Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1855 Page 3
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MfKTOWMTI fiBfflJfTBl BTBBT Dir. FOIl SM.rc. A/in nnn -T0 capitalists -wharf pro VTv?vl/U ? petty p|.[Ki?ii? I'hl'vie'ph'a, loop"! it wa let, unincumbered, clear tltU loag time. productive uow, tncreafing'i Seo Courier and laoiiirer. dsted Ma"h 17. Owmer won t'na day from 2 to 8 I'. M . at IS I mm jilaie. W. W. HALL. 41 ') fill A T" WVUO? AN INTEREST in a vai.ii ?PJ ?Me property san be h:?d, or the whole will ba >')M tt :t great saorraod. It *? i It ;>ay annually on the inveatmert from '!/> to * > par cant with.i it expenditure. Ap ply to WAl.LItU A SEK.LY. 4M Ei<htk avenue. $r e/tA-fOR SALB, THE FINE TIIRBE STORY l),t vv briok house Nu, 410 l'aeiflo atroet hetwe>a tlvud and Nevina atr -eta llrookl) n. with g.ia, bath, r.iiun ta r; ?i>et fl inohoa, b> lt*i fact llnuae'?! feet flinches, by 48 Teat M.'-H) ran remain on mortgage Apply to J. I. Smith. No tdl Pacific street. OrO rvnil-Asl) ONLY *>?' CASH K Kelt; IRK II. TO pi rehaac the ehvaticat cottage home ia this city. Lot ,'U) I y UK) feet. .-it n:tt ? il on 11' >th stre it, near the Second af?tiuo railruitd I lia borne contains nto* llnUhad rooms conrlyard wttb | l.n.ia. I reach wimlowa, Croton wa ter in baai'iui ut, Ac Neighborhood good. LE Mil I T, IS Spruce atreet. <|?1 *><Ml -IOR ; Al K? A 0( XII) Jl AMJFACTUKIVU ?I*! busin-sa, r (Hiring 'be above amount; an a* oii|iortilnlty lor a man wMiinnto .tart. Addresa W. S., llrrald oOica. ?70n ."ALB? A HANDSOMELY KITTED UP I vUi dining aUun, situated at a railroad depot ia i.ue of t no i :? ale<t hueiu<-a thoroughfares in the cltv The i" ' " tea, ntaaoi tables, Ao . are Ml new 'I ho place will make ?l 5Wa year. Apjdy lo C. M, 11- ? V* US A CO., m Naaaau ?lmt. d*OCA ONLY FOR A NEW TilRI'.E STORY HOUSE on 1'aclAe atreet, rear Wasbinttoi avenue. Brooklyn; part ot first floor is a store; lot 23x100; price $2,7.10; tall rent for $.100, The balance over $iV) in any pay mania AI?o f?r aala. three l> t ? on Carletou avenne, near lult in. No payment, if improved AUo, lota on Herkimer street, an mo term. Apply to D. II. GOULD, 3<i John Jtreet op at aire A PROVISION ESTABLISHMENT FOR SAI.E, OR will bo leaaad for a term or year*, to a raiponaibla par aon. Tba abovo aat?bHaliuiant ia Inrutabtid * it fa every oon vaaianca in the way of lee houic* and imok" houaea, and all neraaaary flit area, to carry on a lar^a bnalneaa There ia alaa attaobod to tbe above a retail atore, and a ataud in a market for lorther particular*, addraia, for throe daya, 1'roviaton Dtanr, Herald oifiee. AOESIRAOIE HOUSE AND I.OT, 2ft BY 100 FEEf, ia Walkar atreot, weetaf Broadway, No. 21, lor aala. on vary raay tenna. If not (old by tbe loth inat., will ba let, wbele or part, f.-ou> May ueit. lu-iniro of J. F. IlliOWNB, M Broadway. API.BASANTAND HEALTHY RESIDENCE NEAR Biooklyn, in t iatbunh? A two atory boute, two win^a. trti it and everiroen traea, arbor, Ac., and three-i|uartera ?cr? of land; alio, a lea*? oa oi.->it acrei adjoining. Price t'AV down, JkWO -n May, the balauce can remain on mortgane. Inbuim at Hi7 Broadway. W. 11. STOQDtl.L ALADY 5> BU'SINKSS.? FOR SALE, THE STOCK, FIX ttire*. turoiture, and good will of a uhildron'i clothiu< ??tore, carried oa ?uoeeaatally the iaat live yeara, located in tba beat part of Broadway. Rent low, and tbe wbola ouly fl Vital ca- ii A rare chanca. Addrcat M. K , Herald ofllce. A BOOT AND 8 HOI STORB FOR SALE, TOGETHER with two yeara laaan, atock and tlxtnrea. EataMiaha.l m yeara, and uow doing a good huainoai, to enanre tbat there ia no ialailioation about the buaineaa, aatiafaotory rea aoaa wilt be R vol tor aelling out. Apply at 31 Third avanua BAKBRy! CONFECTIONERY AND ICB CREAM aaloon wall aitnatod and doln^ a ?ood huaineaa, for aala oa vary reaaonabla term*. An excellent opportnnity tar the ampio/taeot of a tunall capital in a paying buiiaeaa. Apply at 5W KiAutU aveaoe, or to WALKER X CO.,7SNaa aaa atiaat COUNTRY RCSIDKNCI POR SALE AT RYB NECK , halt a mite from tbe railroad depot, aitaated on the Bea ton tuwimke road, and near Long lalaud Sound; the houae <a keautifnily abaded , there arc about four aerca of gronnd. abaadaaoe of aoade aad ornamental treee, all kind* of fruit t'eei, flowora daa kitohon garden, ttaMe, A*. Apply to T. V SHEl'IlMHi. a) and 31 Uold atreet. CtOUNTRY RESIDENCE? FOR SALE OR TO LET. IN J Stamford, ( oan. . bona* naw, t?o atoriea and atti*. 15 room*, heated both br farnace and eratoa, and to be lighted with gaa The gronoa*%e abaded with fruit and ornamental ' ' " ? H^Yeed, J treea.' In^mra afW. II "Weed, 7 Ueld street, or of John W. Leede, Stjmtjrd CIOUNTRY KESI HENCE FOR .SALE AT A QEEAT J bargaiu? lu tho beautiful and healthy village at Von kera, elfnatrd on elevated ground, overlooking tbe Umlaon river for 2C tuilea, aad within a few minntaa' walk of tbe de pot. Tba hone.; ia built in Italian atyle, 31 by 43 feet, e* tenaioa 17 by '?!. containing fourteen rooma, bath room, water tbrouHhoul. Inrnaoe, Ao., with one or two aorai of land; trnit trei a juat coming into bearln?, and abade treea in aliua danee; piarta na three eiJea or main huildinr. Thia ia a very diairabie place tor a gentleman a residence. For lionlara app'y J. W. MAHEE, ti'J Heaver atreet. N. II.? Alan, e -voral larma and ainall places ia Weatcheater ccantylor aaiv (IAN A 1. BOAT IOR SALE? A FIRST RATE LAKE J boat, ot about eighty live tjna burthen, in good order, with everything complete, will IA told cheap if applied tor *uon. Apply 1 1 L. J. Ill i.l.i in 1 73 Mooater atreet. Drug ?tore por sale, at a sacrifice.-the atore ia n -ally fitted up, In a good naiKhborhood lor a phyaician or dmgg it, ia well worth foOO, but mna>. be aold daring tbe weekTtbe higbaat offer tak'-a it. Termi caah U. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. Dkuo store for sale. -THE DRUG stork , coiner ol North Moore and Greenwich ?tr -eta, will be I ?*?h oaly. It ba^ been eatabliahed over ""/a!*"' ditiari "i'nl "i*. "t and ia otTirel for aai ? only becan>* tbe owner wiahei to leave thaaity. ? TVBUG SI ORE FOR BALE? SITUATED OS ONE OF XJ the pribcipai ttreett of Brooklyn, neatly fitted up and well atock"d; a rare chanc* lor a phyaician nr druggiat. I'rise i't in, ono bail caah Reaaoa ID r mHb| and particular iiaonption i. l atere given by C. A. BI.'NV'E, 212 Broadway, corner of I ulton r?otn No. t, New York. Drug siofe for sai.e-nf.atly fitted up with a goad atock of drnna, r< w doing a good buaineaa Sold in ron*t.(uenoe ol the h -alth ol the proprietor. Apply at the cornet of Hamilton avenue, and Woodhull atreet. South Bwklyn^ Drug store - f< r saie, in a desirable location. Iiaea eatabliahed many yeara, atock, flxturea. and live yeara leaae, will ha aolil low. AUo, a profitable manafacturiag buiiuaaa, been long established, anil la <loing well; will be anld reaaenable. Apply to RICHARD PURI>\ A CO. Il)> and 1 . 1 Naaaau atreet. 1/ IGHT CITY LOTS IN OLINVILLE, WILLIAMS JU bridge (liall hour * ride from New Yorki, for t.ile? price, f.'W to Vi'i eaoh; terma tavorablo. luouire at 107 Broadway. W Ii. STOGD1LL. 1.tARM FOIl SAI.E-CONTAININO THIRTY TWO f acrea, well watered, dwelling aad outhuildinga all ia geod order; eitaatiea high aai healthy, and not more than two miloa and ball from thi trie Railroad elation or a ? eeamboat landing For farther pirticulari inquire of M. M. DICKIFbON, Piertaeut. Rucklind oounty. VAKM FOR SALE ? FORTY ACRES OK LAND. HOOD J? house and barn, truit, good loam aoM, iu good oriler, and i)i miles from etcamboit dock at Northport. l'rice, ti,-VJU, Aleo twmty acroagood loam soil, five vood.and fifteen mow ag. Prie.- HDD Imimre of E. \V ARTHUR, 2S Fulton -'ountry market. Irom 3 to 12 o'clock, this morning, or by letter to Northport, L I. 1,1EED STORE FOR SALE IN ONE OF THE BEST LO ' oatlei>< in.tbe eity . doing a go id buslneaa; a building and atallaon the premiaea that will more than pay tbe rent. J.eaee five yeara to run from May next. Will he sold cheap. Apply te A. C. LOOMIS, 1.12X Uroadway, i near Thirty third FOR SALE ."OMECHOICEIl ROOKLYN LOTS OR WILL he eie .em-ad f jr good tirat or ik^J mort.a$e?, (took e, toad). An . or, if improve I without anything Ix-m^ paid on them. lni|jirnot t. HcCRAKEN, 74 Wall ureal, in tlia taiemeot. For sale? hov^r and i.ot no. no we^t fif teaatb at toot, three atoriei hi/h, hiirb baaement, airy under Mltar; lot 103 fact 3 inchea 'lecp; honee baa all the modara iruproremeuta. tertnaany. Apply oa tba prauilaua. OR SALE -A WKL BI'II.T AND VERY CON F ID( all tbe moduru impro?am.iuia; "ill >>a eold an muat tavarable Wine For particular* tn<|"ira of tba praaent owaar aad o.eapmut 231 Want Twenty aerentb atreet. F-a rly poeaeaaioa iitea. FOR 8AI.R? om foub story, with basement. brown etoao froat bonee. with an imp ro>amant ualika *ay otbtr in tba eity, witn all tba other modern improve meate, eitns'od No bt Eait Tbirtiatb iHie of noma, tweatv by aitty dan?: lot ninaty -??itbt fait de?p. Inquire of Joha W. Flaller. WJ Eaat Tbirtiatb at rat t. fOR SALE-TOE NEW THREE STORY B R1 < ' K I? boaaa. E*et Eighteenth atraat. lion. a ontaiaa >11 tba no Jar i improvement!. For terini apply at IWS, nut lwt? FOR HAI.E-TUE IEA?E. STOfR AND FIXTURES OF a bar and bowliaf ealo.n iu i tunne.a part of tba city, rppoaite tba spriaii afoot mirketa, with a taraa veara' leaae froa May. Apply at XV> spring, caratr of Waeblaxtoa, la tba baaaiaant. . FOB 8ALB-J.O. 313 WASHINGTON STREET ?THIS ?alnabl* lot >a twenty tve laat tao larhre iron! >ad raar, by a.?bt ? do?p and eeventy tire feat nor b *1 Duaaa ? treat Tarni aaay and immediate po.a-aaim ?i?en Ap ply to R JACOT, tl Hatriaeu atraa; . _____ For sai.b-two house?1, two lots each. and atablea oa L'Wataa avenna. Brooklyn. Oat. fnrnaa', raaaa. Ae . in each. Ilae frail tr*ee aa I trape vinn ia <ar. * ana aaar iba Fultoa aveuue railroad. by ROBF.HT &ARJEANT. No. 7 Jauacay eonrt. II W.H it 1/OBSaiR-a V A I UA HI E WATER PRIYILFOE ON I tbe ll io-iionio tirar. ia the village ni Marviairiile. n-ar tba Hauaatonie and llarlaia railr.eJe It ia now oacapied ae a leanery. l.m the '.uUdit-ia are anitaMa for a paper or bat factor; ln<r re of C Plutt, 2UH Fulton at real. IVrook lya. or of ilm ?ul.a? tibrr. on tbu premiiea. M. O. PL ATT. OR SAI E-A NJCE DWELLING HOUSE, WITH about lialf aa acre of (round, with Iruit traaa, flower* . aitaata about ??e aiautea walk from tba Melroeo depot Weetcbcetar orotjr, N. V. I'riee S-'.'-UO. Apply to E. W AI.BRI), (VI Wall I'r*. I'oR 1 A I.K -HIE .NEW IIIH1 F. STuHV ItTtltJE 1I01>E aad lot Na. Ill R aa( I'ilieaatb atraet. r-plate wrlib all *be aiodrra iiaw.'oreiMata Tea^faaitin clvaa ifH'nadiatalr Prill Hi ?w Apply to GEO K JAtKSO.N A CO.. Ml Caatre e'rea J 'OB SALE -THE STOCK, OOOD WILL AND 1IT tur?. nl a al dry a-mda atora, m oa* of iha aioa -lifiblal'fiiioa ia Hrne4??? I'vaaaaaK a eta i>a fifei imaadiaiat/ Addraa* R S f, A Ce., Il>rald afire. rMKSAII-A LARf.F. SI'E I1RB AND RDBOI AR r pro*' aale, ia aaca.laa'. evad<tioa. made ta order for tbe Meebaaioa A Trader. Bank. Jrraay City, aad hat haea ia IK but tw > yaari M 'ia* about to reaoae to a new banking hoaae eliMM It at no 1 a?, if will be diapoaad of upoa i eawiaaa,'-- torraa l?( ire at h-' Mrcnanice' A Trad*ra Rank. Jrri ?? I ??? f OR It A 1 A \ tBR.TOIDF.KT Av U PABCT STORE. JT With ? a*o ?* of ai<r ?oad*. tba haat atand ia Rreoll'a 'l^rniioaay Apply oa tba premiiaa, l<B i'alt ia at real , Brook * j a . lilOR SAI *-SC,f*-1iir THREE STORY EMOI.|?(T r baaana at boiaa ?r*t Eaat Twenty I laird eraet. aeti "imaA ai L * Ilea all t ta > fnodarn iin^n emmta P <a aa*a(?? la' War. Tarwa f?? IIOMRR MORfiAN. V, | Plaaetft C*OR ?-AI P? ( R ?|f H\N(.E'i >OR CITV PR'?PrR1 V r lb<rlf nice of laad oa the ( et>a?<* PU'e. llaraa ?a.l< i f'aai ('aaeatia I a,idia v >?# #f tba 'pan ia* 'ta* a ?!? l? IS' a oat Mtoaa .t ta? UjI.x Hirer. I sr pirtlrnia a. . , i? a ?f rA.N A JAKE4 I < a ?'??{ rfa?' F rOH 8 ALB. |iV>H SAI.E-A liEAUTlFLI. OLD PLACE AT Sl'OV^ I1 tcndevi), a l?r^? stone mansion and 51 torw of grojod in law n. gardon : ml Hue old irooji; 11 14 mile* from ?>> J City Ilall, over a red bridge, and 3 mile* below and on the road to Youkers It voild bu let putii!lr fur anhii if lut ??Ij- Apply to E POTT KR, Z2!i Broadway P'OB SALE ? THE I.FASV, AND STOCK OF A Plfl.iT 1 eltu ..tore, no? doing n lair business t> t tir nor in >< leading avenue Th.i etock it ohoioo tnd small but ? " I aeortod, an I will be Soli ut a fair ruination t >r ouh. lor (Mr'.ioalarn 'ddr.'ss X V. 7. , boa 11 Post L">* ^AI.r.-AN IL10A.VT CARRIAGE ami IIA.t r n*'nd, til o carrijge was mane by Wood. Toniliuson \ Co . aodc.nt >'*)<> ban Venn need but threi months. Ali i, j. bfau' ful phaeton mid two ??cniid band bariuetios; will I i? - lid tow Apply at No .V> We?t Fifteenth utru-t FIOR UUMipCL I I XTI'RES AND HIRER VBAItV iciM ol a tint chum book and stationery ?toro. situated uud r a brat c!.i?i hotel. Will be disposed of obetoonai coout ot otbrr bu .incite. Anp'y in |>?rion at No I Evorott House Fo irtli at onto and Seventeenth (treat. fctOlt SAl.t - A I.AlttiE FOl R llult^E IK I iK, M IT C abla tor carrying boilers, Ac. Will bo .-.o44 cltoap lor eesu. For lurthcr particulars, inquire of It A UN E^, UATEUAN A Kl'l'DKUOW, <19 Ue-kmau utre#t 1. UK SALE? A BAKERY IN ONE 01 THE BEST I. > 1 rations in tho oit? situated nenr tiraud etroet au.l K< ji Market. The ti ? I i.rc > ind e\ erytiiluz complete will be aoli tor The family baking will p.-iy duuMe the rait. Ap ji'jr tl-iJ day to v' U. liott ES A CD , H4 Naxaan street. 1/1 II" SAIK-A II >TEf. AM) niNI.VC: SAI DON. ONE J1 of the hot lontinns in the city and doing a tine bnsi nan. Hold onlj a? the owner i? ahout louring Ihe city F >r I ait.culari, ad drees K ller.iU ollioe. For pale-a beautiful farm, of forty <* ? ; 1 1 ' acre-. sit uited within the city limit* of l'ou.'li kttepaie, i 'io and one fourth mile from Court House; it i< suitably divided for farming purposes; will bo iold togethor or in >' tn tn aiut purchasers. The bouse in a fr.iuie building, ?MtatoiMtNINW; with well and cistern in basement This laoladina uard"n), a young orchard, and tlx auras, v oui ; he sold It denrod; would make a datirahle t,oarJm< houi.a iitto iioiiuratlonahla; toruis easy. C. M. HART WltK r-?' c-:at ? a. cat, room No. I, BM Broadway. IViR FA1 F-TUREE THREE 3TOIIY BRICK TEVE I ni. ut houi<es with cellsn. on tha west side of Hecori I etreot. nsar North tichtli atroet, WilliamaburR; each boiiai i'Bli-j .?) lot 20 by M and contains ten rooms besides tha cellar will toll una or together; will exobkBjgn for city property. Also, a threa story brick liouae, with basement, on Dinirl'iu avenue, near Fifth straet, Williamaliurv Only a r.ma1! iim ruinired down, bafauce oan remain on in ?rt t-age C, II. HAR'l WICK, real eatate agent, M" Uroadwiy room No. I. For sale-a handsome two stout and baaemont cottage, '4 by 34, containing aigbt room*, and tour 1 ts, each 25 by UO (eel, in a healthy loeatiou. only a short diatanct from tha city by railroad, tan minutas walk troui depot , liigh ground, shaded with treoa, commands a hem titul view ot th? lludtoii rivar. Ala4, a una and a hall' story and basement cottage. 21 by 3D, with two lots, each 20 by li?5, very chean io a thickly aettleil village, n?ar tha railroad depot C M HARTWfCK, real estafe aSor.t, 3W Brotd wa\ room No. 1. FOK SAI.E-TI1E SUBSCRinEIl OFFERS, AT A RE tnarkably low price, the atock, fixtures, and good will of a buainais, now paying over ISO par oaat oa .loeount of 1 salas, to a person of mull capital this ia a ohanca rarely offered Addrva* or call on, II. 0., Moffatt'a buildings, room No. 2*', 336 Broadway. I For sai.e-a paper route, on one of the beat, morning papers in thia city; it para now S12 per weak; ia to ba aold very low. lnqnire at 2St Broome street. 1 IiiOR SAI E? A BEAITTIFUI, COUNTRY HOUSE. IN 1 the village of Madiaon, N. J , situated near schools, ? hur:hee, and rai. road depot; containing nina roonia and eel lar with barn, carriage house, stable, Ice houao, large and ! Kplendid Ukrilen, fruit trees, t en and a|qnarter aorea of an | {erior ground, apring of water and two I irge ponda I'rice , t tJOU. halt may lay on mortgage. Apply to V. DE I. A ' CRACER1E. on the premises. | For sai.e. cheap-a nick stymsii littm mare, aeveu vears old, fast, gentle and sound, with a ban Jtotne no top wagon and harness, nearly new Also a tea wagon and down town caiman's cart, ia good order. Ati.v ol tha above will be sold separate, or given in egebaags for tea. coffee or sugar. Apply at 3U> First avenue. For pale low-from one to eight i.ots, on east aide of Eighth avenue, between Fifty second and Fifty third streets; ground level, and well looated for im pro-. omi-nts; twelve atone houses udjoiniag. Title perteot, two third-. ?t the purchase money can remaiu on mortgage. App > to J tl ATI ISON, the o uier, No. 3 Nassau street, ' third floor ? rout room. For sale in atlantic: strbbt, brook i.yn-no cash wanted? a throe story hriek house, and two lots MxlUU. Sixty |er cent of the purobase money may remain on the | rutrarty, and the balance be saoured an other real ealate iu this city or Brooklyn. The house to let; rent $I4U. Applv to THOMAS 5UIKRS, 110 Pearl atreet, New York. I Ir?l>R SALE IN BROOKLYN? A FIRST CI. ASS THREE ' story basement and counter brick home, enclosed piiwxa, stone stoop. iri n railing ami balcony, Philadelphia front U inch walls, hre marble mtnteli. double cornice and centre piecee, rut throughout, rm;r, batn, hot sad cold wator, lot 21Jeet li inches by luO, yard turned, on Oxford street, near rulti-n ivenue one of the most improving parts of the city: alto, two vacant lotl, adjoining the above on Cnmber land alreet. will be Id with or without tha bonne: if taken t' pettier the purchaser cau live rent tree for two or three year#, as t ho advance on the propert) will pay tho in snrani" and taxes on the h'.nae, whi.'h would ba cheap at an annual iec"mo of #oOU; home t wo years old, reoeiitly painted throughout and in the must complete repair in every re apeet. The owner having removed West, tnia property will i be en!d low aid on easy terms, nnly 111 per eeut required on the vacant lots. I il for immediate improvement the whole amount oan rema.u on l.nnd and mortgage The owner will renin.n in New. York lonr days, and alt^nd to any oinj in unn u t io-is addressed box .W Post Ofiice. F cootaif'iug aViut ten acre*, with small UM wui/*vn, i ? tualfd on Hie South Side road, aix mile* from Vxnderbilt's landinn. two third* of the diatancn by plank road; (tagei pa?* foi r times a da> . The place is wall adapted for a | ennntrv seat, havlug a long frontage on the road, and two acres ii wood, with a line site for a lionse overlooking the bay and Sandy Hook. The Ureal kails, in the immediate neighl.oihood, atimitd in all kinds of tisb. Price %l.~* * '? may reniain on bond and mortgage, provided the pur chaser improves the property. Apply to J. S. LAWRENCE, at J Muir's 9 John street, between ten and two o'jloek, or to Andrew flood. 24 Dalancey str-et . IjlOK SALE OR TO LET-A FINE BRICK HOUSE AM) ' stable, comer ol I'aciflc and Neviaa streets, Urooklyn, , bai everv modern ecarenienoe, gas, water, bath, furna.-e, Ac. Ibree atoriee. attie, sub cellar and basement A line ' location for a physician, by ROUEKT SARJICANT, No.; J?uuc-y Mitt, Wall street. FOR SAKE OR TO LET? THE SUPERIOR STOVE i front huiise. No II East Twenty eiglnh street, near t ilth avenue. The lot is full site, the Iiousj 26 by lit, aud has all the modern improvements, and every convenieuoe that cau be required Inquire of HOMER MORGAN. No. I Pile street, or ot DR BI.OIS. 3'J) Fourth etreot For sai e or to yairmoun r upper Mitusama. a two s*or? t:amelt)as* having eight rooms with .???^ht lots of ,? round hve minutes walk from the rail road depot, and Mty niiaitea from h- ? llv Hall. Kent ?'.?>. Aopiy to K. V CUARa.ES I V 1'jarl s reet, or J. K Eraser, iiatlder at tho depot E'OR SALE OR To Jut J. AND LOT, SITU atel a'. South I ordljj n aljjia;n< the village of tppor Morrissn a aboat WW yaids west ot the railroad d pot. The situation la hull aad bealih/ an 1 oommands a ooautilal pro. pec t ot t ie surronudiug t-laget I he lot contaiae about hall an acre ?f J. ood tillable ground, with several choieefruit trees there. n The hooee '.s :wi? story and basement, and linirhed ia 'he best stylo. lor further particulars in |uire of PE1ER BUCKHOO'T. Upter M .rriseuia Westeliester Co TV'f.R SAl.E OR TO LEB-TWO HOUSES AND A JL stable with t ee sties of good land, at Kin^sbrid^e, in vi!? ill tha Berlem river and also ot the city lamps at nipht: one tioese ia built in gothic style, and suitable for a larire fami'y : t'. i ot 'ier is small, aud lit for a gardener or man to ? >>rs the place It is a delightful and healthy place, ana there ar? nieat labilities for tisbint, and only fifteen iii,nnt"s rde from railroads Tetms reasonable ln.|nire at D. VALENTIN E Sat ore sypoilis the hotel. FOR SAI.F. (.R T<? I ET? A MODKRN IJUII-T COT tar* and t* > lo s. in I alavette avenue, one bleck east ul Bedford avenue. Rest Brooklyn, convenient to the Myrtle av no.' railroad , containing nine roooia, marble mantels and irat?s s iding doors dininr r -om in rear, e (tension, with pan'ry and dumb waiter to kitchen bel.iw, large dry cellar. ,ve W ill be sold low. or rented to a good tenant. Apply in ih>: aljeini ig eoita^>. or to K. M I'l. ATT, >9 andol Mani;in etrset, third floor New V ork B'OR sale OR TO I ET-A IIRST CLASS TIIRKIS atory lu ll '.a ? -merit bouse, with all the modern ia prov.'tuent a. sit is ted in Twet.ty siath street, Eighth avenue: or it will be exchanred for other property ia ike vicinity o< It .ore .an I I north street. Apply at 98 I'rlnee street, ft lew l ore Wf ?. of Uroadway. F[?oR .-A f I. "R To I IT-TIIE TWO STuRV AND ATTIC brtok house U.i Hammond street, lot X! house fit 1)1 deep iln re. r ot lot Is e two building suitable for a ?ta ble. with so a 1 1 ? ii eight feet wide. 1 he ho'ise hae every tnoderu itaprowa'. Inquire at No. 9 Perry street. fV)R SAI E OR TO I.ET. IN HOUOKEN-A FIRSTl'LASI three svory and baeemeat brlek dwelllaf boaee, aewly aad eonvealen'ly with all tbe modern imprevesaanta, I in aj etoell .at loeai ia. .'eaght wiiantee walk frem Ike ferry Teraeeesy. la|i re a*. 19IJ Wasbiagtoa street, Uobokea "L^tiR SAI E AT A BARGAIN-THAT TERY NEAT ! I tbrte ai i y br ek heaee I- i East Btoadway: eoatains r every c i'iVoD eaeo and on - n 4 tbe bast bnilt houses in the i Seventh ward w,u aoll tor ??<. <*)?>. aad fA.MO eaa ramaie on tairt^ge Apply to 9 S BROAD. 1.1 Wall etreet. POR SALE AT A YEKY LOW PRK'R-TWO THRUB 11 story br ek i . toe 1 1 (all lots, la the upper part of the cite, '.a a rs rial route, hoaeee new, well built twelve tooais C rj >n wat-r. Ae . also other low prieol heases A | l' J to E B lilN --HI MRU, 319 Fourth aveaue, frees S to I/OK S A I i < HF.aP I OR l AMI OR APPROVED CITY r p. potty A su'iful country pleee, of forty three aeree of excellent land with aeat cottage, and tret rlass untbn. Idlers IjO lana is divided ia arable, meadow, and aboat live atrea woodland with a young ..rehard of grafted froit tree- It Is d'nat-d within oae mile from tha depot no tbe New IlaveaRt I road and I'l milee from New York. It will b ? ?o | wji'i a!' he .mnl ? jients neeesaary for larmiag, at tho low true .1 ? 00 application to ANDREW EAf'lE, IT K'il" oa street F'oR ? ll.I II ' E Ht.NGE FOR CI1Y PROPERI Y A sal able arn at llvde I'ark. near l'oughke?p<?e, ei>ataiaiex m h nor d aad tw-aty eixht acroa, with dw?l 1 1 ox ho see aad ithonees of D II. I URTIS, HI William S r^e . :i - ROC ERE, td? Uroadway. HI fill nrtllMsK ON TIIE UARI EM.? for "AI.B >1 aetee of '.aad, ;ae abose tbe bridge, on tbe Weotehee ter aide with a wooded slope to the rirar. and fruit and water, with n ai hoor e dtive of the City Hall. Apply to H W i .toMII4 e: Trinity bnlldlng. T FtSF. 1 OR 1ATI-RARE CHANCE FOR A IIRO MJ ier S or railroad t.eket . flee, pateat aiediriae er tem r^raa- ? IH.-ses:ore ia laet. a superior stand for sue busi SMI a-iero no sra i r o<a it required ia tbe very beet Imsi ne.< locat. oa Iowa t >* . a lew loon from Broadway. Ia ?l"'r? tt I'M , I' I'.'oa etreet. Vf ILf lN FRY IIIR SUM R AND FIXTL'RIS Ol I 1*1 a fsebi ?aab e oi I a?ry et -f t?r sale cheap Inquire 1 at *..o< , B'o .-n- -tr ei. b'tweea Ee>ex and Norfolk. N'Olli V. T<? JOI R* ETMEN PRINTERS -roR SALE, leep tor I aah <me oalt *1 a aoa-y makine business new d.iag a s ? -i .n sneaa Eaq'. re for RAndOLI'H A AaaeOeos a tha ??woie-it. Ot FAN ftiiMtv. long krani h ? ? otRAs st luoas "?seaty leei l ie*, and tw-oty savoa foot wide, too toriee t be M) leot treat, aad Jib f'Ot deep a tnd eite foi a l.iee i -telle, ball alley or aay tbiog of taskiei Ibere ?? as .reliovaa am the miouki. aad well t.led Aad e ?< a bii.l 'lai a' R.-d Jliss, forty feft do?f> aad thif*.y -v .. faete.J' alr-?J^ H'*.d "s aad oe ? ? p.od liy ? a ? euh ... rasseal.-.o T a he eo't *4 piaiie 00'? a oil I! ? Ab Al e > lan.e ae I !S.i i.'uai Sf J it 't '( '< ? ?/ * ^ H -la ? s A p- .1 9, roa salii ----- - ? ro? PROPERTY IN NS1T YOU*. To KlCflA MOM >?. pronert y in Jargon. W-?at llnboken Brooklyn, %s r town ?A lir?t cluee tour ?tory bot>?e end Ut tr? ?xc'tftav* H a email farm Mriliril two ?tory r t?e*? The p?Moes??y% C!?u bo bad immediately. App'y at 476 Fourth atreot Rent i ayehs, attention -ron sale, a beau tilal two ?tory boo mo and lot in Adu^ptai etreat. between Kulton and Atiat.tic avenues, Brooklyn; liouao SOfMtfnmt b?S)fe?l()M| villi extendi nut 2i feet. eotUiBiti mr?9 rooms, cellar, pantries, oourt-yard, Ac; aUo, ? haulaoma utibU jti the rotr; lot, 25 by 1W loot. I'rioo tlttilO. Il?!f th ? fnrcb<ide money run remain on boal and tn ?rt^*<" for a t rm of years if required. OlOA* S-TORE FOR SALE? LOCATED IN BR*AD M way, slock Uitnros, Au.; will command tint class custom, rent ? try moderate. The ounor m compelled to 1 sell. an ne t* about to leave the oity It will l?? eotd cheap t it caeb Apply to RICflAKD L. i'l/RDY A CO., I 119 and 121 N.?a*au *tre*t troooa N*. S [ OTEAM ENGINE For SAI.E-TWEI.VK BY THIRTY k? **ix iuoh c> I *iidor; baa bwa ia uau but i Nw mmthi, ! aod m in complete order Hold only benituse a larger me ia r -juirod for tbo buamees Inquire at 4.*W W ator a'reet. QTCm BKOIKB AMD Mt&M IO| Uli^AONH jj ? mI biod lea h nw niiie and boiler in geod prdev* at a very low price , alao ono new two and a halt' horse p ??ar (?nettle? takes tip very Jitileroom. To bo seen at Stan tou atroot. Last Rivor. STATIN !SI.AM> -1 AND FOK 9ALR. PORrAltMtNU ??r biildia ' purtoeee ? A fann ?i ibout tiity aoees, ii vided by the turnpike road ? aixtoon aor<*a on one aide of the road, aod the remainder on tho other. The latter h*? on it laMltOBlllOMa. a term blVM. I irm baildincs i 1*1 ? orchard, and a spring of water; tbo whole adutrably situ ntud tor building purpoffoa; within halt au hour'e ride of Port KiohuionJ, aud leu ininuloa' walk of llbaUea landing, j Will lie aoid in one or two pariela, to suit purchaser* j Term? moderate. Apply to Alt- I.KAN A LINTZ, No Itift Maiden lane I ^ A II. BOAT TELEGRAPH FOR SAI.K. M FEF.T LONCJ. O in |>orfo?t order Apply at 40 Fulton mm', Mraoklyu TO JEWELLERS.- FOR 3ALR VERY CHEAP, THE largo atoek of bun imported (o wiry anil walohei, ilti a ?ery lianilsomo oountor, iho? cuu, a table for watoh maker anil a n**w info Tho ownori nf repair* are re luoi'el to rail for thatu tilt Ut of May. F. RE1T1UH A CO., Ill J; Canal kirect. To MACHINISTS ?FOR 3AI.K, CIIKA P, ON E DOUBLE heilod engine lathe, IA feet bod, 20 inch **104, om bran lathe, one upright drilling machine, one pair of platform aoalee on* ?onll por labia foige. ona grtaiiatone. with cart iron irauia. and about 1(X! feet of light thaltiiif, with haixvt and pulley a. Apply to J. S. CONANT, at 17f Centre itreet, corner of Canal, thitd floor. TO PLANE MAKERS. HARDWARE DEALERS. Afh Foraale, low, a lot of very anperior plough aud Di*l> atop**. Apply to JOHN STOKELt, Jr., 2C Piatt itroet. Wil l I AMSIil RO PEOPERTY.-FOR SALE, AT A reiluood pnca, 00a or two neat euttage houaaa, ootuiet - lng of sight rootne. nine paatrisi, loft and sallar, 8 lad ia with briok, furaiahad with eliding doora; marble man tela, gratea, ooatraa. Ao Price of eaeh lionae and lot, $2,000: if r<ild immediately, fl,900 eaah balaase oa mortgage In quire of TflOS M DOYLE, fifth atreet, betweea North Fifth and North Sixth. WE nAVK A PIKE LIST Or FARMS TOR SAI.E TT anion* ihrm one of M acrea, la Chatham. N J., price Vi.flOO; one of IIM41 aorne, u* ar Kahway; one ol '*1 am, mar Pn' tereon, price ft*.!**). All of th** above larina bare rioh land and anperior linpr iromeota. C. R MILLER A CO.. l!*? Broadway. V?ilfcFBS--puR SALE, OAK IIILI. SEMINARY, X *no 2>, acrea of ground taitrfully laid oat. eattable for a boarding houee or echool; alio, two or thrae amaller houiea for tale or to rent, Inquire of E W. CAN DEE. 8 Wall (treat. IIOIHMS, BOOMS, AC., WAWTEO. Apart of a house, with modern improve tncnti, from let May to 1 pt Ootober or November went ed by a email genteel family, without children Addren C. G . box 4,1*01 Poet tiffico, etaling location and raut J^URMSllED HOUSE WANTED FN BROOKLYN? NOT 1 leu than Ave or more than thirty minutee walk Irom the fer'iea. Muat be neatly fiirntahed and aaitable for a family of eight grown pereeui. Rant not to exoood *100. AddreaeK. A . llerald office. House wanted-a modern built three sto ry home, a itli all new im| rovementa located in a line neighborhood between Twelfth and Twenty first rtreete aad Foarth aid Sixth uvenuea, f?r which a fair rent will be (Ivan. Addren C. G , box 4,201, Fort Office, itating loca tion and rent. House wanted.? a moderate sized house wanted, partly rurniihed, wher*< on* '4 family wonld b<*ard ?nt ths rent and allow tho privilege of a few more an liet bonrriere. Beat of reference el ven and required. Aldr*n Mra. R , ll'rald offioe HOBOKEN. -WANTED, BY A SMALL RESPECTABLE lan.ily a cottage, or part of a genteel b<iua?, where there ia but anothir family, and in a ?ood location. Addren T. F I)., llerald office, itating locati n and termi. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED IMMEDIA 4ELY-B Y A reaitectalle America* family, coaai-tlng of gentleman, wile and aervant. Location muat be below lileeoker afreet. Itent not to eioe. d *--?'* per year. I'loaie addreia M. L II . Herald olHc 9, itatiDg location and term* Referoncei ...? changed. PART OF A HOI si; H AN I I I) II Y A ?WAI.I. AMF.Ill ran family, in a good location; fire or six root 1 Weal of Broadway preferred. Addreia Lawrenoe. llerald ollica. naming particular*, for ona wiek. PARI OF A HOUSE WANTED, WITH AI.L THE MO dcra improvement 1, by ? imall. reipcctable family. In | the vicinity of llndion atreet or Sixth avenue, ant above t llteent h Mrcat . Rant not to cxcae.l i'tiii <?!?"??? ? " j Part of a house wanted ? for a family of two, at a fair rent, tha other part of which i? occupied I y .1 eiuall iaiiiily, (Christian preferable). Location, ?ay i*e tavern 'I ant li and Thirtieth itieeti and Laxl niton tnd Siitli av* ntiet?. Ad'lran, poitp*id, Wardna, l?ox I I7>r?. Poit om*w. WANTED-A HHiH STOOP THREE STORY AND bairiueut liome in the m>|>er part of tbe city, and. if paaiible oa tha eaitein nda. b* twjeu and Ihlltieth itr* el? ReLt not to exceed fl.VM. AdlranJohn W ilk !e, CUE at reel \tr ANTED? BY A SMALL AMERICAN FAWII.Y, PART Yl of 1 hooia. coamtlnj ol foor rooiai aad wrrant 1 rlikubori in i Napictfttlf nmghUorhood in tho Tiiifd or 1 ilth ward. Raut not to exaeej tiVl A ldre-i, itatiag local. ?u and term#, box .^,7^' Post Office. 11 r ANTED- A FI. RNISIIED HOrsE, CON VI N IENT ff for ?aa bathinir iiir.nif the luuiaer moot hi, one hour i diit am o iroiu Nc? York either t.y ra Imal or .teamlioar Addreia II . box S.-M Port ottoa, itavag locality, term* and ?i?o Uouno. Il'ANlED -ONE I.AR0E OR TWO SMALL PLAIN f? fornnhed room", in Wllliamei .i* ?. near I ? ? k ilipfer ry. by a gentleman and wife; term* mm! i*c moderate. Ai dfcie A. A. A., Broadway Poit OH, j\ I'.atin/ price. til ANTED- A WEI L FURNISHED Room WITHOUT vV board be t? roii Dlvinon an*l Hjvinctoii itreeti. eait ol tb? Unwery I or a eultahle rl?< tarnie will be paid is advance Addren II Hunt, Chatham Kje.ire port office. AvTeD^ A Htir .E. WITH THE I MI'R'J VEMKN TS, in a irood location, nol above Ei^btaenth itreet Heat about Add fin I' . b?i 3,070, l*"it offi'-e- | WANTED? BY A GENTEEL FAMILY, PART OF A, n at bom**, with the improvement!, in a nice neighbor hood, not higher than Teentietb itreet. R?ut WSO. Addrcee M. R.. box S07 Port office. ANTED? UNTIL FlllST NOVEMBER? A FIR Vf hou#o; run?t l?? ttr*t au?i in ??rior, with everything ncceeeary for houae heaping. Mould re uuiro lout foud bvdrooma, coBiftiA ftll oi?iderQ improve mfnti I ocat ion between Ei?hth and Twenty eixth itreet, ia the vicinitt of Broadway and Fifth avenu-. Any * one wiabing to let a home ai al ove to a x**od ?eoaat children at a fair pri< a * an addreei liO St. Niehvlaa Hotel, until the '.th initaa'.. ,'ESTEItN LAND, OR LOTS IV MINNESOTA, wanted, in exchange lor ?en handiie, lancy arti* lea, ,ic. Applv at No 111 John itreet, up ttairi. XVANTEBTORENT-A NEAT THREE STtiRY AND I} baaement bouie. well l*>eat?d, between Twelfth and 'I tirtv tiltli atreett. and between Th'rd and Sixth or Seventh and Tenth aveune? coatataing all tha modern improve ment!. Rent not to exceed ?<^W Addreia, lUtlov teriui, Ac , C. C., Vox 8 12 Port Office. U'JNTED TO PKNT- A CoTTAOE OR A SMALL W home with tne mojern imf.riVeui. oU. In the upper part of the * Ity. Rent mint modirata. Addteia, Hating ierni<, Ac., box 4,? I. Poet offi* e. w (X.OTII1NW, <M . / 1 AST OFF CLOTHING AN D FURNITURE WANTED - ' I adiei or gentlemen having any ol the lame to dlapoaa ol. caa oMaia a lair aad caeh price by Madiog for tke ink li riber, at hie reiidaaee, er threngh the poet N II ? lj*ltei attended by Mri. C. M. S. COHEN, &j Elm itreet. / t AST OFF CtOTHINO AND PIRN ITl" RE WANTED. " ' ?I adiei or gentlemen having any of the aame to liapoie 1 of, can obtatn a fair aad eaih pnee by lending for the iuk I icrihet at hie rei'denco or through the port. Ft Elm it'e^t, lor I. M DUSSEI.DOEF N B -l.adiee atteadid by Mri. Dneieldorf. 'All OFF C LOT II 1 .V O ? II 000 WORTH WAMTBD - \J Ueatlemea having g*?o4 inperflanai elotbiag w dlipoaa cf ua obtaia the fall value by applying t? Jamee Moroney, at h*i eld eitabllibed Hand, No. 11 Oraage itreet 'aew call id Baxter etteet t orderi tkrongh poit pnaetnally attead ,4 JAMES MORONBY, II Baiter itreet. C' I OTHINO? I. A Dl E8 OE ORNTLEMBH UAVINQ I I aaytadiip<ie of eaa teeeive a fair pnee la eaih. ky wadlacte the (tore ltLaareae itreet. near ranal. er it Wen Broad attendil ky c way, by latter tkreagh tha Feet effice. Ladiae Mra Cekam. B. COHEN Y OCTHS AN li CHILDEBN'S CU?THINO -JOSEPH _ B. ( I OS k BAILlT A CO., No - Park plaei. oppoiiie tha Cite Hall hare new ea ken J tke beit aiaortad Ipr i.l aad iiaaer itoe I aad etylee to be foead la tke Uii'm Biatee. tad let'akle f ir all agee. from tkree to tweahf yaart .Id, at wkalaeale aad fer greatly redeead pricee. Cl'HMTI UK. / 'II AIRS FOR INVALIDS. OF EVERY Dl ' RIPTION ' maaafaetared aad for lale. by M W KINO A SON, 4<W Broadway C' II AMBER CHAIR" OP VAKIol s FATTBRXB, AI.S ) / bed ebalri. eoaataat'y am haad. at k-m Broadway M. W KINO A SON. FOR SALB -PARI.OR BKIiRoitM, AND KIT< HEN fanaltnre. will l*e aold cheap thie day. at lt>i ? anal itrew' . third Boar, from V A M to 2 I' M. I'riiate iale ky the owner MICHAEL SCIIRII TZ. L'LRMIURE -FAMILIES IN NEW YoRE. BR <#M r lya aad Williamekari, wiahiac than koaieheld farm tare revaranbed aad peliAed, eaa kave It deae la the neat eit maaair poailhlt ky experienced werkaaea <>f long pre tin la tome of tke mmt reefaetakle eakiaet maaafaeterUi ef thlteltv Planofortee. offiee aad eeaatlag hewaa faraitare mellatW ia the moot workaaaa like maaaer Plaaee ad dreie SHIN B .4 JliklON iSS Ian Br *dway. _ HI K< I IMNU < HAIRS FOR COMPORT AND RBPOSB. lei pari. r, Ubrary >r chamber Wareroomi MA Breal way M. W. EINO A Sod irntri chairs, foe^ those who have i ost vf the ,?e of bfit lower I mbi for eieretee aad loewmo tiea. uaaaafir t are I k> M W KING A SON, 4M Briadway, f?nr door i above Oraed atreet. DK%TIHTHT. T I I 111 CONTINPOWB OI'M -NEW ?TvL? INSPRT ?din* >????" Whale eat a. b-eat '*?, aad dnreble Fur p't a t ai r e*< ^ad by T M A#> V>N Dawt*et. reel ? V" II xiiai ali . -f Wee Th.rtj aaeend i?r??t ?ear ? j'.il I.ea .v ! ????. filled, aleeaad. Be l'r?ae madaea'e t?* I <a - ?? a I ? i ?I4w?eed,a#'?eel|1,-ii?alif*^?/ nO A. R DIN <4 AND LODUINO. mliROA HIV 4 Y - HANDSOMELY VI) RM dllKD room* t? l#t to rtmiliot or **?nU ^ sattnui ??>, >*ith (ut l A|'|?ly m li ovi /Tf Q I1ROADWA Y-T\rO SUITS 01 VTKI.L rURMIH 1 1 1 O I 1 Ir'tn' r OB I llM, rt .r I ? > in I v? iMt fill 1 lH [ V ?$% ha* *11 Murium tmprovomonU. tit ? goori iooouiji >1 ? for tr turnout l> >ur I t* A i???l y *a tfeovo ' t ,>??* ? ? r ] " IIUn^O.N HTRKE'I, OITOMTE ST JOI|> * | A H v %rk -fr'ttrtiiiliod r ?orta? li l*?t, with bonrri to vtn^U ' i * ? >r K 'Htltfuioii ?*:.?! thotr **'??? Uou %% t?* w\y tur j gtatltMCtt ^ il tho murium i inorovmnat ?. nuh'ri vi'lF* ml ~ STRI.ST N F. A It ST JOHN'S i'A UK - III, r>. ' oufurunhua io<im? lo l.'t with tx>?rj,r? t iTiimHtf 1 nu;i, bom* wth to >il<ro i :?pn '?? | lamiur* '-r ptngkr -<*v tn,: J ] meuU Ru!.'r?ii".-i , mivtu * DOOB *AHT Of il.u.b*ck ?..d arte* - v " ?? I Ui to rt'uMoinun ffiVli '* CO I Al?i# i*u I uu'.M rvnu at No. C*o ______ _ I 1 0A ?Ai>rso* avknu* -?3vitb9 oj' Jtoo*s run | AO" nwib- 't or iiuturniHlitfri iu i> cUti *??>'?*?. * i ? i Hatful lotifttion for the mihiitu't alio * room *or o i?o.|lo gmt Ionian Wall ?tr<'ot itto-^o* puis tiw door 7||niNKUM 1TRKIT, FIB** Hud SB f|W Of \ I " Droa<l a ay ? Ti?o |?ur!'<r? ??n the br*l H oor i ? ["r ??i |??r%t?) or toMthor; ? kooJ iooAtiou for m |?li> moitn , %!???, ' tivfl or ?ix ainuft mil riouiilo rooiua, tur lerignifa, "??tl/ "ur j j iiiobu'l, c re*nliue?? ? trictlf obt<?rv?ri. I 8r CHA> I> >-TKK.KT -HI ItN ISII CD OR UN l l: KN I Sll r) ed lo Itt to untie gcutloc.eii. or ORAM) .HTKKlkT, i\> 0 IIUK'K.S VTK81' OK Or) Urc*iwa>. ? To lot, aovci al fnrni.hed or unfuraiahed loom*, uitli loiroom. atlachod. euitable for two or three kindle (t?utlemon or ? , ont Ionian tail liij wife. Itr aklxi acritd in tlit ir roouiail r?<|uri d H?F.."T TWKNTV THIRD fl'REKT? ON I OR TV*<> luiuiliea, *l*o i male gentlemen, may obtain roama, with fall or partial board. I.ocatwu peri.oalerly deatrable during ti c bummer mot. the, /?A Will IK KTIIKKT, I'OCR DOOR* WKUT 0 K II III > AO * )V way, ?A beaeinent, gtted up far a phjuietau'* ntHra, B a> l>o bad f'-r the lanu or any other kind of liuainMi; like * i?e two pit-lore, throe amall rouma, on ilia ground floor, to let a II lea ther oh .operate, ulao auroral lurni*hod roema. immediately, If required. A r OROVKSTRKRT. N B Alt Bl BKt'KKR -DEMGUT 'i ? ) fal r "Miie ou flret and aooond floor* to let, liirnlahel or uufuruiebod, with hoard; lioaa* Arat alaaa, ooutaimng im prneetaent*; locatiou moat deairahle and ao? <**ible n eara anil atago hue* No children takan. ?? A.HHI.AND I'LACB. PBRIIY HTRKIT.-BOOMfl, IN it tuiiaaor eiugly, for tamilie* or aln*l* gentlemen, may be obtained, with board, in a naw Ural alaaa Iionaa, for the *oa aou No turning u tha I at of Way. Apply aa ahor* Ku ferenoa eiehaaged. Aooaaa by Sixth avauua ear* and Amity ?treet at age*. AI'AKTMKNTM, COVMSTINU OK TWO I.AR'iE I'A K lor*, communicating, alaa a ptieate table if daairad, at ti Waahlagtoa I'laoa. A ROOM ANli UfcDRoOM TO I.KT-WITU OR WITH out hoard to a goatleaian end bit wifa, in a private lauiily t all, or eiidrew, at ill Math atreet, tor three day, AKURNIHUKU I'AKI.OR AM) BKDHOOM ON TliK eocond floor, either with or without breakfaei and tea, to lat, atb?.' Woai Twenty aitth atreet. ACK.NTI.EMAN AM> WIKB. OR TWO SINOI.K GEN tlemon, wiehin* to engage hoard for tlia ouauing year, can procure ploaeant rooina and Rood accommodation*, by applying at 100 Kldridae (treat, aear Uraad. No moving ou the fat of Hay A MALL rami iahii.t will. I.KT TWO largo renal, oa abroad floor , nicely lurat.laiid, to on* or two ceutleiiHin, with parti il li i >rd, if required. Apply at .11 Truth atrt.'t, near Kiitb arenuo. AUAND.SOMRI.Y PURMSIIBI) ROOM, WITH I'RI vat e bath room, An., attaahad, to let, with board, to a geatlem*ta and kia wita, or geutleaaea; alto, a ainft* room, flrat olaaa aaromuiudttiona; caa, hatha. Ao. lajuire at U) aad b'l Variek aire**, St John a park. AKEW CHOICE ROOM.'', UANDSOMKI.V ANO NEVt ly fat nfr lied to lat, aithar aiu/iy or in a utea, with r without hoard Ilouaa oonlitlua modern im^roveinonta. Ap ply at 4<> H eat Waahiantoa Place. ARUITK OK ROOMS TO I.KT? KIT IIER lOQKTIIBK or a*|iarata, with board, a a |>tiratn laaiily. Ralar encea eaehanged Apply at IS Warren f lar". I liarla atraat A 9 THK. MOST OKSIRAII.K AM) RCSPEt'TADIiR pcraona taking hoar Jura decline oi|HieiuK their bouaea aa aach in ptibllr, and our medium ol adrortiaing heint uai Tcraal, toardera eaa raceif* every lalnrmatiea, and be po lin ly d<rrcted to mrli, free ol char(o. oSea Clinton llall, BU bth >tra?t, mar llroadway. A tiENTEEI. PRIVATE I'AMII.y, IN NINTH STREET, IY between filth and hiath arena**, will lot, with board, ? rpl. mlid auit of r<>ame (epara(?iy or tonethiT, lur biahid or ur.luriiiabi'd. nrirate table or not T. rnu raajn Me, II rcfrronoe agreeable I'oaaa. -ion immediate Addreaa M. S.t Cuion aijuare Pout Office. AUKNTI.KMAN ANO Ills Wl IE CAN H ACCOM * inodatcd With a wall fnrnial.eil aecgnd atory I rout room, withaamall and reepertable family, who will endraror to m>ka their gueata rouifortahla and at hnm? Apply at 21 i Vt cat Twenty aecond atrert, aear Ktfth a*aan*. A IIEAin 1 1 Ul. SECOND STORT K?ONT ROOM, iV iinluruiahod, with hoard, for a gratlameu aud wifj or i two aingle irciitlcmen; alaa oae ain/l* room; in a fMirfectly i con lenient lueatloa for ata?ea and tare, hatha an 1 <ai. b7 I'arry atreet. between flleeeker aud Konrtb CARI).- A I.AIiV WISHES roR UOARI) IN A RE BOARn.-TO I.ET, TO A OENTI.EMAN AND II I A wife, or to *ini,-l* (eutleinea. two or three handaomaly lorniahed room*, with partial board for the aentlomen; the bouae la elegant, aud eontaiu* all < he modernlmpruTeiaenta Itcferenoea cichanged Apply at 'JM Eaat Twolfth atreet, third block fr-ia Broadway BOARD-DOWN TOWN-OENTLEMBN AND THEIR wivea, or aiti<le gentlemen, eaa obtain good hoard and rrry eoinlirtaMe anartmeata, hy applying at No 8 lirnid way, the larire white hone* oppoaite the Bowling Grain Traoelent boardrra taken. Board -a rtricti.t private kamii.v, con I dating of three |.eraena, hating more room than they r?'|uir*, would let a *ae auit of noma, lurniahed or aafur mehed lo u (eatleiuaa ?od hi* wife, ortwo aiagl* reotlem a. with board, and nitla turaiehed in their room* If preferred, location i* <|uit* pleaeaat. eoareaiieBt to car* aud atagea. No morlag In May. Tb? fiou?? it brown ?ton?, ur?' cl?M, ti.d b?w!j 4ti <1 turm?U?4. Krl?r?3bi? ? c?' hio/?tJ , A|>|?ljr ut Twtiity tccond Board? a gentleman and his wir?, and one or iwo younf K#Dtlrm?n, fan he furbi?h?<l with pl?4iaat rcon ? ftti l bo?rd, Ml 3-S liarkvl itrtci. U?? tLrou^h tho hcu??. BTAKD?A EMI F. MAN rKOMTIir AoUTII desikks olc or two fomi?he?i ro? urn. wtlb |>ftrti?l k-fHrU, during IIBMI irj ? in ?-t | ert of th? ittf, fHbl NUnI fimilj, kMptiiit |>otitivulv no boardtrs; would rr*f?r wiiti 4 widow Udy. Arfdrete Moi 1I0, L'mon ?<piAr? J'o?t OfHco. Board? to, with fcllor r a rtj av? board. 11 !?l*a?ftnt room, ?uit?bl? f or* g?nll?m?K and wil*. or tW'> Rintd*' urntlemen. nt &J4 Grfes itmt, uttr t'oirtb. T?rnia r'a?on?bU. K?t?rr>nce? re<|uir?d. Board- a <;>.nti.kman ani# um wife can find a ? iitu of rovina on lh? it rond floor, wllli pan trio. ? w tnlllnK at *>: lludt-m atrtol, aaar Chambao. an J of l-'?iJaj. No moving al May Board- a front parlor and bedroom, on a?? nd floor, rarniaba<l. aai*aola for ^anllantaa and wifa. ?r ain^Ia Kant lirn^a niovidad a?itb hot aad cold ??Ur ana cloa*' a Apply at Wtat Twanty bftb itraal. N ? mov If at May Hoard- a c;kn i i.i vi a n and hi wiik uu n coupla of griil lfftn?*n. who winb to obtain b <ard, in a nri vat- family. wb?r?* bnt faw Injardrra ar? taboo aad whora the of home may be faj-y d, can obtain aoeb on ' derate terma, by appl) iu^ at IIH >m*t?**n?h atrref b#j taceu Second and Third av* iiuea. Will not move at May. Board hi hi newly henihkd room^, can h? obtained for a Keiitifiiian und bia wifa at No ol W.i?t Twenty #ec?nd Rtre***. TLe boaa?* cont.nna every conve iileiua. Dinnr at ?i u'eloeh Thoae wiahin/ pT;o?n at hoard, where they ran "?Joy the eomforts of a borne, are in v?l?d to call. Heferen* ea exchanr*- d BmARD i: IT Ol* RMHI.V I'lllNI HID ROOMfl can be obtained with or without par tal hoard, by ap plylrg at 1? Eaat Twentieth alra-t, two doora irorn Broad ?ay Board-To, with board a i'Leaiant front ro? in for a /entlcitian aid hi* wiff, aleo a larje room aiiital.Je for two attftlo n*nt l^m^n at I- Weet Waahint ton place, 'iha hotiac la coneeuient to the c?r? an I fta/-* Apply on the pramlaee. Board BOOV9 HflTAII B >"R OBBTf EBEN D their wite*. aUo a few aia/Ia xtiitlvnitB. oan '?? aec<>ai ntodated with t*l?a?aat room* an 1 board, by apj?iy<n< a- I "J Dnane street, tee doora weat ef if tdaon Tertn* rat* Board - a ? host i-ari.or and uedroou on Hi' MMl flour, tollable (it ? (autlaman an>l nit wil? | the rooma ate prorl4?l ? Hh ?n? ?mi e>.l4 ?tl>r Alto loom l for aln^le gentlemen ran be be 4 at ?all 11 Hr-ril lire parlor* A|>ljr ?' T1 Union (.lece Board kok iamii ie* or rinui.k GRNTi,r.iir.N, at I 111 Colembia nrwl, llrookly llei/bit Tke boate la uelifktfolly aitnate4 with ? t|.l?t.4l4 r la* ol tha karV.r ml ' ay- a lo- a'oa ue>irp?"t-4 'or baautjr ol |>r?*p? I. aa4 wlthm i lira* alanine' walk o( ?*a)l ureal at I rultoa far tiee R*ter?ncee Hoard ' an nt iiad is a i'divaii i uii.v corner of Mjrtla a?anne tad Waehiartaa t'ran' II r > ? c I te Board i. r row. -a iii ai tim i, i'ari?k with tooa a4joiala(. far a naHmia aa4 ln4jvorvneor t?a a<i>rl< *eui|em??, een be ha/1 aibe >?<? Uaaa !'/ H r 1 1 ?a>. I.ataaea tkirir n?i an4 Tkirt; ??><! ri'i-ii Ti.a koara baa all the ao>lera impr reaea'a aal It *a??pia4 ky j a frit at a Ml; 11' A RD 17 TOWN -TFllirH *INOI f 4ir.NVt.EMKN J) > aa he mmo4a'*4 ? tb hrtakla** en4 lee a ,4 4'aa-r aa >on4aj-fall t-.er4 il r?i?lr*4? ta a rnatta 'aaili, ahara tb*T? ara aa barlart .r eali4raa RiifNWtt till H r'n?.r?4 Apply at iX !>i?ath mil" Board in CLIhtoM pi ace - a s?IT <tr two or ?hr*? r ??.ma ia th? aa#o?4 floor far a ran'Jaaaa aa4 kia wile or for ataxia i*atle?eB, a' /, < Wat on p.a<e Board in HRooni.TN.-KAimn or gentlemen loratlax [ afa a a aa 1 1 / . a>4 willla* ta r.oa taia'iar *111 na4 a lam ?-ry pliaaaat re-a hatiat a tall ?>*? of <h? Ilrar, a' 47 Haa4a ett-tt'. I'ir'al hoer4 Retareaee ai ' kenred Ala*, oa Ma/ oae large ro.,a *??oa4 ttary Board im hrooki *n -a i *dt wii i in?j to ca v a tair prt?a tar kente roafortt ta a wtll featilr with '??? 'kiltrea r aa *a4a k>a4eofne t?m, la a pleaaaalfy alt i ? ia4 haaa* witfc a larra rar4?? i?> e44r>e*>a? Cat I tee H'tai4 .fk. a Referawe r<?t t ral HOARD IN BROOKLYN -A NEAT I RON T K'HJM fit lat, altk partial War4 el#o. a ra?? taeirakle aatrr r-?ai lka hanee oat '-aai ra-aatlf r*'aUI at 4 it a I* '4 ot4et Ibara araaalyafa* W*ar4ar* takaa Tarai a>4a ra>a Pita^ ai?ira a) >S fal'n a?ra? t Rr?>Hf* Board in hrooki ?n -two or rimr.r ??vufcK a aa a >? a??<aia- 4at*4 vtlk f'-aaaat at i?at aa4 famal v*ar4, traa.'bai at 114 II tk ttra*' R-'araaaaa aiakaa??4. Hoard tw rrt?civn roR the ?kac>n wi ? a pt.vala laaatl f A pa' at aa4 w?4 r ? .aa Waal ? .aatbar ar aatara'' f *>'? 'a or fanlal V?a'4 Rata raataa aaaaaaral ApiUr HWl ?*! ta atraa*. Naa Vart Ut<AR? jn m .unrn ?mi a i rhiti ?tm If INcaf tbaal" f*?aali t? a 4*' > a aa. aa4 ?. a. BOiaiMIO AJfU Board in uooklyii-oni o* two ?i*'ji* kOiitl.?fln -u o?n b4 ?<*eo?nn??<l.%Ul with * plHiiat rooot. in ftuiitr, ? w%lk from r?ilt?? f?ri; l?y U14 ?( 112 i?ad? tt#laro*#?4 o*cl?j?u^od 1 J OA II II IN lll(?>?>kl.VN -A'?TI,LMAN AND ) v? i f ? ?r iw> or tlir?o miu^Io 4?iitlonitfO, ctu ol?Um r itiM n it b -v ltd b?flrd, !? A pfiffttt IMlik|r. l?y apply ing 9t !H I*r<*at Uiit Ij*o uiinuti**' walk Iruoi UiiutUoB nveiiuu t ip Board in \ovru brook i.yw puuiant koohh. Willi tearoom* *n 1 pAiilrt'M on ooeoatl floor * t li Vjarl, for ^otilloaio'i m.u th?ir *??<>? or Niu^ie !*? it !??) lird ?t No. o Tuiapkm* pUot. Hoforoao*? o? r tiari^Of! UOAIM) f?N IIIDOKI.IN IIKIfillTH.-PLKA.HANT ro''iu?t ?ttb l???rJ lor *ui?t l? u?.o? u ?i thvir tiivt* or tfita - i l? ron*Uuj mi, ?{ 13) ('oHtntuU mrwl n cauiiuindiu^ ?i?? ol' * lis 11a/. not turoo (btuulvi1 nilk irotu Wall oc I'iiIIub terry BOAIU> VI ANT* 11-loK A (JKNTl fcVAN AM) IAD>'. vrh '"re t lioro if nv jUi.r tiulnitri, *oJ with a wl4?* pr**??'frw<l. r<>qmr#a lor tl?? liiJr ooly AdUlro-H, italic*; vUnt arc aminudat Hiti ?, toruii noa loc iti m, IticharM, Jit ml i .or thro? <J?i? B?>A?MI WAMKD-roR A I.AOr. 1% A K t? PK? {* ?Mo fninil> ; ? widow lad) prol ?*rri?l, ?rli?r.? ll??* o>.u fort 4 ot a home may l?o uvol AJdro^a, to run, J. Ci k llornU oMii'?? UOAltO WASTKtl ?A Wt*UUK TO o? * ?in |??i ti?J W,.%rJ in liroofcltn, oootfeaiont to the f ?r no', in a amall l>rhHt? lofuii/, u no other konrdiiri #f? tak o Addr-'M A. II (' . Ilro?4#ny I'wl (MTioo. JJlM IH> \IMMRD ?FRONT IOH>M ON Ft It.^T Ff?Oll J t >"r a |iljy?ici?r? ? ollleo. aii J room* on oooond or tfbird floor, 1>1 o A>r i ihIKI quiff faaMr. Tm oiim am*+ b? in a ti#?<bbo?bood, M..iu*>wh< r?? Itofwwu llloo. . or ?trvot n4tt*? 1'trk. Addec*# Dr. tirrodlw. 17 Vt'biti atrouO. Boaiio uami.u ky A OimMMj MT? fill in * *to family wrtoto thoro nn low or uo othdr bn*r<!?(?; looation in the v lotmitjr of H*?t lltniHiirijr Ad li . !??'* S?M i * ?i otht ? BOA K 1) WAMH- KOK A CKM'I.KNAN. WIKK AND two io, 11 >car? and ') month* nl *?? f-?r o?o mnii'fi KOiitlemiUi . ^trtial Ixinn! tor t bo t^mll ttming term* (which uiu?t ho taodorate and particular*, .1 MkiM II or old "tT\? ? BO A II I) WANTin IN A I'KIVATK FAMILY. FOH A Konilrmoii and laly; full ho ant fur tbo lody, hr*akfstt and toft fur tho *ontloman, oilU dinner on ^uodoy. A?ldra??. utatam l?*rma nod location Oitbert, Morald offlo?. BOAKDAQ -a I'RIT ATI FAUif.T, CON8I8TING OP only tbroo |Mr?oo?, and bariuc u ? hoardar*. ro?iilm< iu tho Hcoond if jouo, a?ar M Mark'* plooo. would lot a par I'?rand botfrnom ? ? a gontloinan and lad/, or to tw o ? ? . ' f nut Id limit of uodouhtfd roBpootftbtUty . AddrtM bo a l.liH 'out OtAoo. BOARDING. -To I.ET, A I.AKUE I'LF.ASANT BOOB, Villi pantry ka.l grnta, on aooon.l Moor. anitabta fur * -i nil. mm \nd wtfa, or two aiagia no.HUi.i-n, at V NartU Monra utraoi Tha It uu aa 1< to r> piuaaantly a. in . aad tli? osntcniani/a of I at ha BOARDINO ? A GENTLEMAN AND BIS WIPE CAN likto hoard with a oal>uiN<l airy room al :>i llam f atraot. 'I lie liouMn la roianiodioti*, liaain., a hath noua aal H?a Nona but gtinli-ol paopta aaad apply . BOAKDINU A PRONT EDIT OP KOOMH TO LET, tngothrr or ariarata, la a trat c ?u nrirata boarding liottao up town. localtt) fttty doatrablo fur ttiaao.a mar; poaaeaaua avary futility ul aoooaa to all porta of ttia city . n-f. roucia uxclikuca.l applf at Nu. i V< a(1ik ?.|uar?, Willi aula, aoftond Jitor Fruia lUuk atraat Boarhinu a ruiVAiK rAUii.r from May lat. tu a amall family or loo (antlaaioa an I tbeir ? ifa? tho wh.ila ?.con. I Uuvr of a lar/o homo villi t)Oki I l.afh kil l gal in tbv li'iuaa T. run iml?i?t? AiiiiIi al IV) Sulliraii H?n-ot Boarding ?a pront huh or koomh to loxtliar or aoparkt*. la a firat ola?? iirirat* boarJiu* h.maa up ii.wn I ora'lly ??rjr doairkhlo for tha ?ominor; ruoma airy an.l ploaaanl ? poaaaaaaa atary ta?<uty of ikimi I* all parta of tho olty. Koioroiiooa oiohaa^ol Apply kl ill Want Pnartaaath atro.-t BOARDIVfl ?A UAMDflOHR PRONT I'ARI.OR AND boiiroooi nu sooood ftnor, to lat to a cautlamMi and wifa ,or two aio?la inutloao.i will, or wlthaui liaard.ijaa bath Ae la Apply at No VI Eaat I ?onty -i^lilh air ?l bolwooa l.axmntaa and Ibird afeauoa Tariaa fary law. BOARDIMU-PAMIMES OR SINOI K UENTI.EMP.N i an obtain likodanina parlora aa I badriionia, or ain.U ro nt a, turuialird or iinlurnlaba.l. * uli K lard, mi rata iat <'? taiuia, naa, bal Ua, to., at I;}^ac?ull atonua I- ULAKKI.Orn. BOAKDINU -A I'EU SINGI.K GENTI.EMP.N I A.N UK a?ooianiodato>l wilb l aard and plaaaaat airy rooiaa alao a varaary f .rlwo tuuaf ladiita. iu A plaaatni rona Day Imardrra >iicomm.idaiod with nood boarJ al a ror> ia?darau prira al !<l Warrrn (treat. Boarding.? a ur.NTi.p.?AN and whk. ok rw<> alD?l? ?oni luiiii n, iaa ba araoiamailala.l with raooia an I board at No o Wi.lnw atrnat, Urooklyu ll*l(lit< In a iji i?', rat.ri-d family, whrra oaly a law boardara aia takan loruiihrd or uuluruiabail, tbrao uiiuutaa Wktk froiu I ui'.oa larry. "OOARDI N'O? TWO (. F.NTI.I M F.N A N li Til KIR Wl VI ? i) can liAtr p|. aaaut anlotnialird rornaa with board In a privata lanillj I.) aipljma at IUI Hauoud acav Boarding at ? uuooo.n itrcet.-a ?k?? sin >l? oaa l.a aaaoinma.lair.1 with / b<ar>l And plaaaaat rooioa, and auj.iy alt tha eoiafirta of a No inoriait at May Hoar tu NO in wii.i.iamsuurg.? a rk.o-iictaiii.k privala laaily who oana tbo honao w.iild prafir Vt<Kt(Mi\/rtril?'MHit???.*b,wi<n,?**.>/'Ua? ua. i .i iL? I... - r-ndirrd to mika lli'Ui happy Apply ?t 'J* Kiftb atraal , Willi amitarg. (VlUNTRT BOARD -THE I.AROK AN D ('OMMODIOVS J lioaaa l?d alroat. < arm.anilla, North n?ar, will ha oiiaoad on tho Drat of April Patuiliaa aad a.a?lo <?ull?iu'n will Had tbia a plaaamt aammar laatdoaua Tba lioaaa n ait uati'd on tha rtrar anil dlfanlij otipo.lta i|i? dap-ii atop twalra tiinra .laily to aad from tba oily Haul lama'i ? an Lain tba city by MA M . If daairad Good batblar l oalln. and atabllw* Cara laara Chamb?ra atraai at I ^ 4 i?, an f(i a tlork: rat"ra?t& k?d 7 I' M l?n""? oa tiia I.raiiii.ia or at HO W bita atraot Kofaraaca *lraa and r? qulrad / 10UNTRV BOARD WANTED I'ERJtONS WISHING I j snriiiii. r boardara would Dad It graatly to thair adraa lurle aaml in thair addraaa. wttb pruaa. aovomiindAtlona. A r , Without dalar. il tli?y wlabio aoaar- daairAbla board ara llua lrxia ara now applyinn Boa?n-ra dlrartad fraa ofcbarr*. Oflti" Na. 7 <'llalo? hall. P.i<htb atraot. na?r i Broadway. N B? If aau ara sat aw ara of t ba utility aa I ' liiab rrapaclalnlity oi Ibia aatablialim'Bt rail and jad<o fat 1 yiuraair R D ilOOIiWIN /OlV.NTRV BOARD FOR f'llll.DHEN ON K OR TWO cliildr. n will l.a takoa to hoard lortba aammar. or par u.anontly, i? a fary haalthy i>art '.I Now Jaraay. of aaar aoaaa to t'ia ally, lataambowt aad railroad , an aiaallaat a? hoot e<m * nil" at For particular* addraaa U A. Hartld oSli*. / 'OUNTRV BOARI?- BOARD AT KA VF.N* WtK)D - Rocaiatolrt aia lyor la aaiti H tiua ?ory baaltby aad baaatiful pla. ? Tha lioaaa aoatama lar?a aad airy rouma tba labia aad alt' adan'a unaieaptioaakla. aad ta famlllra of tha Arat raapaot ability. It will ba faaad a ahara inr rt-aidoii*- for tha aaintuar. alao. atabliaf for boraaa. i'omrnamration with Iba filly half finally. Aptily at N i |# Waat Nlaata>atb a'raat. batwaaa tba hawra ot Id aad 1 I^AWII.IKK OR IIMHI UP.NTI KMfcN I AN OBTAIN r (orulahad or iiaforniahrd roouaa. with boar 1 la a hooaa with tba modara imi>ro?aiiiaat* Taraia raaaoaabla Apply at Ninth atrial a?ar Firat atfnan F'l RSI-HKD AND I N Fl UN I Ml F. I> R'FOM.1 10 I fcT aattal.lo for raatlaaaaa kad thair wi*aa ar aia?la ??at!a una. in a pDa'thi location, with modarn impron taaata. a> s.. R Waat Waah a?t..a plaia OKHi I N M HOARDINI, AOF.Nt V IS M< IIROADWAT room I", tba oldaat o.? .hllabad Bica la tba n?y. wbaro private lanillM and lioardtnr honaaa may lia aappliad with l.oardcra, in modaratc tarma, ta towu or ' ouatry No or board Aa aarly nil PRIVA1K HOAMDINU -A PAtlll.1T OP TIIRIE OK 'wor (araona >r two rantlaaion and ibair wifaa oaa ta accamu.odaiaa w.tb t.ia awmforta of boaa* la a *ary plaaaaat hooaa aa i looatioo, la .*1 f'lanaant a plaaa ha I waaa lllaackar and Hoaaat ." atraata. no .lh?r boardcra, taa .a'b. I A Idroaa Comfort. Ilara'd ?># ? wi'bnajta and ad Iraaa. I>IEA*ANT ROOM" WITH BOARD POR INfJIE full am oi r*utlaa>oa oad t hair wtaaa, oaa bo oi.iaiaa I at li* Waal W' airaa at raat, llr-ioblya. atiaa ra.onta* walh iroin Coath terry Rafcroaoa (Ivan aad rc.?alial Room* witii board -a few fi.kgant ii;it < of raorn ? for familiaa aad * agla rantlamaa. will Ha tf rai.t Iroin tba lat of May la a aplaa iid baoaa in Ta-aii Irat atraot . oapaatt a i.raaareay I'ark Early appliaatloa >a dt ilrahla at IJ llaaob airaat c .ra?r of lludaoa SHOI.I GEN 7 I EMI V (AN HP. AK OMMODAIEK wii it ra .ma or aottaa of r'maa, loraiahod or oaforauboo wiibfollor r-artial Imard at Na 1 Af'a<b atrooi miaaao I i ft b aad lath Tba bona* ?? baadaoaa aad baa ail tba naailtra ia|roaaaaata rpo OENTI EBBN ONE OB TWO WSATI.Y FOR I alahal r .oaa la a priaata faaitt, ta lat MWMlMN Ha' b room a tha hooaa Apply at 7(1 lloaatoa atraot rr<? flNOlE (J F.N TIF ME v To I.IT TWO BEAI'TI X fal ii.r oi abod i ootaa walbt'ritoa wa privata faail f, wliboot aoard Appl drag at it* TPWO KlttOLEUE.NTI.EMEM DEFIEE 'I'MVEI B*tk RB 1 ->a a aa lalaod a loaa' oa oa tba bli. pra'orrad A I draaa U boa IM Poat oftaa T|<WO rOCJkO UF I TI.F MEN (AN HE A' OMM'I 1 4a! ad w ? . a aiaa ra aad aaatl* faraiahcl lad t ' ag rwoa la tba attta ol boaia M Pariak a*roo' oa aaadarata *-r aa 'ir aaa wa*k. THRIK iHt FoiBt 'IENTIEMEK 'AN MF *?' >M a I. altar i?? lai af Mat a It faraaaad .r aai.r aapaia ?'y r a aatia ia a (i iaw ilr?-' Utaaaa I oi aaa ?? ? taiaa tba aodcra iapr.v*a?td 11' ANTF " If ? A M D ?'#R A (.E '? TI-EM ? N AND Wfr? FT fraa May a n 'a ?' a?fa?a.abad ra.aa otMH ta ft Mo'-rral wita a aaa. I family w'.ara tbara ara ao oiNar Voarlara in a piaaaaol aa ?bb?rba?d .J - al. .a w?t o' ?road war a<( Faaflk at t oat. Atdraaa W M Ua ? 4 yi I'olt '(Bca UUMI ' II' AID lir A MAN AND ifll I till V T ? li' ba a* Ifcaaaa i ad atari frooi aad ia a t?a4BMtaw i. rb^vd oaf' i a.abat. fall board lor lady '.roaktaal aat I a a|i| 4laa? N Haodara far -aatiauaao A I tioaa Far ana da .? ? " lloraid o#o?. a" ?? vg i-raaa .-a'ln d tl/EHT BoE<IEBB wanted Bf two OH TM??F. TV . ni| ?ao' naa -a- .ar ta r? >a a a 4 part al l.a I I . a raafaioiaola potato faaily. rkart (MW fijM^B B# i..aa laia a at >1 la-1'..a A tdraaa taa- 1, aia a Palor Ilk M??a d oB-o M B Habakaa 'av lad woaid aaaaa j KIN ? tRT*. a I II ESUEATINUJ Oi ? B' Ob AVTQGI* PBil, aotaa aad all ? ? ? iaa of taa' a aad aaa-1 a baagat aal ao 4 aa tbo oid aara .attf ao ?f Wa aaaa art aaa at taa wall priata fav crap booka pa-'ra'a laadaoapoa fefaiwa Aa. Way ia bad apaad aa aait wita aa. at va Rraadway OID IMMiKb AND ENLRATlNt,' KOti.U t AT TBI _ at 4 ' > aa 1 y a nap Ro IT N a aaa a ad'Oad I bafa taa a'aat y aa baad a a at la'g. ?* noaal a? oad a?d a>la a ? oria via acraa fVatd, Mrtraw a aa . aa'a pad ttat. ?it atv-'a t-. < ta boa ma n l i-to ar- l at aa a a - a tiot?ii low r*v ?d WT f'b>ab$ ?t| y> EXTRA PAT. r(kf\ I. A N n W ARK ANTS WANTEIt, OP TH* M K f ( ' 'Vn F cm in I florid* war, and tha ?u of 1811. aad *1 ? Illinois Mi>x.uri aad A lUsw I'alaat* W?at*,l in Ml^ li r.f alar* aold for taiaa, alao pnlant* locatal iihh MIT, ?? 1 1 M ??ola, M'ihmiiu h h 4 low* for wbtiih lot luriixt najb nnra will b? in.. Aiplf to U U lUlliref.oT M. ? haaaaii ?tict |nl flout, lao d">r? from Wall TlOUNTr I AMI -Al l. Blll.niIK.1 TIAMSTIRt AHO J I aaiiora tr tha widowt ?f th.aa who aerrad nn aaa M rlioiam a?i Mar *inra I77',, aro uuiulad to li>? a-f>? ar I uunt; land ol.taiu tli. ??m* of tho "K?ui, I' T IlPllft, fA Wall atrial. htunnv S , oliiriit un'ft kb? rairk'-t I ? (oIlHlrd 1>01 Mr lAMil- AM. I'KIUHiNl KNTITI.SD Tt> I) I i ?? <t * arrant a nndar th* lain aM ,1 I., n ,r<g 9m baaa tha aaira properly r llaetad un apt* laatioo t ? w J K HAWS, 171 I a> ai atraat l.etir* Ir'v* tha ?aimto/ , y nn, warad. IJOITNTV I. AM) AMI KXTKA l*AV-?.K IH'HAV * .If ?'(? . iKali r? ib land warrant* ar? proparad to jilia-t all claim* fur bounty land, undrr Ilia ?? t ?' i on?r-?a it i tv? A |l a hi live arrvrd i?a board tlio I'mi-d MWrt a'tip* V la! m, I II dm In and Naranaah. can pruanra tnoir raira ^ I ii| ii ap|illcktiwa In im. >? 9 Wall atr.^t. uornar >1 Na? I T> li I'liiilr I a I I aadar llii- lata act of l'ou?raa?. oaa I art ilia uat'ia i<r tar); coUact'd, on app^iiiatiju to TA V I ? >W IIHO"! IIRkV I.ankrra 7C Wall atr?-*?. urnar I'aarl N tvr MfKTT uvo orrici -am wnh?? Malra aailari auditfcar*. aha for arm I >artaan l*r*. Jui m<t Ilia lai? 'Atucaii ?-ar aarvail in ny I /into J 1t.ata# natjf or raaanua a naal ia ll>>u?trof M?ti*i>, or la tha I'aada oviNaii on aoaal* ?l I alr .ran anil Mutni ?. at a*. all Uiaita* Statin naay amluri "u igiaii l.arbor*. or tha lakoa i lit aaa war a^aiii a l..i?lan! fc.r in r- iVan i art aaa Jwya, or in a ar ainra I /'.?>, aid, ?Sa ? irtn> irf all Iba a nunal, aa? oaa rai h autlllrd lo 'and lor Iml auraa, ani <aor nklala tSa a* ma - Ira* of char* i ull ptoaurnd ? oa imiiiIi <al*?w to KVwAItU III ?tnKl.u. Ai; n" ?nd (.at -i 1'iiraar I' J ?< i,; Wall ?iro?*. N'AVr HAILOKb' KdltA l*4T llfflt R - tkl> II .*< aall ir*. .to, who lotwiau , ?<l \i.t t a?r<"d in an? I ?aa*?. In I'aoinn, on a?aai. ol I alt lurma and Manao ara i>i?lilal to aatra l?a? wHi*li ia ironiptlv paid iLaui b| tha aadaratfnad * Kiln pai'# a* ialaiM'a* lit ,? a r a a goinlnn t arid' ?? ur liana if lt>o<aaa* I, a lallur* oVIartod and r*ld, and all hiadt af M*.,?* a a it Uaiti'd Sia'a* raa ia*ra< li> IIIWARII II I Aim I. Araa; aad I'uwaar U ^ Naar, Of Wall aa UMirn status ixiUNnr i.and AiiRvrr, no ? Nmafi alraal All pwHwra aailora artlflcar*, wafMa iii aa I . ra aauatxra. An.wlio bavwaatvad laanrrar aiiuaa l?'?i l analitaii llinr land warraata bj> a|>flfia<la U U SHuril.Pt. So 1 Naaaaa atraat Un B'ltlNTT I. AN ?> toavqii Ml mutoif AI . I.aad aarrant* aaldiaaa. aailara. artihur*. olark^ laaniitrra, Ao , obiaiaad boui(hl aoid aad lauatad llliaka* patant iitlaa (?urahaaad IIIO-ia huara fraai 1 A U Hi. 1 P M JAMK.H H A J nil N l> SIHOW, AVlvtaafa at Ua. *?*a Na to, apatairt. WMUMMM; If;-, CKSM i it i ? r NBAS TAmm -W t i fcOT*-# iitu ui faadar. kiMb? nua, r?"f* "aran.aia W- b*a-i iif ihm Iftitat pfttUrni of MtnUl ir?M? r i mm aaJ rt'im, lu itl? ii mwubli UnH laraiei <>a iwmmI bad ri|>nr?4, Itrui laaudara' j?*?!I?i' nK*"** ?*??*# lla*d, bak*n' ai*a* bvill ui m. NK.W INVENTION Tilt I'ATKN T^II.KKTk AKI.M. I or wbi-aWal *?*?? laa. mi ,, J A ? -...r.n .. WI?I| l<ll ?!>? r*f> rt fur thaaaball Uuinii Mill, dllllllt . r minutf. ||,| b< 111 |?i**d al ?! UI >f l.a a?raa,l iipaa Ul?^a lb* [aarti ?* AH< IIITEl It'HAI <>KN AKKNT" IN I'f.AKTRK K?? ill* inUrmra linlll. ?( to(*il'lin|? A J UAKVMr 4k llnrJ nanu* llira daor* Abura T?bIIi *ir<?( l.jiauy urdtra ttr*litll)f f. rwardeil HI ri EH'R ill XTI It ?. Of I I III RUM AMI f OI'AISA - 'I lion iii Ir'iubl* mill r*a|ulria* Ibvta* ut it 4141 ? m?i lannal l i battur (Inn ivcura ma I. .IIU >1 'Wiaiufal I il?l? apaeitii' li iiaaar full. $1 >*m t.y praaa In.ui lift I rankliu ni**l, and IT Richib ????**. N*? f irk. mil St'addard A lltirl'iu i'rojr t 1 AHI'ETH (III I 1.1 IT II ? KI.'UN DRlHJIiEM ~Kf?W \ ' ?1*r n? obi* >.l lb* l?ll >nd rh*? p*it(it ?<! 1.1 ?? (In* hud Id lb* I II). I..iupri mx lii?* 1 nft 1 *ii.? 1 r*. hi It Ixl In u . aa jMtlllir lo(.i tngllrb llmaaela i* In I'M aalrallda la I J* All diirrliilluai ?l driifti*! *. ruia laaltina m<%t -tM i*Toi In HKMkl'\ 4 I'ONTERS. VU iu I 3*1 n:, 1, on! d?i<r belim liiurlMilh iltwl Ciuri.KRr ?am*.i 11.111 mn. pjsii ?.t winm I Ml* a?l r-iaai - I1BAMI A tlMi'Snii IM iko?4>w (mil I ??> tb-?t r*>, roaia* vfullj Mil tb* si' laUan a4 Souibara and waataira uiarvbaati m l ?ihvi 11 ;taa<r largi Hull if puul-tiBil tibli *?llarj, kmfi* i*i?^ri, riikt, A* ?I.Ml tbajr are ?uw eellm* n linl *ait r?r iM ('II I A A till AMI >.A 1 IMIUHK1 Kl * IAf?r V ? mi fl 111*11 1 in* ii|ii*tn< ui prfu iu**1! r il-a "al m uiiiu/ ***** iwiity b** p. r "ml r*du*tft*i K V IIM't.llM HUT. V?l Ira* laa, f IOAI. AMI M ri'l lt*. AT JAMAICA W I ? r E A M * eri If ft "will Am ?*n?i tr *li**h*r? ?r*?i^pn*.| w I lb *./?!, Water, *L<I |i(u* Ulan*, at fcii<*ta?. Januxta *l\h aa ,r**t d*a|>*l'-b aa IU an jr liar I of il.a ???r!.| Tbl tia*i il ft I ark a?an ? and WTalah ??.ill aia at oaf i oa bill aa I ar* f>*t mill lb* bunli*>i. ninbt ur 'la/, al .?> I* M l i.i ,.a< U??( ? tula ?at?r If* in III* niiunlaini li ru* '? 7 S*i*inli bb? itr*mi.r i tanka. au l nruviiiuna and l?a iak*a >? '.mid 1 <iali water bari mail'.n. vaal, vagai?M?? . 1 1 frail lap pliad al wid'raia rati* I .1 ib* lar|**l ataa aar* uai?t at lb* aalna lllua l.i^htbuui^iiii Il<bl?i4iil >1 lb* ikiff and daparlur* 'if it.>ai??ri al aaf hour 4af ar *'(iil H i fiiaaca to Hia Aiarriaan ( uaiul at Jamai**, .< la Ut? r KwH A Ilr.m11 N?? Turk III 1 1 II I ?? * t 0i? 1'iana^ri aal lr..<bt .ra a! wan >?>(.?? bil,i*?a ta* I nll*d Slltli. Jimalil aul ' 'in! b A tan, Il Hiwilaa l->|i|a I.I. II 10-JL Ibii* tri|*i >* I* tba ol oa* lal a ball utaai la diaoi?l*r. ib*r ar* ai ??**< ai ihi I>?ImII? aiiiliti * nil rarli' r . |?rf**ll/ bard?, aad Bill prod .** ia*r* la a* 1 r i..*i than 'kiir utb?r ai*r lultliatil Ord in Mj atliaArd la l>r J'lllM II J All HI l??. 7 lulia Hurt, If w 1 'L HA ?W!?T HE IIIIR1. iu ?!? t* of t'.a "Ei?* r.?*r*. ? Tkat ? in* talk I Bat ?? !?*** rul *1 b .i?* T* kill kiiur* m rMia 1 bat a I'm talk l.yilVS pill* (*itr*f Ib* rat*. Anil tbai ?ap*ri'*4a tb* Ml*, Wlill* kii po?d*r aal* Inni plaat 1 Murdar* ria?b**. bmaal aati 1 bai ? lb* talk Polinulai) la m %a bat Initial daatb I* all ia*>?tl I * Kiaia?*i* pawdar. mil al 1/4 llr ?a|waf, ill !?? ia( ??'aMi ? *f*r|r*b?r< I* tb* oal/ *?'? imrt Um? Iki warllT hi LAN T ' f rfllMII rOH rl.EANINQ AVII KKN'I ia'lax all kind* '?? ?arala'i*d aad twlnbad f?raitai?, '? dvon. Iiair II I Ai ???< ri ir ia briil.aa f au l ?I'.ickaa. I III *artbia? il I k* hi* I ? "t"?4 ?<? tb* IibM* .>?? 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