Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1855 Page 5
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Laea ?w to Star rAwwrQirrm, n Kmnrmvn, Kama. ? Oaptaia B. Moody, hi* mate, aad ten mumi of the Mp fuaj Oltfney, an-Tived at thie port 28th in the toak A. 0. Bill, from 8t Thomas, having tUodtotd dtetr veesel Sa a slaking eUte on the 6th init. The fal lowing le Oaptaia Moody's report ? toft lJvtrpool for New Orleans January 30, with a *o of Milt; five days out took a heavy gale from IW, ?c< ompacied with a heavy n?a; ih boariled hy it *e vera! timee, and loot binnacle, bulwark*, hatch l*wii ?pJit rails, and partly filled the oabiu with water. The ahip eomaienred leaking, and lacreaeod till the 24 th nit., when xhe leaked eo math tuat hath ptaroptt would hardly keep her free; cut away the ceiling. and stopped several leaks; let instant, threw aver some of the cargo to lighten her; Ath met , at one A. M , found the ship had started another leak, and had tea feet of water in the fore hold, and the ship settling teat by the head; got the boatn out, and findinj that the akto would soon oe down, we left her, and she sunk while we were In sight, about an hour aad a half after leaving her, St. Thomas bearing NE, fifteen or twenty ?ilea: at daybgbt rigged sails for the boata, and arrived a* St. Thoataa at about one P. 11. Ike Fanny Uiffney was 750 tone burthen, bu'Jt in aad ?w ?ml at Kennebunk, liaise, by Oapt. Roht. Towne and l; wae two year* old, and was valued at $40,000. ?kandretb's Pi 11a? A tin I we real Vegetable Msdtehu Whim they have been introduced they have ewpemedcd ether medicines of professed similar qualities. They are harmless as bread, and often powerful as tr?ad to sustain life. As food to the starving, so are Braudreth'e Vegetable Onlvertsl fills to the sick in danger ? saving, re eteriag to bealtn, firing streagtb for weakness, aad. in fact, avevlag themselves well worthy of the fame and rtputat.oa ihey bow possess. AROPLEXY OF THE LUNCS. la the influeaaa new prevailing, if Brandreth's Pills are aaedas the medicine, no congestion or apoplsxy of the toige ean taks plaoe. Physicians be merciful; recommend to your petieats the nse of these pills. Your roputatioa' wtD he benefited, and the lives of fathers and mothers, and ebUdree, often saved. ?raadreth's Pills are sold at 26 cents per boi. with full ffweetions, at the priaoipal oBce. Brandreth a Building, eu svaace No. 43 Canal street; also at the branch offices, N'os. Ml Uadsoa street aad 374 Bowery. The seauine Brandreth'* Pills may also be had of D. D. WUGBT, No. 66 Houston street, corner of Lewis. To the Herehsmta of Phil ad el phla. To the merchants of llurlington, New Jersey. Te the merchants of Bordentown, New Jerrey. To tbe merchants of Trenton, New Jersey. Tethe merchants of Camden, New Jersey. The subscriber has established a depot, as SonMi Front., between Market asd Chi-snut streets, Philadelphia, for the eale of bit celebrated Schicdam Aromatiu Schnapps, where the merchants in tbe above named places can be supplied at New Terk prtous. UDOLPIIO WOLFE, 22 Beaver street, New York. Albert >1. Uleolay, Auctioneer? Iloneehold Surnitnre sales.? Tbe undersized begs liave to inform his numerous friends and the pnblia tha*. he Is fully prepared as usual, to (rive his attention to sales of household furni ture, at auction, at the residences of families who intend breaking np housekeeping this Spring. Account sales ren dered invariably . on the following day alter the sale and advances mads when required. ALBERT U. NICOLA V, Me. 4 Broad street. Hata? What flatter can aay that hta Hate five satlslactlon to the wearer, and receives t*he assum aces ?f their ?uiK'ri' ritv dally? Who ran tni 1IALL, first in fa shies, 413 Broadway, corner of Lispenard street? Genln'a Spring Style* of llentlemen'i llate and eaps are. now ready at 214 Broadway, eppoaite St. Peel's Church. f Bow that the River la open, and thonaanda m v?M this city ou bualness, we cannot refrain from directing their attention to E.SPRNCHRID'H spring style of bats, a; UH Nassau street. Tbey are a superior article. I'rice, S3 Ml. ? The Parte atylra of Ladlea' Silk Hata are ?eeetved moathy, at R. T. WILDE'S millinery establish ment, 20 and 22 John street, and there milliner' may obtain Vbetu of the freshest and most approval modes, at less prices tbaa tbey ctuld be manufactured for elsewhere. free Gallerlea of Art.? Tomb of Itapoleon tke Great, taken by C. K. Meade in 1'aris, just added to enr collection galleries, free to the pntilic. Pictures in every style takea daily. MKAliK BROTH F.KS, artists and exporters, 233 Broadway; Paris, Boulevards des Italiens. Glortoua Art? The inn, electricity, and eteam are working wonders in the picture art at 241 Broad way. l)apnerreotype? Z'> aad 30 rents, stereoscope works 11. Photograph* alto on the economical system, taken by the patent doable cameras. La at Day bat One of Uoldamlth'a Cheap elaaaes in the art of penmanship, vis. ; t'J Ml for a course of tea leetons Double entry bookkeeping reduced from S2C> to RJ2M)for a thorough courne of instruotioa. Cards aad clr ealnrs .t tbe Acadomy, 3ti2 Broadway. Ihawla from Auction?The aubacrlbera wtU offer this morning one of the largest and richest stocks of ehawls ever before ofisred iu this eity. Having purchased them at tl e late aaition sales, are enabled to self tnetn at meeb lower prices than their real value. R. U. LEAD BRA Tilt A CO., 347 Broadway, oomer Leonard atreet. Pealard Silk. ? J mat received, three caaea of Veulard silks, of a very superior make, which we will ' -ell at ?L aad fie. per yard. R. II LEATBEATKRI CO., No. 3<7 Broadway, corner of l<eonard street. ?etle* to Mtlllnera. ? R. T. Wilde, <40 and '44 Jeha street, haviag juet added to his unrivalled stock nt etxaw bonnets a large assortment of Prrncli split straws, Invites a rail at bis show rooms, at which will be found the hrfMl display of spting aad summer miliiaery goods in tbe eity. ?an'a and Boy a' Summer Clothlnf). ? ttoagh VOH A KNAPP, 19 Cortlandt street, have nu* on haul a hits stesk of ready made clothing, which will lb* sold at very low prices to rash or short time buyers. Call and se? fee yenrsolveo lift this be your Uulde for Carpets. ?;lUh velvet carpets, 10>., Us.; tapestry carpets, 7s , Me., y? ; tkr?< - ?ly carpet*. 7" . >s.; in^rsin etrpets, ,1s., 4s., 4* lid, JS. , per yard, at HIRAM ANDRKSO.S K, No. 99 Bowery. Oarpetlnga -Peterson di llnmphi ty, No 37U Baeadway, corner of White street, havsjust reneived from the late large auctioa sales a large assortment ot carpeting; Aa.. which they will sell at the followine low prto?s:--Ri<;h velvet carpet, lis. to 14s. per yard; rioh tapestry. to Ids. par yard; rich liruseels, 8e. per yard; throe ply, .Ss. to 9s. per Maw; aegrain, (Lowell make.J te. ; and ail other goods equal ?maportant to Hosier ke?pe re. ? Our Spring aeaeruneat of earpetlngs, oilcloth*, sertains aad enr'ain ?atesials te aow ready fer inspe^tioa. and will be offers J at greatly redaeed prieee. LORD A TAYLOR, Qraad atreet, eons* of Chry itis. Ikt Wood lawn Manalon, on the Blooming* dale read, to let ? These premises have been tor tbe last five years eeeepted by Capt. W. L. Wiley, as a roadsite hotel, and proved the most popular place of r??ort for out or town mstiae of pleaeare. recreation, aad military sienrslons on wl Maad of Manhattan The plot of ground con prises leeaty aeres, well wooded, and with aa eitenslvo water ftawtage. It weald be available lor a private reeidence. bat toBOetadvaatageeasly situated far a rural hotel. Apply ea Itopsfliii. ST te wi. B. MOrrAT, S36 Broadway, if. T. Dealcri and all Intel-rated In Violins should the patent keyed improvement, kn entirely seer of blaring the inrtrumoat. raaily lraratid, and nan >n toy violin. W. ROBERTSON, 333 bruadway , up i? Great Baifalu. ? Th e lirgrit ao t ef celebrated piano* ? the (Jailed Statee T. and Co.'e premium *?Uu pium; Horae* W iwn1 iaaprovc4 paaaoe, tad thoee ef a large n timber of icca, coaprianx the larreot and moet deeirahle tti the Union, will be eold at prleee which defy ia, tor eaeh or eatlalaetory paper, femaa la ?baoity kariac order* for piano* will find It to ad ??mini to eafl ea BORACK I^ATEKil. MS Broadway. only Oayler Baft Depot U40A ?ml street, epaoait* Fletcher? all itioa with powder proof ~ " Ftiteee thouaand eold. Hundred* folly teatod -aot I tailed. They are real Are defiera. Notice US Pearl MO ? HafW. . Itobert M. Pate J to the eole naaafaetarur ia (he United State* of tha I eelebrete4 eefee, aad P. C. OoSa'i Impeachable do I leek* aad eros* bar*. Depot No. Itt Pearl (treat, mm teor helew Maiden laae. ?air Djna, Wig* and Tonpeee -Batchelor'e aetobielil futon far th*** article* li at SI Broadway, ebai be baa 14 tod ap aiae private reomo for th* appll*a Maa ef hi* fane a* hair dye. Hold wholesale and retail ? tot, th* torteet aaeartneat of wt?>, teapeoa, aad oraamea lal halt work la tha tatted Statoc. Copy the addree*. CaUer ob Hair and Whir , ad He M Keen etreet. Parttealar atuntioa paid to Sh, nrilai, aad ehanpooiai the hair Infallible jnt u crew tk* hair, aad larteataa*oaa dye foe a , Clark A Ce^ late Knahtnn, CTarfc Jk C<k? Claanla* Cod Idrer Oil.? It I* aow aboat eev?n ynn no** we iatredaeed thle valaabl* rtmady to the aotioe of th* Peoalty of Mow York and lb* jtol.lic, aad la that time It hea (alaod a repataUon a* the boot romedy yet diaenvered te* **a*ampUon. aad anlkke all other retnedl**, while it ens** ike dtaeaee it rHoo atreaath aad fleeh to the patient. It we* Mr. Clark aad aot kaul'ia who (apcrtateaded ill naaefaetare la Newf oadlaad, and ?tnre Mr keahtin'* teeth it 1* prepared t.aly by UEUF.MAN. Cf.ARK A fo ?arvtviaf partaera aad eole aoe. e??<.ra if Reabtoa, Clark A Ca, ehtmUte and dnuirti. UiA. .73 aad Ml Broadway. Leinrtonl Whlekrre or iHoeaUrhra forrrd 4a grow In da my unguent, which will aot itain er injare the ikla tl a bottle, eent to any part of th* eeoM n. R. CI ORAIIAM, V? ll.oadoay, hee*n>>nl, Zetber, tl Sooth Third atroot. Philadelphia Halloway'i Otnlnunl. -Bait Rheum, %-or Betto eraptioe and errnfala' Nearly ball th* human race eee batr witaoec to the afheary of tbla woaderfel ao<tteut te the oar* of thoee dlaee*"*. I boy a*vi>r fail however loa? electing er deaperate tbc ca*o may be. Holt at th? maai fk<rt< rtoe, >t Maidtn Ian*. New York, and M4 Htraad, i.oa 4oe, aad by all dra?glciat*. at lie , b'ic , and >1 per but. RhoaaiaUant, Ac?If you tvlak to br cored, try TIMOI.ATS aalpbar bath*, M Walker ?tr**ti elm, ior eraptioaa ?f the *hm, aeveri cold*, a . are highly rmia waded by ear enineut phyil.lana; alo, ra* .rXath> T? lerraoi AulTrrare.? A retired Clerifjr wea ie*t*r*d te heelth ia a f*w day*, after aaar yvere ef )H*I aervoea n.Berfny ia aaalooe to make kaown the aeeee ef rare. Will aend tfroti the preecrlptaea end, oa seeotvlmr a loiter ipeaipaidi. Iltroct to Kev JOIIS M. BAUN ALL, No. K Aoltoa atreat, Hro?klya. J?. V. Croup f'ruult Mti be Oared In Onr \?t;ltf. hy katktnr tb* throat a ad ch'et with J K, SfAPKilRf'S ?live Tar prlr * 30 r? uU * bottle. Sold at No. I New dnet, oaa by J knx.aa, ' nuut, IB Broedway. ? " -t t?lawrrfc-Koi beaotlfy vtkA^tinc all tan. |*ui?l?* aad 'IDtl*: k lO., I?v*V.ij; C. ? IIT.U A* AWmOR. Auction noticr- large and peremptory ?ale ef mnsaiiieent ImmkIi, watehee ud Jewelry ? ViU R?HE* CM Till Mil at aoeMoa, el tbs hIm ihm, No. M Wall itiwt. em Friday aad Saturday, Hank 29, 90 and 91, at tO)i o'elaik each day, a large mvoioa of tuparb dlamenda, Welshes, As ? consisting In part of brll liaat diamond cluster aad tangle (ton* pint. nana aad ear rings; ladiet' enamelled wale hat, Mt with diamonds; alto othert, via. : independent teeond, dcnhla ttntkHMn. fifteen day, pateet aad detatched lever*. Ac., mad* by the beet makers ? Europe, aad all ia sightoen oarat cases, V'ld ?alt* if bracelets, pin and carriage, broaches, breastpiaa, gold ?tea* aad Motaic alseve buttons. Had*. nail rings, gold vest guard, atak aad fob abaiaa; gold peucilt, pent, locketi, ear rlngt, Ae. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER.? PEREM P ? tory executort tale of tbe balance of 30t) deairaole lots. iftN and valuable water front of tbs Millsdolar estate, titaatcd on lutb, ll&tb, lldtb, 117th, llMh aad 11MU streets, avenut A aad First avenue, Harlem.? ALBEIT Al SHU l.AY will Mil on Taetday, April 10, at 12 o'clo&, at tba Merchant!' Exchange, l>y order of tbs aaderstKaed fcecutors ct Dr. John L. MJlsdnler, dcccased-without any reservation, to slots the estate, tbs balasos of 206 v sty valuable lots ami goree, situated ou IHth. ll'iib, 116th, 1171b, 1 1Mb and ll'Jtb streeta avenue A and First aveaae, Uarlem, comprising a valuable watsr front on tbs Hajlatn rtvsr. Extensive iia prnveiaentt ais in contemplation In tbs immediate vicinity ot tbia property. Tbs Second avenue railroad ia completed, and in in tsecaaaful operation to Harlan river, theraby in creasing tbs rains ef tbeas lots from 100 to 200 par osat. This ia ? offers unnanal indaoemsats for tbe iarsstmeat of capital or immediate improvement, and tbe tale will be pa remptory to tbs bigbset biddsr. Seventy par osat eaa re mala on bond and mortgage for thrso year*, at seven jwr sent. Tbs tills of this property is indisputable, and wilroe conveyed free of all encumbrances. Lithographic maps and mil particulars can bs obtained of Charles II. Thomson, Et'i , No. 9 Court street. Brooklyn, or of Alter: U. Nioolar, Auctioneer, Ho. 4 Broad street, New York. CHARMS H. THOMSON, COKNILIA GRAHAM, } C?s?.utors. A CCTION NOTICE? I. ABC E AND UNRESERVED ii sale ol elegant household furniture, rosewood pianoforte, piss ami* vh! mirrors. Brussels oarpett, oil paintinga, tiiver ware, As ? II. WILSON, Auetioaeer ?This iFridayi morn lag, at 10), o'clock, the satira content! of thn throe ttnry houae 76 i ran 111 in atreet, near Taylor's saloon, will be sold at public auction, for oa?h, conaiatiag of velvet, Bruteels, aad intrain rarpsta; ve/y elegant rosewood parlor ruite, with embroidered Mats; superior rosewsod pianofurts, savsa octave, ot splcndid|ton* and finish; rosewood card, centre, Hide and work tables; heavy French plate pier aad oval glasses; splendid rosswool stegeres, with uiirror door? and back; brocatelle and lace window cartaiaa, gold band par lor shades; superior aasortmsut of chains oil paiatlags, In rich frames, embracing a neat variety ot subjects, some of which are very costly ; book, corner and music stands; quur tstte tablet, nuh china vasee, ormolu clocks, brums aud Parian figures; oak and black walnut extentluu tables, tea and dining tables, with riehlv polished leaves: mahogany sofas, full French cushioned chairs, mahotany late a '?tvs, card tables, Ac. The bedroom furniture consists of full suit* In rosewood and mahogany; heavy rosewood pothic bed steads, with bureaus and waehst&ndt richly >.arvnd. to matob; two full suites painted bedroom furniture, best niagle and donble hair mattresses, ingrain carpets, oval mirrors, toilet tables, children's chaurs, oilcloths, stair carpet* mag nificent rosewood hall stand llakcment furniture ? Eiten sion lablc of ten fset, maple and cushioMd chairs, dauia.?k leange, mantel oloek, mirror, vasea; rich china tea and din ner sets, cut glassware, rich silver plated ware, snub as forks, spoons, cake haakets, salvers, tea service, eletrant, {dated castors, with heavy cut bottles; superior ivory i at sry, cooling stove, kitchen utensils, Ac. i'lio wtiol?nftb>i above furniture is lu exoallent order aud condition, ud par ticularly worthy the attention of housekeepers, as tbe whole will poiitively be sold wit boat reserve. 4 CCTION NOTICE? EXTENSIVE STOCK Of JAPAN X\ nsry, tinware, Ae? to close a concern.? J. ?. VAN A> TWERP will sell on Tbnrsday, March 19, at 10 o'cloek, A at 216 I'earl street, the entire stock of a uinnufant urin,' con cern declining business, consisting in part of 200 doten orrun ber and water palls, M0 doaen lanterns, lis) doien tea rannis - ti is, ?0 dozen deed boies,40 dosen coffee biters, .>1 neits cake boass. t>0 doicn cash boxes, K) doten spittoons, dust pans, toilet sets. Ae., in lots to suit tbe trade. Male peremptory. Terms #0 aays approved endorsed notes. Hardware, Ac.? I u, mediately after the above will bs sold 10<l lots of wi II as sorted hardware aad cutlery, tsa trays, Ao. , alto an invoke ot clocks. Auction notk r-to-morrow, Saturday,) at 10>, A. H , s AMI' El. OSGOOD, Auctioneer, will tsll al hit stores, tti Nassau street, new and secondbsnd hoast hold fnrniture, comprising rofwood, black walnu*. and other bedsteads, solas, chain, lonnset, ohalrt, eite^ion tables, rtegerrt, hook eases, wardroLes. washstaudi, en gravings, oil paintings, arm chair*, chamber furniture, bedding: also one large marble top counter, saloon ta' li s, wire hgursi aad stands for dressmakers aad milliners. Sale positive, for oath only. Ah. uui.i.kk, auction ker-for bale, tiie ? three story house and lot on the northerly tide of 1 ?elfth street, between f irst, avenue and avenao A, distant one hundred leet from tbo easterly side of the First avenue, being 24 feet 4 inches on Twelfth street, Hi Met in tho rear, IIS fset 8 Inches on the easterly side, and 103 teat 9 inches ou the westerlv side, will be sold at pnblic auction, by A. II. MMWr, at tbe Merchants' Eiohange, on Tuesday, April 3, at T AUCTION THIS DAY, FRIDAY, MARCU *), WE - sell a splendid and costly Invoice of dKmond jewelry, fine gold watches, silver ware, Ao. The variety is lar/e and tbe (roods are of the very beat quality, adapted to llroadway 1-ales, comprising finrer rinirs, breaatpint, earriugs, A; , all set with real brilliant diamonds, warranted. Jlso, a larire variety of other Ane geld jswelry, worthy of universal at tuition for private use or to soil ai^aiu. Tho sale ia positive, ci mniiui mg at 10k o'cloek, at our store. SM Bread stri ct, by C. A WATERBURV, Auotmneer. AUCTION NOTICE -^IIOS. BF.LL, AUCTIONEER.? Ily Bell A Bush ? This day, 10,'f o'clock, in -our sale rooms, 27 t enlr" street, will be sold in onr usnal style, thu rood furniture of a very private boarding house, bedstead-, crdt and bedding, looking gla> tea, carpets, chairs, tolas, bu rcaat, Ac At II o'clock, a line lot of fancy tooda. rich ji-welry, splendid watches, yold chains, slothing, Ac. Satur day? Extenuve tale of furniture, removed from itarlem. A CCTION NOTICE.? J. UOOART, AUCTIONEER.? J\. By S. Bogart, Saturday, March .M, at 10 U o'dock, on the tecond floor of auction roomt, corner of Irankfort and William slrvett, a cholco lot of lowlt, alto lienors, brandy, wins, gia, porter, eoanteri. oyster stands, segari, Ac. Mon day, at 10S o'clock, at the ooruer uf Division and Kidge ttreets, mortgage tale ot grocery store, conaisting of tbe atock and latarea of the above ttore. AUi TION NOTICE. -J. BOGART, A L'CTIONEER. ? By S. Bogart, Saturday (31st), at II o clock, at tnc auction roomt earner of Frankfort aad William ttreets, household furniture, sufas, coaches, bnreans, carpets, bed steads, feather beda aad bedding, crockery and glassware, oil paintings, engravings, Ac. BY C A. WATKRBl'RY. AUCTIONEER -SATURDAY, Mareb 31, a continuation of our regular weekly tale of lla vaaa aad Oerman tegars. eboioe wines, brandies and cordials. Ihete good! are of bett I|uality, and adapted for private or bote) nse. Western and Southern merchants, also opponents of the Maiae law, are requested to attend Tbe tale com mence! at 10,', o'cloek, for eatb on delivery, without any resirvatioa till every article on the catalogue it told, at our ttore No. 3H Broad ttreet. BT f. A. WATERBURY. AUCTION UU WE SELL this day, Friday, March 30, a large and unequalled as sortment ot elegant brilliant diamond land ruby Jswslry, set In almott every style and form for ladiet and gentlemen's wear: also, tterlinn stiver ware, in te? and breakfast sets tor table use Full particulars by catalogae on murniiu; of sale, at our store, 3n llroad ttreet Every article will bn -old oitbuot any ri servaiioa, for oath ou delivery The city trade, alfo Weatern and Southern inerohants, will And tbls sale a lino opportunity lor Investment. /'IIARI.E3 R. MILLER A CO., AUCTIONEERS ? \ t srlton avenue houses and lots ? Will he sold at pub lie auction, at tbe Mercbaats' Eichaage, ?a Tuesday, April 3. at 12 o'cloek, 2 three ttory basement brick honset, with sub-cellar, on Carlton avenue, between Fulton and Atlan tie avenues, with all the mudi-rn improvements, bouses new, ai by 36 leet. lots M by 77. Also, Vaaderbilt Avsnue llouss, three story, basement and sub cellar, on Vanderhilt avenue, near Myitle; hoaso brick, 2."> by 34, lot 25 by *0, finished off lu the beet manner, with all tho modem improvements For fall particulars apply at the sites of the auctioneers, I <6 Brssdway. corner of Dey ttreet. Da HOUGH. AUCTIONEER-ASSIGNEES' UU of the most elegant descriptions of rosewood aad ma ne^any h'insebtid furniture, antii|ue secretary, bookca**, oi. paintings, 7 octavo pianoforte; English kVilton, velvet and UruteeTs < arpeting, ? reach porcelain, cutfela*?*are and tllver plate, together with a vast quantity of dining tnd bedroom furniture ? To morrow (Saturday; murmur, at lulj o'clock, from tbe residence oi Sheldon llitehoouk, Esd. , iu W arren ttreet, near Greenwich. The content! are partly as follows ? Euglish oilcloths, illvsrplated siatr rods, Ac. ; rote, wood parlor salts, elegantly upholstered and oovered ia n.aroon, erunson and green Irencli satin daraaik; also, one antique mtdallloa set, heavily carved in gold and crimson; Italian statuary, marble top tables of all tne usual descrip tions lonnd ia well farnisnsd rooms, heavily i-ar?sd, full 7 octave doable action pianoforte, made by liarmors, of this oity, warraated. this laitrument, for Ineaeea of ettsrloraad quality ot tone, is unsorpaseedi; also, a very line roeswo >d etegere, finished throughout in plate glass and Iteliaa mar lie; Ireasli w< rktsblss, fancy recaption chairs, es- rutoires, larre and splendid French plate pier glasses, m costly Iranies, riea bcaty lace and biueatella curtains, ingiaal oil peiul inga by erniaent modern artisU, go?UI - mlatd snd solid sta tnary, marl la docks, coetiy Dresden china w-rs, flas vases ef Sevres pore lala. Pariaa marble statnes aad classic re pre testations oak eitensien table, with aatl'ins carvln/c table linen, Freneb hlna. sllvsr teaservlees, cage baskets, lorkt, spoons, Ivory catlsry, heavy eut glassware wines, sham pagae, Madetra, liquor < aees, dec*- tsrs, Ac , rosewood ao I mahogany bedtteadt, of the antique tnd modern etyles; retewaed marble tep dreetlag hnreant. washstands. aaraef and tewsl stands, paillasses, line curled hatr mattre.s. s, bolsters aad pllluwi, cblaa toi>t sets, oval aad tquarsrilt frams mirrors. Hale positive. FCOLTON. AUCTIONEER.- MORTGAGE SAL* OF rosswood aad mah^uy cablast furor ire, Brsesela csr|?ts, planofcrtss, mirrors, it., Aa. F. Coltoa will sail, to morrow, iSatarda at !n>a e clock, at the aactioa rooms M Beekmaa ttreet. a <erj large astortmsat ot goodaew aad se-ond band cabinet furniture, by virtue of a mortgage It w4! consist iu part of several suits ef rosew >?d aadjnahoga ny parlor fnrnitnrs ia lirocatel aad hair doth, large mabo/a ny bookcases sll patterns, marble top furniture ia every ?t rie'y, lets a tete, large aad small bottom clsairt, caned do easy do, sofas and sofa beisteaas, divaas, sinehee aad com b bedsteads, frsach begstevls, all patterns, wardrobes, secret srlts, dining and extension tablet Br I Sets, 'hres pi v sad lasra n carpels, oilcloths, oval abd Frsach plate mlr rort, sll paintiags, two rosewood pianofortes in real order, one or two suits ef Philadelphia mala farnit irs to birch ee ootid hand do, terether with many goods not enumerated ( at alegms early on Saturday murniag. and ,;oods can be ex ? mined this (Friday! afternoon. No poetpoaamsc'.. Mors full particular! tomorrow I'OR " AI.E? AT PCOLIC AtTCTIOH. ON k'lN DAY, lhald day of A pril a?at, at II ?'clock, on th" praaiMa. lb* lata of Hannah Klold, dotoaaocl. ?? natol in ll>? tooaihlp cf Ntwtowa, yaorm ronaty. I,,,,/ I.:?al >.n Um plaak road I?a4ln< fr?aXawtown to WillUm-burr, ippo. it? tbo raeidaoco of I'atar 'J'.tlln f.?i . rnaiiattnc of ah- nl a*ran arraa of I'xxl land vn wbirk thorn la a Jo^l.iu* h?ua?, bars, mall toaoaont. a ?all of rood waur la tbo bitcb-i, tad I roaridarabU fralt of diffarantkinda. A hao nl ?ta??' paaaaa tbo 4 oor o?Torml t ?'? a day to Maw fork; alao, u?# ria.f a* Ka'lroad aad dopot ar? within a hoot half a mil* of th* buuw. Tbia laad la partlrwlarly adapud for anra'ryman *alr p., aill'o. to ?Iom tka Batata. .No po?t[ oa account ?! the w.atbar. R M Bl AC* W r.l l? E locator. (T.nB?.r. COOK. AUCTIONEER.? LA ROE "Air. Of T arw aad ?'?oarthaad faraltara, oa Irlday. (tbia d*/.> ai l< >, - Hj *lo??r A Cook, at tbair ralaar'.oma ,tn Brcadaay. oora?r of Doano i-rt-t, coatlatta * la part ol I ol'fant nwowd parlor into, la hr->eat?ll? and bro'ad* 4a maakt. do. do ii>ah' ??nj, la tlmb aad hair iloth, tfiteadld Fr?ack plata plar aad aantal rlaaao, riab laca cartaioa and ??rrl<-??, oil | aiutlno, marble t*p coatra, alda and aofa Ul.laa, roft?>wood lUi'rH. ?*port..r aacratary h-<,?ea.?a, wardrobaa. hoditoada. a? a rtry tap-rtar latluy. balr mat traaa.*, pallla?M>. faatbor b?d? and b*4din?, morula top bur*M>a aad ?B'l.?t*a4a, nitaa mado MMnma la l?a, dia lar maai ltd parlor tba rt. aab'taay aofaa, t?t? a *?i?a, arw. oka?ra, raobarr, iR? and eouBtiucroom 4>aka. A:., Ac , *?0 -nan,. lia<l < nl? with and wtti. iat ai?ril- < a part of abtob art *ary auporW Alao. aa hit Im of rluaa an.l iilttr r lat#4 vara. tatla *atl?ry. A" At II a ela<-k, a aiaiataco aloaaar, anita a curi'>aity. A' 12 o'al" k, t roaa wood plaaafortaa. ? ataU(nan on tb? ni.iainj of aala. /' 0 IKilTOW, AOf TIONRim Wil l Stf I. Til IH |I. day. at llo ?l<-k,at a>l and ?*1 Wo?ory, K-ar, ajr #f an ? aoaatioti , bar l.ortt pfr av'BO. in r'?i nr?m "rdor. ?.th baiUr, ikaftiaf ??lt nr. paMajr, ?K(?, Mtiffc**, "at aad i la >. fla? v?u i.-? >f a um 'n?* rjrtkfl ??? l? A **.? f JAW? BINV, VoiMAliA. MUU AT ADCTMM. C^ROCRRIES, LIQUOR*. RlOL-flT DRT STRUT, I Hrntr of OiMBvlck.? Tbia ii;, el 10K o'cleck, b*e?di**, WIB**, (is, rum, Um, pufart, lour. aUrta, Buwvm, oil to oil, mrsr, tobacec, hardware, h areata. whip*, saddle*, raiaiaa, eurruti, Umoo ?Tray, lawi, soap. caadlee, iron aaf*?, *o. W.i. CASTER, Auctioneer, ? Dcy street. GROCERIES, LIQUORS. RICK, SALMON.? 37 dry oanw* OreeBwich. Friday, *>tb lost., at KM o'clock, braadiM, win**, gin, ram, t.aa, sugar*, hardware, saddles, hern***, whip*, iroa *afa*, oltvc oil, maccarom. Ma allla paper, ???car*, weigtita, acalea, Ao. W A. CARTER, AuctioBMr, 97 I>?T ilnti (t O. HORTON, AUCTION RER, WII.L SELL ON X ? Saturday, at 11 o'eluek, at tba salesroom, No. L3 Slith avenue, furniture removtd for coBvoaieace of Ml*, jewelry, Ao., A*. Henry b. i.eeds, auction err -by h h. leeds A CO , <m Friday, 30tn March, elogant household fur Biture, at 10^ o'clock, at No. 12ft Croetoy atr**t, opposite Niblo'a Thtalr*, the property of a gentleman breaking up housekeeping, conaiatlng of atiperb velvet oarpet and ruga, thread uiata, tarred rosewood aofa, tote a t*t*?, arm, rock lor aod MrtT chair*, covered with ertniaon aod maroon ailk broeatelle; e)*gaot roaewood elegerc, beautiiul mirror*, oval ditto, (tit ami marble tup console*, rosewood bookeaae aad lecretary. louagea, ooatly colored engraving* aad ofl painting*, in rich framca; brown and ormolu g a* chend* lien, very floe; rowwood work tahle, rawing and faaoy cbaira, apleodid carved rotewood aeveu octavo piaaotorte, with p*arl k*y*. riohly iolaid, wa* made by Leuober A Newton, wa* exhibited iu the Cryatal I'alace, and coat SI. 000, of eiquiiite tone; rich window ournicea and lace ?ur taiB*, richly carved library table, covered in greea clotli, eligant Biantel vaaea aod other very ooatly article*, bed mora tape*t ry, Bruteela *arpeta aad roire, thr*e ply lograio ditto, roaewood auite covered in blue ailk brocatell*. rose wood carved bedatead*, bureaua with marble top*, awing glasrr*, washstands, cbaira, Ac.: mahocaay aide table*, rich toilet aeta, resowood aidebvarda, mahogany soil**, black walont extension tab!**, chioa, id a** aod plated wan; roae wood bat rack, velvet stair carpet*, oilcloth*, Ac Sale commences with kitchen fornitnrc. The above article* am all new, having Uen purchaaed la>t fall by tbo present owner. Tl>e lornlture waa made to ordtr by the taoet taihioaal le manufacturer in the city. Sal* without aoy r* aerve. Henry h. i ekhs, auctioneer ? by u. h. leers A < o ? Saturday, March 31, at l()t? n'olock, at No. 147 East Nineteenth atrect, near Second aveaue, household fur nltore, rnosUtlng ot mahncany e..fae. tete-a tote*, marble top centre tat.le*. chaira, table*, mirror*, t*p**try. Bruaaela, and Ingrain earpeta; oil clothe, liru***l* aud Venetian ear Cta, mahogany beda'.eada, bureaoa, waebatanda, and chair*, nklng glasses, mattresses, bolster* and pillowa; eliioa, glaaa and ailvar platad war*, Ac. Particular* in cataiogae. Alao one elegant seven oo'-av* roaewood piano, made by Gale A < o., t.l very auperl. r tone and tiniafi; eoat fitU. Saturday, March 31, at 10, o'< lock, at the atore, N?. 19 Naaaaa *tr?et iremi veil for eooveuience of ul> i administrator'* *ale of household furnltur*, conu'tini; of auitaof rosewood in nrim iuo and gold brocatell*, do. ia grei and gold, do. hair cloth, Ac.; alao, roaewood commodes, aiih marble tops; mabo/any etegerea and eocolcnenra, deaka. bureaua, aldaboarda, count nit room *aay cbaira in morocco, comprising in th? whole a general aaaortmeat ol household andoAco furniture. Sale pofitivv, without rearrv*. Henry h i.ekd^, auctioneer. -iiv 11 11. i.eedh . A Co.? Friday, March 30, at 10>{ o'clock, at the Bar clay atreet Il?t?l, corner of llarclay nmi Weat atreeta, ran UN hMMk*M furnit'ir? ? All tb* furniture HlwIlM in raid hotel, conaiatinir uf Bruaaela and ingrain earpeta, Ve netian do., I*"*, damank and mnalm wiuilow nartama and future*, rupirh inmli plate pier ftlaaaea, uabo^any aofna, bnr'aua, waabatanda, bedateada, Ao , mirror*, bat and uiu brella atnndf, liair and atruw inatu*?*a. feather hod* and pillowa, and a large aa>.ertmnbt of crockery, cutlery, A<*. Alao the bar and fixture*, socloilio* a large a**vr*uiont *f liquor and aagara of t verv deacriptioo. and a very iar^* French plate pier claaa. Tho wholu to b? aold without r* aerv", by order of the mortgagee. T1ENRY H. I.EEDS A CO., AUCTIONEERS. ? IIOUSE ii hold furniture aalra.?lleory II. I.c*da A Co. will give tbeir ptrtonal attenti. n (aa th*y lmve done for many year* paat) to the aale* of honaebold "furniture, at the r*aidencna of (amiliea breaking up housekeeping or r*in >ving. They will alao have regular aalea at their auction rooma. No. IV Naaaau afreet, between I'ine and Cedar, tor th* convem*uc* of tboae who may d**ire thi* uiadium of aal*. HINRV B. HERTS, JR., AUCTIONEER ?SAI.E BY order oi Attorney lor mort|<aee?? On Saturday, Vlarca II, ?t 10 A. M., at 4<)1 ilroa<lway, in the. ka**iu*n', one t-air aolid eilver pitcher*, no Enjrliah leer pump, tbre? eilver mounted rulla, bar and back counter, nyUer box, twenty five tac.lea, one iteam tabl*, attain toiler, gaa Satire*, two doien nrni ebalr*, ti ro* oval mirror', aevantcon aottcea, fifty ? nirraviiiga and painting*, two do>*n gin** decanter*, fuur doten uiuil lar* and win* glaa***, A*. Henry b. hekts, jr , auctioneer -sale iiy ord<r of Attori ey for tnnrtgaf*?? Oa Saturday, March .'II, at 1! A. M , at Vrtii Ri-net a atablae, 31 Caoal itrcet, *oe Imrae, wagon, harne>?, t.lanket, Ac. JOSEPH HEGtMAN, AUCTION ERR. -SATURDAT, March 31, at 12 o'clock, noon, at tho corner ot Nnlwo and Court atreeta, opposite the new Konan Catholic Church, Routb llrooklyn. Tu* entire atock of a contractor, 12 bort<-?, 14 carta and l.arni-e*, 14 rai road cars, lar<? farm wagon, wheel barrowa, Hockaway carriage, one a?nt wagon, ro cart, plcki, crow bar*, ctc. Alao, one valuable fart trot ting horac. JOIIN FISHBLaTT, AUCTIONEER.? SPRINO ICR nitorc talea.? The nuderilgued licga leave to infirm ht* iriend* and the public that he ia prepared, a* naual, to give bia personal attention to foraiture aale* at auction, at th* r*aid> ncc* of famlliea who intend breaking op honaakeep. mg rpring, or at hi* aale* rooms, 71 Barclay atrect; alao, atecka, rtal elate, foreign and domeatiJ gooda, A<;., Ac. JOHN riSUBLATT, An*., 71 Barclay atrect. JL. VAN DR WATER, AUCTIONEER? FANCY OOODS ? ? E. T. Turner will aell thi* day. Friday, Marah .?>, at 1< o'clock, at the aalaa room, At Naaian atrect, oppoaita the 1'oat t'lfn e, a aplondld oaaortmeut of faacy gooda, con ai'ting ot rich china, decoratad vaaca, colognea, card re. ceivera, tea seti ; bronte, ormolu and marblo clocks, (bade* ana ttande, .;aadel?baaa, flgurea, aroupe, papi*K maabie port Ifdioa, ladies' companlona, atlver plated <-aatera, tea eels, cake I aakcta; tea, table and deiaert spoons, forks; oval paint mgs on ailk, attached to alaaa. JL. VANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER - MARBI-E MAN s tela. ? E T. 1 nrner will aell thia day, at the aalea room, | r.< Nii-tan >tr**t, opposite the I'ost titnco, a large assort luant of marble niautela, both plain and carved Theatten | tion of parcbaaer* ia rc<|u**ted, aa every lot will be per'.mp torily aold. JOHN W. SOMERIN DYKE, AUt TIONEER. ? CONSTA .bla'a sale of gioeeriea, n Saturday tto morru* i, at Piij o'clock, at the eoraer of M aabiogton and Rector atrcet*, to* atock of *aid ator*. oonaiatiaaot the usual vari-ty. < 11 AS. F. WATTS, Conatable. IMOR1ARTY. AUCTIONEER, WILL SEI.I. TUIS ? day, at 10 o'eluek, at VU l.ewia itrect, a small aa*ort ment of aronrie*. A <? ; also, keg*, a Uiioor counter, fiat ore*, Ac. ; also. ai> very line stand caakl, beer pump, Ac. Tbo gooda have to be removed before o'clock. McCAFFRAY A WAI.TERS, UENERAL AUCTION ear* aad commiaaion merchants, will giv* their [>*r ronal aitentlcn to aale* at auction of houaebold turni'ure, at (rivet* r**idene*a, or at auction rooma, V> < ati.erin* strret. Money liberally advanced ou furniture, paintinxa, planus, hiuaical and naotical Inatrumoats, foreign and do ?nestic liqaor*, aatchel, diamoada, Ac , left to be *old a*, aacti* a. OAKLEY A WRIGHT W ILL SELL AT AUCTION thi* day at 10 o'clock A W , at their aal*sr'>oni, IU 1 ? olton street, Brooklyn, hoiiaehold turmture, marll* top j (able*, bsti-aua, ham, tables, aofa,, wardrih** ; matfreaaee, bed*, larpcta, large .|iiantity of oilclothi and tatlc ciivern, oil palktingr, mirrors, atovca, ranger, gold peos I aod p*ntil*, portmoanaisa, wiiIuik paper. Ac. PECAKES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, Real Eatate aad (lentral Auetionecra, No. Ill Liberty street, , n? door east of Naaaau street, will give thetr persoaal attention to aal** of real estate, stocks, vessel* aud taorx gage*, at [ublic or privat* aale, aad to th* aale atauatbia of cargo**, bouaehold InrniMrv, pkinfings atatuary, works ol ; art, Jewelry. A' , and to oat door aalea generally. Money j lihcr?liy advanced on real estate, stocks, ves*el*. furniture. ! Ac , left on aal* with ui. Loan* negotiated. RLhCSSEI.I. W. WESTCOTT. AUCTIONEER? AUCTION ? a. a ol bouaehold furnltore ?K W W -ateott will **11 ! tht* day, 'Friday), at I0>^ o'elo*k. a large aad elegaat va ' rlety ot farlor. ibamber aod basement furaitur*, contained lo house 72 Eigoth avenue ? the above furniture I* rosew-iod i and makogaay, aod bat little a?*d? consistlur of a superior roewood *evea octave pianoforte, a aplcadid laa'rament, with ataol aod rover; marol* top eaatr* and pter tablea rich Icortaina. >had*a and flatur**, auit rosewood parlor rural tore iu crimron aad maroon brocad*, Fraach pi*r aad man tel mirrors, with alab* aad tira*ket?, roaewood and mah* ' g*i v tete a t?t**, with arm chaira to match; alegaetly carved ! rosewocd mimr front *t*g*re, tapestry aad ingrain r?"m j and atair carpet*, *it*i*ton. diaiag aad tea table*, Bogiiah I oilcloth, aratolu and broai* deck*, rich vaae* roMwoodaad rnahngany marM* top bnaaana, ln*loa*d wa*h*t*nda. <a ! aad pereelaia toilat aeta, roaewood and mahogany bwlsieads, slrgant hair mattrewe*, aiae faather beda. aofa*, louage*, 1 apnar .eat chaira, r- * r. oval aad other looklacgla****, > I ma crackarv, glassware, ivory 'atlery. Ac , with a aam ler ol valuable paiatiaga, richly framed Catalorae* at bone*. Sale positive, without rerard to weather. K?\ KEMP. Al!CTlfiNr.r.R -AS-IUNAR S SAI.E Of H . larnitara, tbia day, (tridaj)al 10 ?'?lock, at > aad :m AlUirnar IffMt, o?ar Urairtl. H < Hop will ?-ll ai >g tlo?, ? alara, tr.a ?B(lnt dock of an aitaaaira rabtaat taraltara u.aa?fa* turar, lag "I roaawood aad aah' fa aotaa and abalra. fin.abad and aataiahad. la a firlttj at ?l)lw; ?a'n, ;>|?< taN tablaa, work tablaa, karraaa and aaahatanda, roahoraay >.?d?Waada, A e . which la wall aortby tba attratloa *1 tLa trada (atalof ??? ua iba mora IE: VI Mil. Ul' KEMP, At'< TIONEER -H'RNITCRI, PIANO. ? fn rt??. Ac ? Tomorrow iHalardaf,; at I0>? o'clock, al [M N?uu atrial, two doora Horn I'altoa. H I . KEMP will roll at aactioa a> aton, a ?> ry larra aad baadaoma aaaort maatofaiw and aatuod haul parkr, diuu? rooat aad aham Ur fnraitura of rood <|iialtty, wb <b ta w?ll worthy aftba alUattoa af kMMMMH, Alao, tl.rea wcvad han't roaa ?n.d b.aaoforua, and Moral now ro.awood S ' , aad 7 <w:ta?o piinofortii, ?ary aacrllrat mitrnmial*. Cataio^-uaa oa iba moralny al ul> oiUorHUxin re ?;ab uianuu.ierb, ac -j. 0 1. VaMO.WaTEK aill Mil, ?a Mank SI, at lf>>4 atl'ik at tb* ralaari 001 It Muiar laaa, a larra 'IIIUI of Itir Itari, am- np which a.ajr aa faand fanr roaa ? ood >uit?a. ? orarad 1a ratia kracatalla; * il?on aad tapai'-ry carpala, twaaiy n.?r'l*iiB'l tatlai. oral, rllt Ira ma mirrara, 1 ratlin: bat racba, rtnaaot aad aiaho?aajr mar' la tap ka raaar, d'. aaaiiatandi. lofaa, lata a t?tn ?>ta aioa lai laa bocbuaaa. wardroLaa, n.arila top 'ablaa, rbatra, paiotad iaUl|t aaitaa, alatka, vaaaa maatal 'raain-nta, nlair plataj ?ai?, ua ??t?, (a ntiara, loonkaa Ao Ala?. aa aa* rtaant ol aaaaad l.aan luraitar*. rim rrd fur canaamaaao of aala Al 12 clinch, aaaitnaa i aala af raa and oil ohaadaliar*, tka abala ta ka acid ^naflorf to claaa cniiamamaati ciiERirr s *ai v. ?.t lioi hr ?r<iKr a< "s >ri O day. March 3). IMS, at in A M at n K lata bar ?tra?t? tl.a cai.taata of a li ia< r alara, canatatlaK of tar aad flituraa, traa, a'aad raaka, Itqaara, wiaaa, aariri, kc?r pomp, atova aad pipa, da-.intara, taaablm, filatiart aad aarrartagi. a?r*at. rtrb *rl?at aad Braaaala lapaatrjr , arr-Onr. <>? Uta pi'a, from thir'jr ??t?a to fartjr fta jarda; alao, a iar*a >t??k aftararior fnraiiar*. canaiatlat of parlor aa<i rhaat if I ? ' f raaawaad, mah'^anj. kla^b walaat aad aaaasal lad marbla topa; aita^aion dn,inr taMaa and ?>iaira of ?ak aad a>abo/aa/. bcdataada. dr>?ata< baraaaaant waa>iataada. n.arV.a U(a; library aad > thar b<?>bi!aaaa. ward ribaa, ?u rrr*-?. ?''M, tai? a t?i?a, dmn, aaay Aad roakiaa dkaira; a oaaatlty of faahiaaaLla f kajra, fr- a aitaralaa manofa^ tnrara Far parilaalar* ?? ratalafaaa. tia?. at. i?a ail palal rra ai.4 mirrora In flit fraiaa*. ahlaa toa a?ta aad ?aa<a. lart* atorb of |r|d jawalry. 'aa> y (oada. ><raa?.aa, Aa. la NitliilM a I arr? iml'a of a*rara. |aat inaivrtad Po atttaaly aa aodarbaadad 'tddia# kaory (anlfy to rttj para wltboat da'ay l.?rr- I raa^h pt?r ataaa. e?at (Iffi. aad a aam^r af | tkotaa <nl paiatia?a, jt't rawatrad wktab will ?? nil tk.a marsiai al K S at al >n? i tirni I am nrtiM| aoa atantly tba baat laaiity tf I 'aaahnid ro'> |a ?!? fuM|, It.. | (Oada for By aalaa Baa atkar aaaari ?? | frr.Rrwrt roti.i, ai < tiomiir- ? tore ? < ks'trp. M atfaat ? (la gataroay. Hat at 10 o i < i at l#? (?hi it? fimtm if twt r -aa r ru aaf# *o a, lailaa. abaca fadatiad* n<t H or Af , Ar TDM It MfiRKXLI, Aactll? ir atairao b.Vthoa far?-t< r? oaa aar '?? I ' ta'.k ktl'iii, ? tn ?? far ? a tar a ??#? TIUC THADER, &C. BRICK and T1I.E MAKER WANTED t c a PAIll.K American who thoroughly and** ret anda hi# I uain?a? ia i A Provoat, ill! front Itrrlt, Ala , IAIJM AT AVfTnOX. SHKBirr HALS? TUIS DAT, FRIDAY, H \ RCH 90, AT o elock, at OA rim KiaM. two at*?.B en^jnee; alao, at ou c'elacb, bum day, at 47 D*? ?trvet. a *ta&m Mulan A. M. CRIBTaLaR. AtaMaaw. rOMNIBCB AND HOTEL PROPRIETOR*. -WILL be aold at public auotion uo Wedueedwy, A|iril 4th, at 10 o'clock A. M , riuahwg ivtnna, Brooklyn, N. V. 2 large 2a paaaeBger cmnlbneee; ISO Ian* 12 paeeeoder eaitj. buaae; 100 acta barueee; 100 eatra wheel a, Bad a larre iwit ?nt of b?ta, apokaa Bad falloee. aaawnaa. Tba ak?n aale ireaaute b flue opportunity for pereua* ia want of the abuve named property. A large proportion of the oaiibiaiahata been bat little uaed. and will be acid without r?ama. By order of tlx Board of Duwctore of the Hrookivn Railroad Company. _ H. N. CONKLIN, PreeMent. OffloeNo. I! r niton afreet. Brooklyn. N. V. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER. ? HANDSOME hvoaebold furniture? William Irving A Co. will aall at aoction, on Friday, Marcb30. at I0>i o'clock, at US Fourth arenas, liruaaela. Upoatry and throo ply carpeta, auita t?* hogany parlor furniture ia hair cloth; two carrod mahogany tot* a-tetea, twelve mahogany parlor chairs, two mahogany arm chaire dlvana, Ac., in haircloth, mahogany and r?? wood marblo tup pier outre tahloa, mirrors, window ear taina, mantel clooka and ornament#, eteyeree and etu|ue or naments, mahogany boakcaaaa, roacwood 7 octave piauo forte, fine oil pain tiaiKa aod engraving, ia gold -gilt Irami a, elegant auit i-arved riaewoad parler lurnlture, carved oak ejtenaion dining ta<ic, carved oak dining room cbaira elegant carrcd mnf.o(nt>v eidamarit, mahogany fcoobcae* and secretary, work table, dinner and tea aet, silver plated diah corar. Ac., earved tnahosany library table, Una 011 palntingr, mahogany lining tablea. carrod inal >?any French bedateade, marble u>p dreeeing buroaoa, ?aab,taads to match, "Tring mattrsssee, hair mattraaeao, foai her i?<la, bolater and ptilcwa, ran# aoat cbaira, louage*. mirrora. toilet rets, black walnut cottage bodataaia, bat alaade, Urocele atalr carpeta. English oil clothe, alao. aa aasortment of kltolien furniture, costly Bad taacy lap robe, boar alugb robe, four tons ef coal, A<\ WILLIAM IUV1NO AUCTIONEER -BOl"EHOI.D ?T fnrni'ure, Ae ?William Irving A Co. will aell at aoction on Saturday, Marob 31, at lOJ-j o'olock, at Ihsaaloa rooma. No. f Pibo > tract, a geaeral aesortmeut, beuiK 'bo entire furniture nf a boast, removed for convenience ot aale, consisting of Brueeela, mgiain anil Wlltoa carpeta, malnva ny sofas in hair cloth, parlor obaire. arm ? balra, divane Ac., to maU'b, mirrors, wiadow cnrtaina. mantel elor.ka and ornamenta, main (any and rosewood marble top pier aad < ea tre tablea, card tablea, atayerr*. oilcloth, <ln||rt, mali .(any French bedateada, with spring mattreeaei to t,t, hair i?at treceoa, featber litda, bo'.atere aad pillowe. blanketa, eoua terpanee, beddinf, Ac., Barbie top draaalon totMui, mar ble top waebatanda, caaa aeat cbaira, toilet aete, maboyauy wardrohoe, bookeaaa* and aacratariea, black walaote<ten eicu tablea. maboxany 4iniax and tea taolea, arm ebaira, aideboarda, cbina, dinner and tea ante, cutlery, cut iilaa? ware, atleer plated ware Ao. ; alao a (eneral aaeortmeiit nf kitchen fnrniturc. atoeet, Ao.; alao eleyant French plut* pi?r alaae. with larxe oraameBtai top and lra<'ket>, uia botany octave piani'nrte; alao nau oil paiuiinxa, an xravmya. mirror*. Ac. Br order, J. f Peru, cun-tabl Alao at 12 o'clock, witbant reaerve, aolid tUrlinii aileer '.?a aet, conaiatlnir of cofft apo', toapot, milk pitcher, 'lop bowl, ladlea, napkin rinxe, forke, apoone, Ac., ailrer plated tray, furke, apoon>, Ac. WM. IRVING. AUCTIONEER.? KTERLINO ENULMII ?il?er ?William Ireinr A t'o Will aell, at auction, ou Saturday, March 31, at 12 o'clock, at'rlinx eilvcr tea aet, conaiatinx of collce pot, t?u pot, milk pitoher atop bowl, r ! vir ladlea. napkin rlu(<, fork', ?ponua. Ac ; larye heavy ail ver plated (ray, butter diali. tea acta, forka. apoona, Ac. The aloe.- will poaitiveljr be aold without, roaerve Ala", elcxant I reach plat, i ler ilaaa, bedroom mirr^ra, |>aintiur>, enxraeinxa, Ac. Sold ay order ot ^ JOHN' S. PERAH, ConataMe. \IrM. WITTEKS, AKTIONEE R, W 1 1,1, SELL THIS *T day, at 10', o'alock, at 71W ltouaton atre?t, all th. xentecl bouaehol.l (nraitiip- in the ab<i?e houae ? aolaa. cany, rcckiny and parlcr cbaira, pier and oval mirrora, oil paint inya, mantel ornament' a indow cur*alna, ahadea, tapcatry and other carpt-ta, oildotha, atair roda, inahocany und other tirdateade. hair mattrfaaca, Lcda, marble top dr**?einr ' u reaue and waebatanda toilet eata, wardro< ??. dinin,- I in and bit' hen turnitiir> Monday, at II l.aiehl >tr?e'., all tlo furniture in the above bonee. TAfll.LIAM M WEEKS, AUCTIONEER. ? RAK EH A It WkKKS will aell at auction on W< dnn?Ky, April Ith, at 12 o'clock M., at the Merchauta' Etchanre, thn o new remerl fenr atory EuxHali baaement houaee in Wrat Twcn'y null atreet, (Soa. !?.|li?l and 1'I2. > eaat ot anil near So tenth avenue, containing the modem linproveineote. lertua virveaay. For rnapa, Ac., apply to BAKER A W TKK S, No. I I'm* atree', cornet of Broadway. WW SIIIKI F,Y. AUCTIONEER.? TBF. ADJOURNED ? aale of cut irlaee. abadea, and crockery, Irom thn ?helvee tvkea place, whatever the atate of th? weather, ai ?ooat ot the xooda muat be aold thie 'Friday; momlnx, March SO. at ItJtj o'clock, at the alort of Thoniaa t F'ield, IH7 I'nl ton atreet. Tbt aale will commence with yooda ? 0 the eata lof oe. Ct ARDENER ?WANTED, A SITUATION Ai ?aR J ener, by a alnile man, who ia eapab|? o ta'amx ch?r?? oi a greeubotiae flower xround and kitchen f\t len Can act In the capacity of coachman andyardener, and will make hitnaelf U'ctul. No objection to the coutury. Can rive yood referenae from hie I aet employer tJentlemn wanilux a man of induatnooa and iwraaveruig habita, will tin I both combined in the advertiaer. Addreaa J F. D., oare ui tV. 'Ibornburn. Eaq, lb John atreet, where the advec'.ta?r vau be acm from 12 to 3 I*. M., daily. ? / 'ARKENER -WANTED, A SITUATION AS OAHDCN 1.1 er, by a ?teady, niarned mas who underatanda cur, len inn in all ita aarinua kranchea-xreeiihouae, rrjper ? a, planta, froit tr?e?, vejetablee and flowera, or lavin* ot oi new (ronBd?: hka ao incumbrance but a wife. I an idvc eati'fac tory relarence. Can be i?en for two daya. a'. J W i hor btirn a accd atore, I.j John atrtet, or atlilieai U. D., rar fetter , boa 173 llerald wk e. r* ARDEN'CR.? WANTED, A MTVATION, I.V A MAN \JI who perfectly nnderatanda bia l,naine? >u all the deparlmenta. t an xive the beat of oily refer Bee. W , I <4 like to get a aituaOon near tbe rlty, aa xardener, or p- ri r in a atore. Can aiva good aeeuiity. Would take charge ? ; a i mall farm and yardeB. Addreaa bo< If 1 llerald olh< ?. / t ARDKN EK WANTED- A SINGLE MAN, UERMAN, \Jt aa gardener and general farmer. To one who full* underatanda fruiia and ftewera, aa w< II aa vegetabl* and tlel't dope tha care and manay* ment ol boraea, oew?, A", and ia wllliBK to davota Ma whole time and mind lo the ioternat of hla employer, ? au bear ?f a good home and make a -alia factory arrangement by calling on ISA AU CARI'K.N fKK, 11 Front atreet. / ' wanted - wanted, a uxJie man 1 V It t<> ibofll mi van from tbi el ty ( on l.on/ UluniiH; ntuit t ? a footl ;-!ir?i?ti*rf uml?r<it&nd lh* ?'%r? Bnd drivliiff <?f horMn milkinr, Ac ; in fiat b? "xt. ux'.it triMiB krul make biiuMilf /*-ii?ral y a?#ful. Apply to A h. J.EV V , 7'? W ihium r^?t, op /^ARDKNf.K UANTHi II i> Ml M Itl s ^IN?. .. Vl ni?D, and to v?rolah)?a tor N*w Vork nmrktt. If anocd | lttifthniAti and und*r?tan<i* faruitiu . will be Cood foferom ?? mil M r?<|Uir?<l, ?? h? wtil ?ntro?'?*d with markftlnr lo ja*r?- lor Farmer, in th* barro< Di of l.ovtjoj ? llotol, to day, (l'riday.> from 2 ttli 6 o cloi k ? d t).t Afurnoon. / * A R I > K. N F H S AND riftNIM V.Vi.KM. I I Intflikivit "inflf and tna*ri?<! m?n who ui<>Ur?ta .4 ritr-UniUK, faruunK and itock earl a it, witling to tuako lUvm f c?-D*raJly n??ful on fc^'itloutao's pla< r?, . ?n obtain r 'oti tituatiobft by calliac iiuui?diat?ly a'. .No H'J i*r%ud ftrtat. TO BUI I.DCKS.? W ANTED, BV A CARI'F.STCR, A situation, to tak? ebarjra of work, and**r?tand? drawmir and bmldia? in all ita brant be* llaa ao objection Ui ft to tbroooatry K* t?r?>ne?a ftifro ai to ability aod fttoa<iifi??i?. I'laaoa addrav*, D- J.. Carriage Factory, oornar of Ilroadway and Thirty afvnntb ttra?t. fiv? f DITOHM, PUIILIkUKR^ AM) PKI *TERfl. ? A X Ktctlcal prlntar, of larfa aip?rlano?, it dmir-'oa ot a ? itoation aa < Ift a editor, b*okka?f?or, proof road?r, or tak? fharga of tb** ma^baaical daparttnant of au*w?pap?r | f>tabll?bmant in tliia city. If aftor a fair trial tha i nainca would warrant, wc.uld kavt no objoction to intoat from ftv< ?o bitaan hundred dollar*. Addrwaa Bea, llarald ofAca TO GRKMAN WATt IIIAKBK.H -WANTED. A iifJt maa w?t< hnakar wbo ia capabla af doina tho fln> ?t kiad of work i oactant ?roj loy mant and tbt kJffctai figw IIOFT A CO. ri'O COACII 1'AINTBRH AND TRIMMER* -WANTED, I a Ultb pinUr ao4 Inmm.r, ai COiil'ER'M tWT.^n fi.l?>rj,V7 mi 'J9 Cbirloa alraot TO rfOBft 11 ATTEHS.? W ANTED, A SITUATION AS elark, ky a tint rat -, ?h > nnl?r.taa4a ti.a city trur; la ala?. k inrlil Ilka aotkJtflMi to (0 li tb< "ttmtrjf Aldrtii, with r?al nam-' IlilUf, M.raM oBa* rl TUB TRADE -WANTED. A SITUATION, BV A yona* n.ab of 1<K>4 IWM ial tiparloaaa, 1a ftarral aai Mill iflrattlaaa tiU< Ilka l??o e..a4ustia* a nty kail ? ?la for tkr jaat twalaa moatia. Aldraaa, for lara 0a?? <?. II I a 178 ll'Tili <????. TO MERt II ANT TAILORS AND CL0TU IER?. -W A N T ' 4Ja Mtaatwa by a pvraon ai.o baa work.'! at 'ha baila.aa tar Ilia laat tan yrara, ani la a foa4 ? rk nas, will u ant la >? altmi , or woul4 a a..o4 i.aaJ for paaainf work, aa4 will aiaka biaaaalf r?n?r?'y aaaful la an/ 4'i*rtrnaa*. ?.f lb. <ra4a, ??4 aUI li.aa bia aapltp.r SAO or ll'ki if r? 'ialr?4 faaall aalarj '.air w*a'*4 A4dr?taU I-, boa IM II ? r? J iftca far a a* waak WATI IIMAKEB WANTKB-ONr. WIIO TH'lROUIiJI Ij ublamaad. all kia4k af rapairiaj to <a l? V'.r iiala Gnl raftraacaa r?n?lrM Apply attin Una4?a;. rooai No. I, a*a?a4 Root, from 9 to ?. ttia 4a/. WAT' IIM AR f B WAVTBR-TO GO To % LARGE Uaa >? Ika N>? T?ik t.aatral Ka.lroal A|>l, '? M W Brows. No. * Vai4aa lar.A ap ataira. ~nj ANTED? A riUT B*ri L<H oMuTIVB MA TT rkiaiat, aapal'lool takioa riarra of a lar?. laaoaa.n.a ? | ?.r abop oa a In a t! r a r <% ' To a aaitahla (nnaa WM >m ? will l?a ? '..4 A : | k walk ar.tton raaauiuvau 4atl*.aff. at tba ofllaa of IW i'aakaia Kai'r ,*4 Campa/.y. 7* Hr?a4way, to ll.ary Onaatb, Vntar; pra t<a WANTED? A wltciiiianooT. TmTi.uViI - M Avricaa, Ragllib ar pr-f.rr.4, villi | rW-rmca Apply U ? artar, Plata a a A Haio* N? j WaUaa ana, I ilina tba boon of I aa4 t A M -<a Mareb Jl ~ " liB poLrrnv i u riWN or ritiiKii.i. the roi.uiwiMi in tub lit# af Ilia too a of I labkil ?* tmrruan ii'raatiaua i nit Knot > "?<?# J h Jm.II (a VT Wa.r'.tl jjfj ???wa rs.>la n r. wai?*<t </? r t ?k v.-. /? orira or mi irfi II ilriarkarb'lf Mas N. r?.. V.7 otuimai D. Can; boll. <M J v%, Vaarkta a u ria a ? "book <M J f|a VI,. I aaaaaara >?a or nbnaiaa i B I' li|# 7*1 ?>. Vka V?,r ? M A. Tlkfaaaltr N Ml a 1,1 ?.? a tai a aa o. TaaM rooa C W II .rail 7KI E f. A.k^r aa DM J II M.naa J* It r (aaala. Ml etoar<ai.ii D r<r?i M D i. -v.. 1H I I ani?|! a W A II aa fa?l VI It I II ?' <V. M r/a? "... D *?ka H It llaaraa ?.< Wht ? Lata1 *t of ao..a|^l>4 I' -I A*- raff* .aaponi, af AaaMM ifkai ?> RA"T riPIIRII.l lr? h n.rtaaa twa.i la ? t? 1 ij a rajr'; ?? I 'I ?II.LUMDI, a LAffiRI) n I I.I.I A R r> TAB! t t tM A' TI'BRH A. "a baa4 a :ar?o aaa- rir. rtiltl falti. I ra" pr>aa . ? tal l?a. .It h bia aaly p. ??t ? ? alotba, kalla ?a. fc-tvA- II ra4a|*i : - ?? " aa UUti far |. ?/??/ at H> R A- ? itra.- ? > aati > . ?> fall a I *?<'rj ' la I U I antra itraal DM I IABt> TABI an -HAV V' IN.,' 'tia A tM I) ,t >? j, ... v, . ? -it . -a I li 4 ? aam?*o on lali. 4 iva * * ? at# <r >??ll? aa# I IJlia la a . i , a waU?> K *b? ???, < tB;?fi;i i ,i kt< ' ?rw rtTBLiCATiora. NSW lOOI.? " A WAU TABET bbab^i* Br ropt. -JTaJl of RUM U4 iru?u. r* r aal? ky [>E WITT A DAVBWrORT, IIONmu (tract. Aad STHIftUER A ft)W N SIN D, Xtt Uroadwajr . I'rt ??(WU ui)um ^noom, 1 SiZfC BR0DIB'8 0I*BNIW0 ANNOBNCEMENTrOR lOOui irima abd ii'Wit ibtail Tttm. OBl'RttE BRoDIfc, H CABAL ITItlT i?D (J LlirinilD nlltT, Will M pr?|ut4 U uhlMt to tko Itiln of N? Yurk, firtvhljD, J*rM* Cllj, til tbo nmM4iu idikb?ilxi'.(, at lUEnDAr, T1IIRII l>A V OEAPBIL, ?nd folio win* da/a, tin. Linciir, r/*?o t. AMU moat utiiuri troca or I.AUIEX' NANTII.I.AM, r>?B?h ill kcni iiAdi, ATtr olmd for nil fa Ihli cobb try in a i afa^arcd ftrvm libriti uf lb* kliHwl ckcolloaco Asa moat faanien.M. kin <1 II 11 (took of UIBKOIKKKKU SILK M A NT 1 1. 1. AH, An <lc.ant aad ?crj largo Mixtion, Imported, And of bl? two ??ll ' DO? o manufacture, Uf ITtr) llRkllfllrr i l??4(u. aud 'h? no a crt aa d moat roehcrolio ittlaa. A maaalicnl curt Kant i>( fl AIN SILK AND MOIRE ANTIQUE MANTILLA*, Ricbljr trimmed with the mo.t nal lo tnmiainga of blaairlu,i?c importation, And manufactured ft>r tia a|rin> aad itiuurr retail trade, and at tfcakuwact i??oi lit cclcca. t'UANTII.I.Y LACE MANTLES, Of calmly bow And triciaal dcriKna, aad maaafacturkd la Europe >i| rocaly for Ibatukaeribcr a rri.iyvt lace A larro variety of tbo latent Imporiaiatlt.n. Kit: II 111' I I'll HE LACE MANTIKM J ait rcened fortberTcat ?i?nn/, a n<l of at j lac ??.in chicly rcaAnrd In it ky the loading maaularturarc "f Europe. The talecrlbcr valid particularly raraind hie frieaije aad tbe public in geaoral that tba ahoTaitvvk com itim tbo ONI Y TRI E rAMHONS TOR TIIIH 8BAHON Ami aleo, ' h*t hia atyle* cannot be i??u at any other bahmeai iu New York. Ladlea who with to parrhaea good* of tha lathi and moit ?A?HiO!?All.r *oti? , are very re apectfullv cautioned agauut making ?\\* tl?ua till they have * aamintd L\i new and aplendld aaaoriment on Toeadav, 3d uf A| nJ. (iRoKt.E iftkoDlti, ? I t ana) afreet and 89 Uapeaard llrHl. \yEW FPRINO MANTILLAS. l\ UWb BBODIB, No. ft! Canal ilrnt, aad Mo. 63 LUf* iar4 tiro* I, New Yoik.ia now eabibltiag to WtlOI.BAALB MKKc HANTS bltii* lW>ek af Irene h aud boine made ipritti and itmnn manfllJaa. t ub*t?iintf uf a largo and very *ete?t mtrl mtil of aoealtiaa In allk laea and applique gooda, to whtah ho *040 ?o tiviU tha attention of Caen anu Jmoht Tim UrvcBS fro? i?ry aeetu u of tbo country. niTAVCTloi. \rU3?CB QKKTUUM, WHO HA? 1SBM FOR M??rKl >car? a prufAMional ioa< h<ir, bulb tn Kranoo a?d America, *? dU|toB?d to accent a ittnatlon in a pnbtlo iiif 1 1 1 uu, (o ft j-n vat< 1 l?B*iin?. ??r i?? iiptiiitiad ibo odo nation ju a country lie ?|>?aka an d wrtt?? tho Bng lith langna/c; and botidoN the win le cl*??tcal kno?ted/e, ho ? itu t?Hch f )<o French aud Italian Inn* uagotf, arithmetic, *ri.metry, algrhra (up lo tha ?econd deicr- ??, inrlndodi, ph| m*( and element* of ob?mi?itir. \\\ nativiaciory rtf?ron>*oo ofl*r*d. An?*?rtoT. i>. K., Herald olhce. t 101.1 u.i a te institute kou hoarding and day ttupila, I4.H Went 1 ?%**nlv third itrwt All the bran* ho* M?at oonatltute an anoompliAhed collo^talo, or tho rounh bnviiifc* edncation, are taught by firofeaaora of dia ttnKiiiahed re| utati09. ( laaaoa iu arithmetic, i?ookkoi*| in^ toinir l? or doul lo eutr>), I'rench, Hpauiah, and ^UftUah, ar opeu to !? I*. M LIVF.MM; t'LAHaSBA IN ITKBNI H, II V AS EXPE JlJ rtan<-ed frenob ttach. r, who will r iv? nly ,v. > iun men. Tortna t'i R m-rtf ! <liy.T r it id ir day, from ? to H o*' 'rw?- . i>r?pui \ It- '?a<l ?*ay I'oat Offue leu# t< h TjMtRNril 1 A cil. .l.r.MAM Oi Til K bitrbeat r* i ..tuat? . tha uolloge st. U^rb**, of I'aru, will wmbiuir ' ? laai n the Vr e-wh lan|roa*e i^er: l h? v* arruuta iboao wbo are will!:*/ to ktud.v a |m 1 - lodk,o in two or throe ()iarter?. Tar > ? f.i) p?r quarter *n/la parcooa, and if two iu tb* lata 11 t lit) per quarter < h? beat of rofvrimco given. I n julro at 1 1 Third ntr?V, or u? hamhrr* la?H and raeorafely known, druadway. rt?rn?r wf Unr ray atreot, haa reumtrad to new aud eltKtbU ro< m? JUroadoay , corner of Thirteenth utreei , Aft-r thirty >e%ra of eipenenor Mr Wheeler mfors with pUaauro ??? former rupla. now fitlmg a^mi of the high* ?t positioua oftr nt. Loth tn lta??iaU? e and m r? antlie huilnaaa. W ith ?nlar?-ed aacnmincdatloua and facllitl**. a rare opportunity la given to acquire rand tuaineiia writing, a thorough *i? '? <* ladr? 't tookke^pii.g, aud an aatauded eowrre ol matin, u. a flea hpo rial | roaiaion f? r the aocommodalion of iadie* (ir naman ?ai partttianahip txaf utad to order FAMILY (JHO( KKIi:N. / ^ ROCKKIE.M, TEAM AND I'KiiVfHIo N's -THE *1' fl \1 aoriber reapectfully inforina hi-* old l uatoinei* mi l . \ public at larae, t ?. at In will re w|>on on i^atur lay, Mer< h .il, at b*a old etard, 41 Veney atr* t, whln.i * ? j \r' Ir alloyed by fire on the 9th inat Jle ha- ** ti ' a r^ r 1 *ul r?* fitted bia atore. and will o|*oa with an entlr* new tto? ( rnotoa*. au^ari*. cnff??M. (4?'ea. aoap, atar h U*-ua at >ul d ?r< ?ni"k?d beef, Hour, oil, mali*d?i, ayr-m eandlaa, l??t rr 'hreae, Ac, Ae (Sr >rera, taker*, .???(?? -t krej-t-rv ami familiea, wbo pure ha?o good* for em b, ai l wi*h to dm t? 1. uoroy .n ao doing, the anbaenher re? ^i#rt fully aolicita to rail and 'uuuna for theme* Una b?ft<re j pur- -baiiag alaewber* , aad b? oonvint erf that they oan b iy oUeaper than at any nth* r * atllliahmatl in tbe - ity for n?a!i, a? bo atill adberee 10 hia old ayatem, not fequirlng hia mora hoaorahi* uat 'iner# to | ay tbe bad l -bta *hiovi are una eoKlabia in 'be credit ayateui. Tbo auN?erib< r flaltrri h?ui arlf, from a Ion;* aaperienoa tn tbe buem< *e, and '?< ha*lng *(? o<l a for taah tr- ui importer^ and fira* baada. tt aflor ia him maoy a'lvantaraa that otbera in tna h <!*,??? ?| > 1 ? have who pnrrhiac from tocoud or third ban l?. < u ?'? m Viog a utr ?.?iAUgc. M.l Kit ? v m 11 N II ? hbit> and aloop atorea put up at the -Uor* -? n > tier (toed a delivered free of cartage. Tha aoh# ni>ar ) -? ao ronr*< tien with any otbor at re U MINI KLI.ANKOI N. ?()- itit/l -t nr. sew MEincAL Df-< nvi ni by TZO.uUU. i>r i * 1. mii iirm.EK *.n > jg.J lor the above amount to aotne public institution < i h4 phyviciaua, or uny paraon of Imtllect, Handing and re 'W* aibillty, wbo lain p^aae*aion of will, eu^rgy and eapa*?IIMv, to I ring out aad realiit it; bocaitae a untaagaal Keoei, t aud nothinir leaa ia hereby de*i/ned, and ia In the rain i t w of id diaroeery to perform If not told, tranche* will ? %rly ? 'aMIfthcd in all tha piincifial i*itiea of the f'nlan and ? .* t anadaa for which ?<ffleea naranna of aforesaid qualitl>et with f I < <g> r &ah, may apply pera< nally or iy Utter t- ?ha l.irniran La* orat??ry and l>IttM*n?ary 4"Ki ftr ndway, f?t devcripttop, aoa thfa pai ar, under the hea t of ' Me*t ?1. ' ?r VASAL MTKKBT, NBAK VARIMC -W A *. 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PROTESTANT YOUNO WIiMAM ? auU ? aliiiAti iB a< ali Am > arinAi4 AAd wAitor, ur to no |>|A.A ( a?,| to Lko -W. f . blldroA. Um tko boat ?f U l bouooty AAll rAI-Atlllly t'AB bO OArA At '247 W^rt Ttii?y Mtb floor, frotl rvooi Atom married woman, hiio uitT iiek baby 4 fow day* *ff. ?tih?? ? hoby to nurM at fcor own rctideocr, it 7 H ftahlr.;;t on otrvot, Aoconl floor, ffoaft raa m . AltEJI ECTAlU i: '? I KI. WANT* \ SITUATION IN ft j-ri?At* fAn.Hy to do **?orftl bouoooorb, to m fint ? ft?h< r ftnd iron or *n.l ft rood |.l aJb o?M>k . or a* ift?4r ?i a*. I ? hftmborwiftJd II ah the boat ally rofwrouro t.'ftn tft toon for throa Way* if uot oa*Af?d. ?i 56 Croaby itmt, aoooad fl<?or, fr? ?t room. AYOI.NO Human, or (.(K'D llAHfTfl, WJhlfKM A ?itufttion to tnko cftro of ft lm#? raoa. or fto ohftiubor maid, ir taud atur ; ? An wrtto ft ftuod hnftd aoI feoa-p ftr I < unit, Can bo Wi ll rororamriAlcd Call ftt SJ0 I'carl otroot, lut two day* ARBRPRCTAItl.E YOUNO WOMAN WIMUE8 A SITU nltoa lo do t ho ??< okin*. wftAhiftK And troftinf of ft tutftll prtvftto ifttoJr, Ko ? no obioctUft (o d<? R?ft?rftl bou??? rk, fto lift* fllllrd boib fituftttoftt.ftmd mIv* ^oud otty rof? rtnp?. t oo bo m< ? for two d\vi ftt 17 TwiDty t!U> ilmi, .ttrvt floor, botwrea Fourth ftftd l^its/toa ftvaauai. i MfART A.NDSTEAlir TOUNfl MAN. NOT AI'KA f 1) to fork, vuhti ft Nltafttlon u .oltint #aJ#otnftii |? r ?>rorw?tt?r ift ?oi . r .>?p?<<iftbl? ??tfthlt?hm?ut . and*roiftftd? b? tb bndk* ooo, ftnd i? fttll fto?|itftiiit*d ?ltb th?* rity Uo?m| rcftrtftco ?f r? iuir?d. lft? bo ?ooa ftl 0V MMltfuu ?trfftt until ?ail?d AKEH|*BCTAlll.r. VdUNCi WOMAN W I MIC* A SITU ftt ton ft* ebftui^or Mftld it I M*ftm*tr?M i.ftn to ??ll r? ?????)# n da. 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Boy w anti.ik-in a I'livmriAN^ s ornct. arout four'ooii |OAfa I.f ftfi, fttoat l? ftftU to roftd ft ltd ffl'o, and roatd with t |>%r?nta ? o' r?4 t y | roforrtd. Ait v bat m *011 'J ftnd 10 A M , ftt hM H roftd wajt. BOY WtNTRI) AN At'T I V I., I N Tltl.l.I UENT AMU fAitht aI lad, Ab'.ttl l'? y ? ai ? ?" r # o, no who lo v.ltiai Km o?voto bla t?u.? wholly to th |fttoroai? of hta aivt|loyo9o. liui t iP'tn* ?aoll |?coia,ii rftdod A | |?ly to f 'bftM A * Ho/, rail ? atfti* broker*. No 7 Saw ati< M 4 BRIATIAN ROMB foii YKMAtB * RBVAN^t, C?4 " * i A th fttaft ?, a ror-r "f riilri; ??a'h atf*?t Uo??* fc?-*l?*r? *ai?ift?-oi Nunnkr tho ?i k, ioomiU w Hir/ lAi'ftnty an|?j'!iod from tki* It tuotoft DM0 rj RRR WANTED? IA TO I# TEA R? OR A OR Air ly at tho (iru ?t /?, corn#* of Oraonwi*h ftnd Wa r ran *iraota. LMKH I.aII(?R#:Rw, If i'llAMCR AND I'RMAI C I ?.? in - all a, n.Ajrt* ?ft?.a*' i at lb* A rj.? r*? 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