wa* <-u? jraatart*/ Aj?n u4 Mkrbaal Tally vara plaoad a* trial, ?? aHctanU for rM It ? ?kxwa Ital a* a alfts la Kibraarj laat, lb?f, with bar* atwka* It* <-*aJ*rt?* *f ta oaalto ??,*h >4Um M >4 t oIW# a-wi ?a4 boat biai Mfr*!; Tfca a-*aalt . bvatm. *o*>4 aot to afftlaat tar paj1*?-.laf |*rw>a aa ! tkay am la 4uito?t for rial, MMf by lW> 4 ~-4a*lr a*?4*?< f*aaa4 mart of Iba yaawagin lo Mr* '-*<> bataf ***ra4 (W; MVM ? ** f? 1 i?a Ht ?KitT. ? TW fcaaaa *4 B?k^ri A. ( aapa, au IM t rn?r af Pawara aa-i Wf*bo# ?V?at? a a* f?*na* aaly ??toral at aa ???'* bo <"?"?*,a?' a*4 ?.bb?l <?ir 4 ??t?b i?? ? it ?a?.uvf ?rf ? nn aB ?f a\ rb tu iu.?r, '??? U.a ?t ? a^rra Hf. (,?af? < iu TVa ',k?af aa?*fa4 * - PmJI " t'pon Um IW) Km. DMctxt lto* tub amLiM- rumm uW> wo., Ml ? , IN. Mayer Wood, In hi* ?Aorta far reforwutUoa, ku aow tokoa held of Um gambler*, aad from p recent appear mom? Is tkelr own laeguage? 1* daterauned to g**? thera " l\U." nlgbt, about 10 o'clock Mergaaat Leflarta. of the rxonro oorpa, made a deeoeat upon looaard Willi*, ?Mu Hob Wlllla'a place. at Mo. MO Broadway, la tka fourteenth ward, oppoelto tka HI. Ntoholw Hital, and thoro amiM tka proprietor ot the eetab 1 tab moot aad aeten otbara, who won la the room* at tha time of tha deeceat Wkea tha officer* Intt approached tba prami?a* th*y fannt Km front door open Carefully aaoeodiag tka etair*, they knocked at a door at tba heed ?f tbo alalrway ,t>ut vet* refuted admittance by Mr. WtllU la peiaoa. Tka oflleea* ?eeing that tha oaao waa a hopeleta one, unlee* tbo daet til forced opoa, acted accordingly aad bnrat afia tbo otatraeUon. Another door (till dabarrad thoir aa trance to Mr. Wlllla' apartaMnU, but thia raociead ?Imilar treatment at tha handa of tbo aaecgwtlc oSsara. Tha aaloon bring entered, tha pollcetaoa proceeded to axreat all tkoaa within that they auppaaod tba ncceeaitle* of tha caao would raqairo. Tka fat* ay paratua, eonalatlag of a check boi and daaling box, waa, attar aomc aearoh, illaco tared aad taken poaaaoalea of by tha officer*. Tha prfanaer* war* conveyed to tba Ufklfc watd atatioa liouae, wbaro thay gave tbatr eaaie* aa~ l?onard Willi*, the alleged iiroprletur o( tba bauao, lieorge Waat, Hrnjamin Haaklaa, (?eorge ll'gby, M Motion, iuiward VS interna, I bartoa liudaoa frank Wlllerd. lata of California, waa token to |lk< Fourteenth WardHtation liouoe, wbaro ha waa claeUarged bjr Juntlce Oalwirne, bot ba will bo, probably, uaod a a a wltaeaa for tbo pr<>M*< uuon. The arreaU wore a /Tar, led on a warrant iaouad by tka Mayor. before whom tba accueed will be cwaveyed thia ts<<rnlng for a i an ination. The greateat excitement prevailed ot the atatioa boaae, on aerount of tba dlBlenlty In obtaining a magia'.rate, aa the prisoner a ware all aaitoua to be duM-Uarged thioudk aotna meana or other. At II o'rloak tba* were all la euatwly, at tba atatlon houao, with but little proapeotof NM. Tba Huaday Ltqnor Uaalrra-Thr Trial btfera J nailer Oeborne. A large crowd of Monday liquor dealer* aa earn bled la the Mayor'* office yeaterday loreaooa, to Uatea to Mo car* of Richard French, who, before Juatlaa Oaborne, ia trating the aoaatltutioaality of the ordinance of tka Corporation prohibiting the aale of in to ilea ting liquor* on tfunday. According lo thla new ordtnanoa It I* made a naiado tneanor, and pun. nhabla by a Hue of |10 tor eaok gtaaa >old Mr. Freueh, who ia the proprietor of breach's Ha tel, i* charged with having aold twenty -three gia**o* ha violation of the ordinance. All tba Bunday liquor deal or* of tha city era Interacted in thla rasa of Mr. fi ? uk, iaai much a* tkalr own It dvclded In ki*. Mr. Toinllaaon, eoooael of the defantaet, opaaed the caae by atattng the following obj?otioii? aad potato of law : ? 1. In tbe oeapetraey of the aet kelhg held ia any |'le?e <1. ilrnatad by law, 2. IHfandaal rlaljea tba naht of trial by )ary. A Thai Iba t'oiamoe ('oiieall had an ri?bt la paaa aa <wdl aat.e? la rrlaUaa t<> aalll?( liquet ?* ?waJa. tka ? ??. leva I atiea ine.arited tha ogao ?a aad tba paaalty I Tbr cur.i'l i '.ataadi tbat ih? a*llla< "I iiqe ara aa Raa da/t la a Foatlaa?ua, aad ant a dolaakla otaa>> I. Tbal tba aalliag al Irat'iun and baardrra. aad wblcb aauaata to aa abaolata pacauaaiva to a' 1 1 l? all. C Aaaaaiaa tba' tba awnplaiaaat waa dalagated k? tka aatborillaa ta rtaat d'foedaat a h' ?i?? to |>ar* baaa linear lur tba parpeaa of taakiaa roaplaiat acaiaat btm la aupuirt of tbaae oiyeoMooa the counael aatd ? It to difficult for aie to know kow to addroa* year Honor. I do not know whether I am In a court of JeatiM oi ia tka otioa of aa aie>:atlreof]tl>e ?lty, whoM niinUtar* ara tka Infi.i uiaiit*. I tharefora moat raapaetfally obfect to Ike trUI belag hald bore. Thia, air, it not Ik* court to which *'.u ware electol. Tha Judg* her* aaid I'erhap*, air, yon are not aware that toaie foet weak* altv* the < ??wtmoe I'oancil of tkie city . yp-^awd thi* aa a btaarhol the Br?t diatrtot court, aad <l?tai'?.l me lo tirealde har* to a?i the Mayor Mr. Toni:laaon ? I d>i ko<>w it, air and 1 alee kaov that tha booka are full of Iba acta of lit* Cuatuioa Oeaa rll eklrh bav ba< n declared aidd by law. Bot arnao a ciU'an aa reep*rtabi? aa aa / eiu-nt. wiio la Inferior ia joint or reeoectaliility to In toe eonotry. baa bona arrteir.l and aubje<-ta.| X, lite < rlminal proceea of the lav, I o.o?t eat neatly obj?rt to hating hla <aa* trteil ia tko Mat' r'? offna, far It i* f*t properly * rtmri of jacuoo. ll?< Mayor It, aau baa b?*a. aaaialnad ia hla loadable effort' in au]>|ir< *ioit rrfcae, by paklle oplaion aad tko ail [ower'nl preaa, whlcli baa. U a montura O'eralta.l'iw e.i bia rrr|H,oalbility, ao l ai lail In pla-mg a jwlge haan to art andar bla Inttraetior.a io dUp^ntiag Aa o'l.?r reri'iu* and ju*t objrrtion I hate to tha ooooa boii.r bled bare, la toondKl . n * right of trial by jary A ' iti?n haa born draaged k?rm by a |>roc*a* of law, aad it la *a Wtdi j uled rlgbt wblch b? h a to leniaa l a trial by hi*ry of l.ia rountrymen. Thi*, by tl.a *oa>titoilaa of the I 'i i tad Htakaa, e?r ry man i* eatiUe.1 to by hOe p<era In relalM.o to the law, before you proved to tka trial of th? '-auae lat ma proceed to a faaeraJ ttaw af tba lawa of th* -tate No law .if Uia ( <ta*ion (Vtaao# lu relation of ganaral law la e>a<titutioaal nor naa K ?land Yorr Hoiv.r reuat petcalte that tha laaaan Conarii ia no- a leg alatit* body, nor ran Uiey erer le glilatr a loral law .r oldlnao a oter whirh the l^giato lure of tlie i-Ulr bate .ny r. n\r I , roo-r , neatly a r ee potatlin ord aaore ? <JrUr*niaed ' nly a bylaw -aa ar dlnaure o relaiioo lo irade i*i.e law I'lalrtet Altorney Hall repll#-l al length to the ab>ea tiona of noanaal, ao.1 tanleodad far the legality of tka erdlneaee Juatlce It btrrn* a<'* he would male afdecuuoa oa a M the poiale on Mturday neit Dl (total Attorney Mall gate aotl*e that It waa aet Ma Intention to be pre?en< al >1^ ?unaal'ua* lie ted app?*iwd to aoelain the ooaelltat.oittaly af ito law, at the roqaeatei the Mayor Ntilp|rtng Pb apt rm t? *m? rlt a rrna Eany*. Tha folloalag la It or a easia to tb* M*;ar ? (raroallo/aa Saw V.aa I Ottiartna'a Orates, Marrb W. I*M ( (???? I anrtnoa h?/rw tb lur your laforaa'taa aa4 nA a-tl.n at ;mi may tea pi ot?r, a Mur ?a4*t 4ttad ?fc,. b WM a-ldr?**?d to a a by Iihth II Uaaa dla KM., L? C. at /urifb la it?llMilaa4. I la ? tataa that a itbonti** of tbat royalty bar* abifpaM t?. Un* ruuatry 'H a/a about U. Uo aa, HiQ of 'l.atr poor ??' |?"pU, "IB apata ?f all a4?a?lttoa," Ha aiaa a tataa tba* tb* r ara pro* i>lad with lagal fm?parU A* thu ?ia!'?f daa* aot 'MW ofthia my jartadlHtM, I baa* tak*a lb* I tort y of aa' iaaaag y-i li.? latt*r bay ag r-m a II Aft aom* in**aa ta pr??*at tba latr<aloetl?a <m a* oaa>atrabta a 'laaa of p*opta la a >r rap'ilaltoa I MB, tar; i??i<* *aar i>W.?at aariaat If KM AN J I'KJ HWi-, < ofiactsr lloa I'ndtM W(K?t> Miv* af ft; ef Tart. Ac-ompaftt af tb* abata lattar of lha f/.ltartor aa a tba fella* af ? t r rru Utaun I "/> ar a "*tt wrlaa^ Mar- >, 1, I4&4 ( fliaia J. Kr> itrUi, Kaw , OomaTwa or ma I'oar n* N?v Y?ai /? l ?<B Hi? ! ha?* i-**a ibforw*! (bat Uaiina'iaarf Ntatarwyl, dlatrlal io t??a *an'?a af Arrar la. ?? f*a tfiaiKt bata Im far*a/4la( tbroa ka*4r?l aat tantf af tb* r w*<r?al p.i i* la tb* I a ta-l ?tet*a tbat tb?y ?*ft a l*a ?ay> nan far Hiria. altt tba ataaUaa ?f ??,uaf far Na> Yark r> lwa.< ta alaa aa *? Ira/at froai a |*? <*BKb la paLUabad ta tbta aama < aata*. act ? >. 'h ful tj a?!i>ia<l It It aaya A fa a 4aya ?taaa, tb* (aaiaaf of Kat4arw/I, 41a ?rKt AtC>(ia, ta tb' 'aalia af lifla. aaat ltr*? baa drat aadoia'y of tb*t? pa?ir?*t p*opJa to tba 1,'utai rtaua, la j/iva of ?il ?!??a'tu.a " If'la Vxrtr'nkail Bl lUtra (<rlBf b at tba latar a.aV-a tad '*i ??Unr ki? la aeortala tba aaaa a* t- ? aa*? 'if tba ? ' aaa: IB abMli tbay vara ta aail at b*l aaiiad B?d U> ?1?* raa tba laCarnaaUa*, aa tbat raa ar tba > ?? i<r?a i *oa!4 b* oa tba tanbaat, aat ,? {*? tar rovraajtaa I' Iba ?*i*< (<a^*ra aaat a r*?aa/t> iba tba f' r*|o a? Ibaf aaa'. 'attain; avt ha a ?*r; 4aa raMa a44iUa? In oa/ aa? ilal<"? I IB toU tbat la a abort that aaatbar la'r* ?a?aaay at/, Ir m a arig bbortaf flatr/t, aa-t ual all aaa pr"*t4a4 *ltb '?aa: |*a*|?rla I ahai: raal It ?7 fat/, ? b/W'/r aoytblBf of tba k 1*4 wbn la ?/ a?U<a b? glr* aitbar tM falMar ar tb* Ma ft <f tba rtty t aim mt ?a af It *?r? raaaartf.; Ir r?*r *b?d ?at aarTBafL, OH MM H&tf, faaaaJ Otwiry. miath or MW raMA* a. ttooRwrr. *l BM*ara'a?4 tbal H?o Tkiain If Vaa4#?ll, aa Mai bar af f aa?r?? fr-? ->ik? oa Wa4aaa4br *ra#*f , alatita r?!A#aaa '4 yaral- ? ? fnm alHab ha baa baaa ?ibfif ???? *' ?a>fr?? Is ?a? ka?a aa aa *14 r lili'taa. aat ka< baaa attarbal la tb - ?llii !?"*? party It u *aM tbal ka *waa? U>* /?oa t ' ** of tba Xaat .iioUMaf Caaarfl aba ?j.. pla Uwm of tba Aaartflaa party wfcbeb WM; a* (oarad ta Uba HmttP N* WaaAraff I aaaa a l*qpa fBant'y la Mar* bia laaa Tba Waab'afV/a / aaaaa of tba aeatb tart . aay< --Wo i aa atrial a 4a*fnl*b froa '?<?">?*?. lit tapataia. 1'itai'ai, a?/a?oylaf Ibaaaiafa /.ta .yaara of tba batv f Ma* kuiaBara A M<"Mtat ?!4a? nf tba lata OaatrM b Mai an aariar of tba 11a >4a?t ?f tba Vatal rial* a(M atJty ttfkl yaart Poll II rati iBlalllgMwa. ?MM fM I A?BAB laAlf Iba Int aiatba "Ul aa baM ta f>* aaa T*m ??ry ?f k aaaaa far '?l'tBkat vo tba l??ria.a(aro Tbaro art ta ka ta*a>ly at ?. *m,>*m *f tba War >i mum aa4 |hi??aa? V> tbal - ,?' a aba?? '-at abata a?' otaaa ? ?^y ara V? aa*' ' ?>* rn a ?.*t N ta a* .%ai 'bat baa 4ia4a af tba raaalaala af (<?afM, ? *???'?? llarul taf | Ka'.taa -?-aa<*at a M ?*< *1, ?- a *a f-aa aaa* ta a Kaaaa* I tt.1 tb* f r* a ' aat *?? aaaiB' *? ?'< a ?|| -?t |MlH I wN??k?| aalXflb i -r;

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