Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1855 Page 2
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? UVIOZf A? AF7AS1I. Board of Aldermen. Aran I'.-- Isaac 0. Marker, Eeq-, President, In the ?tek. Ik* miautee el I lie la*'. meeting wort read anl MI?l'UillO\ WOM T1W MAYOR HB*WCWfl CtTV RAILROADS. ? Avon's Ot i lot, April 2, 1845. TO Til Uo WO H A HLK TH? UOAHO Or 1' OKJtMt* ? ftawtxi ?rt ? ? 1 enclose a copy of a lull, rw ?utlv Intro dared infv the Assembly of tbu State, ?lil?h, as ' am la hiat< Aas already ken ordered lu a lb*rd reading. and jrhiib, / a my opinion. I* prr.-naut witli imp>rta? coaso ?UHtM M this olty, being another of the many <(e*?as ?P?o ?ar chartered lights, urojeelcd by those wh? ?*eli J" acoom ?liait stealthily. at Albany, what they dare n<rt attempt la Rtt Tork. This project hat for it? aim a reversal of the de eiatens of ib? ooarttf i>t lite *?bjeot matter of a nUIM II Broadway aad a complete Bonification ol all power or tho ?a aic 1 1?1 corporations ol the State on questions of this character. In uty juoKmcat, immediate moans th ?ulil bo firm by Ike Common Council to avert tue |iu>wt of this ?SHiilioi, whleh eaa be dsue oaly by a repeal of the Ewedway Railroad Uraataad Resolution of December, 1KBJ. TM* Mil propose* to aUtlff that grant, but to annul all the adladscatioa of tbe oourta apoa it. Therefore, to repeal it it aate, will defeat the knprofrr legislation referred to, ?ow ia pragma at Albany. Deeming the whole question appertaining te our streets almost entirely under muuicipal MBlrol. aad wishing jour action against a design upon the Skareat rubts of onr corporate power, 1 beg to ank your ia mrdlMtw attcatien to this question. Very respectfully, FERNANDO WOOD, Mayor. Am Act to iimtnii the act entitled "An Act relative to the con Mruitiou oj railroad i in citiet," patted April 4 IA, 1894. Tbe pa* ale of the 8tate of New York, represented in Se ?ate aad Assembly, do enact as follows:? Bee. I.? The third seetioa of the aeteatitled "an act rela ttre to the conatructica of railroads ia eities," passed April 4, 1(64, ia hereby amended so as to read as follows:? "This net shall not be held to preveat tbe oeastruotion, extension or lane of any railroud in any of the eities or this State, vktab has been already authorized or eonslrueted, in whole eo ta part, or for which, in any manner, any grant, license, privilege or contract, has lieea heretofore made, passed or ?keen, er proposals to hare boon made, passed or given by anj Common Council of any city, or the two Boards there &er any muaioipal legislature, or for or in respeot to sh any resolution has been p issed or Toted by any such Common Council, Boards or Legislature; bnt for tbe pur pete of quieting and ' settling torever all doubts, questions or ?eatreversies which may hare been made on the subject, It t? hereby urovidsd and declared, that tbe respeotive ?croons, parties sr companies, by whom such roads hare keen, in whole or in part constructed, or to or with whom er in whose favor such grants, licenses, privileges, contract* er resolutions have been made, passed, vo:ed or given, or parpen ed er intended to be made, passed, voted or given, and their assigns, are hereby authorised to constrnot, coin plate, siiead and use such roads, In and through the itreets aad avennes designated in tbe respective grants, licensee, privileges, contracts or rcsol ii tions relating thereto, no t with standing any objection made or to be made, or any action commenced cr injunction issn<d, or adjudication had to the contrary," It being tbe lutention of this act to vest in the enteet, er persons, or parties mentioned, intended or inte as aforesaid in any such grant, license, privilege, con tract er resolution, as full right, interest, benefit and :t<lvan ?age in all respects as if the same had been duly mad", ?assed, voted er entered into by any such common council, beards or municipal legislature, after ample authority pre viously granted by tbe Legislature of the State for that ?nrpore; aad to that end all grants, licences, privileges, con wsits and resolutions iu this act mentioned or intended, are hereby ratified, eoufirmed and established. and shall be held in all courts and places, to be legally valid and effectual to *11 tntsnts and purposes. See. 1 This act is hereby declared a public act, and shall he liberally construed, and no grant, license, privilege, con tract er resolution, ratified, confirmed or established as mio re said, shall be revoked, terminated or modified by a Common Council or municipal legislature, exoept by tho au thority ef the Legislature of this Stato, hereafter expressly given, unless tho right se to revoke, terminate er modify, as Kas boon expressly reserved in the grant, license, privilege, ?entree! er resolution relating thereto. 2ee. 3. This act shall take offset immediately, v AMtrman Truman offered tho following:? v Whereas, certain pf rfns elalm (o have tome right to a oertain grant or license to bnlld a railroad on Broadway, Ac., which grant er license was irregular and invalid? now, for the purpose of removing entirely all the gronnds of suoh tliia ? Resolved, That the resolution which was finally adopted hy tho Common Council on 30th December, 1852, in relatiou te tbe construction of a railroad in Broadway, Ac., by Jacob Bharp and othere, be, and the sunn, with all powers and nu thority conferred thereby, is hereby rescinded, vacated aad repealed. And be it further Resolved, That all grants, licenses, rights aad privileges heretofore mude by tbe Corporation to lay rails in Broad way, of which tho construction has not been already com menced, be, aad the same are hereby repealed and annulled. Alderman Waucma.n was in Albany a few day* ilnce, aad was rnrprised at learainr tbe degree of for ward uess to whir.ii the headway Railroad Rename bad attained, ?ad the aecret Banner ia which it bad be?n accom plished. The hill bad not been printed until it came to a third reading, and was then printed only because it was neceteary by tbe roles. The question for thia , heard now was, would they permit the passage of a bill na grant to hn'ld a ra'luiadon Itroadway wttbout Ktaon 1 Ee moved that a aommittee bo appointed to ?o to Albany te prevent ibe paasage of the bill. Akerman Vookhib w\? in (aver of tbe resolution to ansv I, and after aeroe remarks en the iam? aide frein AUermen Ely, I/erd and o thorn, the resolution wa.H ??arimourly paoeed, and sent i mined Lately to the Board mt f>uatihnen. APrkOrHUTION TOR T1IK r*KK 8CU00U OK THK STATK. A report was received from tbe Finance Ommlitee seaesmac with the Councilmen to appropr;ate 9W,9t8 Oft for free schools of the iState Concurred In. conrui'i'ATiuf to tiii corporation Arro?N?\-. The n port of tbe Cemmlttee on Ordlnanoet, reco-n ?aoadkag an ordinance to reduce compensation of the ? Himation Attorney to 92,5(10 per annum. Con eined m. Til* KIRK DUPARTMICTT. The report of Ihe Committee on Fire Department in fa vtr ef eoocurrtng to hulM a n6w engine (or Bog ne Com yaay Me. 24 C oncurred in. Of mime in favor <> " cun osrvrusg the nsake, repairs to Engine 34, laid on the ta hio: of same, to build a new carriage for Hose Company M, laid on tbe table. MlKOtLAKKOUS. A preamble and resolution wore offered by AHerman Baird, calling bpon,theStr*etCeuiinl98lonerto inform the Hoard by what authority a contract has boen mtde with a etreet cleaning company, by whom made and for how laag. Adopted. THK PRffillTnOUAK KRICK CHlRI'll. Alderman Brrrk r railed up a resolution of his from Hm table, to amtnd the resolntion paaeed in 1836. au tkorzing the Brick Preebytlrian Chnreh to rent a por tion of (be triangular piece of ground rear of the chnrch, ?ad amending by giving the rhnrch power to rent such porta ef the aew edifice as may not be reqniMd for reli aton* purpoees. Alderman Ely laared to refer to the Counsel to the Corporation for aa opinion en the powers of Ihe Common CMmII ia thia matter, which was adopted. 1?*W CITT IUIX. Alderman VooRum offered a reeolutlon to add Alder ?an Vartan aad C. H. Tucker to tbe Committee on City MU1 Plana, as Mime of the committee previously ap pointed had failed to attend. lost. AHerman W. Ti'ckkr moved to take the subject from the committee and puss upon it. Loss. The Board adjourned to Thursday. Board of Connrll nun. April 3.? Tin beard met at 5 o'clock P. M., pur ?nutl* adjournment ? D. D. Connovor, Baq., I'reai dent, In the chair. The minute* of the lant meeting war* read and approved. rKTIT OJf* Rr.fKRRFIl, Of dlvars eitizean, ta hare Vba dips between pier* :15 u4 81 Narth river, excavated, ton* to naaka a eulftclent depth af water (ar navigation of inch n ull aa fra ^ant thaaa dip* ; of tha oystermen of tha city, for re ntal of as ordinance prohibiting tale of oysters from May UikfUDlH'r; of <!lverv cltlien- against (ranting tha a*a of the pier at the foot ot Watt* street to night ?<?% vengtr*; of the bellrinrers of the city, asking to be fur alabtd with m? p? of the city, sim'lar to thoae given to Ifce fire eetepanla*: of the IlulTalo Telegraph Company, to erect additional pole* in the itreet*; of 1M) person*. jnyio| the Common Council to purchase the Crystal RHOl.rTIOIH. Directing lfce (V>mminaion*r of Street* anil l*mpa to advertise for proporali to light the oil limp*. Ro fcrrtd. To give an additional mom to the Mayor. L*id apon Mm Uble. Calling far informat'on from the Commit'loner of Street* aad Ijimp-, In relation to (-loaning certain ward* with th? new street * weeping machine, fee. Adopted. Hat the C>ty Inspector be requeued to report what iwan he ba* taken for making a new contract for the ?omoval af oilal, Ac , a* authorised. Adopted. ta fater of memorializing the l>egl?l*turo t j allow creator excavation than a* per act of Jlta cf J?naarr, MM. Adapted. Tim 'HTWTA I. PAI-ACK (IROrNO*. Councilman Ct-A> err presented the following pream ble and resolution : ? ? H hfirif, there it now l? fore the Senate an I AatemMy a bill orrtniilnr ceitsln partie* into an a?a?ciation for tho perpoao of ooi.vcrting the Cr>at*i I'tltic into * market monopoly for their riclllin h*aeflr. and whereaa, the Cand occupied t>y (be Cryatal i'klaeo la owned hy > eity. And w?i originally drained for one of tho p?rm? Beat iquarca to errament the eity and aa *11 deaittion from <i>' ? 'in m ol the Coemmon Council in appro pri at tea raid inuim for try other purpoat would he tn on Irate epen tha <Uinei .>?nlna property In it* immediate *i aiaity, ?ho hnve paid the hnceirary atscaamentt lor eald ^acp't** and *1ae * Iran i upon the whole community;? there Keaclved, That the Boaad of Councilmen reapeotfnlly re ?onatrate eternal the paeeare of tb* Mil now l.efnre the Peeete aad A??*mb!y el tb* M*i.\ ortnniiln* certain par Hh inta aa association to n*o th* Cryatal Palace gran ada aa a ion hat moeejoly. Tb* reaoluticn wa* adopted. ratlin (Iiathasi *trk*t. The Beard than re*olv*d itself Into a committee of the whole to take np document No. 22 (the special order of ttoeventaf), being the report of the Onmm!!'** on the Law I'eaartnient in fewer of paring Chatham *tr*et, A*., with block pnvrment. Tb* report and ipeciflna ?*, aMer being amea>**d. were adopted In eommlttloe after which th* Board adjourned. Heard of Inperwlaora. Aran 2. ? Hi* honor, th* Mayor, In tho chair. Severn1 II* were ordered to be paid, among at which wore K>roe ?all Item* for the purtuit of Baker, the fugitive mir ?f Pool*. roRoiraa' mix*. The bill* of the ooroaer*. amounting to t.1,744. for the qnartor ending March 31. 186A, and for I3D6, for poet mortem examination*, were referred. Auj?aD Kxmmo.v n nt* omrx or urnm or t ai??. la reference to a communication from the Mayor to th* ?*e*hrer of Tasaa, re* porting the tax of P. Donnelly, Mr. Harvey Hart replie* ? ?'Tb* teewverof taxes folly discharge* hit duty, aad hi* whalia dniy, wVae ha isaneo the w*rr*nf. and i* In no *ea?a *e*po**?hl* for lk* eondaet of th* ofBoor tharge t with II* ?eeoaiioa. Tho retotver of totat ha* nothing whaUver to do tha f*y th* coaataMe may ehargo, a* more than the "v? *r the Alder me a ara rn*pon*<bT* fhe lb* fee* charred ?ad retired by eoiioetert and depaty oolleelora ?f ?maWi a*oii t?e warraata itanod hy tin in for th* oolloctioa a' napaid aaaeaamenta. a a a V |, m^raaea t* the ? t*l*moat of Mr. PonBrTlv. that he ha t an nolle* of hi* tat anill he w*? called ..n hy the warrint .,m*er, It it nnlr ne ?? a?*rv to alite that it it not the ,Kiv ?| ilio Reovrot 9 fi*< ti <*'' n|*e Mm grd thr ' ' t ip- t?r? hy tin alBds< ob lie in the County Clerk's o?e<i, th?t Mid tax had bMi demanded of him, either peraonally or by notice let at bit r*fhIenco, and bylpubiie actio a-rordiun to law, and that ho kad not looted anf refused t.. |?ay it. It aii lit l>o aolliel'nt fur tbu uaderaignel to atop here; but Jnetly appreciating the rrnat oonfluouco repoaod in liiro. and oonridcrio^ the large amount of money he haa collected and paid iuto tlif iity treamry during tHo Lime he ha* hold Ma preeeiit n(lt'? and I" in/ cn-cioua thai the iotereate oi tb? city demand that to houl I po* r?a the Hitiro eoiifideooe of tbo community, which ho laa viade every uffirt to deaerve, he dc> t?* it nocra-arv to publi-h t'le annexed opinion of the Cuuhm ] to the Corporation, and which of eourae mud bo hit role of action for tha fut jr- , a* it baa boon for tb ? paat. It a.oat fully vindicates the eniidnct, uni enforce! the do ty. of the uaderai?nt>d to leau- thee* w irraata. It ia resp. etfully lutimitud that n"tbinx ahort of political or ptrannal hoitllity. nr an aniioua desire to interfere with ana control the bonnets, to tbefminutaet detaila, of all the variuut departments of the city iioyerntnent, could And in theae prot imp eauae of complaint, muob 1-jaa of arraign ment before the whole eoinmooity. The anderaigned haa, therefore. no "abnae" to reform la reference to this matter, and if the Saperviaora think the ooastaklet, to whom theae warrtnta are leaned, are "uaelett offieera,'' tbeduty ia plain that legislative aid ahould forth with be invoked to provide tome other meant for collecting theae unpaid tazea. Verv respectfully, IIARVKY UAItr. Rceeirer of Taxes. Tbe Receiver af Taxen annexes a commonieatien from the Corporation Counsel, la which that fun-tonary say*:? "That 1b all caaes in which the tux a hall be paid af tar the receipt of the war mat by the eanatable, he is entitled to the percentage upon the anaoant collected. It ia not allowable that the delinquent shall deprive theoffieer of his foes by the staple payment or the debt. Snch has been the invariable decision ef the courts. This fee is commonly spoken of as coatimlssloa, bnt that term ia no where used in the statutes. Bush fete are part of the costs of the distress and sale, within the meaning of the statute. " The Mayor gave a brief history of the camplaints which had been made to bim, ann which caused his call apon the Receiver of Taxes for information, declared his right to make such call at any and at all tines upon any officer of the city government; also, hit* power to exa mine their accounts, fcc., as the supervising magistrate of the city, without being liable to the uncalled-for and gratuitous insinuation of the receiver, that he was promoted by personal and political feelings He reiter ated his version ef the law contained in his letter to the rtcelver, and quoted from the statutes to show th ?t there was no authority for the charge of two dollars and Ave per cent commission on the bills of delinquent tax payers, except la caies of absolute distress and sale. He also u ffi rased his opinion to be unaltered, notwithstand ing the opinion of the Counsel of the Corporation and the acts of the Receiver of Taxes That, in the whole matter, he had been actuated by a tense of duty?that he was perfectly unacquainted with the gentleman (Mr. Donnelly), who had addressed to him the communication relative to the enormous addi tion made by the Collector of Arrears to the original b 11, but on looking over it, ho was sur prised to find so large au amount charged. He therefore considered it hi' duty to investi gate the matter. He aldressed a letter to the Receiver, asking on what authority of law the charge was made ; and en looking into the statute was of the (Wei led opin ion that it was illegal. He considered it necessary for him, as the chief magistrate of tbe city, to hold a super visory control over every department of the city govern ment, and that be should continue so to do, offend whom >t may. In conclusion, he eloquently vindicated the powors of his office, and expressed his settled determination to dis charge its dnties fearlessly, honestly and independently. Alderman Ely, (Supervisor of the Seventeenth ward,) moved to lay the communication on the table and prist it. After some obsei rations from the Supervisor of the Twelfth ward, the motion was carried. Adjourned io Monday next, T1IE CiLENMR OF CRIME IN NEW YORK. Court of Oyer and Terminer. Hon. Judge E. P. Cowles presiding. ARRAIGNMENT OF PBIFONERfl- MOTION TO QUASH THB INDICTMENT IM THE POOLE MUEDEE. April 2 -The April session of the Court of general jail delivery "was opened this morning wrih the nation. The |rand jury were called, but, as the Dtstric Attorney intimated that there was no business for them, they were discharged for the term. Ihe District Attorney .aid besupposed the next bus. nets in order was the arraignment of the prisoners, a to take their pleas. MURDER WITH THE KNIFE. William Sctarffenberg wa* . th*llh*rr*'fJ1 a kn fe. murder of Helena Myer, stabbing her with a "ft ?h1 l" Clinton, counsel for the prisoner, said that ? t?SSXSS!^i" "? u""1 **J" " ^erm mukdvb of a. wipe. Terence Hemmlll was arra.?xed f? Jtawurtw of Kllza Hammill P?ea not, guilty. Trial set uowu second Monday of the term. vrUDKR OK A POLIIEMAM' James Hyan and Ju-ten Patten teo young managed 11 19 .? arrsWned for the m trder of James M, a p!^?Sa? b5 shooting hi in with a pistol. ' ^DlT^Attorney said that he wou'.d put Patten ;;?:Lrs zKttxw.rrM wert' mhedee bt shootwo William Cherle was arraigned for the murder of John S^iss FeterM I,awson was arraigned for ttte murder ?f John O'KeU by a knife Plea not gulUy- Trial down for the second Wednesday of the term. ARSON IN THE FIRST DEGREE? TEWALTT, DEATT1 vi no ah Mvfr wis for in?n In vh? 8? j I Sw Spb M3S *g guilty. Trial set down for the third Wednesday of th tefm" MPEEER BT 8HOOTINO. ... Joseph llall was arraigned for the ^^thTut ? O'Brien, by shooting him with a olrtol m thelrtjC MOTHER BY TUB EEIFE. Edward Allen, a lad apparently not more thsn sixteen yean of age *?? arraigned f"r the mur(ler or lat Quin with a knife, cn iib November lSM. Th? Ttintrir t Att?r?ef MM rtCelVfU noviov Wi ! stgjstt* i p,ea of not In the ease of Ann. M Dorchey, murder of ber child, the inquiry as Vo her saulty ?et down lor Thursday next. jhjhdek OF THK PRISONERS CHARGED WITH | rOOLE. , . _ I ii'&'suuxr ? the indictment. rhe argument W ttaMiMM should necesca-ily precede the plea, and he named tnrda? mit for tne motto?. i i ppt irATIOV TO INCREASE THE BAIL OF IRVING, ll.e Ihstrlet Attorney made appUesUon r^ the rn ? fio.wu. II? ?? th.n the Grand Jury had SUMS. kv.i. ...a ?. m<u? Attow w.ou .~.r ?... of Mr. Irving as much oertaioty as *10?? SoT he could give IA000 or $100,000 ball, but he did not 'wish to be troubling his friends inthemaUer. The IH-itriet Attorney pressed bis motion. I Mr. H. F. Clark here came in, and Mkoa teat tne ! immAfit on the motion to qn??h th? ln<!loim?nt be he*nl K7 It would V !?con??l?t for bi? to ttUad oo I w and be iUiuref-ted to th? Court not to p**s upon the'questimi of bail until k. had heard th? arga llln^'nUd'to' 'with the argument rls: I was not sufficiently n>corered to b? present In ^mr^- . | mrr;::^? I cou^elTor W.J t"o. ^snbetan^lly ^tti^ forth - the r witn< cses in oefenoe. wliie.h was tefuwl. 1 1 he (' roner was advi?ed By the IH.tric* . , hli duties .nded after ?erdiet, with arrest and individual ?"r',? uJkneimr,.Deed his argument b? eUting hi. pHn _i * 1 ?int tl?st tne in llctn.eiit was found preraaVirs S> dm<?m tbe ef ibe aecueed to .tsmm itU,o Art Ta' h wa. tnus in fraudof iheir rights. He inalst " that the phrase i TfSSSft ??i rear* "YnvePs'(^iP him with magisterial power. V- proe-*l on 'i e rer^ict of bi-^^.n the^me manuer^ .Mt rrh^iht o'f a jendin. " ^nation. He argued t,, at ! toftndaninrtietmentund.rthi. vle^wouM be o ^ e frand anaceu^ of a n?bt lo be c?nfronte,l with ^ 1 wiiiieei?? against lilm. ftc. His argum n t tally the name as made befare Jui-ge Morris. He cited thrh**Dl> trie t^AttOT ner denle?l that ttynld he called a decision, as tbe point was ?ot be'ore his hon r. Mr. Clark answ?r?l Perhaps not strletly. but H was I an inUmation entitle.1 to respect Mr. Clart theoplnlrn of JuCge Kdmon l. upon a simQar app ioa lion, qnaehing the Prury indlctmeat becauae of a pend I '"^he* ^strict Attorney said It wae not eiaetly for l*f^ Judge tlrnoVlsMaw was to be he onestloned It in toto. the court were to be ftr?t sat?s (led tbe Oornner was a msflstnte. ^ I Mr (lark commented at length, and with eloquence, neon tbe abn.e of personal right, in oar Mldet, nnd de nooneed the gran*', jury system. He commenced Ik. .,ihi?rt of bail, but the Out letimated that tuts swiM ariee mors .pr?orl.f?T bWter Th. followln, are tbe peints upon which Mr C. argued ? 1 That upon the renaitina sf the ?s*<lrt ?f the i rsrone^s n? the d'feadaats, the < eeoner haeaeis at i'.Z e XS ? Aer" of a maristrate. asd Jar ^4 irtfh the serf oeaiaaes of all the 4ntW.? aptliraM. to the eass | eitli tne p rr . |>w apoa maemratM 0 thi *Ti('T^f ?h' ? ?ros.r s j?rv h?.l ?hs .ams I S ? hat liiry. I ??far ' , _. !? <<..? ?, ?(.. -???? ? Kit icenrc J ar '! ? ' ctin'el wer not all 'ee t?- in r?>?w t as the determination ?( a magistrate, alter a preliminary bearing had bstore him In the presenco of tho accused. 3 That the proaeention bavin*! Seen initiated before in dictment, tke right of tha defenl.ints to a preliminary e? amir at ion became e*?d. and that no coutrivanoe to defeat thai right ran b? ntbeld. 4. It is conceded that the prosecution might have been i u i ' i a t< ' 1 tefore tbo Grand Jury, ami that in ?uoh ??ho thnrti is r.o provision by law inr a preliminary examination; Nut thru there would he no imprisonment until utter in lictmeK. The Imprisonment before indictme&t ia a peialty paid by the accused lor the right of a preliminary examination open t tie charge against them; and. after incurcm-ation in a ea-" ol felony, a man ran never be deprived of that right, e?eu by M> own consent. 6. Tne finding ot the indictment by the Grand Jury, under the eirennsstances of the oaso, work* a fraud upon tlx le al rig) ts uf the accused, and the Indictment mnst be set isi le, open tbe principles whioh regulate courts of record in their summary Jurisdiction in cases of fraud in proceedings b 'tore them, or on the part of their officers, the Grand Jury being merely an appendage of the Court, and subject to its con trol Tbe system of grand juries was designed for the pur rose of the protection of tlie citiien agaiunt the as?aim< of he prosecuting power, and ia strangely perverted from tbat purpose when the result of their premature action in per mitted to deprive a man ef valuable rights secured by law. Their seereiy, their ex parte condemnation, are uncongenial eler eats in our system of jurisprudence, and their modes of proceeding may well be subjected to wholesome regulation. Tbe application for ball was deferred until the deter miuation of the motion to quash the iu 1 i-tment The panel of petit jurors was then called, and several persona excused? some for having coDScentieus scruples against capital punishment, Rome of the Jewish per suasion in consequence of tbe approaching Pssnever, and others for varans reasons. At the hour of three the court rose, aad the District Attorney will answer to sorrow at ton o'clock. CORRECTION ? In a description of the prisoners before the Court af Oyer and Terminer, and a sketch of th* Crimea with which they stand accused, given la yesterday'* paper, we mentioned, in the case of the youth, Edward Allen, that tbe deceased. Patrick Quinn, waa intcxtcatol at the time of bis receiving tha injury, and that it woe in the morning the occurence took place. Since the publication of the same we have been requested to state t>r the deceased's relations, that he was in bo way inebriated, at tbe time of his receiving the fatal wennd, and that it was on the evening of the day in question he was at tacked. Court ot deneral Scaalonc. Befcr* Hon. Judge Stuart. Aran 1 ?The Apii) term ot the Court of General Ses sions was opened this morning by the City Judge. One of tbe heaviest calendars ever known in this Court ia to be disposed of. We subjoin a list of the prison casts, which, be it remarked, dots not include the cases to be tried in the Oytr and Terminer:? Burglary ..36 Bastardy. 1 Forgery U Misdemeanor li Robbery fi Disorderly home 1 (.rand larceny 45 b tabbing 1 False pretences 4 ? Felonious assault and Total 106 battery 2 The following gentlemen were sworn in as Grand Ju rors Ssabury Brewster, Fore- Alonio Cushmar, man, Andrew Dlasock, Lewi* Attsrbury, Jr., Geo W. Farnham, Va. H. Anderson, Jobn Lightall, Stth G. Babcoek, Runyon W, Martin, Joshna H. Bates, Darius C. Newell, Etenezer Collamore, Ward Newman, James Cropsey, Henry Olmsted. Geo. R. Andrews, Judge Stuart then charged them as follows:? Gentlemen of thy Grand Jirv:? You have been se lreted from the body of the oounty with reference to your character among your follow citizens for integrity ana the reputation you have in tbe community for intelligence, to serve at this time as members of a Grand Inquiaitiou for the investigation of all criminal offences in our olty. Tbe insti tution of the Grand Jury is of much antiquity and was re garded in former times as greatly promotive of the ends or public justice, however to the contrary may at present, and In this country, be public sentiment upon tbe subject. It had ita origin in the h'gb neceaslty of tne people ot the age and nation that brought it into existence us a "great seen rity" against the wrongs and oppression of corrupt and pow erful or profligate ministers of authority and arbitrary go vernment, and has ever been under politioul institutions foreign to our own, of more real benelit to tho humbler class estban can with truth be said of any other institution ever yet dedicated to tho protection of tne innocent and the pun ishment of the ?ullty. It is not to be denied, even by those who see no necessity for its existence here, that thero is no thing in the untials of European governments that oan com pare for good with what the Grand Jury was, and did, iu its early hii-tory, amid prinoely power and political oppres sion. It is f>,r this that the institution has ever had in this oountry tbo reverence of our statesmen and patriots, and tbe respect of our.|urts?B snd legislators; aud it wai bv rea son of this, although contrary in its nature and prncoediuga to tbe principles upon which criminal law ought over to be administered, tbat it was tnado a means in tho formation of onr government to the promotion of the criminal Justloe of tbe country. It is because of its importance in oth.r days and to another people rather than for any present neces sity or Immediate benefit to ourselves or the time iu which we live, that it still has a charter upon the pago of our criminal statutes aud an txistenee among us, secretly co operative wit** our other institutions of law tor the advance ment of public justice I have said this much, gentle men, not prefatory to a foriral charge, hut preliminary to presenting you a "Grand Jurors' Guide''? for so the pamphlet is entitled ? which has been prepared aud printed with great care hy the learned District Att of no?, containing a charge at some length to the Gran t Jury of a preceding term hy this Court, and which embraces generally snob mi iters and principles of law and justice touching grand juries and their powers na would otherwise be sub mitted at this time, together with sucti statutarv rrovi?iioue. tf UUI-hoii rules and regulations, and studied suggestions ai.d observations as, in tho epiuion of this Cenrt aud of the learned Attorney tor the people, is nee??*ary to a wise and legitimate disposition of the bntinesH that will come for your consideration. Instead, then, of anch verbal Instructions ted sdvice na the practice and not the necessity of ocrasions like this seem to demand, you will be pleased to rceoive tl ese curolully prepared pages, which by a brief bnt atten tive study, will lie found in (tritely more important and of prruter benefit to your deliberations, than any oral .li iqnlti tlen 1 1 p r n vi.ur powers and duties relative to criminal offen ces, than could Ye given from thli or any ether benah. E. eh juror will le furnished with a oopy, with which, as the oFargo of tbia Court, tbe Grand inquest will now proceed to a performance of tbe duties for which it la empannelled. No cases being ready 'or trial the court then adjourn ed for tie day. The Cyprian*. Til KTO DIFCHABOK BT JCDflE MORKI? All the Cypriana who ware arres'.ed on the first night of the descent of the police upon then, and lent to Black well's Island, (excepting lire. Wade, who iu pre viously discharged), were brought before Judge Roose velt j esterday morning and released from custody. Mr Jolin D. McGregor, who apyearel on their bahalf, a?W<"i for the rtltaxe of the entire batch, upon the ground* operating in the cut of Mri. Wade, tried before Judge Morris. Te this Jndgc Koosevelt consented, aud tbe re lease of each of the accused was accordingly recorded upon the minutc.i of the court. The scene in tie court room was highly animating to those part.cuUrly interne tad. Tbe Cyprtann orove down to court from the place o! their incarceration 11 carriage*, cutting a daub in the way of a "turn out"' that knocker tbe Fifth avenne into the ehade. At tbe court room the women were met by their various "lovers" who took itrmeciate possession or them after the edict of the court had been at nounced. No oae appeared in court In opposition to Mr McGregor. ANOTHER OPINION OF THI IIIBTBICT ATTArWKY. The District Attorney, Mr. A. Oakey Hall, has writ ten the foilowing letter to the Mayor in regard to the de elaion ol Juoge MorrU, discharging the disreputable females recently arrested: ? District Attor.vkt'b Oftick, April 2, lRIifi. Mi Dun Sir:? In regard to jonr application for my vitws of tbe >illect which the decielon of Judge MorrU has upon the vagrancy proceeding! that yon hare set in motion, I bet leave to say:? That tbe oHer which you last tent to the police will ahkndartij renisdy the difficulties upon the arrest com plained of by tbe learned Justice. The officers trill only arrrst for acts and words Indicating vagrancy occurring at tbe time of arrest, or shortly antucedent thereto. They win he prepared to make oath to these specific acta and worts. If in tbe actlrns of the supposed prosltutes nothing ol pretcnt import Is discovered and the arrest is desira ble, any officer nynliant of recot acta can make pre liminary affidavits before a magistrate of " acts of pros titution without meani of lawful employment," and the ma^iitrntc c?n tt.en authorize an arrest by warrant. It might he well if tbe officer, in cute of donbt, accompany the suspected ptraon to her alleged residence and m??e Inquires there. These details are embraced by your phinr-e of " ex'raordlnary circumstances." Aiur the arrest is made the partis* lliay be taken be fore a wiifUlta"', who will take the affidavits in writing, to s<me such effect as tbe following: ? A. II. bclag dnl.r sworn, depose* and sayl that he i? a no Ike c?t. tr nl ? - district polite. 1 hu? lu< {? acquaint >d ? itli new rrescnt. Ttist he arr? t?d lier on ? in ? strict. That he benrd her ao<- ,st oitkent, Ac., [erl that he saw her, Ae , Ao. Tbst he ha? also Dnretonre seen her. or I heart I er <n tfce imlilic rtrecta An. That ?be commonly walks the ?tr-?t? at late boor' of the ulcht alone, Ac., Ae. That ihr ftttaes at No, ? whl'li is a repntcd hoaec of pros tit allee. Thit he has seen ber in company wtth men at varines tin e? <nt?rsaid hoase, Ao , Ae . Ac. 1 be affidavit being made ax sp. ?? iti.-alty as may be porsihle lor the magistrate to infer thcrofrom the va grancy. It will he sign-d, and the prisoner informed of her right to counsel snd to immediate cross examina tion If -he declines this, let the fact he noted She will thou be informed ol her tight to proince wltaesaes if the choose*, and a t j she names will be forthwith ion< lor If this be declined also, let tbi* fact be noted. If she cross txamin"* or p reduces witnesses, the matters elicited ere also to be written down, signed and cei tiffed; if tbe vagrancy Is made out the papers will be at tached together with the usnai record of vagranct. re ferring to them as schedule*. ih? will be signed and forthwith died witu tiie Clerk of tbe Sessions. Judge Morris thinks a copy must alao be 6led with tte fiuntv Clerk. Judge insraiam In a recent deci sion, thought otherwise 1 respectfully concur with tbe latter hut for th? sake of avoiding all difficulty and all interference of tec) nica lilies with justice, tho double couise mar be adopted. The magistmte then Issues his warrant or commitment, which shcuhl contain a direc tion after ordinary officers, " and to warden of the city prison and his deputies, and to whomsoever it may concern, toeomry to the said keeper of the peniten tlary," thus avoiding the trick practised by aome " gen tlemen learned in tbe law," (and winked at by aome judges,) of serving habeas corpus while tbe pritonera are in trannhi to coefleement and in custody of some subordinate not technically aamed in the commitment. If the arrest wae made upon present acta, or upon a warrant issued upon past <!eed> ? if the affidavit de'aila specific acta of vagrancy? If the magistrate offers oroea exainination and the bringing of witnesses? if the re cords and papers be full and properlv fllcd? If the com mitment be special? I cannot see how the law of va grancy can be practically set aside At any rate, the authorities can pr eeed in thia wise until aome new ' higher law " prompts to a newer anil more canttous course ? tor the latin maxim charges JmlicH ter ft nn mutamtr <tl> ilUt, With gr> at respect, your obedient servant, A O.tKKV R A 1,1 7r His TIM Mmo* Theatre* and Exhibition*. Italian Opkra ?The management, by particular de ?ir?. announces th* j?'rf>>nuance of "I.ucrv/.i? Ilor^i*" on Wednesday evening. " W tliaai Tell" isiupr parttion, ?ti 1 wilt he produced in a superior style, with new aceoerr, kr., and a east of character wnlch cannot f*il to pl*a?e. OreRA ? At Niblo's Cardan the mtna^meut sncmnrrri tbut >n consequence of this b*ior I'm-iion Mtek, tbi r<> will be ao perfornunce until fncsday uvea lig, April lOtb, wDen, no doubt, there will ot. a crowded houie. Broadway Tiikatrk. ? The American trasred'aa, Mr. lerrei t, Mr F. Conway, Madame Ponisi and other mem. hereof the Hroa<i?ay stoek com piny, wlU appear in l'i? historical tragedy of " Brutus " The new eonnhetta entitled "Lore and Larceny," will be played for the /onr'h time, aid will be the last piece Bowkht TnKATKi? Mr. Eddy continue* to play at thia theatre with considerable sucoess. lie will appear to night in the One nautical drama of the "Wtwr l of tie Wave," in the principal character. Two favorite farce* to be playe* in addition to the above, named " S&00 Reward," and "103," in the latter of which Mr. K. John f en will appear aa Old Oavia. Burto.n'h Thbatm ? Mr. J. C. Barn?t, the gentlemanly tree surer of Burton'* theatre, announce-* hie benefit for thia evening. Two excellent pieces are to be performed: "Ihe Soldier's Daughter," Mrs. Alexin* Flayer Baker a* Widow Cheerly, and "Paul Pry." All the leading char acters appear: Mr. Burton, Mr. Harry Hall, Mr. U. Jor dan and ethera. Aa Burton's if nightly crammed. Mr. Fernet cannot fail to derive a handsome aim by hi* benefit. Wallace's Thxatrk. ? The new comedietta of the "Diary of a Young Wife," and riourclcault's excellent comedy, called the "Irish Heiress," will be played. Blake, Iester, Brougham, Dyott, Miaa Reea Bennett and Mr*. Heey appearing. Mr. H. B. Phillip*, a very deserv ing actor, will take his benefit on Thursday evening next. Ambkun Mcbbcm.? Three great curiosities are on ?x btbition at present, namely, the fattest woman, the tallest woman and the smallest woman, with the F?jee Met maid. "Adele," "Trying it en." and the "Flying Dutebman, " comprise the dramatic performances fur the afternoon and evening. Ethiopian Pkhvohmanuss.? At all the burlesque opera houses good bills are announced. Jersey City News. Thk Firs Works Exploxiok. ? There have been altoge ther, np to the present time, seven deaths by the explo sion ef the tire works manufactory, on Beigen Point, on the 21st ultimo. Besides Henry Kleiber, taken out of the ruins dead, Henry Korner. who died the same day, and KmllBnbm, wheae death has been mentioned, to at have ^needled. Their names are Jacob Nieelay and Fred It. Irundt. who died on Saturday and were interred on Sun day; Ferdinand Bauer, who died on Fridty, and Charles KHine, who died early in the week. The two enrvivor* sre Wm. Httten, who is expected to survive, and the lad Henry Joasman, who it la believed will not recover FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. BtOAIKY MARKET. Monday, April 2?6 P. M. The atcck market continues to improve gradually bat steadily. The moat active movement to-day was in Erie Railroad stack, and the advance was sustained to the close. It would not be at alt strange if epecnlatora carried this stock to 60 per cent ; bnt it would be strange if tbey sustained it long at that peint. It has, we understand , been deter mlred to pay a dividend in October in stock, and to continue them regularly semi-annually, in the same shape, to the extent, at least, or the staking fund. It is also the intention, we learn, of the comjaoy to issue certificates of stock, with coupons for divi dends, attached, payable to bearer, so as to mute them mere easily and conveniently negotiable abroad. This will, without doubt, extend the mar ket for this stock, give it a wider dis tribution, acd thereby augment its market value. A portion of the recent improvement is prices may be attributa ble to these things. We should not be surprined to pee the Erie Bailroad in the hands of, and managed by, foreigners, before the lapse of majy yta*s. Theie are already two directors in the board, representing the interests of fen'gi stockholders, and as that interest increases it will r. quite a greater representation, until ultimate'? it will hold a controlling power and man.ige t.e entire property? debt ?nd all. We have gnat faith in the juc'gmex.t and shrewdness of these for.ign represen tatives, and believe '.bey will bring the company up to its proper petition. Since tbey have had a feat at the Board gteat improvements have been nude in the management of its sflbirs, and we have ne doubt they Kill continue. The E ie Railroa 1 is net ti'-g into gofd bands. It is an important work, and those who have so freely embarked their capital in its construction should be properly remnn ir ited. Tfce prospect is certainly more flatteiing than we bave known for years, bnt there is danger of too rapid an inflation in the market value of th? stocE. All the other leading railroad stocks were in moderate demand, to-day, at better prires. Railroad bonds were quite active, and an advance was realized on all tbe sales made. Illinois Centrals said at 78| a 78], interest off? on Saturday, they closed at 81f, interest on. The sales te day were therefore at an advance of 2 to } per cent. Upwards of $30,000 weie sold at these rates. Erks, 1875, sold to the extent of 176,500 at an advance of about j per cert. State stocks were not very freely offered to-day, but we notice no variation in prices. Prices currett at the first board, compared with those ruling at tbe close on Saturday, show an advance in Nica ragua Tiarsit, of ? per cent; New York Central Railroad, J; Erie Railroad, Harlem, |; Norwich snd Worcester, i; Reading Railroad, i; Hudson Railroad,}; Michigan Central Railroad, Michi gan Southern Railroad, 1; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, |. Cumberland Coal declined 4 per cent; Panama Railroad, |. It is a curious fact that the stock of ihe Cleveland and Toledo Railrtad Com pany is sellitg at higher prices than the company's iiicome bot da. This is something unusual. A meet ing of the stockholders of the Michigan Southern Railroad Company bas been called, to be held at Adrian, in tbe State of Michigan, on the 25th of April, last., for tte purpose of authorizing the di rectors, in conjunction with the Northern Indiana Railroad Company, to consolidate their stock and interest it to one consolidated oompany, to be called the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Rail road Company, and to surrender existing stock ce - tificates, and issue therofer new certificates in the consolidated company. Tbe stockholders of the Northern Indiana Railroad Company will htld a meeting at I /a porte, Indiana, on tbe 26th of April, for the same purpose. AfleT the adjournment of the board the following sales of stocks and bonds were made at auction by A. H. Nicolay:? 17, COO Virginia State Siies n*t 071* fl.tOO Ter.uestoe S?st? Pijes do. !?!?,' 6. ('00 Mt M*?n Sin* Hiiea do. '>H 1,000 Watertown (N. Y ) Water Block 6's.. do. 76 1 .000 do i*o do 7's.. do. 84 X 3,f ( 0 New York k New Haven RR 7's, l&Mt do. 807f 6 100 Cleveland & Pittsburg RK 7's, 1856.. doTh.^a*^ ?.r>0o Cincinnati, U^aniport k Chicago RR ? tsrlirg e's do. 61J,' 200 ebareii Krle RR 51', ?A do. Niciragua Transit Co f O do. Marine Hank 60 40 (o. fhatliam Hank 7ft Ml <*o. Manhattan Fire Inn. Co 113 40 ds. New Ameierdam Fire Ins. Co HI SO <"o. Arctic Firs 1m Co ?lKaH2tf fl do. I'nited Ptatei Firs Ins. On 110>,' ISO rl?. American Conl Co , AUe?hany, M<!., ?crip, on which $2 8 J, paid 1"^ 20 do. I'nion (ioldCo 60c. Biroeon Draper's regular semi-weekly sale of bends and stocks at auction will take place t>mor row, at half-r-aat twelve o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. At tbe secend board tbe market was cot so buoy snt. Krie I tail road fell off i per cent; Reading Railroad, 2i Cumberland Coal, |; Nicaragua Trsnait, 4; Delawareand Hudson, Erie Bond*, 1875, j. Mbhigan Central Railroad advanced 4 percent; Cleveland and Toledo, New York Cen* tral Railroad, 4* Tbe transactions at tbe Assistant Treararer'1 cfBce to-day, were as follows _____ i'aid on Trr??orr account 825S.7BU S'.'l Receivsd do. do 107,800 &3 Bfitanre do. do 8,588,164 41 Paid for A'Saj office '201 23 Paid on disbursing check* 75,044 03 The warrants entered at tbe Treasury Depart ment, on tbe 30th of March, were For tbe redemption of stock 81.27# C' For the payment of Trea ury debt* 22,71*4 71 For tb* C'uetom* 48.0S.~> 40 For coTsrinc into :bs Treasary from Cust>ms. 4.842 >'0 For revering into Trea?ury from MJioel 2,247 Pft Forth* War Department 72.281 39 For ra paying in tbe War Department 21,102 04 For tl' Navy Pefartment 23.88 57 For tbe 1 r> t ? nur I i-ftar'ment Oil 1ft ?ir re .'tit in* lo'cri'-r Sifkilw it ? Only 112,660 at the public debt wu rcdwvei list week. Tie B'eanmhio Han lei Webst'r, at Naw Or'ean^, trrvar Nicaragua, bring* eight tl+ja Uter fr >J? CalifcrF'a, and a cinaM anj' ant of goli <Ju?t. I'm 8t?r of the Wrat. jt the same line, l-'t Ran .loan tor New York on the 24th of March, with a lurge nun ber of pa^seogera, ai'd about $300,000 is gold. 9be la ortrdue at thla port. Thin ren it laDce of gold ifa fall u large aa anticipated. The Drxt Earner btlorgs to the mall line, aad will, without docbt, b lug nra-ly her fall average aiuurt. We are encouraged by tie la'ge rrrai? tenre by the Nicaragua line. It showa t'oat the timee are getting better again la California? th it the panic *aa rapidly aaMding, and that soon the movement* of god would settle down tn'o the eld channels. The mining news ia particularly fanrable. The annexed statement exhibit* the amount at the rereial gcverrmer t depositories, subject to the draft of tbe Treasurer of the Uoited*8Utes on the 26th of March:? Fwiiina or th* Uhitkd 8itrplc8 Rk\ kmc k. Tr*??oreraf th* United States, Washington. 71 Assistant Ireasurer, Boston, Mass 3,091,177 '>2 New York . 3,144,8?7 49 Philadelphia 97, MS 50 Charleston, B. C 53,181 74 New Orleans, La 187,330 57 8t. 1 ouis, Me 3,832,100 58 Dope* .tor; at Buffalo, N. Y 23,328 94 Bait' more. ?d 143,055 80 Riebaaosa. Va 44,100 92 Nenelk Va 33,108 75 'Wilmisptea, N. C 2*046 82 PaTaanah, Ga 0,084 37 Mob> la. a la 05,430 20 Nashville, Ter n 44,844 03 L'iaeinnatl, Obio 7,320 40 PlttaDUTg. Pa Il,rt03 44 Cincinnati. (late) 20 39 Dnbuque, loira 1 5,207 09 Little hoek, Ark 100,430 19 Jeflerai nvillw, Ind 20, 14f> 25 Cb'cago. in C3.037 90 Detroit, Mieb 80 202 32 Tallahassee, Fla 85 49s) 40 Aesa; office, New York 4,744,500 00 Brunch Mint, San Francisco 809,943 04 Mini of the Un ted Su*ten, Philadelphia 2,428,2)54 10 Branch Bint, Charlotte, N. C 32,l>00 00 I'ahloBena, Ga.,.. 25,850 00 Ntw Orlaaai, la 1,567,717 07 Net amonat subject to draft $21,579,828 90 Dfduct overdraft Assistant Trens. at San Fraacisco 040,285 30 Total $20,910,542 54 Difference in transfers 544,980 00 Total $21,455,523 54 Trannfert Ordered. To Treasury United States, Waalnogton. . . . 400,000 00 Te Assistant Treasurer, New York 610,000 00 New Orleans, La 320,000 09 St. Louia, Mo 300,000 00 San FraLCiaeo 1,387,500 00 To depository at Norfolk, Va 200,000 00 Mobile, Ala 20,000 00 Te branch mint at San Franciico 200,000 (0 New Orleans, La 600, 000 00 Total $3,837,500 00 From Assistant Treasurer at Boston, Musi.. 65,000 00 New York 2,002.500 00 New Orleans, Ia 6 020 00 St. Louis, Mo 875,000 00 From depository at Detroit, Mich 25,000 00 Fromaifat at Philadelphia .100,000 00 From branch mint, New Otleaos, La 20,000 00 Total $3,292,620 00 Theie is very little probability of this enormous surplm being much reduced thi? year. It would ba a grand thing fur the country at large If It could be distributed throughout the channels of commerce, aid otee more be jome incorporated in the currency. It would ma'e: tally strengthen the credit syswra, aid form t:e baHisfor mercantile transacti >ns to an iumei p? amount, which are now not s< fli ciently sustained. The reduction in revenue fro a ctm*o>> at t>ie port lait quarter vaa apwar-Js of three wiilixns ol dollars. A portion of this decrwe was caused by the withdrawal of the Cunard steam, trs, ano the tiacsfer of a poition of our usual impor tatiots fo Bot-Utr. Tbe revenue roturna ol that port will not vb<'W nuich lalllnn off for tbe lsst quwte". There wt? h>il[ipti to i?iket from the Comber land e< al regior, for the week ending Saturday March 24 'b, 8,095 15 tons. Of tLis amount 3,097.01 tons were Fent ?ver tte George's Creek Coal and Iron Compac j '? railroad, 3,196 tons over the Cua berlaid and Pennsylvania railroad, and 1,602.12 tons pas-eO over tbe Cumberland Coal and Iron Ccmpaiiy'a railroad. The total shipments for t'ie jear eciLme'. cirg January 1 have been (Hi 029 13 tons, showir g a large increase over la?t year's ship, nenta for the same time. Tbe Cnesapeake and Ohio canal also carried 2,983.10 tons ef ccal lor tbe same time. Tbe value of merchandise and specie Imported into this port doring the month of March, 1854 and 1868, waa as annexed:? Commxhcs or TIB Post or Nsw Yobs? Vnn of Import*. March 1"M. 18S6 Dutiable good* $fl Ml IZt004' V8B tdb'oiii : ; 1,773,791 t, So.., 038 Total* $16,474,177 $10,173,057 The amount of goods withdrawn tram warehouse during the month of March this year, was $J ,918,093. The falling off in tbe total Importations for the month this -ear waa $6,301,120, the whole of wh'cb waa in dutiable goods. The amount of duties paid on Imports l*st month vA smaller than in any month last year, ezoept November and Decemb r This decrease in the import trade is a very favorable feature in the returns, and we trust it will continue* The annexed statement exhibits the average d.Uy movement in the leading departments ot the banks ?f this city, during the week preceding Saturday morning, March 31, 1855:? Nsw Yob* Citv Basics ? Imuu. Spirit. Cireul'n. DrntmiU. New York $3 190 291 *10,152 268,125 2,751,246 Manhattan Co. .4,253,493 1,024,967 382,061 3, $64, 179 Merchant*' 3,501,893 1,079.730 215,339 3,517,368 M<-chani<V 4!0M.176 770,797 861,163 3,618/j*7 Inion 2,978,136 360.751 168,342 2,418.2-6 America ..4,119,966 1,988,603 102,752 4,913 517 PbSux. ....... .2,416,948 403,424 121,222 2,112, :?5 Cltr .....1,688,674 200,162 72,462 1,21 1, 234 North River.. . . l! 082,119 94,694 174.004 828.!468 THdwmsa-s ..1296,727 113,250 194 761 T10.0M Fulton .... ... . l,58fl|006 220,152 134,630 1,339.30 Cbfnlnl 1 -'(32.916 456,177 260,133 1.315 715 Merchant* hi . .2,68:1,921 409.348 130,661 2,119,158 Natfocal 1,018,662 213,707 189,767 1,020,960 Butch'*' 6 Pro*. 1,288, 761 148,993 35,873 813,408 Mk & Tra<!?r?'. 708 062 M) 928 113,971 601,537 Greenwich 826,728 36,207 189.876 3S0.751 loath. Mnnfac's.1,736,302 168,471 206,145 1,226 *42 8? tenth Ward.. 1.100, 332 166 *79 146,902 600,922 Stole ..,3,664,337 677,080 496,725 2, 644. .".66 American Kx . . .*1,711,736 1465,500 369,619 6,528 117 Mech Bk. A*... 1,190,701 62 704 188,442 812,642 Cerastes 8, f 12 218 1,022 228 2.165 5,003 397 Bowny .... 930,778 148 787 172,179 797.779 PrniKvtr 1,834,767 195,765 512,063 1,169,708 Ocean.... I,!i48,415 110,055 80,039 660,4<'9 Mercantile 2.217,229 178,851 93,284 1.4tm.79fl l'aciOc 777 436 68, ('27 110488 481.1,1 Republic 3,107,058 479 533 66,625 8,203,021 Chatham 558,084 30,653 88 001 287 6ol f>tOI>l?'? 831,038 48,174 114,930 648,749 North Am?r..,. 1,806, 686 260,250 82,0*5 ^ Banover 1,213.403 l?8,0tl 92,530 6(8,108 Irving 619,470 54 363 104.9*0 411.281 M?tr.'poli1an ...4,940,654 968.301 106,075 6,289 1.7 ... 7ni'.82a 07.5*0 150 024 5 4,819 629 838 97,200 86.H1K 545,753 Na?*nu 891,763 149,005 113,629 708,141 brtRIm 519 681 66 487 04 508 <242,327 MaAet 1 150,417 128,790 113,521 $78,761 M MtobelM ... 074 192 86.488 80,155 3?M?8 Rioe .nd U'th'r 774,867 84,660 108,319 4I4.S? Corn Yxrhanire 1,459.508 174 Ml 103,362 1,289,115 t>ntln*VtaK ?? . 2,702, 44 2 249 45$ 89,844 1,759 148 I Vkmmnn wtftltll 1.1*0. WOO 194,7*6 90,30ft 9*4. 608 384 40.970 91,817 318, 157 I Marino ...... 694 270 74,467 92,184 401.661 AttaaSe ...... 488,174 43,792 89,244 231,197 bland CMy 354,100 32,378 96,268 151,109 N V Dnr Dock . 405,480 24,748 68,527 94.841 fi Y. Exchange. 203,412 11,380 84,370 121 22 2 Bull ? Head . . . . 20?|900 18,963 93,619 107,785 To-al fP3.634.04l 10,018,106 7,337,033 76, 0C0.1H0 Ficbang'* for week ending March 20.... 3100, 01 8 807 27 .. " ?< " April 2 98,900,822 04 P. lance* " " March 20 86,067.614 00 <? ? April 2 5,347,565 72 The above aggregates, compared with those fat peevtous weeks, present the annexed statement:? Kasas or Nsw Yobs. />???. Spfft* Cireul'n. PfxtfiU. p?c 30 ' 44.. 381, 063,687 12,076,147 7,076.830 62.H28 020 Jan' 6, '66.. 82.244,700 13.590.903 7, 049, 9H2 64.982,153 Jan 18, >66.. 83,<V6,081 16.486.626 6,686,461 67.303,198 Jan. 20, -66.. 86,447,998 16,372.127 6,041,365 69,047,818 Jan. 27, '66.. 88,654,867 16, 697. 260 6,639,823 70.130,618 Fab 3 ,'6i.. 88.146,697 17,489,188 T, COO, 760 72 923,317 F?b. 10, '66. . 89,802,177 17,124,394 6,989,111 78, 7*4,342 Feb. 17, '66 . 90,854,031 17,389.085 0 941,608 76,193,038 m.24, '66.. 91/90.604 10 370,876 0,963,562 74,844.721 Mar 3, '65.. 92.366 186 10.S81.271 7.108,710 75,808,344 Mar 10. '65. . 92,331,789 16,870.600 7,131 998 70,959, *80 Mar. lfl'68.. 92.447.346 18 092 7,?f1.018 76. Ml.. .7 Mar '.'4 03. Of, 0,773 10.602,729 7, 158,2: 1 ' 4 J \'*t n! . l'..01M$i 7,3.7,1, ^ . ,MWl?4 Tbe )*rt ? turns, oompared wi.h those for the pre vkins WT< lr , ehrwa the fo to ?iog chinges : ? bmiM >i> ?iscooi>U $593. 4ifH\ tNiMW 'O 681,'df BetftMl In 114, M>s| DMMM 'u depori'.e fl89,TJ7| Contr it y to fc>r j "ipition, the line ?t d't eocstf nbtbisan incites* ioBtead ef a d?ereav. All the e W ceptrimtDte sro* a reduced more? i , t ? . Tbe asaonut of sp?<i9 In the tanks ?nd rati- 1 tr<-??tiry on th* 1st of Ap'il last year, m $18,690,-1 too, it f>e fame time thi* jw, $19,576.9#&- TbqJ aggregate this year is only Bbout a million of do' ? lars more than U?t Tbe Wks Ate nearly ap tol ?n?j'r dis ourt !lne of last year, and If they oontinu?| to increase at tn? rates realised sinoc I): esmber last, tbey will soon be beyond tbe highest point reacWll g'licetle weekly s atement commenced. There laj an abundance of money among all classes of bnst aciH men, and In Wail street capital goes a beggingl for eaapioj Stock investments are very macbrl nflt'ed by this plethora of means in the hauls speculator*, and we do not see how any change < be for the better. It is always best to benlM caution* when the bank) are so nneh ertes ? Tbe present case msy continue for a long time. Is when a fair profit can be realized it should not 1 ong dtlajeJ. Stock Bxeliange. MojwaT, April 2, 18SV $10000 last's 6>? b30 It 00 dr 61' Si 20),0 do 86 10000 Ind 1)1 p?r et. 61 2000 lIUsouil 6'?.... 04 6000 do.... bin 04 300o NCar H'n.. ..1>8 99^ sroe do C 9PX 1000 Bar lit mtg bde 06 \ 1000 Krie 2d bu bd? 600c Frio Cob bd? >71 8( (X Krie Hflu of '83.. 6<'00 trie lids at '76. 61600 do KM WO #0... bOO V000 lid Rtr 2d mt be liKiOO Pan Pi 2?J imu? 104 1::000 111 CURB* exit 7^X too. 0 do.... ?eo 78x ?((0 J'o c3 78 l-ooo 111 C j- R Frd i;? 7;i>i fii'OO ''?....biO 74 H 000N YVtiKRbn 92 4300 NOd 7'? ICOJi 6' ou Cle As m.I lnc Hi 68 20 *b* M?c Hunk *3 117 180 ibi Er o KR. . 51 61 61 'J 61 M bds 101 86 94* 8W*i 89t? 00 9ti 10 Ohio Le k Tr Co 100 Nic Traaiit, . . ?3 luO do 4fi0 co 100 do bib 60 Cuaib Coal Co. 1 3 060 do ?3 126 NY Cm KR.. ..e 60 do b!6 26 do bliO 1(0 do./...b60 60 do c 166 Rrle RR (3 1(0 do e 630 do s3 86 l?x 16* 10* \f>% 32 H 32 >i U8* 98? 9 93 ii 93 \ ?0? 60 % 61 300 do bl6 4<>0 do blO 160 do bflO 100 *> bOO 60 do ?3 100 do btO 100 do ?3S 100 do ?00 2< 0 do 260 do ICO do b3 200 do blO 60 d* ?00 10 Harlem KR 400 do 100 do b30 60 Nor 4c WorRR.e 100 do WW 26 do e (i0 do b60 200 Head RK e 400 do 360 do ?30 400 Bud Riv RR...S3 100 co b3 100 do e 10 Ificb Ccat RR. . . o0 do 88 6 Mich Sou KR... 9? 6 Poaama KR 103 60Korth M RR... 10 N lad Count. .. . 37 C'MT k Tol RR.<3 60 ds o3 60 do SdO 100 do bflO 60 do e 60 do ?'i0 10 .*bic k R Is RR. ftO'J 50 >4 51 61 '<1 51 'J 61' 51' 32 U 32 1 32 ^ 36 8tt> 34 37^ 84 J H4<| ?4?r 42 42 42 96', 89 684 S8)S 99 > 69 6H ?j 90 BBOOND BOAB9. $16000 Is State 6'sb3 hr .'i 60 shM NY C RR si)0 97 60 do M0 89^ 149 Cloro 4 Tol RK.e "Oi, 20 Mich Cea KR. . . St of 36 Mich South RR.. 01^ 826 Krie Railroad 77K 6000 Virgin a A's. 30(0 Erie ltde, '73.. 6000 do 10(00 do h30 10(0 N. Y. CRK R<!? 3000 H R 3d M1g Bds 6 hb? Dei k 11 C Co 124V 100 Mc Trane t Co. . 16 :i00 do ,.k3 lejtf 200 do hSO V ii ?00 Com Coal Co b30 3. )'t K'O do 3-H 100 do 82 810 do 31J4 200 do c 31 X 100 N Y Ontial RK. 9 iy% 10 on V?3 9UJj 660 do...... e ??'?* 50 i o ?1() do, do, do. do do. do. do. 301 Reading RR. . >00 260 do . . . . b3 250 de 50 Bad River RK... 100 do b60 60 160 100 365 200 200 100 b7 . bJiO ,b00 .' *30 . b30 . b?0 93; J 94 ?9?i 83 'J ??? 51 51 61 ' 51 'j 6(J?J 60 J 51 61'. 84 ^ 84' $4} 10 Harlem KR 32) CITY TH.1DE AKPOKf. Monday, April "J? 8 P. M. AhHV.s. ? The market wn dull and price* nominal. ? UKKADHTPKH ? Flour ? The market w*( atf an firmer^ with ?n a".vince on *oo>e de*cript on* ef A'.(e. a 1 2)^c per bll. The sale* embrace! about 8 0C0 a 9,000 bbl* all kind*, iacluding common to nood itralght St?tl brands ?.t $k> 15^ a $9 ?*>?; center a brants, eoiomol to pond no at $U &' a $10. extr* (iauMH wan at f ll> I a *ia. Included In the a'xive were alee 2,800 bolff Cinadiaa at >0 M a *10 *7, for c?mmoa ant extr bf auus; al.oot SOt' or the nul?s extra were m>1J at $10 i nr *1 out ",610 bb'e southron Mid a'. $9 37 a $10 fol lali-rioi to ch'iee, ant* at 91V 12 a $11 for fancy aal extra, und fcOO bbl* (julejos, *ol<j fvr export. te China anl to California at $1V. Rye'flour ranged at $6 25 a $1 jBj with inali fates, aDd 150 bul* of corn meal Held at $4 ?'! j Y beat? The market continued to be scantily Hupplie and the lata olierm( were held above ef buyer*. Abou f.00 barbel* of houthcrn white were .-old at $2 80. KyB wia scarce aad Brm. talea of 400 buibel* were mad| at $1 O&K- Corn wa* firm, with rentrkt"d iud plea 3,0(>0 hurbel* of Jersey yellow were s*jB ut $1 02. Prima out tern whit* we* held at $1 Oat* were in lair request Kt S7c. a H2e for State an Weetcra, id<1 67 c. a 73c. for Sta*e and Weatera. Sal oi l,b00 buebt.1* bariey malt were made at $1 60. Cormt.? *<*ie* of 3.6(0 hag* .St. Domingo were for export, at 9)4'e ; anc 6*KI ditto Rin, at lie. a 11 The Murk consisted of oily lo.OOO bug* of Kio. wbi ?tece* <>f ether dcacrtptloaa were light Cotton.? 1 be man at rallied to tbe extent af )?o. P*? lb. The aale* reaobed from 2.000 a 3,000 bale*. Hul dltng up am. a wera at 9J?r.; ditto Flartda 6o a 9,1i'c| ditto Mobile, at 9>?c.; and New Or lean* and ToxhI at ?>?lfe. I Purloin*. ? Rate* were steady, but Ta LTveq ptol 210 a o0>> bale* of caiton wera engaged, at & 32d. 3-lGd.; 1M box** bacon, at lf'( per tan; 210 bbl? (loud at la, 34.: 600 tibia *pir ta of turpentlae, at 2*. 260 ibe.i and 1,0( 0 tiercel goveromeat, by the iteamibil Atlantic, at On. lb- re wan uot?.Lg new ta Loudon i I iTie To Bremeu 1"0 bale* of cottoa wera engage! (compressed.) aw }(e. To C.H fornia ratea by TeneeU eij jet' d ia loaolog were go ok forward at 36c. Fki it. ? Hie market wa* quiet and price* anchangedJ Bat. ? The marlet wa* again firmer, with aome nail reported lor Rhlpwat. at 9t)?. I kiur.? The Mm* ia th<? market, reported by Umrl Lewie Morn- A Co., br* k?ra wax, the lit ia*t., follow*:? American >in. r*?*ed, 832 balea; do. dresae 1.640 bale* all of which i? upon *he market, and offer, at irregular price*. Of Russian, there i* Bene here or 1 HoetiB Manilla, the (tock in dr*t hand* bet* i to abont 12,600 sale*, winch I* firmly held. Jute i* he| at $(C a $96. Runny cloth ba* been active, at llJie II ;i?., and at llfcc., the latter for extra weight. Ttfl market rioted Arm. a'o.k of all kinds on hand the lit Apr in-t.ini, wre 28,178 The import* for three mentl ending the ;tl?* ulr. , were 05?7, 1 1 v?, agalaat 383.274 18' 3, and 4^.4 .1 72 in 1M 4. The following were the prie entreat on the Slut W<rca ? Uaual nelectkia, at *1 ? onthi ? Ha too* Ayr a, ox and cow, (elected, 20 a 1 lb*., at i4e. ; 14 a 16, 24r. . ralt"d, 4C a 46, 11 *{e. R| Grande, ox and cow. 20 a 2J 23e. ; o. eow, 16 a 17, 23c *alted, 40 a 46 11 > t, ; Angf>etnr*, dry, (elected. 10 a -I 21)?c , Porto Cal el'o do., 0(,en, a* they run, 20 a 21 ltk( a 10c. ; lxHikn! CI a V 17Hc a 18c ; Matamorl and Tamrico, *el"cied. 22 a 23, 17)?o ? 18>,:. ; Carthl gen* ami Hmm lla, a* trey rua, 20 a 22, a 17 Vi Has Juan, 18 a 20, 17c a lbc. . 1] MclAteiB ? Wale* of 71 hhd*. Cuba'clayed were ria U *t21c., and acme lot-i New Or eaoa ia barrel* 26^0. a Vic. Navai Storw were qniet at 41e a 42?. per gitlloo f spirit*, and *b< ut $1 66 a**ed for eemmoa re*j Haw turpentine aad tar were nominal On i- ? l ibaetd wa* at itfc. a ?0c , the latter fr>r ami lot* In rtore. winter bleached sperm ??a at 78e. a I crtile co. at fl K<i; maaufactiiird do wa* aachaagef I.ard oil *tlle at K6c., and red at 60c. ea*h. I'KCivif ioa.s ? Pork? ilii- umrket wn* again highe Tin aal(( embraced about 1,000 a l.llH) bbls. ebieliy i ?be** at 1 14 h7 a $16. cloaiag Ht the latter Bgore, aifl $li 76 * $17 for new do. ; $14 37 a $14 60 far bow pn aad $17 76 for clear. 900 t-r ?? >????? nment navy ' ? ] pork fot export brought $S3 Cut meat* were la go a<-r*B<. am "00 * HM) packages w> t? s'.ld at Is * a i' l for ham a and ' \e n *\%c lor *booi4era. iwc' r. t] tinuid drm wlili ?a'e* of '^60 a :.00 bbl* country i *Dd prime at ihc full price* of Saturday. 100 bit leef hum* srld at 111 2$, and 6(H) tierce* Indn n ei * were sold at I'.fi *0. Bacoa w?? ia gxxi demio wilh salea of 400 t>ovf( Cuo. ixriaal eat at 7 V to. rl*>* it *c , atd 4,>ti0 lb? sho't rieer do. at 8% The follow lei table ahow* the atoek of perk an<V ti ll pecking yards, in New York and IlroeUya, April lkMx roar. ?nr. Bbl . Clear 2M nty m*?* ties* lf,4Ul Ihi prime a. Hub mis*..,., 114 Repacked me**. ..... 6, If Priaie mets.. 873 I o Caicago de 6.4' Flank f> Railroad beef 51 Prime 1 ,058 ltefuae m?(( Rump* \fA Ik> prime..., Iteiure men* COW Oth?r reiu*e 2! Do. prime 78 Turcee prUmo men. . 2,0.' fnher refuse I'.>8 Country *ae*a 4.9' I Biuepected 2188 I?n prime 1,1! ___ CuiDtpx ted . ... .... 3,6. Total 21,478 Total. 24, 93 Rirt Tbe atock on hand to day wa* 3,250 ran a* aid at 8,134 ca*k* **??* "?? l**t year. The Impart duri* g the paat month haee been eal* 4 088 whole *n 80h?lfca*ke 8,871 whole aad M>batfca*k*i the dime month la*t ye?r. It U now evident thai th last crap will prove much shorter than It wa* Br*t lot St'tuiu? The sale* were m' -derate, a* the day wa* ut favorable for laadmg, but pnes were iteady. Tbe sale embraced 340 bhde. I'orto Rico at 4^c , ia bnud, t shipment to Canada, and 30 f o do , duty free, at 5\e. ?nd 50do. Cuba at I', : , and 60 (to at 5e., with ami letaof New Orleaa*, to tbe tra<l* at iatarday'* rate Tbe atock la tbl* market wa* a* foilowc? New Orlean*, bhd* 1.1 it Tela* 39 Porto Rico 1,34 Cuba 6, $6 Total 9,l? Bo*e* 7,56 Hove* *..4,5 v ? t ? x Th? msil f ' ws < oi ? " hot a IHH* flr -?-r | 1< " bb'(. art. ip were mji 1 at ? c., a: the cl->*e J.' *?!?* .

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