Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 6795. MORNING EDITION ORE HERALD. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, 1855. PRICE TWO' CENTS. ADmnSBIENTS E El* EWE II BURY DAK. NEW PUUMCWlOai. uTtHI FASHIONABLE ESTA BI.1SH MENTS IN New York are represented in Frank Leslie's Caiette ot Fashion. the only recognltod authority Ladies should consult this work before miking their parcnasns, to prevent their Mag impoaed ua by old ?tylos. Prke cents, of all booksellers, nod it the ollue, No. 14 bpruce utreel. JULLIEN'S Nlff COMPuSIilON. THE HUTU HALL SCHOTTISCHE dedlcatud tu fanny FERN. With a tn? lithograph. J. Dercle, New York, and all the inueii seller*, Boston; B. S. Wade, Oliver Ditaon, G I' Hned and N. Richardson, Philadelpl la; Lee A Walker and J. E. Ould. From the Musical Review. . Tbla if on* of J allien'! eharactertetle compositions ? lively .brilliant, sperklin*. and pretiily arranged. Thu title pa*e la ??r? 'aateful. and hat a most superb lithograph of ona of tba handsomest ladlea of tbe preeent time, vraceinlly anr rounded with fern leavei, and bearing tho autograph or Fan ny Fern. RPK1RU FASHIONS. A T. STEWART A CO., WILL EXHIBIT (1. SI RING AND SUMMER MANTILLAS, On IIosiiav, Aran. -J BROADWAY, CHAMBERS AND READE STREETS. BRODlt/n MANTILLAS.? NOTICE TO TUB LADI Ei.? Broilies exposition of spring and summer uiaitlllas, the only trua fashions for thia season, on and after T'acsday, 2d of April, at 61 Canal street And K1 Liaponard (treat. MANTILLAS! MANTILLAS ! ! M ANT I LI. AS I ! I ON TUESDAY. APRIL 8, 1865. Opening of twenty cartons of boButiftil I'arialan raioo faoturi-a inantillaa, basques and talmas. received by tho ?ubscriber per laat steamer, in ndvauoe or the ANNUAL FETE Ot LONG 1 KAMI'S and being exaot duplioatea of many or tba elegaut garments Intended lo be displayed on that Interesting i ooailm. The tame styles are not to lie aeon at any other home in thia conutry, he being tba only aierehant in "?* York en gaged in tha mantilla bu?iois? * bo poaaaaaea faoilitim for receiving every noielty prior to ita APPEAMAMCK ON Tilt MOVLKVABUa, in the aoia ui: aoi'Looai;, or CHAMPS KLVattK*. Every lady in New York Isrespctfally invito J to examine and inspect the extraordinary and unsur|ia?sod soiioction of novelties which will be submitted for their approbation on the above named <i ay. GEO. BUI.PIN, l'aria Mantilla Eusporiuia, 3ol Broadway. MOLYNEl'X BELL'S GRAND OPENINO OF SI'INO mantilla* tbU day, April 1866. ? The pnblio are ro spoctfnlly iutoruied that M. Bell lias just returned from Eu rope, after viaitinK all the fasbiouut le emporiuma, and baa ?elected tbe MOST SUPERB ASSORTMENT Of the latest novelties in m intiilim. tahnm, I'lmpeniioea. eto., different in style and material lo anything ever before exhibited in thia country, amount which may be mentioned a moat elegant basquette.the perlcct fac aimilu of one Jual in via for the Euipr<ss of France, lie baa alao, after groat oxertlon procured an exUnalTO Mtortment of all tha moat racherone *t\ lea intended for exhibition at th* Grand Kxpoaitiou of All Nation*, to be inaugurated at Parij this spring, amongst which will be found Chaatilly lace mantlea, Applique lace mantlea, .lich gulpa. Moire antique mantlea, etc. nute lace mantlea. Molyeneux Bell belni tbe only mantilla merchant who haa Visited Enrcpe tl is season, Indies may rely upon hi a a.? tho ?nly genuine Parisian styloi to bo found In thia country. MOLYE> EL'X UELL, 68 Canal atrei t M OLYNEUX BELL HAS JUST RETURNED FROM _ Pari*, with a inoat aitperb aaaortment of elegant man tillaa, on exhibition tbla day, Tuesday, April S. MQLYNEbX BELL, 68 Canal at.eet, NEW YORK AND PARIS EMPORIUM OF FASHION, 8C1 Broadway. Mra. W. Mmmona desire.* to inform her customers and "the public that her aliow rooma are stock ed with a choice aeleottoa ot ? 8TRAW AND MILLINERY GOODS Merchant* and milllnora arj reapectfaliy invited to call before purchasing elaewhere. MRU. W. SIMMONS, 864 Broadway. OPENING OF SPRING AND SUMMER HOSIERY.? The inkiioriber bega to call the attautlon of ladlea to big aaaortmect ol spring and amnmer nooda, which la one of the largest evor oflcred at retail in thia city, an 1 onmpriaea ?very varioty, kite aud atyle <1 ladiol', gentlnmen'a, and ehilaren i plain and openwork white unhleaohed, and Onoy cotton Llale thread and silk hosiery, which are now ready for inrpeation. Also, under garments of every deaeriptinn. RK'HD. GREEN, formerly Lincoln A Green, 130 Canal atrect. P. b.? Depot for Hecker'a celobratod German ho alory. DRY GOODS, AC. KAA STELLA SHAWLS RECEIVED BT THE AT ?JUU lantlc, In beautiful SPRING COLORS, Will be opened at retail MON DAY, APRIL a. A. T. STEWART A CO., ? Broadway, Chamber* and Reade atre-ts. . A N IMMENSE JOB LOT A OF FASHIONABLE dlLKS Will bo offered on Monday, April 2, BY A. T. STEWAhT A CO., Ranging in pricea trom (is. to ISa. per yard, many of the lat ter bollix worth (1 60 nor yard. BROADWAY, CHAMBERS AND KB A DE STREETS. JBSIONEKS' SALE.? SELLING OFF AT GREATLY reilurcd prices, the large and magnificent atook of fine eatbroiderien, laoea, hosiery and gloves, at No. 770 Broadway. Ladies will do well to call, at we ar? selliag very loar for cash. By order ot the assignees. DRYGOODS FROM AUCTION'.? MX HUNDRED LA diet' merino shirts, at S?.. worth 8s. . men's do., at 6s., worth 10a. ; cotton aud wool shirts uad drawers, all quail ties; ladies' cotton hoae. good, at Is.; white kid gloves, ?lightly icilid, at li. 6d. THOMAS TAfE, 86 Canal atrsot, o' rnerof Greene. EMBROIDERIES! EMBROIDERIES! EMBROIDERIES! ? Tbe subscriber* are eonatantiy reo< iving from auo tion an enuleas variety ot the ohoioeat gooda, which they ofler to the public at pricea altogether unprecedented. BROWN A DOYLE, 361 Bowery, between Fourth and Great Jonea atroeta. MBKOI IJLRIES PER ATLANTIC.? A CHOICE AS ?ortment of jaconet and Swiaa bands; also new stylos E in spring cnllats, will be roa<!y thia day at thirty per oent under regalarpricia. OA YNOK'S woto coraet and embroi dery etore, 4A Third avenue, near Tenth etreat. Foulard silks, at $000 the drxss.-ubsdell, Pi-lrson A Lake havejnatreselved 1000 more, comprising ? variety of oolors, which will be offered rot sale this mora ing, at 471 Iiioadway. J M MINSK REDUCTION. Btandard price* In carpeting*. elreta, 10* , IU., IS*., Ui. au4 upward*. Tapertrlea, 7*m S?-i 9? t 10*. Ingraina, bt. andSe. Od., formerly 8a. Three I'lya, 8a., formerly 10?, and 1 la. Theae are or.r true price*; we only aak an inapoctlon of the abort to aatlafy aoeptica that tb?y an Uc tlitaMii la tha eitjr. J.ORD A TA rl.OR, Grand atrMt, corner of Chrlatte. Last week ohttiie great sale of wet goods from the late Ire over Buriett'* dry rood* atore: | S.OUOyard* I leached and anbleached ahoetinge and ahirtinga; 110 pltoaa tamhor and laae draprriea; 1X5 doi. anow dr ip aapklna; i'Sojarda elegant figured table liaeaa; KW yarda atiperflno ablrting llnana; 430 tar la French merinoa, aupar tine; 3(0 pain gentlemen'! rhtita and drawara, merino; :?*) oaahmare breelie and woollen long and aunare abawla; KM dot. ladiaa' and geatlcme> 'a linen cambric handkerchief*; IJft fbere* tinea dlapara: 200 dot linen towela, tgured and plaia; 100 piccea graaa cloth, Flannel*. taMe olotha, black BBd colored ailka. Ac., Ac. GEO. C. BURDHTT, A CO., 191 Grand atreet, corner Mulberry. LAVELLA CI.OTHS.-JAM EH FRA.VGK, 703 I1ROAD way will open on Wedae*day, 4tb April a large lot of I. affile clotba, an entirely new material for ladiea travel lii.g drcaie*; very cheap. Madamk harkis, a;i broadway, having just reoalred bar new and faehiunahla aaaortment of apring bonnet* from Pari*, reapectfnlly inaltaa the atteatlon o r tha la<ie* of New York and ?ioiulty. Thev have txoa aelected with great rare, and imported ? xpreialy for her bona* A mart aaleewemen wanted. Madame laurknt, Paris milliner, an aonacea to the ladle* of New York that aha baa Jaat arrived from I'aria with an elegant aaaurtment of bonnet*, head dreaea*. ate , of the aeweet and meat raehercho atyle, which aba will -tare ready for inapeclioa om tba Iftb of April, at No. 337 Broadway. . ILL1KKRY.? MRS. COOLKY WILL OPK.V HER abow room* oa Thnraday, April 4, with a a^laadid aa aaow rw? ua maini*/, w, w aoitaaent ol spring mililaery. MRS. COOLKY, 112 Kighth avenne. between Fifteenth and Sixteenth atr?eta. "pOri-LAR TRADE IN STOCKINOS. A A. T. STKWART A CO. bare tor aala 6.000 pairs maa'a unbleached half boae, at 1*. par pair. 8)110 paai* fancy etriped do., eaitable for anmmir wear, bt 2a. per pair. 1,000 palra ladiea' ro per white cotton boae, eitellent ty. ?t b par pair. lO.OOOda. extra an per three thread, fall faebioned, with doable aelea aad heel*, at 4*. per pair. MO* 4?.ia. aandal lace, *t St. per pair. 7.0W de. mlaara' plain ami aandal laee, white and brown, aottoa aad l.isle thread. aeriou* aiie*, at la. 6d p?r pair BROADWAY, CHAtiBKRI AND RKADK STREETS. UBS DELL. TKIIttON A LAKE WILL OFFER FOR aale tbi* morning. a large lot of Kagltah aad Garmaa aattoa bcaaery far ladiea' wear, purchased at tba late ftaetiaa aalae. Alae. a tat of Cblna *Uk boa* very ebeap. Theatrical hoeiery, ceaaiatiag of F reach boae. tight*. Ao. a7l Broadway. A *pl*adid aaaortment of Malt*** mitt* : alao a large Mock of Bajaa'a kid (lore*, etnhraelag all tba faahioaable Spring 'el or* will be opened tbia mrelnr. UrenaLt., P? ia*oa t l.aac 471 Broadway. Raaeivad par late ai?iam, a beautiful aaeortaaoat of rieb Caabmere Stella (bawl* t'aanrLL, Fnaeoa, A La?r, <71 Broadway. Jaat recaieed. ten aae* mora of those yard wide ealleae*. warranted feat col< r*. at IIH cent* per yard I'aenn.t.. I'tiatea A l.aar, 171 Rraadway. Tha laat lot of tho*a cheap Iriah liaeaa at la. *4. per yard. Will be offered for aale tbia morning. I'BHDEI.L, PKIRSON A LAKE, 471 Broadway. BT GOODS.? TH ?SI' BSi RlBER WILL OfBN, TWS moraine, aaetber large lot ol aet liaaa good* from aae tiea Al*o a lot of blaak mlk; alao eolorad da , b?aldea a lane let of qailtfj alio a larg? lot of oottnn shirtings and afeeetiage, rriSe, Ac , all of wlitch will ?* aold at treat bar ?alM aad aeat ire* ta all part* of the ait* aad rlclnlty. ? ANDHKW 0 COLBY, 37 Third araaaa ipiriti alum. " SPIRITUAL RAPFINO A*D WRITINO. THROtOH ?re. C?aa, hat aae week Imager, ire ? low a to bar 4*!>*r tare for Boatoa. Hjura ?10 ?ol2 A. M J I to J aa I , t' 9 P. M , at 7iU Breadwar, IIoi>e < bapel Bailllng. N B ? Prteate clralae by apeaial anaagemant. QPIRITffALISM -MIS IM?CT. TRAT'HAGKN, "FIRfT m*d>? . will raoeiTe ?Uit.rj eeiry day at her raom.,311 Bread waa. float* tram II ta 1 A M . aad I to 4 P M ; ceeelagetram * to ( ? clerk D.eMrflarara are ratpartfally ?tftltMta atttmd. Alataiva valj S3 c*ata ARRIVAL OK THE BLACK WARRIOR. Three Bayi Later from Cuba ? Important Commanlcatloii for Brcrrtory Hartjr, dec, Tbe atom.hip lilac W Warrior, Capt ltuliock, arrived yesterday fiom Havana, whuoce she sailed on tl>e 29th uit. Phe tricge three dtji later news. He United states stesmeis l'r nee Von and Fulton war* at Havana? officera and ciewa all wall. The Fulton wu to b ave rn Haturdsy, the Slat ult., for Norfolk Iba 1 lack Warrior encountered . erere gale* the entire from N. E. to N. W., and during the night of the 81 kt tb? alud blew a hurricane. OUR HAVANA CORftKPPOKDKXOK. Havana, March 28, 1855. Injx riant Commtmiratim from Washington ? Another Jrial of I'tnUi't Auorinte* ? The Cine iff Entrnmpet, dr. I cannot avoid elating an tvent, from which great things may arise, iwrtlj premising that my authority U net the United States Consulate in thia city. I am too Independent and aelf- reliant to Had favor with the gen tlencen there ? but n'imporl*, I Jo not need theal To be brief, 1 owever, I underatand from a reliable aouroe tbat Mr Mare; haa written to the acting United Sta'ea Consul n 'hi* city, to lay to tbe Captain General of thla inland "that if one drop of American blood <? rpilted in the 1>retrnt critii, the government of the Unite* I State* wilt not be atirwtruble furtheretult and that Colonel Robert too, acting United States Omiul in thla city, in hanling in hia proteat agalnat the nnjuat trial of Felix and Km trampes, did positively deliver thia tnss'iage to Ueneral Com.l n, ? ho, though perhaps aomewliat appalled at the mimrnt, will nevertheless take the life of Franciaco E? trauipes, a cit zen of the United State*, with ai mu'.h ii'ng froii aa I now do that of a troublesome mosquito. But wiil tbe "dogs of war" be afterward* let looaa t We stall ace. Yesterday 'a Oaceta contains an order for the formation of alx companies of free colored militia in thia city, who aie to be single men, between the age* of tweoty and thirty years of age. Do you not think the Havana wil be, after a wbile, a del'ghtful place of residence when filled w;tl< armed negro* 1 God help ua poor whites, if war shoo Id come um.'er tbete clrcumsttnco*. I I ?re is a report in circulation here, which haa ob tained fr?ner*l belief, thnt rome further evidence having btan obtained againat Pr Plnelo and Cadelso, th?y are attain to be pltred on their trial*. It being understood that Gen. Concha i* not saUaflod with the punishment meted out to them, I suppose tlst, lile the beast of prey, having recently tasted Lum?n blood, nothing leas dainty will please bla vitiated appetite. Pinelc and Cadalso are confined In tha I'unta Caatle, *1 ore alio are Felix and Eatrampea. I visited the two lat'er the day before yesterday ; they were in excellent health and apirita ; laugbed and chatted a* n crrily as though they were at liberty. I* it not a thousand pities that ho noble a spirit aa Eatrampea fhoull be cut off, just in the flower of manhood t Ibe female relativea of E>traiupe* sought an interview with Ceneral Concha on Sunday la t, but they were de nied a mission. Upon Eatrampea being informed of tbis, be said, "I rejoice at It. If General Concba think* that I wdl ask h m for mercy, ha la mistaken." Two fritnds oi mine, who rMted E?trampes on Sunday morning, state tbey met at the I'unta a gentleman who in employed at the United State* Consulate in thia city, wbo ruggeated the probability of the sentence of death pasa?d upon Eatrampea being commuted to a lengthened imprisonment, if he (Estiampea) would pledge hlmaelf not to make any attempt at eacape during hi* imprison ment; and that should he by any circumstances be aet at liberty, be would not return to diaturb the govern ment oi thia inland. " I will not make any aach pledge," indignantly and instantly replied Eatrampea. I would give a trifle to know if the gentleman wbo mue t-ll is suggestion was autaorized to do so by General Concha. If be is upon terms of aufllcient intimacy with tbe Hptgitnis lor this, ought he not to be rem'nded a man cannot nerve two mastersr Ceneral C'oncba drove out with bla wife, on the Paseo, cn Sunday last, and but few bats, except those of the Catalans, were raised to salute him. Many multeringa did I bear o< a vulgar Spanish word, and "Saogulnoao" was once nttered in so loud a ton* tha' I thought It mui* have reached hi* ear ? however, he dii not appear to notice I*. I bear there were very recently a very large additional numbci of arrests Amongst tho?e arrested, the namta oi I'on Catlcs Castillo, the bead of the Savlnga Bunk, and I on Josquiin Alcsiaa? 1 am cot certain aa to the ortho graphy of thia name ? have been mentioned. ? Tb? last mention** gentleman is abrowrof th? first respectability, and of Spanish birth. I notice you have extracted from the Pennnylnanian, la the HkRAi.ii of tbe 17th Instant, the letter of Mr. Wor rell, United -tates Consul at Matinaaa 1 have not the ht.nor cfJcLOwlng this gentleman, nor a!. ail I ever ?eek hia acquaintance: but a letter more replete wltb un trutoi, and a more contemptible production, I have nevar perused. It la reported that two persons hare been girroted at Trinidad ? "'I he work roea bravely on " Tbe United States steamer Fulton arrived in this har bor on Sunday last, as did alao the British frigate Vestal. Wtilst writ ng this letter, a friend of mine "dropped in," wbo wa a in Matanzaa during tha month of February lnat. I h*n< ed him tbe Hkhaui containing Mr. Wor reil'a letter to amuae him, until I brought th s letter to a conclusion, lie, on peruairg the letter of Doctor W , related a circumstance, which if to apropos that I on not refrain lending It to you without ' note or com ment," bnt merely prefixing tbat I placgo my aelf for tbe vencity of my friend. Upon the annlveraary of tbe birth of the immortal Waahingtoa, some American ship captains then at Matanzaa, determined to dine together on snore in honor of tbe day, and they lavite l Doctor Worrell, aa ths United State* Consul, to dine with them. Upon which tha Doctor and Unitel State* Consul w?nt to the lJeut. tiovernor of Matanxaa, to know if tbe day rtiigta be celebrated by tbe dlaaer til. log place on shore; as might have been anticipated, the Lieut Governor said it coulu not lake place. Nevertheless oar American (kip pers ie?olved they would celebrate the sacred day, even in this tbe land of tyranny, so they met and dine! to gether at a public house kept by (I believe) John Baker, but the United States Consul waa not of their numwr not he forsooth, to he found dUobeying tbe dictum of so bfgh a peraonege aa tbe Meat. Governor, even t) c?l? brate the birthday of freedom and the " Father of hia Country " 1'ealculate Dr. Worrell, United .Stute* Can mi at Matanzaa, little thought tbi* circumstance would get to tha knowledge o one of tbe " Havana acribblera" when be penned hia latter to tha Ptnmylvanian. bru ru 1. TBI LATEST MABERT OmCULA*. Bai im, March X, IMS. A moderate tmonit of btuioaai haa beoa dune aiaco our l??t report <>f IJth Init Svoaii*.? In the curly part of tha paat fortaiiht, tianiac tiuaa were of a limited character, hot daring the i>a*t week the demand waamore mncral, cbecklag the toadency towjrda a declit ~ In | ricee. which clone (Irmly at the reto* ;l)>i b? low. Theatooh in the city and (he Kegla warcbo'iaen u ee timated to be low about hoxaa, a; ainat IJi.irs) in l2U,l*0in 1?.<3, and WO, VO In 1S52, unit perl d?. t'?r want of (took, hardly any thing line ceen dune her* in raiMo TBdnti, whilit at not|" rte a good many lute liare changed bandu at frum ( '4 to L}\ rlala arr. for cnmmon to prime. Mm.j*a>* has enlf?T?-d a alight decline, galea at outporta tailng Lean made at V 4 rla. k-? for clayed, and it la axpect ed that irltee will glee way mure, ainca tlie adYicia from Europe and the United ntatee recei red by th<" l?at eteamera are decidedl v unfaT.raMe. We qnote to Jay 2'i a 3 rla. for clared, and a ?S rla. for Moaaorado. lion ? it baa -not changed In ralne; it tella oeiaelinally In email lota at 2\ and .1 rle. per gallon Expnrta . inre lat nf January amonat to 3U tiereea Hamburg, ?il Holland, liii Belgium. and 2? to ntfcar parte, in all f.T7 tierce*. Ki M ie in dtmand at lower price* We quote 89 to 3H p. rip? Exported am< e lat Janaarr? 2,9? pipee to Spain, H19 Iraneo. >/> (ireat Itritaia. h-2 other part*; In alt 4,247 pipe*. Hn one are eeqmred for at f. rm r priced Exported dur ing the fortnight 4,79) mill# to tha United fltatee, and SU6 to ether parte; la all 8,?-"> mille, T' Hii ro haa beta without any galea of not -. Export! flute onrlaet eonaUt ot tKl.llA panada to the United Main. (irHiM.M bar* expcrieaeed another endden decline, owina to abaoaee of demand aad at undai.t eupply of paper. Wa quote to day l.'.ndon 9 to V, per c nt prem I'arl* 2H to 8 per cent diaeonat New Orieane eh--rt I to 2 p-r cent dleciint, and for blila oa the North 3>$ to 4'^ per cent lie mat IgtroEra ? A *ery m?*xre Inalneaa haa beoa doae In pro rialuni Jerbed boef. ???qtle par^'fopa" aold at 13 rle. atrohe. ;<>H ?itle. per " Antonio Mirla" at II, anl Ml) qtl*. per' Aralia (how UareHni) at I2lf rlale; etock Zf.VPi lie la H?h, 24eaeke Am. hah* at ffl'? qtl., I5boxeedo. nod at 94, Ho lioaor and llt/i Lal?ee Norway at 971*. II- rrlnge, ??<?> bogee at ."}? rinla. Makerel. (V barrel* nad 14 bal*.e at fa'4. Kioe (t'arollna), JB caake from New York at IM rle. arr. U'ltaekeand n, haire at IS', and Al raeke at Mm pir "fomtri," 10 at 13K ??"' ?' ?l >-t'i P"r Aid ." at eg lY?? ea?k* l ard baa refilled from at- re at llfii,{ to 1AW qtl. , etork IV" I arrel* and 13DU kega. Balt-r. J>?> keji Amer. at t'.'2ii<l, Cheeae, fKg) hngee Dutch and lf-el I'ataTraa at 114'^ <|tl Mam- l(i harrcle > ew Orlean> at IliH itf Fork, Ijij herrele mrea at $IS. Beef, 14 barrel > uk#? at |U1. Tormeta, I.' hoaea New Vorh at $14 qtl., and t> bogee .New Orlrana at 913 L'andlee, 210 t-oai-e eperm at 912 qtl , an I 2A bo j e at 940. and ltd loi< a tallow at 91', 'j. ftoap? ?*? ho*ee yel I- w at 971? qll. Tallow? fO Ikla. Now Orloraa 9I'-'J qtl llean, ? .vTbble white at rle. arr. Potatoea? id t.kie at 94<i. Oniooa? 12.1**) brnchoe at tr'i per l<ai bnnrhee. Kil? !? ?eke ntaed - hale at 2W rla. arr aad ,V. bill, at ? rla W ra| pina I'aiM-r? 1.1M) reame at rla. Halt? I A >0 i*k 1 i?err?of at f:i?, and !?*? ha>e at #8'4. Elonr? L7W bbla Kpaaieh at 9lf>, and i >g) at ||t>^. I. muter and Cooper?<* H? ck 1'iteh Piaa ? Mreo onr laat laaua noao haa arrieed. While I'laa lioarda? F -nr rargoe* Lara arrived, am.Ouj f.-et !-t Joha told at 92 ft: Ifl.'WI foot plaeed on contract, and two eargnaa ?r ? l- rtland ren ala nneoid. fo/ar II >x (Ib'-ik*? I'pwarda of S(),<M0 more bar* arrived alace the 12th ?net., many of wbiab havo taeB piled in tha np?n air for waat Of Horo or area abed room; about l.tgg) r. tailed at7rlf.; 8.Mg| dolWeraMe la t'ardanae at ft'i rle.; 3 ?10 at f.ii rla. 4 naonthi; ?,(**? al 6 r'a II montba; aad :>M'J pleoed at I rla. Ttore la ecarraly any dcnaad for tha artlola at any prii-a. , ?"c?r hod MoU?eea Hhd , R hooka? 474 Bolaaeea Portland Dity made aad l,(K2 aogar do. at 9?V. U >oi.-a? </) iggj ? I ni Ynr.M.ra are trm lwMh a t.adoaay U higher rtl-e for #irall ??*?!? Tb? fbtrlm t*?n mH# -T?o for C- A. on. Of am hhdo ...a- at tl |". M "." .a. .? i5 hbd* at IS 'U. *d.; two for Yal mouth eee of 3 ng> betee at | t: a* *d , ar I oae i f 9 IB" !?*?*? at 17 I0e ; at for Catd'aai Hi. I do , l.UOU bbda. BultuH ?t tt >0. ; lkw? 'or Cow??, one j of t.uuoVnaee at ?2 2a. fid, one nf 2,|tM) boxea a? ?. be , and una i t l.UM) boxea at ?3; one of 3,200 boxea fc? 8t,Ja?e do , I ut a and a port in flreat Hriialn at ?26-.; one efjLMO boxea for l.onilou at ?2 Ilia.; two for Auteerp, one of 4.U*l boxea at ?2 r,> . and uul of 1.180 boxea at ?J; one <>t 2,i?*> boiea for , l.iderickehall at ?3 10.; two for Havre and ^utea one of 1,1'iv l>oiti at 12Wr. and 10 |>?r coat . and one of L?I0 ?>?*** at v:h fr ; two for Maraeille*. of lOim boaea oaah, at ? i 17a. i d ; two for Ceao.% one of 1,100 boxea at ?3 10a.. and one of 1 ?4Ut b. i ob at M per boi; two f? r Spain, ona at $2 75 and ona at f.". i: % par boa; ei*ht for the United Statea at per lilyj. and SI a *1 per boa for au*ar and 92 2 S?I2 50 par hhd. for inolaiae*. ________________ Political liilallJgenrt. KLgUTION IN KM01>K ISLAND. Tho annual State election will take place in Khode Inland to-day. For State ofljcera three ticket* hare b#en Dom oiled, eivpt Governor, for which the Kno* No Tbicga ecd whig* hare united upon one candidate. The riBvax bat been terj animated, and the Prorldenoe Plantation*, It la riimUd, will come out In full atrength , and poll at leant fourteen tbouiund vote*, a number about equal to tie vote* cert in the Kleranth, Kour tnm'h ainl Kift'eoth ward* of thl* city. The following are th? nomination.!:? Ibr f/ovi-rnor. Dim. iturioM. Whig Amerlcu* V Potter. Wn. W. lloppin. Wm. W. lioppin. h/r Lit-ulermnl (Jot t-rwr. fa. Uttlefleld AnJeraon C. Itoae. Jno. J. Reynold*. Jfyr Set rrlctry of Matt. Am Totter. John K. Bertlitt Wm. R. Wataon. For Altorniy Omenil. Walters. Burgea. Chat lea Hart Oh. 8. Rotunaon. for Treasurer. hath an Hamnuett. f annuel C. Barker. Sam'l B. Vernon. fur ConfjrtM. Dir. Dem. Amrrimn. J Thomaa Pavl* Nathaniel B. Durfee. 2,,, Benj. J 11. Tliur?ton.Benj J. B. Thuraton. City Politic#, Y01MJ MEN'S DKMOURATIC REPUBLICAN COMMITTM. 1 he i eg uler monthly meeting of thin committee wiia bald lait niglit a* Tammany Uall. There were present about fifty memtere, and H. 1'. Ceir, Kaq., Oicupled tho cbair. The following resolutions t?ere o (Tared during the even ing by Mr. Carr, and pasted unanimously:? Hiiolved, Tbat we heartily concur with the democratic arrociatiom of thin city and Mate, in tbe expreaaton which tbey have universally given ot tho general acntlmeni of the I arty on our relation* with Spain, and congratulate them upon the truly natioual 'ind iharacteriallo aland whioh tbay have fo ly taken. Keiolved, That the flnveriiment of the 1 nited Statoi, in the conduct of it? reUtionaliip* to the Spanish govrnmont ?in the Ion* rult'i-rliig anil forbearance manifested by it. under oircuiiintani'ei of aifvravati-il wrouic and inault baa niv? n H.fhcunt evidence of tbo bi)ib valu- attai'hed by tia to treaty alipulationa; of our daairo to live at peaoe with all eatiena. and of the *ood faith which baa marked aud gov irned all our actionaaa a profile. Kciolved. Tbat the eouraa of for'iaaranee pnraued by the L'lUti d Stataa havm* failed to awaken in the SpanUb *ov eminent thn?e reeiproeal aentunei.ta ot amity and Juatiee which on^ht to govern the interconrae and control tbe rola tioiirbipa of itovurnmenta profaafinn to be b >nnd to each otbtr t'y the tire of mutual reapeet and trl"ndahip. and which it bad a rlnht to expect aa the reward ol lia cxertiona to imiintaln thoae Uoa unbroken between uh, further for bearance upou our part iiaaceaaadto be a national virtue, and the character, righta and dignity of the Unltad Statue inuat be vindicated at all haxarda, by a demoeratic a luituia tration. llonor re>inirei it; Juttice ploada for it.tha people dflintnd it, Kcholved, Th%t late developments of tho policy of the new Holy Alliance of tbo monarchical Howcra of weeteru Europe bo Iodk^v permit us to doubt the attitude thoy have nan u wed with regard to thla i]ueatlon; and that their uujuati (table interpotlll'in, if peralated in, tietween Spain and tlie United Statea, by the preaenoo and aaaiatance of an armud, and iu oaae of a roptnre lietween Spain and the United Si at* a, ol a probably hcetlle navai force upon our ooaate? -lif their intelerence between a atruigling and ?.ppre?aod people nnd their Oppreaaora, to eruah the one, and leud new meana of cruelty and oppreaaion to the other? *(Torda additional and urReut rearona for a api-edy cnfi rcemont by the L nited Statea of the i|uertlona at laaue between tbe government nf Spain and cur own. . _ .. ltcholvvd, That the manlfeat ine inality bet eaen tba pro_ tecti ra and the troteeted. baa produced tho effect Indicated by tbe Secretary of State in hia deapatoh to our MinWler at Madrid, and deprived Spain, relatively to the United Statea, of tho actual aoverelgnty of tbe ifland of Cube; and that if iboie imiw era continue their prote?t?irat?, tbe tr-*ty atipu lationa b< twern Spain anil tho United fttatea, baaed up >IM tbe condition ot the abaoluta eovreunty of tho latter, ere receararily voidable at the option of tiio other high on ' ' KcVol v e<l ,W|fh?t auoh a conelualon Inevitably reiulta from the application of the Monroe doctrine to thue '|ueatlona, and that the ti*e ban now eoini when that doctrine of non ialirfirince In the aflaita of tl.ia euntinent by foreign and monarchical J' v?rnmei.te, mnat b? enloroed by lomatBIM ml re earneat tban diplowau) and tuof tantible than worde. Itcaolved Tl at to carry out thia doctrine, and arrive at a apeedy arlntlon of queitloaa tbe aettlem. nl of which Uea renllwl to tbe lnt?^rlty and p'-raantm r of our i'h?riah? l Union, we earnfatly reeommead to tho I'reatdent ol the I United State# tbe adoption of meaaurea auited by tl eir Juat holdneae to tbe aoltmn national emergency which domande i them. . , The roeetirg then adjourned. IBB 1 WO tt 11JU CiKNKBAL COMMITTKM-THKMINDOUS IXC1T1MKNT- TBX WUIUB IN KAVOR OT TIIB NfW roLICK BILL? 0OMM1TTKK.H BBNT TO ALBANY TO LOBBY IT TIIFOUUn. Tke Broadway il'iuao wai the ace no of no little excite ment laat night, owing to ? mreting of tbe two Whig General CommitUee, cuUed together (or the oxprere pur (.or* of taking action on tho 1'ollca bill now befora the I egialatuia There waa a fall attendance, though what waa aomewliat remarkable, many of the older wh'g poll ticiana were abaent, and among otliera both Judge Welch and tieneral Hell , the Chairmen ol the reepectlve ccmmltteea. Altee the mlnntee were reed, resolution a ^.ere prppoeed in both coKmltteM endoraing the new I'oliee h 11, whereupon an eseited debate eneued. E. 1 ?'aflel<! Smith. In the Yoting M?i'e Committee, urge 1 Ktioijgly the paaaage of the reaolutlona. In the courae of bia remarka he took ojcaalon to com mint on tboae mjaterloua and terrible fellowa, the Know Notblnge, wbom he cTerged with beiog midnl/ht aaaaaaln ?, wboae acle object waa the deatiuctlon of the good old whig party? en event tbe apenker looked for ward to with great alarm. He eulogized Henry Clay, who be a aid, ir alive would be found bettliog and walking band in hand witb William H. Seward, againat tbe aloreeaid ^aaeaalo- At tbil there wae greet cheer ing. After alluding to the a'ar. and atripea in a highly poetical, though net very origlnU manner, the orator took hia eeet, apparently much relieved. Mr. H. W oppoaed the reaolutlone at aome length, a* tbey were, he aaid, a direct attack on Kernan ?o Wood whom the apeaker pralaed ae being one of the beet najore New York erer had. He, for ote, would not be found engaging in any attempt to fetter the au thority of a man who waa uaing bia influence *o benefl C' Mr WM H. Bkowm* and other* followed In aupport of tbe reeolutlona. Mayor Wood, it waa teld, waa nothing but a party man. Be had the whole appointment of the ficlice. Kectraer fmith had algned a number of blank apeo ntmenta and given them to tbe Mayor Judge Stuart might aa well not be a Commiaeioner, a* he had no power whatever In the Board. By pnaalng the new Police bill tbe Mayor would be atrlppid of thla power, which, aider the new arrangement, would be pieced in whig bend*. It wea *nid, moreover, thet tbe Mayor in tend* to decapiute two wh'g police ceptaloa, whoee re ? ppiiintaent la now under con?id*r*tion, ahould the propoeed biU pnf>*. Theae end almiler ergumenla pre ?eiled, and tbe resolution* wer* cairiel by e vete In joint committee of 87 to 10 lb* wblg* appeered to be ijalte confident that the bill will pet* the Leglilature; but to make aieurane* dodbly aure, tie following perao** of tbe old end young men'* ecmmltteei were appoloted to proceed to Albany forth with nnd lobby it through ? Mee?r-. StougUtenburg, White, fmltb, Brigg* and Cochrane. Voueg Men* C< mmlttee ? Me**r*. Bori' i, McMullen, Slllcocke, Browne end Dewey. _ After deciding to retain the liroedwey Ilrnae for aeo (ber year, tbe Committee ertjourned to the bar room down atalr*. where tbey continued diacuaalng whlakey ?kin* and the new Pollse MB to e late hour. Ilobuktn t'Aiy firm. PuiTAft^no^i roR the Cmaktkr Kua-rto* ? Thi friend* of the charter m?t la?t evening at the Town Hall, to ap point a committee to make nomination! of charter of Ceeie fcr Or elect!cn oa the 10th init. Mr. Hhofleld preeldrd- (ominitteei. comiiiatlng of an paraon* from ? ach of the three wanli w?r* dcilgaated, who will nomi nata for tbeir respective ward-, and aa a body Mlect can ridate* for tba city office#. Half of tba nuo'xri of Un NHMM ara democrat! and half wl. .?? Ihiy wID report on Hatunlaj sight at the Town Hall. Tha oppo o?BlK of the charter mat at I'ollor.k'a aa a democratic raucoa, and appointed a committee of ill from each ward to aalect candidatae for the ward and city orHceri, and report ow Saturday evening nait at 1'oUock'a. Common Plama. Before Hon. Jadga Ingrabam. DAMAOkH FOB BKTIOIKO A MAX'M WIFI AWAT ? $10 000. AraiL 3 ? G'Orgt A frkerpf m. Kltr<ir<l A. Siad&zlcf? 1 hi* cane aa- triad iom? few yean eince. It waa aa action lor enticing awa; the wife of tha plaintiff, and tba jury rendered a Terdict of $10,000 agaiact tba defendant. A motion for a naw trial waa made, aa the ground. ? moii|?t other*, that there waa no proof of marriage ta tween the plaintiff and tba lady tnticed away, and that the darneiee were eseeaatra. Ja'ge lBKraham retxfertd a deelalon affirming the jud?m*nt, itating that la aa action for entteiag away a min i wife actaal proof of the marriage ia not aaneeaary - cobabitatl'-a, reputation, a ad tba admiaelom of tae partial n lofflcj'nt If that waa not enough, tha admla non of the jelendaat that tliev were marri*d U auffinen' wi'Loot proof of marriaga. where the marriage ia de n ed. ani the plaintiff baa given luMcleat evidence to mulluh it ptimn faiia, the defendant cannot esamloe t be wife to li'froT* the marriage. Marine A train. I-41V0B - M'tiri Cepea k Aliiaoa will launch, to mor row 'mortinf, at 10K o'clock, tha thraaHaatad elpjir holM achaoaer of about MM toia aMiinwtt relhd Hlnatath C. FelUr. te be roaamaiwad hy Ghntaia J< bn Arno'd. and awaad hy the rapta la aad adhere oh* ia Intended for the feaeral freighting kaataaae aad in raid ta be r?M aidered ij ac attteil jadgaa, aa eel If not M.|?ri4>r, te any raaaal ef feag aiaaa la M4al aad rcnetragtte*. ProKita* or tlir Municipal Br vol ntl on. PBJtlOttH COMPLAINT AMAIJfHT A POLIOK JUUTIO*. Th* fallowing communication wae I'Mnuiil to the Majrcr yee'erday by L'eut WlllUtoa, of the Fourth dU trict pel**, complaining of Juatioe Hogart for die charging prteohtra arretted by the officer* unler hu comni?iid Nkw Vottic, April 1, 1H5.V How. Fkh* am><> Wood, If a vim: bin ? 1 duvire to leapoctfullv to call your Attention to the foil** in* f.-ivti, at they have b?*en reported to rao < <>?eer Thomtjoou, ou Stiudav, l#t in?t., arr*#tod two b.?y#, named John ll'dnu- a and Win. Wright, a*cd reipcctively oluvcn And fourteen year#, for pitching penniea. tin takiffc th?m bolero Jv?ttct liogart, And makin* hi# atatement, the Jn? lice naked tba oflicer if lie had u?v?r pitched punnUa, and in t'.mated that it wa# lolly to arreat hoya for aucb trifling of fencea, and ?aid that he (tin* Judjte) ba<l often pitched pen nlei on but day, in tht 1'Ark. Ifo thereupon vliK'hArK?d the boy#. N?>on Alter i fMcer Ha lira baa Arr*ateU John McCarty for abootiig marble* in the atroel. Thla time the mt/ieirat* attcrely reprimanded tte ho>? but linally, at Ibe lolititation ot the hoj'e lathi r, he let young Hearty go (lftcer Reader, at hall-Pa#t Ik P. M , arretted Cftorje R, Farrel for diactderly oondocl, breaking and d oat ray I ax pro peri), Ac. Tim officer wae detained from 12 yt until 4 P. M., there tioing tiu ma^Utratu to take the charge. AtSJi |V M , officer llun di# roquentcd a t rowd of parions on the Mdewalk to diaperao One of thorn taunted the officer, lulling him to /o down the atreet and diaper#? a crowd ther? ? t) at be would jro a hen bo jot ready, and aald. "Co on, Uvt^liiuan you uttoud to your bnaiaeaa, aad I will attend to mlW? the man httn?elf disorderly ?, aud moltiu* dinorder In other#. Finally, the oflkoer arr?atud Matthew McCarty, and on taking him hal?r? the magistrate, tha man waa diaeharseu? the magiMtrate tilling the ofllc -r that ItcCarty hud a# good a right iu the atr?et a# ho had. Tlute tt ln?r? ar?t very nn no? tug aud diahearteulux to the officer#. They receive order# from your honor to prevent idle erowda trom congrerfutlng in the itroeta And hlookina up the aidee ?tlfea, to prevent loya Ironi pitching pennl**, p! ft/ lng uiarbl*a, ? |uniili'? ? ?j |u-. Ac., uu Suuduyi. !U? Jo order* the i Acer* oliey * ItL alacrity. 1 have no doubt Hint a large majority of the offioera in thla ?* i* trict ar? to do all in thvir power to rander yon i ?Ti? lent etrviee ii carrying out your lunaa and inoaaurei ol reformation, but thev loan their independent energy and coefldtine when not properly auataiued. Exuuau inn for thua i ncr?auhinu upon your tluio, but 1 have barn compelled to do au in tin- b .po that 1 mi,-ht ri?? yuii "no in in i r point on wliioh you wora not fully |?>ttod. TI.e thhiax ] ace daily, aud know the effect they have in rrippliiK too uHciem v of tha policemen. H'ith mat re apect, KM. S. Wll.LISTU.N, i.laut. Fourth liatiict. ANOTUHt Kit VINO OIltL UKKOBK T1IK MATOit. k man uaiiietl I'o/ienlauuj win yaatcrday arreatoJ ou a cliaiga of AttAult ng a joung woman, who had b?vo ? ni| loj ad bysh<iu aa ao ??mbroli1r?aH, aod ? horn ha re'ttaai] to pay lor woik which aha had ilone for iii-t aata^Ilah mi nt, No. OU Kkm-x ?tr< et. The fol owing in tb? alii. Uv It of tha young w cm in ? Kliiabttb Smith, roidini at 2.' Mulberry atreet, Iioin.r duly (Hirii, depute* and raya that alia waa induced by an advr ti.tmeut in the Sun t.. K'l to Eaaex atr ot, when, acc .rd inKto aald adt < rtiaeuicnt, tilty amhruidcrera warn wanted. Iiepi.gint ?Li.t thereon tht iffth of March U?t, an', the pto t rietur < f aald eatablialmout, onu Mr V. Koaon' auin, K?*e In r on" >r ixitlta to embroider, and alie a^ri'cd to do the work lor tilty-al* centa, in tlin hope tint ahe muht icot murt auJ bittor and work Irom Mr. Koaenl aum, thouih ahe hat to work three day* to flnlah aaiil, and thmizh alia muully reccivea t'J.Mt fur aaid wurk. Deponent further aaya, that (be flniabed the mantilla and brouiht it back to Raaeol mill ; he to|<| her that bu ou.y paid hia w irk men onw a we< k? on every Tnoaday? but that he ?? well autirfted with the work, aud irato her an ither mantilla of the -a III a ptltirn; tin. mantilla waa a drali colored ailk one. and wheb ahe opened the paper in which it had been wrap red I y Hneenbaum, ahe found a*vrral apnta on the ailk. She Aaiahedthe accond mantilla and delivered it to Inm on Mon day theSd inatant, and aiked for more work; and that llo iiulauaa opened the mantill a, and aaid that he found no lault with the embroidery, but thai there w?? ipai* on it-, on aeeovnt of that be would ?? hive her any more work, and wirtld nut pay her *>r the mantlliai which ahe had tiniaheil. Deponent further aaya th?taha atated that the a pot a had becu on the inar.tilla when ahe receive I it from him, but that ahe conld remove them when he would let her ha?e It back; Rorenheotu 'hen aaid that he would do no ?ui h thine and th- n left her; deponent waa provoked l.jr tuch treatment, und aald eho wae very aorry, but it ap piano to hir that the U riuaun. when they cauie to tlua i< untry, alwaya carried on In autn waya Deponent further >aya, that npon tlua a deaimier o. laid Koaenbnuni lae round tl.ii outter aud knotkec* In r down, ami hurt h r a< ri iuily on the cheat; and tlion. with the aid of a boy and Mr Itiam i aunt, took l.uld of her. when ahe waa lying oaite eihauatad on the floor, tore her vli torlne, drapr< d her down atalra, and put her In the atreet. Deponent Inrtber aaya tint ahe went eryine to the Kaaex Market pnll'-e cnnit to make h com (?lain*, ard ahe waa t< ld to an to hla honorthe ma> '< r to in veaiigate tho matter, and deal with them acot>rein? to law. Kbaenbaum wae held to bail toanawer tha charge A I.AJf D1.0I1D AND TKSANT CAfli:. Mr*. Lyon*, foimerly reaidiDK At No. 394 fc'Uhth Ave Due, appeared before the kUyor jeaterday altarnooa, and (uteied a complaint agalnat a man named Frnucia Colilaf. It appeara from ber etAUmeut, that ahe had takan jmaaaK* for i'hiladelphia on board llin Couth Am boy In .at at two o'clock, for herailf, har huebind and and thr<e clilldten. ' A lew m nut?* bvfore the boat atartad, CoUina, who la the eenai of thair former raal denca on the feighth avenue, wanton board and demand id a mroth'a tent, which he aaid waa due to him hy Mr l yone. The wife (aid ehe waa unable to pay It then ; but thla did not aatiafy him, and he proceeded, with acme kind of nn oflleer he bad with him, to taae aome furniture nnd baggage from ber. The poor woman pro UMt-d, but it wan in t? u , and. had it not batn for the interference of the byiiauilerl, b>* would ha r* deprived her of the trunk containing her cOiHreo'a clothing. When her huihan l came back tbey lei t the boat, at. 1 proceeded to th* May or'* office, where the wife mijea e'atrment, embracing the foregoing particular* The Mayor deepatched au officer in anarch of ( olllna, with Mieetlona to havo the furniture brought to the City Hall, ami a warrant alio for bia arreet. ANOTHKR rOMCY DMA I.Kit ARHBSTID. John Lobn, a German, waa arreated yesterday morn on a charge of kaeping a policy office at No 119 Poutb atreet. The aite?t waa made on the complaint of Arthur Hicklne, who etated thut he had bought aeveral ticket* f rc in blm on dillerent oceaauma. Luhu waa coin Bitted to priron, In default of f&UO bail. City Intelligence. Ladim' Faih A*I> Fmtival at tui IIakucm Bw-iikt Cmncn.? T)i? ltdlei ol Harlem, coonwM with the llaptlat Church cf that place, opto io the church to day a fair, that will be aa attractive ax anything of Ha kind heretofore given. Tie fair will open thfa afternoon, and continue during the eveuing; and aloo during the afternoon aad evening of tonioirow. The c lurch stand on the hillh avenue, near 1'iTtli 'treat. In conueotiun with the fair, there will be refre hm?n' room*, to which tte admiation will be dfty centa. The proceed* of I hi* fair are to I* um><! to furniah ihn naw cli urch Uive the ladle* of Ilarlem a throng of Tioiter for their trouble in getting up thiaadalr. Hacrid Co.MkKT ?A aacred concert viU be given, thla (Tening, in the lteformel l>utch C'hur h on Twenty third drtet, between fiixth and Seventh arenuea, by toe quartette and organlat of the church, lhe ticket* of admiirion ere fixed at 10 centa Urn. 1'hilip Mayer roprano, Ml** Kate Dennett, contralto, Mr. Jul u? K. Meyer, tenor, Mr. Philip Mayer, h???o and Mr. I'. II. Van Per Weyde, organlat. Tbe mueic will eoniiat of excellent aelertioni from Mozart, MendeUaohn, It main1, and other celebrated aothora. Tnx I'ouca Cohmimiojui*.? This Board met yeaterday In the Mayor'a office, to examine applicant* for ap polntment upon tbe police. Home thiee hundred aaplr anta fir the "etar" preeented tban*e!ra?, and were called in and uueatloned one by one. Wban thla work waa Uniebed, the Eoatd, with clcaed door*, proceeled to make t ho appointing n'e, and a'.'jounn <1 at A o'clock in the evening, not having completed their labor*. The work of tbe lioerd will be resumed again thla morning, and tbe name* of the aueoeaafal applicant* probably made known to day. Ftoawit'i, Macomb'* Dam.? In Monday'* paper, we elated that I-ewL* Taker, after tbe Ptanwlx Hall tragedy, waa aeen at k r. William Florence'* public house, where he waa concealed for the day. Thfa I* an error to be correct"! *? Ju'tge Mu?rt baa atated that baker o?ver went to that public Louse, aad Mr. Vleroaoe deel?r?e bltnrelf tbat ifakir waa not a vlaltor at hi* bouae, e tber before or alter the attack up.n William I'oole The error waa Ina'tvirtably made, and we t*l>e tbu onportu nit} of plating tbe eir< umitaace in ita true light. Coli aau KaoiHK Compakt No. 14 ?The member* of Eunice Company No. 14 bare -recently been exempt fuw act lee doty, in ccn*e<ju<nce of their machine be Irg ??Lt to I'blladelj hia to uadergo certain repar*. On Hoi 'ay It wa* brought to tbe city aad placed in tbe hou?e roraer of Church ann Veeey etre.'ta, where It waa yesterday vlaiteo by a number of Bremen and othera. lhe oToemeateticn of tke macbiae ie quite t?etefnl, and reflect* eonalderaMe ei*d.t en the committee. Me*?r*. John M. Coeta, Inoeb Pniith ead John H. Haum, who bed the matter in charge. I he roet of repe'rtag tbe etfine waa $bOO. lie Columbia** have* recently beeo fitting up tbelr home in a taetefal meaner, ? nd at an expenee of nearlr 93,000 The,, have now the beet furniabed apartment in the city. Tk? Crnuii-Viiy few arrest* of itreet walker* were made la*t algbt In tbe lower ward* No 4le?r<ier ?lea could be fenad by the u, tie statloa honee did tot abetter enj of tk?? unfort IWI' creaturve laat night Thoae who did patrol Hroadway conducted them eelvet with propriety, and ??ri quite wary of the police. Coroner*! In<|tieef. I)ur? rr Dnowwmo? Obrouer Wilbelm held aa In ijoeat yeeterday, at t4 Morrl* ateeet, upon tbe body of Cornelius MeOrsth. a boy abrut six year* old, who wa* fouod fl'atiag m tbe dork at putr No I Noitb r.ver, by J me* Kran, a boo'man ltv ar at No. 71 ffaahngtoo ?tieet, who Immediately Identified tbe boy, who had bean missed by hi* parent* ebon' *!x week* mgo The D" tier of therhlM, auppoeiig that b? had falUn over board, eaneed eaonona to bo fired over 'he >?ot where It aa? thought tbe child feu overboard, but wHlv.ui ais reea Yeeterday morning tbe boatman found tbe body of r'"-eeeed floating within the wheel of ? > loam beat et tier No. 4. nnl r*" vered tbe teepee The (err, after Lear of tbe evidence, rendered a verdict of "rlsati. by draw Mag.'' Cnaorm'o laqrvw ? Dattag the qaa ter eadiag Match >1, 1?M tbeto have booa 6*T la qoeete held la thl* city of vhWh aa uaeeaal aomber were ma der oneaa, Of theee Cnrtaar O'Daaaail betf 1M, Oo roaer Mlitwa, I'l. ( nraan Wamble, W.Oeroaav Wilbelm, ltd Total, 1*7 At *hu rata, over i pmeeae wui umi 'a via Mb t deaths dtuiH Ut ft /eat. THE 8TAXWIX HALL BmifRE. Com t of Oyer inilTtimhiir. IWnt Hob Judge K. P i'owlm MOTION 10 Ql iUU TBK IKIHCTMRNT V. ArNHT Tlf* Mt 1 IIBHBM OP I'OOLB. Ariui. 3. ? TL* IHatriet Attorney pro:e*t*d to r?pl? to th* aigumrst of Mr. H Clark, sail ocjwaod, at rng. elberatote letgth, til* motion to quaali the indictment fouad age Bit Baker acd othvra for the m u rder of Wil liata Pool*. It HI a a tart! I tig proposition, but H bo cam* Bier* atartU ng ?b*a th* Judge of the court below brld tktl tlit irguBiut ?( the couumI for th* aceua d partiea tta oorr*ct. Hut if thla court war* to d*ei le to quaiih th* indictaaeat, oa tii* ground* advannwd by the gentlemen ob tb* ota*r aid* It would aaaail every prin clpl* of law which fovaroa all acta of legislation aiace toe begiaaing of tee Kmpir* .Stat*. Tb* juriapru dence of thla Stat* bad proceeded Id antagomeaa to th* l>ropotlUt>n* taben by tli* eppoaing couoa*!, aod h* (tb* Dielrlct Attotsey.) ro** to day ? ptrhapa th* youag*et lHa i let Attorney lb tb* State? to defend th* practice of half a century, which had com* dowa to u* aa a legacy from th* tramera of th* common law. ?lft*r aom* fur thir prelimtaery remarUa *ad argument* on poaltieai advanced by th* prlaosara' counsel, th* Dtatrlot Attor ney ptoeeeded to contend that th* action of th* Oranl J\i*f WW aapeetae. H* contended that thla motion waa an attempted Innovation cn ti e common and th* statute law a tf tbla Stat*. 11* then r*frrr*d to a decialon hi Hth liratUn'a Virginia Keporta, *'07, which he Hubmltted waa analagoua to th* present caie, and there th* court re fua*d to quaah tk* iainctmrnt Aa th* acho of th* learned Judge who gave that decision. h* (Mr Hall) would auk what defence In reaaon or In law lx there In tb* gentiewin on tl.* other qkle saying after th* tlndiaf ol tie Jury, that theJuatice who '-ooimltted the prisoner! did not, In hi* Inveetlgatlon allow the er jet ! examination of witneeHe* beiore committing tUerof Tie District Attorney contend*'! with much force aod | eloquence. that an inuictuifot in a record importing v*rl- j ty it* face, and la not to be impeached, aare tor aca.etljing on iia fare, or tune ilb-gal ty all*m:in< ila UndiPK ? "Oinatblog concurrent with ita inception, or protr?ee, or perfection 1st ua go to Blacks! me, th* goapel of tin; lawyer? th* n* w dlapen atlou? ao to apeak, whereof the civil jurmf rudence ?ui the law and the pro pheta. II* Nubnilttcd that lb* action of thoUrantJa iy cannot b* impugned for anything which happtmtd before that body began their inquiry Irto any of the "all olltnces rogr i/.sble by them," acioriing to tin atatute. Th? liltlricl Attorney defended the (irand In quest. In the joeaent time, whea p ipular election* away the Judge? the I'latrlct Attornej if you ebooa* ? the juatii* acd tbe police? tb*r* la a bocy beyond all repicach, ar.d bcyood all Influence; a cooacrvatism la the aiii'at of tadicaliam. I know of very, very f*w abuaca of th* ayatem, and that aria** from outaide jug glen*. Hete let me rcmaik aa to the gen.leintn'a criticism u;on tbe Ihatrlct Attorney** relation to grand juri**? piohlbited aa b* la from golug in unkaa they aunl lor liim? my couue la, nevtr to Intrude. Th* (irand Jury fouod thu ladi'tment upon tbe laqoeat of th* oo'ouar'* jury, pioi>*>ly certlUtd to them aa the Information or acciaa Unn He bow ram* ta ll>e jieiwialee ?r n.? ynlnte railed by the accuaeda' counaat ; and th* inquiry branchea Into what are th> pow*ra and dutie* of th* coioner at comnma law?for luucb of hla dutiaa at common law atiU aurvlv*. (1 Uiackatoa*. 17, aiH.) II* uext propoaed to tbiit tb* eoroner ot our ata tute la no mora tbaa tbe coroner at common lair, with a few rpcclflc fowera added, coiurneaauratt with the Krowth and Btceaaity ol modern aoeiety. But the coro ner nothing without hi* jury, aave certain power, of a limited nature The IMatrict Attorney referred to th* ; 1!1 Rev. Mat . 74V, aertiona I to (I, aa to the power a of | a coroner. I he next point urgw<l by the Uiatrict Attar- | ney waa, itnppoaing th* aignmeut of tb* pru-rura' coomei to be cnrr*Tt, even thao, al'.hou^b an et.<mln'ik I tli.n la p'ndirg? tbi-r* la tb* prerogative ot the grand i jury, their motpendence, and tbe au?u*el haa au'lere I i. o injury Tl.e onrouer haa no right to b* beard baforc a | giai.djury. (4 nlackatcn*. aO!i, wnar (,riin, 171.) The l)l>.trlct Attorney rotnutnled on th't d*ei?ion ot Judge tdmonlM, icfrried to by the priaoBera' t contecda>t that it atauda a one. acd beira tb* impr?a of a mltd ? e? i. ng (or >om>-li<iog atartllog and aouie'.tiln^ ri w. Mr. Ilall r*f?rr*<l to th* 3d volume ot Texaa, p V><2. 11* tOLnd bo fault with the couo-?t for tbe motion they Lave made lie ( Id not wlah U) b* uod*ratoula complaining of tlila motion, but h* did wiah to b* under ?ti od n? couipUining of the la w they h*v* advanced and he ahould uomplaiu if hia Honor yielded to tU*lr view of the law. He a*k?d the lourl to refu** tb* motion to qua^h. II* aaktd him to lueiain tb* Indictment fooad by the Urand Jujy He aakethim to luata n It on the ground- Brat, th?t .t waa found by the (Irand Jury oa their ova motion; and, tecond, becauai it wa< found by the Grand Jury upon the record fcriualty pre ten let to them from th* Coroiur'a Court, ao to apeuk. Haaakrt thet'ouit to au?t*iu the aatabliahel la? of tb* lent, that tL* coroner without hii jjry la judicially powailaae II* aaked that th* Court auntaia tb* indt> tmeut on tb* ground that no in-onv? nien. * or i mbarraafuj'-al wtilch might accru* to th* d*fenl*nta fiom any prwlimintry procttdinga could tn> brought to iaterfar* with ao a*'.r*<l u recto d aa aa Indictment , and laa'. of all, he ailed the Court to ru itain the Indi tm<eal because tbe jueitl n waa at Ivaat a doubMul oe* General Nye, aaroC|Bted with Mr. H. f. Clark and Mr Pevi lin fc r the prlaonera rwp led In aupport of the mo t ion to quaeh the indictment, and ap}k* at gr*at length, | and with Much force and *l'>qu*nr* II* eeaerted that there waa no precedent to he found, evrn la t .* dark age*, that a man ebould not be entitled to til* right of an examination bafore commitment, aad th* t'ourt tbxt would i*coid it ?h)uld tat* ita place lieaid* Jeltrtea, in atead of c n trat pure and enlightened bench of tbe pre rentage, lie (Mi Nye) waa agalaat tb* Inaldiou. eo rrcwrhmenta of judicial power, that btada inea'a lege with cbalna and deprlvta them of their legal r 1 / h 1 1 Ttiey want the examinauoa. beeaua* It la tk*ir rigbt ? the/ want it, becauae it la ju-t It waa aa alatmln^ cnae, and in* commitment made at a tu? of great excitement, when the witn***** n*ed*>l th* corraetlv* of a croai examination. The learn*-] coin rel then tut tamed t>.* opinion of Ju-lg* M mocde, whoa* hiatory, lie aald, waa written oa tL* reeorda of our Coaita, and whatever may be Ida faul'*, U.eie a tar, da a record of hl? fame lo h * brilliant eaiea r upon the b*m h. Every line of the dacliloa wbi -h bad bien ref*irid to hreathea a 8rm, human* aad Ju?t a< miairtratkiB of tbe law Mr Ny* coscluded by aub nlttiig that tbla Court bad power to quaah tb* in<Uct ment where there waa lrr*gul.<rity , aad the Irregularity in th a caa* a that tbe (iran I Jury foand the ib>:i> tmant while the prt?<nera were t^eforw another tr buaal. Tl* priron?r* were entitVt to knew who their acaaaera are, and whether tiny b* men who are *t*epe<l In p'rjury and cilme TnanawertoMr iJevlia. th* <?urt Intimated that it wa? not quit* eertaln 'bat the dcnaion would be render *d ic th* morning H* urd*r*tno<l the Ifiatiiet Att*r**y that there waa ro qneatioa raieed aa to the propriety oir acinltt ng Irvla to bad. and that the on! v ^uHtm waa aa to the amount, and that be would notd?t*rmJo* until Le had diepo??d of th* mcttoa to nuaab the indirtBuat. A( journed to Wfdn**cfay at 10 o elock. Fir* Mcnhil't lnT?tllf>ao?i< Brfor* Jaatica Wood AI'.fcK>T ON A CIIAkOB Of AMON. Ob Monday Bight, tlx 24 loatant, a Otrtuo atmol Krrdaritk H*n?lrr wan arrratari by olHear Kit*/, of t ba ?a?tb ward, (barge J w|tb aattiaf hla pram i a* a on tin, at No. II balaacay atrial. Tba prtaoaar ta< ro*raya<l to tta atalkia boat*, ami tbara dataia*d to aaalt aa aiauiinalion Mmi JuriM W ood tal tba Ho Hatilul Yrat arday irorn n( tha prfannar *aa c er>;M b*for* tta i ourt. ltd tba m :nt? taken ?u aa lolloaa ? Ibaodora Uaul aaora, aaya? ll? raaflaa at Nu J? Im lanrry atn-at , that from a 'ju?rt?r to half paat a oM?li ? n Monday night ba an* alarana.l by a ira tba aarood ' flour, Id it. a loom orenptad by ll?uiiar ba a?at to tba | twit of llao/irr'a rofirn, aad tbaia dtatoae ad am oka , itiu og In m the toff ba pat bU hant at tHa top of >ha doer il>1 fbuBd It vary l.o< ba tbaa baaata* aalia | Did tfcara aa* a lira la lb* room, aoi aa tta dtor wa* lorkad and padlorkad, ha waa *o?i pallid to for** It open ha than ?? ? tba Ira burning on a al:alf aV,ut fourtnao la-baa frotn iba 'all'tif . aatrr waa proenrad in ptlla, a . ! t .a Sanaa w?ra aoon aittBgnlabad . am tbia at>*4f ??ra found aararal p'.aeaa of raf, al.tcb atw U atruBf <y of campbaaa ur tar pnliii*, partaliy burnt, tlirra waa aUo a a mall b?i, a brokao bottl* with a bonlt and a ptoraof kfadi?a< w<?od all m<>r* or l**a bunt a Soot fl!t*an alentx tl?? #ra ?aa dlaetraiad, Ilrmbr earn* <s?aa atal/a ?aat iato tta at?.r? ol wttt?a?, and rt"l I in If a wr'am maa ?al!*d f"r him, to aaj ta conld b? f?ua-t at tba lag ?T biar aaUoo, rorarr of I* aery and f?laa?ay air**1 thm n an did DM rail bet In aho-jt #<t~a or taraty aiaata* a(t?f tba Ira ?aa diacorarad A ' |U?t i-?t af?r taa'lftrd t? aia?.i?tn? tLa rooat tad fln ng "B tba at.alf ???aral >>"? "I r*? aaUra<?l aitb ratnpbrna or torp?aUa? tofatbdt with a aaanU bo?, a i piac* plaa kMlltof *?**, %a . It waa alao far'bar ?(.??? ty ???ar* ?:ta?aaaa tbat <ba amount ?f pmparty la tba Poa aould not ai'*ad ||(< j?t t.? bad aa .aaaraae* of %0r\. It vaa alao >b<*a tbat tta at'?uad kapl bta two caaarr btrd* aad a ( airot a bia mm a p la vitbia atght or t*a da>? yrv>r to tba ' ra Hatrral otb?r alU??a? a/a yat to ba ataaiaad. T>ia furthar aaaataattoa aaa poatp^ta: aatil II o 'Veek tbia i abumt om ?r?rieiOD or amok. Br t ???>? tao and Ibraa a'aloak yaatariay w>rua| i nra br?.ka oat la a tfctrd atory raoan of a taaNHat bai!At| altaalad la tba raar of Mo. Vl CWrry itraat Iba isaataaef tba pramtaaa fa?a tb* a'ara, aad tba titan war a qakbly oa tb* a pot aad aoaa MUa(aiib*l tba tra, arltb bat tr>??af diaiaga. A aaa aam?d Jam-. Maakly. " -i ? tb* r**ai, bad b*aa daiMfttf aifbt .craak aad '(oarr?. Ir.? viU bu ?,fa ba bad tkru*a naaat of lata arU?J*a of faraliara ?al *f tba vladav aad H la *Ua?*d. a.tbar aaaaadMtaliy ar wilfully ??tftra t* tb* raw. Cap'ata Mubatt. m Uaralng tb* ? tary VoM by tba Mt|tMta ab**t aaabiy, Hf'al I tSear Batlaad la taka klaa lata euatady aa a?ap?ca?a *f I araaa. aa tba aabar Itaiau opaalf aaaaili I taat W b*d , lattlarwaaa In Tba aaaaaad aa* aaa*?yad ta ?aa mfltn. *f b*?? ?? Jaat ra O a**. ? ah* **aa? tval Hiai ta | prtava, v* taniV m iar?tt^a'...ii by U* fir **: abai WW l'OKK ll>Hl. 4uumr, Aprils," III* amenilm nta of th* Houa* te the bill to the fraudulent Inui or ?to?k ??( concurred la. ?ii La ruumo. To autliorfte tli? truateea of Orphan Aaylum* to bli( out children. For appropriating the rimwi of the Literature had, For chaagiag tha time of th* charter election at Al bany to tha . ?oodJ Tueaday of April. ?? i irr f'B a ktkk ? rm rvtiem law*. Mr Cnoaar bad nnanlmmia eoaiumt to In trod as# a bW to ?niftd tba cbaitar of How York ehy, and to aaaaai the I'eliee lawa. Hraita frukctn, Dm*,** hn,\ Wnimar peoteatad agaiaet tha introduction of tha bill, of which ttiir knew aot a pravitirn Mr l>iriT*MiM eared not If all ih* N?w Torh Hraatora ?pptiaed thla hill How I* It now ? Th? Ma}W (Mr Jii4m and Keeorder appoint a polo*. la that right* Th? da; and tba hour la at han-l to amend thla Ha cartil not from whener the MB came if It wu right. Mr Baouaa reaaaerted It *aa a tsnrt attempt M overthrew the pohee of New York. Tha chief nagte tiata of that city had eadeared hi dim If to every frtaaA of good got eiament Mr n?-a?aoN aaid Major Wood waa la favor of aepa rating the judiciary from th?ee appoietment* Mr Oaoaav altar lauding Peroaod? Wood fur tha ?a my refi>i ma ha had brought ahoat amre he bacaaae Mayor, charged h m with being a moat b<lter aad un acrupuloua politician. aud progn<?tlii?t?d that unlaae tha bill paa*ed lia would, imn.i'dla'elT after tha adjourn ment of the l^iflalature, convert into a mammoth politi cal machine tha police ayatem of the eliv. Tl>a debate waa further continued by M?nara Hpennar, Whitney, liarr. Drfoki Ih'klnaon and t'roahy, after which the bill waa aent u> the Committee on liUee aad Villager, conalating of Maeara. t-maoer, Yoet aad Walker. Adjourned. AKTkH.VflOV RBRMION. Till TKH|-rN4M'lt HI I.I. wi* tal ?n up. tha qiieatlun l>eing on it ? Anal paaaage. Mr llormaa moolfled hi amen meet that aaiee la quaolltira bf ttfwen gallon* in ortglial packagee may ha aold 1>T tkehtale agent* Mr lliTcaooca moved to limit tha oilglaal b.ll to thir ty gallon* Mr 1 1 it ? m-oi'R'a motion t? in' r<a?e lia amount la oiiginul package* to thirty gallon' waa loat. Mr llorHiikH motion to allow Mate aneata to aell to original package* waa carried reveial armbera apoka on the bill, aad moUoaa to |?ocl por.e, adjourn, Ac., war* made and defeated. Mr Cmkk propoatil a* amendirend, ?o that aalae hf iuipoiUra and uiabufaeturere might be made in paekagae of not Ian than twenty gallon*. to be takea out of tha t-tate. Aye* 14. nay* ? . I>>*t, by the caetlng rote of Uia U? ut> riant (ioveraor. Tla bill waa then paeeed bv the following vote ? Ya Aa? Ma??ra Blake*. Hra.l'. rd, ilutta, W Clark, S. Clark, Iianfrth Dlcklnanii liigraxi, rull, (luolain, Haiti jr llit< hcoak. l|n|kia> Mulrue, I'litnam, Hiatiard*. Hnbertion, Mbanll, Waller, Whl'acy. Wlltlaia*? Jl ? Nave? Meaari llamard. rlarr, llr?oki I'mtf. Ilatcklaa Laaaiar. I'ratt, !*p??rar, Kloriar, Wain Ynat? II Hhortly afterwarna the (Senate adjourned. Aaarmblr. Aiiilt, April 3, 1M6. Tie bill appointing ocmmlaaioner* to locate a e?oea4 Mate I.unatie Aaylum waa takra up In coamlttae. The coiiiiiiIi aionrra named lathe bill by tha Heaata wtre A II Mo a, ll. 8 I'ickin <>a, 0. T. Itrowae aad Juaeph Mullln To theae the liuuaa committee a-l led B. Put man and A>her Tyler. *1 be bill waa left aa it rame fn>m the Meant* Mr. Hoaiwaow movrd to atrike out all nam** eat re duce th* con miaalonera to three and leave th*tr ay (Miintnx ot with th* liovernor Mr. I. B. Ji?mm dotkI to aubntitut* th* naaaa at laaac Ver|>lank for that of Ihiatal 8 IMeklaaoa. After i'el ate, thi< motion waa l>et. 'I he III' lion to flea the appointment of the nam OkietiM to tl.e llovernor waa mrrt'd til to ?i Mi Ooitoaa moTtd that the committee report prog una. I oat. Mr Wiun more I to add ' aad that tha (Jorernvr a^ I oint three e?>n mlaa niieri to provide fuad* for the crea tion ol the aaylum." ImI Mr moved toatrtkeout the enacting claaaa. Loat? 80 to 45. The bill waa then ordered to a third reading Keren to four 1' M ArTKKMOON DEWI'lN. 1'iogieaa waa rai.or'ed on the Mil to leyaUe* primary election* in N#? York. 71in Hena*a 'a I'rraua Amendment bill waa ordered to a tliild reidlnj Adjourn*-!. Tlie Vatlvltjr ul I he ? Korrf cntir mniLL MxrvaM to <jiv? tub tai-bm. Tb* H|?e?!iBl <' snimlttee on th? report of the Cblef a# Police made fa ai.awer to a resolution of th> Hoard af Al'<rn??n a-!upVe4 In lebreery, held another m?*tlag jnwnliy. I'reaent, Alderman Brljji. chalraua, ?< Alderman Hoffmlre Tte Chief of I'olice appeared *ol brought the retura*. or report* which )>? recelred from the (nptelas of I'etlee of tbe rarloui ward*, In answer to lb* reeolutlea of Ike Hoard, aioptrd February, IMS, aa lo lb* nativity , he. , of the p<ilirrnri. Aldemian II* -Mr Chief, will you gir* t he Com mi ttee theae return* * Cm *7? I uiuAt doing ao. They roiy coa' aid II billoue B4tUr. ii . might (?t me Ml > ! ?' ..<:?? if they are publlabed Atdfrman ltn<j?.< then pro?ed?d t ?< *w*ar Ihe OilW, ? bin Aldermen lloflmlre proleated It, t? it tli* ommittee hnl bo po??r T f.e liw w*i thea teed on lb I* po'nl which aboeed (hit tb* < helrman bad full power to t?k irijr each ij'ieet.oa* a* ba mlgb< ebooee, relating to tha auhjert Jldertuan llenjo?? la what wa y ware theea appoint m* nt* made generally ? fmir-lly tha < 'omrnli*lon*ra So appointment* warw made la nir oftiee I bar* nat r*comaMude l nver twa or Ihrte policemen to b* apptltM A Idem. an Bll'?>*-Ara you not ill >1*1 that tha ra tarna. ao far at they relate to lb* iibiI?i of Aanertneaa lint her* been la priaon era aot eorreet? Cwtgr ? I (ioa't kaow. air I oaly ka .? ky tba returaa Al'lvrman flamae? Where eere you bora' Cmir-I waa bora la tha i aited MiIm ta tba baat of a. y taliaf and kauwl?l|a my mMiir InM me ao, af father waa a tailar at one time, my mother haa kail M two <>r M.ree yean I kill a y '>?<?? brother, my father ' a roe here when ha waa nlaetaew jeer a of age, ha died at >4 tnr brother ta llrln( but not la tba ettjr Alderman ltaiM.a_.Ha* It not bean a nitam for Mr. Mateall ant bla clerk* 1o raaommr-ad peraoa> tor pollaa mrn> Cmrr? So, air I bare recommeaded otae pntloaaaaa to office Aileron n Ban.?;? -I hare unl?r?t?^1 Mr ?"blaf, *a >oo4 authority, that the broadcloth that wa* ?a*4 I n lerorata tba roffla of lleary f.'lay an -toiaa ti'tm tba CoTernor * rex m and ?'iba? (aeo:i)r u>ed W> aiaka oiti tf by ! bote conao'l*') with the f'tlica IWparUneat. ('?iw-Navir, air: I know nothing of It Ak'ermaa Bai?.';a - Id l?' i bad yau a roat predated la you of black cloth' On*? Merer, *tr; I never Itad a cant preeeated ta M < teept by my father aad iwitber I kaae of no one la tha pollr* 4e|<ertni*rit who haa eecaped from Hli-k well a la land , tbU la 'he f rat time I have aver lie?a laiulM ly ? ucb que t < iu . hi t I ha ve an*?ered tbaae '|ae>t-oa? ei that 81 y r<p|<>oeata may be aaawared Aldarsao ltaio<<*_ New, Mr thief, I meet aak yau, la the name of the Ommi .lee, to debrar to theaa tneae re lataa that you raeelre-l from tba < attain* it the poiiea la regard to the *<ih^wt. the ? oaaltlM here a r<*ht la I hem , aad I mill he reawoaaihle for them ( mar? If tl>e ( onmltlea will >kew m? the aa'horit/, I Will fire them up net uet'l tfc?a S u hoi* t lUrau, twora? I raf uaed to arxwer laeiflka ?inerluna be ante I coaau'ered It lam! ag I am aa Amerlraa. hare neter been le'ked ap la ft Ma aad that Ii the ijueotioa ' r?fe*e>l lo anawer aeeer beard aay m*nt.ou af tbla clo^, I ra?.le I ha Miiaaaih ward W lllam ft. Ib'lell awora ? I waa aliaihed le tha f h he! ? oA<e about tkr>e ; ear" I am kut a<-w a paltae a aa Urre wai * .o?e tela around tha bwiMiag ta regard to ti e lo-a of a< me tlutk at Ike Hear; Clay fuawral, M< Heady raid that be bed bard wort le gwt Ibe eid m * a ? ? > '.at Mr Mateell waa called the okl roaa Mere Waa a ruu-or that cl?tk waa Ukea bat I 4ea t kaow who hwt a roat off II. Aider mia Iforrwrar. ? IHd you ar?r kaow wka had a (cat <dl tbtt cloth * Wl'aeea? I aaderetnod thai AWcrmaa Tlaeaea had a coal made from thla 'lot I. I dta't know tnat I eear a iw tba (kwf wear a Hack '?at I tklak Mr Hovywr atla the f bief a preaeat of a ?oet Aldei?aa Haioo* then aall that ha waa aat<a?ed t re ware a great Mai y maa ta tha po lee ?lej-?"- -u' ? I > ) irwer aad ka lataa iad ha brake 'ha ?h I* ?MM* tkaavagbly The refeaal af the IW |* g re Ik' e (apere ta 'ha C' mm tie* ar deatly aknwi a deeire ea ni ? Crt t? aa?.ey 'beta, from Ike far t that It baa bee* ?? < mary hareUrfera for tke luwaa '.eade of deaarteiewt* lo larattk r? mmittea ? of tke faaoatoe Oaeaail ana *?f pejer* racoaary la lareittcaUaa. up"0 lk* ardar t4 tha rbeirwaa. A^.eraaaa If/ rraiaa waa taaera. y appoeaf la Aider ma a Bt >a*' aoeiae, aad l*r%g* ciaargel Motmlre with t'elag tke laad'leet foe ta Ike Am-r-*aa aitboack ka wae alerted by tbem The ceaam itea a -.yraed aaUl tb a afleraoan. r?Nre lnlelll??rar*. ?rakaiei Art bat nrrw*** rtoeouHl *?*??. Taetdiday after aooa a reared wmw aaaael Baahia> WlUlam* appeared lefora ;.at.*a Oiaaatly a? Ike lawar retire O-arl. aal preferred a lematatat ifainat fto'iet leaaaa. alee oelorad, for aeeaalUag bar wttk a alck I alia attim ker ha tba kaad aad kraaet aerr aert ewe*'. It eepaarrdTrem Ua itekemeat af Raekael, that w?Aa attt'f ni ker rowai al Mo ?;t feafi atraat, Ifar^W ea tered aad aeeaaed ker *> eteal ag a ahirt tf m ker tMk4 lata Ike allataMea w?a rwated Is indtrweet wear, .hea the lalfe ea* ip< 'oead aM uaed ?pa Ike p?r-*a ?,? tke ae'erleaete Mbrkaal IVnafwt a'e h ket-w 'b* '"waptalel taaaad a warraat I e' ta* MNllMii a av Via* t^eaflae*, aad p*aee? tka raa> letbebaa aaf t??t: Lard W tka f <? tt.ri, a?r 'i'Jfi.

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