Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1855 Page 3
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???ftltaeeed te til |mm, a ad be mtnI ih4 ?? Tha edmlalatrator moat eater Into bond* with euM eiaat aureUee for faithfal *x*ration of hU truat, fee. 4. If lettm of adnialetratson are granted on the eup poaltioa that there l? no will, and ona la aubeeqneutly rouad, aueh latter* are void. t. It la one of the settled doetrinea of thajsu gentium privatum that the distribution of tbe personal effects of a decedent are governed by tbe law* of the domlcll, which, in the pre tent Instance, L< in a foreicn oountry. 0. The power ot attorney in thi* caee could n?t tauch theae fact*, becauae the right of tbe huiband to convey them, which might exist during tha life of hi* wife, oeaaed with hie demise, unl'ss previously reduced to hi* possession lhe mode of proceeding in the preaent caae li for the public admiaiatrator to administer upon the asset*. flrat giving notice to the representative of the country of whish the decedent waa a cttisen, and through him to partiea internet** in that country. Or original tattara must be taken out in country and auxiliary letter* thereon in the United Statee. The St Loafs KtpulA*can of the 4th lust. contain* the following card from Men re. Page Si Bacon ?f that city, to the public: ? We are again under th> pi'nfnl necessity of suspending payment and cluaing out >iooia to vhe public. A concur rence of uofonwec acd i.u ivoMaiilu circumstances ha* reproduced tbe difficult!** fro-u ?rhtcli we li iped we liad successfully emerged, wliea, un tho l'Jth February, we announced our resumption. At the date we had every confidence tliat our house in California would sustain, without fathering, tliesliock thatawaited it. Fhesteara ?r, however, which snivel in Now York oathe2l*t ult., brought the news both of u suspension ana a prxpect of reeumption on the let M.tich. Notivi'hstindia^ this, our credit here waa not felt to ha materially affected by tbe intelligence, until after the arrival of tbe following steamer ol 24th March, which brought advicea to the 1st, and, amoag them, the facl that at that date the Cal ifornia bouse bad not resumed The suspense consequent upon thi* ha* proved exceedingly dlaaatroua to u?, result ing in a silent tbeugb continue! withdrawal of deposits at thi* point. and compelling us to aaeet our ne^eaai tie* here by draft* on New York, to tha exhauilion of our balance there, and tbe final dishonor of our bilta. Could we have availed our selves of a rapid communi cation with our California branches ? could we have cor rectly anticipated their position and procedure, or they have understood ours so aa to secure consistency and concert of meaaurea? could we have found it practice hie, under our esieting difficulties, to either negotiate our securitiea, er give them an available placement ? or had tbe depoelta rtceved on iur reaumptlon on the 19th of February, proved of a more perumneL''. und reliable character, we feel that we could have aucceaafuily with etood tbe difficulties which beaet ua. and in a abort time regained aur former position But, however mortlfviag, we must confeaa to tne failure of aa undertaking which, if judged premature, waa so only becuuae or perhaps too eager a deaire for its accomplishment. We agai n aak the consideration of our frienda, aaauring them that our assets, though not immediately available, largely exceed ?nr liabilities ead will be faithfully applied to their full discharge. We ehall, la th? shoi teat possible time, lay before tbe public a full statement of our affair* ; anl trust that, in awaiting it, we may rely on the sajie for bearance we have to recently enjoyed. PAOF. k BACON, dr. Lot' is, Tueiday Kveninj, April 3, 1865. Tbe return* of tbe Bank of France for the month end ing Thuraday, Kirch 8, 1854, preaent the annexed state aieat ? Bank ok Frinc* ? Hakch, 1855. AmU. Caah and ingot* Fr. 241, 379, 130 Caah at tha brauch banka. lt>9,500.365 Billa due yesterday to be paid to day 550,021 Bills becoming due in l'aria, of which 59, 244,7S6f. 60c are from the branch banka 150,344,992 Bille in the branch banka 149,791,744 Advaacea on coin and ingota 2,107,800 In the branch bant"s On public securities o( France. la the branch bank* On railway shares and bonds.. Iv the branch bankt To the State by treaty of June . Henteeofthe reserve fund. Hentea, disposable funda. Hotel and furniture of the bauk. Heal property of branch bank*. . Expenaea of adminiatration Sundries 86,376 Total Fr .1,020, 304, 70S Liabilities. Capital 91,240,000 Rea* rva I u nil 12, 980, 750 Reaerve imaiobiliere 4,000 000 Note* to bearer in circulation 4!)8,655,'9i>0 l>o. at branch banka 132,711,850 Do. to order (Port Vila) 5,410,778 Bills payable at sight 11,283,487 Aco. car. of Traaaury creditor 81,091,765 Vurtoua accouata current 145,062.042 Do. branch banka 28,128,709 IXvideada to be paid 900,443 Discaunt, interest and expen-*" 3,840,090 ?Charge far aafe keeping of securitiea lt),-2i>f 2 Re discount* of the last half year 1,093,061 Overdue billa 123,931 Sundries 4,753.989 TaUl 1,020,305,705 Troa these return*, it appeare that the metallic reaerve ha* increased tea and a naif miiliona in Paris, and eight milliona ia the provinces. Ibe discount acnommodation haa decllaed twenty seven m I!lon* In l'aria, and eighteen millions la the branch-banks. Advances on public secu ritiea have fallen off three fourth* of a million In Pari*, and about the aame amount In the provinces. Advances or railway sharea have Increased three and one-fourth m lllona in Pat ia, and three- fourths of a million in the branch banks. On the side of the liabilities, the notes in circulation have declined seven mllbns In Paris, and increased one and a halt million* in the departments. The account current of the Treasury h*s decline 1 forty and a hair million*. Private acco'iu'.a current have In creased eighteen and a half million* In Paris, anl two and three fourths million* In the branch banka. Tha whole amount of the mttailic reserve ia at preaent four hundred and forty and three-fourths millions, to tlx ?hundred and thirty one and one-fourth millions or notes :n circulation. 36000 U States 8V. 117* 1000 Keotuck* 6 'a. 103 lOCOHarlatMteB* 9ft 1030 Erie Con B? -71 84* 7000 Erie Con Ba *02 9 2* ?M)00 Erie Rt of '75 89* JOOO <lo....b.1 89* 1UOO do. ..btO 80^ .'iOCO do. . . MW HO* lOflOHud K S lite Ba T7* 1000N I* lMtOo L'o 85 K'000 lU Cea RR Bda 77* .,000 d?. . . b'10 77 H -0000 do. . . b2o 77 * 1 .">800 NY On 7'a. . . 100V 1260 Cle k To! Di v Ba 72 '.'000 Te Bt V Al 1M II 89 * 22 aha Fulton Bank 13ft ?0 Union Bauk..a3 120 20 Dal fcHud Cnl Co . 128 50 Metropo'n Bank . 109 [JOShoefc U r Bnk. 100 108t. Nich'IaaBnk. 03 6 Common'tb Bak . 00 Nic Transit Co. ?:? "0 do a.'; 00 Cum Coal Co. .*3 Stack Exchange. SaTCKDAT. April 7, lH.'i 5. WQ ?h? 111 On RK.e3 !W 330 Cla* At Tol HR. . . 73 8 Chic At R'k I KK 88* 10 do 88 * 75 Tan. unt RR 101 JO do blO 101 100 .lo 100* 10 Cla*, C*Cm K-a 10f. 10M) Erie RR 62 ^ 1-00 100 JOO To ,;oo {<0 ito do do do,. to.. , 4(i? do.,, do b.*l do l?:;o ?fiO blO b?0 ,..e3 <ao U4 1ft * IS 32 21% 32 32* 31 * 31* 21 ?. 32 100 260 20< I 1C0 2i0 100 2<Xt 100 4<>0 JOO 460 ICO .00 100 l'O 60 100 do . do. do . do. do bl . . . b30 bl .... el ...."10 .... b60 ?lo. a ?lo s?0 do t30 do *10 do e <lo !o b-1 tlo bl5 Jo el ft do alO do bl b'10 100 Harlem RK 350 do e ?J6 NorfcWorRR. . b l 16 do ??'! 100 Readier KK e'SO 110 NY On RR 94 >i .?70 jO JOO ?>o do. do. ?lo. do . bl? ? blO ? b3 94 M* 94', 04 *'0 1222 loo loo 100 100 300 200 do. do. do . do ., llO . . do. . do ., do .. .?<0 III Ceo RR 98 'i i0 136 do. do. a3 97 ai'i ??t bill a40 ?00 b80 b44 ~'Si Hudaon HH 41 .iOO do b'K) 4 1^ 10? do b 10 41', 75 llicb Can KK a'l *:j 52* 12* 5 2* 52* 62 >-i 63 52* 52* 51 5 2* :>2?, VI* 62* 52* 62 ?, 32* 61* 31 * 31* Hi* 39 84'; M ? 33* ?? ?, 8?V 88'J 88', 87 87 UC0V9 BOA ED. $7500 lad Mate Fire* 84* KJO aha R V.g RK eOO 91* 97 9a ?, 100* 92 17* M* f5 1000 Mi?*ourl fl'a. .'.too Virginia 6'a. . 1000 do >00f N Y Cen 7'a.. 600 N Y Cen R R Ba 6C0Hu.lR:iMBb2:i L000 FrieCVn B- '71 0100 do l'O aba Pan R R a4m 1(0 iO do bflO 101 * 10 Bank of tbe Rep 119* COO Nie a TranaH Co. I# 0 Cum'lind Coal Co 31* ?0 .lo bfO 32* TO# do b3 31* *.'0 Reading K R 88^ .00 do bio 88* 400 do 86 U 88* 88* 88'; 87 87 Oc bio 4(0 ?!?) *3 100 *o blO BtO do 60 Htu-lrm R R. .. ,. 31',' 100 N Y Can R R bl. 94 100 do a-,0 110 do eS SO Erie Railroad . luO do bl 2.10 do a.1 4?0 do biO 'i00 do bl 60 Hud Hi* K R b.;o i.'iO Clev k Toledo KR ?8 Oil k R'k !al R K ftOEteniogton RR 93* 94 :?2 '( ?2* 52 62'* 52', 41 'a 7.1 'i 8? >< 66 CITY TRADE REPORT. 8an.Kt.av, April 7?8 P.M. Hat <IM1 ??rH.? Hovr? Tha market rootiaued flrm, ?ilfc a fair amount of aale?. which footed up about 8,000 tbla., included in which were braada of entntaon ta rood State at ?? 31 a* 39 f.2, c> mmon to good Waa era at 39 82 a 310. Included in tbe above were 800 tbla. 84. l^uia, at $10 76, or tbereab"?te. Kitra Go raae* waa at $11 50 a $18. Caaad an waa tuadr, with aalaa ln?l?d?4 abora, of ??0 a '.>00 bbla., at 310 a 311 for ruanmon, lane/ an.l extra, and amall lota of an terior eitra at $11 26. Sautbera flour eontiaued fira, .Deluding aalaa of 1.600 bbla. at $9 60; for coalman Bal ,iaior? e:tj 39 tti)i a 310 37 for aoaaaMn to favor. ta 31$ i7 a 311 37 :or fancy andaitra. Rje flour in amall iota, waa aeiliog at 30 'o fer line, and 37 12 a $7 C2 for aoper foe. M"al? Jerao* waa at $482. and Braaijwlae waa held at $1 87 a $5 Wheat? Abaut 4,100 buibela ef fair to xwxl white Houibern were aold at $2 59 a 32 >i ? Cora? Iba market continued Hrm an.l aaloe l?nrei About 6 000 boanela prime JVmtbarn white aold at 31 M, frlM Jerao* yollow at the oloae waa held at 31 08. Rye waa hold at 'lMc. a 140c Oata were unchanged. <e norma.? Tbe market mi .lull and palee limited . about 70 liage Rie, fair quality, aold at 10 ,c. a 10?4? < <rm? ?Tbe mariet foatlaue<l (trm, with aalea of 4,000 baiea. , , ? Pnoraa^a ? Pork? Holdera ?'am?Bdel firmer raUa, which bad a tendency to che^k traaiactlnna The aalea embrace*! '40 to 600 bbla. in lota, at 316 '2', for old ?n?>a, $17 #3 for new ditto, and 314 32* lor new prla>* Be?f ciat a 'tl in good ie.,ue?t. With ?alea of ..00 to 400 bbh . at old frcea fer country aad weatern me?e aad Itocoa? ?ale? of HO bote* abort mi.tdlea vara ma<le, rib in, at 8>4c ehirh waa hlg^ar. lard aeaaatead), with aalea ?( %C(? bbla. at ?',e to 10c foe good to prime quality. It" a.? The maiket we mo o aetire, aad aal*< w?ro re pert# J <o tbe eatom of ku a 804 caaka, at 4 ,e. a a?. e , with aao lot rery prime , uality at 6 '. s. ADVItTBNBffl BMIWB IflBT MT. BOiRDlNO AND I/ODOIWO. ??OAMTAT-0NION SQU ARE.? HANDSOME UuO suite of feur rooms, on the drat floor, to 1*1, with on. it tout board Private table if desired. Bath room, gas, Ac., anil roomt for (antlemsn. fj4Q broadway.-two suits or wiu. tur wTv ' nubad frout rooms; alao rotr roomi, with oat roots for ?io*le contlemea. may bo bad, with full board. Ilotut ban all modern improvemeat*. '-lAO TWELFTH STREET, SECOND DOOR FROM 8E I OUt7 cond avenue.? Rooma on wild floor, fnrniahed or uutnruished in a private family, partial board for a gentle man. or a famil) or adulte. Pleasant location, near stage* ami cara. Unexceptionable references given aud required. Bath aud gun on the floor. mW EST TWENTY FIRST STREET.? MRS. MOORE i< now prepared to make arrangements with thoaa wiacing board for the ensuing your, having large flno parlors and rooma, which for sue, ventilation, Ao. are unanrpaaa*.|. Gaa and bath. No moving the lit of May. Location pUm aai.t u?ar Eighth avenue. rrt WE>T TWENTY THIRD STREET.? BOARDING - I " A attite of rooma on second floor, fnrniahed or tinfor niahed. with ?ull or partial board; also two aiu<le rooma on 1 third floor, in a tirat claas house, with hath and gaa. Refa I reneea exchanged. nt\ FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST IIOU8F. WEST or I U II road* ay .?Tiro parlors on the firat floor te let, separate or together; a good looatiou for a phyaioian, alao, live or mi single aud double rooma, tor lidging*, ueatly fur uished; c ft soilness atrictly oliaerved. Af- WEST WASHINGTON PLACE ? CIIOICE ROOMS 1" / to Ut, either iloply or in auitea, tandaoinaly and i newlj furiii'hud, with or without partial board Faniiliea | and hiuvle gentlemen will do well to ctnmini the accoiain datiofla i fterod. Itouae cootaina tho modern improvement*. | K< ferencea exchanged, APAKTMKNTS, CONSISTING OF TWO LARGE PAR lor*, communicating; alao a private tabls if desired, at 2.0 Washington I'lare. A PAKI OR AND UEDROOM, SUITABLE FOR A GEN- j t It'in en :i nd hia wife, to rent, in the ttrat claaa houae SI West Twenty recond street. References required. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TWO i iV large rooma, on aeoond floor, nicely furniahed, to oue or two gentlemen, with partial board, ifretiuired. ApplyatSl Tenth atreet, near Filth avenne. A N ELEdANT SUITE OF FURNISHED APARTMENTS XV to let, in the Aral claaa honae 778 Broadway anitahle for | lauiiliea or single gentlemen, having all the privilege* and [ conveniencea for housekeeping. A SUIT OF ROOMS, OR SEPARATELY, TO LET wlth board, by the flrat of May, in a genteel private I tamlly, a modern built honae, oontaining all the lataat in f provements; location. Weat Sixteenth atreet. Uuexooption able references given aud required. Address A. A., hox4..V)3 Poat Office lerencea exchanged. Fply *l 132 Laxington lriB^ '?* A YOUNG MAN WISHES HOARD WITn A PRIVATE lamily, observing t'hriatian rales, in a honae with ?o darn improvement a, where he iney enjoy the ploasures of young society and comforts of home. Location near Second avenue, between 1'irat and Twentieth atroeta preferred Terma must be moderate. Address, with full partioulara, J. D. C., Herald office. A NEATLY FURNISHED SINGLE ROOM AND closet. ?ith gaa and a hath room attached, overlooking Waahington square, to let to a aingle gentleman. Apply at 2tfl T oitrth street. A T NO. 91 PRINCE STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR it Broadway, rooma and auitea of room*, handtoinely Itirnifhed and pleaaantly located, with board. House ijr?t c a*s, containing all the modern convenience* Family amall and aelect. Board -parties wishing to secure fur- j nislied room* for the enauia? year, with or without I board, location. Illceoker street, near Broadway, will pleeae apply at 301 Woalej place, aecond door below Bleecker sfieet. BOARD.-A LARGE ATTIC ROOM CAN liE HAI>. UV one or two peraona. with or without lireaktaat ami tea. at 108 Grand street, first block weat of Droadway. Terma moderate. BOARD CAN BE HAD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, corner of Myrtle avenue and Waahington street, Unok 'y?- . BOARD.-1S) MADISON AVENUE, ? SUITS OF RJOMS. Initiated or unfurnished, on tlie aeoond floor; alao one on the third, iu a newly built flrat claas bona.:, a delightful loiaticn for the summer; alao rooma for ?ln/le gentlemen. An early application is desirable. The Wall street stages pats the d jor. BOAKD-TO LET, TO A GENTLEMAN AND HIS wife, or to aingle gentlemen, two or three handsomely forn'shed roomi, wi'h partial board for the nntlemen; the 1 houaa ia elegant, and conlaina all the modern improvements. Retereneea exchanged. Apply at 2H East Twol/th atreet, third block from Broadway. Board ? at ho and ioh f.ast fourteenth street . A pleasant anite of rooma. alao one or t wt> ain gle rooma. with lioard, may be obtained ia the above tirat olaaa houses, having all the modern Improvement ? and o>n veniencea deriraklt for a Home. References exchanged. Board- a gentleman and his wife can be lurnirlied with a pleaaant room lighted hy gaa, and board, at W Market atreet Board ? to let, to one or two single oes tlemen, two front rooms, on second floor, in a ttrat elaas bouse, with modern Improvements, in a private lamily. fur- | niahad or uulnrnlahed, with partial board. Inquire al 37 I Uleecker atreet. BOARD-A GENTLEMAN AND BIS WIFE CAN FIND a pleaaant suit of rooms witb pantries on aot-ond floor, togt ther or separate, by calling at 6^ Hudson street, near Chambers. No motlng in May. Board -to let, with fui.lor partial board, a pleasant room, amiable lor a gentleman and wife or two aingle gentlemen, at 2H Greene street, near Fuurtb. Terms reasonable References required. BOARD-A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN' HE accommodated witb pleaaant rooms, witb or without board; also a lew day hoardere, at No. s James street, tour doors fr?m Chatham rqnarc. No moviag on the first of May. Apply for one week. Board in clinton place.? a pleasant suite of furnished ruoma id the tecoud l!our, for * gentleman and hi* wifa, or foraparty of tingle gantli'men. at 97 Clin toB place. Board in chambers street-a large front parlor oa the eecond floor, with pantry attached, rait* at le for a gentleman aad wile, or two or three iio/le gentle ??a, can ha had, with hoard, on application at ll'l Chamberi utrcet. A tmall room, it required. Reforaneea eichaaged. BOAHD UP TOWN? SOME VERY HANDSOME ROOMS. with hoard, will be racant ioon, at .'Mi Fourth arenas location plr-mant. and terms modtrate. Refaraaoae ox cban/ed. Boa h i> in (iR two U10U gentlemen can ha accommodated with pleaiaat raumi aad partial hoard, if repaired, iu a private family . in oa- of the lint locaflnaa iu Brooklyn. Refer* neat required Ap ply at 117 Scharmerborn itreet, naar Smith itreet, Brooklyn. Board in bilmamsbcro.? a i.adv and gentleman, and two or thrte .mile gentlemen, can he accommodated with parlor full hoard, Ib a genteel private family, with all the corotorti of a home. Relerancea ei changed. No. 30 South Fifth itreet, two mmutei' walk from the ferriar. Board wanted? a gentleman wishes a liaudromeiy turaiehcd room, with i:reakta>t an I tea. located between Fourth aad Twentieth itreeta, and Second and Filth avenue. No other location noticed Addreit D., hoi 1 .fy.M Poet oflice. BOAI1 VANTIO-rOt A OnfWUI AND I.ADV; board fur the lady oal t ; with a widow lady pra'erra I. Inqtiiaitive penona need not anwtt. Addraet Ueofja I'or ter, Herald office. Board wanted? by t oiirtmu and m wife, in the vicinity ol Ulee. fcer itreet. on Rroadwav, in a private family pra/erred, Addreat (ieatleiaan, Herald offica Board wanted-a K9BUI BOOM, with par tial boaid, ! y a young fentltiuan, in a family where there are a few other young gaatleinen and ladiea preferred I'ieaae , i?a full particular'. itatinr price of room, with or , without board, locatioa of hoMO, Ac. AdJreti P. O . He rald .Itiea. Board u anted? a smai i. gt'iiT iamii.v witu , to make aa arraug* m> nt tor hoard and roeina for the aiimmrr. with i private family, wh' re no other boardort will l>? takeu and who have a plaa?ant place in Wlllifaetnrg. or on the hill near Bedford, Brooklyn, aad who wtu Id like to redu< e rent, *e , in tki? way, Fleaae addreaa t.itirea. with location aad termt. Hera ? office. Board wanted eirfxtly-in a qlikt family, for a ventlenian and wife, with two yoanr ? hid ran a?- < i yt and .1lJ yea r? i; will diae in town ><>utb i.rioklvn | referred, abont lloytor Hoad itreeti. Ill) or III Et wiek will le pat*. Addreea Mr II ell. ti Mrr. i.ant ? ? el aage. Board wanted in jlksey < n v-iiv a mTU man and hia wife, ia a r*tpectable and qalit family. Itrma tot to eaeeod I" per weak. Addreae R V. P . Pott r?. e. Jertay I'Hjr. BOARDING-TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WITE.H can have pleaiaat unfurnithed rotme. with board, ia a | rivata family. tyapplyiBg at 101 Second avaaae. I Boarding - a pkifate famii.v, KATIX) bore room than they require, wiak to lot to a gentleman and wife a hack parlor, aa lb' tecoad floor aid bedrooom. with partial hoard, ia a pleaaaai bos to, la Tweaty third itreet. ooBlaiuina all the modara improveaeati aad ooaveaieBtto care. Refereaeea axchaaged Addreaa V S., Herald offieo. BOARDING. AT l? AND 13 CHAMBERS STREET Fme aowly f irnith- d roomi, for !aiwili?e and tingle geatlemea. with evtry coBveaience. large pleaeaat rooma, i Let will a. commodate partia* of foar geatlemea Day hoardere accommodated alao. Befareaoe repaired. BOARDING -A IRdNT SI IT OF ROOMS TO LET. logetbef or teaarate, in a ant claia pr vate Uoardiag < hOBia, up tewn Locality very d'urahla for the in miner PaaaeiMa every facility or arccee '.e all parte of the ei'y ? Apply at lus wavorley plaae BOARDING - PIEASANT ROOM', WITH RO.tRD, may be obtained at lt> Himmoed > treat, botweaa Rlaeck er at d Fourth ?traete. A rood aeighberbaod aad afar the j etage and car ro?tet BOARDINO -a FRONT SUIT OF ROOMS TO LIT. tote'l ?r ar leparate, la a frit elaaa private boarding < hoaie ?p -own. l ocality vary deitra>>la for thaaammer. r oae airy and pleaiaat, poeaeiaoe every faaility of aeeete to all pant of the city. Holereaeei eicbaagad Apply at No 4 Al ia (den eqnere, wen aide, aecoad door from Bam it. BOARDINO ? A I RON T SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET together or a-perata. ia a arit elate private hoaMla* btnia up tewn la< ality wtry danrabla ter tke naa<r room- airy aad r>l aiaat; pott*ee*i every facility of aeceat t< all parte af the rlt * Rtfer?aeea e?chan?- I Apply at 231 Weat Fanrt'ewth tlraet. Brooklyn m hknry strrkt-a ornii.eman ' aad w lie or nacla geatleaaea cat obtain pi -a ?an t rooma aad partial hoard Teraae ? nare froat reaa. ft ?'</>. eiajle ? atlemea. *5 .'J each, wtthia tve wnanU a walk af Fuhae or Baatatna ferna* r>?ly a fe? hoardere takea /TOINTRV BOARD WANTRD-Rf A tADY, FROM 1 eliht le hfteea mlti fr-m the rlt; laaftatlly whee there i? h) a'Hee toerdera pea -re-d P'eaia %dte>at. e?a> ?ar tee?> aat pir clatw, far ?e wae? It I lilr faTffik. i Uxi' 1 !?<?? BOIRMIN AJTD UMWIWO. BOARD-ATIUEICHTH STREET. OPPOSITE MER caniil* Library A rf ruai, with boaed. ai; b? fa *4 at Hill hou?? by tffl|[l?| at 113 ClialM place Fl'RNI?HID OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO I.MT. tonn*le iNlban, U N# IIW Falton *tr**t, aaar St. Pml'tChmk, ? (tod opptrlaiitr f?r that* who wieh ? Kenteel and con??a]fcit reeidence down daws. A pi>ly on th? pc??lm. FCRMSIIKD BOOM S-TO I K T. I N .SOUTH I1ROOK to on* or two geatleinen. w itb or witbmt i.r >akl??t and tea. Tbe houae ia artr, aad one of Oxi Uncut and moi rt aiinodiona in Brooklyn: tbe room* airy, and anwly lor Bulled in III* boat ?<yla; the alluaiiou > < lofty aad bealtliy. only a few rode from tbt> rente ol the tir??D?'>ud care, and within lire iniuule.' walk ol Hamilton ferry. tiood re f<-renoc requirod nad t tireu Addreaa II. M., at the Herald c-fflc*. for particolar*. ITTRMSll EDfJROOMS ? A PRIVITE PAMILT OCOIT 1 I pyinx one tt lb* fiueet kouae* fronting oa St. John* Park, will let to aiti?le gentlemen one or two auita of toooia in tb* *econ<l atory. The bouae i* elegantly farmab cd and baa all tbe modern improvement*. Addreee box . iHU I'o.t Office Handsomely pubmsiikd rooms, in- suits, or 1 acparalel), on fir^t and accon i fl.?era to lot at .Vi Fait ' Twentieth atreet, between Broadway and Fourth mVMU. NO L' ? GREENS STRFET? A II AN DSO.M ELY Fl'K niahed tack parlor to let to a gentleman ami wi'o <t two alngle front lemon, with full or partial board, it da Aired. I No mot nig in Ma/. Relt-reace* ?\?liarged PARTIA I BOARD? WANTED ON STATUS ISLAND, near to the terrioa, for four gentlemen A?ldroi< It aui i C*., box -D. l*oat Otliee, New York, atating torma. PARTIAL HOARD WANTED? l'OR A GENTLEMAN' ! and hia throe aonr, in a bonne where ther?* are no other ' boardcra; a private Hitting room and two good aixed bed- I room will m vKjilnd, for wblih, iMlodiai gat aui ii r ? *6 per week eajh will b e Mill. Addreaa. atatiu* particular*, J. If., Herald 'Hice. PRIVATE HOARD - AI'RIVATE FAMILY, CONSIST ing of three per?ona, reaidiwg in ?he ?Wond avenue, UN M. Mark* place, would lot a parl? r and bedroom, to two aingle j gentlemen ol undoubted riap?-et ability. I'rioe of room* with breaklaat and tea *lft per week. Addreaa boa l,S*iS office. PRIVATE BOARDING-SEVERAL VERY PLEASANT rooma, in auit. or aeparately. either fumithed or uufur niahed, can he had with heard, ua rmaewetjU tornu, in a private family, reaidiug at No. M Fourth avenue, (MfMilt Calvary Church.) The houeo in finely located, audhaaall the modern improvemcnta. Reference $ exchanged. Rooms with board? a few elegant suits of rooma, lor familiea and aiagle gentlemen. will he te rent from the Ut of May ia a aplcnuid houfe in Twenty tirat atreet, oppoaite Gramereey Park. Early application ia de airahle at 42 Heaoh street, corner of Iludaon Rooms to fuenishkd, without hoard. to aeatlemen, at 42 Or *t Joaoa street. Ifreaktaai if required. The house haa all the modorn iiuorovementa. Rooms to few single oentlemkv can he accommodated with uood rooma, neatly furwlahed, v ith or a ithout board. E R. RENAI.I*, 70 1 Ur<>adway Room.*5 to t*kt, with board, for terms, .%r, appl> at 57 Hleeckcr atreet. a lew doora caat of Broad way. Rooms with board-ei.egant suits of rooms in a new brown atone houae, hint completed in F'mr tceuth atreet. near Union aquare Noae n??<t anawer eieept thnae who can appreciate a flrat cla a hoaae in avefy re?fe?*t Addreaa " Chaaaiun," Herald oflice. TWO OR THREE GENTLEMKN CAN HF ACt'OMMO dated with larKC and plea-aut rooma and partial board, in a private family, in Brooklyn, a fe* nuauU* ?alk tr?m the South Terry. Reference eat handed Apply at j!?| At laatio atroct. THREE OR VOOI OIRtllllll ? AN MB ACCOM niodated at No. 17H lleud?raoa stmet. Jnraey City, with partial board; rooma larae an 1 airy . t? ? ro-*ui? connectinic and cloa^t to let uulurniahed. T*tii?- ui<>d?r?t*>. 1M1E ORIOINAI. BOA i: 1)1 M. AI.IN. ^ I S >'.? 11 It 4 > A I > way, room No. 1<I. the old -t ??tabluhed olAen in the city, hen* pi I vat e familiea ant b?.ar/ma h ??,#.? t ontmte t > he Rnpplied with permanent <?r tr^nviitftt b? urdera. in the city and country, on moderate tcrma No charge made to applicantN for hoard, Ac. Twelfth stiut.-a gentleman and wife can be accommodated with a handsomely furniahed room, with board, in a tlrct cIamh hwiif.-, witb all tne modern im pr?vementa, by apply la? at 1 ? . ? rwalfth ? tree I aaeoad Ml ck irom Br'*>adwaj , also a rowm suitable for a no^lj /-u tleman. "fl^ANI ED? BY A SINGLE OKS II F.MAN FOREIGN TV crj a room, with partial l?.,ard, in a private family, living heween Union and Madiaon *>\ ?area Amwert vrfth out location and price not noticed. Ad lreaa box I ?mi5 I'oit Office. WANTED? BOARD FOR MAN A N ?i W I F E . A HCI tate famil> iireferred, or a f ?mil.r with aot over twu l'oardcra; like to have modern convenience, iMiakfnut and tea lor both.( location) l.elowl Kipbt h atrvet, utate a<'< vna ? dntiona, with price per mouth Addren* H., Ilfrald ollir* WANTED BY A YOUNG LADY, HOARD. IN A genteel private fniniljr. below f'auml atreat Tcrata in int be moderate I'lcaae addreaa WD, llerali vtl - CORPORHIOl* NOTICFJ. MAYOR'S OFIM E, NEW YORK, APRIL ' III. MM.? N oti' i? i* herrhy nlv*n that th? fallowing QMin*nc?, relative to k*er?rr? of junk iboim, will h? h?r*-.tH?r rittidly en'"r??d FKkNANDO Mayor Section 1 The May or i nay, Irom Unif lo tiui'*. <rent li tniei to audi peteon* an -lull procure the recommendation, t'-r that |>ur !>???*. <>( tbe Colic* Juaiiee ur rluef of Polio* ol tha city of Now York, to V <*ej. ?? li?? *r? commonly called junk *ii..p*, fur the purchae* and aale of Janlt, old) rope, aid iroi l.rax. e nimar, tin, leal, rage, tlu-h and empty bottlee. Every p"reon n*. ivin* ancb licenae nhsll pay tuorefor tha wi.iii ol tw*Bty-liva liollera, lor tH ua* ol tne poor ol Ilia city. hoc. 2. Kvery peraun ao liteneed, ahull, at the time ol r? ctitiag auch li- eiae, alitor, with one miA< icni aur*ty into a joint aud aoTaral ratoiinirancc, u th? Mayor. Aldermen. and I ommonalty of the city of >>* York, tn tho foal ?un of t* o bundled and fifty dollar), I'mlillooed lor the due ob a* rvaacc of aurh ordinance* ol tho Common t orn, il a< way he pea*ad or m lone, reaperlm? tbe keeping of junk ahopa, at any time daring tba continnanc* of auck Tleeue*. 8*c. 3. .No koeptr of a junk abop aball buy or e*ll any ooin ol any d*ecrtpti*n. or any artiol* of (old or allvcr, at any wearing apparel, or any article of bonaahold furniture, or aay implement. tool or iitenall, in a aonnd, anbrokan or un damaged condition: nor aball ancb keeper raoaiti, la th* lino o? bia or bcr bttrln*ea, aay .-irtlt 1* or thing hy way of pltdga or pawn; Bar aball be or alia loaa or adraaa* aay auui ol money nn tlia -a< nriiy of any aueb article or thing. Sec 4 Every kc*p?r of a jnnk aiiop aball proaid* and keep a book, in which tball he fairly written, at the time of evcrv pnrchaa*. a d**crlption of th* article au purcbaaod, the name and uaidenca of the perton from whoa ancb pnrchaae *aa tirade, and the day and h >ur ol auch par cbaie. 5*0. ft. Every such book aball, at all time*. be open to the impaction of the Mayor, Ald>rinea, Aaaiataat Aldcruiea. I'olli e JnaOcca and Chief of Polic* of the ci?y of New York, and each of tbctn, or to any ptraon who iuay bo au thorired l?r the purpnae, In wriun/, Ly either of them aacb p*ra> a ajthihitiBg to aucb keeper hia authority aa aforaaaid. See. 'i. Every aa< h keeper of a juak 'hop, who aball vlo late, or neglect, nr ralnae to comply with the foregoing pre viaioaa, ar either of them, ?l.all, foretary eticb ? flcuea, for leit and pay tbe turn of Siiy dollara. See 7. Kvery licenaa to h* (ranted lo any dealer is - q I ond hatd arti- lea or keaper of a Jnnk abop, ahall deaiannto the bouaa ot place I n a hi :b tba pertoa mntlti aucb uteaaa aha'il he authorised to carrv on aurh bnalnaaa. Sac. H. l;*ery auch li' enae rhall ncntinoe in for' a until the acrond Monday la May aait lollowini the graatiag tbervof, un leaa aconer revoked b* tba Mayor, and no lonaei See !?. On renewal of evry each licanae, the |^r?>n re cpieltiii tha lame ahall pay the >aui<' >um tbarafor a< ia re luired to la paid on .ranting aai b Ik'.naa ia tbi 6r?k in at nice. See. in No peraon >ha11 uae, axer i?e or carry on tii* trado or buaiaeaa ot a dealer >n -atond band article., or of a k?*(ier of a junk ?hop, without beiurf ?pe ially liaaaaad for mii li purpare e ? aloreeaid. or aball arry ?? any aucb baai neae at an> utber houac or pla< e than the >.u* deaunate I in am li lleenaa, or ahall nntiune to carry on BU' h huataa<a af ter aucb liienae may hatre bean raaoked, under the penalty ot Bfty dollara lor ovary inch offence. UAl.r. OF CORPORATION PBOPBRTY ?WILL IS li aold at public auation, oa Saturday, 7th April, at II n ? lock A. M , te tha hiibaat bidder, all tba material aad pr verty of the rnim of the late New City llall, located la the I'ark. eonalitlo* of brlcka, fl?r*ia*. and kalldln* atoaa. haid property will ka aold ia diffrreat lote. The terma ol aale will beeaak, to ka paid ta the auctioneer aa aoon aa tht aale ie concluded. Tie parehaeer will ka obligated to re move tbe croeeeda ot bia ptirehaa* from tba premiaae wttbla Cvadayarr.B the day of aale. All raaponaibillty for tha deliv-ry ol tLe prop'rte will be bnrae by the pnrehaaar, aad In eaie tba parehaeer afcoald nefleet to remove aaid mat* r.ala or property withla tbe Cve dava. aa ipeeifled, it ekall be coaaiderad loifeited to tha eorf>oratioa, aad trill be aold ovat Beam for the keaetlt of the city. BARTHOLOMEW B. PBEDT. Cammiaaionar of Kecaireaad Supplioa. MIHICAI.. VJ./:*- BANJO BANJO BANJO -TIIF. BANJO TAl'C.ll r >r') i y a new , eaay and improved method 1b all leaaoaa: : ri.? f* in advance, leaaoaa ^itaa every av<n n?. no p>r ?on ran tail to learn tl.ia pl?<, poi ular aad am alag la' ttruBent. II I JACOBS, Wjj t' atrret GREAT < IIAVI B. -CRASH III AfiuNAI. FliVO forte, ia aleaaa'. c*ae, laiahed all roand, eav> n aetnvea, b) tbe heat makev and warranted; >>attl?'> will l a aold fer f'Vf). oa eceooei' of ill health; been eee l a abort time l aa I e ii ta at 111 Miatb atraet, sear Broadway, I rem tan to three o'ct6ek ASOPRANtt ?IN(iER. Pl'PTI. OF MA (M MR WAL lace lio'iek'lle, deairte a ettoatioa ia a (uartrtto choir. For r?f?r?ti'-ee inquire at Siitb avenae, ofker iaetrui tor. aad at Hall A rtoa'a TO laic atore. - "t Hroadway. HALL'S MIS1C AT THE REDCCED rRICE-IIIF. eheapoit caial' jrea of nunc ia tha world. New Sonae? " T all me eome fond taae. ' tellad ty Mr> M.ry I. Uaaitt, melody from Wallace ? beaailf tl romance. ' Thn Villace Meid>a ? voor. tympboLiea aod arcom pan .met t a hy Chaa Jarvla; price Zlaoata. ' The Orphan < l'raver. wa( on peeed by f barl?a Jarvla; pri> a i't e?ate. New ^chottian Tbe Maaoaie Htl otti.h by J A. Fowler; price 2S tent New Polka Redowa ? Tie <oldier ? P'lka Radtiwa. 1 y ?ran ia II Urowi, priee U> "ati WM 1 1 A 1. 1. At SON, TV Broadway, o poaitetke Park PIAKOroRTTV-A NEW AND BCAITIFUI.I.V carved roaawood 7 octave f iBnolorte, with all tha lateil isprovameate, aad mad* l.y oae ol tbe boet ? ity makere. <?at IV it for tale 'if called for teforetke firet of Ma> 'or V' t> An t.|d fiar.o 'ake? la eacbeagr Piaaae. toned for rale aad to let cheap, at Kl Grand etrwet. EC OND HAND pianos' AT ?REa"t' "iM R', A ! \? Ono t hiekerlun | iaao. h?b octave all roend eora era with cirealar eeala, iron frame, aad all the modern laprove til-ate |rtreS4iai will be aold for ? :.r, oae T Gilbert A ' ? .f.olian piaao. price MM. will ho aold tor t.'l<>; oa* Karairo piano. >,;i octave, for ? 1 7 aearly new , aad oae da. for (I'M To aait totna par rhaeera monthly faymeata takea. RoRACE WATERS, piaaoi aa/moai. . Ill Braadway nfAlllt' MOIIC AT THE REDCCED MICK.' TT Oar ot lb* lar*'>t aad > eet eel*, ud ? ataiotu*e af aatli ia tha Uaitrd Slatee Cataiogaea diatrn-ated to *ay addroe fiee af cbarre " Twiligbt ia abaeiai tbe laat eaat ot da v. voeal daet word* hv klra C l.adl aaen by the w tnlar Amertcaa compoeor Charlie t' row vera*? VI rente r I waadered ty the brook aid*.'' abaantifwl ballad ivy J Ilia* -20 reata. " Caecffde Polka, a < oaruama arr anreaen1 by Edward ?? Eatoa? !.'? e?ate. 'Lilly W kite 'ebettiaeke. airanied from the p??a?)ar air *f lha l.illy White eon#. a*ar lr the Backleje ly Jeaae |uitak-i.'> eeate " Latrele ar Threr leafed t'loeer walte, palka aad eehotiieebo ? a I tuliBa trio bv M lla N'aaaie Oeaaaa tlaaala, "Ufktaad M ad*, oae or th* ?a?et artanraaeali f*r tk* piaa* *eer (aSluled ?y tha eel*htated warwr 'Mear Coraeltaat ? <1 aenta " "parkl r? Polka ' arraared aa a daet by the rr*at roap'taer, Ihoaaa hak-r- tn 'eat a. A(*ate waat*4 i* ever; t?wu ia the I'aited Statee ta eel I aea.c at the r>dw*od arica. <* whiat the a net Bdva*ta(?oe* Mai will b* ate** HORAI I. WKIEKS .in Mr aad' ay. R PORTING, AC. \J C< El Nfl ItlRDS rot BALE MINE KfLIvtiri I mceklaa birda Theea birda a re frea two la three jee' a aid They moeh Bat d*?. leaa r?aa*ae a<d are Me .a eeaa Any eaa* eaei a? te pr<*er< ? aaebt'leaa' api> r at <:?. F?artS rreet attar * a e'?ek nVTRlCTION. *1<i -?riciALorrRK-nooKK(BriNa wniTfuro. flU. vilhoirtlC DOLBKAR'S Aaidamrfr* llr?4way. A if m mvM ygrlli m ay nur lbl< mk it e?lr III), lor u ?? faaiud o**TM ol doiilt entry . auj be aaaMed far practical aocoaataaU prirale ?ret? iaajr be takeu ep, tntkout extra cbarne (Jjl A -BOOKmiPIKU. TIMB VNLIVniD. WRI flu . tia? ilaeeoa for laJlaa. f ' fur Iwelra leaeoo*. a! I ili< Mr. I'AINfS ?rademl<?. ?J7 I. ran J errea'. Now Fork, 106 Fnlton Brooklyn. open day and ortminj Far ul?-m old catvblnli. d vtiinw academy hi Hrio\|yn, Iiilif" all complete pad doing a good bualnee*. A|.ply a( JT7 Craad a trait A CARD? THE 80BSCRIIIBK Will. KKiEIVE NR* pwpila daily I hit w>?. I> r claa? or private inetrurrvin iu the art of peninatubip Tarda and cirrulara may ha had at tbe academy, Broadway, corner ot FrsnMin ?tr??t Ol.lVEIt II. GOLDSMITH 800KK?KI-|m:-TIIF . UB.M lllllKIl W'll.l. tKl'SfVC new pi.pila dally thia we?k at 1 1. ? redaced ekarta ol no for a "thorough muria of mat rui lion I'rieal* or eiaat iaatrnction in penmaaabip C'ard? and ciroulara uiaj I a bad at tke Academy, 3W! Brxadway. Ol.irr.K II GOI.DHMITII B EM PORT CI.ASSICAI. INSTITUTE ?THE HFX1 tarm of tbii luatitute *111 commons.' Il?i tirai af May For circular* aprly to W Rotau, . 116 Water atraai. N. T., and for particular* add rate J *MFS < KUIK-IIANK, IV ualpal. Bollport, I I.. April 2, IH.V. BOOKkKKI'ING. ARITHMETIC, H'RITING, *r, taught upon very fati.raila tertn<, In IV. J IIFNVEI I K inf Broadway. Farb alud ol la aeptritaly nod mrrftilly iuair rtcd, audeta'iled to rovlily apply in pr actlce t lie knowledge imparled ?e liini. Oponlroin!' A M to 'II'. M CIOM.F.GIATF INtTITOTR. M> IU WM?7 TWMHTY ) tlilrd at n? t ? Aril lunelio ami hookke ?pinr <r< t?u<bt ti arouglili and priiolua'ly, hr an acr .tut>li?liel t .racier ? ho baa liu J experience in l?ol fi t !? .? oonnliiu h'?ua?e of Ihla oooatry aud F.ur M LcitMl in Spaalab, Franafc aud F.u< liali, b? diatiuguialiod native ttarliera. Upon day an t oven ing Tat ma moderate Toe fkf.m 11 and gf.kman i ani;uauk.s. as kk i|Uirn<i for nuaiiieaii and ?">? veraa lion, ran ha thoroughly luarned by applting al 4H3 Ilr?adwav. Rrnouie etreet, to the niidrrairned. favorably kinwu for many y?ar< pa it tor hii rompelenry aud eat-ellenl mode of teaohinn -F 1 F.I.I RjjlNO FIIVAWCHIm $KZf\ AAA -?OK?T to loan O S DIAMONDS UuVtl/UU ? watches, JawHry 4r y roods. s?*ara. Ao.. ff.. u*lli for ?**i ??t7 atocks, iwtua, bonds, mortgages and bills of exohanfle negotiated Bullosas confidential ?d4 prompt by TII0M1'80N A CO , b roWer# and coiuiuia.* >a mere hitU, 1D2 Nmmu street, eoruur Ana, re?w 2. soeeat floor. ,N ANr amount, can bb bad on diamond*, watchea, Joweir/, ae ^ara. Ao., tor bought oat ) Bonds and uortga^sa bought aud fold. t orumiaaiu-js of any kind promptly attended If at the Loaa and ComuiUsloa otto?, 146 William, near Faltoa ? treat, back uAc?, up ?ta.r* 4 U*l\ (Win TO ,OAN AT HF.VBN |*KR TENT. ON )U *??o4 improved op unimproved real estate in tliia tit> , or Brooklyn, In lumi from $M*JO to $ 12, fo. ? Also f 4M,ouu in invtst in the piirohmo of mort^a^e*. Apply to J K COOK , Junior, No 4 Nuw street, uesr H ull l( |n 1UU\ WANTED ON BOND AND MORTGAGE V f on first class Brooklyn property, In auina vatvsaa lr*?in $2.Uoo to $8,000. Al^o for aal*. a lar*e numUr of fiouaea in BrooMyu on the moat favorable term* In run, I'Uildinc lota, Ac . for aala or exchanged OOWI.EV A UAflil.!., No. fi Blamiltoi avenue, Brooklyn w||) AAA WANTED TO BE INVESTED IN A NEW 1 1 1 fvv Hf?' preserver. Tbare ?r?< i*o many aaeidantfl of late yasrs happen on board ot steamers nnd Mailing ves ?elf, no one should ntteinpt to croas the ocean without a full Mipply of IOYET1 S \Vah|><*ne, which n?*ver fail* to re store gray hair to Its' yonthfnt anncaranoe, and ourea t?a1 <1 nr.Ka, un4 to preasrve (he lile and nenut y of the hair through all trouble nud tare. None genuine hut Lovett a. Office No. 712 Broadway. 4 in aaa -A ,oan ?r T|11? amount is J|pIU,vUv? wanted on improved aud productive real ?n(ate in Biooklyn. To any one deairoua of invettintr, it ? annot 1ml oi bring Ha' iafactory in every re?pect. Ad J rem W. D . Williamaburic I'c ft OtlUe Ail A AND feflft) WANTED AT si x PER < km, tP*/A/w" f on property in the heart of the city, worth f 'JO, 000 a bd $r?,0o0. Address 27*, Cbstbaui s<iuaro Post Ottca. (fcOKA -WANTED, To BORKO W THIS AMOUNT for aix weak a. cr a jiood note at ninety day*. ? ? u I <1 | <i h apf anwwr Tfca auTaftiaar feai to r*-* ?? I V ? iii forty days batwean three and fanr hundred dollars, ami wnnld rive n liau upon thin money an aocuifty, and prove the asi-nrity lo he uiiqnsstiouablc. A liberal bonus will he paid. Any |*eraon disposed to do another a good turn, with out tb * Hiijchteat possible rial "ill please addroaa, lininedi < I Wirkatown. Herald ofliro / 1 A ^ II AhVANTII) IN AW IMO0ITT, ? ?R PUR I chaM*d at Puhl, Diaiiionda, WatcLaa. Kiob Jewelry, and valuable p?ra?nal property <?n?rally H \S ooD, ?.'J Fait a street. ^?raad floor, fr<?nt room . fi A M lo ^ IV M. / 'AMI A D V.i Si ED, "N THE %IOHT I IIIEKAI. TRftMft " ?a ? atcltf* plat*, diaai' nda, dry fnrnltnre, pian ? f?rt< ?, er an) othar property, at Hie old ?atakliahel offti e, .H I Broadway r??mer l??an?> alraai, otd liw?r, room s? The atrotaat lienor ?> wiv?4. I.adtta waited apoa at tfeair reatdeaeaa f %KIIT OF 1 1IE I A I K RBPUBIJC OF 1EVA9 17 bought by OLIVER W. HTANTON -I Froat atreei. Mariner s savinua bank, corner or tiiirb avenue and Ninth atrc'i ?D? posit a tuads in this matitution on or halore the loth of Apr>l, will draw la tertKt from the l?t imtant, at tl.e rav. - l m p*r sen* ?a snina of $?*00 aud undsr. and Ave per ceat on ?nma ov?*r $S<U0. Iloa J A< OB A W ESI ERV I.LT, Hre?ideai, Phii.if W. Kai.s aad laaac T. Smith, Vies l'r?sideuW. W D Elsw6atm, Sacrslary Money mberai.i.y advanced. By J* EC A RES, BERNSTEIN aFHII.MPS, Ancilaa a*>ra, No 61 1 iherty street, on? door from Naesau, on stookj veaaels, real aetata, furniture, pictures. aier< kaitdite, Aa. lei % with as for aala. VTCKTB CA *01. If" A SIX f BR I'IKT 8TATB S TOOBB i.1 - 1'nuar; llapartn.aot. BaUiih. N. C , Mviili (1 UAS ? laalad i ropoaala Will ba tM?ln< at tlila mBaa a*K H o aU,ak A. m. of tba u i, ?f April salt, fur Ik* parabaai ?f aa* uiililaa dollars la boada, run a la* tklrty yaar*. Tnaai boada in laao-d br UiiiiltMtl North Ctroliat for Ui aoaatroauoa of tha North Caraliaa Railroad, and la add} ti'.a to tha faiib ol tha btai? all tba atoak I. aid by lha Stat* la raid road, aad tba dltldaad* anatna from laid ??ah, an pladgad for thair radamatiua. Tin j will b?ar data tlx ftrat day of April, INM, aad will bar* aoapoaa ?it**a*d fot tba atarait at an rar cat par aama, payabi* ti?a Rod da?aof April aad Oatobar la aa*h uar J?oth laiarait aad priacipal will ba parabta at tba 5a*k ? tka Bapuhli*, in tha oily of N ww Tub, auliaa wbara tha nurtbacar prafara ta hart than payahla at tba Traaaaiy a kortb Carolina. Tbay wdll ba laraad la of oaa thooaand dollara aaah Tbaaa boada aia by ?i| raaa ?*a*ta**t.*i*nipt*4 froa Ma atiaa for aay ptirpoaa. Parttaa kiddla* will rlaaaa addra** thair latur*. aadoraafc "I'rcpo.ala far North f ar' l:aa stocks." ta tba undaral?n*4 at Kal-mb. *? C. Tbay will alao stata al what poiat, aad la wl at Had af faada thay prapoa* to pay. ? Tba bids will ba opaaad at It! s'ab.ak A. M. , *f th* Ma| April asit ia th* praaana* tba Coaaraar, tha Saarotaq and (jouiptrnllar of Mat*. aad uMI. W MotJacai, l'r?sjdaal af tha H *. a k af tka Mat* of Nollh t'arollna. lb* a*d*rai*aad raaartaa tba rlaJit of aaaaptia* aaak kite In wbola or la part, aa aay ka daaoiad maaladraataaaaa* ta tba Mma haaoaaful biddari will ha r? ra<|*ir*d aa onn aa InforaM of tha acatitaaea of thair hida, to doposit la bank lha an.oaal e( tfn-tr bias, with tb? areroad lataraat fr .>a tka r. rat day ? April IMA to tha riadit at lha Traaiorar of tha Mat* w Borth f.aroliaa. Tkia dapnub laay ka latda la tba Hank* tha KrpablU, law V rrk tka Hank of tba Ktata of Hurt) Caroliaa. or tba Hank of Cap* ?aar KaUigb l?< anmanta *howia* tba aitaat nl tb? raa araaa of tha kt*M aad tba amount of liar ludattadnoa mar ka had at thld oflaa, ?r on aj>plicatkHo Maaara BBOWJf A DERobSBTT lltjol ?*w tork. I? W < OLRTS, Pnbll- Trvaaarai af North (aroiiab. 1II1I.V4T ACCEPTANCES UB (WM lOIIKSn I pap* r pcr< laaad I y .lull N II Ut'HKAV No !l>Val| ilfaat.ofir Bank ol North A man a i hi, ad'Mews ma la n|K,n loar. rr?io provision*, ladiro and othar rn ? rohandl/a, au l on laacla at aca or la p?rt, aad ?a all nvmayod lacu ritlar TO CAPITALISM. ?TU roi ami Iu.i r',T?ni?a' Coapaay aBar to aa^tiaJiaia tor mraat inaat lha raiuaiaiaf kaif ol ti ?,r par , aal l oada laajj rarakla Pakruary I It73, inUraat tan, i ai anally. at tk? uai.k'if Norib Aiaartaa, city of Naw Vark. Tbaaa koadi ara aacartd by a Drat mor?rar? upan Ian. la worth, at a law ralaaiion. m>r? than doakla tka amouat aJaoap n Iba in: Sr<jt? anant it aal r. to^at kar with ita proaaatia. watar I'-wat c. laqaira at tba o#r? ' f tha I ' mraay. 1 1 Wall atraat 11' ANTED? ?2,l?) TO MM ON iSSt A.NB MuBT ?? ca#a, frooi or.a I# Haa >aar?, at urn par na?t. '.a im |iro?ait lliooklyn rr?p"r' > ? ortk ?i > tur.aa tha arn.utt Tl'i* it,. I ,a| nlabla. A'lo, i;t<?) to |h??i A'idraia r t , llarald offiia. f OPAKTMKWWHIP \<>TI< K1 a?W| (Win -w tNTf.D. AN ACTIT* OR ?PEC|AI. VlUiVvVa partatr, wilk t kia am uni, iti a kaalaaaa payir. lire* proftr Ntllkal part iaa cl raaja. tabllHjr aad ?taadlai aaad uottca tbl- Addra?a Baaiaaat, ll/oadwaji P'.atOOla* for l ? 'i iayi. ?i'br-al aarna and ? an m taniaw aa ba bad Ail < oiaisanieaiH.aa will 1> traatad roafdaat tally. - 1 1| W | ? f' ARTN EH W IM I li A\ A' TI V 1 [V dm'i <<ii , a< ? uan.ta4 a (A tba dry ("<la I Mil an, with a < ai it? I ?,? fr' w < w to Bra 'bat atad i',ltar?, ia aan'ad ta join tba ?<Har'ia?r? ho ti?? aa ?,|ial toiooat, In tba caab jobbinr l.tiairaia ia a iaaa ol - f a ra '#r and ? ra dit a O'lRa of fO< da, a pra? t , al h i/'r and wall |>a?tad ap a tfij ?r*i?la a. on ay , aa l>? n,ada,Mt,( A'atbli' r an F.pi'c palian pr?l.rraj A n iatarila* fan k? had i.y ad .ratut,* lad utry. H' aid ' fr ? (ill t\t\i\ -' AKTMK ?AVII.U WITH HIE VI '/"Ui al ' *a aia'-oat n ai aid aa* - iiakad kariaaaa, I a j m? lar?a i r< t ta. and a f dan, aad thr o?l oat tba ("al tad "tataa. 1 1 ? rapital lataatad will >? ta ,r?d. A'idraaa *i:1 (l(in 10 H.?< ? AM I l?, A fARTMR WITH ?Tl.t/tlVr ihiaanonat a tvaloaaa ?l tba b.(i,aa* ra ti a. 'alility jaat at a 1 tad , whab will yial l a ftrtaaa ia a ab'tt tin, a Ampla ?a> ority .-n-n for tka aaaay iaiaatad I ?aaa call at I ft llroa laay. tk ri if, or, raaa Va. f A V~ labllakad ib? Uimaa ia raipaa'.fti.ia, lirkt f-ayilcrra ,f k'a. and a,ay V* ,a< r?> aad la 1 rajortma tha a?ar? a ?n 1 >'d. to do ? tpply to ? It ll'lW I t ? O, -f Na. im ifraal. w ~ 1^1/1 - * ? H AM E rolt A *l'RI)rBia >A ? t'"Vi par* aar waat- d la a wall kaawa aad '$? a 1 *100 TO 1.10 KtMril- IX EMTERPRIKINO a, a a, aa a |caj partaar a a aaw, l#|itiaaata aab ? p*' alai.aa, f' rlnlly aala, aad. wiffc pwraararaaaa. a for t ,aa will aaraly ba tka (award I'laaaa rail at I3J Bwwar; ia -ad I .at. E U MAIIOV ITd ' katkaa rlrwat. 'IHI c^riVsmiiitiP HMMOtt KiWBi I ka'waaa tba aai'tHi'ad far tba traaaaatioa af aa Ba -ar*aai aipraaa kaalaaaa. .adai tka *ra af Edward* taafard ? ' a , a tk. a day diaaolrad by tba ratlrwaawt af Br (Karii r dwardi Tba alairf it Iba lata ? ra wit |* aaUlad by l(a rraaiala g part aar* aba will aoa'iaa* ta atadaat tk* baai 0 BOM it rriw * ROd 1 a p*sr>iiifi I M ONOrilAKIR. J A MB* HUVMI J NIMf AT A R R r Hit* Itaiirt lua Naw Tark. Barak B> IVVt raay ( a^TBH- A Or NTI ?? ?> IN IIIUIMt ?l<Hf ft w?? r?? |M ftl IM N?r1 ft U > ? n f (i?|i I # tir'Wr - ?????#' ?? ? f U I "it A :Vft* * I ?r\ W iwcut mm cm*. BAiu?*frB third annuai. fancy on e?s and l |W% Bail alUi* New Yoffc Licery Motto (Whonit'i I'm OR Swi^jr will bf livid *1 lb? CbinaN A? ?eaibfy KmV lir<?id??y, thio M<*a la? ertata*. April 9. /II A V tBHTUAI. ASS4H'f ATlOTf TUB TEKTH AH I ' I)i:?(4b?tir%l will b? c?l* n?i'd a* Claw Metr>pol?tAn Hotel on renin* b?i(, Aifl? l.'Hi, ll 7 o clock WriutM'rfl procar?4 Mr kola of t bf ?fiat, r* i oUtiitu of JANV I- UI UKIKN, f?-| , Oruoiai ?tr*ot. und?r BSowt ry feiok or of th* mrttfretfno f, IT* Wottr ?tr?ot UgVRl r HUM, aw'y. (IClMITKOI I HY? OVKK'K CITf Of ST. MKH9. ^ Mirdi, &'?, riu??i4 #ii<i of tbe fnW m(/ dtviaion of lb# city ooniAaona, St Mm-ml? beautiful building lot*" At auction - By trder tftlie If .tper and I onrril of tbe city ?r St I. out. NiM Min, ua PtJbai itjr, Urn j ? I a. V., ?? wi'l a? i ?< ptrMi c nurii ?* tbn ?nt ??? u?iiu*nw of lot* in the ct y roflnn<H bofenjiyj I # ??u? ? ??> , i finatirfuif unrold Ybia |-r pcrl| HirRprtiHM tt?e ? -.bdietaion o of t ita cotnMon* Monies No#, 'ft. 27, *??. l'? *ui Tb?so blocke have t>wn subdirtdod into I >t? oflv??l; iront fftih, by a depth of ow hufNtrui in J t??at Aeel*?t, | tor b l??t frotitmf on a br ?a 1 ib.i I** -tiful avor??. The irrmind in tno?t beautifully ?tt ?*???. I i*aui4diAtoly |?%?<U of t*i? p?*ent a?tj limits, on a b?/.b Atd <k>iw?s*4iii* point. *tf ,-*4. nif( h tiis/.niftrent view of tbe etitir* *it? of S? J,.??its i to ^ M .Kf04ni|'f?i Kivoron tb*ei?t, natf th<- !?<* *?il if mI nnluU Kairi* Oil tbe neat llroad Rod ajt'ftdoJ aveanc < liavo been id off And aiw n? d wi Inn the p ut y*nr ?. l? r<*?i <l? the i{rt?til*. And niNBj of tbeui nrf air< aojr u.vudimiff l Urx~ Iri 'tt hHVl been rea?*rf <-d and return d by Ih ? ? t y fur pirki, w h nrt- beautifully heeled. aowe of ? hlcbf v.fp a Ire Ad/ in a hm?? itiiliof impruxeffifut Term ? of saIc? One i'ilh cjtib; lbs l<*dnuc? in equal pay noTitM nt one, two, three. fcair m i ttn- yirro with interest m tbr rate of |H>r cent |?**r Annum ? Hiured y d ?*d* of trust < o tfce profH*rty. H bV f.k>Tii|<2, 1'omptrolUr Firlortbtt i?-irtkulAr? Ai>piy tu KK.ST k Oflf> AK Aueti ?n?r?, OfBcoNo 71 CbMint hirj?tt, ?<t l.ouu. IO O r ? TIIF. MKMDKRS OV >T MCnI.AS f.ODUK. . No IV f 1 O K., Ar?? rfqu??iod to Alt 'ol a r^^uinr mtmtiiiR oi tlio l.t^r on Tuuiday ot?bIii April lOih IHM, a? btihiui h# of mnorttneo will Ho for* th? l^>d^?- for M tioi lt> ? i p .t ? I 9d(0 110 BIB I II N r )N N Q Arm Mth ai r, Ho? r**?Ary. NOIKK? TO 1 1I K MBMBRRs OK THC S%W VultK Yoiiiik, Mun ? Rjioau CaIUoIii? Ileiioful nt Ao*??eiAtt ?n In oon?? qnonco of * , r?- ?- nt |jUI of tM ? Utpoin A?) ln?u ft?kinK )? ao? ttii* ?eonHaK, th? ro?cuUr m??. tin / of tlio a??o c i a i i > ? 1 1 . whloh was io bo sold rati tviiuu, will ???? hold on Monday oveuimt, April 2.1, At No ifi^Bownry, At 7li o olook k'uuctUAl otteudour* ?? reooritnd on t tiAt <ooii'4i<. Ity ?>V der. JKRKM1AII gHIMAN, l*re?i i?ut , Jomni J Kkaimi, t or. So? y Orrict OK I. KM M ARII LK. QUAHftVIMi rOMI'ASY. 21 Williiin otr-M i Tho ?looltoa for (|f ? trn?t?e? f?h?? eomponr will bo lidd it tfiolr oflico, on Mondoy. April 'Hh , At 1 o ofock, IV II ii KO. VV. Mnl K A >oo y Nm Vork, iiareb ?, Rout TiionrsoN. .ih . romii.HH!t>NBR koh k*sn HylvAtiiA, Ofbco Inrtn; llnnk I2uitdi*i<, tiroonwirb %al Worron ?tr< ot?, ^?w Vork. V?T STUIIKN > t -lll/Kt'll r II ft MM.I.mWIMI IK'K O ft m oHrred for tl?o o tn^rof aO*? of Si. Ml'-plmn * CIiumIi, for tb< lr mipport At Iboitlootoin to tak plAc? on Ku'?r Mon day TbU tlokot in Uowb to Iiav?? rbo eoafldonoo of fhn H ret or, And to l>o entirely Aocoptabio to bun, oad if ? I 4 will do nvev tiling in it* ptv-vt to pr'?iaolo bia bapiitn?i?, abd avcur** tho provpenty of tbo < liur? U ? i OR WAR no ?a J,iui?? I.. M <>r -An, I r?dri?k K l.o*. Mitt mm vwrw, I bouiaa Nettnrvillo Joooph .H 'fayb^r. Uirom Ka> nr>r, llonjAioia VA man * ' ** - |4w ard t 'I'Aylor. Honr> II l*tl?o. rr\\Y MMIBHISOI TKMI fOlMIE, -Utt, I . AN (I A J Ma*ons, arn lu?rehv requested to nta?a*t at tl*-ir lodge room. K nickerhock?T Hull, corner ol Twriaty tlur-l atr"?it and highth aveuue on Tu?idiy, tU?* If Jib iu?t . nt III1, o i lock, in full r<valia, to pay the Inst trthnle ot r?*|? et t j our litu vortby lir<?. Iinnicl Y. John*! on Th? remaine will he dotivvyeil fr??iai *J1 Oanlen at reel, IfohokHn, t<> Gr??-n vuo?l (?mrt<ry. All member* of tho *>nl??r t.i go.*! ?t*n I in* are nspoctfnlly invited to at (?>ud. Ky order J A MCA 9 >r.i i -v JuilN n McEWINO, W W rrili MARINERS' .SAVINUS BANK (.OKNKK Of JL Third avenne tud Ninth atrtol, pay a an percent inter aat on auuia of IfitJO and under, and livi p. r cent on aunts o n-r |0OU. Open daily from !> A M to 2 P M. an 1 WEDNESDAY aud ftATU KD A Y KV ENINOH, fr .ru 5 to S. Hon JACOB A WES fE KV EL f, (l?t? May or of thi eit,.) President. I'm imp W.* and Ikaao T. Khu n, Vice Proa l ieu ti W. II. K.i.mwuh r?i. Neeretary. ti . It -Tliii Savings llank in in no way r<inn?cUl w?tk any other bankius institution in thin city, i* regularly uhnrterod aeo rdlng to law tin littillAiQri of Ihta 64M0, Iftl DM itf I unda aeourelv invested. mainly ou hand and mortgage, ou property worth doable the amount loaned fTIIE I .luroic IlKAV nil MCM'IETV Will. MEET AT 1 the W aetcheater II nna, Monday evening April tflh, at H o'clock Members ere osperted to he present ; those en tregcd hi (hi* trade ire io*it?d to Join JmIIN N II A V W A R l>, Pfea i don I* D. S Piisi, Mr?tary. rrMT?.l> BROTH KK.H I.ODOF. No I -THE MEM Ui? af?- re<| nested to u?e*t at their lodge room, H ainui Anil, corn-r ef ?'li*#r and Henry streets. or Tueiilay, the M't h mat , at I o el ?? k. to )>a* the laet tribute ol reaped to their de< ? ? ? J l?r?'th-r, John Mt'-klenl nr* II y ordrr -t J lino* v Se? rotary C. JAMIVh, Proai4?*ut. MIM KIXANKCMS. lfi r CAN Af. RTIirKT. NEAR V ARK'K W A 1 ? ' VAN NO i K ,1 grail and fender, kitchen mage. ?Mmurr raage and atoee VMNHW We hi?? a kr?? aa a^rtment of the latest patterna of mantel irratee, aa< atovea, fc r aaia en reasonable term a. Orates and rAngea sei lad rr;atr?t. range* l?, ?! hreae loundera' and jewellers' fnrnaeee bail*. atovea Un?4, bakera ovaaa aaA re paired Anew invention tiik patent;ri eeve axle, for a heel a of every deacription. la now on eahlbition at l.otHny'a Hotel an 1 th?? r i hi m <?fler?*d tor aale The ri<hl lor t ho whole Union, state, diatnet or coonty. will be dia poeed ol aa may he agreed upoa hetwen the parti a Blu er s mixtirr or cithebs aniitopaiba atanda unriealltd for ita only |?rpoea? ? tiring lh# complaint theae ni?* licli.ea are for . it ie the moat urieatiftc prt-pa ratlfb, infaHihl** lo its nftion and aa a deliverer ? from temporary tronhle, it i* une<itialle<t by any other prr I eration ? *fe?it Price $1 'JfJ Klghth avenue, earner of llndaoti and Hammond afreet a tlUTLEE F. BAIOItS, IMUIW. FI.NS. AO.. WtluU / aale aad retail ?HEATH A 8IMPSON. Mi Rroadwa# (bait It roadway theatre), reepeetfully aall the atUatiea float hera and Weatorn merefiaate aad otkora to their large aioek ef poekel aad tahio eatlery, baivae, aoiaoora. raoerc. Ae . whieb they ar- now aeliibg a*. ab?et aoat. for aaab. (1LRF OE CORN ft UY MADAME I1LRI1A ED, NO lf>7 J Uowery, eaat fide, between Broom* and helanaey vtreeta Madame li respectfully informe the pallia tbat aha haa radesed her pru e in <jrdar to enable eterv one to he free from pain, and feela ronfelebt m pr<<uu?ujr tbat abe will r*ai<'V? torn*, lunn.aa, naila grown iu the fisal. An , without rauaing the leaat pein or inet'OV* nienco I'araona can be at tended te at home, or nt Madame B a rseideuce, from I an til 7 o'cleek. P M (' II ARTE It DAI CRAPE ROOTS FOR SALE. AT J 7 John at-eet. where aamplea of tbe grap*a *an ha eeea Theae grapea grow to the aiaa of oae and a half ieebee la dia**-Ur, they era aa iswt aiths leal el la. e id three weeba earlier; perfectly hard/, and wi!l prodece more poaada ai grapea than any other ever cultivated Ordera premoilt attended toby JOllft H JAMES. No , J In a4reet, V J. /?as mrsi. am) rixrviii-iiToiis own * I lings, factories, and pobli'- hui'dmga |.r?n?f Mr fitted up * .tb iraa pi|?ee and flittirea cheaper than any .th? r h -n*e A aplrndld aaiortmant of chan<lel|era. pendanta. bra* beta, At-, of the latest daaign*. at the wholeaale ?n I r?'ail raa tuture uiaeafart< ry >f JAMES fj. MOI TET I IV and lil Pnn< e ?tr?ei, .VI bloeb weat of Broadway / MILD AND SII.VK.R PI ATI N (i DON Y. IN THI Mogr " I eorkmanlibe n.aun* r aucb aa tirai, tea a*^ta 'latere, oandleatirks, aborts, forks. As Aa Partiealar attention i ad to | la* in# a tee I kaivea, whlcb are warranted to a* and Vine gold plating done in aup?-rior ityla Old work re; :at*4 at tbe loatat poaaible ra'*-a JAS, Rr EN ' BR, 406 Broadway, op ataira. IMU'RTanT TO MF.H' HANTS ABOUT Vl?ITl*fl I Pari#? J I I. EH f'AV, aommaaton merchant it Eee d llautetille, > -g? to inform Ins fr.anda and at.*r ina*el.anta of the I nitrd .Stale a ah> el viaitlag Pari*, thai be Ue* made *er? eat-neive armn^ernenta to itife ail foaatble faeiiit ea and the l?at de? rahle information eoacernin? the ana>. eg grant Eiblbttioa and I ilifa " rioli fn rait are eiU lad I IACOH A VAN HORN A <OMPOl Nb VI?.EIAMIE S) rup - 1 1 a * m/ been thoroughly tested, I baa a '< w e ? a e a paneral ran Jar J family mad.?-iae thr orl eot the ronntrv. t> r the ? omplete cure of eoogha, aatbna dya| Of? * :a, > alt rhenut. eoatiteneaa, dvent-rf. rbeometiaro Ml Bona c mpiau.ta. ai.d ail d>?ea*ea anaiag trem an inyore ?t ate of t be hl'od l?r |/ar#i^nla/a aa* ?mall hilla To ?e lad at the prtn* Ital tiftra. pa/Bar'lay atreet, J*fe*e V rk and of the dracjriata and atorekeej ra iren^ralljr l oll da* rriftioia ace< O' paaytng ea b bottle Pn*e II per bottle < II RINO. ll'J ltroad*ay, corner ol J bo it rest, New V? rk I A LI VEOLI t . i AND RBTAII EN. F E> TA BLMM Taaes fed 1e* la aad th#r deeeaaente recorded I aeda redeemed from tai aalea aiaa laatien of tit la a aad other ageaey Wn at eeea j? any f tbe Woetera States load e arraata ebtemed ae4 located tbreofb tma old aaeney V 1 IIORS former | M M;?ri it* Bread way, aornsr of Bavelay at reel. Nr.IRAI.Oir A F FECI ION e OF THE NBlO. FACE and aeek, and nervoea nenralgi' d*e n*a? eared, in a vary abort apace of time fir A t ? aetle baa 4*ae'?d ' e ? i. * y -in iri t ? and etndy to n?r*oos die-ord^ra A t* ( A' tl I M li .?oFo?ftn itr?a'. Meat. art -o stoer? 1)AW9 TICKKTU ON DIAHOnW tATClft| *C. b* sfht. at the b gbaat t at?e for 'a?b, by E D W A Elil A ' O ?3 iloaae atreet, to doora weal of < batbam o| ataira 1)AINT ONE AM) A HAf.F* ENT A Pol ft |# BO If. ED JL tl, TUeentaa cation, mae bleary "tl. one dollar a gal .on. iMt.?rbl f et ty, r#r ?eweatir g f?"e, M* ?r k. fee* aad wood, fonr centa a toua I. A >o ie?aera d bf tna t arret. Jt?||s M ?ntill Agea?. Ill Ifad en leas 1JEPI AT!N<? 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A'Uila lal|<^la. aa<t ho 7, KriU?a|, 9*a York ^TKAMAHIi'8 HKTM'KK.N IIAVKE AMD MW VM M dtincl -Tha aUawahip A I- 1#%* will ?all Tr*m li ?rr? wrf lor Nnw Ifurk, HvUhaul (ailing at any port la Ka^aa<| *m 3atur?l??, ?' ? h of Novatiilirr Ttia rai? of irouUI aai mm aa^a iu ft r?t an1 ra?oa4 oabma will ba vary aia4ar?ia lit *a liu? of th? auoctading ataatnar* will bo afcartlf Ma nounrcd. Tba rait of it??uraa<?a la I'rauoa U lata bf mm fr- m llavrt diraot lor Niw Vork kliau In ablua r allien a4 Aa ftlnahab |?ori. Appl/ la llavra ab'l i'a r.?, 17 U.*?l?rar4a Am (taliont to Donald ( urria. orUiNtw Y?rl *? I CUNAJftft, IS" 4 lioalloK Grraa. I/O* SOfTM AHPTON A \D 0 A V^KB ?Tflf U 1 IA& I ?!?< <auic*r UN ION, K A<Uiua. comaian lac, aril! loftra fa* llavra, loucbinK al 2}<*Jthatiiiit'??i lo lan l tha maua aad pai ?ovi<?*r?. on MuDda/, April f'?h, al IS o'alaak II ,lr*?ai|iiW Ma >irib Htrr l'ric*t ul paiaa^e la Aral aabtu flJAi aa a<<i,d labia aai want?i dartaA (ha ra IBP ?hould l>? ?? n? oa board Ilia day balora aaihaa. ?flrka4 It )?>?* " No Iral^hl will ba tahno aftar Tharada/. AftrUlMi. for fr*i|hv or paaaa^a apply to M LI VlNOSfO^, IpaH. ? Broad a a jr. FlOtt 5UUTM AMI'TON ANU BRKMKN -THE UMT? 1 Mataa malt ataauiar V% AM1INU TON, I* Cataadf a?aa maud?r, will ?ail f ?r llr?iu?n, Icaablna al Houtbaiaptaa U laud tha n?a?U and paaaan^ora for Ku^taad and Fraoaa, aai .Saturday, April 21, at I'i o'oio?k M., ir tta pur XT Norib &*rar. I*ri?? al pa??a?(o lu tlia fi rat oalila, rnalu caloon MWt In tlm llrwt cabin, lowar talno i lli lu nor o ml taMr. if An ri| ? ri?i?rt?J aarxaoa i* attaalial lo aaafi al?>aaiar. AH lattrr* must | aa* through tha I'nt Offt< * Mpw it daltvar?4 In llavra aad I oudon for | a?aa?a or fr?i/kl apply la C II ^AM> Arrnl, II oal? Wti!?aia atrwab Tua at-amac IAarm?aa aill #uor?a I Oia Waab ??<!??. aa.'. Way IU. V ANI?fr Kllll T - EUKOI'EAN I.IM Of 8TK A Until P?. ? 'lh' br?? cloa# atoomablp %OHTII M AK, I VM lomm, WiBHtk, rtio*A?-r will Iflun Naw York, from |>A w Wo V/>, f'?ii ot t hamh ra atroat, oi tiooa, |>r<-ci*ft. y, April ?l. for Uftvr*' ?t i w?t Flr?l Hoaa | ? $ll?l, ao>??o<l, !'?>. Tha North ?tir will ha MI??wo4 by tha oow *'?" nt'if A mil, in Miy. 1 bo ownir of thoao imiuIi will not ho oo ? otmtohlu for fcold, ?>! vo# , bullion ?\? > to, J??ti ry, prtoaaaaft atoiua. or mi-tal ut.|f*#a l lll# of in fing or? ol<i?ol tho^tor. m 4 (lift ??!n? Ah?'r*of tharHt* <? ? |?r r-aaod .v|??< t a a it d roft4o ut ttattoi rate# No I r jt ??t r*eoiv?4 oftor nuoo of' tfco tl?y buf*>ra *11110/ No horth *<o?ir?<l mtll f>r Lot trn prepaid. 12', Mi U |>?r half oorirv, ? 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Thr u*h In odroin* of the mail; 7'W rwtloa anortor thoo ?oy oAhrr rout*. ovoMtng tho d*o4l) I'anattio fattr ow4 l?o Biilmiif diifmai ImiiiIii^ Iii I'iuoiua bi/ Tin iblot did duwllt ? ojrloe .taaau.hlp HTAM or I II K WP5T, <*.?<? toot Imrthio ; ( a |*t am lurttor, will l?o*a idor .No 1 Nortfc rlo*-r at .1 o'. Inch |* If , prorlaolf, lor I'uiU Ar*?M, m Tbt<r?4ay April I?. 1*66, conneititi# with tho I'nHo M mi fi.tJUO tohi.i *?t tb? Nil ar?4uo TroaaH rooto, i avii'i tut Iwolr* oiiUaof land iran?|H>rlaliio by troA alooo firriOHi Mortral #?* oo l awllt ir**n atoMMliooAr baro loAo ly L*? i. jiut on ri>. r oo4 loho, wbirb ?borto? tho u?o* oo AImo II from otcoo to or?an 1b?o? ?t?aio?r* or? ootorpooo ?4 lo tliolr footilloltoo an<l if?oain?4AfloAi. loriaforaoo t ion ?<r t a??a^o ol tho r?4ur?4 raU?, a|?|>ly ooly t<i CHAI. MtiHtiAN, Agoot. No. li'mhiiKOrfti I ottor har raa4a of at the ''ffie* N II ??? monrlnr on tb? "^itb -?r May. tha 4ois ol iroTiur Now York mil bo ? hao'ol t? ibo Mian *i?t h of oaeb n ??aOi I *1*11 ED MATK* M A 1 1. I. INK fOR t Al.lfOftNfA J \ta Anpli wall ar>4 Ponomo ? < aliforoioo? oro I0loraao? tiat tho 1'aoan.o roilroo'l it c mi, plato4, ao4 *ho troooiA of tl.o Utbuio* will ho mado hy railr >a4 U .w? o?*ao Ao >?aaa No o?oro mulo travol No riror bootioir o? I n loy. Ayfi lo, at two o tloek I* M , ft m |-tor at f^ol of M orroo ?( rw?t, North rtvor, will 4? ?) .?toho<! tho fl?*l atwoaiohifi 11.1 I N Oh, t oftalM ? ? . t ? roriB" t at I'ooooio with tho o? w aa4 aoporiov ?tooi?i?hl|* Joho f fl??oh*o? A ?|>aro bow* alwoyf k*ft at I'aaaioa to i*ro?oat 4it??lioo lo iMt atf a? < i?lorit No froiyhf rw?i??l aft?r 1 o elo< k watbooailUM day for pOMi|o at |.ly ot i i?u>|>aar'? ufAro No ITT v<--< ArooA J.W. MTiakH. At^TKAllA I'loN EE It I. ISA ? AKMyiMd TU tollad ioo?la Tbo coiobroto4 alin-or flMB (it BAN tTEEll, 71 i t oooioghooi, mooAov, m low ft* Mi fcofth ; ??r - ko.% r?*?- ' Io*4Im ' *f *? b -oroo Tbia aMf B roioi o?A mi bor atrood voyw?o i* ibla lioo hovtftg ooloWi laat imom< to olfliay oloo 4oia lloa oiaoHaot a?Mwwa4o> la. i iMain* ift ot?t.ty oloo 4oya lloa oiaoMaoA C_ it'?oa for flrtA or 4 aoooo4 alftoa }o**oocar? ftftrty ftMfetaft Aloft for fralrhA ar poaaft^o aoooaoo ri oa aba will faJirif aoil okooi rr.iddJa of A|^rU Tbo Oaooo Atoo4 wfli bo oa* ooa.jad by tbo ?a?i*lft*owi aM|.r?r abif. N^btiofft'.o, lot Jwwa, ftlaooa har ao??o* ?*.yo#a. ho* in# ?a4a hof loot l? AAoaaaM. o# Jot. t*d tiwia of aoooniy ala day# For fro.iht or ( AMKMON. No ii crx I * Nil f.|i ftTATE* M All. fcTEAMHllir COMfAMf fOft 1 1 1 a o aio an4 N . ? "rl*aoi OoTo*alay April 17, ol S I' M . ?r" u* p?rr fooA of H'arr?a ??r*ot, f.??f by tbo i ow at.4 ? loyaot ot?oiii?l.?|' f.RA N a l>A, t apt ? ?. I'oo *ay? <oo bo *o? tiro<! at th?foiofao? ? offi o fro #ht Ao Sao "rUar* "^lf?r?t* for tohic foot fhspf^r* will bo aoppl?o4 o itb tlook Ml la of I ad i of of ti a f rtn ?tf 0*4 by tbala^aapoftp. t ? of f iirotloo OA AWIr ? fT ' - .N 1 r f*r???a ri(Mtf oo4 Oft ji lla' f la-l a# will bo #i|roo4 af?#r iho ho?r of^ftitiar for 'rot?ht or |0??ara apt-ly aA tha ? flloo of tf a "?aowooy. No. 1 1 7 Woal rtrooA, oor?tf of Wtttoft . M, 0, EOPEm ilL F'MA "A VAN N AH ami ri OKIIIA - t'N ITEII ATA TEA Ma>l 1 r.a T'o aow aal tli|a?( a'oo?abty A I. A ft A ? A. O K A'haoek wi'lWat* Naw Vrb for Noroaoob ?? April II. fr' R?|tarN< A NarAh fiaar at I ? 'lo?h IV M II. 1 1# ai !a?- .<##?# a? i - o ?- ar I >orfr*#?t afplr oo boor4 or for I If Milt I I. |. y I T ' III I I l'l l.r .alofty for r ? rl4*. tl ran b ti#ko<a fr?wi No w York to iooha*ortllo f II. U rboKor a ,|U r?pt * |J | Ollow wtfl L'OR r HANI l>TON tvii M "N||m ^MVI I I. ol*' 4 *tftlaa Ma i I la* Jta ??? o?4 faat (oiog JAkfJuH Al'hLM * t Toro?r ? otoaaoodor wim laat. I t*t **. 4 N i/ tf it rlrar -o Hatordoy Apr*l IA, OA* a *???? t V M jroio y for fr??fM apply oa Uftr I w W? oil ? *11 w tf lad ? , will ? *t(aa4. ao4 for poftoo** ot tba t<r* of OJ'OI ifiKli, MI.K%1on * in, fi It#<?w4 war. ilr'0#ht? b ?* a t I*!# nda ao follow# I u J*> kooorttlo |fl; to ftlOtho. f ? 1 bo Nor wi I io' *>04, ood loot * oft W 'Of* day th* !?"< F'< M NOEIOIE r? I I E*HI Hit A N fi ft I ( II MflN U tho I ftito i I* at* a trail aloft otablp Hut Not E. lb?4??o *k w.?r woa? 'T will *?vt | i?r No II North ri*or o? tf*4r>?aoay A | r I 11 all ?k I' M w.ll arriot ftt N or ' ? ! i 1 1 ? t? ? ? ? all rt. ? a* i a* f'*<?rivorfoa4 Ki?o?oo4 tho followtog ftiorato# If a Norfolk paoooogora for tbo froth frcotd ky roOroad dlrvrt, with tbroo#b "uk*?a frowa f??Idao*?> H ) I Wi i r> * * o, tJborlaa*'. * A< ood forft to Horfalt |r, to rataratarf *od llubaoood ft* aAo?rftM I f it a 7> r*ftfh ti'lotr to I tatbb'trf til ApyMy lo II III A M A nr. A 'ANT- N ? U Hr%o4?ay N H No r?*l ? t ok ? o tA k ta^ot TIIK Tl MK. Jf *i. ii* 1 1>8 ri ? *ii *1 H*ai.a? -oa. Ml'iW^I. ?? k? fimto Hi -i* r..l . |iMrUl| k? 1 ?? n? H*|laU4lM ? limit* ?iio.nuiiti uu mIiIiiM Mim W ntm jini iii.ii.m im i?u? iiiiim, *wi ?9 ???, rt ?<?. oatli'iiM I* ftll u*m lit mmt i<m ilta II M,i>f 11.11 IvtlltKIMI III ? Win III llHI IHVIW Da ?/? i i?li link mb M a?i miy 1/ | iiHai l.<fM4 U lull Ik. p.a ii Tki waialag kill ill f <l<l ff*aa4i it* a*? la laa >1.' 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