Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1855 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ioniv ?????*. ?b"W.Hi April 4?6 f M. Tke stock market was buoyant toil morning, au.l in slacks there was tr <a activity. Erie and Read u>g were lU principal railroad stocks moving at the t<?rri tf <?y. Both advanced a tract 'on. Erie Ra'lroad ?*ut Lp P*r cent, Rending, Cleveland and Toledo ?r?B id dtiiiii at an advance of per cent. Cumber tat(i Ceal i oof roved >, per cent ; Nicaragua Transit. >? ; Caict Ccu.jsty, )?. Illinois ( Ru'troad Bon' It oectme.l per cect; Virginia 6's, )? ; Hud?< a Railroad, Itcmiia 6's, },. A small lot ef Terre Haute and A1 vod I odoh loid at 78>? per cent ? the drat public a?Je, He Relieve, of the new isnue. Tne advance in trie ha* brought out a great deal of c?sh etock, and the market doe* not btar it very well Fifty is considered par for this stock, and it is a good price in view of its future productiveness. Fetcitg Railroad is the greatest caad in the pack. Its seal tencage in March, 1866, amounted to 180,801 tons, against 142,892 tons for the i.?me month last year, show ssg an increase of 46,M)9 tons in the month this year. On the 31st day of March, 10,078 tans of coal were brought to tidewater on the road. The largest amount ftrcagbt down in any one day in the month last year was ? 1.8ft tons. At the second beard to day prices fell off slightly. Ttrra Haute and Alton bonds declined J? per cent; Can tea Company, %\ Reading Railroad, >4; Hudson Kail , Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, >f. Norwich and Mfw jester Railroad advanced per cent. At the ?lei>e the tendency was downwarJ, and there were de eded evidences of general weakness. The follow isg sates of bonds and stocks were made at aueitian after the adjournment of the board ? 914,(1(0 Michigan Sixes 08', 10.000 Tennessee Mies 94 V IS 000 Virginia Sties 96 6,000 North Carolina Sixes 99 '4 4,000 Missouri Sixes ...9J\' 1,000 Louisiana Sixes 91 ?,000 Cincinnati 6's, 1888 int. added 91^ 1.000 Ohio and Min'pi R.R , 7's. 1880.. .do. AO, 59??. 69 6.000 Cin. Wilmpt'n and '/.anesvllle R.R 7's, do. 72.S 7.000 Cincinnati and Marietta R.R. 6's do, 74j^ 3.000 Columbus, Ilquaand Ind R.R. 2d mort .do. 74 6,000 (iieat Western (111.) R.R. 10's do. 67>f 77b Hamilton and Dayton R R. Dividend Scrip. 83 30 share* Northtrn Bank of Kentucky li'T.'s 1(0 do. Mad River and Lake Erie R.R 35 fO do. Hamilton and Dayton R.R 73 S5 do. Third Avenue RR 27 40 do. l ittle Miami R R 97 Tlie United States mail steamship Atlantic, from this Krt for Liverpool, to-day, carried out $1,27(1,207 51 in tpeaie. the Firemen's Insurance Company have declared a Kmi annual dividend of two anl a half dollars per share. Ine interest due on the New York city stocks on the 1st of May, will be paid on that day, by F. W. Edmonds, Esq., City Chamberlain, at the Mechanics' Bank. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office to day were as follows:? Faid on Treasury account $316,127 87 Albert H. Nlcolay's regular semi weekly auction sale ef stocks and bonds will take place to morrow (Thurs day), at 12X o'clock. The catalogue includes a large amount of State bonds, insurance scrip, Jej. The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 2d iiat., were:? For paving Treasury debts $69,621 24 For the Customs 4,-01 40 Oorerirg into Treasury from mistel. sources.. 416 72 F01 covering into the Treasury lrom customs. 3,639 73 Fer the War Department, 92,7.'i4 00 For the Navy Department 138,374 5 Fcr re-payiig in the Navy Department 2,143 63 For the Ioferiar Department 4,.'>18 67 The following is a statement of outstanding Treasury votes, cn the 2d inst. : ? Amf tut outstanding of the several issue* I rx r to 2'.'d July, 1846. as per rccords of thie office $102,811 64 Amount of the issue of July 22d, 1840 as per retails of thil office 7,760 00 Aneunt outftanolag ot the issue of 28th January, 1847, as per records of tbts office. 1,850 00 Reseived on Treasury account balance on Treasury account lam for Assay office Faid ?n d slut-sing checks..., . 41,211 80 ,3,357.864 59 330 06 . 70,064 21 Totfc) til:, 411 04 Ifdurt cancelled note, uader act prior to 22d July. IMC, in the Lant?fc of oue of tlx ac ecncting ffficeri 50 00 Total $112,361 64 We Ufcrn from tbe Schuylkill coal region th&t buslne-s ie rjesitg with much spirit, and that the demand* on the carrying companies art daily increasing. Tne Read . t>. > - ? ? ? . ? ...... ? ?mimes ot traaejiflttaMon will he taxed to the utmost. The Schuyl kill Navigation is just getting into active working oruer. The foll.witg shows the smoont of cash duties re *?iv??i at the Philadelphia Custom House for tbe mmth ? ' March acd the previous months of the year. i> com pared with the corresponding time oi the last and the . previous y??rs 18.i3. 1854. 1855. M?r?b $384,(123 80 J.'tlO.&ll 70 $340,915 80 Jan. and Fen... 880,653 00 1,044,301 01 (117,794 JO Total H, 284,676 80 $1,380,824 71 $05h,711 00 The falling off of the thiee months of the ( resent year Is (452,013 71. Ax tk>?T< D the revenue for tbe month ending March SI, 1K65. wa* $r,8' * March 31, 1864 _ 46 _1* I Is. Y53,877 84 recreate #110,877 38 (Jnaittr ending March , 1H>6 1,008,538 47 Quarter ending March 31, 1864 2,343,504 C4 $344,865 57 Tbe Oswsgo Journal learns through private channels, that the We. land Canal Trill be opened for tbe passage rf vessela on the 10th April. Such ii the intention of ttie cRicers having ebarge of the canal Tbe position of financial affairs in California is one c?l ? ulated to cast gloom and depression over the community. Tie failure if numerous banking houses wboee ?ole busi ae?* was buying and telling gold dust, is aa enigma be rend our comprefce nsicn. How such a remit could hnve beta realised in a country producing nothing but gold is ane cf those wonderful inconsistencies which are so fre ? neatly met with. Thest sinking houses rece'ved gold ;?oni tie miners and other residents in California, for irbicb they gave dralts payable in Ne* York at sight. This business, If properly conducted, would have proved profitable. but as it wa- conducted, rtsulWd in the ruin el those who bad Iften long engaged in it. When a t ank er banking bou t crtnmerces ^business upon a stipulate <i capital, the community believe that thecap' tal named will be employed exclusively in proeecuting that business, and credit the concerns accordingly ; but when it appears that the capital 1ms from the first b.-eo merely nominal, or, if aetually paid in, has been appro l>riate<i to furjoses entirely foreign to those of a legi'i s?ate ebaiacter. ruin and di-grace are su-e to fall up >ti ibese tbe deception. Such has evidently own tbe citee n Cal 'ora'a. We And in th* schedules of the auspeaded hemes of ,-<?n Francisco assets of the most doubtful character, while the best ire of a nature most a*>flicnlt to realize, even at great sacrifices. We find what little capital some of them origlnaUjqpoise**ed, invested in ranches, cattle, horses, furniture, insteal ? ' available in band, to meet any ontin^ency. We f>BO tenets doing bueinves solely upon the credit of b'iBg rub. upon the prestige of a name, which his hy ?tergy, industry, and indomitable perseverance, been raised te the highest pinnacle of prosperity. We And ?t entire community, deceived by false representations a?d false light*, and the re ult can easily be imagined. Tbe effect of theee explosion* and developoment" upon the credit system of California will ultimately bs of the sf<t whclescme character, but imm*dlately It will be just the reverse. It wlli not interfere wltb the product ? f tbe precious metal, but it will interrupt its circula tier aad distribution, and for a time paralyse trade. It wiB cause the failure of scores of mercantile houses, aad react disastrously upon tho*? in tbe Atlantic cities ? (gaged in the commerce of California When we see vseh ?ollapsee in a gold country, where no ptper cur . eney exista, but such as individuals put forth, it should not be surprising that those sections of the Co: on overrun with hanking institutions, chaptered Jtr the sole jiurpos*- of manufacturing paper money, r> oald be subject to periodical revulsions as severe s?4 distressing as the expansion had been on 11 e other extreme. The community must as a xatural coaaequence pass through these oonrulsonsi lor tbe parpore of removing the evils which a few years ?f prosperity and expansion invariably produce. We see i/o way to avoid those collapses, or rather ws do not see any posslWlfcj of pieventing them. The systea of ? nance under which the country mives has hsen ?o M oil ?a operation, and become su firmly fixed, that ws >i*ve ?o ether alternative, aa.l must make up our m n Is ihat the revulsions are a p?rt of the mschins. Tnrtg tie prrfr*is of t>e revolutionary war, the sooBtry was without any system of fin^n e or com n sree ?,n<l at the i?aclus:oa of that etr igg>e the gove.-n ii, tut was la a deplorable state of b.okript-y. J"h? ?(*v?l1 t-n ?b eb frmed the cots Itut cn was ther?'ore ?it?<j wuh ?rtveca(?? of tbe laril nocey -jt.rm, aa4 ! their principles prevailed. 7T?cr>r>ttt4Mop (KM to Cob-' |/?fi tb? power to NgfeJat* Ik* enmn-yfte provide ways ud meace to i?:m rev?nn* for ibe sapper. of tfce |M?ril|onaiiDfiit, m< to form a goner*] bankrupt law. Id granting these power* to Congr?st, the objsct wan to make them general, to have the a: enforced alike in all section* oi the coostry, and to prevent the dider ent State* frosa interfering in those important flnanc al end commercial affairs. It wai to guarantee to the peo pie one uniform system for the protection of all. That constitution has been in operation sixty-eight jearK, and bow let un see bow much of that part of 1: relet leg to tbe currency and commerce ha* been enforced. We bate bad two general bankrupt lawe within that periol, but at the preeent time have none. Congress h*?, in some instances, passed tbe law for epec'al purposes, an 1 when that was accomplished, repealed It. Tbe conse quence is that each State in the Union has been oom l tiled to provide its own bankrupt lawt and we have as man; different kinds aB there are different 3ta>?. The currency ban keen left entirely to the regulation of indi vidual financier*. The government ha*, it Is true, had it* own bank, and it has monopolised the coinage of gold) silver and copper; but it has not monopolised tbe manu faetuie of metallic representative* It has left the paper currency of the country to the different State*, and they bave avoided any infringement of tbe const) lotion by chartering bos:* of bank*, and delegating tbe power and privilege to item. We have therefore down* of bank ing lystem*, and an aggregate of twelve hundred bank ing institutions, all ac'ively engaged In tbe laudable occupation of providing tbe people with a soued and safe paper currency, solely for the purpose of doing away with tbe recessity of carrying about weighty and ?.rou blesoms inetals. Congress baa quietly settled down into a political machine, merely looking to the ways and means for providing spoils to tbe hosts of hungry appli cants. Congress has wisely looked to the revenue. As it could net exist without such sinews, It ha? been forced to look to the source* of income, and the le Tying of du ties on imports has received much attention. Not satis fied with obeying the constitution in this particular merely to the extent required by the wante of government, it has exceeded its power and dutie*, and undertaken to protect certain local interests, at tbe expense and injury of others, and extracted at time* millions upon millions from the pnblic pockets, upon the plea of providing re venue for the support of the government. Tiu* has been the most prominent feature in general legis'atlon, and it has at time* been carried so far as to raise up party linee and become the test question in Presidential campaigns While all this was going on, the currency wti left to tbe swarms of political financier* who congregated about the legislative halls of every State. These cormo rant*, siexing upon every opportunity to bleed the people, found no more effective method than the erection of bunk*, and they scon spread broadcast over the country hundred* of these institutions. At once an unregulated, unredeemable and unsecured paper currency became abundant, and an expansion of individual credit immediately followed. Speculation was not long in de veloping itself, and for a time the community boiler** I that tbe most perfect system of finance possible for tbe human mind to conceive, existed and was perma nently fixed. A few years of apparent prosperity was followed by a terrible revulsion, and ruin overtook those who a few months before felt secure of large fortunes The fine visions of speculators vanished, and desolation and despair covered the face of the Union. It was then -ten tbat without a uniform system of currency all was without form and void. Notwithstanding this, Congress neglected to apply the proper remedy; but in its effort* to restore credit and put in motion ngaiu the wheels of commerce, it went to tinkering tbe tariff, under tbe belief, no doubt, that all tbe trouble was caused by the imperfections of that innocent and unimportant measure. Ever since the first great revulsion, the tariff ban been doctored whenever any disease appeared in our financial or commercial systems, and we fear it will be a long time before members of Congress become suf ficiently enlightened to seek for the real cause of all our financial difficulties, at tbe place where it actually ex ists ? in the currency. Tbe annexed statement exhibits the movement in t ie leading departments of the banks of New Orleans for the wtek ending March 26, compared with that of the pre vlous week Ba.NKH OF NFW ORLEAX8. Caih A /sett. I ? -Loan/ , , ? '"r-ffr ?onA*. jVarr\19. 26. Mark 19. Mar. 26. Oltizena' $3,462,678 3,368,h32 1,493,300 2,307, 74'J 2,192,233 2.215,783 990.466 946,732 Louisiana 2,540,457 2,675,708 2,508,807 2,293.534 loo Stat*.... 3.469,126 3,496,590 1,929,215 1 819 897 1 st!,gtf 'ffftfj i$m 209 'sol lnion 849,347 877.899 497,332 413,580 ToUJ $14,932,908 14,934,788 8,453,463 8,627,983 91,820 *174,630 Catk Liabilities. r-? Circulation ^?Dcposi't-??^ f.-. , Mar. 19. Mar. 26. Mar. 19 i 2d [l *V Ao6,2Pf' 1989.,;20 2.476,947 2,921,706 i 1,020,075 1,035,210 1,023,458 1 044 784 {SuSSiV/.V. ijS'uo i w'? 3'- 73,199 Mecb. and Tr.. . ' 296 49" *'iW* a.leV" NewOrlew.. ... 617 480 Sm'mS 0,3'm Southern. 248 lin 746,023 799,328 Union.? " S?'o85 147 184128 Mi>0^ 834,620 64?,395 71?;950 TOt*' #>753,611 ? %ifi 070 12,301, 334 12.847,071 Incw ??? $161,465 $546,337 In addition to the foregoing cash asset*. tbe bank* bold foreign and domestic exchange, to the extant of tbe respective figurea oppoalie, m compared with las', week: ? . , T . , March 19 March 26. Bank of Louifiana 887,291 880,420 Cntfal Rink. 943,610 1,013 774 Southern Bank.... 673,223 564 069 Louisiana State Hank 248,720 243,316 Mechanica* and Trader?' Dank 45 217 8* 380 lit i,en*> Bank 757,31^ 618, *056 Bank of New Orleans 200.376 243,998 I men Bank 349,576 468. 732 ToUl 4,014.256 4.130.343 Ihe increase in specie is the enly feature of import- I ance. Each department shows an increase. 7he annexed statement exhibits the average daily con dition of the leading departments of the bants of Boaton lor the week preceding Monday morning, April 2, 1855:? Ranks ok Boston Jlankt. loan* Svt. ie. Deposit/. Circa' n. Atlantic $803,704 $55,893 $'2o8,921 ?171 166 Atlaa 834,066 48,646 212,867 124',3l8 Blackftone 1,202,671 31,907 349,844 232 88) Boston 1,621,236 141,457 61J.788 190026 Boylaton 761,840 85,609 233.162 173, *04 Broadway 166,393 5,060 28,768 39 717 Qty 1,416,549 108,906 319,501 137 085 Colombian 1,230,153 59,670 398,051 15' 295 Con.merce 3,106,022 190,633 578,023 261 969 Ks?le 1,200,463 100,287 434 *84 ies'865 K'ot 808,716 39,682 195,822 120',777 Exchange 1,934,169 100,590 488,916 236.431 Faneuil Hall. .. 961,390 34,727 321,072 217 577 Freeman'* 802.639 36,089 205,026 197 240 "lobe 1,780,170 1*7,253 333,377 142668 Granite 1,426,176 43,704 341,529 121 661 Grocers' 1,120,339 64,154 192,725 214*856 Hamilton 993,668 1 22,214 594,481 1 18 3% Howard Co 840,459 71,165 173,542 199 5J3 *?rtet. 997,647 37,464 22,), 006 141,496 Massachusetts.. 1,080,651 96,907 319,004 127 758 Maverick 605,080 26,519 119,974 1?'?1 Mechanics' 381,310 14.304 107,873 118 047 Merchants' 6,886,990 391,584 1,547,572 656 449 *??ional 937,070 48,468 188,974 164^674 New Kngland... 1,371, 904 67,899 277,896 140.127 *?'rtb 1,242,750 58,010 319,630 160 478 North America. .1,124, 447 71,207 314,672 159 419 Sbawmut 1,175,676 42,794 219.U78 164*705 Shoe A lea. DV1, 532,983 89,911 360,815 164* 373 2,659,996 1 50,875 643.928 171 004 Su"?1* 2,017,731 324,110 1,244,132 374.21 ) J'*'1*" 1,129,323 69,417 193,870 150.6M) fremont 2,144,480 121,278 624.259 258 590 ?"'?? 1.608.329 68,396 316,081 148 819 Wa?birgton 1,141,241 42,205 21(4.352 1 44 6'.! Webater 2,293,935 148,424 674,912 3ig)i53 Total $52,242,260 3,283,318 14,241 ,3$j 6.844.3 ;l A r( mparif on of the above aggregates with thoie of the statement for tbe previous week, exhibits the fol lowing reaalts ? Mar, h 26, April 2. Capital stock $32,365,276 J2, 360 576 lac. *5 300 Loans and dia'nte.,62,555,306 52,242,260 Doc. ;U3 015 specie in bank 3,344,361 3,288,318 lV,v 6l!?3l I'ue from other banks 7,833.838 7.686,365 Dee. 147,473 Hue to other bank*. 6,677,321 6,460.530 I>?c. 216.791 Bepoalte 14,229,834 14.241,383 lne 11,54# Circulation 6,937,099 6,844,;-ji li*c. 92,708 Tbe Increase of capital is at tbe Broadway Btnk. A meeting of the Individual rtoskbollers 01 the lUlti wore and Ohio Railroad, was held at Baltimore on Mon day , the 2d Instant, on the subject of the propo<ed a.Ue by that city of its Interest In the nock. Tbe following re solutions were adopted ? Ks solved. That the stockholder director* in tbe Bait' more and Ohio Baihoad Company, be aid they are here bv authored and empowered to vote tor purges, ne Cf Ci,y 01 "J1"010". '? th" Baltimore anj Ohio llailroad Company, fo- an ann ilry to >>e naid s^mi annually, equivalent to ,be sum of the par valne of her ato:k in .aid company the ra"l eit, in the tvent o( h? acceptance, of Jd ofcr^fwlth draw her dire tors with the privilege 0t re n.Ut.n* -be same, ab, mid paid annuity be at any lime outetafeluM for a |?tiod of aixty 'ays, hut not 1 nnity to be given to rnn fro? tbe r?riod et ?. iT 1 reetore. ! And te It fur' reiolved "ha' r :U event of tba -e faaal (f ihe Uty (oaf l!? J? above prj^oritioe h? private stoekhOMiera tow refreaanwd n tbe r**-. ng ? (rr*? to f?Tl to tho city on t) ? sa^e term*, *n<l to with dnvtleir ?. rector* cb lb* coMuum<tiot of the ar r*ngt?MD , if, kDd cc?u rsqueete) by tbe :iiy no to do; ?oc that tbe stockholder doocton be instructed to Mgo tiato accordingly. Tbe Beaten Daily Advertiser, in reviewing tke sto:k market of that city, say*:? We hoar that th? Bos'oo and Love II Railrroad Com pany havp disposed of the $500,000 in bond* at par. which they proposed to ianue tome yea; nod a half ??nee, bat then baited them at Ave per cent premium, wank do oBe would give. Although tho ?Ue of theMboo'.s relieve* the crmpsny from any j reading floating liab.'i ties, it aim) alio add* to the permanent debt, and do>s not help the >tock, aa it renders the payment of divi dends leaa certain. Western Railroad stock ia heavy, and declined to 86,l?, probably in consequence of the meeting this week to authorize tho issue ot SI, 000, 000 in bends to build a second track from SpringQuld. It ia g< neraily understood that the company will apply tor aid from tho State, If the Vermont and MaaaachuMttn Railroad shail bo successful in ootaiaing tho loan they ash for. We learn from reliable authority that a a por tion (9300,000 to $400,000) of the new loan of the Michi gan Ctntral eight per cent convertible bonds of I860 han been taken up on foreign account, anl the hoods, which have been selling here freely at M, are now held at higher rates, tho same partiot who sold at 86 la it week now offer that price for the bond*. Stock Exchange. WhiinmiiAY, April 4, 1866. $1COO Ohio6's, "60.. 108 100 sbs (.'umbO. *30 31% ltOO 111 Int stock.. r>4 5?0 do *3 31% 8600 Ind8tate5'?.. 84% 100 <1? b30 31% 42000 Virginia#'*... 07 16 N Y Cenral RR. 93% . ? jpQ ^ gjj 60 do 93 y 60 do s30 93 % 60 Harlem Prsl 'd. . . 78% 300 Erie RR blO 00 'i 40 do 60% do b3 50% do 60 % do bl6 60% do b60 60% do b60 60X do b30 60% do *3 60% do 60% do ?3 6 .% 160 60 3COO Erie '2d M Bh. . 101 10000 QIC RR Be. s60 77 16000 do s3 77% 6000 do b 10 77 y 1000 do 77 '4 2030 111 C'n Free Be 73 4000 NYC RR Bs.bB 02 7000 NY Con 7'a.b3 100% 600 do 100% ?0 1000 do 100? 200 2000 Ter H fc A1 Bs. 78% 160 ,f>00 Cly & Tol D Us 71% 60 600 do 71 675 6 rha Bk N York.. 117 % 100 20 Mechanics' Bk.. 117, V 100 31 Bank of Am.... 116% 100 Harlem RR . . . . s3 31 30 Bk State NYork. 106% 50 do 31); 30 Nassau Bank ... 102 100 Reading RR. . ?30 84 % 11 Continental Bk. 106% 900 do 84% 10 Comm' wealth Bk 03% 100 1C0 Canton Co 27% 50 100 do t30 27 800 210 do b30 27,'; 1C0 69 Nic Transit. . .s3 10 200 100 do c 16% 400 200 do b3C 1#'4 "" 210 do ?10 1C 1C0 do h15 16 10O do *30 10 200 do s3 10%' 260 Cumb Coal. . . . s3 31 % 200 do 31% 100 ISO do 31% 50 100 do b60 32 do a JO 84 >; do s30 84% do 84% do a 15 81% do blO 84% do b60 85% 35 Hud River RR... 41% 50 do 41% 160 do *10 41 366 do s3 41 160Clev? & Tol RR.. 73 50 do ? 60 73 do b 30 73% do 73% BBCOHS $14000 F.'e 6s,'7s.b3 88 3100 Erie CBa 71. 83% 10( 0 H Riv 1st M Bs 103'; lOtOTerH A Alt Bs 77% M0 IllCen RR Bs.. 77% 6600 NY Cen 7'*. .. 100% 10 fibs Hanover Hk. 9G lo Ocean Bank 74% 60 Canton Co 27 200 Cumb Coal Co... 31% 100 do 1.60 ?1% 10 NY Central RR . 03% BOAK9. 300 ?b- Reading RR. 100 do b 1 100 do b20 2C0 do s3 100 Erie RR s3 20 do !>0 do .....bOO 100 H Riv RR . . . . b3 160 do 150 Clev fc Tol RR. . . 0 Chic & R'ck I RR 10 Nor & W RR..b3 81% "% 84% 84% 60% 80% 60% 40% 40>i 73 89 3H CITY TRADE REPORT. W EDNMiDAY, April 4?8 P. M AfriiK*.? The market vu quiet, wthout change of moment in p< iocs. Bb ka DhTU kf* . ? Flour ? The market was steady, with moderate salon. The traneact ions for the day footed up about 6.C00 a 7,000 bbls., included in which were common to 'goeil kSUte ai t9 26 a 99 60; Western, at $9 62}? a $10, with small lots cxlra Genesse at HI 60 a $13. With tbe above were aire embraced about 2,200 bbls. Cana dian at $9 87 a $11 26 for good choice and extra brands, which was an wdvance. There were no inferior or very common brands offering. Among the sales made were some lots for ex port to tbe British l'rovinse*. Southern ??? also in good request, and the above aggregate in cluded about 2,600 bid* ., at $9 25 a $10 25 for inferior to choice brands, and $10 31 a $10 :)7 for fan;; and ex Ira; an! a lot of Richmond extra, brand City M lis, sold at $11 25. Wheat? Sales of 3,000 bashela: goal white Southern wa- sold at $2 46 a $2 60. Cora ? Tbe sales reached about 22,000 buthels, at ICOc. a 102c. for infe rior to good Southern white, an 1 103c. for Jersey yel low and Western mixed, in store. Rye? .Sales of 400 bushels were made on private terms. From $1 36 to $1 36 was demanded by holders. Meal ? Sales of abont HO bbls. Brandywine were maue at $4 75; New Jersey was at $4 37. Oat* continued Qrm. Com.* ? The sales embraced about 600 bags Rio, part atll)?c. Cotton. ? The market was active, and tbe sales em braced about 6,01)0 bales, a small part of which was i-aid to be in transitu. The market closed firm. >'i<Ki<iiiTS. ? There continued to be a good deal of cotton offering for Liverpool, and about 1.200 a 1,600 baiea were engaged at 6-32d. lor compressed, while ul compressed was at 3 led. Bacon and lard wero^ 15s.. while, flour ??'? ??? luji.Kru m os. ? js. edTIor small ana large packages To Havre, cotton was at Xc., bone at J,'c ashes at $* 60, and rice at $8. 1/iquids were at 3>jc. To California, m? inurement goods were engaged at 35c. l'KOvicioNH. ? I'ork ? Old mess was again firmer; the sale* cirbraeed about 3,600 a 4,000 bbl* , chiefly wt bs. at f 16 ti a fid vl ; new mess ??. 917 60; clear s was at 918; included in the sales were 2,200 bbls. w old mess , west ern prime mess to arrive via New Orleans at $10 60, and to be taken as it Is, and 350 bble. rumps at $13. Peef. ? 60 bbls. 'Kentucky beefl bams 'cold at $17 60, white Chicago were held at $20 60 a $21 ; avout 800 a 900 hhda, shoulders and bums were sold a 7c. for tbe the fur jper, and at 8 \ a 9c. for the latter, a part in transitu to stop in Philadelphia. About 700 a 8W bsxee bacon were (oldJat!8c "for :ttrt, fit. In, and for lijrg cle-.r do. lard ? 360 bbls. were sold at 9}i a 9^c, and a ?mi'l lot kegs at 11 a 11 ",'c; in large lota it was worth 10^ a l('' kegs; 36 tierces smoked pork hams were fold at 12c. Scgara.? The market continued steady and tolerably active. Ihe sales included about 1,000 bhda. Cuba mus covado at 4>,r, a4Ja'c. and 6}?c. , the latter figure for prime quality, and about 260 a 300 do. Near Orleans, part at *\c. a 6.<4c. TiLLOw was dull and nominal. Rxai. Kbt ati-:.? House anl lot 4 West Sixteenth street, $26,000, do. 80 Greenwich street, 24x100, $15,900; do. on Thirty-eighth street, near Sixth avenue, 23x98, $13,100; do. on Thirty-third street, near Broadway. 23x98, $14, 600; 2 lota on Forty second street, near Tenth avenue, each 26x98, $1,9(0 each, $3,900; 1 lot on F^rty -seventh street, near Eleventh avenue, 25x100. $876, houee and lot at Vonktrs $1,(>00. New York Cattle Market. Wkdn?sday, April 4, 18V>. The market to day was rather dull. The supplies (1,600 head) were considerably In advance of those of last week, but no abatement in prlcfi is noticeable? in deed, If anything, on the better qualities there has been a slight a. vance Some dealer* quoted the average as high as from 11 to 13 cents, but $9 a $12 60 i* ne.i-er the mark. We ainex a memorandum of sale* by Mr Bertram. (The cattle were principally from Ohio : ) 2 at $180 00 2 at $112 00 2 at 140 00 12 at 1,020 00 1 at 86 00 0 at 660 00 4 at 400 ( 0 4 at 312 03 1 at 920 00 2 at 150 00 2 at 207 50 26 at 1,900 00 7 at 665 00 3 at 250 0<? 4 at 485 00 3 at 212 0'J tat 335 00 1 at 73 00 Ihe offerings of mll:h cows at Allerton'a were but few ?not mere than 30 in all. Veal* plenty, but unsalea ble, the quality being too poor. PricM take a wide range? say from 4 to 7 cent* per lbj, live weight. About 400 sheep only were in the yard. There was a good de mand for them, and prices were reported stiff a* quota tion*. Swine plenty ? say about 2,500 in yard ? nearly all from the West. Mr. Bertram sold 100. from Iowa and IliinoU, mast fed, at 7 cents, which i* considered a very good price. AT BBOWMKO'8. 326 beeves $9 00 a $10 20 Po. extra a 12 60 85 cow* and calve*, first quality ? a to 00 Do. do, good 30 00 a" 46 00 113 veat calves, live weight 4); a 7 1,084 sheep and lambs? sheep 3 60 a 7 00 vlambs 2 00 a 5 00 The market here was repor:ed geierally dull Mr. Mc Carthy reports the market good, an<l sheep very soare. The following i* a memorandum of hi* *al*s: ? 44 shttp at $326 79 21 do. at 112 00 149 do. at 687 7ft 76 do. at 440 80 93 do. at 374 60 94 do. at 404 00 478 ihetp at $2,348 84 The following is a memorandum of sales by Mr. Mctiraw ? 34 sheep at $144 60 16 sheep at 84 00 10 sheep at 77 60 3 sheep at 22 20 2 sheep at 16 00 8 -bee; at 24 00 12 lambs at 6200 80 l.esd at $419 60 Mrt.raw also -old 44 beef cattl*. at from $9 26 to $11 60 per hundred pounds. W* are fntoroed that there is i> atrong disposition not to purchase cows just now. owing tc the uncertainty a* to the operation and effect o.' the Ma<ae liquor law. If tne distillers stop, there will be no ?will, (the principal diet of that description of cattle here,) and as the pnees of all other kinds nf fee*" sre m'nooslv high, buyer*, afrail of iacreased expense, prefer to hold off for a while. AT rHAMI<iaL4t.1'*. 2*3 beef cattle $8 60 a $11 50 86 cows and ctlvee .to (0 a 60 00 (0 veal calves (live weight) 4 00 a f 50 J.8C0 sheep and lsmbs 3'?ca 8'?o. at o'*ftU.V?. J00 beeves. ! $8 00 a $10 00 80 cows and calves 26 00 a 66 60 tC veal* (live weight) 3 a 5 a 6)?C. NCinTtMIKHI. fwt r<?? r.ij-oi. 51, dLa't. A!l?rton'? 1.800 30 6t0 400 Bicwning'* .... 325 85 113 1,<>M CI nmbe.-U n e . 86 60 2 160 C> trite 214 6$ 34 ? Tetal .... ...i^ aM io7 4.034 tsmmfmm iehewep mu bat. yorkviiTk posr ocnc*. List of letters remaining in the post op tee at Yiravilie, April )^1Wl6 AlleBOttufiiiCeTite Alperi Mr H Acker Wm H Adams Jobn Brown Petep? 1 llertboltuon. Geo Bultliaept T V Buiiforil 8 Buekle A nu n Brewer Thoa W BuesleyA Brl^han. Brad) urn Mra E Bennett Mra Mary Bloodgood W T Baldwin Jacob 1? Brown Mill V Homier 8 L C Bonner Ptler Brand Thou B Buintco G Brewer Henrietta Black stock George Bjrru Tiioa Buckma't John C Brown Cbaa Bl'imeretberll FG~4Bi*illcy Jai W Bunting J U? 2 Bremeu Mias 'Jutt ~ lotte Bingham Thoa Bailey Kara Beuidiot Miss Snsan Browning Miaa. MtbUanks Miaa Gecrgi Browning W 0 aua Drown Mi's Maria Bougbton MraAucsiu Cbicbeiter Mri MaColline Stephen ry E Cnllin Edward F Clark Margarett Clarney Rodger CbaiuplinMraCW? 2Coghindal*MrsEUiut'onnelIy Miebiel Clouseley tarub Cawer Mary Crafton Edward Cnshann Mat Clouiiey Re* Wm Cornell Mr Lewie Cllltou Emma Collin. Jae D Bonegan J as Dickeion David E Ituffey Jobs Pellesard Mr J Dooly Edward Davie Geo D Bingley Mr 11 Brower Mr A Boyd Peter? 2 Euib Chan Cellini Catharine demons Mrs Kate Cooney Patrick ( a* John Cronan Tbertta (oneway Jamea Correll Mm Ellen Connaet JAil I'nnn Jar Peniaon Thei Dobba Geo Powney Mm Powncy Mr B 1 'mm Emetine Dunn Wm Doinilitta S M? 4 Bonn Mlobial Davia John C Bnggan Jibn Elm W V Elliott Jeremiah Caldwell John 11 Crowley Jamea Connelly Wm Commisbary Gener al, State Arsenal Bevinc Miaa A Donnelly John Dunn I'billip Duryer Peter Daofor 1 Patrii k Douglass Thoa Del Monaiour Hor- Dnfly MithUl race Dauvem Mr P Bermody Edward K Ellis Min Jane F roller John Foley Dennii Fitigerald Patrick Frobriand Mra M Feint Cbarlea Loi Fitigerald Join Fanghten MiiaAnna Fitipatrick B ~ ' " ri, "lit SavFowler Christiana Eeatge Mri, Green Jobn Green Cbae A Godwin Mr, 73d it Gallagher Jcbn Goeti Cbae e Gibaon Catherine Greenwood R B Green Cbae C Green Simeon H Doonao Peter Durrey Thoa Do nelly Wm Preeea'll Julia Elkini Cbas W Fish Harmon R FitiioraM Fitzgerald Edward Fr&yeeser Jobn Farley Mathew Gilberteon Henry A Garrison John Garriaen Amelia Geiger Frank Gilfen Miae Mary Iligglni Michael Humphrey Baniel Halltnbeeta Derwin Bcrdingefeltcr John Hyatt Thoa? 2 Haddon Mr, gold Heuson Elizabeth Haae Miaa Anna Hall Thoa Honatou Andrew Hanrahan Miehael Hebeiaen Eva Herrmann Quatavo Height M iis Elba J Hamilton John M Hagen Tbol J? 4 Holland Mary Hammond M Fandloud John G Healer Wm Hill Chan M [B Ueagan Owen Hardenburgh Rev J I J Irving Mri, Mth it Jackion Jenette Judron Albert E Jeffreys Mr J J ulna Rcbt Rarr Wm 11?2 Kent Mary Kaipnr Geo Kelly Iial ella I.i.di Jamea I.onnoben Jamos l.uke Chan? 2 Leeaer Mary C l.immerlin Fred Love Abby J Murphy Bridget Mathews Bridget Monroe Amanda Morri* Jamel? 2 Moller C Merrill Henry II Maguire Joseph Myres Emma Mill! J D Miller Cornelia Mintvn Patrick Machtle Heinrich McCrodden McKnigbt McMahon M McDerniot Jamea MiKtane J B McMaghen Thoi Keweomb W o Narr Mathcwll O'Connor I'atriok OeterholtMrEbler-2 beater Hitcbcook Mra A M Holmes J B Heran Martin llainea Geo B Hagar Wm H-2 Johnson Win Jatper Jobn K Kelly I'oter Keeld Mra Klein Chas Kiruhbofer Jobn L. I.ang Anton? 2 Lent Ellen l.yncli Jainet ? i Leo Baniel Logan Putrick M Moony Patrick Martin John .Moar Thoe? 2 Martin Patrick Molony Mary? 2 Martin Catherino Morgan JaKca Mortin John S S Morgan Ceo Maguire Patrick Kinney Patrick? 2 holly Patrick Klett Martin Kelly Anno LilcHon Eliza Lowton Geo Lydeckcr Mary E I .eelie A C l unge A C Mnrray Joieph Medbnry Samuel Mverer Jamea Manobon S MatbuihickFrederlc Miller Geo Melville Br Muldon Mary Miller Mr. KOth at Miller John Maiterion Micbatl Maateraon Jauci M atony Mary Mac Mcfullam Arehey McElrvy Thoa Mclntyre John McGovern Thos MeCnhill Edward? 3 McClaekey D W C McC'olly Mm Irene McCullum Neul McCarthy Denni", Mi McMahon Edward H Nell F O O'Bonaboe Nowmnn MrsSaraLL Newbury J O'Hara John O'll *.>ran Daniel Price R D Tayriot Ferdinand Phillips Mini Ptroival William K Qucaly Margarett Quinlin Ellen Qnin John R Ruiiell Micbial Ryan Chaa Ryne John Roynoldi Lyman Kicbardaon John RicbardaonJamei-2 Ringleman John Qu Rutledge Wm Keiley Jau.ea Riehll Joieph Rum Jtbn 1) Rantion Mathew Qnagan Richard Rangei MrnfT>?fphin Redden Henry 0 Rayner Mri Phete Raually Dennis Robertu Tbua D Rabe Antvu Stewart Alex Sullivan Timothy Sweeny; Hugh ? 2 Sceley Ebenezcr Schroder John II Shaw Lidia A Sealey Mm, 04th it Hheilli Patrick Smith John Milton Sullivan Michael Stnart Virginia Sinclair Jobs T Suuiicr Andrew S Shannahan Mri Simnonde Alpbeut Saul 'Geo >njder Join Shave GeoB vmith Edward L Simpion Caroline W Spellmaa Jamea ^cLimidt Jolianv.Ceo Smith C C Sohroiner II S P Stevenson Jemee Eharn Chai Smith Nathan H mithMriNuucy 8teveni Julia Smith Micbial Seven C.hriiti tiher Speneer Tyion Mm . Tarlcr Eira Uioniii Jamts Thinnei Bernard Treaty Mri, 09th ? 2 Thoinpion John Turner Martin M Towle Miie Mary J Trouier A Stanley Geo Severs Ckriatoobe - ...j uruuneslephon T< mpkina Br N U Toarney Micbial Thornton C J Trust Geo W lrun MrsElixalttb Vanoert J C Valient incMr.CTtl it Welch Ann Whiting H W Weed Sarah Ward Col Walker Rrbt Wert Cbae Vatei Mrs John TanAkenRevEnock Van Klecf J W Wenthropt Cart J amen Whiting Wm H Watts John Wilson Mary Wagner Jorofh Van Tassel Jobn H Wester Ester Wright Mrs Sarah Wilson John Ward F G Werner France* Waleb Jaa J M. BALL, P. M. HOTELS. HOTF.l. FOI.K8TOME, IN I'ARIS, NO. 0 RUE DE CAS tcllanc. ? This hotel, situated Ltar the Madoleiue, the boulevards, the Tuileiiua and t tie ('humps Elye6ea, is specially fjcmicntrd by Eufillsh travellers, andnow kept, by to Amirtean lady with new nnd elegant furniture, liood MTiBEvnientp and cleanliness. The attendance is perfrrmed by English servants, nnd nothing is spared t > render the hotel one of the mutt comfo?ablo in ParU. Bedroom* and apartments, breakfast bud dinner*. at mo derate terms. Hotel Brighton, Boulogne ,ser meri, r ranci ?To families going to Europe. A gentleman lately torn Europe, earn aately recommend the " Hotel Bryiitct, ta not only the beat in the place, bnt aa one of the be?t is Europe. Situated at a convenient distance from the rail road, and being in the middle of a large garden, '.hia betel possesses all the comfort* desirable for wealthy families. HOLDREDGE'S HOTEL, 767 AND 70# BROADWAY, conducted on the European plan. ? Respectable parti** can now obtain, fur the season, two suits of nnndsomely fur nisbed apartment* at reduced rents; alao several pleasant ?ingle room* to let, from 92 to $10 per week, well adapted for young men. The waverley hotel, on the southwest corner of Broadway and Fourth stro?t, is now prepared to furuish inferior accommodations, with or without board. Thole desiring meals will be supplied from the dopant ?|. tabliihment of Mr. G. E. Shelley, which is immediately oontiguoui. CHAS II. SHElLEY, Superintendent York family hotel, new bridge street, Ludgate Hill, London.? The above hi use ii centrally situated, bag an excellent coffee room, ten or twelve private lifting rooms, between forty and fifty light airy bedrouuii, a good smoking room; warm, eold and shower hatha always ready. A night porter in attendance. A Axed charge for ser vanli. The New York nerald is filed. THOMAS QUAR TERMAIKE (alio proprietor of the Crown and Sceptre, and Sbip taverni. Greenwich,) tender hii grateful thanks to his American friends, for the favora he has so long enjoyed al their hands, and soltciti tkelr continued patronage and re eoiDBendatioB. EXPRESS AGENCIES. ~ Adams a co. s California express-office No. M) Broadway ? Special notice to California Ship per! ?Reduction of Knpreas rates.? Adams A Co. give no* tic e to their California Express customers, and the mer chants and public gene rally, that they have reduced the rati for eipress freight from New York to San Francisco, via Pa nama route, to thlrty flvo cents per pound, through, witk nail speed, by connecting steamers. Time only 31 days. Te be entitled to the above reduction in rate, packages mnst weigh not less than 17 pounds In the foot. Packages nndei that weight will be subjoot to a charge of per root. Uui next Express, under tb? new tariff of reduced rates, will gc forward pet steamer GEO. LAW. on Thursday, April 5, at 2 P. M , in ehnrgo of our own special messenger to destine tion. SUipperi i will please send In their freight early. A Canr ? Adams A Co. respeotfnlly give notice that the!] ex j res* facilities remain undisturbed, and that shippers may rely n pen tbc utmost attention boing paid in dispatching gcodn with the greatest speed, and delivering the same la mediate]; on arrival. Our arrant* meets for transportation are large and ampin? never more so than now. W. B DIR9M0RB, E. 8. SANFORD, 5 M SHOEMAKER, Proprietors of Aiicil Co.'s CaTiforain Package Express Noricn.? Consignees of freight. As., per Adams A Co. nnx pr<ss, between N.w York and Ca'ifornla,aTc hereby notified Ibat the business belong* exclusively to tbc New Ycrl house, tbe Arm here acting as agents only. Oaanunentlt there can te no interruption in busmeee. I. C. H OODS. San Francisco, Fob. V. UM. PACIFIC EXPRESS COMPANY, 124 BROADWAY - The late employes of Adams A C? , in California, hueinc organised n Joint stock company for the purpose ot carrying on a for?ar.ling business between New York and Calitornia, aid lor transacting a legiiimau e* press busi nr*e ?en?r?lly , now notif, the i uljic tbattbey are prepared to receive nil e sprees matter fur talifurnn at their office. Their long expenenre with the old house they boon will be n sufficient guarantee f<r tbe faithful perfcrmanre tl all commission* entrusted to them. W M II HA I.I,, Agent. Redaction of rates on California frsioht. WELLS, I AltoO A CO. despatch tiieir express for California. Ac , on Thursday next, April fl, at 2 P. M . per I'ntted states mail steamer George Lnw, via Panama Freisht for Kan Fr*uei?o, weighing Bet Ins than seventeen poends to the .coble foot is taken nt thirty five eetiti hi pound, it permitted to lie over on the Isttians until the text succeeding stcr.mer from I'atinuo. thirty ien? per ponr.d. Ott ??|rci* leav. s on the Bth Mid J'tb ol tech montb via Panan.a. i.nd thn Utt and 27th feint month vis Nicaragns. MATnnmruL. J GERMAN. TWENTY EIOIIT YEAR" OF A(.E. wishes to marry a Ptcteetant Irish lady, orphan or in d< pendent from family: very well educated, nnd of amiable d > position. I'loasc address 0. Z., stating place of residence ei a interview. Ac , C'bntbnm square Post office. M aTRIMONIAL-MADAME HARRIS. IN RETl'KV ng thanks to ladies and gentlemen for the kind pa in i h * i be l as hitherto received, begs reat-t ctfully to Inform tU' m t the continue* tbe matrimonial office at ber rcii dence *<? Bowery. wht re ladles In particular will always hud ewry facility to wake the most adVautageone mat '?he* and secure eligible and agreeable partnere. and happy and comfortable home* None bnt puritan of tbe (stablest reepeot a'llityreed apply N'e notice to a en of am letter, unless tatloeit g i ne dollar city letters from ex<>? [ t? d. miprno For Una|POOI. -l'NIT?D STATES MAI 1. STEtV ship BALTIC. Jos. J. Cemstoek, e<minr.Bder. Thin atrauanip will depart ? ilk tbu United Stare < mails for Eorcpe rontWely on Wednea.iey, April IX, at 1 lo'eUvk N. tri a lie? >'erth, at tbo foot of Canal atr? t. 1'er ireVlit or paaaage, having ??oqualled accommodations tur elega.uee and eouiioit, apply to EDWARD K.COLLINS 60 Wall street, l'aeaengere are renueated to h? on board at lltj c'elock A. M The ateasahip Pacific will anoctvd the Bill and ?% 1 Mi.; 2 Shippere pleaac tako notice that the aojpa of this liLt cannot carry any goods contraband if war. TnE BRITISH AND NORTH A If ERICAS ROYAL MAIL BTKAMSIIII'S. from hew von to uhikkil Oief cabin passage H it SkcoiiU oabii. passage 76 noa bostok to urrarooL. Chief cabin passage . , 110 Sccond cabin passage 6i Tbaabipa from Boaton oall at Halifax. ARABIA, Capt. Judkias. AMEKI A Cajt. I.ana, PERSIA, Capt. Kyrie, EUliOI'A. Cart. Shannon, ASIA, Capt. X. 0., CANADA, Capt. Stone, AFRICA, Capt. Harriron, NIAGARA, Cap*- Lelteb. Theae vessels carry a clear white light at urn at bead, graaa en ata hoard bow, red on port bow. ..... AFlA,, leave Bontan. Wednesday, April 11 AMERICA, Lang. " Boatoc. Wednaaduy, Apnl 25 AFRICA, Ilarruon, " Boatoa, Wednesday, May 9 ASIA, Lott, " Boattn. Wednttiluy, May ?1 Bertba not aa?ared nntil paid for. An experienced surgeon on board. The ownara of theae abipa will act be accecctabie for cold, silver, bullion, apeele, Jewelry, precious stone* or metals, units* bills er lading are signed thercUr, and tbe ?t)it thereof therein exprcuc't. ? or ft eight or passage apply to K CUNARD, 4 B<w! ?f Greaa. There will be lie fteamikips of thia line from New York until further notice. VAN DERBILT'S EUROPEAN LINK OF STEAMSHIPS. ?The first class ateamahlp NORTH STAR, 2,300 tone, Wamack, naater, will leave New Yerk at noon, pr>ois?ly, April 21, for Havre, diieet. Firat claaa pasaago, $130, aecond, 17 C. Tbe North Star will be followed ny the new a'eimahip Ariel, in May. The owner of tbeae veaaels will no', be ac countable for gold, ailver, bnilion, apecie, jewelry, precinu* atonea, or metala, unleaa hi 1 1 a of lading arc signed theiefor, and tbe valne thereof therein expressed. Spe: ie and goods taken at nasal rataa. No freight received after noon of the day before tailing. No berth seoured until paid for. Let tera prepaid, fifteen centa per half onnce, will be received at the ottioe up to 11 A. M. or the di.y of sailln;/, and wi>1 be carried in^trong India rubber hags, under lock; and on ar rival at Havre, will be immediately depoaited in Post Oflloe there. fixed dates or sailinc.. I IOK NEW TORE. i RUM IIAVRT. North Star April 21. North Star May 19. Ariel May 19. Ariel June lii. North Star June 10. North Star July II. Kor freight or passage, apply to D. TORRANCE, 20 South William atreet. New York. SUMMER, MONTANT A DRArER, 20 Hue N. D. dee Victoirea, Paris. ALBERT N. CHRYSTIE, 27 Quaj Castn-ir Delavigne, Havre. N. B.? On And after May 1, D. Torrance's office will b? at No. * Bowling Ureen. The liympool and philadblpbi a itk am?iiu Company Intend sailing their favorite steam ships- - CITY OF MANCHESTER J,l2Sicus, Capt. Wyli*. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (new,) 14SH tons, Capt. . CITY OF WASHINGTON, do. 1,700 ton*, ( apt. R. Leftsk Ealocn 991*, 90S, and $66, according to state room. A limited number of third class passengers mil be taker from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and foccd in pro visions. From Philadelphia $30 | From Liverpool %1 Parties wishing to bring ont their friends can obraiu eerii testes of passage and drafta on Liverpool, in aunts of <1 iterling and upwards. Apply to 9A Ml EL SMITH, Ageat 17 Waltit street, Philadelphia, and No. 7, lircadway, New York. Steamships between havre and new yosi direct.? The ateamahip ALPS will sail from Havre dircot for New York, (without calling at any port in England,) ax Saturday, 26th of November, lite rataa of freight and pa? sage in first and second cabins will be very moderate. Tht sailing of the aaeoceding steamers will be shortly an. nonnecd. The rate of insurance In France is less by shift from Havre direct for New York than in ships sailing at ax English port. Apply in Havre and Paris, 17 Boulevards del Italiena, te Donald Carrie, or in New York to B. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND nAYRE.-TUR U. S. HAH steamer UNION, K. Adams, commaudor, wlllloave fog Havro, touching at Southampton to land the mails and pa* sengera, on Saturday, April 7th, at 12 o'clock M.,from plei No. 87 North river. Prioe of passage in first eablu $130-, ae eond cabin $75. Luggage not wanted daring the voyage should be sent on board the day before sailing, marked 'be low," No freight will be taken after Thursday. April .1th For freight or passage apply to M. LIYINCSTOY, Agent, M Broadway. VANDERBILT'S EUROPEAN LINE OF STEAM^niPS. ?The first class steamship NORTH STaR, 2,300 toss, Wamaek, master, will leavo Now York, at noon, preciaely April Zl, for Havre, direct. First cabin pataage. $130: as eoud cabin pasaaee, $76; Tbe North Star will be followed by the new ateamahlp Ariel, in Mar. Tbe ownxr cf theae shift will not be accountable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jew airy, precious stones or metals, nnleaa bills of art signed tlnrofor, and the value thereof therein cxpre??ed Vcr freight cr passage apply to D. TORRANCE, 16 Stntk William street. N'cw York; Sumner, Montant A Draper, it ruoN.D. des Vlctoires, Paris; Albert N. Chryatie. 27 ijua! Caaitnir Delavigne, Havre. N. 11.? On and after May 1, D Torrance's office will be at No. 8 Bowling green. YTtOR SOUTHAMPTON ANI) BREMEN. ? TBE UNITS? X1 Slates mail steamer W ASHINGfCN, E. Cavondy, eon mandcr, will sail for Bremen, tcnehing at Southampton tc land tbe maila and paaaangers for England ami France, oa Saturday, April 21, at 12 o'clock M., frcm pier 37 Nirtb K.rtr Pricc ot patsage:? In the tirat cabin, main saloon ,...$1X In tbe firat cabin, lower saloon Uf In second cabin ? An experienced surgeon is attached to each altatner. All letters must pass through tbe Post Office. Specie delivered in Havre and London. For passage or freight, apply to C. H. SAND, Acont, II toulb William tirec'. The steamer Hermans will aucceed tbe W r.abington, aad aail May 19. - ? ? TT E. MAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA, YIA ASPIJI y ? wall aid Panama.? Ualifernlans art informed that the 1'anatna Kailroad is oompleted. and tbe .rantit if tot iathuins will be made by railroad from oci u k ocean N aiore ni.ile travel? no rim boating ' On Thursday, April 6, at 2 o'olock P. M., froit pier at fesi of Warran street, North river, wUl be dispatched the tec. it earn ship GEORGE LAW, Capt. G. V. Fox. U. S. N. Tu connect at Panama with the new anc screricr ateart lb .j SONORA, Capt. R. L. Whitiug A spare boat always kept at Pvuvtca, tc prtvtil dtlea tioa, In esse of accident. Nc freight reroived after 1 o'clock on the sailitg day. for passage apply at the Comj an) a t-ttee, No 177 Wtel ?treet, to J. h RAYMOND. DEDUCTION or FARES TO 9DIT THE TIMES. i\ New York and California steamship line, via Nicaragua. ? Aceeatory Transit Company (of Mcaragaa), proprietor*. - Seven hundred miles (Loiter than any other route.? Tin tpimdid double engino steamship STAR OF THE Will Into turn burthen). Captain Tnrnar, will leavi pier No. 9 North River, at 3 "'clock P. M., precisely, for Fnnta Arenas on Ttarsday, April 12 IMS, connecting w lb tbi steamsbl) I'ncle Sam (2.000 tons), over tbe Nicaragua Transit roote having l>ut twelve mllci of land transported n b* first olars carriages. Scleral new and swift ir oa steamboats bavi intely beet rnt on river and lake, which ebcrtec tbe time Ol tbe transit from oeean to ocean. Tbese stoumort arc nnsnr pssied In their ventilation and accommodation* Tor info* matli.t. or r assise, at the reduced ratet, apply only tc CHARLES MORGAN, agent. No. 2 Bow) oy Green Lettca lags made up at tbe ofllce. Letters ilfto. per ball ounce. AUSTRALIA PIONEER LINK, CARRY 1NG TBI United States mails.? Tbe otkbrated clipper sMj CicXAN STEED, Tboi. Cunningham, mi stvr. it sow at ha: t ertli. pier b East river, loadiug for Melbnuao. This shin u going ont en her second voyage in tliii Ui.o. htvng wade Vs: 'est I assage ia eighty nine days. Hat ei<>eHani aceominod* ti< at for first and second olats pasjengcra. Baity a | plica tion for freight or paatace neeessarj. at the will roeifivolj sail about middle of April. Tbe Ocean Sti ed will be to* eecded by the macniflcunt ? Iprer sl?.i Aigtlingale, 1st Jam-, also en her seccna voyage, having made h*r last <n tbe onptv eedorted thne of icventy tlx days i or ficlgh" ti rastagt. apply on ?oard,orto R. W. CAMERON, Nc. 0 li^wling Gresn, and 1 1C wall street. N ew york and new orleaks steamship con rany.? For New Orleans, stopping at Havana- < arr? the United States Mailt? The steamitii| BLACK WAR RiOR, J D. Dnlloek commander, wil. ecn.mince receiviaj freight on Thursday, April A, and sal) for tbe arrive porte ci Monday, April 9, at 12 o'clock precisely, from Pier at foot i f Beach stri ct, North river. Freight for tbe inteiioi and for Mobile, consigned to our agents In New Orleaaa, I amet Connoly A Co., will be forwarder live of commit* ti<nt. 1'attengert for Havana must procure past|>orts W 'ore leaving port. Kills of lading most !>? nentln for sitalai tbe evening previous to tbe shir tailing tor freight ei passage apply to LIVINGSTON, CROUURON A CO. agenta, 31 Broadway. N B ? The i ahawta, R. W. Sba feldt, ei mibatder, will succeed tie Caltvla, mi Ml) Wed aceday, April 2ft. L"OR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA -UNITED STATES r Mall Line.? The new and elegant steamship AU'JUSTA, Thos. I. yen, will leave Now York lor Savannah i n April 7. fr??i pier No. 4 North river, at 4 o'clock H, M. bills of lading tlgned on board. For freight npp y ? c b< trd; or ftr passage, to SAMl'EL L. MITCli ILL. 13 Broadway. For Florida, through tickets from Ntw York to Jacksonville, <31 ; to Pllatki. *33. Tbe ALABAMA, Cait. G o K. Scbenck, will succeed aud leave on Wednesday. Apri 11. F 'OR CHARLESTON, 8. C.-THRSIDE WnEF.I. STEAM ship QUAKER CITY, j. II. llodgdcn. oeminacder, will leave Philadelphia for Charleston on Friday, A|nlC, at 1( o'clock A. M. CaMn pattagr, f20; atoeraae, p> For freight or pauage apply to HERON A MARTIN, 37!, North wharves, Pbuadcljlua. FOR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA? SEVI WEKKLY U. S. mail lino Tbe steamship SOUTHERNER, T. Ewan, con. wander, will leave pier No. 4 N. K. on Saturday, April 7, at 4 o'cloek P. M. precisely. For fre ight apf ly on hoard, ? tero all bills of lading will he signed, anil for patsa.-e, at the tfBce ol SI'OIFOKD, TILESIO.N A CO, 30 Broadway. Through ticket! to Florida at follows:? To Jacksonville *31, to Pllatka*33 The JAMES ADGER will sncceeo, i. ail leave on Saturday, April 14. ?TtfiR NORFOLK, PETERSBURG AND Rl< flHOND ? r Tbo United states mall ateamtbii, JAMESTOWN, L. l irr.ih, n iinxauder. will leave pier 13 Norib r.ver, on Saturday, Arril7, at I o'clock P. M ; will arrivs at. Norfo k tie neit after?eon, and 1'ctertbnrg and Richmond tbe fol lowlug mornlig From Norfolk, nasscngers for tne Sonth procted hy rai road dlreot, with through tiohett Iron Wei oon to Wilmington, Charleston, Ac. l assaice and fare to Norfolk, to Petersburg and Riohmnnd. *10, steerage half price Thri ugh tieketa to I.yaebbarF, $14. No freight takea lor Peterfbnrg Apply to LUDLAM A PLEASANTS, 33 Brcr.dwsy. PROPOA&L8. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.? BE A; ID PROPOSALS will be rccolved at the ofllee of tho > ypreis llills Come tery.No 2f.t Broadway, e* rnor of Wai^iu straet, nn'iltbs ttt day of April next, for macadamising and f.olstni.* the Williamsburg and Cypress Hills plank road, runn ng from Busbwiek avenue, Williamtbor^, to the Cj| ret* Hills Ceme tery, near John J . Snouieer s, King* connty, I II , being fo*ir rnilee In length, or pr**[osals will be r< ra ved t< r one mile, ? Ith the rrivilese of tbe whole, to to made according te 'he plans and >n tiio at tne Ctmrtcry offino. Py '?rdcr. LDlil.Vli DUIGOS, Protldent. fvi cari'Rntf.h"!, painters and gac . fitter ? - 1 Sen led propotals will to received i> tt.i nndertisaed, at Castle Garden, until 12 0 clock aooa. toe loth day <r April, for tbe enlargemsnt ol the sta/e, ?h? rim* ?n! if the eolsmnt In front of the stage, ami ?? new sr?uery, dr&ji curtain, ie. 1 laus and S| eeifcatiens ef the w.*rk wi'.l he readi for txaminatlon on and alter Ai ril ft Tuowhelo Work to hi" c< oip'etcd on or before the Ime <lay o* M y i ?et,. Surety will bo reqnired for tin faiibtni per'onnafirf oi tbo contract. The tindrrs'pned rrservsa th* right to n' ">;>t of rejei t try rr all ) ropotals a he may d?oin ? * t ? ?? re t B H CON :? Lfll. BIUIIRDK. QJI.VERMRDAL AWARDED TO LEONARD * BIN. O Jamin at tbo World's Fair, ISM for the ben billiard tablo. with epecial apyrnkatioa fnr worhmanthip Tbo jury oaaidered oar oaifeicae alone entitled to tbe ahovo award. We have a splendid (took of billiard tables, clothe, bulla, rnot, le?tber?. Ac . Ac. cheap, for tale LEONARD Jk Ha V .'AtflN. hi?*e*l prenunm makers, SB.' Broadway. 5. ? - fwe ??cot.d band tables, ehoap. for sale. j roMUMr*i?iM IMI'OHTAMPTo the afflicted.? dr j. u. du*mh I haa lacated n> New York, and haa op. n*d an oOuo at No -T Bonil *t#?et, where h* Hatters b-mself to tr?a* all !i, ??*?** incident ?? the human Irtme, either ul a return* or a chronic nnturu. Tliero ur? leveriu duta.c* or??OBOO?iJ taeurtEu by medUal uicu, which III. U would b.l . ? meet with, and e facially thote of tha throat, lu.igiand U?r Ilia succeea in curat thoio obstinate and inveterate disease " loM^uidiBK. iowhUb hia testimonials will .bow, in .a ? oiVnt orouf ot bis capability in trcatin# pulmonary ?o? semntfoa catarrhal c .neuuiptioa, apoitametuus consular tnhinular consumption. and tinhly, ohtoaie consump Hon' Ur L> foels it his duty, tor the benefit 01 the snfferioj. commuDiiy.l'mak known the variou* .pjaie* ol ^.ump tlou, a* eacli of them uM?r la some decree l^iu^ha other, and requires ? different and sometime* treatment. lie lias written separately ou each *tAga of that drstroving disease,' which can bo seen at his vews^wiwt the ?uittKt cun t*c hi* scientiho development. }.^r* ??{j be feel* ntiBMir competent to warrant .a cur? ?? ?????? cases, or no pay required, provided the con*tituti on is no broken down. Special uttentiou Paid to the of and children. All tho above dlieasea treated on reformeu and Dcii n title principle*, l)r. D.'s expermnq* fire* mm an opportunity. unsurpassed by any physician or tbepreeent *kc, in bein/ thoroughly acquaint*? with the eatur* A?** ?*' nuee of disease; nl.o the symptom* and feelings that accom pany and characterize the tataldiseases, by looking at the physiognomy, lie oonaidtra that diteaae la a problem, ana hk physician* arc a clam of men that represent .o know and relieve the sufl' lii'isa of the afflicted, be should think it thou duty to aolve that .mention by a glance at the oountauaaae; and if net compi tcut to Judgo i'roai thia obacr?atijn alone, bo mint prescribe at random, and in nine oa>e? oat el ten doe* more barm than *00 a. (IN TUC VAK10L8 lORMSOF CON SU M ITIOJf. Pulmonary eon umption consist* in a general oinaeiation of the body, with debility and cough, for the moat part at tended with hcct.c levir, uud treqneutly with ?a pocto ration. Many p jrslelans call this dmase alone pnlrno aary coasumptlon, or " phthieli pnlmiiilli, which is the onaciuencc. el the deTolopment la the lunga of a oartioml ir ipeeiea of aocidenlal production called tubercls; but 1 doubt be Moprie^y ofthia exclusive view an i in * popular work it ia ccr'ainiy more adviraMe to ea'i that <ji*e?ae eonaump lion which ia attended with lta ordinary tign* and run* tt* utual, and which is owing to *om?i organie change* withn the chest. Thia ia a disease of the hr.t imp^rtJaae . both on account ofita frequency and fatality. It haa been pretty accurately calculated to car** otf prematurely ona Fourth ol '.he inhabit :iu'a of Great Brftaiu, and that the aa^ nual vicliina to lta ravagei in America exceed* aiaety-BT* thouaand. A a eaoh of tTo.e apeelee differ* in ^aaymntoma in Mime doj;roe from the othera, and require* a diKwent, ana aoiuetimeii au oppoaite mode ol treatment, I aD\U treat 01 tl.eni diitinctly; but previoualy it will be adviaable to notice the avmptoma and cnuaen which are, for the moat tart oom mou to all, when the particular aiine diatinzmahing theai from each other will be more e .ally and clearly aeflned._ The earlieat ay miitouia ol consumption are inatitiou* and obicure. lhc i atient U, porliapa, eeualble of ?nnj degre# of uneaducne and unueual laafuor, and-breathoH with lew free dom than formerly, ?o that hla reapttaUena are ahorter and Increaied in nuaiber. He couxlia oocaaionally, bat dow n<a complain ofita being troubleaouio, and rarely exfeotoratea, jet at the aametiuie, if ne make* a deep mapiratioa. he i* aentihle ot km degree uf uncaainaaa lu aoui* particular part of the ehiat. 1 heao aymptoma gradually inortaae, ua til the pulse i ? t'ouud quicktr than usual, part oularly tu wards the evening; a more tbau ordinary perspiraUou taktfr place ia the course of the niuhf, and if the sleep be oot dii turbed bycouKhiig* u considerable tit of coughing pla'o in t Tie morning, the patient feel* relaaod and enfeebled. Thl* may be aaid to form the hrnt atage of the di*aa?e. The cough inereasca ia frequency, and from being drv, ao ccmpanled with a purulent muooua, varying aocordlag t" the peoullar incdittc.-Uwa ol the diaeaae, from a watery whey like aanioa, ocenaloually mixed with blood, to an expocto ration of nearly genuine pna; and the malady ia w de cidedly eatablianca. The tluld aplt out uvuy be Uv'd. deep black, light biow n, light green or yollowUh white, flatteaed or rcnna!hard or aott. I'etld or without amell; lu maay eaaea it ia very acauty, and it may happen that thero is ao expec toration whatever, fi r in the apoatematoua a|ie<ii** tha *ur ferera have uow ami then died before the abaoeea haa broken; commonly what i* called a vumioo, or ab*co*a lu tba lungs, I ia the reault of the aoftenlng and burating of a masa of tu | berclea. The unearlneaa in the cheat, only peraaivad a. firaton makirg a deep inspiration, ia nsw .permanent and attended with a aeute of ? eight; the hoetic fever ha* aa lumtd it* full character, and the patient caa only lie with comfort on one aide; the strength fail* apaoe; the pulse varies fr m about one hundred and twenU or thirty ; tho teeth Increase in tranaparency, and the white of the eye a is pearly white ; tho linger* are shrank, except at the Jointa, which become prominent; the nail* are bent for want ot support, and become palntnl; tha no*e i* aharp, the cheecka are re I, the eye* sunk, but bright, the countenance aa if nulling ; the *rine project"; and t.h*?h;nl . dcr blade, stand out like wing* ot bird*. The local pains In the dlicase arc uncertain. Jlo?t of patient* ha\e some pain, many ha\e none, and some have very ?cute pain. In rein ral the \iain" in the chest, in eases ot phthisis, aro owing to a "lVl.? chronic pleurisy-that is, chronic iniam ?nation of the membrane lining the ohaft. , .. 1 be third Stage is melancholy and dUtresa'ng. It oom mencts with a eollcquatiic lo< nea*; bat caalonally through it, the patient supports hi* a?;TO?.'?ssi5a ?!f .BSiSSffSS", S. I Thontth this is the common |?r?gr< ?s and formation ox Ine >i i j ? si l i * vft it va-ies considerably in the character and com hlnatlon'fits aymptona ^e may clearly di.tiuguUh : ?r*t regular manifest eonsumi tlon: second, irregular maaifest consumption; third, latent ooasumptloa; fourth, acute coa - mimotlon' and fifth, chronic consumption. 1 tie tlret la that w.iicli o'.terve* tho regular course de scribed atovo; the tccoiid includes those ease* ot phtkius in which the iliacaae aceina to begin in some other ?**?? 1 aides tho lungs; for example, it la by no mcaea JUHUM to find the local and general aympton* of conaumption pre cededlby chronic ditrrlxra-Waeneas ot long a-andinj-herc, oiten ulccrs exist in tho intestine* and small miliary taber c ""third , latent conaumpiion is that where tbe symptoms are marked for a leng tiu-e, audi aa nervous disorder, ha bitual iiidlqe- tlou, or common cough; fourth, acute Pbtnliil*. are those casoa wiiich nafold themaelvos ail at once, with acute fever, emaciation and other symptoms of '""J1 as to carry ofl' the l atient at the end of n* week*, or two months af a long ran; hftb, chronie phthins, include* those examples which lait live or six years or longer Consumption is i ften a.iid to be caused by sr ittiBg ol blood Ttcertaiuly not unfrequ.ntly 'oUowstSe of bled, called; but very rjnerally in the lnnga precede or are ; Md w^ o??ht of the organ J^l?V1**",J??al**p,tll?gV blood is rather a ?ymp^Mn or ilgn '?!< consumption, than the came of it. The particular confun: pi ivo constitution mor? liable to hemes* | optysis ia diBtiu^Mslicd by the brilliant wtutcnesa of the ?Mn, the bright redn?sa of the cheeks, the narrowneaa of the chest, the project inr or winsed contiguration of the shoul dtrs, and tne slenderneii of the liinbs or trunk. DISTINCTION. Til K CATARRHAL COWS' 'MFTX029. In this specieh the cough is freijuen^ and violent, with co- | pious excretion oi a thin, offensive, purulent m.icns, rarely mixed with blood; generally eoreness in th?- throat and chest, and transitory ptlnn, shifting from sine to aide. II ia chkfly produced by cutching cold, or thd neglect of a com- j mon catarrh; ai.d in tho tir?t stage of this disorder, there Is le?e hurry and censtaut iimculty in the breathing than In tho tnbcrcnlar -lcind. Jt uiay occur ia any habit, and at any arc. This spec ief han it- scat in the membrane lining of the windpipe, or its tcrruiuations: and the consumption fellow inic measles or wheopmc cou?h is generally of this kind. II ia the pituitou* cmsumption of the German phyMciana, and sni is often called bronchitis by English i rac Jti oners. DISTINCTION. Till APOi 1 ? MATOt'S CONSl'MFTtOW. This modification ol the cob plaint occurs moetlj in the plethoric, the raufcuine, and those in whom thero is ?n/P* p? arance of vig< r. It fre?inentlf eommencea with a spitting of blood; and when in this condition pnthiiiii haa followed, acute inflammation, w undsor blows, cr bruises in tho oheet, we have rearcn to conclude the patient labors under Apo?^ tematous Consvropticn. The pain in the hrvaal ia fixed and constant; bo is the <! fficnlty of breathin?r, and the patient can only lie on cue Fide. Theooujih Id not the short, tick ling cough cf the tubercular phthisis, but ia m violent as that in the first ?- pec iea, though attcuded e ith little or no I expectoration. The Apos^ematons spec'.es mostly attac* ycung persons of a high florid complexion, many of whim i ar? or the mcst blooming and promiein,.' appearance. When it is remnrkably rapid in its progress? which has gained it the vulgar, but not inappropriate namo ol a gal I loping consumptr'-n? ? it is the Florid Phthifia ol many wri ttre, ami is frequently situated dsep in the substance of the DISTINCTION. tii? ti si act us oomvwPTioia. Here, the cmph ia fh^rt and tieklinp, and there i* an ei eretion ol a wr i' rv, wliey like Miuiea, son,eti?ia with a red diah tint; here the pain In the eheat is liabt or ultoiether an ient. There if an early l<.-a of flesh and itrciigth; the diB culty of breathin. veneraiiy I* only dlstrvsun* on motion of the body < r any <oi s del able exertion, and ttiere ia most ly an elevation ot sp.rta J'i'iltinjof bio d is very rarely an early avnpt' m. Iler* thia apecies arises trom small, hard tumors of a lirl t colo-, called tuber ilea. n'.uaUd ia the ci lltilar aiibataucc ot t he lunica. Tho tubtreb ns matter at tirat bar the appearance of a uray, *eini transparent *nb atani-e. which fooomcs yellow, opa<|ne and very uensa; aftar warda it .often, and grsdiially aequires a fluidity nearly equal to that of pna aid bein< then expeilod throunD the windpipe. ea\itiea are left, vulgarly known by the name ol ulcera in the limp*, but w hich aro tuberclous excavation*. It l. very inaidiona in ita coinniencomeuts, and attaaka chieny those of a pallid, icmlulous habit. Chronie conaum ption i* the fifth stairc. and the moat ha seriiiK *nd ealiauttia* of the whole, which naa ita origin ia the *ccrct its of both aexea, which evil eflicts ia aot dis covered until the subject of It gets into mature year*, aaa which is very mutt anuacd at th" commencement of Its treatment, hating not sufficient knowledge of the nature or eaaenec- of the di?e?f , and which ia termed by inediea I men liter cunpla'nt, which la uahertd in with tha foUewla* ay mp toins and riisasrue able tecllngs Weak and lain* stoma eh. pain in tb* loina and back, v*ri?bie bow* Is, sue h aa ol a*W nate eostiveneas and laxativ^nc**, a numb pain bctweaa tne anouUera anil in the ahonlders, and through . ani undaf _the shoulder blades. Uh lace pale, the reel cold, the no*tril*dry. and a fr?.|U' Lt dealt : of Itiblng or picking the nostril*, flut tering at the pit ol the stomach, oppression aQer eaMag. ?leepintaa, dr' wilneis, heavlncis, torrndnes*. ana a depraved ? i petite and dig. stio ? omu dsvs better, som* i iay* difli rent ways Jiff. r. nt times a day; cold <-bllls, so?r heleh lag Wind In tic St. math a bad ta.te in mrrning and naaty. thi.k .ubatantial aplt raised ^up wca sionally, which It not thrown up at onoe wUloeoa*l?aa dU* greeabie faellnc easier felt thaa deierlied, J? ^"Vlf thi nasty (lit that appears to come from tb* ba?k part el the throat, *s it ia imagined by patient*. . , . heavr From the bc.inling there is a fWquai it . leslre for heavy sighing, and the patknt forms an idea that his breaining ii checked in lis stomach or cheel, which can sea hts tes pi ration shorter nnd imree*d In ntim ber, I he I}' hemsV Sri ' ?'p l.?Vlr.?t? n " ^ , in M m' pVrilcular part of the chert, alio a ti^htress of the cheat. ?he?e symptom* ?"jJ?.1"/ ,'^3 t*of until 1 1 ere i? a sintin/, e*hau?ted feelir g telt at the wt ol the stomach, pains running np the oord*ot tha naek and r, ?iink- in the ht*d the forehead and tempi** feel paintaland r.sev the eies sc. m dim, th tcmrer ia short and Irritable, the ruiad coafered, tic sleep disturbed, the body oopreesed, sad the L-en?r*l aerface of the body is ci lil writli ['J* llushet of heat. In some i^rsona there are m< re symptoms, sad in some* l**s; there i* a f.a.h of lleod to the l<*d which ia denoted If tha patient whoa In tba aet of aloeiiln* or rising hi. h< art la an beVildered a*d J.t.y thai he IiVilrVyVe 1st* the ground headlong, hi* m.nd j.* . .-art ( oil! used that be becomi s 'jnlte forg 'tlul. The <'????* *"* sen mpanles tbe.e aymptoma are tsrme.1 i atari h in the head, luer Mnplalat, diaeasaaM iha h< mrt rd eoaanmrtl' n. because they jet leyoi.d tlicir skill ana t ua uTeTiTv * tl i m Wall, tho** eases that are n< arable aecompanial I y ti e aUve .vm( U>ma aad I ????'"'W sr. ths eaias I w^l, 1 - glad to tn.? W tb r J ibts ate n?t tSo?e cracked up ?#d lc ineic ailed t '?re ^ v , biK mtdtiinv* re only adapted to T,re.un''.Bi^1_iAi-t-,i MLAYiaO CARD*. f 1 1 a vtKfl (- A iriiH ? PAHO PI. ATI NO CAKDS, VIRT !?< r sale to the trad- and tb"r N?' ' I a relay street, appertt* the Aator U n*c. legal motkes. Nrw YORK COrRT.? flKORfiB ILATIR " Curtis Judson and others ?Nattaa i* harahy Ir.r li st aursnint to aa order of t hie court made ta tha al eve entitled ectiia, all and aingnlar the ho iaahald aal I , t?i furniture formerly owned by Cartta Judsan, now eon tMaed in the hotel know as the nrevoer* Una**, lltaatad st tl* acrthaaat corner of Ft htli atre<-t and '.he 1'ifth avaaue, it the el'y of Net York, will aa goldla' pnblie'anetlon, oa ttie I th day cf April. i*? at aald IrwreKirt Hens,', at twelve e el<- k at *e?n ef that ii*r KANIaOI I B W. TCWS?C\n. H.ceitag.

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