Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1855 Page 6
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IBVBBflSSMfflPft BFfmm fTBRY DiT. ooNTiwimi) raoif fifth pick. wants. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, a* chambermaid, or to do geuaral house %ork The bout of eity reference given. I'loase call at ,'fi) V*' ?? Broadway, three doors above Duane it r set, up stairs. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation a* nur* an 1 seamstress; oao tike the fla tire charra of a baby; or a* chambermaid and waiter in a private family. This bent of city ??forenee given. FUan oail at 636 Washington etreet, aeeend floor, for two dayi. WANTED? A SITUATION IN AN IMPORTING OR jobbing bouse, by a young man who has had experleme an bookkeeper and correspondent. and bun also acted a* tra velling salesman In the tea, liquor and ??*?r trad*; U o'l" veraant with the general rontine uf a merouant's uotintiug hou.*e, and would make himself usefi 1 In auy capacity his nervicea might be required. Sati?'?ct"rv r:ferenrea as to capability. Ac., can be siven. Addreaa Herald offlae. WANTED? A NEAT AND TIDY COLORED GIRL, TO tako care of a small ohild; one who undeMtai di the oare of ohildren, and can brin.- a good recommendation, (bay apply at 11# llameraUy atrect. ANTED? A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO DO GEVE raJ huuaework, and a good cook, ivtuhor and ironer. Hut t?M ooll recommended. Nouc othen neod apply. J.lberal wagea will be given. Apply, betiveou 3 and 5 1'. M , tohamuel J. Knapp, 14 North Miora street. TV'-ANTKD IMMEDIATELY? AT 498 BROADWAY, A fV young ladv who has had experience a? sales person ia ? milliner) establishment. None others neod apply. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa waiter, or to do the work of a Mnall fa mily. Goo? city reference. Can be seen tor two days at 227 We>t Seventeenth street. ' TITAN TED? A SITUATION AS GOOD COOK AND TO * T assist in the washing und ironing, by a Protestant wo Woman, of good character, and a ho can l>e well racum meaded from her last place, where she now in. Apply at 45 West Nineteenth atrcet. -|l.rANTED? a SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE vf girl, as good cook, washer and ironer, iu a small family; III years' oity reference given; alao a respects hie girl wauta ? pla-o aa cook; good city reference given, l'lease eall at 29<? Mulberry street, two doors from Hoaaton, up sUirs, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GIRL, TO do cbamberwork, and asaitt with the washing and ironing. Can bo reen at hor present employer's, where she hu lived for laat two yearn, 274 Third street. WANTED? A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER, CAPABLE of cutting, flitting and makiug dresses. Apply by letter to Madame Pelcrin, 2ti King stroot, Charluaton, S. C., or Call at U John street, corner of William. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do the housework of a small family. The beat of city reference given. Would do oookiug, washing and ironing. Can bo seen for two days at 182 West Eighteenth street, near Eighth avenue. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION aa plain cook, washer and Ironer. Good city referenee pi Ton Apply for two days, at 87 Forty tilth street, between Sixth avenuo and Broa tway. WANTED-A WOMAN AS WAITER, ONE WHO v t thoroughly understands h?r business; also, one as nurse and seamstress. They mnst have good city references, ?ad be willing to go r-en miles in the oonntry. Apply from 10 till S ?, i- look, at 128 Lexington avenue. WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION A8 chambermaid and waiter, and can asaist in t'be wash ing and ironing, and is a neat plain sewer; has no objeotion to the care of children; no objection to the oountry. Good city reference given. Apply at 145 Fourth street, first floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do housework, or would go as laundress; good city teferenoe. Can be seen at 287 Hicks street, South Brooklyn, in tbe rear. WANTED- -A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WO man, as chambermaid and to do tine washing and ironing, or to do tbe housework of a small private family; goed city reference given. Apply at 40 Fourth street. Can Ee seon for twe days. TIT AN TED ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WO ? v man as eook, washer and ironer in a respectable fami ly ; can l>e seen lor two days ai 57 East Twenty-seventh street The best of oity referenee given. a WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT young woman, as seamstress and a fashionable dress maker; understands hair dreaalng and making up fine mus lins; has no objection to go a short distance lathe country ?with a lady. Good oity reference from her last place. Can lie seen for twe days at 339 East Twelfth street, first floor, ftaak room. TITAN TED-BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, A SITUATION TT to take oare of children and do plain sewing, or to do housework, in a small tamilv: la a good washer and ironer. Has reference from her last place. Please call at 105 East Thirty-third street, for two days. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED COOE, WHO THO rongbly understands her business and Is willing to as aist in washing and ironing, and oan brine satisfactory role Irencea from her laat em ployera. Wages 17 per month. Ap ply at 90 Clark street, Brooklyn. TI7ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vT widow woman, to do general housework; no objections to the country; would bo willing to go for low wages, by Jbaving her chill with h*r. The child is a little girl, eight I ear. of age. Inquire at 87 West Twenty-fourth street, for hro? days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation; is a good cook, washer and ironer. Call ?I 38 First avenue, up atfiirs. TIT ANTED? A PROTESTANT GIRL. AS NURSE AND TT xeamstre*.*. She must have uadouhtod city referenoes Vr honesty neatness, industry, capability, Ac. Apply at 10 West Nineteenth street, from 9 to 11 A. M. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young wrman, as good plain cook aad excellent washer And ironer, understands baking, and would do nonsework in a small private family. Good city reference Can be ?een lor two days at 215 Mulberry stree't, in the rear. WANTED-A GENTEEL, FASHIONABLE BOARDING bonss, furnished, in exchange for tho stock of a manu facturing oompany, or would give the stock at security for rent. Also, a lady to superintend snch a houae. Address, With real name, H. J. A., box 113 Herald office. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion aa ohamlxrm^id and seamstress, or child's nurse Md seamstress. No objection to the country. Good infer ence given. Apply at ?."*) Ninth atreot, between First and Second avenues. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU ation;isa first rat? eook; has no objeotion to go a Abort distance in the oountry. or to take charge of a house in the family's abaenoe. The best of city referenee oan be given Call at 125 East Eleventh street, first floor, trout rootn. Caa be seen for tw> daya. WANTED? TWO PROTESTANT WOMEN, TO 00 TO Staten Inland; on* aaoook, and the other a* waiter. Non* bnt flrat rate **rvanta need call, and to anoh good wag** will be paid. Call at the office of M. Morgan A Son, 64 Wall elreet from 3 to 4 P. M. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG SCOTCH vuman, to do general hooaownrk in a email family. Good city reference given. Apply at 2dS Sixteenth atroot, between S ii. than) I Tenth avenuo*, second floor, front room. "IIT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY AN EXPERIENCED TT cook; nadara'andg kor bneineaa in all iti branohea ?an make jell lea and ioe cream*; i* alao a good baker. Good city reference given. Apply at S? Eixhtoenth atreet, be tween Sixth and Seventh avenuoa, for two dayi. WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT yonng wtman, a aitorvtian aa chambermaid or wittor, in a private family. Her laat employer'a|r'if?renae can be had. Inquire for two daya. at 199 Eorayth atreet, upper floor WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RE8PECTA III.E j oong girl, of neat, ateady habit*, ua chambermaiii and nnrae; ta a moat excellent waaher and Ironer; wtll take charge of a baby or growing ahildren: ia a neat, plain aewer; will fake 86 a month, tlaa excellent city refer?aoe. Call at 323 Pint ar*nu*, flrft floor. WANTED-BY A YOUNO ENOLISH WOMAN, I.ATE ly arrived, a litnation aa profeaaed cook, in a private family. Can he aecn lor two day a at Third are uue, cor Krai Thirteenth atreot. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aitnalion aa chambermaid, and aaiiat in waahing and ironing; haa no objection to go a abort diataaoe in the conn try. Haa good city reference from her laat place. I'leaa* call at 226 Third avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty flrat atreet*. in the aho* -iere Can be aecn for two daya, If not engaged. "VLT ANTED? A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, "l by a reapeetable youngwnman, to eook, waah and iron; ?>a? maku excellent bread. Beat of eity reference given. Call At 33 W eat Tbirteentb atreet, flrat floor, froit room. WANTED? A WET NUR8K, WITH A HEALTHY breaat of milk; Prenoh woman preferred, one without Cuabaad *r child. Reftteae* required. Apply at 752 Droad ?>? TjLrANTRD? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. a att nation to cook, waah and iron, or to do general bonaework ia a arnnll family; ah* ia willing to make h*raelf naefal. Can b? a*ra for a weak, II not engaged, at JW Weat T??aty tret atreet, b. iw.-n Eighth ind Ninth avenuea. W ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A 8IT0A ?f tie* to do general bonaework; ia a ?ood plain eaok, mud a i excellent eaiher and iroaer. Beat of elty r*fer*nce. Cftn keaeeafor two daya, at 1UA Twenty fifth atreet, botween Pecoad aad Third aveuuea. "II WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED *,7 ! T M nurao and plain eeamatreia, no objection to light ehamberwork. Th* beat of otty reference from her laat place, where .he Uved (even year, and three ?a oat ha. C? b* area for eeven daya at K& Sev.ath avenue, one door from Twenty fourth atreet TjL-ANTtD-BY A REJI'ECTABE ENGLISH YOUNG TT woman, a ?itoatjon ?. oeek and a*., at ia waabint aad iroaitic; uaderetaad* all Uiade of eookiag and ran taka fall ?barge; good reference given; no obi" Hon to go a abort di? taace in the country Can be ae*n at I4& Bowery, for two alaya. 11.' ANTED ? A SEAMSTRESS, TO WORK BY THE DAY v v in ft private family; mint understand needlaw.rk ia all it* kranohea. each aa cutting oat and making up of linea. ftl#n embroidery on mnalin. flannel, Ac To a lenteel competent peraon, almoat conatant employment. Apply (With *am( U at work; for two daya at 416 Broom* atreet, Jr'>m tea till 2 o clock. \lr A NT* O A SITUATION. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, Tt ky a reepeMaHla yoang girl, to cook, waah aad Iroa, ?r woold d* general liouaework Call at 2U Sixth arena*, brat (liar, back raom. "XkT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vT j >nag girl, ta do general bonaework or chamkerwerki inaao objection to any part ef the country; wage* ao ob Jf'H bet a iwmf*rtahl* h"Bi*. Qo<.d city reference given Apply at IM Tweaty tilth atr?*t. between Seveath aad ?i/btb aveaaaa. flrat floor, front room. SAKTED-A SITUATION, bt a respectable girl, te do general bonaework la a private family. Ooe4 refereaee oaa be givea Apply at IM Weet Sereaueath ?treat, bet weea lllith aad Seventh aveaaee, flrat leer. WANTVD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a aHaaltioa to de bonaework ia a Private family, la a ?rat rate waehrr aad .r ner The beat of citf refereaee eaa la* bad fvana her laat plaoe, where ike baa lived three year* ?"*a be *eea ffcr two day*. Pleaae call *t lttl aveaaa A, flrat fleet. \tl AKVEIb-A SITUATION, Bt A IMfWHMI vr yeaaag wemaa, aa okambecmaid er waiter, ar weald de fleaemi keajewoet ia a araall faaa lr. Uvtd *Oy rvfaraata MM|v? CftU ftt >1 Bo 4*? Mm WAjrrs. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, u cook and first r?te washer tad irooor; it also a good baker. audi* willing to make herseir generally use ful. The boat of reference given if required. Cau bs soon for two days at 2hu Mulberry street, near lloniton, front basement. TirANTED-A SITUATION, IIY A RESPUCTA BI.E Vr young girl. at chambermaid and waiter, and to aaaist in the washing ant ironing. No obJeoMon to a boarding house, or to the country. Good city reference. Can be set n for two daya, at 197 Ninth street, between Second and Third avsi.nes. Wanted ? by a respectable Youkg woman, a situation aa chambermaid and waiter, or chamber maid and lower. I'leaio call at 10 Fifth street, in the rear. WANTED? AT THE CORNER OF FULTON AND Pineapple streets, Brooklyn, a good cook; One who is acquainted wilh the cooking in s restaurant. TV' ANT ED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, IT a situation aa cook; ban no ohjeotion to assist with washing u t. a ironing. No objection to goto tho couutry. Pleaie call at 350 Tenth street, aocond floor, back room. "1\T ANTE D ? A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER AND If ironer bj a respectable woman, Tho bolt ?r eity re ferences given. Apply at 181 Twelfth street, corner of Uni versity place. WANTED? ItY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION as cook, washer and itoner, or would do goneral house work Una no objection to go a short distance in thn country. Apply at 27 Rose street, upstairs, first floor, trout room, for two days. Good oity referoncea. -IV-ANTED-A SITUATION, 11Y A RESPECTABLE T? Joong woman as chambermaid or waiting, or to do (tencral houaework in a small family. Good reference giv?n if required. Can be aoen at 311 Twelfth street, uear the 8econd avenue, for two daya. X\r ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WITH A TT fresh breast of milk, a baby to wot nurse at hor on residence, with good city referenc". Can be aeon at MS) Greenwich street, up atairt, for two daya, if not engaged. "TIT ANTED? BY TWO VERY RESPECTABLE GIRLS, TT situations to travel with a lady to California. Can be well recommended from tlieir last places. Can he seen tor two days, if not engaged, at 236 First avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets. flT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A TT situation as nurse and soamatress, or to do li.*lit chamberwork Can be seen at 121 East Twentieth street, third floor, back room, tor two days. WANTED-A SMART ACTIYE YOUNG LADY, ONE accustomed to fancy millinery, Ac.; also, dressmaking; may apply at 79 Canal meet, from 8 to 10 o'clock A. U. None but neat sewera need apply. WANTED? UY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITKA tion in a private family, to do general housework, or as chambermaid, or wonld have no objection to assist with washing in a small family. Can give the best of city refer enee. Pleaie oall at or addreis 128 Mott street. ?M/ ANTED? A YOUNG LADY TO ATTKLD A BREAD TT and cake bakery; one acquainted with the business preferred. Best of city roference required. Apply at 628 Grand street. ~X\T ANTED? A TIDY AMERICAN OR GERMAN GIRL, TT \o do tho work lor two persons .Apply at 112 Variok street. Wagei S3 per month. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a? cook, waiher and ironer; has good city reference. Can be seen for two days, at 216 East Four teenth street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do ehamberwork and waiting, or would take a cook's plaoe, in a private family. She perfectly under etands her business, and cau give the beat of reference. Please call at 265 West Twenty -fourth street, front room, first floor, between Ninth and Tenth avenues. WANTED? A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN TO GO A short distanoe in the country; one who can cook, wash, and iron, and is willing to make herself generally use ful. Call at No. 1 Battery place, from 9 till 2. TXT" ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Protestant young woman, to do general houaework, or has no objection to do ehamberwork. Can produce good references. Apply at 430 Twelfth street, fourth floor, back room. WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISHWOMAN, AN EN gagement to work at dressmaking, or any light busi ness, or she will make herself useful in the general sowing of a private family. Ne objection to the country. Address for two days, A. B., 22 Chesnut street, one block from Madi ?on and Pearl. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as chambermaid and seamstress. Can give good referenoea. Apply for two days, at 64 Nassau street, third floor. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman as a goo.l plain cook; is a first rate washer and ironer. Can give the best of city rcfercuaea, Apply at No, 10!) Mulberry street, in tho rear, seoond tloor. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as laundress; understands her business perfectly; can do up mnslins and linan in the net test man ni r. The best ol oity reference. Please call at 231 Mulberry atreet, lor two days, if not engaged. J ANTFD? FOUR LITTLE GIRLS, TO LEARN THE sels making, by W. Lomax, at 638 Pearl strset, up stair*. WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT woman, a situation to cook, and assist in the washing and ironing, in a private family. Good city roference can be given. Can be seen for two days, at 243 avenue B, between ourteentk and Fifteenth streets. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to cook, waah and iron. Good city reference given. Can be seen for two days, at 89 West Twenty-sixth street. WETNURSE W ANTED? A HEALTHY, TIDY WOMAN, to wet nurae a child five months old. None need i apply but those who oan give good referonoes. Apply fttm 12 until 2 o'clock this day at 83 West Twenty-seooud street. "Or AN TED? BY A VERY RESPECTABLE GIRL, A Tf situation as cook in a privste family; one who well un derstands her business, and wonld be willing to assiat in tbe washing and ironing. Haa the best of uity references, l'leaee call at 33 Thirteenth street, near Sixth avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A CAPABLE, TIDY girl, as waiter and chambermaid; no objection t? take cnarge of a child. Has the teat of oity reference. Please call at No. 33 Tnirteenth street, between and Sixth avenues. WANTED? BY A FIRST RATE DRESSMAKER, work by the day or week. Can oome well recommended, l'loase call at 1S7 Henry street, Brooklyn. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, WHO UNDERSTANDS stamping and emhotsing envelopes in colors. Apply to C. Fltigerald A Co., 146 Fulton street, third flror. WANTED? A PLACE, AS GROOM AND COACHMAN, by a Sootchman who can produee satisfactory refer ence as to character and capacity. Any gentleman wishing the services of such a person will please addrese East Lo thian, box 991 Poat Office. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A SOBER. INDUS trions young man, at the butchering business, wb ?? no deratands the business; can give a good reoommendatinn, and will go at moderate wages. Please call at No. 312 Stanton street. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, AS TT coachman in a private family; he understands hia busi ness. Good city referenoe given. Has no objection to go in the country. Apply at Wilson's (table, corner of Crust y and Bleecker street!, or 87 Tenth street. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN, FROM SIXTEEN TO eighteen yenra of age, to make hiraaell generally uaoful in a clothing atom; one hxioi been in the bnxinesi preferred. JOHN IIAV8, 3C3 HuJion street. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN, WHO SPEAKS AND write* Engliah ami Gorman pertectly. in an ofli c, with good raferenrea. Apply at M Greenwich etrect. WANTEP-A YOUNG MAN OF GOOD ADDRESS AND charaeter, to engage in alight and respectable buai neaa. To a yonnt man ot "nergntio buainoaa hahlta, a lair ?alary will be given. Good rererenoe Indispensable No da |x?it required. Apply from II to 12. at M Dey street, fourth floor. "TirANTEU-AT 341 BROADWAY, (BASEMENT.) tt aalaamen, achool teachcra, man on ateamera aad rail roada, barkeepera. gardeners noachmun, boya for tradea and hotela. Rulea of my ngeney are to lie aeen, and they are atrictly obaerved. charges moderate. Apply to TUOS. SPINK, Aient. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY A MAN AND HIS wife, without family, (Protoatanta;) the man na gard ener and farmer, the woman aa rook or dairy maid. Can give the moat aati-faetory rcoommendatlona. Addresa P. G., at A. Smith's, si-odsroan, tA White atreet. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN, AS CLERK IN A GRO c*ry. Apply at 107 Gold atreet, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MAN OF BV91 nesa habits, and willing to work for hie employer'* in terest faithfully, being a good aaleamaa and acquainted with many branohea at baeineae Ia willing to spend a week on trial, and would loan hia employer $100. Addreaa Ameri can, boa 100, llernld oflice, which will ro??lT? prompt atten tion. TITAN TED? BY A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION AS TV entry clerk or bookkeeper, who baa had coaaiderable experience The best of city rererencee given. Addreaa J. Q. O., 124 Cedar atreet. WANTED-A SITUATION AS PORTER IN A STORE, ?raa private watchman; or a situation on any of the avenue cara in New York or Brooklyn. Good aeennty given. Adyertiaor baa been employed by a railroad company fa the Sooth for the last three or fonr jeara. Addreaa D. M., bog 1K2 Herald oflice. for two daya. TjTT ANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN TT eighteen years of age; la a good penman, qai'k aud enrrect at flgnree; a situation in a eoal office er grocery would he preferred, having a knowledge of the hnain*es. Good refereaoaa given Addreaa John Fanning. <32 Uousiaa atreet. U'ANTED-BYA YOUNG MAN, EMPLOYMENT IN vv aome a< tlve bnainesa; manufacturing preferred. Can command a .mall capital, or would take an interest. Ad dress (i v,, Chatham aqnare Poat Oflloc. WANTED-BY A SALESMAN TKOM BOSTON. WHO ?a thoroughly nuallSed. a ailuatiea in Now \ ork ia the fancy gooda btiataese. Can furniah the beat recommends tionafor tact, energy aad ability from the flrit honaos ia that city. Address for one week O. B. f.. Herald oill, a. WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN. apeaking the Easliah, French and Cierman langnnaee, a situation in a wholesale honee. Pleaao addreaa O. P., lit raid ollloe. UrANTED-ON A SMALL PLACE NIAR THE CITY, a uiaa who thoroaghl) understands gardening and farming u? ith ra need apply. Apply to NESMITU A SONS. ?< South atmet. ?tlr ANTED? A I'HRNCn BOY, ONE WHO CAN Si'EAK TT French aad t.nalish well, and who ta able t? keep himself clean aid aeat, whose object la net wagea, but a pleaaaat home. Appl> at Kit Broadway, baeement, aad ao where elae, for three days. WANTED-A ITCATION, BY A TOUNG MAN, aged II yearn, raeiding with bka mother ia this aity, ia a wteleaale or oommumon l.nstaeee Beat of re fare est giveai. Addreaa J M . at M John etrsot. offiee Nn. #. W ANTVD? A MI' I ATTO BOV, FROM I* TO M years af ac*. aa servant te ageatlemaa Ha man* be of good addrasn and appearance, nn leestanl serving table srd (akirg on re ol nrartmente. Apply at tho office of llow land A Chane. Ill atreet fAn II Ut WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A BOY WHO TITORACOB ly .stanataadi n?||i| ? tardea allnatar peaan 0. T. HI O AAA TO mooo -AN INTEREST IN A TALC *l)lo property ?n b? had, or the whole will be sold at a xreftt naoritfoe. It will par annually on the investment from 25 to 4) p?r Mat without expenditure. Ap ply to WALLER * SEELY, 440 Eighth avenue. d>Q nnn -tompkins square.-for sale, two ?I>i7.\/Uv/. four story hooaaa and lota, with iron baloo nut, railings, Ac., Noa. 186 and 1141 Seventh street, fronting on Tompkins square; price of both only $U,000; two third* of the amount may remain on bond and mortgage. Apply to P. PAGAN, G2 avenue C, corner of Fifth etreet <rq nnn roR A rAR51 ?* ?Ni hundred and ?Pi/.UUv fourteen acrea. thirty of woodland, large and numerous buildings, two good wells of water, good orchard, plenty of other kinds of fruit, oae and a quarter miles 'rom lli mpatead village railroad depot. Soil or the best; thirty acres mowing ground. 8, L. JUIINSOV, Sit Broadway, room 3^ &'Q nnn ?FOR SALE, ONE OR TWO LARGE TENE ifO.UUU, ment buildingb in the Seventh ward; oaoli house 26 by fil feet deep, lots each 25 by 70 doop; fifty per cent of purchase money cau remain on bond and mort gage for two or three yeare. For further particulars inquire of WILLI A M THOMAS, 37 Chambers atreet. rnn -FOR SALE, THE SMALL ELEGANT <TUit/UU, brown stona front English bascmont duelling house. No. 101 Woat Tewnty nevunth street, nearly new, rt plote with every convi- uionce, Croton water, gas, furnace, Ac. Mortgage $4,1100. l'oseeHeina immediately. Apply to ALBERT WELLES, 37 South William stroot. Q>Ci nnn ?FURNISHED COTTAGE FOR SAL* ?A upU.UUU. fine elegant oottage at Jamaica, containing eleven rooms, all well furninhed, with fine carriage house, shrubbery, and over one aero of ground, will be sold for M. h SHELDON, 85 Nassau street. dfcC nnn -A WELL STOCKED HARDWARE STORE, iJJtJ.Ul/U. ettablmhed twelve years, uear chamber s'reet will be sold for cash and notes, or good rial estate. A'?o. a country aeat at Peckskill, for $2, 200, oost (3,580; and aoor rtot historical panorama, cost S3, SO", good aa new, tor $1,500. A H. GOUOH, No. 49 Wall atrf et, basement. AM nnn ?.?0. $5,000. $7.000, $8,000, $12,000, #18,000, JjPTr.UUU. $2U,U00.? For sale or exchange, larins and country aeata of every doacription. This la a chanoe for New York and Brooklyn apeeulatora. Lota for sale, with a building loau. Apply to J. If McRILLEN, No. 103 West street, corner of Liberty, up atsirs. 3 nnn ACRES PENNSYLVANIA COALjAND tim .UUU ber landa. ? Should any peraon or porions fool de sirous of making a rash investment that would be certain to pay. and very handsome too, in lands that lie in the vicinity of the great bunbury and Erie Railroad, whioh are valuable not only for ooal and timber, hot for farming purposes, they will please call at the St. Nicholas Hotel, where thoy can find the owner for a few days, between the lionra of 1 and 5 o'clock. Inquire for ROBERT OR AW FOR I), room 83. Attention, wholesale merchants. ? While here only for a few days, I would aolicit any merchant who might feel disponed to exchange gooda for unseated landa, (in tracta of from .100 to 500 acres,) In Clinton county, Fa., lying along the lin^of the Snnbury and Erie Railroad, and valuable for coal, tim ber. Ao., to call upon the owner at the St. Nicholas Hotel, between the houra of 1 and 5 o'clock. 1 will take in exohanxe ready made olothing, furniture Jewelry, or anything suita ble tor a country store, Undisputed title will he given, a mi vxcuuge guuaa tor unseiweu lauus, \in tracts ui iruio .iw to 500 acres,) In Clinton county, Fa., lying along the lin^of " " ? " J " ilroau, and valuable for ? ' ' owner at the St. Nicho id 0 o'cloik. 1 will take ii aituro, Jewelry, or auvtt ?>>> ivi - uniix, ??!?. Undisputed title will he i quire for R. CRAWKORD. room 88. # SOO W1LI< BVT A THRE,! STORY nousE and full lot in the eltv, handsomely finished ana in good condition. A bargain if applied for im Apply to C. B. HOWES A CO., SdNaaaan atreet. $2,000 lote, in Jamaica village, handaome location. Cart and stages at all boar* daily, Alio, farm of sixty aerea; good buildings, quantities of fruit, half a mile from depot, Bruahville, Long Island. S. L. JOHNSON, 212 Broadway, room 3. <J> ,4 nn ?FOR SALE, THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIX tJrtUU. tnrea of a bread and cake bnkory, now doing a good buainess, one of the beat looatiena in the oity; sold on account of ill health. The leaao has five Tear* to run. Ap ply at 212 Broadway, room 10. HUStED A BROWN. <?1 9n -FOR SALE, STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE of a segar store, in Broadway, a first rate loca tion ; will be sold cheap, as thoowner cannot attend to it. Apply to HUSTED A BROWN, 212 Broadway, room 10. Oil nn WILL BUY A HANDSOME BUILDING LOT, AT Weat Mount Vernon, 50 by 100 feet; title indis putable. Can be 6?en in eighty minutes. Apply at No. 183 William atreet, aeetmd story, front room. A BAGATELLE TABLE FOR SALE CHEAP-A FIRST rate table, with marble bad. in gnod condition, with balla and onea oomplete. Mar bo aeen at JOHN W. G AD3 BY'S, 52 State atreet, Brooklyn. A VALUABLE FARM ON STATEN ISLAND FOR J\. sale, or exchanged for city property, cuntxining 26'? mil* of Fort Richmond frrry, and in front of the farma of Widow Tyaon and Mr. Meroertaji. Thia property is eligibly aituatod for building aitea and farming, being in the immediate vicinity of ohurclies, achools, and the New York market*. Apply to A. ARTOIZ, No. til Naaaau atreet, up stairs. AT HARLEM.? FOR SALE CHEAP, OR TO LET, ON 133d atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, a neat two and a half story frame house, filled In with brick, nine rooms, cellar, Ac., and aix full lot* of ground. Price $>1,230; only $860 cash. Kent $260. Possession now. Apply to II. H. RICE, Superior Court, 18 City Hall. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE AT RYE NECK, half a mile from the railroad depot, situated en the Bos ton turnpike road, and near Long Island Sound; the house ia beautifully shaded; there arc about four acres of ground, abundance ol shado and ornamental treea, all klada of fruit t-ees, flowers, flue kttohea garden, xtable, Ac. Apply to T. 8. SHEPHERD, 29 and 31 Gold street. GOTTON CORDAGE WORKS FOR SALE.? THE LAROE four story brick and Iron building, fronting on Cherry and Water atreeta, 2W and 2(i7 Cherry, and 620 and 522 Water atreet, in this city, being 60 feet front and l?Sf*et deep, well linhted, built in tie most substantial manner, ana fitted with steam, gas and water pipes throughout. The building contains a superior sixty horso power eugiue, and about six hundred feet of shafting, and cards, spinners, layers and all other machinery necessary for manufacturing cotton cord a^o, all in complete working order, and ready for immediate operation, together with exclusive pstent right for using the tame for this and two adjoining States. The building, shaft ing and engine may be sold without the cordate mach.nerv Ajjily nt the premises, 2t>7 Cherry street, or to S. A. HOLT, lift East llroaawsy. N. B.? ' There is room and power for* much larger quantity of machinery than that now contained in the building a. CiIIARTER OAK GRAPE ROOTS FOR SALE, AT NO J 7 John street, where samples ot the grapes ean be aetn These grapes grow to tbe alia of one and a half inoboa in diameter; they are aa aweet as the Isabella, aid threo weeks earlier; perfectly hardy, and w4U produce more pounds of gT.apes than any other ever cultivated. Orders promptly attended to by JOHN B. JAMES. No. 7 John atreet, N. Y. CI ANAL BOAT FOR SALE-AT PRESENT RUNNING ' and in good order; thr?e year* Old ; earriea over two hun dred tone, and will be (old cheap. Apply to MAT. CLIN> TON. 86 Goerck street. Ct ROCKERY STORE FOR 8ALE? IN A FIRST RATI J location, well established, and now doing a good busi ness. For particulars apply to C. B. HOWRS A CO., 84 Nassau street, np stairs. Dwelling nousE for sale, at a bargain.? The three atory briok dwelling house, containing gas throughout, bathing room, Ae , 410 Pacific atreet, Brooklyn, will be aold low to an immediote putehaaer. The neighbor hood is unexceptionable, aad the terms of sale will be made easy. For particulars, inquire of JAMRS L. SMITH, 404 Pacific street, Brooklyn, or at the office jof the Sunday Courier, 16 Spruce street. Now York. Drug store for sale, in a thriving avenue in this city; has been eetabllabed ten or more years, and only wante a competent and attentive man. with a varied stock, to do a first rate bueiness. The present owner cannot attend to it. Inquire at 386 Houston ?treat, in the tea store. Drug stork for salf-in the most densely y opulated part of tb< city. Ia doing a good bnaineaa, and will h? aold at a aaoritico, aa the propriMor ia going to Europe is * f?w dav?. Factory for sale, or to let.-a brick ButLD ing, two atoriaa, HU faat by 50, with never failing water powrr, calculated fur moulding, printing, bleaching, engi neering, etc,, nte.; aitnatad at Monroe Warha, Orange Co., Saw York, about thirty minutea from Pateraon, a few yarda from E. R. H. Depot. Alao houaca. barn and 23 acre* of land. ' Inquire of Dr. 1(. PRICE MOORE, 77 Warren atreet, New York. Farm for sale? or will he exchanged for improved city prnprrty. Itoontaina abnnt thirty lire acroa ol land, moat of wlioh ia In a bi?h atate of oaltiYation, aituated in Hereon couaty, New Jeraey, about aevea milea from Sneden'a landing on the North river, and five milea from Ilo Hnkua ntation. on the New York and Erie Railroad. On the premiaea ia aautatantial atone honae, and all the no ceaaary oiitbulldinga, a.I new, and in complete order. A One ntreim of water rnna through the plaoe. For further par ticular apply to STtPIIEN HOOART, 31 Greenwich atreet; or to J AMES M STARK, 49 Wall atraet. TPOR SALE? A BARGAIN. -THE HOUSE AND LOT .F 1"'> Orchard atreet. Terma eaay. Inqaire of QKO. M. HARl'EL, 51 Waabiaiten Market. For sale? a vacant ilot, haying a large front on Atlantic atreet. Brooklyn. Apply to M. K. Bl'RKE, M North William atreet, near Chatham. For sale-in cne of the best business lo cationa la Droeklyn, three anbatantial atorea, with dwelliaga, built by iaya' work and flalabed in bandaome atyle, with Philadelphia t rick fronta, Priee (S.OOD each. g.\000 can remain oi bond and mortgage on each, for five yeart, the balance will be taken in part caah, and part In proei riea '>r building matertala. Apply to HENRY C. FOS TER, 130 Water atrdat, near Wall atreet, N. Y. For sale? stock and fixtures of a grocery atore, with hone and w?z?n, and three yeara' leaae. Reaaon of aelllng it becauae the proprietor ia engaged in other bnaineaa. Incnlre on the premiaea comer of Powera and Dean atreete, Niuth Brooklyn. IJIOB SALE-A 3AKERY, ON ONE OF TnE BEST J; a v e n uhm m the eity, ncoupi-d by the pre rent proprietor nearly aevnyearaialaa, four atory heme, filled with rood paving h.,arder? Till lie aold together or aeparate. Chean rent. Apply at 3d Eighth avenue, near Twenty (attend atreet. I^OR SALE? IN TWENTY. FIFTH STREET. BETWEEN 1 Eadieoa and Fourth avenna, a new brown atone honae, o 2A. four atoriaa, lit feet tlnchea by 88 feet. Lot ?n feet, Iluilt la modem <tyla. Prica lea* than ooat Inquire on the premitee. IpOR SALE? ?OUR THRIE STORY AND BASEMEHT 1 brown atona front houaea. on the north aide of fifty ae cond atroet. betveen Eighth avenue and Broadway, fitted ap in the beat and tioat convenient manner, within two mine tea ealk n( tbe Kicbth avenue rara W ill be anld on eaay terma IiMfnire on the praaliea, af J. A. ON DERDONK, through the day. 3AI.K-THF. LEASE AND PIXTURKS OF THE Reataarant 'dt and MO Broadway, ?< met at I'ark pl*oi, formerly Floracee a. No rant, eieapting the yearly taaea. tor three year" and one mouth from the let at April aeit If not aold be Saturday, the Slat left., It will thee K? fold at nnMio inetian. For particular*, apply te UBOROI I . BYRNE. tSUarrtaen (treat. For sale-the first class four stoey house. 17? v eet Klaventb atreet , alio the three atory h >nae '4 Weet Twenty M/Mh atreet. near the Slith avenue, aad Ike tarmabed thr?- atory houee IN Weal Thirteenth atreet. The above heiiaea Save all the modern iiaprevenaeata. aad will be aold on terma to aait with Immediate peaeeauaa Apply te CiEOROE C BTEnE. <3 Harrwen atraet FOE BALB--AN OLD ESTABLISHED BARitKR ? ?her a firat rate plaaa for a awn wh.. will att-nd te it; ran*, Aa . eheap far eeah. laqaire at m Beoea (treat. Foe mi- twmtt acres of Pt?a land, with ia ttiree mi lee at He be km, half eaat. khereaalrder an hand aad mort?e?e, fer three ar Ive yeara. e? will eaehaate far a anedera bellt heaea in tSa epper perl at ta< atly. la tatn of P. B. avilinn.m UeeHaa at roe* h'OR ! AM A rAI'BR R'?f*TR, ft.* OtE Or Ttlf tee* ? i re lag papera m l*ea aety , M ran a aw M par vjjj^ta ta baaaU racy lew M H. ? EfMBi WOH (ALU. FOB 8AM? A BEAUTIFUL CUt'NTKY skat. at Saratoga Springs, juat east of the village line, with 1U^ acre* of Ane park ana four (4) ncras of gulea ground at tached. The house U beautifully situated on Congress itrert, the fashionable drive (o Saratoga Lake. It is spacious and commodious, having numerous and fine room* ana very complete in all respeets; alio spaoious horse and cuttle atablea and carriage houaea, with bedrooma for Cooms and farm servants, and an ioe liouae, now tlllfd with t; in ahort, a complete gentleman'! realdenoo. The pro perty is now t Herod for ante, price J 15,000, one third oath, bHlanoe on bond and mortgage on accommodating turros. Tl.c bousTfe now being computed tinder contract, nnd any alteratiuna emild be made to auit the porohaaer. For par tioulara apply to Dr. 0. B. DUFF, at the offlooof C'larko A White, IS Tbamee c treat, New York. J10B SALE ? A lilAOTirDL RESIDENCE, IN TIIE village of Haokenaack, N. J., consisting of a three atory modern built houae kiloben neirly new, and contain ing thirteen rooma, and a barn and carriaga house The lot la 71 feat front and rear, and 200 foet deep, and u supplied with a thrift; grapevine and fruit trees of varioua kinds. The location la about the oentre of the village, and coin mauds n beautiful vi>w o' tue surrounding oountry. For particulars inquire of THOMAS TEBHUNE, No. 27 Seojnd street, N. Y , or ol W. II UKHRY, adjoinin t the premises. If not told by tbo first of May, the above will be to lut. Xj-tOR SALE? A BOILER 10 FEET LONG. 30 INCHES J diameter, with it inch due and ateam dram, with fur nace front, fire bara, safety valve, linen in uae only one ninth. Made by Esslor, ami warranted beat I'a, iron; aim, ore locomotive boiler, nearly new, ten borae power. Apply to r. A F. CASSIDY, lMi l'ly mouth atreet, Brooklyn. For sale? so firkins and ho tubs choice till 1.- butter, In-- h tall made, by a man from the coun try, and i rem one of the boat dairying districts in the .state. Single package or quautity, at 267 Washington atreet, aecond floor. IriOR SAI.E-A BEAUTIFUL OLD PLACE AT SPUY 1 tcndevll, a largo atone manaion, and 64 aorea of ground in lawn, garden and line old wnnda; ia 14 mlloa from the City Hall, over a free bridge, and 3 miloa below and on the road to Vonkera It would he let partially furniahed, if not aold. Apply to E. PUTTER, 1B9 Broadway. For sai.e? a drvo store, splendidly fitted up, with a complete laboratory, < n ono of the moat tra vi Hod avenues of this citv; doing a large business: wholesale anil retail. A complete stock of driiir? *nd ohemicala. Ap ply immediately to JOSEPH II. NASH, 13 Bookman atreet. Clinton couit. For sale-the small three story brick dwelling houso No. 17 Weat Thirteenth atreet, between Fifth aud Sixth avenue*. Ilaa all the modern improvoments. Three fourths of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage. Apply on the promises, between 6 and 7 I*. M. daily, or at the office ot KUBRILL, DAWSON A BUR BILL, 61 Wall atreet. FOR ft ALE? TWO FIRST CLASS FOUR 9TOBY BROWN atone front houaea, Not. 2H3 and 286 Weat Twenty ae cond street, bnilt in the beat manner with all the modern improvements. For further particuluri, inquire of WM. L. A J. JOHNSON, 2H0 Weat Twenty-sixth atreet, or of J. JOHNSON, on the prcmiaea, through the day. Terms oa'y. For sale-a large dwelling house and store, bnrn, Ac., about one aero ot excellent land, beau tifully situated in the village of Babylon, L. I., by the South bay, an excellent situation for a atore, hotel, or private boarting houso. Terms very reasonable. Inquire at 14 At lautio street. Brooklyn. I. C. STUDUE. Fob sale? lots on twenty-fitth street. No money required, if improved. Thia location ia un ?nrpaaaed for elegant private residences, owing to its prox imity to Broadway, Fifth aveune, Madison square, and Trinity chapel; aim, lots on Twenty-fourth and Twenty sixth streets. Apply to JOHN S. KELSO, ?2 William st. FOR 8ALE-A BEAUTIFUL COUNTBT HOUSE, IN the village of Madison, N. J., situated near schools, ohurches, and railroad depot; oontainsnine rooms and oellar, with barn, carriage houae, stable, lee boase, large and splen did garden, fruit treaa, ten and a quarter aorea of superior ground, spring of water, and two large ponds. Price $4,000; half may lay ca mortgage. Apply to V. DE LA GRACERIE, ?u the premiaea. Fob sale? a convenient and well built three atory brick houae. in good ordar, with all modern Improvements; will be sjld at a low price and on moat fa vorable terms: 94,000 can remain on mortgaga. Inquire on the premiaea, 221 Weat Twenty-seventh (treat. For sale ob to let-two thbee story attic and high baacment houaea, with aU the modern improve ments; one, 66 Seventh aveane, three doors above Four teenth street; and one 47 Greenwich avenue, between Perry and Charles streets. Also to rent, one threo story attic and basement house, H2U Gfoenwioh street, near Horatio street; rent $626. Inquire of ROSS A EBVING, real estate agents, 4# Eighth avenne. Fob sale cheap? a neat three story and baaement briek bouse in Thirty fifth atreet, near the Eighth avntiue, with all tho modern improvements. Also, a store to let, on the Eighth avenue, with dwelling. Apply at IMi Weat Thirty flfth atreet, of E. GUKNEE. For sale. cheap-$26o will buy the furni tnre and interest of an old aatabliahed hoarding houae, ooataining sixteen rooma, droton water all through the house; rent very cheap; altnatlon respectable; the boarders will all retnnln. Aptly to R. D. GOODWIN, Clinton HaU, Eighth street, near Broadway. Fob sale cheap? a high stoop, three stoby and batement brick houae, and lot 20x100; house 20 by 40 feet deep, woll built, with the modern conveniences, loca ted in Fifty thirdfitrvet, between Second and Third avenues, in a very pleasaat neighborhood. Will be sold cheap, if applied for soon. Apply on tha premises, or of D. Kobint, 7# Sixth rtreet. For sale low? from two to kioht lots on east ride of Eighth avenue, betweea Fifty-second and Fifty third streets; ground level, and well located for im provements; twelve rtone houses adjoining. Title porfect. Two-thirds purchase money can remain on mortgage. Ap ply to MATTISON, No. 3 Nassau street, third floor, front room. For sale or exciiange-a splendid farm of 460 acres, on the Buffalo and New York City Ballroad, lying mostly in N unds, Livingston oounty. Prioe, $i5 per acre. Three hundred aeroa la good cultivation; fair, excel lent, set of building*. The premises can ba divided into six good farms. Good real property, in New York city, to the amount of $16,000 or $1M.OOO. will be taken In pay. A store, well situated, with a small dwelling house, preferred. A small portion of the money down, ani^the balance on bond and nmrtrage, for a t- rm to snit tho purchaser. Apply to P. HARTSHORN, 123 Warren straet, or to J. II. BOSS, Chautauqne Valley, N. Y. Fob sale ob exchange fob city property A beautiful farm or country place, in Wostchester oounty, containing forty three acres of superior land, with neat cottage of eight rooms, well shaded with large trees. The farm is divided in arable, meadow aad woodland, with a young orehard of bearing fruit trass, and Is situated within one mile of Mamaronrck depot, on the New naven Railroad, twonty one miles from Now York. It will bo sold this day or tomorrow, at tba low price of $6.60*, with all tho imple ment* necessary lor (arming, on application to ANDREW EADIE, 117 Fulton street. SOB SALE OB EXCnANGB, FOB A SMALL DWEL ling house, in the same neighborhood, a lot of grouud, 26 8 feot, situated between Bowery and Lafayette place. Fourth street. Inquire of Messrs. ROBINSON A CO, 378 Bowery, in the roar. FOR SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR REAL ESTATE? VN elegant stock of extension furniture, consisting of ta bles, bookoasos, sideboards, bureaus, desks, Ac., with bod steads attaobod, in rosewood. mahogany and walnut. For particulars call at 2b# Broadway, room No. 10, from 9 to 12 o'clock. EOB SALE AT A VERY LOW PRICE ? TWO THREE story brick houses on full lots, In the upper part of the city, on a railroad rente; houaea new, well huilt twelve rooma, Crotcn water, Ac.: alao. other low priced houaea. A^pl^r to E. B. KINSHIMER, 319 Fourth avenne, from 3 to FU OR 8 A LB, AT A BARGAIN ? AN EXCELLEVT dairv or grain farm in Orange oounty, withia quarter of a mile of Warden village, where maaufactnring of various kinds are earned on, and tho beet of sooiety is found; build ings good; well watered; two orohards of the best of grafted fruit; small fruits of varioua kinds; eleven miles from New bnrg, on plank road. For further partioulara inquire of E, PBATT, No. CI Fnlton atreet, ap stairs. Fob bale in brooklyn-a first class three atory and basement brick house, two years old. 26x38. lot full aite, cellar, Ac. The houae oott $6,000 ? will be aold for $4,600. The location Is aecond to nono. Apply on the premises. 220 Ross street, head of Eighth street, Williams burg, before April I. Terms easy. FOR SALE IN W I M.I AM SB (IRQ ? TWO Or THOSE new modem built three itory attic brick ban***, beeuti fnlly aituated on Snath Fourth etreet, oppoeite the Firat l're?t) terian churoli, between Sixth and Seranth etreet*. about Ave mmutei1 walk fwim either of the foor ferrlea. For farther particular* luquire of A, A 11. KEMP, Mo. iS South Fourth (trot. CI LASSWORKS.? FOR SALE, THE FIXTURES. TOOLS, T Ac., of the tlaae factory, aituated in Brooklyn, be tween John and Marahall atreete, near Jackaon ferry, to f ether with the lea?? of faotory and dwellings. Alau n??eral om anperlor ticked pot ah?Ua. Apply at No. 8 Piatt atreet, V.. *il. _ Grocery store for sale -inquire in the ?tore corner York and Pearl etreaU, Brooklyn. Hardware.? for sale, in Brooklyn, the itook of a hardware atorw. The bnaineae hat boon car ried on eucceaefully ten year* by the prnaent owner*. A lea** of II** y*are or th* premi*et, at a Tory moderate rent, will b* granted to th* purchaaer. Apply on th* prcmiata, 21h Paoitc etreet. High bridge, on the iia ri, em.? for sale, so aorea of land, jnat ahotre th* bridge, on th* W**tonei. ter aid*, with a wooded elopa to th* river, and fruit and water; within an honr'a driT* of th* City Ball. Apply W 11 W COOMBS, 42 Trinity building. HOUSES FOR SAI E, -THREE FIRST CLASS BROWN atone hou*ea, eitu- ted In W**t Twtnty-aecund atreat, between Serenth and Eighth avenue*? two Eugliah taae moiita and one biib atoop, known aa No. ISO? all j oat flniah od. Will b* told rh*ap and on t*rma to awit pnrrh*<era. Inquire on the premieee of B. SMITH, in tl? moraing from 7 te 10, or in the aft?rnoon from 4 to 6, or at 148, adjoining houae, any time through th* day. House and lot for sale?on the northeast corner of Seventeenth atr**t and Second avenue, op Keit* Stoj reaant aqnar*, and th* manatee of Oov. Flab ur atoriea and basement, brows atn*. Drat tlaae, la ***ry particular complete, with all thai mod*rn improvecaoata. hot and cold wat*r; hot air and gaa throughout. The above hou** la one of the moet plcaaant locationa, and command* one of th* beat vlewa of any in the city. Alao, the four atory and basement orovn atone honae, on tne Ka?t aid* of Second avenoe, directly in rear ot the above, with all the modern improt emi nU. Inquire U the cornet houte, frem 9 A. M. to ? P M HOTEI AM> REST AT KANT FOR SALE ?A CBN trail) eituated hotel and r*etaaraat, furniture and Ira-* for tale; th* hotel can lodge forty pereone, aad the rertaurant din** daily about one hundred peraona of th* flrat clan I >r particular! inqulr* of M. rlJL'.t, No. 1] lien-lay atreet IMPORTANT TO SEA CAPTAINS AND "TIIERS.? Fer ?al?rhe*i a child eeaul. Will b* *old for S&V-half ta value Addre.a ATT, Herald office. VIAtlllM nor AND IKON FURNITURE AND I'l ralllag factory, oompr<;>lng (team eagiao, lathee, Cnoliaa. drill*, two doable torn**, with bleat, aad all th* >1* and im|rt*iiente in oomnlm Working *rder. Th* akart will h*eold at about one hair the oaat, en favorable t-rma ?f payment. 1 he factory la larg*. aad en* *f th* melt de eiretle in th* elty f< r ooavenieno* aad light If required a Imm aenld ?? give* At a i*w reat r*r further iaUraa tina anply to OaRDNKK A BROTHER'S inn Man, eer nor ef (iraad and Madieaa etreet* RESTAURANT rOK RAM -LOCATED onTthe bast aide of Utectiiy, aad la one ef Ue heat ttorenchfa^e; it la wall fttud up, nad doing a go?d bneiaeaa Tnia U an atrellrw* eewertnaity ?er a pereaa U embark la * eafe aad rrtMable bnakaeaa, r?* atrial but UUie aapttal A pair ta R L. rt'RDT A CO. lit and in Naaaaa aiwl, n*a Hi A SAI* FOR MIF. HITA^ - Ttl? I, A no* safk mi ?*Hy blearing la tha Blgkth Arena* tank. Ml SMU ?*? haak, mnm tf tdatitA tmai aad Ttetf TOCAPITALISTS AND OTHERS ? FOR SALE, OR EX change for oily or Brooklyn property, iImIu or bond*, flight; acres laud in tbe incorporate Umlli of tbe city oi Quincy, Adaina county, Illinois. Alto, other lands lo ox cbinnc. Apply to A. J. BEKK1AN, 37 Chambers a'relt. mo t'AKI'KN'l ERS ? 1 OR SALE. AN Oi. O KSMH I lianed oarptuter nht p in tbe lower part of tho Mty, <t take u partuer with good influence and a small uaah capital. Addrrta S. li , box 80 Herald office. TO IIOTEI. KEEPERS.? FOK 8A1.?, A FINK HOTEL stand, near Brooklyn, at tin. junction of tbn Cypress ilill aud Jamaica flunk roads known aa Woodruff * lliftol, with an aero of ground, hotel building. atalila, ehuda, Ac., Ao. Ten thousand dollar* per annum has keen made at the stand, and can h? again, witli proper attention It. will be ci ld low, on at> plication to SILAS 1)A V EN PORT, 11(1 ilroad way, Metropolitan Bank lluildiug, basement. r|M> BUTCHERS AND OTHERS. ?FOR SALE, A MEAT, J tiah, and vegetable market; will be aoid cheap. Satis lactM-v reasons given lor selling out. Apply to THOMi-SON A STREET, bl Nassau street, Second floor, room No. 7. WILLIAMSBURG PROPERTY.? FOR SALE, AT A reduced prioe, one or two neat cottage houses, ooiiaiat inc of eight room*, nine pantries, loft and oellar, li led in (with trick, furnished with eliding doora; marble mint>*li, grstcs. centres, Ac. Price of each house and lot, 92.M00; ir ruld immediately, J1..H00 cash, balanco on mortgage. In quire of THOS M. DOYLE, Fifth street, between North Fifth and North Sixth. DRY bOODS, AC. AT RF.TAU.? ImOADCLOTHS, CASSIMERES, VEST inns, aud every material suitable for men's and boys' wear, in length* to suit purchasers, at very low prices. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Road* streets. ASSIGNEES' SALE.? SELLING OFF AT GREATLY reduced priocs, the large and magnificent stock of fine embroideries, laces, hositry and gloves, at No. 779 Broadway. Ladies will do well to eall, as we are sailing very low for oasb. By order ot the assignees. ft REAT SALE OF CARPETS, OILCLOTHS, DRUG VX sots, rugs, Ao.. Ac. REMSEN A POWERS, Late O'Brien A Diugec, 304, 206 Sixth avenue, on* door he low Fourteenth street. Are now offering a largo lot of carpets, oileloths, As., bought at the recent large auction tales, at very great bargains. 100 piece* tine ingrain carpets, 2s. 6d., worth li. 240 " super " " 4s. 6d., " 6a. 2ti0 " superfine " 6s. 0d.t " 8?. NW " tbree ply* " 8s. 0d., " 10a. 6d. l.W " English tapestry Brussels, 8*. a 9a., worth 12s. and 14s. 100 p.eces English tapestry velvets, lis. a 12* , worth 14s. and 16*. Also, a large lot of oileloths druggets, rugs, Ac., Ao., all of which are now selling at very great inducements. N. B.? An experienced upholsterer kept, and that busi ness, lu all its branobea, attended to at the shortest notice. REMSEN A POWERS, 204 and 206 Sixth avenue, one door below Fourteenth street. Linens? irish and scotch linens.-we will open on Thursday, March a?, 1866, a largo line of Irish and Scotch linens, of Nicholson's and other makers, at full twenty -five iter cent lea* than ever before offored in this city. Anearly call is respectfully requested. REMSEN A POWERS, 204 and 206 Sixth avenue, one door below Fourteenth street. Peremptory sale of bmbroidcries. irish Scotch and continental manufacture. The entire spring importations of JOHN HIGGINS A CO., will be on sale, for tbe ensuing 60 days, at reduced|priees, mneh less than its Itorllng value, Tbe stook consists of Large and eostly lino* of embroideries. Do. do. linen handkerchiefs. Do. do. Irish linen shirt t ronts. Do. * do. eeMon do. Do- do. priLted handkerehiefs Do- do. Iaoe roods, Ac. And must be sold, within the above specified time, on Iftlio uaul credif'sbnrt time," or "oasb." 36 and 37 Vetcy street, and 8 Chureh street. Shawls and mantillas.? the subscribers are now exhibiting a very large stock of the above goods, anitablo for the season, or the newest style, quality and price, fiot to be surpassed in the city. An early call is so licited by REMSEN A POWERS, 204 and 206 Sixth ave nue, one door below Fourteenth street. Silks? plain and fancy silks.? we are now offering a large line of plain black and oolored fancy stripes, plaids and brocades, at twenty per'oant less than usual price*. REMSEN A POWERS, 20i and 206 Sixth avenue, one door below Fourteenth street. SUMMER FLOUNCED DRESSES.-A SUPERB ASSORT ment, Juat received per steamers "Paciflo" and "Afrlea," in Grenadine, Mousellne de Sole, PopUnette. An. . Ao., AO. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade ?treet*. SPECIAL NOTICE TO THE LADIES? A. STEWART. 667 Broadway, will offer from this date until tbe first of May, Ma entire stook of embroidered and laoe goods, amounting to (10,000 or >11,000, at sueh prices as will as tonish the ladies of New York and its vicinity. Embroider ed collar* at 3s. to 4s. ; sleeves, 4s. to 6t.; onemliettes and ?leevea to match, from $2 te 912; ladiei' and infants' robe* at allipricce; also (rooks and waists, black and thread veils from 12s. to $4; gents linen cambric handkerchiefs from 2l. to 3s.;a great variety pf gent* embrolderod shirt fronts at 4*. and 6e.; worth 12s. A. STEWART. 557 Broadway. WET GOODS ? WET GOODS.-OBEAT BARGAINS and tremendous rush at the subscriber's, for wet blaok silk, wet oolored do., wet linen, wet damasks, wet napkins, wet towelling, wet linen handkerchiefs; also cotton shirting and sheeting, besides prints. The public may rest saanred that the goeda offered will prove a greater bargain than can bo found elaewhere in this city. See advortiaementa in Times and Tribune. ANDREW U COLBY. 37 Thir ( avenne, corner of Ninth and Tenth (treats. COP ARTS KIUSHXP IfOTICKS. a>1 enn -wanted a person with one thou ?3ri.?)UU. sand or fifteen hundred dollars, to Join tho advertiser in a superior pianoforte and melodeon agency. Rooms and location unsurpanaad. A good chance to make money. One having some musical talent preferred. Ad dress Piano, Herald office. <?1 nnn ?PARTNER wanted? in a business iPl.UUU. paying one hundred and fifty per cent profit, genteel and safe. Address C. W., Pott offiee, <K1 nnn TO ?1.?00-A partner wanted in a ?Pl.uUu boot and shoe store, either active er special; the location unsurpassed, well established, and tbe opportunity one seldom offered to engage in business and make money. For particulars apply to C. B. HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau street. <t>i nnn to $2,ooo.-a partner in ill health, tpl.UUU will sell on liberal terms, his interest in a well established tea and coffee store. Address J. 1*. S? Herald office. nnn each-three partners wanted viiuvU activeor silent, to take interest in a wreck ing company, with a man well poeted in the buaineas, who has now on hand contract* enough to clear the whole amount Invested, also nearly all the tools and machinery for the above business. GEO. W. BRUSH, 138 Maiden lane. Q-rnn ? A YOUNG MAN CONVERSANT WITH TBE <P>JUUa book and stationery trade, who can invest W0 or ?MO, may obtain a good situation, where he will have ex clusive control, or a partnership, if desired. Address B. A S., Herald offio*. ICQ BROADWAY, OILSEY'S BUILDINO, (LATE 311 ?Ui7 Broadway, March 1, 1866 ? Joseph Leerespeotfnlly tenders hia thanks te his friends and tbe public for the very liberal patronage bestowed upon him during a period ofei?h teen years, and begs to Inform them that he has associated in the business, from tbe above date, his assistant, Mr. An drew Be* (for manv years In his establishments and Mr. George High am. and with tbeir combined exertions trnststo enanre a continuance of their favors Joaeph Lee A Co., in removing to their new premise*, apprise their friends that they have selected with discrimination an entirely new and elegant ass<rtment of broadcloths, plain a^d fancy eassi merv, silks, cashmere and Marseille* vestlngs, to which they Invite attention. ? WANT A PARTNER IV A CORNER LIQUOR ?p I tf. store. I will give him a full share In itock, lease and fixtures, and hall the profits, tor $76, If he takes full ? barge ot the store, aa 1 can be there only one* a week. He can have rooms free of rent, Apply, soon, in liquor store corner of Houston and Clinton streets. A MAN Of WEALTH WANTED-TO SUPPLY THE ?cans for mtanfacturian a patented invention, which Will Mil eviry where. There are no iavsntions to compete with It. For further explanation* address Whitney, box 174 Herald office A RARE CHANCE-A YOUNG MAN WANTED AS partner, with a small capital, by an experienced da guerreotypist. Apply at 316 Ureenwicn street. COPARTNERSHIP -WANTED, A LADY, WITH A small capital, a house or fnrniture, that would be willing to superintend a genteel fashionable boarding hou*e. Address, with real name stating when and where an inter view can be had, J. A H., box 113 Herald office. Notice -thi copartnership heretofore eaittlnr under tha name and fins of Woolcookt A On traadcr, u ibii dly dlttolTtd by mntaal content THUS. 1 WOOLCOCES, Miw York, March 2?, 1MB. W*. OSTRANDIR. All bnMBtl* and accouBti with the late Arm will be let tied by lb* BBderti*ned, who will continue the ram* bnei imi u heratofr.*a, at the old lUai, 57 Aan itreet, until fur ther notlia. * W. OSTRANDEK. NOTirr.HI HEREBY OITIN-THAT THE CO PART oe*?t.ij baratolora eiiitian between Charlea N. Hint A Onr?e S Robimon. tinder the Arm of Hunt A Kohintna. it thit day, March 29. INL dliaolred by natnal co?a?nt. The I uamete will be carried on a* nantl, at th? tami plnoe, 211 Grind at real, N. Y , by tha aobw riber 010. S. ROBINSON. Partnership ? an active business man, who ? ill terete hie time, with a small capital, eta make a fortune. The buaineaa ii> aa agency, that will require but a email capital to commas**. Addrew. with real name. A. H. J., box 1U Herald offlc* The si usckibers have this day formed a uopartnerabip nnder the name and Arm of Day, Newell A Miner, fi r tht parpen of carrying on th* general lock ?mitb lumucti SAMUEL 8. DAY JAMES W. NEWEMi. 1 HEODORE MINER, III Mercer (treat, raar of Z& Broadway. New York, March 84, 1HV. THE CO PARTNERSHIP HIRETorORE MXISTINO between U Kintt* and H. U. Schneider !? thie day uiMolred, by mutual content. Tha batiaa*i will ba coa ducted hereafUr by II. II. Sahatider. O. IIINT/.E, New V ark. March WVV H SCHNEIDER. TH* WW. RID Hot St {M EASURE GROUNDS, HARLEM ? iVM. A. URtiWNE reejeottallT anaraaca* ta hit frieada and tba pntlio laterally that be bat a?w oeapt*?adhi* aiteati** iaipraTtmaat* tl thi* eeiaWatad piiaa af ratara. I arye addition* ba?* baaa witde (e bit tttMa*. wkiih aaw ailord accommodation! ta %ll tbota wha say avail tkaa aelTta of tbatr annveaUaaat, *ad where th* Ineet hartea la tha aonatry are alwaya aa tala, whith aaa be eaea daily by pareaat dtettoaad ta rWt tha frewieaa Tba tcaialaa track and eriebat yroondt are aaw la lat erdar, lid an an .quelled by any othari ta tba e* aw try Tba baaaa baa aad*r**na art *atl?* rapain, Md Urge tdaiw* >??? >?? trade, makiar the whel* aaa af tha aaat aarfee maatala tba warld. The Saaaad araaaa railrea tba Red llonee a?ery Of# aiaataa. UNION COURSE. U L-TROTTIMO ; A ' 180. fr?? far all horaaa that aaew trettad BiiVe heate, beet tbraa ia ?? ta harnaat, ta Tbaredey, April Mb. entrlaa ta ckeaa *? Sat' Met, al Sn'elnok, I' M , at Falkland A l)tn Em* nreadwiy ind CtOiartee *tr? it. k. P )ieu by ta* pea pi later* of tkuaawi', ' aaaAa a raaa tad iw? ta ttarV ItfUtm li wtuuk i " Buffow. li'Olt blVltr^k-UMitu ouuc MAIL. afUH JT ihlp ATLANTIC, Ja*. Wail, oomiuauder TUi ftHflk ?hip will dtftrt witb the United KltHa maila tBr lunH positively on Wednesday, April 4. at 12 o'elu?k M " Lor berth, at the tool of Canal airuet for freight or | ? having uuo.iaalicd eooomiuodatlun-. for at era nne and I fort, apply to EI)rt AHL> K. VOliLINIi, H Wall stiwat. 1'aasen^ers are re<iiif?t? d to be en board at 11)2 o'oloe* A. M. Tb* eUamahip Baltic will succeed the Atlantic *n4 ?ail Arril Id Shipper! pleaae take nutioa that the etito* e* thia Hub cannot carry any good* oontrabaod of rar TIIK BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL RAIL STEAMSHIPS. mom m* vo&x to Livrurooi. Chief cabin paaaan- MM Second cabin passage 71 a ROM ?0?TU.t TO LI Y h A POOL. Chief cabin paaaago IU Second oabin passage at 'l'be aliipa from Hoatoq call at Halifax. AKAIUA, Capt. Jo.ikina ARKKU'A. Len*' 1'KliSIA Caul. Ryrie, EUKOI'A. Capt. Shannoa. ASIA, Capt E O, CANADA. Capt. dt?n?L AFK1CA, Capt. Harrison, N I A i! A ICA, i ? pt l,ifoh Those voaseis oany a clear wbito lyht at malt head, 0r**a on ata hoard l;ow, led un port bow. CAN ADA, S'ono. leaves Itost.on, Wodnoadsy, Mareti 1/1 A K It ICA, Harrison, " Bo.ton, Wndiiaada>, UarohW AJ-lA, Loit, " ll(ii,l.<in, Wodne-day, April Jl AM ERICA, Lang, " Boston, Wedao*l?y, April M Berths not secured until paid fur. An experienced surgeon on board. The owners of tin ta ships wtll not bo accountable for (aid, silver, bullion, ijiCcie, Jewelry, procious stone* or molala. unlet* bills of liiding art- signed therolvr, and tho tain thereof therein expressed. for freight or p ana age apply to Y. i'UNARD, i Bowling OrMt. Thar* will be no steamships of this line from New Tort, until further notice. THE LIVERPOOL Ah U PHII ADKLI'HIa STEAMSHIP Company inte id soiling tneir faroritn steamship* CITY OF MAN C11KST Kit 2,1 23 tons. Capt. Wylia. CITY OK KAI TIMIihE, (new,) 2,538 ton*, Capt. . city of Washington, to. 2,700 ton*. Capt. r. umi Saloon I, ft>5, and V>!>, according to state room. A limited number of third claas puasenyors will b? lata froin Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found in provision*. From Philadelphia IKM | From Liverpool 90 Parties wishing to bring <>nt their friend* oan obtain eerU float e* or passage and drsita on Liverpool, in auua of ?1 sterling and upwards. Apply to SAMUEL J- HITH, Agent* 17 Mr ainut street, Philadelphia, and No. 7. Broadway, New York. Steamships between Havre and new york direct.? The steamship ALPS will sail from Havre dtreot for New York, (without calling at any port in Eaglaad^ aw Saturday, 26th of November. The rates of might and m ?age in first and second cabins will he very moderate. fSe sailing of the suueeeding steamer* will be shortly aa nounoed. The rat* of insurance In France Is leu by afaipa from Havre direct tor New York than in ship* calling at as Engliah port. Apply in Havre ard I'aria, 17 Boulevard* 4m Italians, to l>onaJd Currio, or la New York to E. CUNA8A, No. d Bowling Green. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND IIAVRE.-TnE U. S. HAE steamer UNION, R. Adam*, commander, willloave foe Havre, touching at Southampton to land the mail* and pa* ?angers, on Snturday, April 7th, at 12 o'olook M.,from plat No. 97 North river. Price of pa*aege in first cabin 9130; ** oond oabia $75. I.uggag* not wanted during th* voyage should be *ent on board the day before Balling, marked M* low." No freight will be taken after Thursday. April Mh. For freight or paava^t apply to M. LIVINGSTON, Ageat, S3 Broadway. VANDERBU.T'S EUROPEAN LINE OF STEAMSIIIPfl. ?The first class steamship NORTH STAR, 2^100 tana, Wamaek, maater, will leave New York, at noon, precisely, April Zl, for Havre, direct. First cabin pr.*?age. tlSOi ** oond cabin passage, *75; Th* North Star will ee followed ky the new *te*m*hip Ariel, in May. The owner of the** Aip* will not b* accountable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, j*w , elry, (ireoious stone* or metsla, unless bills or lading art { signed therefor, and the value thereof therein eapr For freight or Pauag* apply to D. TORRANCE, ft William atreat Mew York; Sumner, Montant ft Draper, rueN. D. dea Victoiroa, Paris; Albert N. Chryati*. tl qu Casimlr Delavigne, Havre. N. B.? On and after May 1, ] Torrance'* office will be at No. & Bowling green. OR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN.? THE ITNIltal State* mall ateamer WASHINGTON, E. Cavendjr. MB mander, will (ail for Bremen, touching at Southampton u land the maila and paasengers for England and Fraaee, ee Saturday. April 21, at 12 o'clock M., Irom pier 37 North River Price oi paasage;? In the first cabin, main (aloon 9UI In the tint cabin, lowir aaloon JU In **cend cabin 9 An experienced surgeon i* attached to each (teamer. A1 letter* mu*t pass through the Post Office. Specie deliver*^ in Havre and London. For passage or freight, apply to C. II. SAND, Agent, 11 South Willlnm atreet. The (teamec Hermann will luocced tbo Waabingtun, aa< *ail May 1#. US. KAIL LINT. FOR CA oRNIA, VIA ASPI.H , ? wall and Panama. ? Calii * are intormod tna the Panama Kallroad complex .J th* trun*it of tk Jathmna will be mad<) by ruilroo .oui ooaan to eoeau. N more mule travel ? no rn or boa' ,'l On Thnraday, April (>, at 2 o'clock P. If., from pier at fee ef WarTen atreet, North river, will he dispatched the tee steamabip lfOE LAW, Capt. 0. Y. Fox, U. S. N. To conn ?t I'anama with tbo new and superior (teaa ?hip MWORA, ('apt. R. L. Whiting. A snare boat alwava kept at Panama, to pr?v*nt d*tea tlon, in ease of aocident. No freight received after 1 o'eloek on the aaillag day For paaiage apply at the Company'* offie*, No. 177 We* . Street. to J. W. RAYMOND. Reduction of fares to suit the times. New York and California ateamshlp line, via Niearagwi ? Acceaaory Tr*nsit Company (of Nicaragua), proprietor*.- ? Save* hundred milea ahorter than any other ronte. ? Tt I ? plcndid double engine steamship STAR OF THE WKS I IZ,UU0 ton* bnrthan). Captain Turner, will leave pier Nb I North River, at 3 o'clock P. M., precisely, for PuntaAina on Thnnday, April 13. liififi, oonneeting with th* ateaiaaJM Uncle Sam (Z.UIU tons), over the N loaragu a Transit reaV i having bfft twelve miles of land transportation by flrat elm ' carriages. Several new and swift iron iteamboat* ha< lately Lee* put on river and lake, which ahorten the time * , the transit from ocean to ocean. Th*se steamers are ansa. , passed in their ventilation and aocommodation*. Far info nation or paaeage, at tb* reduced rates, apply oaly t > CHARLES MORGAN, agent. No. 2 Bowling Green. Lett, bags made np at tbe office. Letters 25c. per naif ovnoe. Dispatch line for san francisco.-th spltadid A 1 flrat class clipper ship C(EUR DE LlOf G. W. Tucker, master, Is now receiving oargo at pier 28 Ea river, and will positively aaii for Sao Fraaeiaee on or befo Tuesday, April S, and la expected to liaiah loading Taeada 27th Inat. The snips of this line are guaranteed to *ail oa before ?ho day advartl**d. SUTTON ft CO.. B? Wal. i Australia pioneer line, carrying .. United State* mails.? The oelehrated cllppet ah OCEAN STEED, Tho*. Canningbam, maitar, U nrfw at h berth, pl*r 8 East riv*r. loadlna for Melbourne This shiB folng out on her second voyage in this line, having made a eat pa**age la eighty nlna day*. Has (xeeHoat aoeommad tioa* for firat aad (econd claas pas**nger* Early aapU* tlon for height or pauag* n*e****ry. as she will podtivt ?ail abont mtddl* of April. Th* Oeean Steed wul bef sc Maded by th* magnifiotnt alipper ahlp Nightingale, in M( alio on her Moona voyage, having made her la*t in th* upa eedented time of *ev*nty-*ix day*. For freight or pa*a*s ?ppiy to R W. CAMERON ,Ne. ? BowUag 8ma. Mi l Wall a treat. S MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY.? FOR HAVA> ? and New Orleaat. ? On Monday, April 2, at 2 P. I lrom pier foot of Warren itreet. N. R.. by the wall kae' ?nd favorite iteamaliip PHILADELPHIA. Passage can he aecured at tbe onmpeay'i office. Freight to New Orleani, AO cants per enbic foot. _ ......... ,, A. WW UIIWM. uv u.uii K"t cuuir looa. Shippers will be supplied with blaak bill* el lading of t form* signed by th* Company, on application at their effi No other forms signed, and no bills of lading will be (igc after the hour of Millng. For fnight or passage apply at th* ottc* ef tb* compai No. 177 W est st., corner or M arr*n. M. O. ROBERTS NEW YORK AND NEW ORLEANS STEAMSHIP CI) paay.? For New Orleans, stopping at Havaaa? Ow ing th* United States Mail*? Tbe ateamahip BLACK WA RIOR, J. D. Bullock commander, will oommenoe reeeiv freight on Thnraday, April 5, and anil far th* above port* Monday, April V, at 12 o'clock precisely, foam pier foot of Beach street. North rivat. Freight for the inter end for Mirbil*, eon*ign*d to our agent* In N*w Orlaa James Conaoly ft Co., will be forwarded free ef corns slons. Pasaengers for Havana must procure pasaporti Tore leaving port Bill) of lading mast lie eent in for eiga tb* evening previons to tbe ship *ni1ing. F*r fnigbt pa*s*g* apply to LIVINGSTON. CROCHERON k C agent*, 81 Broadway. N. B.? The Cahawba. R. IF. 8* feldt, commaader, will succeed th* Cahawba, aad *aU W necday, April 25. FON SAVANNAH AND FI<ORIDA.? UNITED STAT Mall Line ? Tbe new and elegant steamship KNl VILLE, C. D. I.ndlow, will leaveNew York for Savani on Saturday, March 31. from pier No. 4 North river. * o'clock P. M. Bills of ladinr signed on board. For frei apply on bo%rd, or tor paasage, to SAMUEL I.. MITCIill 13 Broadway. For Florida, through tickets from N*w Y to Jacksonville. K1: to PUatkl, $32. The FLORIDA, C* M. S. Woodhuli, will succeed, and l*av* on W*dn**d Aprils FOR 8AVANNAH? FARE REDUCED.? THE UNIT St*t*smail ateamahip KEYSTONE STATE, Capt. liardie, will leave Philadelphia for Savannah oa W*di day. ApriM, at ID o'clock A, M. l arr Jai?: >te*rage Keystone State will leave as above on wednespay. A 18th. Agents In New York SCRANTON ft TALUIAN, Old slip, where state room* may he around IjUm CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA. ? REMI WEEK 1 L'altcd Statci Mail Li a* ? Tba epleadid, faat ?tcamalilp JAMES ADCER, B.C. Tarner commander, ? laara pier No. 4 North ?l?ar, <>a Satardar, March 11, at I o'clock P. M. itwio't. lor ffl^ht, apply on board, wl all killa ol ladii* will be eignod; and far sanaace, at the Bee of SPOfTORD. T I LESION k CO.. ? Bread* Throagh tickita to Florida a> followi: ? To JeekeoaTlUc, to PUatka. $J3 The MARION will (ucoead, ami leave Wedneeday, April 4. FOR ( HA RLESTON, S. C.-THE MUI WU1IL STI, ahip QI'AK I II CITY, J U. Hodgdca comae aadar. Dare Philadelphia for Charlraton on Friday, April G, a o'clock A. M Cat in paaiaar.fJO. ataaraaa, ?>< for fr" or pa??a*e arr'j ?? . HERON A MARTIN, S7j; North fbUTM, Philedelphi For norpole, petersburo and ricrmoni The Unite* Statunu! aleamibip JAMESTOWN Partial). antrtnandrr. will leave pier IS North rlrar. Pat crday, Martk SI. at 4 o'clock. I*. M.: will arrive Norfolk the next afternoon, aad Petanbary aaj Ktehm the following mora ac. From Norfolk, peeeenrara far South proceed by railroad direct, witk tnroagk tiaketa f Weldoa to Wilatnrtop. Aaiaata, *c Kuwp aad far Norfolk. tH. to Peterabury aad ILchiaoad, 910; rtieiat* ptiee. Threagh tickete to Lvaal hart, Sla. Apply to I M l. AM A PLEAS A NTS. StYraadww For Richmond and norfole-the ste ahip JAMEHToH'N, Captaia I'arriah, la aaw leadia Car IS Nmk rirer, fer Richmond aad Norfolk, aad a?a aa Saturday afterneoa, at 4 e'cloak. LUDLAM a PLEASANTS, M Bread w* CORPORATIOIt IfOTICKli SALE or corporation pbopbrtt.? ifill ?old at pablia aaotioa, aa Satardar, 7tb A ant. a o clock A M., U the hUhart bidder, ail tk? maUral property of the mine of Ike late Mew City Uall, leeaii the Park. coneUting of brick*, laurtu, aad batldiag at Said property wll! be ?*ld ia differeat lata. Tka tara eale a ill be caab, ta be paid to the arctioaaar aa aaaa a a ?ale la raarWded Tl ? perrbaor will ba etligaled U at? the prawoda at bl? pni-rhaae treat the paemteaa <n Ira day a Wi<m the day el aale. All reepeaaihauty hr delivery of the r?ap<rt? will be be rat by tka pi rckaaer. la aaaa the poroWer ekoald aeclaat ta ramere eaid a rtaia er preparty witbia the tea dare, aa apeciftad, it ebal c natdored forfaited to the corporation, aad will be aald ? . rvKDr. Ceaaladectc ef laaautaai liffb>

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